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Annual Report 2015-2016

A Life-Changing Experience

Annual Report 2015-2016



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Year 1 - Training and Preparation


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Annual Report 2015-2016


The mission of YouthBuild Philadelphia Charter School is to provide out-of-school youth in Philadelphia with the broadest range of tools, supports and opportunities available to become self-sufficient, responsible and productive citizens and leaders in their community. YouthBuild Philadelphia Charter School 1231 N. Broad St., 5th Floor Philadelphia PA 19122 (215) 627-8671 YouthBuildPhiladelphia @YouthBuildPHL


Annual Report 2015-2016


DON PINKNEY Director of Building Trades & Business Development ADESANYA KARADE Director or Finance & Operations MEREDITH MOLLOY Director of Development



MARTIN BRIGHAM—Governance Committee Chair Attorney Raynes McCarty

FERNANDO MENDEZ Editor-at-large El Sol Latino

TIMOTHY DANIEL-- Board Chair Executive Vice President International SOS, Inc.

JAMES MERGIOTTI—Board Treasurer/Finance Cmte Chair President & CEO Peirce College

ALFRED ESSANDOH Lead Consultant Essandoh Consultants LLC

JAMES MULTARI Sr. Director, Customer Insights & Analytics Comcast Corporation

CHARLES (CHUCK) ESSER--Program Committee Co-Chair Founder and Director Philadelphia Community School

NATHAN NORSTRUD Senior Manager – Corporate Strategy The Vanguard Group

JARED FARBMAN Line Manager of Investment Data Management The Vanguard Group

SAMUEL OLSHIN Principal Atkin Olshin Schade Architects

ERIN HORVAT Professor and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Drexel University, School of Education

CLAIRE ROBERTSON-KRAFT Associate Director Operation Public Education

KILEY SMITH KELLY—Fundraising Committee Chair Senior Manager Ernst & Young LLP

ROXANNE TILLMAN—Program Committee Co-Chair Client Manager, Flagship Services Vanguard

KHALILAH LAWSON Senior Associate Witt/Kieffer

ROBERT TOTARO—Board Vice Chair Founder and CEO RCT Advisors

SCOTT LILLIS Managing Director & Sr. Wealth Advisor Bessemer Trust

KAREN WILLIAMS Human Resources Director Saunders House

SHA Reg Star

TODD MARZOLF Senior Project Consultant Willis Towers Watson


YOL Dep Phil

MICHAEL MCPHILMY—Board Secretary VP, Human Resource Development SouthCo, Inc.

SARAH BURLEW Manager, Applied Solutions PJM


ANT Exe Mill

CHR Sup Bras

WIL Stra Van

REB Divi East



MEL Dire Phil


DAV Dea Com


Annual Report 2015-2016

SHIKEEM DORSEY YouthBuild Alumnus ANTHONY FULLARD Executive Vice President Millennium3Management CHRIS GEE Supply Chain Manager, Chemicals Division Braskem America

We believe passionately in each other, our cause, and our students.

WILL GENERAL Strategy Analyst Vanguard REBEKAH KAITHERN Divisional Director of Major Gifts Eastern PA & Delaware Salvation Army ANALICIA LINDSAY-WHITEHEAD YouthBuild Alumna, JPMorgan NADINE LOMAKIN Consultant MELANIE MCCOTTRY Director, Public Affairs Philadelphia Gas Works MEL PAYNE Consultant, Knowledge & Success, Inc. SHANNON PHILLIPS Regional Director Starbucks Coffee Company YOLANDA STALLINGS Deputy Commissioner, Executive Chief of Strategic Svcs. Philadelphia Fire Academy DAVID THOMAS Dean, Division of Access and Community Engagement Community College of Philadelphia


Annual Report 2015-2016

MESSAGE FROM LEADERSHIP Dear Friends and Supporters,

To help students succeed in their journey through YouthBuild and beyond, we focus on three pillars of a successful transition: preparation, planning, and supports. We help students prepare for long-term success through academics, vocational training, individualized supports and professional skill-building. They plan for the future with assistance from coaches and postsecondary coordinators. Finally, after students graduate we follow up with a year of supports: job and college search assistance, transit passes, and monthly coaching sessions. Our experience with successful transitions served us well as an organization at the end of this fiscal year, as we navigated a significant leadership change: Simran Sidhu’s departure after serving for 15 years as our executive director.


Thanks to our own preparation, planning, and supports, this leadership transition did not affect operations or programming. During the transition we piloted a new internship track in retail (p. 13), completed two major construction projects (p. 15), launched a new fund for student supports (p.15), recruited a new class of students, and awarded diplomas to 150 students. We were well-prepared for change this year, as many core funding streams were recently renewed thanks to our strong outcomes (p. 13), including our public school charter (p. 15). We also had planning on our side through the transition, thanks to our 2014-2017 strategic plan. Finally, the support of our board, staff, and network of funders and partners facilitated a smooth transition and a successful executive search. We are excited to welcome Scott Emerick to Philadelphia and to our school as the new Executive Director, effective February 2017. When our students share their reluctance to move on from the comfort of YouthBuild after graduation, we like to

remind them that “once in YouthBuild” really means “always in YouthBuild.” We think this especially true of Simran, whose passion for youth development generated groundbreaking advancements in our program. We are excited to see her continue her life’s work and will always consider her part of our YouthBuild family. Looking ahead, we are thrilled to have Scott’s extensive experience guide us as we continue to create stronger, integrated supports and greater opportunities for young adults in Philadelphia – and to fulfill our vision of inspiring similar program innovation in schools and social programs nationally. Thank you for your ongoing support and commitment to our program – and to the students at the center of our mission – as we continue on this journey. Sincerely, Marty Brigham (Board Chair 2016-2017), Tim Daniel (Board Chair 2015-2016), Scott Emerick, and Simran Sidhu


We believe in young people and empower them to believe in themselves. We believe in second chances.

Annual Report 2015-2016

Class of 2016 Student Demographics

Youth in Philly: Opportunities and Challenges One in four Philadelphia young adults is unemployed and out of school. YouthBuild Philadelphia Charter School offers disconnected youth the opportunities and supports they need to continue their education and succeed in the work force. Typically, YouthBuild students face more than educational challenges in their life. Our program is designed to support young adults as they cope with and overcome personal obstacles including poverty, homelessness, food insecurity, reentry after incarceration, and substance abuse.

“No one said it would be easy, but I promise you something great will come from it.� - Daniel St. Sume, 2016 Class Speaker

Transgender 0.5%

Female 55%

Male 44.5%

Caucasian Multi-Racial 2% 7.5% Hispanic 7.5%

African American 83%

39% of students in the Class of 2016 are parents 71% receive public assistance 13% have been in the foster care system 18% have been homeless 42% have been arrested 23% have been incarcerated


Annual Report 2015-2016

Our students come from many Philadelphia neighborhoods; zip codes on this map are shaded from light to dark based on the number of Class of 2016 students living there.

ADMISSIONS There are only three eligibility rules for applying to YouthBuild Philly. Applicants must be:


Attend a one-on-one meeting with a staff member to identify obstacles and make a plan for success.

• • •


Attend Mental Toughness Training, a week-long series of workshops. During this week we emphasize punctuality and participation.

Between the ages of 18 and 20 on the first day of school Residents of Philadelphia Out-of-school or not on track to graduate

That’s it! We do not make admissions decisions on the basis of academic achievement, ability, or past behavior. YouthBuild is a fresh start. Our application process has four steps: 1. Fill out a basic application, available in print around the city or online at 2.


Attend a Reengagement Facilitation Session at YouthBuild to learn more about the program.

Applicants who complete all four steps are eligible for enrollment. If there are more eligible applicants than there are spots, we hold a blind lottery -- however, a lottery is very rare.

Class of 2016: Total Applications: 833 Invited to Mental Toughness: 383 Completed Mental Toughness: 223 Enrolled: 222

• • • •

Annual Report 2015-2016

“Since I have been going back to school, I feel a change in my life. YouthBuild really motivated me to come to school and become the person I want to become in life. If I didn’t come to YouthBuild I don’t know where I would be at right about now. I might have been in jail or sitting on the block like I’ve been doing all day but I am happy YouthBuild let me come to their school so I can change my life. The teachers really sit down and help you with all your work, and make sure you’re not falling behind in class. The teachers really care about you in YouthBuild and I feel loved. “ - Barqic, Class of 2016


Annual Report 2015-2016


YouthBuild Philly’s Vocational Tracks

Year 1 - Training & Preparation We believe in caring for the whole person and the whole community. We help our students connect to themselves, their neighbors, and their next opportunity.

Community Impact

Our students are change-makers in the community and learn real-world skills while working on projects that serve the public interest, such as affordable housing and food access. Service becomes something YouthBuild students give rather than receive.


Vocational Training

Students earn their diploma through demonstration of skills in Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, and Science. Our students demonstrate academic growth through pre- and post-testing on the Test of Adult Basic Education. Our curriculum emphasizes research, problem-solving, and college readiness.

All students participate in

Case Management Student Life & Counseling All students have a case manager who helps them access resources, like housing and public assistance, and develop healthy relationship and communication skills. Counseling and substance abuse treatment are available to students who need such services.


YouthBuild is a close-knit community and we celebrate together with special days of service, class field trips, and social activities like prom and Spirit Week. Our approach to a safe and healthy learning environment is to use a restorative model of justice and conflict resolution.

hands-on training in one vocation (see right), earning an industry-recognized credential while developing professional communication and leadership skills. Students form Graduation Pathway communities based on their vocational training track.

To fulfill students’ interests and meet the needs of today’s job market, YouthBuild Philly offers training in four industries: Healthcare: Students complete certified nursing assistant (CNA) training through a partnership with 1199C and build their professional and communication skills through service with groups like Food for Friends and Broad Street Ministry. Building Trades: Students have the option of specializing in Advanced Construction, Greenbuilding, or Building and Deconstruction. Student projects generate affordable housing for low-income, first-time homebuyers and spaces for local non-profits. Early Education: Child Development Associate (CDA) students learn how to support young learners’ physical, mental, and social development in safe and stimulating environments. The program prepares them for work in childcare facilities. Business Administration & Customer Service: Business Administration scholars develop computer and financial literacy in the classroom and practice food handling and customer service in an on-site training cafe. Students also volunteer at a local food bank and run a food pantry at YouthBuild.

Annual Report 2015-2016


We believe people and communities can change. We believe in the ripple effect. When students transform their lives, they can transform the world around them. Being a YouthBuild student means giving back to the community through year-round service projects. Students’ primary service projects align with their vocational training. For example, building trades students renovate formerly abandoned houses and prepare them for low-income, first-time homebuyers. Meanwhile, business

Service Highlights 2015-2016 administration students use their skills behind the scenes at a major Philadelphia food bank. All YouthBuild students are part-time AmeriCorps members. Being AmeriCorps members connects students to a larger civic community and opportunities like the Council of Young Leaders conference in Washington, D.C. and the Mayor’s Day of Service Recognition Awards in Philadelphia. After completing their service hours, YouthBuild graduates receive an AmeriCorps education award that helps to pay for college tuition.

Martin Luther King Day of Service Painting murals at Ethel Allen Elementary School in Strawberry Mansion

The Stats Hours of service contributed by the Class of 2016


Most hours contributed by one student

714 - by Maine Robbins (right) Murals painted at Ethel Allen Elementary School on MLK Day

9/11 Day of Service Community cleanup around Athletic Recreational Center in Brewerytown


Total value of AmeriCorps education awards earned:


Spring Break Service Trip Renovating a former Peace Corps camp into an environmental education center in Utuado, Puerto Rico


Annual Report 2015-2016

Alumni Profile Felicia, Class of 2016 “Just hearing the word ‘alumni’ makes me happy,” says Felicia. Felicia received her high school diploma from YouthBuild Philly in August 2016, graduating with honors and an award for exceptional attendance. Before enrolling at YouthBuild, Felicia spent two years out of school after being kicked out for her behavior. Being out of school didn’t sit well with her. “Everything seemed ok, but it wasn’t. I’m not the type to sit around and not be doing much. I kept wondering, ‘What am I doing?’ It was a sad feeling – a depressing feeling, actually,” she says. Felicia learned about YouthBuild from a family member who had already graduated from the program and told her, “That school has me doing something with my life. I know it’s going to set you back on track.” After getting into YouthBuild, Felicia enrolled in the Business Administration Scholars job training track, which offers certifications in computer skills, customer service, and food handling. Her Customer Service Excellence Training certification and ServSafe certification helped her out when she started applying to jobs during the summer. When she interviewed at a Starbucks store, the manager noted that her ServSafe was a rare and useful qualification. “He knew I was ready to start on bar or handle any health requirements,” Felicia explained. She got the job just before her graduation date and has been working full-time since then. In addition to providing the skills training she needed for employment, coming to YouthBuild also gave Felicia a place where she could grow personally. Her favorite part of being a YouthBuild student was participating in school community meetings, where she learned from staff and peers how to stay motivated and support each other. Her teachers in the Business Administration program coached her to have confidence and avoid distractions. “Now I know I don’t always have to be what people expect me to be. I can be more.” She said her favorite academic project was completing the year-end “digital portfolio” requirement, which showcased all of her accomplishments and pushed her to reflect on her growth. To Felicia, the best part of YouthBuild’s program is the year of follow-up services she is currently receiving after earning her diploma. “You didn’t let us drift off after getting our diploma,” she said. “You made sure we have what we need to be successful.” Thanks to YouthBuild and a stable job at Starbucks, Felicia can now set her sights on higher education. Her ultimate career goal is to be a lawyer – a dream she has had since she was six years old.


“You didn’t let us drift off after getting our diploma. You made sure we have what we need to be successful.”

OUTCOMES Year 2- Placement & Advancement

Annual Report 2015-2016

In keeping with our mission and our values, our definition of success looks beyond diplomas and focuses on readying students for a lifetime of success, starting with college or job placement, retention and advancement. To support our graduates when they leave YouthBuild and transition into their first job or the college classroom, we offer a year of follow-up supports in the form of career and college counseling, monthly coaching sessions, and free transit passes. Additionally, we build opportunities and pathways for employment and higher education through partnerships with many organizations, companies and institutions. See below for more information about four of our emerging pathways. Class of 2015 Enrollee Graduation Rate: 72% Class of 2015 Enrollee Postsecondary Placement Rate: 67% Class of 2015 Graduate Placement Rate: 84% Class of 2016 Enrollee Graduation Rate: 68% Class of 2016 Enrollee Postsecondary Placement Rate: 63%* Class of 2016 Graduate Placement Rate: 87* *as of April 2017

Customer Service Excellence Network

This Way Ahead

Community College of Philadelphia

We provide ongoing supports for students and alumni in customer service positions, including specialized trainings and advanced certification opportunities.

This year we piloted a paid internship program with local Gap Inc. stores, including Banana Republic, Gap, and Old Navy locations in the greater Philadelphia area. Over ten weeks, 25 students and recent alumni worked in nine stores gaining real-world work experience, with supplemental professional development training to build customer service and career decision-making skills.

Many YouthBuild graduates who go on to enroll in college matriculate into CCP courses or get their start in YouthBuild Philly’s dual enrollment program, which enables advanced students to complete college-level or introductory classes while enrolled at YouthBuild. We have increased programming to expose students to CCP’s campus life, including dodgeball tournaments and group trips to CCP basketball games.

In addition, we have partnered with several food service and retail companies - Gap, Starbucks, Saxbys, Insomnia Cookies, ShopRite & more - to share best practices in hiring, training, and retaining opportunity youth.


PowerCorpsPHL is a City of Philadelphia initiative that enrolls young adults as AmericCorps members for six months and places them in city departments such as Parks & Recreation and Water. In the classes of 2015 and 2016, 20 YouthBuild graduates chose to continue their AmeriCorps service through PowerCorpsPHL, and several have found jobs with the City as a result.


To prepare young adults for long-term success, we support their transition into careers and college and follow up for a year after graduation. Here’s a typical two-year journey for the Class of 2016:

Training & Preparation Aug.2015- Jun. 2016

Bridge Experiences & Graduation Jun. 2016-Aug. 2016

Placement, Retention & Advancement Aug. 2016-Aug. 2017



02. Annual Report 2015-2016

03. 04. 05.


Once I was accepted to the school, my life immediately began to change. I went from being pessimistic to optimistic. Not only did I gain new friends but I gained a family and a safe haven, too. The school provided me with new skills and opportunities that would not have been made available to me if I was not a student... YouthBuild gave myself and many other young adults the second chance that we needed.



It sounds cliche to say it changes lives but it truly does. — Kelly Mitchell, ‘16 Speaking before the Philadelphia School Reform Commission 05



Completion of two LEED-targeted renovations on Wingohocking Street Student-led tours of the Wingohocking homes President Harker meets with YouthBuild Students Students serve at the Teens for Good farm Students attend a meeting of the Philadelphia School Reform Commission, which voted in May to renew YouthBuild’s charter.

Annual Report 2015-2016

2015-2016 HIGHLIGHTS

In June, we celebrated the completion of two LEED-targeted homes in the Nicetown section of Philadelphia. The adjoining rowhomes, both formerly abandoned, are now ready for sale to first-time, low-income homebuyers thanks to the efforts of three cohorts of Greenbuilding and Advanced Construction students and significant support from building materials manufacturer Saint-Gobain. We celebrated the completion with a ribbon-cutting ceremony that was attended by elected officials, our program partners, and community members. While we completed two major construction projects, we also broke new ground on two youth development initiatives: •

On the fundraising side, we launched a Student Support Fund, which directly addresses the poverty-related challenges our students face, such as housing instability and food insecurity. We are excited to leverage the generosity of our community to help our students achieve stability and focus on long-term goals like education and employment. In December, the Annie E. Casey Foundation announced that a coalition of Philadelphia organizations would receive nearly $1 million in funding over the next four years to address youth unemployment in the city, alongside other coalitions in cities across the country. YouthBuild is a non-funded core partner in Generation Work, and will collaborate with the JOIN Collaborative, 119C, and Philadelphia Youth Network to improve job prospects for young adults in the city.

In November, the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia’s President Patrick Harker visited YouthBuild on a day-long tour of workforce development programs in the region and spent a morning meeting with students to learn about the challenges of youth unemployment and the opportunities offered by programs like YouthBuild. Harker has since shared this experience and his reflections on opportunity youth in multiple speeches and statements, and we are grateful to him for bringing our students’ voices into the policy and business arenas. Finally, we were excited to go through the process of working with the School Reform Commission to review and renew our public school charter for another five years. We were one of the first charter schools to open in Philadelphia in 1997 when charter school laws were passed in Pennsylvania and are proud to still be a public school with a specialized mission of serving out-of-school youth twenty years later. The School Reform Commission voted unanimously in favor of renewing our charter.


Annual Report 2015-2016

DONORS 2015-2016 $1,000 + Ravi Acharya & Simran Sidhu

Andrea Gadson & Derik Gadson

Tate Brian & Donna McNeill

John Andrew Gallery

Meredith & Martin Molloy

Robert Auritt

Raymond & Mary Glenn

Sam Olshin

Regina Austin

Margaret Gordon & John Peterson

David & Valerie Paul

Marty Brigham & Harriet Rubenstein

Linda Greiner

Sylvia Rivera

James & Pamela Hill

Libbie Schock

Timothy Daniel

Bill & Jennifer Horrocks

Jared & Julia Farbman

John Kalina

Kevin Stauffer & Jeanean Mohr

Scot & Shelly Fisher

Millard Lawrence Jr.

Howard Steinberg

Susan T. Gallagher

Catherine Leffler

Anne T. Synnestvedt

Christopher Gee

Joanne C. & James Lewers

David Thomas

Ms. Lianne A. Hartman

Bill & Kristin Martin

Mr. Aravind Immaneni

Todd Marzolf

Gail Tomassini & Bill Tomassini

John Keith

Laura T. McHugh

Scott Lillis

Christopher Pappo

Diana Martin

Shannon Phillips

Jennifer Marzolf

Ms. Judith Smith


Laurence G. Mason

Peter & Kathleen Smith

Patricia Alexander

Michael McPhilmy & Nadine Lomakin

Paul Stead

Chip Alfred

Mark & Andrea Strockis

James Anderson

Howard Berger

A.R. Raymond III

Sangeeta Tyagi

Fernando Mendez & Ellen Roxanne Tillman Hutton Laurie Zierer & Dr. George Tzanis James & Deborah Mergiotti

Jason Apfelroth

Donald Miller

Trean Bock

Jim Multari Nathan Norstrud Manly & Vikki Parks Stephen & Liz Raynes Claire Robertson-Kraft Stephen Schoch Ms. LaWanda Sheppard Kiley Smith Kelly Mr. Robert Totaro Doug & Linda Weidman


$250+ Haresh Assumal Mary Denise Bailey Ann Baruch Terry L. & Cheryl F. Berry David J. Comroe Roy & Mary DeCaro Rose DiSanto & Stephen Starnes Sr. Kelly Elizardo Alfred Essandoh Matthew Fisher Kristen Forbriger Dugan

Melody Blanchford & John Rebekah K. Gallant Maggard Devin House Charles Demaio

Natalie Husick

Denise DiMascio

Devin Kato

Charles Esser

Melanie O. McCottry

Anthony Fullard

Gerald McHugh & Maureen


Azavea Bill Baig Laura Blau Steve Boschi Lester & Barbara Bowen Lakisha Bullock Jules Burnstein Grace Cannon Sarah Carlson Mary Beth Casey Michele Celona Harrison Chizik Rafael Dos Santos Christo Patricia Conforti Kent & Lisa Cooper Jenith Damasco David Smith & James Fitzgerald Sarah Davis Gina Demaio Domenic D’Ginto

Doug & Stephanie Ellis Celise Feller Joseph Matthew Ferrara Ellen & Robert Fischer Alexander Fossi Janna Freiman Cassandra Gafford Christopher Gahn Richard N. Gitlen Sandra H. Gonzalez-Torres Mr. Harold I. Goodman Dennis Gordon Susan Gordon Andrew & Amanda Gundling Meredith J. Habbershon Christopher Heard Paula Heard Charles & Tracy Hehmeyer Joan M. Hill

Sarah Hollister

Akil Marsh

Erin Horvat

Allison McCool

Raymond & Donna Imperato

Eugene McGurk, Jr.

Tahirah Jones

Steven McPhilmy & Beth McPhilmy

Adesanya Karade

Kevin McKone

Shane Kent

Bimal Mehta

Josh Kerner

Stephen Morley

Ben Kessler

Beth A. Muller Dove

Thomas & Anne Kohn

Stephen Nicastro

Mengistu & Stacy Koilor

David & Susan Nicholas

Lois Kraft

Mr. & Mrs. Floyd L. Parks

Rue Landau

John Parsons

Suzanne Landau

Christina Pascucci

Laina Latta

Laurene & Tom Peterson

Khalilah Lawson

Justine Philyaw

Nadine Lomakin

Linda A. Pierson

Burton MacLean & Charlotte MacLean

Rebecca Reed Scott & Maureen Reichard






Annual Report 2015-2016

Celestine Richardson

Kathy & Emory Van Cleve

Chenard & Dionne Cherilus George Jenkins

Allison Myers

Linda Shultz

Alejandra Rivas-Mintz & Gary Mintz

Ron & Toni Walker

Jura Chung

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Steven Page

Kevin Smith

Alexa Williamson

Catherine A. A. Chute

Emily Kovich

Molly Perez

Dennis Stein

Rachel Rong

James M. & Susan M. Wolfe George & Mary Cooper

Laurie Leas

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Stephanie Streets

Sarah Rottenberg & Brett Jason Yucis Schaeffer Diane Zilka

Alexander Cornell

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Jennifer Raphael

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Mike Sack Jeffrey Saperstein Michael Scott Alan Silverstein Matthew Soule David & Lauren Stasie

$50+ Andy & Genny Allard Naomi Alper Barbara Batten Veronica Becker Zakiyyah Boone

Jeffrey Booth Nate Stuhlmiller & Lindsay Maria J. Bras Cook Jacob Brigham Megan Swaim Rachel Broder Martha Todd Kevin Cafferky Zurrell Toney Aundrae & Sheila Cassell Mr. & Mrs. J. Burt Totaro Erika Marie Starr Celley Jenny Tsang

Jessica Wright


Annual Report 2015-2016

WHY STUDENTS LOVE YOUTHBUILD PHILLY They motivate you to get things done. - Jose ‘16

I have a whole different mindset now from coming to YouthBuild. -Khalil ‘16

YouthBuild is the best. They help you with everything - college, work, certifications...YouthBuild is fun, but it’s also preparing you for college and preparing you to be a young adult and professional at the same time. -Kachae ‘16

It makes me feel like I’m wanted somewhere. They make me feel like I want to achieve something in life. Me, I was never good at reading. And here I had a lot of help, and I got better. I went from a fourth-grade reading level to a ninth-grade reading level. -Michael ‘16

I love the work that I do, I love going to school every day, I love getting my hands dirty, I love the community service, I love helping people...It’s a tremendous change in me. I’m so happy to be the person I am now because of YouthBuild. - Sabrina ‘16

Even after you graduate, they still look out for you to make sure that you have everything you need to succeed like finding a job or getting into college. - Christian ‘15

Before I came to YouthBuild, I had no plans on making it to 21 years old. I’m 21 days away from turning 21 and I’m excited about that. YouthBuild has helped me focus on myself more professionally and personally than anything in my life, and it’s taking me places. -Aineias ‘15



Annual Report 2015-2016

2015-2016 Corporate, Community and Foundation Support

Alpha Phi Omega (U of Penn) Atkin Olshin Schade Architects* Berwind Fund LLC BMC Benefit Services* DMi Partners, Inc. EY* Gap, Inc. GlaxoSmithKline JP Morgan Chase Lenfest Foundation Lindsay Insurance Group* Philadelphia Center for Architecture* Philadelphia OIC* Raynes McCarty* Ross Stores, Inc. Saint-Gobain* Sneaker Villa Inc. The Starbucks Foundation TD Bank GenNext Universal Companies Walmart Wharton Charity Fashion Show White and Richardson Trust Young Friends of YouthBuild Philly Your Part-Time Controller* *2016 sponsors of YouthBuild’s “A Blueprint for a Green Future” fundraiser


Annual Report 2015-2016


African American Chamber of Commerce Big Picture - El Centro de Estudiantes CareerLink City of Philadelphia, Mayor’s Office Councilman Allan Domb Councilman Derek Green Councilman Kenyatta Johnson Councilwoman Cindy Bass Dornsife Center for Neighborhood Partnerships, Drexel University Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce Greater Philadelphia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Impact Services JOIN Lindy Center for Civic Engagement, Drexel University PA State Senator Shirley Kitchen Philadelphia OIC Philadelphia Wooden Boat Factory Philadelphia Works Philadelphia Youth Network SpeakUp! Starbucks Students Run Philly Style United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey Urban Affairs Coalition U.S. Department of Labor Villa YouthBuild USA

HOME REHABILITATION CertainTeed Diamond Tool Duron Paints East River Bank Finanta George F. Kempf Supply Co. Home Depot KAJ General Contractor Kramer Marks Architects New Deal Lumber Nicetown CDC Northeast Building Products Philadelphia Housing Authority


Philadelphia Housing Development Corporation Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority Provision of Grace World Mission Church Roy Sims Plumbing & Heating Saint-Gobain South Philadelphia Homes CDC Universal Rehab West Chester Insulation West Supply Center


Community College of Philadelphia Empire Beauty School Peirce College Temple University Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology

POSTSECONDARY TRAINING & RESOURCES Campus Philly Empire Beauty School Graduate! Philadelphia PhillyGoes2College The Workshop School - Cars from the Heart

uAspire Year Up Professional Training Corps Philadelphia


ArtWell Athletic Recreation Center The Attic Youth Center Books Through Bars Boys & Girls Club of Philadelphia Broad Street Ministries BuildaBridge City Year of Greater Philadelphia Colours Cradle2Grave Dr. Ethel D. Allen Elementary School Family Planning Council Free Library of Philadelphia Global Citizen Habitat for Humanity ReStore Hope Partnership for Education Hope Charter School The Joy of Sox MANNA Maternity Care Coalition Mayor’s Office of Civic Engagement and Volunteer Service

Annual Report 2015-2016


MLK Recreation Center Mothers in Charge Mural Arts Program National Multiple Sclerosis Society One Step Away Opport-UNITY Our Brothers’ Place PennSERVE Philabundance Philadelphia Urban Creators Philly AIDS Thrift Philly Rising Project H.O.M.E. Rising Sons Rising Queens School of the Future SHARE Food Program Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission The St. James School Tree House Books Unity in the Community Universal Companies, Wellness of You Urban Creators Village of Arts and Humanities We Feed the Homeless Woodstock Family Center WOAR Youth Emergency Services

Achieving Independence Center The Attic Youth Center Child Care Information Services City of Philadelphia Office of Supportive Housing Covenant House Crisis Center Community Legal Services Community Behavioral Health Delaware Valley University Counseling Psychology Program Eastern University Counseling Psychology Department Educating Communities for Parenting ELECT Pregnant & Parenting Teen Program G.P.A.S.S. International Institute for Restorative Practices JFCS of Greater Philadelphia La Salle University Counseling & Family Therapy Department Mazzoni Center Pennsylvania Health Law Project Shalom, Inc. Sincerely Syreeta Sobriety Through Out Patient, Inc. Stephen Klein Wellness Center Temple University University of Pennsylvania Counseling Department Valley Youth House Young Legends Youth Justice Project


Aid for Friends Broad Street Ministries CertainTeed Clean Air Council Delaware Valley Green Building Council District 1199C Training and Upgrading Fund Duane Morris Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates Fairmount Parks Conservancy Finishing Trades Institute GlaxoSmithKline Graboyes Commercial Window Company Insomnia Cookies JEVS Kitchen Cred L.F. Driscoll, LLC

McGrann Insulation NAWIC - National Association of Women in Construction National Center for Construction Education and Research Omart Training, LLC Philadelphia Area Labor Management Committee/ BUILD-RITE Construction Industry Program Philadelphia Convention Center Philadelphia Fire Department Police Athletic League of Philadelphia SHARE Foods Smith & Solomon Solar States United States Green Building Council USLI


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Annual Report 2015-2016

We believe long-term success takes mental toughness. We teach our students to value commitment, high standards, and hard work.

Dear YouthBuild,

Thank you for all the opportunities you have provided for me. I appreciate you all for showing me that education is important, along with all the motivation you have given me. Also, thank you for showing me how it feels to be a team player. The influence you have been to me has allowed me to want to go to college. Thank you for surrounding me with positive people and positive vibes. I didn’t acknowledge the things you guys taught me when I first came here. I really appreciate you all for showing me how to speak with purpose, and supporting my goals. Because of you all, I feel confident that you all have taught me all the necessary things I need to know for life. You guys showed me there’s more to life than just sitting around and waiting for something; if you want something, go get it and protect your dreams and goals. Thank you YouthBuild.

Sincerely, Marcquita Class of 2016


Annual Report 2015-2016

2015-2016 Financials Revenue and Support Contributions


Government and other grants


Receipts from Philadelphia School District


Construction Revenue Interest Income Miscellaneous Total Revenue and Support

93,903 398 47,121 6,794,277

Expenses Program Service - Education


Supporting services Management and General




Total expenses


Net Assets Excess of Revenues over Expenditures


Net assets at the beginning of the year


Net assets at the end of the year



Annual Report 2015-2016  
Annual Report 2015-2016