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OUR MISSION The mission of YouthBuild Philadelphia Charter School is to provide out-of-school youth in Philadelphia with the broadest range of tools, supports and opportunities available to become self-sufficient, responsible and productive citizens and leaders in their community.

YouthBuild Philadelphia Charter School 1231 N. Broad St. 5th Floor Philadelphia, PA 19122 (215)627-8671 | @YouthBuildPHL on Twitter and Instagram



2016-2017 LEADERSHIP MANAGEMENT Scott Emerick Executive Director

Adesanya Karade Director of Finance & Operations

Brian Leffler Program Director

Meredith Molloy Director of Development

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Martin Brigham (Board Chair) Attorney, Raynes McCarty Robert Totaro (Board Vice Chair) Founder and CEO, RCT Advisors

Michael McPhilmy  (HR Committee Chair) VP, Human Resource Development, SouthCo, Inc. Timothy Daniel Executive Vice President, International SOS, Inc.

Roxanne Tillman (Board Secretary) Senior Manager, Individual Advisory Services, TIAA Alfred Essandoh Lead Consultant, Essandoh Consultants James Mergiotti (Board Treasurer LLC and Finance Committee Chair) President & CEO, Peirce College Jared Farbman Senior Strategy Analyst, Vanguard Kiley Smith Kelly (Fundraising Committee Chair) Scott Lillis Senior Manager, Ernst & Young LLP Managing Director & Senior Wealth Advisor, Bessemer Trust Charles Esser (Program Committee Chair) Fernando Mendez Founder and Director, Philadelphia Editor-at-large, El Sol Latino Community School Jim Multari Khalilah Lawson (Governance Executive Director, Marketing Planning & Committee Chair) Research, Comcast Corporation Senior Associate, Witt/Kieffer


2016-2017 LEADERSHIP BOARD OF DIRECTORS Nathan Norstrud Senior Manager, Corporate Strategy, The Vanguard Group Shannon Phillips Regional Director, Starbucks Coffee Company

Claire Robertson-Kraft Founder & Director, ImpactED David E. Thomas Associate VP, Strategic Initiatives Dean, Division of Access and Community Engagement Community College of Philadelphia

COMMITTEE MEMBERS Shikeem Dorsey YouthBuild Alumnus

Melanie McCottry Director, Public Affairs, PGW

Christina Grant Assistant Superintendent, Opportunity Network, School District of Philadelphia

Laura McHugh Program Manager, Spring Point Partners

Rebekah Kaithern Divisional Director of Major Gifts, Eastern PA & Delaware Salvation Army Analicia Lindsay-Whitehead YouthBuild Alumna, JP Morgan Nadine Lomakin Consultant Todd Marzolf Senior Project Consultant, IT Business Management, Willis Towers Watson

Mel Payne Consultant Yolanda Stallings Deputy Commissioner, Executive Chief of Strategic Services Philadelphia Fire Academy Sai Yerrapathruni VP of Business Development, Skanska USA


MESSAGE FROM LEADERSHIP Reflecting on our past. Committing to the present. Focusing on our future. Dear Friends and Supporters, The West African principle of Sankofa, meaning “remembering our past to protect our future,” has become deeply rooted into the YouthBuild Philly community. We understand the importance of remembering our past by holding up, honoring and keeping all that has made YouthBuild Philly a strong school community for 25 years, while continuing our work to grow and improve our practice for the future. Since 1992, YouthBuild Philly has cultivated a powerful community of students, staff, board members, donors and supporters who all firmly believe in and value our organizational mission of empowering youth with resources and opportunities to transform their own lives. As we celebrate 25 years of impact, we are also looking forward toward the next 25 years, building from our core values while recognizing that we are not afraid of getting better. REFLECTING ON OUR PAST In reflecting on our past, we are proud of the impact that YouthBuild Philly has had on the community. YouthBuild Philly’s roots began growing with 28 students in a basement on Christian Street in South Philly in 1992. Since then, more than 2500 young people who previously left or were pushed out of high school have seized an opportunity to earn their high school diploma and to transform their own lives. Over 25 years, we have improved our own practice and developed meaningful partnerships around career pathways, academics, postsecondary access/success, and community service. YouthBuild’s growth in each of these program areas has expanded our impact across the city. Our collective impact has included more than 150 service locations and more than 85 (increasingly green) homes rehabbed, rebuilt and maintained.

Our increasing reach is possible because of the strength of our relationships and reputation with partners and supporters in our community. Throughout our history, we have recognized that while talent is spread equally in Philadelphia, opportunities are not. In response, we have developed a range of opportunities for students to participate in dual enrollment (students complete college courses with partners like Community College of Philadelphia, Peirce College, or Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology during their time at YouthBuild). We have also grown from a single career pathway - construction - to four pathways by adding Healthcare, Child Development Associate (CDA) and Business Administration Scholars (BAS). Our healthcare pathway was launched in 2007. In close coordination with our partners at 1199C Training and Upgrading Fund, the pathway has empowered more than 500 YouthBuild students to earn certification as a Home Health Aide or Certified Nursing Assistant. Today, participants in our Healthcare program continue to complete internships and gain work experience with a variety of partners across the city. Students participating in our construction track have enriched the homebuying process for low-income first-time home-buying families by successfully rehabilitating 86 homes across Philadelphia. This work has early roots with a series of five rowhomes on Montrose Street in South Philadelphia visited by then First Lady of the United States, Hillary Rodham Clinton in 1996. In more recent years, construction has evolved with an increasing focus on environmentally friendly building practices and materials with essential YouthBuild partners like Saint-Gobain.

Finally, our CDA and BAS pathways have continued evolving. More than 100 YouthBuild students have volunteered their time with several daycare partners throughout the city since 2013. CDA students continue to gain meaningful employment and even pursue studies in Early Childhood Education. Since 2015, approximately 50 students a year have enrolled in our BAS pathway to develop business skills and experience on the job training with a range of customer service employer partners. In addition to our academic and career pathway milestones, meaningful community service has remained at the center and heart of our work. Since 1995, YouthBuild students have served as part-time AmeriCorps members. Service of YouthBuild Philly students and staff has improved neighborhoods within and beyond Philadelphia. YouthBuild students have provided relief and support to communities as far away as Gulfport, MS, Puerto Rico and Costa Rica. 

COMMITTING TO THE PRESENT We were thrilled to have started the 2016-2017 school year in September with 229 highly motivated learners and leaders from various backgrounds united by the common goals of reclaiming their education and transforming their lives (page 8). Over the course of our school year with the support of critical community employer and postsecondary partners - each young person in the Class of 2017 experienced a range of opportunities to demonstrate leadership and directly impact their own community (page 12).




MESSAGE FROM LEADERSHIP Reflecting on our past. Committing to the present. Focusing on our future. We are continuing to work with more than 50 of our service partners across the city. During the 2016-2017 school year, we created experiences that contributed to student success and the well-being of our city with the help of leading organizations such as Saint-Gobain, Glaxo Smith Kline, and Gap Inc., to name a few (Pages 14-15). Finally, we’re excited to continue growing our relationships with newer partners such as Manor College, TD Bank, Drexel University, and the Carpenters Joint Apprentice Committee of Philadelphia and Vicinity, among others. The tangible successes of current students and alumni in life beyond YouthBuild (page 16) can be credited to a mix of inherent talent of young people, dedication of YouthBuild staff and commitment of our partners. As a result, the Class of 2017 included 131 brilliant young leaders who earned their diploma and left YouthBuild prepared as critically conscious leaders in their families, colleges, careers, and communities.

FOCUSING ON OUR FUTURE Our rich history has paved the way for our future success. As we look forward, we continue to build and strengthen formal Year 2 supports for alumni to ensure they obtain, retain and advance in employment and postsecondary education pathways. In addition, we are poised to launch the YouthBuild Philadelphia Learning Exchange. The Exchange represents our first funded initiative to more proactively disseminate the practices most critical to our success with a range of schools and organizations working with Opportunity Youth. We believe the Exchange will significantly expand our impact beyond the walls of our school. The Exchange also represents a social enterprise model which we are prioritizing for the long term growth of revenue to support YouthBuild Philadelphia.

By remembering where we have come from, by reflecting on our milestones and progress, we are able to envision a better future for YouthBuild Philadelphia and our constituents. We will continue leaning on the strong foundation of our past to drive the change, growth and evolution we need to better empower students and increase impact on our community. We are grateful for our roots and all of the support we have received over the years. We remain committed to our growth and daily efforts to make meaningful experiences for our students. We are excited for what lies ahead in the future. May the principle of Sankofa always guide us in our purpose and mission of helping YouthBuild students to change their lives, the lives of their families and the world around them for years to come. Sincerely,Â

Scott Emerick Executive Director Marty Brigham Board Chair

3 7



7th 1% 8th 2%

Multi-Racial 8% Caucasian <1%

Male 42%

9th 13%

Hispanic 7%

Female 58%

11th 53%

10th 31%

Gender Highest Grade Completed (Upon enrollment)

Every year, young adults ages 18-20 who live in Philadelphia come to YouthBuild Philly for a chance to reclaim their education. 429 Philadelphia youth were invited to Mental Toughness Training. 229 students were ultimately enrolled into the Class of 2017. Coming to YouthBuild continues to be a lifechanging opportunity for young people. For the Class of 2017, 57.6% of students would be a first generation college student, able to positively impact the lives of their families for years to come.


African American 84%


Perseverance: Against the Odds Every YouthBuild student has a unique story. Our annual demographic surveys (see below) show that despite the hardships and challenges that many students in the Class of 2017 faced, they still took strides towards their education.Â

12.2% have been in the foster care system 18.8% have been homeless 36.2% are parents 38.7% have been arrested 14.4% have been incarcerated 65.9% receive public assistance


Everyone at YouthBuild has a story, and the journey has not been easy for some of us. I would like to share a piece of my journey with you. During the middle of my senior year my mother was incarcerated and I began to lose motivation to attend school. I felt like I didn’t have any support or encouragement to finish the year. I could not graduate with my class of 2015 because I did not complete my senior project. My school wanted me to do the whole year over, but with the responsibilities and demands of life, this was not possible. So I knew my next decision had to be smarter. At the time, Philadelphia had a lot of accelerated diploma programs. I knew that I needed a chance to earn my diploma and advance my career. I wanted a change, and I decided on YouthBuild. When I walked through the doors, I was motivated and determined to take advantage of every opportunity. After meeting the staff, I knew that this was the place for me. They displayed characteristics that I wanted to emulate, and it was clear that they were truly dedicated to our success. For example, after lunch during home health aide training, Ms. Stephanie and Mr. Shawn visited our class to introduce us to an apprenticeship program that I am currently participating in. Because of this apprenticeship, I am on an accelerated path to a successful career in healthcare. I will be able attain a guaranteed position as a patient services representative, which will bring me one step closer to my goal of becoming a paramedic. Despite the obstacles, I have been able to excel. YouthBuild gave me the chance to display the excellence that was already instilled in me. 

"The opportunities that YouthBuild has provided for me have allowed my excellence to shine forth. My experiences at YouthBuild have made the impossible possible, not LET'S PAVE WAYCharmeka FOR THE FUTURE GENERATIONS only CONTINUE for myself, but TO for my familyTHE as well."Davis 3 9



Year 1- The Journey Begins Here at YouthBuild Philly, we pride ourselves on the innovative learning experience offered to students. We integrate academics, job training, community service and life skills development to help young people reach their full potential as students and change agents in their community. During their first year, students divide their time between academic learning in the classroom and hands-on vocational learning, while serving the community as part-time AmeriCorps members. Year 1 is a time for them to plan and prepare for future educational and career opportunities. 

Academics YouthBuild Philly offers engaging courses in Language Arts, Math, Social Studies and Science taught by a team of educators dedicated to student success. Through successful completion of required coursework, students earn their high school diploma.


YouthBuild students experience hands-on learning during their vocational track. Through vocational training students are prepared for success in the workforce and have the opportunity to earn an industry recognized certification. Tracks offered include Building Trades, Healthcare, Childcare and Business Administration/Customer Service.

Community Service

Service is the cornerstone of the YouthBuild experience. Students develop as leaders by connecting with their community through civic engagement. All students are part-time AmeriCorps members and participate in various service projects and activities with community partners throughout the year. (See pg. 12 for community impact).

Supportive Services All YouthBuild students are assigned a case manager to support and guide them through personal challenges. Case managers link students to community resources such as childcare, housing and public assistance. Counseling, life skills workshops, substance abuse and counseling are provided to aid in student personal growth and development.




Year 2- The Journey Continues The YouthBuild journey does not stop once students graduate. They are continually supported in their second year with postsecondary advising and mentorship to guide them to a lifetime of success through college, job placement and advancement. Our Postsecondary Career Development team spearheads our efforts to provide graduates with supports such as college and career counseling, monthly "action plans" with mentors and free transit assistance. Our Year 2 efforts help students to navigate through new and exciting career and educational experiences. 

Bridge Programming

Follow Up Support & Mentorship

As students prepare for graduation they are provided with Bridge Programming opportunities that will help them to take their next steps and achieve their postsecondary goals.

We believe in the impact that mentoring relationships can have on student success. Every graduate is paired with a mentor in their second year to aid in their personal and professional growth beyond YouthBuild.

Placement Supports, Retention & Advancement

Through our invaluable partnerships, we are able to build employment and higher education opportunities for students.

Class of 2016 Placement Data

89% 72%

of graduates were placed in postsecondary education or employment.

Postsecondary Ed 7%

Both 12%

of placed graduates retained placement for a year. Employment 81%



Community service is at the core of YouthBuild Philly's programming. As part-time AmeriCorps members, all YouthBuild students participate in service projects throughout the year that are closely aligned to their vocational training. Service at YouthBuild is not only an opportunity for students to engage in hands-on learning, it's also a chance for them to be agents of change in their community and beyond.

Since 2013, YouthBuild Philly students begin their AmeriCorps service year with an annual community cleanup. On September 11, 2016, the Class of 2017 convened as a community to give a facelift to the Athletic Recreation Center in the Brewerytown area in Philadelphia. Students beautified the surrounding streets in the neighborhood by raking leaves and removing trash.

9/11 Day of Service- September 2016

"We cleaned up the park so that kids would have somewhere clean and safe to play and have fun. We want everyone to walk on clean streets without looking at trash on the ground." - Siani Jackson Jones, Class of 2017 AmeriCorps Launch Day is a national celebration that brings AmeriCorps members together to kick off service for the program year. In Philadelphia, over 3000 members and over 150 sites (including YouthBuild Philly) were sworn in and made the commitment to make Philadelphia a better place through service. “"It was great to celebrate the joy in service with so many wonderful young people. I felt so inspired by their energy and desire to create a better future for themselves and their city."- Tanza Pugliese, AmeriCorps Grant Coordinator

AmeriCorps Launch Day- October 2016 YouthBuild students joined together with staff, community partners and volunteers to transform the hallways of William H. Ziegler Elementary in Northeast Philadelphia with inspirational murals and school renovation projects.

“When our students decide to come back to school, and then participate in projects that will give back to other students, that’s them using their education and training to make the world better for others.”- Ameen Akbar, Director of Student Life

MLK Day of Service- January 2017 Over Spring Break, select YouthBuild students and staff traveled to Puerto Rico to renovate and build infrastructure on communal land to help the residents of Utuado protect their crops and livelihoods. This trip is an invaluable time of growth for students, as it provides them with a myriad of new experiences, service opportunities and cultural exposure.

 Spring Break Service Trip in Puerto Rico- March 2017


"Visiting Utuado gave students a chance to broaden their worldview while also making a deep impact on a community beyond Philadelphia." - Ted Molloy, Individual Giving Coordinator and Spring Break Service Trip Staff

"Be the change you wish to see in the world."- Gandhi



Hours of service contributed by the Class of 2017:

71,750.25 hours

Most hours contributed by one student:

Juan Raxon Puluc 728.5 hours

Murals painted at William H. Ziegler Elementary School on MLK Day:

Total value of AmeriCorps education awards earned:





GLAXO SMITH KLINE October 2016- A crew of volunteers from GSK joined forces with Advanced Construction and Green Build students at the worksite, leading to great progress on the West Rockland project. Students and volunteers focused their efforts on repainting the interior and exterior of a warehouse space that will be turned into an office space for a new nonprofit in the Logan section of North Philadelphia. Working with GSK volunteers means more than extra hands; it’s an opportunity for our students to learn and practice professional collaboration.

TD BANK December 2016- Women representing TD Bank Leadership hosted the Women in Leadership Conference at TD University. Twenty YouthBuild Business Administration and Young Professional students attended the conference for a day of networking and career development activities. In addition to hosting the conference, TD donated several boxes of clothing and accessories for our students. We appreciate TD Bank for genuine interest in mentoring and supporting YouthBuild students.


PARTNERSHIP HIGHLIGHTS GAP INC. March 2017- Gap Inc.’s life skills and paid internship program, This Way Ahead (TWA), provided 53 YouthBuild students with a critical first job experience. TWA is the


collaborative effort between Gap Foundation; Old Navy, Gap, and Banana Republic stores; and YouthBuild. TWA

helps YouthBuild expand our model of using employment coaches to help students seek career pathways in the industry. TWA has the capacity to translate internships into jobs, encourages tenure and upward mobility in those jobs, and serves as an ideal part-time job while enrolled in postsecondary education.  

CUSTOMER SERVICE SUMMIT April 2017- YouthBuild hosted a day-long Customer Service Partners Summit, inviting managers and regional directors from Starbucks, Saxbys, Insomnia Cookies, Gap Inc. stores and Brown’s ShopRite to participate in a series of discussions aimed at sharing and building best practices around hiring and supporting opportunity youth in retail jobs.

SAINT-GOBAIN November 2016- GreenBuild students and alumni visited the Saint-Gobain North American headquarters in Malvern, PA. Saint-Gobain installed a solar array on the roof of their headquarters to lower energy costs and offset their carbon footprint. Our students met with the contractors and designers involved in the installation. Students had the opportunity to network with leaders in the field of alternative energy, learn about careers in building trades and design, and connect with our key partner.

May 2017- Saint-Gobain, our partner of 7 years, and their colleagues at SageGlass donated and installed SageGlass Window treatments to regulate classroom temperature and lighting to improve the learning environment. Experts from SageGlass took the time to speak with students and educate them on SageGlass technology, preparing them for future career opportunities in the industry,


ALUMNI PROFILEDAMANY DALEY '17, VALEDICTORIAN As a native of Kingston, Jamaica, Damany Daley was charting new territory when he moved to Southwest Philadelphia in 2015. Damany was focused on his daily routine of working at his local grocery store and coming home, but he knew that there was more in store for his future. “It didn’t feel good to be only working and coming home to do nothing. I knew that I needed to further my education so that I wouldn’t have to worry about finances,” he explains. One day Damany’s mother suggested that he try YouthBuild Philly. With a hunger and desire for more, Damany listened to his intuitive nudge and gave YouthBuild a chance. Once accepted into YouthBuild, Damany enrolled and completed the Childcare track, then decided to enroll in the Healthcare track for a second certification in Certified Nursing. With experience in babysitting and an interest in science, Damany excelled as a student. Through his dedication and hard work, Damany earned certifications as a Certified Nursing Assistant and a Child Development Associate. He graduated feeling accomplished and prepared to get his career started. Through Old Navy’s This Way Ahead Internship Program, Damany left YouthBuild with a full-time position leading Old Navy’s Women’s Department at the Center City store location. The certifications and employment were not Damany’s only achievements upon graduation. “When I left YouthBuild, I gained a lot of people skills. I was very introverted at first, and working in retail did not seem possible. It seems so natural now,” says Damany. He attributes his time at YouthBuild to helping him come "out of his shell". “At YouthBuild, I had a lot of leadership opportunities to speak in front of a lot of people. I spoke on panels and with guests, and got better at public speaking,” he explains.


Without a doubt, Damany grew into a leader in more ways than one. Damany graduated as the Valedictorian of Class of 2017. When he found out he was graduating top of his class, he recalls feeling surprised yet excited. “Excited because not many people knew about my fear of speaking in front of others. Graduation was a platform for me to showcase my self-development to everyone in attendance.” Mission accomplished. Damany delivered his address to the Class of 2017 with confidence and a smile. Currently, Damany is working at Old Navy in Springfield, PA leading the Children’s Department and Visual Displays. Additionally, he is working to get his Associate's Degree in Computer Programming at Delaware County Community College. Upon graduation, he hopes to enroll at Widener University to earn his Bachelor's degree in Bioengineering, with ambitions to eventually start his own tech company. To assist with Damany’s daily goals and ambitions, he received a car (2008 Nissan Altima in Silver) from YouthBuild Philly’s partnership with the Workshop School’s Cars from the Heart program. One thing Damany misses the most about YouthBuild is the staff. “It doesn’t feel how other schools feel. The staff engage with you and talk to you. They always have this positive vibe about them and try to get the students to be positive as well. They really push you. If I wasn't pushed, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.” With Damany’s innate drive and foundation gained at YouthBuild Philly, his journey to success has only just begun.


2016-2017 Corporate, Community and Foundation Support Amazon Smile Foundation Annie E. Casey Foundation Aspen Institute (Reimagine Retail) Bellevue Communications Group LLC Berwind Fund LLC Bike & Build Inc. BMC Benefit Services* DMi Partners EY* Exelon Corporation Gap Inc The Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce Regional Foundation Greater Philadelphia Chapter of the Association of Energy Engineers Gregory FCA JOIN Lenfest Foundation Lindsay Insurance Group* Philadelphia School Partnership Raynes McCarty* Saint-Gobain* Schultz Family Foundation Skanska USA* Southco* Starbucks Foundation TD Bank* Vanguard Wells Fargo Wharton Graduate Association White and Richardson Trust Witt/Keiffer Your Part-Time Controller* *2017 Silver Anniversary, Golden Opportunities: YouthBuild Philly Turns 25 fundraising event sponsors


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OUR PARTNERS 2016-2017 EMPLOYERS Marriott Hotels McDonalds PGW Philadelphia Airport Philly Future Track PowerCorps PHL Ritz Carlton Hotels Solar States Starbucks Sugarhouse Casino TUCS Cleaning Services West Chester Insulation Wyndham Hotels YMCA (Columbia North)

"What makes YouthBuild unique in a lot of ways is our connection to opportunities and having one foot into the school and one foot out into the community and with partners. It's been incredibly valuable to see employers and potential employers be able to coach and support our students." - Stephanie Waller, Training & Placement Coordinator, YouthBuild Philly


2016-2017 Financials Revenue and Support Contributions

$ 1,469,827

Government and Other Grants


Receipts from Philadelphia School District

2,294,094  13,811

Miscellaneous Total Revenue and Support



$ 1390.00

Expenses Program Service- Education


Supporting Services Management and General Development Total expenses

1,000,725 507,585 6,649,731

Net Assets Excess of Revenues over Expenditures


Net Assets at the beginning of the year


Net Assets at the end of the year



CALL TO ACTION Ten ways that you can support YouthBuild Philly

1 Make a donation to YouthBuild Philly: Visit

2 Sign up to volunteer:

3 Hire our students/provide internships or other work experiences: Contact Shawn Murray-

4 Invite YouthBuild students to tour your company’s office or campus: Contact Michael Imperato-

5 Attend a site visit, or if you’ve already attended one, bring a friend or two to the next one: Contact Eva Lexie-


CALL TO ACTION Ten ways that you can support YouthBuild Philly

6 Follow our social media channels and share them with friends. @YouthBuildPHL

7 Offer unused tickets for Philadelphia sports, culture, and arts events â&#x20AC;&#x201C; our students treasure these experiences! Contact Meredith Molloy-

8 Businesses: Commit to sponsoring our annual fundraising event so that all ticket and silent auction sales can directly support our program. Contact Ted Molloy-

9 Be a mentor to a YouthBuild student or someone in need.

10 Lead a workshop in your area of expertise to aid with our studentsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; professional development.


Annual Report 2016-2017  
Annual Report 2016-2017