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Nov/Dec 2015 Volume 9 • Issue 6





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Washington State Veterinary Medical Association

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ON POINT New WA legislation & changes to the magazine.

PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE Bringing our association into the 21st century.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS ELECTION Introducing the 2015-16 officers and directors.

2015 ANNUAL CONFERENCE RECAP Over 850 conference-goers come together in Tacoma.

Cover Story


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NEWSWIRE The latest veterinary news in Washington State.

RELIEF VETS In-state directory of available relief veterinarians.

CLASSIFIEDS Career & practice listings.

Nov/Dec 2015 • Volume 9 • Issue 6

New WA Legislation As noted in this issue’s president’s message, the Board, committees and staff have been engaging in advocacy on behalf of the membership in a variety of ways. This year, the WSVMA has been actively involved with the Veterinary Board of Governors while they work to draft several new rules. The most important new regulation to come along in quite some time is the draft rule for the VeterinaryClient-Patient-Relationship or the VCPR. Here in Washington, we’ve never had it spelled out in state law how that primary aspect of practice is managed. As the draft rule gets closer to reality, it’s clear that all of the important aspects of veterinary practice in a changing landscape will be addressed. As expected, the new rule will include a one-year timeline or sooner for having to see a patient. It will also address the requirements for the new Veterinary Feed Directive for food-producing animals. Based on recommendations from the American Association of Bovine Practitioners, the language will define the conditions for veterinarians and clients in food animal production. The new rule will also address telemedicine. With the ability to communicate electronically, human medicine is increasingly using telemedicine to assist patients in a variety of settings. While that can be useful in the veterinary setting, the rule once passed will require that a VCPR cannot be established solely by electronic means.

A Washington State Veterinary Medical Association Publication

Editorial & Publications Committee Dr. Richard DeBowes Dr. John Cannon Dr. Angela Lehman Dr. Jim McCutchan Dr. Saundra Willis

Editorial Comments & Contributions Please send all comments and/or contributions to:

Washington Veterinarian Magazine 8024 Bracken Place SE Snoqualmie, WA 98065 Tel (425) 396-3191 Toll Free (800) 399-7862 Fax (425) 396-3192

The WSVMA is also actively engaged with the Pharmacy Quality Assurance Commission on the draft compounding rules. In 2013, legislation passed which requires that to compound, all facilities must adhere to U.S. Pharmacopeia standards 795 and 797. The draft compounding rules being written will carry out the law, but it’s unclear how veterinary practice is addressed. The Commission’s executive director, Chris Humberson, has been extremely helpful and is working with us as we determine next steps to ensure the regulations are appropriate to the veterinary setting. The results from our compounding survey will help us to know how best to advocate on your behalf. Thank you to all who completed the survey questions.

Editorial comments and contributions must be received no later than the first day of the month prior to publication. Publication months are January, March, May, July, September, and November each year.

Another topic I’m excited to talk about is our efforts to address antibiotic resistance in Washington. Along with veterinarians from WSU/CVM, WSDA, UW, Public Health, WSDFW, and private practice veterinarians, I serve on Washington State Department of Health’s One Health Steering Committee. The goals of the Committee are to raise awareness of appropriate use of antibiotics, develop good stewardship across human and animal health, and to develop surveillance and tracking of antibiotic resistance in the state. Other participants include physicians, dentists, hospitals, and long-term care facilities. You’ll see a lot of work from this group over the coming two years as we work to improve the efficacy of antimicrobials and curb the rise of drug-resistant superbugs.

Magazine Template

Changes coming to WA Veterinarian magazine As the WSVMA continues to adapt to rapidly changing times, the Board of Directors has decided it’s time to make changes to the delivery of our magazine. WA Veterinarian, which many still refer to as Insight, will morph again in 2016. Beginning in March, WA Veterinarian will move completely online. Traditional print media has largely gone the way of dinosaurs. Few people read print newspapers and magazines anymore and advertisers have adapted to new and creative ways of reaching customers. When surveying members, many admitted to letting copies of WA Veterinarian stack up on their desks, reading it when they can or often not all before tossing them into the recycling bin. Over the last few years, so many of us have transferred reading media onto our phones, tablets and computers. The benefits to having online media are that they’re searchable and more shareable, certainly more timely, much more cost effective and by far, more environmentally friendly. With increasing printing and postage costs, the Board felt strongly that members could still be well-served converting the magazine and directing the savings into other member programs and services. Beginning in March 2016, your news will be delivered in two ways. We will still have our weekly news blog that will be delivered via email. Next year, we will launch our online magazine with the same high-quality content of association news, and in-depth articles on legislative issues, practice management and science that you’ve been enjoying in print. You’ll be able to read on the go and not miss out on important professional developments.


Please refer to the Classifieds Section for classified advertising details, rates, and deadlines. For commercial advertising rates and deadlines, please contact the WSVMA office at (425) 396-3191 or

by Breightly

WSVMA Board of Directors Executive Vice President Candace Joy

President Lisa Parshley, DVM

Vice President Katherine Hickey, DVM

Secretary Diane Pinkers, DVM

Treasurer Jerry Gemar, DVM

Directors: Michael Anderson, DVM Paul DeMaris, DVM Diana Thomé, DVM

AVMA Rena Carlson-Lammers, DVM Kim Nicholas, DVM Saundra Willis, DVM

Candace Joy is the Executive Vice President of the Washington State Veterinary Medical Association. She can be reached at


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Bd. of Directors, Dist. XI Rep. Delegate Alternate Delegate

Two more veterinarians have joined our team, making for one more full time ophthalmology practice. With the addition of Dr. AJ Marlar and Dr. Kyle Tofflemire, we have expanded our services by opening a second, freestanding facility in Renton. • • • • • •

6 days a week (Mon-Sat) 5 ophthalmologists 4 additional LVTs 3 ways to connect – phone, fax, email 2 locations – Kirkland and Renton 1 vision – healthy eyes for healthy pets

For your convenience, you or your client may call to schedule a consultation at the location of their choice. Available 24/7 for emergencies.

Victoria Jones, DVM, MS, DACVO • Dara Zirofsky, DVM, MS, DACVO • Karen Brantman, DVM, MS, DACVO Annajane Marlar (AJ) DVM, MRCVS, DACVO • Kyle Tofflemire, DVM, DACVO

Kirkland • P: 425.827.3966 | Renton • P: 425.264.0371

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Bringing Our Association into the 21st Century essentially become the chairman of the board. Each director would now represent all Washington veterinarians, not just a region. The transition plan was designed such that by two years we would be a fully functional strategically run association.

As I stood behind the podium at this year’s membership meeting, I had a moment of enlightenment. Here I was trying to put into words, adequate words, a summary of how much work has been done by the WSVMA board and its staff. As I glanced down at those same people, I realized I felt very much like a proud parent. You see, the reality of being a president is that you are a figure head or spokesman. The real work is usually done by others. I am proud to be their spokesman but credit should go where credit is due. In the last year and a half much has happened and changed at the WSVMA. In this article, I would like to highlight the prodigious amount of work that has gone into our association to bring it into the 21st century. A year and a half ago the WSVMA executive board bravely faced our future and acted. This 19 member board unanimously voted to change from parliamentary leadership to strategic planning management. It was felt that strategic management would allow WSVMA to become a proactive organization in this high speed communication era; thereby increasing relevant and effective service to those in our profession. By making this ground breaking decision we became the second state veterinary medical association to convert and we joined such organizations as the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). A two-year transition plan was set into motion. During this transition, the board would phase from a 19 member executive board and officer-populated executive committee to a board of directors consisting of six members. The president would


We started by dusting off and updating our mission and vision statements. Our reworked statements provide new wording to better reflect our new focus and renewed commitment. For strategic management to properly work, a set of prioritized strategic goals (how do we fulfill our mission) were developed. Selected goals are membership (updating and improving our service to members), advocacy (representing veterinarians to all levels of government and business), communications (ensuring transparent and effective communication with membership), education (providing up to date and adequate educational opportunities), and technology (updating WSVMA’s technology and improving interaction with new communication technology). Strategic objectives were then assigned for each strategic goal (how we fulfill our vision and thereby our mission). It is the objectives that actually define the work of an association using strategic management. These needed to be measurable and achievable. Using these guidelines the board established 30+ objectives and began working. For a complete list of the goals and 30+ strategic objectives please see the WSVMA website. Work on these goals and objectives was aided by monthly virtual meetings and a few in person meetings of the Board of Directors. As a marker of how well this new system is working, we can now announce that our strategic goal of technology was completed just two weeks ago. For now, technology is no longer considered a strategic goal. Currently the board is debating which goal, if any, should replace it. Additionally, in the last year, the board and staff have completed an additional 12 of the 30+ remaining strategic objectives. This is an impressive amount of work to accomplish in one year’s time. To view the completed objectives I would once again direct you to visit the WSVMA website.

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Now the WSVMA Board of Directors meetings start with a review of the strategic goals and objectives. We debate new or old issues facing our profession and how these will impact our goals and objectives. Our priorities may change based on urgency or ability to impact on our profession. When we complete an objective or goal or another goal or objective rises to the top, we change and adjust as needed or suggested by our social, political, or professional environment. We are doing this roughly 12 times per year, not just once a year. A side effect of this process is that now every board member is conversant in the budget and our financial means. The board regularly and honestly assesses itself and our association. It recognizes that weaknesses require change and what might be a risk could actually become an opportunity. While there is more to be done to complete the transition, the WSVMA Board of Directors now functions as a strategic board. The association is using, six months early, the management scheme imagined on that day in March of 2014. We have become a more proactive and responsive association. You cannot achieve such an undertaking without a group of truly committed of people. These people have made our association a cutting edge, forward looking organization. Sitting where I do, I know that it truly took a team. I would like to recognize the members of this team for their courage, creativity, foresight, and hard work. Thank you. The 2014-2015 Board of Directors included Drs. Michael Anderson, Mike Burdette, Paul DeMaris, Kathy Hickey, Diane Pinkers, Chantal Rothschild, Steve Ruark, Diana Thomé and Tamara Walker. The 2015-2016 Board of Directors are Drs. Michael Anderson, Paul DeMaris, Kathy Hickey, Diane Pinkers and Diana Thomé. Staff members include Candace Joy, Sherri Dean, Cassie Isackson and Chris O’Toole. Once again thank you for all the passion you have shown your profession, hold your heads up and be proud of all achieved through your efforts.

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he Washington State Veterinary Medical Association (WSVMA) announces that Michael Anderson, DVM (Lynden, WA) and Lisa Parshley, DVM, PhD, DACVIM were both elected to serve three-year terms on the WSVMA Board of Directors during the Annual Membership Meeting held at the Pacific Northwest Veterinary Conference in September. Their terms will run from 2015 through 2018. Following the Annual Membership Meeting, the Board of Directors met and elected Parshley to serve a oneyear term as President for the 2015-16 year. This is the second consecutive term as President for Parshley as the Board makes its final transition from an Executive Board of 19 members to a Board of Directors made up of six directors. For the upcoming year, the Board will continue to manage goals and objectives through the strategic management process. The new system was put into place last year in order to meet members’ needs, grow member value


and address the quickly changing landscape of the veterinary profession. Many of the Board’s strategic objectives were met last year under the goals of Advocacy, Education, Membership and Technology. Completed objectives include understanding members’ views and developing resources on feline declawing, stopping King and Clark and counties from forcing veterinarians to report rabies vaccinations for the purposes of pet licensing, launching WSVMA’s new Leadership Academy for recent grads, developing the concept for the new VetMed Matters Conference which begins in 2016, and launching practice manager membership options. Several technology objectives aimed at upgrading WSVMA technology were also satisfied. Next month, members will be able to visit the WSVMA website to view current and completed goals objectives. Bios and photos of the Directors will also be posted on the website.

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The 2015 – 16 WSVMA Board of Directors’ officers and directors include: President

Lisa Parshley, DVM, PhD, DACVIM (Olympia) 2015 – 2018

Vice President

Katherine Hickey, DVM (Poulsbo) 2014 – 2017


Diane Pinkers, DVM, DABVP (Montesano) 2013 – 2016


Michael Anderson, DVM (Lynden) 2015 – 2018


Paul DeMaris, DVM (Snohomish) 2013 – 2016


Diana Thomé, DVM (Richland) 2014 – 2017


Jerold Gemar, DVM (Edmonds) non-voting member

Executive Vice President Candace Joy (Snoqualmie) non-voting member

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House Advisory Committee. She also serves on the AVMA Governance Performance Review Committee and is a site visitor for the AVMA Council on Education. Locally, she volunteers for Puget Sound VMA and for the Feral Cat Project in Seattle. Dr. Willis has provided countless hours of her time along with her enthusiasm to help make the veterinary profession the best place possible for her colleagues to practice medicine. Through her tireless dedication and infectious energy, she brings a positive approach to everything she does.

WSU FACULTY MEMBER OF THE YEAR Attendance at the Pacific Northwest Veterinary Conference & Trade Show in Tacoma broke all records this year. Over 850 veterinarians, technicians, staff, students, exhibitors and guests from around the country descended on the Greater Tacoma Convention and Trade Center to learn, network, and socialize at the first state meeting held in western Washington in over twenty years. Seventy-two companies were represented in the exhibit hall providing attendees a wide range of products and services. Over forty speakers presented on a wide range of scientific topics including infectious disease, surgery, cardiology and reproduction. An intensive workshop on equine pre-purchase exams and the physical condition of the horse provided attendees the latest information on lameness evaluations, ophthalmology, cardiology and neurology. Large animal topics included milk quality consulting, diagnostic testing, cow-calf BRD and exams and treatment of small ruminants. All day tracks in social media/marketing, occupational health and safety, workplace safety, business finance and HR rounded out the weekend. After sessions ended on Friday, attendees gathered in the banquet and exhibit halls for Happy Hour. Wine or beer with food pairings gave everyone a taste of northwest vintners and brewers along with a sampling of perfectly matched bites designed to bring out the unique flavors of each pairing. WSU veterinary students in the Veterinary Business Management Association (VBMA) on Saturday made the trek from Pullman and helped us put on a successful student-practitioner networking event. VBMA president-elect Melissa Guest, student Lance Kidder, Dr. Brittany Dawson and Dr. Mike Murphy gave ignite-style speeches that evoked stimulating discussion about hiring new grads. We thank everyone who attended this year. We can’t wait to see you in Spokane October 7 – 9, 2016 for the next Pacific Northwest Veterinary Conference!

AWARDS Awards from the Washington State Veterinary Medical Association (WSVMA) were presented September 26, 2015 at the Awards Ceremony which took place during the Annual Membership Meeting luncheon in Tacoma in conjunction with the Pacific Northwest Veterinary Conference. Dr. Lisa Parshley presided over both the business portion of the meeting and the awards presentations.


Anyone who knows Dr. Sandy Willis won’t be surprised that she was awarded the 2015 Veterinarian of the Year, and the reasons are many. Dr. Willis, internist for Phoenix Central Laboratory in Mukilteo has dedicated herself to supporting the WSVMA and the profession throughout many years of volunteering and service. Twice WSVMA president, chair of the Program Committee, and member of several WSVMA committees and task forces, Dr. Willis lives her passion for the profession. She has helped to organize and plan over fifteen high-quality WSVMA conferences and CE programs, hosted a popular Seattle-based radio show for pet owners, and has worked tirelessly to represent the veterinary profession to local humane groups. In addition to the WSVMA, Dr. Willis also represents Washington to the AVMA House of Delegates and is one of the newest members of the


w a s h i ngton ve te ri nari an

Dr. Dale Moore

Dr. Dale Moore was awarded the 2015 WSU Faculty Member of the Year for her dedicated service to veterinarians, veterinary students, farmers and ranchers, and the general public through her work as extension veterinarian at WSU in the Paul G. Allen School for Global Animal Health. Dr. Moore serves the veterinary community by developing educational assessments, including needs assessments and educational program evaluation methods, which are used by the Washington State Department of Agriculture so veterinarians can obtain accreditation and certification for various programs. She assists ranchers and farmers by developing new diseaseprevention strategies and she serves the public through her work in antibiotic resistance. Veterinary students have also gained much from Dr. Moore’s clinical instruction both on the farm and in the laboratory setting. Through her many contributions, Dr. Moore has provided unparalleled service to the state of Washington.


The 2015 Distinguished Veterinary Staff award went to Rachel Jensen, LVT, long-time large animal instructional and ICU technician and a key member of the health care delivery and surgical education team. In addition, she is the lead support team member at WSU’s College of Veterinary Medicine for the clinical communication education group which manages the Clinical Communication Lab and Diagnostic Challenge Education Group. Through Ms. Jensen’s keen organizational skills and her dedication to education and communication, she has enhanced the careers of over 700 veterinary students so they can more effectively and more accurately engage, understand, support and care for colleagues and clients they will meet throughout their careers. Ms. Jensen has made an incredibly positive difference to hundreds of veterinary graduates.

HUMANE ANIMAL WELFARE AWARD Linda Spurlin, Stevens County Cat Care

The Humane Animal Welfare award is presented to a non-veterinarian who has advanced animal welfare through extraordinary service. This year the award went to Linda Spurlin, founder and director of Stevens County Care, an organization dedicated to reducing feline overpopulation in the northeastern corner of Washington. Through rescuing cats from hoarding situations, trapping and neutering feral cats, holding spay-neuter clinics with the veterinary community, and reaching out to the low income residents of her local area, Ms. Spurlin’s compassion and collaboration has accomplished much to save the lives of cats and bring safe, highquality care to the community. In November 2014, the organization proudly announced they had spayed and neutered 10,000 cats. Awards Nominations are being accepted for the 2016 categories of Veterinarian of the Year, Distinguished Achievement, WSU Faculty Member of the Year, Distinguished Veterinary Staff, Humane Animal Welfare, Recent Grad, and Allied Industry. For more information and to obtain a form, contact the WSVMA office at (425) 396-3191 or email

Online Only Starting in March


Dr. Crystal McRae

WSVMA Leadership Academy


n September 21, 2015, the WSVMA announced that ten qualified and impressive veterinarians have been accepted to participate in the new WSVMA leadership program. What is Power of Ten? It’s a new initiative designed to help recent graduates develop foundational skills in leadership, communication and business. The year-long program begins in November and culminates with graduation at the 2016 Pacific Northwest Veterinary Conference.

Dr. Crystal McRae, equine veterinarian from California, has been an associate with Rocky Bay Equine in Gig Harbor Washington for the last two and a half years. Coming from California, she earned her veterinary degree at UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine in 2011 with a focus in equine surgery and medicine. During veterinary school, she gained an appreciation for integrative medicine during a summer spent in a Student Training in Advanced Research (STAR) program studying the influence of acupuncture on heart rate variability in the horse. Her mentor in the STAR program was an equine surgeon and lameness specialist who uses acupuncture and chiropractic in her sports medicine practice. Dr. McRae is now certified in chiropractic with the International Veterinary Chiropractic Association through Options for Animals in Kansas and in acupuncture, through Medical Acupuncture for Veterinarians in Colorado. She is passionate about delivering the best possible care to all of her clients and patients.

Dr. Heather Fowler, recognized for her leadership within the veterinary profession, is the team coach. She'll be assisted by subject matter experts, veterinary mentors, and certified facilitators in helping Power of Ten participants grow through in-depth, high-impact learning experiences.

Introducing the WSVMA Power of Ten Leadership Academy Inaugural Class Dr. Heather Fowler


Team Leader

Dr. Shawn Thomas

Heather Fowler, VMD, MPH has over a 10-year history in veterinary medicine, anatomy, and zoonotic diseases. She received her veterinary medicine degree from the University of Pennsylvania and went on to pursue a Master’s in Public Health, from Yale University, focusing on veterinary epidemiology with further training in the CDC Applied Epidemiology Fellowship Program. Currently, she is a doctoral student in the Environmental and Occupational Hygiene program in the University of Washington Department of Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences, School of Public Health.

Born and raised in Des Moines, IA, Dr. Shawn Thomas moved to Washington in the summer of 2012 after graduating from Iowa State University. As a small animal only clinician, he has a special interest in dentistry and small animal surgery. When not working, he spends his time with his family (wife Jacqueline and two young sons Ben and Sam) or devoted to his other great passion in life: Star Wars!

w a s h i ngton ve te ri nari an

Dr. Christina Meyer Dr. Christina Meyer graduated from Washington State University's College of Veterinary Medicine in 2008. Soon after graduating she moved to New Zealand where she worked for seven years on companion animals and working dogs. Working farm dogs are an important part of the agriculture industry in New Zealand and Dr. Meyer played the role of keeping them in top performing condition. The dogs were injury prone and this was where Dr. Meyer developed her interest in orthopedic and soft tissue surgery. She has taken several continuing education courses on fracture repair, soft tissue surgery, ligament injuries and road traffic trauma. She returned to the Pacific Northwest in April of 2015 with her partner, Joe Powers, and they both accepted jobs at Chuckanut Valley Veterinary Clinic in Burlington, Washington.

Dr. Andrew Mcgraw Dr. Andrew L. McGraw is a native of Louisiana, and has served in the United States Army for the past 13 years. He is a graduate of Louisiana State University’s School of Veterinary Medicine, and completed his residency in Small Animal Internal Medicine at Auburn University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. He is board certified in Small Animal Internal Medicine through the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine. His wife of 18 years is Rebecca, and they have two sons, Seth (15) and Jacob (13).

Dr. Marla Blaney

Dr. Liz Myers

Dr. Marla Blaney grew up as the child of a Foreign Service Officer, living at several different posts (e.g., the USSR, South Africa, Virginia, New York City). Prior to attending vet school at Oregon State University, she graduated from Reed College. Veterinary experiences included working for Luv My Pet mobile services, Arbor Pet Clinic, and Cedar Mill Veterinary Hospital. She is currently working as a general practice intern at Cascade Park Animal Hospital.

Dr. Elizabeth Myers went to Washington State University for her undergraduate degree. She earned her Master's degree at University of Arizona before returning to WSU for her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. Her interests include surgery, feline medicine, and fostering the human-animal bond. Dr. Myers calls Vancouver her home and practices at Columbia Veterinary Center. Outside of the clinic, Dr. Myers enjoys spending time with her husband, two sons, and their two special needs cats.

Dr. Brittney Dawson

Dr. Cathy Ratcliff

Dr. Brittany Dawson is a 2015 WSU graduate now practicing small animal medicine in Burlington, Washington. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, she could not be happier to be back amongst the mountains, water, and evergreen trees. During school, she constantly pursued ventures in business and leadership, being heavily involved in the Veterinary Business Management Association (VBMA) and the Veterinary Leadership Experience (VLE). Dr. Dawson believes leadership, both personal and professional, is integral to success as a veterinarian and an individual.

Dr. Cathy Ratcliff is a 2012 graduate from Washington State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. She is currently enjoying life as a mixed-animal practicioner at Mount Spokane Veterinary Hospital. Dr. Ratcliff originally hails from the Midwest, and had a previous career as a geologist after obtaining degrees in that field from the University of Cincinnati and the University of New Mexico. In her spare time, Dr. Ratcliff enjoys yoga, cross-country skiing, New York Times crossword puzzles, and driving her Shire horse, Seamus. In addition to the Shire horse, Dr. Ratcliff and her husband care for two dogs, two cats, two guinea pigs, and an Amazon parrot.

Dr. Joshua Kinder

Dr. Lindsey Hornickel Although Dr. Hornickel is new to the Pacific Northwest, she says it already feels like home. She attended the University of Minnesota and completed her BS in biology in 2004, MPH in 2009, and DVM in 2012. Go Gophers! Her first three years were spent practicing mixed animal medicine in rural northwest Wisconsin until her husband’s job brought them to Seattle in May 2015. Currently, she practices exclusively small animal medicine in north Seattle.

Dr. Joshua Kinder is a Catholic, enthusiastic Veterinarian, and owner, with Dr. Sherri Kinder, of Clifton Hollow Animal Hospital in Poulsbo, Washington. After spending four years serving our country in the United States Navy, he was accepted into Washington State University to complete his undergraduate degree and eventually earn his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 2011. Joshua is a devoted husband and father to his three boys Joshua Jr., Elijah, and newborn son Noah. What Veterinarian’s house would be complete without mentioning his furry family members Molokai and Spoof (his dogs), and Joelle McHale, Tator, and Helen (his cats)? He hopes to take his passionate and purposedriven focus to better serve his community, his profession, and the Power of 10 Leadership Academy.

nov ember/december 2 0 1 5


In memoriam Dr. Jerry Harsch (WSU, ’55) passed away on February 17, 2015 at the age of 83. Following graduation, Dr. Harsch served in the U.S. Air Force, and then spent four years practicing in Walla Walla and Ellensburg before returning to WSU as a large animal clinician and instructor. In 1964, he purchased the Mid-Columbia Veterinary Clinic in Goldendale and primarily practiced equine and large animal medicine until he retired in 2000.

Veterinary Newswire The Latest Veterinary News in Washington State

Veterinarians should push West Nile virus vaccine Veterinarians who practice equine medicine are advised to push the West Nile Virus (WNV) vaccine to horse owners. Equine cases of WNV in Washington have risen to 36 so far in 2015, a large increase over the past several years. State Veterinarian Dr. Joe Baker commented at the last WSVMA Board of Directors meeting in Tacoma that it’s likely we’re seeing a rise in West Nile virus cases in Washington because horse owners were lulled into a false sense of security and neglected to properly vaccinate their horses. Cases of WNV have been low over the last several years and may have left horse owners to assume the vaccine wasn’t necessary.

New life members inducted Dr. Daniel DeWeert, Twisp, and Dr. William Testerman, Anacortes, were both inducted into life membership at the September 26, 2015 Annual Membership Meeting in Tacoma last month. Dr. DeWeert is a retired mixed animal practitioner and co-owns Valley Veterinary Clinic with his wife, Dr. Terri DeWeert. He served as WSVMA president in 1986. Dr. Testerman is a retired small animal practitioner who served as WSVMA president in 1999.


Renew your membership online Renewing your membership has never been easier. Logon to the WSVMA website, www., and click “Renew Your Membership Now” on your Profile page. Make sure to update any outdated information, so it will reflect correctly in the 2016 Member Services Directory. For assistance with logging in or questions about your dues balance, call Sherri Dean at the WSVMA office, (800) 399-7862, or email Sherri at

WSVMA-PAC donations important as we fight tax increases in the next legislative session Legislative advocacy is one of the most important benefits that you receive as a WSVMA member. No other veterinary organization is working to protect veterinary medicine at the state level. An active and financially healthy WSVMA-PAC gives us political credibility, access to relationship building, and opportunities to elect candidates who understand veterinary, animal and small business issues. As the state of Washington struggles to find funding for K-12 education, tax increases will likely be on the table. Please consider including PAC with your dues renewal this year as we seek to build those important relationships with legislators who understand our issues. Contributions can be made along with your dues renewal or sent separately to the WSVMA office.

w a s h i ngton ve te ri nari an

Dr. E. Doyle Montgomery (WSU, ’55) passed away on January 22, 2015 at the age of 88. Dr. Montgomery opened Blue Cross Veterinary Hospital in Seattle in 1956. In 1963, he opened Five Corners Veterinary Hospital in Burien with is colleague Dr. Frank Lindeke. He valued involvement in organized veterinary medicine and mentored young veterinarians to get involved. He was active in the Seattle King County VMA and served on the Veterinary Board of Governors from 1994 – 1999. To benefit veterinary students, Dr. Montgomery established the Dr. E. Doyle and Matilda Montgomery Endowment Fund at WSU. The WSU Foundation bestowed the Outstanding Service Award. Memorials can be sent to the Montgomery Scholarship Endowment at WSU. Dr. Arnold Slater (WSU, ’51) passed away on August 9, 2015 at the age of 88. Along with Dr. Burt Potts, Dr. Slater purchased a local Olympia practice in 1954 and they named it Deschutes Animal Clinic. Dr. Slater was integral to the WSVMA’s early success in legislative issues. He joined the WSVMA Legislative Committee in 1954, serving for over 30 years, and worked with state legislators to build support for both WSVMA and WSU. Dr. Slater helped develop Pierce Community College’s veterinary technology program and was instrumental in helping to change the law so that technicians could expand their role within veterinary practice. Dr. Slater served as WSVMA president in 1977 and was awarded Veterinarian of the Year in 1982. In his honor, the WSVMA created the Dr. Arnold C. Slater Legislator of the Year Award in 1986. He also received many other awards including WSU Distinguished Veterinary Alumnus, WSU Alumni Achievement Award, American Animal Hospital Association award for Outstanding Service to the Veterinary Profession, and South Puget Sound Veterinary Medical Association Distinguished Service award. Memorials may be made to WSU College of Veterinary Medicine Heritage Scholarship Fund, Alzheimer’s Association of Washington, or your favorite charity.

Member News and Moves Dr. Dale Moore, WSU College of Veterinary Medicine, has joined the American Association of Bovine Practitioners Board of Directors representing District 11.

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Total Practice Solutions Group Veterinary Practice Sales & Appraisals


Our Pacific Region Includes 8 states to help our colleagues NOW IS THE PERFECT TIME TO BUY OR SELL A VETERINARY PRACTICE! Demand is high, and low cost financing is available. TPSG brokers have the training, knowledge, experience, and professional support for a successful practice sale, or buyer representation,

Dr. Stephanie Wallendorff Rock Springs, WY (307) 362-3184  Buyer  Management Consulting Dr. Richard Steel Tillamook, OR (503) 842-9348  Seller  Employment Contract  Lease Agreement


Practice sales Practice appraisals Contract negotiations Associate buy ins & entrance Exit strategies Buyer representation Financial assistance to buyers Seller representation Business consultation Legal representation

to view additional job opportunities.

CALL OUR HAPPY CLIENTS! More available upon request.

Dermatology Clinic for Animals Karl Salzsieder

Dr. Kimberly Coyner, DVM

Salzsieder & Associates TPSG LLC

Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Dermatology (253) 596-5093



Total Practice Solutions Group TPSGSALES.COM

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Critical Care at SVS Kirkland Exceptional Medicine. Compassionate Care. Peace of Mind. Beyond Expectations. Dr. Kelly J. Blackstock, Diplomate ACVECC Criticalist Dr. Kelly Blackstock joins SVS Kirkland. Dr. Blackstock is a board-certified specialist in veterinary emergency and critical care. Dr. Blackstock brings many years of critical care experience with her and adds an additional layer of expertise in the management of critically ill patients with multi-organ system dysfunction. 24-hr specialty | emergency | critical care |

  PRACTICES CURRENTLY AVAILABLE: OREGON NEW LISTING!! Amazing investment opportunity in Portland area. Estalised igly protale SA . V prae.  tae ome to uyer aer det. PLUS rental properes  inome in ooming maret. Enre paage P RE and Rental properes prie  LOR

IAHO NEW LISTING!! Peretly loated in nortern Idao tis prae is a must see. In  p grossed  and te ree standing SA aility provides 7 S. Potenal inome to uyer  aer det. P and RE pried at 7 LI

NEW LISTING!! Eastern OregonSoutern Idao. Plenty o avies or te amily in tis eauul loaon. P grossed  in  it  to uyer aer det. SA prae in very spaious aility  V. P  RE pried at 7 LOR

LA moile prae loated in entral Idao area. Produing revenue over year it great liestyle or urrent oner  V. Prie inludes tru inventory and euipment. Seller is illing to assist it transioning lients to uyer. P Prie  LI

WASHINGTON Soutern Puget Sound area. Great loaon or enre amily it plenty o entertainment opportunies. P grossed over 7 in  it  to uyer aer det. SA prae in  S aility  V. P  RE Pried at  LWA7

antas prae loated in HIGHLY desirale sout entral Idao. aility as  S providing ample room or SA or leaseold. Grossed 77 in  it potenal or  to uyer aer det. P Prie  LI

ALASKA CONSIERING ALL OERS or prae loated in eauul Alasa. Higly movated sellers o a very protale small animal prae leaseold. Grossed  in  it potenal or  to uyer aer det. P Pried at  redued rom original prie o  LAK

—IAHO PRACTICES— Broerage rm Tri-Cies Real Estate it Agent Nii Nitz o Simmons Nortest

**The Simmons team consists of Brokers, Lawyers, CPAs, Business erts an Creite auaon Anaysts who are inoe in hunres of eterinary racce transacons eery year**

Nikki Nitz, CPA, CMA l Simmons Northwest 208.664.3100 l l

Relief Bank Dr. Jessica Allmendinger UC Davis, ‘08 SA Medicine and Surgery,ER (day only) Greater Seattle Area (530) 220-3868 Dr. Sonia Amador Ross and Cornell ‘03 SA General Medicine Surgery, and ER Greater Seattle area, 7 days (206) 369-5308

Dr. Patricia Dorsey IL ‘84 Cats and Dogs (253) 851-8234 (Gig Harbor) Dr. Leah Ferguson Kansas State, ‘02 SAl medicine and surgery Snohomish and King counties (503) 380-4810

Dr. Douglas Anderson WSU ‘94 (360) 249-3550

Dr. Tracy Fuelleman MIN ‘89 SA Medicine Greater Puget Sound area (206) 361-8009

Dr. Veeda Angell WSU ‘04 SA/MA King, Snohomish, Pierce and Thurston Cos. (509) 432-3225

Dr. Catherine Gamber Texas A&M 2011 Small Animal Medicine and Surgery, ER, Exotics Greater Seattle Area (281) 352-3987

Dr. Janice Anthony WSU, ‘03 Small Animal Medicine King and neighboring counties Short notice OK

Dr. Michelle Gengler ISU, ‘05 Small Animal North King and Snohomish County Short notice OK (206) 920-0219

Dr. Bela Belle Tufts ‘97 ER, SA Medicine/Surgery, PT (425) 770-3193 Dr. Evelyn Bittner MSU ’91 SA Medicine/Surgery Greater Seattle & Eastside area (206) 301-0580 Dr. Frank Bousaid TAMU ‘95 SA, Acupuncture/Chinese Herbal Therapy Eastern Washington including Wenatchee, Moses Lake, Spokane (206) 683-3770 Dr. Kimber C. Brawley KSU ‘89 SA & Exotics, Medicine/Surgery, some Orthopedics King & Snohomish (425) 367-1288 Dr. Erika Cantamessa WSU, ‘06 SA and exotic pet medicine Adams, Grant and Spokane Counties (509) 660-0234 Dr. Shauna Carroll UC Davis, ‘93 SA Medicine, Surgery, Dentistry South and Central King/N. Pierce Counties (206) 434-7418 Dr. Stacy Chartrand WCVM ‘01 Small Animal Medicine, Surgery and Emergency and Critical Care Greater Seattle and Eastside (206) 445-9994 Dr. Leah Cloud WSU ‘05 SA Medicine King County (425)223-7618

Dr. Emma Harvey Edinburgh, Scotland ‘12 SA medicine & surgery, Food animal, equine, exotics Anywhere in WA, Short Notice OK (206) 601-0620 Dr. Lee Harris WSU, 1974 Pierce, Snohomish and King Counties Small Animal Medicine with Surgery (253) 569-5360 Dr. David Hildreth MO ‘70 Small Animal (360) 914-1234 Dr. William D. Hougham UCD ‘75 SA Surgery and Medicine South King County and Pierce County (360) 825-1981 Dr. Elizabeth Hughs STG ‘09 SA (206) 992-1730 Dr. Brian Hur WSU ‘11 SA, Medicine/Surgery/Dentistry, ER/ CC Greater Seattle Area (206) 856-0928 Dr. Julie Janiak Colorado State University ‘07 Small Animal Medicine, Surgery, Emergency and Acupuncture Internship trained Greater Spokane Area and nearby counties (970) 420-9556 Dr. Emily Jewell Liverpool ‘98 SA General Medicine & Surgery Seattle and surrounding, Walla Walla and surrounding (206) 579-1012

Do You Want to Be in the WSVMA Relief Bank? All you have to do is email or fax your information to the WSVMA offices. If you are a current WSVMA member, your ad is free! Contact or fax to (425) 396-3192 to get your ad started!

Dr. Kari Johnson WSU, ‘93 SA (206) 832-6928 Calendar/rates available at www. Dr. Kathy Johnson Ohio State `83 SA Snohomish & South Skagit (360) 659-7252 Dr. Rebecca Johnson OSU / WSU ‘94 SA Medicine Greater Puget Sound area (206) 719-2056 Dr. Darlene King WSU ‘98 Snohomish and King County area (425) 344-7996 Dr. Cynthia Knapp Ohio State ‘98 SA, ER Medicine/Surgery North King and South Snohomish Counties Dr. Kathleen Koppa WSU ‘07 SA Medicine and Surgery King and Snohomish Counties (425) 495-2626 Dr. Jamelyn Kyser University of Georgia ‘10 SA ER/CC (cats, dogs) King, Snohomish, Pierce counties for multiple/consecutive shifts, farther WA and CA considered Dr. Lori Maness Tufts, ‘92 Whatcom, Skagit and Snohomish Counties (307) 277-8819 Dr. Kira MacKinnon (Dr. Mac) Ross ‘06 References available SA medicine, surgery, dentistry, ER Spokane, Stevens County (928) 580-8819 (text, call or email) Dr. Regina Mansfield WSU ‘85 SA Medicine SE King/ NE Pierce (360) 825-6753 Dr. Alina McClain Ross ‘06 SA, Ultrasound, Soft Tissue Surgery Northern Western Washington to Seattle Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and some Sat/Sun (360) 682-6216, (614) 563-9914 Dr. Cheryl Meyers MSU ‘96 Small Animal Medicine, Surgery & Dentistry Greater Puget Sound area (206) 683-0685

Dr. Gary Miller WSU ’84 SA & MA WA, OR, Northern ID, Western MT (509) 248-7398

Dr. Mary Sprague WSU ‘89 SA Medicine King, S. Snohomish Counties (425) 880-4073

Dr. Sue Moriyasu WSU ‘02 SA, high volume spay/neuter King & nearby counties (425) 830-2784

Dr. Priscilla Stockner Min ’70 King, Snohomish, Skagit and Whatcom Counties. (360) 926-8371 or (360) 420-3717

Dr. Kathryn Okawa WSU ‘81 SA, Small mammals (425) 870-7088

Dr. Stephanie Stoegbauer VA Polytechnic ‘07 SA medicine and surgery King County (206) 465-3902

Dr. Sarah Jane Owens Tufts ‘02 Small Animal, Equine, and Exotics Within 2.5 hours of greater Seattle (206) 661-6005

Dr. Michael Stone OSU ‘99 SA,ER, Medicine/Surgery (253) 988-1200

Dr. Pamela Powell WSU ‘82 SA, ER, HQHV spay-neuter WA, ID, OR. Short notice OK. (253) 229-7816

Dr. Peggy Vogt Auburn, 2000 SA Medicine & Surgery Seattle to Olympia (253) 686-2048

Dr. L. Louise Rutter Cambridge, England ‘95 SA Medicine and Surgery relief work King County, Lake Washington area (425) 999 6765

Dr. Melissa Walker Cornell ‘04 SA Medicine and Surgery, Integrative Medicine Greater Seattle Area (206) 595-2382

Dr. Michael Ryan WSU ‘84 SA Medicine and Surgery Kitsap and West Sound region (360)830-4911 Dr. Aja Senestraro WSU, ‘14 SA, LA, some exotics, Integrative medicine Tumwater to Bellingham (425) 492-0323 Dr. Amy Small Glasgow ‘88 SA Medicine/Surgery Central and Eastern Washington & Idaho (509) 420-3554 (text or leave message) Dr. Timarie Simmons OK State ‘98 Small Animal Medicine/Surgery and Some Exotics Greater Seattle and Statewide Options (703) 606-3300 Dr. Heather Smith WSU ‘03 SA Medicine/Surgery, Exotics (small mammals) North King/South Snohomish counties (425) 501-8008 Dr. Hank Snelgrove, CVA UCD ‘81 Integrative Small Animal Practice: medicine, dentistry, surgery, acupuncture, and TCVM herbal therapy Olympic and Kitsap Peninsulas and Central and Western Washington (360) 301-0096

Dr. Shelby Watson MN ‘02 Kitsap Peninsula (360) 473-6260 Dr. Karen Wichert WSU ‘89 SA Medicine and Surgery Snohomish, King Counties (425) 312-3376 Dr. Evelyn Wilson WSU ‘90, ABVP canine & feline med. Small animal medicine, surgery, dentistry, E.R. and exotics Snohomish, King, Skagit and Whatcom counties. (360) 631-2400 Dr. Heather Woodke WSU 2002 small animal medicine, surgery, ER, mobile small ruminant Western Washington (509) 990-8854 Dr. Michelle Zachry Purdue ‘02 SA, Medicine/Surgery/Dentistry, ER/ CC, Public Health/Food, Shelter King County and surrounding areas (425) 654-3521 Dr. Sharon Zito UC Davis, 1984 SA Medicine Seattle/King County Area 3 or more days in a row (619) 733-6875

Classifieds FULL TIME/PART-TIME Associate Veterinarian wanted for a well-established independently owned small animal hospital in North Seattle. Provides progressive high quality medicine in a well-equipped hospital. RECENT GRADUATES considered. Contact Mike Bellinghausen @ or (425) 485-6575.

WSVMA 2015 Classified Advertising Rates WSVMA Members First 30 words Each additional word WSVMA Blind Box (one-time fee) Include ad in next print issue

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No charge for contact information. Rates are for two months on the website. Ad will be included in the next available print issue for an additional $10.00. Non-Members First 30 words Each additional word WSVMA Blind Box (one-time fee) Include ad in next print issue

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No charge for contact information. Rates are for two months on the website. Ad will be included in the next available print issue for an additional $20.00. Classified ad forms are available upon request. Call (800) 399-7862 or (425) 396-3191 or email Deadlines for Classifieds Ads for the Jan/Feb 2016 issue of the WSVMA Classifieds will be accepted until November 30, 2015. No refunds or changes will be allowed after the deadline has passed. The WSVMA WA Veterinarian Magazine and WSVMA Classifieds are sent to all WSVMA members. More Information For further information on classified advertising, please contact: WSVMA Office (800) 399-7862 or (425) 396-3191 New Ad Deadlines Jan/Feb 2016 • November 30, 2015

DVM Wanted, King-Pierce-Snohomish Counties Five doctor small animal medical and surgical facility in Federal Way seeking FT associate. We are fully computerized with Cornerstone software, DR Digital Radiology and VetPro Digital Dental Radiology. Our spacious facility has 5 exam rooms, and a spacious open treatment area with three tub table stations with Dental machines with fiber optics and drills, and a surgical suite with 2 operating tables. We have five BM-3 Anesthetic Monitors as well as portable Oxy9Vet units for compete monitoring of every anesthetized patient, and a full support staff, including five LVT’s. We offer a generous % based salary (averaging $90,000+ for first year of employment). Generous benefits package, no on-call. Clinical and surgical experience is highly rewarded, though we also welcome new graduates to apply for this position, as our experienced DVMs are available and willing to offer mentoring. We welcome you to visit to see for yourself what we have to offer. For more information please contact: Dr. Jeff Miller, Vets For Less Animal Clinic of Federal Way, 1115 S. 348th St, Suite D, Federal Way, WA 98003 http:// Home phone: (360)273-7838, Fax: (360)273-6764, email


Experienced vet seeking a change? Renton West Vet is a growing, truly unique hospital. Traditional medicine is paired with acupuncture, herbal, laser therapy and energy work to focus on healing and fostering the Doctor-Client-Patient bon. WE are equipped with paperless medical records, digital imaging, in-house labs, etc., and also offer a balanced 4-day work week. A veterinarian with acupuncture, herbs, and/or pocket pets experience is our ideal candidate. Partnership/Ownership potential is possible. Contact Bothell Pet Hospital DVM wanted Full or Part time. Well-equipped high quality small animal practice. We value, and establish, long term client and employee relationships. Privately owned. If interested or to submit Resume, contact via: Diamond Veterinary Associates / Emergency Clinic of Everett is seeking a full-time veterinarian to join our team. If you are looking to work for a hospital that provides excellent opportunities for varied experiences and challenges, education and growth, then our hospital is the place for you! The ideal candidate will be motivated, compassionate, professional, courteous and comfortable working independently, performing surgeries, and maintaining the long-term relationships we have established with our clients throughout Snohomish County and beyond. Diamond Veterinary Associates / Emergency Clinic of Everett is an established small animal practice, located in Everett. State-of-the-art equipment includes a fully equipped surgical suite, computerized practice management, an in-house laboratory, digital radiology, and ultrasound. We pride ourselves in our high quality medicine, excellent reputation and supporting the Everett community for over 25 years. This position offers a very competitive salary and generous benefits, commensurate with experience. To apply, please email a cover letter and resume to PT/FT DVM wanted. Privately owned small animal hospital in Sammamish Plateau looking for a team player with integrity and confidence. We value customer service, and client communication skills. Recent graduates considered. Compensation starting at $75,000/yr + signing bonus. Contact Who we are looking for: A top notch veterinarian with a heart of gold, who is thorough and attentive to the patient’s needs, who keeps excellent medical records, who encourages clients to be open about what they wish for their pet, and who will step in help when a need arises. Oh, and we want you to be flexible and pleasant, too! Kindly submit a cover letter and resume to: nbauerdvm@gmail. com. We are looking forward to seeing you.

DVM Wanted, Western Washington Opening for part-time Associate Veterinarian or Full-Time Veterinarian for our well-established, small animal hospital in Olympia, WA. Please email your resume & references to Dr. Steven Hamilton at docsteve2011@ Part- or Full-Time Associate Wanted! Orchard Hills Animal Hospital, a busy 2-doctor smallanimal practice located in the Camas-Washougal, Washington area, is seeking a part-time to full-time veterinary associate. We are offering flexible scheduling, with options ranging from a few days a week to week-on/ week-off to full-time. The hospital is located 25 minutes

w a s h i ngton ve te ri nari an

from downtown Portland, Oregon. We are a paperless hospital (Avimark), have digital radiology, digital dental radiology, full in-house lab equipment, ultrasound and we offer acupuncture and all manner of soft tissue and orthopedic surgery, including TPLOs. We have strong relationships with area surgeons and referral centers. We are seeking either a new or experienced veterinarian who is capable in the areas of surgery, client education, and highquality medical care for our patients as well as someone able to work positively with a strong support staff. Please send resumé and cover letter to Dr. Erich Bargar at Full-time position available for a small animal veterinarian in a thriving 3 doctor practice, located in beautiful Anacortes, WA. Our hospital focuses on progressive medicine and surgery, with a small town, family=oriented feel. Great clients and strong support staff allow us to practice with a high standard of care. Excellent mentorship available for new grad. Wellequipped hospital, with paperless records, digital radiology, full lab, K-laser, etc. Generous production based pay and full benefit package, including IRA, medical, vacation, and extra CE allowance. No on call and limited weekend hours. Please reply to with resume. Orchards Veterinary Clinic in Vancouver, WA is seeking FT and PT associates for a small animal, 4-doctor practice. Must be driven, compassionate, have strong communication skills and enjoy a fast paced environment. Compensation based on experience great rotating schedule, vacation, CE, etc. Send resume to Full or part time associate veterinarian desired to join our rapidly expanding, busy practice in Western Washington. A short commute from Olympia, we are a cat and dog hospital with access to the newest equipment and diagnostics in house. Very rewarding compensation package (ProSal) with vacation, insurances, licenses, CE, AVMA and WSVMA dues paid, no on-call work, and relocation funds available. Well trained and loyal staff to support you. We focus on high quality medicine and ensure our employees are well taken care of. Practice with your own protocols with a seasoned multi-doctor team available for mentoring. Inquire how practicing here can improve your professional life. Please send CV with references to: Chehalis-Centralia Veterinary Hospital - ccvh@ or fax (360) 748-6623. Doctor of Veterinary Medicine - Claus Paws Animal Hospital in Vancouver, WA seeks a full-time small animal Veterinarian who is licensed in Washington State or eligible immediately after employment. We are proud members of the Southwest Washington, American, Washington State & Oregon State Veterinary Medical Associations. We are a medicine driven practice with a high standard of care. Claus Paws Veterinary Hospital is a hardworking and fun loving practice in east Vancouver looking for just the right DVM to join our team. Established in this community for over 15 years as a family oriented organization we are committed to helping all of our members succeed. We find the best employee know how to balance work and play; and the Vancouver area provides various extracurricular actives you may employ that can help you to find your ideal well balanced life. Applicants should have positive disposition and love what they do as much as we do. Requirements: - Licensed DVM in the State of Washington or eligible immediately after employment Must be able to run their own cytology where needed - Be proficient in basic surgery such as Ovariohysterectomies, Orchiectomies and Dentals. - Ideal candidate will have an interest/ skills in more complex surgery’s and is always interested in learning more. Compensation: - Salary plus commission - Generous CE package - Two weeks’ vacation Medical, Dental, and Student loan payback plans available. Send resume and letter of interest to Claus Paws Veterinary Hospital, 6700 NE 162nd Ave, Suite 420 Vancouver, WA 98682. Attn: Angela Bergevin or email: angela@clauspaws. com.

Find More Classified Ads Online at Small Animal Clinic in Skagit County seeking a P/T veterinarian with no after hour emergencies. Progressive clinic with digital xrays, ultrasound, etc. flexible hours. Please contact Jerry (360) 391-3234, jerry4pureenergy@ Seeking a full-time SA associate for established, rural small animal/avian/exotic veterinary hospital. 40-minute drive to Olympia. We are currently building a 5,000 sq ft state-of-the-art hospital due to be completed late this year. We practice quality medicine and surgery with excellent support staff. The clinic has digital radiography (including dental), in house blood chemistry and CBC, paper-lite practice (Avimark), blood pressure, ECG, fluid pumps, tonopen, cryosurgery, and Class IV therapy laser. We have visiting specialists and excellent relationships with referral hospitals. New grad preferred who has a desire to spend at least the next 10 years with us, but we will consider an experienced vet that has a good sense of humor. We enjoy teaching and mentoring. Strong communication skills a must. We have a strong team atmosphere, treat our clients and patients like royalty and have a strong online presence and progressive attitude. Send resume and cover letter to with Box 8024 in the subject line. After-hours Emergency Hospital seeking full and part time Veterinarians. The Pet Emergency Center is open nights and weekends, we have great staff and a relaxed atmosphere. The hospital is very well equipped and busy serving 3 counties. Located in Skagit County we are in the heart of recreation heaven: the North Cascades National Park, skiing at Mount Baker and short trip to the Olympic Peninsula. We also have almost no traffic and great real estate prices! Please send your resume to Andy Porter at or feel free to call anytime to chat and ask questions, (360) 809-0661.

Practice for Sale or Lease Want to buy an established practice for FREE? Ideal opportunity for start-up. Take over 20-year practice for lease payment only. Excellent north Seattle location. Great freeway access. (206) 999-2909 or Oregon, Linn County: 2-story SA hospital w/RE in city center. 1-hour to Portland. Great growth potential. OR2. California, San Diego County: 1,750sf SA hospital w/RE. Highly respected and well-established. CA10. 1.800.636.4740 WA - NEW LISTING- S of Seattle, high profit, SA practice 1 DVM, $645k Gross revenue. Contact Karl Salzsieder (360) 636-1228 or WA – East of Seattle - 1 DVM Feline only SA practice, Leasehold, $500,000 Rev. Priced to sell only $300,000! Contact Karl Salzsieder (360) 636-1228 or Karl@TPSGsales. com WA - East of Seattle - Feline only SA practice, Leasehold, OVER $300K Rev. w/DVM only working 3.5 days a week. $200,000 Contact Karl Salzsieder (360) 6361228 or WA – East of Seattle – Two Cat clinics each in busy shopping centers, high demographics. One Rev. 300k. Second one 800k. Contact Karl Salzsieder (360) 636-1228 or AK - South East– 1 DVM SA practice, leasehold. High profit, 2014 30% rev increase and great recreation area. Contact Karl Salzsieder (360) 636-1228 or Karl@TPSGsales. com

AZ - Northeast Phoenix- Very busy growing Small Animal practice 1.5+ DVM, Great location. Almost $600k Gross rev. Contact Karl Salzsieder (360) 636-1228 or Karl@ ID – Eastern ID. Practice and RE w/ Residence in the practice. Room to grow, in beautiful ID. $375,000 total package. Contact Karl Salzsieder (360) 636-1228 or Karl@ OR – NEW LISTING - Eastern, Mixed, 1 plus DVM w/RE $385,000 Gross Revenue. Contact Karl Salzsieder (360) 6361228 or OR - Two Practices near Portland – High net, SA high tech 2 vet over $1,100,000 revenue combined. One w/real estate one leasehold. For details, contact Karl Salzsieder (360) 636-1228 or OR - Southwest - 1 DVM small animal, $280,000 Gross Rev. Leasehold. Contact Karl Salzsieder (360) 636-1228 or OR - South Central - 2 DVM SA and Boarding Business with real estate, $800,000 Gross Rev. Contact Karl Salzsieder (360) 636-1228 or WA – North Seattle – Spay and Neuter Clinic, started in 1972, well-established book of business with a loyal client base, owner retiring. $150,000 negotiable. Contact Chris Kunnen at (206) 409-3244 or One-DVM SA practice in the heart of North Central Washington. Rural community with excellent schools. Business has good growth potential and low overhead in a clean, spacious 4,000 sf building. Photos available. Practice and RE $395K. Contact WA - Greater Seattle Area. Mobile hospice and inhome euthanasia practice. Rewarding and gratifying work. Grossing over $200K/year, approximately 25-30 hr/ week. Make your own hours, low overhead, over $100K to buyer after debt. Call for details. 206-683-2058 or barry.

Miscellaneous For Sale – Digital Dental Radiography $6,600.00 OBO, used (Comparable NEW system $15k-$18k – Webster) Excellent and COMPLETE system includes all matched components: 1. SCHICK computer software, with interface; 2. SCHICK digital sensor #2; 3. NOMAD Dental (Classic) Hand-Held generator. Improve patient quality care and show clients pathology impossible to view when awake. Improve dental diagnostics, while reducing liability (Normal standard-of-care, summer 2015, AVMA-PLIT claims). Increase productivity and staff morale. Contact James Wempe, DVM at (360) 710-6502 or j.wempstead@

Technician Wanted Work for Google’s highest rated veterinary hospital in Lacey, Washington! No nights, weekends or emergencies. Four-day work week, bonus plan, SIMPLEIRA, paid holidays and more. Small, super productive team. One location – not a corporate chain! Resume to cvhps@ LICENSED VETERINARY TECHNICIAN: We are seeking an LVT with a heart of gold, who works very well with pets, coworkers, and clients, who is thorough and attentive to the needs of patients, and who is flexible and will step in and help when the need arises. Kindly submit a resume to We look forward to meeting you!

Relief Technician Available Vet Tech Services – Let our experienced LVT’s keep your hospital running at full capacity. Please call Virginia Jones, LVT at (425) 330-5234.

Office Staff Wanted Veterinary Hospital Manager - We are seeking an upbeat, energetic, talented individual to manage our high performance veterinary team. This individual will be responsible for the areas of human resources, financial management, marketing, planning, and the day-today operations of the employees and the hospital. In addition, this person will also work as a client service provider, supervise employees, and work with the doctors to deliver the highest level of quality medicine and client service possible. Ability to create and maintain a positive and service driven culture is imperative. Previous management or supervisory experience is preferred. We offer a competitive salary, a challenging and unique work environment, an exceptional benefits package, and the opportunity for a long-term career. Submit resume and cover letter to: Greg Benoit DVM, SouthCare Animal Medical Center, 2915 E. Palouse Hwy. Spokane, WA 99223. VETERINARY RECEPTIONIST/ ASSISTANT Do you have experience working in a veterinary practice? Would you enjoy working with DVMs, LVTs, pets and clients? Are you thorough and organized? Are you flexible and willing to help out when a need arises? We’d like to meet and talk with you! Kindly submit your; resume to

WSAVT Career Center (360) 273-7838 or

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For Sale: Shor-Line stainless steel surgery table 24" x 60", excellent condition, never used. Dental/prep wet table weith grate 24" x 60". Grroming tub stainless steel with backsplash 24" x 60". 12 - 24" x 24" stainless steel cages. 4 - 36" x 30" stainless steel cages. All cages can be stacked together. Please contact (253) 752-6161.

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Practice Sales Brokerage or Practice Buyer Representation. Increase profitability and Practice Sales price with Management Consulting. Practice Valuation and Employment contracts, buy-sells, startups, litigation support, representation before license board. Contact Karl Salzsieder, DVM, JD, AVA, (360) 577-8115 or karl@

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