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Publisher: Jules Wright

Issue Number: 28

Date: Spring 2014

Kennels situated at 51 Cromer Road, Hainford, NR10 3AU (on A140) and are Open from 10am until 2pm every day. Telephone: 0845 458 3797

Note From The Editor: I hope that you had a lovely Christmas and New Year and that Santa brought you all lots of presents. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it to the Christmas Fayre but I heard that a good time was had by all. I had a sad start to the year as my greyhound Ronnie collapsed and died whilst on a walk with a friend. It was a nice way for him to go especially as he wasn’t like your typical greyhound, he loved his walks. It wasn’t very nice for me as I felt that I hadn’t had a chance to say goodbye. I feel bad as on the morning he died I hadn’t taken much notice of him as I had been in a hurry to get the kids to swimming. If only I had known I would have given him a big hug and a kiss. We had had Ronnie for just over seven years he had been there through three house moves our wedding and the arrival of our two children. He was such a laid back dog and nothing seemed to phase him. He will be very sadly missed. 2014 also brings in change for Homefinders as David Jones has decided to step down as Co-ordinator. I have worked with David for over seven years and I will miss working with him. I am sure that you will agree he has done an amazing job building up Homefinders to what it is today. He is certainly leaving on a high as he has re-homed a record 22 dogs since Christmas and we have had a very generous £5000 donation in a Will. David is handing over the reins to Corrinne whom I’m sure that many of you will have seen at the kennels. Further details about Corinne can be found in the Newsletter.

I would like to wish David a very happy retirement and Corrinne good luck in her new role. Please keep sending me your letters and emails the newsletter is only as good as the stories that you provide. Jules

All Change There is a `change at the top` for Yarmouth Greyhound Homefinders. On Monday 10th February, Corinne Douglas took over our Homefinders 0845 458 3797 contact phone number and, with it, the role as Homefinding Co-ordinator. David Jones, after seven years and nearly nine hundred pet homed, is standing down. Corinne, a former Hospice Nurse Manager, having owned and shown Ibizan Hounds for twenty five years, decided she would like a greyhound and four years ago, came to Homefinders through her lovely blue and white boy Marley, having fallen for him, after seeing his photo on Homefinders web site. David Jones has pledged Corinne his full support as she settles in to her new role.

Yarmouth Greyhound Homefinders, a branch of the Retired Greyhound Trust Registered Charity No: 269668 1 Bernard Close, New Rackheath, Norwich, NR13 6QS

CO-ORDINATOR’S BIT Firstly I would like to thank everyone who sent Christmas Cards, Gifts and Donations to the kennels they were all much appreciated and enabled the dogs to enjoy the festivities as well. Also a big thank you to those of you who walked the dogs or helped at the Stadium over the Christmas period. We are proud to say that we homed 116 greyhounds in 2013 and were one of only two RGT branches to maintain the homing figures of the previous year. I believe this is due to all the fantastic support and help we get from yourselves. A sad bit of news is that Malcolm Gould, who has been running greyhound boarding kennels at Mattishall has decided to close immediately as he has felt quite tied down and needs to have a period of “free” time. I like many of you have used Malcolm’s kennels and my dogs have thoroughly enjoyed being with him. We will all miss him and we wish him well in whatever he does. Speaking of free time I have also decided to spend more time pursuing other interests (such as copying my greyhounds and spending days lying upside down on my sofa!!!), and am therefore standing down as co-ordinator of Homefinders. I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience over the last 7 years, I have made many friends, learnt so much and I have loved working with all the greyhounds that have come through our kennels. There have been frustrations but these have always been put in the shade by the positive things that have happened and the great people I have met. I will still be involved in some small way but very much in the background and I still hope to maintain the friendships and keep up my interest in our beautiful animals. Corinne Douglas (who has Marley and Claudia) has been learning the ropes for a while and by the time you read this will have taken over the role. I am sure she will receive the great support and friendship I have enjoyed and will continue to enhance the good name and work of Yarmouth Greyhound Homefinders. The kennels are in good hands and Corinne with Molly, Joanne and Lisa will continue to do the wonderful job they have been doing for some time. Thank you so much for all the help, support and encouragement you have given to me. On a lighter note this year has started amazingly well with 21 greyhounds being homed in January alone, the best month we have ever had. Let us hope this is an omen for a record year and that we see big numbers of happy, spoilt greyhounds in new homes. The events for this year are very much as with last year and if you would like to be involved in any of the Fayres, Fetes, Open Days etc. please let Corinne know. It is fun manning our stall and your greyhound will enjoy it as well. Lisa has a good rota of people helping at the

Stadium which is extremely beneficial to us and she could always do with more volunteers. I still hope to be at the Open days this year particularly as my Hetty is telling me she likes to meet all those handsome boys that come along! Seth would have said a few words at this point but his sofa called and he reckons he can’t think properly when upside down. I don’t think he can think properly when he is upright!! I wish you all a very happy, healthy and successful year

David Dogs homed since last newsletter Ray (Criss Cross), Erin (Tag Along Erin), Josh (King Fergie), Tony (Tritowers), Chip (Woodstone Blue), Clara (Wajas Booth), Trooper (Pouldine Warrior), Bourbon (Riverside Whisky), Millie (Indigo Fergie), Ty (Ian The Flowerman), Cross Boss (Hugo), Mally (Marys Tornado), Sonny (Rough Sunset), Robbie (Copeland Robbie), Dilbert (Moors Diligaf), Dippy (Another Dippy), Lad (Addermount Lad), Jimmy (Glenvale Jimmy), Smokey (Feisty Lad), Sloane (Slaneyside Roman), Bailey (Mountjoy Eagle), Lass (Risky Lass), Ellie (Oh So Ellie), Alice (Alis Dawn), Sherry (Riverside Sherry), Livi (Sparklee Olivia), Tod (Tuckeys Fox), Joanie (Perfect Smile),Vince (Safepac Typhoon), Sally (Livingona Prayer), plus any others that have gone out since this being sent to print. Give them all a big hug for us and we hope to see them all again sometime. We will remember the following dogs with great affection. They have recently passed away. Tilly (Dunmurry Maya), Ruby (Peteen), Bella (Go Go Gallant), Dizzy (Bon Chance Laura), Denny (Indell), Ronnie (Full Back). Monica (Headiton Monica)

FIRST AID COURSE On Sunday 8th February a Animal First Aid course was held at Yarmouth Stadium. It was very well attended and many people got to practice their bandaging skills on some unsuspecting cuddly animals. Many thanks to the Franklin family for use of one of their Executive lounges to host the event.

Downs and Ups Recently I collected a lovely girl called Cassie from owners who were unable to look after her any more. They had spent 4 very loving years with her and Cassie was a credit to them. Their deteriorating health had led to the decision which they found very, very hard. I assured them she would be found a good home and in fact she is now in a lovely new, permanent home with one of our volunteers and in fact is being spoilt all over again. Between collecting Cassie and delivering her I had a cheque to receive from a group of walkers in Caister. The group, all who have dogs with different needs, meets weekly for a walk in order to help their dogs get used to socialising and behaving. It is a lovely group with dogs of all shapes and sizes and they raise money for charity and donated £100 to Homefinders. I took Cassie to meet the group and she impressed everybody with her behaviour. The photo shows her in the middle of some of the dogs and their owners having received the kind donation. If you are in the Caister area and your greyhound needs a bit of socialising then take him/her along to the Lifeboat Station at 9.45am on a Friday and ask for Christine.

Reme and Tiger at work Here are some photos of Reme and Tiger in their “work clothes”, they are doing so well in their new “career”. Tiger is still a little reticent but she has always stepped back and let Reme go first. It is, as you know, very strange for them particularly as they are used to people who can move towards them and suddenly they are being asked to go to people with little or no movement. It was very moving to see that smile on our last visit I only hope that they manage to bring a little joy to many more. Talking of which, the local hospital, St Mary’s have finally finished all their protocols and we will hopefully starting visiting the stroke and rehab ward in December. It is hoped that if all goes well we may also visit mental health and many more areas in the future. Tiger and Reme are totally exhausted after their afternoon of visiting so goodness knows how they will cope with two afternoons a week!! Today we went to the nursing home for our fourth trip. Reme and Tiger are doing so well and are welcomed by so many of the residents. Today was the best so far, one gentleman has suffered brain damage and often is too tired to see us. Today his parents were there and said he had wanted us to visit. Initially Reme went up and then Tiger, his mum moved his hand onto Tiger’s head. he stroked her and then he smiled. It was the most wonderful moment. It’s hard to express just how I felt at that moment, humble barely describes it. REME and TIGER and KAY MARSHALL



LETTERS Dear Jules, Sorry it’s only a couple of piccies to show you Lady’s (Fergie) favourite pastimes. She keenly goes out for her walks, but loves being in the lounge in the evenings. Mum and Dad are sure they’ve made the right decision. Lady wags her tail now at people she recognizes and jumps up to me when she’s so excited that I’m visiting. She was never off of her food and apart from the first night, when she was shattered the next morning, she seems to sleep well now.

I like to play and now we’ve had the sitting room extended I run up and down, it is almost like being at the track. I’ve got my own toys, including a slipper. Mum is very impressed that I will go and find it when she asks me where it is. I also love playing fetch in the garden. Crystal was poorly before Christmas and had to have her back leg amputated. I missed her when she was in hospital although I was not naughty at home if Mum did have to pop out and leave me for a while. The day Mum when to fetch Crystal I spent the day with Auntie Rae and was a really good boy. Crystal is doing brilliantly and we are now going for walks together again. I got brownie points as I don’t get on the sofa and now Crystal only has 3 legs she doesn’t either so Mum is well pleased. Anyway, love to all my pals at the kennels. Hope they all get lovely homes too very soon. Blue (Newtown Diamond/Harlow) Hi Jules and everyone,

We’ll keep you posted as we introduce her into new situations. We’re sure that she’s happy, she just needs to believe now, that it’s forever.

Mac (Ballymac Song) & lurcher Gertie (& mum & dad) would love to wish all greys & their families a very Happy safe & healthy New Year from Tanya & David, Gertie & Mac xxxx

Take care, Mireille (and Roy and Jean - my Mum and Dad - because Lady is after all at their house!) Hi Jules Really sorry to hear about Ronnie. Just thought I’d write and let you know how I’m getting on. I can’t believe it was March 2013 when I came to live with Mum (Linda) and Crystal. To start with Crystal was a bit snippy with me (Mum said it was because she wasn’t used to a great big lump horsing about). –I’m told I was a “gentleman” – whatever one of those is – about it and didn’t snip back. But we’re fine now and it is so lovely to have company when Mum goes out. We’ve had a busy summer as Mum had some work done on the house and the garden has had a makeover. We’ve got artificial grass and raised beds so our feet don’t get muddy. I hated having my feet washed every time we went out (the garden was a mud patch when the work was going on), so I’m pleased that is over.

Dear Jules Photo of Fergus (Big Dark Jack, aka Fatty) in green collar and Sabi (Summer Lane Sally aka Sabrina) in purple collar in suitable greyhound repose. Jules says I am really sorry that I did not include your photo in the last newsletter!

Ron and Ella The continuing saga Ron Lummus lives in Sheffield and in September took Ella (Melgin Ella) home with him. The pair of them now keep everyone amused on our facebook page and here are just a couple of examples. I am sure Ron wont mind me putting these in as the bond between him and Ella is very strong and I know Ella is extremely spoilt. This is Ron writing about Ella who he often refers to as Milady: I decided, this morning, to share with you all my grievances which have come about since being in service to Milady Ella. After ensuring that this mornings outing went without a hitch, and all the other employees were available to entertain Milady in her morning gallop, we repaired to the hall and i received my instructions for the rest of the day. Meanwhile Milady gracefully flopped on her Chaise Lounge and appeared to fall asleep. It fell to me to do the hoovering and dusting which in its’self is not a hardship, but to have to wear this mop cap and ridiculous pinny whilst doing it is a bit much! The upshot of this iniquity was that as I hoovered (muttering epithets like “what about the workers?”) I came to an impasse. Milady, (with her eyes tight shut), had draped herself (and I use the phrase advisedly) in such a position as to have all four paws hanging off the bed and over the carpet. This state of affairs left me with a dilemna, should I cough, politely of course, and risk a rollicking later for not doing ALL the carpet. It came to me in a flash of inspiration. I gently raised her paws and passed the machine under them...she never moved a muscle! I think I am too good for this job... This is Ella writing about Ron: It is a singular thing that fate can conspire to upset even the best of experiences, but it was just so this evening... having been kindly invited to dinner at a family member’s home we repaired afterwards to Ella’s Hall late in the evening of Thursday the sixteenth, to find that the heating system had, to coin a phrase, given up the ghost. Being, shall we say, somewhat tired and finding my bedroom in the south tower far too cold for habitation I called, once again for my trusty, rusty retainer to solve the problem as he had so many times before, after all one cannot be expected to do EVERYTHING oneself can one?I called, once again for my trusty, rusty retainer to solve the problem as he had so many times before, after all one cannot be expected to do EVERYTHING oneself can one?

Sponsorship News Des is our sponsor dog this issue. To be a sponsor please fill in your details below and send a cheque or postal order made payable to Yarmouth Greyhound Homefinders, and send it to: Lisa Pimble, 77, St Benets Road, Stalham, Norwich, Norfolk, NR12 9DW. Name. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Address . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .............................................. .............................................. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Postcode . . . . . . . . . . . . . . If you are sponsoring as a gift for someone else also provide their details.

Standing Orders We have now set up a standing order form for anyone who wishes to donate a monthly amount (from only £1) to Homefinders. This is another way of helping our lovely greyhounds and will be of great help to us. Simply complete the form and send it to Lisa at the same address as for the sponsorships.

Tandem Skydive

Everyone who I have spoken to about it thinks that I am mad but they have all agreed to sponsor me. I have had quite a few jokes with people saying that “my arms ache from all the flapping, practising for it!� How can people sponsor you? Cheques made payable to the Retired Greyhound Trust can be sent care of Julia Wright, 1 Bernard Close, New Rackheath, Norwich, NR13 6QS. I will be setting up a Just Giving Page, when I have done this I will ask David Jones to post details on Facebook.

Mel Shields is going to a tandem skydive on the 17th June to raise money for the Retired Greyhound Trust. What is so amazing is that Mel is doing it at the age of 74! Mel Shields runs a small kennel at his home in Rackheath. He started in greyhounds with his son-in-law and had their dog with a trainer at Yarmouth. In 2003 he took out a licence and started out on his own, mainly as a hobby but with a competitive edge. All his dogs are home bred and reared. I went to see Mel to find out more about his brave decision to do a skydive. What inspired you to do the skydive? It is something that I have always wanted to do and when I heard that the Retired Greyhound Trust were organising the skydive I thought great I could do the dive and raise money for a worthy cause.

Wright Way Post Office at the 1 Bernard Close address above will have a sponsorship form and will collect donations.

EVENTS LIST 2014 - SUBJECT TO CHANGE 19th January - Grove Vets Fakenham. Open Day 2-5 22nd February - Dog Show, Upper Sheringham 10-2 5th March - Miramar Vets Open Day, Sheringham. Weybourne Rd. 2 to 4 pm 23rd March - New Year Open Day at the kennels, 11am to 3pm 13th April - Spring Walk Wolterton Park (Wolterton Hall NR11 7LY) 6th May - Fakenham Races, All Day 11am to 6pm 18th May - STADIUM TRACK WALK. 11am to 3pm 25th May - RGT Greyhound Extravaganza, Newmarket

When and where is the skydive taking place? 17th June at Wansford Road, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, PE8 6NE

31st May - Dog Show, Pilling Park, Norwich

How high will you be jumping from? I will be jumping from a light aircraft 13,000 feet high which guarantees approximately 50 seconds of free fall. I will be plummeting towards the ground at over 120 mph!

6th July - Summer Walk, 11am at Holt Country Park

What training are you having to do to prepare? None, all I have had to do is get my doctor to complete a form. Walking my greyhounds keeps me fit and active.

3rd August - Taverham Vets Dog Show, Costessey Recreation Ground, Afternoon

Who will be watching on the day? My wife and my family will be watching. It is going to be a great event as there will be some big names from greyhound racing there.

17th August - Summer Open Day at kennels and Agility Fun 11am to 3pm

After the jump there will be an auction, bbq and fun and games at the Angel Inn Pub 59 Main Street,Yarwell, Peterborough, PE8 6PR.

22nd June - Late Spring Open Day at kennels inc Greyhound Show-11am to 3am 13th July - Discover South Norfolk Long Stratton 11-4 19th July - Hellesdon Carnival, Community Centre, All Day

6th August - Sheringham Carnival, All Day

23rd to 25th August - All About Dogs Norfolk Showground, all day 28th September - Autumn Walk, 11am at Winterton Beach, 11am

If anyone fancies coming along either to watch or to come to the bbq at the pub they can, it will be a great event.

12th October - Autumn Open Day at kennels and Auction, 11am to 3pm

How are you feeling nervous or excited? I am very excited as it is something I have always wanted to do.

23rd November - Winter Walk,11am at Burgh Castle

What is the reaction that you have had from people when you tell them about the Skydive?

Plus anything else we are invited to during the year

13th Dec - Christmas Fayre ,Venue to be announced 10-3

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Newsletter spring 2014