Wenonah Yearbook - 1969

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The Scene This Year . . .

Unique People and Experiences Put the "Life"


The book:


Wenonah in College Life Winona State College Winona, Minnesota

Each school year Has, admittedly, an essential Sameness about it-Classes, schedules, events Change little . . . But people, And the things they do, Are never the sameTogether they generate A certain enthusiasm, Create a certain Uniqueness . . Place them in A campus, A community, And in a natural setting That are unlike any, Anywhere else, And the scenes Of 1968- 1969 At Winona State College Becomes scenes That are of a time and A place That will never happen Or be again.

A look back to scenes of the year that was, to people and experiences that put the "life" in college life.

The contents:

Table of Experiences 4 Introduction 26 Participating in

Campus Activities 54 Cooperating With Faculty

86 Sharing Mutual Interests

112 Promoting Fellowsh ip 128 Competing in Sports 156 Progressing Toward a Goal

The producers: Diane Mager, Editor-in-chief; Roger Fischbach and Gary Anhalt, Assistant Sport Editors; Maureen R o di c h , Advertisements; Paul McNallan, Business Manager; Staff: Linda Nelson, Linda Schild, and Gene Larrabee; Wally Schultz and Chris Grajczyk, Photography; Mr. Bremer, Advisor.



ABOVE: Reflections of a sunset on the Mississippi River. RIGHT: The bluffs in autumn . panorama of color.

Sets the Scene

The natural scene . . . Is Lake Winona. Irresistible in Spring, it becomes A mass gathering place where We rub elbows while "Beachin' it." Alluring in evening, it's a place For quiet, Contemplation, and solitary walks. It's Sugar Loaf and high bluffs. Lush with greenery in Spring, Breathtaking In its array of color in Autumn. The place to hike, cave-crawl, or Simply admire a view. It's the Mississippi River, awesome In a sense, yet A place for recreation, skiing, Boating, partying . . . A setting, ideal and unique. One that adds dimension to our College existence.

ABOVE AND ABOVE LEFT: A striking contrast between night a n d day-Sugar Loaf as viewed from across Lake Winona.


Natural In summer Lake ing and swim

Rae Ann Aker and Arlys Legler prepare to deepen their tans.

Winter or Summer An Ideal Setting

Gary Colgan admires the view from lofty heights, then picks a hill . . .


- - - - - -



- -


- - - - - -

Setting Provides Recreation Winona is ideal for beachming' . . .

then proceeds to ascend .

In the winter months, it's a skating rink or playing field for broomball.

at the top, another view to be admired.


Life in Winona-A Part of Our

ABOVE: The opening of another movie theatre, the "Cinema", provided us with a wider selection of movies from which to choose. RIGHT: Winona's public library, jus t one of the community resources frequently utilized by WSC students. 8

College Experience The community scene . . . Is best viewed from the top of Garvin Heights. From that impressive height Can be seen all of Winona, which is, For most of us, not just another Town but the Place where we work, worship, Spend money, Get educated, have fun, and Become involved, Whether it be as a Y-team advisor, A disc-jockey At a local radio station, Or a clerk in a store. And because we live here, taking Karate at the YMCA, Curling up in a big leather chair At the public library And never getting a r o u n d to study, Having a good time At Shakey's and the Pizza Hut, And going into debt With that charge account at Stevensons, are all Things that become a part of our College experience.

ABOVE: The "strip" familiar to all of Winona's college students. It includes the Pizza Hut, McDonald's, The Happy Chef, and Country Kitchen. ABOVE LEFT: An expansive view of Winona from the top of Garvin Heights.

ABOVE: The community YMCA is the place to go for instruction in self-defense. Winona State student John Amlaw is the instructor for several classes in karate there. The session begins with "rai'', a ceremonial bowing to the instructor. FAR ABOVE: Phi Sig pledges involve themselves in community service by chopping and gathering firewood for the lodges on Prarie Island.


We Work, Play , Get Involved.

• •

BELOW: Bob Junghans works at the Winona Daily as a sports editor. Bob is a Winona State student who also is associate editor of the Winonan.

ABOVE: Students let loose for an evening of fun out at Shakey's Pizza Parlor. LEFT: Instructor John Amlaw and Dave Giese demonstrate the precision necessary to execute a karate move.


ABOVE: A look into the new addition to the Student Union. ABOVE LEFT: A view of Sornsen Hall, the main administrative building on campus. ABOVE RIGHT: Morey-Shepard Hall in the process of rebuilding. RIGHT: Sheehan Hall, Winona State's only hi-rise building.


The Scene on Cainpus The Campus scene . . . Is old in contrast to new, The traditional In contrast to progress. Sornsen with those formidable Front steps, And Morey and Shepard, rebuilt To preserve tradition, Represent the impressiveness of Age and institution. Impressive too, the new And modern. Pride is taken in the new "Smog," A hi-rise dorm, a modern library, And plans for further expansion. But it's something personal too. A greeting from screaming kids Playing outside Phelps As you walk hurriedly to class. It's socializing in the "Smog." Stopping in at McVey's for a between-snack snack. It's saying "Hi" And meaning it because our Campus isn't so big That we're all strangers. It's a feeling of belonging Because here We're people in a familiar crowd Instead of being Mere crowded people . . .


Cain pus Scenes Reflect Growth, Change •

LEFT: The campus bookstore, moved this year to more spacious quarters in Richards Hall, reflects response to the n eed for change a n d improvement. BELOW: The new library was in its second year of use- the old librar y bei ng converted into a more spacious and better facilitated student health cente r. OPPOSITE PAGE: UPPER LEFT: An addi tion to Kryzsko Commons, newly completed fall quarter, provided the campus with expanded facilities for dining, recreation, and extracurricular a c t i v i t i e s . LOWER LEFT: The sight of construction is a familiar sight on our campus where growth and change are the order of the day.

ABOVE: The dormitory basement is a good place to go for a study break. ABOVE RIGHT: Cardshark techniques are displayed in the fourth floor Prentiss smoker.







Dorm.itory Living

~ •J<O•'"''"'~¡'"

Living on campus is an elbowrubbing sort of thing-you get to know people because existing is a community project . . . it's like having twenty-five roommates and a special kind ofbuiltin telephone answering service . . . it's having an RA, scre aming for quiet, or, lending a friendly ear to problems or gripes . . . it's having an audience while you say goodnight to your date in a fishbowl -type atmosphere . . . it's dining regularily (or not so regularily) at Slater's and supplementing that with quick trips to the candy and pop machines in the basement . . . if you live in Sheehan it's cringing in your nightgown and hair rollers in the back part of the elevator as it s lowly opens on first floor and complete strangers in the lobby stare back at you . . . it's fire -drills at four in t he morning, all night gab sessions, floor meetings, and, if you'r e a freshman, it's kee ping " hours" and the fear of being late. But, more importantly it's living together . . . forming attachments and a kind of bond so that you know your floor and dorm are best- whether it's third floor Richards or eighth floor Sheehan.

ABOVE: Paul Johnson, non-member of the wrestling squad, de monstrates the Prentiss-Lucas lobby ver s ion of a tak e down hold t o J udy !te n , struggling vic tim. LEFT: J ohn V oge l and Fra nk Siebe n a le r (fa r right) s upervise the building of the P rentiss d orm dis p lay for H omecoming.


Everyone's Favorite Supper Club!


A Place to Eat, Work, and Meet Friends . • · • BELOW: The salad counter is a first stop for those dining at Slaters'. LEFT: A flash of her ID card and the go-ahead signal from Mr. Davies sends Linda Strnad on her. way through the 11ne.

ABOVE: Dick Metz and Ken Maddux love their work as part-time Slaters' employees. LEFT: Ed Littlejohn demonstrates that the cafeteria is more than just a place to eat but a place to make new a qua inta nces. FAR LEFT: Susan Gieger , a student employee at the cafeteri a, serves the main dish for the e v e ning. 19

ABOVE: Off-campus apartments, like dormitory rooms, have a place set aside for more intellectual pursuits. ABOVE RIGHT: Apartme nt living means eating one's own cooking r egardless of what or how frugal the results might be.


Apartinent Living Living off-campus i s a learning experience . . . i t's learning to budget time and money because you need more of both. More t ime because th ere are added dutieshousecleaning, grocery s h opping, cooking. More money because there are a lways bills-rent, food, phone . . . it' s freedom and independ ence but responsibility too - cooking your own meals (even if they don't turn out quite like Mom's), doing your own dishes, h aving your own phone (and your own phone bill too) . .. it's going grocery shopping and trying to decide whether a 12 ounce can at 69c is a better buy than two 7 ounce cans at 39c a piece . . . it's curling up on a couch to watch television in y our own living room . . . it's privacy if you want it, a party if you don' t .. . it' s a kind of satisfaction , because even i f it 's not like home, it simulates home, and more importantly, it's your place, and what it is is what you make it.

ABOVE: Eile en Gerber, Bonnie Dill, Pat Romanc huk , a nd Sonny Johnson d e m o n str a t e thei r get-a long-ability. LEFT: Clarice Ridge way beg in s the necessary b u siness o f housecleaning.


People Set the Scene . People with Special Talents . . .


Varied Interests

• •



. and Warni Qualities

People Who Are Friends .


the scene is participating . . . becoming involved in activities and events . . . being a leader during a soggy week of orientation activities . . . campaigning for a favorite for homecoming queen, building a float, marching in a parade . . . rehearsing for a play, painting scenery, designing costumes and sets . decorating for a dance, planning a ball, conducting an election . . . attending a play a concert, a lecture a sound-off. . . a reflection of concern and degrees of involvement.




. . . participating in campus activities

Orientation Week '68 was ... Getting drenched and Bemoaning the persistent rains. Singing the rouser And challenging another team To do it worse. It was mismatching names with All those new faces. It was a proposed Freshman March Up Garvin Heights. But most of all it was Freshmen Beginning again, lonely And low. Enduring that bright purple beanie And wearing it Even though it clashed with all The clothing they owned. Freshmen bewildered a n d pretending They weren't Swallowing the lump ofloneliness Denying it ever was there.

ABOVE: Freshmen receive identification tags and team assignme nts from Gary Gartner. RIGHT: Moving into a new home and a new way of life ...


Frosh Are Welcomed LEFT: With this beanie, I thee ... Jan Weist distributed the beanies that turned 859 young men and women into 859 lowly freshmen. BELOW: One last consultation with a concerned Dad before becoming immersed in college life.


ABOVE: Bruce Hittner and Sue Westlund represent the class of '72 as Winona State's Freshman king and queen. ABOVE RIGHT: Facing a sea of beanies ... The 1968 Orientation team leaders are introduced to their adoring(?) fans.


ABOVE: Arthur Van De Water and Charles Zane, advisors to the Orientation team, seem to have a bewildered freshman on their hands. LEFT: Gary McDowell, chairman of Orientation activities; Sue Critchfield, secretary; Kit Grier, treasurer; and Barb Stemmer, Gary's co-chairman, take time out for some relaxation.


Homecoming '68 was ... P a rtic ipation by many. Carnpaigning For a fa vorite queen candidate. Selling mums , Working diligently on a float, Or Cheering Wholeheartedly at the pepfest And game. It was a hushed crowd, suspense Broken by applause As a n e w queen received Her crown. It was standing room only wh e n Big-name entertainers Peaches a nd Herb performe d " soul". It was "Valley of the Warriors. " The Homecoming slogan Carrie d out with a id of paint, Crushed napkins, crep e p a per, wire, cardboard And imagination. Floa t s with ingenious slogans " We'll beat the Beaver's by a Dam Site!" It was a breathtakingly beautiful Autumn weekend Perfect for t h e morning para d e And aft ernoon game. The crowd , a collage of color And spirited enthusiasm, Cheered the Warriors to victory Over Bemidji, a Happy climax to an eventful week.

Jill Sacke tt re c e iv es h e r c rown . ..



--- --~-

..c--:•l.S -



·:r ...... __.- ...... --~---•



~ ... ,


Homecoming '68 Queen candidates Jill Sackett, Carol Nessler, Dee Nelson, Judith Jones, Lynn Johnson, Christy Campbell, Lynn Huntoon, Cindy Jones, Judy Lee, Nancy Nelson, Kay Quinn and Jan Weist wait with suspense as Diane Baringer, last year's queen, sits in her throne for the last time.

her royal robe ...

and a standing ovation as she p asses by on the arm of Dr. DuFresne ...


Honieconiing '6:

r -

ABOVE: Peaches and H e rb in shadows sing a love balla d. ABOVE RIGHT: Later, they " soc k it to ¡e m " with an up-tempo roc k numbe r .

H erb gets to know some WSC students a little better. First Cindy Jones , homecoming queen candida te .. .


Brings Peaches and Herb

BELOW: The homecoming crowd is stimulated to some "soul-c lapping". BELOW RIGHT: Denny Brooks, guitarist-singer, demonstrates his e ngaging style.

then Bill Niemczyk, who seems more interested in Peaches ...

and the n with Jim Hall with whom he exchanges banter.


- - -


- -


BELOW: "Sl ay the Beavers'', is the slogan on the first-place float, built by S i g m a Tau G a m m a. Bill Niemczck (far right) accepts the trophy fo r his frate r nity at half time.

ABOVE: The Warriorettes march along briskly to add color and spirit to the mid-morni ng parade. EXTREME ABOVE: Jill Sackett sits e nthroned on a float designed and built by Kappa Pi a rt fraternity. 36

An Exciting Parade

L EFT : Th e mar ch i n g bands have appreciative onl ookers. ABOVE : Phi S i gma Eps ilon's float s po rts the clever s logan , "We'll b eat the Beavers by a dam site!"


FAR ABOVE: Rick Starzecki pre pares his teammates for action a gainst the Bemidji Beave r s . ABOVE: Curt Palmer prepares to p ass while Pat Boland covers.









- -




_..__.. -


Wenonah Players Present ''The, II '


layers' fall Nov. 1 and ber 8 playaudiences. s Richard a.ls," a res. portrayed ss system inceptions


ABOVE: Lydia Languish, played by Jeanne Morrison, prepares to give instructions to her maid, playe d by June Corteau. RIGHT: Julia, played by Leslie Midkoff, cries sorrowfully over Faukland's departure.






Wenonah Players Present ''The Rivals'' The Wenonah Players' fall production opened Nov. 1 and ran through November 8 playing to appreciative audiences. The production was Richard Sheridan's "The Rivals," a restoration comedy that portrayed the 18th Century class system and the ridiculous conceptions of honor and righteousness practiced by the noblemen of that period. " The Rivals" was under the direction of Dorothy B. Magnus. A cast of both experienced Wenonah Players and talented incoming freshmen made the play one that was acclaimed by the Winona audience.

ABOVE: Captain Absolute (Mike Sh e imo) and Sir O 'Trigger (John Heddle) due l for Lydia's love. Sir Anthony (center, played by Mark Orlows ki) tries to prevent the due l as concerned bystanders look on s queamishly. FAR ABOVE: Sir O 'Trigger (John Heddle) teaches Acres (Denny Bell) the rudim ents of dueling. 41

Deceinber Bri ngs Heavy Snows



FAR ABOVE: Connie Abbott, in the holiday mood, decorates her dormitory wall. ABOVE: Car-pushing was a common scene all winter long with the uncommon amount of snow, ice, slush, and more snow . . . RIGHT: Patti King, an Alpha Delta Pi girl, puts the finishing touches on punchbowl decorations for the Christmas Dance.

• • •




A l pha Delta Pi Provides A ''Winter Haven'' Winona State students, faculty, and their guests, had a chance to come in out of the cold into a warm, cheerful "Winter Haven" on December 6th. The annual Christmas Dance, traditionally sponsored by Alpha Delta Pi sorority, was quite in keeping with the old-fashioned Christmas spirit. A holiday mood was created with glittering ceiling ornaments, flocked greens, a small country church, snowmen, mistletoe and floodlights. Holiday spirits were enhanced by appropriate music provided by the Tom Lee Orchestra, and the evening was highlighted by a visit from Santa Claus.

and Christ111as Spirits . 43

President's Ball a Gala Affair What began fall quarter as a casual conversation among Winona State students about the success of last year's Inaugural Ball ended up as a major social event for students, faculty, and community. A student committee, h e a d e d by Tom Sage, formed and enlisted the aid of college and community members to generate support and do the actual work of sponsoring the President's Ball. The results were gratifying. L o v e 1 y decorations and buffet dinner, a fine orchestra and the enthusiasm a n d assistance of hundreds of people, made the affair an honor worth bestowing upon the president of our college.

ABOVE: Enjoying the fun after hard work . . . Jim Gores, Sue Metzler, Rick Stricklin, and Jeri Madsen helped with the ball by serving as ushers a nd assisting with decorations and invitations. Jeri was chairman of a student punch party held at the college before the ball. FAR ABOVE: The Ball involved the community as well as the college. A pre-ball party for coll ege and community ballgoers was held at the Jack Andresen home. Standing are F. L . Zeches, Mrs. S. J. Pettersen, and Mr. Andresen. Seated are Mrs. Zeches and Dr. and Mrs. Hugh Capron. 44

ABOVE: Cindy Jones, a senior from Fort Worth, Texas was one of the waitresses at the Banquet. Dr. Siemers and Dr. Frank Markus take advantage of her charming assistance. LEFT: The central banquet table, dominated by an Indianhead sculpture and swags of green and gold, offered a magnificent array of gourmet's delights that were duly appreciated by the 330 guests who dined at the Banquet.


February Brings '' Queen of Hearts' ' ..


The Valentine's Day Dance, sponsored annually by Delta Zeta Sorority, had as its theme this year " Queen of Hearts." The soft, romantic mood created by the decorations was enchanced by the music provided by the Tom Le e Orchestra of La Crosse. The highlight of the dance is traditionally the announcement of W i n o n a State's Campus Cover girl. Despite various rule infractions in campaigning, the disqualification of one of the candidates, a n d the consideration of invalidati ng t h e election, tradition was p reserved and Barbara Steene, a junior from Albert Lea, was chosen to succeed Cindy Jones.

ABOVE: P o ised and pre tty . . . Campus Cover g irl cand id a tes N a n c y Bezdich e k , Be tty E g lin ton , Cati H ingeva ld, Dia n e Heim, Ba rbara S teen e, Ros ie Marz, Dian e N elson , Na n cy Olson , Terry Follma n , a nd last year's Cover girl, 46

Cindy Jones. FAR ABOVE: B arb r ecei ves h er roy a l robe, r oses, a nd assis ta n ce from P liny S m ith a nd St e ve Holub ar.





BELOW: Candidates and their escorts await the selection of "Campus Playmate" . FAR BELOW: The selection is made . . . DeeAnn Nelson , with escort Jim Brodie , displays the charm that won her her title.


AndaTEKE ''Playinate'' Dance Playboy came to W i n o n a State's campus in February. Tau Kappa Epsilon, a men's social fraternity on campus, sponsored the event setting up a " bar" and gambling casino. For those who didn't care to " indulge", there was a dance going on all the while. Playboy magazine provided the decorations and publicity for the event; Delta Zeta provided the "Bunnies" (compliments of the pledge class). Highlight of the evening was the selection ofa Campus Playmate. DeeAnn Nelson was chosen from a group of twelve girls sponsored by various campus organizations. The Playboy Dance is sponsored by many TKE c h a p t e r s throughout the country and there are plans to make it an annual TKE tradition on this campus.


....-:-¡ -

. Vincent Price lectures . . .

A student's is appraised Student Art val by the w h i 1 e Mr. looks on.

work at the Festijudge Zane

Sir Andrew Augecheek is looked at rather disdainfully by Toby Belch in the National Shakespearean Company's production of "Twelfth Night." RIGHT: Miss Katherine Bacon, noted British concert pianist, presented a concert which included the works of Mozart, Liszt, and Chopin.



stimulates . . .

and then engages his audience.

Culture Abounds.

• •

Those interested in the arts could easily avail themselves of the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and enjoyment of them this past year. Spring brought the National Shakespearean Company with its productions of "Twelfth Night" and "Volpone." The Concert and Lectures Committee brought Miss Katherine Bacon, noted British concert pianist, Vincent Price, a famous actor, who gave a stimulating, authoritative, lecture on the appreciation of art, and Pete Seeger, noted folk singer. Winona State drew from its own resources of talent also. "Brigadoon'', an excellently done musical, was presented in the Spring and throughout the year there were plays, art shows, and lectures. The plays presented were "The Rivals" and "Playboyofthe Western World". Art shows included an Art Festival, which was a display and sale of student work, and later a faculty art show, while lecturers included Mr. Hull who, among other things, participated in "Fireside Chats" at Newman Center.


Denny Brooks and Fred S1noots . • • Strictly for Fun Having been so favorably well received by the Homecoming crowd, Denny Brooks was later engaged by the Campus Coordinating Committee for a return performance in January. Once again he, along with Fred Smoots, comedian-impressionist, gave his concert in a Student Union packed with enthusiastic, receptive students, faculty members, and members of the community.

ABOVE: "Wanna' go for a horsey-back ride, Sweetie???" .. . F red Smoots tells about the cowboy who rides side-saddle and wears pink plastic cowboy boots. RIGHT: He describes the perils of shaving the morning-after-the-night-before.


BELOW: Denny Brooks sings a ballad in his engaging way. RIGHT: Then, he tells about Hezikiah and the preacher man . . .


Performing together . . . Smoots plays his own special "trumpet" rendition while Brooks sings and strums along.


About to receive their diplomas.


. the processional onto Maxwell Field begins.

A Goal Joyfully Reached .

ABOVE: Congressman Al Quie addresses an audience of soon-to-be-graduates and onlookers. LEFT: Betty Sawyer and Rae Ann Aker are two of the happy graduates .

. But Not an End, Rather, a Beginning •


the scene is cooperation . . . between student and administration, student and instructor, between student and student . . . inside the classroom and out we approach each other as people, not titles . . . people who care and show concern by taking time to consult, advise, assist, and listen .. . an instructor who does more than just lecture, a student who does more than just shuffle from class to class .. . stimulating possibilities . . . a climate for learning.

. . . cooperating with faculty

Office of The President During his first 18 months in the . presidency Dr. Robert A. DuFresne has brought new life to Winona State. Its curriculum has been intensified and broadened; its physical plant expanded; its faculty enlarged and elevated in attainment, and its students increased in numbers. More importantly, perhaps, there has been a noticeable increase in the vitality of the institution. Both faculty and students are more involved in the decision-making process and the college, in its second century of quality education, is enlarging its sphere of influence. For these achievements, both leadership and appreciation of the talents of others have been required of the president. These others include the three vice-presidents and their staffs. These offices, Administrative Affairs, Academic Affairs, and Student Affairs, were newly formed last fall to clarify responsibility and facilitate leadership and communication.

Dr. DuFres n e enjoys himself at a party be fore a Ball in his honor. The ladies are Mrs. Donald Warne r , Kathy Ste mme r , Mrs. J a m es Doy le, a nd Mrs. R o b e rt M cQueen . 56

BELOW: Dr. Dufresne, college president, and Dr. Warner. vice-president of academic affairs. contemplate the problems involved in administrating a modern-day college. FAR BELOW: Dr. DuFresne executes his duties as ceremonial head of the college at a banquet for honor stu dents.

• •

• • • • •• !



Acadeniic Affairs Heading the office of academic affairs for the administration is Dr. Donald Warne r , Vice-Pre sident of Academic Affairs. He is responsible for the administration of the academic program and all academic matters are referred to him and his deans; Dean of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Dan Willson; Dean of Education, Dr. Frank W . Markus ; and Dean of Graduate Studies, Dr. Frank L. Van Alstine. RIGHT: Dr. W a rne r h eads A cad emic Affa irs as i ts v ice-preside n t .


Robert Ethier D irector of Adm ission s

Charles Bentle y Admission s Cou nselor

Dr. Dan Willson Dean of Arts and Sciences

Lois Simons Assistant to Academic vicepresident

Daniel Hoyt Assista nt to Graduate D ean

Dr. Frank Van Alstine Dean of Gradu ate Studies

Gary Ferde n P rogram Counselor

Dr. Frank Markus Dean of Education

Jerry V a rner Business Manager

A ngelyn D e Groot Cashier

Clarence Currier A d m inistrative A ssistant

Roy Wilsey Accountant

Fae Griffith Dormitory D irector

Adoph Bremer Public R e lations

J a m es Wagner P ublications

L EFT: Norm an Deck er a t h is d esk a s vi ce-presiden t of a dministrative a ffairs.

Administration The offi ce of administrative affai rs is headed by Mr. N orman Decke r a s its vice -p res i dent. This office handles the bulk of administra tive functions such as ca mpus d ev elopme nt, financial matters, federal programs coordination, etc. It is also directly r e sponsible for the administrat ion of classified personnel and in varying degrees, with college faculty .


ABOVE: Vice-President in charge of Student Affairs, Dr. Curtis Siemers, performs another task in a busy administrative day.

George Bolon Director of Stude nt Union Maurice Mariner Housing Dire ctor

Student Affairs One of the newly created divisions of the administration is the Office of Student Affairs. The office of Student Affairs is headed by Dr. Curtis Siemers and is the major coordinating body in the regulation and formulation of various student policies. Its functions inclu de orientation, health service, housing, student discipline, community-college relationships, programs and convocations, relationships with the stutlent government, counseling, financial aids, and student welfare.


Waynew Erickson Director of Student Teaching Paul Libera Assistant Financial Aids Director





Marguerita Ritina n A ssociat e D ean

Charles Zane Director of S t u dent Activities

Robert Lietzau Acting Direct or of Financial Aids

Dr. Melvin Wedul Placem ent Director

D r. Warren H aesly, Winona S tate's first full -time p hysician, tends to the needs of Jo Hageman , a W inona S tate student at the Health Center.


Steve Hol ubar, Jim Winkler, and Rick Miller confer with Dr. Smith outside the classroom ta.king advan tage of the new St ude nt Union fa cilities.



Dr. Richard Smith Acting H ead ofEducation D epartment

Dr. Robert Meinhard E ducation- History

Dr. Wayne Kirk Educa tion

Dr. Archie Be ighley Education

Dr. Jame s K e ill Education

Dr. Leland McMillan Education

Wayne Sanford Education

Dr. Leslie Kloempken E d ucation

Dr. George Grangaa rd Education

Dr. Glenn Carlson Edu catio n

Dr. Everett Walden Education

Amanda Aarestad Education

Edna Fuller Education

Helen McGrath Education

Thomas Healy Education

Verlie Sather Education

James Spear Head of Audio-Visual

Thomas Hirsch Audio-Visual

Rex Ingram Audio-Visual

John Modjeski Edu cation

Education Every s t u d e n t getting a teaching degree takes courses in education. The final goal of the series of classes is student teaching which this year was for the first time offered on a pass-fail basis instead of the regular grading. More college supervisors for student teachers and more classroom teachers were added to the faculty of the Education Department this year along with a full-time office secretary. Inger Kristine Ogrey and Gunner Apeland, exchange students from Norway, pursued their education here at Winona State for a year.


Ann Boyum adds a final touch to one of h er oils. F lor etta M u r r ay Head of Art Department Dr. J a m es W ilson Art

Donald Bendel Art

William Peck Art

Wilfred McKenzie Art

Anah Nelson Art

Fine Arts The Department of the Fine Arts is housed in the Watkins building. a second home for most of the art majors at Winona State. Classes in pottery, oil painting. watercolor, commercial art. design. representation, and weaving are just some of the classes offered that stimulate and give vent to originality and creative expression. The department staged its first Art Festival this year, a fes ti val that consisted of a lecture series. an impressive showing of student work, and subsequent sale.


-- -- -- ---

-! --!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~!!!






Jim Rue prepares a press for printing.

Anthony Gullickson Indus trial Arts

Dr. Harry Jackson Industrial Arts

Stanley Jessop Industrial Arts

Henry Long Industrial Arts

Dr. Leo Morga n Industrial Arts

Ge rald Tobin Industrial Arts

Dr. Hugh Capron Head of De partmen t

Industrial Arts This year the Industrial Arts Department expanded the scope of its class offerings. Introduction to Industry was made a requirement. This class helped students make industry projects that resulted in an assembly line. More new classes were offered such as Art Metals and Electronics. To help teach the additional classes a new faculty member was added to the department staff.


Dorothy Magnus Head of Speech Jacque Reidelberger Speech Dr. Lyman Judson Speech Vivian Fusillo Speech

Norbert Mills Speech Marion Davis French- Spanish Rhetta Speltz Spanish Joan James German - French

After the reorganization of the college programs during the summer of 1968 the Department of Foreign Languages came into being as its own department. The addition of a third member to the department faculty enabled the German major to be offered along with Spanish and French.


Mrs. Vivian Fusillo coaches students in preparation for a Speech Roundtable performance.



------- ----


.. -



Literature New faces and a new major in depth changed the English Department this year. Not only were ins tructors added to teach the freshman courses but also to teach the greater number of advanced English courses. Outside the classroom members of the English Department helped secure well-known speakers for lectures and organize student trips to the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis. Carol Pedretti and Dr. Augusta Nelson, representatives of Winona State, sch e dule attractions for the 1968-1969 Tri-College Program with Jose ph Fle ischman, Rose Mary Curtin, Jeff Conway, and Sue Chuchna representatives from St. Mary 's and St. Theresa¡s. Dr. James Nichols Head of Englis h John Moore English Eleanore Sherman English

Paul Grawe English Delores Auge English Leonard Jett English

Joan Kuzma English Orval Lund English Sarah Walter English

Dr. Harold Guthrie English Merikay Roth English Janet Sill E nglish

Dr. Augusta Nelson English- Humanities Ronald Maurice English Adolph Bremer J ournalism

Dr. Warren Marley Head of B usiness Administr atio n

Dr. James Browning Bus iness Administration

Michael Hood Bus iness Ad ministr a t i on

Duane Peterson Busin e s s Admi nis trati on

Business Administration The Master of Arts program in Business was approved for Winona State College by the State College Board in October. This was the first Maste r of Arts program approved for the college. In light of this the department expanded course offerings in many areas to strengthen the undergraduate and graduate p r o g r a m s. For the first time this yea r courses were offered in the use, operation, and programming of computers. Getting down to business .. . Mr. Peterson in his office.


Dr. Shirley Eiken Bus iness E ducation Duane McKay Busin ess A dministr a ti on

Robert Ferris Business Administration

Dr. Joseph Foegen Bu siness Administration

Kenneth Stre ete r Business Administrati on

William Sullivan Business Administration









Business Education The Department of Business E du cat i on increased the number of courses and teachers this year. The department offered courses for students in three areas: business secretaries, medical secretaries, and business teachers. The graduate courses too were expanded and developed. Also this year new office instruction equipment was received and a Duplication, Voice Transcription, and Graded Dictation Speed Records Laboratory was set up for student use. Dr. Stephen Turille Head of Business Education Virginia Marston Bus iness Education

Ruth Hopf Business Education Ruby Richardson Business Education

Mr. Streeter and Mrs. Hopf assist a student in pre-registration and pulling of cards.


Music A vital part of the Music Department consists of the band and choir programs offered. Both organizations go on tour every year, and this year the choir went to Washington, D. C., where it climaxed its stay by singing in the Washington Cathedral on Palm Sunday. Music students also spend much time in the classroom and in private lessons making use of the instructors and instruments available. Richmond McCluer Head of Department

Carlis Anderson Music

Agnes Bard Music

Milton Davenport Music

Fred Heyer Music

Walter Hinds, Jr. Music

Mr. McCluer puts choir members through the rigors of a practice s essior.. 70



.___. __

Robert Hungerford Music

Richard Lindner Music

Dr. Ivan Olson Mus ic

The c oncert ba nd, conduct e d by Mr . Li ndner , r eh ear ses for a n upcoming con cert.


Edwa rd J acobsen Head Librarian

Marlys Youngck Library Assistant

Robert Garve y Library Assistant

Robert Wilson Circulation Librarian

Angelen Kirk Reference Librarian

Ruth Payn e Assistant Librarian

Richar d H astin gs Libr ary

Joseph Ric h ardson Library

Dor othy Wheeler Acquisitions Librarian

Almyra Ba k er Library

Mr. Jacobsen, head librarian, discusses plans with librarians from St. Mary's and St. Teresa.

Library Maxwell Library was used more than ever this year and more c lasses were offered in the Library Science Department. Library courses were taught in the classr ooms in the old section by six instructors. These librarians and more were available to help students looking for information in the library itself which is an all college service agency. This year for the first time the library added Sunday hours to its open schedule to be of greater service to the student body of Winona State.



- - - --¡-- - -





Rosalie Burton Director of Nursing Adele Judson Nursing Program

Lydia Markusen Nursing Program Delores S chiller Nursing Program

Nursing The new nursing program at Winona State graduated its second class this year. Nursing graduates earn the baccalaureate degree in education in nursing and are eligible to give nursing care in public health and other community agencies as well as in the hospital. In addition to attending classes at Winona State the nursing students have on-the-job training at various hospitals and agencies such as the Winona Clinic, Community Memo r i a 1 Hospital, Rochester State Mental Hospital, and the city of Winona public health nursing service.

Future nurses Barb Staples, Linda Shansberg, Sharon Grupa, Char Behnken, and Jean Dorsch report for duty.



Dr. Luther McCown Head of Phy. Ed. & Health Department R obert Gunner Assistant Head of Physical Education Susan Day Assistant Head of Physical Education Dwight Marston Director of Athletics

Margaret Browning Health Education R onald Ekker Physical Education Gary Grob Physical Education Rob e r t Keister Physical Education

Physical Education & Health

Winona State's Health and Physical Education Department strives to integrate the courses and activities it provides into the total education of the college student. A wide variety of experience in these two fields are offered so that students will have the opportunity to develop and maintain physical, emotional, and social efficiency. J oyce Lock s Physical Education

A physical education class has fun improvising with wands.



- - - - - - - ·

Jon Arnold prepares to strike as other members of his bowling class look on.

John Martin Physical Education Francis Mccann Physical Edu cation Madeo Molinari Physical Education Marjorie Moravec Physical Education

JudyRetrum Physical Education Myron Smith Physical Education Joanne Sprenger Physical Education L eRoy Stadler Physical Education


Dr. James Opsahl Head of Biology Department Dr. Dwight Anderson Biology Dr. Melvin Doner Biology Joseph Emanuel Biology

Dr. Calvin Fremling Biology Gerald Nagel Biology Richard O'Rourke Biology Dr. M. R. Raymond Science

Biology This year ,the most significant advance made in the Biology Department has been the increased emphasis placed upon undergraduate research in aquatic biology. Students were especially active in studies relating to pollution biology and river ecology. Winona State College and St. Mary's College established a cooperative arrangement whereby they shared the Hydrobiology Laboratory on the river at Homer.


Dr. Opsahl and Dr. Fr em ling dredge mayfly tanks.








- -





Dr. Frederick Foss H ead of Chemistry Departm e nt Dr. Ray Houtz Che mistry Dr. David Rislove Che mis try George Sprenger Che mistry

Jerry Witt Che mistry Dr. Thomas Bayer Head of Earth Science De pa rtme nt Dr. John Donovan Ge ology Kenneth Knoll Geology

Chemistry And Earth Science A major f e a t u r e of the Earth Science Department this year was the offering of geology field trips. One trip was the N o r t h w e s t e r n United States Geological Field Tour to the Pacific Coast. In the classroom more instructors were available to teach courses, and graduate students were in charge of freshman earth science laboratories and materials. The Chemistry Department, headed by Dr. Foss, offers a wide v a r i e t y of courses. Preparation for professional careers in the field of chemistry and a total general education are both provided by courses that afford knowledge of a particular body of information and the opportunity to investigate and gain experience in laboratory situations. Dr. and Mrs. Foss (far right) enjoy t h e m s e 1 v e s at a faculty party preceding the President's Ball. 77

Dr. Rudolph Lokensgard Head of Mathematics Department William Emmons Math ematics Marceline Gratiaa Mathematics Frederick Olson Mathem atics

Sandra Olson Math ematics James Schmitz Mathematics Milton Underkoffier Mathematics Dr. Arthur Van De Water Mathematics

Mathe:matics The Department of Mathematics this year b e g a n offering classes in the late afternoon to make them available to working people. In this department, as in many others, new faculty members were added and m o r e courses were scheduled. Several courses now are offered in computer analysis. Two members of the department were on leave this year to pursue graduate studies. Mr. Emmons prepares to feed data into a computer as Dick Nelson watches.


Maurice McCauley Acting Head of Physics D epartment

Charles Gill Physics

James Schmidt Physics

Grad students David Anshus and Shyh-Ling Lee prepare to be instructed in numerical analysis

Dr. Nels Minne Science-M athematics

by Mr. Underkoffler and Richard Rydman, computer programmer at Winona State.


Robert Sheehan History

Dr. Arthur Barsky History

Dr. Brian Blakeley History

Dr. Clifton Hart History

Henry Hull History

Raymond Thielen History

Richard Hopkins Head of Geography Department

Norman Baron Geography

Roger Carlson Geography

James Sovereign Geography

Social Sciences The departments in the social sciences offer a well-balanced, in-depth program of courses in history, political science, geography, and sociology. The courses are designed to prepare students to accept the duties and responsibilities that a citizen in a democratic society must face. The political science program gives an understanding of international, national, state, and local problems. In g e o g r a p h y knowledge of various regions of the world is integrated into a one-world view. The sociology program familiarizes students with social problems man must face in a changing society. Mr. Hull braves the cold weather and "hoofs it".


Dr. Kent lectures to an attentive class in American National Government. Larry Connell Head of Sociology Department

Dr. Arthur Glazer Sociology

Ahmed El-Afandi Political Science

William Christen Political Science

Dr. Atilla Horvath Sociology James Eddy Head of Political Science D epartmen t

Dr. Harry Harmsworth Sociology

Marvin Palecek Social Studios-History

Dr. George Kent Political Science

Roderick Henry History


Student teacher Lynn Van Buskirk assists one of his fourth grade pupils.

G.J.Rubash Phelps Principal Ray Brooks Mathematics Supervisor Louis Czarnowski 5th Grade Supervisor Kathryn Dunlay 2nd Grade Supervisor

Lillian Spencer 3rd Grade Supervisor Cleo Reiter Kindergarten Supe rvisor Doris Pennell 1st and 2nd Grade Supervisor Estella Roen 1st Grade Supervisor






- --




- --


,.. "

- .

Phelps Faculty Phelps is a four-year primary and fouryear middle school on our campus. It features semi-departmentalization, b 1 o ck scheduling, and team teaching in an effort to relate different subject areas to each other. A progressive school, it offers a fine training ground for Winona State students who observe and student teach there. James Sabin Sixth Grade Supervisor

Rose Sampson Third and Fourth Grade Supervisor

Charlotte Santleman English and Social Studies Supervisor

Shirley Bucher Home Arts Supervisor

AnahNelson Art Supervisor

Judy Schlawin Art Superv is or

Ray Brooks explains a teaching technique to student teachers Roger Fischbach and Curt Conzett.


Psychology t, l'l

The Psychology Department is rapidly progressing in depth in the courses and programs which it has to offer. An undergraduate major in psychology was approved this last fall in addition to the already effective psychology minor. A Master of Science in applied psychology was also approved and there is a masters program for the preparation of high school counselors under the direction of Dr. Everett Eiken. The function of the program is to foster a scientific approach to the understanding and modification of behavior with e mphasis on human behavior.

OUTSIDE THE CLASSROOM . . . Father Olsen leads a group discussion at Newman Center.

Eric Larson Psychology MonnaNutt Psychology Dr. Paul Rost Psychology

John Lewis Psychology Father Martin Olsen Psychology Dr. Everett Eiken Head of Counseling Program

Dr. James Mootz Psychology Dr. Harold Rogge Psychology Henry Van Kirk Psychology

Dr. George Christensen Head of Psychology and Psychological Services

John Storck Assistant Director of Psychological Services

Keith Larson Reading Consultant

Lynde Rasmussen Speech Pathologist

Susan Friestad Speech Pathologist

Lynn Groth Speech Pathologist

Norman Doty Social Worker

Paul Rekstad Psychological Service s

Robert Tompkins Psychological Services

Rona ld Fitch Psychologist

Gayle Tompkins, speech pathologist, assists some of the Phelps c hildren.

Psychological Services


The psychological services department is one of considerable depth and importance in the assistance that it offers. The counseling services offered to Winona State students include all aspects of educational, vocational, and personal a djustm e n t problems, and staff members give generously of their time to assist students with such problems. Services are extended also to some 30,000 s t u d e n t s in schools of the surrounding area. Under the direction of Dr. George Christensen, the services center is in its third year of assistin~¡ these schools through the transitional period of stru cturing and organizing their own counseling prt>grams. Thirteen staff members-three social workers, five speech correctionists, one reading consultant, and four psychologists-are engaged in this assistance.



the scene is sharing . . . what we have in common in experience, background, and in interests . . . performing a symphony by beethoven, singing together in washington cathedral . . . producing a play, speaking at roundtable . . . working on satori, writing for the winonan . . . practicing a warriorette routine, going on a ski trip . . . working on the queen' s float, decorating for a dance . . . going to a seminar, chatting at newman . . . common bonds . . . the basis for worthwhile exp eriences and l asting associations.

. .. ..



' I


.. .

-- -....

. ~

. . ... .. . . ... ... ·

,.. .


. .. . -.. ..:...

-- -

. ...... ·.

... ..... ·. ,•




.' .. - : ....

. ... . . ......

... .... ... .. . - .... _, --... ' . • '·" ... f . "' .

.. . ....





• ,.



sharing mutual interests

COLLEGIATE CLUB . . . Warren Lacourse. Tom Gorman, Kris Krejei, James Brodie, Cynthia J ones, Barbara S temmer, Jan Weist, Kit Gri er, and Marlys Dickerman.

Collegiate Club

Collegiate Club is an honorary service organization. It strives to expand the image and influence of Winona State College by serving the campus and community, encouraging participation in college activities and fostering cooperation with the faculty and administration. The club sponsors the annual decorating of Sornsen at Christmas time. In addition, they do extensive recruiting at surrounding high schools and junior colleges. Speaking and showing slides of Winona State and its activities on these recruiting trips has been the club's main field of concentration this year.

MORE COLLEGIATE CLUBBER'S . . . Barbara Stee ne, Tim Dalton, Nancy Olson, Gary McDowell, Susan Critchfield, Mr. Reidelberger, advisor; Phil Luhman, and Harold Davies.



STUDENT NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION ROW ONE: Mary Lenz, Jane Schultz, Mary Harty, Carol Reibel, Sandy Shima, Liz Siverson, Fran Fullerton, Sue Hallstrom, Jay Youmans, Kay Will , Barb Winkel, Jeanne Nadreau, Ann Voight. ROW TWO: Kathy Meyer, Lynn Johnson, Kathy Kelley, Sharon Greenslade, Diane Heim, JoAnn Ostrem, Tim Shreiner, Richard Metz, William Evenson, Mary Cottengim, Edith Bierbaum, Patricia A. Tolmie, Julie Nickels, Claudia Halstead, Barbara Franklin, Gail Albee, Sandy Widing, Holly Brisbin. ROW THREE: Dan Anderson, Marlys Dickerman, Jane Bowen, Pat Fritz, Jan Wiest,

Linda Schild, Tom Sabotta, Joan Reuter, Karen Walter, Cindy Jones, Jean Stevens, Diane Ketchum, Judie Smith, Bev Christopherson, Joan Whitney, Connie Polkey, Marlene Thies, Pat Charest. ROW FOUR: John Phillipson, Richard W. Kirchner, LaVerne Paulson, Dan Becker, Lowell Heydt, Orin Holtan, Gary Gartner, David A. Kulas, Gary Anhalt, Roger Fischbach, John Wagner, Gary Berquist, Paul Johnson, Margot Johnson, Kay Marquardt, Barb Schifsky, Dianne Lewis, Avis Bierbaum, Bonnie Boysen, Nancy Monnens, Sue Natvig.

SNEA The Student National Education Association is in keeping with the tradition that Winona State holds-that of training people for the teaching profession. One of the larger organizations, it aids students specializing in a teaching career by attempting to give them insight into some aspects of the profession. Monthly meetings are held with occasional panel discussions and guest lecturers. Gamma Tau Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi is Winona State's honorary education society. Selective in membership, it is dedicated to achievement and high standards in education. AT LEFT: Kay Eiken receives her pin-part of the initiation ceremony of Kappa Delta Pi. Pinning her is Linda Minnie, historianrecorder, as Judith Strike, secretary, looks on.


WINONA STATE STUDENT ASSOCIATION . .. ROW ONE: Susan Drajeske, Diane Heim, Mary Harty. ROW TWO: Ray Gunderson, Tim McCarthy, Jan Wiest, Gary McDowell , Barb Broecker, Jim Vonderohe , Tom Sa ge. ROW THREE: Ste phe n Joswick, Tim Dalton, Steve Lund, Steve Holubar, Tom Gorman, Jim Brodie.

Winona State Student Association

Growth has been the key word in this year's Student Senate. In this age of sprawling student power, the Senate has made advances undreamed of ten years ago . Under the leadership of Presiden.t Tim Dalton, the Senate undertook increased responsibilities in virtually every area of college life. The expanded college committee structure n ow a llows for student representation in more areas than ever before.

Campus Coordinating Committee The Student Activities Coordinating Committee has expanded its functions in the past year at a tremendous rate. It now is responsible for almost all college Union activities and brings entertainment to the c a m p u s from all o v e r America. The SACC's main attraction for the year was the Peaches and Herb concert during Homecoming week.

CAMPUS COORDINATING COMMITTEE .. . ROW ONE: Jan Wiest , Kris Bauman, Lori Polichnowski, Jeri Madsen. ROW TWO: Gary Gartne r , David Kulas, Tom Sage .




-- --


The Task of Editing BELOW: Dan McGuiness, associate editor of th e Winonan, types a final draft of an editori al, preparing it for publication. RIGHT: Diane Mager, editor-in-chief of the Wenon a h , m akes a selection of photographs to be used in the yearbook.

The ''Pub'' A Busy Place

j ~---=~



Mr. Bremer, advisor to both publications a nd chairman of the publications committee, shares the worries of both e ditors .

Somse.n 313-more familiarly, "The Pub"-the place where editors organize and r e o r g a n i z e, schedule and re-schedule pictures, appointments, interviews . . . A place whe r e they make assignments, do layouts, write and rewrite . . . A place where they bite fingernails, and slave drive staff members b ecause there is always the constant p r e s s u r e of d eadlines . . . The place that has one small corner office where sanity and calmness (in the person of Mr. Bremer, publications advisor) reside .. . "Th e Pub"-the place where things get published. . .



Wenonah: A Big Job for A Small Staff RIGHT: Diane Mager, the yearbook's editor-in-chief, consults with Maureen Radich, who did the advertising layouts, and Linda Nelson, who assiste d with the cla sses s ection.

ABOVE: Roger Fischbach and Gary Anhalt, as s i s t an t sports editors, select photographs to be use d. RIGHT: Linda Schild, who assisted with the faculty s e ction, writes some r equired copy.


SATORI STAFF . . . Larry Rippel, Diane Rippel, Linda Weaver, Steve Johnson, Carol Ryan, Miss Joan Kuzma, Advisor, Roger Lacher.

Winonan, Satori Voice Student Thought WINONAN STAFF . . . ROW ONE: David Vickery, Betty Eglinton, Bob Junhgans. ROW TWO: Dan McGuiness, Ken Maddux, Carol Pedretti. ROW THREE: Mike Stiever, Chris Grajczyk, Sue Westlund, Richard J. Gora, Judy Schmitz.

The Satori, staffed and financed by students, is in its second year of publication. The staff collects prose, poetry and _artwo:rk from the entire campus community for the literary magazine. Last year's Satori is being used by two high schools in their poetry classes. In keeping with journalistic tradition, the Winonan kept the WSC student body well-informed in the paper's 50th year of publication. The leadership of the Editor Bob Junghans brought with it a uniqueness never before encountered on the Winona Campus, as the year was highlighted by the publication of the Winonan on a daily basis for the first time in history.


CONCERT CHOIR . . . ROW ONE: Theresa Zurek, Lorraine Haugland, Candy Simon, Le Anne Hansen, Ruby Oian, Nancy Novak, Susan Wollin, Linda Sveen, Becky Van Auken, Elaine Lea, Barbara Lea, Kathy Jahn, Genell Iverson, Wendy Thorson, Patricia Ferden, Charleen Wenninger, Susan McCrae, Judy Clark. ROW TWO: Rhonda Westman, Sandy Scovil, Lynn Loquai, Judy Durben, Katherine Burger, Margaret Hay, Genene Gordish, Chris Reisdorf, Karen Hadoff, Becky Ring, Mary Twite, Cheryl Pachkofsky, Kathryn Moe, Susan Boyum, Kathy Hansen. ROW

THREE: Larry Shea, Jon Arnold, Mark Houdek, Dennis Redwing, Ed Rauk, John Ott, Mike Klomp, Steve Prussing, Steve Lund, John Schoonmaker, Dan Sonju, Bruce O 'Dell, Larry Watson, Tim Peterson, Chuck Sands, Don Johnson. ROW FOUR: James Dixon, David Crow, Gunner Apeland, Kurt VonMeyer, Doug Johnson, Charles Poppe, Gordan Rostwold, Dwi~ht Weideman, Tim Hurley, David Dankwart, Byron Perrme, Glenn Piske, Wally Trouten, Wayne Kidd, Brian Olson, Ron Johnson, Scott Sandberg, Gary McDowell, Dick Metz. Richmond McCluer, director.

MADRIGAL SINGERS .. . Ron Johnson, Gary McDowell, Don Johnson, Sus an Mccrae, Ed Rauk, Kathy Burger, David Danckwart, Nancy Novak, Jim Dixon, Chris R ei s dorf, and Le Anne H a n sen g a the r a round Mr. McClue r at the pia no for Madrigal r eh ear sal. 94

Concerts, Tours, and a Musical

One of the mainstays of the Winona State musical program is the Concert Choir. In addition to their two annual concerts at Christmas and Parents' Weekend, the year was highlighted by the Choir's March tour of the Washington, D.C., area. The tour was capped off by a thrilling performance in Washington Cathedral on Palm Sunday. Chosen from within the ranks of the Concert Choir are the Madrigal Singers. The function of the Madrigals is to perform at events such as Dr. DuFresne's reception and before social organizations in the city of Winona. LEFT: Tommy Albright, played by Gary McDowell, listens to th e w is dom of Mr. Lindie, the village sage in "Brigadoon." BELOW: The villagers of "Brigadoon" mourn the death of Harry, played by Dennis Koch ta.






I AT TOP: Kathy Moe and Dave Heyer at a Jazz Band rehearsal. ABOVE: Mr. Davenport conducts the Winona Symphony orchestra, a group comprised of students from all three colleges in Winona as well as talent from the community. 96

· - · -- - - - - - - -- -





- - ---



The Sounds of Music

WINONA STATE CONCERT BAND . . . ROW ONE: Linda Strnad, Norene Stensgaard, Bonnie Nash , Jean Anne Nichols, Jean Johnson, Kathy Russett, Dorothy Pexton. ROW TWO: Patricia Ferden, Sue Ruehmann, Beatrice Bauer, Joan Hauble, Mary Grant, Wendy Thoreson, Kathy Schroeder, Sharon Olson, Linda Hemming, Mary Lou Robinson, Jeanne Hansen, Rhonda Englien, David Crow, Carmen Lina Conklin. ROW THREE: Edith Bierbaum, Nancy Wilma, JoAnn Daskam, Lois Adams, Kathy Lewison, Dwight Weideman, Susan Rapp, Adeline Claeys, Sheila Marschall, David Smelser, Barbara Lea, Donna Kube, Cheryl Bremseth, Susan Mccrae, Beverly Goubold,· Elaine Lea, Susan Wollin, Ronald Haugen, Ronald Sacia, Mr. Baron. ROW FOUR: Mr. Richard Linder, conductor, Francine Corcoran, Kevin Hammel, Margaret Eischen, Linda Vinje, Holly Brisbin, Kathy Wagner, Maynard Thompson, Richard Ruehmann, Michael Tentis, Gary McDowell, Thomas Tiedeman, Janet Bonow, Francis Thicke, James Ruprecht, Darryl Smelse r, Richard Husie, Bruce White, David Heyer, David Knight, John Gieschen, Richard Anderson, Lynn Huntoon, Bruce Wildes, Mary Lund.

The 65 members of the Winona State Concert Band, under the direction of Mr. Richard Linder, continued to perpetuate its philosophy of diversification and variety for the individual band member with numerous types of performances this year. As well as the traditional concerts the band plays throughout the year, 1969 found the band touring neighboring midwestern s t a t e s, with trumpeter Mike Tentis as soloist. Subsidiaries of the band include the Jazz Ensemble, conducted by Mr. Fred Heyer, and the Pep Band, directed by B a n d President Richard Ander-


Debate Intercollegiate debate, which was reborn at Winona State four years ago, acquired a semblance of maturity this year as the Warrior debaters compiled a better then .500 record. Under the direction of Norbert Mills, the Winona debaters competed in various tournaments throughout the year on both the varsity and novice levels. Highlights of the debating season included an overall fifth place finish in the season standings in the Twin City Debate League. In addition, debaters Lee Turner and Gene Larrabee tied for second place at the Eau Claire Debate Tournament with a 4-1 performance there, and they also achieved a first place tie at St. Thomas with a 3-0 mark. With an expanded budget and all members returning next year, the debaters can look forward to more success. DEBATE TEAM . . . Candy Kobler, Sue Waggoner , Bill Krause , Lee Turner, Mr. Mills, advisor; Ge n e Larrabee, Mark Nolan.

Winona State Speech Association WINONA STATE SPEECH ASSOCIATION . . . R 0 W ONE: Leslie Lee Midkiff, Patricia A. Tolmie , June L. Courteau, Daryl R. Bronniche, Edith Bierbaum, Ba rbara O'Reilly. ROW TWO: Dorothy B. Magnus, advisor, John R. Heddie, Pat Peltier. Susan Hoblit. Matilda Smalls, Carol

Membership in the Winona State Speech Association is open to all speech majors and minors interested in joining. Activities include speeches by people in the field of speech as well as discussions in the areas of drama, debate and teaching of speech. Pedretti. ROW THREE: Mike Eischen, Mark Orlows ki, Arthur G. Humphries, Sheila Gehling, Larry Shea. ROW FOUR: Mike O'Toole, Helen Rafferty, Dennis Roemer, Kathy Russett, Paul Skattum, Jeanne Morrison, Bruce Hittner, Bruce Danielson.





WENONAH PLAYERS . . . ROW ONE: Lorna Cooper, Carolyn Ebeling, Edith Bierbaum, Charleen Domaille, Leslie Lee Midkiff, Arthur Humphries, Cheryl Plank, Karen Hartley, Nancy Bjostad, Daryl Bronniche, Ba rbara O'Reilly, Cher yl Bremseth . ROW TWO: Luanne Ste ine r , Judy H alvorson, R ae Gainey, June Courteau, Norma Mich ael, Pat Peltier, M a tilda Smalls, Cheri H enderson, Connie Kroege , Sa:ndy Widing, Paula Erdmann, Sue Westlund. ROW THREE : Dorothy M agnus, advisor , Fran Corcoran , Nancy Bolegemann, Patricia Tolmie, J ohn Wagner, H e len Rafferty, Peggy Brake, Susan Hoblit, Sheila Gehling, Carol Pedretti, Robert Buss. ROW FOUR: Mark Orlowski, Mike O'Toole, Mike Eischen, John H eddle, Larry Shea, Ken Rother, Jeanne Morr ison, Kathy Russett, Bruce Hittner, Bruce Danielson, Sylvia Erpelding.

Wenonah Players The Wenonah Playe rs is Winona State's dramatic organization that presents three annual productions. This year's fall production was Sheridan's "The Rivals" and the winter production was "Playboy of the Western World". Members are selected by audition in the fall and have the opportunity to obtain experience both on and off the stage, as actors or as pa rt of the stage crew.

National Collegiate Players National Collegiate Players is an honorary theater arts fraternity that has been established on Winona State's campus since 1962. Membership in the fraternity is achieved by meeting national requirements, high scholastic s t an d a r d s, and by being selected from theater arts majors by the active chapter. Winona State has two members, Jeanne Morrison and Mike Sheimo, representative to the national fraternity. Jeanne and Mike are shown below in scenes from the fall production of " The Rivals".




VARSITY A-TEAM CHEERLEADERS . . . Cheri Palmer, Pat Browne, Cindy Cords, Catherine Hingeveld, Barbara Veldhuizen.


B-TEAM CHEERLEADERS . . . Rene Dunn, Liz Tufte, Jill Schwartz .

Cheerleaders Bring Pep, Enthusiasin to Sports Even ts

W ARRIORETTES ROW ONE: B arbara Grande, Sue Miller, Barbara R ee, Nancy Olson, Linda Leslie, Lita Wedul. ROW TWO: Kathy DeYoe, Mary Kuchenmeister, Pat H eiting, Kathy Betcher, Marty Marvin, L in da Herman. Wendy

Johnson , Cindy Jones. ROW THREE: Carrie Nesset, Terry Hayes, Kris Olstad, Sue Bartl, Barb Jones, Leslie Carvell, Judy Rosengren, Pam Buck, Sue Godsey, Karen Queensland.

Warriorettes Add Color and Spirited Enthusiasni W ARRIORETTE CHOREOGRAPHERS . . . Nancy Olson, Linda Les 1 i e, and Kathy Betcher.


''W'' Club The "W" Club is open to all men who have gained a letter in a varsity sport. The club promote s sportsmanship both on and off the playing field and assists in the fulfillment of athletic progress. The men of the " W" also handle concessions at athletic contests and sponsor dances throughout the year. "W" CLUB OFFICERS .. . Rog Jehlick a, vice-president; Curt Palmer, president; J erry Stejkal, Secretary-treasurer.

Ski and Outing Club

The Ski and 0 u ti n g Club of WSC promotes the activities of the invigorating outdoors by sponsoring and participating in many

outdoor activities. The highlight of the year was a ski outing in Canada over Christmas vacation.

SKI AND OUTING CLUB . . . Barbara Thierman, Diane Suete, Rolland Grunz, Mike Chichanowski, Suzanne Stankiewicz, Jim Streeter, Ken Rother, Elaine Kalie n , Steve Thrune.


WOMEN'S PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB ROW ONE: Barb Christensen, Joanie Moyer, Linda L ear y, Sally Landsman, Lynn Knudson, Debbie Millie, Joyce Paul, Cheri Palme r , Kathy Boelter, Jean Marie Sandvold, Jill Sackett, Linda Ca rlon, Gwenn Balzer, Carolyn Cle mentson, Pat Browne. ROW TWO: Kay Kiesner, Judy Lee, Cher Miller, Pegi Mullen, Gayle Smith, JoAnn Ostre m ,

Pat Fuller, Colleen O'Kane, Linda Blakely, Cate Hingeveld, Barb Husbyn, Pat O 'Dea, Mary Stearns, Cy ndy Cords, Cathy Gerths, Barb Peterson. ROW THREE: J eanne Wilson, Dianne Huiras, Marilyn Nelson, J oa n Culhane, Sharon Euerle, Rosie Marz, Ly n e tte Gr imm, Jude Stienessen, June H e uer, Mary Kurtz, Anne tte N yseth, Sherry Zastrow, Joan Daniels, MaJ'ian F ellan d, M a rsh a Walters.

Wonien's Physical Education Club

Wonien's Intraniural, Extraniural Prograni

The Women's Physical Education Club consists of women majoring or minoring in physical education. A regular schedule of activities centers around bowling, swimming, and a wide variety of sports-relate d activities.

WOMEN'S INTRAMURAL, EXTRAMURAL P ROGRAM . . . ROW ONE : Ca r oly n Cle m en tson , Ch e r Mille r , Jan et Dittrich , Debbie Millie, Linda Leary, M ary S tearn s. ROW TWO: Barb Hus byn, Anne tte Nyseth , Pat F u lle r , J oAnn Os-

The Women's Intramural, Extramural Program this year consisted of intercollegiate women's basketball, swimming, and volleyball as well as a full program of intramural lea gue sports.

tre m , Colle en O 'Kane , Judy Lee, Pat O'D ea. ROW THREE: Sha ron Euerle, R osie M arz, Pegi M u llen , Suzie S u mme r s , June H eu e r , Marilyn N el son, Linda Blakely.



Theta Kappa Iota Theta Kappa Iota is affiliated with Kiwanis International. Its membership is open to Winona State men interested in participating in constructive social and service campaigns. THETA KAPPA IOTA .. . ROW ONE: Glen Peterson, Charles Haggbloom, David Crow. ROW TWO: C. J. Duellman, advisor; Roy Wilsey, Dave Janssen, Dennis Aase.

Accounting Club and SAM Accounting Club and The Society for the Advancement of Management are organizations designed to aid students interested in making a career in business administration or education. The Accounting Club, just recently formed, is a local group while SAM is national. It is a professional society to further undergraduate experience in principles of modern management. ACCOUNTING CLUB . . . Dick Nelson, Jeffery Stoll, Irvin Nehring, Michael Ryan, Allen Jackson. SOCIETY FOR ADVANCEMENT OF MANAGEMENT .. . ROW ONE: P a t Ryan, Mike Spellacy, Judy Kehneman, Jeffrey Stoll, Jim Ze ige weid, Michael Ryan. ROW TWO: David Bauer, Ed Malone, Ronald Kovacik, Dale Walker , Tom Goodrich. ROW THREE: Dr. J . H. Foegen, advisor, Roy Androli, Rurick Carlson, Marvin Olson, Dennis Brom.

Veteran's Club The Veteran's Club is open to all Veterans with a mini mum of twenty-one months of active duty in any branch of the United States Armed Forces. It provides men with similar experiences to relax together - and assists them on campus with veteran affairs. VETERAN'S CLUB . . . ROW ONE: Frank Siebenaler, Charles Schneider, Robert Hoffman, Ron Strub, David Bauer, Jerry Kanes. ROW TWO: Barry Brinkmeier, John Anderson, William Trouten, Clayton Larson, Jeffery Heider , Dwayne Hanson, Roy Wilsey advisor.

Political Clubs The Young Democrats and Young Republicans both encourage an active interest and participation in local and national affairs. Members need not be of voting age; the purpose of the groups is to develop leadership among young people. The Young Republicans' season is highlighted by the annual Minnesota Federation College Republican Club Convention in Minneapolis.

YOUNG DEMOCRATS . . . ROW ONE: David H e dgecock, Marlene Moore, Barb Broecker, John Heddie. ROW TWO: Duane Polansky, Greg Sieleman. YOUNG REPUBLICANS . . . ROW ONE: Marcia Walders, Marcia Frederickson, Janice McCauley, Bonnie Runge, Karen Klauer, Diane Blackburn. ROW TWO: Walt Herron, Shirley Hodgson, Linda Trapp, visiting non-membe r , Gay Babelstein, Adrienne Bloche, Ann Frank. ROW THREE: Gene Fairchild, Ke n Evans, Dwight Vold, Terry Suneson, Scott Sprangers.

KAPPA PI . . . ROW ONE: Shirley Cook, Sue Critchfie ld, Sue Rodley. ROW TWO: J ohn Ambuhl, John Phillipson, Don Elmblad, Douglas Standke.

Kappa Pi Alpha Upsilon chapter of Kappa Pi, the national art fraternity, welcomes all art majors and minors. This year's projects included the usual construction of the Queen's float for the Homecoming parade, the painting of Somsen's front windows for Christmas and the sponsoring of the Spring Pro m.

Industrial Arts Club

The Industrial Arts Club helps in the development of conscie ntious contributions in this field. The club presents guest speakers at the meetings to demonstrate new methods and equipment.

INDUSTRIAL ARTS .. . ROW ONE: Dusty Be rtel , Charles Haggbloom, Glenn Miller, Ronald Black, Orin Holtan. ROW TWO: Tim S chrein e r , Carl Soderstrom, Mike Cichanowski, Rolland Grunz, Ralph Nordstrom.




- -








-- -


WOMEN'S J-BOARD .. . ROW ONE: Kathy Polkey, Marilyn Johnson, Pamela Nelson , Joanie Moyer, Amy Nofsinger, Bev Christopherson. ROW TWO: Gayle Smalls, Becky Roberts, Ann Geppert, Kathie Burger, K aren Walter, Bonnie Fitzgerald, Mary Christen. ROW THREE: Susan Hoblit,

Judgenient by Peers MEN'S J-BOARD . . . ROW ONE: James Fehrman, La Vern Paulson, Richard Kirchner, Greg Angsten, Darrell Greenslade. ROW TWO: Gene Van Buskirk, Jon Amlaw, Bruce




Joyce Smith, Barb Leiferman, Marie Ciokiewicz, supervisor; Margo Johnson, Sharon Greenslade, Carmene Sens, supervisor. ROW FOUR: Joan Deters , advisor; Sue Natvig, Dot Pexton, Carol Johns, Dawn Bien, Sue Summers, Sha ri Albers.

The J-Boards, newly initiated this year, act as judicial committees of peers in all disciplinary violations within the dormitories. Members are chosen in each dormitory (one from each floor). Though the board carries out any punitive action necessary, the attempt and spirit of the board is to correct rather than to punish. Anderson, Pete Miller, R onald Helminiak, P aul Wilson, Dave Boss.

WOMEN RESIDENT ASSISTANTS . .. J ean Woodsend, Residence Hall Director; Kris Olson, Judy Iten, Linda Carlon, Ann Voight, Sandy Shima, Cindy Coughlos, Holly Brisbin. ROW TWO: Carmene Sens, supervisor; Mary Christen, supervisor; Cindy Jones, Kay Swayze, Judy Lee, Mary Ann

The resident assistants are upperclassmen who are chosen to provide guidance and counseling in the dormitory. The assistants are on duty at all times and are responsible for the smooth operation of their respective floors. They have special dormitory duty about twice a week, RA meetings every week, in-service meetings, and conduct their own floor meetings. They strive to provide a pleasant, friendly atmosphere in the dormitories yet one that is conducive to study.

Hall, Pegi Mullen, Cathy Bruggeman, Colleen O 'Kane. ROW THREE: Kathryn Moe, Jean Stevens, Marie Ciokiewicz, supervisor; Linda Hemming, Cher Miller, Rosie Marz, Joan Deters, supervisor; Linda Hermanson, Kay Marquardt, Diane Ketchum, Betty Eglinton.

RA's Assist in Dorni Living

MEN RESIDENT ASSISTANTS . . . James Ernster, H.ichard Pietsch, Ron Johnson, David Kavitz. ROW TWO: Frank Siebenaler, supervisor; Tim Schreiner, Ken Maddux, Roger Fischbach, Ron Amdahl, supervisor. ROW THREE: Doug Standke, Mike Klomp , Bruce White, Ed Stern, Tom Sabotta.


The Dormitory Councils are composed of representatives elected by each floor. As spokemen for on -campus students the councils meet weekly to d i s c u s s the views, complaints, and desires of their floor r e s id e n t s . The council further decides on any programs for the dormitory residents such as open houses, movies and luncheons. WOMEN' S DORM COUNCIL . . . ROW ONE: J ean Woodsend, Carolyn Ebeling, Cheryl Bremseth, Patri cia A. Tolmie. ROW TWO: Linda Bla k ely, Ma ry Ann Hall, J a n Edwa rds, Ruth Heine.

Dorlll Councils Aid On-Cainpus Students MEN'S DORM COUNCIL . . . ROW ONE: Ma rk Brostrom, Dennis Aas e, Steve D. Johnson, Bob Barnacle, Ste ve Schuldt, Patrick Gerber. ROW TWO: Ron Amdahl, Bruce Stege,

Steve Da rkow, Jim Tra han, Dave Ogren, Bill Hume, Joe Dolan.


LSA . . . ROW ONE: Ann Prudoehl, Ann Spelhaug, Lorna Cooper, Joan Anderson, Sandra Widing. ROW TWO: Pastor John A. Anderson, Julie Nickels, Dennis Aase, Vickie Eling, Dia n e K et c hum, Jon Schoonmaker.

The Lutheran Student Association is open to all WSC students and provides discussions, fun, and fellowship on the college level. The Newman Club, which sponsors community, campus, and club activities such as folk Masses and dances, makes available to all students literature, discussion and classes on the Catholic Faith.

Religious Clubs Provide

NEWMAN CLUB . . . ROW ONE: Father Martin Olsen, Chaplain, Rowe Alt, Raymond Kiral, Pat Ryan, Joanie Moyer , Carolyn Ebeling, Cathie Roddy, Joanie Hittner, Lorna Hefel, Valerie Sanders. ROW TWO: Mike Eischen, Nancy Nipp , Marie Ciokiewicz, Sheila Gehling, Shari Abbers, Pat Meyer, Marilynn Feuling, Faye Krudirmacher, David

Vickery, Pat McDaniel. ROW THREE: Miss Betty McCormick, lay advisor, Sister Sarto, Bruce Danielson, Colleen Frank, Diane Polarsky, Helen Rafferty, Peter Harton, Joanne Nipp, William Shafer, Maureen Radich, Therese Raker, Rose Marie Mahoney.




GAMMA DELTA . . . ROW ONE: Adrienne Block, Fran Fullerton, Sue Hallstrom, Linda Christensen, Deloria Shavinsky. ROW TWO: Cher Miller, Ann Franks, Marilyn Funk, Karen Fischer, Lynda Trapp, Liz Siverson, Ruth Buckbee. ROW THREE: Leslie Wille, Don Zimmerman, treasurer , Wally Schultz, Bonnie Runge, Marylin M aki, J ohn Ehlen, D arr el Zietlow.

Fun, Faith, Fellowship INTER-VARSITY .. . ROW ONE: Karen Hartley, Joan Anderson, Barba r a O'Reilly,Carol Lunz.ROW TWO: Linda Wendt, Janice Bostrom, Ruth Buckbee, B eatrice Bauer, Carol Herrm a nn, Beverly DeForth, Dianne Bastin. ROW THREE : D e nnis Redwing, Gene Van Buskirk, Rurich Carlson, Dennis Aase, David Crow.

Inter-varsity Christian Fellowship is nondenominational and is open to all students. It is a nationally recognized organization. Inter-varsity sponsors prayer a nd Bible study meetings, films, speakers, and social activities. Gamma Delta is affiliated with the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. Its program is composed of guest speakers, discussions, recreation, Bible readings and informal get-togethers at Gamma Delta House.

I. "({&


' -


.. - ... _.__ _


the greek scene is fellowship . . . it's the excitement of going through rush, the endurance , but more often, the fun of pledgeshipa growing, learning, experience . . . it's service and involvement, on campus: in student government, sponsoring social events, instilling enthusiasm ; in the community: painting a steamboat, sponsoring an orphan, clearing a trail. . . it's social-fundamentally, importantly, bringing and reflecting the unity of fellowship , within and between each person in each group.






. promoting fellowship






First We Pledge .

BELOW: A Phi Sig active supervises while Rollie Austin and Dave Anderson do pledge chores. RIGHT: Jim Brodie, "Delta Zeta sweetheart", assists Sue Critchfield with preparations for a rush party.

ABOVE: W h at brother will do to brother. . .Bill McNary has h is brother, Dick, at his mercy at the Sig Tau Spring Carnival.

ABOVE: Marti Marvin (center) entertains rushees Marie Tolstead and Cath y Hernlem at a rush party. R IGHT: Don Crilly, a Sig Tau pledge at carnival time, prepares for a cool dip as Ann Roberton winds up for a throw. 114

LEFT: Marge Binner, Marilyn Bothum, Carolyn Satren, and Jean Krem·e r do a dance routine to open the talent show that their sorority, Alpha Delta Pi, sponsored. BELOW: John Corso and John Rost work on their homecoming float entry.

Then We Work •

BELOW: Connie Menden and Sue Sundry put finishing touches on the Wilke steamboat. Alpha Delta Pi undertook the painting of the entire boat as a service project to th e community. BELOW LEFT: The TEKE'S give out root beer to the crowd during half time at a WSC game.

The Phi Sig's participate in some campus clean up chores.



And Then, We Party!

BELOW: A "Hippie Party" . . . Fred Storti, Shelia Homola, and Tom Sage are among the happier hippies at the party. RIGHT: Jim McArthur is disguised as a hip Hell's Angel.

Don Emblad gives vent to his creative energies by body-painting his date . . .

The life of any party, he spreads his charm around.

then, m a k e s E Terry Vogt might 1 market . . .

11 6





The Social Aspect Dave "Beaver" Kulas is in th e process of lighting a jack-olantern at the annu al TKE Halloween party.

The Phi Sigs prepare refreshments for their thirsty ball-playing brothers.


ABOVE: The enthusiastic cheering section at a Phi Sig softball game. LEFT: Chuck Heiser is one who does believe in sleeping at pajama parties. appraisal of w h a t worth on the pop art





The Greek LEFT: Tom Stover, of Sigma Tau Garr chosen t o reign as Greek god a nd goc ond place in the snow sculpture compet

A Week of Fellowship Greek Week '69 was . . . making unworkable snow work so that a rabbit, a lion, and other snow: creatures could be molded . . . It was participating in an all-singif you were an Alpha Delta Pi you won first place, if you were a Phi Sig you had more fun than anyone else . . . It was a talent show with star attractions-Gypsey R o s e Standke , El Spazo, and Granny McFaggott . . . It was a banquet in Lacrosse with good food, music, and company . . . but most important it was doing things together the Greek way, the way the the me, "United We Stand", suggested things should b e done.

. ~~

Doug Standke was the hit of the tal ent show ...

A Phi Sig turned into Gypsey Rose Lee . ..

Way-''United We Stand''

ma, and Kathy Stemmer, of Alpha Xi Delta, were dess. BELOW: The Alpha Delta Pi Lion won section.

BELOW: Phi Sigma Epsilon captured first place in the snow sculpture competition with its red-coated rabbit. FAR BELOW: El Spazo (Dave Anderson) makes his silent d ebut as a clai rvoyant juggler in the t a lent show sponsored by Alpha Delta Pi sorority.

Doug gives in to the audience's demands that he " take it all off" . . . well, almost.



,~I__ - - - - -



, ""

ALPHA PHI OMEGA . . . ROW ONE: Dusty Bertel, David Rodew old, Craig Holmstrom, Steve Thrune. ROW TWO: Dick Losinski, Richard Pietsch, LaVerne Paulson. ROW THREE : Curt Johnson, Bob Noreen, Mike Cichanowski. Alpha Phi Omega a ssisted the P a rk-Recreation Board in th e esta b lishmen t a nd maintenance of hiking trails in th e bluffsi d e area s in the vicinity of Hozinger Lodge. Larry Underkoffler, Bob Noreen, Mike Cichanowski, and Curt Johnson.

Alpha Phi Omega Extends Service

Alpha Phi Omega is a national service fraternity, the only one on Winona State's campus. It is small on our campus but it has the largest undergraduate Greek fraternity in the world. Though former membership in the Boy Scouts of America is no longer a prerequisite for membership in the organization, t h e group is still affiliated with the boy scouts. Actually the only prerequisite for belonging is the desire to do a little more than the average student would in the way of service to campus and c o m m u n i t y. The group's projects this year included clearing trails on Bluff Side Park, making campus pack distributions, and sponsoring a "Ugly Man On Campus" Contest. Th o ugh they don't have formal social functions ~s do the other Greek organizations, they do cultivate brotherhood within their group with numerous informal social activities for their members. 120






- - - - " " - ~....____





-- ~


ALPHA XI DELTA . .. ROW ONE: Linda Eyler, Peggy Jo Kropp, Carol Reibel, Diane Heim, Sue Williams, Kris Olson, Sandy Shima, Laura Schottmuller, Lynn Johnson, Brenda Reindal, Cindy Coughlos, Sue Draj eske. ROW TWO: Jane Schultz, Kathy Kelley , Nancy Bezdichek, P at Browne, Jane Bowen, Betty Eglinton, D eeAnn Nelson, Linda Leslie,

Sharon R einda l , Kathy Meyer, Sheila Homola. R 0 W THREE: Mary Harty, Ruth Wegman, Kathryn Ochs, Barb Quinn, Sue Cihak, Nancy Hitchcock, Kay Quinn, Linda Boyum, Pat Fritz, Brenda Jungerberg, J eri Madse n , Kathy Stemmer.

Alpha Xi DeltaSpirit of Friendship Sisterhood in Alpha Xi D e 1 t a means sharing, service, honor, trust and above all friendship and sisterhood. The Alpha Xi's stress scholarship and activity in the college community. This year the Alpha Xi's involvement started Orientation week with many of the sisters as team leaders. Student Senate, Faculty-Student Committees, and other campus organizations also include Alpha Xi girls. This year the sorority a lso had the honor of having three fraternity sweethearts, Greek Goddess, and the TEKE playmate chosen from the sisterhood. Putting up Santa's House for the cha mber of commerce, working with handicapped children, old folks and the Red Cross were some of this year's service projects. S u c h things as exchanges with fraternities, the Spring style show and social functions help round out the college lives of members of this sorority. Sue Drajeske, Jeri Madsen, and Pat Browne take care of some last finishing touches in preparation for a rush party.


-- ---


ALPHA DELTA PI SORORITY . . . ROW ONE: Linda Hogstad, Linda Thompson, Diane Mager, Sonja Saari, Patti King, Dolores Connoy, Jo Hageman, Sue Sundry, Marge Binner. ROW TWO: Jean Kremer, Linda Nelson, Marti Marvin, Linda Hemming, Mary Jane Vucinovich, Kathryn

Moe, Linda Gronholz, Linda Manders, Evonne Brown, Faye Froehlich, Carolyn Satren, Lynn Seltz, Connie Menden, Karen Donehower, Linda Sveen, Nancy Nelson, Shirley Cook, Jeanne Heller, Diane Nelson, Chris Johnston.

A Third National Sorority on Cainpus Alpha Delta Pi Belonging to Alpha Delta Pi in '69 started out by not belonging to Alpha Delta Pi at all but to Kappa Theta Chi, a local and independent sorority-in the middle of fall quarter acceptance as an a ffi 1 i ate pledge chapter of the national Alpha Delta Pi came . . . ecstatic celebration followed . . . then, a formal initiation that turned thirtyfive actives into thirty-five lowly pledges again . . . then a period of adjustment-a new name, a new pin, a new outlook . . . Belonging was working together, whether it was in campaigning for a queen candidate, repainting the W i 1 k e steamboat, going on a cerebral palsy drive, having a car wash, or creating a "Winter Haven" for the annual Christmas Dance. . . it was having fun together, whether it was on a campout, a picnic, or at a dinner dance . . . It was going all out for Greek Week-molding the Alpha Delta Pi lion into a prize-winning snow creature, winning the all-sing trophy, and sponsoring a Greek talent show . . . But most typically, it was caring for, and liking each other . . . as the Alpha Delta Pi motto suggests "We Live for Each Other." Faye Froehlich is given her pledge pin by Mrs. Orval Lund, alumni advisor for Alpha Delta Pi. Watching are Mrs. Gilbe rt Roberson and Mrs. Raymond Rice , province preside nt. 122











----.... -----



__ . . -








DELTA ZETA . . . ROW ONE: Cathy Cliff, Sharon Greenslade, Alice Green, Cheryl Hanson, Linda Handt, Pat Kennedy, Cheryl Bremseth, Marlys Dickerman, Candy Simon. ROW TWO: JoAnn Ostrem, Carol Pretzel, Terry Follmann, Joanne Karsten, Kay Everson, Sue Critchfield, Christy



Campbell, Diane Roffler, Mary Zimmerman, Mary Landoff, Barbara Steene. ROW THREE: Nadine Gravenish, Joan Pretzel, Linda Knippenberg, Lori Polichnowski, Linda Behrens, Ruth Wisdorf, Jan Wiest, Char Behnken, Linda Schild, Susan Ivers, Hallie Russell, Janet Jozwick, Janet Edwards.

Making friends in Disneyland . . . Jan Johnson, a Delta Zeta sister, was an absent member this year. Reigning as the Aquatennial Queen of the Lakes took Jan on tour throughout the United States and abroad.

Delta Zeta It was an active and successful year for DZ sorority at WSC. The year began with DZ sponsoring its annual fall style show for the campus homecoming. Homecoming meant campaigning for queen candidate Christy Campbell and Valentine's Day meant a formal dance with the theme, "Queen of Hearts" and a DZ, Barb Steene, becoming WSC's Campus Cover Girl. Winter quarter brought rush when many new pledges added to the fun and excitement. Every quarter many of the g i r 1 s found living together an enjoyable experience in a large offcampus house. DZ also won the Greek scholarship trophy during the year and continued sponsoring its Korean orphan.




SIGMA TAU GAMMA . . . ROW ONE: Hank Zacharias, Curt Conzett, Donald Pressnall, Dan Bohan, Richard Knapp, Denny Murray, Dick Wagner, Jim Bagniewski. ROW TWO: Greg Williams, Kenneth Menzel, Howard Eicher, Kit Grier, Jim Dubsky, Harold Davies, Thomas J. Hoffman, Bruce Gabnay, Richard Horst, Gary Colgan, Ray Gunderson. ROW









__....--- ...


THREE: Robert Buckingham, Bill Niemcyzk, Kevin Kreger, Thomas R. Stover, Don Crilly, John Haas, David Kleis, Ken Mogren, Jim Brodie, Art Normandin, Paul M. Porvaznik. ROW FOUR: Bob Sawyer, Rowen Kurimay, Jerry Schmitz, Bill Martin, Bruce White.

Signia Tau Ganinia Instills Leadership Belonging to Sigma Tau Gamma in '69 was starting the year off right by building a first-place float for Homecoming . . . it was giving their address as "252 Franklin" because, whether a member lived there officially or unofficially, it was the address of his fraternity house . . . it was getting a color television for their house-dedication to television watching fall quarter brought about the subsequent (and necessary) rededication t o gradewatching winter quarter . . . it was selling (and sometimes not being able to sell) lightbulbs to raise money for the orphanage . . . it was making a pledge push a tennis ball from the fraternity house up Garvin Heights with his nose . . . it was having a Greek god (in the person of Tom Stover) in their midst . . . it was presenting a Spring Carnival and Talent Show,-dunking pledges, pie-in-theface, and getting put in jail was the order of the day . . . it was instilling leadership in their members so that they served in student government, as class officers and orientation leaders . . . as important as anything, it was having fun,-living together and liking it. Hands in pockets .

. the way to build a winning float???












. -

......... -~-~~~-





- ¡--




PHI SIGMA EPSILON . . . ROW ONE: David L. Anderson, Bruce Blixt, Greg Staples, Tom Seigert, Chuck Sklader, Jill Sackett, Sweetheart, Dennis Konkel , Paul Johnson, John Marnach, Cyril Schnell, Brian L. Williams. ROW TWO: Pete Cole, Tom Gorman, Dan Anderson, Dan McClellan, Wayne Berger, Bob Andrewsen, Phil Welti, Richard Sorom, Roy Herrera, Dave Boss, David A. Kavitz, Doug Standke, Bruce Johnson, Dennis Holtegaard, Morrie Hanson. ROW

THREE: Darrell May, Jim Dalton, Mike Schneider, Mike Sullivan, Roger Halstead, Tim Dalton , Bob White, Joe Dolan, Bob Routhe, Tom Brase, Dennis K reafsk y, Ron Gipp , Philip Luhmann , Lee Buck, William Emmons, Ray Luelen. ROW FOUR: Ron White, Andy R oss, Dick McNary, Thomas Burgeson, Rollie Austin, Bill McNary, Bob Koranda, Sid Bishop, Burl Haar, Dick Behling, Wayne N. Chalus, Jerry A. Schwengels, Mike Alexander.

Chuck Sklader ends his term as president of Phi Sig and welcomes the new president, Bruce Blixt.

Phi Sigma Epsilon Enthusiasm, Involvement Belonging to Phi Sigma Epsilon in '69 was participating actively in Homecoming activities -campaigning vigorously f o r their sweetheart, Jill Sackett, m a d e her Homecoming Queen, the second year in a row a Phi Sig candidate was chosen. It was building a float with a c lever slogan, "W e'll B eat the Beavers By a Dam Site!'', and cheering the football team on to victory . . . It w as serving the community by sponsoring a picnic and games for children from the orphanage . . . it was being part of the Phi Sig ch eering section, giving avid and loyal support to WSC teams . . . it was participation in Greek Week-first place in the snow sculpture competition, improvisation at the a llsing, and the d e but of "LBJ" Harr, Gypsey Rose Standke, a nd "El Spazo" Anderson at the talent show . .. it was, essen tially, involvement and enthusiasm for what they w ere a part of. 125


TAU KAPPA EPSILON . . . ROW ONE: Orin Holtan, Lowell Heydt, David Russell, Wayne Albrecht, Ken Maddux, Scott Van Gundy, Jerry Benish, Mack Berg. ROW TWO: Gary Gartner, Bill Gludt, Dennis Brom, Mike Mikrut, Louis Barde!, Roger Borchert, Dan Becker, Ron Marchionda, John







Mattison. ROW THREE: Jim Vonderohe, Neil Grummons, David Jansen, Steve Dublin, Gale Johnson, David Kulas, Nobert Wood, Steve Erdmanezyk, John Corso, Roger Gaustad, Kenneth Evans, Norm Semling.

Tau Kappa

Epsilon Tau Kappa Epsilon, Winona's youngest soc i a 1 fraternity, this year introduced the TEKE Playboy Dance in February which was highlighted by the crowning of a TEKE "playmate" . Dennis Brom, elected President in January, succeeded Gary Gartner. TEKE's annual Public Service Weekend, in April, was dedicated to planting five hundred trees Gary Gartner, TKE's president, prepares to sound the TEKE bell at the Homecoming game.

and a general clean-up at Camp Winebago, a summer camp for the mentally retarded in Wisconsin.




PHI DELTA RHO . . . ROW ONE: Mike Blanski, Kevin Senn, Jim Gores, Shawn (mascot), Bob Hatton, Jim Rue , Al Carlsten, Don Elmblad. ROW TWO: Rick Miller, Dave Lutzwick, Terry Vogt, Chuck H e iser, Wayne Borgen, Tom Sa ge,

Dick Merwin, Larry Anderson. ROW THREE: Randy Gronert, John J. Zwolinski, P a ul Buscovick, Jim McArthur, Te rry Skaar, Jay Greenberg, Darrell Metcalf, Ste ve Holubar.

Phi Delta Rho Good Times, Real Brotherhood Belonging to Phi Delta Rho is possessing a feeling of independence-being local and autonomous makes it so . . . it's asserting one's individualism and accepting a brother for what he is . . . it was having parties-a "hippie" party complete with body painting sessions, a pajama party, or, an ordinary party-party that was never ordinary but original and fun. . . it was campaigning vigorously for Carol Nessler, their candidate for Homecoming Queen, and, for many of the members, working hard to make the President's Ball a success . . . it was getting a house and, typically, having a good time. Larry Brady, Eric Madsen, Jake Dahl, Paul Buscovick, and Les Bohnen pose in their Halloween outfits. 127

the scene is competing in sports . . . on the field, mat, court, or on the green . . . determination, enthusiasm, and striving make championship teams and spark individual performance. team spirit but spectator spirit toocrowds cheering, groaning, anticipating, with each basket, foul, and goal, sharing the hurt of defeat along with the glory of victory.


. . . competing in sports

Captain Tom Ochs, a senior from Bloomington, set a new school record of 1:51.5 for the half-mile run. Rick Lantz prepares to throw the discus at Jefferson Field.

Russ Jacobson receives the baton in a relay race against Stout State.


'68 Baseball: Powerful Again

ROW ONE: Bill Harlos, Charles Goerish, Pat Boland. Gene Schultz, Hank Zacharias. Mike Percuoco. Jack MacNamara. Steve Lathrop. ROW TWO: Coach Gary Groh. Manager Maurice Anderson, Mark Raas. Rick Smith. Mike DeWyre. John Almquist. Bill Kroschel. Jim Hakes. Carl Strom.

THIRD ROW: Greg Stazenski, Bob Goldstrand. Rich Decker, Sam Shea. Chip Schwartz. Marvin Berg. Bob Eckles. Gary Connolly. Manager Al Carlson.

Mike De Wyre, a senior from Rogers City, Michigan, led the team in hitting with a .369 average.


The Warrior baseball team completed another very successful season with a 22-9 record. By finishing second in the NIC conference and second in NAIA regionals at Storm Lake, Iowa, the Warriors established themselves as one of the best teams in the Upper Midwest. Leading the hitters were Mike DeWyre and Bob Goldstrand, while Chip Schwartz and Greg Stezenski led in the pitching department. Named to the AllConference roster were Mike DeWyre, Bill Harlos, Rich Decker, Bob Goldstrand, Chuck Goerish, and Chip Schwartz.

,- ~- -JJ,,; ---

Season's Record .;

wsc 8 8 6 3 1 9 1


2 2 0 3 7 3

Opponent St. Louis U. St. Louis U. St. Louis U. Upper Iowa Upper Iowa Upper Iowa Milwaukee Milwaukee Milwaukee Steven s Point Stevens Point Bemidji Bemidji


4 3 1 4 6 11

8 1 5 1

8 5

2 4 3 2 4 0 2 3 3 11 3 1 6 4

Opponent Bemi dji Morr is Morr is Morris Moor head Moorhead Moorhead Lacrosse St. Clo u d S t. Clo ud St. Clou d Mank ato Mank ato Mankato

7 5 7

8 7 4 6 5 2 0 4 12 7



Coach Grob intently watches his players during a workout. Coach Grob has a record 40 wins against 19 losses in his two year s as h ead coach at WSC.

Coach Grob gives a few pointers to sever a l of his big hitters. Mike Percuoco, Hank Zacharias and Bob Goldstrand are all ears. 133

The Warrior baseball team completed another very successful season with a 22-9 record. By finishing second in the NIC conference and second in NAIA regionals at Storm Lake, Iowa, the Warriors established themselves as one of the best teams in the Upper Midwest. Leading the hitters were Mike De Wyre and Bob Goldstrand, while Chip Schwartz and Greg Stezenski led in the pitching department. Named to the AllConference roster were Mike DeWyre, Bill Harles, Rich Decker, Bob Goldstrand, Chuck Goerish, and Chip Schwartz.

- ?'_._ • _..-.-


Season's Record


wsc 8 8 6 3 1

9 1 2 2 0 3 7 3

Opponent St. Louis U. St. Louis U. St. Louis U. Upper Iowa Upper Iowa Upper Iowa Milwaukee Milwaukee Milwaukee Stevens Point Stevens Point Bemidji Bemidji



3 1 4

6 11

8 1 5


8 5

2 4 3 2 4 0 2 3 3 11 3 1 6 4

Opponent Bemidji Morris Morris Morris Moorhead Moorhead Moorhead LaCrosse St. Cloud St. Cloud St. Cloud Mankato Mankato Mankato

7 5 7 8 7 4 6 5 2 0 4 12 7 3


Coach Grob intently watches his players during a workout. Coach Grob has a record 40 wins against 19 losses in his two years as head coach at WSC.




Coach Grob gives a few pointers to several of his big hitters. Mike Percuoco, Hank Zacharias a nd Bob Goldstr and are all ears. 133

Dave Kennedy. Manager: Torn Stoffel. Bob Berger, Craig Thornton. Al Von Bargen. Dick Nelson. Roger H artwich. Larry Erpc ld111g. Bob Rank. Torn W a gner

'68 Tennis Shows Proniise Dick Nelson backhands a return during practice. Dic k , from Bloomington. was top performer for this year 's squad.

Season's Record w sc 2 2 0

6 9 9 9 2 0


Oppon e n t

La Crosse Stevens Point Northern Iowa Eau Claire St. Mary's Rochester J .C. Stout Hamli ne Loras

7 7 9 3 0 0 0 7 9

C o ach M o hn an . Ti m Rath. T err y N elson , D a v e H enke. L a rry L iber sky, R oger F ischbach. John W a l ski.

The golfers completed a successful dual meet season with a fine 6-1-3 record. However, Coach Molinari's boys finished a disappointing fifth place in the conference meet at Fergus Falls. The leading scorers for the season were John Walski, a junior from Winona, and Roger Fischbach, a senior from Paynesville, Minn.

'68 Golf: DisappointITient Season's Record 6-1-2

Conference Meet (27-hole stroke play) Roger Fishbach John Walski Tim Rath Dave Henke Terry Nelson

116 119 121 122 131

609 (5th place)

Rog Fisc hbac h s tro kes a putt o n practice g ree n a t th e W estfie ld course. 135











ROW ONE: Larry Ofstedal. mgr.. Rick Boyum. mgr.. Jerry Eichman. Ron Moen. Don Pressnal. Dean Hathaway. Stan Scott. man. Don Rajtora. Harry Mitchell. George Moore. Jerry Stejskal. Mike Erdmanczyk. Jim Rolhng. Tim Paske. mgr .. Joe Dolan. Asst. coach. Robert Keister. Asst. coach. Ron Summy. Dave Maroa. Harlan Brandt. Pat Riley. John Lindsay. Rich Erdman. zechi. Tom Riley. Bruce Reeck. Steve Krob. Leo Fragapano. Maurice Anderson. mgr.. Paul Engen. Asst. coach. Madeo Molinari. White. Mike Holzer. Roger Franson. John Buchner. Dick McNary. Burl Haar. Tom VonFeldt. Larry Mott. Bill McNary. Clem Boland. Lew Sweep. Mike Loetchler. Terry Anderson. Robb McDonough. Jeff Middeorf. Steve Erdmanczyk. Don Wistrcill. Jim Russ Jacobson. Dennis Barry, Clayton Seeland, Jerry Urness, Mike Groerner.

' Deterinination, Enthusiasin Spur Warriors

LEFT: Coach Keister is engrossed with play on the field while Coach Molinari discusses strategy with his players in the background. ABOVE: Tom VonFeldt in hopeful determination.


Marlin Carrier. Ron Fuglestad. Ed Littlejohn, Steve Wi!dmgr. ROW TWO: Myron Smith. Asst, coach. Bob Urness. Keith Comeford. Roger Jehlicka. Curt Palmer. Rick StarHead coach. ROW THREE: Jim Madsen. Jim Baker. Ron Darkenwald. Tom Johnson. Doug Billison. ROW FOUR: Pat Dybevik. Dave Franko. Lee Timmerman. Randy Gronert,

Football '68: Triuinph The 1968 football team overcame a poor start and a number of injuries to tie for the N.S.C. champi onship. Although Coach Molin ari's boys posted an unimpressive 5-4 win-loss record, t h ey played superb football during the important games. Highlights of the season were the convincing win over St. Cloud in the first conference game. and the upset victory over Moorhead to tie for the championship. Although many players stood out throughout the season, Bill McNary, Ron Moen, Clem Darkenwald, Don Rajtora, and Rick Starzecki were selected to the All-Conference Team. Coach Molinari was vot ed the Coach of the Year in the N.S.C.

Season's Record

on to Victory

Stout Upper Iowa Morris St. Cloud Mankato Bemidji Michigan Tech Moorhead Hillsdale



13 34 13 21 7 27 12 13 20

14 0 27 13 10 14 8 0 34

Tom Riley is pulling for his teammates a ll the way.


Coach Molinari instructs Curt Palmer on procedure for the next play.

Don Rajtora calls the signals against Bemidji for a Homecoming win.

LEFT: Don Rajtora is the only one left standing after this play but Warrior Pat Boland maintains a tight grip on the ball. ABOVE: Ed Littlejohn gets caught in the middle of converging Bemidji players.


Bill McNary watches intently from the sidelines. Bill received the Glen Galligan Award which is given annually to the outstanding senior ballplayer in the N.S.C.

Season Sparked by Individual Achieveinent Rick Starzechi battles his way past blocker to cover a Warrior punt. Rick was named to the all-conference berth.

But Teain Effort Too

Disappointment was often encountered ...

but the season ended joyously.

CROSS-COUNTRY TRACK TEAM .. . FRONT ROW: Jon Arnold, Bruce Lodgard, Don Rahman, Ste ve Rose, Mike

Rose. ROW TWO: Coach Gary Grob, Bob Hempy, Al Gilman, Spencer Yoh e, J e r ry Olson , Manager .

Cross-Country Track: Tough Conipetition

Season's Record University of Northern Iowa Wartburg Upper Iowa River Falls State University Eau Claire State University Carleton College Macalester College Mankato State Stevens Point Loras College Luther College La Crosse State University



16 15 31 37 39 19 17 15 18 15 39 16

42 50 26 20 20 37 41 50 42 49 18 41

Although the cross country team again found the competition to be tough, the Warriors managed a respectable 4-8 record. Winona was paced by the outstanding performance of Al Gilman who placed high in most every meet. Other runners who placed consistently were Steve Rose, Jon Arnold, and Don Rahman. The Warriors finished fourth in the NIC meet with Al Gilman leading WSC by placing 16th.




VARSITY TEAM . . . ROW ONE: Ga~ Protsman, Jim Jabrosky, Andy Ross, Jt Schul tz, Rick Starzecki, Steve Bay, Bruct

Steve Protsman, consistent scorer against St. John's in th e games determining the NAIA championship, is about to sink one as two Johnies look on.

"B" SQUAD TEAM . . . FRONT: Gar: Paul Jungblut, Tom Bernstorf. BACK: A Miller, Don Wistrcill, Lee Boettcher, Pau


}artner, manager; Mark Wilke, Don Besonen, Arlyn Wendlandt, J acques Gibbs, Steve :ome Beckely. ROW TWO: Al Carlson, manager; Coach J. D. Barnette, Bill Ochs, Gene Jarrier, Bob Walker, Coach Lietzau. Head Coach Ronald Ekker.

'69 Basketball: NIC Champions! After a very slow start, the Warrior basketball team p 1 a y e d inspired basketball and won a share of the NIC championship with St. Cloud. Coach Ekker's boys finished with a 10-2 conference record and a 14-12 overall record. The Warriors missed a trip to the NAIA nationals by the narrowest of m a rgins in losing two very close games to St. Johns. Gene Schultz and S t e v e Protsman provided consistent scoring w hi 1 e Rick Starzecki le d the defense, which finished in the top t e n in the nation's small colleges.

Season's Record

'rescher, Jerome Beckely, Tony Bowden, J eff Evert. Jimm Mott, ~arlson , Assistant Coach; Brian Nystven, J erry Matter, John Nagner, J . D. Barnette, Coach.

La Crosse Stevens Point Eastern Michigan University Wayne State Wartburg Loras College Southwest State College Hamline Moorhead Bemidji Michigan Tech Bemidji Bethel Mankato St. Thomas Moorhead St. Cloud Minn-Morris Minn-Morris Mankato St. Cloud Michigan Tech St. Johns University St. Johns University



46 51 51 42 47 67 78 65 54 67 79 64 87 77 61 48 49 57 61 76 26 74 50 61

51 78 81 62 50 52 64 49 55 65 56 38 53 57 69 45 45 52 60 49 60 64 53 66


WRESTLING TEAM . . . ROW ONE: Pat Ryan, Bob Barnacle, Jeff Nelson, Rick Noer, Eckerman, Phil Luhman, Ken Hunze, John Fody, Steino Meletio. Tuny Strozewski, Hutchinson, Bob Nelson, Al Billings, Reg Sampson, Scott Sandburg, Steve Barknow, THREE: Coach Mc Cann, Larry Cyrus, Ron Oglesby, Dave Oland, Pete Edwards, Rog Gary Anhalt, Ron Moen, Gordy Hintz, Lee Wiegrefe.

Wrestling ' 69: The '69 wrestling squad started the season as one of the top five teams in the nation. However, through a series of unfortunate occurrences, such as disciplinary and scholastic difficulties as well as many injuries, Coach Gunner and his assistant, Fran Mc Cann, lost several of their best wrestlers. From the h i g h national ranking, the Warriors fell to a lowly 5th place finish in the NIC meet at Houghton, Michigan. The brightest point of the season was Jim Taniehill's third NIC championship in the 160-pound class. Others who were impr essive throughout the season were Dave Oland, Ron Oglesby, and freshman Bill Hitesman.


Action on The Courts LEFT: Jerome Beckley climbs an opponent's back to get rebound against Bethel. BELOW: Don Besonen is about to let go with another two points for the Warrior cause.


- - - - - ¡ ----- - - - - -

WRESTLING T EAM . . . ROW ONE: Pat Rya n , Bob Barnacle, Jeff Nelson, Rick Noer, Eckerman, Phil Luhman, K e n Hunze, John Fody, Steino Meletio, Tuny Strozewski, Hutchinson, Bob Nelson , Al Billings, Reg Sampson, Scott Sandburg, Steve Barknow, THREE: Coach Mc Cann , Larry Cyrus, Ron Oglesby, Dave Oland, Pete Edward s, Rog Gary Anhalt, R on Moen , Gordy Hintz, L ee Wiegrefe.

Wrestling '69: The '69 wrestling squad started the season a s one of the top five teams in the nation. However, through a se rie s of unfortunate occurrences, s uch as disciplinary and scholastic difficulties as well as many injurie s , Coach Gunner and his a ssistant, F ran Mc Cann, lost seve ral of their best wrestlers. From the h i g h national ranking, the Warriors fell to a lowly 5th place finish in the NIC meet at Houghton, Michigan. The brightest point of the season was Jim Taniehill's third NIC championship in the 160-pound class. Others who w e r e impressive throughout the season were Dave Oland, Ron Oglesby, and freshman Bill H it e sman.


Jon Arnold, Herb Darner, Jim Hall, Mike Alexander, Leo Larry Sowden, Tom Grothe. ROW TWO: Mike Doody, Rom John Bedtke, Jim Meyer, George Moore, Dave Olsen. ROW Jehlicka, Pete Sandburg, Jim Tanniehill, Bill Heitsman,

Seasons Record Luther Marquette Western Illinois University of Missouri Stout State Stevens Point Moorhead State North Dakota State University Mankato South Dakota State University St. Cloud Bemidji Gustavus Adolphus Wartburg




8 6 3 9 8 0

27 26 22

25 35 6 14 24 6 24 22


21 21


20 11 14 16



Elusive Ron Oglesby . . . Oglesby is just about to complete an escape from th e hold of his opponent.




- - -


- - - -- - -

- ¡--



Ron Moen starts his winning move . . .

Jim Hall is only inches away from a sure pin.


~ -

. . . administers a crunching pin to a Marquette heavyweight.

Wrestling an Individual Effort

Jim Tanniehill demonstrates one of his many holds as he takes down an opponent. Dave Oland gains riding time in a match against Bemidji State. 149

SWIMMING TEAM . . . ROW ONE: Gary Gross, Roger Braaten, Terry Weekly, Stan Hammer, Ron Calvert, Brian Rudel, Paul Hilke. ROW TWO: Bill Braun, Rick Kruger, Bob Ball, Terry Vogt, Jim Dubsky, Don Leon, Jon Schoonmaker. ROW THREE: Coach John Martin, George Kazika, Larry Calvert, Peter Kopercinski, Rick Miller, Manager.


Brian Rudel churns his way to a third place finish against Bemidji. 150

Season's Record Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Titan Relays


Mankato State Hamline Luther Augustana St. Thomas St. Cloud Stevens Point Macalester LaCrosse Bemidji Michigan Tech NIC Championships

64 70 66

57 60 65 65

36 63 44 64 1. Bemidji

2. 3. 4. 5.

Winona St. Cloud Mankato Michigan Tech

2nd Place

OPP 49 33 38 47 44 41 39 61 41 60

39 504 447 339 317 116



Excellence The '69 Swim team returned to the excellence which has characterized Winona State swimming under Coach John Martin. With All-Americans Larry Calvert and George Kazika, and outstanding freshmen Roger Braaten and Ron Calve rt leading the way, the swimmers lost only to national powers Macalester and Bemidji during the dull season. Although W i n on a came up with outstanding individual performances, the Warriors had to settle for the runner-up position to Bemidji in the NIC meet. Roger Braaten, George Kazika, and Larry Calvert each won at least one championship in the meet. Co-Captains George Kazika and Peter Kopercinski have just been clocked by Coach Martin. 151





ABOVE: Terry Anderson is ready to get a rebound. ABOVE RIGHT: INTRAMURAL FOOTBALL CHAMPS, THE FILTHY FIFTEEN . . . FRONT ROW: Gary Hirshler, Dave Rahkamp, Bill Harlos, Steve Tessum. SECOND ROW: Jim Mcconaghy, Daryl Severson, Rick Smith, Steve Schnarr. BACK ROW: Bob Meimbresse, Mike McEnany, Jim Matzke, Jim Winkler, Al Melin, Warren Lacourse.




Intralllural Sports

A Recreational OutletSomething for Everyone

ABOVE: A pass is caught in a game of flag football for good gain. LEFT: Joe Hahn is about to sink a two-pointer. ABOVE RIGHT: Tom Campbell leads the way for Mike Ryan in an intramural flag-foo t ball game.

T h e int ramural sports program provides competition and physical activity for those unable to compete in varsity sports. The year-around program consists of all sports which attract the interest of college men. Supervised leagues are organized in football, bowling, basketball, volleyball, and softball, w h i l e tournaments are held in cross country, billiards, wrestling, swimming, tennis, golf, a n d track. With the goal of something for everyone, the intramural program provides a recreational outlet and athletic rivalry with an emph asis on sportsmanship.


BELOW: Lynn Huntoon receives the pitch in an extramural softball game. RIGHT: Carol Bjorklund swats this rather unusual version of a puck in a fast and furious game ofbroomball, an activity newly initiated this winter.

ABOVE: EXTRAMURAL SOFTBALL . . . FRONT: Mary Kurtz, Joan Culhane, Chris Reisdorf, Jude Stienessen, June Corteau, Barb Hill. BACK: Mrs. Spre nger, Linda Briske, Muriel Schwerzler, Rosie Frenette, Lynn Huntoon, Annette Nyseth, Linda Leary. RIGHT: INTRAMURAL VOLLEYBALL . . . BACK: Sharon Euerle, Cheri Mueller, Pegi Mullen. FRONT: Connie Van Gundy, Judy Duffy, Linda Carlon are the members ofa championship team.


- ------------~---~-

Wonien's lntraniuralExtraniural Prograni The program is open to all college women and provides opportunities to participate in a wide range of intramural sports activities. It provides opportunities for participants to increase their sports skills in a friendly competitive atmosphere. It provides, also social contacts with other students and develops the spirit of cooperation and fair play. The extramural aspect of the program has undergraduate women students representing the college in various competitive sports such as softball, swimming, and basketball. Those participating compete with area colleges and universities.

ABOVE: EXTRAMURAL BASKETBALL TEAM .. . BACK: Miss Moravec, Marsha Walte rs, Sharon Euerle, Judy Peroutka, June Corteau, Debby Millie, Susa n Hemling. FRONT: Jude Stienesson, Lynn Huntoon, Lynnette Grimm. FAR ABOVE: Pitching the tent is one of the first orders of business on an outing at Perrot State Park in Wisconsin.


• •

. progressing toward a goal



, , lp•• i,.



~· ... f' ••




. progressing toward a goal

C. G. M. C.

Abbot Abitz Abitz Abts

Freshinen L. Adams R. Adams R. Afseth

S. Albers

L. R. N. S. J. C. K.

Almo Altermatt Althoff Amann Amdahl Andersen Anderson

T. Anderson W.Anderson E. Anttila R. Armstrong R. Austad M. Austin C. Bailey

M. Bakker G. Balzer P. Bambenek R. Barnacle M. Barth M . Barton M. Bathe!

D. K. J. K. J. D. B.

Batzler Beaulieu Bedtke Beoeter Benda Benson Benz

D. Berg M. Berg J. Bergmark S. Bergrud R. Berndt T. Bernstorf D. Bicknese

D. Bien A. Bierbaum A. Billings A. Bisek N. Bjostad D. Blackburn P. Blasko

B. A. D. L. V. P. A.


Blay Bloch Blum Boettcher Bolton Bostrack Bowden

Where's our president? . . . Freshman class officers are President T im McCarthy (missing), Vice-president Bruce Stege, Secretary Connie Ryan, and Treasurer Libby Rockwell.

R . Braaten T. Braatz M. Brakke A . Brioschi M. Brostrom L. Brown M. Brown

D. R. L. R. C. J. V.

Brus Bubbers Buck Buckbee Bunge Bunke Bunke

K. Burger $ . Burleigh J . Burmeister H . Burnham G. Burreson J . Buscovick R. Buss

D. V. T. T. P. L. J.

Butterfass Butterwick Callaghan Campbell Capistrant Carlson Carr


P. P. J. L. T. G. L.

Carter Charest Christensen Christensen Christensen Christenson Christenson

G. H. M. S. C. M. K.

Christie Christison Christofferson Clark Colvin Congdon Coolidge

J. C. J. M. L. G.

Corbett Cords Corso Cruden Cyrus Dabelstein K. Daggit

J. J. J. J. C. S. G.

Dahl Dahlen Dahling Dalton Danner Darkow Darling

J. R. P. L. K. T. M.

Daskam Dauffenbach Denman DeWall De Yoe Dickinson Dillon

L. P. N. R. J. J. L.

Doner Dohrmann Duellman Duellman Duffy Durben Eckhardt

S. D. J. G. D. B. L.

Edel Edge Eggenberger Eichhorst Emery Erdman Erickson

L. Ernst S. Erpelding L. Ess W.Etherton J . Evert S. Fahy D. Fink

K. B. M. J. J. D. J.


Fishbaugher Fitzgerald Ford Forster Foster Franko Frydenlund

F. Fullerton D. Gabbert J . Galchutt E. Gaustad S. Gehling A. Geie r M. Geraets

T. B. G. C. J. D. L.

Gerden German Gerten Gerths Gieschen Giese Gilbertson

J. Gish B. Glasrud W.Gludt S. Goers C. Goodenough D. Gorham C. Gorman

G. Goveronski B. Grande

Beanie-clad freshmen wait in another line to register for classes.

J. Graner G. Grant

M. Gravenish J. Green

D. Greenlace J. Grindland

G. Gross B. Grosse

S. Goven N. Grunz









J. Grupa

D. D. J. S. R. L.

Haack Hager Hahn Hallstrom Halstead Halverson

D. B. S. C. C. K. J.

Halvorson Hanenberger Hanlon Hansen Hansen Hanson Harlos

S. Harper W.Harris D. Harty K. Hathaway S. Hawley T. Heaser L. Hedbom

J. L. K. R. K. K. L.

Hedglin Helgeson Helland Helminiak Henke Henry Herman

C. Hernlem K. Herrig B. Herzog P. Hilke W.Hitesman B. Hittner M. Hittner

E. B. B. D. J.

Hodgon Hoesley Hoesley Hofschulte Hogue K. Holm C. Holmgren

Ron Sacia entertains us with his own special rendition of"King of the Road" .

P. Holzer D. Horst C. Hovey c. Hubbard S. Huber J. Huelskamp P. Hughes

D. Huiras W.Hull K. Hunze B. Hurlbutt R. Husie T. Hutchinson G. Ingvalson

C. Jacobson J. Jacobson L. Jamnick M. Jaszewski K. Jensen M. Jensen B. Johnson

B. B. D. D. J. J. L.

Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson

M. Johnson T. Johnson W.Johnson S. Joy C. Judd T. Judd C. Kaehler

J. Kaehler E. Kajer S. Kammerer K. Kath A. Kaufman M.Kelly H. Kennedy

K. Kenney

K. Kepp W.Kidd J. King S . King K. Klauer L. Klawitter

T. Klayamorn K. Klemz C. Kobler D. Koehler M. Kohler C. Korba R. Kordosky

S. P. C. G. D. P. D.

Kowalski Kragthorpe Kramer Kramer Kruse Kuchenmeister Kutz






S. Landsman M. Lange R. Lange D. Lanik J. Larpenteur J. Larson J. Larson

K. B. M. D. C. J.

Larson Latterell Latterman Laumeyer Lawstuen Leckie R. Lee

R. Leffert

H. B. C. S. J.

A freshman's security . . . Carol Schultz and Bill Nessler have found it.

Leifeld Leininger Lewis Lindholm Lindsay

S. Long C. Longbehn K. Loomis

J. Loucks L. Loutzenhiser M. Lowe

S. Lowenhagen F. Ludwig S. Lysne

T. McCarthy P. McCleary M. McCormick

P. McDaniel K. McDougall

P. McHenry

C. McKenney D. McNally G . McQuinn


M. Madden R. Mahoney P. Majeski M.Manion J. Marcou J. Mariska G. Markham

R. C. P. M. T. D. J.

Marquardt Marsh Martin Mateka Mauer May Meyer

R. Michel J. Middendorf K. Mierau L. Mikkelson B. Miller J. Miller N. Miller

P. Miller

s. Miller

K. Mills

L. B. J. J.

Miner Minnie Moen Moenck

M.Moore T. Morgan R. Morris A. Mortensen J . Mott K. Mowry M. Myhre

E. Nania C. Nanoff B. Nash B. Nelson M. Nelson P. Nelson B. Nessler

P. Newcomb P. Nicklawske c. Niebur L. Niebur R. Niebur R. Noer A. Nofsinger

D. R. B. D. B. B. D.

Norb eck Novak Nystuen Ogren Olinger Olson Olson

G. Olson K. Olson s. Olson K. O'Reilly c. Pachkofsky C. Pagel N. Palumbo


-=----=- -----=-




A. J. D. C. B. C. J.

Papenfuss Paul Pedersen Pelach Peterson Peterson Peterson

S. Peterson T. Peterson T. Peterson W.Peterson S. Phillips L. Pieper L. Pink

P. Pink M . Pluim B. Podruch C. Polkey T. Preiner G . Prescher J. Prudoehl

N. N. K. C. C. A. C.

Puchleitner Putnam Queensland Quillin Quinn Rahn Randall

N. Renti Cruz K. Rian M.Riches P. Riley R. Ring L. Rishavy L. Rivers

C. E. J. L. J. S. J.

Robinson Rockwell Roling Root Rosaaen Rose Rosengren

B. Ross M. Rossi G. Rostvold L. Ruebe r S . Rue hmann D. Ruffridge K. Ruh

S. R. D. J. C. C. P.

Runkle Runningen Ruppert Rupprecht Rusert Ryan Ryan

E. Sacehler R. Sacia R. Sampson J. Sa ther L. Sbiral N . Sca rborough K. Sc had


S. Schick J. Schlee G. Schmidt C. Schneider M. Schneider P. Schoch M. Scholl

J. K. J. K. S. A.

Schouweiler Schreiner Schultz Schulz Schumacher Schuweiler A. Schwandt

J. G. J. J. K. D. S.

Schwartz Scott Scrabeck Scrabeck Seeland Seete Selly

P. P. L. D. E. J. G.

Senjem Senrick Servais Shavinsky Shaw Shidla Sieleman

P. E. M. D. G.

Sinnen Siverson Smalls Smelzer Smith K. Snell G. Snesrud

W.Snyder R. Solberg D. Sonju S. Sova J. Spath B. Stahl S. Stankiewicz

Cycling enthusiasts take advantage of a warm spring day.


- -




- ------------------

M. R. B. N. C. L. J.

Stark Staupe Stege Stensgard Stoltman Stowell Streeter

T. Strezewski L. Stuedemann M. Sullivan W.Sullivan S. Summers M. Suto C. Sweeney

L. Sweep P. Tallman L. Teitge C. Terbeest S. Thesing M. Thielbar B. Thierman

K. Thitacharee E. Thue K. Thue

M. Tolstad R. Topic M. Topping

J. Trahan F. Tse le kis M. Tushner

P. Unger R. VanAuken E. Vanzo

L. Vig J. Vogel T. Voiovich

K. Von Meyer S . Wade S. Waggoner


K. P. T. S. E. J. C.

Wagner Wagner Wagner Waldo Wallace Wallski Walske

J. L. J. L. S. R. S.

Walther Weaver Webb Wedul Werner West Westlund

J. D. D. J. B. M. T.

Whalen Wheeler White Whitlock Whitney Wick Wieczorek

D. Wilhelm M. Williams G. Wilmes

Warriorette Kathy Hart steps high for the Homecoming pre-game show.

J. Wilson P. Wilson M. Winkels

A. Winner B. Wolfgram W.Wood

L. Worden J. Woychik C. Wronski

R. Wurl B. Yaedke S. Yohse

R. Young R. Zeien R. Zweber


C. D. J. G.

Amundson Anderson Anderson Angsten

G. K. C. B.

Ask Barrett Barron Bartholomew

E. J. B. B. P. B. H.

Bierbaum Bostrom Boyle Boysen Brake Brand Brandt

T. K. C. D. M. J. L.

Brase Bredshall Bremseth Britz Butter Carlson Carvell

C. J. R. M. H. D. B.

Christie Clark Collins Congdon Cook Crow Danielson

M. M. C. C. K. S. S.

Davis Delfs Domaille Domino Donehower Drajeske Druley

T. C. J. V. J. P. D.

Dunlap Ebeling Edwards Eling Engen Erdmann Erpelding

S. P. L. C. N. P. B.

Euerle Fandrey Foran Frank Frick Gerber Gifford

N. D. P. P. K. J. J.

Glover Gordon Gross Guiher Hadoff Hageman Hahn



Sophomore class officers are Carol Pretzel, treasurer; Nancy Olson, secretary; Jan Edwards, vice-president; Steve Holubar, president.

J. Halvorson K. Hammel L. Handt K. Hartley J. Hauble J. Heddle

C. Hedren C. Henderson W.Herron B. Hill S. Hoblit L. Hollowell S. Holubar

A. Humphries G. Ihrke J. Ives A. Jacobson A. Johnson C. Johns K. Johnson

L. E. B. J. K. P. A.

Johnson J:oynes Jungerberg Kehneman Kellett Kennedy Kerr

R. Kinas L. Kosek K. Krejci C. Kroeger D. Kube R. Lacher C. Larson


H. J. L. T. J. C. L.

Laumb Laursen Leary Lenartz Lewanski Literski Loquai

V. J. G. T. L. S. S.

McCluske McLeod Madigan Malone Manders Marggraff Marschall

C. Meier S. Metzler P. Meyer N. Michael V. Michel L. Midkiff M.Mielke

John Fox discovers that there 's happiness in finding a friend.

V. Miller T. Moriarty K. Mortenson

J. Moyer

K. Mulcahy

D. Murray

M. Nelson R. Nelson

J. Nipp

W.Ochs B. Ohm D. Oland

N. Ol son J. Ornston L. Owens

Y. Passe L. Pearson M. Pellowski


B. D. D. C. K. L. B.

Peterson Pexton Pinkston Plank Polkey Possehl Prentis

A. Prudoehl J. Putzier T. Raker M. Rasmussen B. Ree L. Reynolds D. Richie

C. Roddy S. Rosacher c. Rosenfelt K. Rother J. Ruby P. Ryan V. Sanders

L. Sasse P. Schafer K. Schieche s. Schieche J. Schmitz C. Schneider D. Schrankler

K. S. D. M. R. P. L.

Schroeder Schroeder Schumann Schwerzler Seyba Shattuck Shelander

M. Shurson M. Sieben C. Simon P. Smith A. Spelhaug M. Stenzel K. Strapko

L. T. T. M. T. D. T.

Strnad Suneson Theis Thies Thome Thompson Tiedemann

L. Trapp M. Tucker J. Urbach G. Van Buskirk B. Veldhuizen M. Vernon J. Voight

M. Wagner M. Walters M. Webbles J. Welch L. Wendt S . Widing M. Wiebke



-D. Aase G. Albee M . Alexa nder R. Alt

Juniors R. Andrewsen K. Bakken

N. Barney B. Bauer

D. C. J. M. B. G. D.

Bastin Behnken Benson Be nson Berg Bergquist Bertel

N. M. L. B. G. R. M.

Bezdichek Bicknese Blakely Blixt Blongi Boomgaarden Bothum

K. L. D. P. C. S. T.

Bowen Brady Brom Browne Bruggeman Bublitz Burgeson

B. R. L. B. B.

Burke Capan Carlon Christenson Christopherson J. Chubik G . Colgan

D . Conrad S. Cook M. Cottengim J. Courteau J. Crapps S . Critchfield J. Daniels

J. L. J. S. N. B.

Davis Delbow DeLong Denn Diersen Eglinton K. Eiken

R. Erdman L. Eyler K. Fanslow P. Ferden M. Feuling K. Fischer R. Fonteine


Junior class officers: Jim Dubsky. president; Pliny Smith, vice-president; Linda Nelson, secretary; Bill Nemzyk, treasurer.

R. Ganser D. Gernes S. Giger M. Grant M. Greenless S. Greenslade

B. G. J. L.

Gronvold Hall Hall Hall R. Hamsund C. Hanson D. Heim

R. Heine

M. Heins L. Hemming R. Hendricks C. Hingeveld E. Hodgsoh S. Hodgson

L. Hogstad C. Holthe R. Hoskin W.Hume B. Husbyn B. Ivers K. Jahn

B. B. C. C. D. G.

Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson R. Johnson

J. G. D. P. J. L. D.

Kafer Kamesch Ketchum King Kingsbury Koskovich Krogman






M. D. R. D. P. M.


Kuchenmeister Kulas Larson Lichte Luhmann Lund

S. Mccrae M. McEnany E. McGovern M.McHugh D. Mack J. MacNamara

K. Maddux

S. Magnuson J. Mailander M.Maki J. Mann R. Marz

D. May

J. S. N. R. J.

Mehrkens Milito Miller Miller Milton

K. Moe

N. L. M. P. T.

Monnens Mueller Mueller Mullen Mullner

M. S. S. R.

Nagle Natvig Nemitz Nordstrom K. Ochs C. O'Kane

B. Olson K. Olson B. O'Reilly B. Ostern J. Ostrem J. Packer

J. Paukner E. Pederson R. Pietsch S. Poferl A. Pohlman D. Polansky

D. B. B. C. J. S.


Pressnall Quinn Ratigan Reibel Reuter Rodley


D Roemer P.· Romanchuk B. Runge K. Russett M.Ryan P. Ryan

s. Saari

G. T. J. B.


Sagan Sage Sandvold Schifsky Schnarr

P. Schniepp p Schoen L: Schottmuller M. Schulze B Schwantz A·. Schwartzhoff

L. Sens w.Shafer J. Sheehan s. Shima o. Siems J. Smith

P. Smith

s. Sprangers M. K. D. R.

Stearns Stemmer Standke Stark

J. Stork B. Stucky s. Sundry s. Thrune s. Trandem R. Tri


Urbanski B. Vanderpol L. Virnig T. Vogt M. Wachtel R. Wachtel

s. Wagner

K. Walter

P. J. M. C.

Wesely Whitney Wilke Will

s. Williams J. Wilson B. Winkel M. Yaeger s. Zastrow T. Zurek





-_---- - - - - - -_-_-_-

--= - - --- ---

- -----

-===-- - - - - - - -



Barbara Abrahamson Bloomington English

Mary Anderson Houston English & Libraiy

Robert Anderson Mabel Biology

Roy Androli Kilhenny Business Administration

Maurice Anderson RedWing Physical Education & Industrial Arts Gary Anhalt South St. Paul Elementary

Richard Behling Winona Chemistry

Mary Bailey Zumbrota Elementary

Nancy Baker Lake City Nursing

Karen Barker Med~ord


Lowell Bartel Kasson Social Science

Charlotte Behnken Viola Nursing

Susan Bender St. Paul Elementary

Gwen Benson Lake City Elementary

Linda Benson Houston Business Education

Marvin Berg Rushford Social Science

Wayne Berger Westby , Wisconsin Accounting

Jeanne Berndt Winona Physical Education & Health

Kat1j{. Bettcher Rich eld Elementaiy

Doris Binger W illmar Nursing

Marjorie Binner Waba sha Elementary

Carol Bjorklund W est St. Paul Physical Education

Mary Blumentritt Winon a Elementary

Chuck Sklader takes time out for som e socializing with fri ends in the Smog. 179

-~ ~


Suzanne Bemseth Rushford Business Education

- ___


James Brodie Miami, Florida Hi story

/ 180


Darold Bothum Roch ester Elementary

Patricia Boyum Peterson Business Education

Yvonne Bradford Kingstree, South Carolina Psychology

Evonne Brown St. Paul Elementary

Dana Burns St. Charles Indu strial Arts

Bonita Burton Minneapolis Business Education

Christy Campbell Savage Elementary

Barbara Carlson Winona Elementaiy

Dan Chicos W est Concord English

Phil Christensen Minneapolis Industrial Arts

Mary Carter Benton, Wisconsin Health & Physical Education

Vaughn Naga.hashi develops a. critical eye for a.rt.

Barbara Christensen Pine City Physical Education & Health

Keith Comeforo Staten Island, New Yorh Elementmy Marlys Dickerman Elgin Elementary

Susan Cieminski Winona ElementanJ

Sue Cihak St. Charles, Illinois Biology

Perry Clifford Albert Lea HistonJ

Rim Dalton Hauburg , New Yorh Social Science

Charles Deutschmann Windom Social Science

Rita Devine New Brighton English

Duane Doering Caledonia Business Administration

Jane Dorn Winona Social Science

Jean Dorsch Winona Nursing

Peter Erickson La Moille Math

Janice Erie Dexter Elementary

Kathy Estes Hastings ElementanJ

Kathy Czaplewski Winona Business Education & Math Daniel Dittrich Alma, Wisconsin Elementary

A moment of anguish for Lydia Languish in the fall production of "The Rivals". Lydia is J eanne Morrison in real life. 181

-=-=-- - -


---_ - - - -




-----'""'"'..r.:::"~·~ ---

------ ------- ------------



Kay Everson Roch ester Social Science

Gene Fairchild Chester, Iow a Math

Timothy Farnham Minneapolis Elem entary

Joyce Fenske W in on a Physical Education

Roger Fischbach Paynesville Math

Ja nice Fossum St. Paul Nursing

P a tricia Fritz Roch ester Elementa1y

Faye Froehlich St . Clair English

Patricia Gabriels on Austin Elementary

Rita Gainey Histo1y Roch ester

S enior class officers ... J im Brodie, pres ident; Tom Hoffman , vice-president; Kathy Bettcher , s e cre tary; Robert B uckingham, treasurer.



Gary Gartner La Crescent

Richard George St. Paul Social Science

Eileen Gerber Minneapolis Elementary

James Getshow Waseca Industrial Arts

Jamee Goke Winona Industrial Arts


Linda Gronholz Le Center ElementanJ

Corrine Grover Preston Speech

Sharon Grupa Winona Nursing

Ray Gunderson Rockford, Illinois Elementary

Mary Ann Hall Plainview Chemistry & Math

Rosemary Hamilton St. Paul English

Judith Hanley Minnetonka Social Science

Mary Hartley MontLomery Socio ogy

James Hatlevig Peterson Biology

Lorraine Haugland S1ring Grove E ementmy

Anita Henderson Houston Elementary

Lowell Heydt


Grimm inona Health & Physical Education

Marietta Haberman Heron Lahe Elementary Dean Hathaway Grand Meadow Math & Business Administration


In ustrial Arts



Dawn Higgs Farmington Elementmy

Earlene Him.lie St. Paul Social Science


Hirschler Roe ester, New York Elementmy

Robert Hoffman Albert Lea Elementaiy

Thomas Hot'l'man St. Paul Business Administration

Orin Holtan Hayfield History & Industrial Arts

Dennis Holtegaard Lanesboro Industrial Arts

Michael Holzer Stewartville Industrial Arts

Sheila Homola Stochton Sociology

Gayle Hudak Minneapolis Elementary

Ll':nn Huntoon E gin Music

Judith Iten St. Paul Elementary

Susan Ivers Whitehall, Wisconsin ElementarzJ

Gennell Iverson Hayward Biology

Allen Jackson Rhinelander, Wisconsin

Bob Jackson Waseca Business Education & Industrial Arts

Linda Jacobson Minneapolis Elementary

Mari%n Jahr Rush ord Business Education

David Janssen Rochester Business Administration

Connie Johnson Ellendale Phflsical Education & ealth

Str a tegy is planne d for another Warrior victory.

Lynn Johnson Madison , New jersey Speech

Margot Johnson St. Paul Elementary

Paul Johnson Bloomington Elementary

Ronald Johnson St. Paul Industrial Arts

Cynthia Jones Fort Worth, Texas ElementanJ

Judith Jones Rochester Elementary

Janet Jozwick Stockton Elemen tary

Naomi Julsrud Rushford Elementary

Carolyn Kalmes Rollingstone Elementary

JoAnn Ka rsten Winona German & Sociology



--- - - -=-- - -

~- - - - - ~-

- _-- - - - - - - - -


- - - -

Ruth Kesson Rochester, New Yorh Element my

Raymond Kiral Lewiston Business Administration

Allyn Kratz Stockton Biology

Kevin Kreger Hastings Social Science

Richard Kirchner Rosemount Social Science James Kuehn Lacrosse, Wisconsin Math Mary Landoff Coming , New York Elementary Joan Leibfried Ivanhoe Health & Physical Education

Peter Kopercinski Calumet City, Illinois Social Science & Health & Physical Edu cation

Robert Koranda Worthington Social Science

Susan Kurth Utica Art

Judy Kuzniar Richfield Physical Education & Health

Barbara Leavitt Trempeleau, Wisconsin Mu sic

Judith Lee Houston Health & Physical Education

John Leisen Kellogg Physical Education & Health

Alfonso Pagliarello in his familiar serenading role. 186

-------- ----




Mary Lenz Austin Elementary

Sandra Lidgerding Savanna, Illinois Biology

Dianne Ling WoTing ton Elementary

Carol Lunz Worthington ElementanJ

Waneta McCracken Marquette, Iowa Math

Robert McDonough St. Paul Elementary

Paul McNallan Kellogg Bu siness Administration

Dianne Mader La Crescent Business Education

Ed Malone Wabasha Math

Ronald Marchionda Williamsville, New j ersey Math

Kay Marquardt Albert Lea Elementary

Rose Martinek Lawler, Iowa English

Jean Masters Mabel Elementary

David Lutzwick Ivan hoe Industrial Arts

James Mcconaghy Collingswood, New j ersey Social Science

William McNary St. Paul Physical Education, Health, & Speech

Mary Mack Stillwater Elementary

Carolyn Ka lmes intr oduces t he n ex t act in Ka ppa Th eta Chi's talent s how. 187

Queen candidates, Lynn Johnson and Christy Campbell, and Dr. DuFresne look on as Queen Jill Sackett assumes her royal throne.


John Matson Winona ChemistnJ

Sharon Matson Bloomington Elementa1y

Gary McDowell Cedar Rapids, Iowa Mu sic

Robert Meimbresse Oahland, New Jersey Industrial Arts

Janeen Melmer Cochrane, Wisconsin English

Kenneth Menzel Oahland, New Jersey Industrial Arts

Robert Merwin Minneapolis Business Administration

Kathleen Meyer Wabasha Elementary

Rita Meyer Arco Business Education

Judy Michel Harmony Math

Diane Mickow Elgin Elementaiy Vaughn Nagahashi St. Paul Art Nancy Novak Prior Lahe Music Robert Page St. Charles Business Administration

Cheryl Miller Plato Phytcal Education & ealth Dee Ann Nelson Albert Lea Sociology Dennis Onstad Spring Grove Accounting Mary Jo Pagel Winona Social Science

Glenn Miller Morristown Indu strial Arts

Linda Minnie Winona Elementary

Dick Modlin Eldora, Iowa Psychology

Diana Nelson Wabasha Elementary

Julee Nickels Bayport Elementary

Nancy NiJiP Mahtome i Psychology

Kathleen Onstad Spring Grove ElementanJ

John Opfer Byron Social Science

Lynn Orphan Winona History & Political Science

LaVerne Paulson Peterson Elementary

Esther Pechacek Blooming Prairie English

Carol Pedretti La Crescent English



Trudy Perry New Richland Elementwy

Ruth Peterson Minneapolis Elementary

John PhilliWon Whitehall, isconsin Art

Gerald Pieper Caledonia History

Larry Plank Rochester Math & Physics

Charles Polesky Rochester Social Science

Judith Po~e Minneapo is Elementary

Sharon Poppe N11rsing Houston

David Prescott Adams Elementary

Joan Pretzel Minneapolis Nursing

William Putnam Winona Math

Kay Quinn St. Paul Parh Elementary

Helen Rafferty St. Patti Speech

Don Rahman Elgin Math

Diane Randall Kenyon Elementmy

Rober Randall Wanamingo Accounting

Joe Rauk Winona Elementary

Linda Reed Sf.ring Grove E ementary

Annette Richardson Cedar Rapids, Iowa Health & Physical Education

Vickie Rinehart Des Moines , Iowa Elementary

David Rodewald Lake City Math & Physics

Diane Roftler Winona Elementary

Gary Romstad Winona Elementary

Ronald Rumper Arcadia, Wisconsin Art

Mary Ryan St. Paul Elementary

Thomas Sabotta Cedar Ra pids, Iowa Elementmy

Jelaine Sackett Dodge Center Elementary

Carolyn Satren Wanamingo Elementary

Linda Schansberg Whitehall , Wisconsin Nursing

JoDeen Scharlau Arcadia , Wi sconsin Art

Thomas Sa~e Cedar Rapic s, Iowa Phksical Education & ealth

Gal/a Scharmer Bu alo Lake Math

Linda Schild La Crescent English

Cyril Schnell Millville Indu strial Arts

Le Roy Scharmer Btt(fualo Lahe In u strial Arts

Pat Peltier and Linda Behrens register for another quarter of classes at Winona State.


Injured Pat Boland offers moral support from the sidelines as his teammates m ak e a tou chdown against Moorh ead.


Sharon Schossow Houston Business Education

Timothl Shreiner Lahevil e Industrial Arts

Jane Schultz St. Charles Elementary

Sandra Scovil Winona Elementary

Elaine Seavey Winona Art

Linda Sebo Winona English

Patricia Sepin Dodge Center English

Carol S ev erson Minneapolis Nursing

Janice Siegel Winona Elementary

Thomas Siegert Pompo Beach, Florida Business Administration

Loretta Siepelmeyer Redwing Business Education

Joan Simon Altura Elementary

Martha Skibbe Stewartville English

Charles Sklader St . Louis Parh Business Administration

Robert Skroch Arcadia, Wisconsin Industrial Arts

Sandra Slifka Mabel ElementanJ

Margaret Smith Buchanan, North Dahota Element my

Richard Smith Fitchburg, Ma ssachusetts Elementmy

Roy Smith New Egypt , New Jersey Social Science

Carl Sode rstrom Franhlin Lahes, New Jersey Industrial Arts

Beverly Stahr Winona ElementanJ

Barbara Staple s Winona Nursing

Charles Speed Winona Business Admini stration Susan Stender La Moille Elementary

Jean Stevens St. Paul Business Education

Marcia Stevens Minneapolis Nursing

Gregory Staples Winona Biology Judy Steyer Tremeleau , Wisconsin Elementary

Barbara Stemmer Shahopee Element my Judy Strike Lime Springs, Iowa Business Education


. . . .-

.._.___... ..... ---------~-

Jude StieneHen Plainview Health & Physical Education



JoAnne Swanson Hastings Psychology

Elaine Swedin Hophins Business Education

Maxine Swenson Lahe City Elementary

Kat1jt Tait Rich eld History

Theresa Theis Rollingstone Elementwy

Glen Tointon Rochester English & Industrial Arts

Patricia Tolmie St . Charles Speech

Barbara Vang Mabel Elementary

Donald Vang Mabel Business Education

Connie VanGundy Houston Physical Education & Health

Margaret Vatland W inona Nursing

Stanley "etsch Caledonia Biology

Evela,n Vick Cale onia Elementary

Ann Voight Mayer Business Educat ion

Dwight Vold Kenyon Business Administration

James Vonderohe Houston B11siness Administration

John Wagner Caledonia English

Bruce Wallace Woodlynne, New Jersey Business Administration

Michael Tentis La Crescent Music



Bruce White Cedar Rapids, Iowa Math & Social Science

Patricia Wiemerslag La Crescent Elementary

Jodee Waldo Math Math

Thomas Stover Winona Business Education

Linda Sveen Lanesboro Elementary

' Gerald Wegman St. Charles Industrial Arts

Phil Welti Plainview Math

Karen Williamson Winona Mat h & Business Administration

Ruth Wisdorf Springfield Business Education

Robert Witherow Winona Accounting Hank Zacharias Winnipeg, Canada Socilll Science

Susan Wollin Winona Music & Elementmy Judith Ziegeweid St. Ch arles Elementary




- - - --






Seniors Not Pictured Majorie Adams Lee Albert John Allen Robert Ambuhl Stephen Andersen Danny Anderson Larry Anderson Michael Anderson Richard Anderson Richard D. Anderson Ronald Anderson Robert Andrewsen Gerald Arens Bernard Arenz Robert Armstrong Don Arnold Jon Arnold Richard Ascheman Steven Baird Linda Behrens Lawrence Bengtsen Robert Berger Joseph Berktold Beth Bernard Richard Bernatz Bruce Bigelow Ronald Black Martha Blank Nancy Blaylock Patrick Boland Barbara Boone Roger Borchert Jane Bowen Richard Boyum Kathryn Brandt Thomas Breza Holly Brisbin John Briscoe Sandra Burt Diane Camp bell David Campbell Mary Kay Campbell Alan Carlson Rurick Carlson "" Pete Chafos Paul Chick Gene Churchill Marie Ciokiewicz Robert Clark William Clark 196

Edward Connor Charles Connors Curtis Conzett Nancy Coolidge Jacob Dahl Harold Davies Joyce Davis Trixie Delaney Robert Denny Joan Dibbern Jimmy Dickson Kenneth Dickson David Dostal David Duell James Duffy Judith Eckert Carole Eidem LeRoy Ekstrand Donald Elmblad Thomas Enerson Joseph Engelhart Jay Epstein Bruce Erickson Jam es Ernster Duane Evans Kenneth Evans William Evenson Duane Fakler Jane Findlay Gary Finstuen David Fix Eva Marie Flotterud Anthony Floyd Oren Fogelsanger Thomas Ford Patricia Forschler Judith Fort Leigh Fossen Leo Fragapano Sally Freer Charles French Janice Fruechte Michael Fruen Lester Funk Ronald Gainey Tomothy Gerenz Gregory Gerlach Mary Kay Glukka Charles Goerish George Gonnion

Kae Goodwin Jay Greenberg Charles Gritzner John Gross Sandra Gruszynski Stanley Gudmundson Charles Haggbloom Barbara Hankey Keith Harris Frederick Hauck Joseph Hawley Marie Heins Ralph Heins Glen Hines Bonnie Hoesley Lawrence Hogden Peter Horton Elizabeth Houck Gary Husmann Gary Ihrke Robert Isbell Kent Jacobson Karen Jansen Barbara Jenson Patricia J erzak Betty Johnson Curtiss Johnson Lyla Johnson Myrna Johnson Robert Johnson David Jones Robert Judge Jon Juehrs Robert Junghans John Kannel Charles Karau James Kauphusman Kiroko Kawakatsu Helen Keiper Kathleen Kelley John King Diane Klassen Jo Anne Kleist Gerald Kluzik Richard Knapp Jam es Knapick Richard Koski Richard Koutski Ronald Kovacik William Krause

Seniors Not Pictured Dennis Landers Adeline Larson Donald Laufen burger Gary Lawrynk Elaine Lea Duane Lee Jam es Lightfoot Lorraine Losinski Walter Lottig David Lundak Eugene Lundak Maghsoudi Masoud Glenda Maidl Sumie Makino Thomas Maloy William Martin Mary Masyga James Matzke Charlotte Maule Michael Mc Cammon Mildred Mc Cown Rickey Mc Daniel John McLeod Wayne Medcraft Richard Merwin Candace Meyer Harry Mitchell Roger Moe Michael Moon Jeanne Morrison Leon Mortland David Moses Lawrence Mott William Mullen Janice Munson Stephan Muras Robert Murphy Curtis Murray Nicholas Mydra Richard Myhre Mary Nelson Nancy Nels on Carol Nessler De Ann Neumann Kathryn Nevling Helen Newell Jay Newman Kenneth Ng Robert Nichols Eugene O'Brien

Thomas Ochs Gary Oeltjen Ralph Olsen Marvin Olson Stanley Olson John Ott Alfonso Pagliarello Judith Palke Jon Paske Barbara Peck Peter Pelofske Richard Pett J arl Pettersen Patricia Placek Robert Poblocki Barbara Pontinen Paul Porvaznik Pauline Prondzinski Donald Rajtora Larry Rasmussen Rebecca Reinarts Brenda Reindel Donna Rekstad Harold Remme Mary Ellen Robinson Joan Roessler Florence Ronnenberg Roderick Roopchand Donald Rumpet Larry Rupprecht Fredric Rydstrand Richard Sadler Lowell Salo Owen Satrum Carolyn Satren Judith Scanlan Janet Schaer Kathryn Scheevel Mary Kay Schieber Linda Schild La Vonne Schneider Gene Schultz Michael Schuth Anne Marie Scott Roger Seabright Lawrence Shea John Sheimo Frederick Sherman Lance Sikkink Hugh Skjeveland

Theodore Smarzyk Richard Snow Bernice Stadtherr Robert Stanislawski Dolores Steber William Steffen Janet Steussy Joyce Stevenson Edward Stice Jeffrey Stoll Jo Anne Storandt Carl Strom Darryl Syverson Michael Thesing John Thilmany Kathleen Ties Robert Timmons Gerald Trocinski Gerald Turner Lynn Van Buskirk Mary Jane Vucinovich Carl Wacholz Margaret Walsh Richard Walters Eileen Warthesen Dwight Weideman John W eimerskirch Carole Wendlandt Jam es West berg John Wharton Robert White Steven Wildman Don Winslow Janice Winter Nora Winter Frederick Wolf Sadie Wuertz Michael Wunderlich Pearl Yamasaki Fred Y arolimek George Zender John Zwolinski



_ _-





-=- - -




- --



Index to Students and Faculty In the following index: Boldface identifies a senior All CAPITALS identifies a faculty member or administrative official.

A AARESTAD, AMANDA 63 Aase, Dennis A. 104.109,110, 111, 174 Abbott, Constance E. 42,158 Abltz, Gary B. 158 Abltz, Michael A . Abraham. James H. Abraham, Joanne L. Abraham. Lee A. Abraham, Mary Abrahamson, Kurt P. Abrahim, Aftabadeen Abrams, Donald B. Abrahamson, Barbara A . 178 Abts, Carolyn G . 158 Abts, Frankie J . Abts, John J . Abts. Mary A. Abts. Richard J . Achter. Sharon M. Adams, Joseph L. Adams, Lois A. 97, 158 Adams, Marjorie Adams, Robert C. Adkins, David A. Adkins, Donna M. Afseth, Roxye L. 158 Agrimson, Donna M. Ahrens. John R . Ahrens, Ric hard E . Albee, Gail M. 89, 174 Albers. Sharon F . 107,1 10,158 Albert, Jon L. Albe rt, Lee E. Albertson, Libbie M. Albrecht, Wayne L. 126 Alexander. Michael J . 17 4.146,125 Alfonso, Charles J . Allaman , Mark W . Alleman, Margaret M.

Junction 61 & 14 Phone 8-3096

Allen, Frank Allen, John S. Allen. Lana M . Almo, Leigh W . 158 Almquist, John M . 132 Alt, Rowe B. 110, 176 Altermatt, Rhonda K. 158 Althoff, Melinda L . Althoff, Noel M . 158 Amann, Steven W. 158 Ambuhl, John R . 106 Ambuhl, Sandra K. Amdahl. James A . 158 Ames, Nancy L . Ames. Sally J. Amlaw, Jon T. 107,11 ANDERSON, CARLIS 70 Amundson, Charles R. 170 Amundson, Marlin H. Amundson, Merlin B. Andersen, Stephen F. Anderson, Bruce S . 107, 170 Andersen, Charles R . 158 Anderson, Danny A . 89,125 Anderson. David L. 110. 114 , 125 Anderson, Do n a ld K . ANDERSON, DWIGHT 76 Ande rson , Joan L. 110. 111 Anderson, John R. 105 Anderson, Joyce E. 170 Anderson, Karen I. 158 Anderson, Katherine E . Anderson, Larry D . 127 Anderson, Lawrence J . Anderson , Margaret J. Anderson, M ichael W. Anderson, Mary A . 178 Anderson, Maurice E. 132, 136,178 Anderson, Richard A . 97 Anderson, Richard D. Anderson, R obert C. Anderson, Robert D . 178 Anderson, Ronald N . Anderson, Terry Q . 136,158, 152 Anderson, Thomas J . Ill 130

• • • •

All top name band instruments Gibson guitars and Kustom amps All famous stereo components Expert repair service

Hal Leonard Music, Inc. 64 East 2nd St.

Ph. 8-2921

Arenz Clothing

The Shop for College Men 3rd and Main - Winona


Anderson, Trudy M. Anderson, Wayne S. 158 Andrews, Muriel A. Andrewsen , Richard L. 174 Andrewsen, Robert F . 125 Andrlst. Dale F. Androli, Roy G . 104.178 Angsten, Gregory S. 107 ,170 Anhalt, Gary L . 89,178,92,146 Anttila. Elaine R. 158 Apeland, Gunner 63,94 Applegate, Christopher C. Arens, Gerald M . Arenz, Bernard W. Arenz, Barry J. Arenz, Beverly A. Arenz, Frances J. Armstrong, Robert J . Armstrong, R obert L. 158 Arndt, Carol M. Arneberg, Linda S. Arneson, Craig T. Arns, Je.net E. 179 Arnett, Lynne C. Arnold, Bonnie J. Arnold, Don L. Arnold, Jon W . 75.94,141,146 Arnold , Vincent D. Ascheman, Richa rd A . Arsenault, Raymond R. Ask, Jon H. Ask, Virginia L. Auckland, Dale L. AUGE, DELORES 67 Auge, Kathryn M. Aullck, Peter K. Austad, Ruth A. 158 Austin, Mary E. 158 Austin , Roland C. 114 .125

B Babbitt, Dana H.

Babier, Edward W. Babier, Richard S. Backowski. William J. Backus, James L. Bagniewskl, James J. 124 Bailey, Curt A. 158 Bailey, Mary L. 179 Bailey, Samuel P. Baird, Steven L . BAKER . ALMYRA 72 Baker, James T. 136 Baker, Muriel M. Baker, Nancy C. 179 Bakker, Marlene E . 158.174 Baldwin. William F. Balfanz, Donald L. Ball. Robert A. 150 Balzer, Gwenn A. 103 ,158 Bambanek, Laura L. 122 Bambenek. Paul H. 158 Banks. Gerald E. Bannister. Joanne R. BARD, AGNES 70 Barde!, Louis C. 126 Barenth in, Kurt 0. Baringer, Richard G. Barker, Karen K. 179 Barnacle, Robe rt T. 109,158,146 Barney, Nancy 174 BARON. NORMAN 80,97 Barrett, Julie A. Barrett , Kathryn E. 170 Barrett, Warren R. Barron . Constance A. 170 Barrone, Carol A . Barry,DennisJ. 136 BARSKY, ARTHUR 80 Bartel, Lowell E. 179 Barth, Margaret J. 158 Barth . Thomas W. Bartholomew, Bernard R. 170 Bartl, Susan K. 101 Barton, Mary D. 158 Bartz, H arry L. Bastin. Diann G . 111,174 Bateman, J ames L.

Bathe), Marlene P. 158 Batzler , Douglas F. 158 Batzler. Linda M. Bauer, Beatrice S. 97,111.174 Bauer, David L. 104 , 105 Bauer, Stephen P. Baures. Joan M. Bauman, Kristin L. 90 Baures, Mich ael L. Bay, Sharon M. Bay , Stephen L. 1 42 BA YER, THOMAS 77 Bean , Robert A. Beardmore. Romaine L. Beaulieu. Kathryn J. 158 Becker, Pa.trick L. Becker. Patricia. A. Becker. Daniel W. 89,1 26 Becker, Linda M. Becker, Thomas M. Beckley, Jerome Jr. 145, 142 Bedtke, John R. 158, 146 Beeman, James G. Jr. Beeman, Thomas A. Behling, David R. Behling, Richard J. 179,125 Behnken, Charlotte D. 73,123 Behnken, Charlotte L . 174.179,191 Behrens, Linda L. 123 BEIGHLEY. ARCHIE 62 Beito , David L. Bell, Dennis G. 41 Belongie, Ronald E . Benda. Joy A. 158 BENDEL. DONALD 64 Bender. Susan M. 179 Bengtsen, Lawrence A . Benish, Jerry D. 126 Bennett, Dagrun R. Ben son, Cla ude H. Benson, David W. Benson, Dawn J. 158 Benson. Douglas B. Benson, Joan M. 174 Benson, Kristie L. B e nson, Li nda. K . 179

Benson, Marjorie C. 174 Benson, William P. BENTLEY, CHARLES 58 Benusa, Dennis Benz. Becky J. 158 Benz. Loren H. Berg, Barbara I. 174 Berg, Danette K. 158 Berg. Kirby J . Berg, Mark N. 126 Berg, Marvin A . 132,158,179 Bergaus. Irene A. Bergdale, Garlyn N . B e rge r, Robert L. 134 Berger, Roy D. Bergquist, Gar y D. 174 Berger, Elsie N. Bergevin, Craig M. Berger, James A. Berger, Wayne L. 179,125 Bergler, Donald B . Bergmark, J e rome A . 158 Bergrud, Steven S. 158 B e rktold, Joseph A. Berna.rd, Beth M. Bernatz , Kathleen H. Bernatz. Patricia A. Berndt, Diane C. Berndt, Jeanne E . 179 Berndt, Robert 158 B e rna.tz, Richard E. Bernatz, Th omas J. Bernstorf, Thomas W . 158 , 142 Bertel, Dusten J. 106.174. 120 Berzinski, Robert B esonen, Donald H. 145, 142 Bettcher, Kathryn L . 101 , 179 Beyer, Richard E. Beyers. Roger D. Bez diche k, Nancy 46,174.12 1 Bick er, Howard J. 124 Bicknese, Dianne L. 158 Bicknese, Marilyn A . 174 Bielefeldt, Donald L. Bien, Da.wn M. 107.158 Bierbaum. Avis L. 89,158


Saniniy's Pizza Palace 116 Main Street Served daily from 4:00 p.m . until 2:00 a.m. Served Sunday from 4:00 p.m. until 12:30 a.m. "You have tried the rest, now try the best" Take out orders prepared Phone 8-3403


Bierbaum, Edith C. 89.97,98.99,170 Bigelow, James Bigelow, Bruce B . Bigelow, Jerome A. Billings, Allan R. 158.146 Billison, Douglas E. 136 BILSE , DONALD Biltgen. Cherie Binger, Doris L. 179 Binner, Marjorie E. 179.115.122 Bisek, Angeline 158 Bishop, Sidney R. 125 Bjorklund, Carol L . 179.154 Bjortomt, Richard L. Bjostad. Nancy J . 99, 158 Black, Ronald D . 106 Blackburn. Diana J. 105,158 BLAKELEY, BRIAN 80 Blakely, Linda J . 103,109, 174 Blakstad, Ronnie S. Blanchard, David K. Blank, Martha R . Blanski, Michael D. 127 Blaser, Randy L. Blasko, James Blasko, Philip V. 158 Blaylock, Nancy J . Blixt, Bruce A. 174 ,125 Bloch, Adrienne Y. 105,111,158 Block. Kenneth A . Blau, William J. Blongi , Glenn F. 174 Blum, David J . 158 Blumentritt, Mary J . 179 Boberg, S u san K. Bockenhauer, Douglas A. Bockenhauer, William J . Bodelson, Mary F. Boeck, Bruce Alan Boegemann, Nancy F. Boelter . Kathl een M . 103 Boeser, Stephen C. Boettcher, Angela K. Boettcher, Lee H . 158,142 Boettcher, Marlon C.

Bohan, Daniel M. 124 Bohmbach, Thomas A. Bohnen , Byron G. Bohnen, J oyce E. Bohnen, Leslie W. Boileau, Dianne L. 180 Boland, Patrick P. 38,132,136, 139, 192 BOLON, GEORGE 60 Bolton. Victoria R . 158 Bond. David A. Bonnerup, Mary C. Bonow. J anet M. 97 Bonow, Wesley P . Bonow . William W . Boomgaarden, R andall A . 174 Boone, Barbara A. Borchert, Roger N . 126 Borgen, Wayne L . 180, 127 Boss, David L. 107, 125 Bostrack, Philip J. 158 Bostrom, Janice L. 111,170 Botcher. Jennifer J . Bothun, Darald N . 180 Bothun, John E. Boulware, Robert B . Bowden. Anthony 158, 142 Bowen, Jane F. 89,121 Bowen. Kathleen 174 Bowman, William J. Boyle, Bobbe L. 170 Boysen. Bonnie J. 89,170 Boyum, Ann M . 64 Boyum, Murton K . Boyum , Linda L. 121 Boyum, Patricia 0 . 180 Boyum, Richard C. 136 Boyum, Susan E. 94 Braaten, R oger H. 150.159 Braatz. D onald Braatz, Theodore R . 159 Bradford, Arlonial Y. 180 Brady. Larry L. 174 Brakke, Marcia. R . 159 Brake, Margaret A. 99

Nash's Men's Shop

S tereo s

Exclusive Gant Shirt Headquarters Corner of 4th and Center Winona, Minn . 200

ALLAT HARD T'S MUSIC 1 16 E . 3rd S treet

Brand, Bette J. Brand, Gregory J . Brand, Robert M. 170 Brandt, James F. Brandt, Bonnie L. Brandt, Harlan D. 136.170 Brandt, Kathryn A . Brase, Thomas 170.125 Braun, Thomas J. Braun, William P. 150 Bredshall. K athleen J. 170 Breitenfeldt, Chester R. Breitsprecher, Thomas M. BREMER. ADOLPH 59,67.91 Bremseth. Steven Bremseth, Cheryl L. 99.97, 109.123 170 Bremseth, Suzanne R . 180 Brennan. Sheila M. Breza, Thomas G . Brinkmeier, Barry A . 105 Brioschi. Ann E. 159 Brisbin, Holly 89,97,108 Briscoe, John B. Britz , Darlys M. 170 Brodie, James K. 88,90,180,114,47, 124 Broecker. B arbara J. 90.105 Brogan. Charlene M. Brom. Dennis J . 104.126.174 Bronk. Catherine C. Bronk. Edward C. Bronniche, Daryl R . 98.99 BROOKS, RAY 82,83 Brostrom, Mark E. 109,159 Brostrom. Phyllis F. Brostrom. Van M. Brown, Evonne R. 180.122 Brown, Lucinda E. 159 Brown, Lynn M. Brown . Mary K . 158 Browne. Patricia A . 100,103.174, 121 BROWNING. JAMES 68 BROWNJNG, MARGARET 74

Bruegger, J u dith K. Bruggeman, Catherine L. 108.174 Brummer, Gerald W. Brus. David J . 159 Bubbers, Richard W . Bubbers, Robert C. 159 Bublitz. Sandra J . 174 Buchanan, Thomas H. BUCHER. SHIRLEY 83 Buchner. John M . 136 Buck, Lee H. 159,125 Buck, Mary A . Buck. Pamela S. 101 Buckbee, Ruth A. 111. 159 Buckingham. Robert J. 124 Buege, Roger K . Buggs. Louis C. Buhler. Willard D. Bullemer, Susan M. Bunge, Connie L. 159 Bunke, Jeffrey B. 159 Bunke, Vickie L. 159 Burcalow, Janet A. Buresh, Steven L. Burgdorf, Curtis E. Burger, Katherine A. 94,107,159 Burgeson, Thomas B. 174,125 Burke, Barbara 174 Burke, J ean ne M. Burleigh, D avid Burleigh, John S. 159 Burmeister, Fredrick D. 159 Burmeister, Susan M . Burnham, Kerry S. 159 Burns, Dana R . 180 Burr, Gene J . Burreson, Garry W. 159 Burt, Sandra K . Burton, Bonita F . 180 BURTON, ROSALIE 73 Busch. Alan P. Busch. R onald L . Buscovick. John R . 159 Buscovick, Paul J. 127 Bushman, Carole K.

Buss, Robert G. 99. 159 Butte r . Margaret J . 170 Butterfass. Doris V. 159 BUTTERFIELD. RONALD Butterwick, Valerie K. 159

c Cada, Judith A. Cadwell, Jeffery N. Callaghan. Thomas L. 159 Calvert. Bonnie Calvert, Larry R. 150 Calvert, Ronald J. 150 Campbell. Christy A . 33.123.180. 188 Campbell, Diane M . Campbell, David D . Campbell, M&.ry K. Campbell. Thomas H. 159,153 Capan, Richard J. 174 Capistrant, Pamela L . 159 CAPRON, HUGH 65.44 Carlon, Linda M. 103,108,174,154 Carlson, Alan R . 132,142 Carlson, BarbaraJ. 180 CARLSON, GLENN 62 Carlson, Jerome D. 170 Carlson, Leonard D. Carlson. Lucy M. 159 CARLSON, ROGER 80 Carlsten, Alan D. 127 Carlson, Rurick D. 104,1 1 1 Carnel. Karen A. Carr. Jerrold T. Carr, Julie N. 159 Carrier, Bruce H . 144,142 Carrier, Marlin C. 136 Carter, M&.ry J . 180 Carter. Patricia A. 160 Carter, Robert C.

Carter, Terry A . Carvell . Leslie K . 101,170 Castn er. Sharon M. Chafoa, Pete A. Chalus, Wayne N. 125 Charest. Patricia A. 89,160 Charlton. Blaine F. Chick, Paul E. Chlcos, Daniel L. 180 Christen. Mary S. 107 CHRISTEN, WILLIAM 81 Christensen. Barbara K. 103,174, 180 Christensen. Gail L. 160 CHRISTENSEN, GEORGE 85 Ch ristensen, Judith M. 160 Christensen, Linda J. 111 ,160 Christen sen, Toby L. 160 Christensen, Philip L. 180 Christenson, Bronwen K. 122 Christenson, Gerald E. Christen son, Linda L. Christie. Carol L. 170 Ch ris tie, Constance L. Christie, Gary L. 160 Ch ristie, Judith E. Christison. Hjordy J . 160 Christopherson, Beverly 89,107 Christofferson, William 160,174 Chu bik, JoAnn M. 174 Chuchn a, Clarence A. Churchill, Gene L. Cichanowski, Michael F. 102,106, 120 Cieminski. Lorraine N. Ciemlnski, Susan B. 181 Cihak. Susan M. 181 ,121 Clokiewicz, Marie 107.108.110 Ciszak, Char les F . Claeys, Adeline M. 97 Clark, Judith A . 94, 170 Clark, Peter C. Clark, Robert W. Clark, Susan E . 160 Clark, William J.







------ -

Clausen, Charles M. Clausen, Willie M. Clay, David J . Clements, Ronald B. Clementson, Carolyn A. 103 Cliff, Catherine A. 123 Cliff, Robert J . Clifford, Per ry K. 181 Cole. Peter M. 125 Cole, Susan M. Cole, Sherman M. Colgan, Gary J. 174,6,7, 124 Collins, Robert D . 170 Colvin, Cheryl M. 160 Comeforo, Keith J. 136.181 Comstock, Susan L. Congdon. Marion F. Congdon, Michael D. 160,170 CONNELL, LARRY 81 Connolly, Dale J . 132 Connolly, Michael H. Connor , Edwa rd A . Connors, Charles P. Connors, James M. Connoy, Dolores A. 122 Conrad, Dianne M. 174 Conway. Jane Conway. Margaret J . Conway, Marian B. Con zett, Cu rtis C. 83,124 Cook, Howard J. 130.170 Cook, Shlrley L. 106,174, 122 Coolidge, Kathleen M. 160 Coolidge, N anoy E. Cooper, James M. Cooper, Lorna L. 99.110 Corbett, James M . 160 Corcoran, Francine M. 99,97 Cords, Cynthia S. 100,103,160 Corey, Frank L. Corey, Darrel L. Corrigan, Agnes C. Corso, John M. 126,160,11 5 Cottengim, Mary L. 89,174 Coughlos, Cynthia L. 121 Coughlin, Stanley M. Courteau, June L. 40,98,99,174,155, 154 Craig, Margaret A. Crapps, Joan M. 174 Crilly, Donald D . 114,124 Critchfield, Susan 31.88.106,123, 174, 114 Crow, David H. 94,97.104,111,170 Cruden, Mary M. 160 Crum, Daniel F. Culhane, Joan T. 103,154 Culhane, Rose M. Cullen, Robert J. Cunningham, Paul F. Curran, Frances M. Curran, Patrick G. Curran, Roger J . CURRIER, CLARENCE Curtin, Mary Cyrus, Larry G. 160, 146 Czapl e w ski, K a thleen A . 181 CZARNOWSKI, LOUIS 82

D Dabelstein, Gay B. 160 Daffinson, Steven L. Daggitt, Kathleen M. 160 Dahl, J acob M . 160 Dahl, Jean M. Dahle, John L. Dahle , Francis A. Dahle , Gary H. Dahlen, Jeffrey J. 160 Dahling, Janice L. 160 Dahling, R onald F. Dahlstrom, Mark W. Daleiden , James N. Daley, David D. Dalton. James A . 160.125 Dalton, Timothy J . 88.90,181,125 Dammann, Darroel V. Dammer, Herbert A. 146 Danckwart, David J . 94 Daniel. Joanne F. 103,174 Daniels, Steven M. Danielson, Bruce J. 98,99,110, 170 Danneker, John R . Danner, Carolyn J. 160 Darkenwald, Clement B. 136,137 Darkow, Steven W. 109, 160 Darling, Gerald N. 160 Daskam, Joann K . 97,160 Dauffenbach. Rosalie C. 160 Daugherty, Mary P. DAVENPORT, MILTON 70,96 D avies, Harold E. 88,19,124 D a v is, J oyce H . 174 Davis, Larry M . Davis, Lavonne E. Davis, Margaret H. 170 DA VIS, MARION 66 Davis, Richard G. Day, Carolyn M. Day, Richard H. DAY, SUSAN 74 De Bree, Mary M. DECKER, NORMAN 59 Decker, Sharon K. De Forth, Beverly A. 111 De Forth, Marilyn M. De Grood, Terrie A . Delaney, John F. D el aney, Trixie L . Delbow, Linda A . 17 4 Delfs, Marlene 170 Delong, J acquelyn 174 Den Bleyker. Gregory Denman, Patricia K. 160 Denman. Ruth L. Denn, Stanley C. 174 Dennison, Bruce D. De nny , Rober t J. Denzer, Raymond D . Desantis , Mark P. Desjarlait, Stuart E. Deters, Dale A . Deters, Dennis L.

" Shop where you see this sign .11 68 W . 3rd St.





Deters, Joan A. 107,108 Deufel. Joseph R. Deutschmann, Charles 181 Devine, Esther R. Devine, Micha.el J. Devine, Rita C. 181 De Wall, Larry K. 160 De Yoe, Kathleen A. 101,160 Dezlel, Fred T. Dib bern, Joan C . Dickerman, Marlys J. 88.89,123,181 Dickinson, Terry R. 160 Dickson, Jimmy J . 94 Dickson, Kenneth D. Diersen, Neil 0. 174 Dill. Bonnie R . Dillon, Maureen E. 160 Dingfelder, Ca.rlus S. Dingfelder, Otto G. Dlssmore, Edith A. Dittman, Richard D. Dittrich, Daniel W. 181 Dittrich, Janet J. 103 Dobberphul, June M. Doering, Duane C. 181 Doely. John 0. Dohmen , Cyril V. Dohrmann, Peggy M. 160 Dola.lle, David A. Dolan, Joseph T. 109.136,125 Doma.ille, Charleen R . 99,170 Domino, Colleen A. 170 Donehower, Ann K. 170,122 Doner, Linda J. 160 DONER, MELVIN 76 DONOVAN, JOHN 77 Donovan. Susan M. Doody, Micha.el 146 Dorn, Judith A. Dorsch, Jean F. 73,181 Dostal, David DOTY, NORMAN 65 Downey, Pa.trick L. Dra.jeske, Susan I. 90,170,121 Drazkowsk.i, Keith D.

Dra.zkowski. Frank W. Druley, Steven L. 170 Drury, Michele M. Dublin, Richard J. Dublin, Steven A. 126 Dubsky, James J. 150,175,124 Duell, David J . Duellman, Nancy 160 Duellman, Richard J. Duellman, Robert A . Duffy, Jamee J. Duffy, Judith A. 160,154 DuFRESNE, ROBERT 33,56,57,188 Dunlap, Thomas M. 170 DUNLAY. KATHRYN 82 Dunn, Marie B. Dunn, Rene A . 100 Dunning, David B. Duran, Denis B. Durben, Judith K. 94,160 Durham, Nada. I. Durst, Philip W. Dybevik, James M. 136

E Ea.ga.n, Merry J. Earley, Thomas P. Ea.ton, Judith A. Eaton, Kenneth C. Eberling, Carolyn M. 99,109, 110,170 Ebert, Janice C. Eckerman, Leo F. 146 Eckert, Jud ith K. Eckhardt. Larry D. 160 Eckles. Robert M . 132 Eddy, Eugene E. Eddy, Gary L. EDDY, JAMES 81 Edel, Mary J. Edel, Steven L. 160 Edge. Danny L. 160

EDIGER. BONNIE Edwards, Jan K . 109,123.170,159 Edwards, Peter T. 146 Eggenberger, James I. 160 Eglinton. Betty J. 46,93,108,174,121 Ehlen, John D. 111 Ehlers, Betty L . Eichenlaub, William C. Eichorn, Terry Eichhorst, Gary A. 160 Eichman, Gerald A. 136 Eidem, Carole S. Elffler, Duane R. EIKEN, EVERETT 84 Eiken. Kay M. 89,174 EIKEN, SHIRLEY 68 Einhorn, David W. Einsma.n, Mario W. Eischen, Margaret M. 97 Eischen, Micha.el F. 98,99,110 EKKER. RONALD 74,142 Ekstrand, Ler oy M. EL·AFANDI, AHMEDH 81 Eldridge, Larry L. Elias. John Ellng, Vickie L. 110.170 Ellingson, Marsha. B. Elmblad, D on a.Id R . 106,116, 127 Elton, Anthony B. Eltrlch, Thomas E. EMANUAL, JOSEPH 76 Emery, Richard L. 160 Emmons, Mary A. Emmons, Micha.el R. EMMONS, WILLIAM 78,125 Enerson, Thomas R. Engen, Jeffrey A. 130, 170 Engel, Allen D. Engel. Susan J. Engelhart, J oseph D. Engelien, Theodore R. Engellen, Rhonda J. 97 Engelson, Earl Engh. Rona.Id J. Engler, David A.

Engler, John F . Epstein, Jay Erdman, Bonnie J. 160 Erdman, Richard E. 136,174 Erdmanczyk, Mike J . 130,136 Erdma.nczyk, Steven J. 126,136 Erdmann, Pa.ula.J. 170 Erickson, Bruce E . Erickson, Craig R. Erickson, Larry A. 160 Erickson, Paul H. Erickson, Peter H. 181 ERICKSON, WAYNE 60 E r le, Janice I. 181 Erie, Sharon L. Ernst, Larry A. 160 E r nster, J ames A. 108 Ernster, Larry J. Erpelding, David G. 170 Erpelding, Larry J. 134 Erpelding, Sylvia R. 99 Erpelding, Sylvester E. 160 Ess, Lynn M. 160 Estes, Kathleen M. 181 Etherton, Wendy J. 160 ETHIER, ROBERT 58 Eue, Richard C. Euerle, Sharon R. 103,170,155, 154 Evans, Duane A. Evans, Duane R . Evans, Kenneth J . 105,126 Evenson, William R. 89 Evert, Jeffrey D . 160,142 Everson, Kay B. 123.182 Eyler, Linda E . 174 ,121

F Fabian, Rebecca A . Fahy, Scott C. 160 Fairchild, Gene A. 105,182 Fairclough, Richard K .

floui Invites You To The Captain's Quarters and The Safari Room

Home Beverage Service 533 Huff St.

Phone 2572

Winona , Minnesota George & Betty Hahn, Prop .

Ray Meyer - Innkeeper






Fick, Gwen A. Fiedler. Gerald A . Fielder. James W. Fielder, Kathleen L. Findlay, Jane W. Fink. Dana M. 160 Finstuen, Gary H. Fischbach, Roger A. 83,89.108, 135. 182,92 Fischer, Gordon W . Fischer, Karen M. 111.160.174 Fischer, Michael T. Fishbaugher, Kathleen K. Fishbaugher, Marilyn A. 174,115 Fisher. Arthur W. FITCH. RON ALO 85 Fitzgerald, Bonita. L. 107,160 Fix, David M. Fix, Linda. P. Fla.nary, Elizabeth J . Flemming, Duane A . Flesla.nd, Bruce M.

Fakler, Duane J. Fakler. Thomas L. Fandrey, Paula K. 170 Fanslow. Krissie L. 174 Farnham, Timothy J. 182 Farrlnger. Jerald E. Faurot. Patrick A. Fay. Paul B. Feine, Jerry V. Felland, Marian E. 103 Felstead, Ramona A . Felstead, Ravenna C . Fenske, Joyce E. 182 Fenton, Maureen J. FERDEN, GARY 58 Ferden, Patricia A. 94,97.174 Ferguson, Gordon J. Fernholz, James J. Ferris, Anne C . FERRIS, ROBERT 68 Fetting, John W . Feuling, Marilyn F . 110 , 174


co. "Home Owned"

Dairy Products

of Superior Flavor Phone: 3626

529 Huff St.

Exclusive Headquarters for Garland Skirts and Sweaters 4th and Center St. Winona, Minn. 204

Flikka., Kent A. Flom, Loren K . Flotterud, Eva M. Floyd, Anthony C. Foegen, Dennis J . FOEOEN, JOSEPH 68.104 Fogelsanger, Oren W. Fokema. Marvin P . Foley, Jeanne E. Follmann, Theresa. K. 46. 111 Fonteine, Robert 174 Foran. Leslie D. 170 Ford, Mary C. 160 Ford, Thomas A. Forde, Allan W. FORREST, JACK 80 Forschler, Patricia C. Forster, Jeanne M. 160 Fort, Judith K. FOSS, FRED 77 Foss, Marilyn M. Fossen, Leigh G. Fossum. Harvey R. Fossum, James D. Fossum, Janice L. 182 Foster, John T . 160 Foster, John W. Foty, John V . Fountain, Paul A. Fox, John N. Fox, Jon D . Fragapano, Leo A. 136 Fra hm, Gary L . Frank, Allen J . Frank , Ann 105,111 Frank. Colleen A. 110. 170 Frank , Judith L. Frank, Kristin A. Franklin, Barbara S. 89 Franko. David L. 136, 160 Frankson, James S. 136 Franson, Roger T. Fratzke, Beth S. Frederick, Kerry N. Fredericks , Erwin J .

Frederickson, Marcia A. 105 Freer, Sally A. Fremling, Arlayne FREMLING, CALVIN 76 French, Charles E. Frick, Naomi J. 170 Friemann, Gary FRIESTAD. SUSAN 85 Frisby. Donald L. Frisch. Carol J. Frisby, Pattilee P. Fritz, Patricia F. 89.182.121 Froehlich, Faye 182.122 Fron. Ann I. Frosch. Dianne L. Fruechte, Janice A . Fruen, Michael B. Frydenlund, John E. 160 Fuglestad, Ronald N. 136 Fulkerson , Nancy C. FULLER, EDNA 63 Fuller. Patricia A. 103 Fullerton. Frances A. 89.111,161 Funk, Lester J. Funk. M a rlyn J . 111 FUSILLO, VIVIAN 66

G Gabbert, David R. 161 Oa.bna.y,Bruce 124 Gabriel. Da.n R . Gabrilson, Patricia A. 182 Gainey, Mary K. Gainey, Rita R. 99,182 Gainey, Ronald J. Ga.lchutt, Jan C . 161 Ganser, Robert T. 175 Gantzer, James L. Garland. William H. Garry, Arlene

Gartner, Gary L. 28,89,90,126,183. 142

GARVEY, ROBERT 72 Gaustad, Carland S. Gaustad, Evelyn S. 161 Gaustad, Roger L. 126 GAVAN, JOHN Gebhart, Douglas J. Gehling, Sheila J. 98.99,110.161 Gehring, Patricia R. Geier, Ann M. 160 George, Richard L. 183 Geppert, Ann M. 107 Oeraets. Monica A. 161 Gerber, Eileen L . 183 Gerber, Patrick W. 109,170 Gerden, Thomas B. Gerenz, Timothy F. 161,130 Gergen, David P. Gerlach, Gr egory C. Gerlach, Gordon C. Gerlach, J. Stephen Gerlach. Paul J. Gerling, Vincent C. Oernes. David E. Gernes, Thomas 0. Gerten, Gloria J. 161 Gerths, Cathy L. 103, 161 Gertzen, Duane E. Getskow, James F. 183 Geurink, Jerry F. Geurink, Gordon L. Gibbs, William J. 142 Giefer, Rosemary C. Gieschen, John P. 97,161 Giese. David E. 161 Gifford, Bonnie J. 170 Giger, Susan L. 175,19 Gilbertson, Les A. 161 Gilbertson, William C. GILL, CHARLES 79 Gillund, Norman L. Gilman, Allen 130,141 Oilman, Sharon L. Gimble. Gary E.

Giovanni. Lucia A. Gipp, Ronald W. 125 Oirtler, Carl S. Gish, Janet A. 161 Olasrud, Barbara A. 161 Glauner, Gary L. GLAZIER. ARTHUR 81 Glidden, Warren B. Glover, Nancy K. 170 Glover, Thomas D. 130 Glubka, Mary K. Glubka, Nancy J. Oludt, William M. 126,161 Oludt, Susan D. Godsey, Susan L. 101 Goers, Sandra L. 161 Gofrlsh, Charles A . 133,120.132,183 Goke, James B. Oolbom. Barry S. Goldstrand, Robert C. 132.133 Gonnlon, George Good, Earl M. Goodenough, Cheryll A. 161 Goodman, Judy Goodrich, Michael J. Goodrich, Thomas M. 104 Googins, John B. Goodwin, Kae K . Goodwin, Robert G. Gora, Richard F. 93 Goral. Thomas A. Gorden, Robert C. Gordish, Genene P. 94 Gordon, Diane M. 170 Gores. James D. 44,127 Gorges. Martha E. Gorham, Darrell L. 161 Gorman, Barbara A. 161 Gorman, Charles W. 161 Gorman. Thomas E. 88,90, 125 Gott, Jo Dell A. Goutcher, Jean E. Ooveronski, Gail R. 161 Grabau, Robert 0. Graff, Bruce L.

Graff. Richard L. Orajczyk, Chns J . 93 Grande, Barbara L. 1 01,161 Graner, Janis A. 161 Graner, Sharon M. GRANGAARD, GEORGE 62 Gransee, Leslie W. Grant, Allan 0. Grant, Gloria A. 161 Grant, James W. Grant, Mary S. 97,171 ORATIAA. MARCELINE 78 Oravenish, Mary A. 161 Oravenish, Nadine M. 123 Oravenish, Thomas C. GRAWE, PAUL 67 Gray, Dorothy S. Oreden, Robert M. Green, Alice L. 123 Green, Judith A. 161 Greenberg, Jay M . 127 Oreenless, Michael P. 130,175

Greenslade, Darrell R. 107.161 Greenslade, Sharon K. 89,107,123, 175

Grier, Dennis K. 31,88, 124 Grier. Jock K. Griffith. Peter E. Grim, Robert S. Grimm, Lynette M. 103,183,155 Grindland, Judith A. 161 Grippen, Lee E. Grltzner, Charles W. GROB, GARY 74,132, 133.141 Gr oebner, Michael A. 136 Grob, Gregory J. O romek, James S. Gronert, Randy H. 136.127 G ronholz, Linda M. 183,122 Oronvold, Beverly A. 175 Gross, Gary D. 150,161 Gross, John A. Gross, Pamela 170 Grosse, Beverly A. 161

Coca-Cola Bottling Co. 102 Franklin St. Phone2760


GROTH, LYNN 85 Grothe, Thomas P . 146 Groven, Sandra M . 161 Grover, Corrine A . 183 Grutzmacher, Kenneth C. Grummons. Neil E . 126 Grunz, Nancy J . 161 Grunz, Rolland H . 102,106 Grupa, James M. 162 Grupa, Shar on A. 73,183 Gruszynskl, Sandra K . Gudmundson, Stanley J. Gudmundson. Shirley A. Guenther. Kathleen L. Guenther, Gretchen A . Guenther. Mary D. Guiher. Paul L . 170 GULLICKSON. ANTHONY 65 Gunderson, Gerald R. Gunderson, James L . Gunderson, Raymond E. 90,183, 124 GUNNER. ROBERT 74 GUTHRIE. HAROLD 67

H Hae.ck. Donald F . 162 Haar, Burl W . 136 ,125 Ha.as, David P. Haas. John W . 124 Haase, John H . Haberman, Marietta. 183 Habibi. Mehra.n Hackenmiller. Stanley G. Hadley, James R. Hadoff. Karen J . 94.170 HAESLY. WARREN 6 1 Haeuser, Betty J . Hageman, Mary J . 61.170, 122 Hagen. Adrian O. Ha.gen, Gregory E. Hager. Dennis J . 162 Haggbloom, Charles H . 104 ,106 Haglund, Lee E . Hahn, George M . Hahn, Joanne D. 170 Hahn. Joseph P . 162. 153 Hakes, James W. 132 Hall. Byron W . Hall, Gary A . 175 Hall, James 35.148,146 Hall, Larry G . 175 Hall, Mary A . 108,109, 183 Hall, Steven M. Hallstrom. Susan L . 89,111,162 Halstead, Claudia F. 89 Halstead, Roger 162, 125 Ha.Iverson, Leslie R. 162 Halvorson. Daniel J . 162 Halvorson. John D. 171 Halvorson, Judy A . 99 HAMERSKI, DA VIO Hamilton, Rosemary A . 183 Hammel. Kevin L. 97, 171 Hammer. Stanley A. 150


Hammond, Robert J . Hamsund. Robert D. 175 Handt, Linda L. 123 Hanenberger, Barbe.re. L. 162 Hankey, Barbara J . 183 Hanley, Judith E . Hanlon, Susan M. 162 Hannon, Scott M. Hansen , Cheryl J . Hansen, Clifford M. Hansen, Connie L. 162 Hansen, Kathy A . 94 Hansen, Kathleen M. 162 Hansen. Leann K. 94 Hansen, Phillip P. Hansen. Rodney L . Hanson, Cheryl L. 123.175 Hanson, Dianne M. Hanson, James H. Hanson. Morris D . 125 Hanson. Peggy J . Hanson, Rudy D. Harlos, John S . 132.162 Harlos . William R . 133 ,152 Harms. Daniel R. HARMSWORTH, HARRY 8 1 Harper. Joanne N. 162 Harris, Keith A. Harris, William D. 162 HART, CLIFTON 80 Hartert, Alice M. Hartley, Karen L. 99,111 Hartley, Mary B. 183 Hartmann, Glenn A. Hartung, Mitchell A . Harty, Donald J . 162 Harty, Mary J. 89,90,121 Harwood, Valerie P. Haskett, Thomas E. Hasselblad, Elaine Hassinger, Brian V. Hastings, Karen M. HASTINGS, RICHARD 72 Hathaway, Dean F . 136,183 Hathaway, Katherine M. 162 Hatlevig, James N . 183 Hatton, R obert A . 127 Hauble, Joan M . 97,171 Hauck, F r ederick L . Haugan, John D . Haugen, Karen M. Haugen, R onald S. 97 Hau gland, Lorraine S. 94.183 Haugsta.d, Richard D . Hauschildt, De.le F . Hauenstein. June F . Havumaki , Britta Haw ley, Joseph W . Hawley, Susan A. 162 Hay, M argaret A. 9 4 Hayes. Teresa A. IOI Haynes, A llan L. Hazelton, David C. HEALY, THOMAS 63 Heaser, Thomas G . 162 Hedbom, Louann 162 Heddie, John R . 41.98,99. 105.171 Hedgecock, David L. 105 Hedglin, Jill R . 162

Hedren. Carolyn K. 171 Heefner, John R . Hefel. Lorna A. 110 Hefte, David B . Hegland. Paul S. Hegstrom, T h eodore W. Heider, Jeffrey J . 105 Heim, Diane M. 46,89,90 , 175. 121 H ein, Alwin H. Heine, Ru th E. 109, I 75 Heins, M ary W . 175 Heins, R alph M .' Heise, R obert N. Heiser, Charles S. 117,127 H eiting, Patricia A. IOI Helgerson, Joseph M. Helgeson, Cheryl D. H elgeson, Linda M. 162 Helland, Ka thleen A. 162 Heller, Jeanne M. 122 H elmich, Dale D.

Helmer. Eldon Helminiak. Ronald L. 107,162 Hemming, Jack V. Hemrrung , Linda K. 97,108, 175, 122 Hempy, Robert E . 141 Henderson , Cheri J. 99, 171 Henderson, Linda J . Henderson, Richard G. H e nderson. Thomas W . Jr. Hendr icks, Robert G. 175 Henke , Kathleen F. 162 Henni ng, Steven J . Henry, Kathy M. 162 Henry, Loren F. HENRY, RODERICK 81 H erman, Linda M. 101.162 Hermanson. Linda R. 108 Hernlem, Cathay M . 162,114 Herold, Lee W. Herr. Patricia L . Herrera, Roy A . 125

Compliments of

TOUSLEY FORD CO. FORD-MERCURY-LINCOLN Highway 6 1, Winona Phone 8-5171

Your Country Style Dealer

Herrig, Charles J. Herrig, Katherin e A . 162 Herrmann, Carol L. 111 Herron. Kay G. Herron, Walter E . 105,17 1 Herzberg, M1ohael R . Herzog, Barbara A . 162 H ess. Michael J . Heuer, June A . 103 Heusinkveld, Ross L. Heydt, Lowell 89, 126. 183 Heyer, David B. 96,97 HEYER, FRED 70 Higgin, Dianne L. Higgins, Timothy J . Hl1ig1, Dawn R. 184 Hliigs, D onald R . Hildebrand, Mary L. Hilke, Paul E. 150.162 Hill, Barbara L. 171.1 54 Hlmlie, Earlene A . 184 HINDS, WALTER 70 Hines, Glen L . Hines, Marjorie C . Hi ngeveld. Catherine J . 46,100, 103, 175

Hinna, Diane M. Hintz, F ordon L. 146 HIRSCH . THOMAS 63 Hirschler, Gary L . 184. 152 Hitchcock, Gregory E . Hitc hcock, Nancy B . 12 1 Hitesman, William 162 Hittner, Bruce E . 30,98,99, 162 Hittner, Carol A . Hittner, Joan M. 11 0 Hittner, Joy A . Hittner, M ary M. 162 Hoblit, Susan Z. 98,99,107,171 Hodgdon, Elle n L. 162 HODGSON, JORDAN Hodgson, Shir ley 105.175 Hoenk. Dale K . Hoesley, Bettit J . 162 Hoesley, Bonnie J . 162

Hoesley, Bonnie N . Hoff. James L. Hoffer. Gerald A. Hoffman, Michael G . Hoffmann , Alice S . Hoffman. Marilyn Hoffman, R obert H . 105 Hoffman, Thomas J. 184 , 124 Hofmeister, Mark A . 184 Hofschulte, Duane H. 162 Hofschulte, K e nneth F. Bogden, Lawrence A . Hogstad, Linda M . 175, 12 2 Hogue, Julie A . 162 Hohenthaner, Lewis G . Hoiland , Phillip S. Hoiness, James E. Holan, Bruce A . Holden, Martha A. Holie n, David A. Hollingsworth. R enann e R . Hollon, Linda I. Hollo well ,LindaM . 171 Holm, Kathryn J . 162 Ho lm , Roger A. Hol m es. Allen C. Holmgren. Carol D. 162 Holmgren, Diane L . Holmstrom, Craig V. 120 Holthe, Charles D . 175 Holtan, O rin H . 89,106.126 ,18 4 Holtegaard, D ennis I. 184, 125 Holubar. Steve n P . 46,90 ,171 , 12 7 Holz , Lester E . H olzer, M ichael P . 136, 184 Holzer, Patricia J . 163 Homola, Shella. A . 116,121 Homuth, Melvin E. 184 HOOD, MICHAEL 68 HOPF, RUTH 69 HOPKINS, RICHARD 80 Hoppe, Phyllis A . Horihan. Fredric k M. Horst, Richard A . 162 . 124 Horton, Peter E .


The Home of America's Most Beautiful Furniture Ethan Allen Heritage Daystrom King Koil

Bassett Lazy Boy Statford Selig

Dependable Complete Insurance Service Auto-Home-Business-Life Accident- Health-Bonds

Call 5830 ART HILL

Westgate Shopping Center Open Mon.-Wed.-Fri. 9 to 9

165 Walnut, Winona WALT DO PKE

4th & Main Phone 8-5181 207

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GRANT'S Ct:Known for Values" 66 E. 3rd St.



Phone 4353

Join the Lunch Bunch


Horton. TLmothy L. HORVATH. ATTILA 81 Hoseck. Bruce R. Hoskins, Michael J. Hoskin, Rillmon E . 175 Houck, Elizabeth L . Houdek, Marc H. 94 Housker. David B. HOUTZ. RAY 77 Hove, Bruce T. Hovey, Carol S. 163 Howard, Elizabeth M. Howe. Kenneth L. HOYT, DANIEL 58 Hubbard, Carol L. 163 H ubbard, Ralph D. Huber, Stephen E. 163 Hudak, Gayle A . 184 Huelskamp, John R. 163 Hughes, Daniel R. Hughes. Gary C. Hughes, Patricia A. 163 Huiras. Dianne R. 103 .163 Huling, Roger R. Hull, Bernice S. HULL, HENRY 80 Hull, William M. 163 Humble , Leroy G Humble, Sharon K . Hume, William R. 109.175 Humfeld. Shirley A. Humphries, Arthur A. 98,99,171 HUNGERFORD, ROBERT 71 Huntoon. Lynn I. 33.97,184,155.154. 184

Hunze, Kenneth E. 163.146 Hurlburt, Becky L. 163 Hurley, Timothy F. 94 Husbyn, Barbara G. 103,175 Husie, Richard L. 97,163 Husmann, Gary M. Hutchinson, Timothy E . 163

I Ihrke, Gary H. 17 1 Ihrke, Grant W. lngeman, Gerald W. INGRAM, REX 63 Ingvalson. Gary 0. 163 Isbell, Robert C. Issendorf. Janet L. Iten, Judith A. 108.184.17 Ivers, Bradly P. 1 75,17 Ivers, Susan B. 123. 184 Iverson, Dennis D. Iverson, Gennell M. 94,184 Iverson, Richard C. Iverson. R ich a rd D. Ives, James R. 1 71 Ives, Joseph J.

Huff ond 10th


J Jabrosky , James J . 144,142 Jackson, Allen L. 104,184 JACKSON. HARRY 65 J ackson, Robert D. 184 JACOBSEN. EDWARD 72 Jacobsen. Theodore H. Jacobson. Audrey J. 171 Jacobson, Cynthi a J. 163 Jacobson, Kent L. Jacobson, John B. 163 Jacobson. Linda G. 184 Jacobson. Robert L. Jacobson. Ross L. Jacobson. Russell L. 130,131, 136, 171

Jahn. Kathie L. 94 Jahr, Marilyn B . 184 James. Daniel K. James. Deeann C. JAMES. JOAN Jamnick. Laura Louise 163 Janka, Timothy P. Janikowski, Rosann K. Jansen, K a ren B .

Janse n . David P. 104.126 Janssen, David J . 184 Janzen. Sandra K.

Jarvis. Terry L. Jaskola, Jan.ice L . Jaszcwski. Marian 163 Jaszewski. Frank J. Jazayeri. Nasser C. Jehlicka, Rodger L. 102.136,146 Jenkinson, Marcia. L.

J ensen, Kathleen L. 163 Jensen. Mik e J. 1 63 Jensen, Susan G. Jenson, Barbara J. Jcresek. John D. Jerndal. Ralph W. Jerzak, Patricia M. JESSOP, STANLEY 65 JETT. LEONARD 67 Jilk. Susan H . Joesting, Edwin W. J o hanson, Susan L. Johns. Carol A. 107, 171 Johnson, Allen E. Johnson, Barbara A . Johnson, Barbara B. 175 Johnson, Barry L. 163 ,175 Johnson, Betty A. 163 Johnson, Bruce D. 163, 125 Johnson, Bruce A. J ohnson. Bruce L. Johnson, Bruce L. Johnson. Carol L. 175 Johnson, Car ol J. 175 Johnson, Connie J . 184 J ohnson. Craig L. Johnson, Curtiss J. 120

Johnson, Cordelia K. Johnson. Cynthia D. Johnson. Diane C. 163 Johnson. David A. 175 Johnson, Denise E. 163 Johnson. Darrel R. Johnson. De B. Johnson. Donald A. 94 Johnson. Douglas R. 94 Johnson, Gayle 175 Johnson. Gale C. 126 Johnson. Garry G. Johnson. Jean M. 97,163 Johnson, Janice M. 163 Johnson, Joanne A. Johnson, Karen L. 171 Johnson, Kathryn J. Johnson. Laurie G . Johnson. Linda A. Johnson. Linda D. 163, 171 Johnson, Lynn M . 33,89,185. 188.121 Johnson , Lyla 0 . Johnson. Marilyn J. 107,163 Johnson, Margot B. 89,107.185 Johnson, Myrna J . Johnson, Nancy L . Johnson. Patricia L. Johnson, Pau l T . 89.185. 171 Johnson, Paul L. Johnson, Ro be r t J . Johnson, Robert H. 175 Johnson , Ron ald L . 94.108,185 Johnson. Steven D. 93.109 Johnson, Sonneva M. Johnson. Steven G. Johnson , 1 Steven P. Johnson, 2 Steven P. Johnson, Susan L. 163 Johnson, Therese E. Johnson, Thomas J. 136 Johnson. Wendy M. 101 ,163 Johnston. Mary C. 122 Johnstone. Robert T .

Johnstone, Joyce A. Jones, Barbara K. 101 J ones, Cynthia L . 33.34,46,88.89. 103,108,185,45

Jones, Dale D. J ones, Da v id E. Jones. Jennifer E. Jones. Judith A. 33 ,185 Jordan, Gerard M. Jostad, Karen Joswick. Stephen J . 90 Joy. Sheryl K. 163 Joynes, Elizabeth M. 171 J ozw ick , J a n et L . 123,185 Judd, Carol A. 163 Judd, Theresa M. 163 Judge, Robe r t F . JUDSON. ADELE 73 JUDSON. LYMAN 66 J uehrs, Jon T. Julsrud. Naomi L. 185 Junek. Sandr a A. Jungbl~t. Paul W. 142 Jungerberg, BrendaJ. 171,121 Jung h a n s, Robert W . 93

K Kaehler. Christine A. 163 Kaehler, John R. 163 Kafer. Joseph A. 175 Kahl. Jane E. Kajer. Edward F. 163 Kalien, Elaine M. 102 Kallevang, Jens J. Kallestad. Michael W. K a.Imes, Carolyn A . 185, 187 Kamesch, Gerald R. 175 Kammerer, Shirley A . 163

Kannel, J ohn J. Kanthack, Dennis H. Kanthack. Linda I. Kappler, Joanne Ka r a u , Cha rles R . Karels. Gerald J . Kar n ath, Susan D. K arsina, Joseph P. Karsten, J oanne K . 123 Kasid. John E. 185 Kaske, Robert J. Kaster, Jerry L. Kath, Karen A. 163 Kaufman. Annette D. 163 Kauphusman, Ja m es A .

Kauphusman, Patrick J. Kavitz, David A. 108,125 Kawak a ts u , Hiro ko Kazika, George E. 150.151 Kehnemann, Judith M . 104 ,171 KEILL. JAMES 62

Keilholtz. Ardys S. Keiper, He le n J. Keiper, James L. Keiper. Robert A. KEISTER. ROBERT 74.130.136 Keller. Peter S. Keller, Thomas F. Kellett, Karen S. 171 Ke lle y , K athleen E . 89.121 Kelly, Michael F. 163 Kelly, William J. Kendall, Keith D. Kendrick , Fred H. Kennedy. David M. 134 Kennedy, Harold 0. 163 K ennedy, John J. Kennedy, Patricia A. 123.171 Kenney . Kathleen A. 163 KENT. GEORGE 81 Kent, William J . Kepp , Kay N. 163

KWNO 1230 KC Full-Time Radi o i n Winona

Clothing for Men and Boys



---¡-Kerkenbush. James J. Kerkow. Douglas B. Kerr,AnneM. 171 Kesson, Ruth M. 186 Kessler, CalVJn J . Ketchum. Diane K. 89.108.110,175 Kidd. Wayne 94,163 Kiekbusch, Kurt R. Kiehne, Anna M. Kiesner. Kathleen L. 103 Kilen. Milo L. Kinas, Roxan J. 171

King. Dean W. King. James 0. 163 King, John H . King. Linda M. King. Patricia A. 42,175.122 King. Susan J . 163 King. William P. Kingsbury, Judy A. 175 Kinlund. Bruce J. Kinstler, Larry E. Kinstler. Paul A. Kiral, Raymond G. 110.186 Kirby, John F. Kirchner. Richard W . 89.107.186 Kirchner, Virginia M.

KIRK. ANGELEN 72 Kirk. George KIRK, WAYNE 62 Kirkeby, Ronald D. Kirking. Alan D. Kistler, Frank J . Kistler, James P . Kittle, Lynne A. Kjos. Clifton C. Kjos. Marianne J. Klages, George J. K lagge. Michael R. Klas. Peter J.

Kohler. Margaret M. 163 Kohn. Richard P. Kolling. Jeffrey W. Konkel. Dennis D. 125 Konop. David L . Koopman . Cora L. Kopercmsk1. Peter A. 150.186.151 Kopperud. Glen N. Korba, Catherine J. 163 Koranda. Robert R. 186.125 Korder. Mary H. Kordosky, Robert J. 163 Korupp. John P. Koscianski. Joseph M. Kosek. ValonaJ. Koski, Richard D . Koskovich. Linda A. 175 Kotlarz. Denis J. Kothe. Richard W. Kouba. Mary R. Koutsky, Richard P. Kovacik, Ronald E . 104 Kowalski. Susan A. 163 Kowalsky. Michael J. Krage. Wayne R . Kragthorpc, Paul M. 163 Krahn, Kenneth D . Kramer. Charles J. Kramer . Connie 163 Kramer, Gordon J. 163 Kramer, Jerome R. Kramer , Linda E .

Kratz, Allyn J . 186 Kratz, Wayne C. Krause. Frederick J. Krause, Margaret M.

Krause, William R. 98.186 Kreger. Kevin J. 124 Kreibich, Phyllis K. Kreidermacher. Ann M. Kreidermacher. Faye A. Kricdcrmacher. Kicbard L. Krcidermacher. Patrick A . Krejei, Kristi J. 88, 171 Kremer. Jean A. 115.122 Kreofsky. Dennis B. Kreuzer. Anthony J . Krob. Steve T . 136 Kroeger. Constance M. 99, 171 Krogh. Linda D. Krogman, Dennis A. 175 Kroll. Dennis A. Kropp , Peggy J. 121 Kroschel, Wilham A. 132 Kroupa, Kent J. Krueger. Richard A. Krump. Martha L.

Klassen, Diane M.

Klauer, Karen A. 105,163 Klawitter, Lynn M. 163 Klayamorn, Thira 163 Kleis. David J. 124 Kleis, Tructi J . Kleist, Joanne E. Klemz. Keith K. 163 KLEOMPKEN. LESLIE 62 Klinger. William F . Klomp, Michael D. 94,108 Klug, James W . Kluzik, Gerald M. Knapp, Richa rd L. 124 Knight. David J. 97 Knippenberg, Linda C. 123 KNOLL, KENNETH 77 Knopick , James L. Knopick, David T. Knopick, Stephanie A. Knouft, Gary S. Knudson, Linda C. 103 Knudtson , Margaret E. Knutson, Steven N. Kobler, Candance K. 98.163 Kocon, Craig Koehler. Duane H. 163 Koenig. Susan M. Koffron, Mary

Kruse. Diane L.

Kryzer. David J. Kryzer, Richard A. Kube, Donna J. 97,171 Kuchenmeister. Mary L. 101.176 Kuchenmeister. Paul E. 163 Kuehn, James A . 186 Kuehner. Marvin V. Kuhlmann. Donna J. Kuhlmann, Ronald J. Kujak, Janine M. Kukowski, Barbara A .

Optometric Offices

Entil's Menswear-

Dr. Max L. De Bolt Dr. C. R. Kollofski Dr. R. C. McMahon

Shopping Center for WSC

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Phone 5338 122 E. 3rd St. Winona , Minn.

117 West Third Street




Larsen. Diane A. Larsen, Robert M. Larson, Adeline Larson. Charlene 171 Larson , Clayton R. 10 5 Larson, David A. LARSON, ERIC 84 Larson, Joann V. 164 Larson. John F. 164 Larson, Karen A. 164 LARSON, KEITH 85 Larson, Larry L. Larson, Ronald L. 176 Laska, Barbara M. Lathrop, Steve H. 132 Latterell , Barbara E. 164 Laufenburger. Carolyn J. Laufenburger, Donald E . Laughlin, Michael D. Laugtug, Stephen B. Laumb, Helen L. 172 Laumeyer. Douglas J. 164 Laurel. Linda A. Laursen, James A. 172 Lavell, Ronald J. Law. Douglas J. Lawrynk, Gary L . Lawstuen, Catherine J. 164 Lea, Barbara J. 94,97 Lea, Elaine C. 94.97 Leaf, Donavan J. League, Joan E . Leaon, Donald S. Leary. Linda L. 103, 172.154 Leavitt, Barbara J. 186 Leckie. J a nette B. 164 Ledebuhr, Robert A. Lee, Duane A . Lee, Gary R. Lee. Gary D. Lee, Judith K. 33.103.108. 186 Lee, Richard E. 164 Leffert, Bet te R. 164 Legreid, Marita H. Lehnert, Jerald W . Leibfried, Joan L. 186

Kukowski. Dale E. Kukowski, Donald R . Kulack, Roger A. Kulas. Ellen B. Kulas. Michael G . Kulas, David A. 89,90,126,176.117 Kulas, Teresa M. Kulzer. James J. Kumm, Denise J . Kurimay, Rowen G. 124 Kurth, Susan R . 186 Kurtz. Mary M. 103,154 Kustelski, Monica J . Kutz. Doris 163 KUZMA, JOAN 67,93 Kuzma, Joan M. Kuzniar, Judith L. 186

L Laak, Patricia F. Lacher, Roger F. 93.171 La Course. Susan Diane Lacourse. Warren M. 88.152 Lager. Donna M. Landers, Dennis A . Landers. Sandra L. Landherr. Ronald E. Landolf, Mary C. 123,186 Landsman, Sally A . 103,164 Landsverk, Karen A. Lange, Mary A. 163 Lange, Michael J. Lange. Richard F. 164 Langenfeld, Thomas W . Lanik, Donald J. Lanners, Charles P. 164 Lantz, Richard E. 130,131 Larpenteur, Jane A. Larrabee, Gene R. 98 Larsen, Debra L.

Leifeld, Helen D. 164 Leifeld, Virginia M. Leiferman. Barbara A. 107 Leininger. Lynda L. 164

Lightfoot, James F. Limpert, Deloris K. Linahan. Todd A. Linander. Wayne R. Lincoln, James M . Lind, Peter H. Lindholm . Sara L. 164 LINDNER. RICHARD 71,97 Lindsay. John M. 136, 164 Lindsay, Samuel H. Ling, Dianne E. 187 Literski. Claire L. I 72 Litschke. Henry J . Littlejohn, E dward 136,139,14 Lobland, Terry W. LOCKS, JOYCE 74 Lodgaard, Bruce G. 141 Loechler, Michael S. 136 Loar. Jaclyn J . Loerch, Mark P. Loerch, Richard J. Loesel. Dennis R.

Leisen, Susan L.

Leisen, J ohn M. 186 Lemmer. Barbara J . Lenartz. Timothy J. 172 Lenz, Mary M. 89.186 Lervison, Kathy 97 Leslie, Linda A. 101,121 Lewanski, Jeanne M. 172 Lewis. Catherine R. 164 Lewis. Dianne A. 89 LEWIS, JOHN 84 LIBERA. PAUL 60 Lichte, Duane W. 176.187 Lidgerding, Sandra B . Lidke, Audrey L. Lierman, Terry L.

LIETZAU, ROBERT 61,142 Llfto. Jeanne K.

Jones & Kroeger Co. Office Products School and Drafting Supplies 108-110 E. 3rd St.


Steel Welded Rings

Special Wire Shapes

PEERLESS CHAIN CO. Chain Manufacturers Complete Line of Tire Chains For Passenger Cars, Trucks, and Tractors Complete Line of Industrial and Hardware Chain

Office and Factory

Winona, Minnesota




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Lohmann, Judith A. LOKENSGARD. RUDOLPH 78 LONG, HENRY 65 Long, Shauna V. 164 Longbehn, Cheryl L. 164 Loomis, Kathleen M. 164 Loouai, Lynn M. 94.172 Lorbiecki. Richard T . Loshek. Stephen P. Losinski, James C. Losinsk i, Lorraine S. Losinski. Robert J . II Losinski, Richard A. 120 Lo ttlg , W a.lt e r F . Louck s , Julianne 164 Loucks, R ichard W. Loutzenhiser, Lora L. 164 Lowe. Milo G. 164 Lowenhagen, Sharon L. 164 Ludwig, Frances M. 164

Luedtke, Kenneth Luehmann. Lyle R . Luhmann, Kathleen A . Luhmann. Philip A . 88,176,46.125 Luinstra, Dennis G. Lund, Mary M. 176 Lund, Mary S. 97 LUND, ORVAL 67 Lund. Steven L. 90,94 Lundak, Da vi d R . Lunda k , E ugen e R . Lunz, Carol A . 111.187 Lutes. R ichard P. Lutterman, Melanie J . Lutz, Theres Lutzwick, Da v e W . 187.127 Lynch, Kathleen E . Lyngklip, Roger W . Lysne.Steven 164

THE MAIN A Place of Fine Refreshments Sandwiches and Enjoyment . . . and Fun Too

123 Main St.



Winona Insurance Agency 174 Center


M Mack. David Leo 176 M ack , Ma ry F. 187 Mack. Wendie L. MacLennen, Douglas C. MacNamara. John 132. 176 Madden. Molly C. 165 Maddux . Ke nneth E . 93,108,126, 176,14 M a de r , Dianne R . 187 Madigan. Gay! E. 172 Madsen, Erik J. Madsen. James C. 136 Madsen, Jeri A. 90.44.121 Maenke. Carol J. Mager, H. Diane 92,91.122 M a ghsou di, Masoud MAGNUS, DOROTHY 66.98.99 M agnuson. Shelby J. 176 Mahlke, Carl E. Mahoney. Gordon L. Mahoney, Rose M. 110,165 M a.id!, Glenda D. Maier, Dennis E. Majerus, Steven J. M ajeski. Peter J. 165 Maki, Marylin A. 111,176 M &klno, Sumie T . Mailander, John F . 176 Malmin. Larry C. MALONE. COLLEEN M alone, Edward J . 104,187 Malone. Timothy M. 172 Maloy , T homas Manders. Li nda K. 172.122 Manion, Margaret C. 165 Manguson, Marlys A . Mann . Dal e F. Mann, Judith L. 176 Marchionda. A . Ronald 126187 Marcou, JoAnn 165 Marggraff. Sharon A . 172 MARINER, MAURICE 60 Mariska, Jerry P. 165 Markham. Gregory A . MARKUS. FRANK 58.45 MARKUSEN, LYDIA 73 MARLEY. WARREN 68 Maroo. David J. 136 Mamach, J o hn M. 125 Marquardt. Kay A. 89, 108, 187 Marquardt. Ro n a ld R. 165 Marschall. Sheila A. 97.172 Marsh. Crisan L. 165 Marso, Har r y J. MARSTON. DWIGHT 74 MARSTON. VIRG INIA 69 Martens. Robe rt C. Martin, Gregory J. MARTIN, JOHN 75, 150.151 Martin , John M. Martin, John R. Martin, Patricia L. 165 M a rtin, William W. 124 Martinek, R osema r ie A . 187

Marvin. Martha E. 101,114.122 Marz. Rose mar y Masche. Kathy A. Mason. Randall K. Masters, Jean A . 187 Masyga, Mary C. Masyga. Peter D. Masyga. Robert F . Mateka. Molhe J. 165 Mathews. Ja n et L. Matson, J ohn W. 188 Matson. Sharon 188 Matter. J errol D. 142 Mattison. John M. 126 Mattson, Lawrence W. Matz k e , J a m es B ern a rd 152 Matzke. Carol J. Matzke , Carolyn B. Mauer. James N. Mauer, Thomas R. 165 Ma ule, C h arlotte M . MAURICE. RONALD 67 May. Darrell E. 165 May. Dean R. 176.125 Mayer. Catherine A . Mayzek , Sheelah A. McAlhster. Alan G. McAndrew. Michael P . McAndrew. Timothy M. McArthur, James E. 116, 127 McCabe. Lindsay E. McCallum. Dennis K. McCammon, Mich ael J. McCANN. FRANC IS 75 .146 McCarthy, Richard W. McCarthy . Timothy M. 90.164.159 McCauley. Janet M. 105 McCAULEY. MARUICE 79 McCauley. Ri ta M. McClear y, Pat ricia A. 164 McCl ellan , Daniel 125 McCLUER, R ICHMOND 70,94 McCluske, Victor ia M. 172 Mccon aghy , J ames J. 152 McCONVILLE. DENNIS McCormick. M. 164 McCOWN. LUTHER 74 Mccown, Mildred A . McCracken. Wan eta A. 187 McCrae. Susan B. 94,97,176 Mccready, James K . McDaniel, Patricia A. 164 Mc D aniel, R ick ey D. 110.164 McDonald. John E. McDonald. John H . McDonough. James P. M cDo noug h , R o bert L. 13 6.187 M cDougall , Duane E. M cDo w e ll, G ary I. 31,88.90,94,95, 97.188 McElmury, Patricia F. McEnany. Micha e l J. 176,152 McGhie, Steve M . McGonagle. Marilyn McGovern. Elaine 176 McGRATH. HELEN 63 McGuiness, Daniel W. 93,91 McHenry. Mary P. 164


To have a friend- be one!

Jim Schain

Fred Naas Dick Horst

Al Nelson Dick Theurer

the Remembrance Shop Featuring: Hallmark ca rds, stationery, party goods, and gifts. Downtown W ino na

21 2

McHugh. M . Ma ureen 17 6 McKAY, DUANE 68 McKe nna. Thom as P . McKe nney , Chris tine T. 164 McKENZIE. WILFRED 6 4 McKe y . Thomas K. McLeod. Jan M. 172 McLeod , John L. McMammon. Bonni e J . McMillan. Mary K. McMillen, Cleo L. McMILLEN, LELAND 62 McNallan, Paul T. 187 McNally. Diane L. McNally. Donald B. 164 Mc Namara, Ronald W . Mc Nary , Ric hard J . 136.114 , 125 McNary, Willia m M . 136.13 7 . 140. 114 ,187. 125 McNeil, Thom as L. McQumn, Grego ry P. 164 McRae . Bre nda L. Mc Va.y, Rich a rd G . Medcraft, Wayne R. Me haffey . Ke nne th B. M ehrkens. Jane L. 17 6 Meie r. Chris tine A . 17 2 Meier, Hans P. Me inke, John D. Meimbresse, Robert L . 13 0 .188.152 Meiners, Gordo n G. MEINHARD, ROBERT 62 Meisch, Gregory J. Melin, Alan B. 15 2 Melmer, Janeen S. 188 Mende n, Anthony J . Menden. Connie R . 115 .122 Menzel, Ke nne th B. 188.124 Merric k . Cynthia A . Merwin, Ric hard L . 127 Merwin, Robert E. 18 8 Meska., Patricia K. Mes ka, Shirley L. Me tca lf, Darrell K. 127 Me tcalf, J e an R . Metz, Ric hard A. 8 9 ,94 ,19 Me tzler, Ronald L. Metzler, Suza nne M . 172,44 Meyer, Candace T . Meyer, James M. 146 Meyer, Kathleen J . 89.188. 121 Meyer, Pame la J . 172 Me yer, Rita R . 18 8 Meyer. Milto n Mey er, Patricia A . 110 Meyer, Te rry R . Meyers, Euge ne K. Michael , Norma J . 99.172 Michel, Judith L . 188 Michel. Ruth A . 165 Michel. Vic k i J . 17 2 Michels, Anna L. Mlc kow, Diane J . 189 Middendorf, Jeffrey W . 136,16 5 Midkiff, Leslie L . 40,98, 99, 172 Mielke. Me rlin H . 172 Mierau, Kathle n e L. Mikkelson, Larry A. Mikkelson, Laurie J .

Mikrut. Mkha el E . 126 MOLINARI, MADEO 135, 136, 13 7 , 138 Milito, Stino 0. 176 Milko. Leonard Miller, Barbara. A. 165 Miller, Cheryl L. 103.108 , 111.189 Miller. Gary T. Miller, Glenn 106,189 Miller, John R. 165 .142 MILLER, KAREN Miller. Kathleen M. Miller, Kenneth G. Miller, Norman G . 165, 176 Miller, Lynn M . Miller, Nancy A. Miller. Norman I. Miller, Peter M. 107. 165 Miller, Richard J . 62 Miller, Rick D. 150 .17 6 .142 Miller, Robert B. Miller. Stephen S. 165 Miller, Sus an M . 101 Miller, Virginia A . 172 Miller. William J . I Miller. William J . II Millie, Deborah K . 103, 155 Mills. Kim M . 165 MILLS. NORBERT 66,98 Millon . John A . 176 Mine r , Linda L. 165 Minnie, Bonnie L. 165 Minnie, Linda E . 89 MINNE, NELS 79 Mirr, Susan E. MISHARK. JOHN Mitchell, Harry 136 MODJESKI, JOHN 63 Modlin. Dick E . 189 Moe, Kathryn R. 94,96, 108, 176, 122 Moe, Roger A . Moen. Douglas K. 165 Moen , James D. Moen. Ronald J . 136.137. 141 , 146 Moenck , James R. 165 Mogen, James R . Mogren. Kenneth J . 124 Molde, Susan K . Mollenhauer, Teresa L . Monnens. Nancy J . 89, 17 6 Moon, Michael D. Moor. Paul H . Moore. George E. 136, 146 MOOR E. JOHN 67 Moore, Marlene T. 105,165 Moore. Richard L . MOOTZ, JAMES 8 4 MORAVEC, MARJORIE 75,15 5 Morehead, Scott E. MORGAN. LEO 6 5 Morgan. Thomas M . 165 .Mo riarty, Thomas M. 172 Morken, Kathleen M. Morley, Thomas V . Morris. Charles D. Morris, Rick A . 165 Morrison, Jeanne K . 40,98,99 Morrissette, Judy A . Mortensen. Arvid L . 165

LOUISE'S LOUNGE and LIQUOR STORE George D. Lipinski, Owner

Mortenson, Anna Mortland, Leon J . Moser, James R . Moses, David R . Mosher, David C. Mott. James 165. 142 Mott , Lawrence L. 136 Mowry, Kathryn A . 165 Moyer, Joan R. 103, 107,110, 172 Mrachek, Anne M . Mueller , Alice A . Mueller, David D . Mueller, Judith S. Mueller, Larry A . 176 Mueller. Mary M. 17 6 Mueller, Kenneth N. Mulc ahy, Kevin F. 17 2 Mullen, Lorraine C. Mullen, Margaret J. 103,10 8, 154 Mullen, Dolores H .

Mullen, William F. Mullen , William P. 176 Mullner. Tho masJ. 176 Multhaup, Darrell D. Munson, Colleen K. Munaon, Janice I. Mura•, Stephan J . Murc k, James M. Murphy, Richard W. Murphy, Rob ert R. Murphy, Shirley J. Murray, Curtis L. MURRAY, FLORETTA 64 Murry, De nnis J . 130,1 72 ,124 Murphy, John S . Murray, Thomas C. Mussell, Diane M. Mydr&, Nicholas F. Myhre, Mary A. 165 Myhre, Richard A .


N Valley Press

278 East 3rd Phone 8-4000

Buck's Camera Shop 159 Main S t . N ext to First N ation al Bank N ik o n Bo l ex Lei ca

K odak B ell & Howell Zei ss

Pho to finishin g

Ya shica Mi nolta M a miya/Se kor

T a p e R ecord ers

Winona's Complete Photograph ic Store

Naas. Eloise Nadreau, Jeanne M. 89 N a gahas hi, Va u g hn 180.189 NAGEL. GERALD 76 Nagel, Stephen M. 176 Nagle. Mary L. Nahrgang. Roger P. Nania. Eugenia J. 165 Nankivil. Mary M. Nanoff, Carl L. 165 Naas, Nora L. Nash , Bonnie M. 97, 165 Natvig. Sue A. 89.107.176 Nehring, Irvin L. 104 Nehring. James A. NELSON. ANAH 64 NELSON. AUGUSTA 67 Nelson. Bonnie L. 165 Nelson, Dee A. 47.121 N els on, Diana L. 33.46.189 Nelson. Diane K. 169,122 Nelson. Duane L. Nelson, Glenys W. Nelson. J effrey A. 146 Nelson. Linda K. 175,92.122 Nelson, Margaret A. 165 Nels on, M ary A . 172 Nelson, Marion C. Nelson. Marilyn L. 103 N els on, Nanc y M . 33,46.122 Nelson. Pamela J. 107.165 Nelson, Richard D. 104,134 Nelson, Robert A. 172, 146 Nelson. Richard J. 78 Ne mitz. Susan L. 1 76 Nesset. Carrie M . 101 N essle r , Carol J . 33 Nessler, William R. 164,165 Neuman. Jerry F. Newman , Nan cy L. N e uma nn, D eann L. Nevling, Kathryn 0 , Newcom b . Margaret E. 165 Newell, Hele n P. Newell. John W. Ncwlun , J, Wayne Newma n , Jay A . Newman . Lee P. Newman, Lon H . Newton , Eugen e W . Ng, Kenne th F. NICHOLS. JAMES 67 N ichols. Jean A. 97 Nickels , Julee A . 8 9 ,110, 189 Nicklawske. Patricia L. 165 Niebur. Constance A. 165 Nieb ur, Larry J . 165 Nei bur. R obert J . 165 Niebur, Thomas Niemczyk, William G. 35.36, 175,124 N ipp, Joanne L. 110.172 Nipp.NancyJ. 110.189 Noer. Richard L . 165.146 Noeska, Gary D.

Nofsinger. An y A. 107.165 Nogosek. William J. Nolan. Mark J . 98 Norbeck. Douglas C. 165 Nordstrom. Ralph W . 106. 176 Noreen. Robert P. 120 Normandin. Arthur E. 124 Northam. Robert C. Nottleman. Bruce E. N ovak , N ancy C. 94.189 Novak. Ronald J . 165 Novotny. John W . Nunstedt. Laurel M. NUTT, MONNA L. 84 Nutter. Larry Nyseth. Annette L. 103.154 Nystuen. Brian H. 142

0 Oakland. Gene C. O"Berry. Rita H. O 'Brien , E ugen e P . O'Brien . Teresa M. Ochs. Kathryn M. 176.121 Oc h s, Thomas R . 130,131 Ochs. William H. 130.172. 142 O"Oea. James D. O'Dea, Patr icia S. 103 O'Donnell, Mary J. Oegrey. Inger K. 63 Oelkers. Gary L. Oe ltjen , Gary E. Oeverin g. Boony L. Ofstedal. Larry D. 136 Oglesby, Ronald G. 147 , 146 O'Gren, David A. 109.165 O'Hearn . Th omas T. Ohm. Barbara I. 172 Ohman. Gregory L. Oian. Ruby R. 94 O'Kane, Colleen P. 103, 108,176 Okla n d. Gerald A. Oland. David J, 130.149,172.146 Olinger, Bonnie A. 165 OLSEN. MARTIN (Rev) 84 Olsen , R alph M . Olson. Brian W. 94,165 Olson. Bruce A. 165.176 Olson . Cheryl L . Olson . David L. 165146 Olson , Dianne M, OLSON, FREDERICK 78 Olson. Gary G . 165 Olson . Helen T. OLSON, IVAN 71 Olson. Jerry L. Olson, Jerry R. 141 Olson. Karen E. 165.176 Olson. Kimberly R. Olson. Kr istine C. 108, 121 Ols on, M arvin J . 104 Olson. Nancy K. 88. 101.171.172 OLSON. SANORA 78 Olson , Stanley C. O lson. Sharon L. 97, 165

THE MERCHANT'S NATIONAL BANK OF WINONA Winona's Largest and Fully Independent Bank 'The Bank T hat Service Built" Thir d and Lafay e t te Streets

21 4

P hone 8-5161

Olstad. Kristin L. 101 O'Neel. Kenneth E. Onstad, Dennis C. 189 Opfer. Bonnie J. Opfer, John E. 189 OPSAHL. JAMES 76 O'Reilly. Barbara J. 98.99.111,176 0 'Reilly. Kathryn A. 165 O'Reilly, Patrick L. O'Reilly, Zerita M. Orloswki, Mark T. 41.98,99 Ormston. Jane H. 172 O'ROURKE. RICHARD 76 Orphan, Lynn L . 189 Orphan. Royal C. Osmundson, Joy N. Osterberg. Deborah L. Ostern. Ronald L. Ostern, Bruce M. 176 Ostrem. JoAnn 89.103.123,176 O'Toole, Michael R. 98,99 Ott, Diane H. Ott, John D. 94 Overcott, Arthur M. Owens. Linda S. 172

p Pachkofsky. Cheryl L. 94.165 Packer. James F. 176 Paffrath, Barbara L. Pagel. Charlotte A. 165 Pagel, Mary J. 189 Pagliarello, Alfonso 186 Pahnke, Joyce A. Palecek. Lois M. PALECEK. MARVIN 81 Palke, Judith W. Palmer. Cheryl C. 100 Palmer. Curtis L. 38,102.130.136. 137

Palmer, Jeffrey T. 103 Palmer, Leslie J. Palumbo. Nancy A. 165 Panaro. Nicholas G. Papenfuss, Ann E. 166 Parpart. Rosemary Parsons. Glen C. Paske, Jon W . Paske, Timothy J. 136 Passe, Yvonne M. 172 Patterson, Brian A. Patterson, Daniel J. Patterson, Michael J. Patzner, Jean M. Paukner. Jennifer J. 176 Paul. J oyce M. 103.166 Paul. Michael L. Paulos. Janette L. Paulson, Laverne C. 89.107,189.120 Paulson, Russell D. PaulzlDe. Roger R. Payne, J ames W. PAYNE. RUTH 72 Pe&rson. Elsie

Pearson, James R.

Pe&rson, Lind& L. 172 Pechacek. Esther A. 189 Peck, B&rbaraJ. PECK. WILLIAM 64 Pedersen. Dale C. 166 Pederson. Deborah S. 166 Pederson. Elizabeth F. 176 Pedretti, Carol J . 67.93.98,99.189 Pelach. Cynthia B. 166 Pellowski, Brian E. Pellowski. Edmund R. Pellowski. Mary L. 172 P elofske, Peter J . Peltier, Patricia L. 98,99,191 Penne, Carol L. PENNELL. DORIS 82 Penshorn. John E. Peplinski, Patricia A. Perez, Mark A. Peroutka, Judy K. 155 Perkins. Gregory J. Perrine. Byron K. 94 Perry, Merrilee J. Perry, Trudy L. 190 Peterman, Linda K. Petersen, Gayle L. Peterson. Barbar& J. 103,166 Perterson, Bonnie J. Peterson. Carolyn R. 166 Peterson. Charles D. Peterson. Cheryl R. PETERSON. DUANE 68 Petersen. Fredric D. Peterson. Glen 0. 104 Peterson. Henry G. Peterson, Jonathan G. 166 Peterson, Joseph P. Peterson, Lon Peterson, Par G. Peterson, Richard A. Peterson, Ruth K . 190 Peterson. Susan B. 166 Peterson. Teresa A. 166 Peterson, Timothy D. 94.166 Peterson, Wayne C. 166 Petet. Jan et R. Pett, Richard T. Pettersen, J arl Pettersen. Paula K. Petz. B eatrice L. Pexton. Dorothy M. 97,107 Pfremmer, David T. Philo. John F. Phillips, Richard A. Phillips, Susan M. 166 Phillipson, John R . 89.106.190 Pickavance. Curtis W. Pieper, Gerald A. 190 Pieper, Leonard C. 166 Pietsch. Richard E. 108,166,120 Pike. Ronald L. Pink. Lynn M. 166 Pink. Patricia L. 166 Pinke. David A. Pinkston, Diana L. Pint. Mark A. Placek, Patricia A . Plank, Cheryl C. 99

Dancing Saturday Nights Closed Mondays

Minnesota City

Tempo Miracle Mall


. ._ - ,,- - - - - - - - ~._,_!I

Phmk, Larry K . 190 Pluim. Mark S. 166 Poblockl, R ob e r t L. Podjaski. Sandra Podruch, Barbara J . 166 Poferl. Susan T. 176 Pohlman. Arlyn D. 176 Polansky. Duane L. 105.176 Polasik. Mary J . P olesk y, Cha rles A . 190 Poliachik. Leon D. Polichnowski. Lorelie A. 90, 123 Polkey, Constance 89,166 Pelkey, Kat hleen M. 107 Polson. Gerald W. Pomeroy, Lawrence L. Pomer oy, Robert J. Pontlnen, Barbara G . Pope, Judith C. 190 Popp e, Charles W. 94 Poppe, Sharon J . 190 P o rvaznlk , P a ul M . 124 Possehl. Louise M. Powers. Cynthia L. Preble. Donald D . Precious. Thomas A. Preiner. Theresa M. 166 Prentis, Rebecca J . Preacher, Gary L. 166,142 Presco t t, D a vid M . 190 Pressnall, Donald R. 136,176. 12 4 Prettner. Joseph B. Pretzel, Carol L. 123.171 Pretzel, Joan M. 123,190 Pritchard, Sandra K. Pron dzinsk i, Jean R . Prondzin s ki, Mary E. Prondzinski, Pauline B . Pronsch in s ke , Daniel A. Prot sman, S tephen W. 144.142 Prudoehl. Ann E. 110 Prudoehl. J a n e M. 166 Pruet t, J erry B. Prussing, Steven C. 94 Przybylski, Therese A.

P rzytarski. Steven M. Puchleitner, Nancy M . 166 Putnam, Nancy J . 166 Putnam, Wiiiia m A . 190 Putzier. Judith A. Pyzik, Jan M.

Q Quade. Guy R. Quam, Vivian B . Queensland, Kare n C. 10 1.1 66 Quest. Barbara J. Quillin, Carol J. 166 Quinn , Barbara S. 176,121 Quinn. Cindy J. 166 Quinn, Kay L. 33. 190.121 Q u inn, Maureen A. Quirin . Roland J.

R Raas. Mark A. 132 R addatz. Kathleen F. RaffenbeuJ. Duane F. R afferty, Helen J . 98,99. 110,190 Rog a t z. Kathryn G. Ragbir, Davida R. Ra.hilly, M. R ah m an, Donald P. 130,141, 190 R ahman , Robert D. Ra hn , Allen B . 166 R ajtora, Donald R . 136. 137. 139 Raker. Mary T. 110 Ra n d, T h omas W. R andall. Cath erine J. 166 Rand all, Diane T . 190 Randall, Roger G. 190

Rasmussen. Allen D. R a smus sen, La rry A . RASMUSSEN, LYNDE 85 Rasmussen, Mark R. Ratsch, Dennis H. Ratcliff. George W. Rathbone, Janis L. Ra tigan, R obert D. 176 R au, Marie K. R a uh, Joseph J . 190 Rauk, Edward E. 94 Raymond. J anet E . RAYMOND, M. R. 76 Re, Jam es S. Redwin g. Charles R. Redwin g, DennisJ. 94.111 Ree, Barba r a J. 10 1 Reeck , Bruce M. 136 R eed , Lind a A . 190 Reed, Milon Y. R egan , Gary E . Rehkamp. David J. 152 Rei bel. Carol J. 89,176.121 REIDELBER GER. JACQUE 66.88 Reider. Maza R. Reineke, Michael J. Rel narts, Rebecca J . R e inde l, Brenda M . 121 Reindal, Sharon 121 Reis, Barbar a J. Reisdorf, Christine C. 94,154 REITER. CLEO 82 Reks t a d, Donna S . REKSTAD, PAUL 85 R e mme, Harold B. Rendahl, M erle G. Renti, Cruz S. 166 Reshetar, Harry A. RE TRUM, JUD Y 75 Reu t e r , E lizabeth A. Reuter, Joan M. 89 R euter. Judith A. 176 Reynolds, Leslie J . REZAC, R EG INALD Rian, K aren L. 166

Rian. Patrick A. Richards, Janice R ich ard s o n, Annette L . 190 RICHARDSON. JOSEPH 72 Richardson. Lon D. RICHARDSON. RUBY 69 Richer. Leroy L. Riches, Marilyn F. 166 Riches. Maureen R. Richie. Diane S. 173 Ricks. Drew S . Ridgeway, Clar ice A. 21 Rieme rsma, Gary A. Ri l ey, Patrick J. 136,166 Riley. Thomas M. 136.137 Ri n ehart, Vicki J . 190 Ring, Rebecca L. 94, 166 Rinowski, Donald L. Jr. Rinowski. Patricia B. Rippel, Diane K. 93 Rippel. Larry J. 93 Riska. Carol Riska. Roy C. Risdahl. Diane J. Rishavy. Linda L. 166 Riske. Glenn T . RISLOVE, DAVID 77 Rislove . Philip K. Rislow, Jac k C. RlTMAN, MARGUERITA 61 Ritter. Davi d A. Rivers, Linda S. 166 Rivers. Michael J. Roach. Jean I. Roberts. Jack L. Roberts. Rebecca S. 107 ROB I NSON. JUDITH Robinson , Lucinda G. Robin s on, Mary E . Robinson. Mar y L. 97 Rock w e ll . Elizabeth K. 159, 166 Roddy, Catherine A. 110,173 R odewa ld, David R . 191, 120 Rodgers, J ames P. R odich. Maureen K . 110,92

We Are Pleased to Add Our Best Wishes for Winona State Students and Graduates

LAKE CENTER INDUSTRIES Offices and Plants in W inona, Ru shford and Lewiston, Minn.; Decorah , Iowa; and Galesville, Wisconsi n


Rodley, Susan 106. 176 Roemer. Dennis D. 98.177 ROEN . ESTELLA 82 R oessl er, J oan R. Roff, Susan D. R offler, Diane M. 123. 191 Rogacki . Ignatius J . ROGGE, HAROLD 84 Rolbiecki, Mic hael R . Rolbieck1. Richard Roling . James L. 136. 166 Rollins, Louise A . Romanchuk , Patricia K . 177 Roms t ad, Gary C. 191 R onne nberg, F lor ence Ronnenberg. Susan K . Roopc h a n d , Rod e rick Root. Linda M . 166 Ropp, Susan L . Rosaaen. Donald F. Rosacher, Susan L. 173 Rosaaen . Judith M . 166 Rose. Donald R . Rose. John B. Rose, Judith A. Rose, Michael F. 130. 14 t Rose. Stephen L. 141.166 Rosenfel t , Caro l J. 173 Rosengren . Judith C. 101 Ross. Andre w D. 142.125 Ross, Edward L. Ross. Michael J . Ross, Robert M. Ross1. Betty H. Rossi. Mark R . 166 Rost . John A . 115 ROST, ROBERT 84 Rostvold , Gordon J . 94,166 ROTH, MERIKA Y 67 Roth. William P. Rother, Kennet h E . 99, 102. 173 Routhe. Robert R. 125 Rowe. Richard T. RUBASH. G. J . 82 Rubash. John G . Ruby . Jeanette 173 Rudel, Brian W . 150 Rudnik, WH!iam J . Rue, James R . 65, 127 Rue ber. Lynn M. 166 Ru ehmann. Richard A . 97 Rue hmann . Susan K . 97,166 Ruesink, Arlyn K. Ruffridge, Dean A . 166 Ruh. Kathleen A . 166 Ruhoff, Ronald D. R umpel , Do n ald J . Rumpel , Ronald J. 191 Rumstick. Suzanne D. Runge. Bonnie M. 105,111, 1 77 Runkel. Francis J . Ru n kle, Steven P. 1 66 Runningen. Roger D . 166 Ruppeert. David M. Ruppert, Dorothy B. 166 Rupprecht. James C . 97, 166 Rupprecht, La r r y C. Rusert. Carol A . 166 Russett, Kathleen D. Russell , David A . 126 Russell. Hallie A . 123 Rutter. Susan J . Ryan, Carol L. 93 Ryan, Constance J . 166.159 R yan , M a ry L. 177, 191 Ryan, Michael J . 104.153 Ryan, Patricia A. 110.166.173,177 Ryan, Patricia L . 104 Ryan, Patrick L. 1 46 Rydman. Robe rt Ry ds trand, Fre dric H .

s Saari. Candy R. Saari , Sonja S. 177, 122 Saari, William J . SABIN, J A MES 83 Sa b otta, Thomas A . 89,191 Sacia, Ronald J . 97, 1 66 Sack e tt, J el&ln e A . 32,33.36, 103, 188,191,125

S a d ler, Richard J . Saecker. Frednc K. Saehler, Edward W. Sagan. Guenther W. 177 S a ge, Thom as R . 90.177,191.116 Salo. Franklin J . Salo, Lowe ll T. Sames, Roger W . Sampsel. Hope N. Sampson, R e ginald D. 166.146 SAMPSON, ROSE 83 Sand, Charles M. 94 Sand, Richard A. Sandberg. Peter C. 146 Sandberg, Scott D. 94.146 Sanders. Diana H. Sanders. Valerie K . 110,173 Sanden. Cheryl A . Sandvold. James E. 177 Sandvold, Jean M . 103 Sanford, Evelyn J . SANFORD, WAYNE 62 SANTLEMEN. CHARLOTTE 83 Santelman, Karen J. Sasse. Lynn R . 173 Sasser, Sammy W .

Sather, Judy C. 166 SATHER. VERLIE 63 Satrum, Owe n W . S atren , Car ol yn L . 191, 11 5,122 Sauter, Ronald D. Sawyer, Robert F . 124 Sbiral, Lynn M. 166 Scanlan , Judith A. Scanlan. Terrence R. Scarborough , William C. Schacht, Marth a E. Schad, Kathryn A. 166 Schallenkamp , Donald H. Schaer, J anet H . Schafer. Paula L. 173 Schams, Edward C. Schammel, Thomas E . Scharf. Marian B . Sc h arlau, J oD een M . 191 Scharmota, Ruth S. S c h a n s b e rg , Linda M. 191 Scharver, Gary L. 191 Sch a r m er, Leroy L. 191 Scharmer, Diane L. Scharpen . Myron V. Scheevel, Kathryn M. Schick. Sally A . 167 Sc hiebe r , M a ry K . Schieche. Karen K. 173 Schieche, Sharon F . 173 Sch ifsky, Barbara J . 89,177 Schild, Linda M . 89.123,191,42 SCHILLER, DELORES 73 SCHLAWJN, JUDY 83 Schlee, Jeff K. 167 Schlesser. James M . Schleich, J u dy M. Schlosser, J udi th R. Schmid, Kathleen A . Schmidt. Gail J . 166 Schmidt, Gary R . SCHMIDT. JAMES 79 Schmidt, Jeanne E. Schmidt, Robert J . Schmit, Wendy L. Schmith, Michael J . Schmitt, Sylvia M. Schmit. Laurence W. Schmitz, Jerome J . 173, 124 Schmitz. J udith A. 93 Schmitt, Mark S . Schmitt. T e rrance A. Sch mitt. Thomas M. Schmitz. Elizabeth A. SCHMITZ, JAMES 78 Schnarr, Steven M . 177.152 Schneider. Cheryl S. 166. 1 73 Schneider, Ch arles F. 105 Schnelder, Lavonne L. Sch neider, Michael G. 167. 1 25 Schneider. Sharon M . Schneider, Steven G. Schnell, Cyril R . 191. 1 25 Schniepp, Pamela R. 177 Schnor r, Thomas W . Schoch, Margaret M. Schoen. Peggy A. 177 Schoenfelder, Ken n eth Schoening, Gary L.

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Dan Trainor, Jr.

Scholl, Mark S. 167 Schomburg. Mary J . Schoonmaker. Jon A . 94. 11 0,l:>O Schossow, Gary R . S c hossow, Sharon M. 192 Schottmuller. Laura M. 177.1 21 Schouweiler. Joseph A . 167 Schouweiler. Paul H. Schrankler, Darnel E. 173 Schreiber. David L. Schreiner. Kathe rine T. 167 Schreiner. Timolhy 0. 89,106.108 Schroeder. Kathryn J. 97,173 Schroeder. Susan I. 173 Schroed er, Jeanne C. Schroth. Florence R . Schuette. Lawrence R. Schuldt. Steve W. Schultz, Gene E. 109, 142 Schult z, Glenn E. Schultz, James H. Schultz, Jane A. 89,192,12 1 Schultz. Jenelle J. 167 Schul tz, Roy A. Schultz. Waller R. 111 Schulz, Karen M. 167 Schulze, Marlene E. 177 Schumacher. Sharon R. 167 Schuman n, Dean A . 173 Schurhammer. John P. Schutte . Stephen L. Schuth. Matthew N. S c huth, Michael C. Schuttemeier, Nance Schutz, Janet E. 131 Schuweiler, A lan R. 167 Schwanbeck. Eugene R. Jr. Schwandt, Audrey A. 167 Schwan tz. Berth a S. 177 Schwager. Lester J. Sch wartz. Jill C. 100.166 Schwartz , Sylvester A. 131.133 Schwartzhoff, Ahce A . 177 Schw arzhoff, Charles A. Schw engels. Gerald A. 12:> Schwerzler. Muriel K . 173 Scott, Anne M. Scott, Gail L. Scott, Geraldine A. 166 Scott. John C. Scott. Stanley M. 136 S covil, Sandra S. 94, 192 Scrabeck, Arlyn R. Scrabeck. Jeanette E. 167 Scrabeck, Jeanine M. 167 Seabright, Roger W . Seavey, Elaine I. 192 Sebo, Linda M. 192 Seel a nd. K.layton J . 136.167 Seemann, Sandra K. Selly, S h aron M. 167 Seltz . Lynn M . 122 SemJing, Norman R. 126 Sender. Shirley K. Senj e m , Paul G. 167 Senn, Kevin J . 127 Senn. Patncia C. Senrick. Patricia A. 167

Sens. Linda B. 177 Sepin, Patricia K . 192 Servais, Kathleen M. Servais. Lynn 167 Severson, Carol M . 192 Sexton . Margaret M. Seyba. Roge r 0. 173 Seyba. Ruth A. Shafer. William W. 177 Shanahan. James P. Shattuck. Peggy L. 173 Shavinsky. Deloria F. 111,167 Shaw. Eileen G. 167 Shaw. Mariclare Shaw. Mark E. S h aw, Ortn W. Shea, Lawrence E . 94.98,99 Shea. Samuel P. 131 Sheehan. James A. 177 SHEEHAN. ROBERT Sheehan. Thomas J. Sheffer. Marcia L. Sheimo, John D . Shelander. Linda L . 173 Shere r . Elizabeth M. SHERMAN. ELEANORE 67 Sherman, Frederick D. Sherman. Timothy P. Sherwood. Janet R. Shibley. Carolinn M. Shidla. Judith C. 167 Shima, Sandra M. 89. 108.177,121 Shortall. John T. Shurson. Mary A. 173 Sieben, Margar et A. 173 Siebenaler. Frank 10:;, 17 Siebenaler , Patrici a S. Siegel, J anice V. 192 Siegert, Thomas E. 192 S1eleman. Gregory S. 10:>,167 SIEMERS. CUR TIS 60.4:> Siems. Diane M. 177 Siepelmeyer , Loretta A. 193 Sievers, Cynthia A. Sikkink, Lance D . SILL, JANET 67 Silsbee, Charles B. 173 S imon. Candace A. 94, 123 Simon, Joan F. 193 S i mon, Grace P. SIMONS. LOIS 58 Simons. Michael F. S impson. Dennis L. Sinnen, Pamela J. 167 Sister. M. Karl P. Sister. Salome D. Sitts, Jeneyene R. Siverson, Elizabeth S. 89.111 ,167 Sizemore, Patricia A . Skaar. Terrance C. 127 Skatt um , Paul 0 . 98 Skibbe, Martha L. 193 Skjeveland, Hugh A. Sklader. Charles A. 179.125 Skroch, Robert J . 193 Slezak. Kenneth A. 193 Slifka. Sandra K . 193 Sloop. Dennis Neal

Smalls. Matilda G . 98.99. 107.167 Smarzy k , The odo r e J . Smelzer. Daryl V. 97 Smelzer. David G. 97,167 Smit. Linda C. Smith. Bernard W. Smith. Charles J. Smith. Douglas W. Smith. Gary E. Smith. Gary R. 167 Smith. Gayle K. 103 Smith.Joyce M. 107,177 Smith. Judith A. 89 Smith. Margaret M. SMITH. MY R ON 75,136 Smith. Nancy SmJth, Nelsen P. 175 Smith. Patricia E. Smith, Patr1c1a S. 177.173 SMITH. RICHARD 62 Smith, R ichard C. 132.193.152 Smith, Roy C. 1 93 Smith. Scott J. Smith. Steven A. Smith. Steven C. Snell. Kathleen G. 167 Snell. Sandra L. Snesrud. Glen R . 167 Snow, Richard E . Snustad. Charles E. Snyder. Kerry L. Snyder , Richard A. Snyder, Wendy J. 167 Soboleski. Allan J. Soderstrom, C a rl G . 106.193 Soete. Diane S . Solberg. Donald L. Solberg. Robert D. 167 Solie. Gary L. Sonju. Daniel W. 94.l,.67 Sonsalla. Darrell J. Sorom. Richard M. 125 Sorg, Carol A. Sova. Sue A. 167 SOVEREIGN. JAMES 80

Sowden. Larry D. 146 Spande, Beverly H. Spangler. Wilham D. Spath, Janet L. 167 SPEAR . JAMES 63 Speck, Mary A. Speed. Charles E. 193 Spelhaug, Ann M. 1 10.173 Spella<:y. Michael I. 104 S P ELTZ. R H ETTA 66 S p e l tz, R obert L. S p e ltz. William F. Spencer. Edwin T. Spencer, Ga r y L. SPEN CER, L ILLI A N 82 Spengler, D onald W. S p erbeck. Linda S. Sprangers. Scott C. 105.177 SPR E NGER. GEORGE 77 SPRENGER. JOANNE 75,154 S pringborn. David L. Thiele. Diane C. STADLER . LEROY 75 Stadtherr, B e rnice Stafford, Michael L. Stahl, Rebecca L. 167 Sta hr, Beverly A. 193 Staloch. M ichael E . Standke. Douglas D. 106.108.177, 118.119, l 25 Stanek, Loralee J. Stamch. Joseph E. Stanislaws ki, Robert E. Stank iewicz. Suzanne M. 102.167 Stansbury. Olin M. Jr. Staples, Gregory A. 193 Stark, Mar y J. 1 68 S tar k , Richard L. 177 S t arzeck i. Richard A. 38. 136. 1 37, 140, 1 42 Stau dacher, Gary F. Staupe. R obert L . 168 Steadman. A lvin A. Steadman, David A. Stearns. Mary C. 103.177

Stearns. Terry L. 108 Ste be r , D o lores S . Steberg. Marvin D. Steele. Stephen J. Steene. Barbara J. 46.88.123 Steffen. Kathleen M. Steffen. Robert F. Ste ffe n , William J . Stege. Bruce R. 109.168.159 Steigerwald. A ne C. Steinbauer. Ronald M. Stein er, Luanne S . 99 S tejskal, J erry L. 1 02.136 Stemmer. B a r bara A. 31,88. 1 93,3 1 S t e m me r , Kathy J . S t e n de r , A r t P. S tender. Ma r y L. Stender, Susan G. 193 Stensgar d. Norine K. 97, 168 Stenzel. Mar k W. 173 Step henson, Gary L. S termer. Car ol A. Stern. Edward A. Stern. Linus L. Steussy, Jan e t D . Stevens. Jean M. 89,108.193 Ste vens, Marcia S . 193.122 Stevens. Richard STEVENS. R ONA L D Ste ve n son , Joyce W . Steyer, JudyA. 193

S teyer . Lois M. S tezensk 1. Gregory A . 131,133 Stice, Edward L . Stlenessen, Jude A . 103,194.155.154 Sti e v e r , M ichael W . 93 S tiff, S a nd ra K. S t iller. James H . S ti noch e r . Charles E . Stirn, M ildred L . S t o ffe l. T h omas P. 13 4 Stoll, Jeffrey B. 104 Stolpa. Renee A . Stol tman. David J. Stoltman. Kathleen J .

·stoltman. Susan L. Stoos. David M. Storandt, J oann e E . Storti. Paul F. 1 16 STORCK. JOHN 85 Stork. Julie A. 177 Stout. Thomas E . Stover, Thoma s R. 195,118,124 Stowell. Linda R. 168 Stowell. Warraen T. Strapko, Kraig F. 173 Strate, Linda M. STRE ETER. K E NNE TH 68.69 S t reeter. J ames D. 1 02.168 Strehlo. Dale A. Strelow , Nancy L. Strike, Judy A . 89.193 Strnad. Linda S. 97.173.1 9 Strom, C a rl R . 132 Str ozew ski. Tun ney J. 16 8.146 Strub. R onald D. 1 05 Str y, Vernon E. S tucky. Barbara A. 177 Stuedeman n. Linda J. 168 Suchanek, Dana E. Suddendor f. R onald Sul a. J ames D. Sullivan , Michael B. 168.125 SULLIVAN. WILLIAM 68 Sullivan. William J. 168 Summers. Suzanne J. 103.107. 168 Sundry, Susan K . 177,115.122 Suneson. Terry C. 105, l 30, 173 Sunne. Ronal d K. 136 Supalla. Don ald 0. Suto. M ichiko 168 Sveen , Linda F. 94.195, 122 Swanson, J oanne M. 1 94 Swanson. Patic1a J. Swanson. R ichard J. Swanson. Richard T. Swayze. Karene A. 1 08 Swedln, Elaine H . 194 Swedin. Gerald H. Sweeney. Cyn thia J. 168

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Albrecht's Fairway Miracle Mall Winona, Minn. 219


Sweep, Luverne D. 136, 168 Swenson, M axine A . 194 Swenson. Randall F. Switzer. Donovon B. Syverson, Darryl R. Szarmach. Eugene W.

T Tait, K a thleen A. 194 Talandis, Helen V. Tallman, Patricia L. 168 Tanniehill. James 0. 149,146 Tarras. Connie R . Tegmeier. Brenda K. Teitge. Lynda R. 168 Temp. Donald D. Tentis, Michael J . 97.194 Terbeest, Charlene P. 168 Terry. Donald R. Tesch, David C. Teslow. Jay C. Tessum. Steven D. 152 Theis. Theresa A. 173.194 Theis. Thomas J. Thesing, Michael J. Thesing, Richard M. Thesing. Sue E. 168 Thicke. Francis E. 97 Thielbar. Michelle E. 168 Thielbar. Rickie N. THIELEN, RAYMOND 80 Thierman, Barbara A. 102,168 THIES, GORDON Thies, Marlene L. 89.173 Thllmany, J ohn H. Thitacharee. Keasorn 168 Thome. Terese K. 173 Thompson. Allan R. Thompson. Benny D. Jr. Thompson, Dan J. 173 Thompson. Dou las G. T h ompson. Janice L. Thompson. Judith K. Thompson. Linda L. 122 Thompson. Maynard 0. 97 Thompson. Saralyn K. Thoreson, Wendy W. 94.97 Thornton, Craig M. 134 Thrune, Stephen .v. 102,177, 120 Thue, Elizabeth A. 168 Thue, Kathleen A. 168 Tiedemann , Thomas A. 97,173 Ties, Kathleen A . Tikal, Linda A. Timm, Rudolph B. Timmerman, Lee M. 130.136 Timmons, R ob e rt J . TOB IN, GERALD 65 Tobin. James F. Todd. Catherine J. Todd, Gary L. Tointon, Glenn R. 194 Tolmie. Barbara J.




Tolmie, Patricia A. 89,98,99.109, 194

Tolstad. Marie A. 168.114 Tomashek, Howard C. TOMPKINS. GAYLE 85 TOMPKINS. ROBERT 85 Tom ton. Larry M. Topic. Robyn M. 168 Topping. Jane E. Topping. Margery A. 168 Torgerson. Linda R. Torgerson, Anita M . Toye. Cindy L. Trahan. James J. 109,168 Trandem, Susan V. 177 Trapp, Lynda D. 105.111.1 73 Traxler. Lynda A. Trehus. Lowell A. Tremain. Charles S. Tri, Ronald 0. 177 Tripp. Charlotte H. Trocinski, Gerald W. Trowbridge. Robert L. Trouten, William W. 94,105 Truax, Shari L. Tschumper, Kenneth P. Tselekis. Fotenie N. 168 Tucker, Lynda. W. Tucker. Marilyn L. 173 Tufte, Elizabeth S. 100 Tuftin, Steven E. Tula.re. Laura. J . TURILLE, STEPHEN 69 Turner, Gerald A. Turner, John C. Turner, Lee J. 98 Turner, Patricia. A. Tushner, Marilyn A. 168 Tutewohl. Jeane A. Tweito, Kathleen M. Tweten. Larry D. Twite, Mary E. 94

u UNDERKOFFLER, MILTON 78 Unger. Peggy A. 168 Urbach, James D. 173 URBANSKI, ALBIN Urbanski, Curtis G. 177 Urness, Gerald A. 136 Urness. Linez, S. Urness. Robert J. 1 36 Usset, Albert I.

v VAN ALSTINE. FRANK 58 Van Alstine. James B. Van Auken, Rebecca A. 94,168 Van Buskirk, Gene E. 107.111,173

Suite 207, Professional Bu ilding Winona, Minnesota Phone: 5548

Jack L. Benson, CLU, District Agent

Choate~s 220


Van Buskirk, Lynn E. 82 Van D en Berg, Jeffrey Vanderpol. Barbara E. 177 VAN DE WATER. ARTHUR 78.31 Vang, Barbara G. 194 Vang, Donald D . 194 Van Gundy, Connie L. 194.154 Van Gundy. Scott W . 126 Van Hoff, J erome M . Van Hoof. Thomas C. VAN KIRK. HENRY 84 VANNATER. KATHLEEN Vannatter. Kathleen A. Van Slooten. Steven D. Van Thomma, Nancy K. Vanzo. Elizabeth L . 1 68 Vatland, M a rgaret G. 1 94 Veldhuizen, Barbara A. 100,173 Vernon. Marilyn L. 173 Vetsch. Donald W. Vetsch, Stanley R . 194 Vick, Evelyn R. 194 Vickery. David 93,110 Victorine, Frances A. Vieths, David A. Vig. Lavaun G. 168 Vincent. Lois M. Vinje. Linda R. 97 Virnig. Larry A. 177 Voelker. Michael J . Vogel, Carl C. Vogel. Catherine M. Vogel, John C. 168,17 Vogt. Terry E. Voight, Ann K . 89,194 Voight. Eugene L. Voight, Jacqueline A. 108,173 Voiovich, Thomas J. 168 Vold, Dwight A. 105, 194 Volkart, Gregory A. Volkman, Betty L. Von Arx. John W. Von Bar gen. Lin da A . Von Bargen. Allen J. 134 Vonderohe. Bruce D. Vonderohe, James L. 90,126.194 Von Feldt, Thomas D. 136 Von Helmst. Michael S. Von Meyer. Kurt W . 94.168 Voss, Barbara L. Vuclnovlch, Mary J . 122

w Wacholz, Carl C. Wachtel, l\llary F. 177 Wachtel, R o bert M. 177 Wachtler, Barbara M. Wade. J oel F . Waggoner, Sue A . 98. 168 Wagner. Anthony C. W AGNER. JAMES 59 Wagne r , John R . 89.99,194 Wagner. Kathleen M. 97,169

Wagner. Mary L . 173 Wagner. Paul N. 169.142 Wagner. Richard M. 124 Wagner, Sandra K. 177 Walburn, Richard D. WALDEN. EVERETT 63 W aldo , JoAnn 195 Waldo. Lyle Jay Waldo. Sue A. 169 Waldron, Arnold D. Walgrave, Rodney P. Walker. Dale A. 104 Walker, Robert A. 142 Wall. J ames S. Wall. Kathleen E. Wallace, Bruce A. 194 Wallace. Edna H . 169 Wallace. Terry L. Wallerich. Bernard T. Wally, J ames J. W als h , M argaret M. Wals k e. Caron C. 169 Walski. JoAnn e P. 169 Walski. John P. 1 35 Walter, Kar en D. 89, 107, 177 WALTER, SARAH 67 Walter s. Marsha L. 103, I 73, 155. 105 W alters, Richard B. Walther, Jane L. 169 Waltzer. Steven J. Ward. Patricia A. WARNER. DONALD 57 .58 Warnke, Darrell W arthesen, Eileen M. Walkowski. Joseph P. Watson. Larry D . 94 Wayne. Charles A. Wayne. Richard S. Weakley. Terry J . Weaver. Linda K. 93.169 Webb, John L. 169 Webbles. Margy B. 1 73 W e ber, Cathe rine A. Webster, Ann Wedul. Lita K. 101,169 WEDUL, MELVIN 61 Wegman, G erald A. 195 Wegman. R uth A. 12 1 Wehrs. Paul M. Weideman, Dwight 94,97 Welmersklrch, John P. Weimer skirch. Joseph J. Weinman, Francis X. Weis. Garth E. Welch, James M. 173 Wells, Bernice L . Welsch, Dennis G . Welti, Philip J . 195,125 W e ndla ndt, Carole T. Wendlandt, Arlyn H. 130,142 Wendler, Kathy L . Wendt, David J . Wendt. Linda R. 111,173 Wera, Judy A . Wereszczak , Jaroslaw Werner, Peter W. Werner, Shern L. Wera, Ri c h a rd L.

Cameras, Projectors, Film and Accessories for snapshots , color slides, and movies. Service and Information. " If it's made by Kodak, you know it's g-0od!"

"Where to buy them"

May's Phot-o Service & Calllera Shop 113 W. 3rd

Wertz. Kristin M. Weseley, Patricia A. 177 West, Rockne S. 169 Westberg, J a mes A . Westlund. Susan A. 30,93.99, 169 Westman, Rhonda 94 Westphal, Gregory F. Wetzel. Susan L. Whalen. Janice M. 169 Wharton, John D . Wheeler. Dorothea L. 169 WHEELER. DOROTHY 72 Whingelby, Alice A. White, Bruce A. 97,108.195,124 White. Donna J. 169 White, Robert G. 125 White. Ronald L. 136,125 Whitlock. Janice A. 169 Whitney . Joan C. 89,177 Whitney. Rebecca A. 169 Wick. Marlys A. 169

Widing, Sandra A. 89,99,110,173 Wiebke, Mary L. 173 Wiech. Marilyn I. Wieczorek. Thomas J. 169 Wiederholt. Jan M. W1egrefe. LeRoy A. 146 Wieme. Gerald F. Wieme. James Wle merslage, Patricia A . 195 Wierzba, James M. Wieser, Aloys Jr. Wieser. Kathleen M. W iest, Janice K . 29.33.88,89,90,123, 195 Wilbur. Wanda R. Wilcox. Grover W. Wildenborg. Joseph P. Wildes. Bruce T. 97 Wildes. Paul J . Wildman, Steven J . 136 Wilhelm, Diane M. 169

?--\ 'fige blossom \::7 diamond ring•

Stager Jewelry To the gi rl who knows what she wants but not where to find it. M a t c h yo u r s t y I e w i t'ti o·u r many disti nctive d.ll~ igns. And a sk u s a b o u t o fa'n1 o u s Orange Blossom guarantee.


Phone 6172 121

Wilke. Mark T. 177.142 Will, Carolyn K. 89.177 Williams. Brian L. 125 Williams. Delvin J. Williams. Gregory P. 124 Williams, Mary M. 169 Williams, Susan C. 177.12 1 W illiamson. James G. Willaimson, Karen S. 195 Willis, Sandra S. Willis. Waldean M. W ILLSON, DANI EL 58 Wilma. Nancy A. 97 Wilmes, Gregory J. 169 Wilson, Don L. W ILSON, JAMES 64.177 Wilson, Jan is J. 169 Wilson, Jeanne 103 Wilson, Keith A. Wilson, Nicholas R. Wilson, Paul F. 107 WILSON, ROBERT 72 Wilson, Susan J. Wing, Nancy J. Wmkel, Barbara M. 89.177 Winkels, Mildred D. 169 Winkler, James F. 62.152 Winner. Ann M. 169 Winslow, Don R . Winte r , J anice V . Winte r , Nora A . Winter, Virginia M. Wmtheiser, Philip J. Wirth, James T. Wisdorf, Ruth E . 123,195 Wissman, W ilham H. Wistrcill. Donald J. 136,142 Withe row, R obert M . 195 WITT , JE RRY 77 Witzel, Diane C. Wobig, Terrence R. Woestman, Lois A. Wogan, Ann M. Wold, Karen D.

Wolf, Frederic k S . Wolfe. Joan L. Wolfert, Roger A. Wolfgram, Bruce L. 169 Wollin, Sus an E . 94.195,97 Wong. Natharnel H. Wood, John D. Wood, Joseph L. Wood, Mar y J. Wood, Robert F. 126 Wood, Wayne K. 169 Wo rden, Lynn K. 169 Wos, Bonnie J. Woychek , Dennis M. Woychik, James S. 169 Wozny, Don na M. Wright, R egis A. Wright. Robin D. Wro n ski. Craig S. 169 Wuertz, Sadie G . W u nderlich, Mic h ael J . Wurl. Ronald A. 169 Wurm, Geraldine G. Wurm. Robert J.

y Yaedke, David H. 169 Yaeger. Mary A. 177 Yakish, Frank Yakish , Thomas G. Yam asaki, Pearl K . Yarolimek, Fred A . Yeadke, B ette J . Yo h e, Spencer L. 141.169 Yokiel Arthur P . Yoost, D ean A. Youma n s. Jay H. 89 Young, R onal d E. 169 Young, W illiam B. YOUNGCK, MARLYS 72

DURFEY STUDIOS Complete Photography Service Corn er of W ashington a nd Waba sha Two Doors N orth of M axwell Libra ry Pho ne 5952


z Zacharias, Henry 132,133,195,124 ZANE, CHARLES 31.48.61 Zastrow. Sherry L. 103,177 Zeh m. John A. Zehm, Stephen D. Zeien, Ronald J. 169

Zend e r , George W . Zetah, Gregory S. Ziegeweid. Bernard Ziegeweid. James L. 104 Zietlow. Darrell J. 111 Zi mmer. Dar yl K. Zimmerman, Donald J. 111 Zimmerman, Mary C. 123 Zurek, Therese M. 94.177 Zweber, Richard L. 169 Zw o linski, J o hn J. 127

Wally's Supper Club Fin e Foods Cocktai l Lounge

Fountain City, Wisconsin

Shorty's Bar &Cafe

WEST END GREENHOUSE Every Bloomin' Thing

For Ever Bloomin'

Telephone 8-1511 802 W. King St.

Compliments of

Hiawatha Publishing Co. Telephone 8-2921 Meal Tickets

Carry-Out Orders

528 Center Phone 2622

64 East Second Street Winona, Minnesota


~ ~~~


RESTAURANT and LOUNGE lnt•rHctlon Highway• 61 and 14 and State Highway 41



Phone 5359

We sell nationally advertised_ Brands

Groceries - Fresh Fruits Vegetables - Choice Meats "cut to order"

Hal-Rod Lanes 401 W. 3rd St.



625 HUFF

Phone 8-1 531 WINONA, MINN.


NORGE VILLAGE Dry Cleaning and Self-Service Laundry Dry Cleaning by bulk or by piece Hours: 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Weekdays 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday 10 a .m. to 6 p.m . Sunday



And Ride with

Steak Shop

Royal Yellow Cab Dia l 3331

Hertz Rent a Car