Motion System Trends 2019

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Higher speeds,

output put greater demands on shock and vibration technologies

ACE Controls fitted its shock absorber technology with an IoT sensor to allow for simpler predictive maintenance.


he move to faster speeds, larger volumes and greater outputs in automated machinery is prompting more use of vibration and shock mitigation technologies. This has intensified innovations to shock absorbers, vibration dampers, air bearings and other devices, which run the gamut from faster response-designs to smart technologies. According to Brian Fink, Product Manager, Aerotech Inc., “Optimizing a motion system’s move-and-settle performance is key to improving throughput in high-volume, high-precision manufacturing applications. As the motion system aggressively accelerates and decelerates, the applied forces react against the machine base. This results in an oscillation that can last for hundreds of milliseconds or longer during which the processing must be delayed until the oscillation attenuates in order to maintain the required accuracy."



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Fink described one of Aerotech’s mechanical options — its PlanarHDX, a two-axis, planar air-bearing stage, which features a reaction-mass design that significantly reduces forces imparted to the machine base, thereby enabling lighting-fast turnaround and move-and-settle times. Additionally, from a control systems standpoint, Aerotech offers an Enhanced Throughput Module (ETM), a mechatronic solution that measures the unwanted motion of the machine base and feeds it back into Aerotech’s motion controller, which then alters the commanded motor currents to effectively isolate the moving workpoint from the base motion. |

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