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Penguin Community 2016-2017 Resource Guide


Welcome to the Penguin Family! Starting the YSU journey requires students and their support system to learn new skills, make connections with others, ask questions and get to know faculty and staff. I want to be the first to officially welcome you to campus and to offer my hopes for each student’s journey at YSU. Students: I have three things I would like to see you accomplish during your time at YSU: 1. Graduate in four years. Taking the right courses, asking for advice, and making sure you are meeting with your academic advisor will all help you accomplish this goal. 2. When you graduate, have your job situation figured out or know where you are attending graduate school. We want students to leave knowing what the next phase of their journey is and ready to embrace it. 3. Leave the university with “little to no” student debt. This will allow you to enjoy the next phase of life more and be committed to wherever your journey will take you. Guests: Thank you for supporting your student today. Please take advantage of resources offered for you during today’s program and beyond. Moving forward, both students and guests will also receive communication from different areas across campus, so be sure to check your email for that. Specifically, look for information related to our IGNITE program. This is one program you will not want to miss as it will fully integrate you into campus life. Enjoy your time here, and again, welcome to the family! In Penguin Pride,

James P. Tressel President, Youngstown State University


Proud Traditions Pa int t h e R o c k

In 1966, during the construction of Kilcawley Center, a giant limestone rock was unearthed and named “Tradition Rock.” At first, students were unsure what to do with this “Tradition Rock,” as it remained untouched for at least a year and a half. March 18,, 1967, the day after an article ran in the Jambar about “Tradition Rock,” was the first time the rock had been painted by students. It became a popular tradition for fraternities and sororities to advertise and promote events. “The Rock,” as it became known, soon started to evolve into a means for expression for students. A photograph exists showing a message of sorrow expressed on the rock after the loss of Martin Luther King, Jr. In 1988, it was calculated that almost two inches of paint was on The Rock. With the amount The Rock continues to be painted, it is estimated that The Rock now grows an eighth of an inch each year! An unknown author, in 1968, commented: “In the years to come, most of us will have graduated and gone our separate ways, but The Rock will stay as a symbol of YSU, wearing the colors of organizations and expressing random thoughts of the students.”

L egen d o f t h e P eng u in

Youngstown State University is the only Division I University in the country with a Penguin for a mascot and the nickname Penguins for their athletic teams. Though there are a few accounts of how Youngstown received their nickname and mascot, one particular piece of folklore seems to be popular. On a frigid winter night in 1933 at a men’s basketball game at West Liberty State, in West Virginia, a bystander noticed the men dressed in the black and white uniforms were swinging their hands and stomping around on this cold, snowy night. He couldn’t help but think of these men as penguins, and the name spread! The school learned of the Penguins through a story posted in the Jambar prior to the 1933-1934 basketball season. Decades later we still remain a PROUD community of Penguins.

PENGUIN TRIVia Before September 1967, Youngstown State University was known as Youngstown College.


Al m a M ater

All hail to thee O Youngstown, Our Alma Mater fair; In sunlight and starshine We see thee in all thy glory. The Red and White, thy glorious colors, Ever we praise and hold them High to the breeze as the symbol of our Most loyal allegiance. This anthem, O Youngstown, Our pledge of trust shall be That thy sons and daughters Shall keep faith with thee forever

Fig h t S o ng

The Red and White are waving Over the field Our teams are fighting With a spirit that will not yield Rah-Rah-Rah Hail to thee O’Youngstown We’ll fight for you Once again the Penguins Will win for YSU


Table of Contents President’s Welcome.........................................1 Proud Traditions..................................................2 Table of Contents...............................................4 Numbers to Know..............................................6

Academically Speaking Academic Calendar............................................7 General Education Requirements................8 Advisement .........................................................9 Beeghly College of Education......................10 Bitonte College of Health and Human Services.......................................11 College of Creative Arts and Communication.......................................12

Guide to Good Grades

Testing Center...................................................19 Before It’s Too Late—Starfish™...................19 YSU Bookstore..................................................20 Center for Student Progress (CSP).............20 The Writing Center (WC)...............................21 Maag Library.....................................................22 Ways to Earn A’s................................................23 Reading and Study Skills Center (RSS).....24 The Mathematics Assistance Center (MAC).....................................................25

YSU Wired

Tech Desk...........................................................26

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences..........................................13

The YSU App......................................................26

College of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics ...................14

CSP Disability Services...................................27

Williamson College of Business Administration...........................15

Wellness Matters

Newman Center...............................................28 Student Health Clinic.....................................29

Honors College..................................................16

Counseling Services.......................................30

First-Year Experience.......................................17

Dining on Campus..........................................31

Talk Like a Penguin..........................................18

Housing and Dining on Campus...............33 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.................................33

Safety on Campus

Safety and Crime Prevention Services.....34 Campus Police..................................................35

Fostering Employability

Career Services.................................................36 Student Employment.....................................37


Your Voice is Heard

Family, Finance, and Support


The Student One Stop / YSU ID..................60

Student Government.....................................39

Credit When It’s Due / Transfer Students.............................................61

Student Conduct.............................................38

Staying Involved

Kilcawley Center..............................................40


Supporting Your Student.............................62


Financial Aid......................................................63

Student Activities............................................41

High School vs. College: Changing Roles................................................64

Greek Life............................................................41 Penguin Productions.....................................43 Student Organizations..................................44 Campus Recreation........................................45 The YSU Bucket List........................................46 Athletics..............................................................48 Emerging Leaders...........................................48

Penguin Family & Friends e-Updates.......65 Registration ......................................................66

Bingo..................................................................67 Getting Around

Map.......................................................................68 Parking ...............................................................70

Military Friendly

Veterans Center................................................50 YSU ROTC............................................................51

Celebrating Diversity

Center for International Studies & Programs (CISP)............................................52 English Language Institute (ELI)................53


Division of Multicultural Affairs..................54

The inverted triangle, the most notable symbol of the YMCA, can be found above the door at the main entrance of Jones Hall. In 1908 the YMCA sponsored commercial law courses in Youngstown which established the roots of the Youngstown State University we know today.

Student Diversity ............................................54 Summer Bridge................................................55

Exploring YO

Tweet Youngstown.........................................56 Cultural Corner.................................................57 In Your Free Time.............................................58


Need to Know Numbers to Know Ac a d e m i c S u pp o rt

Office of Career Services (330) 941-3515

Center for International Studies & Programs (CISP) (330) 941-2336 Center for Student Progress (CSP) (330) 941-3538 CSP Disability Services (330) 941-1372 Communication Tutoring Center (330) 941-2050 Language Learning & Resource Center (330) 941-3465 Maag Library (330) 941-3686

School of Graduate Studies & Research (330) 941-3091 Williamson College of Business Administration (330) 941-3066

S u pp o rt S er v i c es

Office of the Registrar (330) 941-3178 Parking Services (330) 941-3546

Office of Undergraduate Admissions (330) 941-2000 Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships (330) 941-3505

W ellness S er v i c es

Mathematics Assistance Center (MAC) (330) 941-3274

Counseling Services (330) 941-3737

Metro College (330) 941-2465

Community Counseling Clinic (330) 941-3056

Reading & Study Skills Center (RSS) (330) 941-3099

Wee Care Day Care & Learning Centre (330) 941-2936

Testing Center (330) 941-1343

Student Health Services (330) 941-3489

Writing Center (330) 941-3055

E x e c u ti v e O f f i c es

Ac a d e m i c Co lleges

Office of the President (330) 941-3101

Beeghly College of Education (330) 941-3215

Office of the Provost (330) 941-3103

Bitonte College of Health and Human Services (330) 941-3321

Division of Student Success (330) 941-4703

College of Creative Arts & Communication (330) 941-3625


College of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (330) 941-3009

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (330) 941-3409

Division of Student Experience (330) 941-2018


University Police (330) 941-3527



spring 2017

FALL 2016

2016-2017 Academic Calendar Fall Term Begins

August 24, 2016


September 5, 2016

Last Day for Withdrawing with a Grade of ‘W’

October 29, 2016


Wednesday, November 11, 2016

No Classes Scheduled; UNIVERSITY CLOSED (Thanksgiving & Columbus Day Observed)

November 23; 24-27, 2016

Thanksgiving Academic Break Ends; Classes Resume

November 28, 2016

Final Examinations Begin

December 12, 2016

Fall Term Ends / Commencement

December 17, 2016


January 1, 2017

Spring Term Begins

January 9, 2017

UNIVERSITY CLOSED (Martin Luther King Day)

January 16, 2017

Spring Break

March 6-12, 2017

Final Examinations Begin

May 1, 2017

Spring Term Ends / Commencement

May 6, 2017


May 29, 2017

UNIVERSITY CLOSED (Independence Day)

July 4, 2017

Final Examinations

Last Scheduled Class Search “academic calendar” at for more important dates.


Academically Speaking General Education Requirements (GER) 2016 Requirements for a Baccalaureate Degree The general education requirements for a Baccalaureate degree include courses in essential skills and knowledge domains, first-year experience and a capstone course.

First - Y e a r E x perien c e

In order to facilitate the transition to college, to help build a culture of community, and to develop skills to promote academic and professional growth, undeclared students will take a First-Year Experience course. All other first-year students are strongly recommended to take the course.

E ssenti a l S k ills


To learn the skills of effective writing, students will take two courses: yy Writing 1 — Strategies for writing as a means of critical inquiry, with a focus on processes and on the roles of writer, audience, and purpose as they affect writing. ENGL 1550, ENGL 1550H yy

Writing 2 — Practice in writing with emphasis on the process of investigation: exploration of topics, formulation of tentative thesis, collection of data, and clear and appropriate presentation of the results of these inquiries. ENGL 1551, ENGL 1551H


To become effective speakers, students will take an introductory oral communications course. The approved Communication Foundations courses are CMST1545 and 1545H.

Critical Thinking

All YSU degree programs are designed to improve students’ critical-thinking skills. Some programs include instruction on critical thinking in specific courses; others spread this instruction throughout the major.


A student may satisfy this requirement by passing an approved course, a mathematics placement exam, or a higher level mathematics course.

Knowledge Domains

Students must take two courses in each of the four knowledge domains and one general education elective for a total of nine courses. Knowledge domains are composed of arts and humanities (AH), natural sciences (NS), social sciences (SS), and social and personal awareness (SPA). One general education elective from any of the four knowledge domains listed above (Students taking a First-Year Experience course do not have to take a general education elective).


C a psto ne

Students must take one upper division capstone course in their major or from another area that satisfies general education criteria. Capstone courses are expected to incorporate writing, oral communication, and reasoning critically as appropriate in each discipline.

Advisement Academic advising supports students in developing a balanced scholastic plan that will provide them with a solid foundation for academic success and empower them to take responsibility for achieving their lifelong educational and career goals.

An Ac a d e m i c A d v is o r will : yy yy yy yy yy

Assist you in exploring areas of study on your way to choosing a major. Support you in establishing your academic and career goals. Listen to your questions and concerns and enhance your college experience. Help you understand YSU policy and procedures. Provide a safe, confidential setting for you to share your thoughts and concerns.

H o w d o I f in d m y ac a d e m i c a d v is o r ? yy yy yy yy yy yy

Beeghly College of Education (BCOE) Beeghly Hall, Room 2101, phone (330)-941-3268 Bitonte College of Health and Human Services (BCHHS) Cushwa Hall, Room 2064, phone (330)-941-1820 College of Creative Arts & Communication Bliss Hall, Room 2318, phone (330)-941-3728 College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS) DeBartolo Hall, Room 121, phone (330)-941-3413 College of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Moser Hall, Room 2325, phone (330)-941-2512 Williamson College of Business Administration (WCBA) Williamson Hall, Room 1115, phone (330)-941-2376

Find out who your advisor is at: For more information:


Academically Speaking College of Education YSU offers over 100 majors housed in different colleges

The Beeghly College of Education offers programs leading to teacher licensure in the areas of: Early Childhood Education (grades PK-3),

across campus.

Middle Childhood Education (grades 4-9), Adolescence to Young Adult Education (grades 7-12), Multi-age Education (grades PK-12), Career-technical Education in Family and Consumer Sciences (grades 4-adult) Intervention Specialist (Special Education, grades K-12)

P o ints o f P ri d e

All of our student teachers complete the edTPA, a rigorous performance assessment which is scored nationally, and our students consistently outperform students in Ohio and nationally, as measured by average scores. Our students complete many hours of practical experience in schools before they enter student teaching. Many required courses have a field component in which what is learned in the classroom is put into practice working with students in public schools. Our graduates have an exceptional employment rate. For the past two years, we have ranked above all the other colleges in full-time employment for graduates. Our faculty are involved with numerous grant projects supporting research and service to schools, including the $500,000 state grant to support Project PASS to send teacher candidates into Youngstown schools to tutor second graders in reading, and a $275,000 grant to support a Leadership Academy for current and future Youngstown administrators. Visit the College of Education at


R eg u l a r A d v ising h o u rs

Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm (by appointment) Appointments are 30 minutes. Walk-ins, if time permits During registration, appointments are 15 minutes. Walk-ins only on first day of classes. No appointments are made at this time. Students are seen on a first-come, first-served basis.

Bitonte College of Health and Human Services The Bitonte College of Health and Human Services has two major areas—healthcare and human services – through which it grants certificate, associate, baccalaureate, master’s and doctorate degrees. In the health area, you could pursue a career in: Allied Health Medical Laboratory Sciences Dental Hygiene Dietetics (DT, DPD and CPD Programs) Emergency Medical Services Exercise Science Healthcare Administration Medical Assisting Nursing

In the human services area, you might want to major in: Criminal Justice/Forensic Science Social Work Family and Consumer Science Hospitality Management Merchandising: Fashion/Interiors Early Childhood/Pre-K Police Academy

Physical Therapy Public Health Respiratory Care Visit the Bitonte College of Health and Human Services website at

R eg u l a r A d v ising H o u rs

Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm (by appointment only). Walk-ins can be accommodated during non-peak advisement times. (330) 941-1820


Academically Speaking College of Creative Arts and Communication The College of Creative Arts and Communication offers programs leading to the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Music, Master of Arts and Master of Music degrees. Students may major in (minors available in many of these programs as well): Art Education, History, Graphic Design, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, and 3-D Dimensional Music Education, Performance, History and Literature, Theory, Composition, Jazz Studies, and Recording Communication Interpersonal/Organizational, Media, Persuasion, and Telecommunication Theater and Dance Theater Studies, Musical Theater, and Dance Management The National Association of Schools of Art and Design, The National Association of Schools of Music, and the National Association of Schools of Theater accredit programs in the College of Creative Arts and Communication. Students will have opportunities to participate in a robust variety of internships with area businesses, arts organizations, and education institutions. Internal internships are also available through Creative Industries Collaborative and collegesponsored programs, bringing students and businesses together. These include Youngstown Design Works, Launch Lab and Connex.

R eg u l a r A d v ising H o u rs :

Monday-Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm (330) 941-3625 For more information:


College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Offering 18 majors in nine academic departments, the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS) educates students in the humanities and social sciences for careers in these fields or admittance to graduate or professional programs. Through close faculty engagement, graduates are prepared to meet the needs of employers seeking individuals with superior communication, problem-solving and analytical skills. The College’s nine academic departments and eight interdisciplinary programs address the issues emerging in a global economy and an interconnected global citizenry. Understanding of economics, history, religions, languages, political systems, geographic characteristics, social groups and human behavior is critical to understanding and solving world problems. It is this understanding that produces informed and thinking citizens and leaders.

Academic Departments

Economics English

Foreign Languages & Literatures Geography History Philosophy & Religious Studies Politics & International Relations Psychology Sociology, Anthropology & Gerontology

I nter d is c iplin a ry P r o gr a m s & Centers

Africana Studies

American Studies Global Education James Dale Ethics Center Judaic & Holocaust Studies Center Islamic Studies Center Peace & Conflict Studies Women’s & Gender Studies

Please visit the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences DeBartolo Hall, Room 104 (330) 941-3409 For more information:

R eg u l a r A d v ising H o u rs

DeBartolo Hall, Room 121 (330) 941-3413 Monday - Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Appointments recommended


Academically Speaking College of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics If you are looking for a career where you can Save lives, Transform the future, Explore the unknown, or Make a difference, then you can find a home in the College of STEM. We offer majors in ten different departments in the STEM areas that will prepare our graduates for a career in their chosen field or for further study in graduate school.



Biological Sciences Chemistry

Drafting and Design Technology (Associate Degree Program)


Electrical and Computer Engineering

Environmental Science Physics and Astronomy

Electrical Engineering Technology (Associate and Bachelor Degree Programs)


Electric Utilities Technology (Associate Degree Program)

Computer Information Systems Computer Science Information Technology


Chemical Engineering

Civil/Environmental Engineering


Civil and Construction Engineering Technology (Associate and Bachelor Degree Programs)

Industrial Systems Engineering Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Technology (Associate and Bachelor Degree Programs)


Mathematics and Statistics

Academic Advising is critical to the successful completion of your degree in a timely fashion. Professional Academic Advisors are assigned for all freshmen, and faculty continue the advising process as you move through your program.


Moser Hall, Room 2325 (330) 941-2512 to make an appointment Facebook: YSU.STEM Twitter: @YSU_STEM Wordpress: (register for our monthly newsletter) YouTube: For more information: (calendar of events and all other STEM College information)

College of Business Administration The Warren P. Williamson, Jr. College of Business Administration programs are designed to prepare students to be leaders in business, government, non-profit organizations and society. The College of Business Administration offers the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with majors in: Accounting


Advertising/Public Relations

Human Resource Management

Business Administration

International Business (ICP)

Business Economics

Management Information Systems Marketing

The college also offers an Associate of Arts in Business Administration and a Master of Business Administration. Visit the College of Business Administration at Students can schedule an appointment with their academic advisor through an online scheduling program called BizLink which can be accessed at

R eg u l a r A d v ising H o u rs :

Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm (by appointment) 8:30 am - 12:30 pm and 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm (by walk-in) During registration, students are seen by class ranking and registration appointment eligibility. Advising during registration is by walk-in only; no appointments during this time. Students are seen on a first-come, first-served basis.


Academically Speaking Honors College OU R B E G I N N I N G S

The Honors Program at Youngstown State University, which began in 1977, creates a community of intellectual excellence with students of all majors able to participate. More than 350 YSU students are members in the Honors Program and engage in coursework, volunteerism, leadership and involvement in student organizations. A residential option is also available for students seeking a robust living-learning honors community. Whether the student commutes or resides on campus, an abundance of opportunities exist to connect students to other honors students, faculty, staff and alumni.


The Honors College serves as a tangible emblem of Youngstown State University’s commitment to education, teaching innovation and cultural enrichment. Students in the Honors Program will engage in academic, professional, civic, and social experiences that are integrated and aligned with the five pillars: Engagement, Interdisciplinary Perspectives, Leadership, Research and Scholarship, and Global Citizenship. The qualifications for students to join the program are: New First-Year Students: 26 ACT or 1760 SAT and 3.5 overall high school GPA Current YSU Students: Having completed at least 12 hours of college-level study (not to include remedial courses) with an overall GPA of 3.4 Transfer students: With at least a 3.4 GPA (not to include remedial courses)

Co ntac t in f o r m ati o n

Honors College Cafaro House Email: (330) 941-2772 For more information: Twitter: @HonorsYSU Facebook: YSU Scholars and Honors Program


First-Year Experience Courses Coming fall of 2016, new undeclared students will be required to take one of a number of First-Year Experience (FYE) courses and all other first-year students are strongly recommended to take the course. The goals of these courses are to facilitate a student’s transition to college, build a culture of community, and develop skills to promote academic and professional growth.

M u ltiple Co u rses

Students will be able to select from a range of different FYE courses, each with a different focus, including: Personal skill development Aspects of the university mission: research, diversity, global perspectives, community engagement, and environmental stability Big ideas and issues in the world today

Co m m o n Co ntent a n d Ac ti v ities

While the focus of each FYE course is different, all courses will include: A common intellectual experience Campus safety Career assessment and graduation plans Financial literacy Campus activities

Co ntac t in f o r m ati o n

Joseph Palardy, General Education Coordinator (330) 941-3430 Email: For more information:


Academically Speaking Talk Like a Penguin Good Standing: A student who maintains a 2.0 or higher cumulative GPA Probation or Warning: A student who does not maintain the required GPA is placed on warning. Students must see an advisor. The Watts: The indoor training facility that is one of the newest structures on campus. Suspension: A student on warning for two consecutive terms who has failed to achieve the required GPA will be suspended for one academic term before being reinstated on warning status. Pete and Penny: YSU’s famous mascot Pete the Penguin and his partner Penny Penguin. Withdrawal: The withdrawal from a single course or all courses is accomplished by logging on to they myYSU portal. Lincoln: Refers to one of the main streets that runs through campus where you can grab a coffee and a bite to eat. Audit: Class is taken just for gaining knowledge. No grade or credit is given. Pete’s Points: Pete’s Points can be loaded on your YSU ID, allowing you to dine or snack on campus and several locations near campus without using cash. $1 Pete’s Points = $1 cash Credit/No Credit: A student may elect to take one course per semester for credit/no credit provided he/she has completed at least 30 semester hours and has a GPA of 2.0 or higher Student ID: Your YSU ID contains your YSU ID number and carries Pete’s Points, gets you into athletic events, and allows you to check out library books. Hours: The number of credit hours listed is comparable to the number of hours the class meets per week. Incomplete: Students can ask for this if they have been doing satisfactory work in a course, but who for reasons beyond their control and accepted by the instructor, has not completed all requirements for the course when grades are due. Part-Time Student: One who is taking less than 12 credit hours per semester. Dean’s List: Undergraduate students who have earned a 3.4 GPA or better in a given semester. The REC: Short for Andrews Student Recreation and Wellness Center where you can find basketball courts, exercise equipment, an indoor track, and much more. Final Exams: See final exam schedule in the myYSU portal or course syllabi for the appropriate dates and times, as they are different from normal class times. Full-Time Student: A student who is taking a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester.


Guide to Good Grades Comprehensive Testing Center The Comprehensive Testing Center encompasses placement testing, distance exam testing, national graduate examinations, and professional licensures and certifications. Placement testing is available on a flexible basis for all new and current YSU students. ACT Residual: Registration for the ACT Residual is available online at or at the Comprehensive Testing Center. Please consult the testing website for ACT Residual fee information and upcoming testing dates. National, Professional and Graduate School Tests National and certification test application forms and testing dates for tests such as the ACT, MAT, GRE (subject only), LSAT, and SAT are available at Composition and Reading Placement Tests Math Placement Tests Foreign Language Placement Tests *Transfer students may not be required to take a Composition, Reading or Math exam if they have transfer credit for equivalent courses. Transfer students should consult with their advisor to determine testing requirements.

Co ntac t in f o r m ati o n

Testing Center Meshel Hall, Room 233 For more information: (330) 941-3175 or (330) 941-1343


B e f o re I t ’s To o L ate …

Youngstown State University cares about your success and is using Starfish™, an electronic early warning system, to support your academic progress. If your instructor determines that your class attendance or performance is affecting your successful progress in this course, you may receive an e-mail notice that a flag has been raised. If you receive a Starfish™ flag notice for poor attendance or poor performance, you will be contacted by an academic coach at the Center for Student Progress to devise an improvement plan.


Guide to Good Grades YSU Bookstore The YSU Bookstore is the only official bookstore on campus. We offer convenient shopping online or in-store, with a knowledgeable staff of 100+ years of combined service. We are proud to be your University Bookstore where all profits go back to the University to support student programs and services.

What makes the YSU Bookstore a leader in the bookstore industry? yy yy yy yy yy yy yy yy yy yy

Large selection of discounted USED books Textbook rentals with easy returns eBooks Easy access to your custom booklist @ Acceptance of book awards including First Time Borrowers Free reservation service and $5.99 flat rate shipping Bonus textbook sale week before the start of fall and spring classes Sell books for CASH at the end of the semester No hassle refunds – we guarantee the correct textbooks The largest selection of YSU apparel and merchandise


The YSU Bookstore is located between Kilcawley Center and the REC (330) 941-3589 For information: Hours available on website Follow us on Facebook and Twitter

Center for Student Progress (CSP) W h at we d o

The CSP supports classroom learning by offering tutoring, group-facilitated study sessions (Supplemental Instruction) and one-on-one academic coaching. We also offer support to students with disabilities through our Disability Services. Finally, we have a Summer Bridge Program for minority students that takes place for one week each summer.


Academic Coaches - Our DOWN-TO-EARTH academic coaches create a successful study plan that works for you Supplemental Instruction (SI) - Learn in a CASUAL ENVIRONMENT with a group of your peers and a trained, knowledgeable student leader Student Tutorial Services - 84% of students who see their tutor 10 or more times throughout the semester earn an A, B, or C (Spring 2015 Tutorial Statistics) Disability Services - Provides you with OPTIONS of accommodations to aid in your educational journey Multicultural Student Services - The Summer Bridge program is RECOGNIZED for supporting multicultural students with their entry to college Why use the CSP?: What we do works! Your chances of being successful will increase if you use our services! And who wants to spend more time and money on college classes? Where and When: We are located just down the steps from the YSU Bookstore in Kilcawley Center West. Our hours are Monday 8:00 am – 7:00 pm and Tuesday – Friday from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. For more information: or call (330) 941-3538

Writing Center (WC) The Writing Center (WC) is a free resource for YSU students, faculty, and staff who want one-on-one or small group guidance with their writing. The Center’s goal is to help clients become more independent, confident, and successful writers. The WC recommends scheduling an appointment in advance, but face-to-face and walk-in sessions are also available on a first-come, first-served basis. Select any appointment with the “Distance Edu” consultant for asynchronous feedback within two business days of the scheduled time.

S er v i c es P r o v i d e d

Consultants help writers in any course: yy Research Papers including APA, MLA, or CMS documentation yy Lab Reports, Lesson Plans, Linguistics and Application Materials Consultants assist any stage of the writing process: yy Understanding Assignments, Brainstorming, Revising, Proofreading Consultants answer technology questions: yy Email, USB Storage Devices, Blackboard, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, Prezi Creative Writing Workshop meets Fridays in fall/spring Join the YSU Creative Writing Facebook group Composition student work is featured in Compose: Review of Writing Email CROW at continued on next page


Guide to Good Grades Writing Center


Co ntac t I n f o r m ati o n

Angela Messenger, Coordinator Maag Library, Room 171 (330) 941-3055 Email: WCOnline : (appointment scheduler) Twitter: @YSU_Writing_Ctr Facebook: Youngstown State University Writing Center YouTube: YSU Writingcenter

H o u rs

Online (synchronous) or face-to-face tutoring hours: Monday –Thursday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm Friday 10:00 am – 1:00 pm Sunday 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm *Hours may vary by semester. In fall and spring semesters, the Writing Center offers walk-ins at Stambaugh Stadium and the Veterans Resource Center.

Maag Library Maag Library provides comprehensive information services as well as access to information in print, analog, micro and digital formats. Virtual access to library services, the online catalog, and direct digital information resources is available via MaagNet,, providing constant access from home or office. Maag Library is a member of OhioLINK, linking the libraries of all of Ohio’s colleges and universities. Maag Library offers instructional and research materials in books, periodicals, microforms, CD/DVD, and sound recordings to a combined catalog of over 1.5 million records. The 5th and 6th floors are designated as silent study areas whereas the 3rd and 4th floors are intended for group studying. The 4th floor houses two group study rooms that merge technology and speciallydesigned furniture allowing groups to share information easily reshaping the meaning of collaboration. Maag Library houses over 150 contemporary computer workstations.


In 2004, Maag Library founded the Archives and Special Collections area on the 5th floor focusing on YSU and the physical and cultural communities of the Mahoning Valley. The Maag MultiMedia Center on the 3rd floor contains over 20,000 phonograph record-

ings, audio and video tapes, as well as audio and data CDs. The Curriculum Resource Center (CRC) located on the main level of the Beeghly Hall. The College of Education is also a vibrant part of Maag Library, offering curriculum materials and support for faculty and students in education.

Co ntac t in f o r m ati o n

(330) 941-3675 For more information:

12 Ways to Earn Your “A’s” Sometimes it can be the little things that make the difference between an “A” and a “B”. Check out the following proven tips to earn higher grades in your classes. 1. See your professor during office hours at least five times throughout the semester 2. Spread studying out over the course of weeks and not just a few days 3. Make friends and exchange information with people in classes 4. Schedule an appointment with an academic coach in the Center for Student Progress (CSP) 5. Boost your interest in a topic by trying and using different methods to study (notecards, videos, group study, etc.) 6. Sign up for a tutor in the CSP


7. Break big tests and assignments into smaller manageable pieces and schedule time to do each piece

8. Use your own words while reviewing notes and fill in blanks within 24 hours of taking notes 9. Track your homework, assignments, and grades in a planner which can be purchased at the YSU Bookstore

10. Attend Supplemental Instruction (SI) sessions if your class offers them 11. Attend all classes (and turn your phone off!)

12. Relate your studies to the real world to make it more meaningful


Guide to Good Grades Reading and Study Skills Center (RSS) Our goal is to help build or refresh personal reading skills and study strategies for college through the following services:

R e a d ing a n d S t u dy S k ills Co u rses : yy yy yy

Advanced College Success Skills (RSS 1510A) Basic College Success Skills (RSS 1510B) STEM Advanced College Success Skills (RSS 1510C)

S el f - R e f err a l T u to ring P r o gr a m yy


Free service to all YSU students who want help with studying or reading college materials. Specially trained Peer Tutors work with students to diagnose difficulties and improve skills in: yy Self-management yy Goal setting yy Note-taking in lecture or from a textbook yy Reading college textbooks yy Test preparation yy Test taking yy Test anxiety yy Memory yy Vocabulary

Co llege S u cc ess W o r k s h o ps

Attend free, one-hour workshops; they are offered throughout the semester at various times and campus locations. Topics include: yy Goal setting and decision making yy Time management and procrastination yy Learning preferences yy Note-taking and visual organizing yy Exploring speed reading yy Tips for advisement and registration yy And many more!

Co ntac t I n f o r m ati o n


Located in Magg Library, Room 154 (Lower Level) For more information: (330) 941-3099 Email: Website: Twitter: @YSU_StudyHelp

Mathematics Assistance Center (MAC) The Mathematics Assistance Center (MAC) is an academic support service within the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. Its mission is to offer YSU students assistance and support for success in the study of mathematics. The MAC has many free services available to YSU students for mathematics topics ranging from Algebra through Advanced Calculus. Some of our most popular services include the following: yy Group tutoring (without an appointment) yy Web-based tutoring yy Topic refreshers and workshops yy Exam review sessions yy Access to textbooks and solution manuals The Mathematics Assistance Center (MAC) operates on a walk-in basis during the business hours listed below.

h o u rs

Monday – Thursday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Friday – 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Co ntac t I n f o r m ati o n

Lincoln Building, Room 408 (330) 941-3274 Email: For more information: Facebook: YsuMathematicsAssistanceCenter Twitter: @YSU_MAC


YSU Wired YSU Tech Desk The YSU Tech Desk is located on the 4th floor of the Maag Library and provides first level technical support to YSU faculty members, staff, and students. Technical support is provided for most industry standard computer products including PCs, Macs, computer software, printers, smartphones, and tablets. The Tech Desk also assists students with installing “academic related” software and helping them to configure their PCs to connect to the YSU network.

Co ntac t in f o r m ati o n

Maag Library, 4th floor (330) 941-1595   Email:

H o u rs o f Oper ati o n

Monday and Friday 7:30 am - 5:00 pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 7:30 am - 5:00 pm (until further notice) Saturday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Youngstown State University… There’s an App for That! STAY INFORMED! GET THE YSU APP!

Events, News, Campus REC, Academic Services, Courses, Maps, and Meet Students and Classmates


Youngstown State University Get it at:

Wellness Matters CSP Disability Services The Center for Student Progress (CSP) Disability Services provides a range of accommodations for students with documented disabilities. CSP Disability Services works with the student to determine what accommodations are needed to achieve accessibility in their courses. There is a two-step process in registering with the office: 1. Provide Documentation: Students requesting accommodations may be required to provide documentation of their disability. There are guidelines for documentation and a Documentation Form, if needed, available from our office or on our website: 2. Schedule an intake appointment: During this appointment, you will meet with a Coordinator to discuss your accommodation needs and review the policies and procedures of CSP Disability Services. We will also discuss the many resources of the University that you may find helpful during your college career. Each student is assisted on an individual basis. The services available are matched with the needs of the student. Some services include: yy yy yy yy yy yy yy yy yy

Testing and classroom academic accommodations Information, referral and awareness services Liaison with YSU departments and local agencies Notetakers for those who qualify Cushwa Hall Lounge for students with physical disabilties Advocacy Priority Registration Sign language interpreters Limited loan of adaptive equipment

Co ntac t in f o r m ati o n

CSP Disability Services 275 Fifth Avenue (330) 941-1372 (330) 941-7470 Fax For more information:

H o u rs

Monday – Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Additional testing hours by appointment


Wellness Matters The Catholic Newman Center The Catholic Newman Center is home to the student organization the Catholic Student Association (CSA). CSA provides a place and space for collegiate students to gather around the common value of faith through social, service and spiritual activities. All are welcome!

Opp o rt u nities yy yy yy yy yy

Catholic Mass – Sunday at 8:00 pm Monthly Service Opportunities Alternative Spring Break Annual Retreats JesusCakes Café – Tuesday of Finals Week 7:00 pm-11:00 pm

Co ntac t I n f o r m ati o n

Located directly behind Lyden and Cafaro Residence Halls 254 Madison Avenue (330) 747-9202 Email: For more information: Twitter: @ysucsa Instagram: @ysucsa Facebook Group: YSU Catholic Student Association

H o u rs

Sunday 4:00 pm- 9:00 pm Monday 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm Tuesday-Friday 10:00 am – 9:00 pm Saturday – Hours vary based upon events



The famous limestone boulder located outside Kilcawley Center was unearthed when the Center was being constructed in the 1960s. Students groups have taken turns painting the boulder for decades!

Student Health Services Student Health Services provides health care to currently-enrolled YSU students. Office visits are free and appointments are required. Though the clinic’s physicians have limited hours, registered nurses are available daily and year-round.

S er v i c es P r o v i d e d yy yy yy yy yy yy yy yy yy yy

Illness Injury First Aid Health Screening Tests Physical Exams Gynecological Exams Consultations Referrals Flu Vaccines (when available) Immunization Vaccines

Co ntac t I n f o r m ati o n

Kilcawley House, 1st Floor (330) 941-3489 Email: or

H o u rs

Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Counseling Services Juggling life’s responsibilities is a challenge that causes many individuals to feel anxious, confused, or overwhelmed at times. At YSU, Counseling Services provides a comfortable environment in which to discuss problems and possible solutions. Shortterm counseling, consultation, and referral services are provided to currently-enrolled students and, there is no fee for services. Issues commonly addressed during individual sessions include: anxiety, depression, and relationship problems.

Co ntac t I n f o r m ati o n

Jones Hall, Room 3009 (330) 941 3737 For more information: services Twitter @ YSUCounseling

H o u rs

Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm


Wellness Matters Dining on Campus The following campus dining locations are operated by YSU Dining by Chartwells. For additional information on locations, menus, meal plans and more, please visit our website:

C h rist m a n Dining Co m m o ns

Located between Lyden and Cafaro Residence Halls Christman provides an all-you-care-to-eat environment that focuses on fresh and delicious foods that our students enjoy. Christman offers complete meals and made-to-order options at each station. This is an ideal location for our residential students because Meal Swipes can be used here for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late night dining.

C h i c k - f il - A ®

Kilcawley Center, 2nd Floor The newest addition to YSU Dining, serving freshly breaded, spicy, and grilled chicken, along with those signature delicious waffle fries, cookies, fresh lemonade, and salads.

The Hub

Kilcawley Center, 1st Floor

D u n k in D o n u ts ®

The delicious coffee, donuts and sandwiches that “America runs on”, conveniently located in Kilcawley Center.

M o n d o S u bs

We feature high-quality sub sandwiches, flatbreads, salads, and seasoned homemade chips that range from gourmet to traditional.

KC F o o d Co u rt

Kilcawley Center, 1st Floor

T h e Den by Denny ’s ®


Serving breakfast all day, along with sandwiches, burgers and appetizers, all freshly prepared.

Chop’d & Wrap’d

The most customizable option on campus, featuring crisp salads and fresh wraps, made with your choice of chicken, turkey, ham, bacon, or tofu, along with a wide array of fresh toppings.

2. M ato

This is your “go-to” place for great pizza and delicious pasta on-the-go. 2.Mato serves all your favorites: pizza, calzones, pasta, macaroni & cheese, and so much more.

Jamba Juice

Kilcawley Center, 1st Floor Jamba Juice serves up delicious, nutritious, energizing madeto-order smoothies and hearty oatmeal. Each fruit smoothie is packed with refreshing fruit flavors and 3-6 servings of fruit!


Kilcawley Center, 1st Floor Hot ‘n juicy cheeseburgers, freshly-prepared crisp salads, chicken sandwiches, steaming chili, Frosty shakes and more are served at lightening speed.

Satellite Dining

S c h webel C a f é

Williamson College of Business Administration You will find a variety of fresh bagels, bagel sandwiches, along with YSU Signature Bakery items, On-the-Go prepared meals and items, and We Proudly Serve Starbucks® Coffee.

C u s h wa C a f é

Cushwa Hall If you are on the go and short on time, this is a convenient dining location for you. We serve YSU Signature Bakery items, On-the-Go prepared meals and items, and Seattle’s Best® Coffee.

M a ag C a f é

Maag Library, 3rd Floor If you are looking for a great coffee destination, Maag Café is the place for you! We offer We Proudly Serve Starbucks® Coffee, blended beverages, and espresso favorites. We also serve fresh YSU Signature Bakery items and On-The-Go prepared meals and items.


Wellness Matters On-Campus Housing Youngstown State University offers five residence halls for on-campus living. Cafaro House, Kilcawley House, and Lyden House are geared towards our firstyear students. Wick House and Weller House Apartments are designed with our upper-class students in mind. Prospective students, friends, and families are always welcome to tour our spaces, along with Christman Dining Commons, the main university dining complex. Information on YSU’s residential communities, residence education programming, and information about applying for on-campus housing is available online at

Off-Campus Housing Students may obtain, through the Office of Housing & Residence Life, information on some of the privately-owned and/or operated facilities such as Buechner Hall (women only residence hall), University Courtyard Apartments, The Flats at Wick apartments, and the University Edge apartments.

Co ntac t I n f o r m ati o n

(330)-941-3547 For more information:


Meal Plans There are a great variety of high-quality restaurants on the YSU campus to satisfy students for breakfast, lunch, dinner and anytime in between. Whether you purchase a full meal or just a snack, food is nearby. There are plenty of options to satisfy your appetite or quench your thirst. If you live in a YSU residence hall (excluding Weller House), a Meal Plan is included in your room and board. During the Housing sign-up process you will have the opportunity to select your Meal Plan. No matter how much time you spend on campus, YSU Dining has a Meal Plan perfect for you! Meal Plans are convenient for students living off campus or in the nearby apartments. We offer great flexibility in Meal Plans for commuter students, ranging from smaller plans to more extensive ones for those who eat most meals on campus.

Co ntac t I n f o r m ati o n

Card Office: (330) 941-2513 For more information:

Reduce, Reuse, and then Recycle! YSU Recycling’s main goals on campus are to reduce waste first, reuse or donate when possible, and recycle what can be recycled in the region. YSU strives to be environmentally sustainable, and YSU Recycling plays a huge role in this commitment to lessen our impact on the environment!

S er v i c es P r o v i d e d yy yy yy yy

General Consumer Recycling Community Recycling Drop-off Center Special Event Recycling Food Waste Composting

Co ntac t I n f o r m ati o n

Dan Kuzma, Manager 330-941-2294 Email: For more information:


Student and Campus Safety Safety and Crime Prevention Initiatives Below are various safety and crime prevention programs periodically offered by the YSU Police Department or sponsored by a campus office or student organizations: Educational Programs: Inform faculty, staff, and students about what they can do to stay safe on and off campus. These programs are offered by the YSU Police Department in accordance with the Campus Security Act. Self-Protection Seminars: Show and demonstrate safety-protection devices that can be used for on- and off-campus security of property, apartments, etc. Office/Building Security Seminars: Provide information on various ways to safeguard university property and personal belongings in the office. Housing Safety Seminars: Held each semester, provide students who reside in on-campus housing facilities current information on protecting themselves and their property. Security Surveys: Conducted in offices, departments, and other on-campus areas as required, and in off-campus areas as requested and approved by the Chief of the YSU Police Department. Auto Theft/Carjacking Prevention Seminars: Provide faculty, staff, and students with appropriate information to minimize auto theft and carjacking. Crime Prevention Informational Fairs: Provide important crime prevention materials and information to students, faculty, and staff. Involve the participation of outside vendors, law enforcement agencies, etc.

Co ntac t I n f o r m ati o n

Clingan-Waddell Hall (330) 941-3527 Call for more information on these programs.


YSU Police The YSU Police Department’s 26 full-time and 100 part-time commissioned officers: yy Possess full police powers yy Have the authority to arrest yy Are graduates of the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy yy Are First Aid and CPR Certified yy Participate in annual firearms training yy Patrol campus and residence halls 24/7 yy Work to enforce ŠŠ Ohio and local laws on campus ŠŠ University rules and regulations The Youngstown State University Police Department has Mutual Aid Agreements with: yy Youngstown City Police Department yy Mahoning County Sheriff’s Department yy St. Elizabeth Mercy Health Police Department yy Majority of other police departments in Mahoning County yy Other state universities in Ohio

I m p o rta nt N u m bers YSU Police/Fire/Medical Emergencies From a Campus Phone.................................................... 911 From a Regular Phone or Cell Phone....................... 911* TDD...................................................................(330) 941-1564 Emergency Information............................(330) 941-2222 Non-Emergency Numbers YSU Police............................. (330) 941-3527 or ext. 3527 * If you dial 911 from a cell phone it will go to Youngstown City Police Communications Center. Advise them that you are on the YSU Campus.


Fostering Employability Career Services

T h e ti m e to pl a n f o r CA R E E R S UCC E S S I S N O W !

The Office of Career Services will help students: Choose a major and career path that supports their interests, values and personality Create a plan that leads to career success Understand the skills and experiences hiring employers seek Prepare an effective resume and cover letter Effectively communicate their skills and experiences in a job interview Conduct a targeted job search Connect with hiring employers Connect to MyPlan assessment to help students create their career plan based on interests and skills through a process that helps students choose a major based on their interests, skills, values and personality.

Co ntac t I n f o r m ati o n

Kilcawley Center, Room 2110 (330) 941-3515 Email: or stop in. For more information on career planning resources, information about programs and events, and walk-in hours:

and/or career path that meets their personality,



With nearly 2,000 trees on campus, YSU has been named a Tree Campus USA for the sixth consecutive year (2015) by the Arbor Day Foundation, an honor only 245 campuses nation-wide can say they have.

Why should I be a student employee at YSU? EARN MONEY. Students generally earn the same on or off campus. NO COMMUTE. Students who work on campus can schedule their work times before or after classes and without commuting to a job. EARLY REGISTRATION. Students who work on campus register for classes early. GAIN WORK SKILLS. Students learn skills that are easily transferable to their chosen career. MAKE CONNECTIONS. Students make valuable connections to others on campus and typically persist and graduate at a higher rate. EARN MONEY. Did we mention you GET PAID?! There are more than 1,700 students who are employed on campus each year. Come join the YSU workforce!

R e q u ire m ents :

Good academic standing with a GPA of 2.0 or higher Currently enrolled (in fall or spring) for a minimum of one course of no less than three credits – or – (if summer employment), a returning student from the spring semester who is already pre-registered for fall. Students are limited to working 25 hours a week (20 a week for international students) To see a list of the available positions, go to:

Co ntac t I n f o r m ati o n

Jones Hall, Room 3001 330-941-4703

Walk-in Hours for On-Campus Student Employment: Monday - Friday, 8:30 am to 12:30 pm


Your Voice is Heard Office of Student Conduct Student Conduct is committed to supporting a positive learning environment by challenging students to be a positive and contributing member of the University community. Student Conduct is committed to a process that fosters personal responsibility, respect, fairness, integrity, and personal development. We strive to provide learning and developmental experiences which challenge students to understand that their conduct must demonstrate courtesy, compassion, and dignity of all people.

Co ntac t I n f o r m ati o n

Cindy Tesch, Associate Director for Student Conduct Kilcawley Center, 2071    (330)-941-4704 Know the Student Code of Conduct, Email:

H o u rs

Monday – Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Visit: student-conduct/code-conduct

YSU Ombudsperson Meet your YSU Ombudsperson

Confidential Informal Independent Neutral

Dr. Sherri Harper-Woods

Director, YSU Upward Bound and SCOPE and YSU Ombudsperson When you hit an obstacle on your YSU journey,

yo u r O m b u d spers o n : yy yy yy yy yy yy yy yy

listens to you answers your questions analyzes your situation explains University policies and procedures facilitates discussion of problems develops options to resolve problems mediates between individuals or groups recommends changes in University policies or procedures that may be outdated, ineffectual or arbitrary

Co ntac t I n f o r m ati o n

Jones Hall, Room 2002 (330) 941-4665 Email:


Student Government Association (SGA) Student Government Association (SGA) seeks to effectively and actively represent the students of Youngstown State University, serving as a gateway to the faculty, staff and administration. Students who wish to develop their leadership capabilities and contribute to the betterment and interests of YSU are encouraged to consider membership in SGA. Student Government impacts campus via four committees: yy Academic Affairs: Addressing student concerns related to academic policy and practice yy Financial Affairs: Appropriating funds to registered student organizations in support of events yy Student Life: Supporting opportunities for student engagement on and off campus yy University Affairs: Addressing issues related to University facilities, technology and development

Co ntac t I n f o r m ati o n

Kilcawley Center, 2088 (330) 941-3591 For more information: Facebook: YSU Student Government Association Twitter: @ysusga Instagram: @ysu_sga

H o u rs

Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm


Staying Involved Kilcawley Center Kilcawley Center is often referred to as the “Heart of Campus”. The Center’s casual atmosphere, comfortable lounges, and attractive dining areas are aimed at making free-time activity an integral part of a YSU education. Active with cultural, social, and recreational programming, Kilcawley Center provides for rich and diverse experiences outside of the classroom.

The Center offers a variety of services which include KC Food Court, Candy Counter, Wendy’s™, Dunkin’ Donuts®, Chick-fil A®, Mondo Subs, Jamba Juice, ComDoc, Graphic Services, YSU Info & PC lab, campus locker rentals, and more. For details on Kilcawley’s services and offices in the building, the staff directory, KC building map and hours visit Kilcawley’s web site at You can also take a virtual tour of our seminar rooms, view the catering menu, and check out our daily calendar of events.

University Theater University Theater is the co-curricular production unit of the Department of Theater and Dance, and as such is committed to comprehensive training programs for careers in professional or educational theater. University Theater produces multiple productions each year including a musical, the YSU Dance Ensemble and various studentdirected plays. Performances are in Bliss Hall’s Ford Theater or Spotlight Theater. Participation is open to all. Auditions are held at the end of each semester. The audition for the musical is the first week of fall semester. Interested students can call the department at(330) 9413810 for more information.


Tickets for the shows can be reserved by calling the Box Office at (330) 941-3105 or by going online at YSU students are FREE when they show their student ID.

Student Activities The Office of Student Activities leads the development and implementation of ongoing campus programming which supports the engagement and co-curricular learning of students. Through social programming, student organization coordination, student leader training and support, and student award recognition activities, Student Activities fosters a sense of belonging, a connection to the YSU community, and the development of leadership, communication and organizational skills which prepare students for success after college. Student Activities is the home-base for the following programs: yy Emerging Leader Program yy Greek Life yy Penguin Productions yy Special Events & Themed Programming, including Welcome Week & Homecoming yy Student Organizations

Co ntac t I n f o r m ati o n

Kilcawley Center, 2082 (330) 941-3575 Email: For more information: Facebook: YSU Student Activities Twitter: @ysu_activities Instagram: @ysu_activities

H o u rs

Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Greek Life Joining a sorority or a fraternity is the start of a new life. You will be welcomed into a family of men or women who will stand beside you, support you, encourage you and respect you. These men and women will become your brothers and sisters, friends and mentors for the rest of your life. All sororities and fraternities are different, yet they are built on the inherent principles set forth to further develop you both as an individual and a college student. See more, next page


Staying Involved Greek Life continued

Membership leads to lifelong relationships and unending support from your new sisters and brothers. These women and men will embody the true sense of the words brotherhood and sisterhood. They will be the ones who stay up late to study with you, sit and talk to you when you need advice, help you deal with tough times and laugh with you when life smiles down on you. The meaning of brotherhood and sisterhood not only encompasses what these individuals will do for you, but what you will be able to contribute to the chapter as a unique individual.

Fr aternities a n d S o r o rities va lu e : yy

yy yy yy

Scholarship – An environment which supports and promotes academic success Philanthropy – Dedication of time, service and money to many charitable organizations Leadership – Development of character and professional skills Brotherhood and Sisterhood – Developing a network of lifelong relationships

Co ntac t I n f o r m ati o n

Kilcawley Center, 2082 (330) 941-3575 Email: For more information: Facebook: YSU Greek Campus Life Twitter: @ysu_gcl Instagram: @ysu_gcl

H o u rs

Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm


Penguin Productions Penguin Productions, an organization of highly-motivated Student Committee Members and Advisors, creates, promotes, organizes and produces high-quality events for YSU students and the Youngstown community tailored to fulfill student-identified needs and preferences.

P eng u in P r o d u c ti o ns o f f ers : yy

yy yy yy


Student-Driven Events: Presented for the students and created by the students Excellence: Exceptional entertainment that appeals to all interests and passions Impact: Campus-wide traditions that create memorable experiences for the YSU community Career Development: Invaluable real-world experience in the design and production process of major events Campus-Community Collaboration: Developing connections with the greater Youngstown community through both entertainment and philanthropic ventures

Co ntac t I n f o r m ati o n

Kilcawley Center, 2082 (330) 941-3575 Email: For more information: Facebook: YSU Penguin Productions Twitter: @ysupenpro Instagram: @ysupenpro

H o u rs

Monday – Friday: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm


Staying Involved Student Organizations Interested in getting involved with student organizations at YSU? We have an active community of more than 190 student organizations on campus. We encourage you to get involved with one of the existing organizations. If you find that none of the existing organizations meet your needs, you can start your own. Feel free to contact the Student Activities Office if you have any questions along the way.

S t u d ent Org a niz ati o ns o f f er : yy yy yy yy yy

Connections to students with similar interests Hands-on leadership experiences Professional skill development and networking Avenues for community service and engagement A way to make an impact on the campus community

Co ntac t I n f o r m ati o n

Kilcawley Center, 2082 (330) 941-3575 Email: For more information: Facebook: YSU Student Activities Twitter: @ysu_activities Instagram: @ysu_activities

H o u rs

Monday – Friday: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Department of Campus Recreation (REC) The Department of Campus Recreation provides creative and innovative instructed or self-led wellness and recreational programming to meet the diverse needs of students and the YSU community.


Currently-enrolled Youngstown State University students may use the facilities and services without paying an additional membership fee. A valid YSU student ID must be provided for facility access.


W HAT W E OFF E R Andrews Student Recreation and Wellness Center Indoor Track Aerobics Studio

Intramurals and Club Sports Bubble Soccer Basketball Soccer Football

Basketball/Volleyball/Badminton Courts


140 pieces of Strength and Conditioning Equipment

Plus more!

Meditation Center

Club Sports Bowling

Locker Rooms Equipment Rentals Racquetball/Wallyball Court Adventure REC A 53-foot tall rock wall Teambuilding and Leadership Challenges Elevated High Ropes Courses Bouldering Competitions

Racquetball Ultimate Frisbee Hockey Equestrian Plus more! Fitness Fitness Assessments

Ski Club

Personal Training

Wellness Registered Dietician

Incentive Programs

Lactation Room


Massage Therapy Endure for the Cure Prescription Drug Drop-Off Wellness Programs and Events

Group X Classes Olympic Weight Lifting

Aquatics Olympic-Size Swimming Pool Kayaking Clinics American Red Cross Certifications Lifeguarding Courses


With over 140 student employees across nine positions, Campus Recreation offers both personal and professional growth. Internships are offered in all disciplines as well. For additional information contact (330) 941-3488 or visit our website at


Staying Involved YSU Bucket List 52 T H I N G S TO DO W H I L E YOU ’ R E A P E N G U I N Make the most of being a Penguin 1. Learn the Fight Song 2. Cheer on our student athletes at an event 3. Take a picture with Pete the Penguin 4. Meet President Tressel 5. Participate in Welcome Week 6. Check out the Student Organizational Fair 7. Join a student organization—or start one! 8. Attend a Penguin Productions Event- Fall Fire Fest, Federal Frenzy, or a show at the Covelli Centre 9. Ride on a float in the Homecoming Parade 10. Attend a Student Government Association (SGA) meeting 11. Attend the Leadership Retreat or Summit 12. Go to a formal—Greek, Residence Hall Association, or Diversity Prom, just to name a few! 13. Go to a Group X class at the REC or join an intramural sport team 14. Climb the Rock Wall at the REC 15. Paint The Rock on the Campus Core 16. Go to a Drag Show 17. Attend the Martin Luther King Breakfast 18. Be a guest - or host! - on Rookery Radio 19. Play Humans vs. Zombies 20. Volunteer at Crash Day 21. Be on the Move-In Crew 22. Get a campus job 23. Join Pete’s Pride 24. Attend graduation-before you graduate 25. Grab a bite at the Newman Center Finals  Week Pancake Study Break


Experience what campus has to offer 26. Visit each building on campus at least once 27. Sit by the fountain when trees are in bloom 28. See a show at Ward Beecher Planetarium 29. Visit the Youngstown Historical Center of Industry and Labor 30. Visit the Clarence R. Smith Mineral Museum 31. Attend a University Theatre production 32. Attend a YSU Dance Ensemble concert 33. Attend a musical performance 34. Get your teeth cleaned at the Dental Hygiene Clinic 35. Get your taxes done for free at the Williamson College of Business Administration 36. Check out the Summer Festival of the Arts

Learn outside the classroom

37. Utilize resources at the Center for Student Progress, Writing Center, Math Assistance Center and Career Services 38. Attend a Career Fair 39. Complete an internship or co-op 40. Build a relationship with a faculty mentor 41. Conduct research as a student and present at Quest 42. Attend a conference 43. Attend SGA’s Last Lecture Series 44. Participate in a debate or discussion 45. Attend International Student Coffee Hour and befriend an international student 46. Visit the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC on the annual trip 47. Study abroad

Explore the Youngstown area 48. 49. 50. 51. 52.

Take the Penguin Shuttle downtown Visit an exhibit at the Butler Institute of American Art Visit the Holiday Exhibit at the Arms Museum Attend Carols & Cocoa at Stambaugh Auditorium Use your YSU discount at local establishments! For a full list of discounts, visit:

What should we add to the YSU Bucket List? Share your ideas with us! Twitter: @YSU_Activities Instagram: @ysu_activities Facebook: YSU Student Activities For more information:

Share your story as you check items off the list!



Staying Involved Emerging Leader Program (ELP) Are you interested in enhancing your leadership knowledge and skills? Would you like to experience inspirational leadership opportunities? Do you have a desire to make a difference in your community? The ELP is a structured, self-paced program designed to strengthen your leadership knowledge and skills. In completing the program, you will experience opportunities that foster your self-discovery, promote collaborative relationships, and emphasize empowering communities.

T h e E m erging L e a d er P r o gr a m in c lu d es : yy yy yy yy

Leadership Exploration and Development Workshops Community Service Opportunities Student Organization Involvement Retreats and Teambuilding Experiences

Co ntac t I n f o r m ati o n

Kilcawley Center, 2082 (330) 941-3575 Email: For more information: Facebook: YSU Emerging Leader Program Twitter: @leaders_ysu Instagram: @ysuemergingleader

H o u rs

Monday – Friday: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Athletic Events Youngstown State University believes intercollegiate athletics complements the educational process for the entire student body. Students may attend any of the following YSU intercollegiate athletic regular season events at no charge. With the exception of football and men’s and women’s basketball, tickets are not required for event attendance.

Men ’s inter co llegi ate te a m s


Football: For tickets show valid YSU ID card at the Athletic Ticket Office in Stambaugh Stadium the week of the game


Basketball: For tickets show student ID at game



Track and Field

Cross Country

W o m en ’s inter co llegi ate te a m s

Basketball: For tickets show student ID at game Bowling Cross country Golf Soccer Softball Swimming and Diving Tennis Track and Field Volleyball

Students are encouraged to participate as athletes, cheerleaders, trainers, managers, social media strategists, or assist with marketing, tickets and media relations. Students interested in positions or seeking a tryout should contact the Office of Intercollegiate Athletics.

Co ntac t I n f o r m ati o n

The Office of Intercollegiate Athletics Stambaugh Stadium, Room 2006 (330) 941-1910 or (330) 941-1978 For more information: Twitter: @YSUsports Instagram: ysusports Snapchat: ysusports Facebook: ysusports YSU Athletics Mobile App is available in App Store and on Google Play The Penguin Pack started in 2015. Its goal was to bring the Youngstown State student body together to support student-athletes, the university and the community at YSU sporting events. For more information on the Penguin Pack follow the group on Twitter @YSUFanClub or contact the Athletic Department.


Military Friendly The Office of Veterans Affairs The Office of Veterans Affairs (OVA) was established in January of 2009 with a mission to assist YSU students who have served, or currently serve, in the United States Armed Forces. Some benefits offered by the OVA for veteran and military students include: yy Waived fees yy “Veteran-Friendly” courses that meet General Education Requirements yy Priority registration yy Special recognition with a “patriot cord” at graduation yy “Military Friendly” deployment policies yy GI Bill registration and certification yy Evaluation of military training and coursework yy Monthly e-Newsletter yy Veteran Advocacy Services yy Coordination with CSP Disability Services office yy Voluntary membership into the Armed Forces Student Association (AFSA) yy New 6,000 square foot, $1.4M Veterans Resource Center

Co ntac t I n f o r m ati o n

633 Wick Avenue (330) 941-2503/2523 Email: For more information:


Reserve Officers’ Training Corps The Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) is a progressive series of elective courses available to YSU students who would like to maximize their leadership potential. Students who enroll in ROTC classes can expect a wide variety of activities that will compliment their typical college regimen. yy Daily Physical Readiness Training - catalyst for several physically and mentally challenging events throughout the academic year yy Team-Building Exercises yy Marksmanship Training yy Rappelling yy Combat Water Survival Training

S u pp o rting YS U a n d YS U At h leti c S yy yy yy yy

Serve as Color Guard Lead the YSU Homecoming Parade Provide Sabre Arches for the Homecoming Court Serve as famous “Cannon Crew” and “Push-Up Crew” for each YSU home football game

O f f - C a m p u s Opp o rt u nities I n c lu d e : yy yy

yy yy yy yy

Paintball Competitions Weekend Leadership Development Exercises - Camp Ravenna Joint Military Training Center Army 10-Miler - Washington DC Mountain Man Memorial March - Gatlinburg, TN German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge – Foreign Military Award Ranger Challenge – Various Universities

Scholarships of various monetary denominations are available for ROTC students. Earning a national Army ROTC scholarship is a great way to help pay for college, secure a career in a professional field as an Army officer after graduation, and most importantly, serve your country.

Co ntac t I n f o r m ati o n

YSU Army ROTC Stambaugh Stadium, Room 1112 (Ground Floor) (330) 941-3205 For more information:


Celebrating Diversity The Center for International Studies & Programs (CISP) I N T E R N AT I O N A L S T UD E N T S

The Center for International Studies & Programs (CISP) is here to help make the transition to life and study in the United States easier by providing special assistance to the international students here at YSU by offering the following: yy Airport Pick-ups yy International Peer Mentor - offers the knowledge and experience of returning international students to those who need assistance in academics and everyday life. yy iPals - a program that pairs new international students with advanced U.S. students, to promote social networking and exchange of cultures. International Welcome Dinner yy International Coffee Hours - provides international students the opportunities to make friends with U.S. families. Â


The Center for International Studies & Programs (CISP) provides opportunities for YSU students to pursue a global education through: yy Exchange programs and other study-abroad opportunities yy Time in another country as part of a YSU course yy Immersion programs consisting primarily of intensive language and culture training yy Semester or a year of coursework taught in English or another language you are proficient in yy Travel, learn, and teach with professors in a number of countries

Co ntac t I n f o r m ati o n :

Jones Hall, Room 1042 (330)-941-2336 Email: For more information: Twitter: @YSU_CISP Facebook Page and Group: YSU-International


English Language Institute (ELI) The English Language Institute (ELI) at Youngstown State University offers a non-credit intensive English program to students from around the globe. Classes are available to college-bound students, permanent residents, immigrants and special interest groups. yy ELI classes are taught by committed, experienced faculty. There is a low student-teacher ratio (average 10:1), which permits one-on-one interaction between students and teachers. yy Four or five levels of classes (based on enrollment) are available: Basic, Intermediate, High Intermediate, Advanced 1, and Advanced 2. yy The following classes are offered: Grammar, Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. yy There are three terms per year – fall semester (15 weeks); spring semester (15 weeks); and summer semester session (10 weeks). yy Full- or part-time studies are available. yy Conditional admission to YSU’s undergraduate program is offered to ELI students who meet the university’s academic requirements.

Co ntac t I n f o r m ati o n :

Lynn Greene, Assistant Director, English Language Institute E-mail:

The Division of Multicultural Affairs The Division of Multicultural Affairs reports to the President and is charged with the day-to-day implementation of diversity, inclusion and multicultural affairs. Youngstown State University believes that a vibrant and diverse institutional climate is essential to providing effective delivery of services and instruction to diverse groups and in preparing them for a diverse and global society. YSU embraces a broad definition of diversity. The primary goal of Multicultural Affairs is to provide an environment that is inclusive of individuals from diverse cultural, social, economic, racial and ethnic origin, gender, religion, rural and urban communities, geographic origins, academic backgrounds, sexual orientation, ability or disability, physical appearance, personality, learning style, See more, next page


Celebrating Diversity The Division of Multicultural Affairs continued personal experiences, multilingual abilities, and veteran status. This diversity creates a richness that enhances the campus climate. The major responsibilities of Multicultural Affairs is to educate the University and the community regarding diversity, multicultural affairs and related issues as well as supporting and encouraging diversity initiatives.

Co ntac t I n f o r m ati o n

Jones Hall, Room 1003 (330) 941- 3370 or 941-3108 (fax) Email: For more information:

O f f i c e o f S t u d ent Di v ersity P r o gr a m s

The Office of Student Diversity Programs serves to promote diversity, inclusion, equity, and access among students and student organizations on the Youngstown State University campus. The educational components of the office are focused upon the implementation of multiple diversity initiatives and the creation of new student programming which are designed to meet the needs of YSU students in particular, and the campus community in general. The Office of Student Diversity Programs strives to provide cohesive, efficient and culturally-engaging services that reflect the broad range of diversity among our students.

Co ntac t I n f o r m ati o n

(330) 941- 2087 or 941-2088 (fax) For more information:


Center for Student Progress: Summer Bridge Program The Summer Bridge Program at YSU is a free one-week program designed to provide traditional-aged multicultural students the opportunity to become more familiar with the academic and social experiences most often encountered by first-year students.

S u m m er B ri d ge S t u d ents

Make friends

Learn about campus Get inside information about college success Most importantly... Have fun! “Summer Bridge showed me what college life had to offer, not only academically, but also socially. It helped me realize that I will be responsible for my success.� —Milo Rodgers, Former Summer Bridge Student

Co ntac t I n f o r m ati o n

Mike Beverly, Senior Coordinator 2 Center for Student Progress (330) 941-1441 Email:


Exploring YO Tweet Youngstown Follow some Twitter handles that let you know what is going on in and around Youngstown: Downtown Youngstown


The official twitter of Downtown Youngstown managed by the city.

Defend Youngstown


“A source for community news, event and volunteer information in Youngstown, OH. Get informed. Get involved.”

Mill Creek Metro Parks


“Official Twitter account of MCMP. Explore, experience, and enjoy this beautiful 4400-acre metropolitan park. Visit Ohio’s first park district, established 1891!”

The Covelli Center


Youngstown, OH’s premier facility for sold out concerts and Youngstown Phantoms Hockey.

The Vindicator’s Valley 24


Valley24 lets you know all about local music and events

Youngstown State University Athletics


Official Twitter feed for Youngstown State University Athletics, home of the Penguins.

Mahoning County Convention & Visitors Bureau


“Mahoning County Convention & Visitors Bureau is your source for event, attraction, dining and lodging information in Youngstown. You Belong Here!

Youngstown State University


For all things YSU, visit our official twitter

Youngstown State Student Activities


Involvement and activities on and off campus

youngstown, ohio 56

Butler Museum of American Art Spend a day exploring the treasures of the Butler Institute of American Art. Known worldwide as “America’s Museum”, The Butler is the first museum dedicated to housing works created solely by American artists. Their ever-expanding collection now exceeds 20,000 works of art, spanning a full three centuries. Admission is free. 524 Wick Avenue (330) 743-1107

H o u rs

Tuesday – Saturday 11:00 am – 4:00 pm Sundays 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm Closed Mondays

Cultural Corner McDonough Museum of Art The McDonough Museum of Art at Youngstown State University functions as a center for contemporary art, ideas and education. The Museum supports student, faculty, and alumni work. 525 Wick Ave (330) 941-1400

H o u rs

Tuesday – Saturday 11:00 am to 4:00 pm

The Youngstown Historical Center of Arms Family Museum Industry & Labor Greystone, the magnificent 1905 Arts and Crafts-style residence of Olive and Wilford Arms, is preserved a century later as the Arms Family Museum of Local History. The first floor features original period rooms that highlight the Arms’ love of handicraft, medieval architecture and the natural environment. The lower level and second floor showcase a complete history of life in the Mahoning Valley, from the earliest evidence of human habitation in the Valley, to yesterday’s fads. 648 Wick Avenue (330) 743-2589

H o u rs

Tuesday – Sunday 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm

The Youngstown Historical Center of Industry & Labor, operated by the Ohio Historical Society and Youngstown State University, provides a dramatic overview of the impact of the iron and steel industry on Youngstown and the Mahoning Valley. Known locally as “the steel museum”, it offers a unique look into the lives and times of the men and women who labored in the steel industry. 151 West Wood Street (330) 941-1314

H o u rs

Wednesday – Friday 10:00 am – 4:00 pm Saturday 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm Information adapted from the Mahoning County Convention & Visitors Bureau


Exploring YO In Your Free Time Mill Cree k Pa r k

With over 4,400 acres of public lands and facilities, Mill Creek Park offers something for everyone. Take a leisurely walk through magnificent Fellows Riverside Gardens, tour historic Lanterman’s Mill and Covered Bridge, tee off on 36 holes of championship golf, explore miles of hiking and biking trails, fishing, boating, cross-country skiing, tennis, sand volleyball courts, ball fields, playgrounds and much more.

B o a r d m a n Pa r k

Boardman Park is a 226-acre green oasis in the heart of Boardman Township, with tennis and volleyball courts, ball fields, Kids Town playground, open-air pavilions, hike-bike trails and an amphitheater for summer concerts. 375 Boardman-Poland Road (Route 224) Boardman, OH 44512 (330) 726-8107

Yo u ngsto wn P h a nto m s

The road to the NHL goes through Youngstown! Experience exciting Tier 1 Hockey at the Covelli Centre in downtown Youngstown, home of the Youngstown Phantoms – USHL. Schedule runs October through April. 229 East Front Street Youngstown, OH 44503 330-747-7825 For more information:


Co v elli Centre

Located midway between Cleveland and Pittsburgh, the Covelli Centre is Northeast Ohio’s newest destination to see chart-topping musicians, jaw-dropping sporting events, Mill Creek Park nationally-recog- Photo by Dan Wegendt nized circuses, and crowd-pleasing family shows like Disney On Ice and Sesame Street Live. 229 East Front Street Youngstown, OH 44503 (330) 746-5600

D o wnto wn Yo u ngsto wn

People are flocking to downtown Youngstown to be part of its rapid resurgence. Walk, ride your bike, or take the shuttle to the countless restaurants, art galleries, coffee shops, apartments, live music, festivals, and more waiting for you just blocks from campus. Federal Plaza, Youngstown, OH

S o u t h ern Pa r k M a ll

The Southern Park Mall features the anchor stores of Dillard’s, JC Penney, Macy’s and Sears. In addition to 120 specialty stores, Southern Park Mall offers a diverse choice of dining, as well as sit-down restaurants including Buffalo Wild Wings and Sawa Japanese Steak House. 4701 Market Street Boardman, OH 44512 (330) 758-4512

Family, Finance and Support Understanding FERPA In 1974, Congress passed a bill called the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) to protect student educational records. This law, also known as the Buckley Amendment, gives students certain rights concerning their academic information, including the fact that information in their educational records will be kept confidential, disclosed only with permission or under the provisions of the law. In high school, the FERPA rights belong to the student’s guardian(s) until the student graduates or turns 18, but in college the FERPA rights transfer to the student, regardless of age or dependency.

What information CAN be disclosed under FERPA?

Under the law, directory information is considered to be public knowledge. This includes: yy Student’s name yy Field of study yy Address yy Participation in recognized yy Telephone number (campus and home) activities and sports yy Email address (campus and home) yy Degrees and honors yy Date and place of birth yy Dates of attendance

Any student who would like to file a request to withhold his/her directory information from public use would do so in writing within the first seven calendar days of any academic term with the Office of Records (see Undergraduate Bulletin for more information).

What information CANNOT be disclosed under FERPA?

Under the law, educational records cannot be disclosed. Educational records are records that are directly related to a student and that are maintained by an educational agency or institution or a party acting for or on behalf of the agency or institution. These include, but are not limited to: yy Student course schedules yy Grades yy Student financial information yy Transcripts yy Student discipline files yy Class lists

Over the years, the University has found that there are some forms of information that parents would like access to that are not considered directory information such as grades, billing, and financial aid information. Therefore, Youngstown State University will not release student information without the student’s permission. The University has two suggestions for parents who want to obtain this information: a) Ask your student for the information, and/or b) Have your student file a FERPA release form with the Student One Stop For more information, consult the U.S. Department of Education’s website on FERPA at


Family, Finance and Support The Student One Stop The Student One Stop is a customer service area that works in support of the following offices: Financial Aid and Scholarships, University Bursar, Records and Registration. Our office and website are in centralized locations where students access and manage financial accounts and academic records. Here students can: yy Register for classes yy Accept their aid award yy Pay their bill yy Check their grades

yy yy yy

Request a transcript Complete FERPA Release Form Much more

Co ntac t I n f o r m ati o n

Meshel Hall, Room 232 (330) 941-6000 For more information:

H o u rs

Monday-Thursday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

YSU ID New students receive a photo ID card upon their first registration. This ID card is used for University identification and all registration activity. Photos for ID cards are taken at the Office of the Registrar, once registration is complete. A stolen or lost ID card needs to be replaced as soon as possible. To receive a duplicate ID card, a student must present proper photo ID (driver’s license, state ID, etc.) along with $25 for an ID replacement to the Office of Registrar in Meshel Hall, Room 242.


Good News for Transfer Students! Hint: You may have already earned an associate degree. If you earned the credits, don’t let them go to waste! Are you a transfer student from an Ohio two-year community or technical college transferring to Youngstown State University? If so, you may have already earned an associate degree.

E ligible st u d ents a re t h o se w h o :

Have at least 45 college-level semester credit hours at Ohio public universities or colleges. Have at least 20 college-level semester credit hours from a participating two-year institution. Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 at their current university. Do not already hold an sssociate or a bachelor’s degree from an Ohio public institution.

Cre d it W h en I t ’s D u e

Ohio’s Credit When It’s Due (CWID) initiative aims to assist eligible students with obtaining an associate degree. CWID emphasizes degree attainment for students that have some college experience but no degree by offering a pathway to an associate degree. Students can benefit by earning an associate degree while working toward a baccalaureate degree, or by earning a degree with college credit earned at a two year college attended previously.

Hig h er Degree = Hig h er Pay

A graduate with an associate degree nets an average of $180,000 more during their lifetime than those with only some college.

Co ntac t I n f o r m ati o n

Kimberlee Avery, Associate Director YSU Admissions (330) 941-1662 For more information:

PENGUIN TRIVia In 1927, the official school colors selected by the student body were red and gold representing the “spirit of Youngstown as seen in her flaming furnaces.” Of course, this was referring to the fire from blast furnaces that towered over the steel mills they served.


Family, Finance and Support 10 Ways to Support Your Student’s Journey “I have found the best way to give advice to your children is to find out what they want and then advise them to do it.” Harry S. Truman In addition to knowing the difference between high school and college, we compiled a list of ways that loved ones can support their students. Following these ten tips will let your student know you care, while at the same time giving them their independence. 1. Offer encouragement on a consistent basis. “I’m proud of you, and I know you have what it takes to be successful.” 2. Do something special for your student. Think about a trip to their favorite restaurant; college students never turn down a free meal! 3. Send letters or care packages for those students living away from home. A letter or package from home can turn around a stressful day in an instant. 4. Do not be overly upset about lower-than-expected first-semester grades. Grades often improve in subsequent semesters as students adjust to the new demands of college life. 5. Recognize students’ schedule will vary week to week. Don’t be surprised if an entire weekend is spent on one test. 6. Encourage them to reach out to resources in this book to address any concerns. 7. Impress upon your student the importance of studying from the beginning of the semester. 8. Encourage your student to become involved on campus. 9. Activities and events are a big part of college life. Encourage students to stay on campus after class and on the weekend to network, socialize, and stay involved. 10. Expect your student to change, but trust him or her in this transition.


Financial Aid Most incoming students and parents often find the prospect of beginning the financial aid process daunting. Currently, 87% of YSU students are receiving some form of financial aid, proving that while seemingly overwhelming, working toward obtaining financial aid funds will likely be inevitable for many families. At this point, students will have likely already begun applying for as many scholarships as possible through their high school, community, and YSU. Additionally, applying for state and federal aid through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) will further assist students and families in bearing the potential financial burdens associated with the costs of higher education. The FAFSA is a common form used to collect financial and demographic information in an effort to assess the overall need of the household in awarding federal and/or state grant funds (money that does not have to be repaid). The FAFSA also serves as a student’s application for Federal Direct Stafford Student Loans. While scholarships, grants, and loans are among some of the most common forms of aid, other options such as Federal Work Study student employment may be available. The Federal Work Study program offers students an opportunity to be paid for working on campus, allowing them more flexibility with time management, as well as supplementary income outside of borrowing excess student loans. The YSU Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships is committed to assisting students in receiving the financial resources necessary to obtain an education. Counselors are available by appointment to answer any questions students may have about financial aid, the application process, or priority deadlines. The FAFSA is available online at The Institutional Aid Application, an additional means by which students can apply for YSU specific aid, is available on the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships’ website at YSU scholarships can be searched for at

Co ntac t I n f o r m ati o n

Meshel Hall, Room 203, (330)-941-3505 E-mail: For more information:

H o u rs

Monday-Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Saturday Closed


Family, Finance and Support Changing Roles Since the beginning of time, loved ones have strived to offer advice and direction to their students. You’ve even gone above the call of duty. You’ve done the math homework and dictated studying time in the past, but now your role has changed. From now until graduation, general education requirements, class prerequisites, major curriculum and grade point averages will be the focus for your student. You will no longer serve as SUPERVISOR, but as a CONSULTANT. Your first duty as consultant is to become familar with and help your student understand the differences between college and high school.

High School

College General Differences

Mandatory and Free

Voluntary and expensive

Time is structured by others

You manage your own time

Parents and teachers remind you of your responsibilities

You face new decisions you have not faced previously. You are responsible for making decisions and setting priorities

Classes 30 hours a week spent in class

12-18 hours a week spent in class

0-2 hours per week outside of class spent 2-3 hours per credit hour outside of class on homework spent on homework Generally have no more than 35 students per class

Classes could have up to 100 students or more

Most textbooks are free

Expect to pay upwards of $200 per semester for books

Classes are decided for you

An academic advisor will help you decide what to take

Tests and assignments are moderately challenging

Tests and assignments are difficult



Teachers check completed homework

Professors may not check homework, but expect you to know the material for the test

Teachers remind you of incomplete/ missing work

Professors may not remind you of incomplete/missing work

Teachers can usually answer questions before, during, and after class

Professors expect you to discuss your questions during their office hours

High School


Teachers let you know what you missed when you were absent

Professors expect you to figure out what you missed from classmates

Teachers present material to help you understand the text

Professors expect you to read the text and they provide additional information

Teachers write important information on the board or provide you with notes

Professors may lecture nonstop and expect you to take notes on what you think is important

See the Center for Student Progress for more tips on differences between high school and college.

Penguin Family & Friends e-Updates At Youngstown State University, we value family and friends who take an interest in their student’s education. We want you to stay connected to your student while they are a YSU Penguin! How can you do this? 1. An email address for you! • Please feel free to contact the First-Year Programs office. We encourage you to ask questions and share concerns as they arise 2. Receive a monthly e-newsletter. • If you already provided a guest email address upon registering for Orientation, you have been automatically added to the monthly distribution list for the Penguin Family newsletters. If you want to add your email address to the list, email us at and be sure to note which semester your student is starting at YSU. • This e-newsletter highlights events happening on campus and the important upcoming dates.


Family, Finance and Support Registering for Classes Registered students may change their schedule during the scheduled times for change of registration. The Office of the Registrar recommends that students consult their academic advisors prior to changing their schedule. A registered student may add a course through the registration system until the last day to add a class, as published in the academic calendar. An advisor’s approval is required for dropping specific required classes, adding classes not originally approved, and registration for students who are freshmen or not in good academic standing. Withdrawal from a course must be accomplished through the registration system. If a student withdraws from one or more classes during the full-refund period, no entry will be made on the student’s permanent record for the class(es) dropped. Students who wish to completely withdraw from the University should consult the current Undergraduate Bulletin. Administrative change(s) of registration may occur if a student registers for more hours than prescribed by the student’s advisor, department chair, or dean or is enrolled improperly in a course. It is the student’s responsibility to register for the appropriate courses.

P ri o rity R egistr ati o n

Registration is based on a priority system that allows students to begin registration according to their number of total hours completed. Priority begins with graduate students and seniors, special populations, then juniors, sophomores, and freshmen.

L ate R egistr ati o n

Students who register after the designated registration period will be assessed a late registration fee. Also, students who re-register after their registration has been cancelled (unpaid tuition balance) will be assessed a late registration fee. Late registrations require special permission and are considered on a case-by-case basis.

P r o o f o f R egistr ati o n

Students who need to verify their enrollment at Youngstown State University for health insurance, employment, etc. should log in to the MyYSU portal, go to “Student

Records”, and click “Request Enrollment Verification”.

Undergraduate and Graduate Bulletins can be viewed online. Visit our website for additional information:




B I N G O Has traveled outside the country

Loves to sing

Was born outside Ohio

Likes to read

Plans on finding an on-campus job

You have the same favorite color

Is afraid of heights

Is wearing YSU colors

Is unsure of their major

Was born the same month as you

Currently has a job

Is left handed

Plays an instrument

Has 2 or more pets

Likes to travel

Loves reality TV

Has a younger sibling

Goes camping

Loves coffee

Wants to get involved on campus

Plays video games

Has school spirit

First in their family to go to college

Enjoys cooking

Likes going to movies


Getting Around # Name Grid Location













34 9










37 21


Lyden House


45 11




C Farmers National Bank Field


34 4


Stambaugh Stadium








2 E



Area Arts & Cultural Venues & Churches A Arms Family Museum of Local History 10 F B Beecher Center for Technology in the Arts 10I C Butler Institute of American Art 10 H D Butler Institute – North Annex 10 H E Holy Trinity Romanian Orthodox Church 10F F Museum of Industry and Labor 7 N H Newman Center 4B I Public Library 11 L J St. John’s Episcopal Church 11 K K Wick Park 1A

1 K


1 5

Beeghly Center



Softball Field






4 62


Andrews Rec & Wellness Center



M24 9 15

DeBartolo Hall



23 M2 M7


K M26

48 33

Smith Hall



University Buildings MEM 9/11 Memorial 8H 40 Alumni House 10 G 62 Andrews Student Recreation and Wellness Center 5H 1 Beeghly Center 5 G 58 Beeghly Hall 5L 25 Bliss Hall 12 H BH Buechner Hall 8F 34 Cafaro House 6B 27 Central Utility Building 7F 45 Christman Dining Commons 5C 60 Clingan-Waddell (YSU Police) 4N 10 Coffelt Hall 9G 24 Cushwa Hall 6J 9 DeBartolo Hall 5I 56 Disability Services 4L 18 E.J. Salata Facilities Complex 5M 13 Fedor Hall 6F 6 Jones Hall 10 J 16 Kilcawley Center 7H 15 Kilcawley House 8H 29 Lincoln Building 10K 37 Lyden House 5B 2 M-1 Parking Deck 12 I 23 M-2 Parking Deck 5J 26 Maag Library 10 I 43 McDonough Museum of Art 11 I 59 Melnick Hall 11 E 8 Meshel Hall 11 I 22 Moser Hall 7J 21 Pedestrian Bridge 11 I 54 Phelps Building 9K 7 Pollock House 11G 48 Smith Hall 3K 4 Stambaugh Stadium 3F 11 Sweeney Hall 8G 5 Tod Hall 9H 100 University Courtyard Apartments 13 F 200 University Courtyard Apartments 14F 72 Veterns Resource Center 11F 14 Ward Beecher Hall 9J 66 Watson And Tressel Training Site-WATTS 8E 38 Weller House 10 E 49 Westinghouse Building 5M 39 Wick House 10 E 64 Williamson Hall 9M

Beeghly Hall


6 58

W. R M20 25 Disability 56 Services


M 40 49

18 E.J. S 16

P M28

60 12

YSU Police


Facili Comp


W M22














94 Cafaro

Faculty/Staff parking Mixed parking Residence parking Visitor parking Motorcycle parking

TDD Phone Recycling Center

D Disability parking Accessible parking Accessible Entrance Emergency Phone

P YSU Police $ ATM













(U.S. 422)



Weller House

39 41

59 27

11 35

Kilcawley House


16 19

E F1

Coffelt 40 3 Hall Alumni 10 House

15 20

72 Veterans



Resource Center Pollock House 7 42

200 37

University Courtyard Apartments



25 7 Hall



5 Tod 36 Hall

McDonough Museum

C B 21 31 26 24

38 14

Ward Beecher Hall

29 22


Jones Hall

29 43

Salata ities plex







Recycling Center








Williamson Hall






Phelps Building






Lincoln Bldg

54 32



18 6


$ Meshel Hall


Moser Hall

24 14

Cushwa Hall

2 22

8 28

Maag Library



43 26








Kilcawley Center





















BH 8

Sweeney Hall


M4 R4




Melnick Hall


27 10



38 39



Fedor Hall


F6 13 17

Book Store


Watson And Tressel Training Site








Getting Around Parking at YSU Pa r k ing o n C a m p u s

Across campus, there are roughly 17 parking lots available to all students, as well as three lots designated for our residential Penguins and a number of faculty/staff lots. Take a look at the campus map located on the previous page to see all parking locations and plan your parking. Most available spaces are in the Wick Avenue parking deck (M-1) and the M-7 surface lot.

Pa r k ing P er k s

Shuttle service is provided to the campus community during fall and spring semesters. Additionally, the University District Express runs a shuttle to downtown hot spots on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights from 10:30 pm to 2:30 am. The Motorist Assistance Program (MAP) provides lock-out service, fuel assistance, battery jumps, and a free air station in the M-1 parking deck. Please call (330) 941-3051 for this service. You can reach the front office with any questions you may have at (330) 941-3546.

Pa r k ing R u les a n d R eg u l ati o ns

A valid YSU semester parking permit or daily parking permit is required at all times on campus. Guests may purchase a daily permit at any staffed mixed lot. We recommend the Wick Avenue parking deck (M-1). Many lots have restricting gate access; however, even when the gates are open, all parking rules and regulations still apply. All regulations are in effect 24/7. All rules and regulations can be found at

T r a nsp o rtati o n Fee

Students registered for six or more on-campus credit hours are assessed a transportation fee and receive a parking permit at no additional cost. Students with five or less credit hours may opt into the transportation fee by ordering a semester permit or purchase daily parking permits.


Contact Information NAME


Orientation Services (330) 941-2131



Penguin Community is provided by

YSU Orientation Services (330) 941-2131 Youngstown State University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, disability, age, religion or veteran/military status in its programs or activities. Please visit for contact information for persons designated to handle questions about this policy.


2016-2017 Resource Guide

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