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College Highlight

Editor’s Letter

Dreams of Triumph

XOXO, Bettya Burgess

Imani Cowrie, Jewelry Owner

Valentine Akinlosotu

This fourth XI Dope LOVE issue is also our first male dominating magazine! Why? There is not enough light shining on the positive male in our communities! Yes, men need moral support, so we decided to show them a special kind of love by featuring a majority of young men! So let’s stop the non sense and get down to business with our spring 2014 issue, Dope Love!

Bowie State Univers


Charlene & Denise Osei, Oh Say Couture

Bearded Kingz

In today’s urban and college communities there is a lot of hate circulating. Everyone hates on the next person,

Upper Thinking

University of Maryland College Park

think it was Eve (former Ruff Ryder) that expressed in her lyrics that “love is blind, and it will take over your mind”, which is true. Sometimes love gets us so caught up that people don’t see the reality of situations. We love in different type of ways, there’s that agape love that stands unconditional, the kind of love that contains foundation. That philia love we share with our friends, then there’s that storge love we use when we show true affection and care for others, mmhm and everyone knows about that eros love that romantically drives people crazy over each other. All these types of loves affect us as humans. We are celebrating all types of LOVE in this XI issue by highlighting different ways to love ourselves and each other!

Editor in Chief, Bettya Burgess


when we are all trying to get to the same damn place. Excuse my language, but I just don’t understand why a majority of people don’t see the light in unity. We are all human and trying to feed ourselves and families, when people start realizing we will have better statistics and results by unifying then that will allow us to have a building foundation to start a changing future.

PopUP Shop The

University Entrepenuers 5

Dope Love Passionate Love: Eros love is a

passionate love, you can hold eros love for someone or for something, as long as you hold a certain passion towards it. A majority of us have experienced passionate, sensual love. It makes you and a person crazy over each other, this love allows us to experience a mix of emotions. If we are experiencing a sexual eros, we are spiritually connecting to our companion or lover. So be careful when you’re in the club and see a potential one nighter. Instead of your first interest being smashing it should be, do I want to be spiritually connected to this person forever. If your eros is in overdrive and you want to control it, try focusing your passionate ideas which redirect the sexual tension and passion into productivity.


Family Love: They say blood is

thicker than water and nothing can break a family bond, this type of love is what we call Storge. Storge love represents forever love; you may see this type of love between families that were once distorted or estranged and eventually reunite because of this love. Storge love allows us to accept our family in a different light. In some cases we endure pain in a different way than we would from a stranger and we forgive a lot easier. We need to embrace storge love by rebuilding our foundational values through uplifting and uniting our homes. Yes, marriage and unity is the most important factor, which sets the tone for the product produced, the child. A strong foundation will keep us together.

Brotherly Love: There is a philia crisis in our urban community. Hater-ation is a widespread disease and the symptoms are killing our brothers and defaming our sisters. Philia is a brotherly love. It is different from storge because it comes from the humanity of love; this love could have the biggest impact on the world. Philia love promotes the human race to recognize and respect morality. Philia is lacking in our human society because of hatred. We need to bring back the love and If we unite and walk in faith, philia will just come with the rest. There is too much as Diddy says, “Bitchassness” going around. If two rivals have a problem; fight before you kill, agree to disagree, learn how to accept others opinions, let karma handle it or just walk away. Stand strong in your respect for man and in which we were created if you do nothing else. Don’t be afraid to give your brother a piece of bread, “for the blessing of unity, evokes strong will as the power of the spirit heals and fulfills”. Crystal Harris, author

Sacrificial Love: Have you

ever asked yourself, what would I die for? If you have an answer to that question you hold an agape love for that certain someone and will die or sacrifice yourself for them. Agape allows humans to be selfless, and care so much about someone else that we would give ourselves instead. In biblical history, it is known that Abraham had this type of love for God, and proved it when he passed the test of sacrificing his son to the Lord (Genesis 22, Holy Bible). This love stands strong in relationships between a parent and their child or a person and God or between companions. Hold on to this agape love that holds us accountable for anything other than being righteous.

By: Bettya Burgess


Instant Vintage 78 The Drop In


“It is all about proportion, if your outfit is not proportionally correct then your outfit is just jacked!” -Instant Vintage78


ntrepreneurship is the new black and today we see businesses growing rapidly. People are partnering up and branching out! Instagram brought me across some wonderful pieces and made it my business to reach out. Know and behold I came across a dynamic duo of strong, educated women in the Maryland area that have begun their journey in vintage fashion. Instant Vintage’s own Stacie Washington and Sam Simms have officially introduced us to their company Instant Vintage! While we dropped in to their boutique they got a chance to show us some gorgeous vintage pieces.


Instant Vintage78 has a multi-selection of pieces like fox furs, pearls, perfectly sequenced suits and more. As we chatted about Stacie and Sam’s love for passion, it opened up conversation about what pushed them to start a boutique.” We both love fashion and I went to school for stuff like this, so we chatted about some ideas and Sam is the type of friend that is down for anything, so here we are!”, says Stacie. From photo shoots to pop up shops Instant Vintage78 is there, so keep up with them on IG @ Instantvintage78 or shop online at IG: @Cluniebravo Twitter: DM_Clunie



OY Boys

Music Profile


Name: Nooch Sign: Gemini

Music Type: Music Lyricist

Hometown: Washington, D C Hobbies: Making music & traveling


Favorite Sports Team: Football: Redskins Mixtape: Sophmore Slump Spring ‘14 Goals: To make the XXL Magazine freshman List


Jus Paul OY Boys

“That is why I go by Jus Paul now, it leaves me room to be me” -JusPaul

Lady’s Man


or those that don’t know, there is a new R&B rhythm on the rise! It is not your traditional slow grinding R&B; this rhythm has changed the blues into a beat! These days everyone is trying to either be cool or turn up, and Jus Paul has perfectly collaborated the turn up and the grinding music together perfectly. JusPaul is striving to build his empire!”Since I was a child, my dad always told me that I could do anything, I want, he instilled confidence in me”. Jus Paul is confident cranking his new sound for his DMV listeners and bringing dance party music back to the scene. “I’m creating that party, go hard r&b, It is almost rap, but with a melody,” says Jus Paul.

Styled by: Frenche, Photography by Tristian “ Trisography” Johnson


Recently crossing over from the rap scene with a plan to change R&B music to r & beat, Jus Paul explains, “I use to rap, but then I crossed over into the R&B scene because I wanted to sing. I just didn’t want it to be boring, slow love songs, so I turned up the beat!” Jus Paul is not only turning up, he also sings and raps about adversity and expressing the realities of his life.

Since his dream of rapping at age 11, Jus Paul is now growing into the artist he wants to be. “When I was rapping I went by the title Crucial Thoughts, but I got tired of the expectations the name carried. If someone calls me on to a stage people are going to expect a poet, or conscious rapper,” Jus Paul did not want to classify his self as anything else other than his self. “That is why I go by Jus Paul, it leaves me room to be me,” says Jus Paul He is a dedicated, DMV native and wants represent that constantly in his music and his city, Jus Paul wants to represent the DMV by using their lingo in which he was also raised speaking, one of the many ways he puts the DMV on, “When I make music I want people to know where I am from, just by listening.” His new style of music is just the beginning of what Jus Paul has in store with his music, ”I got music for days, I am at the point now where I just need to organize them into an mixtape”. If you like to party, make sure you download his self titled mixtape Jus Paul.

To download Jus Paul’s new mixtape, Red Cups Jus Paul, visit or









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14 E, B. C. H. D.


.I M. O. P. Q.



Social Buzz

“It’s all about staying consistant, and when they catch on, they are going to keep catching on.” - Pat is Dope

Pat is Dope L

ove is in the air, Valentine’s Day is around the corner and cuffing is the season. When I say cuffing, you what know I’m talking about, and if you don’t know, I’m talking about it is that period in everyone’s life when they are single but talk to someone in the winter season they can cuddle with. Yea, we all know about that. Since the season is here, what better person to talk to than Cuffing Seasons own Pat is Dope! Everybody knows that Pat is Dope, and if you don’t at least 17k+ of his followers do! As Pat strolled into our interview, I will admit I was a little nervous; he has a hefty following and is well respected in the area. We sat down and started our interview, and shockingly enough he was cool, calm and subtly funny.


For those that have not viewed the Pat is Dope, Obama Blog, stop what you are doing and look it up on Youtube, hilarious. So with that being my only viewing without interaction I was expecting an all out comedian, but our encounter was different. It was not his jokes that made him funny, it was his natural personality and random outburst that followed up after his jokes that was hilarious. ”I just say what comes to mind,” explains Pat. As far as his following he says, ”It’s all about staying consistent, and when they catch on, they are going to keep catching on”. Other than Pat’s interviews with worldwide known celebrities like Joe Button, Method Man, or local celebrities like Shy Glizzy, Pat talks about how it all started a couple of blog seasons ago, with his blog, “Cuffing Season”. “I did Cuffing Season for three years straight. I was in my room and just made a video, I was young. Then my sister was in school to become a videographer and I let her record it. The third season, we took it to the next level.” Yes, Cuffing Season has turned into a miniseries, with actors, and a great visual production. The blog talks about what Pat thinks cuffing season is, and why girls and guys cuff during the winter season.


“I just want to be a millionare, you know!” -Pat is Dope

I was in my room and just made a video, I was young. Then my sister was in school to become a videographer and I let her record the second season. With the third season we took it to the next level.” Yes, Cuffing Season has turned into a miniseries, with actors, and a great visual production. Cuffing Season talks about what Pat thinks cuffing season is, and why girls and guys even cuff during the winter season. Pat is Dope is not just a blogger or a socialite, he explains,” I do a lot of things outside of social media; I want to open a boutique because I sell a lot of clothes, and I do a lot of things with music. I just want to be a millionaire you know.” This year Pat has a lot of projects in store. Look forward to his upcoming documentary More than a Blogger, celebrity interviews and more on !



Visto with

The Lover

Love Survey The


XI: What sets you apart from

other artist?

XI : How long have you been singing and recording?

Visto: I have been singing for

Visto: I am an artist that can give listeners variety but I can also actually sing, everyone can’t sing falsetto. People always tell me I am the first person they heard that gives that unique sound. XI:What new projects do you have underway?

seven years and recording for four years.

Visto: Me and the Hippie Life Crew

Visto: Unique! I don’t put a

XI: Are you signed with a label?

have an album we are working on called “Roach Clips”, its a smokers XI: Explain your style of music. album. genre on it, I do all types of music, pop, R&B, and sometimes I even add a mixture of rap”.

If so what label and do you like the experience?

Visto: Yes right now im signed

Does casual sex make it hard for people to commit to relationships and marriage? It depends on what a person wants and the moment. If two people are looking for two different things it wont work because they want different things.

I think casual sex makes it hard for any gender to commit. Why commit when I can smash at anytime? -Lashonda Jones

-Anonymous I think females have casual sex with men in hopes for them to commit eventually. I think females and males look at casual sex differently. I think commit due to casual sex. But I think people want to commit.

- Dannika Stith

I think the effect of casual sex depends on the individuals. Sometimes sex makes the bond tighter. It is said that you take a piece of something from each other when having sex.

-Wesley Clark

with music 360 and it is a great experince. I get to shadow Raheem and really learn about the music industry and I have been learning a lot about my music.


For more Visto visit




Name Breana Farrar

Editors Editor in Chief: Bettya Burgess Editor at Large: Tiara Etheridge

Sign Leo

Model Briana Farrar IG @badnbreezy

Height 5’7 College Grad University of Maryland Easternshore Grad Goals My biggest goal is to become a top model! Follow me on Instagram @badnbreezy

Writers Bettya Burgess Joanna West

Photographers Instant Vintage photographed by Tim House IG @Mrkingofbelize Nooch and JusPaul photographed by Tristian “Trisography” Johnson Pat is Dope photographed by Kirk McGurk Visto photographed by Marc J. Photography Advertisments Nerd Nation Demeanr Renee Cabactnoh XI Fashion Magazine Makeup Timika Williams IG @meekie Fashion Designs Pat is Dope wore: King Shedevr Renee Cabactnoh Stylists Nooch; JusPaul styled by : Frenche Visto styled by: Julian Piere Boney Fashion

Cover Pat is Dope Dope Love Artist JusPaul Nooch Visto Photography Studio Shutter Space Studio



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