Wenonah Yearbook - 1971

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Contents Introduction ......................................... 4 Dynamic Systems .................................... 12 Sportive Chai Ieng es . . ............................. . . 46 Directed Discovery .. .......... ... .... . . . . . . . . . ..... . 84 The Life Experience . . . ... . .. .. . . ...... . .. . .. . . . ..... 120 People .. .. . .. . . .. . . .... . .......... . ............... 148 College and Community ... . .. . ......... . ............ 192

Lyrical color solaces the searcher.

A little rain is life sustained.


We flurry from flower to flower drawing the nectar of life.

Like river waves, we crest and fall with forces and currents.










We play games and have our little secrets. Not satisfied with the world that nourished us, we soon fly to fill a niche of our own.


We have many directions.


Winds of time scatter the t races of us.

warily, e sens e the worldy w it's so eas to run.

We see beyond confusion into the clear depth of essence.

We touch beauty if we look closely.

It seems so far to where we will be.


Frances Fullerton anticipates tomorrows.

We rise to meet the challenges.


Pat Rose listens to the comments of youth. We wait, sometimes impatiently.

Joe Adams contemplates his next step.





Blackbirds flock together to face the coming season ; we organize ourselves to confront apathy. We learn the frustrations and blessings of order. We feel victimized in a web of musts and must nots, but recognize the power of individual effort en masse. We experience the responsibilities, pressures, pride, and joys of commitment and leadership . We detect and understand the interrelationship among people.




Chess Club Row 1: John Walburch, Phil Johnson, Tom Frisby. Row 2: Glenn Rohman, treasurer, Lee Christopherson, vice-president, Bob Frisby, president.

International Students ..'


Row 1: Herenia Balilaa, Margaret Poon , Devika Ragbiro, Nancy Pau . Row 2 : Mahran Habibi, Kai Raaberg , Pak Kwan Cheung, Vickae Phaisalakan i, So Kwong , Azad Abrahim . Row 3: Thomas Wong , Sverre Tonnesan, Adarsh Kumar Hari, Wing Ding Chan , Mohamed Bah st. 15


Union Program Council

Row 1: Margaret Svendsen, Cheryl Smith, Barb Herzog, Lynn Brown, Barb Broich , Conn ie Kroeger, Gary Prescher. Row 2: Carol Weber, Kathy Jo Nelson , Geraldine Wurm , Charlotte Pagel, Pam Parker. Row 3: Debbie Dahl, Janet Dowd, Julie Judd, A nnette¡ Jensen, Zona Wood , Mary Lund. Row 4: Ruth Sapp, Ginny Beinhorn , Connie Buboltz, Penny Plevka, Greg Weigenart . Row 5: Cu rt Ballman, Terry Hackett, Vicki Dalrymple, L. Joseph Schwager.


Row 1: Susan Hudgens, Mary O 'Neill , Sharon Donlan, Cheryl Smith, Pat Sweeney. Row 2: Sandy Paton, Ann Schweich, Nancy Bern, Claire Erpelding, Paul Sticha, Tony Choquette. Row 3: Jeff O'Toole, Georgene Yost, Janet Anderson, Terry Carlson , Ron Jensen, Bob Stevens, Dale Marzolf.

Wenonah Players

Row 1: Bruce Danielson , vice-president, Pat Tolmie Frisby, John Heddie, Sue Hoblit , President, David Hoel, Dana Babb itt. Row 2: Peggy Brown, Edith Bierbaum, Bettie Hoesley, Wendy Snyder, Bonnie Hoesley, Margy Webbl es, Mary Cruden , Professor , Dorothy B. Magnus. Row 3: Connie Kroeger, Karen Jostad, Candy Kobler, Kathy Helland, Marlene Moore, Sylvia Erpelding, John Foster. Row 4 : Lorna Cooper, Jean Meluis, Dawn Fiegel , Don Harty, Pau l Wilson , Mike Hostetler. Row 5: Michael O'Toole, Greg Goetzman, Michael Thiem , Dave Vieths, Mark Orlowski. 16

Row 1: Paul Sticka, Kathy Helland, Wendy Snyder, Candy Kobler, John Foster. Row 2: Tony Choquette, Mike Hostetler, Don Harty, Marlene Moore, Dawn Fiegel , Terry Carlson. Row 3: Georgene Yost, Janet Anderson, Ron Jenson, Paul Wilson , Mike Thiem .

Winona State Speech Association

Row 1: Peggy Brown, Edith Bierbaum, Michael O'Toole, Pat Tolmie Frisby, Sue Hoblit. Row 2: Mr. Mills, Dave Hoel, Karen Jostad, M. Jerome Nolan, Professor Dorothy B. Magnus. Row 3: John Heddie, Bruc e Danielson, Dana Babbit, Vic e-President, Dave Vieths, President, Mark Orlowski.





Row 1: Jerome Christenson , Ruth Greden, Mary Twite, Candy Kobler, David Hoel. Row 2: L. J. Turner, John Capron, Kevin Brooks, Roger Runningen, Mr. Norbert Mills. Absent : Penny Weimer, Mark Nolan, Laurie Smith McGuiness.

Debate Fourteen students are involved in Forensics activities this year. The Wi nona State debate squad has attended tournaments at Macalester College , Mankato State College, Stout State University, St. Louis University, River Falls, Lacrosse, and Eau Claire. Winona State is also a member of the Twin City Debate League. A March trip was taken to Houston , Texas, for the National Pi Kappa Delta tournament. WSC installed the Minnesota Xi Chapter of Pi Kappa Delta in March 1970. A high school tournament and college debate tournament are hosted during the year. Professor Mills is in his third year of debate coaching at Winona State.

Society of Physics Students-Sigma Pi Sigma Craig Arneson, Kenneth Rogalski, Larry Libersky, and Terry Wallace.


Society for the Advancement of Management

Row 1: Paul Guiher, Lynn Ramacher, Steve Druley. Row 2: Ron Dahling, John Novotny, Tom Bauer, Ted Deziel.

In conjunction with the Chamber of Commerce, members of S.A.M. participated in Career Days. Business managers talked to the members. The club has tours , an annual spring banquet, and an annual spring picnic. Their advisors are Dr. Joseph Foegen and Mr. William Sullivan .

Student National Education Association Karen Olson, Geraldi ne Wurm , Bonnie Lewers, Mary Behnken, Joanne Sheehan, Pam Capistran!, Joan Moyer, Mary Rosburg , Carol Friese, Kathy Mc Kenzie.







Americans for Democratic Action Leslie Foran and Mike Jeffries represented the Americans for Democratic Action at Club Nile during fall quarter.

Veterans Club

Diana Ostern, Miss Winona, and Jeri Boyles joined Dave Carpenter, Barry Brinkmeier, Mike Hale, and Bob Brodie in promoting the Vets Club at Club Nile.


Row 1: Jerry Wildes, Mike Aymond , Tom Dunlap, Sally Sievers, Bob Bambenek, Tim Cashin, Larry Niebur. Row 2: Dave Hoel, Joanie Moyer, Marylin Carter, Scott Epstein, Joyce Ambrosen , Rick Krueger.

Student Senate Political Science Club Row 1: Tom Magnuson , Pam Parker, Therese Moriarty, Dan Metzdorff, Kim Boyum. Row 2: John Walbruch, Dan Kieselhorst, Zona Wood, Jerry Wildes. Row 3: Doug las Olmsted, Dave Hoel, Greg Goetzman.


Kappa Pi Row 1: Mrs. Schlawin, Al Kouba, Roy Rendehl , Beverly Arenz, Sue Siems.

Nursing Club

Row 1: Annette Jensen, Mary Dro lsum, Judy Kycek, Chery l Smith. Row 2: Jeanne Meluis, Ane Stiegerwald, Carol Sorg, Candi Soproi. Row 3: Kay Formo, Sandy M ester, Jean Benson, Fran Ludwig.

The Winona State N ursing Student Organization provides pre-professional organ ization at the local level for nursing students and encourages participation in meetings and activities , here as well as on dist rict and state levels. The club serves as a channel of communication among all nursing students by providing opportunity for individual students to exchange ideas and discuss problems. Through various com munity proj ects the clu b aids th e individual development of the student and thereby fosters good citizenship. Officers are: President , Ane Steigerwald; Vice-president , Fran Ludwig ; Secretary, Di ane McN ally ; Treasurer, Karen Olson ; Program Chairman, Patricia Smith; Publicity Chairman, De bbi e Oster berg ; Student Senate Representative, Mary Lund ; Minnesota Nursing Student Association Representative, Jeanne Melius ; advisor , Miss Fran Power. 22

Kappa Delta Pi

Row 1: Charlotte Pagel, Joan Moyer, JoAnn Gaskam, Mary Wagner, Barb Tolmie. Row 2: Marcia Walters, Bonnie Nash, MaryJo Tubbs, Carol Hovey, Dianne Huiras.

Pi Alpha Theta


' ·.

Row 1: Marvin Palecek, Kay Ristow, Heide Swe ley, Nancy Neumann, George Bates. Row 2: Robert Jacobson, Dave Ackerman, Robert Goodwin.


Symphonic Band

Piccolo: Patricia Abrams. Flute: Marcie Masters, Bonnie Nash, Marlene Myran, Ellen Tiedemann, Ann Karli. Oboe: Sue Myrland, Pamela Brunkow, Rebecca Jaworski. Bassoon: David Crow, Joyce Werner, Spencer Plante, Marilyn McKnight. E-Flat Sop Clarinet: James Kulig. B-Flat Clarinet: Mary Manship, Barbara Bonow, Wendy Thoreson, Joan Hauble, Joyce Runningen , Jeanne Nelson, Susan Sheldon, Vicki Ebert, Linda Schnorenberg, Susan Nelson, Rosella Scherb, Bonnie Bell, Marie Knox. Alto Clarinet: Valerie Bauer, Shi rley Hanson. Bass Clarinet: Mary MacDonald, Peggy Engen. B-Flat Cont ra Clarinet: Donella Johnson. Alto Saxophone: Vernon Suchla, Michael Wilder. Tenor Saxophone: Sharon Goede. Baritone Saxophone: Ronald Haugen. French Horns : David Smelser, Donna Rahn , Kris Hagen, Janet Hull, Doris Jensen, Jolyn Snell, Pat Dixen, Patricia Tweten. Cornet : Francis Thicke, James Rupprecht , Randy Blaser, Margo Erickso n, Catherine lngvalson , Patti Wilson, Roger Bierbaum, Lisa Rolfshus. Trumpet : Ruth Sapp, Donald Benscoter. Trombone : David Knight, Donald Lukkason, Charles Foust, Grant Robinson , Charles Campbell, Kenneth Bloom. Baritone : Mike Hoskins, Judie Randall , Kathy Pine. Bass: Darryl Smelser, Lawrence Becker, John Richert, James Jaszewski. Percussion: Kevin Hammel, Rodney Urtel, Gary Johnson. Timpani : Joseph Williams.


Concert Choir

Row 1: Colleen Belisle, Dianne Schmidtke, Margaret Munro, Pam Brunkow, Margaret Cassidy. Row 2: Lynn Deutschman, Peggy Brown, Pat Petvilae, Kathi Ruh, Kolleen Krough. Row 3: Sue Hooppner, Sue Struble, Lori Deutschman, Susan Hegland, Gladys Lamb. Row 4: Helen Olson, Janet Wollin , Tommie O'Reilly, Kathy McKenzie, Marilyn Beyer. Row 5: Patricia Andree, Jean Forstee, Becky VanAuken, Mary Twite, Wendy Thoreson. Row 6: Judy Larson, Kathy Pine, Mary Meinche, Susan Blagsvedt, Judy Durben. Row 7: John Reed, Tim Peterson, Jerri Bayles, Rod Urtel, Karen Olson. Row 8: Chuck Poppe, Gordy Rostvold , Steve Lu nd, Dave Obst, Jeff Schmitz. Row 9: Jim Danneker, Briane Houdek, Dale Luehmann , Mike Wilder, Chuch Sand. Row 10: Wayne Kidd, Bruce Taplin, Frank Guy, Chuch Wayne, Pete Meyer. Row 11: Briane Olson, Gary Steu ernagel , Ed Williams, Francis Thicke, Scott Sandberg . Up by railing: Craig Odil, Steve Roberts, Jim Sexton , Dennis Rude , Vern Suchla, Terry Carl son, Greg Goetzman, Daniel Sonju, Phil Olson, Steve Prussing.


Lutheran Collegians

The Lutheran Collegians gather for a meeting at the Union.

Newman Club Row 1: Margaret Cassidy , Mary Jo Frasczak, Mary Hughes, Dennis Horner. Row 2: Marie Cassidy, Mary Nipp, Rita Krough , Liz Delay, Mary Opatz.


Row 1: Kris Tousley, Ramona Felstead, Anna Schoenfelder, Margaret Jackson, Kathleen Bauman. Row 2: Duane Flemming, Thomas Jensen, Jim Bradford, David Lindstrom. Row 3: George Klippenes, Gary Castleberg , Robin Wright, Ron Weyl.

lntervarsity Christians

Row 1: Lois Steyer, Mary Jo Frasczak, Rita Krogh, Sarah Thorson, Judy Asp, Ann Coates. Row 2: Joyce Werner. Dave Crow, Cindy Gamble, Ruth Wright, Wayne Ellingson. Don Besonen. Row 3: Jeff Merz. Jane La1tala, Bruce Toplin , Benny Benson, Bob Kaske.


Row 1: Barb Broich , Vickie Michel, Joyce Pa ul, Nonie Cheesebrow, Barb Tolmie, Linda Leary, Ruth Michel, Jan Graner (advisor). Row 2: Bonnie Lewers, Marcha Tweeten, Kathy Turek , Kathy Daggit, Mary Jo Tubbs, Dianne Huiras, Dorothy Davidson, Mary Cruden. Row 3: Judy Lee (advisor), Marcia Walters, Lynda Leitge , Sheila Gehling, Alice Schwartzhoff, Gerri Wurn , Mary Lou Robinson.

Resident Assistants

Row 1: Mr. Jasperson, Joel Troester , Bruce Wolfgram. Row 2: Gary Lorenz , Dave Kisilewski, Mr. Zantow, Bernie Klug.


Women's Judicial Board Row 1: Miss Woodsend, Cathy Steffen, Jane Kemper. Row 2: Pat Wilson , Liz Kuch.

The judicial boards aim to modify a student's behavior in the desired direction when residence hall regulations are violated . Student-selected representatives hear the cases.

Men 's Residen ce Hall Council

Row 1: Gordie Jasperson, Steve Lindroth , Keith Benedett, Dave Finnegan, Dennis Bloom. Row 2: Jeff Ford, Larry Donatel, John Hingeveld , Phil Olson , Darold Klindworth, Russ Amiee.

The Men 's Residence Hall Council attempts to bring a better life for the hall residents. Two re presentatives were sent to the Minnesota Association of College and University Residence Hall s meeting, at Southwest State in Marshall, Minnesota. Residence Hall Week was held in January with planned activities for residents.


Row 1: Bonnie White, Sue Harris, Sue Nickolauson, Kerry Evens, Sue Hale. Row 2: Marcia Budin, Bonnie Greden, Sandy Knutson , Vicki Cedar, Shelley Delger. Row 3: Vicki Gerken, Pat Bartels, Da1en Rinn, Janice Mullenbach, Karen Ries. Barb Schutt, Glee Baade.

Women's Physical Education Club The Women's Physical Education Club is a professional organization open to all women who have a major or minor in physical education. In addition to the monthly meetings, which include programs of professional interest, the club sells Homecoming buttons each year to finance the Jean Talbot Scholarship and sponsors an annual High School Play Day for girls of the area. The officers include president, Marsha Walters; vice-president, Jan Wilson; secretary-treasurer, Peggy Sader; public relations director, Karen Ries ; and Student Senate representative, Joyce Paul.


Row 1: Ruth Moore, Joan Moyer, Kathy Cemenesky, Joyce Paul, Cindy Quinn, Carol Judd. Row 2: June Courteau, Mary Jo Tubbs, Laura Tentis, Dianne Huiras, Jan Wilson. Row 3: Judy Castledine, Marcia Walters, Sally Schick, Joan Culhane, Sharon Everle. Row 4: Sandy Kinkaid, Carol Hovey, Peggy Sader.





-- ---=-----

- -

-------- ~-=---

Women 's Intramural Extramural Program

Row 1: Carol Judd, Becky Ring, Joan Culhane, Sharon Eurle. Jan Wilson, Joyce Paul. Row 2: Cindy Quinn, Marcia Budin. Deborah Millie, Bonny Lewers, Kathy Cemensky, Debbie Fitzgerald, Mari e Martinucci , Jane Klaseus , Ruth Moore. Row 3: June Courteau. Mary Jo Tubbs , Peggy Sader, Marsha Walters. Karen Ries, Kiane Huiras, Jane Barth.

This program is open to all co llege women and provides opportunities to participate in a wide range of intramural sports activities. Participants increase their sports skills in a friendly competitive atmosphe re, make socia l contacts with other students , and develop the spirit of cooperation and fa ir p lay. Under this program , undergraduate women students represent the college in various intercollegiate sports. Co mpetition is arranged with area coll eges and universities. The Women 's Intramural Ext ramural Program is under the di rection of a student board and the supervision of the Department of Physical Ed ucation for Women.


Cheerleaders What is a cheerleader? A chee rl eader is a smile, a scream , a frown , a laugh, a yel l, and a yeah! A chee rleader is a joiner, a supporter, an o rganizer, and an instigator. A cheerleader is tidy, jumpy, silly , and funny. A cheerl eader is a leader of cheers. Junior Varsity Cheerleaders include Karen Veek, Sherry Groth, Verona Foltz, and Stephanie Beucler.

Row 1 : John Foster, Tom Bezdic hek. Row 2: Mike Erdmanczyk, Mike Cole, Tom Hall.


l A-squad cheerleaders, Mikki Hanscom, Marcia Korb, Kathy Harland, Kathy Starr, and Marion Hingeveld top the pyramid c heering the Warriors to victory.

W Club

Row 1: Mike Erdmanczyk, Tom Grothe, Larry Ceder, Howy Cook, Paul Hilke, Mike Roe, Pat Riley, Bill Hitesman. Row 2: Frank O 'Day, Mike Rezab, Stan Castner, Steve Erdmanczyk, Tim Mullany, Loren Benz, John Bedtke, Craig Halvorson, Lee Sweep. Row 3: Rog Birate, Brian Neptuen, Curt Bailey, Steve Rose, Dan Halvorson, Jeffery Middendorf, Steve Fredrickson. Row 4: Harris Haugen, Marcus Lee. Bob Ball, Rick Krueger, Glen Snesrud, Steven Krin ke, Ken Decker, David Oland. 33

Phi Delta

Rho Row 1: Al Langenfeld, Fuzzy Gunter, Cary Villeneuve, Our Dog "Charlie", Mike Aymond, Mike Courtier. Row 2: Bomba, Dan Kramer, Paul Echelard, Larry Moline, Kent Anderson , Tim Cashin.

Sigma Tau Gamma

Row 1: Robert Banbenek, Pete Clark, John Foster, Dennis Murray, Larry Niebur, Dave Ogren, Bill Remmert. Row 2: Don Cunningham , Tom Erkel, Ken Mogren, Bruce Clasway , Terry Carlson , Tom Bezdichek, Dale Howard. Row 3: Pete Meyer, Dave McNally, Ken Peterson, Tom Hall, Kevin Mulcahy.


Row 1: Nancy Olsen, Ann Cookie, Sharon Czaplewski, Peter Clark, Patricia Fleuger, Bette Brand, Barb McDonald. Row 2: Jo McDonald, Kathy Lenartz, Kathy Starr, Jan Edwards, Fran Fullerton, Carol Pretzel, Connie Abbott, Linda VonBargen . Row 3 : Barb Lundeen , Joanne McCauley, Mary Moriarty, Kristin Edwards, Pat Ormston, Sharon Langer.

Delta Zeta The Zeta Upsilon chapter of Delta Zeta sorority is the oldest sorority on Winona State campus. Delta Zeta promotes strong bonds of sisterhood through working and singing together, striving for common goals. Delta Zeta sponsors - during the year the Fall Fashion Show, the Mum Sale during homecoming, the Valentine's Dance, the distribution of campus packs and numerous other activities. Jan Edwards went to Phoenix, Arizona , as Zeta Upsilon's representative to the National Convention , and returned with exciting news after a wonderful week.

Row 1: Cathy Mueliich, Jeanne Coyle, Joanne Moen, Alsion Arver, Barb Steele, Joane Guindon, Cheryl Bremseth. Row 2: Jeannie Hoeft, Marilyn Meany, Cathy Harlan, Jill Schwartz, Mary Merchlewitz, Sue Giroux, Linda Hardt. Row 3: Joan Langer, Pam Capis- trant, Libbie Albertson , Monica Hansen, Debbie Edwards, Julie Pestarious, Sally Berens.


Row 1: Dick Swanson, Steve Runkel , Steve Hovind, Larry Ernst, Jack Krage, Glen Grue. Row 2: Kelly Kieffer, Jim Hague, Roger Janikowski , Sue Sievers, Don Smith, Tom Merkel, Dave Smith. Row 3 : Steve Wieczorek , Marc Peterson, Mike Bundy, Dan O'Brien, Roger Runningen, Ted Kopren. Row 4 : Wally Hood, Mike Loechler, Bob Swanson , Tom Salo, Randy Roberts, Chuck Wood . Row 5: Russ Amiee, Don Wilson , Steve Prussing , Al Wurl , Dan Pierce.

Tau Kappa Epsilon "Not for Wealth , Rank, or Honor, But for Personal Worth and Character" is the motto that has made Nu Kappa Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon International the largest Greek fraternity at Winona State. TEKE, the newest national fraternity on Winona State's campus, develops men through emphasis on academic achievement , through public service projects, by participation in numerous campus activities , and by having a constructive pledge period. TEKE sponsors the annual Club Playboy Dance and helps with the Drive for March of Dimes in Winona. The men from Nu Kappa have won the Spring Frolic contests for two consecutive years, and have participated in Greek Week and Homecoming events.


.. (


Row 1: Candy Kobler, Sheryl Joy, Kathleen Kenney, DeeDee Connoy, Katy Heuig, Marlene Sieberg. Row 2: Sue Buck, Karen Nippoldt, Kathy Daniel, Sal Smith, Pat Nealon, Jan Gurry. Row 3: Nancy Salmon, Sandy Paton, Joanne Johnson, Connie Pol key, Jean Menden.

Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Delta Pi is the oldest national sorority, and the youngest on the campus of Winona State. Alpha Delta Pi sponsors a Homecoming queen candidate and works on the annual Christmas dance. They also sponsor the All-Greek talent show during Greek Week. The Alpha Delta Pi 's have had the travelling scholarship trophy for five consecutive quarters. Their motto suggests "We live for each ot her."

Row 1: Diane Johnson, Joan Dru a, Liz Boehlke, Mary Ann Bergstron, Terri Pohland, Sharon Nystuem, Peggy Sullivan. Row 2: Rosalie Dauffenbach, LaDonna Aaher, Pat Charest, Georgene Yost , Phyllis Stadler, Barb Nickelson, Ann Schweich. Row 3: Linda Weegman , Dot Pextor, Patti Phipps, Laurie Mikkelson, Stephanie Johnson.


Row 1: Cindy Brown, Jan Galchutt, Linda Siems, Nikki Jackson, Susan Drajeske, Judy Tracy , Cindy Robinson , Suzanne Metzler. Row 2: Janie Gordon, Peggy Hernlem, Cathy Hernlem, Mary Barton, Pam Evjen, Sue Hoeppner, Kathy Morken. Row 3 : Carol Peterson, Dawn Fiegel, Kathy Deters, Laurie McGuiness, Barb Podruch, Barb Glasrud.

Alpha Xi Delta The Delta Omega chapter of Alpha Xi Delta strives for friendship, sharing, service, honor and trust, not only within its sisterhood but throughout the entire campus. This year, three Alpha Xi's were selected as Homecoming queen candidates and their past president, Linda Siems, reigned as the 1970 Homecoming queen. The stationary float built for Homecoming by the Vet 's Club and Alpha Xi captured first place. During Greek Week, they sponsor the Annual Greek All-Sing and a travelling scholarship trophy that rests quarterly with the Greek organization boasting the highest grade point average.

Row 1: Lorrie Smith, Terri Strouth, Marie Tolstad, Shirley Whitworth , Cindy Quinn , Molly Madden, Pat Lickteig. Row 2: Jean Kelly, Kay Swanson, Denise DeBarlais, Pam Parker, Zona Wood , Ruth Seyba. Row 3: Peggy St. Pete r, Maureen Murphy, Barb Boyum, Dee Ann Marquardt, Gayle Miller, Susan Hoblit, Valarie Skjeveland.


Row 1: Bob Blaschka, Dan Cull , Ken Quest, Joe Adams, Linda Siems, Spencer Yohe, Joe Dalan, Bob Fontaine. Row 2: Russ Ault, Wes Cohen, Mark Galchutt, Morrie Hanson, John Allison, Mike Erdmanczyk, Paul Wagner, Jeff Middendorf. Row 3: Don Schniepp, Mike Cole , Dick May, Nick Majerus, John Atchinson, Henry Wipple, Steve Cordes, Dave Boss.

Phi Sigma Epsilon Phi Xi chapter of Winona State Phi Sigma Epsilon was proud to have Linda Siems as their loca l and national fraternity sweetheart. In addition to these honors she was also Winona State's Greek Goddess and Homecoming Queen. The Red Coats sponsored a n umber of raffles, dances, and other projects during the past year. They give weekly support to the WSC teams. Phi Sig emphasizes its goals of true brotherhood.

Panhel lenic Council Row 1: Sherry Bremseth, Vice-President; Kathleen Kenney, President; Susan Drajeske, Secretary-Treasurer. Row 2: Pam Capistran!, Connie Pelkey.



Row 1: Roxanne Hanson , Connie Carver, Carol Ryan , Valorie Bauer, Jean Whalen. Row 2 : Lon Newman, Bob Buss, Al Urbanski, advisor.

Mike Abitz is a photographer for the Wenonah, among other things.

Char Pagel lets it fly for the Wenonah in desperation.


Wenonah Editor Maureen Rod ich and Ruth Mitchell work in the closet.

Chief photographer Paul Kuchenmeister studies comfortably.

Saleslady Karen Olsen writes out her last slip.


Tau Kappa Epsilon Sponsors Club Playboy Dance

Row 1: Joan Duea-Alpha Delta Pi ; Susan Metzler-Alpha Xi Delta; Molly Myron- Tau Kappa Epsi lon. Row 2 : Nancy Schulke-Flying Club ; Barb Glasrud-Vets Club ; and Patti Flueger- Delta Zeta.

TKE Mark Peterson and Karen Frederickson serve punch at dance.

The 1971 Playmate for Winona State, Barb Glasrud and her escort, Robert Brodie.


L to A, Dick Swanson, Mike Bundy, 1971 Tau Kappa Epsilon Sweetheart, Sue Sievers, Jim Hogue, and Russ Amiee.

Mike Abitz seems to be enjoying his company, L. to A., Karen Frederickson, Nickki Jackson, Pat Peters, Mike Abbots, Sue Durgin, and Molly Madden.

Tau Kappa Epsilon sponsored its Third Annual Club Playboy Dance, Saturday, January 30. The fraternity had specially mixed drinks along with party decorations provided by Playboy International, of Chicago. There were six bunnies on hand to ensure that everyone had a good time. Barb Glasrud of Spring Grove, Minnesota, was chosen as the 1971 Playmate for Winona State College. Sue Sievers was named as the 1971 Sweetheart for Tau Kappa Epsilon.

Bunny, Nickk1 Jackson, enjoys the musical entertainment at the Club Playboy Dance.


The President's Ball The Fourth Annual President's Ball was held Saturday, February 20. The proceeds from the Ball are donated to the Winona State College Foundation. The Foundation 's sole purpose is to work for the betterment of the college and its students. The Foundation assists deserving students in education and this year made a contribution to the col lege library. Katherine Swanson serves President Du Fresne at the President's Ball.

Fred Heyer's Jazz Orchestra provided the musical entertainment tor the President's Ball.


John Foster serves two of the guests at the Fourth Annual President's Ball.

President DuFresne and Dr. Mitau, Chancellor of Minnesota State Colleges speak with guests at Ball.

Mr. George Bolon and Mrs. Vivian Fusillo dance to the music of Fred Heyer's Orchestra.



g,~ortiv~ <t~alknges Acceptance and acknowledgement of strength and weakness is the challenge of athletics. Competition provides the ground for matching composite ability against specific excellence, brute strength against cougar wits, jackrabbit agility against hawk-like accuracy. Athletics at once means team against team, man against man, and man against himself. Pride is the prize for exertion and effort.



Glen Snesrud, Arlyn Wendlandt, Terry Suneson, and Ken Decker, W.S.C. shuttle relay team, display their first place trophy from Norsemen Relays.

The track team placed fifth in the Northern Inter-Collegiate standings. Glen Snesrud won first place in high hurdles with a :15.1. Glen Snesrud and Arlyn Wendlandt both attended the NAIA meet at Billings, Montana.


Final Scores St. Cloud Moorhead Mich. Tech. Bemidji Winona Morris Southwest

109 69 43

36 30 0 0



' Barney Bartholemew, Dave Anderson , Lee Boettcher, Steve Krinke, and Sam Shea were on the 1970 Winona State baseball team.


New building excites Health and Phy Ed Department

Construction proceeds despite winter snows.


Mr. Smith, Or. McCown, Miss Day, and Miss Locks examine the details of the new building carefully.

Plans for Phase Ill of the Student Union are also under way.



.. u l l d l n g



• • a t i on


Girls gather for Play Day

Miss Locks and Miss Fiereck look at scrapbooks and pictures set out on display.

With legs flying and using arm and shoulder muscles for propulsion , tummies on wheels race to the goal.

Entertaining at Play Day was an impromptu group including June Courteau, Linda Scott, Cindy Sweeney, Joanie Moyer, Carrie Evans, Georgene Yost, Marie Martinucci, and Pat Crum.




After catching the pass, Russ Jacobson carries the ball for a gain.

Quarterback Don Wistricill, Paul Swanson (85), Dave Jack (71 ), Dennis Barry (60), and Paul Fay (56) make the line tough for WSC.


Quarterback Don Wistricill looks for a target.

Football 1970

Don Wistricill tries to pass to Ron Fuglestad (44) while Dave Jack (71) waits to block.

Oh, my God (Dave Franks).

After catching the pass, Jerry Collins finds two obstacles in his way in the St. Cloud game.


Paul Swanson punts on a fourth down situation while Burl Haar (75) and Darrell Holzer (42) block.






.,. ,..,.. • f

• ,._c -·

,. .

····.-,-:'· -..~ "'·.... ·~

. ·. .- •




. . .

• .

- -


!1.-...v "'~·~

,. ....

--~ _ ..




. •

I. -


After a game WSC players run over to congratulate their opponents, the Moorhead Dragons.



• •.




. -






There's a mad scramble by Dave Franko (37), Jerry Urness (54), and Ryan Sheehy (62) to join in tackling a St. Cloud player.

Jim Dybevik ('27) is tackled while Pete Madland (50) and Mike Erdmancyzk (51) block.

Mike Erdmancyzk ran hard and fast to catch a runaway St. Cloud player.



Protsman Steve breakmakes a away shot.

The vertical leap in Roscoe Young 's layup puts the ball out of reach of the opposition and into the hoop.

Don Besonen lifts the ball to the basket.


Steve Protsman screens for Bill Ochs (10).

Hands wait tensely for the ball.

Victory makes people smile and dance.


Steve Protsman (54) watches Don Besonen foil a Moorhead shot.

Freshman Roscoe Young guides the ball through the hoop for a field goal.

A peppy cheerleader cries, "Fight I"


Steve Protsman twists around his guard to sink two points.

Mike Urback (30) lays it up as Steve Protsman (54) and Don Besonen (42) tense for a possible rebound .

Don Besonen (42) sneaks in for a hook shot.


Roscoe Young (12) and Don Besonen (42) block a Moorhead shot.

WSC spectator fans cheer as the Warriors pull in another two points.

Steve Protsman (54) shoots while Southwest watches helplessly.


Fists and palms keep the ball in the air.

Joyce Paul drops to her knees to save a spike.

Women's Volleyball Marilyn Nelson (11) assists the ball over the net while Jan Wilson (23) readies for the next volley.


The opening tipoff is taken by Winona State. A Winona State player shoots for two while her teammates ready for the rebound that didn 't happen.


Women's Basketball

A WSC player reaches for another field goal.

A Winona State player swivels around her guard to make a basket.



Coach Mccann readies to call for more action on the mat.

The referee calls two points on a near pin for Winona State.




Bill Hltesman pins his opponent to win the match.


Women 's Swimming

A swimmer breast strokes to the finish.

Kathy Kragthorpe readies to hit the stopwatch.

Water babies smile for the photographer.


Pat Ford, diving j udge, evaluates Debbie Smith 's form .

A hand reaches from the starting splash.


Five swimmers splash down their lanes to the finish while spectators and timers watch closely.

Bonny Lewars is manager of the women's swimming team.

A swimmer strains to break her own time record as well as her competition.


Women's Gymnastics Margaret Sader displays her form on the balance beam.

Steadiness and positive action make a successful act.

A limber body and a graceful stance add quality to the routine.


Mikki Hanscom, an A squad cheerleader, poses for the photographer.

Maureen Rodich and Sue Kuchenmeister took SCUBA lessons at the YMCA.


School photographer Mike Abitz and his assistant Lisa Possehl pause after an " ice" dive.

Karen Frederickson plays games as she learns to dive with SCUBA.


The Emphasis is on you

Tom Bezlechek is caught in a quiet, contemplative mood.

Dr. Fremling and George Thomford dilute lake water collected in limnology.






Above left: Cindy Brown

1w...,;. 77


Bruce Danielson


Below: Gardie Forster




Students spend time on music and life




Jeri Boyles



Learning is the magnifying glass with which we see ourselves. Winona State College is the framework around the lens, and the teachers train us to use it. What we see in the world might look grotesque if we hold the lens wrong , but our view can be beautiful if we have learned to handle it. We can ignite a fire if we are patient and steady .



Academic Affairs guides students through establishment snow Donald Warner, Ph.D., Vice-President for Academic Affairs Robert Ethier,M.A. Admissions and Records Director

/ Daniel Hoyt, Ph.D. Dean of Graduate Studies

Ivan Olson, M.M. Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies

Lois Simons, M .S. Assistant to the Vice-President


A secretary, Marie Gravener, explains materials and forms in the Registrar's Office.

Frank Markus, Ph.D. Dean of Education

Tom Riley presents himself with clenched fist in one hand, but books in the other.

Edward Jacobsen, M.A. Library Director

Dan Willson, Ph.D. Dean of Arts and Sciences


Dr. Dufresne contemplates the responsibilities of his position as president of the college.

Administrati on provides framework for education Ray Amundson, M.Ed. Assistant to the President Norman Decker, B.A. Vice-President for Administrative Affairs Jerry Varner College Management Office

Robert Tritz Public Information Director

James Wagner, B.A. Special Services

Dr. Duf resne confronts the faculty with new ideas.


Hands create art of tomorrow Lynn Sasse throws a pot on the potter's wheel.

Mrs. Schlawin watches Leanne Schultz's technique on the loom.

Floretta Murray, M.A., Head William Peck , M.A. Judy Schlawin, M .S.

James Wilson , Ph.D. Barbara Sorenson, M.F.A. Wilfred McKenzie, M.S.


Robert Bauman, M.S. James Spear, Ph.D., Head

Nancy Lerum , M.A. Thomas Hirsch, M.S. Rex Ingram, M.S.

Audio-Visual brings technology to education Bruce Danielson and Karen Jostad host a children 's show with Beu lah, the talking basket , on WSC-3, Winona State's television stat ion.


M. R. Raymond, Ph.D.

Joseph Emanu el, Ph.D.

Calvin Fremling, Ph.D.

Melvin Doner, Ph.D.

Dwight Anderson, Ph .D.

Biology confronts ecological problems

Studying cells requires magnification.

Dr. Richard O 'Rourke assists a student with data.

Frost. 92

Not pictured: Derrell Wh ite, Ph.D., Head James Opsahl , Ph.D.

J . William Hanl on, Ph.D ., Head Douglas Norland , M.B.A. Olin Stansbury, L.L.B. Judy Gernander, J.B.

Du ane Petersen , M.A. Wi ll iam Sull ivan, M.A. Joseph Foegen, Ph .D. David Wei ler, M.A.

Gerald Corda, Ph.D. Michael Hood, M.B.A. Robert Ferris, M.B.A. Pamela Wolfmeye r, M .A.

Business Administration prepares for executive positions

Vance Swanson concentrates on fingertip control.


Business Education improves the business world through better teachers

Not pictured:

Virginia Marston, M.S. Ruby Richardson, B.A.

Stephen Turi lie, Ed. D., Head

Shirley Eiken, Ed.D.

Warren Marley, Ph.D.

Not pictured:

John Gavan, Ph.D.

A student uses the keypunch to punch holes in cards to be fed into the computer.

Chemistry probes the secret of life Warren Puhl, Ph.D.

Fred Foss, Ph.D., Head

Ray Houtz, Ph.D.

David Rislove, Ph.D.

Donald Fick, M.S.T.

A physics student, Terry Wallace, shows Lisa Possehl some apparatus.

A work-study student cleans experimental glassware.

Physics applies universal laws to our technology

David Hamerski, Ph.D., Head

Maurice McCauley, M.S.

Marvin Wolfmeyer, M.S.


Otto Frank, Ed.D., Head Verlie Sather, M.A. Archie Beighley, Ed.D.

Wayne Sanford, Ph.D. Amanda Aarestad , M.A. James Keill , Ed .D.

Glenn Carlson, M. Ed . Everett Walden , Ed.D. John Modjeski, M.S.

Not pictured:

David Ruzek , M.S.

Dr. Nichols, English, Dr. Kirk, Dr. Mun son , and Dr. Kloempken walk to a meeting.

Education teaches methods


~~ 1,


Dr. Walden relaxes in his office with a ciga r.

Edna Fuller, B.S.

Wayne Kirk, Ph.D.

Eldon Koplin, Ed.D.

Mary Schwager, M.A.

Howard Munson , Ed.D.



I Helen McGrath , M.S.


Leslie Kloempken, Ed.O.


Leland McMill an, Ed.D.


George Grangaard, Ed.O.




I 97


James Nichols, Ph. D., Head Margaret Boddy, Ph.D. Augusta Nelson, Ph.D. Harold Guthrie, Ph.D.

Paul Grawe, M.A. John Moore, M.A. Robert Raz, Ph.D. Emilio DeGrazia, Ph.D.

Theresa Schulz, B.A.

Orval Lund, M.A.

Delores Auge , M.A.

Mr. Bremer explains journal istic ethics. 98

English students read, write and interpret There is nothing like the sting of well-written truth.

Charlotte Pagel pages a book for a class.

Ronald Maurice, M.A. Eleanore Sherman, M.A. Adolph Bremer, M.S. Robin Grawe, B.A.

Leonard Jett, M.A. Janet Sill, M.S. Genevieve O'Grady, B.A. Kent Cowgill, M.A.

Not pictured: Albin Urbanski, M .A. 99

William Johnston, Ed.D.

Michael Jefferis works at the center.

Everett Eiken, Ed.D., Head James Mootz, M.Ed.

Paul Rost, Ed.D. Henry Van Kirk, Ed.D. Not pictured: John Shields, M.D.


Joan James, M.A.

Rhetta Speltz, BA

Marion Davis, M.A.

The world communicates through Foreign Languages Not pictured: Jordan Hodgson, M.A ., Head

A foreign languag e must be both read and spoken .



Geography examines peoples of the world

Richard Hopkins, M.A. , Head

Roger Carlson, M.A.

Dr. Schwendenwein talks about cyclones and California.


Henry Shearer, Ph.D.

Gerd Schwendenwein, Ph.D.

.... ...'


Geology and Earth Science revolves around our planet Thomas Bayer, Ph.D., Head

John Donovan, Ph.D.

Dennis Ni elsen, M.A.

Dr. Donovan waits for questions in the earth sc ience lab.





Susan Day, M.S., Head

Robert Gunner, M.A.

Marjorie Moravec, M.A.

Robert Keister, M.S .

Richard Behnke, Pe. D.

Myron Smith , M.S.

Joyce Locks, M.A.

Gary Grob, M.S.

John Martin , M.S.

Dwight Marston, M.A.

Madeo Molinari , M.S.

LeRoy Stadler, M.S.

Francis Mccann, M.S.

Sue Kuc henmeister, M.A.

William Reynol ds, B.S.

Health and Physical Education balances knowledge and activity

addl ing up is one of the first steps to learn in the horsemanship lass. To understand the horse's movement is a key to coordina1on. Kindly control leads to a feeling of achievement.

Not pictured:

Lavonne Fiereck, M .S. Leslie Wothke, M.S.


Henry Hull, M.A. Arthur Barsky, Ph.D. Marvin Palecek , Ph.D.

Robert Meinhard, Ed .D. Clifton Hart, Ph.D. Seymour Byman, M.A. George Bates, Ph .D.

Norman Sobiesk , Ph.D. John Mishark, Ph.D.

History glances into the past to see the future Raymond Thielen, associate professor of history at Winona State college, died unexpectedly of pneumonia on June 10, 1970. He received his B.A. degree from St. Thomas College, served during World War II, earned his M.A. degree from the University of Minnesota, and was a candidate for a doctorate. He taught history at Winona State for six years. He was an assistant advisor to Phi Sigma Epsilon . A memorial has been arranged in Mr. Thielen's honor.


Glenn Jorgenson shows a technique in drafting for Loren Lehn. Leo Morgan, Ed.O. Hugh Capron , Ed.D.

Man challenges practicality with art in industry James Goke, M.S. Robert Envick, Ed.D. Donald Cramer, M.A.

Not pictured: Glenn Dukes, Ph.D. Wayne Purtzer, M.A.


Students find desired materials in library depths Martha Barnett, M.A.L.S. Audrey Berndt, M.A. Robert Garvey, M.S. Richard Hastings, L.S.

Angelen Kirk, B.S. William Palzer, M.A. Joseph Richardson, B.S.L.S. Robert Wilson , M.L.


Marlis Youngck, M.S.

Edward Jacobsen, director of the library, pleased students by extending the library hours for study.



si_,P'. ,.--¡ , -108

Sam Wolfe, a freshman math major, ponders the logistics of symbols.

Math speaks through symbols Harold Heckart, Ph.D., Head

Mr. Wolfe explain s the equation.

William Emmons, M.N.S. Herbert Johnson , M.S. Rudolph Lokensgard, Ed.D. Fred Olson, M.S.

Sandra Olson, M.N.S. James Schmitz, M.S. Arthur Van De Water, Ph.D. Duane Wolfe, M.A.


Richmond McCluer, M.F.A., Head Donald Moely, Ph.D. Richard Sovinec, D.M. Milton Davenport, M.M.

Walter Hinds, M.S. Agnes Bard, M.M. Fred Heyer, M.M.E. Robert Hungerford, M.S.

Not pictured: Elsie Naylor, M.M.

Response to music varies

Lynn Deutschman finds that playing a musical instrument takes concentration and hours of practice.


Nursing trains to care and understand Edna Wlodkowski trains young nurses for pediatrics study.

Jean Fiedler, a graduate assistant nurse, reads over papers written by student nurses.

Rosalie Burton, M .A., Head Margaret Welch, B.S.N. Jean Fiedler, S.S.

Delores Schiller, M .N.A. Joan Ediger, M . Ed. Adele Judson, M. Ed . Not pictured:

Frances Power


--------......_ John Vermeulen, B.S., Head Rees Johnson, B.S. Doris Pennell, Ed. S. Raymond Brooks, M.S.

Elizabeth Maliszewski, B.S. Almyra Baker, M.A.L.S. Dorothy McBride, B.S.




Carlis Anderson, M.M.E. Charlotte Santelman, B.A.

Lillian Spencer, B.S. Richard King, B.A.

Phelps Faculty Not Pictured: Anah Nelson , M.S. Cleo Reiter, M.A. Rose Sampson, M.A.





Philosophy inquires into man Robert Sheehan, Ph.D., Head

We ascend and descend as well as run forward, backward, and sideways in the maze of life.

Political Science analyzes government Ahmed El-Afandi, Ph .D. Dan Kieselhorst , Ph .D. Charles Meyer, M.A. Frank Morello, Ph.D.

Not pictured: James Eddy, M.S., Head

We are the masses.


Through Sociology we interpret society and man

Mr. Henry speaks on dialectical materialism.

Larry Connell, M.S., Head Ervin Bublitz, M.S. Roderick Henry, M.A. Attil a Horvath, J.D.

Hosea Perry, M.A.

James Reyno lds, M.A.

Not pictured: Ronald Stevens, M.S.

Mr. Perry teaches Afro-American Culture. 115


Psychology searches for feeling

John Lewis, Ph.D. Ronald Flint, Ph.D.

Not pictured: George Christensen , Ph.D., Head

Alice Hall, M .S. Harold Rogge, Ph.D. Paul Tucker, M.A.

Mr. Tucker relates biology to psychology.

-- -



The spacious lobby of the new Performing Arts Bu ilding is an architectural pleasure.

Speech is a channel of expression

Dorothy Magnus, M.A.

Vivian Fusillo, M.A.

Lyman Judson, Ph.D.

Norbert Mills, M.A.

Jacque Reidel berger, M.A.



Student Affairs handles campus life and activities Curtis Siemers, Ed.D. Vice President for Student Affairs Marguerita Ritman , M.A. Associate Dean of Students

Joh n Kane, Ed.D. Associate Dean of Students Warren Haesly, M.D. Di recto r of Student Health Service Charles Zane, M.S. D irector of Student Activiti es

Mr. Zan e always has an office full of students and activities to organize .


Mr. Bolon relaxes in his office after checking the Union to see that all is running smoothly.

Melvin Wedul, Ed.D. Director of Student Placement

George Bolon, M.S. Di rector of Student Union



Dr. Haesly of Heal th Service examines his instruments on hand.


See the droplet of rain poised precariously on the fragi le autumn leaf? A tear just slipped from a friend 's eye. The great elms, so old it takes two to reach around their trunks with our arms, are being toppled by a tiny unseen organism. Our dreams, so real that we could almost embrace them as really true, are brought tumbling down by something unforeseen. But when the campus lights up in su nshine after the storm, we look for the rainbow.



The Brothers Four performed in Memorial Hall during Homecoming Week, October 19, 1970.

The Brothers Four and Mac Davis entertain at Winona State Homecoming Week 's headline entertainment was the Brothers Four Concert. The concert was presented in Memorial Hall on October 19, 1970. Another headline entertainer, Mac Davis, performed in Memorial Hall , February 27, 1971 . Davis was sponsored by the Student Activities Coordinating Committee.

Mac Davis, famous folk singer, performed in Memorial Hall, February 27, 1971 .


.,. }



Wayne Peterson and Cindy Ehringer set a new world kissing record of 15 hours.

UPC Holds Dance Marathon The Union Program Council sponsored many events this past school term. One of the big events was the Marathon Dance. The marathon started Fri day, November 20, at 8:00 p.m. and lasted 30 hours. The winning couple was Dan Sonju and Ellen Wenseth.

Early in the dance marathon, many couples thought they could win the marathon.


Miss Julie and The Stronger The Wenonah Players celebrated their 20th anniversary as pioneers in open stage production w ith the w inter show , An Evening With Strindberg. T he plays presented on February 24 and 25 were The Stronger and Miss Julie. Both plays were student directed under the supervision of Dorothy B. Magnus. Mark Orlowski directed The Stronger, and Susan Hoblit directed Miss Julie.

"You are beautiful and refined," Peggy Bailey in the play Miss Julie.

says Mike Hostetler to

"These are for my better half. I embroidered them myself, " as Karen Jostad says to Penny Weimer in Strindberg's play The Stronger.



The Brass Ensemble gave a spring concert.

Concerts and Lectures Committee Program


Kipn is Mime Theatre performed during winter quarter.


'1 The queen coronation was the formal beginning of the homecoming events at Winona State College. This year, the annual event too k place on Tuesday , October 20, 1970. As the ceremony for the 1970 Homecoming Queen progressed, tension mounted in the candidates and in the audience. President Dufresne ended the suspense handing a bouquet of roses to Linda Siems. Screams of delight from the audience and tears of joy from Linda followed. Linda received the crown and robe, signifying that she would reign over the homecoming activities for 1970 at Winona State Co llege.

The float sponsored by Alpha Delta Pi took second place in the stationary float contest.

Linda Siems Reigns As 1970 Homecoming Queen. Diana Ostern was escorted by Ran dy Roberts and sponsored by Tau Kappa Eps il on. Nancy Olsen was escorted by Dave Ol an an d sponsored by the W C lub


Tomm ie O 'Rielly was escorted by Ron Vikre and sponsored by the Veterans Club. Linda Siems was escorted by Joe Ad ams and sponso red by Phi Sigma Eps il on.


Queen Linda cheers for the Warriors at Saturday 's game against the St. Cloud State Huskies.

Pam Evjen was escorted by Les Bohnen and sponsored by Alpha XI Delta. Diane Mager was escorted by Tom Oswald and sponsored by Alpha Delta Pi.

Jan Johnson was escorted by Rick Streid and sponsored by Sigma Tau Gamma.



rcflt?AlriJJA{lif;j, The Warriorettes with the Winona State College Marching Band performed pre-game and half-time entertainment.

Highlights of Homecoming, 1970 .


Queen Linda and escort Joe Adams watch the Warrior-Huskies game.

St. Cloud Huskies tackle a Winona Warrior on the move.


In the stationary float contest, the first place winners were the Veterans Club and Alpha Xi Delta for their float, " Kick 'Em On The Weak End. " The weather attempted unsuccessfully to dampen the spirits of Saturday's homecoming events. The Winona State Marching Band and the Warriorettes presented the pre-game and halftime entertainment. The Winona Warriors did not pull through with a homecoming victory, losing to St. Cloud State 35-0, but the Warrior fans put out an extra effort to prove to the team that they were behind them-win or lose. The homecoming week came to an end with the homecoming dance. Music for the dance was furnished by Today's Tomorrows.

The Veterans Club and Alpha Xi Delta took fi rst place in the stationary f loat contest.

Students enjoy the homecoming dance with music provided by Today's Tomorrows.


,- -


Wenonah Players Stage Twin Menaechmi Twin Mark Orlowski is confronted by his shrewish wife, played by Barb Eue.

Head technician David Vieths runs lights and checks the functioning technical aspects of the stage.

Mark Orlowski and Greg Elwell played the roles of the Menaechmi twins ..


Slave Dan Smith drinks from a running fountain, a major technical accomplishment of the stage crew.

Director Dorothy P. Magnus and assistant to the director Susan Hoblit guided the Twin Menaechmi to a successful open stage production.

Peggy Bailey curls twin Mark Orlowski's hair with a curling iron.



Students watched the moon shot Apollo 14 intensely.

Jan Pyznt and Ann Hendericks competed in the UPC dance marathon.

A metal casting demonstration was held in the Union patio in the fall.


Penny Weimer and Wendy ¡ Snyder model clothes in fashion during fal l.

Bryce Sandell

preThe group under Fre d Heyer w insented a jazz concert on a ter night.


Some college students walked for development while others supported them.


WSC students helped the community clean up Prairie Island.

In the spring the Delta Queen made her last trip to Winona.




Dorm Life at WSC .

R. A. Gary Lorenz and Mary Manship make use of

Larry Nieber's staircase hideout is the next best place to Charlie's!

Freshmen David Arnoldy, John Eickholt and


visitation privileges in Morey Shepard.

Saturday is c leaning day at Morey Shepard.

Joe Davids play cards during their spare time.


COR6~ ff..) f-fr~u of l~Ra/ll Ne l;,, r')uS..SH\'1 '1'1\(1\,

cd \ownJ wnt,.as o. . "l l\etb<l Jc11l :~')-


f'>vu101w o t.vah" \)f()'l\u\1> 1 t~•\c.-tu k.,.,uu 1 \)Q~pto




-I '\av. ut.ttoL. C1W\ n.ul1..D ljlll 1rn111f : W\O

( 1'. ~ ()tJ

Lt.\> lft'\ OeHntJ.~ I w1(). \l.41otW

~~·"""i j,.~



\,UJ!h ,....AW


'\wil'\ ~tA.<;trttEJ OAA suJ.yJ },, ~.tJN)


~~ \ wJ~n. ~t1'\ -au-~._

\ uatr..auJ)




l o"Hll.M •



Ron Weyl and Greg Kent relax in Morey Hall with Jim Corbet, A.A.


, ..


... I


Ford communicate George Bradey an d Jeff . amid posters and poinsettias.




troUc"'P tttUc





~ "•~s


r:ct. I~eal~ CiW ..r..., We.Ith


. f Morey Hall decoSteve Kline o 'th stereo, tel erates his room w1 vision , and John Wayne.




Top left: Becky Ring waits in a physical education office.


Cafeteria workers David Brus, Jim Welch , Mark Pluim and Dennis Clements enjoy their food before beg inning t heir evening 's worth of work.




:peopk We laugh at the way the campus squirrels scurry for a tree at our approach , then carefully peek at us from behind the trunk. Laughter is universal. Laughter relaxes tension, breaks monotony, cheers the sad, and quenches anger. Laughing eyes sparkle, and tears roll down. Laughing too hard means difficult breathing and a pleasurable ache. Laughter is contagious. Laughter makes friends .


Seniors seek jobs and anticipate success


Joseph Adams Owatonna, Mn. Social Science

Libby Albertson Stillwater, Mn. Elementay Education

Mark Allaman Bloomington , Mn. Industrial Arts

Rowe Alt Edina, Mn. Business Administration

Noel Althoff Zumbrota, Mn. Biology

Joan Anderson Owatonna, Mn. Elementary Education

Craig Arneson Canton, Mn. Mathematics & Physics

Roland Astin Winona, Mn. History

0 James Bateman Winona, Mn. Industrial Arts

Kathleen Beach Winnebago, Mn. Elementary Education

Charlene Beckman Lake City, Mn. Elementary Education

Edith Bierbaum Eyota, Mn. English

Angeline Bisek Independence, Wis. Business Education

Susan Blagsvedt Mabel, Mn. Elementary Education

Nancy Boegemann Prior Lake, Mn. Elementary Ed ucation

Sandra Bothun Rochester, Mn. Elementary Education





- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- -

Bette Brand Peterson, Mn. Elementary Education

Robert Brand Peterson , Mn. Business Administration

Susan Bullemer Gibbon, Mn. Elementary Education

Susan Burmeister Winona, Mn. Elementary Education

Margaret Butter Hopkins, Mn. Elementary Education

Elizabeth Carlson Winona, Mn. Elementary Education

Carol Christie St. Charles, Mn. Elementary Education

Constance Christie St. Char les, Mn. Elementary Education

Marion Congdon Minneapolis, Mn. Sociology & Psychology

Croinne Dann Mason City , la. Elementary Education

Ronald Dahling Lake City, Mn. Business Admin istrati on

Dorothy Davison Austin, Mn . Elementary Education

Jose de la Cruz Houston, Mn. Spanish

Susan Drajeske Neenah, Wis. Psychology

Virginia Dugan Austin, Mn. Social Science

Jan Edwards St. Charles, Mn. Soc iology & Psychology

Betty Ehlers Mazeppa, Mn. Elementary Education

Margaret Eischen Comfrey, Mn. Elementary Education

Paula Erdmann Rushford, Mn. Elementary Education

Sharon Euerle Litchfield, Mn. Health & Physical Education

Pamela Evjen Hayfield, Mn. Sociolo.gy & Psychology

Bruce Fleslund St. Pau l, Mn. Industr ial Arts

Loren Flom Hastings, Mn. Industrial Arts

Carol Friese Goodhue, Mn. Elementary Educati on



Carol Frisch Rollingstone, Mn. Music

Sharon Gantzer Spring Valley, Mn . Elementary Education

Robert Goodwin Scranton, Penn. Social Science

Paul Guiher Minneapolis, Mn. Business Administration

Garland Gaustad Winona, Mn. Industrial Arts

Nancy Glover Stewartville, Mn. Elementary Education

Kevin Hammel Eyota, Mn. Mathematics

Linda Handt Charles City, la. Elementary Education

Karen Hartley St. Paul Park, Mn.

Joan Hauble Fo rest Lake, Mn. Elementary Education

Carolyn Hedren Goodhue, Mn. Nursing

Susan Hoblit Bloomington, Mn. Speech

Martha Holden Winona , Mn. Elementary Education

Art Humphries Winona, Mn. Speech

James Jabrosky Chicago Heights, Ill. Business Administration

Audrey Jacobson Chatfield , Mn. Elementary Education

Ronald Hawkins Wells, Mn. Industrial Education Linda Hollowell Wabasha, Mn. Sociology DeeAnn James Mabel, Mn. Elementary Education



Carol Johns Maple Pla in, Mn. Elementary Edu cation

David Johnson Lanesboro , Mn. Elementary Education

Janet Johnson Windom , Mn. Elementary Educat ion

Ruby Jones Lime Springs, la. Elementa ry Educat ion

Jane Kahl Winona , Mn. Health & Physical Edu cat ion

Jane Kemper Excelsior, Mn. Elementary Ed ucat ion

John Kennedy Wabasha, Mn. Industrial Arts i n Depth

Jacqueline Kimber Preston, Mn. Social Science

Glen Kopperud Rushford , Mn. Physical Education

Lori Kosek New Ulm , Mn. Socio logy & Psychology

Margaret Krause Oronoco, Mn . Elementary Education

Ann Kreidermacher Minneiska, Mn. Nursing

Ellen Kulas Winona, Mn. Social Science

Patricia Laak Winona, Mn. Elementary Education

Debra Larsen Winona, Mn. Nursing

Helen Laumb Rushford , Mn. Nursing

Linda Leary Caledonia, Mn. Health & Physical Education

Susan Leckington Cedar Rapids , la. Art

Virginia Leifeld Hastings, Mn. Healt h & Physical Education

Jeanne Lewanski Hastings, Mn. Elementary Education

Bonita Lewers Sarasota, Florida Elementary Education

Karen Mahaffey Winona, Mn. Sociology

Victoria McCluske Hopkins, Mn. Elementary Education

Patricia McElmury Winona, Mn. Nursing



Patricia Meyer Fall River, Mass. Social Science

Norma Michael Forest Lake, Mn. Elementary Education

Vicki Michel Harmony, Mn. Sociology & Psychology

Merlin Mielke St. Cha rles, Mn. Elementary Education

Virginia Mielke St. Charles, Mn. Elementary Education

Deborah Millie Winona, Mn. Health & Physical Education

Joan Moyer St. Paul, Mn. Health & Physical Education

Dolores Mullen Denison, la. Health & Physical Education

Marilyn Nelson Randolph, Mn. Health & Physical Education

Marion Nelson Houston, Mn. Elementary Education

Richard Nelson Houston, Mn.

Gerald Neuman Hastings, Mn. Elementary Education

Ruby Olan

Douglas Olmsted

Nancy Olson

Sheila Olson

Prosper, Mn. Music

Kensett , la. Social Science

Winona, Mn. Sociology & Psychology

Timothy Paske

Mark Orlowski

Diana Ostern

Nancy Otterness

Albert Lea , Mn. Industrial Arts in Depth

Owatonna, Mn. Speech

Preston, Mn. Music

Stewartville, Mn. Sociology & Psychology

Steven Prussing

Daniel Patterson

Kathleen Polkey

Carol Pretzel

Fountain City, Wis. Industrial Education

LaCrescent, Mn. History

Fridley, Mn. Psychology & Sociology

Minneapolis, Mn. Elementary Educati on



Therese Przybylski Wi nona, Mn. English Barbara Ree Red Wing, Mn. Elementary Educat ion


Mary Therese Raker Golden Valley, Mn. Elementary Education

Allen Rasmussen Rushford, Mn. Elementary Education

Charles Redwing Mabel, Mn. Business Adm in istration

Christine Reisdorf St. Paul, Mn. Nursing

Randy Roberts Siou x Rapids, la. Bus iness Adm inistrat ion

Mary Lou Robinson St. Charles, Mn. Eng lish

Maureen Rodich St. Paul , Mn. Biology

Mary Rosburg Dunnel l, Minn. Elementary Education

Carol Ryan Harmony, Mn.


Wendy Schmidt Lanesboro, Mn. Elementary Education

Iris Schroeder White Bear Lake, Mn. Elementary Education

Muriel Schwerzler Comfrey, Mn. Elementary Education

Ruth Seyba Rochester, N.Y. Elementary Education

Nancy Smith Winona, Mn. Elementary Ed ucat ion

Nelsen Pliny Smith Fridley, Mn. Pol itical Science

Leonne Schultz Mason City , la. Art

Dean Schumann Eyota, Mn. Math & Busi ness Admin istration

Margaret Sieben Hast ings, Mn. El ementary Educati on

Linda Siems Charles City, la. Elementary Ed ucation

16 1

Patricia Smith Austin, Mn. Nursing

Mary Speck Winona, Mn. Mathematics

Ronald Steel Sparta, Wis. Business Administration

Luanne Steiner Prior Lake , Mn. Elementary Education

Mark Stenzel

Vance Swanson Sherburn, Mn. Business Education

Ane Steigerwald Willmar, Mn. Nursing Wendy Thoreson Grand Marais, Mn. Music Barbara Tolmie St. Charles, Mn. Elementary Education


Mary Jo Tubbs Austin, Mn. Health & Physical Education

Kathleen Turek Clear Lake, la. Sociology & Soc ial Science

Mary Twite Brownsville, Mn. Elementary Education

Barbara Veldhuizen Pipestone, Mn. Art

Bemard Wallerich Lake City, Mn. Biology

Marsha Walters McGregor, la. Health & Physical Education

Larry Watson Lake City, Mn. Biology

Ruth Wegman St. Charles, Mn. Elementary Education

Linda Wendt Preston, Minn. Elementary Education

Nancy Wilma Fountain City, Wis. Music

Leslie Wood Forest Lake, Mn. Elementary Education

Robert Wood Waseca, Mn. Indu strial Arts in Depth


Seniors Not Pictured Burrough, Joyce Joann

Ford, Patrick Coburn

Horner, Elizabeth Ann

Accurso, Richard Paul

Calhoun, Paul David

Fort, Judith Kessler

Horswill , Kirk Byran

Ahrens, William Michael

Carlson, Jerome David

Frahm, Gary Leland

Hostetler, Robert W.

Ames, Nancy Lee

Cave, Karen Pauline

Frank, Colleen A nn

Ihrke, James Henry

Amlaw, Jon Thomas

Chestek, Janice Kay

Frank, Paula Marie

Iverson, Dennis Dale

Amundson, Charles Roy

Christenson, Gerald Edward

Frosch, Dianne Louise

Iverson , Thomas Allen

Andersen, Charles Ray

Ciszak, Charles Frank

Gadbu ry, Neil Douglas

Jacobs, Dennis Lee

Anderson, David Lynn

Clark, Will iam J.

Gabriel, Dan Richard

Jacobson, Robert Ly nn

Anderson, Donald Keith

Clarkson, Leonard R.

Geurink, Jerry F.

Janzen, Sandra Kay

Anderson, Iva Mae

Clausen, Willie Mae

Gifford, Bonnie Jeanne

Jensen, Frederick Lee

Abts, Mary Alice

Anderson, Keith Ray

Connoy, Dolores Anne

Godsey, Susan Lynne

Jensen, Susan Gay

Anderson, Lawrence John

Cornwell, Susan Stocke

Goeman, Glen Keith

Jeresek, John David

Anderson, Sheelah Mayze

Corrigan, Agnes Cecelia

Gora, Richard Francis

Joesting, Edwin Ward

Arnold, Bonnie Jean

Courteau, June Louise

Gorden, Robert C.

Johnson, Allen E.

Babbitt, Dana Hubert

Craig, Margaret A.

Gordon, Diane Marie

Johnson, Bruce Lee II

Backer, Linda S.

Cross, John Paul

Graham , Michael D.

Johnson, Bruce S.

Bailey, Samuel Prentiss

Crow, David Howard

Grandt, Alan Edward

Johnson, Connie Jean

Baker, James T.

Culhane, Rose Marie

Grangaard, Richard G.

Johnson, Lois Swift

Baker, Ora Skaar

Culver, Gary G.

Gransee, Leslie Wayne

Johnson, Nancy Lee

Ball, Robert All an

Cunningham, Paul Franci

Greer, Alice E. Rhein

Johnson, Patricia Ann

Banks, Gerald Edward

Dahl, Karen D. Wold

Grier, Jock Kenerick

Johnson, Patricia Locki

Bartholomew, Bernard Ro

Dahlstrom, Mark William

Grummons, Neil Edward

Johnson, Steven Gary

Bartz, Harry LeRoy

Daiker, Bernard F.

Grutzmacher, Kenneth

Johnson, Steven Phili

Benden, Donna DeG ise

Daniel, Ralph B.

Guenther, Gretchen Alba

Jungerberg, Brenda J ane

Benson, Claude Harold

Davis, Larry M.

Guenther, Mary Dale

Kabe, Susan Palazzari

Benson, David Wayne

Davis, Richard George

Gunderson, Gerald Rober

Kafer, Joseph Anthony

Bentley, Barbara Ann

DeGrazia, Candace Rasmu

Haar, Burl Walter

Kapl an , Cherri L.

Benz, Loren Herbert

Den B leyker, Gregory

Hageman, Mary Joan

Karakas, Kath leen Marie

Berg, Kriby Jay

Deno, Daryl D.

Haglund , Lee E.

Keiper, Robert A llen

Bergdale, Garlyn Neil

Denzer, Raymond Dale

Hahn, Joanne Doroth ea

Keller, Mary E.

Bergdale, Duane

DeValey, Stan ley J.

Hall, Byron Willford

Ke ll er, Thomas Franc is

Bergquist, Gary Duane

DeYoe, Christine Beza!

Hall, James

Kellett, Karen Sue

Bertel, Dusten James

Deziel, Fred Theodore

Hanson, Dennis R.

Kennedy, James A .

Bezdichek, Nancy

Dibble, Zoe Ann

Hansen, Phillip Paul

Kent, William J.

Billison, Linda Carlon

Dickson, Jimmy J.

Hanson, Morris Daryl

Bishop, Sidney Richard

Dill, Bonnie Rose

Harlos, William Roy

Kiekbusch, Carolyn Day Diesner, Kathleen Louis

Blanski, Michael David

Dingfelder, Carlus Step

Harms, Daniel Royce

Kinstler, Larry Ervin

Blaser, Randy Lee

Dison, Janet Nelson

Harris, Keith Allyn

Kirby, John Frederick

Boeck, Bruce Alan

Doody, Michael

Hayes, Teresa Alice

Kirkeby, Ronald Dean

Bohn, Karl David

Dorn, Judith Ann

Hazelton, David Carl

Kjos, C lifton Clifford

Bonow, Wesley Paul

Dunlap, Thomas Matthew

Hegseth, Joyce Boyum

Klenke, Harold L.

Bostrom, Janice Louise

Durst, Phi lip Walter

Heller, Thomas G.

Klomp , Julie K.

Botcher, Jennifer Jean

East, William J.

Hendricks, Robert George

Knies, Michael

Brady, Jeann Ann

Ebeling, Carolyn Marie

Heppner, Marjorie Kelse

Knight, David James

Brandt, Bonnie Lynn

Ehlen, John Dean

Kocon, Craig

Brase, Thomas

Eikens, Leonette Hurley Eli as, John

Herem, Ronald W. Herrera, Roy Anthony Herron, Walter Edwin

Braun, William Paul Bredshall, Kathl een Jea

Ellingson, Wayne T.

Hertel, Paul Edward

Breitspercher, Thomas M. Brinkmeier, Barry Allen

Epstein, Jay

Higgins, Timothy Jon

Kowalsky, Michael Joseph Krejci, Kristi Joyce

Erickson, Paul Halbert

Hi ll, Barbara Lynn

Krob, Steve Theodore

Brodie, Robert A.

Fahrenholz, Jane Goss

Hines, Harold J.

Brogan, Charlene Marque Bronk, Cather ine C.

Fakler, Thomas Louis

Hodgson , Shirley

Krueger, Richard Arnold Kugath, Dale R.

Fandrey, Paula Kay

Brown, Robert Al len

Fanning, Margaret Joyce

Hodkinson, Donald Duane Hoel , David H .

Kukowski, Donald Robert Kuter, Frank Steven

Fie lds, Hershel Ronald

Hofschulte, Kenneth

Lange, Michael James

Fishbaugher, Bruce E. Fitschen, Geneva

Hogen, Orvi lle Allen

Lapham, Mary Ellen

Hoiness, James Edward

Lauden, Maryls Manguson

Buresh, Steven Lee Burke, Barbara

Flaa, Linda Torgerson

Holst, Donna J. Kuhlmann

Laufenburger, Donald

Foegen, Dennis Joseph

Hood, Walter J.

Lavine, Eileen Johnson

Burlage, Denis L.

Fonteine, Robert

Hoppe, Phyllis Ann

League, Joan Edna

Bubbers, Robert Carl Buchner, John Michael Buege, Roger Kent


Kohl meyer, Peter W. Koscianski, Joseph Mart

Leidel, Linda

Nelson, Irvin

Leuthauser, Susan Miria

Nett, Richard James

Rosendahl, Mary Chiristine Ross, Andrew Dominic

Lickteig, Patricia Ann

Neumann, Nancy Ann

Rost, Jeanette Ruby

Thompson, Saralyn K.

Li mper!, Deloris Kratz

Newlun, J. Wayne

Rowland, Sherry Ann

Thoreson, Maxine Paulso

Thompson, Judith Kaye Thompson, Marcia Freder

Li nander, Wayne Roger

Newton, Eugene Woodrow

Rubash , John G.

Thrune, Stephen Valent

Linco ln, James Marvin

Nielsen, Dennis Robert

Rue, James Richard

Tiedemann, Thomas Alfre

Li nd, Peter Howard

Nolan, Mark Jerome

Runkel, Francis J.

Timm, Rudolph Byran

Lodgaard, Bruce Gordon

Nordstrom, Ralph Willia

Ruppert, Gary John

Toews, Marie King

Lonning, Robert A.

Nosbisch, Duane R. Obst, David W.

Sand, Charles Michael

Tracy, Warren Thomas

Losinski, Robert John

Tradup, Bernice Ruth

Losinski, Richard All en

Ohm, Barbara I.

Sand, Richard Allen Sanders, Valerie Kay

Lowery, Jerry L.

Ohman, Gregory, Lawrence

Sanford, Evelyn Johnson

Urness, Linez S. Bisek

Turner, Lee James

Lu ehmann, Lyle Ralph

Okland, Gerald Arthur

Lund, Mary Swenson

Olson, Cheryl Lynn

Sasse, Lynn Rher Sauer, Martha Schneider

Lunn, Ronald Gene

Ondler, Douglas Lee

Sayles, Judy Carol

Vagts, Sharon Greenslad VanAlstine, James B.

Lutter, Phyll is R.

Onnen, Helen Ann

Schafer, Bradley R.

Vernon, Marilyn Louise

Lynch, Frances Richards

O'Reilly, Zerita Mary

Schlesser, James Michael

Vickery, David

Lyngkl ip, Patricia Herr

Ormston, Jane H.

Schmidt, Gary Rost

Vieths, David A.

MacDonal d, Mary Barbar

Ostern, Roandl Lewelly

Schmith, Michael John

Vogt, Terry Edward

Mager, H. Diane

Pa lmer, Curtis Lynn

Schrag, Barry B.

Voight, Eugene Leroy

Majerus, Steven John

Passe, Yvonne Mary

Schrank, Rebecca L.

Voight, Jacqueline Ann

Malenke, Dennis

Patterson, C. Jeannette Paulson, Noel Duane

Schreiber, David Lee Schreurs, Carol Boothby

VonArx John William

Marr, Ethan Earl Marnach , John Michael

Peck, Charles Earl

Schultz, Bradley J.

Voss, Barbara Lu

Marschall, Sheila Ann

Pederson, Donald S.

Schultz, Bradley A.

Wade, Peter Alexander

Martin, David Anthony

Pellowski, Catherine M.

Schutz, John Peter

Wagner, Alberta

Marvin, Marth a Ell en

Pexton, Dorothy Marie

Schwager, Lester Joseph

Wagner, Mary Louise

Marx, Charlotte Voug ht

Phi lo, J ohn Franklin

Schweihs, Kenneth James

Wagner, Richard Michael

Mather, Carol K.

Pike, Ronald L.

Scrabeck, Arlyn Richard

Mayhew, Charles G.

Plank, Judy Jewell

Seidl, M. Therese Zurek

Walker, Robert Arthur Walski, John P.

McCluskey, Marlys Ann

Po l asik, Mary Jo

Seidl, Thomas, James

Waltzer, Steven Joseph

Mccready, James Kenne

Polousky, Owen Wi lbur

Seltz, Lynn Margaret

Wayne, Richard S.

McDonnough, James Eugene

Posseh l, Louise Marie

Senn, Patricia Running

Weibel, Claudia Jean

McGrath, Margaret Mary

Powers, Cynthia Lou


Weimer, Penelope Jane

McGuin ess, Daniel Wm

Prec ious, Thomas A.

Sholing, Leonard Engnar

Weimerskirch, Joseph J.

McGulpin, Gary Richard

Pruett, Jerry Bruce

Simon, Candace Anne

Weis, Garth Edward

McRae, Brenda Lee

Quinn, Christopher D.

Simon, Grace Pierzyna

Welch, James M.

McVay, Richard G.

Raaen, Robert Lee

Sloop, Dennis Neal

Wellik, Stephen L.

Mehaffey, Kenneth Renni

Raffenbeu l, Duane Fred

Smith, Douglas William

Welsch, James M.

Meier, Christine Ann

Rand, Thomas Wilber

Smith, Gary Edward

Wera, Judy Ann

Menden, Anthony Jacob

Rathbone, Janis Lee

Snyder, Janet Susan

Wertz, Kristin Marie

Mikrut, Michael Errol

Ratigan, Robert David

Sorg, Carol Ann

Westpahal, Gregory F.

Milbrandt, Max ine

Rauk , Edward Emil

Spelhaug, Ann Marie

Wharton, Judith Clark

Miller, Richard John

Reeck, Bruce Michael

Spiess, Greg

Wherry, Mary Margaret

Miller, Stephen S.

Rentoul, Barbara Lea

Stark, Richard Lowell

Whillock, Paul Herbert

Miller, Wi lliam Price Mogen, James Robert

Reynolds, Leslie Jean

Steadman, David Allen Steffen, Dennis David

Whingelby, Alice Ann White, Ronald L.

Mogren, Kenneth James

Reyn olds, Nancy Jane Riches, Maureen Rene

Stern, Edward August

Wieme, James

Mohlke, Steven Allen

Rippel, Diane K.

Stevens, Richard

Wierzba, James Michael

Moiling, Genevieve Klin

Riska, Carol

Stuber, John Robert

Wieser, Aloys Jr.

Mortland, Leon John

Riske, G lenn T.

Suchanek, Dana Ellen

Wilson, Douglas W.

Multhaup, Naomi, J. Frick

Rivers, Michael John

Suchla, Vernon John

Wilson, Keith Albert

Murphy, Franc is J.

Roberts, Rebecca Sue

Suneson, Terry Craig

Murphy, Richard Wi lliam

Robinson, Marjorie Hine

Supalla, Donld Dean

Winkel, Barbara Marie Wintheiser, Philip John

Murphy, Shirley Jean

Rogalski, Kenneth Joseph

Svoboda, John Michael

Wistrcill, Margaret Mui

Myska, Sally Estelle

Rolfing, Lola Zimmerhak

Tesch, David Clifford

Wright, Regis Ann

Nash, Coleen Dildi ne

Rosacker, Susan Lynn

Thede, Steven G.

Yokiel, Arthur P.

Navara, Margaret Anders

Rose, Michael Francis

Thomford, George M.

Ziegeweid, Bernard

Nekola, David D.

Rose, Thomas James

Thompson, Douglas G.

Zimmer, Daryl Kent

Usset, Albert L.

VonBargen, Diane Hinna

Nelson, Duane Lee


A ceremony is completed while the sphere of experience, and the squirrels, wait to be set in motion once again by our advance.


Graduation Climaxes The College Experience A graduate contemplates her future.

New faces challenge the life experience.


Herenia Bal ilea Curtis Ballman Patricia Bartels Jean Benso Nancy Bellingham Bev Besse

Donna Bissen Elizabeth Boehlke Jeanette Bollig Carol Boysen Ruth Breimhorst Connie Buboltz

Linda Buehler Jim Burmeister Terry Carlson Connie Carver Rose Clifford Wesley Cohen

Deborah Dahl Warren Davis

Sophomores watch another year go by Students enjoy the shade at Lake Park.

Carol DeGrood Ken Decker

Mary Drolsom Jean Dunn

Tom Dusbabek Mike Einhorn

,--.----¡, , -- -




Angie Engstran Jan Erickson Jill Erredge Marjean Finnern Katherine Formo Ric hard Fullme

Carol Gilbertson Sue Giroux Ruth Greden Anne Grimme Darryl Gullickson Mary Gunderson

Katherine Gunter Ray Haag Kris Hagan Roxanne Hanson Patricia Hatch Bev Hillman

January registration was postponed two days because of the Big Snow.


Dr. Moely and his band recall the days of rehearsal in Sornsen.

Sally Hipp Brian Houdek Laurence House Nancy Hovda Barb Ihrke Linda Jacobs

Sharon Jacobson Jackie Jensen Ron Jensen Lonnie Johnson Lonnie Johnson Stephanie Johnson

Steven Kingsley Jeanne Korsman Rita Krogh Judy Kycek Bruce Lee Kathy Lenartz

Sharon Langers Janelyn Lien Judy Lindquist Debbie Loken Don Lukkason Josephine McDonald


Karen McHattie Mary Manship Kath ie Martin Dale Maryolf Marilyn Meany Marlene Myron

Pete Meyer Rose Miller Catherine Muellich Marie Myerchin Kathy Noble Janet Nelson

Sandy Nester Karen Nippoedt Annette Orn Jack Peplinski Cindy Peterson Barb Piers


Penny Plevka Terry Pike


A peace symbol dies slow ly.

Three students make their own k ind of music.


Mavis Prange Lynn Ramacher Kathy Remigee Brenda Roper Susan Roth Margaret Sader

Sue Simes Sarah Smith Suzanne Smith Wayne Smith Jean Spelhaug Renae Steen

Joe Stevens Don Stompoff Margaret Svendsen Kay Swanson Patricia Sweeney Cheryl Warn

Gloria Watson

Shirley Whitworth

Benjamin Withtiart

Georgene Yost Sue and Paul Kuchenmeister dance on the evening of homecoming.


Juniors see last year come close Freshman team leaders begin the orange game.

Russell Amiee Carol Anthony Thomas Bauer Mary Behnken Marilyn Beyei Kathy Boelter

Peggy Brown David Brus Judy Castledine Pat Chores! Linda Christensen Leanne Clausen

Cheryl Colvin Kathy Coolidge Mary Cruden Peggy Dohrmann Silvia Erpelding Cindy Evans

Kathy Fishbaugher MaryJo Frasczak


Sheila Gehling Mike Gundersen Sue Hanlon Shirley Hanson Kathy Helland Bettie Hoesley

Bonnie Hoesley Dianne Huiras Janet Hull Barb Johnson Glenn Jorgenson Paul Jungblut

Carol Krussow Jane Kuisle

Barb Latterell Linda Lilly

Gary Lorenz Barb McDonald

James McDonald Kathy Mowry

Homecoming Queen Linda Siems reigns from her throne.


Maternity nursing is a special part of the nursing program for Elaine Anttilla.

Craig Nash

Karen Olson

Charlotte Pagel Becky Ring Marty Roberson Paul Sanders JoAnne Sheehan Glen Snesrud


Lou Sweep Lynda Teitge Margery Topping Alverne Trouten Luanne Trunnel Marsha Tweeten

John Vogel Carletta Werre Greg Wilmes Bruce Wolfgram Geraldine Wurm Spencer Yohe


Officers and organizers of Freshmen Orientation 1970 are David Ogren, Fran Fullerton, Jan Edwards, and Kevin Mulcahy.

Freshmen Begin with Confusion The upperclassmen tease unmercifully with, "Just a dumb freshman, huh?" but the new people can't help being proud that they were admitted to the coll ege. A sense of being totally responsible for everything they do awes them. Making the effort to get a desired class at registration, and getting a class never heard of, becomes super-confusion. An unfamiliar feeling of power grows as the freshmen wield the spending of loads of money. Freshmen remember Orientation Week as the

start of a new life. In a totally new environment they discover new ways of meeting people. Team activities, picnics, and games accelerate the gathering of friends. Booze parties enl ighten the naive as they recognize the way life is for some people. The hours spent in lines at the cafeteria are really spent laughing and talking with old and new friends. Living with a roommate sometimes means compromise, but it also means a sharing of beautiful experiences.

Team 1-Row 1: Spencer Yohe, leader, Hjordy Christison, leader, Cynthia Miller, Bonita Forstrom, Nancy Trish, Josephine McDonald, leader. Row 2: Janelle Gatzke, Joan Ryan, Cindy Brua, Barbara Smith. Row 3: Rebecca Amundson, Bonita Hanlon, Mark Eggerichs, Thomas Goeden. Row 4: Antoine Hoyt, William Schulte, Geary O'Reilly, William Beardmore.


Team 2-Row 1: Larry Tomten, leader, James Malanaphy, John

Maas, Stephen Byers, Bonnie Greden, Diane Rinn, Susan Buck, leader. Row 2: Dennis Paul, Edward Bussiere, Ronald Barber,

David Lindstrom , Kathy Jo Ostrowski. Row 3: Craig Odell, Donald Ryan, T im Scherer, Loren Christenson, Robert Swanson.

Freshmen are exhausting! Leaders Pamela Evjen and Leslie Bohnen take a break between team meetings.


Team Leaders Answer Questions

Team 3----Row 1: Terry Carlson, leader, Thomas Kane, William Bockenhauer, Greg Hagen, Joyce Theisen, Mary Barton, leader. Row 2: Mary Burmeister, Kathleen Newman, Nancy Lince, Nola Fuglestad, Mary Jo Servais. Row 3: Bruce Hoff, Hartwell Amiee, Bruce Taplin, John Voelker, James Jaszewski.

Team 4-Row 1: Kathleen Harlan, leader, Gerald Wildes, leader. Row 2: Lori Deutschman, Ruth Warn, Rebecca Jaworski. Row 3: Dawn Smith, Corrine Tlougan, Vicki Gerken. Row 4: Steve Fix, Janet Anderson, Steve Koehler.


Team 5--Row 1: Randy Roberts, leader, Susan Hoblit, leader, Dee Ann Wendlandt, Carolyn Ellis, Dianne Sch uldt, Dianne Schmidtke, Bette Brand, leader. Row 2: Loretta Peters, Jo Ann Danmeier, Kathleen Mccann, Gretchen Sauby. Row 3: Connie Matz, Linda Pozanc,

Team ~Row 1: Michael Rivers, leader, Ruth Deters, Mary Jane Romportl, Jan Aker, Karen Kowalski, Susan Jurasinski, Ellie Hodgdon, leader. Row 2: Gary Ziebel l, Connie Withers, Mary Lou Moore, Signe Moe, Geraldine Hartmann, Rowen Kurimay, leader. Row 3: Robert Mueller, Timothy Theis, Lana Stanek, Lynn Kohner, Debra McCauley. Row 4: Larry Bunke, John Daugherty, Gregory Kink, Gregory Duffy.

Debra Brunberg, Kathleen Blaisdell, Samuel Wolfe. Row 4: Jon Dummermuth, Arlyn Dahl, David Arnoldy, William Bernatz, Douglas Humble.

·- ~~

Team 7-Row 1: Ann Cuckie, leader, Barb Ree, leader, Scott Mi ller, Fran Lewis, Gwen Lamb, Howie Hammel , Dave Anderson , leader. Row 2: Juli e Judd, Diana Wysong , Debbie Von Arx, Diane Bergey. Row 3: Jim Sexton, Mike Kemper, Greg Weigenant, Ron Rahman, Tony Root.

-Team 8--Aow 1: James Rue, leader, Joyce Ambrosen, Mary Herber, Susan Drazkowski, Suellen Hoeppner, leader, Linda Tschumper, Roxanne Losinski , Patricia Lee, Douglas Batzler, leader. Row 2: Rebecca Olson, Leann Hengel, Barbara Reich, Victoria Dalenberg, Donald Schniepp, Ned Albert, Robert Hauger.


Team 9-Row 1: Jerri Boyles, leader, Jacqueline Sopko, Pauline Scheel, Patricia Rustad, Lynn Klaassen, Sandra Bielenberg, Joyce Hammell, Judy Hettlinger, John Krage, leader. Row 2: Ann Douglas, Margaret Clarkin, Lynn Giering, Karyl Johnson, Joan Langer. Row 3: Jay Papenfuss, David Styba, David Langenfeld, Rick Gunter, Stephen Wenzel, Charles Loshek.

Team 10---Row 1: James Hogue, leader, Carole Bogt, Shelley Delger, Cynthia Thisius, Jerome Christenson, James Swedin, Judith Schmitz, leader. Row 2: Gregory Cisewski, Donald Benscoter, Charles Leach , Denise Goodrich. Row 3: Stephen Winger , David Smith, Wayne Johnson, Bruce Muenkel.

Team 11-Row 1: Sharon Goede, Linda Schnorenberg, LuEtt Rahn , Debra Edwards. Row 2: Susan Sheldon, Susan Hegland, Patricia Tibodeau. Row 3: Danial Prokasky, John Van De Walker, Stephen Peters, Richard Sass. Row 4: Harold Rosendahl, David Lemmerman, leader, Allen Scharmer.

Hike! A freshman quarterback receives the ball in a friendly game at Lake Park.

Team 12-Row 1: Wendy KoFoed, Mary McKeon , Vici Eckhart, Patricia Abrams, Dorene Solberg. Row 2: Ruth Wegman, Leader, Bonnie Williams, Mary Augedahl, Sandra Berger, John Allison , leader. Row 3: Kenneth Quest, Kathryn Daniel, Stephanie Thomford, Mary Erdmanczyk. Row 4: Wayne Ledebuhr, Timothy Mullaney, Mary Adams, Deborah Breit, Elizabeth Eckles.

Team 13--Row 1: Leslie Wagner, Linda Keim, Catherine Mrachek, Vicki Cedar, Terry Smith, Debra Grivna, Katherine Herrig, leader. Row 2: Leslie Bohnen, leader, Marilyn McKnight, Susan Toombs, Suzann e Foley, Benjamin Michaelis, Sharon Czaplewski, leader. Row 3: Laurie Cooksy, Gwen Sasse, Steven Tarras, Steven Cox, Judy Mickelson. Row 4: Kevin Quass, John Manion, John Wirt, Philip Thesing, Charles Hajicek.

Team 14--Row 1: Kay Cliff, Sue Hale, Susan Myrland, Stephanie Beucler. Row 2: Kathleen Kenney, Leader, Peggy Barnes, Laura Omelianchuk, Sherry Yokiel, Linda Martin. Row 3: Nancy Born, Dawn Wolff, Larry Menden, John Mix, Steven Runkle, leader. Row 4: Steve Hermanson, Gary Grabau, Philip Olson, Ronald Sauer.


Team 15--Row 1: Kristi Krejci, leader, William Wanzek, Scott Montgomery, Timothy Berens, Roxanne Lidstrom , Cynth,ia Gamble, Kenneth Mogren, leader. Row 2: Aleeta Humphries, Leigh Ann Neidig, Kathleen Hennessy, Linda Davis, Charity Baumer. Row 3: Dennis Erickson, Steven Kline, Gregory Schuh , Steven Van Houten, James Bradford.

Team 1~ow 1: Joyce Roble, Nanette Coyle, Joan Guindon, Sonia Skilton. Row 2: John Marnach , leader, Rosalie Gulbransen, Sheryl Thoe, Patricia

Freshmen Register in Teams Team 20-Row 1: Paulette Thilmany, Sharon McCoy, Margaret Baures. Row 2: Sandra Stephens, Deborah Lilla, Claire Erpelding. Row 3: Doris Jensen, Nancy May, Sharon Stalka. Row 4: Barry Drazkowski, Chuck Campbell, Ron Glubka. Row 5: Greg Kohner, Dennis Anderson. Donald Lund. Row 6: Marc Peterson, leader, Molly Madden, leader, Bill Gludt, leader.


.-.. M

~ 182

Team 19--Row 1: Jean Schafer, Kerry Evans, Kathleen Korupp, Deborah Stanton, Marilyn Miller. Row 2: Dawn Fiegel, leader, Nancy Behrends, Lynn Fehring, Gwendolyn Soulek, David

Wallace, Eliot Tienter, DuWayne Landsverl<, Pamela Evjen, leader. Row 3: Kofleen Krough, Verona Foltz, Lynn Foltz, Karen Hofland, Sidney Bishop, leader. Row 4: Gary Feine, James Ebert, Jeffrey O'Toole, George Schuminski, Jeffery Sundem, Neal Clausen.

Team 18--Row 1: Ann Goodier, leader, Fran Fullerton, leader, Betty Van Hoof. Row 2: Nancy Salisbury, Ann Lovas, Judy Wood. Row 3: Jeannie Neumann, Mary Murck, Bonnie Cook. Row 4: Mary Mulcahy, Carl Robinson , Vikki Kadi. Row 5: Fran Pelley, Tim Raymond, Dave Krenik. Row 6: Don Huebner, Mike Palmersheim, George Brady. Joe Dolan, leader, missing.

Ogren, leader. Row 3: Thomas Selly, John Murphy, Patti Collins, Carol Weber, Ruth Sapp. Row 4: Philip Wolf, David Bergo, James Palmer, Steven Jacobs.

,. "1·

..1"'.....,.,\'' I'••

..•·•·t ,.,

..... h·


•••• ''!I••

..•••• ,


Team 17-Row 1: Kathy Sorom, Judith Stephan, Nadine Wood. Row 2: Linda James, Lois Davis, Ann Schweich, Jean Harnack, Debb Christenson, William Remmert, leader. Row 3: Judith Rosengren, leader, Roberta Kanthaek, Mary Meineke, Barb Boyum, Ron Helminiak, leader.


Freshmen Crown Royalty at Dance Team 21-Row 1: Mary Merchlewitz, Suzanne Hugnes, Joyce Runningen , Faye Phernetton. Row 2: Neil Grummons, leader, Cheryl Groth, Joyce Greene, Carol Groth, Judith Hanson, Janel Tembreull , Diana Ostern, leader. Row 3: Vivian Jones, Katherine Moe, Carmen Lutjen, Rosanne Hall, Mary Bader, Jody Dvorak. Row 4: Richard Clark, Michael Petkovich, Roscoe Young, Stephen Fredrickson, David Finnegan.

Team 22-Row 1: Robert Bambenek , leader, Janet Johnson, leader, Barbara Veldhuizen, leader. Row 2: Karen Raty, Faythe Anderson, Margo Erickson. Row 3: Sally Sievers, Eli zabeth Footh. Row 4: Connie Erickson, Anne

Team 23--Row 1: Susan Voelker, Patricia Hoch, Kay Juelson, Linda Reinecke, Karen Hanson. Row 2: Susan Richards, leader, Mary Kay Jack, Marcia Master, LeAnn Welch , Linda Nerstead, Roger Bierbaum, leader. Row 3: Carol Shanholtzer, Douglas Bickel, Gai l Heidemen, Gary Johnson, Jimmy Voight. Row 4: Daniel Smith, Gary Nelson, Kim Fjelstad, Steven White.

Team 24-Row 1: Susan Hittner, Lunette Krage, Karen Abnet, Christine Carpenter, Lynn Deutschman, leader. Row 2: Cary Villeneuve, leader, Gwendolyn Ganun, Bruce 184

Coughlin, Kathleen Pace. Row 5: Daniel Nyseth, Robert Skeels, Richard Grunz. Row 6: Gregory Nixon, Edwin Edwards. Row 7: Stan Stargey, Jerry Allen.

Loretta Peters and Roscoe Young were crowned Freshman King and Queen at the Coronation Dance. Candidates for Freshman Queen were Karen Borgstrom, Bonnie Cook, Judy Mickelson, Betsy Mueller, Pat Peters, Ann Peterson, Rita Roe'loffs, Cindy Scrabeck, and Gail Skajewski. Cand idates for Freshman King were George Brady, N ick Brill, Jim Dannaker, Larry Menden, Mike Norris, Gary O'Reilly, Jim Smith, Roger Thomte, and Joe Topick.

Team 25-Row 1: Stephen Roberts, leader, Lorrie Smith , Rhoda Barton, Esther Welch, Catherine Steffen, Rita Roelofs, Laura Heim, Patricia Capistran!, Penelope Maclean, .Marilee Marrinan, Mary Moriarity, leader. Row 2: Judy Stamy, Patricia Sheehan, Beth Eberlein, Deborah Kittok, Diane Johnson, Susan Untz, Cathy Salarz. Row 3: Diane Oeltjenbruns, Mike Pete rson, Chris Vick, Michael Weishaar, Gene Olson, Barbara Coffelt. Hill, ' Janet Wollin, Clayton Ochs. Row 3: Curtis Heyer, David Gieske, Mark Yackel, Michael Larson, Beverly Hauge. Row 4: Ray Hackenmiller, Harley Heyer, Gary Stiever, Paul Echelard, Gerald Cichanowski. 185

Team 26-Row 1: Thomas Brase, leader, Patricia Flueger, leader. Row 2: Cynthia Von Sargon, Denise Hermes, Colleen Green. Row 3: Linda Weegman, Kathryn Sue Boldt, Karen Veek. Row 4 : Ronald Donkers, Kathleen McKenzie, Connie Wiedl. Row 5: Jeffrey Ford, Patricia Coburn, Lorraine Duffing. Row 6 : Duane Lien , Sandra Paton, Susan Bastien. Row 7: Paul Boechem, Robert Donkers, Steven McNamara.

Team 27-Row 1: David Crow, leader, Maunu, Mary Ann Kopp, Barbara Rother, Scherb, Monica Hansen, Sid Drajeske, David McNally, leader. Row 2: Susan

Sharon Rosella leader, Nelson,

Team 29-Row 1: Cheryl Bremseth, leader, Allen Kouba, Marvin Cox, Matthew Hepola, Mary Smullen, Rose Kodera, Jerry Probst, Steven Dublin, leader. Row 2: Gail Skajewski, Maureen Murphy, Diane Fairbanks, Debra Peterka, Laurie Lagerstrom , Susan Schwanker. Row 3: Rebecca Christiansen, Vicki Evenson, Larry Ledebuhr, Michael Norris, Sandra Knutson.


I 1


~ I

~ I

l Julie Simon, Zona Wood, Jerome Sullivan, Richard Clarke. Row 3: Peter Hahn, Ralph Roemer, Mary Louise Logelin, Jay Kalbrener, Kenneth Bloom.

Team 28--Row 1: Sally Berens, leader, Donald Stumpff, leader. Row 2: Betty Shields, Jean Kaysen, Constance Brennan. Row 3: Marilyn Frauenkron, Marlene Wagner, Debbie Fiene. Row 4: Cheryl Derks, Jane Engrau , Judie Randall. Row 5: Susan Norman, Kathryn Brenny. Row 6: Michael Loken, Colleen Turner. Row 7: Jan Bremseth, Steven Schild. Row 8: David Reithel, Michael Immel, Michael Cierna. Row 9: Eugene Beckman, Dennis Rude.


Team 3G-Row 1: Cara Powell, leader, Irene Sukans, Therese Vogel, Jolyn Snell, Rose Marie Sawyer, Janice Gurry. Row 2: Diane Serafin, Jeneen Gunderson, Jeanne Brown, Emily Weimer, Clarian Richert, Kenneth Hunze, leader. Row 3: Kathryn Prudoehl, Junelle Tepe, David Goetzman, Sandra Johnson. Row 4: Susan Albertson, Richard Tremain , Curt Haugen, Steven Kjelland, Peggy St. Peter, Robert Whetstone (missing).


Freshmen Hear President's Advice

Team 31-Row 1: Peter Meyer, leader, Barbara Kirk, Patricia Dixen, Judy Kosowski, Gretchen Guenther, leader. Row 2: Robert Bjorklund, Susan Remsburg , Peggy Cassidy, Joyce Werner, Todd Steiner. Row 3: David Beahrs, Jillayne Webinger, Susan Durgin, Carole Bevan, Joanne Kopischke. Row 4: Michael Beck, Spencer Plante, Peter Passe, Steven Oenning, Gary Halstead.

Team 37-Row 1: Sue Sova, leader, Jane Hammes, Kathleen Showers, Glee Baade, Barbara Lovejoy, LeAnne Loechler, David Wodele, leader. Row 2: Gary Glomski, Vicki Goddard, Thomas Cashman, John Passe. Row 3: Elizabeth Lund, Debra Keisling, Nancy Stevens, Grace Holm, Annette Jensen. Row 4: Craig Scott, John Moe, Kevin Dyer, Neil Kennebeck.


Team 34--Row 1: Arthur Humphries, leader, Claudia Busch, Ann Sadowski, Susan Klaas, Trud i Haviek, Lynn Pommerening, Maureen Hanscom,

Team 38--Row 1: Michael Plath, leader, Mary Eikens, Karen Einhorn, Sharon Schwab, Jane Lockwood, Sandra McKinney, Maureen Rollins, Linda

leader. Row 2: Nicholas Brill, Kathleen O'Toole, Larry Kissinger. Row 3: Nancy Orsund, Denise Dejarlais, Susan Hudgens, Karen Borgstrom . Row 4: Rick Johannsen, Robert Stevens, Thomas Hanlon, Lynn Bartness, Jane Jagerson, Joe Kluender, Patricia Schaefer.

Siems, leader. Row 2: Susan Dommel, Charles Foust Kent Northrup, James Smith, Don ella John~on. Row 3: Kevin O'Reilly, Eugene Bauer, Reed Ronnenberg, Mark Wurm.

Team 36-Row 1: Nancy Hasl eiet, Linda Modlin. Row 2: Debra Harwick, Jane Callister Sharon Donlan. Row 3: Barbara Mills, Nancy Bye, Elizabeth Mueller. Ro,,.; 4: Barbara Schutt, Patricia Von Helmst, Denise Harris. Row 5: Patricia Tweten, Lynne Beck, Charlotte Gillen. Row 6: Dean Camery, leader, Barbara Steele, leader.

Team 3~Row 1: Zerita O'Reilly, leader, Christine Schlag, Barbara Nickelson, Susan Lonergan, Anndra Sh elton, Joan Besaw, John Eric kson, leader. Row 2: Kenneth Krage, Carolynn Pizzala, M arsha Skinner, Di ane Dombrock, Pat nc1a He1de.bnn k. Row 3: Linda Wedd e Kenn eth And erson Jack ie Vix, Eli za beth Del ay, Jacqueline Bregenzer. Row 4 : Den~is Flannery, All an c'rawford , David Bosin, James Pietruszewski , William Motzko. 189

-~ \



oo• "




Team 4G-Row 1: Angela Cragoe, Peggy Engen, Nancy Werner, Nannina Gargus, Ca rol Sieben, J ill Schwartz, leader. Row 2: Catherine Kosowski, Lisa Nelson, Ruth Perry, Janice Mullenbach, Beatrice Boie. Row 3: Susan Trapp, Debra Johnson, Cythia Mansur, Dee Anna Wilson, Gary Simons. Row 4: Debra Erickson, Rose Schmidt, Phi llip Johnson, Christopher Hassett, Ch ristopher Rose.



Team 4&--Row 1: Denise Kubiak, Marcia Kranz, Mary O 'Neill, Theresa Monette, Pamela Klinger, Janet Ann Coates. Row 2: Dorothy Pexton, leader, Mary Jo Wojcik, Patricia Coleman, Constance Davis, Linda Madison, John Foster, leader. Row 3: Gai l Sontag, Judith Borgan, G len Grue, Julianne Ledwith, Donna McNamara. Row 4: Joseph Gartner, Joseph Davids, Ronald Weyl, James Danneker, Thomas Grind land.

Team 42-Row 1: Roger Halstead, leader, Carolyn Brown , leader, Nancy Olson , leader. Row 2: Pamela Parker, Bonn ie White, Susan Nickol auson. Row 3: Vicky Babbitt, Patricia Sawyer, Susan Harris. Row 4:

Team 5G-Row 1: Gary Johnson, Jacqueline Ward, An n Peterson, Shar men Johnson, Robyn Wood , Mary Nelson, leader. Row 2: Kathl een ldeker , Mary Jo Beneke, Carol


Team 44 and 48-Row 1: Cathay Hernlem, leader, Colleen Belisle, Cindy Scrabeck, Janet Dowd, Mary Szymonik, Catherine lngvalson, Barbara Voss, leader. Row 2: Kenneth Peterson, leader, Steve Allers, Roger Thomte, Karen Costa, Jeanette Arendt, Lawrence Donatelle, Robert Sawyer, leader. Row 3: Deborah Kinlund, Dana Kjome, Terrance Massman, Dean Pedersen. Row 4: Leslie Jacobson, David Mueller, Duane Wetherby, Kenneth Cordes, John Lundborg .

Anne Decker, Kristine Johnson, Jill Mason. Row 5: Doni Harigstad, Steven Vongroven, Jeff Burgdorf. Row 6: Scott Mclaughlin, David Heydt, Christopher Bauer.

Westphal, Darlene Kujak, Bonnie Voshell. Row 3: Thomas Dunlap, leader, Brian Hitchock, Robert Wright, Kathleen McElrath.

Teams Compete at Lake Park

Freshmen roll on the ground in hearty laughter at Lake Park.



tof!ege anb

~ommunite Winona State students wander Winona streets on frequent walks. They buy at the shopping centers and enjoy Lake Park, Prairie Island, and the surrounding bluffs. The town, on the banks of the legendary and mighty Mississippi River, is important to the students just as the students are important to the town . Many of Winona's businesses, organizations, and citizenry cooperated with students in reciprocal projects including fashion shows, displays, lectures, money-raising, community welfare, and protection of the town from floodwaters by sandbagging and dike-walking.


Student and Faculty Index A Aaker, La Donna Mae 37 AARESTAD, AMANDA 96 Aarsvold, Dale J. Abbott, Constance E. 35 Abitz, Mi chael Allen 40,43,73, 222 Abnet, David Vance Abnet, Karen June Abrahamson, Kurt Pau l Abrahim, Aftabadeen 15 Abrams, Patricia Ann 24 Abts, Carolyn Gertrude Abts, Mary Alice 164 Accurso, Richard Paul 164 Achter, Le Roy B. Ackerman, David C. 23 Adams, Joseph Lee 11 ,39,128, 130,150 Adams, Lois Ann Adams, Mary Martha Adams, Mary Pauline Adams, Robert C. Adkins , David Andrew Agrimson, Harriet Ahrens, John Robert Ahrens, William Michael 164 Ainsworth, Walter Scott Aker, Janice Marie Albers, Sharon Florence Albers, Sherry Ann Albert, Jon Lewis Albert, Ned Henry Albertson, Libbie Marie 35,150 Albertson, Susan Loretta Allaman, Mark Wayne 150 Allbee, Stephen Patrick All en, Dennis Arthur Allen, Geraldine Allen, Jerry Phill ip Allers, Steve J. 190,191 Allison , John Frances 39 Almo , Leigh William Almquist, John Marion Alms, Teryl Ann Alt, Rowe Baker 150

Althoff, Noel Marie 150 Ambrosen , Joyce E. 21 Ambuhl , Janice Amdahl , James Alan Ames, Nancy Lee 164 Ames, Sally Jo Amlaw, Jean Marie Amlaw, Jon Thomas 164 Amiee, Russell Jr. 29,36,43,173 Amiee, Hartwell Mark Amun dson, Audrey Amundson, Charles Roy 164 Amundson , Kathleen Amundson , Linda Marie AMUNDSON , RAY 88 Amundson , Rebecca Diane Andersen, Charles Ray 164 Anderson , Barbara Anderson , Barbara Ruth ANDERSON , CAR LI S 113 Anderson , David Lynn 49 Anderson , David W. Anderson , Dennis David Anderson, Donald Keith 164 ANDERSON , DWIGHT Anderson, Faythe Lynne Ande rson, Glenn Floyd Anderso n, Holly Jonita Anderson, Iva Mae 164 Anderson, Janet Gayle 16,17 Anderson , Joan Lanore 150 Anderson, Keith Ray 164 Anderson , Kenneth Roger Anderson , Kent James 34 Anderson, Lawrence John 164 Anderson , Michael Donald Anderson , Muriel J. Anderson , Paulette Jane Anderson , Richard N. Anderson , Ronald Dale Anderson, Sheelah 164 Anderson , Sidney W. Anderson, Wayne Stanley Andree, Patric ia Ann 25 Andres, Bill Joseph Andress, Russel l James Angelici, Albert G. Angst, Judith Gi bbs

Anthony, Carol Jean 173 Antti la, Elaine Ruth Applegate, Christopher Arendt, Jeanette Marie 190,191 Arenz, Beverly Ann 22 Armour, Michael Lee Armstrong, Scot Al lyn Arndt , Carol Marie Arndt, Michael Rande Arneberg , Linda Sue Arneson, Craig Thomas 150 Arnett , Kaye, Margaret

Arnold, Bonnie Jean 164 Arnold , Bruce Wi lliam Arno ldy, David Victor Arver, Alison K. 35 Ashcraft, David E. Asleson, Jean Marie Asp , Judith Lee 27 Atkinso n, John Kenneth 39 Auckland, Debo rah Augedah l, Mary Clare AUGE, DELORES 98 Aul t, Russel l Dea n 39


WINONA, M INNESOTA-55987 THE MAIN A Place of Fine Refreshments Sandwiches and Enjoyment ... and Fun Too 123 Main St.

Steel Welded Rings


Special Wire Shapes

PEERLESS CHAIN CO. Chain Manufacturers Complete Line of Tire Chains For Passenger Cars, Trucks, and Tractors Complete Line of Industrial and Hardware Chain

Office and Factory


Winona, Minnesota


To have a friend-be one!

PLETKE'S Fine Foods

the Remembrance Shop Featuring: Hallmark cards, stationery, party goods, and gifts. Downtown Winona

Spice Island Spices Usinger's Sausage Richelieu Canned Foods

113 E. 3rd St. Jones Pork Sausages Birdseye Frozen Foods Bauer's Chocolates

Complete Home Furnishings

Westgate Shopping Center Winona, Minn.

Austin, Roland Craig 150 Avampato, Joseph Frank Aymond , Michael Anthony 21 ,34

B Baade, Glee Audrey 30 Babbitt, Dana Hubert 16, 164 Babbitt, Vicky Ann 191 Babier, Richard Steven Bachtle, Lanny K. Backer, Linda S. Bader, Mary Margaret Baertsch, Thomas D. Bahnub, Julie Ann BAHST, MOHAMED 15 Bailey, Curt Allen 33 BAILEY, PEGGY 124, 133 Bailey, Samuel Prentiss 164 BAKER, ALMYRA 11 2 Baker, James T. 164 Baker, Ora Skaar 164 Bakker, Marlene Elizabeth Balilea, Herenia E. 15,168 Balfanz, Donald Lee Ball, Robert Allan 33, 164 Ballman, Curtis R. 14,168 Bambenek, Paul Hubert Bambenek, Robert James 21,34 Bankard, Paul E. Banks, Gerald Edward 164 Barber, Ronald Lewis Barchue, Patricia E.

BARD, AGNES 110 Bard, Sally Frances Barde!, Louis Charles Barnes, Peggy Lee BARNETT, MARTHA 108 Barrett, Elizabeth E. Barrett , George Kevin Barrett, Therese Wilfred Barrone, Caro l Anne Barry, Dennis J. II Barry , Dennis Jay BARSKY, ARTHUR106 Bartels, Pat ricia 30,168 Barth , Margaret Jane 31 Bartholomew, Bernard 49, 164 Bartlett, Rocky Joseph Bartley, Gregory Paul Bartness, Lynn David Barton, Mary Diane 38 Barton, Rhoda Charlotte Bartz, Harry Le Roy 222,164 Bastien , Susan Alyce Bateman, James Lyle 151 BATES, GEO RGE 106 Bathel , Marlene Pearl Batzler, Douglas Francis Bauer , Bruce Steven Bauer, Charl es Arthur Bauer, Christopher 191 Bauer, Eugene John Bauer , Gary Donald Bauer , Robin Nicole Bauer, Thomas C. 19,173 Bauer, Valerie Em 24,40 Bauman, Kath leen A. 27

114 Years of Service

BAUMANN, ROBERT 91 Baumer, Charity Ann Baures, Frank George Baures, Margaret Ann Baxter, Wi ll iam M. Bayer, Barbara J. Moran BAYER, THOMAS 103 Bay , Sharon Morrow Bay, Stephen Le Roy Bay lon , Richard James Beach, Kathleen M. 151 Beahrs, David Howard Beard , Mary Rose Beardmore, William Beck, Lynne Marie Beck, Mary Louise Beck, Michael Garrard Becker, Gary John Becker, Lawrence Allan 24 Becke r, Patrick Lloyd Becker, Patricia Ann Beckley , Jerome Jr. Beckman, Charlene 151 Beckman, Eugene Everett Bedtke, John Robert 33 Beeman, Duane Harold Beeman, James George Jr. Behnken , Mary Kay 19,173 BEHNKE, RICHARD 104 Behr, Di ane Joy Behrends, Nancy Ade le BEIGHLEY, ARCHIE 96 Beinhorn, Vi rgini a Susan 14 Belden, Michael P. Bel isle, Colleen 25,190,191

Your "Helping Hand" Bank

Bell, Bonnie Kay 24 Bell , James Leigh Bel l, John Raymond Bellingham, Nancy Kay 168 Bels han, Thomas Anton Belter, Bruce Ervin Beneke, Craig Earl Benda, Joy Adonna 222 Benden, Donna Degise 164 Benedett, Keith Raymond 29 Benedict , George Allen Ben edict, Patricia Benedict, William Fay Beneke, Mary Jo Pamela 191 Benke, Bradley Henry Bennett, Mary Cat herine Benscoter, Donald L. 24 Benson, Claude Harold Benson, David Wayne Benson, Dennis Lesl ie Benson, Jean Ann 22,168 Benson, Kristie Lee Bentfield, Patricia Bentley, Barbara Ann BENTLEY, CHARLES Benz, Loren Herbert 33 Berens, Sally Ann 35 Berens, Tim othy John Berg, Kirby Jay Bergdale, Garlyn Neil Bergdale, Duane Berger, John Robert Jr. Berger , Roy Donald Berger , Sandra Ann Bergey, Diane Lynn 195

IT'S THE REAL THING COKE Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Bottlers of Sprite, Fresca, Tab, Sunrise Bev. Phone 452 -2760

GRANT'S "[(nown for Values" 66 E. 3rd St.

Phone 4524353



• • •

Winona's First and Finest

Department Store


Berggren, Larry D. Bergler, Gary Harold Berglund, Loretta Bergo, David Rona ld Bergquist, Gary Duane Bergstrom , Glen Milton Bergstom, Mary Ann 37 Bergstrom , Patricia Berland, Larry Joe Bernatz, Mary Lou Bernatz, Wi lliam Leo BERNDT, AUDREY 108 Bernstorf, Thomas Bertel, Dusten James Berzinski , Robert Berzinski, William Besaw, Joan Marie Besse, Beverly Lou 168 Besonen, Donald Henry 27,58, 60 ,61,62 Beucler, Stephanie Jo 32 Bevan, Carole Lee Bextine, Ra l ph E. Beyer, Marilyn F. 25,171 Beyerl, Paul V. Beyers, Gay le A. Ruh Beyers, Roger Daniel Beytien, Elizabeth J. Beytien, Lyn n Mary Bezdichek, Nancy Bezdichek, Thomas R. 32,34 ,74 Bibeau , Mic heal H. Bickel , Douglas Herbert Bicknese, Dianne Lynn Bielenb erg , Sa ndra Jean Bien , Dawn Marie Bierbaum , Kenneth Bierbaum, Edith Carol 16,17,19, 151 Bierbaum , Roger Evan 24 Bierbaum, Avi~Lau rel Biesanz, Jeff James Biesanz , Mar k J. Biesanz, Philip Michael Bigelow, Delora Jean Bigelow, Mark Duane Billi ngs, Allan Ray Billison, Linda BILSE, DONALD Bisek, Angeline 151 Bishop, Sidney Richard 164 Bissen, Donna Marie 168 Bittner, Keith Alden Bje rke, Danny R. Bjerke, Janet K. Bjorklund, Robert Wayne Bjortomt, Robe rt Wayne Blagsvedt, Billie Dean Blagsvedt, Susan 151 Blaisdell , Kat hl een Blank, James Richa rd Blank, Robert Blanski, Michael David Blaschka, James Joseph Blaser, Randy Lee 24 Blaskowsk i , Ceceli a P. Bloch, Adrienne Yvonne Block, Rose M. Engel Blomgren, Irene Frances Bl9 om , Kenneth Dean 24 Bluhm, Den nis Celo 29 Blum , Lynette Bockenhauer, William Bodak, George BODDY, MARGARET 98

Boeck, Bruce Alan Beeckman , Paul Ant hony Boegemann, Nancy F. 151 Boehlke, El izabeth Ann 37 ,168 Boelter, Dennis L. Boelter, Kathleen Marie 171 Boerst, Leslie Lorraine Boespflug, John N. Boet, Virgin ia Cherie Boettcher, Lee Harley 49 Bohn, Karl David Bohnen, Leslie Wayne 129 Boie, Beatri ce Kay 190 Boldt, Kathryn Sue Boler, Marlys J. Bollig , Jeanette Marie 168 BOLON, GEORGE 45 ,11 9 Bond, William Da le Boness, Louis F. Bon ine, Raymond John Bonow, Barbara Elizabeth 24 Bonow, Wesley Paul Boomgaarden, Wesley L. Borcherding , Lynn Ivan Borg an, Judith Ann 190,191 Borgstrom , Karen Mae Borgwardt, Daniel Karl Borgwardt, Steve Michael Born, Nancy Lee 16 Borreson , Phillip John Bosin , David Wil liam Boss, David Lee 39 Boss, Kathleen E. Wal l Bostrom, Janice Louise Botcher, Douglas 0. Botcher, Jennifer Jean Bothun, Sandra M. 151 Bot hwell , Craig Thane Bouska, James Ed. Bowden, Anthony Bowden, Doris Kutz Bowe, Li nda Frances Bowman, Leon Stanley Bowman , Samuel Frederic Boyles, Jerri Lynn 20,82 Boysen, Carol Marie 168 Boyum , Barbara Diane 38 Boyum, Kim Dana 21 Boyum, Nancy Lou Bozonie, Heath Diane Braaten , Roger Harland Braatz, Theodore Roy Braatz, Wayne Wesley Brackey, Ronald Arlan Braden, Terry D. Bradfo rd , Deborah J. Bradfo rd , James Theodore 27 Brady, George Michael 143 Brady, Jean Ann Braithwaite, Richard Brakke , Marcia Rae Brand, Bette Jane 35, 152 Brand, Michael Dale Brand, Robert Marvin 152 Brand Rose Marie Brandt, Bonnie Lynn Brandt, Harlan Dean Brandt, Sandra Joy Brase, Thom as Braun, Willi am Paul Bredshall, Kathleen Jean Bregenzer, Jacqueline A. Breimhorst, Ruth M. 168 Breit, Deborah Joan Breitenfeldt, Chester R.



Breitsprecher, Thomas M. BREMER, ADOLPH 98 ,99 Bremer, Michael Henry Bremseth , Mary Marg aret Bremset h, Cheryl Lee 35,39 Bremseth, Jan M ichael Brennan, Constance Loui Brenny, Kathryn Anne Breza, Gregory Thomas Brill, Nicholas George Brinkmeier, Barry Allen 30 Brodie, Robert A. 20,42 Brogan, Charl ene Broich, Barbara Jean 14,28 Brokken, Kyle Arthur Brommerich, David Lee Bronk, Catherine C. Bronk, Edward Charles Bronk, Patrick Arthur Bronk, Phyll is Monica Bronniche, Daryl Richard Brooks, Kevin James 18 BROOKS, RAYMOND 112 Brother, By ron Bascle Brown, Barbara Ann Brown, Barry Jonathan Brown, Carolyn Elizabeth 191 Brown, Dennis B. Brown, Jeanne Diane Brown, Lucinda Ellen 77 Brown, Lynn Marie 14 Brown, Mary Kathleen Brown, Peggy Ann 16,17,25,171 Brown, Robert Allen Brown, Theresa Ann Brown, Thomas J. Brua, Cindy Lou Bruegger, Judith Kay Brummer, Gerald W. Brunberg, Debra Lynn Brunkow, Clifford Brunkow, Pamela Irene 24,25 Brus, David John 147,1 71 Brusse, Elwood R. Bubbers, Robert Carl Bublitz, Byron Norman BUBLITZ, ERVIN 115 Buboltz, Connie Lou 168 Buchholz, Roger Irvin Buchner, John Michael Buchner, Stanis law Jan Buck, Lee Hoawrd Buck, Susan Gale 37 Buege, Roger Kent Buehler, Linda Rae 168

Bullemer, Susan Mary 152 Bundy, Michael Robert 36,43 Bunke, Jeffrey Bob Bunke, Larry Allen Bunke, Vernon Earl Buol, Linda Joyce Burchfiel , Darlyne Buresh, Steven Lee Burgdorf, Jeff Allen 191 Burke, Barbara Burkhart, Linda Marie Burlage, Denis L. Burleigh, John Scott Bu rmester , Howard Allen Burmeister, Jam es Phi lip 168 Burmeister, Susan Marie 152 Burmeister, Mary Elizabeth Burns, Edith Ann Burns, Michael John Burr, Gene John Burreson, Garry Wayne Burros, John Harrison Burrough, Joyce Joann BURTON , ROSALIE 111 Busch, Alan Paul Busch, Claudia Ann Buscovi ck, John Robert Buss, Robert Gene 46 Bussiere, Edward Daniel BUTTERFIELD, RON Butter, Margaret Jane 152 Buysse, Wayne Le Roy Bye, Nancy Jo Byers, Stephen Paul BYMAN, SEYMOUR 106


Capistran! , Patric ia Capper, Vikki Lyn n Cappola, James Wilso n CAPRON, HUGH 101 Capron , John Kenneth 18 Carey , Ellen Louise Carlson , Colette Carlson , Diane Kay Carlson , Elizabeth 152 CARLSON, GLEN N 96 Carlson, Harvey Francis Carlson, Jerome David Carlson , Lucy Marie CARLSON , ROGER Carlson , Terry Richard 16,17, 33,34,168 Carlson , Virginia Carney, Russell Lee

Carpenter, Christine Carpenter, David Leo 20 Carrie r, Phy llis J. Ca rroll, Susan L. Carson , Barbara Lyn n Carter, Patricia Ann Carver, Constance 40 ,168 Casby , Kurt Andrew Casey, Colleen Mary Casey, Roxanne L. Casey , Timothy J. Cash in, Timot hy Edward 21 ,34 Cashman, Thomas Allen Casper , Dwight Den nis Casperson, Nancy Carol Cassidy , Margaret Elaine 25,26 Cassidy, Marie Anne 26 Cass idy, Peggy Irene

in W inona , Mi nn.

Setting of the Imperial Table Featuring charcoal-broiled steak. with the

~our (@ueens j(ounge John Stokes, Genera l Manager

Every Guest a V.l.P. at Winona's Foremost Hotel

Cada , Susan Cady , Gary Ivan Cady, Mark Edwin Cafl isch, Paul F. Calhoun, Paul David Cal lahan, Richard Robert Callister, Jane Ann Camery, Dean Walter Campb el l, Charles David 24 Cam pbel l, Col leen Ann Campbell , Larry Dwight Camrud , Neil Russell Capan , Richard James Capistran!, Pamela 35

Compliments of

l(WNO 1230 l(C Full.; Time Radio in Winona

Your Country Style Dealer


Miracle Ma 11 Phone 454-5170 197

Castledine, Judy Rose 30, 171 Castner, Stanley Edward 33 Cava II in, John Ernest Cave, Karen Pauline 157 Cedar, Larry Anthony 33 Cedar, Vicki Marie 30 Cemensky , Kathleen Ann 30 ,31 Cenfield, Raymond John Chacich, George A. Chan, Wing Ding 15 Charest, Patricia Ann 37 Chase, Rita M. Cheesebrow, Nonie Lee 28 Cheung, Pak Kwan 15 Chesney, David J. Chestek, Janice Kay Choquette, Anthony Lee 16,17 Chores!, Pat 173 Christensen, Gail CHRISTENSEN, GEORGE 116 Christensen, Judith Christensen, Linda Jean 173 Christensen, Toby Lee Christenson, Deborah Christenson, Janice Christenson, Jerome Christenson, Gerald Christenson, Loren Lee Christiansen, Rebecca A. Christie, Carol Lynn 152 Christie, Constance Lou 152 Christie, Gary Louis Christison, Hjordy Jean Christopherson , Lee 15 Christopherson , Wayne A. Cichanowski, Gerald

Cieminski, Lorra ine Ciernia, Michael Hardy Cisewski, Gregory James Ciszak, Charles Frank Clancey, Patrick D. Clark, Florence Margaret Clark, Peter Colburn 34,35 Clark, Richard Donald Clark, William J. Clarke, Richard George Clarkin, Margaret Clarkson, Leonard R. Clausen, Leanne Sue 173 Clausen, James Mark Clausen , Neal Robert Clausen, Willie Mae Clauson, Mark Gordon Clay , Roger Leroy CLEMENTS, DENNIS 147 Cliff, Catherine Ann Cliff, Kay Marie Clifford, Rosemary Agnes 168 Clikeman, James Galen Club, Kenneth Lee Coates, Janet Ann 27,190,191 Coburn, Patricia Ann Coffelt, Barbara Ann Cohen, Wesley Stuart 39,168 Colby, Pamela Kay Cole, Michael A. Coleman. Patricia 190,191 Collins, Beverly Burnet Collins, Jerome Hal Collins, Patti Mary Colvin, Cheryl Marie 173 Comstock, Susan Lee

Congdon, Marion Frances 152 CONNELL, LARRY 115 CONNELL, PAULINE Connolly, Gary Al len Connors, James Michael Connoy, Dolores Anne 37 Conrad, Judith Ellen Conway, Crysta l A. Conway, Jane Conway, Jean Monica Conway, Michael Joseph Conway, Linda Mar ie Cook, Bon ita Marie Cook , Howard James 33 Cook , Michael James Cook, Ricky Marie Cooksy, Laurie Ellen Coolidge , Kathleen Mi ld 173 Cooney, Caro l Cooney, Maureen Jeanne Cooper, Lorna Lee 16 Corbett, James Michael 142 Corcoran, Donald Joseph Corcoran , Francine Mary CORDA, GERALD 93 Cordes, Ken neth John 191 Cordes, Steven Richard 39 Cornwell, Susan Stocke Corrigan, Agnes Cecelia Costa, John Paul Costa, Karen Lyn n 190, 191 Costello, Jane Carol Cottengim, Susan Marie Cough lin, Anne Colleen Coulter, Nancy Kay Courteau, June Louise 30,31,52

For Insurance-See

Invites You To

WINONA AGENCY The Captain's Quarters and 174 Center


The Safari Room

Jim Schain Dave Culver Fred Naas Dick Horst

Jerry Berthe Al Nelson Dick Theurer Jim Tucker


Ray Meyer -Innkeeper

Courtier, Mic hael A lan 34 COWGILL, KENT 99 Cox, Marvin Fo rrest Cox, Steven T. Coy le, Jean ne Ann 35 Coy le, Nanette Marie Craig, Margaret A. Cragoe, Ange la Lou ise 190 CRAMER,DONALD 107 Cramer, Joanne J. Crandell, Robert M. Crawford, George Allan Crest, Darcy Lynn Critchfield, Jane Cross, Carol L. Hubbard Cross, John Paul crow~ David Howard 24,27 Crowell, Claire Ann Cruden ,Mary Margaret 16,23, 173 Cuckie, Ann Ma ri e Culhane, Joan Trese 30,31 Culhane, Rose Marie Cull , Daniel Thomas 39 Culver, Gary G. Cummi ngs, Linda Mary Cunningham, Donald 34 Cunningham , Paul Francis Curfman, Dianne A. Cur ran, Frances Mary Curran, Linda Kay Cur ran, Roger James Cur rie, John Dean CURRIER, CLARENCE 88 Cyrus, Larry Gordon Czaplewski , David Czaplewski , Sharon 35

We Are Pleased to Add Our Best Wishes for Winona State Students and Graduates

Lake Center Industries Affiliated Companies: Rush Products Company Rushford and Lewiston, Minnesota Deco Products Company Decorah, Iowa Gale Products Company Galesville, Wisconsin Lake Center Switch Company Winona, Minnesota

D Dabelstein, Gay Bonnie Daffron, Jennette Louis Daggitt, Kathleen Marie 28 Dahlgren, Dale Ke ith Dahl, Arlyn Terrance Dahl, Deborah Ann 14,168 Dahl, Karen D. Wold Dahlen, Jeffrey Johm Dahler, Manley Norton Dahling, Ronald 19,152 Dahlstrom, Mark William Daiker, Bernard F. Daley, Mary Ann Dalenberg, Victoria Dalrymple, Vivian C. 14 Dammann, Darroel Victor Daniel, Kathryn Luci l le 37 Daniel, Ralph B. Danielson, Bruce Jeffrey 16,17, 78,91 Danielson, Dennis Arnold Danielson, Mary M. Danmeier, Jo Ann Dann, Corinne E. 152 Danneker, James Anton 25, 190, 191 Darkow, Robert Theodore Darkow, Steven Walter Daskam , Joann Kay Datta, Douglas Michael Dauffenbach, Rosalie 37 Daugherty, John Michael

Daugherty, Mary Patricia DAVENPORT, MILTON 110 Dav ids, Joseph John 190-191 Davidson, Cynthia Ann Davis, Constance Kay 190,191 Davis, Dianne Marie David, Larry M. Davis, Linda Ann Davis, Lois Irene DAVIS, MAR ION 101 Davis, Richard George Davis, Warren Paul 168 Davison, Dorothy C. 28,15·2 DAY, SUSAN 51,104 DeBl ieck, Judith Anne Decker, Anne L. 191 Decker, Kenneth Moore 33,48, 168 DECKER, NORMAN 88 Deeny, Jeanne Alice Deets, Roger Dale DeGrood, Carol Ann 168 Degrazia, Candace DEGRAZIA, EMILIO 98 Deguise, Vanna Jean DeJarlais, Den ise Delacruz, Jose Nuney 153 Delaney, John Francis Delay, Elizabeth 26 Delger, Shelley Ann 30 Delkoski , Vernon Steven DeM arais, Leonard J. Deming, Dorothy Ela ine DenBleyker, Gregory Deneff, Barbara Ann

Deno, Daryl D. Denzer, Raymond Dale Derby, Patricia L. Derks, Cheryl Ann Deters, Kather ine Lou is 38 Deters, Ruth E. Detviler, Patricia An n Deufel, Joseph R. Deutschman, Lori 25 Deutschman, Lynn 25,110 Devaney, Kaj Stephen Devaney, Stanley J. Devine, Michael John DeWitt, Charles Joseph DeYoe, Christine Deyoe, Michael Lee DeYoe, Kathleen Ann Deziel, Fred Theodore 19 Dezotell, Cynthia Rae Dibble, Zoe Ann Dickinson , Terry Robert Dickson, Jimmy J. Dietz, John Francis Dikeman, Richard Alan Dill, Bonnie Rose Dingfelder, Carlus Dison, Janet Nelson Dixen, Patricia Ann 24 Dodds, Jennifer R. Doely, John Owen Doffing, Lorraine M ary Dohrmann, Peggy Marie 173 Dolan, Joseph Thomas Dolan, Law rence M. Dombrock, Diane Lynn

Dommel, Susan Jane Donahue, Judith Susan Donatel le, Lawrence 29,190,191 Doner, Linda Jane DONER, MELV IN Donkers, Robert Lee 222 Donkers, Ronald Gerhard Donlan, Sharon El izabeth 16 Donney, Charles Donovan, Constance Mary DONOVAN, J OHN 103 Doody, Michael Dorn, Judith Ann Dorn , Mary L. Dorr, Thomas Frank Dotseth, Denn is Irvin Doug las , Ann Loui se Dowd , Janet Kay 14,190,191 Drajeske, Susan Ingrid 38,39, 153 Drazkowski, Barry Draz kowski , Susan Kay DRESSEL, MARY ANN Drolsum, Mary Joyce 22,168 Druley, Steven L. 19 Drury, Michele Margaret Dublin, Steven Alexande r Dudgeon, Thomas W. Duea, Joan Cheryl 37,42 Du el lman, Richa rd John Duffy, Patrick John Duffy, Gregory Paul DU FRESNE, ROBERT 44,45,88, 128 Dugan, Virginia R. 153 199

DUKES, GLENN 107 Dummermuth, Jon Paul Dunlap, Thomas Matthew 21, 191 Dunn , Jean Carol 168 Durben, Judith Kathleen 25 Durgin, Susan Rae 43 Durst, Philip Walter Dusbabek, Thomas Robert 168 Dutcher, Diane Marie Dvorak, Mary Jo Dybevik, James M ichael Dybvik, John Fredrick Dyer, James C. Dyer, Kevin Shawn

E East William J. Ebeling, Carolyn Marie Eberlein, Beth Allyson Ebert, Charles Jacob Ebert , James LeRoy Ebert , Larry Allan Ebert , Vicki Jo 24 Echelard, Paul Dale 34 Eckhart, Vici Lynn Eckles, Eli zabeth Mae EDDY, JAMES 114


~. -

BRX Quality Eyeware 63 W. 3rd St.

Tel. 454-2942

Edel, Steven Leonard EDIGER, JOAN 111 Edwards, Deb ra Lee 35 Edwards, Edwin James Edwards, Jan Kay 35,153,222, Edwards, Kristin Kay 35 Edwards, Peter Thomas Eggenberger, James Eggenberger, Joanne Eggerichs, Mark Joseph Eha, Susan Charlo tte Ehlen, John Dean Ehlers, Betty Lou 153 Ehler, Charles Joseph Ehmann, Jon Michael Ehringe r, Cynthia Jane 123 Eickholt, John Wi lliam Eichmiller, Mary Burke Eide, Nila Rae Eidem , Patricia Lea Eiffler, Duane Richard EIKEN, EVERETT 100 EI KEN, SHIRLEY 94 Eikens, Leonette Hurley Eikens, Mary Caroli ne Einhorn, David Wil l iam Einhorn, Karen Ann Einhorn, Michael Arthur 168 Einsman, Heid rum Einwalter, Dale Loyd Eischen, Margaret Mary 153 Ekern, Carol Lynn EL-AFANDI , AHMED H. 114 Elder, Michael A. Elias, Douglas Gary Elias, John Ellefson, David H. Ellefson, Joyce Irene Ellingson, David J. Ellingson, Dean Scott Ellingson, Wayne T. 27 Ellis, Carolyn Romaine Ellis, John Robert Elli s, Patrick Thomas Eltrich, Thomas Ervin Elwell , Gregory Joel 132 EMANUEL, JOSEPH Emanuel , Richard Paul Emery, Richard Lyn n EMMONS, WILLIAM 109 Enabnit, Sheila Mildred Enge l, Al len David Engelien, Rhonda Jean

Engen , Peggy Louise 24,190 Eng ler, Dav id Alan Engrav, Jane Ann Engstran, Angela Kay 169 ENVICK, ROBERT 107 Epley, Mary Jo Epstein, Scott Bradford 21 Epstein, Jay Erdman, Bonnie Joy Erdmanczyk, Margaret Erdmanczyk, Mary Susan Erdmanczyk, Mike John 32,33, 37 Erdmanczyk, Steven James 33 Erdmann, Pau la Jean 153 Erickson , Connie Marie Erickson , De bra Gay 190 Erickson, Dennis Ray Erickson , Jan 169 Erickson, John Alex Erickson , John Edwin Erickson , Karen Jane Erickson , Lois Lynn Erickson, Margo Rae 24 Erickson, Marilyn Jeanne Erickson, Paul Halbert Eric kson, Steven Erickson, Susan lone Erkel, Thomas Francis 34 Ernst, Larry Allen 36 Ernster, John Mi lo Ernster, Larry Julius Erpelding, Claire 16 Erpelding, Larry Joseph Erpelding , Sylvia Rose 16 Erredge, Jill Marie 169 Esklund, Roberta Nan Espe, Craig Michael Ess, Lynn Marie Esser, Anna Michels Esser, Lawrence J . Etherton, Wendy ETH IER, ROBERT 86 Eue, Barbara Virg inia 132 Euerle, Sharon Ruth 31,153 Evans, Kerry Lynn 30,52 Evans , Lucinda Eva 173 Evens, Robert Lyle Evenson, Vicki Dawn Evert, Jeff rey Dav id Eversman, Diane Evin , Susan E. Evjen, Pamela K. 38,129,153

WATKINS your personal store at your door since 1868


Compliments of

W & C PRINTING COMPANY 119 E. Second St.-Winona, Minn.-Phone 452-2658

Dan Trainor, Sr.

Dan Trainor, Jr.


68 W . 3rd St .

Optometric Offices Dr. Max L. DeBolt


Dr. C.R. Kollofski Dr. R.C. McMahon


Evjen, Ronald David Ewing, Rita Ann Ewing, Stanley Mac Jr.

F Faa, Lowell Norman Fabian , Gary Lynn Fahrenholz, Jane Goss Fairbanks, Diane Mari e Fakler, Thomas Louis Falk, Fred N. Fandrey, Paula Kay Fanning, Margaret Joyce Farmer, Marie Christine Fay, Paul Boyce Featherstone, Scott Feely, Carolyn Ann Fehring , Lynne Marie Fehrman , Gregory Lee Feils, Kathy Marie Feine, Debra Jean Feine, Gary Kenneth Felstead, Ramona 27 Felton, Paul John Femling, Cynthia Elaine Ferden, Floyd Wayne Fernholz, Rebecca L. Ferric , Susan May Ferring, Margie Sue FERRIS, ROBERT 93 Felting, John William

FI CK, DONALD 94 FIEDLER, J EAN 111 Fiegel , Dawn Suzanne 16,17,38 Fields, Hershel Ronald FIERECK, LAVONNE 52 ,105 Filipovich, Myra Fink, Dana Michael Finn , Betty Claire Finnegan, David John 29 Finnern, Marjean 169 Fischer, Gary A. Fishbaugher, Bruce E. Fishbaugher, Kathleen K. 173 Fisher, Bonnie Marie Fitting, Melanie Joy Firschen, Geneva Fitzgerald, Deborah 31 Fitzpatrick, Richard F. Fix, Steven Craig Fjelstad, Kim Daryl Flaa, Linda Torgerson R. Flaby, Keith Arthur Flanary, Elizabeth June Flannery, Dennis Michael Flemming, Duane August 13, 27

Flesland, Bruce Michael 153 FLINT, RONALD 116 Flom, Diane Burmeister Flom, Loren Kenneth 153 Florin, Deborah Ann Floyd , Shirley Scott Flueger, Pat ri cia Jean 35 ,42 Foegen, Bernadette

Contact Lenses 117 West Third Street

Foegen, Dennis Joseph FOEGEN, JOSEPH 93 Foels, Pat ricia lone Foley, Suzanne M. Foltz, Lyle R. Foltz, Lynn Marie Foltz, Verona L. 32 Fontaine, Robert 39 Footh, Elizabeth Ann Footh, Norma Knoss Ford, Jeffrey Alan 29, 143 Ford, John Lee Ford, Patrick Coburn 69 Formo, Katherine Ann 22,169 FORREST, JACK Forster, Jeanne Marie 79 Forstrom, Donita Caro l Forsyth, Robert Thomas Fort, Judith Kessler FOSS, FRED 94 Foster, John Thomas 11, 16,32 , 34,45, 190,191

Foster, Patricia K. Foty, John Vincent Foust, Charles David 24 Fox , Jon Marie Diemert Frahm, Gary Leland Frank, Betty L. Frank, Colleen Ann Fran k, Judith Louise Frank, Paula Marie FRANK, OTTO 96 Franklin, Stephen Arthur Franko , David Lester

Franko, Jeffrey A. Franko, Pamela Franzen , David Char les FRANZEN , WILLIAM Frasczak, Mary Jo 26,27,173 Frauendron , Marilyn Frederick, Cora Neumann Frederick, Pamela An n Frederic kson , Karen 42,43,73 Fredrickson, Stephen 33 Fredrickson , Warren C. Freeman , Danie l Robe rt Freese, Elaine Ann Freiheit, Kathleen An n Freml ing, Arlayne FR EMLING , CALVIN 14 Friendshuh, Steven A. Friese, Carol 153 Friese, Clifford Douglas Friese, Raymond Earl Frisby, Thomas George 15 Frisch, Carol Jean 154 Frisby, Robert Luvern 15 Frisch, Carolyn Froehling , Mary Ellen Frosch, Dianne Louise Fruetel, Douglas John Fryer, Robert J . Fuglestad, Nola Faye Fug lestad, Ronald Noel FULLER, EDNA 97 Fu llerton, Frances Ann 10,35 Fullmer, Richard Ed Jr. 169 FUSILLO, VIV IAN 45, 117

20 1

G Gabbert, David Ro l lin Gadbury, Neil Douglas Gabriel, Dan Richard Gahler, Cynthia Jo Gajecky, Thor Roman Galchutt, Jan Carol 38 Galchutt, Mark Thomas 39 Gamble, Cynthia Lou 27 Gantzer, James L. Gantzer, Sharon L. Olson 154 Ganun , Gwendolyn Sue Gappa, Stephen James Gartner, Joseph Leo 190,191 Gartner, Lee Virginia GARVEY, ROBERT108 Gaspard, Roger Thomas Gatzke, Bernard Wayne Gatzke, Janelle Lynne GAVAN, JOHN 94 Gaudette, Gary Cl ifford Gaustad, Carland Samual 154 Gaustad, Sandra Jean Gehling , Sheila Jo 28,174 George, John Robert Geraets, Monica Alice Gerber, Dennis L. GERNANDER, JUDY93 Gerth, Henri etta Marie Gerken , Vick i Irene 30 Gemes, Barbara A. Geurink, Jerry F. Geurink, Gordon Lee Gibbs, Linda K. Manders Giefer, Rosemary Giering, Lynn Jean Gieseke, Jacqueline Lee Gieske, David Brian Giesler, Wi lliam John Gifford, Bonnie Jeanne Gilbertson, Carol A. 169 Gilbertson, William Gillen, Charlotte Ellen Gilman, Stephnie Gilreath, Randy Delmar Girardin, Kim Erik Giroux, Susan Kay 35,169 Girtl er , James Hen ry Gish, Janet Ann Glasrud, Barbara Ann 38,42,43 Gleason, Christine Lois Gleason, William Michael Glende, Virginia Winter Gleue, Mike Lee Glomski, Gary Joseph Glover, Nancy Kay 154 Glubka, Harriet Speltz Glubka, Karen F. Glubka, Ronald Eugene Glud!, William M. Goddard, Vicki Jean Godsey, Susan Lynne Goede, Sharon Louise 24 Goeden, Thomas Joseph Goeman, Glen Keith Goers, Sa ndra Lou Goetsch, Mary Jo Goettling, Barbara Gene Goetzman, Gregory Allen 21, 16,25 Goetzman, David William GOKE, JAM ES 107 Golbom, Barry Spencer 202

Goltz, Chery l K. Goltz, Daniel Louis Good, David R. Goodier , Ann Marie Goodrich, Denise Ann Goodrich, Michael James Goodwin, Mary Ann Goodwin, Robert Glenn 23,154 Goold, Linda Marie Goplen, Denn is Jerome Gora, Richard Francis Gorden, Robert, C. Gordon, Janie Maurine 38 Gordon, Diane Marie Gores, James David Gorgus, Nannina Ann 190 Gorman, Charles William Gott, Jo Dell Atkins Goveronski , Gail Rose Grabau , Gary William Grabau , Robert Gene Grade, Josephine Graham , Donna Ellen Graham, Michael D. Grandt, Alan Edward Graner, Janis Arlene Graner, Keith William GRANGAARD, GEORGE97 Grangaard, Richard G. Gransee, Leslie Wayne Gravenish , Jon Barry GRAWE, PAUL 98 GRAWE, ROBIN 99 Grebin, Michael Greden, Bonnie Jean 30 Greden, Robert Michael Greden, Ruth Ann 18,169 Green, Anne Lou ise Green, Colleen Maureen Green, Judith Ann Green, Pamela M. Green, Thomas Charles Greene, Joyce Mary Greenslade, Darrel l Greenwell , Heather Dawn Greer, Alice E. Rhein Greer, Merry Jo Gregoire, Annette Grier, Jock Kenderick Griesel, Leah Johanna Griffin, David H. Griffin, Patrick Michael Grindland, Thomas Alan 190, 191 Grindland, William Grimme, Anne Elizabeth 169 Grivna, Debra Ann GROB, GARY 104 Groebner, Michael A. Gronert, Randy Haven Grosland, Kathryn Jo Gross, Gary David Grosse, Beverly Ann Grote, Debra Kay Groth, Arlyn Carl Groth, Carol Lee Groth, Cheryl Lynn 32 Grothe, Thomas Pierre 33 Grosland , Harold James Grover, Robert Eugene Gruber, Robert Paul Grubisch, William Ralph Grue, Glen Edward 36, 190, 191 Grummons, Neil Edward Grupa, Mark Francis Grunz, Richard Charles

Siebrecht's Floral


11bua Ii 7fAIU.

2200 Homer Road

Emil's MenswearShopping Center for WSC Phone 452-5338 122 E. 3rd St. Winona, Minn.



RESTAURANT and LOUNGE lnt1r1ectlon Highway• '1 and 14 and State Hlghw1y 41


Grupa, James Michael Grutzmacher, Kenneth Guenther, Gretchen Guenther, Mary Dale Guiher, Paul Lee 19, 154 Guindon, Joan The rese 35 Gulbrandson, Lynn Gulbranson, Rosalie Guldberg, Gregory John Gullickson, Darryl Alan 169 Gullickson, David Richard Gunderson, Gerald Robert Gunderson, Jeneen Gunderson, Kristine Mae Gunderson, Mary Kristin 169 Gundersen, Michael S. 174 Gunderson, James Landis GUNNER,ROBERT104 Gunter, Katherine Lee 169 Gunter, Rick Keith 34 Gurry, Janice Katherine 37 Gustafson, Suzanne Kay GUTHRIE, HAROLD 98

H Haack, Anita Geraldine Haack, Donald Francis Haag, Raymond Dale 169 Haar, Burl Walter Haas, Kathryn Ann Habibi, Mehran 15 Hackenn;iiller, Ray Allen

Hackett, Terry M. 14 Hadoff, Steven Wayne HAESLY, WA RREN 118,119 Hageman, Mary Joan Hagen, Greg Everett Hagen, Kristeen Marie 24,169 Hagen, Thomas Harry Hager, Dennis John Haglund, Lee E. Hague, Jeanne Phillips Hahn, Joanne Dorothea Hahn, Peter Frederick Hajicek, Charles J. Halbakken , Daniel M. Hale, Mic hael J. 20 Hale, Sue Marie 30 HALL, ALICE 116 Hall, Byron Willford Hall, Dan J. Hall, Edward James Hall, Elaine R. Anderson Hall, James Hall, Melinda Hall, Rosanne Hall, Steven Melvin Hall, Thomas Edward 32,34 Hallst rom, Susan Lamae Halstead, Gary Allen Halstead, Roger 191 Halverson, Leslie Rae Halvorson , Craig Nolan 33 Halvorson , Daniel James 33 Halverson, Lydia A. Halverson, Sharon E. Hamberg , Darlene K. Hambrig ht, Robert M.

Hamernik, Paul Patrick HAMERSKI, DAVID 95 Hammel, Howard Edward Hammel, Kevin Leonard 24, 154 Hammell, Joyce Ann Hammell, Michael Hammer, Wayne Lawrence Hammes, Jane Marie Handt, Linda Lee 154 Hanlon, Bonita Lynn HANLON , J . WI LLI AM 93 Hanlon, Susan Marie 174 Hanlon, Thomas Allen Hannon, Dennis Roger Hannon, Scott Michael Hanscom, Maureen Maxine 53, 72 Hansen, Charles David Hanson , Dennis R. Hansen, Leanne Karen Hansen, Monica Marie 35 Hansen, Ph illip Paul Hansen, Roger Wayne Hansen , Rodney Lee Hanson, Roxanne Marie 169 Hanson , Barbara J. Hanson, James Harlan Hanson, Judith Ann Hanson, Karen Elaine Hanson, Morris Daryl 39 Hanson, Shirley Marie 24,174 Hanson, Ronald W. Hardy, Bonnie Ann Barnett Hargrove, Arden Ray Hari, Adarsh Kumar 15

Exclu sively Devoted To The Apparel Needs Of Infants And Children


On The Plaza

Harigstad, Doni 190, 191 Harlan, Kathleen Marie 33,85 Harlos, William Roy Harms, Daniel Royce Harnack, Jean Laura Harness, Brady Camp Harper, Joanne Nannette Harpel, Kathleen Mary 222 Harrell , Patrick Harrington, John Charles Harris, Denise Mildred Harris, Donna Meakins Harris, Keith Allyn Harr is, Melinda Stephan Harris, Shirley Jean Harris, Susan Marie 30,191 Harris, William Dwight Harstad, Craig Steven HART, CLIFTON 106 Hartl, Thomas Albert Hart ley, Mary Beth Hartley, Karen 154 Hartmann, Geraldine Hartmann, Glenn Al len Hartung , Mitchell Allan Harty, Donald Joseph 17,16 Harvel l , Vicki Mari lyn Harwick, Debra Marie Hasleiet, Nancy Marie Hasleiet, Wayne Alfred Haspel, David Neison Hassett, Christopher 190 Hassinger, Brian Hassinger, Marcia Jean Hastetler, Mike 16 Hastings, Karen Marie



Compliments of


Phone 454-1563


Airport Industrial Park



-· ··- --

HASTINGS, RICHARD 108 Hatch, Patricia Marie 169 Hathaway, Katheri ne Hauble, Joan Marie 24,154 Hauge, Beverly Louise Haugen, Diane L. Haugen, Harris Allen 33 Haugen, Nancy Lee Hauge, Steven Jon Haugen, Curt Mark Hauger, Robert Jon Haugen , Ronald Stanley 24 Haugstad, Donald Henry Haugo, David Harold Haugstad, Richard Duane Hauschil dt, Dal e Hauser, Susan Margaret Havick, Tru di Ann Hawley, Ronald Clare Hawkins, Ronald D. 155 Hayes, Teresa Alice Hayti, Frank Joseph Hazelton, David Carl Heaser, Thomas George HECKART, HAROLD109 Hedbom, Louann Heddie, John Robert 16,17 Hedglin, Jill Richelle 222 Hedren, Carolyn Kay 154 Hegenbart, Paul a Marie Heglan, Susan Marie 25 Hegseth, Joyce Boyum Heidebrin k, Patricia Heidema n, Gail Ann Heider, Jeffrey J. Heiderscheit, Michael J.


Heiderscheit, Richard T . Heim, Laura Lee Heins, Charles C. Heine, Ruth Elizabeth Heiting , Patricia Ann Helgeson, Linda Marie Helland , Kath leen An n 17,16, 174 Heller, Thomas G. Hellickson, Howard Helminiak, Ronald Leona Hemming , Jac k Vernon Hendericks, Ann 134 Henderson, Richard Gale Henderson, Thomas W. Jr. Hendricks, Robert George Hendrikson, Gary D. Hengel, Geraldine Mary Hengel, Leann Marie Henke, Kath leen Fran Henke, Linda Jo Hennessy, Hazel Moore Hennessy, Kath leen Mary Hennessy, Patrick Henry, Ern estine J. Henry, Ric hard W. HENRY, RODERIC K 11 5 Henry, William Paul Hepola, Matthew Charles Heppner, Marjorie Herber, Mary Susan Herem, Ronald W. Herman, Mary Ann Hermanson, Steve Roy Hermann , Harlan Edward Hermes, Denise Marie

Hernlem, Cathay Mae 38,190, 191 Herold, Mary Ann Herrera, Roy Anthony Herrig , Katheri ne Anne Herron, Walter Edwin Hertel, Paul Edward Herzog, Barbara Ann 14 Hettlinger, Judy Ann Heydt, David Jacob 191 Heyer, Curtis Rodney HEYER , FRED 110,135 Heyer, Harley Harvey Higgins, Timothy Jon Hilke, Paul Edward 33 Hill, Barbara Lynn Hill , Bru ce Donald Hill, Kathryn Lee Hillman, Beverly Lou ise 169 HINDS, WALTER 110 Hines, Harold J. Hingeveld, John Charles 29 Hingeveld, Marion 33 Hingeveld, Mary Hipp, Sally Jo 170 HIRSCH, THOMAS 91 Hitchcock , Brian Kent 191 Hite, Gregory L. Hitesman, William 33,67 Hittner, Bruce Edward Hittner, Joy Ann Hittner, Mark G. Hittner, Susan Lynn 154 Hoblit, Susan Zona 16,17,38 ,124, 133 Hoch, Pat ricia Ly nn

Hogdon , Alfred Clinton Hodgdon , Ellen Louise HODGSON, JORDAN 101 Hodgson, Shirley Hodkinson, Donald Duane Hoeft, Jean Linda 35 Hoel , Susan H. Hoen, Arline Catherine Hoenk, Dale Kenneth Hoel, David H.16,17,18,21 Hoeppner, Suellen Marie 38 Hoeppner, Thomas M. Hoesley, Bettie Jane 16,174 Hoesley , Bonnie Jean 16,174 Hoff, Bruce Earl Hoffman , Michael Gene Hoffman , John Michael Hoffman , John Joseph Hoffman, Margaret E. Hofschulte, Duane Henry Hofschulte, Gerald L. Hofschulte, Kenneth Hofschulte, Lawrence Hofschulte, Mary Jo Hogen, Orville Allen Hogen, Sharon Ann Hogstad, Daniel Robert Hogue, James Michael 43 Hohberger, Noel Kent Hoiness, James Edward Hoium , James Howard Holden, Martha Ann 154 Ho lland, Karen Diane Hollowell, Linda Marilyn 155 Holm, Grace Marie Holmay, Steven Joseph

ORDER YOUR RING NOW! YOUR GRADUATION RING the most respected symbol of your educational achievement.

Sammy's Pizza Palace


116 Main Street

from $30.50

MENS ' MODELS from $36.50 Served daily from 4:00 p.m. until 2:00 a.m. Served Sunday from 4:00 p.m. until 12:30 a.m. " You have tried the rest, now try the best" Take out orders prepared Phone 454-3403 Delive ry available by cab

professionally fitted 4-week service

• Preference of weights, stones, st,,Ylos, and precious metals • 3rd Dimensional Greek letter Encrusting

• Fastest delivery In the industry


70 Plaza West







Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches Lunches


STEINBAUER'S SHOES Bass Weej uns and Tacks-Hush Puppies for all Joyce for Girls-Freeman for Men

Stager Jewelry Store 50 on the Plaza W.

Known for Better Foot Wear 69 on the Plaza W.

Winona, Minn.

Finest in Jewelry and Gifts


Holmes, All en Charles Holmes, David G. Holst, Donna J. Kuhlmann Holst, Cheryl Lee Holst , Susan Kay Holtan, Arthur Holthaus, Jeffrey Charles Holubar, Steven Paul Holz, Thomas Edward Holzer, Dar rell Thomas Holzmer, Don Joseph HOOD, MICH AEL 93 Hood, Walter J. 36 Hoover, Laura Lynn Hopkins, Marian L. HOPKINS, RICHARD Hoppe, Phyll is Ann Hoppe, Warren A rthur Horihan, Fredrick Mark Horner, Elizabeth Ann Horswill, Kirk Bryan Horton, Dean Z. Horton, Richard Graham HORVATH , ATTILA 115 Horvath, Jo hn Daniel Hoseck, Pamela Jo Hosk ins, M ichael James 24 Hostetler, Michael 17,124 Hostetl er, Robert W. Houdek, Brian David 25, 170 ' House, Cheryl Kay House, Laurence J. 170 Housker, David B. Housker, Jacquelyn

Hovda, Nar'lcy C. 170 Hovden, Dennis Roy Hovey, Carol Sue 23,30 Hovind, Steven John 36 Howard, Dale Allen 34 Howard, Lee Robert HOWELL , JOELLYN Howes, Jane Marie Hoyt, Anto ine Freyens HOYT, DANIEL 86 Hsu, Lucy Lei Hubb ard, Ral ph Dou gl as Hudgens, Susan Eileen 16 Huebner, Donald Art hur Huelskam p, John Robe rt Huelskamp, Richard James Hughes, Co lleen L. Hughes, Jeffrey P. Hughes, Mary Irene 26 Hughes , Pat ricia Ann Hughes, Suzanne Kaye Huiras, Dianne Rose 23,28,30 , 174 HULL, H ENRY 106 Hul l, Janet Marie 24,174 HULTGREN, H ERBERT Humble, Do uglas James Humble, Sandra Rae Hume, Mark Eve rett Hummer, Craig Harlan Hu mphries, A leeta A nn Humphries, Arthur Allen 155 HUNGERFORD, ROBERT 110 Huntley, Bonnie Jean

Hunze, Kenneth Eugene Husmann, Gary Michael Husmann , Christ ine

ldeker, Kathleen Marie 191 Ihrke , Barbara Jo 170 Ihrke, James Henry Ihrke, Patricia Gehring Imhoff, Kenneth Edward Immel , Michael Kevi n lmmerfall, Roxann ING RAM , REX 91 lngvalson, Gary Oren lngvalson, Catherine 24,190,191 Iri sh, Barbara Jean Irons, Jerry Joel Irwin , Brian Warfie ld Irwi n, M iles Bruce Ishman , Donna Sue lvas, Charles A. Iverson , Everett Dennis Iverson, Dennis Dale Iverson, Richard Drew Iverson, Thomas All en Ives, James Raymond Ives, Joseph John Ives, Lydia Kather ine Iverson , Roberta Lea

J Jabrosky, James John 155 Jack, David Patrick Jack , Mary Kathryn Jackson, Nikki Lene 38,43 J ac obs, Dennis Lee Jacobs, Linda Kay 170 Jacobs, Steven Al lan JACOBSEN, EDWARD 87 ,108 Jacobsen , Graham Thomas Jacobsen, Susan Jac obson, Audrey Jean 155 Jacobson, Leslie Eugene 190 Jacobson, Richard Edwin J acobson, Robert Lynn 23 J acobson, Rose Marie Jacobson, Sharon Kay 170 Jacobson, Russell Lloyd Jagerson , Jane Elizabeth James, Deeann Christi ne 155 JAMES, JOAN 101 James, Lin da Mae Janka, Timothy P. Janikowski, Gary Wil l iam Janikowski, Rosann Kay Janisch, John Anthony Janikowski, Roger 36 Janzen, Sandra Kay Jarstad, Mark Al len Jasperson, Jeffrey L. 28,29 Jaszewski, James M. 24 Jaworski, Rebecca Susan 24


Arenz Clothing

The Shop for College Men 3rd and Main-Winona

Home Beverage Service 533 Huff St. Phone 2572 Winona, Minnesota George & Betty Hahn, Prop. 206

Jenks, Dawn Marie Jenks, Robin Howard Jenneke, Keit h Thomas Jensen, Annette Marie 14,22 Jensen, Doris Irene 24 Jensen, Frederick Lee Jensen, Jacquelin e Mae 170 Jensen, Ronald Duan e 16,17, 170 Jensen, Sandra K. Jensen, Susan Gay Jensen, Thomas L. 27 Jensen, William Brian Jeresek, John David Jereczek , Jerome Francis Jerndal , Bruce Ha ro ld Jerndal, Ralp h W. Jerome , Denn is Lee Jerviss, Shelley Mae Jetson , Teresa Lyn n J ETT, LEONARD 99 Jil k, Susan Helen Joesting, Edwin Ward Johannsen , Ric k Boyd Johansen , Harlan Jo rg Johns, Carol Ann 156 Johnson, Allen E. Johnson, Arthur Paul Johnson, Barbara 174 Johnson, Benjam ine Johnson, Bruce David Johnson, Bruce Lee II Johnson, Bruce S. Johnson, Connie Jean Johnson, Cynth ia Diane Johnson, Diane C . Johnson, David Anthony 156 Johnson, David Dwight Johnson, Deb ra Kay 190 Johnson, Debra Anne Johnson, Dean na Kay Johnson, Den ise El len Johnson, Darrel Richard Johnson, Diane Lynn 37 John son, Donella Mari e 24 Johnson, Gale Conrad Johnson , Gary Lee 24, 191 Johnson, Gary Wayne 24 JOHNSON, HERBERT109 Johnson , Jam es Frederic Johnson, Jean Marie Johnson, Janet Kay 129, 156 John son, Joanne R. 37 Johnson, Kary l Kristin e Johnson, Kennt h C. Johnson, Kristine Lee 191 Johnson, Lonn ie Ga il 170 Johnson, Laurie Gai l 170 Johnson, Li nda Diane Johnson, Lois Swift Johnson, Mark E. Johnson, Nancy Lee Johnson, Patricia Ann Johnson, Patricia Johnson, Phil lip Don 15,190 Johnson, Phi l ip Henry 15 JOHNSON, REES 112 Johnson, Richard Ca rl Johnson, Roger D. Johnson, Sand ra Lee Johnson, Sand ra Lou ise 30 Johnson, Sha rmen Marie 191 Johnson, Step hanie A. 37, 170 Johnson, Steven Gary Johnson, Steven Philip II Johnson, Steven Walter

Johnson , Susan Kay 11 Johnson, Su san Lee Johnson, Wayne Wi lliam JOHNSTON, WI LLIAM 100 Johnstone, Robert Thomas Johnstone, Joyce Jones, Nancy Louise Jones, Richard F. Jones, Ruby L. 156 Jones, Vivian Martha Jo rdan , Patsy Marie Jo rgenson , Glenn 107,174 Jo rstad, Brian J erome Jostad, Karen 16,17,91,124 Joswick, Va lerie A nn Joy, Sheryl Kay Judd, Carol An n 30,31 Judd, Ju lie An n 14 Jud d, Theresa Marie J UDSON, ADELE 11 1 J UDSON , LYMAN 117 Juelson, Kay J. Jungblut, Judy Lou ise Jungbl ut, Pau l Walter 174 Jungerberg , Brenda Jane Junk, Paul Vincent Jurasi nsk i, Susan Marie

K Kabe, Susan Palazzari Kadera, Rose Mary Kaehler, C indy Mary Kaehler, Deborah Anne Kaehler, John Robert Kaeh ler, Michael Peter Kaehler, Peter John Kafer, John P. Kafer, Joseph Anthony Kah l, James R. Kahl, Jane Elizabeth 156 Kah n, Richard Herman Kalbrener, Jay Arthur KA NE, J OHN 118 Kane, Thomas Earl Kanthac k, Ro berta Ann Kaplan , Cherri L. Kaplan , Scott Robert Karakas, Kathleen Marie Karels, Gerald John Karl i, Ann 24 Karlovic h, Jeffrey Karnes, Jean nine Little Kas ke , Robert James 27 Kaster, Jerry Lee Kath, Karen Anne Kaysen, Jean El izabeth Kean, Mark J. Keefe, Louise Mary KEILL, JAM ES 96 Keisling, Debra Jean Keim , Doug las F. Keim, Linda De Ann Keiper, Linda Helen Keiper, Robert Allen KEISTER, ROBERT 104 Keith, Virg inia Sue Keller, Mary E. Kel ler, Roger G. Keller, Thomas Francis Kellett, Karen Sue Kel ley, M ichael J . Kelly, James Joseph Kelly, Janice Goetzman


MERCHANTS NATIONAL BANK OF WINONA Progressive Banking Leadership From Winona's Largest Bank


TEmPO The Pacesetter

Miracle Mall Kelly, Katherine Jean 38 Kelly, Michael Dennis Kelm , Pelagie Carrie Kemper, Jane M. 29,156 Kemper, Michael Charles Kenaga, Paul B. Kendrick, Ann Schnirrin Kendrick, Peter Anthony Kennebeck, Neil Edward Kennedy, Donna Lavonne Kennedy, James A. Kenney, Kathleen Anne 37,39 Kent, Greg 142 Kent, William J. Kepp, Janelle Mary Kepp, Kay Noreen Kepp, Lynette W. Kerkenbush , Janaan

Kidd, Judith A. Kidd, Wayne 24,222 Kiefer, Lawrence E. Kiekbusch, Carolyn M. Kiekbusch , Kurt Robert Kiehne, Gary Oscar Kiekbusch, Alfred John Kieffer, Kelly Michael 36 KIESELHORST, DAN 114 Kiesner, Kathleen Louis Kimber, Jacqueline 156 King , James Owen King, Lawrence W. KING , RICHARD 113 Kingsley , Steven Thom ad 170 Kinkaid , Robert L. Kinlund , Bruce Jon Kinlund , Deborah Joy 191

Kint , Gregory Curt is Kinstler, Larry Ervin Kirby, John Frederick Kirchner, Virginia KIRK, ANGELEN 108 Kirk , Barbara Ann Kirkeby, Ronald Dean Kirkland, Danny Ray KIRK, WAYNE 96,97 Kisilewski, David J. 28 Kissinger, Larry Dean Kittok, Deborah Kay Kjelland, Steven Eu gene Kjome, Dana Wesley 190 Kjos, Clifton Clifford Klaas, Susan Marie Klaassen, Lynn Patricia Klaseus, Jane Ellen 31 Klauer, Karen Adele Klayamorn , Thira Kleiboer, Donald Eu gene Kleis, David John Klenke, Harold L. Klennert, Kenneth V. Klindworth , Darold 29 Kline, Steven John 144 Klinger, Pamela L. 190,191 Klinger, William Francis Klingsporn, Maurice W. Klinkhammer, Gregory M. Klippenes, Charles Mic h Klippenes, George Edward 27 KLOEMPKEN , LES LI E 96 ,91 Klomp, Julie K. Klose, Bonita Lucil le Klotz , Carol Rose Kluender, Joe Russel Klug , Bernard Rainer 28 Knies, Michael Knight, David James 24 Knox , Marie Helen 24 Knudson, Ainsley Ann Knudtson , Thomas G. Knutson, Allen Earlyn Knutson, Bruce Wayne Knutson, Ronald Ralph Knutson , Sandra Jean 30 Knutson, Sharon Kobler, Candance Kay 17,18,16, 37 Kocon, Craig Koehler, Ronald La Vern Koehler, Steve Paul Koenig , Susan Mary Kofoed , Wendy Lee

Kohner, David Koh ner, Gregory John Kohner, Lynn Marie Kohler, Margaret Mart ha Kohlmeyer, Peter W. Kohn, Bonn ie Jean Kohner, Ju lia Beth Komorowsk i, Robert W . Kopet, Kathryn Rose Kopisch ke, Joanne Rita KOPLIN, ELDON 97 Kopp, Mary Ann Kopperud, Glen Norman 156 Kopren, Teddy Gary 36 Kopren , Terry Ko rb, Marcia Rae 33 Kordosky, Robert John Koreger, Connie 16 Korsman , Jeanne M. 170 Korup p, Kathleen Jo Kosbab, Thomas J. Koscianski, Joseph Kosek, Valoris Jennie 156 Kosidowski , Kathy M. Koski , Judith Eve Kosmoski , Cynthia Ruth Kosowski , Catherine 190 Kosowski , Judy Ann Kotlarz, Denis James Kouba, Al len Steven 22 Kouba , Bernetta M. Kouba , Mary Rose Koutsky , Wil l iam Paul Kowalski, Karen Louise Kowalsky, Michael Joseph Kraft, Deborah Lee Krage, John Joseph 36 Krage, Kenneth John Krage, Lynette Ruth Krage, Mary Beth Kragthorpe, Kathryn Ann 68 Krake r, Elaine Louise Kramer, Daniel Le Roy 34 Kramer, Thomas Lee Kranz, Marcia Jean 190,191 Kranz, Nancy Krasea n, Marsha Joy Kratz, Wayne Claude Krause, Betty Lou Krause, Margaret Mary 156 Krause, Wulf Karl Kreidermacher, Ann Krejci , Kristi Joyce Krenik , David Anthony Kreofsky, Steven Lee 207

Kreofsky, Richard Wayne Krinke , Steven Richard 33,49 Kreidermacher, Ann 156 Kreidermacher, June Krob, Steve Theodore Kroc , Ro bert M. Kroeger, Constance 14 Kroening , Terry Jo Krogh, Rita Mari e 26,27,170 Krohn, Dave Duan e Kronebusch, Wayne Ed Kronebusch , Mary Virginia Kronschnabel , Mary Beth Kronschnabel, William M. Krough, Kol leen Kay 25 Krueger, Richard Arnold 21 Kruse, Diane Lynn Krussow, Carol Ann 174 Krystosek, Susan A. Kryzer, David Joseph Kryzer, Richard Allan Kube , Donna Jean Kubiak, Denise Olga 190,191 Kubik, Cynthia L. Kubu , Mar k Henry Kuch, Elizabeth A. 29 Kuchenmeister, Paul 40,172, 222 KUCHENMIESTER , SUE 72 ,105, 172 Kuehntopp , Greg Eugene Kugath, Dale R. Kuhl, Janell Rae Kuhlmann , Audrey Nunema Kuisle, Jane Marie 174 Ku jak, Darl ene Louise 191

Langer , Joan Marie 35 Lange Michael James Langer, Sharon Kay 35 ,170 Langlie, Dorene Rae Lanik , Donald James Lantz , Richard Edward Lapham, Mary Ellen Larpenteur, Jane Ann Larsen, Debra Lou 15 7 Larsen , Dia ne Arleen Larsen , Robert Marshall Larson, Judith C. 25 Larson , Lar ry D. Larson, Linda Susan Larson , Lois Johnson Larson , Mark S. Larson , Michael Stanley Larson , Scott Raymond Latterell , Barbara El len 174 Lauden , Maryls Manguson Laufenburger, Donald Laug hlin , Michael David Laumb, Helen Louise 157 Lavine, Eileen Johnson Law, Steven Alan Lawler, Mary Catherine Lawler, Margie A. Lawler, Randall Bruce Lawler, Robert James Lawrence, Edward L. Lawson , Pat Joseph Lawstuen , Catherine 222 Lay, Douglas H. Leac h, Charles Alva Leaf, Mary Frances League, Joan Edna

Kukowski , Barbara Ann Kukowski, Donald Robert Kulas , Barbara Jean Kul as, Ellen Blanche 157 Kulas, Michael George Kulig , James 24 Kumm , Carole J. Kumpf , Mark Douglas Kunde, Stephen George Kurimay, Leary D. Kurimay, Rowen Gerard Kuter, Frank Steven Kycek , Judith Rae 22 ,170

L Laak, Patricia Flathe 157 LaBarre , Brian Robert LaBrosse, Cat herine An Laehn , Loren David Lagerstrom, Laurie Jan Laitala, Jane Karen 27 Lamb , Gladys Ellen 25 Lamb, Gwendolyn Abigail Lamk in , Henry C. M. Lamm ers, Charles Bernard Lammers , Gust Conrad Lancaster, Balfour G. Lancaster, Frances Ann Lander, Renae Marlene Landsverk , DuWayne All Lange, Dan iel Milton Langenfeld, David Alois 34

Leary, Linda Lou 28, 157 Leavitt, James Orrin Leavitt, Marguerite Leckington, Susan A. 157 Ledebuh r, Larry Leroy Ledebuh r, Robert Allen Ledebuh r, Wayne William LeDuc, Rita Reuter Ledwith, Julianne 190-191 Lee, Bruce Lowe ll 170 Lee, Darol Eugene Lee, Gary Edward LEE, JUDITH KAY 28 Lee, Karen Mau Larson Lee, Marcus Sampson 33 Lee, Patricia Ann Leffert, Bette Rebecca 222 Legreid , Ralph E. Leh nertz, Ba rbara Jean Lehnertz, Cheryl Teresa Lehnert, Jerald William Leidel , Linda S. Sperbec Leifeld, Joanne Frances Leif, Jerome L. Leifeld, Virginia Leiferman, Thomas Leiferman , Barbara Anne Leist ikow, Eli nor Lucille Lemmer, Barbara Jeanne Lemmerman, David John Lenartz , Kathleen Marie 35 , 170 Leonard , Mary Ann Leopold, Mich ael Doug las Lerum , Kenneth J. LERUM , NANCY 91 Letourneau , Joyce Ann


Clothing For Men and Women

Sporting Good's Flares and Bell Bottoms Out-Dor Store 163 E. 3rd St. Winona, Minn.

54 on t he Plaza

Phone 452-7098






Look First to the New

WINONA PENNEYS -one stop shopping-

-groceries too!-

American Cablevision Co. More To See On Cable TV

120 E. 3rd St.

Leustek, Edward James Leuthauser, Susan Levad , James Scott Leverty , Jane K. Lewanski, Jeanne Marie 157 Lewers, Bonita Lee 28,31 ,70,157 Lewis , Frances Renee LEWIS, JOHN 116 Lewis, Thomas Allyn Lexvold , Jeanne Marie Libersky, Larry Dean Lickteig, Patricia Ann 38 Lidberg, Robert Paul Lidgerding , Michael Lidstrom , Roxanne Elaine Lieberg , Dennis E. Lien , Duane Keith 222 Lien, Janelyn Eloise 170 LIETZAU, ROBERT Lilla, Carol Josephine Lilla, Deborah Kay Lilla, Nancy Jean Lilly, Linda G. 174 Limpert, Deloris Kratz Linahan, Todd Anthony Linander, Wayne Roger Linbo, David Randy Lince, Nancy Ann Lincoln, James Marvin Lind, Peter Howard Lindahl, Mary Helen Linden, Robert Charles Lindner, Robert Henry J. Lindquist, Judy Marie 170 Lindroth, Steven Edwin 29

Featuring WSC-Chan 3 For College Sports

Li ndsay, John Michael Lindsay, Samuel Henry Lindstrom , David Roy 27 Li ndst rom , Mic hael Ray Lisowski , Randall James Literski , Claire Louise Locke, Diana Sue LOCKS, JOYCE 51,52,104 Lockwood, Jane Ann Lodgaard, Bruce Gordon Loech ler, Michael Scott 36 Loec hler, Le Anne Marie Logelin , Mary Louise Lohmann , Judith Anne Loken, Debo rah Alane 170 Loken, Mic hael James Long , Shauna Vee Longsdorf, Mic hael J . Lonning, Robert A. Lopac Nancy Anne Lorbieck i, Mary Jo Lorbiecki , Richard Lorenz, Gary J. 28,174 Loshek, Charles Edward Loshek, Stephen Paul Loshek , Joseph Frank Losinski , Robert John I. Losinski , Ric hard Allen Losinski , Roxanne Sue Lou cks, Julianne Lovas. Ann Marie Lovejoy, Barbara Jean Lowenhagen , Sharon Lynn Lowery, Jerry L. Lowery, Mary M.

Luce, Luena Clara Ludvigsen, John A. Ludwig , Frances Miriam 22 Luehmann , Dale Willard Lueck , Harold Bernhardt Luehmann, Lyle Ralph Luinst ra , Dennis George Lu kkason, Donald Gene 24,170 Lund, Donald John Lu nd, Elizabeth Ann Lundborg , John Earl 191 Lund, Mary Swenson 14,22 LUND , ORVAL 98 Lund , Steven Leon 25 Lund e, Lois Marie Lundeen , Barbara Kay 35 Lundquist, Sue Ann Lunn, Ronald Gene Lutjen , Carmen Jean Lutter, Phyllis R. Lux , Debra Kay Lyman, Kathleen Lynch, Frances Richards Lynch, Jean Keefe Lyngklip, Patricia Herr Lysne , Steven Lytle, James Larry

M Maas, John Michael Mac Donald, Mary Barbara 24 Mach , Charles Raye


Mach, Thomas Burton Maclean , Penelope Ann Maclean , Patricks MacLennen , Douglas Macy, David Henry Madden, Molly Cami lle 38,43 Maddux, Gregory All en Madison, Linda Diane Madland, Kenneth Peter Mad land , Roger John Mager, H. Di ane 129 MAGNUS, DOROTHY 16,17,117, 124,133 Magnusson, Thomas 21 Mahle, Benjamin A. Mahlke , Carl Ernest Mahlke , Jacqueline Mahoney, Rose Marie Majerus, Steven John Makarow, Arsent i Makison, Linda 190-191 Malanaphy, James J. Jr. Malay, Patricia Ann Malenke, Dennis Mal etich, John F. Mali szewsk i, Elizabeth 112 Maloney, Timothy George Mangen , Mi chael Charl es Manion, John Frank Manl ey , Patricia Walter Manship Mary Elizabeth 24,171 Mansur, Cynthia Arlene 190 Marcou, Jo Ann Marggraff, Sharon Ann MARIN ER, MAURICE 209



Ser vice and Information. you know it's good!"

"If it's made by Kodak, " Where to buy them"

Fiberite Corporation

Cameras, Projectors, Film and Accessories for Snapshots, Color Slides and Movies.

May's Photo Service & Camera Shop Phone 452-6172

113 W. 3rd

Markham, Gregory Allen MARKUS. FRANK 87 MARLEY WARREN 94 Marr, Ethan Earl Marnach, John Michael Marquardt, Deeann D. 38 Marrinan, Marilee Marschall, Sheila Ann MARSTON, DWIGH T 104 MARSTON, VIRGINIA 94 Mart, Kenneth Leroy Martin, Bernard M. Martin, David Anthony MARTIN , JOHN 104 Martin, Kathleen Ann 171 Martin, Linda Carol Martinucci, Marie Marvin, Martha Ellen Marx, Charlotte Vought Marzolf, Dale Harland 16, 171 Mason, Jill Marie 191 Mason, Scott T. 14 Massman, Terrance Joseph 191 Masters, Marcia Lorraine 24 Mateka, Mollie Joan Mather, Carol K. Mathews, Janet Lee Matti, Lynn Edward Matti, Laird Paul Mattison , Richard Malz, Connie Jean Mau rer, Kathleen Ellen MAURICE, RONALD 99 MAURO, FLORENCE Maunu, Sha ron Irene

May, Dean Rodney May, Nancy Ann May, Richard Stephen 39 Mayhew, Charles G. McAllister, Alan Gordon MC BRIDE, DOROTHY 11 2 McCallson, Jerome G. McCammon, Glenna Jean MC CANN , FRANCIS 66 Mccann Kathleen Barbara McCarthy, Timothy McCarty, Eugene McCauley, Debra Kathryn McCauley, Janet Mary McCauley, Joanne Kaye 35 MC GLUER, RICHMOND 110 McCluske, Victoria 157 McCluskey, Marlys McConnell, Deborah Kay MCCOWN, LUTHER 51 , 105 Mccown, Steven Craig McCoy, Sharon Ann McCray , Adel ia Louise Mccready, James Kenne McDonald, Barbara E. 35,174 McDo nald, James John 174 McDonald , John E. McDonald, Josephine 35, 170 McDonald , Kathleen McDonald , Teresa Mae McDougall, Du ane Ern ie McDougall, Ruth Arlene McOonnough, James McElmury, Patricia 157 McElrath, Kathleen Ruth 191









McGee, Michael John MCGRATH , HELEN 97 McGrath, Margaret Mary McGuiness, Daniel Wm. McGu iness. Laura 38 McGuire, Anne Christine McGuire, Mark McGulpin, Gary Richard McHattie, Kare n Lee 171 McKee, Denise Jayne McKenna, Thomas Patricia McKenz ie, Kat hleen 25 MC KENZI E, WILFRED 90 McKeon , Mary Josephine McKey, Charles Kneelan McKinney, Mic hael W. McK inney, Sand ra Ann McKnight, Marilyn E. 24 Mclaughlin , Scott F. 191 McMillen, Cl eo Heiden MC MILLEN, LELAND 97 McNallan, Jo Ann McNally, David Emerson 34 McNally, Diane Lorraine 22 McNally, Donald Bru ce McNamara, Donna Marie 190191 McNamara, Rona ld Wayne McNamara, Steven Mic hael McPherson . Susan Jane McQueen, Betty J. Rohre McRae, Brenda Lee McVay, Richard G. M cVey , Deloris Theisen Meany, Marilyn 35,171

Mega, Mary Catherine Mehaffey, Kenneth Mehrkens, Patti Marie Meierbactol, Bruce Meier, Christine Ann Meier, Gary Edward Meier, Han s Pa ul Meineke, Mary Kay 25 MEINHARD, ROBERT 106 Meisch, Greg ory James Meixner, Mari lyn Eb ling Meldahl , Lyle Wayne M el ius, Jeanne 22,16 Menden, Anthony Jacob Menden , Jean Dahl 37 Menden , Larry Robert Menk, Edwin Leroy Merchlewitz, Mary Helen 35 Merchlewitz , Michael F. Merfeld, Craig J. Merkel, Thomas Anton 36 Mertes, Raymond Lawrence Mertz, Jeffrey Lee 27 Meska, Patricia Katherine Mester, Sandra Lea 22 Metzdorff, Dan iel J. 21 Metzler, Monica Lee M etz ler, Ronald La Vern Metzler, Suzanne Marie 38,42 Meyer, Arvid B. Meyer, Bruce Will iam MEYER C. KENNETH 114 Meyer, Da niel R. Meyer, Patricia Ann 158 Meyer, Peter Jude 25,34, 171

".A1i .AJ.1

69 E. 4th St.

PHONE 2936

Michael, Norma Jean 158 Michaelis, Ben Lee Michel, Ruth Ann 28,222 Michel, Vicki Jeannette 28,158 Michelfelder , Jeffrey D. Mickelson, Judy Kay Middendorf, Jeffrey Mielke, Merlin Henry 158 Mielke, Virginia Lee 158 Mikkelson, Larry Alan Mikkelson, Laurie Jo 37 Mikrut, Michael Errol Milbrandt, Maxine Miller, Cynthia Ann Miller, Gayle Petersen 38 Miller, Kathleen Mary Miller, Marcia Kaye Miller, Marilyn Kay Mi ller, Peter Marti n Miller, Richard John Miller, Rose Lucille 171 Miller, Scott David Miller, Stephen S. Mi ller, Timothy John Mi ller, Wil liam John I Miller, Wi lli am John II Miller, Wi lliam Price Mille, Deborah Kaye 31,158 Mills, Barbara Martea MILLS, NORBERT 17,18,117 Mischke. Bonnie Kay MISHARK. JOHN 106 Mix, John Arthur MODJESKI, JOHN 96 Modlin, Lind a Ann Moe, John Doug las Moe, Katherine Kay Moe, Signe Kay MOELY, DON 110,170 Moely, Eloise Viola Moen, Brian John Moen, Erric C. Moen, James Doug las Moen, Jo Anne Lee 35 Mogen, James Robert Mogren, Kenneth James 34 Mohan , Shi rley Mae Mohlke, Steven Allen Mojeiko, Donald Roy MOLINARI , MADEO 105 Molinari, Paul Stephen Moline, Lawrence William 34 Moiling, Genevieve Molzahn , Sharon Lea Monahan , Anne Marie Monahan, Patricia Louis Mondor. Gloria Mae Monette, Theresa Marie 190191 Montgomery, Scott Michael Monty, Elizabeth A. Monty, Jean W. Mooney, Ida Munz MOORE, JOHN 98 Moore, Kerry Moore, Marlene Theresa 17,16 Moore, Mary Lou Moore , Ruth Mary 30,31 Moorman , David Hestness MOOTZ , JAMES 100 MORAVEC, MARJORIE 104 MORELLO, FRANK 114 Morgan , James Robert Morgan, Janet Lynn MORGAN, LEO 107 Moroan. Michael Richard

Morgan, Vivian Gene Moriarty, Jean Ann Moriarty, Mary Elizabeth 35 Moriarty, Therese Anne 21 Morken , Kathleen Marie Morris , Charles D. Morris, Rick Allan Mortensen, Arvid Leland Mortland, Leon John Mortrud, Mark Dwan Moss, Carol Marie Mott, James Motzko, Wil liam Edward Mowry, Kathryn Ann 174 Moyer, Joan Rita 19,21,23,30, 52,158 Mrachek, Catherine Mueller, Alice Alleman Muel ler, David Will iam 190 Mueller. Elizabeth Mary Mueller, Frances B. Mueller, Judit h S. Mueller, John Edward Mueller, Gwendolyn Mueller, Robert Wi ll iam Muellich, Catherine Leo 35 Muenkel, Bruce Hugo Mulcahy, Kevin Francis 34 Mulcahy , Mary Michelle Mullaney, Timothy Brook 33 Mullen, Dolores Helen 158 Mullen, Wil liam Peter Mullenbach, Janice 30,190 Multhaup, Naomi, J. Frick Munson. Dolo res Ilene MUNSON , HOWARD 96,97 Murayama Setsuko Murck, James Murray Murck, Mary Elizabeth Murnane, Sandra Jean Murphy , Alex James Murphy, Francis J. Murphy Jeffrey K. Murphy, John Michael Murphy, Mark P. Murphy, Maureen Ann 38 Murphy, Ralph I. Murphy, Richard William Murphy, Shirley Jean Murray, Dennis John 34 MURRAY, FLORETTA 90 Murray, Lorrie Jo Murray, Michelle Murtinger, Rick Lee Mutkala, Christine Anne Myerchin, Marie Elaine 171 Myran , Marlene Clara 24, 171 Myrland, Susan Jane 24 Myro n, Dennis Lee Myska, Sally Estelle

N Nagle, Margaret Kathleen Nahorniak, Mary Jo Nania, Eugenia Josephin Nash, Bonnie Marie 23,24 Nash , Craig Steven 175 Nash, Coleen Dildine Nastansky, Mary Jane Nathe, Marilyn Gail Nathe, Steven Jay Naugle, Linda Venn 211

Durfey Studios Art Supplies and Complete Photography Service Corner of Washington and Wabasha Two Doors North of Maxwell Library Phone 452-5952

Cinderella Shoppe Fabric Fairyland


Big Lavender Building Corner of Mankato Avenue and 9th Street

Every Bloomin' Thing

For Ever Bloomin'

one block from bus stop

Telephone 454-1511 802 W. King St.

Navara, Margaret Anders NAYLOR, ELSIE 110 Nazimuddin , Khawaj a Nealon , Patricia Maureen 37 Nehring , James Allen Neidig, Leigh Ann Nekola, David D. NELSON, ANAH 113 NELSON, AUGUSTA 98 Nelson . Cynthia Rose Nelson , Dirk Ala ir Nelson, Duane Lee Nelson, Euni ce Ann Nelson, Gary Randal Nelson, Gary Mike Nelson, Irvin Nelson Janet Louise 171 Nelson, Jeanne Lynn 24 Nelson , Jeffrey Allen Nelson , Jerome Keith Nelson, Joel R. Nelson, Kath leen E. Nelson , Kathy Jo 14 Nelson, Lisa Ann 190 Nelson, Margaret Ann 191 Nelson, Marion Chapel Nelson, Marilyn Louise 63, 158 Nelso n, Mary Diane Nelson , Robert Allen Nelson, Richard James 158 Nel son , Susan Ell en 24 Nerstead , Li nda Joyce Nesheim, Lavonne S. Nesheim, Dennis W. Nester, Sandy 171

Nessler, Wil l iam Robert Nett, Richard James Neuman, Jerry Francis 158 Neumann, Jean Mari e Neumann, Nancy Ann 23 Newer, Roy D. Newl ing, Charles J. Newlun, J. Wayne Newman , Kathl een Ann Newman , Lee Paul Newman, Lon H. 40 Newton, Eugene Woodrow Newton , James W. Nickelson , Barbara Ann 37 Nichols, Herbert Roy NICHOLS, JAMES 96,98 Nichols, Mark Lorence Nickolauson, Susan Kay 30, 191 N iebur, Pau l John Niebur, Larry John 21,34 Niebur, Thomas Nielsen, Denn is Robert 103 Nienow, Jon Charles Nihart, Cheryl Kay Nipp, Mary Martha 26 Nippoldt , Karen Olivet 37 ,171 Nixon, Gregory Joseph Noble, Kathl een Lo rraine 171 Nockels, John Patrick Noeska, Gary Dale Nogose k, Ric hard L. Nolan, Mark Jerome 17 Noll, Robert J. No rdhorn. Gar ry Lynn Nordseth, Randi Kay

Nordstrom, Ralph William NORLAND,DOUGLAS93 Norman , Mary Del ight Norman, Susan Lenora Norris, Nichael Joseph Northam, Robert Charles Northup, Kent Lloyd Nosbisch, Duane R. Nottleman , Bruce Earl Novak, Margaret Louise Novak, Ronald John Novotny, John Wayne 19 Nowlan , Patti Kaye Nunstedt , Lau rel Mary Nuszloc h, Dean Frank NUTT, LAVELLE Nyseth, Daniel A. Nyset h, Gregory J. Nystuen , Brian Harry Nystuen, David E. Nystu en , Sharon Lou ise 37

0 O 'Boyle, Karin.Ann O 'Brien, Danial L. 36 O'Brien , Maureen Ann O'Brien, Virginia Agn es Obst, David W. 25 Ochs , Clayton Herb ert Ochs, Wi lliam Henry 59 Odell , Craig Leroy 25

O 'Donnell, Jack Harold O 'Donne l I, Katherine Oeltjenbruns, Diane Oenning , Steven Joseph Ofstedal , Larry David Ofstedal, M ari lyn O 'GRADY, GENEVIEVE 99 Ogren , David A rthur 34 Ohlgren, Peggy Lou ise Ohm, Barbara I. Ohman, Gregory Lawrence Oian, Ruby Rongley 159 Ojanpa, Brian G. Okland, Gerald Arthur Oland, David Jorgen 33,128 Olmstead, Douglas 21 ,159 Olseen , William R. Olsen, Karen Beth 40 Olsen, Myrna Kay Olson, Brian Walter 25 Olson, Cheryl Fay Olson, Cheryl Lynn Olson , David Lavern Olson , Dennis Eugene OLSON, FRED 109 Olson , Gary Grant Olson , Gene Kevin Olson , G race Anne Olso n, Gregory Edward Olson , Helen Theresa 25 OLSON, IVAN 86 Olson, Jan e Ethel Olson, Karen An n 19,22,25,175 Olson, Karen Elizabeth 19,22 Olson, Karen Marie 19,22,40



-- ~ -

Olson , Linette Jo Olson, Nancy Kay 35128 , 191 , 159 Olson , Philip Bruce 25,29 Olson, Rebecca Jean OLSON, SANDRA 109 Olson, Terry Eugene Olson , Vernon Lloyd O'MEARA, ELEANOR Omelianchuk , Laura Ann Omelianchuk , Paul Titus Omundson, Mary Opal Ondler, Douglas Lee O'Neill, Mary Agnes 16,190-191 Onnen, Helen Ann Oothoudt, Judith Ann Opatz, Mary Pat 26 OPSAHL, JAMES Oreilly, Geary James O'Reilly, Kathryn Ann 128 O'Reilly , Kevin James O' Reilly, Zerita M ary O'Rlowske, Patricia Lynn Orlowski, Mark Thomas 16,17, 124, 132, 133, 159 Ormston, Jane H. Ormston, Patricia Kay 35 O'ROURKE , RICHARD Orphan , Royal Cecile Orr, Annette Louise 171 Orsund, Nancy Jo Orum , Donald Lee Ossell, Charles Allen Osterberg, Deborah Lou 22 Ostern, Diana Lea 20, 128, 159

Ostern, Ron ald Llewelly Ostrowski , Kathy Jo Ostrowski , Steven P. Oswald , Thomas 129 O'Toole, Jeffrey Lee 16 Otoole, Kathleen O'Toole, Michael 16, 17 O'Toole, Patrick Paul Otterness, Nancy Lynn 159 Ottum , Mark W. Ouren , Kathleen Marie Overland , Sharon Lynn

p Pace , Kathleen Dolores Paffrath, Albert John Pagel , Charlotte Ann 14,23,40 PALECEK, MARVIN 106 Palen, Stephen Ralph Palmer, Curtis Lynn Palmer, James Kirk Palmer, Nan Esther Palmersheim , Michael J. PALZER, WILLIAM 108 Panaro, Nicholas George Papenfuss, Jay Roger Parker, Pamela Dee 14,21 ,38, 191 Par ker, Ricky Lee Parsons, Bill James Paske, Timothy James 159 Passe, John David

Passe, Peter Bernard Passe, Yvonne Mary Paton , Sandra Jean 16,37 Patterson, Daniel James 159 Patterson, C. Jeannette Patterson , Mark Darby Pau, Nancy 15 Paul , Dennis Fred Paul , Joyce Marie 28,30,31 ,63 Paul , Michael Lee Paul, Ronald Bruce Paulson, John Thoma,s Paulson, Noel Duane Pau lson , Russell Dea n Pearson , James E. Pearson, Linda Louise Pearson, Sharon Kay Peck, Charles Earl PECK, WILLIAM 90 Pedersen , Dale Chris Pedersen , Dean Milo 190 Pederson, Donald S. Pelley, Francine Helen Pellowski , Brian Edward Pellowski, Catherine M. Pelowski , Gene Paul Pellowski , Judith Anne Pellowski , William Mike Penny , Timothy Joe PENNELL, DOR IS 112 Penshorn, John Edward Peplinski , Jack Francis 171 Perkins, Gregory John Perrella, Jean El izabeth PERRY, HOSEA 115 Perry, Ruth Anne 190

Peshon, Thomas Richard Pestorious, Julie Ann 35 Peterka, Debra Ann Peters. Patricia Marie 43 Peters, Loretta An ne Peters, Stephen George Petersen, Daniel Michael PETERSEN , DUANE93 Peterson , Al ice Renee Peterson , Ann Elizabeth 191 Peterson , Bonnie Jean Peterson , Carol Simpson Peterson , Ca rolyn Rae 38 Peterson , Cheryl Rae Peterson , Cynth ia Ann 171 Peterson, Dennis Ray Peterson, Gloria Kay Peterson, Kenneth Bruce 34, 190-191 Peterson, Leland Edward Peterson, Marc Steven 36,42 Peterson, Mary Ellen Peterso n, Mi ke T. Peterson, Richard A. Peterson, Teresa Anne Peterson, Wayne Craig 123 Petrovich, Michael Pettit, Sue Ellen Pettit, Daniel Eugene Pexton, Dorothy Marie 37 ,190191 Pfremmer, David Thomas Phaisalakani , Vichai 15 Phernetton , Faye Elaine Philipps , Ronald Alan Phi lo, John Franklin

College Fashions For Young Men & Women 4th and Center Street Winona, Minn.






• engineering and design consultants •

recording studio

professional audio/visual sales

Sho rty 's Bar and Cafe Excel len t Food Cocktails Reasonable Prices 528 Center 452-2622



Carry-Out Orders

116.11 8 West Fourth Street, Winona. Minn . 55987 Tel. 507.454.4588

andCounlr~ STATE



Winona's First New Bank in Ove r 50 Years

Philipps , Richard Phipps, Patricia Ann 37 Pieper, Leonard Calvin Pierce, Ba rbara Jean 171 Pierce, Dan iel N. 36 Pierce, Robert John Pierce , Ronald W. Pietruszewski , James A. Pike, Mary Alice Pike, Ronald L. Pike, Ter rence Wi lliam 171 Piller, Kathl een S. Pine, Kat hleen Ann 24,25 Pi ttel ko, Sand ra Kaye Pizzala, Carolynn Place , Linda Kay Plachecki, Paul M. Plank , Judy Jewell Plante, Spencer Gordon 24 Plath , Michael Dale Plevka, Penny G. 14,171 Pluim, Mark Steven 147 Podruch, Barbara J . 38 Pohland, Terese Jane 37 Polasik, Mary Jo Poliachik, Leon David Polkey , Co nstance 37,39 Polkey, Kathleen Mar ie 159 Polousky, Owen Wilbur Pomeroy , Daniel M. Pom mereni ng, Linda Ruth Poon , Margaret 15 Poppe, Charles Wi ll iam 25 Possehl, Lou ise Marie 73,95,222 Potter, Janet Ellen 21 4

Poul i n, Gary Lee Powell , Cara Lynn POWER, FRANCES 22,111 Powers, Cynthia Louise Pozanc , Li nda Kay Prange, Mavis Faye 172 Precious, Thomas A. Presc her, Gary Lee 14 Presc her, Marsha Kay Prescher, Michael James Pretzel, Caro l Lynn 35,159 Price, William Harris Pride, Thomas Prigge, Mic hael Lewis Primeau, Kenneth Allen Probst, Jerry Paul Proc howitz, Barbara Prokasky , Daniel Martin Prondzinski , Jean Rut h Pronk , James L. Protsm an, Stephen Wm. 58,59, 60,61,62 Pru doehl , Ann Elizabeth Prudoehl , Kath ryn Ann Pruett, Jerry Bruce Prussing, Steven Charles 25, 159 Przybylski, Therese Ann 160 Przytarski , Steven Ptacek, Gregory Scott Puchle itne r, Nancy PUH L, WARREN 94 Pulles, Vincent Anthony PURTZER, WAYN E 107 Putzi er, Judit h Ann

Pye , Mary Lou Pyzik , Jan Michael 134

Q Quass, Kevin Mic hael Quam, Viv ian Bobrick Quarberg, Steven Quest, Kenneth Andrew 39 Qui nn, Christopher D. Quinn, Cindy Jane 30,31,38 Qui nn, Michael E.

R Raabe rg , Kai 15 Raaen, Robert Lee Raddatz, Deb ra Ann Raddatz, Kathleen Rad ek, Dennis R. Radl , Victoria Ann Raffenbeul , Duane Fred Ragbi r, Davika Raynooka 15 Rahbar, Manouchehr Rahman, Glenn Arthur Rahma n, Ronald Ch arles Rahn, Don na Gai l 24 Rah n, Luett Jenell Raker, Mary Therese 160 Rakstad , Rebecca Lynn

Ramacher, Lynn Marie 19,172 Rambo , Linda Grant Rand , Steven Bruce Rand , Thomas Wi lber Randall , Judie Lyn 24 Rasmussen, Allen Duane 160 Rathbone, Janis Lee Ratigan, Robert David Raty, Karen Lee Rauk, Edward Emil Rauker, Daniel Anthony Rayman , Thomas Keil RAYMOND, M. R. Raymond , Timothy James RAZ, ROBERT 98 Read, David John Rech, Diane Lee Redwi ng, Charles Robert 160 Ree, Barbara Jean 160 Reeck, Bruce Michael Reed , John Francis 25 Reese, James G. Regan, Gary Eugene Regan, Gerald L. Regan , Ronald James Regan , Linda Joyce Reich , Barbara Ann REIDELBERGER, JACQUE 117 Reider, Maza Reva Rei f, Rona ld Harry Rei f, William Robert Rein , Dan Lee Reinecke, Linda Arlene Reindal , Charles Dean Reinke, John Joseph

Reisdorf, Christine 160 REITER, CLEO 113 Rei thel , David All on, Jr. Reiter, Vera Geyer Rem iger, Kathleen Hilda 172 Remmert, Wi l liam Remsburg , Susan Kay Rendahl , Merle Graskamp Rendahl, Roy Alan 22 Rentoul, Barbara J. Lea Reps , Irene Kirsch Reszka, John Andrew Reuter, Elizabeth Anne REYNOLDS , JAMES 115 Reynolds, Leslie Jean Reynolds, Nancy Jane Reynolds, Richard REYNOLDS, WI LLIAM 105 Rezab , Michael Wayne 33 Rhoades, Penny Marie Rian, Patrick Arthur RICHARDSON, JOSEPH 108 RICHARDSON , RUBY 94 Ri chards, Susan Marie Richards, Sharroll Fay Richert , Clarian Janice Richert, John Paul 24 Riches, Mari lyn Faye Riches, Maureen Rene Ries, Karen Jeanne 30,31 Riley, Thomas Michael 33,87 Rin dels, Dennis Dean Rinderle, Judith Nottle Ring , Rebecca Louise 31 ,146, 175

"Bank at the Sign of the Golden Lion'' The Bank That Helps You Get Things Done

Rinn, Diane Dorothy 30 Rippel, Diane K. Ripple, Ca lvin E. Riska, Carol Ri ska, Thomas George Riske, Glenn T. Riskedahl , Reed Lemon t RISLOVE, DAVID 94 Rislove , Patricia Joann Rislow, Renata Radsek Ristow, Kay Marie 23 Ristow , Pamela Jean RITMAN , MARGUER ITE 118 Ritter , David Allyn Rivers , Linda Susan Rivers, Michael John Roach, Kathryn Ann Roberton, David Charles Roberson , Martha Jane Roberts David James 25 Roberts, Randy Ray 36,128,160 Roberts, Rebecca Sue Roberts, Stephen M. Robinson , Carl ton Robinson , Curti s Alan Robinson , Grant Jay 24 Robinson , Luci nda Grace 33 Robinson, Marjorie Robinson, Mary Louise 28,160 Roble, Joyce Ann Rocheford , Susan Louise Rodgers, Jam es Paul Rodgers, Mary Kay • Rodich, Maureen Kathryn 40 , 72,160,222 Roelofs, Rita Ann Roemer, Ralph Michael Roforth, Ju dy R. Rogalski, Kenneth Joseph Rogers, Daniel

ROG GE, HAROLD 116 Ro lbiecki , James Albert Ro lbi ecki, Monica Rolbi ecki , Richard Rolling, Lola Zimmerhak Rolfshus, Lisa 24 Roling , James Louis Rolli , Kathleen Joette Roll ins, Maureen Grace Romball , Patricia Ann Romportl , Mary Jane Ronnenberg. Reed R. Roostaie, Esmail Root, Anthony Kendall Roper, Brenda Marie 172 Rosacker, Susan Lynn Rosaaen , Judith Marilyn Rosburg, Mary Alice 19,160,222 Rose, Ch ristopher 190 Rose , Dona ld Roy Rose, Patricia Catherine Rose, Michael Francis Rose, Stephen Lee 33 Rose, Thomas James Rosell , John Roger Rosen , Jayne Therese Rosendahl , Harold Rosendahl, Mary Rosenfelt, Caro l Jean Rosengren, Judith Carol Ross, Andrew Dominic Ross , Dennis Omer Ross , Jeffrey, P. Ross, Michael Julian Ross, Robert MacMillan Rossi, Mark Ralph Rossin, John Francis Rost, Jeanette Ruby ROST , PAUL 100 Rost, Sharon Ann Rostvold, Gordon Josepti 25 Rothering , Pamela Ann Roth , Susan Delila 172 Rother, Barbara Ann Roths, Patricia Ann ROUSE , MARVIN Routhe, Robert Randall Rowland, Sherry Ann Roy , Denette Elizabeth Rozek , Anne Celine Ruby , Michael Allen Rubash, John G. Ruben, Ralph Peter, Jr. Rublein, Thomas Gill Ru de, Denni s Luther 25 Rudel , Brian Warren Rue, James Richard Ruehmann , Susa n Kay Ruh , Kathl een Ann 25 Ruhoff, Ronald David Runkel, Francis J. Runkle, Steven Paul 36 Runningen , Roger Dale 18,36 Runningen , Joyce Ann 24,222 Ruppert , Gary John Ruppert, Dav id Michael Rupprecht, James Carl 24 Ru stad, Patricia Ann RUZEK , DAVID 96 Ryan, Angela Kathryn Ryan, Donald James Ryan, Carol Louise 40,160,222 Ryan , Joan Marie Ryan , Patricia Lee Rymer, Edward Tim


Goin g to coll e ge 1s e xpe nsive, isn 't it?

That's why you should come to Randall 's .

We can mak e going to college cheaper for you .

That isn't all - Randall's is the COMPLETE SUPERMARKET.

Discount Foods

s Sader, Margaret Ann 30 ,31 ,172, 71 Sadowski , Ann Terese Saec ker, Eric Theodore Saeger , Dona ld De l Saehler, Edward William Saehler, John Thomas Sagan, Neil Harold Salisbury, Nancy Jane Salmon, Nancy Lynne 37 Salo, Thomas H. 36 Salze r, Mary A. SAMPSON, ROSE 113 Sand, Charles Michael 25 Sand, Ric hard Allen Sandberg, Peter Charles Sandberg , Scott Donald 25 Sandbo, Janae E. Sandel l , Bryce V. 135 Sander, Elaine Cheryl Sand, Richard Daniel Sanders, Paul Quinn 175 Sanders, Valerie Kay Sanford, Evelyn Johnson SANFORD, WAYNE 96 SANTELMAN, CHARLOTTE113 Santelman, Joan Marie Sapp, Ruth Ann 14,24 Sarich , Carl M. Sass, Richard Eugene Sasse, Gwen Dee 216

Sasse, Lynn Rhea 90 Sather, David A . Sather, John Frankl in SATHER, VERLIE 96 Satka, Stephen Michael Sauby, Gretchen Edna Sauer, Douglas Paul Saue r. James Richa rd Sau er, Martha Schneider Sauer, Ronald Dean Sawyer, Patric ia Diane 191 Sawyer, Rose Marie Sawyer, Robert Forrest 190 Sayles, Judy Carol Say re, Louis Townsend 3 Sc haefer, Jack Lee Schaefer, Patricia Jean Schaefer, Bradley R. Schafer, Jean Ka ryl Schank, Thomas Roger Scharmer, Allen Wayne Schauls, Raseann Helen Scheel, Pauline Agnes Sc heer, Marjorie Jean Sc heie, Harold Glendon Sc heitel , Bonnie J. Scherb, Rosell a Marie 24 Scherbri ng, Donna Marie Scherbring, Doris Mae Scherer, John H. Scherer, Timmy John Schick, Sally Ann 30 Schiesser, Alan Jack Schi ld , Steven Ral ph Schil ler, Diane Susan

SCHILLER, DOL ORES 111 Schlag, Christine SCHLAWIN, JUDY 22,90 Sch lee, Jeff Ken Schleich , Judy Marie Sc hl esser, J ames Michael Schmidt, Gail Jean Sc hmidt, Gary Rost Schm idt , Ronald Al bert Schm idt, Rose Marie 190 Schmid t, Wendy Lou 161 Sc hmidtke, Dianne 25 Schmith, Michael John Schmitt, Al lan Ray Schm itt, Mark Steven Schmitt, Robert Norbert Schmitt, Thomas Mathew Sc hmitz, El izabeth Ann SCHM ITZ, James 108 Sc hmitz, Jeffrey Pau l 25 Schmitz, Judith Anne Schnarr, Steven Michael Schneider , Mary Ann Schniepp, Brian John Schniepp, Dona ld James 39 Sch norenberg , Linda 24 Sc hoenberger, Dave Sc hoener, Ca rol Jane Sc hoenfelder, Anna 27 Schossow, Gary Robert Schouwei ler, Joseph Sc hrag, Barry B. Schrage, Sheryl Lynn Schrandt, Patricia Sch rank , Robert Douglas

Schrank, Reb ecca L. Schreib er, David Lee Schreiner, Katherine Schreurs, Carol Boothby Schroder, Lynn Dianne Schroder, Krist ine Avis Schroeder, Iris Dagmar 161 Schroede r, Kathryn Jean Schroeder, Kathl een Schroeder, Shirley A. Sc hroeder, Susan Irene Schroetke, Peter Arvid Schuh, Gordon C. Schuh , Gregory John Schuh, Kathleen M. Schuh, Richard Lee Sch uld t, Blaine Joel Schuminski , George A. Schuld t, Dianne Rose Schul ke, Nancy L. 42 Schulte, William Richard Schultz, Bradley, J. Schultz, Dennis Richard Schultz, Bradl ey A. Sc hulz, David Paul SCHULZ, THERESA 98 Schultz, Leanne Grace 90 ,161 Schulz, Ka ren Marie Schulte, Charles T. Sc hulze, Daniel Stuart Sc hulze, Marlene E. Schumann, Dean Adolph 161 Schuminski, Daun Claire Sch uster, Wayne George Sch uttemeier, Nance

Schutt, Barbara Joan 30 Schutz, Janet Elaine Schutz, John Peter Schuweiler, Alan Robert Schwab, Sharon Lou Schwager, Cynthia A. SCHWAGER, MARY 97 Schwandt, Au drey Alice Schwanker, Su san Loui se Schwager, Lester Joseph 14 Schwartz, Jill Cynthia 33, 190 Schwartz, Steven John Schweich , Ann Mari e 16,37 Schweihs, Kenneth James SCHWENDENWEIN, GERO Schwerzler, Muri el 161 Scotch, Marie Anne Scott, Craig Robert Scott, Toby Anne Scovil , Charles Martin Scrabeck, Arlyn Richard Scrabeck, Cindy Lee 190-191 Scripture. Robert M. Seaburg, John Willi am Seavey, Valerie Lea Sebesta, Joseph Benjamin Sebo, Sally E. Myska Seeland, Klayton Jon Seemann, Sandra Kay Seidl, M. Therese Zurek Seidl, Thomas James Seidlitz, Elizabeth Seifert, Elizabeth Seitz, Donovan Olcott Seitz, Donn Philip Selly, Thomas Leo

Seltz, Lynn Margaret Senjem, Paul Gregory Senn , Kevin Joseph Senn , Russell Eugene Senst, Thomas Ear l Senn, Patricia Running Serafin, Diane Jeanine Servais, Mary Jo Sevallius, Larry William Severson , Lila Brommer Sexton, James Lawrence 25 Sexton, Michael John Seyba, Roger Ogden Seyba, Ruth Ann 38 ,161 Seykora, Susan Lynn Seymour, Marshall W. Shafer, Linda Cheryl Shanholtzer, Carol Jean Shargey , Stan James Shatek, Lar ry F. Shaw, Beverly Jeanne Shaw, David Warren Shaw. Orin Wilson Shaw, Robert E. Shea, Sam 49 SHEARER, HENRY Sheehan, Joanne L. 19, 175 Sheehan. Patricia Ann SHEEHAN, ROBERT114 Sheehan, Thomas James Sheehy, Ryan Daniel Sheldon , Susan Ruth 24 Shelton, Annora Niccole Sherman, Eleanore Jean 99 Sherman, Timothy Paul Shetka, Daniel R.


Shields, Elizabeth Anne SHIELDS, JOHN 100 Sholing , Bernard M. Sholing, Leonard Engnar Sholi ng, Pat ricia J. Showers, Kathleen Sue Sieben, Carol Rose 190 Sieben, Margaret Ann 161 Sieben , Rita Marie Siebert, Richard T. Siemers, Curtis 118 Siem, Marc Alan Siems, Linda D. 38,39,128,129, 130,161 ,174 Sieve rs, Patricia Mary Sievers, Sally Ann 21 Sievers, Susan Ruth 36 ,43 Sievert, Mark Charles Siewert, Mari on Kay Siewert, Sally Ann SILL, JANET 99 Silvis, John Fredrick Simon, Dan ie l R. SIMONS, LOIS 86 Simes, Susan Kayleen 172 Simon, Candace Anne Simon, Julie Ann Simon, Grace Pierzyna Simons, Gary John 190 Simons, Mary Ellen Sims, Barbara Jean Sims, Charles Ernest Singer. Mark Allen Sinnen, Pamela Jean Sires, James Gustave Sires, Lanette Karla

Sister Elaine Sister Kathryn Skajewski, Gail Ann Skeels, Robert John Skil ton, Sonia Gail Skinner, Marsha Lynn Skjeveland, Valarie 38 Skree, Gerald Wayne Slaby , Da rlene Larso n Sloop, Dennis Neal Smelser, Darryl Vernon 24 Sme lser, David Guy 24 Smerud, Thomas Jeffrey Smi ley, David L. Smi th, Barbara Anne Smi th, Ba rbara Jean Smith, Cheryl Rae 14,1 6,22 Smith. Daniel Patrick 133 Sm ith, David Dudley 36 Sm ith Dawn Annette Smith Deborah 69 Smith, Donald Garlon 36 Smith, Douglas Smith, Gary Edward Smith. Gayle Marie Smith, James Anthony Smith, Joseph Stephan Smith, Kath leen Mary Smith , Leo Regina ld Smith, Lorrie Gayle 38 SM ITH, MYRON 51 ,104 Smith, Nancy 161 Smith , Nelson Pliny 161 Smith, Patric ia E. 22,162 Sm ith, Patricia Smith, Richard W.

Williams Book and Stationery


E~T(; .\TE


l'~l ' l.'S 1n:~n;

\TE l.IQl'OR


Westgate Shopping Center

65 E. 3rd Winona, Mi nn.

Phone 454-3133 New Location

where distinctive clothing is the rule, not the exception. Lowe r Level 3rd & Main

Home Of The Country Boy 217

Smith , Sarah K. 172 Smith, Scott Jay Smith, Suzanne Marie 172 Smith, Syd Anne Smith, Terry Kathleen Smith, Wayne Alan 172 Smullen, Mary Ellen Snell , Christine Regina Snell , Jolyn Christine 24 Snesrud, Glen Russell 33,48,75 Snustad, Charles Snyder, Becky Lyn Snyder, Janet Susan Snyder, Susan Ellen Snyder, Thomas Owen Snyder, Wendy Jo 16,17,135 So, Kwong 15 Sobeck, David Alan Sobota, Neale James Solarz, Catherine Ann Solberg , Dorene Renae Solberg , Robert Donald Solie, Gary Leslie Sommer, Carol Anne Sommers, Susan Lynn Sommer, Suzanne Mary Sonju , Daniel Winton 25,123 Sonsalla, Darrell Joseph Sontag, Gail Katherine 190-191 Sopko, Jacqueline Marie Sopoci , Candice Louise 22 SORENSON,BARBARA90 Sorg, Carol Ann 22 Sorom , Kathy Lou Soulek, Gwendolyn Ann Sova, Sue Ann

SOVIESK , NORMAN 106 SOVINEC, RICHARD 110 Spath, Janet Louise SPEAR, JAMES 91 Speck, Mary Anne 162 Speer, Dorene Scheeve Spelhaug, Ann Marie Spelhaug, Jean Kathryn 172 Speltz, Mary Lynn Speltz, Robert Lee Speltz, Nancy Ellen SPELTZ, RHETTA101 Speltz, Richard Lee SPENCER, LILLIAN 113 Spiess, Greg STADLER, LEROY 105 Stadle r, Phyllis J. 37 Stahl , Rebecca Lynn Stalka, Sharon Ann Staloch, Patrick Alan Stalsitz, Louis Joseph Stamy, Edward Grant Stamy, Judy Lynn Stanek, Lana Kay Stanek, Loralee Jill Stanford, Robert Wes ley Stankiewicz, Suzanne Stanton, Daborah Jean Stanton, Mary East Stark, Dennis Wayne Stark, Lois Diane Stark, Mary Jo Stark, Richard Lowell Stark, William Blair Starr, Kathy Ann 33,35 Steadman, David Allen

Stearns, M . Sherry Stebbins, George R. Sieberg , Marlene Jean 37 Steel, Ronald M. 162 Steele, Barbara Ann 35 Steen, Paul Frederick Steen , Renae Suzanne 172 Steenblock, June Steffen , Catherine 29 Steffen, Dennis David Steffes, David Edward Steffes, Thomas Lee Steigerwald, Ane Cornel 162 Steigerwald, Jean H. Steinbauer, Ronald Max Steiner, Luanne Sue 162 Steiner, Todd Merrill Steitz, Paula June Stejskal, Dale A. Gusse Stelplugh, Robert Stemmer, Michael Warren Stender, Linda Marie Stensgard, Norine Kay Stenzel, Mark Walter 162 Stephan, Judith Eva Stephens, Sandra Jean Stern, Edward August Steuart, Patricia Steuernagel, Gary Will 25 Steuernagel , Gregory M. Stevens, Joe Terry 172 Stevens, Michele Marie Stevens, Nancy Helen Stevens, Richard Stevens, Robert Bruce 16 STEVENS,RONALD115

Steyer, Lois Maire 27 Sticha, Paul Jay 16,17 St iever, Gary A. Stiever, Michael Walter Stinocher, Ellen C. Stinson, Charles Robert Stirn, Mildred L. Stoa, Thomas Arnold Stofferahn, Harold Stolpa, Renee Ann Stol tman, Kathleen Joan Stoltman, Susan Lee Stoltz, Gary James Stompoff, Don 172 Stowell, Linda Rae St. Peter Peggy Lynne 38 Strate, Linda Mueffelma Straube, James Linn Streater, Wesley L. Streeter, James Dixon Streid, Rick 129 Streier, Douglas Ansel Stromberg , Kraig Strong, Kenneth Michael Strouth , Theresa Anne 38 Strozewski , Tunney John Strub, Ronald Dean Struble, Susan Maxine 25 Stuber, John Robert Stumpff, Donald John Styba, David Alan Styba, Michael Frederic Styba, William Edward Suchanek, Dana Ellen Suchanek, Robert James Suchla, Vernon John 24,25

JOHNS JEWELRY specializing in quality watch repair


Registered and Insured 160 Main Street tel. 452-4732

Howie Says--"Take your car to where the tire experts are!"


Nelson Tire Service, Inc.


4th and Main 454-5181 Retread Plant West on Highway 61 454-3605







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Corner of Huff and Sanborn 457-2162

Compliments of

The College Bookstore

Supplier of Books Supplies Novelties Greeting Cards Cosmetics Clothing


Suchomel , Diane Marie Suk, Wil liam R. Sukans, Irene Dagnia Sukawaty , Donna Lo uise Sull ivan, Jayne Ann Sullivan Jerome Sul livan , Margaret Mary 37 Sullivan , William James 93 Sundem, Jeffery Elmer Sundry, Terry Lee Suneson, Terry Craig 48 Su nne, Ronald Ke nneth Supalla, Donald Dea n Supataraporn, Dumrong Suppon, John Emery Svendsen , Margaret 14,172 Svoboda, John Michael Swanson , Kathrine Mary 38,44, 172 Swanson, Paul Edward Swanson, Richard Al len 36,43 Swa nson, Robert E. 36 Swanson, Vance E. 93,162 Swedi n, James Richard Sweely, Heidi Joy 23 Sweeney, Cynthia Jane 52 Sweeney, Patricia Ann 76, 172 Sweep, Luverne Douglas 33,175 Sweet, Charl es M. Switzer, Donavon Bliss Sylverter, John P. Szarmach, Eugene Wm . Szymonik, Mary Dawy 190,191

T Talaga, Bruce J. Tanniehi ll , Da rlys Taplin , Br uce Morris 25 Tarras, Con nie Ruth Tarras, Larry Elmer Tarras, Steve Al len Tarvestad , Anthony Taylor , Gregory Laurence Tay lor, Mary Lou Tay lor , Ronald E. Teerlinck, Barbara Lynn Tegme ier, Brenda Kay Teitge, Lynda Rae, 175 Tembreul l, Janel Bernice Tenseth , Wi lliam Ole Tentis, Laura Jean 30 Tepe, Junelle Lynn Ter Bush, Londra Jeanine Tesch, David Clifford Testor, Cynthia Ann Thacher, Den nis Ray Thaldorf, Evangel ine A. Thede, Steven G. Theelke, Gary Lee Theis, Timothy James Theis, Thomas John Theisen, Joyce Frances Thesing, Philip Mark Thesing, Sue El len Thicke , Franc is Edward 24,25 Thiem , Michael C. 17,16 Thierman, Barbara Ann Thilmany, Paulette Ann Thisius , Jeffrey M. Thisius, Cynt hia Kay Thoe, Sheryl Kay Tho lkes, Gary Paul 220

Thomford, George M. 74 Thomford , Stephanie Lee Thompson , Arline King Thompson , Brian Dean Thompson, Doul as Ger Thompson, Douglas S. Thompson, Janice Thompson, Judith Kaye Thompson, Larry Dean Thompson, Marcia Thompson , Nancy Jeanne Thompson , Saralyn K. Thornie, Roger Leonard 190-191 Thoreson, Maxine Th oreson, Wendy Wynette Thorson, Gary Truman Thorson, Sarah Leah 27 Thrune , Richard Bernard Thrune, Stephen Valent Tibodeau, Patricia Mary Tiedemann, El len Marie 24 Ti edemann, Thomas Alfred Tienter, Eliot Lynn Timm, Rudolph Bryan Tindal , Janet Ru th Tlougan , Corrine Rose Toebber, Mary Carol Toews, Mari e King Tolmi e, Barbara Jane 23,28, 162 Tolstad, Marie Ann 38 Tomto n, Larry Marti n Tonnesse n, Sverre 15 Toombs , Susan Ann Topic, Joseph Francis Topping , Margery Ann 175 Torgrimson, John Rolf Tousley , Kristeen Tracy, Judith Menning 38 Tracy , Warren Thomas Tradup, Bernice Ruth Trapp, Susan Earleen 190 Trelstad, Gary All en Tremain , Char les Steffen Tremain , Charles Steffen Tremain, Richard Robert Trish, Nancy Beth TR ITZ, ROBERT 88 Troester, Joel Carl 28 Trock , Michael Wi lliam Trowbr idge, Robert L. Trotman, James Edwa rd Trouten, Alverne Rae 175 Trulson , Roth Garven Trunnell , Luann Yvonne 175 Tschumper, Kenneth Pau l Tschumper, Linda Rae Tubbs, Mary Jo 23,28,30,31, 163 Tucke r, Harold J. TUCK ER, PAUL 116 Tuftin , Marlys Gai l Tuftin, Steven Emmett Turbenson, Theodo re Turek, Kathleen Ann 28, 163 TURI LLE, STEPHEN 94 Turner, Colleen Jane Turner, Kathleen Turn er, Kevi n Joh n Turner, Lee James 18 Tutt le, Clar k A. 3 Tverberg, Glenn Carl Tweedy, Marion L. Tweeten , Marsha Jean 28,175 TWENGE, STEPH EN Tweten , Patri cia Kay 24 Twite, Mary Eil een 25,163 TYE, HAROLD

HADDAD'S the to ps in d ry cl eaning and shi rt finishing Same day service-{)ne cal l does it all 452-2301 for prompt pickup and del ivery Drive-in parking in rear, 164 Main, Winona

u Uhl, Peter J . Ulwelling, Gerald J . Untz, Susan Marie Urbac h, James Douglas Urbach, Mi c hael John 61 URBAN SKI , ALBI N 40 Urness, Gerald Allen Urness, Linez S. Bisek Urtel, Rodney Allen 24,25 Usset, Albert L.

v Vagts, Sharon Greenslad Valley, Marcia Ann VanAlstine, James B. VanAlsti ne, Jane VanAlst ine, Jil l VanAuken, Rebecca Ann 25 VanBuskirk, Gene Elroy VandenBerg, Betty Jean Vandermoon, Steven Lee Vande rBerg, Margaret J . VanDeWalker, Jo hn Lar VAN DE WATER, ARTHUR 109 Vandewege, Maxine Ela ine VanGundy, Dennis Harold VanHoff, Betty Louise

VanHouten , Steven VAN KIRK , HENRY 100 Vanostrand , Sheridel L. Vanzo, El izabeth Louise Varien , Thomas Robert Voshart, Kathleen Ann Veek , Karen Jeanne 32 Veldhuizen, Barbara Ann Ven hu izen, Rut h Ann VE RMEULEN, JOHN 112 Vernon, Marilyn Lou ise Vick, Leon Cl iffo rd Vick ery, David Vickery, James McGarry Viesselman , Jackie Lynn Vieths, David A. 17,16 Vi kre , Ronald Terry 128 Vil leneuve, Cary 34 Vi rn ig, Ca ron C. Walske Virnig , Larry Adrian Vix , Jacquel ine Louise Voelker, John A. Voelker, Susan Marie Vogel , Craig A. Vogel, John Charles 175 Vogel, Therese Marie Vogt, Ca ro le Li nda Vogt, Terry Edward Voight, Eugene Leroy Voight, Jacqueline Ann Voight, Jimmy Dale Volkart , Gregory Albert Volkman , Betty Lynn Volkman , Dale Al len Vol lenweider, Rita L.

VonArx, Deborah Ruth VonArx , John William VonBargen . Cynthia VonBargen, Diane VonBargen, Linda Ann 35 Vonderahe, Betty VonFeldt , Vernon J. VonHelm st , Patricia VonGroven, Steven 190 VonRuden, Ric hard Jose Voshell , Bonnie Jo 191 Voss, Barbara Lu 190-191 Voss, Diane Kay Vrtis, Patrici a Ellen

w Wachtler, Barbara Mary Wade, Peter Alexander Wagaman , Janice Jeanette Wagner, Alberta WAGNER , JAMES 88 Wagner, Kathl een Mary Wagner, Ke ith Edward Wagner, Lesl ie Lei lani Wagner, Marl ene Kay Wagner, Mary Louise 23 Wagner, Paul Nicholas 39 Wagner, Richard Michael Wah l, Mariann B. Waite , Diane M. Walbruch , John W. 15,21 Walburn , Ronald Dean Walch, Theresa Ann WALDEN , EVERETT 96 Walker, Robert Arthur Wallace, Patricia Kaare Wallace, Terry Lee Wallerich, Bernard 163 Walski, John P. Walter, Robert John Walters, Marsha Lorraine E. 23 28,30,31,163 Walters , Randy Glenn Walther , Jane Lynn Waltzer, Steven Joseph Wanzek , William Franc is Ward, Jacqueline An n 191 Ward, Thomas W. WARNER , DONALD 86 Warn , Cheryl Lynn 172 Warn , Ruth Alyc e Warthesen, Marie Teresa Watkins. Jerome A. Walkowski , Joseph P. Watson, Gloria Faye 172 Watson, Larry Don 163 Wayne Richard S. Weakley , Terry Jon Webbles, Margy Bell 16 Weber, Carol Jean 14 Weber, Cheryl Jean Webinger, Jillayne Webster, Ann Webster, Margaret Wedde, Linda Marie

Wedul , Lita Kat herine WEDUL, MELVIN 11 9 Weegman , Linda Katherin e 37 Wegman, Marlys Jean Wegman, Ruth Ann 163 Weibel, Claudia Jean Weigenant , Gregory 14 WEILER, DAVID 93 Weimer, Emily Rut h Weimer, Penelope Jane 18,124 135 Weimerskirch, Joseph J. Weis, Garth Edward Weishaar, Michael Joseph We iske , Jane Elizab eth Weisz , Brit Henriksen Weitzel , Steven Henry Welch , Esther Marie Welch, James M. 147 Welch , Le Ann Ruth WELCH , MARGARET 111 Weldon, Phi l li p G. Wellik, Stephen L. Welsch , Dennis George Wendlandt, Dee Ann Wenseth , Ell en Marie 123 Wendt, Davi d John Wendt, Linda Rubye 163 Wendt, Sara L. Wenger, Betsy Kay Wengert , Ric hard Wenzel , Ronald G. Wenzel, Stephen Chris Wera , Judy Ann Wereszczak , Jaroslaw Werner, Joyce Lyn n 24,27 Werner, Nancy Jo 190 Werner, Peter William Wera, Ri c hard Loui s Werre, Carletta Gail 175 Wertz, Kristin Marie Westby, Charles Wayne Westphal , Carl Jean 191 Westphal, Gregory F. Wetherby, Duane Lee 191 Weyl , Ronald Da le27,190-191 , 142 Whalen , Janice Marie 40 Whalenlenis , Edward Wharton , Judith Clark Wherry, Mary Margaret Whetstone , Bruce Allen Whetstone , Judith Whetstone, Robert George Whillock, Paul Herbert Whingelby, Alice Ann White , Bonnie Lou 30 ,191 WHITE, DARRELL White , Gilbert C. White, Glen Walter White , Linda Earlene White, Ronald L. White, Steven Michael Whitworth , Shirley Ann 38,172 Whorton , Mary Elizabeth Wiebke, Kathleen Ann Wiebke , Mary Lou Wieczorek , Steven Joseph 36 Wieczorek, Thomas Joseph

Wiedman , Randall J . Wiedl , Constance Jane Wiedman , Steve Edward Wiegrefe, James Marvin Wieme, Gerald Francis Wieme, James Wierzba, James Michael Wieser, Aloys Jr. Wilbert , James T. Wi ldenauer, Loralu Lucy Wildenborg , John Peter Wildenborg , Frederick H. Wildenberg , Joseph P. Wilder, Mi chael Earl 24,25 Wildes , Gerald Will iam 21 Wildes, Paul Joseph Wilk , Terrance Lee Williams, Bon nie Lee Will iams, Delvin Joseph Williams , Edward Alan 25 Wil liams Fred Arthur Williams , Joseph Cl oyde Will iams , Linda D. Williams Petra Faye Wi l lroth, Janet Lynn WILLSON , DAN 87 Wilma, Nancy Anastasia 163 Wilmes , Gregory Jude 175 Wilsey , Roy William Wilson , De Anna Lynn 190 Wilson, Don Lanning 36 Wilson, Douglas W. WILSON , JAMES 90 Wi lson , Janis Jo 30,31 ,63 Wilson, Keith Albert Wilson , Mary M. Wi lson, Patt i Lynn 24,29 Wilson , Paul Fredri ck 17,16 WILSON , ROBERT 108 Wing , Nancy Jean Wing , Stephen M. Winger, Stephen Lester Winkel , Barbara Marie Winkler, James Fredri c k Wintheiser, Philip John Wi rt , John Duane Wissman, William Henry Wistrcill , Donald John Wistrcill, Margaret Withers, Connie Louise Withhart , Benjam i n Fred 172 Witt, Frank James WLODKOWSKI , EDNA 111 Wodele , David James Wojahn , David Jam es Wojcik , Mary Josephine 190191 Wolf, Philip David WOLFE , DUANE 109 Wolfe, Samuel Walter Wolff, Dawn Pauline Wolfgram , Bruce Lloyd 28,175 WOLFEMEYER , MARVIN 95 WOLFMEYER, PAMELA 93 Woll, James Richard Wol l in, Janet Kay 25 Wong, Thomas Sung Yan 15 Wood, Charles Emery 36 Wood , Judith Lynn

Wood, Leslie Carvell 163 Wood , Mary Jo Wood , Nadine Frances Wood Robert Frank 163 Wood , Robyn Julienne 191 Wood , Wayne Kenneth Wood , Zona Ann 14,21 ,38 WOODSEND, JEAN 29 Woodward , Gerald Kent Woodward , Will iam Alan Woodworth , John Walker Worden , Lynn Kay WOTHKE, LESTER 105 Woyc hek , Dennis Michael Wright , Charles S. Wright, Regis Ann Wright , Robert Sco tt 191 Wright , Robin Dan iel 27 Wright, Ruth Ann 27 Wurl , Alvin D. 36 Wurl , Ronald Albert Wurm , Geraldine Grace 14,19, 28,175 Wurm , Mark Alfred Wurm , Robert Joseph Wychgram , Susan Frances Wysong, Diana Jean

y Yackel , Mark Wi lliam Yahnke , James Michael Yeadke, Bette Jean Yeadke , Joann Margaret Yohe , Spencer Lee 39,175 Yokiel, Arthur P. Yokiel , Sherry Marie Yoost, Dean A. Yost, Georgene Adeaide 16,17, 37,52,172 YOUNGCK , MARLYS108 Young , Deborah Lynn Young , Ronald Edward Young , Roscoe Paul C. 58 ,60,62 Youngbauer, Steven Ray Yung , Kwai Wah

z Zaiser, Gordon Arthur ZANE, CHARLES 118 Zarling, Kenneth Allan Zeches , C ha~esScott

Zeches, Ronald Scott Zeller, Daniel K. Zerfahs , Carl C. Zetah , Gregory Stephen Ziebell , Gary Ryan Ziegeweid, Bernard Zimmer, Daryl Kent Zippel, Melissa Jane Zwart, Richard P.


Activities and organizations index Academic Affairs ....................... . .. 86 Administration ............................ 88 Alpha Delta Pi ......... . ... ....... . . ...... 37 Alpha Xi Delta ............................ 38 Americans for Democratic Action ........... .. . 20 Art Department .................... . ..... . . 90 Audio-Visual Department ....... .......... .. . 91 Band ........................ ... . ....... 24 Baseball .......... ... ... ................. 49 Basketbal I ............................... 58 Biology Department ........................ 92 Brothers Four ............................ 122 Business Administration Department ..... .... .. 93 Business Education Department ............... 94 Cheerleaders ............................. 32 Chemistry Department ...................... 94 Chess Club ............................... 1 ~ Choir.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 Concerts and Lectures Committee ......... ... 126 Dance Marathon ......................... . t 23 Debate .................................. 18 Delta Zeta .................. .. ... . ... ... . 35 Education Department ...................... 96 English Department . ........ ... ..... ....... 98 Educational Psychology Department ......... .. 100 Footbal I .. .... .............. .... .. ... .... 54 Foreign Language Department .. .... .... ..... 101 Geography Department ..................... 102 Geology and Earth Science Department ........ 103 Graduation .............................. 154 Health and Physical Education Department ...... 104 History Department ........................ 106 Homecoming .................... . ........ 128 Industrial Arts Department .......... . .... . .. 107 International Students ...................... 15 lntervarsity Christians .. . .. . ....... . ..... . ... 27 Juniors ..... . . . ...................... . .. 173 Kappa Delta Pi ............................ 23 Kappa Pi . . .............................. 22 Library Department ........................ 108 Lutheran Collegians .. ... .... ... ............. 26 Mac Davis .......... . .................... 122 Mathematics Department ................... 109 Men's Residence Hall Council ................ 29 Miss Julie and The Stronger ................. 124


Music Department ......................... 110 Newman Club . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Nursing Club .... ......................... 22 Nursing Department ... ... . ... ............. 111 Orientation Teams . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 176 Panhellenic Counci l ........................ 39 Phelps Faculty ....... . ................... 113 Phi Delta Rho ........... . .... ... .......... 34 Physics Department ..... . ................ . . 95 Pi Alpha Theta .. ............ ... ....... .... 23 Pi Sigma Epsilon .......................... 39 Playboy Dance ......... . .................. 42 Play Day ... .... ... ....... ... ............. 52 Political Science Club ...................... 21 Political Science Department ................ 114 President's Ball ........................... 44 Psychology Department .................... 116 nesident Assistants ........................ 28 Satori ...... .. .......................... . 40 Seniors .................... . ... ......... 150 Sigma Pi Sigma ........................... 18 Sigma Tau Gamma . ........... . ............ 34 Society for the Advancement of Management ..... 19 Sociology Department ...................... 115 Sophomores ............................ . 168 Speech Department ........... ....... . .... 117 Student Affairs . .................... . .... . 118 Student National Education Association ......... 19 Student Senate ....................... .. . .. 21 Tau Kappa Epsilon ......................... 36 Track .................................. 148 Twin Menaechmi .... .. . .. .... ............. 132 Union Program Council ..... . ............... 14 Veterans Club ............................ 20 "W" Club ........................ . . ..... . 33 Wenonah ............. . ............... 41 ,222 Wenonah Players ......................... 16 Winona State Speech Association ......... .. .. 17 Women's Gymnastics ....................... 71 Women's Intramural-Extramural Program ........ 31 Women's Judicial Board ... ....... .. ..... . .. 29 Women's Physical Education Club .......... . .. 30 Women 's Swimming ..................... . .. 68 Wrestling .......................... ... ... 66

1971 Wen_onah Staff Editor: Business Manager: Chief Photographer: Photographer: Advisor: Special Assistants:

Maureen Rod ich Harry Bartz Paul Kuchenmeister Mike Abitz Adolph Bremer Jill Bartz Mary Rosburg Charlotte Pagel


Carol Ryan Joyce Runningen Cathy Lawsteu n Joy Benda Becky Leffert Jan Edwards Wayne Kidd Kathy Harpel Ruth Michel Bob Donkers Duane Lien Lisa Possehl