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Interior Photograph

Hunan Slurp Work at New Practice Studio


Play leading role in design, modeling and visual representation. Desgin and source furniture, lighting fixture and interior ornament.

Interior Elevation

Project Description:

In this project, the signature element in the 3,000-square-foot (280-square-metre) restaurant is an arched wooden screen that wraps the walls and ceiling, and is meant to evoke the image of rice noodles. Fillet corners and carefully placed backlighting accentuate the screen, which is made of laminated wood with an oak veneer. The interplay between the thin wooden slats and white plastered walls helps create a “bright and warm atmosphere and an array of cylindrical and blob-shaped pendants are hung over tables, and circular mirrors add visual interest to bare white walls. In the front of the restaurant, guests encounter a wooden maitre d’ stand that features the restaurant’s logo.

Time: 2017-2018 Location: New York, NY Status: Complete Area: 3,000 sqft

Floor Plan





Indication Floor Plan 新实建 ] /FX 1SBDUJDF ]


Atlas Kitchen Work at New Practice Studio

Responsibility: Play leading role in design, drafting, modeling and visual representation. Produce construction drawings sets, 3D modeling and project management.

Project Description: Located close to Columbia University, Atlas Kitchen is a botique Chinese restraunt with succinct but elegant interior. To diversify the dining space, the restaurant is divided into a main dining room, a communal area, a kitchen and a private nook. The eatery features cream walls, a light wood ceiling, pops of teal, and grey tile floors with a white geometric design. The hints of blue, brown, and grey throughout Atlas Kitchen are a historical reference to ancient Chinese maps, which typically feature natural colours in a desaturated state.

Time: 2018 Location: New York, NY Status: Complete Area: 3,000 sqft

Interior Photo

Corner Neon Installation

Restroom Interior Photo

Spiritea New York Flagship Store Work at New Practice Studio

Responsibility: Play leading role in design and project management. Produce 3d models, rendering and draft the construction document. Research and source material, millwork, and neon installation.

Project Description: As a part of New York’s Landmark, the storefront of the Spiritea is a modern representation of classical architecture. Featuring the elegant neon installations, a combination of an unconventional large glass panel and classical element in the facade gives the store a lightweight charm compares to the stereotypical traditional classical building facade. As a textbooks example of a center-oriented layout, the plan of the store is arranged to highlight the counter, where displaying, checking, delivering and showcasing of the production process is intuitively choreographed. The use of rose gold terrazzo and the pink paint, along with the pale white wood veneer generates a brisk atmosphere just like the fruit tea drink that the store is providing. The simplicity of the store layout also draws attention to the art installation, which is a humorous parody series homage to the classical Chinese and western artwork, promoting the pop-classic image that is the Spiritea.

Time: 2018-2019 Location: New York, NY Status: Complete Area: 3,200 sqft

Interior Photo


The Tang Work at New Practice Studio

Responsibility: Play leading role in design and and modelling. Produce drawings, rendering and draft the construction document. Research and source material, millwork, and neon installation.

Project Description: With an effort to continue the energetic DNA of the first location, we keep the open kitchen tradition and upgrade to a refined and moody atmosphere. To echo the lively and sociable ambiance, the Tang is coated in a dark and crimson palette, using materials such as weathering steel for the storefront, walnut wood for countertop, and red herringbone bricks for the wall and floor. Similar to the boundaryless menu, the interior also tries to achieve a balanced sense of Eastern and Western influence. The interior showcases a pair of facing mural artworks framed in Chinese Garden-style shapes, which is backlit with a classic neon sign that reads, The Tang. The centerpiece is the open kitchen surrounded by counter seating where guests can watch the chefs in action and enjoy relaxing conversations with friends.

Time: 2018-2019 Location: New York, NY Status: Complete Area: 1,100 sqft

Main Dining Area

Public Office Area

THINX HQ Work at New Practice Studio

Responsibility: Play leading role in design and modeling and visual representation. Manage presentation file in the third iteration of this design, preparing renderings and drawings.

Project Description: Align with their brand’s branding strategy, the office design for the THINX provides a relaxing work environment for its employees. Other than the general hotdesk area, three types of seating were provided in the public area where all people could comfortably adjust their work pattern in this atmosphere. Surrounding the public workspace were the executor’s office and conference room, which also allows a more transparent work environment. The pastel color not only makes the office unique but also lightens the general environment of the working space. Other than that, there’s also a cozy pump room for mothers, dubbed the Milk Bar, and a conference room equipped with soft, kid-friendly furniture.

Time: 2017-2018 Location: New York, NY Status: Complete Area: 7,500 sqft

Private Office Area

Interior Decoration

Private Dining Area

Hao Noodle

Work at New Practice Studio

Responsibility: Participate in modeling and visual representation.

Project Description: The second location of Hao Noodle and Tea in New York is poised to become a prime destination for the seasoned dinners in the Chelsea district. The design emphasizes nature and elegance much the same way as an urban greenhouse. A central skylight illuminates the main dinning area. The dinning tables are spaciously scattered in between lush planters and bongzai with dark clay plastered walls surrounding the space. An open kitchen near the entrance welcomes the guests while presenting the meticulous preparation of the food. The storefront with carefully selected palette brings a brush of freshness to the busy street.

Time: 2017-2018 Location: New York, NY Status: Complete Area: 3,700 sqft

Public Dining Area


Anhui Mountain Resort Work at New Practice Studio

Responsibility: Play leading role in design, modeling and visual representation. Participate in schematic design and concept development.

Project Description: The Anhui Mountain Resort is a large scale planning project echoing the urban worker’s dream of a pastoral utopia. Integrating regular hotel space and the 4 different types of condos, this resort provides different living experience to accommodate visitor’s imagination of the life of a farmer. To be most exposed to nature, the condos are located in a Terraced field and immersed with crops and trees. The path in the resort were motor vehicles prohibited so people could experience an authentic lifestyle of traditional Chinese Farmer. Experience programs align with the traditional farmer’s daily life were provided within walking distance. Ranging from regular farmland, orchards to a fully functional cellar, this resort provides could fulfill youngster’s dream of being away from the urban setup and becoming a peaceful traditional farmer with the welfare of modern dwelling in a relatively modern house.

Time: 2018 Location: Anhui, China Status: Planning and feasibility Study

Vacation Suite

Boat Landing Deck

Saipan Water Resort Study Work at New Practice Studio

Responsibility: Participate in design and 3d modelling

Project Description: The Saipan Floating Hotel grows into the ocean, branches out into walkways, and connects with floating guestrooms. Resembling the iconic image of the flame tree of Saipan, the infrastructure of the floating hotel is set up in a way that can expand organically in phases, while minimizing environmental impact by floating above water. The floating hotel offers an unique experience of staying afloat water while enjoying the spectacular beauty of the clear water of Saipan. The variety of guestrooms provides diverse choices tailored to different guest needs.

Time: 2017 Location: Seipan Status: Feasibility Study

Land Restaurant

Parking lot Entrance



Moon Restaurant Work at New Practice Studio

Responsibility: Play leading role in design, modeling, visual representation and project management

Project Description: Located in Greenwich Village, the layout Moon Restaurant is oriented around a centerpiece with curved wooden veneer. A set of long dining table is placed in the middle with an iconic lighting ornament. The surround seatings were four different types of tables accommodating different dining requirement for different groups. The application of two different terrazzo enhances the centerpiece and the large dining table. The dark walnut texture on the wall not only contrast the white ceiling and light terrazzo floor but also highlight the dining table and the lighting fixture. The centerpiece is not only a crucial visual element in the composition of the plan but also an elegant solution to provide the second entrance to the parking lot behind the restaurant.

Time: 2018Location: Greenwich, CT Status: Schematic Design/Filling Area: 4,500 sqft

Public Dining Area

Bar Setup

Coffee Shop Setup

Sage Collective Work at New Practice Studio Retail Space Setup

Responsibility: Play leading role in design, modeling and visual representation. Take part in the onsite meeting, measurement and client presentation.

Project Description: The Sage Collective is a multi function store where a retail store, a coffee shop and a bar are combined. Align with their branding strategy, this interior integrates both minimalism and traditional Chinese aesthetics. Although hybrid in function, the interior space could be divided into 3 sections, retail display, bar/coffee table, and a private conference room. Located in the area of New York University, this adorable space could serve as a study room, a party house, and a place for a light bite.

Time: 2019Location: New York, NY Status: Under Construction Area: 2,500 sqft

Transformable Counter

Bridge connecting the Suite

Chapter & Verse Hotel Complex Work at New Practice Studio

Responsibility: Play leading role in design, modeling and visual representation for the Hotel Public space and Restraunt.

Project Description: The inaugural Chapter&Verse hotel is located in Wuzhen, a historically and culturally important water town south of Shanghai. Conceptualizing the significant context of this locale, we create a spectacular atrium in which several abstract bridges float within. These bridges replace the generic hotel corridors with a fresh typology of hospitality, creating a spiritualized experience of entering a guestroom. The guestrooms are conceived as individual houses floating on a river, each enjoying an outdoor balcony with panoramic view of a luxuriant garden and a meandering river.

Time: 2015Location: Wuzhen China Status: Under Construction Area: 53,800 sqft

Public Area

Park Avenue Sky Bridge

Nanjing Runway Park

Work at New Practice Studio

Work at New Practice Studio



Play leading role in ideation, design, modelling and visual representation.

Play leading role in ideation, design, modelling and visual representation.

Project Description:

Project Description:

With a long tradition of being a unique piece of landscape, Park Avenue is famous for its long plantation area in the middle of the street. Sure an eye candy it is, it is never fully cooperated with the city. The intention of the sky bridge is to introduce a comprehensive infrastructure to enhance the neighborhood which combines retail, parks, running rails and plantations. Similar to the Highline Park, the isolation of this bridge could not only make the local residents more involved in the community event but also let the visitor truly appreciate the artificial majestic which is the New York skyline.

As another architect’s ambitions of gentrification, the runway park is developed at the center of series of the office-residential complex. Being supported by a series of inflatable structure and tension chord, we imposed a shading/running track into the site. It provides potentials for a series of landscape installations including the plaza, runway, grass field, workout equipment, etc to accommodate the recreational need for the local residents. It encourages people to go out and meet new people thus functions as a catalyst for forming a strong community.

Time: 2018 Location: New York, NY Status: Competition

Time: 2018 Location: Nanjing, China Status: Competition

207 Clent Street

West Covina Hotel Complex

Work at New Practice Studio

Work at New Practice Studio



Play leading role in onsite measurement, design, modeling and drafting. Take part in the project management DOB filing.

Plays leading roles in the zoning research, modeling and visual representation.

Project Description:

Project Description:

This project is a renovation of a pre-war house with two extensions. The purpose of this renovation is to justify the infastructure to a modern standard, while making it possible for the house owner to accomondate as many house guest as possible.

Being as part of the motel culture, this motel differs from others by integrating different commercial programs into the living experience. By creating a courtyard in the middle of the building, this motel enhances the sense of community thus makes this area more secure and family friendly.

The design is a hybrid between modern aethetic and classical architecture. To match the surrounding pre-war building environment, we keep the front facade with a minor upgrade of the window to make it much more thermally efficient. However, we integrate a modern glass box along with a larger patio and outdoor platform into the backyard and allows more immersive living experience.

Time: 2019Location: Great Neck, NY Status: Schematic Design Area: 5,000 sqft

Time: 2017 Location: West Covina, CA Status: Feasibility Study

Mechanical Model(BIM)

Shenguang Mountain Restaurant Work at ACID

Responsibility: Play leading role in design, modeling and visual representation in Concept Development and Schematic Design.

Project Description: Sitting on the top of the Shenguang mountain, the Mountain restaurant is watching the whole city while it prominently stands out. Consequently, the design of this landmark should be regarded as a symbol of the spirit of the city. In that regard, we introduce the image of an artificial mountain in this environment as a juxtaposition of both the confidence of craftsmanship and the respect towards nature. However, as a facility to the local residents, the mountain restaurant creates a perfect balance between the plaza and the museum which provides a full package of accommodation to the visitor from all over the world.

Time: 2014-2015 Location: Xingning, China Status: Complete Area: 17,000 sqft


Birdview Render

Birdview Render

Program Analysis

Floor Plan

Schematic Design Proposal 1

Schematic Design Proposal 2

Bird’s eye View

Minimal City Fair Work at ACID

Responsibility: Play leading role in design, modeling and visual representation. Producing drawings and renderings helps the realization of this project.

Project Description: Minimal City is a pop-up store complex in the heart of the city of Wuhan. It’s Chinese Name, “Ji Shi”, means both minimal city, and geek town. Not only it gathers a series of advanced brands with ambitions to introduce the world a futuristic/quality lifestyle but celebrates the cultures of geeks. The design is a metaphor. By deconstructing the primary architectural element like the slope roof house, we are able to create a container for the future. The collision between a traditional image and makes an excellent connection between the past and the future. The vibrant combination of the deconstructive unit gives the store complex a diversified experience, accommodating the need from different brands.

Time: 2016 Location: Wuhan, China Status: Complete


Gate Design Word Gadern Expo

Body Installation Series

Work at ACID

Work at ACID


Play leading role in design, modeling and visual representation. Producing drawings and renderings helps the realization of this project.

Project Description:

The gate design of the garden Expo is a combination of the traditional Chinese image of folding umbrella and lotus leaves. It not only echos the theme of the Expo, but also providing the hint of underwater for the visitors. The aggregating of the ”Lotus Unit” is an organic homage to the western Classical column. It bears the “Lotus Leaves” as a metaphor for the column capital which bears the roof above it, as a perfect eastern interpretation of the primary architecture.

Time: 2015 Location: Wuhan China Status: Complete


Play leading role in design, modeling and visual representation. Producing drawings and renderings helps the realization of this project.

Project Description:

The 3D print series, Hydralisk Blossom and Cirrus Vine, were designed as an extension of the body. By 3D scanning the model, designers were able to design highly customized accessories strictly fit with the costumers. Computers are now far more than a static tool for designers. Instead of simply using the technology, the collaboration between human and machines brings designers into a liberated environment for exploring further possibilities under post-digital context.

Time: 2013-2014 Location: Wuhan, China Category: Exhibition

Apartment Plan

Zhengfangkang Residential Complex Work at Zhuhai Huafa Group


Play leading role in design, modeling and visual representation. Producing drawings and renderings helps the realization of this project.

Project Description:

Zhengfangkang Residential Complex is an attempt to embed the Spanish folk architecture in a Chinese contemporary environment. Given the population density of the city, a residential with high FAR became necessary. The Mediterranean material language is implied by a combination of local materials, creating a marvelous intersection between the design intention, and the cultural context.

Time: 2016-2017 Location: Zhuhai China Status: Complete Area: 150,000 sqft

Zoning Plan

Zoning Plan

Shopping Complex Rendering

Guanshanshui Residential Complex Work at Zhuhai Huafa Group


Play leading role in design, modeling and visual representation. Producing drawings and renderings helps the realization of this project.

Project Description:

Guanshanshui Residential Project is a bold attempt of experimenting a traditional Chinese aesthetic with modern household set up. Given the spiritual and functional aspect of the patio in traditional Chinese residential architecture, we embedded a series of patio and courtyard into the building. It not only brings the residents closer to the environment but also sunlight in the interior.

Time: 2015-2016 Location: Zhongshan China Status: Complete Area: 175,000 sqft

Residential Plan

Penthouse Plan

Huafa Villa Responsibility:

Work at Zhuhai Huafa Group

Play leading role in design, modeling and visual representation.

Project Description:

Huafa Villa is a residential complex which distinct Huafa from other real estate company. The design is an integration of the current market taste with Huafa’s own design language. With a combination of the minimal material palette and a playful set up of molding, it not only blend in the surrounding building but also appears not so disruptive to the adjacent skyline. The design of the penthouse is to create a general perception for its residents that the three-story house is on the ground. By statistically planting the skylight and the window, many of the private room was concealed with plenty of natural light.

Time: 2015-2016 Location: Zhuhai China Status: Complete Area: 225,000 sqft

Penthouse 2F Plan

Tokyo Anti-Library Competition Project Description: Since everyone could access its database while connecting to its network, infrastructure as libraries has been shrunk from a enclose human scale architectural space to a machine scale data center. Physical copies have been digitalized in an automatic workshop while organized by a compact robotic management system. Therefore, instead of inserting a building in the site, we spare most of the site as public parks of reading by and minimizing office space and cantilevering our physical collections. The Readers and nonreaders can share the same open ground. most of the site area is dedicated as public parks to mix the two group to the max. However, the materiality of books is not abandoned. The robotic management system serves as a vending machine reserves those who still want to come and have a hard copy in hand. As the robotic arms slide above the free park, an upside-down reflection of people reading, can be seen merged with the archive behind.

Time: 2018 Category: Competition Awards: Honourable Mention Role: Team work as Team Leader

Architectural of Dance Competition Project Description: “What is new, what is new.” Such is the question that Joe wonders when it turns to dusk. Sure, his favorite club is charming, but he wants a little bit more adventurous uncertainty, a feeling he recalls from his visit to a dance place at 16, his very first time. “The collective movement of the goofy dances shaped into a beast.” he thought, “hard to believe those people just meet for the first time two beers ago. Participants were isolated in their own world, but they are dancing together, like a paradox.” The idea of a club in the size of a pocket interests him. It shall transform an everyday location into a place that feels new and old simultaneously. Let their surge be reminded by the glare of the rings, reflecting on the newly claimed territory enclaved by loss networks of the measuring tapes, marking the magnitude of crowd sizing. So, with a perturbed voice, he is ready. Open the tape to set a tempo. Wrap a gift and crowd shall follow. Share the rings, detach the moment. Claim the isolation from the acquaintance you know.

Time: 2018 Category: Competition Awards: Final List Role: Team work as Team Leader

Marstopia Competition

Strucktured Competition

Project Description: In the year of 2118, a group of microclimate scientists proposes a Three-Phased-Project with the possibilities to revitalize portions of raw Martian landscape into an inhabitable zone. After the first settlers activate the Martian underground ice layer with extra heat generated from several hundred mini nuclear reactors, an accelerated hydrologic cycle can be triggered in an enclosed area. Over the course of 100 years, the local atmosphere will be stabilized and detoxicated by the air-purifier and atmosphere retainer to a stage, where the imported plants can initiate and, ultimately, people can survive in the area with no further protection from the Martian environment. Only then, can the massive transportation and the excavation become feasible for economical and scientifically exploration. The existence of this transformative infrastructure is as well a reflection into how to save earth from the potentially threatened environment. The date we know for sure that such ill earth consideration can be cured is when human steps on the land of Mars with his bare foot.

Time: 2018 Category: Competition Role: Team work as Team Leader

Project Description: Taken at the corner of the Rose Center for Earth and Space in American Museum of Nature History, this photograph not only represents an elegant 3d validation process of a complex structure holding a columnless space allowing the possibilities of a massive glass curtainwall, but also indicates a 2d compositional aesthetic of the mechanics and the human intelligence behind. Converging the rigorous rationale of structural engineering with the artistic asset of a constructivism painting, the haunting ambivalence of this particular view make me took this picture.

Time: 2018 Category: Competition Awards: Top 25 Role: Individual Work

Section Perspective

Plant Factory A field is not a farm

The Plant Factory is a proposal with an ambition to feed a growing population with limited soil in the world. The soilless plant factory is an architecture without context, which means with the constant supply of water, seed, and relatively less electricity, the system could provide food in most urban habitat on earth. Instead of directly applying the hydroponic, it would be a closed system where plant, fish, mushroom and other the recycling component were tied by a piping system. The same mechanism compares to core tube in the skyscraper. The recycling component is underground, the fish tank is on the ground with a public access as landscape, and the plants is ironical, in the sky.

Time: 2016 Category: Individual Work Supervisor: Lise Anne Couture

Entrance Perspective

1. Touring Car Station 2. Container Hanger Frame II 3. Container Hanger Track I 4. Operation Room 5. Reception Room 6. Container Dock

1. Touring Car Station 2. Tower Reception Room 3. Tower Elevator 4. Site-seeing Platform 5. Container Hanger Frame III 6. Container Hanger Track II

Container Youth Hostel The Container Youth Hostel is an experiment of a portable residential system that potentially leads to an opportunity of decentralizing the city. By reconstruct container and transform them into a modular living environment, we could find a way to mobilize a certain part of the population by simply provide them affordable housing without providing the respective land for the construction. The design could adapt any complicated mountainside landscape which allows the potential of rapid expansion and decentralization process. These type of housing are specifically aimed to provide underprivileged family and graduates who just step into the society a proper opportunity for possessing a house and help the recycling process of the deserted shipping container.

Time: 2014 Category: Individual Work Supervisor: Jian Gong

Sinking Alley

Wuhan 4S Porsche Shop

Project Description:

Project Description:

Sinking Alley is a bold attempt from the architect to enable a dying community in the heart of Wuhan. By implanting a community center in the heart of the community and integrate them with park, retail, and subway. The living quality of the local residents could be drastically improved which makes it possible to attract investment to the adjacent properties.

The 4S Store for Porsche is a celebration of contemporary transportation and the pure beauty of the machine. By integrating the testing track as a part of the showcasing system, this 4S shop sells rather a lifestyle than just a vehicle.

The building took advantage of the pit in an abandoned construction site which now turns into a lake. Instead of filling the lake, we decide to preserve this lake as a part of the history and turns it into a popular public space which is crucial to the local residents.

Time: 2015 Category: Individual Work Supervisor: Xiaohu Liu

The blue & yellow led strip embedded in the building indicates the interior of the circuit, creating a lighting environment to maximize the metal finish and the geometry behind.

Time: 2014 Category: Individual Work Supervisor: Ting Zhang

Data Driven Urban Design

Lucky Noinobori, Installation

Research on a hypothetical urban rezoning in Queens based on the impact of new built railroad system This is an urban scale project proposing a development plan for certain areas in Queens where new railway stations were built according to the land use, population density, built FAR, etc. We briefly looked into Brooklyn subway station and selected the best station in 16 different categories by looking into the average Q-Score of the selected area. Then we could run a similar iteration in Queens and match each station in Queens to the different categories in Brooklyn. After matching each station in Queens with a station in Brooklyn, we assume the station in Brooklyn is a successful example of area development for a transportation stop. Consequently, we could refer the land use ratio in Brooklyn station as a statistic example which the Queens station will grow into, Ultimately, we adjust the increasing residential and comercial building, and redistribute all the extra building area based on the outcome of a Grasshopper script that indicates the least impact for local residents.

Time: 2017 Category: Team Work as Team Leader Supervisor: Lucien Wilson

Lucky Noinobori is an installation hover above the Brownie Cafe in Columbia University. The geometry of each unit is an imitation of a moving carp, expressing a unique language compares to its surrounding. Lucky Noinobori is not just a sculpture of form, but a challenge to traditional architecture. By developing a hierarchy of structure in both Rhino and 3D Experience platform, not only we can deliver our design without 2D drawings, but we have the opportunities to gain a more efficient communication between designers and manufacturers. What worth mentioning is that instead of getting information of our site using 2D drawing, we are modeling based on a 3D scanning point cloud aggregation. From input to output, a paperless design process is achieved.

Time: 2017 Category: Team work as Team Leader Supervisor: John Cerone

Composition 012

Composition 004

Composition Series Artwork

Project Description: Architecture is rational, the human is sensitive. Graphic Composition series is a visualization of all the irrational but beautiful aspect of my diagrams and drawings. It has 30 pieces in total but still growing.

Time: 2016Categoryďźš Digital Artwork

Composition 023

Composition 17 Exhibition in Occulus

Description: Composition 17 is a western representation of a traditional Chinese mystical creature. It is an aggregation of motif constructed by rational structures and freeform surfaces where chaos and order reach harmony. Composition 17a reflects the motion of this creature shifting from ocean and mist. It is been captured isometrically and locked into 2 dimensions. Composition 17c is an anatomic record of the same creature, reviewing the pure beauty of the structure of this design. This work has been on display in the Occulus as a part of the “Here There“ Art Exhibition.

Time: 2019 Location: New York, NY Category: Exhibition

Composition 29 “Underwater” Exhibition in 393 Broadway

Project Description: Composition 029 is a series of an abstract representation of a variation of an architectural ceiling model. It is a geometrical extension of an architectural component while hosting a dynamic potential of an architectural installation. 029 d is a 3D realization of the installation while 029 a, b, c were depictions of partial position of its 3D representation. This work has been on display in the 393 Broadway as a part of the “B-Side“ Art Exhibition.

Time: 2019 Location: New York, NY Category: Exhibition

Experimental Installation of Brick Pavilion, 2012 Group Work as Team Leader Supervisor: Wei Mu

Inspired by “the Programmed Wall”, the installation is an experiment for a construction of a café with similar form. By applying physical model and digital simulation (grasshopper), we are able to determine a self-support form of six curved wall with the help of a senior student. The installation is partly constructed due to the site and budget limitation. Meanwhile, industrial glue was applied for safety concern.

Casting Serie- Gothic, 2016 Individual Work Supervisor: Trevor Waston Gothic represents an improved level of 3-dimensional stacking, as it not only allows a planar connection, it provides the possibilities for a spatial growth, not only forming a solid geometry but create space. The name of the Gothic didn’t come along until we start to stack them together. The geometry looks much more impressive as the unit starts to aggregate, and because the unit is pointy and sharp, the atmosphere of a gothic church is formed.

Product Design: Soles, 2014 Team Work with Zhaoxuan Wang Supervisor: Sam Cho In this design, we are designing soles for a customizable shoe. The upper surface of the shoe could be unwrapped to a planar surface, thus graphic designer could spread their design on the shoes. As supervised by our instructor, the goal of the Sole design is simply creating something unique enough as a part of the shoe, but still be able to be mass produced. The bottom of the sole has changed during the manufacturing process for it is unable to provide enough friction as qualified shoes.

Measurement of Huangjing Palace, 2014 Group Work as Team Leader Supervisor: Qian Wan Located in Wudang Mountains, Huangjing Palace is one of the historic building in the complex of Taoist temples known as Taizipo, which is firstly built in 1412, and situated on a mountain slope of 60 degrees on Leon Peak of Wudangshan and has created an architectural wonder by borrowing the natural scenery. Due to the equipment and budget limitation, we were applying the most fundamental tools of measuring: camera, ladder, measuring tape and sketchbooks with pencils.

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