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Kennels situated at 51 Cromer Road, Hainford, NR10 3AU (on A140) and are open from 10am until 2pm every day.

Note from the Editor Another summer is in full swing (cue rain for the next 40 days for saying that!). We’ve had some great sunny days already and hopefully more to come. Some greyhounds love the warmer weather, some don’t cope so well. Our sun worshiping whippets love it, but I have to make sure they don’t overcook, and bring them inside if they get too hot. I’ve noticed that as Jack gets older (he’s 8 and a half now) he seems to feel the heat more than he used to. Please remember that during a hot spell, walking your dog during the day could be too much for them. It may be that early morning or later evening walks are needed, when it’s cooler, and just a nice chill out in a cool spot during the day is enough. It’s a good idea to test the heat of the pavement if you do need to walk during the day. Place the back of your hand on the tarmac, if it’s too hot to keep it there for more than 5 seconds, then it would be too hot for your hounds paws to handle. They can burn very easily, so it’s always good to make sure it’s not too hot. I’m lucky enough to work from home, meaning my dogs are with me all day. On hot days we have a fan in the office, and usually the back door open to catch a breeze if we can. Having the dogs with me keeps me sane at work, as most daytimes with my husband at work I only see other dogwalkers. Most of my work conversations happen over email, so chatting to the dogs seems to happen quite a lot. If my neighbours could hear the conversations I have with the dogs I’m sure they’d call me the “crazy dog lady!” If only dogs could answer us back, imagine what fun that would be! Is anyone taking their dog on holiday with them this year? Or on some trips out around the region? Take some photos of hounds on hols, and send them to me for the next newsletter, the funnier the better really!

Issue: 44 - Summer 18


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Please email them to:

Registered Charity No: 1172132

Co-ordinator’s bit I feel that at last summer has come as I sit here in the sun writing this, long may it last, although I must admit my garden would welcome a shower of rain. The summer months for me are some of the busiest. I am sure many of you do not realise we attend fetes, dog shows etc. almost every weekend in the summer. I wouldn’t manage to do this without my loyal volunteers, Simon and Antonia, who pack the van and set up every weekend come rain or shine. Not only do we raise money but, more importantly, raise awareness of what fabulous pets greyhounds make. We are always happy to welcome greyhounds and their slaves to help us talk to the public. Elsewhere in the Newsletter there is a list of events we are attending if you would like to join us please let me know and we will let you have all the details. Other ways in which you can help are collecting at the Stadium on race nights, placing collecting boxes in your local shops and regularly emptying them, walking the greyhounds at the kennels in the morning and afternoon, taking a greyhound on one of our organised walks, helping at Open Days (setting up, clearing up, baking cakes, manning a stall),fostering a dog that has been returned usually for no fault of their own or one that may have needed surgery and needs to be away from kennels for recuperation. If you can help in any small way we would be very grateful, just leave a message on 08454583797 or speak to me. The Helpline comes straight through to my home so obviously I may be out (usually walking my three hounds) but I will ring you back. The kennels are bursting at the seams at the moment with 16 in and 3 in foster due to the number that have had to be returned due to no-one’s fault. Circumstances change and it is very sad when an owner reluctantly has to return one. We also have 29 waiting for a space in the kennels. We are aware that many of our newsletters go to people who no longer want them. Please could you let us know if this is the case or you are willing to receive it on line? Postage is very expensive and we need to keep our costs down as much as possible. I hope you all have a lovely summer out and about with your hounds.


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Hetty’s Helpers “TWHINGERS” is a word not found in the dictionary but can be found in our house. It means two loungers on a sofa both whingeing persistently. It definitely applies to David and I as we are both recovering from being in hospital at the same time. David had another bout of Sepsis and I was attacked by a nasty Labrador. We are both getting better but still whingeing a lot according to Maureen and Romeo. If we have been a bit late with anything we apologise but I am sure you will understand. To cheer us up all of my helpers are being very generous as usual. Our “www.” now has 54 people registered who have already made £300 for us by shopping online. Well done everyone who is registered. Remember it is free to register and easily makes a donation to us every time you shop online and doesn’t cost you any extra. Our kennel sponsorship scheme continues to grow. All the kennels have sponsors and some have more than others. Arty’s kennel continues to be popular and I know he very much appreciates it. For £50 a year you can have your name, a friend’s name, a family name, a company name etc displayed in the kennel . Company names are also given an extra display on the rear wall of the kennels. Those of you who donate monthly by standing order are contributing over £200 in total every month which is such a huge help to us. All forms, details etc. of the above schemes can be found at the kennels, on our website at or by sending an email to me at I would be delighted to hear from you. A quick reminder about our auction at the October (14th) Open Day. I am collecting any dog related items, so if you have something to donate that would be appropriate please bring it along to the kennels or let me know via email. I am told I can be David’s lovely assistant this year. I hope it is something I can do lying down and is not too arduous. I hope to see you all somewhere during the summer so that I can thank you in person. Kisses and wags to you all.

Hetty Telephone: 0845 458 3797

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Letters to the editor Hello Michele,

Dear Michele,

Here is a photo of Del Boy when he stayed with me (and Luther) for a couple of weekends, he was an absolute delight, and curious about all things household. Nervous to be left alone but gained confidence with a chilled doggy pal.

We are sorry to have to tell you this, but our precious Buzzie passed away suddenly on Saturday 18th November 2017. We had six wonderful years with him, he was a real blessing in our lives, and we miss him so much, the house seemed so empty without him there. We talked it over and decided to get another greyhound,and although we will never forget our lovely boy, we now have Prince with us and we love him differently but just as much as we did our Buzzie.

Anita Nandi Hi Michele Here is Todd with the Bishop of Norwich and Pets As Therapy regional coordinator Carole Adam. We were invited to take part in a civic procession from City Hall to the Cathedral to mark the end of volunteers week. Best wishes, Hannah

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Susan and Michael Kelly Dear Michele Katie (Bandicoot Kiki) 2004-2018 Katie was a quiet joy from the moment she stepped over our threshold (apart from a blip when the front door was opened to let out a bumble bee on the first day with us and Katie thought she was coming out of a trap!) Always biddable and with such good manners that many humans could only aspire to. She particularly loved her human Dad and they spent many happy

hours together both inside and out. She had a small collection of dollies which she took outside one by one when it was sunny. A favourite was “snake” (a draft excluder) which she like to drag around, often tripping over it in the process.

She had such funny little ways. When I called her in from the garden she got a treat for coming in. Summertime with the back door open she would go into the garden and come rushing in for her treat Then she would do it time and time again so she got treat every time.

She much enjoyed her walks over West Runton woods, Norfolk, sniffing every blade of grass which revealed many doggy emails to her delight. She spent many hours on her own settee, sometimes shared with adoring humans but also enjoyed taking her ease at the bottom of the stairs. We were lucky to keep her in good health until she was 14, the vet commenting that they don’t often see greyhounds reach that age. How we miss her. “Her ways were ways of gentleness and all her paths were peace”. Harry and Sally Hawkins Dear Michele On Friday 22nd of June,my heart was broken when I said goodbye to my dear little Tallulah She was the sweetest girl. If there was a dog show for the dog that made you laugh the most she would come 1st.

Telephone: 0845 458 3797

She was also very stubborn, just a hint of rain and no way could you get her out of bed. She just loved her food,never left a bit and let me know if dinner was 10 minutes late Legend is missing her so much And keeps looking for her in her bed. Rest in peace and pain free little one, we miss you so much. Sandy Dyball Hi Michele This is our Monty at his own Chelsea flower show. This must match Monty Don! Regards Steve Matthews Page 5

Racing Post Greyhound TV Films at Hainford

RPGTV Presenter Julie Collier visited Homefinders Hainford Kennels to film a feature for broadcast on the chanel

Zak Spots the Biscuit Tin!

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Events 2018

Walks 2018

Sunday 1st July Discover South Norfolk Long Stratton 11-4

Sunday July 1st Buxton 11am Details to follow. Pub at the end of the walk.

Sunday 8th July Hainford Village Fete Village Hall 12-5

Sunday August 19th 11am Felbrigg Hall 11am

Sunday 15th July Reedham Village Fete

Sunday September 16th 11am Beccles Quay

Sunday 29th July Wells Next the Sea Fete All Day Sunday 5th August Summer Open Day at kennels 11am-2pm Saturday 11th and Sunday12th August Starting Handle Club Show Marsham Sunday 26th Monday 27th August All About Dogs Norfolk Showground Sunday September 9th Fairhaven Water Garden Dog Show

October 28th Winterton on Sea beach walk. Meet 11am in Car Park. Café at the end of walk. November 18th Blickling Hall 11am Café on site. Car park charge Saturday 8th December Saxlingham Nethergate Church 11am followed by soup in the Church hall

Eaton Park Walk

Sunday 14th October Autumn Open Day 11-2 Auction. Saturday 24th November Christmas Fayre Taverham Village Hall 1pm -3.30pm ALL WALKS AND EVENTS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AND ADDITIONS

Dogs homed since last newsletter Lucy (Colski Mystery), Modric (Tyrur Modric), Peppy (Also Popular), Nelson (Group Mandela), Dexy (Lexis Beauty), Rain (Same Old Story), Jess (Lost Lisson), Goodie (Godisgood), Larry (Injuratime), Britney (Jackys Reference), Lunar, (Backdoor Selecta), Rambo (Woodcocks Rambo), Berni (Jura Warren), Impey (Elizas Impact), Jack (Sparkle Jack), Mac (Copper Eagle), Kel (Kellmans Secret), Miley (Wrecking Ball), Hooch (Corrin Gooch), Winnie (Whiteys Spice), Nellie (Tipperary Nellie), Molly (Lakota Fire).

Telephone: 0845 458 3797

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Spotted recently on a visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum in the Sculpture Gallery, by Ros Swetman. Spotted by Linda Johnson, an article in the Daily Mail Dna studies indicate that after being exported to mainland Europe, greyhounds were brought to the British Isles by the ancient Celts. By the time of the Saxons 1,000 years ago, they had become popular with commoners for hunting and among the upper classes for use in sport. Spotted in Private Eye by Angie Clarke, the website has other tapestries of greyhounds and lurchers too.

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The ‘grey’ in greyhound has nothing to do with colour because it derives from the Saxon word grei, meaning fine or beautiful. Over time its likely the spelling changed to grey because it was a common colour among the dogs.

A day in the life of Cassie can Boogie “I’m so proud of Cassie and what we’ve achieved today. Two years ago a few months after she arrived I thought that I may never be able to say this........ but we have been for a superb, relaxed walk along the prom and into Lowestoft town centre. No pulling, lunging or barking at any other dog, even said a proper hello to a lovely retriever cross who was gentle and sociable with her. For those of you new to this, or have recently got another greyhound after losing one you’ve known and loved for years, some of them take a very long time to adjust to life beyond racing. They need patience, reassurance, kindness (don’t forget an endless supply of training treats!) and for us to believe in them and our ability to help them make that transition. Please don’t be afraid to ask for help, for the experience of others may help you see your problems in a new light.Yes it’s taken two years but we have gone from me coming back from nearly every walk in tears because she wasn’t reacting and behaving the way Trigger used to, the way I was used to a greyhound interacting with the world. Basically she is a big scaredy pup and anything she doesn’t understand frightens her. She used to react to this in what can be seen as an aggressive way and occasionally still does. Today was such a great walk, I’ve loved her since the minute our eyes met at the kennels and she bounced her way into our empty, sad house. Never a dull moment and plenty of times when it’s felt like a challenge I would never be able to rise to. We did it, and she was rewarded with a small ice cream cone which she delicately ate in the sunshine and gave me a sloppy kiss afterwards. Love you Cassie you are such a clever girl ” Lynne Lilly Can we send your newsletter by email? Each time the newsletter is published we post around 600 copies out. As you can imagine this means our postage charges are very high. We have a growing number of people who opt to receive the newsletter by email, and remove themselves from the postage list. If you would like to do this, please email our editor and include your name and address to be removed from the list. Please note we will only use your contact information to email you the newsletter each quarter, we will not pass it on to anyone else.

Telephone: 0845 458 3797

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Fun Greyhound Show: Sunday 3 1








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June 2018

The Results 1. Most Dapper Dog: 1st Dexter, 2nd Rolly, 3rd Barney

7. Double Act 2 Or More Greyhounds From Same Family: 1st Smiler And Hatty, 2nd Maddy, Sidney And Freddy, 3rd Sonny And Dancer

2. Most Gorgeous Girl: 1st Kiki, 2nd Katie, 3rd Maya

8. Kennel Dogs: 1st Shaun, 2nd Arty, 3rd Del Boy

3. Golden Oldies (9 And Over): 1st Hatty, 2nd Rick, 3rd Whoopie

9. Best In Show: All Dogs With 1st Prize - 1st Dexter And Kiki, 2nd Rolly

4. Perfect Puppy (3 And Under): 1st Rolly, 2nd Molly, 3rd Willow


5. Best Young Handler (14 And Under) Must Be Their Own Dog: 1st Holly, 2nd Fizz, 3rd Deano And Snowy 6. Black Beauties: 1st Wendy, 2nd Lilly, 3rd Lad

The Stadium Track Walk

Getting underway

Down the back straight heading for the kennels

A Guest `Greyhound`

Kennel Steward Dale shows how the Greyhounds are identified and weighed for a race meeting

After his exertions Marley thought he deserved a bacon and egg roll Staff members run Homefinders Stadium Prize Draws, Carol found two generous supporters

`Wot No Vet`

Telephone: 0845 458 3797

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Kennel Sponsorship Scheme Would you like your name on one of our kennels? Here is a way you, your friends, your work mates, your family or anyone can help our dogs directly. We have set up a kennel sponsorship scheme whereby companies, workmates or individuals can sponsor a particular kennel at our kennels. Perhaps you would like to sponsor a kennel in memory of a lost pet or friend? The kennels are numbered from 1-14 and the names of sponsors will be placed on a board on the particular kennel wall and also have a permanent place on our website. You can visit your kennel when you wished to give treats to whichever greyhound is there at the time.You can find out which dog is in your sponsored kennel by looking at our available dogs on the website. It will show each kennel number and who is there. Kennel sponsorship costs just £50 for one year, £200 for 5 years and £400 for a permanent sponsorship. Cheques should be made to Yarmouth Greyhound Homefinders and can be sent to us at 51 Cromer Road, Hainford, Norfolk NR103AU. If you’d like more information please call us on 08454 583797. KENNEL 1 has two sponsors Phillip Pearce for Ceasar and Zoe and Mr Terry Douglas KENNEL 2 has one sponsor

Mrs Jessica Bailey

KENNEL 3 has two sponsors Barry and Linda Nobbs in memory of “Reggie”, Dave and Ros Rumbles KENNEL 4 has two sponsors Cromer Holiday Chalets and Ruth and Friends KENNEL 5 has one sponsor

Weatherill Brothers Marquees

KENNEL 6 has one sponsor

Big Ben’s Van Service

KENNEL 7 has one sponsor

Maureen McCoy

KENNEL 8 has one sponsor

Ann Hutchinson in memory of “Caesar”

KENNEL 9 has one sponsor

Corinne in memory of Claudia and Topaz

KENNEL 10 has one sponsor

Cathy Wright

KENNEL 11 has five sponsors Cathy Wright and Weatherill Brothers Marquees, Lucy Grubb and Yvonne Lambe, Jan and Norman Thomas KENNEL 12 has one sponsor

Peter Hunter and Whoopie

KENNEL 13 has three sponsors Rolf Prismall and Hazel Jubb, Clarke’s Carpet and Flooring KENNEL 14 has two sponsors Robbie Botsford, The Botsford family. Page 12

Hetty, Marley and Tanya go to school! As part of our ‘Pets, Pets, Pets’ theme, the Reception class at Hevingham Primary School invited David, Hetty, Corrinne, Marley and Tanya to spend the morning with them. They taught us all about the racing life of a greyhound and what happens when they retire. The children loved watching the video of the race! The hounds were amazingly well behaved, tolerating lots of fuss, cuddles and treats. They even had their heartbeats listened to by our budding vets! The greyhounds were soon the talk of the school and everyone came to give them some love. Tanya even had a run on the school field! Since the visit, the children have always asked after the hounds and a picture of Hetty remains on the wall. Several children have been to the kennels to visit the hounds. I (Miss Coulter) even took one home a couple of weeks later! Ruby (was Peppy) has settled beautifully. We can’t thank Homefinders enough and hope they will be back for another visit soon.

Telephone: 0845 458 3797

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Long Stay Residents

Arty and The Drone

Proving Greyhounds really are Gaze Hounds Camera man Tom readies his drone camera

Whilst with Julie, Arty spotted the drone, high in the sky, never losing sight of it as it filmed over the whole area

RPGTV Presenter Julie Collier records a piece with Molly to promote Arty on Social Media

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Fir Covert Road, Taverham, Norwich, Norfolk NR8 6HT Tel: 01603 861370 with TD and S ean ining Tra


Our Reactive Rover classes will help you manage your dogs reactivity, give you the skills to enjoy your walks together. • Classes are held over five weeks. • ​​Small class sizes, with your own area. • Full one to one support. • Your dog will not see other dogs until they are ready.​ • £15.00 Per class. Call today to book your place: 07927 391028

Telephone: 0845 458 3797

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Christmas Card Competition This is the last call for the Yarmouth Greyhound Homefinders Christmas Card competition. We have opened up the competition to include festive photos of your dogs, which would make a great Christmas card. With the amount of snow we had at the start of the year, there must be some great winter photos in your collection? We will choose 4 winners to be our 2018 Official Christmas Cards, and will sell packs of the cards to raise vital funds. Does your photo deserve a place in there? As well as having your photo published, the 4 lucky winners will also receive a prize. Please send your photo to and make sure to send it at original size if given the option. Ideally we need the file size to be over 1mb. If your entry is selected, it will be printed on high-quality card and sold in an assorted fundraising pack, with 100% of profits going directly to help meet the high costs of rescuing and rehoming greyhounds. The winners’ name will be included on the card. Judging will be selected by a panel of volunteers, we will announce the winners in the Summer Newsletter. Closing date for entries is 30th July 2018.


G th

reyhound Ho


nders e fi


Good luck and get creative!

Yarmouth Greyhound Homefinders

51 Cromer Road, Hainford, Norfolk NR10 3AU Tel: 0845 458 3797 Email: Designed and edited by Michele of Design for print and web Page 16 Printed by

Yarmouth Greyhound Homefinders Newsletter - Summer 2018  
Yarmouth Greyhound Homefinders Newsletter - Summer 2018