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Volume 2, 2009 January 2009

NOVALINK Newsletter Date Volume 2, 2009


Director’s Message



elcome back and a happy New Year! Surprisingly, the students have settled back into their daily routines very quickly and have made a fine start to the second half of trimester two. We have 15 new students joining the elementary student body this term. All the school students, teachers and administration want to give a warm welcome to these new members of our growing N.I.S. family. Our School Improvement Plan for this year focuses on ‘Character Building’. For character education to be a meaningful program, it must be in evidence and reflected through the entire climate of each school. By creating a school climate that builds positive relationships among all the stakeholders in the N.I.S. school community i.e., administrators, teachers, staff, students, and parents we want to build an inviting school climate – a climate that promotes and recognizes positive behaviors. In this regards each month we will encourage the coordinated emphasis of a common monthly character trait and call it the “Character Trait of the Month”. Students

will develop a list of ‘heroes’ selected for their association with specific traits. These heroes can be historical or current political, religious, artistic, intellectual, or sports figures. Their names and pictures appear on classroom bulletin boards and teachers refer to them whenever possible in discussion or writing assignments. As an example, ‘Character Trait’ for the month of Febuary 2009 is ‘Courage’. To highlight this trait each class will first select their heroes and then also define a ‘Character Dilemma of the Month’. Teachers will try to incorporate the ‘character trait of the month’ and the ‘dilemma of the month’ into classes as a way to begin discussion about the character traits by discussing that trait whenever the opportunity arises. If the trait and dilemma are discussed at home with family members and a signed note is returned to school, extra credit will be recorded for the student in the assigned subject area. Hopefully, the ‘monthly dilemma’ will promote lively discussion at the dinner table and help build stronger characters.

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January 2009


Education does not stop at the end of

the school day or the start of summer. Your child needs you to provide enrichment and fun activities at home to I care a great deal about your child, but keep the education going. Read to I have to be concerned with all the chil- your child, even if he/she can read dren in the classroom. All my energies herself. can't be focused on a single child. Teach your child respect for others by I'll believe half of what your child tells treating him/her and other family me happens at home if you'll believe 50 percent of what he/she says happens at school.

There always will be someone in the world who is smarter, more athletic, more musical, more... than your child. Let him/her be a child; let their skills and talents emerge naturally. Don't put so much pressure on your child that they learn to hate to learn.

Most children watch too much TV. Limit members with respect. Expose him/ TV viewing and encourage physical ac- her to people who are different. Be a tivity, reading, and imaginative thinking. contributing member of your commuI am here to ensure that your child can nity. succeed; your support and encourage- If I am doing something right, please ment are necessary for me to succeed let me know. in that effort. Make sure your child wears comfortManners able clothing. Tight, frilly, or uncomare imporfortable clothes hinder their ability to tant. As concentrate and do their best. Clothmuch as I ing styles that are popular in stores do treat all not necessarily belong in school. students equally, the child who remembers to say, "Thank you," "Please," Children are not perfect. I don't ex"Excuse me," and "May I help you?" is pect your child to be perfect in my thought of more fondly. class and you shouldn't expect him/ her to be perfect at home. Please make sure you read my homework policy, book report guidelines, Trust our judgement. We do this for a weekly newsletter, and any other com- living and the vast majority of us know munications I send home during the what we're doing. year. Crossword Solution You are your child's first teacher. You have more of an impact on his/her values, behavior, expectations, work ethic, and actions than any other person in the world. If you feel education is important, your child will pick up on that and feel that doing their best and getting an eduDown

cation are important as well. You matter. You make the difference!


You make the difference!


n our previous newsletter we covered “What Parents Want Teachers to Know”. In this issue we turn the looking glass around and want to tell you what teachers are saying about what they would like parents to know!


You are your child's first teacher.

What Teachers Want Parents to Know


Parents’ Section

“Approach the teacher as the comet approaches the sun.”

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January 2009


Volume 2, 2009

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From the Office of the Administrator


ince the last issue of Novalink exciting new things have been happening at Novaquest International School.

skits by our scouts, karate team, preschool and junior class students whilst the rest of the school was busy with their mid year exams.

Students from grade 4 to 9 went to the Novaquest Camp in Nankana (approx. 1 hour drive from Lahore), where they enjoyed horse riding and had a barbecue around a camp fire. The junior section had excitement at the Certificates and shields were awarded to zoo whilst grades 4 to 9 visited the scistudents for their achievements in the ence museum final examination that took place in May, Quaid e Azam was the main topic for our 2008 and also to the best performers of mid-year presentation in December. But the first term for the academic session the fun didn’t end there, we had a visit 2008/9. from Father Christmas and his reindeers, Preschool enjoyed McDonald’s Playland.


We still have our Sports Day and International Day to look forward to. In March we will have a doctor on hand to educate parents and students about personal hygiene, diet and immediate first aid.

Our faculty has been working hard in delivering to the students an exceptional environment fostering self growth and life long learning. Whereas our Director, Mr Aurangzeb Bhatti, has been conducting at Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Donner workshops to ensure that our faculty is and Rudolph, Comet and Cupid were meeting the changing needs of modern sick!! The presentation also included teaching.

NovaQuest Library Information Opportunities include: NIS Library Facts


organizing and/or staffing for the book fair


coordinating or assisting with the NIS Readathon program

Young Times for Kids


being available for special projects

Times & Newsweek


working regular weekly shifts, staffing the circulation desk, book processing, shelving, compiling overdue reminders,


and other tasks.

A Parent’s Life in Famous Words Solutions

Albert Einstein




The best inheritance a parent can give to The end product of child raising is not his children is a few minutes of their time the child but the parent each day. M. Grundler Frank Pittman

Barack Obama

Few parents nowadays pay any regard to A child becomes an adult when he realwhat their children say to them. The old izes that he has a right not only to be fashioned respect for the young is fast right but also to be wrong. dying out. . Oscar Wild Thomas S. Szasz


The task of the educator lies in seeing that the child does not confound good with immobility and evil with activity Maria Montessori

William Shakespeare

It is time for parents to teach young people early on that in diversity there is beauty and there is strength. Maya Angelou

Who are They


Security & Other Books

Fatima al-Fihri

Please contact Ms. Robina for more information.

Walt Disney

Fiber Optics, Computer


Charles Dickens 19 Books


722 Readers Digest Condensed

Guru Nanak Dev

Over 4,000 Books


Anyone interested in learning about becoming a school library volunteer during the 2008-2009 school year is invited to a coffee/information session in the N.I.S. library. Please call the office for timings of the NIS Library Volunteer meeting between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Monday-Thursday.

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1 4 3 2

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4 1 2 3

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4 3 1 2

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January 2009


Te a c h e r s ’ Section

“ Do not say: Do you agree with me? but say: Do we agree? ”

Questions are the key to learning & understanding.

Find out how to engage students and cultivate critical thinking through questions.

The Role of Questions in Teaching, Thinking and Learning


ne of the reasons that teachers tend to overemphasize "content coverage" over "engaged thinking" is that they assume that answers can be taught separate from questions. Indeed, so buried are questions in established instruction that the fact that all assertions - all statements that this or that is so - are implicit answers to questions is virtually never recognized. For example, the statement that water boils at 100 degrees centigrade is an answer to the question "At what temperature centigrade does water boil?".

tions that they have about a subject, including all questions generated by their first list of questions.

That we do not test students by asking them to list questions and explain their significance is again evidence of the privileged status we give to answers isolated from Hence every declarative statement in the questions. That is, we ask questions only textbook is an answer to a question. to get thought-stopping answers, not to Hence, every textbook could be rewritten generate further questions. in the interrogative mode by translating every statement into a question. To our Feeding Students Endless Content knowledge this has never been done. to Remember That it has not is testimony to the priviFeeding students endless content to releged status of answers over questions in member (that is, declarative sentences to instruction and the misunderstanding of remember) is akin to repeatedly stepping teachers about the significance of queson the brakes in a vehicle that is, unfortutions in the learning process. Instruction nately, already at rest. Instead, students at all levels now keeps most questions need questions to turn on their intellecburied in a torrent of obscured "answers". tual engines and they need to generate questions from our questions to get their Thinking is Driven by Questions thinking to go somewhere. Thinking is of But thinking is not driven by answers but no use unless it goes somewhere, and by questions. Had no questions been again, the questions we ask determine asked by those who laid the foundation where our thinking goes. for a field - for example, Physics or Biology - the field would never have been Deep questions drive our thought underdeveloped in the first place. Furthermore, neath the surface of things, force us to every field stays alive only to the extent deal with complexity. that fresh questions are generated and Questions of purpose force us to define taken seriously as the driving force in a process of thinking. To think through or our task. rethink anything, one must ask questions Questions of information force us to look that stimulate our thought. at our sources of information as well as Questions define tasks, express prob- at the quality of our information. lems and delineate issues. Answers on the other hand, often signal a full stop in Questions of interpretation force us to thought. Only when an answer generates examine how we are organizing or giving a further question does thought continue meaning to information. its life as such. Questions of assumption force us to exThis is why it is true that only students amine what we are taking for granted. who have questions are really thinking and learning. It is possible to give stu- Questions of implication force us to foldents an examination on any subject by low out where our thinking is going. just asking them to list all of the ques-

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January 2009


Volume 2, 2009

Page 5

What our Teachers Say... Ms Jessica Nathaniel is the class Ms Saima is the class teacher for Ms Samina Haider teacher for Pre-Nursery.

Grade 7.

I’ve found Novaquest International School the best place for children to learn and grow. The school provides a clean and friendly atmosphere. I’m glad that I got an opportunity to share my knowledge and help to groom the children. This school does not focus on rote learning but helps the individuals to understand the concepts. The school arranges different activities and programs which motivate the students to participate, so they become confident. I have been teaching here for a year now. The school has given me challenging tasks, and I met them with the guidance and support of Ms Yasmeen and Ms Robina. I have learned new teaching methods through workshops and seminars which are conducted by our Teacher Training Department, to improve the quality of education in this institution.

Novaquest!!! What can I say… with all the chores back at home made me feel lousy and sad, but if it were not for this place I wouldn’t have felt relaxed and happy all over again. The students open my eyes wide with their greetings, smile and hugs, the moment I enter the school gates. Our faculty is a rewarding team that stand up for each other any time. Two great pillars of our school, Ms Yasmeen and Ms Robina, are always there to support, guide and assure the faculty that “I AM THERE… DON’T WORRY” A home is never complete without a roof acting as a shelter to keep its inhabitants out of trouble. This similarises our director, who very politely and calmly gives us the training to be the backbone of our school. The facilities provided to our students are nothing compared to other schools I’ve worked in. One may not find another environment so comforting and friendly where tears are filled with joy and laughter.

is the class teacher for Grade III.

I have been teaching at Novaquest International School for the past five years. Currently I am teaching Grade III. Teaching at Novaquest has been a fabulous experience as sharing my knowledge with the students, gives me a great satisfaction.

In my opinion teaching is the most rewarding and noble profession. Working at Novaquest has improved my teaching skills to a great extent. Ms Yasmeen and Ms Robina have always guided me where I needed assistance.

Teaching students for Pre-Nursery has been a wonderful and challenging I’m sure that with the blessings of Allah experience for me. I enjoy teaching them and prayers from well-wishers this school The environment of the school is comfortable. I want to continue teaching with different methods and activities. The will prosper.” here for as long as possible.” warmth and affection, I have received

Contd... The Role of Questions of point of view force us to Dead Questions Reflect Dead Minds examine our point of view and to con- Unfortunately, most students ask virtually sider other relevant points of view. none of these thought-stimulating types of questions. They tend to stick to dead Questions of relevance force us to dis- questions like "Is this going to be on the criminate what does and what does not test?", questions that imply the desire not bear on a question. Questions of accu- to think. Most teachers in turn are not racy force us to evaluate and test for themselves generators of questions and truth and correctness. answers of their own, that is, are not seriously engaged in thinking through or reQuestions of precision force us to give thinking through their own subjects. details and be specific. Rather, they are purveyors of the quesand answers of others - usually Questions of consistency force us to tions those of a textbook. examine our thinking for contradictions. We must continually remind ourselves Questions of logic force us to consider that thinking begins with respect to some how we are putting the whole of our content only when questions are generthought together, to make sure that it all ated by both teachers and students. No adds up and makes sense within a rea- questions equals no understanding. Susonable system of some kind. perficial questions equals superficial un-


derstanding. Most students typically have no questions. They not only sit in silence; their minds are silent at well. Hence, the questions they do have tend to be superficial and ill-informed. This demonstrates that most of the time they are not thinking through the content they are presumed to be learning. This demonstrates that most of the time they are not learning the content they are presumed to be learning. If we want thinking we must stimulate it with questions that lead students to further questions. We must overcome what previous schooling has done to the thinking of students. We must resuscitate minds that are largely dead when we receive them. We must give our students what might be called "artificial cogitation" (the intellectual equivalent of artificial respiration).

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January 2009


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January 2009


Volume 2, 2009

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Page 7

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January 2009


Students’ Section

“ Forget not the Other in the Brother. ”



rugs are chemicals that change the way a person's body works. You've probably heard that drugs are bad for you, but what does that mean and why are they bad?


Physics Prize in Physics for the discov- of Al-Qarawiyyin was built in 9th century ery of the law of the photoelectric effect. at Fez, Morocco. The formula E=mc2 is the most commonly known thing that he is known for. ”“There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate's loot on Treasure Island” ”We are the change that we seek ” An animator, film producer and the creator of Mickey Mouse. He produced He is the 44th and current President of the United States. Also the first Afri- the first colored cartoon: ‘Flowers & Trees’ can American to hold the office. “Through shallow intellect, the mind be”To be or not to be” comes shallow, and one eats the fly, along with the sweets.” English poet, dramatist, and actor, A mystic, poet and founder of a religconsidered by many to be the greatest ion. Born in 1469 in a village at the dramatist of all time. His plays Hamlet banks of Ravi (Nankana), near Lahore. and Romeo & Juliet are among the most famous literary works of the world. His father was the village accountant.


While using drugs, a person is also less able to do well in school, sports, and other activities. It's often harder to think clearly and make good decisions. People do dangerous things that could hurt themselves - or other people - when they use drugs.

If you've ever been sick and had to take medicine, you already know about one kind of drugs. Medicines are legal drugs, meaning doctors are allowed to prescribe them for patients, stores can sell them, and people are allowed to buy them. But it's not legal, or safe, for WHY D O PEOPLE U SE people to use these medicines any way I LLEGAL D RUGS ? they want or to buy them from people Sometimes kids and teens try drugs to fit who are selling them illegally. in with a group of friends. Or they might be curious or just bored. A person may ILLEGAL DRUGS use illegal drugs for many reasons, but When people talk about the "drug often because they help the person problem," they usually mean abusing escape from reality for a while. legal drugs or using illegal drugs, such as garda, char’se, hashish (hash), Drugs don't solve problems. And using drugs often causes other problems on heroin, coke (cocaine). top of the problems the person had in the WHY ARE ILLEGAL DRUGS first place. A person who uses drugs can D ANGEROUS? become dependent on t h e m, or addicted. This means that the Illegal drugs are extremely bad for a kid person's body becomes so accustomed to having this drug that he or she can't function well without it. are They?

is not knowledge” is the founder of the oldest exist4 She 1 In 1921 ”Information ing university in the world. University he was awarded the Nobel


or teen whose body is still growing. Illegal drugs can damage the brain, heart, and other important organs. Cocaine, for instance, can cause a heart attack - even in a kid or teen. You can die a terrible death.

5 6



If you think someone is using drugs, the best thing to do is to tell an adult that you trust. This could be a parent, other relative, teacher, coach, or school counselor. The kid might need professional help to save their life. A grown-up can help the kid find the treatment he or she needs to stop using drugs. The best way kids can help other kids is by choosing not to try or use drugs. The best way to help your friends is to say

Solution on Page 3

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January 2009


Volume 2, 2009

Page 9

The Unforgotten


atima Jinnah, the little sister of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, is much known but little understood. In an age when few Muslim girls took to English education, Fatima Jinnah opted for modern education. She enrolled herself in the Bhandara Convent School (1902) and, later in St. Patrick School, Bhandara (1906) from where she did her matriculation. Then complete her Senior Cambridge (A-Levels) in 1913. At a time when few Indian (not to speak of Muslim) women went in for a professional degree or diploma and training, she moved to Calcutta in 1919, and enrolled herself at Dr. Ahmad Dental College. Interestingly, she decided to stay on her own in a hostel, although her elder sister, Maryam, was living there with her family. Not only did she train herself as a dentist, with the Quaid’s encouragement, she opened a dental clinic on Abdur Rehman Street, a Muslim locality in Bombay, in 1923. It was a rare phenomenon even for cosmopolitan and modernized Bombay. During a period when social work was not the norm, even with educated and affluent women in India’s society, she exhibited a passion for it. She worked simultaneously at the nearby Dhobi Talau Municipal clinic on a voluntary basis. She showed that women can become professionals and make themselves useful to the community and country at large, instead of wasting their talents. Even in those days she believed that women should take part in nation building activities, a view she propagated repeatedly later. But life is much more than a mere career, as Hillary Clinton pointed out recently. When the family is in need, it comes first, however committed one is to their career. Thus, when Rutten Bai died in 1929, Miss Jinnah scarified her career, wound up her clinic, took charge of Jinnah’s palatial Malabar Hill mansion, and assigned herself the most critical task of helping out her illustrious brother in terms of his personal needs, so that he could give undivided attention to the critical problems Muslim India was confronted with. Additionally, she served as his confidante and advisor, she stood by him at all times, giving him hope and encouragement and trying to sustain him during the most difficult period of his life. Fatima Jinnah did come on to the public platform, but towards the end of her life, some 15 years after Jinnah’s death and even then, she did so only at the imminent and desperate call of the nation. She headed the democratic movement against the incumbent dictatorial regime of Ayub Khan in September 1964. And when she took to the public platform she did it with indefatigable courage and unflinching determination, whatever the odds, whatever the consequences.

The Be st Plac e I Vis ited in Pakist an The be b y D st place aniyal I ever in Lah Ansari visited ore. It in

is a sp childre Pakista ectacu n. The n is loc lar pla ated owners stanis. ce for They a a r e special Germa re my wonder ns be ful plac e is “Ro st friend’s p and Pakiarents. s h n The ow i Farm” That . ners o f this rich an o u d nice tstandin people and req g farm . They uireme are ve unders nts of th ry tand th e specia The sp e need l childre ecial c s n. hildren which they b have t a heir ow ke brea superv n bake ise d for t hemselv ry in land w d by the bak es. The here th er man y ey gro . are themse T here is w lves. T a fertil hey als fruits and v where e eget o h th wood w ey make ne ave a coloss ables for al artcklaces ork etc r , stuff . e d t oy oo m We spe s and nt the w back w e playe hole day the re and d a cric childre before n. ke going also ga They knew h t match with ow to ve us a play ve the special ride on fun. Be ry well fo a donk . Th ey picture re leaving fo r schoo . We had a lo ey . Then we left l, we to t we rea for ok a g of ch r ou p were s ed school we school on the o touch had a strange bus. When ed tha sponso t each r a chil feeling one of d. . We us wan ted to

, People who are fat to be that. Know how it feels those They aren’t sure if fit, ll clothes wi enough Or if that space is . for them to sit g fatter, Day by day, gettin er and Makes them madd . madder te, They blame their fa

s They know what ha , fat made them stop But are too lazy to eating that. ion and Diabetes, hypertens God knows what, in their W ill hurt them later lives a lot. the fact, I hope they realize g very That they are gettin fat.

sing For the ever increa weight. eat, They eat, eat and tes and Potatoes, chocola meat.

By Tehneiat

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She helped in making women’s role in public life both respectable and credible and asked them to equip themselves as best as they possibly could to play out their due roles in the nation’s onward march. A True Muslim modern woman.

Student Writings

January 2009


“ Courtesy and knowledge are like two hands washing each other �

Games NIS Mascot

Section 2



4 2


What is Sudoku? Sudoku is a puzzle made up of numbers, but there is no math involved. You must use logic to work out where the numbers go, and that is what makes the puzzle fun.

How to solve Sudoku? Color the Falcon

To do this Sudoku you must make every column, row and mini-grid contain the numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 one of each. There is only one way to finish each puzzle. Think carefully, Solution on Page 3 1


3 4


6 7

World Capitals


List the capitals of these countries


















10. Japan


South Africa

12. USA

11. Saudi Arabia

14. Iraq

13. Egypt

9 10 11 12


Solution on Page 2



15. Russia


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January 2009


NovaQuest Information

Volume 2, 2009

Page 11

NovaQuest International School Mascot

Fast Facts Meaning: Wanderer Type: Bird Diet: Carnivore Sound: “kak, kak, kak” Features:

Powerful and fast-flying, the Peregrine Falcon is the fastest bird on the planet. It drops down from high above in a spectacular stoop, reaching speeds in excess of 300km an hour. Look out, mice. If a peregrine falcon decides to have you for lunch, you'd better run ... FAST. Peregrine are docile birds. Humans have tamed them for thousands of years. They are common in Asia, Americas, Europe and the Middle East. From cold tundra to hot deserts, from sea level to high in the mountains. An amazing bird.

Long pointed wings

The symbol of Pakistan Air Force (PAF) is a Peregrine Falcon.

Black mustache mark on face

Find Your Way

School Fee Structure 2008/9 Tuition Fee

NovaQuest FAQ’s Are admissions still open?

Pre Nursery to Prep

Rs 5,000/-

Yes, but seats are limited

Grade I to III

Rs 5,500/-

Do you offer scholarships?

Grade IV to VIII

Rs 6,000/-

O’Level (Grade IX onwards) Rs 8,000/-

Our scholarships are purely on a merit basis after a comprehensive test and evaluation.

Admission Fee (non refundable)

What extra curricular activities do you offer?

Pre School to Grade VII

Rs 10,000/-


Rs: 15,000/-

Registration (non refundable)

All Grades

Rs 2,000/-

Security (refundable)

All Grades

Rs 4,000/-

School Timings

Do you have a uniform? Yes we do. What is the minimum age for playgroup? 2½ years old

Pre School

Monday to Friday

We offer many sports including, Taekwondo, football, badminton and aerobics. Scouting and computer animation are added extras.

8.30am - 12.30pm

Grade I to IX

Do you have transport facilities for pick and drop? Yes, we do.

Monday to Thursday 8.00am - 1.45pm Friday

Where can I obtain more information 8.00am - 12.30pm about NIS?

Note: Parents are encouraged to come to the school and discuss any issues they may have, however we request that you call to arrange an appointment .

You can visit our website: Collect a free brochure from our school Call Us: 042-5777804, 5777807

12 F.C.C Syed Maratab Ali Road Gulberg IV, Lahore - Pakistan

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January 2009


NOVAQUEST INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL NEWSLETTER In Paris you can find special cinemas which show only films in English. In Berlin you also can watch films in English language. Even in Moscow you can do that. But there is no special place in Lahore – that is why NovaQuest International School has opened a english cinema club for its students. The cinema is located on the premises of NIS Gulberg Campus. The club meets weekly to watch and discuss movies of academic interest. This club's goal is to recommend and educate the students on which movies are of interest from today and yesteryear. The subjects of the movies are of wide range. This cinema club is a combination of really great english films, and a big screen. It’s for children who want to improve their english language and literature The films that will be shown here are not normal, standard films. They are all special in some way. But you won’t find them in theaters in Lahore. Films based on Shakespeare’s plays will be shown in April, the month the writer was born, including “Romeo and Juliet,” “Henry V,” “Richard III” and “Hamlet.” Entrance is free for NovaQuest Students and their families. Please contact the school admin for more information..

Literature, Classical & History • • • • • •

Hamlet Sound of Music Macbeth Romeo & Juliet Rob Roy History Channel:The Mongols

Kids Animated Movies • • • • • •

Finding Nemo Sharks Tale Madagascar 1 - 2 Ice Age 1 - 2 Shrek 1 - 2 - 3 Mulan


Phone: 042-5777804, 5777807 Fax: 042-5874787 WEBSITE :



Street Address __________________________________





12 F.C.C Syed Maratab Ali Road Gulberg IV, Lahore - Pakistan

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NovaQuest Int'l School Newsletter  

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