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Dani Lundquist

20 Lillie Davies 23 Amy Sherman

Gorgeous hair is the best revenge. -- Ivana Trump

27 Isa Colella 31 Emily Erickson 37 Amanda Hillman 42 Sadie Clemenson 49 Amanda Furrer 54 Visual Arts Entertainment 56 The F Word 5 WTF


Glamour... is an attitude. It’s the expression of a certain kind of confidence. A glamorous woman is always elegant, but she also possesses an air of mystery and excitement. She’s dramatic, almost untouchable --Ralph Lauren 7 WTF


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Glamour... is classy. A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous -- Coco Chanel

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Glamour... is sophistication and celebration of gracefulness, charm and femininity. 19 WTF


Lillie Davies


was blessed to grow up in the scenic paradise that is the Inland Northwest. North Idaho will always have my heart, even if wanderlust has taken hold, and I find myself living someplace new.

My first artistic influence was the nature I saw around me. Drawing has been a part of my life since I was old enough to hold a pencil. I was that little girl that always had her nose in an art project of some kind; art supplies were my toys of choice. As I grew older, my passion for making pretty pictures never went away. When I was about thirteen my parents decided to nurture that passion further with art lessons. My first choice in teachers was a completely serendipitous event. I studied for two years under Loretta Jenkins, who happened to be the top portrait artist in North Idaho. Under her tutelage I became very meticulous with my work, and I learned the value of proportion. It was with Loretta my passion for portraiture exploded. I did not realize at the time it would follow me for the rest of my life. Over the years I have taken many art classes, worked as a portrait photographer, and even graduated from North WTF 20

Idaho College in Graphic Design. My degree in design has led me to experiment with combining traditional dry media and digital manipulation. All my experiences have influenced how my art has evolved. What has remained true through it all, is I still love to draw, and capturing the magical element of a person is my main passion Lately my work has taken on a whimsical, feminine tone, and I especially love to create beautiful ladies. Soon I will be tackling the adventure of motherhood, and I’m sure once again my art will have new influences to pull from. artist.

I’d have to say that’s my favorite part of being an

I don’t just create images, but I am telling the story of my life in one-way or another. My story is far from finished! I’m always looking to expand my skills, and I would love to take on new commissions. If you are interested in having me do an illustration for you, please contact me through my Facebook page at Lillie Davies Creative. 21 WTF

Glamour... is the attractive quality of a person who has the abillity to be themselves; whether that be casual, elegant, funky or dressy.

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Amy Sherman


my Sherman is the mother of five, a professional actress, model, artist and clothing designer. “I feel that fashion is an expression, just as art communicates your inner self. Glamour is about how you carry yourself, your character, holding yourself with dignity and respecting those around you.”

Amy’s designs were featured in the June/July 2014 Swim issue. She has also been featured in several indie magazines like Ivy Magazine. Amy is represented by Mitchell Artist Management Model: Amy Sherman Hair and Make up by: Brianna Frost WTF Photography by:23 Barry Coon Wardrobe by: Audrey’s Boutique

Model: Amy Sherman Hair and Make up by: Brianna Frost Photography by: Barry Coon WTF 24

Model: Amy Sherman Hair and Make up by: Brianna Frost Photography by: Barry Coon 25 WTF Wardrobe by: Audrey’s Boutique

Glamour... is elegance. Elegance is not about being noticed, it’s about being remembered WTF 26

Isa Bella Colella


sa Bella Colella is the mother or seven, an entrepreneur, model, actress, singer and jewelry designer.

I think being glamorous is rooted in how we feel about and care for ourselves. Once we have that down, we can wear a gunny sack (as grandma used to say) and still shine. Most of my life, I would literally hide if I knew someone was taking pictures. All I could see were my flaws. Life has a way of doing that to you. You start to judge yourself and accept other people’s

judgments about you and pretty soon, you just want to be invisible! These last four years, God has used this journey into modeling and acting to help me see, accept and love the person he created me to be. Knowing that kind of love, makes me feel glamorous and what I feel on the inside just spills over into and onto everything and everyone around me. Isa has been featured in several commercials and is represented by Mitchell Artist Management.

Model: Isa Colella Hair and Make up by: Brianna Frost Photography by: Barry Coon WTF Wardrobe by: Audrey’s 27 Boutique

Model: Isa Colella Hair and Make up by: Brianna Frost Photography by: Barry Coon WTF 28

Model: Isa Colella Hair and Make up by: Brianna Frost Photography by: Barry Coon Wardrobe by: Audrey’s Boutique 29 WTF

Glamour... is intriguing Anyone can get dressed up and be glamorous but it is how people dress in their days off that are most intriguing. -- Alexander Wang WTF 30 31 WTF

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Glamour... is sexy. It’s not about seducing men, it’s about embracing womanhood --Dita Von Tess

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Model: Amanda Ann Hillman Photography by: Eric Barro 37 WTF

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Glamour... is hard work. For every two minutes of glamour, there are eight hours of hard work 41


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Model: Sadie Clemenson Make up by: Jodie Tomlinson Cushner and Jessica Bennie Hair by: Eyvette Gonzalez and Heather Mo Ramos 43 WTF

Model: Sadie Clemenson Make up by: Eyvette Gonzalez and Destiny Stenbom Hair by: Eyvette Gonzalez

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Glamour... is beautiful. Real glamour and beauty is not just mascara, chanel no. 5 perfume and perfect lip gloss, it’s being a role model being beautiful on the inside, and caring more about others than you do yourself WTF 48

Model: Amanda Furrer Photography by: Eric Barro 49 WTF

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Glamour... implies creating a reaction,Some force or presence that engages people in our culture, we aspire to glamour but there can be no glamour without joy! --Vera Wang

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Tiffany has led a varied existence, all contributing to her business prowess.

Multi-Emmy Award winning filmmaker Shane Stanley has worked in almost every capacity on and off the set starting with hit shows like Entertainment Tonight and Seinfeld.

Born to working singer/songwriters, she came into this world as part of the music industry. Family friend and honorary grandfather, legendary Chuck Landis, took her under his wing the day she entered the world. Tiffany learned budgets while she was still in elementary school and completed her first actual business plan at the age of 8. She participated in to her first marketing and PR meeting at the age of 12. Tiffany was then given the reins of an aspect of one of Chuck’s many businesses before her 13th birthday. Tiffany is a classically trained ballerina, which, from a young age, taught her poise under pressure, stamina, grace, structure and an incredible work ethic. However, Tiffany learned she did not like the bright lights of the stage or the spotlight that accompanied it. She found herself consistently drawn to the business aspects of making things work. She took a job at KLAC, producing the LA Lakers radio show and simultaneously working in their marketing and PR departments. She received her first press pass at age 18, contributing to campaigns such as Pepsi Clear with Magic Johnson. Always insatiable, Tiffany decided to venture out and establish her own company. Her first success was in wedding and party planning and coordination. What started out simply and locally soon became a wellestablished, high-end business, attracting clients from all sides of the spectrum and financial base. An outside company took notice of her enterprise and invested in Tiffany, her knowledge and the business. She continued moving forward, expanding the company into its own, complete, full-service enterprise. There was no longer a need to outsource any of the work. Like every good start-up leader, she ultimately sold it to a much larger organization. After having her son, Spencer, an international corporation contacted Tiffany enlisting her help mending their public relations and publicity. She stepped in, and soon had garnered the name, “the fixer”. At this point, she was working as an independent contractor. Realizing the depth and breadth of her skills, the firm offered her a position within their organization, planning and coordinating all of their promotional events. The global nature the firm afforded Tiffany the opportunity to acquire knowledge of new and diverse business practices. After a short time, she was given a company within the company, which she ran for many years. Before joining Visual Arts Entertainment, Tiffany was a consultant in marketing, PR, management, HR and finance for a multitude of organizations both inside and outside the entertainment and music industry. In 2010, she decided to put down roots and join Emmy Award winning filmmaker, Shane Stanley, at the helm of Visual Arts Entertainment.

Shane co-produced The Desperate Passage Series, which was nominated for 33 individual Emmy Awards and won in 13 categories. For three years, Shane was Vice President of Charlie Sheen’s production company where he produced several motion pictures with budgets ranging from 6 -12 million dollars. Shane went on to write episodes of Zalman King’s Red Shoe Diaries, edited motion pictures and wrote & created an original television series for Jeff Segansky, former V.P. of Original Programming at NBC before producing Dream Chasers, a television adventure series that was shot in nine different countries. Shane has directed several music videos that have been on VH1’s Top 20 Video Countdown including two that went No. 1 and another that made the network’s list of Best 100 Music Videos of the Year. From there, Shane directed dozens television commercials including the ad campaigns for San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino, Kimberly Clark, Snapple, Virgin Airways, PS3, the hit gaming franchise “Call of Duty” and PSA’s for the National Diabetes Association. In 2006, Shane Executive Produced Gridiron Gang, the No. 1 Box Office hit starring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson for SONY Pictures which was based on the Stanley’s Emmy Award winning documentary of the same title. After Gridiron Gang’s release, The Los Angeles Board of Supervisors honored Shane for the positive impact his work has had on society. Shane has consulted for several studios about how to cost effectively produce films that have been given a green light for production but must be completed for less than their original budget. Shane just completed My Trip Back to the Dark Side, which premiered at the Cannes International Film Festival. Last October, he produced what would be Golden Globe nominee, Zalman King’s final feature film, Pleasure or Pain, which also will release in the coming year. In addition to his Emmy’s, Shane has received over 30 prestigious awards in both film and television including CINE Golden Eagles, Telly’s, and Aurora Awards . 55 WTF

Checkmate! We live in a world that is bombarded with social media where transparency, full disclosure and raw imagery fuel our imagination. The very idea of glamour, which espouses the value of illusion that conceals flaws and distraction often, seems out of place. Glamour, however, endures. It is far more persistent, pervasive and powerful than we realize. Just like social media, it is a form of communication that triggers a distinctive emotional response. But what exactly is glamour? It’s a quality that is hard to define and even harder to possess. It is also often associated with the look of the 40s -- a time when people actually knew how to dress up, a time when simplicity and timelessness were appealing to people. Glamour is still around – there’s still drama but not the kind of drama you read of in social media where no secret is sacred or off limits. In fact the opposite is true since we know way too much about everyone else and there seems to be no end to what can be made known or what we want to know about each other. In today’s social media-crazed world, throwing people under the bus by outing them, publicly decrying them and crucifying them, pointing out their mistakes and weaknesses (as if we didn’t have any ourselves), has been elevated to a sport much like the Romans elevated the sport of feeding the slaves to the lions. Gone is the illusion and mystery -- two things that glamour embodies. The trappings of adult femininity – high heels and red lipstick are the perfect tools for creating the illusion of glamour. In fashion, the return of feminine lines featuring an emphasis on the waist and legs over shapeless and unisex clothing is making a comeback. But not all glamour is created equal. What we find glamorous, like what we find humorous reveals a little about who we are as a culture. A certain style that is acceptable in one culture may often be offensive or socially unacceptable in one. WTF 56

I learned to play chess early on in life. The simple game of chess is quite an eye-opener. You may be wondering what all this has to do with glamour. Bear with me and hopefully you’ll get my point. In the game of chess there are 16 pieces for each player. There are 8 pawns, 2 knights, 2 bishops, 2 rooks, a queen and a king. Can you guess which of these pieces is the most powerful? If you guessed the king, it only means that you haven’t played a game of chess in your life. While the king may be the most important piece on the board, the queen is the most powerful. You are at a distinct disadvantage when you lose your queen early in the game. The queen is quite irreplaceable in terms of power as well as versatility. It is often harder to win a chess match if you no longer have your queen and the opponent still has theirs. In fact, the other pieces (with the exception of the king) on the board can be easily sacrificed but not the queen. Sacrificing the queen is not something you take lightly or do often. Most players would much rather retreat and shore up their defenses than sacrifice their queen. One of the most popular strategies in a chess game is to force what’s called a double check. A double check that results in the capture of the queen is considered a brilliant move because your opponent has no other choice but to move his/her king out of harm’s way resulting in the sacrifice and capture of the queen. Today’s modern woman wears many hats. Society and culture often tells her that she needs to kick butt and get her act together as if she doesn’t already know how. But just like the queen on any chessboard, she is the most powerful piece even if she doesn’t realize it. Her power and influence are often what determines the course and outcome of the game of chess. The challenge for today’s modern woman is to embrace her femininity, her vulnerability and her amazingness. In the game of chess, the pawn is replaceable and dispensable and is often the first few pieces on the board to be sacrificed. 8 pawns are no match and can never replace the queen. The question then is -- are you a queen or are you a pawn?

Special thanks and mention go to the following… Barry Coon – Commercial Photographers Sonny Moeckel Photographer Lillie Davies Creative Audrey’s Boutique Amanda Furrer Glen Dow Academy Mitchell Artist Management Visual Arts Entertainment LAF Designs Lake City Photography Brianna Frost 57 WTF

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