Wenonah Yearbook - 1968

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Winona State College




Dr. ( urti' ~it•nwr-. tlw <'oll<'ir<'·, fir~! \l<"t" prt>-1d1·111 for ,1ude'11I affair-. as>i>IS Dr. IJu . Frt•,111• a' ht• prt'parl'' for tht' lnaupiratinn




r. Robert A. DuFresne was ins talled as tenth president of Winona State College. Feb. 2. 1968. With his inaugu ration we look forward to a new era at Winona State. We face the future and the changes that it may bring . . . changes in buildings and personnel. changes in courses of stu dy and policies. changes in the size and composi tion of the student body . And as we. the present stude nts of this college. go fo rth to meet our own future, we greet it with co urage and determination. But "today" has its effec t on '"tomorrow." In the following pages we will exa mine the many moods of life at Winona State today as we see them shap ing the lives of tomorrow for WSC students .



Openi1ig Student L~fe










WELCO.\IE BAC K ... llr. lluFr"'"'" µ11·c1former \\ in.,na S1a1e P n·-iclt-nt 0.\1. \l1·h11-

ll9.W.+.11 al tlH· ""'""II Lihraq cl1·dwi1lion. Dr. \lc•htb 1111\\ li'c'' in Bran-nn. \lo.

GRIP O°' REALITY ... llr. DuF'r..-~nt · maintain-,


··~rip on realil~ ··

- 111 " hi«h lw rdcrn·d o n 1h1· "'"Pit·ioth

cH'('a ... ion - a...


he df'li' er...

addn•...,..... On .. tagp.

hi ...


P1c•,id1·11t John '\1•11111ait'r. \l11orlwad Stalc·: llu an<· .) . \ l a1tlwi,. 1·11 m111i•'iconn uf 1·d1u-atinn: Or. Fra nk (;. Chc"•lt•'- prc·-idc·11t. \l inm•,.,ta S t ate Collc•)!P n.,,mJ: Or. I :urti~ Siemer,. 'i"1·-p11·-id1·nt fnr -tnd1·nt affair': L t. Cm. Jami•, B. (;111•l!: \l ,l\ nr R.K. £11inl!'- and ll r. ( :l1arl1•, Bal1·1·r. prt•,idPnl of \u)!u'tana Cnll«µe. Siou' Fall<. S.I) .. an alumnu ' of \\SC. and ha .. k. 1IH· Hc•\. ll arold llc•k,tad: I he He\. \l a rtin ()l ,l'n: Prr-idc·nt llo lwrt Wi('k. St. C:lond S1a11·: Pr1·,idl'n t ll"'"ird B1· llo"'· S1111tl111t•,1 StatP: Si,1c•r \I. l'amill1· B"'"'· pr!',id1•nt. Coll1•µ1· 11! Saini Tt'n·,a: Brn tlwr C rP1!"'"' Holwt hon. pn·-id c·nt. St. \lar~ ·, C:ollc·)!t'. and J1d111 Ho--. prc•,idc·nt. Stucl1·n1 S1·na11·.






- --



Life at Winona State

Life at Winona State Is a composite of mood s, Mood s that are reflecte d ln the awe upon firs t seeing the stairs to Sornsen Hall and higher education ,

By the tim e of day or season of the year. ln the joy or sadnt>ss as see n in a s mile or a frown. By a place, Or the arrival of a long planned eve nt. In a Warrior battle for victory. Or in th e mixed e motion s found on graduation day.


• ••

A Composite of Many Moods 5

Conni•· \\'in-lo" l••ad• u \\ arrior ~di.

Bru('<' White pau~e~ h .-fore .-nterinit SomM·n Hall.

-·_ __


.._ _. _....... _....._ __&..;.___._.__ '--...... \ :...-.




., l'lin ~

Smith uncl Ru.- Ann Ak,··r

•lud~ at tlw "'' " Maxw.. 11 Lihrur~.






Faces are huma n mirrors that refl ect the m ood of the mome nt whether it i sketchin g a piC' ture . cheerin g for the tea m . studyin g a t M axwe ll . attending clas . or enjoying a m eal. Whether serious or casual. th e mood of the mo me nt is reflected by faces a t W SC.

\Ir. llr nry speak q i1·11tatio11 Wr t•k.


t ht' frh hnw n du ring Or-

PPtt·r b ·kn mak<'' a ,kr·td1 fo r hi, 't il l life oil paintinv;.


Faces Express


Rt'flt·<·tin~ tlu: f.'Otl"•.t ant l ~ ehanµ;ing. muoJ ... anrl a!'l i,itiP of ('ollq!.t' Jjfp an· Barbara Blo ... mkP and Cao lllt"IW s .. 11- (lopl. Chri~tine Hei-durf fit'lt). \l ,tr!(t> Smith. P<'l!l!~ Kropp. and J !'rf ) \ t•\\man thot10111).


Th<• eandid <·am<•r.1 <·at<·lu•, "'"". l "Pil'al mnud,. >ho\\Jl h) Linda \ inj1· 1aho1H'). Jud)

ltPn il>< •l lornl. and

! ri~ht)

Hai• c\n n -\kn. Kit

Crier and Carn11•nt· St'"'·


Darn I :;, H·r,011 dP<'idt·, t" dunk a \\ 'i(' c·oed.

Thn•p St. Tt•rt·,a c·•wtl, Plllt'rlain \\ i11ona State '-tudenh in "-r) L'l-o Common'-.

People Placed Together Generate Moods Whe ther the mood is one of gaie ty, boredom , or achievement, it can be affected by other people nearby. Relaxing in the warm s un on the beac h soo n becomes a cold dunking in the lake. The lon ely wait in a registration lin e ofte n brin gs about new and inte resting friends hips. Whe ne ver two or more peopl e gather together, eac h co ntribut t>s to the mood and emotion s of the others.

Jim 11.a-tt•n and Can \lcDo\\t·ll tt·am up to \\elrnmt> tht' frt•,hmen.

Dr. l .~man .Jud~on pn·~l·nl ... \1arµart' I l\. nut--..on

\\ith tllP \\omPn·,


pla('c troph y i11 a 'JlPPc-h

n1u11cl1 a l>I<· proµ:ram.

Ginn' O"\c·ill and Jane S..!1ult1 t•xplain joining a -0111rit\ to Dianf' Heim and Sand~ ~hima .


Becoming Part of The

Group, Gives a Feeling


of Belonging

b Wr NfORS

Dian<' Bunµ;c· and Su,an Pettis give help to future -daolar,.

Tt·arn , 11 ppnrt for t lw \\ arri c1r,.


11.appa Th1·1a Chi 'l"'"'or' "tht· f\\ i'll'r" al llw "Pring Carni' al.

Jl'nniln Hnll<'hN and Dt·nni' Hnt'llll'r 1a J..e a c la-- l11PaJ.. in lhP Smoj!.

Ho<"hard 1.ondm·o aeJ..1111\\ lt·d!!t'' appla1i-t• al tlw rnd of hi' fir,1 corwrrl a~ llt'\\ band tlirt>c· lur.

Time And the Four Seasons Favor a Range Of Moods ---_......






Whether it's spring or fall, summer or winter, the weather favors a mood. A fall walk through the fallen, golden leaves, The brisk, cold air of a snowless winter, And the warm, summer sun found at Lake Park beac h, All influence the moods and activities of tho se at WSC.





_,, , _.










Places Around Campus Hc·µ:i:-. tratio11 lintt·

hullc•tin hoard.

Cami Bjorklund "''jq~ ft> lltl\\ ~ tud t> nl in tilli nl! out her r.•j!i,1ra1io11 «arc!,.



('ht·C'"1nµ. llw f'i11ul


.... c·lu-d ule on th e· Som~en

Bring About Moods Tlw qua rt erly li 1wu p at th1· hook ... 1or!'.

\ rw \l nkkelho ... 1. 1·wh ..i11i:1· ... 1ud1·111 Irum 0 1-o. [\om a). a"i't' a ... tu· dent in checkini: out u book from \l ax" .,11 Librar).

Plac es work to gen erate moods, Regis tration arouses irritation. Th e Smog m ean s meeting fri e nd s between classes, e w ~1axwell Library creat es a quie t place for seriou s s tudy, The dorm s give campus res ide nts a new hom e . . Each place add s to the mood of the WSC campu s.










Tour Reflect~


S1rollin!! pa>I Pa,l('Ur llall on an aul1111111 da}.

Latt•... t C'\.pan.,.iun proj('< I 011 <"ampu~ is th<· addi-

linn In Kr)z'k" Cn111111111i- and Collq:w C1·n1"r. Tl,.. arlditi1111. whi<'h "ill doubl<· I he prt·s.·111 di11· inl( ar<'a a nd pmvick olht'r facilili<>,. is l'\pt·<·lf'd 111 ht· c·omplel t·d in ·\uiru-1.




A Growing Community

P EA llL D I VE R S ... Bud Davi<·'· Ki1 Gri!'r. J11h11 Z"ulin,ki and Kulwrl \l1·i111hn•"(' "a'h cli,h<•, i11 litt· ('Uf('lt'ria.

\f11·r an '"<'11i11µ n1t',d in lltt· ('aft.1<·na. -111cl('lll' r<'lax i11 tilt' l 1111111. li<·-idt'' hmdinµ. tht'n· i- a ponl and la hit' tt·nni ... 100111 and a tc:Jt.·, i-.inn in tlu~ loonµ.t•.


Lucas and Prt>ntiss Halls a nd Kryzsko Commons arc clearly seen from t he new Hi-Rise Dorm.

A Dorm-The Melting Pot of

Daily Moods Giving t he ol' room a good sc-ruh dow n. Helen Lewis e njoys the comfo rt s of " home.' "


----- -

¡-------- - - - - ~-.

- - ----


Don't get the fl oor wet!

Dt>n nis AasP wants his s 111 ilt> to bt> br ight.

T o m Le wis c on c¡ e utrat t>~ on tom o rrow's lesson.

Dic k Anderso n informs Gene Van Il u~ k irk that " It's a girl '"

Kathy Bergeman makes the most of the fi ve- minute time limit.

Places off-campus add a mood of inde pendence to the life of a WSC student. Apartment Jiving teaches self-reliance , Goin g shopping brings a c hange of pace from study , And the beautiful scenery of Winona adds a mood of its own.

Lois Ha llum hopefu ll y che c ks tht> ma ilbox.

Ma ry C hr is , t ejs kal concentrates on her wor k as Barbara S t Pi>ne coa c hes J anet Johnson on he r s t udies.







--- - -



Off-Campus Places Cause a Mood of Independence

( ~J

Jan Johnson watches on as searches through her draw<'r.


S teene

Wayne i\ledcraft prepares a report for tomorrow while Will iam Spangler simply enjoys t he comforts of a partme nt lift'.

It's a lively tim e when everyone's home. From left, Jan Johnson. Barb tcene, C harlene Beck¡ man and Mary Chris Stejskal.


Moods Are Shared In Marriage

J.D. and S ue Barnett, one of the ma ny married couples attending Winona S tate , e njoy the comforts of home in their one-bedroom apartme nt. Not only does J.D. occasionally find him self helpin g Sue with the hou sework , but he also has to keep an eye on the " third member" of the family.




-- -

-- -

-- -

- -









The people of Winona often find WSC students working off-campus to finance their studies. They also see s tude nts breaking the monotony of s tudying by goin g shoppin g. The c ity of Winona also has many scenic areas where stude nts can go for a chan ge-of-pace from campus routine.

Spending Tillle Off-Calllpus Adds Variety To Student Life

- ---



----------~ -




- ---










Events ... Create Moods

HOWDY FROSH ... a fres h ma n ' first day at Winona St a te College is clcvo1ed to moving boxes, bags and baggage. Tha t's wha t Karen and Barbara P e terson are doin g. WHAT'S NEXT? ... C ha rlo 11 e Be hnke n, upperclass man, unp acks to be ready l.o greet 1he ne w arrivals on campus .

SIGN ON DOTTED LINE ... New st udents register with t h(' Orie nta tion Team. A freshman has j u ~ t received his team number from l{icharcl Knap p and Alice Peterso n.











- -








Orientation Prepares Frosh

WHAT'S OVER THERE? ... \Vhile explori ng the ca m-

WELCOME TO WSC ... P at Bi cl, co-<' ha irman , welco mes freshmen at a gen e ral as e mbly. Seated behind Pat are he r co-c ha irm a n Hal Ro iter and Orienta ti on seÂŤretary Barbara Ste mm e r.

pus, Ric hard Krueger a nd Vic k ie Eling pass Ri <' hard

Hall , a men's d orm. THIS BED'S MINE ... Since Ronn ie O sle rn al ready has claimed his bed , Larry Ovcr hau g does n't seem to ha ve muc h c hoice.


The campus of Winona State College came to life again Sept. 12 with Orientation activities for more than 900 new s tudents T he newcomer s to WSC were in troduced to the campu s by a team of 88 upperclass men. These new students were organized into 43 teams with two upperclassman leaders per team. The week's activities ranged from ca m pus tours to general assemblies, from picture taking to a talent show. O rientation Week ended Sept. 19 with the starting of classes.

FRESHMAN ROYALTY ... Queen Patric ia Kennedy and King Rick C urran reign over the weekend activ it ies. Pat and Ri c k each were c hose n from five finali s ts .

THAT'S TOO SMALL ... Donna DeGisc supervises Larry Calvert in cut tin g th e wate rm e lons served at team competition s.



- - - - - - - - - - - - - - --- ¡ - - - - - - -

- ---


PULL ... C ollege requ ires more than brains ... it al o rail s Cor mu scles.


Team co mpe titi on s in Lake Park in¡ eluded a tu g-o f-war, egg toss . and an orange pass.

Phylli s Dill('r served as master (or i s it mis tress?) of ce re monies . Phyllis is really fre s hman Bru e r Danielson.



Freshinen Add Zest To Cainpus Life

SHIP AHOY ... The freshman Talent Show prese nt ed 13 arts ranging from a baseball pantomime to folk s in ging. He re arc Ste ve n Lee and Do uglas S mith.

'Psychedelic' Sets Mood for '67 Homecoming

SPIRIT SET ABLAZE ... A spirited Homecoming start ed Sunday, wi th th e lig htin g of the torc h r e mained lit throu ghout the activities. StC'vc Drange lights first torc h.

Oct. 8 which week' s WSC's

CAN IT BE TRUE? ... Dianne Baringe r (righ t photo) kneel s in di sbelief as 1966 queen S ue Zimmerman places the c rown on her head a t Thursday's Corona t ion Ceremon y.

SPIRITS BURNING BRIGHTLY ... Homecom in g fo und school spirit at its peak th is year. L eadin g a cheer for vic tory d uring th e bonfire is Catherine Hingeveld , va rs it y c h eerleader.

W ha t is a Homeco ming mood ? I t is one of s pir it and enthusias m of s tud ents both new an d old. T his year's Homecoming mood evolved from the combina tion of student partic ip ation, a spirited qu een campaign , student a nd p rofessional enter tainment, a colorful parade , and a Winon a Sta te football victory. Homecoming '67, with many traditional plus new ac tivities, proved to be a very colorful and exciting week on the W inona Sta te campus . " P syc hedelic "67" and the bea utiful October week in the Mississippi Valley will long be re me mb er ed as a s uccessful WSC Homecommg .

'BORN TO LOSE ' ... was one of the 11 floats th at add ed a vari ety of color to th e Homecom ing parade .

PLACING F IRST . . . Sibley Hig h School ba nd places first in parad e competition.


Hi - Lites The Season

STEPPING HIGH . . . Parade wmning WSC W arriore tt e give a s pirited performan ce during the parad e . L ater in the afternoo n, they ga ve t heir annual perfo rmance at Maxwell F ield .

"Ameri ca Has Gon e to Pot," the 1967 Tale nl Show, presented an enjoyable e ve ning of entertainm e nt to a capacity crowd.

In foll owing th e " Psyched eli c '67" the me, Sornsen stage was decorated in yellow and gold dai sies with psychedelic po sters on a blac k bac k-drop curtain. Sunday night' s presentation was a combination of singing, dancing, folk mu sic, pianists, and a novelty ac t. "IT'S NOT UNUSUAL" ... to find Lo ren Gallagher as the mas te r of cer C' rn onies of the talen t show.

"SUNRISE.- SUNSET" ... beam ing brig htly, J an John son puts the audie nc<' in a (' rt> ne mood.

GONE TO POT? ... The whole c a s t joins toget her 10 lead the audience in th<' final numbe r.


Psychedelic '6 7

SAND PIPERS ... Goo<l mu sic whi c h app eals to yo unge r pf'opl e and to tho se no lon ger in t hf' ir t ee n~ is the goal of th e trio eo mpost>d of Mi<'hael Piano, Ri c hard S hoff a nd J a m es Brad y.

'GUANTANAMERA' . . . O ne of t he man y so ngs sung by t he t rio , thi ;one d 1sp laye<l its versa til it y an d warm persona l a tt it ude w hi ch c a p t ivated the WSC audience.

Brings Hep Entertainment 'HEY! JOE!' . . . Terese Thorn e

'MOON RIVER ' .. . S un g by R ay

dances to one of the s wing in ' '' po p" songs played at th e S mog.

Berge r, it st't the dance te m po at the a nnual Hom ('com in g Dance.

Hom eco min g's professional ente rt ainm e nt was prese nted by th e Sandpipers, a me n's trio that s tarted singin g together 12 years ago wh e n me mbe rs of the Mitc h e ll Bo ys C hoir. T he ir strong, clear voices combined with a wid e elec ti on of good mu sic co mple tely captivated the a udi e nce. Th e wee k's e ntertainment also included several dances . The re was a street dance and th e an nual Saturd ay e ve ning dance held at Kryzsko Co mm ons for s tud e nts a nd a lumni. 35

T he contest for 1967's Homecoming Queen involved a new procedure. A field of 14 girls was narrowed down to seven candidates by holding a primary election. Thursday was the big night. The climax came when 1966 Queen Sue Zimmerman revealed the new queen , Diann e Baringer. Queen Dianne reigned over a successful WSC Homecoming.

RIDING HIGH ... Queen Dianne views her subjects during the parade from her throne on the Queen's Float built by Kappa Pi.

CAMPAIGNING GOES HIGH ... One of the devices used in campaigning included a street banner.

QUEEN DIANNE . . . takes her place on the WSC throne wh ile her C'o urt and s ubjects receive he r as th e nrw qu een. Yle mbers of her court and their escorts inel ud c Col ene Huseby, Tom Lewers. Claudia Bishop, Barbara Beeman , Robert Grim, Dr. Curti Seimers !Queen's escort), Sue Zimmerman (1966 Queen), Patricia Bi sel, and Tom Lennon.




ANOTHER GIMMICK . . . found durin g the qu ee n campaign was Sig Tau's donkey for Pat Bisel.

Beauty Sets a

Royal Mood SMILES OF ROY ALTY . . . Queen Dianne and he r court enjoy a beautiful October day. From left ar e Pat sy Fischbach, Barb Bee man (bac k), Queen Dianne Barrin¡

MAKING A CHOICE ... Ca ting your ballot is necesary in supporti ng your cand id ate . J an Wies t and Don Elmblad take a turn wo rki ng at th<' voting booth in front of the S mog.

ger, Colene Huseby. Claudia Bi ho p, anu Ginny O'\leill (fron t). 'ot pict ured is Pat Bisel.


T he Wino na Lale ma rc hi ng band s pe n t t he wee k ge tti ng in s te p for S a turday's para<l e.

SENSING ANOTHER VICTORY ... c hce rkack r S ue Willi ams (righ t pho to) lea d in a W a rrior ye ll at the o pe ni ng cere mo111es.

PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT Warrio re tt es Ca rol Nessler and J an J ohn o n k now t ha t a good drill tea m nee<ls ho urs of prac ticing routin es.

Activity Sparks the School Spirit

T URN ON WARRIORS ... \ fa ny s tuden ts part ic ipa ted in H om ecom ing by pcn din!! ho urs building colorful floa t s uc h as " T urn on Warriors" by Phi Delt a Rh o.


ON YO U R MAR K ... bu t fir t you mus t get on you r trike. Th e th ird event of club competitions, a girls' tricycle race, was won by the Ski and Outi ng Club .

The week's sc hedule incl uded ma n y events-for student participation . A first this year were t he club compe titions. Trophies were presented to the winning clubs by Queen Dianne at football halftime.

AND AW AY WE GO ... .John Ross, Senate president, leads Warrior fans on the Snake Dance from Lake Park to Va n Hoofs Golf Range for the bonfire.

Other events for participation includ ed Sunday's Opening Cer e mon y, the Sna ke Dance, and, of course , working on floats for Saturday's big parade. The plans, hard work, and enthu siasm of everyone who took part made Ho me coming '67 a success.


PRELU DE TO VICTORY .. . WSC c heerleaders an d Warriorettes line up to bring on th e Winona Warriors . ROUNDING THE CORNOR . . . Bac k Pat Boland drives toward the sideline (up per photo) to elud e a Mankato State defe nd er afte r ta kin g a pass near Ma nkato's 35-yard line. The Warriors triumphed 10 to 7. A GOOD GAIN ... Tommy Le nno n. who scored th e onl y Warrior tou c hdown in the win over Mankato State. tu m s into three defenders (lowe r photo) to get an extra card with a head-on confronta tion.

Saturday climaxed Homecoming Week with a colorful morning parade and a 107 victory over Man kato S tate. Parade-goers witnessed the "Psyc hed elic" theme in s uch floats as " Have a Hippie Homecoming" by Phi Sigma Epsilon , "Psy-u nk the Indians" by Sigma Tau Gamma , and " Tu ne in, Turn On" by the P a n-Hellenic Council. The e nti re parade consisted of 12 bands, 11 floats and all the queen candidates. T he eventful day ended with the annual Homecoming Dance at Kryzsko Commons.


A VARIETY OF PEOPLE ... are represented b y a homecoming football c rowd. The crowd was co mprised of th e H omecomin g royalt y, adminis tration, faculty, alumni , stud en ts and friends.

Saturday Climaxes BURNING STILL ... T he torch lit at opening ceremonies re mained b urning throughout the e ntire week .

an Eventful Week

A TOUCHDOWN SALUTE ... was sou nded b y th e Sig Tau ca nnon at Maxwell Field. It apparently even roc ked the photographer.

''Taming of the Shrew-''

The 1967-68 seaso n of the Wenonah Players started on Nov. 3 with their presentation of "The Tarn i ng of the S hrew " by S hakespe are. " Th e Taming of the S hrew," featuring a cast of 22 and directed by Miss Dorothy B. ~ifag­ nu s, was the first "open theatre" presentation of S hak e speare in the Winona area.

OOOHHHH!!! ... Katharine, played by ] t-annc Morrison, seems Lo have bee n dump ed. Wi tnessing her un expected movement a re her father, played by Jo h n Perry, Gremio, Randall Anderso n, and Petru c hio, portrayed by \tfikc S heimo.


MUST I CHOOSE? ... Bianca, Kare n Teasdale, finds herself with two s uitors a t once . W ho w ill she p ic k , L ucentio, Alle n Hay nes, or IJ ortens io, John He ddi e'?

WE WILL BE MARRIED ... Katharin e 's resistance to Petruchio is n' t doing he r much good as h e an no un ees that they will be ma rri e d on S unday.

"OH, I HAVE WALKED SO LONG" . . . df' clarf's Biondello, Dennis Be ll , a s he takes a rest.


Christmas brings several moods. The three Winona colleges intensify the religious mood with the presentation of Handel' s "Messiah." T his year's concert was held at St. Mary's College under the direction of WSC' s Richmond McCluer. Exc ite ment and gaiety are found at the Chri stma s Dance held annually at Kryszko Commons. The theme of " A Winter Night's Delight," the music of The Preferred Stock from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and the announcement of Tau Kappa Epsilon 's new sweetheart were the highlights that established the mood of the evening.

ALL AGLOW. .. Christmas lights an nually decorate the front of Sornsen Hall during the holiday season.

DOES IT RAITLE? ... Anxio usly waiting to find out wha t Santa left are Tom Oswald, Helen Raffe rty. Beverly Roy, Michael Wunde rlic h and Na ncy Coolidge.



- - - - -- -


'Tis the Season To Be.lolly


- ~'7 6

5 HOLIDAY QUEEN .. . . Bill Baldwin. co-chairman of the Christmas Dance, announces the new TEKE sweeth eart. Linda Benjamin. The dan ce was jointly sponsored by Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity and Kappa The ta Ch i soro rity.



Players Present Hulllorous One-Act

Plays WHAT TO DO WITH BELINDA .. . (Leslie Midkiff) is the the me of " T he Pu blic Eye ." Dennis Bell, left, and Ma rk Orlowski were the other me mbers of this cast.

" T he P rivate Ear" a nd "The P ublic Eye" by Peter Shaffer were presented by the Wenonah Players Feb. 22 and 23. T he two plays were directed by Mic hael Sheimo , graduate assista nt, under the supervisio n of Miss Dorothy B. Magnus . Shaffer' s two plays are light-hear ted but have a serious message.

GJRL SHY BOB .. . (Paul Skattum) sips his soup a s fri e nd T ed (John Heddie) helps enterta in a strange young lady (J une Corteau) in the production ¡'The P ri va te Ear."


- - - ----

- - - - - -------------------

- - -------


- --





The first co mputer dance at WSC was held Feb. 24 m Kryz s ko Commons. Out of nearly 900 questionnaires - on likes, dislikes, and habits - distributed by Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity , nearly 400 completed applications were returned. The number of mal es and femalÂŤ:'s part1c1pating in "Operatio n Match" was nearly equal. Information provided from questionnaires was fed into computer. Then the men ceived their date's name made further arrangemen ts the dance.

the the reand for

WHO'LL GET WHO? ... Richard Rydman, college programmer, and David Hamerski , physics department head, operate the IBM 1130 computer to match up dates for "Operation Match.''

"Operation Match" Uses Computer


Presidential Inauguration

Fashions Mood

CONGRATULATIONS ... are extended to President Dufresne by Dr. Frank C hesley, State College Board president, as they leave Lornsen Auditorium. (Below) The da y also included a lunc heon and the inaugural dinner. The shadow of a flowe r is cast across a visitor's face.

A STUDENT WELCOME ... Student Senate President John Ross greets President Dufresne on behalf of the student bod y after presenting hi m the bejeweled Preside nt 's Medall ion.

Formal investiture of WSC's tenth president, Dr. Robert DuFresne , took place Friday, F eb. 2. The day began with the inaugural cere mony which more than 1000 persons - faculty, dignitaries, and students - attended. Eighteen university and college presidents were in the academic procession. Some 75 educational institutions and learn ed societi es were present.


- -- - - --

THE INAUGURAL BALL .. . was enhanced with an air of formality. At left, the distinguis hed fourso me of Lt. Gov. and Mrs. James Goetz and President and Mrs. Dufres ne enjoy the music of the Rhythrnas ters.

The Inaugu ral Day was highlighted by a dinner and ball held in Kryzsko Commons. The "Winter Wonderland" decorations set the mood for the 450 guests. Music for the ball was provided by th e WSC Rhythmasters. The highlight of the Ball was the grand march.



speaks at the dedication of the new library while Lt. Gov. James Goetz, Library Direct.or Edward Jacobsen, and former President Nels Minne' look o n.

GREETINGS . . . Dr. Dufresne extends a WSC welcome to Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Chelberg. Mrs. Dufresne is at right. Mr. C helberg is president of Brainerd State Junior College and was an early and influential leader of Dr. Dufres ne.

RECEIVING BEST WISHES President and Mrs. Dufresne and Lt. Gov. and Mrs. Goetz greet visitors .


Action Packed Day Includes Library Dedication

TEA, ANYONE? . . . Facu lty and other gues ts visit during the presid ential recep tion held following the library dedication. Mrs. Gladys Watkins, seated, and Mrs. M.H. Dover preside at the tea table .

MADRIGAL S INGERS . . . provide the music at the dedication of the new Maxwell add ition.

February 2 also was the day of the formal dedication of the "addition" to Maxwell Library. The "addition," which more than doubles the previous facilities, offers some of the best in new library features. One s uch feature is the seating capacity for 900 students that is not one large open area, but many small areas for more private study.


Valentine Dance

Brings Mood of Love SWEETHEART TREE . .. Sittin g on th e lovesea t benea th th e s weeth eart tree a re J ohn W harton a nd J udy Clark.

AWAITING THE DECISION ... a re t he Ca m pus Cove r Girl cand idat es J a ne t Jo hnson, C ind y J ones, Bar-


bara Q uinn , Ka y Q u inn , P at W ie me rslage, J a n W eis t, and S ue Willia ms .

Following an a nnual tradition , WSC's Campu s Cover girl , Cynthia Jo nes , was announced a t the Vale ntin e Dan ce. This year's dan ce, sponsored by Delta Ze ta Sorority, was held on F eb. 9 in Kryzsko Commons with the the me " The Sweetheart T ree." 53

Greek Week ... GREEK ROYALTY ... WSC fraternities chose Barbara Q uinn as Greek goddess, while the soro rities selected P hilip Luhmann as Greek god.

WHAT'S UP? ... It's preparation ti me for the Gree k All-Sing in Pasteur Auditorium.

THE REST . . the group, represen ting P hi Delta Rho, took first place in th e evening's competition.


Greek Week, Feb. 25-March 2 was held to promote the brother and sisterhood of the WSC fraternities and sororities. The week's activities included an opening torch lighting ceremony, several rush convocations, a Greek All-Sing, a study break at Shakey's Pizza Parlor, a dance in the Smog, and a Greek banquet at the Holiday Inn in Rochester.

PIZZA ANYONE? ... Greeks take time out from studies to meet at Shakey's for a roaring good time.

Sets a Mood of Fellowship


WORDS FOR THE F UTURE ... th ey're being give n b y the new p res ident. Dr. Hobe rt Dufres ne . a t the graduati o n exe r<.:ises hel d 111 Memoria l


MARCHING ONWARD . . . a mbiti ous graduates leave the colleg<:> life lo find a new way of li vin g.

Graduation Brings the End That's Really A Beginning. 56

The mood se t forth by graduatio is one of relief, s adness, unce tainty and anxiety. The gradual is relieved that all the hard wor and worries are over; he is sa because this has been his horn for the p ast four years; he is u1 certain about having to face th world; but yet, he is anxiou s to g out and conquer it.

CONGHATULATIONS, SON .. these a r c a mo ther's p ro ud word to he r college gradua te .

lanked by the f acult . candidates for degrees enter Memorial Hall.

PRESIDENT & MRS. DUFRESNE find enthusiasm and a beautiful October day to lead their first WSC Homecoming parade. 60

President DuFresne Inaugurated The Inaugurati on of Dr. Robert A. Dufresne as P reside nt of Winona State College took place on F e bruary 2, 1968, with more than 1,000 perso ns -faculty, di gnitaries, and stud e nts - att e nding. Dr. Dufresne was in vested by Minn esota's Lie utenant Govern or J a mes Goe tz of Winona. The "charge to the president" was administered by Dr. Frank Chesley, preside nt of the State College Board . President and Mrs . Dufresne cam e to Winon a from Kearney (Neb.) State College last year whe n Dr. Dufresne succeeded Dr. Nels Minn e' as the tenth presid e nt of Winona Sta te College.

BEFOR E TH E CE REMONY . . . John Ross, S tu ¡ dent Sena te pre idrn t. s hows Dr. DuFrrs ne t hr Presi dent's :Medall io n whi c h J ohn will prese nt 10 him at the ina ugu ra l ce rr mony. Durfey Studios

DELICIOUS ELEGANCE . .. Dr. a nd .Vlrs. DuFresnr chat with gues ts a t th e Ina ugural Dinne r. T hey a re is tn M. Camille Bowe, Pres ide nt of the College of S t. T e resa,

Dr . Frank C hesl ey, P res ident o f the late College Board , Mrs . J a mes Goetz, Dr. Dufresne, Mrs . Dufres ne, a nd Lt. Gov. James Goe tz.


Dr. M.R . Ra ymond Academic Dean


Dr. Curtis Sie m e rs Vice President of Student Affairs

Norman Dec ke r Administrative A ssistant to President

Lois Simons R egistrar

Dr. R ichard M. Smith Acting Director of Teacher Education

Harold Murck Business Manager

Angelyn De Groot Office Manager

Frank Van Alstine Director of Graduate Studies

Edward Jac obsen Library Director

Dr. M.O. Wedul Placement Director

Fa e Griffith Dormitory Director

Mildred Bartsch Assistant R egistrar

Donald Bilse Assistant R egistrar

Ronald Butterfield Assistant Registrar


THAT CLASS? . .. Miss Mildred Bartsch helps Kris Wertz plan her class schedule for the following quarter.

John Kane F inanciaL A ids

Rob ert Lietzau Financial Aids

Judith Stadler Maurice Mariner Director of Housing

Associate S tud ent Affairs Director

Charles Zane Union


Amanda Aarestad Education

Dr. Archie B e ighley Education

Glen Carlson Education

Dr. Wayne Erickson Education

Education S tuden ts in the fi(']d of education reac h the culminat io n of t he ir st ud ies when t hey s tud e nt teach, w he n they pu t to us e all th at t hey have learned abou t th e teach ing profession. All t hos e on the ed ucati on s taff do th e ir best to impart their knowl e dgC' of thf' teaching profession to their s tud e nt o that their s tuden ts will be as fully pre pared a poss ible for student teaching. Begi nni ng teache r from Winona S t ate are grateful for their help.

WATCH THIS CAREFULLY .. . Mary I te n de mon strates to he r stu de nts, while s tud e nt teac hing, the correc t procedure to hit a s huttle¡ cock.

Dr. John F uller Education

Dr. Wayne Kirk Education

Dr. Leslie Kloe mpke n Education

Helen McGrath Education

Dr. Rohert Meinhard Education

Wayne Sanford Dir. of Student Teaching

Verlie Sat h e r Educalion

Magda Talle Edu cation

Dr. Evere tt Walden Education


S ue Pettis and Dian e Bunge he lp to an wer many pu zzling ques ti ons of their s tu<lenls while stude nt teac hing.

YES? ... Rex Ingram provides information to an inquire r on the procedures to rf'sc rve a udi o-v is ual equipm e nt.

Thomas Hirsch Audio-Visual

Rex Ingram Audio-Visual



Cleo Reiter Ki ndergu rt en

Esther Schmidt First grade

Doris PenneJI First grade


Kathryn Dunlay Second grade

Phelps School Phelps School has long been an educational leader among campu s sc hools. This yea r the school chan ged from a traditional s ix-year grade school and a three-year junior high to a fo ur-year primary and four year middle school, dropping the ninth grade. It fea tures semi-d epartm entalization , bloc k schedu ling, and team teac hing. Language arts, reading and social studies will be taught in blocks of time ranging from two to two and three quarter hours. It is the a im of the teacher s to so integrate these subj ec t areas that the s ubjects will lose their separate id entity.

Dr. Howard Munson P rincipal Ph elps

Lillian Spencer Second-third grade


Opal Foster Third grade

Marian Kjos Fo urth grade

Kezia Johanson Fifth grade

SLOWLY TURN THE GLOBE .. . Gordon Thies ex plains to his science class through demons tration how the moo n revolves around the earth .

James Sabin S ixth grade

Gary Groh Physical Education

Carlis Anderson Music

Charlotte Santleman English

Judy Schlawin Art

Shirley Bucher Home Ee.

Ray Brooks Mathematics



- ..



Dr. Margare t Boddy English

D r. Harold Gu th rie Chairman, Division of Language and Literature

OUCH! .. . John H e ddie be moa ns the fact he has bee n hi t ove r t he he ad by the "'Shre w'" in ' ¡T he Taming of t he S hrew .. by Willi am S ha ke s pea re as John P e rry a nd Ma rk Orl owski offer th e ir condole nc e s.

Language and

Literature J\11 s tude nts who ha ve a tte nde d W inon a S ta te s ince t he ir freshm a n year a r c familiar with t h is de pa rtm e nt , hecau e a ll s t ud e nt s are re quirC'd to ta ke three qua rter of fu nda m e n tal E nglish . If they co nt in ue on i n th is a rea , they wi ll st ud y, a mong ot he r th ings . a ut hors, SI ) les a nd tec h ni que s of lite ra t u re. Addi tional fore ig n language ins tructo rs have bee n t>n ga ged a a gr e a ter nu mb er of t ud e nts c hoose S pa nis h . Fren c l1 or Ge r man fo r th e ir m inor field of s tu<l y.

Joan Kuz nia English


Gerry La ffin English

Dr. Augus ta Nelso n English

Ro b e r t Gle issn er English

Wende ll Nelso n English

Merikay R o th English

Dorothy Mag nus

Head of th e S peech Dep art-

E ugene Schne id er English

Dr. Ly man Judson Speech

Jan e l S ill


Charles Lane Sp eech

Irvin g Wallace E nglish Died J anuary JO, 1968

Ric h a rd Wilk l!,'nglish


Jacque Reid e lherge r


Marion Da vis French -Sp a nish

Joan J a m es German-French

Ad o lph Bremer J ournalism



- ----



Richard Hastings Assistant Cataloger


IN OUR NEW LIBRARY . . . Mrs. Janet Judd and Mr. Edward Jacobsen show P aul .Johnso n , Barbara Bann ike. an d Jan e t Prudoehl how to u se the card catalog.

The library made many changes thi s year to mee t t he push . An ex Âľa ns ive new w ing was opened wh ich hdpe d by pro viding g rea tly improved fac ilit ies. A 11ew syste m of book c ha rging was begun. using th e s tud ent ident ificatio n cards. ew e quipment, suc h as microfilm_ m icrofi c he, and m icro-can'! readers, is in us<'. F:ar phones we re i11 s1allcd for use by the musi c classes . T ypewritc rs have hcen in"ta ll e d in o ne room of th e new win g. T h<'SE' improvement , together with th e aid of an C' nlarged library s taff, ha ve made the li brary a more usC'ful, more e ffi c ie nt pa r1 of ~Winona Stale.

or progres

OH THESE MODERN MACHINES ... Mr. Edward Jac obsen de monstrates the u se of the n e w mic rofilm mac hin es to Ray Wi c k s and Carol Bla nk . These mac hin es arc ju st a part of the improvemen1 made poss ible by our new library. Janet Judd


Circulation Librarian

Ruth Mary Payne Assistant Librarian

Joseph Richardson Cataloger

Dorothy Wheeler Acquisitions Librarian

Donald Be ndel Art

);'lore lla Murray Head of Art Department

Dr. Harry Jackson Chairman of Division of Fine and Applied Arts


Applied Arts

ARTIST AT WORK ... Mary Paa pe add s the finishin g touc hes to he r wa ter color painting.

The d ivis ion of Fi ne and Ap pl ied Arts includ es th e Art De part me nt, Indu strial Arts Depa rt me n t. a nd Mus ic De p artme nt. These d e partme nt s e nco urage t he s tud e nt to express himse lf c reat ively. throug h the use of a pplied prin c iples. They stress ind ividualit y a nd originalit y. Tho c s tud e nts e nte ring t he fie ld s of art a nd indus trial art work with uc h vari ed mat e rials as paint, clay. metal, a nd wood. Those e ntering the field of music work wi th t wo basic tools . mu sical ins trume n ts and the hum a n voice .

Wilfred McKenzie Art

Anah Nelson

William Peck




Dr. James Wilson Art

Anthony Gullickson Industrial Arts

SCRUB-A-DUB-DUB . . . Bruce F1esland cleans the press after completing hi s printing project.

Stanl <>y Jessop Industrial Aris

Henry Long I ndustriu L Arts

Industrial Arts

Gerald Tobin

Industrial Arts Dr. Hugh Capron Head of Industrial Arts Deportment

ATTACH THIS WIRE .. . Dr. Hugh Capron demonstrates different circuits in the electronics la b to two of his students, Wayne Metcalf and Charles Haggbloom. 72

Music for All Ears

Ric hmond McClue r Head of Music Department

Agnes Bard

Milton Dave nport



Fred Heyer

Walter Hinds



The Winona S tate mus ic department ser ves all s tudents who wi s h to increase t heir understand ing and appreciation of mus ic . In the classroom students st ud y seve ral types of mus ic for appreciation, as well as methods fo r teaching mu sic in the classroom. Vocal and ins trumen tal recitals offe r mu ic majors a c han ce to display t heir talents. M usic by th e concert band, swing band, c hamber orchestra. and c hoir add beauty to certain on-campus events.

MUSIC, MAESTRO . .. Ric hard L in dner smil es happily as the Win ona S tate co ncert ba nd r ehea rses a new selection.

Robert Hungerford

Richard Lindner




Business Administration and Education

LET'S SEE NOW ... Brian Williams punches data cards for his data processing class.


Dr. James Browning Business Administration

Dr. Shirley Eiken Business Administration

Robert Ferris Business Administration

Dr. Joseph Foegen Business Administration

Ray Hibbs Busin ess Administration

Michael Hood Business Administration

Duane Petersen Business Administration

William Sullivan Business Administration




Dr. Warren Marley Chairman, Division of Business

THIS WAY . .. Yiiss Gertrude F inc h d e mons trates correct business form to Velda Prigge.

Gertrude Finch Head of the Department of Bus. Educ.

Business Adminislration and Ed ucali on prepares th e studenl fo r entry in to 1hc wo rld of business . S 1rcsse d is the knowl edge of how a bu iness fu nc tions and the skills needed to operat c a bus iness eco nom ically a nd efficien tly. Co rrcla 1ed wi th t hcsf' fie lds of st ud y are two on-cam pus orga nizalion s : Society for the Advancement of 1anagemenl a nd th e Accounting Club.

Ruth Hopf Business Education.

Virginia Marston Business Education


SOCIAL SCIENTISTS ... Rode ric k He nry, ri ght, pauses before the social science Bulle tin board in Sorn sen Hall with P at Ward and Bill Ahrens .

Dr. Danie l Hoyt Chairman of Social Science

Department of Social Science Rod erick H e nry Head of General Social Studies

Raymond Thielen History


Arthur Wilke General Social Studies

Robert Heye n General Soc ial Studies

Dr. Brian Blakely History

Dr. Catherine Grollman History

Marvin Palecek General Social Studies

Credit Du rfey Studios

Henry Hull History

The Study Dr. Richard Hirt.zcl Political Science

James Stevenson P olitical Science

Larry Connell Head of Sociology

Barry Stein Political Science

James Eddy Political Science

Dr. Henry Harmsworth Sociology

Social "c ie nces ar<' concerned with t he stu<l y of m a n as he relates lo his en vironm e nl an d 1·0 his fe llow human beings. The De part me n I of S oc ia l S cie nce a t W inon a S 1a1e inclu dC's a wid e varie t y of co urses in his tory, geograph y, sociology.

Richard Hopkins Head of Geography

Larry Minock Geography

of Man in His Environment

and poli tical scie nce. T hese co urses g ive s t ud e nts a ge ne ral bac kground in th e ir soC'ial he ritage, pre pare the m to b ecom e ci tize ns in a d e mocra tic socie ty, a nd offer me thod s for teachin g 1he social scienc<'"·

Norman Baron Geography

Roger Carlson Geography

Credit Ourft_·y Stu dio


First Nursing Class Graduates in 1968 This yea r will see the firs t grad uating class of th e new nursing program at Wino na S tale. The s ixteen grad uates have ea rned th e baccalaureate degree in edu cation in nursing, and will be elig ibl e to give nursing ca re in public health and ot her community agenc ies as well as in the hospital. They al so have a foundation for grad uate stud y in nurs ing. l ursing studen ts have had classes al Winona S tate and have also had on-t he-job

training at th e Winona Cl inic, Community Memorial Hospital , Rochester S tate Mental H ospital and the cit y of Win ona publi c health nursing serv ice. Rosalie Burton Director of Nursing

FEELING BETTER ... Carol Severso n, Barbara Quest, Miss Dorothy H agerty, and Delores C hurc hill co nverse with Mrs. J.J. Mona n, a patient in the convalesce nt and reha bilitation unit of Community Memorial Hospital.

Dorothy Hage rt y Nursing

Sandra Kottke Nursing


Lyd ia Markusen Nursing

CLASSROOM DISCUSSION ... Mi ss E velyn Nappe Jiscusses psy<¡hial ri<' princ iples wit h her senior nu rs ing stud(;'nls who wor ked with the mentally ill a t 1he Hochcster S tate Hospita l. F rom IPft. .Janet Hegt vedt, Sand ra Runn ingen , E dna Hall, Diane P u etz, Miss Nappe , L ynn Sc huma nn , Joan \l;l horton Bu rk, a nd Karen Meistad.

Evel yn Nappe N ursing


In th e Winona Clinic, Mrs. Sandra Kottke introdu ces Mrs. Ri c ha rd Brown a nd dau ghter , Cari, to stud e nts, P eggy W alsh a nd Karen Biel.

INSTRUCTION FOR MOTHERS . .. Marcia Lutz explains th e p rocess of childbirth to ma tern ity pa ti ents at Community Me morial Ho pita] as Miss Dolores Schiller (Second from left) lis tens. D e lores Schille r Nursing


Dr. Luther McCown Chairman , Health and P hysical Education

Susan Day Assistant Head of Physical Education

Dwight Marston Director of Athletics

Physical Education and Health T he Physical Ed ucat ion and Health Division s trives to help make each indi vidual an as set to society b y giving them experie nces to improv e t he mselve ph y ically, e motionally a nd socially. l• aciti ties are b e ing improved. For exam ple , new t-quipme n t has bee n pur¡ ch ased for the apparatus room , i ncluding uneven p arallel bar . A rece nt team s port deve lop ment is an in tercollegiate program for women. WHAT STRENGTH! ... Nancy Root, Loui e Poss<' hl, and Dian<' Ri <' hi e work on weigh t lift inp. exerc ises in Lli e ir Fund a m<'n tals of Body :.\lov<'mc nt class . Madeo Molinari Physical Education


John Martin Physical Education

Robert Ke ister Physical Education

Ronald Ekker Physical Education

Robert Gunner Physical Education

Myron Smith Physical Education

Joyce Locks Physical Educa tion

Francis McCann Ph ysical Education

Marjorie Moravec Physical £dura tion

LeRoy Stadler Physical l~ducation

Joanne Sprenger Ph ysical Education

WHAT FORM ... J a n .Johnson tr ies for a s trike wit h enco urage me nt fr om Madeo Molin ari , bowling ins tru c tor.

Margaret Browning Health Education


To maintain pace with progress in science, the Division of Science an d Mathematics is continuin g an accelerated program to improve its fac ulty_ c urri culum and equipme nt_

Science and

Thi s past yea r a n ew major - E a rth Science and Geology- was ap proved, the first at a 1linn esota s tate college.


cw equipment inc ludes an IBM 1130 computer in Pasteur Hall. The computer is used principall y by math and science s tudents. but is available for use by all departments on camp us. As an indication of th e division 's popularity, Pas teur Hall, only a few year s old, already is overcro wded.

Joseph P. Emanuel Chairman, Division of Science and Mathematics

UNDERSTAND? . . . David Hamers ki ex plains briefl y the operation of' th e computer to Bi ll Pence and Ji m Gets kow.


Donald Fick Physics

Maurice McCauley Physics

Charles Gill Physics David Hamerski Head of Physics Department

Computer Adds New Dimension to Physics Teaching Program The Physics Department this year introduced a new approach in learning. Stud ents are working their problems on an IBM 1130 and with it Winona State was in the forefro nt in the field.

WHAT KI ND? ... Kare n Smith , lab a ista nt, he lps Janette' Paulos wi th the identifieation of one of her roc ks.

Dr. Thomas Bayer Head of Earth Science Department

Earth Sciences Introduced B en Drake Earth Science

A new major offered in the college this year is in Earth Scienc es - Geology. The Bachelor of Science degree in Earth Scie nce is ce rtific a tion for tea c hin g i n this field in secondar y sc hools. The Bachelor of Arts degree in geology prepares the student for graduate school and professional work in geology. A gra nt from the federal government finances equipment and periodicals fo r this department.

Dr. Thomas Mowatt Earth Science


Chelllistry Minor

Added Th e

C he mis try De pa rtm en t acqu ired

1ww eq uipme nt. Now available fo r fres h-

me n c las>es are St'veral semi-analytical balances whic h nwa,;ure in 7 se!'onds to the neares t mill igra m. The new infra-red s pec trometf'r a ids undergradua t e researc h. A notlit'r addition is tht' Warburg R t>sp irnmct e r a nd high peed et'ntrifuge for biod1emistr).

Dr. Fre<l Foss Head of the Chemistry Depa rt m ('11/

A nt>w Chemi~tt') majM progra m a nd Chemistr y minor op tion in t he BA degr t'e were addt'd and Joli n Gavan. previous])· a c hcm i<·al s pec troscopis t with Dow Che mica l, joined the fac ult y.

LISTEN CAREFULLY ... Dr. Fre d Foss ex plain s the di s tilling p ro<.:ess to one of his stude nt s .

Biology Staff Expanded T he Biology Dt'µartm c nt offt>r s a broad program inc luding s11ch varying courses as na t ure study. entom olol!Y·

zoolog) ,



and conservat ion. This ) ear Dr. Calvin Fremling "as given the Ann ual :\1cKniglit Fa mil) «iE'nt ifi c Fund A ward . t he equivalent of ··biologist of the ) Par.. in linnesota. The d epart ment has f'i.pa nd ed its fi ne s taff wi th the addit ion of Dr. l\l el vin Done r and Roger Fl at t um who is not pietu red.

Dr. Ray Houtz Chemistry

Jerry Witt Chemistry

Dr. James Opsahl Head of the Biology Department Dr. Melvin Done r Biology

Ric hard O'Rourke B iology

Dr. Calvin Fre mling Biology

Dr. Dwight Anderson Biology


-- -







William Emmons Mathematics

Herbert Johnson Mathematics

Dr. Nels Minne M athematics

Sandra Olson ,Hath ematics

Mathem_atics The mathemati('S depa rtment addt>d several new courst>s for majors th is year: , 1a1is tics. linear algl'bra. mathe 111 a tic'al logic and project ive geometry. T lw dt>partmenl. whic h has nine staff m cm bl:'rs. also wl:'ieomcd ba('k three i n ~ lru ctors. f rf'dt'r ick Olsou and Mi ss Marceline Cratiaa. both from Âľ:raduatl:' st udies and Dr. Nels Minne. for m er presid ent. Dr. Arthur Van De Water joined t he staff thi ~ year.

THE LOGIC OF MATH . . . Frederick Olson makes an assignment to his advanced math class.

Dr. Rudolph Lokensgard Head of Mathema tics Department

Dr. Arthur Van DeWatcr

Duane Wolfe



Durfey Stud i<~~


Psychology and

Psychological Services

Dr. Ge orge Christense n Chairman of Psychology Psychological Services

Charles Austad Psychology

Gary Live rmore Psychology

Dr. Everett Eiken Psychology

John Lewis Psychology

The psychology division is expan ding ra pid ly. A Bac helor of Arts psyc ho!· ogy major and a Mast er of • cie nce in a pplied psychology have been pro· posed. T he p rogram presently includes a Bac helor of Ar ts p syc hology minor. a Maste r of S c ie nce in high srhool r o unsel ing, vocational counseling for veteran s . a nd counseli ng fo r college s tuden ts. T he P syc hological Se rviCt'b C t>nli> r, d ire" tt>d by Dr. George Chri stensen, is in its second yea r of se rvi ng out hca.tcrn ~li n n eso l a . T he center prov· ides soc ia l a nd renwdia l help lo pu blic a nd pa roc hi al schools . The fourteen -membe r staff works wi th nearl y 30.000 studen ts in a s ix-cou nty a rea. T he s ta ff consis ts of Dr. C hristensen. fi ve s peec h pathologists . t hree psyc hologists, two remrdia l rr ad in g ('Onsu lta nts a nd th ree social workers.

FIND IT? . .. P aul Rekstad searches fo r records rn his file.

Dr. William Johnston Psychology

Charles Romig Psychology




Dr. Harold Rogge Psychology

Jean Lightfoot Psychological Services

John S torck Psychological Services

Charles Pasco e Psychological Services

Paul Re k stad Psychological Services

Kenneth Patz Psychological Services

Ramona Vande Vef'gae tc Psychological Services

Robert Tompkins Psychological Services

GOOD COFFEE? . . . Jean Lightfoot greets Dr. George Chri ste nsen and Robert Tompkins as they ente r the office of Psychological Services.


ALL DRESSED UP ... Facult y wo me n an d wo men of Lite communit y wore l heir fin est Lo t he inaugural clinnN a nd ball. Leaders in ar range men ts were Ge rtrud e F inc h , S u-

san Da y, Margaret Browning. the gene ral c ha irman fo r t he inaugural, Ka t hr yn Dunlay. M rs . R ichard Colleuder and Jo yce Loc ks .

Faculty ... Away From The Classrooin FOLK SESSIONS ... A rt hur Van d e Water, mathematics, a nd Henry Hull, h is tory, e nt e rtain a nd infor m their a udience with fol k mu sic and its h islo ri cal backgroun d. 1,634 BASKETS ... Dwight Marston , direc tor of a th lf'tics, prese nt s a bask e tba ll to David Meis ne r, '67 graduate, who Sf't a W in ona S la t e basketball sco rin g record .

PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT ... Ri c hmond McCl uer directs the W inona S ta te conce rt c hoir d uring a re hearsal.


- - - - -- - - -- - -





In Meinoriain On Wednesday, January 10, 1968, Mr. Irving Wallace was fatally injured in an automobile accident. On the Winona State faculty since 1965, Mr. Wallace was teaching freshman English, advanced composition and an evening class on the American novel at Austin at the time of his premature death. A native of Milwaukee, he was educated at the Wisconsin Institite of Technology, Western State College in Colorado, and San Francisco State College, from which he received his M.S. degree in 1961. Mr. Wallace's teaching career also included positions at Big Bear City High School in California and at La Crosse Lincoln Junior High. He had also been in sales, a flight instructor, and a postal clerk. The students and faculty of Winona State mourn the loss of Mr. Wallace as an instructor of English. The Division of Language and Literature has established a memorial.


Giving Service to the Campus WI NONA STATE STUDENT ASSOCIATION .... FIRST ROW: Alice P e tPrson. Donald E lmblad. Jan· iC"t' W iest. Thomas C oru1an. ' EC O:\D ROW : Douglas Rost>ndahl. David Crow. S usan Kniebcl. :Vlary Jo Blunwnt rill . J ud ith Rose. T HIRD ROW: Tim Dalton. Bru("t' White . T homas Oswald. John Ross.

C oll egiate Cl ub as a n hon orar y se rvi ce club , promotes coll ege s piri t and prese rv es college tradi 1ion . Th e c ap ital p roj ec l fo r t he cl ub 1his year was th e handli ng of t he st ud e nt finan ces towa rd lhe p residcn 1s · me<lallion. T he C oll egiate C lub works in C'onjunc- lion wi th t he s1ude 111 soc ial commi ll ee.

COLLEG IATE Cl. B ... FIRST RO\\ : .J anite \X ieqt, i\larl)s DiC"kerma n. Cind y Jo" "'· Ka) E\c r~on, Pat Bisel. .\Ir. Mt'i<lleberµ;cr, adv i,l' I". SECO J) 1{0 \\" : Claudia 13ishop, Harbara Stl'mmC'r, P at \\, i<'tllt> r~ l aµ:e. Al ice P .. t,.rson, Jud it h Rose. Na ncy Nelso11. T H I HD ll OW: Thomas

Winona S ta te S tud e n t Assoc ia1ion is the s tud e nt governmental bod y o f Winon a State College. WSS A was forme rly named th e Stude nl Se nate. It ha t he tas k of c han neling the stu de nts' n eeds a nd d esires inl o p rope r a reas for positi ve action. WS A provides an orga niza tion fo r the form al ization of stud C'nl o pinions an d polif' ies. It communi cate said opinions so that th e s tude nts· id ea may b e tak e n into account in m a kin g d ecision s whic h in vol ve t he m .

T wee ten, Charles k la dor. C ary l\lc Dowell. Bud Davies . Ralph Fifield. FOuRTH RO W: .lame~ Evenson. T im Dalton. Kit Grier. John Ross, Warre n LaCou rse.



- -- -- - -


- -

THETA KAPPA IOTA ... FIRST ROW: P aul llodg.e. C u rt Lindahl. Donal d llil!l!S. Charles l! a:r:rbloom. SECON D ROW : De nnis Aase. Roy Wilsey. adviser. Bruce Whit e. La rry Ed~ar. Steven .lo•wic k.

Service to College, Community

Theta Kappa Iota is a n orga niza tion co mposed of male me mbe r s of W SC interes ted in doing a lit tle more for t he cam pus a nd co mmunity than the average stud en t. Circle K, r ece ntl y renamed T h e ta Kappa Iota, is affiliated wit h the Kiwanis lnt <:rna tion al. Its objec ti ves are constr uctive soc ial and se vice cam paig ns for the e nric hm e nt of the s tu dents' college years.

Alp ha P hi Om ega is th e larges t na tional world. APO spo nso rs the qua rte rl y book free desk pad s to the s tude nts on ca mpus ega is in its third yea r of exis te n ce as a S tate cam pus.

ALPHA PHI OMEGA ... FIRST KOW: Terry Wobig. Gilberr Sorg. LaVerne Paulson. Wayne MedC"raft. Robert :\orecn. C urt J ohnson. SECO ¡o RO W: S teven Thru ne. Seoll Spra ngers . \l ike Ciehonows ki .

undergrad uate Gree k fraternity in the re ntal service. It has also dis tributed for the pas t two yea rs. Alpha P hi Omna tion al service fra te rnit y on Winona

Ca rl Soder:;trom. Roy Andruli. THIRD ROW : l{od Henry. adviser; Mike Wundt>rlich. Roy Smith. Dus ty Bertel. \ Jorrie Hanson. Ric hard Pietsch. llonald Amdahl. J a m e~ Keiper.


FOLLOW ME .. . Mr. Richmo nd McCluer direc ts th e clto ir duri ng a practice. T he c hoir m e mbe rs meet twi ce a week in So rn se n Hall for practice.


ls Their Pleasure

IN UNIFORM . .. Nan cy Novak. S usan McCrae and S usa n Randall. T h e girls d isplay the jac kets worn by the c hoir me mbers. th e ba nd uniform , a nd c ho ir robe.

The W inona S tate Concert Choir is quite a busy group . T he c hoir perform s each year for the Chri stma s port ion of Handel's ·'Messiah" in conjun ction with St. Mary's a nd Sain t Teresa. It s ings

local concerts a nd in s maller vocal groups suc h as the Madrigal Singers a nd also makes an a nnual tour.

W I NONA STATE COLLEGE CONCERT CHOm ... F' IHST ROW: Gary Mc Dowell, Le roy Hum ble. Denn is Re d wing. L) n Loq uai, \'l/e n<l y T hor eson , T herese Zure k , S u san MeCrae, Ja11i('E' F'r uceht c, Na ncy Novak. David C ru\V . Cha rl es Sa nds. Jerr y Johnson. SECOND R OW: S andra Scovil. Ju<ly Clark, Bar bara Leavit t, Ca ndace S imon, P a t ric ia Fprden , Nancy .'\clson , Arl yne J acobson. P at ic ia Placek. J\lr. Ric hmond \fr. C luer, \ l aralwth TlolsapplP. Kathy J a hn. Ka r p11 La11d sverk . J udith Ny. gaard . S usan Bovum. Gennell Ivers on. C harleen Oo111aille . Lorraine

H augland. Susa n i{an dall. TlllRD HOW : Dun Arnold , Tim J\l alnne. Marc Ho udek. Don Johnso n. i\like Klomp . S teve Pru ssing, J un Schoonmaker. Tirn Hurley, J ohn O t t. David Da nc k wurt. Ron J ohnson. FOU RTH ROW : Kathy Och s. Wil liam T ruu tt>n , l.arry Wa lson . Ryron Perrine, C ha rl es Poppe. Rogt'r Borsc he rt , Je ff E:ngen , Karen fl a doff. Linda Sveen, Eliza· be th 1-'t>dnson. Linda He m m ing, Ka th y ~1o .. , 13a rbara LPa. '.\ancy Wilma, C hris tin e R e is dor f. S u san S u ndr y. Susan W ollin.









The Winona State College Band is ready for a nother enthu siastic program of mu -

In the Mood for Music

sic . This is at the winter quarter home performance in Sornsen Auditorium after th e tri-sta te tour.

TESTING THEIR HORNS .. . Ri(' hard Metz, We nd y Thoreson , and Richard Anderson give a las t prac tice in the Smog before the conc ert begins.

ENGROSSED IN DIRECTION ... Richard Lindner. in his first year as th e coll ege band director, leads a rehearsal.


Noted Talent "Practice makes perfect. or at least better." That's what band members remember as they pract ice individually and as a group. ABOVE , they are: Linda Vinje. Pa m Schniepp. Ric hard :\1etz. Barbara J e nson, Michael Tentis. Linda Hemming. and larlys Dickerman. Linda Reed is shown at right.

Lead by Milton Dave nport of the Mu sic faculty the Orches tra is composed of people from th e three college campuses in Wi no na as well as citizens. Most ar e W inona State students. Below the strin g section practices for the next performance. The orchestra plays for " The ~essiah " and oth e r concerts.

O RCHESTRA STRING SECTION . . . FR ONT ROW: ister M. Genovefa. Carole Di nkier. Linda Tschumper, John Wood. i\fary La ufe nburger, Susan Kurth. T erry Lehme ir. SECOND ROW: Virginia Place.


Susan Cornwall. Mary Aakre. Linda llollon. Ja ne t Korda, Mary Guenthe r. Sandra Hunze. Terrel lloopman. and Kat hryn Moe. Milton Davenport is directing.

The Madrigal S ingers' mu sic consists of ¡'pastoral songs., - usually short love poems set to mu sic . The songs are co ntrapun tal with parts for several voices. These so ngs were most popular in the 1400's to 1600's. The Madrigal Singers we re honored part 1c 1pants in the library dedication activities last February.

The Music Educators ational Conference is a group of music majors or minor s who will be qualified to teach music upon graduation. ~E 1C is a profess ional organization designed to aid the music edu cator to become a bette r mu sic teacher .

IHAUlllGAL S i l\GERS .. . FRO IT ROW: Ka thry n 1\l oc. ~anc r 'iovaJ... Kath~ Oc hs .• ECO ' D ROW: Kathy J ahn . Susan i\lc Crae . Christine Riesdorf. .Janice Fruec hte . T HIRD ROW : Donald Johnson . Cary :V!cDowell. Rona ld J ohn son. Da vid Danc kwart. T erry Vatland. Ja mes Dick son.

Leisure and Careers in Music

MENC ... SEA T ED: Susan J\kCrac. usa n Woll in, Linda He mming. ancy ovak, usan Randall. S EC O D ROW: Barbara Leavitt. Linda Sveen, Janice Fruecht e, S usan Bo yum , Wend y Thoreson. C andac-e Si-


111on. Barbara Li>a. Pat ricia Ferden. T ll l RD HOW: Gary \l c Dowell . Larry Ada ms. Da vid Danek" a rt. .I on Schoonmaker. T erry Vatland . Ronald Johnson. Ric hard Me t z.


SPEECH AS OCIATION FRO T HOW: Carole King . Pai . ticha. J une Courteau. L)n n John 0 11. :\aney Johnson, Cathie Roddy. SECO \D HOW: Dorol loy \l agnus. adviser. Harbara O" l{cilly, Ka1hy Russt>t l. Ike O J on. La rry Shea, Be rni e Manle y. Tl I IRD l{OW: Betty Burrows. Jea n-

nie Morrison, Patricia T olmie, Alan T ripp. Ra nd y Anderson, John R. ll eddle. FOURTH ROW : \liclwal O'Tool, T e rry Wobig. 1-'aul Skattum, Alla n L. Jlay nt>s . llelc n Raffeny. l\ l ichat> l Shcimo.

Winona State Speech

Wenonah Players


Encourage Activity

W , SA is an organization for all speec h majo rs and minors. Jt s activities inc lude gurst speakers in tlw s peech fi eld , as wrll as disc uss ions in th e areas of dram a. d eb a te and the leac hing of s pe rch.

Work ing to bring cu lture to the campus through drama, the pla yt>rs present three prod uc tions a nnuall y. The members ob ta in ex perience b oth on and off the stagr. Actors and back- tage c rew unite to ac hieve ucC'essful productions. The organ iza ti on a lso parti cipates in tri-college drama mrrts with th e College of S t. Teresa a nd S t. Mary's.

WENONAH PLAYERS ... FRONT ROW: Dorothy Magnus . adviser, Carole King. Pat S ticha . June Courteau. P aul Skattum. Joan T ush ner, Karen Hartley, Cathie Roddy. C heri He nderson. S ECOi'\ D ROW: ancy Johnson, Kathy Russett , Linda Wise, J udy Halvorson, Edith Bie rbaum, Lynn Schuma nn , Dee Olson, Nancy Boegcmann, Lorna Cooper, Luanne Steine r, Bernie Manl ey. Linda Leslie. THIRD ROW: Leslie Midkiff,

Barbara O'Reilly, Leslie Carvell, F ra n Corcoran, Joan Hauble. P atricia Tol mie. Kat hie Ma<:ioc h. Ma rk Orlowski. Ra ndy Anderson. Larry Shea, John Heddie. FOU RT H ROW: J eanne Morrison. Helen Rafferty, Dennis Bell , Micheal Eischen, Mic hael O"Toole, T erry Wobig, Alan T ripp, Travis Salanger, Mic hael S heimo. Brent Young, David Kavi tz.

STUDENT EDUCATORS ... FRO T ROW: Ka t hy Ke ll ey. J udy Sauer. 1\larilyn McGuire. Jean \ laslcrs. Sandy Shima. Ba rhara F ranklin. Barbara Carlson. S1eploan l\'luras. i\anc} No\'ak. Carolyn Sarrcn. SECOND ROW: Hae G ainey. J oan Simon. S uza nne Bremseth. l\1arg1> Smi1h. Ru1h Pclcrson, Sinda Srhild. Bever]} S1ahr. Jd aine Sa"kt>ll. ~:di1h Hier· baum, Diane llPi m. Linda Cronholz. T llll{D BOW: Mary Mack. Linda

Minn ie. Kalh) Tw eito. Ka ren Wold. Wane ta i\I"C ra"kt>11. Lorraint' ickeb. Sharon llak<:-r. Karen "eh rs. Dia n ne I .ewi,. Pei.:g) I t an:-on. Fa ye Froehlich. FOLllTH 1{0\V: Joe S hafrr. Tom Saboll a. J ohn Ca>pard. Vaugh n '\a. gaha~h i. lrcasurf'r: Rogt'r f'i~!'hbach . pre~idt' nl : To111 o,wald. CPratd Sc hwcngeb. Gene 0 . Ph il lipson. Jolrn P hi ll i1»011. Larr y £dgar.

I l a111da11d. l\ la r) Alir .. A11d .. r~o11 . vict>-pre:-idenl : J u lee

SNEA and l{appa Delta Pi Promote Education The St udent 1at ional Educat io n Assof'ia tio n hel ps the prospecti ve ed ucator to gai n perso na l growth a nd offers to him p rofc s ional assis ta nce. S EA is designed to develop an unders tanding of t he fie ld of education. Month ly me etings con si st of panel discussions, interviews and s peeches by pro min e n t ed uc ators. Gamma Tau Chapter of Kappa Delt a Pi is an honor society in e ducation. It C'nco urages hi gh professional, intellectual and personal s tandard s a mong ed uca to rs and recognizes out sta nding contribu t io ns to cduf'ation. Mem bers must s how leade rship , scholarship and good character b efore t hey arc in vited to joi n. KAPPA DELTA Pl . . . FRO T ROW : S hirley Kress, J udy Larson. Joan Wierzba, Marlys Dic kerman, Alice P e te rson, P atric ia Bo yum . Joanne S torandl, Linda P eters. Marilyn Imhoff. S E CO D 1{0\V: Carol Reibel, Adeline Claeys, J ac kie De l ong, Mary R yan, Yohlan S t roebel ,

EDUCATORS SWING ... STAND! G, Beve rl y Ma rk egard , Kar<'n Wehrs, S ue Lund. Wanita Olne Wierzba , Carol Weaver.

: o n swings; Joan

P a1ricia Wiem erslage, P atricia Fritz, Diane KPte hum. Linda Be hrens,

~ ma nda Aarestad , adviser. THIRD ROW: Cyn1hia Staublin. Janice

Sweep. '.larga t B. J ohnson . .J udy Mesc hke. hay Marc1uardt. Ka ren Mille r. Bon n ie Ru sert, Ann H onger holt. Ma ry Kurtz. Carol Hal verson.


NEWSPAPE R STAFF ... The W ino nan Staff members join to produce a wee kly newspaper o n campus. T he s taff is. SEATED. Fredric Baranski and Gen ncll Iver on. CO¡

ed itors; Mary Ander on and Li nda Krogh . STA DI G are Ken "Wad dux, artist. and Paul Hodge. photograp her. Steven P. Johnson was edito r fall quarter.

MAGAZINE STAFF ... The Satori staff is a new gro up on cam pus interes ted in literary journ alism. T he staff is composed of Gretchen Guenthe r, Diane Mager , Carol Ryan, Miss Kuzma, adv iser; Ke nne th Maddux and Larry Rippel. The magazine, contai ning original works crea ted by Winona State studt>n ts, was published in the spri ng qua rt(' r.

Writing and Producing the

Wino nan and Satori






CORRIDOR RECOGNITION ... Pointing to th e addi-

WELCOME TO PUB ... Th e -'Pub'' is a bus y place. T im Breza. Judith Rose, and Adolph Bremer, pu blications advisor, a re busy on their own projects to provide publication s for the student of WSC .

tion of the P i Delta Epsilon plaque to third floor Sornsen is Tim Breza. Looking on arc Betty Burrows, membe r, and Mr. Bremer , adviser to Pi Delta Epsilon. Pi Delta Epsil on is the honorary journ alism society on ca mpus.

Pi Delta Epsilon AN ANNUAL AFFAIR ... The Wenon a h S taff acc umulate the year's activities in pic ture form for th e coll ege yearboo k. Taking pictures, orga nizing and cropping the m, writing copy and headlines all to make their d eadlines are their duties. Ann Hongerholt. Jean Masters . Pd itor: Linda M innit'. KPnne th \la ddux , art editor; Diane i\lagcr. classes ed itor; S andy Sc h.l e). ~t 11d1•nt life editor: P aul Hodge, photographer; Belly Burrows, organizati1m5 editor. and busi¡ ness manager, T im Breza. NOT PICTURED : Carol Ben son, fac ulty editor; Janet Sherwood, Linda Schild . Dian e Heim, J ennifer Jont's, Linda Behrens and William Krause.

Occupations with Publications Wenonah Staff

10 1

Resident Assistants Aid in College Living

HAPPY RA's ... i\liss B('t t} !\l<'Cor llli('k. Linda P PtPrs. Arly' Liegler. \J arry 1\1. Paap... Kath lcC'n .\lacioc h. all of Co11way.

Resident assis tants or RA 's are m embers of the S tudent Person nel Services. They live in dorm itories and ar e respons ible for 25 to 40 re ide nts. Mainta ining a "floor" or "wing" whi c h is co nducive to academic and group living is the main r esponsibility of the resident assistants. The terms " firm , fair and friendly " are guidelines for the resident assistants.

STAFF CONFE RENCE ... .lam ..s Fehrma ra. Gene Du rand , Bruce Whit ... Mikt> .Jewe ll , S ta n Da1111kos. Cyril Doh men. Ron .J ohnson at desk. Thi'} ' n :• from Richard<.

PRENTISS-LUCAS ... 1:l{ONT RO\':: l'at ~ lul l .. n. KarPn A. l:li cl. J a n Wirllt·r-. J\larire S mith . Cath) Waltc>rs. Mar1ha :V1inock. ancy Coo lid ge. S ECOND ROW:


Ro y Androli. su 1wrvif'or: Vl ichael :Vlo riority. Rogrr Fischbach. Cary Anhalt. Fra nk S iebenaler, Tom Os·

wald. Va ughn \agaha<hi. Ron /\mda lr l, De nnis Cook.

Dorm Councils Help On-Campus Students THE FUN IN DORMS . . . Cindy Jones, Hi-Rise R. A. , poses Yvonne Bradford for the picture.

DORM COUNC ILS ... FIRST HOW: J ea n Woodsen. adviser. Con nie \ lend t>n .. a ncy Babbill. Pa t Binman n. Bar ba ra J enson. J acquie Spence. David Kav1tz. SECO ND llO W: Rita De,•ine. Judith MesC" hh. Ed S kcr. J on Sthoonma kc1. T HIRD ROW: ~-ra n Boddt>lson. La \lcrne Paulson. Gerald Schwcngcls.

The me n and Women's Dormitory Co unc il cons is t of el ected representatives from Richards, Pren tiss, Conwa y. Luca s and HiRise dormitories. The membe rs of th e two co un c il s coo perate toge ther to establish residence hall rul es, regul a ti ons and policies. Dorm Council me mbers help th e on-ca m pus s tude nts by sponsoring open houses, events . and cram lunc hes.

HI-RISE R.A. ' S ... FIRST ROW: J udy li en. S hirley Krrss. Barbara Beema n. Ka thleen Meyer. Kare n 1\tlillcr , Ca rol Wt>a ver, Ca rrnene Sens . su pervisor, Ci nd y J ones. ECOND flOW: Cloy Hoseck. super visor. Joan Pretzel. Mary Ann Hall , Judith Meschke , Pat Wie rne rsla ge.

Hi-Rise Resident Assistants

Notorious !(nights The function of t he Notor ious Kni gh ts is to promote chess and give the students exper ience in to urn amen t play. Members co mpe te wi th other colleges and sponsor a nnual chess to urnam en ts.

ACCOU:\TANTS ... .Jim Kasten. executive sccrctari: l{obcrl \Vi1hcro". exec uti ve vice-president. of financial affairs: Gary A. Swern•on. president: J effrey B. • loll , execut ive vice-president; Roger Ra ndall. Charle~ \'I . Pri gl!-C.

Accounting Club SAM- That's Business A newly formC'd dub on our campus is the Accounting Club. It is orga ni zed "to broaden the minds of th e s tude nts who are in th e arf'a of accounting." The Society for the Advancement of Manage me nt is a nati onal profr ional society for business admini s tra tion , edu cation and eco nomi cs s tudents . It furthf'rs und ergraduate experiencf' in pri nciples of mod ern manage me nt through di c ussion. publications . b usiness films a nd s pea ke rs. THE K:'\'IGHTS ... Steve Van looten. Bruce White. Arthur Fisher, Allen Shelclon not pi clurcd is Don F ris b y.

STAND UP FOR SAM ... FRONT ROW: .Vlichael Ryan, Pa trick Rya n. Ray Kiral. Elle11 Bissen , Judy Kehne man . SECOND ROW: Dl'nnis Ons tad. Caro l Ha lverson, Marilyn Imhoff. La nny Witte r. Jim Ziegeweid.


THIRD ROW: C harles Speer, Jeffrey B. S toll. Den nis Brom, Larry Ped erson. Tim Brczza. FOURTH ROW: Dr. Foegen, adv iser ; W illiam Kiehnbaurn. John Gross. Michael ~·ruen. Larry Ke ndric k, president.

ACADEMY OF SCIENCE ••. FK. ONT ROW: Thomas Tweetcn. To m Fishbaughcr. ~\lik e Kinµ:s bury. Heverly Stahr. Karen mith. Pat rick Emmons. Gill Sorg. vice-p res ident. SE CO D ROW : Cnald Dahling. prt>si-

Academy of Science Supports Studies The Winona State C h apter of th e Minneso ta Acade m y of Scie nce recognizes the increasin g interes t of college s tu dents in scie nce and ma thematiC's. Topic of t he monthly programs are pla nn ed to encom pass all areas of scie ntific investigation and information of importance to the members.

OUT OF THE SERV ICE ... FRO:\'T ROW: Robert G. Goodwin, Gary Oe lkers. treasurer; Fran k Siebe naler, pres ide nt; Joe Dolan. sec retary ; Gale Scanlan , Ron S tru b, Bt>rnie Manl ey. C harles F. S c hneider. SECOND ROW: Arlo Wold. Philip Chris te nsen. David L. Bauer. La n ny Witter,

dent ; Ro n Ma rc hionda. Gene Lundak. Jo hn Gaspard . Bob Sucha nek. Konald Larson. Robert Anderson. John I. . :\lc Leod.

Veteran's Club Stands for Action The Ve ie ran 's Club is a revived oqrn ni zatio n. It i o pe n to a ll me n with a minim um of 21 months of active dut y in a n y branc h of the U.S. armed fo r ces. This club e nab les men of similar mi li tary exper.ie nce Lo relax toge the r in th eir leisure hours.

Ric hard Ycske, Clayto n Larson , J.,rry Genz. Roy Wilsey. a dviser; Jerry Ka rc hs . THIRD ROW: Steve Majerus, Bru ce T. Wilde s. Carl G. Soderstrom, Ron Lunn . vice-president; Gene f{. Miller. T erry L. Walla ce , Larry Eldridge. De nnis Foegen. Davi' Lu ndak , Donald K leiboer.


INDUSTRIAL ARTS C LUB ... SEATED : Robe rt Noreen, Douglas Billison. J erry Sweden. Paul Hodge, Allen Jacobson. Wayne Medc raft. STA\' Dl:\'G : Charl es llaggbloom. Frank Siebe naler, Carl Soderstrom.

Industrial Arts

The Indus tria l Arts Club helps in the development of co nscientiou s contributors in th is field. The club presents gues t. s peakers at the meetin gs to demonstrate new methods and equipment . H ighlight of th e year was a pla nt tour at La Cro se in January.

LATHE IN ACTION . . . Winona State industrial arts in stru ctors, the Allis-Chalmers plant worke r, and students examine a lathe while on tour at La C rosse . Gerald Tobin, Charles Haggbloom. the operator , Dr. Hugh Capron and Henry Long.

PRESS EXAMINED ... T he Indus¡ trial Arts C lub sees tool and die work in action. The guid e explains the mac hin e to the inter es ted spectators. Dus ten Bertel , Charl es Haggbloom, Neil Keller, Sam Schnell, Dennis Holtegaard, Curtis Murray, Gerald T obin, Willard Buhl er. 106






Active Participation in Sports: WPE, Ski Club, ''W' Club, Cheerleaders and W arriorettes

Mark W iJ ke shoots in the baske tball game with the University of Minnesota-Morris as Jacq ues Gibbs watches and two UMM players defend. BELOW LEFT: Dia na elson and Sandy Shima lead the Warriorettes at the Homecoming game. Cheerleaders Oeft below) gave the rah-rah.


Ski and Outing Club The Ski and Outing Club is a relatively ne w club at WS C. Throughout its four se asons, it has s ponsor ed numerous outdoor social ac t1v1t1es for its membe rs. So me of the club's ac tivities ar e skii ng, bike riding, c anoeing, horseback riding and cave crawlin g.

SKl AND OUTING . . . FRONT ROW : S tevt' Yukish. S teve Thru ne. Jim La Bore, Joan Reut f:'r. Elaine Kalie n. S ECOND ROW: Dave S hu<"k, president: Mi ke Chic k. C ha rle ne Knn. Karen Haugen, Dus ty He rt el.

Activity and Recreation Their Goals Women's Physical Education Club

Wo rk ing c losely wit h t he ph ys ical education de pa rt me nt, is the Wome n' Phys ical Edu ca tion C lub (WPE). lt is a professional organ ization ope n to all wo mt>n who ha ve a major or minor in ph ysical education. Homeco ming butt ons a r<' old eac h year to fin a nce the J ean T albot Scholarship tha t is awardf'd to a n incoming junior girl. Mo nthl y mee tings have programs of profeRsiona l int e rest. WPE s ponso rs a high schoo l " P lay Day" eac h year.

WOMEN'S PIIY ED . . . F H O~T ROW : lary Kl ingsporn, Connie Winslow. r. larabeth Holsap ple. Carol Bjorklund. P <!gg) Jo Kropp. \ la ry !ten. Lynda Murra). Linda Careon. Cat hy Cliff. SECO "\D RO W: Joyce Fenske. Hosie Frenette. Conni!' Van Gundy. ancy Henrikson, Carolyn Clemt'nt¡ so11 . Glor ia Keller. J udy Lee. Carol Fi>ldmann , r.1 aria 11 F c lland, Kathy Dun num . THIRD HO W: Amwt te Ric ha rdson, Jf:'a nnc Berndt. P egi i\lullen, Pat Browne, Ma ril yn i\clson, S ha ro n Eucrlc, J elaine S ackett, Ma ry

S tearns. Jo Ann Ostrem. Ba rbara Pet<:>rson. F O URTH ROW: Jude A. Stienessen. Lynf:'llE' Grimm , Linda Benjamin. Deb Millie. Colleen O ' Kane. C heryl fi ller, Anne tte yseth. P at ricia O' Dea. Barbara Hus b yn , Colleen ll anseam. F IFT lt ROW : Barb C hristensen , Judy Ku zniar. Joa n Leibfried, Rose M. Ma rtine k. Bonnie Ru sert. Linda Bla kely, Rita Grurn mons. J une H eue r. Joan Benson, Ma rs ha Walt ers, Bon n ie Luras.

- ~~~-




WPE WOMEN CAGERS . . . At left th e women's bas ketball team poses for the came ra. FIRST ROW: Jill Sackett. Pat Browne, Colleen Hanscom. SECO D ROW: Ro~e m a r y F rene tte. anc y Blayloc k. J ean Hagl und, Judy Ku zenias, Lynn ette Gr imm , Jude Stienessen.

''W'' Club Honor and Service The "W" Club is open to any male who has lette red in a s port at Winona State. The main purpose is to ser ve the college and s pecificall y th e athletic department. Some of the " W" Club's activities are homecoming. managing the concession stand and Senior Da y.

A HIGH ONE .. .At right letterman Jacques Gibbs goes for a two-pointer against Loras of Dubuque.


CAPTAIN'S MESSAGE ... Connie Winslow in troduces the cheers at the Homecoming ope ning ceremony while the rest of the cheerleaders get ready .

THE B SQUAD .. . T he B Squad Cheerleaders in line are Barbara Veld· huizen, Patricia Brown, Connie VanGunde, and Linda Carlon.

THE VARSITY . .. In special forma tion is the varsity c heerleadi ng squad. Mary Klingsporn, Susan Williams, Julie Stork, Kate Hinge veld, and Capta in Connie Win slow.

''Fight Team Fight'' Leading the Cheers









PRETIY GIRLS IN FORMATION ... Carol cssler. Janet Johnson. Diane ·elson, Linda Leslie. Sandra , hirna , Jane Dcttril'k. S usan Bartel. Carol Casanova. Jane Bowe n. Susan C ihak, Donna DeGuisc, Bonnie

Rusert. 1'.ristin Bauman , Kay Quinn, Kathleen Betcher. Cynthia Jones, J ackie Spence, Jill Sachet. Kathi") 11 Auge, Ruth esbit. Sharon Poppe. ancy Olson, Jackie Opsahl.


Show Rhythlll and Coordination IN THE MOOD FOR PERFORMING ... Barbara Ree, Darlys Britz, Colleen Hanscom , Sonja Saari . Warriore ttes add beauty to Warrior baske tball and football games with the ir precision marc h routin es. 11 1

Mu sical grou p plays at Faith-In sponsored by the W ino na Campus Minist ry. Pat Riley. Roches ter ; Robert S haw. Fort Dodge. Iowa ; :Vlic hae l Hoeppu er , Winona; Allen

Abren, Albert Lea ; an d the Rev. Robert Brow. P lans for a Campu s Minis try cent er are uncl er way.

United Prayer During Faith-In Lutheran Collegians, Christian Science, LSA, Gamma Delta, Inter-Varsity, Wesley Foundation and Newman Club 112

WINDOW TO WORLD .. . Eac h Ch r is tm as Ka ppa Pi deco rat es th e wind ows o [ Sorn se n Ha ll. C hristmas 1967 t h e religious art display rep resen te d the trav e l of the thre e kin gs.

SING-ALONG . .. Ge t-t ogc thns aro u nd the pian o or in t he l ibrary a rc a qu ite co m mo n cvf' nt a t the Ne wm an Ce nter. Har bara J e nse n pla ys th e p ia no while ot he r me m be rs of th e in for mal group s ing. Fro m left are S te ve Hau ge, Lorn a 1le f'e l a nd Barbara .Jenso n.

T he relig ious groups regularly spo nso r d iscu s ion grou ps. Be low D<' nnis A use b ac k u p his id e as wit h qu ot es from th e "N ew English Bible" du ring 0 1w o f th e re ligiou s dis c u ssions held in t he Co mm on s.

!1 3





.. . Cathy


_\J ary Whalen, .\ lar} Cottengim, Lee Cartner.

The Chris tian cience Organization has been organized to bring Christian Scientists on campus together and to give the college commu nity the op portunity to learn about C hristian Science living. The members s hare experience on the practical application of Chris tia n Scienc e and follow readings from the Bible and Christian Sc ience textbook. LUTHERAN COLLEGIANS . . . Mark Hallemeyer, adviser. Sandra Bublitz. Kay l{add ati. Dale

ewcomb. Chris Meler.

Lutheran Collegian s is a na tional association of Lutheran college and university students sponsored by the Wiscons in Evangelical Luthe ran Synod. Its purpose is to help students meet life's duties and res pons ibilities in the c hurch and society. It al o exists to s timula te greater Christi an grow th a nd to mainta in and increase local and inter-cam pus fellowship amo ng Lutheran stud e nts.


Edgar. J ul ee Nic ke ls, Lorraine H au gland. ECO~D ROW : Carole Davies, .loan Anderson, Vickie £li ng, Sandra Widing. Kathy Tweito. Waneta McCracken. Karen Wold . T HIRD ROW: Anita Torgerson. Ma r-

l{now God Lutheran Stude nt Association is affi liated with the Ameri· can Lutheran Church. It is open to all WSC and Winona Secretarial School students. LSA provides di sc ussions, fun , and fellowship on a college level. Mee tings are held once a week in the c hapel or pa rish house of Central Lu th· eran Churc h.

got Johnson , Kay Ma rqua rdt. Linda Minnie, Jean Masters . FO URTH ROW: Ma rgaret Chap in, James Keiper, Vancta Somagala. Diane Ketchum. F IFTH ROW : Ann Hongerhol t. Yohlan Stroebel. Pastor John Anderson, a dviser.

Love and


HiIn GAMMA DELTA ... F l RST ROW: Cheryl Millt>r. Caro l Bjorklund. Lind a Oczak. Clarence Zaborows ki. Paula Fand rcy. Jan Schoewe. SECOND l{OW: S haro n Eut>rlt'. Pa me la BroC' k way. David lloppe . T HIRD RO W: P eter DrPssel. Ron Wolfram.

Inter-Varsity C hristian F ellows hip is nond enominational and is open to all s tud en ts. It is a na tiona ll y recognized organization. Inte r-Varsity sponsors prayer and Bible s tudy meetings, film s, speakers and social ac ti vities.

INTER-VARSITY .. . FIRST ROW: Mrs . Joan .l a mes. ad vise r. Karen Hartley, Janice Bostrom. Barbara O' l{ei lly . Glo ri a Wa hlberg. S E CON D ROW: Steven James, ad viser, Linda Wendt. Judy P ope, Diann Basti n.

Gamma Delta is affiliated with th e Lutheran C hurch Misso uri Synod. lts program is composed of gues t speakers, d isc ussions, recreation , Bi ble readi ngs and informal get-togeth e rs at Gamma Delta H ouse.

Carol Lu nz. C heryl .lochims, Alida Kenn ed y, Elsie Balla nge r. THIRD ROW: Paul fl odge. Roy W. Wilsey, Lynn Van Busk irk. Denni s Aase. David Crow. Walter Schultz.

J 15

Wesley Founda tion is a campus organiza tion partially s upported by t he Met hodis t C hurch. It is open to a ll who seek fellows hip and spirit ual guida nce. Ac tivities include retreats. hayrides, boat rides and meetings with o th er Wesley Clu bs . T he Wesley House also se rves a s an informal gathering plac('.

Sharing Faith

WESLEY FOUNDATION ... FIRST ROW: T eresa Molle nhauer, Judith Dana. Marilyn ~ cGuire, Linda S trand. S ECOJ\' D HOW: Darrell Zietlow, Cha rles Haggbloom. Jon Arnold. J ean Coutcher. THIRD llOW: Mike Kallestad. Kenn eth Dickson. J ohn Ehlen . Cu rt Lindahl.

I ew man Club, named afte r Cardi nal

e wman, makes literature, discussio n, and classes on the Catholic faith available to all students. ewman sponsors commun ity, campu a nd club ac tivities s uch as fol k Masses, re treats, dances, fireside c hats a nd parti es. Members pa rticipa te in in ter-religious clu b acti vities.

NEWMAN CLVR ... F IR ST ROW: Kathy Lau e r, William Sadowski. Rose Mary ll amilton. He lt> n Rafferty. Pe ter Horton . l\ay Kiral, Father l\1artin O lsen. advise r. SECOND ROW : Carrie Red lu nd. John Gaspard. Kathy And er~o n . Donna Schiltz. J ean \1a honey. J udy Klink. Pa t St icha. Nancy :\ipp. Ba rba ra Jenson . .\1iss Be tty illcCormick . a dvisn. TH IRD ROW: Ka thy Ft¡ely. ]Pan P ron dz i n~ki. Susa n Stoltman, Marn y Sexton.

Diane HC'i 111. FOURTH ROW: Fra nk S iebenale r, Ellen Bi en, Cate I lingevcld . Carol Weaver. P atricia Frit z. Mary R yan . Sister M. Sarto, a dviser. FIFTll !\OW: Steve Joanne Storandt, Honald Ma rchionda. STANDl'IG: Gaylord .\la)' . .\'large Beaton , Mary Kurt. J eanne Schmidt. Joan \Vic r:i.ba .

1 16

- --







KAPPA PI ... Fl R T ROW: .J udy Halvorson. S hirley Cook. usan Critchfi eld, Hiroko Kawaka lsu. lnp;rid Hi llPrvik. Paula Wi lson . S l'.:CO\' I) ROW: Honald H1Jn1pt> I. Dian1w Lt>w is, Cheri Hende rson. Vlari lynn Fe u·

Jin!(, Linda Wise, Susan Bic ke l. .J enny l'aukilt' r. TlllH D HOW: Ped er Dressel. Kenneth Dickson . G<' IW f>h i ll i p~o>n , Pc1cr Eckt>r. 'Willia m An · c!Prson. Co llPP n Gollz . Vaug hn Naga hashi .

Kappa Pi , th e na tional a rt fra te rnity, we lc om es a ll a rt majors and minors. T he o rga niza ti o n is ITSpo nsiblc fo r d esigning the Homeco mi ng Q uee n 's f1oa t , So rn sen H all Cltris lm as decoration s. and the deco ra t ions fo r I he s p ring prom . \rew mem bers arc initi a tC'd into A lpha Ups ilon . tlw loc a l c hapte r. at a spri ng dinne r.

Pi DC' lta Eps ilo n is th e na tio nal honorar y jo ur nali s m frate rnil y on campus . P i Delta ~= p s il o n 's pur pose is to e levate t hf' ca use of journ alism, to fos ter the m ut ua l we lfa re of stu de nt publica tio ns, ancl to rt-'wa rd the journalis t for hi s effort s, se rvices an d acco mplis h me nts by admission to Pi De lta Epsilon ·s me m bers hip.

Honorary Societies l{appa Pi and Pi Delta Epsilon

Pl D ELTA EPSILON .. . Gcnncll lvPrso n. Fredric Kara n, ki. Ste ven Joh nson , Pau l Hodge, Marilyn McGuire, Joan WiNzba. B<>tt y Burrows .

11 7

PANHELLENIC COUNCIL ... T he coo rd inatin g bod y of the three sororities co ns is ts of Carol essler, L ynn Seltz, Virginia O ' 1eill, S hirley Kress a nd Marilyn Fis hbaugher.

Eac h of the sorori ties - Delta Zeta, Kappa Th eta C hi and Alpha Xi Delta - i represented on the counc il. Goals of the council are to main tain sorority life and interso rorit y relations on campu , to further intellectu al accomplishment and good sc holars hip , to maintain high social s tanda rds, and to compile rul es gove rn ing sorority ru shin g, pledging, a nd initiation at WSC.

Coordination Through Panhellenic Council SIG TAU'S MOTIO ... Don' t be a donkey; vote for our homecoming queen candidat e. T he fra tern ities also compete scholastically and athletically, among other ways, d uring the year to bu il d fraternity sp iri t. Leading the donkey is De nni s Moore .

RECRUITING AT CLUB NIGHT . . . J ane Sc hultz desc rib es panhelle nic's part in soro ri ty activities to Diane Heim a nd Sandra Shima.

Competition Marks Fraternities

1 18







- -



DELTA ZETA ... F IH ST l\OW : Carol Nessle r, C heryl Hanson. Arlis Legler, Ba rbara Qu t>st. Carol Weaver, Jan ice J ohnso n. Jean Tushner. Susan Critchfield. SECO N D HOW: J udith l{ose. Kathleen Bett c he r. Kathleen Yl acio<'h. Kay E verson . Pa tsy F ischbach. Ja net J ozw ick. H allie Russell . Dia ne Roffer. S hirley Kress . THIRD ROW : J a nice Wiest. Gail llaney, Gwen Fick. Ju dit h \ Jesc hke. Joa n P retzel. C harlott e Behn ken.

Carhy P e llowski. Jo An n O srrcm, P a t W iemerslage. Ru th Peterson. Ka ren !Vl ill er. FO UJ{"fH ROW: Rut h Wisdorf. Alice Peterson . Barba ra ternm er . .\farl rs DiÂŤkerman. P at ricia Bisel. Helen C o rman. Ja nice Wi nt er. Linda Sch ild. usa n h e rs . J oa nne Ka rs ten. !a ry Jo Blu rnt>ntritt. Wa nita Olness .

Delta Zeta is the largest nat ional sororit y in th e Un ited States. 1L was the first soro rity a t Wi nona State College in 1962. Ze ta Upsilon C hapte r s tresses high scholarship and has won na tio nal hon ors yearl y since the c hap ter was es tablished at WSC. Delta Ze ta spo nsor s man y events, s uch as ties, Gree k W eeke nd and th e Valentines volve the ca re of an eig ht yea r old Korean sentatives to the Winona C hildren's Home

the fa ll st yle show, homecoming ac tiviDance. lt s philanthro pi<' ac tivities inorph an. Delta Zeta has also sent repreto e nt erta in the youngs te rs .

Delta Zeta

Delta Zeta has "sis terhood and life-long frie nds hip as the trade mark of th e sorority."

COMFORTABLE, GIRLS? . . Helen Gorma n, Barbara

HAPPY HALLOWE EN .. . Helpi ng at th e C hildren's

Ques t, Arlis Legler, Kare n Miller , and Gwe n F ick co nverse at the tea following th e Delta Zeta Initi ati on.

Home to celeb rate Hall oween are Linda Schild, Susan Ive rs a nd Barbara Q uest.

11 9




Kappa Theta Chi WINTER PLE.D GES ... hold t heir roses. l,ind a Nelson , Laura Bambenek, Susan Roff. Carolyn Kalmes, Karen Donkers, Yvonne Brown , Ma rtha Mar vin. Ju dith Andt>rso11 . Linda Hem mi ng, S hirley C0ok, Linda TTocrstad Patrieia King. Sonja Saari, and Jeanne Hell er. "' '

HERE'S THE DEAL .. . Club night presentation is made by Bron we n C hristenson. S heila Homola and Dia ne Mager loo k on in fron l of booth . Kap pa T heta C hi is the newly or ganized local soro rity on campus. T he sorority s tresses hi gh s tandards, good c haracter a nd hig h sc holarship. T he so rority wis hes to instill in eac h girl a sense of spirit to t he college and communit y, respons ibiJ ity, proper social grace , and above all s is terhood. T his year it co-spo nsored t he Chris tmas Dan ce. T he sorori ty is presen tly worki ng to gain affiliation with a national sorority and eventuall y plans on becomi ng nat ionaJ .

KAPPA THETA CH I ... F RO T ROW: Connie W inslow, Carolyn Sat ren, Marge Binner. Jo Ann Bla kstad. SECOND ROW: Jean Dremer. Maril yn Ashbaughcr, Faye Froehlic h, Linda G ron hoJz. T HIRD ROW:


Diane \ l ager. ancy ~t> l son, Kathl een \foe, J ane Crathwol. Colleen H anscom . FO URTH HOW : Susan S undry, Lynn Seltz , Mary Jan e Vucinovic h , Kathlee n T ail, Bronw en Chris tenson.


------- -




ALPHA XI DELTA ... FRO T ROW: Kath y Kelley. Sandra Shima. Gayle Christofferscn. Ba rbara Beeman. Barbara Abra hamson. Sheila Homola. Kathy .\!eyer. Susan Williams. SECO, D ROW : i\lary ll a rt y. Linda Eyle r, Laura S c hottnrnller. Gayle Hudak. Diane lleim, Cha rlt>n e Yamanaka. Ja ne Sc hultz. Beverly Rathbone. L ynn Joh nson. T lllRD

ROW: Colt>ne Huseby. Jeri Mad sen. MarahPth Ho! apple. Susan Knie¡ be!. Ka thy S temmer. Virginia 0 ' 1 eill, Judith Wegma n, Lea h E yler. FOURTll ROW: Susan C ihak , Betty Eglinton. Barbara Quinn. Diane Bunl'(e. \ancy Babbitt. Linda Boyu m. Ruth Denm an. Kay Quinn. Joan l .eaii;uP.

Alpha XI Delta

The Delta Omega Chapter of Alph a Xi De lta goals a re friendship, s haring, service, honor and trust. It sponso red t he heart fund drive in Winona, a candidate for Homecoming. a traveling Greek Wee kend so ng fes t trophy, a car wash and ot her activ ities. T hey remember ru sh an d " Pla n B" whic h included the pledges capture of the p resid e n t, Lyn n Johnson.

Mem bers paid a visit to th e St. Cl oud State Alpha X i House in the fall. Virginia O'Neill . Ju dith Wegman, Barbara Quinn , Lynn J ohnso n. Clau di a Bish op, Kathy Ste mm e r and S he ila Homola.

Four <>f the Alpha Xi me mbe r s were candida tes fo r Homecom ing quee n, Claud ia Bis hop , Virginia O'eill, Barbara Beema n. and Col ene Huseb y. T hey were prese nted at the Alp ha Xi Delta Hom eco ming alumnae tea. 121


- - . -

TEKE ... FRO T ROW : Orin Holtan. Gary Gartner, David Jansen, J erry S horter. Louis Bard el. Lowell Heyot. Ric hard Iverson. John Poore. Ken neth Evans. SECO D ROW: I orman Seml ing. De nn is Brom. William Baldwin. Robnt Grim. Kenneth \1a ddu x. Thomas c ha nk. lfoy

Smith . Pliny Smit h. Ma rk Underdahl. Mic hael Mikrut. T HIRD ROW: Ke nneth Nyberg. Gary F'instuen. Fred ric Baransk i, Bruce Boeck. Dennis Roemer. David Kulas. Ca ry Lee . .\lark Desant is. Steven Joswic k. Roger Fischbach .

Winona State TEKE Colony, an affili ate of T au Kappa Epsilon Fraternity International, is the youngest social fraternity at Winona Sta te. The TEKE Colony hopes to become an ac tive chapter of TKE this year. TEKE was th e first colon y of TKE to receive a national award for its accomplishments in las t year 's Smog cleanup project. It was also awarded th e sc holarship troÂľh y for ha ving th e hig hes t scholastic average of the social fra terniti e and sororities on cam pu s. It spo nsored a ho mecoming qu ee n and float, cosponso red th e Christmas Danc e, and sponso red everal DiscoTEKE mog d ances.

Steven J oswick a nd Gary Fin s tuen p ut the fin al touches o n the paper C h ris tm as tree tlic11 was th e center of attrac tion at the C hris tma Dance.

Th e Tau Kappa Ep silon Colon y pr es(" ntf'd I,inda Benjamin as its ne w s wee theart at the Chri stm as Dance.

Tau l{appa Epsilon Colony 122

Sigma Tau Ga mma was th e first national social fratern ity

for men organ ized at Winona S late. It is dedi ca ted to the high ideals of manhood , good sc holarship, goocl c i1izcns hip , conge niali ty and mature thinking . The S ig Tau bro the rs held popco rn sal es to fin a nce g ifts fo r the c hildren a t the orphanage in Winona. The ir a<'livities for th e year also included sponso ring the Compu te r Da nce and the Sig Tau Carnival in lhe spri ng. HAPPY BICYCLING ... S igma Tau Gamma provided bicycles, tricyles and wago n fo r th e orphan s a t t he Winona Children 's Home as a phil a nlluopic activity. E njoying the gift~ a muc h as the c hild ren a re Duane Murra y an d H a nk Zacha rias.

Lynn Johnson a nd Thomas Hoffma n, S usa n Ra ndall and Bud Davies. Barbara Rei a nd Robert Meimbresse enjoy their compu ter c hosen partners a t the Co m puter Da nce held in th e Co mmons .

Sigma Tau Galllllla SIGMA TAU G AMMA . .. FR O.'<T ROW: Han k Zal' harias . Raymond Gunderson. Greg W illiam s. Gar) \frDowell. Thom as Murray. Bic hard Clare, Skip Kul awske. l{onald Steve nson. SECO D ROW: Kevin Kreger. Ted Roberton. Gene Ric hes. Bruce Wallace. Du ane Mu rray. Thomas Hoffman, Robe rt .\le imbresse, Paul Porvaznik, William Kohler. THIRD ROW : J ames Brodie. Robert Buckingham. J.O. Be nson, Dean

l ngval so n . J ames E venson. Kit Grier. Ja mes Dubsky. Ric ha rd Knapp. Barr) E ngrav . Ke nneth l\ le nzel. FO URTH ROW: Al T hompson. James Kas te n. Bru"e Whitt>. Mie hat>I Wainwright. Tho mas S tover. W ayne Gergen. Will iam \:Ja rtin. John Haas . Ronald Cla re. Harold Da vie s, John Elde r.


PHI DELTA RHO . .. FRONT ROW: Steven Board. Robert Hatton. John Hen nessy, David Ko val. Donald Elmblad . SECO\'D ROW: Ric ha rd \ 'lt>rwi 11. T hon1as E. Jo hnson, Jame s :\1cAr1hu r, T homas I .cw('rs. J ames Wt-olht'rg. Warrt'n T e rwilligt'r. Thomas Sagf'. TH!KD KO W: J oh n

Zwolinski. Darrel \'lctcalf. Larry Calvt'rt. Janws Rue. Ja cob Dahl. Mark Skustad. FOURT H ROW: Robe rt J a"kson, F rt'd Storti. Wayne Borgen, Te rry Vogt. :\1 ic hacl l\foo11. Jay C reenb.,rg.

CLOWNING AROUND ... That's half Phi Delta Rh o's purposes are to ser ve the coll ege, the frat ern it y, th e individual. and to g ive the me mbers the oppo rtunit y to learn to li ve with peo ple . to develop life-long friend hips, to develop soc ial gra ce and teac h the spirit of ser vice,

the fun of be ing a Gr eek as this anonymous clown a nd Warrior ette. Susan Ciha k, demo ns trate.

The " P hi Delts" s ponsor a Hom eco ming qu een and floa t a nd co ndu c t ru s h acti vities. P hi Delta Rho won th e traveli ng trop h y a warded for t he Greek All-S ing during Grt>e k Wee k.

PARTICIPATION ... in college ac t1 v1t1es is part of th e Phi Delta Rh o p hiloso phy and is common to all th e Gr eek group s. The Campu s Cover Girl was the main attrac ti on of th e Delta Ze ta Val e ntine Dance.

Phi Delta

Rho 124

PHI SIGMA EPSILON ... FRO T ROW : Bria n W illiams, Bruc:e Blixt. l\lidrnel Alexander. Thomas S ie1wrt, Charles kl ader. Ral ph Fifi eld. P aul Johnson. De nnis Konkel. Crt'~Or) Staples. S ECO \"D ROW : Robert Andrewsen. Dennis Tloltegaard. Sam Schnell. Ra ndall Ander son. Phillip Walti , Thomas Tweeten. Gaylord ~fay , Terry Votland. Phillip Luhman n. Ronald CrnvPs, Thomas Corman. TH IRD HOW: Michael

Phi Sigma Epsilon is a n a tional social frat e rni t y. Eac h yea r it has a street da nce, spon sors a H omecom ing float a nd qu een ca ndidat e, a n d s pon sors ot her dan ces ... Phi S igs" 1967 Homecoming ca ndid a te, Miss Dia ne Baring er, was elected qu een by th e s tudent bod y. Phi Sigma Epsilon requires it me mbe rs to ha ve a good academic ave rage, good c harac ter and willingn ess to work.

Kingsbury. T im Dalton . Da niel Anderso n. H.obe rt Whit e. Joh n H.oss, l{onald Gipp, Patric k Ka uphusman. Thoma F is hbaugher, W ayne Berger. David Anderson. FOU RTH ROW: Richa rd Thorow. Rollie Auston, Thomas Burgeson, William McNa ry. C ha rl t>s He rrig. Wa yne C ha rles. St..vt>n Co rdes, Nick Majerus, Art Yagow, David Kavilz. Mic hael Trok.

Phi Sigma Epsilon

YEA, TEAM . . . Phi Sig me mbers at te nd th e Hom eco ming pe p fesl.




Extramural Sports for Women Provide Competition With Other Colleges WOMEN'S EXTRM'IU UAL SWIM TEAM .. . FIRST llOW: P eggy Kropp. Annett<' Ric ha rdson, Geri Matson. :Vlarabct h H ol sap pl e . SECOND HOW: Jean ne Berndt. Linda Gronholz. J acki<> DcLon g, Kathie Jahn. THIRD ROW : J oye<' F ens ke. Annette Nyset h. Rosie Marz. M.rs. prengcr. coach .

READY TO SWIM lane 4, a ncJ J eanne pre pare to swim a s and Jud y Ruzivar tim e


GO GERI . . . Ge ri

l atso n, lane 3, t a ke off in an ex t ram ural swim mee t in 1he MC'morial llall pool.




.... -


... Rosie Marz, Be rnd t, la ne 5, Linda B e njami n t hem.

EXTRAMURAL " A" VOLLEY BALL ... FIRST ROW : J u dy Pero ut ka. Lynet te Grimm, P egi Mulle n. SECO N D ROW: Debbie 1illie. Marilyn i elso n. S haron Eu erle, P a t O"Dea. C herie Mill e r .


BALL ... FIRST ROW: Bonnie Lucas, Coach Marjorie Moravec, Rose Y[ari e Martin e k. Barbara Jenson. SECO 1D ROW : Rita Grummons , Linda Bla kely. Carol Bjorklund. Joan Liebfried, Barbara C hris tian so n.

SPIKE IT ... Lyne tte Grimm p un c h es th e ball over the n e t as Carole Feldman watches in an extramural voll eyball game. Nancy Blaylock (rear) is re fe ree.

The wome n¡s ex tramural p rogram is ope n to all college women. Th is progra m provi des an opportu nity for un d e rgradua te womf'n sl ud e nts lo r e prese nt the college in various compel ii ivc exlramura l s ports . Co mpeti tion is arranged wit h area colleges a nd uni vers ities. Fall q uarter the extram ural ac tivi ties include s wimming and volleyhall. Winte r q uarte r t here is s wimmin g, bask e tball a nd bowli ng. Extram ural softb all , tenn is a nd track a nd fie ld arc offered d uring s pring qu arte r. ~ iss

J oyce Locks, t he women's intra mura l -ext r amural coordina tor , 1s 1n c ha rge of th e program .


- -- - - - - -

FIRS T ROW: Robe rt l s belL Michael Rass. William Harlos . .l a mt'$ Cornick. l{ich ard ·wansun. Hick Smit h. :\l i<"hat>I De W yre. S E CO D l{OW: :\li<"h af'I Pt'r<"LIO<'O. Al Connor. De n nis J\lo rp:an. Hank Zac h aria~. Pat l:l oland , Larry 'en ri ('k. T um Schmalfe ldt. l\ l ichacl Anderson . :\la nagn,

STRIKE HIM OUT ... J ack Be nedict an ticipates a strike as he pitches d ur ing batting µra ctice.

J erry Grade. ma nager. THIRD RO W: Coa('h Cary Grob . Carl Strom. De nnis l vt'fson. W illi am l\'lcNar y. Chip ch" artz . .John Bened ict. Hich· ard Deeker. C ha rles Coerish. Stan Sc1lficld. C..ne Schultz.

Season's Record 1967 Baseball Won 18 Lost 10 T earn Batting A veragt> - .260 Team Fielding Average -.941 wsc OPP. 5 St. Cloud 4 St. Cloud 2 6 1 St. Cloud 6 2 Mankato 8 5 Mankato 4 Mankato 1 8 pper Iowa 3 6 St. Louis University 0 3 St. Louis University 7 3 St. Louis Univers ity 7 4 Mayville State North Dakota 3 4 Mayville State North Dakota 10 9 University of Wis.-Milwaukee 2 6 1 University of Wis.-Milwaukee 0 University of Wis. -Milwaukee 1 4 6 LaCrosse 3 7 Bemidji 3 Bemidji 3 5 16 Bemidji 7 LaCrosse 0 11 12 University of Minn. - Morris 7 University of Min n. -Morris 2 l University of Minn. - Morris 1 7 Moor head 2 1 Moor ht>ad 0 1 Moorhead 3 5 Stevens Point 2 1 4 Stevens Point 7


SLIDE, DENNY . .. Denn y Morgan slides into third base in the second game of a doub le head er with Mayville S tate College.

Baseball Tealll Second

• Ill


HE'S SAFE . .. Winona¡s Larry Senri ck races toward first base in a game with Bemidji wh ich Winona won 73.


BEAT THAT CLOCK .. . Rodn ey P hipps races towards the fi ni h line duri ng the mee t with Carle to n.

U P AND AWAY .. . Bob Mei rnbresse t hrows the jave li n and displays the form of a long-ago Spartan.

1967 Track: The Competition Was Rough GET SET, GO ... Ru nn ers ar e off in a t rack event in the Carleton rneel.




TIE THEM GOOD . . . Track team mem bers put on their shoes before th e mee t as they di scuss their c hances.

From le ft, Jim T homas. Bob Meimb resse . Ron Steve nson a nd Al T ripp.

HEFTY WINDS UP . . . J ohn Buchner throws th e discus during a typica l da y's practice.



Winona Winona

44 25





Stout State Loras Stevens Point Stout State Carleton

72 103


CONFERENCE MEET St. Cloud Mankato Moorhead Michigan Tech Winona

] 021/2 81 32 29


1967 T ennis St. Mary's College

St. Mary's College Hamline University Roc hester Junior College LaCross e State University St evens Point Stout State University Mankato S tate Mankato State Eau Claire State Won 5

2 9 7

1 8 9

5 Lost 5

Athletic Direc tor Dwight Marston organized the 1967 tennis team which was paced by Craig Thornton , a freshman from Winona. The team completed the season by taking fourth plac e in the confere nce meet at Bemidji. OVER THE NET ... Larry E rpeldin g re turn s th e ball as do ubl es tea mmat e- Ric hard Ne lso n observes fro m th e adjoi n i n ~ co urt.

Newly Reorganized Tennis Team TENNIS SQUAD . . . Dwight _\1 arston , C ra ig T hornton. Scott Sprangcrs . Rob e rt Berger, T homas Stoffels, La rr y Erpe lding . Al Von B e rge n. Ri chard "ielso n.






PAR SHOOTERS . .. FIRST ROW: T<' rry N<'lso n. Dave He nk e. J im S tout. Captain J im Huett!, Roger Fisc hbac h. S ECOi\ D ROW: Coac h Ylolinar i, Larry Libers ky, T im Rat h. Rob ert Clift. lt was a cool ea rl y s pring day and jacke ts wen ' a ppropriate garb.

'67 Golf: Nine Wins, Two Losses FORE! .. . Roger Fisc hbach tees off a t Westfie ld Golf Cour e as Terry "elson st udies his fo r m.

Seaso1i's Record wsc 141/2 71/2 161/2 111/2 101/2 ll1/2


St. Ma ry' s College La Crosse State St. Mar y's College Mankato State Roc hes ter Junior La Crosse State S tout State Eau Claire S tate Mankato S tate Roc hes ter Junior Stout S tate

OPP. 61/2 10 ~

l Y2 61/2 71/2 61/2 3 13 6 41/2 1


LOOKING FOR AN OPENING ... Warrior e nd Torn Von Feldt looks for runnin g room afte r ca tc hing a pass from qu arl('rbac k Torn Lennon.

Gridders Place 2nd in NIC GO WARRIORS . .. C h<'<' rka der s wa rm up th e crowd at th e Ho m eco ming ga me.


1967 Football ThC' Warrio rs <.:0 111 plet ed a s u ccessful seaso n ta kin g second place in the Norther n Inte rcollegiate Con fe rence with a 4¡1 confcrc ncC' rC'c ord. T hei r only loss was a 13-12 defeat by the confe r ence cham pi ons, St. C loud State. The Winona , tatC' offense ran a record L641 yards, hreaki ng Ioorhead S tate's record of 1,462 se t a year ago. \1;tinona State led the co nference in total offense, tota l defe nse, rushing anrl passin~. Warrio r quar lt-' r baC' k T om Lenno n was second in pas ing in the N l C and he was third in total offrn c. Pat Bo la nd was second in rush ing and fourth in to tal offense. Tom Von Feldt tied for fi rst in ind ividua l scoring with 30 points. Rich tarzecki set indi vidual defensive' mark of ix pass interceptions.

INTERFERENCE ... Warrior Tom Johnson is hit by \Iankato player befo re gett ing the hall. :\lankato was called for pass interference. Th i play iravc Winona tlw opport un it) for the winning fi e ld goal in t he 1967 H omecoming ga me.

GUARD HlM .. . Coac h l\Iolinari s hou ts in st ru ct ions to

WE'VE GOT SPIRIT ... W , C tu cknts give a rousing

players during an C'XC'i ting tie-sco re mom e nt in a ga m e.

d is play of school spirit at th e H omeco ming game.


FOOTBALL .. . F!RST ROW: Mgr. Richard Boyum . Hu ss Jacobson. Leo Fragapano. Marlin Carrier. Ric hard Starzec ki , Steven Wildman . Capt. S teven O range. T homas Lennon, Tim Webb. Cu rtis Palmer. Roger WistrcilJ, Don Cogswell, Daniel Weyf'r. SECOND ROW: Assis tant Coac h Myron miil1. Jl ead Coach :Vladco Molinari, Assistant Coac h H.on Ste iner. Manager Ti m Pas ke. J\'1anage r Morrie And(' rson , DarrPl Holze r, J e rry , tcj s kal , C har les Goe ris h, L arry Wedcmi e r, John C urlin. Dan ny Sc rabec k . Rona ld Fuglestad. Edward LittlPjohn. Da le Pt>rszyk, Doyle FrccmeytÂť", Bruce Ree"k . F red Krause. Managn J erome Usgaard. Manager Edward 1lanson. Assis tant Coa"h RobC'rt KPis tcr. Manager Ke n-

Winona Warriors End Successful Season

Recorcl Won6

Lost 3



21 20 12


33 IO

KEEPING POSTED ... The indispensable score board records t h e score, time

Stout State Dubuque Moorhead State * St. Cloud State * Mankato State * Bemidji State * Michigan Tech * Illinois




Central Iowa

*Conference 138

net h Jacobson. THIRD RO W: Larry Mott. Rodger Jehlicka . James Hippie. Michael 1lolzer, Ronald Moen. P atrick Boland , John Sulack, Robert McDonough, T homas Joh nson, Donald Rajtora. Stan Buc hner. Dean Hat haway, l{a ndy Gronert, tcvcn Krob, H a rlan Brand t, Wi lliam McNary, Ma nager Gene Durand. Assistant Coach John .Vlartin. FOURTH ROW: Gerald Swedin, Rober"\ Urness, J ames Dybevik, Fred Horihan. Mike Erd manczyk, S1a nley C ronistcr, De nni s Barry. Ronald S tevenson, John Buch ner, Jamt>S Conners . Dougl as Billison. T homas Von F eldt. Ha rry :Vlitchcll. C lem Darkenwald. Douglas Saaranen. Steven Erdmanczyk. Burl Harr. Gerald Sc hwenp;els.

re ma ining, and othe r vital information, an d fo r those who know little a bou t football it may help to know which team is win ning.

21 7

13 13 7

0 6 41

SET IT UP 路 路 路 The Warriors ge t set to , exec ute a

pl ay against 路 Mankato

S t al e.

TOO BAD, YOU GUYS . . . The Warri ors walk bac k for a penalt y on

the kick.


CROSS-COUNTRY .. . FRONT ROW: Tom Oc hs, Bruce Clos way, Do n Rahman. S ta n Danukos, Jon Arnold. BACK ROW: Coach Cary Grob. Dave Ohland , ll owie Cook. Robert H c mp y.

THIRSTY, BOYS "? ... Members of the tra ck

HERE HE COMES .. . Coac h Grob a nd le arn mc m bf' rs chec k the

team tak e tinw to get a d ri nk after the meet.

Li me as Stan Da n uko s comes d own tli e hom e s trC' tc h.


·---.. =--- --



'67 Cross Country

rf1hird in NI C Tea1n Record wsc 34

46 JS 31 40

15 15 43 37 39


University of Northern Iowa Carleton College Lawrence College Wartburg College Macalaster College River Falls S tate University River Falls State University Mankato State Loras College Luther College.. LaCrosse State University

OPP. 22 ]5

44 24 17 46

50 18

21 18



RUNNING TO VICTORY ... Wally Schul tz in the lead her e, fini s hed a close second in thi s race . Following Wally is Stan Danukos.

1. St. Cloud 2. Mankato 3. Winona 4. Moorhead 5. Bemidji

GET READY, GET SET ... Cross coun try contestan ts wait for the s tarting signal.

17 48 88 116 127 ALMOST THERE ... Tom O chs comes into the home s tre tc h with a last burs t of speed in a dual meet wi th Carleton at 'Jorthfield.


PUT IT IN . .. Mike J er esek tries for a basket as a Ma nkato player defend s. JUMP BALL .. . Mike J eresek tips on a jump ball to Gene Schultz. And rt>w Ross. Dona ld l:lesoneu . Willia m O chs. S t evt>n !:lay. Middle: .\ta nager Gary Gartnl'r. C oach R obert L ie lza u. Hea d Coach Ronald Ekke r, Manager Alle n Carlson .

VARSITY BASKETBALL . .. l\i c ha rd Star zl'c ki, Gl'nc Schu l1 z. i\lichacl De Wyre, Arlyn \'\1cndlanch, Chri~ l o pl wr Applt'galt'. .\l ark \\ ilkt>.

Michael JcrPsPk , Sylvesl t>r '<·h warlz. J ames Jabro~ k) , Jacque• Gibb,,






- - -

Exciting Season for Warrior Basketball Tealll FREETHROW . . .

Richard S tarzecki. above, tries to make a freethrow afte r being fouled. At left, Jim Jabrosky hesitates whe ther to pas s or shoot for the bas ke t as opponent guards him .

UP AND IN ... Jacqu es Gibbs tries for two points.






- -

BLOW THOSE HORNS ... The pep band supports th e Warrior bas ketball team.


Arlyn We ndlandt tries for a 2-pointer.

HANG ON TO THAT BALL ... Mark Wilke dribbles th e ball to s hooting position.

Season's Record wsc 71 88 61 79 62 84 50 71

OPPONENT Stevens Point U pper Iowa Wayne St.ate River Falls St. T homas Micliigan Tech Wartburg Loras

66 83 75 83 71 75 75 66


64 77 67 69 88 63 99 81 67 81 43

60 97 94 70 73

Eau Claire Hamline .Mankato State Bemidji State Bemidji Stat e Moorhead S late U. of Minn.-Morris LaCrosse State St. Cloud S tate St. Thomag St. Cloud S ta l c Moorehead State Michigan T ech Bethel College Manka to State U. of Minn . - Morris

81 65 85 61

74 68 68 71

75 77

56 76 82

74 68 60

NIC STANDINGS 4. Bemidji 5. Mankato 2. Moorhead 3. Win<)lla, Morris 6. Michigan Tech 1. St. Cloud






-- ~ -




LET'S HA VE SOME ACTION . . . Coac h Ronald Ek ker, at left , givf's instruc ti on s to t he team during a t im eout. ABOVE: Mary lie n tal ks wit h f'hce rl eaders Sue Will iams and Connie Winslow bf' fo re the garnf'.

Winona Ties for Third in NIC FRESHMAN BASKETBALL .. . Garth W eis, Gerald Wicme, Ric hard i\Iiller, Ke rry S n )dcr, S teven Prot sman. Coach Dale Berge , Douglas l\1acLennan, Orin Shaw,

T homas P rie kette, Roger Sndling. J ames Dyb cv ik . MIDDLE: \1anage r. Timoth y :Malon<', Ylanager, 1ic ha el Blans ki.


- ~-- -







Wrestlers Follow Rigorous Training PIN T HEM ... ABOVE LEFT: Jon Arnold is given two points fo r th e takedown as he wo rks on the arm of Weste rn Illinois matman. ABOVE RIGHT: T he leg is up a nd held as J o n works for a pin . RIC HT: Pete Sandberg puts a headlock on his opp0nen t from Wes tern Illi no i .






; WRESTLING ... FIRST ROW: T homas Grothe. Patri<'k Ryan. Gerald Reierson , Dave Arnold . Pete r Ed"ard s. Fred Neitzel. Philip Luhmann . Daniel Pron sc hins kc. S tPven S<:hnarr. Dale Koc h. Ga r·y Anhal t. Joe Burnap. S ECO'.\D HOW: Head Coach Robe rt Gun ner. Coac h Franc is i\lcCann. Jon .\ mold . James B agn i " ~ ki . J ames Hall. Ho~e r Jehlic ka.

Pt>ter Sandberg, Michael Al exander. Haymond Wicks. S teve n Ora nge. l{onald Moen. Coach Nyles Tolz mann . MIS S ING AR F.: Bernard Sm ith. James Nordst rom. Michael Bowers. Jeffery N elson. Da ,id Oland, Thoma s i\loria rty. Da rrell Warnke . P aul Hodge.

Placed Fifth in NIC HOLD ON ... Gary An halt holds the leg of his Moorhead State oppone nt.

Season's Record wsc


27 Stout Stat , 26 LaCrosse S tate 24 Stevens Point 23 Gusta vus Ado!phu:; 17 Marquette University 19 River Falls State 14

20 21

12 12 16 23 11

Mankato State Western Illinois Wartburg College St. Cloud S tate Moorh ea d State Bemidji S tate Luther College South Dakc)ta State

8 14

6 11 11

21 11 10

25 25 29 5


NIC TOURNAMENT 5. Winona 2. Mankato 6. Michigan Tech 7. U. of f.1inn.3. St. Cloud 4. Bemidji Morris 1. Moorhead


INTER(:OLLEGIATE ATHl,ETICS Ala mosa. Colo., Mar!"h ] 968 Steven Drange. 177. 4th ; Rayrnond Wicks. 160. 5th ; Roge r Jehlicka. 145, 61h.


HOLD HIM ... Pete Sandbe rg tak es control of his gusta vus o pponent by adj us ti ng his grip for a c radle hold.

Wrestling Builds Individuals DETERMINATION . . . Ray Wic ks co ntrol his Gus tavus oppone nt with a s ingle leg take-down (above) and then goe fo r an ankle with a c ross-face hol<l (rig ht).


GO, GUYS, GO . . . Win on a S tate c h eerleade rs a nd a loyal crowd lend support to the wres tl e rs.

YEA, RICK . . The vic tory sign is given b y th e referee as R ic k Pomeroy tries fo r t he pin of a Gustavus matman .

PIN HIM ... Stev(' Orange goes fo1 th e pin of his C u tavu s op ponent as the referee give the count.



- ---


,__ -

- --- =---

WARRIOR SWll\11\1ERS . . . BAC K ROW: Ron Amdahl. Jon Schoon· maker. Pett> Koperc in ><ki. George Kazika . Lar ry CalvPrl. Coac h John \l art in. i\HDDL E: Rick Miller. John T u rn er. Ji m Dub,;k v. Greg Urand.

WATER'S GREAT ... Te rry Vogt s wim s the 200-yard in divid ual medley in th e meet with Gusta vus.





T e r ry Vogl. Don Leaon. LOWE R: Eric Madsen. Rick K ruger. Craig Stro111bl"rg. Krl'ig Strapko. Bob Ball. Bill Brown.

TAKING OFF . .. Bill Braun takes a "flying leap" into the water a s Ron Amdahl re tu rn s " home" in the 400-yard freestyle relay.




---- -

UP IN THE AIR .. . Do n Leaon perfo rm s a oneand-a half for ward d ive wit h pike .


Jn th e NI C meet Ric ha rd Kru eger {top) <loes th e breast stroke and T erry Vogt (belo w) does th e but1 crl1 y s tro ke.

Swimming Tealll Fourth •


NIC TELL HJM HOW . .. Coac h John :\fartin s hout s in stru c tion s to Eric Madsen as he swi ms the 500-ya rd frees tyle. 151

REACHING FOR WATER ... T e rry Vogt fli <'

th rou gh th e air as he dives

towa rd th e' wat e r.

TUR N . . . J on Schoo nm a ke r of WSC s ta rt s to go int o a fli p turn as he swims t he backs Lro ke a l t he ~JC mee t.

l{azika Sets Two Conference Records PRESENTED MEDAL ... George Kazika wa prese nt ed wit It a medal fo r winning three se paratC' di visions and C'S ta hlis hin l! two confere nce record s in thC' SOO a nd 200-ya rd freest yle eve nts. Kazik a is s how n a t r igh t as be swims the 500-yard freest yle s print.

Seaso1z's Record OPPONENT ~9

32 S8 56 59 60 49 18

53 49

86 76

.'.\1aca k s ler l\1a n kato .Stale Lutlw r




NIC Meet

76 46

l. Bemidji 2. Mankato 3. St. Cloud

47 45 40 64 95 51

I ,aC ros~e S tate S t. Clou d Stale Bemidji State Michigan T ec h Gu stavu s Adolphus 54 Stale Colleg e of Ark a ns as 6 Ha mli no 26



S. :M ichigan Tech



------- ~-- -





Seasori's Record 2nd in Bi-State Stand ings




St. \:111u:g Man"katb State Gustavus Adolphus N. State of Aberdeen U. ufMinn . U. of Minn. a t 1\forris

2V2 3 6

2 I

Conft'rence Stan ding St. Cloud Winona Ma11kato Gustavus l\forris

125Y2 125 124 123 120 110

COLLEGE BOWLING TEAl\1 ... FHO\'T ROW: Dale Jl auschildt. Jerry Shorter . Kt>vin :vtukahy. Craig Bcrgevi11. S ECO\D RO\\ : Cnach C huck Za ne. Duane elson. S tt>ve l.und and Coach Jerry Witt.

Newly Organized Bowling Teain Places Second in Bi-State Standing FOLLo'w THROUGH . . . READY ... Duane Nelson prepares to rol l th e ball.

ROLL IT ... Kevin "Ylulcahy releasPs the ball into the lane.

Hausc hildt follows through as ba ll heads toward a s trike .

Dale the




- --




TAKE HIM DOWN . . . Ron F uglestad a nd Tom Rothe wres tle in th e int ramural program.

lntrainurals for Competitive Fun

JUMP BALL ... Intramural bas ke tba ll gives all interested college m en a c ha nce to compete as a me mber of a tea m. F r¡om left, David Kryzer , Bru ce H olan , Jim Winkle r.

FOOTBALL . . . Act ion a ml exercise are offered in intramural football games.

T he Me n's In t ramural Program gives coll ege me n a c hance to compete in a wide varie ty of ac tivi ties. Part ic ipants a re d ivided in to teams for s uch activities as football. bas ke tball , wrestling, base ball , voll eyball a nd bowli ng. T he intra mural program is organized b y Le ro y S tadl e r a nd is ope n to all interested college me n.


The wo me n intra mu ral prog ram is ope n to all college wo men a nd provid es opportun iti es to pa rtic ipate in a wide ra nge of in tramu ral s ports activities. It p rovides o ppo rtun ities fo r p a rt ic ipa nt s to inc rease th eir sports skills in a frie ndl y co mpe titive a tmos phere, p rovid es soc ial con tac ts, a nd d e velo ps coope ra ti on an d fair pla y. Fall qu a rte r , t he in tram ural activities incl u de swimm in g, volle yball a nd outings, winte r qu arter , modern dan ce, bowling, gym na tics, swimmi ng and bas ke tball , sp ring q uarter , in t ramural softball, recreational activities, and outings. The program is d irec ted by a stud e nt boa rd a nd Ii s J oyce Loc ks, wo me n's intramural ex tramura l coordinator.

TROPHY PRESE NT ATION ... Miss Joyce Loc ks, th e coo rdinator ; Barbara Jenson, capta in of t he win ning volley ball team ; Lyne tt e G rimm , int ramural director. a nd a ncy Blay loc k. volleyball c hairman , a re show n a t t he p rese ntation of the troph y to th r winn ing in tram ural volleyball tea m.

lntralllural Sports for Wolllen WINNERS ... F IRS T ROW: Maril yn Nelson, Ba rba ra J e nso n, P a t Gabrielson. SE CO ND ROW: Es the r Pec hacek, Pa t He rr, Sa nel y Murna ne, Lori Polic hnows ki.

OVER THE NET . .. P a t Gabri elson volleys the ball as Lo ri wa tc he s her rn the last intramural volleyball ga me .

RUNNERS-UP ... FIRS T ROW: Lyne tte Grimm , Jud y Ku zina r, Barbara Husbyn. S ECOND ROW: De bbie Millie, Joyce Fe ns ke, Collee n O 'Kane, Nancy Bla yloc k.




----- --





-- -

--- --

-- -







Carol Adams

Janet AJfonso

Ronald AmdaW

Lake City Math fmatics

St . Paul Nursing

Preston Industrial Arts

Larry Adams

Laura Allen

Gayle Anderson

Lake City Music

Caledonia Elementary

Wabasha Elementary

THAT'S OUR GIRL ... TEKE members conduct their campa ign for Barbara Beeman as Homecoming Queen Candidate.



- --



- - --

Randall Anderson Red W ing In dustrial A rts

David Bailey Winona Eleme11tary

Dennis Bail ey

Fred e ric Baransk i

Carol Be nson

Sandra Bidro

Chatfield Elementary

Jo liet, Ill. Sociology

S t. Paul Elementary

Addison, Ill . Business Education

S ha ro n Baker

Diane B aringer

James B e nson

Ka ren Bie l

111a11torvifle Eleme11tary

R.ed W ing Elementary

Houston Business A dministratio11

Harmony Nursing

Elsie Ballan g e r

Bar bara B e eman

Joseph B ezdicek

Patric ia Bisel

l<ochester Business Education

Wichita, Kansas E nglish.

St . Charfes l ndustrial A rt s

Butterfield Elementary

Barb ara Banic ki

R ober t B e k sel

S u san Bic k el

Claudia B ishop

W inona Elementary

R ockford, ILL. History

Northfi eld Elementary

St. Paul Elementary




Ellen Bissen

JoAnn Blakstad

S te11:a r111ill<' Elementary

W a r1111tm i 11go Elementary

Dorothy Blahnik

William Block

Spring Valley Eleme11 tar)

Wi11 011a Chemislly



NO BUSINESS . . . Loren Gallagher, emcee, e ntertains the e nthus ias tic Homecoming aud ience to prove there's no business like s how bus iness.

Robert Bolstad Austin Business Admi11istratio11

Joan Whorton Burk

Judith Campbell Byron l~lemenl<lf)'

Elizabeth Bronich

Winona Nursing

Gilbert English

Alvarez Burnap

Gayle Christoffersen

Gloria Bublitz

Clwtfit¡lt! Physiral /;.durntion

Canlo11 Nursing

Wi11011a Elementary

Elizabeth Burrows

Dennis Cook

St. Paul

Diane Bunge Caledonia Elementary

Engli.< h

Hastings Social Science

Carol Calvey

Thomas Cook

Wl'over Efrmr11tary

Oaklyn , NI Accounting


- -




- - - - --

Jill Einhorn

Patric k Emmons

St. Paul Business Education

11innesota City Ph ysics & 1\1athe11wtic.,

John Elder

S h e ila Emmon s

Bloomington Business Ad111i11istratio11

G11/ Ps?"ille, Wisc . .\ fothemotics

Sl\'IILE PREITY . . . Bud Davies <le mons tra tes how please<l he is with his work.

Nancy Coolidge

Carol Da,·ies

Eugene Durand

Roches1er A rt

!lastings Elemen/ary

Lake1•ille In dustrial 4 rl s

Jonathan Dacken

Kenneth Dickson

P e ter E<"ker

W inona Busi11ess Ed11cotio11

Post1·ille, loll'a

F ou ntoi11 City. Wisc. Art

Gerald Dahling

An Mary Dittrich

Goodhue Biology

A l mo, W isc. E leme11 tnry

Larry Edgar Kasson Elementary

Bar bara Davidson

P e der Dressel

Allen Eglinton

St. Paul

W ayzola Art

Cail'donia Rnglish



-------------- -

- -



Barry Engrav

Brian Espe

Joan Farrington

James Fehrman

Jean Fiedler

Rushford Business Educa1io11

Whittemore, Jo,,.11 Physical Education

St. Paul

St. Paul


S ocial Science

Fon11tain Cit y. Wisc. Nursi11g

Paul Engrav

Ja1nes Evenson

Kathleen Feely

Carol Feldmann

Ralph Fifield

Ru,, hford Elem1•11t(Jr)

Wi11orw Busi11es.< Admi nistrotion

tillw11l1'r f\/pmentary

Eden Prairie Ph ysical Educu1io11

W ino11 11 Bu siness Admi nistratio11

THE OFFICERS ... Seni or class offiecrs pose for th e C'amcra. Tom O swald, Pre idcnt; T e<l Robe rton , Dean Ing· valson , William Kohler.


Gary Finstucn Zumbrota Industrial A rls, Busi11ess Admi11isrrario11

Patric ia Fischbach Pay11 es vi LIe Eleme11tary

Thomas Fishbaugher Harmonv Biology .

Howard Flen

Ralph Furst

John Gaspard

R ochester History

L ake Cirv Accounting

C11frdo11ia Biology

Willis Fitting

Rosemary Frenette

Rochester B11si11ess Admi11istratio11

Waitl' Park Ph ysical Education

Wayne Gergen

Patricia Gludt

Rolland Graves

R aridolph General Science

R ochester Elem1¡11tary

I/om er Business Admi11istratio11

Robert Giblin

Marilyn Googins

Dennis Greseth

Caledonia Elementary

Farmington Elem.enra ry

Ke11yo11 Elementary

Paula Gappa

Robe rt Gelder

Winona Ele111entary

Gull'sl'ille. Wisc . Elementary

ACTRESS . .. J ea nne Morrison demonstrat es her "shrC'wis h" talents in ¡'The Taming of the Shrew" to her s uitor. Mike Sheimo.




Sharon Groth

John Guen ther

Floyd Gulso

Betty Haack

Wino1111 Busine;s /\"ducation

Hokah Psychology

Caldeonia Mathematif"s

Wi11011a Elementary

Mary Gronvall

Kathryn Gunde rson

Milton Gus tavson

Edna Hall

Winona Mathematics

Hastings Nursing

R t>rl11i11g ÂŁ 11glish

Fe1g11s Falls Biology

& A ccounting

Carol Halverson Spring Crovr¡ Business Education

Gail Haney Rochestl'r Elementnry

STUDENT LEADERS ... S usa n P e ttis and Diane Bunge s tudent t ea<..:li in Phelps Primary Orange Room.



- -

- - = = = --


Jan e Hand yside Minneapolis Elementary

Raymond H egtvedt

Bruce Harem

R ochester Nursing

l aMoille History

Kathy H e iller

Jeane tte Harmon

Brotl'nsville ociolog_r

Utica Elemen tary

Nancy HelmueJJer

Donald Higgs R os('l•ill<' Elementary

Jane Hilke Winona Music

Paul Hodge

Jon Hatleli

Eau Calle, Wisc. Business Educotion

St. Paul Indus trial A rts & Ph ysical £ ducat ion

Rushford Industrial Arts

John Henn essy

Patric ia Hoh en see

Cary, Ind. ociolog)

Minnesota Citv Elementary ·

Mara b e th Holsapple R ed Wing Physical Educa1io11

T e rry Holston Robbinsdale P hysiral Educa tion

Robert Holton A lbert Lea Soriology

Sharon Horihan Spring Cro!'e B usiness Educatio11

Gary Housk e r Spring Grove Elemf'ltlary

Cole n e Huseby Caledonia Elementary

Gary Ihrke Eyota Physical Edncatio11

Marily n Imhoff Westbrook Mathematics & Business


D ean lngvalson

Cheryl Joc hims

Lanc·e Johnson

P reston \lothemotics

Worth ingto11 S oria/ S cience

Rol'hPster P h)sical £duration

Mary ltt> n St . Paul Physical

1~·i1u cation

Barba ra lvt>rson Viroqua , Wisc. Physical £duration

Allen Jac obson Grand Meadow l ndustriol Arts

Bruce Johnson

David Kahl

St. P aul Social S cience

Goodhue Physi('(/I f:ducation

Douglas Johnson

Jam es Ka s ten

R ushfo rd Music

Win ona A ccounting

Nancy Johnson

Hiroko Kawaiatsu

Rushf ord Speech

] apon


Gloria Kelle r

Mic hael Kingsbury

Winona Element ary 1111d Ph)sicol Education

Harmony .Hath

William K elz

Adams Social S cience

Westmont, N ../. P hysicol Educa tion

Larry Ke ndrick Freeborn Business Administmtion

William Kiehn ha um Winona Busin ess Admi11istro1io11


------ ~ ----

Diane Klassen Joann e Kleis t ffo shfo rd B usiness Education

Su san Kniebel Stillwater Elementary

Sharon Kohl er

David Koval

Judy Larson

Caroline Lee

Thomas Lennon

Harmony Elemen tary

Ca 1y, Ind . Business Educat ion

S r. Pau l Ele111e11t11ry

Hawaii S p eech

Staten Island, New York Physical Education

William Kohler

Shirley Kress

Patricia Laska

A.:d is Legler

Thomas .Lewe r s

Winona lnduslrial Arts

S1ill1cater El ementary

Wabash a Ph ysical Educa tion

Woodstock B usiness Education

Cedar R apids, la. Elementary

MERRY CHRISTMAS ... The Lucas-Pre ntiss "lobby ga ng' ' cele brate Chris tmas earl y. Tom 0 wald, Helen Lewis, Beverly Roy, Mike Wunderlich, ancy Coolidge.





- - -- - -



Burton Lidgcrding R ed Wing Biology

W inona Business Ad111i11istmtio11

Curt Lindahl

David Liebert /?oc!tester.

David Lilla


St. P aul In dust rial Arts

Hath & Ph ysics

ON THE LINE . .. Alfon so Pagliare llo con titut es a pi(' ket line of one al thf' Homecomin g T ale nt show.

Bonnie Lucas Minn eapolis Pl11sical Ed11catio11

Susan Lund

Houston Elementar_\'

lfli11011a Eleme11ta ry

Bill Martin

Kathl een Macioch

Hasti11gs Mathematics

St. Paul

Charlotte Manie

S peech & English


Beve rly Markegard

Burnell Manley

Alma, W isc. E leme11 /ary

Worthi11gton peech

Gaylord May Rose Creek Acrou111i11g

¡ - o-----

Marilyn l\1cQuire R or h f'Sll!r E11glish

Karen Meistad Arcadia, Wisc. Nursing

Judith Meschke M o rristo1rn


James Meyer Winona Elemelltary

Dale Newcomb

Douglas Oelke

Dakvto Mathematics

Rochester Sp eech

Judith Nygaard

Wanita Olness

LaDrosse. Wi sc . Elementary

Whalan /:,'/emc11tory

A QUESTION ... Te rry Holton a nd Don Higgs s top by to as k about the Kappa Pi sponsored C hr is tmas card sale.

Larry Mierau

Robert Miller

Duane Murray

R ushford Biology

Lt·1·itto1rn. Pa. B11s;,1ess Administration

Bu si11e.~s Administration

Donna MiJler

M ichael Moriarity

Thomas Murray

811 rns1·ille


M inn ea polis Eleml'ntary

W i11011a Business Ar/ministrat ion

Eu gene Mill er

Jeanne Morrison

Robert Nt>lson



Social Scie11ce


W inona



Karen Mill e r

Steph an Muras

R ed Wing




R uth Nesbitt Bloom i11gtv11 E lementary



- - - -- -

Karen Olson

Jacqueline Opsahl

Mary Paape

William Pence

Alice Peterson

Winon a Elemenra r.Y

W inona Elementary

St. Paul Art

Northfield Ph ysics & Malit

Sr. Pun/

Virgin ia O'Neill

Thomas Oswald

Larry Pederson

Susan P ettis

St. P aul

Wes tbury, N.Y. Elementary

Linda Pete rs

Peterson Malh & Business Admin.

Worthington f,'lementary



English /•'armington

THAT'S GOOD ... S tuden t teac he r l a ncy Witt as is ts a not he r s tude nt of a younge r varie ty.







Dale Phillipson

Janet Prudoehl

Jeanne Reck

Richard Ries

W i11011a Sociology

Winona Elementary

W abasha B iology

R ollingstone Sociology

Ge ne Phillipson

Diane Puetz

Carolyn Redlund

Elizabe th Ripple

Wh itehall, Wisc . Art

W inona Nursing

St. P oul Elementary

Win ona Eleme11tury

John Pre ntis

Susa n Randall

Sandra Reisdorf

M i1111eapolis i ndustrial Arts

Eyota Music

Ted Robe rton

St. Paul Elementary

R ushford Busi11ess Ad111i11istration

Charles Prigge

B everly Rathbone

Gene Ric h es

Lewis toll Acroullting

Na stings

Hastings Accounting


Douglas Ros('ndahl Bloomi11gto11 Biololff

Bonnie Rossi Kinney Elem elllary

Hal Rossit e r

John Ross

R ochester, N.Y. Business Administration

R ed Wing

Diane Ruprecht


White Bear l ake Elementary

17 1

Sandra Runningen

Sharon Sandford

La V crn Scharmer

llo11sto11 N11 rsin{l

W inona Elemen tary

W inona M athema t ics

Sandra Sacia

Judy Saue r

Sandra Schley

Gai<'sville, Wisc . Elementary

A ustin Elementary

Fo/e } .11ati1 <'mo tics

PUT THEM THERE ... Kath y Mac ioc h g ives in st ruc ti on s Lo

fres hme n <luring Orientation Week.

Calista Schlutz

Larry Sell

Tf7 inona E lementary

W i nona M athemaiics

Lynn Schumann

Jose ph Shafer

Eyota Nurs ing

R ed W i ng Sociology

Mary Scott.

Mary Kay Sheehan

Ch atfield E fomentary

Ho kah Elementary

Richard Seib

AIJen Sheldon

H aubstadt , In d . M ath ema t ir¡s

M inneapol is Biology


---- -





Edward St.ice

Janice Sweep

Ric hard Thurow

Hayfield Sociology

St. Paul Elementary

Min11 eopo/is Busi nes.~ Adm i11 istratiort

Yohlan Stroebel

Sharon Tepley

Ernie Timmers

Chat/ii-Id Elementarr

Ceda r R apids, Iowa Elementary

St. Paul Elementary

MERRY MUSIC . . . Gary McDowell a nd fellow band me mbe rs e njoy their warm-up sessio n.

Gerald Shorter

Thomas Smith

Mabel Business Administration

Adams. N.Y. Elementary & Physical Education

Frank Siebenaler Lewiston Industrial Art

Cynthia Staublin Fountain City, /Vise . English

Ronald Slack

Ronal d Stevenson

Forest lake Elementary

Colli11gswood, N ../. Physical Education

Bernice Smith

Judy Strauss

Adams, N.Y. Elementary & Physirol Education

Hoch ester Elementary



~~ -







Alan Tripp

Thomas Tweete n

John Volkman

Patricia Wedul

Peter Weisbrod

Worthing ton English

S p ring C ror;e C/l(:m istry

Winona In dustrial A rts

W inona Elemen tary

F.lgin Elementary

Harold Tye

Cathy Walte rs

Judith Wegman

Gloria Welch

S r. Charles S ociology

B/00111ington iVursi ng

S t. Charles Elemellfary

Sre rcartville 11nsic and Elementary

Karen Wehrs

Thomas Westberg

R och f'ste r Elementa ry

Cet!or R opids, Iowa Ell'mentary a rul Physical Educat ion

Kathl e en Tuin Hopkins Elemen ta ry

Joan Tu shne r


W inona Ele111e11ttu'.)'

Ronald Varnum

Linda Watson

Collingswood, N .J. Business Ad ministra tion

Lak" City Elem(' nta ry

Larry Tutewohl

Terry Vatland

Lakeville Mat hemat ics

Carol Weaver

Mabel Elementary

Altumont, N .Y. Elemen tary

Diane Weir Cedar Rapid ,, Iowa Element ary

Mary Whalen St . Louis Park Elrmenta r y

Joan Wic-rzba

Constance Win slow

Larry Wittt>r

St. Paul Mathematics

F ount ain Physical Ed urntion

Win ona Business Admin istra tion

Peterson Elementary

Winona lnd ustrio l Arts

Charle ne Yamana ka

Galesville, Wisc.

Kealakepu.a, llawaii

l~'lc•m ent o ry

Paula Wil son

Nanc y Witt

Ve rna Wollin

Houston Element<11)

Dodge Cen ter

Leu·iston Elemenwry


Margaret Worra

Richard Yeske Thomas Zahorik



Wayne Medc raft works dil igentl y away w hile his roomm a t e look s o n.


- -- - - -



Dave Pre colt diligently

p re pares a lesson.

Sophomores & Juniors f-"' The m id<lle years of a college career .. . the period of adjustment over, past experience brings ease and familiarity .. . busy active days with classes, work, extra-curricular activities ... each experie nce bringing the final year and realization of a goal closer . ..



leads t he War-

riorcttes in a practice drill.

SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: ... Tom Corman, pres ident: James Dubsky, vice-president; Lau ra Schott muller , secre tar y; Ki t G rie r, treasurer.


--~ -



.. .




- --

JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS : Gary Hi rsr hl f'r. vice-pres ident; James Brodi<'. presid e nt ; Warren La Course. t rf'a u re r.

USE THE CARD CATALOGS ... Nancy Nelson performing Oil<' of tht> man y task s of a librarian's assistant.

MORE STEPS TO CLIMB ... Pliny S mith ancl Rae Ann Ake r pause o n the ir way to an evening of st ud y.


BARB'S BEAVERS ... FIRST ROW : Ja nice Bostrom. i\l aryannP Kriske. Linda Kant h ack. Linda Ha ndt. SECOND ROW : Leader Barb Botrher. Libbie Albert son . .\'larilyn Pettis. L ynn Sasse. T l I !RD HOW:

Tony .\lendcn. T orn l\foriart y. Mark Stenzel. Earl H ornick. F OU RTH ROW: Den ny Moore. LP!' Cray. Kerry Snyd.. r.

Freshinen- Class of 1971 PHJL' FA VORITES ... FIRST ROW: Vul.. ri<' , anders. M artha Schac ht. L ynn Loquai. Paula Sc hafer, Yvon ne Hodd<:> r. SECOND 1{0\V: Lt:>ader J udy Rose, De nnis .Krcofsky, Gary Nie m iec, Jim Ur-

bach, Bryan Zins. T HIRD ROW : Leader Phil Lu h mann, Ken l\yberg, S teve B uresh. S teve Diek.



GILL'S GO-GETTERS ... F'rRST HOW : Linda Kro~h. Conni l' Ba rron. Janel Rl'ic- IH>I\. I.ind a \\ is... _ Che ri 1-lt'nderson. S ue S tolt man. leader Lucia Ginva nni. SF.COi\ O ROW: John '\ovotny. Sue Bullt'm.-.r.

J\1arlt'ne Thil's. Barb P eterson . Torn Canale, Dean A. Schu mann. THIRD HOW: Don Schrankler. Greg Ang;~ len . Dic k ~li lle r. Barry Colborn. Bill Gilberl$On . leade r Gill Sorg.

HAPPY WAITING Fres hmen learn how to s tan d in a well-known Winona State --Jine" as they e nte r Sornsen Auditorium. Pat Bisel. Orie nta tio n co-c hairman. welcomes them.

SUE'S SWINGERS ... F'IRST ROW : Lead er S ue Cih a k. Linda Tor. gerson, Linda La lly. Jan Su lkowski. Rarb Ve ldhu izen. SECOND ROW: Greg Ohman. Virginia J\'l iller, Pat Ward, Diane Richie. Coller n

I landa hl. TH IRD ROW: Gran t Thrke. Dale Auc kland. Je rry Carlson. leader Greg Staplt>s. Nancy Root. Sam Gaustad .


i\1.J.'S MARAUDEHS ... FIB.ST ROW: Geoqw ll ubba rd. Ja nel \Vadow. l\.la.w Reider. Linda S perbeck. Sharon i\lonson. Don11a \lyska. Linc.la Vo n Ha r~cn. SECO~D ROW: Leader \lary J ane \. ucinovich.

PETERSON'S PETS ... FlllST ROW: Leader Alice P t>1Nso11, 1-'ei;l!.Y

Andt' r~on. Karen Jostad. De bbie Larsen. Vicki SC'h11eide r. .J eanell e

H.u by.

Barb Hill. Paula Erd mann. J ean Tu lcwohl. Susan Sc hroeder. Judy Sch losser. TllTRD ROW: Leader Bill Fop:!>lsanger. Clarice Ridgeway. Ro ber! Cullen. Jim Ki~tler. Allan Fordt•.

Thorson, De bbie Flah y. 1-'at Mcska. T ll IRO l{OW: Chris Applegate. Ken Walker. Kraig S trornhe rg. Bill Koutsky. John Kasid.

ECO D ROW: LPatler Warren LaCourse. J im Laursen. Tom

OH SO SWEET! ... Margaret Davis give her impression of little "Eloise" at the Freshman Tale n t S how.


BENSON'S BATTA LI ON ... FIHST ROW : Dana Suc hane k. C hris t y i\Icicr. Linda Gilbert. Dia na Cartwri1d1t. Char DomaiJ le. S E C O'\'D RO W: Kevin Ham mel. 1.aun·I un-

FISC HBACH'S FROSH ... F IRST HOW: Dian ne Olson. Jt>a 11 Prondzinski. L inda Kra me r, Collee n F ran k, Carol ll t>rmann. S EC0 D ROW: Lead er Harold Davit>S. P at Gerber. Leslie Reynolds .

KNIEBEL'S COMERS ... FIR T ROW: Janet C rotl 1. Ka th y W a ll. Teresa Kulas, Betsy H en nings. Yl ariJyn Ebeling, S usan Harlow. ' E C O ND ROW: Linda S traud , Kri s l saacson . Bre nda J unger b erg. Da ve Moorma n,

s tedt , Na ncy Drussc!L Bon ni e Brandt. lt>ade r Ca rol Nessle r. THI RD HO W: Jeff Engen , Tom Holl ingswort h, Dean !\ lay. Dave RittC'r . leader J ay Benso n. Ne il Sagan . Carl Gi rtler.

Jud it h _\ Jyhre. leader Patsy Fischbac h. TII IRD ROW: Joe Lawrence. Dan ie l f' ronsC'h inskc. Ste phe n Bay. J\ li ke Nt>s bitt . F O URTH ROW : Bob Kc i1)er. Larry Holtega ard . J i111 Ba te man.

C huc k and . leader S ue Knicbel. T f-lT RD ROW: C ha rles ll e iser. Cary L ee. Bill R udigie r, Rog Lac hpr. Ronnie S udde ndorf. L ore n Flom . leader Robert Beksel.

LI NDA'S TEAl\'1 ... F ll~ ST ROW: Susan Drajeske . Kay Otis. W> lic Ba ker. J udy w ..ra. i\lary Pa szkiewin. ECO.\D HO\X: Be rnard S mith. J an Edwa rds. J ohn Elias. Marian Fe lland. Robert


Ku hl mann . leade r Linda child. TH I RD HOW: Jock Grier. La rry Steen. Oan Gabriel, Erik \l ad en. William l{einarts. leader.

WAYNE'S WOND E RS ... FIRST ROW: Cathit> Roddy. Nancy Amt>s. Lee Ab raham. Kay Raddatz. lt>ad er Sand y Schley. S EC. ONO ROW: Laurie Bambenek. \! aril yn v. . rnon. a ralyn Thomµ so n. Maureen H.odic k. S ue T ikal. leade r \\' ayne C...r~e n. T H IRD

ROW: Joe Cic hanowski, Pete Kae hler, Steve Lee. John Doely, Doug .Vlac Le n nan. FOURTH l{OW: Bruce Rette rer, Greg Den· B!eyker. Bruce Dan ielson, Ric hard Pit tman. C harles Poppe.

JAN'S JOYS ... FIRST ROW : J a ne Deedrick. Ma rion Congdon. Elle n S tarieh. Elizabeth Sherer. Edit h Bierbaum. ECO.'\D HOW: J.eader Jan J ohnson, Linda !\landers. Harry Bartz, Mark

U nderdahl. H.ichard F. Gora. TJ-lll{D RO W: John Danneker, Glenn Sch ultz. Doug Pa ~e . kadcr Gary McDowell.

CHUCK'S CHOICES ... FIRST BOW: T.eadn Sheila H omola. Conn ie KroPgcr. Paulclle Holm. Pris"illa Wcis b rich. Bt>cky Fabian , C indy J ohnson. SECO ND 1{0\V: Ron Dahling. Ma rvin Han-

son. Alida Kennedy. Carol C hris tie. !\fary Anne Speck. Be rnie Wallerich. THIRD ROW: Leader Charles H errig. Bruce Kinlund. Tom Yakish, Craig Arneson, Steve Zippel.

GAIL'S GROUP ... FIRST ROW: l.eadt>r Gai l Haney. Luanne Ste int>r. Candy C a rlso n , Beverly Dcforth. Lorna Cooper. W endy Schmid t. SECOND ROW: Fra n Corcora n. Pat O'Tool<'. Paul

Gui her. Steve S hogren , Pe nny Klein. T HIRD ROW : S teve Holuba r. Sco tt Hannon . Mike Hoss. FOUr{TTf ROW: C ha rles Figg. leade r T om Stover. tt>vt> Van S lootcn.

~ •





SETIING 'EM UP ... Co-Rec l\ight

- ~fl




provides a n active ga me of volleyball for fres hm en .


DICKEllMAN'S DANDI ES ... FIRST ROW : J o Ann Johnso n. Darlys Bril7.. Leslie Carvell. Su7.anne Buggerl. \lary Bodelsol. \lary Lou Robinson. ECO! D ROW: Leader .\!arlys Dickerman. Arlhur Humphries .

Vicki .\1cCluske. Martha I !olden. Sandy Stern'. Ronie Ostern. THIRD ROW: Leader Bob Jackson. Jim ,\logt>n. Garlh Weis . .\[crlin J\lielke, 1ichael Baurt>s. Tom Keller.

KENT'S KIDS ... F lllST ROW:Linda Johnson, Ann pclhaug, Carol Casanova. Lind a P earso n, Juanita Wasick. SECOND ROW : Leader Barb Rt>io. Rog..r Sames, Jim Wierzba, Peggy Brake . Kart>n KPllett.

THIRD ROW : Lead er Ken l Kroupa , M. J. Nolan, C harlie Redwing, Dave Kryzer.

BETTER THAN BOOKS .. . Fre hm e n e n1oy t heir d ance a t Winona State.



GUNDERSON'S GANG ... FIRST ROW: Lind a Leary, Karen Kunce. Margaret F ~rg,uson. S1w Hobli t. Karyn Luch r. Ire ne Hergaus. S ECOXD H.OW: Leader 13arba ra Ste m mer. Jim Van Alstine, Dave Gerge n. Andre Thome. Tom S c han\... David Boss.

THIRD ROW: Joe Tallarico. S teve Prussing, Ji m Bra ndt, leader l{ay Gunderson. NOT P lCTUl{ED: Kaye Kruegel, Sharon e hicche.



FIRST ROW: Debbie Osterberg, Debbie \ 'lillie , Caroly n Ebeling. Na ncy Mil le r. E CON D ROW: Leader Con nie Winslow, Lo is Palecek, Jeann e Lewans ki . Nancy Jaszewsk i. T l-llllD HOW : E<l Stern Dale Connolly, Greg Johnson , Mark Da hlstrom. leader Tom Corm an.

LOST OUR LEADER , WIIAT'LL WE DO? ... FIRST ROW: Ruth Wegman, Roxan Kinas, Kenneth R. Mehaffey. S haron Marggraff, Ca rol Cordes. SECO:\' D ROW: Carol Ryan, Audrey Jacobson,

l .ynn Miller. Linda Oczak. \ fa ri!yn Nelson. Joe Prettner. THIRD HOW : Walter Herron. Ti111 .\!alo ne. Aftabadeen Abrahim. Gene Van Bus kirk, Tom Brown.

KAY'S COOL CATS ... FIRST ROW: l\l aure<"n Keefe. Joan.,.. Ka~<>I.

J ud y B ru<"gg<"r. '\ancy Glover. Chris Yankove(" . . ECO\D RO\\': Louise Poss.. hL Jim Williamso n. Kr,in Senn. Don Bal-

LORE N'S LOVES ... FIRST R OW: P at KPnncdy. 13arbara Voss. Carol P oppe , leader Virginia O'\ .. ill. U7ann<' Rumst ic k, .\la rion Nelson. S E COND ROW: Helen Laumb. C ha rlf'ne B ro·

CRITCHFIELD'S CROWU ... FIRST l\OW: 13Ptt y 1-lcndric k>on , .\1ary P e llowski. Carol Pre tzPI , IPadn uc Crit c hfit>ld. SECOND ROW : T eresa Hayes, Lind a S lw lander. J an vlc Leod. Dian.. C hris tiansrn , £lien Ku las, leader Hic hard Thu row. TH IJ{O l{OW:


fanz. THIRD ROW: Leader Kay Quinn. Tom Prickette. Dave Anderson. Bob Grabau. Tom Th ei~ . leader Dennis Holtcgaard.

gan. W anda Wi llrnr, Doug Sm it h, Je rry Wieme . THIRD ROW: W endee Kennebeck, leudt'r Lurcn Callagher. Phillip Hanson, Bob J acobson. Larry Ovcrhaug.

Leroy Wiegrefe. Rowen K11rimay, Brent Young, Steve Johnson. FOURTH l\OW: S teve Schutte, St<?ve Protsman, Roger Snelling, All en Johnson. Stan Coughlin .

NELSO'.\-WALLACE ... F IRST ROW : Karen Ha rtlev. Marnie Quady, Bonita J<'"cll. Jackie Voight. J a nt'ltt' Paulos. SEC O 10 ROW: .loannt' Abraham. P am i\Teyer, Carol Stem per. leadn

\fancy Nelson. THIRD ROW: like Con noll y. Richa rd :\elson. Duane Gertzen, lt'ad i-r Bruce Wallace. FOURTll ROW: Chris Cournoyer. Bob Harders. David C. Anderson. Mike Lanp;e.

WAINWRIGHT'S WINNERS FIRST HOW: Maril yn T uc k· er, Jo Hageman. Alice Koua l, Kathy Pol hy, S haron Corby. Sf:COND ROW: Lee Cartner. Joe Douan , Dt>nnis Barry, leader

S ue Will iams. THIRD ROW: Greg Zetak. lii"hard lverson. S tan· islaw Buc hner, leader i\ilik<:' Wai nwright.

SINC IT OUT . . . Fresh men display th e ir entertaining talent. at the annual tale nt s how d urin g Orien la tion Wee k.



POFERL'S PROTEGES ... F'IRST ROW: Lt>ader Jim Brodie. Ilobb.. Boyle. Kristi Krejci. Ginny Lt>ifrld. Sur Lentsch. Pat Bierma nn. leader uc Pofcrl. ECO D 1{0\V: Suzanne Kasal. l ar~y ieht'n , Pt'~ll:Y S hat-

TROK'S TEAM ... FIRST ROW: Sandy Quist. Dorrine St inson, Becky


tuck. Norma \!lichael, Paula J i>nsi>n, Karen Head y. THIRD ROW: Ger· aid Gunderson. Larry Watson, John Foster. Steve Jasnoch. J{oy Amund· son. David Crow.

En.l 111ann , .Judy Sch mitz. Nancy Glubka . Terry Mc Donald. SECOND RO\"V": Karen Sch iechc. S usan Shi pton, S lwila Marsdrall. Hobe rt I..

Jacobson, Roland Roland, leader Lau ra Schottmu llcr. THIRD ROW: Leader Mike Trok. Gary Con naught y. L..s Bohnen, Mark Orlowski. Don Shall enhamp .

DALTO~' S DARLINGS ... FJ[{ST ROW: Cindi Buswt"ll. Dawn .\ loor. fl largaret Kra use, Candy S imon. Brenda i\lc Rac. SECO D HOW: Jim Kerkenbush, John Penshorn , Robert Collins, Ann Kre idermacher , San-

dee '\elson. THIRD ROW: Leader Tim Dalton. Rich Haugstad , Greg \le isch. Jim o·oea , Bru ct> Carlson. leader Jan Wiest.

BARB'S BARES ... FIRST ROW : Agnes Corrigan . Cat h) Cliff. Betty Ehlns . .\[onica Ku st ...lski. \'al Harwood. SECO\ D ROW: L t>adcr Harh Qui>$l. Jeanne Bilder. Judit h Johnson. Su<· .\lmq-

u ist. Ron \lc'\arnara. THIRD ROW: Bob Ball. Paul Fey. Rick Kru eg<'r. S teve Brand. Dic k Bjortomt. \/OT PICTU RED: Leader Tom .\lurra).

SING SOFTLY . . . Jan Fru ec ht e perform s at the Fres hman Talen t Show accompanied by Mary Kurtz.

H ELEN'S HIPPIES ... FIRST ROW: Lea<l ... r Helen Gorman. Diana Pinkston , Mary S hurson. Gloria Wilken, Judy Wend i. Terest> Thome. SECO D ROW: Leader C huc k Skladcr. Sandy Wi<ling, Ju dy Loh-

rnann, Scott Krueger. Linda Kjome. THIJ{D ){OW: Do nn Krcofsky, Jim Wally , Sam Shea. Fred Horihan. Gordon l\lciners, BiJl Einhorn.

wsc Greets Frosh

Four frc , hman girls discuss the ·67 Orientatio n Wt"t'k ac tivit ies.

BEHNKEN AND CALVERT ... FIRST ROW: Lt"ader Char Behnke n. Joa n llauhlt>. KarPn Hadoff, Jo Ann Schmid t. Che ryl Bremseth. Ann l'ru doehl. S F:CON D ROW: Tom Brase. Kt> n llof-

PETERSON AND JOHNSON ... FIRST ROW: Connie Tarras. J udy P utzier. C la ire Marx. Jud y Hal vorson. Dia ne l\kycr. Evonne Thorson. ECOND llOW: Leader Ruth Peterson, Ray Callctt,


schulte. Therese Przybylski. Gary S tepht>nson , Harlan Brandt. leader Larry Calvert. T HJHD ROW: Tom Haskett, To m Clover. Susan Burmeister, Carolyn H edre n, Joanne Ha hn. Mike Stafford.

Kt> n Rother. Dale Koc h. Dorene .Johnson. T HIRIJ ROW: T erry J arvis. Tom Dorr. JoP C hristia nsen. Jirn \orclstrom, lead er P aul Johnson.

DON'S DREAMER S ... FmST RO\'\': T om Grothe. Lesl ie Midkiff. Shi rley Petroff. Ja nis Rathbone. S E CO\"O ROW: Connie Chris 1ie. S hi rley \lurphy. Kat hy Nagel. Kathy Adamek. Linda

Hollowell. THIRD ROW: K rai~ . trapko. Bob i:{a hman. Gayle Reedy. FOURTH RO W: Charles 1\l almin. Les S<'hwager. leade r Barba ra Q uinn. leader Donald Elmblad.

KATHY'S CLOWNS ... FIRST ROW: Pa t Ke mp. To m Tiedema nn . Nancy Olson . Les Palme r. Lyn n Wallin. S ECOND 1{0\V: Naomi Fric k, Vickie Eling, Jim Lincoln , Jeff Nelson. Pam Hu c k.

Jeff Carolus. THIRD ROW: P e nny Weim er , J eanette Balsdon, Ron Fuglestad, leader Kathy Kell ey, lead er Ric hard Knapp.

TERRY'S TOTS ... FIRST ROW: Elizabe th J oynei, Wend y Thoreson . Barb Hee. S he ryl Pla nk, Linda Cappa. S ECO ND ROW: Bruce Hurlbert. Kathy Mc phee, Pat Slic ha. Jo Eagan.

Vicki Mic hel. Mike Good rich. THl lW RO W: Leader Te rry Va tland , Jim Mouc r. P ete Edwards, Darrell Zie tlow. le ader Ruth Wisdorf.


GRIER'S GROUP .. . Fll{ST ROW: Gloria Blank. l. inda :\1ue ffe lman. Ronn y Overing. Carol Sorg. S ECO ~ D RO\';': \l uriel S("hwerzlc r, Peg Eisc hen. P hylli s Hoppe. Kathy Jl.lortenson. leader Kay

E vnson . T l 111{0 ROW: To>lll fl at leli. Paul l vcm>n. Dennis \1urray. S teve Haase. FOC RTH ROW: John Zuber. R obert Losinski . \l ark Allaman. leader De nn i• kit Grier.

A SPIKER ... Fr eshme n e nJOY a s pirite d ga me of volleyball al CoRcc _ ig ht.

KAST EN'S CHO\VD ... Fl l{ST IWW: L ead er Ka1hy Stemmer. Chris1inc Raphael. Ma ry llildebrand. Ramona F Plst("ad. J eann e Heille r. S usa n Boyu m. J::CO:\D ROW: .John Schnabel, Rich Sands. Paula fan -

d rey. :\laggi Butler, Cindy Peterson. Pel! Chapin. THIRD RO W: Steve Hall. T e rry Swenso n, Bob Wood, Doug Kerkow, l{obert Ledebuhr, Steve G. Johnson. leader J im KastPn.

MOLANDER'S MERRY.MAKERS ... FIRS T ROW: \l a ry Speltz . .f ill Erdman. Ma rt ha \ larvin. Trud) Pe terson. Cherie Squires. Ruth Seyba. SECOND ROW: Leader Claudia Bishop. Donna A g r im~o11. Karen Dont'·

SHARON'S CHARGERS ... FIRST ROW: Carolr Kj ng;. Bec ky Pren· tis, Mary Novak. Jane t Crimmn. Ju dy 1'chneman. SECO\"D ROW : Nancy Bocgemann , Lind a Wendt. Ginny Ask , Joan And erson, Diane Cordon, le_ader Sharon Kohler. THIRD ROW : Leade r F red Bara nski.

hown. Carol J ohns. Ann marir Wogan. Doug Stant on. THIRD RO\r: Bruce Lodiward. Jerry euman. i\ lil,.e Cale"~ k i. J im Klug. l:lill Baldwin. DaYe 13e hnkrn . leader Lou 1\lolandr r.

Denn y Be ll. Mi ke P a tterson. Allen Holmes . .l t'ane tte Ros,;ou. FOURTI! ROW : Ric hard Kreidermac he r. Bruce Anderson, J\lichael Kenevan, Stevr Kalmes. Paul Sween.

LISTEN PEOPLE! ... J anette Pa ulas delivers he r monologue on " Lincoln's J ackass' " at the Tale nt S how .


Index to Students

and Faculty Androli, Ro)


93. 102

Arig lewill, Lt"onard Angslen. Grt-~Or) S. 177 Anhalt. Gary l.ee 102. 152 Ap1)lega te , Chri "tuph t'r

Ankrc•, JuliatHH' I. Aakr(' , Mory JIH•oh.!-on


A"lkn· , Roht> rt 0 . AAfl ESTAI), AMANDA '19 An,<. D1·nni• A. 21. 93. 11 3. 115 Ahnrl. David \I, Abn f'I, Rosa nn e C. Abraha m. Joann 1• L. 185 Ahraham, l.('t> Ann


Ahrn ham. Ric-hard E. Abra hamc;.on. Barbara A. A hraham~un. Kurt Paul Abrahim. Af1ahadC'C'll 183 Abram .... Donald B. Ahl "-. Jol111 J. A~r ... La"' r<'n re Aht<. Hi<hard J. Ab1 ... Thoma~ J. Adam< ~ . Kathle<n A. 189 Adam•, Ca role R . 158 Adam.;. C)nlhia C. Adam11, Joseph L. Ad a ms , Larry J. 97. 158 Adank. Patri<.·ia Adanik, \Villard A. Adki1l"· Donn a ~hH• Agrim ,.o n, Oonn o Mari<' 191 A~rim<i.on. Harrit t


Auc kland. Dale 197 AUGP.. \ I HS. lll::LOKES Augr. Kat hryn \l a ' I)) /\ulick . P eler K. AUSTAD. CHAH Ll::S 86 Auslin , Roland I 25


Ahren"-, Rich ard 0.

Ahrcn ". Hic ha rd E. /\hrc11~.

William M.

Aker, Hae Ann

Alfor,so. C harlt"'i J.

AllC'n, Laoa \1 arit> Alle n , Laura J oa n Allf'n. Lorclie i\lan.:hul!I Allen. l!og<r T. Allred. Ra) mon<l 0 . Almq ui~t . Jolin J\1. Alm<1uisl, • ui;.an D. 187 Along. Ja ne Althoff, Melinda Amhrnco(', \ 1 ancy 1\1.

Amhuhl. John R. Arnbuhl, Sundra K. Amdnhl , Ronald O. 93. 102, 158. 150 Ame--.. Nancy Lt.·e 180 Am la w. Jon T . Amunrl ~on. C harles IC 186 Amundson. Merlin 13. And(' t'jl,(' n. St <'p ht·n F.

An<ln!'!Vll. Uruce S. l<J l AND £ RSON. CARLI . 6 7 Ande rson, Churlt·~ H. Anilt·rl!lj•I), Cvl leen And~rson . Dan n) A. 125 And ers o n , Ouvis C. 184 Andi:rs~m. Oavid Cu rtis 185


David I..


Ot:nni l!I U.

AN DEK '0 '. DIVIGllT And('ri;.on. Gaq Allan Andc r l!IOn , Ga y le C.

Balih. Lin da Kar

64 E. 2nd St.

~=~~i11~ai)~~~n~l~;crt Babbitt. Na nc> Kay Babie r , Edward W . Back us. J amt'S L. l:l aem, Ric hard Bacd::er. Marvilla


Bagley. Jeu) nt• Fi fir Id Daglino. \1i<"h<lel

AIJ,·n. Ge raldine Roo1

1\ndcri;.011. Jam('!'

Hal Leonard Musre, Inc.

6. 9. 177

Alfon~o. Janet 158 Allaman. \tar~ W. 190 Allen, Del<· F'.

Andt"r~on , Andrr~on.

•WINONA'S COMPLETE MUSIC STORE •All name brand band ins truments •Gibson and Epiphone guitars •Compone nt st e r e o systems • Sony and Ampex r ecorde rs •Sony vid e o tape e quipme nt


Ak ins, Ri c hard C. Albee. Go.i i Mari<' Albert . Leo F:d ward 1\l bert ~on, Lihhif' M. 176 Alhr<' ch. Joyalon e Alhrcd11. J oyce D. Al exan <ln. Kar<'n Vo(l,le-r Alexand<r. \1 ichael J. 125. 152

AndC'r"-on. DiaviJ


Arharlf' ll::i , FrNI J. Arrn s, Ge rald \'L Arenz, Bernard \"\'. Arenz. Franc is J. Armstrong, Robert J. 1\rn ebeq;. Linda Sut· Arnr-~on . Crdi ~ T. 181 Am.s. Jane t E. ArnC'lt. Lynn e Arnold. Bonnit' J ean Arnold. Don I.. 9·l Amuld, J on W. 116. 140. 14<>. IS2 Arnold. \'inc('nl Uavi" 152 Arnold). Suzannt" 11. A.:.cheman. Hit"'hard Alan 1\sk . Paul A sk , Virginia

Dal Leonard Musie



AnJerwn. Joan I.. 114. 191 Andc~o n , Jo"f'l>h A. Andcr~on. Judy Kay 120 Andnson. Kathl'ri ne 116 And('r-.on. KathlC'f'n Ann Andrrso n . Lurry O. Anderson . Lawre nce J. AndN"On. Linrla L. Anden1on, Mar~artl J. An dcr,..on. \1a rlin L. An<lrrs on, Mi c h ud W. Ar1der'!on, Mary Ali C'C' 99. 100 Anci(' ri;on. MauriC'r E. 138 Ande rson. Michael W. 130 An d('rson , PC'ggy 178 Anderbon. Ph yli~ ·eve r~ And eroon , flan •lall F'. 42. 98. 125. 158 Andnson. Ri ch ortl A. 21. 95 Anderson. n obC'rt D. 105 Andrrson. Ron ald N. An<le rs on. Timo1hy J . Ander.,on, Th oma~ J. Andcr~on . T h o m as J oe l Ander.,on. T1 udy AndC'rlion. William 117 Andrt'.,., <:.. Muriel Ann Andrew.,en. RiC'hard IA'r Andrt•wo;en. Robt'rt 125 Andri ..1, 0 3.le F. Andri iil, DarvlJ

Ragni<"Wl!iki . J anH"!\ J. Li2 Bailey, Oa, ·i<l Alan I.~ Bui lcy, D (" nnis L. 158 Baile)', 'laq I·) on Baile). Samuf'I P. BaileY. Sandra Ah flt' Baird. S tc \•r n L. Baker. Harold H. Baker. Jamei;; I. Raker, Murid \l arlin Bakt'r. Nan('V C. Hak e r , Shi:. ro n Kay 99. 158 Ilakn, Wyl ie Sands 180 Balco me. Gaq T. Baldwin. Willia m F. 115. 191 Balfanz, Do nald Lrc l.50. 181. 187 Ball. Hobert Allan Ballangc r. El..-ic 11.). 158 Ba. lsdon, Je <mctt(· 189 n a mhe nck. J a mes I'. Bamlwnek. Laura Lee 180. 120 H,rn1be nek . Lucy C. Banic ki , Barbara Ann 158 Ranks , Gerald E. Bannikr. Ilarh 70 Baran s ki ~ Fre deri c 100, J 17. 158. 198 BAKD. ACl\ES 73 Barcfrl. f_,oui" Cha rle" Baringer. Diane 32. 36. 37, 39. 159 Bark("r, Ka ren Ka ) Barlow. Su<..an Loui..,(" 179 Dames. Donald F:. Barnes. ShaMn Ann Ramell . J. O. 2 \ Barnell. Susan Thor!'o('n 24 BARO . ,'\QR \ I A 77 Hatr. Robe rl Let' Barron. Con.,tance Ann 177 Barr). Denni'- Ja) 138. 185 BAR SKY. ARTHUR Harl d, Lowell E. Barrel. Su!'an Ka) 11l Bartling. 11. John Rart sch. Mildred 63 Bartos, James H.. Bartz. Harry L. 180 Ba~ tin. Diann I JS Ratc ma n. Jame" Lylt' 179 Bates, J1,hn S.


Ra uer, He.:i t ri('t'

Bauer , David !OS Bauer. Dav id ~L 13au('r . Edward C. Baurr, Ga ry C.

Ha uer. Lawre n ce P. Ilaure!\, Joan \l a rie8 au mao , Kris tin I I 1 Baur('~ . \1it"' hac l Baxter. Caq Ray. Ste phe n 140. 179 R•I YlK. T HO \l AS 8.1

The Shop for College Men 3rd and Main - Winona

Braton. ~largart'I 116 B f'e k ~ Fre d e ri("k P . Uri·k. Rirhard T.


· - - - - - -- - - - --

Br.--k('r. Pa tri<·l L. Bed.. t-r, Dan1t'I Ilf'ckrr. 1.inJa ll eck (• r , Roi,•• Ann Bec.:hr. Th• )m,t;;. \l. lll'.'<' kman. Clrn rkn l' 23

ll1•n.t. l .1lr{'n

A1·('"'ar. Du nit·I

lk·rg. Barham I.

Bf'f' ma n , llarh a r:i D.

Brn"-nll, Jmlirh \nclt·r .. nn Ht:n ... un, Linda K.1, B1•n .,011. \1 a1] orie

lfrn,.on . W'ill ia rn P. Bt'ntlq. C harl r·o;. I..

36 . 37. 103. 1.18. 1.;9

Beeman. T homa ... A. Be{'r!';, Curti'l S. Behl i n ~,

Ri c h it r t.I



BEICll LE\ . ~R C: Ill E llf'ki:.d. Ruh1·11 179 Btll. o~un i" (;('111.~ 4.1. 46. 98. 191




Ho n a ld

Be lt(·r. David Bdi. Wes ton


13f'nd{·I. Ronald BENIJE\ . DO>~LD 71 Benjamin. Li nda 45. 108. 128 Benne1t. Uagru o ll. Benncll. RoliN1 f.. Bf'n:;;o n , Coro l 159 Ben~on. Claud<' II. Henson. OJ\ 1d \\ . Be ni,On , J ame~ 0.

B{'n<;on, Jom1 \l anf'

159. 179 108


Bluke, Gt" r a ld A. Hl.,\KF: l.F:Y. IJRIA \I 76 Hlakc ly. Linda 108 Blab1ad. lfonnlf' Illaks tarl , Jo Ann 160. 120

117. 1!)9

Bi<lro, S nndra J . 1S9 lli .... J, Ka r<' n 102. 159. 79

E vc' rc-t t

13landrnrd. Da vid Bhu1J... , C luria

Hi('l('f ('lclt, D on ald L t't' Bit>rn) a11n . Pa1rid\l 103. 186

lkri.:. K irh~ J a)

A.. llNf.t:aU". lrf'nt' Ann 8t-rp.e. Dalt· 1 i;, B"r¥.n. Roh{'n I.. Bt·r~t>r. Ko' D.

J os (' ph F'.

Hif' k1w~ <'. l\'lari l ~ n


HC"r(l. \ larvin

Brhnl f'n. Charlo111• D. Behnken. Charlune I.. 28. 119. 188 Bt'hnkrn. o~J\ifl Lf'f' 191

Behr<'n"'. I inda


Be~t.li«e k .

Bt>1dH' lw l.. \Janq

ll kkd. Su..,..1n Kay Ilid,n. Ho" ard

Hinliuu111. 18J

IJ l

R<'l'gqnic:t. G<1r~

Ilt'r{.!t''•in. Crai;:, 153 Bf"q,::rr. Janw ... lh· rgt'r. \\a }llt: 125

~:J nh


98. 99. 180

Higelo\\ . Rru<'f'



Blank, Ca rol


Blan<:.k i . \ f ic b <w l Bla ... n . Band)


Bla~k o.

J am<"'' Kla\'lc)(·k. ,'l",rnn


Hill. B<'rn<'Ua ~Ian

Bill1 .. nn . Duu~a .. E. 106. 138 ll l l$F:. DO ALO 63

109. 155 BLESILS. ~I ~RII .\ 'Bli'<'hk c. ~l('phC'n 1\ . Blixr. Bruct> Allt-11 125 IllrH' k. K1·nn c1 h A.

Bt·r~l1•l<l Jo~t: ph

Hin i;t1·r . Dori.:r. I.. BinOt>r, ~l inj101 ie F:. 120 !Ji... t•I, P ut11t ·iu 29, 36, 92. 119, 159. 177

Hinck. William \ '. J60 Bloemke. Barham Jan f•

U <> r n a rd. (; ((' n W .

13i ... C' k . Linc·1. S u !-an

B<'rn J.11.. Kath k <· n B(·rn atI., Hicl1ard

Bi.s h o p , Claudia A. 36. 37. 92. 159. 191 Bi:..;hnp . .:"'l itlrw,· R. Bis~...- 11. •: ll t." n M. IQrl., 116. 169 I31!-.i.rn. Mai> Joan

Hlunlt"n t ritt. Maq Ju 92. I l<J Blunwn tr ilt. l.t-(•lt u Board, Stcpll<' n It 124

Hc•rn a i £. Thum;.i ~ J. Bnudt. Diane' C. Ht'rndt. fra11 1w 108. I 2R Her1el. Du'-len J :rnw"- 93. 106. 108 Bbikuf. O(iri" Klin ... l.1 H<-,...oncn. Donald II. I io Bt.·~~. O\\rn

8,-.. s l. Joh n C. 13t'tC'her. OimnJ. l.0111,.1· Br 1t('lwr. Kath nn 111. 119

Rit111 cr. David John

lliurl.lun<l. Ca rol Lee 16. 108. I IS. 129 Bjorn1oitad. Bt' 'NI) :::;1cff Bjnr1nm1. Ri<·hanl L.


Bla,·l.. RunJld Hlag<-,c:d1. Billi f' D.

80Lhit1. Ju<li1h Ann Iloc k<·n hc.u tr. \l;.' illiam

Bodelson, \ far ) 103. 182 flODD Y. \1AB(;A Hf.T 68 Bnc-d;.. Bru<•1· i\. Boe ~enrnnn . ~an n

98. 191

Roe l1C'ht'r. Angd a 8 11dl c hf'r.

Blahna. John H. 1-lla nhn i k , D o ro t h y

[)J1 11nt'ntri 11. l.u ril lc- \I ii

\ 1arluo

lfot>tlc-her . J ohn


l311c'<cr _ ~l ~pt~en

Ward's Miracle Mall

Select y our e ngagement ring from our display of ALL of the new styles And see the diamond of your c hoice in our dia mondscope.



Ope n 7 D ays a W e ek


Hv hu n, Daniel llohmbat:b. Th1)Jn:t" l3ohnt•n. B) ron fiohnen. Lesli<" 186 Built>au. flianne Rol and. L) It-


Bola nd. P :mil·l Boland. Su~an Bol and. Roland

Rrosrrom. Van I3r;own. Evonn(' Bro\.\on, Nr·il

40. 130. 137. 138

186 B ol st <1 d~ RoL t> l'l V . 160 !fo nd. Dav id A. I3on dt"<;o n. Lt:! nne rl N.

Bo nn e r , Ly n r tt e N,.. Jso n Ronnerup, .\lat) Cami

Bonow. \'\°("<;Jc, I'. 8011ow. William \i; .

Dr. C. R. Kollofski Optometri sts

Dr. M. L. DeBo h Con tact Le nses

Thi rd an d Ma in

Box 605

Do.ung.aardf'n. Handull

8oom·. Rarbara Ann Boon e, )lt" lvin L. Bora a s . .\1arC'<"lla Borchnt, Hoge r 94 13M(::l2!1l. \Vayne- L. 124 Bo<>s. David L. 183 l1oo;trom. Janice 1301.

11.), 176

BarlJara Botcher. ]C'nnifer Bntd1c1. S1ew·n

176 J;J

Bown<;, na . . id Roy. man. " rillia rn J. Bo)cL Re1h T hor ..on lloyd , RuL;rl A .

Bovlt>, Ilobbt' U.(• 186 Boylt·"'· John ~1. lloyurn, r\n n l\larit> Boyum. Lincla 1 .~ ·1' Boy um. Patric ia 99 Oo~ LHn . Ridiard


Bo) um . .Susan 94. 97, 190 B raall. Oona.Ill

Bradford. Arlonial Bradfo1d. Carol} n


Brad\. Larq Brnk('". Margarrl 182 Ri·and. Br ll (' Bra nd , Grego r)' 150 Bra nd. Roher! Grand. S tt.'''~n 18i Brand t, James t&i Brand r, Bonnit• 1i9 l:Jrand1. Harlan 138. 188 Bra ndt , Kath r y n Brn~t"., Thomas 188 B r a un , Th o m3:- J . Braun . Will iam E. Rraun, William I'. 150 Bray. Rober t F. 13rccl shall , Ka1hlee n Brei<lall. Ho llis BRl::ITLO'-'" . JOH\1

Brekke . Loi .:: BR E \11-:R. ADOLPH 69. IOI llrc m c r , By ron E. fi rC'mseth. Cherl y 188 B rem st•th. S u1.:annt' 99 Bre nn a , John H r e l)flan. S heila Bn·w haker. Nan cy ~ l unrof" BrC'za. Oenni"BreLa . Thomas J Ol. 104 Brir,l....hau:.. Cregoq Brinknwi<:"r. Barry Hri.,,bin. Holh Bri~<.·oe. Joh~ R . Rriti, Darlvs I 11. 182 Broc kwa,:, Pam e lu J . 11 5

77, JOO

llroe<· kn. Ilarbara Brogan, Charlent' Brom. Denni;::. 1().1 ll ro nic h ~

E l iz ;tlJt:lh

Bronk. C~cherin"' Brvnk. Edward


J 1un c~

114. 21



Buc king ham. l\obert Buggcrt . Su.£an1w 182 Buhler. Willa rd D. 106

Buland. :\la n hn Pa11cno: Bullemer. Su.:an 1i7 Hund). S h aron Bunge, Diunf' .\1. 12, 65. 160. 16i S IC'\.€1l


Burgdorf, Curt•.., IlurJ'?:e, K(•111w th Burgeson. Tho111as n. 125 Burk, Joan Wh o rt o n 79. 160 Bur kl". Thoma fi urmei!-i lt'f. Allyn Burmeiste r. usan 188 Burn ap- Ah •itrez Jos ("p h 152. 160 Burns, Oa n tt R if' hard Bu r r o ws, E liz:1bc1h 98. 101. ll 7. 160 Rurt. Ce nvi ('v(' Burt. Sandrn Kut· Burton, Bonita llURTOI\. ROSA i.i F. 78 l:h1 sch c r. Paul C. Bu.,co ...id... Paul R u~h. S 1anh:-\ Russian. o r.man B u~wdl,

Cyn1 h1a Ann


Oul dlart. Ina J.{'mke Hutenhoff. Gt.>rald A. Butter, Mar~ctl'(' I 190

BUTTElff lELD. RONALD 63 Byom. Rich a rd

c C a!llpbt'll. Chri ~ t v Cam1lbd l. Diane ' Campb ell. llav1d D.

Ca m r, IJcll. J11di1h R . Camµboll . )la') lo;a)


Campbf"ll, Peier G. Canak . T homa" I 7i CAPHON. H UG I! 72. 106 Can~on . li n<l a 108 Carlon. Lind a Mari e 110 Carlsoo. Alan H. 140 Carl~o n. Barbara 99 Carlson. Broc e 196

Carlson. Candac-C" 181 Carlson. Darlent> \1 ae CAR LSON, GU: 'N Carlson. Harold R. Ca rlson . Je rome·




Carlson. R uri d: I). Ca rl slen. AliW Ca,olys. frff 189 Car pen lf'r. J ~ ro mf" 1-1. Carpen1er. Kenne1h Carr. Jerrold Carrirr. Brure Carrier. ~13.rlin 138 Carroll. Dolurt"~ ff'h cn

ll ROOKS. IL\ Y 67 Bro.:t'. Belt\' Bros trom, P hyllis Fre ihe


Brugge rnan. C athf'ri nr

Brun be r g ,

l3uLJi1z , G lori a F . 60 Buhlitz. l\'1a1 il)'ll Kerk a w Bublitz. Sanrlr a 114 Bu('hanan. Thoma .. BUCHE R. SlllRI EY 67 Buchn('r. J ohn 133. 138 Ruehner. S1ani.,,law 138. l8S Huck. Ma rv A1ul

Calver!. Larry 30. 124. 150. 188 Ca lvey, C uro l M. 160

Brri lo;prccher. T homa~

Brodie, James

Brueggt'r. Judi1h 184 Brueskr, Ro'lr \l arie


Hot hun. Dar.aid 801hu n. John Boll. Alhr-rt Bvw<·n. Ja J\e 11 1 Bo\\.tll. Kath let:n


B rowne. P a trida 108. 109. 110 l:Jll.OI\ 1:-IC . J A \I ES 74 flR0\1' 1:-IG. \I AHGARET 81

Buck. l'a11 u·l.1 Bnc k, Rona ld

Haymond Jr.



Bro\\n, T humas K.

C arroll , Jo s<'1lh F: .

"TV Signal" Gives You The Best TV Viewing in the World 120 E. 3rd St.

Divi sion of America n Ca b levision Co.



- -----

Carroll. Lyn<"Hl' H. Caner. \l ar) Jt"an Caner. RoLnt Cartf"r. T('rr) r\n nt' Cartwighl. Diana 179 Car>ell. r,.. ,11r 98. I 82 Ca!'anova. Carol Lynn 111, 182 Casale. Mat1ht"w CKssc rly, Thomp~ [. (ai;tner. Shan111 Caulk in~. Ma11ha Clou"'t'

Corn~a). Jant>I Ilin·h Con~a). i\1.ariarl Bene.la C on ze lt . C u rt is C. Cook, Oe nni s L. 102. 160 Cool... Ho .... ard J. 140 Cook, Shirle. Iii. 120 Cook, Thm~1as A. 160 Cooli dg.e, Na n c y 44. 102. IUI. J6i Coope r. Chari<''> Cooper. Larr~

f.enfield. Ha) mond Chadbourn. l.eero) Chadwic k. ~lary K. Chafo~. P<'I<' Andrew Challecn. Kan~n

Cooper. William Corin·. Sharon 185 Cj;re~1ran. Francine 98_ 181 Con-oran. ~u sa n Corde:-;. Carol Ann 18.'~ Cordt•s, Slf'Vl" n R. 125

Chapin. Margare t

114. 190

Charles. \Vaynr 125 C h arlto n , Blain e F, Chia k. Sul'>a n 111 Chic k, \·l ike 108

Corc1w-. Frank

C hi c k , P a ul E .

Cheekals ki, A1·n1Jld Chesley. frank .1. 4R. 61 Chicos, Danit>! Chirpith. Con~t a nce Chri~lt'n"rn. Oarhara K. CHRISTENS~:>. .

108. 129

Gl::ORGE 86. 87

Chr istensen. Philip IO:; Chri stenson. Ilron...,rn 120 Chr istrnson. Gerald Ch rislcnson. Jo... t'ph Chri slHUben. Dian (" 1&1 Christiano::.on. Frant:t'I Chrislie. Canil L)nn 18) Chrisl iC". ConstanC't' 189 ChriMie. JuJi1h E. Ch r istofferse n , Gf1y lc 160 Chrio::.tophersofl. Bt'\f'Th Chubik. Jo Ann \l arie ChuC'hn a. Clarenc..·t' Churchill. Dt'lon:·~ 178 Churchill. GC'ne L. Cichanowski. ~lichael 93. 180 Cieminski. Susan Cihak. Susan ~I. I 24, I 77 Ciszak. C harle'! Claeys. AdC'lint.> 99 Cl ar e, Ri c h a rd A. Clar(', Rona ld Clark . Jud i1h Ann 94 Cl ark, Rohe r! W. Clark , William J. Claust"n, Ch arl e-~ Clausen. Willit· Clauc:.scn. Glad ) s Herrnun Clay. Da vid Cleme nt s. Joan ClemC"nl ~on , Carolyn 108 Cliff. Catherine 108. 187 Cliff, Rohe rt J. 135 Clifford. Perr) K. Clos way, Bruct" G. ) lO Cogdall. Jean Lewi~ Cogswell. DunalJ 38 Colbenson. David Colb). Ddores \\ right Cole. Ma n •in E . Cole. Pt'lt'r



Coleman, Su ... an Colgan. Caq J. Collins, Alexander Collins. Gary A. Collin s, Mary Ann

Collins. Roh<_>rt Danfo1th Comcforo. Keilh


Cu rran. Roger C u rt in , J oh n W. 138 C:r•cwski. Gar,. Cz.aplt>w!' ki. Ka thlcC'n Cz.arno ws ki. JC'rome \1.

D Oa <" kt>n , Jon a1 l wn F ,


Daffino;.on. S[e\'en L..·lr Dahl. Jacob _\ I. 124

116 E. 3rd Street

Dahl. Kathlet> ll Dahle. John I.. Dahle. Fraoci~ A. Dahlin~. Ronald 181 U a hling , Cf'ra ld V. 10!), l6J Dahls1rnm, \ lark. 183 Dalt'iden. Jamr~ Dalq, Oa\id Dalton, T imoth) 92. 125. 186 Da ly. Frcd rrick J . Dana. Judilh 116 lJanck wart. David 9 l. 97


Danit>lson. IlruC'c 31. 180 D a n ie ls on , De n n is A. Dan1.cii;.('n , I .ore n Dar k('ilY..ald. Clt>lll(' lll ll. Darli ng. D~ 1rot hy


102. 138


DA VF:\ll'OHT. i\11LT ON 73, 96 lhvi<lson, Barhara J , 16J Davies, C aro l e J . 114. l(il Davie>. Harold 16. 19 . 92. 161. 179

Connell, Pau line Connolly. Dai< 183 Conn olly, Cur)' Con nolly. Michael 185 Connor. Al 130 Co nn () r , Edw a1·cl A. Connor:,. Charle~ Connor~ . J.:uut-o.


~~~1::~:ep~,~~~~ -\Q1

Dannt> k<'r. JQhn 180 Danukos, Geo rge S tanley


Con klin , Ca rm t> n L. Cunnaughty. Gary 186

Conno)'. Dolure~ Conrad. Dianne

Cort' Y. Darrf" I r:ornl'!i us. Mich a..! C:ornic k , J a m ~.$ L. l30 Crn·n,,.,all. S usa n 96 Corriga n. AgnC's 18 7 Curri gan. Mi chael Cor~o. J ames Correau. Ju nt' 46 C otkngim_ 1\fary 11 i C oughlin. Stanlq 18-l Coughlos. Cyn rhia (Aulsvo. l:::llt'n Cournoyn. Chric:.1 opher 185 Courteau. J une 98 Cowif". T h oma."' Cox. 1\1arJ... Crapp:-.. J oan Crill\, Donald Cn1~hfield. Su!'an l 17. l 19. 184 Cromister. Stanle) 138 Crow. David 92. 94_ l 15. 186 C ul ha n e, Be tty J o hn ~on Culhane. Joan Culhan('_ Rita J . Cullen. l{obert J_ 187

Danids. Slt"ven


Com ero, G{'n c C.

Congdon, :'\l arion

Couper. Loma 98. 181

lh, 'il!!. Dwa y ne F , Da \'i~. Joyce !larder


\1 ar~.a ret

~ I A RI O\I f>a\'i~. J\)('rlin



Da\'iS. K.ic..:hard



Fine Foods

113 E. 3rd St.

Spice Island Spic es Usinger's Sausage Ric helie u Canned Foods

Jones Pork Sausages Birdseye Frozen Foods Bauer's Choco lates


Airport Industria l Park


Da\'i.;,, Thomas Da). l{id1~ud DAY. SUSA!\ 80 Dl'c k er, Ric hard P .

De Wy r e , Mic h ael 1:10. 138 Dcyu('. ~l irluwl Dt>tit>I. Free.I Oi('k. S11•\'<·n I iB Oi c.·ke inH\n, M,'trlyo:. 92. 96. 99.119. J 82 Diebon. Jimmy J 97 Di c k .s o u , K(' n11 .... th D . 116. 117. 161 Dier..,en. \Jcil Oictrid1. J oan \l. Dill. lfonnic Dill<''· :-.anclra Dmgfddt'.'r. Carlus Din J.. l<"r. Carolr 96 Dill mJn. RwhJrJ Dittric-h. Daniel Di11 ri c h . Jn mcs H .

130 62

DEC KER , NORMAN D1•t•drick. Jane 180 De Forlh, Brv(·riy 18 1 Dt• Forth. Maril, n g ise. O o nn u J . 30. 111 Degrood. Thomao:.

o. .



UdanC"). J ohn

D<'lanf"V. Trixie Lea Dt>IJnu, Rng.t!r

Dt>lbow. Linda Ann Delorlg. Jacc1udyn

Di•ltnn, .Jrff J.

99. 128

Dittri <'h. Janet

Den. Blcyker ( ;. 180 Denma n. Ruth Ot·trn , St anlie y Den nison. Il ru n· Ot'nnis. Do nald

Do<'I)'. Jnhn


DETERS. l\f. ALE L. DETY. l\ORMA:'\1 Dt'ufd. Jo:::cph H.

Doty. \ 1orm an Doty. ;\orm:rn IJuane Dovan. J oseph 18.'; 180

DR AK£. BE 83 DRAKE. RllODA Oran ge~ S teven E. 32. 138. 149. 152 Orad..ows!..i. Catht'.'rine A. Ora7kowski. Ke ith Dremer. Jt>.ttn 120 Dre.sse r. Cerald Dresse l, r cd c r A.

Duhsky. Jame~ Jo~<:ph Due ll. Orn·id J . Duellman. Roh<'rt A. Duellman. \ 'irgil

OomJgala. Vaneta AnnC'lt 114 Domaille. Charlee1l 91. 179

DUFRES1 f.. ROH£11 r 1\.

0t"vinc , Hita 103 Oevrit"Z<'. Donald

DONER. rn:l.VIN 84

Oont- ho"'-·~r.

Ann K.


Emmon~ , Pu tri ck J. 105. l 6 L Emmon ~, Slwila j . 161 L\11\I Of\S. WILLI AM 85 E n tlf•r::io n , C ha rles S Enti"r"iOll. Charil"'!' Enerson. Jayne Perkino:.

F:nrr,.on. Thoma.:; Erl;tt>n. Jt•ffr(') 94. 179 £n;::-.di,•n. Tlwodore;o f. n ~(· ll'Ot" n , Maris I::. ~:n11.<'l"iKi1·rd. Sa11der J. F.ng<'l"nn. Earl F.n~h.

115. 117. 161

Dolun. Jo..,t·1>h 105 Do ld, R ic h a rd M. Dole. l\.a1hlee-n

D{·vinC'. Eddie

hmann. Charlt'""

Dosial. David

O rajcske. su~an


£m('ro,on. R(ibnt

J::mmon"i, Midrnd

Dm:.:i.C' ht:1, Joan Oohmt•n. ()ri l 102

Donuno. Coll("{'n Donald. Jame&


Elvt>~tt·r. Stt'vcn P. Elwood. 1'cith D ! A:'>iUEL. JOSEPH I'.

Dorn. J udith l\nn Dorr . T hornM. 188 Dol'sch. Jean

Dn•w. Ianka Dubl in. Hi chard


Oot' v111·r. Cl)dt'

Derivera. Su Ann 0 f'santi,, i\ lark Paul

£11ri c-h.' Thoma"


Orazkow.ski. Frank 16]

Dohb(•rph ul. Jun(' Dobbs, Clnrk L.

0 C'n ny . Rohen

Dt·11rick, Jane


Dit1ri c h , M u r y )1 .

Donkn~ . K..m:·n Dono \•an . Su<1.a.n Dorry. Bt"tty


Duff). Jarnt'.'!'i

2. 3, 48. 49..'iO.

56. 60. 61 Du g an , J ohn E. Dunham, ~l arih n

DU:'>iLA Y. KAfHRYN 66, 119 Dunne. Man· Dunnum. KUthryn 108 Durand, E uge n~ J . 102, 138, 161 Dybev i k J ·lme~ 138 145

Hon;,tld J.

E n ~ rnve, B ur r y W. 162 F:n i.,rr uv, P aul J . 162 Eu grav, 5yJnc Habideau Enqui!lt. Pa1rk k E po;l('in. ]a)· E rdman. Jill F:rdman. Rkhard E rJman. ll t'.'ne 191 J::rd111er11..· 1.)k •.\like 138 £rdman('1)l... Sre,en 138 Erdmann. Paula 187 Erdmann. Hebecca 186 Enchon, Br uce E. Eri c ks o n , C h C'ryl E. F.rid.~01). Craig ft J::rickson . ~) l is F:riC'kson. Gaq• L. E ri ckso n , Marcia 1-.utz

F:rickson, Paul IL

Williams Book and Stationery YOUR SCHOOL SUPPL Y H EADQUARTERS 52 -5 4 W . 3rd ST. WI NONA, M I NN .

E Eagan. Merry Jo 189 Earley. Thom a~ F.arp, Charles Eastt!e, Olga Loom i41 l::a:,lt!r, Jt!rome. W, East. William J. Eaton. Kcnn('th E beling. Carolyn 18:~ Ebeling. Mari lyn l79

E.!i f'{', B ria n A. 162 Espinda, Ht"rberl

Es1es. Kathlrcn Euc•. l\i ('ha rd Euerli:. Sharon

Eckenrod. Diane 1-:ckenrod. Jerry Eckerman. LE-o J-. Ecker. Peter ~I. 7. 117. 161 Eckert. Judi1h Ka)'

Eckles. Robert :\lichael Eddy. Gary konard EDDY, JAMES 77 F.dcl. Mary E d ga r , La r ry D . 93, 99, 114. 161 Edwa1ds. J an Kay 180 Edward s . Peter 152, 189 E g linto n, AJ lll! n C. 16 1 Eglinton, Get1y Ehlen. John D. 116 Ehl ers, Bt"tty 18i Eh lers. Ja n E hl e , Jame5 L. Eichenlaub. Willia m Eidem. James

F Fabian. Hdwc-ca fair<"hild. Ct:ne F'aklN. Duane Fakler. Thomas

Eld.-idgc. Larry L05 Elias. Jolin 180 Eling, \';ekie 29. 114. 189 Ellingson. i\larsha Boyum Ellingson. orman Elli... Clt'mt>nl I.. F.lmbla<l. Donald :17. 92. 12·1. 189




Fen•ke, ) O)Ce 108. 128 ft'1Hon. Dennis Fe n1011. Mau.-een Fcrden. Gary f e rd t" n , Marlh a 011'1at.I Ft'.'rden. Patri<"ia 94. 97 FC"rj!.uSon. Cordon J.


164 West Third St. W IN O NA , M IN N.



Jl5. 190

116. 162 Fi'hrm n n, Jam es C. 102. 162 Feinc. Jnry V. F e ld m a nn , C arole 108. 162 Fellund. Marian I 08 Ff'l!Hcad. Ramona 180. 190

Discount Store and Station


Fa y. Paul Boye<" Fay, Pearl Boyce F'c cly . K a th lee n M.

Ei::ichen, l\ilichad f. 98 EKKER. RONALD 80, 140. 145 Ekstra n d , L e ro y 1)1 , Eld e r , folrn S. 161

Weste rn

Eyl<'r. Linda

F'anslow. Kri;;si<" Farnham. Timothy f:u·ringl o n, J oan


EIKEN. SHIRLEY 79 Einhorn. David 161. 187 Einhorn. Jill Eins man. Mario W. F:i.schen. Maq.1;a r('l 190


E'\(' lll'O n, J a m es C. 92. 162 E ven~on. William EH·r. . on. Adie E>er•un. Ka y 92. 119. 190 Ewah , R u th A n s te lt E wrng. i\lauriC'c Eyle-r. Leah

Fandrey. Paula

Eikamp. T t:"rry A.


108. l 15. 129

Evan41, Duane E virn • Kt>nnrlh

Ehv.-t, Janie<' Cole

EIKEN. EVER~:Tr J::ik en. Kay ;\ larie

Eric kio11, Pe1er H. F.ri<'hon. Rohnt Lee Erie-. Janirc Irene Ernsln. Jameb Ernci1cr. l.fsliC' J. Ern~ter. Larry J. Erp("ldinp:. David £rpelding. Larry 134 Ert><' l din~. \ 1e1vin J. Er::iland. Donald L.


Ferguson. Margar<'I Ann


ferkin~stad. Edwin Ferking-.1ad, 1larold I.. F e rnh o lz, Edwin J . Fe rnh o lz , J a m e& J . Ferris. Annt" C. FE RRIS. ROBERT 71

Fetting. John \"\. F'euling. i\1arilyn


Fey. p,_, 187 FICK. DO,\ ALI> 83 Fick, Cw~n Ann 119 F if',ller , J ea n H. 162 F iedler. William

Fifie ld, Ralph E. 92. 125. 162 Fi~g. Chades 181 FINCH. C£H TIW!Jf: 75 Findlay, Jant> Washburn Finstue n , Ga r•y l-1. lh3 Fis c·hhac·h , P11tri(•ia 37. 119 . l63, 179 Fischbach, Boger 99. 102, 135 Fi sch t:r, Cordon Fis hbau~fwr , Thon11t :;l L. ~l.iri l yn

10.5, 12S. 163 118. 120

Fisher, Arthur 104 fisher. Joseph

Fitting , Willi:; R . 163 Fix. David Michad Flaa. Ronald M. Flaby. Deborah 178 Fla11um. Hoge1

Fle n, H owa rd E. 163 Fies.land. Bruce i2 f'lom. Lorrn 179 flollerud. Eva Floyd, Anthony

Fragapano. Leo Frahm. Gary Frank. F rank . Frank. F r ank.


f.Justad. Rog('r

Franklin. Harbara 99 Fr ankson . Ja mes Fra •.·,..Je)·. Patric k Frederickson. 1\l arcia Frt"rmyn. L. Doyle 138

Freer. Sally Frr1.d11. Dorothy Frt:-imark. Cerald F. fremling, Arla ync

74 . IQ.I

Steve n A.

Friemann. Garv F rilli('i , Marshall Frisb)'. Donald 104

Froehlich. Fa y 99. 120 Frogoer. David B. Frosch. Diannf' Fru ec hi e ~ J ani e<' 94, 97. 187 Fru e n~ .M ic had ll. 104 Frye r , J ohn \l'. Fu~lestad. Ronald 138. 15-1. 189


186 66

Capp:i. Linda


Grade. J e i·ry

Crabuu. Rob(•fl Gen e


Gran(r. Sharon

Granste. Leslie

Ceurinl... J t: rr y F. GiLLs. William Jacques

109. MO. 143

C il.fi 11 , H: o be rl Eurl Ciefer. Kosemary

Cransee, Ri('hard

Gran1. Al lan GrarH . Jame~


Grant. Mary Su(" Cra thwohl. Warren S. Crn t hwol. J ane V.

G i esk e. Ro ~(> r Giesler. Bernice Gifford. Bon nie Jeanne f.igcr. Suban Lynn<' Gilberl. Linda 179 Cilherlson. "illiam 1i1 GILL. CHARLES 83 Cilliam. Theora f.

Cravun. John 84 Cravenish. Nadin<' Craves, Ro la n tl 125. 163

Cillund. Norman Lynn Giouanni. 1. ucia Ann 177

Cray, Dian i" Cray. Oorolh y Srnit h


Cruy, L<"e 176 Crrcn. Ali ce C r<'t" n b('t'f[, Jay


Green leaf. Leslie Grccnlrss. ,\1 ichael Grccnlade, Ronald Gree ns ladr-, Sha ro n

GrC'cnwood, S l1~trn C rc s<'th , De nni s P. 163 Crier , Dennis Kit 9. 19, 92, 190 CriN, J ock Ke nderii.:k 1 80 CR IFFlT ll . FAE 62 Criffi1h, \fa ry Ann Griffith. P<·lt'T Gri~.sby. Mury Cri m. Hobert 36 Grimm. Lynell< 108. 109. 129, 155


Clovrr. T h omas Glubka. l-l arri e t Speltz

Glu hka. Mary Ka y 186 C lu th , P a tri (' ia Ann Glud1. Su!!-a11 Cod-.cy, Susan Lynne


Crausoick. Susan

G licldt: n. Warren

Clover. J\ancy Kay .l 4. 160. 184,




Graff. Bruce Graff. Hichurd Lee

GLEISSN LR. ROBE RT 68 Glende, EvC" lyn W a nihopp GJe nd e, Janir e


Callaghe r , Lore n V e rnon 188 Gallf"tt, Raymond Ganser. Rubert

Foster, frrry

Gerla ch. Gregory Cerlacli. Paul Juh11

Ghdason , Jon Fre dric k Gittens, Josep h Clatt'h, Ba rbara Jean

Cainf'y , Mary Kay Gainey. Ri ta R. 99 Gainey, Ronald J, Gale wski. Michat"I 191


Co!lsman , Gare n Le~ Gout c h er. Jean 116

C launcr, Cary Lee

Gahrilson, Pa t rici a A. C<1<lcs, R uth Ann

Foss. Marilyil Fossen, Leigh Fossum. Har.,.ey Fossum. J ames Fossum. Janite

163, 180



Gerken, Judith Grrlach, J. S te phen Ge rla c h. Gurdon C .

Cirtler. Carl 179 Gislason. Be uy llohaus

Gabnay , Bru('f' Gabriel. Dan 180



Gergen. David 183 Ct"rg(' n , Wa y n,, ll.

Ci1>p. Ronald 125 Girod. Ruth Buck


Forsyt he, Oa ... id Fort, .Judith F'os ness. Jon

Gora. H1chard

c('CIH'~. David


Forde. Allan 187 FORREST. JA CK

Gordi~h. Get\t:nc G1,rdun. Diane 191 C o rt's, J amt"s G11nnan. Helt> rt J\'litrie 119. 187 Gorm11n, Thomas 92. 125. 183 Cost-, ~1ury Ann l lc::nderson

Goodwirl, Hubert

Gent.en, Du a ne 185 Cchko~·. James

F'risby , P a ttilt>(" Fritz. Patriria 99. 116

Foley. Joy L.


109. 163


f re ud\"'nthal, C l ain~ Frick, Naomi 189

Follmann. Tlwresa Ford. S1eve1l Ford . T homas A.

Ceppen. Ann Marit:: Gerber. Patrick


F r enette, Ro5cmary

Fursl. Ralph W .

Goodri<'h. William D.

Coogjnh. John Coo~ins , Mu ril y n T h o rn Coo J wi n , Kat" Ki e t h

(;nem.. Timothy f.

H\l::M LI NC. CAI.VI N Fre nch, Churl ci> E .

Cot" ris h. <.: h u rl.,,:; 130. 138 Cole. Jam"' B. Golbom. flarry 177 Cold&trand. Robert Coh7.. Colleen Rae 117 Connio1l. George Good. Earl Coodnch. M> <had 189 Goodrich. Thoma~

Ca11 ... 1ad. Shamn E laine G("i11111.• E l~it' Bl<"~sing: C dt.le r , R o Le rl Lee 163 Ge n~, J ero m e J . )05 Ceori:!,t'. RiC'hard L. Ge pp<"rt. Rona ld

F unk. Lester



Fosler. John

CMs tH•rd, John M . 99. 105. 116. 163 Gau. Jo Dell Aikin s Gaustad. Carland 177


Fl.; LLER. JOH . Fuller. r atricia F unk_ l.arry

Flun . Elaine Hoffit>r Flur). Jon H. F l,.nn , Ro m un C.



Allen Colleen J udi1 h


Gt1rd ner. C raig A. Carne~~. Denni~ Canner. Gary L. 140 Garrner. Lee Virginia IM. 185

Fulkerson. Nan cy

Flurkiger. Cl yde F.

F'ocgcn. Dennis

Gappa , P a ula Car<·1a. Rohen

FJrley. Alfrf'ct


Fischer. Michael


Fountain. Paul f'ox. John Fox. T imotliy

Glubka. Nancy


Grimmer. Janet 19 1 Cntznl:"r, C ha rles W.

Grob. Car y 67. 130. 138

Compliments of


co. 199

Croh. Viola \\ t'ndlan<l

llandahl. Collt·..-n

Grudint•r. \li4"haC'I /\.

Hamil. Linda

GR0l.L'1A . CATllER I F: 76 Crunwk. J amrc;. S. Crnn('rt. Hand\ 138 ( ;ronholt. Linda 99, 120. 128

Hannon. Scoll

Ha11.-:.en. Ro<lnt·~ I lanc;on. Che1) I 119 Haul'>on. D,H,id flanson. 01 .:.111nl· Ha n!'>on. Dwa) ne ll a nson , E d"'·ur·rl 138 H.:mso n, lif'kn H an ~Qn. J a m t~ .. H an son , ~ l arvi n

Ham.on ,

H i:1 re m . B r u('e 165 I larlan. Ourotliy Harlus. William 130 Il a rm o n . J ... a n <'lt.·· 165 llarms. Danit') H o1rm l!. Donna Uu rttu.·~~ ll~R\IS\\ OKTll. llA Rll\ i7 Harr. Burl 138 ( lanb, Kt'1t h

Gulhrand,.on. 01in.iltl GULLICK. ON. ~l\TH Ol\Y f.ullid·• ~on. Kkhard

l6 l

Gunderson. Bnp,(' ltft 21).J CundcNlon. Gnald 186 Gundt>nmn. J ame., C uncle r l!IO ll , Ka th r y n I..

16.J Gunder1'on. Raymv1HI 183 Gt, NER. ROBERT 81. 152 C ushn ~ on , Milt on J . 164 GL'TllRlf.. H \K OLD 68

Hart. Kathryn Hartley. Kar.. n L. 98. 115. 185 llartl<"~ . \Ian Ht!l l1 Har1mann. G l<'nn Harl"'i c h , R ogt•r F .


Haas. Juhu W.



Hat levi g. Ja nW!" i\. Hatt on. Robert l 2 ~


Habe rnrn r1 ..\ lurif•tta llalH' r man. Sue Gay HabiLi. \ lt·hran H•u·kt•nmillC'r .. lanlf' y G. Hadoff. Karen .lt•un 9..t.. 188 H aehi~. Jeff H ae!!.1'1~. Ceral<l llaru"cr. Bet!)' Je-a n ll ag<'man. \ l a1)

Haub i<', Joan


Hai~h .

O\\·('n C. l l aint-.. l>a'•tl H. H ake~. J J nws ll u ll , Al iC'(' SC' h ou ~ei le r Hall. <.:am1ll Oa, id

H a ll, E dn o l.~f' 79, 16t ll all. James 152 Hall. Kt'rm·t h Ii.II. \l a1y Ann 103

Il a/I. Hamon u Cronui;. Hal l. Ste ven 190 Hall, Su<l. iHI Jo y ll al l. T h1111rn.., 1 l tl.

1-la llu ni. Lui ~ 22 HuJ.,tead. Claudia Ha l vc r l!on, Ca ro l A nn 99. 10-1.. 164 Halvn•on. Jud) Ann 98. 117. 188 H M IMERSKI. DA VID 47. 82. 83 ,\ 1un t') >\nn

ll amihun. Ro ...emnr) 116 Hamm<"!. K~\'111 I i9 Hammer. JanH'"


9H. 188

lla u<'k . Fn :d er if' k Hau~<", Corl l e n H:mjilafl. John 1-f au i;en. Karrn 108 H augen. U al~

72. 93. 106. 116

Hag lund. Joan 109 ll a1tman. J::la1ne 185 Hahn . C"or~<' Hahn. Joannt: 188



Il a~kctt. Thv rn;:\~

ll at ha wa )'. Dean 1 :~8 H a1lcli , J o n 165 I lat lr·li, T hom,:u, 190

Haase. John

ll all('m ayl'r , \l ark

Har wood. David HarwouJ. Valerie H as ti ng~. Ka r~n H asti njt:~. HiC"hard

lla ar. Burl

Charle' II.


Harl )'. ~l aq Han·t:). Janw!-




H ardt•rc;. Robe-rt L85 llarcid. Willi am J.


H agen . 0 1o i d Jl aJ,:t" r , Cera l d 11 \G l::H"fY. DO llOTll\

Served da ily ji-om 4:00 p.m. until 2:00 a. m . "You have tried the res t, now try the best" Take out orders prepared


M o rri ~

H a u ~t"n, Do n a ld H. ll au1dand. Lor r aine 9k 99. 114 Haug,ta<l. RiC"hard 186 Hau,childt. D ai<- 15.1 llavumal..e. Brillu llawle). Jol--t'ph llayc8. Tere .. a 184 Ha) nes. Allan t.3. 98 Ha?C·hon. Oa\ id H ~a l y , C h a r l e., I !cal). ThurnJs Hc>ard. Rop.er F. H ea~e r, E l ai n l" H .:- bi JC, l.y nn Heddi•. John 13. 16. 68. 98

Hedeen. Jam"~ He.dr('n, CaN>ly11 Het:fm·r. Joh n ll t·frl. 1.orna Ht>fl(', David Hegla nd. Paul


Il(> i:l ved t , J and L. 79 H c gl vf' dt , IC ny mond L.


More People Ride On

GOODYEAR TIRES Than on any other kind

llcidcr. Jeffr• y J. H eim. Diane 11. 99, L16. I JR Heimer. ivlid1at•I H t' ilkr. Jeannie


H eil rna11 . Rus~"I

Ht•il k· r . Kathl.-e n Heitllt'rm an. Ronald Ht> in. Alwin Heine. Ruth H e inl!, Raltlh l)("i;;.('. David




Bargai n Center

Re tread Pla nt

l 004 West 5th Street

West on Highway 6 1


Dairy Products

of Superior Flavor

Nelson Tire Service, Inc. 4th & Johnson Phone 2306

Phone: 3626




Howie Says - "Take your car to where the tire experts are!"

"Home Owned"

529 Huff St.

Sammy's Pizza Palace 116 l\'lain Street

I la nson. Pcg~ y 99 H a n l!o n , IC ~iy m o nd Harden. c~OTj.!;t'

Gucnt ht:r. Grt>t<"hr n 100 Cut'nthrr. Mar) L>alt: 96

Ilua ~ <' . S tt phc n


Hannf'r. Patricia. Har1"CUm. Cullt'..-n 108. 109. 111. 120 Han-.«n. Cliflord \I. llan st'. n. Maril\'n ll ansC'n. Phillij> 184

Grummon-.. RllJ 108. 129 GrulJ:mar hr r . Kenu t'th Grun.r, Holland Cru11a. Sharon 1\nn Gru<l.t) rt sl..i. Snn<i u1 Klly Gu lrn.rno;on, Elaine Gudrnunrl!!on. Srnnln f.udrnun dsu n. S hi rl1•y Gu e nlht•r. E mi l C u ¥ nther, Jo h n 0. 164 Cut•nthN. t\larg.orM Ann

H aui.:k. B•· ll ~· Lou


Hanft. \IMtha Hanlt' ' . Judi th

Cronc1u1 c;.1, Janet L.

G u 11'o. Flo,•I I..


I 19. lf>L 181

lla ru'} . Cail

Cro11, ;-1ll, Mary 164Gro-...,, Juhn -\, IOt. Cn1th. Janet 179 G r o t h , S h a r o n J a n e 164 Groth('. Thurna., 106. 189 Grover. Corrirw Grummon'I. l\t'il

Guiht:r. PJul



H a rn.l)!'l iJ t·. J ;u w

- ----

fl i1r hcoc k. GrcgOt)


ll ci<er. C:harles Hett. Clarencf'

flf'lle1. frannc l20 Helmirh. L>ale He lrnud lrr, Nan cy Henimin~. Linda


9·t, 96. 97. 120

ll odder. Yvonnf'

98. 117. 177

H o d ge , Paul ll. llcwft. Mar) ll oc'lley. BonniC"

Htmpy. Robf'rt

1lendc-r1'on. Chi:=ri

Honon. T imolhy I.cf' Ho .. t><'k. Cloy llot:,.on, Waynt"

Hittn r r, Carol Ann Hjermstad. Da\'id Hoadley, E ... erell D<•an H ~>l>li t . Susan 183

Hender,,.on. Ril"hard Hendrick. Charle&


93. 100. 101. 106. 117. 165

Hcndrid:son, Hetty Ht- ngel. Charles li t: nke, Oa,·i<l 1-le nncssy, J o hn M.

Herman. Carol

1lol maas. Andrew


Heneik,.on, Nancy


Henry. Loren He nry, Margarf"t McC ra1 h HE.'IRY. ROOF.HI CK 76. 93

Hrnry, St("ven



Herr, Patrfr·ia


Herrera. R.oy Hrrri~. Charles

llolm es. Allen C.

125. 181

ilnron. 1'.ay Hcnon. Waltt>r


H ol~ t on ,

Hervt-y. Pamela Suf'

108 Heu"inkvrld. R(l<1.S Heyd t. Lowell HEYEN. f\OllERT 76 Heyer. _David Bru('c HEYEH. FRED 12. 73 HIBBS. RAY 74 lliuin, Dianne Higg•, Donald ll . 93. 168. 169 Hildebrand. Mary 19() Hildebrand, Michael

94. 108. 128. 165

Hnltt'r , ~1iehad 138 llumola. Sh>:'ila Ann 120. 18 1 Hon1.-.1ad, Wil mer llomu rh. Melvin


lloo prn a n, T c rr<'I A.

HOPF. RlTll 117 73

Horihan, Sh aron Horni<'k. F.arl 176

32, UO. 116


Jacob~ en , Tht:o<lor(' J i-tcohse n , AJ l,• n E. 106 Jacobson , Arly n (' Q. 94


Hun1er. BarLarn Ann H unler. Dougl'1S

Jacobson . \u<lr<- y

llorron. E.ugene Hort1m. F:vclyn Honon. Jo hn Horlo n , Pdcr

l 77


L. Jnc oh:ion, K e nn f" lh D .


I lurlbert. l:lruc:t' 189 Hurley, Tim olby F'. Q1 llusbyn, Barbara 108 Mus h y n , llru('(" C. ll u !'ehy, Col e n t~ i\J. 36. 3 7. Hus mann. Gary



I A<.'obson. Ru ss('l


Jumcs . Strvcn 115 Janka. Timothy P.

Jansen. David P. Janssen. David J. Janun, Sandra Kay Jarvis. Terry Lee 188 Jusnoch. S!C've n Jasz.ewsk i. John Jas:tew8k i. Nancy 183 Jaz:aye-ri. Nas ser J e ffe ri s, i\ti('h af'I R. Jehlicka. !lodger 152 Jenkinson..\l arciA

lr'geman. Gerald l ngval$On, frromr l n~ram. Berni..:e W,

L\'GRAM. RF:X 65 162. 166

Jcn!3en. Alan Jensen, Gary Lee J ensen. Pault:tt


Junscn. Susan Gil)' kn, on. Barbara 96. 103. 113. 116. 129. 155 J ere.;:;ek. J ohn

Jercsek , Mic hael J . Jerndal. RJlph W. Jnzak, Pa1riC' ia




JESSO P. ST ANLEY 72 )f'wPIL Bonita Kay 185

l vt>r, Lynn Roger (v('rson . Cennt:ll

Jacobson. Roberl

Jahn. Kat hw 1).1. 97. 128 Jahr, Maril y n ll. James. Ot:eAnn JAMES. JOAN 69. 115

Ihrke, Gary II . 165 Ihrke. Cran! 177 Imh off, Ma1·il y11 F. 99. 104. 165

lng,•o lson4 Dea n R . Inman, Judy Ann l r\.\•i n , f{uth Is aacson, Kris t ine bboll. Robert lsse n<lor-f. J an('! lien. Judith t\1111


Jacobwn. Linda Jru.:obson. Robert


l vc.•rso n. Denms




t':o b~~~~k~n~•telh

h e n. '.\1ary E. lvc r". Susan 119 h •e nm n , Barbara A.

Hor.. ch. David

l.'18 HIRSCH. THOMA . 65



~~~i~~~,:~~~~i5ric~ 90 t38. 187

Hinna. Diane Hip pie. James f.

Ili rsc hler. Gary Let'



ll OP Kl :-.IS. lll CHARO 77 Hoppe, David II. 115 I lop pc. I .arry Allyn

Himlie. Earlene Ann Hinckley, John 0. l-fin cij, G le n L. Hines. Marjorie Hingcveld, Catherint"

ll UNGERFO IW. ROBERT llunicr, Kim ~1it:harl H un1oon. Lyn lr('n('

165. 169

~()~oh~l\c·~'A'Et·1~01 .



Hol tan. Orin H.


Hill. Barbara

Humble. Sharon Kay Humfeld. S hirle'y llumphric". Anhu r 182

Holt egaar<l. Donni• I. 106. 125. 184 l·lult('~aard. Larry 179 H o h o n. Roh4"rt t' . 165 Holuhar. Steven 181 Holier. Darrell 138

Hildt. Gregory

Hillard. Gorald Uille rulk. Ingrid

7. 76

H ultberg. Ronald Mumble. Lnoy 9-l


T"'rry E. lloh . Hertha Holthe. Chad('!'

Jabro!->ky, Jame~ Jac k. Richard Jat:kson. \lien L. 166 Ja<kson. Harold S. JACKSON. 111\llRY R. 71 Ja ckson , Roh(' rt 0. 124, 182 JACORSC::\f. F:DWARD 50. 62. 70

Huling. Roger

HULL. llE. R)

I lunze . .Sandra

Holmstrom, CrJig lfol.a1111I<. Marabeth

ll<"ucr. June Ann

Hilk<'. J ane

H u~hf'};. Cary

Holman. Judil h I lolmen, Donna M arie

Herrmann. Carol I.) 1rn


llu ghes. Daniel

Hcrmano;on. Linda He rmcl Oenni!l Ht"rold, Lf'c William

He nningo: , Bel'")

IV('S, Jo~eJJh

lluhhard. Warren I lurtak, Gayle Ann Hut>tll. J im 135

Hoffm a n. Thoma s J. H og,en~on, Kt>nnrth Hoji!i.tad, Lincla 120 l lohen-.re. Patricia Ho he nthaner. L('wi~ ll olland. P hillip S. Holtm. 13ruce 154 Holden. Martha A11n 182 ll1 )11ing'lworth. Thornd"' K. Hollon. Lind..i lorlt' 96 llollo"ell. Linda 189 Holm. Pa11le11e 181

124. 165

Hf'nning. Slrvcn

Houdr"k, Marc 94 1louski:! r. Garry l65 HOUTZ. RAY 89 ll OYT. DAN IEL 76 Hubbard. G1.:orge 187

Hubbard. Ralph

Hoffr. Arnold lloffr1. Gerald Hoffman. ~1arilyn ll offru an. Robert 11.

Hendrickson. Bt"tty

lve-r-.on, Ju Le Anni: her~on. Paul 196 lvnson. n ichard l vf'rson , Ri<.·harrl Ives. Jamf'S

94. 100. 117

J ewe ll. Michaf'l


Paint Depot "Ready to Serve All their College Friends"

Art Supplies and Elliott Paints 167 Center St.

Huff and Sarnia

Winona, Minn.

Phone 4163



Siebrecht's Floral "WiMM 4- Qua!JJ.r 1~ 1

"'l i \.tCRA•-. \. .,., ;; L




~/{; Ovf/i


~fAtU. "

2200 Homer Road 201


johnson. J ane- Gaskey

Jilk. Susan llelcn Joe-h ims, C hery l L.

Joh n"'on,

115. 166


lo1~ .~~s6~~iKEZIA 191

Johnson. Allen [ .


Joh ngon. Br uce Johnl'>on . Bruce I.cc

Jo hn ~o n. Jan1•1


J ohns . C arol Ann

Jon e::.

52 94

Jo lm ~on,


Ju di1h Pe rers

Johnson. Ka thryn Jt"an

John.)!,on . Li.nee D . 166 Johnson. 1.inda Annr-lte 182

John-.on. Corde.lia J1>hnson. Craig Lee John!loon. Curtis~ J. 93

John~o n . Loi~ S""if1 Johnson. Lynn Mari e 98

John:!'on. \largot 99. 114 J oho~on. \l ichacl t>. J o hnso n , Nan"y JI. 98. 166


John::.on. Dale John.!>on, Darrel J ohnson. De Blondt' fohn~on , Donald 94. 97 John son. Dorene 188 J ohnson, Dorothy Jo hnso n, DougJas H . j Qhn so n, Gay lr

Johnson. Carry John son, Gregory W.

22. 2.1. 34..18, 81. 1 11 ,

Johns o n , J e rry K. Jo hn8-on. Judi th L('"e


Johnson. Connie Jean



Jti hrnw 11 . Joanne 182 J ohn o;o n. J u dith Ann

J o hnso n, Bruce R. J1)hn"ion. Carol Lynn



119. 180

John~on. '\ orman J o hnso n , Pat ri " ia L. John!'on. Pam1•la Johnso n , Pn ul L. 70. 125 J o hn smi. Pau l T . 188 John ~on . Robe rt K. Johnson. Robert Jamf'~ John~on. Ridiard C.


18.1 85

John>on. Konald 94. 97. 102 John~on. Ste1>hen i\I.

JOHNSON. HF.RBE:l{T Johnson , James £.

Johm;Q n, Stephen R. Jo hn so n. s1 ~ ven 0. Jo hn son. Steq~ O G. 190 Johnson. Steven l'h iUp John son. S1ev1:n P . 117. 184

t-..cm1l, Patri('k Kt! ndrit'k, Lurry E. Kcndri<-k. R<>hekah Kt>nt'van. Mit:hael 191

John!iion , Thomas E .

Kcnn.. dy. Alida

Kt·n nt'bt'ck. Wendee 184 115. 181

!24, 137. 138

Johnson. Vikki Su('

K1·nnedy, David

Johnston . .\fary

Kenuedy. John J. Kcrrnt... dy. Patriria

Johns1on. Robert

JOHNSTON. WILLIAM 86 Jone~. Barbara Ka) Jone>. C)'nt hia 52. 53. 92. 103. 111

K~rkenbus h.

Kt"',ki1alo. Duane Ke1;,ki1a lo. Rohcrt W.

J ones. David Jon('~. knnifer Jones. Judi1h Arm

h. C'sc;on, Ruth Ke..,sler .' Calvin

Jc1rris. Lor<>n A. J o stud, Harvey V. Jo-.tad. Karrn 178 Jos wick. Stephen Joyne s . Eliza bet h 189

K<'otF> l<"r. Ronald K('lr hum. Diane Kay 99. 114 Khu~l11..1mir. Firouz Ki(·khusd1, A! fn•<l Kiefrr, William Kfohr,e. Gary Ki t.. hn hs um, William S . N e"-ne r. Kathleen Kilt1\, \l ilo Killian. Jame..

Jozwick. Jan('! 119 Judd. J. Vander V''t'f

J(JO O. J ANET J udge. Rol>ert

JUDSON. l.Y\I ,\ J uehrs. Jon J ulsrud. :\laorni J unJ!l"'rber~. J un~hans •

11. 69



t\.1mm. \li<>ha<"I ,Kina:,. H.oxa11ne Jo Kin dt•. Ronald

I 79


Kind-;c1h. Jam e~ Kin,:. Bruce l'\. Kinjl. ( :ar11I A lice Kin~.

I( Ka<'7.ornw~ki .

Kin g. Patricia King. Ric hard

Kalhrcnt•r, Ri c hi:trd H . Kaldunski. Alice Kalicn. Elaine 108 Kallestad, Mi"haf'I \'\1•

PHONE 2936

KiMtlN. Paul Kiral. Haymond

Kmle. Lynn

Steinbauer's Shoes Boss Weejuns- Hush Puppies for al l Joyce for Girls- Freeman for men 69 West Third Street Winona, Minn.




Kaufman, Alan Kaup husman. Jame:, Kaup husman. Parri<'k

Klt-t", .\ la rgunit l~l .

166, 190


117. 166

Klink. Jud» Klingsborn.

Klone,-ek. An n M. Klug. James 191 Klu i:, L. Mi c h ael

KLUNCTVEOT. ELE:A.'Wf{ Kluzik, Gerald Kna1>p. Keum.·th Kn app. Richard 28. 189 Kni e bd, S usan l\1. 92, 166. 179

108. 166

Keller. Neil /\. 106 Keller. Peter

Kni~hl, Dovid Knips>rnl)("rg. Linda Knopick. David Knop1('k. Jam('s

Keller . Thoma:, 182 K eUen . Karen 182 Kelley. Ka1hleen Keh·., William R. 166


123 Years of Service


~~:* Tl\ ·*¥


Your "Yes" Bank






~lark K. 108. 110 KLOE~IPKEN. l.ES l.I E KLOF.MPKION, THEL~IA KJornµ . f\Jichad 94

80. 138

Mo~re n

Laura Ann

Kl('i.SI, J oarwe E. Klepp<>r. William

Dt"enan , Linda Sir("k Kchn em ann, Judith ICH. 191 Kei per. Helen Johan')t'll Keiper, Jamel' 93. 114

Ke ller, Glo ri a


Klr1ss. David

I 25

Keefe, Verni ce Corcornn

Kei1>er. Robert 179 KEISTER, ROBEKT


KJa.St; t: n, Diane M . KIC" iboc r. Donald Klein , Penny Lee Kleine;. Hobert

Kazika. George 150. 152 Ke-efe • .\Jaure-en 184

K f'i td , T homas

1.inda j ('"an

!(JO. . MARIAN 66 Kj"os. Marianne K age!), Ct:ori;e ] . Klas, Peter J.

98. 125. 103

Kawakatsu , Hiroko


Kjome. Linda KJOS. Clifton


Karlson , John C. Karsten. Joanne 119 Kasal , Suzanne 15. 186 Ka!') d , ] Qa nce 184

Kavitz. David

11 6

Kil'kcby. C1~ raldin c Kirkt:by. Harla n Kirkeby. Rona ld D. Kirking . Alan Kirkwood. '\J orbert N. Kigtler. Jam e~ 187

Karchs. Jerry 105 Kare ls. Gerald John

Ka st e n , James



Karakas. Kathleen Karau. Charl e~ H..

Known for Better Foot Wear

105. 125. 166

Kir<'hf' n<>r, Rirhard


Kane. Wi lliam Kan~el. Marian Kannrl, J ohn Kanthat.:k. Dennis

Ka nthack. Linda


King!)bury. J udy Ann Kin~i,b u ry, Mic h ae l A. Kinlund, Brue(" HU Kinstler. Larry

Kalmes. Carolyn 120 Kal mcs, Ch arlt>!' T. Kalmes. Step hen 191 Kaml a, Ri<"har<l KA KF.. JOHN 63 Kane. J\farlt"ne

69 E. 4th St.


King. William

Kahl. Ja n~

69 E. 4TH ST., WINONA, MINN. 55987


Cheryl K.

King. John Kiog. Marilyrl K.


Kaehcr, Mons DaviJ



King. Carole Loui se King , Deon King. Jane

Kaehler. Peter J . 180 Kafer. Jose1)h Kafer. Ro.!>.ernar) T. Ka hl , D avicl W. l66


30. 184 186


Kerko"", Douglas l<x) 1--:crn. Charlt'nf' 108

J unek. Sandra




Going to coll ege is expensive, isn't it?

That's why you shou ld come to Randall's.

We can make going to college cheaper for you.

That isn't all - Randall's is the COMPLETE SUPERMARKET.

In Westgate Center Open 7 Days a Week

Kruefs k y, Donn I..

Knof»ir k. Stt:>pbanit'

Knudtson, J\fargaret


Knud tson, Charles Kobilars ik , Maureen

Koc h. Dale 152. 188 Koch, RoLcrl J . Kochendorgcr. Ter-ry Kochta , Dennis Kocon, Craig Koellec. Juan Kohler. Edwacd

Kohl e r , S h nro n Scrab ec k 167. 191 Kohler, William F. 162. 167 Kolm, Richard

Kollofs ki, Gary Konkel. Dennis 125 Konkel, Thomas

Koperci ns ki. Peter


Kre"• Sh irley Ann

Knouft, Gary


Kopperud . Glen

Koranda, RobC' rt Nor-l Koranda, Hoberl Hich ard Korda , Janet % Korder, Mary He len Korkos, Scot! Koscianski. Josep h

Kosek. Valoria Koski . Ric hard D.

Kosido~s ki , Jon Pau l

Koskovich. Linda Ann Kotlar-z. D<"nis Kothe. Rich ard W. Kotlarz. Ilcv('rly Kot larz. DMene

KOTTKE. SANDRA Kout!; kv. Richard 178 Kouts k). , William Kovacik , Ronald E. Koval, Alice Koval , D.-ivid 124, 167 Kowa ln>·k. James Kow alczyk. Myron L. Krafka, Bonita Krnfka. David Kramer. C lyde Kramer. JeromC' Kra.mf'r, Li nda Kramer. Hoger Kratch . ~farion H. Kratz, AJlvn Krause. F~ederick 138 Krau:se , Margaret 186 Krause , Will ia m Krege r, Ke vin Kreidermacher , Ann Marie Kriedermad1er , Richard L. Krejei . Kri sti 186 Kremf'r, Jean Ann Krcofs k y. Denni~ 178

Kreuzer . r\nt hony Kr iege r . Gene Krier. ,\ :lich ael K1·is ke, Mary Amw Krismer, Linda Krob, Steve 138

99. 103 . 118. ll9. 167

Kroege r, Cons tanc e Krogh , Linda 100, 177 Kroll, Denni s Krone bu sch. Lawrt':nCe KroneLus ch. Patricia Kroncbnsch. Wayne Kroner, Raymond Krop p. Peggy Jo 8. I 08. 128 Krosch el, William Kroupa, Kent 182 Kr uegel, Kaye 183. 187 Kru eger-, Richard .l\llan Krueger, Richard Arno ld 29, 150 Kruege r. Scott 187 Kryzer, David 154 Kube. Don na J ean Kuchenmei s ter, .\fan Kuehn. James A , Kuehner, Ma rvi11 Kuh lman n. Audrey Kuhlmann. Oonna J~an Kuh lmann , Francis Kuhlmann. Hobert 180 K,ii sle, Virginia Kujak. Marcel Ku kowski. Lin<la Kulack . Roger

Kulas, EllC'n Ku las. David Ku las, Teresa 179 Kulawske, Ke nt Kulzer. James Ku ncc, Ka re n 183 KunrrHl..)', Howen 184 Kurt. Mary 116 Kur th, Susan 96 Kurtz. Ma ry 99. 187

L air. John Lally, Linda I i7 L amLf'rt. Nancv Lambert. Wi lli~m A. L,;1mbre cht, Michael Lan de, Dennis Landers. Denni s Lande rs. Sandra Landman , Tamara Landol( Mary Lan<lsvcr k. Kare n AJ111 L.~NE.



Larso n. Kei th Larson, Rol lis Lars on , R onald f .asc h. CC"ceiia La-" ka. Barbara


68. 100

Kuzniar , Judit h Kyllo, Roxanne

108, 109, 128


99. 167


1 16 Laufonburgcr, Carolyn .L La ufe nlniri:i;er, .\hrv 96 Laugtu g, Stt' phe n · La umb , Donald Laumb. Helen 184 Laumeyer. Rebecc a Laurt'l. Li nda Lau rse n, Jam es 178 L a vdl. Ronald

Lave ll e, P e ter

Laak , Patricia


tiJ!:: Ann

102, 119, 167

Leibfri ed . J oan 108, 129 I .cide L Charles Le.ifr ld. Don ald W . Lcife ld. Virginia 186

Lt'iscn, John Lemli kcy, Dorothy Lem me r. Barbara Lemmer. Hoger L~ nn on , T homas 36. 40. 1.37, 138. 139. 167 Lentsch . Suzann e 186 Len z. , ~1aradi•e A. Lenz, 1\lary Leslie. Lind a Ann 98, 111 Lcttncr. Jo Anna


Law , Doug las Lawe rcnn\ Jew La·w rynk. Car y Lawve r. Thoma s Lea, Barb<t. ra 94. 97 L('af. Do navan


Lee. John C. 1.ee . Judith Kay 108 Lee:. S teven S h erman 31. 180


La ue r , Ka th erin e


Lee. Gary Dean


Larson, David Lars on, Judy Ann

Laska , Patricia

Ku sc h e l, Donald H ,

Lee, Ga"y

Larsen, John Lars on , Adeline

L:;:~~: ~~a~~~n

Lca jluc, Joan Leaon. Donald 150 Leary. Li nda 183 Leavitt. ffarbara 94. 97 Lec h ne r. Rubert Ledebuhr. Hobert 190 Lee, Caroline 167

I.cc. Gary E dward

Lange, Wichael 185 Langen feld, T homas L anghus, Eddie Lanik, Kenneth Lanlz, Richard Larrabee, Gene Larsen , D("bra 178

Lathrop. Steve Lauber, John La ude n . Ga ry E.



92 , 177. 178

L AFFIN. GERRY 68 Laffin, Sally Bublitz Lage r , Hic h u rd


Ku:!ltelski, Monica Joseph

La Bore . Jame s 108 La c-he r, Gilber t l .aC' he r. !{oger 179 La Course, Susan Lacour se, War ren .M.

L evad , Ste Ye n Levine, '\\1ayne Lewans ki . J eanne 183 I.ewe r s, Tho ma s E. 21. Le wis, Dianne 99. 117 Lewis, !Iden 29. 167 LEW IS. J O HN 86 Libe r s k y, Larry


124, 167

Lid ~t·rdin,z,

rlurto n C. 168 l.l f:TZAU. ROBERT 63. 142 Li f' h c rt , David


l .icrma n. Te rn' Lie t z, Douglas · Lifto. Jc-a nnc Lightfoot , J a m es LIG HTFOOT . J E AN LilJa, 0,;1vi d James 168 Limes tahl, Kt.·nneth \V .

Limper!. De lor is Linand er-, Wayne Lincoln. J ame s 189 I. ind. Nan('y Lind. P eter

Lind ahl, C urti:s Lindahl. Gayle

93, Ll6. 168

Lindema n. ~cale Lindhol m, Robert A.

LlNONF:R. RI CllA RD Lin dqu is t. Christi ne A.

13. 7.\. 96


Lindquis1. M ar~ha Ann Lind5ay, a muel Lindwall. Donn

Bonn ie 108. 129. 168 Lucas. Sheila Lucker. Kare n 183 LucHS,

Ling, Dia nne

Link. Corrinr John!>on Lippoh, Bruce Litsc hkc. I IC"nr y Liul•john , Ed ward 138

Lud\\ it1ke , Dennis

Livermon~. Cary

86 Livermore, l frrm ione

Lo:.,land, Te rrr_ LOCK . JOYCf: 81. 155 Lodgaard. Bru ce Loe rch . Mark

Lohm ann, Judith Anne


LOKE1' CARD. RUDOLPH 85 Lon g, De borah

LONG, HENR Y 72, 106 Loqu ai , Lynn Mari e

94, 176

Losinski. James

Lo! ins ki , Lorruin c Lo sins ki, ft obf'rt John


Los imik i, Robert J o h n II Losins ki , RiC" ha rd Losscn. Ma rjorif' Lou ig, Walt er F. Brother Louis C ar r


.Lowc:-rs. Howard

Lut"<'k. David Luedtk e. Ke nneth Lut>hmann. Lyle Luethi. Gary Luhmann. Philip A.

5-1. 12.'i. 152. 176

Luins tra. Deni~ Lund . Craig Lund, Dale Lund , \la r y Swenson

Lund, Hussel Lund. Steveu


Lu nd , S usa n 99. 168 Lu ndak. Da \•id 1OS ~undak. Eu~t> ne 105 Lunn, Honaid 105 Lun z., C arol Ann Luthin, Wi lli um Lut7.. Marc ia i 9 Lutzwic k, Dave Lync h. Kathlf'f'n LrngkLlp. Hoger

Macioc h , Kathle e n 98. 102. 119. 168. 172 .:\lack. David ,\ lac k. Lrle >\_ Ma('k. Marv Mac Lenne~. Douglai, 145. 180 Maci'\'amara, John Maddm<. Ke nnet h 100, 101 Mader. Dianne \tadiga n, Ca yle )Iadsen, Eri k 15-0, 180 Madse n. )eri An11 Mae nke. Cami ~laelj:cr, Walte r Mager, H. Diane 100, 101 120 Mag hsoudi, Masoml '

MAGNUS, DOROTHY 42, 69, 98 Magnu son. S helby Jean .\fa honey , Cordo n Mahon ey, Jean 116


Maid!. Glend a D. Majer us, Nic h o lM 125 .\1ajecus . S te ven 105 .\fakino. S higc nori .\1akino. Sumje Tam ekuni

Malafa. Ri c hard A. Mailande r. J ohn \1alcolm .\1almi"l. Charles 189 Malen e. Edward .\laJo.i.e. Timot hy 94. 145. 183 Mal i y, Thomas Malotke. Georgi a Ann

.\l all e~

Manahan, Pete r Manders . Linda 180 Manguson, Marlys Man ley, Bu rne ll 98. 105. 168 Manley. P atricia Manning, Monica Marble, Ruth Marchionda, A. Ronald Marggraff, Sharon Ann

105, 116 183

MARINF:R. MAURICE 63 Mark egard , Beve rly Markham , Charl~s Mark os, Jame s

99, 168


~farquardt, Kay Ann 99 , 114 ,\ farschall, Shei la Ann 186 · Mars hall , David L. Marso. l-larry

MARSTON. DWIGHT 80, 134 MARSTON. VIRGIN IA 75 Martens. Peter H. Martens, Robert l\lor1in , J ack

MARTI N. JOH!\" BO. 138. 15-0 Martin. Lynda Mar tin. Pat ricia Mar t in, 'W illiam 168 Mart inek. Rosemarie 129 Mani n . Ma rtha Marx , Claire Mari.. Hosemary


Mard.:.e, Carol Mason. Randall Masters. Jean 99, 101. 114 Masrga. ~lary Masyga, Pe ter M atson , Malson, Matson , Matson,


Geri 128 J ohn Sha.rnn Matti~on, John M. Matzke. C arolyn Matzke, Ja me s Mauer, Jam es Ma ule, C harlo tt e 168 Ma y, Gaylord 116, 125. 168 i\fay, Dea n J79 Mayer, Cather ine Mayz ek, S he.el ah Mc Allister, Alan Mc Anally. )!ichael







Mc Arthur , J a mes 124 Mc Camel y, Peter J ohn Mc Can11non . ~l.ichael J. MC CA . F'RA'ICIS 81 Mc Car1hy. Richard

MC CAWLEY, MAURICE 83 Mc- Cauley. Hi1a Mc Clcllan , Dan iel \ le C luer. Jean

~I C

CLUER, RI CH\10. D 44_ 73_ 94

)lc"Clu ske, Victoria .:\le Cona gh y, Jame s ~l e

Cormick. Belly


102, 116

Cormick, Claude J. .\ le Cormick. David MCCOWN, LUTllER 80, 152 Mc Cown , l\fildre <l Amle y


McC rac ken. Waneta 99, J 14 Mc C rae, S usan 94, 97 Mc C ready , J a mes Mc Cue , Michael Mc Daniel, Ri ckey D. Mc Dona ld, John

M<" Donald. Tt>l"esa 186 M c .Oonough. Robe rt 138 Mc Donnou~h, James Mc Dowell. Beverl y Mc Dowell, Gary

11 , 92. 94. 97, 180

)1 c Elmury, Patricia .\1(' Enany. Michael \le Ghi e. Steve M(' Gonag_le, Marily n

Mc Grath, Helen McGrath . Margaret ~l e Guiness. Daniel Mc Guire, David Mc Cu i rt"~ Marily n 99. l 16. 117, 168 Mc Kee. Denise Mc Key. Thomas )le Ke nna. Joseph \I C KE ' ZIE. WILFRED .\le La ughlin . Doro1 hy Mc 1..e.00. Jan )farie 184 Mc Leo<l. John I 05 Mc Millan. Mary Kay Mf' Nallan. Paul M<' Namara, Ronald 187 i\fr Nary, Hichard 125 Mc l\" ary , William 130, 138 Mc Neil, Thomas L. Mc Neill. Wil Ll am Mc Phee. Mary 189 .\1 c Phe rson , Mi ch ael Mc P hillips, l\.fary Lynne Mc Rae, Bre nda Lee 186 Me dc ri,ft, Wa yn e 23, 93, 106. 175 Mef' han , S he ila Ann Meha ffey, Kc nn cd1 183 Me hu s . 0,M. 3 Meier. Christine 179 Mr icr. W illi am \IF,I NHARD. ROBERT 65 Mein k e. J ohn Meimbresse. Robe rt 19. 132. 133 \l ei ners, Gordon 187 Meisch . Gregory 186 Meis la rl , Kure n 79. 168 Me ittel. Frrdcrick 152 Moland , Ge nelle ~leler, Chris 114 Mdin, Afan Me lmc r , J anee n Menden , Anthony 176 Menden, Connie 103 Mennin g, Judit h Me-ns ink , Jerry Menzt>I, Kenneth Mrrrick. Cynlhia Mer win, Ri chard 124 Mer win , Robert ~esc hke , Judith Ann 99, 103, 119, 168 .Meska, Patri cia 78 .\1 e1calf, Dared! 124 Me1calf, Wayne M e1z. Ri ch ard 94, 95, 96, 97 Mf't7.lcr. Ronald 1\ileye r, Candance Meye r , Jumc~ 168 l\'l cyer, Di an e 188 M eyer. Kathleen 103

l\'l eyer, Pame la


Moll enhauer. T ere sa 116 i\fonnens, Nancy Monson. Sharon 187 Moon , M ic h ael 124 Moor. Dawn Marie 186 \J oor. Paul Herbert ~1oore, Dennis 176 fl.foore, Richard Moor man. David 179 MORAVEC, M ARJ OR lE 81 Morfhead . Scott E. Morehouse, Yvonne More house, Kei1 h Mortzan, Dcnnjs 130. 131 Morgan. Doro 1hy Mo r iarit y, Mic h nel 102. 169 Moriart)', Thomas ~1. 176 Mork e n , Cary Moron. Barabara Ne ville • Mo r ril'i on, Jeanne Ka y 421 98, 169 Morten so n. An na Mort e nson. Kathy 190 Mo rtla nd , L eon .\ l ose r. J ames 189 )loses. Da\·id 1\ lot1. Lawrenc~ 138 MOWA'n . T HOMA 83 l\fowalt , Vi rginia i\frac hek , Anne ~1 ary Mrac h e k , Judit h l\.h ieffelman. Li nda Lrr 190 Mu t:hlegge r. C;t.rol Mueller, David Mu eller. Larry l\tueller. .\farr Mueller. Grace .\1ueller. Kenneth \1 ulcahy, Kevi n 153 .\1ulfin11;:er. Bonnie ~tulhern. Harold Mullen, L6rrai nt' Mu lkn, Margaret 108. 129 Mull e n, Pat r i<'ia 102 Mull e n , W illiam ~l uUner, Thomas \ 1ulthaup. Darrell Munde ll, C h e r yl MUNSO.• HOWARD 66 Munson, Janice Mur.a s , S te ph11n 99. 169 Murch , Ha rold

Meyer. Rita Meyer. Milton Meyer. Palrici a Meyer s. E ugene K. Meyers. Meredith Mi cha.el. Norma Jean Michel . Judith Michel. Vic ki 189


Michels. Anna Michels . Sam l\fo;kow. Diant' Midkiff. Les lie 46. 98. 189 Mielke. Merl in 182 Miel ke. Rut h Mier a u , La r r y 169 Mikrut, Michael

Mikelson. Merlin Mikulewin. Mari lyn J. Mille n. Hobert Milk o. Leonard Mill er. Cher yl 108. 115. 129 Mille r , Do nn e 169 Mille r , E uge n e I... 105. 169 Miller. Euge ne R.

Miller, Gar) )liJ le r. Gl enn Mille r. Jean Mille r , Kor e n An n 99. 103. 119. 169 Mill er. Lynn )farie 183 Mill er, Morrie Miller. Na1wy Ann 183

l\'1iller, Norman Miller. Ric kard John 145. 177 Mille r. Ric k D. ISO Mill e r , Ro b e r t B. 169 Miller. Stanley 0.

~~:~~~: ~r.~~~~

177 Milli e, Debor a h 108, 129, 183 MilUs. Monka Milton. J ohn MJNN E. NEL'i 50. 85 Minnie, Lind a 99. 101. 114 MINOCK. LARRY 77 MISHARK. JOH!'\ Mitc h e ll , Hurry 138 Modlin. Dick E. Moe, Kathryn 94, 96. 97. 120 Moe, Roi;or A.

Moe n , Gory Moen. Rona ld l\fogen, James

138. 152 182

.\1urnane. Sandra 155 Mur phy. John S . Murphy~ J ose tl h f . Murphy. Hie.h ard \1 ur phy. Hobe rt R. 1\ l urph y, Shi rley 189 M urr ay. Curti ~ 106

Moger. Arland ~1ogren.


Mokkelbost, Arve 17 Molander. Louis 191 Molenda. Consrance MOLI NA RI. MADEO 80. 81. 135. 137. 138

Murray, Dua ne

i\" e!:o!l, Janiece Ne!:o~f· I. Carri(" Kc,.lcr. Carol 38. 11 l . 118. 119. 179 i\eumoo. Jerry 8. 191

MUR ll AKY, FLORETTA ~forray, Lyn da 108 Mu rray . Muriel Pik e M urruy, Th o m ni, 169. 187 Murry. Dennis 100 Myhre. Jud11h Ann Ii9 Myhre, Ri(' h a rd Myska. S all y Mys7.ka, Donna 187


N..- wco mb. Dale 114. 169 Newell. Hele n Pe te rse n Newel l. J ohn Newman, Jay

N Nadrt-au, JcanntNagel, Ka thryn 189 Nagahas hi , V;1ughn NaRel, Donavon Nagel, Gt>rald :'\'agle. Mary ·alepka. Cathleen r

cw1on. Eugene

Nichol:,, Robe rt H. Nic kels. J uice 99, 114 Nic bu r, Thomas

Nit:"lsen. Den nis

99. 102, l 17

Niemiec, Gary 176 N icm yCZ)'k, W illiam i\'i le!:o, H arold E. Nipp. Nan<')' l 16 Nogosek. William '.'lolan. Mark 182

~nt~1~· :~El~~ c;9"

Nohe. Daryl i\ordl und. Di anne Nordhorn, Garry Nord strom. J ames 188 Nordstrom, Ra lph Nordva ll. David l'\oreen. Hobert 93. 106 Normandin, Arl hur Northam. Rohen Novak , J a net '.'lovak, Mary 191

Neec k. Jamt"s Ncess e n, R o Lt•rt Nehring. Irvi n


Nels e n , Terr unN· IL 135 NE LSON. AN M I 71 NE LS ON. AUGUSTA 68 Nelson. Dec Ann Nelson. Diano L. I07 . elson. Dian(' K. I 1 I Nelson. Duane L. 153 Nelso n. H . Vi<'tor Nels~:m. J effrey A. Nelso n. Jeffrry P. Nelson, Ke nrH: th Nelson, Linda Kay Nelson, Marion Nelson ..\lar ilyn 108. 129. 155. 183 ~dson ..\ lelvt'n Nelson. 'a ncy 17. 92. 94. 120. 177. 185 i'elso:i. Richarrl D. l'\elson. Rirhard J. 134 . 185 Nelson , rtob e rl R. 169 Nels on, Sandra 186 NelMn. ShiriC)' Hairunond Nelson. Thomas NE LSON. Wt.N OEL L 68 1

Novak. Nancy 94. 97. 99 Novotny. John 177 Nuffer, J~nice Nunsied t. Laurel 179 Nu1).son, Gloria Nu siloc h. Larry Nuuer. Larry Nyberg, K ennet h 1i6 y~aa rd , Judilh 94. 169 Nyse1h. Annelle 108. 128


emoede. Su&an

Oakland. Cf'nc O 'Herry. Rita Hofmann 0 '13rit-n. Eugene O'Brie n, To m

Nerby. Audr<') c rstad. John £ .

Nesbiu. Mic hael 179 Ne s bi tt , R u th 11 1. 169



'eumann. Deann Neum ann, Tho mas Ne umer, Hobe r1 H. Neville. Bar bar a

Steel We lded Rings

Spec ial Wire Shapes

PEERLESS CHAIN CO. C ha in Man u fact u r e r s Comple te Line of Tire Chains For Passenge r Cars , Trucks, and Tractors Comple te Line of Industrial and Hardware Chain

W ino n a, M in nesot a

O ffice and Factory

68 W . 3rd St.


Su i1e 107, Professional B uild ing Wi nona . .Vlin nesola

Phone: 5548



Jac k L. Benson, Dis trict Agent


O"Brit!n. Paul Ochs, Kathq n Orh~.

94. 97 Thomas R. 140, Ml

Ochs. Wi lliam


Onak. Linda 115. 183 Odden. John Ode. Jeanne E. O'Dea. James 186 O'D<'a. P atricia 108. 129 Odrrmann . \lattheVri O' Donnell. Mary

Oelkers. Cary J 05 O e lke , Dou#.!la.s Dair


O rvt'ring. Bon n}' Oftelic, :itanly A. Ohman , Gregory 177 Ohema n. Kat hri n L. Oian, Ruhy Ronµky Okane , Collee n Oland, David 140 Olms tead . J e ann e Olness, Prarl Olncss 1 \l'anita 99. 11 9. 169 0 1.S F. N. ~ IARTI N 3. 116

0 1,on. Ralph Olson . Ho~d Olson. Dennih Olson. Dianne 98. 179 OLSON. FHl::DEH ICK 85 Ol~on.


Oh•on, ~l ar-vin

J 11 . 189 OLSON. SANORA 85 Olson. Hoben P. Olson, Ronald \'. Olson, S1a nley C. Olson. Ve rnon Ols tad , Kri~tin O'i'ic ill, Virginia 11 . 37, 118. 170, 184 Onst ad. Dennis


01,fer. Bo nn ie

0 1lfcr. John Op1m hl , ]<H:quelin e 1 11. 170 OP S AllL , JA~IES 84 O'Bcilly, Rarhara O' Kei lly. Wilfred O'Reilly. Zerita Orlowski. \ lark 46. 68. 98. 186

phone 5338 122 E. 3rd S I. Win on a. i\linn .



O"ROlRKI::, HlCH1IHD 84 O r p han . Lynn

Osborn, Bar bara O'Shaugh~,... ssy, Thom ~•~



Johnson at Second • Tel. 2396

011. John 94 Ovc rh dug. Larry 184 Q,·erhand. Philip OvNing. Honn y 190 Owens. David

p Pa ap<'. \fartha Margaret Pn1tp•·, Ma1·y l\targarf"t Paffrath. Ha rbar L. Pa~t'. o ()Ugla"i

Pa~el. Mary Jo Pa~l i are llo, Alfons o


~!A R V ! \"

Pair<'. Jud ith P almer. Curti~ Palmer. Les lie




Palu ~ . Su~an

Pampuc h . J ud) Pan aro, ic holas f'ape o fu ~s. Gle n Papf'nfuss, Kal'<'n Parker. Aldrid Park er. Mar gret Parkini;ton, Lynn Par sons. Glen

PASCOE, Cli ARLES P'os k c, J o n W. Pa'lkr. Timoth y 138 Pas '5c. Yvonne Pasz kiewicz, .\lary R.



Pi1tterson. Daniel Pattcr~on ,

Donald Pauerson , Mi chael 191

I'ATZ. KJ:::'>JNl::T H 87 Paukner, Jenn ifer 11 7 Paulos. Janette 8..\. 185. 191 Paulson, Ju dith P auhon, La,·erne Paul:;Qn, \·fr.rlyn

93, l03

!:> AVf:

It's Charlie's D & D Bar & Cafe Darby & Delores



~~----· --·-----



71 , 102. 170


Pai::,e. Hobert


John K.

44. 92. 99. 102. 167. 170

Oti-.. i\ay Marie 180 OToole. \li chad 98 O"Toolc. Patric k 181


Olson. i\anc)' Kay

Shop11i11g Center for WSC

Oswa ld. Thomas

Palf>cel. Loi"

Olj':on. Judy O ls on , Kare n L. Olson. Kri5linr

Emi I's Menswear

O sterm . Rodrrick O sterm. Ron ald 182 Q.;:1r('m. J n Ann 108. I 19 O~wald. Karlyn

Cary Ols on. Jerry Ols on. John IL

J lt3

O s1erhe r g. 0<'hor ah

O ... tnn. Bruce


Pau lso n, Norman Paynf'. Ruth Mary 70 Pearson , i:'.:lsie Pearson, Jam es P earson, Linda 182 Pech ace k. Esth er 155 Peck. Barbara Peck. William Ped erson, El iza beth 94 P ed er!'!on , La rry A. 104. 170 Pedretti, Carol Pekst ad. Pau l 86 Pe!Jowski , C atheri ne M 119 Pellowski. Mary Lou 184· Pelofske. Peler J. Pen ce, Willii:m1 82. 170 Pendleton. Mary Penhiter. Marv Pcnhcit cr, Ph).llis PENN ELL DORRIS 66 Pen sho rn . J ohn 186 P e plinski. S u•vc Perc uoeo. Fel.ix P erc uoco~



Peroutka, Judy 129 Perri ne, Byron K. 94 Perrizo. Thomas Perry. Harlan J. Pt"'rrr , John L. 42. 68 P.;rry, 1\'lerrilee Perry. Trud y Persons, Roiacr Perszyk. Dale 138 Peterman. Linda Peters. Curl is Peters, Linda 99. 102. 170 Peterse n. Du ane 74 Peter-sen, Cayfe Peterson, Al ic e 28. 92, 99, 119. 170. 178 Pete rson. Barbara 28. 108. 177 Pere rson. C harlf' s Peterson, Cindy 190 Peterson, Flore nce Peterson. Ilary Pet erson, Gerald Peterson. Glen Peterson. Karen Peterso n, J ohn Peterson , Lee Peterson. I.on P eterson , Pa me la Peterson. Richard A. Peterson. Ruth 99. 119, 188 Peterson. Tt!rry Pt:"krson, Tru(1y 191

Pete r son, y,,o nn e Petroff, S hirle y Ann 189 Pett. Richard Pette rsen , Ja r! Pette rsen. Paula Kruger Pettis, Marilyn 176

Pettis, Susa n

12. 65, 170

Pelz. Diane Phal, Gary Phillips, Ri cha rd Phillipson , Dal e 171 Philli p s on, Ge n e 99. l 17 , 171 Phillipson. J ohn 99 Phipps. Rodney 132 Piechowski. Mary Piechowski. Terre i Pi chn , Linda Lee Pie l, David Pieper . Gerald Pietsch, Richard 93 Pike, Mary Pinke. David Pinkston. Diana ' 187 Pittman. Ric hard 180 Place. Virginia 96 Placek, Patricia 94 Plank. Cher yl 189 Plank, Larry Plitzuweit, Irwin Poblocki, Robert PoferL S usan 186 Pohlma n, Arlyn Pol ansky, Duane P ol asik , Mary .lo Polesky. Charles Poli achik, Leqn

Polichnow!lo kL Lordi'" 155 P olkey. Kat h lee n 18S Poll('ma, Dorothy A. P olson. Gerald P omt'Hty , Lawr ence Pomeroy, Ri('k 149 Poore. John Po p-=. J udith P oppe. Carol Aon 184 Popp<', Charlt-s 94, 180 Poppe, S h aron 11 l Pon·aznik , P a ul Posc h, Barbara Pos<;ch l. Louise 80, 184 Pntten. Vivian Powers. Cy nt hia Pozan c, Hichard Preble, Don ald Pre n1i s, John 17 1 P rrntis. Rebec(·a l9 l P re sco tt. Da vid Pre ssn aH , Donald Prc tlner . Josep h 183 P re tzel. Carol Lynn 184 P rc t1,d , Joan 103 . 119 Prickel te, Thomas J.1.5. 184 P ri de , Thomas Prii;;i;;t· , <..: harl ("s \V. 104. 171 P rigge" V<· ltia Hita 75 Prit <'hard. Sandra Kaye Proeche!. Dwa vn<: P rond zin ski, Jea n Huth 116. ]79 P rondzinsk i. \ lary Ellen 1-'rondzin~ ki, Paulin(' ll. P ronseh insk c, Da niel A. L")2 . 179 Protsmau, Step he n 145. 184 Prnd och L An n 188 Prud uc hl, Jane l 70. 171 P rnssing, Steven 94. 18.1 Przy b yls ki , Mary Przybyls ki. Ther e se 188 Przy larsk i, Jame s Pnytar~k i . John F. l'rytars ki. Mary Puetz, Dian e Th('tu't~r 79. 171 P utnam. Kenne1 h P u1nam. William P ut1.in, ] l1dith Ann 188 P utzier. Kath lee n


•• ~cl C"-' ~1y

Every Bloomin' Thing



,, ~


For Ever Bloomin'

Telephone 8-1511 802 W. King St.


Camera Shop

Q Quady, Ma rnie Ann 185 Quamcn. Ron n y A. Ques t. Bar Lara 78, 119. 187 Qu ('s t, Dawn M. Quinn. Barbara 52. 54. 119. 189 Quinn, Ka y 52. 111. 184 Quinn. Maureen Qu iri n. Roland Quis t, John Qu is t. Sandr a 186

159 Main St. Next to 1st National Bank

R Raas. Mark 130 Raatz. Gary Radd atz, J erald Radditz. Kathle en 114 Rad d it z. Ka y 180 R.affenbeul. Duane Raffert y. He len 44, 98. 116 Rahman. Donald 140 Rahman. Robe rt 189 Rajtora , Oon a ld R . 138 Raker. \fary RHml o, Robe rt A. Rand. Thoma s Ra nd all. Dian e Tollefson Randa ll. H.oger 104

Winona's Complete Photographic Store

THE MERCHANTS NATIONAL BANI( OF WINONA Winona's Largest Independent Bank "'The Bank That Service Built" A Member o.f the Federal D e posit Insurance Co rporation


Randall , S u san E. 94, 97, 171 Raphael. Chris tin<' 190 Rasmussen. AU cn

Rasmusse n , Larry A. Rass musse n, llarold Rass, Michael 130 Rath, Tim 135 Rathbone, Be verly Raisc h. Dennis H. Ratajc.t.yk, Edward Ratajcz)·k. Kennelh

Ratcliff, George W. Rathbon e, B eYerly Rathbone, J anis Raths, Timothy Ratigan, Robert Ratsch , Dennis

ffive rs, Curtis Ri"·e rs . Mic hael Roac h, J ean

Robb, Beth Robe rton, The odore 171 Roberts. Rebecca Robertson, Victor Robey, J ames Robinson, Mary Ellen Robi n son, Ma ry Louise 182 Roddy, Caihcri ne 98, 180



Rodewald. David

Rauh . Jo~eph Raunhol<l1, Ka th~ryn Rawlin gs , Iln1cc Ray . Lauren ce Raymo nd, J anet RAnto 0. M. R. 62 Re. James Ready, Kare n 186 Reck~ J eanne 171 Rc:cords, George R e dlund, Carolyn Ann Redwing. Cha rles 182 Redwing, Dennis 94

Rodgers, J ames Rod ich, Mau reen 180 Rodley, Susan Roemer , Carol Roemer, Dr nnis 13 R oess le r , J o an

Roff, Michael !{off. Su•an 120 Romer, Diane 119 l 16. 17

KAGE RADIO 1380 on Your Dial

Rogack i, Ignati us Rogalski , Ke nne th

ROGGE, HAROLD 87 Rollefson , Ruth

~:i~t~·.~ii!J.i 177

REIDELBURGER, JACQUE 69. 92 Heide r, Maza ll c\'a 187 ReierSon, Gerald D. l 52 Rei n. Steven Reinarts. Rebecca Reindel, .Brenda l\1. Reindal, Sharon Rei nerts, W illiam 180 Reis. Barbara 182

Reisdorf. Chris1ine 8, 94. 97 Reisinger. Dawn Reisdorf, andra 171 REITE R. CLEO 66 Rekstad, Donnn REKSTAD, PAUL 87 Remme, Harold

Ron ne nberg. Florenr.e Ronnenb<" rg. lfoanald Roopc h1and , Rode ric k Root, ancy 80. 177 R o ot, Ri c h a rd Rosaacn. Donald !lose, J ohn Rose. Judith 92. 101, 119, 176 Rose, Michael R osendahl . Oouj!la~ F . 92. l 7J Rose ndahl. Terry Hose nfeh, Carol J ean Rosin , Worrcn Ross, ,'\ ndrew 14 2 Ross , John 3. 39. 48. 61. 92, 125. l 71 Ross. Mic hael Rossi, Belly Ro s~i, Bo nni e 171 Ross ite r , Haro ld 29, 171 Rossow, Je nrictte l 91 Ros t, J ohn Roth, )l erikay 69

Koth , William J. Ro1h, William P. Rothe, Thomas 154 Roth er. Ke nne th 188 Roteri ng. Therese Routhe. Rcbe hka

Rendahl. Merle Reszka, John

DURFEY STUDIOS Com p lete Photography Se rvice Corner of Wa sh ington and W abasha Two Doors No rth o f Maxwell Lib rary Phone 5952

Routhe, Robf" rl Ro wan. ~Uchael

Retrum, John Retterer, Roger 180 Reuter, Joan 108 Reuter . Judith Reynolds. Kathleen Re ynolds. Les)je 179

Roy, Beverly 44, 167 Ruberto, Robert S. Ruby, Cheryl Ruby, JeanetteRud. Tinka


Rudiger, William

RIC HARDSON, JOSEP H 70 Rhyne, Marjorie A. Richardso n . An nelle 108, 128 Ri c hard son. Patricia Richer, Lerof Rj c h e r , endra Rich.s , Gene 171 Riches, Mau reen

Richie, Diane

"Rots 0 Ruck"

ROMIG, C HARLES 86 Romstad . Ca.ry

~;:,r;:,.t~~err:t_ 189 Reeck, Bruct! 138 Reed. Brue< D. Reed. Linda 96 Reedy, Garlord Reedy. Gay!• 189 Reedy. Karen Regelcin, Cons tance Rehkamp, Da\lid Reic how, J anet

Rislo ve. Philip

Risl<lw, J ac k Riska, Michael Riske. Glenn T. Riu er, David

80, 177

Ricks , Drew Ride r, Larry Ridgway, Clarice 187 Rieme rsma. Gary A. Riendi, Tho mas Ries, Richard 171 Riggle, Virgil

Riley. Robert Rinehart, Vicki Jo Ringwels ki. :\h rjoric J. Rippel, Diane K. Rippel. Larry 100 Ripple, E lizabe th 171 Risdahl, Diane Riser. Ire ne

179 Rudquis t. Diane Rue . James l 24 Ruc hmann, Richard Hues.ink , Arlyn

Rumpel , Donald J. Rumpel, Ronald 117

BRX Quality Eyeware

Rumstick , SuLan ne 164 Run kel, Hancis J. Run ninge n ; Sand ra 79. 172 Rupkalvis. James A. Ruppel. Janet Ruprecht , Diane 171 Rupprecht . Larry Rusert , Bonnie 99. 108, 111 Russett , Kathleen 98 Russell, Da"·id Russell. Hallie 119

~~:!:~: ~i~~ard Huick , David

Ryan, Carol 100, 183 Ryan, Mary Lou 99, 116 Ryan , '<lichael 104 Ryan. Patricia

DORN'S IGA "Ready to Serve All Their College Friends" Huff and Sarnia

Winona, Minn.

63 W. 3rd St. 208

Tel. 8-2942

Ryan. Patric!.. HH. 152 R)an. Richard Rydman. Ri(•harJ 17

~<'hmalfdrlt. Toma' 1:30 ~<'hmid, Karhleen SCHMIDT. ESTHER 66 Srhmuk Can.·

R)dman. Rnht·ll

~chrnidl. Jain~...

S<' hmidt. John J . SrhmirlL Jcannf' 116


~t>hmid1. Jo \ nn

S<'hmid1. \X t.>ml)


Schmitt:. Jam e.;, .St·hmit t.. Jeromt• Sc hmitt. . .ludith AnnC' Schmi!.i:, P atril'ia S drnal>c·L John l 90 Schnarr, Steven 152


Sanford, E•·elrn

Sawyer. Ann Sawyrr. Betty

Scan lan, T crrence


Shal tud., l'e.e;:.:y

Sdrne ider .

Sh(t w. Ori n 14.5 S lw;1, L11 w r(.'tl (' ('

Sc..:hnt>idt'r. LaHmm• I ..

Slwa. Samuel

99. 172

Sit>l1t·11ult·r. B1· 1nafd

9·1. <)8

Sch11ffm<111. Fran!.. 't·hUC'v.(·. Janf' 115 ~d1oll. Hi,·h,utl .'•whoonmakcr. Jun 9 L 97. IO:l. ISO. SrhO<i'-0..... Sharon Schullmullrr, I.aura 186 S<'hranl..ler. Don I 77

102. 105. 106. 173

S i t·~t· rt.

T homa.i.


S 11·1wlnH')'('I', l.o!'t' l lu

187 172

S IEll EH .. Cll RTI~ ...;wrn..,, D1 a1w ..;14'W('rt. Thom~t...

.3. 62


...,tflt•tJth. Glolia Ph) llir..

Sht'imo. Di.•rnr

S('hoeninj!;. Donald

l l(

Sirg(·I. J 1u1ict'

~ lwff<'r. \l<1rna

Sc·hndl. Cyril 106. 12.) Sc..:hni~pp. Pamela 96 SC'hnorr. Thoma ... SdlOt'Ofdder. K<·nnrth


Sh orh•r, G l.' r~1 l t.I 153. li3 ~hock. Daw 108 Shul...1ud. Hoht•rl Shup1wrt. ~l1'pht11 Shtll"•Hn, \lary Ann 187 Sitll.'lmttom. t-\ rn11e1h ~ 1 ch('n, \l ar~an•t Ann 186 SiC'henn lt•r, F r un<·is S itbt'uuln. 1';11ririH


S h ._•t"luin . '1a ry Ka y S lu·t'h<m. Ttr('c;,a

Sc hnf'idcr. S t cvc-n s~hneider. \ 'iel..i 178


Slu.q.~n·n. S1t·plwn

Sh""· l\'larl-.


....,hf'imo. John D.


"'hc.>li.lrl(Jer. l.ind.1 184 Slwi11H1. .'.\hC'ha.C'I S h t"Jd o n . All en 10.'l. 172

:ilL L.J\\ET 69 Si111au~h. h ao

~iU. i nl... Ldm·t•


Schroedt' r, Doujllao;. S<·hrod('r. Ka1hrn1 Sc:hnwder, Roy'

Sd inwdn. Susan Ou vid


Sc h~1 ck ,

Sc huellf'. Lawrcnc·e

Sc huh e , Rohrrt F'. S c h u lt z, C ali s 1:1


Sd rnlt1.. Roy SC' hul11;. Walter J IS. J.t.1 '."dlUtt.. Lt'Ho\ ~<'hun1ann. D~·.rn 171 Sc h uma n n , Ly nn Marie S(_·hu!t(', S1cphen 18i

Scan lo n , Ga il 105 Schabel. John Schacht. illartha 176 Schafer. i'aula 176 Schaffner. Ruth Schallenkamp. Donald Schammel. Cary Schams. Da"Yid Schank. Thoma.., 183 Sc harf. \larian Scharlau. Ju Det-n Schansber~.

Sl111>1on. ~u .. an

S ... hu h :t:, Ge n(' 130. 142 Sc hu h1.. Glt'nn 180 Sc huh1.. Jant> Ann ! I. 118 Schultz. Lu Ann Sch uh1 . \ 1anq

Sawyer, Robert Sawyer. Wayne Scanla n , Judi rh


i9. 98. ) 72

Schuth..\ lattlH•w '\". Schuth. \l id1ad Schwaj!:f'r. Le~ier 189 Sc h wa n k e , E d "" i n A. S<'hwanlz. Bntha Schv.art.t.. S)l\CSlcr


Scharmach, Mark Scharmer, Daniel $<-harmer, Diane Lord Scharmer. Diant" Pel.l Scharmer. Gary Lee Sc harme r , L.:w+~ rn L. Sc h.:, rme r , L"roy L.

Shirl('). l'airirl..

Schrankln. Daniel ~d1rit>ibt•r. Da,icl .':-<'hn·int·r. Timoll\\ SC'hr(•edel. Cerald

Sanfor d, Le~lie

Sa nford , Sh a r o n 172 SANFORD. WAYNE 65 Santclman. Karen Je .tw SANTLH IAN. CHARI.OTTE Sasse. Lynn Rh f'a 176 Sass("r, Sa mmy SATHER. VERLIE 65 Salren, Carolyn Lte 99. 120 s ... ue r , JU<l y Ka y 99. 172 Sauter. Ronald

~('pin. f'atriria !-tt·r,,11 ... fl::a1hlt'r11

Sh.maha n. Jame~

.'.-idmcidcr. S haron \1.

Sands. DarlentSands. R ich 190 Sandvik. Edna

Sht•rv.1M>el. Jarwt

~"'•""· Cttrm"n(" Sf'n<., Lirula

S h:lt't··r 1 Jos q _) h Shalt> r. Willi;:un


Char!~· ~ 105 SClli\EIDF.H . fT Gf: M ; 69

Salang<'r. Trnvi~ Salo. Lo• ell F. Same~. Roi;('f 182 Sammartano. \Ltrv1n Samuel~. Charle" Sand. Charle' 179 Sand. Richard San d hf'rg, Ca rol Ann Sandberg. Potrr Charle• 9-1. 146. 148. 152

~lwrman. FrNiri<'I..

:--ilwrml'tn. H1<·luml

St'vt'r..011. Carol i8 Sn1on. \1 a1 iz,:arct l 16 S<·> ha. Hnger Scvba. J{ut h 191

C J.r)'


;,hNn. F1i1.,1ht'lh

Sh1h1. Uonoa 110 ~h11na. SmHlra 11. 99. 107. 11 L 118 sh1m ... halr.. John


S('hmitt. Syl"i.1

Saj!:an. '.\!'c-il I 79 Sage. Thomas 124


"'it>r\\a, Srnolt") !'I.

.St•hmil. Laurt'n<'t· .S<·hmit. \l ar) Elll"n

138 Sarri. Sonja Sue 111. 120 SABIK. JA~I ES 67 Sabotta, Thomai;; Q9 Sa<k< t. Jill 111 Sac ia , Sa ndra Lynn 172 Sackrtt, J<-lairw 99. 106. 109 Sadler. Hi char<l J. Sadowski , D<uii ~ I Sa d o wski , William 116 Sagan. Guenther


188 181

Schmilh. ~li<·harl S<'hmit, l\. a1hkt•n

Saran en. Dougla<i


~t·l11. Lynn 118. ~t·mlin):.. '\orman

!-1.-.mpnm. l>('nni!'I Stnn. h.e\im 184 ""'t'IHlt k. Larry 130. 131


Sc harpen. \1 )'ro n

Schau h , J a nw~ ScheeHl, Kathryn Sc hieber, \'lary Kay Sc hiecht::, Kltreo Kay(' 186 183 Schifon('. K enndh

Sc hieche, Sharon

Sc hi fs ky. l:Jarhara Schild , Linda 99. 119. 180 SClll LLER. DELOJn:s 79 SC HLA WIN, JUDY 67 Schlesser, James Schley, Sandra IOI. 172. ISO Schlo<'p:I. Ka.1hlcen Schlosser. Judith 187

130. 142

Sc•hwarlzlioff. Alice Schv.ar,hoff. Charlf's S<· hwen~els. G{'rald 99. 103. 1:\8 Sf'h\\f'r-zler. 'luriel 190 Scvfield. Leland no Scoll. Aune 'larie Sf'ott. John C. S(·o tt , Mary Lee 17'1. s(_'Oll.


S(•ovil. Sandra 94 Sua.hC'(' k . Arlyn Sc• r alJc ck, U a nny 138 Seab riiZhl. Rog('r \V. Scaq ui ~t. S and ra Seavey. Elaine Sebo. I.in<la Mac Sct·lin:;: S harron

St.' i. b , U.ic hard

l 72

Exclus i ve H eadqua rters for G arl and S k irts a nd Sw eat ers 4 th and Ce n ter St . Wino n a, M inn .

SC'ifrrt. David St•ilt:. Donn

Sir\\ ert. Thorn<\~ Sf'll. L a rry 172

ns your personal store at your door since 1868 209

Sillman. Jame~ Simo n, Candace 94. 97. 186 Si mon. Joan 99 Si mo n. Grat·•e SI \1 0!\S, LOIS 62 Si mons. Michael Siml}son. Dennis Si nkP. Handolph Si~ln. M. Janel Si<i.ter. Salomr Dond lin Sill<>. Jene) enc·

S1e1)herl°'(ul. Gary 188 S1('rn. Ed"'•.ird 183 Stc-rn. l.inu~ S te u s~y.



S h >v(' n :i-Oll, Joy <'<' St~H;~· ni,O n ,

Ho n a ld

13.'!. 138. I 73

Steyn. Jud) Anna

S1e)er. I oi!'i

Skaar. T errance Skan um. Paul 46 . 98 kr r , Ech~ a rd 103

S 1e£en-.J...1 . Crep.or) Sti('~ , f.dwa rd L. 173 Stu:ha. Patricia 98. 116 S1icn('S"C'O. Jud<' 108, 109

Skibbe. Ma rtha . kifton. Oouf!las



St c vell!i.

S t••v4•ns. Lci;lie H. Stt"V<'llS. \lu n·iu Slt"vrn~on. Jame . ., 177

Sti~en, Da.,id S time. Oon na :;linm:her. C h arle!i

92. 125. 187

' J..t,rlin .. ki. James

~krodl. l{uberl S kus t .a d , Mark 124 S la ck, tlona ld 173 SIC'atJ.... Kenneth Slt"za k. Carol r\rrn Slitha. Pal 189

Stin ... 0 11. Dorrine Jea11 186 Sto('klmt. William Stoffel. Thomas 134 Stoll, Jeffrey 103. 104

Slifka. Sandra Sloov. Dennis

Stottman. Thomao,; S1one. Helen Storandt . Joann<' 99. 116 Storck. John 87

Sloltman. Oa,•i<l

S m arzyk , T h t"od o r e Smt"ta na. Tom Smith. Bernard 180 S mith , Be r ni ce \lun E p1H Smi1h. Charle<.. Smi th. Douglas 31. 18·1 Smi th. Gary E. Smith. Cary R. Smi th, J ill mith. Joyce l\'1. Smi1h. Jud ith Ann , mith. Karen 83. 105 Smith. t\fargarct 8. 99. 102 .. mith,

116. 177

Stoltmrw. Su-.11n

S1urd.. Kun S1or1i. P. f'rC'd<'1-iC'k 124 Stork, Ju li<' Ann 110


~ haron Sto~ kopf, Hona le..I


Stou t. Jim


Stou t. Thu1n 1.1-,

Stover·, T h omas 181 Straud. Uuda 116. li9 Strapko. Kru1~ 150. 189 S tritt1 h , Ju dy K ay 173

M ic ha~}

S1rea1.._,r, 'coll

S\llTH. t\ IYRO

81. 138

Smi1h, ancy .Smtih. Ne_-lson Plin y

Stre b el. Yo hla n Strehlo. Dale S trt>uhrr. lt>an S 1rit:>d. Ui C'hard

6. 177

Smith, Ric h <ud L. S \l!TH. RICHARD ~I.

62 Smi1h, Richard 130 Smith, Koy C. 93 Sm i1h, S t(' v1'n 1\\.)n Smit h . Slt>\'en (harl f'~ Smith , Thomas 173 mol('y. C hari<'~ Sm rkovs ki. Uovd Snell. Sandra Lf'<' Sn<" lling. Roge r 145. 1$:1. S nider. i\lary


S 1rike. Jud) Ann

Simm. Cati It 130 StrneLrl. Yohlan 99. 114 Stromberjl. "-rai {4 I 50, 178 S1rub. Rona ld IOS Sr uevc, Gerh ardt

Stuhr. Allnn Sturm. ~lid1ael Stus~v. Carol)'n S try. VC' rnon S tvLa. John

Sno w, R i<'h ard

Su.cha nt'l . Dann

Snyder. Kerry 145. Ji(> odnstrom. \.arl 93. 105. 106

S udtant'" k , Ro b ert 105 Sudde ndorf. Runolrl Sveen. Linda Suddend orf. Ronni(' 179 S u~awnru. L y n<lPI S ula. Jam<>" Sula. S tr-phc•n !S ufock, JQhn MHrk 138 S nl uck , ram (' la Sullivan, l.ind a Ann Sulli\'illl. Wi llia m 74

Soffa. Alice Svlberg. Donald

Solmo n son, Ka tht>rin e Sore n st> n, GorJon Soren~on. LaY('fll('

Sornrn. Ric hard Sorg. Carol Ann

S org, Gi ll

190 93. JOS. 177

Sowde n . Larry S1>ande. Bon nie .\lae S 1>aogler, William 23 Span ton, Carole , prck. Mary Anne 181

Speed. Charles •

S undry. Susan Kay

Sunf'i<on. T ('rl") Sursely. Cnrol

Ann Mari<' Spellaei . Mic ha<! L Spehz. 'lary 191

94, 120


S uthC'rla nd. Rob('rt

Sutkowksi. Janet


p<'l hau~.



S'een. Lrnda 94. 97 Swan,on. Allan




S wa n"'on. Richard 130 Swayu, Kar("nC' A.

Speh£. Rhetta Svehz. Robt>rl Speh£. Robert Lee S pence. Jacquclint' 103. 1 I J, 183 S pe ncer. Gary S PENC ER. LI L LIAN 66 Sperbe(;k. Linda Sue 187 Spra ngcrs. Scott 93. 134 S l'HENGEH. JOANNE 81. 128 S<1uirt"s. C herie J o 191 STADLER. JUDITH 63 STJ\DLEX LE HOY 81 S tafford, Mi chael l.o~cll 188 S tKhr, Be,·crly Ann 99. 105 S1alo('h. !\li(' had

Swedi11 , Gera ld Sween. Puul

106. 138


S wee11, J:rni ce 99. 173 S wcm1o n . Gu r y A. 104 Swenson. ,\'IJ:Hy Swensuu. Muxinf' Swl'nson. Randa ll Swe n... on. Pt"tt°'r Switzer. Oor\O\o3fl Syvrrson. Darry l IO S) \• er~un. \ ' n n nn

S1a1ldl...e. Do ugla~ S ta nPk , Dal e E d ward S tnndin g, J osC'"'ph E.


S 1ani<'h. Josep h E.

S ta nisla wski, Roht'rt S 1ant o, Mary S tanton , Doug; 191 S1aplC"s. G r<'gory 125. 177

Starich. !-:lie n

Tah(l1, P<'tcr Tait. Ka 1hl1•t·n A.



S tark, Rkh ard

S tarzec i-i. Ric hard 1:17. 1:18. 142. 113 S ta ubli n , Cy n t hi a A nn 99. 173 S teadman. Alvin S 1rarns. Mary 108 S1earns. Terry Lee tt"bn. Dolor<'" S<'n~


T a rra"'. Con ni(' T~ube:rl.



Taylor. Ardith T eachou1. Joan1w T (>as<l a l..-. Ka ren Va n Auk

S 1t•ele. S teµ ht>n

T<' m1•. Dooald Tc 11ti .... Midrnrl


Corner of 4th and Main Phone 8-4321

T e pl y, ' Jrnron Id"(' 173 T e rwil liii;er. Warren !24 T cA<' h. Dav id 'ft>, Jow. Jay

Steffen. Rob<' rl S t l' ff<'n , \ll ilJi a m

S teiber. Alan ST E! "\. BARRY

i7 S t<'incr. Luanne 98, 181 lt'iner. Ronald 138 Sicjs kal. J<'rry 138

Tc"'!il um. 1e:\oen Thei .... Thc1('!'ia

Skj.., kal. Mar} Chri~ 22. 23 Stemmer. Barbara 29. 92. 119. rn.:~ Stemmer. Kath) 190 176


Tt'ii.;en. H1U C'<'

Stee n. Larry 180 . ll'l'll, Paul S 1ee11e. Barbara 22. 23

S1em1>er. Carol 185 Siem·. Sa nd ra 182

"Bank at the Sign of the Golden Lion''

Ta llm a n , A u ,.:u~ tin e T anrue hil l. J amer, T arbo).,. <'Oil. D. T~rra-.. !\ llt1l

Sieber. Philip . tt>dc. Jame:::.

5 tt.· n1:c l. 'lark

120 1

T h<>i .... T hum;.t.. 184 The<i n~ . Oonald F.. T hf'!>ing. \l u-hut"l Thi ede.

Tc r ('~a

Thi<"l('n. Raymvnd THIES. GOilDO'\' 66 Thi4·~. \l urle:ne 177 Thi eS«C'. Donulcl


-~-=---- - -_--


----=- - -- - -

- -------- --

Tl1oma<>. James


Thoma3'. Roht'rt Thome. Andre 183 Thome. T t:re .. t> J87 T homps on , Alb e rl T. T hom1hun. Allan H.

L llf!.C-r. Ca.-~ ln7i'. \l: a\1w

llrbaeh. J3nw~ 1i6 l rn('h. Rohn! 138 l's,; :rnard. J(•romt> 138 l 1'-e. Patricia

Thom1l-.on. (41rrine Thornp:.on. Douµ:)J.., Thomp.!'on. Georµ.t.>

ThompS(•n. Linda Tho m pson. P at rick Thomµ tion, Saralyn I\.

Thorf'son. Wf'nd)

9'. 95. 97. 189

Tho rnton. Craig \J. 1311 Thorson. E\•0111w 188 Thorson. /\l ark Thorson, T o mm y 178 Thrnn('. I la1.cl

Thrune. l::u gen Thrune. Steµhe11 93. 105 Thurow, Richard 125. 173. 184 Thur51on, John Ti bor. T h o ma.;.

Tiedemann. Thoma... 189 Ties. Kathleen Tikal. Sul!>an 180 Tillman. Gene Timm. Geralrl Timmerman. Kathl)nn Timmerman. l.t-e

Timme r s.

Er n f'~t


Timrnonl'. Hohcrl

TOBI\. GEi< \l.D 72. 106 Toen~ing. Shnman W. Tointon. Glenn Tolmif". Patricia 98 Tolmie. Virginia Tolzman. Nylcs 152 T oml on . Larry

GAYLE T01\ll'KIJ\S, KOBERT 87 Torgerson, Anila 114 I i7

A Place of Fine Refreshm ents, Sa ndwiches and Enjoyment ... and Fun Too

~Tl\~.. FH \ \f- 1>2 \an ~J. . 1irw. J,\llH',. B. lf\.'l

\ •\ \ .\I

Va11 Hu.::.kirl-. Cene Va11 Bu '>kirk, Lyn r1

2 1. 183 11 !)

\'a11 Ot·i11 ~1·. Howard \·and~·rpol.

Barha1a E.

\ ,\ \ Dt: \ 1-:HC ·\ l·:n:. ll I \10\ I \ ·\\DE \\ \TIX ·\I{ I Ill I{ V ari D uz.ee. E\:athr\'n \ an Fos.:.t"n. Brnq· \ .




123 Main St.

Vanµ;. Ra r han.1 Carn1·-.

Vang. Uonald Van Gundy. Connit> l..t•t•

108. 110

\ 'an l-iC'c-r<len. \ laur<'rn

\ an HtH1f. Thoma ... \ 'Jn Loon. Ht·.:llnc<·

\ an Sloott'n. St('\'t.'11 103. 181 Van Thomma, Carol r \"an Thomma. 0:anq \·an \ "lrf"I. Flort'nt't' Varn um. Ronalrl IJ.1 \'al land. THr) 9 7. 125. 174. 189 \'atn(' , habd Andf"r~on \ 'au;:.han. K a1hlet'n \°('1-!lahn. J o hn \ ddh uizC"n. Harb3.ra



I JO. 177

\ e1 ... d 1. Stan ll'}'

\'irk. Fvel)n \'iekt:n . David \ ' iC'Torim:, Fran<"l'<i.

Tracy, Warren Tranclt"m, Susan

Vit"th.-.. Da vi d A. Victor, Joy<'f"

Traxler, Lyr)da Trehu s , Lowd!

VinC"<" nt. Lo i..

Tre ma in. Charlt•.., [TripJ.>, ALan 98. 133. 17 1· Tripp, Charlottt> Trotl nski. Gerald T•·ok, Mi chae l 12S. 186 Trotman, J a mes Troutc-n. Willia m W. 9·1 Trou~. Hod

Trua.x. Gayle Try~,geslad . Roh('rt Tschumpcr. Linda 96 Tucker, \la rilyn 185 Tuin, Ka 1hlee n

The Home of America's Most Beautiful Furniture

\' i 11~e 11!. F.ugC' ne Vip;cn. Car)'

Vinj<-. Linda 9. 96 Virnig, Larry

Vo<'lkc1. i\1idrnel .I. \'ogf'I. Cha rle" \ o~,I. T ern· 12•1.. 150. l 52 \'oi~ht. Arm \'m g.ht. Eug('n<· Vo igh1. Ja(·t1u1•lin1• Vold. Dwi~hl Volkman. Uult"

Yolkman. John \.ollin~. CherJ·I


Tulare. Laura Tulius. Gar)

1 ...

Ii t

\on An.. J o l111 \ on Bargen, Allt>n 134 \ 'on Barg<"n . Linda 187 \ ond erohe. Brut·r

Truner, Drnn i~ Tu rn e r , Ccrald T urnn. John 150 Turner. L<'<' Turner. Palricia Tuschne r. Jerome

Vondrrohr. J ame ... \ o n Fd<lt. Thoma" J.16. 137. 138 \ "o-..,, Ba rbara 18l

Tushn er . Joun 98. 119. 174 T utewQhl. Jeane 187 Tu1e~·o hl 1 Larry 174 Tuttle. Cathy Tweedy, Ka thry n Tweelrn , T h omn ll' 92. 10.t 125. 1 7 ~ Twcito. Kathlt> t' n

\'ahhaji. 11•,::oi:-.em \"a ila. Roy \ 'ale 11 tyn. J ame"

\ <'rnon. :i.huil) n


Torgerson. Linda



Thomp~on. Jame ...

Thompson. Jc-ffrq L. Tho1i1pson. Judith Thomp«on. l ,arry

\ U'-\\j(' k_ '.:°'111"\4 •1)

Uhl , P e te r J, Underdahl, Marl 180 Underkofficr. Lawrence

120. 187


99. 11 4

Tweten, Larry Tye, Jforold 1711



\ ucino\it' h. \l ,1n J,.uu•

Bassett Lazy-Boy Statford Selig

Ethan Allen Heritage Daystrom King Koil


W'a(•hob·., Ca rl

\\' adt:,. l.orrai1w Wa i.:ne r. John

Westgate Shopping Center Open Mon.-Wed.-F ri. 9 to 9

Wagnn. Ric hard 'W agnrr. SaoJra Wa~n(·r, Tlto mn~

\'t'ah l ber~.


Wainwri~ht .

11 .5

Mit·haf' I


21 I


of the Famous

Country Boy

Country Kitchen Downtown

3rd & Huff

Wally's Supper Club


Fine Foods Cocktail Lounge

Ford Products since 1924

Fountain City, Wisconsin 210 Main St.







• FROM $100



10 7 W. 3rd St.

Stager Jewelry 3rd and Center

Win o n a


Wuih:'. J a nf'l Walburn. Hid iard

Wna, Judy Ann 180 Wtc!rtz. Cris tin (i3

1 \"\

alrh. David

\Vt>st h<"rg.

We st b e r g,

l°l' AUlE N. E\'ERETI 65 Waldo. Jo 1\llu

W rtzrl. Susan Lyn n Wcs t erdahl. Bonnw Weyers. Danirl 138

\\ aldo.

l.)· I~

\\Jlkt•r. r . . m \h1lkt"r. Kf·nn cth W allac~. Brn<'l'


White, Charles Whit e. David J. Whi t~. Robcr1 G .



Wic k s , R uy rno ru.I

\V allat'e. Tt' rry 105 Wal!i•ri<' h, Bernard 181 \\l<tllio. Lynn 189 Wall> . Jume~ 187 W alJ11 h 1 M a q ?arc l 79 Wali;;ki. John P. \\ ahN. Karen \'l' all e r.s, C u1hc r i n (' 102. 174 \'(ah("....-.. \laNha 108 \\' ah e r&, Ri c h ard Wal11. PhiHp 125 \V ahur. StC"\'e-n


~·' ill1u r. ~' anda

Wood ow. JanC' t 187 Wun.I. Pa t riC'ia 177

Wildr nhorg, JoR('ph I'. W ild e nh o r g, Th o mn s R.

\"V'urnk". Darrell Warnkf'. Oavid Wanhe-.i:n. Eiken V:- a"i<'l. Juanit a 182 \\'a .. on. Jame~ w,u-.011. Larry 9 l. 186

\Vi l<lt-s, Hruce 105 Wi ldm a n , S 1c ,•e n 138 Wilhelm~.

Wc hh , Kurl 138 Wobbles. \!argy \\lcb111g.e r. La wrence La rry l.ee

\l f'imet'lin:h. John P. Ii i


\"( ill. Carolyn Willford. Jame<; Williams. Brian 74. 125 Williams. Ddvin Fr~J

Williams. Grt'gory


W('d u l , l'u l r ic ia 174 \'V cgman . Cera ld W eg m a n , J m .l i1h 174 \'\ r~mao , Huth Ann 183 Wch r e-, Kare n An n 99. 174 W rhr ... Paul 1\ lilton W ~imn. Pt."nelope 189 \\ ~·i r. l{oht·rl l.('f· We n f? e rl, \1 ar~al'e t \\l<" p lf' 1' , 0f' nnis Lee

Wilken. Gloria


WI::OUL. MF.LVIN 0. f>2

~ 'e ir. O i:rnt.• .\1 ~u-


WILK. RICHAfW 69 WI LKE. AURTlll R 69 Wilke •.\lark 107, 142

174 Wat1 ~, W illi e W. Wc:l\'t:r. C nrol A n n 99. 103. 116. I 19. 174 \\ <'avn. L('n•y

w,..<1 e 111c ier,

Phone 2824

37. 52. 92. 119. 186

\\ ika. Norman \l;' ilhur. Curti<:.

Wa t&o n . 1.ind a

165 W. 2n d St . W ino n a, Minn.

125 70. 148. 152

Wiczek . Sallr Ann Widing. Sandra .i\nn I 14. 187 Wiebke..\1 ary Lou Wi('(· h . l\'1arilyn \\' i(' m c. Gerald l45 . 184 Wicgrcfc. James Wie~rt>ff". l.(' Ho) 18-l \\ iehr. Loretta Wirmf"rslagc. Pa1ricia J\. 52. 92. 99. 103. 119 \\ ierzba. J ames 182 Wit_>rLb a , J oan 99. 116.117.175

\'l'iest. Ja nie<

Wa l?,, Be tty Tcss um W an~('n. Hop;e r \Vn11 tot· h. Mary Wa. nl 04.'h, Hidrnrd



Wh a le n, Mar) 114. 174 Wh arto n , J o h n 52 WllEEl.F.R, llOHOT HY 70 White, Barbara 93. 102. 10:1 White, Brnce 6, 92. 93. 102. 103

\\ aldow. Janc-t II alkt·r. Dale

w.1~ ... ~1;ohacl Wall. Ka thlet>n 179

Full-Time Radio in Winona

Jam e~ 124 Thoma~ F'.

\'(lalch. su~an

Willi ams, Susa n

38. 52. l IO. 145. 185

Wi lliamson, Ja n1t•s Willi am son. Karen


Wi llis. Sandra Willmac th. Robert Wilma. Nancy 94

WI L:"ON. JA llES 72 \\' il.,,en. Ro,


Wil;oor)·. Ro)- 105. 115 Wilson. Keilh Wil,on. icho la~ H.

'Wil son, Paula Ann

117. 175

Wil<:.on. Srott

Wilson, Susan Winkel. Ilarhara


McDonald's is your kind of place Op e n Year Around On Highway 61 Two Blocks West of Junction 14

Reach for Sungram Bread

Sunbeam Bakers

Nash's Men's Shop

E x clusive Gant Shirt Headquarters Corner of 4th and Cente r Winona, Minn.

2 14



- -







Join the Lunch Bunch AT SANDY'S

the Remembrance Shop (Next to Woolworths) Downtown Winona

Gifts Huff ond 10th

Ace Hardware Hardwares

Sporting Goods

Edwin's Jewelers Eat at The

And Ride With


DURFEY STUDIOS Complete Photography Service Corner of Washington a nd Wabasha Two Doors North of Maxwell Libra ry Phone 5292 Dia m onds and Costume Jewel.ry



Bar & Cafe


528 Ce n ter Meal Ti c k ets

Car ry-Out Orders

"Known for Values" 66 E. 3rd St.

Phone 4353

Winona Auto Sales "'Where you get the red . " carpe t service.

Dodge Rambler Dealer Third a nd Huff

Clothing for Men and Boys

Home Beverage Service 533 Huff St. Phone 2572 Winona, Minnesota George & Betty Hahn, Prop.

Junction 61

& 14

Phone 8-3096

....,,I ':I:



: If . , i

t ff.. .









- - -


---- -


May's Photo Service 113 W. 3rd St.


Phone 6172


Fiberite Hal-Rod Lanes


401 W. 3rd St. Phone 5359


Seeing ts believing.

SHl!BfS r1zz4 rARLDR & Ye PUBLIC house



Tempo Miracle Mall



RESTAURANT and LOUNGE Intersection Hlghw1y1 61 •nd 14 •nd State Highway 41


Weis. Garth 145. 182 We ili, Cary We1shn ch. Pri&cilla 181 Weisbrod. Garry W~i ti hroJ . P " t.-.r 174 Wel c h . Glo ria Miu· 17 l WrllnC'r. FrC'dri<' Wellner. Ca rv A. Wendi. Judith 187 We ndlandt. Arlyn 142 Wen di. Li nd• Rubye 115. 191 Winkler. lames 154 Winkler. Wilbert Win.slow, Con:;lnn ce 6. 108. lJO. 120, 145. 175. 183 Win o;lo w. Don Wint e r. J auice 102. 119 Wint <'r . Nora W in1h~i.;t·r . Philip Wi!l.tlorf. Ruth 119. 189 Wi , e. Lin<l u 98. 177 Wi itsman, Wil liam

\'\ underlich. l\1idiat>I \'t'urm. Robert

Jones & Kroeger Co.

y YaC'dkc. David Yaeger. Mary Anna l'n~ow, Arthu r 125 Yalmkt'. Marlha Yak ish. Stt-\'t'll A. 108 Yakis h. Thomas 181 Ya monak a, Cha r lf' n (' T.

School and Drafting Supplies


Yamu~aki, Pcu rl Ki y o na

Yankovcc. Chri:-. tine


Yarol ime k , F rt.· <l

Y"'skl' , Ri c hurtl 105. 175 Yi n. T erce.a Jih Ying Yo kanovich, ~lark Youmans. Jay Youn g. Brent 98, 181 Y(rnn p;. Ru%ell

Wi s trcill , Bo nita W ist l'c ill , ft o i<< 138

Wit herv\\ . Robc-rt 103 Witt, Noucy 170. 175 Witt . J • rry 84. 153 Witter, Lan n y 104. 105. 175 Witzel, Dian(' Wobi ~. T errence 93. 98 \Vuddc. Eugrne

108-110 E. 3rd St.

Youn g. Wi! Llam William L

Winona, Minn.

Youn ~.


Wo~an. Ann 191 Whole r:;. Emelia R. Wholer:;. Kc:n nelh Wold , Ario 105 Wold. Kare n 99. 114 Wolesl ). \'( a) n<' \\ l)lf. Frederick WOLFE. DUA £ 85 Wol fe. J oan WolfNt. Roger Wol from. Ron 115 WolJin. Ul'ia n 94. 97 Wolli n , Vi;: rnu 175 Wood. J ohn 96 Wood. Mar y J o Wood. Robert 190 Woo den , .Duvid Woodsc nd , J enn 103 Woo d wort h, Re 11 y Worra , MarA"a""'' 175 Wos. Bonnie

Zaborowhki. Clarence 115 Zach ariah. ll C'n ry 130 Za h o rik , Tho ma~ 175


Cll A!1L t::~




Zende r , Ceorgr \\!. Z..tak. Gregor y 185 Zi egeweid, Berna rd Zicgcweid. Jam~i; lO·l Zje rn ann, Carl Zi c tlov., Darrel I 16. 189 Zi m m c rhakl . Don L ('t" Zimm erman. Donald J. Zitntnt'rman , \lary Zins. Bryan 176



Camping Equipment

and Other Supplies

Zipp('I. Steven 181 Zub~r. John 190 Zurek. The re se M. 94 Zwart. Hoben Zw olin~k i. J oh n 19. 124

Woyc ht:k, Df'nnis Wri~ht ,

44, 93, 167


Wunderlich. Charlrs E.

Super Selected Meats Fresh Fruits, Vegetables In-Store Bakery Frozen Foods Jet Stamps Free Parking T op Quality Merchandise for L ess



Miracle Mall Winona, Minn.

2 18





---- ---

-- --

- -















- -- - - --


---- -



. .________ -






--n..=-~~------- --~- _-!,___..•___..,:.______ -


-- -








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