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Water Rocket Challenge Results of Puzzle Contest Table Tennis Football Tournament 2010-2011 Alumni Party at New Dormitory

A Memory to be Cherished 10F’s Werdo’s Love Performance Trip to Vietnam A Day to Remember Friendship Celebration 8-F Trip to Boy-Side Dormitory

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On 15 June, 2011 Santhor Mok Library was officially opened with the presidency of her Excellency Thoch Sarom and Mr. Yafes Akpinar, vice principal of Zaman International School Zaman’s student, teacher and other quests. The program started at 8:00am with a welcome song from a Sathor Mok student. Mr. Heng Yany Principal of Sathor mok Primary school said that this library was repaired by Zaman International School on early April 2011 and finished on 20 May 2011, the job was completed for 15000 USD and equipped with 1500 English books.


Vice Principal of Zaman International school, Mr. Yafes Akpinar said Library is a heart of any institution of learning, provides students with the possibilities of continuous reading, and research. Her Excellency Thoch Sarom vice Governor of the city kindly acknowledge Zaman International school and sent message to all students to study hard and use this library effectively. Mr. Akpinar was presented with the Medal of Honor and he cut a symbolic ribbon to open the library officially. Miss Sunnarom



THE WATER ROCKET CHALLENGE During International Children’s Day, the 1st of June, our school held a water rocket competition at the old stadium in Phnom Penh. The stadium is a huge grassy field surrounded by bleachers that can seat thousands, and, most importantly, has a great supply of water available for the launchers. There were 249 students who participated in the first stage of the challenge. The competition started at around 9.00 am and ended about noon. Students started to arrive at 8.00 am to prepare their rockets for launching. Within minutes, the stadium was packed with people.

The teachers and judges’ tables were placed in the centre of the field, and there was music blasting from the speakers. We could all feel the excitement of the crowd. There were many students and teachers wearing either a black or white shirt with a water rocket logo. First, the teachers started the competition by selecting the best design rockets and launchers. All students got lined up according to their grades, starting from the 12th graders down to the 7th graders. There were so many rockets in different shapes, sizes, and colors.

Lisa Math

( 7-F )

The Longest Time of Flight

04 May -June 2011 Zaman International School - High School Newspaper

It was the same for the launchers which had all unique designs. They varied from the sophisticated-looking ones to the simplest of designs. However, they were all admirable, and clearly it was difficult for the judges to select the best one. After choosing the best design, we went straight to the competition to find the rocket that could stay up in the air the longest. As there were 2 classes for each grade, we didn’t have much time, and the teachers had to proceed quickly. There was a lot of tension among competitors and their ardent supporters at the stage; cheers and applause was coming in waves from the audience and the competitors.

Monita Kim

( 10-E )

The Best Design Rocket

There were also some cameramen roaming around the area to capture the big event. After hours of launching the rockets, it was obvious that the students were exhausted and hungry. While students who had been waiting took their turn in the field, the others gathered in groups to relax and enjoy the famous Turkish Doner Kebab, which was at the upper levels of the stadium. As the competition was drawing to an end, with few rockets left to compete, competitors started returning home, some with soaked clothes and all with a satisfied smile. Vong Rosavid Ek 10-E

Sivhong Koch , Channaleak Than , Bonita Nuon ( 11-F ) The Best Design Launcher

May -June 2011 05 Zaman International School - High School Newspaper

Blast off, Water Rocket ! There were 263 participants in the second session. We arrived there at 1:00 pm just in time for the start of the competition. If you had been there, you would have noticed that each of the participants' rockets was distinct, either in design, size, shape, or material. Before their launch time, pupils on the field started getting their rocket ready away from the crowd. They came up with very innovative ideas. They took advantage of a common product, and used SODA water because of its properties:

Kea Khim Sok ( 9-A )

The Longest time of ight

06 May -June 2011 Zaman International School - High School Newspaper

it is fizzy, releases gas, and it's clear looks exactly like plain water. We must not call this "cheating", preferring instead to call it "being smart". They filled up their rockets with it, pumped the air in, and launched! There it goes, soaring up into the sky! Many rockets followed at that moment. Just then something happened which made the audience stare with their mouths wide open. Something huge was shot up, a blue mass, so big and heavy that it might possibly kill anyone it fell on. It was a 20 liter bottle with a weight of 49 Newton! Fortunately, it landed on the roof of the stadium and emitted a thunderous sound as if a comet had hit the earth.

Virakvuth Luck , Raksa Rath , You Heang Seng ( 9-A ) The Best Design Launcher

At about half past three in the afternoon a downpour arrived, complete with lightning scattering across the sky. All of our competitors and teachers

After everyone had their turn, Mr.Gurkan announced that the results of the challenge would be released back at school as soon as

and rushed towards a shelter inside the spectator hall. Of course the contest had to pause and wait for the rain to stop. The participants, who had become quite hungry due a hard day’s work and the presence of the delicious odor of Turkish Doner Kebab in the air, bought themselves some

4 :00 pm. After all was said and done, this water rocket competition was an opportunity for every student at school to learn about physics while having fun. It also helped us to build friendships and encouraged bonding while we were all working together.

About half an hour later, the rain stopped and the competition resumed. Competitors launched their handiwork one by one until every participant had their rocket launched.

Sintan Som 11A

Chung Heang Loh ( 10-C ) The Best Design Rocket

May -June 2011 07 Zaman International School - High School Newspaper

Photo Gallery of Water R

The water rocket has a few major points, the launcher, the rocket itself and the amount of water and pressure. If u can perfect all these points, then you’re good to go. I had a very enjoyable time during the water rocket competition. It was very hot but it was worth all the fun. Akchhara Chharom, 10F

08 May - June 2011 Zaman International School - High School Newspaper

Rocket Challenge

1, 2, 3‌ Lift off!! There goes another water rocket up into the sky above the Old Stadium. The Water Rocket Challenge, which is simply a bottle of water shaped to look like a rocket, and air, which is used to pressurize it with the help of an air pump, to see which rocket can stay in the air the longest. There were many differently designed launchers and rockets. Some didn’t work, some went up only a little ways, and some were just spectacular. We clapped and cheered for those that went up high and stayed up for a long time, even though they might not have belonged to our friends. At the end of the competition we launched our rockets all together into the air simultaneously, signaling the end of a tiring, wet, and wonderful competition. We hope we can have another competition like this again next year. Viriya Keo, 10F

May -June 2011 09 Zaman International School - High School Newspaper

More photos can be found on

It was a really fun and exciting water rocket competition. The competition gave students a chance to show their expertise with rockets. Winning or losing was not important, my partner and I just kept focusing on making our rocket the best we could. I hope it’s going to be held again next year. “Experience is the way to success” Sovisal Srey, 11-B

I was so excited and amazed seeing so many rockets of different colors and shapes being shot into the sky. I think our school holding this competition is a good idea because I learned a great new formula (P=F/A), and it gave all the students in this school an opportunity to show how strong or clever they are, and also showed them how to spend their time doing something useful. Sombath Sok, 10-C

The last class to be called out to compete was 10C because while they were launching their rockets, it began to rain heavily. The entire crowd of students ran quickly to the bleachers. Most of us sat down and watched the rain, while others went to buy doner to eat. In the stadium, on the bleachers, there was doner (spit-roasted marinated boneless chicken) for sale. After the rain stopped, some of the students went home while others ran to the field and launched their rockets for the last round. Finally, our physics teachers launched their rocket, which was made from a 20 liter water bottle. We watched this rocket travel up into the cloudy sky. Chung Heang Loh, 10-C

10 May -June 2011 Zaman International School - High School Newspaper

May - June 2011 11 Zaman International School - High School Newspaper

The Results of

Puzzle Contest

ZIS math department recently organized first annual puzzle contest. Target participants were all secondary and high-school level students of Zaman High school. The aim of the puzzle contest was to boost students’ enthusiasm towards mathematics and display different aspects of mathematical language. To certain extent, we achieved our goal. Eye-witnessing the efforts of majority of students to solve puzzle questions during the contest gave us great inspiration to organize such event in a bigger scale in the following years. On behalf of all mathematics teachers, I would like to congratulate the students who secured their places in top ten and wish them continuous successes in their future education life. Let me thank all who have allowed us to use their ideas and organize the event, the enthusiasm and joy of our students be a reward for all of our math teachers. Wishing the best for all‌ A.Kasim Akhmedov Mathematics teacher

12 May-June 2011 Zaman International School - High School Newspaper


SECONDARY CATEGORY 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

Kim Leng Pichroath Kanika Pagnrith Vorackthyda Bun Sothy Kim Hav Sophadeth Sok Leang Marady Chanthida

Ra Chhim Sok Va Ney Srey Dy Rithya Seng Huot Be

8B 9E 9F 8A 9F 9A 8B 9B 8B 9F 9E

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Visoth Thyda Sokly Sonita Movsreng Lymei Lymeng Kuysreng Sok Heng Vann Lydeth Narita

Ung Ny Poch Heng Sun Chhim Kuo Lim Chen Bel

11E 11A 11F 11A 11E 11A 12A 12A 10B 11E

May-June 2011 13 Zaman International School - High School Newspaper



1 3 2 4

6 6 6 6

8-A 7-B 8-B 7-A

Wins 5 3 3 0

Draw Lost




0 1 1 0

32 - 10 19 - 16 21 - 17 3 - 32

22 3 4 -29

15 10 10 0

1 2 2 6

Top Scorer: Kimleng Ra 8B Goalkeeper of the year: Por Kruy Taing 7B MVP: Salamey Math 8A Fair play: Chhun Heng Lim 7A

14 May-June 2011 Zaman International School - High School Newspaper

2010 - 2011 Group B Rank 1 2 3 4 5

Teams 10-A 10-C 10-B 9-A 9-B

Played 8 8 8 8 8

Wins Draw 6 6 5 1 1

Top Scorer : Goalkeeper of the year: MVP : Fair play :

1 0 1 0 0

Lost 1 2 2 7 7

Diff 27 - 18 50 - 16 28 - 20 15 - 38 13 - 41


Points 9 34 8 -23 -28

19 18 16 3 3

Rathboros Oeur 10C Kang Sour Lim 10C Vann Thy Mok 10A Povseyha Ung 10B

May-June 2011 15 Zaman International School - High School Newspaper

Group C Rank 1 2 3 4

Teams 11-B 12-A 11-A 12-B

Played 6 6 6 6

Wins 5 4 1 1

Draw 1 1 0 0

Lost 0 1 5 5

Diff 30 - 12 23 - 15 12 - 24 10 - 24

GD Points 18 16 8 13 -12 3 -14 3

Top Scorer: Chan Darin Chhim 12A Goalkeeper of the year: Rithya Kimsour 12A MVP: Hai Theng Eng 11B Fair play: Rotanak Nou 11A

16 May-June 2011 Zaman International School - High School Newspaper

Alumni Rank


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

2009 2007 2010-B 2006 2008 2004 2010-A 2002 2003

Played 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16


Draw Lost

12 12 11 8 8 7 4 3 1

1 1 2 2 0 2 2 2 0

3 3 3 6 8 7 10 11 15

Diff 82 - 54 71 - 44 79 - 55 77 - 74 72 - 65 61 - 53 48 - 64 54 - 91 17 - 61

GD Points 28 27 24 3 7 8 -16 -37 -44

37 37 35 26 24 23 14 11 3

Football League 2010-2011 All the teams in the table above have struggled to get the championship throughout the year. Eventually, the first four teams at the top of the table remained to play their semifinal matches. In the end, the graduates of 2006 received the championship of the year. And 2007, 2009 and 2010 B graduates secured second, third and fourth places respectively.

Visit our football page: May-June 2011 17 Zaman International School - High School Newspaper

Table Tennis Altogether, 72 players joined the tournament this year, and 82 games were played. Winners are as follows:

Secondary School Category: 1st place Pros Pich Mao (7-B) 2nd place Bunthorng Pen (9-B)

18 May-June 2011 Zaman International School - High School Newspaper

High School Category: 1st place Chhay Cheng Sok (11-B) 2nd place Chhornboreyreach Ty (11-A)

May-June 2011 19 Zaman International School - High School Newspaper

Alumni Party at


, eating, swimming, watching movies and spending a night together? Nothing is more valuable than being able to all of these with old friends, especially those from high school.

It’s always been a great experience for us, even now, thanks to the relationship built in high school, and the school to always trying to connect its alumni. Daro (2008)

20 May-June 2011 Zaman International School - High School Newspaper

New Dormitory

rs. The e h c a e t d n d friends a e this atmosl o y n a m get to see really lik I I . d l n o a o p t a g e ner was gr esh air and swimmin n i d i ) n m u l ool fr gain. This a nha (2009 c a a h P e t i c n w o e e m weso the old tim l e venue is a e f e m h make phere whic

May-June 2011 21 Zaman International School - High School Newspaper

Eating together and swimming together within the nice environment of new dormitory. I was having great time with my friends as we used to do when we were in high school. No matter there was only eleven people attended but it still nice and I hope there will be more of friends attended next year. Finally I really thank Zaman International School for creating this event for us as their graduated student. Piseth (2007)

It wa s growth one of the m I am and feeling ost memora so bl t the pi happy. Mo he warm w e days of a zz el st l any o as and frie important come from l. Seeing th l t Z n e y h It do Zama er better ti dly talk wi , having me aman team esn`t m n s, th t over mean alway itself. I ho e and plac all alumn and enjoye e s p d i , e bring t t back t and strong o stay atta I can`t find alrea hough hig that our l h c y hed to i s grea believ dy. T h sch relat t e than m I o c ment io h like o every an enjoy an these ere is no ol life h nship is year. d worth as en old s u c h Panith m de it spe g (2004 nding ates and ood frie d ) n



ds it is alwa ys them ‌


ta (2 009)

22 May-June 2011 Zaman International School - High School Newspaper

Thanks you so much for a beautiful alumini dinner from ZIS. I’m truly appreciate with your kindness and I'm so glade that the school created these kind of activities. Moreover, the school had given us the guidance, friendship, discipline and love, ect,... whithout these kind activities that ZIS had been made, we might would lost some of our friendship that we had made since in high school, we will always be thankful to you for all the hard work and efforts you have put in, so that we feel like we are not lonely student after graduation, at least school needed us, like a slogan from zis you are going to the top with us.. Thanks Veasna(2006)

May-June 2011 23 Zaman International School - High School Newspaper

e B o t y r o m e M A As

d e h s i Cher

out to ere ab t by w y e hat th airpor d for w eet at the s. Dogan e it c x e m r agerly and M ity ged to were e were arran eachers, Mr. e Merlion c s r e b h t e t m r e t W o u t m le ely o ff. d he 12F were paid o d guided by and heade d was comp , we t f o 0 y a 1 ia n nt by, reparations mpanied a ed Cambod eeling we h ollowing da ek we o f f p t e c r e e c e a w h a h h p t t s t s e , f y m o alwa er. On een it n we d rm exa il, when all e were tarted whe of us have s h one anoth 3rd te r W . p e h A m t s a f f year st 11 ay o 9th o ht wit some each d came the , it was almo urney of the hough t the first nig ysia. lt a n d d o e n j a r ala en Th rive Island nts. Ou art in. f us ar ay to M and sp take p ut until all o left our pare as Sentosa otel rooms went our w b e nw ur h , and 10am, moment w t destinatio nt to o otos taken e w e s r h e t fi ed, w d lots of ph from . Our a apore ay end of Sing . After the d ic garden, h t n a n t e r o diffe the B ed out check

We visited famous places, spent some time shopping then travelled on to the Genting highland. Our 5th day of the trip was on amusement park and after a few rides, Mr. Kudret realized we were really Freaks. Our principle, Mr. Osman and our Maths teacher, Mr. Selmani, came to visit us one night and gave us small but most memorable gifts.

24 May-June 2011 Zaman International School - High School Newspaper

e all e wer e w , t l as on a resu nd as . The trip w t just a n w gh da l, no lmost ill not enou along wel a l l i t got und as st ed aro together w d to be. We s well. k o j d e an ay ct ma talked nd every d we’ve expe ifts for the t s u j ply ht g ast a han we sim nt by too f us closer t d we boug o s , r n e t e a o h w toget mber that g week night lt that the d also one ift to reme t s a l er an n, our us a g We fe as the next day. ut each oth ht each of w t i e abo s th ticed boug We no g on the bu even more isors. They n v w i sleep t us to kno our super o lso g a t t a u th us b f o 0 the 1

The time was short but we know that we will cherish the memories we made for as long as we live. Mountains of gratitude for Ms. Vesile and her spouse for trusting us and giving us what we needed. We’d like to thank our vice principle, Mr. Mustafa for being patient with us. Finally, we appreciated the love and support that our parents and everyone I’ve mentioned have shown us. 12-F

May-June 2011 25 Zaman International School - High School Newspaper

10F’s Werdo’s Love Performance You must be wondering what “Werdo’’ means.

It’s our group name. It signifies our unity, difference and uniqueness. We’ve had the idea of a class day since last year and we started to collect money and plan it since the beginning of the year. We’d been working very hard and that makes up for the few weeks we have for practicing and on the 4th of June, we finally revealed our talents. The show went smoothly, everything went well and everyone enjoyed it very much. There was laughter and there were tears, from us and the audience. It was amazing! Here are some comments from teachers and parents about our show:

“It was beautiful. Well organized.’’ -Mr. Osman Karaca Principal

“I am proud of all of you, you did a great job!” Grace L. Karaca

26 May-June 2011 Zaman International School - High School Newspaper

“Kolbastı, super! Apsara, güzel! İngilizce Şarkısı, çok güzel!” -Mrs.Vesile Doğan

“Decorations, great! Lights, perfect! Speakers, nice!” -Miss Sümeyra Sen

“Well organized, nice performances. Khmer dance, very beautiful. Violin, Piano and Singing performances were great because they showed their talents.’’ -Mrs. Els Vandekerkhove

“Firstly and honestly; we should say that it is not easy to organize this kind of program in front of parents and teachers (older than you) but we trust our students, if they work together they can accomplish whatever they want. When I watched 10F’s class day (Princess Party), I have understood one more time that there is no “I” in a Team. Thanks a lot, congratulations! ’’ -Mr. Mustafa Ercan Vice Principal

Viriya Keo, Akchhara Chharom, Puthyneath Lim 10F, Werdos Forever(:

May-June 2011 27 Zaman International School - High School Newspaper

9 A Trip to Vietnam THE PROZ

We went to Vietnam with our homeroom teacher and assistant teachers. We went there for 4 days. It was a really nice trip; we had opportunity to visit our old homeroom teacher and the school he is now teaching.

28 May-June 2011

ad. e. h r e e ev p for m ain. v ’ I g trip ited tri trip a t s ess n e be ost exc ind of d h t o k rip. ow go was the m e this t t I e n c : was to hav ip. a ni t me k t s I et. a : r e t g l t w r n y o a t s p i f I i e . : Bor long : I w ved th trip. is tr dship never h T h g o l n : it : I l erestin Bun y frie p I wil har y f n o a t h i P : In Sot ghong e tr sme h k a T n R : Zo iwath h t Pu u Vito

Zaman International School - High School Newspaper

On the way to Vietnam we sang, talked and laughed all together. We had a nice time. After checking and passing the Vietnam border we continued our trip to Hojiming. After three hours journey we arrived Hojiming in the evening. We had dinner together with our old homeroom teacher. He took us to the dormitory of his school. We liked the dormitory and enjoyed its swimming pool. We had enjoyable time in Day Niam. Supermarkets in Vietnam were amazing. They had lots of things to play. We played games together. We were interested in car racing game. We also had challenge with Vietnamese. We liked shopping and buying some souvenirs for our family. Going to the cinema was a brilliant idea. Watching a movie until late evening was exciting.

s clas y get r m o f f i me u. cipate again. o e y d a . ank arti trip ip m things r t : Th ke to p ind of s k li Thi ut bad s I ip. a : i r : h h t p t t i o o s r r ab e 9A t thi has astic t trip. ong r Kim thon m t o lov t forge i n is h I v a h F o t C : ’ S : can iked l I I : : ng o Uhe leu Dar kvuth Pun Vira

May-June 2011 29

Zaman International School - High School Newspaper


After our hardworking for two weeks finally it was time to show. It was our Class Day on 12th of June. There were various performances such as Apsara dance,Turkish dance, Khmer, Turkish song English songs and more‌..The most enjoyable thing was the union cutting game, the winner for female category was our lovely homeroom teacher Mrs. Goksel, and for male category was Mr. Phit Kiev, our civic teacher. After watching and showing our performance we had some snacks together with our parents, relatives, teachers and friends. We enjoyed it. At the end of the program we took photos as a class and of course with homeroom and assistant teacher. 30 May-June 2011 Zaman International School - High School Newspaper

Even though our performance wasn’t perfect it was a product of teamwork and hard work. It was hardship. During this period we worked as a class and we believed that we can do whatever we want. We also say thank you to our parents because they always support us. We apologize for any mistakes we may have made….This class day was absolutely unforgettable, and we shall remember it forever. We are looking forward to this kind of activity again. We are very proud to have such a good homeroom teacher Mrs. Göksel and assistant teacher Ms. Şerife. They always care about us and always try their best to help us even when they can’t. We would like to say THANK YOU to both of them. May-June 2011 31 Zaman International School - High School Newspaper

A Day to 28th May 2011 will always be an unforgettable day for all of 8E faever members. It was a very exiting day. I mean this was our First class day! You can guess how we would have felt; scared nervous, butterflies in our stomachs praying that the show won't be a disaster. 10:00 o'clock arrived. The show was about to begin. The students of 8E changed their costumes, took their places on stage. The music started playing. Then, the curtain opened.

32 May-June 2011 Zaman International School - High School Newspaper

8 E

f a e v e r


e x t r a o d i n a r e "Welcome to 8E faever extraodinare…" the show was really beginning!! Performances came one after another and everything went smoothly. On stage while students were performing, backstage was total chaos, but still, we didn't want it to end! We managed to do everything right (well with one or two mistakes here and there). Towards the end of the programme we had the costume parade.

It was one of the highlights of our show. And it was the first ever in Zaman history! The final performance was our class song which really expressed our feelings for each other; it’s called Gift of A Friend. And now, we'd like to express our thanks to everybody who attended our show. Thanks for being such a great audience, to students and parents who supported us, also the two people who really deserved credit to the show were our homeroom teacher Mrs. Grace and our abla, Miss. Shirin. They helped us with everything; from decoration to practicing the performances. Also, to all the teachers who helped us out by giving their lessons for us to practice. So, here are some pictures for the people who couldn’t join us on that wonderful day. You really missed a great opportunity! Priyanith Keo 8E Faever 2011

May-June 2011 33 Zaman International School - High School Newspaper

Dormitory Visit On 15th of June, all 12E members went to visit dormitory after taking our state exams. The exams finished at 11am, and then we gathered at ZAMAN International School. We waited for everyone’s present, and then we took the bus to the dormitory. Along the ways, we had so much fun with each other by taking some funny pictures and making some jokes.

12 E


l b a t t e g r o f as an un

It W

e! memory ev

In about 30 minutes, we arrived there and we were surprised by the wonderful views of the dormitory. The small houses were built around the perfectly cleaned swimming pool with very clear water. It was beautiful, lively and attractive which made us eager to swim. However, we couldn’t swim till we finished our lunch. Then, some of us helped the teachers to prepare the BBQ and the others prepared the tables for lunch. We had chicken BBQ, Maklube and drinks, and then we had cake for dessert. We ate a lot and we were very full. After lunch, we took pictures, we swam, and we played together with smiley face which is impossible to forget. Meanwhile, our homeroom teacher, Mrs. Yasemin, and our assistant teacher Ms. Janet, called us to a room and they said they would like us to watch something together as a memory. It was a video which is shown about our pictures since grade 7. It was so astonished that they had all those pictures.

They were such great teachers to us. After that, they brought us gifts and they gave us one for each. It was very precious and meaningful to us. It was a nice cup with image of our EM’s members on it. It was very kind of them which we couldn’t control our tears.

and ch other with tears ea to ile sm e w en !!” and th er and king and 4D togeth achers, we love you! Vi te d u ie yo tr e nk W . ha rk “t pa id t sa usemen We cried and ent to Dream Land am w e w l, al ble memory ever!!! er ta ft A et s. rg es fo in un pp an ha t as w ea gr Davy Hem 12E time together. It ng di en sp n fu h uc we had so m 34 May 2011 Zaman International School - High School Newspaper

ers and Staff h c Happy B a e t e h t l l irthday to a

Mehmet Turkoglu Gokhan Ramazan Coklu Shymuhammet Esenov

June June June

26 23 18

Just High School Newspaper Zaman, Publisher Zuhal Tatliyer, Editor-in Chief Gurkan Cil, Editor at Large

6 Mon


JUNE 2011


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01- Children’s Day

20-21-22-23-24- Second Term Final Exams

01- Water Rocket Challenge

24- End Of Academic Year

18- Queen Norodom Monineath Sihanouk’s Birthday

26- Graduation Ceremony

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