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台灣Taiwan space inspiration

extra work


花旦 (Hua Dan)

旦 花 花


Hua Dan might look pretty and elegent, but in the deep side they are pitiful, using their life to please others, and problems they will have to face as being a prostitute, the DARK SIDE of human may emerge due to the harsh life they face.


Hua Dan is one of the chinese traditional opera character, usually teenager or middle aged women. Hua Dan is originated from Yuan era, a book called Chin Low Gi(青樓集), inthis book the word Dan means women that pleases men, usaually prositute.

旦 花旦

花 花 旦

花 花

旦 花

花 花


潑辣旦 Hot and spicy

dan plays an very important role in the chinese opera, acrid unconvetional, and spicy characteristic is played in the opera, and the rythm of the tale is usuallly controlled by this character.

閨門旦 Boudoir dan

plays the role of unmarried women, their personality is usually shy and introverted. Daughter from wealthy family is usually played by this role.

廟Chinese Temple (Miao)廟 Religion has always play an important role in human society, people praise their own god and worship them. But religion and belief has also bring negative effect to this world, the bright side of everything seems to also have a dark side.

The photograph of the temples, had been turn into black and white and aslo changes had been made in the photo. Taiwanese temple are frequently full of worshiper, but if when there are no worshipers? If the color of the temple are removed, what will the atmosphere of the temples show?

Interior Architecture Practice

Calm and Fear Atmosphere creation Sketch model Creation (Sugar Cubes) In this project practice, I did 25 creation out of sugar cubes and chose 6 as my calm and fear sketch model. At last the conclusion I got is that the more simple the better, complicated spaces can cause lots of distraction and aslo it may not be contained enough.

Calm and Fear Atmosphere creation Sketch model Creation (Stage 1) These six sketch model were all made by grey card, the up left sketch model is my final model exterior, it can be the most contained space I chose, the reason I chose this model is because it has a two layered roof, which gives it a space to make people who is inside to experience the special atmosphere, because usually people won’t raise their head to look upwards.

Calm and Fear Atmosphere creation Sketch model Creation (Stage 2)

Three calm and fear sketch models were made at this stage. The inspiration of my model design is to use light interventions and simple planes to give different feeling of spaces. For me calm spaces isn’t only light and opened space, but weak and soft light can create a more calm space and giving it peace. In contrast strong light may give people unstable feelings and maybe unsure what is next with the space.

Calm and Fear Atmosphere creation

Final model (fear)

Calm and Fear Atmosphere creation

Final model (Calm)

Space study practice

Beach hut model design

Sutton on sea -east cost of Lincolnshire -sea ooding -small costal village

Sketch Model

Final Model

The main inspiration of this beach hut design is the atmosphere of sutton on sea. I wish to make this hut not just a shelter but a place to feel the nature, at the upper part of the design, the desire of light is created in this ďŹ rst space, little light intervention is provided, but when entering the down part he chance of feeling the beach atmosphere is created. A window is opned on the roof, furthermore there is a private little space where people can stay at after passing through the dark walkway.

school work Technical studies

school work design communication

school work Technical studies

school work design communication

school work Technical studies

school work design communication




Project botanical installation Project botanical installation Project botanical installation

Due to the development of technology, human living environment has been polluted in these decades, also the most vital green place has been reduced because of the city development.Nature has been playing an irreplaceable role in this world, however human has ignored this, as a result bringing back the mother nature in to urban cities is shouldn’t be neglected in this era. Forests coverage has been reduced rapidly year by year, owing to agriculture development, mining, artificial forest, buildings, forest fire and also the most serious problem commercially deforestation. The reduce of forest has caused various problems and also effects human life. Bringing back the forest to urban areas can be a great way of living with mother nature. NATURE LINKING LIFE


Bringing Nature to urban area, take my own country Taiwan for example, people mat not spend time in botanical gardens but in temples they do. Religion connects everybody together, so can nature. To feel nature shouldn’t be restricted to areas, it should be everywhere and touchable, so I chose nature and temple as my linking elements. With these two elements, people can experience a whole new atmosphere. The old and sacred temple is decorated with creative floral design, during the worshiping festival people can also be enjoying the great colors and the aesthetics of flower.

Different scenes of Taiwan have been shown on this art piece, I used the skill of perspective drawing to create this view, every picture is one piece of the ceiling, wall and ground, which also shows the different view of Taiwan(the space). In the central part of the picture floral design is shown in order to link my theme botanical installation. Not only temples should have them, but also every place, everyone has the right to touch, feel and experience the nature, nature should not be restricted by human development, because nature is our root.

everyone has the right to touch, feel and experience the nature



human sex stands for the mass of sex, or the experience of sex and reaction. The experience and expression can be in many ways, including thoughts, fantasy, desire, faith, attitude, system of value, behavior, practice, character and aslo relationship, these all above can be shown in four dimensions organism, physics, emotion, social and mental.

sex. space. relationship

In this project sex is the main element, many factors or influenced by the element sex. I came up with a few vocabularies, when sex just came into mind. Naked, peek, back,and femme. Every has become the structure that forms this piece. Looking into the space that should not be, peeking at the prohibited things, when doing these things, you feel guilty,but what makes sex such mysterious and attractive? Just because that is our natural desire.

Death of the Virgin (1606) Caravaggio

Death of virgin became the inspiration of my ďŹ nal outcome, the painting creates the sorrowful atmosphere, people crying showing there empathy to the virgin, but what I see is all about the women on bed. Bed is a place to rest, a place to sleep, a place that gives you comfort, but also a place to have sex. After researching death of virgin, bed has always been where the virgin dies. By using the bed I want to create a space that is full of bed, and makes people think of the purpose of bed, linking all the thoughts together, from bed to sleep, sleep to sex, sex to love,every element is the spirit of this space, asking people themselves what is a bed?

space inspiration

Taiwan, a place which shows wide variety of culture, a place that gives people hope, a place where people can get respect from each other, and also a palce I come from. Taiwan has been through a difficult history, many countries came to Taiwan to rule thisplace because of it geographical location. Spain, Holland, Japan and also China, during the war the U.S.A came over for help too. 16 different kinds of aboriginals originated has lived in Taiwan until now, due to all these factor various culture and also race of people are all mixed up in this small island. Not like most countries they have their own traditional culture and style, Taiwan is a fully mixed up country, because of this things are created and made unpredictablely and surprisingly. In this project, color is my inspiration, due to the change of era and city development, traditional things are not preserved well, and may disappear in the after few decades, the purpose of this project is to find the past traditional colors back into this modern era.

台灣 台灣 台灣 台灣 台灣 台灣



Wedding banquets at the side of the road is a unique and original culture in Taiwan. Large tents will be set just on the busy road. People who are seated in this wedding will be treated endless cuisines. The color inspiration of this culture is the red from the tent, chair and plastic bowl that is used in this occasion. Also the Taiwan beer is a must in the occasion, beer has played an irreplaceable role our celebrating culture.

辦 桌

Simple geometric shapes are used in this creation, just like the cuisines that are for banquet. Two creation are both concepts of the banquet atmosphere, both roof tops were created and both have been given plains to show that although the banquet is an open space,but every table has its space and atmosphere, same place, but different things happening at the same time.


喪禮funeral Taiwanese funeral is not just a ceremony to send the deceased away to another world, but this as become an vital culture for us. Athough cities in Taiwan now are crowded and full of buildings and funerals can be much more simple, but we still regard this as a very important ceremony. Taiwanese funeral is an important part of our life education, the funeral is influenced by Buddhism, Taoism, and also Confucianism.

Exploded isometric drawing is used in this concept drawing, colors of this creation is inspired by the traditional Taiwanese funeral, red stands for ower, blue stands for words, yellow stands for cloth used to decorate the duneral and at last black and white stands for the portraits of people who passed away. The shape of every layer is a mountain like shape, to show the mother earth, and at last when people pass away they will return to the earth and be part of it .



In this creation, painting of Francis bacon is used [self-potrait(study ), 1964]. I used the three corners to divide the painting into three spaces, the left corner is Lama, the right is Guanyin, and at the bottom is people taking incense sticks. These three pictures all represents the eastern chinese religion. combining a western painting and eastern pictures into one piece , in order to give the painting a whole new story and gives an inspiration of people from the western country believing in eastern religion.

Pollution has always been a vital problem that human are facing. In this work, nature and urban areas are mixed up, due to it is all our mother earth, Human should not still act like a plaster model, showing no empathy to this earth, and being selďŹ sh. Colors of this creation is originated from the pills we take when we are sick, just like the work showing that earth is sick too.

In these two digital work , I used dierent geometric shapes to create a spatial feeling, not giving it a frame making it go out of the frame to make this work more energitec, using the simpliest shapes, but not complicated ones is because the more simple the more you can get from the proportions. Spacial eect is considered in these two work ,using dierent angles and perspective to show a wide range of movement in this 2 dimension work.

These two pieces, are combined with both real photos and computer drawings. Both pictures are taken by me and photoshopped, the upper one is outside of tate modern, and the down one is in the national museum at Amsterdam. Both pictures has a space that I think can be used to install somthing at. The ďŹ rst picture is given en explosion feeling to breakthrough the space between the two buildings. Making things to emerge from restricted spaces. The second picture has shown a dropping element. Giving it a perspective and exaggerated feeling. Dropping such big things from the narrow roof instalation.

portfolio yeh yen kang  
portfolio yeh yen kang