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NURSEOFTHEYEAR2018 ... gets Ci ty Tram No. 220 named i n h er h onour!








Let t er Fr om Th e Pu blish er


WO issu es ago, w e set ou t on a jou r n ey t o t ell t h e st or ies of n ot ew or t h y an d ou t st an din g Filipin os in t h e Un it ed Kin gdom an d Repu blic of Ir elan d. Th is m on t h , Yes Ph ilippin es New sm agazin e is back t o f u lf ill t h e m ission .


'As Yes Philippines is a place to tell the Filipino community stories, we still dedicated an ample space for local news, events, and bits. In fact, we now encourage you to send your own articles of sports events. After all, we know that Filipinos stay active wherever they go.'

Welcome to our third issue. We hope that you?ll find a piece of the Philippines in our new set of features, articles, and coverages. While the United Kingdom is home to many Filipino nurses, only a few ones get to be recognized as the Nurse of the Year, much less have a tram named after them. This is the honour that nurse Luisa Marie Avanzado recently received. After 16 years of service, she received the most prestigious award of her life yet. Raising a glass to Luisa?s latest achievement, we dedicated a feature for the award-winning nurse. Here, you?ll read about how Luisa strived since her relocation in 2001 and how her patients?positive comments and her recent award somehow paid off all her hardwork. If we are to feature Filipinos working their way up, Charlie Bueno surely deserves a space. Most people know him as the chef in a viral seven-minute YouTube video with more than 1.4 million views. What most people don?t know is how Charlie ended up as a chef and a sort of a viral sensation in the first place, especially that he holds a degree totally

unrelated to culinary.

This Edition is distributed all over the United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland) & Republic of Ireland.

After Luisa?s and Charlie?s stories, you can jump right in on the brief recap of Bradley Holmes?performance at the UK Festival Caravan 2018. Talented and energetic, the rocker dad brought the Filipino-British communities together.


In this issue, you?ll also find yourself reading yet another piece about Filipino cuisine. We covered the recent participation of Romulo CafĂŠ at We Love Asian Food Day. Again, the renowned restaurant gave East London a taste of Filipino cuisine and culture. Our contributor Micah Lee is back as well. In her article, she tackled the pros and cons of going to a university. Honest and realistic, her piece will give you an idea if getting a degree is really worth the time, the effort, and of course, the loan. Inside the pages of this issue, you?ll also get a glimpse of our Face of the Month, Giselle Fernandez. This 19-year-old stunner was born in Makati City. As Yes Philippines is a place to tell the Filipino community stories, we still dedicated an ample space for local news, events, and bits. In fact, we now encourage you to send your own articles of sports events. After all, we know that Filipinos stay active wherever they go.


Once more, we would like to thank you for supporting our attempt to share Filipinos' stories that inspire, entertain, and inform. At the end of the day, we aim to have every Filipino in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland proud of our heritage and culture. Happy reading!


WHAT M AKES YES PHILIPPINES NEWSM AGAZINE DIFFERENT? We are a TRUE PUBLISHER and not a FRANCHISE PUBLISHER. We wri te our own edi tori al content/materi als and not just repri nt them from websi tes and Phi li ppi ne publi cati ons. We are a true Communi ty Newspaper as we feature the people, stori es, events and acti vi ti es of Fi li pi nos li vi ng i n the UK & Republi c of Ireland on our paper from cover to cover. We have a more extensi ve di stri buti on coveri ng the UK & Ireland.





Nurse of th e Year 2018



City Tram 220 has Luisa's name on it in her honour as Nottingham's Nurse of the Year.

EING r ecogn ized with th e Nu r se of th e Year awar d is on e r em ar k abl e th in g. H owever ,h avin g a tr am n am ed in you r h on ou r is on a wh ol e

oth er l evel .

For on e Fil ipin a n u r se, th is was tr u l y a on ce in a l ifetim e ach ievem en t. After wor k in g for 16 year s in Nottin gh am as a n u r se, Lu isa M ar ie Avan zado n ever expected th at sh e wou l d win su ch as a pr estigiou s awar d. A Dav aoeĂą a jou r n ey t o t h e UK A Fil ipin a n u r se wh o fou n d h er way to th e Un ited Kin gdom in th e ear l y 2000s, Lu isa Avan zado h ail ed fr om Davao, a fl ou r ish in g city in th e Ph il ippin es. Avan zado fir st m igr ated to th e Un ited Kin gdom back in 2001. Th at was th e year wh en th er e h ad been a r apid in cr ease in th e in fl ow of n u r ses to th e UK fr om th e Ph il ippin es an d oth er cou n tr ies. Sh e said th at it h ad been a dau n tin g m om en t for h er to wor k abr oad especial l y sin ce I was goin g to be away fr om fam il y an d fr ien ds. Non eth el ess, sh e per sever ed. ?Sin ce th e Ph il ippin es h ad m or e sk il l ed wor k er s th an jobs,? sh e star ted. ?I took th e ch an ce to br oaden m y pr ofession al an d per son al h or izon s.? Sh e al so added th at sh e wan ted to be ch al l en ged an d to al so wor k to h er fu l l poten tial as a qu al ified n u r se, th e r eason wh y sh e was in ter ested in r el ocatin g to th e UK.

Luisa M arie w ith her aw ard as Nottingham's Nurse & M idw ife of the Year 2018

h er an d h er br oth er (wh o al so wor k s as Tr u e en ou gh , sh e adm itted th at it was a n u r se in Sou th m ead H ospital in difficu l t at th e star t. Sh e h ad to star t Br istol , En gl an d) to pu r su e a car eer in fr om scr atch , fr om fu r n ish in g an n u r sin g. em pty r oom to bu il din g a n ew cir cl e of fr ien ds. For tu n atel y, swer in g th is cal l in g to ?It's been a An sh e fel t at h om e in th e UK. Sh e h el p peopl e su r el y gave said th at h er col l eagu es at wor k great Avan zado an u n expected wer e wel l -pr epar ed wh en th e privilege to su r pr ise wh en sh e was Fil ipin o n u r ses ar r ived in n am ed as Nu r se of th e have my En gl an d. Th ey establ ish ed Year an d In ter n ation al name on con tact with th e Fil ipin o Nu r se of th e Year at th e com m u n ity an d th at r eal l y an n u al Nu r se an d the tram. h el ped h er with h er M idwife of th e Year It? s a once h om esick n ess. Awar ds th at took pl ace in a lifetime l ast M ay 2018. Year s l ater ,Avan zado seem s to h ave settl ed in qu ite n icel y. H er h u sban d fol l owed h er to th e UK an d n ow al so wor k s for th e NH S.

it fel t l ik e to win th is awar d. ?It's been a gr eat pr ivil ege to h ave m y n am e on th e tr am . It?s a on ce in a l ifetim e ach ievem en t.? Sh e al so adds th at h er fam il y was as

achievement.?Sh e wor k s as a staff

?W e ar e n ot in a r u sh to h ead back too soon ,? sh e said. Sh e al so adds th at th eir l on gin g to see far -away pl aces is

n u r se at th e Ber m an 2 W ar d at Nottin gh am City H ospital . W h en th ou san ds of m em ber s of th e pu bl ic cast th eir votes in an on l in e pol l to deter m in e wh o wil l win th is pr estigiou s awar d, sh e gar n er ed th e m ost votes. Th is is a testam en t to Avan zado?s dedication to h er wor k , bein g in th e m in d of th e peopl e wh o sh e h el ped an d ser ved.

H owever ,th is isn ?t wh er e Avan zado?s stor y en ds as on e tr am n ow car r ies th e n am e of a Fil ipin o. As it tu r n s ou t, al on g with gettin g City Tram No. 220 named in Luisa's honour th is awar d, Lu isa Avan zado?s gr eater th an th eir h om esick n ess an d n am e was al so pl aced on th e side of th at th er e is stil l a l ot to see an d tr am 220. discover in En gl an d. N am ed af t er a t r am Bein g som eon e wh o?s passion ate abou t h er pr ofession , it?s n o su r pr ise th at n u r sin g al so r u n s in th e fam il y as sh e h as fou r au n ts wh o wor k ed as n u r ses in th e USA. Avan zado says th at th ey wer e th e on es wh o en cou r aged

Recogn ized at th e NET?s W il k in son Str eet depot on W edn esday,Ju n e 27, Avan zado witn essed th e u n veil in g of h er n am e on th e tr am . ?I was r eal l y over wh el m ed, h on ou r ed an d h u m bl ed to be n am ed as th e n u r se of th e year ,? sh e said wh en ask ed wh at

Luisa w ith husband Oscar over wh el m ed as m u ch as h er an d th at l oved on es, fr ien ds, an d col l eagu es wer e h appy an d su ppor tive as wel l . W h en ask ed abou t h er qu al ities th at sh e th ou gh t h ad l ed h er to win th is awar d, sh e says th at it's been h ar d wor k an d dedication to h er job. H er passion for h er wor k sh ows as sh e l oves bein g a n u r se. Col l eagu es al so say th at sh e?s a su per n u r se an d th at th ey feel safe wh en sh e wor k s with th em . Sh e al so pl ays var iou s r ol es in th e h ospital . Oth er th an pr ovidin g qu al ity an d h ol istic car e for h er patien ts, sh e al so com m u n icates with th e patien ts? fam il y an d th e oth er m u l ti-discipl in ar y team s. Sh e n otes th at sh e feel s h appy wh en patien ts an d th eir r el atives give h er positive com m en ts an d appr eciate wh at sh e h as don e for th em . ?I?m so h appy to h ear fr om m y patien ts an d th eir fam il ies wh o said th at th ey wer e so pr ou d of m e wh en th ey r ead th e ar ticl e in th e Nottin gh am Post an d voted for m e as th e n u r se of th e year ,? sh e said.






CHA RLI E BUENO BENIHANA's st ar TEPPANYAKI CHEF Prov es th at h i s cook i ng sk i l l s and f unny anti cs are th e best w ay to h i s di ners' h earts & tummi es Charlie Bueno's viral video on You Tube w hich made him an internet sensation w as uploade by Norw egian Kjetil Palmquist and has over 1.4 million view s. Last Spring 2018, Charlie had a brief role of a Teppanyaki Chef in the Hollyw ood movie SHOW DOGS.


SK an y on e t o d escr i be Fi l i p i n os an d t h e w or d ?h osp i t abl e? m i gh t com e u p a f ew t i m es.

It?s som eth in g th at h as been em bedded in th e cu l tu r e. W h en ever th er e wil l be gu ests com in g over ,r est assu r ed th at a m eal fit for ten is wh at gr eets you u pon en ter in g th eir h om e. Ch ar l ie Bu en o, a 45-year -ol d Fil ipin o ch ef based in Lon don , took Pin oy h ospital ity to th e n ext l evel . Th e differ en ce? H e sh owed Fil ipin o h ospital ity an d u pbeat per son al ity n ot in th e com for ts of h is h om e bu t in h is wor k pl ace. W ith h ow m u ch th e in ter n et an d social m edia h as becom e a big par t of ever ybody?s l ives, on e u pl iftin g stor y wil l su r el y stan d ou t. Th is ch ef did ju st th at.

Zam bal es. H e got h is fir st taste of th e cu l in ar y in du str y wh en h e fir st star ted as a stewar d or dish wash er in Sh an gr i La, a pr estigiou s h otel in th e Ph il ippin es. H e cam e fr om h u m bl e begin n in gs an d sl owl y wor k ed h is way u p th e cu l in ar y in du str y. As fate wou l d h ave it, h is h ar d wor k an d passion for cook in g l ed h im to br in g h is sk il l s to Du bai. Even tu al l y, h e fou n d h is way to Lon don wh er e h e con tin u ed to

l ife wh en h e was in th e Ph il ippin es.

This is the video that has gone viral on You Tube with over 1.4 million views. ?N ung bata pa ako, m agaling akong m agluto (W h en I was you n ger ,I was a gr eat cook ),? h e n oted. ?Dahil sa kahir apan, kinailangan kong m atutong m agluto (Becau se of pover ty,I was pu sh ed to l ear n h ow to cook .)?

Bein g a ch ef wasn ?t r eal l y som eth in g th at Ch ar l ie dr eam ed of ever sin ce h e was a ch il d. H e Ch ar l ie Bu en o?s n am e fir st gr adu ated with a degr ee in m ade r ou n ds on th e in ter n et Benihana Restaurant in Piccadilly is where Charlie can be found M ech an ical En gin eer in g, a wh en a video of h im cook in g entertaining diners. Benihana has another branch in Chelsea. cou r se on e wou l dn ?t r eal l y was fir st u pl oaded on You expect h im to get in to an d en d u p Tu be back in Ju l y 2014. Fou r cr eatin g th e m ost exqu isite establ ish a car eer in cook in g. Th is was year s l ater an d watch in g th e video wil l dish es. Non eth el ess, h e en ded u p wh er e h e becam e a Teppan yak i ch ef stil l su r el y m ak e an yon e sm il e. fl ou r ish in g in th e cu l in ar y in du str y for Ben ih an a in Piccadil l y,th e Japan ese an d even tu al l y fou n d em pl oym en t in H owever ,th is wasn ?t ju st a n or m al day r estau r an t wh er e h is vir al video was Ben ih an a in 2011. at a r estau r an t, doin g h is job. W h at tak en . cau gh t peopl e?s atten tion was h is Th e v i r al v i d eo In l ife, past exper ien ces l ead u s to acr obatic cook in g sk il l s an d h is fu n n y u n expected destin ies. Th is was ?Blessing in disguise sakin ang an d qu ir k y way of ser vin g h is especial l y tr u e for Ch ar l ie Bu en o. pagluluto (Cook in g is a bl essin g in cu stom er s, som eth in g th at r efl ects W h en ask ed abou t h is r oots as a cook , Fil ipin o cu l tu r e wh en it com es to disgu ise for m e),? h e said. h e said th at h is statu s back wh en h e ser vin g gu ests. was you n ger was wh at pu sh ed h im to Tr u e en ou gh , h is passion an d H u m bl e begi n n i n gs l ear n . M or e th an two decades of en th u siasm for cook in g sh in ed cu l in ar y exper tise al l l in k s back to h is th r ou gh th e video. In fact, it tr u l y was a Ch ar l ie h ail ed fr om th e pr ovin ce of


bl essin g as h e wou l dn ?t be cook in g in Lon don n ow if it wer en ?t for h is l ove for th is ar t. Cook in g even catapu l ted h im to becom in g som eth in g of an in ter n et sen sation as h is cl ip spr ead l ik e wil dfir e on l in e. Th e cl ip l asted for m or e th an seven m in u tes, sh owin g Bu en o?s an tics as h e cook s for h is cl ien ts. As h e fl ipped an d ch opped, h e wowed h is cu stom er s with h is cook in g sk il l s an d joyfu l per son al ity. Ch ar l ie Bu en o al so n oted th at in h is l in e of wor k as a Teppan yak i ch ef, sh owm an sh ip is vital . H e u su al l y tr ies to get a feel of h is cu stom er s fir st befor e pr oceedin g on h ow to en ter tain th em . W h en ask ed abou t h is r eaction wh en h e fou n d ou t th at th e video wen t vir al , h e adm itted th at at fir st, h e was con cer n ed abou t wh at it m ean t to h im bein g a ch ef in Ben ih an a. H e al so fel t sh y u pon watch in g th e video an d h e said th at h e wasn ?t r eal l y th e type wh o wou l d del ve too m u ch on social m edia. In fact, it was h is son wh o was th e on e wh o even m ade h im a Facebook page. In th e en d, th e video was m et with del igh t by viewer s. Titl ed "Fu n n y Fil ipin o Ch ef", it was fir st u pl oaded in 2014 an d th e or igin al u pl oaded cl ip gar n er ed m or e th an 120,000 views by th e tim e Ph il ippin e m edia gian t ABS-CBN r epor ted th e stor y. It sh ows h is u pbeat dem ean ou r du r in g th e cook in g session , som eth in g th at wou l d su r el y pu t a sm il e on an yon e's face u pon watch in g th e cl ip. "M ay kaya nam an pala ako (I gu ess I do h ave poten tial )," h e r ecal l ed th in k in g back wh en h e watch ed it again .





6 PLUS 1: THE BRADLEY HOLMES UK FESTIVAL CARAVAN TOUR 2018 By CAROL PAN DAY FTER t ou r i n g 6 ci t i es, Th e Voi ce of t h e Ph i l i p p i n es Rock er Dad , Br ad l ey H ol m es, m ay h av e l ef t t h e UK bu t h e?s d ef i n i t el y i m p r essed ev er y on e i n t h e Fi l i p i n o-Br i t i sh com m u n i t y t h at h e i s a qu i n t essen t i al p er f or m er . H ol m es p r ov ed t h at m u si c i s i n st r u m en t al i n gat h er i n g Fi l i p i n os acr oss t h e UK t o cel ebr at e. A cel ebr at i on t o sh ar e ou r cu l t u r e, m u si c an d t r ad i t i on t o t h e w i d er Br i t i sh com m u n i t y.


Br adl ey H ol m es was th e ch osen ar tist to be th e m ain per for m er for th e UK Festival Car avan Tou r 2018, pr odu ced by Sim pl yC, PR & Even t. H is tou r k ick ed off in Bel fast fol l owed by sh ows in Ken t, Newcastl e, M an ch ester ,Bir m in gh am an d Lon don . Th e seven teen gr u el l in g h ou r s of tr avel fr om M an il a was n ot an excu se to n ot del iver excitin g an d cr owd-pl easin g per for m an ces. H is r eper toir e var ied fr om OPM , Bal l ad an d Rock sh owcasin g th e r eal voice of Br adl ey H ol m es. H is per for m an ce tr u l y r ock ed ever y city h e visited l eavin g th e au dien ce in awe, with n o gen der excl u sion . Fr om sin gl e to m ar r ied, divor ced, ol d-age pen sion er s, m en in tattoos...ever yon e fel l in l ove wih h im , h is m u sic an d h is voice. H e was com pl etel y en gaged with th e au dien ce, l eavin g th em to cr ave for m or e!

BEL FAST Ju n e 16

K EN T Ju n e 17

N EW CASTL E Ju n e 23

CH OOSI N G BRADL EY H OL M ES Pr odu cer s wan t to h ave an ar tist th at h as both good l ook s an d tal en t. H avin g th em both is a r eal bon u s. Fin din g a m al e per for m er is al ways a ch al l en ge. Based on statistics, an d with n o in ten tion to offen d wom en , m al e per for m er s ar e m or e m ar k etabl e, as wom en ar e con sider ed to be th eir gr eat au dien ce. Ju st br owsin g over th e m an y l ists of m al e ar tists fr om th e Ph il ippin es, Br adl ey's l ast n am e r an g a bel l . Th r ou gh social m edia, th e jou r n ey of con n ectin g with h im star ted by sen din g a m essage th r ou gh m essen ger. It su r e is on e of th ose r isk s you can m ak e, an d it was in deed wor th th e tr y. A m essage was sen t, h e r epl ied.. A m eetin g was ar r an ged, an d ever yth in g is h istor y. Th u s, was bor n th e UK Festival Car avan Tou r 2018 with Br adl ey H ol m es as th e featu r ed ar tist.

M AN CH ESTER Ju n e 24

A TH ROW BACK Last Jan u ar y,Br adl ey H ol m es sh ar ed th e stage with JBK, th e M il l en n ial Tr io wh o join ed th e X Factor UK 2017, for a ser ies of con cer ts. Th eir UK Tou r becam e a taster to m ost of th e pr odu cer s acr oss th e UK. H avin g seen an d watch ed th em th r ou gh th eir ser ies of con cer ts in th e UK, th e pr odu cer s got in ter ested as m ost of th em wer e pr epar in g for th e Bar r io Fiesta, Festival s an d cel ebr ation s of th e Ph il ippin e In depen den ce Day in Ju n e. Upon th eir r etu r n to M an il a, JBK an d Br adl ey atten ded to th eir r espective com m itm en ts. JBK sign ed with GM A 7 wh il st Br adl ey con tin u ed to do h is r egu l ar gigs, TV gu estin gs an d Tel eser ye tapin gs for ABS-CBN?s La Lu n a San gr e, wh ich is top-bil l ed by Kath r yn Ber n ar do an d Dan iel Padil l a an d San a Dal awa an g Pu so k o with Jodi Sta M ar ia, Robin Padil l a an d Rich ar d Yap. Th e Tou r h as been in str u m en tal for Br adl ey to discover an d fin d ou t th at h avin g a Br itish fath er wou l d al l ow h im to stay h er e an d be gr an ted th e ?Righ t to Abode? Visa. Br adl ey H ol m es is in deed a cer tified Fil -Br it.

BI RM I N GH AM Ju n e 30

W i t h Gi a M acu ja Ai ch i son

L ON DON Ju l y 1






Tr a vel

P a c k i n g L I ST

M u l t i -Sea so n




ack i n g f or t r i p s can be v er y cr u ci al esp eci al l y w h en y ou h av e l ot s of con si d er at i on s t o m ak e.

H ow m u ch i s y ou r baggage al l ow an ce? W h at season s w i l l y ou be i n t o? H ow l on g i s y ou r t r i p ? W i l l y ou be w or k i n g or st u d y i n g d u r i n g y ou r st ay ? Pl u s of cou r se, al l t h e ot h er f act or s i n cl u d ed i n y ou r i t i n er ar y.

T r ips

sh i r t s y ou can l ay er on t op of of f an ot h er ? esp eci al l y i f y ou ?r e al so goi n g t o a w ar m d est i n at i on as y ou can ad d an d su bt r act l ay er s as n eed ed . Th ese p i eces ar e al so v er y easy t o st y l e so y ou can st ay com f or t abl e an d f ash i on abl e w h i l e br av i n g al l k i n d s of t em p er at u r e an d w eat h er . 2. Dou bl e Dow n . Ch oose cl ot h es t h at can d o d ou bl e d u t i es l i k e t an k t op s, cot t on sh i r t s an d p l ai n col ou r ed bl ou ses t h at can y ou bot h u se f or su m m er or l ay er u n d er sw eat er s or jack et s i n w i n t er . Pack f l at sh oes, can v as sl i p -on s, an d l oaf er s i n n eu t r al sh ad es an d m at er i al s w h i ch can be u sed i n an y season . f av ou r i t e sh am p oo or con d i t i on er i n t o r eu sabl e t r av el -si ze bot t l es an d v i al s. Do t h e sam e w i t h y ou r n i gh t cr eam s an d ot h er r egi m en essen t i al s i n st ead of br i n gi n g h eav y bot t l es f r om y ou r k i t .

Th e m ost i m p or t an t t o n ot e i s t h at w h en w e say p ack i n g, w e d o n ot on l y r ef er t o cl ot h es an d sh oes, t h er e ar e al so ot h er essen t i al s t h at sh ou l d be i n cl u d ed i n y ou r t r av el l u ggage l i st an d t h ey ar e as i m p or t an t as y ou r set of w ar d r obe. W h at ev er t h e ci r cu m st an ces ar e, y ou r u l t i m at e goal i s t o m i n i m i ze t h e cost of y ou r t r av el by op t i n g t o br i n g st ap l e p i eces an d al l t h e n eed ed i t em s r at h er t h an bu y i n g an d sh op p i n g i m p or t an t sl i ces al on g t h e w ay.

3. L essen t h e accessor i es, br i n g on l y t h ose i t em s w i t h p u r p ose. You d o n ot n eed a bu n ch of n eck l aces or ear r i n gs becau se su r el y , t h ey w on ?t m at t er w h en y ou ?v e si zed u p w i t h y ou r l ay er s of cl ot h i n g. I n st ead , br i n g sh aw l s an d car d i gan s w h i ch w i l l n ot ju st ser v e as ad d ed accen t s bu t as com f y w ar m er s t oo.

So w h at can a t r av el er d o? H er e ar e som e t i p s f or p ack i n g f or al l w eat h er s: 1. Do t h e l ay er s. W h en i t com es t o cl ot h es, t h e k ey t o an y m u l t i -w eat h er t r av el p ack i n g st r at egy i s l ay er s. I n st ead of jam m i n g i n h u ge, bu l k y sw eat er s, jean s an d sw eat p an t s f or a col d

d est i n at i on f ocu s on l eggi n gs, t i gh t s, t h i n m oi st u r e-w i ck i n g/ bod y t em p er at u r e-r egu l at i n g sh i r t s, a bu n ch of w ar m er s an d l on g-sl eev e

Pack i n g t h ese essen t i al s i n t r av el -si zed p ack agi n g h as an ad d ed ben ef i t t oo. You can easi l y t r an sf er t h em t o y ou r car r y -on bag w i t h ou t bu st i n g ai r l i n e l i m i t s f or h an d -car r y l i qu i d s. Fi n al l y , at t h e en d of t h e d ay , n ot e t h at t h e t r i ck t o p ack i n g w i sel y i s t o t r i m ev er y t h i n g d ow n t o bar e n ecessi t i es. You w i l l be on a t r i p an d t h e best w ay t o en joy i t i s t o av oi d t h e h assl e of br i n gi n g so m u ch u n n ecessar y baggages.

4. Fi l l t h e su i t case cor n er s. St u f f a f ew p ai r s of sh oes i n t h e su i t case w i t h r ol l ed u p sock s, l eggi n gs, sh or t s an d u n d er w ear . Don ?t w ast e al l t h e v al u abl e cor n er s of y ou r su i t case. M ast er t h e ar t of r ol l i n g p i eces as t h i s k eep s cl ot h es t i gh t l y p ack ed t oget h er p l u s agai n i t sav es u p a l ot of sp ace. 5. Pack Tr av el Si ze Toi l et r i es. Rem em ber t o t ak e on l y w h at y ou n eed . Squ eeze a f ew d r op s of y ou r










I s Uni v ersi ty Worth th e Debt?

by M ICAH LEE Ou r con t r ibu t or M icah Lee lives in Lon don an d is a Law gr adu at e of Br u n el Un iver sit y an d cu r r en t ly t r ain s t o be a solicit or .

N ow ad ay s, bei n g t h e r i gh t can d i d at e f or an y job i s v er y d i f f i cu l t as t h ey d o l ook f or a sp eci f i c p er son . I t i s d ow n t o y ou r qu al i f i cat i on s an d sk i l l s bu t al so w h et h er y ou ?l l f i t i n w i t h t h e t eam .


T'S t h at t i m e of t h e y ear , m ost st u d en t s ar e t h r ee f eet d eep i n t o p r osecco cel ebr at i n g t h e en d of a st r essf u l y ear . Al as, t h at i s sh or t l i v ed as y ou w i l l f i n d y ou r sel f h av i n g t o f ace t h at al l t oo f am i l i ar qu est i on of ?w h at am I goi n g t o

?You ACTUAL L Y n eed i t ? Th er e ar e cer t ai n car eer s t h at r equ i r e a d egr ee, su ch as L aw an d M ed i ci n e. I st u d i ed L aw at Br u n el Un i v er si t y f or 3 y ear s an d t o becom e a sol i ci t or , y ou h av e t o d o a m ast er ?s cou r se cal l ed t h e L PC. W i t h ou t t h ose r el ev an t qu al i f i cat i on s, y ou r p osi t i on w i t h i n a com p an y or a f i r m i s l i m i t ed . Th ey ar e r ecogn i sed as n ot on l y si gn i f i can t bu t n ecessar y. A d egr ee i s f or ev er

d o w i t h t h e r est of m y l i f e?? Th r ou gh ou t m y en t i r e ed u cat i on al h i st or y goi n g t o Un i v er si t y w as al w ay s t h e op t i on , t h e al t er n at i v es w er e n ot en cou r aged n or w er e w e gi v en t h or ou gh i n f or m at i on abou t i t . You w er e si m p l y ex p ect ed t o go. H ow ev er , t i m es ar e ch an gi n g. N ew p at h s ar e bei n g p u t i n p l ace, i t i sn ?t as l i m i t ed as i t on ce w as. I s t h e st u d en t l oan d ebt w or t h i t ? As I al w ay s d o w i t h an y t r i ck y d eci si on s, I d ev i se a l i st of p r os an d con s? PROS:

A col l eagu e of m i n e t ol d m e abou t h ow sh e w i sh ed sh e w en t t o Un i v er si t y. N ow t h at sh e h as a f am i l y , i t i s m or e com p l i cat ed f or h er t o ach i ev e on e. I d eal l y , an y on e cou l d p u r su e a d egr ee an d ach i ev e i t at w h at ev er st age of t h ei r l i f e. W e al l k n ow t h at ?s easi er sai d t h an d on e. Th ou gh , on ce y ou h av e y ou r d egr ee, n obod y can t ak e t h at aw ay f r om y ou . I t ?s y ou r s f or ev er . CON S: M on ey t al k s I t i s t er r i f y i n g h ow m u ch Un i v er si t y cost s an d t h at ?s w h y st u d en t f i n an ce w as i n v en t ed . Th ey l oan y ou t h e am ou n t y ou n eed t o con t i n u ou sl y st u d y at Un i v er si t y. Al t h ou gh , l i k e an y l oan y ou h av e t o p ay i t back w h i ch cou l d t ak e y ear s. You cou l d st i l l be i n d ebt i n y ou r 40s. I n t h e UK , w e?r e i n cr ed i bl y l u ck y t h at w e d on ?t act u al l y

st ar t p ay i n g back ou r st u d en t l oan s u n t i l ou r sal ar y m eet s a cer t ai n t h r esh ol d (ap p r ox i m at el y ÂŁ21,000-ÂŁ25,000 p er an n u m ) u n l i k e i n t h e US, w h er e i t ?s m or e com p l i cat ed an d i m m ed i at e. Doesn ?t gu ar an t ee a job Th i s i s p ossi bl y on e of t h e h ar d est goal s t o ach i ev e af t er Un i v er si t y. N ow ad ay s, bei n g t h e r i gh t can d i d at e f or an y job i s v er y d i f f i cu l t as t h ey d o l ook f or a sp eci f i c p er son . I t i s d ow n t o y ou r qu al i f i cat i on s an d sk i l l s bu t al so w h et h er y ou ?l l f i t i n w i t h t h e t eam . Al t h ou gh , t h e r eal i t y i s t h at t h ou san d s of ot h er p eop l e al so h av e t h e ex act sam e d egr ee as y ou . So, y ou h av e t o be sm ar t an d st an d ou t i n a w ay t h at m ak es t h em r em em ber y ou . So, w as Un i v er si t y w or t h i t ? For m e, absol u t el y. I t w asn ?t ju st a p l ace f or m e t o l ear n abou t t h e l aw bu t al so h ow t o becom e i n d ep en d en t . I w en t f r om a cl u el ess 18-y ear ol d t o som eon e w h o get s su p er ex ci t ed abou t bu y i n g n ew Tef al n on -st i ck p an s. Oh, t o be 21.







Fr om fa shi ona ble West t o t r endy Ea st


OR t w o d ay s t h i s su m m er , Rom u l o Caf é p l an t ed t h e f l ag f or f i n e Fi l i p i n o cu i si n e i n East L on d on , t ak i n g p ar t i n t h e v er y f i r st W e L ov e Asi an Food Fest i v al h el d at h i st or i c Ol d Sp i t al f i el d s M ar k et on 13t h an d 14t h Ju l y.

Rowen a Rom u l o?s r estau r an t ? twice win n er of Tim e Ou t m agazin e?s ?M ost Loved Restau r an t in Ken sin gton ? awar d -- set u p stal l am on g over 30 oth er food ven dor s at th e festival design ed to be a r eal foodie cel ebr ation . Tr u e en ou gh , despite th e scor ch in g weath er ,th e festival attr acted an estim ated 5,000-6,000 str on g cr owd eager to sam pl e ever yth in g del iciou sl y Asian , fr om su sh i to gyoza, du m pl in gs to n oodl e sou ps, bao bu n s to fr agr an t special ity teas. Not to be ou tdon e, Rowen a an d par tn er Ch r is Joseph offer ed a ?Feast fr om th e East?-- Fil ipin o-styl e -- with festival -fr ien dl y ver sion s of som e of Rom u l o Café?s br an d n ew dish es, togeth er with tu bs of u be ice cr eam . Th e ice cr eam pr oved ir r esistibl e, an d befor e l on g it h ad al l r u n ou t, with th e festival ?s l ar gel y W ester n cl ien tel e in tr igu ed by th e col ou r pu r pl e an d dr awn by a desper ate n eed to sh ak e off th e h eat. Safe to say th at by th e en d of th e two-day festival , Rom u l o Café?s br an d of fin e Fil ipin o food h ad cer tain l y m ade an im pr ession . Su ppl ies of Ch ick en Sisig an d Beef Adobo sl ider s h ad al l bu t disappear ed, an d wor d h ad got ar ou n d abou t th e em pan adas (l am b an d vegetabl e) bein g the on es to tr y. Ask ed h ow sh e fel t th e two days h ad gon e, Rowen a said, ?W e en joyed it. Th is was a gr eat way to in tr odu ce good Fil ipin o food to a wider

au dien ce. W e k n ow th at th e tr en d-setter s an d styl e m ak er s get wh y ou r cu isin e is so am azin g, bu t it?s im por tan t to u s th at th e wh ol e wor l d star ts appr eciatin g h ow tasty an d special Fil ipin o cu isin e is. Ch r is added, ?W h at r eal l y m ade u s h appy was wh en peopl e star ted in stagr am m in g ou r food at th e festival an d tak in g sel fies h ol din g u be ice cr eam . Som eon e even cam e back to say h e wou l d h ave to com e to ou r r estau r an t in Ken sin gton after tr yin g th e em pan adas. Th ey wer e excited abou t th e pan desal br ead. Bu t wh at we don ?t r eal ise, bein g Fil ipin os in l ove with ou r food, is th at th er e is a wor l d ou t th er e to con ver t. I th in k we?r e gettin g th er e!? Rom u l o Caf é h as ju st been sh or t l i st ed i n t h e Best Rest au r an t cat egor y of t h e 2018 K en si n gt on & Ch el sea Bu si n ess Aw ar d s. w w w .r om u l ocaf e.co.u k







Gi selle Fernandez 19 years old Adult Nursi ng student (Bi rmi ngham Ci ty Uni versi ty)








REAT Voices was heard as Fil-Brit Newcastle celebrates its 10th!

handsomely entertained the audience with the voice and movements of the King of Rock & Roll. The Millennial group called KPC7, together with solo dancers Allia Emmanuel, People from the neighbouring towns and cities Zamora and Lexie Dizon, cleverly entertained the audience with travelled to Newcastle to celebrate the 10th their moves and grooves. The voices of Natalie Atkinson, year anniversary of the Fil Brit Services Leanna Honeyman, Arnold Joseph Fortuna, Clye and Bunny Newcastle. Held at Blaydon Rugby Club, last Saturday, June 23, Tan, plus the performance of th`e Firebird Band, were a 2018. The people celebrated by participating to their traditional magnificent spectrum of the celebration. Santacruzan wearing their Two of the top-notch Local Pinoy Talents Gaga Lourd best from X-Factor UK 2017 and Kim Galsim a.k .a. Filipiniana ?Kim-tas-Tic? was a proof that Pinoy talents are world and Barong class. Gaga Lourd with her ?oldies but goodies? Tagalog. The repertoire mesmerised the crowd. When her husband, beautiful Chris Lourd joined her on stage to sing the Tagalog hit Reyna Elenas ?Bakit Ngayon Ka lang?, which magnificently entertained paraded with the crowd. Kim?s genius act of reciting a poem detailing their exquisite the history of the Philippines, has become a popular hit. gowns. This Her repertoire of OPM songs excited the crowd into religious dancing. Gaga Lourd and Kim have been travelling across activity, as the UK performing at most of Filipino Community events. brought down The celebration continued with guest performers from through the Philippines, Jake Zyrus, well known as Charice generations Pempengco, prior to his gender was transition, and the Rocker Star, witnessed by Bradley Homes were the many people highlights of the celebration. of Newcastle. The Filipino Community have shared with the British people, a part of their culture that strengthens the Jake Zyrus with his rendition of both relationship of the Filipino-British Community. classic OPM and International hit lists have proven his standing with one of The event was graced by the visit of the Mayor of Gateshead, the most beautiful voices in the Mayor Jill Green. Mayor Green recognised the tremendous world, according to Josh Groban. He effort made by the organisers to holding an event that commenced his songs with Be my strengthens the camaraderie of the Filipino people as well as Lady and ended with Save the Last integrating themselves to the wider British Community. She also commended the strong presence of the Filipino Community Dance. Pistahan sa Newcastle is the first stop of Jake Zyrus Europe tour in the healthcare industry, that gives a boost to the morale of 2018 and made an immense impact the Pinoy?s who attended the event. on the audience who enjoyed every Impressive talents were shown on stage by local performers minute of his performance. from Newcastle. From song, dance and band performances provided a display of varied talents, as proven with resounding Bradley Holmes, the Philippines Rocker Stalwart and part of the Voice Philippines Season 2, under Apl De Ap indeed, rocked the applause, to every performance occurring on the stage. The stage. His opening number of Maria Cafra?s ?Kumusta mga Young Elvis Presley of Newcastle, Christopher Blakey,

Kaibigan? brought a sense of pride as a Filipino away from home, and proudly entertained by the voice of Bradley Holmes. His first set was a great taster and his final act was a huge hit. The joy brought by Holmes in Newcastle with his final song ?Salamat? summarises the huge appreciation of the Filipino British Community to the outstanding performances rendered by all the artists at the event. Pistahan sa Newcastle is part of Bradley Holmes UK Festival Caravan Tour 2018. The collaboration and support of the Major and Minor Sponsors and Media Partners to Fil Brit community contributed to the resounding success of the event. Fil Brit Services of Newcastle is headed by Sally Sellars. Sally and her team of volunteers have been staging this event for the past ten years. Amidst the challenges of holding events, they have proven that working together as a team will definitely make a difference. When heaven and earth collaborated, excellent weather was a reward. Independence Day and Pistahan sa Newcastle 2018 was indeed the biggest and Best, Filipino Event in the North of England.




ABUHAY Foundation UK?s Coronation of Mutya ng Kalayaan Fil-UK 2018 10th Year Anniversary was another success held at Baden Powell House last Saturday 23rd of June.

The organisers were headed by Chairperson Adelia Gwiazda of Bamban, Tarlac; Vice Chair Madelyn Richardson of Ballesteros, Cagayan & Secretary Myrna Obligacion of Nueva Ecija. The first part of the evening was the coronation of four young girls aged 7-12 years whose families & friends worked so hard in raising funds for the Mabuhay Foundation UK Charities in the Philippines. Each candidate also nominated a charity project of their own using their charity cash prize. Candidates: - Irish Janele Magdalena (Mutya ng Kalayaan Fil-UK 2018) daughter of Michael & Jannette Magdalena also recipients of ?Fundraiser of the Night 2018?. - Queenie Wynter (Mutya ng Mabuhay Foundation UK 2018) daughter of Christopher Wynter & Leonida Penaflor - Charmaine Joe Graham (Mutya ng Luzon 2018) daughter of Rex & Maura Buray

candidate but unable to participate in the rehearsals required & main coronation. The award was given to acknowledge her commitment in raising funds for her charity project. The second part of the evening was the guests?turn to show their dancing skills on the dance floor with resident DJ Gerald Lao providing great mixture of music. The event was attended by 200+ guests from different community groups. Mabuhay Foundation UK sincerely expresses utmost gratitude to the following: - Host of the night was Diana Bieles Denum ably assisted by Rozelia Gwiazda & Levenia Obligacion with Joyce Baluyut assisting the awarding team - Catering team Maricar Camacho assisted by Mary Camacho, Rey & Josie delos Reyes

- Sponsors; Joyce Gonzales, Geraldine Anico, Ali Hajj, Armando de - Stacy Louise Vallesteros (Mutya ng Visayas) daughter of Reynald & Valle, Joanna Kelly, Mercy Corpuz, Christian Rolida Vallesteros Estrada of ENFiD, Ronald Sipat & Yvette Ramos of Cavitenos, Gloria de Guzman, Marites Lapuz & - Special Recognition was awarded to Ayne Arianne Rosales p 24 an anonymous donor. daughter of Ariel Rosales & Anna Junsay making her the fifth








Co mmu n i t y Ca l e n d a r

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COM M UNITY NEWS Continued from page 20 - Camarines Sur UK, Emma Sulficar of Fil-UK Charity UK, Luneta Tangunan & Magdalena family for raffle prizes. - Andrew Cheong & Rowena Romulo through one of the candidates Irish Janele Magdalena. - UFCLG Family; Mabuhay Foundation UK family, LFC (London Filipino Centre), Fil Mo, Paniquinians, East Grinstead, Maniland Glamour, Fil UK 1, HilVis, & Individuals Maria Basford, Ludy Quizmundo & Odette Trinidad. - Other Filipino Community groups; Albayanons, Batangas Assn UK, Bicol Assn UK, Camarines Sur UK, Cavitenos UK, ENFiD, Fil-UK Charity, Ilocano Club UK, P.E.S.O, (Philippine Education System Organisation), Pin Lon, Samarenos, Tropa UK

Charity Project Recipients 2017-2018 - Feeding programme: a) Senior citizens & school children in Bamban, Tarlac b) Sto Nino Day Care Center in San Jose City, Nueva Ecija c)Fellowship Programme Senior Citizens Zamora Chapter d) Payapa Elementary School in Lemery, Batangas - Gift Giving: a) Senior Citizens (food bags) & school children (school bags) in Bamban, Tarlac b) Senior citizens (food bags) in Ballesteros, Cagayan c) Senior citizens in Macatbong, Nueva Ecija d) food bags for families in Bacayao Sur, Dagupan City - Our Lady of Holy Rosary Chapel (church pews)in Lambayong, Sultan Kudarat

- Performers; Kate Malabanan (Mutya ng Luzon 2017), Lahing Kayumanggi under the direction of Ronnie del Barrio.

- Building materials for Calepaan Community School in Asingan, Pangasinan & in Sto Nino Chapel in Sapian, Capiz, Roxas

- DJ Gerald Lao & March Joseph Rosales

- Volleyball uniforms in Bitas, Cabanatuan

- Lastly our families, friends & loyal supporters for their tireless support in making the event a great success.

- School furnitures in Qcn, Ballesteros, Cagayan

Th e e-Learni ng Group-UK 2018 Sportsf est at th e K ensi ngton Gardens by JANETTE VICERA


HE e-Learning Group ? UK, an organization of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) based in London, caught the World Cup fever by launching its own successful, whole day of fun, native games and food galore on 8 July 2018 at the famous Kensington Gardens ? a stone?s throw away from the official residence of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The e-Learning Group UK is an organisation of OFWs who have benefited from the Skills Training and Reintegration programs of the Philippine Overseas Labor Office ? Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (POLO-OWWA) London. The e-LG was organized by the OFWs themselves in partnership with POLO ? OWWA London in September 2009. Since then, the partnership has continued to grow and provide wholesome and exciting development activities for OFWs. Through the Reintegration Training Programs of POLO, the e-LG work hand in hand with other Filipino organisations to help its members obtain and upgrade productive and marketable skills, such as knowledge and skills in Basic Computer; Hairdressing; Culinary Arts; Woman?s Accessories-Making; Flower Arrangement; Sewing; Barista; Photography; Skin Care & Make-Up Application; Meat-Processing; Baking & Cold Dessert Preparation; Crochet & Cross-Stitching; Soap, Fruit & Vegetables Carving; Leadership and Financial Literacy, to name a few. The OFWs whose employment contracts have been verified or registered by POLO and who have become OWWA members can learn from and join these courses free of charge and start to earn extra income for themselves and their families. They could also use them as foundation for venturing into business. The e-LG also hold fundraising events to help finance OFW- welfare oriented projects, such as the ?Tuloy Aral Program? under the auspices of the Overseas Workers Welfare Association

(OWWA), which helps the children of marginalised people in the Philippines, especially those related to OFWs, who are talented, but with less opportunity of getting proper education. The e-LG Sport?s Day on the 8th of July 2018 at the Kensington Garden, London was held to raise funds for this cause. Different party games & mini sports activities like Badminton, ?Longest Line?, Soft-drinking Contest, ?Mary Went to Market?, Sack Race, Sinking the Boat, Mud Painting, Tube & Needle Relay, Newspaper Dance, Pass the Marble, Balloon Popping & Breaking the Pot, were participated in by young ones and once (or the young at heart). The attendees had so much fun and excitement, and their camaraderie was renewed and strengthened. The group also had a picnic where everyone shared their own ?baon? which consisted of foods from different Philippine regional cuisines. Some members brought in ?Halo-halo?, ice candy, ?adobong mani? (fried salted peanut), Atsara (pickled Papaya fruit), Chicken /beef longganisa (native sausage) for sale among the attendees, with a percentage of sales going to the e-LG fund. the Philippine Embassy- London was represented at the event by the Head of the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) ? London: Labor AttachĂŠ Reydeluz Conferido, who awarded the winners of the games.







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Th e On ly TRUE LOCAL New spaper ser vin g t h e Filipin o Com m u n it y in t h e Un it ed Kin gdom & Ir elan d

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Ph i l i p p i n es Br i n g s Con su l a r S er v i ces Cl oser t o Fi l i p i n os i n I r el a n d HE Philippine Embassy in London consular outreach team travelled around 600 km from London to Dublin, Ireland on 07-08 July 2018 to bring the embassy?s consular services closer to Filipinos in the Irish capital. Around 300 Filipinos processed their passport applications, registered to vote for the upcoming 2019 national elections, and took their oath as dual citizens during the weekend consular mission. This is the third consular mission conducted by the Embassy in Dublin this year, with a fourth one slated on 15-16 September. The consular mission team was led by First Secretary and Consul Voltaire Onesimo C. Mauricio.


UK , I rel and Touri st A rri v al s to PH Up Despi te Boracay Cl osure


ESPITE the temporary closure of Boracay, tourist arrivals from the United Kingdom and Ireland are up by around 9% and 6.4%, respectively, from January to May 2018 versus the same period last year, according to a report from the Philippine Department of Tourism (DOT).

Around 90,000 British tourists arrived in the Philippines for the first five months of 2018 while around 8,000 came from Ireland. The United Kingdom registered the highest number of tourist arrivals to the Philippines within the European region. Worldwide, it is the eighth largest tourism market after Korea, China, USA, Japan, Australia, Canada, and Taiwan. ?We implemented high-impact consumer activations and digital marketing campaigns to draw British travellers to the Philippines especially for the winter holidays, and to expand our overall market reach in UK,? said Philippine Tourism AttachĂŠ for Northern and Southern Europe Gerardo O. Panga. According to Panga, strong partnerships with major British tour operators and airlines as well as the Philippines?vast network of media partners and travel influencers are key in igniting interest in the Philippines as a travel destination in Southeast Asia. These two factors, he said, account for the sustained increase in British tourist arrivals to the Philippines in the past few years. Apart from Manila and Boracay, Palawan, Cebu, Bohol, Banaue, Anilao, Puerto Galera, Dumaguete, Siquijor, Siargao, Bicol, and various regions in Northern Philippines are among the top destinations of British travellers.

Photo by Eri c Ri cafort

For more travel information, visit itsmorefuninthephilippines.co.uk or download VisitPhilippines on App Store.

Palawan is a popular destination among British travellers who continue to flock to the Philippines especially during the frigid winter months. Photo courtesy of Sofia Malyshkina

Sw eet V i ctory f or Ph i l i ppi ne Ch ocol ate i n UK ?s 2018 A cademy of Ch ocol ate A w ards


HE entries of three Philippine chocolate brands were judged as among the best in the world during the 2018 Academy of Chocolate Awards in London. The chocolates of Malagos Agri-Venture Corporations, Auro Chocolate, and Theo & Philo Artisanal Chocolates were judged as among the best from around 1,200 entries from 45 countries worldwide. All three brands source their cocoa beans from Davao. ?We would like to see more Philippine products make their way to the mainstream market in the UK and the rest of Europe. It?s a tough and highly competitive market. A recognition such as this from a respected industry body that provides added validation of the quality of our products and their capability to compete with the rest of the world,? said Philippine Special Trade Representative and Commercial Counsellor Michelle Fatima S. Sanchez. Malagos Agri-Venture Corporation garnered a Silver award for Malagos 85% Dark Chocolate under the Drinking Chocolate Category and Bronze awards for Malagos Unsweetened Chocolate and Malagos 72% Dark Chocolate under the same category. The brand?s entries in the Tree to Bar Category, Malagos 72% Dark Chocolate and Malagos 85% Dark Chocolate also won Bronze awards. Auro Chocolate, on the other hand, won Bronze awards for Auro Chocolate 70% Dark Chocolate Saloy Reserve under the Tree to Bar Category and Auro Chocolate 32% Roasted White Chocolate Cashew under the Flavoured White Chocolate Bar category. Theo & Philo Artisanal Chocolates bagged a

Silver award for Theo and Philo Milk Chocolate Adobo under the Flavoured Milk Chocolate Bar Category and Bronze awards for Theo and Philo Milk Chocolcate Turon and Theo and Philo Milk Choco with Pili Nut and Pinipig under the same category. The brand also won Bronze awards for its entries in the Flavoured Dark Chocolate Bar Category such as Theo and Philo Dark Choco with Black Sesame and Nuts, Theo and Philo Dark Choco with Calamansi, and Theo and Philo Dark Choco with Labuyo; and in the Bar Wrappers-Packaging Category. The Academy of Chocolate Awards was launched in 2005 with the aim to recognise and showcase world-class chocolate and its producers. Leading chocolatiers such as Luke Frost of Valrhona and Keith Hurdman from Felchin, together with The Telegraph?s Andrew Baker, Cocoa Runners?Charles Metcalfe MW and Spencer Hyman, and the UK?s top chocolate bloggers and food writers gathered at Westminster Kingsway College, London to take part in 15 days of judging this year?s entries.

Auro Chocolate, a premium Philippine chocolate brand has consistently sent winning entries in the Academy of Chocolate Awards in the past few years. Two entries from Auro Chocolate won in this year?s awards. Photo courtesy of Auro

Theo & Philo Artisanal Chocolates was recognized in three categories for this year?s awards. Theo & Philo?s claim to fame are its innovative chocolate flavours such as Milk Chocolate Adobo and Dark Choco with Labuyo. Photo courtesy of Theo & Philo Artisanal Chocolates

Malagos Chocolate is a multi-awarded Philippine chocolate brand that raked in five awards across two categories in this year?s Academy of Chocolate Awards. Photo courtesy of Malagos Agri-Ventures Corporation




Th e Ph i l i ppi ne Embassy?s New V i ce Consul Puts Her Game Face On


TACY Dan i k a Al can t ar a-Gar ci a ar r i v ed i n L on d on l ast m on t h w i t h t h r ee su i t cases an d m or e t h an a d ecad es?w or t h of ex p er i en ce i n m ed i a an d p u bl i c af f ai r s.

in deed ah ead for Ph il ippin e pu bl ic an d cu l tu r al dipl om acy in th e Un ited Kin gdom .

?Th e Un ited Kin gdom is br im m in g with oppor tu n ities for al l of u s to sh ar e th e stor y Th e n ew Th ir d Secr etar y an d Vice Stacy Dani k a Alcantara-Garci a - The new Thi rd Secretary and of th e Ph il ippin es. Th e Con su l of th e Em bassy of th e Vi ce Consul of the Em bassy of the Phi li ppi nes i n London beau ty abou t UK?s vibr an t an d Ph il ippin es in Lon don is fr esh fr om a th r ee-year cosm opol itan cu l tu r e an d ar t ?I con sider stin t in th e Depar tm en t of For eign Affair s?Office of scen e is th at we can sh ar e ou r stor ies an d we can it a for m of ser vice, especial l y n ow th at I am wor k in g Pu bl ic Dipl om acy wh er e sh e activel y took th e r ein s for ge con n ection s in an in fin itesim al for th e cou n tr y. In ever y task we ar e given , n o n u m ber of ways. Sk y is th e l im it to m atter h ow sm al l an d in con sequ en tial th at m ay be, wh at we can ach ieve h er e in ter m s of we n eed to give it ou r best becau se th e peopl e we pu bl ic an d cu l tu r al dipl om acy,? sh e ser ve deser ve n o l ess th an th e best.? gu sh ed. ?It?s ch al l en gin g. It?s a tal l Befor e join in g th e Depar tm en t of For eign Affair s, or der. Bu t I?m u p for it.? sh e wor k ed with two of th e wor l d?s m ost in fl u en tial m u l tin ation al com pan ies wh il e at th e sam e tim e Stacy h ail s fr om Du m agu ete City, Negr os Or ien tal bu t h as l ived in var iou s activel y wr itin g for var iou s n ation al an d cities acr oss th e Ph il ippin es an d in ter n ation al pu bl ication s as a tr avel an d l ifestyl e ar ou n d th e wor l d. Sh e fin ish ed h er cor r espon den t. Sh e al so dabbl ed on a teach in g stin t degr ee in M ass Com m u n ication at th e Un iver sity of San Car l os?pol itical scien ce su m m a cu m l au de, at Sil l im an depar tm en t. Un iver sity,on e of th e Ph il ippin es?m ost Stacy w as recogni zed as one of Jose Ri zal pr estigiou s u n iver sities, wh il e at th e Model Students of the Phi li ppi nes i n 2008 sam e tim e activel y ser vin g th e stu den t body as th e Stu den t Gover n m en t in u n l eash in g th e Pr esiden t. Last year ,sh e fin ish ed gr adu ate-l evel power of social m edia in advan cin g th e goal s of cou r ses on In ter n ation al Rel ation s an d Dipl om acy Ph il ippin e dipl om acy. Apar t fr om th at, sh e h as fr om th e Gen eva Sch ool of Dipl om acy in Switzer l an d al ways been a stau n ch advocate of cr eatin g a wh er e sh e fin ish ed with per fect gr ades. positive bu t r eal istic im age of th e Ph il ippin es an d Ph il ippin e for eign pol icy. ?Gon e ar e th e days wh en peopl e wou l d say th at social m edia is on l y for ch il dr en ,? said th e 29-year -ol d dipl om at. ?Th an k s to th e twin for ces of gl obal ization an d th e digital r evol u tion , social m edia is an in dispen sabl e tool in dipl om acy. It h el p u s r each ou t dir ectl y to a ver y ou tspok en pu bl ic, it am pl ifies ou r tr adition al dipl om atic effor ts, an d m or e im por tan tl y,it en abl es u s to star t m ean in gfu l con ver sation s abou t wh y for eign pol icy m atter s to peopl e?s dail y l ives.? Stacy?s passion for pu bl ic dipl om acy is pal pabl e. Th is l ittl e l ady h as big pl an s for th e por tfol io th at sh e is cu r r en tl y m an agin g. Excitin g tim es ar e

?Th at?s th e beau ty wh en you do som eth in g th at is cl ose to you r h ear t,? sh e said as sh e r em in isced abou t h er days in Sil l im an ?s tr ee-l in ed path s an d h istor ic bu il din gs. ?It n ever feel s l ik e wor k . Yes, you get exh au sted, you get tir ed, bu t at th e en d of th e day,you ar e fil l ed with a sen se of pu r pose.? Stacy was r ecogn ized as on e of th e Ten Ou tstan din g Stu den ts of th e Ph il ippin es in 2009 an d on e of th e Jose Rizal M odel Stu den ts of th e Ph il ippin es in 2008 for h er wor k in u ph ol din g h er advocacies in th e ar ts an d in wom en em power m en t. ?Excel l en ce is som eth in g th at I val u e deepl y,? said th e top-n otch er of th e 2013-2014 For eign Ser vice Officer s Exam .

H er wor k as a tr avel jou r n al ist an d ph otogr aph er h as tak en h er to som e of th e far th est r each es of th e Ph il ippin es. Accor din g to h er ,th ese ar e exper ien ces th at con tin u e to en r ich h er wor k in pu bl ic an d cu l tu r al dipl om acy,especial l y in h er six-year stin t in Lon don . ?You k n ow, befor e I ar r ived h er e, I?ve been tol d by so m an y peopl e th at Lon don wil l be fil l ed to th e r after s with ch al l en ges,? sh e said. ?W el l , I l ove ch al l en ges an d al l I can say is th at th e six year s th at l ie ah ead of m e wil l feel ver y swift in deed.?









KAMPI SUPER LEAGUE 2018 27th Summer Tournament in Full Swing By KAM PI Bask et ball UK


AST month, we saw KAMPI Basketball UK open it?s 27th year tournament with 30 teams across 4 divisions, maintaining its position as the biggest, longest running and most successful basketball league amongst the Filipino-British Basketball community. Six weeks into the traditional summer season, we have already witnessed a lot of exciting match-ups all vying for a strong position in their respective divisions. In the Mens Open Division, Controllers (2015 Premier Elite Champion of Champions) are in pole position so far with an undefeated record of 4-0. Trailing them in the standings, top 6 or the Premier Elite group, Mapogos (3-1), Shockers (3-1), Wildcards (2-2), Sunics (3-0) and Rivals (2-1). There are still lots more games to play for these teams and no doubt a few more possible position changes are expected as the season goes on. We also can't rule out the bottom 4 teams, London Lions, Westside Kings, Hoopstars and Silangan as they could still bounce back and creep into the Premier Elite group in their remaining 5-6 games. With the new league format for this season, after this round, the top 2 teams will advance to the respective Premier and Elite Group Finals while waiting to face the winners of 3 vs 6 and 4 vs 5. Winners of those groups will play in the grand finals to be crowned the Champion of Champions.

The rising stars of the community, the U21 Development Division continues to also cause a lot of excitement with a very strong competitive group that consists of so much talent in every team. Half way through their elimination round, the Young Sultan (2015 U21 Champions) have established a very promising momentum and are undefeated after 3 games. They are expected to top the group unless the likes of Generation of Miracles (2017 U21 Champions) can stop them in their tracks. Wildcards Warriors remain a contender to finish the round 2 and with a game in hand but Batang Controllers (2016 U21 Champions), a rejuvenated Aces (formerly Pharaohs) and Silangan Juniors are also vying for a strong finish. So right now the final positions are too close to call. With one team to be eliminated after this round, Hoopsters, the newest and youngest team of this division are yet to win a game. But their valiant efforts so far, and with some standout players, don't go unnoticed amongst the community. In the other group of young talented ballers, the U17 Grassroots division sees DL Wildcards remain in pole position with 3 undefeated games. Expect them to top the group with 2 games remaining in the round. Bunsong Controllers, a newly formed team, trail them with a game in hand. Hounslow Warriors, Omega Youth, Hope and Barako Strikers all have a chance to make the playoffs and these games would give them the chance to build their confidence and provide a platform for the youngest players, some at the age 13, experience competitive basketball to showcase their talent especially to their parents and friends. While in our Veterans 40+ Division, the top 2 positions are still quite close with Poker Boys (2017 Veterans Champions) currently leading but Bobcats (2016 Veterans Champions) with a game in hand remain undefeated. Just like the U21 Division, one team will be eliminated after this round so their remaining games are all crucial to determine who will remain in the competition for the knockout stage. Stay tuned to see how these veterans and the rest of the divisions fare as the rest of the season progresses with monthly updates in Yes Philippines. Also, catch the KAMPI games live at two venues ? Mossbourne Victoria Park Academy and Northolt High School every Sunday and witness some of these exciting match ups with the best of the best players in the Fil-Brit community. For more information and updates regarding KAMPI, please visit Facebook and Instagram at KAMPI Basketball UK or email kampibasketballuk@gmail.com.




Mab uh ay St r i k er s Ten -Pi n Bow l i n g Leag ue 9 t h A m ba ssa d o r ' s Cu p by CHIT AFUANG

N its 9th year, the Ambassador?s Cup proved another successful tournament for the Mabuhay Strikers Ten-Pin Bowling League (MSTBL). Around 50 competing bowlers with their families and guests were in attendance and were inspired by the short speech of Labour AttachĂŠ Rey Conferido of the Embassy of the Philippines as the Guest of Honour.


One of the finest bowlers of MSTBL, Darryl Payas received his cash prize and held his trophy as the new Ambassador?s Cup Champion for 2018. Darryl?s brothers Mark and Richie and parents Divine and Rody were also players of the league. Darryl is the only MSTBL player who got perfect score of 300 four times during the league tournament. The youngest bowler, at 17, Jordan Arellano was 1st Runner-Up in said event followed by Rhomel Isidro as 2nd Runner-Up and Peddy Valenzuela, 3rd Runner-Up. Just like Darryl, Jordan?s father Boyet also played in the league and has been consistently bowling with

high average. On the other hand, Rhomel?s brother Allan played with him in the same team. These guys have joined the MSTBL and have since developed their skills in the field of bowling. After the Ambassador?s Cup, MSTBL will host the 5th World Overseas Filipino Bowling Tour (WOFBT) in London on 18-23 August 2018, at the Airport Bowl along Bath Road in Middlesex UB5 3AL. Filipino bowlers from the United States of America, Canada, Middle East, Europe and Asia will converge in London and compete in Singles, Doubles, Trios, Teams and Masters events. Huge amounts of prizes, plus trophies and medals are at stake.




PIN- LON VOLLEYBALL CLUB 9 year s...an d st ill goin g on st r on g Building a legacy for volleyball within the Filipino Community in the United Kingdom By Lanne Torres HIS 2018, Pinoy Londoner Volleyball Club is 9 years old. They celebrated recently their 9th year anniversary at the Copthorne Tara Hotel in Kensington, London. Aries NuĂąez founded the club back in 2009 and currently running it as both President and Coach after completing the UKCC Coaching Course in May 2010. The club is affiliated with Volleyball England.



The objective of the club is to promote the playing of volleyball in the community, bringing Filipino athletes and the local community together to foster a distinctive culture of excellence by integrating sport, training and competition. The club has matured over the years and is not only open to Filipino athletes but to all volleyball enthusiasts in the UK.

This year, their anniversary theme was Theatre where three great singers took on songs from movies like The Greatest Showman and stage plays like Miss Saigon. The singers were Annielou Hernandez Leyva, Mervic Monocillo and Jose Conrad Hermoso. The Pin-Lon Got Talent winner, Chiqui Anis, also had a share of the stage singing Nosi Balasi and Hallelujah. The most awaited performance of the night was the dance performance of Pin-Lon Lady Spikers and the three coaches, in collaboration with the singers singing, ?This is me?.

Pin Lon VC also holds its annual Star Award and Charity Gala every 4th Saturday of May to commemorate their anniversary. This is to recognize individuals who contributed to the success of Pin Lon as well as using this as a venue for its annual Pin Lon Got Talent Finals where players from participating teams showcase their talent. Again, any proceeds from this Gala will be for the club?s beneficiaries.

Pin Lon Spikers is the team representing the club in tournaments. It now has men, women and mixed teams. Their very first appearance was in the 2009 International Volleyball Festival Mixed Division 3 where they won the Silver medal award. Their success in this tournament boosted their confidence and they started to join other tournaments. With the club?s home court located at Roehamption Sports and Leisure Centre in the South of London, Pin Lon Spikers actively participated in the South London Volleyball tournament from 2009 up until 2014. Pin Lon Spikers mixed team had a strong start becoming Division 2 Champions for two consecutive years (2009-2010 and 2010-2011 seasons) prior to moving to Division 1. Higher division means greater challenge but the Pin Lon

Spikers team spirit didn?t falter; they were Silver medalist for another two consecutive years and finally obtaining the Championship trophy in the 2013-2014 season. Pin Lon Spikers womens team also had their own successes becoming the Premier League Silver medalists in 2012-2013 and Champion in 2013-2014. Being a young team, their excitement and thirst to compete didn?t stop. Upholding the club?s objective and bringing the vibrant team spirit, Pin Lon Spikers continued to participate in the Filipino Community sponsored tournaments held all over the UK where both Men and Women teams became the undefeated Champions. Apart from these Community challenges in 2013, Pin Lon Spikers also participated in the first London Barrio Fiesta Volleyball tournament and at the same time joined the Finchley Cup hosted by another club in London. In both tournaments, Pin Lon Spikers yet again brought home the Championship cup.

The club also recognised individuals that were part of Pin-Lon?s success. Inspiring people who are passionate to do good deeds and making a difference to the community in their own special way surround Pin-Lon. These are the officials, members, supporters, individual donors, volunteers, team leader and community leaders. Their good leadership and world-class humanitarian service, willingness to share their ideas and selflessly give time to help others is an inspiration to the club and its members. To share the success of the club, Pinoy Londoner Volleyball Club (Pin Lon VC) organized a special project in 2014, the Caravan Volleyball Clinic, in collaboration with two of the most successful and experienced coaches in Philippine Volleyball history - Coach Roger Gorayeb and Coach Odjie Mamon. Both coaches brought to the UK their many years of combined great coaching experiences. The achievements of both these coaches cannot be denied ? receiving numerous gold medals in the higher leagues. The clinic were held in Reading, Surrey, London and Manchester. This initiative also received a warm welcome from the Philippine Embassy in London. In 2015, the club represented Team Philippines Men?s and Women?s teams in the All Nation tournament in London with the motto - One Heart, One Goal, One Nation. Pin Lon Coach Json Okol led the Men whilst Aries Nunez led the Women. The teams were well supported by UK Filipino Community. The club also entered its Women?s team in the London Volleyball Association annual league. Annual volleyball tournaments are organised by the club and gains from these events go to its beneficiaries ? the Pin Lon Spikers team in London and children in poverty stricken areas in the Philippines. The club has adopted a school, Zumarraga Central Elementary School in Samar and provides monetary assistance to Living Springs Christian Church who also helps children in need. This is the club?s simple way to help fight poverty, paying the school fees of 500 students, provision of sports equipment and providing funds to run sports developmental activities. The club is hoping that these will help develop potential athletes with an aim of giving these students the opportunity to a brighter future. They could become varsity players and avail of scholarships in the top Universities. Aside from the tournaments, the club provides training sessions every Sunday in their home court (Roehampton Leisure Centre, SW15 4JB) and is open to everyone, from novice to advanced. There are currently three coaches in the club who handle these sessions ? Coach Amador Ty, Coach Json Okol and Coach Aries

Pin-Lon Community Leadership Award for ?Building community partnerships to advance the education, health, and quality of life of others? were given to loyal friends and supporters fo the group. For more details about the club, you can visit their Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pinlonVolleyballClub




ENFI D-UK Healt h & Fit ness B o w l i n g T o u r n a men t by RONALD SIPAT

HE European Network of Filipino Diaspora - United Kingdom (ENFID-UK), a registered charity in the UK and serves as an active partner of various Filipino community organizations and leaders in the UK that aim to unite them in supporting and achieving different goals and aspirations, is again organizing and sponsoring another one-day charity bowling tournament on Sunday, August 5, 2018 at Airport Bowl located at Bath Road, Harlington Hayes UB3 5AL near Heathrow Airport. The main objectives are to foster camaraderie between and among ENFID-UK and member organizations and various corporate/individual supporters through health and fitness activities such as bowling and at the same time raise funds for various ENFID-UK charities and free trainings/reaching out activities both in the UK and the Philippines. This tournament is an off-shoot of the 1st bowling competition held last March 4, 2018 also at Airport Bowl where 12 Filcoms Teams participated, tightly contested and ultimately won by Camarines Sur Filcom UK and Cavitenos UK Association as


the Champion and 1st Runner up, respectively. With the huge success of the last tournament and the massive goodwill generated among the participating teams, various Filipino communities more particularly those who were not able to join insistently clamour for another similar event to be organized, hence, this new tournament. This time, 22 Filcoms/Corporate Teams are competing and is expected to be another exciting, fun-filled and successful event. The participating teams are: Golden Ladies UK, Cavitenos UK, Bicol United, Mabuhay Foundation, E-Learning Group, Christian & Friends, Team Mervic, PESO, Samarenos UK, Tropang LGBT UK, Fil-Charity UK, Team ACM, Crystal Travel, Genistar, Team PLOV, YENFID, CamSur Filcom UK, Team AJOS, Phil Theatre UK, Pin-Lon, Team BBM Unity and Batangas Association UK. Each team is composed of 5 members and to play 3 games series. Top three (3) accumulated team totals will be declared winners. Consul General Senen Mangalile is invited to grace the occasion and to throw the ceremonial 1st ball together with ENFID-UK Chairperson Christian W Estrada. ENFID-UK Deputy Chairperson and ENFID-UK Country Representative Ronald Sipat is designated as over-all coordinator for the event.



A l l Fi l i p i n o-UK Op en Da r t T ou r n a m en t AST June 9, 2018 Darterong Pinoy UK (DP UK) had another successful All Filipino-UK Open Dart Tournament. It was hosted by Marlou Gadayan of DP UK stoke on Trent, and was organized by Rovimil Dato. It was held at Our Lady & St Werburgh Catholic Church Hall Seabridge Lane, Newcastle Staffordshire.


(Leicester), and Noel Galeno (Nottingham) versus Allan Rosales (Rochdale). Winners of each set, which were Owen Argaza and Noel.Galeno, faced each other in the final stage of the tournament.

Trophies & Cash Prize for Winners 501 singles 701 classified pair doubles and extra trophies for Bull Master Highest checkouts & most T80's The one-day dart event, which was organized by Mr. Paul Ampiloqio, started at 1000 hours registration time. It also involved acquaintance among players from various places here in the UK such as ? Stoke on Trent, Nottingham, Northwick, Birmingham, Leicester, Milton Keynes, Cambridge, London, and a very supportive team from Dublin, Ireland. Registration entry cost ÂŁ30, which was already inclusive of free food for lunch up until dinner for all players, as well as their friends and families who came to support them.

Half top winning players were paired to the bottom half for 701 classified doubles knock out system elimination games, until narrowed down to 2 paired players to compete in the finals. End paired finalists were Allan Rosales (Rochdale) / Rey Guerzon (Milton Keynes) versus Regie Gadayan (Birmingham) / James Diez (Leicester). After best of 3 games, Regie Gadayan and James Diez became the champions.

To start up the event, a welcome speech was given by Mr. Rovimil Dato, followed by a prayer from Mr. Vidal Pugales. Shortly after, lunch was served while conducting the draw for grouping the registered players into 4 for 501 Singles Eliminations and Best of 3 Game Set. Bull Master competition was held first, followed by group elimination for 501 Singles. The Top 4 for each group would set up for the 2nd round, fighting a knockout system battle for the best of 3 games set. Nevertheless, the Top 16 qualified players were already guaranteed consolation trophies. 501 single knockout elimination and semi-finals narrowed down to 4 of the best players to fight their way to the finals. The first sets were Owen Arzaga (Ireland) versus James Diez

The much-awaited best of 5 game set were played by 501 single finalists, Owen Arzaga and Noel Galeno. Both players gave their best shot, but on the 5th deciding game set, Owen Arzaga came out victorious and brought home the championship trophy for Dublin. Awarding for 501 and Top 16 qualifiers followed. Trophies and cash prizes were given to 501 semi-finalists, 1st runner up and champion. 701 pair double semi-finalists were awarded trophies, and the runner ups and champions with cash prizes. Additional trophies were given to James Diez for winning Bullmaster. Owen Arzaga of Ireland bagged the most T80?s (4xT80?s) of the game and highest checkout of 152 3 dart finished. The success of the DP UK Stoke on Trent Dart Tournament was made possible by the great support of sponsors. Sir Amik Garceniego of Forex Cargo and Travel funded the venue.

Trophies were provided by Quality Superstore (Stoke), Mr. and Mrs. Goodwin of A1 Gas, Jimmy ?Uthoy? Cabillon, Jerome Cruz of Guardians UK, Polly Ajunan, Roel Martin Sepe Family and Team Northwich. To add extra fun for all players, as well as their families and friends, prizes for raffle draw were contributed by Smart Heart Professional Ltd., Mr. Carmilino Bachoco, Jerez Palacios, Benjie Martinez and Allan Rosales. The very supportive Stoke team families provided free food for all that lasted until dinner. For more info and updates of DP UK events, please visit our FB group Darterong Pinoy UK (DP UK) and feel free to join the group of Pinoy darters here in UK.



020 7183 4496

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start in OCTOBER 2018 Avail of our Fl yNowPayLat er p l an. Inst al l ment p rogram up t o 6 mont hs.

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