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When someone is trying to change they must first make sure this change is

Editors Letter’s

something they want to do. If a person wants to change, it is because they have realized that they are tired of perusing that particular part of their life and want something different. Yes, everyday people try to change but just can’t shake the habit and remain too comfortable to make the difference in their way of life. The first two rules of changing are 1; the will to change and 2; changing your surroundings, without those two composites your life will always remain the same. In XI3 we are committing to change, which brings our third issue, “The Rebirth”. When you are reborn you re washing your slate clean and starting over , we want our readers, peers and everyone we come in contact with to start changing the things that don’t bring joy in your life, and focus on being a better you. Through XI3 you will read articles that help you see the light to the success of self. Everyday people worry about the next person, worried about what they have on, criticizing their every move but never shine the light on self. From this issue on ask yourself, who am i? How do I treat others? And what can I change for the better?

XOXO, 4 Bettya Burgess


C H rack



Brisje Graves, the mini fashion forecaster as she puts it was born and raised in the DC,

Maryland and Virginia area, also known as the DMV. Taking part in the redemption of snap back hats and fitted caps, her touch of fashion has set her aside from the rest. Embellishing exclusive hats and clothes with studs, spikes and chains, Crackhead Snap backs have tickled the AO generation to want more. “We embellish hats to your liking; we only make 10 of each hat. First come first served, we never restock,” says creator Brisje Graves. The first thing that caught my interest was the name, stemming a harsh drug that dreaded the 80’s, but was so addicting, crack! “We came up with the name Crackhead because it is literally CRACK on a hat. It is a hot selling item just like the drug crack was in the 80s. Everybody wants it and fiends for the hottest stuff on the streets and we have it here at Crackhead.” Since the moment she met fashion she has had a unique style that is now backed up by her study. Graduating and receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and Fashion Design. “Even before I went to college, I always had my own fashion sense. It was literally something I was born with and I knew what upcoming trends would be hot before they hit the streets.”






Creator of Crack Head Snapbacks

Handmade! Every chain, spike and stud is personally created to make a hat your own; “I design the snapbacks by hand! My hands are the magic to my creations. I feel like Mrs. Fix It. I have never used a drill in my life. I would have never thought this would have been my way of entering the fashion world and starting my own business with hats, Graves’s states, as far as the studs and spikes, I have different sources. My spikes and studs come from all over the world anywhere from China to Istanbul, Turkey.” Yes, this brand is taking off with more plans in the making. Wanting to expand her brand in the near future as a household name, for now they are creating team snapbacks to get their consumers excited about the football seasons and have plans to create official snaps for the brand. “Our customers love seeing us develop and progress as a brand from the ground up”. Branching out to embellish apparel that coincides with Crackhead Snaps, Graves and her partner Marlin Hendricks has created a sub line under Crackhead called Two Heads One Stone. Two Heads One Stone was thought up by Graves and her business partner Marlin Hendrix. “We are pairing pieces of embellishing clothing like a spiked out jacket with our Crackhead Snaps, so our clients will know what to wear with the snapbacks. We want a stress free shopping environment when people go to our site,”, says Graves. “People can purchase Crackhead Snaps on the website, and if they have any customer inquiries, they can email me at brisje@crackheadsnaps. com. Do not forget to follow us on IG(instagram) and twitter @crackheadsnaps and on Facebook Crackhead Snapbacks.”



hen we talk about rebirth in this article we are talking about re-doing the things you are not satisfied with in your life. Whether it is the way you do or the things you are doing the first step is to come to reality with the problem and well, the second step is to fix it, which brings the rebirth. Think of it as a new way of doing things, which give you and your surroundings new results. Some people get so caught up in the negative that they forget about the opposing side, the positive. Yes, there is positivity out here and it is ready to be snatched. Think about it, when you are in a heated situation and decide to be the smaller person your results usually end up sour. Confrontation is something that lurks in the air, you will be faced with adversity, but the question is what do you do when it comes? It is proven that fighting, shooting, or even arguing about a situation with another never constructively solves problems. In the dark times that we lour within, it is time to take a different stand to adversity, we need to stop hiding behind our problems and take them head on. Rebirth yourself in many ways! Recognize life as pure, knowledge as power and respect equal. Stop being cool and start being you! Life is a trickle effect, when you are around others you are being fed habits and observed by everyone that sees you. Yes it is for a split second, but in that second your whole demeanor is recognized and whether negative or positive you have impacted someone in society because 10 has a hand in the influence of the world. everyone

In order to be reborn you must commit to change. First, change of the mindset, the mindset is the key to the entire operation of rebirth. In the book, The Law of Attraction it is pushed that you are what you say you are and your surrounding energy follow. If you have the mindset that your day will be bad then your day will take on every negative thing it can to make your day worst. That is its job and it is only doing what you ask of it. Some people think the only things you can attract are people, not true. You can also attract energy. Positive or negative energy, whether you want it around or not, it is there. So grab a hold of that energy and demand positivity throughout your day. Like Joel Osteen says, have a good day because you want to! When you take control of your life you find power. Renewing your energy and mindset will give you power to rebirth. Now this power is not magical, or external, this power is authentic. Authentic power is genuine energy that lights up dawn days; it is fearing no one but the Almighty and standing strong in your beliefs. If a person has renewed reverence, then there outlook on respect for all life takes a big part. So here we started with renewing our mind sets, which leads us to the next step which is taking action. There is a special friend we all argue with from time to time and it is conscience. Conscience is the higher being we debate with when a decision to make is on the table. This is the moment you need to stop, and think to yourself, where will this decision take me, and who will it affect. That moment can turn your life left or right, why? Well making decisions open doors to more, opportunity or destruction, the only two options of life. Talking to a local neighbor, I asked the question, do you care about the effect of your decisions? His answer was no, because he is spontaneous and he is not afraid of bad outcome.

People forget that Karma is real and no one can stop it. Making vast decisions can put you in a place of misunderstanding, and you are left to pick up the pieces. Just because the dealer doesn’t physically give the user the drug, the dealer has touched this person’s life in some type of way (just an example). Last is the body, some say that our body is a temple, but how many of us treat it that way? When we eat heavy we feel heavy, chicken, steak, beef, it is just insane. These sometime foods are dead to our body; these foods weigh us down, don’t properly digest and do not feed our body’s energy, which leads to laziness. When you eat food that comes from itself such as fruit, vegetables you are literally nurturing your body with new energy instead of adding dead weight. I am not saying become a saint overnight but cut back on your intake, and you will see the difference in your mental clarity. Eating different will also allow the mental rebirth to develop clearer and faster. When achieving anything you must include will, without will of man, man is nothing, and will develop nothingness. Our generation has the mindset to the destruction of self. All everyone wants is what they see in the media. That is not the way of life; it is the fasad of life. Don’t get it twisted we are capable of getting all of those things, but do we need them? Live comfortable and you won’t need too much. Stop lusting for matter. Renew your mind, take care of your body and watch your karma closely. Life is not as blain as we perceive. It is a mysterious galaxy for the people to figure out so take action when knowledge is found. When people start thinking positive and believing farther than the eye, we as a people will change and learn to respect life as a whole. -Bettya Burgess




Week in the Life of... MONIQUE HARRIS


On Monday’s I usually feel Prepared for the week. If my day feels good I wear high heels. If it is not so T good you will see me E Tuesday’s are my w on the go days. I usus ally have to be on set S so I wear my Isabel H Miran sneakers and s Lounge Sweats. 14

My favorite shoes to wear on Wednesday are my Rick Owens Trainers.

Thursday’s are very Eventful , but I always wear an essential accessory. Sometimes I will wear Hermes bangle accessories, other times I 15

Friday is always a corporate day. I have to attend production meetings so I love to throw on a blazer with my Christian Louboutin Loafers (Roller Boy). 16

Introduce yourself to our XI readers? My name is Monique Harris, I am from the nation capital now living in Atlanta, GA chasing a dollar and a dream.

What is your passion?

My passion is to become a top requested Line Producer and one day Director of Production for top Network. Every time a show is thought of going into production I want my name to pop up with them saying we want Monique Harris to create our budget or we want her to run this show. I also want to give children and students the same oppurtunties.

Where do you work now?

Currently the Post Production Coordinator at Tyler Perry studios, I took this position in March of 2012.

What do you love most about your job?

I get a rush being on set and being apart of making get content for viewers across the world. I love that TV gives you a chance to be creative and throw in your thoughts , most importantly I love seeing Mr. Perry in action on set he is very hands on when it comes to his projects and just to see the calls he throws on set the mistakes he catches and how eager he is for perfection is a blessing to be in the same room of such greatness.

Describe your day on a daily basis? Once I arrive at work I start a task list for the day , I look at my calendar and make sure I am aware of production meetings , edit session etc, then I walk my deparment to find out what each editor is working on and create work orders for the job to get done . I pass out and receive about 20-30 work orders a day that have to be reviewed by myself and filed. I am constantly moving from edit bay to edit bay to see who the show is coming along , contacting legal dept about clips we are not sure if we can use on air and then sitting down with the editors to watch shows to make sure there are no picture or audio issues. I usually wrap my day around 6pm before I wrap I create work orders for the night editors and look over there work the following morning . Continue on pg. 25





illions of people sit back, relax and watch their favorite TV shows, reality shows, awards shows, and numerous music videos. We know the actors and actresses, but we don’t know who’s behind the scenes producing the shows that keep us on the edge of our seats. With a career spanning to more than five years and working with the best TV Networks such as NBC, Aspire TV, BET, MTV, and TPS (Tyler Perry Studios). 24 year old Monique Harris is on her way to becoming one of the best Production Coordinators in her field and she does it with style and grace. Hailing from Glenarden, Maryland Monique has always had aspirations and a passion for working behind the scenes starting from when she was young. Monique found her passion in TV Production when she was force to take a trade class in high school in order to graduate. “I use to get a rush directing the morning show in high school. All of my friends and classmates wanted to be in front of the camera, but I always wanted to be the one behind the scenes given orders,” says Monique. After graduating from high school Monique attended The Art institute of Philadelphia for Video/TV Production. During her time there Monique experienced adversity and hardships that almost stopped her from becoming the woman that she is today. “I was told by my college professor that I could never be in the Film/TV industry, a black girl will never be the next Steven Spielberg.” But being one to never give up Monique persevered and that same rush she had in high school landed Monique her first internship at BET in the International Department. While interning Monique took advantage of the opportunities that came her way. Monique flew herself to the MTV and BET music awards to volunteer as a Production Assistant.


While volunteering Monique was mistaken by numerous celebrities and attendees for being a stylist because of her fashion sense. Monique has set front row at high profile fashion shows, but she only uses the sidewalk as her runway because her first love is TV Production. The producers of the award shows saw her eagerness and willingness to learn and soon after Monique was offered her first position as a Production Assistant at BET. During her time at BET Monique was able to be apart of history. She worked on her first live TV show, “The Truth” with Jeff Johnson were she covered election night when President Obama was elected. Even though Monique’s career was looking promising her personal life was starting to take a toll. Monique saw many of her peers and friends die from violence and become victims of the Washington D.C. prison system. She decided it was time for a change and moved to Atlanta, GA to work as the Assistant Coordinator on BET’s “The Monique Show.” While working on “The Monique Show” numerous opportunities open up for her to work on shows such as “The Game” (BET), Lets Stay Together (BET), “Trey Songs BP3 Documentary (BET), “T.I. Road to Redemption” (MTV), “Chef Vs. City” (Food Network), “Sunday Best” (BET), and “America’s Got Talent 5” (NBC), just to name a few. Working those shows were not easy and it came with a price of hard work and dedication that could sometimes last from dusk until dawn. “I feel that I work in the most competitive field there is, everyday there are 50-60 people on set trying to out shine the next person. It’s none stop action. I have done everything from grabbing coffee, driving a 15 passenger truck to carrying 30 tapes from studio to studio. TV is very detailed, there are little to no room for mistakes any missed little step can mess up a show.

A lot of people want to get into TV/Film because it appears to be cool and glamorous. You have to have a passion for the business to be able put up with 16-20 hours a day. It’s a consistent grind and a very small industry; one bad gig can mess up your whole career.” With so much energy in time going into her career Monique calls on her support system to help her through her rough days. “My mom has supported me through it all. When I have doubts about my job, get home sick or get stressed about the hours I’m working or rates I am getting paid I can always count on my mother for advice and a shoulder to lean on.” After working with BET for over three years, Monique stepped out on faith and started her new career with Tyler Perry Studios as a Post Coordinator. Taking on the position as a Post Coordinator was new, but it didn’t deter her. The duties and responsibilities she possessed while working at Tyler Perry Studios helped her to move forward in her career. She worked on a few sitcoms and staged plays such as “Madea Goes to Jail” (stage play), “The Have and Have Knots” (stage play), and “For Better or Worse” (sitcom). Monique is now the Network Operations Coordinator at the Magic Johnson owned network Aspire TV. At the age of 24 Monique has proven that age is only a number and that working hard for what you want can get you far in any industry. With all of her accomplishments this is only the beginning of her journey. Monique plans on becoming a Line Producer for on air sitcoms and films and becoming the Director of Production for a major TV Network. She also plans on starting her own non-profit organization in Washington D.C. for children that are interested in Arts and Entertainment as it relates to TV, Film, Public relations, and Theater. “I want the children of the DMV to get the same opportunity I did in high school. I want them to learn the different aspects of production because every school doesn’t offer trade’s and teach you how to write a script, act, edit or be a video jockey.” Stay tuned because this is only a preview of Monique’s ongoing conquest to success.

-By: Jee’Van Brown



















Art Institute of Philade ART Philadelphia iNSTITUTE Art Institut of WASHINGTON Institute of Philadelphia E delphia Art Instittute of tute of Philadelphia Ar phia Art Institue Art Inst Art Institute of Philadel Philadelphia Art Institut Institute of Philadelphia delphia Art Institute of tute of Philadelphia Ar

ver wonder where to find the best upcoming designers in the potential world, or where to find the best darn cooks!? Well if that is what you are looking for the Art Institute of Washington is the place for you to be. At the Art Institute of Washington a group of working professionals teaches potential talents the perfection and understanding of their crafts in visual and practical arts.

No, Washington is not the only art institute; as a matter of fact the first art institute ever was founded by 35 artists and was first named the Chicago Academy of Design. Today it is known as the Art Institute of Chicago, but in 1866 the founders had a dream of opening a free school with its own art gallery. Success moved along for the Academy but it was ambushed and destroyed by the Great Chicago Fire, 1871, which pended them to debt that led them to bankruptcy.

Name sacked by the Chicago Academy of Design, the new Chicago Academy of Fine Arts, brought all of the Chicago Academy of Designs assets in an auction, which now leads us many years down the line to the Art Institute of Washington which is branch off of the Art Institute of Atlanta in Atlanta Georgia. Art Institutes have expanded throughout the nation. Educating people with interests from fashion design to cooking the Art Institute of Washington may defiantly be for you! If you desire a bachelors degree in Art, Fine Arts, Culinary Arts ect. so make sure you check it out! on



2 Pe

Bachelor of Arts in Advertising, Audio Production, Fashion & Retail Management, and Visual & Game Programming

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Filmmaking & Video Production, Game Art & Design, Graphic & Web Design, Interior Design, Web Design & Interactive Media, Media Arts & Animation, Photographic Imaging, and Visual Effects & Motion Graphics Bachelor of Science in Culinary Arts Management and Food & Beverage Management Associate in Arts in Baking & Pastry, Culinary Arts, Graphic Design, Web


1820 North Fort Myer Drive (in the Ames Building) Arlington , VA 22209-1802



elphia Art Institute of Student LIFE te of Philadelphia Art a Art Institute of Philaf Philadelphia Art Instirt Institute of Philadeltitute of Philadelphia lphia Art Institute of te of Philadelphia Art a Art Institute of PhilaPhiladelphia Art Instirt Institute of PhiladelAngela College Highlight

My name is Angela DeCaprio

My favorite fashion style is around the lines of just being comfortable. I could wear pair of jeans, some flats, and a nice t-shirt and scarf to tie it all together and be fashionable, but my passion always and forever will be baking! At the Art Institute I would like to take my passion for baking to another level. Whether it’s owning my own bakery or becoming a Pastry Chef. -

I was born in Columbus, Ohio but have lived my entire life in Macungie, Pennsylvania.

my this is d n a ol! old years f high scho 8 1 m o Ia ar out first ye

Hobbies : baking, fishing, reading, but really I’m up for anything!


College News


e e r F s s e Stre



Love Yourself!!!

ealth and wealth should be in your reach for the New Year. As the University of Maryland faculty and students bring in the 2013 year they have a new campaign on blast, promoting health and stress relief among the campus for the spring semester. How does it work? Students register and post their stress relief tactics daily. Encouraged through incentive prizes, the participants in the challenge will also be able to attend the campus event for the challenge. This empowering challenge should lift a couple of college students out of their freshman 15! Health should always be promoted in your daily life, don’t just get up and go to the cafeteria, and class everyday! Get out on campus and get active! Run or walk around campus, this will stimulate you physically, mentally and socially. People take youth their for granted and forget that age lurks around the corner. If you wait too long to become active, too long may be too late to get your body back. Exercise is not the only way to stay healthy and active, you also have to eat right, and watch your diet. If you must eat in the cafeteria choose fruits, vegetable and a meat that won’t weigh you down for the day and that will keep your mind stimulated.


What is the most challenging part of your job?

I would have to say dedicating yourself to TV/Film 24hrs a day ……. its a very competitive field its hard to get into and easy to get replaced out of. I live and breathe tv sometimes we are on set for 12 to 16 hrs and still have to be up by 5am to do all again but when you want it so bad it comes second nature to you lol.

How do you decide what to wear?

Everyday is a movie scene and every week is fashion week . It depends on the work day at least once a week I dress up my style is very versatile. Mondays are always a fresh start and we don’t shoot so I am not running around all day so on mondays I usual dress up. I like to give a different look everyday it’s funny because any show I have ever worked on I get mistaken for being in the Wardrobe dept. and to me I could never do their job my style just comes first nature to me .

What advice can you give to student aspiring in your field? NETWORK!!!! It is a million students that know this field in an out but don’t know who to contact to get an in. a casual conversation in the elevator can land you your next gig and once your in your in but its hard work and dedication that keeps your name ringing bells in the production world. I say network, grind hard as if your life depended on it and make an everlasting impression and you will go far. Learn every aspect of production from camera, production management, and lighting /grip etc because there are several sets in production and when you are an all around person will always win. Continued, frm pg 17






use to wonder if there was something or someone out there that was extra-unordinary, and if there was what did they look like, and what would they be like? My imagination wondered right, it is funny how the moment you ask the universe for something whether fast or slow, you get your answer. Reconnecting with a middle school friend, I randomly met his sister who just so happened to be around that day. After a quick introduction and a pass of time I better acquainted myself with this new stranger and our talk led us into my answer. Her name is Eboney Derray, full of great energy, education and mystery Eboney and I talked for hours. Our conversation was so powerful that I had to introduce her to my readers, so we had a second sit down. “Hello XI readers I hope everyone reading this is well in every way possible”, she says. “ I like to believe that my ability is something that a lot of people have but are not open to using for whatever reason. I’m an empath, which means I pick up the feelings and emotions of others that are around me very easily and without trying. I’m also an intuitive reader which means that I don’t have to use 26 to pick up information about any tools you or your situation. “


I’m also an intuitive reader which means that I don’t have to use any tools to pick up information about you or your situation. “ Yes, Eboney can help you gain a little clarity about yourself and or your situation, “ I’m just assisting you with working through your issues. The things that come up when reading for you can often ring a bell or help you reach a decision about something going on in your life. Think of me as just a regular friend with a listening ear and very good advice lol.” As early as the age of 6, Eboney has had this capability but was not always open to embrace her gift.” Well, for as long as I can remember I could sense and see things. I just felt that something was different with me at very specific times. There seemed to be times when I would know more about a person than they would reveal without asking. As a child I was always sensitive to things, such as emotions, energy shifts, environments, and people.” The first signs of her gift started through dreams,” I realized something was a bit odd when I would have these vivid dreams and then in the near future have those very same or similar things occur in reality”, then she began to recognize and cope but it was hard at first. “When I first discovered it I was shocked and a very reserved about sharing it.

It was apprehensive because I was afraid of what people may think of me. I never even did “formal readings” until 2 years ago for this very purpose. I was always aware of it but most of the time I’d suppress things because I didn’t want to have to deal with it and the stigmas attached to it. And you know it can also be very alarming getting information you’d rather not get sometimes.” Blessed with this extra un-ordinary gift, Ebony says that she feels that God gives us all “gifts” and things that will help us through life and also help other people. “I feel it’s a blessing. Anything can be considered a blessing or a curse depending on what you use it for and the way you perceive things.” Every day she must live with this gift, whether she wants it or not, even a simple brush of another person’s arm can reveal the unspoken.” My most memorable moment reading someone would have to be while on the metro riding from Washington dc. I was sitting next to an older woman and she accidentally brushed against my arm. At that moment my mind flooded with imagery I had never seen before. I looked at the woman, mainly because I was taken aback by what was happening and we caught eyes. I didn’t know what these images were but somehow just knew that it related to this woman. I took a chance and asked her if she had any heart problems or had recently had a blood transfusion? She looked at me weirdly and stated yes she had. At that moment everything changed. I then realized that God sometimes gives me information, whether I want it or not lol. I went on to tell this woman so many things that had recently happened in her life as well as what a recent family member had gone through. It was astounding to me. That is the most memorable reading for me because it wasn’t even technically supposed to happen, lol!”


? ? ?POP QUESTION? What is the best way you can rebirth yourself?

First, in order to have a rebirth of self you must revisit your past no matter how

painful. If you don’t you’re doomed to repeat it. You have to take the time to study what got you to where you are physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. Secondly, you evaluate where you are right this very moment. What’s most valuable to you? What drives you? From there you go forward to the third important thing which is figuring out what you desire for your future. What will help you to feel fulfilled, happy even? There’s a key to rebirth of self. Be completely honest with yourself. No one is looking at you, judging you, watching you as you cry and heal. Be honest with yourself about what you as an individual have been through to get you to where you are right this very moment. Get a journal! It’s very therapeutic to watch yourself emotionally and spiritually heal and evolve. Trust that small voice that tells you what you must do next to progress and grow. It’s most likely the right thing. Learn to trust self. As long as you’re being honest with yourself and are healing from the past you will always get just the right answers for you.






veryday new words are formed, whether for fun or code, people create the craziest things to say, and the word Glush is one of them. Glush something magnificent that came out of nowhere and caught people’s attention, at least that is the definition the original hot new group, Glush Bros gave me during our interview. We got a chance to stop by the Celebrity Ink tattoo parlor in Temple Hills, MD where the five Glush Bros migrate from time to time to get tattoos, perform or just chill. All five Bros are different, but mesh will musically. Birdy Bird, Losci, Paris B, Goose, Pat G and Mister Fortune 500 are the five Glushes on the rise with llives behind their rap. Excelling in both business and music these brothers have decided to bring their own style of party music with a mix of fashion to the table taking over their city one video and party at a time. Early summer of 2012 the first Glush video, “LA Gears” was released. Presented to the viral world, it gave many a flash back of their childhood days. You remember walking around with your feet lighting up, well the Bros have bought them back through their fun, attractive song and video. So sit back and enjoy as the Glush introduce themselves to the world.


“Something magnificant that came out of nowhere”



oving music his whole life, Pat G grew up admiring the lyrics of rappers like Cassidy, Eminem and an early Wayne. With Glush from the start Pat G plans on being one of the members to stamp their territory. “Pearis j, Loskee and our director @suavedaartist were always around each other because of where we live so we just combined talent and made a team.” As he adds versatility to the group he also brings energy and excitement and modesty. “I lead as well as I can because the group looks up to my talent as I do theirs.” Pat G is not only walking through success with his Bros he also has plans to use his production skills to build his own side business.” When rap is all said and done I hope to own many businesses but producing out of my own studio will probably be my favorite to run.”




“I love how music can paint a picture you can’t even see, it takes imagination to create new sound and it continues to amaze and entertain me when other artists do it.” 31

“As an artist I was never the type to glorify my life above and beyond what it actually is.�






oskee Lo, from Suitland, Maryland of Prince Georges County, another Glushh leader that adds a different taste to the group as he renders steadiness, knowledge and organization to the Glush Bros, “As a leader Of the group I bring poise, leadership, and stability trying my best to help keep us organized and together as one.”

He is conscience of the group decisions, and also conscience of the lyrics he delivers to his audience, giving them a piece of his life to relate to, “As an artist I was never the type to glorify my life above and beyond what it actually is. I do have fun with my message and may add something here or there for entertainment purposes but everything I speak has really been a part of my life. From the struggle, to my love for money, the cars and jewels, or woman I’ve run into in my life.” Many artists don’t care if their fans can relate to the actual lyrics in the music, but keeping truth is music is an aspect Loskee made vital to speak about, “One of the most important things I try to get across is the truth! I want people to respect my grind and give me glory. I don’t have a million dollars or foreign whips, but I’m doing what I do with what I got! The rest will come later.”






ow Birdy Bird is a little different, he spits fun party lyrics that get the crowd going to the beat and chime of his lyrical style. From the Washington, DC area Birdy Bird floated around and then was later finding himself lost without direction. Through the spills of his life when Bird became a father he started taking a little more care to life, wanting to provide for his son. “That is why I’m doing this music, not only do I love it and it’s all I know but, because it is way I can provide for my son and family.” Not new to the music game Birdy Bird has associated himself with previous crews that are with new artist signed to Wale’s Board of Administration, Fat Trel. He plans to excel in this world and not stop until him and his Bros. hit the top!






In the music game for 5 years now Pearis B, the founder of the Glushh Bros. movement has been grinding to get to the top, “I created the Glushh Bros because I wanted to grind with a team and not just grind alone. Always been the type to help a friend.”

Raised as a child listening to the classic artists, and soul genres of music like Brian McKnight, Usher, and Frankie Lymon, Pearis B knows he has great shoes to fill in his industry slot of R&B. By creating Glushh Bros. Pearis B has faced group challenges but understands that it not only take hard work and dedication but also loyalty. “The most important things I remind my Bros about when it comes to this music thing are loyalty, to stay humbled and to remember we are a team.” Even though music is a big part of Pearis B and his Glushh movement, he also holds a talent that explores his artsy side, “I’ve always known how to draw”, says B. Not only does he sing Pearis B also runs and works at the Celebrity Ink Tattoo Parlor, in Temple Hills, Maryland where the Bros hang out or throw parties from time to time for promotion or videos. “The Glushh moment is a group of talented young men with a dream to be famous, and we will last because not only are we business partners we are also friends” and not only are they friends, but they are also Brothers.


Mister Fortune Five Hundred



A “Music

is a bussiness and I am the best!”

dding a huge sense of swagg and style to Glushh Bros. Mister Fortune Five Hundred says he has been creating music since he was a child. “I used to listen to Eric B and Rakeem in my mother’s womb” Fortune jokingly says. Stemming from the military Mister Fortune Five Hundred made the decision to really live the full capacity of his life after military, “I joined the military to get away from the wrong things I was doing and people I was hanging around. I knew my life had a greater purpose.” No, Mister Fortune Five Hundred is not producing the soul sounds of Eric B, but delivers a great selection of club and party bangers, “I talk a lot about very gaudy things such as cars, jewelry, clothes, etc. These are things I like and love. I also have many songs where I talk about real life situation, friends, family, and other hardships. My music is very diverse.” Giving the audience a different perception of life through his eyes Fortune finds it important to create an outlet where he can reach people that share the same interest or struggle. Creating a buzz for Glushh and himself Fortune 500 is making viral moves, “I just dropped my first mixtape on as well as I have many other new videos that I have done.” Not only is he stimulating the music industry with his music, but also has savvy business moves and ventures. He plans to later open a Fortune Five Hundred company dealing with Computer Intelligence that guide and help graduates get secure job placement. “I am a business man first and in business being a Fortune Five Hundred company means you are the best and at the top of your game.”



Early Birds

t is proven that the most successful people wake up early with a motivating routine. Everyone that survives through the college world or the American working system knows about routine. If you don’t, let me break it down, this routine puts food in our mouths and clothes on our back; It is the dreadful 4-8 hour block that takes up the majority of your week and sometimes weekend. This routine is work, which can be draining. One morning I woke up and read my daily MSN newsfeed and stumbled across an interesting article by Laura Vanderkam called, “Before Breakfast”. She explained the theory of people whom wake up early to a daily personal ritual are more likely to be successful throughout their daily routine and in life period. Vanderkam talks about the “successors” of the world and how they are proven to be highly transgressed through the early bird syndrome. The early bird syndrome is waking up before breakfast begins and completing that thing that gives your morning peace, which helps the individual have a smooth day. Some people listen to music; others sit in a dark bathroom with the shower running to get them centered for the day.


It is proven that the most successful people wake up early with a motivating routine. Everyone that survives through the college world or the American working system knows about routine. If you don’t, let me break it down, this routine puts food in our mouths and clothes on our back; It is the dreadful 4-8 hour block that takes up the majority of your week and sometimes weekend. This routine is work, which can be draining. One morning I woke up and read my daily MSN newsfeed and stumbled across an interesting article by Laura Vanderkam called, “Before Breakfast”. She explained the theory of people whom wake up early to a daily personal ritual are more likely to be successful throughout their daily routine and in life period. Vanderkam talks about the “successors” of the world and how they are proven to be highly transgressed through the early bird syndrome. The early bird syndrome is waking up before breakfast begins and completing that thing that gives your morning peace, which helps the individual have a smooth day. Some people listen to music; others sit in a dark bathroom with the shower running to get them centered for the day. Whatever it is that works for that person or makes them feel good throughout the day. To even be on the same totem pole of the successors you must first wake up on time. So when the alarm sounds don’t drag your feet, get up and be motivated in your day and thankful to wake up!

I remember when I use to think about everything, all I did was daydream about the things I wanted to make happen or I would start an idea and never return to its favor, then I realized that without conviction and consistency failure comes in everything you do. Vanderkam makes a point of building the habit, repeat the routine daily, even on the weekends. So build the habit to complete the things you need done that takes you to the next level. In life we all face defeat, but if you stay in defeat you will be defeated. The only way to beat it is to rise, and grow. So tune up to life as necessary, adjust to finding solution instead of stressing out and don’t be scared to adjust to change. “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it is about dancing in the rain.”

Graphic Designer/.Advertising Designer

- Bettya Burgess


Kevyn Mahone The Makeup Artist


“My name is Kevyn DoubleOseven, freelance, Eastcoast makeup artist”

XI: How did you learn to become a makeup artist? 007: I learned to do makeup the old-school way,

practice, lol on my family and friends were on board when I decided to pursue makeup as a career so they were willing to be my “models” and would do any and everything they could to show support. I lived and breathed makeup and this industry. Eventually I wanted to have more security and direction so I decided to pursue a career in makeup and applied for MAC Cosmetics and after dome time there I then transitioned to Chanel Cosmetics, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics and other Cosmetic retail counters where I was trained. However my side hustle was living the life of a true freelance makeup artist, not a “retail freelancer” and I lived for the life of late nights and early morning photo shoots, the industry parties, the madness behind the scenes at fashion week and finally the creative control of using makeup beyond working behind a counter. So I would say that I was self-taught because I pushed the envelope of the things I was taught and 43 thus created my own brand.

XI: Tell us about your company? As a freelance makeup artist, I am my I am my brand, When people 007: company, hear Kevyn DoubleOseven I need them

to think Pro Freelance Makeup Artist, and when people say makeup I need them to think KevynDoubleOseven

your referred makeup brands to XI: Name use for the college girl on a budget. end to local retail that I am very loyal 007: high to. Especially brands I can get on a budget,

As a pro my kit consists of many brands from NYX Cosmetics where you can find at your local beauty supply store has the best black Khol Eyeliner pencil it goes on smooth and stays all day. You can use it for every day and evening looks. This is the pencil to use and you can find it for about 3 bucks. • If you want to stay on trend with the Spring/Summer makeup looks these pencils come in about 40 different shades. • Eye shadows I recommend investing into a eye shadow pallet it will go a long way and you will save money by not having to run out and get new shadows as the seasons change. • Foundations I would recommend you see a beauty professional at a local department store or at some drug stores. Duane Reade there are professionals willing to help match you with your proper color. Remember like your clothes, your foundation change with the season as well, • Fall/Winter skin is usually matte and has a fuller coverage; Spring/Summer skin trends are light, fresh and sometimes dewy.







H. F. G.





Ms. Hair

Welcome to the Gallaxy of...

Healthy TIPS


Photography and edit by : Ricco Williams, Styling by: Frenche Bobbi, Hair by: Latrion Fields


Cover KId


XI: How long have you been a licensned cosmotologist? I’ve been a licensed cosmetologist for 7 years. XI: Is hair your passion and why? Hair is more than my passion it’s my life ! Hair is the start of great fashion, before you see any garment you see Hair and that’s what I love. Being blessed with a gift that achieves multiple looks with my fashionista eye. Not only making a statement , i get the joy to enhance beauty and ego! XI: What are your favorite styles to create? Mmmm, favorite styles, that’s so hard to choose. But, ill say a bob I love me some bob’s girl! short, long, layered,blunt, I could go on! XI: What is the key to a great razor cut? The key to thee best razor cut starts with a great razor and sharp blade. Second, identifying different textures. third, having a look already in mind. Razor cuts are great for movement, texture, and edge! It’s also fast, so knowing that hair will def give you the best results.

From our readers:


Yara Mackey, Clinton Md

Is it healthy to lock your hair? Ms. Healthy Hair : Locking is definitely a personal choice, but it is not damaging. However, I do recommend that you get nice size not to small to pop and not to big to not style. You want to be able to achieve great growth and maintain the strength at the root.



Que2.stion Alana Swavorsky, Oxon Hill Md

What kind of moisturizer can be used on natural hair in the winter that does not leave the hair damp, so getting a cold can be avoided? Ms. Healthy Hair : I recommend usually a curling cream when you do shampoo and style your hair. your curls will remain soft, flexible and conditioned for 3-4 days and this will prevent you from wetting your hair everyday.

Question3. Tiffany Holmes, Temple Hills

How often should someone get their ends trimmed while maintaining length

Ms. Healthy Hair : Trims are a must every 6 weeks. getting those split ends before they cause major damage with keep hair strong.





Shavon Davis, Oxon Hill Md

Does dye really damage your hair?

Ms. Healthy Hair : Coloring your hair doesn’t have to be damaging, having it professionally done is a must. You can damage it if you aren’t committed to the integrity of your hair, to keep it healthy. It best to seek a colorist for consultations before coloring.



XI Fashion Mag:

What type of natural hair tips can you provide for college students that have a hectic schedule and need a quick style to go to for the week? Ms. Healthy Hair :

For you college girls please please condition your hair!!! As far as natural styles you can not go wrong with a twist out it last about a week.


Latrion Fields Quick Tips...


be af1.Don’t fraid to try

new styles! Keep your hair trimmed every 6 weeks Love your hair!




Check her out @



56 Check out more styles by Ms. Healthy Hair online




rop In


Tell our XI readers what you.

My name is Judah and I am a musical soundscape director (Not a Producer lol) and a Tastemaker. How long have you been a soundscape director?


I’ve been making music for 11-12 years


Who taught you how to produce?

I taught myself! I wasn’t fortunate enough to have music people around me etc... Kinda just got a drum machine, sampler and boooooooom! What artist have you worked with in the past, present and who do you

Cold Play. Wale, Tabi Bonney, Stat Quo, Phil Ade, Raheem Devaughn, Stalley and many more.... Describe your opinion of good music.

Music is how you are feeling that day.Music is depression, lonliness, happiness, sex, and death. Music is life and all aspects of it. Just some connect more than others. ya dig?!



Williams Ricco W il A.K.A S liams uave D a Artist Sept 22 1 PG Co 987 unty, M aryland


What age did you start learning how to become a videographer?

The only job I ever wanted was the one where I get to make my own movies and cartoons. So, I have been learning for years but only until a year ago is when I got my first camera and really started shooting.

What is the most important thing to remember when filming?

I think planning is most important. If everything is planned out beforehand, when it is time to execute plans will go a lot faster and smoother, less headaches.

What type of films do you want to film/produce?

I would like to film comedies, action and science-fiction films the most but I will take on all kinds of work.

Do you want to also direct movies?

Yea, I want to eventually direct full feature films and live action and animated films.

What is epic art?

Epic means no matter what project I’m working on I will go all in and make a great product. Everything I do is “Epic”. The ArtZ is for…. Well I am an artist first and everything I work on is not just a product, it Is my Art work.

What is epic art?

Epic means no matter what project I’m working on I will go all in and make a great product. Everything I do is “Epic”. The ArtZ is for…. Well I am an artist first and everything I work on is not just a product, it Is my Art work. What is the one thing you want to reinvent in the film or photography field? I would reinvent the big movies like Star Wars, Lord of the Ring etc and I would create a whole other world with a deep background and story in concepts that will change everyone’s outlook on the world again. Did you go to school to learn? If not explain how you learned? I went to the the Art institute of Washington for animation. I was there for a little bit, learned a few tips and tricks but mostly everything I have learned and taught myself. I have been a artist my entire life and have always been good with computer and gadgets. All this stuff comes naturally, i guess. Do you have a company developing or created? IF SO TELL US ABOUT IT. I am the co-founder of a Developing a Company called Epic ArtZ. We do all kinds of mediums of art like graphic design , tattoos , traditional art like painting etc and now finally Film and Photography! 61

Take A Moment Sometimes our study’s get over barring. With work and keeping our daily schedules we lose a part of ourselves. Here is a fun activity that you can do alone, or with a roommate or friend to ease your mind and inspire your imagination!


Get a canvas about 14x16 or bigger, an easel to stand your canvas and some paint. You can purchase these materials at Michael’s art store or your local arts and crafts store.

2. 3.

Go to your nearest park or place of peace by or on your campus.

Choose a topic you are feeling or a subject that has been stressing you out in the brain.

4. Go for it, and paint! lots of vibrant colors that express how 5. Use you feel but also make you feel good.

“Remember no one can do badly when creating art is an expression, you can’t mess it up!” 62




e’s Barack! Many say that it is not a good time to gloat because it is a sensitive time, but I say there is no time like the present. So with much gratification I would like to thank the people for keeping good sense and standard for the people. “O ye faithful” is how they say it I believe! During the entire election period it was stated by Fox news, CNN, and more media outlets claiming that Mitt Romney had the win in the bag but the results seemed to differentiate. Enough gloating, now that we are back democrats have another opportunity to make a difference and the most important ingredient to doing that is following through, yes, following through. You are probably asking, what else is left, we already voted. In our first issue “The Innovator”, we discussed the lack of change President Obama could bring due to his voters population in the first general election after the first presidential election. Sometimes it is hard to comprehend political terms, so let me break down why it is important. In 2008 President Barack Obama had a very hard time passing Obama Care, but passed the cell phone bill with no problems. Here lies the problem, when our president brings up certain issues he must take these issues to a congressional board, this board members represent democrats and republicans and are voted in and out by the people. Now use your imagination, and imagine Obama presenting issues that are in favor of the people in front of all republicans because no democrats were voted to fill the chairs during the general 64 election and pass the important issues announced. This has resulted because the “people” lacked in participation to back the president we voted in office.

During the last general election there was a 50% decrease in votes for democrats because a majority of young voters slacked in their duties, which helped half of our ideas go to waste, so our 18-25 crowd needs to keep up with the political issues and laws so that we can live accordingly. The reason we got from our 18-25 readers told us the many reasons they did not vote, and frankly the answers were not good enough. Don’t sleep through the realities of your country, get up and be heard. We are too accepting upon the things that happen in our America. If “WE” do not participate all the work and labor our ancestors did will be in vain and our rights will be snatched from underneath us. So what should we do to keep our communities in tact through politics? Speak Up and speak out! When you voice your opinion through letters or petition your senator or mayor will respond. Don’t give up! Know your rights! Read up on the laws that affect you, make sure you know the new policies being attached to law and do your research. Visualize and see your community at its best. Find the steps that are necessary to accomplish the goal for your community. As a people we must make sure the power hand does not get out of control and keeps the necessity of the people priority.


FunTrends FEMALE B.








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