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SPRING 2020 GRADUATING BFA Exhibition Catalog Volume Two | L - V

3. Foreword 4. Caroline Lacusky 26. Ryan Lantz 32. Matthew Luonuansuu 50. Patrick Potter 68. Abbey Scoville 86. Sean Staser 108. Collin Temnick 124. Manolo Villatoro Padilla 148. Evan Von Thaer 169. About

Students in the Department of Art work closely with nationally and internationally known faculty engaged in a broad range of art and design practices. Immersed in the quest for knowledge and creative self-realization, students embrace the advantages of professional studio and design programs. The Graduating BFA Exhibition Catalog is the opportunity for students to share the original and innovative discoveries they have made in their artistic journeys communicating to the public their creative expressions of human experience.

design concept: Jalen Bosker and Michelle Gabriel cover: artist portraits are in alphabetical order, top to bottom, left to right artist portraits: each senior designed their own portrait


Presenting the work of our Spring 2020 BFA graduates brings with it a mix of emotions – pride and anticipation for their current and future accomplishments, sadness and joy to see them moving on, and disappointment that we are unable to send them off with a proper museum exhibition. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic Youngstown State University declared that campus events would be canceled through the end of the semester, taking with it all McDonough Museum programming, including the much anticipated BFA exhibition. In order to provide an opportunity to showcase the work of our graduating seniors, Museum staff researched ways that would give our students and their works a fitting and creative alternative to an onsite exhibition. The plan became to create a digital catalog for the web, a print catalog for the students to keep, and participation in Social Distance Gallery on Instagram, to reach a broader audience. I welcome you to join us in celebrating the culmination of these four years of hard work from the Spring 2020 Department of Art graduates. In this catalog, you will see the best of their art and design work, the products of their blood, sweat and tears. While we are not able to experience their work first hand at this time, we know these graduates will continue to accomplish great things. I feel confident that we will all have the opportunity to encounter their work in various forms in the future. Congratulations to all of our graduating BFA students! Claudia Berlinski Assistant Professor of Art McDonough Museum of Art Coordinator

Caroline Lacusky 4

Caroline Lacusky 8

Caroline Lacusky 12

Caroline Lacusky 16

Caroline Lacusky 20

Caroline Lacusky 4. Sally Ride Girls Outfit Set, digital illustration 5. Sally Ride Girls Outfit Set, digital illustration 6. Jane Goodall Girls Outfit Set, digital illustration 7. Jane Goodall Girls Outfit Set, digital illustration 8. The Struts, poster design 9. The Struts, t-shirt and album cover design 10. Lil’ Paws Winery, branding 11. Lil’ Paws Winery, branding 12. Rust Belt Theater Company, branding 13. Rust Belt Theater Company, branding 14. Connell Inc., logo design 15. C3 Cliffe Creative Connections, logo design 16. Converse, clothing and packaging design 17. Pocket Wheels, package design 18. Roller Coaster Park Brochures, digital illustration 19. Beluscak Brandy, package design 20. United States Currency, redesign 21. United States Currency, redesign 22. Dueling Pianos, poster 23. Dueling Pianos, poster

Caroline Lacusky 24

Caroline Lacusky In my work I pay very close attention to detail. I strive for clean, elegant designs and I enjoy the creative process behind each piece. From the conception of the idea to the final product I focus on the development of the ideas and the action of creating. Reflecting upon the process is where you learn the most about your work. Website: Facebook: Caroline R Lacusky Art and Design @carolinelacuskyart Instagram: @carolinelacusky_art

Ryan Lantz 26

Ryan Lantz 30

Ryan Lantz 26. Principles of GRIT: Patience & Grit, digital photographic rendering 27. Principles of GRIT: Action & Grit, digital photographic rendering 28. Principles of GRIT: Consistency & Grit, digital photographic rendering 29. Principles of GRIT: Time & Grit, digital photographic rendering 30. Why Grit Matters, infographic poster There are a thousand different ways to communicate, the way I choose to convey messages is primarily through digital art, and graphic design. Messages are only as clear as the ideas fueling them, and in those ideas is where my world exists. My work lends itself to showcasing clever concepts by using images, typography, art, and design. To enhance the power behind my designs, I look to the leaders in the field such as some of my favorite designers, Stefan Seigmeister, Jessica Walsch, and Paula Scher. They have a vast understanding of how messaging can change a company, brand, and even the world if done right. The creative process is unique to each artist and designer but mine is a mix of extensive research as well as other elements. One of the elements I find myself using is a variety of bright intense colors usually mixing between warm and cool colors. Form is just as important as the rest even in design. The forms I find myself clinging to are organic, and of natural origins. Nature has perfected design in every sense of the word, the trick is mimicking it, and making it your own. Portfolio Website:

Matthew Luonuansuu 32

Matthew Luonuansuu 36

Matthew Luonuansuu 40

Matthew Luonuansuu 44

Matthew Luonuansuu 48

Matthew Luonuansuu 32. Gallery A and Gallery B, digital modeling 33. Gallery C and Gallery D, digital modeling 34. Little Monster, digital modeling 35. Scoot, digital modeling 36. Rickey Rat, digital modeling 37. Nightmare, digital modeling 38. The Evolution of Man, digital modeling 39. Tiny Friend, digital modeling 40. Crystal Desert, digital modeling 41. A Quiet Winter Night, digital modeling 42. Duality, digital photo manipulation 43. Dream, digital photo manipulation 44. Glitching Out, digital photo manipulation

45. Hail to The Chief, digital painting 46. Oil Spill, digital photography 47. Distortion, digital photo manipulation 48. King of the Mountain, digital painting

Through the creation of V-ART Show, I was interested in exploring the idea of reality and physical form to understand what connections exist between physical material and viewer interpretation. Would virtual reality (VR) make a gallery experience more stimulating to the senses? These are the kinds of things I considered while developing my digital exhibition. This project is meant to make people question the boundaries of both reality and art, and if the former is needed to produce the latter. I made this piece, hoping that people would be able to find a new way to experience art that transcends what they have seen before: navigating through the digital environment with a sense of disorientation and wonder. My intention was not to replicate reality perfectly, rather, it was to explore the mysterious, uncanny valley, the space that imitates reality without accepting it. I want viewers to believe that what they are seeing could be a model for a real space, but face confusion on the physics and materiality of it. The benefit of VR space (or digital space in general) is that it allows the impossible to become something tangible. The inspiration for this project is based on the work of other contemporary digital artists such as Sophia Caetano, Cicile B. Evans, and Ian Cheng. These artists each have their own unique and incredible ways of blending physical and digital realities. Instagram: @Mattmadesomestuff Visit the McDonough Museum of Art YouTube Chanel to view the video.

Patrick Potter 50

Patrick Potter 54

Patrick Potter 58

Patrick Potter 62

Patrick Potter 50. Lamplight Eyes, Fear, Tunnel Vision, digital posters, Late Night Videos, custom font 51. Grow with the Creative Process, booklet 52. Rose Luminance Introduction Collection, digital editing 53. Poison Poster 1, poster, The Exchange Logo Concept and Halloween Stamps, digital illustration 54. Anxious Lines Pattern, digital wallpaper 55. Odyssey Travels Logo and Pamphlet Concept, digital editing 56. You’re Already Dead To Me, digital wallpaper 57. LIPTALK Concept, digital editing

58. Late Night Videos, custom font 59. Anxious Lines, custom font 60. Sunflower, digital illustration 61. Self Portrait, digital editing 62. Piercing Gaze, digital illustration 63. Piercing Gaze, digital illustration 64. Snowfall, digital illustration 65. Snowfall, digital illustration

Patrick Potter 66

Patrick Potter My approach to graphic design relies heavily on trying to be as flexible as I can in my design style while incorporating my own personal aesthetics and ideas. Spooky things with pastel cutesy twists or dark goth aesthetics, as well as design schemes ranging from geometric black and white all the way to crazy pigmented bright neon color chaos are a few of the things I love. I also personally enjoy incorporating illustration into my projects along with mixing a blend of photography and pattern work. I chose graphic design as my career path as the process deeply inspired me and felt like one of the first times where the execution of my ideas and aesthetics seemed to click. Moving forward in my studies I was able to incorporate another deep interest of mine into my design work— makeup! When I was a kid, I was always interested in makeup, but I only started to explore it in late high school and at the start of college. Makeup is one thing I felt that allowed me to express myself and be who I am, so it only felt natural that my path in graphic design move toward the cosmetics industry. I love package design and recently the cosmetics industry has seen a giant boom in creative packaging. This is something I want to be a part of and for which I want to execute some of my own innovative ideas. Overall graphic design offered me a freedom to understand myself better and develop deeper understanding of my interests. With my work here, I am very excited to keep learning more about myself and growing as a graphic designer Portfolio Website: Instagram: @patrickpotterdesign

Abbey Scoville 68




est. 2009

a luxury chocolate cafĂŠ

Abbey Scoville 72

Abbey Scoville 76



Vineyard in the

Abbey Scoville 80





Abbey Scoville 68. Sephora Skincare, 3D package 69. Sephora Skincare, 3D package 70. Die Lit, Limited Edition, album 71. Whole Lotta Red, Limited Edition, album 72. Brand Identities, digital illustrations 73. Bouts + Bouquets, package design 74. Tazo Tea, package design and advertisements 75. Tazo Tea, package design and advertisements 76. Ferrante Winery, brand identity and collateral 77. Ferrante Winery, brand identity and collateral 78. Darling, poster design 79. Someday, poster design 80. Vintages in the Vineyard, ad design and social media 81. Ferrante Sangria, label design 82: River, digital illustration 83. Ear Emotions, digital illustrations

Abbey Scoville 84

Abbey Scoville Capture, combination, and color— the three major aspects of my graphic design pieces and the theory behind them. My work explores the relationship between typography and bold color theory. Manipulation of type allows my creativity to convey messaging that provokes emotion ultimately connecting with the audience. Combination is developed through the mixture of mediums such as, photography, type, color, and textures while at the same time creating communication within my pieces. Ever since I was a child, I have been fascinated with how words achieve diverse meanings by using simple typeface change, hue or weight. Words evoke emotion that are dictated by the typographic choice of font, style and color. Communication and critique are the most important aspects of my creative process. As a designer, I always strive to understand why a viewer connects with one idea over another. I want to understand my audience, so I can design in a manner that has the client’s best interest at hand. Design can also share messages of the unheard and communicate the problems of everyday individuals. Website Portfolio: Website:

Sean Staser 86

Sean Staser 90

Sean Staser 94

Sean Staser 98

Sean Staser 102

Sean Staser 86. My Graphic Design Journey, digital book 87. COVID-19, infographic illustration 88. What They Don’t See, All On You and Time Travel, album covers 89. Pittsburgh Arts, brochure 90. Stay in Sketching Challenge Day 1, 2, 4, digital illustration 91. Stay in Sketching Challenge Day 5, 6, 7, 8, digital illustration 92. Emotions, digital illustration 93. Find Your Passion, digital illustration 94. Introduction, cutout 95. Trax Logo Branding, logo design 96. Viasat Logo Sign, logo design 97. Harbor Freight Shirt and Hat, logo design 98. Carnivore Vodka, package design 99. Birthday in Quarantine, digital illustration 100. GetGo Poster, digital illustration 101, Types of Pets, typography booklet 102. Happy New Year!, photography 103. Essential, digital illustration 104. Pittsburgh Postcards, digital illustration 105. Halliday’s Winery, logo design

Sean Staser 106

Sean Staser As a graphic designer and illustrator, creating visual concepts to appeal to the audience or client is something I can find to be a challenge, but also something I appreciate doing. My interests including advertising, using technology to create visual hierarchy, and my passion for art have all led me down the path to becoming a graphic designer. I have also developed an interest in creating more illustrations and even diving into animation as a hobby. My dedication to graphic design has me always wanting to learn more and keep improving. I want my work to not only meet the required expectations, but also to blow away those expectations and have the consumer be pleased with my work. My graphic design work mostly focuses on working for companies, mainly for advertising purposes. It can be for an event or even focus on social causes, such as dog shelters. I have a strong passion for helping non-profit dog shelters and try to volunteer whenever I can. Works that I have created previously involved making infographics displaying information that explains why the social cause exists and what others can do to help. I try to use complementary colors to make the work stand out but also keep all the facts and information organized. As far as my illustration and animating go this is more for entertainment purposes, making people laugh or even crack a little smile while watching. I can also do commissions for people who want a drawn portrait. My drawing style is mainly a two-dimensional, and cartoonish with added levels of shading and detail that make it pop. Previous commissions I have done included people drawn in my style with either their family, pets, friends, etc. Drawing is one of the things I do in my free time and can help me to relax if I am stressed. Instagram: @seandesignss Facebook: @SeanCreatesArt

Collin Temnick 108




cover story

52 65 56 62 new arrivals 1

Game Informer


Game Informer


Game Informer

Game Informer


Collin Temnick 112

Collin Temnick 116

Collin Temnick 120

Collin Temnick 108. Funhaus, logo redesign 109. Control, logo redesign 110. Game Informer Redesign, digital media 111. Game Informer Redesign, digital media 112. Pop-Character Skateboards, digital illustration 113. Pop-Character Skateboards, digital illustration 114. Pop-Character Skateboards, digital illustration 115. Pop-Character Skateboards, digital illustration 116. Typographic Architecture, digital illustration 117. Typographic Architecture, digital illustration 118. Def Leppard, album cover & merchandise 119. Def Leppard, album cover & merchandise 120. Bioshock & Sonic Infinite, movie poster 121. Bioshock & Sonic Infinite, movie poster 122. YSU Barbell Club Concept, digital illustration My work focuses heavily on logo design, illustration, and concept design. Generally, I aim to create work that might be considered humorous, explorative, or essentially “eye candy.” My designs are often more reserved and methodical, while my illustrations can be spontaneous and explorative. I love drawing, it is an excellent way to try new ideas, and has always been one of the most enlightening processes of my life. It is important to my design work making it stand out by using illustrative techniques, as well as minimalist ideals. Since becoming a graphic designer, I have adopted one of Armin Hofmann’s most memorable expressions, “Complexity in simplicity.” It is this kind of graphic design that I would love to create on a daily basis, as well as being able to expand upon established entities by working on an existing products or characters. Website:

Manolo Villatoro Padilla 124

Manolo Villatoro Padilla 128

Manolo Villatoro Padilla 132

Manolo Villatoro Padilla 136

Manolo Villatoro Padilla 140

Manolo Villatoro Padilla 144

Manolo Villatoro Padilla 124. Mar Negro, logo design 125. Mar Negro, bottle design 126. The Main Squeeze, logo 127. The Main Squeeze, vinyl design 128. The Main Squeeze,album design 129. The Main Squeeze, product design 130. Redbubble Annual Report, Stay Weird, logo 131. Redbubble Annual Report, cover page and layout design 132. Redbubble Annual Report, layout designs 133. 16 Letters, type illustration design 134. Chillin’ on the Name, custom letter illustration 135. Chillin’ on the Name, custom letter illustration 136. Wax stamp M, gold stamp and wooden handle 137. Wax stamp A, gold stamp and wooden handle 138. Wax stamp N, gold stamp and wooden handle 139. Wax stamp O, gold stamp and wooden handle 140. Wax stamp L, gold stamp and wooden handle 141. Wax stamp O, gold stamp and wooden handle 142. Always Breakfast, logo 143. Always Breakfast, packaging and layout design 144. Always Breakfast, packaging and layout design 145. The Letter M, digital illustration

Manolo Villatoro Padilla Without the ability to actualize an idea or concept, art wouldn’t exist. In my work, I am constantly in search of the best way to produce ideas that portray my life and the world in which I live. Even though I am focused on digital illustration, I don’t limit myself to one medium or style. Many of the mediums and elements used in my illustration are based on traditional methods, such as painting, pencil drawing and screen printing. My inspiration and ideas are fluid as my knowledge is always changing. Each and every day I am challenged to control my mind which is so full of ideas that I am unable to get them all out, which causes stress and mental fatigue. Each piece I create is a reflection of my past, what I’ve learned and what I’ve been through, as well as a way to look at the future. “Failure is learning in disguise” – Vignesh Jeyapal Website: Instagram: @mavi_studios_

Evan Von Thaer 148

Evan Von Thaer 152

Evan Von Thaer 156

Evan Von Thaer 160

Evan Von Thaer 164

Evan Von Thaer 148. Landing and Juughal, digital illustration 149. Storm, digital illustration 150. Last Line, digital illustration 151. Last Line, digital illustration 152. Spine, digital sculpture and Creature Concepts, digital illustration 153. Home Searchers, digital illustration 154. Let’s Stay Connected, digital illustration 155. Let’s Stay Connected, digital illustration 156. Scribbles, digital illustration 157. Mountain Scape and Creature Concepts, digital illustration 158. Breakthrough, digital illustration 159. Collar, digital illustration 160. End of the Line, digital illustration 161. Plugged In, digital illustration 162. Tree Sketch, digital illustration 163. Creature, digital sculpture 164. The Chase, digital illustration 165. The Chase, digital illustration 166. Rooftop, digital sculpture 167. Rooftop, digital sculpture My favorite topics focus on the nonexistent, probably because after spending my entire life in the real world, it just isn’t as interesting to me. Instead, I like to take real things and twist them around until I can’t recognize them anymore. The things that bore me the most about my life are the things I spend the most time reinventing. My favorite pieces usually end up being entire scenes that seem to be taken from a different world. My work also focuses on the past or the future; anything at all that isn’t here and now. Instagram: @Vonthaerart Twitter: @vonthaerart Youtube: Evan Von Thaer

Evan Von Thaer 168

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