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“Christmas is the spirit of giving without a thought of getting. It is happiness because we see joy in people. It is forgetting self and finding time for others. It is discarding the meaningless and stressing the true values.� Thomas S. Monson












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CEO LETTER 2018 is coming to an end and what a year it has been! Another year of amazing supercars like the Lamborghini Urus and the Rolls Royce Cullinan. From the superyacht market Burgess announced that they had sold the stunning vessel Jubilee which is one of the most eye watering designs in modern times. Asset Intelligence has completed it’s first full year having published 10 editions and has been well received by youselves. The book has enabled us as a brand to present assets from brands across the entire luxury market as well as being supported by our club partners. There will be small changes to the book next year, with a brand new team, editors, designers and brands. You can expect the book to be even bigger and more personal. The biggest event of 2019 will be the formal launch of The Keep Club having being in development for the last two years. The Club will be the first of its kind dedicated exclusively to assets like supercars, superyachts, jets and real estate. With a brand partner in each sector, members will be able to take advantage of their amazing services and save money along the way. Wealthy individuals like yourselves now have a club that has your interests at heart. Members will be able to save a minimum of £50,000 of cash in a year. I also thrilled to say that we will be working with Mastercard who will be providing members their membership card. This means all your savings and rewards will be transferred to your card for you to spend at over 34 million locations around the world. I would like to wish you and your loved ones an amazing Christmas and New Year. Until next time...

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Join the CLUB; experience the ULTIMATE in YACHTING LIFESTYLE

TRITON 1650/3 LP


Dive the Caribbean this winter in a new, 3-person luxury Triton submersible, certified to depths of 500m.

This is a unique opportunity to purchase a dive ready, in-class, new Triton submersible direct from inventory, including clean class certificate, 6-function manipulator, crew training, annual survey and much more...

For more info contact: Craig Barnett: + 34 699 993 583 / +1 954 471 5101 Patrick Lahey: +1 772 559 9687 Bruce Jones: +1 208 771 6005

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Imagine a holiday where nothing is left to chance. Where every infinite detail is planned and arranged for you. Imagine warm sunny days, azure waters, exquisite service and memories made with your nearest and dearest. At Sunseeker Charters, every charter we produce is as uniquely bespoke as you are. With a world of cruising possibilities just over the horizon, we’re here to help you make the most out of your treasured downtime. From our captains to our brokers, we have the expertise to far exceed your holiday expectations, meaning all that’s left for you to do is sit back and enjoy the view.




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A LIFE IN PICTURES... Written by Louise White

When we think about Richard E Grant, we all associate the words handsome, tall and award-winning, well at least I do, he’s that type of guy, but its not just his looks that makes him one Hollywood blockbuster. His career breakthrough shot to fame in the cult British Comedy Withnail & I (1987) with an actors dream role, playing one of a pair of struggling thespians in Bruce Robins perennial cult favorites. His career has been no surprise from Oscar winning performances, independent dramas and upstaging action stars. It can certainly be said, that Grant has brought a touch of class and flamboyance to an industry that did once lack in diversity. Grants work has span across many recognised television programs and appeared in Absolutely Fabulous, Downton Abby, Game Of Thrones, Doctor Who and he certainly has shown his fans the culture and reflects how he can accomplish one character to another – who says Bram Stokers Dracula or Sherlock I will leave that for you to decide as fans of Richard E Grants. Grant is not just an actor, known for his feature series Wah Wah, which he directed, an impressive masterpiece, touring the world’s most illustrious

hotels and industriousness. In 2005 the series followed with a publication of The Wah Wah Diaries, which was his third book. He’s certainly a man of distinction and for one night only the star reflected on his 30-year acting career at the Bafta: A Life In Pictures, which explored the work of towering figures in the world of cinema. Talking us through how it started, who he’s worked with, lets say there where a few that stood out Mellissa McCarthy, Maggie Smith, Meryl Streep and oh Tom Hanks WOW is the word I can only express – mesmerised by his soulfulness he goes on to talk about where it all began… Working in film has been an accomplishment he states, he’s had many no’s, but says, and fuck it I’m going to keep trying, until somebody says yes. He had one teacher called Bonnie Barnes, who was Scottish and taught Grant the piano, French and good English, he stayed friends with her for 40 – 50 years until she died at 89. Grant states, having one person that believes in you right from the beginning that’s invaluable to me. I want to thank her for having faith in me.

Moving to how he’s going to Schwarzengger himself into a career and took weight gain powder and went to Notting Hill Gate to meet Linda leplance ex-husband Richard Leplance a muscle Mary to get Grant pumped up ready for a role, which took 9 months of hard work and he states, I did get up to 12 stone, but to say I looked like a fat bugger. When auditioning for Witnail & I, he talks about the journey - he came out of Notting Hill tube station wearing a 1940s rain coat, that he bought from Oxfam, even the stars like a second had bargain.

its ball acing funny - Robinson says read the first scene, which was folk it so, Grant misallied two fingers and SHOUTED FOLK IT! He got the part! Melissa McCarthy is one actor Grant really liked working with he states, that when rehearsing with Mellissa, which they actually never did on one of the movies, Grant says, I couldn’t sleep for at least 72 hours and wouldn’t remember a line, if I didn’t meet her before the day of shooting, but Melissa had the same impulse and they met and talked about what level she was pitching. Grant states, she lowered her voice she insisted on having a wig with grey hair, really downy clothes and within the first 5 seconds they just got on at a profound level. Grant states and that’s how they formed to make a great movie.

He had a leather bound copy of the script, which he was reading on the tube journey he states, a monsoon opened up, as I got off at the tube. I had to walk up to peel cottage, which was 10 blocks away, drenched and looked like a drowned rat by the time Grants next adventure is one that we all know, if I said LET THE FORCE BE I came in to the audition. WITH YOU! That’s a clue and yes, Grant said I’m so sorry Mary (the it’s the last Star Wars movie – one audition person at the time) she said that I’m very excited about. Grant this is perfect for the part. Grant who has played some distinctive said he did see someone famous characters is thrilled by this part too, scope out the door and thought, fuck which is being filmed at Shepperton they’ve got the part. He met Reese Studios – this is yet another credit to Robinson and was holding the script add to his outstanding career and and Robinson asks Grant, what did one that we all cant wait to see! you think of it? Grant replied, I think 19

#SALON QP 2018 You know you are approaching the Christmas season when you receive a Salon QP VIP invitation to attend the open VIP evening at the Saatchi Gallery bringing together some of the biggest watchmakers and brands from around the world. For those who may not be aware of Salon QP, it is a three-day event where you get the opportunity to browse some of the most exclusive watches from brands like Bovet 1822, Czapek, and a Panerai. It is a time when you can try on a dozen watches all in one evening and can easily end up spending six figures. With a hand full of exclusive individuals who get invited

to the VIP evening, it is a time when you can pull out your prized watch and wear it know that everyone you meet will be wearing their own watch which is equally amazing. Wearing a watch today is not just a for time-keeping but a form of selfexpression. It is an extension of your style. When you are deciding what to wear you coordinate it with your whole outfit whether you are man or women. A watch is a finishing piece. Take a look at Salon QP website for all the gossip, news and announcements for all things watch related.



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ORI ON - LUxU RY SAFE L INE · Handmade leather housing with stitching and decorative seams · Stainless steel lid polished with leather inlay with BUBEN&ZORWEG initials · German electronic locking system · Hand-sewn, Italian nappa leather · Interior in finest black velour · State-of-the-art LED lighting with fading technology · Finest German craftsmanship·




Cellini Dual Time - 18 Ct Everose Gold Price Upon Request



Defy Classic Black Ceramic Price Upon Request


Navitimer Aviator 8 B01 Chronograph 43 Limited Edition Price Upon Request



Christmas with Jeff Wan

Holiday Accessories


Grand Baie Juice Box in Metallic Pebble $225


1. Grand Baie Juice Box in Cazela $255


2. Port Louis Bag in Cazela $525


Le Morne Backpack in Cazela $525


TOP: Bazar Tote in Nwar - $375 BOTTOM: Le Morne Backpack in Embossed Croc - $525











E X P E C T E D 36

WELCOME TO JET SETTERS MAKING YOU THE STAR F1. It is one of the most luxurious motorsports in the world, one that demands the very best brands, food, drinks, personalities and locations. It is a sport that individuals will pay good money to experience, whether it is visiting the pits to get up close and personal with the cars and the crew to be in the VIP suite watching the race in absolute comfort with champagne and great food. Thinking about this, it is hard to see how you can top this, what else is there? Towards the end of November, F1 will be in Abu Dhabi where the sun shines and the racing is intense. How would you like to watch the race from a 200-foot superyacht? I guess this is were Jet Setters Group comes in, a brand that wants to offer more, an experience that you will want to share with your friends or when you next go to that business meeting. The Yas Marina Circuit is one of the fastest tracks on the F1 calendar and with a portion of the track placed along the coastline and harbour, where Jet Setters have a yacht moored up right next to the track, a viewing platform like no other. So let’s find out a little bit more about Jet Setters. Founded by Taoufik Khalfi a man who is a has a passion for motorsport himself, had a dream of offering more to wealthy individuals, to have them build memories that they could take away and share with everyone they know and meet. The brand was founded in 2017 and Taoufik has worked hard to bring together an experience in November in Abu Dhabi where he managed to secure a superyacht called LIGHT HOLIC which is a sleek and eyecatching vessel that will make you feel a million dollars. In October the brand announced that it had a new UK Brand Ambassador, Camilla Kerslake, and experienced petrol head who has a passion for speed. Who



Kerslake? 37

She is a BRIT nominated English classical crossover singer who has performed in arenas and stadiums all over the world. She has also lent her voice to the famous Oscars and BAFTA motion pictures. Amongst her amazing voice she now also writes a blog for Harper’s Bazaar. It is not just public performances that she shines, Camilla had the amazing pleasure of performing for the Royal Family at Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and The Houses of Parliament. With Camilla’s passion for motoring and her amazing voice, she is perfect for the brand. The Yacht - LIGHT HOLIC She is a 60-metre yacht built in 2011 by CRN and later in 2014 had a full refit. LIGHT HOLIC stands out from the other superyachts as she has a beige colour hull and with space to sleep 12 guests in 6 rooms with a crew of 15 to ensure that your time onboard is smooth and hassle-free. The interior was designed by Negoescu, and this shows by the light earthy colours and finished throughout, from the main saloon to the master suite. With large windows, it never feels dark, allowing plenty of sunlight to enter the cabins and rooms. When she is not being used by Jet Setters she is available to charter for approximately 366,000 USD for a week. Jet Setters is just an events company but they can also look after your personal and corporate needs from getting last minute tickets to a show or booking a table at that exclusive restaurant. Abu Dhabi F1. From Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th November 2018, guests can enjoy 5-star hospitality including complimentary food catered by Cipriani and a premium selection of wines, spirits & champagne on board a 200-feet three-tier yacht. The after race parties are by invitation only and are included in the weekend package. The guest list for the evening will be a mix of international Jet Setters, F1 drivers and artists. The party starts from 8 pm till late at night, including an open bar with champagne, caviar and canapés.


The Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix Weekend Yacht Package includes: - Three-day luxury yacht pass - After race yacht party pass - Premium track view - Service staff - Onboard entertainment - F1 Driver appearances - Live race coverage on-board - Private security - Onboard catering from Cipriani -Premium selection of wines, spirits & champagne Cost: Upon Application


The ultima t e saf ar i specia l is t


photo credit: Singita 41


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B O O K A P R I V A T E J E T , I N S T A N T LY.

Don’t wait for quotes. Stratajet is the world’s only online private jet booking platform with real prices and availability. It means the price you see is the price you pay, allowing you to book in seconds.

D OW N LOA D T H E A P P A N D S E A RC H F L I G H T S TO DAY +44 (0)20 3553 2030 | S T R ATA J E T.CO M


THE ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME Visit: Elemental Adventure is a company that I have been wanting to write about for a long time. This brand, in my opinion, is for those of you who love to ski or like living life on the edge. It is my pleasure to introduce Elemental Adventure; a brand that offers truly unique and lasting experiences providing stories that you can share with your friends and family for years to come. Founded in 1999 by James Morland who has a true passion for adventure. Before setting up Elemental Adventure he was a professional ski patroller in Canada and New Zealand, but it was not all snowy environments. He also managed remote fishing lodges in Arctic Russia and, from time to time, took guests sailing the far reaches of the world from Alaska to South East Asia. This is a man who knows adventure and loves to share his passion with guests. Second to James is Jonas Ernevi who 43

also has a love affair with the snowy slopes having spent time also in Canada and Japan, which made him a natural fit for the brand. I myself love remote locations for hiking whether it is on the Isle of Skye in Scotland to trekking the Alps. The sensation is like nothing else, the open space, fresh air and views that stun. When you have friends with you who share the same passion, it is moments like this that always stay with you. Elemental Adventure is more than just another skiing company, but a place you can go to when you want to experience an adventure off the beaten track. With passion and experience combined, these guys know all the best local places that will give you a thrill. I asked Jonas to share with me two locations that will really blow your minds. First is Canada and the second is India, so let’s begin with Canada.

Vancouver Airport, you have a Bell THE PLATINUM EXPERIENCE Canada is one of the few countries 212 Helicopter at your disposal. that for thrill seekers has everything, TYPICAL SEVEN DAY ITINERARY no matter what sport you are into. As soon as you arrive at Vancouver Airport there is a helicopter waiting to take you to a remote private chalet called Spirit Bear Chalet. The lodge overlooks a stunning frozen lake and over 800,000 acres of the powderfilled playground which is reserved for you and your guests to explore at your leisure. With the chalet, you have your very own private chef who will ensure you have the perfect start and finish to your day. There is also a cellar filled with vintage wines to accompany your meal. At the end of the day you can take advantage of a Jacuzzi and Massage Room to relax those tired muscles.

Thursday International flight and overnight in Vancouver Friday One-hour helicopter flight direct to your chalet Saturday to Thursday Six days of Heliskiing (including unlimited vertical)

Friday Helicopter transfer direct to Vancouver after skiing on Friday (skiing normally finishes at lunchtime on your final day). Connect to international flight or overnight in The beauty of where the chalet is Vancouver. located is that no matter what level of skier you are from a beginner (myself) Jonas does advise that you arrive two to a world-class professional, there is to three days prior to travelling to the something for everyone. When you chalet staying at the Whistler resort to do want to take at a break from skiing shake off the jet lag and to adjust. I you have your very own private couldn’t agree more. This will allow helicopter that can take you into you to maximise your skiing time at Vancouver when you want to browse the chalet. the local restaurants and shops. Cost During your stay you will have Private Group of up to ten skiers: access to two private mountain 223,500 CAD + 5% tax guides, a pilot and a concierge. And Private Group of up to six skiers: from the moment that you land at 179,350 CAD + 5% tax




THE HIMALAYAS India Himachal Pradesh Himalayan Odyssey This is a part of the world that is often overlooked. Only skiers with real experience travel here due to the amazing steep slopes. A trip like this works best in small groups between three to four people and, like with the Platinum Experience (previously described), you have the use of an A-Star B3 helicopter and over 30,000 vertical metres of heliskiing (in a week).

One to try: Himalayan Heliski Safari Your week starts in the muggy streets of Delhi before hopping on a short one hour flight and escaping to the cool fresh air of the vibrant Kullu valley. The aim of this week is simple: to explore seldom, if ever, visited areas of Himachal Pradesh. Lay tracks down virgin slopes of powder snow and stay at lodges, tented camps, rest houses and private village homes along the way - a pure & untamed adventure. TYPICAL ITINERARY

India has a rich culture and history so my advice would definitely go a week before and spend time in Delhi before heading up to the mountains. This is a city that almost feels like you have gone back in time. When you visit the markets, you will see spice merchants with their goods stacked in colourful piles and jewellers using traditional scales to weigh the gold. There are several sites that you have to visit like the Humayun’s Tomb and the famous Red Fort. When you are ready to leave the city and unwind you can head to the second part of your trip and that is to the Himalayan Mountains which are covered in snow throughout the year.


Friday Arrive in Delhi and Overnight in a hotel. Saturday 6am flight from Delhi to Kullu (Weather permitting). Transfer by road to Manali arriving around 10am. Sunday to Friday Six days of Heliskiing. Saturday Return to Delhi and connect to your international flight. Price: Upon Application.


Novitec Rosso Ferrari F12 “N-Largo S” Price on Application | info@hypervoitures | +971 6557 1150




Winter Operating Areas 2018/2019 Caribbean, Cabo San Lucas and Sea of Cortez Winter Rates High rate: Euro 1,300,000/week (Christmas and New Year periods) Low rate: Euro 1,200,000/week (all other periods) |


As 2018 comes to an end, those who are not a fan of the cold weather (like myself) may want to spend some time in warmer climates. Looking for a place in the sun? How about Cabo San Lucas and the Sea of Cortez or the Caribbean on board one the most outstanding superyachts by Amels? HERE COMES THE SUN is an 83 metre superyacht that has over 15,000 sq ft of interior space and over 10,000 sq ft of exterior space! There is just so much space, everywhere. For the first time, I genuinely don’t know where to start...

Without a doubt in my mind when you approach HERE COMES THE SUN you will get butterflies. Let us begin with the exterior: The large deck spaces speak for themselves and each deck has chrome/silver railings and plenty of windows. From the beach club to the sun deck, there is so much exterior space that when your charter comes to an end, you may be surprised at how dark you tan is... To help you go between the five decks, yes FIVE decks, there is a glass elevator or a spiral staircase which wraps around the elevator. Starting on the sun deck, this is where 51


you will want to spend the evening sitting in the jacuzzi watching the sun go down whilst drinking a Pornstar Martini prepared in the cocktail bar. Moving down to the Owner’s deck you will find the stylish main salon. One detail that I like is that all the colours that are used around the interior are warm, earthy colours, and natural tones. Intricately carved wood and stone, leather and bronze features highlight the connection to the great outdoors. The effect is a modern, relaxed beach villa aesthetic with a top-quality finish. The furniture is also minimal, which is always a winner. Every room is inviting, encouraging you to put your feet up, whereas on some yachts it can feel like you are in a showroom where if you sit down it might spoil to the look of the room, so you sit on the edge of the sofa. Not here. It is not just the main salon that feels like this but everywhere from the sundeck to the beach club.

the main salon with its dining area for up to 14 guests. This is the perfect place to hold formal evenings where guests can have space to relax and enjoy a few drinks. There is also a grand piano and a large cocktail bar. My favourite detail about this room is the ceiling and its small ‘shell’ like tiles which just give the room that bit more character. Here you will also find the seven luxurious guest staterooms and the 10-seater cinema.

The Owner’s suite has one of the best locations that I have seen, forwardfacing on the private Owner’s deck with a full 180-degree view. It is breathtaking and offers one of those views that will make you never want to get out of bed! The walk around deck spaces and the high windows bring the outside in and the layout of the room creates a haven for a welcome escape after a busy day spent with with family and friends. The Owner’s suite also has a walk-in wardrobe and a stunning bathroom, definitely one of the best Owner’s suites I have seen on any yacht.

HERE COMES THE SUN can host 12 guests in 10 staterooms. There are also 25 talented and highly skilled crew members available 24/7 who will ensure your time on board is memorable and stress-free. The crew know the yacht and the destinations like no other, and with an onboard water toys instructor, Dive Master, Thai oil masseuse, Head of Service and qualified Sommelier Gabor, who used to manage the Michelin starred Launceston Place in London, you are in good hands.

Finally, you come to the lower deck and its dedicated wellness area situated on the spectacular beach club complete with fold down terraces. It features a sauna, hammam, gym and a relaxation lounge and the beach club can also be set up to become a massage room. Naturally, there are plenty of toys on board HERE COMES THE SUN for you to enjoy in the warm waters of the Sea of Cortez or the Caribbean this winter.

When Fraser mentioned HERE COMES THE SUN to me, I was Taking the elevator down to the main immediately excited. This is one of deck you will find an infinity pool and those yachts that if I was to build





one for myself, I would use it as an What do you like to cook when you are home alone? inspiration, a base to start from. I will never get tired of a simple plate HERE COMES THE SUN also has of spaghetti with clams, especially one other hidden gem and that is when sharing it with my wife, who is Chef Tiziano Nastri who took the a huge fan of the dish. time to tell us a little bit more about Is there a chef you admire the most himself . who and why? What made you want to become a One of the chefs that I regard most highly is Antonio Cannavaccuolo. As chef? My maternal grandparents had a a fellow Neapolitan, he has made small bakery and bistro in Naples, a name for himself transforming south of Italy. I spent my childhood traditional and simple flavours summers observing my grandmother into modern culinary experiences, cook traditional dishes. Recreating rightfully earning him a Michelin star. those colours, flavours and textures What is the most stressful part of your became my passion. job? How long have you been cooking As part of the luxury yacht experience, we are wholeheartedly professionally? Cooking has been my profession and committed to providing the highest favourite hobby for over thirty years. standards to please our guests. This becomes challenging when travelling Do you have a favourite ingredient? to remote destinations where we Growing up by the coast meant that might have difficulty finding certain I always had a special appreciation ingredients. It all involves a lot of planning, organisation and excellent for seafood. teamwork. What is your favourite wine? My favourite red wine is a What are your top 3 career Mastroberardino Taurasi, produced highlights? in Campania, a region in the south The first was when I got the of Italy. For white wine, I’d have opportunity to work on a yacht, to go with Gavi di Gavi la Scolca which allowed me to take my craft to a whole new level. The second was produced in Piedmont, Italy. my first Cannes Film Festival charter.


I was cooking for movie stars every night and it was a mix of excitement and fear. I’ll never forget it. The third, and perhaps most important, was when I started working for the yacht’s owner on his first 37-metre yacht 14 years ago. We have been through so much together and I’m proud to be his executive chef to this day. What is your view on the yacht industry? It goes without saying that working in this industry has many perks. We travel the world, it’s an adventure. I’ve explored markets in Mexico, prepared a full course meal on a glacier in Alaska and have seen everything in between; Taking a little piece from everywhere I go and learning so much from people of different cultures and backgrounds. It can also be very tough, delivering the best is a lot of pressure, but it also adds an element of surprise. How did you get into being a chef on a yacht? For me it was completely by chance. When I lived in the United States one of my neighbours had a brother who worked as a yacht captain. He introduced us and five months later I was offered a job, as a chef, on his yacht in Sanremo Italy. What is your favourite yachting

destination? My heart belongs to the Mediterranean. I can always find the best ingredients, even in the smallest village market, the quality in exceptional. On the other hand, Alaska was sensational, the untouched natural beauty is breathtaking. What is the difference between cooking in a restaurant to a yacht? I think the main difference is the relationship with the client, on a yacht, it’s much more intimate and personal, the food is essentially tailored to their taste. The level of organisation required is also significantly higher, if something is missing in a restaurant, you can always go and get it. On a yacht we have to be prepared weeks in advance, to ensure we have everything to exceed the expectations of our guests. Whilst on a yacht what is the most unusual request you have had from a guest? Perhaps not unusual but definitely the most challenging was when one of the guests invited some friends on board. We served the final dishes and the kitchen was being cleaned when at that moment the head stewardess came in and informed us that the guest has requested a birthday cake to be served immediately. I’m a

pretty good baker, but I had no idea what I could deliver in less than five minutes. We somehow managed, but we always encourage guests with special requests to tell us some time in advance, so we can ensure we deliver the absolute best. What is your most interesting or fun experience from your time on board the yacht? One of the craziest and most emotional experiences happened when I was working on board on my 50th birthday. The Owner called me to the deck and knowing my lifelong passion for motorcycles, he gifted me a Harley Davidson Electraglide motorcycle. I didn’t believe it until I took my first ride. To be honest I still can’t believe it. What advice would you give to first time charter guests? I would advise guests to take short trips, this ensures the possibility to explore a few different locations. The yacht experience is unique, it allows guests to experience luxury at its finest, and for this reason, I highly encourage guests to fill in a preference sheet with regards to their dietary requirements and allergies. This allows the kitchen to fully cater to each guest’s personal preferences. And of course, to enjoy every single commodity Here Comes The Sun has to offer.






HOME FROM HOME | +44 (0)20 3598 8888

Over the last several years we have seen Londons skyline change, from tower blocks to amazing renovation developments, it is a city that has a property for almost anyone. There is one project that is worth a look at from Concord London who has a brand new project that sits on the site of the former Moxon Street carpark and represents the whole city block in W1, which is yet to be developed. The project will offer 54 luxury homes with vast retail space too, all located at the heart of trendy Marylebone. Designed by internationally acclaimed architects Simon Bowden Architecture, the development boasts a modern Georgian architectural design – reflecting the area’s rich history and culture. Simon understands that today we all want more natural light as well as plenty of greenery, which is why the development has a stunning five storey atrium, which will alway residents to move through the inner galleria before crossing over a private bridge to their own front porch. The galleria is an expansive skylight with so much greenery and a central water feature that it feels like you are practically outside. All this promotes healthy living which is key in a large city like London.

to an iPad, allowing residents to set lighting scenes in each room. The apartments will be finished to a high quality specification including Balthaup and Boffi kitchens, Miele & Gagganau appliances and bespoke fixtures and fittings throughout. Each apartment is also kept at the perfect temperature using innovative comfort cooling technology. Marylebone is known for its village feel and a large collection of independent shops with a vast array of cafes, boutiques, restaurants, bars and galleries. Best of all Regents Park is only ten minutes walk away. I know that there are a few of you out there that when you travel with your family, whether it is for business or pleasure that a hotel is just another expense, a hassel, which is why this development is perfect alternative for you. A place where you and the family can call home. There is plenty of space for the kids and plenty of places to entertain the whole family.

“Marylebone Square is by far the most exciting development to have been created in Marylebone in the 35 years I have worked in the area. The architecture, location, its amazing galleried atrium and generosity of terraces provide So what about those luxury something we have not yet seen apartments, well you have a choice before with London new-builds. between two and three bedroom apartments including 12, yes 12, “For decades to come, Marylebone two and three penthouses! Each Square will be the most admired apartment has both indoor and and talked about mixed-use outdoor living areas, with terraces development. As director of Druce, and spacious verandas. In addition I am very proud and excited to be there will be a 24-hour concierge able to work with both Concord and team, an external courtyard with a Savills on what is set to become a central water feature, planting and defining location in Marylebone.” trees. There is also parking included - Simon Hedley, Director of Representing Agent. with 28 electric charging points. Druce, Each home will also have a KNX home automation system, with a Prices start from £2,550,000 touch screen panel located near the for a one-bedroom apartment. entry door which can be connected Completion set for Q4 2021




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Deer Valley Estate Utah, US

When it comes to finding a property with amazing views and amazing architecture then this is a hidden gem. Deer Valley Mountain Estate is a one of a kind build, located behind one of the gates of Deer Valley’s exclusive estates. This home has five bedrooms with eight bathrooms, but most importantly, it offers mountain views that will never get old, no matter what time of the year it is. As a bonus for those that love to ski, you have access to the iconic Valley Ski Resort with amazing slopes all around. Priced at 7,500,000 USD this is a perfect family home to escape the city life. 66



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Wildcat Retreat Colorado, US

If it is space you are after then this one could be for you, Wildcat Retreat, located in Colorado, has over 215 acres that could be yours and a 3,567 square foot home. The home itself has 4 fully furnished bedrooms and, 4.5 bathrooms, but those that want to make their own mark have the ability to construct an 11,000+ square foot home, that you can design, build and finish to your style. When you are ready to start exploring the outdoors, you can visit the 50-acre reservoir which has its own boat dock and over 26 miles of hiking trails. This property really does have it all! Priced at 9,500,000 USD. 69


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Black Pearl FRANCE

Where do I start with this chalet? This property is all about style and no matter where you look, from room to room, the attention to details is just amazing. A chalet like this has the perfect blend of family space and hosting guests. At your disposal, you have 8 bedrooms each with there own dressing rooms and the walking into the living room you have stunning panoramic views of the ski slopes. If that wasn’t enough, there is also a Spa, with a swimming pool, steam room, sauna, jacuzzi, massage room and a fitness room, and not forgetting the two games rooms, a cinema and a private lounge with a piano bar. Priced at 45,000,000 EUR 71

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The Cape Hawk 690 has been created from the outset to provide better value for the owner.

Capable of worldwide voyaging, an all-year season greatly increases the potential revenue from charter.

Dramatically reduced build costs through smarter design and by utilising commercial practises and suppliers without compromise.

Become a next generation owner.

Robust engineering that can be largely maintained by the crew at sea.








“Luxury is attention to detail, originality, exclusivity and above all quality� - Angelo Bonati



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