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Hello and welcome to the latest edition of YM Liverpool !

Our cover star this month is a Huyton-born director whose feature film Boiling Point was met with huge critical acclaim when it was released in 2021 –garnering more than 30 award nominations across the world.

Filmed in a single take, Philip Barantini’s riveting thriller follows head chef Andy Jones (played by Stephen Graham) as he endures the relentless pressures of running an upmarket London restaurant on the busiest day of the year.

And now the story of Boiling Point is set to continue on the small screen when a new five-part series hits BBC One and iPlayer next month.

Ahead of the much-anticipated release, I sat down with Phil to find out more about the TV adaption and his remarkable journey from in front to behind the camera.

Elsewhere, we take a closer look at a stunning period property on the outskirts of Oxton and highlight plans for a new sustainable urban village in Birkenhead.

Meanwhile, Annie S shares her autumn fashion essentials and our gardening guru Heather Marsh looks once again to the Daisy family to lift our spirits.

Plus Will Carr gives his verdict on The Manor restaurant in Greasby and Jon Atkinson examines some of Spain’s lesser-known wine regions. Enjoy!


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Flip the Perspective

Philip Barantini has been working in the film and TV industry for more than two decades. The much-anticipated small screen sequel to his highly-acclaimed 2019 work Boiling Point starts on the BBC next month

How did you first get into acting? Was it something you’d wanted to do from an early age?

A school friend introduced me to a cabaret act which played shows in pubs and clubs around Liverpool. I ended up hanging out with them and they asked me if I wanted to be in a play they were putting on. I was sort of semi-interested in acting but I wasn’t really pursuing it at the time. I ended up playing a small role in the production at St George’s Hall. An agency came to watch one of the performances and asked afterwards if any of us would be interested in signing up with them. I was like: ‘Yeah, why not?’. They got me a couple of auditions and that’s how I fell into it. One of the auditions I got was for a TV film called Big Cat with David Morrissey. It was to play David as a 15-year-old in some flashback scenes. I did that and the casting director who was working on the film told me I should audition for a show called Dream Team. I had five auditions before I was told I’d got the job. So I moved down south for filming when I was 17 years old and stayed there for 22 years.

In just your third appearance as an actor, you played Sgt. Wayne ‘Skinny’ Sisk in HBO’s landmark miniseries Band of Brothers. How did that happen?

I was doing my second series of Dream Team when the audition came through. I had about seven auditions, which I was luckily able to go to in between shooting Dream Team. I was actually on set when I found out I’d got the part in Band of Brothers – I was absolutely buzzing. I

went and told the producers but they weren’t willing to let me out of my contract. It got to the point where I was banging my head on the table in their office saying: ‘You have to let me do this! I’m 19-yearsold and Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks have offered me a part in this huge show!’. In the end, they let me go. I wrapped on Dream Team and the following day I was on set at Band of Brothers... One day I’m playing a footballer, the next I’m a soldier in World War Two!

After being an actor for more than 20 years, you made the transition to directing. Was becoming a director something you’d always had aspirations of doing?

I was always interested in how it all worked, behind the camera. On Dream Team and Band of Brothers, I’d hang out by the monitors after my scene was done so I could watch what was going on. I was always keen [to direct] but in the back of my mind, I was, and still am, just this kid from Huyton. I thought all the directors I’d worked with had been educated to the highest standard and knew everything there was to know about film, and that wasn’t me. So I suppose I sort of shut myself off from [the idea of becoming a director].

I started acting at a young age and I got massively complacent – I thought I was better than what I was. I was getting job after job after job without really having to put too much effort in. I’ve been sober for eight years now but it got to a point during my acting career where I was partying a lot. I wasn’t getting the auditions I wanted. I wasn’t getting the auditions because I wasn’t prepared. I’d be hungover, and

4 YM Liverpool

I wasn’t putting in the effort like the other 10 people who were going in after me. I became quite bitter and fell down this dark hole. All through that time, however, I knew I wanted to be in the industry but I began to think maybe acting wasn’t the way to go.

I started working in kitchens to make some money and hated it at first because I felt like I had failed as an actor, which to a certain degree, I had. But then I became a chef and I fell in love with it. I still did the odd audition though and I was thinking how amazing it would be if I could make my own film. When my mum passed away quite suddenly, my whole perspective on life changed. I started thinking: ‘What’s the worst that could happen?’, ‘Just give it a go’. A mate of mine had written a beautiful short film called Seconds Out about a young boxer who is suffering from mental health issues. I told him I wanted to direct it but he wasn’t sure because I’d never directed anything before. It took a while to convince him, and myself as well actually, that I could do it. When we were on set, it felt like I was supposed to be there, but at the same time, it was strange telling actors what to do. Off the back of Seconds Out, I had the idea for the original Boiling Point short film. Directing Seconds Out was a lightbulb moment, but also a really scary moment.

Were you surprised by the success of Boiling Point?

I initially wanted to make two short films so I could get an agent. I knew I needed an agent if I wanted to progress towards making features. I got Stephen (Graham) involved with the Boiling Point

short because of our connection through Band of Brothers, and we were off to the races. Now I had my two shorts, I was able to get an agent. We put the Boiling Point short into some festivals and it did well. It was also nominated for ‘Best British Short’ at the 2019 British Independent Film Awards. I was blown away by the response and that spurred me on to turn it into a full-length feature film. I was really happy with what we’d done, and everybody else seemed to be happy, but I had no clue it would go on to do what it did. It’s been a mad journey with that film and with my career in general.

Did you always envision you’d make a sequel?

To be honest, I didn’t think there was going to be a follow-up to the film. But once we got the nominations from BAFTA and other places, we talked about maybe doing a sequel. I actually got approached by the BBC, which is kind of unheard of, and asked if I would be interested in turning Boiling Point into a TV series. I thought doing a series would be better [than a film sequel] as you get a lot more time to spend with the characters and explore things a lot more. Plus there’s obviously an opportunity for more series. That’s the dream [multiple series] but you just never know how it’s going to be received. I’m really proud of it but until it gets out to the public, who knows?

Will the intense themes and mood of the original film be replicated in the new series?

Whilst it does sort of follow on from the film, we explore different characters and it’s not always set in the kitchen or the restaurant. We also go off into different pockets of people’s lives and in order to do that, we couldn’t shoot it in one take. It takes about an hour to get anywhere in London now, so that would be a whole episode on the Tube! But I’m really excited about it and it’s had a great response from people at the BBC. I can’t wait for it to go out.

Boiling Point starts next month on BBC One and iPlayer

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I was always keen to direct, but in the back of my mind I was just this kid from Huyton.
When my mum passed away quite suddenly, I started thinking: ‘Just give it a go’.

Cult Danish homewares brand to open Bold Street store

Currently undergoing a significant expansion, Søstrene Grene has chosen to launch its 17th UK branch here in Liverpool

KNOWN FOR ITS CHIC Danish styles and budget-friendly prices, Søstrene Grene is set to open its first Liverpool store.

Customers can expect minimal, Scandinavian designs in a wide range of homewares, furniture, kitchen products, gifting, wrapping paper, crafts, toys, accessories and ‘mini home’ products for children.

The Bold Street store will feature the brand’s signature labyrinth design allowing customers to explore the “diverse product range in a relaxing environment”. The brand also draws on the concept of ‘hygge’, which is the notion of creating a warm and cosy environment, which Denmark credits with making them the world’s happiest people.

The Søstrene Grene brand revolves around the fictional story of Anna and Clara Grene; two ageing sisters who diligently work to create slight, bright differences in everyday life. Co-founder Inger Grene based the sibling’s personalities on his two paternal aunts.

Mikkel Grene, CEO and co-owner of Søstrene Grene, says: “We are thrilled to introduce Søstrene Grene to the vibrant city

of Liverpool. Our store is more than just a place to shop; it’s a destination for inspiration and to help create a sense of ‘hygge’ in your own home and routine.”

Currently undergoing a significant expansion, with recent openings in London and Sheffield, Søstrene Grene has chosen to open its 17th UK store in Liverpool and is “looking forward to bringing its unique shopping experience to Merseyside”.

Jonathan Cooper, UK joint venture partner at Søstrene Grene, adds: “We are very pleased to be bringing Søstrene Grene to Liverpool and furthering the brand’s expansion across the UK. It’s long been a location on our radar, with Bold Street being the perfect spot for the store.

“We can’t wait to welcome the city to the new store and introduce them to our amazing products and affordable prices!”

The grand opening of the new store, which will replace Footasylum at 9-11 Bold Street, is set to be announced very soon.


6 YM Liverpool NEWS

Get set for the change of seasons with Annie S’s must-have wardrobe picks

Mango £49.99 Round earrings Stradivarius £9.99 Bomber
Zara £29.99 essentials
twill scarf H&M £14.99 Oversized turtleneck jumper H&M £74.99 Oversized poplin shirt H&M £18.99
Patent leather
sweatshirt with zip
YM Liverpool 11 FASHION
Crochet bucket bag Zara £49.99 Puffer gilet Zara £59.99 Floral choker Stradivarius £9.99 Woolblend jacket H&M £169.99 Low waist wideleg trousers Mango £35.99 Fringe-detail boots H&M £139.99 Open-knit cardigan Zara £59.99 Broad plush trousers Zara £22.99

Clinical Negligence

“Lost in the system” –Consult the legal experts

Dan Griffiths, Head of Clinical Negligence, guides you through why so many patients become “lost in the system”, and how Paul Crowley & Co Solicitors can help you claim the compensation you deserve

In June 2023, NHS General Practitioners in England referred patients to consultants over 1 million times. Unfortunately, many of these patients go on to suffer further harm or injury due to their referral being “lost”, delayed, or denied.

What does being “lost in the system” mean?

When you have a medical condition which requires specialist advice or treatment, your GP has a duty to request the correct tests/scans and refer you to a suitable specialist. However, patients can be “lost” due to administrative errors, including:

• Losing test results or other records

• Failure to report test results accurately

• Delaying/cancelling appointments

• Making incorrect referrals

What happens if I am “lost in the system”?

Simple errors such as making the wrong referral or forgetting to book a follow-up scan could have serious consequences for patients, including:

• Receiving the wrong treatment/not receiving treatment at all

• Missing out on a timely diagnosis

• Worsening/new physical symptoms

• Psychological symptoms

An example of a patient being “lost” to follow up is where a patient is sent for a test which unfortunately shows they have cancer. The medical practitioner reviewing the results reports their findings incorrectly on the system. Due to this administrative error, the patient is not diagnosed until later, for example when they begin to suffer from obvious symptoms. By this point, the cancer has developed further and is harder to treat.

If you have suffered as a result of an administrative error by a medical professional, call Paul Crowley & Co Solicitors to speak to one of our experienced Clinical Negligence team today.

Why choose Paul Crowley & Co?

At Paul Crowley & Co Solicitors, we believe that your story deserves to be heard. Our solicitors have extensive experience in handling Clinical Negligence cases where patients have suffered due to mistakes made by a medical practitioner,

ranging from birth injuries to delayed diagnoses to fatal accidents.

We understand that making a claim can be a stressful and upsetting experience, especially if you or a loved one is already dealing with the impact of a medical error. In order to alleviate some of this stress, our team offers a free initial consultation with a compassionate and supportive solicitor. We also enter into No Win No Fee agreements with all of our Medical Negligence clients so if your claim is unsuccessful, you won’t incur any fees for the work we carry out.

Thanks to longstanding, close relationships with medical providers around the UK, Paul Crowley & Co can offer clients rehabilitation to correct the harm they have suffered, such as:

• Physiotherapy

• Psychological assessments

• Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

• Occupational Therapy

• Steroid injections for pain management

• Revision surgeries

Our team are passionate about achieving the best possible outcome for our clients and will guide you through each step of the legal process to ensure you obtain justice, closure and compensation.

Paul Crowley & Co… on your side

If you think you may have a Clinical Negligence claim, Paul Crowley & Co Solicitors are here to help. Contact our friendly team of Medical Negligence solicitors so we can discuss your case further.

a free, no obligation chat with one of our experienced lawyers, call us now on 0151 264 7363.

The Manor

Friday was upon us and after a week of daily rigours, we felt the overwhelming urge to treat ourselves to an extravagantly long lunch at The Manor, the recently refurbished ‘restaurant and wedding barn’ in the heart of Greasby.

Upon seeing the building, the creases in my shirt began making me anxious. The former pub is a splendour to behold and despite retaining a lot of its original rusticity, the restaurant’s grand appearance really does live up to its name. I half-expected to be chased off the grounds for poaching before I made it out of the car park.

We had a lot of time to enjoy the creeping ivy, outdoor patio and fire pit as we wandered around the building for five minutes looking for the way in. The original door has been moved and the new door could be better signposted. Once inside we were greeted by the friendly and attentive James, who sat us down and took our order.

We started with the Sweet Pointed Roasted Red Pepper and Burrata (£8) and Chicken Liver Pâté (£8).

I hated my first course on sight. A long, red, limp, cold pepper that would have been better suited to an autopsy table in a sci-fi movie. Served with garlic chive oil, I winced when the acrid vinegary taste hit my tongue. I wasn’t surprised however when my partner told me she loved it. Having a much greater appreciation of all things with a sharp and pickled flavour, she couldn’t get enough. I was more than happy to swap for the pâté which was served in a jar beneath a pleasantly sweet, tangy blueberry jam.

Onto the main courses and despite the collection of gourmet options available, my partner and I chose our respective pub favourites. Steak and Ale Pie (£17) and The Manor Steak Burger (£16). I was thrilled to see that despite successfully rebranding itself as a magnificent restaurant/wedding venue, The Manor had still retained its pub roots with its range of ‘Manor Classics.’

I was even more thrilled when the handsome little parcel of pastry arrived. I inspected it closely as some pies are an excuse to hide lower quality, poorly-cooked meat.

The large chunks of beef were perfect, however, cooked until tender but not overdone. When mixed with the flakey pastry and smooth, creamy mash, I was in heaven with rich homemade gravy dribbling down my face.

The burger, served on a brioche bun with truffle brie and N’duja mayonnaise, really made my partner smile. She said the meat was succulent and juicy and cooked, amazingly, to

her taste, just south of medium-well.

Aside from her ritual of removing the tomato slice, she said she couldn’t find a single fault.

For dessert, I enjoyed a delicious Sticky Toffee Pudding (£8) which curiously came with a scoop of crème fraîche ice cream. The slightly sour taste was interesting and paired nicely with the sweetness of the toffee sauce. I tried my partner’s two scoops of ice cream (£4.5) and was hit with an aromatic wall of vanilla.

After our meal, we paused to take in the stunning decor. Every chair a comfortable throne. The beamed, chandelier-laden ceiling a feast for the eyes. The curved bar big enough for the drunkest wedding party imaginable. Even the bathrooms radiated elegance.

Perhaps most importantly, The Manor is the kind of place that could keep even the most fastidious bride happy. But even if you don’t decide on making it a part of your perfect day, at least you can make it a perfect part of your everyday.

YM Liverpool 13
We paused to take in the stunning decor. Every chair a comfortable throne. The beamed, chandelier-laden ceiling a feast for the eyes.
VIEW FOOD PHOTOS @YM_LIVERPOOL Will Carr | Gastropub | ££ | 91 Greasby Road, CH49 3NF
Restaurant review

Leading lights from the Liverpool City Region’s property and business sectors will gather at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on 30 November 2023 to once again reflect on another 12 months of achievements

Accolades will be handed out across a diverse range of categories including:

• Property Developer of the Year

• Best Affordable Housing Scheme

• Residential Property Agency of the Year

• Business Leader of the Year

• LCR Business of the Year

For details about tables and sponsorship opportunities, email awards@ymliverpool.com or call 0151 316 0210

Beyond Rioja...

WHEN CONSIDERING SPANISH WINES, Rioja inevitably dominates the conversation, and understandably so. Rioja has been described as the locomotive that pulls the Spanish wine ‘train’ with other regions somewhat hanging on to its coattails! In the UK, the dominance of Rioja makes it difficult for other Spanish wine regions to gain much of a foothold in the market.

The quality and diversity of wines coming out of Spain has never been higher, however, from both indigenous and ‘international’ varieties. Spain has a well-established wine-producing heritage coupled with a vast vineyard area featuring a high proportion of old

vines with younger generations of ‘well-travelled’ winemakers always keen to experiment.

Climate and topography give Spain a distinct advantage, with ample sunshine hours to ripen grapes but with most inland vineyards at high altitudes, the grapes don’t ripen too quickly meaning better quality fruit with just the right balance of sugar and acidity. Those not at high altitudes tend to be coastal, so the cooling influence comes from the Mediterranean or the Atlantic.

Turn the page for four ‘alternative’ Spanish wines I think you should try.

YM Liverpool 15
Jon Atkinson examines offerings from some of Spain’s lesser-known wine regions CARLOS SANCHEZ BENAYAS/SHUTTERSTOCK.COM

Attis ‘Xión’ Rías Baixas Albariño 2021

Found on Galicia’s Atlantic coastline, the Rías Baixas is an intriguing DO made up of five individual sub-zones; Val do Salnés, O Rosal, Condado de Tea, Soutomaior and Ribera de Ulla. Although some red wines are produced here, they are very niche with the Albariño whites being what the region is best known for.

Established by two brothers, Robustiano and Baldomero Fariña – Attis’s boutique estate is in the village of Meaño near Pontevedra. Their winemaking philosophy is summed up in three words: authentic, artisanal and Atlantic!

This is a crisp, refreshing dry white with subtle peach/stonefruit characteristics that pairs brilliantly with shellfish/seafood. Arguably the most sought-after Spanish white, Albariño has long been fashionable in the wine bars of Madrid and Barcelona and has seen a noticeable upturn in the UK over the last several years.

Viore Rueda Verdejo 2022

Rueda is an oasis of white wine production in Castilla y León, a part of north-western Spain dominated by reds. Situated some 65 miles northwest of Madrid, it neighbours Toro, Ribera del Duero and Cigales.

The local Verdejo grape is widely grown and is synonymous with Rueda, but Sauvignon Blanc is becoming increasingly popular. The relatively high altitude and continental climate create an environment that most crops would perish in, but the vine thrives under such adversity with its roots running deep into the ground to seek out water.

This splendid example is 100% Verdejo, produced by Bodegas Viore which is owned by Bodegas Riojanas and is based just on the outskirts of the town of Rueda. 80% of the fruit for this wine is sourced from centennial vineyards giving low yields but amazingly concentrated fruit. It has a bouquet of lemon-lime and green apples with flavours of pink grapefruit, lychee and lemon peel. Lovely, refreshing vitality with a long, zesty finish. £11.50

Clos Mont-Blanc ‘Origén’ Conca de Barberà Tinto 2018

Taking its name from the town of Barberà de la Conca, the DO of Conca de Barberà has long been regarded as one of the premier wine-growing regions of Catalunya. Unsurprisingly, the climate here is Mediterranean –allowing for a wide range of varieties to flourish. The region has a long-established winemaking history with the Cistercian monks of the 14th Century particularly prolific!

Clos Mont-Blanc is the trading name for Concavins, a former co-operative that was bought out by the Carbonell Figueras family in 1988 and is now run as a private business. Origén is a relatively new blend in which winemaker Josep Valdri has attempted to replicate a full-bodied red wine in the same style as would have been made by the Cistercian monks back in the day.

This blend of Garnacha, Carignan and Cabernet Sauvignon was aged in oak for 16 months and has become a favourite in the Wine Time household! It is deep in colour with a complex nose that is richly fruity but with savoury balsamic notes and an herbal edge. Fullbodied and rich with a long and deceptively dry finish, this is a good drop in its own right, but even better with roast beef or lamb and surprisingly good with spicy dishes too. £13.75

Valduero ‘Dos Cotas’ Ribera del Duero Reserva 2015

Although Ribera del Duero is one of Spain’s most prestigious wine regions, it was only granted Denominación de Origen as recently as 1982. Valduero was founded by Gregorio García Álvarez in 1984 and was one of the first half-dozen bodegas established within the newly founded DO. Today, there are 311.

The estate incorporates some 150 hectares of vineyards at between 800 and 900 metres above sea level, in and around Gumiel de Mercado – a small village in the province of Burgos. All Valduero reds are 100% Tempranillo, historically known as Tinto Fino or Tinta del País in these parts, although the variants here have evolved over time because of the more extreme climate compared to Rioja. Tempranillo in Ribera del Duero has developed a thicker skin which in turn gives a deeper colour and firmer tannic structure.

‘Dos Cotas’ is 100% Tempranillo that was hand-picked with yields less than 4000 kg/ha from two separate plots at 840 and 900 metres above sea level. The wine was aged for 30 months in oak barriques from a variety of origins with a further 30 months ageing in bottle before the wine is released for sale. It has an intense, garnet colour that is both deep and vivid with aromas of coffee, tobacco and toasty oak. A majestic wine that pairs superbly with a suitably slow-roasted shoulder of lamb. £39.95



16 YM Liverpool
YM Liverpool 17 For every br�ght �dea everywhere BIPCLiverpool BIPC Liverpool City Region Business & IP Centre Liverpool, in partnership with the British Library, is inspiring a thriving community of new and existing business owners. We offer a wide range of high-value services which are free of charge. Visit us in Liverpool Central Library where you can access powerful databases with the latest market and company information, discover our events programme and get expert advice on starting or growing your business. Get in touch to find out more about how our team can support you or your clients. +44 (0)15 1233 5835 libraries.enquiries@liverpool.gov.uk BIPC Liverpool, Liverpool Central Library, William Brown Street, Liverpool L3 8EW liverpool.gov.uk/bipc Amy Yarker and Sam Watson, Liverpool The Fermentation Station UK

San Carlo Alderley Edge


marble work adds wow factor to new £3 million eatery

FERRY & SONS has played a key role in the creation of San Carlo’s stunning new restaurant in Alderley Edge.

The Liverpool stone specialists recently fitted out the palatial dining area, bar and bathrooms at the group’s latest site using a combination of Rosso Alicante and Verde Guatemala marble.

The spectacular marble bar is trimmed with brass and a rich high gloss marine wood, typically found on luxury yachts.

One of Ferry & Sons’ biggest jobs to date, the interiors at San Carlo Alderley Edge were inspired by Milanese villas and gardens.

Launched by Tony Ferry Snr, who started in the stone industry in 1969, Ferry & Sons is based on Long Lane, Aintree.

Tony Snr became self-employed in the mid-’80s and was soon joined in the business by his eldest son Tony Jnr, before his youngest son Micheal came on board with the firm.

At Ferry & Sons, every project, be it residential or commercial, is tailored to the customer or designer’s exact specifications and laser-templated to ensure a bespoke fit.

YM Liverpool 19
case study

This is not just any store… This is the show-stopping new M&S Liverpool One store

The new 70,000 sq ft M&S store offers local shoppers a fresh market-style Foodhall, stylish and spacious new clothing, home & beauty departments, and the first ever, new-look M&S Coffee Shop


The spacious new clothing, home & beauty department offers shoppers plenty of style inspiration with the latest collections across womenswear, kidswear and menswear – with dedicated, neonlit areas to spotlight M&S customer favourites including Per Una, Autograph and Goodmove.

Other highlights include a bigger-than-ever M&S Footwear offer with a spacious try-on area, and a transformed M&S Beauty department showcasing customer favourites, including the everpopular Apothecary collection and the new M&S Fresh Elements skincare range.


Inside the brand-new M&S Foodhall, customers will find a new fresh-market feel, with displays brimming with great quality, trusted value produce from M&S Select Farms, and a show-stopping bakery offering fresh daily-baked bread and pastries, including M&S Collection Sourdough and the exclusive M&S Yumnuts™ . Other Foodhall highlights include a sensational selection of cheeses and a dedicated M&S Wine Shop.

With a huge new range of M&S Remarksable products – including Super Soft sliced bread, RSCPA Assured fresh milk, and beef mince from trusted M&S Select Farmers – the new store will deliver trusted value for local customers.


Stop the press... M&S is bringing out the big buns with its FIRST EVER new look M&S Coffee Shop. This exciting new concept is a great pitstop, before and after you shop. It offers a transformed menu, with the very best quality and taste you expect from M&S Food!

This pit-stop Coffee Shop is designed for customers on the go to grab their foodie favourites and exciting new menu-items for breakfast, lunch, pre-dinner or any time in between that suits you. Highlights include freshly made sausage rolls and new iconic products such as the Big Marks™ beef roll and Egg & Chip Sticks brioche roll, as well as chilled drinks and a great selection of delicious cakes and treats.

As you expect from M&S Food, it also has specially trained Master Baristas who work their magic daily using M&S Fairtrade tea and coffee and RSPCA Assured milk to create the best tasting hot drinks.

Remember, they do the same every day, baking more of your favourites fresh in store from 8am – 6pm.

M&S Liverpool ONE Unit 15, 42 Lord Street Liverpool, L2 1TA

Loud luxury rise of rise The and

RIP stealth wealth. Attention-seeking home decor is making (a LOT of) noise

IF LOUD LUXURY GETS HER WAY (and she usually does), 2023 marks the end of stealth wealth, in interiors circles at least, in favour of the fun and the fabulous.

Whereas stealth wealth is the act of being well off without having to show it off, loud luxury is the term given to unashamedly bold, sumptuous, shouty, envy-inducing, extravagant styles – that come with compliments (and curiosity) as standard.

The cherry on your decor cake, these future icons will make a room, regardless of how bargainous, sensible or subdued the rest of your space. Start your collection with…

The ‘cooee’ coffee table

Crafted from American walnut veneers and rubberwood, this quality-rich, deliciously dark and decadent coffee table (£299) is the perfect centrepiece thanks to its turned tripod legs and fabulous floating shelf.

The attention seeker(s)

Undoubtedly the fairest of them all, wiggle mirrors have become the favourite feature for interiors experts, stylists and, well, everyone really. Why? Hung vertically or horizontally, nothing will transform your space quite like a shapely, statement-making mirror (£76).

The chair-loom(s)

As part of a set designed to lure guests in, or a standout style placed – just so – to

maketh your space, iconic seats were built to last. From Eames’ iconic mid-century lounger to sumptuous ’70s Sienna velvets (straight out of a Parisian bistro) to Philippe Starck’s 100% recycled 3-in-1 ‘fusion’ chair (left, £229), sit back and wait for the compliments to roll in.

The centrepiece

This show-stopping ceiling light (£450) nods to mid-century modern (so hot right now) while having a touch of the (shouty) chandeliers about it. Eighteen brass arms and opal glass globes give a modern luxury feel.

The loud lamp

Looking for instant loud luxification, without breaking the bank? Lamps are an easy, (more) affordable way to spruce up your space. Go full showstopper with Seletti (left, £250) or bubble glass bulbs. Lamps are a quick way to add character to modern or tradish homes alike.

Tables are the linchpin of most living spaces and yet rectangular tables can feel imposing – restrictive in small spaces and borderline boxy in open plan. Meet 2023’s most talked about feature table, the Trestle (£799). Created to improve circulation (interiors speak for how easily people can walk about a room without obstruction), it even boasts slatted details –“to let light pass through, so it doesn’t create a pool of shadow in the corner of the room”, explains designer Daniel Rawlings.

The showstopper

If you blow (more than) a month’s salary on a sofa, by Jove it needs to be a shouty one. Thank goodness then for the ‘all eyes on me’ Lozenge lounger (£1,999) – an undeniably decadent, timeless and quality-rich five-seater in twisted boucle. The perfect place for

YM Liverpool 23

Whoops a DaisyWhoops a

Heather Marsh looks again to the Daisy family to lift our dampened spirits

FEELING A BIT OF A TRAITOR to my rain-drenched garden back home by retreating to the sunnier climes of Italy, I still refuse to accept that this summer has been a washout. Gardening is all about optimism. So even if our summer peaked rather soon in June and Liverpool saw its wettest July on record, do not despair! Our gardens have come up trumps in all of this. But if you still think there’s little to redeem this summer and it’s all over for yet another year, you’d be wrong! I’ve got just the flower to salvage what’s left of summer and bring a smile to your face.

The Daisy (Asteraceae) family, of which there are quite literally hundreds of varieties (as I wrote about last year), has so much to offer. The height of summer is usually when daisies put on their biggest show. Be it the common lawn daisy, which we are all guilty of ruthlessly decapitating every time we cut the grass; the pretty oxeye daisy seen growing in wildflower meadow settings; or the vibrantly coloured hybrids. But come this time of year we don’t continue to give the same amount of credit to the daisy and those varieties that keep on flowering. It’s the late summer bloomers of the Aster family that I want to draw your attention to. This small group of perennial daisies is ready to enliven our gardens and bring colour and cheer when we need it most.

Rudbeckias helenium & echinacea

These are late summer heroes which not only attract bees and butterflies but keep on flowering until the first frosts arrive. Hardy and easy to grow, they don’t ask for much in return for a glorious show

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of blooms that flower in autumnal shades of rust and copper, golden yellows and rich burgundies. Grow them in sunny borders amongst ornamental grasses for a prairie look or put some in pots to move around when spots turn bare in borders or on patios.

• Heleniums ‘Sneezeweed’ – Flowering in autumnal shades of copper and gold, this is a tough and hardy perennial. Clump-forming, it is a welcome addition to any border.

• Moerheim Beauty – As the name suggests, it’s a stunner, with rusty red petals and a prominent dark centre. Growing up to 4ft tall, this may need staking, but it’s worth it.

• The Bishop – Another giant with a chocolate-coloured centre and golden yellow petals.

• Walltraut – Simply majestic with a dark brown centre and copperycoloured petals. This can grow to be a bit of a giant and may need staking like the Moerheim.

Stand out sunflowers

Sunflowers must be the most majestic of all the daisy/aster family and following on from last month, here are some more examples which YM Liverpool readers have grown despite the rain. A special mention must go to the lady in Mossley Hill who has produced several over 10ft high!

Echinacea or Coneflowers

A big daisy-like perennial, the flowerhead of the Echinacea looks just like a shuttlecock. Coming in all shades of purply pinks and mauves, oranges, reds, and yellows, it flowers throughout late summer. Easy to grow, and attracting pollinators, echinacea is also drought resistant – native to the prairies of North America. Echinacea is also used in herbal medicine and is believed to help boost the immune system. I grow them simply because they are gorgeous!

Echinacea purpurea is probably the best-known variety but here are some others that might take your fancy.

• Bravado – Bright and bold, it comes in shades of rose pink with a rusty-coloured centre.

• Firebird – A hybrid with beautiful ruby red petals and a burgundy powderpuff centre. These look fabulous grown in pots for a late summer head-turning display.

• Harvest Moon – A tall variety growing up to 3ft in height, with established clumps being up to 2ft wide. Orangey yellow petals with a golden yellow cone centre, these look perfect at the back of any border.

My favourites

Chelsea couldn’t get enough of these in 2021 when the Royal Horticultural Society was forced to put the show on in September instead of May due to COVID-19 – just when Rudbeckias were at their blooming best. I remember my mother growing this robust perennial in our small backyard at home. Gardening is often nostalgic and this is probably why I grow these still myself. I can still hear my mum rolling her r’s to pronounce the name and loving how amused she was by the plant’s nickname – Black-eyed Susans. There are so many varieties to choose from and as always, it all depends what suits your gardening needs best. Rudbeckias can grow

extremely tall, which is perhaps not surprising as they are related to the sunflower family. If, like my mother, you simply haven’t got the room, opt for one of the dwarf varieties instead.

Rudbeckia fulgida ‘Little Gold Star’ is a compact smaller variety that I grow at the front of borders and plant in drifts for maximum impact. Sullivantii Goldsturm with its wide black-eyed single yellow flowerheads is short and compact too. However, if space isn’t an issue, just go for it with one of these larger varieties.

• Rudbeckia laciniata ‘Autumn Sun’ – Growing up to 6ft in height, buttery yellow with a dark centre. Dramatic grown in drifts.

• Rudbeckia hirta ‘Cherokee Sunset’ – A semi-double flower of bold brassy yellow with a chocolate brown centre. Another tall variety which makes a valuable cut flower too.

• Rudbeckia hirta ‘Irish Eyes’ – A large flowering type with golden yellow petals and pale centre unlike most black-eyed Susans – still just as striking.


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Outstanding family home on the outskirts of Oxton Village



THIS HANDSOME PERIOD PROPERTY has undergone substantial restoration work during the current owner’s tenure and each room has been completed to the highest standards with many original architectural features retained.

Set back behind a beautiful feature sandstone arched entrance, St. Davids House sits in an elevated position with extensive manicured grounds and impressive views out across the Wirral and to North Wales.

The property has a spacious porch area with WC and boot room to the side and this leads through to a stunning hallway with parquet flooring and impressive wooden staircase. The remaining downstairs accommodation includes a study, sitting room, architect-designed garden room, dining room and a contemporary kitchen which has a range of high-quality appliances.

The first floor boasts a showpiece principal bedroom with an en suite bathroom and dressing room whilst bedroom number three also has its own en suite as well as a spacious balcony. There are a further two double bedrooms upstairs and a family bathroom.

Outside, there are extensive lawns, herbaceous borders, shrubs, plants and specimen trees including Scottish pines and Silver Birches. The property also has a spacious patio area and a range of useful outbuildings including a garage, workshop, gym and a former air raid shelter which is now used for storage.

For more information about this property or to arrange a viewing, contact Charlie Kannreuther at Savills on 01244 323 232

YM Liverpool 27
28 YM Liverpool Kitchens & Bedrooms Supplied, Manufactured Installed Worktops & Islands • Taps & Appliances • Fitted Wardrobes www.candcinteriors.co.uk Email: info@candcinteriors.co.uk Office: 0151 546 3131 Mobile & WhatsApp: 07895 576 108 Showroom: No. 2 Unit 4, Ashcroft Road, Knowsley Industrial Park, Liverpool, L33 7TW Book Your Free Measure Now

Family-run firm enjoys rapid growth

C&C Interiors opened its brand new showroom at Knowsley Industrial Park this summer

A LOCAL KITCHEN AND BEDROOM design company has experienced remarkable growth since launching in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Self-employed kitchen fitters Craig Cosgrove and Adam Mckeown started C&C Interiors during the third national lockdown in January 2021 as they struggled to get hold of supplies.

The pair took matters into their own hands, quite literally – renting a small workshop at Knowsley Industrial Park and manufacturing units for jobs they had on at the time.

C&C soon began supplying other kitchen fitters and working with several property developers, Airbnb owners and small housing associations.

Progressing swiftly from its humble beginnings, the company recently launched its new kitchen and bedroom showroom in a unit five times the size of the original workshop.

Following the opening of the new retail space this summer, sales

to the public have significantly increased and now make up half of C&C’s business.

Jemma Cosgrove, company secretary at C&C Interiors, says: “We moved into our new unit at Knowsley Industrial Park in April 2022, just over a year after the business launched, and it’s turned out to be one of the best decisions we’ve made.

“The opening of the new showroom, as well as the support we’ve had from a social media management company, has had a hugely positive impact

“As a small family-run business, it’s key for us to provide the best service possible without charging the kind of prices some of the larger retailers do. This doesn’t mean we don’t offer high-quality kitchens, we just offer them at a very fair price.

“We’re incredibly proud that we have been able to grow so quickly in such a short period and we will continue to offer the best possible service to our customers.”

YM Liverpool 29 INTERIORS

Ion submits plans for new sustainable urban village in Birkenhead

Ambitious project would transform former gas works into low-carbon neighbourhood with primary school and 1,600 homes

ION PROPERTY DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED (Ion) has submitted proposals for an expansive scheme which could revitalise the Hind Street area of Birkenhead.

Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council, Ion and other stakeholders have been working to create a concept for a low-carbon urban village that would deliver a sustainable 1,600-home neighbourhood, close to both Birkenhead town centre and the two railway stations (Birkenhead Central and Green Lane).

The 26-hectare Hind Street Urban Garden Village Project will bring new life to the area and will fulfil the council’s long-standing desire to remove the 1960’s flyovers that currently act as a visual and physical barrier to the town centre. The removal of the flyovers will encourage integrated communities and will foster economic growth as well as neighbourhood cohesion.

The programme supports Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council’s emerging Local Plan (2021-2037) in transforming brownfield sites into new residential-led regeneration opportunities. The Hind Street project will re-purpose the former Birkenhead Gas Works and the Mollington Train Maintenance Depot to this end. Part of the programme includes the introduction of significant green and recreational spaces as well as reimagining the former Dock Branch train line into an active travel corridor and leisure route.

Steve Parry, managing director of Ion, says: ‘We’re delighted to see

this next step in the vital regeneration of the Hind Street area, which is such an important part of the future regeneration of Birkenhead.

“The new and existing neighbourhood, which includes 1,600 new homes, will enjoy new and more seamless connections within the neighbourhood and to the town centre itself, as well as much better

30 YM Liverpool

connections to Liverpool and other city region transport hubs.

“We’re working hard towards a goal of achieving the highest quality green urban village, which we hope will set a standard for innovation, connectivity, and quality of life.”

Ion is working in collaboration with WSP (planning consultancy, transportation, and environmental assessment), BDP (masterplanning and architecture), Planit.ie (landscape), and Curtins (remediation & engineering).

Mark Braund, architect director at BDP, adds: “This new urban village will be a unique and aspirational place at the heart of Birkenhead aimed at bringing people back to the town and capitalising on its amazing assets.

“It will be a place framed in the grid iron plan with views towards local landmarks including the Liverpool skyline, set in a natural bowl creating a sense of distinct identity and responding to the historic industrial evolution of the area and the remnants of the infrastructure.

“A range of new uses are combined; from high-density family houses to the south, a new primary school, apartments, hotels and commercial and retail units to the north.

“We are very proud of the design and the work undertaken by the team, and we await the outcome of the application with great excitement.”

If the scheme is given the go-ahead, enabling works are scheduled to start in mid-2024, and construction on the first homes will begin in 2025.

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Independent Family Funeral Directors

Richard and Shannon Jenkins Funeral directors are your local, trusted, independent funeral directors. We believe in being at the heart of the community, providing a first class 24 hour service and building strong everlasting relations with you and your family at this very difficult time.


the community, providing a first class 24 hour service and building strong everlasting relations with you and your family at this very difficult time.

32 YM Liverpool YM LIVERPOOL CLASSIFIEDS • YM LIVERPOOL CLASSIFIEDS • YM LIVERPOOL CLASSI FIEDS CARS BOUGHT! END OF LIFE – £10,000 MOT Fails Bought WE PAY MORE THAN SCRAPYARDS CAR BATTERIES BOUGHT ALLOYS BOUGHT For a No Obligation Quote contact Kieth 07799 064 520 kiethgibson@gmail.com Fully insured DVLA Certificates of destruction supplied YOUR CAR MAY BE WORTH £1000s FREE COLLECTION 7 days a week, 24 hours a day RichaRd & Shannon Jenkin Independent Family Funeral Richard & Shannon Jenkins Funeral Formerly of B. Jenkins & 3 allerton Road, Liverpool, Customer parking at rear of building in Auckland call: 0151 318 4660 email: shannon@rsjfunerals.co.uk We hAve no ConneCtIon WIth Any otheR Comp Richard and Shannon Jenkins Funeral directors are independent funeral directors. We believe in being community, providing a first class 24 hour service everlasting relations with you and your family at this We are everything but over avaiL ab Mr. Richard Jenkins • Ms. • Mr. Richard Jenkins Jnr • Mr. Ryan Jenkins • Mr. Richa R d & Shannon Jenkin S Independent Family Funeral Directors Richard and Shannon Jenkins Funeral directors are your local, trusted, independent funeral directors. We believe in being at the heart of
are everything but over priced PRe Paid FuneRaLS avaiL abLe “ ”
icha R
d & S hannon J enkin
RSonaL attention Mr. Richard Jenkins • Ms. Shannon Jenkins Mr. Richard Jenkins Jnr • Mr. Ryan Jenkins • Mr. Barry Jenkins Richard & Shannon Jenkins Funeral Directors (Formerly of B. Jenkins & Sons) 3 Allerton Road, Liverpool, L18 1LG – Customer parking at rear of building in Auckland Road Call: 0151 318 4660 Email: shannon@rsjfunerals.co.uk WE HAVE NO CONNECTION WITH ANY OTHER COMPANIES OF SIMILAR NAME
are everything but over priced” Richa R d & Shannon Jenkin S Independent Family Funeral Directors Richard & Shannon Jenkins Funeral directors Formerly of B. Jenkins & Sons 3 allerton Road, Liverpool, L18 1LG Customer parking at rear of building in Auckland Road call: 0151 318 4660 email: shannon@rsjfunerals.co.uk We hAve no ConneCtIon WIth Any otheR CompAnIeS oF SImIlAR nAme Richard and Shannon Jenkins Funeral directors are your local, trusted, independent funeral directors. We believe in being at the heart of the community, providing a first class 24 hour service and building strong everlasting relations with you and your family at this very difficult time. We are everything but over priced PRe Paid FuneRaLS avaiL abLe PeRSonaL attention oF Mr. Richard Jenkins • Ms. Shannon Jenkins • Mr. Richard Jenkins Jnr • Mr. Ryan Jenkins • Mr. Barry Jenkins PRe Paid FuneRaLS avaiL abLe

Ellesmere Port firm brings 4D design service to Liverpool

Tapflow Bathrooms has recently invested in new immersive technology

A FAMILY-RUN bathroom company based in Ellesmere Port is offering Liverpool residents access to its new 4D design service.

The award-winning VR technology gives customers the ability to step in and walk around their own bathroom setting –making important design changes along the way.

Tapflow Bathrooms’ fully immersive 4D VR showroom, which utilises real products across 20 displays, is available to experience by appointment at its offices opposite Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet.

Andy Hodkinson, director at Tapflow, says: “Visualising a new bathroom is something our customers sometimes struggle with.

“However, our 4D technology enables them to interact and experience products like never before – they can open cupboards and drawers, allowing them to crouch down and check important storage

space. They can jump into showers, look at bath and basin depths and decide on tile colours.

“The majority of our customers will make some changes to either the layout or product selection, but with this technology we can do that, live in front of them.”

Tapflow also offers a quote and installation service along with a supply only service.

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Liverpool Literary Festival

returns with Stuart Maconie and Melanie Sykes

University of Liverpool event features a packed line-up of talent

THE LIVERPOOL LITERARY FESTIVAL returns for its eighth year this autumn (6-8 October) with a fantastic line-up featuring broadcasting legends, local authors, poets, playwrights and much more.

On Saturday 7 October at 5.30pm, the festival will see BBC Radio 6 Music’s Stuart Maconie discuss his latest best-selling book The Full English

Melanie Sykes will be making an appearance on Sunday 8 October at 4pm following the release of her memoir Illuminated: Autism and all the Things I’ve Left Unsaid, in which the former TV presenter, who was diagnosed as autistic at the age of 52, tells her story in full for the first time.

Melanie says: “I’ve always loved Liverpool and its people and I am very excited to come and share my story at the Literary Festival.”

Former Everton and Tranmere footballer Pat Nevin will feature at the festival with Anthony Quinn, author of Klopp: My Liverpool Romance, for a lively discussion on the beautiful game on 8 October at 5.30pm.

Meanwhile, TV doctor and novelist Dr Amir Khan will make his return to the festival on 7 October at 4pm.

Attendees will hear excerpts from Dr Khan’s forthcoming novel How (Not) to Have an Arranged Marriage alongside a Q&A session.

Plus Liverpool-born Ashleigh Nugent will discuss his novel Locks on 7 October at 1pm – a book which is based on his time spent in a Jamaican detention centre on his 17th birthday. Professor Greg Lynall, festival director, adds:

“There’s something for everyone at the Liverpool Literary Festival, so make sure you get your tickets booked!”

The Liverpool Literary Festival takes place at the Victoria Gallery & Museum on Brownlow Hill at the University of Liverpool. Tickets are available for individual events, day passes and weekend passes.

To find out more, view the full line-up and reserve your tickets, visit www.liverpool.ac.uk/literary-festival

Filming underway for BBC’s The Responder series two

Paul Crowley & Co climb Snowdon in memory of founder

Team from Liverpool law firm scaled Wales’ highest peak on the first anniversary of Paul’s passing

MOUNT SNOWDON PROVIDED A BEAUTIFUL and symbolic setting for a recent tribute to the founder of Paul Crowley & Co Solicitors.

Members of Paul Crowley’s family, along with a team from PC&Co (pictured above before their ascent), trekked to the top of Wales’ highest mountain on the first anniversary of his passing.

The climb was a way to celebrate Paul’s life and provided the ideal opportunity to raise awareness and vital funds for UK charity Headway.

A cause which was very close to Paul’s heart, Headway promotes understanding of brain injuries and provides invaluable support not only to those who have suffered a brain injury, but to their families and caregivers as well.

The Snowdon climb was a wonderful way to commemorate Paul’s life and assist a charity which can make a real difference in the lives of people who have suffered a brain injury and may be facing difficult challenges.

If you would like to contribute to PC&Co’s fundraising initiative in remembrance of Paul, you can do so by visiting justgiving.com and searching Paul Crowley Solicitors.

PC&Co would like to place on record its thanks for the generous support and donations received to date.

Police drama was one of 2022’s moststreamed shows on iPlayer

FILMING FOR THE SECOND SERIES of multi award-winning BBC drama The Responder has begun in Liverpool.

Supported by the Liverpool Film Office, The Responder 2 will pick up with Chris Carson, played by Martin Freeman, six months later as he attempts to rebuild his life.

Penned by Liverpool-born writer Tony Schumacher, the second series will be shot across the Liverpool City Region and aims to continue the success of the first which saw 9.6 million viewers tune in to its first episode.

Exciting new additions to the cast include Adam Nagaitis (Chernobyl), Bernard Hill (Titanic) and Ian Puleston-Davies (Tin Star).

Tony Schumacher says: “Throwing myself back into the world of The Responder has been such a ride over this last year or so.

“Gathering the characters old and new around me has been a delight, and finally getting to see these people brought to life by so many incredible people fills me with genuine excitement. I just can’t wait for you to see them too!”

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Bringing together some of the finest established authors, TV personalities and poets in one of the most vibrant cities in the world.


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