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3 Tracy Jones

41 Alexander Brattell

5 Amanda Jobson

43 Steven Bullen

7 Lucy Phillips

45 Stuart Griffiths

9 Marjan Zahed-Kindersley

47 Phil Cook

11 Charles Coussins

49 Cathryn Kemp

13 Sue Barnes

51 Emma Bryant

15 Bob Mazzer

53 Andrew Moran

17 Lin Gregory

55 Annette Barton

19 Claire Richardson

57 Christina Reid

21 SinĂŠid Codd

59 Kharn Roberts

23 Grace Lau

61 Neville Austin

25 Steve Rutter

63 Chris Mammone

27 Sinan Bozkurt

65 Joss Samuelson

29 Mel Brewer

67 Brian Rybolt

31 Roz Cran

69 Barry Reid

33 Martin Everett

71 Tim Morris

35 Louise Kenward

73 Lucinda Wells

37 Mary Morris

75 Rose Biela

39 Lauris Morgan-Griffiths

77 Nicole Zaaroura

Photo Hub Group (Phg) is a photographic collective based in Hastings and St Leonards, initiated in 2009. Its aim is to develop members’ projects in collaboration with the Brighton Photo Fringe (BPF), partnered with the international photographic festival; Brighton Photo Biennial (BPB). During 2010 and 2011, Phg achieved a series of acclaimed exhibitions and was awarded Arts Council funding, working towards the Brighton Photo Fringe 2012. Phg offers mentoring sessions and a talks series; encouraging members to create individual and group projects and exhibitions. Strengthening its profile and expand awareness of photographic opportunities in the region. This directory is published prior to the forthcoming 2012 BPF in order to introduce Phg to an even wider audience and to invite participation in the group’s innovative and exciting photographic activities. Co-editors: Grace Lau & Andrew Moran

Tracy Jones; The Convergence Series; 2010 Tracy, a fine artist, BA, (Hons), works with ideas and utilises various mediums; drawing, sculpture, installation, moving image and photography. “Interference or defraction as natural phenomena, evoking a dualism of light and matter, thought and physical presence. A co-habitation reflecting on stillness, and displacement, an incurvation where darkness is made visible. A point of convergence�, (TJ).



Amanda Jobson; Family Album; 2011 Amanda is a photographic artist and creative practitioner with a BA from University of Westminster, who has worked in both commercial and fine art areas of practice.



Lucy Phillips; Favoloso; 2010 Lucy Phillips is a fine art photographer with work exhibited at the Towner, Eastbourne; 2011 East Sussex Open and the AoP Gallery in London. Her participatory project, sending homemade pinhole cameras to people to photograph ‘What Cannot be Seen’ was the subject of a solo show at the De La Warr Pavilion in 2011, as part of their Nod to Cage season. Lucy’s work is highly visual with an idiosyncratic approach to the everyday. Many of her images document the transient and marginal aspects of urban landscapes on the South Coast; records of chance encounters, temporary configurations and unfamiliar perspectives. The work hovers between abstraction and documentation, sometimes suggesting narratives.



Marjan Zahed-Kindersley; Photo Trouvee 152; Undated “There isn’t a big mystery about my work: it’s a question of pleasure. As simple and as complicated as that”.



Charles Coussens; Trafalgar Square; 2011 Charles’ work investigates abstracts, landscapes and portraits. “The truth that beauty is in the eye of the beholder” (CC). It attempts to share that personal vision with the viewer. He has shown in Photo hub group shows, three one man shows at the Stables Long Gallery, also in Spain. Last year a series of his photographs formed the central axis of an installation in St Pancras London. Working for an artiste-management company his current project, (2012), is to create publicity stills for musicians.



Sue Barnes; Under fire / Under cover of darkness 2011 A set of ambiguous images that resonate with pictures of an aerial attack in a war zone. The light seems aggressive, bright and fearful - explosive action in a dark, passive and safe place. The lines of fire make powerful, calligraphic marks. They sit in a very uncertain space. A narrow, shallow depth of field in an urban setting or a wide, expansive vista in deep space?



Bob Mazzer; Harbour Arms & Legs; 2007 A street photographer, Bob Mazzer’s work has appeared in Creative Camera, BJP, AP, French Photo, American Camera Annual, The Image, OZ! and publications local to Hastings and St Leonards. His most recent project, (2012), was recording the building of the Jerwood Gallery, Hastings. His subject is people and his practice is continuous documentary and reportage, in East Sussex and London.



Lin Gregory; Flux V; 2011 Lin’s photography is highly influenced by J W M Turner and Fay Godwin’s use of light. She seeks to capture the spirit, beauty and atmosphere with her landscapes and seascapes.



Claire Richardson; Traveller One; 2009 As a practicing editorial and commercial photographer with a BA in fashion and textiles, Claire shoots interiors, still life, and food. Her personal work revolves around shooting for charities, of people’s lives, and absence in abandoned spaces.



Sinéid Codd; Margate Rarities, Emma; 2011 “I had a crisis and I started dreaming about birds, connected to freedom and close to my inner self.” Emma Axelsson Margate Rarities Carte de Visite Album Sinéid Codd works in print, photography and installation. Initiates personal, collaborative and site-specific projects, exploring relationship, time and place. Colour and eclecticism are vital elements in her work as is her use of narrative structures to articulate ideas. Recent works include Margate Rarities. Her work has been funded by the Regional Arts Lottery Programme, Bridge House Estates, The Paul Hamlyn and Sir John Cass Foundations.



Grace Lau; Winchelsea Beach; 2005 Grace Lau’s work makes comment on cultural issues through the use of subversive imagery. She was Awarded Arts Council Funding in 2005 for her photographic project/exhibition ‘21st Century Types’. This work has been exhibited at London’s Photofusion, Aberystwyth Arts Centre, and Brighton Museum & Art Gallery. Four images from this exhibition were shown in ‘How We Are: Photographing Britain’ at Tate Britain in 2007.



Steve Rutter; Dolls - kallitype print on hand-coated arches paper; 2011 Steve is interested in the photograph as a physical object. Merging digital and traditional techniques to explore unusual surfaces such as ceramics, fabrics and plastics. He is a fine artist (BA), with a practice involving the crossover between photography, materials & ceramics.



Sinan Bozkurt; Tank, Canadian Aerialist, London; 2011 Sin Bozkurt documents performance art and works as an events, portrait and commercial photographer.



Mel Brewer; Radio; 2011 A Fine Artist (BA Hons), Working with urban and industrial themes, inspired by lost places, found objects, shadows and reflections.



Roz Cran; Taking the Waters (Hastings and St. Leonards on Sea), Find Water and You Find Life; 2011 Roz Cran works across photography, video, print, performance and bookworks. She studied at the University of Brighton and the Royal College of Art and has shown work nationally and internationally in touring exhibitions including ‘Figuring Landscapes and Arcadia Id Est’. She has worked as an Artist in Residence along the South Coast from Brighton to Margate. Themes include our relationship with the natural world, making time to be still, the magic of the everyday.



Martin Everett; Villa Real #9; 2010 Martin’s work depicts domestic landscape considering a binary between the painterly and the mundane which questions whether the photograph is a staged or a captured moment. “The use of long exposure and strict compositional rules makes the photographic process meditative� (ME).



Louise Kenward; Chair; 2011 Current practice draws on personal experience of space. It involves inhabiting spaces during which louise explores, examines and studies her surroundings, often seeing through the camera. Drawing on philosophical, psychological, archeological and sociological study, her multi-disciplinary practice is sensitive to listening to the ‘other’, tapping in to the hidden and unseen, even in the most public of spaces. Louise completed an MA in Fine Art by project, at The Cass School of Art, London (2011), following a Foundation Degree in Fine Art from the University of Brighton.



Mary Morris; Croft 1; 2011 Mary, an artist working with mixed media, photography and textiles, has a BA, (Hons) in Fine Art and a diploma in stitched textiles. Her work is primarily concerned with perceptions of landscape and place and the way memory and history colours what we see. Layers of human intervention in landscape and natural marks and erasures wrought by the passage of time combine with our memories and preconceptions to affect our response to place. Croft 1 is one of the many abandoned crofts on Lewis in the Western Isles and forms part of an ongoing series of photographs of reflected images of landscape in windows – looking in and out at the same time.



Lauris Morgan-Griffiths; Community Garden; 2010 Lauris studied at London College of Printing working with studio and natural light. Her work portrays a sense of human history and the patina of life; the knocks and events that communicates the experience of existence. With her background in journalism Lauris presents the narrative implicit in the moment of the image. She allows space for the question, what is happening, what has happened and what comes next?



Alexander Brattell; La Brea; August 2011 Alexander Brattell’s monochrome prints emerge from the alembic of the darkroom as narratives that search for significance beyond subject matter, revealing shapes of thought and exploring the revelatory nature of a peripheral vision beneath the threshold of language.



Steven Bullen; Anonymous; 2011 Using a mixture of both film and digital, Steven shoots a wide range of subjects, with a strong focus on urban scenes (graffiti, street art, urban exploration), as well as action sports such as skateboarding and BMX.



Stuart Griffiths; Stone Miners; 2011 Griffiths began using photography as a soldier in Northern Ireland. He then graduated from University of Brighton with BA (Hons), in Editorial Photography. His work is selfdirected and autobiographical. A documentary of his life and work; “Isolation” (Institute for Eyes), premiered in Edinburgh’s 2009 Film Festival. He won the Brighton Photo Fringe Open 2010. His first solo show “Closer” explored his personal feelings on war and conflict, a response to the unseen consequences of campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan. His work is represented in The Imperial War Museum, The Archive of Modern Conflict & National Media Museum, also in private collections. Griffiths’ monograph ‘The Myth of the Airborne Warrior’ was published by Photoworks in 2011.



Phil Cook; King Alfred Centre; 2011 Phil Cook, practicing still life and fine art photographer. He spends his professional life in a photographic studio, a very controlled environment on all levels. Personal work on the other hand, is shot outside of the studio where he finds subject matter that conveys deeper thoughts and feelings. “It is the balance for me� (PC)



Cathryn Kemp; Ophelia; 2011 Cathryn explores notions of delicacy and fragility; working with reclaimed and vintage/historical garments. She believes that garments bear traces of the internal life of their wearers, and it is with this in mind that she explores narratives around femininity, female identity and rites of passage, working within lens-based media and textiles. She is interested in representing psychological states, often with the help of literature and poetry, and in ideas of temporal and corporeal ritual.



Emma Bryant; Losers Weepers; 2011 As a practicing photographer and crafts maker/printmaker with a BA (hons) in Surface Pattern & International Textiles, Emma selects and subsequently looks beyond such abandoned items as we see in the image opposite. A new level of loss begins; she reflects on the story behind the chanced upon object. How the item got to be left behind. Whether it is missed or will rapidly be forgotten. Questioning what the character profile of the person who has experienced the loss could be.



Andrew Moran; Failure and Success; Looped digital video photograph 6 mins 6 secs duration; 2011 Andrew Moran’s work of loop and repeat video photographs explores ideas based around duration, photography and seeing. It is a discourse on the influence memory; the memory that we use to agree on our past and to inform our future actions.



Annette Barton; Rock Study; 2011 Annette explores the natural world and urban living. She makes images that capture a fleeting moment often missed or just caught out of the corner of one’s eye. She makes close-up images that allow a heightened level of intimacy with the subject.



Christina Reid; Birthday, from the series “Pictures I’ll never take”; 2010 The subject of this ongoing project is the family album entitled “Pictures I’ll Never Take”. It is a construct of fictional narrative around an alternative life with children. Searching out appropriate locations, using herself and her husband, other family members, props and a shop mannequin, Christina creates a series of typical family tableaux. Photography is an end product but the act of creation is a piece of performance art. Buying clothes, selecting appropriate outfits for taking their ‘child’ out. Christina is projecting her own childhood memories onto the manequin in much the same way as a real parent.



Kharn Roberts; Aut viam inveniam aut fascian; 2011 Kharn is a fine artist and member of the Black Branches Collective. He is currently studying for a BA at The Arts University College Bournemouth, (2012). His work focuses on the relationship of the still image or object to sound.



Neville Austin; Summer St Leonards-on-Sea; 2008 There is a world beyond an image frame; in space and time. Resonance in the image can create insights in the mind of the viewer. “My practice is urban, occupational documentary and situated in portraiture�, (NA)



Chris Mammone; Hair Extentions; 2010 A documentary photographer and photojournalist, Chris Mammone’s passion for photography stems from an interest in people and human nature. His observations reflect his personal experience and he considers himself an anthropologist. He takes a candid, subtle approach to in order to capture people in their environment at their most natural. He has a BA in documentary photography and journalism.



Joss Samuelson; Untitled; 2011 Influenced mainly by Stoic, Daoist, and pre-Socratic Greek philosophers, Joss is interested in using traditional street photography as an artistic response to pantheism, emphasising the inalienable holiness and interconnectedness of everything, everywhere.



Brian Rybolt; Hasting’s Pleasure Aug 2010 Brian is a Fine Art and documentary photographer who is interested in twisted beauty, ambiguity and obfuscation. Brian’s career began in San Francisco, he moved to London then to Hastings working in commercial photography and as a tutor and mentor. After thirty-five years he is once again following his passion; of photographing our social and physical environment. In the image, the cage the open sea and the sand stand in opposition to each other. Is it a cage, does the sea represent freedom and space that we are open to discover? Or, is this photograph simply a two dimensional surface representing a moment at a point in time? Brian has a degree in Fine Art from San Francisco State University.



Barry Reid; No Point; 2011 Barry is an architect and photographer, with a BA in architecture. In conjunction with his architectural work he is engaged with investigating aspects of the built and man-altered environment via the medium of photography. The image ‘No Point’ is the final message from the staff of a closed retailer in the English midlands. It is an early image from a new project with the working title ‘Units of Space’. The term is a reference to the work of the French philosopher Henri Lefebvre and is a starting point for an ongoing investigation into commodified space and the consequent privatisation and homogenisation of the built, and therefore social, environment in the United Kingdom.



Tim Morris; Hebridean Sandscape; 2011 Tim’s work documents our relationship with both the rural and urban landscape. “By photographing the ordinary and the extraordinary my work explores facets of how we live today” (TM). Although he works with both digital and film, he has a particular interest in traditional darkroom techniques. Hebridean Sandscape is part of a series of photographs made on beaches on the Isle of Lewis, which document the patterns in the sand that occur where fresh, peaty water from the hills meets the salt water of the sea.



Lucinda Wells; Eastbourne Pier from the series “South”; 2010 Artist photographer and poet, Lucinda’s practice deals with life, cultural and personal memory and the notion of belonging. Between 2004 and 2011 she was Senior Lecturer in Photography & Video at DeMontfort University. She has a BA (Hons) in Fine Art (1st), and an MA in Photography.



Rose Biela; Shelter Series Orange; 2011 The fugitive effects of light, its marking of time and its psychological effects are the subject of Rose’s work. Starting with a series of exploratory photographs her finished work may be a single image or may be employed to create installations, hand made books and light projections.



Nicole Zaaroura; Rendezvous; (image from a triptych); 2011 Nicole’s work is a weaving of intimacy and abscence. An exploration of journeys in spaces both intimate and public. Her work is inspired by the undercurrent present in things seen and heard and remembered; of the meditative and the discordant. Nicole has a BA and an MA in fine art, her practice involves photography, film and Installation.



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Online version of Panopticon, a book of work by members of Photo hub group, Hastings UK. Published for the Brighton Photo Fringe (Hastings)...