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D collection // 2014 / 15

collection // 2014 / 15

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anniversary sofa // N ROLf bENz 50

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sofas // ROLf bENz ROLf bENz ROLf bENz ROLf bENz ROLf bENz ROLf bENz


sofa classics // ROLf bENz dONO ROLf bENz 322 ROLf bENz 3300 ROLf bENz 6500 functional armchairs // N ROLf bENz 560 N / EGO ROLf bENz 577 / 3100 armchairs // N ROLf bENz 50 ROLf bENz EGO / 360 ROLf bENz 366 ROLf bENz 392 / 566 ROLf bENz 680 ROLf bENz 684 coffee tables // N ROLf bENz 940 / 955 N / 956 N / 958 N N ROLf bENz 971 / 973 / 974 N / 1150 / 5021 / 5022 ROLf bENz 8020 / 8070 / 8100 / 8120 / 8130 ROLf bENz 8200 / 8240 / 8270 / 8310 / 8330 / 8350 / 8360 / 8370 / 8480 N ROLf bENz 8590 / 8700 / 8710 / 8720 N / 8730 accessories // N ROLf bENz GRANO N / ELEmENTI / OTTO (Rugs) ROLf bENz CAmbIO / PONTE / ORLO / PINO/vERsO / ERbA (Rugs) ROLf bENz PURO / LIsCA ROLf bENz mIO bAG / AREO bAG (bags) ROLf bENz fLOOR CUsHIONs ROLf bENz CUsHIONs / PLAIds ROLf bENz TRAys / sTOOLs

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N new product

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dining concept chairs // ROLf bENz sINUs ROLf bENz 620 chairs // N ROLf bENz 630 N / 628 ROLf bENz 652 ROLf bENz 7100 / 7300 / 7800 ROLf bENz 7500 dining tables // ROLf bENz CO-sINUs ROLf bENz 976 / 8800 ROLf bENz 8830/31/32 / 8950 / 975



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N new product

50 years of rolf benz // THE HIsTORy

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good to know // “fAbRIC OR LEATHER?”, THAT Is THE qUEsTION.

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wHAT’s A sOfA?

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50 years of rolf Benz // the hiStORy

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1964 // addiform

The Addiform

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smart addition: successful out-of-the-box thinking // The early 60s: years of change! The Adenauer era is finally over; enough already with the stuffy 50s; no more small, cramped living rooms. A new feeling for space, expanse, clarity is asserting itself: both in the spirit and in society itself. Martin Luther King expresses this feeling in 1963 with his “I have a dream” speech and talked about expanding social boundaries, freedom and the enormity of it all – in 1963, none other than John F. Kennedy says “Ich bin ein Berliner.” Germany learns a new concept during its economic miracle and period of full employment: leisure time! The television channel ZDF and the German professional football league both come into being during this time. The Rolling Stones come out with their frst LP in 1964: the Beatles have fve singles at number 1 through 5 on the US hit parade and Jean Paul Sartre declines the Nobel Prize because such a prize would be too confning.


places of longing

The young upholsterer, Rolf Benz from Nagold in the Black Forest, recognises right away the sign of the times. Inspired by this spiritual awakening, he founds “Rolf Benz” in 1964. The frst sofa and armchair programme from this young company remains true to this new, modern As always, design, fashion and architecture react to the spirit of the sense of space: the Addiform from Rolf Benz. It makes a radical break times. In 1964, design is signifcantly freer and more distinct. Conven- from the traditional, conventional arrangement of sofa, two oppositetional, old-fashioned combinations are out. The things surrounding us facing armchairs and a coffee table. The elements of the Addiform are begin casting off super fuous fourishes and kitschy decorations. The fexible and combinable in their arrangement. Thus, you cannot create designs of André Courrèges and Pierre Cardin demonstrate clear geo- a typical seating arrangement with these sofas and armchairs, but metric shapes. The Porsche 911 is seen for the frst time on the streets rather you can create imaginative combinations of “furnishing landin 1964 as well as the “Pagoda”, the 230 SL from Mercedes. When you scapes” as people were fond of saying at the time. In fact: you can think about 1964, you imagine beyond tomorrow. It is all about the fu- “add” an Addiform armchair or even place it over a corner. You can poture and this era even has a name: the “space age” – this is the time sition an armchair either as an individual armchair or combine it with a when mankind begins exploring outer “space” in earnest. If nothing coffee table as an intermediate element; or connect an armchair to a else, this causes a new awareness to emerge in the years 1963/1964 bench and fnish it off with a corner coffee table on the side, the list as well as a new sense of space and freedom: in how you think, feel goes on and on ... Yes, and the sofa itself can be folded out into an adand even in how you live! ditional, comfortable place to sleep. The Addiform: simple, subdued, functional, as well as beautiful and practical at the same time. Those who look at it – 50 years later – are amazed at how modern, how timeless the Addiform is, and how consistently Rolf Benz was able to seize upon the spirit of the times. The following has been true at Rolf Benz for 50 years: the furniture with which one lives should be as fexible and versatile as the person himself.

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the 70s //

The seventies started on a soft and transparent note. It was the age of the beanbag. In 1971, a well-known namesake registered its development of an airbag as a German patent in Stuttgart-Untertürkheim, and 1971 was also the frst time that Rolf Benz took its own dedicated booth at the Cologne Trade Fair. 1973 saw the opening of the World Trade Center in New York, and a patent for the automatic cash machine was registered in Germany.

1972 – “siesta” bean bags at the Cologne trade Fair.

Enthused by watching man take his frst steps on the moon, the world was keen to embrace a bright future, fuelling years of headlong economic growth and success. The transparent wonder material Plexiglas covered more than just the Olympic stadium roof in Munich. Erstwhile hippies lolled in avant-garde luxury on enormous furnishing landscapes such as the Rolf Benz “Scenery” range launched in 1971. One year later, a certain Swedish furniture producer opened its frst German branch. The orientation in Nagold has never been on pushing down prices. Rolf Benz’s response to the lure of the Allen key was summed up in its advertising slogan “Living at its best”, and its decision to extend its manufacturing capacity by a further 7,000 square metres with the purchase of an upholstery factory in Mötzingen. Needless to say, Germany’s football world cup victory in 1974 was celebrated from the comfort of the “Livingpool” upholstered group. In an age of bell-bottoms and flowerpower stickers, Rolf Benz too turned its gaze on rattan, waxing lyrical in its advertising literature with the promise of everything from the “romantic to the chic” and the “rustic to the elegant”.

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places of longing

The old “House in the Black Forest”, Rolf Benz’s frst production facility

1974 – the “Living-Pool” lounging landscape.

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the 80s //

1980 – the 3500 sofa features the frst adjustable backrest in the corner section!

1981 sees the appearance of the frst Rolf Benz magazine, “Creation”.

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places of longing

The eighties offered the world a stage set for presentation and selfportrayal. Some of which happened on the sofa. It was a time to display not only what we were, but most importantly, what we had. It was a time for puffng out of chests and pumping up of egos. We called it glamour! The glamour and sophistication were not restricted to big hair and shoulder pads. White sofas like the 3400 model gleamed on smooth shiny white tiled foors, draped over by a model looking every inch like Dynasty’s Alexis Carrington. This was the decade in which men liked to sport pink polo shirts with the collars turned up and Bommel shoes. As ever, the fashion message permeated the world of furnishing too. That message coming over loud and clear in the eighties was: “We’ve made it”. Diana married Charles; Roland Reagan was inaugurated as the US President; Gorbachev was made “Man of the Year 1985”; we lapped up the forged Hitler Diaries in the Stern magazine; the Chernobyl disaster struck; Zündapp went into liquidation (clearly not glamorous or chic enough) and, at the end of the decade, the wall came down. These were years in which the stuff of dreams was brought to us in pictures.

From the middle of the eighties, Rolf Benz added to the illusion, photographing its upholstered furniture “on location” in the “world’s most beautiful places”: Sofas with squishy cushioned backrests found their (sometimes quite absurd) way into unlikely settings for photoshoots: theatres, museums, castles or even cliff tops. The Rolf Benz sofa became the ultimate tourist: the 4500 model echoing the sweeping contours of the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí in Barcelona’s Park Güell, or the 6500 sofa perched majestically high above the Aegean Sea on the Island of Santorin. The scene was well and truly set for the luxury brand Rolf Benz. The eighties were the years of celebrity designers and design celebrity. But while the post modern age, as it was hailed, descended increasingly into the banality of chic household commodities like Philippe Starck’s three-legged lemon juicer or Michael Graves’s whistling bird kettle, the designers working for Rolf Benz were creating true style icons such as the sofa 6500. Not one-day design wonders, but smart, timeless classics of breath-taking beauty. The 6500 elevated to the design nobility with a place in the design department of the Museum of Modern Art in New York and remains part of the portfolio to this day.

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the 90S //

1993 – Rolf Benz 322

2000 – Rolf Benz CANOA // The sofa from “Wetten, dass ...?”

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The nineties, a decade memorable for its globalization of good design, brought with it an unexpectedly rapid rise to international eminence for Rolf Benz as a sought-after German furniture brand. This led to the rapid development of new foreign markets for the company. Those with more than just good taste who embraced their capacity for discerning aesthetic judgement as “style” opted to enjoy their leisure hours on a Rolf Benz sofa, particularly in Austria, Switzerland and the Benelux countries. The company grew, and with it the Rolf Benz brand won favour.

places of longing

As early as the beginning of the nineties, it was a Forum 255 collection sofa which stole the limelight in the ZDF talk show aptly entitled “Die Rote Couch”. As if that were not enough, a Rolf Benz sofa had the star quality for the biggest TV show of all. For years, the family game show “Wetten, dass …?” held the big Saturday evening spot across Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Benelux countries. This mega family entertainment show hosted by Thomas Gottschalk, saw the celebrity elite of the day getting comfortable on Germany’s most famous sofa – a bespoke creation by Rolf Benz. By the end of the decade, Rolf Benz had become the best known brand in Germany.

1993 – Rolf Benz 6600

1998 – Rolf Benz 3200

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SINCE 2000 //

2002 – Rolf Benz 7800

2002 – Rolf Benz 6300

From 2000 to 2010, Rolf Benz took up its undisputed position among the furniture industry’s international premier league as “the” design brand for luxury sofas “Made in Germany”. A discerning public that is urban and cosmopolitan, creative and communicative, and which seeks premium quality in every sphere of life cannot fail to be attracted by the appeal of Rolf Benz. On the company’s 40th birthday in 2004, it presented the world with the DONO: with its matter-of-fact clarity and lightweight design, this model appears to hover in space. Like all Rolf Benz creations, it leaves no one in any doubt as to its value and comfort, even from a distance. DONO became what was probably the most successful sofa of the decade. It was followed by the models VERO, PLURA and MIO, true ambassadors for nonchalant luxury over the excessive trappings of status. With the advent of a new era of cool lounges and relaxation zones for the discerning, in 2003 the company launched its EGO as the ultimate “made-to-measure sofa”. Today, VIDA or ONDA still subscribe to the ethos of these highly complex modular ranges. Ranges that allow the creative customer the greatest possible scope for individualization, with the freedom to confgure and adjust the different modules to any specifc living situation.

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places of longing 2004 – Rolf Benz DONO // Celebrating the 40 th anniversary of Rolf Benz

2003 – Rolf Benz EGO

2009 – Rolf Benz PLURA

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SINCE 2000 //

2011 – Rolf Benz MIO

2012 – Rolf Benz SCALA

2013 – Rolf Benz BACIO

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s014 14

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The computer industry with its ever more slender fat screens is not alone in creating a quiet revolution: clarity of forms and slender contours are transforming the furniture sector too. And yes, just as it did in 1964 with the “Addiform”, once again Rolf Benz gives us the gift of endless possibilities in its own inimitable and elegant style. Its sofa ranges are designed to give every individual the freedom to think around corners, to line up in rows, to adjust and adapt, even to create our own ergonomy. Spearheading furnishing trends today are individually changeable, multifunctional sofas with adjustable seat heights and depths.


places of longing

Infnitely variable headrests, variably mountable and adjustable backrest and side cushions, depth adaptation – all these features invite us to fnd our very own favourite position for relaxation. The Rolf Benz sofa has become the ultimate made-to-measure suit for our homes. Behind the somewhat innocuous term “system furnishing range” is in reality nothing other than the core competence which has distinguished the Rolf Benz brand for 50 years. 2014 – Rolf Benz 50 // Anniversary sofa 50 years of Rolf Benz

Today we are seeing the merger of classical living areas into openended living spaces: we spend time reading books or magazines in the bathroom, we watch TV in the kitchen, and sleeping, working, living are no longer cordoned off in their own separate spheres. Because for the past 50 years, furniture, sofas and chairs from Rolf Benz have been designed and produced for living spaces, not for living rooms or lounges. It is this that makes the name Rolf Benz synonymous with comfortable sitting, perfect innovative design and superb hand-crafted quality “Made in Germany”.

2014 – Rolf Benz NOVA

2012 – New showroom in Nagold

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FOR 50 YEARS // made in germany

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s016 16

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places of longing

No, life is not that simple. You don’t know Certainly the aura emanating from “Made in Germany” is not neceswhat you should believe any more. Reli- sarily understood by consumers who only live for bargains and who gions? That’s history. Ideologies? I’ll pass. revel in their miserliness. For this, “Made in Germany” stands much What endures? Quality! You can put your more for the conduct of a company that deliberately still provides faith in that when you see a product with “German workmanship”. And to those whom this term is currently not the “Made in Germany” label. After all, trendy enough – well, it can easily be substituted with “high-class regardless of whether we are buying a car workmanship”. What’s certain is the fact that products “Made in or sofa, blowing our noses into a paper Germany” are in demand and enjoy an excellent reputation in the tissue or snuggling with a teddy bear – if global economy. After all, they are the guarantee for the high export you see “Made in Germany”, you can be ratio that has guided Germany magnifcently through the crisis thus sure that the product is good, durable and high-quality. Of course, far. However, this doesn’t mean that we should turn down Swiss somehow the product whispers to us inspiring confdence: “I come clocks and American smartphones. Only the best from each counfrom a good company. You can’t go wrong with me”. The “Made in try: and it is simply so much better to drink a glass of Italian wine Germany” seal of quality stands for performance and tradition; for while sitting on a German sofa – rather than the other way around. technical innovation and artistic creativity. This seal is now one of the crash barriers on the motorway of our consumer life. However, the birth of this seal of quality was quite diffcult. The three words “Made in Germany” were set loose upon the world by Great Britain 125 years ago in order to defame German goods. Still, “harm set, harm get ...”, the opposite was soon the case: “Made in Germany” has been an internationally recognised attribute for decades now. It is more than just a simple reference to manufacturing origin. It also includes Goethe and Beckenbauer, poetry and football all mixed together. “Made in Germany” ensures reliability and inspires confdence. But there’s so much more to it than that. It is a commitment to value and not to the price of a product.

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1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s017 17

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1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s018 18

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living anniversary sofa

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s019 19

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1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s020 20

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living anniversary sofa

new product

rolf benz 50

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1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s021 21

12.08.14 08:52

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s022 22

12.08.14 08:52

living anniversary sofa InspIred by half a century of rolf benz // To mark its 50th anniversary, Rolf Benz is showcasing products that offer the very best in comfort, function and design. As homage to the classic Addiform, the design of the Rolf Benz 50 anniversary sofa is inspired by our 1964 design icon. Thanks to its innovative relaxing function, superlative seating comfort and extraordinary variety of layout options, Rolf Benz 50 marks a further pinnacle of 50 years of expertise in the craftsman-led production of luxurious upholstered furniture. It has also been nominated for the 2015 German Design Award. Numerous intricate details such as the new pleated quilting seam and meticulously-crafted fat fell seam accentuate its generous elegance.

New pRoDucT

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s023 23

rolf benz 50

› 022/023

12.08.14 08:52

A WHOLE WORLD OF STYLE POSSIBILITIES // Rolf Benz 50 is available as an individual, modular or corner sofa in a wide range of versions in over 200 fabrics and over 100 leathers. Its generous, lounge-like shape is the perfect invitation to experience relaxation on a whole new level. Choose between 2 seat heights and 2 seat depths and adapt Rolf Benz 50 to match your personal style

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s024 24

with 3 different foot designs (black paint, silver pearlescent paint or shiny chrome). The Rolf Benz 50 (p. 126/127) armchair, the Rolf Benz 955, 956 and 958 coffee tables (p. 138/139), the Rolf Benz GRANO rug (p. 150) and Rolf Benz 950 foor cushion (p. 156/157) are just perfect for adding the fnishing touch to your home style.

12.08.14 08:52

living anniversary sofa new product

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s025 25

rolf benz 50

› 024/025

12.08.14 08:52

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s026 26

12.08.14 08:53

living anniversary sofa new product

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s027 27

rolf benz 50

› 026/027

12.08.14 08:53

The INNOVATION Of cOmfOrT // Rolf Benz 50 has an especially comfortable seat structure based on traditional, craftsman-made upholstery techniques that have been developed even further. The highquality strap spring unit with superimposed interactive pocket spring core and high-quality cold foam layer is also covered with a chambered rod fbre mat. This construction produces comfort that is superbly soft and yet still supportive at all times. The back cushioning is tailored precisely to the seat thanks to carefully-positioned clefts in the foam, offering a beautifully harmonised, overall seating comfort. The optionally available back mech-

anism allows stepless adjustment from the seating to the relaxed position. Thanks to special technology based on a new gas spring, you can move the back rest manually with very little effort to the perfect position for you. The back section extends by up to 12 cm, offering you even greater comfort. The optional functional cushion is available in 2 heights and complements the back function perfectly. It is especially comfortably upholstered and has a steplessly adjustable mechanism that converts it into a highly functional head rest. Design Norbert Beck

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s028 28

12.08.14 08:53

living anniversary sofa

the most natural form of refinement // Tanned using traditional craftsman techniques, the 40.200 ff leather from Germany‘s HELLER-LEDER tannery recently added to the Rolf Benz leather collection displays the hide‘s natural characteristics: a sign of the very fnest quality. Exceptional softness and a pleasant feel are the hallmarks of this unembossed, full-grain leather. The leather is given a light fnish that increases its comfort and wear properties. HELLER-LEDER works in accordance with the highest standards worldwide and was crowned “Tannery of the Year” in 2011, marking it as the world’s best tannery. Each Rolf Benz 50 consequently becomes a unique creation that will give you years of endless joy. And with a clear conscience.

nEw pRoDucT

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s029 29

rolf benz 50

› 028/029

12.08.14 08:53

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s030 30

12.08.14 08:53

living concept sofas

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s031 31

12.08.14 08:53

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s032 32

12.08.14 08:54

living concept sofas

rolf benz ego

› 032/033

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s033 33

12.08.14 08:54


THE EGO PRINCIPLE // Rolf Benz EGO. The tailored sofa. Assemble your dream sofa from 2 basic types, 5 seat widths, 28 modular units, 16 side elements, 10 foot designs, 3 grades of upholstery softness, 3 seat depths and 3 seat heights. And select the ideal covers for your needs and your style from our extensive fabric and leather collection. More than 230 fabrics and 80 leathers make choosing a pleasure – and make your sofa unique. But frst we want to know about your design preferences: depending on your personal taste, decide on one of the two basic Rolf Benz EGO shapes, Type G or Type F, which we will introduce to you in more detail on the following pages. From the smallest apartment to a spacious loft: Rolf Benz EGO offers you unique seating comfort in every shape.

ca. 126 cm

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s034 34

TyPE f

Rolf Benz EGO is also currently available in a leather special edition at an attractive promotional price. Choose from 17 leather colours: black, ivory, dark brown, dark red, white, black-blue, beige-brown, grey-brown, grey, light beige-grey, beige grey, green, light green, orange, tomato red, blue grey and petrol.* Rolf Benz EGO is also currently available in trendy and timeless fabric concepts at a promotional price.** * Further information can be obtained from participating dealers and at Promotion only available for a limited period in leathers 60.500 - 60.516. ** Promotion only available for a limited period for fabrics 05.000 ff / 05.010 ff / 05.020 ff / 05.030 ff / 05.040 ff / 05.050 ff / 05.070 ff / 05.080 ff / 05.270 ff / 05.370 ff / 05.380 ff.

ca. 210 cm

12.08.14 08:54

living concept sofas rolf benz ego

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› 034/035

12.08.14 08:54

TyPE g

PURIST AND LINEAR // With Rolf Benz EGO Type G, you are opting for classic design. The straight side elements with the backrest located in between are striking features. Discover the tremendous diversity of Rolf Benz EGO Type G as a living landscape: you can confgure the ideal corner unit for your living room within seconds with our online planner at

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s036 36

12.08.14 08:54

living concept sofas CLEAR LINES – A vARIEty of oPtIoNS // Rolf Benz EGO Type G also offers you a wealth of design options as a classic individual sofa too. Confgure the sofa according to your desires: Type G offers an especially large selection of side elements. Their width infuences the overall dimensions of the sofa decisively and can also be selected to save space in small rooms.

RoLf bENz Ego

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s037 37

› 036/037

12.08.14 08:54

TypE f

MODERN AND ELEGANT // With Rolf Benz EGO Type F, you can choose seating comfort on an unmistakably modern and elegant sofa. The particular hallmarks of this basic model are the back visible over the armrests and the shaped side elements.

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s038 38

12.08.14 08:55

living concept sofas STYLISH INDIVIDUALISM // The modern interpretation of the corner sofa. Withdraw into an environment that’s everything you’ve ever wanted, and create your own individual modular sofa in the modern look of basic Type F. The most diverse modular elements and the entire assortment of the Rolf Benz EGO concept are also available to you with this design type. Design Edgar Reuter

RoLf bENz Ego

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s039 39

› 038/039

12.08.14 08:55

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s040 40

12.08.14 08:55

living concept sofas

rolf benz vida

› 040/041

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s041 41

12.08.14 08:55

Pure variability // There are numerous paths you can take in life. All kinds of different demands you can place on life. But to whom should you always remain true? To yourself, of course. One sofa that is as individual as you are and that compliments your lifestyle completely is Rolf Benz VIDA. You can select your individual

ca. 126 cm

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s042 42

sofa look and choose from 5 seat widths, 18 modular elements, 9 side elements and 11 foot variants. And it goes without saying that Rolf Benz VIDA also satisfes your entirely personal wishes for comfort in terms of upholstery, seat depth and seat height.

ca. 210 cm

12.08.14 08:55

living concept sofas rolf benz VIDA

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s043 43

› 042/043

12.08.14 08:56

clear beauty // Rolf Benz VIDA emanates its unique charm even in relatively small rooms. The clear language of form ensures elegance and harmony. In the design shown on pages 040/041, with its narrow side elements, metal brace legs and rounded off with a long chair, the sofa range makes stylish living even more beautiful. The loose back cushions and the point-elastic seat upholstery throughout provide maximum comfort – when sitting, lying or relaxing.

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s044 44

12.08.14 08:56

rolf beNz VIDA

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s045 45

living concept sofas

NAturAl CHArISMA // Anyone who loves the natural look will also love Rolf Benz VIDA. With legs made from a solid wood arch (in oak, walnut or elm), the sofa range also accentuates the natural living style. The side elements can be folded down, and this in combination with the adjustable headrest ensures informal relaxing at any time. Rolf Benz VIDA is perfectly complemented by the associated armchair which can be confgured to match the sofa.

› 044/045

12.08.14 08:56

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s046 46

12.08.14 08:56

Rolf Benz VIDA is also currently available in a special leather edition at an attractive promotional price. Choose from 17 leather colours: black, ivory, dark brown, dark red, white, black-blue, beige-brown, grey-brown, grey, light beige-grey, beige grey, green, light green, orange, tomato red, blue grey and petrol.* * Further information can be obtained from participating dealers and at Promotion only available for a limited period in leathers 60.500 - 60.516.

living concept sofas

Modern CHArACTer // Rolf Benz VIDA is also convincing as an individual sofa. Upholstered in leather, with a stainless steel leg arch and XL side elements throughout, it blends in perfectly with a modern living style. Just like the modular elements, the individual sofas are also available in various seat widths, seat depths, seat heights and levels of comfort. Would you like to make Rolf Benz VIDA into a comfortable place to sleep? Then simply put the loose back cushions to one side.

rolf benz VIdA

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s047 47

› 046/047

12.08.14 08:56

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s048 48

12.08.14 08:56

living concept sofas

rolf benz onda

› 048/049

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s049 49

12.08.14 08:57

where FreeDOM lives // The organic-shaped Rolf Benz ONDA concept sofa range creates a very special place. A place in which you can fnd time for yourself, time to do what does you good. Rolf Benz ONDA is a modular sofa range which, with its fowing language of form, its

ca. 40 cm

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s050 50

sensuously opulent and yet modern appearance, provides instant inspiration. Not least thanks also to the various optional additions that help you put together your very own personal dream sofa.

ca. 46 cm

12.08.14 08:57

living concept sofas rolf benz onDA

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s051 51

› 050/051

12.08.14 08:57

ORGANIC AND FLOWING // Rolf Benz ONDA is as versatile as it is simple: it combines practical modularity with new, organic and soft shapes while offering all the customisation options of a classic system range. The soft overall shape of the sofa can be determined completely in line with your preferences by choosing individual elements to match your foor plan. Then choose the relevant foot design in accordance with your design preferences, along with the seat height and the upholstery comfort based on your ergonomic needs.

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s052 52

12.08.14 08:57

living concept sofas CHANGE CAN BE PLANNED // The many choices available for composing your dream sofa represent a very special type of freedom. For smaller living rooms, simply choose Rolf Benz ONDA as a single sofa or as a two-piece modular group. The modern oval tube foot is available in matt chrome, polished chrome and oak. Rolf Benz ONDA is currently available in trendy and timeless fabric concepts at a promotional price.*

The ideal companions to Rolf Benz ONDA are the eponymous armchairs and the Rolf Benz 8100/8200 coffee tables that blend perfectly with the sofa (p. 143 /144). Design Christian Werner

* Promotion only available for a limited period for fabrics 05.000 ff / 05.010 ff / 05.020 ff / 05.030 ff / 05.040 ff / 05.050 ff / 05.070 ff / 05.080 ff / 05.270 ff / 05.370 ff / 05.380 ff. Further information can be obtained from participating dealers and at

roLf BENz oNDA

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s053 53

› 052/053

12.08.14 08:57

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s054 54

12.08.14 08:57

living functional sofas

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s055 55

12.08.14 08:58

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s056 56

12.08.14 08:58

living functional sofas

new product

rolf benz nova

› 056/057

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s057 57

12.08.14 08:58

a new movement // Sitting, lounging, lying, chilling, sleeping: thanks to its unique comfort function, the multi-award-winning Rolf Benz NOVA sofa is easily transformed into a high-back chair, a relaxing armchair, a daybed, a bed or something complete new in-between. Casual yet with craftsman fnesse, this fexible piece

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s058 58

of relaxation furniture functions as a single or double long chair, creating sensuality in any room. The patent-registered function delivers a smoothly gliding, organic transition between the various positions. As a result, Rolf Benz NOVA adjusts effortlessly to whatever position you want to be in.

12.08.14 08:58

living functional sofas new product

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s059 59

rolf benz nova

› 058/059

12.08.14 08:58

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s060 60

20.08.14 14:00

NEw pROduCt

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s061 61

rolf benz novA

living functional sofas

AdjustAble beAuty // Characteristic of the Rolf Benz NOVA‘s modern design is the edging of the soft seating and back cushions with meticulously-stitched all-round piping. Lightness is created entirely in line with your tastes through fligree diagonal feet or an all-round metal frame - both available with a structured paint fnish in silver, polished chrome or black. Rolf Benz NOVA can be placed free-standing in the room or adjusted in front of a wall: fold the back upwards and it becomes a comfortable, extratall back rest. Move the seat forwards, and the back can be folded down steplessly to the lying position, creating a space-saving solution at the same time. Even the head section can be adjusted to your favourite position.

› 060/061

20.08.14 14:00

The many ways of feeling greaT // Rolf Benz NOVA achieves even greater functionality and comfort with the matching cushions in various sizes, along with side storage solutions in emery leather. Its perfect partner is the Rolf Benz 974 coffee table (p. 140). With the same great fexibility as the Rolf Benz NOVA, it can be set up horizontally or vertically, offering storage space and storage areas and blending in with a wide range of interior designs thanks to its muted, bentwood design.

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s062 62

12.08.14 08:59

living functional sofas The essence of possibiliTies // the single-seater combines all the possibilities of rolf Benz noVA into a single recliner. the single-seater recliner features all of rolf Benz noVA‘s innovative functions. It can be moved to virtually any conceivable position with the fowing movements characteristic of rolf Benz noVA, and is small enough to be just the right size for anywhere. thanks to its casual, yet at the same time elegant design and its refned technical features, it represents a stylish and intelligent alternative to classical functional armchairs. design Joachim nees

new product

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s063 63

rolf benz nova

› 062/063

12.08.14 08:59

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s064 64

12.08.14 08:59

living functional sofas

rolf benz plura

› 064/065

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s065 65

12.08.14 08:59

ONE SOFA with mANy FAcES // Rolf Benz PLURA is the new defnition of freedom – it gives you all the possibilities you could wish for to live the way you want to. Whether you want to sit upright, lounge about or sleep in total comfort – very little effort is required to adjust this multi-functional sofa to your favourite position. Different ele-

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s066 66

ments and designs give you the freedom to adapt Rolf Benz PLURA to completely match your personal needs. With the reclining option, for example, the back can be adjusted from its upright position to a reclining position.

12.08.14 09:00

living functional sofas rolf benz PlUrA

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s067 67

› 066/067

12.08.14 09:00

ALWAYS DIFFERENT, ALWAYS IDEAL // The soft, radius-accentuating design of the cushions stands in charming contrast on Rolf Benz PLURA to the rectilinear metal frame that comes in silver, black painted or polished chrome to match your personal style and design preferences. Carefully-fnished decorative seams highlight the sofa’s superlative quality, which comes with 3 different seating heights to refect your ergonomic needs.

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s068 68

12.08.14 09:00

living functional sofas More freeDoM – More fleXIbIlITY // Rolf Benz PLURA adapts to your desire for comfort whenever you want it to. The folding side element, the swivelling seat and the steplessly backwards and upwards-adjustable back are what makes this versatility possible. Whether it be sitting, lounging, relaxing or sleeping – now there’s nothing stop-

ping you doing whatever you want. Fold the back upwards, and Rolf Benz PLURA transforms into a high-backed armchair. Fold the side element down and swivel the seat, and Rolf Benz PLURA becomes a comfortable long chair.

rolf benz PlUrA

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s069 69

› 068/069

12.08.14 09:00

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s070 70

12.08.14 09:00

living functional sofas VERSATILE COMFORT // The functional versatility of Rolf Benz PLURA is also expressed in an impressive way as a compact individual sofa with two individ­ ually­adjustable seating and lying positions. Even more comfortable: two end armchairs with one handy storage solution in black leather. Even more compact: the long chair Rolf Benz PLURA, optionally also available with leather storage. With Rolf Benz PLURA, the loose, low cushions for maximum lower back comfort can also be finished in a different covering material to the cushions – creating a modern material mix of leather and fabric, for example. Design Norbert Beck


1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s071 71

› 070/071

12.08.14 09:00

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s072 72

12.08.14 09:01

living sofas

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s073 73

12.08.14 09:01

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s074 74

12.08.14 09:01

living sofas

rolf benz areo

› 074/075

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s075 75

12.08.14 09:01

SenSual beauty // Sensuality you can feel and superlative comfort – precisely what Rolf Benz AREO is all about. This timeless beauty lends a unique note to any room. The pleasantly soft upholstery offers an invitation to relax, while the modern, slimline cast feet give the sofa a lightweight and stylish appearance. Experience an incomparable dimension of feeling great. With its side element available in either a fxed or fold-down version, Rolf Benz AREO

offers you a wealth of design options. The new fold-down function converts the side element in the blink of an eye into a soft, squashy cushion for relaxed lying down and resting. The sofa is available with a choice of 2 seating heights and 3 widths or as a variable modular range featuring a variety of elements. Rolf Benz AREO stands on cast feet (optionally with frame bar), painted in grey brown or polished chrome.

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s076 76

12.08.14 09:01

living sofas

VelVety soft to the touch // The Nubuck leather collection made from aniline accentuates the more lightweight appearance of the seating and its timeless, lounge-like character. Nubuck is a particularly fne suede leather that is roughened up slightly on its surface after the tanning and dyeing process. This gives it its pleasantly soft, velvetlike character. The Nubuck leather we use at Rolf Benz is made from the highest-quality, untreated rawhide and is available in anthracite, brown, cream and grey brown. One special extra is the Rolf Benz AREO bag available in a Nubuck or smooth leather design. We are giving you this stylish handbag with every purchase of a Rolf Benz AREO sofa until 30.08.2015.* Further information on the Rolf Benz AREO Bag can be found on page 154/155. * Further information can be obtained from participating dealers and at Applies exclusively to the purchase of a Rolf Benz AREO sofa in leathers 42.200 ff or 42.400 ff until 30.08.2015.

Design norbert beck

rolf benz Areo

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s077 77

› 076/077

12.08.14 09:02

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s078 78

12.08.14 09:02

living sofas

rolf benz bacio

› 078/079

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s079 79

12.08.14 09:02

Security we can feel // A gentle hug in any living setup or lifestyle – that’s Rolf Benz BACIO. This sofa has been created for people who love a sensuous, laid-back lifestyle. Its extra-deep seating surface offers cosy security, while the stylish body frame envelops the soft upholstery. Inspired by the lightness of outdoor furniture, Rolf Benz BACIO brings the fair of freedom into the living room.

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s080 80

12.08.14 09:02

living sofas rolf benz bACIo

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s081 81

› 080/081

12.08.14 09:02

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s082 82

12.08.14 09:02

living sofas

The supporT we wanT // Rolf Benz BACIO comes in three sizes, making it ideal for all manner of room dimensions. The stylish, modern body frame can be chosen in polished chrome, matt chrome or painted in grey brown or black grey, accentuating the inviting seating comfort of the seat and back cushions that are painstakingly fnished with decorative stitching. The arches in the back are available as options, giving the back of the sofa a graphic-looking structure. This is particularly eye-catching when Rolf Benz BACIO is free-standing in the room.

flexIbIlITy we need // The supplementary comfort back cushion can be used with great fexibility to support the body in any position. Other ideal elements of the lounge zone include the versatile upholstered bench element, the armchair with matching footstool and the Rolf Benz 8120 coffee table (p. 143) that perfectly matches the Rolf Benz BACIO. Design Cuno frommherz

rolf benz baCIo

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s083 83

› 082/083

12.08.14 09:03

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s084 84

12.08.14 09:03

living sofas

rolf benz grata

› 084/085

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s085 85

12.08.14 09:03

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s086 86

12.08.14 09:03

manner to your requirements and your lifestyle. Additional back cushions, a back mat and matching upholstered bench element for raising the legs and relaxing ensure even greater comfort. In the current “Colors of Rolf Benz” special edition, available at a promotional price, choose from 2 high-quality fabrics in a total of 28 modern colours.* * Further information can be obtained from participating dealers and at Promotion only available for a limited period for fabrics 05.208 – 05.219 and 05.350 – 05.365.

Design Christian Werner

living sofas

feeling great – made easy // The individual and modular Rolf Benz GRATA sofa makes it easy for you to feel great. Its lounge-soft upholstery offers exceptional levels of comfort, providing ample opportunity for rest and relaxation. For all its casual nature, it really has true personality. Thanks to its gently curved seating surface and beautifully crafted piped seams, admiring glances are guaranteed. With 3 seat widths, 2 seat heights, 2 side element heights and various modular elements and foot designs (polished chrome or black painted), this straightforward couch can be adapted in a very personalised

rolf benz grata

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s087 87

› 086/087

12.08.14 09:03

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s088 88

12.08.14 09:04

living sofas

rolf benz lIneA

› 088/089

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s089 89

20.08.14 14:00

COMFORT ACROSS THE LINE // Rolf Benz LINEA combines clear design with unique seating comfort. The optional lower back cushions in the super-deep version ensure maximum back comfort and can contrast in terms of material and colour. One particular design detail is the contemporary styled foot, which is available in stainless steel or black painted metal. Choose from 2 seat depths and 2 seat heights, and enjoy feeling great across the whole line.

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s090 90

12.08.14 09:04

CLEAR LINE – CLEAR STYLE // As an individual sofa or as a modular group: Rolf Benz LINEA impresses with its clear, purist design that blends in beautifully with all kinds of lifestyles. It is one thing above all: a true favourite piece for individualists. Together with the comfortable armchair and matching upholstered bench element, it makes every home an oasis of clear style and exquisite taste. In the current “Colors of Rolf Benz” special edition, available at a promotional price, choose from 2 high-quality fabrics in a total of 28 modern colours.* living sofas

* Further information can be obtained from participating dealers and at Promotion only available for a limited period for fabrics 05.208 – 05.219 and 05.350 – 05.365.

Design Cuno Frommherz


1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s091 91

› 090/091

12.08.14 09:04

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s092 92

12.08.14 09:04

living sofas

rolf benz mio

› 092/093

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s093 93

12.08.14 09:05

ELEGANCE AND SENSUALITY // The luxuriously generous seating surface and soft appearance of Rolf Benz MIO offer an irresistible invitation to sit, relax and lounge. The high quality of the materials, the superb design of the seat structure and the loving,

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s094 94

fawless fnish make sitting on Rolf Benz MIO an incomparable experience for the senses. Rolf Benz MIO offers elegance that is simply irresistible.

12.08.14 09:05

living sofas rolf benz MIo

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s095 95

› 094/095

12.08.14 09:05

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s096 96

12.08.14 09:05

living sofas VArIeTIeS of CoMbInATIonS // The numerous individual elements permit a variety of combinations in any room. Whether it be a single sofa, a two-piece composition or a large corner sofa, Rolf Benz MIO – with its 2 seat heights, 2 seat depths and 2 seat section heights - can be adapted to suit your requirements precisely and complemented perfectly with the armchair, ottoman and matching Rolf Benz 940 side table (p. 139).

Numerous cushions, including an especially comfortable back cushion with roll, ensure even greater comfort and personal style. Rolf Benz MIO is also versatile in terms of its positioning possibilities: Even in the middle of a room, it looks fantastic thanks to its optional back shells. Designed in leather, they are a modern design element that give the back view even more structure. Design norbert beck

rolf benz MIo

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s097 97

› 096/097

12.08.14 09:05

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s098 98

12.08.14 09:05

living sofas

rolf benz scala

› 098/099

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s099 99

12.08.14 09:06

The new measure of Things // Rolf Benz SCALA is a statement. It stands for modern superlativity and relaxed stylistic confdence. Every detail impresses with an incredible quality fnish and contemporary design. Thanks to the interaction of the generous cushions and the graceful feet (in polished cast aluminium or painted grey-brown), this sofa combines apparent contradictions:

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s100 100

tangible strength and delicate lightness. The soft seat cushions cradle the body in luxury, encouraging you to truly let yourself go. Available in 2 seat heights and perfectly supported by the optional head rest. With its comfort and unique shape, Rolf Benz SCALA sets new standards. For people who like to live by their own standards.

12.08.14 09:06

living sofas rolf benz SCAlA

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s101 101

› 100/101

12.08.14 09:06

ElEgancE has many forms // Rolf Benz SCALA offers a particularly generous scope for imprinting your own design on it. That’s because it is one of Rolf Benz’s most versatile ranges of modular units. Whether it be the irresistible sofa landscape that dominates the room or a twin-seater that is less obtrusive but just as impressive. Even in terms of colour, there is almost no limit to the creative possibilities. The seat

frame, the body and the back cushions can, in fact, all be covered completely individually and independently of each other in different materials and colours. All this makes sure that the sofa has just as much unique character as its owner. The Rolf Benz 971 coffee tables, which match Rolf Benz SCALA perfectly and which echo the sofa’s graceful legs, can be found on page 140. Design gino carollo

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s102 102

12.08.14 09:06

living sofas rolf benz SCAlA

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s103 103

› 102/103

12.08.14 09:06

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s104 104

12.08.14 09:07

living sofa classics

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s105 105

12.08.14 09:07

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s106 106

12.08.14 09:07

living sofa classics

rolf benz Dono

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rolf benz dono

A MIleSTone In CoMforT // The launch of Rolf Benz DONO Classic (see fgure on this page) in 2004 set a new benchmark for design and comfort in sitting rooms. The continuous rail in leather, oak, walnut or elm veneer combines with the matt brushed stainless steel frame to give this sofa and modular elements range, along with the mattbrushed stainless steel frame, its unmistakable appearance. Thanks to back cushions which can be attached at different points and adjusted at will, loose side cushions and optional seat depth adjustment, you can move into a multitude of seating and relaxation positions. Rolf Benz DONO can even be converted into a comfortable guest bed by simply pulling out the seat. Discover the ideal accompaniment to Rolf Benz DONO, the Rolf Benz 8730 coffee table (p. 146).

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s108 108

Rolf Benz DONO Lounge (p. 106/107) complements the classic appearance of Rolf Benz DONO. Its soft seating comfort satisfes the desire for pleasantly soft, casual, lounge-style seating and relaxing. The sensuous softness of the seat and back upholstery is accentuated by the way the back cushion draws in. The crowning on the seat cushions lends the best-seller an up-to-date and international seating appearance.

Design Christian Werner

20.08.14 14:00

living sofa classics

rolf benz 322

ClASSICAllY CoMforTAble // The Rolf Benz 322 sofa has always had a strong presence. Whether it be in spacious surroundings or in small rooms, it provides the perfect basis anywhere for stylish living and feeling great. The art of opposites is probably the best way to describe the interplay between the compact body and the soft, fowing lines of the classic Rolf Benz 322. The angled, striking aluminium legs blend harmoniously into the gently curving sides. The result: exciting design for unparalleled relaxation.

This sofa classic is now also available in a special leather edition at a fantastic promotional price. Choose from 17 leather colours: black, ivory, dark brown, dark red, white, black blue, beige brown, grey brown, grey, light beige grey, beige grey, green, light green, orange, tomato red, blue-grey and petrol.* Rolf Benz 322 is also currently available in a special edition in trendy Nubuck leather in 4 colours (anthracite, light grey, blue and sand)**. * Promotion only available for a limited period in leathers 60.500 – 60.516. ** Promotion only available for a limited period in leathers 71.600 – 71.603. Further information can be obtained from participating dealers and at

Design Anita Schmidt

rolf benz dono / 322

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rolf benz 3300

soft lines, gentle relaxation // The Rolf Benz 3300 sofa range combines timeless design with a fantastic sitting experience: both the armrests and the backrest curve outwards, while the comfortable seat area offers the very highest level of Rolf Benz seating comfort. For the upholstery, you can choose between “medium” and “frm” comfort according to your personal preference. The Rolf Benz 3300 models stand on elegant decorative metal brace legs and are available in 4 widths and with different seat heights –

on request also as a high-backed sofa for maximum comfort. Rolf Benz 3300 is complemented by an armchair, a high-backed armchair, a smaller footstool and a larger upholstered bench element – for putting your feet up and enjoying total relaxation. Rolf Benz 3300 is currently available in a special leather edition in 13 colours at a fantastically attractive price.* * Further information can be obtained from participating dealers and at Promotion only available for a limited period in leathers 70.504 and 70.900 – 70.915.

Design Christian Werner

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living sofa classics

rolf benz 6500

VAlUeS THAT lAST // Challengers come and go. Rolf Benz 6500 is here to stay. No-one can walk past it unmoved: like scarcely any other sofa range, Rolf Benz 6500 is an elegant design statement and enjoys iconic status in the world’s living rooms. Very probably because the two height-adjustable backrests make the sofa so functional. The excellent upholstery guarantees you an extraordinary level of comfort while the lower support cushions take the strain off your back. You can choose from 2

different seating heights, different sofa widths and legs in matt chrome plated or polished chrome plated. The range is complemented by high-backed armchairs and footstools. You can now enjoy the benefts of this classic in the latest special editions: there are highquality edition leathers available in various colours for the entire range, all at an exceptionally attractive promotional price.* * Further information can be obtained from participating dealers and at Promotion only available for a limited period in leathers 70.504, 70.900 – 70.915 and 90.300 – 90.306.

Design Mathias Hoffmann

rolf benz 3300 / 6500

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“Fabric or leather”, that is the question. A dialogue between two equals in the world of upholstery covers

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Act one Scene one

Rolf Benz fabric and leather warehouse in Mötzingen near Nagold. An enormous and enormously high warehouse which, despite its size, looks like the cosy workshop of a master upholster: on the right, leather is draped - carefully protected against creasing - on metal blocks, on the left we see lengths of fabric on rolls. Tere is an overwhelming aroma of leather. At eye-level the Rolf Benz employee pulls some leather forward from one of the metal blocks. Opposite it, a slightly unrolled length of fabric hangs down a few centimetres. LEATHER: Do we really want to compare ourselves, one against the another? It’s ridiculous. I am luxury! I am leather after all. FABRIC: Easy cowboy! ... LEATHER: (Arrogantly) ... Careful! I’m even available in several other colours. FABRIC: So when the people who will eventually sit on us have to choose between us, then ... LEATHER: ... then they have a problem. FABRIC: (grins) Never. If you are buying a Rolf Benz sofa, problems don’t come into it, only choice. Te choice between 200 diferent fabrics, some of which are exclusively available for Rolf Benz sofas. LEATHER: Yes indeed, the torment of choice. In this conversation I represent more than 120 leather covers, in the best quality you can get for sofas and armchairs. FABRIC: Tat’s exactly what we are talking about. But frst we should explain things for our readers: for a purely informative and factual perspective, take no notice of this conversation. Simply read the “Covers” section in the Rolf Benz “Technical data” brochure pages 73 to 77; or talk to your specialist distributer.

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LEATHER: (Casually) In one year the earth travels 942 kilometers through space. On a sofa, it can be a really relaxing journey. (Concentrating again) So: you or me? “Fabric or leather?”, that is the question. FABRIC: No, the real question is: why are we here at all? Why a cover? LEATHER: But that’s obvious: we give the sofa its character, its aura. We defne the manner of the upholstery. Manners maketh man. FABRIC: And covers make sofas. Without us, a Rolf Benz sofa would be naked. You can wrap yourself in fabric, in me, and fall in love. LEATHER: What? Fall in love with a fabric? You’re deluded. How can you fall in love with a fabric? FABRIC: (Rolls its eyes) Because I’m so versatile! I can be classical, sporty, elegant, extrovert. It all comes down to my surface texture. You can tell how I am woven. Sometimes I am soft and silky, others, grainy or frm, smooth and two-dimensional or embossed and three-dimensional. I have a diferent efect each time. You can snuggle into me. To run your fngers over a fabric like me is to know immediately what craftsmanship means and to appreciate the artistry at work in German and Italian weaving mills. I am the best cloth in Europe. I can be woven from natural yarns such as linen or cotton or from ultra-durable synthetic or mixed fbres. To put it simply, with fabric, anything is possible! And it is something you can feel. Fabric is pure sensuality, it is erotic. LEATHER: Excuse me but everyone knows that eroticism is a leather thing ... and I can be soft, warm and cosy as well. Just how exactly can you prove your claims to durability? FABRIC: (With pride in its voice) I am unbelievably hard-wearing. Before I can even become a Rolf Benz cover I have to undergo a long series of tests. I am tested for instance for resistance to fading and wear. It’s really toughgoing. Quality goes hand in hand with torment for me. Still, after that, long nights in front of the TV, boisterous kids, pets, chocolate biscuits and red wine stains are minor stresses. LEATHER: OK, I’m familiar with stress testing for quality. At Rolf Benz they are essential. But tell me, what else has fabric got to ofer? FABRIC: Colour! Colour is the smile of nature and fowers are its

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s114 114

12.08.14 09:08

laughter. I smile in infnite colour variants, in one colour or many. It goes without saying of course that many of those colours are exclusive to Rolf Benz. And if one colour is not enough, fne! Tere are absolutely no limits on design or pattern. So I can sit discretely in a space or be the centre of attention. LEATHER: (laughing) You may look good but I smell good too. FABRIC: True, very true. I have always envied you the natural aura you give out. LEATHER: Well, dear fabric, I am an age-old material. I have accompanied humans as long as they have existed. Since man took the hide from the mammoth I have been the ultimate natural product. I have protected people from rain and cold and covered their naked bodies while cotton stayed exactly where it grew, on high bushes and hedges. Over millennia I have been tanned, dyed, fulled and fnished. I am nature, pure and simple. Nature is not cheap but as I have said already: I am a status symbol. FABRIC: Show of ! LEATHER: I’m not showing of, but you can show of with me. I mean, look at leather car upholstery And I am diverse. FABRIC: Leather is not just leather? LEATHER: Not at all! I adapt completely to the needs and preferences of those who sit, sprawl, recline, rest, dream, snooze, relax, de-stress, chill, ponder, snuggle or laze on me ... I come in every variation from natural to ruggedised leather. FABRIC: What do you mean “natural”? LEATHER: Tat is the purest natural form. At Rolf Benz I am called “ComforLux élégance”. I am a raw product of the topmost quality. I come from South German cattle and I am tanned and fnished by only the best tanneries in Germany and Italy. Only the best of the best is allowed on my epidermis. FABRIC: (In a whisper) Good lord! LEATHER: And I remain what and as I am: a piece of nature! I am as fne and soft as a cashmere sweater. My natural colour is stunning but my quality is even more so. I am not saying that I am insensitive. But: I live,

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1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s115 115

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therefore I age. Te patina I develop gives me and my natural tones a unique individuality over the years. My individuality is displayed from the start in visible hide markings. Tat is quality, that is luxury. Any more questions? FABRIC: And if you want to become more hardwearing? LEATHER: In that case Rolf Benz has the leather classifcation “Comfor- Lux optima” After careful treatment I ofer great comfort as well as durability. FABRIC: Amazing! And what is the best treatment? LEATHER: Micro-fne layers of dye or surface protection are applied to me, to the leather, so that my appearance, softness and breathability are in no way impaired. Every efort is made to preserve my individuality, even a tick bite for instance. Te characteristic natural features of my hide are therefore substantially unchanged. I love that, I am nature pure and simple. And if everyday life as a sofa is really stressful and wearing, perhaps because I am in a hotel lounge or at an airport gate or in a company lobby, I can report for duty in a “ComforLux supra” cover. FABRIC: Ten you can survive anything? LEATHER: (proud) Pretty much, yes. “Unkaputtbar” or unbreakable is the word on everyone’s lips right now. It’s true: in the Supra cover I am ideally equipped to deal with the challenges of everyday life. My surface is trimmed to the optimum ruggedness and a coating is applied to produce a smooth, even fnish. You, a fabric of the roll here in the Rolf Benz warehouse, know exactly what I can ofer. FABRIC: Well, I’m convinced. I’d still rather be a fabric though. Any customer who wants to possess us in the realest sense has to make the decision, based on taste, needs, aesthetic perceptions. Tey must decide which of us to choose for the sofa cover. LEATHER: Perhaps we ought to talk about our other benefts as well. FABRIC: You are right, we should! Both of us embody sustainability and efciency, which is important particularly in the manufacture of Rolf Benz sofas. LEATHER: In each of the past few years for instance I have collected environmental certifcates for my natural production methods and sustainable

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SOFAS_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s116 116

12.08.14 09:08

fnishing. FABRIC: And I have earned quality seals for my outstanding comfort features and because I meet standards which are twice as high as those prescribed by the German furniture quality association. LEATHER: We are the best of the best when it comes to covers. (long pause) We can be proud and happy about that. FABRIC: (laughs) Not just us. Anyone who chooses us for their Rolf Benz sofa can be equally proud and happy. LEATHER: We don’t make it easy for them. FABRIC: We do – perhaps Rolf Benz doesn’t. Making the choice. (Curtain)

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living functional armchairs

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12.08.14 09:30

nEw pRoDUcT

rolf benz 560

The flow of movemenT // Glide. Relax. Experience that feeling of security. The Rolf Benz 560 relaxing armchair offers a variety of possibilities and new functions that are simplicity itself to operate. Its fligree and elegant design blends in with virtually any living environment. The highlight is its Easy-Up function: while the seat surface and back rest move in infnitely synchronous

harmony, the occupant can glide easily to their preferred lying position. The innovative mechanism stores the kinetic energy created to allow effortless standing. The fexible head rest and separate leg rest offer additional comfort. Rolf Benz 560 can be ordered in two sizes and with various foot designs. Design Stephan veit

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SESSEL_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s120 120

12.08.14 09:30

living functional armchairs

rolf benz ego

Just the way you like it // The steplessly adjustable Rolf Benz EGO functional armchair can be customised perfectly to your needs: 2 sizes and 2 upholsteries to accommodate your size and seating preferences, and different foot designs (continuous side elements or plate feet in varying designs) to fully match your living situation. All versions are also currently available in a special leather edition at an attractive promotional price.*



%$6( 9(56,216


6($7 &20)257






* Further information can be obtained from participating dealers and at Promotion applies for a limited time only for leathers 60.500 – 60.516.

Design edgar reuter


1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SESSEL_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s121 121

rolf benz 560 / ego

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12.08.14 09:30

rolf benz 577

WeIGHTleSS relAXATIon // Rolf Benz 577 offers you both comfortable upright seating as well as ultra-enjoyable, almost weightless, relaxation. In this relaxed position, the body “falls” into its ideal ergonomic position. You can place your head in a sleeping position or keep it upright by straightening the moveable head section – and take part in what’s going on around you in total relaxation. The armchair is available in 2 sizes and can be adapted to your aesthetic and ergonomic requirements with different feet (star or plate feet in different designs) and side elements (fully upholstered, metal with optional cover or no arm piece). Design Schnabel, Schneider

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SESSEL_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s122 122

12.08.14 09:30

living functional armchairs

rolf benz 3100

The besT-seller ThaT makes iT easy for you // The Rolf Benz 3100 functional armchair is not without good reason a true “best-seller”: by shifting your body weight, you can smoothly and effortlessly transform this high-backed armchair into a perfectly-shaped reclining seat. Not only that, but the high-quality aluminium foot that is so emblematic of the design is also polished by hand. Rolf Benz 3100 is currently available in a special leather edition at a fantastically attractive price.* * Further information can be obtained from participating dealers and at Promotion applies for a limited time only for leathers 60.500 – 60.516, 70.504 und 70.900 – 70.915.

Design Prof. stefan heiliger

rolf benz 577 / 3100

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living armchairs

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SESSEL_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s125 125

12.08.14 09:30

new pRoDucT

ROlF BENz 50

EXTRA COMFORT – JUST FOR ME // The especially comfortable Rolf Benz 50 armchair, like the sofa of the same name on page 20, is characterised by the new pleated quilting seam and meticulously-crafted fat fell seam. It can be combined with a matching stool, is also available with a high backrest and stands on a star foot in traffc black, matt chrome or high-gloss chrome. Design Norbert Beck

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SESSEL_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s126 126

12.08.14 09:30

living armchairs new product

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SESSEL_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s127 127

Rolf Benz 50

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12.08.14 09:30

rolf benz ego

JUST THe WAY YoU lIKe IT // The armchair tailored to your size. The perfect fnishing touch for your living room. The Rolf Benz EGO club chair is designed to match the two basic sofa types G and F (p. 34) with 2 seat widths, 3 seat heights and 2 degrees of seating cushion upholstery softness. Enjoy cosy, enjoyable seating any time: next to the Rolf Benz EGO sofa, at the dining table or in a small armchair corner. This club chair is also currently available in a special leather edition at an attractive promotional price.* * Further information can be obtained from participating dealers and at Promotion applies for a limited time only for leathers 60.500 – 60.516.

Design edgar reuter

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12.08.14 09:30

rolf benz 360

living armchairs

meeting – with my Self // The new Rolf Benz 360 recliner creates the perfect spot for relaxation and calm – the calm to reconnect with yourself. Its innovative, membrane-clad metal frame provides a slimline silhouette but also most importantly creates an extremely relaxed, new recliner feeling – as weightless as in a comfortable hammock. The foot frame in polished chrome, matt chrome or trendy black paint looks like a gracefully woven ribbon, lending the recliner independence and dynamism. Lovingly-placed and beautifully-finished decorative seams provide additional exclusivity and elegance. Design Cuno frommherz

rolf benz ego / 360

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12.08.14 09:30

rolf benz 392

one like no other // Whether it be an attractive individual piece or in a group – Rolf Benz 392 always looks great. With its narrow side panels lending it a graceful appearance, its finely-crafted seats also impress with their sophisticated seating comfort: the slightly rocking back gently cushions all of the movements made by its owner. Completely in line with your personal tastes, Rolf Benz 392 is available in 2 foot designs: either with a foot frame in oak or with cast feet, available either polished or silver matt painted. Design birgit hoffmann

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SESSEL_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s130 130

12.08.14 09:30

living armchairs

rolf benz 566

A new ClAss of seAting // The design of the Rolf Benz 566 swivelling armchair emanates lavishness and opulence, being stylish at the same time. It’s perfect for anyone looking for a timelessly classic design as well as maximum seating comfort. The curved shell is skilfully accentuated by the intricate, hand-stitched, coloured decora-

tive seams. The cover of the sensuously soft upholstery contrasts with both the colour and material of the shell. Choose the foot design to meet your personal taste and decide between a plate foot (matt chromeplated) and a star foot (polished or matt chrome-plated). Design Cuno frommherz

rolf benz 392 / 566

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12.08.14 09:30

rolf benz 684

Wonderfully unconventional // Rolf Benz 684 is an extremely unconventional armchair. Customised seating arrangements with a lounge character can be put together using a number of chairs. Standing on an adjustable wooden plinth, Rolf Benz 684 gives you mobility and freedom of movement when used in a large forum. Would you like a fexible footstool to put your feet on? No problem! There’s one available in the same design as Rolf Benz 684. You can also combine this with the coordinating tray to create a practical occasional table. Rolf Benz 684 is currently available in the special edition “Colors of Rolf Benz” at a promotional price. Choose from 2 high-quality materials in a total of 28 modern colours.* *Further information can be obtained from participating dealers and at Promotion applies for a limited time only for fabrics 05.208 – 05.219 and 05.350 – 05.365.

Design Katja reiter + tamara Härty

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SESSEL_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s132 132

20.08.14 15:20

living armchairs Rolf Benz 684

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SESSEL_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s133 133

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12.08.14 09:30

What’s a sofa?

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SESSEL_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s134 134

12.08.14 09:30

It’s quite logical actually: you can stand; you can sit; you can lie. To stand you need a frm base, to sit you need a chair and to lie you need a bed. Sitting and lying, that can’t be all there is, can it? Ultimately, you also want to: unwind, dream, snooze, relax, put your feet up, stretch out comfortably, collect yourself, take ten, chill out, ponder, snuggle, take a break, mull things over, or simply lie down ... in short, you want to do more than just sit or lie there: You simply want to be at one with yourself! You don’t want to be constrained by the excellent posture position of a chair and you don’t want to give up the support you would have in a bed. In a manner of speaking, you want what no furniture can give you: rest & relaxation, and you don’t want to give a lot of thought as to “how” and “why” you will get to this desired, comfortable state of being. You want to be at one with yourself and forget the world around you. And that is exactly what the sofa is for. A sofa (the word comes from the Arabian “Suffa” and means bench) is more than a chair, a bed or a table. These are highly rational necessities, objects obeying a human being’s sense of reason, and, there­ fore, these furnishings have been part of our lives for thousands of years. The sofa, however, is not a rational, but rather an emotional necessity, and thus entered in­ to the cultural history of the home quite late. Its history began when regular people frst started to allow them­ selves luxuries and began dreaming during the light of the day; since they started to take the time to occasion­ ally relax. Before this time, such luxuries were only the privilege of the nobility. It started with a footstool to put your feet up and then cushions were added to both the stool and the chair. However, despite all the cushioning, this was not really the ultimate in comfort. So improvised furniture combinations began to develop using an arm­ chair and a footstool – the chaise lounge, ottoman, ré­ camière and fnally, coming at the beginning of the 19th Century, the sofa. With its backrest and armrest, it pro­ vides the body a comfortable intermediate position be­ tween sitting and lying – perfect for daydreaming, en­ couraging idleness and leisure. Of course, these are rather old­fashioned words, which don’t seem to quite ft with the idea of modern sofa comfort. That’s why a person can only really relax on a sofa, rid themselves of stress, wind down and forget about everyday life. The sofa is not – like a table or chair – a necessary piece of furniture in our homes; it is more like a distinct point in space, indeed an oasis in our lives.

A sofa, as a place of contemplation, is geared towards tranquillity and self­discovery. Thus it is not geared towards the utilitarian thinking in our daily lives that occupies us while sitting on chairs and at ta­ bles, even following us into our beds at night. In fact: Besides the sofa, there is no other place in our lives in which we are truly at one with ourselves because we are fnally able to forget all the other stuff that goes on around us. And naturally this also means that we don’t want to even think about “why” this is so. Why a sofa is so com­ fortable, why can we relax there so completely that we forget the things around us and it seems like we exist only in solitude? For the luxury of absolute relaxation, we can let others worry about “how” we reach this state of relaxation. For example, leave it to the designers, uphol­ sterers, engineers and furniture designers of Rolf Benz. They worry about support and positioning, about ergo­ nomics and materials, about form and function, about the type and manner of soft or frm upholstery. That’s what they do at Rolf Benz so that people can simply kick back on the sofa without a care in the world. This ena­ bles you to be totally relaxed with yourself. A chair is for thinking and a bed is for sleeping. A sofa is for dreaming. And that’s why the perfect sofa means that you don’t have to think about why it is the perfect sofa.

More information about upholstery can be found in our technical section on page 70.

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1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_SESSEL_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s135 135

12.08.14 09:30

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s136 136

12.08.14 09:34

living coffee tables

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s137 137

12.08.14 09:34

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s138 138

12.08.14 09:34


l i v i n g c o ff e e t a b l e s

Rolf Benz 940. Height 45 cm or 57 cm: 39 x 44 cm. Covered with emery leather, available in cream, chocolate brown, black and sand (best match for the Rolf Benz MIO sofa range).

new pROduCT 955 Rolf Benz 955. Height 35 cm: 87 x 66 cm or 88 x 36 cm. Height 29 cm: 87 x 66 cm. Stone plate: graphite brown or breccia pernice, leather surface. wooden plate:

American walnut or solid oak, painted. Feet: American walnut or solid oak, painted (best match for the Rolf Benz 50 sofa range).

new pROduCT 956

new pROduCT 958

Rolf Benz 956. Height 34 cm: 82 x 93 cm. Stone plates: graphite brown or breccia pernice, leather surface. wooden plates: American walnut or solid oak, painted. Feet: painted traffc black or pearl matt or polished chromeplated (best match for the Rolf Benz 50 sofa range).

Rolf Benz 958. Height 47 cm: 55 x 47 cm. plate: American walnut or solid oak, painted. Frame: painted traffc black or pearl matt (best match for the Rolf Benz 50 sofa range).

new pROduCT

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s139 139

Rolf Benz coffee taBles

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12.08.14 09:34



rolf Benz 971. Height 37 cm: 40 x 80, 80 x 120, 80 x 80 or 100 x 100 cm. Height 26 cm: 40 x 80, 80 x 120, 80 x 80 or 100 x 100 cm. Stone plate: graphite brown. Feet: cast aluminium, polished or painted in grey brown.

rolf Benz 973. Height 45 cm: 40 cm (round). plate: sheet steel, powder-coated (soft-touch) in iron grey, grey brown, signal white, olive yellow, pastel blue, pastel violet, ocean blue, ivory or traffc black. Loop: dark brown emery leather. Frame: solid American walnut or solid oak.

new producT 974


rolf Benz 974. Measurements: 63 x 36 x 36 cm. Bentwood: beech core layer, top layers in American walnut or oak. Base: sheet steel, powder-coated in iron grey, grey brown or signal white.

rolf Benz 1150. Height 43 cm: 120 x 90 or 140 x 80 cm. Height 42 cm: 60 x 60 or 70 x 70 cm. plate: clear glass. underframe: curved fat steel, nickel colour or painted pearl matt. connecting elements: polished chrome-plated.



rolf Benz 5021. Height 41 cm: 90 x 75 cm or 120 x 90 cm (triangular). plate: clear glass. Feet: cast aluminium, part polished (best match for the rolf Benz 322 sofa range)

rolf Benz 5022. Height 41 cm: 75 x 75 (square) or 120 x 70 cm (rectangular). plate: clear glass. Feet: cast aluminium, part polished (best match for the rolf Benz 322 sofa range). Available until the end of February 2015.

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s140 140

12.08.14 09:35

l i v i n g c o ff e e t a b l e s new product

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s141 141

Rolf Benz coffee taBles

› 140/141

12.08.14 09:35

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s142 142

12.08.14 09:35


Rolf Benz 8020. Height 35 cm: 70 cm (round). Height 53 cm: 45 cm (round). Plate (removable): American walnut veneer or oak veneer. Body and frame: sheet steel painted in black grey, grey brown, stone grey or white. Available until the end of February 2015.

Rolf Benz 8070. Height 35 cm: 80 or 100 cm (round). Height 45 cm: 45 cm (round). Plate: MDF with linoleum covering matching RAL 8019 grey brown or RAL 7011 iron grey. Feet: solid American walnut in clear varnish or solid oak in clear varnish or painted beech in RAL 8019 grey brown or RAL 7011 iron grey.

l i v i n g c o ff e e t a b l e s


8100 Rolf Benz 8100. Height 42 cm: 100 x 70 cm. Plate: clear glass (ESG), swivel and height adjustable. Pedestal: MDF painted matt or high-gloss. Pillar: matt or polished chrome, on castors (best match for the Rolf Benz ONDA sofa range).



Rolf Benz 8120. Height 35 cm: 80 x 80 cm or 100 x 100 cm or 120 x 80 cm. Plate: solid American walnut or solid oak. Frame: powder-coated steel tube in grey brown or black grey or polished chrome or matt chrome steel tube (best match for the Rolf Benz BACIO sofa range).

Rolf Benz 8130. Height 35 cm: 90 x 90, 110 x 110 or 130 x 70 cm. Height 45 cm: 60 x 60 cm. Plate: clear glass. Underframe: oak or walnut veneer or painted MDFF, on castors. Metal pedestals: high-gloss chrome-plated aluminium or matt pearl painted fnish.

Rolf Benz coffee taBles

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s143 143

› 142/143

12.08.14 09:35

8200 Rolf Benz 8200. Height 45 cm: 58 x 42 cm. Plate: clear glass (ESG), fxed or heightadjustable. Pedestal: MDF painted matt or high-gloss. Pillar: matt or polished chrome (best match for the Rolf Benz ONDA sofa range).



Rolf Benz 8240. Height 44 - 62 cm: 60 x 45 cm. Plate: clear glass or Parsol glass. Underframe: height steplessly adjustable, available in painted steel white or black or in matt or polished chrome.

Rolf Benz 8270. Height-adjustable with iSUPŽ mechanism 49 –74 cm: 75 or 90 cm (round). Plate: clear or frosted glass. Frame: matt chrome-plated steel pillar. Pedestal: throughdyed acrylic in signal white or black grey. Base plate: powder-coated MDF, white aluminium. Available until the end of February 2015.

8310 Rolf Benz 8310. Height 38.5 cm: 80 x 80 or 120 x 80 cm. Plate: clear glass. Pedestal: MDF matt or high-gloss colour painted in white, brown red, grey brown, black grey or

black. Frame: stainless steel brushed or polished (best match for the Rolf Benz VIDA and Rolf Benz LINEA sofa ranges). Available until the end of February 2015.

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s144 144

12.08.14 09:35

8330 white or black. Underframe: steel painted white or black.

l i v i n g c o ff e e t a b l e s

Rolf Benz 8330. Height 44 cm: 42 cm (round). Height 29 cm: 80 or 95 cm (round). Plate: Parsol glass or glass plate painted



Rolf Benz 8350. Height 41 – 60 cm (stepless): 60 x 45 cm. Plate: clear, frosted or Parsol glass. Underframe: polished chrome, matt pearl or black paint. Available until the end of February 2015.

Rolf Benz 8360. Height 51 cm: 59 x 33 cm. Plate: painted MDF in white, grey brown, black, olive yellow, ocean blue or American walnut or solid oak. Underframe: brushed stainless steel or white, grey brown, black, olive yellow or ocean blue painted fnish.



Rolf Benz 8370. Height 35 cm: 80 x 80 or 100 x 100 cm. Parsol, Optiwhite or clear glass.

Rolf Benz 8480. Height 38 cm: 41 cm (round). Height 49 cm: 41 cm (round). Plate: untreated solid oak. Feet: polished chrome-plated or painted steel in signal black.

Rolf Benz coffee taBles

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s145 145

› 144/145

12.08.14 09:35



Rolf Benz 8590. Height 42, 45 or 48 cm: 60 x 60 cm. Plate: clear or frosted glass (ESG). Pedestal: oak or walnut veneer or painted MD in brown red, black grey, grey brown, white or black. Metal pillar: aluminium colour painted, on castors.

Rolf Benz 8700. Height 35 cm: 90 x 45 cm. Height 41 cm: 90 x 45 cm. Height 45 cm: 45 x 45 cm. Plate: curved Parsol or plain glass. Pedestal: wood painted in black or textured paint in silver or polished chrome (best match for the Rolf Benz PLURA sofa range).

8710 Rolf Benz 8710. Height 38 cm: 80 x 80, 100 x 100 or 120 x 80 cm. Plate: plain or frosted glass. Metal frame: high-gloss chrome-plated or matt pearl painted fnish.



Rolf Benz 8720. Height 44 cm: approx. 152 x 132 cm. Fixed table tops: Optiwhite glass, painted on the reverse in grey brown, iron grey, fint grey, traffc black or signal grey (also available with satin fnish). Rotating table top: oak or solid American walnut, painted. Frame: painted in grey brown, iron grey, fint grey, traffc black or silver pearl matt.

Rolf Benz 8730. Height 38 cm: 80 x 80, 100 x 100 or 130 x 70 cm. Plate: plain or frosted glass. Pedestal: oak, walnut or elm veneer or painted MDF in brown red, black grey, grey brown, white or black. Feet: matt-brushed stainless steel, on castors (best match for the Rolf Benz DONO sofa range).

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s146 146

12.08.14 09:35

l i v i n g c o ff e e t a b l e s new product

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s147 147

Rolf Benz coffee taBles

› 146/147

12.08.14 09:35

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s148 148

12.08.14 09:35

living accessories

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s149 149

12.08.14 09:36

NEW PRODUCT grano Muted to the Max // The special weaving technique gives Rolf Benz GRANO a grained structure that is both striking and yet pleasantly unobtrusive, allowing the rug to blend in beautifully with any modern setting. It is available in four colours, which harmonise perfectly with the colours of the Rolf Benz fabric and leather collections.

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s150 150

12.08.14 09:36


living accessories

UnlimiteD DeSiGn fReeDom // Would you like greater freedom to put your ideas into practice – down to the last detail? Rolf Benz ELEMENTI gives you complete design freedom. 5 structures, 5 patterns, 11 standard sizes and even customised dimensions can be individually and uniquely combined in this carpeting concept. In terms of colour, the palette ranges from natural shades to elegant, dark hues. Overall, you can choose from more than 50 colours with Rolf Benz ELEMENTI. You’ll see for yourself: you will fnd the ideal carpet solution for every living room and for every furnishing style with Rolf Benz ELEMENTI. Be delighted by a truly unique rug: designed entirely in line with your personal tastes and using traditional hand-fnished techniques.

otto BeaUty RiGht acRoSS the line. Classic and yet different. Its graphic design makes Rolf Benz OTTO a modern all-rounder. Thanks to its low-lying loops, the rug has an exciting, three-dimensional structure that allows it to showcase its graphical line even in monochrome. In two colours, it creates an even more striking visual impression in the room. Rolf Benz OTTO gets its particularly luxurious fnish from the high wool weight and its unique virtue of being made by hand: it is hand-tufted using pure feece wool. The motif is perfectly coordinated with a cushion fabric from the Rolf Benz coverings collection.


1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s151 151

Rolf Benz RUGS

› 150/151

12.08.14 09:36

cambio Natural variety // The 4 different structures of Rolf Benz CAMBIO appear like a landscape made of grain fields. Different yarns made from pure New Zealand wool have been used for this rug. Design bettina Hermann

poNte trackiNg your imagiNatioN // The characteristic look of the Rolf Benz PONTe rug builds a bridge in your living room. A subtle structure play develops by the exchange of pile height and colour. Design bettina Hermann

orlo aHead of its time // Rolf Benz ORLO is a true trend-setter with its rounded corners. The combination of candlewick and pure New Zealand wool pile ensures a lovely soft feeling. Design bettina Hermann

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s152 152

12.08.14 09:36

pino / veRso

living accessories

uniquely adaptaBle // The latest trend in rugs is fat-weave designs. With their two different patterns, the new Rolf Benz PINO (top picture) and Rolf Benz VERSO (bottom picture) bring a modern look to any living room. Rolf Benz PINO is woven in twill weave, giving it diagonal, narrow stripes similar to denim. The herringbone pattern of Rolf Benz VERSO creates an interesting look without being obtrusive. Both rugs are available in 8 defned twocolour combinations, harmonising beautifully with the Rolf Benz colours in our fabric and leather collections. Consequently, they blend in perfectly with a wide range of living styles, lending a very special note to any home setting. Each rug is woven by hand from pure feece wool, making it a unique piece. Rolf Benz PINO and Rolf Benz VERSO take their luxurious appearance from their high wool weight of 2.7 kg per m².

eRBa setting tHe style // The Rolf Benz ERBA rug stands out with its modern minimalist design and its soft, sensuous structure. With its 8, specially-developed blended colours, it allows you to set a very beautiful tone in your home.

Rolf Benz Rugs

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s153 153

› 152/153

12.08.14 09:36

mio BAg / AReo BAg

Rolf Benz mio foR life on the move // The Rolf Benz MIO bag is your personal Rolf Benz article for when you’re on the move. For this modern, vintage-look bag, made with true passion for all things special, we use the same exceptionally high quality Rolf Benz leather that is also found on our sofas. This natural leather, vat-dyed and hand-crafted, shows off the characteristic natural features of the hide, the sign of the very highest quality. Because only the finest cowhide from Southern Germany is suitable for processing in this way. The Rolf Benz BIO bag is available in the colours of cognac, nougat and anthracite. Design nadine lemberg

Rolf Benz AReo foR life on the move // With the Rolf Benz AREO Bag, you can always carry a piece of Rolf Benz with you. This stylish companion is alternatively available in high-quality Nubuck leather in grey brown or in a natural smooth leather with a vintage look in anthracite, cognac or nougat. Its clear design makes this bag your personal favourite accessory that draws countless admiring glances. Design nadine lemberg

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s154 154

12.08.14 09:36

living accessories Rolf Benz Bags

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s155 155

› 154/155

12.08.14 09:36

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s156 156

12.08.14 09:36

living accessories


SIMPLY FEEL GREAT // Rolf Benz foor cushions offer the best possible seating comfort thanks to their high-quality cushion structure as well as the painstaking craftsmanship used in their manufacture. They are therefore ideal additional seating, which can be moved around as necessary and is particularly well suited for a youthful lifestyle. Further information on the designs available can be found in the technical part on page 50.


1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s157 157

› 156/157

12.08.14 09:36


Comfortable style highlights // Rolf Benz offers a wide selection of additional upholstered cushions and motif cushions to match the sofa and coverings you’ve chosen. You’ll fnd an overview of all the cushions on page 50 in the technical section.

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s158 158

12.08.14 09:37

living accessories


STYLISH HIGHLIGHTS // Snuggling is allowed. Rolf Benz plaids give your room colour at the same time as offering you warm, snug coverage. They are available with different material combinations, patterns and colours, inviting feelings of well-being and relaxation. You can cast your eye over all the plaids in our technical section on pages 49/50.

RoLf Benz cuSHIonS / PLAIDS › 158/159

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s159 159

12.08.14 09:37

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s160 160

12.08.14 09:37

dining concept chairs

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s161 161

12.08.14 09:37

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s162 162

12.08.14 09:37

dining concept chairs

Rolf Benz sinus

› 162/163

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s163 163

12.08.14 09:37

one chair – a variety of possibilities // The Rolf Benz SINUS range of chairs is synonymous with innovation. Each chair comprises a seat shell, seat padding and various leg designs. Versions are also available with a high or low backrest. The backrest shell is available in a leather-covered version or as a visible plastic shell in black and white. With its choice of upholstery and optional armrests, the chair also satisfes your desire for comfort. The Rolf Benz SINUS range of chairs of-

fers all of the freedom you need to turn the dining room in your home into a stylish and personalised centre point for the entire household. The perfect partner to Rolf Benz SINUS is the Rolf Benz CO-SINUS range of tables. Both ranges are perfectly coordinated with each other and form a harmonious unit. More about Rolf Benz CO-SINUS can be found starting on page 186.



)(*2 /,0./;:

 )(*2 :/,33:


(94 :,*;065






 <7/63:;,9@ *64-69;

 3,. =(90(5;:

)(9 :;663

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s164 164







>VVK ^HSU\[  / VHR  /// 

12.08.14 09:37

dining concept chairs ElEgancE inspirEd by divErsity // The Rolf Benz SINUS range of chairs gets its character from the choice of foot design. You can opt for a four-foot version in wood (walnut or oak), a swing frame, a metal fourfoot version, skids – all in polished chrome or matt chrome – or even a star foot.

rolf bEnz sinUs

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s165 165

› 164/165

12.08.14 09:37



AwArd-winning perfection // The perfect shape remains the perfect shape – no matter what size it is. Rolf Benz SINUS, the chair with the characteristic seat shell, has just been given the interior innovation award. It is now also available in “small”, with a spacesaving overall width of 44 cm upwards and weighing in at a light 9 kg. Rolf Benz SINUS is also currently available in a special leather edition at an attractive promotional price. Choose from 17 leather colours: black, ivory, dark brown, dark red, white, black blue, beige brown, grey brown, grey, light beige grey, green, light green, orange, tomato red, blue grey and petrol.* * Further information can be obtained from participating dealers and at Promotion applies for a limited time only for leathers 60.500 – 60.516.

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s166 166

12.08.14 09:37

dining concept chairs Variable elegance // Rolf Benz SINUS also offers you 2 bar stools to choose from, either with skids in matt or polished chrome or with a plate foot in pol­ ished chrome. At the bar especially, fexible seating is important. The Rolf Benz SINUS bar stool adapts perfectly, and also swivels and its height can be steplessly adjusted (from 61 to 87 cm) in the design with the plate foot in polished chrome.

87 cm 61 cm

Design Kai Stania

rolf benz SinUS

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s167 167

â&#x20AC;ş 166/167

12.08.14 09:38

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s168 168

12.08.14 09:38

dining concept chairs

Rolf Benz 620

â&#x20AC;ş 168/169

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s169 169

12.08.14 09:38

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s170 170

12.08.14 09:38

dining concept chairs JUST THE WAY YOU LIKE IT // With Rolf Benz 620, we offer you individual solutions for seating furniture at the dining table and counter, ranging from chairs to a modern (corner) bench and bar stools. You can assemble the chair entirely according to your taste, your ergonomic preferences and the size of your rooms. It is available in 2 backrest heights, as a swing frame with round or square tubing or with a modern, swivelling plate foot to match your furnishings in matt or polished chrome.

Rolf Benz 620 is also currently available in a special leather edition at an attractive promotional price. Choose from 17 leather colours: black, ivory, dark brown, dark red, white, black blue, beige brown, grey brown, grey, light beige grey, green, light green, orange, tomato red, blue grey and petrol.* * Further information can be obtained from participating dealers and at Promotion applies for a limited time only for leathers 60.500 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 60.516.

ROLf BEnz 620

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s171 171

â&#x20AC;ş 170/171

12.08.14 09:38

INDIVIDUALISM NEEDS ITS SPACE // Optimum seating comfort is provided on the Rolf Benz 620 by a comfortably padded seat backrest shell that rocks pleasantly. The three-dimensional curved armrests provide even more comfort and are available covered in leather, walnut veneer or oak veneer. Stained according to the Rolf Benz colour chart, they will superbly match the materials of your dining table.

RELAxATIoN IN AN ELEVATED PoSITIoN // Integrate Rolf Benz 620 as an interface between the kitchen and the dining room. As a revolving bar stool at the kitchen counter with a seating height of 72 or 82 cm, it creates the perfect link between the two areas. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s perfect for a quick breakfast in the morning, a quick snack or as a meeting point for family and friends. The low backrest and footrest allow comfortable, relaxed seating even in an elevated position. The Rolf Benz 620 bar stool is available in versions with glossy and matt chrome plating.

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s172 172

12.08.14 09:38

dining concept chairs

TRADITION WITH A MODERN TWIST // Long since frowned upon as too traditional, Rolf Benz 620 heralds a whole new interpretation of the seating bench in modern dining rooms. It combines perfectly with the Rolf Benz 620 range of chairs, and its highly practical and clear shape means that it blends beautifully with many other chairs and tables too. The solid side panels of the Rolf Benz 620 bench are attached to the seating surface without projecting and are

covered in the material of the seat and the seat backrest. Matt or polished chrome-plated skids are available as an alternative foot design. The dining bench is available with or without a backrest in a variety of different sizes and confgurations â&#x20AC;&#x201C; making it the ideal solution for virtually any foor plan. Design Norbert Beck

ROlf BENz 620

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s173 173

â&#x20AC;ş 172/173

12.08.14 09:38

Strangers in the night exchanging glances … Often times you encounter love without ever knowing it. Usually because you aren’t even looking for it at that particular moment. It was then just a brief touch, perhaps only a cursory glance and yet there was a deeper understanding. Yes, it was surely love – but unfortunately it never went beyond a firt. You fnally recognised each other, got on well, were comfortable with each other, and what’s more: you felt at home in a strange place. Somewhere far away it was love at frst sight, but there was no second glance. Oh bother! You had to keep going. Schedules, deadlines, obligations, commitments ... and yet perhaps you feel a bit of joy to have encountered love at all. With a vengeance! With rigour – and later on you would not even be able to say exactly what this short moment of bliss was all about. It was probably just a self-evident feeling of security. You can let yourself fall so easily. Into bliss, into an armchair, onto a sofa just like falling for a person. The fact that this only lasts a moment is too bad for both you and for happiness itself. Happiness wants to ultimately win out in the end. Just so we understand ourselves here: when we talk about a spontaneous, unexpected and feeting encounter of a major love, we are not talking about a holiday pickup, nor this sneaking around in order to exchange telephone numbers on the day of departure.

On the contrary, we mean that short glance that everyone knows. A commonplace example would be riding an escalator. You go up and she comes down on the other side. You glance at each other, come closer, there is a spark of recognition and then gone! A firt that only lasted seconds. What a shame, right? We have probably also met in the same way, somewhere in this wide world. We, in other words: you and your ideal mate. You and your sofa, your armchair. Somewhere we have probably already had our encounter. In Copenhagen or Shanghai, in Baden Baden or Munich, in Amsterdam or Abu Dhabi. Was it in an airport or a hotel? In an embassy or an exclusive shop? It doesn’t matter. You wanted to sit – and we were there. Worldwide!

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s174 174

You should always expect the unexpected. Also remember that we always encounter happiness and love when we are not even looking for it. Somewhere out of the blue it is suddenly there. Seen by all, noticed by no one; not even by you yourself. It is very possible that you experienced your frst and, no doubt, comfortable encounter with Rolf Benz in public because you thought a sofa in Singapore was extremely elegant and practical, or because you fell in love with a couch or armchair that you found so comfortable and pleasant in Johannesburg. You were firting with Rolf Benz. Don’t you think it’s time to stop firting in public and bring the love home? And naturally not just for a brief moment, but forever.

12.08.14 09:38

› 174/175

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s175 175

12.08.14 09:39

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s176 176

12.08.14 09:39

dining chairs

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s177 177

12.08.14 09:39

neW pRODucT

rolf benz 630

The hybrid armchair // How about a chair that stylishly complements a spontaneous sofa party? With a chair that dining guests will be delighted to sit on? Or with an oasis of calm in the ever more diverse changing rooms of life and living? The new Rolf Benz 630 hybrid chair/armchair fulfls all of these tasks perfectly. It brings sophistication to any room either as a stand-alone piece or as part of a group, providing the comfortable seating of a frmly upholstered,

ergonomic shell with generously curved armrests. With its fligree and sculpture-like form, it becomes a modern nomad through the worlds in which we live our lives. Its graceful swivel foot is available in 3 different designs: a four-foot version painted in umber grey or traffc black or in polished chrome, polished aluminium star foot or polished aluminium cross foot (with return mechanism). Design Kai Stania

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s178 178

20.08.14 15:38

Rolf Benz 628

body. 3 different underframes (skid, four-foot or swing frame) with 2 surface fnishes (matt chrome or polished chrome) give you the freedom to put together your very own dining situation. rolf Benz 628 is transformed into the perfect dInInG set with the rolf Benz 8800 table (p. 189). rolf Benz 628 is also currently available in a special leather edition at an attractive promotional price. choose from 17 leather colours: black, ivory, dark brown, dark red, white, black blue, beige brown, grey brown, grey, light beige grey, beige grey, green, light green, orange, tomato red, blue grey and petrol.*

dining chairs

MeeTInG PoInTS foR ConnoISSeURS // For the most precious times of the day. the rolf Benz 628 chair and the bench of the same name are the perfect items of furniture for connoisseurs who love to celebrate taste and the modern lifestyle and who know that the best moments in life are spent in good company. they radiate muted sensuality and can be confgured perfectly in harmony with your needs. on the bench, the insert can be either generously upholstered or maintained as a stylish wooden insert in oak, walnut or elm. the length of the bench can be adapted in 10-cm increments to the shape of the room. the rolf Benz 628 chair is available in 2 versions: with a comfortable, upholstered back panel or with a backrest running round the sides that comfortably cradles the shape of the

* Further information can be obtained from participating dealers and at promotion applies for a limited time only for leathers 60.500 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 60.516.

design norbert Beck

new product

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s179 179

Rolf Benz 630 / 628

â&#x20AC;ş 178/179

20.08.14 15:38

RoLf BEnz 652


PERfECtIon IS vARIABLE // Delicate legs and invitingly soft upholstery: these are the hallmarks of the Rolf Benz 652 chair. The especially soft cushions (available in either Classic or Soft) determine the character of this range of chairs, which have been designed based on ideal dimensions for the seat depth, seat height and back height, and which mould organically to the proportions of the body. Rolf Benz 652 comes with an optional armrest. Stylish decorative seams accentuate its sculpturelike design and the perfect craftsman fnish. The delicate, fligree legs can be selected in polished chrome, painted in umber grey or in silver textured paint. Rolf Benz 652 is now also available as a bar stool for kitchen and bar counters. The layered upholstery and comfortable foot rests ensure comfortable seating, no matter how long you sit for. Rolf Benz 652 is also currently available in a special leather edition at an attractive promotional price. Choose from 17 leather colours: black, ivory, dark brown, dark red, white, black blue, beige brown, grey brown, grey, light beige grey, green, light green, orange, tomato red, blue grey and petrol.* As part of the "5+1" promotion, you now get the 6th Rolf Benz 652 chair free when you buy 5.** * Further information can be obtained from participating dealers and at Promotion applies for a limited time only for leathers 60.500 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 60.516. ** Equivalent to a discount of 17% on the RRP. Available at participating dealers only. Non-binding promotion recommendation valid until 31.08.2015.

Design norbert Beck

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s180 180

12.08.14 09:39

dining chairs Rolf Benz 652

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s181 181

â&#x20AC;ş 180/181

12.08.14 09:39

Rolf Benz 7100 / 7300

Sit like the StaRS // One seating solution that is as beautiful as it is practical is the Rolf Benz 7100 dining armchair. It looks simply stunning either as a comfortable chair at the table or as a classic small armchair. You can make it even more mobile by ordering practical castors for it in place of the aluminium feet. Incidentally, numerous celebrities have experienced its comfort during talk shows broadcast on various channels. Design anita Schmidt

CoMPaCt eleGanCe // The Rolf Benz 7300 dining armchair skilfully combines the finest qualities of a chair with all the advantages of an armchair. This elegant piece of furniture is made with highquality craftsmanship and is a true virtuoso: it can be used as an ideal chair at the dining table, a comfortable armchair, an impressive lounge chair or an elegant desk chair. It is available with aluminium feet or castors. Design Burkhard Vogtherr

Rolf Benz 7100 and Rolf Benz 7300 are also currently available in a special leather edition at an attractive promotional price. Choose from 17 leather colours: black, ivory, dark brown, dark red, white, black blue, beige brown, grey brown, grey, light beige grey, beige grey, green, light green, orange, tomato red, blue grey and petrol.* * Further information can be obtained from participating dealers and at Promotion applies for a limited time only for leathers 60.500 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 60.516.

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s182 182

20.08.14 15:38

CONCENTRATION ON THE ESSENTIALS // The Rolf Benz 7800 chair: outstanding seating comfort and a striking design that makes the compact chair look like a sculpture. Thanks to its refned design, this exceptionally beautifully shaped chair can rock freely, thereby supporting both ergonomically correct, upright sitting as well as leaning back and relaxing. The seat and backrest of the chair are comfortably upholstered. The foot is available as either matt or polished chrome-plated. Rolf Benz 7800: the perfect combination of design and seating comfort is now available in a special leather edition at an attractive promotional price. Choose from 17 leather colours: black, ivory, dark brown, dark red, white, black blue, beige brown, grey brown, grey, light beige grey, beige grey, green, light green, orange, tomato red, blue grey and petrol.*

dining chairs

ROLf BENz 7800

* Further information can be obtained from participating dealers and at Promotion applies for a limited time only for leathers 60.500 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 60.516.

Design Joachim Nees

ROLf BENz 7100 / 7300 / 7800

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s183 183

â&#x20AC;ş 182/183

12.08.14 09:39

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s184 184

12.08.14 09:40


1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s185 185

12.08.14 09:40

rolf benz co-sinus

The perfecT symbiosis // Rolf Benz CO-SINUS is a range of tables that harmonises perfectly with the Rolf Benz SINUS range of chairs. It comprises the Rolf Benz CO-SINUS 1, Rolf Benz CO-SINUS 2, Rolf Benz CO-SINUS 3 and Rolf Benz CO-SINUS 4 tables.

The various designs of table and chair legs are coordinated with each other. They therefore form a single unit that lends your dining room a harmonious ambience. More about Rolf Benz SINUS can be found starting on page 162.

co-sinus 1 clear language of form â&#x20AC;&#x201C; The focus of communicaTion // Clear lines and a modern language of form are what epitomise Rolf Benz CO-SINUS 1. A table at which life is played out in all its facets. The table made from completely solid wood has perfect all-rounder qualities which, as the communicative centre of the living room, it also needs. And to create even more space to live in, the table legs and the tabletop can be extended. Design This Weber

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s186 186

12.08.14 09:40

co-sinus 2 The lighTness of lineariTy // A dining table that draws its character from the combination of cast iron feet and a completely solid wooden tabletop. The tabletop is cut laterally, giving it a floating appearance. Other features of this table include its lines and radii, the deliberate use of the shadow gap and the gentle butting of the legs. These latter can also be extended along with the tabletop, creating even more space and even more opportunity to spend time together.

dining dining tables

Design Werner Baumhakl

co-sinus 3 MiniMalisM for every lifesTyle // The unique, minimalist design of Rolf Benz CO-SINUS 3 captures the essence of the times perfectly. The contrast between the delicate design of the underframe and the expansive tabletop is highlighted further through the choice of materials. The result is an architecturally resonant expression. Harmonious proportions, a clear apportionment of tasks and a clever construction are its hallmarks. The effect in the room can vary dramatically, enabling the table to integrate beautifully into existing living situations and combine with other pieces of furniture. Design Werner Baumhakl

co-sinus 4 PerfecTion By choice // The Rolf Benz CO-SINUS 4 table has a straight-lined and modern appearance with a dynamic all of its own, contributed to by the trimmed tabletop and the exposed legs. It represents a clearly structured design with style and elegance, the sensuous use of materials and harmonious proportions. The colour and material of the tabletop surface can be customised to suit personal tastes. The legs are available with either a high-gloss or more subtle matt chrome-plated surface. Design Werner Baumhakl

rolf Benz co-sinus

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s187 187

â&#x20AC;ş 186/187

12.08.14 09:40

rolf BEnz 976

ElEmEntary ElEgancE // Inspired by the beauty and antique form of old farmhouse tables, the Rolf Benz 976 table becomes a popular gathering place for family and friends. The solid wood table top is available in walnut or oak in 5 different lengths. A solid wood edging borders the table ends to both front ends and enhances the workmanship. Even the angled, striking legs – also made from solid wood – continue the rustic theme and convey the table’s excellent stability. Design norbert Beck

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s188 188

12.08.14 09:40

dining dining tables

rolF BeNz 8800

For the most precious times oF the day // Rolf Benz 8800 is a dining table with charisma that defines the centre of the room. The completely solid table top in walnut, oak or elm, is a truly natural experience. The pedestal, with its intricate decorative milling, brings the superlative technical precision and painstaking craftsmanship to the fore. Rolf Benz 8800 stands squarely on a steel plate coated with matt paint. Design Norbert Beck

rolF BeNz 976 / 8800

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s189 189

â&#x20AC;ş 188/189

12.08.14 09:40

Rolf beNz 8830 / 31 / 32

a solid base // The Rolf Benz 8830 / 31 dining tables are impressive even at frst glance thanks to the exciting contrast between their solid table tops and modern pedestals (in anodised or lacquered silver-coloured aluminium). The tables have no legs at the corner to get in the way, providing you with generous leg room and making them the perfect match for Rolf Benz 620 benches and corner benches (p. 168 onwards). Rolf Benz 8831 features a patented pull-out function, which allows you to extend the table by simply moving one

pedestal and folding out the additional table top. The oiled table tops of both tables are available in various sizes in oak, walnut or elm. Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be captivated by their silky smooth surfaces which enhance the feel of the table. The dynamic interplay of light and dark surfaces and larger, smoothed knots and imperfections give the table a very original, archaic character. These tables are also alternatively available with a table top in stained oak. In the 8832 design, the solid table top (oiled walnut or oak or stainde oak) has a more homogeneous surface with only slight synthetic resin marks. Design Norbert beck

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s190 190

12.08.14 09:40

RoLf BENz 8950 / 975

dining dining tables

TRUE DINING PLEASURE // With Rolf Benz 8950, culinary enjoyment can be combined with unadulterated pleasure for the eye. Its soft, organic shapes allow the original function of the table to blend into the background, giving it a truly sculptural character. Rolf Benz 8950 is incredibly inviting and offers plenty of leg room with its unusual central foot. It is available in a round or long shape, and in various sizes. The table top is designed either as a solid piece (oiled, stained or painted oak, oiled walnut or oiled elm) or in painted MDF. The pedestal comes in black or white. Design Michael Schneider

SUPERLATIvE STyLE // The Rolf Benz 975 bar table can be adapted perfectly to any situation, making it the perfect complement to the Rolf Benz SINUS bar stool (p. 167). The tabletop is available in walnut or solid oak, or alternatively in pure white or olive yellow MDF paint. The foot and pillar are available painted in black grey or pure white. Choose from combinations of a black grey painted foot with olive yellow pillar or stone grey foot with pure white painted pillar. Design Sebastian Labs

RoLf BENz 8830 / 31 / 32 / 8950 / 975

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s191 191

â&#x20AC;ş 190/191

20.08.14 15:39

rolf benz WelT // NagOld

You can experience our upholstered furniture frst-hand at the largest Rolf Benz showroom in the world. With us in Nagold, you can extensively try out our chairs, explore functions and experience passion for furniture frst-hand. Our Rolf Benz consultants are always very happy to take the time to show you everything in as much detail as you wish. Highly competent, personal and with no time pressure. Our team can also support you with valuable tips and new design ideas.

1096_Katalog_2015_RolfBenz_REST_205x297+3_DT_EN_NL_FR_opt_s192 192

Be inspired. You are welcome to schedule an appointment with us. We are open Tuesday through Friday from 09:00 am to 05:00 pm and Saturday from 10:00 am to 04:00 pm (closed Mondays). To ensure that we will indeed be there for you, just give us a call at +49 (0) 74 52 / 601101 or check out our website www. You can fnd directions in the imprint at the end of the catalogue and on our website.

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publisher // Rolf Benz AG & Co. KG

project management // Jens Kittel

photography // Sigurd Grünberger, Kopenhagen (DK) Karl Huber, Nagold (D) Heidi Lerkenfeldt (DK) Bernd Opitz, Hamburg (D)

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Systemedia, Pforzheim (D)

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editorial texts //

address //

Pascal Morché, Munich (D)

Rolf Benz AG & Co. KG Haiterbacher Str. 104 D-72202 Nagold Tel. +49 (0) 74 52 / 601 - 0 Fax +49 (0) 74 52 / 601 - 282

translations // 2W Technische Informations GmbH & Co. KG, Munich (D)

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paper // Catalogue cover: LuxoCard 2 Catalogue contents: MultiArt Matt Technical section cover: MultiArt Silk Technical section contents: LuxoArt Samt

Available from Papyrus Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG

HOW TO FIND ROLF BENZ (administration offces and Rolf Benz Welt)

A 81 A5


design accessories // Rugs: Bettina Hermann, Stuttgart (D): Rolf Benz 7060 PONTE, 7240 CAMBIO, 7260 ORLO Rolf Benz in-house design: Rolf Benz 7170 ERBA, 7210 GRANO, 7230 ELEMENTI, 7270 VERSO, 7280 PINO, 7290 OTTO Bags: Nadine Lemberg, Nagold (D): Rolf Benz 911 MIO Bag, 928 AREO Bag

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A 81

You can fnd detailed driving directions on our website at All technical specifcations in this catalogue are based on the period before printing. Subsequent modifcations are possible. All dimensions are approximate.

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E rolf benz ag & co. kg // haiterbacher str. 104 // d-72202 nagold tel. +49 (0) 74 52 / 60 10 // fax +49 (0) 74 52 / 60 12 82 //

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