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Voyage Swimwear


Ujena swimwear


D’Coeur Couture

“Summer breeze makes me feel fine blowing through the jasmine in my mind…” —Seals and Crofts

African Prints Model: Wangechi Ojuok Photographer: Eric Barro

VOYAGE swimwear


aunched in 2010 in Palm Beach, Voyage is an elegantly-designed, premium quality collection of original swimsuits and trunks made for the modern jetsetter. The brand presents a unique vision of designer swimwear, melding timeless sophistication with the carefree spirit of travel, as evoked by Voyage’s exclusive prints of vibrant world maps. While forever inspired by the most iconic, glamorous getaways from Bar Harbor to St. Barts, Voyage’s design DNA remains rooted in the exclusive Palm Beach lifestyle of sailing, polo, tennis, golf and poolside lounging. Voyage’s highquality pieces are time-honored wardrobe staples that will always add a splash of class to any globetrotting suitcase. Whether worn lounging in a luxury resort or soaking up the sun at home, each swimsuit exudes the cornerstones of luxury travel: chic refinement and colorful joie de vivre. Voyage’s signature map prints are solely designed in-house. Taking a bold step away from traditional swimwear motifs, the unique cartographic design represents enjoying the good life without limits, often luxuriating in the world’s most beautiful paradises, no matter how far-off.


swimwear Models: Austin Cogdill Amy Joy Langebartel Jordan Collins Laura Feasline Borders Photographer: Eric Barro

Model: Amy Joy Langebartel Hair by: Shila Foster-Swanson Make up by: Star Silva-Lara Swimwear by: Voyage Swimwear Photographer: Eric Barro

RIGHT ON TARGET US Olympic sharpshooter

Amanda Furrer Hair and Make up by: Brianna Frost Styling and Clothes by: Kareen Link Tiffany Blue of CdA Swimwear by: UjENA Swimwear Photographer: Eric Barro

Amanda Furrer


manda Furrer is an Olympian.

Her sport – the 50-meter rifle three position. But there’s more to her than being a top-notch athlete who is really good at what she does. She won the bronze medal in the 2007 Pan American Games when she was 16 and had her first taste of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing as alternate in the two-woman rifle team and went on to compete in the 2012 Olympics in London. Precision, discipline, and structure are all traits necessary to excel in this sport. Her weapon of choice is a disarming smile and a bubbly personality, which has served her well. When we learned that she would be in her hometown, Spokane WA, we jumped at the chance to showcase a part of her life that not everyone gets to see – that of a

fashionable and fit young lady. With the help of Glen Dow cosmetology student, Brianna Frost, she was dolled up and prepped for a fashion shoot as well as a swimwear/fitness shoot in the beautiful town of Coeur d’Alene, ID. Kareen Link of Tiffany Blue, a boutique in Coeur d’Alene, styled and provided the outfits for our shoot against the backdrop of the worldclass Coeur d’Alene Resort and Golf Course as well as the beautiful Lake Coeur d’Alene. Amanda went on to compete in the national event a few days after our shoot and won the silver medal and has qualified to represent the US team at the World Championships in Germany, Slovenia and Spain. Her goal is to win a medal in the 2016 Olympics in Rio. In the meantime, her hard work continues to pay off. Follow her on twitter at @amanda_furrer.

Model: Amy Sherman Wardrobe: Lisa Allen Lisa Allen Unique Inspirations Photographer: Eric Barro


here else can you find a taste of good old-fashioned English hospitality in the heart of North Idaho?

Rosamund’s father was a successful author who wrote the book Marnie, from which Alfred Hitchcock made the film starring Tippie Hedren and Sean Connery. Also, of subsequent fame was the making of his Poldark novels into a series for Masterpiece Theatre. These were so well received that many Sunday evening Church services were rescheduled so that people could watch each episode!

In honor of her parents, Douglas and Rosamund have named their bed and breakfast after the family home in England and each bedroom acknowledges a main character in the Poldark novels – The Poldark Suite, Ross, and Demelza. Located in the beautiful resort town of Coeur d’Alene, Abbotswood Bed and Breakfast is a must visit where you will be treated like royalty but without the royal costs. The heated indoor pool and the outdoor hot tub will certainly enhance your experience along with the comfortable and stylish bedroom accomodations.

Model: Austin Cogdill Swimwear by: UjENA Swimwear Photographer: Eric Barro




jENA is a USA-Made designer swimwear manufacturer whose swimsuit collections include bikinis, one piece swim suits, prints, full coverage bathing suits, Swim dresses, Vintage style swimwear, Brazilian, thong, G-string, sheer, gauze, crochet, sheer when wet, tankini and tonga swim wear. UjENA offers mix and match swimwear and separates in halter-tops, triangle tops, classic twist tops, push-up tops and underwire tops. Bottoms range from high waisted full coverage, to shapier bottoms, cheeky styles, scrunch back, side tie and booty shorts.

UjENA is a family-owned business since 1984 and has been manufacturing swimwear in Mountain View, California. All swimwear is proudly made in the USA. UjENA encourages active participation of photographers and models by sponsoring the UjENA JAM which is a unique photographer, model and makeup artist event that was started 28 years ago by UjENA’s founder Bob Anderson. Participants on all levels from around the world come together to build portfolios, cast with UjENA, gain valuable knowledge, network, get exposure, and have fun.


swimwear Model: Caila Cronin Swimwear by: UjENA Swimwear Photographer: Eric Barro

Model: Randi Ayers Swimwear by: UjENA Swimwear Photographer: Eric Barro

Model: Sarah Patterson Swimwear by: UjENA Swimwear Photographer: Eric Barro

Model: Emily Erickson Swimwear by: UjENA Swimwear Photographer: Eric Barro

Model: Alex Collins Swimwear by: UjENA Swimwear Photographer: Eric Barro

Model: Maeloni Ogle Swimwear by: UjENA Swimwear Horses by: Lady Raven Stables Photographer: Eric Barro

Model: Amy Joy Langebartel Hair by: Shila Foster-Swanson Make up by: Nina Forsythe Swimwear by: Cougshirts Motorcyle by: Jeremy Utley Photographer: Eric Barro

Couture d’Coeur Coeur d’Alene ID

Model: Veronika Coon Swimwear by: Amy Sherman Photographer: Scott Martinez

Model: Amy Sherman Swimwear by: Amy Sherman Photographer: Scott Martinez

Lillie Davis Creative

What’s in your (beach) bag? By Alyssah Perez We all know to wear our swimsuit, sunglasses and flip flops to the beach but what should you bring in your beach bag to keep yourself looking like a glowing beach babe? While we may not all be models, we can certainly look and feel just as great on the go. We’ve put together your go to guide here. Let’s start with the necessities. I like to have a cute beach bag. One that is as unique as your personality but that is still practical. I recommend one that is water resistant and that you don’t mind getting some sand on. Having a fun and colorful towel that matches your suit is a must! While it’s nice to be tan and catch some rays, they can be harmful to your skin. Use sunblock to protect your skin, help keep it moisturized and still gain a glow. Remember to reapply throughout the day. Part of protecting and moisturizing your skin, is using lip balm. I love the tinted one that Burt’s Bees offers. It gives the polished look of lipstick but offers the benefit of having smooth, soft lips. The heat causes you to sweat in more then just the normal places and this can bring the onset of acne. One of the best ways to help prevent this is to have facial wipes handy. These Elf lotion wipes are vanilla and coconut. Not only do they smell amazing, but also they are surprisingly hydrating with the added benefits of aloe, vitamin E and ginkgo biloba. Use deodorant to help keep yourself smelling nice and fresh during your hot day at the beach as well. While it’s wonderful to think that we will just be out on the water all day and need nothing but beauty items, the truth is, we all have to eat. I have found time and time again, that most of the food offered, that’s quick and easy to access, is generally unhealthy. Keep that swimsuit season body and beat the bloat by bringing your own healthy snacks to the beach. Almonds are high in protein and in fun, roasts like cinnamon, honey and fire, you can find a flavor that makes your mouth water. You can find these at any grocery store and the Emerald brand has 100-calorie packs for those that are counting.

Craving something sweet? The GoGo Squeez Fast Fruit come in an array of flavors, 100% fruit, they are 1 day’s fruit serving and they roll in at only 80 calories. My favorite is the apple, mango, pineapple and banana but feel free to try them all. You can also find these, and other similar brands at your local grocery store. Laying out in the sun for hours means you have some time. Put down the phone since you can barely see it in the beach brightness anyway and grab a magazine or book. I like the short but informative reads so I tend to lean towards magazines. In this day and age, regardless of your interests, you’re sure to find a magazine right up your alley at any local bookstore. Exercise your mind. There’s nothing more attractive than a brainy and beautiful woman. After a day of fun on the beach with friends or family, it usually turns into an afternoon or evening of shopping the fun boutiques and pop-up vendors and/or dinner. Hit up the bathroom and use the following to freshen up before hand. Wisp-its are one time use, travel toothbrushes. While they aren’t as efficient as your everyday toothbrush, they are nice for on the go and with the tiny heads at one end and the toothpick at the other, you are sure to reach the hard to get spots as well as be sure you don’t show up with some snacks left in your smile. Follow up with some mouthwash to be sure you have the freshest of breath. Being out in the great outdoors and being exposed to water usually means chipped nail polish. Bring the color you are wearing and do a quick touch up to keep your hands looking freshly manicured and toes sandal worthy. Put on some lotion to help keep your skin moisturized and use one with a sweet scent for some added confidence. While beach waves are cute, let’s be honest, they don’t turn out perfect for all of us. Throw your locks up in a clip that keeps the hair off our neck and gives a well-put together look in a rush. Add some bronzer or coral blush and some light colored eye shadow to really set off the beach glow but keep it simple and natural looking.

Model: Randi Ayers Photographer: Eric Barro

Model: Alex Collins Crocheted Summer Dress and Swimsuit by: Sharon Yitzhaky, Israel Photographer: Eric Barro

The Mermaid Collection

EcoINTRODUCES chic designs

A full collection of hand painted suits

by Audreanna Camm

California Dreaming




a +b =c ... Algebra -- you may be wondering what math has to do in a swim issue. Well let me tell you a story... I distinctly remember our high school algebra teacher who happened to be a Jesuit priest who, while being very strict and played by the rulebook at all times, had a really good sense of humor. He walked into class one fine morning and began counting it down for us. “Bikini...mono-kini...ZERO-kini” I don’t remember what prompted that little countdown or if he had too much wine to drink and steak to eat but he certainly broke the ice and brought the house down. And of course, of all the equations and math logic that we were supposed to learn and remember, this one anecdote is the one that sticks to mind. Geometry anyone? I think Pythagoras was on to something! If you haven’t had the chance to Google it yet the term “bikini” takes its name from a little island in the Pacific Ocean namely the Bikini Atoll. Four days after the US initiated its first peacetime nuclear weapons test; French mechanical engineer Louis Reard took a page from Pythagoras and introduced a design consisting of triangular pieces that covered a woman’s top and bottom parts. Reard hoped that his design’s revealing style would create an “explosive commercial and cultural reaction” akin to the explosion at Bikini Atoll. Brittany Harris, designer of Voyage Swimwear, designs elegant and luxurious swimsuits for women and trunks for men melding timeless sophistication with the carefree spirit of travel, as evoked by Voyage’s exclusive

prints of vibrant world maps. Featured in this issue are five of her women’s swimwear designs modeled by Austin Cogdill, Amy Joy Langebartel, Jordan Collins, and Laura Feasline Borders. Meanwhile, Ujena swimwear based in Mountain View, California, sent twelve suits to use for our swim issue. We decided to go on adventure with our models and get creative as we took them on many locations like world famous Lake Coeur d’Alene, quaint Abbotswood Bed and Breakfast, rolling hills in Spokane, a horse stable, and a studio. We also wanted to give everyone a glimpse of what swimsuits looked like in the past because those suits have certainly come a long way from when they started causing controversy. Amy Sherman of d’Coeur Couture designs and hand sews authentic vintage-inspired suits. We teamed her up with photographer Scott Martinez and model Veronika Coon for a pin-up retro-inspired vintage swimsuit shoot. Dave Ainley of Dave Ainley Photography returns for the second issue with his interpretation of endless summer while Seth Barlow shoots a campaign for a brand whose products will be available in the market in 2015. While regular contributor Sonny Moeckel continues to amaze us with his own take on swimwear. We may not be the likes of Sports Illustrated or Victoria Secret but we made sure to have fun with our models as we shot in our own “exotic” locations to highlight the luxurious and elegant lifestyle often associated with the swimsuit designer’s vision.

SOCIAL MEDIA Special thanks and mention go to the following… Brittany Harris of Voyage Swimwear Catherine Cross of UjENA Swimwear Amy Sherman of D’Coeur Couture Ros of Abbotswood House Bed & Breakfast Brooks Seaplane Lady Raven Stables LLC Antelabel Media Amanda Furrer Dave Ainley Photography Seth Barlow Creative Fashion Photography & Production Scott Martinez Photography Sonny Moeckel Photographer Lake City Photography Glen Dow Academy Mitchell Artist Management Visual Arts Entertainment Alyssah Perez of Eco Chic Designs LLC Kareen Link of Tiffany Blue LAF Designs

WTF! June/July 2014  

WTF! Fashion Magazine - The Swim Issue #12

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