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Kennels situated at 51 Cromer Road, Hainford, NR10 3AU (on A140) and are open from 10am until 2pm every day.

Note from the Editor Hi everyone, Summer has finally begun, the nights are much lighter, and evening walks at the park are back on the menu here. Having said that, I spent some time up in my hometown of Blyth, Northumberland this week, and completely missed the mini heatwave. Weybourne topped the highest UK temperature, but it was raining and cold up North, typical! It did mean that the dogs and I enjoyed having the nearby beach to ourselves on a few occasions. Those of you who have followed Bella Whippets progress will know she’s a bit of a Houdini escape artist, and has a very high chase drive which never seems to get any less. So after she ran away into the dunes (chasing rabbits and sniffing rabbit holes) for a heart in mouth 10 minutes before I found her, she was restricted to being on lead, much to her disgust. I’m so lucky that my two travel very well, and are happy to spend long drives in the car. As long as they have their quilts in the car, which always has the back seats flat to become their mobile kennel, they sleep happily most of the time. We stop every 2 hours or so and make sure we have a nice long walk to stretch all our legs. Do any of your dogs have holiday adventures to share with us? I’d love to see your photos of greyhounds on roadrtips, and enjoying their summer, or if you have a story to tell about your hound, news to share or a funny photo, or a “spotted” item. Please email them to:

Jack and Bella at Seaton Sluice - a whole beach to themselves

Issue: 48 - Summer 19




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I’d like to say a big thank you to Stephen Franklin, who has helped out with many of the photo montage pages this issue, it’s a great help when trying to find articles to fill the reyhound Ho 16 pages each time. m hG

Registered Charity No: 1172132

Co-ordinator’s bit Isn’t it nice to have the lighter evenings and some blue skies at last? The dogs have been enjoying some of the sunny days sleeping on a duvet, of course, in the garden and we’ve had some lovely evening walks. We were very lucky for our first Open day of the year; the weather was fine and not too cold. It was very successful thanks to all the volunteers who helped on the day when I was unexpectedly rushed into hospital. The Track Walk was extremely well attended and it was lovely to see so many of our newly adopted dogs and the “old hands” and their “slaves”. So many very excited dogs desperate to have a run on the track again. Do they ever forget! Our Open Day and Greyhound Show was a great success. The weather was perfect, perhaps a little too warm, but a cooling breeze made it bearable. All the dogs looked wonderful and I think we were all pleased to see Moe, our longest stayer in kennels, win Best in Show. A credit to the care Molly and Wallis give to the greyhounds. With the summer upon us we have started to attend various fetes and events to promote greyhounds as pets. If you would like to meet and greet the public and talk nonstop about our lovely breed please come and join us there is a list elsewhere in the Newsletter. We are out practically every weekend, sometimes we are in two places, and I’m sure you will find a venue near you. Raising funds to care for the dogs is most important and to this aim a Fund-Raising Committee has been formed. If you feel you can help but do not want to be on the committee let us know. There are many ways you can help. We are short of walkers at the kennels, if you feel you could give up an hour or two sometimes please come along to the kennels. We generally walk around 10am for the first walk and 1.15pm for the afternoon one. We are particularly short at weekends. We love seeing all our happily homed hounds so bring them along to the next Open Day on August 18th.


Dogs homed since last newsletter Benji (Bens the Best), Santis (Santis Scholari), Musky (Meandhim), Linden (Go Linden Gale), Slinky (Unbelievable), Brae (Bracken Brae), Rags (Colski Rags), Bracken (Brackenstone Boy), Stan (Lolas Lad), Penny (Thatwontme), Dave (Hot News), Blake (PerfectPeace), Taggy (Riverside Tadgh), Crystal (Dark Crystal), Teddy (Black Iron), Chirpie (Chirpie Rozing), Alice (Alice Hawthorn), Jonty (Tendring Perfect), Poppitt (Jazz Fame), Bernie (Burnt Again), Murray (Iconic Murray), Sass (Active Dame). Page 2

Hetty’s Helpers Hello everyone, I hope you are all well and looking forward to the summer. I have already been on holiday as Romeo and I spent a very lazy month at a five star hotel in sunny East Ruston with our hotel owner Ellie. She looks after us so well we nearly decided to stay. BUT along came Mr Grumpy and took us away just as my sun tan was beginning to show. Romeo managed to have an accident just before we went home which made Mr Grumpy even more grumpy, something about vets and arm and a leg but Romeo hasn’t got an arm and was absolutely fine. However a couple of days later one of my teeth decided to wobble and cause me some distress, well major distress, well absolutely huge distress, which made Mr Grumpy even more grumpy and there was a lot of muttering which again included the words “vet” and “brassic” and “no rest for the wicked” whatever all that means. What I do know though is that we saw these people in white coats who gave me something that made me really woozy and when we got home I realised the wobbly tooth had come out. It is presently under my favourite cushion waiting for a biscuit fairy, whatever that is, to come and leave me a load of biscuits apparently. Whatever it is has not been yet and I am still waiting by my cushion for the biscuits to appear. If it is anything to do with Mr Grumpy I could be here a while or I will have to go down to the kennels and cadge biscuits from those very nice volunteers who know that I am never fed at home!! Anyway just a reminder that our sponsor schemes are still running and we need you.You can sponsor a kennel for just £50 a year, some of the kennels need more sponsors, or you can donate monthly or annually by standing order (30 people currently donate by monthly standing order raising a lovely £216 a month) or just donate. You can join the new lottery which is going well except for Mr Grumpy who never wins anything or so he says! Email for details on the lottery. There is a £60 weekly prize. A big thank you to everyone who has supported us by shopping through #easyfundraising. We’ve now raised £650+, so it really does work. Can you help us raise even more? It’s really easy - over 3,600 shops will send us free donations every time you shop online, at no extra cost to you. We currently have 87 people using easy fundraising for us. It would be lovely to make it to 100. Visit:  ake sure you tell your friends and work colleagues M about these ways to help us and direct them to our website where all the details, forms etc. can be found. Happy Summer to all my friends I am still waiting for the biscuit fairy


Telephone: 0845 458 3797

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(Mis)Adventures of Henry! I thought you might like to see the latest photo of Henry (formerly Hooch). All our friends were seated on “Henry’s” settee. He was cross so climbed up behind the humans and perched on the cushions above their heads. He loves all these visitors because they bring him hand cooked dog treats! Henry says “ a chap can’t even have a settee to himself these days” He has been in all sorts of scrapes, such as when he saw a squirrel off the garden. He was so pleased with himself that he ran a lap of honour but unfortunately crashed into an iron gate and collapsed, screaming. He had a bleeding paw and was very lame. Luckily we could see the vet immediately. She was concerned about both his shoulders and shaved part of his body to see if there had been extensive damage. Subsequently it was thought not but he lost a claw and had to be bandaged for a few days. A very worrying redness developed over his torso but reassuringly it was only bruising. I learned that greyhounds bruise easily because they have a high number of red blood cells in order to facilitate racing. We are lucky that our local vets have extensive knowledge of greyhounds as several of them have worked in greyhound rescue.

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Henry says “I am poorly and need lots of treats”. Then there was the occasion when Henry spotted a cat on his walk. The cat was the other side of the gate leading to the field where we walk. Unfortunately Henry mistook a gap between the gate and gatepost, thinking he could get through it. He poked his head through before I could stop him, even though he was on a short lead and became STUCK! The more I tried to ease his head out the more he got stuck and screamed. Eventually I managed to ease his head out and he had a very green neck! One day I bought six apples and put them on the windowsill where Henry in theory cannot reach.You will see from the picture that this was a case of the mysteriously disappearing apples. Where can they have gone? On another occasion I put a new packet of risotto rice on the counter to make lunch. I was then called away. When I returned Henry had sampled the uncooked rice. He was ticked off so sulked in his bed with his back to us, surrounded by the leftovers Henry says “I didn’t like risotto rice anyway”.

Henry is very clever and has learned to open the pantry door. On one occasion overnight he broke in and burgled the pantry, stealing and eating stock cubes, cooking chocolate, biscuits, cake and cheese straws. I came down in the morning to poo, vomit and wee! Apart from needing to drink more water, and needing to go out to the garden, he got over it all quite quickly. Henry loves cake and we have to be particularly careful when my husband Harry makes a Victoria sandwich cake

famously known as belly busters, as he did last week. Unfortunately Henry broke into the utility room and ate most of the cake. Harry had to make another for our friends. We have now put bolts on various doors! The trouble is that it is difficult to remember to keep these doors bolted! He continues to love life, particularly his food and walkies! Kindest regards, Sally

Felbrigg Walk

Telephone: 0845 458 3797

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Shadow (aka Danny/Artistic Talent) and his girls Just thought we’d let you see our Yarmouth boy Shadow as he approaches his 8th birthday the first week in June. He’s looking gorgeous and very graceful these days and most importantly is very happy. He has a new girlfriend as of January this year, a five year old brindle girl called Grace. We got her from a local North Wales greyhound charity called Hector’s, she had raced at Belle Vue in Manchester. So as he enters middle age Shadow is enjoying having two girls to keep him company, Grace and Magic! Enjoy the pictures, it’s Shadow in our back garden enjoying the evening sunshine and the picture of all three is on one of our many dog days out, this time at Beeston Castle in Cheshire. Please show Corrine, Molly and everyone that knew our beautiful Shadow before he relocated to North Wales. All my love “SHADOW” & his posse, Coleen, Magic, Grace, Ed.

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Costessey Fete

A very big ‘Thank you’ to all those owners who helped at Weybourne and Costessey over the bank holiday weekend. We raised the magnificent sum of £514.40 in total.

Weybourne Country Fair

Telephone: 0845 458 3797

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Most Dapper Dog - Woody

Bailey - Mo

All the Class

Polly - Perfect Puppy

Reserve - Woody

Best Young Handler - Chloe with Edna Page 8


Marley -

OW - Sunday 2nd June 2019

ost Gorgeous Girl

Best Pet in The Kennels - Moe

s Winners

oe - Best in Show

- Golden Oldie Telephone: 0845 458 3797

Wendy - Black Beauty

Dexter & Kiki - Best Double Act Page 9

Friends and Family Pay Tribute to Gilbert `Gilly` Lubbock

A scene familiar to `Gilly` Lubbock The fact that the steel framework for the Speedway Grandstand can be seen on the left of the photo but as yet no sign of the racetrack, inside the greyhound circuit, would date this photo to early 1947. Yarmouth’s Speedway Team, `The Bloaters`, first raced on April 20th 1948

Born on the 16th April 1931, Gilbert ‘Gilly’ Lubbock lived in Winterton. On the evening of the 7th December 1946 his father took ‘Gilly’ to the `Gilly` with his see greyhound racing re-commence at Yarmouth Stadium, for the first time, after the war. Gilly went on to become one of the Stadiums most cousins pet regular patrons, along with his brother Terry, then in turn with his Barney sons Carl and Paul. ‘Gilly’ hardly missed a meeting at the Stadium right up to his illness last June, sadly he passed away in December.

Donations at `Gilly’s` Funeral to Homefinders Supporting the ex-racers he loved

Corinne Receives the Tribute Cheques for £330 from Paul Lubbock, Paul Peers holds his winner of The Gilly Lubbock Memorial Race, Ballymac Genesis, on his right Paul’s brother Carl

In the foreground Debby Bush with her pet greyhound Kiki They had been `meeting & greeting` racegoers on the evening Page 10

Letters to the editor

Hi Michele

Dear Michele

This is an image created by the sun shining through my door onto my Greyhound ornament.

Nobby the reading greyhound! Katie is snoozing through the story.


Asher and Gad had their first adventures in their new caravan a few weeks ago.

Amy-Beth Elson Willow just loves having her teeth cleaned. As soon as I get the toothpaste and brush ready she is there waiting. Jo Howes Rackheath

They loved the awning...but loved sleeping in the caravan with their slaves even more!

Telephone: 0845 458 3797

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Spotted Deirdre’s son, Rob, spotted these phone cases on eBay, and bought them as gifts.

Spotted recently by Rosamund Swetman at the RAF Club in Piccadilly - the squadron badge of 49 Bomber Command. “Beware the dog”

We are Clue 3 on Radio Norfolk’s Treasure Quest Prior to the Open Day

Live on Radio Norfolk Corinne greets Sophie Little Not only did he feature Dippy was keeper of the clue

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Greyhound Lottery Results Date

Nos. Winner


May 4th May 11th May 18th May 25th June 1st June 8th

246 514 531 321 651 643

£60 £60 N/A £120 £60 £60

Mary Moore Ray Seaman No winner Jo Guise Eric Crowe Natalie Pearce

We still have places in the greyhound lottery so sign up now to take part and help the hounds in their retirement, email for information.

Volunteers In order to keep the hounds in the manner they expect we hold lots of events, particularly in the summer months. We now have a Fund Raising Committee and regular stalwarts who give generously of their time but we could still do with some more help Many of you support the Open Days and volunteer by walking the dogs on a regular basis. We also attend lots of different Events around the County with a stall and, this year, in some cases two events on the same day. If any of you could spare an hour or two on a weekend that you would be happy to give up to help the hounds we would be very grateful.You can bring your dogs as they act as a draw to the visitors. If you can help with this please contact me Linda Johnson We also like to have someone to collect at the track on a Saturday, with their dog(s). In the summer lots of holiday makers visit and it’s a good source of funds for us. There is also racing on certain nights during the week. If you can give an evening to help with this please contact Corinne Douglas Thank you

Sponsored Walk Phillip Pearce & Deryck Self are organising a sponsored greyhound walk along the Burr Valley Railway line on the Sunday 1st September from Aylsham to Wroxham. The distance is 9 miles it will be done in stages along the line. Sponsor forms can be obtained from the kennels or emailing pusspearce58@yahoo. as from Monday 17th June and Molly will set up the just giving page.

Telephone: 0845 458 3797

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The Stadium Track Walk 2019 - Sunday 19th May They’re Off

Down the Back Straight to the Kennels

For those who didn’t do a second circuit the Homefinders Stall Beckoned

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Track Walk 2019 - Page 2 Back to the Snack Bar

For a Welcome Drink and even better a Bacon and Egg Roll

He Couldn’t!

Could You Resist?

Long Stay Residents

Telephone: 0845 458 3797

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Events and open days 2019 This is a list of events we will attend with our greyhound stall. If you would like to join us with your hound, we will be very pleased to see you. We will publish more details nearer the time on our Facebook site and our web page. June 16th Dog Show, Worstead Village Hall, NR28 9WH June 30th Caister Carnival, King George V Playing Field, Allendale Rd, Caister on Sea NR30 5ES 10.30am-4.30pm June 30th South Norfolk Show Council Offices, Cygnet Court, Swan lane, Long Stratton, NR15 2XE 11am-4pm July 7th Hainford Village Fete,Hall Road, NR10 3LX from 12md July 13th and 14th Starting Handle Club Show, Spring Farm, Fir Covert Rd, Felthorpe, NR10 4DT (Adjacent to roundabout on Fir Covert Rd on NDR) July 14th Wells Hospital Fete, East Park, Holkham Hall, Wells-Next-The-Sea. NR23 1AB 10am-4pm July 28th Wells Carnival Fete, Buttlands Wells-next-the-sea, NR23 1EZ 11am-5pm

August 10th and 11th Starting Handle Show, Orchard Cottage, Allison Street, Marsham 9am-5pm August 25th and 26th All About Dogs, Showground, Costessey August 31st Tasburgh Village Fete Village Hall Grove Lane NR15 1LR September 8th Dog Show Trimingham Hall NR11 8HQ 9.30am September 8th Fairhaven Dog Show, School Rd., South Walsham NR13 6DZ 10.30am -4.30pm September 15 Dog Show, Gold Park, Mundesley NR11 8BG 11am-4pm Kennel Open Days August 18th Open Day 11am – 2pm usual stalls etc. Refreshments BBQ October 13th Open Day 11am-2pm Auction of greyhound memorabilia at 12md. Stalls, refreshments November 23rd 11am -3pm Christmas Fayre Stratton Strawless Village Hall, Parish Road, NR10 5LW


G th

reyhound Ho


nders e fi


August 3rd Dog Show, Martham Village Green, NR29 4PF 10am -4pm

Yarmouth Greyhound Homefinders

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Yarmouth Greyhound Newsletter - Summer 2019  

Yarmouth Greyhound Newsletter - Summer 2019