YMCA Central Virginia Annual Report 2021

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The Y is a charitable organization committed to keeping our community connected. And now, more than ever before, we feel the weight of our responsibility to the children, families, and seniors we serve. For over 160 years, we have pivoted our services to address our community’s ever-changing conditions. In the wake of COVID-19, we mobilized our network, facilities, and partners, launching strategic initiatives to meet some of our community’s greatest needs: child care, overall community health, and minimizing the achievement gap. Thank you for being a part of the Y movement; your support is vital to our cause. We are better together. - Jay Parker, CEO YMCA of Central Virginia

To say that 2020 has been trying is an obvious understatement. That certainly was the case for the Y as COVID-19 forced a complete shutdown for two full months followed by a partial shutdown with curtailed programming and fundraising. Despite the challenges posed by the virus, the Y staff found creative ways to continue to support our membership and community. While COVID-19 continues to touch us all, we at the Y are looking forward to the prospect of putting it behind us in 2021. We are prepared to resume full and even adaptive operations. As will always be the case, as the needs of our community change, the Y will be here to serve those needs. - Jimmy Watts, Board President YMCA of Central Virginia

2020 SNAPSHOT 30,000+ people served through YMCA programs

267 children learned drowning prevention techniques and how to be safe around the water

102 adults gained a better quality of life through our community health initiatives

550+ children served through camp, child care, and virtual learning centers

500+ children gained vital life skills, made lasting memories, and learned teamwork through youth sports

150+ “healthy body busy bags” filled with educational, motivating activities and snacks were delivered to local school children


Our commitment to inclusion creates a better world and a better tomorrow for our children. The Y is made up of people of all ages and from every walk of life working side by side to strengthen communities. Together we work to ensure that everyone, regardless of ability, age, cultural background, ethnicity, faith, gender, gender identity, ideology, income, national origin, race, or sexual orientation, has the opportunity to reach their full potential with dignity. Our core values are caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility - they guide everything we do. Access to all is the bedrock of a united community. We are the Y - and we believe that together, we can do so much more. “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” - Helen Keller

WHAT’S INSIDE Welcome...............................................................2 A Place for All ....................................................3 Supporting Academic Achievement...........4-5 Susan Landergan Learning Fund.................... 5 Improving Community Health.....................6-8 Safety Around Water........................................9 Donor Recognition.................................... 10-15 Our Board and Leadership.............................16


The year 2020 presented an entirely new set of challenges for schools and families across our community. The Y continues to play a critical role in supporting local families, children, and educators. We are currently serving over 100 students in our BEYOND THE BELL Virtual Learning and Child Care Center. The Y’s virtual learning center is a state-licensed child care program where local children spend the day in the classroom’s absence. We provide a setting designed to support virtual learning, lesson completion, and activities that foster social and emotional development. Our virtual learning center is a byproduct of long-standing partnerships with local school systems: Lynchburg City Schools, Nelson County Schools, and Amherst County Schools. Your YMCA is the largest provider of child care in our region. We’ve been supporting working families for over 40 years and will continue to adapt and pivot our services when necessary, ensuring we are always there for our community. We provided donor supported financial assistance to 550 children in 2020.

Due to the rapid increase in positive cases of COVID-19 in our area, local school systems have switched to hybrid school models to promote safe learning. This leaves some children without care during their online school days. Working families are relying on the Y for trusted child care.

Over 30% of households in Virginia are led by a single parent or dual-income homes. Many of these families look to the Y for dependable child care for their children.

Locally, one out of every seven children live in poverty and face food insecurities. More often than not, these children depend on our local schools to provide them with nutritious meals to help their bodies and brains grow.

The need is great, and it is growing. Recent data tells us that more than 40% of families will rely on financial assistance to ensure their children can receive quality care during the school day.

2020 began just like any other. YMCA child care was bustling with kids enjoying their winter break while their parents were at work. In March, when the pandemic took hold, all of that changed. We quickly adapted our services to meet the newfound needs in our community.


A LOOK AT 2020

Over twenty percent of homes in Virginia lack access to broadband wifi services. Coupled with the number of households that have limited access to devices, virtual learning becomes challenging.

JANUARY - MARCH YMCA Child Care offers activities to help kids thrive throughout the whole year. The Y served 422 kids during the first quarter, so families could work without worry.

APRIL When schools closed due to COVID-19 ,there was a critical need for safe child care options for essential workers. We pivoted our services to ensure that need was met.

MAY Your YMCA collected and distributed over 150 bags of heatlhy snacks and enrichment activities to local school children in need.

AUGUST Beyond the Bell Virtual Learning Center began providing scholastic support and a safe place for kids during hybrid learning to mitigate the growing achievement gap.

WHAT PARENTS ARE SAYING “When I first signed my child up for the program, I was a little worried about how he would do and how you guys would keep the children separated and safe. You guys have done an amazing job keeping the children engaged and safe. Your team is doing a great job cleaning and we truly appreciate you guys doing this program so that I am able to work.” - Mrs. Rose “I am so excited to let you guys know that J. got all A’s and B’s on her report card this 9 weeks. I owe all the credit to the YMCA team as they provided a safe space and internet access for her to complete her work as well as participate in the zoom meeting with her teacher. As a single mom, I /she could not have done this without you guys. Thanks so much for all that you do!” - Ms. Harris

WHAT TEACHERS ARE SAYING “I have two students who currently attend the Beyond the Bell program at the Y. Both students have been able to show up for our morning meetings on time consistently and ready to start the day! They have been provided a safe and quiet space to interact virtually with their classmates and have headphones available. If I ever need to request a one-on-one Zoom meeting with the student, the Y has been very accommodating and makes sure the child is prepared. I’m grateful for the Y’s partnership in providing a learning community for my students!” - Amanda Fiefhaus, LCS Teacher


“My career at the YMCA has been an immense blessing in my life. How many people can say, every day, “I helped someone today?” - Susan Landergan, Former YMCA of CVA CEO

Susan began her career with the YMCA of Central Virginia in 1986 as the Marketing Director. Armed with a passion for pursuing her vision of a Y for all, a small metal box full of membership ID cards, and the belief that the Y could be so much more than a gym, she set out to make a difference with innovative ideas and unyielding determination. Susan quickly moved from Marketing Director to General Director, and by1987, she was named the YMCA of Central Virginia’s first female CEO.

Susan spearheaded multiple initiatives, programs, and community partnerships, including those for families, women, children, and partnerships with neighboring non-profits such as the YWCA, Lynchburg City Schools, and United Way. Many of these programs and partnerships are still thriving today. More than anything else, Susan believed that all children-no matter their background - had a never-ending potential to do great things. This belief sparked the development of the YMCA of CVA’s Power Scholar’s Academy, which has played an integral role in mitigating summer learning loss, reducing food insecurity for underserved children, and creating a pathway of success for over 500 local children. Thank you to those who have given to the Susan Landergan Learning Fund Endowment Program. It is through your generosity that we can ensure that Susan’s legacy continues and that every child in our community can reach their God-given potential.

SLLF ENDOWMENT DONORS William Spencer Betts Jacqueline J. Bibby Joseph J. Bird Dick & Sandra Carrington William A. Carrington, Jr. Herman & Donna Cone Art G. Costan Ellen S. Costan Preston & Marian Craighill D. Ann Farmer Cindy & Mike Forren Bill & Frankie Gorman Tim and Beth Groover

Leighton & Pinky Houck Clara B. Jackson Bill & Ellen Jamerson Journey & Sharon Johnson Don & Jeanne Landis Walter G. "Chip" Mason, II Patti S. McCue Bobby & Becky O'Brian Jay and Staci Parker Rob & MJ Pearson Charlie and Mary Jane Pryor Phill & Lisa Sauls Marc Schewel

David & Bowie Shields Dick & Darlene Sterne Jan Walker Jimmy & Marty Watts Sackett & Alex Wood Bunny & Anne Wood

IMPROVING THE HEALTH OF OUR COMMUNITY We believe that healthy living is vital to strong, thriving, and connected communities. The Y aims to improve our community’s health and well-being by providing programs and activities that promote wellness, reduce disease risk, and help others reclaim their health. These programs and everything else the Y does are in service of making us—our Ys and our communities—better. The result is a community that values the the pursuit of health for all community members.

Your YMCA provided subsidized memberships for disadvantaged families and individuals, including local foster children, cancer survivors, and their caregivers, with over $102,000 of donor-supported scholarships in 2020.

IN PERSON & ONLINE The Y has adapted its programs to include online access as the coronavirus health guidelines have evolved. Online programs have proven to be very popular. We’ve found that participating in Y workout classes at home is preferable for some of our community members rather than driving to a class at one of our locations. We see virtual classes as part of what the Y offers to the community as we move forward. In addition to creating online platforms to accommodate members, we created an online community that is truly for the community as a whole; membership to the Y is not required. We are currently providing multiple classes online to over 2,000 households. Virtual Y classes and programs are just one more way to provide access to all in our community. https://www.ymcacva.org/ymca-cva-connect-home-page

18,000+ people are striving for better health through membership with our YMCA


is a 12-week small group program designed for adult cancer survivors seeking to regain health as they have become de-conditioned or chronically fatigued from treatment and/ or disease. LIVESTRONG at the YMCA is offered at NO cost to the participant or their families. PARTICIPANTS RECEIVE • Two 90-minute sessions per week • Cardiovascular conditioning, strength training, and balance and flexibility exercises • Fitness and quality of life assessments before and after participation • No-cost YMCA membership for participant and their family or support system Our certified instructors provide a supportive, safe environment for each class. Our instructors and personal trainers have undergone specialized training in the areas of cancer, post-rehab exercise, nutrition, and supportive cancer care.



"Thank you, each and every one of you: instructors, participants, directors, motivators! I had the best possible experience I could imagine in our time together. I came home after graduation today still choked up with emotion. Having cancer during the pandemic left me feeling isolated, vulnerable and depressed. I feel quite the opposite now with friends who understand that sorrow. Together we fought it and laughed away the clouds. I am much more sure of myself and my ability to get back on my feet. We have made connections that I pray will last.” - Melinda, LIVESTRONG Member


IN THIS REDEFINING HEALTH TRANSFORMING LIVES CORNER, Diabetes Prevention Program HOPE Of the 86 million people with pre-diabetes, only ten percent know their condition. In addition to the high risk of developing type 2 diabetes, people with pre-diabetes are also at risk of developing other chronic condition such as heart disease and stroke.

SIXTY-SIX LOCAL HEALTH SEEKERS BENEFITED FROM THE YMCA’S DPP PROGRAM IN 2020 The YMCA’s Diabetes Prevention Program is specifically for people who have “pre-diabetes” or are at risk for Type 2 diabetes. The YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program, or DPP for short, gets to the root of the diabetes epidemic by helping those at high risk of developing the disease make lifestyle changes. The program focuses on healthy eating, physical activity, and weight management.


Your YMCA helps families make physical fitness and health a priority by offering programs for kids of all ages. Spring Soccer, Winter Basketball, Kidz Gym, and Swim Team were made readily accessible to all members of our community through our donor-supported financial assistance program. “When life abruptly shut down in March, it was hard on my oldest. But Coach Ryan sent out daily workouts, keeping the kids motivated. And when the kids were able to be together again for training, I could see my daughter return to herself again. This program means so much to our family. We are so grateful to the Y.” - Joy Judy, Swim Team Mom

280+ kids

participated in the YMCA’s year round swim team, TEAM UNIFY Kidz Gym was visited 4,600 times! That’s 4,600+ hours of physical activity provided to kids while their caregivers worked on their own health and wellness

500+ kids

strengthened character, learned team work and achieved better health through youth sports

The Parkinson’s Disease Foundation estimates that more than 1 million people in the United States are diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. More than 60,000 people get the diagnosis each year. Rock Steady Boxing is the first gym and program in the country dedicated to the fight against Parkinson’s. Rock Steady Boxing improves the quality of life for people battling Parkinson’s disease. It does this through non-contact, boxing-inspired fitness training. We are learning every day that there are ways in which people with Parkinson’s disease can enhance their daily quality of life. With this program, you can build impressive power, strength, flexibility, and speed! By exercising with coaches who know the ropes, you can fight your way out of the corner and start to feel and function better. Rock Steady Boxing launched in November of 2020 and has already made a positive impact on the lives of 35 participants.



The YMCA is committed to providing safe swimming techniques to all children in our local community through Safety Around Water-the YMCA’s signature water safety and drowning prevention program. Through partnerships with local schools and youth service organizations we have reached more children than any other provider in our area. During a typical year, your YMCA teaches safety around water to roughly 800 children through outreach swim lessons-all at no cost for the children and their families. This is in addition to our traditional private and small group lessons offered to the general public. Due to the pandemic and safety measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19, we shifted our focus, offering financial assistance for private swim lessons and small group lessons for members and non-members. Throughout 2020, despite uncertainty and varying regulations, the Y safely and successfully administered 267 swimming lessons, ensuring local children were safe while in and around the water.


The Al Stroobants Foundation Baird Genworth Foundation Lynchburg Area Veterans Council, Inc. Merryman Charitable Foundation Pacific Life Foundation The Brittany Groover Fund The Centra Foundation Education & Research Foundation The GE Foundation United Way/GLCF VA Early Childhood Foundation Watt Foster Family Foundation Wells Fargo Foundation Wiltshire Charitable Fund Virginia Alliance of YMCAs YMCA of the USA


$10,000+ William Spencer Betts Central Technology Solutions Donna & Herman Cone Gilberte G. Van Treese Estate Surekha & Nipun Parikh Mary Jane & Charlie Pryor Scott Insurance YMCA of the USA/Anonymous

BENEFACTOR’S CLUB $5000 - $9,999 Anonymous (1) Beacon Credit Union D. Ann Farmer Cindy & Mike Forren

Terrell Griffin Tom & Janie Hall HSC Wealth Advisors Bill and Ellen Jamerson Life Fitness All Good Painting/Wayne McQuaid Jay & Staci Parker Thomas H. & Kristen Vaughan, III Bunny & Anne Wood YMCA of the USA / Truist


$1,000 - $4,999 Anonymous (1) John & Betty Alford Architectural Partners Bank of the James Don & Carol Banker Reginald & Karen Berry Jacqueline J. Bibby Phillip L. Brown BWX Texhnologies Malcolm & Louise Campbell Central VA Criminal Justice Academy City of Lynchburg/Office of Economic Development & Tourism Art Costan Craft Hyundai Preston & Marian Craighill Cudd Construction James & Trudy Davidson Richard & Pat DeMars Pauline C. DiGate Dodson Pest Control Joseph & Sara Eskridge Stuart Evans

Ford Mays Wealth Management Greater Lynchburg Community Foundation Tim & Beth Groover Heavy Lift Joel & Theresa Hesch Innovative Wireless Technologies, Inc. Jamerson-Lewis Construction Dr. Robert and Gail Johnson Ruth Johnson KinderCare Tom S. Kirkpatrick, III Kiwanis Club Susan & Kevin Landergan Jeanne & Don Landis TJ & Lisa Liston Lynchburg 7 Hills Lions Club Rotary Club Lynchburg Ready Mix Co. Lynchburg Stained Glass Co., Inc. Walter ‘Chip’ Mason, II Aubrey & Sandi Mason Thomas (Wayne) McQuaid Mercy Presbyterian Church Mission House Coffee, LLC Moore and Giles Inc. Andrew & Courtney Mueller Wade & Andrea Neiman Bobby & Becky O’Brian Ronald & Debbie Overstreet Rob & MJ Pearson/Charley’s Restaruant John B. Ramsey

Reliance Title & Settlement A.W. Robinson Rotary Club of Forest Stephen & Sarah Rudder Unified4Kids Phill & Lisa Sauls Marc Schewel LaDonna Shedor David & Bowie Shields Charles & Janet Snee Southern Maintenance Supply Darlene & Dick Sterne Sharon Stiteler Brian & Amanda Summers Rob and Mary Taylor US Pipe Scott & Elizabeth Wade Jan Walker John & Judith Walker Walmart Neighborhood Market Walmart of Madison Heights Walmart Stores, Inc. James O. & Marty Watts, IV Ryan & Rebecca White Wiley|Wilson Christina Williams & Family Wills Financial Group Wesley & Melanie Woods Polly Wooldridge Phyllis Workman Heather & George Zippel


$500 - $999 Leif Aagaard, Jr. Shawn & Randi Abell Ace American Insurance Company Appomattox Glass & Storefront, Inc. Craig Parrent BB&T/Truist BMS Direct H. Francis Bush Gordon and Faye Carraway William A. “Sandy” Carrington, Jr. Bettye Chambers David B. Bice, P.C. Glenn Epps Paul & Libby Fitzgerald Josh Gravette Greif, Inc. Bob & Sue Hahn Kathy Higginson Clara Jackson Corey & Stacey Jeffcoat Journey & Sharon Johnson Paul Kerr Key Parts, Inc. Elizabeth Ann Vanderburgh Melvin Hinton Amy MacFarland Michael & Ivy McCarron Brian McChesney Patti S. McCue Catharine & Bobby Montgomery Dorothy & Richard Niles Michael & Debbie Okin Katie & Brandon Oliver Timothy Overby Dentistry P.M. Parsons K-9 Cloud 9 Peaks Coaching Group

Peery & Woolwine Family Dentistry Perimeter Roofing Mosby G. Perrow, III Pettyjohn, Wood & White Jennifer Richardson Robert W. Baird & Co. Robert & Cary Roberts Jeryl Rowe Mary & Neville Rowland Gerald Schwab Debby Singleton Tara & Company Designs, Inc. Terry Volkswagen Subaru James Trent, Jr. Mike & Shannon Valentine Colin & Misty Spitzer John and Susan Sheppard Mike & Sandy Walker Paula & Tom Warwick Traci Williams Women’s Health Services of Central Virginia


$100 - $499 Anonymous (11) Jamie Adams American National Bank & Trust Company Henry Archie Team Collin Robert D. Babcock Janet Baker Billy & Lea Barksdale BB&T Scott & Stringfellow, Inc Edith Beck Joe Bird Blaze Pizza Blue Ridge Scientific Transport Becky Born

Erica Bottoms Boxley Materials Co. Terry Brame Rene’ Broadus Mr. & Mrs. Josh R. Brooks Brown, Edwards & Company, L.L.P. Joyce L. Brown Lorrie Brown Donna Marie Bryant Shannon L. Buchanan James Burt Betsy Callaham Barbara (Bobbi) Carpenter Tyler Carroll Ed & Sally Cass Nation One Mortgage Centra Health Chip Harvey Insurance Agency, Inc. Karen P. Clay Ian Clelland Karlie M. Cofer Billy Coffey Robert Cole Zach Coleman Coleman-Adams Construction Colony Tire Richard & Gloria Coppo Kent Wood Cox Law Group Carrington Creamer Creative Edge Design Rodney & Sarah Crews Crossroads Family Dentistry Caroline & Bill Crow Paula & Tim Dahl Traci Davids Stacy R. Dees Peter DeNitto Dominion Seven Architects, PLC Neece Donson

Dinah Douglas & Linda Fowler Eric & Erin Dragan Wayne Dufort Sarah & Jim Dunstan Donna Elder/Juice Plus Michael Epling Elizabeth Erickson & James Chapman Christine Euhus Blair Fairbrother Falwell Corporation Kelly Farmer Rodger & Ann Fauber Shelby Ferrone Joseph Fike Firestop of Virginia, Inc. Flippin, Bruce & Porter, Inc. Coral Foster Susan & Gene Frantz Marie Freeman Bekah Froelich Matt & Michel Gage Rueben Gaines Karen Gandy Patty & Mitch Garbee Gentry Locke Attorneys Kritsy Genung Frances Giles Mike Gilley Al & Diane Gorman Gunnoe Sausage Company, Inc. Richard Gunter Jason Hale Jim & Greta Hammer Jeffrey Hammond Hilary Harrison Tommy Hartman Bobbi Hayth The Hoilmans Marcia L. Hughes

Hurt & Proffitt, Inc. Infectious Disease Associates of Central VA, LLC Michael Wayne Jackson Sandra Jackson Susan Jaenke James River Day School Mark Johnson Greg & Suzanne Johnson Pansy & Johnny Jordan Scott & Joy Judy Teresa Julian Sarah Kappler Karugah Kariuki Kidds Services Kirby-Cundiff Insulation Angela Kirkland Melinda Ann Kirkland Christopher Krueger Kent Van Allen, Jr. Lakeside Leasing Inc. Brian R. Landergan, II Patti Lanier Jesse Lee Mark Lester Joan S. Lewis Cathy M. Logue Devon Logwood Audrey MacDowall Catherine Madden Rachel & Patrick Madigan Loretta Maffei Karen Majewski The Malcolm Family Elizabeth & Frederick Manns Bev & Robert Maslow Lara Mason Liza May Peggy May Mary Elizabeth & James McCann

ANNUAL FUND DONORS Jade McCoy Miosha McDaniel Meghan McLaren Kaitlyn McMillen Nicholas McNulty Angelo L. Mercado Joseph & Kathleen Milhorn Margaret Mundy Cecelia Murphey Michael Murphey National Pools of Roanoke Neighbors Place New London Massage Ferrell Nexsen Tom & Ellen Nygaard Don & Kathy Ogle Old Dominion Box Co.Foundation Ortho Virginia Ann & Jeff Ostrander Rob & Linda Palmer Kyle Parker Brandon Parr Gay Payne Pearson Equipment Courtney Peek Piedmont Eye Center Martha Pollard Michelle Power Kathryn & Larry Presley R. Coffee Ltd. R.L. Lovelace & Associates Shirlee Raines Red Hill Building Services Mr. & Mrs. Shawn Redgate Rehab Associates of Central Virginia, Inc Tamara L Reynolds Cynthia & Jeffrey Riley

Joel Riley Larry W. Ring Jerry ‘Mike’ Roberts Andrew Robertson Kathy Robinson Ben Rogers Michelle Rogers Runk & Pratt Vickie Sandifer Schewel Furniture Bill Schwab Cullen Nicely Nancy & David Sheldon Hannah Sizemore Paula Sloan Southern Air, Inc. Starr Hill Brewery Katherine Stone Richard Stone Ashley Stonelake Sara Stonelake Gary Sullivan Charles Sumpter Lynda S. Suwala JoAnn Sweeney Jonathan Taylor Lorraine Taylor Tharp Funeral Home & Crematory The Glass House Kathy Thomas Nathaniel Thomas Noel & Bob Thomas Thompson Trucking, Inc. Thompson-Brooks Insurance Matt and Susan Tompkins Tina N. Tran Tshirtznow Janice & Bill Turner

United Way of Roanoke Valley Wiley Urquhart Anna Vari Jeanne Vaughan Renata & Wallace Vaughan Sydney Walton Alan Wank Kim Washburn Leanne Washburn Watts Petroleum Aaliyah Webb Mary Welch William Wescott Rodney Whitlock Florence Wilder James D. Williamson, III Venus Wilmer Ann & Robert Wilson Gene & Sandy Wolanski Judith Wolcott Rose Wood Ryan Woodruff Sarah Wright Mr. & Mrs. Jai Wynne Jessie Wynne Jonathan Wynne

FRIEND OF THE Y Up to $99 Anonymous (23) Deborah F. Adams Alan B. Ahrens Nancy E. Allen Amazon Smile Ashley Ancheta Donna Anderson Bruno and April Andrale Sherri Arthur

Etta Ashwell Alexis Austin Ruth Auth Brian Baker Jan Baker Silver Baker Richard Barr Susan Baughman Melissa L Beane Nancy Beasley Jean Beck Richard T. Beckloff Debbie Benyo Elizabeth & Robert Bibee George Blann Sarah Bodor Jennifer Bohannon Karen Bowden Jennetta Brenner Jann L. Brown Jennifer Brown Lydia Brown Carla Bruce Barbara Brummond Sandra Brunson Ted Buckner Glenn Busch Cray Callahan Phyllis Callicott Earnest Carey, Jr. David Carter Luis Castellon Chadwick Catron Katharine Chase Shelly Childress Kyler Christensen Andrew Christovich Emily Chua Dean Clay Rebecca Cleary

Clyde E. Clements Susan Coalson Theodore F. Coates, III Kathy Collins Kelsey Comer Carl Conner, Jr. Jean Cook Virginia Corsini Coupon Book Fundraiser Scott & Kristen Covey Amy Cox Lisa Crawford Linda Cyr Megan D’Amico Libbey C. Daniels Janenne Daniels-Bosher Jeffrey R. Dauer Helen Davis Sarah Davis Virginia Day Glenda & Vince Desmond David & Rita Detwiler Lisa Dirom Heather Dolan Denise Dombroski Casey Doss Vickie Dowell Karen Dudley Elizabeth D. Dunn Georgie Easter John and Annette Eccles Elizabeth H. Eckert Stepfone Edwards Nancy Eldredge Horace Ellis Robert Embrey Brendon Erne Bailey Evans Sarah Ewers Audrie Faist

Karen Fauber James Ferguson Judy Ferguson Sandra Ferguson Zachary Fields Stephanie Fisher Sarah Flippo Emily Floyd Damian & Dylan Forsmann Norma J. Foy Isaac Frazier Marisa Freeman Judy Friel Nancy C. Friend Tim Fus Richard Gallaher Jennifer Gauthier Jeanne George Joshua Gibbs Jonathan Giles Marsha B. Gillette Vicki Glenn Sarah Glinski Katelyn Gomes Laura Goodman Simone Graham Dina Gregory Dale Grigg Jacob Grigsby Margaret Gugliotta Owen Guise Kenzie Gunter Tammy Guthrie Barry Guthrie Gary Gwin Maurice Hall M. Jane Hamilton Peggy A. Harper Fay Harrington Gail L. Harris

Julia J. Harris Kvin Harris Jennifer Harrison Angela Hart Zane Hart Marissa Harter Sophia Harvey Roselee Hatch Cheryl F. Hawkins Susan Hawkins Debbie Hendrickson Joy Herb Sarada Hester Christine Hickson Sean Higginson Ed Hindson Garland Hoare Jessica Hogan Morgan Hollister Morgan Holt Jenianne Holzhauser Lisa Hoover Nathan Hottle Amanda Howard Sherri Howell Vicki Hubbard Ryan Hunter Carol Hurley Jean Ingram Linda Ingram Janet Jackson Justice Jackson Katherine Jennings Susan Jevitt LeAnna Johnson Palmer Johnson Jermaine Jones Kim Jones Norah Jones Pam Jones

Torii Jones Torii Jones Nathan Joseph Peggy Justice Ashley Kaufman Deborah & Patrick Kelly Lona Kelly Cassandra Key Jodi King Ellen Kinzer Alana Kirby Paul & Linda Kolodny Gina M. Kozlowski Debbie Ladd Annie Lafon Taylor Landrum Cheri Lanier Andrea T. Lassiter Sue & Johnny Lawson Jungmin Lee Mary Lee Virginia Lemley Sarah Leslie Renee Lester Preston Lewis Lyn Long Helen Lundeen Carey Martin Debbie Martin Lauren Martin Sheila Mashburn John Mason Taylor Ann Massie Lyle & Joy McAuley Thomas McCabe Mary McCarthy Karen McCharen Darien McClurg Sherry Lynn McCormick Couger McCraw

Austin Menear Jayne Milanovich Michael Miles Autumn Minielly Kimberly Mitchell Darienne Montgomery Jaydon Louis Mook Jonathon Mook William Mooney Patty Moore Raven Moore Noel Morgan Shawn Morris Robert Morse Bill & Bonnie Morton Brian Murphy & Rebecca Raynor Scott Murphy Susan Murphy Aung Nding Julianna Neighbors Alexander & Jessica Newmark Debbie Nicely Chris Normyle James Norvelle Steve Oboth Aaron & Josie Betty Ogden Ethna R. O’Hare Isolde B. Oppleman Rhonda Overstreet Jacqueline Overton Julia Overton Dean E. & Janet T. Owen Josh Packer Evangellette Pannell Harry Parent John & Paulette Parker Mikayla Parlos Carter & Bill Paxton

Marie Pearson Julia Pepe Perkins Tire & Auto, Inc. Michael Perkins Jesseca Peters Alan & Ann Pettigrew Suzanne Pharis Patti M. Phillips Connie Pickral Karen Pollock Carol J. Pomper Kelly Portnoy Alyana Powell Stacey Powell Kathryn Presley Gloria Preston Bob Price Joyce V. Price Amanda Protzman Nancy Pryor Laurie Puckett Christie Quinn Becki Ramsey William Ramsey Jackie L. Randolph Hank C. Reed Dave Rees Larry Reeves Bonnie Rencher Babs Rentz William Reynolds Serena & Tim Rhoads Leslie Roberts Colin Gene Robinson Matthew Robinson Rebecca Rogers Pamela Ruble Tricia Rucker Michael Ruggles Terry Adams & Liza Sanders

ANNUAL FUND DONORS Latesha Saunders Judith Sawyer Michael Schaub Carolyn Schneider Kurt Schussmann Stephen Scoles Landon Segner Ashley Sennett Lorin Shellenberger Wilson Shepherd John Sheppard May Shieh Kevin Shroyer Shari Sites Jaleh Slominski Ann Smith Teresa Smith-Moss Gabi Snyder Marley Sodikoff Sarah Spinden Erin Spradlin Michele Spruce Claire Steger Tabitha Stone Grace Stover


Shannon & Phil Sumpter Brenda Sutton Wendell Tanner JoAnn Taylor Clare & Barry Terry P. Greg Thacker Nicholas Thomas Cathy Thompson Cindy Thompson Tina Thompson Samuel Thorne Tim’s Body Shop Edward & Mary Tinsley Nichapat Tracey Hannah & Brandon Treadway Angela Trent Tom Trice Ryan Wayne Trzcinski Janice Turner Emily Tuzi Seth Eli Twery Rebecca Tyree John L Uffelmann Christine Underation Adam Underwood

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Jay Parker Richard & Pat DeMars Rodger & Ann Fauber Larry Ring Edith Beck Mary Taylor Cathy Thompson Ben Rogers Frances Giles Vickie Spencer Rodger & Ann Fauber Gary Sullivan Lynchburg Area Veterans Council

Mary Taylor Edith Beck Sally and Ed Cass Susan & Gene Frantz (2) Owen & Sarah Guise Torii Jones Catharine Montgomery (2) Cary Roberts Charles Sumpter Noel Thomas James Trent Don & Kathy Ogle Mr. James J. Wade Scott & Liz Wade WHY I GIVE “The Y has played an important role in my life for 65 years. They help children in every aspect of living as they grow into wonderful humans. They make our community better. That’s why I give.” - John Ramsey, Y Donor



Matt Allen Robert Morse

John Mason Mary Taylor

Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Carraway, Jr. Gordon and Faye Carraway

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Emiliano & Leslie Salazar Phill & Lisa Sauls Charles & Lynnett Schindler Jason & Heather Schonfelder Brian & Kris Sennett Vince & Megan Shopbell Walker & Kate Sigler Jerry & Rhonda Skinner Michael & Mary Sloan Alex & Judy Smith Todd & Dale Sneed Chad & Amanda Snyder Kenneth & Renee St. Clair Brian & Lisa Taylor Evans & Deb Thomas T.D. & Virginia Thornton Luke & Ann Wagoner Ryan & Eleanor Webb Ben & Karen Wells Morgan & Gwen Whitfield Marcel & Renee Widzisz Thomas & Heidi Wigboldy Eddie & Annie Williams Darren & Tracy Wu Up to $99 Lee & Susan Barron Keith & Stacey Childress Aaron & Kari Cox David & Holly Harris Nicolas & Nugent Koscielny Brian & Amanda Myers-Ramirez Joe & Debbie Naylor Lakisha Newman Daniel & Melissa Patterson James & Nicole Perrow David & Treasa Plude Josh & Laurie Rice Scott & Julie Speakes

YMCA OF CENTRAL VIRGINIA BOARD OF DIRECTORS EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE James O. Watts IV, President Cindy Forren, Vice President Dick Sterne, Treasurer

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Robert Babcock Jacqueline Bibby William A. Carrington, Jr. Herman Cone, III Art Costan Preston Craighill Stuart Evans

Thomas Hall Walter G. Mason, II Patti McCue Andrew T. Mueller, MD Robert O’Brian Robert K. Pearson, Jr. Anthony W. Robinson Sarah Rudder Phill Sauls David Shields Brian Summers Thomas Vaughan, III Gorham B. Wood

HONORARY BOARD MEMBERS Bill Gorman J.R. Harris, Jr. Clara Jackson Ellen Jamerson Marc Schewel Robert C. Wood, III

YMCA OF CENTRAL VIRGINIA EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP TEAM Jay Parker CEO Sharon Stiteler Regional Vice President Kathy Hoilman Vice President of Finance, People, and Administration Jason Hale Vice President of Facilities Management Mary Taylor Association Director of Development

YMCA OF CENTRAL VIRGINIA MISSION To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build spirit, mind, and body for all. The YMCA of Central Virginia is a 501(c)3 charity committed to strengthening community through youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility.


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