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ABOUT THE MAGAZINE 44 DEGREES is an online magazine dedicated to the promotion of contemporary Israeli artists. The magazine showcases various artists such as digital media artists, painters, sculptors, and curators, with each issue focusing on a different theme. Artists showcased in the magazine may be contacted via the URL posted. 44 DEGREES is also archived by the Israel Museum in Jerusalem; all information published in the magazine may be viewed in the museum information archive room. 44 DEGREES online art Magazine was founded by the artist TAMMY MIKE LAUFER She created the concept and she's also the Designer\ Editor \Art director \Curator Producer \ Website Director.

Tammy Mike Laufer lives and works in Israel. She is an international contemporary artist and art director. She is graduate from the "Technion" Israel Institute for Technology in the department of Graphic Design, and continuing education program for designers at Sivan College Tel Aviv. She has been engaged with Digital Media for two decades. Tammy Mike Laufer's digital media work was exhibited in Museums, art projects in places such as Italy (53 Venice Biennale) Greece, Japan, the US, Portugal, Latvia, Israel and more.

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RuTea S. NOY








































BLACK & WHITE Do not wait, do not let life pass in black and white I'll add you colors‌‌../ Aviv Geffen YAEL NITZAN

What are the black and white? White is all the colors together and black is the absence of color. Black and white to represent polar opposites, but at the same time complement each other; Everything and nothing, day and night, dark and light, good and bad, positive and negative, yin and yang, up and down, past and future, right and left, this world and the hereafter. Black and white has certainly infinite shades of gray and they represent all the wide range of human experience. Artists try to focus only on the issue of black and white elements most simple and obvious. Sometimes black and white piece lets get formal cleanliness, clarity of thought and refinement. A variety of works that focus on the "black and white", provides a glimpse into a variety of options of action which can make limited use of only two colors. Black and white colors are in the works with tonal distribution, and there are shades of gray. They point to a conflict of maximum Sammy and Sammy the totally gaps, and yet simple designs without shades, becomes a creative variety of experimental arena, which indicate the ability of creative artists and the construction of images and metaphors wide range and rich, even when it comes to giving up rainbow palette. Creating the character of being illusory without midtone, and engage the edges, as validated black and white black and white validated.

They also create contrasts of light and shadow. One creates a light, glow, black contrast transmitter mystery, darkness, fear and many options embedded in the relationship between these two colors, and the influence of another color on them. There are abstract paintings, depicting the atmosphere and emotions, compared to studies in a realistic style, describing situations in life.

Black and white can be found in all areas of life: the chessboard, the fashionable clothing, robes of monks and priests, artists sheet have an opportunity to express themselves, to travel many worlds. The fact that the black color of darkness caused fear among the ancients. The black color would be caught visually absence of light reaching the eye. White is a blend of colors, composed of all the colors of the spectrum. This color is sometimes described as the color of a-chromatic (lack of color). High bright white color and lack of shade. Until receiving a theory of Newton (1666), it was believed, that white is the basic color of the light, and the other colors are created by adding components to light. Newton proved, white light is created by a combination of other colors. White in Judaism and in most of the Western world symbolizes purity and holiness. For example, priests clothing and bridal clothes, in other places, such as India or Africa white color associated with mourning. yaelnitzan@bezeqint.net

• HAGIT ARGAMAN Since all of my life I loved to draw , drawing has always been and will be to me as an expression of occult and saw my heart and my eyes I turn my drawings reveal my feelings , my loves , fears feelings all power Where I discover what would not express in words every time in my life I painted different colors, different techniques , sometimes they were mixed coarse materials and texture with the presence , And the periods in which the white sign Hmnim lstiot dominated , often blurred figurative painter But the underlying principle is always toward the abstract , also saw almost anything obvious , I made sure to emphasize the hidden and blurred , my intention would not be clear until the end, leaving something that is just mine . I have always been inspired in different periods various artists Picasso cubist period and my urban .Castiel Moses , using crude and materials involved. hagitargaman@gmail.com http://hagitargaman.wix.com/hagitargama nmichaeli

Wood Working Different parts of different sizes and lengths of wood, mounted on a wood Surface Black and white

• SHAUL BAZ According to the philosopher Emmanuel Levinas , the other person expose himself to us by his face and his eyes and by doing so demand from us ethical and responsible behavior, the portrait is not the sum of all it's details but, in a good painting, should expose a wide world that lays behind, a world common to the model, the painter and to the act of painting in all times. I paint portrait, of people, of places, of landscapes. yaelnitzan@bezeqint.net

• HAVA ZILBERSHTEIN After twenty years of art teaching I preferred to devote myself to art only. In the last fifteen years I create my works by etching on zinc and aluminum plates. This technique is the most suitable to express myself because of the dramatic and powerful character of the black and white textures. In my works I use figures and images made of lines and stains, situated in abstract and vague environment. havazil@gmail.com

• ESTHER NEWMAN COHEN, Ph.D. I am an Israeli artist. To me that means that my work is centered around my experiences in Israel – the scenes I see, the people I observe, but also by the history of the Jewish people and figures from the Bible – old olive trees, thorn bushes and cacti, flowers, the old and young, Jews and Arabs, landscapes from Jerusalem to the Negev to the Dead Sea. I am a highly intuitive artist, my technique responding to the nature of the subject before me. My art is poetry in line, space and color. It is my psyche that speaks in many languages, whether figurative or nonfigurative. My images are fed my experience as a person, as an Israeli, a feminist, a Jew and a humanist.


• HILA LAISER BEJA Multidisciplinary artist who works in sculpture, iron , rust and video art, drawing and photography. Researcher in my work environment and time effects on people and fundamental materials in space, trying to figure out how the human mind works in terms of understanding the mind as encounter between synapses that produce structures. Image of human thinking as structural structure and experience enabling it to 2D and 3D works reflect a State of mind that I'm breaking into basic factors shortlisted for investigation. Understanding the concept of "time warp", the speed of light, past, future, what time? It started and where it leads us.

Thoughts on my work in the last few years I looks at home as a foundation of any human being, he's iconic, picturesque children's Secretary and as an object of philosophy. The work is among the companies object to the subject, inside and out, between the childish innocence to sobriety and graduate degrees, universal questions relating to each of the House and its reflections on the human soul.

hbeja@013.net http://www.hila-laiser-beja.com/

Solar Plexus 4

202-189-3 oil on canvas

Solar Plexus 4 oil on canvas 2014

Un known Land 1 70-50 2013 Charcoal on paper

• DR. NURIT CEDERBOUM The body of those Artworks are from my solo exhibition named - 'Yes and No, White and Black' (1990). In this exhibition I used the black and the white in a way to give and to express my thoughts and emotions, and tried to achieve and to deliver, maximum expression through and by minimum materials. I used the black and the white from different and some poor materials (charcoal, chalk, gouache, industrial color's, Cardboard). The drawings correspond with my poems that were written in tandem in the same time. The use in black white, talks on edges – Forbidden and Allowable, Male and female, Art and Art. The paintings are like Murals - high measures. Binding will laugh

www.nuritart@co.il https://www.facebook.com/kantziur

Sculptures in the last banquet

To create a woman

• TAMMY MIKE LAUFER My works are similar to mental puzzles, where you can travel from one point to another by analyzing a picture’s symbolic objects. there is always something for the observer to discover. I never force my vision or push my philosophical opinion on the viewers each and every one, can give theirs philosophy to my creation. My art is surreal reality, all in my head. The viewer take a journey to places just as real as those you might find in this reality. When I start working on a new scene, it's like enter to a fantasy dream. like starting your new only virtual world. “Everything is possible” and in the majority of my works I am trying to combine visual realities, with subconscious emotions and philosophical thoughts.

I create my virtual world, with 3d software and 2d paint software. Using combinations of renderings, lightings, textures and shapes. tamylauf@netvision.net.il www.TammyMikeLaufer.com

“Stripes”, digital media Digital painting, printing

“Adam”, digital media, digital painting, printing

“Eve”, digital media, digital painting, printing

“Woman in black and white�, digital media, digital painting, printing

“Playing�, digital media, digital painting, printing

• RuTea S. NOY Curiosity, imagination and joy add rhythm to my mixed and multimedia art. Therefore, even the gray scale seems colorful and fascinating. Finding drama between black and white is a challenge I fancy. My fine art photographs reflect the mystery of layered grays and high contrast B & W. The following images were shot in NYC, projecting the bond I have with the people, architecture, history and nature of the city I work in and love. noyfilms@gmail.com TWIST & SHOUT

Horror house

Hanging on Strings

• IVAN FERRER In my portraits I try to take the viewer into the soul of the subject through the subject’s expressive eyes, enhanced by a special facial expression, in a way that the viewer immediately feels empathy with the subject, understanding what the subject is feeling and experiencing. The viewer is left with a feeling of familiarity with the subject, as if one has known the subject for a while and the haunting expression of the subject remains with the viewer well after the photograph has been viewed.

In my street scenes, I strive to achieve simplicity, aesthetics and symmetry. This is a real challenge because, by definition, street scenes are unorderly and random. For me the real challenge is to “capture the moment” whilst not compromising on composition. Whilst my first love is photographing people in their natural environment, whether it be a portrait or a street scene,I also get immense satisfaction out of photographing seascapes of great beauty in which the viewer is drawn, like a magnet, into the scene and instilling in the viewer a wonderful feeling of tranquility”.


• LALIV SIVAN The rhythm is in and out. Sometimes it's in, in and out and some other times it's just in, refuses to leave the inner space. This is my rhythm. Questions are often been asked, about the habits of existing, as a human, as an artist. Working with different kinds of media – video, still photography and digital painting - allows me to put into different perspective each of these identities, searching for the ultimate minimal expression for state or feeling. My black and white works are "works in withdrawal".





• CARMEL TADMOR I'm Carmel Tadmor, from Rehovot Israel, I love photography in my spare time for my soul, it make's me calm and happy man. I love taking photographs in aurban places, views, sunsets, sunshine, people in streets and more. My pictures are showing real situations and less makeup, believe that this is the true nature. Hope one day my pictures will be known in the world and will be famous. yaelnitzan@bezeqint.net

• GALIA ROGNER COHEN I started my journey in the digital photography world at the end of 2008, I've never studied photography formally, I've gained my knowledge through personal experience and exploring. At the beginning I was focusing on self portraiture as a tool for dealing with existential issues. through working with my own body I feel firmer, more concrete in my own existence. When I photograph myself I usually challenge my body and explore its abilities and boundaries which many times results in physical pain. Since then I've been photographing other people, landscapes, details‌anything that catches my eyes and mind, mostly with added symbolism. When the need arises I photograph myself. Over the years I've been exhibiting my work in solo and group exhibitions, my work has been published in photography books and I took part in various photography projects.

galia_rc@yahoo.com http://galiarogner.wix.com/photography

• YOAV HORESH From 2010 to 2013 I lived, photographed and taught photography as an “Expatriate” (or a “Gwai Lo” - a common Cantonese slang term for a foreigner) in Hong Kong SAR. Being a foreigner is nothing new for me. I lived outside of my homeland since 1997, but before Hong Kong, I had never lived in a place with such a sharp division between the lives, customs, and activities of the “locals” verses those of the “foreigners”. The “Expatriate community” in HK is predominately wealthy, young and in pursuit of “the good life” as defined by traveling, food, activities and consumerism. It is a secluded community in terms of geographical area of residence, schools and areas of entertainment/shopping/ food.

By separating itself, it creates its own cultural reference, its own society and customs within a larger local community. In some ways, this phenomenon hasn’t changed much since the first Western Colonial era in Hong Kong that began in 1841. A photographer is usually an interpreter of its surroundings when photographing. While photographing and working on “The Expats” I was not only an observer, but also a participant. yoav@yoavhoresh.com


Restaurant. Jordan, Kowloon 2012 Gelatin Silver Print 12”x18”

Tai Tam 2013 Gelatin Silver Print 18”x21”


• VERED NAVON Before the "digital age" broke in, I used to load either color or black & white film in my camera, usually 400 ISO (a more sensitive, les contrast film). I've rarely photographed both in color and b&w at the same time. The moment I had a b&w film in my camera, I turned to be a "color blind" person, and I started to see the world in black, white, and all the scale of greys between them. This allowed me "re-create" reality in a more abstract way, focus on the subject, and emphasize the drama I saw in front of my eyes. Today, using my digital camera, I don't create b&w images, though it's very easy to do it in photoshop. I don't need this because I don't see reality in black and white anymore, and I show only what I see through my eyes, no manipulations. verednavon@gmail.com http://verednavon.com

• ASHER GIBEL My favorite type of photography is street photography. people in every day context inspire me. A human photo subject is fascinating in its own right. If only because of the connection between the characteristic inward and outward expressions of facial expressions and movements. ashergibel@gmail.com

• OMER SEHAYEK The modern man forget from time to time to stop and look around at the natural world he has left behind. The natural and wild landscape is where the human being can show up with all its might. The beauty in the connection between the human and his forgotten source is the magic that attracts me more then everything else in photography. I found inspiration in the most remote place and always look for new ways to take it back with me to the modern world. photographoogie@gmail.com www.photographoogie.com

• BORIS MARININ Multidisciplinary Visual Artist. Educated at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. Master of Fine Arts (MFA), 2014 – now. Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), screen based arts, 2009 – 2013. Mainly interested in video art. Looking at my works and my own creative process, I ask myself for the source. The source is the human darkness. The frustration of constantly employed obsessive psychoanalysis. As if some attempt to understand the depth or maybe even discover the future. The excitement of that mysterious crystal ball. What lies beyond, what is that place behind the curtain of consciousness. The dark hole full of brutal extreme fantasies. The Lacanian desire. The environment has become a collection simulacra, that try to simulate the real thing, the desire. willie.bm@gmail.com

From the video art - Schleife

From the video art - Schleife

Schleife - Click on the photo to see the video art

• JACK RONNEL I specialize in black & white fine-art and documentary style portrait photography. I work with film as well as digital, both 35mm and medium format 645 Professionally, I collaborate with several galleries, work with luxury hotels and create stylish portfolios for artists and musicians. I develop and print my work, as I enjoy the printing process very much, using very high quality paper. I love teaching. I am coaching photographers to be more creative and expressive using Black & White. I also give lectures on the subject. There are many artists that inspire me, with their aesthetics, clarity, the precision of their works, the drama they create. I admire Michael Kenna, Sebastiao Salgado, Yousuf Karsh, Irving Penn and David Focus. Further inspiration: Japanese aesthetics principles. jack.ronnel@gmail.com www.jackronnel.com

• MAAYAN SELA Digital & film photography I look at photography as a tool to capture the magic in everyday life and moments and I enjoy taking photos of people and portraits the most. In these photos I captured some random moments from different places in Israel and abroad while traveling or just being in nature. I see myself as a wanderlust person, I always keep moving from one place to another. When I’m in nature I feel at home, I feel a part of a bigger thing, of the harmony of it. I think that the Black & white in the photos help merge everything and empower the scene even more. I fall in love with black & white photography because of the mystery it brings into a scene. Everything turns into one scale of color. Events and emotions become more dramatic in a land of lights and shadows. Maayansela5@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/MaysPhotogr aphyArt?ref=hl

• GINAT SALMAN My name is Ginat Salman, 26 years old, and an artist and commercial photographer, specializing in conceptual portraiture, landscapes, and urban photography with a minimalistic style of dark and powerful imagery. Live in Tel Aviv, Israel and currently attending my bachelor degree in Minshar college for photography and arts. Photography is my passion, my profession, and the thing that drives me through this crazy life. I don’t photograph subjects. I photograph feelings. it’s the best way to describe my approach. I need for my work to be esthetic and meaningful. I love extreme, pushing the boundaries between reality and fantasy, between darkness and light. extazybomb@gmail.com http://ginatsalman.weebly.com

Paradise Of Sadness/Photography and Digital Processing/ 40X60

• NINO HERMAN The courage to touch people. My art deals with people: their existential situation, the conditions of their life, their feelings, and their relationships. I am interested in exposing the vitality and mystery of life within everyone. To that end, I choose digital photography, direct and un-posed. I opt for wide-angle lenses, which by their nature shoot from close range. Shooting at close range makes it possible to touch the beauty I see in everyone, the humanness within the diversity. For example, choosing to photograph in cafes on the city’s margins puts me in contact with a wide range of people. In my photography, I address aspects of freedom, boundaries, authority, independence. This manifests itself both in my connection with the subjects, and the broad social context in which the nation's societal events unfold. What sets me apart is the courage to dare to open the heart and touch people and life from close up.

At the age of two I contracted polio, and alongside the disability, I chose the freedom to move. I believe that nothing but our conceptions and beliefs limit us. That is what I teach, express in my art, images, writing, speech, and way of life. I bring my externally apparent disability to a deep connection within me to listening, sensitivity to the other, and the desire to have an impact. ninoherman@gmail.com Blog

• SARAH ELBAR Amateur photographer, from kibbutz Ein-Gedi. born in 1946. It was at my mid-fifties, when I spoiled myself with a basic camera and started “playing” with, yet unknowing how this magic box will turn into a significant part of my life. Using a camera led me, on the one hand, into interpreting subjects into a wider context, and, on the other hand, into reducing them into focused frames, completely out of context. Photography enhances my creativity. It leads me into exploring, inspecting, experiencing deliberately different ambiences and moods, and capturing them into my own personal approach. Holding the camera I see the world in a different light, through a personal frame. Beyond catching and reflecting reality, photography for me is a process of inspection and enquiry, just to capture the moment in a specific ambience, light and hues. I am fascinated by the power of a light ray in dark spaces and the interaction between light, shadow and darkness.

A single photo serves me as a cocoon of memories, unfolding like a thread, pulling out and revealing memories of a places, ambiences, people, colors, odors and moods. My approach to photography keeps changing. Typically the photos are presented as is. Other times I take it as a raw material, which I process to bring out my vision, which I had in mind whilst shooting the photo. sarale@ein-gedi.co.il

Truth and fiction

Stairs to Heaven

Longing to the light Quote: "A bit of light dispels much darkness" - Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook

• SHAY DASHEVSKY As a Tel Aviv photographer I feel strongly connected to the street, I always feel felt this is where all began, this is my genuine spot. This work was born as an experiment, a trail in which I explored the streets in challenging conditions of light or more accurate no light. The challenge was anticipated and was created in order explore the point where light meets the dark, while other colors are void as not existing. During the process my goal was to turn the disability of dark into ability and see, in a result how natural black and white images immerge when I little ray of white light appears in the image. My photography objects are diverse and eclectic; young people walking around, drug addicts, homeless people, buildings, streets signs, and other still and living objects. Lonely, almost unnoticed they are subjected to the power and mercy of one ray of white light to bring them to life. shaydash@gmail.com http://shaydashevsky.com/

Digital photography 2000x1875 Pixel

Digital photography 46068x3456 Pixel

Digital photography 2000x1500 Pixel

Digital photography 4420x3196 Pixel

• SHIR LEYZER My works dealing with the perception of women body, my body, With regard to how it confront with elements around it, against it, inside it. I'm trying to find certain emotion, to define new boundaries, to refine my opinions, understatements. I'm using different art methods as photography, assemblage, etching, Photoshop and more for the wide options to express myself. Erotica, passion and longing are feelings I see as a line- where I am, and the place I wanna be at- the space between is the desire, motivation, despair, yearningthe eros- that’s the place my art stands. A combination of my passions, my creativity, my desire with the Desires and needs of the figures, images and objects I create.


Waiting, photography, deferent sizes

Untitled ,photography, deferent sizes

They R like me, sculptur, 15/15

• RONEY LEIGH I am the most cheerful goth you'll ever meet, which makes me completely not goth. However, my fascination with gloomy music often draws me to creating desaturated artworks. This leaves the work very bare, with the contrast at highest importance and focus, and you can't easily count on "warmth" or "cheerful" or "calm" or many other adjectives - that can be more easily achieved with color.

In the WOVEN series, I recognized the potential from this textile technique and used it on paper in a way that allows me to combine a few images together, starting in different places along the way and not just purely with the grid. There are some hidden elements, each work has its own topic - for example "unblessed" refers to the burden of being a woman.

After exploring many different materials, my favorite in recent years is paper. Why? its ecological (I use mostly recycled or even small leftovers), it's lightweight, it's "what you see is what you get", it's easy and clean to work with at the comfort of my own home at all hours, and for some reason, I find pleasure in challenging myself to cut out like a lady-bug sized chandelier from paper. Can't say I recommend it.


Evil Cibo 46cm X 46cm Paper, velvet, tarpaulin

Woven series approx. A2 size (60x40)

Woven series approx. A2 size (60x40)

Silence of the Lambettes 30cm X 20cm Woven photos

• YNIN SHILLO I work laterally. In all the moments of my life I try to develop an awareness of sharpening my thinking, logic, vision, hearing, etc. , increasing my sensitivity. Consciously I am focusing on unraveling the unwanted synaptic connections and creating beneficial synaptic connections, in the belief that few of high quality synaptic connections will make me a "Deliberate machine". These measures are encoded to the confluence of the practical artistic practice into self release and entering a sensory mode, while searching for the initial accuracy and balance between all the organs of the doing. I use this creative process because I believe that the artist and his artwork are one. http://cargocollective.com/yninshillo shilloart@gmail.com

"Longing" Video Art, 59:00 minutes. A timer is running 59 minutes on a still image of graves on Mount Olives. The prophecy of the resurrection exists, but as long as the dead did not get up God did not heed. (the word for an "An hour" in Hebrew is used also for "Heed" ) .

"Longing" #3, photo from video art, 59:00 min, 2014, Dimensions: 100 cm x 176.8 cm

"Punctuation marks in a sentence of Eternity ", #4, photo from video art, 20:15 min, 2014, Dimensions: 100 cm x 176.8 cm

"Punctuation marks in a sentence of Eternity ", #1, photo from video art, 20:15 min, 2014, Dimensions: 100 cm x 176.8 cm

• YEHUDIT BRICKMAN Black and white Painting or Photography centers on the light and dark/shadow. I often use in my work black and white color. When there are no other color, but only black and white , it focuses the composition of the light and shadow. The light flow in the image is very important to me.


• AYELET BERMAN The minimalism of Black & White allows us to see fine details and thus the result is quiet, but also rich and powerful. The attached artworks were painted with oil colors on canvas, and then, by computer processing, became black & white. bayelet@zahav.net.il http://amanim.com/bayelet

EYES, 70X80

TEL AVIV3, 60x70


• DAVID BOVETES I find the themes for my paintings mostly in photographs: out of an old book a newspaper or family albums the reason for "choosing" a photo is unconscious. Later on I try to realize what was in it that evoked my deep feelings, that is actually the process of art making. I' m, drawing sketches taking notes thinking of it in abstract terms. As for style I let the idea guide me through my work, using often various Techniques.my goal is to make art that is both moving and intellectual That says something about the human condition.


bovetesda@gmail.com Facebook



• EINAT MOGLAD My work revolves around the use of black and white materials, themes and conceptual notions. I wish to mystify the viewer so that he/she experiences a strong emotional response from my images. The main focus of my creations is in the way they are created and combined through a Sisyphean craft like process. I use an atmosphere of storytelling in my pieces and in the images I pick. I allow the story to be told without requiring a full understanding of the narrative.. I watch as the community around me abuses the basic creation of life. There for I use the image taken of some birds hurt by the recent oil disaster in the USA. Using those images I seek to describe the complex relationship between man and nature. I address issues of sexuality and femininity in my images taking great care to underline our always existing connections to them with our relationship to nature.

I am also deeply inspired by the book "Laocoon: An Essay on the Limits of Painting and Poetry" by Gotthold Ephraim Lessing who placed the emphasis on the written word as opposed to the painted image. The Laocoon in today's critical view is putting "culture" and "men" above "nature" and "women". My art is an ongoing dialog with the black printed word on top of the white paper. It asks question about the relationship between the narrative and the visual arts, all the while being aware of the gender division between them.


untitled, marker on paper, 1.5x2.5 m 2011 Birth of, pen on paper, 1X1.2 meters, 2013

Motherpen on paper,50x70 cm.2014

• SIVAN COHEN My art conception consists of Fragments of philosophies I've encountered over my life, from Judaism and Western philosophy to the teachings of Zen Buddhism and Taoism. At other times I find myself frustrated retracement of the events around me, social, political and cultural. Both these experiences are reflected on my canvas. For me, my work is a direct expression of the course of my life, I try to define the essence of my painting I will say that expression of a world made up of fragments, a world which I breaks down and leads to an ancient and primordial place. I find the combination of philosophical thought and the materiality of painting, allow me the expression of my world view.

Also general culture and aesthetics of the Far East are a milestone for me artistic design methods. I admire the Far Eastern cultures the calligraphy and Japanese anime together. A few years after graduation philosophy, I continued my studies, this time studying art at the Avni Institute. yaelnitzan@bezeqint.net

I started painting after I finished a BA in philosophy at Tel Aviv University, where I specialized in Far Eastern teachings, which I'm influenced to this day. The unknowns 2,2014 ,70 -50 ink on paper

Bird men 3,2014,50-70 sm, ink on paper

Bird men,2014,50-70 sm,ink on paper

The unknowns 3,2014 70 -50, ink on paper

• EFRAT BLUMBERG In my work I only use pencil on white paper. This medium, which sometimes seems to be simple, enables me to strip the similes into theirs elementary components. The fact that the drawing based solely on pencil, allows me to annul any distracts which made by color and to focus on the simile core. My working process founded on repetitive draw, the simile fall apart and reunite over and over due to the repeated method. The pure white paper plays a main role. Sometimes it is the object which created from the painted area and sometimes it is the space which wraps the image. Through the drawing, I try to create a world that has its own autonomy. Mostly the human is absent and nature is the one who gains control over the space.

"Bear"- pencil on paper 220X150 cm


"Coma"- pencil on paper, 70X100 cm

"Snow"- pencil on paper, 21X14.8 cm

• ELISHEVA NESIS My main interest is looking for signs of mysteries in our life and studying evidence of their penetrations into the real world. Almost all my paintings and books are around this theme. As well I've been trying to detect mysterious penetrations in some border individuals. So it was just natural to me to settle in Jerusalem, the most mysterious place in the world. This city has a great influence at my paintings and texts.

Black & white gives an opportunity for deeper understanding. eli7va@gmail.com Facebook

HUGS (paper/pencil, 33cm x 23cm)

BELLY-DANCE (paper/pencil, 32.5 cm x 22.5 cm)

KNOTTY PROBLEM (paper/pencil, 33 cm x 23 cm)

YOM KIPPUR JEW (paper/pencils, 33 cm x 23 cm)

• NETA GIDALIA I work with images that surround me. I combine materials that usually don't make sense. My preference is printed and recycled paper those materials stimulant my imagination and pick my interest. I also love using photos from old fashion magazines. The images Crouse the imagination and with the help of spray and oil paint , combined with I love collecting prints and pages from printing houses and change their purpose. Wandering around the flea market in Jaffa with a camera resulted in creating series of works that in my eyes connects to some form of recycling stuff that got thrown away and got passed around find a new home. In summary I have to admit that the material that I use have a lot of influence on my artistic choices and that’s why I spend so much time looking for new and unconventional materials. 2511neta@gmail.com www.neta-gallery.com

Technique - mix media/ pencil and photo size - 52x35


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