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Beauty & The Beast Issue #40 April 2017



Shannon Stroup, Tresa Black, Octavia Lewis



Rachel Dooley with John Joseph Martinotti



Sienna Sanchez



Shannon Stroup, Shania Everett, Erin Neel

THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER 40 Jessica Miller Wong



Cassandra Carpenter



Gracie Leddige



Kayla Cavasier with Rene Guerrero



Don Poling



Brianna May

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The promise of a rose... Belle requested only one thing – a rose, from her father even if she could have had more. The small world in which she lived in didn’t really offer her much in terms of pursuing her dreams. And her dreams were borne of the worlds she found in reading books. Those books gave her hope and a different outlook as well as purpose in her life. The promise of that rose, was to her, something magical that would somehow lead to grander things. There is one thing that Belle understands though and that is that she has control over her own destiny. She doesn’t succumb to the advances of the pompous Gaston who seems to think that he’s god’s gift to womankind, especially to Belle. She’s not even scared of the ugly beast with all his huffing and puffing and commanding presence. The reality is, like any smart woman, she can see through the outward veneer and façade of the men who surround her. And much like any woman, she is prepared to sacrifice her own freedom to save her loved one – her father who dotes on her like any father should his daughter. The color yellow is the brightest color to the human eye. It represents youth, fun, happiness, sunshine and other light playful feelings. It is a cheerful energetic color. It represents Belle accurately. Meanwhile, the Beast is painted in hues of blue which stands for loyalty, strength, wisdom and trust. It truly is quite a combination – Beauty and the Beast.

Tresa Black did an amazing job in transforming two wedding dresses of different materials into the gown for Belle. With the help of Spokane-based actress and model, Shannon Stroup, and the hair and make up artistry of Octavia Lewis along with the amazing location provided by the Paulsen Penthouse, we managed to recreate our own version of Belle as the Beauty. And it just so happened that John Joseph Martinotti, a Seattle-based photographer, shot a set that aligned perfectly with the Beast imagery with Seattle-based model Rachel Dooley to complete this issue’s Beauty and the Beast story. The Paulsen Building’s Penthouse on the 17th floor overlooks the city of Spokane and is a great place to shoot some “high fashion” and that’s what we did on the two times we were able to shoot at this magnificent location, which incidentally, is managed and rented out by Bozzi Media for private parties and events. The outdoor balcony, which spans one whole length of the North side of the building on the topmost floor, is a great place to enjoy some company and take in the city lights. You can reach the Paulsen Penthouse on their facebook page ( for reservations. And the final word -- Congratulations to the Gonzaga Bulldogs for an amazing and impressive season!

Beauty & The Beast SHANNON STROUP

Gown by: Tresa Black Hair and Make up: Octavia Lewis Shot on location at the Paulsen Penthouse, Spokane, WA Photography by: Eric Barro

“Sometimes it’s hard to look at a flower, when your dying inside.” -- Anthony Liccione

“Here’s where she meets Prince Charming, but she won’t discover that it’s him ’til chapter three!”

“I want adventure in the great wide somewhere. I want it more than I can tell. And for once it might be grand To have someone understand I want so much more than they’ve got planned…”

The BelleDress

Shannon and I have worked together on a couple film projects, and we live very close to each other, so we’ve become friends. She called me in mid-January and asked if I knew how to dye a wedding dress. I have quite a bit of experience doing costuming, and even worked for a while in the Utah Opera costume department. I asked Shannon why she was interested in dying a wedding dress and she told me that she had decided that she didn’t want to store her wedding dress anymore, and she thought that she might be able to dye it yellow so she could wear it as a Belle costume from Beauty and the Beast. Her two little boys love the movie, and they always say that she looks like Belle.

I came to her house and she showed me the dress, and I told her that the dress could be dyed, but it would probably not look enough like Belle’s dress because the style of Shannon’s dress did not have enough fabric to mimic the Belle ballgown. I mentioned that we could thrift shop for wedding dresses and incorporate them into the final dress, but Shannon told me that her mother still had her dress and would that work? I partially disassembled the two dresses and dyed them both, including the trim and the linings. All of the pieces were dyed, and since they were made from different materials I had to dye them differently in order to get the dye to take. The trim from the mother’s dress had to be removed from the sheer fabric layer, which took me over 10 hours just to remove all the stitching. I then dyed and glittered all the trim. Shannon’s dress had been all one piece, but I cut the dress in half at the waist and changed the top half into a corset with a lace up back. The trim the mom’s dress was than attached to the corset top, covering the entire front. The daisy chain trim from mom’s dress was cut apart and attached individually to the hem of the ballgown. I used almost every bit of the two dresses, with only the sleeves and bodice of the mom’s dress left over. The only additional fabric that was added to the dress was a gold sheer fabric that I used to create one of the skirt layers (the one with the daisies), and the off-the-shoulder sleeves. The gloves, which were white, were dyed yellow to match the gown. The gloves and the jewelry that Shannon wore for the photo shoot belonged to her grandmother, so this dress has three generations in it! In all, I spent 4 weeks creating the ballgown.

Gown by: Tresa Black

The Beast Within RACHEL DOOLEY

Photography by: John Joseph Martinotti

“Cannot a Beast be tamed?” -- Robin McKinley

“She warned him not to be deceived by appearances, for beauty is found within.�

High Fashion SIENNA SANCHEZ Photography by: Eric Barro

Model: Sienna Sanchez wearing Wool Camel Trench Coat $695 by Vince Photographer: Eric Barro

Designer Fashion

Model: Sienna Sanchez wearing Wool Camel Trench Coat $695 by Vince Photographer: Eric Barro

Designer Fashion

Model: Sienna Sanchez wearing Wool Camel Trench Coat $695 by Vince Photographer: Eric Barro

Designer Fashion

Model: Sienna Sanchez wearing Green Admiral Cropped Peacoat $725 by Tibi Photographer: Eric Barro

Designer Fashion

Model: Sienna Sanchez wearing Lavender Twisted Zipper Dress $1695 by Cushnie Et Ochs Photographer: Eric Barro

Designer Fashion

Model: Erin Neel wearing Red Trixie Dress $240 by Bec & Bridge Photographer: Eric Barro

Designer Fashion

Model: Erin Neel wearing Red Trixie Dress $240 by Bec & Bridge Photographer: Eric Barro

Designer Fashion

Model: Shania Everett wearing Metallic Floral Lace Sheath $500 by Monique Lhuillier Photographer: Eric Barro

Designer Fashion

Model: Shannon Stroup wearing Red Trixie Dress $240 by Bec & Bridge Shania Everett wearing Metallic Floral Lace Sheath $500 by Monique Lhuillier Erin Neel wearing Chili Draped Cut Out Dress $345 by Halston Heritage Photographer: Eric Barro

“I lost my eye to cancer at eight months old.�

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder Jessica Miller WONG Photography by: Eric Barro

“When I was growing up I was embarrassed and used to hide behind my hair.�

“When I got older, I found it made me unique and humbled me�

“I fell in love with myself for exactly the way I am. I would never change this part of myself.�

The promise of a rose : The beauty that shines through A narrative by Cassandra Carpenter When I was born, my family already held claim to a lengthy list of medical disorders. Each relative had some obscure medical condition that plagued them, though most of them went undiagnosed. We all did the best we could. At first, there didn’t seem to be anything wrong with me. I was a healthy, albeit very chubby, baby. I was obsessed with ballerinas and was certain I was going to be one. By the time I was three, I wore a pink or silver tutu everywhere I went, dancing for hours each day down the hallways of the family home. However, by the time I was three, things had started to go wrong. I would get stuck in a half sleeping, half waking state for hours that left my mother baffled. Later, they were diagnosed as night terrors. The sleep walking began shortly after that. Next, I would be left keeled over on the ground from intense stomach aches that not only puzzled the doctors, but made my dreams of being a dancer somewhat far fetched. My mother enrolled me in sport after sport, yet I felt so ill that heaving myself around the field seemed more comedy than art. It wasn’t until I was around fifteen that we got any answers. My father wasn’t in the picture anymore, and my mother’s attention turned fully to her children. A pediatric doctor finally told me I had Crohn’s disease, quite severely, and I was prescribed heavy doses of steroids to attempt to kill the infection along my digestive tract. It worked, in the sense that it killed that section of tract. It was no longer working against me, but it wouldn’t do anything for me ever again. Translation: my excruciating stomach aches were now permanent. Due to my lack of athleticism caused by my illness, I had abandoned my artistic dreams entirely. I told myself I was a scholar, a scientist, and that’s all I’d ever be. Sure, it made me miserable, but I was good at it. My health was spiraling out of control. Stomach aches had evolved to dizziness, severe weight loss, and vomiting. My hair was falling out and my skin was peeling off in sections. Eventually, I collapsed and was taken to the hospital. From there, I was diagnosed with lupus, Hasimoto’s disease, several vascular disorders, and it didn’t stop there. I missed months at a time from high school, just the first section leaving me sixty pounds lighter and completely out of the loop.

All the same, I managed, barely, to keep my grades up and got accepted to a slew of high quality colleges. I was confident that my illness was managed, that the worst was behind me. I was wrong. I went off to study pharmaceutical chemistry and fell flat on my face. I was so sick that I would go to sleep for upwards of five days at a time, nothing being able to wake me. My roommate at the time was convinced I was dead on numerous occasions. A doctor told me that I wouldn’t get better. He told me I’d probably be dead by thirty. To this day, I don’t know if that’s true. It certainly feels like it sometimes. I ended up coming back to my hometown, and haphazardly being cast in a series of plays that I seemed to have a knack for. Not just that, they made me happy. I couldn’t remember ever being happy. I decided that, no matter how long I had left, I’d spend it doing something I loved. And showing people that just because your body fails you, doesn’t mean you have to fail yourself.

Model: Cassandra Carpenter Photographer: Eric Barro

“People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.” -- Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

Model: Cassandra Carpenter Photographer: Eric Barro


GRACIE LEDDIGE Hair: Jenn Barlos Make up: Alexa Shortel Kiss and Make Up Salon Photography by: Tom Tyson

“Elegance comes from being as beautiful inside as outside.� -- Coco Chanel

Grace is the beauty of form under the influence of freedom. -- Friedrich Schiller

Spring Beauty Kayla CAVASIER Photography by: Rene Guerrero

309 West Riverside Spokane, WA 99201 509-624-3244

1899 House Bed & Breakfast 1728 West First Avenue Spokane, WA 99201 509-301-1377


Model: Abigail Photographer: Don Poling


Model: Brittany Photographer: Don Poling

Model: Andrea Photographer: Don Poling

Model: Kari Rae Photographer: Don Poling

Model: Alex Photographer: Don Poling

Model: Sarah Photographer: Don Poling

Designer Fashion

Model: Brianna May Left: wearing Black Belted Trench Coat $850 by The Kooples Middle: wearing White Sammy Coat $345 by Waverly Grey Right: wearing Black Amber Dress $375 by Elizabeth and James Photographer: Eric Barro

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