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2 February 2014

Welcome to Issue #2 Still in the start of 2014, we felt that it was time to kickstart the year having the INDEX go deeper into all the unique and One of a Kind products that passionate manufacturers from around the globe are putting in the hands of equally passionate owners. As most of you know, the reasons for purchasing something truly unique have as many facets as the items itself. In this issue, we cater to a wide variety of interests and passions. We let crazy get the better of sain, we allow The Joker a chance to get on equal terms with Batman in terms of tumblers and all of you to find your next favorite house, private island, yacht or why not a crystal and diamond crusted RollsRoyce. As always, everything is available for sale at JamesEdition and should this issue not satisfy your appetite and hunger for luxury, next issue will be released in March. Until then, happy shopping... Khawer Carr Founder, Xanadu Luxury & Johan Bengtsson CEO,

Ashley Isham

Your Portal to a Luxury Lifestyle!

Working with leading luxury companies from around the world, we aim to provide brand new and used luxury products ranging from Cars, Yachts, Helicopters and not forgetting Properties. Our aim is to grow your luxury portfolio and enriching your lifestyle.



Sometimes you just want something so special that no one is the world has it, but YOU!. We all want exclusive items within our portfolio, it makes us stand out from our friends. This month we are proud to present a Crystal Rolls Royce and exclusive Titanium Toothbrush.

Crystal Roll Royce SilverCloud

May we present to you one of the most exceptional cars you have ever seen: The Crystal Rolls Royce Silver Cloud Originally a 1960 Silver Cloud, this exceptional limousine was elevated to a piece of art in the year 2010. During this project, 7 artists worked for more than 3 years fitting each of the 1 Million plus Swarovski crystals, with tweezers, to the car. Every detail of the Crystal Silver Cloud has been finished to perfection and a special glue was even developed for this purpose only. Next to indulging the beauty with your eyes and driving the car, the greatest pleasure is to slide a hand across the surface, feeling the crystals smoothness and elegance. The car bare the unmistakable trades of the Crystal Silver Cloud, with the 'Emily' flying over a sea of Swarovski Crystals and the Rolls Royce logo on the chest cover perfected using 4,200 precious Topas stones (4 x 4 mm). This is the only existing Rolls Royce decorated with over 1 Million Swarovski crystal stones and a true art piece that will remain unique for ever. The Crystal Silver Cloud is surely the pride to every collector with its discreet and artful yet very recognizable details and fantastic craftsmanship. The result is one of its kind that must be experienced. Technical Specifications: Type of Car: Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II. (In total, 2.417 cars were built from this model) Initial Registration: December 10th 1960 Car Model: Limousine Doors: 4 Mileage Status: 99813 Car ID: SXC307 Cubic capacity: V8 – 6230 cubic – Orginal Motor Steering: RightInteriors: New black leather upholstery and side panels. New black carpets. New Alcantara – Interior roof and sun shields. Newly carped baggage department, original black steering wheel, original burl wood armature board, side panels and all parts in the back of the car.Chrome Parts: Original partially newly chrome platedReadiness to Drive: The Rolls Royce is fully ready to be driven

Priced at Price Upon Request Desirability 4.9/5

Style 5/5

Presence 5/5


Titanium Luxury Toothbrush

Throughout the ages, development in oral and dental hygiene has never been gratifying. From the purest, most simple branch of a Miswak tree to the electronic brush, we have finally found the balance between medical function and aesthetic beauty. Reinast brings extraordinary beauty to dental care through the use of distinct materials and elegant design that transcends time and passing trends.

The history of Reinast is inextricably linked to the visionary spirit of its founders to create luxurious everyday objects on the forefront of technology. The desire for timeless beauty combined with expertise in dental science and material research resulted in a unique and everlasting product: A toothbrush, Made in Germany, that merges exceptional functionality with a design that transcends time and passing trends. To guarantee perfect biocompatibility with unparalleled durability, Reinast is manufactured from solid titanium under highest quality standards. The replaceable brush heads ensure exceptional and lasting hygiene. To further strengthen the antibacterial composition, an antibacterial coating is applied to the most critical point, the interface between toothbrush and replaceable brush head. These properties combined with the stylish, ergonomic and timeless design made the vision a reality: creating the first everlasting hygienic toothbrush, a fine accessory and an exclusive gift. A timeless luxury is now an option.



Priced at Price Upon Request Desirability 5/5

Style 5/5

Presence 4.6/5

Kind One of a We are proud to introduce a new section of the the magazine call One of A Kind, features Cars, Yachts, and Properties, that are either one offs, ultra-high-end luxury, or just simply outstanding within the market. Items that are featured in this section are scored like we do in our reviews, out of 15, with the same scoring of Desirability, Style, and Presence. You will find in this issue a few special items such as a the Batmobile, a one off Lamborghini, and a very special 1938 Delage.



This concept vehicle features an LS1 motor with a custom built frame, chassis and drive line. It has an automatic transmission, dually rear end featuring FOUR 44" super swamper tires with custom rims! It has a custom cut windows, seating for two, 5 driver assist cameras, Double den stereo with blue tooth, CD/DVD, Ipod integration for all of your entertainment needs. This vehicle also features GPS Navigation worldwide as well as a custom interior. It is a limited edition of only 5 worldwide! We have built this

Priced at $1,000,000 Desirablilty






1938 Delage D8 120 Aerosport Coupe

Long considered the most attractive design in Delage history, the Aerosport was the work of the brilliant Marcel LeTourneur, who today ranks alongside the renowned Jean Bugatti as one of the greatest young French designers of the 1930s. Just 12 Aerosport coupes were built (not counting the less attractive notchback coupes), all featuring long hoods, flowing fenders and a unique roof design incorporating dramatic downward-sweeping pillarless side windows.

At almost 18 feet in length, the Aerosport was a large but beautifully styled and proportioned automobile whose lightweight alloy body easily enabled prolonged cruising at highway speeds. The final iteration of the Aerosport, design number 5941, was reserved for this car, chassis number 51617. A late Series 2 car with a lower roofline, it is the 11th built of the series of 12 cars, eight of which remain extant today. Recently imported from Copenhagen by a Sarasota, Florida, museum, its entire history and ownership are very well chronicled.

Ordered by French aviation pioneer and manufacturer Felix Amiot, the car was delivered to LeTourneur et Marchand on February 1, 1939 and completed later that spring. At the beginning of the German occupation in June 1940 the car was requisitioned by the Wehrmacht for a German officer and sent to occupied Denmark in September 1940. After Denmark’s liberation in May 1945 the car was confiscated by the newly re-established Danish government, where it assigned a new documented title number D838120 with engine number 51617 (both remaining with car today) and sold it to national resistance hero Jens Lillelund.

It passed then to Danish industrialist Knud Vilhelm Count Schulin, who demonstrated the Aerosport’s performance when he almost succeeded in outrunning the police on his way to catching a ferry; the incident, which ended with a record-setting fine, was reported in the national media, immortalizing both the Aerosport and its driver in Danish automotive lore. The Count’s company, DAPA, manufactured heavy truck trailers; the Delage was parked outside a DAPA factory with a “For Sale” sign when it was discovered by its next owner, prominent Copenhagen attorney Hans Jorgen Beier in 1956. Beier had the somewhat run-down Delage fully restored in 1957, and again in a two-year project completed in 1999. A most enthusiastic owner and caretaker, Mr. Beier amassed a huge collection of handbooks, instruction manuals and historic marque information, all of which accompany the car.

After 57 years of single ownership, in 2013 the car was imported directly to Florida, where it was rallied and shown at the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance in non-judged display-only status. Always carefully maintained, this magnificent French automotive objet d’art still presents in excellent condition today. - Chassis No. 51617, Engine No. 51617 - Coachwork by LeTourneur et Marchand - Fully documented history - 1 of 12 built and 1 of 8 in existence - Ordered new by French aviation pioneer Felix Amiot - Siezed during WWII by the German government and sent to occupied Denmark in 1940 - After Denmark's liberation in 1945 the car was confiscated by the newly re-established Danish government, where it was assigned a new documented title number D838120 and sold to national resistance hero Jens Lillelund - Then passed on Danish industrialist Knud Vilhelm Count Shulin who sold the car to Hans Jorgen Beier in 1956 - Beier owned the car until 2013 when it was imported to Florida - 4.7L inline-8 cylinder engine - Cotal four-speed electric pre-selector gearbox - Wheelbase: 133”

Priced at $3,450,000 Desirablilty






Marchi Mobile eleMMent Palazzo

US Version

Enthusiasm for true class is the first stopover at a wonderful journey with your eleMMent palazzo. You can go wherever the sun takes you, but all the while outshine everything. Relax with your friends by having a chilled drink from one of the bars on your fully automatic liftable flybridge lounge or on the welcoming couch area inside. Nightlife on board: transform your couch area by the push of a button into a stylish bar furniture. That way you glory in your private party on two entirely equipped floors. The comfortable retreat is guaranteed by the master bedroom with its own integrated bathroom for a pleasant recovery.

Numerous inventions ensure that you experience the greatest level of comfort and security. A programmed central control provides all important information at a glance. Set-up and dismantling is executed by a graphic interface via touch screen.Park in front of your favorite restaurant and monitor your eleMMent palazzo via an additional control unit. Remote video access allows you to show your friends the exterior and interior and also permits to pre-set the lighting and temperature for you return to the vehicle.

The eleMMent palazzo unites characteristics from motor, yachting and aviation sports such as a sports car rear diffuser, the business jet gang way or the motor yacht flybridge. The interior is just as extravagant as its owner: minimalistic and modern shapes fused with classy and antique design elements embedded in timeless ambiance. There is a lot to discover – maybe even within yourself

FEATURES 45 feet chassis, US axles, US brake system, all required control functions, Diesel engine 510hp Outdoor: 18' wide integrated automatic awning, grill station stainless steel, gas, with manual slide 80 liter stainless steel fridge, Multimedia slide including 40' all weather proofed full HD TV speaker system

bbq out, out and

Motor sports package XXL: dual sport exhaust system, Carbon rear diffuser, eleMMent design wheels 28 inch front axle, single-arm windscreen wiper with rotor drive Marchi Mobile go green advantage : up to 25% less fuel consumption due to aerodynamic shape (interurban traffic only) Electronic steering system with unique cockpit designs to choose from (motor sports, yachting) Completely isolated build-up for all year long usage, superior noise isolation Outstanding controllable light effects due to light coating Royal ambience, extended living area, integrated kitchen area including freezer, refrigerator, dishwasher, lift oven, sink , cook top, built in coffee machine, built in ice maker top of the line german products/brands 30sqm usable area plus 20 sqm. roof terrace, total of 50 sqm. Completely automatic control of the entire unit Room extensions without risk of tripping due to one floor level Couch liftable to bar furniture via push of a button First sky lounge that can be set up by the push of a button (incl. furniture, sun roof, hand rail and stairs)Sky lounge also with integrated floor heating, water fog system, multi-media, ice-maker, barWarm water floor heating system, fully a/cWellness bathroom with rainfall showerUnique light ambience (lightened wood and marble), electronically controlled ceiling lighting (skies)High-end multi-media systemReal stream video surveillance (mobiles user panel), control over all functions outside of the vehicle40 inch TV - with slide up function as well as fireplace function when parked, 40 inch TV in master bedroomIntegrated vehicle wash system for vehicle wash on tourMarchi Mobile remote service assistance

Priced at $3,100,000 Desirablilty 4.7/5

Style 4.5/5

Presence 4.9/5


Mercedes-Benz SLS AM GT This insane car was the brain child of Mercedes Benz Designers for the latest installment of Gran Turismo video game. Mercedes made a full scale static model to show in Tokyo and LA Auto shows, it created such a buzz that we have decided to build 5 of these cars world wide! We will be using the brand new 2014 SLS AM GT as the base car, from there we will be making a whole body out of carbon fiber reducing the weight by over 200lbs.

The wheels will be custom forged by world famous wheel designer ADV.1 The interior will be sightly modified to the customers color request. The car will have a chrome paint job and with have a retractable rear spoiler and custom exhaust. We are only making 5 of these cars and 1 is under contract. This opportunity will be available for a short time. Only 2 will be available in the middle east and 2 in Europe the final car will be sold in the US.

Priced at $1,500,000 Desirablilty






Lamborghini SOGNA

The Lamborghini was a Childhood Idea of a Japanese designer Ryoji Yamazaki, who is the boss of an Art and Tech studio. When he was 13 he had a dream about his dream supercar, and at the age of 41, he made it, but it wasn't to everyones taste. The Name Sogna is Italian for 'Dreams'. So how did he do it? He bought a Lamborghini Countach and reconstructed a brand new body from aluminium, and painted it green. It was then on show at the 1991 Geneva Show, with a the idea of producing the Sogna on a limited production. Although this did not become a reality, he did get a fully fuction prototype, which was finished in time for the 1994 Essen Motor Show. For you this is the one you can buy NOW!. You have to remember that this is not a real Lamborghini, but you do get the original superb Countach 5.2 litre, V12 engine, which produces an impressive 455bhp. All of the power is sent to the rear wheels, meaning the cars top speed is an eye watering 186mph. This is a very special car, and an opportunity not to be missed.

Priced at $2,380,000 Desirablilty






160' ASTERIA 1970/2002 Anastasiadis Shipyards

Asteria is the ideal combination of a go anywhere, rugged expedition yacht with the interior, services, and staff of a world class super yacht. With a range of 6,000 + nautical miles and vast storage capacity she can take you to the remotest corners of the world in comfort and unique style. Originally an ocean going salvage tug, she was converted in New Zealand in 2002 and has been continuously upgraded ever since. With five luxury double or twin cabins, all with en suite bathrooms, and a spacious master state room with bath tub and separate shower, Asteria provides accommodations for up to twelve guests. A study/office with private exterior access is located just aft of the master state room. Interior guest areas are situated on two decks. On the main deck the formal dining room comfortably seats twelve. Aft of the dining room is the salon. With its three fold away work stations, WiFi internet access, and 47" 3D TV, it can be used as a research center, office, or for casual recreation.

On the deck above is a large lounge with comfortable seating to enjoy the 72" 3D surround sound TV system. Enhanced with a full bar, karaoke system and electric piano, its the perfect spot for a multitude of entertainment activities. The lounge opens aft to the guests private covered deck which incorporates a round dining table seating twelve for alfresco dining. A spacious lounging area from which to watch the world go by spans the width of the after part of this deck. This area can be semi-enclosed with transparent screens to keep it comfortable in almost any weather.

Accommodation Guests: Master suite, four guest cabins with queen bed, one guest cabin with two single beds. Crew: Eleven crew cabins, three with private bath, eight with shared bath. Navigation & Communication SeaTel 4006 VSAT Internet SeaTel 4004 TV Iridium Open Port Voice and Internet Mini M Voice Furuno Felcom Sat C Emergency Distress Entertainment System: Denon sound system Main salon: Sony Bravia 100 cm TV Sky lounge: Sony Trinitron 80 cm TV Master cabin: N/A VIP cabin: N/A Twin cabins: N/A Tenders & Toys Northwind alloy rib, 8.5m/28ft, 310HP Volvo dieselNautica rib, 6m/20ft with full rigid bimini and bow rampMk IV Zodiac inflatable, 5.3m/17ftTwo laser Picos 3.5m/11ft two man sailing dinghiesAssorted canoes, kayaks, waterskis, wakeboard Snorkel equipment, scuba equipment with air and Nitrox compressorElectric water scooters x 2 Fishing equipment Diving Equipment Bauer Nitrox/Air compressor (serviced 2010) AircraftHeli-pad: With rails and 2 nets

Priced at $ 14,995,000 Desirablilty






Couach 2800

VAT: VAT Included | Location: Athens, Greece | LOA: 28.7 m (94.16 ft) | Beam: 6.5 m (21.33 ft) | Draft: 1.3 m (4.27 ft) Displacement: 62.00 t | Engines: 2 | Engines Hp: 1790 | Engine Hours: 600 | Engine Model: MTU

Engines: 2 x 2400 HP MTU Engine Hours: 600 Generators (2): Kohler 2 x 27 kW Bow Thruster: Hydraulic 55 HP Stern Thruster: Hydraulic 55 HP Airconditioning: 120.000 BTU Condaria Propulsion: Franch Elise Drive Fuel: Diesel Water Maker: 180 lt/hr Electricity: 12V, 24V, 230V, 380V Engine Controls: Electronic Service Batteries: Gel 1500Ah/2V Generators Hours: 1000 Inverter: Mastervolt 3000W and 5000W Starters Batteries: 400 Ah / 24V

1 1 1 1 1 2 1 1

x x x x x x x x

VHF: Sailor DSC GPS Chart Plotter: Navnet 3D Radar: 120 NM Autopilot: Simrad AP50 Depthsounder: Furuno Electric Searchlight Satellite Compass: Furuno AIS: Furuno

Novurania 430 DL with Yamaha 70 HP outboard 2-stroke Dive compressor Hydraulic Gangway Anchor Delta 110 kg inox Anchor Chain 120m inox Capstans (2) Electric Windlass

Refrigerators (2) Hand made Industry inox Freezer Hand made Ingesrty inox Oven Miele 90 cm Hot Plate Miele - with 4 burners Microwave - Oven Miele Dishwasher Miele Ice Maker Washing Machine Indesit Dryer Indesit Trash Compactor Garbage Disposal Deep Freeze On Deck Mini Freezer On Deck

High tech pack - Full HD video and audio system including Apple music server displayed in all areas Samsung LCD TV 42" in saloon with Hi-Lo mechanism Sharp 36" LCD TV in master cabin Sharp 24" LCD TV in VIP and guest cabins Sharp 24" LCD TV in galley Radio / CD player in all cabins Wireless telephone and interphone Satelite TV KVH Tracvision G6

1 x Master Cabin 1 x VIP Cabin 1 x Twin Cabins 4 x Twin Cabin with Pullman Bed 2 x Bathrooms 2 x Crew - Double Cabins 2 x Crew - Bathrooms



Priced at  3,950,000








“SEA LOAFERS III� accommodates eight owners and guests in four staterooms plus crew accommodations with four berths in three cabins. Starting forward on the lower deck with private access from the galley is the VIP stateroom with a Queen Bed and private bath. Next aft, and accessed by a shared stairway, is the full beam midship Master with a California King bed and his and her baths with tub and shower. Two guest cabins follow, one with a Queen bed and the other with Twin beds, both with private baths. The engine room and crew accommodations are further aft, behind a well insulated bulkhead.

On the main deck forward is the large “Country Kitchen� style galley with a full array of top end appliances. A hallway on the starboard side provides access to the main salon as well as the day head. The salon is full beam and features a large built-in sofa to starboard and a sunken wet bar with bar stools to port. A formal dining area is forward as well as custom buffet cabinets for storage of china, crystal and silverware. Aft through stainless steel framed sliding double doors is the aft deck, which is set up as a lounge area for entertaining. There is a complete wet bar and entertainment area to port and a spiral stairwell up to the fly bridge to starboard. Dual curved stairs aft enable easy access to a large swim platform. The fly bridge offers a huge amount of entertainment and sunning space with lounge chairs, a Jacuzzi, water toys and another dinette and bar area. Forward on the bow is a shaded sun pad area which affords great privacy while still ensuring a panoramic view. The upper helm and two wing stations provide appropriate visibility for the Captain, and a sliding hatch gives easy access to the pilot house.

Priced at $ 3,850,000 Desirablilty







SS DELPHINE 1921 Steam-Powered Super Yacht 78m.


We offer this very nice & very unique investment object 1921 SS Delphine ... Historic Steam-Powered Deluxe Super Yacht The last operational steam powered Super Yacht afloat ! SS DELPHINE, is one of the most unique and exceptional yachts for private cruise and charter in the world. Due to his steam powered engine you experience a really amazing absolute calm and relax feeling! In 2004, she received the annual showboats award for best refit.2003, fully restored for an estimate of 60millon USD / private owner (Belgium)Famous for jet set celebrity birhtday parties & Formula 1 pre race parties in Monaco, Valencia. This Yacht has had tv interviews from tv-channels worldwide and has been publiced in all Yacht & Boat magazines all over the world for his very unique original style and state of the art interior.High taxation Value report availableVisible : Tunis or Monaco port



Priced at  28,825,000 Desirablilty

4.4/5 Style

4.9/5 Presence


Acadia M'OCEAN

Year: 2012 | VAT: VAT Excluded | Location: France | LOA: 35 m (115 ft) Beam: 8.1 m (26.57 ft) | Draft: 2.65 m (8.69 ft) | Displacement: 175 t | Engines: 2 Engines Hp: 1224

Specification: Type: Twin Screw Diesel Designers: Interior: Francesco Guida Exterior: Francesco guida Flag: Isle of Man Construction: Hull: GRP Superstructure: GRP Deck: Teak laid decks

Dimensions: Length O.A.: 35m (115.0ft) Length W.L: 32.55m (106.8ft) Beam: 8.10m (26.6ft) Draft: 2.65m (8.7ft) Builder: Arcadia yacht SRL Italy Tonnage: Gross: 266 UMS Net: 175 tons Classification: RINA and MCA (LY2)

MACHINERY Main Engines: 2 x V12 1224 hp TYPE diesel engines MAN Speeds: Economical speed about 10 knots Cruising speed about 13 knots Maximum speed about 17 knots Fuel Consumptions: 150 l/h Range: 1700 miles @ economical speed TANK CAPACITIES (APPROXIMATE) Fuel: 15000 litres (3692 US gallons) Dirty Lub Oil: 200 litres (52 US gallons) Water: 4000 litres (1056 US gallons) Grey Water: 1400 litres (369 US gallons) Water makers: 2 x 200 litres/h Black Water: 1250 litres (330 US gallons) SAFETY & SECURITY EQUIPMENT Safety: Life jackets Alarms: Fire & bilge pump alarms Fire Fighting: Fire extinguishers throughout Security: Cameras on aft deck and engine room. COMMUNICATION EQUIPMENT VHF Radiotelephones: Ray marine /6 x portable VHF NAVIGATION EQUIPMENT GPS: 2 x 14 "ray marine chart plotter Radar: 72mg radar with ray marine display Automatic Pilot: Ray marine Log: Ray marine tridata Sonar: Ray marine Wind Instruments: Sangiorgio

AUDIO/VISUAL ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEMS Televisions: Samsung Satellite Television: kvh Stereo Music System: Sonos OFFICE EQUIPMENT Computers: hp 15" Photocopier: hp all in 1 DOMESTIC EQUIPMENT Galley: Siemens (multifunction oven fridge, microwave, 6 burners cook top induction Laundry: 2 x dryers, 2 x washing machine (Siemens) Refrigeration: Siemens, (500l galley , 2 x 350l crew mess,1 x 150 l pantry, 2 x100 bottles wine cooler, 2 x 80l bar, 3 mini bar Bars: x 2 Pantry: Fridge, cook top OTHER EQUIPMENT Jacuzzi Dip Pool: 1 in the bow area, 1 in the master bathroom Ship Safes: 4 Barbeque: Electric cook top TENDERS & WATER SPORT EQUIPMENT Tenders: William 445 jet Diving Equipment: 1 Wave Runners: 3 x seadoo gt 155 Other: Sea bob, paddle, water ski, canoe ACCOMMODATION Owner: Full beam Master with bathroom, fore main deck Crew: 8 crew in 4 cabins Guests: 3 doubles and 2 twins

Priced at $8,900,000 Desirablilty






Chameleon Villa Location: Palma, Spain | Property Type: House Bedrooms: 10 | Bathrooms: 9

Unique villa with an exclusive architecture and design, located in Son Vida, enjoying breathtaking views of the sea, Palma city and its port. The chameleon villa boasts unusual light effects, consisting of finest crystal with a special LED technology installed on the surface, which can be programmed changing colours as you wish. The accommodation comprises of three buildings. The main house is spread over three floors including a living area, library, TV room, bedroom suites, kitchen and wine cellar. In the second building are swimming pools, fitness and spa area. The third building is the guest house with 200qm2.

Priced at Price upon Request Desirability 4.6/5

Style 4.7/5

Presence 4.2/5

Elephant Island

Location: Philippines | Address: Tungib, Buenavista | Property Type: Other Living Area: 199927 m2 / 2151997 Sq Ft.

Located between the southeastern portion of Luzon and Mindoro islands, Marinduque is flanked from four sides: North, South, Northeast and Southwest by the Tayabas Bay, Sibuyan Sea, Mompoy Bay and Tayabas Strait, respectively. This Island Resort Haven is situated off the south west coast of the Marinduque province. Characterized by seaside cliffs, valleys, hills and sparsely dotted plains across this heart-shaped region, therein lies even more impressively hot springs, waterfalls and underwater flora and fauna. In addition to these, there are caves that await exploration by adventurous travelers. Many are yet to be fully investigated or documented. The most famous of these cave systems is Bathala Caves which hosts a complex network of seven mostly uncharted caves. In the capital Boac, spelunkers can take delight in the limestone Talamban caves situated on a 300meter hill.

Because of the location within the Philippine archipelago, Marinduque has been aptly dubbed the heart of the Philippines.You may use choose to arrive at the island directly via private helicopters, chartered flights or luxury yachts from Manila to Marinduque. Marinduque is a short 30-minute flight south of Manila.Land and sea transfers are also available. From mainland Marinduque, you may take a private van for the land transfer to the town of Lipata, Municipality of Buenavista. From there you are transferred via speed boats and yachts, for a brief 5 – minute crossing to the island.Your distinctive island awaits you, truly a one of a kind opportunity for the select few.

Priced at $ 40,000,000 Desirability 4.2/5

Style 4.8/5

Presence 5/5

Paseo De La Playa

Location: Redondo Beach, California, United States Property Type: House | Bedrooms: 7 | Bathrooms: 6

This magnificent, ocean front estate embodies the essence of indoor / outdoor living. 7 bedrooms and 6.5 baths, home theater, billiards room, and gourmet kitchen with large center island in approximately 8,000 square feet of elegant living space. Outside, the brilliant pool and spa, cascading waterfalls, built-in BBQ, wet bar & fire pit, overlook the spectacular ocean and coastline. This incredible estate also features a lighted sports court, a huge 4car garage and direct, private access to the beach.

Priced at $ 12,500,000 Desirability 4.3/5

Style 4.3/5

Presence 4.7/5

Peary Place

Location: La Quinta, California, US | Address: 81333 Peary Place Property Type: House | Bedrooms: 5 | Bathrooms: 6 Brand New Spectacular Mid-Century Modern Estate at Madison Golf Club! 5 BR, 6 BA including 2 sep. guest suites, plus bonus room & office. Approx. 8,190 sq. ft. on large south facing .72 acre lot. Features gated entry to beautiful waterway entrance w/lounging courtyard & fire feature. Incredible great room with central bar, living area with fireplace and media. Contemporary display bar w/adjacent all glass wine room, sleek stainless kitchen w/island counter bar, breakfast area & butler's kitchen. State of the art home theatre, upstairs bonus / game room opens to all glass view terrace /custom bar, outdoor living area w/fireplace and media offer the ultimate in indoor/outdoor living. Electronic walls of glass, environmentally & solar friendly. Lower level patio hosts fireplace, media, step down bar, BBQ kitchen area & fire wall.Custom pool & spa outside of master suite with the ultimate mountain backdrop views overlooking the 9th fairway of the Tom Fazio course! Designer furnished.

Priced at $ 8,495,000 Desirability 4.9/5

Style 5/5

Presence 4.9/5

Sunset Hall

Location: Ridgefield, New Jersey, US | Address: Sunset Hall Property Type: House | Bedrooms: 11 | Bathrooms: 8 Sunset Hall, a true Georgian Estate, has been restored and renovated bringing to life its history of glamour and grandeur from eras long past. Over $1 million in recent improvements! Sited upon one of the highest points in Fairfield County, this private estate features breathtaking vistas and sweeping views of Round Lake. This architectural masterpiece offers timeless elegance with the finest finishes designed with family & entertaining in mind. Features: Heated Gunite Pool with Cabana & Fireplace, Tennis Court, Gazebo, Guest House with 2 bedrooms, 2 baths. The master bedroom suite is ready for your personal touch and customization. Registered with The National Register of Historic Places, Sunset Hall has one of the richest histories in Ridgefield. One hour to Manhattan.

Priced at $ 5,750,000 Desirability 4.1/5

Style 4.4/5

Presence 4.1/5

Tribeca Penthouse

Location: New York, US | Address: TriBeCa Penthouse Masterpiece Property: Type Condo | Bedrooms: 7 | Bathrooms: 4

The magnificent penthouse at 60 Warren Street represents an unparalleled opportunity to own a unique townhouse in the sky. Phenomenal finishes abound in this 5-story 10,911SF+/- penthouse in a boutique condominium building in the heart of TriBeCa. Enjoy sun-flooded doubleheight space, huge windows, & 3 large terraces plus private roof garden totaling almost 2000SF. The magnificent kitchen has a breakfast room and woodburning fireplace. The full-floor master suite has a fireplace, double marble bathroom, separate Jacuzzi room,& a large sunset terrace. A sculptural stainless steel/glass staircase, dumbwaiter & private elevator connect the floors. 1,000-bottle wine storage. Rooftop home gym. Basement private storage. The privacy of townhouse-style living with the views, convenience and security of doorman service. The upper 4 floors of the penthouse are available as a separate purchase opportunity for $17,500,000.

Priced at $ 24,500,000 Desirability 4.9/5 Style 4.1/5 Presence 3.6/5

Lakefront Trophy Estate

Location: Laglio, Italy | Address: Via Regina, Lake Como Property Type: House | Bedrooms: 10 | Bathrooms: 7

Lakefront Villa with great architecture, composed of a main building on three levels, covering 900 sq.m. in all. located in the heart of a green park of about 2.000 sqm., alongside the lake and the higher street Via Regina (to which is connected through a bridge crane), and of a small independent villa for guests on two levels ( 250 sqm.), at the extreme north side of the park (also with independent access) with small private harbour. Three docks for boats. The property features additional annexes (porter’s lodge, house keepers, garage) of about 150 sqm., located on the back of the villa beyond the road. The property is kept in perfect condition and built alongside a length of 300 meters. Unique location and great importance.

Priced at Price Upon Request Desirability 4.2/5

Style 4.1/5

Presence 4.6/5

Your Portal to a Luxury Lifestyle!

Working with leading luxury companies from around the world, we aim to provide brand new and used luxury products ranging from Cars, Yachts, Helicopters and not forgetting Properties. Our aim is to grow your luxury portfolio and enriching your lifestyle.




Aston Martin V12 Vantage S

0-60mph 3.7 seconds (0-100km/h 3.9 secs) Aston Martins fastest accelerating car to date with the exception of the One-77 Pricing confirmed at ÂŁ138,000 | $184,995 | 179,950

So a fantastic way for Aston Martin to start 2014 by launching there brand new Aston Martin V12 Vantage S. With its stronger and much more bolder lines, I think Aston Martin may have a winner. The New Aston shoots from 0-60mph in a mind blowing 3.7 seconds, thats on the same way length as the Ferrari FF and thats 1.5 seconds guicker than the Maserati Granturismo. Powering the V12 mosnter is a new 573 PS AM 28 6.0 Ltr V12 engine. Thats sounds like a launch code. With this new power house, it enables the Vantage to reach 205mph, making it the fastest car to wear the iconic Aston Martin wings, with the exception of the One-77 of course.

Aston Martin CEO Dr Ulrich Bez said: “The new V12 Vantage S brings our winning GT3 race formula to the road. It’s a car for those customers who want superior sporting performance in a ‘gentleman’s suit’. It’s the most pure, yet understated, driving machine we can imagine today.” Ian Minards, Product Development Director at Aston Martin, said: “Harnessing the sheer, raw, power of the AM28 engine – ensuring it is delivered in the most coherent, engaging way – has been a challenge for the Engineering team, but this record acceleration figure ably demonstrates that it is one we have more than met.

I think personally the this new Aston Martin has really grown up and just got better and better. Its presence can not only be heard but will stand out of the crowd in any city or where ever you are. Aston Marton has kept the iconic shape of its grille, letting onlookers know exactly what car this is. Making the grille for this car was inspired by the Vantage GT programme, with the optional black and titanium mesh. The Shape is made out of Carbon Fibre giving it more of an agressive look. I rather like that. You will also see the return of the iconic four vent bonnet structure providing the monster engine AM28 with maximum cooling, but also to comlement the cars athletic stance, but not to scare you completely.

Aston Martin wants its owners to express there own image, by offering a luxury range of exterior options. Buyers are given the option of carbon pack layers from, wing mirrors, rear lamp infills and side-stakes with a symmetrically woven carbon-fibre finish. The customisation doesn't stop there, the roof and rear panel graphic packs are painted by hand which can contrast or complement the body colour. Very Nice. Aston Martin Director of Design - Marek Reichman "The balance of Vantage comes from the tension in the lines, form, shape and proportions of the exterior. In the same way that athletes are balanced, poised and controlled in both proportion and motion - whether they are a sprinter crouched in the starting blocks or a downhill skier, Vantage looks balanced in every instance - whether on the driveway, on the road, or on the track."

The Interior features re-engineered lightweight seats. The advanced carbon-fibre and Jevlar composite structure saves 17kg, which in turn increase the power to weight ratio. You have the option of either Clother with Alcantara or leather, but either will look good with an exposed carbon-fibre rear panel.

Prices starting from ÂŁ138,000 | $184,995 | 179,950 Desirablilty






Aston Martin Vanquish Year: 2014 VAT: VAT Excluded Location: Greenwich, CT, USA Mileage: 8037 km, 4994 mi Fuel type: Petrol Color: Black Car type: Cabriolet $ 298,500

Aston Martin Vanquish HARD LOADED", Stratus White, All Chancellor Red Leather, Alarm Upgraded Volumetreic Sensors, Red Brake Calipers, Ventilated Front Seats, Contrast Stitching, Leather Colour - Contemporary, Paint - Contemporary, Headrest Embroidery - Aston Martin Wings, Black Vaned Front Grille, Second Glass Key, Black Meshes, Carbon Fibre Door Mirror Caps, Black Textured Tailpipe Finisher, Micro Perforated Leather Seat Inserts, 2+2 Seating Arrangement, Carbon Fibre Roof Panel, Centre Stack Rotaries Shadow Bronz, Seat Accent and Parcel Shelf Quilting, Carbon Side Strakes, Black One77 Steering Wheel W/ Alcantara, Facia Trim Full Length Herringbone, 20inch 20 Spoke Silver DT Wheels,

$ 288,888

Aston Martin Vanquish Year: 2014 VAT: VAT Excluded Location: Greenwich, CT, USA Mileage: 3758 km, 2335 mi Fuel type: Petrol Color: Black Car type: Coupe $ 269,900

Aston Martin Virage Coupé Year: 2013 VAT: VAT Included Location: Borken, Germany Mileage: 15 km, 9 mi Gearbox: Automatic Fuel type: Petrol Color: Black Car type: Coupe  176,650

Aston Martin Virage Coupé Year: 2012 Location: Dubai, UAE Mileage: 10000 km, 6214 mi Gearbox: Automatic Fuel type: Petrol Color: Orange Car type: Coupe Price On Request

Aston Martin Virage Year: 2012 VAT: VAT Excluded Location: Greenwich, CT, USA Mileage: 5794 km, 3600 mi Fuel type: Petrol Color: Silver Car type: Cabriolet $ 157,900

Aston Martin One-77

Year: 2011 | Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates | Gearbox: Automatic Fuel type: Petrol | Color: Brown | Car type: Coupe Price On Request

Aston Martin One-77

Year: 2013 | Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates | Gearbox: Automatic Fuel type: Petrol | Color: White | Car type: Coupe Price On Request

2013 BENTLEY MULSANNE Year: 2013 VAT: VAT Excluded Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA Mileage: 525 km, 326 mi Fuel type: Other Color: Grey Car type: Sedan $ 279,900

2013 BENTLEY MULSANNE Year: 2013 VAT: VAT Excluded Location: The Woodlands, TX, USA Mileage: 4942 km, 3071 mi Gearbox: Automatic Fuel type: Petrol Color: White Car type: Sedan $ 274,995

2011 BENTLEY MULSANNE Year: 2011 VAT: VAT Excluded Location: Stuttgart, Germany Mileage: 24140 km, 15000 mi Gearbox: Automatic Fuel type: Petrol Color: Black Car type: Limousine ÂŁ 132,500

Bentley Continental GTC V8 Year: 2014 VAT: VAT Excluded Location: Greenwich, CT, USA Mileage: 3862 km, 2400 mi Fuel type: Petrol Color: White Car type: Cabriolet $ 215,000

BENTLEY CONTINENTAL GT SPEED 2013 Bentley Continental GT Speed Ferrari-Maserati of Fort Lauderdale is proud to present this gorgeous 2013 Bentley Continental GT Speed. Finished in bespoke Aztec Sun Pearlescent over Beluga hides, the Bentley has been driven ONLY 75 miles by ONE previous owner. The balance of the Bentley Factory Warranty remains in effect, and it is in immaculate condition from top to bottom! This Continental GT has been specified with a dazzling array of optional equipment including Aztec Sun Non-Standard Paint, Contrast Stitching in Linen, Piano Black Veneers, Deep Pile Overmats Front and Rear, Wood and Hide 3-Spoke Steering Wheel, Massage and Ventilation to Front Seats, Naim for Bentley Premium Audio System, Convenience Specification (Adaptive Cruise Control System, Cordless Privacy Handset with Keypad in Front Armrest, Rear View Camera), Space-Saving Spare Wheel, and 21-inch Seven-Spoke Elegant Alloy Wheels. Heads will turn! Bentley's acclaimed Continental GT represents the finest in English Grand Touring motorcars. Redesigned for 2012, it is motivated by a wonderful twin-turbo 12-cylinder engine that routes its power through a sophisticated all-wheeldrive system.

$ 189,900

Bentley Continental GT Year: 2012 VAT: VAT Excluded Location: Greenwich, CT, USA Mileage: 9696 km, 6025 mi Fuel type: Petrol Color: Custom Car type: Coupe $ 167,900

BMW M1 Year: 1981 VAT: VAT Excluded Location: Brummen, Netherlands Mileage: 13993 km, 8695 mi Gearbox: Manual Fuel type: Petrol Color: Grey Car type: Coupe The M1 was a limited production car with only 455 built from 1979 to 1981. This particular car is 1 of 10 that received the AHG package. The AHG/BMW Motorsports Division president Peter Gartemann list the modifications as follows: The 3.5 Liter 277 HP was upgraded to 350 HP, racing clutch, special exhaust, front spoiler, wider front and rear fenders, side skirts, special rear wing, adjustable height racing, suspension, 3 piece BBS wheels and full leather seats.


BMW M6 Coupé BMW M6 Coupé 4.4 V8 Biturbo, 560HP Full equipped vehicle! "Spacegrey" Metallic exterior / BMW Individual "Cohiba" Brown Leather interior Export price:  139.500,-taxfree, ex works Options: - 20" Alloy Wheels Doublespoke - Comfort Access (Keyless Entry) Soft Close Automatic Doors - Heads-Up Display Surround Camera Package incl. Rear View Camera - Blue Brake Callipers - Carbon Fiber Interior Trim - M Multifunctional Sports Steering Wheel with red/blue stitching and Gear Paddles - Power Sunshade - Smokers Package - Cooled Front Seats - Heated Front Seats - M Multifunctional Front Seats - Park Distance Control - Adaptive LED headlamps - Automatic Highbeam Assistant - TV-Tuner - Navigationsystem Professional - Hi-Fi System Professional - Night Vision with Pedastrian Recognision - Tire Pressure Control - Individual Privacy Glass in Rear Individual Headliner in Anthracite Alcantara BMW Innovation Pack


BMW M5 4.4 V8 M-DCT Year: 2014 VAT: VAT Excluded Location: Netherlands Mileage: 30 km, 19 mi Gearbox: Automatic Fuel type: Petrol Color: Grey Car type: Salon


BMW M3 GTS by G-Power Year: 2010 VAT: VAT Excluded Location: Germany Mileage: 8500 km, 5282 mi Gearbox: E-gear Fuel type: Petrol Color: Orange Car type: Coupe  120,000



2011 BMW 1M Year: 2011 VAT: VAT Excluded Location: Munich, Germany Mileage: 721 km, 448 mi Gearbox: Manual Fuel type: Petrol Color: Orange Car type: Coupe  62,900

2011 BUGATTI VEYRON Year: 2011 Location: Dubai, UAE Mileage: 3000 km, 1864 mi Gearbox: F1 Fuel type: Petrol Color: Two-tone Car type: Coupe 5,750,000 AED

Bugatti Veyron Year: 2008 VAT: VAT Excluded Location: The Woodlands, TX Mileage: 1598 km, 993 mi Gearbox: Automatic Fuel type: Petrol Color: Black Car type: Coupe $ 1,350,000

Bugatti Veyron Super Sport Year: 2012 Location: Zug, Switzerland Price On Request

Bugatti Veyron Year: 2006 VAT: VAT Excluded Location: Scotts Valley, USA Mileage: 161 km, 100 mi Gearbox: Dual-clutch Fuel type: Petrol Color: Blue Car type: Coupe Price On Request

Bugatti Veyron The Veyron EB 16.4 is named in honour of Pierre Veyron, a Bugatti development engineer, test driver and company race driver who, with co-driver JeanPierre Wimille, won the 1939 24 hours of Le Mans while driving a Bugatti. This particular Veyron was constructed to special order to commemorate the anniversary of Veyron’s win in this legendary race.The EB in the title are the initials of Ettore Bugatti and the 16.4 denotes that the engine comprises 16 cylinders in a W configuration with 4 turbochargers. The 8 litre power plant produces 1001 horsepower (736 kW) and 922 lbf·ft of torque (1,250 Nm). The Veyron will accelerate to 62 mph (100km/h) in 2.46 seconds thanks to its four wheel drive system and can achieve a top speed of 253 mph (405 km/h).The eye catching colour scheme of metallic gold and metallic brown paintwork is complemented by a beige and tobacco leather interior. The Le Mans script can be found on the door sill plates, on the front wings and embroidered into the seat backs. The Bugatti has covered only 4,500 km from new and will be supplied with a fresh service along with the spare key and speed key in a presentation box, trickle charger and original brochure.

Price On Request

Bugatti Veyron Centenaire Year: 2009 Location: Dubai, UAE Mileage: 8000 km, 4971 mi Gearbox: Automatic Fuel type: Petrol Color: Beige Car type: Coupe Price On Request

Ferrari Enzo Year: 2003 VAT: VAT Excluded Location: Ontario, CA, USA Mileage: 12744 km, 7919 mi Gearbox: F1 Fuel type: Petrol Color: Black Car type: Coupe $ 2,599,000

Ferrari 599 GTO Year: 2010 VAT: VAT Paid Location: H端rth, Germany Mileage: 3800 km, 2361 mi Gearbox: F1 Fuel type: Petrol Color: Red Car type: Coupe  319,000

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta VAT: VAT Excluded Location: Netherlands Mileage: 15 km, 9 mi Gearbox: Automatic Fuel type: Petrol Color: Red Car type: Coupe Drive: LHD  292,000

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Year: 2013 VAT: VAT Paid Location: Hürth, Germany Mileage: 5400 km, 3355 mi Gearbox: F1 Fuel type: Petrol Color: Black Car type: Coupe  286,500

2013 FERRARI 458 SPIDER Year: 2013 Location: Los Angeles Mileage: 343 km, 213 mi Fuel type: Petrol Color: Black Car type: Cabriolet $ 378,888

2011 Ferrari 599 GTO GTO is the most emotive badge for Ferrari enthusiasts so any Ferrari given that title must be very special indeed and the 599 GTO is no exception. Compared with the 599 GTB, the GTO is 100kg lighter, 50 hp more powerful at 670 hp (493 kW), and faster reaching 100 kph in 3.35 seconds with a top speed of 208 mph (335 kph). Ferrari’s fastest ever road car at its launch, only 599 examples were built making the 599 GTO an instant collector’s item.The left hand drive 599 GTO is finished in grey with the historic racing livery of yellow stripe and white roundels. The interior is specially ordered red leather and carbon fibre with black dash top. The GTO has covered 2,876 km from new and is fitted with Novitec suspension and wheels, with original parts also supplied, and is VAT qualifying.


Ferrari FF Year: 2013 VAT: VAT Excluded Location: Borken, Germany Mileage: 50 km, 31 mi Gearbox: F1 Fuel type: Petrol Color: Blue Car type: Coupe  239,750

Ferrari FF This is a beautiful Black Ferrari FF with complimenting Dark Brown interior. This FF has been meticulously maintained and garaged in La Jolla, CA. Aside from the standard equipment on the FF, the special options are as listed: AFS front light system, Black brake calipers, STD Chrome front grill, front and rear suspension lifter, sport exhaust system, interior in leather anilina, 'Scuderia Ferrari' Shields, inn/out mirror and Homelink, boot nets kit, parking camera, dual view front parking camera, front and rear parking sensors, colour inner Alcantara inserts, panoramic roof, tire pressure monitoring, navigation with satellite radio, power open/close boot, 20' standard wheels, ventilated electric seats, Premium stereo system. Tires: Pirelli P Zero Front 245/35 ZR20 Rear 295/35 ZR20

$ 295,000

Ferrari FF Year: 2012 VAT: VAT Excluded Location: Greenwich, CT, USA Mileage: 9907 km, 6156 mi Fuel type: Petrol Color: Custom Car type: Coupe $ 265,900

Ferrari California Year: 2013 VAT: VAT Excluded Location: Austin, TX, USA Mileage: 95 km, 59 mi Gearbox: Automatic Fuel type: Petrol Color: Silver Car type: Cabriolet $ 244,910

2012 FERRARI CALIFORNIA Year: 2012 Location: LA, CA, USA Mileage: 4397 km, 2732 mi Gearbox: Automatic Fuel type: Petrol Color: Grey Car type: Cabriolet $ 223,888

2010 Ferrari California Year: 2010 VAT: VAT Excluded Location: Greenwich, CT, USA Mileage: 3586 km, 2228 mi Gearbox: Manual Fuel type: Petrol Color: Red Car type: Cabriolet $ 179,900

Koenigsegg Agera R This is the one off Agera R built for the 2011 Geneva Motor Show The Koenigsegg Agera R “Speed Racer� (car number 83 ever built) was specially designed and produced as a show car for the 2011 Geneva Auto Show. The car features a special mat finish white paint, which is combined with a mat finish carbon body detailing. The white leather interior was specially ordered and has red stripes on the dash board to match the lines on the front hood. This is the first car to be fitted with the new dynamic adaptable wing, which automatically flexes at high speeds to keep constant down force of 300 kg at 250km/h onwards.The car features a 5L V8 twin turbo engine, which produces 1150hp and 1200nm of torque. The car will reach 100km/h in 3 seconds and the top speed is 400 km/h+.

Price On Request

2010 Koenigsegg CCXR Year: 2010 Location: Dubai, UAE Mileage: 4000 km, 2485 mi Gearbox: Automatic Fuel type: Petrol Color: Turquoise Car type: Coupe Price On Request

Koenigsegg CCX Year: 2009 Location: Dubai, UAE Gearbox: Manual Fuel type: Petrol Color: Black Car type: Coupe Price On Request


Veneno 50th Anniversary Special

Veneno is the name of one of the strongest and most aggressive fighting bulls, but also famous for being one of the fastest bulls in history. The name is fitting for Lamborghinis 50th Anniversary. Lamborghini is only producing three unique examples and unfortunetly they have all been sold. Sold for 3 million plus tax. This master piece was designed to focus on optimum aerodynamics and cornering stability, enables the three drivers to feel the real dynamic experience of a racing prototype, but at the same time fully road legal.

The Veneno has a maximum power output of 750bhp which will take the car from 0-100km/h in 2.8 seconds, to eventually taking it to its top speed of 355km/h. Powering the Veneno is a 6.5 ltr V12, with a fast shifting 7 speed ISR gearbox. The Veneno also gets 5 driving modes, with all wheel driving, keeping the car firmly on the road. The body of the car is made up of carbon-fiber materials, and the chassis is produced as a CFRP Monocoque. This unique features can also be seeing inside the cabin with materials such as Forged Composite and CarbonSkin.

The Veneno feature a fully adjustable rear wings, ensuring the car ability in giving the best performance. The exclusive alloy wheels measure at 20 inches in the front and 21 inches at the back. The wheels feature a cabon fiber ring around the wheel rim which acts like a turbine to deliver additional cooling air to the big carbin-ceramic brakes. The three cars that were sold to the clients all featured a single colour of the Italian national flag, producing a trilogy in Green, White and Red, making each car unique.

We hope to see this car in the flesh, where ever it is in the world, but in the mean time, these images will keep us going. We look forward to seeing what Lamborghini will produce from this Masterpiece of both design and Engineering.

Price from 3 Million (All sold, Sorry) Desirablilty






Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 Roadster Year: 2013 VAT: VAT Excluded Location: Munich, Germany Mileage: 5000 km, 3107 mi Gearbox: Automatic Fuel type: Petrol Color: White Car type: Cabriolet  320,000

Lamborghini Diablo GT Limited Version Year: 2001 Location: Osaki-shi, Japan Mileage: 700 km, 435 mi Gearbox: N/A Fuel type: N/A Color: Blue Car type: Coupé  450,000

2013 Lamborghini Aventador Year: 2013 Location: United Kingdom Mileage: 2736 km, 1700 mi Gearbox: E-gear Fuel type: Petrol Color: White Car type: Coupe Drive: RHD £ 279,500

1989 Lamborghini Countach 1989 Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary Edition VIN: ZA9CA05A2KLA12480 One Owner 8000 original miles One of 658 Anniversary cars produced In December of 1988 this 25th Anniversary Countach was hand delivered by Ferruccio Lamborghini himself to Francesco Aquilini in his family's Italian hometown of Brescia. Well known in Canada, Aquilini is the owner of the Vancouver Canucks. A long time Lamborghini owner and family friend, Aquilini special ordered the car directly from the factory in its stunning Bianco Perlato paint, and black leather interior with white piping. The car remained in Italy for less than a year when it finally entered Aquilini's collection in Canada. Built as a USA-spec car importation was not an issue, as the car meets all Canadian, US and California emission standards. Weissach Performance in Vancouver, BC cared for it until the car was released from the collection earlier this year. Since arriving at Canepa the Countach has been completely cosmetically detailed and mechanically serviced. The engine was tuned, and every mechanical system in the car was evaluated and repaired if necessary.


The suspension was pulled from the car, painted and restored. All the hardware was replated. The wheels where refinished and new tires installed. Over 125 hours was spent on the exterior and interior detailing alone. No expense was spared on this low mileage, original car, and the Countach received anything it required to bring it to 100% condition. As it sits now the Countach is impeccable both mechanically and cosmetically. And for those who miss the rear wing, have no fear ... the car comes with its original rear wing in excellent condition, and ready to be reinstalled if wished. About the 25th Anniversary Countach 5167 cc V12 Horsepower: 449 Torque: 369 ft/lb 0-62 mph: 4.9 seconds Top Speed: 183 mph Named to honor the company's twenty-fifth anniversary, the 25th Anniversary Countach was mechanically very similar to the 5000QV but sported much changed styling. The rear air boxes were restyled and enlarged, while the vents behind them were changed so that they ran front to back instead of side to side. In addition, a new air dam and side skirting, both with air intakes, were fitted, and the taillights were restyled to be narrower, with body-colored panels replacing the upper and lower parts of the previous large taillights. The styling changes were striking on the 25 year old design, and had the added benefit of improved the engine's cooling, a problem the powerful Countach had always struggled with.

Desirability - 4.6 Style - 4.7 Presence - 4.9

Price On Request

Lamborghini MurciĂŠlago LP 670-4 SuperVeloce Year: 2010 Location: Kawasaki-shi, Japan Mileage: 7000 km, 4350 mi Gearbox: E-gear Fuel type: Petrol Color: Red Car type: Coupe Price On Request

2014 Lamborghini LP 700 Spyder Year: 2014 Location: Dubai, UAE Gearbox: Automatic Fuel type: Petrol Color: Silver Car type: Cabriolet Price On Request

2011 Gallardo LP550-2 Year: 2011 VAT: VAT Included Location: Hong Kong Mileage: 6500 km, 4039 mi Gearbox: E-gear Color: Orange Car type: Coupe HK$ 2,380,000

Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2 Year: 2011 VAT: VAT Included Location: Hong Kong Mileage: 4000 km, 2485 mi Gearbox: E-gear Color: Yellow Car type: Coupe HK$ 2,250,000

2009 Gallardo LP560-4 Year: 2009 VAT: VAT Included Location: Hong Kong Mileage: 7000 km, 4350 mi Gearbox: E-gear Color: White Car type: Coupe HK$ 2,080,000

2013 BRABUS 700 Year: 2013 VAT: VAT Excluded Location: London, UK Gearbox: Semi-automatic Fuel type: Petrol Color: Grey Car type: Coupe ÂŁ 249,995

2009 Mercedes-Benz SLR Year: 2009 VAT: VAT Excluded Location: Halton Hills, Canada Mileage: 929 km, 577 mi Color: Black Car type: Cabriolet $ 395,000

SLS AMG Roadster Year: 2011 Location: Heilbronn, Germany Mileage: 9593 km, 5961 mi Gearbox: Automatic Fuel type: Petrol Color: Silver Car type: Cabriolet  169,900

Mercedes Benz S500L Year: 2014 VAT: VAT Excluded Location: Borken, Germany Mileage: 20 km, 12 mi Gearbox: Automatic Fuel type: Petrol Color: Black Car type: Limousine  122,950

Mercedes-Benz S 350 BlueTEC Mercedes-Benz S350 BlueTEC Lang New 2014 model! 3.0 V6 Diesel, 258HP "Iridiumsilver" Metallic exterior / Black "Exclusive Nappa" Leather interior Export price:  112.500,-- taxfree, ex works Options: AMG Line AMG Velours Floormats AMG Styling Long Wheelbase Version DISTRONIC PLUS Exclusive Package for Interior Driver’s Assistance Package Night Vision Assistant 19” AMG Alloy Wheels Active Park Assist with PARKTRONIC Light Package PRE-SAFE Braking Keyless-Go Package Power Tailgate Keyless Entry & Go Power Tilt/ Sliding Glass Panoramic Roof Climate Control in Rear Parking Package Burmester High-End Surround Soundsystem Sun Visors Package Heated and Cooled ComfortSeats in Front Heated and Cooled ComfortSeats in Rear - WITH LOTS MORE!


Mercedes-Benz S 500 Blue EFFICIENCY Year: 2013 VAT: VAT Excluded Location: Heilbronn, Germany Mileage: 85 km, 53 mi Gearbox: Automatic Fuel type: Petrol Color: Black Car type: Sedan  109,159

Pagani Huayra Year 2013 Location Dubai, UAE Mileage 600 km, 373 mi Gearbox Automatic Fuel type Petrol Color White Car type Coupe Body-- Pearl White Exterior Paint with Full Carbon Fibre Body Work Interior-- White and Black Leather with Full Carbon Fibre and Aluminium. Engine AMG M158 V12 twin-Turbo Displacement 5980cc Power 730 hp Torque 1.000 Nm


Pagani Huayra Year: 2013 Location: Dubai, UAE Gearbox: Automatic Fuel type: Petrol Color: Two-tone Car type: Coupe Price On Request

Pagani Huayra Year: 2013 Location: Dubai, UAE Gearbox: Semi-automatic Fuel type: Petrol Color: Orange Car type: Coupe Price On Request

Rolls Royce Wraith

“One is so accustomed to seeing RollsRoyces slipping silently through Mayfair or purring down to Ascot in a 30 mph traffic stream that one is apt to forget that these cars are just about the fastest non-sporting proposition of their time.” – The Earl of Cardigan ‘Britannia and Eve’ May 1930

The Wraith is one of Rolls-Royces greatest designs that we have seen for a while. The car oozes style and taste. So, lets start with the engine, we have a smooth V12 producing 624bhp enabling the car to go from 0-62 in 4.6 seconds. Thats not bad for a rather big Rolls-Royce. The Wraith is designed as a GT car, and we think that Rolls-Royce have pulled this off very well. Its timeless styling and presence mean that whether you are driving or watching one go past, you help but feel proud to be.

Opening the Suicide Door and your eyes are treated to sumptus leather and beautiful dials. Although the Wraith is a CoupĂŠ, the car will take four passengers is complete luxury. A special feature which we are very fond of, are the thousands of tiny fibre optic lamps, that are handwoven, by craftspeople into the roof lining. The fastastic fact about the Wraith, although it is their baby car, is that you don't feel like RollsRoyce have skimpped on materials and continues its rich long tradition of quality and eligence.

Prices From Price Upon Request Desirablilty






TOTAL 13.3/15

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Magellano -76-

Here is another beautifull private yacht created by Azimut team. With new dimensions and a number of innovations with the layout and interior of the desgin, all of which is designed to make the owner feel at home and as comfortable as possible. The deisgn and thinking behind the 76 was to make it easy to navigate the seas at either low or high speed. The maximum speed for the 76 is 22 knots when pushed, on a calm day. The 76 was styled based on a traditional Italian Trawler, but given an Italion style makeover, with luxury materials and design.

The 76 has eight beds in four cabins and four heads for the owner and their guests. From the amidships to the bow, holds the three beds in four cabins for the crew including their own crew mess and laundry area. The crew have to options when entering the crew area, one from the Swimming platform and second from the gallery stairway of the main deck. The pathway is seperate, practical and invisible to guests. The owner has access to the master on-suite also inculding a walk-in closet. Lighting for the room is provided by two scenic windows which are located on each site. This new design enables as much light to come into the room as possible. For the guests, the 76 has four cabins, each with there own private head.

Furnishings in Canaletto Walnut are enriched by doors clad with woven leather and featuring contrasting borders. Ample bookshelves are available in both the salon and the master suite to give it the feeling of home. In every cabin new areas dedicated to storage afford additional comfort. The cabin headrests are made of a hammered leather mosaic that creates an elegant, tone-on-tone textural effect. This motif is repeated in the head where one finds the same effect achieved with marble. Handles and grab-rails express the impressively well thought-out detailing that distinguishes the best of “made in Italy�, featuring inserts of stitched leather and stainless steel partially exposed and partially clad. The native elegance of the shipyard is evident throughout, an exclusive style, strong but unobtrusive in such a way that within it, each owner can feel at home and find a reflection of their own personality.

Furnishings in Canaletto Walnut are enriched by doors clad with woven leather and featuring contrasting borders. Ample bookshelves are available in both the salon and the master suite to give it the feeling of home. In every cabin new areas dedicated to storage afford additional comfort. The cabin headrests are made of a hammered leather mosaic that creates an elegant, tone-on-tone textural effect. This motif is repeated in the head where one finds the same effect achieved with marble. Handles and grab-rails express the impressively well thought-out detailing that distinguishes the best of “made in Italy�, featuring inserts of stitched leather and stainless steel partially exposed and partially clad. The native elegance of the shipyard is evident throughout, an exclusive style, strong but unobtrusive in such a way that within it, each owner can feel at home and find a reflection of their own personality.

Lowerdeck Flybridge


Prices from ÂŁ2,500,000+ Desirablilty






Columbus Global Explorer Year: 2013 VAT: VAT Excluded Location: Naples, Italy LOA: 72.5 m (238 ft) Beam: 13.5 m (44.29 ft) Draft: 3.9 m (12.8 ft) Engines 2 Engines Hp 1710  50,000,000

200' DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER Year: 2012 Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA LOA: 200 ft (60.96 m) Beam: 34.74 ft (10.59 m) Draft: 9.51 ft (2.9 m) Displacement: 317 lbs Delivered in January 2012, this stunning 61m Benetti features a signature Evan K Marshall interior comprising of two panoramic master suites and four guest staterooms. Guest elevators to all decks, a full beam sky lounge and vast open and shaded deck spaces. Of particular note is the additional top deck, located above the sun deck, which forms a very private, panoramic deck. The aft part of the sundeck can be transformed into a touch and go helipad.

$ 59,500,000

SS DELPHINE 1921 Super-Yacht Year: 1921 Location: Tunis, Tunisia LOA: 78.05 m (256 ft) We offer this very nice & very unique investment object 1921 SS Delphine ... Historic SteamPowered Deluxe Super Yacht The last operational steam powered Super Yacht afloat !SS DELPHINE, is one of the most unique and exceptional yachts for private cruise and charter in the world.Due to his steam powered engine you experience a really amazing absolute calm and relax feeling !In 2004, she received the annual showboats award for best refit.


MI SUEÑO Year: 2010 Location: Palm Beach, FL, USA LOA: 190 ft (57.91 m) Beam: 33.43 ft (10.19 m) Mi Sueno represents the ultimate opportunity to own a stunning 190’ megayacht that is offered for sale at an aggressive price by an experienced and realistic owner. With a draft of only 8’6”, a top speed of 21 knots and a maximum economical range of 4600 NM she combines true ocean going capability with the versatility of reaching those shallow secluded bays and marinas that are impossible for most yachts of this size. Whether being considered as the ultimate charter yacht or an exceptional family yacht, Mi Sueno was designed and built to incorporate all of the features and flexibility you would expect to find in a yacht of this caliber.

$ 36,950,000

M50 REVERSE Year: 2015 VAT: VAT Excluded Location: Savona, Italy LOA: 49.15 m (161 ft) Beam: 9 m (29.53 ft) Draft: 2.3 m (7.55 ft) Engines: 2 Engines Hp: 2896  24,000,000

NAMELESS Year: 2013 VAT: VAT Excluded Location: Savona, Italy LOA: 41 m (135 ft) Only delivered in August 2013 and having made her international debut at the Monaco Yacht Show taking home numerous interior design awards, MY NAMELESS is now officially available for sale. Rare Italian marbles & onyx is found throughout the interior and especially recognized in the bathrooms as no two are alike with each featuring a different stone. Stafano Rucci teamed up with Luca Dini Design and naval architecture by Cor D Rover has proven to be a winning combination as recognized by the marine industry as being one of the finest 41 meters available for sale in the world. Excellent opportunity to avoid the 28 month build period at Mondo Marine and purchase a 2013 model that is in NEW condition.


Monte Carlo Yachts


This is one of the most stunning yacht we have seen in a long time. Although this yacht was released a while back, we couldn't help but remind ourselves of how beautiful this machine is. Its's styling is simple yet easily recongnisable, giving it a timless edge. In its profile, for example, so characteristic thanks to the high, flared bow, without a pulpit. But also in the portholes: an original sign, almost a label, that is created by the reinterpretation of the classic bull's eye.

The T-top of the flybridge is made from all carbon, and stunning glass that support the lateral walkways up the side entrance to the saloon. An overall of 20 metres of length that gives the impression of being onboard a megayacht. This fact is backed by a beautifully designed interior. The decor is refined: walnut and grey oak dominate, with brown and grey leather inserts, a few touches of lacquer and fine fabrics from Armani Casa and Rubelli.

Materials and finishes that enrich large, liveable spaces, first and foremost the master cabin. Placed amidships, full beam, it is the largest in the category. Access is gained through a lobby flooded with natural light. The layout of the lower deck is completed by two other cabins both with private bathrooms): the VIP cabin with a double bed and the guest cabin with twin beds. So, powering this art, are two MAN V8 engines, producing 1000bhp per engine, enabling the yacht to cruise at a comfortable 27 knots, with a top speed of 31 knots. With the use of high quality materials and a unique design, you are bound to get noticed. This yacht will be around for a while and we know that its owners will enjoy every moment.


Main Deck

Lower Deck

Prices from Price Upon Request Desirablilty







Signature Serendipity Location: Anguilla $ 20,500,000 Built on one acre with 9,672 sq. ft. of interior and 4,508 sq. ft. of exterior terrace and an adjacent one acre, SVMB Plus consists of 8 master bedrooms and 10 bathrooms and features extensive and spacious open-planned living areas. Every SV home is appointed with premium brand amenities and state of the art entertainment, audio, mood lighting and security systems, providing every convenience for the ultimate in contemporary island living. The SV management team can provide for worry free ownership of SVMB Plus providing for all maintenance and service needs including private chefs, butler services, housekeeping and more.Anguilla is a tranquil coral isle well known for its pristine beaches, friendly people, gourmet dinning and relaxed pace of life.

Phillipe's Phenomenon Location: Anguilla $ 4,900,000 Sitting on Anguilla’s South shore, TRI holds its own secluded cove beach and stunning views towards the mountains of St. Martin. The homes, reception and facilities are dramatically placed on the rolling landscape to form their own private enclave. Our design team, including Lee H. Skolnick Architecture and Design Partnership, has created a unique Caribbean living experience. A rich blend of woods, stone and concrete creates a sensual yet modern Island-inspired environment. A touch of the tropics provides a sense of romance. The atmosphere is about bringing the outside in and playing with light and shade to create a peaceful oasis.The villa is approximately 9,200 square feet of constructed area and is centered on a wide open Great Room incorporating indoor/outdoor living, dining and kitchen facilities. Bedroom pavilions include decadent masters with indoor/ outdoor garden bathrooms.

Lochrum's Luxury Location: Anguilla $ 2,950,000 Assimilating into the islandscape just above indigoblue waters, LV have been designed to maximize the impact of their natural surroundings, defining a contemporary architecture that is reflective of indigenous culture. This austere design combined with seamless structure and the use of rich natural materials works synergistically to present the quintessential in form, function and accommodation. Entrants to LV are conducted through a lush garden with tranquil reflecting fountain to remove them sensually (sight, sound) from the island heat, preparing them for the stunning ocean view. Inside, generous open space reaches uninterrupted toward a pool with sun terrace, continuing the aesthetic outward and offering recreation and relaxation. Each home includes sustainable living features (cistern, passive solar design, design for natural ventilation), as well as indigenous landscaping for both beauty and privacy.

5 Linlithgow Road, Toorak Location: Melbourne, Australia $ 9,428,626 Presenting an exceptional lifestyle, this grand 1930s residence, situated on 1926 m2 (approx.) in one of Toorak’s finest streets offers privacy and luxury. Light filled living and dining with superb private entertaining spaces make this a relaxed family environment. Only moments to stylish Toorak and Hawksburn Villages, shopping, cafes, restaurants, highly respected private schools and transport. Featuring: Formal entry, elegant lounge, separate dining, library, modern kitchen, family, rumpus room, 5 bedrooms, study, 4 bathrooms, powder room, ducted heating, air-conditioning, polished floors, intercom, security system, outdoor entertaining, swimming pool, tennis court, 3 car garage with internal access and electric gates.

3501/68 Market Street, Sydney Location: Melbourne, Australia $ 9,437,524 Grand in scale and comprising 6300sq.ft+ of dual level living, including multiple expansive terrace entertaining areas on both levels, this spectacular penthouse offers 275-degree views of Sydney Harbour, Darling Harbour, the eastern suburbs and Sydney’s dazzling city lights.Designed for luxury living and entertaining, the penthouse comprises grand triple-height entry and reception area, formal reception room with fireplace, formal dining room, study with fire place and terrace, guest powder room, chef’s kitchen with adjacent morning room and terrace, laundry with Miele appliances, full walkin temperature controlled wine room for 2000 bottles and two guest bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and private terraces. The grand Master Suite includes a walk-thru dressing room, multiple wardrobes, built-in cabinetry magnificent en-suite marble bathroom with spa and two north-facing terraces each with reflection pools.


Location: City of Gold Coast, Australia $ 1,103,149 Family living in a secure, gated International Golf Course Resort creates a wonderful environment for everyone from young children to teenagers to a Mum, who is a gym enthusiast or a Dad who would relish a game of golf before breakfast! This stunning five bedroom home provides a grassed rear garden and large pool to suit all ages. “A family who plays together stays together” enjoy the luxury of a golf course with all resort facilities or simply soak up the sunshine in the parklands, on the walking paths or sitting by the lake feeding the abundant birdlife.Family & friends are well catered for in a superbly appointed kitchen giving way to three living areas on the lower level where guests can mingle or spill out to a spacious undercover, outdoor entertaining terrace complete with music speaker, barbeque, wine cooler, heater & fan.

Westland Heights 9 Location: Barbados $ 6,495,000 This attractive and luxurious home is located on an acre of lush tropical grounds in a gated community which includes a natural gully along the northern boundary offering additional privacy and security. Sea views can be enjoyed from the ground and 1st floors of this 7,500 sq ft 6 bedroom villa with greenheart floors, 50ft swimming pool, koi pond, Brazilian limestone terraces and patio, dining gazebo, bar and state of the art security, audio and wireless internet systems. The upper level of the villa includes 3 spacious en suite bedrooms all with en suite bedrooms, wardrobes and outstanding sea views – the master being the most private room in the villa. There is also 2 en suite guest rooms on the lower level which open onto a shared patio with sea views and a further 2 cottages with large en suite bathrooms adjacent to the pool. The property has also been upgraded to benefit from a full solar voltaire solar system which powers the entire property on the power of the sun which will help keep electricity bills to a minimum.

Arawidi Villa Location: Barbados $ 4,995,000 With sun decks, light wells and generous infinity-edge pool, Arawadi is designed for sun worshippers and water babies alike. Outdoor and indoor living blend seamlessly in the central living area that flows out to an airy patio, surrounded by cool water and landscaping. Upstairs, 2 generously proportioned master bedrooms, each with dressing areas, private patios and luxurious en-suite bathrooms, have farreaching views towards the Caribbean Sea. While on the ground floor, bedrooms 3 and 4 combine the best of both worlds- one has a secluded verandah overlooking the lush gardens while the other overlooks the pool. Architectural features include warm coral stone, vaulted doorways, Jalousie style windows, polished granite and hand finished hardwood. Together, they create an exclusive and sumptuous home that is in perfect harmony with the local surroundings. The natural stone floors that run throughout the house continue into the bedrooms and a variety of rug styles add a softness and luxurious feel to the finishes, whilst fitted timber wardrobe closets provide ample, stylish storage solutions.

Blue Waters

Location: Barbados $ 3,750,000 Blue Waters is an exquisite 5 bedroom villa located in the famous Sugar Hill Resort, just a short drive from one of the most popular West Coast beaches. Set in an acre of beautifully landscaped gardens Blue Waters offers wonderful views of the Caribbean Sea. There are 3 bedrooms on the upper level, each ensuite, that open onto a large covered balcony. There is another bedroom downstairs which is also ensuite and this opens on to the terrace. Blue Waters is elegantly furnished throughout and guests have the option of dining under the covered terrace or on the pool deck by the large infinity pool and Jacuzzi.There is also a gazebo with wet bar and BBQ facilities. Guests staying at Blue Waters have access to the many facilities that the 50 acre Sugar Hill Resort has to offer including a world class tennis club featuring four tennis courts with flood lighting, a state-of-the-art fitness centre, swimming pool, and a superb restaurant overlooking the clubhouse and swimming pool.

Modern House Location: Vari, Greece $ 11,489,592 Amphitheatric minimal high tech villa 650 sq m particular architecture, on 3.300 sq m plot with sea view from the pool. High roof living room area (6m) with a glass atrium, oak floors throughout the house, inox and visible concrete surfaces, 4 bedrooms (master bedroom 50 sq m) independent guest room, huge playroom with independent office, indoor parking.

Crete Chania Location: Canea, Greece $ 7,975,128 Chania Sea Front Estate is located 12 km away from Chania center in an area of great natural beauty and sparse residential development. There are 2 beach front villas built on 8.000 sq m plot with 85 m façade on the sea. Villa A is 460 sq m expanded in two levels. Ground floor consists of an open space living room, kitchen, bathroom and guest’s bathroom. The first floor has a master en suite bedroom, a second bedroom, office and fitness room. Villa B is 150 sq m expanding in two levels. The ground floor has a living area, kitchen, office and bathroom. The first floor has a master en suite bedroom.

Elounda Villa Location: Greece $ 5,303,958 Address: Elounda Property Type: House Bedrooms: 5 Bathrooms: 5 Living Area: 7532 Sq Ft. Land Area: 5000 Sq Ft.

Casa de La Marquesa Location: San Miguel de Allende, Mexico $ 12,000,000 Casa de la Marquesa is located in Santiago de Queretaro, one of Mexico’s most prosperous modern cities. Founded in 1531, Queretaro was formerly the capital of the Mexican Republic and retains much of its colonial splendor including buildings like Casa de la Marquesa (House of the Marquis). In 1996, Casa de la Marquesa, along with the historic center of Queretaro, was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site as being of outstanding value to humanity.Commissioned by the Spanish Marquis Don Juan Antonio de Urrutia y Arana as a gift to his consort, Casa de la Marquesa was completed in 1756. Stories and legends abound but historians agree, Casa de la Marquesa has been an important actor in local and national history, having been host to many important figures including the Emperor of Mexico Maximilian of Hapsburg and Emperor Don Agustin de Iturbide.Today, Casa de la Marquesa is an exquisitely appointed 13 suite boutique hotel within just a few steps of Queretaro’s most notable historic attractions, gardens and museums. Re-known for its beauty, the palace is a superb example of Mexican Baroque architecture replete with stunning details: hand-forged iron lattices, carved Cantera stonework, Moorish filigrees, and painstakingly restored Morrocan murals all complemented with exquisite period furnishings to immediately transport visitors to the age of colonial grandeur.

Casa Cariño

Location: San Miguel de Allende, Mexico $ 6,250,000 Casa Cariño is the most spectacular property offered for sale in San Miguel de Allende. Located in a private gated drive just minutes from Centro, this home sits perched on a hillside overlooking all of San Miguel, the valley and distant mountains. With a dramatic three-story rotunda, multiple terraces, balconies, and incredible views from all levels, this home is truly phenomenal. The living spaces of this home are vast, including a large living room, dining room, poolside entertainment pavilion, "cantina," and beautiful sitting terraces. There are 7 spacious bedrooms, including a large master suite, as well as multiple areas for staff. With central elevator, state of the art systems, dramatic pool, and double garage, this estate home is truly designed for the discriminating homeowner.

Juarez Park Location: San Miguel de Allende, Mexico $ 3,900,000 Located in the most prestigious location in San Miguel, on Juarez Park at Aldama, this spectacular home is truly designed for the discriminating buyer. The property was constructed on a raised garden, offering sweeping views across the landscaped grounds over the park. With soaring ceilings, enormous windows overlooking the gardens, and sculptural walls and columns, this home is a masterpiece of design. The home is also perfect for entertaining on a grand scale, with large living areas, dining room with 40 foot ceilings, and doors leading to the amazing landscaped gardens. The property also has wonderful amenities, including a guest apartment, staff quarters, massage room, and elevator. With state-of-the-art systems, including radiant floor heating, advanced security system, solar system, and automatic double garage, this is the most sophisticated home on the market in San Miguel de Allende.

Estate in “Landscape” Location: Moscow, Russia $ 25,000,000 The magnificent "turnkey" house in a modern style is located on an area of about 85 hectares. Elite country gated community "Landscape" is located in the central part of the Rublevka area in the beautiful coniferous forest on the shore of a small lake with crystal clear water. Floor plan of the main house:Ground floor: hall, cloakroom, study, kitchen connected to dining room with access to the terrace, living room with fireplace, terrace, SPA- area with sauna, jacuzzi, hammam, shower and toilet, staff room, bathroom.1st floor: spacious lounge with balcony, 2 children's bedrooms with en-suite and walk-in closets, 2story master suite with fireplace, dressing room and ensuite bathroom.Basement: billiard room, home theater, boiler room, cloakroom, cellar, bathroom, staff room with bathroom, kitchen, laundry, ironing room, technical room.Floor plan of the guest house (215 sqm) :Ground floor: entrance hall, cloakroom, open kitchen joined with dining room and living-room with the fireplace, master bedroom with dressing room and en-suite bathroom, guest toilet;1st floor : gym, shower room, cloakroom.In the area: pond, summerhouse/bbq, exquisite landscaping, cars, boiler room, 3 -bedroom apartment for staff.

Pakhra Location: Troickoe, Russia $ 6,000,000 Quiet and cosy village surrounded by forests in close proximity to the Pakhra river and within 5 minutes’ walk to the lake full of fish (trout, sturgeon, catfish, crucian carp, carp), ski slopes, holiday hotels and boarding houses. It’s a traditional recreation place. This three-level home offers a kitchen, living-room, entrance hall and cloakroom, dining-room, home cinema, laundryroom, utility room, storage room, bathroom with shower unit, 2 car garage; bedroom with bathroom, walk-in closet and terrace access, indoor garden, kids’ bedroom with bathroom and balcony access; entertainment room including karaoke system, bar, 2 bedrooms, hookah room, half bathroom with shower unit.The landscaped grounds comprise 112 sqm bath house with entertainment room and cool pool, pergola, barbecue area.

Stylish home Location: Moscow, Russia $ 4,400,000 Floor plan: 1st floor: entrance hall, cloakroom, lounge, dining room connected to the kitchen, living room with fireplace and access to the terrace, guest bedroom with en-suite bathroom, swimming pool 7 x 5 m, fitness room, sauna, shower room, 2 bathrooms, kitchen with pantry for staff.2nd floor: entrance hall, master bedroom with en-suite bathroom and dressing room, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 dressing rooms, 2 balconies;Ground floor: hall, gym, billiards room, game room, bathroom, apartments for staff with a separate entrance, boiler room, laundry room.Additional: landscaping, carport for 3 cars.

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