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For demanding conditions


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Since the foundation in 1989 Norwegian Deck Machinery has grown to be a well known supplier of equipment for the marine and offshore market. NDM offers complete system design, engineering, production, testing and lifelong services for all our products. Design is made to ensure trouble free operations and high reliability with a minimum of service required. We always cooperate closely with our customers, authorities and classification societies in order to provide the best possible solution weather it is for new building projects, modification projects or special engineering projects. We aim to always be the best possible partner for our clients – providing them with strong support and fulfill all requirements for reliable and operational friendly equipment.

Extensive engineering expertise combined with high level of customer focus and quality management makes us a reliable and innovative partner.





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Marine NDM is a worldwide supplier of winches and handling equipment for the marine segment. Our main focus are products for offshore vessels, but we also supply equipment for tugs and merchant vessels. Throughout the years we have developed an extensive range of products ranging from standard winches and on to advanced winches and equipment for lifting and handling of heavy loads.


Most of our clients operate in very demanding environments and they are in need of reliable equipment to meet the requirements set by the extreme conditions and todays challenges in offshore operations. By being flexible and giving our clients high quality products according to their requirements in combination with a high level of service, NDM has managed to become a preferred supplier to both shipyards and shipowners. For the toughest conditions you can rely on NDM as your partner for deck machinery. If you put NDM on maker`s list for your newbuilding projects we will offer you competitive and high quality equipment delivered on time.


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Chain pulling winches

Stern rollers – single type

AHT winch – double drum models

Chain rollers

Stern rollers – double type

AHT winch – triple drum models


Storage winches

Tugger winches


Secondary winches

Combined windlass-mooring winches



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Anchor Handling/Towing Winches For all types of AHTS, NDM offers a wide range of anchor handling/towing winches. Winches are offered with hydraulic drive and with spooling device according to client’s requirements. Our winches are delivered with advanced bridge control systems Including all required functions and automation, in addition to the local controls on the winches. The rugged design ensures trouble free operation under demanding conditions. NDM offers a range of anchor handling/towing winches up to 500 T capacity (line pull at 1st layer).

Winches are available in following configurations: • Double drum waterfall • Triple drum waterfall • Side-by-side The winches are of heavy-duty box frame type construction with the main drums running on spherical roller bearings. All drums are de-clutchable. Winch operating modes: There are several defined operating modes which can be used when committing different types of work: • Hoisting • Lowering • Speed lowering • Dynamic breaking

Features • • • • • • • • •


Hydraulic driven Double (waterfall or side-by-side) and triple (waterfall) drum configurations 150–500 T rated line-pull on first layer Up to 670 T brake holding Hydraulic operated brake Dynamic breaking to facilitate high load/high speed lowering without de-clutching Delivered with spooling device Local control for maintenance Remote control (on bridge) for operation


Dobbel Drum Winches

Motors The workhorse of our AHT winches is the radial piston hydraulic motor. This motor has up to 98 % volumetric efficiency under ideal operating conditions. It has proven to function well in many tough applications in In both heavy landbased industry and in the offshore industry. The motors are fitted with custom made load holding manifolds which have several functions. The manifolds will close the lift side if the pressure in the lowering side comes down to a pressure where cavitation could occur. This ensures that the load is held if a pipe is ruptured and also makes sure that the motors never can cavitate. In addition to the load holding function, the manifolds are equipped with a free-wheeling function that can rapidly let the motor rotate freely without any torque being transferred. The manifold also includes pressure relief functions and boost pressure inlet.


Triple Drum Winches

flow from the HPU can be used by fewer motors, creating a higher rotational speed. This is very useful if a light load is being used or if the wire without load needs to be rapidly raised from the seabed. The motors active in different steps are changed automatically to have an even wear of all components. The gearing is fail-safe and does not allow activation if the actual load is too high for the requested gear step. Safety Safety is a key issue. The hydraulic system has several safety features and important functions which are backed up by battery power and sometimes by energy stored in accumulators. All critical functions are hardwired to work even if the control system for some reason is inoperable.

Main control valve The motors are being controlled by a high response industrial proportional valve. This very fast and accurate valve enables us to control the rotational speed and requested pressure acting on the motors. Gear steps The free-wheeling function is also used to create different gear steps. By disconnecting one or a number of motors, the entire 9


SECONDARY WINCHES NDM offers a wide range of secondary winches for AHTS vessels. These winches can be delivered in various configurations and with various pull and brake holding capacities. The secondary winches combine large storage capacity of wire and rope with higher pulling force. The secondary winches can be used for transfering wire and rope to other winches while maintaining a solid back-tension and thus enabling a higher force used on the wire and rope during deployment.

Features Drive: Hydraulic Configuration: Single drum Rated pull (1st layer): 100–200 T Speed: To suit operational requirements Clutch: Hydraulic operated Brake: Hydraulic operated band brake Control: Local and/or remote control

STORAGE WINCHES NDM offers a range of storage winches/rope reels for vessels. These winches can be delivered in various configurations and with various pull and brake holding capacities. The storage winches are used for storage of spare towing rope for the main anchor handling/towing winch.

Features Drive: Configuration: Rated pull (1st layer): Speed: Brake: Control:


Hydraulic or electric Single drum 10–60 T To suit operational requirements Manually operated band brake Local and/or remote control

An AHTS vessel normally consists of one (1) or two (2) secondary winches where each of them has a storage capacity of up to 1600 m Ø 203 mm synthetic rope or up to 4000 m or Ø 76 mm steel wire. Our secondary winches are delivered with a pull capacity from 100–200 T. These winches are always equipped with a spooling device to ensure safe spooling onto the drum.



Stern rollers NDM delivers a unique and revolutionary stern roller, short ended type. The short ended stern roller operates as any other stern roller. But what’s unique is the labor and cost saving way the short ended stern roller is attached to the ship’s hull. The unique way of attaching the short ended stern roller, is due to the fact that the shaft is the same length as the stern roller itself, and is fastened to the ship’s hull by means of a welding flange and a fastening flange bolted to the shaft and welding flange. One flange is welded to the shaft, while another flange is welded to the ship’s hull. This enables the roller to be installed much more efficiently than with a more traditional solution. The same advantage is off course prevailing if the roller needs to be removed for maintenance or adjustments.

Single model

Our stern rollers can be delivered from SWL 50 T (single models) and up to SWL 750 T (double models) to fit all types of AHTS vessel and capable of working on all required loads.

Double model

Advantages • • • • •

No steel work is necessary after the welding flange is attached to the hull A man hour reduction of minimum 75 % compared to a traditional roller during installation When dismounting and mounting the stern roller, there is no need for steel cutting or grinding to get the stern roller out By using pressure lubricated bearings, the stern roller will turn with a minimum of friction All in all, the short ended stern roller will be beneficial for both the shipyard (during installation) and ship owner (during operation and maintenance).



A-FRAMES NDM offers a wide range of A-frames with a lifting capacity ranging from 10 T to 250 T (others models are offered on request) and a working out-reach/in-reach of up to 25 m. Our A-frames are delivered for either stern or side mounting. All A-Frames are delivered according to clients requirements/specifications. Several options are available. Wire may enter the A-Frame directly onto the center sheave or through sheaves up along one of the legs. Our A-frames can be designed for the following purpose: • Anchor handling • Plough handling • Well intervention (module handling) • Subsea handling (with use of AHC winch) On request the A-Frame sheaves can be equipped with a load measuring device We also supply special A-Frames for research vessels

Features • • • • •

Hydraulic driven SWL from 10–250 T Rough design to meet requirements for use in harsh environments Easy to assemble/disassemble on deck (can easily be moved from vessel to vessel) Local and/or remote control (from bridge)


options • • • • • •

Winches (with or without AHC) Power units (integrated or stand-alone units) Tugger winches/guide wire winches Sheave arrangement with lower to deck function Remote control Bolted deck interface



TOWING WINCHES NDM delivers a wide range of towing winches for all types of tugs, also combined with cable lifters. We also supply towing winches for various types of offshore vessels (PSV and stand by vessels). These can be powered by electric or hydraulic drive and with drum capacity according to clients request. The winches are delivered with joystick bridge control including required functions and automation, in addition to the local control on the winch. The wire spooling system ensures excellent wire spooling of extremely long wires without the need for a defined minimum distance between the winch and the first wire sheave. Our rugged design made by experienced engineers, ensures trouble free operation under extreme conditions. Forward towing winches for tugs can be delivered according to customers requirements, also according to active escort tug requirements. The towing winches aft. on the vessel are delivered either in single or double drum configurations (water fall or linear configurations).

Features Drive: Configuration: Type of drum: Rated pull: Speed: Clutch: Brake: Control:

options Electric or hydraulic Single or double drum Rope or steel wire 30–250 T To suit operational requirements Hydraulic operated Hydraulic operated band brake Local and remote

• • • •

Electric or hydraulic Single or double drum – linear or waterfall configuration With or without Spooling device Tension/auto tension



ACTIVE HEAVE COMPENSATED WINCHES Active Heave Compensated winches filter out the effect of the wave movement, allowing for more accurate data readings, increasing equipment safety and reducing weather-related down times.

Modes: • Normal Mode • Constant Tension • Active Heave Compensation • Active Heave Compensation Empty Hook

The Active Heave Compensated (AHC) winches from NDM are designed for rough and demanding operations in offshore conditions. Our precise systems prevent unwanted undulation or heavy sea movement causing sudden slack or pull on the cable, stressing the cable and making the equipment at the

Control systems: Local and/or remote control. The control system can be delivered with different configurations ranging from a simple control unit and on to advanced systems with multiple

end of the umbilical unstable.

displays and data recorders.

Features Drive: Configuration: Type of drum: SWL: Lifting height :


Driven by secondary controlled hydraulic motors Single drum Umbilical or steel wire drum Up to 100 T 100–3000 m



LAUNCH & RECOVERY SYSTEMS (LARS) NDM delivers complete launch and recovery systems (LARS) for ROV handling. NDM supplies a variety of launch and recovery systems (LARS) for ROVs and robotic tools. These systems are designed to withstand extreme dynamic forces, ensuring safe and efficient subsea operations in the most demanding environments worldwide. Our systems is designed to handle ROV`s operating down to 7000 m depths. Our LARS systems are designed to achieve maximum outreach and lowering, to ensure that the ROV’s are handled out as far as possible and as close to the splash zone during launch and recovery. These functions are crucial during operation in harsh weather where waves and wind can push the ROV towards the vessel structure. To ensure the the best uptime and safe operation of the entire system, focus on personnel safety, accurate handling and easy maintenance forms the basis of our design. Our LARS systems can be delivered with the following configurations: • A-frame LARS system • Crane based LARS system • Deck mounted • Hangar mounted

The images shows a LARS system we have delivered to NIOT in India. This system is designed for operation down to 7000 m water depth 15


WINDLASS WINCHES Whatever your anchor application is, our line of windlass winches offers a variety of styles and sizes to handle it. Standard features include fabricated steel construction, gears hardened to exceed working load requirements, clutched and braked drum and corrosion resistance. Electric or hydraulic drives are available along with warping heads. We can modify windlasses to suit your application and special operating requirements. NDM’s windlass winches have rugged design and heavy duty split bronze bearings. The operating mechanism for brakes and clutches are designed for easy and safe manual operation, but may also be remotely operated by hydraulic cylinders. The brakes are easily adjustable. The winch design provides easy access to all points for lubrication and inspection.

Windlass winches without cable lifters, wire drum models, can also be delivered.

Features Drive: Rated pull: Configuration: Chain size: Clutch: Brake: Control:


options Electric or hydraulic 5–30 T Single or double 16 mm to 160 mm Manually operated Manually operated band brake Local and/or remote control

• • • • • • • •

Auto tension/tension control. With or without mooring drum. With or without warping end. Remote controlled (from bridge or radio remote) Chain length and/or speed measurement Bridge operated anchor drop Hydraulic operated drum break Dynamic lowering



MOORING WINCHES NDM offers mooring winches with almost unlimited speed and line pulls. The delivery program coversmooring winches for all types and sizes of vessels. NDM’s mooring winches have rugged design and heavy duty split bronze bearings. The operating mechanism for brakes and clutches are designed for easy and safe manual operation, but may also be remotely operated by hydraulic cylinders. The brakes are easily adjustable. The winch design provides easy access to all points for lubrication and inspections. Mooring winches are supplied with a pulling capacity from 5 to 40 T and are available in single, double or triple drum configuration, in addition to split drums.



Drive: Electric or hydraulic Configuration: Single or multi drum Type of drum: Rope Rated pull: 5–40 T Clutch: Manually operated Brake: Manually operated band brake Control: Local and/or remote control

• • • •

Auto tension/tensioning control. Hydraulic operated brake Hydraulic operated clutch With or without warping end



MOORING SYSTEMS NDM offers a range of mooring systems suitable for various kind of offshore vessels which requires advanced mooring. Our mooring systems consist of multiple mooring winches and a centralized control system (in addition to the local control on each winch). Our systems are equipped with wire rope tension and payout length control. The winches can either be in single drum or double drum configuration and are equipped with spooling device to ensure safe spooling of wire/rope onto the drum.

Our mooring systems can be delivered in the following configurations: • 4-point mooring • 8-point mooring • 12-point mooring • 16-point mooring Our winches for mooring systems are delivered with a pulling capacity from 20–100 T and with a drum capacity up to 2000 m of wire or rope.

The winches are capable of emergency release under a combination of all of the following conditions: Deadship (by use of accumulators), brake on and hoisting/lowering conditions.



Drive: Electric or hydraulic Configuration: Single or double drum Warping end: With or without Type of drum: Rope or steel wire Rated pull: 20–100 T Clutch: Manual or hydraulic operated Failsafe brake: Manual or hydraulic operated Safety: Emergency quick release Control: Local and/or remote control

• • • • •


Auto tension/tension control Remote controlled (from bridge or radio remote) Rope length and/or speed measurement Bridge operated anchor drop Water cooled brakes



TUGGER WINCHES NDM offers a wide range of tugger winches powered by electric or hydraulic drive. The rugged design made by experienced engineers ensures trouble free operation. NDM’s tugger winches are designed for the extreme conditions onboard vessels.



Drive: Electric or hydraulic Configuration: Single drum Warping end: With or without Type of drum: Steel wire rope Rated pull: 5–30 T Drum capacity: 100–600 m Clutch: Manually operated Control: Local

• • • • •

Deck mounted Wall mounted Slack rope speed Remote control Secure grid



CAPSTANS All capstans are availiable with electric or hydraulic drive. The electric capstans can be incorporated directly into the deck construction by means of a foundation pipe piece. The foundation is open at the bottom and makes it easy to connect the motor from below deck. The electric capstans are delivered with DOL or frequency converter for variable speed. Our hydraulic capstans are designed with the complete drive system inside the capstans in order to save space onboard the vessel. Delivery range: 3–15 T.

Features Drive: Electric or hydraulic Rated pull: 3–15 T Control: Local and/or remote control

CARGO SECURING WINCHES NDM has developed a powerful and robust range Cargo Securing Winches (CSW) which is designed for use in the most difficult environments on board PSC vessels. The winches is with one single drum and can be delivered with a wire capacity according to our clients requests. For best possible use on deck, the winch is built with manual disengagement/freewheeling. Our CSW has a rated capacity of 3-5 T with a brake holding capacity from 5 T. To maintain the safety on deck, the CSW is delivered with “failsafe” brake with hydraulic deactivation.

Features Drive: Hydraulic or electrical Configuration: Single drum Rated pull (1st layer): 3–5 T Control: Local control


Our CSW meets the highest standards of use at a very competitive price.

CONSTANT TENSION WINCHES NDM delivers a range of constant tension (CT) winches. These winches are normally used during crane operations (to secure the load during lifting operations). Our CT winches are designed for rough operation in harsh conditions on deck. The hydraulic system is pre-set through an external relief valve to limit the winch line pull a pre-determined load. This load is achived by securing the winch rope to a fixed point and then locking the winch directional control lever into the pay-in-position.



The winch will hydraulically stall at the pre-determined pay-in-load setting. If the winch should be influenced by a greater external force than that the pay-in load setting, the winch rope effectively pulls from the winch drum. When the external force sunsides to less than the pay-in load setting, the winch will automatically pay in whilst keeping constant tension within the winch rope. Our constant tension are normally delivered with a pull (1st layer) of 5–10 T but other models can be delivered.

Features Drive: Electric or hydraulic Configuration: Single drum Type of drum: Steel wire drum Rated pull: 5–10 T Control: Local and/or remote control

BUNKER REELS We deliver different types of bunker reels for vessels. The bunker reels are offered with capacities according to our clients requests and can be delivered with or without spooling device.

Bunker reels are used on different types of vessels like seismic support, FPSO and others. As a turn key supplier we can also deliver the bunker reels with the needed hoses and couplings. The bunker reels can also be delivered with spooling device

The image shows a bunker reel delivered to Uksnøy Rederi. The reels is delivered to handle 250 meter 5” hose with swivel.

FeatureS Drive: Rated pull: Configuration: Control:

Electric, hydraulic or pneumatic According to clients request Single drum Local and/or remote control



WINCH REMOTE CONTROL SYSTEMS New sentence: We are able to meet all your requirenets from standard radio/remote controls and on to more advanced, systems installed on bridge. With large and complex winches installed on your vessel our clients rely on a control system which makes sure that high loads can be handled in high speeds with high pull without danger for either the crew or the vessel. All our equipment is always designed with safety features as our main priority and our control systems ensures that these features are easy to operate.

always designed designed with all needed safety features. The control systems ensures that theese features are easy to operate.

All our systems are well proven to work under demanding conditions and enables accurate winch control. For smaller winches, we normally supply either portable or radio remote control units. Theese allows the operators to operate mooring or tugger winches from different locations on deck. By use of remote controls, the operator will gain better control of the operation and ensures that safety safety is improved at a higher level.

All these bridge installed control systems are designed for constant monitoring of the winch systems. Safety is always the main priority and therefore we ensure that alarms always will be given if fails occur. All critical functions are hardwired to avoid dangerous situations even during the worst conditions. Quick release and emergency release are always available, no matter what conditions you experience.

The bridge remote control systems are typically used for: • Anchor handling/towing winches • Secondary winches • Active heave compensated winches • 4, 8, 12 & 16-point mooring systems

For our largest and most advanced winches, we deliver complete bridge (wheelhouse) installed control systems. These systems are tailor made to control the winches in complex operations, ensuring safe and accurate operations.

We can also deliver a data recording system together with our bridge installed control systems. All winch data are constantly recorded and stored in files. Recorded data can be played back on the LCD screen. This gives simple access to historical data and lets you monitor how a situation develops, or analyze previous recordings.

With large and complex winchesinstalled, one must be able to rely on a control system which ensures that high loads can be handled efficiently with high speed and high pull without danger for the crew or vessel. All our equipment are

To operate high duty winches in complex operations, you need reliable control systems.




Winch operating chairs Together with our largest and most advanced winches we can also deliver operating chairs specially developed for operation of winches. The control system is incorporated in the chairs and gives the operator full access to all functions within arms length. The operating chairs meets the needs and levels of comfort required when operating the winches in offshore conditions.

Capstan DOL control

Radio remote control unit

Winch Operating Chair


Oil & Gas

OIL & GAS NDM has long and extensive experience in delivering equipment for the oil and gas segment. We have specialized in custom built mechanical equipment ranging from winches, BOP cranes and bulk loading stations on to skidding equipment and other handling equipment. Independently of project size, we emphasize to deliver high quality products on time and made to work in the harsh environment onboard oil rigs.


We cooperate closely with each customer to ensure that we always find the most beneficial solution for our clients. Our base of engineers possess comprehensive technical expertise on mechanical and structural design and calculation in addition to associated documentation requirements needed to meet CE–marking, NORSOK, NS5820, DNV and others.


Bideford Dolphin 24 24

Borgland Dolphin

Bredford Dolphin


Oseberg A

Polar Pioneer

Rowan Stavanger

Statfjord B

West Linus


25 25

Oil & Gas

BULK LOADING STATIONS Effective loading of fluids and dry bulk materials between supply vessels and fixed or floating production units are necessary to maintain continuous operations. NDM has developed and delivered solutions for safe and reliable hose handling even during the most harsh and extreme offshore conditions. Installing bulk loading stations with hose reel winches, gives several advantages: Advantages: • Increased safety for equipment and personnel in hostile offshore environments • Less time needed for operation • Reduced need for operating personnel– one man operated • Enviroment protection and protection from spillage • No more long hours of exposure to sunlight resulting in longevity of hose life • Increased lifespan of the hoses due to less wear and tear • Easy access for maintenance and service



Drive: Electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic Number of reels: 1–16 Hose type: Softwall or hardwall Hose lengths: Up to 120 m Control: Local and/or remote Diameter of hose: 11/2”– 8” Zone (typical): Zone 1, Gas Group 11A/11B, T3

• With or without skid foundations • Environmental protection • Safety guards against reels for operating personnel • Lifting equipment (lifting yoke) • Delivered with or without hoses • Wanderlead or radio control after: with or without skid foundations



Bulk loading stations from NDM are designed according to prevailing rules and regulations and can be delivered for a variety of hoses and lengths. We can deliver standard solutions or custom design, suitable for both new buildings and upgrading’s. For upgrading’s and for modifications we calculate and design the station according to the existing structures and cargo pipes onboard the rig. The stations can be connected to ring line onboard the rig or be delivered with dedicated HPU`s. Stations can be delivered with a range of control options according to customer`s request.

A typical station will be fitted with reels for 60 m of 4” or 5” softwall hoses with floating element/floating hose for mediums like: • Diesel • Bentonite/Barite etc. • Oil based Mud • Cement • Water based Mud • Brine • Potable Water • Base Oil • Drill Water Hose reels from NDM are delivered with a closed gear solution to reduce the need for maintenance. Reels are normally delivered in carbon steel, but can be delivered in stainless steel or aluminum on request.

Spooling device for bulk loading stations NDM has developed spooling devices for bulk loading stations. For older hose reels the drums are sometimes made to wide and correct spooling of the hose can be a problem. The picture shows the spooling device we recently have delivered for the Grane platform, operated by Statoil. The equipment is delivered calculated and certified to fit existing structures on Grane and design is made to ensure easy maintenance onboard the rig. NDM can deliver custom made spooling devices according to size and number of reels.


Oil & Gas


Single bulk loading reel with skid foundation

Double bulk loading reel with skid foundation

Multiple reel station with skid foundation

Multiple reel station with skid foundation, stacked unit

Double reel with safety guard

Double bunker reel without skid foundation for mounting on to deck structure

FOUNDATION STRUCTURES NDM designs various structures to fit our hose reels. We deliver standard foundations or custom made foundation structures including all necessary piping and interfaces. Lack of space for installing the equipment is often a key issue for this kind of projects. NDM has delivered a range of various foundation structures designed to fit the existing structures onboard the rig and to reduce the space needed for the station. We deliver solutions to be placed on deck and solutions for beeing mounted outside on the box girder in addition to stacked solutions Certification is done according to project specific requirements.


We always aim to find solutions that will reduce cost, weight and installation time for our customers without compromising on quality.


NDM’s electrically driven, frequency controlled, BOP trolley during load test onboard the rig Bredford Dolphin.

XMAS & BOP CRANES NDM delivers Offshore BOP Gantry and Semi Gantry Cranes for the new generation of drilling rigs. Today the weight of the BOP valves can reach up to 400 T. To cope with such heavy equipment handling needs, we deliver Offshore BOP Gantry Cranes with lifting capacity of up to 500 T and a lifting height of up to 30 m. The hoisting systems consist of two main winches, each with lifting capacity from 20 T and up to 250 T. The BOP Cranes can be delivered with hydraulic or electrical drive and are adapted to work in a potential explosion zone. We use advanced strength calculation methods to minimize the weight of the BOP cranes. A well thought arrangement with service platforms and ladders provides the necessary access to all areas and allows the crane operations and maintenance to be carried out safely and easily.

Features Drive: Lifting Capacity: Hoisting speed: Lifting height: Area classification:

options Electric or hydraulic 2 x 20 T – 2 x 250 T According to clients requests Up to 30 m Safe Zone/Zone 2/Zone 1

• • •

Two speed hydraulic motors to achieve «light line speed» (higher speed at low loads) Guiding system which enables operation in harsh conditions Auxillary winch


Oil & Gas

UMBILICAL WINCHES NDM’s umbilical winches are designed for all types/sizes of umbilical. Our range cover standard and tailor made umbilical winches available in single or various multi drum configurations. All our umbilical winches are normally equipped with spooling device. The umbilical winches can be delivered with hydraulic, electrical or pneumatic drive.

Umbilical winches can be designed for deployment and recovery of the product, or simply for storage of the product when not in use. Our winches can be designed to suit a wide range of products and can be manufactured with swivels and/or slip rings if it is necessary for the umbilical to be live during deployment or recovery.

options • • • •

Payout and line speed display Remote control Lifting frame Lift frame certification (DNV approval)

CONSTANT TENSION WINCHES NDM offers a range of constant tension winches for oil rigs and floating production units. Our CT winches are designed for rough operation in harsh environments on deck. The hydraulic system is pre-set through an external relief valve to limit the line pull of the winch at a predetermined load. This load is achieved by securing the winch rope to a fixed point and then locking the winch directional control lever into the pay-in-position. The winch will hydraulically stall at

Features Drive: Hydraulic Configuration: Single drum Rated pull: 5–10 T (standard configuration) Drum capacity: According to clients request Spooling device: According to clients request Control: Local and/or radio remote control


the pre-determined pay-in-load setting, then the winch be influenced by a greater external force than that the pay-in load setting then the winch rope effectively pulls from the winch drum. When the external force subsides to less than the pay-in load setting, the winch will automatically pay in whilst keeping constant tension within the winch rope. Our constant tension winches are typically delivered with line pull (1st layer) from 5–10 T. Other models are offered on request.


DRILL FLOOR WINCHES NDM delivers a complete range of drill floor winches. Our range of winches covers standalone winches together with complete integrated winch units/systems. Our drill floor winches are designed to work under the harsh environments in the North Sea and our main focus is safe and reliable operations. Our range of drill floor winches consists of the following: • Utility winches • Guideline winches • Podline winches Our winches are delivered as complete units, fully tested and ready for mounting by means of bolting to rig substructures. All winches are fitted with lifting lugs for safe and easy handling.

Features Drive: Drum Capacity: Spooling device: Control:

options Electric, hydraulic or pneumatic According to customers request According to customers request Local and/or remote control

• Payout and line speed display • Remote control (radio remote) • HPU (for hydraulic models)


Oil & Gas

Skidding system delivered for Rubicon 2000 modular drilling rig. Max skidding weight (each system) is 156 T. Total skidding capacity is 2000 T

SKIDDING UNITS/SYSTEMS NDM is supplier of various hydraulic skidding systems for transport of heavy loads for both offshore and onshore installations. We deliver “ Gripper Jack” and “Claw” type skidding systems for moving heavy loads along beams with high positioning accuracy, making sure the load is transported safely into its position. Systems are designed for a range of different load capacities and adaptable to different dimensions of flange width and flange thickness on the skidding beams according to customer`s project requirements.

Skidding system delivered for Rubicon 2000 modular drilling rig. Max skidding weight (each system) is 156 T. Total skidding capacity is 2000 T.

The model shows a skidding system delivered for Rubicon 2000 modular drilling rig. The skidding system consists of two similar skidding units operating on two skidding beams. Each unit is equipped with one hydraulic push/pull cylinder. The skidding unit is built up by one traverse beam connected with two clamping units. Each clamping has two hydraulic cylinders. The clamping unit fix the skidding unit to the flange during each work stroke.

Steel structure

Skidding direction

Claw type skidding system. Over-beams are fitted with a pull cylinder and claw. The cylinder pulls the steel section, attached to the over-beam along the under-beams.




NDM delivers latches for drill pipes and collars in various configurations. The latches are used on fingerboards on drilling rigs. Each latch consist of the following: 1 x Supporting steel structure 1 x Latch finger, long enough for support on opposite latch 1 x Pneumatic single acting spring return cylinder 1 x Shaft for latch 2 x Shaft for connecting of cylinder Equipment is designed according to project specific capacity requirements and pipe sizes.

Engineering Services NDM can perform advanced mechanical and structural analysis on request. We have extensive experience in using advanced and accurate calculations and analyzing methods in combination with structural and mechanical design. Our skilled workforce are familiar with the application of all rules and regulations typically adopted in the offshore industry, e.g. NORSOK, DNV, NS and others.

The images shows a calculating and analyzing project we delivered for the living quarter installed by Apply Oil & Gas onboard the jack up rig “Rowan Stavanger�



SPECIAL Products Existing ways of doing operations can be improved by developing new and innovative equipment. NDM has since the start in 1989 been a provider of custom-built solutions which add economical, technical, environmental and/or safety value to existing technologies. Concept development and product supply NDM has extensive experience in customized solutions. Throughout the years we have delivered a range of products that just started out as an idea or a problem and turned out to be a complete turnkey product. Our typical projects are purpose-built mechanical equipment and structures for marine or offshore operations and onshore equipment like shipyard equipment and equipment for general mechanical industry. We take care of the total process from idea to concept development through design and manufacturing and all the way on to delivery, installation, start up, training and lifelong service. Our experienced engineers solves the most complex problems and always aim to find the most cost effective solution for our customer without compromising on quality. We possess all the technical expertise and associated documentation requirements needed to meet CE-marking, NORSOK, NS5820, DNV and others.


Damage repair simulator 34 34

Onboard slipway

Propeller shaft puller

Plant for cleaning of drillpipes

Cable basket

Cable carousel

Spooling device for umbilical

Flange welding machine 35 35

special Products

PROPELLER SHAFT PULLER The whole operation is done in only a few hours.

NDM delivers Propeller Shaft Puller Systems ranging from 20 to 80 T SWL.

With today`s off hire costs this gives huge savings for the ship owners and a competitive advantage for the repair yard.

The systems consist of a puller unit, a fork for taking down rudders and one or more support units. In addition it can be delivered with equipment for taking down thrusters.

The system can be delivered tailor made to customer`s request.

The system is hydraulically driven and safely and quickly pulls out the propeller and shaft without man driven hoist. It reduces the risk for damaging the shaft during maintenance and inspection and improves safety for the operating personnel. The Puller unit and support units are adjustable in vertical and horizontal direction and are easily operated from the control valves on the puller unit.

Features Standard Model (20 T SWL) Puller unit: Lifting capacity: Driving length, standard: Working envelope, vertical: Working envelope, horizontal:


20 T 20 m 1,5-4,0 m +/- 75 mm

Support unit: Load capacity: Working envelope, vertical:

20 T 2,0–3,5 m

Working envelope, horizontal:

+/- 200 mm


The image shows an onboard slipway installed on the vessel “Havila Troll”.

ONBOARD SLIPWAYS NDM is supplier of single and double onboard slipways for launch and recovery of daughter crafts onboard both offshore and naval vessels. The onboard slipways ensure safe docking of rescue boats and other smaller vessels used onboard the “mother ships”. The slipways from NDM are designed to handle daughter crafts up to 12 m length, but we can also deliver “tailor made” solution according to our clients requests. The slipways are installed on the aft of the vessel and can be delivered either with a freewheeled solution or with hydraulic driven wheels for entering the mother vessel. It can also be delivered with a separate winch for pulling the daughtercrafts into the slipway. Systems can be delivered mounted on an hydraulic controlled frame or for for beeing mounted directly on to the structure of the vessel.

Features Drive: Control: Wheels: Foundation/frame:

Hydraulic Local and/ or remote controlled Hydraulic driven or freewheeled According to project specifications

The illustration shows a double slipway specially developed for navy vessels 37

special Products

CABLE BASKETS NDM is supplier of baskets for transportation and storage of cable. We design equipment for a variety of storage capacities, lengths and dimensions of cable. We always aim to make the design as light weighted and user friendly as possible. All baskets are calculated and certified according to project specifications. If wanted the baskets can be delivered with electrical drive system.

200 T cable basket

300 T cable basket

CABLE CAROUSELS NDM delivers cable carousels which easily converts ordinary offshore vessels into cable layers. Our cable carousels can be delivered in various sizes and configurations to meet all requirements and drive can be either hydraulic or electrical. The carousels can be divided in several compartments if needed. Our models are designed to meet all the rough conditions on offshore vessels to ensure safe and reliable operation onboard. Systems are delivered according to customer`s requirements including control systems, tensioners, loading arms, access stairways and ladders. Each carousel consists of three main parts: 1. Part one is the lower part of the cable carousel and is a grillage structure. 2. Part two is the rotating carousel with deck and movable flanges for adaption to different cable sizes 3. Part three is the drive system and can be delivered either hydraulic or electrical


100 T cable basket with electrical drive


Transport wagon for risers

Transport/material Handling Systems NDM is a supplier of custom made transport and material handling systems for the offshore and onshore market. We can solve most problems for our customers, weather it is to improve HSE, meet new regulations, improve a process or just solve lifting challenges.


Our range varies from plain lifting beams and on to advanced handling and production systems. • Material handling studies • Custom made material handling solutions • Material handling in combination with automated processes • Spreader Beams • Lifting Equipment • Transport Systems • Lifting and Access Platforms


1. Fully automated handling system for receivers onboard seismic vessels 2. Fully automated plant for upgrading and cleaning of drill pipes 3. Side launching system for vessels at yard 4. Washing machine for drill pipes


4. 39

special Products

Spooling device and spool back drum delivered for Aker Oilfield solutions for use onboard Skandi Aker.

SPOOLING SYSTEMS NDM is supplier of tailor made spooling systems for correct spooling and storage of wire, cable, hoses, fiber rope and umbilical. Spooling systems are delivered electrical, hydraulically or pneumatic driven. The spooling systems from NDM are designed for use in various operations and are adapted to various sizes of drums. Our systems are well proven and used by our clients on both on land based projects (supply bases) and at sea (onboard vessels). All systems are designed and delivered according to customer`s project specifications and with the required documentation and certification.

Spooling winch for spooling of cable delivered for Coast Center Base.

Features Drive: Spooling drum: Spooling tension: Control:


Electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic With or without According to clients request Local and/or remote control


DAMAGE REPAIR INSTRUCTIONAL UNIT (DRIU) NDM is a supplier of Damage repair simulators for training of naval recruits in handling emergency situations. The Damage Control Simulators are built to replicate the inner design of a ship and simulates the damages typical for a ship in battle, like running aground, or being hit by grenades, torpedoes or bullets. Representing the motion of the sea the simulator rolls whilst cold water floods in from various “damage points”. This simulator has 23 different training objects and can train up to 24 students at a time. The images shows the damage repair simulator delivered to Haakonsvern Naval academy in Norway. Encouraging quick thinking and fast response, high level of communication and teamwork, training in simulators provides a unique practical learning experience for the people involved.

Features • • • • • • •

23 various training objects Drainage system Hydraulic system for movement Water supply, high and low pressure Complete control system Light, heating and electrical cabling Ventilation plant



WORLDWIDE SERVICE SERVICE & AFTER SALES NDM support customers with safe, reliable and cost-efficient service activities throughout the lifetime of the product. Highly trained and experienced technicians are ready to access all of our customer`s needs. • Technical support and assistance • Equipment installation and training • Commissioning • Testing • Annual service • General Maintenance, repair and upgrading • After sales/spare parts • In house engineering support. • Service personnel available at short notice


LONG-LASTING SUPPORT SERVICES NDM believes that it is in our and our customers’ interests to keep close contact not only during the purchase period, but also throughout the equipment’s lifetime. In that way our customers will get the best product and we will continue to improve. Our responsibility does not stop after installation! Our service staff, together with our network of service agents, ensures that we are able to help our clients no matter where in the world their vessels are located.

WORLDWIDE SERVICE NDM has trained & authorized service personnel ready to assist you worldwide with all supplied equipment. We can also offer training and authorization to our service partners and customers.

COMISSIONING AND ANNUAL SERVICE All commissioning of equipment delivered by NDM is done by either service staff from our main office or by authorized service personnel from our service agents. This ensures that the equipment is proven to work before the vessel or rig leaves the yard. We can also provide annual service agreements to our customers. For an annual fee we will then do yearly inspections of the delivered equipment to prevent down time in operation.

AFTER SALEs AND SPARE PARTS No matter where your vessel or rig is located, we will always make sure that our after sales services and spare parts are available in a short notice.


Photos: NDM, Shutterstock, Rune Johansen, Statoil.

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