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PROFIT TOGETHER Business cooperation is not a new idea, but it is a good one. Eons ago, the caveman who was a certified wheel specialist partnered with the caveman who was a certified axel specialist and together, they increased each of their businesses 10-fold. They then connected with the fur trader who lived over the mountain, which added a new revenue stream to each of their businesses, while introducing their products to a whole new geography. Everybody won. And thus, the story that was told so long ago, was retold time and time again throughout the ages. Partnering works. Partnering is good. Partnering is a low-overhead approach to expanding your sales force, geographic reach, technical ability and vertical market expertise. This is especially true in the technology industry, which is constantly changing and whose solutions include a host of overlapping products from a variety of manufacturers.

70% *Based on a September 2010 Survey Response

of surveyed VARs that partnered have realized incremental business opportunities or sales as a result of a VAR partnership.

I sell throughout the US but don’t have a physical presence outside the NY Metro area. I will contact another VAR to ask them to do the work. It helps me get the sale as well as create a reciprocal lead relationship.

*Based on a September 2010 Survey Response



As the leading international distributor of specialty technology products, it was a natural for ScanSource to assist in bringing Value-added Resellers (VARs), Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and Manufacturers together for mutual benefit. After all, we are the common connection, and we have a significant history of offering networking opportunities and VAR-to-VAR leads. In 2010, we looked to be more proactive in our ability to facilitate partnerships throughout the channel and make it easier for our reseller partners to connect. Our first step? Reach out to our reseller community to discover their ideas on partnering.

We surveyed 1,200+ VARs and discovered that most have partnered with another VAR for a business opportunity to great success. Specifically, we discovered that:


of VARs have partnered with another VAR on a deal or business opportunity

These are the top line results. And when you drill deeper, based on individual responses, you’ll discover that most VARS are in favor of partnerships for lead


of VARs have partnered more than five times

generation, expansion of sales team, regional growth and complementary technology. They know if they can’t offer their customers new products and services, they’ll look to someone who can. They also indicated it was


of partnering VARs have realized incremental business opportunities or sales as a result of these partnerships

more successful for them to seek out partnerships versus waiting on partnerships to come to them.

Over 50% of our channel partners actively engage in partnering together to extend their business reach. So we realized that if we can put together a tool to help our partners identify potential strategic partnerships more efficiently and quickly, ScanSource VARs will be in a position to win more deals.


YOUR ONLINE PARTNER CONNECTION So, we learned that VARs are open to the idea of partnering. We learned that VARs are typically successful when they partner on deals and opportunities. And we know that ScanSource is in regular communication with a host of VARs, ISVs and Manufacturers throughout the channel and all over the globe. And while the cavemen of old used drums and grunts to find suitable partners in business, we have slightly more sophisticated tools at our disposal in today’s environment.


The result of all this research, insight and relationship building is the introduction of, a powerful online tool created to provide networking and partnering opportunities for VARs, Hardware Manufacturers, ISVs and Channel Affiliates– companies that provide products or services that compliment technology solutions.

VARs can identify companies with specific technology, geography or vertical market expertise. ISVs can identify high potential VAR partners to market their software solutions. Hardware manufacturers can locate VARs with specific skill sets in certain geographies. Through SUMO, members can extend their reach by finding partners in other technologies and geographies, enabling them to be more competitive and strengthen their product offering. SUMO allows members to seek out potential partners by entering specific search criteria, which then returns companies that match those needs.

Manufacturers, VARs and ISVs have access to channel affiliates for hard to find products and services. And it’s a place where end users online can find the VAR that offers solutions they’re looking for.

SUMO is an international online “networking tool”, supported by all ScanSource, Inc. business units in all geographies, and comprised of the key types of businesses in the specialty technology space.


1,300 +

2,600 +










FOR THE CHANNEL The World Wide Web is a big place. What makes stand out amid the other tools that offer VARs access to partnership opportunities, is that it brings all channel relationships together in one place: VARs, ISVs, Vendors and Channel Affiliates. The cavemen of old had to search from village to village to find a partner that they connected with. Whereas with we understand the channel’s needs and how it operates. We’ve put it all in one place. A place where you can connect with the partners that will help you expand, evolve and ultimately… succeed.


PARTNER.COM “Other VAR partners have a vertical specialty that is distinct from our company… we combine our collective expertise to win the deal. Having VAR partners is similar to having more sales people on the street.”

*Based on a September 2010 Survey Response

We have found SUMO to be a great networking tool. We are looking to grow the number of resellers offering our POS software, and SUMO has allowed us to speak to management-level representatives of companies that we never would have learned about if it weren’t for this tool. We are clearly talking to the right universe of people and look forward to gaining new business opportunities.


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