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REMARKABLE “FALL AND RISE” A month before anyone had heard of coronavirus, the historic Sewickley, Pa. club was confronted with a different type of unforeseen calamity, when a massive piece of its clubhouse ceiling crashed down two floors. But the Edgeworth team’s response was so effective, only one lunch service was missed as the building’s elegance was fully restored. By Joe Barks, Editor

ON MONDAY, FEBRUARY 3RD, 2020, General Manager Matthew Kurtas, CCM, was getting things in order at the Edgeworth Club in Sewickley, Pa., in anticipation of departing later that week for the Club Management Association of America’s World Conference in Grapevine, Texas. Kurtas was excited about attending the conference to start another eventful year—but he had little idea just how eventful it was about to be. Assistant General Manager S. Kurt Kochs called Kurtas in his office on an upper floor of the Edgeworth Club’s historic, 91-year-old clubhouse and said simply, “You need to get down here right away.” “Down here” was the ground floor, and specifically the Rotunda Lobby that featured a classic chandelier hanging two

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