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Thursday, NOVEMBER 11, 2010

second best ?

Longboat ranks No. 2


For the first time, Longboat Key made Condé Nast Traveler magazine’s Readers’ Choice Survey. But Kiawah Island, S.C., still holds the top island-destination spot. Dora Walters

+ Tiny bulldog gets a big break No, it wasn’t a Halloween costume. But this dog has a major “boo-boo.” Chuck, a French bulldog, recently took a tumble off the bed and broke his right leg. Owner Abbie Slone said he’s managing well, and the cast should be off in a week or two.

+ Let the season celebration begin! Now that most snowbirds have arrived back in town, it’s time to mark down on your calendar 9 a.m. Wednesday, Nov. 17 — the time that The Longboat Observer will be officially welcoming back all residents for another wonderful season. Stop by the office at 5570 Gulf of Mexico Drive for muffins and coffee, but don’t leave empty-handed. Make sure to grab a hot-off-the-press Longboat Observer before you leave!

Kurt Schultheis

By Robin Hartill | Community Editor

The golf courses are green, and its beaches are pristine. The tiny island stretches just 10 miles; its widest stretch is just more than one mile. It’s home to multimillion-dollar properties, has a population with a median age above 60 and one of the largest turtle-watch groups in the United States. It’s the No. 1 island-travel destination in North America, according to the 25,916 readers who voted in the Condé Nast Traveler 2010 Readers’ Choice Survey.

Nope. We aren’t talking about Longboat Key. The top-ranked island destination is Kiawah Island, S.C., which also claimed the top honor last year. But, for the first year in the survey’s 22-year history, Longboat Key made the list, beating out list regulars such as Vancouver Island, Canada, and Nantucket, Mass., to claim the No. 2 spot. The ranking is a high honor, according to Tom Aposporos, president of the Longboat Key, Lido Key, St. Armands Key Chamber of Commerce,

because the magazine’s readers are the demographic that Longboat Key wants to attract. Two separate sets of circulation data provided by Condé Nast list the median age of readers as 49 and 53 and their median household incomes as $105,763 and $167,425. “That makes it a compliment by peers,” Aposporos said. “I think we start by celebrating that.” It gives Longboat Key valu-

SIDE-BY-SIDE Here’s how the two islands rank, according to Condé Nast readers, on a scale of 1 to 100. Beaches Scenery Ambience Restaurants Friendliness Lodging Activities

Longboat Kiawah Key Island 88.4 81.9 83.6 87.0 83.3 85.8 80.6 78.0 78.0 82.2 76.5 85.6 68.7 80.2



INDEX Classifieds...............................10C Cops Corner...........................10A Crossword................................9C Deal Us In................................8C Diversions.................................1B Key Real Estate.......................3C Opinion.....................................6A Weather...................................9C Vol. 33, No. 16 Three sections

Mar Vista seeks second story Mar Vista Dockside Restaurant & Pub owner Ed Chiles plans to add a second-story addition onto his restaurant in Longbeach Village. By Kurt Schultheis | City Editor

The vision started with the view. A few months ago, Ed Chiles climbed onto the roof of Mar Vista Dockside Restaurant & Pub and was overwhelmed with the expansive view of Sarasota Bay before him. “I couldn’t believe it,” Chiles said. “The view up there is really something.” Chiles was so taken aback that the visit to the roof has spawned his plan to add a second story to the restaurant, which was built in ap-

proximately 1915 and is listed with the state as a Longboat Key historic structure. At its Tuesday, Nov. 16 regular meeting, the Planning and Zoning Board will review a siteplan amendment and a special exception request for the second story, which Chiles says will update the restaurant, while maintaining its historical charm. “Our plan is to take 60 seats of the 70 seats


Rachel S. O’Hara

Mar Vista Dockside Restaurant & Pub owner Ed Chiles shows off the view from his restaurant’s roof.


The longboat Observer THURSDAY, november 11, 2010



updated look

The Observer welcomes season with new features

The Observer freshens its print design and strengthens its online efforts.

By Emily Walsh Parry Associate Publisher/Multimedia

FIRST Prize/The Longboat Observer: Sophia Nibi took The Longboat Observer to Yerevan in historic Armenia.

grand-prize winners: Lisa and Tim McElhiney earned 2,814 votes for this photo with The East County Observer at the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

It’s Read Everywhere contest winners named By Observer Staff

Every year, we ask our readers to take The Observer newspapers with them on their travels. And, every year, we are amazed by the photos we receive. The Observer Group received 93 submissions for this year’s online “It’s Read Everywhere” photo contest. Our readers traveled from Italy to India and Ghana to Guatemala — and snapped their photos with copies of the Longboat, East County and Sarasota Observers. After nearly 7,000 votes, the grandprize winners from The Longboat, Sarasota and East County Observers are Tim and Lisa McElhiney, who caught up on all their East County news while in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The McElhineys’ photo garnered 2,814 votes. As grandprize winners, they will receive two $500 travel vouchers.

The Longboat Observer first-place winner is Sophia Nibi, who took her favorite newspaper to Yerevan, in historic Armenia. Nibi snapped her photo in front of the Cascade in the center of the town. Her photo received 2,387 votes. Taking first prize for The East County Observer is Jill Cushing, whose photo featured her sons, Eamon and Ethan, on a visit to their native hometown, Plymouth, Mass. Her photo received 275 votes. The Sarasota Observer first-prize winner is Dorothy Mullen, who brought her newspaper to Park City, Utah, while she attended her niece’s wedding. Her submission received 187 votes. All first-place winners will receive a $350 travel voucher. Congratulations to all, and don’t forget to start planning the next unique place you and your Observer will visit.

If you’re one of The Observer’s eagle-eyed loyal readers, you might notice a subtle change in the look of this week’s edition. Five years ago, The Observer introduced a complete redesign of its look. This year, it was time to update that design. Our flag, that’s our nameplate on top of Page A1, is larger, and we turned our “O” red (it’s read everywhere, you know!). Some of our type fonts are a bit more modern in look, as well. We’ve added some new features, such as Longboat Lookback (see Page 4A), which reprints news items from years past from The Longboat Observer archives, and Sporting Life, which includes an Athlete of the Week, Sports Photo of the Week and sports scores and news. We’ll be reintroducing our popular Neighbors feature in future editions. What used to be the Key Life section of the paper is now called “Neighborhood.” The section may have a name change, but it still includes the same categories: real estate, business, games, travel, weather and photo pages.

Diversions, our recently renamed Arts & Entertainment and Black Tie section, was redesigned and introduced in the Oct. 7 edition. Check out the new, weekly food columns by Molly Schechter. The one thing that hasn’t changed in The Observer’s 32year history is its price: It’s still free. And, that’s priceless in this economy.

Nearly a year after expanding to include daily news updates, real estate trends, blogs, an expansive business directory, community calendar and coupons, in addition to its already comprehensive Black Tie photo galleries and calendar, The Observer’s Web site,, was acknowledged for its efforts with the award for “Best Site Architecture and Overall Design” in the Suburban Newspapers of America’s 2010 Community Website Contest in June. Since then, YourObserver. com has almost doubled its number of unique visitors and pageviews from the previous year, bringing the number of people visiting the site up from 20,000 people a month up to almost 40,000.

Much of this success is due to’s creation of the Contest button in the toolbar. The Contest button leads users to the Contest page, which directs them to’s successful online contests. At summer’s start,’s reporters were just beginning their video coverage. Now videos accompany many of YourObserver. com’s news stories. Most exciting is our new way to view photo galleries. Photo galleries can be viewed in thumbnail form at the top toolbar, but you can also watch the photos in a slideshow. Click on the “Buy This Photo” button and you can purchase all photos seen on in a myriad of ways. Finally, if you’re searching for one of The Observer’s many special sections like Season magazine or Health Matters, just scroll to the bottom of the homepage and click on “Read The Observer’s Other Publications.” You’ll be taken to a page where you can browse all of The Observer’s special sections in a virtual page-flip format. But that’s not all … there’s more to come this season.

Citrus is more than a great source of Vitamin C. Florida citrus growers— like so many American farmers— rely on our phosphate nutrients to produce more abundant crops. This means lower food costs for us, and more land that can be preserved for the environment. Some would say we’re as native to Florida as citrus itself, responsibly doing our part to feed the world.

A better Florida and a better world



The longboat Observer THURSDAY, november 11, 2010



department debriefing

Subcommittee reviews its findings About two-thirds of the Organizational Review Subcommittee’s findings will be implemented at Town Hall. The main issues with town operations were better communication and customer service. By Kurt Schultheis | City Editor

The conclusive report on the Organizational Review Subcommittee’s findings declared the overall project a success. The six Organizational Review Subcommittee members came together Wednesday, Nov. 3, at Town Hall to share their findings and final report with the town’s seven department heads and Town Manager Bruce St. Denis. Subcommittee Chairman and Commissioner David Brenner, who also reviewed the town’s Finance Department, said the committee achieved its goals. “This wasn’t a witch hunt or arbitrary budget-cutting session,” Brenner said. “This effort was greeted with enthusiasm among department heads and was an overall success.” Subcommittee member and Commissioner Phillip Younger said that twothirds of the suggestions made by the six reviewers have already, or will eventually, make an impact at Town Hall. “No department failed to have something that didn’t have a positive impact,” Younger said. Subcommittee member and Commissioner Lynn Larson said the experience also created better communication townwide. Ross Alander, consultant for the Planning, Zoning and Building Department, said he thinks the department “is doing some great things.” “I went into the field, watched the front desk activity and saw the whole department in action,” Alander said. “One recommendation I had was having an advisory committee of builders and contractors to meet with town staff quarterly to explain their issues. I would also like to see the department have the ability to file for permits electronically.” St. Denis said that meetings with contractors help the department realize what it can do differently. “It’s helpful and we will hold another meeting in January,” St. Denis said. “We are also looking into a system where we can file permits electronically.” Rita Barry, consultant for both the Fire Rescue Department and Police Department, stressed the need for better communication in the fire department and said she was glad to see issues she had with departments’ paper timecards had already been addressed. Adding a bicycle police presence in communities such as the Longbeach Village, which has had increased larceny activity in the last few months, might also be helpful for the Police Department, Barry said. Dale Strohl, who acted as the Town Clerk/Human Resources Department

Kurt Schultheis

The Organizational Review Subcommittee discusses its findings Wednesday, Nov. 3, at Town Hall as town department heads listen. consultant, strongly urged the town manager to consider spending more money to hire an administrative assistant to help Human Resources Manager Lisa Silvertooth. “We are not providing the support she should have and are falling short in the area of employee-benefit procedures because of it,” Strohl said. “This is not an area we should be looking to save money.” St. Denis agreed with the need. “This is strictly budgetary driven,” St. Denis said. “We understand it’s a problem that one person has that much knowledge and is responsible for so much.” Nick Kovalakides, consultant for the Longboat Key Public Tennis Center, stressed the need for higher rates for members who don’t live on Longboat Key. Kovalakides also believes a well is needed to save on high water costs because the courts need to be saturated daily. St. Denis, however, said he thinks raising the rates at this time will only send those members to other tennis centers. But the town is investigating the cost of a well and is already preparing welcome packets for prospective tennis members at Kovalakides’ suggestion. Tom Freiwald, consultant for the Public Works Department, said he spent three days with Public Works Director Juan Florensa and his department.

COMMUNITY SERVICE During the Organizational Review Subcommittee meeting, Commissioner Robert Siekmann suggested that the town should hold an annual Town Hall meeting, where citizens can offer suggestions on how things can be handled differently in their community. “The theme of all of this seems to be better communication,” Siekmann said. “You guys have been marketing and selling the town to six people who have already been involved and worked to better the departments. If you let all people of the town do the same thing, you would do a great deal of additional good.” “We can all be very proud of this department,” Freiwald said. “There are only seven people responsible for all of the beaches, parks, streets and the recreation center. That’s amazing, and I give this department an A-plus.” But Freiwald called the town’s beachmaintenance program and the looming $40 million beach project “the 800-pound gorilla” that needs to be re-examined to try and save costs for taxpayers. And Mel Taub, consultant for the Man-

agement Information Systems Department, had positive things to say about the department, only citing “a more rigorous budgeting process” and suggesting better ways to back up data. Brenner said the next step for the subcommittee is preparing a final report for the Town Commission. Before the meeting ended, St. Denis told the subcommittee and its consultants he appreciated the work that was done. St. Denis said he would take to heart what the subcommittee thought was a key issue overall: better communication and customer service. “We definitely have to do more customer-service training,” St. Denis said. “I don’t think our people lack skills, but you have to be able to tell people they are doing something wrong in a manner that doesn’t upset them.” St. Denis noted that it’s tough being a police officer or code-enforcement officer, whose responsibilities include catching people in the act of a wrongdoing. “Everyone here knows I went into this with some reservation,” St. Denis said. “My concern was what would happen depending on who was selected. I want to thank you all for doing the great job you did. All of the department heads were comfortable with you, and it was the key to a successful outcome.”


Town files BP oil claims

The town of Longboat Key hopes to be reimbursed for approximately $20,000 in expenses accrued when preparing for possible Deepwater Horizon oil-spill effects. By Kurt Schultheis | City Editor

The town of Longboat Key did whatever necessary to prepare to clean up any oil that could have come ashore from the Deepwater Horizon oil rig that exploded in April in the Gulf of Mexico. No oil reached our shores, but the town wants to be paid for its preparation efforts. In September, Finance Director Tom Kelley and his staff submitted an overall

claim of $19,494.02 for expenses made to combat any potential oil coming ashore. “We think we will be reimbursed,” said Kelley, who has already submitted additional information at British Petroleum’s request to process the claim. Kelley does not know how much longer it will take before the town is reimbursed. British Petroleum (BP), the party responsible for the exploding Deepwater Horizon oil rig, remains financially liable for damages sustained as a result of the

disaster. The bulk of the claim is made up of a $16,981 oil-cleanup plan the town paid beach engineer Coastal Planning & Engineering to create. The town’s local oil-spill plan would only have been used, Town Manager Bruce St. Denis said, if the town weren’t satisfied with cleanup efforts already in place for the area. The bulk of the plan called for stopping oil from entering Sarasota Bay through



Juan Florensa staff time........ $1,298.61 Anne Ross staff time.................$124.78 James Linkogle staff time..........$247.91 Mark Richardson staff time......$611.01 GPS handheld system................$230.72 Oil response plan........................$16,981 Total claim expenses......... $19,494.02 a vigorous alternative boom defense in Longboat Pass and New Pass. The rest of the claim is made up of staff time and a navigational device purchased to locate tar balls or loose oil in the Gulf of Mexico off Longboat Key shores.



INBRIEF + Residents are urged to voice their opinions

Longboat Key residents are urged to attend a meeting at noon Tuesday, Nov. 16, at Town Hall, 501 Bay Isles Road, to discuss options for the town’s island-wide beach renourishment project.

+ Longboat election sees new challengers The District 2 Longboat Key Town Commission seat currently held by Mayor George Spoll, who is term limiting out this March, suddenly has two potential challengers. Town Clerk Trish Granger confirmed that Harbourside residents Jack Jaret, a former general employees’ town pension board trustee, and Jack Duncan have returned candidate qualification packets and are in the process of obtaining signatures from registered voters.

The longboat Observer THURSDAY, november 11, 2010

LONGBOAT If both residents become certified candidates by the Sarasota County Supervisor of Elections Office by the Nov. 15 qualification deadline, it will mark the town’s first commission race for the March municipal election. The District 4 commission seat held by Vice Mayor Jim Brown and the At-large seat held by Commissioner Phillip Younger still have no challengers. Both Brown and Younger have qualified for their seats and are seeking re-election. Former Mayor Joan Webster announced in a press release last week that she would not seek another twoyear term as a commissioner in either the District 4 or At-large seat. The news came less than a week after Granger notified The Longboat Observer that Ray Rajewski, a town Tax Oversight Committee member who had filed paperwork to run for the seat, has also decided not to run for the At-large seat.

Meetings & Agendas • Zoning Board of Adjustment Regular Meeting — 9:30 a.m. Thursday, Nov. 11. • Vision Plan Special Meeting — 1 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 11. All meetings take place at Town Hall, 501 Bay Isles Road. And Alan Moore, co-owner of Moore’s Stone Crab Restaurant & Marina, will also not run for the At-large commission seat this March. Any other interested citizens can request a commission candidate qualification packet by calling Granger at 316-1999.

+ Correction

The correctLBK phone - number 2010 -for I the Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Foundation is 202-296-0567.


• Town officials and Longboat Key firefighters were deadlocked after firefighters rejected a salary and wage scale offer. Sound familiar? This was a front-page story in the Nov. 14, 1985, issue of The Longboat Observer. • Patrons at Mar Vista Dockside Restaurant & File photo Pub had been tacking up Mar Vista General Manager dollar bills on the restau- Joe Rogers, Jayme Hagerant’s ceiling and walls dorn and Jordan Hodson since 1983. The front- tally the dollar bills. page photo in the Nov. 8, 2001, Longboat Observer shows Manager Joe Rogers collecting the estimated 5,000 bills to donate them to the New York City Firefighters Widows and Childrens Fund. • ABC Sports personality Bud Collins spent a few days at The Colony Beach & Tennis Resort before heading off on assignment in the Soviet Union, according to the Nov. 14, 1991, issue. Before leaving for the communist nation — which collapsed a month later — he bought 10 St. Jude Gourmet Luncheon T-shirts to distribute. — Robin Hartill


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The longboat Observer THURSDAY, november 11, 2010



Kurt Schultheis

A view of the Harbourside golf course and Sarasota Bay from the west side of Longboat.

RANKING / FROM PAGE 1A able publicity, which could eventually be good for home values. “What it will do is increase the visitors to the island, which is critical to increasing the demand for property,” said Coldwell Banker agent Roger Pettingell, who has been selling Longboat Key property since 1995. But, still, the ranking begs the question: What does Kiawah Island have that Longboat Key doesn’t have? Kiawah Island is home to Beachwalker Park, ranked as the No. 8 beach in the country by, and the island’s only public beach. But, according to the seven criteria that Condé Nast readers voted on in the year-long live survey, which ends in May each year, Longboat Key’s beaches scored higher than Kiawah Island’s beaches — and so did its restaurants. But the Key’s three lowest rankings were in the activities, lodging and friendliness. In the activities and friendliness categories, Kiawah Island’s proximity to Charleston, S.C., gives it a boost. According to Mike Vegis, public relations director at the Kiawah Island Golf Resort, since Hurricane Katrina struck, the city has become the new “New Orleans” for foodies.

The city has an active nightlife, arts scene and was the site of major Revolutionary War and Civil War battles, which makes it a hot spot for history buffs. Travel + Leisure magazine announced Monday that Charleston had been named the friendliest city in the country. And, in this year’s Condé Nast survey, readers ranked Charleston as the No. 2 U.S. city, just behind San Francisco. “There’s a nice little cluster of awardwinning destinations,” Vegis said. But Charleston doesn’t get all the credit for making Kiawah Island a destination. The island is home to more than 200 types of birds and diverse wildlife, including deer, alligators, bobcats and river otters, in part because the island is home to a nature preserve of more than 300 acres. Guided nature walks, kayaking and riding the 30 miles of bicycle trail on the island are popular island activities. And although the island has only a few businesses — including just one gas station and a tiny town market — it’s also home to the resort, which has five golf courses and the five-star Sanctuary Hotel, which Condé Nast readers voted the No. 3 mainland U.S. large resort. In 2012, the resort will host the 38th Annual PGA Club Professional Championship. Michael Welly, general manager of the Longboat Key Club and Resort, said that

The Patient Experience. We’ve Redefined It.

Courtesy photos

Kiawah Island, S.C.

Longboat Key

By the numbers

Here’s how the islands compare by the numbers. Longboat Key Peak-season population Year-round population Area (in square miles) High-temperature forecast (Nov. 11) Low-temperature forecast (Nov. 11) Median age Median home value*

Kiawah Island

21,000 to 22,000 (Easter weekend) 7,000 17 82 57 67.9 $480,500

10,000 (July) 2,000 13.5 69 42 61.2 $786,500

*According to Sources: 2000 U.S. Census, town of Longboat Key, Kiawah Island Golf Resort and

Longboat Key’s rankings highlight the need for improved tourist facilities — something that he has been prominently advocating since the Key Club announced its $400 million Islandside expansionand-renovation plan — but wondered where specifically survey-takers saw room for improvement. “Is it in terms of the quality of lodging, the number of lodging units or the diversity of lodging?” he asked.

Welly said that Longboat Key could also improve its ratings by promoting activities primarily in Sarasota, but also in Tampa. Charleston, he said, has a different, more historic draw in comparison to Sarasota, which has an increasingly vibrant downtown and arts attractions. “I think Longboat Key should be that little jewel in Sarasota,” he said. Editor’s note: Condé Nast’s website incorrectly listed Longboat Key in the No. 3 spot.




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“If we are to build a better world, we must remember that the guiding principle is this — a policy of freedom for the individual is the only truly progressive policy.” Friedrich Hayek — “Road to Serfdom,” 1944

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our view

Rural red, urban blue At least the ads are off the air. But like most other media, we can’t resist from picking at the Nov. 2 election with a few post-mortems of our own. Analyzing some of the results is, after all, revealing. That’s how you spot the trends and changes. In Florida, there were no big trends or changes. Voters continued to follow the patterns of the past 20 years. Indeed, if you look at the accompanying 2010 table below, you’ll see GENERAL that Florida is a lot ELECTION like the United States: predominantly red and Republican in the lesser populated and rural areas (with a few exceptions near Tallahassee) and deep blue Democrat in the urban areas and the state’s major college town of Gainesville and the seat of state government, Tallahassee. This pattern should be no surprise. The blue regions tend to be those where there are the most recipients of government checks and largesse. Not to mention, the large urban areas tend to attract the most liberal voters. Perhaps an anomaly might be Palm Beach County, among the bluest of the blue counties. Normally, you might expect one of the wealthiest counties in Florida to side with conservative, fat-cat Republicans, the way Collier County/Naples does. But the roots of the wealth in Palm Beach is much like the Warren Buffett-Bill Gates wealth — once capitalistic, but now that they’ve got their foundations, trust funds and inheritance, they tend to shift way to the left. Palm Beach County, for instance, voted 61% for Barack Obama in 2008 and 58% for Democrat gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink — two of the highest percentages in those elections. These days, that’s a given in Florida. Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade are automatics for the Democrats. Especially Broward (Fort Lauderdale). Sink won 64% of the vote there. But where close elections are often won and lost in Florida are in the urban counties of Orange (Orlando), Hillsborough (Tampa) and Pinellas (St. Petersburg-Clearwater). When you analyze the gubernatorial voting results in these three counties, it’s evident that this is where Sink ultimately lost the election (see table, upper right). In Miami-Dade, Sink came close to winning by the same percentage as Obama did in 2008. But in the other three central Florida counties, she gave up three to four percentage points to her opponent and the ultimate winner, Republican Rick Scott. Ever-present pundit Susan McManus even expressed her surprise at Sink’s less-than-expected margin in Hillsborough County. The ultimate difference came from voter turnout. As George W. Bush and Karl Rove did in the 2004 presidential election, the Republicans did a better job than the Democrats getting out the vote. Here are two statistics that illustrate the point: In this year’s general election, Democratic votes amounted to 59.7% of the total Democratic votes cast in the 2008 presidential election. Republican votes amounted to 64.7% as many votes votes cast in 2008. In short, the Repubicans got out the vote.

+ Sen. Bennett: Go-to guy

If you need the Legislature to change or adopt a new law next spring, you might start now setting up an appointment with Sen. Mike Bennett, R-Sarasota-Manatee. He was named Senate President Protem, placing him as the No. 2 in the Senate in the 2011 session. This means he will have a lot of influence in what happens.

In a conversation earlier this week, Sen. Bennett expressed some worry about having a Republican sweep in Tallahassee — governor, attorney general, CFO, agriculture commissioner, Senate and House. Said Bennett: “If we can stay focused on jobs and not get carried away with the social issues, we’ll be all right.” Amen, brother.

+ Mayhem on redistricting

The average Joe on the street isn’t going to think much about the brain-numbing yet volatile process of congressional and legislative redistricting over the next year. But come 2012, just as the presidential election races shift into high speed, this process is going to cause a volcanic eruption in Florida’s courts. Judging from the voting results on Amendments 5 and 6 (both won 62% of the vote), the only places in the state where voters understood what they were doing were up in the Panhandle and the Northeast corner of the state. Voters from 18 counties in those areas voted against the two amendments. Everywhere else, the amendments passed easily. We discussed the future consequences of this prior to the election. But most voters apparently believed the crafty TV ads. If you recall, the ads tried to persuade you to believe that state legislators should not be allowed to draw congressional and legislative districts because they draw them to favor themselves. As noted before, the two amendments were sponsored primarily by Democrats and the unions — both groups of which are tired of being out of power. Of course, they didn’t say that when Democrats were in power for 40-plus

years in Florida, they did the same thing — only worse. At least when Republicans drew the districts in 1992, they crafted districts that gave AfricanAmericans a chance at being elected to the Legislature for the first time in state history. What voters have done now is create a boiling legal cauldron. Last spring, for instance, when legislators asked the Florida Supreme Court how the proposed amendments would be put into practice without creating a flood of lawsuits, the court wouldn’t even touch the subject with a response. When legislators sent a disc of the present legislative district to the authors of Amendments 5 and 6,, in the last legislative session and asked its representatives to explain how the amendments would be implemented, they declined to respond or participate. You watch. The game plan is to get redistricting out of the power of the Republican Legislature and shift it to the federal (liberal) courts. But there is an irony here. The last time the courts were asked to intervene in Florida redistricting, they gerrymandered a district for the eventual black congresswoman, Corrine Brown, in Jacksonville. Even the courts gerrymander. Too bad the voters didn’t think beyond the TV ads. It’s going to be ugly.

GOOD, NOT GOOD ENOUGH Orange Hillsborough Pinellas Miami-Dade


59% 53.0% 53% 57.8%


54.2% 50.0% 50.7% 56.3%

RED COUNTIES, BLUE COUNTIES As the table illustrates, Florida is much like the nation. Urban areas voted for Democratic gubernatorial candidate

Alex Sink and the less populated and rural counties voted for Republican Rick Scott.

Tampa Bay scott sink Pinellas x Hillsborough x Pasco x Citrus x Hernando x

NORTH Central scotT sink Alachua x Leon x Franklin x Gadsden x Madison x Wakulla x Jefferson x Taylor x Hamilton x Suwannee x Lafayette x Dixie x Columbia x Union x Bradford x Gilchrist x Levy x

Southwest Manatee Sarasota DeSoto Charlotte Lee Collier Glades Hendry

x x x x x x x x

Southeast Martin x Monroe x Palm Beach Broward Miami-Dade Central Orange Osceola Lake x Seminole x Polk x Marion x Sumter x Hardee x Highlands x EAST Central St. Lucie Volusia x Brevard x Indian River x Okeechobee x

x x x x x


Northeast Baker Nassau Duval Clay St. Johns Putnam Flagler

x x x x x x x

Panhandle Calhoun Liberty Escambia x Santa Rosa x Okaloosa x Walton x Holmes x Washington x Bay Jackson x Gulf x

x x

Source: Florida Division of Elections

The longboat Observer THURSDAY, november 11, 2010



medic’s memories


Town plans low-key 55th Veteran looks back on military career anniversary celebration By Maria Amodio | Staff Writer

File photo

Barbara Bostic was declared the winner of the "swimsuit" portion of the “Ms. Longboat Key: 50 and Fabulous” Contest five years ago.

counties but had little say in what happened on the island. But the opposition argued that incorporation would raise property taxes, making Longboat Key too expensive for many of its residents. Some residents worried that the debate would be so intense that a fight would break out before a vote could occur. In the end, 199 votes were cast, 186 of which were for incorporation and 13 of which were against it. Back then, Longboat Key was home to just 250 registered voters; 55 years later, the town has more than 6,300.




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Join us in helping stock our local food banks. Bring in 4 cans of food and in return you will receive a $100 discount towards any purchase of $500 or more of new furniture! Let’s help our community and in turn you get a good deal on new furniture at the same time. Everyone wins - Join us tomorrow, Saturday, Sunday, & Monday at any of our four Furniture Warehouse locations and If You Miss The Sale, You May Still Donate by Calling

When: saturday, November 13, 2010 6:30 - 11pm




reho rnwa



Read Man on the Street interviews about Veterans Day.

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Visit our Holmes Beach Showroom 401 Manatee Avenue, Holmes Beach LIC. #CFC057548

USS LST-50. “There were a lot of rumors going around regarding when D-Day would take place,” recalls Kelley. “It was so secretive that we weren’t even allowed off of base at the risk of the Germans finding out our plans.” On June 6, 1944, Kelley and his shipmates got the order to move out, and they arrived on Omaha Beach, in Normandy, on D-Day “plus eight,” meaning eight hours after the Army Rangers made their first landing. Kelley and the 50 other medics onboard the LST-50 immediately

y e Dary m a S live De

! k c a B e m ds e e n Welco g n i b m lu

Call us fo

Maria Amodio

“A lot of people joked that LST stood for ‘large, slow target,” says U.S. Navy veteran Bill Kelley as he looks through photos of tank landing ships like the USS LST-50, which he was stationed on during World War II.

1100 West Cortez Rd. Corner of 41 and Cortez Next to Office Depot


Mon.-Sat. 9-9 Sun. 11-6

All Faiths Food Bank Sarasota-DeSoto Counties



Mon.-Sat. 9-9 Sun. 11-6

941-747-4655 ext. 235


SARASOTA 4027 N. Washington 1 Mile South of University on 301

Food Bank of Manatee County



.furn www

.com ouse

“Retailer of the Year - State of Florida”

*with approved credit

550 S. Seaboard Ave. Just North Of Venice Nissan on U.S. 41 Bypass


Mon.-Sat. 9-6 Sun. 11-6



Harry Chapin Food Bank Charlotte County


PORT CHARLOTTE 1241 El Jobean Rd. (776 across from Sam’s)


Mon.-Sat. 9-9 Sun. 11-6


There were fireworks, live music and a “Ms. Longboat Key: 50 and Fabulous” contest. And that was just the first day of the weeklong celebration of the town’s 50th anniversary. The festivities continued with a celebratory tennis tournament, festival, a performance by the Fabulous Wallendas and a town play, “Can’t We All Just Get Along?” by Claudia Fuller. This year, on Nov. 14, the town turns 55. But this time around, the celebration will be smaller. The town will keep the milestone low-key, and could issue a proclamation commemorating the occasion. The proclamation will celebrate the events of Nov. 14, 1955. On that day, more than 200 people gathered in the fire station at the north end of the island. Guy Paschal, an engineer and chemist who invented one of the first room air conditioners, called the meeting to order. Three years earlier, Paschal, who moved in 1949 to Longboat Key, had begun pushing for incorporation. He didn’t understand why some residents opposed the idea. At the time, residents paid taxes to both Manatee and Sarasota

Bill Kelley could boast that he took part in the one of the largest military operations in history and received a letter of commendation for it, but he doesn’t. In fact, he almost downplays it. The U.S. Navy veteran describes his experience as a medic pulling wounded soldiers off of Omaha Beach during the Normandy invasion with the quiet humility of a man who was simply doing his job. “We were scared, but there was nothing we could do — the Germans were about that far away,” he says, pointing to a grouping of trees a few hundred yards away from where he now sits on the porch of his Longboat Key home. “If somebody shot you, they shot you. When you’re in that situation you sort of forget where you are. You just go out there and do your job.” Kelley enlisted in the Navy on July 15, 1943, shortly after graduating high school, in Syracuse, N.Y. “In my initial interview, they asked me two questions: Had I ever taken aspirin, and had I ever been to a drug store. I answered yes to both, and suddenly I was going to medical school,” he says. Medical school for a Navy medic at that time consisted of eight weeks of training, after which Kelley eventually found himself stationed in Southampton, England, aboard a tank landing ship, the


By Robin Hartill | Community Editor

turned the ship into a hospital, bringing in wounded soldiers from both sides of the battle. “We took the Germans, too,” Kelley says. “There was something about being in the medical corps that made you want to help people, regardless of who they were.” Three times, Kelley and the rest of the medics transported wounded men and casualties of the war back across the English Channel to Southampton, where they dropped them off and loaded up with more equipment and soldiers to return to France. Kelley and the other personnel of LST Group 12, which included the LST-50 and 11 other LST ships, later received a letter of commendation from their commander for their services. Kelley was discharged from the Navy on May 7, 1946, after two years and 10 months of service. He returned home to Syracuse, where he worked in the concessions business for more than 40 years before retiring to Longboat Key. Now 85, Kelley says he is able to fully grasp the meaning of his experience in the military. “As you grow older, life becomes more valuable,” Kelley says. “When I read about the hundreds of thousands killed in the war, I realize how lucky I was. God shined his graces down on me that day.”


MAR VISTA / FROM PAGE 1A located downstairs and move them upstairs,” Chiles said. “We only plan on leaving 10 seats (barstools) downstairs for the bar.” The second story, which will act as an open-air, tree house balcony, will be the main dining room. The second story, Chiles said, will blend in nicely with the new wooden deck that was built last year among the trees near Sarasota Bay. “It will allow for fabulous views for our customers,” Chiles said. “We are looking forward to presenting this plan to the public and to the Planning and Zoning Board.” Town Planner Ric Hartman said town staff has been working with Chiles for months leading up to the planning board hearing later this month. Hartman said he has not yet written his final comments for the project and has not finalized his decision to either recommend or not to recommend the project to the planning board. “We are still reviewing the plans and writing final comments,” Hartman said. Hartman told The Longboat Observer that the second story would only overlap the existing first floor restaurant by 1-to-2 feet on all sides, explaining that the structure is 65 feet in length and 34 feet in width. The special exception request would allow Mar Vista to move its seats from the first floor to the second floor. In total, the restaurant would retain its current 169 seats; the number of parking spaces would need to be increased. Hartman said the second story

t AAsk sk uuss aabboouu t gg n n ri ri te a te C a yo youurr C y y ra ra -T li -T && DDee li nneeeedds.s.

The longboat Observer THURSDAY, november 11, 2010



Historic haunt Mar Vista Dockside Restaurant & Pub, 760 Broadway, was built in approximately 1915. It’s a historical cement blockhouse and one of the only structures known to withstand the hurricane of 1921. Mar Vista is considered one of the 12 oldest surviving structures on Longboat Key. The restaurant, which was also once operated as a bait shop, was first the residence of Village resident Rufus Jordan. would be supported independently from the first-floor restaurant. The second story, which will have a waist-high wall and screens above the wall, includes plans for an elevator and two sets of stairwells. One stairwell would be used for employees, and the other would be used for restaurant patrons. On the first floor, Hartman said the existing bathrooms would also be renovated and expanded. And a storm-water drainage area would also be created. Chiles said he will hold a Village neighborhood meeting at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 10, at Mar Vista, 760 Broadway, to inform neighbors of the plans. “I think everyone will be pleased,” Chiles said. “This project keeps the charm and the character of the original structure intact.”

If your organization would like to have meetings or events publicized, mail or fax the information at least one week in advance to The Longboat Observer, Box 8100, Longboat Key 34228; fax: 383-7193 or e-mail: rhartill@yourobserver. com. All announcements must be typed, include hour and date of meeting, complete address of meeting place and a telephone reference number.To ensure accuracy, no telephone calls. Deadline is the previous Tuesday, 5 p.m.

on the key American Littoral Society Kayak Trip at Bird Key/South Lido Park — takes place from 9 a.m. to noon Thursday, Nov. 11, around South Lido Park. Explore the area’s bird and marine life while kayaking through the mangrove tunnels. All kayak equipment will be provided. Cost is $20 for members; $25 for non-members. Contact John Sarkozy at 966-7308. Sixth Annual Sarasota Walk — takes place at 9 a.m. Saturday, Nov. 13, at J.D. Hamel Park on Main Street in Sarasota. The event promotes pancreatic-cancer awareness. Walkers can register the morning of the walk. For information, visit ‘Maintaining Healthy Memory’ Presentation — takes place from 10:30 a.m. to noon Tuesday, Nov. 16, at Longboat Island Chapel’s Aging in Paradise Resource Center, 6200 Gulf of Mexico Drive. Dr. Miguel Rivera, medical director of mental health and well-being at nine assisted-living and longterm care facilities in Sarasota, will speak. Call 383-6491. Save Our Seabirds ‘Just Desserts’ Second Birthday Party — takes place from 1 to 4 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 13, at Save Our Seabirds, 1708 Ken Thompson Parkway. The event will feature a bake sale, raffles, face painting, an appearance by Carlee the Clown and more. Cost is $7 for adults and children 12 and up; $5 for ages 6 to 11; and $3 for children under 6. Call 388-3010. 21st Annual St. Armands Art Festival & Fall Sidewalk Sale — takes place from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 13, and Sunday, Nov. 14, on St. Armands Circle. More than 175 artists and craftsmen will display and sell their original artwork. Call 388-1554. Bereavement Support Group — meets from 2 to 3:30 p.m. Mondays, Nov. 15 through Dec. 20, at Temple Beth Israel, 567 Bay Isles Road. The six-

nOsH-a-RYe RestauRant & Deli


Hours: Monday, Tues. & Saturday: 8:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. Wednesday, Thursday & Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. Sunday: 8:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Breakfast served daily until 11:30 a.m. Friday Night Special - Beef Brisket (behind Publix)

Republican Club of Longboat Key Tribute to Veterans What: Veterans of World War II, the Korean War, Vietnam War and both Gulf wars will give short talks in this tribute to veterans. Cost is $22 for members; $25 for nonmembers. RSVP by calling Ruth Strauss at 383-5349. When: Noon Friday, Nov. 12 Where: Sarasota Yacht Club, 700 John Ringling Blvd. week support group is open to the public and will be facilitated by Susan Finkelstein, who facilitates Jewish Family and Children’s Services’ Healing Program. Contact Finkelstein at 366-2224, Ext. 166. Harry’s Wine Tasting — takes place from 5 to 7 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 17, at Harry’s Continental Kitchens, 525 St. Judes Drive. The event benefits the Longboat Key Historical Society. Cost is $10, half of which will be donated to the organization. Call 383-0777. St. Mary, Star of the Sea, Christmas Bazaar — takes place from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 20, in the Stella Maris Activity Hall at St. Mary, 4280 Gulf of Mexico Drive. The Ladies Star of the Sea Guild is sponsoring the event. Shop for Christmas items, homemade baked goods, pottery, hand-crafted jewelry and more. Call 383-1255.

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23 Ave. of the Flowers • Longboat Key


Lee Heineman

Many investors own annuity policies, often written by several different companies. If you are one of these investors, Stifel Nicolaus offers a Free annuity review service. We can analyze your current annuities to help you understand the current value, historical returns, and current rate of return. Please call us. We will review your policies and discuss them in more detail. Your financial health is very important to us.

Woody Wolverton

Longboat Key resident and Senior Vice President/Investments

Office: (941) 329-6264 Cell: (941) 228-8083 1226 N. Tamiami Trail, Suite 201 Sarasota, Florida 34236

member sipc and nyse |

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Construction & Design

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The longboat Observer THURSDAY, november 11, 2010

9A Best Opportunities • Open Houses • Luxury Properties • Commercial • Market Information

What If? (An Economic Wish List)

Southwest Florida is by no means unaccustomed to being singledout in the national and international media for being (among so many other things) one of the world’s best places to live, work, play, retire and—above all—soak up as much culture as we do sunshine. But of all the accolades that have happily come our way in recent years, an article in last week’s USA Today offered the most powerful affirmation yet of why we need to use our considerable cultural and educational assets to re-engineer our local economy.

Valley for aging,” Fishman remarks. “It sounds paradoxical, but Sarasota’s critical mass of firms serving the older market produce a steady stream of innovation—in business models, services and technology—all with the needs and desires of late-life consumers in mind. Firms that pioneer innovative senior housing in Sarasota, for example, replicate it elsewhere.”

No doubt the civic organization that Fishman alludes to is Sarasota County’s Economic Development Corporation, whose five-year Economic Development Plan includes a platform based on leverTed Fishman, who—in his own words—has circled the globe aging the County’s existing assets to attract businesses hoping to to catch “a glimpse at a world population that is growing ever design, test and deliver cutting-edge new products and services older,” concluded in an article entitled “Growing Old Gracefully” to seniors everywhere. Obviously this goal is being realized on a that few American communities outside of Sarasota offer a significant scale when informed observers—such as Fishman—sit more invigorating venue in which to age well. In his estimation, up, take notice and rave about what they’ve seen so far. Sarasota is doing everything exactly right to engage its aging demographic; in stark contrast to other communities which he We say “so far” because we fully believe that much more can be says “often communicate to people in their 50’s and older that done to effectively transform our region’s growing reputation they are past their use-by dates.” as an important hub of creativity into one of its chief economic drivers. Could we not dramatically lessen our dependence on What set’s Sarasota apart, according to Fishman—who authored boom-and-bust industries by coordinating every facet of our the new book “Shock of Gray,” a chronicle of the astounding extraordinary cultural and educational landscape into an effort economic and political ramifications of an aging world—is that to systematically attract way more than our fair share of the 80 the city is flush with a variety of not-for-profit organizations million-plus baby boomers who will retire over the next few that don’t just cater magnificently to the lifestyles of active and years? Moreover, would not retiring educators, musicians, engaged seniors, but also attract many of their most dedicated artists, performers and devotees of the arts lead the migration volunteers—and much of their financial life blood—from these into an area as famous for its existing breadth of cultural and very same patrons. intellectual treasures as for its spectacular climate, coastline and natural beauty? And would our cultural institutions not “There is so much going on in Sarasota to promote and profit likewise benefit immeasurably from a major influx of new talent, from by keeping older people engaged, active and healthy that ideas, financial support and leadership that such an in-migration one local civic organization touts the region as a kind of Silicon of creative minds would continuously foster?

What if our local colleges and cultural institutions joined forces with the City and County Boards of Commissioners, the Sarasota Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, its Arts Alliance, the Chamber of Commerce and others to strategically position Sarasota to the worldwide arts and academic communities as a place where the highest levels of creativity and intellect are known to flourish in a breathtaking and supportive environment? Doesn’t it make infinitely more sense to leverage our two most enduring civic identities—as a welcoming haven for tourists and retirees and as Florida’s cultural capitol—to attract the very people and businesses that could finally break our dependence on building and development? The cutting-edge products that baby boomers have traditionally favored require exactly the sort of research and design capabilities that institutions such as Ringling College of Art & Design and USF possess in profusion. What if by strategically uniting and promoting these assets, our community could become a social laboratory known throughout the world for developing the products and services that will help redefine aging? Will companies arrive on our doorstep eager to set up shop and find creative solutions for the challenges of growing old that will ultimately affect every one of us? We think they’d not only show up, but would be crazy not to. Editor’s note: To read what Mr. Fishman’s has to say about Sarasota, visit

426 Cleveland Dr Harvey & Ethel Lovelace 941-586-7390

$1,695,000 #A3917178 941-349-3444

535 Sanctuary Dr # A601 Audrey Singer 941-350-2588

$1,465,000 #A3929744 941-383-7591

612 Juan Anasco Dr Saint Cacchiotti 941-809-0787

$9,995,000 #A3934242 941-383-7591

1241 Gulf Of Mexico Dr # 707 $2,495,000 Michael Moulton & Annette Rogers #A3919693 941-928-3559 941-383-7591

6832 Pine St Hannerle Moore 941-387-7300

$1,995,000 #A3918193 941-383-7591

3580 Fair Oaks Ln Tom Cail and Jason Grande 941-780-2245

$1,799,000 #A3927175 941-383-7591

5314 Siesta Cove Dr Sandy & Jerry Strom 941-650-8297

$1,499,000 #A3916028 941-951-6660

1111 Ritz Carlton Dr # 1205 Joan Dickinson & Beth Afflebach 941-364-8884

$1,350,000 #A3928362 941-951-6660

7175 Gulf Of Mexico Dr # 23/24 Maureen Horn 941-539-3384

$1,098,000 #A3933191 941-383-7591

823 Paradise Way Carol Thomas 941-349-3444

$899,000 #A3928520 941-349-3444

585 Cutter Ln Jim Hanrahan 941-780-1035

$890,000 #A3923027 941-383-7591

5941 Emerald Harbor Dr Hannerle Moore 941-387-7300

$875,000 #A3923412 941-383-7591

621 Ranger Ln Suzette Seigel 941-587-2173

$799,000 #A328900 941-383-7591

250 Sands Point Rd # 5401 Gail Wittig 941-228-1985

$789,000 #A3921919 941-383-7591

1211 Gulf Of Mexico Dr # 404 Marilyn Brown 941-388-4447

$720,000 #A3929217 941-388-4447

3070 Grand Bay Blvd # 632 Anne Mitchell 941-725-0227

$685,000 #A3915571 941-388-4447

2109 Gulf Of Mexico Dr # 1301 Robert Dardas 941-376-7591

$649,900 #A334195 941-383-7591

2105 Gulf Of Mexico Dr # 3202 Maruta Miluns 941-374-9720

$599,000 #A3921870 941-383-7591

6925 Gulf Of Mexico Dr # 13 Sandi Layfield 941-914-2807

$599,000 #A3926888 941-383-5502

1100 Benjamin Franklin Dr # 501 $585,000 Susan Fox #A3930839 941-544-6648 941-383-7591

4621 Gulf Of Mexico Dr # 15C Richard Perlman 941-228-8580

$569,000 #A3932422 941-383-7591

1920 Harbourside Dr # 1001 Jenifer Schwell 941-780-0968

$519,000 #A3901961 941-388-4447

3500 Gulf Of Mexico Dr # 201D Craig Abbott 941-302-0686

$499,000 #A3932389 941-383-7591

5655 Gulf Of Mexico Dr # D106 William Greene 941-321-0247

$475,000 #A3934266 941-383-5502

5393 Gulf Of Mexico Dr # 203A Catherine De'Ath 941-350-9799

$429,000 #A3927780 941-388-4447

3 Triton Ave Walter Hackett 941-685-3994

3802 Gulf Of Mexico Dr # 201 Sandi Layfield 941-914-2807

$419,900 #A3920614 941-383-5502

4500 Gulf Of Mexico Dr # Ph4 Bobbi Banan 941-356-2659

$399,000 #A3915825 941-388-4447

731 Fox St Cathy Meldahl 941-724-7228

$398,000 #A3921603 941-383-5502

500 S Washington Dr # 1B Lawrence Zeigler 941-228-2612

$379,000 #A3932197 941-388-4447

450 Gulf Of Mexico Dr # B306 Bobbi Banan 941-356-2659

$339,000 #A3934244 941-388-4447

3453 Gulf Of Mexico Dr # 223 Eileen Burke 941-266-8949

$223,203 #A3932475 941-388-4447

$425,000 #A351874 941-383-5502

Vacation Ownership and Rentals LOngBOat Key 7391 Regina Royale Christina Neff 941-914-0896

$375,000 #A3934050 941-349-3444

2100 Ben Franklin Dr # 101 Diane Otis Stirling 941-320-4261

$349,000 #A3906695 941-388-4447

Veranda Beach Club 800.411.5511

White Sands of Longboat 800.230.2428


Colony 941.383.3759 • Mid Longboat 383.5502 • South Longboat 383.7591 • St. Armands 388.4447 • Main Street 951.6660 • Palmer Ranch 966.8000 • Siesta Key 349.3444



COPS Oct. 27

Not playing hooky

700 block of Dream Island Road. Larceny. A real-estate agent reported that two exterior ceramic iguana wall figurines were missing from one of his client’s homes. The multi-colored iguanas are valued at $100.

12:19 p.m. — 7100 block of GMD. Field Investigation. Police stopped two teenagers on bicycles heading north on Gulf of Mexico Drive to inquire why they were not in school. They told police they were on vacation and staying in a rental house on the island with their family.

Oct. 28

Beach bag grab

Iguana get my figurines back

In the dark 8:55 p.m. — 3600 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive (GMD). Traffic Violation. Police pulled over a man for driving in the dark without using his headlights. The driver told police he was surprised the car’s headlights didn’t come on automatically. He was shown where the manual lights switch was located and issued a warning.

Oct. 29 Direct hit

12:14 p.m. — 600 block of Emerald Harbor Drive. Property Damage. A man reported that someone dented his garage door in the middle of the night, causing $100 worth of damage.

The longboat Observer THURSDAY, november 11, 2010



Nov. 1, 2008

Oct. 31

6:07 p.m. — 4400 block of GMD. Larceny. A woman reported that while she was on the beach someone took her beach bag, which contained a beach towel, a prescription drug bottle and a cellular phone.

Oct. 30

Middle of the road 6:09 p.m. — 4700 block of GMD. Suspicious Person. Police found a man walking in the middle of Gulf of Mexico Drive and directed him to a safe place. The man told police he was walking to Bradenton and it would be faster if he stayed in the middle of the road. Police called the man’s wife, who arrived to pick him up.

Wave of emotion 2:21 a.m. — 3400 block of GMD. Suspicious Circumstance. Police responded to a report of a woman screaming on the beach. Three teenagers were found in the Gulf, and a woman admitted to screaming because she was afraid of sharks. Police sent the subjects on their way.

Dog tags

6:18 p.m. — 5400 block of GMD. Disturbance. A restaurant employee told police he was taking three bottles of Gray Goose Vodka until the chef paid him $50 for working during the past week. The chef later called to report he reached an agreement with his employee that may or may not have included the booze as part of the deal. Key Fire Rescue put out a small mulch

4:04 a.m. — 5000 block of GMD. fire that was started by some landscaping

Animal Found. A convenience-store employee told police he found a lost dog when he arrived to open the store. Police took the dog and found a tag attached to its collar. The dog’s owner arrived at the station later to pick up her dog.

Bad turn 10:18 a.m. — 5400 block of GMD. Public Service. A bicyclist reported that someone driving a green Jeep cut him off as he was turning into the Centre Shops parking lot.


Vacation vacancy 5:21 p.m. — 500 block of Spinnaker Lane. Security Check. A woman reported that her neighbor’s garage door had been left open for several days, even though they were still out of town. Police discovered the home was unlocked, then secured it and attempted to reach the owners in Germany.

Sod sparks 11:33 a.m. — 500 block of Chipping Lane. Fire. Police stood by as Longboat

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Remember when being on vacation meant no cooking, cleaning or yard work? And you enjoyed most of your meals in great restaurants. From now on, every day can be a vacation day for you. Our staff will take care of the cooking, cleaning, transportation, maintenance and other services. They will also serve you fresh, delicious meals — all prepared by a professional chef. We do the dishes, too! Your job is just to enjoy life with organized activities, day trips, extended travel, exceptional service, comfortable living, fine dining and the availability of any care you may need in the future. It’s the ultimate vacation for you!


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Fredda Lynn Ash

Fredda Lynn Ash, of Longboat Key, died Nov. 1. She and her late husband, Bill, co-founded Reliable Biopharmaceutical Corp. Mrs. Ash is survived by her daughter, Marni Zenkewicz; sons Brent and Dana; brother, Harvey Zelden; and multiple grandchildren. Services took place in St. Louis. Memorial donations can be made to Johns Hopkins — Ash Family Fund, c/o Department of Neurosurgery, 100 N. Charles St., Suite 414, Baltimore, Md., 21201. Melvin “Mel” Shapiro, 85, of Longboat Key and formerly of Marblehead, Mass., died Nov. 7. Born June 29, 1925, in Chelsea, Mass., he served from 1943 to 1945 in the U.S. Marine Corps on Saipan, Iwo Jima and

Okinawa. He graduated from Brown University in 1950 and spent his entire retailing career at Filene’s Boston. He moved in 1985 to Longboat Key. Mr. Shapiro is survived by his wife of 58 years, Beverly; sons Jeff, of Vestal, N.Y., and Mike, of St. Petersburg; daughter, Beth Yudkowsky, of Skokie, Ill.; sister, Miriam Levine, of Peabody, Mass.; nine grandchildren; and numerous nieces and nephews. A memorial service was held Tuesday, Nov. 9, at Temple Beth Israel. Shiva was observed Tuesday evening at Mr. Shapiro’s Longboat Key home and will be observed Wednesday evening at the home of Mike Shapiro, in St. Petersburg. Donations can be made to the Sarasota High School Mighty Sailor Band, 100 S. School Ave., Sarasota, Fla., 34237 or the Longboat Key Fire Rescue Department,

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The Rev. Dan Maiden and MiMi Horwitz


Melvin ‘Mel’ Shapiro

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Friday, Nov. 12th, 2010

1 1. The Studio at Gulf and Pine 2 2. Ginny’s & Jane E’s at the Old IGA 3 10 4 3. Three Island Monkeys 5 9 6 7 8 4. Beach Style Recycled nual Fourth Anid 5. Artists’ Guild Gallery Island-w e 6. Art League Gallery Walk 7. Tide and Moon 8. Island Tattoo 9. Emerson Quillin 11 10. Island Gallery West 11. Back Alley


Pauline and Bob Schroeder transformed their home into the “S and S Charter Kindergarten” Nov. 5 for a Longboat Island Chapel fundraiser. Guests came dressed as they might once have looked as kindergartners — pigtails and pleated skirts were plentiful. Sue Schaefer organized the school games, with Pauline Schroeder acting as the teacher. Discipline problems were handled by school Principal Bob Schroeder. Proceeds from the event benefit the Longboat Island Chapel Ministry. — Dora Walters

Alicia’s Grooming


The longboat Observer THURSDAY, november 11, 2010


The longboat Observer THURSDAY, november 11, 2010


Welcome back! We have an exciting array of classes, workshops, exhibitions, lectures, film and events for you to take advantage of as you enjoy this wonderful season of light, warm breezes, and the beautiful turquoise waters of the Gulf Coast. Access your creativity and find the joy of making something from your imagination, experience art materials that enhance your coordination and focus, and celebrate with your friends the importance of creative expression in our culture and in our community. We invite you to participate in all of our offerings and encourage you to be inspired. You never know what’s waiting to be uncovered and expressed. As Albert Einstein once said, “Creativity is contagious….pass it on!!


All of our classes run for 4 weeks from January through April, 2011. Cost per class is $120 for 4 three hour sessions. Cost per class with a model is $180 for 4 three hour sessions. We encourage you to sign up early to insure the class will not cancel due to low registration. For detailed information about our classes, faculty and materials list, go to our website at

DRaWING EXPRESSIVE FIGURE DRAWING Instructor: Bill Buchman Studio 1 Mondays: 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. $160.00 per session including model fee

Jan 10, 14, 17, 24 Jan 31, Feb 7, 14, 21 Feb 28, Mar 7, 14, 21 Mar 28, Apr 4, 11, 18

Description: Learn new and exciting ways to paint and draw the nude figure that are easy, flexible, and fun. This course presents exciting ways to paint and draw the figure based on the techniques in Bill’s brand new book, “Expressive Figure Drawing”* (*to be published Dec.14th by Watson-Guptill/ Random House). In Bill’s enjoyable mixed media approach, the emphasis is on using interesting materials and accessible techniques to achieve a highly artistic and pleasing result. Figure drawing is more fun and less difficult if you’ve got the right tools. You will enjoy using Creta “Aquastics”, Sennelier oil pastels, Creta “Aquabriques”, “Art Chunkies”, Fabriano papers and other exciting materials which will all be provided to the class by Bill’s sponsor, Savoir Faire, importer of the finest European art materials. Bill will demonstrate ways of drawing that will enable you to achieve a higher expressive level. As you learn to draw the figure with courage, freshness and freedom a world of new artistic possibilities will open up. For more info see clips from Bill’s popular 90 minute instructional figure drawing DVD, “Art Is an Attitude” as well as representative drawings of both teacher and class students at

THE ART OF DRAWING Instructor: Janine Hoffman Studio 2 Tuesdays: 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. $120.00 per session

Jan 4, 11, 18, 25 Feb 1, 8, 15, 22 Mar 1, 8, 15, 22 Mar 29, Apr 5, 12, 19

Description: Come and explore the joy of drawing! In this class, you will teach your eye to see properly so as to be able to reproduce objects on paper. Using charcoal and graphite, students will learn to draw through direct observation of live objects as well as the use of “Brague” drawing plates. This is a course that will embrace the beginner as well as someone who wants to hone their drawing skills.

PRINTmakING MONOTYPE AND MONOPRINT Instructor: Layla Herzig-Copeland Studio: Printmaking & Studio 3 Wednesdays: 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Or 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. $120.00 per session

Jan 5, 12, 19, 26 Feb 2, 9, 16, 23 Mar 2, 9, 16, 23 Mar 30, Apr 6, 13, 20

Description: Printmaking has a long tradition in not only artwork, but in history as a means of transferring and multiplying images and information. In this course we will explore monoprint and monotype as a means of image making, to transfer ideas and images onto printed paper with the use of basic mark making tools. This course is designed for students who are looking for an introduction to printmaking, its history, vocabulary, methods and techniques.

At Longboat Key Center for the Arts, a division of Ringling College of Art and Design, we are committed to CREATIVITY, CULTURE and COMMUNITY. We offer classes, workshops, performances, exhibitions, lectures and film to educate, entertain and engage our community. We are dependent on our friends and neighbors to assist us in providing quality programming. We can’t do it without your help. Please consider becoming a member today. Your donation will support creativity, culture and community as we build together a preeminent cultural institution on Longboat Key.

PLEASE JOIN TODAY For more information about our membership and levels of giving, please go to our website at lbkca. or call 941.383.2345.

PeN, PeNcIl & PaSTel




Instructor: Nancy Goff Studio 2 Mondays: 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. $120.00 per session

Jan 3, 10, 17, 24 Jan 31, Feb 7, 14, 21 Feb 28, Mar 7, 14, 21

Description: Working from personal photos, you will learn how to make exciting compositions for your artwork. The flexibility of pastels is the attraction…learning to build layers quickly, to achieve wonderful color, is the pleasure. This course is intended for all levels.

COLOR PENCIL DRAWING Instructor: Janine Hoffman Studio 2 Tuesdays: 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. $120.00 per session

Jan 4, 11, 18, 25 Feb 1, 8, 15, 22 Mar 1, 8, 15, 22 Mar 29, Apr 5, 12, 19

Description: Learn how to work with colored pencils and implement the techniques that the instructor uses. Basic drawing skill and knowledge of basic color. This is not a fast medium and works best with a student who enjoys putting time into their work. Learn to use this little-known medium to its maximum potential, through layering techniques, achieving intense color and unusual hues.

PEN AND INK Instructor: Liz Davis Studio 3 Mondays: 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. $120.00 per session

Jan 3, 10, 17, 24 Jan 31, Feb 7, 14, 21 Feb 28, Mar 7, 14, 21 Mar 28, Apr 4, 11, 18

Description: Learn to master the art of fluid painting and drawing with pen and ink through the language of line, form, texture, value and art principles. This course is intended for beginners.

PHoToGRaPHY Jan 3, 10, 17, 24 Jan 31, Feb 4, 7, 11 Feb 28, Mar 7, 14, 21 Mar 28, Apr 4, 11, 18

Description: BEGINNING – This four week session is designed for the point and shoot photographer that is just getting started in digital photography. Every week the student will begin to feel more comfortable in the digital world and will achieve better results in their photography. ADVANCED – Students who feel comfortable with their digital camera but would like to learn more about the art of photography should take this course. You will have the opportunity to learn more about portraiture, lighting, outdoor shooting and indoor shooting using natural and studio lighting.


Interested in taking classes, attending a concert, lecture, film or most importantly becoming a Member, call 941.383.2345 or go online to, print out a form and fax to 941.383.7915 or mail to: Longboat Key Center for the Arts, 6860 Longboat Drive South, Longboat Key, FL 34228

6860 longboat Drive South | longboat key, Fl 34228 Hours of operation: monday - Friday 9am to 4pm |

Jan 3, 10, 17, 24 Jan 31, Feb 7, 14, 21 Feb 28, Mar 7, 14, 21 Mar 28, Apr 4, 11, 18

Description: Graciela’s enthusiasm for painting and a positive attitude promote a creative atmosphere in her classes. We will explore techniques that will enable you to paint expressive landscapes and strengthen your painting skills. Experience the beauty of transparent, flowing washes and practice techniques that will help you loosen your approach. There will be demonstrations and group critiques.

WATERCOLOR LANDSCAPES IN THE STUDIO Instructor: Jack Nolan Studio 1 Tuesdays: 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. $120.00 per session

Jan 4, 11, 18, 25 Feb 1, 8, 15, 22 Mar 1, 8, 15, 22

Description: Working from personal photographs (mine and yours) in the studio, we will work towards creating loose, free flowing landscapes that express a mood or tell a story. We will explore techniques for quickly capturing skies, water, trees, rocks, water, structures and people. This plein air style can eliminate the stiffness of carefully copied photographs and provide skills that you may wish to use on location.

HAVING FUN WITH WATERCOLOR COLLAGE Instructor: Sheila Golden Studio 2 Thursdays: 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. $120.00 per session

Jan 6, 13, 20, 27 Feb 3, 10, 17, 24 Mar 3, 10, 17, 24 Mar 31, Apr 7, 14, 21

Description: Create Matisse-like cutouts with watercolors. We’ll focus on color, shapes, washes, and more. Playing, we will create a unique work of art. We can even do a collage of our favorite pet.


DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY Instructor: James Johnson Studio: Cultural Media Room Mondays: 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. (Beginning Digital Photography) Or 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. (Advanced Digital Photography) $120.00 per session

Instructor: Graciela Giles Studio 2 Monday: 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. $120.00 per session

Instructor: Renee Vickery Studio 3 Tuesdays: 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. $120.00 per session

Jan 4, 11, 18, 25 Feb 1, 8, 15, 22 Mar 1, 8, 15, 22 Mar 29, Apr 5, 12, 19

Description: This course is designed to satisfy both the casually interested student and also the student seriously interested in learning to perfect using the Chinese brush, ink and pigment along with the special rice, or Zhuan paper. Initially students will spend time exploring the materials involved, the effect that different brushes have on various papers, mixing colors on the palette, learning how to “load the brush”, the 7 shades arising from the careful use of the Chinese ink and having fun experimenting. The subjects will be how to do the basic stokes which are required to be able to produce an image of bamboo, some flowers and leaves and perhaps, birds.

INTRODUCTION TO ABSTRACT PAINTING Instructor: Barbara Eisenberg Studio: 2 Wednesdays: 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. $120.00 per Session

Jan 5, 12, 19, 26 Feb 2, 9, 16, 23

Description: Introduction to abstract painting. Draw, paint and experiment with acrylic paint and other materials. Students will be introduced to methods of translating personal ideas into abstract paintings. Emphasis on color, composition, and individual expression. Course is designed for the novice and moderately experienced painter.

The longboat Observer THURSDAY, november 11, 2010



Our holiday season has two exciting opportunities to see incredible art as well as have the opportunity to purchase something for your loved ones with Ed Brickman’s “Legal Forging” featuring over 200 pieces of his silver jewelry and an ‘open trunk’ sale from the Ringling College MADEBY store featuring works for sale by Ringling College students, alumni and current members of LBKCA and EAC. When January rolls around, you’ll not want to miss our Winter exhibitions under the banner “The Human Figure: Revered and Revealed” featuring David Leffel, master painter extraordinaire in our Durante Gallery with Bill Buchman’s expressive figurative work in our Cultural Media Room. Spring time is when we focus on our community with our Annual Juried Members Show as well as an exhibit of our students’ work for the month of March. If you are an avid photographer and would like to assist us as we build out a digital facility, you can support our efforts by

Durante Gallery Cultural Media Room “legal Forging” Holiday Bazaar Ed Brickman, Jeweler/Artist featuring works from “maDebY” December 2 – 17, 2010 December 2 – 17, 2010 Opening Reception: Opening Reception and Sale: Thursday, December 2 Thursday, December 2 5-7 pm 5-8 pm



Instructor: Bill Buchman Studio 1 Mondays: 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. $120.00 per session


Jan 10, 14, 17, 24 Jan 31, Feb 7, 14, 21 Feb 28, Mar 7, 14, 21 Mar 28, Apr 4, 11, 18

Description: Bill is bringing back his very popular creativity course with lots of new ideas and approaches. It is a journey of self discovery through art – a complete hands-on exploration of what creativity is and how it works. Here you will learn the great “tricks” that will bring your art to life. You will awaken your imagination by playing with ideas of color, shape, rhythm, size, direction and even gravity. Nearly all course materials will be provided by Bill’s sponsor Savoir Faire. They will supply us with Creta “Acquastics” water-soluable crayons, Sennelier oil pastels, Creta “Aquabriques”, the unique “Art Chunky’s” as well as the more traditional Sennelier watercolors and pastels. Artists and teachers of all skill levels will find this class highly informative, useful and fun, too. For more insight into what this inspiring class is about see clips from Bill’s popular 90 minute instructional DVD, “Creative Breakout” .

EXPLORING ACRYLIC PAINTING IN STILL LIFE Instructor: Andy Espinoza Studio: 1 Tuesdays: 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. $120.00 per session

Jan 4, 11, 18, 25 Feb 1, 8, 15, 22 Mar 1, 8, 15, 22 Mar 29, Apr 5, 12, 19

Description: In this Acrylic Painting class we will be exploring standard painting techniques such as wet and dry brush painting, glazing, and color mixing through still life painting.

SPLASHY ACRYLIC FLORALS ON PAPER Instructor: Sheila Golden Studio: 2 Thursdays: 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. $120.00 per session

Jan 6, 13, 20, 27 Feb 3, 10, 17, 24 Mar 3, 10, 17, 24 Mar 31, Apr 7, 14, 21

Description: We’ll have fun using acrylics to create loose and splashy paintings on paper. Using a variety of techniques, we can go bold and free, from small sizes to anywhere your inspiration leads.

OIL PAINTING GENERAL Instructor: Ralph Garafola Studio 1 Wednesdays: 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. $120.00 per session

Jan 5, 12, 19, 26 Feb 2, 9, 16, 23 Mar 2, 9, 16, 23 Mar 30, Apr 6, 13, 20

Description: This class will emphasize accurate drawing, painting form, value observation (light and shade), composition, perspective atmosphere and the treatment of edges. It will also include the theory of color and precise color mixing. The above topics will form the basics of a successful painting in any medium. The student will learn the vocabulary and language of art so that the he or she can communicate with other artists. These sessions are for artists interested in contemporary realism pertaining to the figure, portrait, still-life, landscape and seascapes. The course is open to all skill levels and students will work from their own reference material.

PORTRAITURE IN OILS Instructor: Ralph Garafola Studio 1 Thursdays: 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. $120.00 per session

Jan 6, 13, 20, 27 Feb 3, 10, 17, 24 Mar 3, 10, 17, 24 Mar 31, Apr 7, 14, 21

Description: This course will cover drawing and painting the head; how to construct the head using planes, and forms of the head, proportions and placement of the features, and the effect of light and shade on the head. Also how to draw and paint drapery. This course includes painting the portrait from photographic references.

summiting your photos into our April Juried Photo Exhibition along with seeing what the Tapestry Artist Guild has been up to in our Cultural Media Room. We end up the season by exhibiting two Sarasota artists who have committed their time and talents to our community, Fiori Custode, long-time faculty at Ringling College and Nathan Skiles, contemporary sculptor also a faculty member at Ringling College. All exhibitions are free and open to the public.


Instructor: Colleen White) Studio: Multipurpose Tuesdays: 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Or 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. $120.00 per session

Jan 4, 11, 18, 25 Feb 1, 8, 15, 22 Mar 1, 8, 15, 22 Mar 29, Apr 5, 12, 19

HANDFORGED SILVER JEWELRY Jan 4, 11, 18, 25 Feb 1, 8, 15, 22 Mar 1, 8, 15, 22 Mar 29, Apr 5, 12, 19

Description: Using the magic of a ball peen hammer/a steel block and a pair of half round pliers, the creative world of forged jewelry is open to you. Learn the ability to forge round, square wire or sheet metal to create jewelry having the unique appearance of sculpture that is to be worn. Bring any tools and material that you would like to work with but most of all bring your enthusiasm and your imagination.

JEWELRY DESIGN/SILVER AND GOLD FABRICATION Instructor: Margaret Rubinow Studio: Jewelry Wednesdays: 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Or 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. $120.00 per session

Jan 5, 12, 19, 26 Feb 2, 9, 16, 23 Mar 2, 9, 16, 23 Mar 30, Apr 6, 13, 20

Description: The beginning jewelry student will learn the necessary basic techniques with demonstrations and a clear explanation on the “why” and “how” of jewelry making; and the Intermediate student who has had some experience will be provided with the opportunity and challenge of approaching projects using advanced or obscure techniques. Metals used are sterling silver and gold. Instruction in ancient techniques and alloying gold are available. This session will be a fun and creative experience for all. Each student will receive individual attention by the instructor.

JEWELRY DESIGN/SILVER AND GOLD FABRICATION Instructor: Margaret Rubinow Studio: Jewelry Thursdays: 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Or 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. $120.00 per Session

Jan 6, 13, 20, 27 Feb 3, 10, 17, 24 Mar 3, 10, 17, 24 Mar 31, Apr 7, 14, 21

Description: The beginning jewelry student will learn the necessary basic techniques with demonstrations and a clear explanation on the “why” and “how” of jewelry making; and the Intermediate student who has had some experience will be provided with the opportunity and challenge of approaching projects using advanced or obscure techniques. Metals used are sterling silver and gold. Instruction in ancient techniques and alloying gold are available. This session will be a fun and creative experience for all. Each student will receive individual attention by the instructor.

Cultural Media Room Artist: Bill Buchman January 13 – February 24, 2011 Opening Reception: January 13 5-7 pm

Durante Gallery artist: David leffel January 13 – February 24, 2011 Opening Reception: Buchman Book Launch & Demo Thursday, January 13 5-7 pm Tuesday, January 18 4-6 pm Closing Reception Leffel Demo with the Artist: Sunday, February 20 2-4 pm Wednesday, February 23 5:30-8 pm

SPRING EXHIBITIONS CREATIVE COMMUNITY Durante Gallery “LBKCA Annual Members Show” March 3 – March 31, 2011 Opening Reception: Thursday, March 3 5-7 pm Receiving Date: Monday, February 28, 10 am to 2 pm

Description: Learn how to use this exciting new medium to create your own original design jewelry in pure bronze or copper. Includes how to store and handle clay, making slip, using texture plates and stamps, adding stones to your designs and various finishing technique. Create pendants, earrings, charms or beads in this season’s most popular metals.

Instructor: Ed Brickman Studio: Jewelry Tuesdays: 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Or 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. $120.00 per session



Cultural Media Room “LBKCA Student Show” March 3 – March 31, 2011 Opening Reception: Thursday, March 3 5-7 pm Receiving Date: Monday, February 28, 10 am to 2 pm

Durante Gallery 2nd Annual Juried Photography Exhibition “Great Themes in Photography” April 7 – May 12, 2011 Opening Reception: Thursday, April 7 5-7 pm Receiving Date: Monday, April 4, 10 am to 2 pm Cultural Media Room Tapestry Artists Guild April 7 – May 12, 2011 Opening Reception: Thursday, April 7 5-7 pm

SUMMER EXHIBITIONS RCAD CREATIVES Durante Gallery “Fiori Custode” May 19 – July 21, 2011 Opening Reception: Thursday, May 19 5-7 pm

Cultural Media Room “Nathan Skiles” May 19 – July 21, 2011 Opening Reception: Thursday, May 19 5-7 pm

ScUlPTURe WIRE SCULPTURE WITH INTRODUCTION TO ARMATURES Instructor: Joni Herzog Studio: Multipurpose Fridays: 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. $120.00 per session

Jan 5, 12, 19, 26 Feb 2, 9, 16, 23 Mar 2, 9, 16, 23 Mar 30, Apr 6, 13, 20

Description: Learn to “see” and represent form using line as a gesture drawing in space. Students will work with actual objects as a model and learn to apply proportion and scale to represent that object into a sculpture made of wire. Emphasis will be on sturdy construction and a well-designed composition from all points of view. We will use pliers to tie knots for connections and work off a basic armature with some discussion on working with the human figure

CLAY SCULPTURE/ARMATURES Instructor: Joni Herzog Studio: Multipurpose Fridays: 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. $120.00 per session

Jan 5, 12, 19, 26 Feb 2, 9, 16, 23 Mar 2, 9, 16, 23 Mar 30, Apr 6, 13, 20

Description: Description: Learn to work with oil-based clay in a traditional approach. Initially we will focus on the structure of your preferred animal (skeleton) in wire, focusing on a loose gesture drawing to create a framework to support the clay and creates an interesting composition from all angles. “Fleshing out” the form in clay and modifying the armature as needed helps resolve the anatomy of your subject. The final step involves refining the surface and creating texture .

THE ART OF STAINED GLASS Instructor: Robert Obering Studio: Multipurpose Mondays: 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. (Beginners) Or 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. (Intermediate/Advanced) $120.00 per session

Jan 3, 10, 17, 24 Jan 31, Feb 7, 14, 21 Feb 28, Mar 7, 14, 21 Mar 28, Apr 4, 11, 18

Description: How would you like to follow your artistic whims as you make a beautiful stained glass piece? This class introduces you to this artistic world. Instruction uses the copper foil method of assembly. Learn glass cutting, pattern preparation, copper foiling, soldering, and finishing. This course is a good prerequisite for other stained glass works. The tools needed for this class will be supplied by the instructor. Beginning student materials and supplies will be provided at a lab fee of $25.00 paid at the time of registration. Advanced students will provide their own materials and supplies.

Welcome Back

Thursday, NOVEMBER 11, 2010


Summer sizzler

This week, The Longboat Observer welcomes back the Keys’ seasonal residents with a recap of the summer’s most significant news. On the following pages are excerpts of news stories, presented in chronological order, from May through October. By Observer staff

Although Longboat Key may be known for its quiet summers — this summer certainly stood out as one of the “newsiest” in recent history. Key institutions such as the Longboat Key Club and Resort and The Colony Beach & Tennis Resort made headlines almost every week: the Key Club for receiving approval from the Town Commission for a $400 million expansion-andrenovation plan and the Colony for having to close after 41 years of business. Business news seemed to factor prominently this

summer. Andrew Hlywa, who bought Whitney Beach Plaza in summer 2002, announced in June that the sale of the plaza was under contract; and, by October, Brian Kenney, of Juliani Kenney Investment Capital LLC, announced his company’s plans to revitalize the plaza and bring both national chains and local stores. On St. Armands Circle, Carman’s Shoes owner Bill Carman announced in September that he and his family were closing their shop — one of the longest operating Circle businesses— after 45 years on the Circle. On the political front, Commissioner Gene Jaleski resigned in May following e-mail controversy, and Com-

AUG. 12. The Colony Beach & Tennis Resort officially shut down Aug. 15, after a Tampa bankruptcy judge ruled to convert the Colony’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization to Chapter 7 liquidation. The ruling effectively gave control of the resort to its 232 unit owners.

JULY 1. Loeb Partners Realty Chief Operating Officer Michael Brody and Longboat Key Club attorney John Patterson celebrate the July 1 approval of the Longboat Key Club’s Islandside project.

OCT. 28. Brian Kenney, principal of Boston-based Juliani Kenney Investment Capital LLC, announced in October that his company plans to bring a mix of national and local retail stores to Whitney Beach Plaza.

missioner Phil Younger stepped in to fill his place on the dais. In the pages that follow, we have compiled brief news capsules of Key happenings you have may have missed from May through October while you were away. We’ve also compiled some of the best Cops Corner entries and an “In Memoriam” section that honors those Key residents who have died. And, of course, don’t miss the “Island Items” boxes that are sprinkled throughout the news section. They contain the news that seems to truly happen “only on Longboat.”

File photos

SEPT. 16. Bill and Judy Carman stand in front of their St. Armands store, Carman’s Shoes & Handbags, that they have owned for 45 years. In September, the Carmans announced the store would be closing due to the Carmans’ retirement.

AUG. 19. Michael Klauber, Dr. Murrary “Murf” Klauber, Katie Moulton and Tommy Klauber attended the good-bye party for The Colony Beach & Tennis Resort held Aug. 14. More than 250 people attended the gathering and shared their favorite Colony memories.


not going to seek re-election in March and realized that the reasons he ran for a commission seat “were unobtainable.” Commissioner Phillip Younger was appointed to replace Jaleski for the remainder of the term, which expires in March.

+ 7-Eleven closes

+ IPOC challenges code

7-Eleven spokesperson Margaret Chabris announced the Longboat Key 7-Eleven, 4032 Gulf of Mexico Drive, would close July 20 after a new long-term lease could not be negotiated. Reed Savidge, the owner of the now vacant store space and the neighboring Longboat Key Ace Hardware store, has not announced plans for a new tenant.

Islandside Property Owners Coalition attorney Michael Furen had a 13-page administrative petition challenge drawn up and ready to be filed if the Town Commission approved zoning code amendments May 20 concerning the Longboat Key Club and Resort’s Islandside renovation-and-expansion project. IPOC followed through on its promise after the amendments were approved in June and officially challenged the code changes.

+ Town fights relocation The Longboat Key Town Commission vowed to oppose a plan by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to allow Mother Nature to bring Longboat Pass closer to the north end of the island. The town has since worked out an agreement with the Corps of Engineers and Manatee County to dredge the pass’ authorized channel, which will alleviate further erosion concerns on the north end of the island.

+ Tax hike expected Presented with an anticipated $800,000 shortfall in the 2010-11 fiscalyear budget and unfunded pension liability issues, the Longboat Key Town Commission resigned itself to the fact it would most likely be raising taxes at a May budget workshop.

+ Residents review town

Plans for a new tenant at the vacant 7-Eleven store have not been announced.

+ IPOC funding questioned

+ Chief requests more police

A Sarasota attorney hired by Lighthouse Point resident John Saputo questioned the Islandside Property Owners Coalition’s (IPOC) limited-liability corporation and how the coalition is funded. Attorney Steven Thompson told The Longboat Observer Lighthouse Point has incurred potential liability for the homeowner association and has exposed its members to potential assessments to cover any liability by joining IPOC and paying association funds for the support of its activities. IPOC President Bob White denied the claims made by Thompson. To date, two of IPOC’s managing members have asked to be removed as managing members, citing liability concerns.

Longboat Key Police Chief Al Hogle pointed to Florida Department of Law Enforcement crime statistics to explain why he recommended the town hire back a patrol officer and a captain at a cost of $217,000. Thefts from vehicles on Longboat Key rose 338.9% in 2009 and home burglaries rose 20%. In total, the town saw a 104% increase in crime, or 88 more crime incidents in 2009 than the previous year. The commission approved the two additional hires this summer.

island items JUNE 3. After a seven-month legal battle and non-jury trial, a Manatee County judge ruled in favor of Cedars West in its lawsuit against Cedars Tennis and Fitness Club Inc. — at issue were two tennis courts.

+ Jaleski resigns At-large Commissioner Gene Jaleski resigned from the Longboat Key Town Commission May 25, in the wake of an e-mail controversy in which he made negative remarks toward Longboat Key Public Interest Committee members and called former Mayor Ron Johnson “the most ineffective mayor in recent times.” Jaleski stated in his resignation e-mail that he was unhappy in his capacity on the Town Commission for some time, was


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The Longboat Key Town Commission approved an Islandside renovation-andexpansion project June 14 on first read-

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Preliminary tax roll figures from Manatee and Sarasota counties showed that Longboat Key’s taxable values dropped an average of 9.68% Key-wide for an approximate $518,164,286 loss, marking the third year in a row taxable values dropped on the island.

“Let your hair tell me what to do.”


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+ Property values decline

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A Tampa-based bankruptcy judge ruled that the cash-strapped Colony Beach & Tennis Resort would be run and operated by a U.S. trustee at a May 28 hearing. The judge said William Maloney, the trustee, would make recommendations moving forward for the resort’s future.


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+ Colony trustee appointed

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The Town Commission agreed to form a subcommittee, at the suggestion of Commissioner Lynn Larson at a May budget workshop, of town residents that would review town operations. Six residents were chosen this summer to review town departments and made their recommendations in November on how the departments can operate more efficiently.

For more information

ANNUAL TENT SALE Friday Nov. 12 9-5, Saturday Nov. 13 9-3 th





5678 Fruitville Road, Sarasota (941) 378-5678 1/4 mile west of I-75 exit 210





The longboat Observer THURSDAY, november 11, 2010


The longboat Observer THURSDAY, november 11, 2010


SUMMER NEWS continued from page 15A ing that Key Club Resort officials said they wouldn’t build. In a 4-3 vote, the commission chose a plan drafted by its town attorney that called for eliminating 70 condominium units from the north side of Longboat Club Road. The units that were axed, club officials said, were needed to finance the project.

+ Water rates fall The Longboat Key Town Commission agreed to lower water-and-wastewater rates for the second consecutive year at its June 17 regular workshop. For the average town water account user, the proposed rate decrease represented a savings of $78.48 per year for a single-family home using an average of 10,000 gallons of water per month. The rate decreases became effective Oct. 1.

+ Subcommittee skepticism Town Manager Bruce St. Denis expressed frustration June 10 with a subcommittee that was formed to review the employees he oversees. The subcommittee — which consists of Commissioners David Brenner and Lynn Larson and Longboat Key, Lido Key, St. Armands Key Chamber of Commerce President Tom Aposporos — was charged with recruiting town residents to review town departments and make recommendations on how better to improve operations. Said Subcommittee Chairman Brenner: “This is not an excuse to see how many people we can fire, but nothing should be off the table because a thorough review needs to be done.”

+ Plaza goes under contract Andrew Hlwya and Dawn diLorenzo, owners of Whitney Beach Plaza, confirmed in June they received an offer for the plaza. The commercial short-sale price was not disclosed and the sale is still pending. Hlwya said he couldn’t afford the $33,000 per month mortgage for the plaza, and more than 75% of the plaza sits vacant. The plaza was listed for $3.5 million. Although the initial offer fell through, in late October, another po-

quickly as the legal system will accommodate (in Sarasota County Clerk of the Circuit Court),” Siegal said.

+ Islandside project approved The Longboat Key Town Commission voted 6-1 June 30 to approve the Longboat Key Club and Resort’s $400 million Islandside renovationand-expansion plan. The commission approved a final revised plan that included much of what the Key Club proposed in the beginning: an 11-story, five-star hotel; a Bay Isles resident Jim Greer, 86, addressed the audience stand-alone meeting June 28 at the Longboat Key Club Islandside hearing at center; new wellness Temple Beth Israel. center and spa; and renovated Islandside golf clubhouse and golf course (with no driving range). Also approved, and among the most contentious pieces of the plan, were villas on both sides of Longboat Club Road and a seven-story condominium building on the south side of the road. The vote came after six previous plans had been presented by the club and more than 23 public hearings had been held over an eight-month period at Temple Beth Israel. The decision came on the final hour and last day the commission was permitted to render development decisions before its two-month summer hiatus and on the self-imposed deadline of the club’s investors. Club officials were prepared to walk away from the project if the commission postponed its final vote until the fall. tential buyer of the plaza, Brian Kenney, of Juliani Kenney Investment Capital, spoke to The Longboat Observer about his plans for the plaza, which include interest from a national coffee chain.

+ Town prepares for oil spill The Town Commission told Town Manager Bruce St. Denis at a June 17 regular workshop that it was willing to

island items July 15. A coyote evaded police capture in the Lighthouse Point neighborhood. Except the “coyote” turned out to be a Siberian husky named Maggie who was visiting Gulf Tides Resort with her owners from Maitland.The police report stated the coyote: “was not aggressive and appeared to not be afraid of us.”

+ IPOC challenges code The Islandside Property Owners Coalition (IPOC), as expected, filed an administrative appeal July 14 that challenged code changes approved by the Town Commission in May. The petition states “the amendments materially alter and change numerous provisions of the land development code governing the Gulf-planned development zoning district. IPOC, thus, has ‘associational standing’ to file and process this challenge to the amendments as being inconsistent with the plan.”

+ Vision Plan

do whatever it took to prevent oil from coming ashore from the leaking oilrig in the Gulf that exploded in April. The town authorized its beach engineer, Coastal Planning & Engineering, to develop a $16,000 local response plan that supplemented the U.S. Coast Guard plans in the event beaches and waterways were impacted locally. To date, no oil from the disaster has come ashore in any form.

JULY + Colony plans announced The lender holding a mortgage on The Colony Beach & Tennis Resort property moved forward with foreclosure proceedings against Colony Chairman and owner Dr. Murray “Murf ” Klauber. Longboat Key resident David Siegal, one of the partners of Colony Lender LLC, told The Longboat Observer July 20 that he and his partner, Longboat Key businessman Randy Langley, were pursuing two avenues. “At this point, we are pursuing a revitalization of The Colony, while simultaneously moving a foreclosure forward as

+ Chapel signs tower lease An agreement was reached with the Longboat Island Chapel to erect a 150foot cellular tower on church property. Longboat Island Chapel President Jared East and Secretary Hugh Joyner confirmed that the church signed a tower lease agreement July 26 for a fiveyear lease with Jimmy Eatrides, owner of Longboat Key-based Alpha-Omega Communications, and Tampa-based Ridan Industries II President Kevin Barile. The lease includes four five-year option extensions. The unipole stealth tower, if approved by the Town Commission, would sit just south of the chapel’s Lord’s Warehouse building on the east side of the church’s 4.5-acre property at 6200 Gulf of Mexico Drive. The Planning and Zoning Board is expected to review the application in January.


Town of Longboat Key - Community Vision Plan

+ IPOC challenges project

Longboat Key Renewed: A plan to keep Longboat Key invigorated over the next twenty years

The Islandside Property Owners Coalition LLC, along with The Sanctuary at Longboat Key LLC and L’Ambiance at Longboat Key Club Condominium Association, filed its anticipated challenge to the Islandside renovation-and-expansion project July 30 in Sarasota County Clerk of the Circuit Court. IPOC attorney Michael Furen filed a declaratory judgment, seeking a de novo hearing, which allows his client to challenge the ordinance approving the Islandside outline development plan amendment and claim it’s inconsistent with the town’s Comprehensive Plan. In essence, IPOC asked for a new hearing that would require new testimony and evidence to be entered into the record for a Sarasota County Clerk of Circuit Court judge to review. The hearing will most likely be scheduled some time next year.

During the summer of 2010, a series of meetings by a joint subcommittee of appointed Town Commissioners, Planning and Zoning Board members, and town citizens were held. The subcommittee worked to update and revise the Vision Plan for the town which was accepted by the Town Commission in November 2009. Upon completion of their work, the subcommittee provided a draft Vision Plan document and recommendation to the Town Commission. The Town Commission invites the public to attend a Town Hall Meeting to provide comments regarding the Vision Plan document and the future vision for the Town.

Town Hall Meeting

November 11, 2010 - 1:00 p.m. at Town Hall Commission Chamber 501 Bay Isles Road Longboat Key FL

+ Vision Plan debated


Additional information regarding the Community Vision Plan is available at or by contacting the Planning, Zoning and Building Department at 941/316-1966

During a Vision Plan Subcommittee meeting July 14, its members and the town attorney discussed how the Vision Plan is the catalyst for a bigger discussion: a broad review of the town’s Comprehensive Plan. When Subcommittee Chairwoman Pat Zunz started a discussion about the island’s perceived saturation of commercially-zoned land, town attorney David Persson told the group it’s part of an overall discussion that will lead to what he hopes is a revision of the Comprehensive Plan. Persson told those in attendance that the town’s Comprehensive Plan, which acts as a guide to what the town wants to be and look like, needs an overhaul.

The debate raged Aug. 11 on how specific the town should be when referring to future revitalization of the island in town documents that shape the future of Longboat Key. At the most recent Vision Plan Subcommittee meeting, Chairwoman Pat Zunz and subcommittee member George Symanski Jr. continued to be baffled that other subcommittee participants have an issue with putting statements in both

The longboat Observer THURSDAY, november 11, 2010


the Vision Plan and the town’s Comprehensive Plan that give developers specific examples on what the town would like to see happen to certain parcels in the future. For instance, Zunz and Symanski believe the documents should include language that tells developers whether a hotel/and or a mixed-use commercial plaza would be a worthwhile endeavor for them to pursue for a parcel like Whitney Beach Plaza. The subcommittee later reached a consensus to include the examples in the Vision Plan.

+ Colony collapses The Colony Beach & Tennis Resort, a hotel landmark on the Key for the last 41 years, closed its resort and all onsite businesses Aug. 15, after U.S. Bankruptcy Judge K. Rodney May ruled to convert the Colony’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization to a Chapter 7 liquidation. The ruling marked the end of the first condominiumhotel rental partnership The Colony Beach & Tennis Resort closed its resort agreement that was formed in and all on-site businesses Aug. 15. the state in 1972 by Colony owner and chairman Dr. Murray “Murf” Klauber. May also ruled to give complete control of the units at the historic resort to the 232 unit owners. That ruling also gave the Colony Association Board of Directors what it wanted: control of the majority of the 18-acre property that for the last 41 years was run by Klauber and his daughter, Colony President and General Manager Katie Moulton.

+ Colony president speaks Colony Beach & Tennis Resort Association President Jay Yablon said he believed the majority of the resort’s 232-unit owners wanted to see the aging property rejuvenated in a way that preserves many of the qualities former resort owner Dr. Murray “Murf ” Klauber created. “The bottom line is all of the unit owners have to form a consensus from here on out,” Yablon said. “From what I have picked up on through my position as president, there is fairly wide spread agreement among existing owners that they like the basic look and feel of the


Commission recommended and passed on first reading a millage rate of 1.8872 mills, up 25.8% from the town’s previous 1.5 millage rate. One mill is equal to $1 for every $1,000 of assessed valuation. The new budget, including capital spending, totals $14,723,263, up $647,000, or 4.6%, from the current fiscal year. The recommended budget was prepared based on a 9.3% island-wide reduction in property values.

+ Carman’s shoes to close

Carman’s Shoes announced plans to close its family-owned, three-story shoeand-handbag store on St. Armands Circle, after 45 years of business, by the end of the year. Owner Bill Carman said the conversion of hotel units to condominiums on Longboat Key over the past decade made business tougher.

+ Beach project approved Colony they have been familiar with for years.” Yablon believed the widest, most positive consensus on any renovation plan, whether it involves renovating the existing complex or tearing it down and starting anew, involved a historic renovation of the 41-year-old resort.

island items August 13. Do not drink alcohol on the beach. How many times do they have to say it? For Longboat Key police officers stationed on Beer Can Island during the weekend of Aug. 7 and Aug. 8, the answer was at least 13, judging by the number of citations and written warnings issued.

SEPTEMBER + Firefighters want audit Seven months after demanding an estimated $100,000 audit of his pension, firefighter pension board Chairman Keith Tanner finally got his wish. The board, which at the previous two meetings staved off Tanner’s demand, finally caved at its Aug. 25 quarterly meeting. Firefighter/paramedic Frank Stoudt produced a list of 28 signatures — more

tfd int



than 90% of the department’s employees — from pension members who wanted the study to be performed. A combination of underfunded pension liabilities, combined with contract negotiation tension, upset the firefighters, Stoudt said. But the town’s pension attorney believes the fire pension board may have breached its fiduciary duty after requesting a forensic analysis of its pension be performed without soliciting bids from other companies. The ruling by the attorney has the commission worried about the pension board signing a contract for the study.

+ Tax rate rises 25.8% The town’s tax rate rose 25.8% Oct. 1, when the fiscal year 2010-11 began. All but one of the seven members of the Longboat Key Town

The state presented the town with a 10-year beach restoration permit Monday, Sept. 13 that allowed it to restore its beach on the north end of the island. That means the town has permission to restore sand in the area any time it needs to for 10 years without having to ask for permission from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP). Town staff had been working to receive a permit from FDEP all year, which allows the town to rebuild the entire beach profile, and especially a 200-foot wide beach that used to exist from Broadway to North Shore Road. The town has put aside $4.5 million in its upcoming 2010-11 fiscal-year budget for the north-end project, which is expected to take at least a month to complete.








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The longboat Observer THURSDAY, november 11, 2010


SUMMER NEWS continued from page 17A

+ Key trolley in jeopardy

+ Town hires fire chief Town Manager Bruce St. Denis promoted interim Longboat Key Fire Rescue Chief Paul Dezzi to the official position of fire chief Sept. 21. Dezzi has overseen the department in an interim position for the past four months, after former Fire Chief Rich Dickerson resigned in May. Dezzi started his career as a Sarasota County firefighter/paramedic in 1984 and moved through the ranks there to assistant chief, where he supervised more than 500 employees. Dezzi completed fire and paramedic training at the Sarasota Technical Institute and has an associate’s degree in fire science.

+ Town holds hearing The town is not offering a contract that involves spending money, while the firefighter union tried to show the town is not in dire financial shape. Town officials and the fire rescue union, presented their cases during an impasse hearing Sept. 17 at Town Hall. The fire department’s current contract expired May 31, which means the department continues to operate at status quo on a month-to-month basis until a new contract is reached. Because impasse has been declared, a special magistrate is now being called upon to review proposals presented by both sides and make a decision that’s not legally binding.

+ Comp Plan changes The Longboat Key Town Commission agreed that changes are needed to

Manatee County staff recommended the Manatee County Commission discontinue its funding of its portion of the Longboat Key trolley service. Public Works Director Juan Florensa sent an e-mail to Town Manager Bruce St. Denis Sept. 1, alerting him that a Florida Department of Transportation grant that has helped Manatee County fund half of its $285,000 annual trolley service on the Key expired in August. “Based on ridership statistics and funding shortfalls, Manatee County Area Transit (MCAT) staff recommended the discontinuation of their portion of the service,” wrote Florensa. The Manatee County Commission later decided to pay $200,000 to continue the service in Manatee County up to the county line, if the town pays the remaining $100,000. its Comprehensive Plan, which acts as a roadmap for the town’s future. Town attorney David Persson told commissioners that a major overhaul is not necessary. “I am looking for a major discussion but not a major revision,” Persson said. “The elements are still there in the plan, but they just need more clarification.” Public hearings will be held next year as the Planning and Zoning Board and Town Commission consider changes.

OCTOBER + Key construction begins Two construction projects started almost simultaneously in early October. A Gulf of Mexico Drive repaving project that was originally scheduled for August began Oct. 4, and a brick paver crosswalk construction project in the vicinity of St. Armands Circle began Oct. 3. Both projects, however, continue to be performed during evening hours. Gulf of Mexico Drive, from the Sarasota County-Manatee County line on

Longboat Key to the New Pass Bridge, was also repaved.

+ Town ratifies contract The Longboat Key Town Commission ratified a three-year contract with its police department at its regular meeting Oct. 4. The three-year deal, which officially began Oct. 1, only gives the officers raises and cost-of-living allowances if other town employees receive them and keeps their current wages intact. And the town is taking vacation time and sick time out of an officer’s final compensation package for purposes of calculating a final pension payout. The town will also keep the current pension the same for officers currently on duty. But, in return, the town reserved the right to modify the pension plan for new police officers.

+ DCA makes code ruling

The state’s Department of Community

Affairs (DCA) ruled Oct. 20 that an ordinance amending parts of Longboat Key’s code is both consistent and inconsistent. If the ruling holds up, it would mean that non-residential uses are not allowed under the Comprehensive Plan in a Gulf-planned development, such as the Longboat Key Club and Resort. Key Club attorney John Patterson, however, was not worried with the ruling and said the town could easily clarify the position of its Comprehensive Plan. “Everything we are proposing for this project is tourism or residential,” Patterson said. “We believe the DCA misinterpreted the open-endedness of a Comprehensive Plan it approved for the town and the town will defend its position.”

+ Bayfront Park talks begin For the first time since the Bayfront Park concept plan was discussed at a May 2009 workshop, the town is addressing the bureaucratic and land-zoning issues that exist before the town can discuss how to fund the project. And at its Oct. 21 regular workshop, the commission moved a resolution forward to its November regular meeting that will eventually amend the future land uses of Sarasota County and town-owned lands adjacent to Bayfront Park.

island items Sept. 23. A teenager celebrated her 18th birthday with a party, birthday sash, balloons and cake — made from squid. That’s because the birthday girl was Edgar, a permanent sea-turtle resident at Mote Marine Laboratory.

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The longboat Observer THURSDAY, november 11, 2010


“My family’s been fishing for eight generations. It’s just a way of life. That’s why we’ve got to get this cleaned up.” Pete Floyd Commercial Fisherman, Pascagoula, Mississippi

Making This Right Beaches Claims Cleanup

Economic Investment Environmental Restoration Health and Safety Wildlife

When the spill hit, a lot of people said it would be the end. BP said they would try to make this right. But how was an energy company going to help a fisherman? Putting People to Work The first thing they did was rent my boat and hire me to help with the cleanup. They made up my losses so I could pay my bills. And they worked with all kinds of people here from fishermen and shrimpers to restaurant owners. It helped us keep our businesses open. And it helped us make ends meet so we could support our families. Staying for the Long Haul When they capped the well in July and finally killed it, we were all relieved. But would BP stick around? Well, they did. The beaches are clean and we’re back on the water fishing so things are getting a whole lot better. They are still here and have said they will keep working for as long as it takes. Getting Back to Normal BP asked me to share my story with you to keep you informed. If you still need help, please call 1-866-448-5816 or go to If you’re wondering what you can do, well – the next time you’re shopping, buy a little Gulf seafood. There is none finer.

For information visit:

For assistance, please call:

To report impacted wildlife: (866) 557-1401

To report oil on the shoreline: (866) 448-5816

To make spill-related claims: (800) 440-0858

© 2010 BP, E&P 47663

beyond petroleum


Fast and furious 1:01 p.m. — 500 block of Bay Isles Parkway. Reckless Driving. A grocery-store employee told police that a man in his 70s pulled up next to him, waved a knife and told him he was driving too slowly.

June 17

Fruits of their labor 12:23 p.m. — 4600 block of GMD. Juvenile Acts. A man called to report he was the victim of a drive-by fruiting. While driving south on Gulf of Mexico Drive, he reported he heard something hit his passenger window and then saw a mango lying in the road while two juveniles ran away from the scene. Their parents promised it would not happen again.

June 21

Snake charmer 5:24 p.m. — 5600 block of GMD. Animal Rescue. Police noticed an unsteady bicyclist swerving into Gulf of Mexico Drive. Police discovered he was holding a snake in his hand while riding. Police stopped the bicyclist, took the 3-foot dead rat snake from him and promised to give it a proper burial.

July 15

Mysterious message 7:24 a.m. — 4800 block of

The longboat Observer THURSDAY, november 11, 2010

welcome back


GMD. Suspicious Circumstance. A man told police that he believed someone entered his condominium while he was sleeping in his recliner with the television on and left a scrolling message on his laptop that read, “Ah, love the beach, you should turn off your TV. It wastes so much electricity.” An open screen door and smudges on a sliding-glass door were also noted.

July 31

Dancing fool 7:12 p.m. — Off the Key. Disturbance. Police told several people to stop jumping off the south end of Longboat Pass Bridge. They were also told to turn down their radio and that it was illegal to drink beer on the island. As police started to walk away, one young man wearing a thong and holding a beer came out from under the bridge and started to gyrate his hips, telling police to come and get him. Police called for the police boat, and the man was arrested after he started to incite the crowd. The man, who threatened to have his father get the officer who arrested him fired, later apologized for his actions, blaming the incident on too much Schnapps and vodka.

Aug. 11

Transportation authority 2:05 p.m. — 1000 block of GMD. Suspicious Person. Police

May 24 Extended stay 9:51 a.m. — 700 block of Tarawitt Drive. Parking Violation. Police observed a 40-foot Bluebird Presidential motor home parked in a front yard. A business card was left on the windshield that advised the owner that an ordinance prohibits motor-home parking for an extended period of time. Illustration by Marty Fugate

saw a homeless man riding a rusty pink woman’s beach cruiser on the sidewalk. Police stopped the man and offered to assist him, but he refused help and said he was quite comfortable with his mode of transportation.

Sept. 4

Family feud 10:45 p.m. — 500 block of Sutton Place. Domestic Violence. Two sisters were arrested for domestic battery after they began throwing punches at each other and breaking objects in a condominium. One of the sisters accused the other one of texting too much on her cell phone.

Sept. 5

Lovers’ quarrel 5:28 p.m. — 3500 block of

Bayou Sound. Domestic Violence. A man called police and asked them to escort his girlfriend out of his home. The man, who had a bloody nose, would not tell police how he had gotten injured. The girlfriend told police he might have gotten the bloody nose by snapping the heel off one of her most expensive pairs of shoes and flailing.

Oct. 6

Sept. 28

Dirty dealings

Scenic route 5:27 p.m. — 5300 block of GMD. Reckless Driving. An elderly woman apologized to police for driving too slowly and weaving on Gulf of Mexico Drive. She said she had not been on the Key in a while and was sightseeing.

All that glitters … 3 p.m. — 500 block of Bay Isles Road. Larceny. The manager of a hair salon told police that a former employee owed the salon $173.25 for taking 150 to 350 glitter tattoos from the business after she was fired.

Oct. 8

10:38 a.m. — 600 block of Longboat Club Road. Disturbance. A maintenance man and the general manager of a remodeling company got into an argument over who was responsible for pouring dirty tile water down a parking lot drain at a condominium. You. Your Neighbors. Your Neighborhood.

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The longboat Observer THURSDAY, november 11, 2010



Longboat Key lost many friends, neighbors and members of its community during the summer. Here, we remember those who have died, listed in the chronological order of their deaths.

Dr. Jason Edward ‘Jay’ Dayan

Dr. Jason Edward “Jay” Dayan, 86, of Longboat Key, died April 28. He held a Ph.D. from Yale University and held leadership positions in the chemical industry.

Laurence DeLynn

Margaret Brooks Annett, known as Peggy Goodrich, 66, of Longboat Key, died April 26. She was a member of Longboat Island Chapel, Longboat Key Turtle Watch, Longboat Key Garden Club, Mote Marine Laboratory and the Longboat Key Volunteer Fire Department.

Laurence DeLynn, 85, of Longboat Key and Morgantown, W.Va., died May 9. He was an avid supporter and board member of The Wellness Community of Southwest Florida, as well as other DeLynn philanthropic organizations throughout Sarasota and Morgantown.

Jack Clayman

Douglas Leo Schmidt


Margaret Brooks Annett

Jack Clayman, 91, of Longboat Key and formerly of Falmouth Foreside, Maine, died April 26. He was president of Serta Mattress Co., Enterprise Distributors and EMCO Realty, all in Westbrook, Maine, and a member of Temple Beth Israel.

Douglas Leo Schmidt, 54, of Longboat Key, died May 10. He was a New College graduate and a Sarasota Realtor.

Jerome Lavin

Jerome Lavin, 65, of Longboat Key,

died May 26. He was originally from St. Paul, Minn.

Dan Lee Baumann

Dan Lee Baumann, 58, of Sarasota, died June 1. Mr. Baumann worked as assistant manager for the past five years at the Longboat Key 7-Eleven, where he loved greeting his customers.

Goldie Swartz

Goldie Swartz, 79, of Longboat Key, died June 1. She was a former teacher and avid bicyclist. Mrs. Swartz and her husband established the Goldie Brenner Swartz and Howard Swartz Scholarship Fund at the University of Albany — SUNY, which provides scholarships to students with disabilities, primarily those with vision impairments.

Horace White ‘Buzz’ Gross

Horace White “Buzz” Gross, 93, of Plymouth Harbor, died June 4. His company, Frazier Gross and Kadlec Inc., became an industry leader in radioand-television management consulting,


Specializing in Veal • Chicken • Fish • Pasta Maker of the World’s Largest Pizza

1 off

$ 00

Eye Center 2020 S. Tamiami Trail

Arthur Kelley

Arthur Kelley, 88, of Longboat Key, died


Richard Pizzuto, Hair Designer and Colorist Shayla, Nail Technician




S alon @ St. Armands EN ps P Ot Sho Wa e NO ntr e C e Th


24 North Blvd of the Presidents Sarasota, Florida 34236

Island Physical Therapy

& Medical Fitness Center conveniently located next to the fabulous Lazy Lobster • State of the art Star Trac Exercise Equipment • Treadmills with fans, TVs, and music • Physical Therapist & Personal Trainers • No contract requirement • Your visits customized to your needs • Medical Equipment & Supplies • oxygen • walkers • wheel chairs • beach wheel chairs • & much more...

Paul J Strom, Jr., M.D.

Sarasota, Florida 34239

45998 17724

When you want to see your best. 941-365-9700

Anne-Marie “Andy” Cail, 73, of Longboat Key, died June 7. She was a 23-year Realtor who expanded her partnership with her son, Tom Cail III, to become the Cail-Grande Group of Michael Saunders & Co. She was the organizer of Cail the All-Star Children’s Foundation’s annual Lunch Bunch at the Longboat Key Club and Resort.

Stylist & Colorist


Any Size Pizza!


Loan Hertzog


Open 7 days • 11AM to Midnight 201 N. Gulf Dr., Bradenton Beach 778-0771 or 778-0772

Anne-Marie ‘Andy’ Cail

We Welcome Raquel Mathias, Stylist, to our team


Eat In or Take Out

serving more than 1,200 radio, television and cable clients throughout the country. Mr. Gross was a member of All Angels by the Sea Episcopal Church, Bird Key Yacht Club and the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary and a volunteer at Mote Marine Laboratory.




Financial Advisor.

Stop by now to donate school supplies to The Boys And Girls Clubs of Sarasota

Member SIPC Member CIPF SIPC Member CIPF 73 S Palm Ave Ste Member



73 Palm Ave Ste 224 443SJohn Ringling Blvd. Sarasota, FL 34236 Sarasota, Suite 1220; FL 2nd34236 Floor 941-955-1419 Sarasota, FL 34236-1427 941-955-1419

nity Our Commu ! is Welcome

778-2641 • 5350 Gulf of Mexico Dr., Longboat Key


Custom Framing • Matting • Glass

Impact Resistant

• Replacement Windows & Doors • Hurricane Shutters •

Solar & Security Window Film visit our

Bradenton • 3130 63rd Ave. East

Longboat Key Showroom


in the Centre Shops

5390 Gulf of Mexico Drive

Chalk • Water Colors

We sell, install & service...


Framing & Art Supplies The Centre Shops • Longboat Key 5360 Gulf of Mexico Drive • 387-9933

Paints • Brushes • Paper

Doors & Windows



Stephen Winters, 61, of Longboat Key and formerly of St. Petersburg, died April 25. He worked in maintenance, most recently at The Colony Beach & Tennis Resort.



Stephen Winters

Betty Sponaugle

Betty Sponaugle, 76, of Longboat Key, died June 13. She was a member of Longboat Key Turtle Watch and the Longboat Key Garden Club.

Maureen Browne

Maureen Browne, 57, of Longboat Key, died June 25. She served as branch chief for the U.S. government in Washington, D.C., and was a key contributor to the passage and implementation of Title IX.

Arnold Fein

Arnold Fein, 83, of Sarasota and formerly of Longboat Key, died June 25. He was a retired insurance broker and an active member of Temple Beth Israel.

Anna Theresa Hlywa, 90, of Longboat Key and Clifton, N.J., died July 9. She was a member of St. Brendan’s Church, in Clifton.

Dr. Samuel Hannah

Dr. Samuel Hannah, 72, of Bradenton, died July 10. He was a founder of Ear, Nose and Throat Associates of Manatee and a founding member of St. Mary, Star of the Sea, Catholic Church.

The Rev. Kenneth ‘Father Ken’ Higginbotham

Marvin Apple

Marvin Apple, 84, of Pittsburgh and Longboat Key, died Aug. 31.

Carole Ladwig Dillinger

Kenneth Holmok

James Michael ‘Mike’ Callans

Rosetta Wachstein ‘Buddy’ Polow

The Rev. Kenneth “Father Ken” Higginbotham, 82, of Sarasota, died Aug. 5. He served as interim priest at All Angels by the Sea Episcopal Church from 1999 to 2000 and was serving there as assistant priest at the time of his death.

Rhea Goldman

Mark Kevin Height

Mark Kevin Height, 55, of Longboat Key, died Sept. 9. He was a graduate of Ohio State University and co-owner and operator of a UPS Store.

Ruth Lillian Wexler

Stanley Waldheim

Stanley Waldheim, 84, of Sarasota and formerly of Longboat Key, died June 29. He was president of Waldheim Furniture Store and a volunteer at the Wellness Community of Southwest Florida and Mote Marine.

Marilou Dickerson

Marilou Dickerson, 86, of Longboat Key and Hamburg, N.Y., died July 1. She was a 60-year Hamburg resident.

Edward Dennis Theriot Jr.

Ruth Lillian Wexler, 88, of Sarasota and formerly of Longboat Key, died Aug. 12. She was a founding member of Temple Beth Israel and a past president of the Beth Israel Sisterhood and board member of Jewish Family Wexler and Children’s Service of Sarasota-Manatee Inc.

Edward Dennis Theriot Jr., 72, of Bradenton and formerly of Longboat Key, died July 5. He retired in 1993 from Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab), in Illinois, and in retirement served on committees for the U.S. Department of Energy and the National Science Foundation.

George Raymond Devine

Rolliston Linscott Jr.

James “Jimmy” Krohn, 85, of Saginaw, Mich., and Longboat Key, died Aug. 28. He was a decorated World War II veteran and twice-escaped prisoner of war. He was president of Seitner Brothers, in Saginaw.

Rolliston Linscott Jr., 94, of Longboat Key, died July 9. He worked in his family’s textile business for many years before starting his own textile-related business in New York.

George Raymond Devine, 85, of Longboat Key, died Aug. 26. He was a practicing dentist and oral surgeon for more than 40 years in South Dartmouth, Mass.

James ‘Jimmy’ Krohn

Lawrence Harold Weiss

Lawrence Harold Weiss, 84, of Longboat Key, died Sept. 13. He was a former resident of Verona, N.J., and Bloomfield, N.J.

Eugene Schwartz

Eugene Schwartz, 92, of Sarasota and formerly of Longboat Key and Brooklyn, N.Y., died Sept. 17. He worked at New York Life for 56 years.

Music Director: Dan Hoffman

Norton Virgien Jr., 85, of Longboat Key and formerly of Avon, Conn., died Oct. 24. He spent 12 years in radio broadcasting sales and management before beginning a career in real-estate sales.

Wednesday 10:00 a.m. Communion & Anointing

The Rev. David L. Danner, D. Min., Rector

CATHOLIC CHURCH MASS SCHEDULE Saturday 5:00 pm Sunday 8:30 am & 10:30 am Daily: M-F @ 9:00 am

4280 Gulf of Mexico Drive Longboat Key, FL 34228 383-1255


“Maintaining Healthy Memory”

Please RSVP by November 15 Call the Chapel Office at 941-383-6491 Email:

Norton Virgien Jr.

St. Mary, Star of the Sea,

Dr. Miguel Rivera, Medical Director of Mental Health and Well-Being at nine assisted living and long-term care facilities in Sarasota

Harriet Shapiro, 93, of Longboat Key, died Oct. 23. She raised her family in Chicago before moving in 1985 to Longboat Key.

Sunday Services 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m.




Harriet Shapiro

All are welcome. Please join us in worship!

Gulf of Mexico Drive

November 16, 2010 10:30 am to 12:00 pm


Dr. Hyman “Hy” Love, 94, of Longboat Key, died Oct. 22. He retired in 1981 as chief of radiology at St. James Hospital, in Chicago Heights, Ill. He was a supporter of the Sarasota Orchestra, Sarasota Opera and Florida Studio Theatre.

563 Bay Isles Road, Longboat Key


Foolish Principals”

Shirley Erickson, 61, of Longboat Key, died Oct. 16. She was a teacher for nine years and spent the last 12 years as office manager at European Marble, in Sarasota. She was a past member of the Longboat Key Planning and Erickson Zoning Board and Junior League of Sarasota.

The Episcopal Church on Longboat Key

Bay Isles Pkwy.


Marvin Donalds, 87, of Ho-Ho-Kus, N.J., and Longboat Key, died Sept. 11. He played professional basketball in New York before starting his business career, during which he owned and operated manufacturing companies in New Jersey, Florida and Haiti.

Mediterranean Plaza

Publix - CVS

The Rev. Dr. Bruce W. Porter

Shirley Erickson

Marvin Donalds

595 Bay Isles Road


Rosetta Wachstein “Buddy” Polow, 95, of Longboat Key and formerly of South Orange, N.J., died Oct. 10.

Dr. Hyman ‘Hy’ Love



of Longboat Key • Presbyterian USA

Kenneth Holmok, 83, of Longboat Key and formerly of Cleveland, died Oct. 4. He was the former owner of commercial heating-and-cooling and awning companies in Cleveland.

All Angels by the Sea


Carola Palmerton Tucker, 97, of Oquaga Lake, N.Y., and Longboat Key, died Oct. 2. She moved in 1976 to Longboat Key.

Carole Ladwig Dillinger, of Longboat Key, died Sept. 2. She was a volunteer at Mote Marine and Southeastern Guide Dogs and held a life-master ranking in the American Contract Bridge League. James Michael “Mike” Callans, 75, of University Park and Las Vegas, died Sept. 5. He retired in 1980 to Longboat Key and began working in management at The Colony Beach & Tennis Resort. After leaving the Colony, he founded J.M.C. Property Management, which he sold in 2008.

Rhea Goldman, 100, of Longboat Key, died Aug. 7.

Carola Palmerton Tucker


June 11. He served during World War II under the Persian Gulf command. He was a member of St. Mary, Star of the Sea, Catholic Church.

Anna Theresa Hlywa

Confession before all weekend Masses Msgr. Gerard Finegan, Pastor

Temple Beth Israel

Jo in

A Center of Jewish Life and Learning in the Sarasota Area Join Share Shabbat and more: Friday Evening, 8:00 pm




The longboat Observer THURSDAY, november 11, 2010


U s!

Fourth Friday of the Month, 5:30 pm Saturday Morning, 10:00 am Please visit our Judaica Shop


941.383.3428 Temple Beth Israel • 567 Bay Isles Road • Longboat Key, FL • 941.383.3428

567 Bay Isles Road • Longboat Key, FL Click. Read. Repeat. You. Your Neighbors. Your Neighborhood.



The longboat Observer THURSDAY, november 11, 2010


Thank You! The Kiwanis Club of Longboat Key and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital extend heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to all those who contributed to the success of the 29th annual Longboat Key St. Jude Gourmet Luncheon and Kiwanis Foundation Scholarship Raffle.


Stifel, Nicolaus & Co. Inc. • Longboat Key Club & Resort Woody Wolverton

Michael Welly

The Longboat Observer GOLD SPONSORS

Coldwell Banker Real Estate Sue Wolverton SILVER SPONSORS

Casa del Mar Beach Resort/D.M. Williams • Publix Super Market Charities George and Sally Rauch • SunTrust Bank • Town of Longboat Key Public Works RESTAURANT & BEVERAGE PATRONS 15 South Ristorante Anna Maria Olive Oil Outpost Beach Bistro The Bijou Café Blue Dolphin Café Café L’Europe Chart House Ciao Italia Café Galante Columbia Restaurant Dry Dock Waterfront Grill Euphemia Haye Restaurant

Ezra Café Harry’s Continental Kitchen The Helmsley Sandcastle Hilton-Latitudes Beach Café The Lazy Lobster Lido Beach Grille Longboat Key Club & Resort Lynches Pub and Grub Mar Vista Dockside Rest/Pub Moore’s Stone Crab Restaurant Pattigeorge’s Publix Super Markets

Re Federico The Sun House Restaurant The Waterfront Restaurant Fiji Water Gold Coast Eagle Distributing Johnson Brothers Liquor Opici Wine Company Premier Beverage Republic National Distributing Sarasota Pepsi Bottling Group Southern Wine and Spirits

PATRONS INDIVIDUAL PATRONS Jim & Marge Brown Mick & Mary Callaghan Rusty Chinnis Vince & Marie DeLisi Weldon & Brenda Frost Dr Bob Kromer & Matsie Yost Fred & Vivian Leahy Bob Gault Winston “Cash” Register

Bob Siekmann Tom Michel Family BUSINESSES/ORGANIZATIONS All Angels By The Sea Episcopal Church Cannons Marina Cedars Tennis Resort Key Cleaners Longboat Ace Hardware

Longboat Key Insurance Group Longboat Island Chapel POS Card Systems Prudential Palms Realty St. Mary Star of the Sea Men’s Club St. Mary Star of the Sea Women’s Club UPS Store Valleycrest Landscaping Maintenance Walsh & Associates

AUCTION DONORS & CONTRIBUTING VENDORS AUCTION DONORS Crab & Fin Design 2000 Derek’s Culinary & Casual Restarant Hillview Grill Le Colonne Longboat Key Center of

Arts Longboat Key Education Center Longboat Limousine Maison Blanche Mattison’s Forty-One Ritz-Carlton, Sarasota Tango Steakhouse &

Sushi Bar Tommy Bahama VENDORS ALSCO Exotica Florist Lee’s Ice Longboat Key Signs Sam’s Club

Sarasota Ford SunTrust Bank Sysco Target Graphics Taylor Rental Temple Beth Israel United Site Services Waste Management



Victoria Baga Tom Chipain Rick Crawford Linda Cullen Jame Linkogle Vince De Lisi

Weldon Frost Bob Gault James Linkogle Asima Palmer Danielle Prestipino Ashley Ringer Bill Sceva Sue Wolverton Woody

Wolverton Andrew Vac Matt Walsh 50-50 TEAM Edith BarrDunn, Linda Meisenbach, Sylvia Babineau

Grand Prize: Jack Walters of Sarasota won the Grand Prize of $20,000 in cash. Second Prize: Andrew Copa, a one-week vacation stay at a Resorts International in the U.S. Third Prize: David Beliles, Sarasota, “Harry Potter Weekend,” at Universal Resort in Orlando. Fourth Prize: Tom Carney, Venice, threeday, two-night weekend at the Longboat Key Club and Resort.


Proceeds of the luncheon benefit the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Proceeds of the car raffle benefit the Longboat Key Kiwanis Club Foundation Local College Scholarship Fund.


Co-Chairmen John Wild Tom Michel


The longboat Observer THURSDAY, november 11, 2010

Roger sells: Phoenix

Visit if you would like a copy of my list. You may also click on this QR code, call our office, or send us an email.

The Phoenix is a contemporary building on Golden Gate Point just a short distance from downtown Sarasota. Each of the 13 residences offer amazing bay front views.

Roger’s New Listings

Sign up to receive your customized, free, monthly market snapshot. You will receive, by email, the industry’s most impressive market reports, packed with up-to-the-minute MLS market and property information, plus interactive photos, maps and graphs.

Towels courT Two-story home. 2BR/2BA upstairs apartment over your own studio. $499,000 GrAND BAY Antigua corner residence, direct bay and city views, oversized terraces! $1,195,000 Overlooks Harbourside Moorings marina and golf course, 3BR/3.5BA. $949,000 Vistas of view, Biscayne 3BR/3.5BA with wrap around terraces. $829,000 BIrD KeY 4BR/5BA, direct bayfront. Cook’s kitchen, travertine, wine storage. $3,495,000 Renovated... virtually a brand new home in an exceptional community. $729,000 seAPlAce Oversized 3BR with direct Gulf views. $649,000 Rarely available, 3BR beachfront in good condition. $599,000 Direct Gulf, 2BR/2BA, 4th floor, turnkey furnished. $549,000 G-7 bldg with Gulf/sunset views. Updated, furnished and ready to enjoy! $395,000 Wonderful value. Completely renovated and furnished. $349,900 1BR/2BA townhouse. Furnished. $249,000 IslANDer cluB Penthouse with stunning views, amenityrich building, prime location. $495,000 The oAKs 4BR on golf course/lake and oversized lot; beautifully renovated. $675,000 MAJesTIc BAY Golden Gate Point – 3BR covers an entire floor. $1,695,000 loNGBoAT hArBour Towers Direct Gulf, only steps to the beach. 2BR/2BA, renovated. $525,000 ProMeNADe Wrapping around the southern corner, this 3BR/3BA is turnkey furnished and views of the Gulf, bay and city. $949,000 Amazing views of bridge/bay, furnished, 3,800 sf, two-car parking. $1,295,000 3BR/3.5BA, 6th floor, incredible views of bay, harbor and downtown. $1,695,000 PIerre This lovely, direct Gulf 8th floor residence at the Pierre is the best value of its kind on south Longboat Key! Renovated with a stylish new kitchen, 3BR/3.5BA. In a true full-service building behind the gates of Longboat Key Club. $1,695,000

Roger sells: Ritz Beach Residences

Roger has sold 2 listings at the Ritz Beach Residences this year. It is located on 400 feet of white sand on Lido Key, within walking distance to the Ritz-Carlton Members Beach Club. In a community where quality and service are paramount, you will enjoy private concierge service, 24-hour security, two guest suites, theatre, fitness center and more. Floor plans range from villas to penthouses, with views of the Gulf, bay and downtown Sarasota. 10th floor, awesome views, incredible finishes, unparalleled services. $2,050,000 Terrific value in the Gulf front building. 2BR plus den, gorgeous views. $1,195,000

Roger sells: L’Ambiance

Roger has sold 2 L’Ambiance residences this year. L’Ambiance features the finest in south Longboat Gulf front living! Located on 18 acres and comprised of 136 residences in two nine-story buildings, it features a 24-hour guard gate, concierge service, two tennis courts, private elevators, 10-foot ceilings, guest suites and more. Wraparound terrace and views of the bay, Gulf and city. 2,350 feet. $1,425,000 Southern corner, 3BR/3BA Areca plan with outstanding finishes. $1,295,000

Roger sells: Sanctuary

Roger has sold 3 Sanctuary residences this year. It is one of the finest Gulf front communities on the south end of Longboat Key. It has a wonderful beach, pool, clubhouse, tennis courts, and excellent security. Views may include the Gulf, the pool complex, the golf course, the bay and downtown Sarasota. Ascot plan offers Gulf and pool views. 3BR/3.5BA plus bonus room. $1,595,000 3BR/3BA wraparound terrace and sunset Gulf, golf course and bay views. $899,000

roger c. pettingell

{ 941.586.6668

Luxury Waterfront SpeciaLiSt



and sold Roger has listed million 00 $9 an th more in luxury homes. and waterfront

▲ couNTrY cluB shores 3BR/3BA, south side, deep water, exceptional condition! $799,000 The BeAches Perfectly positioned 3BR/3BA with private, direct Gulf views. $1,195,000 BIrD KeY Over 5,000 feet of living space surrounded by luscious gardens. $1,250,000 Great garden home value, 3BR/2BA plus new kitchen and pool. $579,000 GrAND BAY Charming, bright 2BR/2BA with lovely bay views. $599,000 Antigua floor plan with sweeping views of downtown, bay and golf course. $1,275,000 wATer cluB 3BR, wraparound floor plan with sunset views. Furnished. $1,095,000 wATerFroNT cANAl 700 Tarawitt Drive Incredible building lot on Longboat Key. Call today for info. $249,000\ hArBor secTIoN Fantastic, custom 5,500 sf gorgeous home has 5BR. $2,495,000 3BR plus den, open kitchen, oversized pool/lanai, deep water harbor. $1,495,000 sIesTA KeY South Siesta Key, the views will inspire and delight you. $2,795,000 Just 6 years old, this 4 BR + office home is on Siesta Key’s Grand Canal. $1,095,000 couNTrY cluB shores New construction 4BR/5BA, canal views, furnishings available. $1,879,000 4BR, open plan, lush landscaping, deep water. Short distance to beach. $1,095,000 3BR/2BA mid-canal home in terrific condition. $799,000 Charming 3BR/2BA on deep water canal has been lovingly updated. $679,000 Perfectly situated waterfront lot, cleared with new seawall and dock. $599,000



Residential Real estate d e d i c at e d t o L u x u ry e S tat e S M


Roger invites you to visit:


A R T S | E N T E R TA I N M E N T | S O C I E T Y | F O O D | F A S H I O N | D é C O R


rebel rouser

The Observer thursday NOVEMBER 11, 2010

by Heidi Kurpiela | A&E Editor

EDIBLES: Fresh ideas with Giuliano Hazan / 8B


Sarasota Opera’s ‘Baubles, Bids and Bubbles’ / 11B BEACH BALL:

‘la Plage Bleue’ / 7B

Heidi Kurpiela

“I like being on stage in the spotlight,” Holly Rizzo says. “I like everyone watching me. I can’t really explain why. You’re either that type of person or you’re not.”

Gangster in Paradise Holly Rizzo makes her Asolo Rep debut as Young Bonnie in ‘Bonnie & Clyde.’ The unlikely outlaw talks about auditions, career goals and criminal mischief. Holly Rizzo is sitting in a diner on Anna Maria Island, neatly eating a messy stack of chocolate-chip banana pancakes. It’s 9 a.m. and the sun is beginning to poke through a smattering of dark clouds hanging over the Gulf of Mexico.

Kimberly Manooshian

If Rizzo — an eighth-grader at King Middle School, in Bradenton — hadn’t skipped her first period morning news class, she’d be forecasting a slight chance of precipitation right now, discussing the state’s gubernatorial election and making school announcements.





THURSDAY, november 11, 2010


art scene HEARD

Monday, Nov. 15, featuring Tampa soprano Hein Jung and Sarasota Orchestra cellist Abe Feder at the Historic Asolo Theater. You’ll be humming Ballades all week.

+ Boros gets jiggy at the Irish Rover

by Heidi Kurpiela | A&E Editor

+ Kopp notches second pre-Broadway show

This week’s Diversions cover girl, Holly Rizzo, isn’t the only local actress rubbing elbows with Broadway stars this month at the Asolo Repertory Theatre. Heather Kopp also landed a role in the Broadway-bound “Bonnie & Clyde” musical. Kopp, who made her Asolo Rep debut three Courtesy years ago in Actress Heath- “A Tale of Two er Kopp Cities,” will play Trish, the sassy wife of a jailbird in the Depression-era production. According to the 23-year-old actress, her ensemble scene in Act I, which takes place in a popular hair salon, is as close as the show gets to musical theater.

+ FST doo-wops like it’s going out of style

“‘Bonnie & Clyde’ is really grounded in reality,” Kopp says. “This particular scene has the women playing exaggerated characters. We definitely provide some comic relief against some of the more serious parts of the show.” Kopp, who played Daisy Mae in “Li’l Abner” last season at the Golden Apple Dinner Theatre, has become a regular on the dinner-theater stage. Theater-goers may recall melting in their seats last March, when actor Craig Weiskerger, who played Evil Eye in “Li’l Abner,” proposed to Kopp during a curtain call.

Irish dancer Justin Boros will share the bill with AC/DC front man Brian Johnson this Saturday at the Irish Rover Pub. Wash down a night of Guinness and heavy metal with Boros’ new dance troupe, Rhythm in the Night. The pub’s fifth anniversary celebration kicks off at 2 p.m. Nov. 13, in the Gulf Gate district. Rhythm in the Night will perform at 7 p.m. For more information, visit

+ The Artist Series’ Chopin must go on!

In the Oct. 28 issue of Diversions, 12-year-old Thomas Jaquith was incorrectly identified as a Parkinson’s patient in “Powerful Parkinson’s exhibit opens at Art Center.” Jaquith’s mother, Debra, who was pictured with her son at their horse farm in Venice, has Parkinson’s disease.

+ Correction

Chopin-lovers are gobbling up tickets for the Artist Series of Sarasota’s five-day Chopin Festival. If you can only make it to one concert in this series, let it be the “Chopin Spectacular” at 7:30 p.m.

Talk about a musical pick-meup! If this old world starts getting you down, Florida Studio Theatre’s “The Wanderers” will snap you out of it. This harmonious foursome belts out the best of 1950s and 1960s pop Courtesy photo better than the Bryan McElroy, Robert H. Fowler, Francis original crooners Kelly and Eric Collins are “The Wanderers.” and covers oldies Cabaret into a Sadie Hawkins even this youngster can apprecidance. ate. The only thing keeping The FST audience went wild University Park couple Harold Wednesday night at a sold-out and Sherry Wolfe (married 61 show, as singers Eric Collins, Robert H. Fowler, Francis Kelly years) from canoodling with one anther was the fact they were and Bryan McElroy wooed seated at a table with yours truly women and men alike with love songs, break-up songs, car songs, and my companion. “We usually hold hands at jungle songs and even Irish shows like this,” sighed Sherry drinking songs. Wolfe. “But this table’s too big.” From “The Great Pretender” FST has sold out of cabaret to “Under the Boardwalk” to subscriptions for the season. “One Fine Day” and “Yakety Only single tickets remain. “The Yak,” this throwback boy band Wanderers” runs through Jan 1. transformed the Goldstein



$ 2011 CaDiLLaC CTS




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*All prices plus tax, tag and $499.95 dealer fee. W.A.C. **2011 CTS Sedan $2,699 due at signing, 24 mos lease. 10k miles per year, plus tax, tag, title and dealer fees of $499.95. With approved credit.See dealer for details. Photos for illustration purposes only. The dealership or its agency are not responsible for late, lost of misdirected mail, typographical or production errors.

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SERVICE INCLUDES: • Up to 8 qts. of oil • GENUINE MFG oil filter • Check all fluid levels • Free Multi-point inspection

Expires December 15, 2010



Expires December 15, 2010

Expires December 15, 2010


53rd Street


4780 14th St. W. (U.S. Hwy 41) Bradenton, FL 34207

www.TROPICALCAdILLAC.COm • (941) 751-6886



THURSDAY, november 11, 2010





RIZZO from 1B Instead, the 13-year-old Anna Maria Island resident is sitting across from her mother, Natalia, in a restaurant where her cousin used to waitress, explaining what it’s like to play Young Bonnie in the Asolo Repertory Theatre’s “Bonnie & Clyde.” Rizzo’s day is off to a pretty good start. Between the banana pancakes, the waterfront ambience and tonight’s costume and wig fittings, you’d think the teen would be bouncing off the walls. Yet, she’s as composed as a veteran stage actress making the obligatory interview rounds before the opening of her next big revue. Her composure makes her seem older. The fact that she doesn’t overuse the word “like” and doesn’t pine for a show on the Disney Channel makes her seem oddly levelheaded for an actress her age. “This is just a hobby for now,” Rizzo says of theater. “I’m looking into becoming a doctor.” Her mother, amused by this declaration, explains that her husband, a radiologist, plays the guitar in a local band for fun. He often accompanies Rizzo and her older sister whenever they perform their Broadway showtune act — “Trina and Holly’s Century of Broadway” — at area


“Bonnie & Clyde” runs Nov. 12 to Dec. 19, at the Asolo Repertory Theatre. For tickets, call 351-8000 or visit www. retirement communities. “My sister is more the type that dreams about being in the movies or being a Broadway star,” Rizzo says of her 17-yearold sister, Trina Rizzo, who earlier this fall starred in “The Fantasticks,” at The Players Theatre. “I don’t even think about it that much. I’m more real-to-life. I just assume I’ll go to the University of Florida, go to med school and become a doctor. Maybe that’ll change in the future. I

don’t know.” She digs into her pancakes and shrugs off the notion that one day, despite her pragmatism, she’ll be a star. “It would be fun,” she says quietly, cutting off the fantasy at the pass. Rizzo, a straight-A student and president of the National Junior Honor Society, beat out dozens of girls for the part of Young Bonnie. The auditions were so hushhush, the only details Rizzo was aware of before the second callback was that the Asolo was casting for a pre-Broadway musical. “I figured it had to be a good show if it was going to Broadway,” she says. After a grueling six-month

audition process, five callbacks and one videotaped performance, the teen received news in September that she would be sharing the role of Young Bonnie with 14-year-old Broadway actress Kelsey Fowler (“Mary Poppins,” “Grey Gardens,” “Sunday in the Park with George”). She was sitting in her sister’s room watching the movie “Precious” when she got the call. “We were all excited,” Rizzo says. “I was jumping up and down. It was Heidi Kurpiela such a long audition process, I thought I’d never get it.” The musical marks Rizzo’s Asolo Rep debut. A self-described “theater kid,” Rizzo landed her first role at age 7 — as the youngest princess in “The King and I” at The Manatee Players. She’s since performed on stage at The Golden Apple Dinner Theatre, the Island Players and The Players Theatre. “Bonnie & Clyde,” however, is different. Not only is Rizzo playing one of the country’s most notorious gun molls, she’s playing the outlaw as a young girl, whose poor, dysfunctional Texas childhood is totally unlike her own. “The main thing I’m trying to do is show how Bonnie was drawn into a life of crime,” Rizzo


• Holly Rizzo has performed the national anthem before several sporting events, including a Tampa Bay Rays game. • Rizzo and her Young Bonnie counterpart, Kelsey Fowler, went trick-or-treating together this Halloween. Rizzo dressed as a fairy, and Fowler dressed as a tissue box. • Because of her older appearance, Rizzo is frequently cast as a 20-something. • Rizzo’s “Bonnie & Clyde” script has undergone countless revisions since the cast began rehearsing three weeks ago. “There are five men at a table, typing in the background as we rehearse,” Rizzo says. “You never know when they’ll add a scene or cut a scene.” says. “That she had a spark, that she wanted to be famous, but not for being a criminal.” Natalia Rizzo has her own take on what attracted her teenage daughter to Bonnie Parker. Long after the two have left the restaurant and Rizzo has been fitted for her Depressionera costume and auburn bob, Natalia Rizzo suggests that her well-behaved daughter has a rebel itch to scratch. “Holly is one of the nicest, sweetest kids out there,” Natalia Rizzo says. “She’s friends with everyone. She never gets in trouble. She’s mortified if she ever does anything wrong. I think she secretly wants to be kind of bad. I think this is fun for her.”

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The 1st Payton Wright Foundation Poker Tournament Where: One Eyed Jacks Poker Room, and Sarasota Kennel Club       5400 Bradenton Rd. and Sarasota, FL 34234

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between the Payton Wright Foundation and the must prize pool. All participants must pre-register and you have photo on the Register at One Eyed Jacks or mail check (memo line: Charity Poker ID Event) of the tournament made payable to Eyed The Payton Foundation Register at One Jacksday orWright mail check (memoto: line: Charity Poker Event) The Payton Wright Foundation made payable to The Payton Foundation to: About TheWright Payton Wright Foundation PO Box 110067 The Payton Wright Foundation The Payton Wright Foundation Bradenton, is a 501 (c)(3) organization committed to FLnon-profit 34211 PO Box 110067 raising awareness and funds for pediatric brain cancer research, helping families Bradenton, FL 34211 who have a child with cancer, and supporting organizations tied All participants mustbrain pre-register and you must have photo IDtooncancer the research and care. day of the and tournament All participants must pre-register you must have photo ID on the


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day ofatthe tournament LearnThe more About Payton Wright Foundation The Payton Wright Foundation a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization committed to About The isPayton Wright Foundation raising awareness and funds for pediatric brain cancer research, helping familiesto The Payton Wright Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization committed who have a child with brain cancer, and supporting organizations tied to cancer raising awareness and funds for pediatric brain cancer research, helping families research and care. who have a child with brain cancer, and supporting organizations tied to cancer




THURSDAY, november 11, 2010


Blues Fest heats up Sarasota The Sarasota Blues Fest celebrated its 20th anniversary Nov. 6 with a sizzling lineup.

However, the best part of the afternoon came in the form of two of the country’s hottest blues acts: Tommy Castro, winner of four 2010 Blues Music Awards, and Trombone Shorty, New Orleans’ hottest set of pipes, whose surprise performance last month in Europe with mentor Lenny Kravtiz came less than a month before his Sarasota engagement. As predicted by Sarasota organizer Barbara Strauss, the all-day festival “freakin’ rocked.” — Heidi Kurpiela

Photos by Heidi Kurpiela

Tommy Castro performs.

Leesa Fountain and Nicole Parisi

Three-year-old aspiring guitarist Peyton Porter Left: Mimi and Sarah Burroughs enjoy a mother-daughter dance.

Ashley and Erin Olson rock out.


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Reservations 941.388.4415


Florida’s Fresh Catch - Grouper, Snapper, etc!

941-918 CLAW(2529) • 8780 S. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota 34238


Hundreds of music-lovers spent a cool Saturday dancing in the grass at Ed Smith Stadium. Even those bundled under blankets kept warm by noshing on hot dogs and baked beans. Most festival-goers relished the 50-degree temps, warming up with hot chocolate or the old Blues Fest standby — a tall, frothy beer. The Sarasota Blues Fest did not disappoint in its 20th year, beginning with 15-year-old rock-and-blues prodigy Jake Haldenwang and ending with veteran blues guitarist Elvin Bishop.

THURSDAY, november 11, 2010




Heidi Kurpiela

“It takes a lot of behind-the-scenes work to create what the audience sees happen on stage,” says Steven Lemke.

Sound Buff Steven Lemke’s first experience recording sound was an unusual one. Lemke wasn’t in a recording studio when some legendary musician cut his last track. Nor was in a recording studio when some unknown musician cut his first track. Lemke, a former Navy machinist mate, was hanging out with his roommate in the sonar shack aboard a submarine in the Barents Sea, under the ice in

Steven Lemke has listened to more Sarasota Orchestra concerts than most die-hard classical music patrons.


The Sarasota Orchestra will perform “Virtuoso” at 8 p.m. Nov. 12 and Nov. 13 and 2:30 p.m. Nov. 14, at the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall. The program features solos by acclaimed violinist and guest artist Vadim Gluzman. For tickets, call 953-3434 or visit

the North Pole, listening to the sounds of whales and dolphins

communicating under water. “It was kind of eerie,” says Lemke, 44. “It was the bellowing and wailing you hear on TV documentaries. Back then, sound was still spliced together on analog tape. This time, it was displayed on a screen in waves. It fascinated me.” When Lemke got out of the Navy in 1989, he moved to Florida and began waiting tables at a restaurant near Phillippi Creek. Six years later, at the suggestion

of a fellow waiter and aspiring recording engineer, he enrolled in a one-year class at Unity Gain Recording Institute, in Fort Myers. After completing the program, he contacted the organizers of a jazz festival at Phillippi Estates Park and offered his services. It was then that he met Bill Stanley, a longtime Sarasota Orchestra sound technician, who gave Lemke his first gig working sound for a Sarasota Orchestra concert at the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall. The duo has been working together on Masterworks concerts since 1997. A Frank Zappa fanatic, Lemke grew up playing guitar and idolizing progressive rock and jazz legends, from the Canadian rock band Rush to jazz greats Miles Davis and John Coltrane. Classical music, however, was a genre he knew little about. “I didn’t listen to classical music until I started working here,” Lemke says. “I’m pretty open-minded, so when the other stagehands would go to the break room during performances, I’d be on the sidelines taking it all in.” Lemke says there’s an art to recording the intricate sounds of classical music. Not only is he tasked with having to set up the musicians’ chairs and music stands, his prevailing priority is to record the concert as the audience heard it, using as few microphones as possible. Why as few mics as possible? Because the more stuff you have to assemble on stage, the more time it takes to set up and break down between performances. Lemke and his crew


Steven Lemke has his own show on WSLR Radio called “Steven in the Evenin’” that runs from 9 to 11 p.m. Sunday nights. The program is a mix of jazz, rock, soul and classical music, followed by 30 minutes of Frank Zappa tunes.

spend hours each season running between the Beatrice Friedman Symphony Center, Neel Performing Arts Center, the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall and the Sarasota Opera House. When Lemke first joined the orchestra, the crew could afford to strategically place 16 microphones within the different instrument section. Now that the budget is tighter, the operation is whittled down to three microphones, simultaneously recording to CD, digital audiotape and hard drive at all times. “It’s all for archival purposes,” Lemke says, revealing the most bittersweet aspect of his work. “We don’t release the CDs. We would have to get approval first, and then there’s compensation and the stagehands union … ” He trails off, surveying the stacks and stacks of CDs crowding his desk. “I’ve got dozens of hard drives in here filled with music,” Lemke says. “I’ve got one that holds a terabyte of data. The last few seasons are loaded on there. It used to be that I couldn’t tell Mozart from Beethoven, now I’m surrounded by them.” — Heidi Kurpiela






THURSDAY, november 11, 2010


Film >> ‘Nowhere


At age 15, John Lennon admitted, “I want to be like Elvis.” His half-sister, Julia Baird, is the co-author of the new film, “Nowhere Boy,” so the statement is most likely factual. The complexities of Lennon’s formative years are explored in this enlightening and insightful film, guaranteed to evoke some serious toe-tapping. Raised in Liverpool, England (near Strawberry Fields), Lennon was an intelligent but rebellious teenager. He was raised by an aunt rather than his own mother and that created immense conflict in his life. When Lennon discovers that his mother lives just a few blocks away, the two reunite — much to his aunt’s dismay. Although his Aunt Mimi (a superb Kristin Scott Thomas) comes off as an ice queen, she genuinely loves Lennon. On



the other hand, his mother, Julia (the vivacious Anne-Marie Duff), displays bi-polar tendencies and treats Lennon with such adoration it borders on oedipal. Seeking normalcy, Lennon turns to rock ’n’ roll — the rest is history. Director Sam Taylor-Wood’s characterdriven film is laden with exceptional performances. Thomas (“The English Patient”) as the ever pursed-lipped Mimi, is over the top, as is Duff’s portrayal of the sad, sexy Julia. “Kick Ass” star Aaron Johnson doesn’t resemble Lennon at all, but he manages to lend credibility to the role. The love and adversity that Lennon experienced early on in his life, so aptly depicted in “Nowhere Boy,” obviously gave rise to the sensitivity so deeply rooted in his beloved music. I’d venture to say that he would have made Elvis proud. — Pam Nadon

Aaron Johnson portrays John Lennon in “Nowhere Boy.”

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Music >> Faith

Lutheran Community Outreach Concert Series: Awadagin Pratt, piano Awadagin Pratt, a pianist who first appeared on the international concert scene in the early 1990s when he won the prestigious Naumburg Piano Competition and, a couple of years later, was awarded an Avery Fisher Career Grant, came to Sarasota this past Sunday to appear in Faith Lutheran’s Community Outreach Concert Series. Faith Lutheran Church, at 7750 Beneva Road, has recently started an important series of concerts with an impressive roster of performers this year, including two members of the Boston Symphony, a trumpeter from the U.S. Army Band, the talented young singer Maria Wirries and pianist Joseph Holt, the recently named artistic director of Gloria Musicae. In addition, the church has been able, thanks to the generosity of some of its members, to purchase a magnificent 9-foot Steinway concert grand and a new console for the pipe organ, transforming the sanctuary into an ideal intimate venue for concerts and recitals. Pratt chose a daunting program that he will repeat this week in Carnegie Hall’s smaller Weill Recital Hall, in New York City. It ran the gamut of works from Baroque (Bach), to contemporary (Lera Auerbach), plus major pieces by Schumann, Beethoven and Liszt. The Auerbach pieces — four preludes from her Opus 41 — were short studies of ascending and descending intervals, from open fifths to minor ninths, chord clusters and an occasional allusion to the Dies Irae. Like Pratt’s other interpretations, the performance was somewhat muddied by over-pedaling and a hyper-romanticized

Courtesy photo

Pianist Awadagin Pratt recently performed at Faith Lutheran Church.

style that left little room for the clarity and transparency needed stylistically in Bach and Beethoven. But the important part of the afternoon was the packed-to-the-gills sanctuary, the new Steinway grand and the fact that Sarasota has a new venue for concerts. Pratt, who recently received the Distinguished Alumni Award from Johns Hopkins, certainly put the new piano through its paces, and we look forward to hearing other artists in this beautiful Sarasota venue. Here’s to keeping the faith! — June LeBell


Early DINING MON - SUN 4pm – 6 pm 10 Menu Choices for Just $10 each Wednesday - OSSO BUCCO SpECIal Open for Dinner Nightly • Serving Lunch Mon. - Fri. 20 years family owned and operated  

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the 37th Annual

Singing Christmas Tree

Music Singing Drama

Start Your Holiday Season with a Sarasota Christmas Tradition Tickets on sale to the Public Monday – Friday 9am – 1 pm Church Office - 1670 Main St. (directly across from Church) or BY MAIL (visit our website to obtain a mail order form)

* Everyone, including children, MUST have a ticket. Program is not recommended for children under four years of age. Nursery is not provided.


1661 Main Street • Sarasota, FL 34236 P. (941) 365-2846 • F. (941) 955-4583 •


Date & Performance Times Friday Dec. 3 7:00 pm Saturday Dec. 4 3:00 pm Sunday Dec. 5 6:00 pm Wednesday Dec. 8 7:00 pm Friday Dec. 10 7:00 pm Saturday Dec. 11 3:00 pm and 6:00 pm Sunday Dec. 12 3:00 pm and 6:00 pm *Admission is $10 per person




THURSDAY, november 11, 2010


Time for butternut squash risotto Butternut is one of ondo of meat or fish. (In the “winter squashes,” an informal American Hands-on cooking so named in the days supper, it could be the with Giuliano Hazan before refrigeration, entrée, preceded — or • Friday, Nov. 12 because they have hard followed — by a salad • Wednesday, Dec. 8 shells and could be course.) With nothing • Friday, Jan. 14 stored throughout the added except cheese, it is All classes are 10:30 cold months in a root risotto Parmigiano. Add a.m. to 2:30 p.m. cellar to provide “fresh” saffron, and you have Prepare and eat a fourvegetables in the off risotto Milanese. Ricourse Italian meal with season. There are many sotto can be made with paired Italian wines at the Hazan riverside home. Hazan types: Hubbard, Turk’s a vegetable or vegetable turban, Boston marrow mixture, fish or seafood, Cost is $150 per person, per class. For more information, call 363-1258 or e-mail and butternut among meat or poultry. them. The miracles of In all variations, rimodern transportation sotto making is a unique make them available virtually year-round, Italian way of cooking rice to a “creamy” conrendering the “winter” designation somesistency. “Creamy” is in quotes because there what moot. But, the appetite is never cream in a risotto. Its elegant texture still recognizes and relishes results when the starch coating of the rice squash in its original season (arborio, canaroli or vialone nano) breaks — even in Florida. down, or “melts.” Do not attempt risotto with Butternut is one of the conventional, long-grain American rice. milder and more popular A risotto is not difficult to prepare. Rule hard-skinned squashes, its one is stir constantly and energetically while taste pretty well described adding the broth. The risotto is done when by its name. One a grain of rice is “al dente” — firm to the of the most detooth, neither crisp nor mushy. In Milan, it is lightful ways to served quite dry, so a serving holds shape on enjoy it is in this the plate. Elsewhere, it is served ad onda, or risotto, which Giuliano wavy, so it spreads out. Rule two is to serve Hazan recently preit from pan to plate. Risotto doesn’t wait for pared for this column. the diners; the diners wait for the risotto. In Hazan is a cookbook a fine Italian restaurant, it is assumed that author, award-winning anyone who orders it expects to wait 20 to cooking teacher and the 25 minutes, but it is risky business to order “Today” show regurisotto at an American restaurant. Make it at lar, who lives and gives home instead. cooking classes here in — Molly Schechter Sarasota. In the classic Italian meal, Find Giuliano Hazan’s tips on risotto is a piatti primo — served successful risotto making online. after the antipasti and before the


Butternut Squash Risotto

Yield: Serves 4 to 6 people INGREDIENTS:

Salt Freshly ground black pepper 1/2 beef and 1/2 chicken bouillon cubes dissolved in 5 cups of water 2 tablespoons Italian flat-leaf parsley, finely chopped 1/2 cup Parmigiano-Reggiano, freshly grated

1/2 small yellow onion, finely chopped 3 tablespoons butter 1 pound butternut squash (about 3 cups diced) 1 3/4 cups rice for risotto (carnaroli, vialone nano or arborio)

1. Put the onion and 2 tablespoons of the butter in a large heavy-bottomed pot over medium-low heat. Sauté the onion until it turns to a rich golden color. 2. While the onion is sautéing, remove the rind and the seeds from the squash, then cut it into 3/4-inch cubes. When the onion is ready, add the squash to the pan with about 1/2 cup of water. Season with salt and pepper, and cook until the squash is tender, about 10 to 15 minutes. 3. While the squash is cooking, heat the broth in a sauce pot and keep it at a low simmer. 4. When the squash is Photos by Rachel S. O’Hara tender and all the water has evaporated, add the rice and stir until it is well coated. Add about 1 cup of the hot broth and continue stirring. Add only enough broth to produce the consistency of a rather thick soup and wait until all the liquid is absorbed before adding more. Continue until the rice is al dente, 20 to 25 minutes. 5. Remove from the heat and stir in the chopped parsley, the grated Parmigiano and the remaining tablespoon of butter. Taste for salt and serve at once. (From “Every Night Italian” by Giuliano Hazan)


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The Observer


Black Tie

thursday NOVEMBER 11, 2010

Kay Mathers, Susie and Larry Bowie, Judi Bell and Sue Seiter

Having a beach b ll Instead of kicking off their flip-flops to feel the sand between their toes, everyone huddled together around toasty fire pits on the beach. Girls Inc. of Sarasota County hosted Beach Ball “La Plage Bleue: a Vintage Beach Experience” Saturday, Nov. 6, at the Longboat Key Club and Resort. The unusually chilly evening had beach-goers living up the surfside event — chaired

by Keren Lifrak, Monica Barth and Caryn Patterson — in scarves, hats, jackets and boots. One group of ladies kept warm by entertaining the crowd while they danced on the soft white sand. The frosty affair also boasted some fabulous auction baskets, a heated tent that housed enticing desserts and colorful flip-flops — with ribbons, beads and flowers — decorated by the girls at Girls Inc.

Co-Chairwomen Keren Lifrak, Monica Barth and Caryn Patterson


Kiki Steinberg, Lily Volpert and Nikki LaBelle

Francesca Duran and Patrick O’Quinn

Lisa Cappiello, Judy Mellett, Therese Masseo and Laura Cappiello

Fondren Griffin and Danny Watts

Photos by Loren Mayo

Ashley and Tim Gruters

Hayley Bilik and Sydney Koffman



CelebrAting our 10th AnniverSAry


THURSDAY, november 11, 2010


black tie tales

by Molly Schechter | Social Editor

+ First Citizen 2060?

Store eventS

The YMCA Annual Donor Appreciation Luncheon Nov. 3 honored 2011 First Citizen Flori Roberts, who charmed the audience with wit (“You have left me speechless, but I’m gonna recover”) and song (a parody lyric to “Thanks for the Memories.” But one of her “grands,” Mistress Daniella Roberts, pretty much stole the Molly Schechter show, having Flori Roberts’ granddaughter Daniella Rob- clearly inherited a goodly erts and “Puppy” amount of grandma’s talent. See more photos on Page 14B and

Monday, November 15

Burberry English Tea 10:00-5:00

Please join us for an english tea, and valuable information from burberry Specialist Stephanie hess.

Tuesday, November 16

“Crocodile Rock” 10:00-5:00 A fun filled day with Lacoste gifts and prizes.

Wednesday, November 17

Diane von Furstenberg Trunk Show 10:00-5:00

Ready-to-Wear, swim and accessories. Enter raffle to win a DVF handbag.

Kim Schaffer was talking to her mom, Carol Siegler, about coming to Longboat Key for Carol’s 85th birthday and mentioned that she and her partner of 15 years, Don Sandler, had decided to wed. The delighted Carol’s proposal was, “Why not get married on the beach here?” And, so, it was a dual-purpose party Oct. 23, with Kim’s 31-year-old son, Benjamin Schaffer, acting as ring bearer. Best wishes, congratulations and happy birthday!

Meet “Robert” while enjoying an acoustical Jam with “Color Sound” NYC

Grant Balfour

of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays will be signing autographs.

Thursday, November 18

“Meet Peter” Designer Peter Cohen will be present to design the perfect selection for you.

Peter Millar Trunk Show

Men’s fashion from the wardrobe team of the 2010 ryder Cup team. gifts and Prizes throughout the day.

Courtesy photo

Mort and Carol Siegler and newlyweds Kim Schaffer and Don Sandler

+ Walking the walk

KC Designs Trunk Show

What was the Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk out of Tampa/St. Petersburg really like? Sheila Zinder: “Who would think you could walk 60 miles, burn approximately 5,100 calories and not lose weight? There were just too many good high-calorie snacks that we couldn’t resist.” From her walking buddy, Linda Federici: “My comment is that the experience was amazing, but I never knew you don’t look behind you in a porta potty! A vision I will not forget. Seeing 1,600 pink ladies walking over the bridges made it worth it. Thanks to all our

An incredible collection of “Fashion Diamonds” to encompass your luxurious wardrobe.

Friday, November 19

Ralph Lauren Black Label Trunk Show 10:00-5:00

Experience the refinements of Ralph Lauren Black Label Menswear and Womenswear Collections.

b. May Trunk Show 10:00-5:00

“The old-fashioned gala is back,” said Michael’s On East banquet captain Tracy McCammack. “Wait till you see the gowns!” More than 300 dressed up, way up, for the “Fabulous 55th Anniversary Oceanic Evening” Oct. 30. They oohed and aahed over the ice sculpture and lined up for Mote caviar. This was the second-to-last of a year’s worth of events celebrating the lab’s 55th. The finale will be a breakfast with renowned marine scientist and Mote board member Sylvia Earle in December. For details, call Barbara Meyer at 388-4441. One woman, Judy Graham, was overall chairwoman of the whole anniversary and who did a whale-of-a-job, as did the individual event chairs and committees. For photos from the event, visit

Molly Schechter

Mote sustainable caviar with toast points, bilini and accoutrements at the “Fabulous 55th Anniversary Oceanic Evening.”

A million dollars worth … Grapevine Communications partied Oct. 21 to celebrate hitting that mark in free services to local non-profit organizations. Kudos to Angela Massaro Fain, John Fain and their team … The hottest ticket in town … was for Key Chorale’s Nov. 6 and Nov. 7 performances of “Annelies,” conducted by composer James Whitbourn. Both were completely sold out by Nov. 2 … New look … Lee Peterson was dazzling with a new hairstyle and hair color at the YMCA luncheon … Fooled … Adela Rose thought she was going to Leslie and Genie Aberson’s anniversary Oct. 30 when … surprise! She was delivered to her own birthday party surreptitiously planned by loving hubby Alfred Rose …Same year, different day … On Nov. 2, Sharon Burde celebrated the same natal anniversary her with husband, Dr. Ron Burde, friends and fellow Bayport residents.

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+ Black Tie Affair

“Meet barbara” Handbag designer Barbara May will feature her exotic skin handbags.

Community AIDS Network Emergency Fund Divas After Dark: ‘Midnight in Gay Paris’

Anniversary Celebration 8:00-Midnight

6:30 p.m. cocktails and dinner by the bite; 8 p.m. drag show • Monday, Nov. 15, Michael’s On East • Tickets $100; for reservations call Jim Neal or Ron Carter at 365-6922

Runway Fashion Show with surprise guest from the Sarasota ballet. Call Mary Anne Servian for tickets 359-0099 ext. 106 - $75 per person

Saturday, November 20

“Tribute to Italian Fashion”

941.388.3991 | St. Armands Circle | Sarasota

+ Mote wraps 55th — almost

+ Tidbits

Peter Cohen Trunk Show 10:00-5:00

Meet specialist from Armani Collezioni and etro as they share the global influences of their designer brands.

supporters who made it possible for us to do this.” And all “the girls” thank the walkers who raised $4.5 million.

+ Celebrate, celebrate!

Robert Graham Men’s & Women’s Trunk Show 10:00-5:00 “Robert Graham Unplugged” 7:00-9:00



It happens every year. A well-known socialite turns to a friend and says, “Is that a woman?” The answer, of course, is “No, dear, it’s a man.” But so amazing are the female impersonators, even close-up, that the question is understandable. The drag show is the only one of its kind

on the Sarasota benefit circle; it is different, a little raunchy, fascinating and fun. Fair warning: The language is less than pristine, but it’s a great night for a great cause. Bring dollar bills for the “girls”: Champagne Bordeaux, Lindsay Carlton, Heather DeHaven, Amy DeMilo,

Molly Schechter

Diva Amy DeMilo

Em, Beneva Fruitville, Iman, Jonathan Kendall, Felicity Lane and Alicia Markstone.

THURSDAY, november 11, 2010





Come see the new SouthWind Deck Boats NOW AVAILABLE.

at Cannons Marina

SouthWind Deck Boats offer the comfort of a deck boat and the responsive handling of a runabout. Go fishing in the morning and sunset cruising in the evening – all in the same boat.

Competitive • Quality • Commitment Since 1955

Visit Cannons Marina today to see the 2011 model year deck boats ranging from 20’-26’, all powered by Yamaha outboards.

6040 Gulf of Mexico Dr., Longboat Key (2 miles from north end) Open 7 days a week, 8 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.


Melissa Coury, Annelie Gustke and Joey Frye • 383-1311 Follow us at

Baubles, Bids and Bubbles

Sarasota Opera | Saturday, Nov. 6 | Sarasota Opera House

or visit us at

Concerts, film, and special events presented as part of the international celebration of the 200th Anniversary of Fryderyk Chopin’s birth


Auctioneer Scott Anderson, model Jennifer Tarasi and Tony Strong


Susan Danis, Daina Strong and Irene Stankevics

Presented by the ARTIST

SERIES OF SARASOTA in association with THE CHOPIN PROJECT® Call NOW for best remaining seats!

Friday, Nov. 12–7:30 p.m. USF Sarasota-Manatee ($40) Opening performance and reception – Steinway Artist Arthur Greene performing Chopin’s Three Ecossaises, Mazurka in C Major, and three Ballades Sandra Lindqvist and Jacqueline Morton

Photos by Molly Schechter

Patrick and Lydia McKenzie

Barbara Zdziarski, model

Saturday, Nov. 13–2:00 p.m. Historic Asolo Theater ($7) Screening of the 1945 Academy Award nominated Chopin biography “A Song To Remember” with remarks by Arthur Greene

Saturday, Nov. 13–6:30 p.m. “Evening with the Artists” ($65)

Music, conversation, and festive Polish-themed dinner prepared by Michael’s On East, presented in a unique one-of-a-kind private residence

Sunday, Nov. 14–2:00 p.m. Historic Asolo Theater ($30)


“Chopin’s Europe” - concert & multi-media presentation with six world-class pianists performing Chopin’s music - full-stage images depict the six regions in Europe where Chopin composed and lived – plus live descriptive narration

Sunday & Tuesday, Nov. 14 & 16 –7:30 p.m. Historic Asolo Theater ($35, $40)

Maison Blanche

“Chopin: Favorites and Rarities” Two musically unique concert performance featuring six world-class pianists

Where Paris meets the Gulf Coast

New “My Way” Menu

Nine Assortments for $39!! (except Fri. & Sat.)


Michelin Star chef Golden Spoon award

Monday, Nov. 15–7:30 p.m. ($35, $40) C H O PI N S PE C TAC U L A R at the Sarasota Opera House Steinway artist Arthur Greene plus five additional world-class pianists and guest soloists - soprano Hein Jung and cellist Abraham Feder

2605 Gulf of Mexico Drive Longboat Key | For Reservations Call 383.8088

Pianists – Olga Kleiankina, Dmitri Vorobiev, Svetlana Smolina, Xiaofeng Wu, Lee Dougherty Ross

Abraham Feder



The Chopin Festival is made possible in part by The Observer Group, and WUSF Public Media. Performances are paid for in part by Sarasota County Tourist Development Tax revenues.


Average monthly premium based on Florida customer data for policies written in 2008. Actual premium will vary based on amount of insurance purchased and other factors. Insurance subject to terms, conditions and availability. Allstate Property and Casualty Insurance Company: Northbrook, IL © 2009 Allstate Insurance Company

Hein Jung

Excellent Seats Still Available In This Beautiful Historic Venue!

MANUEL R CHEPOTE 1300 Main street sarasota

talk to me about Golf Cart insurance. Did you know that you can get a policy for about $5 a month? Call me and i can help you select the right coverage to fit your needs and your driving preference. (941) 366-0100

Arthur Greene






Beautifully Crafted Reclaimed Pine at Amazingly Low Prices!

THURSDAY, november 11, 2010


EvE IN A ry ItE M l Sho l thr EE wr o rEd ucE oMS d 50 %

Tom Dabney, honoree Cy Bispham, Barbara Dickinson, wife of posthumous honoree Patrick Dickinson, and Kerry Kirschner

ninth annual Lifetime Achievement Awards Dinner

The Argus Foundation | Thursday, Oct. 28 | Hyatt Regency Sarasota


f u r n i t u r e “The Florida Look Since 1950” Accessories, Living Rooms, Bedrooms, Dining Rooms Lighting, Rugs, Accent Pieces and so much more! North Sarasota

9 41 - 355 - 5619

South Sarasota

9 41 - 359 - 0 025

University Park Blvd.

9 41 - 92 3 - 32 99 Tim and Susan Clarke with Cameron and Tom Icard


Photos by Stephanie Hannum

Sally Dickinson and Dee Stottlemyer

Elegant Peddler @ Citrus square

2010 2011

Unique Gifts at Unbelievable Prices Baby Gifts - Home Decor - Hand Bags - Jewelry Featured Gifts from Local Artists


941-556-9439 431 N. Orange Ave. Sarasota, Florida 34236

Leif Bjaland, Artistic Director

The Original

Dream of


Creative Kitchen & Baths


The Name You Can Trust!

by Bob Elmes, Inc.

State Certified General Contractor CG-C060087

Observer Group 1/4 pg 5” x 8” Nov 11, 2010 pick up Nov 18, 2010

A multi-media tribute to the American experience

Saturday, Nov. 20, 4 & 8 pm | Sarasota Opera House Enjoy a Grammy-nominated musical tribute to The Dream of America accompanied by photo montages and actors. John Williams’ musical homage to the Statue of Liberty premieres and hear selections from Copland’s Old American Songs, featuring baritone Michael Redding. Conducted by Andrew Lane.

Call Bob Elmes today for a free consultation


47705 | 941-953-3434

Come as you are. Leave different. 46188


• Sarasota Bay’s leading home and condo remodeling craftsman since 1997 • Renovations professionally designed to fit your style and budget. • Complete turn-key project management



THURSDAY, november 11, 2010





Sarasota County ’s

B E ST FA R M E R’S MARKET! Florida Fresh Fruits, Produce, Prepared Foods and more! P H I L L I P P I • FA R M H O U S E • M A R K ET


November - April 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.


PHILLIPPI ESTATE PARK 5500 S. Tamiami Trail Sarasota FL

Deborah Beacham, composer James Whitbourn and Susan Brainerd

Key Chorale Luncheon

Key Chorale | Friday, Nov. 5 | Hyatt Regency Sarasota Flora Major, Mary Lou Winnick and Betty Schoenbaum

In partnership with:

Get your tickets now at:

Photos by Molly Schechter

Co-Chairwomen Gerri Aaron and Ina Schnell

Soprano Kathy Pyeatt, from Wisconsin, performed.

Liesel Rosenberg

This Blonde Knows Alot About

iSrAel NiGht martin fletcher - “Walking Israel: A Personal Search for the Soul of a Nation” Saturday, Nov. 13 - Federation Campus 7:30pm | $10 this author is sponsored by:

Robert & Esther Heller Israel Advocacy Initiative

Full–service luxury and coastal residential design

75 Cocoanut avenue, Sarasota ~ 941.953.4418 ~ Please visit our showroom CurrenT for art, accessories and Furniture

A DAy At the Deli Sheryll Bellman - “America’s Great Delis: Recipes and Traditions from Coast to Coast” Sunday, Nov. 14 - Federation Campus 12:30pm | $50/$75 (Includes book & lunch) Proceeds to benefit:

Federation’s College Scholarship Fund BuilDiNG CommuNity Peter lovenheim “In The Neighborhood: The Search for Community on an American Street, One Sleepover at a Time” Sunday, Nov. 14 - Temple Beth Israel 5:30pm | $10

Closing lunCheon!

Joan Nathan “Quiche, Kugels and Couscous: My Search for Jewish Cooking in France” Wednesday, Nov. 17 Hyatt Regency, Sarasota 11:30am | $36 (Includes lunch) this author is sponsored by:

ProuDly PreSeNteD By

Klingenstein Jewish Center, 580 McIntosh Rd., Sarasota FL 34232



Sally a. TrouT InTerIor DeSIgn

FL License #0002504 47615

BreAkfASt, Book & GirlfrieNDS Carey Goldberg “Three Wishes: A True Story of Good Friends, Crushing Heartbreaks, and Astonishing Luck on Our Way to Love and Motherhood” Sunday, Nov. 14 - Temple Beth Sholom 9:30am | $10

Div e r s ion s

w w w .You r Ob s e r v e r .c om


C u lt u r a l m E D i a ro o m : “aG E l E s s C r E at i v i ty ”

october 7 – november 18 Joseph Arnegger, Tim Jaeger and Jeff Schwartz, three nationally recognized contemporary artists who call Sarasota County their home come together to explore the “Common Ground” within their visual and verbal communications and the impact on their audiences as well as with other artists.

october 7 – november 18 Our second annual “Ageless Creativity” exhibition will be honoring two visual artists, Jack Nolan and Eleanor Merritt; Architect, Carl Abbott; Actor, Carolyn Michel; and, Filmmaker/Composer, Diana Colson. These 5 diverse artists have been contributing to the areas cultural landscape for many years bringing their enduring and continuous creative gifts to our community.

6860 Longboat Drive South, Longboat Key, FL 34228 For more information call 941.383.2345 Hours of Operation: Mon-fri 9 am to 4 pm

THURS DAY, n ov e mb e r 11, 2010


Honoree Flori Roberts is surrounded by her family: son Doug, granddaughter Daniella, son Bruce and daughter-in-law Nancy.

YMCA Do n o r Appr eciat io n Lu n ch eo n h o n o r in g Flo r i R o ber t s YMCA Foundation of S arasota County | Wednesday, N ov. 3 | Michael’s O n East

Bea Friedman and Brian Lipton


D u r a n t E G a l l E ry: “ C o m m o n G ro u n D ”

Paul Bowman and Kim Githler

Photos by M olly S chechter

Nils and Karin Gustafson

AJC West Coast Florida 2010 Civic Achievement Award Dinner honoring

Matt & Lisa Walsh Thursday November 18, 2010 Cocktails 6:00 p.m. Dinner 6:45 p.m. Michael’s On East, Sarasota, Florida Dinner ChAirs

Jo & Stan Rutstein and Kathy & Bill Seider keynote speAker

Derek Dunn-Rankin, Chairman/CEO, Sun Coast Media Group For information contact AJC Regional Director, Brian Lipton at 941.365.4955 or

West Coast Florida 941.365.4955

AJC seeks a secure Jewish future in a more just world. We maintain offices across the United States and around the world, and partnerships with Jewish communities abroad.


• Builds Bridges • Advances Security • Promotes Human Rights • Supports Israel • Strengthens Jewish Life 47122


THURSDAY, november 11, 2010




CAMERA READY First Annual Connoisseur Club Anniversary Celebration 25,000 Points To Spend on Dining, Wines and Future Travel

Chairwomen Jackie Rolfes, Jamie Becker, Leslie Jones and Donna Pachota

Flip-Flops and Fashion Luncheon Children First | Thursday, Nov. 4 | Sharky’s on the Pier

Are you a Member of the Gulf Coast Connoisseur Club? Just imagine all the food, wine and future travel experiences you can enjoy with the $2,500 in points you will earn simply by booking with Admiral Travel. EARN 25,000 POINTS WHEN YOU BOOK WITH OUR TOP 25 TRAVEL PARTNERS:

Aman Resorts, AuthentEscapes, Azamara Club Cruises, Crystal Cruises, Journeys by The Luxury Collection, La Reserva-Manuel Antonio, Lindblad Expeditions, Regent Seven Seas Cruises, Silversea Cruises Celebrity Cruises, Oberoi Hotels & Resorts, Oceania Cruises, Orient Express, Orion Expeditions, Paul Gauguin Cruises, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Six Senses Resorts & Spas, The Yachts of Seabourn, Wilderness Safaris AMA Waterways, Aqua Expeditions, One&Only Resorts, The Ritz-Carlton Hotels & Resorts, Sea Dream Yacht Club, Singita Game Reserves

Offer valid on new bookings only: November 1– January 31, 2011

Nikki Labelle, Kristen Farrell and LeeAnne Swor

A Virtuoso Member Agency

Call 941.951.1801

Justin Pachota with daughter, Ryela, and son, Jeremiah

Lisa Phifer and Debi Hammett

Kristi Bratzke and Chris Voelker

Featuring Sarasota’s Finest Properties

R Av en ail tal ab s le

Linda A. Page

1284 N Palm Avenue Downtown Sarasota • MGA Commerce Plaza Lakewood Ranch


or visit for details and restrictions. Photos by Maria Amodio

NEW LISTING. Former Model Residence with exceptional finishes, 15th floor at west end of building with full Bay views. 3/3 with family and living rooms. $1,789,000

SHORT SALE. Unbelievable price for this 2335 s.f., 2 bed/2 1/2 bath “B” plan. Marble and wood floors, 2 terraces. City lights and Bay views. ONLY SHORT SALE IN BLDG. $749,000

7 sold or pending this year! Call the Beau Ciel expert! Visit for photos, plans and details.

Rarely available 3135 s.f. “C” floor plan. Exquisite finishes and wonderful design and with separate family and living rooms both with water views. $1,329,000

TURNKEY FURNISHED – SALE OR LEASE w/exquisite turn-key furnishings - 3134 S.F. w/Bay, Yacht Harbor, & City views from 9th fl. $6,000/mo or $1,449,000

Plaza at Five Points Penthouse

361 South Boulevard of Presidents

University Park

Beau Ciel Luxury Bayfront

Full Bay views, unique floor plans & luxury living. Private elevators, 24 hour concierge, tropical pool, media, fitness, conf/dining & club rooms. Boat docks and Room service through Hyatt Regency.

Cool elegance in this 4200 s.f. Penthouse with fabulous Bay views and another 1,200 s.f. of private out door living on huge terraces including your own spa and Summer Kitchen. $2,750,000

Capture the pure magic of this waterfront Yachtsman’s Paradise. Over 6,000 s.f. of living space and another 1,800 s.f. of rec-room/ storage and a four car garage. Offered below market for quick sale. $3,379,000

Live in a true park setting... Custom built by Anchor Homes in private preserve setting. 3084 s.f., 3/3 plus den, split plan. Re-surfaced heated pool & spa, tile flrs, 10’ sliding doors, exceptional storage, large kitchen w/center island. $579,000

© 2010, An independently owned and operated member of The Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc.

Prudential is a service mark of The Prudential Insurance Company of America. Equal Housing Opportunity.







THURSDAY, november 11, 2010


Defining Luxury Real Estate in Sarasota

Reduced $616,000


Reduced $985,000

Lido Beach $3,000,000

LuxuRy goLf community

Reduced $100,000

Country Club Shores $1,299,000

La Casa Costiera $1,949,000

Founders Club

Waterfront Yachtman’s Paradise! 6000+ SF & 1800SFof rec- Waterfront 4BR/4.5BA residence with views of Sarasota Gulf front complex on Anna Maria Island! 2-3BR/2.5BA Luxury 4BR/5BA + 2 half bath w/golf views. elevator, “His” & “Her” room/storage & 4CG. Incredible Views! Linda A. Page 504-0123 Bay and downtown. Outdoor kitchen. Teri Sax 228-5578 condo, gourmet kitchen, fireplace. Michelle Musto 809-3714 studies Prudential Lakewood Ranch Realty, Pat McMillan 544-4538

Just Reduced $104,000

Longboat Key


$2,250,000 Longboat- Vizcaya Direct beachfront penthouse level full Gulf views. 2BR/3BA + family room exquisitely designed & decorated throughout. Sylvia Zimmerman 350-5022 $725,000 Pointe At Mariners Cove Thrilling views from this 3BR/2BA turnkey condo. Gated community overlooks the Intracoastal & Gulf of Mexico. Boat slip incl. Teri Sax 228-5578 Reduced $250,500 $699,000 Longboat- Grand Bay Direct Bay front with style in this 2BR + den sophisticated residence. 2-car garage, tropical grounds private beach club. Sylvia Zimmerman 350-5022 $695,000 Longboat - Winding Oaks Nature Lovers Delight! 3BR/3BA Villa with lake view. Custom landscaping, screened lanai with private spa. David & Lori Simon 400-8764 $549,900 Longboat- Sleepy Lagoon Park Deep Water Canal Home! 2 story, 2BR/2BA, Deep Water Dock & Lift. Easy access to Gulf. Open floor plan, Cathedral ceilings, Screened Pool area, Den/Office on 1st floor. $995,000 Tangerine Bay Courtney Campbell 806-7238 $1,190,000 Grand Bay 4BR/4.5BA condo on Longboat cath. ceilings, turnkey furnished, $549,000 Longboat- Portobello Direct Gulf front 2BR/2BA with beach views from every room. Newly This ninth floor 3BR/3.5BA offers a spacious floor plan decorated and new hurricane windows installed. Fabulous! Mark Huber 356-2435 2 car garage beautiful views. Michael Granston 504-8018 w/expansive Gulf & Bay views. Jan Murphy 504-9765 Reduced $44K $525,000 Longboat- Promenade Beautiful Gulf and Garden Views! 2BR/2BA, split plan, Just Listed! Reduced $200,000 wet-bar, turnkey furnished. Concierge, heated pool, tennis & fitness. Michelle Musto 809-3714 Bank Owned! $438,900 Holmes Beach – Key Royale Clean & spacious canal front home. 3BR+ den/or 4 bedroom. Dock & boat lift. Access to bay and Gulf. Andrew Bers 383-2550 Reduced $20K! $399,000 Whitney Beach Large 2BR/2BA end unit next to Bishops Bayou w/renovated kitchen. Pet Friendly pool, beach, docks, fishing & tennis. Bruce & Jenine Meyer 266-8152 Reduced $10K $289,000 Cabana Beach Club Beach side bungalow! Income producing in Cabana Beach Club. Entire complex renovated in 2004. Offered turnkey furnished. Andrew Bers 383-2550 Header: Siesta & Waterfront SieSTA & WATeRFROnT Reduced $400K! $2,195,000 Golden Gate Pt- Grande Riviera “The Crown Jewel” of Golden Gate Point! Panoramic bay view, private 2-car garage, full time concierge service. Sylvia Zimmerman 350-5022 $1,490,000 Desota Park $1,329,000 Downtown Waterfront- Beau Ciel 3,134 SF with Bay, Yacht Harbor & City views. Lives like a $995,000 Tangerine Bay 5BD/5.5BA Craftsman home, Chef’s kitchen, gym, loft, single family home with sep. LR & DR with oak wood floors & more! Linda A. Page 504-0123 Direct Bay front 2 BR plus den residence. 2-car garage, tropibonus room + 2 fireplaces. Jackie Robertson 441-7223 $579,000 Siesta- Crystal Sands 2BR/2BA Turn-Key Furnished Villa with garage .Totally updated with cal grounds private beach club. Zimmerman/Liberman 350-5022 granite in th kitchen and baths. 2wk rental. Mitchell Team 586-1754 Reduced $100,000 Reduced $100,000 $435,000 Downtown Waterfront - One Watergate Great Downtown, Bay & Marina views. 2/2 flrpln has office/den, garage parking. Close to the cultural & downtown activities. Marty Benson 232-9264 Reduced $36K Short Sale! $429,000 Osprey- Bellagio Harbor Village Stunning bay & sunset views! Spacious 3BR/2.5BA condo. Exquisitely maintained. Charlene Hutson 376-5112

MAinLAnD Header: Mainland Reduced $70K $579,000 University Park Custom Home 3084SF, 3BR/3BA Split plan + den, open kitchen, pool & spa. Immaculately maintained, lots of A/C storage. Linda A. Page 504-0123 $500,000 Lakewood Ranch – Greenbrook Village 3-4Br/3BA Green Built Home. Crown, Step & Tray Ceilings. Blinds shutters, draperies & paint. Surround Sound +3 car gar. Jim Soda 961-5857 $498,000 Lakewood Ranch CC Village -4BR/3BA home, Tile Throughout. Private serene view. Solid $999,000 Siesta Key $1,300,000 Harbour Landings Est. surface counters. Huge master/dual sinks. Surr. Sound/Pool. Jim Soda 961-5857 Minutes to Anna Maria beaches! Boat dock with gulf access. Luxuri- Reduced $95K $395,000 Downtown -Villas on Laurel 3BR condo near Main Street. Fine design w/hdwd Siesta Estates, small gated community, 5BR/5.5BA, 3 zone cooling/ heating. Close to Village & Beach. Owner/agent Kim Madden 650-4416 ous pool home with water and nature view. Rayman/Tan 724-0519 flooring, granite counters & stainless appliances. Maint.-Free living. Lisa Morris 544-3332 Reduced $10,400 $364,500 Venice – Venetia Former Model Home with all the extras, in desirable dominican RepubLic Venetia, a gated community close to beaches, shopping & I-75 access Cher Pujol 504-5902 bay views! Short Sale! $299,900 Southbay Yacht & Racquet Club 3BR/2BA w/htd pool & spa. Updated kitchenstainless appl. Mexican tile in kit great rm & lanai. Tennis, clubhouse & fitness. Wellman/Moffatt 923-1813 $269,000 Palmer Ranch- Mira Lago Maint Free community, 2BR/2BA home with lake views. High ceilings & wood floors. Community Pool. Convenient to beaches, shopping & more! Kim Gilliland 809-5151 Reduced $15,910 Forest Creek $243,990 Great location, super floor plan, move-in ready. Friendly neighborhood. Neutral colors. Master suite has sep. sitting room. Louise Hamel 780-7474 $140,000 Sarasota- Pelican Cove End unit set in a quiet corner w/ updated kitchen, extra living space in enclosed Florida room, and terrace off kitchen. Rayman/Tan 724-0519

RenTALS Rentals: $5500/mo. The Concession Annual/unfurn. Rarely available home in one of the country’s top golf $939,000 Hawks Harbor communities. 4BR/5BA/3-car garage, media rm., summer Punta Cana kitchen, pool & spa. Prudential Lakewood Ranch $4,830,000 3BR/2.5BA Key West style home, wood floors, stone fireplace, commercial Realty, Cliff Kaplan 739-3220 Amazing Piece of Land ! 10 miles NW of Bavaro Beach Resorts, close kitchen, private dock and boat lift & bay view. Marty Benson 232-9264 $2,600/mo. River Club Annual/unfurn. Need space? Over 3000 sq. ft. 4BR/4BA home has den and private to restaurants and shopping.99.354 acres. Maribel Martin 587-6948 lake views. Great location and pet friendly! Prudential Lakewood Ranch Realty, Alba Lange 704-3026 Do you OWE More than your property is worth? Are you concerned about losing your property? Time to act now! Call the short sale experts at

manatee RiveR

LaKewood Ranch - Reduced $160,000

From Gulf to Golf rental properties in all price ranges • Short-term • Vacation Rentals • Seasonal Rentals • Annual Rentals


941-552-3931 $1,289,900

Country Club Village $2,900,000


4BR/5.5BA + bonus room home w/Granite, Thermador, Subzero & Miele Riverfront estate w/in-law quarters. Park like setting, media rm, Appl. 3 frpl. Sum kit, salt pool/spa. Spectacular! Jim Soda 961-5758 elevator, pool & cabana, dock w/hoist. Sara LaPlante 685-4566

© 2010, An independently owned and operated member of The Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc.

Prudential is a service mark of The Prudential Insurance Company of America. Equal Housing Opportunity.










Neighborhood PHOTOS

Events included costume parties, business networking and more. Page 4C.

key real estate

Sporting Life

L’Ambiance A three-bedroom,three-bath unit sells for $1.9 million.

Birgit Berry is an avid tennis player. Page 6C.

See page 3C

Sage Scrimale, 5, enjoys the first bite of her cannoli from Ciao! Italia restaurant.


Craig and Cathy Meldahl sample the food choices.

Photos by Dora Walters and Rachel S. O’Hara

Townsend Morey enjoys an array of desserts.


Prized party This year’s St. Jude Gourmet Luncheon offered a full plate of food and prizes.

By Rachel S. O’Hara and Robin Hartill | Staff Writers

The metal cage spun with 350 raffle tickets inside. Just a few yards away at the 29th annual Kiwanis Club of Longboat Key St. Jude Gourmet Luncheon, held Saturday, Nov. 6, in Temple Beth Israel’s parking area, sat a black 2011 Ford Fusion, donated by Sarasota Ford. Attendees stood in suspense with their bellies full after spending nearly two hours sampling signature dishes from 24 local restaurants and listened as 2-and-a-half-year-old Eden Hurley drew the name of the winner, who would have the option of driving away in the new car or winning $20,000 in cash. The winning name: Jack Walters. But Walters, a Sarasota resident, didn’t hear his name announced. Instead, he was playing golf. Walters chose the $20,000 cash over the car. But, he wasn’t the only winner at the annual luncheon. Of course, the real winners were St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, in Memphis, Tenn., which will receive proceeds from the luncheon, and the Longboat Key Kiwanis Foundation, which uses money raised by the raffle to provide scholarships to

local students. But, still, there were more raffle winners. Andrew Copa, who purchased his ticket at, won a one-week stay at a Resorts International rental property. David Beliles, chairman of The Observer Group Inc., took home the “Harry Potter Weekend” prize of four passes for Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, along with a two-night stay at Loews Portofino Bay Hotel, located on resort grounds. Tom Carney, of Venice, won a three-day, two-night stay in a beach-view suite at the Longboat Key Club and Resort, with amenities including golf, tennis and water sports. This year’s event also featured a Chinese silent auction, in which participants bought raffle tickets to place in bags, each of which indicated one of 18 prizes. And those who attended the luncheon didn’t make out too poorly, either. They filled their plates with dishes such as seafood paella, cannoli, cottage pie, tofu wraps, gazpacho and much more.

Bryce and Connie Hurley with their daughter, Eden

David Novak chats with new Longboat Key residents Gayle Stipe and Mike DeChellis. Stipe and DeChellis had just flown in from Cincinnati and stopped by the St. Jude luncheon on their way to their new house.

Log on to our website to see more photos from the St. Jude luncheon

Rita Stevens

Kiwanis Club of Longboat Key President Bob Tucker won a $40 gift card to The Hillview Grill in the Chinese silent auction.

Pauline Morrow, from Ireland, dances to Music by Roni at the luncheon.


The longboat Observer THURSDAY, november 11, 2010

real estate • BUSINESS





# 1 A for GE N T Iand N Manatee SALE S VO UME Sarasota Counties in L 2009 #1


for Sarasota and Manatee Counties in 2009




# 1 C O L D W E in L Florida L BA KER AGENT forN 2009 in Florida for 2009

Ackerman Ackerman




+ Pettingell attends NAR conference in New Orleans


Coldwell Banker agent Roger Pettingell recently attended the National Association of Realtors convention in New Orleans, which drew more than 20,000 realestate agents. “I like to invest some of my time sharpening my skills,” said Pettingell in a prepared statement. “Each time I go, I return with some wonderful new ideas. Pettingell This year I learned new concepts for my social media marketing. There were also wonderful opportunities to network with Realtors from other countries during the international sessions.” — Robin Hartill







T h e n a e to know in real estate



La Bellasara - Downtown Bay Front Outstanding Bay, Marina, & City Skyline views! 3BR/4.5BA + study or 4th BR with 3,370 SF. 28’ balcony w/ summer kitchen, private elevator lobby, 2-car $ 2,395,000 garage & gated security. NE


Longboat Key - Bay Boating & Beach 4,700 SF waterfront showplace new in ’06 with 4 BR+ study, fireplace, pool/spa, summer kitchen, deep water dock, boat lift & jet ski area. Walk to beach. Original price $2,675,000 $2,175,000



University Park - Lakefront Villa Updated 2BR/2BA maintenance free corner villa w/ serene water views, porcelain tile floors and granite counter tops. Attached 2 car garage. $245,000

business observer



Marina Tower - Downtown Bayfront Extraordinary 5,800 SF with 365˚ views, priv. elevator foyer, 4BR/4.5BA + study, main & catering kitchens, home theatre & 4 parking spaces. $2,995,000 NE




Landings – Sarasota Mainland Gated two-story 4BR/3BA traditional home on one of the largest lots. 3,894 SF with fireplace, screened lanai, large fenced backyard & swimming pool. 2-car Was $745,000 $592,000 garage. RED ROCK TERRACE – Oyster Bay Vacant Lot Lot w/ House Plans


SUMMER COVE – Siesta Key Beach Front 4th Floor 3BR/2.5BA 2,166 Sq. Ft.


PIERRE – Longboat Key Direct Beach Front 3rd Floor 3 BR/3BA 2,410 Sq. Ft.


Courtesy photo

SEA GRAPE INN – Longboat Key Direct Beach Front 3 BR/ 2.5BA 2,639 Sq. Ft. SHORT SALE $859,000 $589,000

Lido Shores - Direct Gulf Front Palazzo Combines 200 ft. of seawalled Gulf front with private RITZ TOWER RESIDENCES – Downtown Bay Front Dock and Beach access. This 7,415 SF residence built 4th Floor 4BR/4BA 3,649 Sq. Ft. $1,495,000 in 2003 has 5BR/8BA, exercise room, his and her bath & studies, 50 ft pool/spa & 5-car garage. $8,900,000 WATER CLUB I – Longboat Key Beach Front 8th Floor 2BR/3BA





2,650 Sq. Ft.

Water Club I - Direct Beach Front Exquisite 3,045 SF luxury on 5th floor w/Gulf views, private elevator foyer, 3BR/4BA, study area in master suite. Beautiful window treatments, plantation shut$ 1,950,000 ters, marble floors, full wine bar.

Grady-White President Kris Carroll, Cannons Marina owner David Miller and Grady-White CEO Eddie Smith

Grand Bay Penthouse - Bay Front

Direct Bay views from this turnkey furnished apartment. Tile floors, marble baths, large kitchen with breakfast bar, hurricane shutters. Original price $895,000

+ Cannons Marina wins two Grady-White honors



Cannons Marina recently received two honors from Grady-White Boats: membership in the Grady-White Boats’ Admiral Circle and the Service Excellence Award for the 2010 model year. Admiral’s Circle membership is reserved for dealerships in the Grady-White network that achieve $1 million for the model year and earn Grady-White’s Service Excellence Award with customer satisfaction index scores of at least 9.25 on a 10-point scale in surveys. Dealerships must also be Marine Industry Certified by the National Marine Manufacturers Association and sponsor a Grady-White owners’ club. “We’re ecstatic,” said owner David Miller in a prepared statement. “This award reflects the dedication of our entire sales, service and administrative team, and I am truly grateful for their efforts and their perseverance.”


WINDING OAKS – Longboat Key Lake Front Villa w/ Private Pool 2BR/2BA 2,105 Sq. Ft. $539,000 GRAND BAY I – Longboat Key Bay Front 9th Floor 3BR/3BA 2,550 Sq. Ft.


RITZ TOWER RESIDENCES-Downtown Bay Front 9th Floor 3BR/3BA 3,751 Sq. Ft. $2,450,000 WATER CLUB I – Longboat Key Beach Front

Sea Gate Club - Direct Gulf Front 7th Floor 3BR/4BA 3,045 Sq. Ft. Floor-to-ceiling glass frames the Beach and Sunsets from every room in this 1,470 SF 2BR/2BA with higher FAIRWAY BAY– Longboat Key Townhouse ceilings, wood floors and 2 terraces. Great amentias and 2 Story 2BR/3BA 2,105 Sq. Ft. on-site management. Walk to shopping. $675,000 NE


Lighthouse Point - Gated Water Front Private enclave. Beachside at the Longboat Key Club. 4BR + study 5,600 Sq. Ft. Private water views, deep water $539,000 dock, walking distance to the beach. $4,195,000




Beachplace I - Direct Gulf Front 5th floor updated and high enough to see the Bay! 2BR/2BA turnkey furnished with 2 valuable parking $ spaces. 699,000

Longboat Key – Direct Beach Front Sanctuary III - Beach Front “The Johnson Estate” Gated privacy on 2+ acres w/ 5th floor corner 3BR/2.5BA with open Bay, City & LBK 150 ft. of Gulf front. 10,000 SF. 7BR/6.5BA includes Golf Course views. Renovated kitchen in granite & wood. separate attached guest wing. New in ‘07. $ Tile floors and specialty lighting. 1,075,000 $ 11,500,000 NE


Queens Harbour – Bay Front Direct Bay front maintenance free 4BR/3BA courtyard pool home, guest cottage, summer kitchen, private dock & boat lift. Wide open water views! Bay Isles Beach Club membership included. Original price $2,200,000 $1,399,000

Country Club Shores - Canal Front Longboat Key waterfront. 3,367 SF with den and exercise room with long canal views to Sarasota Bay. Wide open, stylish, and renovated. Wood floors, custom built-ins and high ceilings. Boat dock included. $855,000



LEASING & MANAGING HOMES & CONDOS Annual, Seasonal, Vacation

Key Tower South - Direct Gulf Front Full Gulf & Beach views from this 7th floor totally renovated & furnished w/ 2 master suites and great room all overlooking the Gulf. Separate computer room, gour$ met granite kitchen & open balcony. 549,000

941-953-6000 941-359-3435

Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate, LLC 201 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Suite #1, Longboat Key 941-387-1820 Direct n 800-910-8728 Toll-Free n n

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37328 46606


The longboat Observer THURSDAY, november 11, 2010

real estate

Michael Moulton



Annette Rogers

MS&C Top Producing Residential Sales Team Michael Saunders & Company Licensed Real Estate Broker

View virtual tours of these and our other listings at and visit our blog and comment at

File photo

L’Ambiance Unit A501 has three bedrooms, three bathrooms and two half-baths. It sold for $1.9 million.

L’Ambiance unit sells for $1.9 million By Robin Hartill | Community Editor

Marilyn Brincat, of Lake Forest, Ill., sold Unit A501 at the 145-unit L’Ambiance, 415 L’Ambiance Drive, to Thomas Foley, of Tavares, for $1.9 million. Built in 1992, the 3,220-square-foot condominium has three bedrooms, three bathrooms and two half-baths. The unit last sold for $960,000 in January 1993. The sale was the largest transaction recorded at the Sarasota and Manatee county courthouses during the week of Oct. 25 through Oct. 29, on Longboat, Lido, St. Armands and Bird keys and the only sale to exceed $1 million. Of this week’s sales, five took place on Longboat Key, all in Sarasota County, and one occurred on Lido Key.

Country Club Shores

Stephany Thompson sold the home at 560 Schooner Lane in Country Club Shores Unit I to N.P. Dodge Jr., trustee, of Omaha, Neb., for $855,000. N.P. Dodge Jr. then immediately transferred the property to Deborah Lynch for $842,500. Built in 1965, the 3,134-square-foot home has four bedrooms, three-and-a-half bathrooms and a swimming pool. It last sold for $1.25 million in February 2008.

Inn on the Beach

Harry Hmura, of Sarasota, sold Unit 2703 at the 221-unit Inn on the Beach, 210 Sands Point Road, to Janet Oliver, of Lafayette, Calif., for $775,000. Built in 1982, the unit has 1,380 square feet of living space.


Gregory and Lynn Dukat, of Ro-

swell, Ga., sold Unit 107 at the 120unit Promenade, 1211 Gulf of Mexico Drive, to Jane Rattray, of Twinsburg, Ohio, for $575,000. Built in 1985, the 1,827-square-foot unit has two bedrooms and two bathrooms. It last sold for $715,000 in June 2004.

VIZCAYA w/Private Pool - Tropical paradise

spacious Gulf front condominium w/private pool & covered 1,200SF terrace. A344892 $2,950,000

en PROVENCE - This exquisite 3BR Gulf front furnished condo feels like a private home on the beach. A3929322 $2,700,000

CAsEY kEY - Walls of glass bring the panoramic views right into view with great entertaining space. A3905034 $2,475,000

PLAZA 5 POINTs PENTHOUsE - The best valued penthouse located in the heart of downtown finished with fabulous taste. A3929071 $2,250,000

VILLA dI LANCIA - Designer furnished 3BR condo w/staircase from your terrace to the pool & beach. A3921064 $1,675,000

CORAL COVE - Spacious waterfront 4BR conveniently located near Siesta Key w/Crescent Beach. A3923799 $1,550,000

BEAU CIEL - The premier downtown Bay front bldg w/amazing urban architecture & sophistication. A3927097 $1,250,000 e ous n H y 1-4 e p O nda Su

PLAZA FIVE POINTs – Custom decorated 3BR condo with incredible views in the heart of downtown Sarasota. A3933182 $1,175,000

TANGERINE BAY - Unobstructed Bay views, totally redesigned and completely upgraded. A3914237 $1,100,000

COUNTRY CLUB sHOREs – New construction 4BR canal front home. Be the lucky owner of this incredible value. A3929975 $945,000

MIsTY CREEk - Come live in this remodeled 5BR home with views overlooking golf course & wooded preserve. A3909161 $850,000

GULF & BAY CLUB - Great 3BR townhome for family vacation plus rental income. Deeded beach access. A3934239 $499,000

sUTTON PLACE - Ground floor location w/remodeled kitchen, Bay views, boat docks and pet friendly. A3928481 $329,000

sIEsTA kEY - Peppertree Bay 2BR completely renovated ground floor condo in family oriented complex. A3927750 $325,000

Harbour Links

Manfred and Jutta Nothdurft, of Dacula, Ga., sold Unit 2015 in Building D at the 56-unit Harbour Links at Longboat Key Club, 2015 Harbour Links Drive, to Eliot Arnovitz, of Atlanta, for $575,000. Built in 1989, the 1,941-square-foot unit has three bedrooms and two-and-a-half baths. It last sold for $265,000 in May 1996.

The Colony Beach & Tennis Resort

Carl and Marion Wolf, of South Orange, N.J., sold Unit 155-S at The Colony Beach & Tennis Resort, 1620 Gulf of Mexico Drive, to Yeno Mon Inc., a Florida corporation located at 1100 Ben Franklin Drive, for $62,000. Built in 1973, the unit has 705 square feet of air-conditioned space. It last sold for $122,000 in March 2000.

Lido Surf & Sand

Karen Annala and Janet Brownlie, individually and as personal representatives of the estate of Robert N. Miettunen, deceased, sold Unit 708 at Lido Surf and Sand condominium, 1102 Benjamin Franklin Drive, to Raymond and Colleen Egan, of Niles, Ill., for $350,000. Built in 1976, the 1,213-square-foot condominium has two bedrooms and two bathrooms. It last sold for $64,600 in March 1977.


Address 575 Sanctuary Drive 585 Sanctuary Drive 455 Longboat Club Road 515 L’Ambiance Drive 5055 GMD 554 Spanish Drive S. 350 GMD 5655 GMD 548 Hornblower Lane 563 Spanish Drive S. 5144 GMD 1600 Harbor Cay Lane 623 Marbury Lane 6449 GMD 1125 GMD

Permit Applicant Amount Alteration Sanctuary condominium $93,451.50 Alteration Sanctuary condominium $93,451.50 Alteration Scott Greig $78,000 Alteration Edward Lill $50,883 Alteration Marlon Barden $21,000 Re-roof Meredith Ellsworth $9,640 Alteration Stamar Realty Management Corp. $9,500 Alteration Marvin Goldblatt $9,400 Demolition Jopico LLC $7,500 Re-roof Robert Palermo $7,125 Re-roof Richard Pelton $3,380 Alteration Terry Notari, trustee $2,300 Alteration Russell Lattuca $2,100 Alteration Merle Huntington $1,850 Alteration Frank Baillie $0

440 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key, FL 34228 941•383•7591 / Michael 928•3559 / Annette 284•7373


These are the largest building permits issued by the Longboat Key Planning and Zoning Department for the week of Oct. 29 through Nov. 4, in order of dollar amounts. (GMD = Gulf of Mexico Drive)


The longboat Observer THURSDAY, november 11, 2010



Local events capture Key life

oNLINE: See more photos at

BIRD KEY YACHT CLUB More than 200 Bird Key Yacht Club members gorged on fresh seafood at the club’s Welcome Back Seafood Extravaganza Saturday, Nov. 6. Chef Joe Santangini carved an exquisite fish-shaped ice sculpture in honor of the seafood fest — the club’s most popular event of the year. CoChairs Bill and Joyce Steele with Chef Joe Santangini

Rachel S. O’Hara

Peggy Wallace, with her husband Don, right, recalls the time when Zina Versfeld, middle, brought a canvas for the three of them to create a piece of artwork together.


Loren Mayo

KAETA held its first show-and-tell event Saturday, Nov. 6, at Plymouth Harbor. KAETA, Kids and Elders Through Art, has successfully matched up five high school students with residents at Plymouth Harbor to share artistic endeavors.


Co-hosts Dr. Deborah Goldsmith and Melanie Brokaw, of Goldsmith Chiropractic and Acupuncture Center, and Pam Lutz, of Cornerstone Solutions Group

With a red carpet at the entrance and a sign that was marked “VIP Entrance,” the residents of Longboat Harbour showed up in their best Hollywood costumes Saturday, Nov. 6 for the “Longboat Harbour Goes Hollywood” event.

Maria Amodio

LLSA CHAMBER The Longboat Key, Lido Key, St. Armands Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours, held Nov. 4, was co-hosted by Goldsmith Chiropractic and Acupuncture Center and Cornerstone Solutions Group. Dr. Deborah Goldsmith took guests on a tour of the facilities where she treats patients through noninvasive, holistic methods.


Luxury on the Water

Rachel S. O’Hara

Beth Waldman, Co-Chairwoman Pat Marschke, Sue Troup, Co-Chairwoman Maggie Edger, Sharyn Ford, judge Gerry Sullivan and Don Edger

S aint C acchiotti,

PA, Direct: 941.38.SAINT (387-2468) Cell: 941.809.0787 Toll Free: 877.581.3444

Call Reid Today! 941.232.3304


It takes a lifetime to become an experienced professional and only 5 minutes to realize you’re working with one!





ExCLuSIVE WATErFrONT ESTATE Car collector’s dream home with A/C garage to Private & gated estate on 1.16 acres overlooking a vast accommodate 16+/- cars, 8,900+ sq. ft., overlookexpanse of Sarasota Bay. Epitomizing elegance, this resi- ing the Bay on over half acre. Endless possibilities dence offers 8,976 SF of every imaginable creature com- await! $1,200,000 fort. 2 docks w/lifts and 75’ heated bay front pool $9,995,000

BEACHFRONT OASIS – Private GULFFRONT ESTATE – On 1+ BAYFRONT ESTATE – Gated, beach-side pool, hot tub and acres with a gated entrance Private. Spectacular sunrise & waterfall w/ outdoor kitchen & and a private boardwalk to sunset vistas from home, bar. Incredible secluded custom beach. Stunning Gulf, Beach terraces & pool. Private beach home with fabulous foliage and and Sunset views! Enjoy the access. Boat dock & lift – best beach plus privacy. beach sunset views. BAYRONT LIVING AT ITS BEST! $6,485,000 $5,725,000 $3,900,000 DREAM ISLAND PLUS WIDE DEEP WATER CANAL – Top of the line design through-out home plus 20,000lb. lift on lg. boat dock. Gorgeously landscaped. $1,998,000 NEW CONSTRUCTION – with custom finishes. Direct Bay views to the north, canal views to the south, protected boating water and walking distance to the beach. $1,995,000 GORGEOUS NEW CONSTRUCTION – Waterfront adjacent to shops & dining on St. Armands. Deepwater dock, steps to the beach. Architect Cliff Schultz design w/ impeccible finishes. $3,750,000 LONGBOAT CLUB RD HOME – Behind the gates. Exceptional 5,000 sq. ft. custom home. $2,500,000 RITZ CARLTON TOWER RESIDENCE – 10th floor views of Sarasota Bay to Big Pass, plus marina views of Marina Jack. Southeast corner with two large terraces and morning sun. $2,700,000 GORGEOUS DREAM ISLAND ROAD CANAL HOMES – Beautiful, tropical landscaped entrance leads to a home on wide canal. Dock plus lift with direct access to Bay. $975,000 and $835,000 LONGBOAT HARBOUR – Bayfront with boat dock and great amenities. $295,000 LONGBOAT KEY CLUB -INN ON THE BEACH – Gulf front 2BR $995,000 • Gulf front Club Suite $445,000 BAYFRONT ESTATE – w/ approx. 100 ft. on the bay and canal along one side. $2,435,000 SABAL COVE – Spacious 4BD w/first level magnificent master suite. Exquisite lakefront! $1,795,000

developers Realty inc. Lic. R.e. Broker 1266 1st St., Suite 9, Sarasota, FL 34236



Remarkable Gulf front residence located behind the gates 280’ ON THE BAY of the Longboat Key Club overlooking the glorious white Custom residence located in Hideaway Bay featuring sand beaches. Open floor plan with 2,375 SF, large 5,400+ SF of luxurious living space, contemporary kitch- beach front terrace and private garage parking. $1,390,000 en, wine room, pool, spa and private boat dock with lift.




Pamper yourself in the amazing comforts this home has to offer including a chef’s dream kitchen, 2 wet bars, wine refrigeration, Ralph Lauren paint techniques, large terraces, outdoor summer kitchen, infinity edge pool, spa, and dock. $1,900,000


Surround yourself in luxury with fine dining, generous amenities and dramatic views of the Gulf, lagoon and golf course fairways with graciously appointed condominium/hotel suites. Great income potential! unit # unit Type View Offered at 2607 D Two BR Gulf $1,199,000 6401C Two BR Lagoon $655,000

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REGENT COURT GULFFRONT ESTATE – Prestige, privacy and gorgeous sunsets abound. An architectural marvel located behind the gates of The Longboat Key Club directly on the Gulf of Mexico with 150 feet of Longboat Key’s finest beach. $17,500,000

The longboat Observer THURSDAY, november 11, 2010






Tour Over 29 Luxury Model Homes in Award-Winning Lakewood Ranch. EXIT 220



Take a free tour of the Ranch with an ambassador

Get a FREE 2-day VIP pass to the Golf & Country Club

Take a stroll through more than 150 miles of nature trails

Go to the 6220 University Parkway Information Center for details! Take I-75 to exit 213, head east on University Parkway follow signs to Information Center on right.







Information Centers and Model Hours: Mon.-Sat. 10 a.m.– 5:30 p.m. Sunday, Noon – 5 p.m. 941.907.6000


Dine, shop and catch a movie on Main Street


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Play dates + National senior clay court tournament returns

Athlete of the Week


Birgit Berry

Longboat Key Public Tennis Center

Sure shot

Birgit Berry has been living on Longboat Key for eight years, and during that time she has become quite the tennis-lover. Berry, originally from Connecticut, plays tennis at the Longboat Key Public Tennis Center and enjoys not only the exercise aspect of tennis but also the social connections.

How often do you play tennis? Lately I’ve been playing tennis every day. I love it. I play in the morning … sometimes I play twice a day. I try to play as often as I can. I really enjoy it. It’s my exercise, my sport and it’s a lot of fun. And, it’s a social game as well.

Photos by Rachel S. O’Hara

Paul Rudder hits his golf ball onto the green during a game of golf Monday afternoon at Longboat Key Club’s golf course.


What I need to practice more is to be a little bit more aggressive. Get to the net. Stay close to the net.

What’s the best advice that you’ve received? I’ve gotten many good tips here … consistency, of course, is the key word in playing. So I try to play consistently. The other thing is to not rush my shots, be careful and take my time when hitting. There are so many things I go through before I play that sometimes it’s all too late until I hit the ball! — Rachel S. O’Hara

What are your strengths? The best part of my game is probably my steadiness in playing. I usually play forehand — I love to rally. What skill do you want to improve?

+ Observer Challenge rallies for its 11th year

The Observer Challenge is ready to make headlines again starting next month. The kickoff event for the Observer Challenge takes place from 6 to 8 p.m. Dec. 9, at Sarasota Yacht Club. Following the cocktail reception, play starts the next morning and runs through Dec. 12, at the Longboat Key Public Tennis Center. This year, there are five levels of play for four-player teams (with two men and two women on each team). Entry fee is $25 per player. Call 316-8367 for more information.

The number of people who participated in last year's Observer Challenge tournament. Talk to Tina Today - Longboat Key’s International Connection

Cathy C. Meldahl P.A.

ONE PROPERTY, TWO OPPORTUNITIES Spectacular 100’ x 238’ beachfront parcel offering full Gulf and gorgeous sunset views with approved plans for a 5300 sq.ft. custom residence. Currently zoned for short term rentals with 2 updated beach bungalows producing great income until you’re ready to build your own dream … Offered at $1,799,000.00

Stunning bay views from this beautifully updated 2BR/2BA ground floor unit with beach access & cabana. Gorgeous kitchen for the cook & boat dockage for the mariner. Too many updates to list. $369,999 #A3906859 $399,900

Michael Saunders & Company Licensed Real Estate Broker

941.383.5502 or 941.724.7228

Longboat Key Realty

6000 Marina Drive Holmes Beach, FL 34217


47671 35585


3174 Gulf of Mexico Dr. Longboat Key, FL 24228

The Longboat Key Senior Clay Courts Tournament, in its sixth year on Longboat Key and its second year of holding a national ranking, returns Nov. 30 through Dec. 6 to the Longboat Key Public Tennis Center. The tournament, a USTA Category 2 designation, is open to men and women ages 55 to 80, for singles and doubles matches. The draw size for men is limited to 32 for singles and 16 teams for doubles for the 55, 60, 65 and 70 divisions. The draw size is limited to 16 for singles and eight teams in doubles in the 75 and 80 divisions. Draw size is limited to 16 singles and eight doubles teams for women in all age divisions. The draws will be limited to the best 32 or 16 players entered. Entries close at 6 p.m. Nov. 21. Registration is $50 for singles players and $40 for doubles players. For information, call the Tennis Center at 316-8367.

Tina Rudek • 941-920-0303 •

Bob & Taube Levitt

Featured Properties

Selling Sarasota’s Select Properties


(941) 356-0743

Selling SaraSota and the KeyS!


SAbAL COvE - in the LBK Club on an estate sized WATERFRONT - 141’ of deep water in Bay lot. 4 BR, high ceilings, open plan overlooking Isles. 4BR/5B, high ceilings, elevator, spacious $ 1,150,000 kitchen/family room, 4+ cars, bonus level for large pool/spa & lanai. $ storage/ workshop. 2,249,000

Direct Water Views,Boat Dock, Remodeled thru-out with Hurricane windows, Turnkey Furnished. $325,000



WATERFRONT LOT – Bay Isles Bayou, Longboat Key Club. Build your dream home on the 16,000 sq.ft. site with sunny SW exposure. 119 feet on deep perimeter channel with views of bayou $ 1,199,000 REDUCED $995,000 and bay.


3BR/3.5BA. View from sunrise to sunset. $ 1,225,000 Condo 1003.

Promenade Sold to Date: 102, 204, 207, 302, 402, 503, 511, 601, 603, 705, 707, 811, 901, 1001

Designer decorated, First Floor Walk Down to Club House, Pool, & Beach, Turnkey Furnished. $599,000 Coldwell Banker Residential R. E. LLC. • 423 St. Armands Circle

LONGbOAT KEY MOORINGS 40’ Slip $140,000 • 60’ Slip $169,000

Linda Weber You. Your Neighbors. Your Neighborhood.

Office 387-1863 | Cell: 504.2000

Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate, Inc. • 201 Gulf of Mexico Dr. Longboat Key




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The longboat Observer THURSDAY, november 11, 2010

Lynne Koy


941.387.1803 • Tour Lynne’s properties at At The Chart House on Longboat Key

Featured Properties

Lido SHoRES - Sweeping views of the Bay, John Ringling Bridge and Downtown Sarasota will mesmerize you from this spectacular custom built 5 BR, 5.3 BA furnished home. $3,995,000

CoUNTRY CLUB SHoRES - Fabulous custom built 3 BR/3.5 BA + Den residence offers superb views across Sarasota Bay and a spectacular gourmet kitchen. $1,699,000

BiRd KEY - Drastic Price Reduction on this 4 BR/3.5 BA completely updated canal front home with a newly screened and resurfaced caged pool. $1,475,000

Global Marketing:,,,,,,,,,

LoNGBoAT KEY ToWERS - Tastefully decorated with spectacular views of the Gulf and Bay from this updated 2BD/2BA, 11th floor condominium home with 2 covered parking spaces! $1,400,000

iSLANdER CLUB – Expansive gulf to bay views from this combined two unit condominium with 2,470 sq. ft. and 3 full bedrooms and baths. $850,000

GRANd BAY - Bright and light 2 BD /2 BA Penthouse with views of the Bay, Golf Course and Marina with two spacious terraces to enjoy sunrise and sunset views. $649,000

THE BEACHES – Tastefully furnished 2 BD/2BA condominium with sweeping golf course views in a Gulf Front community behind the gates of the Longboat Key Club. $609,000

CASTiLLiAN – Spectacular Gulf Views from every room in this 2BR/2BA condominium with covered parking and additional storage closet. $545,000

BEACHPLACE – Enjoy beautiful “Tommy Bahama” style furnishings and brand new carpet in this 3 BR/ 2 BA furnished condominium. $599,000

TioN EdUC R E C i PR

BiRd KEY – Best priced 3 BD/2 BA pool home with fabulous upgrades and a great floor plan. $500,000

SEAPLACE - Enjoy fabulous Southwest gulf views from this tastefully updated 2BD/2 BA penthouse level condominium. $449,000

HARBoUR LiNKS - Enjoy fabulous lake and golf course views from most rooms in this spacious 3 BD/3 BA+den condominium w/attached 2 car garage. $439,000

BAYPoRT BEACH & TENNiS CLUB - Fully furnished 2 BD/2 BA condominium nestled in a lush tropical setting with deeded beach access. $399,000

iSLANdER CLUB – Back On Market with a fabulous new kitchen and master bath. Enjoy sparkling gulf views from this 2 BD/2 BA spacious 1st floor residence. www.2295IslanderClub13S. $399,000

FAiRWAY BAY - Enjoy serene bay views and tropical wildlife from the extended terrace of this fully furnished condominium that is priced for today’s market. $395,000

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Deal Us In


Dealer: North Vulnerable: None

It’s best to avoid the 4-3 fit Some players hate playing a fourthree fit in a trump suit. Others, such as Pat Sarlund, of Bellaire, Mich., delight in playing these hands. In general, it is better to avoid playing a four-three fit. Only play these if you have a four-card suit headed by at least three honors and any short suit in the dummy. In this case, Sarlund has only one of the two requirements, which means she could be in trouble, but Sarlund is in a pretty good contract. Three notrump has no play, with a diamond lead and five clubs, depending on the

location of the king of spades. North’s bid of three of hearts is routine; the responder may have a five-card suit or a four-card suit headed by three or four honors. Sarlund’s trouble will come if one opponent has five hearts to the ace. If she starts to draw trump, that opponent can win the third round of hearts and force out Sarlund’s last trump by playing a diamond. Her best bet is to hope that hearts are 3-3 or someone either has to — or will take — the ace of diamonds early. Sarlund won the ace of diamonds

The longboat Observer THURSDAY, november 11, 2010

and played the 10 of hearts. It held, and she played a second heart. As it happened, East must win and play a diamond. Sarlund discarded a spade. Any further diamond play can be trumped in the dummy, so East shifted to a spade. Sarlund was in control. She won the ace of spades, drew the last two trump and ran the clubs to take 10 tricks. Nicely played. Donna Swan is a resident of Longboat Key, an ardent bridge player and an American Contract Bridge League certified director who plays “for the fun of it.”

it’s read everywhere


♠ A764 ♥ 10 7 4 ♦ A3 ♣ A Q 10 4


♠ KJ9 ♥9853 ♦ KQ92 ♣87

♠ 10 8 2 ♥A2 ♦ J 10 8 7 5 4 ♣J6


♠ ♥ ♦ ♣ Bidding: West Pass Pass Pass


Q53 KQJ6 6 K9532

North 1 ♣ 1 ♠ 3 ♥ Pass

Opening Lead: K

East Pass Pass Pass Pass

South 1♥ 1 3♣ 4♥

1 Invitational

the longboat observer Sudoku Edited by The Mepham Group

Solve the puzzle by placing the numbers 1 through 9 in each row, column and box. See answers on page 10B. IRAQ. SPC Gabriel Buky, with the 3rd Infantry Division,

reads his Longboat Observer while in Al Anbar Province, Iraq. Buky says he can’t wait to see all of his family!

© Tribune Media Services

PARIS. Longboat Key resident Lillian Sands enjoys reading

her Longboat Observer while dining at the famous Les Deux Magots, in Paris.

Call 941-383-5577 or visit


5360 Gulf of Mexico Dr., Suite 101, Longboat Key


PENTHOUSE-RITZ CARLTON! Down-town w/views, 4,704SF, 4Br/4+Ba/2CG w/ exceptional finishes and luxury appoint.; marble, granite, wood floors, handcrafted wood details, built-ins, 2 wet bars, 4 balconies and the list goes on w/5-star amenities! MLS#A3894745 $3,395,000

DEVELOPER CLOSEOUT PRICING! Owner Financing Available - Waterfront homes on Little SRQ Bay w/views & upgrades in a gated comm. w/amenities; pool, spa, fitness plus a full service marina w/Harbor MSTR, docks, rackominiums & wet slips available! Starting at $399,000

FURN W/PANORAMIC BAY VIEWS! Downtown 1360SF/2-3Br/2Ba/1CG w/faux & artisan finishes, crown moldings, wood cabinets, ceramic tile, granite, plantation shutters, walk-in closets, open-air balcony & pvt laundry in secure building w/ amenities! MLS#A3929596 $500,000

UPDATED DIRECT GULF FRONT! 2360SF/3Br/3Ba/2CG w/unobstructed water views, extended Lr & MBr, tile, plantation shutters, crown moldings, artisan finishes, Corian, granite, marble & private laundry in secure N Siesta Key building w/pool! MLS#A3933310 $800,000

BREATHTAKING VIEWS DOWNTOWN! 1688SF/2Br/2Ba/1CG 8th flr w/brand new carpet & tile, fresh paint, built-ins, mirrored walls, recessed lts, storage, eat-in kitch., pvt laundry, svc entrance & balcony in secure bld w/amenities; pool, concierge, valet, etc! MLS#A3933654 $499,000

Deep water canal, boat dock for 21’ boat. 1BR/1BA unit with access to beach & Durante Park. Curt Bell #M5815136 $159,999


Walk-out unit with full bay view. 2BR/2BA, turnkey furnished including washer/dryer. Screened lanai, boat docks, pool, tennis and beach! Dorothy Cook #A3913245 $299,000


2BR/2BA condo w/water view. Tile floors, updated kit. w/granite counters, upgraded appliances, new windows, 4 pools, tennis, clubhouse, ex. rm. & beachside cabana. Dorothy Cook #A3932923 $334,900


2.85 ACRES ON CASEY KEY Unspoiled gulf to bay property with protected boating water, 2 boat docks, private beach, 3 vintage bungalows (circa 1930) for a total of 3 gulf front lots and 2 bay side parcels; minutes from shopping, dining & Downtown SRQ! MLS#A3926956 $7,500,000

SOUTHWEST GULF & BEACH VIEWS! Updated end res. 1403SF/2Br/2Ba/1CP+1 assigned w/wood-type flrs, ceramic tile, renovated kitchen & baths, SS appls, buffet/dry bar w/marble, designer fixtures, custom closets & new windows in Gulf front bldg! MLS#A3920413 $475,000

UPDATED & FUR BEACH TWNHSE! Gulf & Bay views; 896F/2+Br/1.5Ba/1CG end res w/Corian, diagonal tile, bamboo flr, recessed lights, plantation shutters, French doors, great storage & 2 separate balconies, in renovated bldg across from Bradenton Beach! MLS#A3929050 $375,000





FURN PENTHOUSE W/BAY VIEWS! 1405SF/3Br/2Ba/1CG upgraded end res w/designer furniture, wood floors, tile, crown moldings, wood cabinets, new fixtures & lighting, newly installed granite & pvt laundry in secure building w/resort style amenities MLS#A3919159 $500,000

4BR/4BA w/pool, split floor plan, wood burning FP, pocket sliders off pool area, new seawall. A true dream home in its day. Just blocks to the beach. Debra Ibasfalean #M5816974 $435,500

top floor condo overlooking the Gulf, pool & gorgeous tropical grounds. Completely updated & beautifully decorated. Pets OK. Teresia Bradford #M5815650. $689,000


3BR/2BA w/bonus room, sun deck & dock on the Bay. Mature landscaping, work shop in back. You can see Sarasota Bay from your living room. Debra Ibasfalean $525,000 #M5814790 CED


The longboat Observer THURSDAY, november 11, 2010






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Mon., Nov. 1 Tues., Nov. 2 Wed., Nov. 3 Thurs., Nov. 4 Fri., Nov. 5 Sat., Nov. 6 Sun., Nov. 7 Year-to-date:

2010 2009 35.08 in 40.66 in.

Month to date: 2010 1.34 in


Please send your sunset (or sunrise) photos to The Longboat Observer, 5570 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key, Fla., 34228, or e-mail them to


2009 00.00 in.

TemperatureS Temps. Record Temps. High Low High Low Mon., Nov. 1 88 63 91 (1996) 60 (1988) Tues., Nov. 2 83 73 90 (1985) 54 (2005) Wed., Nov. 3 87 68 90 (1984) 55 (1989) Thurs., Nov. 4 79 69 89 (1996) 48 (2008) Fri., Nov. 5 69 59 92 (1986) 45 (1993) Sat., Nov. 6 64 54 91 (1986) 48 (1983) Sun., Nov. 7 70 52 92 (1996) 48 (1983) Average Gulf water temperature: 76

MOON PHASES Kristina Berg submitted this sunset photo, taken at La Firenza, 4127 Gulf of Mexico Drive. Nov. 13 Nov. 21 Nov. 28 First Full Last


Thurs., Nov. 11 Fri., Nov. 12 Sat., Nov. 13 Sun., Nov. 14 Mon., Nov. 15 Tues., Nov. 16 Wed., Nov. 17

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Dec. 5


Lows 10:38a — 10:51a 5:53p 12:24p — 12:49a 1:13p 2:11a 1:58p 3:09a 2:37p 3:56a 3:10p

Sunrise/sunset Thurs., Nov. 11 Fri., Nov. 12 Sat., Nov. 13 Sun., Nov. 14 Mon., Nov. 15 Tues., Nov. 16 Wed., Nov. 17

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C R Y P T O G R A M S by Myles Mellor

1. D W S P I J L Q D F B P Q J I P Y B Z H S B D L L H X X D S

Z P X X Q H J B P Q Z O Q B I Q . A B I J I P Y B Z H S Q D P L P A F D Q B P Q B I LY I W O J L . 2. G P T F T V P F E B Z H C E F S P J T J G K F E E I S B Z Z S K P E E R Z Y Z I V B P R Z Y P T F T C Q V J U P T H V J U Z Y O Q E F O , “ S D Z S F U P T H J G S D Z I D B Z K Y. ”

Sunrise 6:48 6:49 6:50 6:50 6:51 6:52 6:53

ACROSS 1 Treadless, as tires 5 Lasses 9 Garlicky mayonnaise 14 Lab-culture medium 18 Prima donna’s solo 19 An Eastern Christian (Var.) 20 Celtic priest 21 Bygone Chevy 22 Barrel organ 24 “The sky is falling” declarer 26 Purple Heart, e.g. 27 Transition to the next subject 29 Stalks around the salad bar 30 Spring blossom or part of an eye 32 “Yes ___, Bob!” 34 Gets beaten 35 Reading room 39 Like fine wine or cheese 40 All well and good 41 Mediterranean and Aegean ___ 42 Colorful cathedral window component 45 Dangerous throng 48 Dusk, poetically 49 Vain walk 50 Your cousin’s mom, to you 51 Play for a fool 52 Place for a convict’s bracelet 54 Pie ___ mode 55 Kind of premiere 57 Furnish with new personnel 58 Slender, graceful girl 60 Wintry rain 62 Huggable and kissable (Var.) 64 Give a ___ the back (congratulate, in a way) 66 1945 Big Three conference site

Sunset 5:41 5:40 5:40 5:39 5:39 5:39 5:38

RED TIDE Karenia brevis, the Florida red tide organism, was not detected alongshore Longboat Key and was not detected offshore Friday, Nov. 5, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute.

Poetic License by Alex Coe

68 Minute in scope 69 Some blue-eyed cats 72 Trudges through muck 74 Japanese emperor 1867-1912 76 Was victorious in 77 Cleans the windshield 79 Photo ___ (picture sessions) 81 Two, in cards 83 Tattoo parlor supplies 84 Sounds from baby 85 Reward from a boss 87 Start of term? 88 Fifth month 89 Meat pie filled with meat and vegetables 93 All tucked in for the night 94 Wine vessel 95 Practice for a bout 96 Filled with evil intent 98 Theater reservations 100 P.T. of circus fame 102 “Sleepless in Seattle” director Ephron 103 Start of summer or winter 105 Allegro ___ (very brisk, in music) 107 Pertaining to birth 110 Total wuss 112 Clownish one 115 Heavenly bear ___ Major 116 Cause to walk on air 117 “Loose as a goose,” for one 118 Brought in, as a salary 119 Character in “Little Women” 120 Fix a torn-up lawn 121 “Hurry!” on a memo 122 Prefix for “while”

DOWn 1 “___, humbug!” 2 Jack-in-the-pulpit

plant, e.g. 3 One-time Italian capital 4 Pops 5 Tuft-tailed antelope 6 Broadcasts 7 Does dock work 8 Dark and gloomy 9 Stuck (to) 10 Anger 11 Pound division 12 Playboy’s come-on 13 Pastoral poem writer 14 Strongly opposed (to) 15 Lamp dweller 16 De Mille or Moorehead 17 They’re caught on sunny days 19 Hardest on the eyes 23 Crocheting need 25 Lowly workers 28 Insistent impulse 31 Kama ___ (Indian love treatise) 33 J. ___ Hoover 35 Crossing the Adriatic 36 Young drivers 37 Shenanigans 38 Heavy hammers 40 All supporters of a team, e.g. 43 Milan’s land 44 Temporary calm 45 Unintelligible chatter 46 Australia’s national gemstone 47 Nota ___ (“note well”) 49 Group of seven 51 Term of affection 53 Andean wool sources 55 “The War of the Worlds” author H.G. 56 “Beetle Bailey” bulldog 57 Go back, as a hairline 59 Laugh sounds by Santa Claus 61 “... with the greatest

Last Weeks Cryptograms

of ___” 63 Vigor partner 65 Largest city in New Jersey 67 Greek marketplace of yore 69 Do the breaststroke 70 Hebrides island 71 Speak with your hands 73 Muscle cramp, for one 75 More hazardous, as winter roads 78 Monetary unit of India 80 Type of protest 82 Circular current 84 Dirt spreader? 86 Thesaurus item 89 Spiteful, as a remark 90 Used an aerosol can 91 Storied skating boy 92 Former German state 93 Words after “one day” 94 “Rock the ___” (hit song for The Clash) 97 Omani or Yemeni 98 “Sugar is sweet and ___ you” 99 “Nightmare” film loc. 100 Sanctuaries 101 Some household workers 103 Give the cold shoulder 104 Yarborough of NASCAR 106 Olympic skating champ Kulik 108 Off-the-market apple spray 109 Law degrees (Abbr.) 111 “Takin’ Care of Business” group, to fans 113 Cut off, as branches 114 “Are we there ___?”

1. Here’s a very incisive comment about a local politician: “He’s one of the finest representatives money can buy.” 2. Here is a funny but electrifying e-zine headline: “The Energizer Bunny was arrested and charged with battery.”


The longboat Observer THURSDAY, november 11, 2010

You may not know what you’re looking for, it. but now you know where to


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7508 Midnight Pass Road As you enter through the gates you will be captivated by a magnificent display of contemporary architecture perfectly blended into the stunning landscape. Soaring ceilings and strategically placed windows greet you as you step into the awe-inspiring foyer and take in the grand staircase leading to the second floor. With 6 bedrooms, 5 full bathrooms, 3 half baths and over 7,600 sq. ft. under air, this home is perfect for entertaining guests or simply relaxing with the family. $3,450,000 Schemmel Property Group, Joel Schemmel 941.587.4894

$1,285,000 941.302.2344

4129 Roberts Point Circle Jo Rutstein

6140 Midnight Pass Road, 308 Tom Kelley

$869,000 941.320.5530

14021 Bellagio Way, Unit 411 Stephen L. Lingley, P.A.

103 Seagrape Lane Terry Hayes


$1,195,000 941.587.9156

$799,900 941.809.7580

$1,474,000 941.302.3100


1919 Grove Street Joel Schemmel

$869,000 941.587.4894

120 9th Street Terry Hayes

$699,000 941.302.3100

1621 Caribbean Drive Carol Clark & Paul Clark

5880 Midnight Pass Road, 802 Tom Kelley

$695,000 941.320.5530

8776 Midnight Pass Road Kathleen Ucci

$659,000 941.302.2344

7520 Weeping Willow Drive Carol Clark & Paul Clark

6006 Gulf Drive, 215 Terry Hayes

$565,000 941.302.3100

255 N The Esplanade, 907 Gwen Heggan

$515,000 941.468.1297

105 Casey Key Road, 24 $500,000 Dennis Girard & JoAnne Zimmerman 941.809.0041

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$1,950,000 941.350.4500

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$599,000 941.350.4500


5582 Siesta Estates Court Kathleen Ucci

LBO - 11-11-10  
LBO - 11-11-10  

LBO - 11-11-10