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Educating Indigenous Children QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER

ISSUE 31 | December 2015

Educating Indigenous Children Yalari is a not-for-profit organisation that offers quality, secondary education scholarships at leading Australian boarding schools for Indigenous children from regional, rural and remote communities. We believe education is the key to generational change and a brighter future, and we are deeply committed to the ongoing success of our national program of scholarships and postschool opportunities. Our vision is to provide trusted, quality educational opportunities for Indigenous children to achieve positive outcomes for themselves and their families and make valuable contributions as Australians. Our mission is to educate and empower Indigenous children from regional, rural and remote communities to bring about generational change. Core Values: Respect, Compassion, Resilience, Openness, Inclusiveness.

It takes a whole community to educate a child. YALARI LIMITED PO BOX 1355 Oxenford QLD 4210 P: 07 5665 8688 F: 07 5665 8611 E: W: ABN: 66 113 794 148 ACN: 113 794 148 Yalari is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee. © Yalari Limited

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The information contained in this newsletter is for general information purposes only. The opinions and interpretations expressed within are those of the author only and may not reflect those of other identified parties. Every effort is made to ensure that information is accurate at time of printing. COVER PHOTO: St Margaret’s School & John Paul College Yalari girls

Llew Mullins, Matt Plant & Waverley Stanley at the first Outback Camp in 2009

Waverley Stanley Founding Director In April this year Yalari celebrated 10 years of operation, moving it from a “good idea” to a medium sized business within the not-for-profit space where we are directly influencing generational change. I am overwhelmingly grateful for the generosity of so many wonderful people who have been on the Yalari journey with us, are a part of our Yalari family, and have been integral to the our success. I would like to make special mention of a dear friend, Matt Plant, who is moving on to other employment after almost ten years with us. He’s taken the position of Communications and Community Engagement Officer with Menzies – School of Health Research. Matt was first introduced to me in late 2005 when he hitched a ride to Murgon and Cherbourg with some friends of Yalari on a filming exhibition. By February 2006 Matt had produced the first of his annual Yalari DVD’s which are showcased at our fundraising dinners. He has just completely his 10th one which was presented at the Brisbane Dinner in October. Matt has travelled this country extensively with Llew and I and was the ‘third leg’ of the three legged stool that created Yalari from the ground up. He has supported our children and supported us as a friend and colleague, reinforcing that we were doing a good thing for Indigenous children and for Australians as a country.

Matt filled many roles in his time at Yalari; film maker, photographer, Student Support Officer, Student Support Manager, Communications Manager and Pathways and Alumni Manager. His intelligence, compassion, work ethic and vision has left an indelible mark on Yalari as a company and on many of the Yalari scholars personally. A friend to all, a confidant for our children, Matt opened up his home for the Bondi Beach Days, was involved intimately in the pastoral and cultural support of our children, and certainly went over and above any role and duty statement because he cared and selflessly gave of his time, money, advice and good company. Our ‘famous’ Year 9 Outback Camps continue today because of Matt’s idea and will continue as an integral part of bringing our children together each year from all corners of this country. Matt, thank you very much for believing in the ideal of Yalari. Thank you for being a support for Llew and I all these years. We will definitely miss seeing you around here on a day to day basis, but know full well you will always remain a part of our Yalari family.


We are very excited to be offering 31 new Yalari scholarships in 2016. The new scholars will have their first taste of boarding school life when they attend the 2016 Yalari Orientation Camp. The camp offers a great chance for students to form friendships and supports, learn about what to expect from school and most of all have fun. We look forward to seeing all the new faces (and some old ones) at The Southport School in January. In 2016, Yalari will have 30 partner schools with the addition of Scots PGC Warwick and Methodist Ladies’ College Perth. We look forward to working with both of our new schools.


Thank you to Geelong Grammar School Student, Felix Farley who generously raised and donated $10,000 to Yalari. The funds will be put towards one of the four new Yalari scholars that will be starting at GGS in 2016. Thank you Felix!



Yalari students from St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School and St Hilda’s School were excited to meet Mal Meninga at the recent Bond University Indigenous Gala. Monique, Brianna, Mal Meninga, Kelsey & Kia

Thank you very much to the Brisbane Women’s Club for allowing us to come and address your members and tell you a little more about Yalari and our work. We are particularly grateful for the generous donation your club has made to Yalari. To find out more about the Brisbane Women’s Club, visit

Yalari Development Coordinator Lou Wilson & Yalari Alumna Shauna Sandow, speaking to the Brisbane Women’s Club.


OPEN NOW! 2017 Scholarship Applications

Student leaders from Scotch College Adelaide have raised $5,000 for Yalari by holding bake sales, car washes, auctioning artwork and increasing the price of their formal tickets. Thank you to everyone involved, and in particular, fundraising leaders Andrew Barker, Sophie Freeman and Jessica Morrison.

Do you know someone who would like the opportunity to receive a quality education? Yalari is looking for students and families who believe that education is the key to providing a better future for Indigenous people in Australia. Boarding school scholarships are open to Indigenous children who live in regional, rural or remote areas of Australia and whose first year of secondary school will be in 2017. Our scholarships are awarded to students who are willing to give 100%, try hard at everything they do, don’t give up when things get hard and are brave and determined enough to succeed at boarding school. We work closely with our partner schools and families to provide a high level of support in the program in all aspects of student welfare. Scholarship applications for the year commencing 2017 are available online at and will remain open until 29 April 2016. Not sure what to do or have some questions? Please call Kylie Bennett on (07) 5665 8688 and she will be happy to talk you through the application process.

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YALARI HEAD OFFICE CLOSED for Christmas Holidays

Yalari Quarterly Newsletter - December 2015

15 11 JAN JAN

2016 ORIENTATION CAMP The Southport School, Gold Coast

07 05 FEB FEB

YEAR 10 CAMP Trinity College

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Toowoomba Grammar School student Kane Brunjes has been named Taylor House Captain for 2016. Waverley Stanley was a boarder in Taylor House 25 years ago!

Congratulations to all of our students who have made remarkable achievements throughout the year. Here’s the latest!

‘It is quite as to ni shi ng ! I never wo ul d have i m a gi n e d t h a t comin g f ro m s uc h a smal l i sl and co m muni ty th a t I ' d b e a b l e t o p oten tia lly be the Co l l eg e Captai n o f Sai nt Aug u s t i n e ' s C ol l e ge w ithin m y f in al year. I ' m j ust g l ad that I ' ve b e e n gi v e n a n op po rtun ity where I can g i ve back to the Co l l e ge ’ . - Nathan G en o

SCHOOL CAPTAIN Nathan Geno from St Augustine’s College Cairns has been named as the 2016 School Captain and Boarder Captain.


‘In 2 016 we will have the mo st ever I ndi g enou s s t u d e n t s i n p ositio n s o f lea dershi p wi th Nathan G eno at th e w h e e l . T h i s i s an ama z in g a cc o mpl i shment fo r these I ndi g enou s s t u d e n t s ’ . - Bry an C a rs well, I ndi g eno us Li ai so n Offi cer , S t A u gu s t i n e ’ s Col lege


VICE SCHOOL CAPTAIN Marnie Jones from Calrossy Anglican School has been elected as the 2016 Vice School Captain.

SCHOOL PREFECT The Armidale School student Samuel Jackson-Bolton has been appointed School Prefect and Vice Captain of Tyrrell House for 2016.

BOARDER CAPTAIN Monique Mallyer from St Margaret’s School in Brisbane has been named as 2016 Boarder Captain.

EUCHARIST MINISTER Trey Petterson from St Ignatius’ College has been named as Eucharist Minister and Vice Captain of Chisholm House.

HOUSE CAPTAIN Nelson Foster from St Augustine’s College Cairns has been named as the 2016 Heavey House Captain.

BOARDER CAPTAIN ‘Ma rn ie is a w o nderful perso n who po r t r a y s w a r m t h , stren gth, humil i ty and co m passi o n. I have ju s t d i s c ov e r e d

Nara MacMillan from Scotch College Adelaide has been elected as 2016 Boarder Captain.

t ha t Ma rn ie is 2016 Vi ce Scho o l Captai n! N ot t h a t I a m

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surpris ed giv en her g reat l eadershi p qual i t i e s a n d I a m s o gla d the s c ho o l wi l l be i n g o o d hands’ .


- Bin di Walk er - Teacher, Cal ro ssy Ang l i can S c h ool .

Jodene Garstone from Geelong Grammar School has been elected as Prefect of Elizabeth Murdoch House.




HEAD GIRL Rekisha Satour has been elected Head Girl for 2016 at Great Southern Grammar School, Albany WA.


‘R e kis ha is highly re g arded by students and st a f f .

Year 12 Great Southern Grammar Student Abby Richards has been awarded the prestigious Peter Watson Award & The Anna Lloyd Memorial Award.

Sh e d is pla y s the c haracteri sti cs o f respo nsi bi l i t y , d r ive an d en ergy req ui red fo r the ro l e o f H ead G i r l a t Gr e at So uthern G ram mar Scho o l . ’ - St u art Ma rqua rdt, H ead o f Scho o l

‘ T h e P e t e r W a t s on A w a r d i s gi v e n t o a s t u d e n t w h o


h a s a c h i e v e d “ s om e t h i n g s p e c i a l ” . A b b y h a s e x c e l l e d i n m a n y a r e a s a n d h a s p a v e d t h e w a y f or I n d i g e n o u s s t u d e n t s a t t h e s c h ool . T h e A n n a L l oy d Me m or i a l A w a r d i s p r e s e n t e d t o a


f e m a l e b oa r d e r w h o h a s m a d e a s i gn i f i c a n t

Year 12 graduate, Larissa Woosup is the recipient of the 2016 Principal’s Award at Canberra Girls Grammar School.


Athletics & Cross Country

c on t r i b u t i on t o Gr e a t S ou t h e r n Gr a m m a r S c h o o l d u r i n g t h e i r t i m e a s a b oa r d e r ’ . - S t u a r t Ma r q u a r d t , He a d of S c h ool


Mia Hodges from Canberra Girls Grammar School has been named as Vice Captain Athletics & Cross Country.



ARTWORK SELECTION Year 12 Abbotsleigh graduate, Tileah McGrady was selected to exhibit her artwork in Art Express, NSW.

CONGRATULATIONS! 2014 Yalari graduate Taneale Lawton has been accepted into ACPA (Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Arts) in Brisbane. After an outstanding gap year at Geelong Grammar School, Taneale is ready to embark on her goal of creating a career in film and television.

Yalari Quarterly Newsletter - December 2015

NADIA MARTICH 2011 Yalari graduate Nadia Martich has won a place at one of the nation’s top art schools, the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. Upon graduation from NAISDA Indigenous dance college where she currently studies, Nadia will move to Perth to pursue her dream of a professional career in dance.

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About the Walk.. Barambah Aboriginal Reserve was established in 1904, from gazetted land from Barambah Station in the South Burnett area of south-eastern Queensland. In 1905 the Durundur Aboriginal reserve near Woodford closed down and many of the Aboriginal inhabitants walked for three months travelling overland to Barambah Aboriginal Reserve, later renamed Cherbourg in 1931. Since 1905, thousands of Aboriginal people from all over Queensland were either forcibly taken to Cherbourg, or were born there and came to call the area ‘home’. Today, Cherbourg is the third largest Aboriginal community in Queensland.

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Waverley Stanley’s family are from Cherbourg and his parents were both born and educated at Cherbourg. Waverley’s grandparents were taken to Cherbourg during the 1930s and 40s from Chinchilla, Springsure and Croydon in Queensland and from Lake Nash in the Northern Territory. His great-grandmother, Nellie Thomas, was one of the original people who travelled to Cherbourg in 1905 as a teenage girl from Durundur. She lived to be 106 years old.


walking in the footsteps of elders On the morning of Friday 18th September 2015, 43 Yalari students arrived in Brisbane from the farthest reaches of the country for the start of the third biennial Commemorative Walk to Cherbourg. It was the last day of Term 3 and students came from 15 different Yalari partner schools armed with nothing more than walking shoes, clothes, enthusiasm, and an appetite for adventure! The seven-day, six-night Commemorative Walk from Kilcoy to Cherbourg is aimed at providing an opportunity for students to develop valuable skills in leadership, resilience, teamwork, and mateship - with the added bonus of being able to catch up with friends, Yalari staff, volunteers and soldiers from the Queensland Army Reserve. As they did in 2011, soldiers from The Australian Army’s Royal Queensland Regiment’s ninth Battalion (9RQR) walked with students throughout the week. After various bus stop and airport terminal collections, the group gathered at St Margaret’s Anglican Girls’ School in Brisbane for a BBQ lunch, final packing, and the first of many games of footy. From there buses, cars, a food wagon, a truck and several trailers were loaded and the convoy of vehicles headed for Kilcoy for the first two nights. As soldiers, students, staff and volunteers set up their tents at the showgrounds an ominous grey cloud hovered overhead. Almost on queue as the tent flies where thrown over tents, the skies opened and the rain came. Luckily, most were able to run for shelter without getting too wet. The weather soon cleared up allowing the group to walk to the Kilcoy Memorial Hall for dinner. Special guests included Councillor Graeme Lehmann, Mayor of the Somerset Regional Council; Leslie Williams, a respected Cherbourg Elder; Waverley Stanley’s parents John and Grace Stanley; and Lieutenant Colonel Luke Hughes, Commanding Officer of the Ninth Battalion of the Royal Queensland Regiment of the Australian Army. Back at the camp site, it was a hive of excitement as students bunkered down for their first night of camping. The next morning the group moved to Woodford Showgrounds where Aunty Leslie Williams shared some of the history of Cherbourg with humour, emotion and honesty. This provided a great introduction to the week, and helped everyone gain an understanding of the importance of the journey on which they were about to embark.

Early Sunday morning it was ‘all-a-go’ with camp pack-down before being transported to the official start of the Commemorative Walk. The students walked the 25.5km with ease, stopping at checkpoints along the way for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. The set up of camp at Landcruiser Tourist Park was done in record time, and there was plenty of sunlight left for footy. After dinner and sundown a campfire was lit, reflections had, stories told, and much laughter ensued. Two Indigenous Officers from Defence Force Recruiting joined the group and answered questions about possibilities for Yalari graduates within the defence force. The students enjoyed having these officers walk with them the next morning. Monday was another big day of walking – 22km! A real highlight was the sight of beautiful rolling hills as the walkers approached the campsite at the end of the day. Another camp fire, more stories and reflections and a hearty beef stroganoff topped of an excellent day. Tuesday morning it was pack-down at Landcruiser Tourist Park and transport to the starting point for a 17km walk. Ponchos came out early afternoon with the arrival of a little rain, but it seemed nothing would dampen the spirits of the determined group. That afternoon, it was set up at the last camping spot for the week, Yallakool Caravan Park on Bjelke Petersen Dam. Students enjoyed a dip in the campsite pool, visits to the kiosk, and lots of footy. On Wednesday, with 75km already under foot, the group walked 14km before lunch and a further 12km after lunch as they gained renewed strength when they saw the extra supporters, sponsors and Yalari staff who had come out to walk the final stretch with them. The last 6km (from Yallakool to Cherbourg) took the group over the stunning Bjelke Petersen Dam, for which Yalari gained special permission from SunWater to traverse. On arrival into Cherbourg the walkers were greeted by local residents, Yalari Staff and others who had come to support them. The walkers crossed under a huge banner signifying the official end of the walk. Afternoon tea was had at the Cherbourg Ration Shed where speeches were made and students congratulated for their achievement.

the celebrations continued. A huge BBQ dinner and dessert was followed by much fun and laughter as the karaoke kicked-off. Lieutenant William Thams handed out Army awards to four students who had consistently presented the Army values of courage, initiative, teamwork, and respect throughout the week. Congratulations to Zainel, Adan, Makayla and Jaycee. On Thursday morning students, staff, volunteers and soldiers packed up camp for the last time. Students said their final goodbyes as buses left bound for Brisbane Airport. The students were heading for home and a much deserved holiday break before the final school term for 2015. The 2015 Commemorative Walk would not have been possible without the incredible support of staff and volunteers. Special thanks are due to Yalari Volunteers Scott and Ingrid Foote who have been involved in all three Commemorative Walks and provided invaluable knowledge of the local area, camping, walking and safety. We would like to thank our volunteers Isabelle Dwyer, Sharni Wearne, Edwina Campbell, Masson Tran, Bernadette Young, Colin Roden, Carol Fox, Elyse Sharp and Georgia Bradford for their dedication throughout the walk. Yalari graduates Todd Ellis, Allira Searle, Rickelle Peris and Ezekiel Stanley all did a tremendous job and their assistance was invaluable. Yalari are extremely grateful for the assistance of The Australian Army’s 9RQR during the walk, including the provision of a fantastic Army cook Corporal Murdoch who ensured that all the participants were well fed. We would also like to sincerely thank Medibank for their sponsorship of the 2015 Commemorative Walk. It was a privilege to have Sharni Wearne, Reconciliation Action Plan Manager for Medibank join us for the entirety of the walk and Steve Haddad, Heather Walker, Alastair McCosh and Damian Kelly join us for the last day. The 2015 Commemorative Walk to Cherbourg is an experience that students will not easily forget. Many persevered through blisters, sore feet and fatigue to make it through to the end. For Yalari, the outcome is real and palpable. Students walked in the footsteps of elders and came away stronger, fitter, resilient, more connected and armed with a knowledge many young people their age do not have. An added bonus for students is being able to boast that they walked 100km’s in 5 days. The next Commemorative Walk is scheduled for September 2017.

Back at Yallakool for the final night of the camp,

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Saturday afternoon saw soldiers from the 9RQR speak to the group at the 2/10th Monument about the significance of the area to the Australian Army. Members of the Second Ninth

Battalion (from which the current 9th Battalion traces its lineage) trained on this same historic ground in the vicinity of Kilcoy. The soldiers ran trust and confidence activities before the group started on the first of many walks - a ‘quick’ 10.4km walk from the 2/10th Monument back to the Kilcoy Showgrounds for the night.

Yalari Quarterly Newsletter - December 2015



"What I would do to change the world is to teach everyone to respect each other, to have people accept each other and value equality...”

Q& Getting to know our amazing young people...

Who i s your hero or favourite pers on ?


My heroes are inspirational black women like Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama. My greatest inspiration is my mum. These women are the pinnacle of what I aim to be.


My hero is Jessica Mauboy and my favourite person is my mum! I’m happiest when: I am with my family.

I’m happiest when: I am on my country. I am at home and nothing can touch me. I am invincible when I’m at home.


I would have to say that my superhero is my very own mother! She might not have the ability to fly or see through walls but she definitely has the strength to carry all her kids on her back when they are down. She is always the person I see when I need help.


My hero is Rachyl Cameron [Yalari student]. She is my favourite person because she pulls us together, supports us and is a very amazing role model! I am happiest when: I am together with everyone from Yalari and my family.

I’m happiest when: Those around me are happy.


My favourite person is Johnathan Thurston as he is a leader and respectable man. He is a great asset to the NRL and in general is a great role model not only for Indigenous kids, but anyone who aspires to be like him. I am happiest when: I’m playing sports and with my family and friends.

How woul d you change the wor l d i f y ou c ou l d?




Jondayah Kane

If I could change the world there would be no bad people or bullies.

I would change the poverty. There are so many people living in poverty and this is one of the biggest issues in the world today.

I would make the weekend longer!

Equality between men and women. I know that it has come a long way from the Victorian era but I believe there is still more to do. I’m happiest when: The people around me are happy and when it’s Christmas holidays. Love, love, love Christmas!

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I’m happiest when: Everyone else is happy!

I’m happiest when: I am with my family.

I’m happiest when: I am dancing with my friends.

Abolish poverty and move to a more environmentally sustainable future. I’m happiest when: I am painting, playing footy, with my mates or with my girlfriend.

Wha t do you know how to do that y ou c ou l d t eac h ot h ers ?




I would teach others how to crack a whip and ride a quad bike. I learnt how to crack a whip when I was really little. I am happiest when: I am at home with my family in Darwin and cuddling my 6 month old nephew.

I’m really good with the geography of Australia and drama, both practical and theory. I am happiest when: I can lay in my bed knowing that I have accomplished something.

I could teach others how to ride a motorbike. I am happiest when: I am riding my motorbike!

“I want to teach everyone about my people, teach them about our ways, our stories..."

&A W h at are you doing over the school h ol i day s ?

Staying at home | I will be back in Darwin. I will be spending all the time I have with my family fishing and goose shooting while trying our

best not to get bitten by snakes and crocs! | I will be visiting my family and doing jobs for my aunties and uncles | Just spending time with

my family and celebrating my birthday | Visiting family and enjoying Mum and Dad’s cooking | Volunteer in my nephew’s crèche and go on

road trips with the family | Fishing, camping, days out on the island | Spending time with my family and Xbox | Going to be up in Murgon

| Going to Thursday Island | I am celebrating finishing school and hopefully working as an intern at Medibank in Melbourne | I am having

my friend come to my house for a party | Going home and the Great Barrier Reef for snorkelling | I am going to St George to visit my family and then come back to Toowoomba and stay home with my other family.

W h at di d you do this year that you w ere part i c u l arl y prou d of?


What made me proud this year is that I got Best & Fairest in my AFL team at school.

I got 86% in one of my maths tests (I am really bad at maths!!!) I am happiest when: I am with my family.


Lena-Jade Adan

I spoke about Reconciliation Week in front of the whole school.

I am proud of being appointed Boarder Captain.

I am happiest when: I am public speaking, with my family or in the pool!

I am happiest when: I am happiest when I’m dancing.

I have been getting better at my subjects and getting high results in exams. As a result I got invited to a science camp in Canberra over the holidays.


I am happiest when: I am at home with my friends or family.

Yalari Quarterly Newsletter - December 2015

I am proud of the Resilience Award that I got at the Adelaide Dinner.

I am happiest when: I am playing my guitar and messing around with my friends. Page 9


TWO CITIEs, one goal!

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Dinner success in Brisbane & Adelaide!

The Brisbane Fundraising Dinner is always an exciting event on the Yalari calendar, and this year was no exception! With over 600 people gathering at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, the night was a wonderful occasion celebrating Yalari, the students and support from the community. The Grand Ballroom was beautifully decorated, with native Australian flowers featuring as centrepieces. A large luminous ‘Ten Year’ sign set the stage and created a feeling of anticipation. There was a warm and welcoming atmosphere as guests mingled and perused the auction items. Yalari scholars Jazleen De Busch and Kane Brunjes got proceedings underway in the role of MCs for the evening, and Haley Hunt and Faith Guyula delivered a beautiful acknowledgement to country.

Year 11 Yalari student Kelsey Sexton was flawless as she spoke about her Yalari journey so far. Guest performer and vocal power-house Rochelle Pitt was amazing as she entertained guests with her dynamic singing and contagious performance. A highlight of the evening was seeing the shock and excitement on the faces of Haley Hunt and Rachyl Cameron, winners of the Yalari Resilience & Leadership Awards on the night. Our fundraising dinners are a night when our students have the opportunity to shine, and they always do. It is also a night when the students get a sense of the support that is out there for them in the wider community and that can only enhance their commitment to achieving their goals. We humbly thank all of our Brisbane supporters and look forward to seeing you again next year!

Lenka Rivers, Dame Quentin Bryce & Raylene Smith

Faith Guyula & Haley Hunt

Yalari scholars with Mrs Rosemary Bishop

Brisbane Dinner: Yalari’s Qld and northern NSW scholars

Thank you to our Brisbane event partners:

Top photo: Yalari Year 12 Queensland graduates

Zamahl, Zainel, Dinner Committee Chair Natalie Felkl and Tramaine

Yalari students from Great Southern Grammar School

On a balmy spring November evening, Yalari welcomed 300 guests to the magnificent backdrop of St Peter’s College Adelaide for the annual Yalari Adelaide fundraising dinner. Long time friend of Yalari, Major Moogy Sumner AO performed the traditional smoking ceremony as guests entered Memorial Hall. The atmosphere in the room was friendly, close-knit and relaxed. A special kind of something that is unique only to the Yalari supporters in Adelaide. Yalari scholar, Grace Haslett was delightful as she opened the evening by singing “I’m Coming Home” by Skylar Grey. Masters of Ceremonies Tenika Roe and Calvin Hunter were very professional as they guided guests through the program.

Adelaide Dinner: Yalari scholars with their collaborative artwork auction item with auction winner Bradley Jansen

Yalari Alumni Brandon Skeen & Rickelle Peris

Grace Haslett with guitar teacher, Rohan


Yalari whole-heartedly thanks everyone who contributed to the event to make it a success.


Thank you to our Adelaide event partners: James Halliday Winery of the Year - 2015 Yalari Quarterly Newsletter - December 2015

Owing only to the remarkable support from the Adelaide community, this was the most successful dinner that Yalari has held in South Australia.

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Wanda & Angel Miller with Waverley

Waverley made a warm, inspiring, impassioned speech and Wanda Miller and Kelly Crouch spoke of the challenges they have had to address and the positive impact the opportunities a quality education has on their children and grandchildren. They all spoke from the heart with honesty and it is their sincerity and willingness to share their life experiences that offered a tangible authenticity.

THANKS PARTNER GO VITA... SUPPORTING THE AUSTRALIAN COMMUNITY Go Vita is Australia’s largest health food group. What began as a small group of passionate retailers in the early eighties has now grown and developed into a successful distribution and retail business. A centralised distribution centre in Sydney services 150+ Go Vita Retail health shops across Australia. All independently owned and operated, Go Vita health shops bring together the unique talents, skills and passion of the individual owners and their staff to ensure a personal approach to their customers’ health, wellness and vitality needs. Go Vita members believe it is appropriate to add value to the community, by support of a worthwhile cause and are delighted that Yalari is the recipient of their contributions. Go Vita has sponsored three Yalari students since 2010 – two boys at The Scot’s College and one girl at Abbotsleigh in Sydney. Recently Waverley Stanley spoke at the Go Vita conference in Auckland, New Zealand giving the members and staff an insight into the mission and vision of Yalari. Scott Horwell, Go Vita CEO, says of Go Vita’s long term association with Yalari, “The Go Vita board, management and members value our commitment to such a deserving charity. Our members are inspired every time they have an update from one of the children we sponsor or when Waverley speaks from the heart at our conferences. Our members know that their contributions help make a difference and that in itself is something they are proud of.” “Our major partnerships are not just about the funding of the schooling education of our children. Being able to speak at annual conferences or at staff gatherings helps Yalari in spreading the word about our programs and our future” said Waverley. Yalari would like to thank Go Vita for the continued support and belief and we look forward to working with you in 2016 and beyond. Tileah McGrady (pictured) has recently graduated Year 12 from Abbotsleigh in Wahroonga, Sydney. Her HSC artwork has been selected for Art Express, an annual exhibition featuring a selection of outstanding student artworks developed for the artmaking component of the HSC examination in Visual Arts in NSW. Only the top 0.5% of student artwork is selected. “Thank you so much for this opportunity and for following and supporting my journey. You have given me a life-changing education”, says Tileah.

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Educating Indigenous Children Proud partners of Indigenous education since 2010

update from orange!

Kinross Wolaroi student dances for NAIDOC Week

Far right: Yalari scholar Tyrese Carr-White with his fellow dancers

NAIDOC Week celebrations are held across Australia each July to celebrate the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. NAIDOC is celebrated not only in Indigenous communities, but by Australians from all walks of life. The week is a great opportunity to participate in a range of activities and to support your local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community. NAIDOC originally stood for ‘National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee’. This committee was once responsible for organising national activities during NAIDOC Week and its acronym has since become the name of the week itself.

Yalari Quarterly Newsletter - December March 2015 2015

The theme for the week was to highlight Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ strong spiritual and cultural connection to land and sea. The theme is an opportunity to pay respects to country, honour those who work tirelessly on preserving land, sea and culture and to share the stories of many sites of significance or sacred places with the nation. It was also chosen specifically to highlight and celebrate the anniversary of the ‘Handback’ of Uluru, one of these sacred sites, to its traditional owners. Corey McLean, Indigenous Support Staff at Kinross Wolaroi, coordinated

the Orange NAIDOC Week School Eisteddfod which was held on Wednesday 28th October at the Orange Function Centre. Eleven schools from the region participated, with a total of 18 acts. Year 7 Yalari scholar and Kinross Wolaroi student Tyrese Carr-White, performed in the Indigenous Boys Dance Group which was lead by Year 12 students Jakobi Robinson and Cody Walker. They performed a Traditional dance which is from Cody’s country the Bundjalung Nation in the Far North Coast of NSW. It was wonderful to see the Kinross Wolaroi School students receive a highly commended appraisal from the judges. Congratulations! Page 13

about naidoc...

Due to the weather in Orange, NAIDOC Week is celebrated in October and this year, Yalari partner school Kinross Wolaroi was actively involved in the celebrations.

OUR VALUED VOLUNTEERS Scott & Ingrid... You're amazing! Yalari would not be possible without the support of its wonderful volunteers who give selflessly of their time and effort. Two such devoted volunteers are Scott and Ingrid Foote. Scott and Ingrid are long time friends of Yalari. We first met them back in 2011 when they formed a committee to help us organise the inaugural Commemorative Walk to Cherbourg. Scott’s intimate knowledge of the Kilcoy, Murgon and Cherbourg areas meant that he was able to recommend and mark-out the correct routes and conduct reconnaissance activities. Having now been involved in all three of Yalari’s Walks to Cherbourg, Scott is very hands on, helping with all the route stops, check points, walker safety, logistics and any handy man activities that might arise! Ingrid, Scott’s wife, is as equally committed. Throughout the duration of the walks, Ingrid has been instrumental in supporting the walkers by driving the safety vehicles, flagging down and warning oncoming traffic, and a host of other jobs. Here she is (in the picture below) playing air guitar with the caution sign! Thank you Scott and Ingrid for sharing your love of the country, skills and experience with the Yalari children. We look forward to our next Cherbourg Walk, knowing you will be there to help and guide us.

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An interesting fact - Waverley remembers where his father took him fishing when he was a boy, which is now on Scott’s and Ingrid’s property! It’s a small world!


To find out more please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Pam Boavida at We ! would love to hear from you

PICK OF THE P I C S! Cheyanne, Tenika and Shahleena enjoy cuddling the rabbits at Farm


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Adelaide Dinner: Waverley and Major Moogy Sumner Student Support Officer Megsie with Abbotleigh scholar Sheldyn

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’s girls

Brisbane Dinner: Yalari staff member Gary O’Brien (middle) with The Southport School Yalari boys

Zamahl photobombs Rekisha, and Sharni Wearne from Medibank Community Fund

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Yalari Quarterly Newsletter - December 2015

There is no greater gift than providing a child with an education that will last a life time. This Christmas, make a donation to Yalari and know that you are empowering Indigenous children through education and helping bring about generational change.

To make a donation please complete the form below. Completed forms can be emailed to or posted to PO Box 1355, Oxenford Qld 4210. To discuss ideas about how you could help Yalari or to make a bequest, please contact us on (07) 5665 8688.



I w o u l d l i ke to donate Amount: Gifts over $2 are tax deductible.




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Ya l a r i L i m i t e d We s t p a c B a n k BSB: 034-154 Acc: 2 0174 0 Ref: Christmas



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I w o u l d l i ke t o r e c e i v e r e g u l a r u p d a t e s b y :

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Please make cheques payable t o Ya l a r i L i m i t e d Cheques can be posted to: PO Box 1355 OX E N F O R D Q L D 4 210 151 2 YAL NEWS

Yalari Newsletter - December 2015 Edition  
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