2020 Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

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HOLIDAY dear santa, please send help & a bottle of wine.








especially for you

Summer skin

all winter long

You will love this cleanser. Block Island Organics crafted their cleanser with Block Island’s crisp blue water and natural beauty in mind. It features no harsh ingredients and is packed with antioxidant rich organic and natural botanicals to remove build-up, impurities, dirt, and makeup.

Her skin will love the natural beauty ingredients that Block Island Organics packs into this night cream. With organic ingredients like avocado, rosehip, lotus bean, and more that is rich in botanicals and natural antioxidants, the result is a facial moisturizer dense in vitamin C and vitamin E that deeply nourishes skin.

Pamper her skin with summer even if it's snowing outside.

Price $29.99

Price: $21.99

sweets for your sweetie 1

Santa will be staying a little longer when you put


out Sugar Plum's Signature Chocolate-Covered Sandwich Cookie Sampler on Christmas eve! There's nothing better than the idea of chocolatecovered deliciousness and these chocolate-covered sandwich cookies, especially when they are drenched in







chocolate craving. Sugar Plum’s Signature ChocolateCovered Sandwich Cookie Sampler includes nine (9 chocolate-covered sandwich cookies, including one (1) each of their renowned milk, dark, and white chocolate-covered sandwich cookies.


Price: $26.95


No peeking! McCrea’s Candies’ Advent

Calendar, is the only advent calendar we know of with chewy caramel goodness. Open a new door every day for a sweet treat through Christmas Day. Last year’s charming woodland creatures return in a holiday shopping scene painted by New Hampshire artist, Cindy Hendrick, created just for Boston-based McCrea’s. With printing provided by Franklin Printing in Maine, the McCrea’s caramel Advent Calendar is a true New England tradition. Price: $39.99 3

You'll love every BITE of these beautiful

buttercream frosted and fondant decorated ornament cookies by Contessa the Bakery. They make the perfect business gift, a little something for your neighbors, or a sweet dessert at your holiday table. Each set of 6 holiday cookies is individually wrapped, then safely packaged in a white window box ready for gifting. Available in two color combinations. Price: $79


Something special for the cook We know that you can't get enough of the perfect earthy flavor of truffles, but they aren't always easy to find. Thankfully, Truffle Shuffle offers the best-in-class truffles and from them they create the finest truffle products in the world. From Truffle & White Cheddar Kettle Corn to Whole White Winter Truffles, we are hooked. Our fave? We can't live without Truffle Shuffle's signature Truffle Salt and their Truffle Carpaccio preserved in a rich blend of extra virgin olive oil, vegetable oil, and salt.

Mama Mia! Pastene has created the ultimate gift boxes chock full of their authentic Italian foods. Our favorite? Their specialty gift box with six different varieties of pasta, two different sauces, four types of gourmet vegetables and a can of Tonno (tuna) to top it all off, This gift box has got it all! From a quick meal, to Nonna's home made sauce, your favorite home cook will be making delicious creations a little help from Pastene. Price as shown: $39.99


We used to hate ugly sweater parties until we found Tipsy Elves. They are our one-stop shop for all holiday apparel you can think of (& yes, they have Chanukah classics as well). Of course, you don't have to be Tipsy only at Christmas because Tipsy Elves has you covered with holiday gear year round. From Christmas sweaters, jumpsuits, ski suits, St. Paddy's day gear, 4th of July merch, and all the holidays in between, Tipsy Elves is all about celebrating, making memories and having a good time.

Deck the WHOLE family out in holiday cheer this year with an outfit from Shinesty. From Suits to Nuts they'll all be covered in holiday fun. From the ho-ho-ho in her Nutcracker thong to waking up in Xmas Morning Wood and getting dressed for the day in Peppermint Pimp Canes there will be no question how much they love celebrating the holidays. You'll even find matching PJ's for the ENTIRE family. Sizes range from infants through 2XL for mom & dad. Go ahead, and spend Christmas morning opening gifts in the perfect photo-ready outfits.

The Farmer and The Belle: Saving Santaland is a Christmas family tradition in the making. The movie follows an aging NYC model as she spends the holidays in a small town and falls in love with her childhood pen pal, a pig farmer, and helps save his hometown's Santaland. The message? Learning true beauty comes from the heart, not just a pretty face. DVD Price: $19.99




This Beauty Bracelet features five charms, each with two encouraging statements about the true nature of beauty. A significant portion of the proceeds will be donated to Point Hope, a nonprofit organization, founded by national radio personality Delilah that puts focus on the children within the U.S. foster care system and in providing water in Ghana. Price: $75

GIFTS THAT KEEP GIVING >>SUBSCRIPTIONS<< Recycle, recycle, recycle. Just because it's the holidays we can't forget. We had no clue that textile waste is wedgie-level uncomfortable, and that the average American throws out 80 lbs. of clothing per year. In 2015 the US generated 16 million tons of textile waste!! That's why we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the idea of this joy-sparking option from Basic Revolution, a subscription service that provides you with sustainable clothing basics (socks, undies, etc.) and gets your old stuff to a recycler. Subscriptions from $59 Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. She'll be delighted when she opens her jewelry haul from Mint Mongoose. Each month she'll receive a box of 3-pieces of beautifully inspired baubles. Best of all, you can choose from a 3-month through 1 year subscriptions that she'll get to tailor to her own personal colors. Priced from $13.99 per set Chill out on life with a subscription to the CBD Samples Club. Samples, including gummies, oil tinctures, lotions, dissolvable powders and more, will help them discover the best CBD products. Choose from wellness, sports, pets, relaxation, beauty and other popular categories of CBD for their lifestyle. Price: $24.95 per box


Her Holiday Wish List 2020 is the year of CBD and BATCH by Wisconsin Hemp Scientific has the solutions that range from tinctures to topical. We love the CBD Gift Bundle with ALL of our favorite products including: 1 x 1000 mg CBD Tincture 1 x 500 mg CBD Balm 1 x 500 mg Lotion 1 x 1000 mg Muscle Gel 3 x 25 mg CBD Gummies, 3 x 50 mg CBD Softgels 1 x CBD Chocolate Bar 1 x CBD Bath Bomb Price for bundle: $119.99

She's been looking for an all-natural skincare brand and we found it in Desalu Naturals. Known for their shea butters infused with natural oils, and their overall health benefits. Some of these benefits include skin restoration & hydration, inflammation prevention, skin rejuvenation with potent vitamins & cancer-fighting antioxidants,. Most importantly; they are a socially conscious company, focused on giving back by providing everyday necessities to people and communities in Africa that face adversity and poverty. Price: $12.99 - $13.99

Transport her to fields of lavender, lemon groves and the ocean with South of France Natural Body Care products. Products range from hand washes and bar soaps to sugar polish. The only thing you'll be lacking are the croissants and cafe. She'll feel like she's been whisked away every time she uses her South of France Natural Body Care products. Available at Amazon.com

No more creases when she sleeps in the anti-wrinkle Bravity sleep bra! For women, aging should be a beautiful, not fearsome process. Your cleavage is an area of the body that, when not tended to properly, can make you look much older than you really are. Bravity was designed to help you match your body to the incredible woman that you are. Now you have a natural and safe option to prevent and diminish those bothersome lines....all while you sleep! Sweet dreams! Price: $35.99 (as shown)

Can't wait till you go see another concert or sporting event? Neither can we, but we're getting ready NOW with a stadium or venue bag by Margo Paige. Clear stadium bags no longer have to be ugly. Margo Paige has created a line of handbags for those venues where clear bags are required that are modern and sophisticated...and NOT overpriced. She'll love, love, love the Metallic collection for those special occasions and the Utility bags for every day.

She'll stop WISHING she had great skin because CYRx MD Skincare will help her achieve it. Created by Dr. Stephen Cyr after his wife asked for products to reverse the aging process and sun damage as well as the darkening of skin after pregnancy, that so many others battle unsuccessfully. Dr. Cyr developed CYRx MD Skincare, a medical-grade, scientifically-derived products formulated for the wide spectrum of skin disorders. From acne to aging skin, Dr. Cyr has products the perfect fit for all of her skincare needs.

Art Studio Live Start a Christmas day tradition with a family paint party with the Art Party at Home pack from Art Studio Live for ages 6-adult. The structured stepby-step videos are perfect for all skill levels, from absolute beginner to intermediate artist. Simply select your art from their online library of instructional videos and begin creating your own painting as you choose to paint flowers, still life, landscape, animals, etc. This family affair is perfect for ages 6 & up. Also available are single sets and paint party experiences. A great way to paint via Zoom with friends. Use code: THECOMPASSGIRLS for 10% off any product plus FREE shipping.







He'll never ask you "honey where is the..." when he has a Geekey Multi-Tool hanging from his key ring. Plus, he'll be safe from all of those germs as he checks out after buying you JUST what you wanted for a gift. This innovative, compact multi-tool is like nothing he's ever seen before‌ it’s truly a work of art with engineering that combines everyday common tools into one sleek little punch that delivers endless capability. Geekey features many common tools that have been used for decades and proven essential for everyday fixes . From wire stripper to wrench and even a smoking bowl (yes, a smoking bowl). Available on Amazon.com for $22.99


The boy scout in him is always prepared, and yes, that includes that mess of a cord he has stowed in the trunk of his car. Paracord is used by outdoorsmen and adventurers all over the world. We know that it's the temporary fix for things that break, but we also no that no matter how you carry it, its always a tangled mess when you need it most. Quickcord has 25 feet of paracord that is dispensed TANGLE-FREE so its ready when you need it and includes an emergency signal. No special winding or spooling. The patented stacking method ensures no more wasted time in a bad situation. With a blade built-in to its rugged shell, its also lightweight and easily refillable. Price: $34.99



He's fit and athletic...then why is it so difficult to find clothes that fit him? The problem is solved when you buy him clothes from Oak & Stone Clothing Co. Designed for men with an athletic physique, he'll get the fit he wants with the style he loves. From t-shirts to button-downs there are tops that make him look as good as he feels. Don't forget to buy a mask to tuck into his stocking.

Natural. Unadulterated. In the raw. Buck Naked. We love that all of their products come from nature. Best of all, all of the items make us feel like we're doing something good for ourselves and the earth by using such natural products. Whether he's woodsy or spicy he'll love the simplicity of Buck Naked soaps, scrubs, and more. Of course, there are even more products that she'll love so...one for him, two for her? Hey, it's the thought that counts, especially when you want to be Buck Naked

He'll feel the difference the very first time he shaves. One Blade is proven by dermatologists to give him the smoothest, healthiest shave of his life. He'll say goodbye to red bumps, ingrown hairs, cuts and razor burn for good once he switches from his old disposable razor. One Blade is engineered to last a LIFETIME and with the brand's borderline-insane attention to detail, each razor is forged with the world's finest materials. Of course a lifetime guarantee doesn't hurt either. Help him ditch the disposables and pick up some shaving accessories while you're at it. Razors start at $79

Ohh Gee, is that a FILA watch from OG Watches? For those who's fashion is a passion to the weekend athlete, they offer watches to match their personal taste. They'll love the FILA Active collection of watches designed to be taken anywhere. Each timepiece is crafted with the active person in mind. Keep looking good while you go on a hike, take a day trip to the beach, rock climb, or ski on winter slopes! As an added bonus, most of the collection's watches are also stopwatches to help you keep track of your progress. FILA is internationally known as a brand for the bold who like to make sure they are noticed. FILA Style is a collection of watches that feeds their inner fashionista's desire to be unique and stand out. Each timepiece is crafted with the idea of standing out while also looking amazing with any outfit. Plus, you can shop a top style brand without breaking the bank.

He's not hiding those baby blues (or browns or greens), behind his SOLO Eyewear, he's preserving them. You can save the earth and help protect his eyes while at the same time help others when you buy him SOLO Eyewear sunglasses or blue light glasses made from repurposed wood, bamboo or recycled plastic. With each purchase, SOLO helps to restore vision for a person in need. Each pair of glasses are made with eco-friendly materials that offer a 100% happiness guarantee.


Give the BEST you can buy to your tequila lover. First developed in 2008, TAVI is the purest tequila in the world. Using fullymature, hand-selected blue agave that is roasted twice as long as the industry average and triple distilled in the world’s highest tequila distillery. The origin of the word TAVI means “good” and the company believes in purity, passion, pleasure, and celebrating all life has to offer. Why not buy them all 3 varieties. Available in Anejo Reposado Platinum

"The purest tequila possible didn’t exist. That’s why we made Tavi.”








fresh, spiked coffee that can be served both HOT, and cold? Mad Bean will quickly become your 1. Afavorite hard iced coffee gone wild. Whether it’s got a hint of mocha or a dash of vanilla, cracking open a can of Mad Bean will make you crazy… for more! It's time to celebrate, pop the cork, and enjoy a morning mimosa made with Cinzano Prosecco

2. from Wine.com this Christmas morning. Wine.com lets you take the work out of shopping for wine by delivering it directly to your front door. State restrictions apply.

all go nuts over Dailey's Fruit and Nuts variety of healthy snacks. Whether you are on diet, 3. You'll calorie watch, or un-junking you body, they've got you covered! Offering the only product in the market confident and capable to state every single ingredient amount on 1 OZ single packs!


Add a little bit of the Orient to your life with Suntory ALL-FREE Sparkling Malt & Hops Beverage with 0% alcohol. This will be your new favorite refreshment from Japan with that delicious beer flavor that you crave. Available on Amazon.com for $20.98 per 6-pack


There will be no more ordinary canned cocktails allowed. Cocktail Squad canned cocktails are the difference between occasions, and occasions to remember. With their perfectly crafted, ready-to-drink cocktails, they’re that little bit of extra fancy that transforms mere moments with your Squad into full blown celebrations. It’s a touch of class in a can, and it’s OK for you to show it.


Got the bar cart, but need the mixers? Collins Chicago has all of the cocktail mixers, syrups, garnishes and cocktail rimmers to create the home bar extraordinaire. From the morning Bloody Mary (classic or spicy) to the exotic Mai Tai (with lots of cherries to choose from), you'll make Tom Cruise look like an amateur when you create drinks. Why not mix & match to create your own signature drink? You can even make fun mocktails for the kids!

MORE AR CART B No more rimming those shot glasses with salt when you have The Spice Lab Tequila Shot Glasses. The Pink Himalayan Salt Tequila Shot Glasses are available in a 2 or 4 Pack w/Tray - Just Pour, Shoot and Bite a Lime - Naturally Anti-Bacterial and perfect for any home bar. Price: $39.95 (as shown)

1 tequila, 2 te quila, 3 tequ ila...well you but that won know the re 't happen w st, hen you enjo El Rey Tequ y 100% Agave ila. You'll ab solutely love your drinks El Rey Silver or those Salt in Shooters yo The tequila u just bough that is excep t. tionally smo nuanced, an oth, richly d always a p leasure to d rink. Price $39.99 (as shown)

also rit. It i p s ws a and mello vors a g l rent f n i Ag new appa t e u r o a s ran hese bring nQG and t o s D a f arom ttle o rums ry bo tains e n rs, v o e c in 2 yea 0 hat t 1 a d v n r to 5 n9a Rese twee ed up e g b a d s age rum e alanc olera S t you d n gab a n i y tha k it t r a d e r d c n . Drin years n sweet a pirits or if s e e r e w t oth be eat. get in k it n ger won’t ocks, drin ash of gin er spl nk it on th st, add a ). Dri e n u o ith you m ’t tell any ent w m o n m o (we w d share a n a , slow s. riend f r u yo : $72 Price

Make it authentic when you create your drinks and recipes with The Perfect Puree of Napa Valley. There is no longer any need to peel, dice, puree, and simmer for those just-right recipe results. Simply stock your kitchen or bar with The Perfect Purée of Napa Valley’s purees, concentrates, zests, and blends. Discover why they’re revered in restaurant, bakery, hotel, catering kitchens, and bars for their amazing taste and ideal consistency.


KINDROOT ADAPTOGEMS Yes, you CAN survive the holidays this year thanks to Kindroot Adaptogems. There's no need to be stressed out when you have this Holiday Survival Kit. So, take a deep breath, pop a Kindroot Snooze or Mood lozenge and enjoy your day with the family. Price: $35

99 WALKS She's been promising herself to get moving and 99 Walks has JUST the motivation. Their expert coaches will guide you through walking classes, each one designed to get you up going with easy instructions, simple exercises, and music to get your blood pumping. Stuck indoors? Their House Walking classes are the perfect solution that include a tracking app, rewards (like bracelets) and a community to keep you motivated and positive. Try their 2-week walking plan FREE of charge Prices start at $16 per month

The cat jumped on the tree, the kids want breakfast, there's wrapping paper everywhere and it's only 8 am on Christmas morning and no...that bubble bath won't take you away because they won't give you 5 minutes to even go to the bathroom. When you can't get to a f*cking therapist...you need to spray a little Calm the f*ck down theramist from Ther-Happy. Made with organic lavender and tangerine essentials oils, Flower Essences, and natural spring water, the spray promotes, peace, joy, and giving less f*cks. Spray it in your room, office, on your pillow, rambunctious toddlers, or agro-teenagers. Get 10% off with code: compassgirls10 Price: $29

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Whether it's a small gift for each of the 8 nights of Chanukah or something very special in their stocking, they're sure to love...


The Original Finders Key Purse is the perfect gift for those who spend 10-15 minutes every day repeating "Where did I leave my keys?" They will be just where you left them, decorating the outside of your bag & preventing keys from falling to the bottom. Keys are safely secured inside your purse & instantly retrievable. Price: $7.95


The smell of winter...ahhh. From Pumpkin Spice scented to the smell of clove, cinnamon and vanilla that permeates the air when you burn the Oh My Chai candle, Copper Mountain's luxury scented candles and reed diffusers create the mood with their exceptional scented products. Candle price: $21


2020 has been an anxiety filled year, and Sun Cards by SUNForGood provides families with products and helpful information geared towards helping children reach their full potential through confidence building, positive psychology, mindfulness, and more. Sun Cards Price: $17.99



The nurse in your life deserves a little bling this year and CharMED stethoscope charms are just the thing. Who says that a stethoscope has to be boring? Offering designs that include birthstones, hobbies, animals, nature, favorite causes and more. This sustainable water bottle is perfect for the environmentally conscious, active family member or friend passionate about giving back and staying hydrated. $5 of every purchase goes toward water, sanitation, and hygiene programs in your selected location. But it doesn't stop there. With each refreshing refill, Fill it Forward will continue to donate clean water to those who need it most, aiming to raise $100,000 for its charity partners this holiday season. Price: $19.95

Healing your skin never felt so good! Choate BODY products are handcrafted with organic ingredients to soothe & smooth normal to problematic skin. They use wrinkle minimizing, toxin fighting, blemish clearing, breakout preventing botanicals and oils to restore and nourish the skin. Healing your skin never felt so good. From the Beau for Men collection to Face & Body and even Maison for your home, Choate BODY is destined to be a part of your life.

Harness the power of multiple human cell stem cell technology with Keracell. Derived from the combination of Fibroblasts and Mesenchymal Cells and utilizing Exosome delivery, the technology is then combined with other proven cosmetic "bioactive" ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, targeted peptides and the WORLD's MOST technologically advanced ingredients and innovative compounds for true RESULTS driven solutions for the face, hair & body.

l u f i t u b ea you

Give her the Creme de la Creme of beauty products this holiday season. From glamorous lashes, liquid eyeshadows, lipstick and makeup to luxurious skin, bath and body products (check out their body gloss and beautiful makeup brushes as well). All items are available in their salon as well as online store.

It may take her a while in the bathroom each morning, but she really does love getting ready for the day. Her skincare keeps her looking young and her makeup has to be perfect, but her crowning glory is how she does her hair each day. She'll really appreciate a gift of Bombay Hair hair styling tools like the Flat Iron & 5-in-1 curling wand that lets her create any style from straight to curls.






' n i l e e F d o Go 6.

And good for you 1.

TerpNutrition is here to normalize the use of Full Spectrum CBD supplements as an alternative solution to living a healthy and balanced life. The vision? They want to educate 1 million athletes worldwide on the use of CBD as a primary recovery product. Although CBD oil supplements are new to some people, they are a life saver for others. As a team of athletes, they understand the importance of recovery and we have found that full plant medicine works most effectively on our bodies and YOURS.


Supplements, vitamins, extracts and superfoods for health and wellness, nutrition and general well-being. Pure Synergy believes that everyone deserves to be well — in body, mind and spirit. Their deep-seated care for the well-being of people drives their mission to create the best, most effective products possible. They fill all of the bottles with the purity and potency of nature's healing ingredients. From Astaxanthin to VitaMin products you'll find the purest supplements you can get.


We've heard of CBD, but CBDa? That's right Planetarie CBDa can be up to 1,000x more effective than regular CBD in certain circumstances. How? Most extraction methods utilize heat, but Planetarie doesn't, and this can keep the cannabinoids in their acidic form. They offer an array of products, but, we're currently obsessed with their new Muscle Rub for after we (ahem) workout.


If you're like us, you still love your eyeglasses, but what do you do if the eye doctor says you need a new prescription? You send your frames to Tajima Direct along with your prescription or If they have your frame in their digital library, they can send you pre-cut lenses for your own installation. Don’t worry, it’s easy and they even have an instructional video to help! Why not switch your old frames to sunglasses or vice versa for a new look? Lenses start at $199


2020 has brought us a whole host of new problems, but airDefender has the solution for sanitizing homes, offices, public transportations and buildings. Going outside unprotected is like going out in the rain without a raincoat, but now you can shield yourself and your loved ones with this new patented sanitizer, formulated for your face, hands, and body! airDefender's technology provides a 24-hour antibacterial solution effective against 99.9% bacteria and viruses, yet it's gentle enough for the face. Priced from $16


Water on the outside, water on the inside - heed your mom's advice for good health and drink water filtered in a Waterdrop Filter Pitcher. The brand is dedicated to providing people around the world with the high quality products to truly purify their drinking water. The name Waterdrop comes from the desire to deliver clean, safe, and healthy drinking water from the first sip to the last satisfying drop. So, pour yourself a good, clean, safe glass of water without buying those bottles. Price: $21.99 + up

She'll give herself a mani and pedi right at home with the Olive & June manicure system. We love the Winter Box with it's beautiful holiday colors that will take her all the way through New Year's Eve. With 8 new shades of their 7-free, long-lasting polishes for the must-paint nails of the season. You'll get salon-quality, long-lasting color, and their Super Glossy Top coat for salon-perfect shine and long-lasting manicures and pedicures. Price: $72

We love this all-natural luxurious, creamy, lightweight, whipped body cream, that's non-greasy. The Lexi Fleur Argan Body Cream by Concrete Fleur is a high-end sophisticated scent for the woman that wants luxury and elegance. The top notes of Lexi Fleur Argan Body Cream incorporates Sweet Orange, Crisp Bergamot, and Juicy Grapefruit with a beautiful Rose. The heavenly scent is created of pure sweet jasmine, along with tropical litchi, while the base notes carry a combination of minty patchouli, grassy vetiver, creamy vanilla, and warm musk. Price: $10 From top cosmetic surgeon Dr. Karyn Grossman comes the skincare line KARYNG. Uniquely formulated and PH Balanced with a 90% natural & 10 % bio-engineered ingredients with active, high-performance ingredients that target the key signs of aging: fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, uneven pigmentation, inflammation, and dullness to help deliver a fresh, youthful appearance. Rich antioxidants She'll love showing off all of combat and help skin and maximize anti-aging the hard work she puts in as results. This is the program that she's been she works out in her BeReal looking for. Wear. They offer activewear that is for everyone who wants to be unique and be real. They truly believe that everyone is exceptional and unique in their own way and this clothing brand represents that. She may not be able to get back to the gym yet, but she'll still look great as she works out at home in BeReal.

Curls, curls, curls, they look beautiful, but have their own set of needs. Kazmaleje Kurls Plus tools are perfect for the curly girl in your life. Each tool will serve as the perfect assistant to help achieve her desired look and detangle her hair with ease. Have curly, coily kids who hate getting their hair combed? Stress no more as their KurlsPlus Detanglers will completely transform your wash days and make them more enjoyable for you and your kids!

Is she looking to reduce the amount of plastics she uses in her life? Why not start with her shampoo? Green Ablutions shampoo and conditioner bars work harder than 3 bottles of “ecofriendly” liquid products and they leave your hair feeling silky and smooth. Price: $12 per bar

Bring a million stars to her eyes with this shimmering trio! This limited-edition Starry Eyes set from Merle Norman includes: 2 multi-dimensional megawatt Liquid Foil Shadows and a black fun size Fat Lash Mascara that are perfect for celebrating her holiday look with glam. Price: $29

Relax and unwind into a bedtime routine with NEW Sleepy Time face mask from nugg cute & clean. This calming and nourishing sleep mask is infused with aromatic lavender, sleep enhancing topical melatonin, and antioxidant rich grapeseed oil for the perfect at home spa experience. The luxurious yet lightweight formula is 98% natural. Your skin feels hydrated, nourished and renewed to smooth suppleness. So, soothe your skin and senses, relieve daily stress, and relax for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Like walking on air. Bzees are the most comfortable shoes and boots that we've ever encountered and best of all they're machine washable. From sandals in Florida to boots for the New England snow, Bzees has your feet covered and you feeling like you can walk in comfort.

She does it ALL and looks great doing it which is why she'll love Lucy Paris clothes. She'll look fashion forward, confident and effortlessly chic in anything you get her. We love the versatile pieces that go from work to a night out with friends like this Jaz cardigan and cami.

Wrap her Dream in a dream in this soft B Organ lanke Irresis t ic Cot S tibly s carf fr ton oft, ve om ze cotton r satile s t t on the o rganic and m plane scarf + s. ade fr she ca shawl om th n wear t + blan e safe keep h st his all ket 3 d er com in one ifferen fortab you. A t w le any ays an ll zestt where d will comfo organ her tra rts are ic GOT v e m ls S ade fr -c take free o om 10 f pestic ertified cott 0% on tex ides a tiles, w nd tox hich a ic che Price: m re ic als. $49

Perso n wears al jewelry a s i style. t – designe unique as d with the w Delic or om create s s ever a founder implicity an an who Sandr using y uniq d time a h u less silver ypoallerge e collectio Martinelli n for nic 14 mater all ski k ials. F sophi nt sticat rom c gold filled e & ster ypes l d styl assic wide ling es, th to bo range he ec o captu re a w f semi-pre ollection in mian to cio om cl and in dividu an’s conf us stones udes a idenc intend al styl e, nat e. ural b ed to eauty









a little luxury




They deserve a little luxury at the holidays, and nothing says you love them more than a gift that you know that they'll love.


Everyone loves flowers, especially when they're created with quality and reflect the style of the person you're sending them to. Floracracy takes the guesswork out of buying flowers with a series of questions to help create a custom arrangement that will reflect the love that you put into sending them.

mulberry silk, pure luxury. You've heard about the benefits of sleeping on a silk pillowcases and 2. Pure whether you're searching for a silk pillowcase for hair benefits or allergy relief, Celestial Silk offers a variety of sizes, weights and colors that will match any decor or lifestyle. Prices: $35.99 + up her she's as intoxicating as the scent she wears with a gift of Child. The formula for Child is rich 3. Tell and intoxicating. This uninhibited fragrance is derived from brilliant exotic flowers. Give her a personal fragrance that reflects who she is - beautiful and always understated. Price: $68 + up



Home holiday entertaining may look a little different this year, but that doesn't mean you have to skimp on style. Model No. offers holiday (and any day) entertaining essentials like ice buckets, coasters, and more that are sophisticated, modern and make a statement. Every item they make receives it's own model number (hence the name). They'll cherish an ice bucket (shown) made of premium sustainable materials built to last and an aluminum base to prevent leaks and drips. Help her experience the Amalfi Coast daily with a fragrance that says she lives la bella vita every day of her life. Initially a secret between those in the know, Eau d’Italie quickly traveled the world from the iconic Le Sirenuse Hotel on the Amalfi Coast in Postiano to her vanity. The key‌ a truly Italian ingredient: la passione, that same burning passion that gave the world beauty and excellence in art, fashion and design. Eau d’Italie works with the greatest creators in the world, to create fragrances which are always contemporary, always original, and always inspiring.

She'll be transported to another place and time with the scent of Velvet Santal. Imagine taking a rose petal and rubbed it between your fingers or gently stroked the back of your hand with it, its soft velvety texture is beyond luxurious. This Belle Fleur Velvet Santal candle is inspired by that same sensuality of the rose petal itself. They've translated this sultriness into an ultra-smooth, alluring rose sandalwood fragrance. Expect Velvet Santal to sing in that sexy, satiny voice the one that will make you wish the night would never end. Price: $85

She'll be completely enchanted when she receives the perfect arrangement by Enchanted Express. This magical online florist is the nationwide online outlet for Nisie's Enchanted Florist which has specialized in weddings for celebrities, professional athletes and high-profile clients. They’re also the official in-house florist for numerous 5-star resorts in Southern California. You can now send the same beautiful work that has been featured in magazine publications from People to Vogue. We especially love the subscription service that sends floral bouquets all year long.

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It's every readers favorite gift. We can't think of a better way to get the best new novels than to have them delivered to your door month after month from Book of the Month Club. They'll get to choose from 5 new books each month with an emphasis on early releases, fresh perspectives, and debut authors. Price: Under $50 for a 3-month subscription

For the wine lover in your life, Exploring Wine Regions-Bordeaux France is the second book in its series that brings a unique approach in educating and inspiring readers about the wine regions of the world. Bordeaux takes you on a journey exploring the long and fascinating history of wine, gastronomy, castles and joie de vivre, the French way of living life. The perfect companion for any wine lover or travel enthusiast. Available on Amazon.com $30.50 A great reading light is just as essential as a good book which is why readers LOVE SYLVANIA Natural™ Series of LED lighting products with innovative TruWave Technology. Bringing the positive feelings of happiness, relaxation, warmth and safety from nature into your home for your friends and families to enjoy. This LED portfolio offers the best alternative to natural light by mimicking the natural light spectrum to deliver Natural Light for Natural Living.

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Discover the world of wool with Sonoma Wool Company Dish Drying Mat with its beautiful linen sleeve. Bring the simplicity of nature’s beauty into your home with the world’s most ancient fibers - wool & linen. Used for thousands of years, these “super” fibers naturally resist mold and mildew, are highly absorbent, and eliminate the need for using synthetics and plastics around your sink area. This is the best ecofriendly dish drying mat you will ever own.


Price: $39.95


clean it up Just Add Water! No detergents are needed with Persik's Pure-Sky cleaning cloths made of a patented state-of-the-art composite Ultra Micro fibers, consisting of Multifilament yarns that are made of more than 1,000 strands per yarn. These Pure-Sky cloths allow you to clean nearly any surface using JUST WATER. This is the best cleaning cloth ever! Price: $11.99

Keep it clean naturally with Clean Republic cleaning products. Your home can be sparkling clean without all of those nasty chemicals. Clean Republic can help you to multi-task every-surface solution for your entire house giving you peace of mind, knowing that you are cleaning your home with a powerful HOCl cleaner and deodorizer which is free of synthetic chemicals, toxic fumes, and is completely safe for use around humans, animals, and plants. Prices from $4.95


DIY PAINTING KIT Want to paint your own sign at home? Let us do all the laser cutting for you! Life. Family. Joy's DIY Painting Kits are a fun way to add your own personal touch to your home decor. Each sign measure 18.5″ x 9″ and come complete with frame. Price: $26.00 – $30.00

This ornament fits 2020 SNOWFLAKE ORNAMENT We all feel this way! LOOK CLOSELY and you'll see the subtle words that surround 2020. Yes, this ornament tells it like it is and the way that we all feel this year. So, Happy Holidays and F*CK 2020, we can't wait for 2021 to arrive.

He's high tech Whether for the office or at home, they'll love this adjustable desk lamp from Lumicharge. With 10 levels of brightness, 3 hues and easy on the eyes LED lighting, the Lumicharge features a built-in LED screen that displays helpful information like the time, date and temperature to keep you on time and prepared for most anything. The built-in motion sensor means that you never have to worry about running into anything in the dark again as well thanks to the motion sensor. The built-in Universal Phone Charging Stand Patented Phone dock is compatible with any brand phone + 10W Fast Wireless Charger allows charging two phones simultaneously on the phone's base. Price: $79 +up

She's an earth mother Baba means grandma in Ukrainian, but you don't need to be a grandmother to appreciate the classic. Baba Bags that offer our planet and our community the same love, attention and care as your grandma would. Baba Bags are handmade in Ukraine from the highest quality cotton. These compact, stylish bags can hold over 120 pounds and come with a LIFETIME warranty. So get creative and push Baba’s boundaries! You'll find so many uses for these bags. Price: $23

WTSO Wines 'Til Sold Out

There will be no more wandering aimlessly around the wine store wondering WHICH wine you'll actually enjoy. With WTSO - Wines 'Til Sold Out Joe & Elliott Arking, who brought their wine connections into the business do all of the hard work FOR you. Whether you're looking for value bottles or the top premium wines from around the globe you'll be pleasantly surprised by their wonderful

selection. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner with wine or a trained connoisseur, WTSO's wide and ever-changing selection is the perfect place to find the perfect wine for gifting or to serve with your holiday dinner.



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Did you know that bamboo is 3 degrees cooler than cotton, while also being hypoallergenic? That's why it's so easy on baby's skin. Kyte Baby offers adorable bamboo clothes for babies and toddlers as well as swaddling blankets, crib sheets and yes, even PJs and joggers for mom. When you want your baby craddled in softness, Kyte Baby has the perfect sleep bags, body suits and more. Earth Baby was curated from a grandmother’s love for her grandchild. Using certified organic fruit and vegetable based ingredients that are truly non-toxic, gentle and effective on baby’s skin, hair and body, Earth Baby is the gentle solution for all of your baby's skin and hair care needs.

Drinking for Two is a mocktail recipe book featuring 45+ delicious, plant-based recipes carefully crafted to deliver essential nutrients and antioxidants, plus target common pregnancy symptoms, all leading to a healthy pregnancy. With recipes for flat, bubbly, apres-dinner, and warm comfort drinks, registered dietitians Diana Licalzi and Kerry Criss carefully developed and tested each mocktail to include whole foods and all-natural sweeteners. The book also features other valuable nutrition information to help women modify their diets and stay healthy throughout their pregnancy. Available at Amazon.com $16.31


Diapertainment is the simple way to entertain baby while diapering. Patent-pending Diapertainment™ is a clear, angled tray that enables a phone to be viewed through the bottom of the tray. Put on a video, slip your phone into Diapertainment™ and keep baby entertained so you can change his/her diaper. Diapertainment keeps the phone safe and attaches to the wall at the perfect viewing angle for baby. We love how this is so much safer than handing your little one your phone. Price: $19.99


Oh Joy! + Clover Baby & Kids is the first ever collaboration between Joy Cho and Clover Baby & Kids who's mission is to create high-quality essentials that blend function with style for an effortless transition from sleep to play. The Oh Joy! collection pulls from Joy's fabulous creations with prints representing characters and drawings from the new Oh Joy! Story Books.




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Wild Dough lovingly crafts playdough to spark imaginations by inspiring fun, creative play. It is scented, non-toxic, super soft and is really long-lasting and handmade in Australia. Wild Dough was created by a mum for her own kids. So, trust us when we tell you the secret of Wild Dough is that kids play with it longer, and therefore gives time back to mom. After all, what mom couldn't use some more time for themselves? Kits priced at $14.95 + up


Kids of all ages love to play games, especially when they are from Funko. We can't wait to take out a board and get immersed in out favorite movies like Elf, Back to the Future and Toy Story. Whether the kids like strategy games, card games or just love collecting the Funko figures, they'll be pushing aside all of their other gifts and scream "Mom, Dad, come play with me." when they open their box of Funko. Priced from $4 + up


For the ones who think they can — and the ones who think they can’t, Clixo is more than a toy. It’s a tool of personal expression — a flexible, mobile world to be discovered, assembled, and reassembled. Clixo frees kids from the pursuit of perfection and give them freedom to follow their limitless imaginations, whenever and wherever it takes them. It’s not about making the creation perfect. It’s simply about creating. Plus, we're obsessed with the colorful creations. Price from $29.99


Give the gift of growing with Back to the Roots growing kits. They'll enjoy the fruits of their labor when they grow mushrooms or herbs and veggies, beautiful scented flowers, microgreens and more. They'll grow their plants in terrariums and windowsill gardens, water gardens, etc. These easy & fun grow kits will help them get started on a fun new hobby. Available online & in local retailers.

Kirra The Christmas Elf Your children will love this heartfelt story that shares the joy of Christmas and how a positive attitude can not only change one’s outlook on a situation but can also change the outcome entirely. Hmm...we think that the adults could learn from Kirra as well.

When Santa and Mrs. Claus plan to leave on Vacation, Kirra the Christmas Elf, and her friend, Mousey, are given the responsibility of keeping the magical key to Christmas safe and secure. Unfortunately, the key has disappeared and without it, the magic and power of Christmas will be lost forever! It is up to a loyal elf and her pet mouse to find the key and save the future of Christmas. Kirra the Christmas Elf is a heartfelt story that shares the joy of Christmas and how a positive attitude can not only change one’s outlook on a situation but can also change the outcome entirely. This book is the inspiration for, and a companion to, "The Key to Christmas Movie" Kirra is destined to become a Christmas tradition read every Christmas eve. Price: $11.42 available on Amazon.com

A few friends, some cocktails and a deck of Party cards from Kheper Games are the perfect combination for a raucous evening of fun. Whether with your significant other or a group of friends on Zoom, you'll bare all when you answer these edgy questions. You may get to know your fellow players a lot more than you had bargained for. This is the perfect gift for your BFF because...well, you're a little selfish and really want to play with them. Price: $17.95

r o f s e m a g the s t l u d a Games, games and more games One of the things that we actually LOVE about being home lately is pulling out a different one every night (we are a little competitive). Hub Games offers a variety of games made with heart. They believe that games can be more than simple entertainment. Hub Games releases always have something more beneath the surface if you want to delve deeper. From couples to besties, the two of you to the entire family, you'll find new games to love when you head to Adventure Mart for all of your games.

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Your feline friend needs new digs and why not make them international? Kitty Cardboard offers the PURR-FECT way for cats and their parents to celebrate the seasons and travel the world together! Made from the highest quality eco and petfriendly materials, while giving a modern touch to your home and fulfilling all of your cat’s needs! Priced from $24.99 + up

PET RELEAF EDIBITES Your four-legged friend loves their yummy treats, but may need a little something for what ails them. From pain issues like arthritis to tummy troubles and sleep issues, doggies have the same needs that we do to feel better...naturally. That's how Pet Releaf was born, to provide natural, organic supplements that may help support your furry friends discomfort and that they'll truly enjoy chomping down

editor's notes 2020 has been the craziest year that we've ever experienced. And while we'll be happy to see 2020 go, we don't want to let it go without having a holiday celebration that in its own way makes up for all of the bad things that we've had to deal with this year. So get on your ugly sweater and pour a BIG mug of spiked eggnog because it's time to party like it's 1999, we mean 2020. You still have plenty of time to shop, and this year you don't even have to stand in line and fight the crowds for that last doll that she'll open and never play with. We hope that you enjoy our gift giving suggestions. Most of the items are linked to stores where you'll be able to purchase, so you don't even have to get out of your jammies. We want to wish you all a very Happy Chanukah Merry Christmas Happy Kwanzaa Festivus (for the rest of us) We hope you'll join us throughout 2021 as we continue to bring you these shopping guides. Have fun shopping, and please Stay Safe! Love, Rachel, Zippy, Denise, Crissy, Allyson, Ben, Alan and Rich (your Holiday Gift Guide team)