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Volume 6 Issue 65

April 2009

Chemistry Demo Contest


he chemistry demo contest was held on 14 February 2009. Students from several classes competed to show their talent with their ZAMAN NEWSPAPER Zaman, Publisher Murat Kilic, Editor-in Chief Gurkan Cil, Editor at Large

chemistry experiments. Participation was higher than we were expected. Around 80 students in 35 groups tried their best to impress the jury. Overall, it was a nice event for all the students and teachers to relax

and have fun. Although some of the teachers suffered some mishaps which cost them their tshirts or pearls, we still had a great time. We congratulate every student for their passion and participation.

At the end of the competition the jury had a hard time to decide the winners. Here are the results of the Chemistry Demo Contest 2009


Name of the students

Experiment Name



Sereyboth Savoan, Chamnap Khorn

Burning Paraffin


Prepared By 11-B


Porchhuong Ea, Borasy Kong, Vathanak Chhim

Coin Operated blue, white,red


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Also 28 students will each their great work. Once again we we are looking forward to see receive a t-shirt and certificate for congratulate every student and more participants next year.

April 2009




11-F Class Day Saturday 07.March.2009 it was 11f’s class day, which was held in the cinema room. The event lasted from 10 am to 12 pm. My classmates and I were excited to see the presents from the visitors. They were our parents, our teachers, our relatives and some other students from the girls side. Our program that day was the National anthem, Khmer traditional dance, Turkish songs, electronic organ show with Khmer songs, English drama, pop dance, entertainment games, Turkish traditional dance and Chinese songs followed by a presentation showing the journey of a trip to Turkey and finally the slide show of 11f’s photos. We had been practicing for only three weeks. The time was too short, hence we had to make practice every lunch time each weekend. At first I did feel worried because my classmates had not yet finished their training, and the routine we had to do seemed complicated. We had been practicing so hard. Sometimes we would practice and get angry and frustrated, especially during drama practice. Moreover, the drama actors were finding it difficult to find funny things to say to make the visitors laugh. In particular, our parents were utterly excited to see their daughters dressed up in Turkish and Khmer traditional clothes. The atmosphere in the cinema was awesome because there were lots of clapping hands. We noticed that our class was the

first class to celebrate the class day. Class day is one of the school activities that helps parents keep in touch with the homeroom teacher and with their daughter’s friends. Additionally, parents can see how are their daughter's abilities are improving. After ending our class day my classmate said she wanted keep practicing because

we had had so much fun during the training. We would like to thank Mrs. Yasemin, our homeroom teacher very much, she encouraged us and arranged this activity. We also would like to thank elder sister Merve, she helped us with lots of things. Additionally, thanks so much to all the visitors that gave us the honor of attending our

class day. Finally I’d like to thank my classmates that united together to participate in class day even through all the hardships and difficulties we experienced during practice for the event. Written by Chamroeun 11f

April 2009




11-f Dormitory

We had been waiting our turn for a long time. Finally, it was our turn!! 11F's dormitory was on Tuesday 10th of March. There were 11 students in the first three days of dormitory. We left school at 5pm by school car. When we got there, we felt very excited and ran straight to the bedrooms. After having a shower, everybody went to the kitchen to help Miss Merve to prepare our dinner. It was very fun. We also took many photos while cooking. Then we started to have our dinner. We made lots of jokes while we were eating. The food was delicious. We

cooked Turkish traditional pastry rolls in the oven. We loved all the food that our teacher cooked. Then we had a study time. So we collected all the plates, glasses, forks and spoons and brought them to the kitchen. We started study 7 pm and finished at 8.15. This study time was very good because it provided us the opportunity for self-study. At about 8.30 pm our homeroom teacher Miss Yasemin came to check whether we were studying or not. Everyone was very quiet and focused on their study. At 9 o’clock we had our tea time. There were many snacks, fruits,

ability. Later, we helped our teachers clean dishes and started to prepare tea time. During that time some of our friends watched our class day video with our teacher. About half an hour later, it was tea time. We didn’t have study time activity because it was our last night there. There were many desserts and fruits waiting for us. Our teacher had prepared a tasty cake for us. It was very delicious. While we were eating Miss Merve had a surprise for us. She showed us the slide show which was about the days we had spent at dormitory. At first, we felt really surprised and were curious to know what was in it. The slides showed us all the happy moments that we had as we stayed together, like a family. At the end of the slide show, she also described, what she felt when she stayed with us. It made everybody want to cry. All of us will remember all of her words and the time that we had shared together, forever in our hearts. Finally, we would like to thank our homeroom teacher (Mrs Yasemin), Miss Merve and all the teachers greeting us warmly at dormitory and preparing everything for us. Dormitory teaches us how to help respect and understand each other. Especially, it makes us feel closer to our teachers. Moreover, we really are looking forward to the next dormitory .

and also tea. We were all eating together in one big circle on the floor. It was very enjoyable. After finishing, we had to study again and it this time we studied from 9.30 pm to 11 pm so it meant that we studied 2 and a half hours that night. Finally, we went to bed. Each room was quite big. There was AC, lockers, a bathroom and 2 beds. We played around the room and talked with each other until we felt sleepy. Next day in the morning we woke up at 6 am and finished having a bath at about 6:30. Miss Merve Prepared by prepared breakfast. These Linda 11f things continue for 3 days. Then the last night of dormitory came, it was the special night that we can’t forget. Three of our classmates had just come to join us at dormitory too. They were Panhary, Danin and Leakna. So now there were 14 students on the last day of dormitory. Mrs Yasemin and Miss Merve had prepared a big BBQ for us. At that time we noticed that Miss Merve hadn’t come. That night, we had dinner outside on the balcony. We enjoyed it so much and took lots of funny photos. We were having so much fun and then we relaxed for a little while. After that our class monitor played music and everyone started to demonstrate their dancing

April 2009





On Saturday morning we went to the primary school with our homeroom teacher. We met “Mr. Isa” there. He is a teacher at the primary school. The first thing we did is go to the library; it is on the ground floor. It’s very elegant and has many books, but before you enter the library you have to take off your shoes because the floor is carpeted. After we left the library we went to the computer room, classrooms, dancing room, and physic laboratory where the students learn, experiment or dance.

There was to be a science fair held in 5 days at the primary school, so there were some students who were coming to the school every weekend try to develop their experiments with their teacher. After that we went to the cinema room which seats 120 people. Each seat has a table attached. Next we went to Mr. Isa's classroom. In the classroom there was an LCD TV, a whiteboard that can slide up and down, a projector, and last but not least the Active board, also

known as a smart board. Mr Isa said that “students like to study with the smart board”. He scans some English books and some exercises to his computer and then he shows them on the active board. It is easier than studying with the books. By the way we also have such facilities on our high school campus which we call the multimedia rooms. After we left Mr Isa’s classroom we went to look at the bedroom for the kindergarten, it is for the students to relax in when they have finished their lunch. After

that we went to the dining room. It has many long tables and each class has to sit according to their assigned table. When they are eating lunch each table has one teacher to look after them. When we finished sightseeing at the primary school we had lunch together with our homeroom teacher and took some group photos together and said then we said goodbye to Mr. Isa. ************

April 2009




Club Day In Zis

14th of March is the day that many clubs such as: Turkish Traditional dance club, Apsara dance club, Turkish singing club, Violin club, Electronic Organ club and the Handicraft club’s members come to show their abilities to their teachers and parents. We call it << Club day >>. Before the club day came all the clubs’ members were very worried about how to show their

abilities to their parents. They practiced a lot and studied very hard because this was the first time that our school, “ZIS” has had a club day. The program started at 10:30 and finished at 12:30. In the program we have 5 Turkish song sung by students in the Turkish singing club, 5 songs played by students in the Electronic Organ club and one of the songs had

violins from the Violin club to play alongside. Also featured were 2 Apsara dances, 2 Turkish traditional dances, and some beautiful things made by students in the handicraft club. It was an enjoyable program. All parents and teachers enjoyed it very much and we also enjoyed it too. After the program we went to the canteen to have some snacks together with our parents

and teachers. They said that the Turkish food was very delicious. After finishing eating they went back home. I really liked this program and I hope I can join in this activity again next time!!! Prepared by: Sivyong Banh Class: 10F **********

April 2009




F l y i n g

Once upon a time there was a little boy who was raised in an orphanage. The little boy had always wished that he could fly like a bird. It was v e r y d i ff i c u l t f o r h i m t o understand why he could not fly. There were birds at the zoo that were much bigger than he, and they could fly. "Why can't I?" he thought. "Is there something wrong with

me?" he wondered. There was another little boy who was crippled. He had always wished that he could walk and run like other little boys and girls. "Why can't I be like them?" he thought. One day the little orphan boy who had wanted to fly like a bird ran away from the orphanage. He came upon a park where he saw the little boy who could not walk

or run playing in the sandbox. He ran over to the little boy and asked him if he had ever wanted to fly like a bird. "No," said the little boy who could not walk or run. "But I have wondered what it would be like to walk and run like other boys and girls." "That is very sad." said the little boy who wanted to fly. "Do you think we could be friends?" he said to the little boy in the sandbox. "Sure." said the little boy. The two little boys played for hours. They made sand castles and made really funny sounds with their mouths. Sounds which made them laugh real hard. Then the little boy's father came with a wheelchair to pick up his son. The little boy who had always wanted to fly ran over to the boy's father and whispered something intohis ear. "That would be OK," said the man. The little boy who had always wanted to fly like a bird ran over to his new friend and said, "You are my only friend and I wish that there was something that I could do to make you walk and run like other little boys and girls. But I can't. But there is something that I can do for you."

FIFTY GOOD FRIENDS Manuel Garcia had stomach cancer. The doctors told him, “You need chemotherapy to stop the cancer” Manuel went to the hospital for chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is strong medicine. Manuel’s hair began to fall out. Soon he had no hair. Manuel was depressed. He felt strange without hair. He didn’t want people to see him. One day Manuel’s brother and there other relatives visited Manuel in the hospital. Manuel was surprised when he saw them. They had no hair! “You shaved your heads! “Manuel said. Manuel began to laugh. The other men laughed, too. “Please be quite,” the nurse said. But the nurse was smiling. When Manuel came home from the hospital, friends and relatives came to visit him.”We want to

The little orphan boy turned around and told his new friend to slide up onto his back. He then began to run across the grass. Faster and faster he ran, carrying the little crippled boy on his back. Faster and harder he ran across the park. Harder and harder he made his legs travel. Soon the wind just whistled across the two little boys' faces. The little boy's father began to cry as he watched his beautiful little crippled son flapping his arms up and down in the wind, all the while yelling at the top of his voice, "I'M FLYING, DADDY. I'M FLYING!"


any of us consider that to see and to look is same thing; as a matter of fact these two things are different things .We have prepared some questions for you. Do you know where this picture was taken? Of course they have been cropped. If you know please submit your answers to the editor, Mr. Gurkan CIL. Only one prize is available for the student who comes in first. Thank you.

shave our heads, “they said.”We to look like you.”Manuel shaved their heads. He also shaved his sons’ heads. In one day he shaved fifty heads. Manuel’s wife wanted to shave her head, too.

“No! Said Manuel. At the hospital Manuel was depressed because he had no hair. Now he is not depressed.”I’m ready for anything, “he says.

April 2009




Siem Reap Trips

On the 28 December 2008, We arrived at school at 6 am and we started to depart at 6:30 am as 11A was also going to Siem Riep the same day as us but they were going to be leaving the school about 7 a.m. There were 20 people from our class taking part including our homeroom teacher and Mr. Ek ly. We were starting our very exciting trips. We were so very happy. We were going to be away for 5 days and 4 nights.

Our first stop along the way was Skun. We stopped to have a little to eat. Then we continued our trip. We arrived at Siem Reap at 12:15 and began to look for the hotel that we had already booked. After finding it, we took a quick rest in the hotel for a short time. We ate lunch at a restaurant near the hotel and begin our exploration of Siem Reap's historical places. We began by visiting

the Cultural villages. We saw a lot of shows and there were a lot of people there because it was Sunday and they put on a very special show called chey vorimon 7. Then we visited the Khmer villages, Chinese villages, (Chun Chet peak tech) villages and a lot more. We went to see the Death Cave. There we saw a very frightening statue that looked like it was from hell. Some of us aren't afraid of ghosts or

other super natural things so they planned a trick to play on us. Each of them had a bottle or two. When they saw a ghost they threw it at them and the ghost threw them back at us. What a silly thing to do. When we finished our trip to the Cultural villages we went back to the hotel and took a shower and got ready to go for a dinner. It was also time for the football match, Liverpool with ------- and the

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April 2009



FIELD TRIP Continued from Page 7

score became ------------. Then we went back to our hotel and started to have a rest after a very enjoyable day. But some of us didn’t go to sleep. Can you guess what we did then? Games were played on laptops and a very interesting match with counter strike and also some PS2s provided a very exciting FIFA 09 challenge. The next day we were got up at 6 o’clock in the morning and ate at th e b u ffe t i n th e h o te l ’s restaurant and then we set off to

visit another place. We were still exhausted because of the night before, but it was still a very exciting trip we took then. We went to Angkor Wat temple and visited other temples that are around Angkor Wat such as The 12 temple, the elephants battle field, also we went to barray terk tlar, and it was very faraway and deep down and it was so cool. In the afternoon we decided to find somewhere to eat so we decided to go back to the hotel and ordered pizzas from the Pizza

Company and then we started to eat together and then we swam in the swimming pool. In the afternoon we went to Bayon temple and we climbed up the stairs and saw each others very delighted smiles. We found a very comfortable place for dinner a little bit far from our hotel. That night we were very tired after having visited around Angkor wat and Bayon temples. On the 29th, we went to Ta prum temple to see a very old tree that was on the top of the temple. We took a lot of

pictures there and we saw a lot of tourists there like us but not the same nationality as us. The day before we were due to go back to Phnom pehn we went to Prasat Banteay Srey. The wall, the door when we went in it was very fascinating with the statue and the ---------. In the evening we went to Mekong restaurant to eat an evening meal for the last time in Siem Riep. Surprisingly we met 11A at there, too and we had a little chit chat and then we left the restaurant first cause we had gotten there earlier than them. The last day had come and we started to pack our luggage and backpacks. We left at 12 noon because we had to buy something at Phsar Chas in Siem Reap. We bought a lot of things like statues, candles, and a lot more. We had lunch at Arun Res restaurant for our last meal in Kampong Thom. Then every one fell asleep and so did I. we arrived at Phnom Penh around 6:15 pm and it was the day for the New Year Day celebration in Cambodiana and we got stuck in a traffic jam trying to get to our school. Everybody left from school to go to their house around 7:00 pm in their parents’ vehicles. We were both very exhausted and happy and we hoped that we could have another trip sooner or later. **********

April 2009




11-B Trip To Soun So Ben He was waiting for us. Then we carried our drinks and snacks inside in order to find a comfortable place to sit. After we found a place we started a fire and our homeroom teacher and his wife barbecued the meat for us. Nearly an hour later we were finished eating the barbecue and then we started to share the drinks and snacks with our friends. When we had finished eating we talked about our class and friends. After that we went for

Our last trip was on the 22nd of February; our homeroom teacher Mr. Murat had invited us to ‘SOUN SO BEN’ for a barbeque. We decided to travel In Engleng's minibus for transportation. The trip started at 8:30 am and went until 1:30 pm and was attended 8 students and Mr. Murat’s family. Mr. Murat and his

a walk and took pictures. At 1:00 pm we decided to go home. We left there earlier than everyone else. We really appreciate it that our homeroom teacher prepared such an enjoyable activity for us. Prepaired by: Sithisak & Chentara Class: 11B **********

family arrived there first with his car. After spending 30 minutes on a minibus we arrived there late at 9 a.m. because we had stopped at many places to buy drinks, snacks and meat for the barbecue. The trip there felt like it took only a minute because we were happily chatting and singing. When we arrived there we immediately saw our homeroom teacher Mr. Murat.

ANNOUNCEMENT ABOUT RE-REGISTRATIONS Please be informed that School Contract and Re-registration Form have to be returned to school with signatures of student and guardian during office hours (13:00 to 16:30) for re-registration on the following dates.

Grade 7 students: From 27 April to 30 April 2009, Grade 8 students: From 29 April to 5 May 2009 Grade 9 students: From 4 May to 7 May 2009 , Grade 10 students: From 18 May to 21 May 2009 Grade 11 students: From 20 May to 26 May 2009 To Re-register; - 2008-2009 Academic Year tuition fee must be paid completely. - Re-registration fee for High School (Annually) must be paid at re-registration. - $20 for School ID & Library fee must be paid at re-registration. - An official copy of Birth Certificate of the student must be submitted in English (if it was submitted before, no need to submit again). * Some amount of tuition fee may be paid at re-registration. We would like to remind you kindly that all re-registrations must be completed until 12 June 2009. Otherwise; - Records of students who would not re-register until 12 June 2009 will be deleted. -Students who would like to re-register after 12 June 2009 can re-register with paying $500 Enrollment Fee + $350 Registration Fee + $20 School ID & Library fee for High School if there is available seat.

-Siblings must re-register at the same time. (Dates, given at the announcement are not important for siblings.)

April 2009




Music To Our Ears Guitar club is just one of the many clubs at Zaman International School. There are many others such as Football, Organ, Violin, Advanced math, Computer Project (Info matrix) and a lot more. There are 12 students joining in at the Guitar club who are from different classes like 11B, 11A and 10B. And don't forget there is also a very skillful teacher there too. We enjoy it when it is time for our club and we think we are happy to join in. We have been learning for 6 months now. We have had fun and have learnt a lot of songs, chords, and some tricks to make our music sound better and clearer. It was difficult trying to play our instruments at first but as we went along it got easier. Now when we are happy or relaxing from studying we can play our instruments to reduce our stress. Guitar club is the most exciting club according to us not surprisingly as we are members want to learn and the songs that of the guitar club. Our teacher the teacher has given us are the teaches us a lot of the songs we newest songs, such as those from Hong Meas, M

entertainment production, Spark skills we have learned to play Musicâ&#x20AC;Ś "music to our ears." I think the guitar club is fun and very enjoyable as we can use the

Summer Festival Graph For Boys side games on this day until the games were finished at 12:00 PM. All of the students went to their homes with a big smile on their face. This activity had many purposes such as establishing closer relationships between teachers and students, while having a lot of fun. On the page above the graph expresses our student feelings about our festival activity. That was a very delightful day. We hope that this festival will be repeated next year. We would like to thank the school administration, teachers and all students for their contributions and attendance.

********** In February 2008 ZAMAN boys summer festival for the first AM with the selling of tickets. International School organized a time. The festival started at 8:00 Everybody enjoyed all the

April 2009




HOOP OF A GAME In daily life people all over the world do some exercise or play sports for their health. There are many kinds of sport, but I would like to introduce you a kind of sport that is very popular in America and Canada called BASKETBALL. Basketball was invented in the USA by Dr. Luther H. Gulick (1865-1918) in 1890. By 1897 this game rapidly spread nationwide and internationally to Canada and other parts of the world. During the period from 1893-1895 many U.S. colleges adopted this game. In 1934 the first college game was staged in New York City’s Madison Square Garden. By the 1950s basketball became a major college sport. By the 1960s the NBA (National Basketball Association) has started. Basketball is an easy sport to play with our friends and family, but it’s not so easy to play professionally in the NBA. They play as many as 150 games during the NBA season. An NBA game lasts for 48 minutes (4 quarters of 12 minutes each). Every team starts with 5 players on the court and there are also up to 7 players standing by waiting for their chance to play as substitutes. Every game begins with the ball being thrown in the air at the center of the court (the jump ball). There is one player from each team lined up in the mid-court circle waiting to direct the ball to their teammates. Then there are 2 ways that the offensive team can score points. The first way to score is worth 2 or 3 points, depending on the distance the shooter is from the basket. The second way to score

is the foul shot called "a freethrow". In order for a team to get a free throw, there has to be a foul. There are 2 kinds of foul, personal foul and technical foul. A personal foul is called because of pushing, holding, charging (deliberately bumping into another player), or tripping. And the technical foul is called because of a violation of the rules without physical contact, such as unsportsmanlike conduct. In case of a foul the other team is awarded one, two or three shots depending on the foul. Since 1980s Basketball became one of the most popular sports in the world. Also, there are many basketball clubs competing for the NBA crown which is awarded to the best team in the NBA

league. By the way our school also has provided a Basketball Club too. It’s on Monday and Wednesday for 7 and 8 grade student. And we always play on Tuesday and Thursday for 10 and 11 grade students. This Basketball Club is trained 12 members from 7 and grade and another 11 members from 10 and 11 grades. They are really enjoying training and playing basketball so much. As we know that Basketball Club is one of the favorite clubs for boy side. On the other hands, ZIS also had a basketball tournament for our student since last year. And it was dividing to 3 groups. Group A for 11 and 12 grade, Group B for 10 and 9 grade and Group C for 7 and 8 grade. For group A champion was 11B, group B champion was 10A and group C champion was 8A. And now ZIS had open a new season of Basketball Tournament for our students like last year. But there’s a different from last year, this year we divide only 2 groups. Group A for 10, 11 and 12 grade students. And group B for 7 and 8 grade students. Here is the ranking table of our 2 Basketball group *Group A



12B 2


0 76 27 49 4

10A 2


0 46 32 14 4

11A 1


1 15 28 -13 0

11B 1


1 12 25 -13 0

12A 2


2 32 69 -37 0

*Group B GP W







35 20 15






38 25 13






30 39 -9






15 34 -19 0

*Questions: Look at the table above 1. Which team do you think that will win a Basketball tournament for group A? 2. Which team do you think that will win a Basketball tournament for group B? Here are some idea of our student about our Basketball Tournament... _Sithi Sak SAM (11B) Prepared by: Sam oudamsak Hay

April 2009




Water The water used should be pure; pH neutral, chlorine and ozone free. Distilled water is best, quality bottled water is usable; tap water should be avoided when possible. Any impurity in water might result in abrupt behavior of dyes or quick decay of mucilaginous solutions. Deste-Seng Deste-Seng is the name given to the apparatus made of marble or glass and used for mashing pigments.

What Is Ebru? “Ebru” (/abroo/) has long been the name given to the authentic art of paper marbling and to the marbled papers produced by ebru artists. Classical ebru is performed using aqueous natural pigments mixed with ox-gall and a rectangular trough filled with a mucilaginous mixture, traditionally prepared using gum tragacanth. Colors are sprinkled using brushes made of rose stalks and horsehair on the surface of the mucilaginous solution in the trough. The floating pattern is taken off to paper either as is or after being reshaped and retouched using pins, needles, combs or the like. Materials Mucilaginous Materials , Trough , Water , Brushes , Dyes , DesteSeng , Ox-gall , Deste-seng Board , Turpentine , Spatula , Containers , Pins and Needles , Paper , Combs , Table , Drying Shelves Trough Although classical artists used wooden troughs made of pine sealed with tar, it is best to use troughs produced from

galvanized iron or steel. A cylindrical steel rod 2-3 mm in diameter and as long as the width of the trough is generally fixed on the nearer longer side, to provides a smooth surface for the safe removal of excess liquid from paper 5-6 cm high, the trough should be as wide as the sheets used for marbling and around ½ cm longer then them, leaving space for the expansion of paper in water. Most ebru artists prefer troughs for 50cm x 35 cm sheets, while 70cm x 50cm and 46cm x 64cm sheets are also used.

Mucilaginous Materials 1/2 For easy floatation of natural pigments on water and enduring adhesion of them on paper, various mucilaginous materials are used, i.e. Tragacanth, flax seeds, orchid root (salep/sahlap/), quince seeds, fenugreek seeds, carrageen an. In ebru, gum tragacanth has been most widely used.

Mucilaginous Materials 2/2 Preparing Mucilaginous Solution Using Gum Tragacanth: The starting season for ebru making is fall. Traditionally, the artist acquires a year’s supply of gum tragacanth from a given batch, with the coming of the season. This helps the artist to affix the amount to be used in a trough full of water accurately with the least number of trials. A good first shot would be to use 45-50 g of gum tragacanth for 7 liters of water in a separate container. The mixture should be left aside for 3-4 days for infusion, mixing now and then to accelerate the process. The mixture, then, should be filtered through coarse muslin or the like into the trough. Brushes An ebru artist traditionally “ties” her own brush, fixing a bunch of horsehair at the edge of a rose stalk. The bunch of horsehair is fastened to the stalk wrapping sufficient amount of line around the edge over where the bunch meets the stalk finishing with a concealed knot.

Deste-Seng Board It is the board for mashing pigments using a deste-seng, usually made from the same material to minimize unilateral abrasion. Laboratory-grade pestles and mortars are also used for mashing, especially for Lahore indigo pigments.

Dyes 1/5 In traditional ebru, only acid-free and casein-free, lightfast dyes made from natural pigments are used. It is possible to purchase pigments in mainly two different forms: 1.Natural soil or rock form, 2.Powder form. Containers Various containers are needed

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April 2009



ART Continued from Page 12 to preserve and hold dyes and pigment pastes. Glass containers are most widely used. Mashed pigment pastes are put into “main containers” and are portions of those are transferred from main containers to dye jars as needed. For preferred colors, using 3 different jars for dye mixtures (with low ox-gall concentration, high ox-gall concentration and a smaller one Combs with turpentine) would be Various combs are used to practical. generate the mythic patterns on combed ebrus. Wires, pins, nails, and rods of varying thickness and length are fixed on wooden strips. For best results, the width of the comb should be a little less than that of the trough.

Tear-resistance when wetted materials and comfort for long and sufficient thickness for hours of ebru making. controlled laying on water surface are desired attributes. Table There are not rigid specifications for an ebru table, but many masters use low (50-55 cm in height) tables with ample width and depth (at least 80cm x 120cm) for easy access to

Pins and Needles Various pins and needles, standalone or attached to handles, are used for dropping dye, and shaping droplets. Needles and pins made from Paper non-corrosive and non-reactive Quality paper sheets, 80-90 materials should bee used. g/m2 in weight, are used in ebru.

Garden Of Dreams

It was a beautiful day – quite unlike any other. It wasn’t as fiery hot as we have become accustomed to the days before. The cool breeze made it a perfect setting for a perfect picnic! We booked ourselves into a large hut and feeling quite hungry, quickly set out to fill the mat with all the food and drinks

we had brought. The minute our stomachs got filled and our energies were given a boost, we planned on what to do next. Some decided to remain in the hut – to take in the beauty that surrounded them. The lush greens, pretty blossoms, the tranquility of water, the calm breeze – were too much of a

comfort to leave behind! The adventurous lot however went exploring. They discovered the playground in no time and spent a fair bit of time romping in and around it. They returned back from time to time to quench their thirst and to check on the other remaining kids. Being highly curious kids and with boundless energies, they moved on to discover other parts of the garden. Chatting excitedly, they crossed the bridge to see what laid ahead of them – whilst all the time clicking their cameras and posing for photographs. Then it was back to romping around in the playground. Time to time the kids would be distracted by a white peacock or some turkeys that came calling on them whilst they played. Fascinated and amused by the unusual sight and sound, the kids followed the birds around and even started playing with the birds – conjuring a game of their own with the birdies! What a sight!? Before we knew it, time swept past us and it was time to bade farewell. The kids were tired too from all the running around and

excitement and were happy to head back home. The hut was cleared up and off we went to our respective buses to head back to school. How did the kids feel about the activity? Most of the kids said they couldn’t sleep the night before – eagerly waiting for dawn to break so that they could get ready to set off. They had a wonderful time. Fun – they said which was true indeed. It was a time well spent amongst friends and teachers with much laughter and merry making. It will be a time that would remain in the minds of the kids and teachers for a long long time. It was indeed a memorable day. As the kids were looking forward to the picnic with much anticipation and preparation, March 14th 2009 would certainly be a day we made our dreams comes true at the Garden of Dreams – Soun Saben. Sheela Naidu 4C ************

April 2009




Inter- Class-academic Competition

Happy Birthday, Pitou!

excited to get higher scores. The audience were on extreme excitement as the competition continued. After a wholesome struggle of the different competitors, one of the judges announced the victorious team. Luckily, the brillant 3A students got the first prize. Though they were the first, the competition was still fair enough to all because other contestants from 3B and 3C class were given a consolation On March 7 it was Pitou`s prize. birthday. His parents kindly invited our 4B class to celebrate Everyone had fun and they it at Domrey Sor resort. It was a enjoyed the activity a lot! nice place where children could

March 14, 2009 at 9:00 am to 11:00 am, grade 3 students had their first inter-class academic competition in Zaman conference hall. Four brilliant students from each class were selected to represent their section. The competitors had to answer 30 questions. These questions were taken from the three main subjects namely Ms. Noemie Espina English, Math, and Science. 3A class teacher Representatives from each class were asked to answer 10 questions from each subject. They were given one minute to answer one question.

enjoy playing and swimming. The tables were filled with food, drinks and of course it was a big birthday cake. Not only Pitou (who had got a lot of p r e s e n t s ) , everyone was happy that day. We enjoyed being together. Every time when we have a field trip like this and go somewhere together with the students, we become closer to each other.

It took two hours or more for the students to finish all the questions and yet they never got bored instead they were getting more and more thrilled and

3-Bâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Fun With Bumper Cars

At the beginning of March, we decided to go to Parkway Shopping Mall to play some games and drive bumper cars. As we were expecting to have a lot of fun, we were very excited. However, at the very beginning of the activity our excitement has turned to be great disappointment. After getting in the bumper cars and waiting for the fun to

s t a r t i m m e d i a t e l y, w e encountered a nasty surprise? . A sudden blackout occurredâ&#x20AC;Ś Ohhhh! What was that? We even hadn't started to have fun with the bumper cars. When our teacher witnessed our great disappointment and sorrow, she suggested us to wait for a while. She said that the electricity would be turned on soon. We

waited patiently and hopefully but there was no change. It was still off. After waiting for a long time, finally we decided to leave Parkway with great sadness and disappointment? . We walked down to leave. When we were just about to leave there, something miraculous happened. The electricity was on again. Hooray! As soon as we heard this great news, all of us ran back to bumper cars' area. We immediately took up our ex-

positions in the bumper cars and started to move. Wow!!! It was much more enjoyable and exciting than we expected. It was so enjoyable that we spent a total one hour playing with these cars. It was really an unforgettable day for each of us. Although we had great disappointment at the very beginning and some aching muscles at our backs and necks at the end, the joy and fun we had are worth all of these?

April 2009




5-A Monthly Newspaper Report “ wow, that’s cool ! “ when the bubbles rise and spread causing an ooozzzeee in just a second after pouring the vinegar.

The 2nd Saturday of March’s remedial lesson was eagerly participated by approximately 15 students . Topics from English and Math were reviewed through group games then to individual performances. Workbooks, practice books, worksheets and with the use of technology were a very helpful

link material that aid in more and thorough understanding of the lesson. When the 3rd Saturday came, the silence in the laboratory room was broke by the 4 assigned students practicing and getting to know their experimental tasks. They were in

Monday, March 23, 2009 arrived and time for the learning games with parents as team leaders. The activity was during Math and English session and I was really glad to see both parents and students on their attentioned eyes and ears to come up with possible all correct answers. ( Thought I’d be doing this again sometime coz it’s undeniably effective ! ) It was on the other hand fulfilling for me to see both parties with smiling, happy faces as they positively react to the situation. Mentoring the kids is so much of a cooperation. Indeed, it was another great, successful and fun learning with our beloved parents. **********

Story Time … fun Time K1a

Teachers have long known that story telling can contribute to student's academic success and emotional well-being. As a teacher, storytelling should be accessible to all ages and abilities. No special equipment beyond the imagination and the power of listening and speaking is needed to create artistic images. As a learning tool, story telling can encourage students to

explore their unique expressiveness and can heighten the student's ability to communicate their thoughts and feelings in an articulate and lucid manner. In our fast-paced, media-driven world, storytelling can be a nurturing way to remind children that their spoken words are powerful, that listening is important, and that clear communication between people

is an art. That is why story telling is part of Kindergartens’ Curriculum. To think of something different that will awaken the interest of the K1A class, we've invited two of our great moms to tell stories to the children. On March 11, Ms. Sopheary Chheng (Sovitou's mom) and on March 13, Sunnyven Leng (Sethysak’s mom) consecutively visited our class and delivered their wonderful stories. Both moms were amazing and were very energetic while telling the stories, thus they even looked like professional teachers. No doubt, both of them were effective and the students loved the story very much. The following week Miss Frajana, Miss Lana and Miss Zhera (all Zaman Teachers), visited the K1A class and unselfishly shared their time with the class to perform their storytelling expertise, this was in spite of their tight schedules, they still managed to attend to us. The children were astonished by the stories that's

pouring into their young minds, full of anticipation, grabbing every images in their sensory, to connect with the story given by the well-applauded story-tellers. That's why on behalf of the K1A class, and from the bottom of our heart, we would like to express our gratitude towards our dearest parents and teachers who unselfishly imparted their knowledge, compassion, and precious time with us through storytelling. By: Teacher Lucy Quintana

April 2009




KG 2-B Parents Telling "traditional Khmer Tales” a Khmer Tale f o r t h e t e a c h e r because she doesn't know K h m e r Language. That's why we decided to kindly invite our parents to our class to tell a Khmer Tale for us. It was a perfect solution for our problem .The kids enjoyed the tales very much especially the ones whose mothers told a tale listened to the tale very carefully. It was an unforgettable week for our class. Thanks a lot to the parents who joined our classes……

March 10-13 was a special week for K2B.Why???Because, our Learning center theme was "Traditional Tales"..It means that we had those three classes in Khmer. Because we have all subjects in English ,it was a bit strange for the kids. What's more??? And also the one who told the Khmer Tales was not the K2B Home room t e a c h e r. T h a t w a s m o r e Teacher Ayshe Ergun interesting…Our theme was Traditional Tales but the problem *********** was that it was impossible to tell

Remedial Classes At Zaman


t Zaman Primary Section, Saturday mornings are the time for the weak students to study together with their teacher one by one and to get the opportunity to catch up with the rest of the class. In this way, the school aims at improving the students especially who have come to our school late and have difficulty to follow the classes. It is really very effectual and beneficial.

subjects which we had studied the previous week. Then we did some Reading practice since grade 1 is crucial to learn how to read. All the students tried their best and were a bit tired. Knowing that ice-cream is one of the favorite foodstuffs of the kids, I had bought ice-creams with chocolate, strawberry, vanilla… the day before. After our remedial class finished, we gobbled all the ice-cream up. It was so yummy! After that, it was Khmer Literature time for the students who cannot read in Khmer. Luckily, we have a dedicated Khmer teacher, Mrs. Vanna and to study with her is fun for the kids. It was 10:15 when the remedial class was finished. As a result, both the teachers were pleased to see their kids’ improvement and the students were cheerful since they learned by enjoying.

On the other hand, we are aware of the fact that our students are just little children and extra classes are not kind of things they will like to join. Thus we try to add some fun to the remedial classes. Sometimes we watch cartoons in Conference Hall, sometimes we play in the Game Room or we have art activities in the Art Room after we study. As grade 1/A, we also have such extra classes and also have amusing activities on Saturdays. Seda Yilmaz Likewise Saturday, 21st March 1/A Homeroom Teacher five students from 1/A class came to school at 8:00 a.m. First ********** we reviewed the English

Shopping At Sovanna Supermarket


n activity pursued in addition to the normal curriculum is very important. It motivates students to do things without hesitations. It gives the students the freedom to experience doing things beyond what they are used to do inside the classroom. On Friday, March 6, 2009, the Grade 1-C students had an activity, in which they were given the chance to shop on their own with the guidance of the teacher of course in Sovanna Supermarket. Before the activity, I asked my Grade 1 students to prepare a list of items they want to buy in the supermarket. On the day of the activity, the students were very excited. They have just learned from our lesson about shopping in the supermarket and now they are really doing it by themselves. Because of their excitement, my students totally forgot about their shopping list, they were just getting everything they like from

the shelves. They really enjoyed carrying the basket full of items they chose by themselves. I let my students pay the items by themselves to let them feel that they can do things independently, and let them feel how fun shopping is. After the students were done shopping, we went back to school right away. When we were at school already, I let them eat the food they bought from the supermarket. The students were really happy eating and sharing their foods with each other. The activity was indeed fun and exciting. The students did not just learn but also had fun. Learning should not only be limited inside the four corners of the classroom. Learning can also be done outside in an enjoyable and exciting way. Shielamie B. Goto 1-C Adviser

Art Attack Day Parents were also there to participate and do the artworks with their children. You can see the seriousness on their faces while doing the artworks. It seemed that they were the ones who got really involved in finishing it and not the kids. The smiles on their children’s faces are priceless. Moments like these are precious to the kids. It was a whole day event and aside from the art activities, there were games for the children as well. Art activity is one of the favorites among Kindergarteners. It allows them to show their creativeness and express their emotions thru colors and design at a very young age. Having this in mind, the school encourages such activity to enhance these skills among our students. And parents’ participation is very much appreciated because this is a good way to get involved in your children’s growing years. So see you on our next activity!

March 27 was a day full of excitement for the Kindergarteners at Zaman International School. And this is because of the much anticipated activity dubbed as “ART ATTACK DAY.” A week before the said event, teachers had been talking about it in the class and so the kids were very excited. Teachers from the three classes of Kindergarten prepared nine different art activities for the children to choose from. There is Sand Art, Glitter Art, Hand/Face Painting, T-Shirt Printing, Play Dough Creations, Fancy Lacing, Paper Folding, Pasta Fiesta and Coloring Pages activities. The school provided all the art Prepared by: Teacher Marge materials for the kids to enjoy.

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Zaman International School Newspaper Issue 65  

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