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Gospel Month

Lost & Found

We’ve met 470 students since school started. We’re learning their names, friends and family situations, goals and spiritual beliefs. Our mission is to learn their story, share our story and connect it all to God’s story. The whole month of March, we are sharing the Gospel with our students.

The assistant principal at Central Charter School stood in the back of the room watching as her middle school students attended their first YFC Campus Life club. Her eyes grew wide and she put her hand up to her mouth as she watched a shy middle school girl laughing and loudly engaging in a game that required her to debate. The A.P. was shocked and whispered, "I've never heard her speak like this. She found her voice!"

265 On-Going Conversations Venetia admitted she had tried to commit suicide multiple times, but had never told an adult. We quickly connected her with her school psychiatrist and have the privilege of continuing our conversations each week at Campus Life.

Joy In Her Eyes The mood is joyful as the bell rings to end the first of three lunch periods at Indian Ridge MS. A girl runs up, “Are you guys here every week?!” I reply, “Absolutely, every single week!” She gasps, “Are you serious?! Did I hear you right Mr.?!” Then she and her new friends scurry back to class with that contagious, adorable smile!

We are thrilled to report that we are adding an after-school session to further mentor these students and a weekly prayer time to serve the teachers before school. Learn more at WWW.FTLYFC.ORG 305.271.2442

Wait, There’s More! - 4 more schools have requested Campus Life clubs, including Whiddon-Rogers; a school for at-risk and expelled youth - We’re starting 3 after school programs to further our relationships with students - Catalyst Hip Hop is looking for a FTL school to host their after school arts & mentoring club - We are looking to hire 2 part time staff

2019 Contributions Revenue Individual contributions Donor Advised Funds Foundations & grants Total revenues, gains, other support


4,096 10,000 108,000 122,096

Expenses Ministry Expenses (Catalyst, Campus Life, MYLI) General & administrative Total expenses Net assets, end of year

78,415 5,482 83,897 $ 57,777

Special thanks to our Steering Committee

Lynette Bennett Stephany Gallo Robin Lewis Michelle Pinder Charlene Read Robert Spence

In June 2019, we chose the word “POSSIBLE” for our new school year—by His power all things are possible. Our new outreaches, young people, and YFC staff are a sweet taste of God’s awesome power! We invite you to continue to pray and to join us as donors and rappelers at our Over The Edge event, March 14th. You can help curb the rising tide of youth violence by generating crucial funds to help nearly 500 young people participate in the highly effective programs of FTL Youth for Christ.


We thank God for you! The Ft. Lauderdale Youth For Christ team, Bonnie, Kristen, Vivian, Lynn, Cory and Christian