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We knew that we wanted to have a fall wedding in Florida and Sandestin was able to make my wedding vision become a reality.

The majority of our wedding guests would be from out of town, and we loved the idea of everyone staying within walking

distance of each other. Being able to walk to the ceremony, and walk from the ceremony to the reception, and being able to walk from the reception back to their rooms or out to celebrate a bit more in Baytowne was perfect. Everything was on the resort which made working through logistics so easy and since each of the venues had its own vibe it didn’t feel impersonal.


We wanted our wedding to be a reflection of our Florida and Tennessee roots; to see the beauty and cohesion that marriage brings

combining two families and upbringings. We wove our history in our wedding details including a heritage table with family wedding photos, wedding koozies with the Tennessee Tri-Star inside the state of Florida, vintage invitation stamps featuring images from the Tennessee Valley Authority and the Florida Everglades, Tennessee Tri-Star cufflinks for Rob, oyster place cards as an ode to my Florida childhood, and black calla lilies (Rob often brings home black calla lilies for me). Our wedding cake

topper was a 100-year old Christmas ornament (two bridal turtledoves) passed down to me from my grandmother. Guests

received Jack Daniels and Goo Goo Clusters, an homage to our life together in Nashville. We set up Mario Kart for guests to play at our welcome party as we both enjoyed the game as children and even play together now.


We woke to a picture-perfect 760 Florida Autumn day. Like all weddings, our morning was filled with preparations, photos, and

laughter. For our presents to each other Rob had commissioned an artist to paint the road where I grew up while I gifted Rob

with historic maps of his family home. For the ceremony, we asked each of our parents to speak because it was important to us to be married by the four people that taught us what a great marriage could be, and perhaps most importantly, they had taught

us how to love and be loved in return. Following the ceremony, the party started on the Grand Lawn where guests enjoyed outdoor lounges, cocktails, a cigar bar, family style dinner (in keeping with the theme), and speeches. My dad, Rob’s brother,

and my sister gave speeches evoking tears, laughter, and even had a surprise PowerPoint complete with photoshopped Game

of Thrones references! We rounded out the evening with live music and LOTS of dancing. Thank you to everyone at Sandestin who helped us make our vision come to life!

Contact our Weddings Manager at 850.267.6736 or visit to begin your wedding planning today.

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COVER: A stunning bridal gown from the White By Vera Wang collection featured at David’s Bridal.

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A wedding at The Estate at Cherokee Dock offers an unforgettable experience for the bride & groom-to-be, as well as their guests. We are Middle Tennessee’s premier wedding venue for those looking to host ceremonies and receptions on a privately gated 13+ acre waterfront estate on Old Hickory Lake in Lebanon, TN. We offer multiple spaces as the perfect backdrop to your wedding - including overnight accommodations for you and the entire wedding party!





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Dear Readers, Welcome to our second edition of Distinctively Southern Wedding! Although we are still in our infancy with it as a stand-alone magazine for bridal, we have been very excited by the reception we have received for producing a content based publication specifically geared towards the middle Tennessee bridal industry. Real content is the backbone of our publishing history and we want to always maintain that standard with DSW. This industry is always evolving. It’s always beautiful, it’s always romantic and it’s always full of wonderful sights, sounds and opportunities to showcase stunning food, venues, florals, gowns and more. We all love working on bridal content and features because, well, it’s all so pretty and full of joy isn’t it? And we know there is an endless abundance of bridal businesses, local wedding stories, incredible advertisers and everything bridal in between - to fill page after page! We will also be launching our Distinctively Southern Wedding website for 2019, where brides can find ongoing information all year round. And we

look forward to publishing a spring and fall issue next year too. We believe in the overwhelming quality of our product and the businesses who have supported it thus far. To all of them, we say a very heartfelt thank you. As we continue to grow and develop this product into everything we envision, let us know your vision too. What would you like to see in your local bridal magazine? What stories do we need to know about? What new and exciting wedding news have you heard about and wish to share with our readers? We hope you will contact us and give us your input and ideas. Cheers to beautiful weddings and radiant brides and timeless love stories. Shelly Robertson Birdsong Publisher

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How to Craft a Holiday Proposal BY PAIGE ATWELL

With the holidays coming up, there are so many ample opportunities to plan the perfect proposal. From family events and parties, to holidays themselves, there are numerous ways to pop the question. But if you want it to go smoothly, there are a few things you should do first. HAVE THE RING PLANNED This is, without a doubt, the most important aspect of any proposal, but especially a holiday one. You should know what kind of ring you’re getting, your budget and your spouse’s ring size. This is a big process, so don’t hesitate to ask for help! Reach out to your and your spouse’s friends and family, they will love being a part of the process! Once you have the ring picked out, you can move on to planning details for the big day.

See the latest wedding trends and find inspiration by following us on Instagram @distinctivelysouthernwedding and liking Distinctively Southern Wedding on Facebook. Don’t forget to share your distinctively southern wedding day with us too!

INSURE THE RING Now you have the ring, but accidents happen and you need to be prepared! When you insure the ring, it protects against damages, losses and gives proof of the full value. Some vendors even include cleanings in their warranties. Regardless of the shape or size, it’s important! PLAN AHEAD The more prepared you are, the smoother your day will be. Proposing can be nerve wracking, but when you know everything is in place and you have a plan, it makes you feel better and more prepared. Are you proposing at a venue? Coordinate with the staff to help. Are you decorating? Take inventory and make sure you have everything you need in advance.

Distinctively SouthernWedding 8

INCORPORATE ALL FIVE SENSES To make a great proposal, aim to include all five senses: sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing. Incorporating all of these will really set the mood and make for an unforgettable moment. It’s not as hard as you might think! Beautiful scenery or a cozy setting can give you sight, candles can give you scent, add some flowers or décor for touch, treats for tasting and music or your proposal itself will curate the hearing! ALWAYS KEEP THE RING ON YOU This one can be particularly difficult if you’re traveling. Once you have the ring, you want to keep it on your body at all times, especially if you live with your spouse. Don’t leave the ring anywhere they could find it. The only exception is if you’re flying. If this is the case, make sure you put it in your carry on; you don’t want airport security to ruin the surprise! THINK ABOUT BOTH FAMILIES The fun thing about a holiday proposal is that it’s a lot easier to gather friends and family that you want to be a part of the moment, especially if you’re doing it at a family event! How can you use this to your advantage? Again, don’t be afraid to ask for their help; just make sure it’s people you trust to keep the secret! DO IT SOONER, NOT LATER No matter when or where you choose to pop the question, you’ll probably be a little nervous! That’s exactly why you should do it sooner rather than later. The sooner you do it, the more time you have to enjoy the rest of the evening.


Marry Me

Fall in Love with



The engagement ring as we know it today, and the romantic traditions that surround it, are in large part the creation of world-renowned jeweler Tiffany & Co. Diamonds have long been an expression of affection and power. But it was Tiffany & Co. that turned these gems into the most exquisite and dazzling jewelry the world has ever seen. Tiffany’s insistence on absolute perfection produced diamonds of superior beauty. Each is a symbol that is worthy of true love and the promise of a lifetime of shared happiness together. With the introduction of the Tiffany® Setting in 1886, founder Charles Lewis Tiffany started a trend that grew into a cherished custom. This innovative setting lifts the diamond off the band into the light, maximizing the stone’s natural radiance. It remains the world’s most beautiful diamond ring and a popular symbol of true love, celebrated in literature, art and film.


Tiffany’s diamond standards are far more stringent than those established by the industry. The jeweler accepts only .02 percent of gem-quality stones, which are graded at the Tiffany Gemological Laboratory, one of few such facilities operated by jewelry retailers. The laboratory’s master diamond graders give individual grades for cut, color, clarity, carat weight and presence. In the process, other diamond reports are frequently overruled.

Distinctively SouthernWedding 10

These top-tier diamonds are placed in the hands of skilled diamond cutters who cut for brilliance, adhering to a strict geometric plan with exacting measurements, including precision of cut and symmetry. Together these factors give Tiffany diamonds their extraordinary presence: a breathtaking show of light, with utmost dispersion and scintillation created, when light enters the stone, reaching the perfectly positioned facets and mirrored directly back through the crown.


The selection and purchase of an engagement ring celebrates one of life’s most important moments, reflecting the love and commitment a couple has for one another. It is not only important to select a ring and diamond based on the popular 4 C’s, but on the “presence” as well. Particular attention should be paid to the precision of cut, the symmetry and the polish, which together influence the diamonds brilliance and overall appearance, as well as ethical sourcing methods. Remember to think long term. Engagement rings and weddings bands will last a lifetime and the style of it should reflect the taste and personality of the wearer. The possibilities are endless at Tiffany & Co., whether choosing a ring from our five icons or another of the many unique styles. Whichever it may be, know that by choosing a Tiffany & Co. diamond, you are selecting some of the most brilliant diamonds in the world.

strike a balance between period cutting, with an emphasis on line, and modern-style cutting, with an emphasis on brilliance. Tiffany Novo®, a brilliant cushion cut inspired by the faceting of the famed Tiffany Diamond, epitomizes style now and for all time, with every subtlety of chic and originality brought to stunning fruition. Set in a customized mounting of four sleek, tapered prongs, the diamond generates an extraordinary show of light. Tiffany Soleste® is a cushion modified brilliant diamond encircled by a double row of exquisite bead-set diamonds. And Tiffany Harmony is a round diamond in a tapered platinum setting that is coupled with a contoured wedding band of impeccable style. Additional masterpieces from Tiffany & Co. include Tiffany Legacy®, Tiffany Grace, Tiffany Bezet, Tiffany Etoile and Tiffany Embrace. To learn more and see more stunning designs, visit


In addition to the Tiffany Setting, there is the Lucida®, an exclusive diamond cut with a setting of clean, sensuous curves. The diamond’s square mixed-cut shape combines the classic elegance of a step-cut crown and a brilliant-cut pavilion. Together these two faceting styles

DISTINCTIVELYSOUTHERNWEDDING.COM The distinctively southern wedding resource for the Middle Tennessee Bride.

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Women fantasize about the day when they try on their dream wedding gown. To be prepared and make this awaited day run as smoothly as possible, consider these tips:

Make an Appointment: It is best to call ahead of time to guarantee you will have assistance finding your dress. Try to avoid the weekends when you can, it can be best to go during the weekday when it is less crowded.

Wear Heels to the Appointment: Bring heels of about the same height that you would most likely wear on your wedding day, that way you can truly imagine how the dress will look on the big day.

Shop with Enough Time: Generally, you should start browsing for a dress six months to a year before the wedding. That way, you have time to consider your options and can add in some buffer room if alterations need to be made.

Remember to Factor Other Items into Your Dress: Your budget for your dress may be $2,000 for example, but remember you’ll have extra expenses on top of this for your whole look. You may need alterations and you will need to factor in the cost for shoes, a veil and any other accessories you plan to have.

Don’t Try on a Dress Outside Your Budget: You know you are going to fall in love with it… so do not be tempted in the first place, do NOT try it on!

Keep an Open Mind: It may not look like your style, or maybe it looks a little odd on the hanger, but you never truly know what the dress looks like until you try it on.

Decide Carefully on Who You Want to Bring: Consider bringing a small group of three to five people – mother, mother-in-law, siblings or best friends. Having too many people there might drown out your thoughts and you may end up with no decision on a dress.

Visit Sample Sales or Trunk Shows: On a budget? You may score that dream dress with a pretty good discount. Bring a good crew and be prepared to scour the hangers quickly.

Read the Fine Print: Before you dot the I’s and cross the T’s, make sure you review the contract carefully. You’ll want to have a number of things written down so you are prepared – write down your measurements, price of gown, size, date of delivery, designer and the deposit amount.

Buy a Dress that Fits Now: You may be focused on losing pounds before the big day, but your body won’t drastically change too much in that time frame. It’s also a lot easier to take a gown in than it is to make a small-dress work. You want to be comfortable and look flawless in your dress!

Here Comes the Bride


The Dress Whether it be a princess ball gown, a classic white, a splash of elegant color or something sleek and fitted… Here are bridal looks that will make you feel stunning on your special day. All of these gowns featured are from the White By Vera Wang collection and can be found at David’s Bridal locations in middle Tennessee.

Organically placed lace appliques float atop the modern design of this illusion neckline wedding dress from White by Vera Wang. The chantilly lace trumpet gown is shaped by airy godets on the skirt, and the look is finished with a keyhole back. Style VW351427

A romantic look with unique touches. An organic pick-up of textured organza adds an unexpected detail to the skirt of this classic ball gown. The illusion neckline and cap sleeves feature delicate lace appliques. Style VW351315

Distinctively SouthernWedding 14

For the bride who wants to wear a touch of color. The exclusive ombre tulle on this sweetheart ball gown wedding dress is inspired by the pearls found inside conch shells. Hand-draping adds gorgeous texture to this gown. Style VW351322

A vintage-inspired take on the White by Vera Wang aesthetic, this fitted sheath gown features long, flared, bell sleeves and a plunging, squared-off neckline. The gown ties at the neckline and has a low, square open back. Floral appliques trail down the entire length of the gown, creating a look perfect for the modern bride. Style VW351428

Distinctively SouthernWedding 16

Effortlessly chic and modern. This veiled lace, short sleeve sheath wedding dress is thoughtfully detailed with corded lace and delicate organza flowers. A bias-cut charmeuse slip is layered underneath. Style VW351312

Distinctively SouthernWedding 18

This White by Vera Wang A-line gown features embroidered macrame lace over organza, inspired by Vera’s own couture bridal collection. The lace floats over an illusion bodice, while the pleated skirt creates soft volume. A removable grosgrain sash finishes off this delicately detailed gown. Style VW351400

Distinctively SouthernWedding 19

This White by Vera Wang ball gown features embroidered macrame lace over organza, inspired by Vera’s own couture bridal collection. The lace floats over an illusion bodice, while the pleated skirt creates soft volume. A removable grosgrain sash finishes off this delicately detailed gown. Style 8VW351339

This romantic White by Vera Wang wedding dress offers a fresh take on Vera’s modern aesthetic, featuring a high, illusion neckline and illusion racerback. Layers of embroidered, tossed flowers on the bodice and full, tulle skirt add an organic, airy touch to the entire dress. Style VW351426

Make a style statement in this modern-chic gown from White by Vera Wang. This gown, made for the bold, individualist bride, features a ruffled tulle skirt accented with organza rosettes atop a swagged underskirt. Finished with a corseted bodice of duchesse satin and organza. Style VW351411

Find these gowns and more bridal and wedding looks by White By Vera Wang at your local David’s Bridal or online at MIDDLE TENNESSEE LOCATIONS David’s Bridal - Franklin 1728 Galleria Boulevard Franklin, TN 37067 615.731.2721 David’s Bridal - Gallatin 2321 Gallatin Pike N. Madison, TN 37115 615.851.5454 David’s Bridal - Murfreesboro 2615 Medical Center Parkway Murfreesboro, TN 37129 615.904.2553

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Where Innovative Meets Elegance

HILTON FRANKLIN COOL SPRINGS 601 Corporate Centre Drive | Franklin, TN | | 615.771.1995

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Warm Colors With Metallic Accents While most people think of spring as the most popular time to get married, early fall is actually the most popular season to get hitched. Autumn offers cooler temperatures, ideal outdoor spaces and Mother Nature’s glorious colors in all of her splendor. Deeper and richer hues, a shift from the paler and softer tones of last fall, are what’s trending now. Brides are looking to create more of a “mood” than a color palette for the big day. Bohemian style weddings with floral crowns of burgundies, wines and deep greens are slowly replacing the rustic trends of years past. Earthy hues of vanillas, sages and cherries are popular colors this fall, while metallic accents of copper and rose gold are also seen in the most popular wedding stylists’ photos and blogs. Whimsical Signage In the early days of Pinterest, placing a foam core sign on a wooden easel with a display of flowers was the standard in wedding signage. Fast forward to the days of hashtags and Instagram advertising; descriptive signage now compares to a store-front window display in New York City. Gone are the days of pre-made signs you could order at the local print shop and trending are hand scripted, hanging or even signs installed from the ceiling. One of 2018’s top signage trends are the creation of large, circle signs adorned with cascading florals and scripted letters. This modern take on the classic square sign invokes a vintage or boho vibe popular for fall weddings. Self-standing or classic A-frame signage is also a popular option for signage and photo booths. Rose gold and copper frames are beautiful alternatives to the traditional wood frame, while swags of floral garland add the perfect accent for professional photos and selfies. A final trend in wedding signs this fall is the introduction of acrylic or Plexiglas signage. This light weight product can be created as a DIY project or ordered from professional sign makers off of Etsy. The light weight nature of acrylic allows for a variety of display options. Not only can you create a sign with cascading lights and florals to display on tables or easels, but you can also hang these signs from the ceiling without affecting the visual appeal of your venue. Hanging acyclic signs with white scripted letters and greenery are very popular options for farmhouse style weddings, but with minor changes, also compliment modern wedding venues as well.

Boho Floral Bouquets Many fall brides are loving the lush and beautiful greeneries of the season over actual blossoms that were popular in the past. Florist CarryAnn Misamore, owner of Fresh by CarryAnn, states, “This fall, we’ve enjoyed the trend of protea, hair crowns and full greeneries. Protea, more specifically, the king and queen varieties, have taken center stage with their bold and stunning beauty. Hair crowns are no longer just for the flower girls. We often design hair crowns for the bride and the bridesmaids too. Some of these are very detailed and full of flowers, while others are simpler with a mix of different greeneries.” Although rustic weddings are still popular, “Boho has moved in,” laughed CarryAnn. “It’s been a bold and moody fall and we are planning for this trend to continue into spring of 2019. We are seeing less eucalyptus and bolder floral choices to accent boutique and custom dresses.” To see more of CarryAnn’s beautiful work, visit Personalized Wedding Tosses The ancient tradition of throwing rice is a custom that dates back many centuries. Although the myth of rice being harmful to birds is false, many people are opting for more creative and whimsical options as a stylish alternative to tossing grain. Lining the exits with sparklers and streamed dowels are common send-off trends that have been around for several years. More imaginative ceremony tosses include paper airplanes for travelers or pilots, confetti guns and a lined pathway

Distinctively SouthernWedding 24

Black Tie of guests holding baseball bats for the sports enthusiast. Bubbles individually wrapped paper cones of flower petals and paper lantern send offs, perhaps in honor of someone who passed away, all are unique ideas that make for gorgeous photos.

Floral Design & Events

Dessert Bars Weddings aren’t just about the cake anymore. Creative drink and food stations are stealing the spotlight at stylish weddings this year. We’re not just talking about gourmet coffee bars or taco stations, but creative sweet spots that would make any baker proud. From rustic, homemade mini pie bars to towers of French macaroons, dessert buffets are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. Whether dessert bars are served alongside of a traditional cake or used as a modern-day alternative, candlelight donut stands, and multitiered layers of cupcakes are the perfect complement to any dinner menu. A few single layered tiers of the bride and groom’s favorite cake flavors also creates a beautiful and meaningful display on a table filled with fresh flowers, twinkling lights and textured fabrics. Flower Girl Dress Rental As the mother of seven children, I often cringe when thinking of the amount of money I have spent on formal dresses over the years. With five daughters who have been in multiple weddings, I have spent a small fortune on styling my daughters for special events. However, a new trend for weddings, regardless of season, is to rent flower girl dresses from fabulous online boutiques. Why buy a formal dress that a little girl will wear only once when there are so many beautiful options for rent? Rainey’s Closet, a boutique that I have used many times for my own events in the last year, rents gorgeous dresses and accessories for up to ten days. My favorite dress line, Tutu Dumonde, typically averages $225 per dress, but I have rented their brand at Rainey’s Closet for $40 for a five-day rental, complete with the $5 hair accessory. Where I normally would not spend $1,000 on dresses for my daughters, I can rent them for all of my girls for a fourth of the price. This concept also allows brides to shop better quality and higher-end dress lines without worrying about burdening the wedding party with the cost. Perhaps the most convenient part of renting dresses is that Rainey’s Closet provides you with a prepaid garment bag that you put the dirty dresses in and simply ship back. Later this month, my daughters and their cousins are in a wedding and I already have pre-ordered seven Tutu Dumonde dresses with floral crowns of small wine-colored blooms…this is the way to style your flower girls! If you’re interested in dress rental, visit JENNY REIMHOLD

Styling Your Everyday Jenny is your new Styling Your Everyday contributor. She will bring to you design and entertainment tips from her years of experience. Connect with @jennyreimold on Instagram or at

Exceptional Floral Designs For Any Occasion Full Service Floral Business 615-461-7701 967 Grassland Place Suite G | Gallatin, TN 37066 M-F 9-5 & Sat 8:30-12

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3 Steps to Finding the Perfect Wedding Venue BY CJ DICKSON

As a venue owner and wedding planner, I meet with couples every day who are very stressed about finding the right wedding venue. To help make the selection process as easy as possible while still having fun along the way, I am sharing my three-step process to finding the perfect venue for your big day. STEP 1: GET ORGANIZED Before you schedule your first venue visit, do a little bit of homework and get organized. This will go a long way and help you keep your priorities and budget in line. It’s important to have three key pieces of information in place: • The Guest List • Wedding Date(s) • Budget Yes, I know, these are pretty big things and they require a lot of work. But they don’t have to be perfect at this point. Some of these things may change as you get further into planning. But before you start considering venues, it’s important to have ballpark ideas of the “who,” “when” and “how.” STEP 2: DO YOUR RESEARCH One of the great things about planning a wedding these days is how much information is available to you 24/7 online, but that alone can make the process seem overwhelming. Don’t stress! This is actually a good thing and by doing your research online first, you will save a ton of time in the long run. Start by visiting venue websites to see what appeals to you visually. Don’t spend too much time going into details at this point. You’re just looking for a vibe or sense of the space and what they offer. If you like what you see, pin or bookmark the venue in your

browser. You will be coming back in a few days to dig into more details. Try to have at least five venue options, but no more than ten. Once you have this list, it’s a good idea to share these with your fiancé to get their input. If there are any other key players in the planning process such as a close friend or family member, it may be helpful to share with them as well. However, I caution you not to invite too many cooks into the kitchen. One or two outside opinions from people you love and trust is really all you need. Now that you have a better idea of what types of event spaces might be a good fit, it’s time to dig into the details. Revisit the venue websites and look for the following: • Check availability • Check pricing • Look at photos - use the Google “images” tab to see more than just what the venue has on the website • Check reviews (sites like Google, Yelp, The Knot are an excellent sources of reviews). Based on the information above, there should be a handful of event spaces that start to look really promising. Take your short list to your fiancé or a trusted family member and discuss pros and cons of each. Give yourself a few days to discuss options and together, select your top three to five to visit in person. Pro Tip: Calling the venues on your short list can be the fastest way to check availability, as well as a great way to get a good feel for the personality of the people who work there.

Distinctively SouthernWedding 26

STEP 3: VISIT EACH VENUE I usually recommend visiting at least three venues, but no more than five because venue visits are really time consuming! With drive time and the tour itself, you are looking at, at least a few hours of your time per visit. It can also become overwhelming to visit a lot of spaces. Details start to blur together and those feelings of overload will start to creep in. Pro Tip: Many venues are not available for tours on the weekend due to their event schedules. If you can find a way to visit on a weekday, you can usually get in much faster and have the undivided attention of the sales manager. Don’t forget to have some fun with the venue visits. Make it like a date rather than a chore. When couple’s schedule a visit at my venue, CJ’s Off the Square, I always suggest that they grab a drink or a bite to eat at one of the nearby restaurants in downtown Franklin immediately after. This gives the couple time to stay connected throughout the planning process as well as to discuss the pros and cons of the space they just visited. Once you have visited at least three spaces, you should have a good idea of which venue is going to be the right fit. Run this past your key players one last time and if you get the green light, book that perfect venue right away! CJ DICKSON

Owner/Creative Director of CJ’s Off the Square CJ enjoys traveling around the world, learning and speaking about weddings. She lives in Franklin with her husband Andrew and two fur babies, Willoughby and Tara. When not watching PBS or reading wedding blogs, she is probably on the patio sipping a margarita and dancing to 80’s music with friends.

I Do

J U LY 1 4 , 2 0 1 8 Eric Blackwood is a Franklin native and Amy Boorsma is from McHenry, Illinois. They began their courtship in July of 2016. Two years later, the two said their vows at one o’clock in the afternoon on July 14, 2018, surrounded by loved ones at the historic First United Methodist Church in downtown Franklin. This historic church set the stage for a very beautiful, very traditional ceremony led by former pastor, Lynn Hill. The sun shined brightly as the large wooden doors of the church opened to introduce the couple for the first time. Wedding photos of the newly married couple immediately followed the ceremony. Flower girl Annabelle Marie Boorsma (daughter of the bride), was also a sweet addition to the beautiful wedding photo taken by Thomas Hooke (Uncle of the groom). The bride and groom could also be seen taking wedding photos throughout the downtown Franklin area, one of which included the Lotz House, located close to the church. The reception was held at Annie Acres in Nashville for close family and friends. The newly built barn is owned and operated by Kelly and Robert Albright. The property is neatly tucked away on a wooded hill on the west side of Nashville. The wedding reception guests danced well into the hot summer night and the party ended with a delicious strawberry and vanilla butter cream wedding cake for Amy and a chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting topped with ganache and Reese’s Cups for Eric. Both cakes were masterfully made by Adrianne Blackwood (sisterin-law to the groom). The newly wedded couple said goodbye to their friends and family as they were sent off in a spray of white sparklers. They were quite exhausted as they jetted away to their honeymoon in Puerto Vallerta, Mexico.

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Tips for Planning a New Year’s Eve Wedding BY KRISTA EHRET

New Year’s Eve is such an exciting time of renewal and anticipation for the upcoming year. It’s easy to see why it’s one of the most popular holidays on which to plan a wedding. While a fun idea, a holiday wedding can be tricky. Here are some tips to consider as you prepare for your New Year’s nuptials. SEND OUT SAVE THE DATES If you’re in the planning stages for a 2019 wedding, then this tip is for you. A save the date card is typically optional. However, if you are planning your wedding on any holiday or holiday weekend, it’s best to give guests as much of a heads-up as possible. I would send these out about eight months before the big day, and then follow up with the formal invitation about two months out. LOOK AT THE BUDGET Your New Year’s night to remember is going to come at a price... literally. Venue spaces will consider this prime time and will charge as such. Vendors may or may not want to work. If they do want the business, they’re going to make it worth their while. To offset

the premium costs, your best bet is to pare down the guest list. START SEARCHING FOR VENUE AND VENDORS FIRST I know it’s fun to finally make your Pinterest wedding board public (you know you’ve been working on it in secret for years), try on dresses and browse honeymoon locations. Unless you want to get married in your living room, I suggest you get to booking. All vendors will be extra busy this time of year with private bookings, corporate events and personal engagements. Focus on venue, photographer and band/DJ first as these vendors can only do one event at a time. Next, start looking for the caterer, florist, rentals and cake. These guys will be busy as well, but they can manage multiple events on the same day. FUN AND FUNCTIONAL Chances are, this wedding isn’t going to happen at three in the afternoon, so you may have to think outside the box when it comes to your typical wedding timeline. Do you

want the party to end when the clock strikes midnight as a fun send-off? Or, do you want to keep things going into the night? Remember with a later ceremony time, you won’t have the daylight for post-ceremony photos, so you may want to do a first look earlier in the day. A cocktail reception with heavy hors d’oeuvres may be nice in lieu of a formal dinner, but you want to mention this on the invitation so that guests know to eat before they arrive. You also want to make sure your guests’ safety is taken into account, possibly at or at a hotel, so that no one has to drive or pay premium Uber costs. Don’t let the extra planning deter you from having your dream date. A New Year’s wedding will be super memorable and fun once you get the kinks worked out. KRISTA EHRET

The Lady Entertains From intimate dinner parties to huge annual events, Krista believes we can always find an excuse to celebrate. With a background in interior and event design, she loves bringing people together in a beautiful and welcoming environment.

Blue Tone Music is Nashville’s premier boutique booking and talent agency and the home of The Nashville Blue Tones, classical Blue Tone Chamber Players, and The Blue Tone Jazz Orchestra. BTM is a full service wedding music company. We provide ceremony musicians along with sound production and technicians, cocktail and dinner music, wireless mic for toasts, MC services for announcements throughout the evening, and of course, fun party music that will keep the dance floor full all night long! We love to listen to our clients. We know your wedding is a once in a lifetime event and our goal is to provide the perfect musicians and music to make your special day, truly something to remember. Every reception and ceremony is unique and the possibilities are endless. Create the perfect musical impression with Blue Tone Music. The nation’s finest musicians are just a click or call away!

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Love at First Sight...

Celebrate your love, laughter and happily ever after and exchange vows in an exclusive, private club setting with gorgeous views.

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Having a farm wedding means many things to many different couples. For some, burlap and the theme of “rustic” instantly comes to mind, and they get the idea stuck in their heads that a farm wedding means a very specific kind of wedding. Well, we at Allenbrooke Farms are here to tell you to leave any preconceived notions about getting married on a farm at the door and listen in to what we’ve got to say about the venue type that makes for one breathtaking backdrop for your best day EVER! We’ll start by saying Allenbrooke Farms is not just a wedding venue, and we bet we’re not the only farm with a story that goes far beyond its fields. Allenbrooke Farms is a certified organic farm that not only hosts beautiful weddings weekend after weekend, but our farm also feeds hundreds of families each and every week with its fresh produce. Much like we have to deal with slow rains that ruin our harvest, we have to deal with the ups and downs of weddings on the farm as well. When planning a farm wedding, there are certainly concerns you have to think of, such as combating the elements, ensuring the venue has all necessary, up-to-date amenities (like for purse hooks under the tables, of course), to make it comfortable for not only you but also your guests and making sure that the atmosphere goes beyond just the barn. Unfortunately, Mother Nature has her ways of showing up uninvited, but as long as you have a plan, you really have nothing to worry about! As a matterof-fact, some of the most stunning wedding photos we’ve seen taken here at Allenbrooke were the result of Mother Nature making an appearance (just like that second cousin does after they’ve already RSVP’d “no” but still expect a plate), and offering some amazing lighting. We ALWAYS have a backup plan no matter what and walk through every detail of plan B to ensure we’re ready to pivot the game plan in minutes. We wait as close as we can until it’s


go-time so we can make a decision and give our couples the closest thing to their dream day as possible! We’ve found in order to make this the most seamless experience for everyone, communication with all of the vendors involved is seriously the key to success! As far as making each wedding unique, we like to push the envelope a little. Whether that means bringing in a massive balloon installation in to be the backdrop of the sweetheart table, switching up statement pieces that range from huge

Distinctively SouthernWedding 30


floral hoops, to massive art pieces at the ceremony or even incorporating an animal from the farm into your wedding photos. The best thing about farm weddings is there is no right or wrong, and there’s no such thing as cookie-cutter. The way we look at each wedding is by taking the color scheme, the overall PHOTO BY KATHERINE JOY style and unique details special to the PHOTOGRAPHY personality of our couple, and think not about how we can make them fit the mold of a farm wedding, but instead think about what aspects of our barn can really help bring every detail of their day to life. The wooden walls lining the inside of the barn serve as a stunning blank canvas to help really make a couple’s color palette stand out since they aren’t competing with carpet or certain paint on the walls as one might in a banquet hall or other venue. We’ve had couples who want unique and modern with a chic color palette, and couples who have wanted to go the more elegant route. A few ways we’ve helped them accomplish that is through the ceremony decor, which we feel really sets the stage for the rest of the day or evening. The ceremony is the perfect place to WOW the crowd because it’s the entry point into the rest of the wedding. Not only is it the first time your family and friends lay their eyes on the couple for the first time, but it also serves as a peek at the rest of the reception’s vibes!

Enjoy that personal touch registering at The Registry

No matter what type of farm you say “I do” at, we’re here to tell you that you have the ability to make it uniquely you. Farms have such rich stories that often times go far beyond just a place to say “I do,” and at Allenbrooke Farms, love grows here.


Owner/Farmer Allenbrooke Farms Before Stephanie Allen became an organic farmer, she went to Art School, then owned her own interior design & home staging firm. For years, she hosted, planned and coordinated many events, parties, balls etc. These parts of her background have given her an advantage when designing and dreaming up this wedding barn. She has dreamed of this for years and thought of every detail, Stephanie knows events and flow and details and pretty! She knows this farm and got married right here at Allenbrooke Farms, and cannot wait to share this dream wedding barn and become a small part of your love story.


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Unique Fall Wedding Color Palettes


Fall is such a gorgeous time of year to have a wedding. Along with the crisper weather, we see richer menu offerings, cozier settings and gorgeous color palettes with rich jewel tones and warm neutrals. While working with couples to design their weddings, I always started with my color board. This is the basis for the overall design scheme and needs to be nailed down first to ensure the end result is cohesive. Plus, it’s a fun way to pull your ideas together and start making a clear path for how your big day will look! Here are three of my favorite color schemes for a lovely autumn vibe.

Distinctively SouthernWedding 32

I Do

AUGUST 18, 2018 As a nod to Scotch-Irish roots, a traditional Scottish bagpipe rang through the air playing Pachelbel’s Canon in D as Katie Newell and Miles McNulty said their “I-Do’s.” The ceremony took place in the Grassland Community at Bethlehem United Methodist Church on August 18, 2018. The groom’s long-time minister, Ryan Bennett, performed the nuptials, which included a handfasting ceremony using a Celtic-style braided cord. Katie’s gown was an ivory lace traditional fit with beaded details, complete with pearls passed down from her mother’s side. The bride also wore a snippet of Black Watch tartan fabric acquired during her parents’ fortieth wedding anniversary trip to Scotland. This tartan was woven throughout the décor, including stunning bouquets of peonies, dahlias and eucalyptus leaves. Bringing it all together were David Austin roses with a touch of blue thistle repeated in the boutonnières. Floral designer Tim Riffle also adorned the three-tiered cake with a stunning variety of live succulents. The reception was held at the Vanderbilt Legends Club. The couple used a repurposed whiskey barrel lid as an alternative to a guest book. The invited guests dined on a delicious chicken marsala and filet medallions provided by Vanderbilt Legends Club. The Bride and groom started off the evening with a first dance to Northern Wind by City in Colour. Wedding favors included a variety of homemade cookies by Katy Mc Confections Bakery and were sealed in monogrammed bags. The newlyweds left under a sparkling arch for their honeymoon, which was spent in Cancun, Mexico. They returned home to their recently purchased home in Hermitage. The wedding was coordinated by Events by Janie with photos by Alycia Edgeman Photography.



the wedding of your dreams



B U B B LY service that really pops

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S T O M P I N G R O U N D S R E S TA U R A N T & M A R K E T / B E L L S & W H I S T L E S

/ S PA B Y J W


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weddings can really make your wedding stand out. Pearls, lace and rustic venues are all great ways to get started. TRAVEL AND DESTINATION Sometimes we are most inspired by places outside of the norm. What better way to entertain your guests than to sweep them up in the elegance of adventure? From the romance of Paris and Rome, to the bright and warm ambiance of the Caribbean, you can’t go wrong with a destinationinspired wedding! HOLIDAYS Brides often feel inspired by their favorite seasons. The warm, rich hues of fall can leave for a stunning evening, while the bright, blooming moods of spring can make your day shine! There are several ways to pull nature into your big day.

When planning a wedding, it can be difficult to know where to start. Seeking direction, brides often turn to themes to inspire colors, décor and overall aesthetics of the event. But with so many options, how can you choose one? We’ve compiled a few of the most popular wedding themes that might help you get inspired! DISNEY From princesses and ballgowns, to magic and love, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Disney is one of the most popular themes for a wedding. Whether it be your favorite movie, character or Disneyland itself, the options are endless when it comes to Disney themes! BOOKS Nothing says romance quiet like being surround by the words of your favorite love story. Books are becoming an increasingly popular wedding theme. Not only can you pull decorative ideas from other decades, such as the glamour and opulence of Fitzgerald, but you can also use the books themselves to decorate. You can use them as centerpieces or cut designs out of the pages! VINTAGE When we think weddings, we sometimes automatically think of a modern, glitzy event. However, some prefer to take a more traditional approach. Pulling inspiration from vintage

Distinctively SouthernWedding 36

MOVIES Movies are great to draw inspiration from because they already give you a visual. You can pull colors, sets or even full scenes! Do you and your spouse share a favorite movie? This might be the perfect theme for you! HERITAGE Weddings are a time to embrace tradition, and using cultural influences are a great way to do so. What’s your family’s heritage? Does your culture have certain traditions, attire or décor? These are all influences that can be incorporated into your day and celebrate your heritage in the process!


Distinctive Weddings Refined romantic venue in a gorgeous, gated reclaimed limestone rock quarry at the border of Franklin & Thompson’s Station #notabarn TM

Trevor & Shelby Terndrup, married 9/8/17 Photo: Teale Photography Dress: Monique Lhuillier / The Bride Room Bouquet: The Bride..Shelby Terndrup Hair: Amelia Eason Makeup: Allie Corzine Groom’s Formalwear: Top Shop / Topman

Distinctively SouthernWedding

4520 Graystone Quarry Lane, Franklin • • 37

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Between Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s, the season of love and family is certainly in the air! What better time to plan your big day? However, when planning a wedding during this busy holiday season, there are a few things you should consider!

How to Have a Holiday Wedding BY PAIGE ATWELL

BOOK EVERYTHING EARLY Now that fall and winter are considered peak wedding seasons, vendors are often booked far in advance for both weddings as well as the usual holiday parties and festivities. If you’re having a holiday wedding, booking your vendors should be the first thing you do! The earlier you can secure everything, especially large expenses such as the venue, entertainment and caterer, the easier things will be on you (and your wallet), as you get closer to the big day.

CONSIDER A SMALLER GUEST LIST Again, the holiday months can be some of the busiest of the year for some people. Between Christmas shopping, holiday parties and busy work schedules, most people have busy schedules. If you’re having a holiday wedding, consider a smaller guest list. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing. A smaller guest list eliminates extra costs, wrangling in RSVP’s to get a proper head count and a lot of the overall stress that comes along with having a big wedding.

HIGHER PRICES When booking vendors during the holiday season, be prepared for higher rates. When it comes to businesses such as florists and caterers, this time of year is their busiest season, so expenses can often be escalated due to the extra hands it requires to fill orders. However, places such as venues could have higher prices due to lower booking rates. Help yourself out by planning in advance when possible and saving for higher costs, just in case. COORDINATE WITH FAMILY Family is arguably the most important to have included

in your big day. While the holidays are usually the time you see them most, it’s also one of the busiest, and you want to make sure everyone can attend! Start by making a list of family members that you absolutely want in attendance. Once you have that list narrowed down, you can begin tossing dates around and coordinating with them to make sure no one has any conflicts.


Holidays can be magical, and your wedding should be no different. Distinctively SouthernWedding 38

Holidays can be magical, and your wedding should be no different. While this might seem like a busy time to get married, it can also be one of the best! Take advantage of the holiday cheer and décor. Getting married around Thanksgiving? Incorporate fall colors into the mix. Is your date near Christmas? Pull in some of your favorite traditions to help make it an extra special day you won’t forget!



This is your day. Dream big.

Main Lobby

I Do

MARCH 3, 2018

Jon Lawrence proposed to Ashlee Owens on the beach in Charleston in 2017 and exactly one year later, on March 3, 2018, they said their vows sourrounded by family and friends. Ashlee and Jon’s appreciation for whiskey made it easy for them to decide on Chattanooga Whiskey Event Hall as the venue for their special day. The couple used bourbon “tasting notes” as the guideline for their wedding to celebrate their love for whiskey. The Event Hall is circular, with floor to ceiling windows showcasing a near 360-view of the Tennessee River and Appalachian Mountains. The wood used to build the bar and walls are made up of the original Chattanooga Whiskey bourbon barrel staves. They used used hundreds of simple, white candles, homemade centerpieces (thanks to their Moms!), and dramatic lighting to give the space a celebratory vibe.

Jon and Ashlee took a massive group photo in the barrel house to kickoff their reception. With their loved ones all around them and barrels of whiskey stacked high above them, the couple celebrated their lasting commitment to one another with a group “Cheers�! It was a beautiful way to collaborate their love for one another and their love for the spirit! Guests enjoyed the fun, rustic and warm atmosphere as well as celebrating the new bride and groom. They were sent off at the end of the evening with guests holding sparklers, making for a magical moment.

Distinctively SouthernWedding 41

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A Maid of Honor and Best Man’s to Do’s Before the I Do’s BY PAIGE ATWELL

If you’re a bride and groom, there are a plethora of things on your to-do list before the big day. It can seem a bit overwhelming, but truth be told, that’s what your Maid of Honor and Best Man are for. These are more than just titles; rather, it represents your role in the couple’s life and the one they want you to play on their big day. It’s the job of these individuals to make the lives of the bride and groom easier. Here’s how:

it low key and vice versa. Whichever way you celebrate, just make sure everything is planned and that they have a good time.

ATTEND FITTINGS Often times, the Maid of Honor and Best Man accompany the bride and groom to dress and suit shopping and fittings. It’s important to be a calming presence, and to give advice or suggestions, but only when asked. The priority is to be supportive. Whatever they wear, they should be confident, and that’s easy to do when they have you cheering them on!

LEAD THE WEDDING PARTY As much as brides and grooms typically love the people they choose to stand next to them on their big day, keeping a large group on the same page can be challenging. For this reason, the Maid of Honor and Best Man should be the leaders. Make sure everyone knows when and where to be at all times and that they keep a positive attitude!

ATTEND PRE-WEDDING EVENTS There are a lot of events leading up to the actual wedding, such as wedding showers and the rehearsal dinner. As the Maid of Honor and Best Man, it’s crucial that you come to these. Not only should you attend, but be sure to offer a helping hand wherever you can.

BE A POINT PERSON FOR GUESTS If you’ve ever been invited to a wedding, you probably know that guests typically have a million question. A great way to help the bride and groom is to be a point of contact for questions before and on the day of.

BE THE MESSENGER THE DAY OF Traditionally, the bride and groom avoid contact on the wedding day. This is the perfect opportunity to lend a helping hand. Stay in contact with the bride and

PLAN THE BACHELOR/ BACHELORETTE PARTIES This job does come with fun perks, such as planning the bachelor/bachelorette parties! You can also pull in help from the bridal party on this but be sure to consult the bride and groom first to be respectful of their wishes. If they want something low key, keep

groom and the wedding party to make sure everyone is there, ready to go! HAVE ALL VENDOR CONTACT INFORMATION The last thing you want on the wedding day is to have a stressed-out bride or groom. To help avoid it, make sure you have all vendor contact information before the day of. This ensures that if anything is missing or messed up, you know who to contact to fix it without having to bother the couple. BE A CALMING PRESENCE Weddings can be stressful, especially the day of. Getting everything and everyone in order can be chaos, and there is a lot that, unfortunately, you can’t control. However, no matter what happens, you can be a calming presence to help ease the bride and the groom. You’ll be surprised by how much that act alone can help. PLAY HOST During the reception, the bride and groom can be bombarded with people, photos and well wishes. It can be difficult for them to get to everyone. For this reason, it’s helpful for the Maid of Honor and Best Man to act as hosts. Show people to their seats, make sure they get food and thank them for coming! MAKE SURE ALL RENTALS ARE RETURNED Last but not least, tie up any loose ends after the big day. If there are suits, dresses or party supplies that were rented, make sure they get returned on time.

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Keeping Your Wedding Guests Cozy During the Cold Months

Your Day!


Fall is the most popular season for outdoor weddings in middle Tennessee. The leaves are changing, it’s typically not too rainy and there’s a refreshing chill in the air. However, we are still talking about Tennessee here, and the temperatures are notoriously unpredictable. If you’re looking forward to an autumn wedding, don’t fret. There are ways to keep your guests comfortable if that slight chill turns into a quick freeze. Keep your guests informed. Any time you are hosting an outdoor event, you should make your guests aware, preferably on the invitation, but at least on your wedding website. You can’t assume that they are familiar with the venue. I always felt sorry for the ladies who didn’t get the memo and were precariously navigating a woodsy trail in stilettos. This rule is especially useful when it’s very hot, or when there’s a chance it could be cold. Guests can select their outfits accordingly and will be more prepared for the elements. Show off that southern hospitality. Although we don’t always know the weather ahead of time, you probably have a pretty good idea of whether or not there’s a cold risk. Go ahead and gather some items that you can offer to guests as they arrive via a comfort station. Things like shawls, hand warmers, umbrellas or maybe even a hot drink that will help take the chill off. If you luck out and have a sunny and seventy-degree day, just keep tags on everything and return them. It’s always better to be prepared than scrambling around the day before. Have a tent on hold. Visions of a beautiful fall day are, of course, what we all dream about, but you still need to be prepared for the reality of the situation. If any part of

Your Vision, Your Style,

your wedding must be outside, you need to have a tent on hold. You put a nonrefundable deposit down and it’s secured in case you need it. Sure, its money spent on a gamble, but often times the tents are all booked if you wait until the week-of to try to rent one. The tents can also come with sides that snap on. This works wonders if a cold spell or rain hits. Free-standing heaters are another great rental option to keep everyone more comfortable. Offer comfort food and drink. When all else fails, make sure your menu offerings are season-appropriate. Get creative and think about what you and your future spouse enjoy on a cold, winter day. Appetizers should be on the heavier side such as bite size chicken and waffles, meatballs and charcuterie. For dinner, consider a create your own pasta or mac and cheese, fancy grilled cheese, meat carving stations, soup or a potato bar. No one is going to complain about a few extra carbs this time of year. Hot chocolate and cider stations are super cute, but they are often overlooked in favor of more traditional coffee and hot tea. Dessert ideas include cobbler, a selection of pies and seasonal small bites or traditional cake with heavier flavors, like peanut butter or caramel. A beautiful fall wedding can occur no matter what mother nature throws at you. It just takes a little foresight and creativity. You’ll thank yourself on the actual day if you plan for the worst while hoping for the best.

Gorgeous farm for outdoor weddings and events with southern charm and an elegant venue. Sit back and lounge around the beautiful “Rock Creek” pond, relax and watch horses grazing or enjoy the party and dance the night away. We offer All-Inclusive Wedding & Reception packages or let us create a “Custom” package specifically designed for you!

Rock Creek Farm 475 Dry Fork Creek Road | Gallatin, TN 615.451.6811

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How to keep your guest list from taking over! BY ANNA ROBERTSON HAM

Many brides and grooms will often reflect on their wedding planning and how fun some plans were... And how not-so-fun some of the plans were. One of those not-so-fun plans, often times, is the guest list. Something so simple can turn into such a dreaded experience for many brides and grooms. You must factor in your budget, catering, event venue, etc. On top of that, factor in the overall feel you want for your wedding - small and intimate or a big reunion bash. Regardless of what route you go, here are some tips to help you narrow down your wedding guest list:

Make an “A List” a “B List” and a “C List”

The “A List” is the easiest list to make. It will be comprised of immediate family you want to invite, the bridal party and their significant others and close friends (of the bride and groom not their parents’ close friends). The “B List” is comprised of good friends that you would like at your wedding, their significant others, extended family you are not very close to, co-workers you would like to have there and your parents’ close friends they would like to have present. The “C List” are those that you would like to invite but are not as important in attendance as the A and B listers. This isn’t to be insensitive, it is a simple fact. There are people in your life that, yes, you would like to share your important life events with - but at the end of the day, their presence isn’t as important as the others. These might be extended friends of your parents that you are not close to, friends of friends that you know and like, acquaintances you see often but are not close to, the childhood friend you grew up with but now only wish a happy birthday to each year, co-workers you are not very close with and so on.

Children or No Children

Decide now if children are allowed to attend and stick to your decision. This may be an easy decision for you… The more the merrier and kid-friendly mindset is great, but some prefer to keep it adults only with the exception

of the few children they choose to invite that are family or bridal party. This decision can, at times, cause friction and you will get a call from your dear Aunt Annie after she hears she can’t bring her tribe of seven ankle-biters to your elegant, black-tie, evening wedding. But, you know what? It’s YOUR wedding, not hers. Do not allow family or friends to dictate your guest list to appease what they want. Quite frankly, if someone tries to invite more than what was on their invitation or tries to make you feel guilty, then they are ill-mannered and probably will have a sour attitude about your entire wedding and should just sit it out. Make your invitations addressed clearly to those invited, eliminating the word “Family” or any other names other than those actually invited. You can even fill in the RSVP cards to reflect an “X number of seats reserved for you,” to clarify. If someone calls you to let you know they want to bring their kids, then simply say something like, “We have decided to keep it adults only due to budget or venue restrictions,” or “Our venue allows adults only,” and keep it at that. No further explaining is necessary.

Parents’ Guest List

Many feel obligated to allow their parents to invite whomever they want to the wedding, because maybe they are footing the bill or have made it out to be that it is not an option. This is a big one with wedding guest list problems… Parents overstepping their bounds. An easy way to avoid this is to determine a set number of invitations you will provide the parents to invite and that is it. So, for all of their extended friends that didn’t already make you’re A List or B List, this is where they can invite those people they want to come witness their child’s wedding. Remember the C List from earlier - these invites usually fall in here since they were not people you had planned to invite initially.

Plus One’s Are Not Mandatory Do not feel obligated to allow

Distinctively SouthernWedding 44

every single person invited to your wedding to bring a plus one, especially if you are extremely limited or maxed out with those important people on your guest list. Now, do extend the plus one’s to those that have spouses or significant others that are obviously important. But, we all have that friend who has the revolving door of new flames and you do not need to lose a seat to a plus one that they met three days ago. Those attending your wedding are attending to celebrate you and they most likely will know others in attendance and have a great time seeing them, as well and not feel the need to bring a date just for the sake of bringing one.

Do Not Feel Guilty

At the end of the day, you just need to breathe and remember this day is about you and your future spouse. Regardless of what other family members or friends say or feel - it is about YOU and YOUR soon-to-be husband or wife. Make sure to remember that and make sure others do too if they overstep and try to make you feel guilty. You know what you can afford, how many people your venue seats, what faces you want to see on the dance floor at the reception... So, get what YOU want for YOUR wedding. It is a special day and it should be just as you dreamed it would be.

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Buy, Borrow or Steal… But Don’t Ever Wear White BY ANNA ROBERTSON HAM

Listen up, ladies! This one is for you. Unless you are the one walking down the isle to your groom or you have been appointed to wear a certain color designated by the bride, then you are never, ever to wear a bridal color. This means: DO NOT WEAR White DO NOT WEAR Off-White DO NOT WEAR Cream DO NOT WEAR Ivory DO NOT WEAR Champagne DO NOT WEAR Blush or any similar colors

It has been a long standing rule of etiquette that women are never to try to outshine the bride on her big day. Wearing colors that a wedding dress could be is taking focus away from the one person in the room that should be wearing that color by traditional standards. This is not a thing of the past and if younger women are trying to imply it is, just wait until your big day. The dress is important. Huge. It’s a big part of your wedding. No one should be wearing the bride’s colors. You know why? Because they are not the bride.

Distinctively SouthernWedding 45

So, it doesn’t matter if the only dress you have in your closet is a shade of white, cream, blush or something of the like… Buy, borrow or steal another dress in a different color. I am not really endorsing theft here. However, I do want to emphasize the importance of wedding dress etiquette. Guests are there to celebrate the BRIDE and GROOM. So yes, what you wear should be appropriate. This is a simple rule of manners. So, if it’s not your big day, then don’t be that guest.

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Beauty for the Fall Bride BY JULIE JORGENSEN

Congratulations to all the brides-to-be! If you’re reading this, you’re likely in the throes of planning what you envision to be your dream wedding. There’s SO much to do, but make sure that you’re putting yourself on your list, because when you walk down that aisle all eyes will be on you! Let’s make sure you’re putting your best face forward pretty brides! No amount of paint will cover up a bad canvas, so make absolutely sure that you establish a solid skincare routine a few months before the wedding (or your bridal portrait session). A series of facials suited to your skin’s needs will do a world of good as well. I swear by dermaplaning every four to six weeks to get rid of dead skin and make all of my skincare products work better. A visit to the dermatologist could be in order if you suffer from acne or want to explore some of the more advanced options for sun damage, collagen production, etc. Plenty of water and sleep, as well as breaking a sweat on a regular basis, will also help your skin look its best. If there’s any way you can create room in your budget to hire a professional makeup artist for your big day, do so. Make sure to have a couple of trial runs prior to your wedding day to make sure you’re achieving the look you really want. Bonus points if he or she can do your hair as well! The look you choose is, of course, solely up to you, but don’t hesitate to take your dress, hairstyle, and flowers into consideration when choosing your makeup palette. I personally think that matte red lips that match bouquets of red roses looks stunning. Bright colors on the lips are actually a big trend for fall bridal beauty! That said, be mindful of that first smooch as husband and wife if you’re rocking a bold lip - you may want to hide a handkerchief in your bouquet. Smoky eyes have yet to go out of style, especially as the temperatures outside start to drop, but perhaps your wedding day isn’t the appropriate occasion to look like you’re going out downtown with your girlfriends. A muted smoky eye can be achieved with shades of plum, olive green or even navy balanced out with soft shades on the lips and cheeks. Make sure you have a makeup sponge or brush in your purse to ensure you don’t end up with specks of dark eyeshadow under your eyes, as smoky eyes are a little more high-maintenance. Should you want to amp up your look without going all-out with your eye makeup, play around with black eyeliner. Find a long-lasting formula, such as a gel or a pen, and experiment with a thicker-than-normal line around your eyes. Don’t make the upper and lower lines meet at either corner though, as that can make eyes look smaller. Keep eyeshadow to a minimum and apply pale, shimmery highlighter on the brow bones and at the inner corners. Regardless of which look you ultimately choose, frame those pretty eyes with defined brows that trend toward a fuller shape for a youthful look. Microblading is all the rage for filling in sparse brows. Consult with a brow artist who offers this service, to get the timing down if you’re considering it before your big day, as there’s some healing and potential scabbing involved.

It should go without saying, but a beautiful smile really is your best asset as you walk down the aisle. Plan a few weeks ahead if you’re going to whiten your teeth. I recommend the GoSmile capsules because they don’t cause sensitivity or require swapping out your regular toothpaste for a whitening formula. Stash some breath spray in your handbag, along with floss if something potentially-tricky like salad or spinach is on the reception menu. Let that smile shine forward as you emerge into wedded bliss, relishing all of the compliments on your big day! Cheers! Love, The Beauty Junkie

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Julie is our go-to gal for all things beauty - she scouts out the best deals and the best beauty tricks around. She treats readers to some hilarious insight into the world of what it takes to be fabulous!

Here Comes the Bride



If you think the time between slipping on the engagement ring and walking down the aisle goes by quickly, just wait until the actual wedding day. You’ll wake up excited that today is the day, then before you know it, your special day will have come and gone in a whirlwind of lace, dancing and smiling faces. Remember to stop and observe all the little details that will make your day unforgettable. Throughout the wedding day, you’ll be whisked about from changing rooms to the aisle to the dance floor in a heady blur of joyous excitement. At each of these moments, take a second to look around and take a mental snapshot to remember for years to come. You’ll want to recall how you and your bridesmaids laughed and bonded while getting ready. Your mother’s expression when she sees her daughter as a beautiful bride. The way the room looks and sounds before you start walking down the aisle. The first moment together as husband and wife. Watching your grandma out on the dance floor. Being surrounded by everyone you love in a scene of joy and togetherness. Your photographer will capture all of the big events that are easy to remember, but these sweet moments are fleeting. However, taking the time to focus on the smaller details will ensure that you’ll have little cherished memories to reflect on for a lifetime.

“Remember to stop and observe all the little details that will make your day unforgettable.”

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Happily Ever After Do you cherish the idea of the dress as an heirloom for future generations but don’t want to have a big gown stuffed in the back of your closet? Then consider creating a beautiful keepsake from the fabric of your gown. Your dress can be a part of your child’s future wedding in the form of a ring pillow, bouquet wrap, garter or even jewelry. Can’t wait that long to pass it down? Use your dress to create a special gift for your first baby, such as a Christening gown, blanket or a bassinet that will encompass the warm memories of two important moments in your life.


If heirlooms aren’t your style but you would still like a memento of the dress, consider repurposing the fabric. How exciting would it be to celebrate your first anniversary with custom lingerie made from your dress? Bring a little extra magic to your first Christmas as a married couple with a tree skirt or ornament made with the elegant detailing from your gown. You can even wear it again in a new way by altering it into a dress (with a matching clutch) that can be worn for dressy occasions. It could also be fun to pass on that fairy tale feeling of your wedding dress by making a princess gown for your little girl to play dress-up.


If your dress inspires your artistic side, stage a unique photo session that allows you and your dress to truly shine. Often called “Trash the Dress” photography, it isn’t really about destroying the dress as it is about juxtaposing its elegance in unusual settings to really take its beauty to another level. Taking a photo underwater allows your dress to take on a life of its own and can create a stunningly ethereal image. You could also photograph your dress while doing an activity that is special to you such as horseback riding, painting or frolicking on the beach or the snow. It’s a chance to relax, have fun, get creative and just be you!

Get Creative

Make someone else’s day shine a little brighter by donating your dress. There are many charities that will accept wedding gowns that are clean and gently used and pass them on to brides who need them. For instance, Wish Upon a Wedding grants weddings to couples facing serious illness or life-altering circumstances. Brides Across America provides dresses to military brides, while Brides Against Breast Cancer sells the dresses and donates the money to breast cancer-related charities. There are many more charities to choose from, so find one that is important to you and offer your dress to a good cause.

Donate It

What To Do With the Dress BY TRACEY STARCK

The vows have been spoken, the cake has been served, the memories have been made; once your special day has come and gone you are left with one question… what do you do with your wedding dress? Traditionally, the dress would be cleaned and preserved to be passed down to future generations or as a keepsake. While that is still an option, modern brides have several choices when it comes to giving the dress new life.

If you aren’t too sentimental about your dress, then reselling it is a great way to give someone else the chance to enjoy a dress they could not otherwise afford. There are several places online, in addition to consignment shops and bridal resell shops that will take your dress off of your hands and put money back in your wallet. Of course, you’ll need to have it cleaned and repair any minor tears, but a secondhand gown is a wonderfully affordable way to make another bride’s day that much more special.

Sell It

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Preparing for Wedding Day Disasters BY TRACEY STARCK

Envisioning your wedding day fills your mind with images of a fairy tale celebration bursting with elegance, love and joy. You probably didn’t picture aching feet, stains, headaches or an upset stomach, but unexpected little disasters can sometimes show up to wreck your special day if you aren’t prepared. Here are a few items you should have handy on your wedding day to ensure you have a blissful day. COMFORTABLE SHOES Yes, those sparkly stilettos are breathtaking but blisters and a limping bride are not. Bring an alternate pair of shoes that are cute, comfortable and dance floor ready to change into after the ceremony so you’ll be focused on the fun, not your feet. FIX-IT KIT Fix tears, buttons and loose clothing in a jiffy with a sewing kit that includes sewing needles, safety pins, scissors, hem tape, thread in several colors and a lint roller for the finishing touch. Clear nail polish can fix a run in tights and super glue can repair almost anything that breaks. All that wedding day fun can often lead to spills and stains. Having a stain removal pen can save the day and white chalk can be used

to help hide stubborn stains. It’s a bit extra, but a steamer can keep the bridal party looking sharp for photos by eliminating last-minute wrinkles. MINI-MEDICINE CABINET Excitement, nerves and the delightfully hectic energy of your wedding day can bring on a myriad of aches and pains. Be sure to bring pain relievers, pepto tablets and antacid, blister treatment, Band-Aids, feminine products, deodorant, sunscreen and bug spray for outdoor weddings, allergy medicine, tissues and hand sanitizer. Don’t forget to have a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash and breath mints for that, “you may kiss the bride” moment. BEAUTY EMERGENCIES You’ll have no doubt that your bridal look is perfection when you have a whole arsenal of beauty products at the ready. For your hair, you’ll want a hairbrush and comb, hairspray, bobby pins. Your makeup essentials should include your favorite lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, foundation/powder and lip gloss. Some extras should include tweezers, baby powder, makeup remover, blotting sheets, nail clippers and file, spare underwear and hose/tights, moisturizers and perfume.

THE LITTLE EXTRAS Be ready for anything with these extras. Bring stain-proof snacks and water to keep your energy up. Straws can prevent your lipstick from smearing and reduce spilling risks. Have your maid of honor keep a list of your wedding vendors along with a contact name and phone number in case there are any issues that need to be resolved immediately. It’s also good to have a few phone charges around to make sure everyone’s phone lasts for the whole event. Don’t forget to customize your emergency prep kit for your own unique needs such as your favorite music or tea to keep you relaxed. Now you’re ready to walk down the aisle feeling carefree and looking flawless!

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How to Keep Children Entertained at Weddings BY JENNY REIMOLD

While it’s crucial to remember that children develop in stages and age-appropriate expectations need to be considered, the following suggestions may help ease the anxiety and struggle of bringing children to weddings. DISCUSS THE WEDDING AHEAD OF TIME While I know that explaining the significance of a wedding may be futile for some children, especially younger ones, it’s important to share where you will be going and the most magical and exciting way possible. For younger children, share that they may see cousins or grandparents, that you’d like to dance with them at the reception or that they’ll get a special piece of cake for good behavior. For children in the wedding or older children, focus on the honor of being invited by the bride or groom, the value of their role and why it’s so important to be on one’s best behavior. Any attempt at establishing guidelines and expectations is always a good idea; rewarding children with cake never hurts either. IDENTIFY YOUR WINGMAN Depending on the age of your children or your role in the wedding, it may be impossible for you to monitor, control or distract your child throughout the course of the day. Plan ahead and find another attendee to assist you. In our family, we have an abundance of teenage and college girls to assist with the younger children. However, a grandparent or family friend may be good for backup as well. Identify a spot where a helper may be able to take a cranky child should they become disruptive. If your child is in the wedding, partner that child with an older one to aide in walking down the aisle.

PACK A “GRAB BAG” A “grab bag” is this mother of seven’s solution to keeping kids entertained at special events, road trips or plane rides. Prior to any event where my children have to be relatively under control and well mannered, I buy a few inexpensive toys and pack them in individual small bags. This may be a travel set of crayons with a mini coloring book, figurines, flash cards, matching games…anything that is small, peaceful and NEW. Having a new toy will allow for more engagement as opposed to the same toy you pull from the diaper bag each week. Throughout the day, if things start to head south, pull out another item from the grab bag.


It’s often said that parents learn many things from their children; patience being one of them. Nothing tests a parent’s patience and parenting skill set more than when we have to take our children to an event where they are expected to be on their best behavior. With fall wedding season upon us and many families participating in or attending a loved one’s special day, there are a few tips parents can follow to make weddings easier for both children and adults.

DIGITAL ACTIVITIES Although I am aware of our pediatrician’s screen time guidelines, desperate times call for desperate measures. In a perfect world, my children would sit quietly, color during the church ceremony and play Old Maid with their sisters during the reception. However, I live in the real world where I need a plan B. If the novelty of the grab bag has worn off, opt for a smart phone or tablet with a NEW game or movie. Check the recent downloads to see if any new movies you missed in theatres are available. Find a game your child hasn’t seen on your phone or iPad. Three of my favorite apps for younger children (that you can also play on silent without Wi-Fi) are: Knock Knock Family - Upload photos of family members that are hidden behind doors. Peekaboo Barn - Touch the barn doors to reveal animals that make sounds. You can also learn the animals in Spanish.

Sound Touch - Touch the squares in the grid to see and hear various animals, musical instruments and methods of transportation. I also love the Head’s Up app for older children. Ellen made this popular board game famous again and it would be great for kids to play with each other at the reception. Music Tiles is like the Rock Band of classical music where children touch moving notes to complete a song. KNOW WHEN TO CALL IT A NIGHT Ultimately, this is one of the most important days of someone’s life and if your children are a distraction or interruption of that moment, it may be best to excuse yourself and your child out of courtesy. Wedding guests may think flower girls struggling down the aisle are funny or children who giggle inappropriately at the wrong time to be cute. However, weddings can be very long days for children and as the evening progresses, the behavior typically digresses. Know your child’s limits and when it is best to bow out graciously.

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Three Ways to Preserve Your Bridal Bouquet BY CATHERINE ROYKA

Tip: The trickiest part about preserving your flowers is trying to keep them fresh. Which means, the prime time to preserve them would be right after your wedding, while you are on your honeymoon… so, pick a trusted bridesmaid a few weeks before the wedding to see if they can get this project started for you.



Select as many of your flowers as you would like and set them on parchment paper. Lay the parchment paper with the flowers on it inside the pages of a heavy book (textbook, phone book, etc.). Don’t forget to add another piece of parchment paper on top of the flowers to keep them free of ink, and shut the book. Leave the book untouched for about seven to ten days. Once the flowers are free of moisture and have a papery texture, you are free to use your pressed flowers from your bouquet to make a bookmark, stationary or arrange them to fit in a frame to hang in your home.

Don’t be confused by this one while you are looking for it at the store. It is not so much gel, it looks like sand. The gel helps to absorb water and dry out your flowers. Your florals will keep most of their structure and color if preserved this way. Form a base layer of silica gel in an airtight container. Sprinkle some of the gel in to the petals (not too much or it will distort the shape of the bloom) and then place the flower in the airtight container. Gently pour the gel around the petals and other flowers. Continue to fill the container with flowers and layering, until it reaches the top and seal it with a lid. Uncover after a few days and voilà, almost as good as the day you held them walking down the aisle!

MAKE POTPOURRI If you aren’t so worried about the structure of your flowers, this might be the route for you to go. Start by removing all the petals and place them in a bowl. Leave them to dry in a dark place for a couple of weeks. Once dry, place them in your chosen container and add a drop or two of potpourri, flower-scented oil.



Dr. M. Dawn Linn, DO Karen Mundy, APRN Nicole Mumford, APRN

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The rehearsal dinner in its authentic form is the ritual of feeding all family and bridal party members who are required to attend the wedding rehearsal. In current days, this dinner has exploded into its own event where all too many times the guest list and budget rivals that of the wedding itself. Another issue is that many modern-day venues will book weddings on Thursdays and Fridays which prevents the rehearsal from happening the night before. You may be forced to schedule your rehearsal in the morning or even have it the day of the wedding. If you have had any complications arise, or are just looking to branch away from the norm, here are some ideas to consider in lieu of the traditional post-rehearsal meal.

SIGHTSEEING TOURS Middle Tennessee has recently become a very popular spot for destination weddings. Due to the surplus of awesome venues and vendors, the growing Nashville scene, and being centrally located within the country, it’s easy to see the appeal. If the majority of your guests are out-of-towners, why not show them the sights? Depending on where everyone is staying, the Country Music Hall of Fame, Belle Meade Plantation, Ryman Auditorium, The Hermitage and The Frist Center are all great options. There are also tons of guided bus tours that allow the guests to see several landmarks in a shorter amount of time.

BEER, WINE OR WHISKEY TASTING If you have a group that enjoys a little libation, this is a great option as there are many distilleries, vineyards and breweries in our area. Tickets average around $8 per person, so it’s definitely a cheaper route than providing an entire dinner. With that money saved, you may consider providing transportation so that guests can all ride together and be safe. Similarly, there are wine tours that will valet your party around to different vineyards and to lunch. This is an all-day event and will be more on the pricey side. GET SPORTY If you prefer to be up and moving versus wining and dining, think of alternatives that get the blood pumping. Top Golf is a new Nashville hot spot that can accommodate large or small groups. Price wise, you may come out about the same per person as a sit-down dinner, but this includes the playing fee. Bowling, Line Dancing Classes and Pedal Taverns are other fun options. Going to a Nashville Sounds game is another idea that is very affordable and family-friendly. BRUNCH, BARBECUE AND BACKYARDS If due to venue restrictions you need to have your rehearsal at an odd time of day, just go with it and enjoy the opportunity to create a unique experience. Everyone loves brunch and you’re likely to come out much cheaper on the bill. I am not opposed to an at home event, but will tell you to please not host this at the bride, groom, or parents’ home. Try to find a good friend or family member who is willing to host the event, but isn’t tied as closely to the wedding the next day. You’ll have enough going on without needing to clean the house from top to bottom. Casual backyard barbecues or pool parties are a great way to relax and diffuse any jitters. Don’t feel confined to the traditional idea of what a rehearsal dinner should or shouldn’t be. Think about what you will enjoy the most and what allows you to visit with those friends and family who are sharing this special moment with you.

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Wedding Anniversary Gift Traditions The tradition of celebrating each wedding anniversary with a symbolic gift goes as far back as the Middle Ages. In Germanic regions of Europe, it was customary to present the wife with a silver wreath on their 25th anniversary and a gold one on their 50th. The custom of gifting for the other anniversaries began in the Victorian era and that list expanded in the 20th century thanks to Emily Post and the American National Retail Jeweler Association. While the origins of how each material was selected to represent a year isn’t known, it’s apparent the objects progressively increase in value and strength as the years go by. As you and your husband start your lives together, it’s fun to celebrate each year with a traditional gift that symbolizes the enduring love of your marriage.

1st: Paper

7th: Wool/Copper

14th: Ivory

45th: Sapphire

2nd: Cotton

8th: Bronze

15th: Crystal

50th: Gold

3rd: Leather

9th: Pottery

20th: China

55th: Emerald

4th: Fruit & Flowers or Linen & Silk

10th: Tin/Aluminum

25th: Silver

60th: Diamond

11th: Steel

30th: Pearl

5 : Wood

12th: Silk

35th: Coral

6 : Iron/Candy

13th: Lace

40th: Ruby




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Happily Ever After



In this New York Times Best Seller, you will figure out which one of the five dialects of love you and your partner both lean toward for giving and receiving love. Through humor and some practical advice, author Gary Chapman reveals tips to make the relationship work by discovering how to make one another feel most loved.


Brené Brown, a leading expert on shame, authenticity and belonging, shares ten guideposts on the power of wholehearted living and how to engage with the world from a place of worthiness. In the guideposts, Brené shares this journey of how we can engage our minds and hearts to gain the courage, compassion and connection to know that we are enough.

Financial problems can take a toll no matter what stage of life you are in. A lack of communication on finances in your relationship can truly hurt you both. The book is filled with crucial tips to help anyone at their relationship stage achieve financial freedom. Jeff provides the tools to help you discuss your finances, combining finances, planning retirement, all while helping to maintain the strong bond in your relationship. The guide is filled with numerous questions partners need to ask one another.


Step away from the Netflix, newlyweds. The wedding has happened, the planning is done, the thank you notes have been sent… it’s time to engage in a little communication with your spouse. Here are some of the “must-read” books for newlyweds (or those looking to tie the knot soon), to help guide you both through financial struggles, raising a family, how to be a better listener and how to communicate love to one another.



Are you and your love picky eaters? The solution? This book! In Jane Kennedy’s cookbook, she offers a handful of meal solutions. The book is filled with recipes for adults, kids and even those “grownups” who may be as picky as the kids (no judgment, of course). With each dish, Jane begins with a base meal that can be added to or deconstructed, depending on the food preferences, allergies and restrictions.


From a Washington Post weddings reporter turned author, Ellen shares the mystery, science and secrets how we find love and make it last, through the hundreds of weddings and relationships she had seen during her days as a reporter. Whether you are on the quest for love or looking to strength your relationship, this book provides a layout to reading the human heart.

Bruce shares the secrets of how you and your spouse can align your goals on a range of scenarios; what to have for dinner and how to raise a family. This book provides advice on how to make your family run smoothly and feel authentic to who you are as a couple. The book acts as a blueprint for modern families, with a new approach to family dynamics, inspired by techniques from experts in a range of disciplines; science, business, sports and the military.

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In the Spring 2018 Bridal Issue, I discussed the following topics as ways you and your new spouse can get started financially: Create a budget, set financial goals, have budget meetings often (quarterly works well for me and my wife), update beneficiary info and postponing a new home purchase. I also recommended reading Gary Chapman’s The Five Love Languages, and I still think it’s a great book for couples. Now, let’s talk about a few more ways you can step into your marriage with a little less financial stress.

Helping to make you a more confident investor

“Your debt” is now “Our debt:” Work together to pay off each other’s debt. Honestly, this should be discussed prior to marriage, either in premarital counseling or on your own. Generally, this could be student loan or credit card debt. Work as a team to accomplish this task. This discipline will be helpful as you move forward in your marriage. Combining Financial Accounts: A question I receive often from newlyweds concerns combining financial accounts. This can be a touchy situation, and it can depend on whether this is your first marriage, or if you have been married before. In general, I recommend that all finances are combined unless there is a strong reason not to do so. This will build trust between you and your spouse and helps curtail any doubt when dealing with financial issues. Be financially accountable to each other: Admit when you make mistakes. Don’t hide accounts or spending. Not long ago, I had clients that divorced after thirty-five years of marriage due to financial distrust. One spouse signed up for a credit card without telling the other spouse and incurred $20,000 in debt. It deeply divided their marriage and they could not work past it. Don’t wait to start saving for retirement: Start with your work 401k plan. Start small and then increase your contribution as often as you can. Make sure to contribute the amount to get the match offered by your employer. As you get pay increases, try to contribute that increase to the plan versus taking it as income. Get a will: Yes, I know it’s not even on your radar, but if you die intestate (without a will), the State of Tennessee has one for you, and I can guarantee you probably won’t like it. This is even more important if this is a second marriage with blended families. If you are getting married soon, congrats! If you want to explore this further, feel free to give our Gallatin office a call at 615.461.8653, or check us out at We can set up a free initial consultation to determine if our office can help you with your current situation. Until next time, Jonathan Walker, CFP®, RICP® *Advisory services offered through Paul Winkler, Inc. (“PWI”), a Registered Investment Advisor. PWI does not provide tax or legal advice; please consult your tax or legal advisor regarding your particular situation. This information is provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed to be a solicitation for the purchase or sale of any securities.


We’re in the Money | Jonathan is a Certified Financial Planner™, and passionate about financial planning. His focus is to help clients achieve peace concerning their financial well-being by helping them accomplish their planning goals and objectives.


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MARRY ME | Happily Ever After

I Do

JUNE 30, 2018 Payton Ramsey and Clayton Elrod have a whirlwind love story. It all began with meeting last January, leading to their engagement in October. They met through Marissa Campbell, a bridesmaid, who met them both separately and waited patiently to pair them at the perfect time. After asking her father’s permission to take her hand in marriage, Clayton began finalizing the proposal plan to take place on their upcoming trip to San Diego, California. Clayton, along with his best man, Will Duke, planned an evening that led Payton to take a walk on the beach at her favorite spot - the Hotel Del Coronado. At sunset with rose petals on the beach, Clayton proposed following with champagne and a bonfire. They wed on June 30th, officiated by a family friend and adored wedding officiant, David Gregory. The ceremony took place at First Baptist Church of Hendersonville, where Payton and her family have been members for many years. The flowers were made with love by Teri Long, mother of the bride’s best friend. She delicately paired roses, peonies, eucalyptus and anemones to seamlessly tie navy in to the bouquets. The church filled with over 300 family members and friends as instrumental versions of their favorite songs rang through the church. The couple exited with the celebratory song, You Are The Best Thing. Guests then headed over to Bluegrass Yacht & Country Club where they were greeted with dinner and drinks as the couple took photos together. Payton and Clayton made a grand entrance with a rose petal tunnel of the guests that lead straight into their first dance to Diamonds or Twine by Ryan Hurd. The cake was made and specially brought in by a friend of the brides who owns J.C. Cakes. The constant dancing throughout the night was provided by DJ Durk from Premier Events. The couple honeymooned in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. They returned to their newly purchased home in Saundersville Station, with Payton returning to work at Kirkland’s corporate offices and Clayton beginning a new career at H&T Carpets.

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Honeymoon Franklin Travel Services

After all the planning, stress and chaos that goes into the big day... you deserve a vacation! Well, its called the honeymoon. Don’t miss this chance to get away with your new spouse for needed R&R, romance, or a big adventure. Just as a wedding coordinator can make the wedding go off without a hitch, so can a professional travel planner insure that your honeymoon is a dream come true. As your travel agent, Franklin Travel Services offers you: Convenient one-stop shopping: As travel professionals with all the information at our fingertips, we can save you time and money.. Unbiased information: Agents work for you, not for a travel supplier. We want you to be happy and a happy customer will be a repeat customer. Expert guidance: We, unlike instructions on a Web page, are experts in understanding and deciphering the myriad of travel information and codes out there. That is how we have been trained and we do it every day. Personalized service: Instead of an impersonal voice thousand of miles away, we are your neighbors. We know what you want and what you value in your travel experience.

Franklin Travel Services, Inc.

Franklin Travel Services values your business and is committed to meeting all your travel needs as if they were our own. We take pride in your selecting us to serve as your objective travel consultant. It is our ongoing mission to sort through the vast options to find you the best prices and best value for your airline tickets, car rentals, hotel accommodations, and all our other travel needs. It is our pleasure to handle every step of the travel transaction for you, saving you from the stress, uncertainty, and inconvenience of having to do it on you own. We will be happy to meet with you and make your wedding/honeymoon the memory of a lifetime. Call Franklin Travel Services today at 615-791-4690 and start making your honeymoon dreams come true.

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If there is anything you want to go perfectly, it’s your wedding day! You can have the best caterer, venue or planner, but what about the traditional aspects of a wedding? There are superstitions that we’ve all heard about what you should or shouldn’t do on your big day, but where did they come from?

Wedding Superstitions

A lot of cultures believe that rain on your wedding day is a sign of good luck. I know, I know, it seems like everybody’s worst nightmare! However, rain represents cleansing and new beginnings; both great ideals for newlyweds.

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. This traditional mantra stems from a Victorian poem. Something old is supposed to ward off bad spirits and represent time and strength. Something new represents a fresh start and new beginnings. Something borrowed symbolizes another’s happiness, and blue represents love and purity.

We’ve all heard the saying that it’s, supposedly, bad luck for the bride and groom to see each other before the wedding on the day of the ceremony. Apparently, this tradition dates back to times and cultures that practiced arranged marriages. People believed that if you let the bride and groom see each other before the ceremony, they may change their minds!

Several legends of different origin all share one ideal; that giving knives as wedding gifts is bad luck. A knife represents severance. Some say that it will end the friendship between the giver and the receiver, while others say it will break the marriage of the newlyweds.

In ancient cultures, new brides were considered to be susceptible to evil spirits as the passed into their new life as a wife. For this reason, grooms carried them over the threshold so that their feet wouldn’t touch the ground and the spirits couldn’t enter their bodies.

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Distinctively Southern Wedding Fall 2018  

Distinctively Southern Wedding Fall 2018