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Zeeshan Babar AD2.2 Design Portfolio Leeds Beckett University

Site Information Languages Chapeltown is a suburb north-east Leeds, West Yorkshire. It is one mile north of Leeds city centre.

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Site Map 1.1500

• In the 19th century, Chapeltown began as a wealthy suburb, and many large terraces and villas from the period remain.


• Towards the 19th century, Chapeltown welcomed Ashkenazi Jewish refugees fleeing from eastern Europe • The Caribbean community settles after WWII, whom many Jamaicans that settled where ex-servicemen in the war. • Chapeltown has been troubled with riots occurring in 1981, 1987 and 2001 Chapeltown Carnival The Chapeltown Carnival is one of the longest running West Indian carnivals in Europe. since 1967. It is held every August bank holiday weekend with Attendance is estimated at about 150,000.

Notable Places

Reginald centre

Contemporary Dance School

Bauman Lyons

Recreation Ground

Potternewton Park

Places of Worship

St Martians Parish Church

Former Chapel, Synagogue and temple

Leeds Jamia Mosque

Greek Orthodox Church

Holy Rosary Roman Catholic Church

Sikh Temple

Figure Ground Map 1.1500

CYDC Residential Religious Industrial Civic/Shops Educational Food Medical Government Public Field

Solar Analysis

9, 12, 6

Site Diagrams




Vehicle Access



Superficial Deposit

Site Axonometric

Site Photos

Site Visit

• Dealing with behaviour and hate. Goal is to communicate through effective means of activity

Badly conditioned and unfriendly changing rooms make it tasks difficult and uncomfortable for young people

Vast range of indoor sport actives held within a limited space, causes many health and safety risks of adults and children

Missing ceiling tiles and worn out flooring

• To attract Youth from a young age before confronting trouble on the streets • Social centre to be a one stop centre to accommodate social needs and unite neighbourhoods • A home for young people who come from broken households before they find the streets • To be able to rent and supply services to generate self funding • To help young people discover a career and develop social interaction within the community • To inspire other communities with damaged history and reputation that a positive change is possible • To Inspire dignity within young people and help them mature into adults • As much as there is a need of activity space, spaces for education, medical attention and domestic utilities • Wheelchair and disability friendly

Boxing Organisation that collaborate with CYDC is supressed due to spatial limitations. Members are told to “make use of what we have”

Poorly conditioned pitches interfere with sporting activities. Drainage problems spoil the football pitches which are a primary element of the centre

Activity Day

When visiting the centre to carry out our activities with the children, we explored their interests and aspirations. Although they complained of the lack of services the centre provides, We noticed a emphasized focus on sports, games with outdoor activates particular. Many of the children expressed the urge to play outdoors.

A tree map diagram displaying the prioritized spaces for redesigned community centre.

Existing Building The attention towards the outdoors is already expressed through the existing architecture

Large windows in the main hall establish a visual relationship between the interior and the outdoors

The Windows also allow for solar gain and natural daylight to illuminate the primary interior space. Located North and South allow for consistent exposure

Access to the outdoor fields requires navigation through the building structure, which presents multiple openings towards the outdoors

Concrete, gravel and tarmac and existing vegetation compose the site materials.

Manifesto We live in a society that embraces nominalist thought that carries ideas of cynicism, nihilism, embracing consumerism with trafficking mockery. A disregarded acceptance and appreciation of the spiritual essence within the hearts of men manifested in uninspiring synthetic lifeless structure. I envision a place designed in collaboration with nature and orchestrated by human thought, that inspires and transcends the public to an experience that is beyond material, carried through a work carried through meaningful design. To establish an elemental rebalancing of mind body and soul. Grounded in intently through its connection to the earth that is then animated through the dancing forms of water that stimulate the soul, in fresh expressive lifegiving spaces that unite a radiant pool of social warmth with the intention of healing a place, healing people and healing the future.

Masterplan 1.1000

Masterplan Diagrams

Existing vegetation ornaments the site

Materials on site accommodate access

Reed Bed flows trough the site to address drainage problems

Having spring nets over flowerbeds to produce sound for site interaction

Hammocks in-between trees allow an intimate approach with nature

Playground space for visitors to socialise and interact

Land shaping gives visitors an area for seating

Seating spaces in between pitches for spectators

Trees contain space for social gatherings

Concept – Connecting to the Outdoors.

Design Development

Design Development

Design Development

Design Process Site Forces

Grouping and zoning landscape features

Response to context

Studying relationships

Section 1.100

Open corridors on the first floor blur the threshold between indoor and outdoor. Visitors navigate through the building within outdoor conditions. The corridors also allow for natural light to reach the main hall.

Slide out panels contain multiple actives within the main hall, advancing usage and flexibility. Wall panels attached to an overhead beam can be moved through the width of the hall and can be stored in the wall gap between the entrance foyer and boxing hall.

The open porch that surrounds the building creates a flexible informal space that is neither completely inside or outside. It softens the threshold between interior and exterior and offers a unique experience towards the landscape, frames the views and provides circulation around the building.

Programmatic Diagram It Suite Library

Plant Room First Aid Classroom

Utilities Office Games Room Lounge

Female Changing Rooms


Main Hall CafĂŠ/Kitchen Gym

Male Changing Rooms Storage


Storage Boxing Entrance Foyer

Design Diagrams

Solar Gain

Open Balconies


Elevator lift

Roof Gardens

Double Floor Spaces

Relationship with Context

Passive Design Strategies

Direct solar gain into the primary spaces

Overhanging balconies also act as shading devices

Surrounding vegetation defuses high wind speeds flowing from adjacent fields

Openings within the curtain wall allow for traveling air to cross ventilate the building

Solar energy is harvested through solar panels Rainwater in directed and disposed towards the rear end on the building Sunlight enters the building from windows on the first floor reducing the need for artificial lighting Hot air escaped the main hall through openings on the first floor

Site Model 1.1000

Site Plan 1.1000

Final Model 1.200

Inhabited section 1.100 Inhabited Section 1.100

Floor Plans 1.200

Female Changing Room Female Changing Room

Storage Rooms Storage Rooms

Gym Male WC Female WC

Male WC

Main Hall

Female WC

Boxing Hall

Eating Space

Entrance Foyer


Plant Room

IT Room


First Aid


Office Gym


Utilities Room

Games Room

Male Changing Room

Male Changing Room

Elevations 1.150



Elevations 1.150



Material Palette

Timber planks

Timber siding

Framing steel

Ground Floor Plan 1.100

Details 1.20

Roof Garden Section Detail

Exterior Wall Corner Plan Detail

Interior Wall to Window/Floor Section Detail

Exterior Wall to Floor Section Detail

Zeeshan Babar Architecture Portfolio 2018 (Second Year)  

A section of my work from RIBA Part 1 leeds Beckett School of Architecture

Zeeshan Babar Architecture Portfolio 2018 (Second Year)  

A section of my work from RIBA Part 1 leeds Beckett School of Architecture