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Dear Readers!


e are happy to present the last issue of Manufacturing Journal in 2009. First of all, we wish to thank all of you for being with us for the whole year. We are also proud that despite such a difficult year, which was battered by the economic crisis, we could report your successes, achievements and development. We hope that our journal contributed to the success and positive image of your companies. With each year passing, we can boast greater co-operation with businesses leading in their respective sectors both in Poland and abroad. This is best confirmed by every release of the journal. We believe that the year 2010 will be even more eventful to all entrepreneurs. In this issue we focused on companies from the following industries: electronics, the automotive industry, transport and logistics, construction, power industry, railway industry and food. In particular we would like to encourage you to read the article on TPV Displays Polska Sp. z o.o., member of international company TPV Technology, which is the leader in LCD monitor and television technology designing and manufacturing. Having gone through a sustainable growth and development, the company emerged as the biggest manufacturer of monitors worldwide. In the electronics section you can also read about SHARP Manufacturing Poland Sp. z o.o., one of the leading creators and producers of LCD technology and solar batteries and an expert in optoelectronic components and memory modules. In another section we recommend the article about Ficomirrors Polska (FMP), which is part of the Ficosa International group producing mirrors, tanks and gear shift systems for the automotive industry in Central and Eastern Europe. At present the business is striving to expand its activity, therefore it focuses on improving quality-related processes and launching more tailor-made products. Company’s achievements are told by Mr Jerzy Mazur, Ficomirrors Polska CEO. The Polska Woda article, which is devoted to the leading producer of water in Poland, deserves a closer attention too. The Primavera water is very distinctive in the market because of its high quality and innovative content. Mr Krzysztof Jatczak, the President of Polska Woda Sp. z o.o., gives a colourful account of the firm’s successes. We hope that each of you will find an interesting subject in the publications which are brought to you in this issue, and we believe that through this journal we can pave the way for mutual success. To all readers we would like to wish lots of success in both personal and professional life. We count on you staying with us throughout 2010!


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Primavera – prime quality water At the beck and call of meat industry Setting standards for dairy equipment Top quality products in your freezer A cool market player Innovative livestock solutions A pillar of building industry Innovative technology for the production of heating appliances Polystyrene company A strive for sustainability Dynamic development of Styropol Sp. z o. o. and expanding the assortment of thermal insulating materials Valves – built to regulate the flow …of income

Art Director Wojciech Kosmowski Project Managers Agnieszka Bechta-Ziobro Garbiñe González Katarzyna Marciniec Administration Wioletta Adamczyk

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Witted technology 52 Monitoring customers’ expectations A reliable and competitive partner in the automotive industry The company riding high Railways of the future?

Electrify your customer! Only connect… Experience that shaped the polish knitting industry Quality and tradition in the sea transport

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Agua Acciona Arbet S. j. Dellner Couplers Sp. z o.o. „Elester - PKP” Sp. z o.o. Ficomirrors Polska Sp. z o.o. FROSTA Sp. z o.o. IGLOO Z.E.Ch. KOSPEL S.A. LNB Poland Sp. z o.o. Melex A&D Tyszkiewicz SP.J. Obram Sp. z o.o. Polska Woda Sp. z o.o. POLSTEAM PROMAR Sp. z o.o. Ringo Valvulas S.L.L. „S.I.A.P.” Sp. z o.o. SHARP MANUFACTURING Poland Sp. z o.o. STYROPOL Sp. z o.o. Tpv Displays Polska Sp. z o.o. WOLA Sp. z o.o. Wrobis S.A.

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Advertising: Apreo Logistics S.A. CI.GA. s.r.l. Depenbrock Polska Sp. z o.o. Elsen - Logityka Sp. z o.o. ERI Gdańska Stocznia „Remontowa” S.A. Guarniturificio Brunero s.r.l. Henkel Polska Sp. z o.o. Kablonex Z.P.H.U. Major Sp. z o.o. Mostostal Konin Sp. z o.o. NYK Logistics Polska Sp. z o.o. S.P.E. Elettronica s.r.l. Stamat S.p.a VIROPLASTIC CZ a.s. Wilo Polska Sp. z o.o.


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Volkswagen takes 49.9 percent stake in Porsche AG

Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft has today taken a 49.9 percent stake in Porsche AG. The next important step on the way towards the integrated automotive group with Porsche has therefore been completed, as announced, before the end of the year. The price for the stake is €3.9 billion and is based on the enterprise value for Porsche AG calculated under a careful due diligence and valuation procedure. Following the Comprehensive Agreement concluded in August, the implementation agreements signed in November and the Volkswagen Extraordinary General Meeting held last week, the stake in Por-

sche AG represents the next milestone on the way towards the integrated automotive group with Porsche under the leadership of Volkswagen. The acquisition of the trading business of Porsche Holding Salzburg is planned for 2011. The creation of the integrated automotive group is then to conclude with the merger of Volkswagen AG and Porsche SE during the course of the same year. The combination of the two companies follows a compelling strategic, industrial and financial logic. For the Volkswagen Group, Porsche ideally complements the brand portfolio. The Stuttgart-based car maker will allow Volkswagen to further expand its position in the premium business, which offers particularly strong earnings. In turn, as an independent brand under the roof of the Volkswagen Group, Porsche will have the potential for significant additional growth. The transaction will have a sustained positive effect on the earnings situation of the Volkswagen Group. With a return on sales of 10.3 percent, Porsche AG is the world’s most profitable automobile manufacturer. Volkswagen will in future participate in this business success through its stake. In addition, the planned integration of Porsche in the Volkswagen Group and the associated closer cooperation will realize significant synergies on both the income and the cost side. As a result, the annual operating profit of the Volkswagen Group is expected to increase by some €700 million in the long term.

SANYO to display its Solar Electric Vehicle at “Eco Products 2009 “

SANYO has announced that they will display their Solar Electric Vehicle (EV) in their booth at the coming Eco Products 2009 International Exhibition at Tokyo Big Sight (December 10~December 12). Equipped with SANYO’s own Solar Panels and Lithium Ion Batteries, this truck is reported to be capable of covering around 130 km. after charging of 16 hours (if solar) or 8 hours (if via AC). The solar energy that is generated via the panels and stored in the Lithium Ion Bat-

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teries is not only used to run the car but also (if needed) to supply external power. Just to give you an idea about the technical details briefly: There are 210 W 9 solar panels of 1.89 kW capacity with an estimated total annual energy supply at around 2,000kWh as well as 18650 size 3,510 cylindrical lithium-ion batteries (195 series x18 units) with 117~160 V output and 25.9kWh capacity and weighing around 250 kg. It is also possible to charge via AC 100V. In Sanyo’s booth

themed ‘Green Energy Park’, you can have the opportunity to test drive this vehicle as well seeing the Eneloop Bikes. More info:

News 2009-12-11 16:05:42


Sweden urges GM to speed up Saab sale decision, paper reports

General Motors Co. will need to decide this week whether to sell its moneylosing Saab brand, daily Svenska Dagbladet quoted the Swedish government’s car czar saying today. GM said at the start of this month it would consider offers for Saab until the end of the month and move to close the Swedish

China becomes the biggest car producer

unit then if it appears that it cannot be sold. “They must at least have chosen one of the interested parties this week, otherwise it will be tough to complete a deal,” the paper quoted Joran Hagglund, state secretary at Sweden’s Enterprise Ministry, saying. “Partly, GM has a lot of contracts to negotiate (with a possible buyer) and partly the European Investment Bank and the (Swedish) debt office need to undertake a detailed economic analysis of a buyer’s financial strength.” Saab looked as if it would be saved after GM inked a deal earlier this year to sell the iconic Swedish brand to Koenigsegg Group AB, a consortium of private investors that includes supercar maker Koenigsegg Automotive AB. But Koenigsegg Group backed out of a purchase in November, leaving little time to find a new buyer. Source:

Mercedes-Benz Posts Strong Sales Growth in November – Sales up 19 Percent Worldwide Mercedes-Benz posted a strong increase in sales in November, and was the premium brand achieving the highest growth rate worldwide. Last month, 88,600 vehicles were delivered to customers, a 19 percent increase (November 2008: 74,400). The Mercedes-Benz Cars division as a whole posted a 16 percent sales increase in November, to 98,400 units (November 2008: 84,500). The rise in sales last month was a result of double-digit increases for the E-Class and new-generation S-Class, plus strong sales growth in many regions such as Western Europe, North America, Asia/ Pacific, and the BRIC nations. More info:

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Will build 13 million cars this year Just 745 have come to the EU Cars don’t meet green or safety standards

China has confirmed its status as the world’s biggest car market with news that both sales and production of new cars has already exceeded 12 million this year. China’s car manufacturing trade body, the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, estimates that more than 13 million cars will be produced and sold in China over the course of 2009. MG’s owner sells most cars SAIC, owner of the MG brand, is the country’s most successful manufacturer, having already sold around 2.4 million cars in 2009.The global economic slump has hit car sales in Europe and America, but in China the market is booming. The Chinese Government has encouraged sales with tax cuts on cars with engines smaller than 1.6 litres and also through the use of ‘scrappage’ incentives similar to those in Europe and America. Little headway in Europe Despite strong sales at home, Chinese car makers are still struggling to sell cars overseas. Just 745 cars have been officially exported from China into the EU this year, with few of the country’s cars currently meeting European standards for safety on environmental performance. That is set to change with several Chinese manufacturers planning to build factories in Turkey to supply more modern cars to the European market.

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Continental continues the expansion of the production processes in its tire plant in Timişoara • •

Investment project for a master batch unit will ensure the processing of raw materials for the tires plant locally In the next two years Continental will invest a two digit million Euro amount into the project and will create middle-term around 200 new jobs

Timisoara, Romania, November 26, 2009. Continental, one of the worldwide leaders in the automotive industry, plans to expand the production process of the passenger and light truck tires plant in Timisoara by building a new unit for processing the master batch. The invest¬ment will allow the company to have a completely integrated production unit, which will con¬solidate the tire business in Romania and increase the cost competitiveness of the tire plant. The investment volume of the project is a two digit million amount and will lead to creating middle- term around 200 new jobs. “We continue implementing our long term development strategy for the Continental plant in Timisoara, relying on consolidating our position as a major tire producer in Central and East¬ern Europe”, said Thierry

Wipff, director of the Continental tires plant. “This investment proves our commitment to the local business and to the community of Timisoara. By the completion of the master batch processing unit, the plant will benefit from state of the art technology that is in full compliance with the European Union quality, safety and environment requirements”, added Wipff. The plant in Timisoara currently produces 40,000 passenger car tires per day. The expan¬sion program will improve the technological flow and will ensure complete autonomy to the plant. The technological process fully complies with the current European Union regulation regarding the environmental protection. All emissions will be collected, a filtration system will be installed, and the carbon black and oils will use a pressure-tight isolated circuit. The stan¬dards of the fire protection system will be among the most complex in this field. A permanent environment monitoring system will be installed, according to a pre-established plan. More info:

East European nations woo India Inc East European countries expect a big surge in investment by India in the region. Speaking to FE, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) business group director-infrastructure Thomas Maier said, “Indian companies will make up a significant share of the expected 4 billion euro investment that eastern Europe will get in 2010. This region needs Indian Inc’s contribution for its development and EBRD is playing an important role in facilitating this development.” Overall investment from Indian companies in the eastern Europe at $44 million as on date has been very small. EBRD is currently discussing specific investment contracts with Indian companies for the eastern Europe. Indian companies have got special expertise not only in physical side of investment, but also in overcoming institutional difficulties, like bureaucratic hurdles which is experienced in emerging markets, he added. Eastern Europe will become more attractive market for Indian companies because there is a match between capabilities of Indian companies and the needs of Eastern European markets. The region is expected to recover to a 6% GDP growth, from the current level of negative growth, within next one year. “For example, Indian construction companies have a competitive edge in pricing. EBRD has invited exposure to the real estate in the region. It may take some time for recovery in Eastern European market , but there is a market of 450 million consumers in the region which is highly attractive for Indian companies, he said. The Eastern European markets are having too little supply of services and goods. There is a huge demand for products ranging from white goods to cars in the region, he said . Some of the Indian corporate houses that have shown their interest in investing in Eastern Europe include Span Consultants, Intercontinental Consultants and Technocrats, ICRA and Cranes Software. Indian banks are also gradually increasing their trade finance exposure for the region. There are eight Indian banks participated in three transactions in the total amount of euro 240,000 so far. The country’s largest lender, State Bank of India has contributed to the tune of euro 902 million as on October, 2009. Similarly, there have been 83 export transactions by the Indian companies which are valued at euro 12.2 million financed since 1999. More info:

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News 2009-12-11 16:05:45


AMD to Show 3D Blu-ray Playback at CES Blu-ray Discs based on a new format for 3D video will be on show at January’s Consumer Electronics Show. Chipmaker Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) said it plans to demonstrate the new Blu-ray 3D standard that is due to arrive on commercial discs in the second half of 2010. The 3D format is currently being finalized by the Blu-ray Disc Association, the standards group behind Blu-ray of which AMD is a member, as consumer electronics makers race to launch 3D products in 2010. At this year’s IFA consumer electronics fair Sony said it would launch 3D compatible TVs in 2010 along with 3D gaming on its PlayStation 3. It also promised 3D-compatible Blu-ray Disc players dependant on finalization of the new format. Other companies including rival-Panasonic are also looking to launch 3D products in 2010. The CES demo will be performed with Cyberlink, which makes the popular Power DVD playback software. Source:

AP asks Facebook users to vote on 2009 top stories The Associated Press is inviting Facebook users to vote on the 10 top news stories of the year, marking the first time the public has been invited to weigh in since the news cooperative began its annual survey in 1936. In the past, the AP’s 1,500 member newspapers, along with thousands of broadcast news organizations that use its services, have voted for the top stories of the year. The AP will continue to run that survey and will publish both top 10 lists. The Facebook vote isn’t a scientific poll, but it illustrates news organizations’ increasing embrace of social networking Web sites to inter-

act with their audiences. The AP and other international news organizations also are using Facebook this month to run an online hub that invites readers to interact with journalists covering the climate-change negotiations in Copenhagen. Voting for the top news stories ends Dec. 17. This year’s choices include the inauguration of President Barack Obama, the death of Michael Jackson and the state of the U.S. economy. Users can also submit suggestions for a top story. Source:

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Serving the pharmaceutical industry: Bilfinger Berger acquires Swiss Rohrbau Group Bilfinger Berger continues to expand its services business with the acquisition of the Swiss Rohrbau Group. The industrial services company generates an annual output volume of €55 million, with two-thirds of that total in Switzerland and the remaining third in Germany. The company had previously been management-owned and no details on the purchase price are being disclosed. The acquisition allows Bilfinger Berger Industrial Services to expand its client base and gives it access to the strategically important Swiss market. The Rohrbau Group specializes in the manufacture and assembly of piping systems and devices. The company enjoys a strong market position, especially in the area around Basel which serves as a hub for the European pharmaceutical industry. More than two thirds of turnover is accounted for by this sector. Longstanding client relationships are in place with industry leaders such as Novartis and Merck Serono. The Rohrbau Group is also active in the chemical and fine chemicals industries. Recent acquisitions in Austria and France have considerably strengthened Bilfinger Berger’s position in the European industrial services business. More info:

Unilever completes sale of interest in JohnsonDiversey Unilever today announced that it has completed the previously announced sale of its interest in JohnsonDiversey. The cash consideration Unilever received was $390m, which included both the originally announced cash consideration plus the proceeds of the sale of the 10½% senior notes in JohnsonDiversey Holdings, Inc. Unilever was able to take advantage of the favourable financing environment to sell these notes on attractive terms. JohnsonDiversey and Clayton, Dubilier & Rice, Inc. separately announced the successful completion of their agreed recapitalisation transaction. Unilever retains a 4% interest in the newly recapitalised entity. More info:

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News 2009-12-11 16:05:47


Siemens launches Joint venture incl. ALPINE lands contract for US$100-million initia- railway line in Slovakia tive for anti-corruption ALPINE Bau GmbH was able to land its second railway contract within a few weeks.

Siemens AG will distribute funds totaling US$100 million, over 15 years, to nonprofit organizations worldwide that promote business integrity and fight corruption. Applications for support from the Siemens Integrity Initiative can be submitted as of today. “Siemens stands for clean and sustainable business,” said Peter Y. Solmssen, Member of the Managing Board and General Counsel of Siemens AG. “This initiative will boost our efforts for more business integrity and fair market conditions globally. We are looking forward to making this a joint success with the World Bank and other partners.”

After two contracts for the modernization of the railway lines in Bosnia and Republika Srpska were awarded directly to ALPINE, the second largest Austrian construction company won another infrastructure project, this time under a consortium in Slovakia. The Slovakian Railway ‘ZSR’ awarded the contract to rehabilitate the twin-track railway line between Trencianska Tepla and Belusa to the consortium consisting of STRABAG, PORR, ALPINE and BÖGL. The contract value is EUR 290 million. “Winning the contract for this challenging railway project is also impressive proof of ALPINE’s superior competence. Construction will start this year. Completion of the project is planned in 2013,” says Dr. Peter Preindl, CEO of ALPINE Bau GmbH, pleased at winning the railway contract. The project will involve the complete rehabilitation of a roughly 20-kilometer stretch of railway between Trencianska Tepla and Belusa. Track will be replaced and four railroad stations, connecting roads and infrastructure buildings renovated and modernized. The modernization process is to raise the standard to the level of the Trans-European railway network. More info:

More info:

GM Announces Leadership Changes To improve accountability and responsibility for market performance in North America and around the world, several key leadership changes were announced today by GM Chairman and CEO, Ed Whitacre. More info:

Schneider Electric and Alstom are pleased to enter into exclusive negotiations with Areva for the acquisition of Areva T&D The Areva Supervisory Board of 30 November 2009 has announced its decision to enter into exclusive negotiations with Alstom and Schneider Electric for the acquisition of the activities of its transmission and distribution business, Areva T&D. Schneider Electric and Alstom are satisfied with the decision of Areva to retain their offer for exclusive negotiations. The aim of these negotiations is to finalise the disposal agreement which should ultimately need the approval of the Commission de la Partic-

News Księga1.indb 11

ipation et des Transferts, the view of employee representatives and the agreement of the competition authorities. The two partners restate that they propose a project which maximises the value of the company and creates a coherent framework to develop Areva T&D’s activities, supported by strong commitments to Areva T&D’s employees. More info:

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GE’s New Solar Inverter Tackles Challenges of Integrating to TRADE SHOWS Today’s Grid

Technology used in GE’s (NYSE:GE) wind turbines, known for proven performance and reliability, is now bringing similar benefits to large-scale solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. Building on a platform of power electronics, monitoring and controls that enhance wind energy grid integration, GE has developed a 600 kW solar inverter, which includes grid-friendly features to deliver performance in large-scale solar installations similar to conventional power plants. Based on the proven design of the power converters that GE manufactures for its fleet of 12,000+ 1.5-megawatt wind turbines, the new solar inverter is suited for use in the multi-megawatt solar projects that are becoming an increasing percentage of new installations. “We believe that there will be significant growth in large-scale projects as the United States and the world strive to meet renewable energy targets,” said Victor Abate, vice president-renewables for GE Power & Water. “The challenge will be integrating these larger solar projects—which are also powered by a variable fuel source—in a reliable way.” Because the energy output of a solar power plant is directly related to the availability of the sun, anticipating the load that the solar power plant will provide can present a challenge for the utility grid, causing the plant to trip off-line. In order to ensure that solar power plants stay online, providing cleaner, more reliable energy, the variability needs to be managed so that it is more predictable—even during disturbances such as intermittent cloud cover. GE’s wind converters include control functions that enhance integration—a requirement to meet grid codes. SunIQ*, GE’s suite of solar plant monitoring and controls, can manage voltage in a similar way. “As variable energy such as wind and solar continues to come online, there will be ongoing challenges with integrating into the grid,” said Abate. “Solar integration will need to be managed in order to ensure that it operates as a ‘good citizen’ on today’s grid.” According to New Energy Finance, demand for solar energy has grown about 30% per year for the past 15 years, while hydrocarbon energy demand typically grows less than 2% a year. As wind and solar power plants increase in size and number to meet these demands, they are beginning to have a greater impact on the grid, displacing more traditional sources of power generation. While some software changes were needed to modify GE’s wind converter technology for solar applications, the hardware has remained nearly the same, enabling GE to leverage its expertise in the manufacture of its extremely reliable wind converters. Engineering and design were completed at GE’s controls center of excellence in Salem, Va. The company already makes 4,000 wind converters annually and has increased production at the Salem facility to include solar. In addition to experience, GE offers the global resources necessary to effectively maintain high levels of performance in large-scale installations, including a global services organization, 24/7 remote monitoring and diagnostics centers and parts support.

07.01 - 11.01 2010

CONSTRUCTION WORLD EXPO 2010 International Shipbuilding and Shipping Exhibition Venue: University Ground - Ahmedabad, Gujarat India 12.01 - 16.01 2010

SWISSBAU 2010 Swiss Building Fair Venue: Basel Fairground Messeplatz CH-4021 Basel Switzerland 12.01 - 16.01 2010

DEUBAU 2010 International German Building Trade Fair Venue: Messe Essen Norbertstrasse D - 45131 Essen Germany 14.01 - 16.01 2010

POLYCLOSE European Fair for Window, Door and Facade Technology Venue: Flanders Expo Maaltekouter 1 9051 Gent Belgium

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News 2009-12-11 16:05:53


BASF insulation material Neopor for set construction and decorative interior insulation The film set designer Artrockz, Germany uses Neopor®, the expandable polystyrene (EPS) from BASF, to produce surface facings for decorative structures. The facings are used in film and television sets as well as decorative interior insulation in private residential buildings. The panels, which look fully three-dimensional with a relief surface, are replica models of bricks and quarry stones and can realistically recreate walls, roofs, and floors. So far, Neopor has been used primarily to insulate the facades of old and new buildings. The gray beads are an advanced version of the white classic insulation material Styropor® (EPS). Artrockz foams Neopor using special self-developed molds at the company Storopack to create panels with a natural stone look. The foamed imitation masonry is noted for its natural-looking, detailed structures. Thanks to the fine-pored surface, the panels can easily be reworked or painted with wall paint. Individual coloring is possible using all commercially available and solvent-free indoor paints and facade paints. The material is easy to cut and can be attached to substructures, for example with commercially available dispersion adhesive. This means that a film set can be constructed quickly, and solid, durable interior insulation can be individually designed. The decoration products can also be used in shop-fitting and trade fair construction, as stage structures in theaters or at concerts. The panels are sold internationally under the name “The Wall” by the company Gerriets, which specializes in theater and stage production equipment. In Germany, Artrockz also works together with the painter cooperative association MEG Süd-West, which sells building materials to tradespeople. Insulation material for energy-efficient applications BASF manufactures Neopor as small black beads of expandable polystyrene (EPS). Processors foam up the beads and process them into silver-gray blocks and molded parts for various applications, in particular for insulating buildings. Insulation materials made from Neopor are silver-gray because it contains graphite which increases the insulating performance by up to 20 percent. This saves heating costs and enhances the value of buildings in an environmentally friendly way.

TRADE SHOWS 23.01 - 24.01 2010

EXPO ELETTRONICA - MODENA 2010 Trade Fair for Electronics, related Products & Co Venue: Modena Fiere Viale Virgilio, 55 41100 Modena Italy 02.02 - 04.02 2010

INTEGRATED SYSTEMS EUROPE Professional and Residential Electronic Systems Integration Industries Show Venue: RAI International Exhibition and Congress Centre 1070 MS Amsterdam 14.01 - 17.01 2010

SWISS’EXPO 2010 Agriculture & Livestock Fair Venue: Palais de Beaulieu Av. des Bergières 10 1000 Lausanne 22 Switzerland

More info:

20.01 - 21.01 2010

SO FRESH 2010 Fresh Food Products Conference and Exhibition Venue: Bologna Exhibition Centre Viale della Fiera, 20 40128 Bologna Italy

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Manufacturing-Journal 11 2009-12-11 16:05:53


United Kingdom

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Population: 61.6 million (UN, 2009) Capital: London Area: 242,514 sq km (93,638 sq miles) Major language: English Major religion: Christianity Life expectancy: 77 years (men), 82 years (women) (UN) Monetary unit: 1 pound sterling = 100 pence Main exports: Manufactured goods, chemicals, foodstuffs GNI per capita: US $45,390 (World Bank, 2008) Internet domain: .uk International dialling code: +44 The United Kingdom is made up of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. It has a long history as a major player in international affairs and fulfils an important role in the EU, UN and Nato. The twentieth century saw Britain having to redefine its place in the world. At the beginning of the century it commanded a world-wide empire as the foremost global power. Two world wars and the end of empire diminished its role, but the UK remains a major economic and military power, with considerable political and cultural influence around the world.


Britain was the world’s first industrialised country. Its economy remains one of the largest, but it has for many years been based on service industries rather than on manufacturing. Despite being a major member of the EU, the country is not part of the euro zone, and

the question of whether it will join any time soon appears to have receded for the moment. The government has said a series of economic criteria must be met before the issue can be put to a referendum. In recent years the UK has taken steps to devolve powers to Scotland and Wales. The Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh and the National Assembly for Wales in Cardiff opened in 1999, and the possibility of devolution for the English regions has also been discussed. In Northern Ireland, after decades of violent conflict, the Good Friday agreement of 1998 led to a new assembly with devolved powers, bringing hopes of lasting peace. The assembly was suspended in 2002 amid a row over alleged IRA activities. Its suspension was to last for three and a half years. In a bid to restart the political process and after consultations with Dublin, the UK passed legislation paving the way for the recall of the Northern Ireland Assembly in May 2006.

The Houses of Parliament

But assembly leaders missed a November deadline to form a power-sharing executive. Assembly elections in the following March led to the eventual swearing-in of the leaders of the power-sharing government on 8 May 2007, ending five years of direct rule from London.


Head of state: Queen Elizabeth II

Elizabeth II became queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in 1952 upon the death of her father, George VI. She is the second longest serving head of state, after the Thai King Bhumibol Adulyadej, who was crowned in 1946. She is also head of state of 16 independent countries including Canada and Australia. As a constitutional monarch, her role in the legislative process is largely ceremonial. Prime minister: Gordon Brown

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Country Profile 2009-12-11 16:05:54


Gordon Brown became prime minister on 27 June 2007 after serving as Chancellor of the Exchequer (finance minister) in three consecutive Labour governments under Tony Blair. He was the only candidate for the premiership when Mr Blair stood down two years int The son of a Presbyterian minister, Mr Brown was born near the Scottish city of Glasgow in 1951. He was marked out as being academically gifted from an early age, and went to Edinburgh University when he was only 16, gaining a first-class degree in history. He joined the Labour Party while still at university, and after graduating became a politics lecturer. He rose rapidly through the ranks of the party, inspiring fierce loyalty in those close to him. In 1992 he was appointed shadow chancellor. On the Labour Party’s landslide election victory in 1997 - after 18 years in opposition - he assumed the chancellorship, holding the post for a record 10 years during which Britain enjoyed an unprecedented era of sustained economic growth. His avowed commitment to fiscal prudence earned him the nickname „the Iron Chancellor”. However, Mr Brown’s reputation for financial responsibility has been questioned in the wake of the global financial crisis which struck in 2008, a crisis which has seen the British economy hit hard. Opposition politicians have taken delight in reminding him of his oft-repeated assertion that under a Labour government there would be no return to „boom and bust”


economics. In his defence, Mr Brown has argued that the steps taken by Britain to address the crisis have been copied by governments around the world.


The UK has a strong tradition of publicservice broadcasting and an international reputation for creative programme-making. The fledgling BBC began daily radio broadcasts in 1922 and quickly came to play a pivotal role in national life. The Empire Service - the forerunner of the BBC World Service - established a reputation worldwide. The BBC is funded by a licence fee, which all households with a TV set must pay. Commercial TV began in 1955 with the launch of ITV. Commercial radio was introduced

King’s College, part of the University of Cambridge

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in the 1970s, although ship-based pirate radio stations flourished in the 1960s before being outlawed. Hundreds of privately-owned radio and TV stations now compete with the BBC for listeners and viewers. Home-grown soap operas have long topped the TV ratings, and British viewers keenly follow the ups and downs of life in east London’s Albert Square, the setting for the BBC’s EastEnders, and Coronation Street - ITV’s soap about northern-English working-class life. Programmes which catapult ordinary people into the public eye - known as reality TV - are enjoying a wave of popularity. In a rapidly-changing digital world, British media providers are looking at new ways of reaching audiences via computers and personal multimedia devices. The once-dominant terrestrial TV networks face strong competition from digital satellite and cable, which offer hundreds of channels, and digital terrestrial TV, which carries a smaller number of mainly free-to-view channels. By August 2008, digital TV was in 87% of British homes. Digital radio (DAB) has had a slower start, but the BBC and commercial operators provide digital-only radio services. Britain’s media regulator, Ofcom, has set a timetable for a switchover from analogue to digital TV broadcasting; it hopes to turn off the analogue TV signal by 2012. The British media are free and able to report on all aspects of British life. The variety of publications reflects the full spectrum of political opinion, as well as the British public’s voracious appetite for newspapers.

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FACT BOX FULL NAME: Polska Woda Sp. z o.o. PRESIDENT: Krzysztof Jatczak OPERATIONS: Food & Beverages ESTABLISHED: 2000 EMPLOYEES: 90

Chairman of the board - Mr. Krzysztof Jatczak


resent on the Polish market since 2001, Polska Woda has emerged as one of the leading manufacturers of spring water in Poland. Primavera stands out as a high quality and innovative product, which has already gained recognition from consumers and social organizations. Written by Anna Chudzik

A new player with aspirations

Polska Woda appears to be a relatively new company in its business, but it has already managed to achieve great success. Everything started with the choice of location for the plant, which was crucial to the whole undertaking. The Primavera plant is situated in the heart of Poland, in Aleksandria, where the nature reserve guards a priceless treasure – clean water, which was accumulated underground for ages. Primavera, drawn from 473 metres, thanks to the spring’s depth and the natural filtration process, is well isolated from external factors,

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which makes is it free of chemical and microbiological pollution. From the very beginning of its activity, the company has aspired to become the leader in innovation and, therefore, placed particular attention to advanced research, which would help to live up to various expectations of customers. The great success came with the first favourable opinions of customers and independent research centres. Among the most notable landmark events in the history of Polska Woda one could enumerate the favourable opinion of Primavera expressed by the Children’s Health Centre (Centrum Zdrowia Dziecka) in 2004, which attests that the water is recommended for expectant mothers, breastfeeding women and infants. Another breakthrough took place in 2005, when the company introduced a new economical 6-litre cuboid-shaped bottle, which can be kept in horizontal position. Next, in 2007 the market saw the lightest PET bottle, which was brought out of concern for the environment and the customer’s convenience. But more was yet to come.

out in Western Europe for more than ten years. In Poland it is conducted by TNS OBOP (a public opinion research centre). In the category of food products, 5000 respondents choose those which, in their opinion, seem the most attractive and reliable in a given category. In 2009 the carbonated version of Primavera was awarded with the same title. Both of them had also received “Złoty Laur Konsumenta” (Consumer’s Golden Laurels), in the biggest consumer programme in Poland, thus joining the group of brands which gain the greatest recognition and popularity among people. So what does the company’s innovation consist in? First and foremost, it is basis weight and functionality of Primavera bottles, which are the lightest models available on the market. Thanks to cutting-edge technological solutions, Primavera was able to save 1210 tons of PET pellets, 445 tons of shrink wrap and 141 tons of paper in recent years. Currently, the 0.5

Winning customer trust

through innovation

Polska Woda has always satisfied its customers, who were able to appreciate its innovative approach to their needs. In 2008 Primavera was awarded with the “Produkt Roku” (Product of the Year) title for Innovation. Product of the Year – Consumers’ Choice is a survey carried

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litre Primavera bottle weighs only 13.3 grams, while the average bottle weight on the Polish market is about 19 grams, and the lightest rival has the weight of about 16.5 grams. Additionally, the basis weight of the Primavera 1.5 litre bottle is only 27.8 grams. By contrast, the average weight of such a bottle in any other company is approximately 34 grams. Polska Woda also puts a lot of effort into reducing the consumption of raw materials, which makes Primavera relatively cheap. The affordable price is obviously another factor which contributed to winning the customer trust. Thanks to all those efforts, the circle of satisfied consumers of Polska Woda is broadens every year. The customer satisfaction would not be possible without the company’s employees, who have strenuously worked for the common goal, thus constituting the strategic potential of the enterprise. At the moment Polska Woda employs 90 people, whose expertise, long-standing experience, novel ideas and enthusiasm for work contribute to the development of the company. Since launching the production in the plant, the number of employees in Polska Woda has doubled, which attests that human potential seems invaluable here. The team of eminent engineers and technicians is truly dedicated to the company, whose authorities foster open discussion and remain constantly ready for innovative solutions. Each and every project undertaken by the team is brought into a successful conclusion. Such a pro-active and responsible approach characterizes all staff members.

As clear as crystal

What is the factor determining the popularity of the Primavera water? The answer is as simple as that: its unique taste, combining natural sweetness and uncommon purity. Currently, Polska Woda has got three versions of Primavera on

offer: noncarbonated, carbonated and fruit-flavoured. The last one is available in two flavour versions: lemon and orange one, but neither of them contains artificial sweeteners and colours. Primavera comes from one of the main exploitable aquifers in Poland. On its long way down through the various layers of earth, the water absorbs minerals, and then undergoes the process of natural filtration which makes it free from all contaminants. Primavera is drawn from the Lower Cretaceous formation, which means that the filtration process took place hundreds to thousands years ago. Primavera contains a beneficial level of minerals, optimal for the human organism, especially for children, because as spring water, unlike the mineral one, it contains less amounts of the minerals which can be harmful in excess, e.g. sodium. It also means that it is fit for people with high blood pressure, or kidney diseases, and also for those who take medicines. Since it is recommended by the Children’s Health Centre, it is perfect for children’s meals preparation. On the other hand, calcium and magnesium, which can be found in Primavera, are indispensable for the normal functioning of our organisms. Its refreshing taste cannot be replicated by other waters. According to ACNielsen, customers who tasted Primavera once, became its loyal consumers. The quality and taste result also from the production technology, which is aimed at keeping the water clean. Therefore, Polska Woda lays particular emphasis also on the bottling process. Each bottle of Primavera undergoes a series of meticulous production procedures, ranging from manufacturing and transporting it to a bottling plant, to rinsing and filling it with water. Thanks to the top-of-the-range technology and the HACCP system, the bottles are protected from pollution and kept safe.

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VIROPLASTIC is one of the most important suppliers of Polska Woda Sp. z o.o.

VIROPLASTIC CZ a.s. Lískovec 405 CZ – 738 01 FRÝDEK MÍSTEK – CZECH REPUBLIC Tel. +420 558 412 440 – Fax +420 558 412 459,


Henkel Polska Sp. z o.o. ul.Domaniewska 41 02-672 Warszawa Poland

Phone: +48-22 56 56 565 Fax: +48-22 56 56 774

Constant willingness to develop

Polska Woda, in spite of its unquestionable achievements, continues its work on the innovation in the products. This year Polska Woda has already automated and doubled the production capacity on the 6 litre bottles production line. As for the next year, the company is planning to start building a new plant floor. Moreover, it is about to launch a new production line for the 1.5 litre bottles which would weigh only 23 grams. Finally, it is going to start the production of lemon flavoured tea, which involves launching yet another production line. Polska Woda defines success in terms of customer confidence, but actually each and every accomplishment makes the company feel proud. Apart from the aforementioned distinctions, one of them would be the choice of the manufacturing plant location, which is the edge of the forest in a holiday resort Sokolniki. “The plant functions in perfect harmony with nature and the surroundings and does not disturb the peaceful life of the inhabitants,” said Krzysztof Jatczak, the Board President of Polska Woda. Another commendable feature of the company is its non-business activity. Primavera sponsors various social projects, supports schools, institutions, cultural and sports events and organizations, e.g. the cyclists from Primavera EST Team. Recently, Polska Woda has supported the “Odyseja Rowerowa” (The Bicycle Odyssey), which is one of the most important bicycle race in Poland. Moreover, it has been involved in the projects aiming to protect animals or helping the disabled. As the company admits, it tries to lend its hand within its capabilities to anyone in need. If people drink Primavera, it means they are concerned about their health. “Primavera” means “spring” in Italian and, as Polska Woda believes, the water provides people exactly with such a spring like, refreshing sensations.

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Kablonex Z.P.H.U. company specializes in production of high quality: • • • • • • • •

Shrink film Foil for furniture Foil barrier Foil for laminating Bags Air bubble Foil printed Modified foils of reduced thickness

ZPHU Kablonex Eugeniusz Nawrocki 64-800 CHODZIEŻ, Podanin 76 tel. (+48) 67 281 11 51 fax (+48) 67 281 11 52

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FACT BOX FULL NAME: PROMAR Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjno Handlowe Sp.z o.o. PRESIDENT: Andrzej Marchewka OPERATIONS: Meat processing Industry ESTABLISHED: 1989 EMPLOYEES: 107

Chairman of the board Mr. Andrzej Marchewka


romar Industrial Trading Company from Łomianki near Warsaw, Poland, has been supplying domestic meat industry with high quality appliances and seasoning for twenty years now. As far as the advanced equipment is concerned, the firm has taken particular care to help its users in terms of counselling and technical maintenance. A passionate spokesman for integration of the industry as well as an established brand in Poland and abroad, Promar supports sports and willingly donates to charity. Written by Bartosz Sowiński

Inception and objectives

The beginnings of Promar date from the watershed in Polish economy, that is from the turn of the 80’s and 90’s. It was in 1989 precisely when its owner

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and managing director Mr Andrzej Marchewka decided to explore the possibilities of doing business with meat industry and subsequently set up a new enterprise. Hence, Promar came into being, a group of professionals who set their strategic goal consisting in providing domestic meat processing industry with machines and appliances, first imported mainly from Germany and later from other countries too. It would not have happened if it had not been for the alliance with the leading world producers of the equipment offered by Promar. Having drawn on their vast experience, the company avoided a long and painful process of business apprenticeship and did not have to learn from its own mistakes. It was also initiated into the arcane knowledge of modern technology that its foreign as-

sociates kept. The company paid off its debt of gratitude to its partners soon. If it could ever come about, it was surely to the hard work and dedication of Polish personnel competently and reliably serving domestic customers. And so the firm became the leading supplier in the industry. However, it did not intend to rest on its laurels and content itself with a role of a machines broker merely. Having its strategic end of comprehensive service constantly in view, in

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1992, three years after the inception, the firm launched Technology Department, since then constantly developed and improved. This department is staffed with experienced meat processing technology experts, who counsel, serve and attend to client’s needs at his convenience. In addition, customer demand from various parts of Poland is duly addressed by regional branches in Łomianki, Gdynia, Sosnowiec. Łódź, Mielec and Poznań.

Expansion and scope

Another milestone in Promar’s history goes back to 1999 when the company entered the structures of Poly-Clip System – the world leader of clip system solutions. Consequently, the firm gained international recognition, opportunities to exchange experience and expertise within the global framework of suppliers and the financial support of one of the chief concerns on the market. In order to fulfil the strategic objective and round out the machine marketing with other forms of activity in 2006 in Kalisz Promar launched a modern spice blending plant able to turn out 40 tones of a ready product every month. The investment thus allowed for the offer being diversified. Individual consumer requirements being met resulted in a series of new connections established with international providers of seasoning, marinades, functional agents, sheaths and guts. Owing to this liaison the firm finally proved its outstanding reputation and earned the status of a reliable business partner of meat processing industry. Promar employs more than a hundred people at the present time and its turnover is reaching figures of around 100.000.000 PLN per annum. Secure, recognised and with solid domestic foundation, the

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company provides services abroad as well. Having spotted a window of opportunity in collaboration with eastern entrepreneurs, the firm decided to give a go in this direction. Currently, its most significant business partners come from Belarus. The company would almost certainly do a roaring trade there if it were not for the difficult diplomatic interaction between Minsk and Warsaw. Unstable as they are, the relations between the governments exert some impact on the business being done in this part of Europe. Nevertheless, as Mr Andrzej Marchewka nicely puts it, “It cannot impede trade with our Belarusian consumers. Slowly but surely, we are expanding the scope of activity there. We have already equipped many meat processing plants in Belarus with our machines and appliances. We also train their staff in operating the gears. These same plants use our seasoning blends too.”

Wide array of products

and services

As a supplier of appliances Promar prides on its offer comprising a wide array of high quality equipment made by esteemed manufacturers. As Mr Marchewka emphasizes, “Since day one we have taken extreme care to the choice of companies that we deal with. We have thus selected producers of international renown whose long experience and technical advancement enabled our business to become a leading supplier for meat processing industry. I am firmly convinced that it would be hard to achieve all that without their support.” Among others, Promar’s offer is made up of: Poly-Clip System clippers and sealing machines, Vemag Anlagenbau climatic maturing and postmatur-

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ing installations for meat, cheese and fish, Vemag Maschinenbau vacuum fillers and dough dividers, Weber slicers, skinners and icers, Guenther injectors, tumblers and steakers, Inotec complete production lines, blenders and link cutters, MHS slicing and portioning machines, Weiler – Beehive grinders and separators, Webomatic vacuum packaging machines and many more. All the machines represent state-of-the-art quality and cutting edge technology. Those who decide to take advantage of innovative solutions that Promar has on offer can also count on adequate technical back-up. The back-up comprises extensive stocks of spare parts and sub-assemblies as well as modern equipment, all in the hands of a team of experienced professionals. They are responsible for after-sale warranty and post-warranty service including routine inspections, current repairs, major overhauls and round-the clock emergency advice. These guys also present, install and start the equipment at the customer as well as provide training to allow the buyer’s personnel to use the machinery most effectively. Last but not least, technical back-up people assist and act as a go-between in the process of selling and buying second-hand machinery.

Quality, technology, integration

Promar pays particular attention to monitor continuous market evolution and respond to it accordingly. For that reason, it has recently launched an experimental laboratory fitted with a comprehensive meat processing production line. Such workshop makes a perfect venue for test manufacture and customer presentations as well as a centre

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for the development of new products and seasoning blends. The company also takes extreme care to make the most of brand new technologies including: Poly-Clip System clipping solutions, Hela brines, herbs, seasonings blends, marinades and pickles, natural and artificial sheaths and casings as well as GPI carrageens. It should be pointed out that innovative solutions distributed by Promar comply with the standards certified by ISO 9001. Keenly aware of the fact that cooperation and solidarity are essential to achieve success, the firm has taken action in order to integrate the industry. Thus, the enterprise organises conferences for meat producers in Wisła, Krynica, Kołobrzeg and Ryn every year. As Mr Marchewka stresses, “We find our mission not only in providing and training the industry, but also in broadening its horizons. We have been serving meat producers for twenty years now and we know that there is demand for something more than just professional expertise. During our meetings and conferences the speakers invited present wide range topics not necessarily confined to the matters of the trade. We have seen many intriguing discussions sparked off. Apart from the lectures our guests have time to enjoy themselves and relax at the tables laden with food and drink.” The company does not forget about the clientele either. They are invited to mountain resorts for a commencement of a skiing season every year. It goes without saying that it facilitates the exchange of ideas as well as establishes new liaison.

Sponsorship, awards, charity

Promar’s exquisite reputation has been endorsed so far by a series of prizes, titles and honours. Among others, the list includes: “Fair Play Company Prize” awarded every year for ethics, honesty and reliability and a title “Business Gazelle” conferred by “Puls Biznesu Magazine” for outstanding results and the increase in sales. Apart from that the firm is also known for sports sponsorship as it supports Polish Meat Industry Tennis Cup. It willingly donates to charity, too, bidding substantial figures in memorial medals auctions organised by Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy Foundation. The company proves, therefore, that while doing business one might help oneself, one’s employees and business partners as well as those who, being not part of its framework, may need Promar’s backing too.

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or more than 30 years of activity on the Polish market, Obram has earned a good reputation as a Mr. Zbigniew Raczyński reliable partner Chief executive of OBRAM for the dairy and food industries. The company specializes in engineering and manufacturing both individual pieces of equipment and whole process lines, supplying its customers with top quality solutions. Thanks to competitive prices, highly qualified staff and ability to make the most of every opportunity, the brand is growing to be widely recognized also abroad, especially in Central and Eastern Europe. Written by Anna Chudzik.

How to grow big and strong?

The beginnings of the present commercial company date back to 1976, when Obram was established as the Research and Development Center for Dairy Equipment. At the initial stages of the activity the production was narrowed down to simple technological solutions for milk purchase. Until the end of the 80s Obram functioned in the commandand-quota system, which, unfortunately, did not favoured any progress, because the company fulfilled the tasks imposed by the government departments. How- ever, when the circumstanced changed in the 90s, the business flourished and developed in a significant way. First of all, after 1990, the company started to take into account the market needs, which finally made it develop innovative cheese production lines. Moreover, the process automation began to be standard practice in all lines. Today the company can boast cutting-edge equipment which is capable of processing up to 1000 tons of milk a day. Obram has enjoyed such a success that nowadays it sets standards for the equipment in food industry. How did it manage to become a big, thriving company with an excellent reputation as a reliable partner? One of the success factors is undoubtedly the ability to anticipate customer needs, follow the market trends and take the opportunities when they occur. The market used to be dominated by prominent western companies which still provide technological solutions of high quality, but also at high price. Since there was a shortage of cheaper offers on the market, Obram appeared to be a competitive enterprise, providing its customers with very good solutions at affordable prices. Today it is a market leader in the products such as cheese production lines or tvarog production lines in Central and Eastern Europe. Although it occupies a prominent position, Obram looks set on constant progress by improving and expanding the range of both products and services, trying its best to meet custom-

Food & Beverage Industry > Obram Księga1.indb 23

Manufacturing-Journal 21 2009-12-11 16:06:22

ers’ demands. The company is also expanding in terms of personnel, offering excellent job opportunities. Not only is there no staff turnover, the employment has increased by 150% within the last eight years. Since the average age in the company is 35, it shows that Obram appreciates the potential of young people, willing to take up challenges, open to new possibilities and, many times, struggling with difficult living conditions. Out of 250 people employed by Obram, 120 have higher education, including more than 60 engineers specializing in the following branches: Food Technology, Construction and Design, Industrial Automatics and Manufacturing Technology. No wonder that the staff also constitutes the strategic potential of the company.


inning customer trust Trying its best to meet customers’ demands and win their confidence, Obram has always laid particular emphasis on providing affordable solutions. However, the source of success can also be discerned in the attitude expressed by the company. It is not a problem to obtain good quality products from a good quality source. What actually poses a formidable challenge and requires longterm experience is to obtain good products when the quality of the source ma-

22 Manufacturing-Journal Księga1.indb 24

terial leaves a lot to be desired. Obram’s willingness to meet that challenge was vastly appreciated and helped to attract the potential clients. Regardless of the quality of raw material, it is possible to manufacture good quality products with longer shelf life thanks to Obram’s modern equipment with automated processing systems and process control systems, as well as obligatory cleaning sections with C.I.P. systems. Obviously, the quality of a raw material is also an important factor which affects the quality of a final product. The success of the company would not have been possible without close cooperation with companies supplying component parts for technological solutions, such as Siemens, Alfa Laval, Festo, Endress+Hauser. Obram is also able to work in conjunction with rival companies (e.g. GEA or APV) so that the end result can prove to be satisfactory for a customer. Apart from implementing advanced technology, which contributes to building customer trust, Obram has also organized various seminars and training programs for technologists and dairy managers. All in all, over 30 years of experience, quality and solidity of the service made it possible for Obram to stand out on the market.

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Going into new directions

Obram has always strived to meet key trends on the dairy market and adapt to the changes in customer demands. Recently, the company has noticed a set of various changes occurring on the eastern market. To be more precise, there are tendencies to take more actions aimed at improving the quality of a final product, to expand the product range and, finally, to specialize only in specific products. All the changes require the ability to react quickly, but they also constitute a driving force for the company, which can introduce new technologies, design complex systems and automate production process. Obram also remains sensitive to green issues, as it creates its own innovative solutions concerning energy saving and environmental protection. Development of the company entails the expansion on foreign markets as well. At the moment export accounts for 80% of the total sale. Traditional markets for Obram solutions have always been Ukraine, Belorussia, Russia, Romania and, obviously, Poland. However, the last year, which brought a crunch and took its toll, made the company search for new markets. Today Obram can be proud that it managed to sell the first Paneer cheese lines in India. That is why

the company tries its best to become known and stand out on that market and also hopes to spread its wings in other Asian as well as American markets.

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FACT BOX FULL NAME: FRoSTA sp. z o.o. PRESIDENT: Adam Basałaj OPERATIONS: Food&Beverage ESTABLISHED: 1998 EMPLOYEES: 500 REVENUE: 205 mln zł

Gathering momentum

Director of the factory Mirosław Ranosz


resent on the Polish market since 1998, FRoSTA has managed to build a strong position and has become one of the leading producers of frozen foods in Poland. At the moment it is highly successful in developing its activity on foreign markets too. Its extensive offer includes fish products, ready meals, sea food, vegetable and fruit mixes or puff pastry, but the company strives to expand the range of products all the time. Trying its best to meet customers’ demands and win their confidence, FRoSTA always lays particular emphasis on the quality of products, which remains one of the key watchwords in the company’s profile. Written by Anna Chudzik

24 Manufacturing-Journal Księga1.indb 26

Eleven years back from now, when FRoSTA started its activity on the Polish market, it only distributed imported products of FRoSTA AG – a leading producer of frozen food in Germany. However, soon after, it bought a production plant in the city of Bydgoszcz and started the production of fish products under its own brand name. The decade was paved with a few landmark events which significantly contributed to the development of the company. First of all, FRoSTA quickly widened the range of production to other kinds of frozen food. One of the crucial moments for the company was the implementation of the quality management system (ISO 9001:2000) in 2000. Apart from that, FRoSTA was certified with IFS (International Food Standard) and BRC (British Retail Consortium) Global Standards, which shows that it achieves the highest quality benchmarks. The certificates also helped the company to enter foreign markets and foster an international cooperation all over Europe. The year which comes down in the company’s history is undoubtedly 2008, when FRoSTA modernized the plant and built a cuttingedge cold store with 7000 pallet places.

Innovative approach

FRoSTA is aware of the fact that leadership necessitates not only meeting all standards and customers’ expectations,

but also being innovative and getting ahead of trends. One can say that FRoSTA’s innovative approach constitutes its strategic potential. To start with, the roof of the cold store is equipped with a system collecting solar power which provides the energy for cooling purposes. Another innovative solution is the company’s modern technology of production. FRoSTA can boast a multifunctional product line, where it packs fish fingers with pick&place method as the only company in the world. All those factors contributed to the success, but it would not be possible without the expertise of highly qualified 500 staff members employed by FRoSTA in Poland. As factory manager, Mr Mirosław Ranosz, admits, the cornerstone of the company is an innovative offer of high quality products, which are so much appreciated by the customers and constitute a source of success.

Apart from fish fingers…

The first advertising campaign of the FRoSTA products on the Polish TV began in January 2000 and it was featuring “Złote paluszki rybne” (Golden fish fingers), which remains the company’s flagship product and an indisputable leader on the market up until today. It earned the company a good reputation and a leading position as a producer of fish products. Responding to changes in consumer demands and eating habits, FRoSTA endeavors to follow the market

Food&Beverage Industry > Frosta 2009-12-11 16:06:32

trends by offering ready meals, which are about to dominate the frozen food sector in the future. In this category FRoSTA offers a vast array of products, abundant with sophisticated ingredients such as sea food, exotic fruit and vegetables. It is hard not to be enticed by ready meals, because they contain everything people crave for nowadays. Some of them, apart from being easy to prepare in a microwave, are wrapped in a special foil in order to bear the hallmarks of steaming and preserve all nutritional value of food. In March 2009 the company widened the scope of production to 15 new products, namely various types of frozen soups, vegetables and mixed vegetables, which all enjoy the greatest popularity among Polish customers. Today, under the FRoSTA brand name, the company sells over 60 frozen food products, which also include such categories as puff pastry and chicken products. In the future FRoSTA is planning to develop the production of frozen food into yet more directions.

growth in demand mainly in Hungary, Russia or Croatia, but it also exports to Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Germany, Romania, Slovakia, Italy, and Lithuania. To boost up the appetite of potential customers, FRoSTA began the first TV advertisement campaigns in Hungary and Romania.

Meeting the challenges

Over the last five years FRoSTA strived to meet the key trends in ready-made meals development, adapt to the changes in consumer demands and face the growing competition on the mar-

ket. All the changes require a dynamic management, flexibility and ability to react quickly to new circumstances. Since the company looks set on constant progress, it has not only decided to start its activity on foreign markets, but also invested in production capacity, doubled the number of employees and widened the offer. FRoSTA is also prepared to meet new challenges concerning the recent changes on the Polish market. A shift of emphasis in customers’ priorities is summarized by Mr Ranosz: “Polish consumers became more demanding – they pay attention not only to the price of a product, but also to its packaging, ingredients, nutritional value. They are becoming more and more faithful to their favourite brands and more prone to pay a higher price in order to get constantly high quality.” As the factory manager admits, the ongoing changes favour the development of the FRoSTA brand, because the company makes every effort to provide impeccable quality, each and every time.

What makes them cool in


There are a few things FRoSTA can be proud of. First of all, for over ten years of its activity on the Polish market it has managed to win customers’ trust. The prominence was attained thanks to the people working in the company, as they

Going international

For over ten years, FRoSTA has been a leading name in quality frozen food products in Poland, but it also managed to arouse interest in customers abroad. Food produced in Poland is gaining ground in Central and Eastern Europe. The customers from those regions yearn for original tastes and innovative solutions, but the market is not as flooded with the products as in West European countries, which additionally favors the development of FRoSTA. The company can notice a steady

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Manufacturing-Journal 25 2009-12-11 16:06:33

played a key role in building a successful brand in Poland. However, the company also looks beyond own success and tries to be sensitive to the matters of those in need. That is why it decided to provide patronage to a charity organization, Fundacja Wiatrak (The Windmill Foundation). As Mr Ranosz claims, FRoSTA was impressed by the broad spectrum of the activities performed by the foundation – it supports the poor, the disabled and the unemployed. Moreover, it follows the principle that in a long run it is more efficient to help through providing education and necessary tools, instead of ready solutions. Since FRoSTA identifies itself with such a policy, it has been supporting the organization for two years. The company’s hard work and ambitions have not gone unnoticed, as apart from aforementioned certificates, it was awarded with a few other distinctions. It was classified third in the ranking published by daily newspaper Rzeczpospolita for the most innovative companies in the food industry of 2008. The position depended on the research outcome and

26 Manufacturing-Journal Księga1.indb 28

development expenses, the number of employees in the R&D section in comparison with the overall number of employees, and the number of obtained patents. The high position proves that FRoSTA’s investments translate into its competitiveness on the market. Apart from that, Golden fish fingers was awarded with “Medal Europejski” (European Medal) by the Office of the Committee for European Integration, Business Centre Club and the European Economic and Social Committee. The award can be given to the products whose quality meets European standards, complies with norms, has licenses, patents, etc. What is more, a few of FRoSTA’s products have been awarded with the logo of an educational programme “Wiem, co wybieram” (I know what I opt for). The programme is to help customers to buy the best quality food products by labelling those with

a reduced level of saturated fat, trans fatty acid, sodium and sugar. The need to reduce the intake of those elements is emphasised by World Health Organization. The FRoSTA products awarded with the logo are Złote paluszki rybne (Golden fish fingers), Filety z mintaja (Walleye pollock fillets), Steki rybne, (Fish steaks), Steki z łososia (Salmon steaks), Dukaty rybne (Fish cakes) and Burgery rybne (Fish burgers). As one can conclude, FRoSTA believes that it is quality which sets the first impulse to buy the product.

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FULL NAME: IGLOO PRESIDENT: Władysław Włodarczyk OPERATIONS: Refrigeration and Horeca professional equipment ESTABLISHED: 1986



EMPLOYEES: over 300 REVENUE: over 20 000 000 euro

Guiding principles

General Manager Mr. Marcin Satoła


Construction department Manager Mr. Grzegorz Olchawa

GLOO, Refrigeration and Catering Equipment Manufacturer located in Bochnia, Poland, boasts a proven track record of supplying innovative, modern and reliable refrigeration and catering appliances for a wide range of clientele in Poland and abroad. Owing to a well established, local and global network of distributors and high quality inventive design team, the company proves a trustworthy provider of tailor-made refrigeration equipment. The business cooperates closely with partner firms and dedicates itself to employees and consumers.

Since its inception in 1986 IGLOO has been dealing on the market of refrigeration equipment. Originally, the factory was turning out a modest proportion of freezers and chilling counters catering to individual requests of local consumers. From then on the manufacturer, once being a small business with little staff on board, has become highly specialized and professionally managed company. Its development, prosperity and final success would not come to pass if it had not been for the list of guiding principles established and further applied by the management and workforce. From the very outset the high quality of products on offer was top of the company’s agenda. Nowadays, it is innovative technology implemented, infrastructure developed and, last but not least, human and intellectual resources put to use that make the business capable of completing compound projects in the field of design, production and installation of refrigerating appliances for trade and catering industries. The second, equally important, principle is customer satisfaction. Hence the business is ready to comply with particular needs and wishes of the consumer. The wide network of distributors enables it to make contact with a range of individual and corporate clientele whereas sales analyses and close collaboration with purchasers make it possible to meet their requirements. The third on the agenda is the

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dedication of workforce to the course of creating dependable and friendly working environment. In IGLOO staff have impact on the firm as they are welcome to put forward suggestions and contribute to the production process being facilitated. The company’s management is well aware of the fact that only if reliable, innovative and modern the business is able to meet the demand of consumers and trade partners. The employees in turn, being cognisant of the firm’s objectives, complete each task according to its guiding principles and strategy. As IGLOO’s vision posted on the website asserts, “We intend to strengthen our leading position in the Polish market by continuing to offer the best quality and service in refrigeration and catering systems. Our cooperation with existing partners will continue and strengthen and we envisage improving our international reputation by completing various projects with foreign partners.”

The initial stages and direction…

IGLOO has existed and dealt for more than 20 years. Currently, the firm is a leading manufacturer of refrigeration appliances for domestic trade and catering clients. A minor player though it was at the beginning, it has grown rapidly due to hard work. The time of prosperity came when the company established liaison with the consumers on the thriv-

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of IGLOO also find it essential that the equipment matches their particular needs in terms of being easily fit into the space of the outlet and display as well as in terms of overall aesthetics and choice of colour. Hence the company has included a myriad of tailored-made solutions in its offer, which makes it possible for the customer to create an appliance according to his needs and budget.

Products and services

ing eastern markets. Apart from domestic buyers it is the purchasers from Russia, Ukraine and Asia that mostly contribute to IGLOO’s turnover. At the turn of 1999 and 2000 the firm also launched distribution of its appliances in Germany, USA and Canada. Steady investment and Polish accession to the European Union has rendered possible to earn trust of commercial partners in Western and Central Europe, namely in the UK, Ireland , France, Italy, Austria,

The company has thoughtfully devoted the funds thus acquired to the revamping of machine park and the state-ofthe art technology. Nowadays, since an up-to-the minute production floor of 12.000 sqm is being constructed and pioneering IT solutions are being implemented, the business is undergoing a huge makeover. The investments made accordingly have largely influenced the production process of IGLOO’S appliances whose quality keeps pace with the leading global brands affluent enough to be constantly at the cutting edge of contemporary science and technology. The obtained contracts, established liaison and steady development have finally brought about the increase in employment. Undeniably, creating new jobs exerts positive impact on the state of local affairs and IGLOO hires more than 300 skilled workers at the present time.

Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary among others. Little wonder, therefore, that export makes up to 60% of the firm’s revenue at the moment. IGLOO is not going to rest on its laurels, however. Owing to the network of international business associates the manufacturer is ready to achieve and update its goals, follow recent directions and set up branches all over the world. IGLOO Food Equipment, the largest representative of IGLOO in North America proves a case in point. It has just launched a new retail outlet in Toronto, Canada.

The sources of success

And the scope of the business

A dynamic marketing campaign resulted in lucrative contracts and sparked off the rapid growth in sales and turnover.

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IGLOO catalogues comprise a wide range of assortment for trade and catering. Its flagship products include: chilling cabinets - counters, display cases, racks, pods, chambers, freezer units, stainless steel tables and racks, kitchen lines, cookers, pans, chip fryers, convection-steam stoves and many more. Thus, the company caters to all the needs of grocery stores, butcher’s shops, dairy and confectionery shops, fishmongers and frozen food retailers irrespective of size, be it corner shops, mini markets or supermarkets. It also boasts many customers from the hospitality industry including bars, restaurants, canteens and hotels. IGLOO is able to ensure high quality design, fabrication and installation of the finished product. It also guarantees technical service throughout the life of the appliance. Goods and services offered under IGLOO brand prove a good value for money indeed. Nevertheless, the company has launched a new line of affordable products. It is called EKO (Economical) and caters to less wealthy customers who are given a chance to choose cheaper spare parts in order to

IGLOO, gaining knowledge and experience for more that 20 years now, has, therefore, grown capable of setting marketing objectives right and properly recognising customers needs. Both management and workforce appreciate the simple truth that the way to success is paved with hard daily struggle for long lasting customer trust. Whereas the price was a decisive factor for consumers upon the arrival of free market economy in Poland, the situation has changed dramatically since then. While choosing appliances and services, the clientele likewise values the quality of the product, its efficiency, low energy consumption and availability of technical service. Trade and catering partners

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design its own appliance under watchful guidance of qualified IGLOO staff.

terms of ground-breaking technology, outstanding ergonomics and aesthetics.

Research and development

Act locally…

IGLOO would not become as successful had it not been for the work of research specialists. The company prides on the research and development section investigating technological solutions and testing innovations relevant to the business. While launching new products on the market, the company stands by the following guidelines: products have to be safe and efficient, their energy consumption must be reduced to minimum and, last but not least, they should match environmental protection requirements. As the items manufactured accordingly remain notable for their excellence, the company receives positive feedback from quality control organisations on appliances abiding by these specifications. IGLOO embarks on marketing new lines of products only when thorough testing process is completed. This stance is further supported by the awards, certificates and recommendations won by the brand. The company conforms to all international quality standards and holds ISO 9001 and CE compliance certificates. The confectionery cabinet “Revolving Jola” made by IGLOO was awarded a medal “Mercurius Gedanensis” in the category “Appliances and Machines for Bakery and Confectionery Industry” at The Bakery, Confectionery and Ice Cream Trade Show “Baltpiek”in 2007. The business is also actively involved in expositions and

trade fairs such as: Internorga, International Trade Fair for the Hotel, Restaurant, Catering, Baking and Confectionery in Hamburg, Germany, Hotelympia and Hospitality Show held in London and Birmingham, UK, respectively, and Sirha, International Hotel, Catering and Food Trade Exhibition in Lyon, France.

Green issues

IGLOO research specialists are not merely confined to sales increase and profit making. While monitoring efficiency, durability and low energy consumption, the company remains focused on green issues as well. Innovative technology of production makes it possible for the business to stay eco-friendly. “Jamajka Eco ®” confectionery display case with a compressor VCC proves a case in point. It won the first place in the category café equipment and accessories during XII International Hotel and Catering Trade Show EUROGASTRO 2008 in Warsaw, Poland. The appliance was appreciated and awarded by The Ministry of Economy in

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As IGLOO believes that the physical and mental wellbeing of staff and local community is of utmost importance, it acts as a patron of football, motor racing and tennis in Bochnia and its vicinity. Lending support, the company looks forward to a generation of young skillful Polish sportsmen and women capable to succeed. This belief is reflected through the sponsoring of the local team IGLOO Bochnia Futsal Club who have won The Regional Futsal League this year. It also secures financial backing for Bębenek Rally Sport Team who pride on winning and being second in Polish Rally Sport Championships. At the end of June this year IGLOO has had an opportunity to celebrate their brilliant performance in Rally Poland 2009. The company’s team have finished ten in overall classification and won in the N group category.

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resent on the market of feed mixes and additives for more than 16 years now, LNB Poland from Kiszkowo near Gniezno, Poland, has earned a reputation of a reliable business partner. It has done so on the strength of exceptional customer care, strife for high quality products and top of the range technologies. The success that the company enjoys has drawn the attention of real market leaders – since 2007 Cargill enterprise, world class producer and supplier of products and services for food, agriculture industry. Written by Bartosz Sowiński


In 1993, when Polish and Dutch investors established LNB Poland, its main headquarters were located in Poznań and the company dealt primarily in the import of premixes from Holland and their further marketing among domestic clientele. Such state of affairs did not last long as in 1997 a go-between decided to become independent and launched an automated new generation manufacturing floor in Kiszkowo in the vicinity of Gniezno. Two years later its headquarters were moved there, too, which at the time comprised the aforementioned manufacturing unit, office building and modern laboratory. And although it has been certain since then that this event made a milestone in LNB history, the company did not intend to rest on its laurels. Thus, in 2004 the firm

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founded Research and Development Institute, which draws on up to the minute scientific findings in order to improve on quality and broaden the assortment. In 2006 in turn it set up a warehouse of an impressive 7.000 sqm size with high storage shelves capable of keeping up to 5.000 tones of ready products. A storage programme launched shortly made it easier to manage such a huge space and facilitated the completion of assignments in terms of reducing the risk of confusion as well as shortening loading time. Without such investments LNB Poland would not be able to improve the quality of products, diversify goods on offer or develop new technologies. And it is to these factors along with individual approach to customer’s requirements that the firm won the pole position on the domestic market of premixes. Such success made the industry leaders focus attention on LNB shares and hence, in 2007, Cargill enterprise, an international supplier of foodstuffs, agricultural goods and risk management services, became their owner. LNB products have thus grown to be a logical complement to a wide assortment of its main shareholder as it boasts plants turning out concentrates and feeds in Poland and 60 other countries. Currently, LNB brand is recognized in Denmark, Holland, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Surinam, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Baltic countries, China and Philippines.

The product range

The offer of LNB Poland comprises a wide array of high quality premixes, supplementary feed mixes, feed additives milk replacers and prestarters for all the livestock species and technological groups. Among the premixes on offer one might find such as containing amino acids, enzymes and other biologically active substances, whereas among feed additives there are premixes made with coccidiostats permitted on the Polish market, herbal products and probiotics. While manufacturing process in LNB Poland remains under control procedures complying with Quality Management

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GPS facilities, which help locate the car on the route, monitor the process and inform the clients on the progress being made. Owing to that LNB brand reaches big and medium sized feed mixing plants as well as individual cattle and poultry producers preparing their own mixes. Farmers can also buy the company’s goods in more than 400 distribution points scattered around Poland.

Quality and technology combined

System, the goods are turned out by three independent production lines in the plant considered to be among most modern in the country. These lines are automatically operated by the electronic system which processes production formulas facilitates their reading and sends them to scale drivers. The procedure thus arranged enables the firm to maintain the purity of products as all the weighing related errors that might bring about contamination instantly suspend the whole activity. Its last phase consists in packaging of ready products performed automatically by packaging machines, palletisers and a comprehensive shrink-wrapping set of appliances. The products duly secured are finally forwarded to a warehouse by means of rolling transport facilities. Nevertheless, the company is not going to content itself with already introduced solutions and is bent on new investments. As Henryk Kowalski, LNB Poland Production Department Director, proclaims, it will be: “a top notch warehouse operating system with radio communication. All the activity in storage area will be performed online. If a worker takes a pallet from a shelf, it will be automatically registered. We would like to comply with all the feed law regulations and it is necessary that we electronically catalogue our products as well as basic ingredients.”

Customer care – reliable and on time

The management of LNB Poland is well aware of the fact that customer satisfaction remains crucial to commercial success and, therefore, finds its mission

in tying bonds with existing business partners and establishing liaison with new clientele. The declaration posted on the firm’s booklets and website may well make its basic tenet of philosophy: “A good partner understands problems of others, but only the best offers aid to solve them. That is why we have put in that extra effort in order to meet demand of our clients and serve them with our knowledge and experience. We are truly passionate about our work. Every customer is an important partner for us. We do our best in order to make him choose and appreciate our services.” In order to prove that this declaration is not merely a slogan LNB Poland organizes regular meetings with cattle, poultry and pig farmers as well as distributors. It also creates formulas on individual request and provides technical support, feed related counselling, research panel discussions and practical training. The company cooperates closely with academic institutions and seeks advice from scientific authorities from Poland and abroad. The most important and loyal customers may also count on free of charge ingredient quality and feed homogeneity analyses performed by LNB laboratory staff. Concerned about customer’s precious time, the firm has introduced a state-of –the –art logistics system which within the span of 24 hours allows for reloading of a several dozen lorries with basic ingredients and loading of an equal number with ready products. Fully automated packaging lines and brand new warehouse make it possible to prepare loading of 20 cars within 10 minutes each. The company’s fleet is equipped with

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LNB Poland finds it extremely important to pay attention to products’ outstanding quality and safety, which are secured by Quality Management System ISO 9001 : 2000 and Food Safety System HACCP. Quality Management System supervises the manufacturing standards starting from basic materials being accepted and ending with ready product being provided. HACCP System in turn monitors production related activities in order to eliminate potential risk and provide only the best and truly

safe feed mixes. Once implemented, the quality regulations are being constantly improved and their compliance with various norms is being certified by independent auditors. Suppliers are also chosen very carefully on the basis of strict criteria measuring quality of basic ingredients, which are tested by qualified experts from the lab section. It is there that classical chemical analyses and brand new NIR (Near-Infrared)

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methods are employed to examine basic feed parameters – the content of protein, fat, fibre, ash, dry mass, vitamins and minerals. In addition, the lab people use high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and atomic absorption spectroscopy (ASA), which help assess and eliminate the jeopardy of potential pollution with toxic heavy metal elements. Owing to the top notch equipment and procedures as well as the expertise of LNB workforce the firm is confident to guarantee the best possible quality of products on offer.

Focus on organic ingredients

In 2004, when LNB Research and Development Institute came into being, the company was among the first in the industry who undertook scientific research with a view to improvement of livestock production. This investment set off the process of creating feed mixes that are organic, of certified efficiency and good value for money, too. The staff there boasts expertise in animal feeding and cooperates with pharmacologists, chemists and toxicologists with the aim of preparing prime quality supplementary feed mixes and premixes, taste and olfactory additives, mineral and vitamin blends and prevention enhancing products. Once developed, innovative solutions for phytogenic additives are further improved by means of up to the minute analytical techniques. Currently, the Institute exploits state-of–the-art innovations consisting in extraction and securing active substances, which facilitate the process of searching for up to date alternatives for antibiotic growth stimulators withdrawn from the market and coccidiostats utilized in poultry feeding.

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Domestic recognition,

regional impact

It goes without saying that LNB Poland’s strife for excellent quality and customer satisfaction has been recognised by the industry. From among the prizes awarded to the firm it is worthwhile to mention: gold medals conferred at “Polagra” International Trade Show in Poznań, Poland, and International Cattle, Poultry and Pig Farming Trade Show. The company also prides on being a member of an elite Business Gazelle Club (Klub Gazel Biznesu) gathering the most dynamic entrepreneurs under the patronage of “Puls Biznesu” magazine. The only representative of the feed industry, the LNB Poland has been honoured with a title “Far Play Enterprise” for ethical and legitimate business activity. LNB trade mark is well established in the region too. On its 15th anniversary in June 2008 the enterprise hosted more than 700 guests including clientele, local authorities, industry organizations, veterinary services and advisors. Willing to support sportsmen, scientists, people of culture and the ill, the brand has earned trust among the locals. For that reason, it provides funds for Orphanage in Gniezno and The Association oh Help for Disabled Children in Kiszkowo. A regular strategic patron of annually celebrated “Dni Kiszkowa” festival, the firm takes pride in backing local community that its workers belong to.

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FULL NAME: Wrocławskie Przedsiębiorstwo Budownictwa Przemysłowego Nr 2 „Wrobis” S.A. PRESIDENT: Tadeusz Chodorowski - President of the Management Board, General Director OPERATIONS: Industrial construction, Helath service construction, Trade & Service construction, Educational construction, Dwelling construction, Engine & environmental protection construction ESTABLISHED: 1948 year EMPLOYEES: 637 employee (in 2009 year) REVENUE: 297.202.295 ( 2008 year)



Mr. Tadeusz Chodorowski Chairman of the board


rocławskie Przedsiębiorstwo Budownictwa Przemysłowego nr 2 WROBIS S.A. is an undisputed brand leader in construction in Lower Silesia, Poland, and one of the key competitors in the field on a national scale. Its aspirations go far beyond the region or the country, however. The firm has been recognized as a reliable contractor in the UK, Russia and Scandinavia. Resourcefulness, top notch technology, highly qualified staff and own fleet of heavy equipment are but a few reasons why the company has been recently awarded a lucrative contract to build a EURO 2012 football arena in Wrocław, Poland. Written by Bartosz Sowiński

Inception and turning points

WROBIS was established on 19th May 1948 as a state owned company. Hence

it boasts over six decades of confirmed track record in construction. Although it proves hard nowadays to determine who the founding fathers of the business were (sources claim that the “Wrocław Two” stemmed from the teams of either Warszawska Spółdzielnia Budowlana or Warszawskie Przedsiębiorstwo Budownictwa Przemysłowego nr 1 operating in Lower Silesia at the time), over the years it has earned an excellent reputation. From among a few hundred investments completed by WROBIS it seems worthwhile to mention such types as: mines, coking plants, cement plants, warehouses, production facilities, environmental protection buildings, roads, administration and amenity facilities, hospitals, schools and residential buildings. The company also renovated historic buildings. It carried out the most of projects as a general contractor. On 1st Feb 1992 WROBIS ceased to be a state owned enterprise and was converted into State Treasury joint-stock company. Thus, it entered a new stage of development. Finally a free market player, the firm released itself from the confines of nationalized industry and economy. The desired effects followed shortly as the company begun to forge business alliances. Consequently, in July 1998 WROBIS became a member of Capital Group of Mostostal Warszawa S.A., whose strategic partner is Spanish construction concern ACCIONA. The partnership paved the way to investments and op-

Construction Industry > Wrobis Księga1.indb 35

portunities reserved exclusively for the giants in the industry. Hence recently WROBIS has won a contract to build a EURO 2012 football arena in Wrocław, the capacity of which amounts to 44.000 viewers and the cost 730.000.000 PLN. And it is to the collaboration with Mostostal, Greek concern J&P Avax S.A. and Modern Construction Design from Poznań, Poland, that the company has been awarded it. A member of elite club Business Gazelle for most dynamic enterprises, WROBIS receives a growing volume of orders and keeps increasing its staff: only in 2006 the number of employees went up by 18%. It only goes to show that the decisions made and the risk taken in the 90s have already paid off.

Wide array of services

WROBIS S.A. offers comprehensive completion (also in the “turn-key” system) of civil engineering and industrial facilities. The company carries out assignments as general contractor, subcontractor or substitute investor. A trustworthy business partner, it takes advantage of innovative technology, utilizes environmentally-friendly materials and boasts its own specialist machinery, equipment and means of transport. The firm has made its mark in various building sectors, which perfectly confirms its flexibility. It has provided constructions for industry, trade & service, education, housing, health services,

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MosjØen Carbon Plant Project

engineering and environmental protection. As subsidiary company Wrobis Developer Sp. z o.o. set up in 2006 the enterprise designs and carries out housing investments. In the wide spectrum of delivered services one may find: preparation and execution of construction and installation works in the field of industrial, civil engineering, bridge and general construction, preservation and renovation of historic monuments, building design, sole project execution, equipment and transport services.

Domestic success and first

steps abroad

Initially, WROBIS played a significant part in a laborious process of reconstruction and development of industrial infrastructure damaged in WWII in Lower Silesia, chemical plants and mines among others. Hard work resulted in contracts awarded in the 50s, which in the course of time turned out to be of strategic importance for Polish economy. That is when the firm embarked upon building of Zakłady Górnicze “KONRAD”, a mining plant, which laid the foundations for Polish Copper Field. In the 60s and 70s the firm as a general contractor has made a significant contribution to the panorama of Wrocław and Lower Silesia being enriched with the amenities essential for the city and region alike. These included: “Dolmed” Lower Silesian Medical Diagnosis Centre, Provincial Hospital, Kamieńskiego Street, reconstructed “Pafawag”, a rolling stock production factory, Polish Television Station and POLAR Household Appliances Plant

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(all in Wrocław) as well as Drinking Water Production Plant in Mokry Dwór and Glassworks in Wałbrzych. A recognizable regional brand, WROBIS extended business activity on the whole of Poland and in the 70s entered foreign markets too. It carried out investments in the central and eastern Europe, in Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic), Hungary and Soviet Union (now Russia). An impressive list of projects completed by WROBIS abroad at the time comprises among others: Winter Sports Centre in Harrachov, Meat Processing Plants in Hroznetina, Kladno and Loketa, reconstruction of historic castles in Liberec and Velka Bystrica (Czech Republic), Lime Plant in Bremend (Hungary), preparation of reinforced concrete parts of the oil pumping plant in Novorossiysk (Russia). In 2004 the company set up its Russian branch WROBIS R, which, granted a license for construction of facilities in the Russian Federation, commenced erecting gluten packaging plant in Efremow near Moscow. The assignment covered preparing working plans and specifications as well as reinforced concrete works.

Foreign recognition

Having secured its position in Russia, WROBIS set out to conquer construction markets in the UK, Sweden and Norway. It soon

proved a reliable and punctual contractor and, therefore, established credentials, made new connections followed by diverse lucrative deals. Contracted by German investor GB Schneider, the firm put up aluminium curtain walls in Battersea Reach and Walwyn Garden City apartments and penthouses as well as in Roche office building in London. Before starting the job the workers attended a series of H&S training seminars. After the exams being taken they received a CSCS certificate which confirms compliance with severe British occupational health and safety regulations. In Mosjoen, Norway, WROBIS personnel of nearly 400 workers and 30 engineers struggled against severe weather conditions and ambient temperatures of 20 Celsius degrees below zero. Nevertheless, the job which consisted in securing a reinforced concrete structure of the Elkem Aluminium Plant extension was finished promptly. It would not have happened if it had not been for latest technology. The deal was signed with American contractor Bechtel International who exactly as their British counterparts obliged the company to undergo a special course of safety training based on American OSHA guidelines. Other assignments worthy of attention that WROBIS performed in Scandinavia are as follows: Gas Washer for Swedish Alstom, Helsfyr Atrium office buildings in Oslo for Norwegian brand leader AF Skandinavia (the firm put up reinforced concrete construction and bubble-deck floors) as well as finishing work carried out in 10 residential buildings in Malmö, Sweden, (laying ceramic tiles with damp insulation and the construction of staircases, halls and terraces) for a renowned Swedish developer, ByggVesta.

Strife for perfection

It is to the clearly set objectives and the resolve to fulfil these that WROMostostal-Konin Ltd. it is: • over forty years of experience; • steel construction performance; • construction assembling; • assembling, disassembly and repairs for mining, smelting, energetics, sugar industry and others; • own plant of production ability 150-500 ton/monthly • constructions for requirements of polish and foreign customers • punctuality and high quality of executed services Mostostal Konin Sp. z o.o. - ul. Biurowiec 3 - 62-530 Kazimierz Biskupi - tel. 063 241 23 63 - fax. 063 241 15 17 mail: -

Construction Industry > Wrobis 2009-12-11 16:06:50

BIS, a brand leader in Lower Silesia, has grown to become acknowledged as a responsible contractor home and abroad. The company will not rest on its laurels, however. Thus, a reliable system managing contracts, offers, budget and production as well as controlling has been introduced with a view to secure further development and satisfy shareholders. As the firm is determined to continue expansion into foreign markets, the Middle East among others, it may only accelerate and enhance the process. Anxious to combine work satisfaction with efficiency among personnel, it has also implemented a reliable in-house and subcontractor staff management system. However tenacious in the strife for efficiency, perfection and success, the firm does not intend to make it at anyone’s expense, the workers’ especially. That is why it has ensured sustainable contract performance – in an environmentally-friendly and operator-safe manner, while securing compliance with the regulations in effect.

Customer being the focal point

It is with the aim of customer satisfaction in the first place that the company has chosen to improve itself. Thus, the management in WROBIS is client-oriented so as to understand their current and future needs and meet their demand. The firm proves resolved to attend to clients in a prompt and flexible manner as well as to maintain the right technical and quality level of delivered services. Regularly tested and continuously enhanced, a certified management procedure has been developed in order to increase efficiency and good organisation. WROBIS also boasts contract risk management system which allows for exposure being either mitigated or taken away. The managers know how to skilfully motivate workers and, therefore, channel their talents and capabilities for the sake of company. The mateTurnoverof Wrobis SA in years 2004-2008 ( in thousand)

rial and service supplier qualification methods help avoid unnecessary costs.

On the strength of the people

The company would neither achieve success nor gain recognition if it was not for expertise, experience and commitment of its personnel. There are more that 3.000 skilled workers employed in WROBIS at the moment, including highly qualified carpenters, steel fixers, bricklayers, plasterers, painters and specialists in other areas. Their work on sites is supervised and coordinated by experienced engineers and foremen, who are in turn supported by administration and technical facilities. Aware of the fact that human resources are its greatest asset, WROBIS encourages workers to participate in a spectrum of external and internal training and language courses. Furthermore, it takes particular care to create optimal working environment by means of securing adequate equipment and communication systems. For the management in WROBIS know well that investments in people are as important as those in infrastructure. They make the company competitive and robust enough to face the challenge of an unpredictable market economy.

Modernisation and development of the Department of Construction – Faculty of Construction and Sanitary Engineering of the Zielona Góra Technical University

Construction of the Harris Welding Wire Production Plant in the Dzierżoniów Subzone of the Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone

Certificates and awards

In order to achieve perfection the company introduced quality management systems such as: PN-EN ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 and NATO – AQAP2120. Their implementation was confirmed by separate documents followed such diplomas as: Certification for Quality issued by Ministry of National Defence and software legality certificate issued by HetMan agency. It was also granted NATO Commercial and Government Entity code:0847H and awarded honours in Safe Site 2008 competition.

Construction of the head office , factory and welfare facilities for the SONEL S.A. company in Świdnica

Average employment in company WROBIS S.A. in 2004 - 2009

R&D Centre of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Wrocław University of Technology

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FACT BOX FULL NAME: KOSPEL S.A. PRESIDENT: Krzysztof Łukasik OPERATIONS: Production of heating appliances ESTABLISHED: 1990 EMPLOYEES: 430 REVENUE: 66.7 million PLN


OSPEL is one of the largest producers and distributors of heating appliances in Poland, with headquarters in Koszalin, which is distanced only 11 kilometres from the Baltic Sea. The company was established in 1990 and since then it has used advanced technologies for the products ensuring energy-efficient and high quality operation. Currently, there are 430 employees, who were recruited from experienced and qualified engineers and also ambitious young students. KOSPEL invests in hard-working, talented and passionate people, who are ready to take on new challenges. Written by Karolina Burkiewicz.

36 Manufacturing-Journal Księga1.indb 38

Impressive growth from

modest beginnings – history of the company

The philosophy of Andrew Carnegie is often associated with the idea of working your way up the career ladder through hard work. Enthusiastic and motivated workers dreaming about achieving success make the company. KOSPEL’s employees had to put a lot of work, their energy and time to promote a fledgling company selling small electric appliances, which in time turned into a thriving firm specialising in producing electric tankless water heaters. Mr. Krzysztof Łukasik, the president of KOSPEL, recalls: ‘The beginnings were not easy, as people imported electric appliances, mostly from Germany. The company had to build trust with the customers in small steps. The salesmen travelled from shop to shop, village to village, to reach each and every customer. Making personal contact with consumers was very important, because the appliances were adjusted to their particular requirements and needs. It has to be emphasized that the company has always attached a lot of weight to the quality of the products and the service centre, even though the early appliances were of simple construction’. Customer care and their satisfaction with the products have always been the overriding purpose of KOSPEL. The company expands its assortment by introducing

new models of heaters, low-power appliances designed for a washbasin and 36kW-power heaters designed to produce warm processed water to make an effort to meet the customers’ needs. Electric boilers, which have been produced since 1994, won the consumers’ recognition, as they are economical and convenient to operate. KOSPEL uses advanced technologies so that the products would fulfil the diverse preferences and needs of a contemporary customer. The appliances must be safe, convenient and affordable. The company has three factories, two of them located in Koszalin and the remaining one in Damnica, near Słupsk. They provide favourable conditions for research and scientific works on improving the quality of the products. The factories are the pride of the company. The surface of the second one in Koszalin occupies around 9 000 m2 and the factory in Damnica has a completely automated laboratory to make enamel coating powder applied on tanks, which is the first one in Poland. Advanced technological solutions are used to apply a ceramic enamel coating, which protects the tanks from corrosion. Enamelled tanks are the base for manufacturing electric heaters and heat exchangers. Modern machine parts are the chief asset of KOSPEL, as it allows for carrying out projects within the company and adjusting them to the individual needs of the consumers. Around 90% of subassemblies are pro-

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Latest breakthrough innovation in integrated pump technology

Exclusive worldwide preview for the Polish market Heat pumps

Boiler systems


Floor heating systems

Solar systems

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duced in the firm’s factories. For that reason, KOSPEL takes full responsibility for their high quality and proper operation. Using innovative technologies and advanced machines is not sufficient to win customers’ trust and satisfaction. The members of the company are its vital part, because they give the finishing touches to the products and adapt to mandatory requirements of a market.

Is learning worth the effort?

KOSPEL organises a great variety of competitions for young people, which promote remarkable amateur scientists. They could be a benefit for the company by becoming members of the team, who come with fresh innovative ideas, which could improve the production. The projects are directed to high school and university students from Koszalin. One of them is called ‘Learning is worth the effort’, the winners of which are awarded for school achievements and social activities. KOSPEL invests in ambitious teenagers, as Mr. Krzysztof Łukasik explains: ‘People usually support the poor, the ill and the disabled. We wanted to do the opposite. We give aid to talented people’. Some of the projects concern also young people from all over Poland, for example a competition to produce an electric current for home use. The idea for the project was born alongside the worldwide trend to save energy and protect the environment. Fuel resources are limited and alternative energy sources, such as, wind, hydroelectric, geothermal and solar power stations, become popular. Thus, KOSPEL moves with the times and encourages young people to work on ecological methods of producing energy by using small appliances. The firm from Koszalin provides good working conditions for its employees. Experienced and qualified workers appreciate factories equipped with modern machines, tools and tech-

38 Manufacturing-Journal Księga1.indb 40

nical facilities for full production service. New employees have the opportunity to do a training from scratch. KOSPEL has been improving the qualifications of its workforce for years. Workers, who undergo training on the premises of the company, acquire proper working habits and follow the rules. They know what is expected of them and they are disciplined. The president of the company explains that some long-serving employees are not used to constant work and they have to learn it, because ‘people should work during the working hours’ at KOSPEL. The firm is not discouraged by statistical data considering professional workers looking for a job abroad. It offers good salaries, an insurance package and comfort for the prospective employees, who often fail to comply with all formalities to allot part of their income to health insurance or pension fund while being abroad. Therefore, KOSPEL addresses young people to participate in the competitions as they are a springboard to a well-paid job and to do internship in the companies equipped with modern machines.

company does not only promote the machines that have been sold for years, but also supports alternative sources of electric energy, for example solar systems. Solar energy is earning popularity in comparison with non-renewable energy resources, which it can replace. Following the tendency, KOSPEL expanded its assortment and introduced flat solar collectors units, which are a perfect addition to the hot usable water systems. KOSPEL’s electric boilers are frequently used as a substitute energy sources by the consumers. Cost-effectiveness and proper operation are their main advantages. As compared to oil boilers, they ensure comfort, because they do not shut down. The company always improves the quality of its products and it is open for new technologies. The modern machine parts and own construction department, which works on projects responding to current custom-

Going green

The employees at KOSPEL keep up with the energy market and check the common usage of electric energy among the consumers, as they specialise in the production of electric heating appliances. Although electricity prices are on the rise, people tend to choose this source of energy. As compared to petroleum or natural gas, electric energy will be always produced, because its resources are not limited. Moreover, the standard of living is rising day by day and people decide on electric appliances, which make the life more comfortable. Environmental activities of KOSPEL are not restricted only to the production of electrical appliances, which do not produce gas pollution, waste and sewage. The

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ers’ needs, facilitate the production.

Hard work equals success

Success for KOSPEL is achievable. Good organisation of employees, who are motivated by consumers’ requirements and setting clear goals are key success indicators. Success of the company is reflected in its stable position in the international market. The products are available in over 30 countries in the world, in Germany, Russia, Scotland, Greece, Austria, Saudi Arabia, Cyprus and Nigeria, to name but a few. Foreign customers are familiar with KOSPEL brand and they associate it with safe, durable and high quality products. The items meet all the European requirements and they received international quality certificates. The customers’ trust is also proved by high export sales, which was 45.4 % in 2008. The popularity of the company

abroad has its source in talented and professional staff. The employees at KOSPEL create friendly working environment and establish good rapport with foreign customers owing to their fluency in languages, such as, English, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Lithuanian or Belarusian. The firm is a frequent participant of trade fairs, which create opportunities for making a contact with the representatives of foreign companies and entering into contracts. Dynamic development of KOSPEL is stimulated by winning the customers and adapting to their requirements. The company uses the same technique as it did in its beginnings. However, the current aim is to get to the consumers beyond the borders of Poland. Ensuring favourable working conditions and convincing the employees that their decision about working in KOSPEL was right are the nest stage on the way to success. The firm cares

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about its staff. The workers receive their salaries on time, they have an attractive benefits package, trainings, safe workstations, clean cloakrooms, bathrooms and canteens, employee parties and Christmas gift vouchers. The company abides Labour law and guarantees reliability and honesty. KOSPEL has a widely developed distribution network all over Poland, which provides constant access to the products for the customers. The consumers can be also advised by the experts, who pass a variety of tests and exams, so that their knowledge is helpful. Professional attitude and competence of the employees is reflected in the number of commercial contacts that the company closed with one of the largest wholesale companies of sanitary and heating devices. An important asset of KOSPEL is also efficient warranty and after-warranty service. There are around 200 Authorized Warranty Centres, which provide help during the purchase of the product and its maintenance. Low cost of service and cost-effective construction solutions of KOSPEL products make the replacement of a damaged part fast. As the firm produces most of the units on its own, their price is accessible. KOSPEL appliances are of high standard and of moderate price. They are environmentally-friendly and safe. The staff works on their proper function while service agents help in purchasing, installation and maintenance. The popularity and recognition for KOSPEL will grow explosively as the customer welfare is the overriding purpose for the company.

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FACT BOX FULL NAME: POLYSTYRENE COMPANY ARBET S. J. PRESIDENT: Dariusz Karasiński OPERATIONS: Production of insulating materials ESTABLISHED: 1990 EMPLOYEES: around 250


olystyrene factory ARBET is one of the largest foamed polystyrene producers in Europe with 100 per cent of Polish Mr. Dariusz Karasiński capital, strong General Director market position, modern management and top quality manufactures. Written by Aleksandra Strojek

Tradition and modernity

Even though the company has been present on the market since the very onset of economic transformation in Poland, the know-how it possesses dates back to the beginnings of foamed

polystyrene’s production in the country. It is due to the knowledge of the employees, whose competence and skills became the capital of ARBET simultaneously to the takeover of new locations. – Purchase of each of the plants was a large step ahead as far as our develop-

The establishment of the company took place in 1990, when the headquarters of the enterprise as well as the first works were located in Koszalin, in the northern-western part of Poland. At the beginning, the enterprise concentrated its business operations on the local market, but did not wait long with the first development ventures – in 1994 the firm opened its second factory in GolubDobrzyń. Further investment came just two years later, in 1996. At the time, ARBET opened another works in Gostyń, which moved the geographical extent of its operations to the western part of Poland. Doing business in the South of the country became in turn much easier in 2001, when ARBET started up the fourth factory in Jasło. The most recent investment took place in 2008 – the company started its fifth factory in Przodkowo.

40 Manufacturing-Journal Księga1.indb 42

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ment is concerned. The fact that they are scattered around Poland helped us to expand geographically and made us more available in a number of local markets – claims Mr. Dariusz Karasiński, the Managing Director of ARBET. Next to that, well-considered investments in top-quality and specialized equipment helped to combine the experience of the staff with the possibilities of stateof-the-art technological solutions. From the very moment of its establishment on, ARBET would equip its production works with the most advanced solutions for the manufacture of polystyrene. All of the company’s plants use world expert machines, which belong to the best ones of its kind in the world. Thanks to the modern machine park, the company can be sure that its plants function with less failures. Furthermore, technologically advanced equipment guarantees the customers convenient prices and for ARBET it stands for greater efficiency and production potential. The company is capable of producing 2 millions cube meters of foamed polystyrene a year.

Product excellence

The effect of the incurred expenditures is the final products that the company de-

livers to their customers. The philosophy of ARBET is to manufacture and sell top quality products. The goal has been visible in all ventures of the company from the very onset of its business operations. The top quality striving derives from the belief that above-standard product characteristics are one of the most crucial factors when it comes to customers’ satisfaction. It must be emphasized here that the parameters of ARBET’s products belong to the best norms in its trade. Next to that, ARBET elaborated its own quality management system. It assures first and foremost the repeatability of the parameters, which results in delivering the clients manufactures of best features. It is then of no surprise that at the end of 2004 ARBET received the ISO 9001:2000 certificate in the field of production and design of foamed eps boards. Parallel to implementation of quality management system, the company adapted its products to the European standards. It allowed to label the products with CE sign, which means that they can be used in the whole territory of the European Community.

What is on the offer?

At the current moment, the offer of ARBET includes foamed eps boards, moulders, blocks and insulating eps boards of extruded polystyrene XPS. – The most important of our products, around which we concentrate the most of our efforts and hopes, are the insulating eps boards of foamed polystyrene. We believe that energy-saving will be ever more crucial for the customers – informs Mr. Karasiński. Next to delivering products, ARBET tries to provide its customers with consultancy and advice. Just-in-time, quick deliveries as well as helpful hints based on year-long experience are some of the firm’s priorities. – The fact that we deliver our manufactures at the time and to the place indicated by the clients is a significant factor persuading them to purchase our products. The same concerns the incessant support of our sales representatives – asserts the Managing Director.

Customer is the King

Yet the focus of all of ARBET’s ventures has always been the customer and his needs. – We very much believe in the power of long-term, positive customer relations. We base our cooperation on honesty and reliability. Our clients know

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Market changes

that we keep our word and mutual settlements. And they value that – says Mr. Karasiński. In fact, the strategic potential of the company is constructed around the customers and the net of formal and informal relations. – If we look at the market from the perspective of the customers and combine it with our expertise, it is easier for us to be ahead of their needs and to fulfill the requirements right after they appear – explains the Director. However, the company does not forget that the customers would not be able to get the products if it had not been for the employees. Owing to that, the personnel is another aspect, to which ARBET pays lots of attention.

Straightforward relations

The number of employees that the enterprise cooperates with comes to 200. The fact that ARBET is not a colossal, international concern helps to individualize the employer-employee relations and to liberate them from unnecessary hierarchy or structure obligations. – The employees that constitute our team are talented and engaged people, who understand our values and put them into practice on everyday basis. We are a demanding employer, yet we pay it back – says Mr. Karasiński. The claim finds reflection in promotion management at the very last – they are based first and foremost on internal recruitment. The company organizes also a number of diversified trainings and workshops. The motivational system turns out to be an appropriate one. The turnover figures noted by the company are low.

42 Manufacturing-Journal Księga1.indb 44

According to the Managing Director of ARBET, the greatest change that occurred on the market within the last five years is connected with the accession to the European Union. The requirements of European norm set new parameters for the producers of polystyrene. Next to previous features concerning the weight and resistance parameters of polystyrene, the main focus was put on the coefficient of heat conduction. The company is also aware of the changes in customers’ attitude. They have become more environmentally friendly – at the current moment the energy-saving features of a product are an important factor at making a purchase decision. Greater attention to the environment and ecology is becoming more and more popular also among the companies representing the trade. – What is eco-friendly, is also cost-effective. Next to smaller harm to the natural environment, energy-saving machines or equipment result in great cost reduction in the long run – says Mr. Karasiński.

morskie province in a rating of another economic daily, Rzeczpospolita. In 2009 the company ranked three in Forbes Diamonds ranking in Zachodniopomorskie province and in 2008 it became the laureate of Pillars of Polish Economy competition organized by Puls Biznesu as well as Dun and Bradstreet. Yet the greatest distinction and the main reason for ARBET’s pride, is the acknowledgement of the customers and the fact that they perceive the enterprise not as an institution but a reliable business partner.

Distinctions and recognition

The success and development of the company has been perceived by a number of various institutions and organizations. In 2000 and 2001 the company was honoured with the title of Gazela Biznesu (Business Gazelle) for dynamic development figures. The award – received from Puls Biznesu, a prestigious Polish daily – was given to the company also in 2004. In the same year, the company was ranked as one of the best enterprises in Zachodniopo-

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FULL NAME: Acciona Agua PRESIDENT: José Manuel Entrecales MANAGING DIRECTOR: Luis Castilla EMPLOYEES: 2000 TUROVER €M : 2008 370




CCIONA Agua is a Spanish company that concentrates its activity in the field of water treatment, currently being a world leader in reverse osmosis desalination. Its objective is to implement global water solutions that ensure sustainable growth and provide potable water where needed. The development of the company, its struggle to maintain the highest quality of its products and its usage of innovative technologies is not only drawing attention of clients, but also of world experts in water treatment, who recognize their work by granting them numerous awards. Written by Lukasz Swiatowiec

The past and the present

celona and is working on optimization of the process of reverse osmosis desalination, which brought the company 14 patented technologies to date.

World leaders in desalination

The main field of the company’s business is a reverse osmosis membrane desalination in which it is now the world leader. With more than 70 desalination plants, producing 1,8 millions of cubical meters of water per day and providing potable water for more than 6 millions people – ACCIONA Agua is present on 5 continents. The company also operates and renovates some of the existing desalination plants, including the biggest desalination plant in Europe (located

in Torrevieja (Alicante), in Spain. Lately, ACCIONA Agua has scored its first investment in Australia, specifically in Adelaide. The 700 million euro plant with 300.000m3 per day will be build by the Adelaide Aqua Consortium with ACCIONA Agua at the helm of the design process in the technology department. Karlene Maywald, Australian Minister for Water Security commented on this investment: “We have said from the start that we don’t want to compromise the environment and we are confident the approach proposed by AdelaideAqua will ensure we have a plant designed, built and operated with maximum environmental efficiency.” Needless to say, Australia is a very promising market for ACCIONA Agua’s activity in the future.

ACCIONA Agua was born in 2005 by a merger of two sector leaders, Pridesa and Empresa Infilco, who decided to join their forces in order to maximize their competitiveness. The companies were bought by the ACCIONA Group and are henceforth known as ACCIONA Agua. The company benefits from more than 30 years of experience and reputation of its predecessors while gaining the means necessary to become a world leader in water treatment from being a part of the ACCIONA Group. Nowadays, the company participate in international projects and collaborates with numerous universities to ensure the access to innovative technologies. Its R&D centre is located in Bar-

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A variety of services

Nevertheless, ACCIONA Aqua is not all about desalination – it also provides services in the field of water treatment and water purification. One of its biggest wins is the order to construct and manage for 36 years the water supplying system in Andratx, in Mallorca. The investment worth 120 millions of euros will provide water services for the area’s citizens, including supply and treatment of water while remaining wholly sustainable and safe for the environment. This contract was won using the Competitive Dialogue procurement which is in fact an unprecedented procedure. This procedure involves an exchange of ideas between a group of companies pre-selected to take part in the bidding. The fact that the contract eventually went to ACCIONA Agua only proves that the company is perfectly capable of providing competitive solutions in terms of both technical and financial requirements. To date the company has built more than 110 water treatment plants and more than 300 purifying plants located in Spain, Italy and Portugal, but also in China and Puerto Rico, for example. ACCIONA Agua also offers management services, and is now in charge of over 60 Spanish municipal water-supply systems. It guarantees maximum quality of tap water by constant analyses and adjusting the system’s efficiency. The company also stars very often as an expert on water treatment and desalination on various congresses and meetings. Moreover, it tries to raise the social awareness regarding water treatment and sustainable growth by numerous events and courses for children and adults.

44 Manufacturing-Journal Księga1.indb 46

Benefits of company’s activity

To fully grasp the profits of the company’s work one should take a closer look on its recent investments. Currently ACCIONA Agua is working on construing the very first reverse osmosis desalination plant in Venezuela. The Desalination Plant of Paraguaná will be able to produce about 800 liters of water every second, which will make it one of South America’s biggest water desalination plants and one of the largest in the company very rich portfolio. The cost of the investment is estimated at 326 millions of bolivars fuertes, which equals around 108 millions of euros. The project is based on the idea that 30 percent of the water produced will be delivered to Cardon refinery and the remaining 70 percent will supply the needs of the region’s population. It is estimated that the po-

table water produced by the plant will reach around 350 thousands of people. The region of Paraguaná, one of the country’s most dry areas, is expected to be revived by this investment. Water produced by the plant can be used not only by industry but also by tourism or agriculture. Hopefully the construction of the desalination plant will be the first step on a road to sustainable growth in the region of Paraguaná. Recently in the . the Domincan Republic’s Instituto Nacional de Aguas Potables y Alcantarillados (INAPA) (National Institute of Drinking Water and Drainage) has awarded ACCIONA Agua a contract for the construction and commissioning of the Peravia DWTP (daily capacity: 86,400 m3) . It includes the works for a 17.5 km adduction line and the supply network for the area. The project was presented by the JV ACCIONA Agua (60%)-AbiKarram Ingenieros Arquitectos (40%).

Sustainability as

a major principle

The idea of sustainable growth has always been a key factor determining the company’s policies. Maximizing the efficiency of the plants while reducing the costs and the energy consumption has been the goal from the beginning. The shortage of drinking water will be a serious problem for future generations, hence ACCIONA Agua is looking after the natural environment and restoring it. The company always works on sustainable development criteria, such as “responsible use, conservation and recycling of water to satisfy the current ne-

Engineering & Construction Industry > Acciona Agua 2009-12-11 16:07:12

eds of our society without compromising the needs of future generations”. The business model of the company, as explained by its chairman, Jose Manuel Entrecanales, is “to help society complete the transition to, and consolidate the principles of, sustainable development. We would like to help build a model of development that does not threaten the ecological limits of the planet and that promotes social cohesion”. Indeed, a very noble intention, and a very successful one at that, which is proven by the company’s posing as the sector leader in the Dow Jones Sustainability indices for the third year running.

Granted awards

This is however not the only success that ACCIONA Agua can be proud of. For three consecutive years its been awarded by the Global Water Intelligence, the world’s leading magazine providing business information about the water industry. ACCIONA Agua was named the 2007 Desalination Company of the year, while one of its biggest investments, the Tampa Bay Sea Water Desalination Plant, was named the desalination plant of the year in 2008. This year, the company’s recent project in Beckton, England, won the Global Water Intelligence’s award for the most sustainable project. The Beckton Desalination Plant is the first on the river Thames to use the reverse osmosis technology. It’s hoped to deliver more than 150 millions of liters of potable water to more than 900 thousands of people. The project is designed to use only renewable energies and to mini-

mize the risk of affecting the natural environment. The investment is worth 250 millions of euros and is expected to be fully functioning by the end of 2009.

Critical fac-

tors of success

Quality is always what decides about the success of the company in the end. But quality can only be ensured by the people. ACCIONA Agua tries to acquire the best talents in the market and offer them comfortable conditions to create a better world for us and a better future for the next generations. The company currently employs more than 2 000 professionals on 5 continents. It created a management system that ensures integrity on every step of their effort. It applies all the safety measures necessary to make sure that their work goes as smoothly as possible. ACCIONA Agua tends to ask a lot of its staff, just as well as it always asks a lot of its suppliers. The company requires that all of its suppliers agree with the principles of the Equality Act and the World Pact. This behavior emerges from a belief that the only way to make the world a better place is to start from oneself.

The future is bright

The economy crisis, even once it risen the unemployment rate to 20 percent in Spain this year, doesn’t seem to significantly slow down the company. It is hoping to strengthen their position as a sector leader in their main European markets while constantly expanding their activity in the United States, South America, Australia and the Middle East. With its philosophy, high standards of quality, state-of-the-art technology and constant care for sustainability and environment – ACCIONA Agua seems to offer services and products wanted now more than ever.

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TYROPOL SP. Z O. O. (L.L.C.) is one of the leading producers in the Polish polystyrene industry. It was established in 1991. It ensures better living and working conditions by using up-to-date technological solutions, heightens awareness of energy saving and protects the environment. The company specializes in the technologies and products of system insulation solutions. It belongs to SCHWENK Dämmtechnik GmbH & Co. KG, which is one of the associate companies of the Schwenk Group. Written by Karolina Burkiewicz


Polystyrene was first discovered in 1839 by a German apothecary, Eduard Simon, who obtained it from natural resin. However, he did not

46 Manufacturing-Journal Księga1.indb 48

know what substance he isolated and it took a considerable amount of time to examine its properties. Expanded polystyrene foam was developed in the United States in 1959 by the Koppers Company. It became an omnipresent product used for building materials, household items and packages, as it is an efficient insulator and it protects from impact damage. Polystyrene was used to build a bridge in Hobitton in Peter Jackson’s trilogy of The Lord of the Rings.

International cooperation

STYROPOL is an important member of the international group of companies, SCHWENK KG, which is based in Ulm, a thriving, scenic German city, the birthplace of Nobel Prize winner Albert Einstein and home of the world’s tallest church, Ulm Cathedral. SCHWENK is a European leader in cement production and transportation of concrete. However, its business activity is not narrowed down to the two core products. It covers the following areas:

• •

• • •

Cement production Plaster and plastering systems production (materials used for lightwet method in external wall insulation systems, floor screed and mortar) Insulating materials production Concrete products manufacture, chiefly, paving stones, panels and ornaments Concrete transportation.

SCHWENK is a veteran company of over 160 years old experience in the production of building materials and an established market player. It is a synonym to a reliable company expressing its goals in concrete terms. STYROPOL belongs to one of the five associate companies of the SCHWENK Group, namely, SCHWENK Dämmtechnik GmbH & Co. KG, which specializes in insulation technique and operates in Germany, the Czech Republic, Holland, Hungary and Poland. Its headquarters is located in Landsberg am Lech, a picturesque town in southwest Bavaria, famous for being the birthplace of a Nobel Prize winner, a biophysicist, Erwin Neher. It had already opened a glass mineral wool production plant in Wiesbaden and it announced the completion of building the second one, in Bernburg, near Magdeburg, in August, 2009. The production plant in Bernburg will be one of the most modern and profitable factories in Europe. It will also be a strategic factor for STY-

Construction Industry > Styropol 2009-12-11 16:07:17

ROPOL because of its advantageous location in close proximity to the Polish border, which will provide efficient service for Polish customers. Membership in the international group of companies yields tangible profits. To begin with, STYROPOL has a trade to fall back on, as SCHWENK is an exclusive producer of building materials, which reflects its unquestioned competence and professionalism in the construction trade. Moreover, it has the opportunity to share skills and knowledge, acquire new products and technologies in accordance with the recent changes in the market and make investments partly funded by SCHWENK. Affiliation with the German company enables STYROPOL to provide a wide range of thermal insulation materials, a regular offer of high-quality products and full service for its customers. The new logo of the Polish firm updated in 2008 illustrates that STYROPOL is an integral part of SCHWENK Group and stresses its target to manufacture specialist insulation products and of-

fer system solutions for professionals.

Success = reliable products + rapport with customers

STYROPOL defines success in terms of the vast array of merchandise, which provide thermal, acoustic, waterproof and fireproof insulation of the buildings, so called, ‘from the cellar to the roof’ protection. The employees of the company aim at discovering new applications of expanded polystyrene and adding variety to the offer of products. The current offer includes: • •

• STYRODUR C – For realization of thermal isolation hardly weighted flooring industrial and inverted roofs

STYROPOL expanded polystyrene STYROPOL specialist expanded polystyrene, e. g. STYROFLEX, which muffles noise and also ensures thermal insulation and HYDROMAX, which is waterproof and designated for insulating buildings with long term exposure to water, such as foundation walls and concrete floors on ground Styrodur®C – extruded polystyrene (XPS) – which provides optimal protection in extreme weather conditions (heat, frost and humidity) and has got appropriate compressive strength for building industrial floorings, inverted and green roofs SCHWENK mineral glass wool, which is a high-quality, eco-friendly and sustainable material. It is consistent with the reliability of STYROPOL expanded polystyrenes and the company itself as a business partner. ECON fireproof system, which is designed for polystyrene sandwich panels, achieving fire resistance of 60 minutes. It can be used in building almost all types of flat

Construction Industry > Styropol Księga1.indb 49

roofs and contributes to saving considerable amounts of money, as it protects from fire spread and ensures high fire resistance of a roof. The basic selling philosophy for STYROPOL is to become a ‘one stop shop’ for its customers. It means providing a wide assortment of insulating materials from one supplier available right at hand, which saves money and time. The company’s offer of products would be complete were it not for mineral glass wool. It was a ‘missing link’ in the range of insulating materials and also a necessity considering the fact of buildings’ requirement for energy performance certificate and increasing energy prices. Mineral glass wool has been introduced into distribution by STYROPOL since 1 July, 2008 and it is a vital part of the company’s reliable expanded polystyrene products, whose sale in the Polish market has been crowned by success for almost twenty years. Good rapport with customers is established by providing efficient and effective management of the company and stable position in the rapidly changing market. There are three factories, scattered all over Poland, in Starachowice in the south-east, Wrocław in the south-west, and Wołomin in the central Poland to increase availability of the products, prompt deliveres and customer convenience. The management of the company assures that their customers can count on STYROPOL in all circumstances. Even if demand exceeds supply, the employees will pander to the whims of clients.

Awards and sponsorship

STYROPOL was classified high, taking the second place, in the ranking of Top

Manufacturing-Journal 47 2009-12-11 16:07:20

polystyrene for thermal insulation on facades PROFI EPS 040

flexible polystyrene for acoustic insulation of floating floors STYROFLEX

Installment of system ECON fireproof

Construction Brands, in the category of expanded polystyrene. The distinction was awarded during the International Construction Fair BUDMA 2008 held in Poznań and organized by Market Research and Analysis Centre and Poznan International Fair, which is the second largest exhibition organiser in Central Eastern Europe. It confirmed the consistent and effective work of STYROPOL’s sales department and high quality of insulating materials. During the Congress of Polish Roofers held during BUDMA fair 2008, Polish Association of Roofers recommended ECON fireproof system, because it meets all necessary requirements, has Technical Acceptance Recommendation and is a high-class product. Sports sponsorship gives a company greater visibility. Therefore, STYROPOL is actively involved in funding and supporting various social events, e. g. Polish Championship of Young Roofers, the team of young roofers in World Championship of Young Roofers in Prague and ‘Pole Vault at the Pier’ in Sopot.

the exterior walls does not ensure better insulation of the building and does not reduce energy costs. Uninsulated concrete walls lose heat faster than insulated walls. Purchasing reliable thermal insulating materials will solve the problem of heating and air-conditioning of a building and of protection against dampness and fire. Moreover, advanced technological solutions in insulation guarantee durability in adverse weather conditions and provide building materials with an aesthetic appearance. STYROPOL persists in the improvement of insulating materials and using innovative technologies to match market expectations, win customers and protect natural habitats. The company is characterized by good market expertise, consistent sales strategies and full service.

polystyrene for floor and roof insulation STRONG EPS 038

Save energy, save money

Economical management of energy is a necessity in the face of increasing prices for energy carriers and ethical obligations to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions. A vast majority of Polish citizens choose to heat their houses with thermal insulating materials, which decrease energy costs for a long period of time. Investment in reliable thermal insulating materials will be profitable, as prices for energy consumption will go up in the future. Using polystyrene or mineral glass wool in insulation is costeffective not only for new buildings, but also for old constructions. Thickening

48 Manufacturing-Journal Księga1.indb 50

waterproof insulation panels applied on foundation walls and concrete floors on ground HYDROMAX

Mineral glass wool SCHWENK for isolation of roof

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FULL NAME: Ringo Valvulas S.L.L. PRESIDENT: Luis Ruiz Castillo OPERATIONS: manufacture and commercialisation of valves ESTABLISHED: 2000 EMPLOYEES: 60 REVENUE: estimated 2009 30 million €


ust right next to Zaragoza, Spain, in an industrial area called “Empresarium” lies the headquarters of Ringo Valvulas, one of the largest and most successful European valve designer and manufacturer. Devotion of its clients to the company’s products and services can only be compared to its staff’s devotion to quality and constant attention to details.

The short history of a success

Ringo Valvulas started off in the year 2000, emerging from a company named Walthon Wall Pacific. Its management and some of its staff left the mother firm to start a new company while benefiting from over twenty years of their experience. At first, the company had only 8 employees on the payroll. Due to rapid growth of the company and major investments, this situation did not last for a very long period of time. Ringo Valvulas continued to acquire talents and by 2005 it had hired 45 professionals. Currently the firm has a staff of 60 people. The management puts every effort to ensure that their talented personnel has plenty of opportunities to develop. The company has implemented a personalized career plan supported by constant trainings on techniques, designs and norms which are provided by the best trainers and certificators available. This solution supports the growth of the company’s staff while maximizing its efficiency and maintaining the recycle of know-how.

The creation of

a diversified offer

Ringo Valvulas offers a whole variety of valves, for different purposes. The main field are the ball valves, both floating and trunnion design, side entry or top entry. The usage of such valves differs. They are applied in oil and gas pipelines, both upstream and downstream, in chemical and petrochemical industry, but also in power plants. If needed, Ringo Valvulas can also provide some special design ball valves such as the counterweight valve used in hydroelectrical plants, three way or four way ball valves, or ball valves interchargeable in live – more economic than your average top entry ball valve. The firm also offers gate valves and pressure plug valves which can be adjusted to satisfy the customer needs. The globe valves variety also provides many different solutions such as several types of bonnets and a diversity of seats. Last but not least, Ringo Valvulas provides a selection of individual designs of check valves that match the service conditions of the order. All valves can be designed from a range of diverse, yet always top-notch material. The list includes carbon steels, alloy steels, high resistant steels, stainless steel, nickel alloys, duplex and superduplex. The firm’s technical department always chooses the best fitting material to match the customer requirement and service conditions. The designers and manufacturers in Zarazgoza always take special care

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of their customer’s needs and provide solutions to their valve problems, whatever may they be. What is also worth mentioning is the company’s struggle to take care of its clients even after the sale is done. It offers also a constant supply of spare parts as well as mobile help team that minimizes the time needed to solve any existing problem regarding supplied equipment on location.



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Certificates and recognitions

Major markets

Ringo Valvulas is a national leader in valve supply for Spanish nuclear plants with more than 95 percent share of the market. One should not be fooled by these numbers, for still more than two thirds of its production goes abroad. Sweden, Switzerland, Mexico, Argentina, South Africa and China can be found among some of the most interesting markets. Furthermore, Middle East is a rapidly growing market for high performance valves which are used in gas and oil pipelines, as wall as for chemi-

cal and petrochemical purposes. The firm is present on five continents, the management admits however that their main concern are the domestic market, which still provides 30 percent of its profits, Middle and Far East and Europe. Such a big share in the domestic nuclear market results in the standardization of valves used in common processes. Ringo Valvulas and its clients have reached an agreement that brought a certain collaboration to life. A collaboration allowing the company to offer products in exceptionally short supply periods with full technical support.

Quality has always been a key factor for the company’s staff. Its products are always fabricated with extra care and in accordance to all quality standards available. Ringo Valvulas is proud of every single valve that leaves the factory in Zaragoza with its label on it, because the firm knows that it’s been manufactured in accordance with ISO-9001-200 norm. The product is homologated in accordance with the European Pressure Vessels Directive 97/23/CE and is approved by some of the world’s most important players on the power plants market including, naturally, the Spanish Nuclear Power Plant Owners Group, the Swedish Nuclear Power Plant Owners Group and the Mexican Federal Electricity Commission, among others. Recently the company’s has scored yet another approval, which was the homologation to supply nuclear valves on the Chinese market, granted by the Nuclear Chinese Authority. The company’s most recent success was obtaining the Gost Certificate which most likely will be a way in for the Russian market for Ringo Valvulas. This is however not the only way the company has been credited for worldwide. This April, at the 14th International Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Exhibition in Tehran, Iran, Ringo Valvulas was awarded by one of its clients, an Iranian company Sepanir, general contractor of South Pars gas field phases 15 and 16. Sepanir awarded Ringo Valvulas a small trophy; this proves that the Iranians are more than content of the level of professionalism of their Spanish colleagues. This token of appreciation assures the staff of Ringo Valvulas that they have chosen the right business model. Constant struggle to maintain the highest quality of company’s products sometimes results in certain recklessness regarding natural environment. This is however not the case at Ringo Valvulas. The company operates on ISO-140001 norm, which regulates all the business behavior on environmental care. The firm also has a high awareness regarding the storage of dangerous residues.

Recent activity

Ringo Valvulas is a company that grows exceptionally fast. Its turnover in 2006 amounted to 10 million euros and in 2007 close to 20 million. In 2009 it is estimated to be around 30 million. Even the global economy crisis doesn’t significantly slow the company down. In

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Industrial Fittings > Ringo Valvulas 2009-12-11 16:07:32

such difficult times as these, the firm is doubling its efforts to remain one of the most successful companies in the valve market. With such a high degree of saturation in the domestic nuclear market, nowadays the priority is to treat the international customers with extra care. Ringo Valvulas considers the ball valves and the emergency shut down valves (ESD valves) to be among its star products on the foreign markets. Recently, Ringo Valvulas completed a supply of ball valves to Nederland, where company Total is using them in its motor oil factory. For the company, another project of great importance at the moment is the construction of a new gas pipeline in Iran, where 25 large swing check valves were shipped recently. These large valves have all been tested on one of the largest valve test benches in Europe. The one in Zaragoza is brand new and is able to test valves up to 60 inches. It’s expected to be used frequently in the upcoming years as it is predicted that the large valves will be one of the company’s main focus in the near future. These large kinds of valves are used in oil and gas pipelines and it seems that it’s one of the branches that will continue to develop, regardless of the state of modern economy.

prices. The future doesn’t seem to bring any major changes in the business. The demand of valves for nuclear plants is supposed to steadily rise in the forthcoming years, as well as the amount of valves needed for oil and gas pipelines. The company continues to diversify its offer and broaden the selection of valves available in order to increase its share in foreign markets. With its individual approach to each customer and highest quality of the product, it’s likely that Ringo Valvulas will acquire some new faithful customers in the nearest future.

The prospects for the future

Lately, the business observed a considerable fall in the prices of raw materials which resulted in significant drop in prices of final products. Nevertheless, this event did not change the industry as all of the competitors reduced their

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harp’s cutting-edge technologies, innovative solutions and original designs make the company outstanding on the market. Sharp is one of the world leaders in LCD and solar technology, but it also develops and manufactures electro technical components in the areas of optoelectronics, infrared and flash memory electronics. With each and every product Sharp strives to become a one-of-a-kind company that creates the 21st century lifestyles with electronics technology. At the moment it is initiating a new era of television by launching two LCD AQUOS TV series with LED backlight system, already rated as having the best picture available on the market today. Written by Anna Chudzik

Being part of a giant

52 Manufacturing-Journal

Electronics Industry > Sharp Electronics Poland

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Sharp Electronics Poland (SEP) is a Warsaw-located subsidiary of Sharp Electronics Corporation, a global producer specializing in manufacturing consumer and business electronics. The beginnings of the company date back to as early as 1912, when Tokuji Hayakawa established a small metalworking shop in Tokyo. In 1915 Mr Hayakawa invented a mechanical retractable pencil called the “Ever Sharp Pencil”, which gave the name to the company. Today the Corporation employs more than 50,000 people, nearly half of whom are employed outside Japan. Sharp operates from 64 bases in 30 countries and its products are distributed to 164 countries worldwide. 1968 was a watershed in the history of the company. The enterprise es-

tablished its first subsidiary in Europe, located in Hamburg, which also became the location for the European business headquarters. Since then the company has been steadily expanding its business activities in Europe, growing to a total of 17 bases comprising a laboratory, 4 manufacturing sites, 11 sales subsidiaries (including Warsaw) and a finance company. One of the plants – Sharp Manufacturing Poland – is located in Poland, near the city of Toruń, where LCD modules and Sharp AQUOS LCD TVs

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have been manufactured since 2007.

Philosophy of business

What should come first to our mind when we think of Sharp is undoubtedly innovation, inherent in the corporate philosophy of the company from the initial stages of its activity, when the innovative “Ever Sharp Pencil” created a stir all over the world. The product remains a symbol of Sharp’s pioneering spirit up until today and reflects its willingness to set up the trends on the market. As the company claims, it not only strives to expand its business volume, but it is also committed to the improvement of human living all over the world. This is possible thanks to the use of state-of-theart technology, commitment to innovation, impeccable quality, environmental protection and interesting design. For almost one hundred years, the company has played an important role in technological development and managed to win customer confidence through two basic principles, which remain the business creed: honesty and creativity. By sticking to these ideals, Sharp employees remain aware of the need to innovate and improve while deriving genuine satisfaction from their work and making a meaningful contribution to society. Sharp’s philosophy, reflecting the company’s willingness to cre-

ate new lifestyles for the 21st century, can be summarized by its today’s motto: “We make products that others want to imitate.” Those products range from high-quality Sharp AQUOS LCD TVs, via audio systems, monitors, LCD TFTs for TVs and computer monitors, memory chips, Blu-ray players, microwave ovens and fridge freezers to air conditioners.

Success through research

and development

Sharp’s continuous success is the result of an exemplary research and development policy, thanks to which the company is considerably contributing to the progress in technology throughout the world. Among the recent innovations which enjoyed a spectacular success one can enumerate Sharp’s Plasmacluster Ion Technology, whose use is spreading at an accelerating pace. Sales of the products equipped with the technology reached 20 million units worldwide at the end of December 2008. Sharp has been able to achieve such a success within eight years after its first application in air purifiers in September 2000, where it was used to deactivate harmful substances such as viruses and mold in the air. Based on the results of collaboration with independent research organizations, Plasmacluster Ion technology has been deployed across Sharp products, including air purifiers, air conditioners, front-loading washers and dryers, LED lightings and also refrigerators,

Electronics Industry > Sharp Electronics Poland Księga1.indb 55

but now it is also introduced in products from other industrial sectors. The IGA100 Ion Generator, introduced in October 2008, is currently in wide use in 58 countries around the world. Air purification with Plasmacluster Ion technology received high marks as a revolutionary technology supporting the resolution to numerous problems, especially those concerning various allergies. Apart from implementing innovative technologies, Sharp also attaches particular importance to the construction and development of innovative manufacturing plants. Due to the growing demand for LCD TVs worldwide, Sharp has decided to build the “Manufacturing Complex for the 21st Century” including a new LCD panel plant, which will start operations in October 2009. It will employ a number of innovative LCD technologies in conjunction with adopting the world’s first 10thgeneration glass substrates. The new building is located in Sakai City in Japan.

Spectacular products

A wide array of Sharp products is available in a few categories, including consumer electronics, business electronics, home appliances and solar systems. Moreover, the development of core digital technologies and components for electronic products (e.g. optoelectronics, infrared and flash memory electronics) belongs to the core competences of Sharp. Among consumer electronics one can enjoy LCD TVs in particular, but there are also Blu-ray players, audio systems and home cinema. The product spectrum in business electronics ranges from calculators, copiers and printers, electronic dictionaries, LCD monitors, multimedia projectors, to document and security solutions and fax machines. When it comes to multimedia projectors, the recently released PG-F267X is particularly noteworthy. It combines high brightness and the convenience of short-throw projection design with the high image quality and reliability of BrilliantColor™ technology and DLP® technology. The projector also features 2500 ANSI lumens, which ensures superb picture brightness in any conference room or classroom setting. 2200:1 contrast ratio helps to achieve superior color accuracy and clarity as well as more realistic and lifelike image reproduction. Moreover, thanks to this unique design, a 100” diagonal image can be projected from a distance of only 1,3 m from the screen. All in all, the projector will deliver excellent

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„Globally Dedicated, Locally Focused.”

Vision Our vision is to be a leading global logistics enterprise, distinguished by the quality of its services.

Mission NYK logistics mission is to deliver measurable benefits to customers by providing world-class logistics solutions built on: • • • • •

Dedicated to customers and their businesses An outstanding quality, operational excellence and advanced information management A superior global network that integrates NYK’s divers assets and expertise A flexible, agile and innovative organization A highly trained and professional workforce

NYK Logistics (Polska) – the logistics supply chain operator for SHARP MANUFACTURING POLAND; e-mail: tel. +48 22 567 36 10 Księga1.indb 56

2009-12-11 16:07:51

as well as 100 Hertz technology (within the LE700E series). Additionally, both series use Sharp’s proprietary next-generation Full HD 1080p X-Gen LCD panel with 10-bit processing. At the moment the Sharp AQUOS models are the Sharp flagship products, constituting a strategic potential of the company and they will probably remain unrivalled on the market for a long time. However, one can guess that Sharp will continue to widen the range of its state-ofthe-art products so that the customers can always get maximum satisfaction.

presentation performance and it will find applications both in business and education. As far as home appliances are concerned, Sharp can offer microwaves, air-conditioners, air purifiers and fridge freezers. Thanks to Sharp’s Plasmacluster Ion technology, the products live up to customers’ expectations. Among a wide range of fridge freezers, there have been two spectacular models released by Sharp this year – SJ-F750SP-BK and SJ-F800SP-BK. Their main characteristic is the impressive size, thanks to which they can hold a considerable amount of food. Equipped with Advanced Hybrid Cooling system and Honeycomb deodorizer, they will ensure freshness and perfect taste of all kinds of food kept there. Apart from being big and practical, they stand out as the most elegant and stylish models, which give every kitchen (or any other room) an individual, unique character. All Sharp products add immense value to the importance of the company, the products which play a key role in building a successful brand are LCD TVs. They always connote quality, innovation and impeccable picture.

The magic of pictures


Sharp has always set new standards in the field of flat screen television. As an inventor of the LCD TV and with many years of experience in LCD technology, Sharp, like no other company, has been responsible for developing this technology from mere niche market to an absolute success story of the consumer electronics sector. Ever since develo-

ping the world’s first 14V-inch color TFT LCD in 1988, Sharp has consistently led the world in LCD TVs with larger screen sizes, introducing a 45V-inch model in 2004 and a 65V-inch model in 2005, and also aimed for the highest levels of achievement for image quality. In 2007 the world saw the largest, 108V-inch LCD TV, manufactured at Sharp’s Kameyama Plant No. 2. The screen measures 2,386 by 1,344 mm and features a Black Advanced Super View technology. Sharp continued to achieve the highest quality benchmarks. In November 2008 the Corporation introduced 65- and 52-inch models AQUOS XS1 Series, which achieves high image quality, advanced environmental performance, and a thinner design than ever. All those features make the TVs truly worthy of being called the “next generation” of LCD TVs. More was yet to come, however. To anticipate its customers’ needs, Sharp is currently launching two new LCD TV series with LED backlight system – the Sharp AQUOS LC-LE700E and the Sharp AQUOS LC-LE600E series which provide a brilliant picture quality that is second to none. The TVs, available in sizes ranging from 32 to 52 inch, can boast a spectacular 2,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, an even higher level of colour reproduction and constant screen illumination of over 90 per cent. LED segments, that are fitted behind the LCD screen in the Sharp televisions, provide greater brightness and deeper colours than those that are placed on the edges of the screen. Excellent picture quality is obtained also thanks to a full HD resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixel

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PV Displays Polska Sp. z o.o., a Poland-based limited liability company, is part of TPV Technology Limited, a leading display solution provider, specializing in design and production of a wide spectrum of desktop monitors and LCD TVs. Following a period of rapid development, the company emerged as the largest monitor maker in the world. Assurance of top quality products and services earned the business the trust of renowned PC vendors and longterm partnerships. While it is mainly engaged in OEM and ODM business model, the company has also developed its own brands such as. “AOC” and “Envision”. Written by Marcin Zimny

56 Manufacturing-Journal Księga1.indb 58

TPV Displays Polska in close-


Before TPV Displays Polska came into existence, TPV Technology had searched for investment opportunities in several countries. It took a number of factors into account such as location for a future plant, availability of manpower, financial assistance provided by the state, co-operation with local authorities, availability of suppliers and prospects of attracting suppliers in the future. A range of extensive analyses and visits paid in places considered for investment resulted in choosing the Polish town of Gorzów Wielkopolski. Also, previous experiences of TPV Technology from co-operation

with a Żyrardów-located TVs production plant TTE added to the location of plant in Poland. Upon the completion of the building construction and receipt of the building occupancy permit in February 2008, TPV Displays Polska launched the production of LCD TVs and monitors for its European clients. Though the business has a year of activity behind it, customers have already said yes to TPV Displays Polska. The company has won the confidence of recipients by coming up to their expectations: low unit cost combined with high quality, flexibility and promptness. Those seemingly easy and widespread principles are more difficult to achieve in OEM and ODM than most competitors might think, yet TPV

Electronics Industry > Tpv Displays Polska Sp.z o.o. 2009-12-11 16:07:56

proved successful in harmonizing all of them, which earned the producer a strong and well-established position on the market. Among the most important clients are world’s most renowned brands in LCD industry such as Philips, LG, Toshiba and Sharp. A rapid growth on the European market in recent years, triggered by lifting trade barriers and increased purchasing power of citizens, contributed to the location of production in Europe. The establishment of TPV Displays in Poland was a corporate response to the need of creating a production centre for Europe. The plant in Gorzów Wielkopolski, like its counterparts situated in Asia and Latin America, draws upon TPV experience and recognition in the B2B world. The main objective for TPV Displays now is to cultivate the professional image of TPV and to strengthen good co-operation with recipients. To fulfill it, the company builds up a production centre geared towards recipients in Europe. The firm reveals that it wants to surprise customers not only with the number of manufactured TVs, but also with flexibility and capability of tackling the most advanced and demanding tasks. The business also nurtures close partnership relations, which have been developed with recipients, in order to ensure bilateral market and financial benefits. And finally, with a total number of 3000 employees, including 1300 people hired via befriended job agencies, the company is the biggest local employer offering rewarding salaries for relatively light work – activities performed in the production of TVs are not strenuous when compared with equivalent ones in other industries, e.g. chemical, heavy, etc. TPV Dis-

plays Polska strives to be perceived not only as the biggest but also as the most renowned employer in the local area.

Screened for success factors

Two types of factors need to be classified as crucial to the company’s success: microeconomic and macroeconomic. TPV Displays Polska was, first and foremost, very attentive to possible problems and critical demand drops for new LCD TVs and monitors. Luckily, in this line of business the fear was more of a problem rather than its actual practical ramifications according to TPV Displays. Orders returned to normal surprisingly quickly and grew soon after. The specificity of the industry turned out to be an additional buffer. In recent years the global tendency among the world’s leading producers is towards resigning from the production and moving towards increased R&D and marketing. Paradoxically as it may sound, this trend earned the company new production contracts. On the other hand, experience, good relations with recipients and great efforts to implement and consolidate international standards in the emerging company contributed to better co-operation and customer recognition. Since different customers have different needs and expectations, they also differ in terms of quantity of ordered products. Each of them is, therefore, treated as an individual with equal attention being given to all customers. This kind of customeroriented approach ensures a maximum of communication and the best solutions for tailor-made top-of-the-range products. As for the most important areas of the firm’s activity, TPV Displays

Electronics Industry > Tpv Displays Polska Sp.z o.o. Księga1.indb 59

says that it is difficult to pinpoint specific aspects, claiming that all of them are very important at the early stages of business development. If researched thoroughly, however, and given growing production figures, the developments in the production process and improvements in supply chain management come to the fore. Eco-friendly policy is a contributing factor which paved the way for success as well. Taken at face value, TPV activities are not harmful to the environment. The company attaches, nevertheless, great significance to waste management. By implementing environmental management system ISO 14001, it put emphasis on reduction and segregation of waste materials. What’s more, getting on well with waste collection companies adds stabilization to the whole production process and secures TPV against sudden fluctuations on the waste products market. In other words, the key to success lies in:

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Elsen Logistyka Sp. z o.o. The Elsen company has over 130 years of traditions in logistics and transport. Seated in Wittlich, with branches in Europe and the world, we are a competent logistics partner for you. We have moved the experience and knowledge gathered over these years to Poland with a good result, establishing a branch in Gorzуw Wielkopolski. In spite of short presence on the Polish market, we have managed to win the trust of many clients.

Our strength is in the fact that we have not rested on our laurels but we constantly look for optimal solutions that will meet your expectations in a greater extent. Each client is treated individually, with due diligence, taking into account his specificity and adapting to this our operations.

Elsen Polska means: • • •

tradition and experience in transport and logistics individual solutions adapted to clients’ needs flexibility, trust and precision in operation

At your disposal we have competent personnel, the latest generation machinery and the most modern solutions in logistics and transport.

Elsen Logityka Sp. z o.o.

ul. Podmiejska 21A 66-400 Gorzów Wielkopolski tel. + 48 95/ 725 77 80 fax. +48 95/ 727 77 81

Apreo Logistics S.A. Our attributes: •

punctuality and the organization of the logistics process

individual logistics solutions

knowledge and long-standing experience on the logistics market

qualified staff

fleet counting over 500 cars of load capacity adapted for Customers needs

branch offices and warehouse spaces in entire Poland

warehouse processes are managed by the highest class Warehouse Management System - Qguar WMS Pro

simple electronic data exchange

leadership in the field of IT systems ( In 2008 and 2003 year – title ‘’ IT Leader’’ awarded by the weekly ‘’ Computerworld’’ and in years 2002-2003 – the APREO LOGISTICS S.A. ul. Ostroroga 24 C 01-163 Warszawa tel. +48 22 320 10 00 fax +48 22 320 10 99 e-mail:

58 Manufacturing-Journal Księga1.indb 60

prize ‘’ Golden Bit” for the author’s program “SWIP) We offer services in the field: •

warehouse logistics

transport and domestic forwarding

international transport and forwarding

transport of cargo bulk

transport of oversized load

sea freight

customs services

Electronics Industry > Tpv Displays Polska Sp.z o.o. 2009-12-11 16:07:59



We offer:


• • •


e are an innovative company setting the highest standards in construction industry. Depenbrock offers fully integrated service in industrial construction, which means that we deal with the whole investment process – from design and building permit to completion of projects.

• • • • •

the highest quality; the latest art technologies; state-of-the-art solutions in accordance with investor needs; innovative solutions; perfect adjustment to the needs of customers; incomparable services; proper planning and execution of projects; the knowledge and experience of our engineers to guarantee of the final success;

DEPENBROCK POLSKA Sp. z o.o. Sp. K. ul. Platynowa 5 62-052 Komorniki tel. +48 (0) 61 65 65 660 fax +48 (0) 61 65 65 661

Manufacturing Journal

We will surprise you !!!

Electronics Industry > Tpv Displays Polska Sp.z o.o. Księga1.indb 61

Manufacturing-Journal 59 2009-12-11 16:08:02

• • •

Choosing good plant location; Developing and strengthening sound relations with recipients; Placing emphasis on improvement of employees’ skills and improvement of process-driven solutions.

Recent tendencies

From an organizational point of view, the Polish company is still a budding enterprise. It focuses chiefly on improving people’s skills and abilities as well as enhancing in-house management-related solutions. Managing an enterprise composed of 500 people is completely different from such that is staffed by 3500 people and is undergoing a dynamic development. The growth is highly astounding, especially in the midst of the global economic crisis, the company claims. Entering the European market in good shape despite the crisis is a rarity nowadays. It is, therefore, pivotal for TPV Diaplays Polska to grasp this opportunity in order to establish a strong position, assume leadership and lay the foundations for sustainable growth. The enterprise has to be primed for recent market trends, new solutions and groundbreaking technologies. This is what customers expect from the producer. The company assures it will be responding to customers’ needs, which will be a fulfillment of its ultimate goal. Although strategic decisions remain confidential, the producer reveals that it will be planning to co-operate more closely with the biggest recipients, whereas the production centre for Europe will be still situated in Gorzów Wielkopolski.

A glow of pride

Asked about things that make them feel proud, TPV brought up fast pace of investment and development in Poland. While the decision to start the investment was taken in March 2007, the

60 Manufacturing-Journal Księga1.indb 62

production was launched the following year. Within more than a year of its activity, the company almost doubled its floor surface from 33.37ha to 5ha. This is likely to translate into increased production, which is expected to reach 100 thousand units weekly in the near future. The pace would not have been so fast, had it not been for the assistance from local authorities for which TPV is very grateful. The fast-growing investment reverberated through the media too. In 2007 TPV Displays Polska was honoured with the distinction of “Wydarzenie Gospodarcze Roku 2007 w województwie lubuskim” (Economic event of the year 2007 in the Lubuskie province) granted by monthly “Forbes”. With its production centre in Gorzów Wielkopolski, TPV is not merely an investment or a business event in the B2B world. It is also a cultural event which, besides business, brings the elements of Eastern culture to Poland and, as a result, a different outlook on business that combines dynamism with new ways of problem-solving.

Electronics Industry > Tpv Displays Polska Sp.z o.o. 2009-12-11 16:08:03


FULL NAME: Ficosa Int’l PRESIDENT: Javier Pujol OPERATIONS: Automotive ESTABLISHED: 1949 EMPLOYEES: 7000 REVENUE: 900 MLN Euro

General Manager - Mr. Jerzy Mazur


eing part of the Ficosa International Group, Ficomirrors Polska (FMP) is the leading producer of car mirrors, liquid tanks and gearshift systems in Central and Eastern Europe. The commitment, contribution and ambition of FMP employees elevated the company to the top rungs of the automotive industry, earning the business a good reputation as a reliable, innovative and competitive player on the market. In order to internationalize its offer to the fullest, Ficomirrors Polska thinks ahead while improving the quality of products and developing customized solutions. Written by Anna Chudzik

Facts and figures

The FMP factory was established in Poland in 2001 after Magneti Marelli was acquired by Ficosa International, a multinational corporation devoted to the research, development, production and commercialization of systems for both commercial and industrial vehi-

cles. Founded in 1949, the company is headquartered in Barcelona (Spain), but its production and engineering centers, together with commercial offices, are located in 19 countries in Europe, North America, South America and Asia. With more than seven thousand employees worldwide, the group is an official supplier and technological partner of a vast majority of vehicle producing companies from all over the world. It provides products for the following sections of the automotive industry: rear-view systems, vehicle communication systems and antennas, Advanced Driver Assistance systems, gearshift systems, parking brake systems, drive cables, systems for fluids, air intake systems and industrial vehicle components. For nine years Ficomirrors Polska has seen a rapid development resulting in a completion of investment worth 18 million euros. It was a significant milestone for the company. In 2005 FMP opened the present headquarters located in the Katowice Special Economic Zone. Facilities with a total floor surface of 15 000 square meters are used as office spaces, warehouse, design house and four shop floors. As Mr Jerzy Mazur, FMP General Director, says, it is one of the largest factories in the group, thanks to which FMP sales figures soared from 100 million zlotys in 2006 (in Sosnowiec) to 230 million zlotys in 2009. The assembly department is the heart of the factory, which becomes a destination for components produced in other de-

Automotive Industry > Ficomirrors Księga1.indb 63

partments, i.e. injection, paint shop and blow molding. The departments, along with technical support units, ensure the satisfaction of customers’ needs and diversification of the product offer. Currently, the FMP produces mainly mirrors for Fiat, Vw, Ford, Iveco, Skoda, Mercedes and Bentley as well as tanks for Audi and GM and gearshifts for Toyota. The company’s activity revolves around two major segments of the automotive market: 1. Production of all types of rear-view mirrors equipped with the most recent technological developments, designed in accordance with vehicle style requirements and compliant with all normalization and quality requirements which are indispensable for the correct performance. This segment includes the following products: • • • • • 2.



wing mirrors; wing mirrors with turn signal light; wing mirrors with integrated antenna; rear-view mirrors; wing mirrors for lorries.

Production of tanks: • •

liquid tanks; windshield and washer systems.


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When local means global

At present one in three cars on the roads has a Ficosa product. And warranty returns are next to nothing, which seems to be the result of the quality and strength of products which have been constantly improved for over sixty years. To give its products a fresh look and functionality, FMP has brought to the market mirrors with built-in radio antennas, navigation systems and other electronic solutions which are intended to reduce production costs and improve the appearance and safety of vehicles. However, it does not mean that the new products will be given priority over the old, which are still extremely popular. Mr Mazur believes that in the midst of the economic crisis the use of smaller, cheaper, more ecological and cost-efficient cars should be promoted. And, should it become reality, Ficomirrors Polska has all it takes to adjust production to the market demands. Professional design and R&D departments are there to take care of the smallest details, whereas new machines guarantee high quality and minimum production waste, thus helping to reduce the production costs and, as a consequence, the price at which OEMs buy products. Such organized production makes FMP a competitive player. The location of the factory in Poland adds luster to the business too. From the local viewpoint, FMP is situated in the middle of Polish industrial area near Fiat Polska, while from the global point of view the company is right in Central Europe. Such location makes it easy to deliver products to customers from Western and Southern Europe, respond to their needs more quickly and also co-operate with companies which are relocating to the East. For example, FMP co-operates with Ford in Saint Petersburg, where it has been a major supplier of mirrors for several years. Judging by a great number of multinational customers, FMP products are both competitive and popular, which globally translates into the 30 percent share in the production of car mirrors.

company. While Ficomirrors was spreading its wings, many employees bloomed as well. Thanks to favorable environment at work, they managed to develop their talents and personalities, gained experience in different departments and took managerial or engineering posts. Nowadays, the business creates opportunities to committed and creative people who feel confident in teamwork and want to improve their skills. The effect is that Ficomirrors can boast a sound and coherent team of workers sharing common aims and working in perfect unison with managerial personnel. These, in turn, are made up of experienced people with not only the automotive background, but also in B2B, Electronics, etc. Apart from topical knowledge and qualifications, they brought to FMP rich experience, fresh ideas and innovative problem-solving skills. Consequently, with its ambitious and reliable team, Ficomirrors Polska is capable of accepting even the most challenging tasks! Besides regular employees, the company’s ranks are frequently filled by new people with international experience. Integrating these two groups with one another has

People with values

The company admits openly that it owes all achievements to employees who are considered to be the greatest value of FMP. At the beginning, the firm employed 80 people, but the number grew steadily, reaching 500 full-time employees in 2009 and a group of temporary workers hired for the purpose of fulfilling production plans for the Randstad

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become essential for sustainable growth of the business. The strategy consisted in combining Ficosa Manufacturing System (FMS), which is based on the principles of “lean manufacturing”, with an “open door” policy. Additionally, seeking to improve the quality of process outputs, Ficomirrors Polska implemented the Six Sigma management strategy and cost-efficiency projects focusing chiefly on operational cost reduction while increasing at the same time quality of processes or/and products e.g. costless throughput increase in Paint Shop by 40% or material and transportation flow improvement which saved hundreds of thousands this year. On the other hand, to engage employees in the process of development, FMP launched a series of initiatives, including Hoshin-Kaizen program, Six Sigma design teams, SMED teams or the course “System of Persuasion”. All of them, earmarked for improvement of the quality and efficiency of processes, helped to ensure greater safety at the same time. Raising awareness in people is crucial. As the company declares, an FMP employee can exert influence on what happens

around his workplace with his voice being not only raised, but also taken seriously and his ideas put into practice.

Recent tendencies

Globally, Poland is still less competitive than China, India, Turkey, Romania or Bulgaria. The reason for this is that these countries can offer cheaper workforce. The recent tendency of relocating industries to the East is highly likely to continue, but Ficomirrors Polska is more upbeat about the outlook for the world trends: “We can be competitive even for China. It is a long way but month by month our company yields better results, not only financial ones,” says Mr Jerzy Mazur, FMP General Director. “We still have spare capacity as a result of improvements conducted in recent years. (…), so we are looking around for new contracts, even from outside the automotive industry (…),” he explains. What goals did the company set to achieve success, then? After receiving quality certificates such as ISO 9000, ISO 14000, “The Best Supplier” from GM or “Q1” from Ford (in progress), it wants to improve the quality of products and serv-

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ices. The producer, therefore, introduced the “3Q3” program, which is aimed to improve the quality thrice within three years’ time, thus elevating the business to the top of the automotive group. A key to success will be to engage all people in the program and to implement the principles of Lean and Six Sigma consistently. The crisis does not have to be a bad thing. To the contrary, it can be helpful in finding solutions no one would think of before. Ficomirrors Polska believes this is true and is waiting for businesses which share the same feeling.

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N. I27/1751D UNI EN ISO 9002 :94

MAJOR Sp. z o.o.

Advanced thermo plastics compounds


CI.GA. s.r.l. Via Pinerolo 75 .10060 PANCALIERI ITALY Tel +39 011 9735953 . Fax +39 011 9735952

Major Sp. z o.o. company is concerned with machining of metal components on CNC machines Customer satisfaction is our highest priority We are working in accordance to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO / TS 16949:2002 standards The company has an advantage through a very modern machine park, top quality and competitive price We produce mainly for automotive, railway and power industry We have 55 years experience on the market


PC ABS alloy ABS PC PP PA 6 PA66 PA12 PA ABS alloy

• • • •

Colours Mineral and nanoclay filled Glass fibers and carbon fibers reinforced Conductive and plasticised


INDUSTRIAL GASKET Rubber – Foam – Plastic - Adhesive

MAJOR SP. Z O. O. ul. Sienkiewicza 13 43-100 Tychy Tel.: +48 (32) 219 02 90 Fax.: +48 (32) 219 02 91 Mob.: +48 781 007 000

Tel. +39 011 994.16.66

Fax +39 011 994.50.00

Manufacturing Journal

Here is the place your


advertisement Please contact us for more information and examples of our offer. e-mail to:

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FULL NAME: Melex A&D Tyszkiewicz SP.J. DIRECTOR: Dariusz Gujda OPERATIONS: automotive ESTABLISHED: 1993





resent on the market for 38 years, Melex has managed to establish a leading position as a producer Managing director of electricallyDariusz Gujda powered and multi-purpose vehicles. Starting from golf carts, it has successively widened the spectrum of its products and has become recognizable all over the world, earning the reputation as a provider of technologically reliable solution. Are you ready for an unforgettable ride? Written by by Anna Chudzik

Turbulent history

The beginnings of the brand date back to the early 70s when the Aircraft Equipment Factory (Wytwórnia Sprzętu Komunikacyjnego), situated in the Polish city of Mielec, produced the first golf carts in Poland. It all started with one of the distributors of such vehicles in the USA who had strived to become independent from his current suppliers and seek new producers. The project aroused some interest in Poland, as it posed quite a challenge at that time. With two carts from the USA as a base, the constructors created a prototype of a new one, which resulted in launching the mass production of the Melex golf carts in Mielec in 1971. The USA, where

Melex managed to achieve 10% share on that market, appeared to be the main consumer. The company proved to be highly competitive, since its products stood out as both very good in quality and relatively cheap, which put American producers at a disadvantage. It brought about the first turning point. In 1975 antidumping duty was imposed on Melex goods, thus beginning the long-standing trial. Even though the lawsuit was won, it took its toll on the company and enfeebled its position on the American market. On top of that, when martial law was declared in Poland, President Reagan placed an embargo on the Polish goods, which entailed 50% sales drop. Looking for a way out of the situation, Melex decided to free itself from the USA and expand geographically to European markets. Soon after, thanks to PEZETEL Foreign Trade Enterprise, Melex products appeared in Germany, Scandinavia, Italy, France, Great Britain, as well as outside Europe, e.g. in Argentina, Australia and some African countries. Moreover, it was necessary to expand the range of products and find applications outside the golf course. It suddenly occurred that Melex vehicles can also be used for short-distance transport of commodities and people, which promoted the development of the company. The winning strike was stopped by the intricacies of political transformation of the 80s and the 90s in Poland. The Aircraft Equipment Factory changed hands several times and finally

Automotive Industry > Melex Księga1.indb 67

split into a few companies, one of them being Wytwórnia Pojazdów Melex Sp. z o.o (Melex Vehicle Production Plant Ltd. liability company). When confronted with reality, the new entity did not manage to tackle all financial problems. In 1996 the company concluded a contract with strategic investor PEZETEL, which capitalized the business and provided new insights into the already existing products, so that they would attract more customers. Due to disadvantageous situation, the sales in the USA were dropping dramatically, Melex products were gaining ground in Poland, as well as in other European and non-European countries, e.g. in South America and Australia. Unfortunately, because of the sequence of adverse events, the company was forced to declare bankruptcy in February 2004. However, the company was fortunate enough to be bought as a whole enterprise by Dorota and Andrzej Tyszkiewicz in August 2004. As an employee and, finally, Managing Director of Factory of Passenger Cars (FSO), Mr Tyszkiewicz had experience in the automotive industry. The brand was revived and everything started going into the right direction.

Supporting the customer…

Today, Melex can be proud to have won customer trust both in Poland and abroad. Clients appreciate decades of the company’s experience, but among

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the factors which particularly contributed to such a success, one can enumerate the high quality of products, as well as the reliable guarantee and post-guarantee service. The main goal of Melex has always revolved around living up to the customers expectations, which is why the company aims not only to sell the product, but also support the customer after the purchase. Therefore, people who own vehicles from the 70s still have an opportunity to buy spare parts. Obviously, customer satisfaction would not be possible without the expertise and experience of Melex employees, who constitute the strategic potential of the company. Since the production took place in the aircraft factory at the beginning, most of the staff have experience in manufacturing aircrafts, which requires maintaining discipline and complying with strict norms and regulations. High qualifications and client-oriented attitude of the personnel guarantee both top-notch technological solutions and professional customer service. Thus, Melex values its employees, providing them with attractive working conditions.

… and the employee

Currently, Melex employs 90 people, but, taking into account numerous distributors all over the world, the team working for the common goal is much bigger. Melex appears to be a good employer, creating friendly atmosphere at work and offering attractive conditions. First of all, the staff rotation is kept to the minimum. Moreover, the company believes that the ambience is as crucial to a business’s success as the product you sell. The family-like atmosphere is consolidated during integration parties organized on regular basis, such

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as bonfires, trips, festivities for children or volleyball matches, but the employees additionally meet after work on their own. Furthermore, Melex is an attractive place because it creates opportunity to get in touch with people from all over the world, e.g. Australia, Argentina, the United Arab Emirates, Republic of South Africa. Business relations with people from those countries grow more personal with time. All those factors make Melex a comfortable and interesting place to work at.

Let’s go for a ride!

Apart from reliability, the factor determining the popularity of Melex products is the overwhelming sentiment from our childhood, when the vehicle was a substitute of a real car, giving the opportunity to actually sit behind the wheel. However, Melex products serve as a useful means of transport which facilitates people’s lives. Models evolved from the golf cart to the multi-functional vehicle, which has become the prominent products of the company. It sells only a few golf carts a year, prioritizing the vehicles which would suit individual needs of the customer. Nowadays, Melex boasts an impressive array of models, which can be divided into three basic groups of products: passenger, cargo and special ones. They find application in airports, health resorts, sports and leisure facilities, historical parts of cities, botanical gardens, in mountainous areas, warehouses, etc.

can see them not only in the city centre of Cracow, but also of Stockholm, or in the airports in Amsterdam, Frankfurt or Brussels. The Melex brand has become a synonym of a small electric vehicle in Poland and the trademark is official in over 100 countries. Another prestigious aspect of Melex is the firm’s innovative approach exhibited in cutting-edge solutions, such as SEPEX, the energy regeneration system, which puts the company among top world manufacturers. Batteries supply limited amount of energy, so every single volt is highly valuable. The system improves exploitation features by helping to regain energy when the vehicle goes downhill or when the accelerator pedal is released. As a general rule, Melex tries its best to perform tasks

Things to be proud of

There are lots of things Melex can be proud of. The first one would be the fact that the vehicles are widely recognized and appreciated all over the world. One

Automotive Industry > Melex 2009-12-11 16:08:21

in harmony with the environment by manufacturing environmentally friendly products, which neither emit exhaust fumes nor generate noise. The company get the ISO 14001: 2005 certificate, which attests that Melex remains sensitive to green issues. Melex obtained also ISO 9001:2000 and 18001:2004 certificates. Among other distinctions that the enterprise was granted there is the Teraz Polska (“Poland Now”) award. Apart from that, Melex has become a symbol of the Podkarpacie region and took the second place in Brussels at the EUREKA contest, for innovative solutions implemented in electric vehicles. Melex is also appreciated for its non-business activity, i.e. donating money for charity or lending vehicles free of charge dur-

ing various sports and cultural events.

Current goals, future plans, never-changing aspirations

From the initial stages of activity, the mission of Melex has been to improve the quality of its products and services so as to meet the world standards and keep the customers satisfied. The company is situated in the Special Economic Zone Euro Park Mielec, which additionally poses a challenge, as it requires constant development and investments. Like any other company, Melex has to confront many problems, From more than 35 years STAMAT is specialized in the manufacturing of STEERING such as growing RACKS, which we supply for OEM to the most important special cars/vehicles industries all over the world which manufacture special types of vehicles, for different competition, ecouses (like quadricycles, electric cars, NEV, golf carts, utility vehicles, ground maintenomic crisis on the nance machineries, street sweepers, lawnmowers, mini-cars for amusement parks, market, rising dekarts, etc.) mands of customWe have in production also a complete range of inner tie rods for mechanical, elecers, emphasis put tric and hydraulic steering racks. on the environThe complete production, working, assembly and testing of all our products is mental issues, etc. made in Italy. Melex is aware of the fact that it has Our company has the ISO 9001 certificate. to keep its finger STAMAT can project and put in production any new steering rack, according to on the pulse all the the customer’s needs. time so as to atFor any inquiry or information, please contact the below mentioned address. tract new customers. Moreover, it is crucial to follow new trends, adapt to all the changes, comply with new STAMAT S.p.a regulations and Corso Savona, 12 - 10024 Moncalieri (TO) Italy constantly look Tel: +39 (011) 64.20.23 r.a. set on widening Fax: +39 (011) 64.06.575 the range of prodweb: ucts and finding email: new areas of their

Automotive Industry > Melex Księga1.indb 69

application. Currently, Melex is introducing a new series of vehicles with new suspension, electric system, engine and body. The first vehicles have been widely acclaimed in Europe, but the new models still need publicity, which will be the goal for Melex in the following years. With its past and rich experience, the Melex brand should always connote solidity, modernity and willingness to listen to customers.

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FACT BOX FULL NAME: „Elester-PKP” Sp. z o.o. PRESIDENT: Tomasz Bednarkiewicz OPERATIONS: Energy Industry ESTABLISHED: 1992 EMPLOYEES: 140 „1 Maja” Rectifier Station in Łódź

History review and

fundamental factors that maintain success

The company ELESTER-PKP came out of an agreement. Very successful and beneficial one, we should add. It was established and officially has started to operate in December 1992, as a result of a deal between General Management of PKP (Polish State Railways SA) and The Electric Equipment Plants ELESTER SA in Łódź. At the moment company’s shares, in the comparative degree, belong to the two joint-stock companies – GE Power Controls and PKP Energetyka. Today, without no doubt, ELESTER-PKP is a leader in its branch, but as usually, the beginnings on a market 17 years back, have not been easy. On account of many transformations and reforms, concerning at that time Polish railways, the company has been more or less pushed into the search of new solutions and modern markets. Owing to the intensive work and great engagement, it was able to build several devices, which were, as for those times, very modern and technologically advanced. Those entering steps regarded also a construction of the first automatic system for traction substations. It was an event extremely important for the whole company, because by this achievement ELESTER-PKP has proven its product’s predominance over the competitors. After massive development of the technological potential and creativity, nowadays the

68 Manufacturing-Journal Księga1.indb 70

company is a proud constructor of the completely up-dated equipment and whole systems designed for the railway transport. This complete success is not a coincidence though, but a consequence of meticulously planned strategy involving such factors as: innovative approach towards new products and operational reliability. Innovations base on a well designed and developed constructive department, which is occupied with every newly born idea and solution. Sometimes even, ELESTER-PKP projects and solutions set original international trends themselves. On the other hand the operational equipment sureness is an obligation that has to be taken under the consideration when we proceed in

the energetic branch. There is no place for errors, mistakes and half measures, especially at coordination or security systems. That is why company’s management has decided to implemented special control procedures of realizations completed. The reliability factor has also a financial advantage. Owing to the long lasting equipment vitality, the company is able to give a longer guarantee, which simultaneously helps it in creating a better image over the professional rivals.

Human factor in the unusual market circumstances

ELESTAR-PKP’s impressive actions have proven company’s strength and devo-

BUSZ-CZAT remote control device at CDE in Warsaw

Energy Industry > Elester PKP 2009-12-11 16:08:24

tion during the years. Nevertheless, each operation taken up has needed a lot of back-up which, directly combined with company’s strategy in general, has given great results. This is the reason, why ELESTER-PKP management rests its hope in the human capital. Till this day it has never failed. Company’s representatives even claim that the work stuff is the most important element holding the organization on a market top. The human factor enables the realization of many complicated, sometimes even pioneering tasks. All employees are being recruited on a highest specialization and substantial amount of experience basis. Additionally, the company puts a lot of pressure on the constant skill development of every employee, because it is believed that the employees constitute a greatest value. Currently there are almost 150 persons working for ELESTERPKP, 90% of which possess engineer or master titles and have all entitlements required. They are also experienced in the professional environment. The company needs loyal, trustworthy and skilled workers, especially in relation to the features of market, on which it operates. The market itself is quite unusual, because each task and project is being adapted to the individual customer’s requirements. Only close relation and collaboration with the client, especially during the beginnings of the investment, enables advising and help during the key moments of whole realization. Such friendly and open attitude builds close customer-company relations. It influences the mutual trust and respect. Systems formula seems to be also very customers approachable because, as oppose to the most of the competition, ELESTER-PKP solutions are open and

SAT-CZAT Automatics System - Dobrowoja Rectifier Station

match with the elements from other producers. After investing in certain system, the customer gets also a full manual, which permits a free system configuration and any extra expansion later on.

ELESTER’s products prepared for the bright future

Before we explain why exactly the company is so positively future oriented, let us have a closer look at the ELESTER-PKP offer, which rests on so called “three main pillars”. The first one is composed by the complete systems: remote control systems, automatics systems for traction substations, railways turnouts heating,

Łosiów Rectifier Station 110/3kV

Energy Industry > Elester PKP Księga1.indb 71

non-traction power control systems, cable and wireless disconnectors control systems and more. Second belongs rather to the services area. It concerns construction and modernization of traction electroenergetics establishments. The company has carried out many impressive and innovative works, such as the construction of the first in Poland substation with one-step transformation 110kV/3kV (Huta Zawadzka on the Central Railway Main Line). Finally, the third pillar, which completes company’s activities, is represented by the specialist software, including the professional passportization systems – computer versions of electroenergetic devices in a railway network. We were wondering what in such wide assortment of products and services is valuable the most for the producers themselves. The answer turned out to be surprisingly obvious. The value is measured by the inside of the system, by its “heart”, which happens to be in most cases a microprocessor driver CZAT 3000plus. It is a modern solution designed especially for the energetic devices. Special construction and careful execution guarantee its resistance against exterior factors. Thus, it guarantees safe and trouble-free work of the whole system. However, the most important quality of CZAT 3000plus lays in its software openness that allows unconstrained configuration. In other words, after the

Manufacturing-Journal 69 2009-12-11 16:08:26

transformation it is ready to be used in different systems. What is crucial and need to be underlined when we talk about ELESTER-PKP products in general, it is their innovative characteristic. The company is not afraid of hard work and new challenges. Those are not just some shallow slogans, those are facts. ELESTER-PKP is a creator of only Polish devices powered by the measured voltage (for example: Electronic ground fault protection type EZZ). The substation with one-step transformation 110kV/3kV, mentioned before, is indeed a first such object in country. Innovation, reliability, safety are strictly subscribed into the company’s philosophy. Are there any doubts or fears concerning the future in business? Not a single one. The company constantly improves its offer, modernizes advanced solutions and elaborated new ideas. ELESTER-PKP does not want to follow anyone. The company is doing its best to set new trends and directions on its own. As for today we can say without hesitation that ELESTERPKP is a real visionary on Polish market.

could have observed company’s devotion on this field of activity, during the celebration of 50th anniversary of students radio station ŻAK, which operates beside the Technical University of Łódź. On the professional field though, ELESTER-PKP scored yet so many goals, metaphorically speaking, that it is rather a matter of brand increasing repute than awareness. Both, the company and its solutions are appreciated and warmly introduced into the professional and customer environments. Among the pretty impressive number of awards and titles, we should emphasize the latest ones – Golden Medal at the International Power Industry Exhibition EXPOPOWER 2008, President of Associations of the Polish Electrical Engineers (SEP) Medal and recommendations from SEP. “We really don’t want to boast of, but frankly it feels very pleasantly when we can tell you how positively and warmly the company is being treated by its receivers, both professionals and customers”, concludes ELESTER-PKP representative.

We really do not want to

boast of but…

ELESTER-PKP is an enterprise with traditions, experiences, with vision and great perspectives. Still, instead of being proud and promotionally oriented, company’s representative seams very modest and subtle. Fortunately we’ve mentioned to acquire several information regarding achievements, successes and evolution process. The railroad branch of transport is rather specific for each country. The reason resides in such features as various voltage, different systems, or even variety of law requirements. Happily, owing to the well organized and composed construction department the company is able to adapt its products to the individual needs. In consequence, each year the number of exported systems increases and ELESTER-PKP builds systematically its own good name abroad. Another great way to promote a brand is co-organizations of various events or taking part in different non-business connected activities. ELESTER-PKP sees its group of receivers among the university circles. The pressure is being put on the brand awareness among the technique school students who, as we can presume, will constitute either a group of employees or clients, in the future. Recently, we

70 Manufacturing-Journal Księga1.indb 72

Controller CZAT 3000plus

Energy Industry > Elester PKP 2009-12-11 16:08:30



FACT BOX FULL NAME: „S.I.A.P.” Sp. z o.o. PRESIDENT: Carlo Pizzini OPERATIONS: Automotive ESTABLISHED: 1996 EMPLOYEES: 63 in 2008 year REVENUE: 2008 year - 45 226 962,58 PLN


ven though they are rather simplified, mechanisms and work rules characteristic for all electric machines and vehicles are very similar to those making a living organism running. Almost each of the motor activities can be executed, in a more or less proper way, without a whole set of integral parts. However, the whole process is always coordinated and driven by one, main element, which’s lack is equivalent to the general uselessness. Just like in case of a living organism, electric devise withers without its metaphorical “heart”, which in the electric branch is rather called accumulator or battery. It is them, who induce every day-use objects, tools and recreational devices running. It is them, who directly make our lives relatively easier. „S.I.A.P.”, Silesian producer and exporter of accumulators and batteries, minds in a consistent way for “hearts” of our machines. It wants to make sure that they are beating with double power. The company designs its products with special regard for individual clients and their particular needs, so it won’t be wrong if we define „S.I.A.P.” as an electromechanical “cardiologists” or “mechanic hearts specialist” indeed.

Italian capital, is rather young, but very dynamically developing producer in Polish electric branch. Its establishment can be dated back to 1996. Basically, we are facing fresh brand with a lot of potential, evolving continuously for over 13 years. The head office and manufacturing facility is located in Gliwice, one of the biggest and most modern cities in Silesian region, known for its industrial character and great value for new investors. In spite of the fact, that „S.I.A.P.” ’s experiences and traditions has been limited to those mentioned 13 years so far, the company managed, in this rather short period of time, become one of

the most meaningful producers and exporters of accumulator plates. After this amazing success „S.I.A.P.” Management has decided to launch other direction in production. Shortly after the constitution of its position on a market, the company has started to manufacture several types of special accumulators and traction cells. Owing to the authentic Italian technology and company’s private innovation systems, it is possible to base them on „S.I.A.P.” ’s own plates. Next, completely logic step considering development moves, has been made just after and it regarded implementing yet another product – traction batteries. All

Traction battery Industry >„S.I.A.P.” Sp. z o.o.

Manufacturing-Journal 71

Essentials of Comapny’s Profile

Joint-stock company „S.I.A.P.”, which was completely created with the support of

Księga1.indb 73

2009-12-11 16:08:32

those above-mentioned products are certified with CLOAiO quality guarantee, on B security sign. International quality standards, in case of „S.I.A.P.”, are more than crucial and necessary, because almost all products are being exported abroad, to Western Europe. Fortunately, fulfilling this requirement is a priority for the company. We can be sure that each and every product leaving the manufacturing line is in its best shape, representing the highest quality and security traits. „S.I.A.P.” is an enterprise where only proven and attested materials are being used. Moreover, while keeping up to the highest standards the company also carries about ecologic matters. „S.I.A.P.” owns both certificates – the quality and the environment management - ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004. Company representatives are deeply convinced that if someone tries even once their offer, he will be continuing this cooperation for years, because it is really worth it.

„S.I.A.P.” ’s general mission and main goals

The company puts the highest quality of its products on the very first place. The realization of this most important point in its mission is possible, owing to constant implementation of the modern international technologies of production and special equipment. The professional approach towards the whole process is a result of an effort putting into it, by the highly skilled and well-educated work stuff. The employees constitute a great positive factor influencing company’s activities. Their attitude seems to be a real pride for „S.I.A.P.”. Thanks to their creativity and enthusiasm, the company is able to launch its own projects, ideas

72 Manufacturing-Journal Księga1.indb 74

and to experiment with some innovative methods. As always during the interview with such promising company, we were asking about hopes and dreams for the future. The answer turned out to be provocatively simple and obvious, yet not so easy, when it comes to accomplish its content in the realities of today market. „S.I.A.P.” is aiming at adapting itself to the all, even the most unconventional client’s needs and requests. As we all know it could prove itself to be a “never ending story” motive, metaphorically speaking. However, the company is prepared to take its chances. This activity path is directly chosen with the great admiration for a famous phrase once said by American businessman Sam Walton: “There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else”. This motto marks all company’s activities. Since the beginning of its activity it is permanently widening its assortment and working on new, better solutions. Observing „S.I.A.P.” ’s rather fast and impressing successes, we can honestly predict that today its goals and dreams are closer than ever. Nevertheless, to evolve and improve its strategy, the company does a lot more than that. „S.I.A.P.” ’s experts carefully observe and follow every progress in branch. Each novelty is implemented directly, without any hesitation. Additionally, company’s marketers in cooperation with other specialists, regularly conduct market and sales researches, public opinion expertise and several other tests considering current economic state and branch atmosphere in general. In „S.I.A.P.” ’s lab original technical solutions and projects are being elaborated with reference to the international

Traction battery Industry >„S.I.A.P.” Sp. z o.o. 2009-12-11 16:08:35

changes and newly born customer’s needs. Some of them are so innovative and surprisingly fresh, that they are even being protected by patents afterwards. All of the finished, completed products represent very high quality, which has been never questioned by any complaint or claim for refund. From the more interpersonal point of view, „S.I.A.P.” managers are engaged in widening their contact network, by collaborating, dealing and discussing current issues with other big international producers and suppliers. Owing to these strategic moves, company’s European status is really impressive, and its state of export could have not been batter. Satisfied Western European customers and partners are „S.I.A.P.” ’s best recommendation.

Offer characteristic

So much we’ve just written about the quality of products that constitutes such a great importance for the company, thus it is time to present the most representative, core products from „S.I.A.P.” ’s assortment. On a “top 4 list” of „S.I.A.P.” ’s products we can enumerate traction accumulators, traction batteries, traction cells and plates, used as a base for all previous products. Firstly mentioned traction accumulators, in such form as they are produced here in „S.I.A.P.”, are especially designed for so called “little traction”. Basically, it means that they are most commonly used and they prove correct in such vehicles as cleaning aggregates or golf trolleys (for example MELEX). What is more, the company, especially as an answer to the client’s request, is willing to widen its range of accumulator products. „S.I.A.P.” is well prepared to take into the consideration customer’s special, untypical needs and requires. Traction batteries, the second most popular „S.I.A.P.” ’s product, appear in several types. They are intended for platform trolleys and car lifts, from both national and foreign manufactur-

ers. Like in case of accumulators, there is also a possibility of creating some untypical batteries for a personal request. All batteries are packed in special steel boxes, which are anticorrosive proofed with plastic layers. Owing to this protection, inside atmosphere is safe from caustic influence of electrolyte and from acid vapors. Beyond those products, „S.I.A.P.” is also responsible for the wide spectrum of traction cells. Generally, traction cells are being manufacture as a main element for battery construction. The company manufactures many different volumes - from really small ones to those very electrically specious. However, even such impressive range can be widened, if it turns out to be necessary. There are no barriers for „S.I.A.P.” ’s creativity when it comes to the matter of customer’s satisfaction. As we have written several times before, client is a priority, and there is nothing more important than his opinion. The customer constitutes both, a goal to achieve, and a way to achieve more general dreams of international success. „S.I.A.P.” is well aware of that fact, so company’s Management patiently continues its mission, by completing the assumed levels of progress and winning its game by human-centered politic and customer’s friendly attitude.

Traction battery Industry >„S.I.A.P.” Sp. z o.o. Księga1.indb 75

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FACT BOX FULL NAME: DELLNER COUPLERS Ltd. MANAGING DIRECTOR PRODUCTION DIVISION: Piotr Przybysz COMMERCIAL DIRECTOR: Mirosław Len OPERATIONS: Rail Industry ESTABLISHED: 1997 branch in Poland ; 1941 First branch in Sweden EMPLOYEES: 204 employees in Polish branch/ about 500 people worldwide TURNOVER: ON THE CONCERN LEVEL: 60 MEUR


stablished in 1997 and located in Gdynia, Dellner Couplers Sp. z o.o. (limited liability company) is a Polish subsidiary of Dellner Couplers AB. As a niche company serving a global industry, Dellner Couplers is not an industrial giant, although, by providing top-notch coupling systems solutions, it won an international acclaim. The company’s reputation is founded chiefly on innovative research and design. In the total train build-up, couplers contribute a small but highly safe and operational critical function. By enhancing the stability and safety of rolling stock as well as securing failsafe intercar communication, Dellner Couplers plays a vital role in rail development.

Map the business

Since the establishment of Dellner Couplers in 1941 in Sweden, the company has taken the lead in providing innovative mechanical, electrical and pneumatic coupler systems for all types of rail vehicles. When automatic couplers were introduced in Sweden in the 1940s, the company has become a global player, serving customers in the USA, Europe, and the Far-East. With the world’s most comprehensive range of couplers, the Dellner brand ensures compatibility with virtually all types of rail vehicles, including DMUs, EMUs, commuters, high speed trains, LRV/PMs, metros and loco-hauled passenger/freight trains. Innovative highlights have incorporated

74 Manufacturing-Journal Księga1.indb 76

the gas-hydraulic draft gear (1985), automatic retractable couplers (1993) and, most recently, advanced energy absorption management systems. Dellner Couplers Sp. z o.o. is an integrated part of Dellner Couplers AB, which develops rapidly at the moment and reaches new markets worldwide. In 2009 the company launched new headquarters in Chennai, India, and in Lion, France. Moreover, the enterprise acquired the UK-based company Woodville specializing in the production of gangways.

erational availability, minimum downtime and enhanced safety. The company admits that Dellner Couplers After Sales Services are a crucial link in productivity chain. Besides technical support, maintenance, repair and spare parts services, the offer includes overhauls, retrofits, upgrades, including service of non-Dellner Couplers products, as well as train-

You decide, they provide

Dellner Couplers believes, first and foremost, in careful listening to customers. The receiver-oriented approach allows the company to respond to the customers’ needs with an excellent offer, for the word ‘adequate’ is not enough in the business. A train, considered to be a living organism, comprises many elements that must function in perfect unison. A modern train must offer safety, communication, infotainment, comfort and passenger capacity, while handling high speeds, challenging conditions and structural stress at the same time. In order to achieve this, words like safety, economy, efficiency, sustainability and operability need to be translated into concrete benefits. Dellner Couplers provides top-quality tailor-made coupling systems which are matched with superior after-sales service, maintenance and support, thus ensuring maximum op-

Transport and Logistics Industry > Dellner 2009-12-11 16:08:39

ing that can be scheduled at the company’s own facilities or on-site, for optimal train availability. The services range from installing new electric and pneumatic functions and improved energy absorption to complete coupler replacement – whatever the customer’s specific needs. Dellner Couplers developed a preventive maintenance programme that enhances the safety, availability and service life of rolling stock. Planned downtime is synonymous with less downtime – and lower costs, as a result. Effective preventive maintenance allows for gathering vital data necessary to long-term planning for eventual overhauls and/or upgrades. The level of service is specified by the customer, whereas the company provides everything from complete on-site project management (featuring a turnaround coupler maintenance system) to the provision of spare-parts kits for customer’s own maintenance staff that can receive special training from Dellner Couplers professionals. Everyone knows the unpleasant feeling when the vehicle has to stop suddenly. That is why a train needs an effective energy absorption management system, which would cushion passengers and rolling stock from annoying knocks and handle various impacts, including serious collisions. D-Box, an outstanding energy management system, ensures a smoother ride

and, above all, improves passenger safety. In the case of a collision, D-BOX softens the blow and prevents a catastrophic chain reaction by dissipating huge accumulative and kinetic forces in a matter of milliseconds. Major deformations can also be avoided because the system counters twisting and climbing, which would make the train crumple. The effectiveness of D-BOX can be simply illustrated by the fact that a mere 8 kph can generate a nasty impact with-

Transport and Logistics Industry > Dellner Księga1.indb 77

out the system, while even a 30 kph collision may result in only superficial damage when D-BOX is used. D-BOX continues to absorb energy even at high speeds, which helps to keep the train on track. As the company admits, a welldesigned coupler can absorb collisions of up to 15 kph, with no structural damage to the rest of the train. The correct energy management solution can transform a 20 kph collision into a controlled emergency stop. With collisions of up to 70 kph, crash zones are deformed but the train stays on track. Responding to the growing demands of passengers, Dellner Couplers developed in 2008 an advanced system enabling the transfer of digital information on train. D-REX, as the solution is called, is the way of transmitting fail-safe 100 Mb connection through all cars. Using the embedded design in coupling, it is fully compatible with all automatic-coupling systems. D-REX meets the most demanding requirements in terms of passengers’ safety and entertainment, providing video surveillance, streamed high-definition media services, high-speed Internet and advanced communication links. Thanks to multi-channel redundancy, a lost signal is recovered within 14 milliseconds, which prevents the loss of data or systems-critical failure. The effectiveness of the system is confirmed by the fact that it uses the same level of redundancy as required for the aircraft industry. D-REX with its tuned connectors, wiring and carriers also eliminates capacity loss, which guarantees the consistent performance of 100 Mbit/s even in the last

Manufacturing-Journal 75 2009-12-11 16:08:40

car, no matter how long the train is. Yet another advantage of the system is its design – while D-REX is embedded in the coupler, all switches and carriers fit in the existing space (for example they are hidden in walls) thanks to which no extra space on train is needed. The system also features a high level of protection against rough use and environment so that it can meet the most demanding conditions – its ruggedization makes it immune to dirt, electromagnetic fields, heat, cold and shocks. More recently, the company is undergoing a rapid development. Following the acquisition of Woodville, Dellner Couplers has broadened its offer to include inter-car gangways featuring various bespoke designs, e.g. single or double skin design, high level of fire performance, anti-vandalism and anti-graffiti systems.

management. First of all, aiming for high market presence, the company built up a strong worldwide agent network with a view to providing premium products and services around the globe. Secondly, high technical profile is guaranteed by diversified product portfolio, which comprises over 1200 different couplers divided in 14 modules and compatible with every train on the market. By adopting a total cost efficiency policy in supply chain Dellner Couplers aims, in broad terms, to simplify and optimize logistics, reduce currency effects as well as propagate environmentally-friendly approach and secure the quality of products. For example, the Polish subsidiary implemented ISO 14001: 2004, which obliges the company not only to comply with the law, but also to continually im-

prove environment management processes. The company can also boast a quality management system ISO 9001: 2000 and International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS), a globally recognized standard unique to the railway sector for the evaluation of management systems.Lean manufacturing, or waste reduction thinking, is very important part of the company’s global policy. In order to provide a sustainable growth of the business, Dellner Couplers built a lean production system that consists in freeing up resources through Lean implementation and problem-solving work and, subsequently, reinvesting them in new business. Basically, lean is centered around creating more value with less work by steady elimination of waste. As waste is eliminated, quality improves while production time and cost are reduced. In this way the company pursues excellence in quality, delivery and efficiency as well as short lead-times. And last but not least, to maintain excellence in leadership and management, Dellner Couplers sets strategic targets which incorporate individual competence plan for every leader and employee and programmes for potential and existing leaders. In the era of globalization when roads are becoming clogged and people are choking on increasing pollution, rail comes to be seen as a viable and attractive alternative. Qualities that can be ascribed to it such as fuel-efficiency, high speed and high capacity certainly add luster to this form of transportation. And Dellner Couplers provides a crucial link, making rail travel safer, more costefficient and more reliable. In short, by providing innovative coupling solutions, the company makes a substantial contribution to bring rail back in business.

The golden five

Dellner Couplers can speak of a global success in providing coupling solutions. It goes without saying that an international popularity of the Dellner brand would not be possible without a clearcut and well-planned strategy. Here the company seems to deserve the credit for developing and implementing a praiseworthy fivefold comprehensive strategy organized along the following principles: high market presence, high technical profile and modular systems, total cost efficiency in supply chain, worldclass manufacturing based on Lean principles and excellence in leadership and

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Transport and Logistics Industry > Dellner 2009-12-11 16:08:41

EXPERIENCE THAT SHAPED THE POLISH KNITTING INDUSTRY A Polish producer of socks and tights, Wola earned a reputation as a trustworthy company with over 60 years of experience in the knitting industry. From the establishment of the factory in the 1940s, the company’s products have been enthusiastically received by many generations. As the time went by, the company proved to have offered fresh ideas and high quality, keeping up with the latest trends in the trade and maintaining Wola’s leading market position as a result.


Situated in Zduńska Wola, Poland, the knitting factory Wola was set up in 1945 as the state-owned enterprise producing gloves and thick knitted products. From the very beginning the company invested in the development, rapidly expanding its range of products and buying new machines. Having gained experience in the knitting industry, it launched the production of hosiery in 1951. At the end of the 1980s the company entered overseas markets. Its presence was strongly felt in Eastern Europe where it produced mostly for the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, but West European countries were not neglected, as the enterprise started to emerge on the markets in Germany and France. At that time the company sold 18m products. With the onset of the 1990s, the company reached yet another milestone. Fast development of the Polish market and growing consumers’ demands called for new products. As a consequence, the company decided to enrich the offer to include socks and new types of tights. The introduction of new products coincided with the implementation of modern technology. The company’s production facilities were adapted to a computer-controlled environment. Soon after, Wola’s production capabilities increased. The new machines were a stepping stone towards new opportunities: the company commenced producing cotton socks with a convex design, an undertaking that won the golden medals of “Bialexpo ‘97” fairs in Białystok as well as of “Jesień ‘97” fairs in Poznań. In addition to this, Wola was awarded with distinctions on many other occasions related to consumer and textile competitions. In 2001 the company’s authorities continued to enrich the offer. Wola launched a new range of products – terry socks and tights for children. Another material change in the company’s history was turning Wola from the state-owned enterprise into private company. In 2005 Wola, a limited liability company, joined the FERAX group, an owner of the famous brand Gatta. New owners decided to revamp the company’s image. They started a fresh wave of investments, making the firm a technologically advanced factory with 400 knitting machines and one of the most modern dye-houses all over Europe. As regards the employment opportunities, Wola, with a current staff of 900, is also a good choice for people willing to pursue a career in the knitting industry. Nowadays, the company is the leader in producing and selling cotton socks and tights. What is more, it continues to sell its products to overseas markets, reaching new places and customers in Europe. At present 20 per cent of the production per annum is manufactured for export. The products are sold mainly to Russia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the United Kingdom, the USA, Germany, Austria as well as to Scandinavian countries and other East European countries.

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Present – facts and figures

The company turned over a new leaf in 2005 when it was changed into private ownership registered under the name Wola Sp. z o.o. Then it joined the FERAX group comprising three factories: Gatta, Zenit and Wola. New owners made many investments, changing the factory into a technologically advanced business with 400 knitting machines and one of the most modern dye-houses in Europe. Currently, the company is managed by new and highly qualified directors who supervise the work of around 900 workers. The above changes, stemming from the need for modernization of the factory, let the firm assume leadership in producing and selling cotton tights and socks. Today, as much as 89 per cent of the whole production is sold to the Polish market. In 2007 Wola sold 19,505,640 products in Poland and in the following year the number rose to 20,000,000. Export, which is also an important aspect of the business, is on the increase, too. In 2007 the company sold 1,800,000 products abroad and in 2008 the number grew to 2,000,000. From the beginning of 2007 the total sales in Poland have grown by 49 per cent and exports by 14 per cent. The numbers increase every year, heralding a feasible development on the European markets. Wola has been operating on the market for over 60 years and it is one of the biggest market players which still surprises with fresh ideas and interesting promotional campaigns. In 2007, for instance, the company started a marketing campaign aided with PR actions aiming to institutionalize school uniforms. By doing so, it proved to be creative and its efforts, noticed by the press, were given attention in many newspaper articles. More recently, following its motto ‘children’s safety’, Wola has launched a campaign supporting activities that stave off parental concerns about children. As a sponsor, the firm co-operates with the foundation “Szczęśliwe Macierzyństwo” (Happy Motherhood), subsidizing the campaigns “Bezpieczne ferie” (Safe winter holidays) and “Bezpieczne wakacje” (Safe summer holidays) which are geared towards increasing children’s safety on travel. The CD called “Bajki w trasie i na czasie” (Cartoons: on the road & up to date), published as a result of the action, contains a series of cartoons which make long travels funny and enjoyable.


Today, Wola’s offer contains hosiery for children and adults. The products for children include: • sleek cotton tights; • cotton tights with different patterns; • terry tights; • rayon tights; • thin cotton tights, sleek or printed with flocking technique (a novelty on the Polish market); • formal thin plyamide tights; • sleek cotton socks with different patterns; • terry socks with anti-skidding feet, the so-called ABS; • knee-length socks, leggings, undershorts.

Women hosiery includes: • • • • •

classic socks; sports socks; sock feet; knee-length socks, thigh-length socks; cotton tights (perfect for winter).

Men are offered such products as: • classic sleek cotton socks with a delicate pattern, texture (casual);

78 Manufacturing-Journal Księga1.indb 80

2009-12-11 16:08:46

• • • • •

pearl cotton socks; socks with loose ribbing; socks made of bamboo fibres having hygroscopic and antibacterial properties; sports socks; knee-length socks, undershorts.

Socks and tights are made from high quality natural and synthetic materials which are friendly to children’s skin. In recognition of top-quality products the company was awarded two certificates: “Bezpieczny dla niemowląt” (Safe for babies) and “Bezpieczny dla dziecka” (Safe for child). Furthermore, thanks to interesting patterns the hosiery delivered by Wola follows most recent trends in fashion. Designing the collection, Wola always takes heed of the three most important factors: the quality of materials, unique and original colouring and comfort of using. It also has in mind that socks and tights are an inherent and esthetic supplement to children clothes. Thanks to the advanced technology, the company has great freedom in designing the collection.

On a mission

Wola’s major objective is delivering products of modern design, made of natural materials which will guarantee comfort of use. The company adopted a clear-cut strategy, set pivotal rules and values regarding the attitude towards customers and business partners, and started to implement the new changes. For example, it pays great attention to the innovation of products. As a leader, it must follow the latest trends in fashion and introduce new designs as well as structures of products. Responsibility, reliability and high quality are held in high esteem too, as they are central to general prosperity of the business. Wola is both a responsible and reliable company and the best evidence for that is enormous customer satisfaction and, as a result, a long-lasting experience in the clothing industry. Relations between employees and with final consumers are based on mutual trust and partnership, which helps to create a robust environment. Nowadays, Wola focuses on developing partner relations with distributors.

The source of success

The company’s long history, paved with a series of achievements, unveiled several aspects which contributed to the successful development on the market. First and foremost, high quality products, guaranteed by quality management system and positive opinions of customers, are an indispensable element, but they also need to satisfy the demands of the market and customers’ expectations. Therefore, Wola strongly emphasizes the role of the company’s system which allows both for identifying the consumer’s needs and responding to them immediately. The development of own wholesale and retail distribution system added luster to the whole offer, too. Investment in a broad sense of the word can also be regarded as one of the major sources of success. On the one hand, owing to an integrated communication system, the enterprise achieved a high level of communication with the client. On the other hand, by developing a training programme for employees, it plumped for the improvement of skills and the dissemination of knowledge, thus making an investment in human capital. Finally, the company can claim to have internationalized its activities by reaching overseas markets. Wola’s products can be bought in most shops selling hosiery and in some shopping centres all over Poland. The achievements paint a rosy picture, so the company stays focused on the steady development of the business and hopes the customers will be enraptured by the firm’s innovative ideas.

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olsteam is the largest Polish shipowner and one of the largest in Europe, which operates seventy-one ships of total capacity 2.1 million dwt., including sixty-three bulk carriers, four sulphur carriers and four ferries. The company’ main profile revolves around transporting bulk and liquid cargo such as coal, grain, liquid sulphur etc., to the global shipping markets, but it is also successfully involved in ferry transport in the Baltic Sea through Unity Line, the ferry subsidiary. Polsteam continues to expand its market share, fleet and human potential. Written by Marcin Zimny

steam Frachtowanie, Polsteam Shipping Agency, and Unity Line, the Polsteam Group also comprises IT company (MediaLand), tourism and catering business (Polsteam Żegluga Szczecińska) as well as medical entity (Marine Medical Services). Based in such countries as Germany, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Luxemburg, Sweden, USA, China, Cyprus and Morocco, Polsteam foreign entities focus mainly on agent services. Currently, the Polsteam business offer focuses on: • worldwide bulk cargo tramping; • transport of liquid sulphur;

• • • • • • • •

ferry service in the Baltic Sea; commercial, operational and technical fleet management; charter and brokerage services; agent service in Polish ports; comprehensive technical fleet management; casco insurance consulting; manning ships with highly qualified maritime staff; counseling and intermediary service while negotiating employment terms and conditions for seafarers, including ITF standards.

The essentials

Established in 1951, Polsteam (Polska Żegluga Morska) is one of the biggest dry bulk shipowner and carrier in Europe with a global share in the shipping sector reaching over 1%. It places the company among the top ten biggest shipowners in the world. With its fleet of modern specialized tankers, Polsteam is extensively involved in carriage of liquid sulphur. Annually, Polsteam vessels carry more than 20 million tons of cargo, mainly dry bulk or liquid cargo, over 95% of which is carried between foreign sea ports. This fact makes the business an international corporation, which operates in nine countries on four continents. While in Poland sea transport companies prevail, e.g. Żegluga Polska S.A, Pol-

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Marine Transport Industry > Polsteam 2009-12-11 16:08:51


dańsk Shiprepair Yard “Remontowa” S.A. specializes in ship conversions and repairs, the design and construction of new ships, offshore units and steel structures. The shipyard was established in 1952 and over fifty seven years, Remontowa S.A. became the leader among the European shiprepair yards and is a major player on the world market. Remontowa S.A. owns 7 floating docks which can accommodate vessels up to 290m in length and approx.135 000 dwt. We also have the possibility of repairing vessels up to 310m in length along the shipyard quays. Our quays are 6.000m long, including 3.500m fully equipped with the essential infrastructure, electric supply and technical gas supply. At our disposal are 24 cranes of lifting capacity up to 300t. Our technical and technological experience as well as our highly qualified personnel allows the shipyard to convert, repair and build any type of ship. All our activities comply with the conditions of Remontowa’s HSE policy. Every year, over 200 vessels from all over the world, are repaired or converted at Remontowa. These include passenger and car ferries, all types of tankers, offshore support vessels, car carriers, container carriers, reefers, bulk carriers, ro-ro vessels, drilling rigs and jack-up drilling platforms. Remontowa S.A. is not only a shipyard but also REMONTOWA Group consisting of 28 companies with capital bond offering the complex services for the customers from maritime sector and employing over 4.000 workers and 2.000 co-operators.

REMONTOWA S.A. Poland, 80-958 Gdansk, Na Ostrowiu1 tel. +4858 307 16 00, fax +4858 301 25 32 Księga1.indb 83


2009-12-11 16:08:52


The Polsteam fleet comprises seventyone vessels totalling 2.1 million dwt. It can be divided into two major categories: a large group of handy-size vessels (11,700-41,200 dwt) and panamaxes (73,500 dwt). Apart from the dry bulk carriers, the company has four liquid sulphur carriers and car/passenger ferries (m/f Polonia, m/f Gryf, m/f Wolin, m/f Skania), which are operated by Unity Line Ltd., Szczecin. At present, the company is working on its development strategy. The tonnage enhancement programme, as the strategy is called, consists in the construction of thirtyfour new bulk carriers, an investment amounting to over one billion dollars, within a decade (between 2005 and 2015). The first four ships, which were purchased as part of the programme, were received last year and included m/s “Podlasie”, m/s “Pomorze”, m/s “Kaszuby” and m/s “Roztocze” (37,700 dwt.). All of them were built by the Chinese Xingang shipyard in Tianjin. This year Polsteam is expecting another five units from the Xingang shipyard. So far some ships have been put to service, e.g. m/s “Mazowsze”, m/s “Orawa” and m/s “Kurpie”, but in the following months m/s “Kociewie” and m/s “Polesie” will join the fleet. Next to these ships, the first ship, out of eight contracted with the Mingde shipyard in Nantong, China, was launched in

82 Manufacturing-Journal Księga1.indb 84

June. M/s “Miedwie”, a bulk carrier with a load capacity of 30,000 dwt, is expected to enter service in autumn 2009 or early 2010, whereas the rest of the

ships are earmarked for the next year. On the 26th of September the Chinese Shipyard New Times held a launching ceremony of the latest Polsteam ship m/s “Giewont”. With a load capacity of 80,000 tons, 230 meters in length and 32 meters in width, the vessel will be the biggest bulk cargo ship in the whole history of the Polish merchant navy. Its size can be illustrated by a comparison with land transport. The total load that m/s “Giewont” will be able to carry is equal to a train pulling 1,330 coal cars of an overall length of 32 kilometers. The vessel will be one of four ships of this type that the New Times Shipyard will build for Polsteam. After the completion of the entire tonnage enhancement programme, Polsteam will be managing about eighty ships younger than ten years old on average. Thanks to the ambitious programme, the company is likely to maintain a strong and well-established position on the international shipping market and is, therefore, unfazed by the global crisis. Apart from developing cargo transportation, Polsteam also attaches a lot of significance to ferry services. Having taken into account the needs of Unity Line, it purchased three ferries, i.e. m/f “Gryf”, m/f “Wolin” and m/f “Skania”, which sail,

Marine Transport Industry > Polsteam 2009-12-11 16:09:02

along with the firm’s flagship vessel m/f “Polonia”, from Świnoujście to Ystad and Trelleborg. All newly constructed ships are equipped with recent technologies which are, among other things, highly sensitive to the environmental protection. For example, Polsteam vessels in the Baltic Sea run on fuel with a reduced amount of sulphur and, what’s more, it the near future the ships will feature systems ensuring an entirely eco-friendly exchange of ballast water, which will provide a solution to the problem of carrying harmful marine organisms. Modern technologies are implemented on land too. Only to mention one of them, with a view to improving management, this year the company is going to introduce new software for accounting.

Top-notch employees

Owing to new investments, Polsteam does not cut down on employment. Quite the contrary, it takes on new people and within the next five years only the company is planning to offer employment to 300-500 people. At present the business can boast about 2,500 officers and sailors. However, with a view to ensuring the best personnel ever, Polsteam concluded co-operation

agreements with Maritime Universities of Gdynia and Szczecin as well as with the West-Pomeranian University of Technology. Every year about eighty students from those universities are given opportunities to participate in internships on the Polsteam vessels. Some students are rewarded with scholarships or, more importantly, they are offered an employment with Polsteam.

Why Polsteam?

Because it is a reliable business partner for domestic and foreign clients. As the largest Polish and one of the largest shipping companies in Europe, the company successfully developed all pillars of its business, including bulk cargo transport, the fleet, and its staff. POLSTEAM painted at sides of the company’s ships has become well known in the majority of important ports in the world and Polsteam employees are widely respected for their experience and professional standards. The firm’s major focus remains the development of the company. To achieve the objective it has been implementing an ambitious investment scheme of over a billion US dollars. Moreover, new ships are manned with top specialists and graduates from maritime universities and the maritime sector as such is promoted, i.e. Polish shipping and maritime education. Facts seem to speak best for Polsteam: •

SCALE: Polsteam operates 71 vessels of total 2.1 million dwt. Their capacity ranges from 11,700 to 73,505 dwt. FLEXIBILITY: The fleet is an excellent, universal tool for providing ship-

Marine Transport Industry > Polsteam Księga1.indb 85

ping services to all clients, including large international industrial and commercial organizations. WORLDWIDE OPERATION: Polsteam enters into contracts with ports in Europe, the Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic, North America (including Great Lakes), South America, Far East and many more. SATISFACTION OF CLIENTS’ NEEDS: While operating on the global shipping market, Polsteam does its best to live up to clients’ expectations as regards demand for various types of vessels. The guiding principle for the company is to provide top quality transport service, ensuring that a ship appears at the right place and time, and offering competitive prices in comparison with other operators. COMPREHENSIVE SERVICE: Polsteam vessels transport a wide range of cargo. The main types include grain and related products, artificial fertilizers, phosphorites, coal, sulphur, iron ore, steel products, general cargo and minerals. QUALIFIED STAFF: A management of large fleet requires a lot of flexibility and perfect organization of work. Highly specialised personnel are the guarantee of professional service. The staff is well prepared as regards both commercial and technical issues. UNIQUE SERVICE: A separate activity POLSTEAM is involved in is the operation of 4 liquid sulphur and acid carriers. It is a niche operation and Polsteam is the largest transport company for the products in the world.

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Manufacturing-Journal vol. 6/4-2009  

Manufacturing journal specializes in european manufacturer journal, europe industy magazine, article trade publications, online industry art...