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Dear Readers!


elcome to the latest edition of Manufacturing Journal. This issue, thinking about a successful business you would think about a product or products that are most demanded by most of the consumers or most of a certain group of consumers. But what would you say about covering all the population of a country. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? That may sound hypothetically for some, but not for Goznak. It is a unique Russian enterprise in the field of security printing, paper and coin and order production, and it is important for the activity of the whole country. For this issue we have spoken to Mr. Dariusz Miłek the President of the NG2 S.A. Those of you who are still unfamiliar with NG2 (New Gate) Group S.A. (Joint-Stock Company) from Polkowice, Lower Silesia, will certainly recognise its flagship brand name CCC. It is the CCC chain stores together with Boti and Quazi which make Mr. Dariusz Miłek’s enterprise second to none in the Polish footwear retail industry. Also in this publication, The Ford Motor Company remains one of the largest worldwide automobile producers and more than a century of experience – is also one of the most respected. Ford España – changing the world and Spain forever. Since we have added online version of Manufacturing Journal, number of our new subscribers has increased more than ever before. Taking this opportunity, l would like to say thank you, to all our present and new readers for given trust and interest. Enjoy the magazine.

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Stylish and Durable No Room for Complacency Changing the world and Spain forever Fastening systems Expert on harnesses and special assembly for household appliances Expert in silo tankers High standard holidays in the search of unknown They Built up Trust Achieving success in a responsible way Multi-generational tradition, innovative approach Resolute Growth

Art Director Wojciech Kosmowski Project Managers Katarzyna Marciniec Katarzyna Olszowska Marta Kaciupska Administration Wioletta Adamczyk

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A. AGRATI SpA BELOS-PLP S.A. Electrical Components International Sp. z o.o. Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Goznak” FIDELTRONIK Fluchos, S.L. Ford España, S.L. Giletta S.p.A. (Bucher group) KARMAR S.A. LAIKA CARAVANS S.p.A. NG2 S.A. O.ME.P.S. SRL OAO TMK PPUH EKO ENERGIA Sp. z o.o. Rosti (Polska) Sp. z o.o. Szynaka-Meble Sp. z o.o. Thoni Alutec Sp. z o.o. Zakł. Bud. Urządzeń Dźwignicowych „ZBUD” Sp. z o.o.

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Opel Meriva: Full Diesel Line-up Now Available

choose from an array of diesel and gasoline engines that suit their needs – just as the variety of innovative features that optimizes the easy use of space makes the monocab the Flexibility Champion. Diesel engines are popular in the Meriva line-up and account for some 37 percent of sales, because the cost of tanking up is low. More info:

• •

ecoFLEX and high outputs diesel variants debut New generation ecoFLEX: more than 11 percent lower fuel consumption

Rüsselsheim. The diesel line-up for Opel’s new Flexibility Champion, the Meriva, is now complete: In addition to the three gasoline engines that were available from launch and provided 74 kW/100 hp to 103 kW/140 hp outputs, it now also features five diesel variants ranging from 55 kW/75 hp to 96 kW/130 hp. A 1.3 CDTI ecoFLEX variant combines 21 percent more power (70 kW/95 hp) and 11.2 percent lower emissions (119 g/km CO2) than its predecessor. Also new are two powerful versions of the 1.7 CDTI engine respectively developing 81 kW/110 hp and 96 kW/130 hp and up to 300 Nm of torque for an average combined fuel consumption of 5.2 liter/100 km. These three new engine variants come in addition to the entrylevel 1.3 CDTI (55 kW/75 hp) and the 1.7 CDTI (74 kW/100 hp) with automatic transmission which already were offered at launch. All diesel engines in the Meriva are equipped with particulate filters as standard and comply with Euro 5 norms. Opel’s Start/Stop technology, already fitted on the Agila and Corsa models, will be extended to the Meriva range next year. Also coming in 2011 will be an LPG version, making good Opel’s commitment to offering alternative clean, efficient mobility. With Opel Meriva’s full powertrain range, customers can

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The new generation Mercedes-Benz CL-Class: The epitome of luxury coupés With a design perfected through an immaculate sense of style, highly exclusive appointments and cutting-edge technology, the extensively updated Mercedes-Benz CL-Class underscores its claim to supremacy as the summit of automotive refinement. The entirely re-designed 320 kW (435 hp) V8 biturbo engine of the CL 500 BlueEFFICIENCY, with a combined consumption of 9.5 litres premium-grade petrol per 100 km, opens a new dimension of efficiency in the luxury coupé category. Its NEDC figures show savings of up to 23 percent over its predecessor model, CO2 emissions having dropped from 288 grams per kilometre to 224 grams per kilometre. This significant reduction is achieved

thanks to the newly-developed BlueDIRECT technology with third-generation spray-guided direct injection, with the contribution of the specially-designed BlueEFFICIENCY package of the CL 500 BlueEFFICIENCY. The package includes, among other things, energy-efficient control of alternator, fuel pump, airconditioning compressor and powerassisted steering system, as well as the ECO start/stop function. It also features the use of low rolling resistance tyres and the energy-optimised Active Body Control system. In addition, the Mercedes-Benz developers equipped the CL-Class with state-of-the-art multimedia technology, thus helping this model, produced with a high proportion of hand-finished work, to retain its position as the epitome of quality in its class. More info: www.

AUDI AG: More than 100,000 cars delivered in half a year for the first time ever in China • • •

Deliveries reach 109,887 cars (up 64 percent) Sales chief Schwarzenbauer: “2010 will be another record year for Audi in China” June with more than 20,000 cars delivered for the first time

Audi has sold more than 100,000 cars within a half-year period in China and Hong Kong for the first time ever – up 64 percent on the corresponding prior-year period. In June alone, the Company delivered 21,436 cars to Chinese customers. “2010 will be another record year in Audi’s history in China. We will exceed the mark of 200,000 vehicles delivered more quickly than originally anticipated,” said Peter Schwarzenbauer, Member of the Board of Management for Marketing and Sales at AUDI AG. The Company achieved a new record figure in terms of deliveries of vehicles built in Changchun

News 2010-07-06 12:16:37

– selling a total of 93,993 cars, an increase of 57 percent on the corresponding prior-year period. Sales of the Audi A4L almost doubled (up 95 percent): 26,622 Chinese customers bought this model, which is the first long-wheelbase version of a midsize sedan. With 59,465 units sold, sales of the A6L also went up 28 percent. The Audi Q5, of which production only began at the end of last year, made a successful start with a total of 7,906 vehicles delivered. Sales of imported Audi models also rose sharply. The brand increased its sales by 139 percent to 14,607 cars. Particular success was enjoyed by the Audi Q7 with 5,288 units sold (up 77 percent) and the Audi A8 (including the S8) with 2,351 vehicles delivered (up 26 percent). Audi has been operating successfully in China for 22 years now, and builds the A4L, A6L and Q5 in Changchun together with its joint venture partner FAW.

The FPT 1.4 Turbo engines, the first to incorporate revolutionary Multiair technology, won the prestigious “Engine of the Year” award in the best new engine of the year category. These innovative four-cylinder engines combine Multiair, the electro-hydraulic management of the inlet valves, with turbocharger, setting new efficiency standards. Developed and manufactured by FPT – Fiat Powertrain Technologies, the 1.4 Multiair Turbo engines, with power outputs that range from 135 to 170 bhp, now equip, optimizing “downsizing” concept, the Alfa Romeo MiTo and Giulietta, as well as the Fiat Punto Evo and Abarth Punto Evo, and will soon be introduced on the Fiat Bravo and Lancia Delta. The top range 170 bhp version, with 124 bhp/ litre, has an outstanding specific power output which, combined with peak torque of 250 Nm, guarantees sporty performances, but also record-setting fuel consumption and emissions (134 g/km of CO2 on the new Alfa Romeo Giulietta). Multiair technology, which already won numerous prizes, is based on direct control of the intake air, cylinder by cylinder and stroke by stroke, without a throttle valve, and it reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by as much as 10%, while increasing the power output by 10% and improving torque by 15%. What is more, all polluting emissions are also reduced by care-

ful monitoring of combustion. Multiair technology is versatile, easily applicable to all petrol engines, and has the potential to be developed for diesel engines in future. The “Best New Engine of the Year” award, assigned by an international jury of 65 specialist journalists from 32 countries, was collected by Aldo Marangoni, FPT Product Engineering Vice President. “The award is further confirmation of the Fiat Group’s acknowledged capacity for technological innovation; the Group had already won the prize in 2005, in the 1.0 to 1.4 litre capacity class of the “International Engine of the Year”, with the small but sophisticated 1.3 Multijet, which opened a new chapter in the history of diesel engines, a field in which the Group has always been a leader, having been the first to launch innovations such as direct injection and commonrail technology on the market”, said Aldo Marangoni. “Lots of power combined with serious inroads made in emissions reduction makes this a very good engine. Then, when you look at the fuel economy, Fiat’s MultiAir turbo powertrain becomes a great engine - it’s easy to see why it has won Best New Engine for 2010”, said Dean Slavnich, Co-Chairman of the Awards, and editor of Engine Technology International.


The FPT – FIAT POWERTRAIN TECHNOLOGIES 1.4 MultiAir turbo engines win the prestigious “ENGINE OF THE YEAR” award

More info:

More info:

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Uhde wins follow-up contract for the construction of a new coke oven plant from Dragon Steel Corporation in Taiwan, R.O.C. Following the successful completion and commissioning of a coke oven plant (phase 1) for Dragon Steel Corporation of Taiwan, a member of China Steel Corporation (CSC), Uhde has again been awarded a plant contract to build phase 2, which will also be located in Taichung, some 130km south-west of the capital Taipeh. This expansion will enable Dragon Steel Corporation to increase its annual coke production capacity to 2.2 million tonnes. Two coke oven batteries identical to those in phase 1 – will produce approximately 3,000 tonnes of coke per day from around 4,000 tonnes of coal and each will comprise 42 ov-

ens with a chamber height of 7.3m. The contract also includes expanding the gas treatment plant built by Uhde for phase 1 so that it can handle a throughput of 146,000m3 of coke oven gas from both phases. The batteries and the gas treatment plant will be built in accordance with the current state of the art. Phase 2 is scheduled for commissioning end of 2012. Within the scope of this contract Uhde will be responsible for the engineering and supply of special equipment as well as supervision of the erection and commissioning activities. The new contract marks the successful continuation of what has been almost 30 years of fruitful cooperation between Uhde’s coke plant technologies division and China Steel Corporation of Taiwan, the parent company of Dragon Steel Corporation. More info:

Siemens expects strong profitability again in third quarter of fiscal 2010 New orders and revenue at Sectors to again exceed prior-year figures

In the third quarter of the current fiscal year, Siemens AG expects continued strong profitability at its Sectors with growth in new orders and revenue again exceeding the corresponding prior-year figures. The last time Siemens posted a plus in both orders and revenue was in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2008. Driving this positive development in the third quarter of 2010 were, among other things, a recovery in the company’s short-cycle businesses and strong demand in the emerging countries, explained CFO Joe Kaeser at the Energy Sector’s Capital Market Days. He added that, due to continuing cost productivity in the third quarter, total Sectors profit was likely to closely approach the results from operations in the strong previous quarter while including no significant one-time effects. In the second quarter of the current fiscal year, Siemens reported total Sectors profit of some €2.1

ABB wins $50 million solar order in Italy Turnkey solution for three photovoltaic solar plants with over 13 megawatts capacity. ABB, the leading power and automation technology group, has won an order worth $50 million from Actelios SpA, through its subsidiary Actelios Solar SpA, in Italy to supply three photovoltaic (PV) solar power plants in western Sicily. The order was booked in the second quarter, 2010. The plants will have fixed PV modules and a total power capacity of over 13 megawatts (MW). The main plant will be erected in Spinasanta with

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News 2010-07-06 12:16:39

More info:

Metinvest Group and Ilyich Iron and Steel Works decided to combine their assets In the course of negotiations regarding possible cooperation and joint efforts to tackle the consequences of the world economic crisis, Ilyich Iron and Steel Works (I&SW) and Metinvest Group decided to combine their assets. The integration will result in reaching a total production capacity of 20 mln. t. of steel per annum.

will comprise 75% on completion of the integration process, whereas 25% will remain under control of Ilyich I&SW under the leadership of Mr. Vladimir Boyko. The next steps and final format of the partnership will be determined following the completion of due diligence and receipt of approvals from the corresponding regulatory Ukrainian and international authorities. Execution of the agreements reached will be formalized fully in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation.

More info:

One of the first steps in the course of the partnership will involve the participation of Metinvest Group in the acquisition of additionally issued of shares of Ilyich Stal CJSC and Ilyich I&SW OJSC.

This partnership will involve all assets of Ilyich I&SW, and the following enterprises of Metinvest Group: JSC Inguletskiy GOK, JSC Krasnodoncoal, JSC Avdeyevka Coke & Chemical Plant, JSC Khartsyzsk pipe plant, as well as investments in development and modernising the production facilities of Ilyich I&SW OJSC with expenditure of $2 bln. The share of Metinvest Group in this partnership

«Partnership with Ilyich I&SW is an important phase in the implementation of our long-term strategy aimed at strengthening Metinvest’s vertical integration and achieving maximum growth in high quality, while at the same time, increasing low cost steel volumes in Ukraine, — stated Igor Syry, CEO of Metinvest Holding, LLC. — We anticipate gaining major synergies, mainly through optimisation and the modernisation programs of our iron and steel assets, improving production efficiency and

a capacity of 6 MW. Additional plants will be built at Cardonita (3.8 MW) and at Sugherotorto (3.3 MW). Once connected to the grid, the plants will supply around 19 gigawatt hours (GWh) of renewable electric power each year. This will help avoid the generation of more than 9,400 tons of carbon dioxide annually, equivalent to the annual emissions of about 3,900 fuel efficient cars. The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2010.The short installation time will be facilitated by ABB’s modular eBoP (electrical balance of plant) concept. By pre-assembling individual components of the plant’s electrical systems and testing them prior to delivery, on-site installation and commissioning is fast and simple, reducing costs and project risk.

The turnkey project includes design, engineering, supply and commissioning of the power plants, as well as the medium-voltage distribution link that will connect the plants to the national grid. ABB will supply transformers, mediumand low-voltage switchgear, protection devices and an advanced control system, with remote control and diagnostic capability, to optimize operations and ensure maximum efficiency. “Renewable energies like solar play an increasingly important role in adding power capacity with minimal environmental impact, and ABB has a significant technology portfolio to harness and integrate these energies into the grid,” said Peter Leupp, head of ABB’s Power Systems division. Actelios SpA is part of the Falck Group

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strengthening our market position. According to our estimates, total production capacity will reach 20 mln. t. of steel per annum. The partnership will allow us to strengthen the position of Ukrainian metallurgy in world markets, which is the foundation for Ukrainian economy growth and raising the level of it’s economic security.


billion. However, all third quarter projections reflect substantial currency translation effects due to the strength of the U.S. dollar during the quarter.

and is engaged in photovoltaic energy production with more than 16 MW of solar plants in operation and under construction. More info:

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Alstom and Transmashholding sign a contract for the design and production of the EP20 electric locomotive for the Russian market On 29 June, Patrick Kron, Chairman and CEO of Alstom, and Andreï Bokarev, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Transmashholding (TMH), signed a contract for the design and manufacturing in Russia of key components for the EP20 electric locomotive. This contract defines how Alstom and TMH will cooperate in fulfilling the €1 billion order for 200 passenger locomotives awarded a month ago by Russian Railways (RZD) to Transmashholding. Alstom’s part of this global contract represents €450 million. Alstom and Transmashholding have teamed up in a global partnership, which includes a 25% stake from Alstom in the holding company of Transmashholding. This global agreement has already resulted in the creation of a 50/50 joint venture (Tekhnologii Relsovogo Transporta -TRT), which will develop EP20 locomotives on the Novotcherkassk site. It is also planned that this joint venture will develop at a further stage metros, regional trains, passenger cars or other rolling stock. The production of these locomotives will be carried out by TMH with technical support from Alstom on the same site of Novotcherkassk. Furthermore, a 50/50 joint venture for the manufacture of components will soon be established: this will produce - also at Novotcherkassk - traction drives for the new EP20 locomotive, to be based on the latest technology from Alstom. The EP20 is a 7,200-kW triplebogie locomotive boasting speeds of up to 200 km/h and designed to operate in temperatures as low as -50°C. It will be fitted with current collection and catenary voltage transformation systems so that it can run on both the voltage systems in use on the Russian network. The EP20 will be the first in a new range of locomotives intended for use in the 1520-mm track gauge zone. “We are delighted to be signing this contract, which puts into effect our partnership with TMH”, said Patrick Kron at the close of the ceremony. “The EP20 project will

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pave the way for a whole new family of modern locomotives for the CIS market.” the BMW Group is vigorously driving forward the technical development of electric powertrains. The BMW Group’s centre of expertise for electric drive systems brings together development, manufacturing and procurement specialists under one roof. All their efforts are focused on the implementation and typically BMW interpretation of the new generation of drive systems. Ultimately, electric vehicles not only provide a zero-localemission and low-noise form of propulsion; their ability to deliver a totally new and extremely agile driving experience is also impressive. The new architecture of the MCV also gives the vehicle designers additional freedom when it comes to creating a new aesthetic for sustainable urban mobility solutions. More info:

Continental Adjusts Outlook for 2010 Following Good First HalfYearfollowing the crisis year 2009

The Continental Corporation is raising its outlook significantly to re¬flect its good first half-year results and the continuing positive trend in market conditions. Ac¬cording to first preliminary figures, consolidated sales for the first half of this year increased to approximately €12.5 billion, compared with about €9.1 billion for the same period last year. On this basis, adjusted* EBIT is expected to amount to at least €1.2 billion (PY: €248.8 mil-lion), the international automotive supplier announced on Friday in Hanover. “Based upon these preliminary results for the first half year 2010, we believe that an increase of approximately 15% in consolidated sales over last year’s figure of close to €20 billion is being realistic for 2010, along with an adjusted* EBIT figure greatly exceeding that for 2009,” said Continental CEO, Dr. Elmar Degenhart. “The adjusted* EBIT margin for 2010 should be between 8.0 and 8.5 percent compared to 5.8 for last year. Based on current expectations, however, a burden of about €250 million is anticipated in the second half of 2010 alone re¬sulting from raw material costs – mainly for natural rubber – which have been increasing since last year.” Continental’s half-year financial report is expected to be published on July 29. More info:

News 2010-07-06 12:16:40

The first official picture of the all-new compact Range Rover is released, following an exclusive preview in London for guests attending a 40th birthday celebration of Range Rover held in partnership with VOGUE magazine. Named the Range Rover Evoque, this all-new coupé will join the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport line-up in the summer of 2011. It will be the smallest, lightest and most fuel efficient Range Rover ever produced. Customers have a choice of both a 4WD and a 2WD version, with a sub 130g/km CO2 demonstrating the Range Rover brand’s commitment to environmental sustainability. Phil Popham, managing director of Land Rover said: “Today is a very special occasion for Range Rover, not only are we celebrating 40 years of the brand, we are also demonstrating our exciting future by showing the all-new Range Rover Evoque. Range Rover is one of the most highly regarded and iconic vehicles in the history of motoring and has been a continuing success since we first in-

troduced it in 1970. The all-new Range Rover Evoque, is an important step for the future continued success and growth of the brand. Customers can be confident that the new car will be premium, luxurious and just as special as the other Range Rover models. Its sporting looks and unique qualities will open the brand to a new group of customers who may not have considered a Range Rover product before. The all-new Range Rover Evoque will make its global public debut at the Paris Motor Show at the end of September and will go on sale from next summer More info:

Megacity Vehicle to become the world’s first volume-produced car with a passenger cell made from carbon The BMW Group is once again breaking new ground with the Megacity Vehicle (MCV), due to come onto the market in 2013: “The Megacity Vehicle is a revolutionary automobile. It will be the world’s first volume-produced vehicle with a passenger cell made from carbon. Our LifeDrive architecture is helping us to open a new chapter in automotive lightweight design. Indeed, this concept allows us to practically offset the extra 250 to 350 kilograms of weight typically found in electrically powered vehicles.” says Klaus Draeger, Member of the Board of Management for Development. “The drive system remains the heartbeat of a car, and that also applies to electric vehicles,” said Draeger. “Powertrains also remain a core area of expertise of Bayerische Motoren Werke. Electromobility and the hallmark BMW driving pleasure make an excellent match, if you go about things the right way. For this reason we are developing the powertrain for the Megacity Vehicle in-house – that includes the electric motor, the power electronics and the battery system.” The electrification of a

News Księga1.indb 11

vehicle requires new concepts in vehicle architecture and body construction in order to exploit the potential of the new emission-free drive system to optimum effect. With the revolutionary LifeDrive concept, the BMW Group engineers are developing the car’s architecture from scratch and adapting it to the demands and conditions of future mobility. The goal: to offset the additional weight of an electric vehicle – typically 250 to 350 kilograms. To this end, the BMW Group is focusing on the innovative high-tech material carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP). The LifeDrive concept consists of two horizontally separated, independent modules. The Drive module integrates the battery, drive system and structural and crash functions into a single construction within the chassis. Its partner, the Life module, consists primarily of a high-strength and extremely lightweight passenger cell made from CFRP. Furthermore, the new vehicle architecture opens the door to totally new production processes which are both simpler and more flexible, and use less energy. The BMW Group is also aiming to be the force behind the best drive systems over the years ahead – systems boasting outstanding efficiency, performance and smoothness, even if it is electricity rather than fossil fuels that are converted into propulsion. To this end, the BMW Group is vigorously driving forward the technical development of electric powertrains. The BMW Group’s centre of expertise for electric drive systems brings together development, manufacturing and procurement specialists under one roof. All their efforts are focused on the implementation and typically BMW interpretation of the new generation of drive systems. Ultimately, electric vehicles not only provide a zero-localemission and low-noise form of propulsion; their ability to deliver a totally new and extremely agile driving experience is also impressive. The new architecture of the MCV also gives the vehicle designers additional freedom when it comes to creating a new aesthetic for sustainable urban mobility solutions.


All-new Range Rover evoque makes guest appearance at 40 year celebration of the brand

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On Twitter, a Close-Knit Network

23.08 - 29.08 2010

AGRORUSS Global Agricultural Faire Venue: Lenexpo Fairgrounds 103 Bolshoy Prospect St. Petersburg, 199106 Russia If Kevin Bacon had a Twitter account, he would most likely be within six degrees of separation from nearly everyone else on the site. Just as everyone in the world is thought to be connected to one another within six steps (and the prolific movie star is linked to just about every other actor in the trivia game “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon”), data from the social media consulting firm Sysomos finds that the same holds true for Twitter users. The findings are further evidence of the connectivity of the microblogging site. A now dormant Facebook application called Six Degrees established the mean degrees of connection between Facebook users as 5.73, meaning the site’s users are less connected than on Twitter. On average, it takes visiting just 3.32 friends of friends for users to find one of their own followers, suggesting that many connections on the network are local and circular. “Twitter’s high degree of connectivity makes it a great platform for marketers to reach a large number of users easily,” said Nilesh Bansal, Sysomos’s chief technology officer. “The report indicates that with only a few re-tweets, their messages can reach a very large audience.” More info:

24.08 - 26.08 2010

KABO Central European Fair of Footwear and Leatherware Venue: Brno Exhibition Centre Vystaviste 1 64700 Brno Czech Republic 24.08 - 27.08 2010

TRÄ & TEKNIK International Wood Products and Technology Trade Fair Venue: Svenska Mässan - Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre 40224 Gothenburg Sweden

Lenovo says Apple losing out in China: report (Reuters) - Apple is missing out on an opportunity to further expand in China, the Financial Times reported late on Sunday, citing Lenovo’s Chairman Liu Chuanzhi. “We are lucky Steve Jobs has such a bad temper and doesn’t care about China,” Liu was quoted by the newspaper as saying. The Chinese PC company’s LePhone is also placed well to compete with Apple’s iPhone in China because it is customized for Chinese users, the newspaper cited Liu as saying. China Unicom is the only mobile operator that sells the iPhone in China, although rivals such as China Mobile have previously said that they are interested in bringing the smartphone into the country. Some 47 percent of Lenovo’s sales came from China in 2009, and it remains the company’s most profitable sector as it continues to bleed in developed markets that were formerly IBM strongholds. Officials from Lenovo and Apple were not immediately available for comment. More info:

25.08 - 28.08 2010


International Trade Fair on the Road Haulage and Transport Sector Venue: Elmia exhibition halls Elmiavägen 11 SE-550 54 Jönköping Sweden

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News 2010-07-06 12:16:41


Microsoft is killing off the line of Kin handsets it introduced about six weeks ago. The company has canceled plans to launch the Kin in Europe this fall and has rolled over its Kin development team into its Windows Phone 7 team. Microsoft said it will continue selling “current” Kin phones with Verizon Wireless in the United States, though with the Kin team now mixed into the Windows Phone group, it appears unlikely that any new Kin devices are planned for the future. Microsoft launched two models of the Kin -- the Kin One and Kin Two -- through Verizon around mid-April, targeting the devices at teens and young adults. However, despite all the marketing efforts directed at the devices, there apparently was some trouble in the wings -- the Kin’s launch had reportedly been delayed for about 18 months, and the lost opportunities left Verizon chafing at the bit. In the meantime, Verizon un-

31.08 - 02.09 2010

More info:

03.09 - 08.09 2010


IFA BERLIN Your World of Consumer Electronics

Fair of Shoes, Leather and Leather Goods

Venue: Messegelände Berlin Messedamm 22 14055 Berlin Germany

Venue: Poznan International Fair ul. Glogowska 14 60-734 Poznan Poland 01.09 - 05.09 2010

05.09 - 07.09 2010



Furniture, Interior Decoration and Design Fair for Professionals and Public Visitors Venue: Helsinki Fair Centre Messuaukio 1 FIN-00521 Helsinki

Manufacturers or Materiel Retailers for Clothing Production International Show Venue: Paris Expo Porte de Versailles 1 place de la Porte de Versailles 75015 Paris France

News Księga1.indb 13

veiled the Motorola (NYSE: MOT) Droid and began focusing strongly on Android smartphones. Then on May 25, a major shakeup occurred in Redmond’s mobile division: Microsoft announced the retirement of Robbie Bach, who spearheaded the Kin effort and helped launched the device. Microsoft has stated that for now it will focus exclusively on Windows Phone 7. It will integrate the Kin team with the Windows 7 team. “I think Microsoft wants to consolidate all the thinking about its platform on Windows Phone 7,” Maribel Lopez, principal analyst and founder at Lopez Research, told TechNewsWorld. “It doesn’t want fragmentation, and it wants to move forward.”


Microsoft Turns Its Back on Kin

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Full name: Portuguese Republic Population: 10.7 million (UN, 2009) Capital: Lisbon Area: 92,345 sq km (35,655 sq miles) Major language: Portuguese Major religion: Christianity Life expectancy: 75 years (men), 82 years (women) (UN) Monetary unit: 1 euro = 100 cents Main exports: Textiles and clothing, wood products, electrical equipment GNI per capita: US $20,560 (World Bank, 2008) Internet domain: .pt International dialling code: +351

Portugal, a country with a rich history of seafaring and discovery, looks out from the Iberian peninsula into the Atlantic Ocean. When it handed over its last overseas territory, Macau, to Chinese administration in 1999, it brought to an end a long and sometimes turbulent era as a colonial power.


The roots of that era stretch back to the 15th century when Portuguese explorers such as Vasco da Gama put to sea in search of a passage to India. By the 16th century these sailors had helped build a huge empire embracing Brazil as well as swathes of Africa and Asia. There are still some 200 million Portuguese speakers around the world today. Portugal’s history has had a lasting impact

on the culture of the country with Moorish and Oriental influences in architecture and the arts. Traditional folk dance and music, particularly the melancholy fado, remain vibrant. For almost half of the 20th century Portugal was a dictatorship in which for decades Antonio de Oliveira Salazar was the key figure. The dictatorship’s stubborn refusal to relinquish its grip on the former colonies as demands for independence gained momentum there resulted in expensive wars in Africa. This period was brought to an end in 1974 in a bloodless coup, picturesquely known as the Revolution of the Carnations, which ushered in a new democracy. By the end of 1975 all of Portugal’s former colonies in Africa were independent of Lisbon.

Leaders President: Anibal Cavaco Silva Anibal Cavaco Silva won the January 2006 presidential poll, becoming the first centre-right president since the coup of 1974. He defeated two Socialist candidates to win a first round election victory. The president’s role is mainly ceremonial, but incumbents can appoint prime ministers, dissolve parliament and call elections. Prime minister: Jose Socrates Jose Socrates, whose governing Socialist Party came to power in 2005, led his party to another election victory in September 2009. The party, however, lost

The São Bento Palace, house of the Assembly of the Republic, Lisbon.

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View over the Nations’ Park, in eastern Lisbon.


Prime minister its overall majority. Final results from the general election gave the Socialists 36% the vote, seven points ahead of the centre-right Social Democrats. Following talks with other political parties, Mr Socrates decided in October to form a minority government and to negotiate support for changes in legislation on a case-by-case basis. Ruling in a minority is likely to present a tough challenge, as Portugal needs to swiftly address problems such as rising debt and unemployment, a growing budget deficit and a widening wealth gap with its European partners. In the 2005 elec-

tions, the Socialists gained their first absolute majority in parliament since democracy returned to Portugal in 1974. On taking office then, Mr Socrates - who had led the Socialists since 2004 - said his priority would be to revive the economy and stem rising unemployment. His first government sharply cut spending, by reducing pensions, raising the retirement age and withdrawing civil service benefits in an attempt to reduce one of Europe’s biggest budget deficits. The reforms - which some said were destroying social rights - prompted repeated protests mostly among public sec-

The Castle of Guimarães, Guimarães – the city is known as the cradle of Portugal.

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tor workers. Despite the tough economic medicine administered by Mr Socrates during his first term in office, Portugal is still Western Europe’s poorest country. Even more pain looked likely after the financial crisis of 2008/9, as Portugal’s budget deficit reached 8.3% - well over the 3% allowed under euro membership rules. In March 2010, Mr Socrates’s government introduced a package of spending cuts and tax increases on the rich in an attempt to rein in the deficit.


Portugal’s commercial TV stations command a lion’s share of the viewing audience, and provide tough competition for the cash-strapped public broadcaster. Public TV services are operated by RTP, which enjoyed a monopoly on the airwaves until the launch of commercial channel SIC in 1992. Multichannel TV via cable, satellite and recently-introduced digital terrestrial - reaches more than two million homes. Cable is the dominant platform. Public radio networks are operated by RDP. The Roman Catholic Church owns the widely-listened-to Radio Renascenca. There are some 300 local and regional commercial radio stations.

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Stylish and Durable


otal comfort – this particular slogan has made the Fluchos brand win the European and global markets. Such tremendous success has been brought about for a reason, that is, because of the unique combination of tradition and creativity. Place your trust in this logo and you will get hand-stitched quality footwear in return. For women, the company offers classic salon shoes and buckled, laced or buttoned boots. For men, there are two distinct styles: a formal Oxford line and a casual range with decorative seams.

Finest Roots

To find the key to the Fluchos worldwide recognition, you have to trace their history back to the very beginning. Then, in 1962 in Arnedo, La Rioja province, Spain, a footwear business was set up. Whilst it took some time to achieve success, the position that the company enjoys nowadays has been attained thanks to three distinct factors: tradition, family and creativity. The craft of shoemaking had been thriving in Arnedo since time immemorial and, therefore, it made a perfect location for a novice in the business. This allowed the company to learn the secrets of the trade as well as adhere to its established etiquette. For this reason, since the very inception Fluchos has been using reliable technologies and the best raw-materials. The profile of the newly launched activity could not have been better either. It is common knowledge that only those who make a name for themselves will also make a good name for the brand. Hence Fluchos operates under a family logo. Moreover, the company’s history stands out as a proof that family tradition and trusted designs are best preserved if continuously modernised and improved. A review of the initiatives taken so far will certainly provide a case in point for this policy.


FULL NAME: Fluchos

Innovative Policy

PRESIDENTS: Alfonso Garrido & Antonio Sáenz

The first improvement took place in 1970, when the basic offer of handstitched quality men’s shoes was complemented with more specific shoes such as: sailor pumps for the summer, moccasins and boots for the autumn and winter. Not until the 90s did the real innovations come. From then on the new solutions followed one after the other. In 1994 the modern line of the Fluchos flagship hand-stitched shoes

OPERATIONS: Production of shoes ESTABLISHED: 1962 EMPLOYEES: 204 | 14 | Manufacturing-Journal Księga1.indb 16

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The company CUEROS INTERNACIONALES, S.L. located in Elche (Alicante), specialists in veal leather for footwear industry, emphasizing their quality, fashion and a variety of natural finishes. For over thirty years of work, devoted to the tanning industry (early 80s), they have been maintaining a philosophy of innovation and quality control of finishes (Natural Pumped, Waterproof, Wet White, Soft Nappa Leather, etc.).

CUEROS INTERNACIONALES, S.L. C/ SOR JOSEFA ALCORTA, 45 03204 ELCHE (ALICANTE) TEL.: 96 663 16 11 FAX: 96 663 06 05 Victor Ruiz Turlan (Sales Manager): 619 749 989 E-MAIL:

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sealing critical points and preventing water from leaking through them. The membrane is breathable, however, and it allows perspiration and steam to escape. The OutDry technology has been further extended by the integrated FLC (Flexibility, Lightness and Comfort) together with the OXYGEN, ShowStep and CoolMax solutions.

Reap the Rewards

entered the market and immediately attracted clientele with their innovative water-resistant and humidity-proof leather. The actual revolution came 4 years later. With a view to the best feet insulation the brand developed the SOLGRIP sole. Its main advantages include excellent adherence to wet surfaces, resistance to hydrolysis and scratching as well flexibility at low temperatures. In the 21st century, the innovative solutions started developing in leaps and bounds. In 2001, the Antistatic line was

released on the market. The soles and insoles of these shoes incorporated materials that discharged the static electricity generated while walking. In 2004, the company launched the Perspiration Expulsion System; and a year later they developed the super steady Multiple Expansion sole. In the course of last 2 years the business has come up with the landmark OutDry water-proof solution. These shoes feature a special patented membrane based on the direct bonding of the footwear upper part and thus

It goes without saying that Arnedo soon turned out to be too small for the rapidly growing brand. The business first expanded onto the Spanish output market, then on the whole of Europe and next they managed to make their presence felt in Asia. The future of the business is secured by the think tank of experts who take care over production and marketing strategies. It should be added that there is a lot of to be taken care of. Currently, the brand may boast two spacious factories, each taking up a space of approximately 5000 sqm. Although the second one began operating in 2006, it has already improved the customer service and boosted export potential. This as well as the workforce and production output increase has happened thanks to the cutting edge technologies put to use. A few facts and figures will provide far more clearer evidence. At the moment, the Fluchos staff is made up of around 200 workers who turn out goods marketed in 30 countries, the most of all in the European Union markets such as France, England, Germany and Portugal. Other countries where Fluchos manufactures are in demand include: Russia, Poland, Israel, China, Mexico, Japan or Canada. All these products are available in thousands of specialist footwear outlets and prestige department stores. The business attaches the utmost importance to their retail distributors thus providing them with shop window displays, shoe display stands and printed publicity materials. All these prove an asset in stiff competition for the contemporary picky and well-informed customer. No one buys a pig in a poke any more. Hence the advertising campaign aims at those who have not made their minds yet. Relevant information being passed on to the prospective buyer will let them spend money thoughtfully and without unnecessary regret.

Craftsmen to Rely on

What are the principles that people at

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Fluchos hold to? First of all, raw-materials used for production must be topnotch quality. These guys are perfectly aware of the fact that their target stylish customers put a high value on top of the range hides. Cured according to tradition and ecology, this shiny and clean leather catches the eye with a wealth of chromatic nuances. The rubber used in the soles also stands out as being 100% natural. With a view to the wearer’s comfort, the natural leather lining together with the flexible insole wrap the foot and cushion it against shock and tension. Secondly, the footwear there is processed in compliance with rigorous quality standards. Decent craftsmen are perfectly aware of the fact that the shoes’ perfect finish takes time. The Fluchos management hold to these basic truths too. In so doing, they go against the grain of popular belief in capitalist efficiency and they have no intention of lowering their standards. There is no use turning out inferior goods which no one wants to buy. For this matter, you will not find substandard footwear in their offer and only hand-stitched prime quality leather shoes. The manufacturing process is seen to by experienced craftsmen who combine the relevant know-how and passion. Thirdly, Fluchos shoes must be durable. In order to achieve this they undergo comprehensive laboratory tests. This policy resulted in an innovative type of sole which allows for lightness and comfort, and is hard-wearing and scuff resistant, too. The solution came by using compact rubber for the outer sole and supple rubber for the inside. Fourthly, under no circumstances may the production affect the environment. That is why the company phased out solvent-based glues and dyes and supplanted them with their water-based counterparts. This means that at Fluchos factories volatile organic compounds are no longer released into the atmosphere where they cause the greenhouse effect and damage the ozone layer. The shoes there are made with only top quality, natural hides virtually free of chrome. The other innovations include: the minimum energy consumption, the reduction of contaminating waste and packages made of 100% recycled cardboard.

Imagination in Use

Now we should pass on to a rough review of the technologies that the Fluchos brand is best known for. The

Oxygen sole makes it possible for the air to circulate and keeps the temperature steady inside the shoe. The Show Step means warranted healthy footwear as it reduces tension in feet and keeps the spine in a correct central position. This has been carried off thanks to latex insoles covered with a Cool Max thread lining, which in turn facilitates the evacuation of moisture from the feet. The integrated FLC (Flexibility, Lightness and Comfort) system has brought about shoes which are light and comfortable. Their lightness stems from the fact that their sole has been made with rubber of varying density. Their comfort is thanks to an interior lined with natural and soft leather. The OutDry technology has resulted in shoes insulated with a water-proof and transirable membrane. The perspiration expulsion system prevents excessive perspiration even at high temperatures. The Shock Absorber solution cushions the foot perfectly. In order to do this it gathers energy which is produced when the shoe’s surface rubs the ground as you walk. With Traction Fluchos your foot will adapt to the position of your legs and the condition of the ground you are walking on. This means that you no longer take any risk of falling down while treading on slippery or steep ground. The Fluchos Air System gives maximum comfort to your feet thanks to the combination of the air cells system with the insole which spreads the pressure during each step and relaxes the pressure points on your feet. The Fluchos antistatic line is manufactured with materials which discharge static electricity. The Air comfort system offers you the sole which contains the Hevea Brasiliensis latex whose particles measure up to 22 microns in diameter. Owing to an increase in elasticity, this material makes cushioning more effective than before and, thus, enables you take long and comfortable walks. The NOP line (New Only Professsional) gives a guarantee that you will be well protected against any hazard while at work. These shoes have been made with titanium cured chrome-free leather, which is antiallergic and biodegradable. This type of leather enables your foot to breathe and repels water and oils. The sole of the NOP shoes has been fitted with non-slip modules, which now allow for their high grip and resistance to abrasion and other mechanical damage.  Written by Bartosz Sowiński

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We will be there …

For You !!!

WE ARE WORKING FOR THE LEADERS’ SUCCESS ! Our company has been providing service for NG2 S.A continuously for over 13 years. We provide services in the field:

GULIVER Transport Spedition Logistics 31-589 Cracow, ul. NMP 90 tel : +48 12 680 69 35 fax : +48 12 680 69 34 e-mail : 801 800 055 ( call center for Poland )

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international transport and forwarding container haulage delivery door-to-door custom agency service air freight sea freight express services oversized transport value added logistics (VAL) If You think, that costs of transport and logistic in Your company are too high... - Call us ! We are able to give You the lowest prices on the market with the guarantee of the best quality of the service. If You think, there’s no way to work cheaper and better - You are wrong ! Our competent employees are keeping control at every stage while processing your cargo. Thus, all fields of our activity links responsibility for the entrusted cargo and timeliness of all deliveries in accordance with articulated theory of quality management which is an overriding principle.

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No Room for Complacency


hose of you who are unfamiliar with NG2 (New Gate) Group S.A. (Joint-Stock Company) from Polkowice, Lower Silesia, will nevertheless recognise its flagship brands immediately. These brands, namely CCC, Boti and Quazi, have made Mr. Dariusz Miłek’s enterprise dominate the footwear market in Poland. The whole group has achieved this tremendous success thanks to its President and his unbelievable knack for business. An entrepreneur has to combine resolve with intuition. Mr. Miłek is lucky to be born with both.

Success Story In 1991, when Mr. Dariusz Miłek gave up his promising career in bicycle racing and decided to try his hand at business, he Chairman of the board started his enterDariusz Miłek prise modestly, selling shoes from a folding bed in the Lubin bazaar, Lower Silesia. An open-air market 20 years ago, this place is now converted into one of the most modern shopping centres in Poland. Developed due to Mr. Miłek’s sole initiative, the mall boasts 5 stories and the overall space of 80,000 sqm. Its attractions are on a par with those offered by Stary Browar Shopping Centre in Poznań, which should give you the picture of Mr. Miłek’s resourcefulness. The NG2 Group being a success story, its track record should be presented right from the beginning, though. Thanks to his first investment in a simple but firm street stall, Mr. Miłek could store the goods permanently at the market and no longer carried them home everyday. Shortly after, he put his money into revamped ship containers. These containers were soon rented out to retailers so that their owner could keep himself busy developing new ideas. He embarked upon the venture in wholesale. His new project took off in a flash and hence Mr. Miłek carried on doing business with nearly 60 wholesale companies. Finally, in 1996, the Żółta Stopa (Yellow Foot) came into being. This chain of franchised low-end footwear shops hit the jackpot immediately. The industry was facing an overproduction effect at the time. The market was saturated and nobody was doing a roar-

Consumer Goods IndustryNG2 Group Księga1.indb 21

ing trade as a result. Be that as it may, clients flocked into Żółta Stopa outlets. By the President of NG2 standards, this was not good enough, however. With a view to upgrading the profile of his activity, Mr. Miłek closed down Żółta Stopa while at it its peak in 1999 and came up with CCC Sp. z o. o. (LLC). This abbreviation stands for Cena Czyni Cuda, a catchy slogan reading Price Makes Miracles. This worked like a dream and the company won recognition all over Poland. The business started cooperating with more than 100 newly selected franchisees. In 2004, the group underwent the major restructuring of its ownership, thus converting CCC Sp. z o.o. into CCC S.A.


FULL NAME: NG2 S.A. PRESIDENT: Dariusz Miłek OPERATIONS: Consumer Goods ESTABLISHED: 1990 EMPLOYEES: 5.600 TURNOVER: PLN 922 million (2009) Manufacturing-Journal | 19 | 2010-07-06 12:17:01

For 7 years providing containers’ transports for Messrs NG2

8, Pułaskiego Str., 81-368 Gdynia. Ph1: +48 586272149, Ph2: +48 6272157; Fax: +48 586615710 e-mail:, http: //

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Find out that “business is business” and be part of it!

Via our magazine BusinessPL you can: / Razem z BusinessPL: •

contact influential people in business;

be found easily and available;

take part in important events;

read experts’ advice;

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adopt the right strategy and direction;

build your image;

get to know the language of business;

talk in a “business” manner;

access business information from the inside;

get to know the well-planned, strategic and effective BUSINESS;

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Poprzez bezpieczny i niezawodny transport towarów przyczyniamy się do poprawy dobrobytu społeczeństw na całym świecie, działając jako wszechstronne przedsiębiorstwo logistyczne oferujące spedycję morską, lądową i lotniczą. Through safe and dependable transport, we contribute to the betterment of societies throughout the world as a comprehensive global-logistics enterprise offering ocean, land, and air transportation.

Zakres oferty: Logistyka kontraktowa Kompleksowa logistyka magazynowa Usługi agencji celnej (AEO) Przewozy morskie (NVOCC) Dowozy kontenerowe Międzynarodowe przewozy drogowe Spedycja lotnicza Dystrybucja krajowa Współtworzenie projektów logistycznych Transport ładunków ponadgabarytowych Rozwiązania IT

. . . . . . . . . . .

Range of service: Contract logistics Complex warehouse logistics Customs agency (AEO) Ocean transport (NVOCC) Container haulage International and domestic transport Air forwarding Domestic distribution Co-creation of logistic projects Out of Gauge (OOG) IT solutions

Wartości Grupy NYK: Wierność zasadom Innowacyjność Determinacja

. . .

Values of the NYK Group: Integrity Innovation Intensity

Oddziały NYK Logistics (Polska) Sp. z o.o.: Warszawa (Centrala), Wrocław, Toruń, Tychy, Gdynia

NYK Logistics (Polska) – the logistics supply chain operator for NG2 02-679 Warszawa, ul. Rzymowskiego 53, tel./fax +48 22/ 567 36 00, e-mail:

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and transferring 100 percent of the CCC Factory shares there, too. In November 2004, the mother company finally went public, conducting a successful offer of its securities, which, on 2nd December, were quoted for the first time on the Warsaw stock exchange. In 2005, CCC registered Boty Czech s.r.o. and subsequently entered the market in the Czech Republic. In the second half of 2006, the business set out to diversify its offer. Already in operation, the CCC brand was joined by Quazi and Boti. “Our household name CCC has much to offer for a wide variety of the clients who are keen on trendy shoes and accessories and happen to be cautious spenders, too. Boti is intended to offer the value-formoney stock suitable for the residents of medium-sized towns. Quasi is a chain of boutiques located in modern shopping centres; its variety of stylish cuts and designs caters for choosy buyers,” Mr. Miłek characterises each brand. This diversification spurred further changes. CCC S.A. has been recently converted into NG2 Group (New Gate Group), but Mr. Miłek remained its president and main shareholder. The three separate distribution channels working under one logo, this transformation will surely boost the company’s expansion.

NG2 in Facts and Figures

Its share in Polish footwear retail estimated at 12 percent, the NG2 Group is the brand leader of the market and one of the biggest shoe manufacturers in Poland. As regards retail outlets, the group boasts their number being a few times bigger than its major competitors. Financial market analysts estimate that

| 24 | Manufacturing-Journal Księga1.indb 26

this year the company’s sales should top the figure of 1 bln PLN and its net profit should equal around 11 percent of its annual turnover. “We leave ourselves no room for complacency, however,” stresses Mr. Miłek. “A huge success for our competitors, for us it is merely a stage on the path to our long-term objectives. That is why we aim at the largest possible share in the market and go out of our way to generate profit and increase efficiency,” he adds. As per late March 2010, NG2 Group owns a chain of 699 shops including: 262 CCC shops, 40 CCC shops in the Czech Republic, 48 own Quazi boutiques and 223 own Boti shops, 61 CCC franchise shops and 65 franchise Boti shops. The company provides jobs for more than 5,500 people, including: 4,200 in retail, 500 in logistics, 500 in manufacturing (the factory in Polkowice) and 300 in management. The company boasts logistic facilities such as modern warehouses (the overall space of 44,000 sqm) and office buildings (4,400 sqm). CCC, Quazi and Boti supply their products to a wide range of buyers, including the demanding customers of trendy boutiques, medium segment clients keen on good value for money and those less well-off searching for quality bargains. The company’s offer includes more than 67 registered trademark names such as Lasocki, Jennifer&Jennifer and Clara Barson. NG2 Group is well aware of the fact that the success in the footwear segment of the market is largely dependent on classy, stylish and trendy design. “We will pull out all the stops to satisfy our clients. This is our recipe for success,” says Mr. Miłek. This would not be possible if it was not for the hard work of dedicated

Consumer Goods IndustryNG2 Group 2010-07-06 12:17:16

professionals employed at the Department of Production and Design. They come up with innovative ideas, set new trends and then keep an eye on the manufacturing process. The designers prepare two collections every year, the spring-summer and autumn-winter one. They also try to be on top of what is in vogue at the moment and regularly take part in international footwear fashion shows held in Milan, Garda, Düsseldorf and Barcelona.

Sustainable Growth

The key to success? “Reliability and perseverance,” answers Mr. Miłek. “When the economy was seemingly booming, we did not fall for costly acquisitions. We have a mind of our own, hence the idea of sustainable growth and the focus on the domestic market. Our strategy was duly appreciated by Polish investors, who awarded us the prize of Najlepiej Zarządzana Spółka Giełdowa (The Best Managed Company on the Warsaw Stock Market) in 2008,” he adds. The main points of this strategy are as follows. First and foremost, to strengthen the company’s market rating. In order to achieve this, the business competes for attractively located retail premises; keeps expanding in those regions where it still has to strive for recognition; and promotes itself by means of classic advertising and sports sponsorship. Secondly, to develop new branches. Ultimately, the NG2 group is going to have 300 own and 100 franchised shops under the CCC logo, together with another 70 outlets in the Czech Republic. Quasi is to be extended up to 100 shops. The business has particularly high hopes for the Boti brand, which should grow up to 500 shops, 400 of which will belong directly to NG2. Thirdly, to foster further growth and enhance profitability. Fourthly, to make NG2 shares appreciate in value. “We would like to be perceived as a highly profitable and yet growing enterprise. We have also proven resilient to economic slowdown,” emphasises Mr. Miłek. Last but not least, to cooperate closely with their Far East business partners. “As soon as we noticed the potential of Chinese footwear producers, we went into partnership with those who offered the best reproducible quality and affordable pricing,” he elaborates. Currently 75 percent of its offer is made up of the goods imported from China and India. The raw materials come from the Near East, Spain and Italy. This long-

term strategy draws vastly upon the concept of sustainable growth. Thus, the business takes particular care to create new jobs and reduce its negative impact on the environment. It also plays a vital role in the local Polkowice community as the sponsor of the MTB (CCC Polsat Polkowice) and basketball (CCC Polkowice) teams. The company supports charities, including the local branch of the Association for Children with Special Needs in Polkowice, the Children’s Home in Ścinawa, the Healthcare Centre Hospice in Lubin and the Special Training and Educational Centre in Szklary Górne.

Look to Your Laurels

The truly impressive collection of the company’s awards and certificates includes the following: •

• • •

Ernst & Young, the Polish edition of the Enterpreneur of the Year 2007 Award in Services; Mr. Miłek also represented Poland at its world gala in Monaco; The Best Managed Company in 2008, awarded by “Gazeta Giełdy Parkiet” magazine; CEE Retail Award 2008, Retailer of the Year; World Finance 100 – NG2 honoured with such worldwide leaders as Apple, Google, Exxon Mobile, Axa, Lenovo, Cisco, UPS, Merck, ABB, Roche; several Business Gazelles granted by “Puls Biznesu” daily, the Top Manager 2005 for Mr. Dariusz Miłek; the Orzeł received from “Rzeczpospolita” daily, the Consumer Laurels awarded by “Przegląd Gospodarczy” daily.

Written by Bartosz Sowiński

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Changing the world and Spain forever


f one would have to choose an invention of the past century that changed the world the most one would have to think of Henry Ford and his first automobile. Ford T was introduced to the world in 1908 and changed the face of it forever. The car was easy to drive, easy to repair and – what turned out to be the most important factor determining its enormous success – easy to afford. The huge popularity of Ford T (over 15 millions of units sold) shortly promoted the mere idea of automobilism and a lot of other car companies emerged shortly. The Ford Motor Company remains one of the largest automobile producers worldwide and more than a century of experience – is also one of the most respected.

Ford as a global corporation

Of course, Ford Motor Company started as a single car factory in the suburbs of Detroit. Nowadays the firm is present on five continents and employs more than 213 thousands of workers in 90 facilities around the globe. One of its most efficient branches is Ford Espana, Spanish branch founded in the seventies by Henry Ford II, the grandson of Henry Ford. The first Ford to leave the Spanish factory in Almussafes, near Valencia, was Ford Fiesta, manufactured in 1976. What is noteworthy, is that Ford Motor Company remained controlled by the Ford family and currently is under the management of William C. Ford Jr.

and leisure applications. The company is implementing a Kinetic Design in most of its new models – a design that brings associations with the cars’ dynamism and agility. Ford’s offer is matching the market’s expectations – anyone can find a vehicle for oneself. From the city oriented Ford Ka and Ford Fiesta, to family vans like S-MAX and Galaxy. Ford major hit - Ford Focus is available in many different variations, including Ford Focus Coupe-Cabrio, an automobile with an automatic roof. For any businessmen out there, there’s Ford Mondeo, a car so elegant that it would make any


How to build a reputation

There are two main factors taken into account while purchasing a car – it’s its price and its reputation. The policy of Ford is to find the right balance between reliability and price. More than 100 years of devoted customers proves that the company is good at it. Gaining trust is a lengthy process, while losing it is on the other hand relatively easy. That’s why Ford Espana must address the needs of all groups of customers while keeping the perfection in the production process. To ensure the highest availability of its automobiles, Ford have established a wide and highly professional dealer network. These dealers concentrate on customer service with important emphasis on the after sales services.

A Ford for you, a Ford for me

Currently Ford Espana has an incredibly wide offer of cars, both for professional

| 26 | Manufacturing-Journal Księga1.indb 28

FULL NAME: Ford España, S.L. PRESIDENT: José Manuel Machado OPERATIONS: Engine Manufacturing and Vehicle Manufacturing ESTABLISHED: 1973 (Official plant opening - 1976) EMPLOYEES: 6.750 at 31st December 2009

Automotive IndustryFord España 2010-07-06 12:17:26

Księga1.indb 29

2010-07-06 12:17:30

man seem that much classier. Continuing years of traditions, all of these cars are manufactured with state-of-the-art equipment by the best Spanish engineers and are available at a reasonable, affordable price.

The importance of going forward

This offer is constantly evolving and expanding. Ford’s R&D department is invariably working to match the produced vehicles to its customers’ needs. One example of such innovative manufacturing is the Powershift automatic gearbox – a solution that will be implemented in the majority of vehicles leaving Ford’s factories, including the one in Spain. New models are also presented this year. But while the new model of the acclaimed Focus is gaining a lot of the attention, one must not forget about new models of C-MAX and Galaxy. These cars, accompanied by last year launches, Ka, Kuga and Fiesta are pointing out the direction of which the company is headed. The path it follows sure seems innovative and the company is proud of the quality-price relation it can offer to its customers.

What has changed in the past two years

In the following years the company will keep shifting its attention towards an individual customer. This strategy keeps paying off as 93 per cent of sold cars last year came from that sector in the market. This is obviously correlated with the economy crisis that Ford must face as a key player in the automotive industry – one of the most affected industries now-

| 28 | Manufacturing-Journal Księga1.indb 30

adays. The industry looks nothing like it used to 2 years ago both in types and volumes of cars sold. People are being more rational while making purchasing decisions especially when it comes to such big purchases as automobiles. Customers motives are more down to earth and in line with their real need than it used to be a couple of years ago. This forced necessary changes in the structure of company. The enterprise had to rethink its strategy and adjust to the new reality. New Ford Focus is a car designed as an answer to today’s economy.

People who make good cars

More than 6500 people are on the payroll of Ford Espana. These people mostly work two shifts of manufacturing with the capability to produce 1460 vehicles, models Fiesta and Focus. Ford Espana puts a great deal of emphasis to the development of its staff, giving them every chance to become better engineers. The company has a training center and a college, which offers all kinds of training: technical, computer training, HR training, quality management training and much more. The company’s motto states “Train to succeed” and considering the effort the company puts to grow hand in hand with its employees, it seems accurate.

Corporate social responsibilities...

Maintaining its corporate culture, Ford Espana is trying to positively affect its environment. Due to that policy the company is implementing its Social Action Plan which has three important

Automotive IndustryFord España 2010-07-06 12:17:34

foundations. First is the indirect employment of people with disabilities. Indeed, Ford Espana is participating in Business and Disability program conducted by Business and Society Foundation. Moreover, Ford Espana itself has more than 300 people with disabilities on its payroll. It is noteworthy however that Ford also helps find such employment indirectly, through various innovation and logistic centers that the company cooperates with. Another foundation of social responsibilities of the enterprise is the opportunity for every employee to take sixteen hours yearly of paid leave to do various volunteer work. Last but not least, Ford has developed numerous programs to support local NGO’s, including some significant fundraising. All of this to ensure, that Ford has not only changed the world but tries also to change Spain.

...and ecological awareness

All of the aforementioned social responsibilities would not mean much if the company wasn’t also self-aware of the pollution problem. Indeed, Ford is developing vehicles that would consume less gas and dramatically reduce carbon dioxide emission to the atmosphere. Ford recently implemented an exhaust system to its vehicles – specifically models Fiesta and Focus – with CO2 emission below 99 grams per kilometer. These automobiles will shortly be followed by bigger cars – S-MAX and Galaxy with EcoBoost Engines and CO2 emission below 160 grams per kilometer. The strategy also involves launching hybrid cars and electric cars in the near future. Natu-

Automotive IndustryFord España Księga1.indb 31

rally, Ford is putting every effort to minimize the pollution generated during the production process in order to keep the environment safe. During the years Ford Espana has been awarded numerous environmental and technological certificates for its top notch manufacturing process.

Whatever future brings, Ford will be there

Only 17 percent of the production volume finds its place on the domestic market. The rest of the vehicles are mostly being shipped through Valencia seaport and goes to various European and African markets. Germany, Greece, Belgium, Netherlands, Great Britain, Israel, Italy, Tunisia and Turkey can be found among the most frequent directions. This sort of global approach is necessary in order to produce excellent vehicles. Due to globally launched program called “One Ford” most of the cars produced nowadays are designed to be marketed globally. This is the way to remain competitive. Of course, the enterprise is aware of several markets condition, particularly in Europe and henceforth designs products that will match the customers’ expectations. As a smart and flexible company, during such hard times like these Ford is not trying to change the world. It is letting the world change Ford.  Written by Łukasz Światowiec

Manufacturing-Journal | 29 | 2010-07-06 12:17:36


Fastening systems


igh technology, advanced research, innovation and constant development, accompanied by competence and reliability, make for the success of Agrati Group – the leading Italian manufacturer of fastening systems.


Agrati Group, established in 1939, was at the beginning a small entreprise employing twenty people. But within years the company has learned to increase its productivity in an almost exponential manner and it has succeeded building on professionality and its proven experience. The constant development of Agrati enables the company to meet the growing demands of the market. The acquisition and integration of highly specialized production units has contributed to a vast diversification of the products offered. The range of fastening systems available from Agrati Group varies from standard to special high-technology products. Crucial for the company’s success has also turned out its strategy. Accordingly, the decision to enter into partnership with the most important European automobile constructors has proved beneficial, as did specialization in technical product development dedicated to specific requirements of the customers. Finally, continuous investment in improving its facilities has made Agrati into a technological leader in all branches of fastener production in the world.

Design and production organization

For more than seventy years Agrati Group has been present on international markets. Emphasis put on innovation and sensitivity to market evolution complete the picture of a company which never fails in its efforts to search for new solutions, and which does not content itself with what it has achieved so far but looks for new ways of development – as the key to further growth. The use of brand new machines and facilities, the exemplary quality level and focus on the know how in the design department, maintained within more than seventy years of the company’s history, are accompanied by the employment of the

| 30 | Manufacturing-Journal Księga1.indb 32

design and analysis instruments which can be regarded as the most sophisticated and up-to-date facilities from among ones available nowadays on the market. Today Agrati Group possesses six production units in Italy with more than 950 employees, over 110.000 square meters of surface area, the capacity of 80.000 tonnes per annum, as well as more than 500 machines used in the production of technologically advanced fastening systems. In the year 2006 a new factory in China was opened, and from April 2010 four production plants (ex Acument France), 2 technical and administration centers in France and more the 700 employes joined the group. The research and development department has introduced several recent technological advancements. Thus, the future projects



Automotive IndustryAgrati Group 2010-07-06 12:17:39

flexible by nature


Via Nazionale, 3 - 23885 Calco (LC) - Italia Tel. +39 039 9535300 - Fax +39 039 9905259 -


since 1970 the Italian leader in design and manufacturing of hard metal and steel tools for cold and hot forging of screws, bolts and special fasteners

HIGH PRECISION CARBIDE TOOLS FOR COLD FORGING 20040 Capriano di Briosco (Mi) Italy - Via Garibaldi 25 Phone +39 0362.911064 Fax +39 0362.998736 e-mail: -

Cert. ICIM no 1219

Panzeri S.p.A. - Via Statale Briantea,13 - 23892 Bulciago (Lc) - Italy Tel. ++39.031 860.585 r.a - Fax ++39 031 861.162 - E-mail:

Automotive IndustryAgrati Group Księga1.indb 33

Manufacturing-Journal | 31 | 2010-07-06 12:17:43

of Agrati involve producing light-alloy screws, as well as aluminium and magnesium screws, with a view to reducing the weight of cars so as to make them more efficient and less dangerous to the environment. Moreover, designers are working on self-tapping screws, which should allow to reduce the costs of component manufacturing in that they eliminate the screw thread operation. The research and development department can also rely on powerful refined software packages for modelling and simulation performed with the use of the method of finite elements in order to check feasibility and define the most suitable cold forging cycle of particular machine components. Applying this method leads to two important results. Firstly, the behaviour of bolted joints becomes investigated, and more specifically the responses of the product to mechanical stresses are quantitatively verified. Secondly, simulation of the technological process of plastic deformation of various materials enables to analyze their behaviour during mould filling and to choose the most convenient stamping cycle. Important investments have been made with regard to the instruments used in chemical, mechanical, and metallographic analyses aimed at investigating new materials and the application of the method of surface treatments. Over the years Agrati Group has received testimonials and recognitions from the most significant customers in the world. Its quality system has been awarded internationally recognized certificates. Thus, both the reliability of production processes and the high technology which have been achieved ensure that products with

| 32 | Manufacturing-Journal Księga1.indb 34

Agrati’s trademark shall continuously meet the demands of the customers. In line with the project the objectives of which have been captured by a slogan “Zero defects”, the techniques of Statistical Process Cotrol (S. P. C.) have been implemented. Accordingly, characteristics of the products fixed automatically are controlled in 100 % by machines. These requirements are contained in a system of quality which has made it possible for Agrati to become Italy’s leading manufacturer of an assortment of nuts and bolts, and to be awarded the certification of quality in accordance with the ISO 9002 standards and subsequently in accordance with the standards of ISO 9001, QS-9000, AVSQ/94, ISO TS 16949 (Agrati was the first company in Italy to have received this certificate), ISO 14001 and ISO 9001:2000. Last but not least, the laboratories of Agrati have been accredited with A2LA.


Today Agrati is one of the leading companies on the world market as regards production of highly advanced fastening systems suitable for cars. In particular, the company operates in France, Germany and Italy, with more than 70 % of products destined for export. Remarkably, in the last year, the company was given a powerful impulse from the Chinese market. The range of the most important customers of Agrati comprises at present the main European automobile constructors such as Renault, PSA, VW, Daimler, Fiat, GM, and Ford. The development of Agrati has been determined, most of all, by the process of specialization which has led the company

Automotive IndustryAgrati Group 2010-07-06 12:17:47

to become the leading group in the sector producing automotive components. The ever-growing and urgent demands for perfection in design and for manufacturing characterized by high quality standards, as well as by extremely effective logistic systems contribute to the fact that Agrati proves to be an organization wholly dedicated to satisfying the demands of its clientele. Especially important for the company are such tendencies on the market as decentralization of manufacturing to production sites in developing countries. This leads to the necessity of establishing units all over the world, which could offer both technical support and maintain production capacities. By way of conclusion – there are three main reasons for which customers choose the products of Agrati, and these are at the same time the company’s distinctive marks: competence, modernity, and reliability.


In the future, the company intends to pay ever greater attention to efficacy and consumption, and in consequence particular emphasis will be put on the employment of light but resistant materials. Efforts will be invested in issuing items at ever smaller production costs,

Automotive IndustryAgrati Group Księga1.indb 35

though qualitatively excellent. From the part of the customers, there is a growing demand for collaboration with competent suppliers when it comes to development and design. This should be understood in terms of supporting the activity design from the very first phases of formulating the project to finalproduct realisation, and that managing to increasingly tight deadlines. Despite the recent economic crisis, prospects for growth and expanding the volume of production are very good. This implies that it is possible for Agrati Group to maintain and reinforce its position as a leader among other fastener manufacturers and suppliers present on the international market. Without any doubt it can be stated that Agrati has a right to take pride in the fact that for over seventy years it has sustained constant development, being able to understand and adjust itself to the requirements of the market.  Written by Anna Tomaszewska

Manufacturing-Journal | 33 | 2010-07-06 12:17:52


Expert on harnesses and special assembly for household appliances


lectrical Components International Sp. z o.o. is a manufacturer of electrical harnesses and special assembly for the household appliances and automotive industries. It is part of ECI (Electrical Components International), an international company having the head quarter in S.Louis USA, which has a global production foot print and facilities in Mexico, China, and Germany. The newly built factory in Bielsko-Biała is the largest plant of the ECI group in Europe. The high automation of production processes, use of sophisticated instruments covering the production and implementation of innovative solutions enable the company to face the most demanding production processes in order to keep the highest quality standards.

American and Italian roots

Located in Saint Louis, the international company ECI can boast over 60year experience and the position of a leader in the Plant Manager Mr. Krzysztof Skowroński production of wire harnesses for the household appliances industry in the USA, Canada, Mexico and China. The history of the Polish company ECI Sp. z. o.o. dates back to 2002, when it was set up as Cabind Polska sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Bielsko-Biała, which, in turn, was part of Cabind joint stock company based in Italy and business knowledge in the same product lines. In 2006 ECI management board decided to enter the European market, thereby purchasing Cabind together with its five manufacturing facilities in Italy (2), Germany, Russia and Poland. As a result of restructuring, plants in Russia and Italy were closed, thereby transferring all the production to Poland. The company in Bielsko-Biała acted under the name Cabind till January 2010 and formally changed its name into Electrical Components International in February the same year. Since September 2008 the company has had its seat in a new factory with a floor area of over 10.000 square meters.

dishwashers. The production process, which is multiphase, starts with cutting and crimping of wires with the use of IDC and standard Crimp technologies, and ends with assembly, which takes place on rotary and stationary tables. Since ECI has access to a wide range of modern technologies, it can bring flexible and low-cost solutions to Customers. The products are distributed to top-tier Clients from the household appliances sector, such as Candy, Electrolux, Fagor, Indesit and Whirlpool. Recently, the Polish facility has been given the green light to apply for the

Top-tier Customers

The company specializes in manufacturing wire harnesses for household appliances, such as washing machines, refrigerators, microwave ovens and

| 34 | Manufacturing-Journal Księga1.indb 36


FULL NAME: Electrical Components International Sp. z o.o. MANAGING DIRECTOR: Carlo Alberto Caglieri PLANT MANAGER: Krzysztof Skowroński OPERATIONS: Wire harnesses ESTABLISHED: 2002 EMPLOYEES: 800 TURNOVER: 120 MIL PLN

Electrical componentsElectrical Components International 2010-07-06 12:17:55

Electrical componentsElectrical Components International Księga1.indb 37

Manufacturing-Journal | 35 | 2010-07-06 12:17:57

ISO 16949 certificate, which is going to open the doors to the automotive industry. Although among the Customers there are top brand names, company assures that each and every Customer is treated as well with the same attention. Therefore it doesn’t matter whether the Client sells 1% or 60% of the produced goods. When it comes to the ratio of the Customers from the household appliances branch and the ones from the automotive branch, ECI strives to reach the 50:50 ratio. Entering the automotive market gives the company a boost to work harder, but also entails introducing some changes. The stock of machines will have to be adjusted to the specific requirements of the automotive branch, such as ultrasound welding, twisting of wires, or cutting of wires with automatic seal fitting. The modernization will enable the company to improve quality in the household appliances sector as well.

Never changing aspirations

The company’s top priority is to anticipate Customers’ needs. Electrical Components International strives to be perceived as a reliable business partner and a synonym for good quality. It also believes that development builds Customer trust, so ECI adopts a proactive attitude – it implements new technologies, invests in employees and sets new goals to increase production. The change of the owner brought a change in the company’s strategy in terms of operational and sales goals. Since 2008 ECI has been improving its production and quality results, as well as safety and environment protection standards. When it comes to quality, ECI succeeded

| 36 | Manufacturing-Journal Księga1.indb 38

in reducing the external PPM number from 84 in 2008 to 10 in 2010. As far as environment protection is concerned, ECI focuses on reducing harmful influence on the environment by complying with all rules and regulation, training its employees and raising their ecological awareness, or reducing the amount of waste and promoting its safe utilization. Moreover, the company supports the rational and efficient use of energy and water resources. Having in mind all those goals, ECI implemented Environmental Management System compliant with the EN ISO 14001: 2004 norm and received the ISO 14001 certificate. In the area of job safety, ECI managed to reduce the accidents figure from 28 in 2009 to 4 in 2009. All those positive results created a chance to develop even further and apply for ISO 16949 certificate, which is going to happen in June this year. Now, the overriding goal is to receive this certificate and broaden the spectrum of target branches and Customers. The global economic crisis had an impact on the company’s sales figure. However, the crisis may be perceived not only as an issue, but also as a chance. ECI is going to enter on new market sectors. In the nearest future ECI will develop the German market as supplier of harnesses and assembly for Tier 1 automotive Customers.

How to be an attractive employer?

As mentioned before, the company’s ultimate goal is to meet Customers’ demands and come up to all their expectations. However, ECI defines success not only as getting trust and satisfaction of the customer, but also as getting satis-

Electrical componentsElectrical Components International 2010-07-06 12:18:03

faction of the employer working for ECI. The company attaches particular significance to the safety of its employees, as well as their satisfaction from work and awareness of employment stability. Judging by the good results the company has been achieving for the last two years, the people working in the company are undoubtedly its biggest potential. Apart from the global economic crisis and unstable market, they have managed to achieve defined goals. As a result, the company strives to repay their devotion by creating good atmosphere at work and improving working conditions on a regular basis. For example, 620 ECI employees in Bielsko-Biała are offered an attractive remuneration system – they can be given both efficiency and quality bonuses. The company concentrates on promoting individual achievements. Therefore, it introduced the system of Kaizen philosophy, which aims at rewarding the most interesting and economically effective ideas of employees. Moreover, each staff member has a right to appoint a candidate in the competition for the ‘Employee of the Year’, in which the management takes into consideration candidates’ everyday professionalism, devotion to work and innovative methods. This year, for the first time, ECI is organizing an integration party, which is going to be an opportunity to meet colleagues’ families and relax doing some sport. The next strong point in the company is also internal communication – a news-sheet is published and information meetings with the authorities are held every quarter. Last year the company decided

to carry out a survey among the staff about job satisfaction so as to introduce a repair program. Moreover, since employees are the strategic potential, ECI invests in their professional development by offering staff training courses on manufacturing process optimization (Lean Management, Muda, SMED), on quality management (ISO TS16949 and ISO 14001 certification) and also on human resources management. What also contributes to good atmosphere at work is the willingness of the management to listen to employees’ problems and find solutions as well as the promotion of the team work culture and healthy competition. For the last two years ECI has been also cooperating with a foundation for disabled people – the plant which offers binding and printing services (Zakład Introligatorsko-Drukarski Stowarzyszenia Teatr Grodzki – Zakład Aktywności Zawodowej). Today, ECI employs 11 people from the foundation, but it is planning to raise their number to 40. Having been appreciated as an employer, ECI was nominated to the title „Employer of the Year 2008 in the Podbeskidzie region”. Among distinctions there is also the Business Centre Club recommendation from 2009.  Written by Anna Chudzik

Polish Manufacturer, High Quality! ISO TS 16949 CABLES and WIRES: Automotive Railway Domestic Appliances Earthing Power

Cu / CuSn single & multiwires Insulations: PVC, PE, PP, halogenfree, teflon, silicon Lines & Machines

Phone No. +48 12 631 10 70

Electrical componentsElectrical Components International Księga1.indb 39

Manufacturing-Journal | 37 | 2010-07-06 12:18:09


Expert in silo tankers 10 years were enough for Vincenzo Munzio to transform a simple Service for tank trucks into a successful business. His brilliant idea was turned into O.ME.P.S, an Italian company headquartered in Battipaglia (in the South of Italy) which became an important producer of all types of self supporting and tipping silotrailers and rigid silo tanks and for the transport of powders. Its large range of products is present in most of European countries and since 1999 the number of its clients has reached 2 thousands.

From a small busi-

ness to a worldwide trademark

O.ME.P.S. was founded by Vincenzo Munzio, its sole managing director, and initially functioned as a small Managing Director Service for tank Mr. Vincenzo Munzio trucks. When in 1999 he decided to start the construction of silo-trailers and tanks in light alloy suitable for the road haulage of bulk and powdered products the company underwent a real revolution. From a small local firm O.ME.P.S. became the

leading company in this sector of production in Italy and a well-known worldwide trademark. Today the company has its distributors in most European countries and its main clients are Rumania, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic.

2009 and Australian conquest

In 2009 O.ME.P.S. has entered Australian market thanks to the partnership with Tieman Industries, who actually has the sole distribution rights in Australia and New Zealand. The new partnership has posted a big challenge in the form of specific regional regulations and needs. In consequence special semi-trailers were produced and latterly supplied

on the Australian market. With this pass and thanks to ability to satisfy needs of clients operating in different parts of the world the company entered the scene of world’s silo-trailers and tanks producers.


FULL NAME: O.ME.P.S. SRL PRESIDENT: Mr. Vincenzo Munzio OPERATIONS: Silo trailer manufacturer ESTABLISHED: 1999 EMPLOYEES: 148 COUNTRY: Italy | 38 | Manufacturing-Journal Księga1.indb 40

Construction IndustryO.ME.P.S. 2010-07-06 12:18:13

Success made with a mother’s care

Every year the company produces about 350 silo vehicles. The company’s founder, Mr Munzio, describes production of every single vehicle as a process comparable to childbirth. Planning and construction of silo vehicle are controlled and studied with attention to minimal details and according to client’s needs - he says. O.ME.P.S. uses only raw materials of the highest quality and carries out careful controls at the end of respective stages of production. Mr Munzio underlines that in every case the quality of all raw materials is verified by technicians through mechanical and destructive tests. All staff members work in way to ensure reliability and safety of every silo vehicle produced. Thanks to their experience and dedication to the work all the products become unique pieces made with special care, what is a guarantee of clients’ satisfaction. According to the opinion of O.ME.P.S.’ general director this mix of factors is the key to his company’s success: it permits to gain confidence of customers who find themselves in front of the company they can count on and a partner they can trust.

the two components, quality and price, by supplying the best quality product at the best possible price – Mr Munzio illustrates the concept. The company’s founder also considers active involvement of personnel to be essential to ensure high quality products to the clients. According to this belief the company makes a point of involving personnel in the uninterrupted and structured

The quality-price relation balance

The strategy of O.ME.P.S. is focused on so-called quality-price balance. Its aim is to achieve the best relation between

Individual approach

process of quality improvement, which provides updating courses, informative seminars, and everything what can contribute to improvement and comprehension of quality concept. O.ME.P.S. pays close attention to use production methods always in conformity with the current safety regulations and to offer its clients products only with UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certification.

Technology - a bridge to the future

O.ME.P.S. is the first Italian company in posses of its own technical department able to apply revolutionary and innovative system of design managed entirely by itself. The department is equipped with the software for 3D model-making and the structural calculation. New programs have reduced significantly the time of planning and design and have permitted to decrease the number of

Construction IndustryO.ME.P.S. Księga1.indb 41

possible design errors. The implementation of new systems was an excellent choice also from an economic point of view. Thanks to new programs it is possible to evaluate almost in real time the volume of the tank and using a sophisticated software for structural calculations permits members of the department staff to simulate the loading conditions on pressure vessels provided by the European directive and vehicles’ behaviour in curve and braking. The result is a safer and more reliable vehicle able to satisfy every particular need of the customer.

Since the beginning of its activity the policy adopted by the company is concentrated on satisfying individual client’s needs. O.ME.P.S. attempts to respond even to the most particular customers expectations. The company’s factory in Battipaglia produces a wide range of vehicles for bulk material transportation in way to satisfy the demand of all the customers even those who work in such a special field as the transport of dangerous materials (ADR)., Moreover the company is specialized in the equipment of the vehicles with air compressed systems for the pneumatic discharge of the product. There is also a series of prototypes designed and constructed as a response to the international market needs. Every silo vehicle is build according to the customer’s previous specifications and in conformity with the norms valid in different countries. This aspect is considered by Vincenzo Munzio a principal reason which has guaranteed the company’s success.

Manufacturing-Journal | 39 | 2010-07-06 12:18:18

High standard production process

Manufacturing process begins from the customer’s specifications and the creation of the CAD 3D-model of the vehicle. Then the technical department proceeds with the FEM analysis of the model in way to reveal the more stressed zones of the structure beforehand and to strengthen them with the purpose of avoiding eventual deformations of the vessel. Tankers in particular have to be tested under pressure and the company uses a special software programme (the same used to test aircraft cabin pressure) to ensure that its tankers meet the relevant standards. The 3D-model analysis allows O.ME.P.S. to reduce the problems of assembly and elaborate the sheet component in way to proceed with CNC machine cutting. Every part of the sheet

supporting elements helps to improve aerodynamic performance. The result is significantly reduced fuel consumption. Another vitally important factor in the cost-conscious transport sector is the use of the drilled discharging cone and special aeration canvases which guarantees a better fluidification and reduction of unloading time.

Towards the world of science and innovation

and chassis is cut with a plasma system. Well-thought use of the new generation welding rods for gross welding works and skilled welders for finish elements lessens the risk of cracks. Each step of production work ends with a followup inspection. The result is an efficient, solid and durable vehicle that boasts extremely low maintenance costs over its lifetime.

Technological progress is one of the company’s most important fields of interest. Vincenzo Munzio explains that his company is characterised by the great engagement on innovation level, research and know-how in planning to be always ready for competing and meeting new markets requests. In fact,

Clients’ satisfaction in the first place

One of the most important aspects of the company’s strategy is its policy focused on clients. O.ME.P.S’ founder describes it in this way: to satisfy every minimal need of the buyer, to advise and assist the client with dedication and experience also after come-out of the finished product. To render this continuous assistance to its customers Munzio’s company has opened nine services always ready to assist in case of any problem. The company also took care of customers future expenses and has guaranteed low costs of exploration. Using a special light alloys reduce the tare and increase the payload and design of the self-

| 40 | Manufacturing-Journal Księga1.indb 42

during the last years the company has made important investments in the sector of innovations what has permitted to benefit uninterrupted technological updating. One of the examples of the lately introduced innovations of the company is the employment of last generation sophisticated software for modelling, planning and testing, investments in

automation device for computerized management of some production cycles like plasma cutting or numerical control. O.ME.P.S. is engaged in research and development activities. It collaborates closely with various universities and technical research organisations. The aim of this practise is the exploration of new fields of application of its products and creation of new software programs to achieve as a result improved process of computer-aided design.

In search of a new perspective

Nowadays, at the beginning of 2010 O.ME.P.S. has decided to search for fresh perspectives. Mr Munzio explains the choice by the fact that European market is now too saturated. There are already 2 millions of silo trailers on the European roads. – he says. That is the reason why the company’s new strategy predicts a penetration of extra-European markets. O.ME.P.S. is interested in further expansion on the Asian, South American, and African markets with its innovative high technology products. One of the examples of its extra-European promotion was recent participation in International Truck, Trailer and Equipment Show 2010 in Melbourne Australia. From the 18th to the 20th of March 2010 potential customers could visit an official O.ME.P.S.’ stand represented by ‘Tieman Industries’ and see the latest news of its products. Written by Kinga Nykiel

Construction IndustryO.ME.P.S. 2010-07-06 12:18:23


High standard holidays in the search of unknown


very year millions of Europeans face a difficult choice: how to spend their vacation? There are many possibilities. A large number of hotels, guesthouses and campings offers a relaxing and enjoyable stay according to even the most particular expectations of their clients. But there is always an old dream which comes back to many: take a camper and just drive ahead like in an American movie they have seen thousands of times. Unfortunately most of people are usually too lazy and too afraid of every small discomfort to realize this dream which they indispensable associate with a feeling of freedom but also with Spartan conditions. And here, for every such a person, comes Laika- a revolutionary line of top class campers. If you are not convinced a company’s founder says: try to get in some Laika. You will see and feel the difference. In Italy our claim is Laika: the world apart.

A little bit of history

The Laika Caravans S.p.A company was established in 1964 by Giovambattista Moscardini and is located in the heart of the Chianti region. The period of its establishment was rich in watersheds in the field of space discovering and Giovambattista Moscardini’s fascination to these adventures has influenced the choice of the company’s name. It was called with the name of the first dog launched into space and is represented by the image of the red greyhound with wings. This has to symbolize the company’s search of new directions in development of modern technologies. The same year Laika produced the first caravan model, the little “500”, so small in size that it could be towed by a fiat 500 and in 1977 it produced the first motorhome. Today the production of vehicles reaches about 1.500 every year and the company employs 200 people.

To the European markets

Laika has started its activity in Italy and with time became a well-known trademark also out of the Italian borders. It has already been presented on the international market for more than 25 years. Today its main markets except Italy are also France and Germany. The Laika’s dealers are present in almost all European countries and as the company’s founder underlines they work seriously towards their clients promoting the Laika’s trademark.

A large range of high standard products

Mr Moscardini’s company is specialized in the field of top class low-profile vehicles with drop-down beds and offers 12 different models available in two different ranges in this particular typology. However, Laika is still an important producer of coachbuilts and integral campers characterized with the automobile style and two doors in cabin. The company guarantees that through a Laika


FULL NAME: LAIKA CARAVANS S.p.A. PRESIDENT/GENERAL MANAGER: Jan de Haas OPERATIONS: Motorhomes ESTABLISHED: 1964 EMPLOYEES: 200 TURNOVER: 55 mln Euro Consumer Goods IndustryLaika Księga1.indb 43

Manufacturing-Journal | 41 | 2010-07-06 12:18:25

Mission: innovation

The company has always paid great attention to innovation and the evolution of the market. This has created its image of the firm which doesn’t stop when the success is already achieved but looks forward to the future development and in searching of new solutions sees a key to the further growth. The effect of Laika’s technological innovation policy is for example the latest introduction of numerical control machines for the production process and new software for more sophisticated planning.

A self-sufficient producer

Ecovip, Kreos, X or a Laika Rexosline, customers will look at the world with different eyes. They will not only see landscapes and panoramas but will also feel deep emotions and will keep their feelings as unforgettable milestones of their family life.

Laika family

Every customer who decides to buy one of the Laika’s vehicles became a part of a big Laika family. The company has an excellent customer service that provides a professional assistance to every client. The buyers – Laika family members - can take advantage of an extensive European service network composed of updated, highly specialized, professional technicians ready to offer their advice at all times and authorized workshops with modern equipment. Every vehicle has a 24 month product warranty and a six year waterproofness warranty on the conversion. Furthermore during the acquisition the buyer receives a detailed warranty handbook and also instructions for use and maintenance complete with photos to facilitate reading and consultation. In case the vehicle needs a change of spare parts the spares are available for many years after the purchase. That is why to choose a Laika is a valuable choice in every meaning of this word.

| 42 | Manufacturing-Journal Księga1.indb 44

The entire Laika’s planning and production processes are totally internal. There is always a close collaboration between all providers and the Laika’s development and research department. The department’s staff is formed of experienced personnel and creative young people, what has proved to be the winning combination. The staff’s professional skills, experience and creativeness permits the company to meet market requirements and to anticipate new trends. Laika is a completely self-sufficient company. All components are constructed in its own plants starting from furniture, walls and floors and finishing with roofs. Such a solution permits to have under control both the assemblage and the single components production process what enable to the customers an acquisition of an excellent product.

Quality guaranteed

The quality is a major principle of Laika company. Its beautiful products with design characterized with strong identity are chosen by clients from a wide range of different trademark’s vehicles. Are exactly these clients who continue to choose Laika the reason for the company to be proud of. In fact there are buyers who have already bought their fifth successive Laika camper and this means more for the company than a lot of words. To guarantee a high quality of the products and enable this continuous success the company has introduced a very careful control process. The control system predicts first of all the controls of own work made by all workers. With regard to manufacturing process there are different controls during the entire cycle. All the raw materials supplied by the providers are controlled to verify

Consumer Goods IndustryLaika 2010-07-06 12:18:32

their resistance to mechanical stress and to the weather. Only if they meet the high quality requirements posted by the company and get the final acceptation the production process can start. Then there is another control every fourth position on the production line. At the end there are carried out two final tests: one directly at the end of the production process and another just before the shipment.

on the drop-down bed. Laika’s vehicles are provided as standard with everything necessary to assure a unique and comfortable holiday. However for those who have special needs the company gives a possibility to personalize the vehicle some more thanks to a broad range of Laika accessories. All this makes the Laika’s vehicles very comfortable and functional models. These products with real innovations and always in the forefront are one of the major reasons of the company’s success.

The conquest of Europe will continue

The company is sure of its great potential. Laika considers the next years as a challenge with strong development on the nascent markets and refinement on traditional markets such as Italy, France and Germany with a displacement towards low-profile and coachbuils and

Variety of facilities for maximum comfort

In the recent time the company has introduced a lot of new products and has made important technological advancements which have guaranteed major satisfaction of the buyers. One of Laika’s new patents is the water drainage system which eliminates the problem of the water remaining on the roof after the de-freezing of the snow. The company has invented also a high caulking system for attics called Double Shell System. This system creates a pe-

A-class vehicles. According to Laika General Manager the company is ready for these changes. The company is known as an italian trademark of high prestige, which works with seriousness and is considered a reliable partner - he saysThis recipe has always worked on every market we have placed. The company plans the expansion into new markets and has already started to prepare all the permissions required. The company has already showed in the past that is able to meet every special need of different customers and to adapt in a very short time to the new markets requirements. The Laika General Manager’s belief is that in five and even ten years Laika will be for sure one of the most important players among luxury class motorhomes’ producers in Europe.  Written by Kinga Nykiel

Consumer Goods IndustryLaika Księga1.indb 45

culiar air chamber that allows the air circulation between two shells which permits to protect the vehicle both from heat and cold. Laika has also provided its low-profile vehicles with drop-down beds developed in two versions: the Light Duty Version and the Heavy Duty Version. The bed’s floor/roof standing high of 185 cm leave enough space to use the kitchen and enter or leave the living zones with non difficulties when the bed is in use. Another advantage is the possibility to watch TV when lying

Manufacturing-Journal | 43 | 2010-07-06 12:18:35


They Built up Trust


or nearly 20 years of its existence, Karmar S.A. (Joint-Stock Company), Warsaw, has proven to have the know-how essential for the success in the building industry. In the right place and at the right time, the business gathered specialists experienced in construction, design, finance, legal matters and construction consulting. Initially, these people focused on construction works. Nowadays, they enjoy the status of a general contractor conducting many lucrative investments, including “turnkey” projects. Since 2007, the business has been operating in close alliance with their French shareholder, Bouyges Batiment International. Their achievements have been duly recognized by the influential “Forbes” and “Puls Biznesu” magazines.

International Potential

In 1991, when Karmar S.A. entered the Polish market, its founders set themselves one yet ambitious goal, namely to provide construction services in a professional and comprehensive manner. In doing so, they hit the spot immediately. Many leading market players had proved before them that quality and professionalism remained pivotal to lasting success. The transformation into a joint-stock company, which was completed in 1997, was its first clear manifestation. As the business soon started handling construction projects of a considerable size, it decided to stimulate further growth. Hence the company received a significant boost and, within a decade, drew the attention of global investors. What is more, it was the management of Bouyges Batiment International, the real worldwide construction leader, who turned their attention to Karmar and soon decided to take it over. The incorporation took place on 22nd June 2007, which went down in Karmar’s history and it did so for a reason. Thanks to this merger, the business gained access to cutting-edge technologies. Furthermore, the collaboration with their French partners enabled the business to embark upon the projects which, until then, had been beyond their financial capabilities. The fact that the support lent by Bouyges Batiment International had such a beneficial effect should not come as a surprise, however. The sheer volume of their main shareholder should suffice to illustrate this. Present on the markets in over 80 countries, Bouygues Construction is the world leader in construction industry, power

| 44 | Manufacturing-Journal Księga1.indb 46

industry and public works sector. The wide scope of Bouygues Construction’s activities includes preparing projects and their comprehensive performance as the general contractor. It provides jobs for over 53 thousand employees worldwide. Bouygues Construction forms part of the French Bouygues corporate group, operating also in telecommunications (Bouygues Telecom), media (TF1), roads (COLAS) and real estate (Bouygues Immobilier).



Construction IndustryKarmar 2010-07-06 12:18:38

StoLotusan Coatings - paint and render as the lotus plant leaf

Sto-ispo is a leading supplier of external thermal insulation systems, both conventional as well as rainscreen cladding. We manufacture paints, plaster, renders. Our products can be applied i.a. to restore beauty of old facades, to improve acoustics in rooms or to repair and protect concrete structures. Sto-ispo sp. z o.o. ul.Zabraniecka 15, 03-872 Warszawa tel. +48 22 5116100/102, fax +48 22 5116101,,

Construction IndustryKarmar Księga1.indb 47

Manufacturing-Journal | 45 | 2010-07-06 12:18:41

Independent Market Player

You would be in the wrong, however, thinking that Karmar S.A. is thriving thanks to the foreign capital only. The company has made its mark with more than 48 completed investment projects, 6 deals completed as a subcontractor, and over a dozen construction contracts in the course of completion, the majority of which are the long-term ones. So far it has built premises with the total area of more than 1 mln square meters and the total capacity of over 3.8 million cubic metres. Nearly two third of its projects Karmar carries out for housing industry, another one third is made up of public buildings such as commercial premises and office centres. At the initial stages of its activity the business focused on Warsaw and its vicinity. Nowadays it completes projects all around Poland, including Gdańsk, Zgorzelec, Leszno and Środa Wielkopolska, and keeps developing the chain of regional branches, the first of which came into being in Wrocław, Lower Silesia, in 2007. In 2003, its annual revenue did not even reach

the amount of 50 million PLN while nowadays it tops the figure of 330 million. The turnover the business boasts has been made possible by their employees’ dedication and professionalism. This would not be achieved either if it was not for the trust placed in the brand by the customers, who, once provided with reliable service, turn back to Karmar whenever they start subsequent investments. The proper back-up facilities has proven equally vital for this success. Due to the scope of the business and the consequent demand for reinforced prefabricated units, in 2007, the company launched the reinforcement plant equipped in modern technology devices for high quality fabrication of these components. The plant’s production capacity exceeds 2000 tons of finished products per month, mainly for Karmar and other companies. The experienced employees working there guarantee the high standard of reinforced units and efficient cooperation with customers.

Public Procurement Contracts

The successful market player as it is, Karmar allows itself no room for complacency. As its management keeps looking to their laurels, in 2008, they decided to expand its previous activities in the field of building industry by infrastructure investment projects such as construction of roads, bridges and railway viaducts. The company has already proven to carry out such tasks properly and on time, largely due to its experienced personnel, reliable business partners and specialist market knowledge. Since the beginning of 2009, the company has

| 46 | Manufacturing-Journal Księga1.indb 48

closely collaborated with DTP Terrassement, which belongs, just like Karmar, to the Bouygues corporate group. As regards the earthworks, this business is second to none in the French market. Moreover, Terrassement boasts an impressive experience indeed in the construction of highways, airport runways, high-speed rail lines. Additionally, it successfully completes such projects as the construction of ski slopes, artificial sea islands, quarry exploration, building of dams and flood banks. DTP Terrassement has references and resources which allow it to successfully tender for the public procurement contracts. Thus, their close ally, Karmar, has been given a green light to take part in the investments commissioned by Generalna Dyrekcja Dróg Krajowych i Autostrad (the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways). A subcontractor to DTP Terrassement, Karmar provides experience, back-up facilities and professional personnel. The reliability of theirs together with a huge capacity of their French partners proves a winning combination so indispensable for efficient completion of all the construction projects, those for public sector investors in particular.

Cutting Edge Technology

At Karmar, the utmost importance is attached to quality. A key to being successful and competitive, the top notch service standards are consequently strived after by the management. It is done so for a reason as the business has to fulfil the growing expectations of the customers and shareholders as well as to comply with increasingly restrictive legal standards. These are met more than satisfactorily because Karmar has the know-how necessary to recognise the changes in market demand. To be on top of construction technology and building materials, the company carries out all the relevant surveys. It also applies modern technology solutions, which in turn ensure high standard workmanship and the timely completion of the projects. In order to avoid unnecessary problems with unreliable business partners, the company has worked out an internal procedure for classification of suppliers and subcontractors. The standards of quality implemented there comply with the requirements of the Quality Management System, further confirmed by the ISO 9001: 2000 certificate. Karmar is planning to obtain new quality certifi-

Construction IndustryKarmar 2010-07-06 12:18:45

and profits. This year, KARMAR has been rated at the 17th position in Mazovia in the category of companies with revenue of over PLN 250 million. The business has overtaken many prominent companies in the region, including: Budimex Dromex, Dom Development, TVN and J.W. Construction.. As regards other titles awarded to Karmar, the following should be mentioned: honours granted by the “Gazeta Prawna” and BRE Bank and a Przejrzysta Firma 2009 (Transparent Business 2009) award. cates this year, such as ISO 14001 for environmental awareness and OHSAS for health and safety issues. Karmar’s policy is largely inspired by the Total Quality Management philosophy. Thus, the company can complete the projects in a more flexible and effective manner, as well as to undertake enterprises which it has not been able to embark upon before. The policy that Karmar strives to implement is all about being sustainable, which means building win-win relations with their partners and thus safeguarding the company’s strategic interests as well as those of their clients and subcontractors. This also means taking steps beneficial for local communities and the environment, too. No wonder, therefore, that its portfolio includes investments carried out for: Dom Development, Pirelli Pekao Real Estate, MRE Metro Real Estate, Ronson Development, BPH Real Estate, TK Development, ECO Classic, Catalina, Kredyt Bank, MPRO, Sjaelso Poland and many others.

Core Values

Last but not least, a few words on the values which Karmar has stuck to for nearly 20 years of its existence. First and foremost, the customers. Their requirements must be always satisfied. Secondly, innovation and technology. These are crucial to achieve affordably priced quality. Thirdly, the employees. In order to realise their full potential, the business expands their knowledge, develops their professional skills and enables them to climb up the career ladder. Fourtlhy, trustworthiness and respect for the environment. Finally, new blood and fresh ideas. Young people are the future of the company. Karmar would certainly make no headway without their contribution.  Written by Bartosz Sowiński

Collected Trophies

Karmar has gained due recognition of the industry and the influential press as well. Since 2005, the “Puls Biznesu” daily has awarded them a title of Gazela Biznesu (Business Gazelle) every year. To be short-listed for the award, a given business has to be reliable and dynamic. It also has to generate an increase in turnover in three succeeding years. The very presence on this list proves already that the company is thriving; that is to say, enjoys an excellent reputation among its clients and does not keep the Treasury in the dark about its financial matters. However, it is a prestigious Forbes Diamond Award by “Forbes” monthly in 2008 and 2010 that make the icing on the cake for Karmar. This ranking takes into account financial results and assets, as well as an ability to expand sales

Construction IndustryKarmar Księga1.indb 49

Manufacturing-Journal | 47 | 2010-07-06 12:18:50


Achieving success in a responsible way


BUD Sp z o.o. (Lifting Devices Construction Plant Ltd.) since its founding in Dąbrowa Tarnowska in 1985 has an everlasting story of success. In 1990 the company has introduced hoists and hand winches, which, thanks to high quality and fair price, allowed the company to dynamically develop. The main consequence of obtaining an excellent reputation was broadening the company’s assortment by introducing jib cranes, overhead cranes and electric winches. In 2005 the company reached even higher level of offered services: ZBUD Ltd. accepted first orders to produce lifting devices for partners acting in the offshore sector. Nowadays ZBUD Ltd. is a renowned, recognizable expert producer of lifting devices. Offshore sector wares and wire rope hoists are a pearl in the crown of constantly extending company’s assortment. Dynamically developing ZBUD Ltd. has high hopes about its latest product: wire rope host Series THETA. Among the recipients of company’s products we can find companies representing different sectors, ranging from mining, the energy, to the shipbuilding industry.

Business values

ZBUD Ltd. is bestowed with an enormous trust by its customers thanks to the consequent compliance with rules, by which the company is guided, both in the sphere of production, and cooperation with customers. Except the obvious standard that consists of high quality of manufactured products, punctuality of contract delivery, honest price, full commitment, openness and flexibility to customer needs, the company gives much more of itself: ZBUD Ltd. approaches to each client individually to precisely match the provided equipment to his individual requirements. ZBUD Ltd. builds its success on clearly defined pillars. The company employs three hundred carefully selected employees, ensures their development through extra trainings in Poland and abroad, and carries out a specialist school inside the company, thanks to which the energy and creativity of younger employees is supported by deep knowledge of employees with greater and wider working experience. In addition, the company guarantees the access to the newest technologies,

| 48 | Manufacturing-Journal Księga1.indb 50

which fulfills the image of highly skilled, professional staff of employees, perfectly prepared to carry out their duties, concentrated on self – development and developing key abilities, necessary to work effectively. There is a great atmosphere in the company: ZBUD Ltd. puts the emphasis on cooperation between the employees and help from more experienced workers. In addition, modern machinery, excellent managerial capabilities, financial independence and the ability to flexibly and efficiently adapt to changing market requirements: all these factors make it possible to progressively broaden product and service offerings and expansion of the company, which guarantees the maintenance of a domi-


FULL NAME: Zakład Budowy Urządzeń Dźwignicowych „ZBUD” Sp. z o.o. PRESIDENT: mgr inż. Ryszard Jędraszek OPERATIONS: Machinery and equipment ESTABLISHED: 1985 EMPLOYEES: 300 TURNOVER: 54 mln PLN

Construction IndustryZBUD 2010-07-06 12:18:57

nant market position and gain competitive advantage.

New perspectives

Thanks to the Polish accession to the EU, ZBUD Ltd. opened up new prospects for development, but, at the same time, the requirements of Polish customer about the quality of offered products have greatly increased. However, the company has adapted well to new conditions by using new innovative technologies, implementing modern technologically products and broadening the scope of services. Thanks to these treatments and appropriate investment in order to acquire specialized equipment and references (ZBUD Ltd. is an owner of many certificates, among them is the Quality Management System certificate PN-EN ISO 9001:2009, the Quality Management System in Welding certificate PNEN ISO 3834-2:2007, certificates of such important Classification Societies as WUG, PRS, LLOYD REGISTER, DNV, ABV, BV, RS, and last but not least, certificate confirming an entry in the “Region of Tarnów Book of Prizes and Distinctions”, that has been granted to the company for the first time in 2003 by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Tarnów), the company is fully competitive against Western competitors, around 50 % of income is generated by orders from foreign customers, and company’s strategic plans of business development include further expansion on the European, Eastern and Scandinavian markets, as well as constant development of distributors’ network abroad.

Strong brand

Products manufactured by ZBUD Ltd. are, both in Poland and abroad, invariably associated with high quality, perfect delivery timing, and above all reliability. “A satisfied customer is by far the best advertisement of the company” – says Ryszard Jędraszek, CEO of ZBUD Ltd.

High standards

It would be impossible not to mention about two, extremely important in these days, aspects of the company’s activity: promotion of “green manufacturing” and Corporate Social Responsibility. Both those aspects are fully realized in the company, which puts great empha-

Construction IndustryZBUD Księga1.indb 51

Manufacturing-Journal | 49 | 2010-07-06 12:19:01

sis on reducing the pollution, selective recycling of wastes, using materials and technologies safe to the natural environment, but also promoting sound policies through the introduction of green products on the market, completely adapted to the very strict European standards on environmental protection. One of the company’s mottos is “Clear water for our children”. ZBUD Ltd. wishes to become nature’s spokesman and supporter – the company produces equipment, which have direct connection with clean water: waste – water treatment plant devices. In addition, the company for many years supports charity organizations and local initiatives, connected as well with supporting local government. Company’s representatives, and CEO Jędraszek in person, support financially and organizationally many events important for the local community. ZBUD Ltd. promotes not only development of business instinct among young people, but also Christian values, vital for transparent and responsible business activities. The main proof

of such company’s interest is deep and personal commitment of CEO Jędraszek into 2nd Regional Contest dedicated to the teachings of John Paul the II under the motto “Be Great”, organized in 2009 for the pupils of elementary school, junior high school, high school and adults in Dąbrowa Tarnowska and other cities of the region. The idea of the 2nd edition of the contest, which proceeded under the slogan “Homeland in the teachings of John Paul the II” was to aware about the role of Homeland and patriotism in man’s life and approximation of John Paul the II himself. It is worth to mention, that ZBUD Ltd. has actively supported also the 1st edition of the contest in 2008. Except supporting vital to the local community of Dąbrowa Tarnowska events and contests, ZBUD Ltd. deeply commits into promotion of the healthy lifestyle, by co – financing events and sports organizations by renting sports halls, organizing football tournaments, picnics for employees and local media, such as “Nowy Kurier Dąbrowski”, “Głos Lisiej Góry” etc.


The company’s successes have been appropriately appreciated: ZBUD Ltd. is annually awarded with prestigious and valuable prizes and awards, such as Business Gazelle in 2008 (the company has not recorded loss in the years 2005 – 2007, recorded only sales growth during the same period of time and enjoys excellent reputation), “Transparent Company Certificate” (for transparent and honest financial statements published every year in Monitor Polski B), and “Diamonds of the Forbes Magazine” (ranking of Polish companies quickest increasing their values during the last three years, prepared in cooperation with the leading provider of global business information, Dan&Bradstreet), but the most important and pleasant prize for the company will always be a satisfied customer.


The activity of ZBUD Ltd. is an excellent example that Polish products and services do not stand out Western quality standards, but even leave them behind. The company is a strong advocate of the idea of consolidating the European market and international cooperation of the European companies (among the strategic partners of ZBUD Ltd. we can find such powerful organizations, as POLIMEX MOSTOSTAL SA, STALPRODUKT SA, RAFAKO SA, K.G.H.M. Polska Miedź, Trade Trans Sp. z o.o., Aker Solutions AS, TTS ), , Nationall Oilowell Varco, Aker Solutions AS, TTS), because only in the highest quality of offered products and professional customer service, the company sees a chance to effectively compete with the goods flowing from the Far East.  Written by Jacek Głowacki

| 50 | Manufacturing-Journal Księga1.indb 52

Construction IndustryZBUD 2010-07-06 12:19:04


Multi-generational tradition, innovative approach


honi Alutec is a producer of light alloy castings in sand and gravity die. Experience gathered over decades combined with continuous expansion of the product range as well as highly skilled staff have made the company one of the most competent jobbing foundries worldwide.

Diversification of the activity range gives the customers of the enterprise a complete supply chain related to light alloy castings. The customers are individually supplied with castings according to various international standards and thus receiving a complete solution tailored to their requirements. The integration of all processes in-house, provides shortest delivery times and a very high level of quality.

Family business, innovative approach

Thoni Alutec is a family-run business. The ins and outs of founding are maintained and improved generation after generation. The scale of the company’s


growth is visible when one refers to its personnel figures. In the first year of business activity the enterprise employed no more than 25 people. Owing to hard work, commitment and teamwork, Thoni Alutec managed to become a key market player with more than 500 employees. At the current moment, the company is one of the largest jobbing foundries for aluminium castings worldwide. The success of the company is connected with its innovative attitude towards doing business. The company believes that investing into new technologies as well as continuous development of the product offer allow to keep up with market transitions and meet the requirements of the customers. Thoni Alutec is then a company combining a multi-generational tradition with stateof-the-art technology solutions.

Customer orientation

FULL NAME: Thoni Alutec Sp. z o.o. OPERATIONS: Aluminium Industry ESTABLISHED: 1998 EMPLOYEES: 550

Incessant development of technological solutions as well as upgrading of the already possessed ones are a significant characteristic of the producer. The company is aware that in order to face the challenges of the ever more competitive market it has to be one step ahead of other market players. In order to compete on the international market, the enterprise decided to establish its own department of CNC machining and to purchase one of the most modern and technologically advanced CNC machine tools. This facility has constantly been growing and up to now the company can rely on 10 CNC machining centers and 4 CNC lathes to machine the aluminium castings. The most important advantage of this step has been the possibility to deliver the clients the final product. Thanks to this solution, the customer cooperates with one supplier solely, what shortens the delivery time

Aluminium IndustryThoni Alutec Księga1.indb 53

Manufacturing-Journal | 51 | 2010-07-06 12:19:05

and minimizes its costs. Furthermore, what distinguishes Thoni Alutec from other foundries is unique attention paid to customer relations. They are based on partnership rules and belief that top quality is in the centre of client’s interest. The producer does castings according to individual requirements, yet keeps them in line with international standards. Another virtue of the enterprise is short delivery time. European custom-

the customers demand. Looking at the company’s range of products an expert can easily judge its achievements on the aluminium foundry market. Customers from different industries worldwide perceive Thoni Alutec as a reliable and high performing partner. Faraway customers in the United States, China or India are the best evidence for the high standard of the producer’s work and confidence in its manufactures. Currently there are

| 52 | Manufacturing-Journal Księga1.indb 54

ers are served either with producer’s own trucks or local transport companies which have been serving Thoni Alutec as loyal and reliable partners for years. Customers out of Europe are receiving their goods by ship.

Starting from casting design, pattern shop, foundry, machine shop to as-

sembly, Thoni Alutec supplies light alloy castings up to 10 tonnes in weight and more than 30 feet in length. Nevertheless, the heart of Thoni Alutec has always been aluminium foundry. It was the foundation of the business and looks back over decades of experience and tradition. Combined with the latest equipment in foundry technology and determined employees the company challenges any requirements

nearly 1000 sets of tooling in the company’s stores. Having the large variety, Thoni Alutec can meet each customer’s demands individually. The enterprise supplies mainly to the following industries: medical, robotic, energy, railway, mechanical engineering, combustion engines. However, the producer is constantly engaged in creating new applications for light alloy castings. It opens up new, interesting business possibilities

for the nearest future. At the current moment, Thoni Alutec offers two casting methods. They are based on sand casting and gravity die casting process. The former offers highest flexibility and low tooling cost. It is used to produce casting weighing up to 10 tonnes and covering a length of over 30 feet. The gravity die casting process is used to produce high quantities and gives also higher strength. Nevertheless, this method


Aluminium IndustryThoni Alutec 2010-07-06 12:19:11

has its limits and currently Thoni Alutec can produce maximum casting weights of 90 kg. Heavier parts also can be produced but this is very much depending on their shape.

Quality focus

Aluminium castings of high requirements have to go through stringent tests. Thoni Alutec offers its customers a vast variety of state-of-the-art test equipment to monitor all processes and to evaluate the soundness of the castings. It starts with the incoming inspection of raw materials and can end with testing machined castings for integrity. The foundry is equipped with a complete metallurgical laboratory to determine the chemical and mechanical characteristics of each melt and to analyze the metallurgic condition of the molten metal before pouring. The light alloy castings of Thoni Alutec can be also x-rayed in 2 CNC controlled chambers, which dimensions make it one of largest x-ray facilities of its kind in Europe. In order to define whether a casting is sound and tight the company can also perform a pressure and tightness test in 2 vacuum chambers. These machines give an indication on the leak rate of each individual casting. All the procedures are conducted by skilled and certified staff, which is authorized to issue certificates according to international standards. To be able to perform all these procedures Thoni Alutec has had its processes, equipment and staff certified in various fields. The process of incessant quality development also is connected with audits conducted by both the customers as well as a number of independent organizations. The quality focus has been confirmed by a number of certificates:

IRIS, ISO 9001:2008 DB, EN 19001 as well as many others specific to the industry the company represents. Shortly the producer is to receive certifications in line with AS/EN 9100, NADCAP, which are prerequisites to start cooperation with the most demanding sectors of the market, e.g. the airline industry. In fact, the quality concern is so important that the company wants to be associated with this virtue. Thoni Alutec shall also stand for perfect organization and quick delivery of ordered manufactures.

Success through the people

The company believes that the employees contribute to the success of Thoni Alutec. They are then perceived as the enterprise’s driving force, which enables accomplishment of appointed goals. The company identifies its future potential with its employees, thanks to whom it is possible to achieve the priorities. In order to guarantee high competency of the staff, the enterprise invests into their qualifications. The employees are encouraged to take up to new trainings and develop their skills. It is namely their knowledge and creativity that will decide about the future of the company and its market position. Despite the scale of employment, the company does its best to individualize relations with each of the employee. Their expectations and ideas are very important and are always taken into consideration. The company is characterized by teamwork, which gives every employee the feeling of affinity. What is more, the enterprise guarantees its personnel employment stability, which has become of crucial value especially during the recent market turbulences.

Aluminium IndustryThoni Alutec Księga1.indb 55

Environment and local community

Thoni Alutec undertakes numerous actions to prevent or limit any emissions to the environment. They concern among others ground water protection. In this respect the undertakings come down to industrial and sanitary wastewater or any surface rain water from the whole site collected in a drainage system and fed to the local sewage plant for treatment. Thoni Alutec also has installed a vast number of air filtration systems to retain any impurities from extracted air and can boast of efficiency of up to 99,9%. Lots of effort was put into research and trials to find the right way to reduce noise levels in different areas inside and outside the plant. In the end, acoustic panels and cabins were used to stop the noise from spreading and accumulating. Last but not least, recycling is a philosophy at Thoni Alutec. The company practices it wherever possible around the plant. The current level of recycling moulding sand is as high as 98,9%. Another aspect of Corporate Social Responsibility that Thoni Alutec is quite active at is involvement in the life of the local community. As majority of the company’s employees are fans of football, the enterprise supports financially local junior football teams: Stalówka 98 and KS Strażak Przyszów. For around a year, Thoni Alutec has had also its own amateur football team. The company provides it with technical back-up and cheers it in the course of the games. During trainings of the team, production workers have an opportunity to meet with representatives of the management. So far no one has been hurt in these clashes, what confirms the friendly atmosphere of the company.  Written by Aleksandra Strojek

Manufacturing-Journal | 53 | 2010-07-06 12:19:13


Resolute Growth


ust as life provides each of us with different challenges, the business environment creates unique challenges and opportunities for companies. TMK is the perfect example of a company that capitalizes and thrives on challenges. In just a few short years, its ability to capture opportunities and rapid global growth have allowed it to become one of the world’s top three market leaders in its industry.

Looking back on a short past and long


TMK’s history doesn’t really go too far back. Following TMK’s creation in 2001, several important events refined its strategic course and shaped its future. At first, the Company was Russia-based and included the Volzhsky, Seversky, Sinarsky, and Tagmet pipe mills. Later on, two mills were purchased in Europe, the TMK-Artrom and TMK-Resita operations in Romania. To support TMK’s strategy to further expand on the global pipe market, a series of representative offices were opened including TMK-Kazakhstan, TMK Europe, TMK North America and TMK Middle East and trade offices were later setup in China and Azerbaijan. The 2007-2009 period saw many changes

as TMK created its TMK Oilfield Services and R&D divisions with the acquisition of Truboplast, Central Pipe Yard, Pipe Maintenance Department, Orsky Machine Building Plant, and RosNITI, Russia’s sole pipe industry research institute. Another highlight of this period was the successful listing of TMK shares in late 2006. Investors received access to TMK shares through the Company’s initial public offering on the London Stock Exchange and Russian Trading System (RTS) stock exchange. To focus on the development of specialized pipe segments, TMK-Premium Service was created to develop,


FULL NAME: OAO TMK CHAIRMAN OF TMK’S BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Dmitriy Pumpyanckiy OPERATIONS: Pipe products, oil and gas services ESTABLISHED: 2001 EMPLOYEES: 45,000 PRODUCTION: 2.8 mln tonnes of pipes in 2009 | 54 | Manufacturing-Journal Księga1.indb 56

Steel IndustryTMK Group 2010-07-06 12:19:25

produce, and sell premium threaded connections to oil and gas companies, as well as to provide them with specialized pipe running assistance and related well services. In 2008, the company crossed the Atlantic and acquired ten assets spread out across seven U.S. states. These assets became the foundation of the TMK IPSCO division and provided TMK with a solid footing on the North American steel pipe market, the world’s largest oil and gas pipe market. In 2010, TMK created TMK-INOX, a specialized subsidiary overseeing the production and distribution of corrosion-resistant pipes. TMK’s short past clearly highlights the rapidity with which the Company redefined itself, from local champion to global leader, in a matter of a few years. According to production volumes, TMK ranked first in the world in 2009 with close to 2.8 million tonnes of pipe produced in the year. This accomplishment is not surprising when considering that TMK now possesses some of the world’s largest capacities for both seamless and welded pipes coupled with leading production technologies. TMK continues to further enhance its oil and gas industry focus, through the implementation

of additional production and technical upgrades and the broadening of its products and services portfolio. TMK thanks to its leading-edge steelmaking and pipe rolling facilities, ability to supply customers and end-users with high-performance pipe products, range of services, and the support of its skilled workforce.

Successful strategic initiatives

One of the main goals of TMK’s strategy has been to increase its market share across key segments and markets. Today, the Company’s main markets are Russia and the CIS, the Middle East, North Africa, South-East Asia and the United States. Although TMK products are already supplied and used in 65 countries, the Company continues its efforts to increase its presence in new regions and expand its geographical footprint. Over the last few years, TMK has been implementing its Strategic Investment Programme, which is probably one of the industry’s most ambitious given the scale and scope of modernizing. Drawn up in collaboration with the industry’s leading institutions and customers, the programme is designed

Steel IndustryTMK Group Księga1.indb 57

to increase production volumes and improve product quality, while expanding and optimizing TMK’s product mix. The steelmaking equipment was upgraded to produce steels of new quality and grades for the manufacturing of billets, used as feedstock for seamless pipe rolling operations, which have also undergone extensive upgrading. Some of the key strategic projects were the commissioning of a Premium Quality Finishing (PQF) mill at Tagmet and the launch of a longitudinal welded large-diameter facility, including outer and inner anticorrosion coating capabilities at the Volzhsky mill. The successful combination of the modernization work carried out organically and a series of strategic acquisitions have enabled TMK to become a truly global company, undisputed leader in the Russian pipe market and one of the top three pipe producers in the world. Customer service has also been a vital part of the Company’s success. TMK’s customers are moving their operations to more demanding locations and facing increasingly complex challenges. TMK has been following them in this direction and developing new products allowing them to answer these new environmental and operational challenges. Another important aspect of the Company’s development has been the expansion of the range of services offered. TMK now offers an extensive range of services, from finishing operations such as heat treatment, coating and threading to field support and assistance in downhole operations. TMK works shoulder to shoulder with its customers to develop new types of products and provide effective solutions to their operational challenges. The modernization of production processes carried out within the scope of the Company’s Strategic Investment Programme brought TMK to a new level of product quality and competitiveness and allowed it to secure its place as a global player. TMK is the only manufacturer of pipes with premium threads in Russia and a leading player in the US premium connections market. The production capacity for premium products was considerably enhanced; TMK premium products are able to meet the oil and gas sector’s most demanding operational requirements. ULTRA premium threads at ТМК IPSCO became the connection of choice for gas shale developments in the United States, the world’s largest oil and gas pipe market. Leading-edge production facilities and a wide range of

Manufacturing-Journal | 55 | 2010-07-06 12:19:29

ditions of dynamically expanding production. Environmental Management System conforming to ISO 14001-2004 has been introduced and is functioning successfully at all TMK plants. The Environmental Management System ensures the constant improvement of environmental protection management activity. TMK is ready for new challenges thanks to its leading-edge steelmaking and pipe rolling facilities, ability to supply customers and end-users with high-performance pipe products, range of services, and the support of its skilled workforce.  Written by Kateryna Ferdyn services are not the only contributors to the Company’s success. None of the recent achievements would have been possible without the workers, which management views as a strategic asset. TMK is highly appreciative of the professional contribution of its employees to the Company’s development and recognizes that the successful implementation of its plans and projects directly depend on the workers’ skills, reliability, and willingness to work efficiently.

Environmental commitment

TMK recognizes its social duty to protect the environment in the regions of its presence and implements a balanced, transparent environmental policy. Environmental safety is an integral part of the Company’s activity and remains a top priority at TMK as it constantly seeks to minimize the environmental impact of operations when implementing investment projects. The commissioning of the arc furnace at Seversky was recognized as “The Best Environmental Project of 2008” in Russia. TMK was also recognized in the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources’ Ecological Efficiency of the Economy programme, confirming the Company’s commitment to the environment. The goal of the environmental policy is to conduct stable, responsible, competitive business, while ensuring environmental protection under con-

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Steel IndustryTMK Group 2010-07-06 12:19:35


International connections, modern management


ELOS-PLP is the largest Polish producer of fittings for high voltage, medium voltage and low voltage overhead power lines. The enterprise has been present in the power energy branch for over sixty years. Since the very beginning of its business activity, it has established close technical partnership with leading design companies and institutes. Because of this partnership, products of BELOS-PLP not only fulfill all required standards and norms, but also are in line with the latest high-tech solutions.

Post-war beginnings…

The history of the company dates back to post-war years and is indissolubly connected with the development of electrical power engineering in Poland. Already in 1947, the company started to manufacture fittings for a high voltage overhead power line constructed on the route Łódź-Silesia. Three years later, in 1950, the works became state-owned and its production volume supplied the national market. In 1953, it was decided that the enterprise should evolve. Production profile was extended by devices supplying electrostatic precipitators as well as control and distributive cabinets. In 1969, a galvanizing house was established.

kets through international operations in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, England, Indonesia, Malesia, Mexico, New Zeland, South Africa, Spain, and Thailand. After three years of cooperation, the decision of strategic alliance turned out to be an appropriate one. Entering the Group offered BELOS-PLP new development possibilities. It concerns not only the product offer (extended by new product groups), but first and foremost the markets of business activity (cooperation with international branches, knowhow and experience exchange). What is more, PLP is a very friendly owner. The enterprise cares about long-term development of BELOS-PLP and its employ-

FACT BOX ...and post-transition development

After political and economical changes in Poland the company has undergone several changes. In 1994 the works was transformed into a one-man stateowned company. A year later, one third of its shares was contributed to Western Investment Fund. 15% of the shares were transferred upon the employees, who in 2001 – together with the new management board – executed a managerial-employee buyout of the partnership. The latest and most crucial record in the corporate history took place in 2007. The enterprise joined Preformed Line Products Company (PLP) – an international designer and manufacturer of products and systems used in the construction and maintenance of overhead networks for energy, communications, and network companies. The company – founded in 1947 and listed at NASDAQ – is headquartered in USA (Cleveland, Ohio). PLP operates for both domestic manufacturing centers located across USA as well as serves worldwide mar-

Energy IndustryBELOS-PLP Księga1.indb 59

FULL NAME: BELOS-PLP S.A. PRESIDENT: Piotr Rozwadowski OPERATIONS: Power energy branch ESTABLISHED: 1947 EMPLOYEES: 215 Manufacturing-Journal | 57 | 2010-07-06 12:19:40

ees. In order to prove that it is enough to refer to its numerous investments in the works itself (lab extension, purchase of new machines) as well as its people (specialist trainings and courses, postgraduate programs). What confirms PLP’s strategic attitude towards BELOSPLP is also the fact that so far the owner has not collected the outstanding dividend from the earned profit.

Quality, experience, customer orientation

The company is convinced that what played an important role in achieving its nowadays market position has been three factors: high quality of the products, extended know-how and versatile experience as well as flexibility in fulfilling customers’ needs. The quality focus of BELOS-PLP has been confirmed by ISO 9001:2000 certificate, a number of industry distinctions and awards and countless references coming from the clients. The latter can be sure that longterm experience in construction and manufacturing of power line fittings comes together with full responsibility for the products and consequences of their exploitation. It must be also emphasized that despite long monopolist position on the Polish market, BELOS-PLP has been always ready to cooperate with its customers on partnership-based rules and meet their requirements. Customers’ trust has been built on high quality and infallibility of the products as well as flexible attitude towards business partners. Owing to that, BELOSPLP products have been used in majority of electrical power lines in Poland.

Modern HR and operational management

Employees of the company also have had a large contribution to the success of BELOS-PLP. Their engagement played a crucial role at the end of 1990ies, when the company was undergoing severe hardships. At the time, it was the employees who helped to create an organization capable of competing on international markets, taking on ever more complex commissions and facing new challenges. Achieving more than satisfactory financial results would not be possible without the engagement and persistence of the BELOS-PLP team. At the current moment, the enterprise is an employer for 215 people, out of which 70% are involved in the production process. In case of increased number of

| 58 | Manufacturing-Journal Księga1.indb 60

orders, the company cooperates with temporary employees. BELOS-PLP takes pride in the way it manages its personnel. First and foremost, each of the employees is treated on an individual basis. The company allows its people to develop – it funds their professional trainings, language courses as well as postgraduate programs of various kind. Each of the employees is assessed regularly and the results of the procedure are discussed over with direct supervisors. The conclusions are later on used in sketching individual career plans. They are elaborated in consultation with the employee, its direct manager as well as HR department of BELOS-PLP. Next to that, the enterprise does its best to evoke and set free the initiative and activity of the employees. It awaits not only proper fulfillment of everyday duties, but also creativity and innovative attitude. A lot is done in order to guarantee friendly work atmosphere. Since many years, BELOS-PLP has been organizing integration events for its employees and their families. So far it has included skiing trips, sleigh rides, rallies and family picnics. Thanks to free tickets, the employees have a chance to participate in a number of unique cultural events. Taking into consideration other areas of BELOS-PLP business activity, innovative attitude towards management can be perceived in sales ventures. Sales management comes down to setting definite goals and people responsible for their achievement. As far as organization management is concerned, the enterprise focuses on searching for methods which would increase the effectiveness and flexibility of work as well as optimize the organizational and cost structure. In fact, fascination with Lean Manufacturing is quite strong at BELOSPLP. The company uses more and more of Lean Manufacturing techniques and achieves consecutive levels. All that to function in a more effective and efficient way.

Four Business Units

The production activity of BELOS-PLP is concentrated in four Business Units. These are: Fittings, Electric Devices, Steel Structures as well Galvanizing House. Since the very establishment of the enterprise, manufacturing of fittings for overhead power lines has been in the centre of all production ventures. As mentioned before, most high, medium and low voltage lines in Poland

Energy IndustryBELOS-PLP 2010-07-06 12:19:45

have been built or are currently under construction using network equipment manufactured by the company. BELOS-PLP is one of the main suppliers of fittings for the whole PLP Group and its Research & Development Centre in this area. The fittings product offer includes over 2500 items and is incessantly expanded. It includes among others: fittings for HV,MV, LV lines with bare conductors, equipment for substations (tube fittings), fittings for MV and LV lines with insulated conductors, OPGW fittings, helical fittings, railway fittings as well as communication products. BELOS-PLP has specialized in manufacturing of electric devices for few dozen years. These include devices supplying electrostatic precipitators in the first line. Apart from main power supply units, including a control cabinet and a high voltage rectifier unit, the company offers auxiliary equipment for electrical wiring of electrostatic precipitators. These are for example: power supply cabinets, damping resistors, high voltage change-over switches as well as local control, protection and signalization boxes. For their own use and for external Żywiec, POLAND Clients the company also provides hot-dip galvaniz178 years’ experience of fasteners production ing. Galvanizing at BELOS-PLP is conducted in hangFast & Solid Fixing ers (for larger elements), whereas small products and screwed parts

are galvanized in baskets transported later on into a centrifuge. The process of galvanizing is under full control thanks to an automatic control system and continuous bath temperature recording. The enterprise’s equipment includes a galvanizing pot, which enables applying layers onto elements of dimensions up to 2500x1100x1500 mm. The company is able to galvanize steel structures, barriers, fences, grids, gates or any other elements as requested by the customer. As far as the activity of Steel Structures Unit is concerned, BELOS-PLP is capable of making 3D structures using processes such as bending, cutting and roll forming as well as profiles and all types of control cabinets.

Export activity and future challenges

Export sales of the company depends on economic situation on the foreign markets, yet it keeps at the level of 2040% of total sales. In 2009 – just like many other companies representing the electrical industry – BELOS-PLP experienced the slowdown of the global economy. Ceased investments brought about a smaller number of orders from the local market as well as from abroad. Luckily enough, cooperation with other overseas branches of PLP has been developing continuously. Due to that, the company participates in large projects in Europe (Great Britain, France), North (USA, Canada) and South (Brazil) America as well as Africa (Morocco, South Africa, Nigeria). In fact, the greatest expansion expectations of the company are connected with the latter. What is more, BELOS-PLP is trying to secure its market share on the eastern markets (Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus). Furthermore, economies getting over the latest financial crisis will need more and more energy, even despite the effectiveness programs they have introduced. It means that investments in power industry will be continued. For BELOS-PLP is poses an unparalleled development opportunity. Challenges in turn lie in progressive globalization, consorting of biggest market players as well as greater significance of companies located in Asia. However, BELOS-PLP is ready to pick up the gauntlet. Presence in the PLP Group gives it the possibility to conquer new markets, whereas experience of sister companies strengthens its competitive advantage.  Written by Aleksandra Strojek

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Repeatable quality


he establishment of EKO-ENERGIA took place in the year 2000 and was connected with the restructuring of the former Renovation Department of Tadeusz Sendzimir Steelworks in Kraków, in the southern part of Poland. The newly created company was based on the property and estate of the division.


Since the beginnings of the business activity the technical and engineering as well as production personnel of the enterprise has increased fourfold. At the current moment, EKO-ENERGIA is in possession of two production works equipped with machine tools of various types, tools of vertical as well as horizontal transport, innovative welding as well as measurement instruments. It is worth to mention that the Electrical Department of the enterprise has got its own Test and Control Station. Owing to that, it is possible to deliver to the customers precisely inspected and tested products. The company has been also the general contractor of one of the biggest turnkey projects in the southern part of Poland. It has been namely the construction of a power supply station of a water conditioning station for a cooling system of thermomechanic MULPIC rolling at the Częstochowa Steelworks. – If it had not been for the restructuring of the steelwork industry, most probably the com-

pany would not come into existence. At the time of our establishment, we were a group of 70 people. We are much bigger now – recalls Mr. Czesław Balak, the President of the company. At the current moment the company serves the electrical, power and mechanical industry, with the power industry in the centre of its business ventures.

Customers’ appreciation

The list of the enterprise’s customers is long and includes a number of the most significant market players, e.g.: Arcelor Mittal Poland S.A., Siemens-VAI Metals Technologies GmbH, Danieli Centro Combustion Italy, Kompania Węglowa S.A., Stalprodukt, Instal Kraków S.A. and many others. The reason behind their long-term and partnership based business relations with EKO-ENERGIA is the quality of the products. It has been one of the most important factors stimulating the development of the company.

FULL NAME: PPUH EKO ENERGIA Sp. z o.o. PRESIDENT: Czesław Balak OPERATIONS: Energy ESTABLISHED: 2000 EMPLOYEES: 250 REVENUE: for 2009 about 45 mln PLN | 60 | Manufacturing-Journal Księga1.indb 62

Energy IndustryEko-Energia 2010-07-06 12:19:51

FLASH BUTT WELDING MACHINE TYPE STI 100 Among the flash welding machines produced by CEMSA STI 100 is very interesting, in fact its size allows to weld a great range of cross section of the parts to be welded, from 100 to about 1200 sq mm. The max upsetting force is 6.000 daN and the max clamping force 12.000 daN . In relation to the needs of the users CEMSA offer this machine in 3 versions. With the BASIC version where the power of the transformer and all the welding cycle times are programmable by means of a special welding control , which allows to memorize 16 different welding cycles. The movements of either the clamps and the side carriage are driven by hydraulic cylinders. The pressure and the flow rate are adjusted manually by means of X-way valves and regulators. The welding cycle proceeds automatically and the the adjustment of the parameters is consistent. With the EVOLUTION VERSION it is possible to program all the welding parameters like: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Slide position Flashing stroke Flashing secondary voltage Flashing speed Upsetting force

as well all other cycle parameters by the keyboard. It is also possible to store in the memory about 100 different working cycles to “recall” them when required. Finally It is possible visualize on the display the main parameters during welding operations. The QUALITY CONTROL VERSION, is an upgrade of the EVOLUTION, by adding a HITEC system which displays on a PC screen , for each welding operation and in real time, the curves of the welding current, the actual force and the carriage position. These graphs of the all welds are stored in the memory of the computer with the possibility to select, on demand, all the graphs to the related welded part. Therefore with this system there is a perfect traceability of all welded parts, which becomes mandatory in case of safety components. Recently CEMSA have supplied this QC version of STI 100 to a manufacturer of safety components of brake systems for railways coaches.

CEMSA S.p.A. Factory - Head Office: Viale Piemonte, 25 – 20093 Cologno Monzese Milano - Italy Tel: +39 (0)2 2544671 Fax: +39 (0)2 2533307 E-mail: Home page:

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–The quality focus and the repeatability of our services have gained us a number of loyal customers. The fact that the manufactures’ quality lies in our hands, mobilizes us not only to exceed the expectations of the customers, but also to take on new quality-oriented commissions – says Mr. Balak. He emphasizes simultaneously that what also played a crucial role in the development of EKO-ENERGIA have been its availability and the readiness to get involved into new ventures. The President is more than sure that the virtues will constitute the strategic potential of the company and guarantee its further growth. The top quality goal is to be achieved through improvement of the organizational and managerial systems, implementation of new technologies, incessant upgrading of the customer service as well as using top-quality materials and developing the qualifications of the personnel. The ambition of the company is also to continuously increase the effectiveness of all processes taking place at the company. – With regard to that we would like to take advantage of the European Union funds. We are going to elaborate and apply for the EU money – says Mr. Balak. There is no doubt that what will help EKO-ENERGIA to put the priority into practice, is its quality system meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 norms. In fact, the quality focus of the enterprise has been perceived in the Marka z Jakością (A brand with quality) completion organized by Zarządzanie Jakością (Quality Management), a magazine dedicated fully to the issues of up-

| 62 | Manufacturing-Journal Księga1.indb 64

grading quality management systems. EKO-ENERGIA is one of the five laureates of the first edition of the competition. The distinction came in 2008. The quality focus was also an important reasons behind one of the most unique orders that EKO-ENERGIA took up to. One of the first projects that it was commissioned, was to change the cracked tongue of Dzwon Zygmunta (Sigismund’s Bell) located at the Kraków Wawel Castel, the symbol of Poland’s continuity. The Bell is put into motion only on special occasions and it lets the inhabitants of Kraków know that something extraordinary has happened. The assignment was complicated – it required peculiar

preparations and involved technologies designed only for this task. The effort was worth it – the historic Bell was put back at the Wawel Castel.

Research & Development

The company is however aware that the quality characteristic of its manufactures may not be enough to face the challenges of the ever more competitive market. Due to that it cooperates in a number of research projects organized by the most prestigious universities and research institutes of Poland. Some of the undertakings included a number of foreign partners. One of the projects was to construct an integrated system of influencing and maintaining the operational reliability of a carrier construction of a platform gantry. A comprehensive system of controlling the system’s movement allowed not only to decrease the cost of the tool’s usage and handling. It increased the safety of the personnel working with it as well as allowed to automate the tool and guarantee effective adaptation to changeable exploitation conditions and users’ requirements. With regards to R&D, the company is also active in the area of international cooperation. At the turn of May and June 2004 EKO-ENERGIA coordinated the organization of a Polish-German Culture and Ecology Festival patronized by a German foundation Europäische Festspiel Initiative e.V. and the President of the city of Kraków. What grew into a tradition are seminars and pre-feastday meetings with clients and well as

Energy IndustryEko-Energia 2010-07-06 12:20:00

business partners. Thanks to them, it is possible to integrate the employees of various companies as well as exchange ideas and novelties from science areas, which are in interest of the events’ participants. It is also a good opportunity to present the hitherto achievements and possibilities of the company.

Ins and outs of the offer

The offer of EKO-ENERGIA is addressed to companies representing electrical, mechanical as well the power industry. The enterprise is also ready to take on special commissions. As far as the electrical industry is concerned, the company is in possession of an extended repair workshop, which allows to conduct renovation or repair works of low and medium voltage electrical machines (of all world-wide producers), dry and oil transformers, control and switchboard apparatus as well as replacement parts to this machines and electromagnets. In order to meet the requirements of the customers, EKO-ENERGIA can conduct even the most comprehensive renovation job not only at its works but also at the premises of the client. This solution is very convenient for the customers – it decreases the cost of the renovation. What is more, the qualified and experienced engineers of EKO-ENERGIA are always available for technical advice. The same concerns organization of specialist workshop and other trainings.

A supplement to the offer dedicated to power and electrical industry is machining. The following services are available: rolling up to fi 1250mm, drilling up to fi 50mm, turning up to fi lOOmm, LlOOOmm.

• Electrical installations • Low voltage installations • Lightning protection • DSO installation and GEMOS • Alarm systems • Computer systems • Telecommunication installations • Energy-efficient lighting, Columbus • Electrical measurements • I & C • Electrical wholesale • We make medium and low voltage switchgears • Servicing • Costing • Installation Design

In this area the company is also able to conduct: | |

• •

repair works of leverage tools according to UDT authorizations, workmanship and assembly of untypical equipment, light steel constructions and stuffing of hydrogen generators, assembly of machine tools, press and technological lines.

EKO-ENERGIA is also able to deliver to its customers some special services. They include for example: comprehensive assembly and workmanship of forcible hydraulics installations as well as maintenance of appliance movement. –We always have been doing our best to extend the product offer, so we do not exclude that we will have even more to offer in the nearest future – claims the President.

What the power industry can purchase at EKO-ENERGIA company are: •

Headquarters: ul. Cedyńska 53A 31-610 Kraków tel: 12 648-15-60 fax: 12 648-15-60 wew. 80

Large or medium sized company?

At the current moment the company employs around 250 people. The figure has been stable for the last couple of years and formally it puts EKO-ENERGIA at the borderline between a medium and a large sized company. Nevertheless, as far as the worth of some of the enterprise’s projects is concerned, it is without doubt a large market player. What is more, it intends to confirm that with a step outside of the Polish borders. The plan of entering foreign markets is however very tentative and it has not yet been decided which countries it will include. –Within the last five years, one of the most important changes on the Polish market has been the mutual permeation between the markets. Local companies decide to move abroad and simultaneously our market has to deal with another competitor from overseas. We would like to take advantage of this transition – says Mr. Balak.  Written by Aleksandra Strojek

rotary machines – among others: medium and high pressure rotor pumps, blast machines and ventilators, air conditioning tools and ball grinders, renovation and workmanship of systems and fittings (pipelines and water systems, systems of technical gases and compressed air, ventilation and air conditioning systems, stream and water caldrons), modernization, repairs and workmanship of stream caldrons, boiler rooms, gas reduction stations, water pump rooms, environment protection devices: electro-filters, sag filters, cyclones and multi-cyclones, sewage treatment plants, water treatment stations, repairs of industrial fittings: bolts, valves, throttles.

Energy IndustryEko-Energia Księga1.indb 65

FUH „ELEKTRO-ED” Edward Hejmo os. Piastów 37a/37 31-624 Kraków

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2010-07-06 12:20:11


Unique Enterprise


hinking about a successful business you would think about a product or products that are most demanded by most of the consumers or most of a certain group of consumers. But what would you say about covering all the population of a country. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? That may sound hypothetically for some, but not for Goznak. It is a unique Russian enterprise in the field of security printing, paper and coin and order production, and it is important for the activity of the whole country. There are only a few similar enterprises around the world, and there is no analogy in Russia. The products are used by every Russian citizen and every foreigner (banknotes, coins, orders and medals, passports, postage stamps etc). But what is hidden from every eye is the technology of the production. Branches of Goznak are located in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and Perm Region.

Short history overview

The establishment of the current Goznak system was actually due to the tribulations of the Civil War. It is not surprising because there had to be very serious reasons to force the Government to move money manufacturing from one location to another. Very poor supply and the threat of Petrograd occupation forced the Bolshevik Government to evacuate the Forwarding Agency and subsequently move the banknotes printing works from place to place following the movement of the Civil War fronts. The situation in the country was changing every day and the Government had no clear picture of the future management and the government structure, therefore the equipment was taken to various locations. Those were the reasons that led to the establishment of the Penza Printing Factory (which was soon partially evacuated to Perm), the Moscow Printing Factory and the Petrograd Paper Mill of the former Forwarding Agency in the Soviet Russia in 1919. The new scattered business in various locations had to be somehow managed and at least coordinated. Therefore on July 6, 1919 the People’s Commissariat of Finance of the RSFSR issued a Decree on the Management of the State Papers Stock Factories. It was then, that the structure of Goznak was set up in the form of an association that executed the whole process cycle of banknote manufacturing and incorporated several factories involved in different stages of the production cycle. To a certain extent, the principles of the system management, selected in those days, are still practiced today. Later learning to navigate in the finan-

Paper & Printing IndustryGoznak Księga1.indb 67

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Manufacturing Journal

Here is the place your


advertisement Please contact us for more information and examples of our offer. e-mail to:

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Swedwood Karelia and Investlesprom signed an agreement of partnership at raw wood market Petrozavodsk a partnership agreement for a five-year term was concluded between LLC “Swedwood Karelia” and CJVC “Investlesprom”. The document was signed by General Director, LLC “Swedwood Karelia”, Pontus Sturk and managing director of “Forest resources” division, CJVC “Investlesprom”, Fedor Grabar. The Agreement provides for Swedwood Karelia to implement contractor’s logging work at the plots of forest fund leased by LLC “Kostomukshskii LPH” and OJVC “Muezerskii LPH” (both part of Investlesprom). Investlesprom supplies coniferous sawn timber from these allotments to Swedwood and Swedwood supplies coniferous pulpwood to OJVC “Segezha PPM” (part of Investlesprom) as well as chips from its sawmill enterprises. Besides, at determined for joint use plots of forest land the partners apply joint efforts for forest use intensification and compliance with principles of sustainable forest use according to Forest Stewardship Council’s (FSC) criteria. For this cooperation to be successful, both parties see it as essential that we share the same values about sustainable forestry. - This is the first partnership agreement in Russia at raw wood market that is mutually beneficial and meeting interests of Russian forest industry complex in full, - asserts managing director, “Forest resources” division, CJVC “Investlesprom”, Fedor Grabar. – We consider the achieved agreement as an important step of largest reconstruction project realization (Segezha PPM, “Polar Bear”); the project acknowledged as priority investment project in the field of forest utilization. Thanks to the agreement with Swedwood Karelia we can for sure develop he rated cutting area at leased territory. The loggers of Swedwood stably supply us with about 100 thousand cubic meters of raw materials per year, providing actually up to 10 per cent of Segezha PPM’s current demand. As for perspective according to the Agreement we significantly increase raw materials supply volumes to the mill. For every cubic meter of sawn timber supplied to Swedwood we get 2.5 – 3 cubic meters of raw material for pulp production. - Swedwood Karelia also considers this agreement as mutually beneficial, transferring old partnership relations with Investlesprom to a long-term basis, - said General Director, LLC “Swedwood Karelia”, Pontus Sturk. – During the whole 2009 our loggers under contractor’s agreement implemented wood harvesting at the territory leased by Kostomukshskii LPH. Joint work experience is completely convenient for us and steady-state business relations permitted to start the preparation for long-term agreement conclusion already in the middle of last year. Swedwood Karelia Company assumes to expand and modernize the production and guaranteed sawn timber supplies from Investlesprom – this is a reliable foundation for investors.

Laser Digitizing System LDS 4040

• Digitizing of plasters, dies, coins and other models • Interchangeable lenses and automatic adjustment of laser power

Mechanical Engraving System SB 2830 285/ECO

• The inclined table guarantees optimum engraving conditions • Automatic center point finding of the work piece • Automatic tool length measurement and compensation

Multi-purpose laser system CF 20 MS

• Die-finishing, deep- and 3Dengraving and more • High-precision vision system (µ-accuracy)

One system solution - One partner

Prepared by PR Department CJVC “Investlesprom” Together with Swedwood Karelia press-service

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Baublys system solution for the perfect manufacturing of dies

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cial world Goznak was trying to find the best ways to deal with Russian and international financial situation. Thus, due to the clever and clearly planned financial policy it became possible to fully eliminate the devastating consequences of the revolutionary financial anarchy and create a stable financial system, based on the internationally recognized and valued new monetary unit, which is the Soviet chervonets, within 2 years. The Great Patriotic War has become another “endurance test” for Goznak that proved efficiency of the established system organization and production management. The fact that Goznak incorporated several factories that were involved in various stages of banknote manufacturing (paper making and printing) considerably simplified the challenge of evacuating production facilities. The major factor that contributed to the success of banknote manufacturing during the war was the Krasnokamsk Paper Mill that had been built in the 1930-s. The fact that banknote paper manufacturing had not been concentrated exclusively in Leningrad before the war, that was cut off from the rest of the country due to the blockade since September, 1941 prevented the necessity to set up a new paper mill production facility somewhere else, it was only necessary to increase the production load on the Krasnokamsk Paper Mill. Moreover, the Mill had additional production space that could accommodate the major part of the printing equipment evacuated there from Moscow. The Leningrad Mint was incorporated into Goznak in autumn, 1941. That decision was made due to the critical war conditions since

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the city was almost enveloped and the Mint had to be urgently evacuated in Krasnokamsk. It should be noted that alongside with minting coins, the Krasnokasmk Mint also manufactured orders and medals from the very first days of its operation, that was a heavy burden in the times of war. It should be noted that on the whole, Goznak managed to efficiently arrange its work in conditions of evacuation and provide uninterruptible manufacturing of its products during the war. During the period of 1990-1995 over 300 million USD were totally spent on Goznak upgrading. It purchased the best printing and papermaking equipment made worldwide. Comprehensive upgrading has turned Goznak into one of the most modern businesses in this area worldwide. Today the company can perform the whole cycle of security printing at the highest international standard level, manufacture various coins, medals and the products of general printing. Since 1990-s, Goznak has been manufacturing plastic cards. Being an independent commercial company Goznak has been successfully integrating into a modern market economy competing on the market as equal with the leading world manufacturers. Besides space industry and some enterprises of the defense industry, it is probably one of the few examples of manufacturing facilities in Russia keeping up with Western standards.

Goznak today

Today Goznak includes eight enterprises, which are Moscow printing factory, Perm printing factory, Moscow printing plant, Saint-Petersburg paper factory, Krasnokamsk paper factory, Moscow minting plant, Saint-Petersburg minting plant, and research institute in Moscow with almost 10 000 staff in total. Most of the products of the company are security printed products. Goznak is the only currency (notes and coins) producer for the Central Bank of Russia. Apart from that excise stamps, passports, documents forms and securities and other printed products that require special protection are produced. The company also produces different kinds of paper including office and offset paper. Goznak is not just the only producer of Russian passports forms, but also the only personalization center of the electronic passports in Russia. Goznak’s mints produce a wide range of mon-

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etary and order products that include coins, order, medals, jewelry, watches, and souvenirs. The Goznak enterprises are certified by the international payment systems of Visa and MasterCard and produce plastic cards ordered by commercial banks. What makes Goznak so special is the printing and protection technology used on its enterprises. All of Goznak enterprises are certified according to ISO 9001 management systems. Another interesting fact about Goznak is that it has its own research institute. It allows the company to be independent of the security technologies developers, which is a great way to save money on royalty and to offer unique personal protection of printed materials to the customers. Developing its own protection technologies, Goznak is able to sell its technologies to other companies. Major Goznak products consumers are not only different Russian state organizations, but also banks, polygraphic companies and other companies. The company’s export is about 7 percent of total sales. Goznak have supplied over 20 countries with banknote paper over the last 5 years. Banknote paper is being supplied to such countries as Indonesia, Nigeria, India, the countries of SouthEastern Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Europe. The banknotes printed by Goznak are in use right now in almost 10 countries. In 2009 Goznak printed banknotes for 5 foreign countries. All of the Goznak products meet the highest requirements of the central banks. 2009 was the year of starting new activity for Goznak. The project of creating the first high tech integrated brands protection system in Russia. This system includes the complex of visual and covert polygraphic and electronic ways to protect the licensed products with the symbols of the Olympics in Sochi in 2014. All of the products with the symbols of the winter Olympics in Sochi will have a relevant protective marking. The activity of the enterprise does not have essential negative impact on the environment. The Executive Board of Goznak realizes its responsibility for the environmental conditions, rational exploitation of natural resources, ecological safety of its products, the health and welfare of people living in the areas of influence of the branches of the enterprise, and commits itself to adhere to the requirements of the Federal and regional legislation, regulatory requirements in the field of environmental management and envi-

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ronment protection applied to the activity of Goznak. The enterprise conforms to the requirements of the Russian and international standards in the ecological management field; takes all possible actions to decrease or prevent negative impact on the environment taking into account the modern level of technological expansion and the financial capacities of the enterprise; improves the ecological management system of Goznak all the time. The Executive Board of Goznak assumes its responsibility for the present policy realization by means of definition of corresponding goals and aims, allocation of necessary organizational and financial funds for their achievement, for control and evaluation of the environmental activity, the way the enterprise ecological management system is functioning. Even after a short overview of Goznak’s activity, it is obvious that the business is successful, growing and developing. Maybe it is because the government itself is interested in it, or maybe it is because of the unusual products being produced, or is it the management decisions taken along the way? Well, most probably it is all together that makes Goznak past and present the way it is.  Written by Kateryna Ferdyn


FULL NAME: Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Goznak” GENERAL DIRECTOR: Arkady Trachuk OPERATIONS: Security printing, papermaking, minting ESTABLISHED: 1818 EMPLOYEES: 9360 TURNOVER: USD 970 millions Paper & Printing IndustryGoznak 2010-07-06 12:20:29


50 years of innovation and development


ZYNAKA – MEBLE Sp. z o. o. is an expert producer of high quality residential furniture, which, more precisely, divert into different sets, depending on their usability purpose: living room and teenage furniture sets, bedroom, kitchen and dining room furniture collections, together with office furniture sets, to complete company’s offer - leader in furniture industry in Poland. The company is the most important component of “SZYNAKA Furniture Group”, which includes Wolsztyńska Fabryka Mebli in Wolsztyn, near Poznań, Wielkopolska, MM (Furniture from Mazury) “Szynaka – Living” in Iława, MM “Szynaka – Interline”, Furniture Factory SZYNAKA in Nowe Miasto Lubawskie, voivodship of Warmia and Mazury, and two furniture plants in Lubawa. All those manufactories are modern furniture production plants, perfectly adjusted in terms of production requirements to very high European standards. “SZYNAKA – MEBLE” Sp. z o. o. skillfully links two vital elements, necessary for the company to function properly: tradition and modernity. Although founded over fifty years ago, the company implements modern solutions gladly. This policy gives an excellent effect, especially seen in effective management, which results in more than satisfactory financial success. “SZYNAKA – MEBLE” Sp. z o. o. is a flexible company, able to adapt easily to ever changing market demands. Company’s products are well known for their individual design and aesthetic ornamentation. Original style and highest quality merge sustainability and functionality. Furniture is characterized by durability, usage safety and quality of used materials. They are not only highly appreciated in Poland, but also successfully conquer European markets. Over the years of its activity, the company has obtained the opinion of high quality products’ manufacturer. Materials and technologies used in the production process guarantee highest possible quality and aesthetics and develop design allows easy installation, freedom of possible room arrangements and long – term reliability in utilization. Steady increase in production, assortment expansion, produced furniture quality improvement and constant broadening of customers’ circle in Poland and abroad are the factors building company’s market position. The company has developed a network of commercial contacts, inter alia with large furniture consortiums acting all around Europe. SZYNAKA Group’s products can be found in

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eight authorized company’s shops and more than three hundred partner shops around Poland. Company’s care about furniture sustainability and functionality plus safe materials, of which company’s products are made, are two main pillars of company’s success.

European markets

SZYNAKA Group’s furniture is also sold around the world. Company’s participation in many export supporting programs helped to broaden customers’ circle abroad, increase furniture export’s value and greatly raise qualifications of


FULL NAME: Szynaka-Meble Sp. z o.o. PRESIDENT: Jan Szynaka OPERATIONS: Furniture BEGINNINGS OF THE ACTIVITY: 1957 EMPLOYEES: 2500 (Szynaka Group) Manufacturing-Journal | 71 | 2010-07-06 12:20:32

managerial staff. The company cooperates for many years with SWEDWOOD Poland S. A. to produce higher quality chipboard furniture. Also, the beginning of partnership with IKEA was a very important milestone in company’s history. “SZYNAKA – MEBLE” company’s main target is wide promotion of Polish high – quality product and the region, where company was founded. To effectively achieve this target, company carries out an expansive promotional policy in Poland and abroad. Every year company’s products are presented at the largest and most important fairs in Europe.

Investments – development

The obvious consequence of rapid development of the company was huge modernization and investment program, which included vital areas, like HR, buildings and machines. Production halls are equipped with the latest Italian and German production lines and a modern dust reduction system. Acquired technology (machinery and equipment), used in the furniture production process, allows the company to introduce brand new, innovative technological process, which helped to create new products and to increase the quality of already produced ones. What make the obtained machinery highly innovative, are the technical and technological solutions supported by the latest IT and production process management methods (computer control devices equipped with specialized software to manage the production process).

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People (workplaces, trainings)

The creation of a modern machine park has allowed expanding the range of manufactured furniture and the creation of new workplaces, which also greatly decreases the unemployment rate in Warmia and Mazury. Nowadays, “SZYNAKA – MEBLE” Sp. z o. o. employs over one thousand employees and more than eighty apprentices, while the whole SZYNAKA Furniture Group employs more than two and a half thousand labourers and more than one hundred twenty apprentices, not only future carpenters, but also mechanists and electricians. The company is a hundred percent Polish capital funded. Computerization of the company and hiring new staff contributes greatly to increasing company’s development, which systematically carries out employees’ trainings. Specific actions are taken to increase the safety of work and working conditions. The result of these actions is

the first prize of State Labor Inspectorate in an “Employer – Safe Work Promoter” contest, won by the company once again, both in the region and Poland. Being the owner of the safest factory in Poland is a huge responsibility; therefore, enormous emphasis is required to provide every employee with secured and comfortable workplace.

Few words about prizes

Among the prizes awarded only in recent times was also (once again) a Business Gazelle for being one of the most dynamic companies in Poland. Other prizes were “The Best of the Best Prize” awarded by Jacek Protas, Warmia and Mazury provincial marshal, “Manager of the Year Award”, granted by the Association of Polish Managers, “Time Vehicles Prize”, as one of the companies placed in the Healthiest Companies Ranking, “The Best Product and Service of Warmia and Mazury Award” for the best product. One of the most important awards was the “Pillars of Polish Economy Prize”, granted to SZYNAKA – MEBLE twice. The company has also received the “Ambassador of Polish Economy” title, granted by the Minister of Foreign Affairs. The Quality Management System certificate ISO 9001:2008 also commits to raise company’s standards. Granting the certificate coincided with the visit of Paweł Poncyljusz, Vice Minister of Economy. Vice Minister appeared to participate in opening ceremony of building a new Szynaka Furniture Manufactory (in Nowe Miasto Lubawskie). The company has also obtained ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certificates, referencing safety and work hygiene. Business activity is connected with care for the people and profit for the environment. Part of company’s CSR policy

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is also socio – cultural activity, which is an integral part of the company’s interaction with local communities. The list of institutions, in which Jan Szynaka has actively participated and those, in which he currently participates, is truly amazing. Definitely worth mentioning are the positions of Vice President of the Warmia and Mazury Chamber of Trade and Enterpreneurship, and President of the Committee of Education, which belongs to the Chamber. CEO Jan Szynaka is also the Vice President of the Committee of Social Dialogue, an organization attached to the voivodship of Warmia and Mazury. “SZYNAKA – MEBLE Sp. z o. o. is a part of such organizations as: Polish Furniture Producers’ Economical Chamber, Association of Polish Exporters, Business Centre Club, Warmia and Mazury Business Club and Economical Chamber of Iława.


Part of company’s policy is to manufacture products ecologically. Production processes are constantly upgraded to accomplish this fair target. Vital element of the policy mentioned before is the selective recycling of wastes created during the production process. The company also owns a modern boiler house.

First of all – quality

Many factors contributed to achieve a very strong market position by the company. One of them is a high quality product sold for a fair price. Materials used during the production process are wisely chosen, both for their quality and price. “SZYNAKA – MEBLE” has an innovative vision. This vision cares for certain values important to the company, like integrity,

care for customer, responsibility and honesty. Products and accessories used by the company meet the requirements of both European and global standards. “SZYNAKA – MEBLE” company’s employees fully control the production process, which lets to keep the highest quality. In addition, care for good image of the company, large expenditures on promotion and advertising, professional customer service and a network of highly qualified sales representatives cause the products and services provided by the company to be truly competitive. Expectations and needs of key customers, as well as consumers concern in particular such issues as quality of manufactured goods, wide assortment, competitive price, fast delivery and complexity of service. In addition all of the offered furniture will be under guarantee scheme. “SZYNAKA – MEBLE” offers wide variety of its products. European trends, advertising, media have great impact on fash-

Furniture IndustrySzynaka Meble Księga1.indb 75

ion in particular season. In addition, cooperation with major recipients requires that the produced furniture is easy to assemble and use. Competitive price is another advantage of the company. Customers require the highest quality while maintaining the lowest prices, although this is not always possible to reconcile. This situation forces manufacturers to acquire innovative technologies, which are able to meet this expectation. Rapid contract delivery is extremely important as well. Average contract delivery time may not be longer than two – three weeks. Maintaining such a short contract delivery completion date is possible only thanks to constant warehousing newly manufactured furniture. Prominent feature of the company is the complexity of customer service. Clients often require professional advice. Nowadays it is a standard in customer service and furniture sale.  Written by Monika Kiszelewska

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The passion of creation


ersatility, innovation, continuous development. Providing comprehensive Customer service in all phases of product life cycle. The highest quality and professionalism during the conceptual stage, testing and production. List of business partners, which includes recognizable companies in every country on every continent. A group including five partnerships, almost one thousand Employees, growing from year to year revenue counted in millions of euros. A leading position of the most advanced technologically manufacturer of both hardware and software, which is just one of many areas of the company’s activity. Contrary to appearances, this characterization does not apply to one of the giants of Japanese electronic components’ industry, or a leading designer of computer applications from the United States of America, albeit the company has much in common with such two companies: it is a giant, it is also a leader, it does shape the market in a large extent. The only difference is that it is a Polish company, from Kraków. Ladies and Gentlemen, we are proud to present the FIDELTRONIK Group.

Presentation of the company

FIDELTRONIK was founded in 1986 by Mr. Zbigniew Fidelus, and for three years of its activity it worked as the designer and manufacturer of measurement systems for scientific applications. In 1989 the company has started a successfull activity oriented around the design and manufacturing of UPS systems. Thanks to the success that the company has achieved, it was possible to start in 1995 the Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) and outsourcing service cooperation with the biggest Polish recipi-


ents, like Optimus (currently Novitus). It was another wise step in the development of the company, which resulted in interest from foreign Clients and taking a partnership with FIDELTRONIK. European career of the company has started, and FIDELTRONIK brand has become respected and recognizable. Since 2003, the company grows very dynamically. The expansion of the assortment resulted in transforming the company into a group gathering at the moment five companies: Fideltronik IMEL, responsible for Electronics Manufacturing Services and Business Process Optimization Services located in Sucha Beskidzka with design office located in Kraków, NOTEFideltronik, also responsible for EMS in Kraków, Fitech, designing and implementing new tools used in the production tests, with its office in Sucha Beskidzka, IMEL Poland - transformers

manufacturing site located in Kraków, and Fideltronik Inigo Ltd., which manages the UPS emergency AC systems sales, with its office in Warsaw. Currently FIDELTRONIK manufactures PCBA and carrys on box building and configuration.


„Customer satisfaction is our highest value” - a trivial password, repeated like a mantra in advertising folders of virtually all organizations in the world, operating in every area of manufacturing and services. It is an expression of a customercentric policy, which for many years now dominates the global economy, and strategic business development plans in all continents. Unfortunately, many companies only repeat the password, but does not perform right actions to make the slogan a reality.

FULL NAME: FIDELTRONIK PRESIDENT: Zbigniew Fidelus OPERATIONS: EMS / Electronic Manufacturing Services ESTABLISHED: 1986 EMPLOYEES: 1.000 TURNOVER: Y2009 / 85 M Euro | 74 | Manufacturing-Journal Księga1.indb 76

Electronics IndustryFideltronik 2010-07-06 12:20:45

Z.P.H i U. Witold Płoszczyca ul.Mickiewicza 24 34-100 Wadowice Polska tel./fax +48 33 873 12 72 Z. E. Omega Ltd is worldwide cable harnesses producer for electronic equipment, automatics, house hold equipment, water coolers, lawn movers and casino machines. We are present on electric market since 1989. We have high quality machines for cutting and stripping cables, crimping terminals and cable sets assembling. For not standardised terminals we are able to prepare special devices and testers for assembling and quality testing. Quality managing system is with accordance to ISO 9001 standard. We are able to use all types of cables like: H07V-U, H05V-K, H05RRF, H05VV-F, and also: UL, CSA, HAR, VDE, silicone, fibre glass cables. Following producers are our terminals suppliers: Inarca, Escubedo, Tyco, AMP, JST, Wago, Phoenix, Harting, Panduit, Molex, Utilux, ITT Canon, Amphenol.

e-mail :

Zakład Elektroniczny Omega Sp. z o.o. ul. Powstańców 50 31-422 Kraków phone: +48-12-410-76-32 fax: +48-12-418-26-27

ZPH&U Witold Płoszczyca is a trade and service company established in 1991; We are manufacturing a wide range of accessories and components for the electronic, electrical engineering, building and furniture industries; We are implementing an Integrated Management System (IMS) in concordance with the PN-EN ISO 9001:2002 and PN-EN ISO 14001:2005; The main technologies used in our company: - plastic working; - precision Water Jet cutting; - electric spark machining; - non standard hydraulic equipment; - welding; - punching, bending and pressing of elements from sheet steel, copper, brass and aluminium; - surface treatment: vibratory and blasting;

Business PL

We will surprise you !!!

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FIDELTRONIK, since its inception, is focused primarily on the welfare of his Client, but unlike many other companies, is trying to permanently deepen a good relationship with the Client, resulting in the continuous market research to better understand His needs and then adjust company’s production to Customer’s requirements, modify the Customer service procedures, continuously raise the company’s quality standards. It is a simple consequence of FIDELTRONIK’s vision of business activity, which main objective is not a one - time sale, but creating of a long - term relationship with the Client, gaining his trust through responsible actions in order to achieve the highest quality products and services, and deep commitment in the after sales phase: guarantees, Customer service offices, professional maintanance teams and many more. FIDELTRONIK does not duplicate mindlessly banal slogans, but presents specific numbers and actions shown below, which prove that Customer support does not take place only on paper.


FIDELTRONIK has the ambition to become the largest supplier of electronic components in Central - Eastern Europe. To achieve this goal, the company operates in two complementary dimensions. First of all, it performs all activities related to the production of these systems, from conceptual work, the processes of production and inspection of finished products, to the delivery and implementation of applications and components. The company therefore maintains regu-

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lar contact with its Clients and supports Them in all stages of product life cycle. The versatility of the company is the best recipe to changing market conditions. Secondly, the organization has built a system of responsible Customer service and conditions of orders, which include a predetermined waiting time of 10 days for the forecasted products, full flexibility, and reasonable and fair prices. All these and other activities strengthen the market position of the company, a consequence of the proceedings and security of supply influence the increasing confidence of Customers and help attract new Clients, and this in turn translates into economic success of the company that constantly, year after year (with the exception of 2006 ), denotes a steady increase of revenue.


FIDELTRONIK’s efforts oriented around full Customer satisfaction, flexibility and versatility of production, as well as an extremely wide range of company’s products, is not everything. Even the best plans for the strategic development of organizations would not be successful, without the right people implementing them. Employees are the greatest asset of the company, and those FIDELTRONIK is particularly proud of. A large majority of company’s executives work in the organization for over ten years, which proves that FIDELTRONIK is a stable and taking care of its Employees place of work. Invaluable experience of managers supports the creativity of younger Employees, making harmonious and efficient teams of well - educated people.

Electronics IndustryFideltronik 2010-07-06 12:20:50

Professionally trained and competent FIDELTRONIK’s engineers have access to cutting-edge design tools, and, like the teams of servicemen receive the full support of the company, by subordinating them to a separate administrative divisions in the organization. Every aspect of Customer service in the company must be at the highest possible level. People are the most important factor determining the success of the organization, but, although the largest, it’s not the only advantage over the competition. Another factor is FIDELTRONIK’s structure, which, thanks to a sensible and well-planned hierarchy ladder in the organization, ensures the existence of a transparent system of responsibility for decisions, which essentially shortens and simplifies the decision - making process, and this in turn allows flexible operation of the company in a constantly changing market. Next FIDELTRONIK’s strenght is the company’s financial discipline. Based on the Lean Management policy, causes a significant reduction in costs, which obviously reflects positively on the price of products, which in turn enhances customer satisfaction. Important in this context is the minimization of marketing expenses in the company. Top quality, reliable product is the best advertisement of FIDELTRONIK. By applying advanced technology and excellent staff of Employees, FIDELTRONIK was able to reduce labor costs, which is also in line with the vision of the company, articulated consistently for over twenty years. Naturally, the highest standards of the quality of manufactured goods, work hygiene and safety, are all guaranteed by the proper cer-

tificates (ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001, ISO 18000 ).


FIDELTRONIK is a complete company, with respected brand in the European market. Excellent realization of company’s targets, perfectionism in every aspect of its activity, creativity of company’s Employees: all those factors allow to make a fully responsible statement that the company’s future looks truly bright. With such consequence and commitment, the company has a real chance to become not only a leader in Central - Eastern Europe, but also in the whole United Europe.  Written by Jacek Głowacki

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Manufacturing-Journal | 77 | 2010-07-06 12:20:54


Technology and responsibility


ow to maximally utilize Western management experiences, how to increase work effectiveness, implement latest technologies, to provide highest quality standards thanks to many certificates granted by the most prestigious organizations ? How to support one of the poorest regions of the European Union, by providing employment to hundreds of employees, while being one of the most important manufacturers, care about the development of environmental awareness, promote the wise initiatives of the local community, while achieving very good financial results during the economic crisis? Answers to all questions raised above are well known by the managers of ROSTI (Polska) Ltd. Let’s take a closer look at the company’s activities to present the best solutions used by ROSTI, whose implementation in almost any organization, would provide a smooth and stress-free functioning of production companies.

Business card

The potential of ROSTI (Polska) Ltd., which is based in Bialystok, is supported by the rich experience of its older sister – the Scandinavian owner of the company – Rosti Technical Plastics, a global range organization, which has found a friendly haven in Poland for its strategic plans of expansion in Central and Eastern Europe. It was not a coincidence that Rosti Technical Plastics has chosen the largest city of the region of Podlasie for its Polish headquarters. One of the least prosperous regions of the United Europe is facing many problems of social and economic nature. Rosti Technical Plastics, which attaches great importance to, highly developed in the company, Corporate Social Responsibility, referred to below, has analyzed in detail the fragile situation in the region and decided that it is here, where over 900 employees should find employment. Thanks to that decision, ROSTI (Polska) Ltd. has become one of the largest and most important manufacturers in the region of Podlasie. Philips consortium – ROSTI’S substantial customer and business partner in Poland – had also strongly affected company’s decision on its location in Poland. ROSTI (Polska) Ltd. is listed among the most important experts in the provision of services in the plastics processing production area on the order of injec-

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tion molding, painting and decoration, and assembly of finished products and modules. The company has a very wide range of customers representing diverse industries, starting from the white goods sector and consumer electronics, the electro technical industry, to automotive. ROSTI is a trustworthy and reliable partner: ownership of one of the most biggest machinery parks in Europe and professionally selected and trained group of employees ensure the guarantee of the highest possible quality of manufactured products. Thanks to the individual style and perfection of detail, the products of ROSTI (Polska) Ltd. are


FULL NAME: Rosti (Polska) Sp. z o.o. PRESIDENT: Jan Franciszek Duniec OPERATIONS: Injection moulding, painting, decoration, assembly ESTABLISHED: 1999 EMPLOYEES: around 900 TURNOVER: over 200 mln PLN

Technical plastics IndustryRosti 2010-07-06 12:20:56

Technical plastics IndustryRosti Księga1.indb 81

Manufacturing-Journal | 79 | 2010-07-06 12:20:58

also characterized by aesthetic values.

Mission of the company

ROSTI (Polska) Ltd. is able to successfully develop only on the basis of adherence to the highest standards of its products and services, particularly in the area of customer service. The organization is driven by an eloquent motto – “Top customers – Top performance”. The absolute priority of the company is a satisfied customer, and all the company’s actions are subordinated to accomplish this priority. All those actions are included in the specific program of clearly defined activities, identified by the company in order to achieve the objectives arising from its mission. The basis of this policy is to maintain excellent relations with customers, with whom the company has already established cooperation, and effective attracting of new ones. This

| 80 | Manufacturing-Journal Księga1.indb 82

point is feasible through the continuous development of customer service procedures in all areas of the company’s activity to determine as good as possible the needs of customers and match the company’s offer of products and services to their requirements. Building every company’s reputation is a long and very delicate process. Hence the company’s efforts to carry on a policy of development through the maintenance of harmony between its major components: ROSTI (Polska) Ltd. is a safe and comfortable place to work, paying close attention to the needs of their employees, to ensure the satisfaction with the performance of their duties, to encourage their professional development and developing the key competencies at the various positions. At the same time ROSTI (Polska) Ltd. attaches great importance to the development of the region in which the Polish main office is placed.

Emphasis on improving the material situation of Podlasie must go hand in hand with the observance of strict standards for environmental protection, and assistance in implementing major initiatives for the local community. This balance causes that broadening of ROSTI’s products and services is accompanied by continued development of the region to the benefit of all stakeholders. The company knows, that stagnation means devolution. Company managers constantly analyze the latest trends in management, improve and develop procedures and standards in force in the organization to increase production efficiency and satisfaction of its employees, because a satisfied employee is a guarantee of success of the company. In ROSTI (Polska) Ltd. there is a strict financial discipline. Thanks to the responsible approach to the budget, the company records a constant growth of income. An extremely difficult period for the global economy was a time of financial crisis, but the crisis did not strike the company hard – there has been some decline in orders in the company, which, however, did not influence significantly the company’s strategic plans. Quick and decisive implementation of savings schemes prepared in advance, orders primarily in euro, due to strong export nature of ROSTI’s business, and constant adherence to wastage preventing policy - all these factors have alleviated the symptoms of the crisis, the company has avoided making difficult decisions, which, especially in the region of Podlasie, would result in dismissal of the company’s employees, or temporary suspension of production, as was the case in other powerful manufacturing companies. The success of the company’s financial statements and of image also has been strongly influenced was the result of strictly respected by the company, strategy of timely delivery. Among the company’s business partners are global corporations and institutions, for which a delay in the delivery would mean a multi-million dollar losses, which would result in an irreversible damage to ROSTI. For this reason, ROSTI (Polska) Ltd. reliably accomplishes all incoming orders. The strategy of wastage prevention mentioned above deserves a few sentences more. It is an expression of complete autonomy, which ROSTI (Polska) Ltd. enjoys while operating under the wings of Rosti Technical Plastics. Lean Manufacturing philosophy is a program deployed by ROSTI (Polska), to ensure the waste reduction, a better

Technical plastics IndustryRosti 2010-07-06 12:21:02

management of raw materials to final product and the smooth flow of product value. Representatives of the company, among the benefits from the implementation of this program, mention high quality of final products, timely delivery, and rational use of resources and reduction of the company’s stocks. As we can see, the Lean Manufacturing philosophy is one of the most important pillars of company’s success.

Technology and innovation

The thing that the company enjoys the most in its ten-year history is the great potential of ROSTI’s employees, from executives through to workers in the production department. In addition to employees, who are the greatest asset of the company, ROSTI (Polska) Ltd. boasts one of the biggest machinery parks and manufacturing plants in the world. Opportunities for the development of plastics industry in Poland are very high, hence the need for responsible investment planning, particularly in the development of machinery and equipment used in the production process. The company is in possession of more than 70 injection molding machines supplied by companies such as Demag, Engel, Sandretto, 400 molds, and various peripheral devices, industrial robots, color dispensers, heaters, hot runners, ultrasonic and inductive welders, support systems for gas injection and other specialist devices. This impressive list of highest quality equipment ensures a strong competitive position of the company and is a factor, thanks to which ROSTI’s strategic plans of expansion seem to be very optimistic. ROSTI (Polska) Ltd. means also modern assembly lines, which are able to produce over 10 million finished products per year. Automatic enamel line is equipped with six person ABB robots, high–end Anesti– Ivata enamel hardware and automatic system of application of the paint. Industrial potential of the company puts it in the line of best-equipped companies acting in the plastics sector in Europe.

Certificates and prizes

Constant’s efforts to improve the quality of ROSTI’s products, the satisfaction of customers and employees, are expressed in specialized certificates awarded to the company by renowned organizations supervising the implementation of high standards of production processes,

and health and safety of working environment. Since 2000 already ROSTI (Polska) Ltd. is the holder of certificate ISO 9002. In 2003 the company received the ISO 9001:2000 certificate, two years ago – ISO/TS 16949, last year – EuroCertificate 2009 for product quality and service, plus ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certificates. Relevant investment and commitment in raising the bar of quality standards in various areas of business have been duly appreciated, first, by the business partners, leading to a “Bronze Medal Supplier” from the Philips consortium back in 2002 and “Silver Medal” in 2004, then, by other prestigious organizations: in 2007 ROSTI (Polska) Ltd. received the “Solid Employer of Podlasie Region 2006” award, which the compa-

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ny received again in 2009. The year 2008 was special for the company. ROSTI was awarded with “Business Gazelles 2007” granted by national magazine “Puls Biznesu”, and “Transparent Company 2008”, which the company received from a reputable business information agency Dun & Bradstreet Poland for excellent management.  Written by Jacek Głowacki

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The company with passion


stablished in 1950, Giletta S.p.A has learnt, during many years of its existence, to increase its productivity in an exponential manner. Building on professionalism and experience gathered over the years, the company has achieved success. It has always maintained a direct relationship with its customers in order to be able to better understand and to satisfy their requirements in that it would offer industrialized but at the same time personalized products of high quality. In fact, characteristically for the company, it has always offered a wide range of products, diversified by high technology content and made in order to meet every requirement. These products include: salt spreaders, snow ploughs, airport equipments, vehicle installations, brine spreaders, snow blowers, dissolution station and electronic equipments, supported by the GPS system and the web. In the course of many years of practice, the company has managed to develop strategies which have turned out to be most beneficial for its developProduct Manager ment. Among Fabrizio Milanolo them acting actively, anticipating novelties, rather than having to follow solutions introduced by Giletta’s competitors, plays an important role. Pursuing this way of thinking, the company decided to confront the upcoming year of the world’s economic crisis in the same manner as it did in 2009, that is, by continuing the development of its products and enhancing their quality. Accordingly, it adopted two equivalent ways: (1) implementing the system of quality according to the recent ISO 9001:2008 norm and the environmental management system (EMS) (Environmental Certificate ISO 14001:2004); (2) producing new models of spreaders applicable both in winter highway maintenance and airport winter maintenance. This enabled the company to hold its position on the market which grows more and more competitive.

Production and organization

Giletta S.p.A. has been present on international markets for 60 years. It has always invested its efforts in technological innovation and paid attention to the development of the market. In 2006, at the international AIPCR congress in Turin, it presented a spreader, called UniQua, which, as the first spreader in the world, can get supply by means of three

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interchangeable feeding systems. Moreover, the company presented a system which is called Route Replay. UniQua is a high quality spreader destined for medium weight vehicles and therefore for the branch of the market addressed to large highway maintenance. The name of the spreader expresses the idea of the product: UniQua, that is the only equipment of that sort, highly industrialized, with diverse combinations of feeding systems, salt supply, and facilities. This, all in all, proves that it is constructed exactly for the demands of every single customer. Thanks to this, in a single hopper one can insert different cartridges for different systems of feeding (such as


FULL NAME: Giletta S.p.A. (Bucher group) PRESIDENT: Guido Giletta OPERATIONS: Roads/Airports winter maintenance equipments ESTABLISHED: 1950 EMPLOYEES: 150 TURNOVER: 40.000.000 €/year

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the Auger, a rubber belt or a chain). The system of salt transportation, which is most productive and recommendable, remains however a chain system. The latter is aimed at reconciling innovative technical choices capable of ensuring high performance and eliminating the main problems of salt spreaders, such as for instance the „bridge effect”, with great reliability in all working conditions. It should also be emphasized that the idea of equipment which is industrialized but also at the same time personalized has been employed when designing the latest spreader of middle dimensions: One, which was introduced in the second half of the last year. Route Replay represents a solution which is ideal for all those who want to integrate the traditional functionality of navigation with the complete automatization of the spreader. Thus, even a completely inexperienced driver can carry out ordinary works in winter road maintenance, without the risk of making mistakes, by simply choosing an appropriate route and following the indications of driving. All of the parameters are self-regulated on the basis of settings adjusted in the phase of programming. The driver is therefore concentrated exclusively on driving the vehicle, without getting distracted, which usually happens in difficult road conditions. Route Replay allows to memorize proceedings of the spreader by means of complicated selflearning algorithms, or a special desktop software. In this way, it modifies circuits in which it is possible to choose the beginning, the end and the intermediary phases, in the way that allows of variations in the functioning of the machine,

in accordance with the road conditions at any given moment. In order to develop new products, the technical department of the company uses the most sophisticated 3-D projection software. It also benefits from the advice of the specialists from the Technical University in Turin (Politecnico di Torino the University of Engineering), as regards the development of brand new electronic software. Creating assembly lines makes it possible to consider the company’s products as ones of industry, rather than craftsmanship. This in turn allows to reduce the time of deliveries and to standardize the quality of the product. Apart from that, maximum production efficiency can be achieved once the CANBAN delivery system has been applied in order to ascertain on-time and accurate deliveries, to avoid inertias and the increased costs entailed by the application of the traditional, less flexible storage system. Quite recently, the Research and Development department has focused on developing a new sort of control boxes which are supposed to integrate the standard functioning of a tachometric control box (the choice of shedding parameters, such as dosage, direction/asymmetry, breadth, the percentage of humidification etc.) with the control box of a snow blade, the GPS cartography aimed at the possibility of directly gaining access to the company’s services through the Internet, and the monitor of a rear view camera attached to a vehicle, and that without the help of any supplementary equipment. This new sort of control boxes, EcoSat10, was presented in preview to the World Road Association’s (PIARC’s) meeting, held

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in February 2010, in Quebec (Canada). Every year the company invests a considerable part of its own resources in financing both the research and development of its own products and in supplying factories with new machines. This year, for example, a new production line for spreaders and a new robot station for automated welding will be introduced. These investments are indispensable in order to face the challenges raised by the market which is continually expanding.

moment, the products offered by the company and its competitors have really achieved the maximum performance. It is thus the task for the forthcoming years to ensure reliability at an increasingly higher level, and to reduce the costs of maintenance and related costs to minimum. Undoubtedly, the company aims at developing its products not only in the “mechanical” aspect, but it also attaches ever greater importance to the products’ electronic management, supported by GPS and the web.


In the future

The principal markets of Giletta S.p.A. are to be found within the area of the European Union (mainly Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria), Eastern Europe (mainly Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Turkey, the Baltic States, and, most significantly, the Russian Federation), the Middle East (Syria and Iran), the Far East, and the Americas. Currently, the most important customers originate, as it has always been the case, from Italy, France, Spain, and in general from Western Europe. Recently we have been witnesses to a powerful tendency towards expansion on the east-European markets and those of the Russian Federation – suffice it to think about the company’s equipment being delivered for MKAD in Moscow and for the highway leading from Moscow to Minsk. It is also these days that the customers tend to expect that products should be competitive from the economical point of view but at the same time they should be marked by high quality and tight delivery times. For the

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It is expected that the development of the company’s market will be related with the increasingly greater influence of east-European markets in the post-Soviet states (the Russian Federation and the Commonwealth of Independent States). Finally, what is expected to contribute to the overall and also future success of the company are its following advantages: the ability to work in team, direct relations with the customer, „customer care”, the high quality and reliability of products at competitive prices, short delivery times, and last but not least direct relations between all who work for the company, regardless of their position in the hierarchy. Timeliness and flexibility are also very important as they enable, in every difficult situation, promptly and effectively to solve current problems. Giletta S.p.A. is a modern company, looking into the future, but at the same time with well-rooted knowledge acquired from past experiences.  Written by Anna Tomaszewska

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