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artist and why did you choose that name? the Very First Song I ever Did Was Called “ Do You Remember “ The World Is So Focused On White Rappers Who Can Drop Mean hateful bars ME !!! Im Like Yo Check Out this True Story Heartbreak Song From The Pretty Boy Rapper I Chose That name because As I Wrote The Song I Was Asking My Lover Do You Remember

twizm We caught up with the artist known as Twizm Whyte Piece ... What is your real name? My Real name Is Alex But No Joke literally Almost Everyone Except My Kids School Staff And Immediately Family Call Me Twiz Even My Own Father OOOOFFF!!!! What did you do to get notice by the fans and your peers? I Am Myself .. I Really Dont Care About Anothers Success , Money , Life , Status Or Any Other “ Fame “ , My Fans Love Me because Im Real. I Use To hurt People And Destroy Lives ... Now I Use my Life To Uplift Motivate Inspire Love And Make better... I am An Entertainer And An Icon .. It Is My Responsibility To Change The World For The better NOT FOR THE WORSE Who are some of the artist you have done callabos with and the single they on? Why them I Have Made Alot Of Music .. Alot Of That Music Collabs .. All Of Them Good And Each Artist That Was Involved Was Chosen At That Time Out Of Love For Their Craft I Patiently Wait For The Day I Am Able To Collab With A True Professional .. What was the name of your first single as a solo

What music are you currently working on? Right Now We Are Promoting The 13th Album Called #BigDreams .. Celebrities Fans And Even Music Professionals Are Calling This My Entry Album into The Mainstream World Proving I Am A Force To be Taken Seriously And WE Are Also On Our Way To Perform Our 163rd Show In 2 Countries On August 15th 2019 In Toronto What would you say are some of your biggest influence when it came to being in the music industry and why? Oh This Is Easy Started On Pacs “ Me against The World “ And Warren Gs “ Regulators “ Progressed Into BIG And Bone Thugs And Harmony _ E. 1999 eternal Was One Of The best Albums Ever. Still To This Day I Wake My Family Up On Sunday Mornings Listening To First Of The Month. Not To Mention Notorious Thugs, thats Was My Entire 90s theme Im Humbled To be In a Magazine With My Icon Bizzy. I Literally Tried To Rap Big Bros Every verse In My Life. I grew Up On The West Coast And Then Moved To The Midwest Places Like Kent Akron lafayette And More All Located In Ohio Or Indiana So I Have To Give It Up To Early West Cost Rappers And Them Boys From The Midwest Who Go hard Def gotta Shout Out The Hova, Eminem , And Many Of The 90s Rappers no Matter if They One hit Wonders Or Snoop dogg Himself .. Were can you be found on social media? Twitter - Twizm Whyte Piece Facebook - RealTwp Instagram - OfficialTwizmWp For A Quick Link To Everything Everywhere hit http://smarturl.it/twpfcrmusic

I’ve been in a lot of competitions and always won first place I took second place in Atlanta Georgia when Grand Hustle had that big contest I was the last one standing against Omg girlz but that was they City I stood my ground to be a newcomer to Atlanta Georgia at the time and for me not to know anyone or had anyone there I took second place which was a wonderful thing


What Drew you to the music industry? I wasn’t quite interested in the music industry a brother of mine is love the tone and the energy that I had and asked me to come into the studio to record a song and I did call get hot What’s an average day like for you? Average day for me is rehearsing 4 hours a day and writing a song a day Is there a hidden meaning in any of your music? There is no hidden meaning in any of my music I speak from the heart in from experiences Where did you grow up? I was born in Alton Illinois and my parents was military so I traveled around the world What is your musical background? My father played in a band over 20-something years and on my father’s side everybody does music How would you describe your own style? My style is pretty much something I created on my own buy me traveling from state to state and Country to Country it created me Fierce I can bring it drama I can bring a soft I can flip it fast I can flip it slow I took a lot of the guy Styles and turn them into me pretty much Have you been in competitions? Fleadh’s? Any prizes?

In what ways has your newest music changed from when you first started? When I first started I was more like a female Tupac artist more serious until I opened up for Ronald Isley in Hawaii and he gave me the word kiss which means keep it simple stupid so from there on I started keeping everything simple more up-tempo more fun What would be your dream venue in which to perform? My dream venue to perform would be Summerfest in Florida or the BET Awards also oversees with thousands of fans Which famous musician have you learn from? I learned from Ronald Isley when he taught me about the word kiss and also I learned from his creativity his live performances that you can add so much and act out your music just a beautiful thing I’m all about creating Who was your first teacher? Other teachers? My producer in Houston Texas Patrick Rodriguez help to bring out a lot of character in me that he saw and he took out the time to develop me so I want to tell him thank you for that TRACK HOUZE music Do you perform in public? describe those occasions? concerts, radio, TV Yes I perform in public I also performed on whpr TV in Highland Park Michigan I have did concerts with The Dramatics a lot of the Motown artists my list goes on I worked radio for 2 years I had my own comedy radio show call laugh out loud Social media info FB: Nene Woods IG: Nene LIONESS TW: Nene woods

Twisted is playing on Spotify, Napster, Apple, iTune, also playing overseas NeNe lioness produced by money B

Who are some of your role models and why? Grandmaster Caz, Grandmaster Melle Mel, Kool Moe Dee, LL Cool J, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, KRS One. What are typical mistakes people make when trying to pursue this career? Following others, trusting others, not being original, not having all their paperwork in order, and being programmed to what they think the music business is all about.

TNT We had the chance to the very talented TNT Tha Nasty Tone. Tell our readers a little bit about yourself? I’m a Hip-Hop artist to the purest form. I consider myself a student of the game and a die-hard fan. I got the bug in 1978 and have been infected ever since. I came out with a record in 1992 with a group called “Southside-N-Effect” with a release called “Take It To The Bridge”, which allowed us to tour with many legendary artists like LL Cool J, Heavy D, Salt N Pepa, DJ Magic Mike, and more. What made you want to get in the music business? I just enjoy music and once I realized that I could rhyme, I just always wanted to be involved. I was influenced by Kool Moe Dee and The Treacherous Three and I learned to recite some of his lines and it just ignited a fire that I could never put out. What was the name of your first single and how did you come up with that name? Take It To The Bridge in 1992. The title of the song was a combination of James Brown, Chuck Brown, and many Hip-Hip artists, who used the term freely in Hip-Hop and music in general.

If you had to do it all over again, would you still choose this career? Would you do anything differently? I would still choose it. But I didn’t choose it. It chose me. How do you get people to take you seriously as a musician? Persistence overcomes resistance. There are more people who will tell you no before yes, but, soon enough, they will catch on. Everyone who knows me knows I do music. It’s being consistent in what I do and always letting people know I am still doing what love to do. How important is image? It’s a main thing now that shouldn’t be a main thing. It should be about talent, not just the image. Is there growth in this field? How do things generally look for new musicians entering the field? There is always potential for growth, but there is no balance right now, and that is what is lacking. All an artist needs is a hit track and they can shoot to one hit wonder status. A new, young artist, needs artist development and older artists need patience. Social Media www.thanastytone.com Facebook @ThaNastyTone Instagram @TonyTNTWilliams Twitter @ThaNastyTone New Album M.F.M.K. Music For My Kind - Drops 2019

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bizzy bone Instagram: mrmccane FACEBOOK: iambizzybone Utube www.youtube.com/c/jamtvofficial

We caught up with the legendary member OF BONE THUGZ N HARMONY very own Bizzybone.... What is your real name? JAYNOU OLIVER BECK How did you come up with the name BIZZYBONE? Because my mind is always busy What age did you start rapping? 6 or 7 How would you described your sound to potential fans listening to your music? Ever evolving What made you follow threw with your music career? My children ( I had 2 at 15) my passion for music and my group How did you come across the rest of the members of the group? Selling dope from a trap house and met 1 of the members randomly on the streets.... after that he introduced me to the rest and we began our journey What did you guys do to get notice by the fans and your pears? Brought a new style to the table and walked in with musical legend Eazy E. He really Introduced us to his fan base and we took off from there Bizzybone sir we appreciate you spending time with us explaining the origin behind your name and music? No problem Who are some of the artist you have done callabos with and the single they on? why them Tupac , Biggie and Eazy E. Because they are mentors and legends in this business icons and great musicians. What was the name of your first single as a solo artist and why did you choose that name?

Thugs Cry. I went to a Prince concert when i was kidnapped so i could be hidden from the Popo. So a combo of those memories and also my stance against the current situation i had gotten out of. The record label What was the name of your first single as a group and why did you all choose that name? Thuggish Ruggish Bone. Because we repped the street we came from. “Thuggish” plus introducing our name Bone Thugs n Harmony What is the name of your label and how did you come up with that name? 7th sign...... I’m big on revelations. All the members of the label have passed away now so the label was buried with them as a ode. Along with their tattoos. What music are you currently working on? always making music and releasing new things. Currently just released a single Carbon Monoxide...... next Enigma and then Running from 1 Time. What is your opinion on today mumble rappers? Well i think social media is mostly where that “mumble” word comes from. Basically is the art of not really putting effort into the music and saying its the “new” “hot” thing to do. It doesn’t take much skill to be “mediocre” and i beleive it catches on because it makes the NON musicians feel as though they can do it too. What is your definition of Hip-hop to you? Break dancing , graffiti , poetry , inner city music. What would you say is your Definition of BTNH? BONE THUGS N HARMONY. End quote. What would you say are some of your biggest influence when it came to being in the music industry and why? D.O.C. , RAKIM and ALL OF MOTOWN. New edition all the groups that came after the motown era such as them. Luthah (Luther Vandross) Whitney houston , MICHAEL JACKSON. List goes on and on...

lil y z iz


We caught up with the lil Bizzy the son of legendary member OF BONE THUGZ N HARMONY very own Bizzybone.... What is your real name? Bryon McCane Jr What age did you start rapping? I’ve always been in love with music ever since I can remember, Growing up seeing my father on TV was intriguing. Hell be next to me and on tv at the same time. At that age I knew what was going on but at the same time, I didn’t until I grew up. I always love music. How would you described your sound to potential fans listening to your music? It’s a mix of everybody. I have the style of the 90’s mix with what’s hot now.

What made you follow threw with your music career? It’s in the blood, bloodline harmony. How did you come across the rest of the members of the group Blood Harmony? The group originated from the bloodline of the Bones Thug N Harmony were all decedents of Bizzy Bone which is my dad. Cleve The Harmony GoD (Cousin) @The_harmony_God So Throwed (cousin) @Sothrowed_bloodline Goldee (Cousin) @Goldee._ YB Yungbone (little brother) @YBL_sinatra and myself Lil Bizzy What did you guys do to get notice by the fans and your pears? We followed the footsteps of the legendary group Bone Thugs N Harmony, we post music constantly on our youtube. (BloodlineHarmony) We also done a lot of shows, tours etc just trying to build our own brand to coincide with BTNH. Who are some of the artist you have done callabos with and the single they on? why them I have done collaborations with various artists. The most recent one I’ve done is a song with Sauce Walka’s label mate VOOCHIE P. I love voochies sound and individuality that he generates with his music. I can see him being a big thing once the world gravitate to his splashing sound. Our song will be on my new project “Pimpin With Sauce” vol.1 (PWS). Which is coming very soon. What was the name of your first single as a solo artist and why did you choose that name? My first single that I released was “Bizzy in da house”, which recently just hit 2 million plus on youtube. I chose the name of song due to the course being a small vocal sample stating “Bizzy in da house”

from the original track “Thuggish Ruggish Bone” As I mentioned Pimpin with Sauce will be the next project I’ll be releasing here shortly. Mainly produced by @jrag2x_TSF What music are you currently working on? As I mentioned, Pimpin with Sauce will be the next project I’ll be releasing here shortly. Mainly produced by @jrag2x_TSF can wait for everyone to click play. What is your opinion on today mumble rappers? Music always changes, I don’t have a problem with mumble rap. 10 years from now they’ll have a problem with something else. The world is never satisfied. What is your definition of Hip-hop to you? The definition of hip hop to me is learning and respecting the culture. Rapping is a sport, you can’t be great until you study and borrow from the greats. Hiphop to me is creating something new and paying homage to the old unconsciously. What would you say is your Definition of BTNH? The definition of BTNH is “Bone Thugs N Harmony” to me were a family/mob/ however you want to put it. Bloodline Harmony/BTNH. What would you say are some of your biggest influence when it came to being in the music industry and why? My influence comes from the rappers in the 90’s and so on , whoever contributed positive energy into the game 9 times out of 10 there a huge influence on my career, I’m all about positivity which creates longevity. In this game longevity is very important. If you had to describe who is Lil BIZZY what would you say? If one word could describe me that will be energy, I have nothing but this big burst of energy ready to be released. similar to GOKU turning into super sayian. LOL Were can you be found on social media? I’m mainly active on my IG but you can find on there @8izzybonejr I need to get my twitter more active.

and feel that connection. Who do you listen to when your not in the studio? Or working I listen to various artists..it just depends on the day. Have you found it hard being a woman to get notice for your talent in music? Yes definitely. Some people pay more attention to looks rather than talent.


Who is the singer name Kenzie

What genre of music is your favorite? Definitely classic rock which is what I sing most of the time. What made you decide to follow being in the music business? My Godfather opened the doors to music. He was a Grammy nominated artist and helped me start performing. My Uncle is also in the music business and inspires me to never give up on your dreams. Who is some of your mentors and why? One of my mentors is my Uncle. He’s a great performer and I have always wanted to follow in his footsteps. Another mentor is my vocal coach, Eric Contreras. He believed in me when no one else would. He never gave up on teaching me! What age was you when you started ? I was 5 or 6 when I started performing in the school talent shows. Who is your favorite singer and why? My favorite singer is Freddie Mercury. The things he was able to accomplish were astonishing. He was so talented in his song writing too. What is your main focus when it comes to this music? My main focus is to create music and connect to my fans. I want people around the world to hear my music

Have you ever had performance anxiety? And if so, how did you overcome it? I have not! Performing has always been easy for me. I started with karaoke when I was 4 or 5 years old so performing was something I had been doing for a while. What are some of the good thing and bad things you have come across as a singer? Some good things I have come across as a singer is the chance to be part of amazing organizations. I am able to volunteer my time singing and meet some incredible people. I am able to be a role model to kids and some of the people in those organizations. I am able to reach people through music which is awesome. Some bad things I’ve come across is the hate from other females. It’s very rare a female supports the movement. If you could do a callabo with any artist who would it be and why? If I could do a collab with any artist it would be Adam Lambert. He has so much he could teach me. I would love to learn more about my craft from a talented artist. What are some of the greatest achievement you have received as a singer? Some of the greatest achievements I’ve received as a singer would be the opportunities I’ve been given. I was able to perform and volunteer for the hydrocephalus foundation for years. I was able to record my first CD before my grandma passed away from having cancer 5 times. I was also able to get a music degree. Were can our readers find your music? Y’all can find my music on Google play, iTunes, and Spotify. All my music is under Kenzie Kellerman.

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