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SPRING 2020 GRADUATING BFA Exhibition Catalog Volume One | A - H

3. Foreword 4. Lama Alzahrani 18. Kristen Best 32. Michaela Best 44. Jalen Bosker 68. Jennifer Carlson 88. James Clark 98. Emily Combs 112. Angela Cozart 138. Daniel Dennison 156. Michelle Gabriel 168. Kristie Gearhart 178. Shannon Henrich 194. About Students in the Department of Art work closely with nationally and internationally known faculty engaged in a broad range of art and design practices. Immersed in the quest for knowledge and creative self-realization, students embrace the advantages of professional studio and design programs. The Graduating BFA Exhibition Catalog is the opportunity for students to share the original and innovative discoveries they have made in their artistic journeys communicating to the public their creative expressions of human experience.

design concept: Jalen Bosker and Michelle Gabriel cover: artist portraits are in alphabetical order, top to bottom, left to right artist portraits: each senior designed their own portrait


Presenting the work of our Spring 2020 BFA graduates brings with it a mix of emotions – pride and anticipation for their current and future accomplishments, sadness and joy to see them moving on, and disappointment that we are unable to send them off with a proper museum exhibition. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic Youngstown State University declared that campus events would be canceled through the end of the semester, taking with it all McDonough Museum programming, including the much anticipated BFA exhibition. In order to provide an opportunity to showcase the work of our graduating seniors, Museum staff researched ways that would give our students and their works a fitting and creative alternative to an onsite exhibition. The plan became to create a digital catalog for the web, a print catalog for the students to keep, and participation in Social Distance Gallery on Instagram, to reach a broader audience. I welcome you to join us in celebrating the culmination of these four years of hard work from the Spring 2020 Department of Art graduates. In this catalog, you will see the best of their art and design work, the products of their blood, sweat and tears. While we are not able to experience their work first hand at this time, we know these graduates will continue to accomplish great things. I feel confident that we will all have the opportunity to encounter their work in various forms in the future. Congratulations to all of our graduating BFA students! Claudia Berlinski Assistant Professor of Art McDonough Museum of Art Coordinator

Lama Alzahrani 4

Lama Alzahrani 8

Lama Alzahrani 12

Lama Alzahrani 16

Lama Alzahrani 4. Holy Bible, digital photography 5. To Be A Muslim, digital photography 6. Jesus, digital photography 7. The Qur’an, digital photography 8. Prayer, digital photography 9. The Mehrab, digital photography 10. Communion, digital photography 11. Mesbah, digital photography 12. The Sanctuary, digital photography 13. Islamic Doom, digital photography 14. Christian Doom, digital photography 15. Tree of the Life, digital photography 16. The Gate, digital photography I believe that all religions have similarities. They all have a god to believe in, a holy book, prayer, and religious rituals. Of course, there are some differences between religions, which is what people focus on and forget about the similarities. People judge others depending on these differences, and this can cause separation and hatred between people. Photographing different religions other than my own, was an opportunity to learn more about other faiths and also gave me the chance to share my faith with others. This photographic project focuses on two religions, Islam and Christianity. The images show some of the parallels between these two religions. In addition, the cut-out designs, represented in the images, are patterns that can be found in holy places, like mosques and churches. These designs reflect traditions of the religions and play an important role in decorating their holy places and books.

Kristen Best 18

Kristen Best 22

Kristen Best 26

Kristen Best 18. GOT7 “Eyes On You” Album Redesign, BTS “Love Yourself: Answer” Album Redesign, typography portraits 19. NCT U “Empathy,” ATEEZ “Treasure,” album redesign, digital sketch 20. EXO “Love Shot,” MONSTA X “Are You There?,” album redesign, vector drawing 21. “Black City” Book, cover redesign 22. Eyewear Catalog, cover and spreads 23. Longboard Branding, longboard ad campaign 24. Makeup Line, packaging 25. AIGA Calendar, 2019 calendar 26. Arnita Restaurant, branding 27. Exo Sehun Portrait, digital illustration 28. Magazine Editorial Cover, digital illustration 29. Magazine Editorial Spreads, digital illustration

Kristen Best 30

Kristen Best Being a graphic designer is different from being a traditional artist for many reasons. I love graphic design because I am creating something that will have a purpose in the outside world, so the possibility of seeing my work in use is very likely. The feeling of seeing something you worked hard on completed and being used in your environment is such a surreal feeling, I can’t describe it in words. The work I do is done with the purpose of conveying a message to my viewers. This kind of meaningful design keeps me from feeling like my work is invalid or doesn’t make sense, because it is created with a set purpose in mind. But I also must very closely consider the message I want to convey to my viewer, otherwise misunderstandings will arise. This is the double entendre to graphic design that I find so interesting, it is all about art that communicates with you, whether it persuades or informs. But it can easily be misinterpreted if not thought out carefully. If you miss that mark your work is not as successful as it can be. My approach to graphic design is unique because I am like a sponge in my daily life and I am very empathetic. I often notice small details a designer includes in the products I encounter in my daily life, and when I notice them, they give me ideas to use in my own work. I like to use elements like type and color that most other designers are set against, but of course I use them tastefully to not produce subpar work. I like this idea of “expect the unexpected” because life has never been predictable for anyone, so I enjoy playing off that idea to keep my work dynamic. My creative process is very instinctual, meaning a lot of the choices I make are made because they feel right for that job at the time, because of this I create works that are unique since my inspiration and headspace for each project is different from one to the next. It is important to have a variety of styles in my work to show all my strengths as a designer, and to show that I can achieve multiple solutions to a project so that the client has options from which to choose. Website: Facebook: @Kristen Best Art & Design Instagram: @design_kristen01

Michaela Best 32

Michaela Best 36

Michaela Best 40

Michaela Best 32. Tethered, front and back, mixed media 33. Tethered, details, mixed media 34. Blight, front and back, mixed media 35. Blight, details, mixed media 36. Bruised, front and back, mixed media 37. Bruised, details, mixed media 38. Mar, front and back, mixed media 39. Mar, details, mixed media 40. Disperse, front and back, mixed media 41. Disperse, details, mixed media

Michaela Best How much pain can the human body endure? My work explores behavior as a manifestation of trauma. The investigation of connections within art, science, and ritual are integral to my work. My focus is primarily on research and process as it relates to conceptual understanding rather than the technical refinement of the final visual imagery. Motivated by personal experience, my work allows me to physically recreate and manipulate a state of emotional trauma. Using tactile materials with bodily implications I combine processes such as sewing, staining and waxing, employing a repetitive behavior to build and piece the form together. This repetitive process becomes ritualistic and meditative, ultimately leading to the formation of loops. I arrived at the concept of loops as a way of learning to modulate pain and retain balance and control of my thoughts and behaviors. Loops represent the constant cycle of breaking down and restructuring a form; or the system of mutilation and healing. Loops are behaviors and ways of thinking that instill a sense of structure to one’s life. I believe everyone develops their own persistent physical or emotional loops. My work is an invitation to question the confining loops we find ourselves perpetually circling.

Jalen Bosker 44

Jalen Bosker 48

Jalen Bosker 52

Jalen Bosker 56

Jalen Bosker 60

Jalen Bosker 64

Jalen Bosker 44. Vampire Digest, front cover 45. Vampire Digest, back cover 46. Police, digital illustration 47. Centrifugal, movie poster 48. KKKTHULHU, movie poster 49. Icarus, , movie poster 50. Federal Frenzy 2020, ad campaign 51. Federal Frenzy 2020, ad campaign 52. Kill Bill, cover 53. Hi Fructose, magazine cover 54. Hi Fructose, feature spread 55. Hi Fructose, feature spread 56. Hi Fructose, feature spread 57. Hi Fructose, feature spread 58. Creative Process Bible, front jacket cover 59. Creative Process Bible, front jacket cover 60. Creative Process Bible, spread 61. Creative Process Bible, spread 62. Creative Process Bible, spread 63. Creative Process Bible, spread 64. Emily Reo, concert poster 65. Big Hero 6, movie poster

Jalen Bosker My art will always be a representation of my reality, and as of late, my reality has been filled with cynicism and self-reflection. I often obsess over the macabre and the darker side of life because it feels the most real and relevant to me. The real horrors aren’t the monsters that you see on a screen, but what people do to each other using violence, racism, and prejudice. My goal is to convey the feelings of the “non-privileged” to the rest of the world and I combine elements of dread, satire, and realism, culminating in an approachable insight into our society. I may not change the world, but if I can inspire the mind that does, then I feel like I’ve done my job. I just hope that person has a good therapist. Website: Instagram: @veryscaryjack

Jennifer Carlson 68

Jennifer Carlson 72

Jennifer Carlson 76

Jennifer Carlson 80

Jennifer Carlson 84

Jennifer Carlson 68. Collection of Logos, digital designs 69. Collection of Logos, digital designs 70. Petitti’s, brand identity 71. Petitti’s, brand identity 72. T-Shirt, designs 73. National Geographic, editorial design 74. Renpure, product design and advertisement 75. Renpure, product design and advertisement 76. Jennifer Carlson Photography and Business, branding 77. Jennifer Carlson Photography and Business, branding 78. Nahko & Medicine for the People, album covers 79. Petitti’s, website design 80. Harvest Fresh, seed packet design 81. Harvest Fresh, seed packet design 82. Odyssey, travel guide covers 83. AAF Graphic Design Survival Guide, cover design 84. Looking for Alaska, cover design 85. Looking for Alaska, cover design

Jennifer Carlson As a graphic designer, I often dive deep into a project with extensive research and by developing multiple solutions to arrive at the best one. The creative process plays the most important part in my designs. My work displays imagery of my own creation, whether it be a fun illustration or professional photography which is also an interest of mine. Much of my work focuses on eclectic typography, clean design, and vibrant color. My main design projects are mostly brand identity systems, in which I develop a new, sleek logo that best represents that company, as well as additional elements to accentuate the design. It is important to adhere to a company’s initial standards and establishment while creating a new brand identity, but also key is elevating the design and creating a new and improved look for the company. In addition to my love for brand identity, I have also found an interest in package design that allows me the freedom to create and execute design concepts and explore more varied aspects of design, such as photography, illustration, and typography. Throughout my time as a graphic designer, I have developed my own style and improved my skills in both fine and digital art and I plan to continue this growth during my professional journey. Portfolio Website: Photography Business: T-Shirt Store: Instagram: @jlcphotoanddesign Facebook: @jlcphotoanddesign1

James Clark 88

James Clark 92

James Clark 96

James Clark 88. Installation Layout, digital illustration 89. Installation Layout, digital illustration 90. nonAtomic Games Logo, digital illustration 91. nonAtomic Games Logo, digital illustration 92. SWARM! Logo, digital illustration 93. SWARM! Logo, digital illustration 94. Gameplay Still 1 and 2, in-game photography 95. Gameplay Still 3 and 4, in-game photography 96. Initials Entry and High Scoreboard, in-game photography Dark, noisy, and devoid of all “adults,” arcades boomed in the 80s, stumbled into the 90s, and eventually disappeared after the turn of the century. What they left behind was an entire culture whose remnants are only accessible through memory, pictures, and movies. While graphics of modern games knock on the front door of the art world, another odd media has followed in its footsteps: “The Digital Gaze,” which is only experienced through watching others play. Through my work “SWARM!” I attempt to merge the past with the present, immersion with the gaze, and the retro with the modern. My exploration of 3D modeling, game engineering, 2D design, video, and carpentry amalgamate to examine the question: Was it then, is it now, or will it ever be considered art? Through appearance alone, “SWARM!” is an endeavor to invoke the nostalgia of a cultural phenomenon, while staying true to modern video game physics. The arrangement and fabrication of this work make ode to the retro, while simultaneously merging gaming with art. Is a video game art? Can it be art? Or, can it be, in its own way, performance art? Visit the McDonough Museum of Art YouTube Chanel to view the video.

Emily Combs 98

Emily Combs 102

Emily Combs 106

Emily Combs 110

Emily Combs 98.-110. Life After, digital stills

My artwork has always included aspects of my life and personality. It represents my feelings, memories, dreams, or people in my life. The work ranges from photography to videography and video art, often all focusing on a topic I strongly believe in and incorporating fragments from my life. I wanted to embody all of this in one short film. Sexual assault has impacted my life. “Life After” is a safe space for victims to open up in confidence to share their experience. I want to convey a message to others about the harm sexual assault can have on someone’s mental and physical health. “Life After” is meant to be relatable and hopefully to tell others they are not alone. In the print catalog, I wanted to put stills of the film with subtitles to give them meaning. Without the subtitles, the viewer might get a different meaning from the stills. The flipbook is a short intro to the film. The film will be up on the McDonough YouTube Channel. The effect of the film, catalog, and flipbook give the viewer an emotional and hard-hitting experience. The experience is meant to give the viewer a life-changing view on the topic of sexual assault and its effects. Visit the McDonough Museum of Art YouTube Chanel to view the video.

Angela Cozart 112

Angela Cozart 116

Angela Cozart 120

Angela Cozart 124

Angela Cozart 128

Angela Cozart 132

Angela Cozart 112. Palettes & Pixels, book of illustrations 113. Palettes & Pixels, book of illustrations 114. New Lease On Life, advertising campaign and logo 115. New Lease On Life, advertising campaign and logo 116. Greene Eagle Winery, logo redesign and brand standards manual 117. Greene Eagle Winery, logo redesign and brand standards manual 118. Zodiac Beer Festival, logo, coasters, and bottle label designs 119. Zodiac Beer Festival, logo, coasters, and bottle label designs 120. FruiTea, logo, packaging, and food truck design 121. FruiTea, logo, packaging, and food truck design 122. Lyra Lashes, logo and mascara packaging 123. Lyra Lashes, logo and mascara packaging 124. Hubbard Music, logo redesign and merchandise 125. Hubbard Music, logo redesign and merchandise 126. Route 66 Tour, travel brochures and envelope 127. Route 66 Tour, travel brochures and envelope 128. Every Dog Matters, coloring book illustrations, flyer and business card design 129. Every Dog Matters, coloring book illustrations, flyer and business card design 130. R.H. Sin, typographic desktop wallpapers 131. R.H. Sin, typographic desktop wallpapers 132. Harry Potter, postage stamp designs 133. Harry Potter, postage stamp designs 134. Memories, typographic photography 135. Memories, typographic photography

Angela Cozart My work depicts a wide range of interests, from social issues like the treatment of animals to aesthetics and thoughts I find engaging, such as personal memories, struggles, and the best ways to entice an audience with my designs. The majority of my time here at YSU has been dedicated to improvement, all the while creating a variety of work I not only like, but that will also hopefully speak to viewers. I want to make people feel something when they view my work, think twice about the content, and find themselves thinking about it even after it is out of sight. Bold color palettes, organic shapes and lines, and simplified, striking illustrations are some techniques I use to accomplish this. Bright colors and bold visuals are a reoccurring theme in my work. I often like to tug at the heartstrings of others when tackling issues that I feel strongly about helping them relate to my own personal experiences and beliefs. To me, art is about emotion and finding a common ground with the audience. Often using personal memories and experiences in my work, I attempt to combine this strategy with the elements of design I’ve studied to make my work more effective. When it comes to my design work for packaging, branding, and logos, I try to grab the viewers’ attention with visuals I personally find appealing. I like to keep these designs free flowing and friendly while maintaining a sense of sophistication. As a designer, it’s my job to connect with as many people as possible through visuals and typography. I feel the best way to do that is to make my work approachable, interesting, and simple. I want to use my work to speak up for those who don’t have a voice, form emotional bonds with an audience, and ultimately create designs I enjoy looking at anticipating that others will enjoy them too. I hope you are able to relate to what you see and get a sense of my point of view when looking at my work. Website: Instagram: Facebook: @Angela Cozart Art & Design

Daniel Dennison 138

Daniel Dennison 142

Daniel Dennison 146

Daniel Dennison 150

Daniel Dennison 138. ACE Hard Cider, rebrand 139. ACE Hard Cider, rebrand 140. The Lime Tree and hulu, logo redesign 141. Two Men and a Truck and Red Bull, logo redesign 142. Masthead Brewing Co., flyer 143. Beer Town Festival, flyer 144. The Lime Tree, restaurant menu 145. Winter Cocktails, restaurant menu 146. Antebellum, movie redesign 147. Antebellum, ad campaign 148. INTO THE AM Stay Inspired, t-shirt design 149. INTO THE AM Stay Inspired, t-shirt design 150. FORBES Collegiate Scandal, magazine cover 151. FORBES Collegiate Scandal, magazine spreads 152. Oak Hill Collaborative, flyer 153. C’RAVEN Food Truck, sign and menu

Daniel Dennison 154

Daniel Dennison My purpose as an artist is to be a visual problem solver and this can be applied to many of my different interests such as, illustration, package design and publication design. Even in the subtlest ways, I put a part of myself into everything that I create. My favorite genre of design is conceptual. I enjoy developing research, brainstorming and creating a visual solution that speaks to the target audience. With my color choices, I tend to use a more masculine palette with appropriate texture. The art style that I derive many of my creative choices from would be Swiss design. Art holds a very strong place in my life and consumes most of my time—daydreaming, thinking of different ideas and even analyzing professional work that I see in my everyday life. Website: Instagram: @danieljosephart

Michelle Gabriel 156

O is for...

Michelle Gabriel 160

Saying is one thing and doing is another Michel de Montaigne

Obstacles are the cost of greatness. Robin Sham

Michelle Gabriel 164


Michelle Gabriel 156. Running Shoe, digital illustration 157. Technology, Have Some Fun, digital illustration 158. Hi 5 Company, logo design 159. Mae the Mushroom Queen, Bug Coach, and Rat Boy, digital illustration 160. O Animals, digital illustration 161. Group of Animals, digital illustration 162. Inspirational Type, digital illustration 163. Friendly Handwriting Regular, self-made font illustration 164. Mystery Love Worms, digital illustration 165. Wildcard Gift Shop Company, logo design 166. Crystal Sponge Cleaning Product Company, logo design I’ve always been drawn to things that are filled with color, life, and passion, and have tried to have those things reflected in the work I create. I chose to pursue graphic design as a career because it allows me to bring all the things I love about art into something that other people can benefit from in a more tangible way. I approach each project with a creative methodology that starts with as much learning and failing as possible—I genuinely believe that these two things are vital for a successful design. My favorite thing about being a designer is how every project is a puzzle waiting to be solved, and the solution is someone’s dream coming true visually. Website: Instagram: @MichelleMgabriel Etsy: @MichelleMGabriel

Kristie Gearhart 168

Kristie Gearhart 172

Kristie Gearhart 168. Ripe and in Season, mixed media 169. Ripe and in Season, mixed media 170. The Skins, mixed media 171. The Skins, mixed media 172. The Skins, mixed media 173. The Skins, mixed media 174. The Roots, mixed media 175. The Nest, mixed media

Kristie Gearhart 176

Kristie Gearhart This body of work is an examination of cycles in nature, reproductive systems, birth, and their vital role within existence. This interdisciplinary work was created in response to the study of various reproductive systems and the idea of growth, both physically and metaphorically. A fascination with the concept of creation can be recognized through the use of harmony and repetition, symbolizing earth’s crude but familiar patterns. This project encapsulates various moments of nature’s rhythms. It exemplifies the pain and the beauty it endures to create, be created, exist and ultimately expire as a component of nature’s unforgiving and powerful sequences.

Shannon Henrich 178

Shannon Henrich 182

Shannon Henrich 186

Shannon Henrich 190

Instagram: @srh_designs Facebook: @srhDesigns

Shannon Henrich 178. 27CLUB, Kurt Cobain and Jim Morrison, stamps 179. 27CLUB, Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin, stamps 180. The Beatles, George Harrison 181. The Beatles, John Lennon 182. The Beatles, Paul McCartney 183. The Beatles, Ringo Starr, 184. The Beatles Stamps, mock up 185. The Beatles Stamps, mock up 186. Art Wall, calendar 187. National Geographic, magazine 188. Geo’s, logo redesign 189. Red Ribbon, logo and product design 190. Orbit Gum, package redesign 191. Route 66, package brochures 192. Self Portrait, digital illustration As a graphic designer, my goal is to create art that serves a purpose whether it is for me or for others. Art can be a gateway for people helping them escape and feel free and that is one thing I love about art. On the other hand, one of the greatest aspects of art is that it can be used as a tool to help others, to support causes, and to make people aware of issues in our society. My design is heavily influenced by the minimalistic style. I do not like to add too much detail in my work so that the viewer is not overwhelmed and the message clear. Another characteristic of my work is color. Personally, I am not a huge fan of bright, gaudy colors. However, when it comes to my designs, I love them. There is something about these colors that can spark emotion and catch the eye. Pop Art is another style of art that influences me with its subject matter, colors, and the conversations it starts. Some might say that it is not high art, but to me it is inspiring. In my designs, I try to use illustration as much as possible. To me, it is more satisfying looking at something and knowing you created it yourself. With my font choices, it all depends on mood. The font can carry the mood of the whole piece, without the right font the feeling can be lost. I strive to create that feeling for the viewer because without it the message of the design would be lost.

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