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Nankana Lake Resort

At the World History Garden in Nankana Lake Resort, we have unfurled the chronology of world history in words, illustrations, maps and captions wrapped in an impressive timeline spanning a series of Panels that are designed to be extremely memorable. We’ve made learning history a fun activity for all!

"In the age of travel and electronic communications, the young quickly acquire portfolios of knowledge and develop curiosities about other places. It is an ideal age to teach tolerance for other cultures and religions. We think all children in Pakistan must see this fabulous display of world history, illustrated in a manner that is captivating and engaging. Learning world history can't be more fun".

Nankana Lake Resort Gardens & Cultural Activities Center 12 F.C.C., Maratab Ali Road, Gulberg-IV, Lahore, Pakistan Phone: 042-38793131, 35777807, 042-321-4416698, 042-321-4416616 eMail:

Gardens & Cultural Activities

12 F.C.C., Maratab Ali Road, Gulberg-IV Lahore, Pakistan

The World History Garden is located in the beautiful Nankana Lake Resort. It consists of a walkway full of huge wall panels that are packed with information on peoples and events over the 5,000 years of world history. Due weight has been given to all regions and cultures of the world— Islamic, European, Americas, India, China, Egyptian and Greco-Roman. The detailed timeline elaborates upon the rise as well as the decline of societies, nations, cultures and civilizations. The World History garden contributes towards rapidly growing aspirations for an education in world history and also contributes towards the nurturing of a cosmopolitan sensibility in our extremely-connected and every shrinking twenty-first century world.

Brought to you by Gardens & Cultural AcCenter at the Nankana Lake Resort, Understand our world - its past and tivities Nankana Sahib, Punjab, Pakistan. the way the past informs our future “Tolerance through Education”

at the World History Garden.

World History frequently asked questions Garden From the cradles of early civilization in Mesopotamia, Sumer, Egypt, China & the Indus Valley through the strife of the Middle Ages to the accelerated technological explosions of the late-twentieth-century society, the World History Garden located at Nankana Lake Resort is a fascinating and enthralling display of endeavor and determination.

Where is the World History garden located? The Garden is located at the Nankana lake Resort, approx. 90 Kilometers from Lahore towards Faisalabad. (Midway between Lahore & Faisalabad). Please call us or visit our website for detailed directions!

How large can the “Group” be? For overnight trips, the minimum is 25 people (Adults and Children combined) and the Maximum is 50. For day trips, we do not have any group size limits. The group can be any size. Advanced notice to us however is helpful in planning.

Do we need a reservation? Yes, please call one of our representatives at the numbers given to reserve your trip and prepare an ‘events schedule’.

Do you have transport facilities ?

The large panels for instance highlight the pace of change between Western and Eastern cultures; walk along and see how civilized life began alongside the rivers and deltas of the Nile, Tigris, Euphrates and the Yang-Tse; it spread to Greece and knowledge continued to grow while Europe moved through the dark ages; during this period eastern cultures spawned new religions, especially Islam, made scientific discoveries and wrote great literature; See Europe in the Middle Ages, with advances in war technology and trade. All this and more displayed in a wonderfully done timeline.

Yes, we have buses and vans—but the rates change due to fuel costs—so you’ll have to call us for the most current rates when you are making your reservations.

Do you have heaters and A/C’s? For overnight stays we have suites, cabins & tents. Suites and cabins have heaters, A/C’s and generators. Tents are equipped with heaters in winter and fans in the summer.

What is the minimum age for overnight stays? Children under 15 years are not allowed to stay overnight unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. Please inquire from your representative for further details.

What activities can our Group participate in? Besides the World History Garden, you can plan other activities such as riding, target shooting, obstacle course, campfires and Bar-B-Q. We can also arrange a movie on the Lake Open Air Theatre as well as Karaoke music.

Is food / meals included in the package? Yes, food / meal choices from our menu is included. Please visit our website at for the menu.

Where can I obtain more information about your pricing ? Please call the numbers listed to obtain per person charges.

World History Garden As the global integration of nations and communities accelerates, the need for spatially unfettered historical understanding of people, places and locations of key historical events that shaped our world is becoming essential for all citizens of the world— and not just for history teachers and students. With its thematic and ingenious timeline concept, cross-referencing is easy and allows the information to be readily understood and absorbed. Illustrations of wars, treaties, pioneers and treasures, the people who altered the course of history and those who held it back make this journey through history an enjoyable experience – both for teachers and students interested in history. A picture says a thousand words—and yes, the history panels tell our story of 5,000 years.

World History Garden at Nankana Sahib Lake Resort  

World History Garden at Nankana Sahib Lake Resort is a beautiful adventure in history

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