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NEXT GENERATION RC is preparing for the future while focusing on the present.

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Jeff and Kym Russell are preparing to

Meet six RC Store Managers who were

Daniel Hyder is RC's new Chief Sales



hand the reins to their son Jeven Russell,

top performers in 2021. They're here to

Officer. It's a big role, but it's one Daniel

but this move is nothing new. Jeven has

talk about how they motivate their teams,

is ready for. He's already spent 12 years

been working at the company since he

how they connect with customers and

with Russell Cellular, and in that time he's

was a kid. In the past few years, Jeven has

how they hit their goals last year despite

seen the company grow leaps and bounds.

moved into more leadership roles. Now,

all the hurdles that were thrown their way.

Now, he'll be helping lead RC's sales force

we learn how the Russells are preparing

They might not have all the answers, but

as it continues to expand its roots across

him to move the family-owned business

this crop of RC team members definitely

the country. Before Daniel gets even busi-

into the future while retaining the heart of

knows how to succeed and how to keep

er, we caught up with him to learn how he

what makes RC great.

their teams at the top of the scoreboard.

found himself at RC.




Brad Loertscher has been in wireless retail for more than two decades. He’s learned a lot. Now he’s sharing some of that wisdom.

This RC Cares Project raised the most money in RC Cares history.

5 / Q&A Aurish Nasir was a top DSM in 2021. These are the tips to his success.

5 / HELPING HANDS The heart of Russell Cellular is about helping its own, so when RC DSM Brian Mastin needed love and support, RC and his team were there for him.




16 / INBOX

Meet three top performers who have some advice to share.

Have a question for RC’s accounting division? We have answers.



This new time management tool is for DSMs. Really though, it will help everyone.

Say hello to the future of internet.

6 / HOMETOWN HEROES This RC Cares project was just one of several fundraisers that helped those battling cancer.




Katrina Gilmore’s job is simple. She follows the money.

Layton Alsup’s new role at RC puts her strongest skills to good use.

Krissa Shewey is bringing her love of baking to work with her, and none of us are complaining.



The new and improved OVT and how it benefits you.

The Customer Solution Center at RC is worth watching because it’s growing quickly.

It's that time of year when we get to celebrate all the RC team members who hit their goals last year and who deserve some time in the spotlight. Photos courtesy of Russell Cellular

BY THE NUMBERS This issue has plenty to celebrate including several heartfelt donations by RC stores that wanted to give back to their communities. Here are some of our favorite numbers in this issue.


YEARS Join us as we celebrate Brad Loertscher’s 24th anniversary in wireless.




This RC Cares project raised more than $30,000 for a young boy who has ties to the RC team.



CUSTOMER CALLS In January 2021, the Customer Solution Center had received only about 1,008 calls, but in December alone, it received more than 18,000 calls.


90 MILLION AMERICANS DON'T HAVE INTERNET That is about to change with a new service Verizon is rolling out. Verizon’s new home service means customers don’t need broadband to connect to the internet. This is sure to be a game changer.

LEARN MORE /17 Photos courtesy Russell Cellular, Shutterstock by Ettie Berneking



KYM I have learned that our lives and our business are often cyclical. After almost three decades in the wireless retail business, we know that there is a cadence to what we do, overarching rhythms that carry us through our days and seasons. We recognize the process of staffing, training, coaching and accountability that keeps us all learning and competitive in the marketplace. The importance of setting monthly sales goals and creating weekly action plans. Rigorously following the JAMES sales process supports our goal of “providing the best wireless experience to every customer every time.” Every year ends in an allout sprint through the holiday sales season. Each year starts with a whirlwind of reflection, evaluation and celebration! We then turn our attention to the new year with resolutions and plans to progress. Spring always encourages us to look forward with hope and high expectations. At this time of year, and at this time in the history of Russell Cellular, we could not

be more confident in the future of our business. Jeff and I feel proud and fortunate to have capable children as the rising generation taking on the responsibility of helping us guide this company into the future along with what we believe is the best leadership team we have ever had. I believe that if we continue to honor who we are as an RC Family, remember where we’ve come from and all that we have been through, then the future is indeed bright! #BetterTogether!

ON THE COVER In this issue of RC Connections, we learn how Jeff and Kym are preparing Jeven to run the company. This transition is nothing new, but it does mean a new generation of the Russell family will one day be leading Russell Cellular. Turn to p. 18 to learn how Jeven started working at RC as a kid and what he’s learned along the way.





GOING STRONG Happy anniversary to Brad Loertscher who celebrates 24 years in the wireless industry. BY SUSAN ATTBERRY SMITH Twenty-four years ago, when Regional Director of Sales Brad Loertscher began his career in wireless communications, he sold pagers—a device many Generation Z-ers would not recognize. “My children would have no idea what it is,” Brad says of his five kids he shares with his wife, Karen. The 47-year-old Utah native has a knack for adapting to industry changes, and he’s also highly skilled at leading others through changes. It’s one of the strengths he brought to Russell Cellular after RC acquired the company Brad originally worked for, Ensignal. Before joining RC, Brad spent nine years with Ensignal where he worked his way up from Store Manager to Regional Sales Manager. Now, Brad is in charge of six western


states plus two stores in Arizona and Kansas,

Brad has spent 14 years with Russell Cellular, and his wife has been there to cheer him on.

and he’s used his flexibility with change to keep his region at the top spot on Russell

“I like to hire people and allow them to

Cellular’s performance scoreboard for two

do their job but help and direct them in

years. “Now, we’re climbing back up to that

areas they need help in,” he says. “If you

No. 1 spot,” he says.

were to call my DSMs and ask, that’s the

“I think when it comes to change, if you

only thing I do is allow them to do their job.”

have an open mind and think, ‘Hey, this is an

And since Russell Cellular compensates

opportunity I can learn from and grow from,’

team members for meeting sales goals,

change doesn’t matter to you,” he says.

having the flexibility to use your own sales

Change can be a tool for growth, and so

style can be a big deal. Don’t hit your goals,

can having a great team to rely on. That’s

and Brad says he’s there to coach and help.

one of the superpowers Brad credits when

In fact, he likely won’t be the only person

he talks about his ability to hit sales goals.

who shows up to help, which is something

“The success of our region is actually de-

Brad says he really values. “This is a com-

termined by the District Sales Managers

pany that truly does care about you and

that I work with,” he says. “I want to make

your overall success,” he says. “ I’ve never

sure they know I work for them.” He’s also

worked for a company that operated that

careful to let his team flex their own style

way. It drives me to work a little bit harder

and strengths. Micromanagement isn’t big

each and every day because I know they

on Brad’s list.

want us to succeed.”



LESSONS LEARNED Keep things simple and focus on the basics. If store sales lag, Brad says he refocuses his team on five basics: dress code, greetings, account pull-ups, special offers and walking customers to the door when they leave. Be yourself. ”I think the biggest thing I’ve learned is that everyone has their own personality, and you have to be able to manage and direct every one of those personalities,” he says. “I have eight DSMs I’m over, and if I give them a message out there it can be construed eight different ways.” Stay positive. “No matter how crazy things get, stay positive because your team will always look to you to be that positive influence.”

Photo courtesy Brad Loertscher


LIFE AT RC CONVERSATION WITH TOP PERFORMER AURISH NASIR Aurish Nasir is a District Sales Manager in North Virginia, and he’s been with Russell Cellular for almost three years. We caught up with this top performer to learn what

NEVER-ENDING LOVE Brian Mastin (left) lost both his mom and dad recently.

his goals are this year. BY ETTIE BERNEKING

RC: What was a sales moment from last year that you’re really proud of?


Brian’s behalf. “Jamie asked me if I would be interested in applying,” Brian says. “He pretty much did the process for me. He filled out all

A.N.: By the end of the year, we almost had a

When District Sales Manager Brian

the pertinent information.” RC created the EEF

perfect score for total sales. Our scores January through November were perfect, but then we missed a bit in December. Accessories and protection were the categories we missed. It was a disappointment, but it was also great to see our

Mastin was experiencing a tough time

for situations exactly like these, and the money

team do so well.

RC: Your district also did really well with small business customers.

A.N.: We’ve never not hit our SMB KPI because we have this massive small business community. We had one customer who came in and bought 15 iPads. We’ve ended up selling them 200 iPads in the last year.

RC: What do you do to stay in touch with your team? A.N.: I have on average 32 team members, and we

in his personal life, his Russell Cellular

Brian received helped cover his father’s final

family stepped up to the plate with


financial support. BY VIVIAN WHEELER

In addition to applying for the EEF on Brian’s behalf, Jamie helped organize a fundraiser that both customers and fellow RC team

As a District Sales Manager, Brian Mastin has

members could contribute to. He had the RC

filled out an Employee Emergency Fund appli-

Cares team create a donation SKU within RC’s

cation on behalf of his team members many

internal RQ4 system that allowed for dona-

times, but he never imagined he would be on

tions and a flier explaining his situation. Jamie

the receiving end of the EEF. Then 2021 hit. In

encouraged locations within the region to post

a year that was bad for many, Brian was dealt

the flier in their stores. They ended up raising

a particularly tough hand. In July of 2021, his

an additional $3,612.01 to help support Brian

mother was undergoing chemotherapy for

and his family. Part of the reason Jamie wanted

stage-four ovarian cancer. To help take care of

to help Brian is that Brian is always helping out

his mother, Brian’s aunt and uncle came down

others. “Brian’s got a huge heart,” Jamie says.

from Illinois, but during her hospital stay, both

“What made it easy for me to just take charge

use Microsoft Teams for video calls. But we also have a leaders’ group chat every morning to go over our daily game plan and review how we ended the previous day.

Brian’s mother and father were exposed to and

is Brian does the same thing for others. He’s

contracted COVID-19. Consequently, Brian

always so quick to get involved in hardships

and his aunt and uncle also contracted the

and conscientious of what people are going

RC: What has worked better for your team? Virtual

virus. Shortly after, Brian’s father was admitted

through and always takes it upon himself to

or in-person meetings?

to the hospital, and on August 12, he died from

lend a hand when someone is in need.”

A.N.: If it’s a quick communication, virtual makes

complications due to COVID-19. Ten days lat-

that easy. But we want to put a face to the name and make sure managers know other store managers. I think the hands-on training you get from in-person meetings is so important.

er on August 22, Brian’s uncle also died from

does find themselves in a tough spot, help is

COVID. Then on January 21, Brian’s mother

available through the EEF. Any full-time mem-

RC: What is something you’re focusing on this year? A.N.: I’m really focused on finding quality team members. A big reason we were successful in 2021 was we found, trained and developed the team. Photos courtesy Aurish Nasir and Brian Mastin

succumbed to cancer.

At the end of the day, if a team member

ber who has worked at RC for at least 90 days

Brian has worked for Russell Cellular for six

is eligible to apply for the fund. To apply, just fill

years, and he has a close relationship with his

out an application at and forward

boss, Jamie Morehouse, who is the Regional

it to your DSM or Regional Director. Once the

Director of Sales for Brian’s district. Jamie was

application is approved, funds will be available

actually the one who applied for the EEF on

within 72 hours. RUSSELLCELLULAR.COM




GIVING BACK TO ONE WHO GIVES The RC family all came together to support the Director of RC Cares when his grandson experienced an unexpected diagnosis. BY KAREN BLISS Ron Wallace is the Director of Russell Cellular’s RC Cares. In this role, he helps brainstorm and launch RC Cares initiatives at all RC stores, so it was only natural for the RC family to launch an RC Cares project for Ron’s family. Jensen Lee, Ron’s grandson, was diagnosed with leukemia and ended up at St.

FAMILY SUPPORT Ron Wallace (right) visited his grandson Jensen (left) at the hospital.

Jude in Memphis, Tennessee. “The news traveled quickly among RC,

“All the District Sales Managers on our

mostly through social media and internal

team let Jason know how many bracelets

group chats,” says John Kilgore, Regional

they would like to have ordered for the stores

Director of Sales. “I know Ron is very involved

in their own markets,” John says.

with his family at all times, and his grandchil-




end and raised more than $500.” Laura says the kids were really excited about buying bracelets and whole teams

Like so many RC Cares projects, word this

“The coach sold all of the bracelets that week-

even bought them, but the bracelets weren’t

dren mean the world to him. To see Ron, who



the only part of this RC project. “There were

has provided so much support to all of our

Mooneyham, a District Sales Manager in

in-store events, t-shirts branded with, ‘I’ll be

team members be impacted by this really

South Carolina, even heard about the initiative

brave’ and Jensen’s favorite character (which

shook a lot of us. Ron connects with anyone

and was telling a customer about the brace-

is a bear), and customers like Laura’s and

lets. Turns out, the customer was a coach

most importantly our own team members

Jason Foster, a District Sales Manager,

for a traveling youth baseball team, and they

giving their time and resources to drive dona-

came up with the idea of selling or giving

were about to participate in a tournament in

tions,” John says.

away bracelets with donations featuring

North Carolina.

experiencing hardships in their lives.”

Laura says this project really is part of a

the hashtag #illbebrave. All proceeds went

“The kids on the teams were around the

to support Ron’s family and Jensen’s fight

same age as Jensen, so this really resonated

greater group effort, as so many team members feel connected to Ron, who always

against leukemia.

with the kids and their parents,” Laura says.

made time to reach out to RC team members

HEDGIE’S HEROES BATTLING CANCER ONE PROJECT AT A TIME One RC Cares project in Nevada launched a fundraiser that hit close to home, and its efforts reflected a much larger push by RC to raise money to support cancer patients. BY KAREN BLISS MAKING A DIFFERENCE RC presented Barbara with a check to help cover her medical expenses.



THE GOAL Lilly Hagnere, Store Manager in Elko, Nevada, had a family friend named Barbara who was diagnosed with cancer. Lilly reached out to Krissa Shewey, a District Sales Manager in Nevada, and asked to see if their district could help Barbara through an RC Cares project. Besides having her cancer diagnosis, Barbara’s son and granddaughter had recently passed away. “There were a lot of financial hardships that they were going through,” Krissa says. “We wanted to try to lift that financial burden off Barbara as much as we could,” Photos by courtesy Russell Cellular


RC CARES THIS IS CHIEFS KINGDOM Jensen and his family are big Chiefs fans, and they watch as many games as possible.

#ILLBEBRAVE Go Shout Love designed the t-shirts that became part of the #illbebrave campaign. Jensen came up with the I'll Be Brave slogan.

in their times of need. “We just really tried to give our all,” she says. “Ron dedicates himself to our communities, our team members and to the RC family as a whole.” Laura is a somewhat recent hire to RC as the store she works at was an acquisition for the company. She says she’s never worked for a company that has taken so much time to support its own team members with a program like RC Cares. “This is my first experience with any type of program or support of this level,” she says. “It’s not even just in those tragic times that RC steps up. RC Cares sends birthday cards and RC Cares cards, and it really makes us feel like we are part of a family.”

Laura says customers and RC team members as well as the kids and families at the baseball tournament bought bracelets and the project was well received by everyone, even if they didn’t know Jensen and Ron. “It started from our heart and proved we could put it into action



That’s how much RC raised for Jensen by the end of 2021. It was the most money raised in any one RC Cares Project in RC history.

immediately,” John says. “To see the communication all across our organization and the scale at which this was done, was living proof that RC Cares is not just a department but our culture at RC.” By press time, John’s region had raised


John’s district raised more than $2,000 just from the #illbebrave campaign.

$2,500 for the #illbebrave campaign, and his is just one of many RC regions participating in the campaign. By the end of 2021, RC had raised $30,758.90 for Jensen, which made this the largest RC Cares donation made to one project.


One coach raised $500 from selling bracelets at one weekend tournament.




Within Lilly’s store and Krissa’s sales district, RC team members gathered donations, sold RC Cares products and shared Barbara’s story on social media. Krissa says customers would come into the store and ask about what RC Cares is, which provided an opportunity to share Barbara’s story. “It makes them understand, rather than a generic nonprofit, that we are giving money back to someone in the community they can help,” she says. In the end, RC raised $3,000 for Barbara.

At the time of the fundraiser, Barbara was having to drive four hours for her radiation treatment. The RC Cares funds helped with food and gas while Barbara and her husband were traveling to and from receiving her treatments.

Barbara’s fundraiser wasn’t the only RC Cares project last year that aimed to assist someone fighting cancer. RC Cares hosted several projects including one for Cal’s Angels, a nonprofit organization for pediatric cancer. By the end of 2021, RC had raised $50,753.95 for cancer patients.

Photos courtesy Russell Cellular





FOLLOWING THE MONEY Katrina Gilmore is Russell Cellular’s Director of Accounting, but she does much more than that. Her job touches almost every aspect of the company. BY JULIANA GOODWIN

In Katrina Gilmore’s world, it’s all about the numbers. Newly promoted into her role as Director of Accounting, she shepherds a staggering amount of numbers each week. She oversees the payroll for 2,500+ RC team members, plus she has her eyes on another 1,200 credit card charges a month, and that’s just the beginning. Katrina has been with RC for 10 years. She started in the RC Inventory Department and two years later left for another job. “I found the grass is not greener on the other side and came back,” she says. Since then, Katrina settled into the role of Accounts Payable Manager. In January 2022, she received a promotion to Director of Accounting. Now she oversees both the Payables and Receivables departments and works with leaders of both groups to ensure RC’s financial stability. There is no typical week for Katrina and her teams, but there is a No. 1 priority—follow the money. “Our departments follow every dollar

NUMBERS GAME Katrina Gilmore and her team make sure all money coming in and out of RC is accounted for.

that is going in and out of the company,” she says.

PAYING THE TEAM Payroll for 2,500-plus team members is a huge chunk of the Accounts Payable team’s job - and that’s probably an understatement. On top of


that, the AP department handles commission and bonuses plus travel

The AR team is responsible for reviewing and reconciling any type of

expenses and credit card charges from RC team members.

received payment. If you helped a customer with a cash or credit transaction, the AR team is reviewing that information behind the scenes.

PAYING SUPPLIERS These are the suppliers that keep RC stores stocked on phones, char-


gers, cases, PopSockets, tablets… You name it. It’s Katrina’s job to

The AR department also reviews any revenue received by RC. If there

make sure these suppliers are paid and there is plenty of available

is a bonus program, sponsorship agreement or supplier payment, AR

credit so RC’s inventory team can purchase more product.

reviews the information to ensure revenue gets allocated appropriately.



Accounts Payable is responsible for paying the rent, water, sewer, trash

Both accounting teams stay current on taxes RC owes or refunds RC

and electric at each location plus any other bills such as repairs, cham-

should receive. Navigating the confusing world of tax jurisdictions is

ber memberships, advertising, software, etc. “We handle 3,000–4,000

daunting, and Katrina’s team has to deal with 165 of them. “Each has

bills a month,” Katrina says, “and 1,200 credit card charges.”

a different tax rate,” she says. “In retail, there is a sales tax at the time of


to the correct jurisdiction on time.” To ensure RC stores are complying

Katrina provides support and oversight to Debbie Sowersby and her

with proper sales tax rules, Katrina’s team ensures all licenses such a

team of nine with RC’s Accounts Receivable department. AR is tasked

business licenses and occupational licenses are current and paid.

purchase, and it is up to us to make sure money is collected and paid

with reconciling all money coming into RC, including all commission and payments from Verizon. The AR department reconciles Verizon

While juggling this amount of responsibility would make many dizzy,

contracts and sales daily and monthly to ensure every team member

Katrina happens to love it. “RC has been a huge part of my growth and

gets paid for the sales they earned.

development,” she says. “I get to do what I love for a company I love.”



Photo courtesy Russell Cellular

At Russell Cellular, we know life happens. Emergency situations can arise beyond our control that create unexpected financial hardships.

RC EMPLOYEE EMERGENCY FUND Qualifying circumstances include natural disaster, funeral costs, fire loss, acute medical illness, and more. The EEF provides financial assistance for you and your immediate family. Qualifying Team Members can receive up to $500 per occurrence.

For more information about the EEF, how to apply and donate, and for further qualifications and restrictions, visit or email




to keep OVT going. When we recharged it on

health, life, vision and dental insurance, 401k

October 1, it was time to really show our team

eligibility, vacation, paid time off and discounts

members what this meant.”

on devices, but the company wants to do more.

Part of that change that Chris is talking

“We’re looking to highlight and improve upon

OVT is still at the core of Russell

about was an increase to hourly and salary pay

these to deliver the best employee experience

Cellular's culture, but in 2021, OVT

for every employee across the company. “We

possible,” Chris says. “We are working on pro-

was enhanced. Those changes are

moved everyone’s starting rate to $15 an hour,”

viding all the key benefits team members want

benefiting every RC team member.

Chris says. “We wanted to show our team how

to help them live a better work/life balance.”

appreciative we are for all the work they were

The goal, as Chris and Brad explain, is to make

doing during this pandemic. We also wanted

RC an even more attractive place to work.

BY RAE SWAN SNOBL Opportunity, Value, and Team (OVT) are the

to bring great people on, and offer higher incen-

To do that, RC turned to its team members

three pillars of RC’s commitment to deliver an

tives. I feel like this part of the OVT revamp really

to see what they care about most. So all of

outstanding employee experience. An update

rejuvenated our team.”

these changes and ones in the pipeline came

to the program rolled out October 1, 2021,

Besides showing value to existing team

from team feedback. “We’ve done employee

and RC is making more changes throughout

members, the jump in pay led to more refer-

surveys and exit surveys,” Brad says. “We want

this year. With these updated OVT initiatives,

rals. “Because of the pandemic, our application

people to come to work and enjoy what they

RC has emphasized the value of “Team” with

rate was extremely low,” says AVP Anthony

do. We want to be more focused and deliver a

a simplified compensation plan and pay in-

Badalamenti. “But once we announced the pay

compensation model they understand and can

increase, our existing team members started


creases. Long before COVID, OVT was a part of RC’s

reaching out to others and telling them about

Team members learned of enhancements

internal culture. The three pillars were rolled

how they felt valued at Russell Cellular. Now we

to health insurance and bereavement leave,

out when RC experienced a big growth spurt

are getting more referrals.” This made a huge

while receiving a simplified commission plan,

and needed a way to quickly communicate the

difference in staffing levels. “We had a really

all of which began on February 1st. “Our job is

RC culture with every team member no mat-

strong fourth quarter despite the supply chain

to ensure our sales team has all the tools they

ter where they were located. “It was a turning

issues,” says AVP Brad Boman. “We wanted

need to be successful and remove their road-

point in our company when we came together

to continue to reward our team and show them

blocks,” Chris says. The RC team is committed

and defined the three pillars that we could build

we understand the changes in employment

the company on,” says Area Vice President of

and workplace culture.”

Sales Chris Lucido. “Then we went from 200

To compete in an already tight market, RC is

stores to 700, and COVID hit, so it was hard

enhancing its benefits. Current benefits include



to keeping OVT at the forefront of its culture. “The OVT difference is when everyone gets the full picture of what OVT is and how RC lives that out,” Anthony says.



PERSISTENCE, PREPARATION, AND POSITION Selling to a business customer is quite different from a traditional client. Three sales leaders offer advice on how to approach and close these important sales. BY RAE SWAN SNOBL







Store Manager, Unionville, CT

District Sales Manager, Springdale, AR

Store Manager, Springfield #2, MO

Understand What Makes a Business Client Different:

Be Prepared:

Slow Down:

We need to quickly respond to getting devic-

Know that business owners are very ana-

Business customers require a deeper dia-

es to business customers and ensure ship-

lytical when it comes to deciding who they

logue and product offering. Business prod-

ping turnarounds are efficient. I also recom-

give their business to. So slow down the

ucts speak to productivity, business growth

mend having another team member double

sale and get to know who they are and what

and adding operational and client value.

check quotes, plans and promotions with

they value. Ask about their pain points. Find

you to ensure what you are telling your cus-

the obstacles that are keeping them from

Be Persistent in Your Process:

tomer is correct. Our I2B rep is amazing with

pushing forward in their business. It’s about

Leverage your I2B account manager for

assisting us on proper quoting. Understand

listening before offering solutions.

leads, and ask your team what their favor-

what the product does that you are selling

ite businesses are for services and products.

and ensure it is what their business needs.

Use those suggestions to make warm/cold calls and emails or reach out on social media.

Drive the Close:

Position Yourself: Once you ask questions to uncover their

Be Honest:

struggles, show why your solution is going

Always be completely honest. Business

to produce an ideal mix they can invest in

accounts come with a larger price than we

that will help them be successful at a price

Get a second point of contact involved in

might normally see, and those customers

point they are comfortable with. Give them

a product he or she loves. Talk about what

are willing to pay for that when they know

an offer they cannot refuse.

they have implemented and how your solu-

they have a relationship with you that is

tions have been productive. Get involved!

100% reliable.

Photos courtesy Aaron Myers, Christy Wall, Callie Christiansen





A NEW PLAN OF ACTION A new scheduling tool for DSMs should mean good news for stores and a clearer plan of action for sales leaders. BY ETTIE BERNEKING Growth within a company is almost always good news, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t growing pains that come with it. Russell Cellular grew at a rapid pace over the past two years, and as 2021 came to a close, the RC executive team realized all that growth combined with the great resignation and the strains of COVID had created a problem—RC’s District Sales Managers had been stretched thin. New stores were added to their teams, and when sales associates had to quarantine or stay home due to illness, those DSMs had to step into those roles. “That challenges our DSMs’ ability to prioritize their time and work efficiently,” says Kurt Reinhart, Vice President of Learning & Development. “We weren’t as fully staffed as we would have liked, so our DSMs had to take on more.” Staffing challenges still exist, but at lower levels than in mid-2021. Back in October 2021, RC increased its starting wage to $15


an hour and gave every position within the company a boost in pay. “Once we adjusted

things,” Kurt says. “First, it allows them to

that because of all the new hiring RC did

compensation, we saw our staffing start to

map out where they need to go each week,

last year, Kurt says more than half of the

swell,” Kurt says. (Turn to p. 10 to learn more

who they need to talk to at each store, and

DSMs are relatively new to the compa-

about how RC is continuing to increase

what they need to talk about.” So each

ny. That gives RC a chance to implement

company benefits and pay to compete in the

week, DSMs will fill out the Weekly Plan for

new training. But Kurt also says part of the


each of their stores. Then when they visit

excitement is that The Weekly Plan won’t

With stores better staffed, DSMs can

each store, it will be simpler to know where

just help DSMs. It will help Store Managers

start to return their focus to the bigger pic-

to start. “It will help them focus their energy

and sales team members and also Regional

ture—helping their stores meet sales goals

on what needs to be done,” Kurt says. “Our

Directors. Stores will see more one-on-one

and providing necessary coaching to make

goal is to enhance execution and perfor-

training from DSMs, and Regional Directors

sure each team member is performing at

mance, and to do that we need to prioritize

will have a clearer idea of what DSMs are

their best. To do this, RC is rolling out a new

our tasks.”

working on and what tasks they might need

scheduling tool for DSMs. It’s called The

Part of why Kurt and other RC leaders

Weekly Plan. “It allows our DSMs to do two

are excited to roll out The Weekly Plan is



assistance with. This creates a pathway to success for 2022. Photo courtesy Russell Cellular

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EXPERIENCE AT WORK Layton's new role at RC has enabled her to use her organizational skills to help more departments, while still supporting the Executive Team.



Photo by Leah Stiefermann



BACK IN THE FAMILY BIZ After 12 years of running her own

NEW ROLE, NEW GOALS Layton brought her skills as a leader and organizer to RC.

business, Layton Alsup joined Russell Cellular—the family business—in 2019, and today she is the Vice President of Executive Support. It’s time to get to know Layton and learn how her talents are making a difference for Russell Cellular and its growing family. BY VIVIAN WHEELER Russell Cellular has always been a big part of Layton Alsup’s life, but until two and a half years ago Layton had never officially worked for the company her parents had founded in 1993.

the company as well as leading three depart-

The importance of focusing on the employee

We say “officially” because Layton spent many

ments and sits on the Executive Council. She

experience is one of the biggest lessons Alsup

weekends from the ages of 5 through 10 set-

oversees the Travel and Hospitality Department,

learned from running her own company, so it’s

ting up new stores with her family. “We would

the Executive Support Department and the RC

been a natural fit for her at RC. “Taking the time

build desks and set up coffee carts,” she says.

Cares Department. Once Layton joined RC,

to invest in team members and to show them

“We’d get all the literature aligned and hung up.

the Travel and Hospitality Department was cre-

they’re valued goes a lot further than people

I even used to activate phones as a child, which

ated and expanded to meet the needs of the

think,” she says. “It makes such a huge impact

is hilarious to think of now.” Layton didn’t join

newly built 40,000-square-foot RC headquar-

and can really help with retaining team mem-

RC until August of 2019, and now she is Vice

ters in November 2019. Now, the Travel and

bers long-term.” It’s a lesson she’s continuing

Hospitality Department is in charge of anything

to put into practice at RC.

President of Executive Support. So what gives? Why didn’t Layton join RC

that involves the RC team’s experience at the

Now that Layton’s back at the family busi-

back when she was 16 or 20 or 25? Blame

home office in Battlefield, Missouri. “We help

ness, she is once again working alongside her

her entrepreneurial spirit. It’s one of the many

take care of the building, and we consider our

mom and dad, although she’s certainly ad-

talents she inherited from her parents. At 18,

customers to be the team members within it,”

vanced beyond her days of assembling coffee

Alsup bought Nu Essence Spa, which she suc-

Layton says. This includes facilitating new-hire

carts. Her new role also puts her in a position

cessfully ran for 12 years prior to joining RC and

orientation, making sure the building’s ameni-

to support her brother Jeven, who was named

still owns today. In fact, she ran the spa so well,

ties are kept up and helping team members

RC’s Co-President and who will one day take

she was able to step away from the day-to-day

make the best use of the facility.

over the family business. (You can read about

operations of Nu Essence because she had assembled a solid team to run the show. It’s no secret RC has grown more than expect-

The Travel and Hospitality Department is also

RC’s succession plan in the feature on p. 18.)

responsible for assisting with all travel needs

“What surprised me the most about working at

throughout the company, planning corporate

RC has actually been my brother,” Layton says.

ed, and to manage that growth, Jeff and Kym

events and coordinating team member experi-

“Although he’s younger than me, he’s been

needed that managerial spirit of Layton’s. “They

ence items. In her role overseeing the RC Cares

working in the company for much longer. He

never anticipated early on that their company

Department, Layton spearheads RC’s commu-

truly impressed me with his skill set, leadership

would grow as large as it did,” Layton says. “They

nity outreach efforts alongside the Director of

style and passion for the business. It’s exciting

realized they needed more people involved that

RC Cares, Ron Wallace, to make sure new

and fulfilling to work alongside my family.”

are as invested in the company as they are.”

hires get a welcome package and celebrate

The Russells also knew just how much Layton

team members’ work anniversaries. “Employee

would bring to the table.

experience is a really big part of our culture,”

As Vice President of Executive Support Layton

she says. “We want to make sure team mem-

helps facilitate the needs of other executives in

bers feel valued, especially at these milestones.”

Photos by Leah Stiefermann

LEARN MORE Learn more about the next generation of RC on p. 18. RUSSELLCELLULAR.COM





GROWTH SPURT The RC Customer Solution Center celebrated its 1-year-anniversary at the end of 2021. It also celebrated significant growth during its first year. The goal is to help customers quickly without them having to call an RC store. We spoke with Customer Solution Center Manager Jason Kapperman and CoPresident Jeven Russell to learn how this department has grown. BY KAREN BLISS

When the Customer Solution


Center first opened in Battlefield,

Back in January 2021, the

Missouri, it supported eight RC-owned

Customer Solution Center

stores. By December 2021, the Customer

started out with seven team members,

Solution Center was supporting more than

but by December, the team had grown

134 stores, and there are plans to increase

to some 40 members. RC plans to con-

that drastically. “We have growth plans

tinue its hiring increase for the center un-

to take calls for all of our stores,” Jason

til it reaches about 80 associates. Jeven

says. RC currently has more than 700

says the increase in the team will help the

retail store locations, which is a big jump

Solution Center offer even more customer

from 134. “This is a big investment we’ve

support over the phone, but he says that

made to help support our team mem-

won’t be easy. “With staffing challenges of

bers and help customers,” Jeven says.

2021, getting to 80 is quite a feat,” he says.

“But it’s helping us hold our mission and

“We’re halfway there, and that’s significant

our vision of providing the best wireless

growth in a year.”

experience to every customer every time.”

18,497 CALLS RECEIVED As the Customer Solution Center has been able to support more stores, the phone lines have also increased in call volume. In January 2021, the center had received only about 1,008 calls, but in December alone, it received more than 18,000 calls. Customers can call looking for help on just about anything, and the Solution Center team can find immediate solutions or set up in-store appointments. The goal is to save customers time waiting in the store. Jason says by December 2021, 3,086 customer appointments were scheduled through the Customer Solution Center, and 539 sales resulted from those pre-arranged appointments.

INBOX As Director of Accounting, Katrina

43 states, and each state has differ-

Gilmore fields many questions each

ent laws regarding overtime, double

week. Here are some of the most

time, holidays and minimum wage. All

frequently asked.

that is housed within our Payroll and


Timekeeper team. Questions circle around direct deposit or understand-

Q. What is the most common

ing a pay stub. For example, “My time

question you receive?

A. Questions


doesn’t seem right.” “This commission payroll


Timekeeper are definitely the most

seems incorrect.” “How do I sign up for direct deposit?”

common. Timekeeper is our online time clock. RC is spread out over 16


Photo by Leah Stiefermann



Amanda says the key to selling the newest service to a business owner “is to talk to everyone about it. Don’t assume that one customer is better suited for it than another. It can even be as simple as just asking if they know that we offer internet services.” SMB Operations Manager Eddie Hash from Republic, Missouri, suggests leaning on the CEO technique (customers, employees, office) when selling internet solutions to business owners. “Ask how they take care of customers, how many employees does their business have and what technology do they use in their office,” he explains. These details can help the RC team show the real-world value of using Verizon internet solutions.


Tina Crewse, Director of Sales Operations.

“This is huge for the over 90 million people in

“When a customer used to walk into a store, we

the United States who don’t have access to

would ask them if they were here to pay a bill,

Thanks to Verizon, you don’t need broadband to connect to the internet anymore. BY SONIA GUZMAN

Verizon Internet Solutions for Home and

“This new service is a game-changer,” says

broadband internet,” explains Amanda Jones,

upgrade their phone or sign up for service. Now

SMB Operations Manager in West Virginia. Not

we ask if they’re here for mobile, home or busi-

only does it affect private homeowners, but busi-

ness because we can support them in all three

nesses can also reap the benefits of this new in-

areas.” So if you work from home, school from

ternet option.

Business is offering home and business owners

home, play from home… 5G Ultra can help. And

Verizon’s internet solution for business can

that, as Tina explains, is a big selling point for

a new way to access the internet. Broadband

save business owners thousands in lost reve-

customers who might not think they qualify for

internet is no longer the only way to have reliable

nue due to internet outages. This new service

the service. She points out that even an Uber

internet coverage. Verizon is changing the game

can be a backup for traditional broadband in

driver could benefit from the bundle. The key to

by providing a new internet service that relies on

business so that transactions can continue to

figuring out which customers could tap into 5G

cellular service rather than broadband access,

be processed even while the internet is down.

Ultra is simply to ask. “We want to figure out how

and it’s known as 5G Ultra. That’s good news

All you need is to be covered by Verizon’s cell

we can bundle their mobile, business and home

for RC customers.

phone service.

needs. And it all starts by asking what they do.”

Q. What are the most common

period based on how that pay

Q. What are common issues

a haircut or a jug of orange

payroll questions?

period fell in the week.

you have when it comes to

juice. There is no pre-approval

A. Understanding how overtime

travel expenses?

for these purchases. We review

works on semi-monthly payroll.

Q. What do Wireless Specialists

A. Understanding what is in

them and can use it as a coach-

Overtime is typically Sunday–

ing opportunity.

tend to ask?

budget and what is not. For

Saturday, but the way our

A. At the time of a sale, they

instance we have a Generosity

semi-monthly pay period falls, it

might have an invoice where


could be Tuesday–Monday. So,

the tax might not be calculated

Sales Managers and Home

if you have 88 hours, the over-

correctly or not calculated at all.

Office Managers to treat team

time might not be eight hours, it

They will ask us to look into it. It

members for going above and

might be two hours this pay pe-

is a quick fix in the system.

beyond. We have seen some

riod and six hours on the next Photo courtesy of Verizon




funny stuff come through like

YOU’VE GOT MAIL Have a question you’d like us to answer? Send your inquiries to RCconnections@ RUSSELLCELLULAR.COM


Planning for the Generational Handoff


Photo by Leah Stiefermann

In order to secure the future of Russell Cellular, the Russell family has crafted a succession plan that will keep things running smoothly while looking ahead to what’s next. BY VIVIAN WHEELER


ince Jeff and Kym Russell founded


itself would even sustain multiple families.”

Jeven’s Journey


It wasn’t until Verizon announced the

almost three decades ago,

purchase of Alltel Wireless in 2008 that Jeff

ness. They used to help set up new stores

Both Jeven and Layton grew up in the busi-

it has been a family-owned

and Kym realized they might one day need to

as kids. When he got a little bit older, Jeven

and family-run business. That won’t be

think about a succession plan. At that point,

spent several summers working a variety

changing anytime soon now that Jeven

RC went from being a regional organization

of jobs at RC, including data entry, human

Russell, their son, has been announced

to a national one, and the Russells started to

resources and dispatching satellite TV instal-

as Co-President of RC. RC’s succession plan

aggressively grow the business. It was also

lations. When he took a more serious position

has been several years in the making and will

at that point that Jeven joined the RC team,

in 2008, he was still in high school.

continue to play out over the next few years as

but at that time no one planned on Jeven

“This was a little bit of an after-school,

Jeven works as Co-President alongside his dad,

taking the helm. “When Jeven joined in 2008,

part-time position working in the warehouse

Jeff. And of course, Kym will be right there with

it was just a job for him,” Jeff says “As he

shipping and receiving,” he says. When Jeven

Jeven and Jeff, along with the executive team,

started to grow and develop over the next

graduated high school, he continued his job

which includes Jeven’s sister Layton Alsup.

several years with the company, I think that’s

at RC, and he started working full-time. Then,

where we started seeing the opportunity for

in 2011, he got the chance to work with his

Cellular in 1993, they had no idea the company

the younger generation to start stepping up

dad, purchasing inventory. “It was a big op-

would grow into the nationwide powerhouse it is

and taking on some of these responsibilities.”

portunity for me to work with my dad, who

today. “We never actually expected our business

Today, Jeven is preparing for his role as the

at the time had been doing all of our inven-

to be big enough to need succession planning,”

future President of RC, and a lot has hap-

tory purchasing,” Jeven says. As Kym says,

Kym says. “We didn’t expect that the business

pened between 2008 and today.

When Jeff and Kym Russell founded Russell


“Jeff would never let anyone else manage the

Kym Russell: And I would say it’s to keep

What are the biggest lessons you’ve learned throughout your careers?

a balance between logic and your heart. You have to look at the details and do the

Jeff Russell: Be willing to change and adapt.

Jeven Russell: Jeff has certainly taught me right thing to stay competitive in the mar-

The industry that we’re in requires that. And that sometimes it’s really difficult to hear feed- ketplace and profitable. But ultimately you not just being able to change and adapt back, but it’s important to open up that platform have to do the right thing for your customto technology, but understanding how to and allow yourself to hear some things that may ers and for your people. And it will pay off change and adapt the sales process, policies, be challenging and allow others to come for- in the long run, even if it’s uncomfortable at the procedures and the structures to ensure ward and give you perspective, feedback and the moment. the front line’s success.

input. Make sure you’re receptive to that.



phone inventory purchasing, but Jeven’s really good at negotiating those deals.” About a year later, Jeven stepped into his first management role as the Inventory

THE EARLY DAYS Back when the Russells were just starting to build their business, the whole family helped get new stores ready to open. Here's Jeff in the lobby of the Harrison, Arkansas, store the week it opened.

Department Manager. “It was not our intention for him to be a manager at such a young age,” Kym says. “But when the inventory management position was open, Jeven stepped up and did all the things that a manager needed to do, and he really took care of the team.” By the time Jeff and Kym were ready to start interviewing for that position, it seemed unnecessary to look for anyone else. “That was such a pivotal part of my career,” Jeven says. “That’s when I really started to find a true sense of purpose and passion for my career and felt ties to the business.” In 2017 Jeven joined the RC Executive Council as the Director of Inventory and Logistics. It was also around this time that Jeff and Kym knew Jeven was the right person to take over the company. They had seen his dedication to the company and his leadership skills and started giving him more opportunities. This was the start of the Russells’ succession plan. Jeven joined store visits, worked with leaders in the company and became involved with other aspects of the business outside of inventory. Then in 2018 Jeven was promoted to Vice President of Operations.

"That’s when I really started to find a true sense of purpose and passion for my career. —Jeven Russell

bers of the sales team at all different levels, including Wireless Specialist, Store Manager,





Regional Director. “He did that so he could have a clear understanding of what the front line goes through,” Jeff says. Over the past year, the Russells broke down the last pieces of the business Jeven still needed insight into. “Jeven has been having scheduled meetings with our CFO, going over financial reports and gaining greater understanding,”

Making Plans

Jeff says.

Clearly, these have been busy years for

egating his day-to-day responsibilities to

By the end of 2021, Jeven was delJeven. Once Jeven was slated to take over

the existing leadership team. “They haven’t

the company, his training ramped up. “The

skipped a beat, he says. “They’re continu-

last several years, he’s been behind the

ing to run our operations and take care of

scenes to understand what and why and

business.” This has allowed Jeven to work

how we’re making decisions,” Jeff says.

closer with Jeff. “The biggest opportunity

Additionally, Jeven was shadowing mem-

for me and my career is to be able to work


Jeff and Kym Russell founded Russell Cellular out of their living room

Alltel Wireless named Russell Cellular as its top-selling agent




Springfield Business Journal named RC the area’s fastest growing company

Verizon acquired Alltel Wireless which opened up national opportunities for RC



Verizon invited RC to join its Big 6 retailer program RC celebrated 25 years of business


Jeven Russell was named co-president

18 Photos courtesy Russell Cellular

A TRUE FAMILY BUSINESS Layton and Jeven helped Kym and Jeff whenever a new store opened. The whole family would go on a road trip to set up new stores.


Being able to work together in all aspects of the business over the next couple of years helps us both.

—Jeff Russell

PARENTAL ADVICE If Jeff and Kym Russell could only give Jeven one piece of advice, this is what it would be. Kym Russell: My advice is to be yourself.

alongside my father,” Jeven says. Working

especially when it comes to protecting the

together over the next few years will ensure

culture that Jeff and Kym have cultivated.

the transition happens smoothly. “Some

“Mom and Dad have done such a tremen-

things in the business only come up every

dous job building an organization that is

year or two and others happen daily, week-

people-first,” he says. “I feel very proud of

ly or monthly,” Jeff says. “So being able to

our culture. For me, there’s a lot of weight on

work together in all aspects of the business

my shoulders to make sure we continue to

over the next couple of years helps us both.”

retain and grow that type of environment.” Jeff and Kym have full confidence in

Looking Ahead

Jeven, but they aren’t going anywhere any-

Even though the business will be under-

time soon. They’ll be around over the next

going a transition over the next few years,

several years to help run the business and

the Russells have worked hard to make

give him advice. And they’ve intentionally

the transition seamless. “There is really no

structured the company’s succession plan

change or transition that our business is go-

to secure the future of the company. “The

ing to see or feel,” Jeven says. “You won’t

business is still going to continue to oper-

be able to see the lines behind this tran-

ate in the same way,” Kym says, “but with

sition.” Furthermore, Jeven is committed

newer, fresher perspectives and a younger

to carrying on the legacy his parents built,

person at the helm.”

Photos courtesy Russell Cellular

You will lead differently and make some different decisions than what we would have done. I just really want you to not feel like you need to operate in the exact same way that Dad always has. You can’t be somebody else, you’ve got to be your own self and we trust you to do that. We trust you and we trust your intuition. Jeff Russell: I would say trust and listen






executives, who you really depend upon heavily, all the way out to the front line. Understanding what they’re going through and listening so you know how to change and adapt the business to support the entire organization. That just goes back to communication. Not necessarily you communicating, but making sure that you’re hearing communication from the entire company on where we’re at and where we need to go. RUSSELLCELLULAR.COM


Leading the Way These six RC Store Managers were top performers in 2021. We

caught up with them to learn how they hit their goals, how they motivated their team and how they connect with customers. BY ETTIE BERNEKING


Photos by TK Photographer



PG 24


PG 25


PG 26


PG 27


PG 28


PG 29

Photos by TK Photographer Photos courtesy of Russell Cellular


We work in a very small town. There are two red lights and that’s just about it so if you don’t know a customer personally, you at least know of them, and that helps. —Meribeth Jones

Meribeth Jones YEARS WITH RC: 2 | COLQUITT, GA

What was a sales moment you were really proud of? I’m proud of the year as a whole. We grew at an individual and a team level. It was my first year as a manager and my teammates’ first years as sales reps. I’ve enjoyed growing into this role. I got to start focusing beyond my own personal goals and now get to coach my team.

What was one repeatable step you took last year to hit your

What’s a tip for connecting with customers?

store goals?

We work in a very small town. There are two red lights and that’s

We break down our quotas into daily goals and do everything we

just about it so if you don’t know a customer personally, you at least

can to win the day. If you fall short one day, you come in the next

know of them, and that helps. So if you know they already own a

day ready to win.

business or know what they do every day, it really helps you connect with them.

How do you motivate your team? We celebrate successes. So when we hit a goal, we have some-

How do you use customer feedback to improve your store’s sales

thing to look forward to. Sometimes, that’s as simple as me buying


lunch on Friday if we hit our weekly goal.

Just because we are such a small town, every customer comment is crucial. If we hear something positive, we want to highlight that.

How have you built a store culture?

If someone has an issue, we make a plan of action to prevent that

I’d say it’s a positive store culture, and we created it by setting

from happening again.

clear expectations. We each know our goals, and we can work on improving and hitting those goals.

How do you build repeat customers? We really focus on the RC mission of giving the best customer expe-

What was a moment when you saw one of your team members hit a

rience every time and making it personal. It can’t just be cut and dry.

personal goal or grow into a skill? Actually, this January, both of my team members came in and tracked down small business leads and reached their KPIs. 24 RC CONNECTIONS / SPRING

Photo courtesy Meribeth Jones

Curtis Williams YEARS WITH RC: 3.5 | NORTH PORT, FL What was one repeatable step you took last year to hit your store goals? I always take it a day at a time. I don’t look at the big picture. I set daily and weekly goals that flow into monthly goals. For daily goals, we have our white board conversation each day to talk about what we can track to make sure everyone is hitting their goals. It’s not just selling accessories; it’s about how you are going to do that. How do you motivate your team/what has worked at your store? I lead by example and try to do friendly competitions and celebrate success and hard work, but honestly food is the best motivator. I’ll say if we can hit this, I’ll buy everyone lunch. Chipotle is a favorite. I try to do more team-based competition, so if someone performs really well each time, others don’t feel like it’s impossible to compete. How have you built a store culture? I lead with honesty and try to make us feel like a family. We know and care about each other, so I know what’s going on in people’s lives. I don’t want my team feeling like a number. What was a sales moment you were really proud of? My location had the top two spots in total sales in my district two years

I always take it a day at a time. I don’t look at the big picture. I set daily and weekly goals that flow into monthly goals. —Curtis Williams

in a row, so that was big. And personally, I broke the 1k box mark for the year, which has never been done in our region, so I’m really proud of that. That means I sold 1,000 devices for the year.

What was a moment when you saw one of your team members hit a personal goal or grow into a skill? While I was an Assistant Store Manager, I had a rep who wanted to grow in the company, so I worked with her on the why behind the sales process and showed her the power of friendly competition. Now, she’s one of the top producing reps in our district and is an ASM. What’s a tip for connecting with customers? Have fun. Ask questions. Listen. Don’t be robotic. Take what RC has in place and make it your own. I’m joining in and laughing and high fiving, and it puts the customer at ease. How do you use customer feedback to improve your sales process? I like to find out about their past experience at other Verizon stores, and I want to know about the good and the bad so we can either replicate it or not make the same mistakes someone else made. How do you build repeat customers? This is 100% a goal. We try to make sure a customer has a memorable experience. I have customers who will wait hours just to speak to me. Some of the guys will get frustrated about that, but it’s all about building relationships. You can’t just care about the right now.

Photos courtesy Russell Cellular and Curtis Williams


Joshua Pearson YEARS WITH RC: 2.5 YEARS | WACO, TX What was one repeatable step you took last year to hit your goals? I made an offering to every customer. So they come in and they don’t always know what they want. They just know they want a new phone. So if an older customer is getting an iPhone, that pairs great with an Apple watch, and it can help them in their life because it alerts someone if they fall. If they struggle with vision, maybe an iPad would help, since the screen is so much bigger… It’s about finding ways to make their life easier with the devices we have. How do you motivate your team? I show them the money they’re losing out on by not hitting their goals. When they see that, they’re highly motivated to do more. They’re losing out by not offering accessories, by not offering insurance…. That’s money they’re losing. How have you built a store culture? The culture in our store is family oriented. We all treat each other as

Anyone can come up with an excuse, but the real thing is finding the solution. —Joshua Pearson

family. I retired from ATT after 25 years, and when I worked there, we treated each other as family. We got to know each other’s families and kids, so I brought that to RC, and it worked great. What was a sales moment you were really proud of? We have a local construction company that is a business customer of ours. I set them up in March with four lines, and I continued to foster the trust with them, and then in October I landed 68 lines with them. I’ve taken them up to 124 lines now, and we’re not done yet. I reach out to them all the time, and the owner of the business actually has my personal cell number. The loyalty and trust they have in me to take care of their account is crucial. What was a good moment when you saw one of your team members hit a personal goal or grow into a skill? I have two team members I’ve seen grow since they joined RC. One is my new ASM, Thomas. He has grown as a leader. Then there’s Alexandra Marino. That young lady, when she started, I couldn’t get her to hit her goals for anything but now she strives for 100 points. Every day she comes and checks where she’s sitting. I’m very proud of those two. How do you use customer feedback to improve your sales process? I go on Google and read the reviews. It can be brutal, but we do callbacks every day. We want to know how a customer’s experience was. So if they had a poor experience, we can find out what the problem was and find the solution for both my team and the customer so it doesn’t happen again. Anyone can come up with an excuse, but the real thing is finding the solution.


Photos courtesy Russell Cellular and Joshua Pearson

Kate McNamara YEARS WITH RC: 2 | CLEVELAND, OH What was one repeatable step you took last year to hit your store

How have you built a store culture?


We function really well as a solid unit. I think that comes down to sup-

I kept track of the data to see where my team was missing the mark

port, so when someone succeeds, we all celebrate. And if someone is

and used that data to create contests like the 5G home contests.

struggling, we all pitch in to help.

Another thing we do regularly is talk through why a customer wouldn’t want a service like 5G home. This lets us tweak the initial pitch, and we’ve seen sales skyrocket. How do you motivate your team? Contests are huge, but the most important thing is making sure my team feels supported. My team can then feel confident to tackle products they haven’t worked with that much. I always have one contest going, on so there’s always lunch to be earned or more money to be made. Part of what motivates them though is just recognition. That’s huge, and that’s something that’s often overlooked.

A customer might come in for one thing, but we need to learn about their background because we might find a better solution. —Kate McNamara What was a moment when you saw one of your team members hit a personal goal or grow into a skill? I saw this with 5G home sales. We started working with my rep Brandon, and he hit the ground running. I’m also really proud of my new hire Markquise. He’s already focused on hitting harder accounts. I love customer feedback about how impressed they are with them. What was a sales moment you were really proud of? I was working with a customer who wanted to save money switching to Verizon. I found several lines that were fraudulently added to their account by another provider, and they ended up being reimbursed for those lines. We ended up adding a watch to them and they still saved money. That’s one of my proudest moments in the wireless industry. I think they’ll be a repeat customer for sure. They were really relieved to find our store and find someone who could figure out their needs. What’s a tip for connecting with customers? We need to remember how much info is out there about wireless products. Customers know a fraction of what Verizon has to offer, and there are a lot of services, especially for business customers, but they don’t know they’re an option. So we have to go into every interaction with an open mind. A customer might come in for one thing, but we need to learn about their background because we might find a better solution. How do you build repeat customers? We really need to go out of our way to discover all of their needs. They might not know what they are.

Photo Kate McNamara Photoscourtesy by TK Photographer



What was one repeatable step you took last year to hit your goals?

What was a sales moment you were really proud of?

It was about focusing on what things need to be taken care of first

We hit 1,200 points as a store, and I was No. 1 in the whole company,

and then celebrating later. So we knocked out KPIs and hit the area

so that was big for me especially in our smaller market.

of opportunity. Anything that we accomplished after that was gravy. It allowed us to really focus and then celebrate later. Being in a smaller

What was a moment when you saw one of your team members hit a

store, there wasn’t much foot traffic so getting 100 points every month

personal goal or grow into a skill?

was hard. But we prospected customers and always asked if they

We have a teammate who struggled to hit goals due to low foot traffic,

were coming in for business or personal needs.

but he was riding high when he did hit that 100 point goal. It’s always possible. He was selling himself short, but then he made the goal a

How do you motivate your team? This is a three-rep store, and I came from a store where we only had three reps, but we were always understaffed. So I might buy lunch if we hit a KPI, but really it’s about recognizing each success. Hitting your goal is such an awesome feeling. It’s rewarding to be the best you can be. It’s not about prizes. Yes, people like cool prizes. But it’s really about the feeling of hitting a goal.

reality, and it was great to see him succeed.

Being in a smaller store, there wasn’t much foot traffic so getting 100 points every month was hard. But we prospected customers and always asked if they were coming in for business or personal needs.

How have you built a store culture?

—Alexios Pishos

I’m not saying I’m a perfectionist, but I hold a high standard. Teamwork

What’s a tip for connecting with customers?

is really important in that, and I make sure everyone is getting along. I

Every customer is different, and that’s important to remember. Each

want everyone to be able to work as one cohesive unit.

interaction is different, and that’s why it’s so important to really listen to your customer and engage with them. How do you build repeat customers? I make sure customers are always aware of what’s going on and are well-informed about what to expect on their bill and what to expect to pay in the store. If they have questions I want to make sure they feel comfortable asking. I never want to get to the end of the interaction and realize I haven’t mentioned something that will be on their bill that we haven’t talked about yet.


Photos courtesy Russell Cellular and Alexios Pishos


What was one repeatable step you took last year to hit your store goals? I’ve always taken the approach of simplicity. Breaking things down with customers, to the point where the total amounts you’re asking for are small. An example would be 50 cents a day to protect a phone, $1 a day for a new phone vs. $30 a month. How do you motivate your team? I broke down goals into daily goals so they seemed achievable. I also keep music upbeat and spirits high. How have you built a store culture? I’m a firm believer in a team-first approach. Look around and help. It builds respect, and nothing makes me feel more proud than seeing a rep pop over and help a teammate. What was a sales moment you were really proud of? One of my proudest moments was when I landed an SMB account. That launched into 5+SMB lines that month. That same account quickly grew into 20 new SMB sales simply from word of mouth, growing my reputation and that of my store, as to being “the place to go for business solutions.”

We took a normal account to a new SMB account and built the trust and respect of that business. We’ve now helped them add multiple devices to meet all the needs of their team. —Nancy Gibbons What was a good moment when you saw one of your team members hit a personal goal or grow into a skill? As a store manager, I was proud when I saw a few years of hard work get rewarded when one of my staff became a store manager at another store. It was great. I ended up promoting three team members. At her other location she was struggling, but then she came to me and grew into her confidence. She grew leaps and bounds. How do you build repeat customers? What’s a tip for connecting with customers?

Sometimes customers can come back and have a totally different con-

Always bring yourself to where the customer is mentally. Your precon-

versation, and their needs change. You end up growing with their fami-

ceived idea of great deal or expensive might be different than theirs.

ly. For example, we took a normal account to a new SMB account and

Ask questions and show them the best solution for them and give them

built the trust and respect of that business. We’ve now helped them

reasons for your recommendations that tie into their needs.

add multiple devices to meet all the needs of their team.

Photos courtesy Russell Cellular and Nancy Gibbons


The leap

that paid off 30 RC CONNECTIONS / SPRING

When Daniel Hyder first applied to Russell Cellular, he had no clue what was in store for him. Now, he’s celebrating 10+ years with RC. BY SONIA GUZMAN

Photo by Brad Zweerink


hen Daniel Hyder submitted his resume to Russell Cellular 12 years ago,




have imagined the path it would lead him down. He had recently left a position at Alltel Wireless in Omaha, Nebraska, and had decided to move with his family back to the Springfield, Missouri, area. “I just really needed a job,” Hyder jokes. “I hadn’t

"You've got to be ready when an opportunity appears," he says. "Do the job you are doing now as best you can and start working on things to prepare you for your future goals. Daniel Hyder

necessarily planned to stay in the wireless business,” but a friend sent him a lead for a

ty customer service. Daniel emphasizes the

have had and continue to have the oppor-

Regional Sales Manager position at Russell

importance of representation. He reminds

tunity to learn from Jeff and Kym Russell.”

Cellular. He submitted his application and

his team to always keep in mind that, “we are

He explains that not only have they taught

the rest, as they say, is history.

representing ourselves, Russell Cellular and

him about solid leadership, “they have

After starting with Russell Cellular in

Verizon, so we have to keep our best foot

taught me what it takes to run a successful

November of 2009, Daniel spent four years

forward.” Daniel also spends a lot of time

business. You don’t find that at large corpo-

as a Regional Sales Manager overseeing the

communicating with Verizon Headquarters

rations.” The Russells aren’t the only ones

Missouri, Arkansas and Oklahoma regions

so that Russell Cellular maintains a suc-

Daniel has learned from. “I learn from all of

before he was promoted to Area Director

cessful partnership with the company.

our team members. They are the strongest

of Sales and invited to sit on the Executive

Daniel explains that “a combination of

part of our company,” he says. “We have

Council in 2013. Six years later, in 2019,

things” prepared him for his role as Chief

a lot of great people with great compass-

he was promoted again to Vice President of

Sales Officer. “You’ve got to be ready when

es who stick to our core values. They have

Sales, and later that year he was promot-

an opportunity appears,” he says. “Do the

shown me a lot.”

ed to the title of Executive Vice President

job you are doing now as best you can and

So what’s Daniel’s advice for the next

of Sales. By October of 2021, Daniel was

start working on things to prepare you for

generation of leadership at Russell Cellular?

promoted to Chief Sales Officer. In his

your future goals.” Daniel’s consistent suc-

“Never think you’ve got it figured out. Be

new role, Hyder oversees four Area VPs of

cess with Russell Cellular is rooted in this

ok with change, and surround yourself with

Sales, 11 Regional Directors and nearly 85

idea. “People wait to take the next step

the best people you can.” He says, “Work

District Sales Managers who oversee 2,500

to prepare for the next opportunity, but

with people who are better than you. They

RC team members in 43 states.

it would help if you started preparing be-

teach you and keep you driven.” Daniel will

As the Chief Sales Officer, Daniel’s pri-

fore the opportunity existed,” he says. “Do

always be grateful to Jeff Russell for allow-

mary duty is to ensure every team member’s

things outside of your general duties to help

ing him to join the Russell Cellular team.

success. To do that, he works closely on

open that next door. When the opportunity

“Jeff and Kym started this company by

strategizing, target setting, promotions and

does appear, you can say here are all the

themselves in 1993. Look where they are

assisting sales leaders with plans to drive

things I’ve done to prepare.”

now. It has been a privilege to have them

success. These responsibilities make sure

Of course, Daniel doesn’t take all the

stores reach their goals and provide quali-

credit for his success. “I’m so grateful to

as mentors, and I couldn’t ask to be a part of a better company.”





BAKERS DELIGHT Krissa Shewey loves to bake, and her team loves that she brings her baked goods to work.

MADE WITH LOVE To de-stress and connect with her family, DSM Krissa Shewey heads into the kitchen. BY SUSAN ATTBERRY SMITH

When team members at Russell Cellular’s Fallon, Nevada, store find a new plate of banana chocolate chip cookies or pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting in the break room, they know District Sales Manager Krissa Shewey has been at it again. The South Dakota native came a long way from the Black Hills of South Dakota to the deserts of Nevada almost three years ago, and family recipes like her grandmother’s cupcake recipe are among the things she brought with her. “I always share if I make anything like that,” Krissa says. “I’m always bringing baked goods into the store with me.” Krissa, 30, was a District Manager for Ensignal before Russell Cellular acquired the wireless communications company in 2019. Before that, she was a store man-

she attends St. Patrick’s Catholic Church

Twin Falls, Idaho, to see what people call

ager while earning her bachelor’s degree in

in Fallon every week. “I’ve always enjoyed

“the West Coast Niagara Falls.”

business administration at Black Hills State

helping out at the church and giving back

University. Back then, she says she had no

to the community that way as well.”

Still, when homesickness strikes, Krissa finds herself back in the kitchen, mixing up

time for hobbies like cooking. “I would get

Krissa also spends more time outside

a family recipe like grandmother Kaaren

off work and go straight to school and be

these days. “Obviously, living in South

Brummer’s recipe for banana chocolate

at school anywhere from 7 in the morning

Dakota, I was used to it being very cold

chip cookies.

until 10 at night.”

with a lot of snow,” she says. Now there’s

“I love making that stuff because no

less snow, and a few less trees and many

matter how far apart our family is, you

more hikes.

make those things and it reminds me of

Now, Krissa not only has more time but she has more space to try the recipes her two sisters and her grandmother send.

Getting to travel is one thing Krissa

“My kitchen is very big,” she says. “When I

loves about her job. Road trips are one

moved out here, I ended up with a lot more

of her favorite things, which is good news

space than I needed. I’ve been able to uti-

because Krissa gets to visit seven RC

lize that and take advantage of that to do

stores during her work week. The time on

more cooking.”

the road gives her time to see new sights

Krissa hardly spends all her spare time

when she isn’t working. “Anytime I get time

in her kitchen, though. “Another big part of

off, I’m always trying to go somewhere I’ve

my life is my faith,” she says, adding that

never been before.” Recently, she visited


home,” she says.

SHARE YOUR OWN STORY Want to share your story with RC Connections readers? Send your name, title and a brief synopsis of your story to Photo by Krissa Shewey

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Darin Wray 20 Years

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4) Kyle Dupuis 5) Serina Wolber

6) Tiffany Alspach 7) Jennifer Loghry

8) Nick Nunez

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27) Monett-Mo 28) Millersburg-Oh 29) Sweetwater-Tn 30)Mineola-Tx 31) Elkton-Va 32) Alma-Mi 33) Livingston-Tn 34) Danville 1-Il 35) Byron-Il 36) Taos 2-Nm 37) Brambleton-Va 38)Greenville-Mi 39) Greenville-Tx

15 Years

Joshua Duff

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Robert Lister Susan Russell

40) Lamesa-Tx 41) Ava-Mo 42) Aylett-Va 43) Douglas-Az 44) Bremen-Ga 45) Englewood-Fl 46) Johnson City-Tn 47) Creston-Ia 48) Alamosa 2-Co 49) Oakhurst-Ca 50) Hot Springs-Ar 51) Corsicana-Tx 52) Mcminnville-Tn

53) Gainesville-Tx 54) Clovis 2-Nm 55) Valdosta-Ga 56) Branson West-Mo 57) Dade City-Fl 58) Wiggins-Ms 59) Granbury-Tx 60)Kings Plaza-Nyc 61) Ephraim-Ut 62) Fresno 2-Ca 63) Tremonton-Ut 64) Linden-Nj 65) Vernon-Ct

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Jamie Morehouse Adrienne Padilla Alexander Santiago Kusam Singh Nicole Valentine Brent Waits Michael Witham

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1) Hopewell Junction-Ny

19) Southington-Ct

37) Benson-Az

2) Dresden-Tn

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38) Windsor-Va

3) Wiggins-Ms

21) Woodbury-Ny

39) Sayville-Ny

4) Ocean Springs-Ms

22) Westminster-Md

40) Waltham-Ma

5) Revere-Ma

23) Gulf Breeze-Fl

41) Craig-Co

6) New Rochelle 1-Ny

24) Ruther Glen-Va

42) Pocahontas-Ar

7) Farmington-Nm

25) Bethesda-Md

43) Fairfield-Ia

8) Blue Point-Ny

26) Sugar Mountain-Nc

44) Sylvester-Ga

9) Shreveport 1-La

27) Nashville-Ga

45) Albuquerque-Nm

10) Sparta Township 2-Nj

28) Black Mountain-Nc

46) Monroe 1-Ny

11) West Islip-Ny

29) Montvale-Nj

47) Cleburne-Tx

12) Englewood-Fl

30) Bogalusa-La

48) Limon-Co

13) Dunkirk-Ny

31) Perry-Ia

49) Rockmart-Ga

14) Ontario-Ny

32) Mullins-Sc

50) Angels Camp-Ca

15) Clovis-Nm

33) Columbus 1-Ga

51) Big Stone Gap-Va

16) Clovis 2-Nm

34) Crestview 2-Fl

17) La Plata-Md

35) Griffin-Ga

18) Unionville-Ct

36) Chatham-Va

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