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Lon don Nu r se

M ERV I C M ONOCI LLO Th e UK 's Worl d Si ngi ng Ch ampi on at th e Worl d Ch ampi onsh i ps of Perf ormi ng A rts 2018 i n th e US

...sti l l a Proud PI NOY!








Let t er Fr om Th e Pu blish er


'Most of us came to these foreign lands to try our hands at better jobs ? at a better life. We came here for one major reason: to work and earn for ourselves and our families. Many fulfill this goal and thrive ? some even manage to go beyond.'

ES Ph ilippin es New sM agazin e is back on it s f ou r t h issu e

t o celebr at e an d r ecogn ise t h e st or ies of t h e Filipin os based in t h e Un it ed Kin gdom an d t h e Repu blic of Ir elan d.

We are here to talk about the stories of all the triumphs, performances, and events that have created waves in the community this past month and this issue is jam-packed with it from page to page. Most of us came to these foreign lands to try our hands at better jobs ? at a better life. We came here for one major reason: to work and earn for ourselves and our families. Many fulfill this goal and thrive ? some even manage to go beyond. In this month?s issue, we will talk about the lives of our fellow Filipinos who not only established their careers but also made a name for themselves doing other crafts that they love just as much. Mervic Monocillo is a nurse in the UK, but she is also a classical/kundiman singer on the side. Her singing talent has opened many doors for her and she even recently represented the UK in this year 's prestigious World Championship of Performing Arts in West Hollywood, California. Right after her story is a feature on Romulo Palma, a nurse at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, who has founded the Royaltys aimed at discovering and helping people with aspirations of succeeding in the worlds of international

pageantry and modeling.

This Edition is distributed all over the United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland) & Republic of Ireland.

Another Filipina that made a name for herself here is long time nurse Eden Iquin-Serrano who moved with her husband to the UK in the hopes of getting a better life. Not only was she able to achieve this, she also thrived and even became a multi-millionaire investor and entrepreneur. This issue contains many successes, but it also talks about one reality that happens no matter how much we try to stay safe. Joel Alama was an undocumented migrant who faced an incident at work that led to his death three years ago. As we remember his life on his 3rd anniversary, we celebrate and recognise a fellow Filipino and a hero who put a co-worker ?s life before his own as he tried to save a fellow fisherman before they faced the end. Along with these heartwarming stories, we also covered various events and festivities that took place all over the United Kingdom and Ireland such as the Aguman Kapampangan UK and the Dublin Festival of Families. We also covered the Taste of Cavan, an annual food fiesta, and the Asian Day that hosted the first ever beauty pageant Mrs. Asian Isle of Wight where Filipinos showcased their beauty and talent.


We thank you for your continuous support as we share the stories of many Filipinos that inspire, entertain, and inform. This copy in your hands is filled with many more community stories covering the news, events, and sports life here in the UK and ROI so sit back and relax as you read your way through our latest issue. Happy reading!


WHAT M AKES YES PHILIPPINES NEWSM AGAZINE DIFFERENT? We are a TRUE PUBLISHER and not a FRANCHISE PUBLISHER. We wri te our own edi tori al content/materi als and not just repri nt them from websi tes and Phi li ppi ne publi cati ons. We are a true Communi ty Newspaper as we feature the people, stori es, events and acti vi ti es of Fi li pi nos li vi ng i n the UK & Republi c of Ireland on our paper from cover to cover. We have a more extensi ve di stri buti on coveri ng the UK & Ireland.







Th e Si n g i n g N u r se f r o m Lo n d o n ...

Co n q u er s t h e W o r l d Cl a ss St a g e! By TRIXIE BAUTISTA


N N ATE t al en t i s a m y t h . Th at ?s t h e an sw er y ou ?l l get w h en y ou d o a qu i ck Googl e r esear ch on w h et h er or n ot on e can l ear n cr eat i v i t y , m u si cal p r ow ess, or an y k i n d of el i t e-l ev el i n cl i n at i on .

It wou l d tak e you a l ot of tim e an d pr actice to m atch th ose con sider ed tal en ted an d gifted, th ey say. W h il e th at doesn ?t sou n d easy, th e poin t is, n atu r al tal en t is n oth in g bu t an ou t-dated m iscon ception . Th at?s wh at th e in ter n et an d som e pieces of l iter atu r e m igh t tel l you . H owever ,th at?s n ot en tir el y th e case with a UK-based Fil ipin a n u r se an d sin ger wh o was h as been im pr essin g au dien ces an d win n in g accol ades al m ost al l h er l ife. Case in poin t, sh e m ade it th r ou gh W or l d Ch am pion sh ip of Per for m in g Ar ts 2018 with fl yin g col ou r s. A FI L I PI N O AM ON G W ORL D?S BEST PERFORM ERS M er vic M on ocil l o, for m er l y M er vic Legaspi Fabil o, is a cl assical / k u n dim an sin ger h ail in g fr om M iagao, Il oil o. Recen tl y,sh e r epr esen ted th e Un ited Kin gdom in W COPA, a pr estigiou s con test wh er e th e wor l d?s best per for m er s com pete an d ar e ju dged by a pan el of th e en ter tain m en t in du str y's m ost accom pl ish ed per son al ities. ?I am pr ou d to h ave been ch osen as

(L-R) WCOP National Director - Athena Alcantara, World Champino Singer - Mervic Monocillo and UK team delegate - Saf Je Sais DK Benaskar

on e of th e del egates of th e UK.? A tr u l y tal en ted per for m er ,M er vic bagged 9 m edal s al l in al l , al on g with 4 pl aqu es with a gol d m edal for bein g a W or l d Ch am pion Vocal s Division . BORN TO SI N G AN D W I N M er vic M on ocil l o was bor n a sin ger. Even wh en sh e was stil l an itty bitty on e, sh e h ad al r eady l et ever yon e k n ow h ow power fu l h er voice is by cr yin g so l ou d th at th e oth er cr yin g babies in th e n u r ser y r oom wou l d be sil en ced. Th ey wou l d l isten to h er bel t, so to speak , an d al l of th em wou l d soon fal l asl eep. At 1 year ol d, sh e star ted sin gin g a few ver ses. H er m om , fascin ated with th e

k id?s ador abl e war bl e, wou l d pu t M er vic on top of World Champion Singer Mervic Monocillo works as a Neuro/Stroke Rehab Nurse tabl es. Th er e, th e soon -to-be awar d-win n in g It is safe to say th at th e Fil ipin a per for m er wou l d dan ce an d sin g possesses in bor n tal en t. It doesn ?t befor e h er m oth er ?s eyes. Soon , at th e m ean , h owever ,th at sh e didn ?t n eed age of 2, M er vic star ted sin gin g in peopl e to gu ide h er an d didn ?t h ave to pu bl ic, an d peopl e l oved it so m u ch pu t in tim e an d effor t for th e cr aft th at th ey wou l d th r ow coin s on th e ju st l ik e ever yon e el se. It?s qu ite th e stage or even h an d h er som e m on ey. opposite as sh e h as been tr ain in g an d Th e you n g Il on gga join ed h er fir st pr actisin g for al l h er l ife, star tin g sin gin g con test du r in g h er town ?s ear l y at h er own h om e. Ch r istm as pr ogr am by th e tim e sh e A sin ger ,h ost, speak er ,an d M u n icipal was 5. Not on l y did sh e win h er debu t Pl an n in g Officer ,M er vic?s dad was com petition , sh e was al so awar ded popu l ar in th eir town in Il oIl o. As th e ?M ost Tal en ted Ch il d of th e Year ?. tal en ted as h e was, th e fam il y?s pil l ar Littl e did ever yon e k n ow th at th e didn ?t r eal l y h ave th e ch an ce to awar d was ju st th e fir st of m an y. per for m pr ofession al l y. Despite th at, Even m or e so, per h aps, n o on e cou l d h e som eh ow in fl u en ced h is l ittl e h ave ever pr edicted th at in sin gin g an gel to becom e th e per for m er th at con tests, M er vic wil l al so m eet h er sh e is n ow. oth er h al f, Ru ssel l M on ocil l o. M er vic?s m oth er ,on th e oth er h an d, BROK E A SW EAT AN D L EARN ED was a teach er k n own for per for m in g FROM TH E BEST in sch ool -or gan ized pr ogr am s an d wr itin g win n in g pieces for decl am ation con testan ts. On ce wh en sh e was 8, M er vic join ed a sch ool -l evel Liter ar y M u sical con test. Up to th is day,M er vic stil l r em em ber s h er M om ?s wor ds. ?M y m oth er tol d m e to sin g th ese son gs feel in g it th r ou gh th e h ear t?. Year s l ater ,M er vic wou l d m ak e both h er par en ts an d th e en tir e Fil ipin o Com m u n ity pr ou d. TH E W COPA JOURN EY: H ow t h e


ISSUE 4 say I am a wor l d-cl ass Per for m er... a wor l d-cl ass Ch am pion an d Gr an d Fin al ist?, M er vic said wh il e sh ar in g h ow over wh el m ed an d h appy sh e was to r epr esen t th e UK in W COPA. I L L AN D AL L , SH E STI L L BROUGH T H OM E TH E BACON

W ou l d -Be Gr an d Fi n al i st W as Ch osen an d Con v i n ced t o Joi n ?I can n ot tel l you ever yth in g becau se th e space wil l be fil l ed u p with al l th e stor ies I?l l tel l .? Th ese ar e M er vic?s fir st wor ds wh en ask ed abou t h er W COPA exper ien ce. Goin g in to h er stor y,we r eal ize th at sh e h as in deed a l ot to tel l .

Of cou r se, th e sin ger faced som e ch al l en ges du r in g th e com petition . Th e h ar dest on e am on g th em is becom in g il l du r in g th e sem i-fin al s u p to th e Gr an d fin al s. Sh e h ad col ds an d l ater on a ch est in fection th at l ed to an asth m a attack . By th e tim e th e gr an d fin al ists wer e ch osen , M er vic?s voice was h oar se. ?I was figh tin g m y battl e, bu t m y voice wh ich is m y n u m ber on e weapon is givin g u p. I n ear l y didn ?t m ak e it to th e fin al n igh t?, M er vic r ecal l in g h er

Tr acin g back h er W COPA jou r n ey,on e can say th at M er vic is a r el u ctan t ch am pion , at l east in th e begin n in g. W ay befor e W COPA, Ath en a Al can tar a, th e Nation al Dir ector of th e Un ited Kin gdom ?s W COPA Team , h as been con vin cin g th e sin ger to per for m in th e Lon don Bar r io Fiesta. Al th ou gh u n dou btedl y tal en ted, M er vic decl in ed to th ese in vitation s, fear in g h er gen r e m igh t n ot su it th e au dien ce.

BRI N GI N G TH E FI L I PI N O M USI C I N TH E UK No m atter wh er e Fil ipin os go, we n ever for get wh er e we cam e fr om . Al on g with u s, we br in g a

piece of ou r cu l tu r e an d h er itage. Th at?s wh at M er vic did in h er Lon don Bar r io Fiesta appear an ce after W COPA. On stage, M er vic r em in ded th e au dien ce of th e beau ty

of th e Fil ipin o m u sic th r ou gh a beau tifu l l y san g Ku n dim an . Befor e h er per for m an ce en ded, sh e said som eth in g ever y Pin oy in th e cr owd wou l d wan t to h ear :

Ath en a was per sisten t, bu t M er vic n ever said yes. Th at was u n til l ast year.

?I was r epr esen tin g th e UK per o Fil ipin o po an g ak in g pu so?. Al th ou gh M er vic wil l for ever be th an k fu l for th e oppor tu n ity th at th e Un ited Kin gdom h as given h er an d h er fam il y,sh e h as al ways been in vol ved with th e Fil ipin o Com m u n ity. In fact, sh e h as been a m em ber of th e UK/ Fil ipin o Ch apl ain cy Ch oir as wel l as a for m er m em ber of th e Br itish Fil ipin o M aster Ch or al e n ow cal l ed

In th e com eback con cer t of W COPA m u l ti-m edal ist/ sem ifin al ist Joel M ir an da, Ath en a an d M er vic m et again . Al th ou gh M er vic wasn ?t sin gin g at th at tim e, as sh e was assistin g h er h u sban d as a sou n d cr ew or ?taga bigay n g m icr oph on e?, Ath en a did n ot l et th e ch an ce pass to con vin ce th e sin ger on ce again . Th is tim e, h owever ,it?s for W COPA. W ith n u dges fr om M r. Ju n Degam on an d M r. Joel M ir an da, M er vic fin al l y said yes. As it tu r n ed ou t, it wasn ?t a bad decision after al l . ?M y exper ien ce of per for m in g l ive in a wor l d-cl ass sh ow an d en ter tain m en t an d h ave th e exper ien ce of h ow it feel s to be in a big, big stage an d per for m in fr on t of h u n dr eds of peopl e gave m e m or e boost to m aster m y cr aft an d go ou t th er e con fiden t to

As a n u r se, M er vic wou l d l ik e to u se h er tal en t to give joy to patien ts by pu ttin g u p con cer ts an d sh ows, a ven u e wh er e patien ts can en joy al l k in ds of m u sic th at br in g back h appy m em or ies an d l ift th eir m in ds an d spir its. Soon , sh e h opes to get in vol ved m or e with devel opin g pr ogr am s th at wil l h el p patien ts en joy th eir l ife.

gr eatest W COPA h u r dl e. AFTER W COPA: A N u r se W i t h N ew l y Di scov er ed Pu r p ose

H ARAYA. M er vic al so par ticipated in on e of th e sh ows of th e En gl ish Nation al Oper a. Sh e does al l of th ese wh il e r em ain in g active in ch u r ch activities an d ch u r ch ch oir s. ?I h ave al ways been a Fil ipin o by h ear t. Th e bl ood th at r u n s th r ou gh m y vein s is th e bl ood of a Fil ipin o. I r epr esen t th e Fil ipin o Com m u n ity h er e in Un ited Kin gdom wh o ar e n ot on l y h ar d wor k in g an d h on est bu t ar e al so sk il l ed an d tal en ted. ? m y h ear t r em ain s a tr u e Fil ipin o, a u n iqu e r ace.?




d n a



I L I PI N OS ar e k n ow n t o be t h e n u m ber on e p agean t en t h u si ast s al l ov er t h e w or l d . Th e Ph i l i p p i n es h av e on ce agai n been p u t i n t h e w or l d m ap w i t h Pi a W u r t zbach ?s 2015 M i ss Un i v er se t i t l e (th e m ost pr estigiou s beau ty pagean t in th e wor l d) fol l owed by th e cou n tr y?s official an n ou n cem en t as th e 2016 M iss Un iver se H ost Cou n tr y ju st a year after Pia won th e coveted cr own . Oh wel l !

In th e UK, a r egister ed n u r se at th e Qu een El izabeth Ms. Summer World 2018 (QE) h ospital in Ms. Kacey Coleen Lim Bir m in gh am h as been m ak in g th e h eadl in es by pr odu cin g beau ty titl e h ol der s an d on e th at su ppor ts th is advocacy. Beau ty is tr u l y defin ed as passion for th ose wh o ser ves its pu r pose - W ORLD PEACE AND AN INSPIRATION TO FOLLOW YOUR DREAM S.

The Royaltys Makers of Kings and Queen

Th ese wom en h ave br ou gh t so m u ch pr ide an d h on ou r to Royal tys an d th e Ph il ippin es as wel l .

year s ago, Th e Royal tys M ak er of Kin gs & Qu een s a tal en t scou t discover er in wh ich M ol l y is th e Dir ector an d CEO...was bor n !

Bu t it?s n ot ju st th e wom en wh o ar e m ak in g n oise bu t al so th e m al e tal en ts as wel l wh om th ey tag as Royal tys Kin gs. Th ey ar e Pau l Ren z Vel o M r. Tou r ism Ph il ippin es

John Alfred BendaĂąa - Best Global Sin ce its l au n ch in g, Royal tys Model-Philippines 2017 h as al r eady pr odu ced beau ty pagean t titl e h ol der s an d pagean t con testan ts l ocal l y an d M ol l y,as h e is in ter n ation al l y. In a per iod of fon dl y cal l ed in two year s, it h as gain ed war ay-war ay, popu l ar ity as it sh owcased th e with h is r eal tal en ts of Kiar a Gel Gr egor io, n am e Rom u l o T. wh o star ted h er car eer in th e Pal m a, is a n ative wor l d of pagean tr y after of Pagsan gh an , a win n in g th e M u tya n g Kisha Birockzi - Best Teen Global m u n icipal ity in Pil ipin as-UK an d h ave Model of the Universe 2018 th e pr ovin ce of r epr esen ted th e Fil ipin o UK Sam ar. H e is so com m u n ity in th e M iss Ear th pr ou d to In ter n ation al 2016, M r. Ju l es 2016 Ch an - Best Body Beau tifu l 2017, wh er e an d Joh n Al fr ed Ben dan a- Best sh e was Gl obal M odel Ph il ippin es 2017. cr own ed M iss Ear th Air. An oth er tal en t is M iss Ch r ista Al l of Royal tys tal en ts ar e tr ain ed with a ser ies of Bor ja, Bin ibin in g Pil ipin as wor k sh ops an d tr ain in gs. Th ese tal en ts, al l based 2017 top 15 an d M iss M an il a an d r esidin g in th e UK, h igh l igh t th eir exposu r e to a Bu l l etin Peopl e?s Ch oice l ot bar r io fiestas an d even ts al l over th e UK th r ou gh Jules Chan - Mister awar d, an d Kim ber l y Escar tin , th eir h ostin g an d m odel l in g sk il l s. Su r el y,th e Body Beautiful 2017 M iss Gr eat Br itain Un iver se Royal tys, with M ol l y as its Dir ector ,wil l go a l on g 2017 fin al ist. Ju st r ecen tl y,on e way an d give u s som eth in g to l ook for war d to as m en tion wh er e h is r oots ar e as a of Rol yal tys?tal en ts, Kacey pagean t l over s. pagean t cr itic as h is l ove for Col een Lim , br ou gh t h om e m odel l in g an d pagean tr y star ted M ol l y tr avel s to Lon don fr om Bir m in gh am , back th e cr own of M iss Su m m er at a ver y you n g age. H e th en an d for th , to atten d a l ot of th eir Royal tys even t W or l d 2018 h el d in Al ban ia & tr an sfor m ed in to a beau ty en gagem en ts. Th ese even ts ser ve as th eir n etwor k M s Kish a Bir oczk i baggin g pagean t coach in or der for h is Paulo Renzo Velo - Mister Tourism in pr om otin g th eir advocacies an d fu l fil l in g th eir th e Best Kids M odel of th e Internatinal - Philippines 2016 cl assic tou ch of ar tistr y be du ties in r aisin g awar en ess to discover m or e tal en ts Un iver se - Teen edition in br ou gh t to th e for e. An d two in su ppor t of th eir cau se. M il an , Ital y l ast Ju n e 2018.






How a former OFW nurse in the UK became a multi-millionaire investor and entrepreneur


OR 16 y ear s, Ed en I qu i n -Ser r an o w or k ed as a n u r se at t h e St Jam es Un i v er si t y H osp i t al i n L eed s, Un i t ed K i n gd om . L i k e t h e m i l l i on s of Fi l i p i n os w h o v en t u r ed abr oad , Ed en an d h er h u sban d , Jam i e, h ad bi g d r eam s an d ex ci t ed abou t t h e good l i f e t h at w or k i n g abr oad of t en br i n gs.


Th ey ar r ived in th e UK in 2000, with th en 3-year -ol d dau gh ter , Jaem ien , an d

In ju st a few year s after settl in g in th e UK, Eden an d Jam ie fin al l y ach ieved th e u l tim ate OFW dr eam : a h igh payin g job th at?s m or e th an en ou gh to pay th e bil l s, a car ,extr a m on ey for savin gs, tr avel , an d oth er m ater ial goods th at th e fam il y cou l d ever wan t. As l on g as th ey stay em pl oyed an d wor k ed h ar d at th eir jobs, th e fam il y can en joy th e com for tabl e in com e th at th ey h ave gr own accu stom ed to. Bu t in spite of th eir gr owin g in com e, som eth in g was am iss. ?I was wor k in g 5 to 7 days a week , on 13-h ou r sh ifts, wh il e Jam ie al so wor k ed fu l l tim e at h is job,? said Eden . ?M y dail y r ou tin e was al l

We were so busy working, pre-occupied about paying our bills, our mortgage, and providing a good future for our kids. Hindi namin naisip na mas malaki pala ang kapalit,

2-year -ol d son Jer t, in tow. In n o tim e, Eden began wor k in g at th e l ocal h ospital . Th e tr em en dou s dem an d for n u r ses at th at tim e open ed m an y oppor tu n ities an d m or e h ospital sh ifts, an d Eden qu ick l y settl ed in to a n u r sin g car eer ,wh ich paid a gen er ou s sal ar y an d ben efits, pl u s extr a pay for over tim e. Lik e oth er Fil ipin o n u r ses, Eden took addition al sh ifts du r in g h er days off to ear n m or e m on ey.

M ean wh il e, at th e tim e, Jam ie, took on odd jobs, star tin g as a

Eden and Jamie arrived in the UK in 2000, with then 3-year-old daughter, Jaemien, and 2-year-old son Jert

car er at a l ocal car e h om e, wh il e stu dyin g at n igh t to h ave h is sk il l s accr edited in th e UK. After m on th s of sl eepl ess n igh ts an d h ar d wor k , h e fin al l y secu r ed a job as an ar ch itect, spen din g l on g h ou r s in an office.


abou t tim e pr essu r e: ch il d car e an d sch ool r u n s, ch or es, an d m y job. I wou l d sl eep for abou t 4 h ou r s, th en wak e u p to go to wor k . Un ti-u n ti k on g n ar am dam an an g pagod, an d I star ted th in k in g h ow l on g I can k eep u p with th is r ou tin e,? sh e said. W ith Eden ?s ph ysical l y dem an din g job, sh e can bar el y m an age to tak e th e k ids to sch ool an d get a few h ou r s r est befor e star tin g on a n ew sh ift at th e h ospital . Even h ol idays wer e n ot spar ed fr om th eir u su al r ou tin e.

Eden Iquin-Serrano worked as a nurse at the St James University Hospital in Leeds, United Kingdom

?W e n oticed n a m ar am in g OFW s an g bu m abal ik sa h ir ap dah il sa u tan g, bisyo, o k aya n am an dah il sa h in di pag m an age n g fin an ces n il a h aban g abr oad,? said Jam ie. ?M ar am i din OFW s n a tu m atan da abr oad k ak a-tr abah o, h in di m an l an g n a en joy an g tim e with fam il y,at n agk ak asak it. It was a m ajor wak e-u p cal l for u s. Gu sto n am in g ibah in an g fu tu r e n am in .? Th ey tu r n ed to book s, tr ain in gs, an d l ook ed u p to m il l ion air es su ch as Rober t Kiyosak i an d W ar r en Bu ffet. Deter m in ed to fin d ou t th e secr et to weal th an d escape fr om em pl oym en t, Eden an d Jam ie soon fou n d th e an swer.

?I am al ways wor k in g du r in g Ch r istm as, an d even tu al l y th e k ids got u sed to it as th ey wer e gr owin g u p. Bu t on e tim e, m y dau gh ter spok e to m e. Sh e said, ?M u m , wh en wil l you stop wor k in g? W e r ar el y see you becau se you ar e eith er Jamie and Eden Serrano (in blue) with wor k in g or tir ed an d asl eep. You FRICH Mentors, Terence and Tet Lim car e for you r patien ts, bu t wh y don ?t you car e for u s an d spen d tim e with "Sabi n ga n i u s??Th ose wor ds str u ck m e. W e W ar r en Bu ffet: If you don 't fin d a way to m ak e wer e so bu sy wor k in g, pr e-occu pied abou t payin g m on ey wh il e you sl eep, you wil l wor k u n til you die. ou r bil l s, ou r m or tgage, an d pr ovidin g a good fu tu r e Th at is tr u e. Th e r eal ity is, wh en you ar e an for ou r k ids. H in di n am in n aisip n a m as m al ak i pal a em pl oyee, you r on l y capital is you r str en gth an d an g k apal it,? said Eden . en er gy. On e day,it wil l n ot be en ou gh ," said Eden . Sh ock ed an d str u ck by th eir dau gh ter ?s wor ds, Eden "Al l th e book s we r ead, al l th e tr ain in gs we atten ded, an d Jam ie r eal ized th at th ey wer e payin g a m u ch an d al l th e m il l ion air es we k n ow, iisa l an g an g h igh er pr ice for th e wel l -payin g jobs. Th e sin asabi: m ag-in vest at m ag-n egosyo. An d th e tim e com for tabl e l ife th ey h ave bu il t abr oad was far fr om to do it is n ow," sh e said. bein g a fair y tal e - an d it was a stor y sh ar ed by In 2006, after r igor ou sl y atten din g sever al th ou san ds of OFW s abr oad. in vestm en t cl asses an d tr ain in g pr ogr am s, Eden



an d Jam ie decided to in vest in r eal estate, wh ich , accor din g to th e cou pl e, is wh er e 95% of al l m il l ion air es in vest th eir m on ey in . "Pr oper ties con tin u e to in cr ease in val u e th r ou gh tim e al m ost au tom atical l y. W e star ted to in vest in r en tal pr oper ties in th e UK, l ever agin g th e r en tal in com e to in cr ease ou r por tfol io,'' said Jam ie. "Th er e r eal l y is tr easu r e in r eal estate."

Fil ipin os wh o wan t to be fr ee an d r ich , with ou t th e n eed to wor k abr oad again .

"After m eetin g ou r m en tor s Ter en ce an d Tet Lim , we saw th e h u ge poten tial in th e Ph il ippin es an d we decided to l evel u p ou r bu sin ess an d in vestm en ts," said Eden . "Kah it saan k am i m apu n ta, In 2013, Eden an d Jam ie m et k am i ay m ay pu son g for m er OFW s-tu r n ed-m u l ti OFW . Th e best th in g m il l ion air es Ter en ce an d Tet abou t th is bu sin ess is th at Lim , wh o fou n ded a cam paign n ak ak atu l on g k am i sa for OFW s cal l ed th e FRICH k apwa OFW s by teach in g Proud parents Eden and Jamie on daughter (fr ee an d r ich ) r evol u tion . Th e th em h ow to in vest, wh y to Jaemien's graduation with son Jert FRICH r evol u tion is a m assive in vest, an d h ow to get gl obal m ovem en t th at aim s to star ted on a bu sin ess even edu cate, em power ,an d pr ovide oppor tu n ities to with ou t capital or pr eviou s exper ien ce. Al am over seas Fil ipin os to acqu ir e a l ife of weal th , n am in an g l ah at n g h ir ap at sak r ipisyo n g isan g h appin ess, an d tr u e fr eedom . Togeth er ,Ter en ce OFW , k aya tu l on g-tu l on g tayo to get th e l ife we an d Tet Lim ser ve as FRICH M en tor s to al l over seas deser ve: a l ife of weal th an d fr eedom ." To date, th e h igh l y-su ccessfu l cou pl e h ave am assed m or e th an 10 r en tal pr oper ties in th e UK an d in th e Ph il ippin es, wh ich th ey h ave bou gh t an d r en ted ou t over th e year s. W ith th e stagger in g passive in com e ear n ed fr om th ese pr oper ties, al on g with th eir m u l ti-m il l ion peso r eal estate bu sin ess, Eden an d Jam ie began m il l ion s- ear n in g ten tim es m or e th an th eir com bin ed in com e fr om th eir jobs.

Serrano family on a holiday

As pr ou d in vestor s an d bu sin ess own er s, in 2016, th ey m ade a m ajor decision . "After 16 year s of sacr ifice, h ar d wor k , an d in vestin g, we fin al l y qu it ou r jobs an d l ivin g ou r dr eam s as in vestor s an d en tr epr en eu r s," said Eden . "Now, at a you n g age, we

don 't h ave to wor r y abou t ou r fin an ces, we h ave tim e to do th e th in gs we wan t, tr avel wh er ever we wan t, an d spen d as m u ch tim e with ou r k ids as we wan t." Ask ed abou t th eir advice to fel l ow OFW s, th e cou pl e said, "Tak e tim e to l ear n paan o m ag-in vest at m ag-n egosyo. Don 't be afr aid - if we can do it, an yon e can do it. Life is so sh or t - th e tim e to tak e action is n ow. En joy th e m ost pr eciou s th in gs in l ife: tim e an d fr eedom ." Lik e Eden an d Jam ie Ser r an o, ar e you an over seas Fil ipin o wh o wan ts to h ave a fr ee an d r ich l ife? Join th e r evol u tion at: www.fr eean dr ich .com

Please lik e u s on Facebook FRICH REVOLUTION UK. At t en d ou r ser ies of Sem in ar s in t h e UK - Lon don , Cam br idge, M an ch est er , Leeds an d ot h er cit ies. Or you can r egist er you r in t er est on w w w.eden ser r an o.com

Did you k n ow t h at you cou ld st ar t you r in t er n at ion al lif est yle f r eedom bu sin ess f or absolu t ely ZERO capit al? Som e of ou r f ellow over seas Filipin o m igr an t s h ave ach ieved Fin an cial Fr eedom an d w en t back h om e h appily f or good...FREE & RICH an d NEVER HAVE TO WORK AGAIN. Som e r em ain ed livin g abr oad bu t ar e n ow f r eelan ce en t r epr en eu r s, f r ee f r om em ploym en t an d en joyin g t h e lif est yle of h avin g an In t er n at ion al Fr eedom Bu sin ess.


FRICH REVOLUTION UK w w w.f r ich r evolu t ion .co.u k




Rememberi ng th e Deceased Undocumented Fi sh erman on h i s 3rd Death A nni v ersary



ORTY-SI X -YEAR-OL D Joel Al am a d i ed at L et t er k en n y Un i v er si t y H osp i t al i n Cou n t y Don egal , I r el an d on Au gu st 28, 2015, f ou r d ay s af t er a w or k p l ace i n ci d en t i n w h i ch h e m ad e ef f or t s t o sav e t h e l i f e of h i s f el l ow cr ew m em ber Jam es Joy ce w h o al so d i ed i n t h e sam e i n ci d en t on boar d t h e Oi l eán an Ói r .

Despite th e ver y best m edical car e, Jam es passed away after a n u m ber of h ou r s an d Joel passed away fou r days l ater. Toxic gas fr om a m ixtu r e of stagn an t water an d seawater in th e boat?s r efr iger ation system k il l ed th e two fish er m en . Th e vessel n or th e cr ewm en h ad equ ipm en t to m on itor th e atm osph er es with in th e tan k s. A n egl igen ce cl aim was su bm itted an d an ou t-of-cou r t settl em en t paym en t was agr eed. In Ju n e 2018, Joel ?s fam il y h as r eceived com pen sation th at can l ast th em m or e th an a l ifetim e. Th e M in istr y of Tr an spor t h ave establ ish ed im pr oved H eal th an d Safety wor k pl ace r egu l ation s for fish in g vessel s. Joel was a qu al ified au tom otive m ech an ic fr om Sar an gan i pr ovin ce in th e Ph il ippin es. Al th ou gh n o am ou n t of com pen sation wil l br in g Joel back , th e fam il y ach ieved ju stice in th at th e m em or y of Joel was h on ou r ed an d wil l con tin u e to be r em em ber ed n ot on l y by an estim ated 700 u n docu m en ted fish er m en in Ir el an d bu t al so by oth er m igr an t gr ou ps in th e cou n tr y. Un docu m en ted m igr an ts, wh o m ay n ot be h avin g it easy an d con tin u e to l ive in th e sh adows, h ave th e r igh t to a safe wor k pl ace an d can be pr otected by l aw. Regar dl ess of th e im m igr ation statu s, th e h eal th an d safety of an y wor k er is th e em pl oyer ?s pr ior ity an d r espon sibil ity. Joel h er oical l y m ade th e u l tim ate sacr ifice in attem ptin g to r escu e Jam es an d for th at, we r ecogn ise h im for h is br ave action as we cel ebr ate h is l ife th is m on th . Joel an d h is fam il y wou l d n ot h ave ach ieved ju stice th ey deser ved with ou t th e fam il y?s fu l l cooper ation , th e car e an d su ppor t of th e staff of Letter k en n y Un iver sity H ospital , Em er gen cy Ser vices/ Gar dai/ Fir e Br igade/ Am bu l an ce Par am edic in Don egal , th e assistan ce of Raym on d Gar r ett an d Van da Br ady of Ou tr each Ir el an d, an d th e exper tise of Kean s Sol icitor s wh o was r ecom m en ded by H on or ar y Con su l M ar k Con gdon .

Joel's wife Anastasia with sons Jacint (L) and Joel Jr (R)

Th e l egal team ack n owl edged th at th e case cou l d n ot h ave been br ou gh t to a con cl u sion with ou t th e assistan ce of Raym on d Gar r ett an d Van da Br ady. As a r esu l t, it was agr eed th at a tok en paym en t for th e in excess of 350 wor k in g h ou r s th ey spen t for br in gin g th e case to con cl u sion wou l d be paid. Th is paym en t was m ade by th e in su r an ce com pan y separ ate fr om th e fam il y?s com pen sation , an d with th e fam il y?s appr oval . A fu l l an d tr an spar en t r epor t on th e ser vices r en der ed was su bm itted to both l egal team s an d r ecen tl y to th e Ph il ippin e Em bassy Lon don TRI BUTE FOR JOEL AL AM A

Joel 's wife and sons with (L to R) Juanita Alama Luna and Outreach Ireland Coordinators Vanda Marie Brady and Raymond Garrett

Pau l H or an , Sol icitor an d u n cl e of Jam es Joyce h as con fir m ed on 15th of Au gu st 2018 th at th e fam il y of Jam es Joyce wil l be payin g tr ibu te to Joel Al am a in th e for m of an in scr iption on a

Joel Alama, who died in August 2015 after an accident on an Irish fishing trawler. Photograph: The Guardian

pu bl ic m em or ial for fish er m en in Kil l ean y, In ish m or e on th e Ar an Isl an ds wh er e Joel an d Jam es wer e fr om . Th e fam il y wou l d wish th at th e sen tim en ts expr essed h er eu n der wou l d be con veyed to th ose in atten dan ce an d par ticu l ar l y to Joe?s fam il y: ?Th e par en ts, sister ,br oth er an d exten ded fam il y of Jam es Joyce wou l d wish again to for m al l y ack n owl edge an d r ecor d th eir eter n al gr atitu de to Joel Al am a, Jam es?s fel l ow cr ewm an , wh o h er oical l y m ade th e u l tim ate sacr ifice in attem ptin g to r escu e Jam es. H e is r em em ber ed often in th eir th ou gh ts an d pr ayer s an d h is n am e is bein g in scr ibed with th at of Jam es on th e pu bl ic m em or ial for fish er m en at Kil l ean y,In ish m or e on th e Ar an Isl an ds. No wor ds wil l ever con vey th e depth of gr atitu de of th e Joyce fam il y. Th e fam il y of th e l ate Joel Al am a sh ou l d be ju stl y pr ou d of h im - a tr u e sel fl ess h er o. Ar deas Dé go r aibh a ain m díl is.? Sar an ggan i Sen ator M an n y Pacqu iao wil l be in for m ed of th e case an d it is h oped th at h e wil l be givin g r ecogn ition to Joel an d h is fam il y in th e for m of a m essage an d/ or a per son al visit.

Joel's wife and sons with Outreach Ireland Coordinator Raymond Garrett













H ERE h av e been su bst an t i al ch an ges t o ap p eal p r oced u r e an d l aw i n t h e l ast d ecad e. Tod ay I m m i gr at i on L aw i s m or e ch al l en gi n g t h an ev er . W h at i s t h e secr et t o a su ccessf u l ap p eal ? Th e an sw er ? Pr ep ar at i on , Pr ep ar at i on , Pr ep ar at i on .

Th e pr ocess star ts with good appeal gr ou n ds wh ich sh ou l d r efer to r el evan t l aw. Al l too often , I com e acr oss gr ou n ds th at appear on l y to pl ead to th e good gr aces of th e Tr ibu n al , th is wil l n ot wor k . Ju dges ar e r equ ir ed to appl y th e l aw an d n o m atter h ow sym path etic th e Ju dge m ay be to you r case, th ey ar e bou n d by l egal doctr in e. Appl y th e l aw to you r facts. Th e gr ou n ds n eed n ot be l on g, bu t th ey m u st be r el evan t. Rem em ber qu an tity does n ot m ean qu al ity. For th e h ear in g itsel f, star t with a good statem en t. Rem em ber th at th e Ju dge wil l n ot k n ow you r case an d wil l be deal in g with n u m er ou s cases on th e day. A gen er ic statem en t wil l at best be u n h el pfu l . Al ways pr ovide a ch r on ol ogy of dates as th is wil l pu t

in to con text th e h istor y of you r case. Th is is par ticu l ar l y im por tan t wh en you r case in vol ves l en gth y r esiden ce in th e UK, wh er e m an y even ts h ave tak en pl ace su ch as th e bir th of ch il dr en . You r bu n dl e for th e h ear in g sh ou l d be in dexed an d pagin ated with th e cor e docu m en ts su ch as statem en ts tak in g pr im e position . If you ar e in cl u din g for eign docu m en ts, th ese m u st be tr an sl ated. Al ways br in g th e or igin al docu m en ts with you bu t th ey do n ot n eed to be in cl u ded in th e bu n dl e you sen d to th e Tr ibu n al . Do n ot for get to sen d a copy of you r bu n dl e to th e H om e Office?s Pr esen tin g Officer ?s Un it. If you n eed an in ter pr eter , you m u st in for m th e Tr ibu n al as soon as you can , pr efer abl y wh en you l odge you r appeal . It is good pr actice to cal l th em a week befor e you r h ear in g to ch eck th at th ey h ave ar r an ged for an in ter pr eter. On th e day of th e h ear in g, you r witn esses sh ou l d br in g th eir or igin al IDs su ch as passpor ts in case th e Tr ibu n al r equ ir es con fir m ation of th eir iden tity. Be pr epar ed to wait as th er e is n o al l ocated tim e oth er th an th at you r h ear in g wil l be l isted for th e m or n in g or after n oon session . Bewar e th at if you ar e r aisin g a ?n ew m atter ? th e H om e Office is r equ ir ed to con sen t to th e n ew m atter ?s con sider ation on th e


day. If th ey do n ot, th en th e m atter wil l be adjou r n ed or h ear d with ou t th e n ew m atter. M y exper ien ce is th at th e H om e Office in cr easin gl y object to ?n ew factor s? even wh er e th ey do n ot am ou n t to n ew m atter s. Do n ot r eadil y accept th e H om e Office?s con ten tion th at th e n ew factor is a n ew m atter ? be pr epar ed to ar gu e again st th is. A difficu l t an d seem in gl y im possibl e case can be won . By th e sam e tok en , a str aigh tfor war d case can be l ost becau se of l ack of pr epar ation . A ver y r ecen t case I deal t with pr oves th is. Th e case r el ates to a sam e sex cou pl e both with ou t l eave to r em ain . Th e Tr ibu n al Ju dge h el d th at th eir r em oval wil l viol ate th eir H u m an Righ ts in th at th ey wil l n ot be abl e pu r se th eir r el ation sh ip. On th e 28th of Au gu st 2018, both r eceived th eir gr an t of l eave. As I h ave said, pr epar ation , pr epar ation , pr epar ation . M s Lir a Sim on Cabat bat is a sen ior par t n er an d f ou n der of Dou glass Sim on Solicit or s w it h over 25 year s legal exper ien ce. Sh e specialises in all aspect s of Im m igr at ion , Hu m an Righ t s an d Fam ily law. Sh e is r en ow n ed f or h er t en aciou s an d f r an k advice as r ef lect ed in h er su ccess r at e in Im m igr at ion Tr ibu n als, Ju dicial Review an d High Cou r t cases. For det ails of t h e su ccessf u l appeals, visit t h e w ebsit e w w w.dou glass-sim on .com

w w w .YESPHI LN EW SM A G.com ON PRI N T ? ON L I N E







Chri stagale Borja 27 years old M ai den Vale, London M i ss Beauty & Talent Internati onal 2018 - UK Representati ve






A g u m an K ap am p an g an UK By Estella Gomez


GUM AN Kapampangan UK, founded in 1993, is a non-profit organisation dedicated to serving the less fortunate people of the Kapampangan region.

Kalangitan 2nd Cut Capas,Tarlac · IMAZ Home (an orphanage) · Bahay Pag-ibig (elderly home) · Kapampangan Development Foundation (KDF), working with Jesus A. Datu Medical Center, a charity hospital for disabled indigents Fulfilling their promise of increasing educational opportunities, AK UK has resourced and maintained 14 libraries in Pampanga. Furthermore, the Livelihood Project has distributed cacao, coconut and mangosteen seedlings to barangays and schools for planting.

AK UK has come a long way from its modest beginning, continually striving to ?work for the common good?through the provision of social, educational and health services otherwise inaccessible to poor residents of Pampanga. Through this, the vision of improved HELP (Health, Education and Livelihood for Pampanga) was created. Consistent diligence has enabled AK UK support and maintain numerous life changing projects such as: · The ?Feeding Program?in Barangay

AK UK has sustained its commitment with the HELP, safeguarding the heath and wellbeing of a wide range of people in Pampanga and its suburbs, through the KDF. Health services provided are prosthesis, cleft-lip or palate surgeries, eye surgery, dental procedures, wheelchairs, crutches and walkers. In addition to dinner and dance events, seaside excursions and various social gatherings, one of the most notable fundraising events that Aguman Kapampangan carry out annually is Mrs Philippines UK, a competition empowering mothers. More than just a ?beauty pageant?, Mrs Philippines UK candidates, together with their friends and family who have come along to support their mothers, sisters and daughters, have actively increased awareness of and contributed towards AK UK?s ongoing charitable efforts. Without these extraordinary women, their hard work, and also our friends, AK UK would be unable to provide sustainable support to our many beneficiaries. Aguman Kapampangan UK has gained generous

supporters, sponsors and donors; whose ongoing loyalty and confidence have equally contributed to the association?s success. The hardworking and dedicated officers ? past and present ? have made AK UK successful, contributing to the association's garnening the Presidential Award for Filipino Individuals and Organisations Overseas 2012, ?Lingkod sa kapwa Pilipino Award?. AK UK continually receives requests for help. And to be able to respond efficiently and timely to these requests of extending support to our less fortunate cabalen, we have organised fund-raising projects. Please support AK UK by: attending disco fundraising events, buying raffle tickets, sending donations, or simply by spreading the word about the charitable projects and events! Your help and kindness is truly appreciated. For its 25th anniversary AK UK will hold this year?s Mrs Philippines UK on: Saturday 22nd September 2018 At Baden Powell House 65 ? 67 Queens Gate South Kensington SW7 5JS 6:00 ? 11:00 PM Smart casual attire Tickets £15

Lumad nga Bisaya Ireland, The Filipino cultural organization of Ireland and The Bray Filipino community.



We have 19 teenagers and 40 adults who will join other members of the Irish communities from Columbia, Venezuela, Latvia and Poland just to name a few. Please check out world families 2018 web site and enjoy the concert on the 25th of August.

By John Rei d

A n i g h t t o r em em b er


VER the past many w eeks, a group of Filipinos have been practicing for a very special concert. This w ould take place in Dublin, Ireland on Saturday, 25th of August. The Holy Father, Pope Francis, will join 70,000 families in one of the most significant and beautiful events - The Festival of Families. A truly special concert which is at the very heart of the world families program.

The Filipino Cultural Team have been working on various projects over the years. They are very much part of the city fusion and brighter future project, which is an international festival celebrating Irish National St Patrick day. The team have been working closely on this project for 12 years and have also been involved in numerous projects on a worldwide scale, and are always delighted to perform. It will be a warm, moving, deeply engaging and unforgettable experience ? a very special occasion to attend in person or to watch from different parts of the world. The Festival of Families also brings together an exciting line-up of creative performances and talents. It is a cast of thousands featuring a host of contemporary Irish and

international singers, performers, choirs, musicians, dancers, as well as hundreds of volunteers - all together creating a unique experience. The programme includes community-based artists as well as some well-known local and international artists. Joined by an orchestra of over 50 musicians; over 700 Irish, sean-nós and contemporary dancers, including 500 from Irish dance schools across the country; a 1,000 strong choir; 100 community groups; and 300 flag bearers. The Filipino groups representing the Philippines in this special festival of families are members of the following communities ? Crumlin Filipino community, Kilkenny Filipino Community, The







Fi l i pi no Del i caci es are a h i t i n I ri sh Top Food Ev ent by Vanda M ari e Brady


ASTE of Cavan, an annual food fiesta featuring taster dishes and local produce to the public, w as held at the Equestrian Centre in Cavan on August 10-11, 2018.

Filipino Delicacies, a stall sponsored by the Peace Project of Cavan County Council, was set up by Cavan town-based Filipina-moms Jade Arbo and Myra Lynch. The duo, along with their children and friends, presented a wide array of home-cooked native desserts (L-R) Vanda Marie Brady, Myra Lynch, Jade that over 6000 Arbo with her son Jairius who baked the visitors have not cakes, and Angel Tan. tried before,

offering the Irish community an opportunity to try something different. The event is reputed as one of the country?s top food events and the largest food show of its kind that draws record crowds just to experience displays and demonstrations from internationally-renowned chefs. Filipino Delicacies was one of 120 exhibitors that showcased a unique and colourful samples of traditional dessert favourites that include ube halaya (purple yam), buko pandan (young coconut with fragrant leaf flavouring), suman (sweet sticky rice) in banana leaves, sapin-sapin (glutinous rice), kutsinta (brown rice cake) with grated fresh coconut, puto-keso (white steamed cakes topped with cheese), turon (caramelised banana fritters), and Filipino sponge cake. Celebrity Chef Neven Maguire, TD of Monaghan-Cavan, local paper Anglo-Celt and Cavan TV visited the stall to chat with or interview the talented mothers who, unlike other exhibitors, offered only free sweet tasters and did not sell their products despite the very high demand and positive feedback. The full-time nurse and carer are looking forward to Irish locals having a taste of Filipino home-cooked native desserts joining the event again next year.

A si an Day h osted th e f i rst ev er M rs A si an I sl e of Wi gh t 2018 By Kacey Coleen Li m


N Sunday, 29th July 2018 the annual Asian Day w as held at the Isle of Wight. The event w as spearheaded by M adam Aireen Gauntlett. The whole day event was divided into parts, the first part were composed of cultural presentations and live performances. This was hosted by Ms Cristina Arago and Broadcast Journalist Mr. Sonny Laragan. The highlight of the evening was the beauty pageant in search for the most beautiful Mrs of the Island.

The competition was participated by six amazing ladies: Lily Varney of Hosts Ms Cristina Arago and Gloucestershire, Broadcast Journalist Mr. Sonny Marcelina Blackburn Laragan of London, Eva Moore of Essex, Joy Hartlley of Nottingham, Rosalie Lorrison of Oxford and Janice Suarez of London. Mrs Asian Isle of Wight was hosted by Mr Wilmar Marcos and Miss Summer World 2018 Kacey Coleen Lim. At the end the winning smile of Rosalie Lorrison from Oxford won the judges' hearts as she was crowned the first ever Mrs Asian Isle of Wight 2018. The First Runner-up was Joy Hartley of Nottingham and second Runner-up was Janice Suarez of London. The contestants had five rounds of competition composed of National Costume, Casual Summer Wear, Talent Round, Evening Gown and Question and Answer portion. The Special and Minor awards were bagged by Janice Suarez (Best in Summer Wear and Best in Gown);

Rosalie Lorrison from Oxford with First Runner-up Joy Hartley of Nottingham and Second Runner-up Janice Suarez of London. Abesamis- publisher of One Philippines, Ms Jolina LoftusMs Yemi Hertfordshire, British Model Kyle Vosper, Binibining Pilipinas Finalist Christa Borja and Gentlemen of the Philippines Tourism International Paul Renzo Velo.

Rosalie Lorrison from Oxford - crowned the first ever Mrs Asian Isle of Wight 2018 Joy Hartley (Best in Talent); Marcelina Blackburn (Best in National Costume); Lily Varney (Miss Congeniality); and Eva Moore (Miss Photogenic). Selecting the winners were the main role of the board of judges composed of the following: Mr Rey

The Asian Day was a day festivity that has brought together the Asian community especially the Filipinos living in the island and its surrounding Boroughs. In spite of the storm that has hit the island during the day it has not dampened the spirit of everyone who attended the occasion. There was an abundance of Filipino food prepared by Sumang Catering Services, music and dancing. The Mrs Asian Isle of Wight is organised to showcase the age-defying beauty and class of women from any background.



Co mmu n i t y Ca l e n d a r

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FPJ?s Ang Probi nsyano Cast

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London?s 2018 Ph i l i ppi ne Studi es Conf erence on Representi ng Cordi l l era Spark s Tal k s on Cul tural A ppropri ati on


HE Igorot community in the United Kingdom gives London a glimpse of traditional dances and songs from the Cordillera at SOAS University of London on 14 July 2018.

HE 2018 Philippine Studies Conference ignited discussions on cultural ownership, commodification, and appropriation in the context of the Philippines Cordillera during a two-day conference at SOAS University of London on 13-14 July 2018. Researchers, anthropologists, cultural advocates, artists, and diplomats gathered from all over the United Kingdom to participate in the conference?s academic discussions, film showing, book fair, and exhibit. UK-based Cordillerans performed traditional dances and songs at the close of the conference.

conference. Many of Dr. Salvador-Amores? works probes the issue of cultural representation, commodification, and appropriation. Her interest to openly discuss and study these issues in-depth, particularly in the context of the Cordillera, sprang from a range of research she has conducted in the region, particularly in Kalinga and Ifugao. ?The Igorots have always been misrepresented in the past, and it is difficult to disentangle these misrepresentations to the present. Today, the Igorots are no longer what they used to be, they are global Filipinos and they have a rich tradition to be proud of, wherever they are,? she said. The Philippine Embassy in London supported the event and its thrust in promoting a deeper understanding on the rich cultural heritage of the Cordilleras. The conference was primarily organized by SOAS University of London.

?This year we chose to focus on the Cordillera but with a specific look at cultural appropriation. It is timely because it is not only an academic issue it is also a political and economic issue,? said Dr. Cristina Martinez-Juan, Senior Teaching Fellow at the South East Asia Section of the SOAS University of London?s School of Languages, Cultures, and Linguistics. ?We thought that by gathering artists, academics, actual community organizers who do work on the Cordillera, and representatives from the different groups in the Cordillera, we can highlight these issues in a setting that is open and we can discuss them without fear of misrepresentation.?

Philippine Ambassador to the United Kingdom Antonio Manuel Lagdameo believes that events such as the Philippine Studies Conference provide a powerful and effective platform in addressing cultural misrepresentation and in promoting deeper cultural understanding.

Dr. Analyn Salvador-Amores, Museum Director of Museo Kordilyera Ethnographic Museum, delivered the keynote during the first day of the

Second Secretary and Consul Rommel A. Romato and Third Secretary and Vice-Consul Stacy Danika S. Alcantara-Garcia represented the Embassy during the conference.

?The Philippine Studies Conference presents an opportunity to engage different people in constructive dialogue in order to address critical issues related to culture,? said the Ambassador. ?For cultural diplomacy to be effective, it must provide avenues where we can paint a clear and authentic picture of the people who represent the different facets of our culture.?

I nternati onal l y-A ccl ai med Fi l i pi na A uth or Bri ngs th e Cordi l l eras to London w i th New Book , BONE TA LK

Dr. Analyn Salvador-Amores tackles the issues on cultural appropriation and commodification during her keynote at the opening of the conference. Photo by Candy Gourlay

Miniature figures wearing the traditional attire of the different peoples in the Cordilleras are displayed during the Philippine Studies Conference. Photo courtesy of Cindy Gourlay

Dr. Deirdre McKay, Senior Lecturer in Social Geography and Environmental Politics at Keele University, discusses the Igorot diaspora?s concept of home during her key note on the conference?s second day. Photo by Candy Gourlay

Maria Carmen Domingo-Kirk discusses the origins and connotations of the world, ?Igorot.? Photo by Stacy Garcia

Philippine Ambassador Antonio Manuel Lagdameo, a staunch supporter of Philippine artists in the United Kingdom, commended Gourlay on her latest work. ?Stories build bridges of cultural understanding,? said Ambassador Lagdameo. ?Books and the stories they bear are some of the most effective ways by which we can make Philippine culture and values resonate with the British public.? Manila-based Filipino illustrator Kerby

WARD-w inning UK-based Filipino author Candy Gourlay ignited Britain?s curiosity on Cordillera culture w ith the launch of her new book, Bone Talk, during the 2018 Philippine Studies Conference at SOAS University of London on 13 July 2018.


Candy Gourlay?s Bone Talk is a story of adventure and discovery set in the Philippines? Cordillera region. Photo courtesy of Candy Gourlay

Bone Talk tells the story of Samkad and Little Luki who dream of becoming great warriors. The adventure begins when the two friends meet a boy from the lowlands who shares with them stories about the world and the people beyond their mountain village.

?As a young bookworm reading my way through my school library, I read many books with historical settings: poor Oliver Twist, orphaned in Victorian London, Tom Sawyer sneaking onto steam ships on the Mississippi River, kings and swords and knights. But why was not a single book set in the Philippines where I grew up? Why couldn't adventures spring from my history too? Bone Talk is my attempt to fill this story gap. It's an adventure set right in the middle of a cultural collision, when turn-of-the-century American soldiers encountered a headhunting Filipino warrior people. What was it like to encounter the outside world for the first time? What was it like to meet your invader and to realise that everything you knew was about to change?? Gourlay explained her inspiration for writing Bone Talk. Readers, writers, illustrators, publishers, and many of Gourlay?s avid fans gathered from all over the United Kingdom to grab copies of Gourlay?s latest work. ?Just read @candygourlay?s #BoneTalk in one sitting, couldn?t put it down. It?s a mountain boy?s powerful and often violent adventure, with graphic images that will stick with me for a long time. Makes me want to learn more about the history of the Philippines,? British-American illustrator and children?s books writer Sarah McIntyre gushed in social media.

Philippine Ambassador to the United Kingdom Antonio Manuel Lagdameo (right) holds his copy of Candy Gourlay?s newest masterpiece, Bone Talk, a story of adventure and discovery set in the Cordilleras. Gourlay holds a copy of her children?s book, Is It a Mermaid? which was launched last April. Photo by Stacy Garcia

Rosanes designed the cover art of Bone Talk.

Candy Gourlay talks about the culture of the Cordillera during the launch of Bone Talk at the Kahlili Theater in SOAS University of London. Photo by Krizza Mae Pacleb

Gourlay?s debut novel Tall Story, which was published in 2010, won the Crystal Kite Award for Europe in 2011 and was shortlisted in at least 13 international prizes. Shine, her second novel released in 2013 won the Crystal Kite Award for the British Isles in 2014.

I gorot UK Gi v es London a Gl i mpse of th e Cordi l l era


HE Igorot community in the United Kingdom gives London a glimpse of traditional dances and songs from the Cordillera at SOAS University of London on 14 July 2018.

Photo courtesy of Candy Gourlay




PH A ssu m es A SEA N Lon d on Com m i t t ee Ch ai r m an sh i p


HILIPPINE Ambassador Antonio M anuel Lagdameo assumed the chairmanship of the ASEAN London Committee (ALC) during an official turnover ceremony at the residence of M yanmar Ambassador and outgoing ALC Chair Kyaw Zw ar M inn on 31 July 2018.

The ALC is an organisation of ASEAN member states with diplomatic missions in the United Kingdom. The organisation aims to strengthen

ALC Chair Philippine Ambassador Antonio Manuel Lagdameo (second from right) leads a discussion with ASEAN Heads of Post on the year?s line-up of activities aimed at strengthening ASEAN-British ties. Photo by Kristine Leilani Salle

Incoming ASEAN London Committee (ALC) Chair Philippine Ambassador Antonio Manuel Lagdameo receives the wooden gavel from outgoing ALC Chair Myanmar Ambassador Kyaw Zwar Minn during the ceremonial turnover at the Myanmar Ambassador?s residence on 31 July 2018. Photo by Kristine Leilani Salle ASEAN-British ties through various activities and initiatives. Chairmanship in the ALC is rotated among ASEAN heads of post every six months. ?I would like to express my deep appreciation to Myanmar, led by Ambassador Minn, for successfully leading the ALC in the first half 2018,? said Ambassador Lagdameo. I promise to continue his work, through the ALC, in advancing the goals of ASEAN in the UK during the Philippines?chairmanship for the second half of this year.?

London-based ASEAN heads of post join hands in the iconic ASEAN pose during the first ALC meeting under the Philippines?chairmanship. Photo by Kristine Leilani Salle

As ALC chair, Ambassador Lagdameo will lead and coordinate various initiatives geared towards strengthening the relations between ASEAN and the United Kingdom. During the meeting chaired by the Ambassador, the ALC discussed its line-up of activities and priorities for the second half of 2018, including projects aimed at promoting the ASEAN brand such as the ASEAN Film Festival and the ASEAN Family Day.

Fi l i pi na Sci enti st to PH A mb assador: I w ant th e PH to reap th e b enef i ts of sci ence


w ant to return to the Philippines to train future scientists,? said Bicolana scientist Jhalique Jane Fojas w ho is currently completing her PhD in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (Neurophysics) from Cambridge University in the United Kingdom (UK).

Fojas is also pursuing a Masters of Medical Sciences degree in Clinical Investigation (Neurology and Neuropsychiatry) at Harvard University in the US.

the past two years. Through the efforts of Fojas and Lagaac, the Cambridge Global Health Partnership group will be bringing their technology and expertise to three hospitals in the Philippines, particularly in Legazpi, Bacolod, and Davao. The group aims to provide free world-class medical services to the poorest communities in these areas.

This is only the start of Fojas?dream to make a difference in the lives of Filipinos through science. Having been educated in Harvard Medical School and Cambridge University after Dr. Jhalique Jane Fojas is an overseas Filipino student who obtaining her bachelor?s degree from the University of the Philippine Ambassador Antonio Manuel Lagdameo received has developed non-invasive portable technology that may Philippines, Fojas is passionate about using what she has Fojas at the chancery on 08 August 2018 when she visited the learned from two of the world?s most prestigious universities in potentially treat drug addiction. Photo by Stacy Garcia Embassy to discuss the developments of an initiative she and making quality healthcare accessible to all. another Filipino student, Reg Lagaac, have been pushing for in undertaken by our overseas Filipino scientists. We are During her stint in Cambridge, Fojas here not only to listen but to provide links and to developed a non-invasive device to treat drug establish meaningful partnerships and networks knowing addiction. According to Fojas, a similar device fully well that for scientific work to flourish, it must be was approved in the UK to treat Parkinson?s fuelled by strong collaborations that transcend disease. She has also been working on a nationality or geographic boundaries.? project to bring psychiatry to the community in an effort to zap the stigma many people Ambassador Lagdameo underscored the high calibre of today still associate with obtaining treatment overseas Filipino scientists and how the indelible marks for issues in mental health. they have made in their respective fields. ?Through the trails they have blazed in both the natural and social ?Funding and opportunities remain a big sciences, overseas Filipino scientists have made an challenges,? Fojas disclosed when asked impact in their respective fields that have advanced the about the challenges that young scientists like global scientific agenda.? her are confronted with in their pursuit to bring knowledge, technology, and innovation Fojas is set to meet with representatives from the home. ?We also need a collaborative space Philippine Department of Health towards the end of the where we, overseas Filipino scientists, can year before the full implementation of the medical gather in to share what we have learned from mission. After which, she returns to Harvard Medical our work. That is one of my dreams? to School to complete her studies. establish a national laboratory.? Consul General and Deputy Chief of Mission Senen T. Ambassador Lagdameo lauded Fojas? Philippine Ambassador Antonio Manuel Lagdameo listens to Dr. Jhalique Jane Mangalile and Third Secretary and Vice Consul Stacy Fojas?plans on working with other Filipino scientists who, like her, are interested to determination in seeing her dream through. Danika Alcantara-Garcia participated in the discussion ?The Philippine Embassy supports the work contribute to nation building through science. Photo by Stacy Garcia during Fojas?courtesy call with the Ambassador.








T h e H om e of Fi l i p i n o-Br i t i sh Ba sk et b a l l

K A M PI SUPER SUM M ER LEA GUE 2018 Th e h eat is on as t h e t eam s bat t le f or playof f posit ion s By KAM PI Bask etball UK (Photos by Jun M endi oro)


FTER an exciting 10 w eeks of the biggest Filipino-British Basketball league in the UK, all 30 teams continue to battle it out to finish the best positions for the upcoming playoffs in the next few w eeks. In the Mens Open Division, Controllers (7-0) continue to dominate and remain undefeated, recently edging out a narrow 2 point victory against Rivals (4-3). The competitiveness of these two teams on court, you would never know they are friends and relatives off the court. Their will to win, always produces high quality basketball whenever these two teams play. Shockers (5-1) led by Joeward Jamil (2017 West MVP) scored a season record of 50 points against the London Lions (2-5) as he steers his team to contend for a strong finish. Their upcoming games against undefeated Controllers and then Rivals are tough tests and will prove to be crucial for all three teams. Mapogos (4-2) bounced back from defeat by Shockers, dealt Sunics (5-1) their first loss of the season as they also continue to contend for a strong regular season finish. It will be an interesting few remaining games for these teams and definitely makes the battle for positions in the Premier Elite group wide open and will go right up to the wire on the last day of regular season.

At the bottom half of the table, the battle lines are drawn on who can sneak into the top 6, with both Wildcards (2-4) and London Lions (2-5) fighting for that last spot to join the ?best of the best?. Westside Kings (1-6), Hoopstars (1-5) and Silangan (1-5) look like they are almost certain to only make the Conference Cup this year, but some upsets and strong finishes for any of these talented teams could mean that it all comes down to goal average at the end. Right now, it?s still early to call. The U21 Development Division seems to be a lot more certain on who will make the playoffs, with Young Sultan (6-0) already guaranteed an automatic spot in the Semi-Finals with their undefeated run. Wildcards Warriors (4-1) are certain to finish second and also go straight to the Semi-Finals providing they win their last game. Aces (2-2), Batang Controllers (2-2) and Generation of Miracles (2-3) should make the playoff round while Silangan Jnrs (1-4) and Hoopsters (0-5) will fight for that last spot for the playoffs and avoid elimination. In the U17 Grassroots division, the top position has been held by DL Wildcards (4-1) with their victories against all the other teams until their recent defeat by Barako Strikers (4-6) who have gone on a quiet run and will likely creep into first place if they remain undefeated. DL Wildcards still have the best chance to finish in the top 2 and head straight to the Semis but Bunsong Controllers (2-1) may cause a surprise if they win by large margins in their last two games and take that spot. However based on Barako?s form, that may be a tough challenge for them so right now it?s a little early to call. With the remaining teams all guaranteed playoff spots, Hounslow Warriors (1-3), Omega Youth (1-3) and Hope Warriors (0-4) will now hope that their final placings will give them a fighting chance to vie for a strong playoff round. Our Veteran?s 40 and above division remains wide open within the top three teams, Bobcats (5-0), Poker Boys (4-1) and Luzviminda Bros (4-1) who all want to secure their automatic places in the Semi-Finals. It may go down to the wire and goal averages that seals their fate. Bobcats, who are undefeated, statistically look to be the favorites to finish first but will need to fend off Poker Boys in their last game of the season to guarantee that. No doubt, Poker Boys will put up a strong fight to stop them in their tracks and with Luzviminda on their tail by a small margin on goal average, these teams will not leave it to chance and will fight for top two. Notably, the foot of the table looks to also be interesting as Bisons (2-4), Omega Enfield (1-5) and Idols (1-5) have played all their games and now await to see how Hounslow Kings (1-4) will perform in their last game of the season, (consequently against Luzviminda) to determine who will be the team that gets eliminated. With now only a month to go until the Grand Championship Day on 16th September, expect lots of exciting action as the drama unfolds as these teams in all divisions battle it out for a chance to win a KAMPI Championship, the most coveted titles in the Fil-Brit Community. Keep up to date with all the results and news by following KAMPI Basketball UK on Facebook and Instagram. For general enquiries, please email kampibasketballuk@gmail.com




M YCK ESOLE & BON G M er sey si d e V ol l ey b al l Leag u e


HE first M YCKESOLE & BONG M erseyside Volleyball League w as held in Woodchurch Leisure Centre in Birkenhead, Wirral last 15 July 2018. The teams who participated in the maiden volleyball tournament were F-Squad, Lady Jaguars, V Spocks, Blackpool, Benguet and

Shamrock Ireland. The Finals was really exciting and breathtaking, ending in 3 sets being played. Ultimately, F-Squad from Leeds took home the championship trophy against V Spocks from Manchester who ended up garnering the Runner up position. Third place went to Shamrock from Dublin while London-based Benguet team came 4th. For the Mythical 6, the following players rounded up the selection: Chris Emille Bagasbas (Shamrock ), Elaine Chu (V Spocks ), Micha Siachongco (V Spocks), Jenny Ubasa (F-Squad), Ethel Rivera (F-squad) and Karen Karimi (F-Squad). Karen Karimi was awarded the tournament?s first MVP award. Officiating the games were Mel Medenilla and Akli Dumas. The Table Officials were composed of: Bong, Zel, Amy, Myckesole, Chantal, Stephen, Chloe, Joy and Mitch. The maiden tourney was truly a success and the organisers would like to thank the following friends and sponsors: Amik Garciniego, Ria Yambao, Trisha Ferriol, Beth Giron, Abi Brewer, Bong & Hazel Umali, Amy Mercado, Amir, Bert,

Chubby, Ian, Keith, Joy, Cheetan and Siju. Special thanks was also extended to Debbie Ryan, the manager of Woodchurch Leisure Centre for her support in accommodating the tournament at the venue. The Mykesole and Bong Merseyside Volleyball League will be holding the next tournament on November 17 & 18 this year.

Col ch ester Fi l bri t w i ns Gol d & Bronze M edal s i n recent Worl d Tae K w on-Do Competi ti on


ILBRIT Adrienne Gerolaga from Colchester w on Gold and Bronze medals in the recent Tae Kw on-do International World Championships held at the Birmingham Arena last July 21 & 22. On the first day of competition, Gerolaga was entered in two events ? the Men?s Red Patterns and Men?s Red Sparring Lightweight division. The 20-year old Taekwondoin won handily the Gold in the Men?s Red Patters event earlier in the day with his accuracy in performing the requisite 24 movements.

For his second event, the Men?s Red Sparring Lightweight Division, Gerolaga?s first fight was against Wales. His opponent was aggressive and a pressure fighter. Adrienne decided that counter-attacking Adrienne's quarter-finals match against would be the best way to win the fight. He Ireland - a David and Goliath showdown knocked down his opponent 30 seconds into the fight with a spinning heel kick.

Adrienne winning his first sparring match against Wales

The quarter-finals was against Ireland. It was like a David and Goliath match as Adrienne?s opponent was 6?6??tall. Patience and working around his lead leg proved effective and won Adrienne the fight. Unfortunately, he was defeated in the semi-finals. His opponent caught him early in the fight with a head kick greatly affecting him as he lost his composure and game plan. He, however, was awarded the Bronze Medal in the event. With these latest wins, Adrienne now has 3 world titles under his belt. However he could not have achieved his successes in the sport without the support of his sponsors East Links Residential, Goodfellas Barbers Colchester and of course his ever supportive parents - Jing and Noralyn Gerolaga.

Colchester Filbrit Adrienne Gerolaga winning the Gold medal in the Men's Red Patterns competition




PI NOY LONDONER ?Pi n-Lon? V OLLEYBA LL LEA GUE (PLV L) SUM M ER SEASON 2018: Fin al Resu lt s & Aw ar ds Nigh t By Lanne Torres AST 17 July 2018, the premier Volleyball tournament in the UK (PLVL) aw arded the outstanding players and w inning teams of its recently concluded Summer Season.


Women?s Division The women?s division opened the 2017-2018 Pin-Lon Summer League on the 6th of May. There were 6 teams competing - Chaos, Crossfires, D?Movers, London Pride Strikers, Greyhoundz and Eagle Stone Ladies. After the preliminary round that concluded on the 24th of June, the 6 teams were divided into two Divisions based on their rankings with Division 1 having the top 3 teams and Division 2 having the bottom 3. Semi-final round matches between the teams within their respective Divisions were played on the 8th of July. Crossfire continued their winning streak over the other two teams in Division 1. With D?Movers winning over Chaos, Bronze has been awarded to Chaos and the championship match commenced

between Crossfire and D?Movers. Women?s Division 1 Results Champion (Gold): Crossfires Silver: D?Movers Bronze: Chaos Mythical Awardees: Baby Lane Lacaden, Miles Beronque, Mhaiye Guiruela,Michelle Hadnagy Best Setter: Zemzem Abella Best Blocker: Michelle Hadnagy Best in Defense: Charity Dangle MVP: Zemzem Abella Division 2 teams ended up in a three-way tie and to break this, the point system was used. With London Pride Strikers and Greyhoundz both leading in points over Eagle Stone Ladies, the two teams had to fight it out during the championship match. Women?s Division 2 Results Champion (Gold): London Pride Strikers Silver: Greyhoundz Bronze: Eagle Stone Ladies Mythical Awardees: Lyanna Ramos, Chiqui Anis, Catherine Gatdula, Chona Yenogacio, Michelle Aranzano, Bonno Valmoria Best Setter: Mitzi De Chavez Best Spiker: Mhira Ines Seasonal MVP: Baby Lanne Torres Finals MVP: Mhira Ines Mixed Division Mixed Division semi-final round started on the 10th of June with Chaos (rank 4) winning over Eagle Stone Hardhitters (rank 5), which meant that Chaos qualified to compete in the Bronze match on the 8th of July. Rivals (rank 1) had tight matches with Wild Eagles (rank 2) and Squad Greyhoundz (rank 3) but still ending up victorious over these two teams. Squad Greyhoundz?s win over Wild Eagles in the semi-final round was pivotal as this gives Greyhoundz the opportunity to fight for the Championship trophy against the Rivals. For Wild Eagles, this meant a face off with Chaos and fight it out for the Bronze trophy. Mixed Division Results Champion (Gold): Rivals Silver: Squad Greyhoundz Bronze: Wild Eagles Mythical Awardees: TonTon Rusit,Divine,Sherman Rull,Jun Omelis, Amador Ty, Ramil Pastera Best Setter: Beitoy Ladublan Best Spiker: RJ Rivera

Best Blocker: Jun Omelis Best Server: Neous Mc Laurent Best in Defense: Baby Lanne Torres Seasonal MVP: Neous Mc Laurent Finals MVP: RJ Rivera Best Manager: Bernadette Lagrimas Best Coach: Beitoy Ladublan Best Team Captain: Baby Anne Lacaden Awarded by Pin-Lon Committees; Linda Feliciano,Aries Nunez,Json Okol, Mhaiye Guiruela,Shirley Tamundong and Pin-Lon supporters Leonida Calvo,Yunice Abejon Madeline Dacuyan,Elizabeth Sanchez, Vivian Tapang. A big thank you and congratulations to all the awardees and the winning teams!






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YES PHILIPPINES NewsMagazine (UK/Ireland Edition) - Issue 4  

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