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HALO International Design Practice YvonneShih (SHI YIHANG) B9178806


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Brand Introduction

Brand Name: HALO Product: Headset Partner / (kind of)Fashion Hat Client: Pub/Club, Headset Company(such as Beats, Sennheiser.etc), Fashion Hat Company or for the fashion show Target Customers: Social Phobia, DJ/People who go to pub Logo: (Check Left Page) It’s a transformation of “HALO“. The red spikes mean laser spikes or the rythem of music

HALO conceptual image of laser spikes, IDAS(2019), Šyvonneshih This is one of a conceptual design. It’s kind of accessories in fact. And I simulate the visual effect which you may see in pub or club.

BRAND IDENTITY HALO is an functional accessory brand the for young generations all over the world. The accessories here are not only for decorative purpose, but also for showing the mental status.

Product Development Stage 1 Inspiration from Lotus Leaf and animals Stage 2 Product_Figure out what to do Stage 3 Future Concepts


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Stage 1 Inspiration from Lotus Leaf and animals

ation from lotus leaf

ason that lotus leaves are hydrophobic is here’s nanometers on lotus leaf


e to do sth related to nanometers which can us avoid doing sth

Stage 1 Inspiration from Lotus Leaf and animals

Inspiration from animals while some animals are aggressive, their hackles are up.

Stage 2 Product _ Figure out what to do

DO NOT TALK TO ME headset for the social phobia

IDEA of “laser+mirrors“ I don’t want to make the spikes physical, but using red laser to show that it’s visually dangerous.

Stage 2 Development of fashion hat

Stage 3 Future Concepts

We can develop ternet. Then

Stage 3 Future Concepts

Future Design and Selling

Online Data Selling different kinds of laser hats, and upload the data to inpeople can pay for the data and laser-cut themselves.

Profile for yianshih

halo presentation  

halo presentation  

Profile for yianshih