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AUGUST 10-16, 2022 YES! WEEKLY





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AUGUST 10-16, 2022 VOLUME 18, NUMBER 32

14 DEMHAJ COFFEE AND POETRY LOUNGE This past June, the city of High Point welcomed a new COFFEE SHOP AND POETRY LOUNGE launched by a mother and son team looking to establish a welcoming space for self-expression in their community.






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AUGUST 10-16, 2022

The wandering wonders of Shakespeare’s classic work, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM, have found their story in the heart of downtown Greensboro. Goodly Frame Theatre, a Shakespeare-focused theatre that brings his stories to life, has partnered up with Creative Greensboro for the second year to introduce a not-your-average Shakespeare in the Park production, A Fantasy in the ‘Boro. 5 Set in a recording studio in frigid Chicago in 1927, MA RAINEY’s Black Bottom is a heart-wrenching story of stifled creativity, racism, inequality, exploitation, and inequity in the U.S. in general and the music business specifically. It is part of August Wilson’s 10-play Pittsburgh Cycle. 6 The “OUT at the Movies” screening series will present a special outdoor screening of the award-winning 2000 Del Shores comedy SORDID LIVES at 7:30 pm on August 20th at MUSE (226 S. Liberty St.) in Winston-Salem. Admission is free, and the rain date is August 21st. 8 Most of us have a special place in our home where we display pictures of our

family. For me that special place is a credenza that features framed photos of my wife Pam, my sister, our parents, and my two make-believe brothers, TONY DOW and JERRY MATHERS. 9 VENGEANCE is one of the bright surprises of the summer movie season. Unfortunately, it was probably the worst time of year in which to release it. Ambitious, auspicious, and mostly successful, the film marks the feature directorial debut of writer/executive producer/leading man B.J. Novak. It’s a real find — if people take the trouble to find it. 12 Affidavits released Friday night by the North Carolina ABC Board give more details about a murder at the Greensboro music venue THE BLIND TIGER on the early morning of Sunday, July 31. As previously reported, 19-year-old Pedro Alegria was fatally shot by Jason Leonard, a bouncer at the venue. 18 ZZ TOP’s Raw Whisky tour rolled through the White Oak Amphitheater on July 5. Storms rolled around the county but steered clear of the outdoor concert.


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The popularization of one-act plays has grown over the last decade with various theatres in the nation inviting multiple playwrights to showcase their work in a spectacular night’s performance. Camel City Playhouse, the only theatre in the heart of downtown Winston’s art district has invited 10 local playwrights from around the Triad to produce their one-act plays in an upcoming two-weekend festival. Camel City Playhouse’s inaugural One Act Play Festival will be held on August 13th, 14th, 20th, and 21st. Saturday performances will begin at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday matinees will start at 2 p.m. Each one-act play will run between 5-10 minutes, ushering both first-time and seasoned actors to the stage. Camel City Playhouse received roughly 100 play script submissions and narrowed it down to ten shows with five shows presented each day/ night for the next two weekends. The 13th and the 21st will be presenting Changed written by Meredith DiPaolo Stephens, who is currently working on the roving rendition of Midsummer Nights Dream in downtown Greensboro. The story follows a recently separated mom, Lynn, and her 15-year-old daughter, Shannon, who clash while packing up to move and eventually come to understand the changes their lives face. “This is my first produced short play, and I am honored Camel City Playhouse is making one of my dreams come true. I am truly honored to be able to see my work on the stage and the interpretations director Gregg Vogelsmeier brings to my script,” Stephens stated. Beth in One Act written by Annabelle Baker follows the story of Beth on her 24th birthday when she accidentally swaps bodies with her 12-year-old self and discovers that her younger self has strong opinions about adult Beth’s life choices. The Red Sky Has No Color written by Douglas Ellery Chase, follows the story of Jamie who wants to leap to his death from the edge of a canyon at sunset while wearing a Superman costume. One snag: the cab driver taking him doesn’t want to see Jamie give up on life just yet. Bob Gets Cast Out of Hell written by Robert

O’Connell, follows the story of old frenemies, God and Satan, meeting over greasy-spoon diner grub to debate what to do about Bob, who’s been banned from Heaven and is so awful that Satan wants to kick him out of Hell. Lastly, Deus in Machina written by Jordan Brooke Bond follows the story of Henry, who, thanks to a medical condition, can’t feel pain. When chronic pain sufferer Lexi agrees to help Henry test his invention, The Machine, the pair form an unlikely friendship. The 14th and 20th will be presenting Elegy for a Supervillain written by Mike Brannon, follows the story of the infamous supervillain Mr. Meteorologist who finally kicks the bucket, and his closest family, friends, and frenemies join together to reminisce. Honesty written by Libby Trull follows the story of a coffee shop chat between two grad students that quickly go off the rails when the pair decides to have an “honest” conversation about race. THE


The Wood Anniversary written by Eric Weil follows the story of Sharon and Will celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary, whose traditional symbol is wood, which is why ever-practical Will proudly purchased a set of coffins. Truck Nuts written by Skip Long follows the story of the podcast “Truck Nuts” which hails from Tightsqueeze, Virginia, and is hosted by Sam and his stepson, Ayvoree. Unfortunately, this recording session will be disrupted by Ayvoree’s meltdown over a recent break-up, family squabbles, and the age-old Ford vs. Chevy debate. The Art of Life written by Adrian Dion Quarles follows the story of three friends discovering the concept of “adulting.” Artist Amari, her twin sister Anna, and their actor friend Patrick debate whether it’s possible to hold onto your dreams and self-worth in a world where paying the bills seems to be all that matters. Actor Erich McPhail, who plays Patrick, is thrilled to be back on stage at Camel City Playhouse after his recent appearance in Metamorphosis last month. “I developed a family here the moment I arrived, and when I heard they were hosting their first One Act Play Festival, I knew I had to be part of this history in the making. I was lucky enough to walk into my first rehearsal getting to meet the playwright himself, who gave me, my fellow actors, and director Colin Archer, so much insight into his creative process and what he intended on portraying to the audience,” McPhail shared. Camel City Playhouse states it’s not a show for children, but combines all types of humor for young adults and adults alike to enjoy. “This is a chance for local writers to workshop their pieces, to see the audience reaction whether it laughter or tears, and give them a better insight of where they want to go moving forward. It is also a chance for people who love the stage to be part of a fun show with people they may have never worked with before, and for audiences to explore multiple emotions and stories in one sitting.” ! NAIMA SAID is a 23-year-old UNCG theatre graduate and host of Heeere’sNeeNee Horror Movie Podcast.

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AUGUST 10-16, 2022 YES! WEEKLY






A Midsummer Night’s Dream moves through downtown Greensboro

he wandering wonders of Shakespeare’s classic work, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, have found their story in the heart of downtown Greensboro. Naima Said Goodly Frame Theatre, a Shakespearefocused theatre that Contributor brings his stories to life, has partnered up with Creative Greensboro for the second year to introduce a not-your-average Shakespeare in the Park production, A Fantasy in the ‘Boro. “Last year we were lucky enough to partner with Creative Greensboro for the

Meredith DiPaolo Stephens YES! WEEKLY

AUGUST 10-16, 2022

first time to put on Finding Shakespeare: A Walking Adventure to Discover the Bard, which ended up being a huge success with multiple groups discovering four of Shakespeare’s greatest plays,” said Meredith DiPaolo Stephens, founder of Goodly Frame Theatre. “We wanted to take the same interactive element from the previous show into this one but on a larger scale with an outdoor performance that will take place throughout “The Boro District.’” The roving rendition will take place from August 11-14, beginning at 7 p.m. “While audience members are walking through four scenes, with a drink in hand if they choose, our goal is to engage in laughter and tears as we venture into a magical world of fairies, lovers, and a donkey,” Stephens shared. “The essence is to place Shakespeare into today’s world

which is exactly where it should be, with a special focus on highlighting the wonders of downtown Greensboro. It is an up-andcoming place, developing more and more, and the destination to be after 5 o’clock in the evening. Stephens said that she found Downtown Greensboro to be the perfect setting to help tell the tale. “Everything about Shakespeare’s stories is timely, it is about the here and the now. Furthermore, the emotions of the characters within Shakespeare’s stories are just as relevant to our lives today as they were to the lives of his audience in England when they were first written,” she said. “We are going out of our way to make every possible connection between 16th Century Shakespeare and 21st Century today.” The show will begin on the grassy area next to Natty Greene’s Pub & Brewing Company in Greensboro, located on 345 South Elm St. As the show progresses, it will migrate block-to-block down Elm Street, eventually concluding at 511 South Elm St., just before reaching the railroad that runs through downtown.

The intimate nature of witnessing a story up close and personal is a proud point for Goodly Frame Theatre, which believes in immersing its audience in the story. With colorful attire and whimsical props, the show emits the Shakespearean atmosphere that has grown so famously familiar over past centuries. DiPaolo has had extensive exposure to Shakespearean work, from her studying right here at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro to her work at the Shakespeare Globe in London, England. She has combined all her previous performances to create a new approach to storytelling. “By rediscovering and redefining the boundaries of performing Shakespeare, we reconnect with all forms of theatre, classical and contemporary, and encourage sustainable dialogues among the voices of Greensboro, the region, and across “this goodly frame,” the earth,” DiPaolo said. ! NAIMA SAID is a 23-year-old UNCG theatre graduate and host of Heeere’sNeeNee Horror Movie Podcast.


BNS Productions’ Ma Rainey hits every blue note in triumphant production at NBTF Set in a recording studio in frigid Chicago in 1927, Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom is a heartwrenching story of stifled creativity, racism, inequality, exploitation, and inequity in the U.S. Lynn Felder in general and the music business Contributor specifically. It is part of August Wilson’s 10-play Pittsburgh Cycle. Corlis Hayes ably directs this beautifully conceived production by BNS Productions from Charlotte. The lighting design by Jennifer O’Kelly defines the spaces on James Duke’s partly abstract, partly realistic set. The play occupies a rundown recording studio, a rehearsal room, and a foyer/waiting area. When the play starts, two white record executives and Ma Rainey’s band members are anxiously awaiting her arrival. The band members entertain themselves with good-natured (mostly) banter, social philosophy, tall tales, and personal histories, which provide context for the action. Tom Scott plays Sturdyvant, a greedy record producer. Hank West is Irvin, Ma Rainey’s well-meaning but somewhat inept manager. Tim Bradley is Cutler, the trombone player and bandleader. Jermaine Gamble is Toledo, the philosophical piano player. Graham William is Slow Drag, the bass player. Jonavan Adams is Levee, the trumpet player who is overflowing with creativity, ideas, energy, and impatience. Shar Marlin plays Ma Rainey, the great blues pioneer. Toi Aquila R.J. plays Dussie Mae, Ma’s flirtatious girlfriend. Rahsheem Shabazz is Sylvester, Ma’s nephew and protégé. Michael Anderson plays the policeman who has charged Ma with battery. Marlin’s Ma is a force of nature, storming onto the stage in her long-awaited entrance with the ferocity and chaos of a hurricane. Ma is a diva in every sense of the word: demanding, capricious, brilliant. But it’s clear that she has to demand respect to get it, and that the record company wants her only for what she can give them. Marlin’s performance is big and bright and effectively contains the rest of the action of the play. WWW.YESWEEKLY.COM

In the role of Levee, Adams is as different from the late Chadwick Boseman as it is possible to be. Boseman played the role in the recent Netflix film, and while comparisons are usually odious, in this case, it is interesting to note how two great actors — different physically and in dramatic approach — can make a role entirely their own. Where Boseman was smaller and tightly wound, Adams is powerfully physical with an overall affect of affability, so his pain and intensity come out unexpectedly. Adams definitely surpasses the challenge of this complex and exciting role. Although Ma Rainey, the Queen of the Blues, has the title role in the show, the ensemble has plenty of air time, and everyone on the stage performs at a high level of talent and skill. This is the first show by a Charlotte company to ever perform at the Festival, according to Keith Logan, who performs with BNS Productions, and corroborated by Brian McLaughlin at NBTF. I hope it’s not the last. !


The Firehouse Tap Room is a fire station turned bar, serving nothing but good times with good people.

LYNN FELDER covers arts and entertainment in the Triad and beyond for several publications, and dances whenever music plays. She is a member of Winston-Salem Writers and the American Theatre Critics Association.



Who: National Black Theatre Festival What: Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom by BNS Productions, Charlotte, NC. Written by August Wilson. Directed by Dr. Corlis Hayes. (Drama, General Audience) When: 2 and 8 p.m. Aug. 6 Where: Wake Forest University, Harold C. Tedford Mainstage Tickets: $45 at

SERVING GOOD TIMES AT THE FIRE HOUSE! 10146 N Main St, Archdale, NC 27263 | (336) 804-9441 | Like us on Facebook! Sun-Thurs: 12:00PM-12:00AM Fri-Sat: 12:00PM-2:00AM AUGUST 10-16, 2022 YES! WEEKLY



A “Sordid” summer bash to which all are invited

Mark Burger



The “OUT at the Movies” screening series will present a special outdoor screening of the award-winning 2000 Del Shores comedy Sordid Lives at 7:30 pm on August 20th at MUSE (226 S. Liberty St.) in Winston-Salem. Admission is free, and the rain date is August 21st. According to Rex

August 10-16, 2022

Welton, the co-founder and director of the festival and screening series, “OUT at the Movies wanted to host a fun, outdoor screening, and we are going with an all-time audience favorite,” he said. “This will be the third screening in the 18 years of OUT at the Movies, and we expect another large and enthusiastic audience to join us.” Attendees are encouraged to come dressed as their favorite Sordid Lives characters, be it Brother Boy, LaVonda, Sissy, Noleta, Wardell, or any of the other eccentric denizens of Winters, TX, where the film is set. There will be a contest with prizes for the best character impersonation. Beer, wine, soft drinks, popcorn, and other refreshments will be available for purchase during the screening, and attendees are also encouraged to bring their own chairs to comfortably enjoy the event.

Shores himself adapted his award-winning 1996 play for the film, which marked his feature directorial debut, which is billed as “a black comedy about white trash.” The impending funeral of a venerable family matriarch brings together her family and friends, but things in Winters seem to have the tendency to go uproariously awry — leading to miscommunication, misunderstandings, and any number of unexpected calamities. A star-studded cast includes Beau Bridges, Olivia Newton-John, Bonnie Bedelia, Delta Burke, Beth Grant, Newell Alexander and his real-life wife Rosemary Alexander, Sarah Hunley, Kirk Geiger, Ann Walker, and Leslie Jordan. Several of the actors had previously appeared in the stage production, and some would subsequently appear in the Sordid Lives TV series, which ran for one season in 2008.

Shores has consistently displayed a knack for satirizing and spoofing both Southern and LGBTQ+ stereotypes, but in an affectionate and upbeat manner, bringing humor and humanity to the characters’ quirks and eccentricities. “I think the magic of Del’s humor is that his characters are authentic, having been based on many of his own family members and friends,” observed Welton. “Anyone who grew up in the South will recognize similarities between one or more of the Sordid characters and members of their own family.” Shores has attended the OUT at the Movies festival in the past, and for this screening he and several Sordid Lives castmembers (including the Alexanders and Ann Walker) will be recording a special video greeting for their fans and friends in Winston-Salem, which will


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be shown prior to the feature. Not only is this event a way for OUT at the Movies to thank the Winston-Salem community for supporting the series, but it’s also a way to promote the upcoming Ninth Annual OUT at the Movies International Film Festival, which is scheduled for Sept. 29th - Oct. 2nd. “Our screening committee is very busy watching movies, and we will announce our festival lineup on September 6th.” Sponsorship levels for the festival begin at $100, and all levels include tickets and other perks. Donors at the $250 level and above will receive an invitation for two to the festival’s VIP party featuring celebrities, delicious food, and an open bar. Although the festival schedule is still being worked on, there will be a special concert featuring UNCSA (University of North Carolina School of the Arts) gradu-


ate Randy Jones, an original member of the ‘70s disco super-group The Village People, and noted singer, Winston-Salem resident, and OUT at the Movies board member Alyson Williams. Jones will perform such hits as “Y.M.C.A.,” “In the Navy,” and “Go West,” and Williams such hits as “Just Call My Name,” “Sleep Talk,” and “I Need Your Lovin’.” They will also perform several duets together. ! *Editor’s Note: Olivia Newton-John died on Monday, August 8, 2022. See MARK BURGER’s reviews of current movies on © 2022, Mark Burger.



For more information, call 336-918-0902 or email The official “OUT at the Movies” website is

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AUGUST 10-16, 2022 YES! WEEKLY




Remembering Tony Dow: A Reluctant Star


ost of us have a special place in our home where we display pictures of our family. For me that special place is a credenza that Jim Longworth features framed photos of my wife Pam, my sister, our Longworth parents, and my two at Large make-believe brothers, Tony Dow and Jerry Mathers. From 1957 to 1963, Jerry and Tony played brothers Theodore and Wally Cleaver on “Leave it to Beaver,” a sitcom about the adventures of two siblings growing up in middle America. In later years, some revisionist media pundits would criticize the show as having painted an unrealistically positive picture of family life, but to millions of boys growing up in the 1950s and ’60s, the Cleaver household was a great place to visit every week. This fall, Leave it to Beaver will celebrate its 65th anniversary, and it’s also the anniversary of when Jerry and Tony’s lifelong friendship began. Jerry told me that despite their age difference, “We became friends right off the bat. Between takes, Tony would always toss football or throw baseball with me.” The two boys had also come from different backgrounds. Unlike his “brother” Jerry Mathers who had been a child actor long


Tony Dow, Jim Longworth, and Jerry Mathers before “Leave it to Beaver,” Tony had been a junior Olympic diving champion with absolutely no desire to be on camera. Once cast as Wally, though, Tony became one of TV’s first teenage heartthrobs. Yet despite all the fame and adulation that the show brought him, Tony remained a reluctant star with a non-existent ego. After the show ended, both men continued acting, but Tony preferred to make his mark behind and away from the cameras, first as a director, then as a master sculptor, the latter giving him an escape from his earlier bouts of depression. Tony’s burl wood sculptures are

Just the icing on top of the cake! 1616 Battleground Ave • Greensboro (336) 306-2827


AUGUST 10-16, 2022

world famous, and one of them was even displayed in the Louvre. Pam and I were fortunate enough to attend one of his one-man shows, and later visit with him and his lovely wife Lauren at their home in Topanga. We stayed in touch over the years by phone and email, and one of my favorite correspondences is a photo of Tony, Lauren, and their dog Brodie, with a note that said, “Hello Pam and Jim. We loved getting to know you and hope our paths cross again in the future.” Unfortunately, the future wasn’t as long as I had hoped it would be. During the pandemic, Tony fought off both pneumonia and liver cancer. The latter took him from us on July 27. Tony Dow was 77. I first met Tony and Jerry back in May of 2008 when I was asked to produce and moderate A Mothers Day Salute to TV Moms for the Television Academy in North Hollywood. Barbara Billingsley who played the boy’s Mother on Leave it to Beaver was scheduled to be on the panel with other iconic TV Moms, but she was hospitalized just prior to the event, and was unable to attend. That’s when I invited Jerry and Tony to attend on her behalf, and say a few words about what Barbara meant to them. Keep in mind that, prior to my introducing the Cleaver boys, the stage was already filled with dozens of A-list stars, including Cloris Leachman and Diahann Carroll, each of whom had received an enthusiastic welcome from the capacity crowd. But in all my years of producing and moderating special events, I’ve never witnessed a bigger standing ovation than the

Tony Dow (top) with his Leave It to Beaver co-stars (left to right) Hugh Beaumont, Barbara Billingsley and Jerry Mathers, circa 1959. one that Tony and Jerry received when I brought them up on stage. I guess it wasn’t just me who had wanted to be their make-believe brother. The following year during our visit to the Dow’s home, Pam and I were first struck by the natural beauty of their hide-away estate. It is a garden spot surrounded by the hills of Topanga Canyon, where Tony would hunt for pieces of burl wood, which he formed into bronze masterpieces at his workshop. Inside the house, we were treated to lunch and a front-row seat to one of Hollywood’s great romances, which began 42 years ago. Tony and Lauren’s love for each other was real and deep, and everlasting. The day after Tony died, Lauren told me, “It’s hard to lose your best friend.” Not surprisingly, during their four decades together, Tony preferred spending time at home with Lauren to the glitz of Hollywood red carpets, so I was particularly excited when he let me coax him into appearing on stage that special night in 2008. Honestly, though, I don’t think Tony appreciated what he meant to millions of people, and he seemed genuinely surprised by the grand ovation that he and Jerry received at the “TV Moms” event. I wasn’t surprised, though. That’s just the kind of humble guy my make-believe big brother was, and I miss him. Gee Wally, why’d you have to go and leave us so soon? ! JIM LONGWORTH is the host of Triad Today, airing on Saturdays at 7:30 a.m. on ABC45 (cable channel 7) and Sundays at 11 a.m. on WMYV (cable channel 15).



Vengeance: The right movie at the wrong time


engeance is one of the bright surprises of the summer movie season. Unfortunately, it was probably the worst time of year in which Mark Burger to release it. Ambitious, auspicious, and Contributor mostly successful, the film marks the feature directorial debut of writer/executive producer/leading man B.J. Novak. It’s a real find — if people take the trouble to find it. Novak plays Ben Manalowitz, who would once have been described as the quintessential “Yuppie,” a self-absorbed and condescending columnist for The New Yorker who is desperate to host his own podcast. The opportunity unexpectedly arises when he receives word that an old acquaintance, Abilene Shaw (Lio Tipton), has mysteriously died in Texas. Abilene’s family summons a very-reluctant Ben to the funeral, believing that he was the love of Abilene’s all-too-short life. For Ben, however, Abilene was a casual hook-up, a one- or two-night stand at best. But the circumstances surrounding her death — and her life — and the exposure to an entirely different way of life are the impetus for Ben to commence work on what he describes as “an existential crime story.” The name of his proposed podcast? “Dead White Girl.”

Signs Under the Sea

Vengeance initially appears to be the quintessential “fish-out-of-water” culture-clash comedy. Ben perceives Abilene and her family as silly rednecks with outdated attitudes, whereas they seemingly perceive him as a hot-shot big-city journalist who can get to the bottom of Abilene’s death. Neither is entirely correct, nor entirely incorrect, and that’s a key component to the film’s success. It works as a satire, a black comedy, and as a whodunit, with a surprising level of tension. Novak deftly shifts gears throughout, keeping the viewer slightly — but enjoyably — off-balance throughout. Although vengeance is certainly a theme that runs through the narrative, the film isn’t a Death Wish-type shoot‘em-up, which may turn off viewers expecting that. There are only a few violent

moments in Vengeance, but they occur suddenly and unexpectedly — and they do have consequences. Like so many actor-turned-directors, Novak allows each of his actors a moment (or two) to shine, and all of them are in good form: Boyd Holbrook, Dove Cameron, J. Smith-Cameron, Issa Rae, Isabella Amara, Louanne Stephens, Zach Vila, John Mayer, and newcomer Eli Bickel, the latter as Abilene’s little brother, affectionately referred to as “El Stupido.” Best of all is — surprise, surprise — Ashton Kutcher as Quentin Sellers, the smoothtalking record producer who enjoys some crackling exchanges with Ben. Vengeance is the latest production from Blumhouse, the shingle of producer Jason Blum that specializes in genre fare, including such recent chillers as Firestart-

er and The Black Phone. This is something of a change of pace, albeit a refreshing one. It definitely boasts an inventive, independent spirit, and puts a fresh spin on its neo-noir trappings. One way or the other, Vengeance is ripe for discovery. Whether it happens now or (more likely) later doesn’t really matter. For B.J. Novak, Vengeance is his, and it’s his triumph. ! See MARK BURGER’s reviews of current movies on © 2022, Mark Burger.


Tuesday, August 16 @ 11am

Sign Language Story Time with Kathy MacMillan High Point Public Library in the Story Room 901 N. Main St. | High Point

AMSTAR CINEMAS 18 - FOUR SEASONS STATION 2700 Vanstory St, Suite A, Greensboro / (336) 855-2926 THE GRAND 18 - WINSTON-SALEM 5601 University Parkway, Winston-Salem / (336) 767-1310

E THEATRE OF Free and open to the public!


AUGUST 10-16, 2022 YES! WEEKLY




into the /parks 2022


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August 14 at 5 pm, FREE Triad Park

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One TikTok user described her Walt Disney World experience on July 30 as “torture” after the It’s a Small World ride got stuck for over Chuck Shepherd an hour, the New York Post reported. “They didn’t realize for like 45 minutes, everyone was on a boat so we sat there for about an hour stuck with the song on repeat!!” @hazeysmom22 wrote. The boat sails through a facsimile of Walt Disney World while the infamous song is sung by animatronic children. Now it’s in your head, too!


On July 25, a man in the Saitama Prefecture in Japan met another man in a convenience store parking lot with the hope of selling his 18-karat gold Rolex watch, SoraNews24 reported. The potential buyer handled the watch, priced at $47,000, for a few minutes, then suggested the seller pop into the store for a tea. Bet you can’t guess what happened. Two minutes later, tea in hand, the seller emerged from the store to find the buyer, and his watch, gone. He texted the buyer, who replied, “I left it in your car” and “I don’t have your watch.” The victim said he “was too stupid and honest.”


Allan Grainger, 61, of Derby, England, has two tattoos that include his first name, spelled with two Ls. His wedding certificate and his driver’s license both spell it the same way. But on July 30, when his family came across his birth certificate, they were all shocked to learn that his name is really Alan, with one L, the Daily Mail reported. The factory worker said he and his parents always spelled his name “Allan”: “I couldn’t believe it. I think it was a mistake on the birth certificate because my mum wouldn’t let me go through school spelling my name like that,” he said. Grainger has no plans to change his official name: “I don’t see what difference it would make.”

CAREER OPP 2 85 W 4 t h Street Winston-S alem, NC HOURS: Sun-Thu 11-9 | Fri & Sat 11-11 | Tue Closed



AUGUST 10-16, 2022


Folks in China tackle the problem of cheating husbands head-on, with two professional paths related to the issue: “mistress killers” and “mistress persuading teachers,” who talk the “other women” into giving up their paramours. Among the latter, Oddity Central reported,

Wang Zhenxi is a standout: She reportedly was able to persuade 800 women in a year to back off. Wang starts her process by shadowing and befriending her target, and sometimes resorts to revealing the affair to the mistress’s family and friends. “In addition to earning money, I can help more people return to happy families,” she said. “That is the most fulfilling part of this job.” (In related news, the South China Morning Post reported on July 30 that a Chinese court ordered the girlfriend of a married man to return to his legal wife the $569,000 he had given her over 14 years.)


For the low, low price of $6,200, you can be the proud owner of “Pickle,” an unorthodox art installation at the Michael Lett Gallery in Auckland, New Zealand, Oddity Central reported. Australian artist Matthew Griffin is the creator of the piece, which comprises a ketchupy pickle from a McDonald’s cheeseburger stuck to the ceiling of the gallery. The art is described as a “provocative gesture” designed to question what has value. “As much as this looks like a pickle attached to the ceiling — and there is no artifice there, that is exactly what it is — there is something in the encounter with that as a sculpture or a sculptural gesture,” said Ryan Moore, director of Fine Arts Sydney, the gallery that represents Griffin.


Inmate Jazmyne Levesque, 23, was “bored” in the Pinellas County (Florida) jail on July 28, The Smoking Gun reported. So as she was being escorted by a female corrections officer, she punched the officer in the face. Levesque said she “had nothing else to do and was already in a couple of fights earlier in the day.” She was in jail for punching a municipal bus driver earlier in July; at the time of that arrest, Levesque was free on bond in a felony grand theft case. Added to her rap sheet: one felony count of battery on a law enforcement officer.


Central Florida’s Interstate 4 was shut down on Aug. 4 after a semi-trailer hauling 10,000 frozen turkeys caught fire, ClickOrlando reported. The Seminole County Fire Department did not know what had caused the blaze, which started as the driver pulled onto the shoulder. No one was injured. !

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Police, ALE say Blind Tiger staff hid murder weapon, failed to aid victim, impeded investigation Girlfriend says fight started by slur against victim’s Black friends


ffidavits released Friday night by the North Carolina ABC Board give more details about a murder at the Greensboro music venue The Blind Ian McDowell Tiger on the early morning of Sunday, July 31. As previously Contributor reported, 19-year-old Pedro Alegria was fatally shot by Jason Leonard, a bouncer at the venue. At Leonard’s arraignment for second-degree murder, attorney Michael Nash described him as a former correctional officer for the state of Vermont. The affidavits appear to contradict an earlier statement from the Blind Tiger’s attorney Amiel Rossabi, claiming Alegria’s death “was not caused by any actions or inactions of the Blind Tiger and could have happened anywhere,” and blaming “the lack of support for our police department and the dwindling numbers of officers.” Rossabi is also an attorney for the Greensboro Police Officers Association. Instead, the affidavits describe the venue’s staff as hiding the fatal weapon, tampering with the crime scene, and impeding arriving officers. They also describe security not intervening after patrons allegedly shouted a racial slur at two of the victim’s friends, and only responding to the resulting altercation after punches were thrown. One investigating officer described security then ejecting both of the fighting groups simultaneously, which allowed the fight to continue in the parking lot until bouncer Leonard stepped outside and shot Alegria in the throat. The documents released by the ABC Board include an affidavit signed by the victim’s 17-year-old girlfriend. Due to her age, YES! Weekly has chosen to identify her as K. K was reportedly too distraught to be questioned at the scene, and instead was interviewed by an unnamed ABC investiYES! WEEKLY

AUGUST 10-16, 2022

gator on Thursday, with a relative acting as an interpreter. 19-year-old victim’s 17-year-old girlfriend alleges they were not carded The affidavit states that, when K, her boyfriend Pedro Alegria and eight friends arrived at the Blind Tiger around midnight, they were not asked for their IDs. Instead, they were “just asked what year they were born.” K acknowledged telling security that she was born in 2003 and that Alegria gave his birth year as 1999. She said she did not drink, due to being pregnant. Her family has stated that she was only there to celebrate Alegria’s 19th birthday. According to K’s affidavit, five members of the group were under 21 and she was the only one who did not consume alcohol. She described one member of their group as having reserved two VIP tables, a bottle of liquor, and two juice mixes. She said that, after being seated, the group purchased approximately three buckets of beer. Once they were inside, she only observed one person who appeared to be security. She described him as standing next to a man whom her friends told her was the owner of the establishment.

At some point in the evening, a male patron at a nearby table noticed that two of the young men in her party were Black, and said “who brought those fucking n*ggers here?” A verbal confrontation began. She said that, until it escalated, she only saw one security guard, and that no staff intervened until punches were thrown, at which point, both groups were ejected. The shooting is described in the affidavit of ALE special agent B. Watson, who stated the “location has become dangerous to the point that ALE special agents cannot respond without back-up” and “a strain” on ALE special agent resources and “local law enforcement.” Watson described security video from the Blind Tiger as showing the altercation began at approximately 2:10 a.m. on July 31 and that, initially, two males were “separated” (it does not state by whom), but one was “allowed to go back in front of the stage where the altercation originally began.” The affidavit describes the altercation spreading to “several patrons,” and that when both groups were ejected by security, “patrons continue the physical altercation along the side of the permitted establishment and in the parking lot,”

before moving back to “near the front door.” At 2:14 a.m., according to Watson’s affidavit, Leonard (identified as “security guard A”), “approaches the altercation near the front door and brandishes a firearm.” When Leonard and Alegria were approximately five feet from each other, Leonard fired, “striking the victim in the neck.” After being shot, Alegria ran away from the entrance, leaving blood “dripping along the knee-high brick wall between the sidewalk and the parking lot.” In K’s affidavit, she stated that she was also in the crowd running away from the shot and did not at first realize her boyfriend had been hit. She described him realizing he was shot, turning to look at her, and collapsing. “After he collapsed, she was crying, and he grabbed her face and told her to help him. His friends called the ambulance and, while waiting for the ambulance, another friend applied pressure to the wound.” Her affidavit states that, after Alegria was shot, “no employee or security guard outside the establishment [was] attempting to render aid or help.” The last statement on the affidavit is,


“I feel if the Blind Tiger was not here it would help with the violence and crime in the area.” It’s unclear whether this is the opinion of K or of the agent who took her affidavit. ALE agent describes murder weapon and additional gun(s) hidden by second unlicensed armed security guard, manager Agent Watson’s affidavit describes the aftermath of the killing of Alegria, as seen on security video, which recorded the actions of both Leonard and 28-year-old Anthony Delaney, whom the affidavit calls security guard B. The agent’s affidavit describes Leonard as walking back inside the gated entrance of the Blind Tiger after shooting Alegria, while Delaney “stands near the office holding a firearm in his right hand, by his side.” According to the affidavit, Delaney and Blind Tiger manager Donald Beck Jr. entered the office, where “security guard B [Delaney] places a firearm under papers in the top left drawer of the office desk.” Then Beck “closes the desk drawer and then places the firearm in his possession under his desk.” This section of agent Watson’s affidavit appears to describe two firearms, one held by Delaney and placed in Beck’s desk, and another in the “possession of” Beck and placed by him under the desk. The affidavit states that Delaney then “runs out of the office towards security guard A [Leonard],” who was still standing by the front door and that both security guards moved out of view of cameras. Then Delaney ran back to the office, where he “removes an object from his waistband and places it in the top left drawer of the office desk and covers it with papers.” The affidavit states that Delaney did this after placing his own gun in the desk and covering it with papers. Watson states his opinion that “security guard A gave security guard B the firearm used in the physical altercation. I believe this was done in an attempt to hide the firearm from law enforcement officers.” The affidavit appears to describe at least two firearms: one that Leonard used to kill Alegria, which Watson states he believes the shooter then transferred to Delaney, who hid it in the desk; and the weapon Delaney was holding as he stood beside the office while Leonard fired his gun outside. But there’s the description of manager Beck placing a weapon under the desk. Police turned away; blood cleaned up Agent Watson described Blind Tiger staff as impeding the investigation. He WWW.YESWEEKLY.COM

stated that at around the same time the first firearm was placed in the desk, a Greensboro Police Officer found the door “closed by security,” when “an unknown male and female uses their arms to block the officer’s path and motioned for her to leave.” Then, stated Watson, “the officer left the location.” Watson also stated “an unidentified male started to “clean the blood off the knee-high brick wall by pouring a bottle of water on it and scrubbing it with his shoe.” Then “an unidentified female walks up with a bucket of water and washes away the blood.” Watson states that Donald Beck “was outside and observed this and it appears he did nothing to prevent or stop them from cleaning up the blood,” and that the man and woman “were the same individuals who made the officer exit the building a few minutes earlier.”

M. Calvert that “a homicide had just occurred at the Blind Tiger.” After contacting NC ALE Special Agent-in-Charge M. Klingerschmidt, Fisher arrived at the venue at approximately 2:45 a.m. There he observed a bullet hole in the front window and a large amount of blood near the front door. He followed the blood trail to Alegria’s body, “approximately 30 yards away.” Approaching it, “I detected a strong odor of blood due to the large amount of blood spread across the ground.” He was informed that a security guard was the shooter. While in the parking lot, Fisher observed “a large crowd forming around the establishment,” causing GPD officers on the scene to call for backup. “I arrived in the manager’s office and was told by the permittee, Bradford McCauley, his manager, Donald Thomas Beck Jr., hid the gun in a desk drawer.”

GPD Affidavits describe obstruction The affidavit of Greensboro police officer J. Jordan gives more detail on that encounter. “I was denied entry by two ‘managers” who were standing outside. “One of the managers was wearing a blue tie dye shirt and the other a white color polo. They stated it was private property and police could not enter.” Officer Jordan stated “Due to the amount of people inside the establishment and only four officers on scene at the time, I did not make entry into the business.” She stated that she notified supervisors on the scene that the two “managers” were denying her entry. She then spoke to three witnesses standing in the parking lot. The witnesses are described as three women, one 19 years old, one 23, and one 24. The oldest said that she had driven the other two to the establishment to pick up a friend and that when she pulled into the parking lot, she observed people fighting outside the building, and then heard the discharge of a firearm. She said she did not see the shooter, but that four people passing her car stated, “a security guard shot the victim.” The 23-year-old witness stated that a man running by the car said “security guard shot my friend, shot in the neck,” several times. The affidavit of Officer Jordan concludes with: “A disorder such as this is not uncommon at this location.”

“A disorder such as this is not unusual at this location” The affidavit of Officer E. P. Edmonds states that Edmonds was dispatched to a shooting call at the Blind Tiger, and that when he approached the front gate, an employee “held out his right hand to prevent it from opening.” When Edmonds reached for the gate, the employee said “no, no victim inside” and “moved to stand in front of the gate door to prevent me from entering the business.” Then Edmonds heard “screaming and yelling” from the rear parking lot area, and ran to investigate. Edmonds and Officer J.L. Young located the victim “behind Damn Right Studios (1827 Spring Garden Street), which is located in the same parking lot as the Blind Tiger.” Officer T.T. Simmons was performing CPR. Alegria did not appear to be breathing. Edmonds took over CPR from Simmons, and then Young from Simmons. Edmonds’ affidavit concludes with “A disorder such as this is not unusual at this location.” The affidavit of Simmons describes following a trail of blood to the shooting victim, and attempting CPR until EMS arrived and “advised the victim did not have a pulse.” Simmons attempted to speak to K, the victim’s girlfriend but described her as too distraught. Simmonds’ affidavit ends with “I believe this establishment is a detriment to the community.” Young’s affidavit describes encountering “a security officer in a white shirt and blue jeans stepping outside the black iron gates” and stating “there was no one inside shot.” Young described “attempting to gain entry” before hearing screams from the

Second ALE special agent arrives on scene, told by owner that manager hid the murder weapon The affidavit of Special Agent Dean T. Fisher states that he was notified at approximately 2:20 a.m. by GPD Sgt.

back parking lot and rushing to investigate the sounds. When Young reached the victim, Simmons was attempting to locate a pulse. Edmonds and Young located “a bullet wound to the right side of the victim’s neck along his carotid artery.” Young describes K attempting to approach Alegria’s body. After Young convinced her to back off and let the officers render aid, she “sat on the ground and kept screaming and crying into the phone.” The affidavit concludes with “A disorder such as this is not unusual at this location. I am aware of three (3) other shootings at this location in the past year.” These affidavits were part of the documents released Friday night by Mike DeSilva, Deputy Commissioner of the North Carolina ABC Commission. The first page of the document is titled ORDER OF SUMMARY SUSPENSION. The order calls conditions “sufficiently hazardous at the bar that law enforcement and emergency personnel are at substantial risk when responding to the location and do not enter the establishment without sufficient law enforcement back up,” and that “disregard for safety by continuing sales and service of alcoholic beverages, despite the ongoing violence and repeated shootings causing serious injury to patrons, creates a hazardous environment for the public.” Due to these violations and hazards, the ABC Commission “finds that the protection of the public health, safety, and welfare requires emergency action.” All of the Blind Tiger’s ABC permits were suspended “effective immediately upon service of this Order and during proceedings” and those proceedings “shall be promptly commenced and determined.” The owners of the Blind Tiger have the right to file a “Petition for a Contested Case Hearing” with the Office of Administrative Hearings for the matter to be heard before an Administrative Law Judge. On Monday, Jason Leonard was charged with second-degree murder. On Friday, Leonard and Delaney were charged with providing unlicensed armed security. Also on Friday, the ALE charged owner Bradford McCauley and manager Donald Beck with hiring unlicensed armed security and failing to superintend, and Beck with allowing ABC violations to occur on the premises. ! IAN MCDOWELL is the author of two published novels, numerous anthologized short stories, and a whole lot of nonfiction and journalism, some of which he’s proud of and none of which he’s ashamed of.

AUGUST 10-16, 2022 YES! WEEKLY



Family Brew: Mother and son duo open coffee shop, poetry lounge This past June, the city of High Point welcomed a new coffee shop and poetry lounge launched by a mother and son team looking to establish a welcoming space for selfDalia Razo expression in their community. Demhaj Contributor Coffee and Poetry Lounge had been a dream of many years for co-owner Bridgette Williams whose strong love for her son and co-owner, Jahmed Williams, along with coffee and its ability to bring people together led her to finally build her faith up this year and make her dream happen. The title Demhaj is actually Williams’ son’s name, Jahmed, spelled backward. “I always wanted to do something with his name,” she said. “I love coffee and I just thought about the love I have for him, and I wanted to take that love and put it into this type of environment. Almost 15 years later, here we are.” Jahmed, who is now 20 years old, is a rising junior at Georgia State University YES! WEEKLY

AUGUST 10-16, 2022

majoring in business entrepreneurship. While her son was at school during the spring semester earlier this year, Williams expressed to him the desire to make the coffee shop happen sooner than later. As soon as his mother narrowed down the spot’s current location, Jahmed quickly began researching coffee and brainstorming ideas. “As far as coffee, I really wanted us to be organic and natural,” he said. “For other products, I really wanted to emphasize a variety of flavors such as lavender, butter pecan, and more.” Demhaj Coffee and Poetry Lounge is Jahmed’s first business venture and one that could not have come at a better time to complement his studies and serve as “a good internship”. Williams on the other hand is splitting her time as evenly as possible between this brand new project and her first company, Faithful Nurses, which specializes in providing personal in-home medical care. Founded 16 years ago, it now has three locations serving the Charlotte, Concord, and High Point areas.

“It’s so funny because my background is actually in criminal justice,” said Williams. “But my dad, bless his heart, said I was so nice and sweet that I’d just free all the bad people and I realized he had a point.” A genuine human lover, she firmly believes in giving everyone a chance but still rerouted her career from criminal justice to healthcare. Additionally to owning and running Faithful Nurses, she has completed training to be a mentor, emphasizing once more her deep love for giving back and helping others. Faithful Nurses requires Williams to be on call indefinitely causing her to spend less time than she would probably like in the coffee shop. On the upside, her son’s availability to work during the summer along with their one full-time employee, John Finley, has allowed her to balance the two businesses as the lounge continues to grow and establish its presence. Located in High Point’s Peter’s Plaza II off of North Main Street, the lounge has been warmly welcomed by its neighboring businesses and is currently hiring. Since opening on June 16, the lounge

has held a couple of poetry events, both of which have brought in a full house. Ideally, the Williamses would like to host a poetry event once a week but are still navigating the beginning stages and getting a feel for the business and the best dates to host these. In the meantime, they are hosting occasional karaoke nights along with open mic opportunities for performers to showcase their talents. Naturally, wellness is vital to Williams, and mental health is no exception. Once an active poet, she has recently begun writing again and even passed along her talent to her son. “I know when I write it helps me mentally, it helps me get a lot of things out,” she said. “And a lot of times there is so much mental crisis going on that I want this to be a safe place for the community to come in and express themselves. We are here to provide that outlet.” Not far from his mother’s hopes, Jahmed wants the lounge to become the spot for creatives and artistic expression in the area. He hopes to provide High Point University students with a space to study, work or simply enjoy a calm space. “If you’re into poetry, music, or whatever, this is your chance to let out what you’re good at,” he said. “High Point doesn’t


Join us for the launch of JL Caspers at Roar for the Winston-Salem Open Community Event on August 18. Executive Chef Jon Willis has curated a menu full of local favorites that are sure to compliment the entertainment offerings on Roar’s second floor. Grab some friends and join us for an array of shareable plates paired with the delightful ambiance of the roaring 20’s.

really have a center for people to just speak poetry and I want this place in the future to definitely be that.” As summer break nears its end for college students, Williams is getting ready to miss her son all over again as he returns to Georgia State University. While he plans to work at the lounge every school break, he is aware of the inevitable changes to come as the business flourishes. A year from now, WilWWW.YESWEEKLY.COM

liams hopes the coffee shop stays where it is, and she can acquire a larger space exclusively for the poetry lounge. Since its opening, the coffee shop has provided pound cakes from Sonjay’s Catering, whom Williams considers a sister company, and more recently from Tre by the Pound. Constantly looking to expand her partnerships with local businesses, she is eager to give everyone a chance to collaborate with her on this new venture. The pound cakes from Sonjay Catering have now become a shop staple and tend to run out quickly. Lastly, as the Williamses continue to develop this promising new landmark for High Point creatives, their lavender frozen and iced lattes are causing a stir in the recent summer heat. “I wanted to have all of our drinks be different,” said Jahmed. “You can’t really find a lavender latte around the city, or a rose flavor, so I really wanted us to have that difference.” Wishing he could stay longer to continue helping his mother, he is confident the shop is in great hands until his return. ! DALIA RAZO is a bilingual journalist, fine arts educator, and doctoral student at UNCG.



Demhaj Coffee and Poetry Lounge is located in High Point’s Peter’s Plaza II at 805 N. Main St. Suite 103. Business hours run Monday thru Saturday from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The Winston-Salem Open will be giving away gift cards to Roar for the first 100 attendees. Reservations will begin at 6:15pm on August 18. Please make your reservations on Open Table.

LIVE MUSIC AT ROAR Thursday 8/11

Matt Kendrick Trio | 6pm | Fords Food Hall Daniel Snipes | 6:30pm | Est! Est!! Est!!! Salsa & Sangria | 6:30pm | The Mayfair Club

Friday 8/12

Chuck Dale Smith Band | 6pm | Fords Food Hall DJ Chubbs | 8pm | The Mayfair Club DJ Part Time | 10pm | Fords Food Hall

Saturday 8/13

Usual Suspects | 6pm | Fords Food Hall DJ Professor | 8pm | The Mayfair Club DJ Chubbs | 10pm | Fords Food Hall 633 North Liberty Street | Winston-Salem, NC 27101 | AUGUST 10-16, 2022 YES! WEEKLY




Natalie Garcia

YES! Weekly Photographer




DADA First Friday Gallery Hop & The B String’s 15th Anniversary Jam

AUGUST 10-16, 2022

8.5.22 | Downtown Winston-Salem

Pure Fiyah Reggae Band @ ROAR 8.5.22 | Downtown Winston-Salem


hot pour PRESENTS

[BARTENDER OF THE WEEK | BY NATALIE GARCIA] Check out videos on our Facebook!

BARTENDER: Trevonte Williams BAR: Bravo! Italian Kitchen AGE: 28

Grand Opening of Heff’s Burger Club

8.5.22 | Downtown Winston-Salem


WHERE ARE YOU FROM? Greensboro HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN BARTENDING? 8 years HOW DID YOU BECOME A BARTENDER? I became a bartender working at Green Valley Grill. I started off doing beer and wine bars then I got upgraded to full bars once I became more knowledgeable on liquors and cocktails. WHAT DO YOU ENJOY ABOUT BARTENDING? I love making drinks that change the way your taste buds experience cocktails. WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE DRINK TO MAKE? My favorite drink to make is a Strawberry Basil Limonata and an Old Fashioned. WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE DRINK TO DRINK? My all time favorite drink to enjoy is an original Old Fashioned.

WHAT WOULD YOU RECOMMEND AS AN AFTER-DINNER DRINK? Manhattan WHAT’S THE CRAZIEST THING YOU’VE SEEN WHILE BARTENDING? Working at Green Valley during one of our wedding events, the bride got drunk and was dancing on the table and the table collapsed right under her! She was so embarrassed. WHAT’S THE BEST TIP YOU’VE EVER GOTTEN? The best tip I’ve ever received was a bottle of Rothschild family wine and the biggest tip I’ve ever received was $600

WANNA BE FEATURED IN HOT POUR? Email Natalie Garcia at and ask about being our Bartender of the Week! AUGUST 10-16, 2022






ZZ Top serves it straight


Z Top’s Raw Whisky tour rolled through the White Oak Amphitheater on July 5. Storms rolled around the county but steered clear of the outdoor Katei Cranford concert. Kenny Wayne Contributor Shepherd opened, accenting the blue base around which the trio of Billy Gibbons, Frank Beard, and the dearly departed Dusty Hill, have been shuffling in C since the late-1960s. Spanning the generations with hot rods, beards and all the legs, that little

‘ol band from Texas continues to tear up a stage with a sharp sense of pizzaz, cool flash and a peculiar sense of showmanship that reinforced the raw talent that inspired their new “Raw” album, which serves as a sort of soundtrack celebrating the recent Grammy-winning 2019 Netflix documentary, ZZ Top: That Little Ol’ Band from Texas. Recorded by the original trio at Gruene Hall (the oldest dance hall in Texas), the album revisits the rumblin’ early days through the “Eliminator” era that solidified the group as a force beyond the dusty southern rock-n-roll circuit and beyond the music video age—ala cheap sunglasses, charisma, and straight up sick guitar licks. The show itself was an all-killer, no-filler affair. Gibbon’s gravelly banter directed

the audience through a carnival midway of hits, starting with “Got Me Under Pressure,” and a literal thank you before their version of Sam & Dave’s “I Thank You,” off 1979’s “Degüello.” With a flip of the fingers, Gibbon’s leaned straight into their ‘70s catalog, with back-to-back tracks off 1973’s “Tres Hombres,” busting moves during “Waitin’ for the Bus,” and offering a dancey interlude into “Jesus Just Left Chicago.” Taking liberties with the lyrics to account for their location, and as a means of honoring Hill, “you may not see him in person, but don’t you know we gonna see him just the same,” buzzed through the microphone following a few bass notes from Hill’s replacement, Elwood Francis. With a smirk and nod to the notoriously beardless drummer, Mr. Frank Beard, the

trio kicked into “Gimme All Your Lovin” and “Pearl Necklace,” before giving Francis his formal introduction. “This guy, my main man over here,” Gibbons said, with a finger toward Francis. “I had to go find him—he was out there behind the tour bus drinking that moonshine whiiiiiiiiiskey,” he added, with a hiss. “Y’all know that’s not a pin-on beard? It’s the real deal. Elwood Francis right there.” “We’ve been coming around with y’all now for five decades,” Gibbons said, with a hand outstretched. A remarkable milestone they’re able to continue while honoring Hill’s wishes, expressed before his passing in July of 2021. “Well, it was a direct directive from Mr. Dusty Hill,” Gibbons told Variety of Hill’s desire to see Francis fill the spot should he not “bounce back.”

Elwood Francis & Billy Gibbons YES! WEEKLY

AUGUST 10-16, 2022


Francis stepped up in spades, or in whiskers rather. “Elwood had been holding down the guitar technician post for 30 years as a clean-shaven young fellow,” Gibbons shared with the audience, with memories of recent years. “When the lockdown was imminent, I asked Dusty, ‘it looks like we’re not going to be able to go do much or go anywhere. What do you plan to do?’” Gibbons noted. “And he said, ‘’well, I’ll tell you what I’m not going to do. And that’s cut the lawn. I’m not going to cut the grass.’” Gibbons shared the resolve, which extended to an otherwise smooth-faced Francis, who Gibbons recalled saying, “if you guys aren’t going to cut the grass, I’m not going to cut my whiskers.” Cut to Gibbons seeing Francis a few weeks later for rehearsal, “and he’s got chin whiskers as long as me and Dusty!,” Gibbons told the crowd. “Cuz he’s bad and you nationwide,” he said, inviting the audience for the chorus and ripping into “I’m Bad, I’m Nationwide.” Blues riffs and dance moves rolled into “I Gotsta Get Paid,” a local take on “My Head’s in Mississippi,” with heads in North Carolina; and Gibbons recalling a phone conversation with Jeff Beck. “He said, ‘ZZ Top plays a lot of rock-n-roll,” Gibbons howled. “So we’re going to do a country song.” With a tease of the chorus; and a swing


and a snap of the hand, Gibbons started into Merle Travis’ “Sixteen Tons.” ”Y’all know that song?” Gibbons poised. “Well, hell, I wish we did. But we’re gonna do it anyway!” Ripping into their rendition, the cover capped the first part of the set, which featured Francis and Gibbons on matching turquoise Bolin guitars, ensconced by a wall of Magnatone Amplifiers. A gearman’s man, Gibbons’ collection is renowned. And following that first switch— overdramatized thanks to the flair of the tech and pearly-gated harps playing over the speakers—the axes kept rolling. “He’s weird,” Gibbons said of the exchange, taking a slide from the tech like some sort of token; and switching to a cherry red Gretsch guitar (emblazoned with the Bighead logo for Spitfire skate wheels, of all things). “He wants me to slip and slide on this thing a little bit,” Gibbons continued, sliding into “Just Got Paid,” followed by a switch to a sunburst Gibson. “Still weird,” he cracked—turning to the crowd and tickling the intro to “Sharp Dressed Man.” “Sing along and shout it out,” Gibbons beckoned, himself sharply dressed in a glittery sort of tuxedo, complete with a cowboy cummerbund to match the headband worn by a similarly styled Francis. ZZ Top has long embraced panache,

from the Nudie-suited 1980s to the matching fur guitars made famous in their “Legs” music video that dominated MTV— the updated version of which came next, along with “Legs,” and a few sweet moves to offstage. Crowd chants echoed into the summer night as the boys returned, donning fresh red jackets to match the devil illustration on the black Zemaitis guitar in Gibbons’ hand. “We went back there and put on the fancy good duds here,” he explained, with a nod to their new LP and segway to their first, the aptly-named

1971 record, “ZZ Top’s First Album.” From “Brown Sugar,” to the “Tube Snake Boogie,” the night closed out with clamor and a little trip down to “La Grange” (during which a pogoing Francis showed off his punk roots). The pair shared a dance while Gibbons shared exchanges with the crowd—handing a pic to a lucky fan in the first row, as bubbles filled the air and the band bowed out. ! KATEI CRANFORD is a Triad music nerd who enjoys spotlighting artists and events.

AUGUST 10-16, 2022 YES! WEEKLY



Submissions should be sent to by Friday at 5 p.m., prior to the week’s publication. Visit and click on calendar to list your event online. home grown music scene | Compiled by Brooke Hoernke


Four Saints Brewing

218 South Fayetteville St. | 336.610.3722 Thursdays: Taproom Trivia Fridays: Music Bingo Aug 13: Tyler Millard Aug 20: Creatio Aug 21: Honky Tonk Jam w/ Mark Dillon & Friends Aug 27: Analog Crash Sep 3: William Nesmith Sep 4: Randolph Jazz Band Sep 10: 80’s Unleashed


Cat’s Cradle

300 E Main St | 919.967.9053 Aug 11: The Dear Hunter Aug 12: L.A. Witch Aug 12: The Blazers 2022 Summer Reunion Aug 13: Death Valley Girls Aug 16: Yellow Ostrich

Aug 18: Alesana Aug 20: Abbey Road Live! Aug 20: Snail Mail Aug 21: Man or Astro-Man? Aug 21-22: Lucinda Williams Aug 28: School of Rock — Chapel Hill’s End of Season Showcase Aug 30: Boris Aug 31: Sir Woman Sep 1: Post Sex Nachos & Similar Kind Sep 2: Birds and Arrows Sep 3-4: Mipso Sep 4: Interpol Sep 7: Holy Fawn Sep 8: Croce Plays Croce — 50th Annicersary Sep 9: Spiritualized Live


Bojangles Coliseum

2700 E Independence Blvd | 704.372.3600 Aug 12: Brit Floyd - World Tour 2022 Aug 16: A.R. Rahman Aug 19: Kurtis Conner Live Aug 21: Bronco Tour USA 2022

Aug 26: George Lopez: OMG Hi! Comedy Tour Sep 2: Intocable Modus Operandi Tour Sep 3: Daughtry: The Dearly Beloved Tour Sep 8 The Temptations & the Four Tops Sep 9: Jim Jefferies: The Moist Tour

CMCU Amphitheatre

former Uptown Amphitheatre 820 Hamilton St | 704.549.5555 Aug 12: David Gray - White Ladder: The 20th Anniversary Tour Aug 18: Brett Eldredge Aug 20: Andrew McMahon in The Wilderness & Dashboard Confessional Aug 25: Jack White: The Supply Chain Issues Tour Aug 26: Goo Goo Dolls Aug 27: Jamey Johnson Aug 30: Lauv: All 4 Nothing Tour Aug 31: Dispatch and O.A.R. Summer Tour

The Fillmore

Small Business Spotlight

Listen every Sunday at 9 AM for WTOB’s Small Business Spotlight. Hosted by Josh Schuminsky, you will learn about the many small, locally-owned businesses in the Winston-Salem area.


Sophie Annis - Triad Eco Adventures Denise Heidel - Lewisville-Clemmons Chamber of Commerce


BAND AND ORCHESTRAL RENTALS Flute • Clarinet • Trumpet • Trombone Alto Saxophone • Violin/Viola/Cello • Piccolo Snare & Bell Combo Kit • French Horn Sales, Service, Repairs Quality Musical Accessories 3407 Archdale Road, Archdale, NC (336) 887-4266 SCAN ME TO SIGN UP


1000 NC Music Factory Blvd | 704.916.8970 Aug 12: BLXST - Before You Go Tour Aug 13: Anthrax & Black Label Society Aug 16: Pinegrove Aug 17: War on the Catwalk Aug 19: Cristopher Cross Aug 19: Sleigh Bells Aug 20: Chris Webby


August 10-16, 2022

Aug 23: Teyana Taylor Aug 24: Hoodie Allen Aug 27: Kany Garcia Aug 28: Giveon Sep 1: Jay Critch Sep 2: Grits & Biscuits Sep 4: Club 90’s Present Un Verano Contigo — Bad Bunny Dance Night Sep 6: Aleman — Tour USA 2022 Sep 7: Apocalyptica: Cell-0 Tour

PNC Music Pavilion

707 Pavilion Blvd | 704.549.1292 Aug 10: Encanto: The Sing Along Film Concert Aug 11: Wiz Khalifa & Logic Aug 12: Keith Urban Aug 13: Kidz Bop Live Aug 23: Jack Johnson Aug 26: Rod Stewart & Cheap Trick Aug 31: Korn & Evanescence Sep 6: Five Finger Death Punch, Megadeth & The Hu Sep 9: OneRepublic & Needtobreathe Sep 10: Outlaw Music Festival: Willie Nelson, Nathaniel Rateliff And The Night Sweats & Billy Strings

Spectrum Center

333 E Trade St | 704.688.9000 Aug 27: The Lumineers


Carolina Theatre

309 W Morgan St | 919.560.3030 Aug 10: Chris Isaak Aug 17: John Hiatt & The Goners Featuring Sonny Landreth Aug 20: War on the Catwalk Sep 4: Crowded House: ‘Dreamers Are Waiting’ Tour Sep 8: Croce Plays Crose - 50th Anniversary


123 Vivian St | 919.680.2787 Aug 12: Arrival From Sweden The Music of Abba Aug 14: A.R. Rahman Aug 15: Lyle Lovett and His Large Band Aug 17: Mary Chapin Carpenter Aug 20: Kurtis Conner Aug 27: Jo Koy




129 W Main St | 336.258.8240 Wednesdays: Reeves Open Mic Fourth Thursdays: Old-Time Jam Aug 12: EmiSunshine Aug 18: TMBS–Lilli Lewis / Heather Sarona / Tyler Nail Aug 19: Alexa Rose Aug 20: Vagabond Saints’ Society plays Duran Duran’s Rio Aug 26: Hank, Pattie, & The Current Aug 27: The Reeves House Band plays the Beatles


602 S Elm Ave | 336.698.388 Aug 27: Eduardo


117 S Elm St | 336.378.9646 Aug 12: Ying Yang Twins Aug 20: Yngwie Malmsteen



310 S. Greene Street | 336.333.2605 Aug 10: The Meditations - Vibin’ In Peace Aug 12: Banjo Earth Band Aug 14: Studio 176: OC from NC & Katie BLVD Aug 19: Unheard Project GSO Aug 20: Wildeyes Aug 21: East of Nashville Songwriters in the Round Aug 27: Jokez N Jamz


1126 S Holden Rd | 336.333.1034 Aug 11-14: Tony Rock Aug 18-21: Tommy Davidson Aug 26-27: Andrew “King Bach” Bachelor Sep 1: Kevin James Thornton


SOUTH END BREWING CO. 117B W Lewis St | 336.285.6406 Tuesdays: Trivia Night Aug 11: T&K Aug 18: BMLB Aug 19: ZiNC Aug 28: Low Key Duo



120 Stage Coach Tr. | 336.292.2211 Aug 13 & Sep 30: Stephen Freeman 20 Years of Dinnertainment Aug 26 - Sep 24: Beehive the 60’s Musical

Aug 20: Jukebox Rehab Aug 21: Megan Doss & John Montgomery Aug 25: Jim Mayberry Aug 26: Room 42 Band Aug 27: Big Bump & The Stunguns

221 Summit Ave | 336.501.3967 Aug 10: Chris Meadows Aug 11: Into the Fog Aug 12: Sam Frazier + Friends Aug 13: House Flat Iron Vol III Dance Party Aug 17: Nightblooms Aug 18: Swansgate Aug 19: The Nubeing Collective Aug 20: Snozzberries Aug 21: The Hit Band Aug 25: The Prescriptions Aug 26: Deaf Andrews + Ccondado Aug 27: Del Ward


5211 A West Market St | 336.763.2020 Aug 11: Renae Paige Cooke Aug 12: Tin Can Alley Aug 13: Wishful Thinking Band Aug 14: Tony & Katy Aug 18: Savannah Grace Dunn Aug 19: Huckleberry Shyne


1918 W Gate City Blvd | 336.907.8294 www:// Aug 11: Wet Nose Dogs Aug 12: Gabe Lee Aug 13: Kris Atom Aug 13: Ready River String Band Aug 14: Brooks Herring Aug 18: Brandi Colt & Andrew Crawford Aug 19: Slim Pickens Aug 21: Scott Rankin Aug 25: Clay Johnson Aug 26: Sam Bryant & Illia Dia Aug 27: Mark Webb Jr Aug 27: Trent Jeffcoat Trio Aug 28: Freeway Music Showcase Aug 28: Brent Lundy

STEVEN TANGER CENTER 300 N Elm Street | 336.333.6500 Aug 13: Brit Floyd Aug 20: Smokey Robinson


503 N. Greene St | 336.274.2699 Aug 19-20: Eddie Pepitone Sep 2: Cam Wyllie Sep 2: Rails Comedy Sep 2: Bustercups



1921 W Gate City Blvd | 336.373.7400 Aug 13: Encanto — The Sing Along Film Concert Aug 14: MUSEP: Music for a Sunday Evening in the Park Aug 20: Brett Eldredge Aug 28: Jamey Johnson


3326 W Friendly Ave Suite 141 | 336.299.4505 Aug 13: Stewart Coley Aug 26: Tony Andrews



1614 N Main St | 336.883.4113 Aug 13: Throwdown Jones


220 E Commerce Ave | 336.883.3401 Aug 13: Emma Langford Aug 27: The Ultimate Variety Show


1232 N Main St | 336.807.1476 Aug 11: Tin Can Alley Aug 18: Banjo Earth Aug 25: Broad Street Blues Band



118 E Main St | 336.207.1999 Aug 11: Micah Auler Aug 12: Unhinged Aug 13: Big City Aug 18: Kelsey Hurley Aug 19: Hampton Drive



Produced By The Downtown Winston-Salem Partnership AUGUST 10-16, 2022



Aug 20: Stereo Doll Aug 21: Antawonpalooza Aug 25: Dan Miller and Friends Aug 26: The Plaids


Breathe Cocktail Lounge

221 N Main St. | 336.497.4822 Wednesdays: Karaoke Aug 10: Karaoke w/ Mike Lawson Aug 19: Carey Leigh & Andrew Wooten Aug 24: Karaoke w/ Mike Lawson

Kernersville Brewing Company 221 N Main St. | 336.816.7283 Thursdays: Trivia


The Liberty Showcase Theater

101 S. Fayetteville St | 336.622.3844 Aug 20: Gene Watson


CCU Music Park at Walnut Creek

3801 Rock Quarry Rd | 919.821.4111 Aug 10: REO Speedwagon & Styx w/ Loverboy Aug 13: Keith Urban Aug 14: Encanto: The Sing Along Film Concert Aug 21: Jack Johnson

Lincoln Theatre

126 E. Cabarrus St | 919.831.6400 Aug 11: Muscadine Bloodline Aug 12: Aaron Hamm and The Big River Band w/ Nolan Biggins & Tan Sanders Aug 13: Tribute Night Featuring: Sugar (System of a Down), Strength Beyong Strength (Pantera), Pressure (Paramore) Aug 19: Fade to Black — A Tribute to Metallica w/ Piece of Time (Iron Maiden Tribute) Aug 20: Sleigh Bells Aug 21: Circles Around the Sun Aug 25: Niito Album Release Show Aug 26: Bring Out Yer Dead Aug 27: Bear Grillz w/ Oddprophet, OG Nixin, Muerte

Red Hat Amphitheater

500 S McDowell St | 919.996.8800 Aug 13: David Gray Aug 20: Greensky Bluegrass w/ The Wood Brothers Aug 23: Goo Goo Dolls Aug 25: Jon Pardi w/ Lainey Wilson & Hailey Whitters Aug 26: Jamey Johnson 2/ Blackberry Smoke & Megan Moroney

PNC Arena

1400 Edwards Mill Rd | 919.861.2300 Aug 18: Roger Waters Aug 20: Kevin Hart Aug 26: My Chemical Romance w/ Turnstile & Soul Glo



121 West 9th Street | 336.448.0018 Mondays: Open Mic Thursdays: Will Jones Aug 12: The Comedowns Aug 13: Jason Leak Band Aug 19: Zack Brock & The Good Intentions Aug 20: Russ Varnell & His Too Country Band Aug 26: Anna Leigh Band

Fiddlin’ Fish Brewing Company 772 Trade St | 336.999.8945 Tuesdays: Trivia Aug 12: City Dirt Trio Aug 13: WristBand Aug 19: Migrant Birds Aug 26: Sam Robinson

The Sportscenter Athletic Club is a private membership club dedicated to providing the ultimate athletic and recreational facilities for our members of all ages. Conveniently located in High Point, we provide a wide variety of activities for our members. We’re designed to incorporate the total fitness concept for maximum benefits and total enjoyment. We cordially invite all of you to be a part of our athletic facility, while enjoying the membership savings we offer our established corporate accounts.




August 10-16, 2022

Handy Work In Home Repair Assembly & Installation Custom Decks Call for free estimates! 336-689-7303

Foothills Brewing 638 W 4th St | 336.777.3348 Sundays: Sunday Jazz Thursdays: Trivia Aug 10: Discount Rothko Aug 24: Banjo Earth Aug 31: Palmyra

Midway Music Hall

11141 Old US Hwy 52, Suite 10 | 336.793.4218 Mondays: Line Dancing Aug 12: DJ David Wade Aug 13: Jimmy Shirley Jr & The 8 Track 45 Band Aug 19: DJ Robbie Leggett Aug 20: Zack Brock & Good Intentions Aug 26: Jimmy Shirley Jr & the Footlights Aug 27: Dark Horse

Muddy Creek Cafe & Music Hall

137 West St | 336.201.5182 Aug 12: Catherine Britt & Daniel Champagne

The Ramkat

170 W 9th St | 336.754.9714 Aug 10: Shovels and Rope, Kyshona Aug 12: Vagabond Saints’ Society: Duran Duran, Rio Aug 13: Mauve Angeles, Dead Cool Aug 18: Larry & Joe Aug 19: Tiffany Thompson Aug 20: Nite Moves Aug 25-27: The End of Isolation Tour

Winston-Salem Fairground

421 W 27th St | 336.727.2236 Aug 20: Carolina Showout Aug 26: Indoor Concert Series Aug 26: Classic Country Concert Series: Little Texas w/ Crawford & Power Aug 27: Shmedfest Aug 27: Indoor Concert Series Aug 27: The BB King Experience featuring Kenny Neal & Claudette King

Wise Man Brewing

826 Angelo Bros Ave | 336.725.0008 Thursdays: Music Bingo Aug 12: Barefoot Modern Aug 20: Gipsy Danger Aug 27: Pure Fiyah Reggae Band Sep 17: Oktoberfest


last call [SALOME’S STARS] [SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21) That decision you made might still have its detractors, but your supporters are growing. Meanwhile, your personal life takes on some welcome new developments.

[TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) Con-

[SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to

[GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) That new person in your life seems trustworthy, but don’t turn him or her into a confidant just yet. Remember: The secret you don’t reveal is the one you won’t lose sleep over. [CANCER (June 21 to July 22) Your kindness makes a difference in someone’s life. But by the week’s end, a touch of Cancerian envy could create a problem with a colleague. Take care to keep it under control. [LEO (July 23 to August 22) A new spurt of energy sends you roaring back into that challenging work situation. But be careful not to overdo it, or your sizzle could fizzle before your task is completed. [VIRGO (August 23 to September 22) Your practical sense helps you see the logic of being a bit more flexible with a workplace colleague. But you still have a ways to go before there’s a true meeting of the minds. [LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) A surprise situation could cause you to spend more money than you feel you can afford. But, careful budget adjustments will help. Your fiscal picture soon brightens.

December 21) Matters of the mind intrigue the sage Sagittarian through the week’s end. By then, you should feel more than ready to make room for pursuits of the heart.

[CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19) The canny Capricorn can offer good counsel to others. But how about taking some advice yourself from a close friend or family member who is able and ready to help?

crossword on page 11


[6. U.S. STATES: Which is the only

[2. LANGUAGE: What is the diacritical

[7. LANGUAGE: What is the word that

[3. GEOGRAPHY: What is the capital of

[8. CHEMISTRY: What is the symbol for

[4. MOVIES: Where was the “Lord of

[9. TELEVISION: What is Kramer’s first

[5. MEASUREMENTS: What is 4 ounces

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only vowel on a computer keyboard’s middle row of letters? mark used over the first “a” in “chateau”? the Czech Republic?

the Rings” trilogy filmed?

of liquid equal to in cups?

18) A new workplace opportunity offers a variety of challenges that you might find intriguing. Best advice: Take things one step at a time so that you don’t feel overwhelmed.

[PISCES (February 19 to March 20) A bid to revive a relationship that ended on a bitter note needs to be carefully thought-out before you can even begin to consider plunging into a new emotional commitment. [BORN THIS WEEK: You enjoy being with people, and people love being with you. You would probably do very well in politics. © 2022 by King Features Syndicate

American state that begins with the letter P? stands for the letter Y in the international radio alphabet? the element zinc?

name in the sitcom “Seinfeld”? the rock group AC/DC?


[AQUARIUS (January 20 to February

© 2022 by King Features Syndicate, Inc.




answers [CROSSWORD]

[1. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: What is the

6. Pennsylvania. 7. Yankee. 8. Zn. 9. Cosmo. 10. Australia.

gratulations. Your hard work soon pays off with some well-deserved recognition. Meanwhile, that important personal relationship needs more attention from you.

by Fifi Rodriguez

1. A. 2. Circumflex. 3. Prague. 4. New Zealand. 5. 1/2 cup.

[ARIES (March 21 to April 19) You’re wise to let your Arian skepticism question a former adversary’s request to let bygones be bygones. Time will tell if they are trying to pull the wool over the Lamb’s eyes.


[WEEKLY SUDOKU] sudoku on page 11


Exit 210 off I-40 (Behind Arby’s) • (336) 664-0965 MON-FRI 11:30 am – 2 am • SAT 12:30 pm – 2 am • SUN 3 pm – 2 am TREASURECLUBGREENSBORONC • TreasureClubNC2



AUGUST 20-27, 2022