Wenonah Yearbook - 1967

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Dr. Nels Minne and Mrs. Minne receive a remembrance gift from the community presented at the recognition dinner January 9, by Professor Raymond Houtz.


Dedicat ion ToDr. Nels Minne, retiring president of Winona State College,

guided by his foresight, experience and untmng effort. We gratefully acknowledge the long painstaking service

we proudly d~dicote this book. In his twenty-two years of devoted service, Dr. Minne

of Dr. Minne in fostering the central purpose of the college,

witnessed the expansion of the college from on enrollment

the purpose which he himself hos defined as "giving the

of five or six hundred to more than three thousand students.

individual student the opportunity to be educated in such a

The campus, extremely small when he took the helm in

way as to maximize his potential for himself and for society."

1944, hos grown to more than seventeen acres, covered by new buildings, equipped with modern facilities, a multiple growth by no means automatic or inevitable but aided and

Our sincere thanks for his lasting and valuable contribution to the co llege and community.



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Student Life The kaleidoscope of the college-

Bright moments remembered. The shades of

enjoyment colored

in the minds of the students.

The brillant hues of festivity varying from day to dayEver changing Yet

Unchanging and highlighted.

• • •

The lv im Group .•• FRONT ROW, Shoron Bundy, Sheelah Moyzek, Lynda Reu5ch, Jane Kahl; SECOND ROW, Jeanne Nadreou, Claudio Halstead, Pot M ehling, Gloria Kuhlmann. Bonnie Wos, Undo Hogstad 1

THIRD ROW, Dusty Bertel, lorry Searight, Bruce Corner, Joe Adams, Richard Dublin; FOURTH ROW, leader Sue Ivins, Allon Swanson, Bill Bonow, Gory Elwood, Richard McCarthy, leader Ouone Mu rray

THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT ... Dick C hilders and Sue Frisch, orientation

leaders, give advice to Duane Murray, Ginny

O'Neill, Jacqueline Spence and Kenneth Lanik.

MEET YOUR LEADERS! ... The team leaders are introdu ced to the freshman student body during Orie ntati on Week.

Hayes and Evans . • . FRON T ROW, Son10 Saari, Goyte H1mhe, Pot Tolmie, Cathy Bruggeman, Betty Haeuser, Connie Menden, Pot Schm111, Joan Schwanbeck, leader Joyce Evans; SECOND ROW, Mory Nogle, Il ene Erdmann, Kris Olson, Susan Wayne, Sheri Berg, Kris Olstad, Art F11her, Craig Bergev1m,

leader Fronk Hayes; TH IRD ROW, lorry Brazelton, Jim Trotman, Bruce Vonderahe, Terry Skaar, Steve Smith, David Donckwon, Pe te Cole, David Knight, Bob Eck les






led by Oovies, Thoma FRONT ROW, Cynthia Adams, Mory Lynn Speltz, Lynne Arnett, Marilyn W1ech, Sue W1ll1oms, Melinda Althoff. Kothy Moe; SECOND ROW, Vonero Domagala, Kathy Servo•s, Ko1hy Schm11,

Pol lurner, Phil Hoilond, Dole Allen, leader Marilyn Thoma, fHIRD ROW, Doug Standke, Rteh Lontz,

Steve Pinmon, Gerold lngemon, lam Burke, leader Bud Davies

Winona State Welcomes Thousand New Students Lindeman and knieb el . •. FRONT ROW, leader Neal Lindeman, leader Sue Kniebel, Joan Crapps, JoAnn Chubik, Shelby Magnuson, Cheryl Hanson, Avis Loven; SECOND ROW, S1e..,e Schnorr, Barb Bloemke, Rosemary Marz, M argaret Mullen, Lindo Serfin; THIRD ROW, Weston Belz, Dick Nosh, Jomei

McOonnough, M ary Kuchenmeister, Sheila Brennon, Jenny W1U1ams; FOURTH ROW, Denny i:loemer, Shone McNory, Dick Lorbiecki, Ron Lorson, Tom Bernotz, Jim Bock.us


NEXT ON THE PROGRAM At the style show during Orientation Wee k, John H ennessy, Sue Zimmerman and Charles Sklader, model fas hions from local department stores.

Fifield and Bidro ... FIRST ROW· Sue Sundry, Dione Gray, Susie Colemon. Mory Steiskal. Alice Whingelby, Charlene KNn. Sandy l anders. Borb Berg, SECOND ROW - Jeanne Heller, Barbaro Leo. Roben Nelson,

Jomes Roe. lorry Chesney, Neal Gordner, Gordon fisher, Sondra B·dro, Rolph f1f1eld THIRD ROW· Bruce Homs, Mike Rose, Tom Schnorr. Sieve Meyer, Rober1 Remus, Cl1hon K1os. Dole Shlppy

Henry and Knopp . • . FIRST ROW leader Groce Henry, Denn•s Brom, Wilham Nevin, Michael Boyles, Koren Woller, Sue Schreck, Julie Senen, Beat rice Bouer, Judy Reuter, Sue Polus. SECOND ROW Thomas Mc Key, Robert Martens, Lourence Bouer, Chorlu Hohhe. Bruce Oenmson, Richard Sorom, Drew R1c-ks, leonn Ferzek, Poul Andrus , THIRD ROW: leader Rick Knopp, Rog leQueo. Jomes Eshelman. Roy Berger. John Blohno






TALENTED FRESH MEN The audience applaud s a s the performers return to make the ir final bows at the freshmen show.

Ron's Runnen . . . FRONT ROW, Becky Johnson, Sherry Esser, Barbaro Blue, Mory Guen1her, Linez B•sek, Donna Betcher, Jeonin• Schutz, Sondy Wagner, SECOND R.OW, Glen Busitzky, Cindy Kriewoll, Morie Norton, Cheryl HellH k, Reb•cco Boch, Cathy O'Laughlin, Kathy Loshek, Pot Anderson, leoder

Sue'• Happy Team ••• FRONT ROW, leader Sue Rudeen, Gretchen Goede, Kathie Kone, Lindo Vin1e, Teena Voros, Koren Ordolen ; SECOND ROW, leader Charles Sk.lader, Shirley Wochnick., Kr1s Bouman, Kris Wertz, Roe Ann Aker, Lindo Blakely, Jeri Madsen; THIRD ROW, Nelson Smith, Steve Waltzer, Lorry

Joan Wierzba; THIRD ROW, John Joszewski, John Ehlen, Michael Oeh1en. James Gunderson, George Kozik.a, Alvin Hein, Barry Rasmussen, Tim Ratha, leader Ron Luloff

Virnig, Steve Peterson, Richard Ahrens, Ken Putnam; FOURTH ROW, Mork Wilke, Jim Kindseth, Perer Sandberg, Michael McAnolly, lorry Thorson



luth' s Group • FRONT ROW, Georgia M olotke, Sue Boni. Jeon Miller, Dione Nelson, Sondy Snell, Dione Siems, Peggy Honsol'\, Judy Peroutka; SECOND ROW, Dionne Sweazey, Shirley Cook. Trudy Andenon, Wondo Oergum, Barb Knopp, Louro SchonmuUer, Sve Jackson, M ichael Ryon; THIRD ROW.

Les Gronsee, M ichael Mikrut, M ork Roos, Buron Pemne, Gory Oelkers, Mochoel Horris, David Gernes , William Kroschel, Gory Kotlorz, Neil K1e1Sen, Don Weyer, G ..n Parsons, Robert Jager, Jomes Z1egewe1d, leader Ruth Wisdorf

WOULD YOU BELIEVE? ... John Jeszwski stands on his soap box and proclaims the brilliance of the Polish people during the freshmen talent show.

The Spirit of Spence .•• FRONl ROW, Lynne

Brintnall, Marilyn Feuling, Mory Gton1, Virginia Price, Jolynn longer; SECOND ROW, Undo Nel son, June Hever, Cindi Nelson, Julie Stork, Lindo laurel; THIRD ROW, Ann Geppert, Mory Griffith, Donna Holmen, lono Allen. Dionne Hanson; FOURTH ROW, leader Jocquie Spence, William Niemcqyk, Greg Lemke, Poul Hegland, Gerry PetefSon, leader Rick Stried





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... '

Cheen for Carol ... FRONT ROW, leader Carol Weaver, Jomes Thomas, Carol lonkford, Jeon Backus, Margaret Knudtson, leader Jomes Wes1berg. SECOND ROW Gory Taylor, Ari Norma ndin, William Yale. John Almquist, David Bowers

CHEESE! . . . Carol H alvorson sm iles anxiously as Pete Con nors ex pe rtly takes her pict ure for her p hoto l.D.

Freshmen Prove to be

Photogenic The James G a ng . . . FRONT ROW, Elizabeth Peterson, Theresa Thiede, Sheryl King, Koren Londsverk, Morgoret Lehnortz, Undo Piehn, Sandy Bacon, leader Cherre Grove; SECOND ROW, Bruce Rawlings, Michael Benson, Jerry Kromer, Robert Skollerup, Richard Losinski, Pattie Browne, Mory Nygaard; THIRD

ROW, Lorry Anderson, Robert Buechner, Phil Wintheiser, Robert Sutherland, Pol Horn; FOURTH ROW, Rick Boem, Arlyn Poh lman, Mory Rokoukos , leader Jomes Kosten.


Sarah'1 Entrift ••• FRONT ROW, Cheryl Anig, Kothy Bernotr., Dole Kreuger Lndo Boyum, Dione Witzel, Noncy Newman, Pot Jones, Lindo lundqutst; SECOND ROW, Henry Li tschke, William Krusd,el,Jone Top ping, M argie Benson, Sue Plinski, Teresa Mollenhauer, Therese Zurek , Vern Syverson, le ader Sarah

Seufert; TH IRD ROW, Paul O'Brien, Rober1 McDougall, Morris Mattson, Phil Johnson, Wayne Wen, Thomos Stoffel, Guenther Sagon, Sieve Stybo

YOUR NAME IS? Sprenger



Mork Perez' s

name as he w aits to ent er the pool whe re he will be tested for his swim m ing ability.

Frosh Tested for Fitness

The Tonya Teom ••. FRONT ROW, Cheryi Grove, Sue Schus1er, Bonme Dell, Joan Re-u1er, leader Tonya Hildebrandt, leader Lou Molander SECOND ROW, Carole Kohner, Alice Green, Craig Thornton, John Grindland, Jomes Dubsky; THIRD ROW, Sue Wetzel, Jerry Engleson, Leland Peterson, Therold Johnson, Donald Zimmerman. Rober1 Brand; FOURTH ROW Steve Srntth, Bruce Fleslond, Jerry Heinle, Stan Scofield




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Maimbre1se and Team •• , FRONT ROW, &orb Borth, Mory Jo Hoffmann, Barb God1ent, Jon JohMon; SECOND ROW, Mory Cottengim. Mory Korder, Mory Jo Palasik,

Kathy Putzier, leader Pot Bisel; THIRD ROW, Steve Nolan, Jon Ehlers, Coral Sdme1der, Mory Stork, Bonnie Opfee, Marsha l+ndquill, Juhe Rober1', leoder Robert Meimbreue ; FOURTH ROW, Douglas Johnson. Roger Persons, Terry Lierman, David Yeodke; FIFTH ROW, Alen Lehrke, Leroy Humb~. Tom Foley, Ken Kunzer, David Arnoldty, Ed Krage

HOW MUCH LONGER? Orientation


ask each

other this question as they wait patiently to be assigned to on orientation team.

Upperclassmen Show the Way Fi1hbou9her"'t Favorites •• , FRONT ROW, Barb Steene, Koren Conkers, Judy Bobbit!, Charlene Beckman, Patricio Ferden, Mory Smith, Sue Trodem; SECOND ROW, Duane Polansky, Tom Yentsch, Howard Bicker,

Ken Mogren, Kot hie John, leoder Thomas F1st-lbougher, leader Goyle Christoffersen; THIRD ROW, David Jonsen, Dennis loerch, Jim Unn, M1choel Klomp, Mork loerch




.. ,








Stover'• Group ••. FRONT ROW, leader Atice Peterson, Lindo Becker, Koren Schultz, Dione Moger, Lindo KoskovK:k. Dione Grener, Kathy Dahl; SECOND ROW, PotrKio Utke, Jeon Metcalf, Jennifer Jones, Cindy

'- •


Merrick, Judith Pedersen, Sue Rodley, Poulo Fronk, leader Tom Stover; THIRD ROW, Ron loVell, Don Switzer, Dove Tesch, Robert Larsen, Poul Steen, Jomes Gron!

ENERGETIC SINGING . .. By the efforts of the team leaders, the freshmen and transfer students often defended their team 's pride by participating in competitive singing.

!>onna' s Darlings ••. FRONT ROW, Sandy Junek, Dione Ketchum, Lindo Sens, Elizobi1h White, Borboro Winkel, Margie Spence, Ellen Albrecht, Janet Sherwood; SECOND ROW, Jomes Bognlewski, Craig Holmatrom, Jome1 Draper, Michael Kimm, Garv Peterson, Jerry lngvolaon, Nancy Von Thommo, Rito

McCauley, leader Donna OeGise; THIRD ROW, Steve Mount, Steve Kilian, Sieve 0 . Johnson, Howard lvelond, Jomes Cornick, William Mille r, Do le Campeou, leode r Wayne Gergen.

I 14





- - - - - - --


Where's Our Leader? FRONT ROW, Phil luhrnonn, Dennis Poulson, John Betchwo1s, Michael Busch, Dov1d Walch; SECOND ROW Borboro Schifsky, Alice Schwortthuff, Judy Menning. Joanne Nipp, Ard1e Taylor, Virginia Johnson, Pernillo Swon, Nancy

Motz, Vikki Johnson, Thomas Combs. Nancy Wehrenberg, Sharon Groner, Terry Vogt

Helen's Prlte1 . . . FRONT ROW, leader Thomas Oswald, Carol Hittmer, Gretchen Guenther, Ka thleen Skeels, Joy Albrecht, Lynne Rodman; SECOND ROW, R. C. Linden, Nancy Henrikson, Merrilee Perry,

Kathy Dunnum, Vivion Patten, leader He ~n Gorman; THIRD ROW, Horry Marso, Gory Schmitt, Mic

Heimer, Keith Orozkowski, Richard Pietsch, Duane Nelson, Dennis Welsch, William McCarthy.

ARE THEY DEMONSTRATING? . . . No, it' s just the freshmen stand ing in another line. Th is ti me they're waiting to be assigned a team.


Cook's Voyageurs ..• FRONT ROW, Mory Graner, Borbora Wolfe, Betry Eglinton, Undo Krismer, Barbaro Ganley, Mory Ann Schultz., Roxanne Hoglund, Susan McCroe; SECOND ROW, Curtis Bvrgdorf, Gvy Fido, Don Preble, Rick Ruehmonn, Fronk Kuhlmann, Garry Nordhorn, Jonet Ruppe l, Ruth Heine, leader Kathy

Bettcher; THIRD ROW, John Hufner, Dona ld Solberg, Lowell Tre hus, Mo rk Thorson, Jomes Eidem, David Bauer, Morris Hanson, leader lho mos Cook.

. _.,,.,..... Beks.e l's Team ... FRONT ROW, Judy Behr, Kath y Barrett, Nan cy Bobbin, Barbaro Broecker, Roiemory Shi ppy, Susan Gludt, Donna Kuhlmann, Connie Manzow; SECOND ROW, Ann BoytJ m, Terry Fotlmonn, Thomas Ea rle y, JomH LoBore, Ronald Blakstad, Gary Kiehne, Michael Hildebrand, Dona ld Roso o en,

lead er Bob Bekse l, leader Dione Bofringer; TH IRD ROW, Steve Henn ing, Rolland Grunz, Don Dahle, Nea l Sten lu nd.

NEXT WE SHALL SEE .. . Leader An n Thatcher , standing i n the background, g ives a tour of the campus to her Orie ntation Team.


Win With Wengert . . . FRONT ROW, Pot O'Oeo, Mory Mueller, Joon Wolfe, Louro Tulare, Maureen Kobilorsik, Donna Stime; SECOND ROW, Rondell Boomgoorden, Jim Cooper, Kent Kroupa, Marvin Fokemo; TH IRD ROW, Dione Risdohl, Kris Fronk, Robert Sawyer, Jomes Wise. Steve Smit h, Ken Miller;



- - - - - - -- -

FOURTH ROW, Cathy Drozkowski, More Houdek, Dennis RedW1ng, Les Corey; FIFTH ROW, Karen Borger, Marga ret Smith, Craig Koehler , leader Hal Rossiter, ktoder Moggie Wengert

IT DOESN'T HURT, MUCH .. . Mrs. Ruby Clark, R.N., helps Dr. Heise give the incoming freshmen Mantoux test during Freshman Orientation Week.

Where's Our Leader? . . . FRONT ROW, Lindo Buswell, Nancy Johnson, Dionne Duellman, Adeline

Claeys, Mory Boelter, Dionne Conrod; SECOND ROW, Thomas Beemon, Robert Routhe, Michael Skjod,

Bonnie Spande, Sue Critchfield, M ichoel Simons; THIRD ROW, Brvce A. Johnson, James Kiekbusch, Michoel Sturm, Jon Schoonmoker, Steven Rein, Neil Grummons, Kenneth Wohlers.


19th NERVOUS BREAKDOWN . . . Freshman ore enterta ined by t he " Lost Souls" during talent show. UUUMMPH . . .. . Susa n Wi lli ams stretches to ma ke a basket.

Frosh Swing

WILL THE REAL MAID MARIAN PLEASE SHOOT? . .. Che ryl Miller, rig ht, sh ows archery classmates how to hit the bu ll's eye.





------- --

Roger's. Teom , , • FRONT ROW, Loil Hallum, Gayle Marsh, Sue Bender, Evelyn Vick. M oru Pike, Kathy Prottengeier, C>eni.se McKee, Koy Herron; SECOND R:OW, Bev Christopherson, Kit Grier, Lou Bordel, Lenny

Pompoloni, John Rost, Ann Dahl ; THI RD ROW, leader Roger Wistrcill, le ader Susie Zimmerman, Tom Ingran, Mike finnegon, Lyle Mock, Lindo Ander.son, M aureen Quinn

Pat's Proteges. .. . FRONl ROW, Sheila M eehan, Joyce Boll man, Und o Knippenberg, Sharon Helgemoe, Lynne Kittle, Ma rgie Rinjwelski, Susan loCourse , Maureen Riches; SECOND RO W, 1eodcr Po t Wiemer.siege,

leader John Hennessy, Daryl Zimme r, lim Fox, Keith Wii son, Pot Moloney, Eugene Bensen, Vincent Arnold, Diann Bastin; THIRD ROW, Bob Rotigon, Terry Eikomp, Gory Longe, Richard Kohn.

INFORMATION PLEASE ... Freshman gi rls pick up information a bout Delta Zeta Soro rity from Carol Blank at the DZ booth on Club Night. Fro m left, Susan La Cou rse, Conn ie Menden, Jean Peterson, Donna Black, and G retchen Goede.



- ---




SALES PITCH! . . . David Chopin and J o hn Ro hma n, W C lu b Membe rs, p romote the Warriors at the ir boo th o n Club Nig ht.

Sa ndy's the Lead er •.• FRONT ROW, Sh erry Hansen, Connie Van Gundy, Marilyn OeForth, Cothy M oyer, Gail Albee ; SECON D ROW, Tom M urray, Carolyn Brodford, Carol Arndt, Nancy M onnen s, Kriuie Fonslow, Carol Johnson, Angelo Boettcher; TH IRD ROW, Ga rlyn Bergd ofe, Bob Gonser, Bob Ericbon, Lorry Funk,

Linus Stern, leader Sondy Sch ley; FOURTH ROW, Dano Bobbitt, Rick Erdman, Harold Lietzo, Bruce Blixt, David Pinke , M ork Cox.

Loren's Team . .. FRONT ROW, Glenn Miller, Con Arn old, Judy Sa uer, Cheri Jochims, Jackie Delong, Kathy Schmitz.; SECOND ROW, Lorry Tv!ew ohl, Allen Jackson, Les Johnson, John l oTovrelle, Jerold Breyer, Charles Willett, lead er Loren Gallagher.

·-I' 21

Su e Thorson ond Teom ••. FRONT ROW, Co1hy Pellows ki, Borb White, Pot Swartout, Jeon Kremer, Jeon Ann Peterwn, M ory Judd, Kathy Ochs, Donna Black; SECOND ROW, Gory Burgqu ist, Kothy Stemmer, Lindo Oelbow, Joyc-e W inkel, Donna Whetstone, Jeon An Peterson; TH IRO ROW, Bruce ASTern, Doug

Billison, Dennis Runke, Woyne Wolesky, leode r Sue Thorson, leoder Dick Thurow, Dennis Bro se, l orry Brody, Je ff Ro:iomussen.

RUSH! RUSH! RUSH! .. . Wayne Gergen and Donna De Gise tell their team the sch ed ule for orientation week.

Blanchard's Team .. , FRO NT ROW, Sue Grohom, Lindsay Putm an, Judie Davis, Helen Rafferty, Koren Sontlemon, Lindo Hermanson, Virginia Wolfe; SECOND ROW, leader Judy Bai ley, Poul Skottum, Ron

St rub, leader Dennis Blanchard, Scot1 Sprongeo, Leon Poliochik, Arlyn Wendla ndt, Terry Schr oder, Kenneth Weinzierl, Darrell C1emmensen, Gory Lee.


Kuchenmeister Teom . . . FRONT ROW, Carole Muehlegger, Lindo Sveen, Nodine Grovenish, Carol Reibel, Louro Keinendorst, Sue Poferl, Leah Eyler, Nancy Hol e; SECOND ROW, Par Ryon, Barb Johnson, Mory Koy Gainey, Undo Jacobson, Lindo Eyler, Ken Maddux, Charles Peterson, leader Sue Kuchenmeister,

leader Kirk Horswill; THIRD ROW, Dole Walker, Ken Slezak, Ed Joe-sting, Steve Z1mmerhokl, Bruce Hoseck, Lorry Nuszloch, Bill Shafer, Keith Ferenc.

MORE LINES! . . . Robert Grim shows Kay H erron where to sig n her name on her name tag. She also received her beanie.

Silvers Group , , • FRONT ROW, leader Judy Malmi n, Li ndo Jacobson, Sharon Greens1ode, M orilyn Fishbouger, Joyce A lb recht, Sue Comstock; SECOND ROW, Ko y Marquardt, M or901 Johnson, JoAnn

Ostrem, Jill Witt, Shirley Gudmundson, Peg Peterson; THIRD ROW, Steve Boo rd, Charles Clausen, Greg Hauschildt, lea der Bill Silvers, Gory Lee; FOURTH ROW, lorry Schmidt, Lorry Underkoffler, Ron Souter,


O'N eil's Tea m ••. FRONT ROW, Morcio Fredrickson, Joon Benson, Sue Koris, Koy Eiken, Judith Thompson, Sendro Shimo, Barbaro Husbyn, Genelle M eland; SECOND ROW, leader Virginia O'Neil, Timothy Nicholson, Robin Uristo, Phylhs Hengel, Lynda Murray, Lindo Leslie, Christin Lindquist; THIRD ROW, leader

David Kova l, Georg e Pohde , Jeffrey Feotheutone, Terrence Wobig, J. lorry Erpelding, Stanley Denn, Rolp h Nordstrom, Go ry Eddy.

No Slackers • . • FRON1' ROW, Becky Laumeyer, Jenny Pau kner, Janel lsse ndorf, Coll een Ha nscom, Bobbie W u:st, Chorlo1te Tripp; SECOND RO W, leader Mo ry Koy Mod ie ski, Theresa Heidemann, Cheryl LiUeboe, Jea n Goutcher, Susan Giger, Ba rbaro Quinn, leader Rori Slack; THIRD ROW, Michael Greenless,

Mi choel Curran, Thom os Gorman, Go r y Connolly, Deo n Wilde, Norma n Mill er; FO URTH ROW, John Lair, Mi cli oel Super, Willia m Hall, Gene Voighf , Willi om Nogosek, Michael Sro loch.

ONE, TWO, THREE Sue W illia ms sets her goal for a top sco re in sit-u ps in the physica l fitness test.




Porvazni lc, Meistad •.. FIRST ROW: leader Poul Porvoznik, Gloria Tonskemper, Dionne Hinno, Judy Kingsbury, Susan Donovan, SECOND ROW: Butch Poulson, Richord Wogner, Sondra Pr1rchord, Jo le11ner, l ovAnne Holzer; TH IRD ROW: Dovid Groner, Dove Hefte, Annette Nyseth, Porn Schniepp, Pot Willson,

Jomes Boker; FOURTH ROW: Doug Hubbord, M ike Cornelius, John Fox, Bruce Johnson; FIFTH ROW: Richord Groff, James Hokes, Mork Hofmeister, leader Koren Meistod.

BOOKISH BRIEFING . . . Fre sh men become ac quainted w ith the libra ry and the services it provides to a ll students.

LaCourse, Williams . . . FIR ST ROW: Und o Hemming, Dione Heim, Lindo Carlon, Cathy Beebe, Betty Sawyer, Chris John son; SECO ND ROW: Alon Steiber, Gory Ashbacher, Don Leon, Steve Thrune, Leoder

Ann Williams; TH IRD ROW: Dennis Iverson, Denis Kotlorz, M ichael Kowalsky, John Hall, M ichael Cichonowski, leader Warren Lacourse


SCHOOL SPIRIT!! . . . Students cheer the football team on during the g~e.

.. ,


wsc Way

• • •

BEAUTY AND CHARM? . . . Sharon Te p ly, Donna M orkcuson a nd Bonn ie Feul ing d emo nstrate ch arm, b eauty a nd p oise for t he Sig Ta u Gamm a tale nt show.

SMI LE! . . . You're on C andid Ca m ero (it's in a ki ssi n g booth).


SUN AND WATER ... Students relax from a hard day of classes at Lake Winona .



Loc ks


engaged in a fast game of ping-pong.


• • •

ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK ... Students danc e up a storm to music in t he street.


. t;, i,. ;~


.... .

.t;. ,• ....... .

, •. !~ . .•'·. •



j .. . c ....


!JY'.d· '}AA ·it-~: ~~- ~ ;,.

ADD A LITTLE MORE WATER . .. Dona ld Higgs, Larry Olson and Roy Wilsey, members of Circ le K, plant trees to beautify the campus.

We GET THOSE WATER SPOTS! ... The Alpha Xi Delta pledge class stages a car wash.

WE GIVE BLOOD ... John Saben and Tom Stover eat a lunch after donating blood to the Red Cross. Many Winona State students gave blood w hen the mobile unit came to the city.


• • •

HOLD OUT YOUR HAND . . . John Silvis brands Susan Wayne at a dance. John Wharton , stamp in hand, waits for a lassie or laddie.

29 -





CHECKMATE? ... Students wile away extr a hours in the Union w ith the chess board. At the board ore M ichael Anderson and Terry Holston; kibitze rs ore Mary Grenniel and Rodney Phipps.

LOUNGING TIME! . . . Usually from 5 p.m. until 6 p.m. students relax, toke walks or just "hack a round."



We Loaf

• • •

Especially w hi le p loying pool, says Bri an Williams.


cuss class, dotes ond social events. Here Dione Fredrickson

the general question os students gather in the 'SMOG to dis-

ond Elaine Seavey exchange views.

EUROPE ANYONE? ... Tozz Sumner relaxes a few m inutes while preparin g for his year in Norw ay. He's been ot Oslo Loererskole under the interinstitutionol program.



• • •


FUZZIES GO WESTERN ... BACK ROW: Kathleen Kelley, Jacqu eline Lentsch, Sheil a Homola , Diane Bunge, Barbara Beeman, Barbara Abrahamson, Gayle Christofferson, Susan Ivins and Judy Ba iley dress up for skit to introduce the Alpha Xi homecoming queen candidate, Kathleen Schmitz.

ISN'T THAT PICTURE CROOKED? views homecoming

Philip Gernes posters.

Welcome Alums GET OUT THE PEACE PIPES . . . FIRST ROW: Kay Everson, Arlys Legler; SECOND ROW: Patricia Bisel, Tanya Hildebrandt, Ruth Peterson, Charlotte Behnken, Patricia Wiemerslage; TH IRD ROW: Barbaro Quest , Carole Roberts, Bonnita Feul ing, Susan Ive rs, Mar gar et Wengert, and Gr ace Henry, turn Indian for homecoming skit on behalf of De lta Zeta.

LET'S GET 'EM UP KIDS ... . . Student s put in long ho urs p ublic izi ng t hei r ca ndid ates.

966 Homecoming

• • •

WHERE'S THE REST OF THE BODY? ... Doug las Rosen d ah l and frat brothers Da ni el An derson, Thomas Fishbaugher, G rego ry Stap les, Thomas Siegert,

Rola n d

Graves, Paul Johnson and

Mi ch a el Davis pose af ter Homecom ing Pep Ral ly.

Susan Zimmerman-1966_


- - · --

THE QUEEN'S COURT ... Homecoming Queen cand id ates are: Top to bottom, Kat hleen Kenney, Kathl een Schmitz, Jane Price, Susan Rudeen, Tanya H il debrand t, Sha ron Sobraske, Sara Seu fert, Sharon Drwall, Jo Ann Obuchi, Veronica Pellowski, Ann Thacher, (not pictured, Joyce Evans).


1965 BEAUTY . . . Last year's Homecoming Queen Cindy Packard makes final appearance in parade.


• • •

IS IT REALLY ME? ... Susan Zimmerman b reath lessly receives the homecoming crown.

CIND 1 35

SORRY ABOUT THAT PEOPLE ..... SNEA proudly tokes first in float compet ition.

WHERE'S THE FIRE? .... Phi Delta Rho fireman Lorry Colvert directs f iremen frot brothers during porode. Bringing up the reor is Robert Jackson; ot the wheel is Jomes Corso.




PASS THE SALT . .. Sig Tau's dragon devours third place in parade.

RIDING HIGH .. . What a way

to view a parade!

Parade Time

• • •

PULLING ON TO SECOND ... Phi Sig rows to the second place trophy.


ALPHA XI HONORS MRS. MINNE . . . . Suzanne Petersen serves punch to guest of honor, Mrs. Nels Minne, at homecoming alumni tea .

SHARE THE CAKE . . . Diane Erickson, Jill Einhorn and Judy Bailey serve refreshments at homecoming tea.

A LIVELY CLOSE . . . . . Young Americans entertain WSC students at close of big weekend.



HOLLYWOOD, HERE WE COME . . . H omecoming Va r iety Show



Ch r istofferson,

Susa n

Kn iebel,

Bonnita Feu ling and Donna Marcuson accept audience applause after performance.

It Was an Entertaining, Busy, Wonderful Weekend JAZZ ANYONE? . . . Alums and students enjoyed performance by Preserva tion Holl musicians.


FALL FEVER . . . Duane Luinstra gazes fondly at his date for the homecoming dance.

BETS ANYONE? . . . . Cooch Martin leads locker room disISN'T SHE SHARP . . . . Phi Sig's William Mc Nary, Scott

cussion during homecoming week.

Springer and Sanford Bettcher direct campaign for their candidate.

YEAH, WE'RE REALLY FINISHED . . . . Members of Gamma Delta, Donald Higgs and Joel Worra, Glen Peterson, Dawn Reisinger, Corrine Grover, Stephen Arnold, and friends smile proudly at the "fi nished product."

Chaos at State

• • •

"WHIP IT ON ' EM!" . . . Susie Rudeen leads cheer during Winona-Stout game.

TEAR GAS ANYONE . ... Enthusiastic students turn out to boost Homecoming in a "Big Way".

FINISHING TOUCHES, OR JUST STARTING .... Karen Bather and Steven Forster work hastily to get float finished.


1 •

~_jl' •~ - ~ I II


v ' ''•.,





SORRY TO DISTURB YOU ... Dove Marshal is awakened by roommate.

THIS DARN POP MACHINE . . . Gayle Hudok tries for another pepsi during smoker bre ak.

Dorm Life . • • Means Smokers, Lounging, and Hacking Around ....

COMFORT . . . Morie Rau cozily cu rls up in front of fire with a b ook.

KEEP YOUR EYE ON BALL . . . William Roth, foreground, enjoys a game of poo l in the union.

COFFEE BREAK . . . . Brewing a cup of "second Conway mud " is Joan Pretzel during a free moment.

STUDY ANYONE? . . . Marcia Stevens settles down to an evening of serious work.







I ~


BREAK A BALLOON ... Barbara Stemmer talks Dennis Morgan and Pat Wiemerslage into a little gambl ing.

Winter Weekend WINNING SCULPTURE . . . Kappa Pi, Art Fraternity, puts the finishing touches on its ent ry for the snow sculpture contest.

SMILES FOR WINTER WEEKEND . . . Barbaro Reis, Queen Carol Weaver and Joanne Obuchi pose for a picture. It was a penny a vote in the queen election and spending was heavy.

A NIGHT TO REMEMBER . . . Sherry Hanson, John Elders, Mary MacMillan and Thomas Fox are enjoying the Christmas Dance.

SWEETHEART " 67" .. . Sigma Tau Gamma presented their new sweetheart, Sue Ivi ns, at their annual Christmas dance.

Sig Tau Sponsors Christmas Dance

COOL HUH? ... Bruce Whit e, Thomas Ford, Al Jensen and Lance Spiral greet the new sweetheart, Sue Ivins.

WHAT' S YOUR PLEASURE? . .. John Rudeen and Diane Ruprecht dish up the evening meal to hungry students.

Happiness Is

• • •

CONCENTRATION AT PEAK .. . Rodger Jehlicka and fellow students study rocks for their Earth Science test.


Slater's Food

MAKING THE BEST OF IT ... The guys at this table seem to be

DISHPAN HANDS? . . . Steven Cordes, Donald Kropp, Roger

enjoying their food despite those rumors about the cooking.

Fischbach, Ron Gipp and Dave Mortensen take time out from their work to pose for the camera man.

Happiness Is . Studying at Library

SH-H-H-!! ... Eileen Gerber looks up from her book ta find

• •

some nut taking her picture.

Z-Z-Z-Z!! ... Carol Blank seems to be st udying hard or is she catching up on some sleep between c lasses?



- - -- -

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - --



A BEAUTIFUL SCENE . . . Snow covered walks will soon find many students hurrying to classes to start out the new quarter.

from Monday Morning to

• • •

As we return for winter quarter, we find the campus covered with snow. The week starts the good ol' "Monday Blues" as we again focus our attention to studying. But before we realize, the weekend is upon us.

ART BORING! NEVER! . .. A student finds art a fascinating subject to discuss when she is supposed to be studying it.


REFILLS? .. . Jon Weiss and lance Sbirol go to the "bar" to hove Louis Konovoti fill their cups.

Friday Night at Winona State

• • •

SAME TIME, SAME PLACE ... Frank Hayes, Thomas Hoffman, Richa rd Knopp and J. 0 . Benso n enjoy a night out with the boys.

DEALER'S CHOICE . . . Bruce Closwoy deals the cards to Winona State cord sharks.



~~_.____. ___ ~








TRIBUTE GIVEN . . . Students honor Dr. Nels Minne, W.S.C. president for 22 years, with a portrait, traveling speech trophy and roses for Mrs. Minne. Pictured with Dr. Minne ore Louis Konovoti, student senate president, Mrs. Minne, and Russell Lebokken, artist.

Winter Brings a Change

• • •

KARATE ... A class of students learn the art of karate which involves con trol and concentration.

"LIFE" . . . In his first convocation speech, our new president, Dr. Dufresne, defined life as: spirit, fun, challenge, ideas, and thinking.

SHARP OR FLAT ... Jerry Johnson spends time explaining a piece of music to Oddvor Pederstod, exchange student from Oslo, Norway.


OUTDOOR PLAY ... Sharon Sobraske supervises Phelps children during recess.

ANATOMY ... Anatomy students learn about the parts of a cat in the only right way, by dissecting one.



• ,f"~' ',



I ."




Busy From Morning .

• •

DECISIONS ... On his way to class, Duane Lee stops to wonder and debate if he should go to class or to McVey's for a Coke.

PROPS FOR A PROJECT ... Patsy Fischbach, Diane Ruprecht, James Meyer, and Barbara Banicki display items from Chile for their project in Language Arts and Social Studies.

ROCK HOUNDS ... Students study rocks so they con poss the ir Earth Science test.

• •

. to


• •

FUTURE ARTISTS? ... Pat Burke and Sylvia Behrens work on their project for pottery class.

CRACKING THE BOOKS . . . Sue Roff ond Don Becker study hard for the oncoming finals.



• • ·•'


"- .. ~

Late Afternoon

• • •

IS THAT SO . . . The lounge not only makes o good place to meet for supper, it's also o great place to sit and chat. Just ask Linda Jacobson and Tom Oswald.

HEARD THE LATEST . . . To pass the time waiting in the supper line, Marge Smith and Kathy Wolters exchange the latest jokes.

DON'T TELL ME ... it' s on the tip of my tongue . Gregg Gropel meets many people while checking numbers.

CLEAN AGAIN ... Sharon Sobraske and Janice Wiest polish the tables ofter the mea l.

WASTING TIME . . . Dick Childers passes time by reading a magazine while waiting for his date.

FOLK SONGS ... This year the history and music departments joined to present American folk songs. The programs were presented by William Schmid and Henry Hull. Mr. Hull discussed

Turns to Nite •

• •

the times of the song, and Mr. Schmid sang the song to his own accompaniment.

. .., .




'. ~"""

ANY DISCUSSION? ... If you aren't attending the folk sing,

Louis Konovoti, Sue Frisch and Dick Childers ore spending

you may be at o meeting being held in the union. Rondy Sinke,

their evening at o student senate meeting.

YOUR BID ... Stan Donukos gets o happy grin as John Rohman points to the leader, and Dove Wistricill keeps score.

An Evening


• • •

CUT IT WIDE ... A steady hand and o correct angle help David Wistricill to pocket the boll as Mork Perez calmly awa its to toke his next shot.


FRIDAY NIGHT - 7 :30? ... Cheryl Hanson and friends make plans before ending the evening.

An Evening Ends HAVEN'T YOU HEARD . . . there's a photographer on the loose. Stan Scofield and Pegi Mullen found out the hard way.

COUCH OVER-CROWDED? ... Someone should tell Joe Shafer & Mary Max the the girl is supposed to sit on the guy's lap.


HAIL KING! ... Joan of Arc, ployed by Jeanne Morrison, kneels before the new-crowned king, ployed by John Perry.

SENT BY GOD ... Jeanne Morrison goes to her Lord, ployed by A l Pog liorello, to tell him she hos been sent by God to save her country.

PLEADING FOR FORGIVENESS . .. Al Pogliorello pleads to Lee Turner for forgiveness.



Joan of Arc


• • •

Saint Joan, directed by Miss Dorothy Magnus, was t he Wenonah Pl ayers Fall Production. The play tells about a peasant girl chosen by God to save France. Her faith in God and devotion to her country in the end are the cause of her death.

DEATH SENTENCE ... Joan of Arc has just been condemned to death. Her executioner is played by Larry Shea.

PRAYER FOR STRENGTH . . . Joan of Arc, played by Jeanne Morrison, has just been given control of the armies of France .


-¡------_ _¡_



"GET UP MAN!" . . . Dan H ill b ay, played by Larry Shea, attempts to revive the faint Mr. Prim, played by John Perry. Onlookers are Kathy Russet, Al Pagl iarello, and Allen Haynes.

" The Beautiful People," directed by Jeanne Morrison, shows a day in the lives of the Webster family and their friend s. Living in their own little fanta sy world, the Websters do strange thi ng s, at least strange to the no rmal person.

''The Beautiful People"

- -'-


IT'S ALIVE! .. . Mr. Prim discovers the lost mouse in the palm of his h and.

Presented by Wenonah Players

"WEE SLEEKIT TIMBROUS BEASTIE" ... The Websters an d thei r newly found friend Mr. Prim gaze at a mouse whic h Owen h as brought home from the tower of St. Ann 's Church.

JUST ONE WORD ... (opposite p a ge) Alla n H aynes and Kathleen Mocioch portrayed members o f the unique household in Saroyan's play.


GOING MY WAY . .. (facing page ) Although many W.S.C. students use this method of getting home, our hobo is just a Worriorette performing in one of the half-time shows.

HEY GANG ... let's do a little cheering to support our team.

WHERE'S EVERYONE? ... Weekends find many students braving bod roods and uncertain weather to go home. Hence, reduced hustle and bustle around t he dorms. This is a view from the high- rise dorm.

Weekends Mean a Game PIN HIM

• • • For those who don' t wish to support the basket-

boll team, there's the wrestl ing squad to cheer to victory.




·~ ·'

PRETIY AS A PICTURE ... Cover Girl Claudio Bishop and Barb Abrahamson spend some time ot the refreshment stand.

W.S.C.'s Campus Cover Girl for 1967 is Claudia Bishop. Our Cover Girl con test is a part of the annua l Upper Midwest Contest involving title-holders from Minnesota, Wisconsin, North and South Dakot a. Each contestant had her photograph in the Minneapolis Tribune. Competing wit h Claudia were Barbara Beeman, Bonnie Feuling, Sue Ivins, Sue Bremseth, and Pat Wiemerslage.

Ourft!'y Studio$


a Dance. • •

EXCESS ENERGY? . . . Roger Randoll and Dione Tollefson find that o good way to release excess energy on the weekend is to attend o Smog dance.

PROVIDING THE BEAT . . . One of the local bonds, "The Rest", didn't do too much resting during the year.

and Some Study

• • •

GAME OF CARDS? . . . Don Chico tempts Dove Marshall to toke time out from his Sunday afternoon studies.


.... ...







............ ~

WHAT NEXT . . . To compensate for her home cooking, a coed decides to recheck her exercise routine.

ALMOST DONE ... Mory Ann Collins checks on dinner. How much longer Mory Ann?



• • •

LEARNING ANYTHING? ... One of the benefits of living in on apart ment is having a big soft choir to relax in. Ted, wouldn't it be easier reading with the book the other way?


NEW HAT ... Janet Nelson tokes o few minutes from her reading to observe Cheryl Graue doing her nails and drying her hair.

ANY REQUESTS ... Bongos and o g uitar a lways make life interesting for o landlord l iving downstairs. Preparing to serenade their landlord ore Ted Roberton, Bill Kohler and Bud Davies.

Means HomeCooking? WHAT 'CHA BREW'N . . . Ted Roberton and Bud Davies go c reat ive in p repa ring supper.





I .

°' "'-



THE OLD AND NEW ... As spring returned, we looked forward to moving into the new addition to Maxwell Library. It was scheduled for early June. The addition is more than double the size of the original.

SPRING IS HERE .. . One can always tell spring i s here by the many games of touch football on campus.

WHAT LEGS ... Spring means getting out the old bermudas; it also means finding out who's in jail at the annual Sig Ta u Carnival.


Spring Returns

• • •

WORKMEN'S VIEW ... Our growing campus can clearly be

and Phelps in the background. The library is in the right dis-

seen from the new high-rise dorm. Here we see the Union,


(foreground), Watkins Hall and Gildemeister Hall with Pasteur

RIS ING HIGH . . . The new high-rise dorm ( 14 stories ) will house 400 students starting next fall.

Our Campus Expands

• • •

BIRD'S EYE VIEW ... The new dorm residents will have a good view of Winona's Sugar Loaf.


MARCHING ON ... The end of spring always finds graduation day. For many students, it means the end of one career and way of life, and the beginning of a new adventure.

and We Move Forward. WHAT'S BEYOND? . . . With the end of spring quarter, we leave our city located in the Mississippi Valley either to start a new life, or simply to return home for a summer. New dorms and other progressive advancements are always being made.




. . .. .





Academics The backbone of the college Composed of

individuals armed with books and

knowledge. Dedicated to the teaching of minds. Stimulating, inspiring, spurring and impelling students. People learned in different topicsUnited by common tasks.

• • •

Winona State's New President, Dr. Robert A. Dufresne

The DuFresnes and the faculty socialize after a banquet given in honor of Dr. DuFresne and his inauguration as president of the college. Dr. Robert DuFresne became the new president of Winona State College January l, 1967. Prior to coming to Winona State, Dr. Dufresne was chai rman of the education and psychological division at Kearney State College, Kearney, Nebraska. A native Minnesotan, Dr. Dufresne g raduated from Bra inerd High School, Brainerd Junior College, received his Bachelor of Science degree and his Masters of Education degree from the University of Colorado . His doctorate degree was awarded him from the University of North Dakota. The students of Winona State College take this time to extend their heartiest welcome to Dr. Dufresne and his family.

PROBLEMS, PROBLEMS ... Dr. DuFresne confers with Student Senate members Randy Sinke, Alice Peterson, John Ross, and Louis Kanavati.

The Administrati.on What's on odministrotor? Well, first of oll, he's many people. He' s the academic dean, who, among a thousand other things, arranges a teacher and o classroom for that course you want. H e's (or she's) that registrar who keeps that registration line going, be it ever so slow, or so it seems. He's the man w ith an answer to your problem, of your making or ot herwise. H e's the mon who' ll give you a course of study beyond the bachelor's. H e's this and much more.

Dr. M . R. Raymond Academic Deon, Vice President

( Maurice Mariner Student Personnel

Mrs. Marguerita Ritman Deon of Women

Dr. Frank Van Alstine Director, Graduate Studies


Lois Simons Registrar

G. E. Fishbaugher Director of Teacher Training

Mildred Bartsch Assistant Registrar

Donald Bilse Assistant Registrar

NAME PLEASE . .. Dr. Smith gives the paper s fo r registration.

John Kane Financial Aids-Student Union

Edward Jacobsen Head Librarian

LeRoy Stadler Personnel Services






Dr. Ray Houtz

Jerry Witt

Chemistry Department

Chemistry Deportment

Dr. Joseph Emanuel

Chairman of the Division of Science and Mathematics

Science and Mathematics The Door to the Future An owokened notional interest ond rapid developments in

many facets of life with a science or mathematics background.

the fields of science and mathematics hove created new de-

The three programs offered at Winona State are the Bachelor

mands for trained personnel. Jop opportunities ore available in

of Arts, Pre-professional and the Teaching programs.

CHECK CAREFULLY . .. Dr. Houtz hel ps Alon Carlson with directions fo r on experi ment before he proceeds.


Dr. James Opsahl Head of Biology Deportment

Rosal ie Burton Head of Nursing Deportment

Dr. Frederick Foss Head of Chemistry Deportment

Nursing: The Staff of Life Graduates of the nursing program ore prepared to give

hove the foundation for continued personal and professional

direct patient core in community health agencies and for ad-

development and for graduate study in nursing. Graduates

vancement, at a later dote, to positions requiring beginning ad-

will be eligible to write the professional nurse licensure exami-

ministrative skills such as head nursing. With their liberal pro-


fessional background, Winona State College graduates will

Evelyn Nappe

Dorothy Hagerty

Nursing Deportment

Nursing Deportment

Sandra Kottke

Dolores Schiller

Nursing Deportment

Nursing Deportment

Dr. Calvin Fremling

Johannes Bjornhaug

Dwight Anderson

Richard O'Rourke

Biology Deportment

Biology Deportment

Biology Deportment

Biology Deportment









WATCH CLOSELY ... Mr. Hamerski explains an experiment as the class watches.

Science Experiments The Division of Science aims to provide for the needs of students in teacher preparation, general education, preprofessional areas, and for professional ca reers in science fields. Science is regarded both as an organized body of knowledg e and as a method of investigation developed through class and laboratory experiences. Attitudes of open-mindedness and scientific curiosity ore encouraged.

David Hamerski H ead of the Physics Department

Donald Fick Physics Departm ent


Maurice McCauley Physics Department

Charles Gill Physics Department


Thomas Bayer Earth Science Department




Mathematics-Not a Dull Subiect; It Equates with Life Mathematics aims to provide for the needs of students in teacher preparation, general education, preprofessional areas, and for professional caree rs in mathematical fields. Attitudes of open-mindedness are encouraged. This year the Mathematics Department acquired a computer. The computer will broaden the potentialities of the Mathematics Department.

Dr. Rudolph l. Lokensgard Head of the Mathematics Department

Milton Underkoffler Mathematics

MATH MADE EASY ... Richard Anderson solves a problem on a calculator.

Mrs. Sandra Olson Mathematics

H. N . Johnson Mathematics

Harry McArdle Mathematics

Duane W . Wolfe Mathematics


• .f



'\ ' ,r

Robert Keister Men's Physical Education

Dr. Robert Gunner Men's Physical Education Dr. Luther McCown Chairman, Division of Health and Physical Education

Physical Training The Division of Health and Physical Educat ion provides a variety of experiences in these two areas to enable students to develop and maintain physical, emotional, and social efficiency necessary to life in

Madeo Molinari Men's Physical Education

a democratic soc iety.

MORE RULES ... Mr. Keister gives Tom Ingram pointers on basketball.

Ronald Ekker Men's Physical Education

John Martin Men's Physical Education


Susan Day Women's Physical Edu -


Joyce Locks Women's Physical Education

Marjorie Moravec Women's Physical Education

Joanne Sprenger Women's Physical Education


Sportsmanship Develops Individual


Women's Physical Education develops the student emotionally, physically, and to work with others.

Margaret Browning Health

Physical Education covers many fields. It branches into aquatic, rhythmic, individual spo r ts, and team sports.

Dwight Marston

Director of A thletics

"I'll GET IT!" . . . Girls participate in an active game of volleyball.

Michael Stevenson Men's Physical Education

Ted Kearly Men's Physical Educatio n





-~ 'IL_ _

Broadening Ourselves Through Social Science A we ll-balanced program of course work is offered by the Division of Social Sc ience in history, political science, geography and sociology. The division is concerned wit h the preparat ion of teachers, t he preparation of graduate students, and the preparation of on adequate background designed to prepare students to accept the responsibilities and duties of a citizen in a democratic country.

Dr. Daniel Hoyt Chairman of Social Science Division

"ACCORDING TO THE FACTS ON THE BOARD" . .. Mr. Hull explai ns t he depression to his American H istory class.


Henry Hull

Raymond N . Thielen

Dr. Cathrine Grollman

Lawrence Suid



H istory


Paul Koprowski Sociology

Mrs. Beatrice Heyen Sociology

Barry Stein

James Eddy

Political Science

Political Science

Political Science Sociology and History .... Building Citizenship Larry Connell Head of Sociology

Deportment SOCIAL STUDIES BRIEFING . . . Dr. Hoyt, right, and members of o briefing committee from the Department of State pause for o picture. This meeting was held for the area social studies instructors.





.. ..-

Richard Hopkins

Head of Geography Department

ACCORDING TO THE MAP . . . . .Mr. Henry lectures on Europe to his World Regio na l Geography class.

Roderick Henry Head of Genera l Social Studies


Traveling Through Geography


Norman Baron

Larry M inock



• • •

Robert Heyen Socio/ Science

Marvin Palecek Socio / Science

Brian Blakely History

Arthur Wilke Socio/ Studies

GROUP DISCUSSION .. . Mr. Thielen and students porticipate in o panel discussion.

Learning Through Traveling

Dr. Richard Hirtzel Political Science

James Stevenson Politico/ Science


Developing Skills, Love for the Arts Among its objectives, the Division of Fine and Applied Arts inc ludes an enrichment of the general education program and the preparation of teachers in the fie lds of music, art and industrial arts. Many opportunities are given to the student for free expression which is vital to success in these fields. This division not only has a teaching preparation curriculum, but also offers students a major in the Bachelor of Arts program.

Dr. Harry R. Jackson Chairman of Division of Fine and Applied Arts

THOUGHT PROVOKING . . . . Kent Kulawske seems to be thinking quite deeply over his pointing.

QUESTION . . .. Dr. Capron answers a question in his driver education class.



. Mr. McCluer and Mr. Schmid are about to begin rehearsal at Lindenwood College on

annual tour.

The Winona State music department is expanding rapidly in faculty, equipment (two new Japanese-made grand

pianos this year, for example) and


Soon it will have its own building in conjunction with the theater arts. The department serves both the music major and others who wish to study music for their own satisfaction or to strengthen their use of music in the classroom. In addition to classroom for the music major there' s the concert



band , chamber orchestra,


chorus. Voice and instrumental students also appear in recital and some musicians play in the Winona Symphony Orchestra.

Richmond Mc Clue r

Miss Agnes Bard

Walter Hinds

Head of Music Department




• ,,~




IT'S BEEN A LONG DAY . .. .. Mr. Mc Cluer, director, stops to talk over the day's performance with choir members in


the Lindenwood College, St. Charles, Missouri, a stop on their tour.

Music for Fun, Music for Careers


Fred Heyer

Robert Hungerford

William Schmid




Gerald Tobin Industrial Arts

N . Anthony Gullickson Industrial Arts Dr. Hugh Capron Head of Industrial Arts

Industrial Arts




A rts department offe rs its students a

future in both teaching

and industry. Courses in woods,

electricity, and metals con be taken, as well as teaching methods courses.




time activities


also easily developed for those interested in t his field .

Stanley Jessop Industrial Arts PRECISION IS WHAT COUNTS . . . Dr. Jackson watches as student Jerry Wegman completes a mechanical drawing in his drafting class .

PONDERING .. . Dr. Capron seems to be doing some serious thinking as he demonstrates the use of appara tus to his class.


... ----





William Mc Kenzie

Donald Holmberg

Mrs. Leslie Nelson




Floretta M . Murray Head of Art Department

Expression Via Art Along with the curriculum the stude nt in a rt is offered the opportunity for creative exp ression and the development of leisure time activities. The art program is open to those who wish to teach, preparing them in va r ious art exper iences, and to those who enter the Bachelor of Arts program, emphasizing the studio course.

James B. Wilson Art

FINISHING TOUCHES . . . . Ronald Butterfield odds a few more sweeps of point as Judy Inmon, Robert Kuhlman, and Kent Kulowske give their appeal.


The Realm of Business Included in the division of business is business administration, business education ond econom ics. Business con open new horizons for interested students. Its moin objective is to give the student on opportdnity to develop on understanding of t he structure, operation ond function of our economic orgonizotion.

Intensive training is provided for careers in

business, secretaria l science, teaching and other related activities.

Dr. Warren Marley Chairman of Division of Business

SO FAR, ALL RIGHT .... Dr. Morley watches over Mory Lynn Pottrotz, O ruodo Gallion ond Sharon Groth os they work with their business machines.

James Browning Business Administration



. ..

Michael Hood Business Administration


Charles Zane Business Education

LET'S ADD THAT COLUMN AGAIN .... Mr. Zane assists one of his business machine

Mrs. Ruth Hopf Business Education


From Pencils and Pens To Computers and Programming

The curriculum of business education prepares the student for a teaching career in secondary education. This is made possible by the various classes offered which also open the door to the business world for those who don't wish to teach.

Miss Gertrude Finch Head of Business Education Department


Shirley Eiken Business

Ray Hibbs Business

Edmund Delahanty

Robert Fahey



Advancement Through Business Dr. Joseph Foegen Business

STEADY RHYTHM ... Miss Finch assists and Pa tricio Honner with their typing.




--~~~~~~~~~~- ~~~~~~- - ~-

Language and Literature Language through

and Literature is the medium






teaching proceeds. It is both a tool and an art. As a tool it is indispensable in daily communica tion, and as an art it may convey the finest and subtlest thoughts and feeling, as found in great literature.

Dr. Harold Guthrie Chairman, Division of Language and Literature

Gerry Laffin English

STUDY, STUDY, STUDY!! . .. Freshmen work diligently in the library to finish their term papers.

Janet Judd Library Science

Leon King Library Science


Joan Kuzma English

Ruth Mary Payne Library Science

Fred Lauritsen Library Science




- -~ -~ ---



Communication Through Languages

Dr. Douglas Stenerson Head of the English Deportment

Marion Davis Foreign Language

Joan Brown

Foreign Language

Dr. Augusta Nelson

ESTOY BIEN ...Jeanette Harmon, Jone Bowen, and Gretchen Kleis listen closely as they pursue


knowledge of foreign languages.

Adolph Bremer


Dr. Margaret Boddy

Leonard Jett



The Late

Ralph Behling



• ""


Dr. Lyman Judson

Jacque Reidelberger

Charles Lane




Dorothy Magnus Heod of the Speech Deportment

World Connections Through Speech

) Irving Wallace English

Wendell Nelson English

Richard Wilk English

Mrs. Sylvia Zastrow Speech

CONGRATULATIONS ... Dr. Judson watches as Worren Magnuson, contest judge, awards Dove Kovitz o speech trophy.

Richard Carrari English

l 00

Teaching As A Rewarding Profession

Wayne Sanford Director of Student Teaching

A HARD DAY OF TEACHING . . . Sharon Sobroske, student teacher, watches he r cla ss on the playground.

Dr. George Grangaard Education and Psychological Se rvices

Miss Verlie Sather Education Supervisor

Mrs. Helen McGrath Education Supervisor

Wayne Kirk Education








Amanda B. Aarestad Educotion

Dr. Leslie Kloempken Educotion

Dr. Melvin 0 . Wedul Educotion-S upervisor

The Enlightenment of Education


Magda Talle Educotion

Marjorie Lossen Educotion

James Spear Audio-Visual

REGISTRATION BRINGS FRUSTRATION .. . Mr. Fishbaugher assis ts student with registration problems.


Dr. Richard M. Smith, Jr. Educotion

- -....








- --









Education Aims at Understanding The Division of Education aims to develop in prospective teachers a comp rehensive, sound and workable philosophy of education, including a knowledge of the nature and problems of the individual learner; and understanding







of the school in a democratic social order; a proficiency in the art and science of teaching effectively and interestingly; and on ability to work effectively with

others in promoting


improvement of the


Dr. Howard Munson Principal, Campus School

Cleo Reiter Kindergarten Supervisor

Mrs. Gloria Hippe Phelps Teacher

Esther C. Schmidt Primary Supervisor

LET ME HELP YOU ... Mrs. Hippe and Jone Koczrowski look over the student papers. Kathryn Dunlay Second Grode Supervisor

Laura Opal Foster Third Grode Supervisor








-- -

- - - - -


Experiment in Education Supervised

student teaching

is offered in the

Department of Education. Student teaching is done on and off-campus. The student teacher is ab le to learn about the student and the curricu lum th rough practical experience. The student teacher is guided in her field .

James E. Sabin Sixth Grode Supervisor

Raymond J. Brooks Junior High School Supervisor

THE CORRECT WAY ... Mr- Long watches as Dan Scharmer demonstrates the tec hnique of filing wood.

Mrs. Lillian Spencer Supervisor, Grades 1,2,3


Mrs. Lorraine Krenz Fourth Grode Supervisor

Vernon Almlie Fifth Grade Supervisor

Mrs. Judy Schlawin Junior High School Supervisor

Education: a Lifelong Process

Shirley Bucher Phelps Junior High

Gary Grob Phelps Physical Education

Carlis Anderson Phelps Music

Charlotte Santleman Phelps Junior High

Henry Long Phelps Industrial Arts

Rex Ingram Phelps Junior High

GRADUATE ASSISTANTS ... FROM LEFT, Robert Lietzou, Lorry Callahan, James Cole, Mrs. John Kone, Gory Ferden, Karen Smith and Peter Connor. NOT PICTURED: Thomas Asleson, Robert Bennett, Ronald Butterfield, William Christen, Mory Kerrigan, Robert Lorson, Keith Morehouse, Gordon Nesheim and Janet Brownhi ll.


Charles Austad

Dr. Everett Eiken

William Hossick




Psychological Advances The Division of Psychology gives the student a view of the how and why behind emotional fee lings and the development of maturity. Psychology shows the cause effect of the pupils actions. The st ud ent s progress should be modeled ofter thei r potentialities and abilities. Psychology brings out the importance of creativeness.

John W . Lewis

Gary Livermore



PROBLEMS GENTLEMEN? ... Dr. Christensen, chairman of the Division of Psychology, and A. L. Nelson confer with Dr. Minne about the Psycho logical Services Center. Dr. Christensen is its director and Mr. Nelson, Winona superintendent of schools, is the chairman of its board.


Psychological Services Center: A Service to Southeastern Minnesota

Dr. G eorge Ch ristensen

Chairman of the Psychology Deportment and Psycholog ical Services Center

The Psychologica l Services Center went into fu ll operation Sept. 1, 1966, with Dr. George Christensen heading it. The cente r is the answer to o need long recognized by the educators of Southeastern Minnesota, and t he need is concerned with youngsters and their learning problems. The objective is to provide diagnostic and remedial help to children with learning problems in the public and paroch ial schoo ls in this area. Six counties -Winona, Wabasha, Fillmore, Houston and parts of Goodhue and O lmstead - have the center's services available to them. Nearly 30,000 students are involved . The entire staff consists of 14 professional members: Dr. Ch ristensen, four psychologists, two reading consultants, four speech correctionists, one speech and hearing therapist and two social workers. Since the area has so long been in need of a center such as this it is a welcome asset to the campus and the communi ty.

MEMBERS OF THE CENTER .. . then ta ke t ime out from their

Vande Veegaete, Marilyn Blesius. SECOND ROW, John Stork,

busy schedu les to pose for th e camera. FRO N T ROW, Dr.

Ro b ert Tompk ins, Paul Rekstad, Thel ma Klompkin, Norman

Harold Rogge, Dr. George C hristensen, Jean Ligh tfoot, Ramona

Doty, Ga yle Wa lters, Kenneth Patz, Charles Romig.


Competition The team interwoven as one. Cooperation vital to the efficiency of the whole. Prepared to meet on the field of

rivalry. The battle of wits and strategy, of muscle and

brawn. Stress

prevailing over all.

• • •



- -- - -


PARADE TIME . . . Jackie Opsahl, Karen Busch, Sally Wiczek,

Nesbit, Sharon Poppe, Janet Johnson, Carol Nessler, Karen

N ancy Hendrickson, Mary Hartley, Gai l Himley, Marsha Lind -

Santelman, Jill Sackett. The Warriorettes took first among

quist, Susan Chiak, Susan Ivins, Donna DeGuise, Jane Kah l,

marching units in the St. Paul Winter Carnival Parade.

Karen O lson, Ann Boyum, Carol Blank, Carol Lankford, Ruth

Come on State! Support the Team! COME ON STATE ... Cheerleaders Suson Williams. Connie Winslow, Suson Rudeen, Lindo Jacobson ond Doris Show boost teom.

l l0

EVERYONE IN CORRECT FORMATION? ... Warriorettes perform during half-time at football gam e.

Cheerleaders and Warriorettes Add Pep, Vitality and Spirit to Winona State . ..

SO BIG ... Winona State cheerleaders show how b ig they can

LOUDER, LOUDER . . . Helping the tea m on to victory, Susan Rudeen, Linda Jacobson, Doris Shaw and Susan Kn iebel work

stretch while leading a cheer during a game.


1966 VARSITY BASEBALL ••• FRONT ROW, Dove Wendland!, Bob Isbell, Honk Zochorios, Davis Usgoord, Roger Roepke, Dennis Morgon, Al Connor; SECOND ROW, Tom Schmolfeldt, Pot Soland, lorry Senrick, Joe 8ornene, Charles Goerish. Pot Cahalan, Warren Tracy; THIRD ROW, retuing Head Cooch lu!her

McCown, new Head Cooch Gory Grob, Mike Percuoco, Chip Schwartz, Rick Smith and Manager Jer ry


BARNETTE BURNS ONE J. D. Barnette stretches for a pitch.


As Davis Usgaard rounds first after

hitting one out of the infield he takes a look at the possibility of making second.


- , ___




And Dennis Morgan looks like he's ready for whatever it is.

1966 Baseball Team NAIA Champs Season's Record Conference and District 13 Champions; 4th in NAIA Region Lost - 11 Games won- 18 Team Fielding Average -.940 Team Batting Average - .249


Opp. 9 St. Louis University 2 St. Louis University 0 Sr. Louis University 2 Mayville State 0 Mayville Stole 4 2 lo Crosse Stole 6 6 Lo Crosse Stote 2 University ot Milwaukee 0 7 University of Milwaukee 0 3 0 University of Milwaukee 2 2 Moorhead Stole 3 4 Moorhead State 8 1 Moorhead State 4 7 State College of Iowa 8 7 St. Cloud State 7 3 St. Cloud Stole 0 St. Cloud State 6 2 5 Stevens Point 6 0 Stevens Point 3 Mankato State 0 1 4 Mankato Stole 3 3 Monkoto Stole 1 2 Bemidji State 6 4 Bemidji Stole 5 4 Bemidji State 5 1 St. Thomas University 4 3 Iowa Wesleyan 2 Iowa Wesleyan 8 4 1 Superior State 5 All-Conference: Pitcher Roger Roepke, 1st Boseman Charles Goerish, 2nd Bose¡ man Dennis Morgon, 3rd Boseman Davis Usgoord and Outfielder lorry Senrick. 2 0 0 4


11 3

UGH-H-H! ... Don Kropp shows how a discus should be thrown.

UP AND OVER ... Jim Vigness,center, goes over t he hurdles along with two Platteville runners.

Track 1966

Season's Schedule April

5 19

Winona 51

La Crosse

Winona 52



Winona 75


Winona 45

Stevens Point

27 Moy 2 9 17

94 101

79112 96 Triangular at Carleton: Mankato, 1st Winona, 2nd Winona 53 Platteville 92 Winona 43

La Crosse

Conference Meet: Mankato 125 V2 St. Cloud 83 Moorhead 28 Winona 17 Michigan Tech 13112 Bemidji 6

1 11

River Falls 16112

Carleton, 3rd

~1).:....---~-- -----

FINISHED! ... Tom Gale goes over to break the tape as Cooch Robert Keister watches.

1966 TRACK TEAM .. . FRONT ROW, Ken Evans, A l Sponde,

Gory Ihrke, Lorry O lson, Manager Jerry Eckenrod; THIRD ROW,

Peter Wade, John Rohman, Bob Safe, Don Zimmerkohl, Bob

Cooch Robert Keister, Ed Hanson, Ron Stevenson, Jim Vigness,

Meimbresse, Don Ro hman, Rodney Ph ipps; SECON D ROW, Pou l

Wa lly Schu ltz, Wolter Hau tala, Wayne Engelen, Bob Stone,

Hodge, Bob Hempy, Brion Trainer, Chuck White, Lee Rven,

Don Kropp, Steve Cordes, Roger Delano, Stan Donukos and Manager Jim Dona ld.

Bill Anderson, Don Scharmer , Kirt Horswi ll, Verdon Hosleiet,

... •c~


f t




SPRING 1966 GOLF TEAM . . . Stan Hackenmiller, Lyle Besse, Bob Cliff, Ro ger Fischbach, James Shorter, Jim Huett!, Jim Stout and Coach Madeo Molinari. TEEING OFF . . . Jim Huett! lines it up as Stan Hackenmiller watches. Stan led the team with 132 points.

1966 Golf Season's Record Won 7

5th in NIC standings Lost 4

w.s.c. 10

La Crosse Platteville


OPP. 131/2

8 10 3


Lo Crosse


St. M ary's

141/2 9



Eau Claire St. Mary's


14 3 51/2 9112 10 12

15 12112

La Crosse Eau Claire


Stout Mankato




TEAM POINTS Jim Huett! 116 Jim Stout 123 Roger Fishbach


Lyle Besse


Stan Hackenmiller




Tie 1




VARSITY... FIRST ROW - Bruce Husbyn, Rich Storzecki, Roger Wistricill, Dove Wistricill, Jon Gislason, Steve Wildeman, Curt Palmer, Dove Koval, Eddi Littlejohn, Bill Germann, Roger Jehlicka, Mu rt Boyum, Jerry Usgord; SECOND ROWSteve Orange, Steve Levod, Charles Goerish, John Curtin, Bob Nelson, Jomes Hippie, Gory Luethi, Pot Boland, Wally Modlond, Steve Mount, Robert McDonough, Lorry Holstad, Tom Von Feldt, Bill McNary; THIRD ROW - John Buchner, Tom Foley, Rondy Lowler, Mike Holzer, Dove Chopin, Lorry Mott, Mike McNolly, Tom Johnson, Ken Sidebottom, Jomes Kindseth, Barry Engor,



Ron Moen, Mike Super; FOURTH ROW: Mike Percuoco, Burl Hoar, Lorry Wedemier, Mike Jewell, Bob Urness, Jock Benedict, Doug Sooronen, Wayne Gulbranson, Ron Stevenson, Deon Hathaway, Bruce Holan, John Sulock, Steve Kohner; FI FTH ROW- Rick Boyum, Manager, Gene Durand, Manager, Buzz Walsh, Jerry Grode, Mr. Keorly, Assistant Cooch, "Moon" Molinari, head coach, Mr. Kiester, Assistant Cooch, Mr. Mortin, Ass istant Cooch, Roger Goerish, Dove Sulock, Manager. Not pictured; Greg Smith, Ed Hansen, Jon Regino.

1966 Football Team

OH NO ... Head Coach "Moon" Molinari seems dejected by the action on the field.

THIS WAY PLEASE . .. Pat Boland sprints downfield for a long gain. The crowd is out of sight to the right.



- -·

t .



PLEASE l'D RATHER DO IT MYSELF . .. Murt Boyum attempts to help Ed Littlejohn with his pads.

OVER AND OUT, TEN FOUR . . . Coach Kiester confers with the observation posts.

Saturday Afternoon at Maxwell WHERE DID IT GO ... Tom Van Feldt makes an attempt at a pass in the Stout game.


A Season Of Close Ones 1966 Record We 6 6 7

28 7

12 14

They 19

University of Dubuque


Mankato State College

14 14 34 14 32

Bemidji State College Moorhead State Coll ege St. Clo ud State College Stout State University Central College, Iowa

OUCH ... Larry Wedemier attempts to steal the ball against Stout State University.

TOUCHDOWN . . . Roger Wistrieill out-runs a would-be tackler for a Winona State touchdown.

FIELD GOAL .. . The football heads to the goalposts via Bill McNary's foot .






VARSITY ... FRONT ROW - Bruce Smith, Stanley Donukos, Verdon Hosleiel, John Rohman, Micheal Anderson, Rodney Phipps, Lorry Olson. SECOND ROW:

- -'

Cooch Gory Grob, Wally Schultze, Bob Hem phy, Don Rohman, Peter Wade.

Cross Country

J 20

FINISHING HARD . . . John Rahman finishes real strong in

EASY . . . Verdon Hasleiet and Larry Olson warm up slowly

the meet with Carleton.

before the Macalester Meet.

GO . . . Winono State harriers and Carleton runners take off on the long course.

9, 8, 7 , 6, . . . Mr. Grob keeps time for the runners as they tour the course.

TIRED . .. Rod Phipps seems to be glad that t he race is over .

The 1966 Record We






Team State College of Iowa Carleton



River Falls State University



Macalester College



Mankato State College

35 30

25 25

Wartburg, Central College Loras College

Second place in the NIC Conference Meet 38


La Crosse State College



Luther College



- -- . - -



I VARSITY ... FRONT ROW: Cooch Gory Peterson, Heod Coach Ekker, Coach Lietz, Coach Dove Sulock; SECOND ROW: David Meisner, Rick Storzecki, Rich Decker, Arlyn Wendlant, Tim Anderson, Tom Neuman, Mark Wilke, Mike

Jeresek, Chip Schwartz, Lloyd Gilbertson, Jacques Gibbs, Brian Espe, Marvin Berg.

Exciting Basketball SWISH .. . Tim Anderson soils the boll for another two points.

UP IN THE AIR ... Brion Espe attempts a jump shot against Lo Crosse.


JUMP BALL ... Mike Jeresek leaps for the ball against Mankato.

HOW'S THIS? ... Senior Dave Meisner shoots another of his errorless jump shots from the outside.

UP AND IN . . . M ike Jeresek stuffs the

ball in

warm up before the




OK PUT IT IN ... Mike Jeresek shoots for a free throw.

LET'S GO GUYS . .. The reserves watch intently during a close game.

CATCH ME IF YOU CAN ... Dove Meisner leads the opposition for another two points.






FRESHMAN TEAM . . . FR O NT ROW, James La Bore, Dennis

Corne lius, James Winkler, Lloyd Gilbe rtson, M icheal Klomp,

Morgan, Gary Peterson, David Sulack. SECON D ROW, Michael

Arly Wendlant, M icheal Harnis, Ted Burningston, Richa rd Graff, Donald Hazelton.

Slonski, Bruce Carrier, Dennis Run ke, Edwar d Joesting, Michael

Basketball Team

GET IT! GET IT! . . . Mark Wilke stretches to hook ba ll for W inona.

Compiles Another Good Record Season's Record Stevens Point River Falls la Crosse Upper Iowa Platteville lores Northland College Carleton Beloit



74 83 88 114 93 79 118 75 73

82 80 82 104



Michigan Tech Mankato Bethel Bemidji Moorhead

88 58 83 70 94 73 60 55 59 71 99


Wartburg St. Cloud St. Cloud Bemidji Michigan Tech


77 71 68 97 85 80 55 69 89 66 77 58 63 63 78 83




---- -

WRESTLING TEAM FRONT ROW, Fred Arbonello, Glenn Toinron, Arr Normandin Roger Jehlicka, Steve Baird, Merle Sovereign, Jim Tanniehill, Sreve Orange, Ron Moen, John Zwolinski, Roger Pillorh oss1sronr coach. SECOND ROW, Cooch Roberr Gunner, Pol Ryon, Arr Fisher, Mike Ryon, Gory

lllllio ....... _...........



Glauner, Jim GoForrh, Mike Alexander, Gory Anholr, Don Scrabeck, Kil Grier, Lorry Wedeme1er, Dove Hoines, Perer Sandburg, Alon Sreiber, John Philo, Jerry Eckenrod, Jim Holl, Bill Rorh THIRD ROW, Dorold Andris!, Tom Smirh, manager, Joe Burnap, manager.

Wrestling Team UPS-A-DAISY ... Steve Orange lifts his opponent off of the mot.

PRETZEL-MAKER . .. Jim Tanniehill seems to be all tangled up with his opponent.

GET OVER THERE . .. Roy Wicks pushes his opponent bock on the mot.

SAY UNCLE! ... Ron Moen hos his opponent in o good position.


OVER YOU GO! ... Just a little more and John Zwolinski will have his opponent's back on the mat.

Let's Get a Pin l'M READY! ... Jim Tanniehill is in the starting position and ready to start round two .

WHO'S WINNING? ... Steve Baird seems to be in command of the situation.








WATCH IT CLOSE REF ... Merle Sovereign strug g les to get o possible pin.

Wrestlers Win Conference

OUCH . . . Steven Drong gets tough with opponent during match.

CONGRATULATIONS CHAMP . . . Bonito Feuling presents winning t rophy to Merle Sovereign.

Bloomsburg Indiana State Purdue Western Illinois LoCrosse Wartburg Michigan Tech Mankato Luther River Falls Superior St. Thomas Marquette Moorhead South Dakota Bemidji St. Cloud



23 13 26 15 25 25 40 21 22 24 19 27 26 21 25 17 19

14 18 9 17 8 11 2 23 10 14 13 12 10 19 6 17 17

CONFERENCE Winona Bemidji Moorhead St. Cloud Mankato Michigan Marquette

77 72

68 61 47 9 3


SWIMMERS . . FRONT ROW-Jim Dubsky, Terry Vogt, Bob Martens, Jeff Featherstone, Paul Steen, Don Leon, M ike Finnegan; SECOND ROW - Jon Schoemaker, Lorry Anderson, Wally Schultz, Peter Kopercins~i ; THIRD ROW -

Coach Larry Calahan, Tom Sage, Jerry Grade, Tom Stover, Larry Calvert, Ron Amdahl, Bill Kohle r, Head Coach John Martin.

Swim Team SWIMMERS TAKE YOUR MARK . . . Captain Bill Koh ler gets set for the beginning of the 200-yard freestyle.

1,2,3, FLIP ... Dic k Ch il ders leads going into t he last turn of the 500 yard freestyle.

CONFERENCE CHAMP ... Larry Calvert climbs out of water after com ing in fir st at conference meet at St. Cloud.

Second Place • 1n


• • •

NOT BAD ... Assistant Cooch Lorry Ca llahan observes divers during practice.

QUIET EVERYONE . . . Thomas Stover sk ill fu lly slip s into the w a ter during d ive.




40 43 43 65 82 46 36 22 38 62

Mich igan Tech.




Mankato St. C loud Luther

Platteville Stou t Lo Crosse St. Thomas

CONFERENCE Bemid ji Winona State Mankato Michigan Tech. St. Cloud


550 438 427 V2 166 108 3rd place

13 1


Organizations Individuals joining groups of peopleSimilar ideas shared by each member. Interaction of thoughts, ideas and beliefs within the group. Yet-

Union in the willingness to work.

• • •

DELTA ZETA ... FRONT ROW, Palsy Fischbach, Janet Nelson, Pot Bisel, Tonya Hildebra ndt, Marlys Dickerman, Kathy Corr, Carol Weaver, Pot Wie me r sloge, Barb Quest, SECOND ROW, Cheryl Hanson, Mory Cottengim, Cheryl Gr a ue, Jon John son, Jo Ann Ostrem, Judy Rose, Barbie Stemmer, Barb Whi te, Jon Wiest, Gail Haney, Sue Critchfield, THIRD ROW, Charlene Plan, Ruth Pete rson, Carol Nessler, Jackie Opsahl, Linda Schild, Kathie Moc ioch, Nancy Helm ue ller , Kay Everson, Sandy Quam, Diane Roffler, Shirley Kress, Bonne Kra f ka , FOURTH

ROW, Arli s Legler, Al ice Peter son, Pennie Mock, Kathy Bettcher, Ka thy Kenney, Karen M iller, M ory Blumentritt, Joanne Ka rsten, Joan Pretze l, Ron i Pellowski, Wanita Olness, Verna Iwasaki, Susan Frisch , Carol Blank, Joan Tushner, FIFTH ROW, Marilyn Thom, Mory Lynn Pottratz, Susan Ivers, Susan Zimm erm an, Cheryl Fick, Carol Roberts, Margaret Wenger!, Helen Gorma n, Ruth Wi sdorf, Cherre Grams, Jon Winter, Cha rlotte Behnken, Gwen Fick, G racie Hen ry.

De lta Zeto Sorority is the largest notiona l sorority in the United States. Zeto Upsilon Chapter of Delta Zeto hos been at W.S.C. since 1962 and remains active in many campus activities os well as sponsoring the foll fashion show, the Valentine's Donce, and various sock hops throughout the year. DZ a lso participates in Homecoming, Greek Weekend and the Spring Carniva l to name o few. The Delts stress high sch olarship, standards, p hilanth ropies, activ ities, and above a ll friendship a n d siste rhoo d .

A PRETTY MODEL . . . Po t Wiemerslage models an outfit for the foll fashion show.



ALPHA XI DELTA ACTIVES . . . FRONT ROW, Judy Bailey, Sheila Homola, Jane Schultz, Charlene Yamanaka, Solly Wicek, Kothy Schmitz, Barbara Beemon, Kathy Kelly, Judy Malmin; SECOND ROW, Sandie Bidro, Judy Stenbeck, Sharon Scrabeck, Gayle Hudok, Diane Bunge, Claudio Bishop, Jacquie Lentsch, Mary

Koy Modjeski, Barbara Abrahamson, Colene Huseby, Sue Ivins; THIRD ROW, Kathy Heiller, Patricio Burke, Ann W illiams, Susan Kniebel, Doris Show, Susan Rudeen, Jill Einhorn, Ginny O'Neill, Judy Wegman, Koy Quinn.

The Delta Omega Cha pter of Alp ha Xi Delta goa ls ore friendship, shoring, service, honor and tru st. The cha p ter works togethe r to help others as well as produce fun for them selves. Some of t heir ma ny p ro jects hove been th e sponso ri n g of a q u een c andidate, a skit, and the dance a t Homecom i ng, building a snow sculpture for w i nter weeken d , sponsoring a Greek Dance, helping to make p ossi ble Greek W eek, and particip ating in th e Spri ng Ca rniva l. They also sponsor seve ra l p hilanthropic projects during t he year. One o f the highlights of the year was the celebration of their fi rst anniversary.

ALPHA XI DELTA PLEDGES .. . FRONT ROW, Louro Schottmuller, Gretchen Kleis, Mary Harty, Cindy Coughlos, Ellen Bissen, Morobeth Holsapple, SECOND ROW, Eileen Gerber, Kathy Meyer, Beverly Rathbone, Linda Boyum, Coral Anne Lank-

ford, Linda Eyler, Barba ra Davidson, TH IRD ROW, Ru th Denman, Barb Quinn, Joyce Winkel, Marsha Lindquist, Sue Williams, Lucio Giovanni, Karen Sontelman, Leah Eyler.










TEKE ... FRONT ROW, Fredric Baranski, Stephe n Joswick, David Kavitz, Roger Fischbach , Richard Armstrong; SECON D ROW, Bob Grim, David Kulas, Allen Jackson, Ronald Grim, Mork DeSontes, Stan Hackenmiller.

The Winona Stote TEKE Colony, offiliotor of Tou Koppo Epsilon Fraternity l nt ernotionol, hos been in the process of orgonizotion on this campus during the yeor. The group's objectives ore: Primarily, to foster acad emic ach ievement through the establ ishment of on ocodemic committee, which sholl promote intelligent ond worthwhi le ott~tudes of scholarship; to provide service to the individ ual, through g roup p articipation ond to the college, through group endeavour; to sponso r socia l activiti es benefic ial , rather thon detrimental , to the individual.

TKE MORE PUNCH?? . . . The TE KE'S enjoy the food

provided during

one of the ir rush parties.


SIGMA TAU GAMMA ... FRONT ROW, Richard Mancuso, Bill Luthin, Jim Fossum, J. 0. Benson, Dick Childers, Ted Roberton, Duane Murray, Tom Hoffman, Dick Cl are, Robert Buckingham; SECOND ROW, Tom Stover, Dave Haines, Tom Lennon, Henry Kleis, M ike Wainwright, Bill Silver, Tom Murray, Joh n Elder, Skip Kucawske, Bob Meimbresse; TH IRD ROW, Ronald St evenson, Ronald Luloff,

Rick Stried, James Kasten, Jim Evenson, Ra ndy Sinke, Gory McDowell, Frank Hayes, Gary Ni ssauw; FOURTH ROW, Hal Rossiter, Bud Davies, Gory Hirschler, Gary Lauden, Bruce White, Bill Kohler, Wayne Gergen, Al Thompson, Paul Porvazni k, Dick Rother, Tom Cook.

Sigma Tau Gamma is the original national socia l fratern ity fo r co ll ege men a t W.S .C. It is dedicated to the follow ing; t he high idea ls of m anhood, good scholarship, good citizenship, con genia lity, a nd mature thinki ng.

THE LEADERS , . , FRO NT ROW, Jim Evenson,


M olander,

Fron k Hayes, Ted Roberton; SECO ND ROW, Rona ld Jom es

St ev en son, Kosten,


W hite, J. 0 . Ben son.

- - - - - - ------



- - - - --

PHI SIGMA EPSILON ... FRONT ROW, Randy Anderson, Rolph Fifie ld , Tom Lewis, Dennis Holtegoord, Roni Pellowski, Pou l Johnson, Greg Staples, Phil Welti, Neal Lindeman, Chuck Skloder; SECOND ROW, Tom Siefert, Louie Ko nou oti, Tom Everson, Doug Rosendahl, Ron Slack, Som Schnell, Bill Young, Rona ld Groves, LeRoy Deters, Bob White, Gaylord Moy; THIRD ROW, Mr. Roy H ibbs,





Advisor, Tim Dollton, Nick Mojervus, Stev e Cordes, Jim Vigness, Peter Wade, Tom Fishbougher, Tom Tweeten, Te rry Varland, John Ross, Rog Severson, Don A nderson; FOURTH ROW, John Mornoch, Richard Behling, Wi lliam Fogelsonger, Thomas Burgeson, Po t Kauphusman, Richard Thurow, Gory Govle, Chuck Herrig, Mel Homuth, Bill McNory, Brio n Williams, Jomes Trochta.

Phi Sigma Epsilon is a national social fraternity. Every year it has a traditional street dance, sponsors a Homecoming float and queen candidate, has an annual steak fry, and sponso rs many schoo l dances. Phi Sigma Epsi lon is based on its members having a good academic average, good character and w illin g ness to work. Phi Sigma Epsilon also has frequent parties and dances for the members.

THERE, All FINISHED . . . Tom Everson, Mike Kingsbury



Pellowsk i put the finishing touches on the sculpture for th e Winter Weekend.



- --


PHI DELTA RHO ... FRONT ROW, Dick Merwin, Don Elmblad, Jim Cor so, Bob Hotton, John Currin; SECOND ROW, Tom Sage, Roger Wisrrcill, Tom Lewers, Roger Pellath, Mike Moon, Jacob Dahl, Jim Westberg; THIRD ROW, Jim Shanahan, Lorry Colvert, John Hennessy, Thomas Sohnson, Dove Koval,

Robert Isbell; FOURTH ROW, Alfonso Pagilio rello, Poul Buscovick, John Zwolinski, Loren Gallagher, Wayne Borgen, Bob Jackson , Mo rk Skusrad, Pete Campbell; FIFTH ROW, Dennis Blanchard, Fred Storti, Dorrell Metcalf, Ken Klotz, Rick Lattig, Joy Greenberg, Jim McArthur, John Rudeen .

Phi Delta Rho is a rela tively new fraternity and its traditions ore not deeply rooted in the organization. However, build ing a float at Homecoming, sponsoring a queen candidate, and having pledge classes to f urther our organization are or w ill develop into traditions. Moreover the purpose o f the fraternity shall be service to the college, to the fraternity, to the in dividual, and also to g ive t he member s the oppo rtunity to learn to live w ith people, develop life-long friendships, develop soc ia l grace, and teach t he sp irit of serv ice.

1966 FRAT HEARTS Feuling,




Rho ;

Sue Zimmer man, Sig Tau; ond Ronnie Pellowski, Phi Sig.



-------- -

WENONAH PLAYERS ... FRONT ROW, Keren Scholl, Miss Dorothy Magnus, advisor , Joan Tushner, Kathy Russeth, Jeanne Marrison, Lynn Schomonn, Koren Brondharst; SECOND ROW, Poul Skottu m, Helen Rafferty, Carole


Nelson, Kathie Mocio ch, Al le n Lehrke; THIRD ROW, Rol ph Cor ter, John Perry, A lo n Tripp, Mike O'Toole, A lfon so Pogliorello, A llen Haynes, Ric hard A rm stron g, Victor Borgeson.

Wenonah Players Encourage Acting Presenting three plays annually, t he members of the Wenonah Players obta in experience both on and off stage. Acto rs as well as back-stage crews work as o un it to achieve a successfu l produc tio n. Both creative a nd techn ical sk ills

Pl DELT DINNER . . . Members o f Pi Delta Epsilon entertai n

are stressed, provid i ng o c omplete program in ploy prod uction.

the former college presiden t, Dr. Nels Minne, and Mrs. Minne,

Most p loys ore per formed in the arena , with a minimum of

and Rolph Beh ling, former publications adviser, and Mrs.


Behling. Mr. Behling, bock to camera, died shortly ofter this picture was token.

sc enery. Wenonah



p articipate



college drama meets with the college o f St. Teresa and St. Mary's.

Pi Delta Epsilon Pl DELTA EPSILON . . . Rolph Corter, Joan Wierzba, Dulcie Berkman, Sara h Seufert, Sharon Scrabeck, Franklin Kottschode,

Poul Hodge, Gennell Iverson and Adol ph Bremer, adviser of the honorary journalism fraternity.


& Guidance RICHARDS HEADS . . . Barbara Beeman, Karen Miller, Shirley Kress, Mrs. Stadler, Head Resident, Kathleen Feely, Margaret Hankes, Sharon Sobraske, Carol Benson.

CONWAY HEADS . . . Miss Betty McCormick, head resident, Ari is Legler, Judy Mesc hke, Jane Price, Sharon Drwall.

The Women's Dormitory Counci l consists of elected representatives and cou n selors from Richards, Conway and Lucas residence hall s. In coope ration with th e Men's Dorm Council, it holds meetings to discuss specia l problems. After estab lishing ru les for the women residents, the council enfo rces them through the resident assistants. The RA's are responsible fo r order on their respective floors. Taking room chec ks, initialing signout cards, enforcing quiet hours, giving demerits, and working at t he desk keep them busy. As RA's, the girls receive one-half of their room and board fees, and each has a private room fo r conven ience in counseling " her" girls. Mrs. LeRoy Stadler is the Adviser.

LUCAS HEADS .. . Mrs. Minock, head resident, Mary Lynne Po ttratz, Joa n Fa r rington , Patri cia Fischbach, Mari a Warren, Nancy Coolidge, C laudia Bishop.

THE RULERS . . . Bonnie Feuling, Susan Thorson



Marz, Jacquelyn Spence, Cynthia Jones - the members




dormitory counc il.

PRE NTISS HEADS . . . Jom es Reynolds, John Ro hm a n, Lor ry Ken d rick, Gory Louden, Gregg Grope!, Jerry Pesc h and Orrin Stevens.

Representing the men from M orey, Shepard and Prentiss r esidence ha lls, the Men's Do rm itory Counci l governs these residences. The men counselors hove duties similar to the women RA's; however, they do not fo ll ow such a strict set of ru les. And the doors of the men's residence halls o re never locked. Both th e Women's and Men's Dorm counc ils plan open house dotes

MOREY AND SHEPARD HEADS . .. Thomas Tweeten, Randolph Sinke, Mike Jewel,

for the five residence ha lls. The joint

Jomes Vigness, La wrence Mott, Ed Koh le r, Bruc e Sm ith a nd De nni s Morg an.

counc il





the counse lors and RA's to follow on th eir floors.

MENS DORM COUNCIL. . .FRO NT ROW, Pau l Hodge, Don Chica s, Lou is Borde!, Ken Menzel, Stephan Joswick; SECON D ROW, Joe Bu rmop, Ronald Amdahl, Wayne Medcraft, Steve Smith.


INDUSTRIAL ARTS . . . FRONT ROW, Kenneth Menzel, Curt Lindahl, Mork Skustod, Glenn Miller, Jerry Swedin, Poul Hodge; SECON D ROW, Mr. Tobin, Ron Johnson, Bob Jackson, Dave Mortensen, Bob Noreen, Stanley H. Jessop, adviser; THIRD ROW, Rick Erdman, Bob Meembresse,

Ron Lu loff, Tom Johnson, Dove Lietzwick, Ken Lorson, N. A. Gullickson, adviser; FOURTH ROW, Bill Kohler, Gene Durand, Ronald Kovacik, Corl Soderstrom.

The Industrial Arts club h elps toword the development of

conscientious contributors in this field. Guest speakers

demonstrate new methods and equipment.

Industrial Arts Kappa Pi Kappa Pi , the national art fraternity, welcomes all art majors and minors. Decorating the Homecoming Queen's float and planning the decorations for the Spring Prom are the major projects. New members are initiated into Alpha Upsilon, the local chapter, at a spring dinner.

FORTUNE TELLERS ... Miss Murray prepa res to read palms dur ing Kappa Pi's club night.

KAPPA Pl . . . FRONT ROW, Sue Cri tchfield, Joanne Obuchi, Sue Kurth, SECOND ROW, Sylvia Behrens, Andrew Neville, Ann Thacher,

Dionne Lewis, Ric hard Wild, TH IRD ROW, Don Elmblad, Peter Ecker, Russell Lebokken, Vacighn Nogohoshi, Ken Dic kson.


... ~





COLLEGIATE CLU B . .. FRONT ROW, Judy Bailey, Mory Lynn Pottrotz, Cheryl Fick, Ginny O 'Neill, Par Bisel; SECOND ROW, Jim Evenson, Alice Pete rs on, Sue Frisc h, Kathy Schmitz, Tom Tweeten; THIRD ROW, Ron Luloff, Louie Kanavo ti, John Ross, Bud Davies, Rolph Fifield.

As on honorary service c lu b, Co ll eg ia te Club promotes college spirit and preserves college tradition. Fosteri ng pub lic relations on- and off-campus, the club coordina tes student activities. Its memb ers ore se lected as rep resenta tives from campus c lubs. By working in co njunct.ion with t he student social comm ittee, it attempts to sc h edu le soc ia l e vents and sponso rs them. Through thei r efforts, numerous soc k hops ore held in the Smog .

Service and Scholarship NOW IT'S STRAIGHT . . . Members of the Collegiate Club supervise the putting up of their Christmas project.

KAPPA DELTA Pl .. . Kathryn Johnson, Ba rbara Schmauss, Da rlene Peters, Gloria Welc h, Sharon Drwall.

WSC'S Gamma Tau Chapter o f Koppa Delta Pi is an honor society in educa tion. Its p urpose is to enco u rage high professiona l, intellectual and persona l standa rds among e ducator s and to recognize outstanding contributions



d isplay commendable wo rthy




person a l q u a liti es, ideal s,



scho larship ore invited to jo i n. A member

~ust ran k academically in the upper onefifth of his class and be a junior or senior.


Fireside Chats, Retreats, Prayer

Newman, Wesley Foundation, Gamma Delta, Lutheran Collegians Lutheran Students Association Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship


- - --



NEWMAN ... FRONT ROW, Father Mortin Olson, choplo in, Norman Semling, Sandy Wagner, Ka thy Feely, Judy Strauss, Kathy Lynch, Mory Harty, Carol Weaver, Lindo Shanahan, Miss McCormick, Joy adviser; SECOND ROW, Ron Morchionda, Morie Norton, Pot Fritz, Lindo Gronholz, Becky Johnson, Patricio Miller, Jeon Metcolf, Dione Heim, Morgoret Honkes, Sharon Costner, Kothleen Tuin, Stephen Muros, Sister Sorto, odviser; THIRD ROW, Jomes Stoll,

Jane Bowen, Shoron Sobroske, Moddy Litschke, Sheila Brenn on, Eileen Goihl, Shirley Wochnick, Borboro Stucky, Morgie Bin ner, Sherry Drwoll, Shoron Tochido, Rosie Hom ilton, John Sogo n; FOURTH ROW, Mike Kroge, Ja mes Price, Corol Pedretti, Bill Lombert, Steven Yo kis h, Sue Kuchenmeister, Mory Kuchenmeister, John Joszewski, Ken Brueske, John Wagner, Dove Wooden, Jim LoBore, Cyril Dahmen, Tom Merrion.

The Newma n C lub offe rs Catholic students the oppor-


tunity to share in a variety of activities. Religious programs and


p rovide

spiritua l

guidance. Recreation is

also offered th rough inform al get-to gethers. Weekly meetings are held in the Newm an House.

Wesl ey

Foundatio n,





supported by the Methodist Church, is open to all who see k fellowship and spiritua l guidance. Meetings are held Su nday evenings with a supper and program followed by a discussion period. Activities include retreats, hayrides, boat rides


and meetings with other Wesley clubs. The Wesley House also serves as an informal gathering place. WESLEY . .

FRONT ROW, Judy Dono, Arlys Voorhees, Charles Hoggbloom, Richard Armstrong; SECOND ROW, Jeon Goutcher, Kathy Ochs, Colleen Ander son, Kathy Moher, Tom Goodrich, Jon Arnold; THIRD ROW, Mrs. Roger Curtin,


adviser, Roger Curtin , adviser, Roy Wilsey, Ro lph Carter, Duane Hanson, Byron Perrine.

GAMMA DELTA FRONT ROW, Lindo Frydenlund, Koy Ma rqu ardt, Koren Ordolen , Jone Schoewe, Cheryl Miller; SECOND ROW, Jone Hondyside, Janet Prudoe hl, Fred ri c Baranski, Lo ve rn Nickelsen; THIRD

Gamma Delta is on organization affil ia ted wit h the Luth eran

Ch urc h





Bara nski ,

ROW, Peder Dre ssel, Lyle Felsch, Dove Hoppe, Don Zimme rman, Ron Wolfrom, Duane Luinstra.

The purpose of Inter-Varsity is: To witness to t he Lord Jesus Ch rist as God Incarn ate and to seek to lead oth ers to

president, the club meets Thursday evenings at the Gamma

o pe rsonal faith in Him as Savior, and to deepen and strength-

Delta house . Guest speakers, discussions, recreation, Bible

en the spiritua l l ife of members by th e study of the Bi ble a nd by p rayer .

readings and informa l get-to ge th ers comprise its program .

INTER-VARSITY CH RISTIAN FELLOWSHIP .. . FRONT ROW, Poul Hodge, Judy Pope, Marilyn McGuire, Lindo Peters, Roy Cheshire; SECOND ROW, Jone Coates, Diann Bastin, Cheri Jochi ms, Elsie Bollonger; THIRD

ROW, M iss Brown, adviser, Judy Rose, Steve Forst er, Lynn VonBuski rk, Oddvor Pederstod.


. -- ¡-¡ .. . -------------






LUTHERAN STUDENTS ASSOCIATION ... FRONT ROW, Ca rol Severson, Jane Eve rson, Judy Everson, Sharon Salm on, Janice Offerd ahl; SECOND ROW , Pastor Doy, adviser, Ca role Davies, Fra n Berland, M ary Ann Col-



lins, Wanita McCracken, Lorraine Haugla nd , Ruth Kesson, Dennis Cook; THIR D ROW, Mrs. Stadler, advi ser, Dianne Drury, Sylvia Beh rens, Judy Jewell, Kathy Tweito, Kare n Wold.

Lutheran Students Associa tion (L SA), a ffil iated with t he

Lutheran Collegia ns is a na tional assoc ia t ion of Lu theran

Amer ican Lutheran Church, welcomes students to attend Thurs-

c ollege and un iversity student s sponsored by t he Wisconsin

c;lay night vesper serv ice held with Pastor R. T. Day. Because

Evangelica l Lut he ra n Synod. Its pu rpose is to hel p stud ents

spi ritua l welfare is of primary importa nce, members conduct

meet life's duties an d respo nsibi lities in th e c hurc h and soc iety.

prayer servic es to strenghten their b el iefs and concepts.

It also exists to stimulate g rea ter Christi on growth and to maintain

and increase loca l and inter-campus fe llowship

among Lu thera n students.

LUTHERAN COLLEGIAN . . . FRONT ROW, Joan Pagel, Gloria Bublitz, Sandy Pritchard, Sa ndy Bublitz; SECOND ROW, Judy Mahlke, Kathleen Skeels, Sharon Groth, Nancy Schroeder , Vicar Rolph Scha rf, adviser;


THIRD ROW, Pastor A. L. Mennicke, adviser, Linda Watson, James L. Bell, Linda Loging.





STUDENT SENATE FRONT ROW, Mr. Henry, adviser, Sue ·Frisch, Gayle Christoffersen, Roni Pellowski, Alice Peterson, Peggy Walsh, Mr. Reidelberger,

adviser; SECOND ROW, John Ross, Jim Evenson, Ann Thacher, Bob Ma rtens; TH IRD ROW, Paul Johnson, Bruce White, Ji m Kasten, Bob Grim, Dick Ch ilders.

Student Senate Alpha Pi Omega As the student governing body on campus, the Student Senate is comp rised of twelve elected officers plus the presidents of each class. As senators, the representatives serve

FINISHING TOUCHES . . . M e mbers of A lpha Phi O m ega put the fin ishi ng touches on their snow scul pture.

the student body in relation to all campu s clubs. An outgrowth of the National Boy Scouts of A merica, Alpha Phi Omega sponsors the an nua l boo k renta l se rvice. St udents who rent books and t hose w ho se ll the textboo ks benefit. APO is in its second year of existence as a national fraternity on campus .

ALPHA PHI OMEGA .. . FRONT ROW, Wayne Medcraft, Peters Weisbrod, Robert Noreen; SECOND ROW, Gill Sorg, Mike Chick, Dusten Bertel, Bill Mullen; THIRD ROW, Louie Kanavnti, Jim Vigness, Roy Smith, Mike Wunderlich.





. -

--=- -



____ ,...

W.P.E . . . . FRONT ROW, Joyce Fenske, Co rel Bjorkl und, Cheryl Miller, Sue Kuchenmeister, Donna Marcuson, Susan Lvins, Annette Richardson, Carol Feldmonn, Noncy Biske, Mory lten, Barbaro Iverson, Morobeth Holsopple, Carol Hanson, Gloria Mogren; SECOND ROW , Ponie Browne, Lyn ette Grimm, Kathy Ken ney, Joan Spanton, Susa n Rudeen, Connie Wi nslow, Linda Jacobson, Connie Johnson, Patricia Laska , Lyndo M urray , Dione Heim, Pa tricia Fuller, Jo Langer, Jo Leitner, Mory Dunne; THIR D ROW, Colleen Hanscom, Koren


Schultz, Colleen O'Kone, Jelaine Sackett, JoAn n Ost rem, Judy Lee, Connie VanGundy, Mary Kli ngsporn, Rosie Frenette, Rose Ann Randall, Jea nne Berndt, Mary Carter, June He uer, Mary Stearns, Mar gie Spence, Barbara H usbyn, Pot O'Deo, Koren O lson; FOURTH ROW, Jude Stienessen, Roxanne Hoglund, Julene Haglund, Joan Leibfried, Judy Kuzniar, Rose Marti nek, Jane Kaczrowski, Nora Winter, Bonnie Rusert, Cindy Merrick, Barbaro Lea, Jill Smi th, Lindo Benjami n, Dorothy Bl ahnik, Cheryl Attig , Jill W itt, Annette Nyseth.


A lso a loon fund is avai lable to WPE members and money

ment, the WPE club is a professional organization. Home-

is borrowed without interest charged. Representatives attend

Work ing clo se ly





coming buttons ore sold to finance th e Jeon Talbo t Scholar-

the annual notional AAHPER convention in Chicago. The WPE

ship that is awarded each year to on incoming junior girl.

club sponsors a high school " Ploy Doy" each yea r.

W . l.E .P.. .. FRONT ROW, Mi ss Locks , advi so r , Rosemary Frenette, Barbara Iverson, Mory lten, Pot Lasko, Annette Richardson; SECOND ROW, Sue Bremseth, Cheri Miller, Lynette

Grimm, Juleau Haglund, Judy Ku znior, Joyce Fenske, Gloria Mogren, Joan Leibfried, Carol Bjorklund.

The purpose of the Women's I ntramural Extramural Program (W.l.E.P.) is to provide opportunities for t he p artic ipation in wome n ' s intramura l , wom en 's extra mu ra l co mpe t iti ve activities, and in Co-rec r eationa l activities at Winona State College.

Recreation •1n Education

"W " CLUB . . . FRONT ROW, Dennis Morgon, Bob Lafe, Jerry Grode, Roger F~chboch ; SECOND ROW, Stan Donukos, Tom Gale, Verdon Hosleiet, Rick Boyum, Mr.



TH I RD ROW, l orry O lson, John Rohman, Gen e Durand , Bi ll Kohl e r, Bruce Smith, Jim Huettl.

The "W" C lub is open to o ny mal e who has lettered in a sport at Winona State. The main purpose is to serve the col lege and spec ifically the a th letic department. Some of the projects t he club undertakes include homecoming, managing the conce ssion stan d, and Senior Day.

PRETTY GIRLS? ... Som e of th e wa rrio rs put on a skit for th eir Homecoming queen candidate.

The Ski Club provides WSC students with the thrill o f racing down snow covered ski slopes in the brisk w inter air. A rela tively new club, it hos provided organi zed trip s t o many of M innesota's top ski areas. Th e club al so holds on-campus meeti ngs to d isc uss p l ans for future ski trips.

ON DISPLAY . . . Joan C l eme n ts shows interested students t he kind of skis th e ski club uses.

SKI CLUB . . . FRO NT ROW, A lice Krone busch, Sandee Ba con, Joan Clements, Elaine Kalien, Ly nne Kittle, Carole Nelson; SECOND ROW, Mr. Bilse, advisor, A rthu r Yagon, Dust en Bertel , Torn Casserly, Dave M o rtensen, Robert Nichols.

15 l'




ove r

photog raphy h ead, examines a Baisey ca mera while other members of

the articles waiting to be typed by Becky Johnson,

the staff look on. From left are Bill Krause, co-head photographer, Rick




columni st,


Not pictured are Fredr ic Baranski,

columnist, and Cindy Nelson, typist.

DubPn, Jim Dubsky, Gary McDowell and Steve Joswick. Not pictured are Glen Pt.' terson, Neal Stenlund, Rick Losinski and Tom Goodrich.



and Opinions • 1n Print

a First Class Weekly EDITORS CRITICIZE NEWSPAPER . . . Ralph E. Carte r, Ed itor-in-chief, and Sarah Seufert, Managing Editor, discuss the recent issue of the WINO NAN for technical and staff errors.

SMOKING HIS PIPE . . . A d o lph Bremer, advisor for b oth

publication s,




comtempl ates while en joying a moments rest from his tight sched ule as advisor in add ition to being the City Ed itor o f the W INONA DAILY NEWS.

MAKING-UP PAGES . . . Genne ll Iverson, feature page editor, dec id es what copy to use on her page of the WINONAN w hile Dulcie Berkman, copy ed itor, th inks of headlines for the stories . Not pictured are Barb Egge, front page make-up, and Kathy Gunderson, feature writer.


Academic Editors Jill Einhorn, Judy Weg man




Organizations Editor Sondra Bidro

layout Editors Coro/ Benson, Ar/is Legler


Fond Memories in Pictures

a First Class Annual

Editor Sha ran Scrabeck Copy Editor Dio ne Bunge

Business Manage r Fronk Kottschode Art Editor Bill Kahler


_.__· _


SNEA . . . FRONT ROW, Barbaro Reilly, Veron ica Pellowski, Carol Weaver, Charlene Yamanaka, Solly Wiczek, Pot Bisel, Tonya Hildebrandt, Marlys Dickerman, Kathy Kelley, Dove Meisner, Ginny O'Neill, Marilyn McGuire, Sharon Boke r, Ve rn a Iwasaki , Miss Aman da Aarest ad, advisor, Barb Egge, Jeanette Harmon, M arga ret Glenna; SECOND ROW, Judith Johnson, Barba ro Stuc ky, Joa nne Obuchi, Eorlene Himlie, Joan Simon, Suzanne Bremseth, Lindo Schild, Charlene Pion, Ruth Peterson, Judy Pope, Susan Frisch, Wanita Olness, Nancy Helmueller, Cheri Sochims, Lindo Peters, Dione Christianson, Judy Hanson, Mory Lynn Pottrotz; TH IRD ROW, Carol Feldmann, Beverly Roy, Jone Bowen, Jone Koczrowski, Rosemary Dohrn, lone Hogen, Koren Wold, Lorraine Hougland, Waneta McCracken, Dulcie Berkman, Sylio Behrens, Alice Pe terson,

The la rgest organization on ca m pus, SNEA, exists for t he benefit o f those interested in ent eri ng the te aching profession. Designed to develop an understanding o f the fie ld of edu cation, its members have chosen teaching as a caree r. Monthly

meetings consist of panel discussions, interviews

and speeches by prominent educators.

Young Republicans Support Party Activities Y.R.'S . .. FRONT ROW, Potty W a lter, Jooni Pretzel, Barb Egge, Marci a Frederickson, Don Arnold; SECOND ROW, Sondra Burt, Joy Yournons, Carole Nelson,

· ~-


Lindo Gronholz, Kathryn Johnson, Darlene Peters, Stephan Muros, John Gaspard, Pamela Rando ll, Joel Werra; FOURTH ROW, Barbara Bonicki, Kathy Meyer, Jeanne Reck, Marilyn Thom, Rosio Gossma n, Lorry Olson, Kat hie Mac· ioch, Cheryl Fick, Calista Schultz, Patricia Burke, Joan Spanton, Linda Shanahan, Sue Kuchenmeister, Diane Baringer, Mory Grawvoll, Jill Einhorn, Mary Anderson, Gloria Welch, Carolyn Satren, Patsy Fisch bach, JaAnn Blakeetod; FIFTH ROW, Barbaro Schmauss, Rolph Corter, Fronk Daniels, Richard Da hl, Jomes Reynalds, Vaughn Nagahashi, Dennis Blanchard, Jim Huettl, Gene Durand, Terry Vatland, Doug Rosendahl, Gene Pflaum, Dick Becker, Lynne Tiegs, Roger Fischbach, Darlene Besek, Ko ren Sather, Dione Weir, Rudolph Gowlih, Koren Wehrs.

SNEA Promotes Elementary and Secondary Education

• • •

Through films, lectures and d iscussions, t he Young Republ ican Club promotes interest in pol itical affairs. Members attempt to make t hemselves infor me d , consc ien tious citizens by suppo rti ng the national Republica n Party.

Beverly Stahr, Jackie Delong, Neil Diersen; THIRD ROW, Lee A lbert, Kenneth Evans, Kenne th Brueske, Jon Arnold, John Wherton, Jim Ander son.

. . . =-.. . . .


- ""'- - ·-~--




AECULOPIANS . . . FRONT ROW, Sharon Poppe, Charlo tte Behnken, Doris Binger, Undo Shanahan; SECOND ROW, Beverly Stahr, M ory Kuchenmeister,

The Aesculapians promote interest in medicine careers. Students ma joring in Nursin g, pre-m ed ici ne or re la ted fie ld s are invited

to b ecome members. Closed circuit television

programs entitled "Grand Ro unds" a re shown at meetings in Pas teur Aud itorium. These Upjohn educational fi lms are narra ted by prominent doc tors from every phase of medicine.

Tom Fishbougher; TH IRD ROW, She ila Bre nnon, Lee Albert, Jerry Langseth, Joan Pretzel.

Academy of Science and Aesculopians Promote Science • • • The Wi nona State Chapter of t he Minnesota Academy of Science recognizes t he increasing interest of college students and obliges them by providing informative prog rams at monthly meetings. The topics of the programs are planned to encompass all areas o f scienti fic investigation and informa ti on of importance to the members. The Academy of Science is not simply a cam pus cl ub. The student members are e nco urage d to cont i nue mem ber sh i p as t eac hers, eng in ee rs,

sc ientist s,


etc .,



t heir

dedication to the "a dvancem ent o f Research Ed ucation and U ndersta nding of Science." ACADEMY OF SCIENCE . . . FRONT ROW, Jeanne Reck, Sandro Schley, Beverly Stohr, Kathy Gunderson, Lindo Shanahan, Arloniol Bradford, Sandra Bailey, Barbara Carlson; SECON D ROW, Gill Soar, Bill Mullen, Tom Fishbaugher,

Joh n Mcleod, Richa rd Dahl, Allen Sheldon, Michael King sbury, Dr. Houtz, advisor; THIRD ROW, Don Kroppe, Bu rt Lidgerding , Doug Rosendahl, Jerry Langseth, Frank Daniels, Jerry Nogohoshi, Gory Sc hoening.





FRONT ROW: Gory Koutz, Jomes O'Brien, Raymond Kirol, Dovid Hokanson, Gaylord Moy, Henry Kleis, Gordon Webke, Ge rold Grossman. SECOND ROW: Philip Gernes, Lorry Kenrick, Jomes Kosten, Stephen Josevick, Thomas Wagner, Jo mes Anderson. THIRD ROW: Dr. J. H. Foegen, Dione Noumon, Noncy Hole,






Rebbeca Laumeyer, Jane Price, Ruth Wisor!, Jomes M. Stoll, Richard Rother, Gory La use n. FOURTH ROW: H erbert Breidel, Arland Mager, Charles Pederson, Larry Pederson, Bernard Pittmon, Thomas Bouguet, Franklin Kottschode, Kenneth Brueske.

The Society for t he Advancement of Ma nageme nt is a nat ional,

professional, organization

of busin essmen


cated to promote t he fine art of ma nagemen t. The activities at Winona inc lude an annua l b anquet for it s members, yearbook sa les, and interviews in Ch icago at a conference for com pa nies from coast to coast.

FUTURE EXECUTIVES? Henry Kleis and Kenneth Brueske "sell" SAM during club night.

C irc le K is an orga nization composed of ma le members of Wi n ona State Co llege interested in doing a littl e more for t he coll ege and community than th e average stud ent. It is affiliated with the Winona Kiwani s C lub.

FRONT ROW: Poul Hodge, Steven Joswick, Curlis Lindahl, Donald Glover, Fr edric Baranski, Roy Wilsey, Thomas Goodrick. SECOND ROW: Vernon Almlie,

SAM and Ci rcle K Donald Higgs, Bruce While, Joel Worro, Robert Grim, Jomes Rowan, advisor.

NOTORIOUS KN IGHTS . . . Bruce White, Leroy Deters, Allen Sheldon, Art Tisher, Roy Welsy.

CHECKMATE ... Two knights play a fast, furious game of chess. The basic function of the Notorious Knights is to promote chess and g ive the students experience in tournament p lay. Chess meets are set up against other schools and the team challenges the facu lty once a year. Th e Notorious Knights also sponsor the annua l WSC chess tournament.

The Winona State Panhellenic Council was formed to regulate sorority life on campus. It is made up of representatives from the two c ampus national sororities, Delta Zeta and A lpha Xi Delta. The goals of the council are to maintain sorority life and in terso rority relations on campus, to further int el lectual accomp l ishment and good scho larship , to co-operate wi th th e co llege administration in the maintenance of high social standards, and to compi le rules governing sorority rushing



initiation at Winona State.

This year the Panhellenic Counci l sponsored a fall formal sorority r ush.






O'Neil l, Bonnie Feu ling, Mrs. Ritmon, advisor.


PEACE ON EARTH ... The combined choirs of Winona State,

present the C hristmas portio n o f Handel' s " Messiah" during

St. Mary's and Saint Teresa, joi ned wit h the Winona Symphony

the holidays. A children's choir c an be see n a t right. Only

Orchestra (many of whom are W inona State students) to

a portion of the adult choir and o rchestra are shown .

Music Motivates College Life

• • •

WE'VE GOT RHYTHM . . . He re's a section of Mr. Schm id's pep band working up a little enthusiasm at a basketball game

CLANG-CLANG . . . Wha t would a sports event be w ithout

in Memorial Hall.

noise and sp irit. Mr. Schm id, " the music man," is front center.


SMART LOOKING- YES? . . . Cha rlott e Behnken and Bruce White model the new 1967 band unifor ms. GOING CASUAL? . . . Mr. Schmid, the band director, goes casua l for an evening wi th his guitar.

WSC Band Model New Uniforms INSTRUMENTS READY? . . . ROW ONE, Dionne Hanson, Pot Ferden, Mory Stearns, Nancy Witt, Donno Holmen, Susan Gludt, ROW TWO, Ke n Moddux, Beatrice Bouer, Mory Gront, Carmen Conklin, Betty Sawyer, Eloine Leo, Susan Wollin, Corol Ha lvorson, Susa n M cCroe, Adeline Cloeys, Barbaro Leo, ROW THREE, Judy Menning, Doug Johnson, Barbaro Leavitt, Sondra Hayter, Cheryl M iller , Barbara Jenson, Lin do Hemming, Jon Arnold, Richard Metz,

• • •

Gory Mc Dowell, Lorry Shea, Leonard Purrington, Mike Tentis, Darrell Sonsalla, Marlys Dickerman, ROW FOUR, Bruce White, Norm Miller, Norm Ellingson, Faye Froehluc h, Linda Vinje, Paul Skattum, Roger Borchert, DIRECTOR Wm. Sc hmid, Norman Baron, David Knight, Richard Anderson, Charlotte Behnken, Lynn H untoon. Not Pictured: Mary Jo Blumentritt, Bonnie Spande.










JUNIOR OFFICERS . . . Junior class

officers ore Thomas Johnson, treasurer; Ginny O' Neil, secretory; and Hal Rossiter, president. Absent was Ron Slack, vice president.

Juniors Larry Adams, Lake City Jane Alongi, Rochester, N.Y. Ronald Amdahl, Preston Michael Anderson, Mpls. Rondy Anderson, Red Wing Thomas Anderson, Bloomington Robert Andrewsen, Stillwater

G e rry Aren s, Kellogg Robert Armstrong, Valparaiso, Ind. David Bail ey, Raci ne Sharon Boker, Mantorville Barbara Banicki, Winona Dione Barringer, Red Wing Richard Behling, Wi nona Robert Beksel, Rockford, Ill. Carol Ben so n, St . Pau l James Be nson, Houston Sandra Bidro, Addison, Ill. Pat Bisel, Butterfield Claudio Bishop, St. Pa ul Dorothy Blahnik, Spring Valley

Thomas Brezo, Winona Diane Bunge, Caledonia Judith Campbell, Bryon Gayle Christofferson, Stillwater Barbaro Conte, St. Paul N ancy Coolidge, Rochester Jomes Corso, St. Loui s Park Barbara Davidson, St. Paul Donna DeGise, Wyckoff, N.J. N eal e De ters, Caledonia Ken Dickson, Postville, la. Donald Doerr, Winona Eugene Durand, Lakeville Larry Edgar, Ka sso n

Allen Eglinton, Caledonia Jill Einhorn, W. St. Poul James Evenson, Winona Kathleen Feely, Stillwa ter James Fehrman, St. Paul Carol Feldmann, Minnetonka Lyle Felsch, Minnesota City



. ---______ -

--_ -





Bonnie feul ing, Arcadia, Wisc. Patr ici o Fischbach, Paynesville Willis Fitting, Roch ester Carol Four nier, Mendota Ken Freimar k, Spring Volley Cha rl es French, Chatfield

Rosem ary Frene tte, Waite Pork John Gaspard, Caledonia Jomes Getskow, Waseca Margaret G lenna, Whalan Rosie Gossman, Founta in

Roland Groves, Homer

Mory Gronvall, Red Wing Sharon Groth, Winona Charles Hoggbloom, M pls. Carol Holverson, Spring Grove Kathy Heiller, Brownsville

Na ncy Helmueller, Eau Golie, Wisc. Elizabeth Herron, St. Poul Donald Higgs, St. Poul Ppul Hodge, St. Poul Moro beth Holsopple, Red Wing Terry Holston, Robbinsdale

Colene Huseby, Caledonia Mory lte n, St. Poul Susan Ivins, Oakland, Po. Ba r b Iverson, Viroqua, W isc. Verna Iwasaki, Koiluo, Hawaii Kenneth Jacobson, Grand Meadow Bruce Johnson, St. Paul Curt Johnson, Fariba ult Judith Johnson, Ha rmony Nancy Johnson, Peterson Rosemary Kafer, Fountain City, Wisc. Richa rd Kolbrener, Winona Larry Kenric k, Freeb orn Mike Kingsbury, Harmony

Sue Kniebel, Stillwa ter William Kohler, Winona Richard Koskie, Austin David Kova l, Gory, In d. Shirley Kress, Stillwat er Richard Lager, Caledonia Kotherine Lauer 1 W inona

Thomas Louve r, Rochester Coraline Lee, Kono, Hawaii Duane Lee, Melrose, Wisc. Thomas Lewers, Cedar Rapids, lo. David Liebert, Rochester , N.Y. Curt Lindahl, St. Poul Eugene Lundok, Cresco, la.

Ka thleen Mocioch, St. Poul Donna M orcuson, Ba yport Wayne Medcra ft, St. Po ul Jomes Meyer, Winona Donna M ille r, Burnsville Koren M iller, Red Wing

Gl oria Mogren, Winona Lawr ence Mott, Madrid, lo. Cheryl Mundell, Chatfiel d Janice Munson, Winona Dua ne M urray, Winona

Carole Anne Nelson, Mpl s. Ruth Nesbitt, Bloomington




- - :_~= ~-=-----~.-"= -==--

_t --=-=..-o:


Dole Newcomb, Dakota Judi Nygaard, Lo Crosse, Wisc. Kathryn Ohrmonn, Claremont W anita Olness, Wholon Ko r en Olson, Wi nona Jocqueline Opsohl, Winona Mory Poope, So. St. Poul Judith Poulson, Winona Lorry Pederson, Peterson Oddvor Pederstod, Enebokk, Norway

William Pence, Northfi eld Alice Peterson, So. St. Pau l Susan Pettis, Formington Do le Phillipson, Whitehall, Wisc. Gene Phillipson, Whitehall, W isc . Pauline Prondzinski, Winona Carol Rohrmonn, Wabasha Roger Randoll, Wanamingo Susan Randoll, Eyota Lawrence Roy, M pls.

Jeanne Reck, Wabasho Orville Reh ling, Chotfield Sandee Reisdorf, Rochester Ann Rinn, Rollingsto ne Douglos Rosendahl, Bloomingto n Jo hn Ross, Red Wing Ha l Rossite r, Ro chester, N.Y. Dia n e Rupre cht, White Bea r Lake Richard Sold er, Elg in, Ill. William Sadowski, Winono

ADVANTAGES ARE MANY . . . Judy Mesc hke gives a pe rsuasive arguLeroy Scharmer, Buffolo Lake Sondy Schley, Fol ey

Cindy Sc hoenecke r, St. Po ul Pork Colista Schu ltz, Winono

Lynn Schumann, Eyota Sha ron Scrobec k, Harmony

Joseph Shafer, Red Wing Frank Siebenaler, Lewiston

M ork Sku sto d, Grond M eadow Torn Stover, Winona


ment to two students on why SNEA is an orga nization they should join.

Jud y Strauss, Rochester Vernon Suchla, Arcadia, Wisc.

Su son Walch, Altura Bruce Wolloce, Woodlynne, N.J.

Sharon Teply, Cedar Rapids, la. Marilyn Thom, Farmington

Patricio Wa lte r, Hobart, Ind. Richard Walters, McGregor, lo.

Gory Thrke, Eyota Kathleen Tuin, Hopkins

Carol Weaver, Altamont, N.Y. Tim Webb, St. Augustine, Fla .

Thomas Tweeten, Spring Gr ove William Urlich, Austin

Jud ith Wegman, St. Charles Diane Weir, Cedar Rapids, lo.

Ronald Varnum, Collingsworth, N.J. Terry Volland, Mabel

Peter Weisbrod, Elg in Gloria Welch, Stewartville

Dennis W epler, Decorah, la. Jomes Wesberg, Mpls.

Joan Whorton, Winona Joa n Wierzba, St. Poul

Connie Winslow, Wykoff NancyWit1, Dodge Center

CARE FOR MORE? . . . Barbara Ban ic ki pours Miss Aarestad Cha rlene Yamanak, Kana, Hawaii Fred Yaralimek, Dresbach

anot her cup of coffee whi le Jam es Meyer, Betty Kat han, Pa tricia Fischbach, and Diane Rup recht look on. The coffee is a product from Chile and the panel used it to aid them in g iving the ir Peace Cor p s u nit for Miss Aarest ad's Lan g uage Arts and Soc ial St udies class.

Richard Ye ske, Winona William Young, Wousou, Wisc.

Juniors l 65

b Abrohomson, Bloomington b I Bor Anderson, Mo e Donny Stillwater Winona Koy Anderson, . e Anderson, I Mounc S St Pou Anhalt, o. 路 Gory Harmony Jone! Ar~~~ott, Edino Thomas . Sovonno, S ndro Booley, di d Ill. o r Me or Koren Borke ' nesboro Fro n Barlond, l o . I Becker , Dundus Donoe e r Mpls. Thomas Beck ken Violo Cha rlotte Behn w'obosho Lindo Benjamin,

son Winona Jackie Ben 'Houston Lindo Benson, l ke City . d 0 h Berktold, h r Richf1el Josep Kathryn Bette e ' R. hfield d B ttcher, ic Sonfor . ke 1 Northfield Suson B1c e' Claremont Bruce Bigelow,

. 路e Binner, Wobosho Moqon Willmar Doris Binger,Winono . 路nono Carol Blank, J Blumentritt, W1 t Mory o h l a Crescen M o rion Boettc e~t Poul Dionne Boileau, P~terson Patricio Boyum,

Jone Bowen, Pl ainview Adorn s

Boy~~路ord ' Kins tree, S. C.

Richard Arlonio l Bro

th Peterson Suson Bremse ' h Rushford Bremset , Suzanne St Poul Evonne Brown, .

Sophomores . Be hrens are d Sylvia Burke anl form f or th e final MORE HERE? . . . Patsen tationa . casting a

Creek Lawre nce Br ow~, Rose Is. Bonit o Burton, mp b ell, Savage Christy Ann Co p

Carlson, Win ona

Barb aro W St. Poul Kathy Corr, . Kasson Sharon Costner,

Ch rchill, Wholon Delores GI~ 1 Loke City Robert ' St Poul Jone Coates, .

d St. Poul Steven Cor e~los El gin, 111. Cynthia Co ug k.' Winon a Ka thy Czoplews "


n on-rep re

p ro ject in sculpture.







',"''" - - --


Jacob Dahl, Red Wing James DaLeiden, Owatonna Marilyn Danzeisen, Winona Carol Davies, Hastings Roger Delang, Dodge Center Ruth Denma n, Stillwater Mark DeSantis, Mpls.

Marlys Dickerman, Elgin Virginia Donahue, Winona Roger Do rchert, Fairbault Dianne Dru ry, Pres ton Jo mes Duffy, Madelia Susan Dunca nson, Lewiston

Norman Ellingson, Spring Grove

Jay Epste in, Winona Jam es Ernster, Caledonia Duane Evans, Winona Eileen Evans, Albert Lea Kenneth Evans, Elgin William Evenson, Spring G rove Koy Everson, Winona

Joyce Fenske, Fountain City Gwen Fick, Lake City Roger Fischbach, Paynesville Eva Flo tteru d, Zumbrota William Fogelsa nger, Ham burg, N.Y. Janice Fossum, St. Paul Pat Fritz, Rochester

Faye Froehlich, St. Clair Gary Gavle, Decorah, la. Robert Gelder, Galesville Maureen Gergen, Farmington Ronald Gipp, Decorah, la. James Goforth, Cedar Rapids, la. Eileen Goihl, Lake City James Goke, Winona John Googins, St. Paul Sue Grausnick, Winona

Thomas Gravenish, Pine Island Sue Greenwood, Lamoille Lynette Grimm, Winona Linda Gronholz, Le Center Corrine Grover, Preston Ray G underson, Rockford, Ill. Julene Haglund, Butterfiel d Elaine Hagm an, Lan g Lake Maryann Hall, Pla inview Pa t Hann er, St. Paul Park

Mary Harty, Bloomin g Pra irie Dean Hathaway, Grand Meadow Lorraine Haugland, Spring Grove Terry Hayes, W hea ton, Ill. Roger Heard, A ustin Elaine Heaser, Wi nona Vaughn Heeter, La Crescent Lana Hefel, Holy Cross, la. Robert Hempy, So. St. Paul Diane Higgin, Richf ield

Earlene Himlie, St. Paul Gary Hirschler, Rochester, N. Y. Mel Homuth, Menomonie, W isc. Gayle Hudak, Mpls. Ann H ungerholt, Whalan Lynn Huntoon, Plainview Charles lngvolson, St. Paul Su san Ivers, Whiteha ll, Wisc. Jennell Iver son, Hayward Rodger Jehlicha, St. Poul Park

167 ~-w-_..__......

. - ---

A lan Jensen , Redwood Falls Barbar o Jen son, Springfield Judy Jewell, Roche ster Connie Jo hnson, Ellendale Garry Johnson, La Crescent Paul Johnson, Bloomington Steve Johnson, So. St. Paul

Cindy Jones, Fort Worth, Tex. Steph en Joswi ck, Rochester Janet Jozwick, Stockton Carolyn Kalmes, Rollingstone Jo Ann Karsten, Winona Ka t hleen Kelley, Mpls. Ruth Ke sson, Buffalo, N.Y.

Raymond Kiral, Lewiston Jean King, Red Wing G retchen Kleis, Hastings Bonne Kra fka, St. Paul William Kr ause, New Yor k City Lynn Kremer, Ch atfield Ja m es Kulzer, Winona

Warren LaCourse, Shakopee Carolyn Laufenbur ger, Lewiston Randoll Lawler, Clinton, Wisc. Mike Lee, Winona Joa n Leibfried, Ivanhoe Jacquie Lentsch, St. Paul Dianne Lewis, H ayfield

Thomas Lewis, Lindstrom M a ry Mack, Stillwater Dianne M a der, LaCrescent Ron Marc hionda, Wi lliamsville, N.Y. Rose Martinek, Lawler, l a. Jean Masters, Mabel Waneta McCracken, Marquette, la.

Gory McDowe ll, Cedar Rapid s, l a. John McLeod, Lew i ston M ary McMillan, St illwater A llan Melin, St. Paul Park Robert Merwin, Mpls. Richard M erwi n, Mpls. Richa rd Metz, Hopkins

Kathy Meyer Wabasha Rita Meyer, Arco Judy Michel, Ha rmony Diane Mickaw, Elgin Cheryl Miller, Plato Glenn Mi ller, Morristown Linda Minnie, Mabel David Mortensen, Alden Jan Mossen, Winona Kenneth Mueller, Winona Stephen M uros, Winona John Murphy, Austin


Curtis Murray, St. Charles Diane Nelson, Wabash a Nancy Nelson, St. Paul Carol Nessler, St. Charles M ike Newberger, Mpls. Julee Nickels, Bayport Nancy Ni pp, M a htomedi Diane Nordlund, Mpl s. Judy Nottleman, Lamoille Nancy Novak, Prior Lake

WATCH THE BIRDIE . .. Sophomo re

c lass officers smile for the photographer: Pou l Johnson, pres ident; Tim Dolton, vice president; Cheryl Miller, secretory; Sandy Be ttcher, trea s urer.


Bonnie O lness, Winona Lynn O r phan, Winona John Ott, LoCrescent

Leonard Polubicki, Lo Crescent Barbaro Peck, Dover Sherrie Pedersen, Minnetonka Carol Pedretti, Lo Crescent Trudy Perry, New Richland Ruth Peterson, Mpls. John Phillipson, Whitehall, Wisc. Gerold Pieper, Caledonia Charlene Pion, St. Pou l Sharon Poppe, Houston Joan Pretzel, Mpls. W illiam Putnam, Winona Barb Quest, Mpls. Pamela Randoll, Benton Harbor, Mich.

Gerold Redwing, Mabel Lynette Redwing, Mabel Down Reisinger, Farmington Harold Remme, Dennison Anne tte Richa rdson, Ce dar Rapids, lo. Vicki Rinehart, Minnetonka Jone Risdol, Northfield

Carol Roberts, Lake Crystal Dione Roffler, Winona Judith Rose, St. Charles Beverly Roy, Adorns John Rudeen, No. St. Poul Gayle Ruh, Chicago, Ill. Bonnie Rusert, Caledonia

Jelaine Sackett, Dodge Center Carolyn Sotren, Wonomingo Lindo Schild, LoCrescent Gory Schoening, Winona Jone Schultz, St. Charles Mory Sch ultz, Houston Mory Scott, Chatfield


Sandra Scovil, Winona Norman Semling, Fountain City, Wis. Elizabeth Shonda, St. Paul John Silvis, St. Paul Janice Siegel, W inona Thomas Siegert, Minneapolis

Joon Simon, Plainview Sondra Slifko, Mabel Roy Smith, New Egypt, N.J. Carl Sederstrom, Dumont, N.J. Jacquie Spence, Minneapolis Beverly Stahr, W inona

Greg Staples, St. Paul Barb Stemmer, Shakopee Patricio Stetzer, Melrose, Wis. Judy Steyer, Trempealeau, Wis. Joanne Stordandt, Lo Crescent Yohlan Stroebel, Chatfield

Ba rbara Stucky, Pine Island Joanne Swanson, H astings Therese Theis, Rolli ngstone Kathleen Thompson, Winona Glen Tointon, Rochester Dione Tollefs on, Kenyon

Lynda Trozler, Rochester Gerold Trocinski, La Moille Sharon Tschi da, St. Paul Lee Turne r, Winona Kathy Tw eito, Spring Grave A n n Voight, Mayer

Sophomores Jomes Vonderahe, Houston Thomas Von Feldt, Austin

John Wagner, Cal edonia Lloyd Walburn, Morristown Linda Watson, Lake City Stuart Weitzman, St. Paul Phil Welti, Plainview Bruce White, Cedar Rapids, l o. Robert White, East Chain Jomes Wiegrefe, Caledonia Pat Wiemersl oge, Lo Crescent Janice Wiest, Fort A t kinson, Wis.


Brio n Williams, Bloomington Karen Williamson, W inona Janice W inter, Hopkins N ara Winter, Bloomington Ruth Wisdorf, Springfield Judy W iskow, St. Charles Karen Wold, Mabel Susan Wollin, Winona Diane Young, M inneapolis Hank Zacharias, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


FOOD FINALLY COMES ... Judy Wegman and Mory Ann Collins walk home ofter a ti ring time at the supermarket.

John Abts, Fountoin City Richard Abts, Fountain City

Darlene Austi n, Mabel Cyril Dohmen, Hampton

lrrin Nehring, Tremealeou, Wis. Mike O'Toole, Luverne

Maurine Fenton, Rollin gstone

Arthur Fisher, White Beor lake

David Pertelding, Minnesota City Charl es Peterson, Faribau lt

Bill Horlos, Lo Crescent Ruth Hen gel , Rollingstone

Mory A nn Schultz, M inneiska Greg Smith, Mahtomedi

Tim Horton, Lo Crescent Virgil Kafer, Fountain City, Wis.

Janet Speltz, Rollings tone Carolyn Wi ll, Erwin, lo .

Jock MocNomoro, Collingswood, N.J. Thomas Misgen, Ellendale

Shar on Wise, Ro Iii ngstone David Wistrcill, Au stin



Gary Anderson Carpenter, lowo Business Education

COME ON .. . Dick C hilders, Senior class pres i dent, wa lks in to conf er wi th Presi de nt DuFre sne.


James Anderson

David A . Arneson

Judith Bailey

Wells Business Administration


St. Francis, Wis.

Business Administration


Susan Thorson Barnett Robbinsdale Sociol Science

Ric hard Becker

Jeanne Beckman

Sylvia Behrens

John Benedict

Northfield Elementary

Houston Elementary

Mo rs ho II

Kenosha, Wis. Physical Education


Gary Berg

Dulcie Berkman

Peter Beyers

Albert Bina

Byron Elementary

Rochester Elementary

W inona Elementary

Calmar, Iowa Social Science

Dennis Blanchard

Kenneth Blomquist

Thomas Boland

Lennert Bondeson

Cedar Rapids, Iowa Physical Education

Collingswood, N . J. Business Education

Fountain City, Wisc. Business Administration

Gene ra l Sc ience

Ellion Bornfleth

Thomas Bouquet

Karen Brandhorst

David Broker


Wabasha Business Administration

Fountain City, Wisc. English, Speec h


Social Science




- - - - - - - -- - - - - - -•






..-.-....lw...........,. ...-._

Mrs. Heather Roxburgh Byrne

Kenneth Brueske

Honolulu, Hawaii Elementary

Plainview Busine ss Administration

Carl Burk Pipestone Soc ial Science

James Byrne Patricia Burke

Staten Island, N. Y. Social Science

St. Charles Art


Mrs. Nadine Carr

Ralph Carter

Richard Childers

Wobosho Elementary

Stewortville English

Cedar Rapids, Iowa Mathematics

Mrs. Lois Christensen Winona Elementary

Diane Christiansen

Candace Con naughty

Richard Dahl

Frank Daniels

Austin Elementary

Winona Elementary

Peterson Biology

Rushford Mathematics

H. Michael Dean

George DeMeyers


Geneva, Ill . Business Administration


LeRoy Deters Eitzen Physical Sci e nce

Judith Dittrich

Rosemary Dohrn

Sharon Drwall

Donna Dubbs

Plainview Elementary

Lake City Business Educa tion

St. Po ul Socia l Science

Rushford Ele mentary

Dallas Diercks Goodhue Business Adm inistration

Sandra Ecker Fountain City, Wis. Mathema tics

SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS ... Ron Luloff, vice president; Sharon Sob ra ske , secreta ry, and Henry Kleis, treasurer, pose wi t h another great le a d er.



Barbara Egge

James Ersig

Joyce Evens

Ann M. Fenney

Lanesboro Elementary


Minnesota City





Cheryl Fick

Steven Forster

Loke City




Mrs. Diane Broad Fredrickson

Theodore Fredrickson

Lakeville Elementary

Business Education

Susan Frisch

Rudolph Gawlik

Philip Gemes

Roger Goerish

Minneapolis Elementary

Arcadia, Wis .

Winono Business Administration

Sonborn Physical Educo11on

Business Education


Jerry Grade

Cherre Grams

Donald L. Gray

Joan Greethurst



Physical Education


Winona Mathematic s



Gregg Gropel

David Haines

Margaret Hankes

Daniel Hansen

Ivon hoe

Morion, lowo

Elementary, Physical Education

Physical Education

Hastings English

Wobosho Elementary

Carol Hanson Ellen Hansen

Brook Pork

Judith Hanson

Verdon Hasleiet

Austin Eleme ntary

El e m enta ry, Ph ysical Ed ucati on

Kos son Elem e nta ry

Pe terson Physical Educa tion

177 - - - __=-=._J.C~~.

Frank Hayes, Jr. Wil/1omsporr, Penn

Business Admimstrotion

Hubert Helland Lanesboro Physical Edvcotton

Grace Henry Wrnono Elementary

Tanya Hildebrandt

Katherine Hisey

New Brighton




Mary Palm Hoffman

Dennis Houselog

H. James Huettl


Lake City



Business Adm1nistrorion

lndvstrrol Arts

Socio/ Science


17 8

Verna Iwasaki

Carol Jeche

Ko1luo, Hawaii

Spring Grove

Gary L. Jensen




Clear Lake, /owo


Kathryn Johnson

Eunice Iverson

HURRY ... Sharon Sobraske urges the






supervising a physical education class during her student teaching.

Kathleen Kackmann Lake Ciry Mathematics

Jane Kaczrowski

Louis Kanavati

Gary Kautz

Ivanhoe Elementary Physical Education

St. Poul Socio/ Science


J. William Keenan

Kathleen Kenney

Richard Kerrigan

Henry Kleis

Gorden City, N.Y. Socio/ Science


Lo Crescent Business Administration

Business Administration




Gayle Kenneth Koetke

Philip Koprowski

Frank Kottschade

Alice Kronebusch


Theil man Business Administration Socio/ Science

Altura Elementary

Physical Education

Keister Business Admin1strorion

Donald Kropp Pipestone General Science

Sue Kuchenmeister South Sr. Paul Physical Education

William Lambert Virginia Business Administration

Jerry Langseth Lamoille Chemistry Mathematics

Gary Lauden Chicago Business Administration

Russell Lebakken

Donald F. Lee

Robert Lee

Sheryl Loeding

Galesville, Wis.

Nerstrand Business Administration

Kenyon Elementary

Winona Elementary



Susan Loeffler

Jeanneen Loerch

Ruth Love

Ronald Luloff

LeCenter Socio/ Science

Rushford Elementary

Smithville, Tenn. Elementary

Jesup, Iowa Industrial Arts

Pennie Mack

Walton Madland

Judith Mahlke

David Majerus

St. Paul Elementary

St. Paul Elementary

Winona Elementary

Elba Physics Mathematics

Margo McCune


Houston Social Science

David Milne Mabel Physical Education

Judith Malmin Savage Elementary

Richard Mancuso Staten Island, N .Y. Social Science

Robert Mans Rochester Industrial Arts



- ---



Mary Modjeski

Arland R. Moger

LaVonne Molde

Dennis Morgan

Winono Elementory

Rushford Business Educotion

Kasson Elementary

Dodgeville, Wis. Physical Education

Gerald Nagahashi

Janet Nelson

Susan A. Nelson

Andrew Neville

St. Paul Biology


Winona Elementary

Worlond, Wyo. Art

Business Administration

YOU BUZZED? . . . Jane Kaczrowski mans t he Prentiss-Lucas lounge desk and announces callers.


Laverne Nicholson Elgin

James O'Brien

Joanne Obuchi

Wabasha Business Administration

Kauai, Howo11



Social Science

Larry Olson

Dale Owens

Donald Pavek

Charles Pederson

Melrose, Wis. Physical Education

Rochester Chemistry


Beardsley Business Admrn1strotion


Carol Ollhoff

Seniors Sharyl Pederson

Jerome Pesch

Richard Peter

Houston Mathematics, Elementary

Minneapolis Business Administration





Darlene Peters


Dennis Peterson

Gary Peterson

Eugene pflaum

Rushford Industrial Arts, Arr



Bernard Pittman Durand, Wis.

Physical Education

Mathematics and Social Science

Business Administration

Mary Lynn Pottratz

James Price

Rachael Jane Price

frtzen Mathematics



Leonard Purrington A Imo

Business Admrnistrotron

Busrness Education


I WONDER . . . Greg Grop e\ t h oughtfu ll y what



his life wi ll take

after graduation.


Sandra Quam

Leon Quarve

John Rahman

Rose Randall

Kenyon Elementory

Loke City Industrial Arts

Elgin Industrial Arts

Rushford Physico/ Education

Seniors Dave Reed

Dana Reps

James Reynolds

Hubert Ripple

Winona Art



Minneapolis Social Science

Northfield Biology

Robert Ritter

Michael Rivers

Winono Mathematics, Social Science


Sue Rudeen

Roger Rumstick

Business Administration,

North St . Pou/ Elementary

Minnesota City Elementary

Social Science

185 -




Karen Sather

Robert Safe

James Sathra

Lance Sbiral


Red Wing Physical Education

St. Poul Pork Mathematics

Fort Atkinson, Iowa Biology, Chemistry


James Schaub

Barbara Schmauss

Kathleen Schmitz

Thomas Schott

Alma, Wis Business Administration

Lake City Elementary

Caledonia Mathematics

Lewiston Business Administration



Roger Severson Clark Seeman

Linda Shanahan

Doris Shaw

Galesville, Wis.

Crystal Lake, Ill.

Socio/ Science

Lanesboro Mathematics, Chemistry

Physical Education


William Shedd Boone, /owo Business Administration

Mrs. Eleanor A . Siegel Winona

Virginia Siegel

William Silver


Broomoll, Penn. Socio/ Science


Elementary, Business Education

John Simon

Judith Skarp

Bruce Smith

Gene Snyder

Lewiston Biology, Physical Education

Virginia Elementary

Minneapolis Mathematics

Houston Business Administration

Sharon Sobraske

Mrs. Joan Hoff Spanton

Judith Stenbeck

Orrin Stevens

Richfield Elementary

Hendricks Physical Education

Harmony English

Mathematics, Art



Gerald Styba

James Stoll

James Stout

Theodore Strand

Rice Lake, Wis

Pipestone Ph ysical Education

Ettrick, Wis.


Business Administration


Business Administration

Lynne Tiegs

James Trochta

Gary Urness

Gerald Vagts

Luck, Wis English


Winona Mo thematics

Harmony Art


Kathleen Ann Vannater


Canton Social Science

James Vigness Lanesboro Mathemat ics

Arlys Voorhees Elkton Socio/ Science

James Wagner Wykoff English

William Werner Sumner, Iowa Physical Education


Maria Warren

Eileen Whitak

Sally Wiczek

Gordon Wiebke

Elroso Mvsic ond Elementary

Hostings Socio/ Science

Winona Elementary

Coledonio Bvsiness Administration

Kathleen Ann W illiams

James W ieczorek

Roy Wilsey Hovston Bvsiness Administration, Mothemotics

Edi no Elementary


Physical Edvcotion

Roland Woodford Winona Elementary

Joel Worra Peterson Mothemotics

Robert Zwart Rochester English

DARN ... David Sulac checks his





mailman forgot him again.


Seniors Not Pictured Abts, Lawrence Alexander, Karen Anderson, William J . Armstrong, Richard Baglino, Michael Ballanger, Elsie Baranski, Frederic Beck, Terry Bennett, Robert Besek, Darlene Beyer, Mary Bissen, Dolores Black, Ruth Blanchard, David Brandt, Cecilia Brinkman, Margaret Briske, Nancy Bublitz, Marilyn Burleigh, Kent Bush, Raymond Butenhoff, Gerald Carlson, Cenith Chemino, Michael Christianson, Francel Clark, Bennie Cole, Thomas Conklin, Carmen Corcoran, Bonnie Coulson, Ellen Culhane, Barbara Curtin, Roger Davis, Michael Deters, Neale Drewianka, C. Gary Dzubnar, Jack Engrav, Barry Ewalt, Ruth Ferdinandsen, Donna Finn, Earlene Finney, Michael Francis, Delwin Gallaher, Mary Gallion, Orvada Gardner, Craig Garrison , James Gerth, Henry Gislason, Jon Gittens, Joseph Graham, Joan Graver, Mary Grossman, Jerome Halverson, Duane Hassett, David Heise, David


Hendrickson, Nancy Hilke, Jane Hint, Carol Hoaglan, Willetta Holstad, Larry Horihan, Barbara Inman , Judy Jensen, Gary L. Jensen, Janis Jessen, Dale Johannsen, Barbara Johannsen, Ronald Johnson, Gary Johnson , Mary Johnson , Robert K. Johnson, Robert L. Jones, David Jozwick, Henry Keller, Neil Kelly, Richard Klotz, Kenneth Knutsen, James Kohler, William Kosidowski, Jon Kowalczyk, Myron Larson, Wallace Lavelle, Peter Leuthner, Nola Lidgerding, Burton Loftesnes, Richard Lynch, Helen Marcolini, Stephen Mathison, Lila Merriam, Carolyn Miller, Morrie Morgan, Edna Mrochek, Stephen Muros, Robert Nash, George Nelson, Jeffery Nelson, Norma Nissalke, Gary Noll , James Norrie, Paul Olin, Loretto Olness, Pearl Olson, Samuel Osmundson, Carol Patterson, Dean Pellowski, Veronica Peper, William Petersen, Marlin Pettit, Richard Plein , Eugene

Ploetz, Margaret Potter, Wayne Rader, John Ray, Laurence Reglin, Mary Reisenauer, Joan Reuter, Mary Richardson, Patricia Riley, Robert Rislove, Dennis Riser, Irene Roepke , Roger Roessler, Joan Rud, Tinka Rydman, Richard Sandeno, Robert Scharmer, Daniel Schulz, Elroy Senrick, Larry Seufert, Sarah Sheffield, Edward Sheimo, Diane Shorter, James Sinke, Randolph Slattum, Lawrence Smith, Jill Smoley, Charles Sovereign, Merle Stoll, Leonard Sulack, David Swenson, Agnes Swiggum, Gordon Taylor, Geraldine Thilmony, John Thorson, Thomas Tompte, Bernice Usgaard, Davis Usgaard, Jerome Vietor, Thomas Walsh, Raymond Walsh, Peter Watson, Judd Welch, Gloria Wheeler, Ahna White, Sharon Whorton, Joan Wieczorek, James Wise, Richard Wolcott, Dorothy Worra, Joel Zientek, Hermione Zimmerman, Susan Zuch, Harold

HONORARY AWARD . . . Fronk Kottschode, president of Pi Delta Epsilon, presents an honorary membersh ip in the chapter to Rolph Behling, forme r publications adviser. At right is the former co llege president, Dr. Nels Minne.

An Untimely Death It was a sod Christmas holiday for students of Rolph A. Behling, ossociote professor of English. On their return from the Christmas break they learned that he hod died of o heart attack Dec. 28. Mr. Behling, on the faculty of Winona State since 1948, began his professional career in 1932 os o reporter on the Wisconsin Republican ot Columbus, Wis., ofter which he returned to college. He wos groduoted from Ripon College with o bachelor of arts degree in 1935 and wos conferred the master degree by the University of Wisconsin in 1936. Since then he hod done post-groduote study ot the Universities of Wisconsin ond Minnesota ond ot George Peabody College for Teachers in Nashville, Tenn. The lotter wos during sobboticol leave 1954-55 from Winona State. He served in the United States Army from 1942 to 1946 ond went on inactive du ty os o moior. He held the rank of lieutenant colonel in the Army Reserve. His teaching career began in high schools - in Wisconsin ond Minnesota. At Winona State many students learned to know him, not only in the classroom but in his copocity os choirmon of the student-faculty finance committee, of which he wos choirmon many years. The re they found him responsive to student pleas ond gaols. He o/so served on the graduate faculty ond formerly was advisor to the Winonon ond the Wenonah. Shortly before his death he wos presented on honorary membership in Pi De/to Epsilon, the honorary iournolism fraternity. He wos the speaker ot the presentation dinner. Mr. Behling also wos active in the community, including service os o Sunday school superintendent of St. Poul's Episcopal Church. The students ond faculty of Winona State ioin Mrs. Behling ond sons in o loss - for us, o staunc h friend, o provocative advisor ond, above off, o teacher.

19 1

Index to Students and Faculty A

Am bu hi, Sandro II Amdahl, Ronald Ill

Faculty in

ANDERSON, CARLIS105 Anderson, Colleen Ill 148 Anderson, Danny II 33, 140, 168


Anderson, David II Anderson, David J. I


Seniors in


!~~:~:~~: g~~Te

Roman numerals


Aakre, Mory Ill Aakre, Robert II

AARESTAD, AMANDA Abnet, David Abnet, Rosanne



Abraham, Richard I Abrams, Donald II Abrahamson, Barbaro Abts, John I 173

II 32,66, 137, 168

Abts, Lawrence IV Abts, R;chord I Adams, Cynthia

I 7 Adams, Joseph 1 6 Adams, Lorry II 164

Adank, Patricio I Ahrens, Richard 8. I Ahrens, Richard E. 19

Ahrens, William II Aker, Roe Ann I 9 Albee, Go;I I 21 Albert, Lee Ill 156, 157 Albrecht, Joy A. I 15 Albrech t, Joyce I 23 A lbrecht, Ellen I 14 A lexander , Karen


Alexonder\,Mkhoel I Alfonso, C odes I Allen, Dole I 7 Allen, Geraldine Allen, Lo no I 10 Allen, Louro II

i i1

Ander>on, Jomes IV Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson 1 Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson,

indicate year Aakre, Julianne


Amundson, Merlin I Andersen, Stephen II


Anderson, Richard II 83,161 Anderson,Roberl II 164 Anderson, Timothy Ill 122 Anderson, Thomas II 164 Anderson, Trudy I 10 Anderso n , William IV 1 15 Andrewsen, Richord I Andrewsen, Robert II Andr;sl, Darold Ill 126 Andrus, Poul I 8 Anglewitz, Leona rd I Anhalt, Gory II 126, 168 Arbonello, Fred Ill 126 Arens, Gerald II 164 Arent, Bernord Ill Armst ro ng. Ri chard IV 142.1 48 Armstrong, Robert II 164 Arndt , Carol I 21 Arneson, David IV 17 4 Arns, Janet II 168 1 11 ,156 Arnold, Jon II 148,156,161 A mold, Stephen Ill 34 Arnold, Vincent I 20 Arnoldy, Oov;d I 13 Ashbacher, Gary I 25 Ask, Poul Ill Astern, Bruce I 22 Atkinson, Jomes II Alsott, !homos I I 6B AWg, Cheryl I 12,152

!;~~1J. \j~~e

All en, lorelie Ill Allen, Roger II ALMLIE, VERNON 104, 158 Almqu;st, John I 11 Along;, Jane II 164 Althoff, Mel;ndo I 7 Ambrose, Nancy I Ambuhl, John II

i 14 156, I 58, 174

Judy II Katherine Kathleen Larry Ill 11, 130 Lawrence I Linda I 20 Michael II 120,164 Mory II 156 Maurice II 168 Patrick I 9 Randoll Ill 140, 164




B Au lick, Peter I AUSTAD, CHARLES 106 Austin, Richard II Austin, Darlene I 173 Bobb;tt,Dano I 21 Bobb;tt, Nancy I 16 Boch, Rosemary II Boch, Rebecca I 9 Backus, Jomes I 7 Bockus, Jeon I 11 Bacon, Sondra I 11, 153 Boechler, Rebecca II Boem, Richard I 11 Baglino, Micha el IV Bogniewski, James I I 4 Baker, Jomes I 25 Baker, Sharon 156 Bailey, Dov;d II 164 Bailey, Dennis Ill Bailey. Judith IV 22,32,40,137,146,174 Bailey, Samuel I Bo;ley, Sandro 11 157, 168

Bo;rd, Steven II I 25, I 2B Boker, Sharon II 164 Bolkenol, Bonits I Bollanger. Elsie IV 149 Bambenek, Jomes Ill Bo nkk;, Barbara 11 54, 156, 164, I 67 Banks, Gerold I Baranski , Frederic IV 142, l 49, I 58 SARO, AGNES 91 Borger, Karen I 17,35 Bordel, Louis I 20 Baringer, Dione Ill 16,156, 164 Barker, Koren I 168 Barnes, Sharon l Barnett, Ella II Barnette, Joe 112 BARON, NORMAN 88,161 Borrell, Kathryn ·I 16 Barlel, Lowell II Bo rt h,Borboro I 13 Bartl, Susan I 10 BARTSCH. MILDRED 79 Bass, Charles Ill Bastin, Oionn I 20,149 Bateman, Barbaro I Bouer, Beat ice I 8, 161


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For Ever Bloomin'

SINCE 1868


Sauer, Lawrence I 8 Bo ue r, Dav id I 16 Bouer, David I Bauman, Kristin I 9 BAYER, THOMAS B2 Beardsley, Robert I Beck, Frederick Ill Beck, Richard I Beck, Terry IV Becker, Doniel I 168 Becker, Linda I 14 Becker, Richard IV 156, 17 4 Becker, Rose 11 Becker , Thomas I 168 Becker, Thomas I Beckmon 1 C ho d e ne I 13 Seckman, Jeanne IV 17 4 Beebe, Catherine I 25 Beemon, Barbaro 111 32,66, 137 , 143 Beemon, Thomas I 17 Behling, Richard Ill 140, I 64 BEHLING, RA LPH 99 Behnken, Charlotte II 32, 157, 16!,168 Behr, Judy I 16 Behnrens, Sylvia IV 55, l 45, 150, 156, 168, 174 8eksel, Robe rt Ill 16, I 64 Bell, Thomas I Belter, Dav id I Belz, We ston I 7 Bende r, Susan I 20

Benedict, John IV 117,174 Benedict, Rebecca II Bening, Robert Ill Benjamin, Linda I 152, 168 Be nnett , Robe rt I V Ben ning, Fre de rick Benson, Carol Ill 143, 155,164 Benso n, Eugene I 20 Benson, Jac que! I 168 Benson, Jomes Ill 51 , 139, 164 Semon, Joan I 24 Benson, Lin do II 168 Benson, Marjorie I 12 Benson, Michael I 11 Benson, William I Bent on, Michael II Berg, Barbera I 8 Berg, G ary IV 175 Berg, Sh er i I 6 Berg, Marv in I 122 Berg, St e ven I Bergdole, Godyn I 21 Berger, Robert II Berger, Roy I 8 Bergquist, G ory I Bergevin, Craig I 6 Berger, Jomes I Berger, Wayne I Bergum, Wonda I Berkman, Dul cie IV 154, I 56, I 75 Berk to l d, Joseph II I 6B

Bisag no 1 Sandro I Bisel, Patricia Ill I 3,23, ! 38,146, ! 56, I 64 Bis e k, linez I 9 Siske , Nancy 152 Bishop, Claudio II 66, 137, I 4 3, l 64 Bisse n, Dolores IV Bissen, Ell e n II 137 Bissen, Mory II Bjo rklund, Carol II 152 BJORNHA UG, JOHS Bl Black, Donna I 22 Block, James I Black, Ruth IV Blohna 1 John I 8 Blahnik, Doro thy Ill 152, I 64 Bla hnik, Ri char d Ill Blahnik, Robert Ill Bloke, Gerold Il l BLAKELEY, BRIAN 89 Bla kely, Lindo I 9 Bla kstad , Ro nnie I 16 Bla kstod , Jo Ann II Blanchard , Dennis IV 141, I 56, I 75 Bla nc ha rd , Dav id IV 22 Blank, Carol II 20, 49,110,138,168 Blank, Jomes I Slo ns ki, Michoel I 125 BLESIUS, MARILYN I 07 Blexrud, Lindo II Blixt, Bruce I 21 Block, Kenneth I

Berland, Fra nces II 150, 168 Berna rd , Allen I Bernalz, Kathleen ! 12 Bernard, Glen Ill Berndt,Jeanne II 152 Bernah, Th o mas I 7 Berry , Patricio I Bertel, Dus te n I 6,151 , 153 Bese k, Da rl ene IV 156 Bess, Owen 11 Be,.e, Lyle 116 Best, John II Betcher, Donna I 9 Bettcher, Kathryn 11 16,138,168 Bettcher, Son lord II 34, 171, I 6B Be tchwors, John ! 15 Beyer, Mo ry IV Be ye rs , Pe t er IV 175 Bezulcek, Joseph Il l Bickel,Suson II 168 Bicker,Howord I 13 Bidro, Sandra II 8,137,155,164 Siege rt , Thomas 33 Biel, Koren 11 Bigelow, Bruce II 168 Billison, Do ug las I 22 BILSE , DONALD 79,153 BEHLING, RA LPH Bina, Alben IV 17 5 Binger,Doris II 157,168 Binner, Marjo rie 11 148, 168




Art Supplies and Elliott Paints 167 Center St.

Phone 4163



Block, Williom II Bloemre, Borboro I 7 Blo mq u is t, Ken net h Ill Blue, Barbaro I

Blumentrill, Mory Boord, S tephen


Bornllelh, Elloon

138, 168


Bockenhoue1 1 William

BODDY, MARGARET 99 Boeck, Bruce



Boelter, Mory



Boettcher, Morown II

Bohnen, Byron II Bohnken, Chorlolle I


13B 168

Boland, Po trick II 112, 117 Bolond, Thomas IV 175 Bollman, Joyce I 20 Bolstad, Robert Ill Bondeson, Lennert IV Bonow, Randall I

Brennon, She do

Bonow, Wesley 1 Bonow, William I 6

Boomgoarden, Randoll

Brandl, Kathryn


17 5


Borchert, Roger



Borgen, Wayne





Brunberg, Jomes

Bublitz, Glorio II

66, 156

I 7, I 4B

Bunsness, Karel I Burcum , Robert I Burgdorf, Curtis I 16 Burgeson, Thomas II 140

Ill 175

Brom, De nnis I 8 Bronich, Elizabeth II


I 04

:~~e~c~:1~~,v1 l6


Burke, Pot.icio IV



Brown,lawrence II 168 Browne, Patricio I 11, 152 Brawn, Thomas I

BROWNING , JAMES 95 BROWNING, MARGARET B5 Brueske, Kenne th IV 14B,156,15B,176 Bruogeman, Catherine

I 6


Burke, Thomas I 7 Burlei gh, K4tnt IV Burnap, Alvarez Ill 126 Burnlngstan, Ted 125 Burns, Dono II Burns, Robert I Burrows, Elizabeth II

Burl. Koy 111 Burl, Sondra




Food s

164 West Thi rd St. W INONA, MINN.

H ighway 6 1 & Gilmore Ave.

Compliments of


co. 194


Buhler, Willord II Bundy, Rochelle I Bundy, Sharon I 6 Bunge, Dione IV 32,137,155,164

I 7B


Bublotz, Sondro I 150 BUCHER, SHIRLEY 105 Buege, Bradley I

Brockway, Pamela Ill Brodie, Jomes II Broecker, Borboro I 16

Broker, Dovod

Ill 150


Buckrngham, Rober! Suermann, Jeon I Buggs, Andrew Ill

Brinkman, Margaret IV Brinlnoll, Lynne I I 0 Bnscoe, John I Briske, Na ncy IV

Brood, Dione IV


Bublitz, Marilyn

Buchner, Jahn t 117 Buechner, Robert I 11


Breyer, Gerold I 21 Brezo, Thomas II 164

Brostrom, Van I Brown, Evonn e II

Brase, Dennis I 22 BJOzelton, lorry I 6 Breidel, Herbert Ill 158 Brei tenfe ldt, Ches ter I

Boone, Barbaro I 9 Boone, Mel'lin Ill

99,154 I 152,16B

Brewboker, Nancy

Bro1e, Jomes. Ill Brand, Robert I 12 Bro ndho rst, Ka re n IV Brandt , Cecilia IV

17 5

Bremselh, Suson

Bremseth, Suzanne

Botcher, Barbaro I Botcher, Jennifer I Bothun, John

Boyles, John I Boyles, Michael I 8 Boyum.Ann I 16,110 Boyum,Murton II 117,118 Boyum, Lindo I 12, 137 Boyum, Patricio I 168 Boyum, Richard II 117,153,16B Brodlord, Arloniol I 157,16B Bradford, Carolyn I 21 Brody, lorry I 22

Boettcher, Angelo I 21 Boeser, Sthphen I

Boileau, Dionne


Bowman, Leon I Boyer, Jomes I

Boehmke, Elson


Bremer, Byron Ill


Bouquet, Thomos IV I 5B, 17 5 Bowen, Jone II 99,l 4B,156,16B 8o'Nen, David I 11




Borgwordt, Steve I Borgeson, Viclor Ill I 75

I 23

Bobbitt, Judolh I



"The Dairy Bar" Featuring fine Luncheon Specials at a reasonable price 114 E. 3rd St.

PHONE 6646

HADDAD'S 3-HOUR CLEANING IN: 10 a .m . OUT: 5 p .m .

164 Main St.

Burton, Bonito II 168 BURION. ROSALIE Bl Busch, Koren II 110 Busch, Michael I 15 Buscher, Paul Ill Buscovick. Poul II 141 Bush, Raymo nd IV Busitzky, Glen I 9 Buswell, Lindo I 17 Butchorl, lno II Butenhoff. Gerold IV Byrne, Jomes IV 176 Byrne, Heather IV

c Cahalan, Pot 112 CALLAHAN, LARRY 105,130,132 Colon, Linda 25 Colvert. lorry II 38,130,132,146 Calvey, Carol 111 Campbell, Christ y II 168 Campbell, Judith II 164 Campbell, Peter Ill 141 Co mpe au, Dole I 14 CAPRON, HUGH 90,93 Corlbloom, Kathryn Ill Carlon, Lindo I Corl>on, Alon II 80 Carlson, Sorboro II 157,168 Carlson, Cenith IV Corr,Jerrald I Corr, Kathleen II 138, I 68 Carr, Nodine IV 176 CARRARRI, RICHARD Carrier, Bruce I 6, 125 Carroll, Jo•eph II Carroll, Lynette I Corter, Mory II 152 Carter, Rolph IV 148,154 156,176 CoH, Ario I Conerly, !homos II 153 Costner, Sharon I 1.48,168 Cenf1eld, Roy I Cholus, Wayne I Chopin, David II 117 Chorlton, Blaine II Chemino, Michael I Chesney, lorry I 8 Cheshire, Ray 149 Chock, Elizabeth I Chick, Poul II Chick, Mike 151 Chicas, Doniel II 67 Childers, Ri chard IV 6,57,58, I 30, 131, 139,151 ,174,176 CHRISTENSEN, GEORGE I 06, I 07 Christ ensen, Loi s IV 176 Christensen, Philip II

Christenson, Bron,,...en I Ch ristionson, Dione Ill 156, 176 Christianson, Fron<el IV C~6~off.. sen, Gayle 111 13,32,41,151,

Corson, Dennis I Corso, Jomes II 14 1, 164 Cottengim, Mory I 13, 138

Christopherson, Beverly I 20 Chubik, JoAnn I 7 Chuchno 1 Cloren<e I Churchill, Doniel Ill Chu<Ch;ll, Delores II 168 Cichano,,...s ki, Michael I Cieminsi k, Susan II Cihak, Susan II 110 Ciszok, Charles II Cloeys,Adelrne I 17,161 Clore, Richard Ill 139 Clore, Ronald I Clark, Bennie IV Clark, Pamela l Clark, Robert II Clark, Ronald Ill CLARK, RUBY 17 Clausen, Charles I 23 Cloy, David I Clements, Joon II 153

Cox, Mork I 21 C rapps, Jeon I 7 Cntchfield, Susan I 17,138,145 Crosby, Michael I Cul hane, Barba ro IV Cumiskey, Soll y I Curran, Michael I 24 Curt in, Jeon II Curtin, John II 117, 14 I Curtin, Roger IV 1.48 Cyse,,...sk1, Gory I C1op\e,,...ski, Kathleen II 168

Clemmensen, Dorrell I 22 Clrff, Robert II 116, I 68 Closwoy, Bruce Ill 51 Coates, Jone II 149, 168 COLE, JAMES 105 Cole, Peter I 6 Cole, Thoma s IV Colemon, Po tri<k IV Colemon, Susan I 8 Collins, Alexander 111 Collins, Mory Ann 111 68, 150, 173 Combs, Thomas I 15 Camero, Gene II Comstock, Susan I 23 Conklin, Carmen IV 161 Connought y, Candy Ill 176 CONNELL, LARRY 87 Connolly, Gory I 24 Connor, Edward Ill 112 CONNOR, PETER 105 Connors, Charles II Connors, Peter I 1 I Conrod, Dionne 17 Conti, Barbaro II 164 Con,,...oy, Janet II Cook, Denni> Ill 150 Cook, Gordon Ill Cook, Judith Ill Cook, Shirley I 10 Cook, !homos Ill 16, 139 Coolidge, Julie t 164 Coolidge, Nancy Ill 143 Cooper, Jomes I 17 Cor<oron, Bonnie IV Cord es, Steven I 49. 11 5, 140, 168 Co rey, Fronk I Corey, Darrel I Co rey, Les 17 Cornelius, Michael I 25, l 25 Cornick, Jomes I 14

~~~r.:1~.· e~:~th11~


137, 168

D Docken, Jonathon Ill Dohl, Hubert II Dahl, Jacob II 14 1,169 Dahl, Kathleen I 14 Dahl, Richo rd IV 156, 157, I 76 Dahle , Doniel I 16

Phone 2301

Dohle, John II Dahle, Francis II Dahl, Anne Morie I 20 Dahling, Gerold Ill Doleiden, Jomes I 169 Dolton, Tomothy II 140, I 71 Dond,wor t, David I 6 Doniels, Fronk IV 156, 157, 176 Danielson, De nn is II Danukos, George II 58 Donukos, Ston 115, I 20, I 53 Don1.e1sen, Marilyn II 169 DAVENPORT. MILTON Davidson, Sorbaro Ill 137,1 64 Do vies, Carole II 150, 169 Do voes. Harold Ill 7,69,139, 146 Davis, D,,...oyne 111 Davis, Judie I 22 DAVIS, MARION 99 Davis, Michae l IV 33 Dawes, William I DAY.SUSAN 85 Deon, Harold IV 176 Decker, Richard Ill 122 De Forth, Marilyn I 21 Degr>e, Danno II 14,22,110,164 DELAHANTY, EDMUND 97 Deloney, Tri Joe I Delano, Roger II 115, 169 Delva ..... , Lindo I 22 Dell, Bonnie I 12 Delang, Jocguelyn II 21, 156

FARRELL'S BARBER SHOP "We Specialize in College Haircuts" Phone 5423


Dem• Y•"· G eorg• IV 177 Denman, Ruth I 137,169 Denn, Stanley I 24

Dennison, Bruce Denny, Robert

I 8 Ill

Oergum, Wonda I 10 Ouonti5 1 Mork II 142, 169 Deters, Thomas

Duffy. Jomes II 169 DuFRESNE, ROBERT A Dugan, John Ill Dulek, William I

Dewors 1 David II


DUNLAY, KATHRYN 103 Sunne, Mory II 152 Dunning, David I Dunnum, Kathryn I 15

138, 156, 161, 169


Durand, Eugene


117,145,153, 156,1 64

01.u bno r, Jo clt IV

Dickson, Kenneth Ill 145 Dier<ks, Dalla s IV 177 Diersen, Neil I 156


Oietrich 1 Joan I Dill, Bonnie I Dilley, Sandro Ill Dingfelder, Otto I

Dittrich, Doniel I Dittrich, Jomes II 177

Doering, Duane II Doerge, Bernice II

DoeH, Donald Ill 164 Dohmen,Cyrll I 148 D o hrn, Roiemo ry



Dold, Richard Ill

Oomogolo, Voneto 1 7 Donahue, Virginia II 169 Donald, Jomes I 115

Conkers, Koren I 13 Donavon, Susan I 25 Dench, Jeon II Dostal, David II Doty, M ichae 1 I DOTY, NORMAN 107 DRAKE, BEN Orange, Steven Ill 117, I 25, 129

Draper, Jomes I 14 Orozkowski, Cathy I 17 Orozkowski, Keith I 15 Orozkowski, Frank I Orozkows ki, Stephen I Dressel, Peder Ill 149 0Nwionko, C. Gory IV Drugan, Joan


Drugan, Judith I Drury, Dionne I 150,169 D rwoll , Sharon IV 37, I 43, 146, 148, 177 Dubbs, Donna Ill 177 Dublin, Ruth I Dublin, Richard I 6, 154 Dublin, Sandro II Oubsky, James I 12, 130, I 54 Duell, David II

Duellman, Barry I

Earley, Thomas I EoJler, Jerome II


Eaton, Kenneth II Ebertowsk1, Susan I Ech terno(\h, Lindo I Eckenrod, Dione Ill Eckenrod, Jerry Ill 115, 126 Ecker, Peter Ill 145 Ecker, Sandro IV 177 Eckert, Judith Ill Eckles, Robe<t I 6 Eddy, Gary I 24 EDDY, JAMES 87 Edel, Mary I Edgar, lorry Ill 164

Edwards, Helen I Egge, Ba rbaro


156, 178





Eglinton, Belly Jo I


Ehlen, John I 9 Ehlers, Jon I 13 Ehle, Jomes II

Eidem, Jomes I 16 Eikomp, Te rry I EIKEN, EVERETT 106 Eiken, Koy I 24 EIKEN, SHIRLEY 97 Einhorn, Jill Ill 40, 137, 155, 156, I 64

Einhorn, Steven Ill Einsmon, Mario I EKKER, RONALD 84,122 Elder, John Ill 47,139 Ellingson, Normon II 16 1,169 Elmblad, Donald II 14 1, 145 Elwood, Gory I 6 Elwood, Kei th I

Going to college is expensive, isn't it?

That's why you should come to Randall's.

We can make going to college cheaper for you .

That isn't all - Randall's is the COMPLETE SUl'ERMARKET.


Emmons, Sheila Ill EMMONS. WIL LIAM


Duron, OeniJ II

De Wyre, Michael Ill Dickerman, Marlys II

Di ttrich, Judi th IV Dobbs, Clark Ill


Emmons, Palrick Ill

52,77,17 4

Duncanson, Susan II


Dete rs, Leroy IV 140, 159, 177 Deters, Neole IV 164 Deyoe, Michael II

Dickson, Jimmy II

Duellman, Dionne I 17 Duellman, Robert I Duel, John I



Fiberite Corporation


Off Campus Headquarters for

of the




Country Boy

Country Kitchen Downtown 3rd & Huff FERDEN , GARY 105 Ferden, Patricio I 13,161

Enderson, Charles II Enerson, Gregory


Enenon, Thomas II

Ferd i nand sen, Donna

Engelen, Wayne

Ferenc, Keith


Engrov, Poul


Fetz.e k, leAnn

Ill 26,32,41,66, I 29,

Epstein, Joy II 169

Feuling, Morilvn I

Erdman, Ilene

f;ck, Cheryl IV 138, l 46, I 56, I 78 FICK, DONALD 82 Fick, Gwen II 138, 169 Fida, Guy I 16 Fiedler, Jeon Ill Fields, Heuhel II Fifield, Ralph 11 8, 140, I 46 FINCH, GERTRUDE 96,97 Findlay, Jone II Finn, Earlene IV Finnegan, Michael I 20, 130

I 6

Erdman, Richard I 21 ,145 Erickson, Bruce II Erickson , Dione 40 Erickson, Koren I Erickson, Mike I Erickson, Peter II Erickson, Robert I 21 Ernster, Jomes II 169

I I 24 178 I

Espe, 8roon II 122 Elpcsilo, John I I 8

Eue, Richard I Evans, Dole I Evans, Duane


115.156, I 69

Evarts, Suzanne II Evens, Joyce IV 6, 178 Evenson, Jome• Ill 139, I 46, I 51, 164 Evenson, William II E"erl, Lawrence II


Everson, Koy II 32, 138, I 69 f..,erson,Tom 140 Ewolt. Ruth IV Eyler, Leoh I 23, I 37 Eyler, Undo t 23,137

I 23

Fishbougher, Thomas Ill 13,33, 140, 157 Fi•her,Arthur I 6,126,173 Fitting, Wil lis Ill 165 Fix, David


Fleslond, Bruce I 12 Flom, Dennis I Flotterud, Eva Morie II 169 Floyd, Anthony II FOEGEN, JOSEPH 97,158

Fogelsanger, Oren I 140, I 69 Fokemo, Marvin I


Foley, Kathleen II

Foley, Thomas I


13, 117

Follmonn, Theresa Ford, Steven I



Ford, Thomas II 47 Forster. Stev en IV Forsythe, David

35, I 49, 178


Fakler, Thomas I I


Fauinglon, Joan II

143 Foymoville, Michael I Featherstone, Jeffrey I 24, 130 Feely, Kathleen Ill 143,148,164 Fehrman, Jome• Ill 164 Feldmann, Carole II 152, 156, 164 Fe Isch, Lyle II 149, 164 Fenney, An n IV 178 Fenske, Joyce II 152, I 69 Fenton, Maureen




Freer, Soll y II

Fouum, James II


Fossum, Jo nice II Foster, Dorrell Ill Foster, Jerry Ill

I 69

FOSTER, L. OPAL Fournier, Carol

French, Char les II 165 Frenette,Rosemory Ill 152,165 frettem , Steven Ill

Fmby, Donald II F•\•.s~: s,ason IV 6,58, 138, I 46, 151 , 156, 1 Fritz, Patricio II 148, 169 Froehlich, Foye II 161, I 69 Fruen , Michael Ill Fruetel, Douglas I Frydenlund, Lindo 149 FULLER, JOHN 79 Fuller, Patricio I 152 Funk, Lorry I 21 II





Fo1e, Thomas 47 Frogopono, Leo


Francis, Oelwin


Frank, Kristin 1 17 Fronk, Paulo




Gabnay, Bruce


g~::ic!'n~'o~::Ja ~v Gombril, Gene I Ganley, Borboro I 16 Gonser, Robe rt I 2J Gappa, Paulo II Craig Gordner, Neil I 8



G arrison, Jomes



156, 165

Gaudette, Gerard I Gaustad , Roger I

GAVEN, JOHN Gavle, Gary II 140,169 Go wl;k, Rudolph IV 156, 178 Gebhart, Douglas II Ge lder, Robert II

Fox, John I 25 Fox, Timothy

Gainey, Ronald Ill Gale, Thomas II 115,153 Gallagher, Loren Ill 21,141

Geenen, Patricio Ill

Furs t, Ralph Ill

103 Ill



Funk, Lester


Freder1ek, Thomas II Frederickson, Moreta I 24 1 l 56 Fredricb on, Theod o re 178 Freimark, Keeneth Ill

Flen, Howard II

Foley, Joy I

Fonslow, Krissie



Fishbouger, Marilyn



Evans, Kenneth II


Fischboch, Potritto Ill 54, 138, I 43, 156, 165,167 Fischboch, Roger II 49, 116, 142, I 53, 156, 169 Fischer, Gordon I 8 FISH BAUGHER, GLENN 79, I 02

Estes, Kathleen II

Evans, Eileen I


Fin ney, Mich a e l IV Finseth, Robert Finstuen, Gory

Eshelman, James I 8 Euer, Sherry


I 8

Feuling, 8onnita 143,159,165


Erpelding, David Erpelding, Lorry Ersig, Jomes IV Erslond, Donald

68 W. 3rd St.

I 23

Fernholz, Edwin Ill

Engh, Ronald I Engleson, Jerry I 12 Engro v, Borry IV 117


Gades, Ruth Ill Godien1, Barbara I 13 Gainey, Mory Koy

I 23


Genz, Je rome Ill Geppert , Ann I 10 Gerber , Eileen Ill 49,137 Gergen, Maureen I 169

Gergen, Woyne Ill Ger kewicz , Kent

14,22, 139


Gerlach, Grego ry

Gerlach, Gordon I Germann, William I 117 Gernes, David I 10 Ge rnes, Philip IV 158, 178 Gernes, Thomas


Gerth, Henry IV


Compliments of

Western Discount Store

OWL MOTORS Ford Products since 1924 Winona

201 Main St.

Gehkow, Jomes Ill Giaquinto, Robed

Gibbs, Jacques


Goke, James II


Giger, Susan I 24


G;pp,Ranald I 49, 169 G islason, Jon IV 1 17

Gittens, Joseph IV Glal ch, 80 1bora II Glauner, Gary I 126 G LEISS N ER, ROBERT G lende, Janice Ill Glenna, Margare t Ill 156,165 Gle sn e, Bruce Ill Glover, Donald Ill 15B G lubka, Mary Kay Ill G ludt, Pa t ricio Ill Gludt, Su son t 16, 161 Godsey, Susan I Gooner, Mory I 16 Goede, Gretchen I 9 Gaerish, Chailes II 112, 117 Gaerish, Rager IV 117,178 Goe tzmon, Janice Ill Go forth, James I 126, 169 Goihl, Eileen 148 169


Good rich , Thomas I 148, 158 Googins, John I 169 Goodwin, Koe II Gorman, Helen Ill 15, 138 Garmon, Thomas I 24 Gossman, Goren Ill Gossman, Rosalie II 156, 165 Goutcher, Jeon I 2 4 , 148 Gould, Lela I Grode, Jerry IV 117, 130,153, 179 Graff, Bruce II Grall, Richard I 25, 125 Graham, Joan IV Gra ham, Susan I 22 Gm ms, Cherre IV 11, 138, 179 Groner, Sharon I 15 Groner, David I 25

Gilbe1tson, Lloyd I 122, 125 Gill, CHARLES 82 G i llund, Norman II II


Gonnion, George


Gibbs, W11l;am I Giblin, Robe1I Ill Gieske, Roger Ill

Giovanni, Lucio

and Station

Grane r, Mary


Gronsee, Les l ie I 10 G RA NSGAARD, GEORGE


Grant, Jome s I 14 Gran t , Mary



Grct hwohl, Warren II G rothwol, Jone I Grournick, $u50n II 169 Gio v e, Che1yl I 12,69, 138 Grovenish, Nodine I 23 Groveni5h, Jon II Grovenish, Thomas I 169 Groves, Roland Ill 33, 140, 165

Grover, Mory IV Groy, Dione I 8 G roy , Donald IV 179 Gray, Dorothy I Greden, Kathlee n Green, Alice I 12 Greenberg,Jo y II 141 Greenle5s, Michael I 24 Greenslode , Shoron I 23 Greenwood , Susan II I 69 Greethuist, Joan Ill 179 Grese th, Dennis Ill Gresser , Dione I 14 Grier, Dennis !Kit I 20,126 Gr;ffi th, Mary I I 0 Grim, Robert II 23,142, 151.158 Grim, Ronald II 142 1 1 2 169

g;:~dl~nlJ.°J: ~~ i'

ii '

Grinno, J oh n II Grilzner, Charle s Ill GROB, GA RY 105,112,120, 12 1 GROLLMA N , CATHERINE 86 G 1anhol1, Linda I 148, 156, 169 G1anvoll, Mary II 165 Grope!, Gregg IV t 86, 179 Gross, John II Grossman, Je rome IV 158 Groth, Sharon Ill 95,150,165 Grover , Corrine I 34, 169 Growvoll , Mory 156 Grunynski , Sondra I

Grutzmocher, Kenneth I Grummam 1 Neil I 17 Grunz, Rolland I 16 Grupo, Sharon II Gnenio, Richa rd IV Gudmundson , Jerome II Gudmundson, Shirley I 23 Guenther, John 11 Guenther, Gre tchen I 15 Geunther, Mory I 9 Gulbranson , Wayne I 117 Gulso, Floyd Ill GUlllCKSON, ANTHONY 93, 145 Gunderson, Jomes I 9 Gunder5on , Kathr y n Ill 157 Gunderson, Raymond II 169 GUNNER, ROBERT 84,126 Gustavson, Milton II GUTHRIE, HAROLD 98

H Hoock, Betty Ill Hoo5e, John I Haar, Burl I 117 Hoos, John II Hackenmiller , Stanley I




lf 4/{



I 16, 142

Harmon , Jeanette Ill 99. 156 Horns, Bruce I 8 Horris, Keith Ill Horris, Michael I 0 , 125 Hort , Kathryn Ill Hart ley, Mory I Hortwich, Roger II Harty, Mory II 110,137,148,169 Harwood , David Ill Hosleiet, Verdon IV 115,120, 153,179 Hassett, David IV Hothowoy, Deon I 117,169 Hateli, Jon II Hatlevig, Jomes II Hotton, Robert II 14 l Houge, Cortlen Ill Hougen, John I Haugon, Koren ( Houck , Frederick I Hougen, Donold Ill Hougland, Lorraine 150, 169 Haun , Patricia I Hauschildt, Gregory I 23 Hautala , Wolter 115 Howley , Joseph II Hayes , Francis I Hayes, Fronk IV 6, 139, 180 Hoye>, Theresa II 169 Haynes , Allon I 62 Hayter, Sandro I 161 Ho1elton , Donald 125 Healy , Chorle5 Ill Heard, Roger II 169 Heo5er, Elaine II 169 Hebig , Lynn Ill Heefner, John I Heeter, Vaughn I 169 Hefel, Lorna I 169 Hefte, David I 25 Hegland, Poul I I 0 Heglvedt, Janet Ill Hegtvedt 1 Raymond II Heidemann, Theresa I 24 Heim, Barbaro I 148 Heim, Dione I 25, 152 Heimer, Michael I 15 Heille r, Ko ihleen Ill 137 ,165 Hein , Alvin I 9 Heine, Ru th I 16 Heonle, Gerald I 12 Hein5, Rolph Ill Heise, David IV Heise, Richard I Heiting, Steven II Helgemoe, Sharon I 20 H elland, Hubert IV 180 Helleck, Cheryl I 9 Heller, Jeanne I 8 Helmich, Dole I Helmueller, Nancy Ill 138, l 56, 165 Hemming, Lindo I 25,161

Hoeuse,, Betty I 6 Hoffner, Michael Ill Hogen, Dovrd II Hogen , lone Hoget, Gerold Ill HAGERTY. DOROTHY 81 Hoggbloom, Charles II l 48, 165 Hoglund, Julene II 152, I 69 Hoglund, Roxanne I 16, I 52 Hagman, Elaine II I 69

~~~~'.ee1:·1;~ndo 6 Hohn , George I Hoines, David IV 126, 139, 179 Hakanson, David I 158 Hokes, Jomes I 25 Hole, Nancy I 23,158 Holl, Alice Ill Holl, Byron I 24 Holl, Edna Ill Holl, Jom., I 126 Holl, Kerneth I 25 Holl, Mory II 169 Hallum, Lois I 20 Halstead, Claudio I 6 Holvenon, Corol I 11 , 161 ,165 Holvenon, Duane IV Halvorson, Duane I Halverson , Koren I Hamblin, Beverly Ill HAMERSKI, DAVID 82 Hamerski, Nancy I Hamilton, Rosemary Ill 148 Hommer, Cynthia I Handyside, Jone Ill I 49 Honey, Gail II 138 Hanke , Eleonor Ill Honkes, Margaret IV 143, 148, 179 Honner, Patricio II 97, 169 Hanscom, Colleen I 24, l 52 Hansen , Doniel Ill Hansen, Ellen IV 179 Hansen, Harold I Hansen, Joy I Hansen , Marilyn Ill Hansen, Rodney I Hansen, Sharon I 21 Hansen , Stephan I Hanson, Carol Hanson, Cheryl I 7,59,138 Hanson, Dionne I 10, 161 Hanson, Carol IV 152, I 79 Hanson, Dwayne Ill 148 Hanson, Edward Ill 115 Hanson, Judy Ill 47, 156, 179 Hanson , Moms I 16 Hanson, Peggy I 10 Hanson, Raymond II Happe, Dave 149 Harem, Bruce II Harles, William I 173

¥'LE~ ~ 11 -~

Hl88S, RAY 97, 140 Higgin , Dionne I 169

~:fJ:b~~d~l~oc~oe~8,i34i ~58, 165 Hilde, Gregory I Hildebrant, Tonya IV 12,32,37, 138, 156, 180 Hilke, Jane IV Himloe , Earlene II 156, 169 Himloe, Gayle I 6 ,110 HINDS, WALTER 91 Hines, Glen Ill Hinno , Dione I 25 Hint , Caro l 1V HIPPE . GLORIA I 03 Hippie, Jomes I 117 Hlrschler, Gory II 139,169 HIRTZEL, RICHARD 89 Hisey , Katherine IV 180 Hittner. Caro l I 15 Hooglon, Willetta IV Hodge, Poul Ill 115, 145, 149 158, 165 Hoeft, Mory I Hoen, Richard I Hauley, Bonnie Ill Hofler, Gerold II Hoffmann, Mory Jo I I J Hoffman, Mory IV 180 Hoffman, !homos II 51 ,139 Hofmeisfer , Mark I 25 Hogslod, Lindo I

".Att .AJ.1 126 E. 3rd St. Phone: 9955

69 E. 4TH ST., WINONA, MINN. SS987

69 E. 4th St.

Hempy, Robert II 115, 120,169 Hendrick , Cha rles II Hendrichon, Nancy IV 110 Hengel, Ruth I 173 Hengel, Phyllis I 24 Henke , David II Hennessy , John Ill 8,20 1 141 Henning, Steven I 16 Henrikson, Nancy I 15 Henry, Groce IV 8,32, 138, 180 Henry , Loren II Henry, Margaret Ill HENRY , RODERICK 88, 151 Henry , Ste¥en I Herbert, Candace 111 Herion , Thomas Ill Hermon, Suson II Hermanson, Lindo I 22 Herold, lee 11 Heron, Eliz.obeth Ill 165 Hertero , Roy I Hemg , Charles I 140 Herron, Koy I 20,23 Hervey , Pamela I Heublein, John I Heuer, June I I 0, 152 HEYEN BEATRICE 87 HE YEN . ROBERT 89 Heyer , David I HEYER . FRED 92 Heydt, Elizabeth Ill

Open 24 Hours a Day Except Monday "IT'S FUN TO EAT OUT"

PHONE 2936


"TV Signal" Gives You The Best TV Viewing in the World l 20 E. 3rd St.

Division of American Cablevision Co.




DURFEY STUDIOS Complete Photog raphy Service Corner of Washington and Wabasha Two Doors North of Maxwell Library Phone 5952

Hohmann, Doniel Ill Hohenrhone r, lewis I Hoilond, Phillip I 7 Holan, Bruce II 117 Ho lien, David II Holm, Roger I Ho lmaas, And rew II HOLMBERG, DONALD 94 Holmen, Donna I 10, 161 Holmstrom, Crnig I 14 Hol•opple, Morobeth II 137,152,165 Hol•ton, Terry Ill 165 Hol•tod, lorry IV 117 Holthe, Chorles I 8 Holton, Orin I Holtegoord, Dennis II 140 Holton, Robert Ill Holubar , Nancy I Holzer, Michoel II 117 Holter, Louanne I 25 Homolo , Sheila II 32, 137 Hamulh, Melvin II 140, I 69 Hongerholt, Ann II 169 HOOD, MICHAEL 95 Hoopman, Terrel Ill HOPF, RUTH 96 HOPKINS, RICHARD 88 Hoppe, David Ill Horihon , Barbaro IV Horihon, Sharon Ill Horn, Pat 11 Hornick, Earl I Hon will, Kirk II 23, I I 5 Horton, Eugene; IV Horton, Ti mo th y I 173 Hoseck, Bruce I 23 Hoskins, Bonnie I HOSSICK, WILLIAM Houck, Elizabeth II Houdek, Marc I 17 Houselog, Dennis IV 180 Housker, Garry Ill HOUTZ, RAY 80, I 57 Howe, Jomes Ill HOYT, DANIEL 86 Hubbard, Doug 25 H ubbo rd, Rolph I Hudok, Goyle II 44,137,169 Huelll, Jim I I 6, I 53, 156, 180 Huell!, Henry IV Hufner,John I 16 Hughes, Daniel Ill Hughes, Gory I Huling, Roger I HULL, HENRY 57,86 Humble, LeRoy I 13 HUNGERFORD, ROBERT 92 Hunter, Kim I Huntoon, Lynn I 161 ,169 Hurley, Timothy II Hv•byn, Bruce II I 17 Hu•byn, Barbaro I 24,152 Hu•eby, Colene Ill I 37, 165 Husmann, Gory II Hyde , Mortin I

I Ihrke, Gary Ill 115 Imhoff, Marilyn Ill lngemon, Gerald I 7 lngvolson, Jerome I 14 Ingram, Bernice I ING RAM, REX 105 Ing ram, Tho ma s I 20,84 lng volson, Char le s I 169 lngvalson, Deon Ill Inmon, Judy IV 94 l•bell, Robert II 112, 14 I lssendorf, Janet I 24 llen, Judo th II I 65 lien, Mory Ill 152 lven, Su•on II 32,47,66,169 lvelond, Howard I 14 Iverson, Borboro Ill 152, 165 lvenon, Eunice IV 180 Iverson, Dennis I 25 Iverson, Gennell II 154, 169 1¥es, Jomes I

lv;ns,Suson II 6,32, 110,137,138,152, 165 lwo•okr, Verna Ill 13B,156,165,l 80


'--7{ow ~lfOU know a diamond?

JACKELS, VERNELL Jacbon,Allen I 21,1 42 JACKSON, H R. 90,93 Jock•on, Robert II 141 , I 45 Jackson, Suson I I 0 Jacobs, Trude II JACOBSEN, EDWARD 79 Jacobson, Kenneth II 165 Jacobson, Arlyne II Jacobson, Kent II Jacobson, Allen I Jacobson, Kenneth II Jocob•on, Londo I 23, I 10, I 11, 152 Jacobson, Lindo I 23 Jacobus, la Moe 11 t Jager, Rober I I 10 Jahn, Kathre I 13 Jahr, Marilyn II Jansen, David I 13 Joszewski, John I 9, 148 Jozoyeri, Nasser I Jeche, Corol IV I 80 Jehlicka, Rodger II 48, 117, 125, I 69 Jenkinson, Mar cio I Jensen,Alan II 47,170 Jensen, Gory IV 180 Jensen, Howard II Jen sen, Jonis IV Jen•on, Barbaro II 161,170 Jerese k, John I Jere•ek, Mrchoel II 122, 123, 124 Jeriok, Patricio II Jessen , Dole IV JESSOP, STANLEY 93,145 Jeszwski, John I 10 Jewell, Judy II 150,170 Jewell, Michael II 117 JETT, LEONARD 99 Jick, Mory Lou I Jochim•, Cheryl II 2 1, I 49 Joesling, Edwin I 23, 125 Johannsen, Borboro IV Johannsen, Ronald IV Johnson, Bruce lee II I 25 Johnson, Barbaro I 23 Johnson, Bruce Roland II 165 Johnson, Bruce Alton I 17 Johnson, Bruce lee II Johnson, Carol I 21 Johnson, Connie II 152 1 170 Jo hnson, Curtiss II 25, 165 Johnson , Douglas Roy Ill 161 Jo hnson , Douglos Roy !II I 13 Johnson, Gory IV Jo hmon, Garry I 170 Johnson , Ge rold I 12 JOHNSON, HERBERT 83 Johnson, Jomes IV Johnson, Jomes Emil II John•on, Jone I I I 3, 11 O, I 38 Johnson, Jerry Ill 52 Johnson, Joyce Ill Johnson, Jud;th IV 156, I 65 John•on, Kothryn IV 146, 156, I 80 Johnson, Lonee II 21 Johnson, Mory IV Johnson, Morgot I 23 Jo hn son, No ncy lee I 17 Johnson, Nancy Helene Ill 165 Johnson, Pou l T II 170 John•on, Poul L II 33,140,151, 171 John•on, Phdop I I 2 Johnson, Robert I Johnson, Rebecca I 9, l 48, 154 John5on. Robert K. IV Johnson , Robert l. IV John•on, Ronold II 145 Johnson, Steven D I 14 Johnson, Sonne"' I John•on, Steven I II 170 John son, Steven P. II Johnson, Therold I

Findinir out about the diamond yo u '' is h to purchase is as s impl e as 1-2-3. And you d on't h ave to be an t'Xp1•rt to d11 it! C hoose a jew('kr in whom you can put your tru s t -011<:' r<'eo mmendPd by an organization s u c h as the Anwrica n Gem Sol'ie t y-and th en re ly on his high s tandards of eth ics and t ra ined gemological bac kground to ('arefull y a nd <·onsC'icntiou s ly advise you. You \\ ill find s uC'h at te nti on at \lorgan·s where you a rt" a lways we lco111c to examine the diamond of you r c hoic<· under the Diamond se opt'.


-- - - -




~~ .

200 -

.. .

----- -




A place of enjoyment and fun too 123 Main St.

Johmon, Thomas I 145,164 Ill 117, 141

Johnson, Tho mos E

Johnson, Vikki I Johnson, Virginia

I 15

Johnston, Mory I Johnstone, Robert Jone1, Barbero I Jones, Cynthia

143, 170

Jones. David IV Jones, Jennifer I 14 Jones, Pa tricio I 12 Jones, Steven I Jostod, Harvey Ill Jozwick, Henry IV Jozwick, Jane l II 170 JUDD, JANET 98 Judd, Mory I 22

Koclunon , Kathleen IV 181 Kourowsl.i, Jone IV 103, I 52, I 56, 168,

181 II



Kohl, Dovid Ill Kohl, Jomes II Kohl, Jon• I 6, 110 Kolbrener, Rrchord II

Konovoli , Louis


153 I


Kammerer, Anthony



Kiekbu5Ch, A II red


51,52,58,77, 140, I 46,

15 1,181


Karakas, Ka thleen I

Koris, Su.son I 24 Karsten, Joanne II 138, I 70 Koslen,Jomes Ill 11 ,139, 151,158 Kothon, Elrtobeth Ill 167 Kauphusman, Jomes II Kouphusmon, Patrick I




152 102

~l.?m~~~~ho e7E~Mf3, 1~I 1

Klotz , Kenneth Klug, Michael




Kluzik, Gerold

II I I0 Knopp, Rrchord II 8,51 Knoebel, Suson Ill 7,41,111,137,165 Kn;ght, Dovid I 6,161 Knopp, Barbara



I 23

Kleist, Joanne Ill Klingsporn, Mory I

King, Deon I King, Jeon 1 170 King, John II

Kingsbury, Judy

3rd and Center

Kleis, Hen.y IV 139,158,177,181 Klers , Gretchen II 99,137,170

KING, LEON 98 K;ng, Kothy Ill Ki ng, Pa t ricio I King, Richard II

Kone, William I Kannel, John II

Stager Jewelry Klouen, Dione II Kleinendorst, Louro

Kiekbusch, Jomes 17 Kielmeyer, Te11y I Kiersen, Neil 10 Kilen, Milo I Kilian, Steven I 14 Kimm, Michael I 14 Kindseth, Jomes I 9, 117 Kindsvoter, Jomes Ill King, Bruce Ill King , Carol I


• FROM $100



Ke tchum, Dione I Kiekbusch, Jomes I Kiehne, Gory I 16 Kiehnboum, William Ill

King, Cheryl


KANE , JOHN 79 Kone, Kathryn I 9 KANE , MRS. JOHN I 05 Konthack, Dennis



Kenney, Kathleen IV 37, 138, 152, 18 1 Kenny , Edwa rd II Kern, Charlene I Kern, Da rlene I Kerrigan, Richard IV 181 Keski t olo, Robert II Keuon, Ruth II 150, 170 Kessler , Ronald I


Kalmes, Carolyn


Kennebeck, Do uglas Kenne d y, Dov id I

Juehrs, Jon II Junek, Sondra I 14 Junghans, Robert II

Kallevig, Kenneth

Keller, Pele r


Kelley, Ka thleen I 32,137,156,170 Kelly , Jerome IV Kelly, Richard IV Ke h:, William II Kend rick, Lo Hy Ill 158, 165

Judge, Robert II JUDSON, LYMAN

Kollen, Elaine I

Keefe, Vernice II Keelan, Robert I Kee nan, John IV Keenan, Lindo Ill Keiper, Jomes I

KEISTER, ROBERT Ke-l ie r, Neil IV

142, I 54, I 58, 170

Joswick, Stephen II

Kafer, Virgil


Koutz, Gory IV

Kavitz, David I 142 Kowokotsu, Hiroko II Kozika. George I 9 ,131

Keorly, Helen Ill KEARLY, THEODORE


Kafer, Joseph I Kafer, Rosemary

Winona, Minn.


K;ngsbury, Mrchoel Ill 140,157,165 Kinneberg, John II K;rol, Raymond II 158, 170 Kirchner, R1<hord II Krttle, Lynn I 20, I 53 KIRK , WAYNE 101 Kjos, Clifton I 8 Klages, George Ill

Kn i ppenberg, Lindo I 20 Knopick, David I Knopick, Stephani e Knopick, Jom e s II Knouft, Gary II Knudtson , Margaret 11 Knutsen , Jomes IV Knutsen, Robed II Kobilorsik, Maureen I 17 Koehler,Craig I 17

Koetke , Goyle IV Kohle" William IV

130, I 39, 145, 153,

155,1 65 Kohner, Carol I Kohn, Richard I



Kohner, Steven II 117 Kollofski, Carole I

Kollofskr, Go•y


Konkel, Dennis II Kopercinski, Peter I 130 1 131 Koprowski, Loron Ill


KOPROWSKI, PAUL Koprowslci, Philip IV Korder , Mory I 13

Koski, Rrchord



Kosidowski, Jon IV Koskov1ch, Lindo I 14 Kotlorz, Denis I 25 Kot lore, Gory 10

KOTTKE, SANDRA 81 Kottschad e, Franklin IV 155, I 58 Kotlor i, Gory I Koutskv, Richard II Kovocik , Ronald IV l 4 5 Kovo l,Dav;d Ill 117, 141 ,165 Kowolayk , Myron


Kowa lsky, Mrchoel I 25 Krolko, Sonne 138, I 70 Krolko, Dovid Ill Krage, Edward I 13 Krage, Koren II Krage, Mike 148 Kromer, Jerome I Kromer, Joan II Krat:r., Allyn II


Krouse, Willrom

154, I 70

Kreger, Kevin


Winona 's Largest


o.f the

Feclernl D e p osit lns urnnce Corpor<r tion


Write in style @ ]






Camera Shop

the Remembrance Shop (Next to Woo l wort hs)

519 Ma i n St .

Down town Winona

Lontz, Rtc:hord I 7 lonswerk, Roger II Lorbiecki, Dick I 7

Leslie, lindo I 24 Leitner, Jo Anno I 25

l euthner, N ola IV levod, Steven Ill lewers, Thomas Ill 141,165 lewis, Dionne II 145, 170 LEWIS, JOHN I 06 lewis, Themas I 140, 170 libersky, lorry Ill l idgerding, Burton IV 157 lieborl, David I 165 Lierman, Terry I 13 lietzou, Harold I 21 L1etzw1ck, Dove 145 L1fto, Jeanne I

Larsen, Robert I 14 Lorson, Kenneth II 145 Lorson, Judy II

LARSON, 0 N Lorson, Sandro II Lorson, Ronald I Lonon, Roger Ill Lorson, Susan I Lo r son, W a llace IV

Jape ~uo'llkJu

Lasko, Patricia


Lothrop, Steve



lo Tourelle, John I 21 l ouden, G ory IV I 39, 158

Winona's Complete

Louer, Katherine


Lougtug, Stephen




laumb, Donald Ill Laumeyer, Rebecca I 24,158 lour cl, Linda I I 0 LAURITSEN, FRED 98

Photographic Store

Lovell, Ronald I 14 Lavell e, Pe t er IV Lauver, Thomas II Lavigne, William

165 I

lowler,Rondall II Kremer,lynn Kremer, Jeon


Lawver, Thomas Ill lea, 8orbara I 8, 152, I 6 I Lea, Eloone Ill 161

leoon, Donald I leovill, Barbaro I 161 Leavitt, Doniel

lo Belle, Jeanette II lo Sore, James I 16, 125, 148 loCourse, Marilyn I lo Course, Susan I 20 lo Course, Warren I 25,170 Lale, 8ob 153 LAFFIN, GERRY lager, Richard Ill 165 Lair, John



Lambert, William

Ill 148 II Lamey, Ronald II Lande, Dennis I Landers, Dennis II Landers, Sandro I 8 Lands"crk, Koren I 11 Lone, Carol I LANE, CHARLES long, Bergie IV Lange, Gory I Langenfeld, Thomas I longer, Jo lvnn I I 0, 152 Langseth, Jerry IV 157 lonik, Thomas I Lon1 k, Kenneth


Leavitt, Noncv II l ebakken, Russell IV 52, 145, 182 lee, Caroline II 165 lee, Donald IV 182 lee, Duane II 165 lee, Gary I 22,23 lee, Gory Edward I lee, Judith II lee, Mkhae l I 170 l ee, Robert IV 182 Legler, Arl is Ill 32, I 38, 143, 155 Leh•ke, Allen I I 3 Lehmcier, Jerry I Lchnortz, Ma1goret I 11 leiblrocd, Joan II 170 Leidel, Charles I

Lambrecht, Michael

Leisen, John



I 05

Lemmer, Ba rbara


Lembkey, Dorothy Lemmer, Roger I Lemke, Gregory I 10 Lennon, Thomas II 139

Lentsch, Jacqueline I 32,137, 170 I 6


Lankfo•d, Cmol I


Lawrynk, Gory II



I 22

KRENZ, LORRAINE 104 Kress. Shirley Ill I 38.143, 165 Kreuzer, Anlhonv I Krier, Michael Ill Kriewall, Cvn fh10 I 9 Krumer, Lindo I 16 Kronebusch, Aloce Ill 153 K•opp,Donald Ill 49,114,115,157 Kroschel, William I 10 Kroupa , Kent I 17 Krueger, Dole I 11 Krueger, R1ehord I Kruschel, William I 12 Kuchenmeister , Marv l 7,148,157 Kvchenmeister, Sue IV 23, 148, 152, 156 Kugler, Judy I Kuhlmann, Glorio I 6 Kuhlmann, Donna I 16 Kuhlman, Raberl I 94 Kuhlmann, Ronald I Kuhlmann, Francis I 16 Kulack, Roge1 I Kulas, David I 142 Kulowski, Kenl Ill 90,94,139 Kulzer, Jomes II l 70 Kunst, John I Kunzer, Kenneth I 13 Kurth, Susan II 145 KUZMA, JOAN 98 Kuzniar, Judith II I 52

le Oueo, Roger

11,110, 137

II LIG HTFOOT, JEAN I 07 Lolla, David Ill Ullo, Katherine I Lol leboe, Cheryl I 24 limped, De lori s 1 lmonder, Wayne I Lind, Peter I Lindahl, Curios Ill 145, 158, 165 londahl, Gayle II Lindeman, Neale Ill 7, 140 linden, Robeit I 15 Lindqun l, Christine I 24 Londqu,.t, Maosha I 13,110,137 Lindsay, Samuel I Linn, Jomes I 13 l1ppolt, Bruce I lihchke, Henry I 12,1 48 lottle1ohn, Edward I I 17, 118 LIVERMORE. GARY 106 LOCKS, JOYCE 27,85,152 loeding, She•yl IV 182 Loeffler, Susan IV 163 l oerch, Dennis I 13 loerch, Jeanneen IV 183 loerch, Mork I 13 l oftesn es, Ri cha rd IV LOKENSGARD, R l. 83 LONG , HENRY 105 lors1ecki, Richard I Loshek, Stephen I Loshek, Kolhv I 9 Losinski, Richard I 11 Losinski, Robert Ill losinski, Richard Allen I LOSSEN, MARJORIE 102 lottig, Wolter II 141 Louch, Donald II l ove, Ruth IV 182 Lo'll'en, Avis I 7 lucos , Sheila I Ludwig, David I luchmonn, Lyle luetho,Gaov II 11 7 Luhmann, Philip I 15 Lightfoot, Jomes


Loufenburge r , Carolyn

BAY STA TE MILLING CO. Manufacturers



Luinstra, Duane Ill 41, 149 Luloff. Ronold IV 9, I 39, I 45, I 46, 177 Lund, Dole I Lund, Susan Ill Lundok, Dovod II Lundok, Eugene II 165 Lundeen, Bruce I

Morsholl, Dovid Ill 44,67 Marso, Horry I 15 Morsoler. Conrnd I MARSTON, DWIGHT 85,153 Mortin, Jock 84 MARTIN, JOHN 34,117,130

I 12

Lundquist, Lindo Lunn, Ronold II

Luthon, Woll.om

Mortin, Lynda I Mortin, William II Martens, Robert I 8,130,151 Modinek, Rosemarie II 152, l 70 Marx, Charles Ill Marz, Rosemary I 7, 143 Mason, Randoll I Masters, Jeon I 170 Mosygo, Mory II Masygc, Pe t er I



Luft, Morcio Ill lultwick, Dove II lynch, Helen IV

Lynch, Kothleen




Mathison, Lila

Moy, Gaylord

MacMillan, Mory 47 MocNomoro, John I 173

Maddox, Kenneth I 23, I 61 II 170 Modlond, Wolton IV 117, 183 Modsen, Jeri I 9

Moder, Dionne

l 17

Merwin, Richard Merwin, Robert II

14 1, 170

Miller, Morrie IV



Miller, Norman I 24,161 Miller, PaHicta I 148 Miller, Robert Ill

McAnolly, M;choel I 9 ,117 MCARDLE, HARRY McArthur, Jomes I 141

Metcalf, Jeon I 14 Metcalf, Kathryn I 148

Moller W;l11om I 14 M ilne, David IV 183

Siebrecht's Floral

McConwell, l hornos McCormick, Betty 143, 149

MCCOWN, LUTHER 84, I I 2 M cCown, Mildred lll McCracken, Woneto II 150, 156, 170 McCrce, Susan I McCready, James

16, 16 l

I IV 183 McDaniel, Rickey II McDonough, Robert I 117

10 139, I 83

McDowell, Gory II


Morcuson, Don no II MARINER, MAURICE

26,41, 152, 165 78

Markegard, Beverly



McGee, Dono Ill McGhie, Steve Ill



McGuire, Marilyn II 149, 156 McGuire, Mor tin IV McKee, Denise I 20

95 140






McCune, Morgo

~~;~:~~~ 0S~:fdhet


M ol ler, Glenn II 21,145, 170 Miller, Jeon I 10 M;llcr, Koren Ill 138,143,165

Meschke, Jud;th Ill 143,166 Metcalf, Dorrell II 141

McDonnough, Jomes I 7 McDougall, Robert I 12

Mornoch, John

10 149,152,161,170, 171

Mayer, Ca th erine I 21 Moy1ek, Sheelah I 6

Monzow, Comton(e I 16 Morch1ondo, A Rono ld I I 48, 170



Miller, Kenneth Miller, Mochoel Miller, Morie I

McCluskey, Modys

Moldy, !homos II Mancu so, Ri chard IV Mons, Robert 183

M;Jier, Cheryl

Miller, Donna Ill 165 Miller, Elaine I Mille r, Eugene Ill Millier, Eugene R. II

I 4, 152



Malotke, Georgia I Monohan, Peter II


Mierau, lorry Ill Mikru t, Mochael I

Mermk, Cyn t h;a I Merritt, Jone Ill


Moheo, Kathy 148 Mohlke, Judith IV 150, I 83 Majerus, David IV 183 Mojeru!', N i cholas Ill 140 Mololo, R;ch0<d Ill Molmin, Judy IV 23, 137, I 83 Molone, Edward II Moloney, Pat

Moelke, Ruth



61 7




Mickow, Dione

Menden, Conni e I Menning, Judi th I 15,161 Men zel, Kenneth I 145 Merr iam, Carolyn IV Merrion, Tom 148

140, I 58



Jomes Ill 54,165,167 Milton I Ka t hleen II 137, 156, I 70 Kennelh Ill Rila I 170 Marlene I Steven I 8

Mochel, Judith II 'v\1chcls, Som II

13, 115, 139, 145 Me;sner, Dov od Ill 122, 123, 124, I 56 Mcistod, Karen Ill 25 Meland, Gcnclle I 24 Mel;n, A lon I 170



Metz, Rrchord Meyer, Meyer, Meyer, Meyer, Meyer, Meyer, Meyer,

McComy, Bryon I McCorl, Pamela Ill McCarthy, Richard I 6 McCarthy, William 15

Moeser, Woller Ill Moger, H. Dione I 14 Moghsoudi, Mosoud II 51 Magnuson, Shelby

Meier, Jeon I Meimbressc, Rober!

Matson, John II Mo lson, Sharon I Mattson, Morris I 12 Matzke, Jomes II Molt, Nancy I 15 Mattison, John I Maus, Robert Ill

Mocooch, Ka th leen Ill 62, 138, 156, I 65 Mock, David I Mock, Lyle I 20 Mock, Mory II 170 Mock, Pennie IV 138, 183


MC KENZIE WILFRED 94 McKey, Thomas I 8 Mcloughl;n, Bernard Ill Mcleod, John II 157, I 70 McM;llon, Mory I 170 McMillan, Poul II McNary, Shone I 7 McNory,W;ll;om II 34,1 17,119,140 McNulty, Corrine IV Mcdcral ,Woyne II 151,165 Meehan, Sheilo I 20 Mehling, Patricio I 6

Morquordr, Koy I 23, l 49 Marsh, Gayle I 20


O()a 70

.... ~ 2200 Homer Road


Phone 8- 1 563

Special Wire Shapes

Stee l We ld ed Rin gs

PEERLESS CHAIN CO. Chain Manufacture r s Comple te lin e of Ti re Chains For Passen ge r Cars, Trucks, and Tractors Comple te lin e of Industrial and Hardware Chain

Winona, Minnesota

Office and Factory




"In Our I 12th Year Serving Winona"

Milton, John



MINNE, NELS A 52, I 06 Minnie, Lindo II 170 MINOCK, LARRY 88 M1sgen, John I 173 Mitchell, Horry II Mitchell, Olive II Mitchell, Regi no I

Modjeski, Ma•y IV

2•, 137, 18.i

Moe, Kathryn t 7 Moe, Roger II Moen, Gory II

Moen, Ronald II 117,126,127 Mage" Adand IV 158, 18.i Mog<en, Glo"a Ill 152, 165 Mogren, Kenne th

Ace Hardware

Gifts Hardwares Sporting Goods



Mohnk, Beneoh I Molander, Louis II 12,139 M olde, Lavonne IV 184 MOLINARI, MADEO 8.i,116,1 17 Mollenhauer, Tere so I Monnens, Nancy I 21 Moon, Michael II 141


MORAVEC, MARJORIE 85 Morehead, Scott I Ma•gan, Dennis IV 112, I 25, 153, 18• Morgon, Edna


Moriarity, Michael II Morken, Beverly II

Morken, Gory Ill Morrill, Lorraine Ill

Nicholson, Timothv I 24 Nockels, Julee II 170 Nickelson, Lovern IV 149, I 85 Nienow, Lyle Ill Niemczyk, William I 10 Nipp, Joanne I 15 Nopp, Nancy II 170 Nisbit, Darlene Ill Nissalke, Gory I 139 N ixon , Charles II Nogosek, William I 24 Nolan, Steven I 13 No lin, Vincent I Noll, Jomes IV Nord lund , Dionne I 170 Nordhorn, Garry I 16 Nordstrom, Rolph I 24 Noreen, Robert I 145,151 Normandin , Arthu r I 11,126 Norrie, Pou l IV Norton, Morie I 9, 148 Nottleman, Judith II 170 Noeh leggee, Carole 23 Nusxloch, lorry 23 Novak, Nancy II 170 Nyszlock, lorry I Nygaard, Judioh Ill 166 Nygaard, Mory I 11 Nyseth, Annette I 25, 152 Nystrom, Wilmino Ill

Morflson, Jeanne Ill 60,61,62 Mortensen, David II 49,145,153,170

Eat At The


And Ride With



Moser, Jomes I Mosser, Jon II 170 MOTIVANS, JOSEPH Mott, lowrence II 117, I 65 Mount, Stephen I I • , 117 Mcie, Mory 59 Mrochek, Anne I Marchek, Stephen IV Muehlegger, Corel I Mueller, Frances Ill Mueller, lorry I Mueller, Mory I 17 Mueller, Kenneth I 170 Mullen, Ma rgare t I 7,59 Mullen, Dolores II Mullen, Poytricio Il l Mullen, Wi ll iam Ill 151, 157 Multhoup, Dorrell I Mundell, Cheryl I 165 Munson, Dolores I MUNSON, HOWARD 103 Munson , Janice II 165 Muros, Robert IV Muros, Stephan II 148, 156, 170 Murphy, Joseph I 170 Murray, Curtis I 170 Murroy, Duane Ill 6 1 139,165 MURRAY, FLORETTA 94,1'5 Murphy, John II Murray, Lindo I 24, 152 Murrey , Thomos Ill 21 ,139 Mydra, Nicholes Il l Myhre, Richa1d II Myska, Solly II

N Fine Foods Spice Island Spices Usinger's Sausage Richelieu Canned Foods

113 E. 3rd St. Jones Pork Sausages Birdseye Frozen Foods Bauer's Chocolates

OPTOMETRIC OFFICES Dr. C. R. Ko llofski Optometrists Third and Main


Dr. M. L. DeBolt Conta ct Lenses Box 605

Nadreou , Jeanne I 6 Noga has hi, Gerald IV 157, 184 Nogahoshi, Vaughn Ill 145,156 Nagle, Mary I 6 No nkivil, Mory I NAPPE, EVELYN 81 Nosh. Geo rge IV Nosh, Richard I 7 Nauman, Dione I 158 Neessen , Robert II Nehring, lr..,in I 173 NELSON, ANAH 106 NELSON, AUGUSTA 99 Nelson, Ca role II 153, 156, 165 Nelson, Cynthie I 10 Nelson, Diano II 170 Nelson, Dione I 10 Nelson, Duane I 15 N elson, Janet IV 69,1 38,18• Nelson, Jeffery P. II Ne lson , Je ffery R. IV Nelson, Lindo I 10 Nelson, Lloyd I Nelson, Norma IV Nelson, Noncy II 170 Nelson, Pahick I Nelson, Robert I 8 Nelson, Robe<t I 8, 117 Nelson , Susa n IV 184 Nelson, Te rrance II NELSON, WENDELL Nesbitt, Ruth II 110, 165 Ness, Jan iece Ill Nessler, Corel II 110,138,170 Newmon , Nancy I 12 Neumann, Oo..,id 1 Neumann, Deann I Neumann, Thomas II 122 Neville , And<ew IV 145, I 84 Ne..,in, William I 8 Newberger, Michael I 170 Newcomb, Dale Ill 166 Newell, Helen II Newell, John I Newmon, Joy I Newton, Eugene II Ng, Kenneth II Nichols, Robert II 153

0 Oakland, Gene Oberry, Rity I Obrien, Eugene II O ' B•ien, James IV 158, 185 O'Brien, Mike I O'Bnen, Poul I 12 Obuchi, Joanne IV 37, I •5, 156, 185 Ochs, Koth1yn I 22, 148 0 'Dea, Patric io I 17,152 O'Deo, Robert IV Oeklers, Gory I I 0 Oeltjen, Gory Ill Oelilen, Michael I 9 O'Grady, Marvin Ill Ohrmonn, Kathryn II 166 O'Kone, Colleen I 152 Okland, Gerald I O'laughlin, Catherine I 9 Olin, Lo retto IV Ollhoff, Ca<ol Ill 185 Olness, Bonnie II 171 Olness, Pearl JV Olness, Wanita Ill 138,156,166 Olson, Jerry II Olson, Koren Ill 110,152,166 Olson, Kristine I 6 Olson, lorry Ill 28,115, 120, 153,1 56 Olosn, Michael II Olson, Mervin II OLSON, SANDRA 83 Olson, Stanley II 0 Ison, Samuel IV Olstad, Kristin I 6 O ' Neil, Virginoa Ill 6,2.i,137,l.i6,1 56 Opfer, Bonnie I 13 Opsahl, Jacqueline Ill 110, 138, I 66 OPSAHL, JAMES 81 Ordolen, Ko ren I 9,149 O'Reilly, Borboro I O'ROURKE , RICHARD 81 Orpahn, Lynn II 17 1 Osmundson, Carol IV Os le rn, Bruce I Ostrem, Jo Ann I 23, 138, 152 Ostrander, Dorothy Ill Oswalkd, Thomas Ill 15 O'Toole, Michael I 173 Ott,John II 171 Overlond, Thomas I Owens, Dale IV 185 Owens, David II

p Paape, Ma ry Ill 166 Page, Robert II Poglia rello, Alfonso II 60,62,1•1



Po lmer 1 Curtis I 117 Pa lmer, Peter I Po lubick i1 Leonard II 171 Palus, Susan I 8 Pompa lone, Leonerd I 20 Papenfuss, Glen Ill Parsons, Glen I 10 Parsons, Vern Il l Parthun, Elizabeth Paske. Jon II Poswo lk, Jerry I Brother Patrick I PATZ, KENNETH 107 Potterson, Deon IV Potterson, Doniel I Potterson, Donald Ill Poulr.ner, Jennifer I 24 Paulson, Denn is I 15 Paulson, Judith Ill 166 Poulson, loVerne II

Poulson, M erlyn




Poulson, Peter Ill Pa vek, Donald IV 185 Payette, Richard 111 PAYNE, RUTH MARY 98 Pearson, E ls1e


Pearson, Jomes


Quam, Sondra IV 138, I 87 Ouorve , Leon IV 187 Quest, Barbaro II 32,138,171 Quinn, Barboro I 24.137 Ouinn, Koy 11 137 Quinn, Maureen I 20

Peck, Barbara II 171 Pedorstad, Oddvar IV 52, 149, 166 Pedersen, Judi th



Peder5an, Charles IV

158, 185

Pederson, Elizabeth I Pderson , Cher yl IV


Quirin, Ro land

Pederson, Lorry II 158, 166 Pederson, Sharyl IV 171,185 Pedretti, Carol I 148,171 Pelloth, Roger 141 Pellowski, Catherine I 22 Pelofske, Petet II Pellows ki, Veronica IV 37, 138, I 40, 151



Pence, William II 166 Peper, William IV Percuoco, Michael Ill 112,117

Roos, Mo rk I Robe, Carole 11 Rod e r, John IV Pafferty, Helen I Rohman, Donald, Peter

Perez. Mork I 12,58 Peroutka, Judy I I 0 Perkins, Joyne I Perrrne, Byron I 1O, l .d8 Perrizo, Thomas I

II 115,120 Rahman, John IV 58, 115, 120, 153, 187

Perry, John Ill 60,62 Perry, Merrilee


Perry, Trudy



Persons, Roger

Rohrmann, Carol Ill 166 Roi tora, Donald I Rokouskas, Mory I 11




Romlo, Judith Ill Romlo, Robert II Randoll , Pamela II 156, 171 Rondall,Rooer 11 67,166 Randall , Ros e Ann IV 152, 187 Randoll, Susan II 166 Rasmussen, Sorry 9

Pertelding, David 173 Pesch, Jerome IV Peihon, Koth ryn

185 I

Peter, Richa.d IV 185 Peters, Darlene IV 146, I 56, 185 Peters, Lindo Ill 149, 156 Peterson, Dennis IV 186 Peterson, Elizabeth 11

Rasmussen, lorry II Rasmussen, Jeff I 22 Ross, Michael I 10

::!::::~: ~~n l~v

122, 125, 186 Peterson, Aloce Ill 14,77,138,146,151,

Rotojcyk, Edward I Rathbone, Beverly Ill 137 Ro1hs, Tim 9

156,1 66 Peterson, Charles I 23, 173 Pe terson, Peterson, Pe terson, Paterson,

Pe terson, Petenon, Peterson, Peterson, Peterson, Peterson, Peterson,

Roth, Timothy

Rou, Morie II 4 4 Rouch , Fronk I Rovnho ldt, Kathryn I Rowlings, Bruce I Ro y , Lourence Edward IV Raymond, Janet I Rem , Jomes

Ill 156, 157, 166 I Redlund, Carolyn Ill Redwing, Lynette

Pe ll, Richard II




Reuter, Judith I 8 Reuter, Mory IV Rewlinko , Bruce II


Re ynold s, Jomes IV 156, 187 Richordson,Annelle II 152,171 Richardson, Patricio IV 0 11 111

I 22

Polson, Gerold I Pomeroy, Francis I Pomeroy, Lawrence I Pontinen, John Ill

::~~=~: ~~~ Jro

Riches, Ge ne Ill Riches, Maureen I 20 Richter, William I Ricks , Drew I 8 Rider, Koren II Rider, lorry Ill Ries, Richard Ill

Poore, John Ill Pope, Judith II 149, 156 I

Poppe, Sharon II 110, 157, I 71 Porvoznik, Poul II 24, 139 Pollen, Vivion I 15 IV

Riggle, Virgil Ill Rile y, Robert IV

Pottron, Ma ry Lynn IV 95,138,143,146,

156,186 Preble, Donald I 16 Prentis, John 111

Rinehart, Vicki II 171 Ringwelskin, Marjorie I 20 Rinn, Ann II 166



Ripple, Hubert IV

Pretzel, Joan II 45,138,156,157,171 Price, Jome' IV 148, 186 Price, Rochel IV 37, 143, 158, 186

Risko, Michael II Risdahl, Dione I


Price, Stepehn I Price, Virginia I Prigge, Charles Ill

Pritchard, Sandro

Reed , Da vid IV

Reusch, Lynda I 6 Reuter,Joon I 12

Palasik, Mory I 13

Prescott, David



Pohde, George 24 Pohlman, Arlyn I 11

Potter, Wayne

II 171 Ill 171

Remme , Ha rold II 171 Remmery, William II Remus, Robert I 8 Re ps, Oona IV 187

Pofert, Susan I 23

Poppe, Douglas

Redwing,lyne tt e

Re in, Steven I 17 Reinhorts, Rebe cca I Reilly, Barbaro 156 Reinke, Mino I Reis, Barbaro II Reise nhoue r, Joa n IV Reisinger, Down II 34, 171 Reisdorf , Sondra 11 166

Poblock1, Robert II

Poliachik, Leon


Redwing, Gerold

Reglin, Mory IV Rehling, Orville 11 166 Reibel, Carol I 23 REIDELBERGER, JACQUE

Pflaum, Eu9ene IV 156, 186 Phillopson, Dole Ill 166 Phillipson, Gene Ill 166 Phillipson, John I 126, 171 Phipps, Rodney II 115, 120, 121 Piehn, Londo I 11 Peiper, Gerold II 171 Pietsch, Richard I 15 Poke, Mory I 20 Pinke, David I 21 Pittmon, Bernard IV 158, 186 Pittmon, Steven I 7 Pion, Charlene Ill 138,156,171 Plein, Eugene IV Plinski, Susan I 12


Redwing, Dennis

Reed, J erry I Regino, John I

Pettis, Suson Ill 166 Pett it , Richard IV Pettlt, Doniel II

Polansky, Duane


Reck, Jeann e

Peterson, Steven I 9 Peterson, Susan 40 Peterson, Yvonne Ill

Ploe tz, Margaret




I 32,138,156,171

Peterson, Ruth


Ratigan, Robert I 20

Gary I 14 Gerold I 10 Glen II 34 Jeon Ann II 22 Jeon Anne 1 22 Lelond I 12 Mo rgo rel I 23 Norbert I Pomelo I Por I Roland I


I 171

Ri slov e , Oenni1 IV Rislow , Rena to Ill Riser, Ir ene IV Rislow , Jock I Riske, Glenn I

I 25, 150

P1ondz.inski , Mory I Prondzinski, Pauline II 166 Prolte~gjer, Ka thr yn I 20

"Bank at the Sign of the Golden Lion''

RITMAN, MARGUERITA 78,159 Riller, Robe rt IV 187

Prudoehl, Janel Ill 149 Prudoehl, Sonja I Pnvbvlski, Mory Ill Pn.ytorsk1, Jomes 11 Purrinton, Leona.d IV 161 , 186

Rivers, Elizabeth


Rivers, Michoel IV


Ill 69,1 39 Roberts, Coral II 32, 138, 171 Roberts, Julie I 13 Roberton, Thordore

Putnam, Kenneth l 9 Putnam, Lindsay I 22 Putnom, William II 171 Put11er, Kathleen I 13

Robinson, Mo ry


Rodewald, David II Radley, Susan I 14 Rodman, Lynne I 15

205 -

- - - --



Ir='\. -91" .........


Roe, Jomes I 8

Roemer, Carol Ill Roemer, Dennis I 7 Roepke , Roger IV 112 Roessler, Joan IV Roff, Su•on II Roffler. Dione I I 38, I 7 I Rogol•ko, Kenneth II ROGGE, HAROlD 107 Rohde , George I Rollehon, Ruth I ROMIG, CHARlES I 07 Romstod, Gory II Ronnenberg, Ronald I Roopchond 1 Roderick II Root, Richord Ill Ro•ooen, Donold I 16

Rose, John I Ro•e,Judi th II 138,149,171 Rose, Michael I 8 Ro•endohl, Douglos Ill 33,140,156,157, 166 Rasmussen, Barry

Rou, John



77, I 40, 146,151,166

Rossi, Bonnie Ill Rossiter, Horold II 17,139,164,166 Rost, John I 20 Roth, William II 17,4 5, I 26 Rother, David


Rother. Richord Ill Routhe, Robert I Rowan, Anne



Rowan, Michael Ill Roy,Beverly II 156,171 Rud, Tinko IV Rudeen,John II 48,141,171 Rudeen, Su•on IV 9,3 4 ,37,110,111,137, 152,187 Rue, Jomes I Ruehmonn, Richard I 16

Ruesink, Arlyn I Ruh, Goyle II 171 Rumpel, Donold II Rumpel, Ronald II Rumstick, Roger IV 187 Runke, Dennis I 22, I 25 Runnigen, Sandro Ill Ruppel, Jone! I 16 Rupprecht, Dione II 48,54, I 66, 167 Rupprecht, Larry


Russer!, Bonnie II 152,171 Ruuell, Kathleen I 62 Russell, Hallie II

Rutz, Norma Ruen, Ryon, Ryon, Ryan, Ryan,


Lee 11 S Michael I Mory Lou II Mochoel I 10,126 Patrick I 23, I 26



Rydman, Richord



SCHMID, WllllAM 57,91,92,160,161 SCHMIDT, ESTHER I OJ Schmidt, Owen I Schmidt, John II Schmidt, lorry I 23 Schmidt, Joan Ill Schmi t, Kathleen I 7 Schmitz, Jerome I Schmili. Kothleen IV 21,37, l 37, 146, I 88 Schmitz, Patricia I 6 Schmitt, Gory II 15 Schnau, Steven I 7 Schneide r, Lavonne 111 Schneider, Carol 13 Schnel l, Cyril II 140 Schneipp , Pamela I 25 Schnorr, Thomas ! 8 Schoening, Gory II 157, 171 Schonecke r, Cynthia II 166 Schoening, Donald IJ Schoffmon, Fronk I Schoewe, Jone II 149 Schoonmoker,Jon I 17,130 Schoosow, Sharon II Scholl, Thomas IV 188 Schollmuller, Lauro I 10,137 Schreck, Susan I 8 Schreiber, Eugene II Schroder, Terry I 22 Schuck, Dovid II Schuh, Richard I Schultz, Colislro II 156,166 Schultz, Mory Louise II Schultz, Edward I Schultz, Robert II Schultz, Dennis I Schultz, Koren I 14 , 152 Schulll,Jone II 137,17 1 Schultz, Walter I 115,120, 130 Schultz, Mary Ann I 16,173

Saabye, Gerald II Saaranen, Douglas 117 Saari, Sonja I 6 SABIN, JAMES 104 Sabetto, Neol 111 Socio, Sandro II Sockell,Jelaine II 110, 152,17 1 Sadler, Richard II 166 Sadows ki, Doniel II Sadowski, William Ill 166 Sole, Robert IV 115, I 88 Sogan, Guen th er I 12, 148

~~r~~~~sh'~:on11 1~0.1

i 41 Sandberg, Pe ter I 9, 126 Sande, Dolores Ill Sondeon, Robert IV Sandstrom, Thomas I Sonlord, Sharon Ill SANFORD, WAYNE 101 Sannes, Anno Ill SANTElMAN, CHARLOTTE 105 Santelman,Koren I 22,110,137 Sauer, Sammy I Sot her. Kaan IV 156, l 88 SAIHER, VERllE 101 Sothro, Jomes IV 188 Sotren, Co•olyn II 156,171 Souer, Judith Ill 21 Sauter, Ronald I 23 Sawyer, Betty I 161 Sawyer, Robert I 17 Sbirol, lance IV 188 Scanlon, Gale Ill Scarborough, Mory Jo Schorn$, David I Schall, Ke ren II Schorlou, Jo Deen II Schansberg, Lindo II Scharmer, Daniel IV I 04, 115 Scharmer, Gory II Scharmer, loVern Ill Scharmer. l e Roy Ill 166 Scharmer, Dione I Schaub, Jamu IV 188 Schedler, Peter II Schieber, Mory II Schifsky, Barbaro I 15 Schild, linda II 138,156,171 SCHlllER, DOLEROS 81 Schley, Sandra Ill 21, 157, 166 SCHLAWIN, JUDY 104 Schmolfeldt, Thomas Ill 112 Schmouu, 8orboro IV 146, 156, l 88

Schulrz, Gene Ill Schul<. Elroy IV Schumann, Lynn



Schuster, Suzanne I 12 Schutz, Jeanine I 9 Schuth, Matthew II Schuth, Mochael II Schull, Elizabeth I Schwanbeck, Joan I 6 Schwanke, Edwin II Schwartz, Sylvester Ill 112,122 Schwartahoff, Alice I 151 Schwengels, Gerold II Scof,.ld, Leland I 12 Scofie ld, Ston 59 Scott, Anne I Scott, Mory II 176 Scovil, Sondra II 172 Scrabeck, Arlyn II Scrabeck, Danny Ill 126 Scrabeck, Sharon Ill 137, 155, 166 Seabroght, Roger II Sear ight, Lorry I 6 Seavey, Elaine II Sebo, Lindo I Seemon, Clork IV 188 Seib, Richard Ill Sell, lorry Ill Seltz, lynn I Semling, Norman II 148,172 S enric~. Lo rry IV 112 Sens, Undo I 14 Sep1n, Patricio II Serfin, Lindo I 7 Servais, Kathleen 7 Serwo, Poul I Setorom, Rodhika Setten, Julie I 8 Seufe rt, Saroh IV 12,37,71, I 54 Sevollius, Joann I

More People Ride On

GOODYEAR TIRES Than on any other kind


Williams Book and Stationery

Bargain Cen ter I 004 West 5th Street 8-3808


Howie Says - "Take your car to where the tire experts are!"


Nelson Tire Service, Inc. 4th &Johnson Phone 2306

52-54 W. 3rd ST. WINONA, MINN.

206 - ---=--------=--

Retread Plant W est on Highway 6 I


- -

- - - -- - -- - - - - - - - - - -

Sommer, Arlene Ill Sochims, Cheri 156

Severson, Corot II 150 Severson, Rot er IV l 40, I 88 Seydo, Roger I


IV 148, 156, 157, 1 88 Shonda, Elitobeth II Show, Ooris IV 110,111,137,188 Shea, Lawrence II 61,62,161 Shedd, Will;om IV 189 Sheehan, Donald Ill Sheehan, Mory Ill II

She ffield, Edward

Speltz, Janel

IV 157, 159

Shippy, Dole I 8 Shippy, Rosemary



Sidebottom, Kenneth I 117 Siebenaler, Francis Ill 166


Siegel, Janice II 172 Siegel, Virginia IV 189

Steffen, William


Stender, Wayne


STENERSON, DOUGLAS 99 Stendlun, Neol I 16 Stern, Linus I 21 Stelzer, Patricio ll Stevens, lorry I Stevens, Leslie II Stevens, Marcia II


45 Stevens, Orrin IV 189 STEVENSON, JAMES 89 Steven•on, Ronold Ill 115, 117, I 39 SlEVENSON, MICHAEL 85 SlEVENSON, MRS M. Steyer, Judy II Stienessen, Jude I 152 Slime, Donna I 17 St. John, Beulah

Sloffel, Thomo• I 12 Stoll, Jame• IV I 48, 158, I 90 Stoll, Leonard IV Stoll, Jeffrey II Stone, Bob 115

Smith, Nelson I

SMITH, RICHARD, JR 102 Smith, R:chord Charles I Smith, Richard LeRoy Ill 112 Smith, Roy II 151, 172 Smith, Steven Alon I 6, 17 Smith, Thoma• Ill Smith, Warren I


Steiber, Alon I 25,126 STEIN, BARRY 87 Stejskal, Mory I 8 Stemmer, Borboro I 138,172 Stemmer, Kathy I 22 Stenbeck, Jvdah IV 137, 189




Steen, Poul I 14, I 30 Steenc, Barbaro I 13 Steffen, Robert I

Skoltum, Poul I 22,161 Skeel•, Kathleen I 15, I 50 Skibbe, Martha II Skjevelond, Hugh 11 Skjod, M;choel I 17 Skloder, Charle• II 8,9,140 Skroch, Robert II Sku•tod, Mork Ill 141, 145, 166 Slack, Ronald II 24, I 40 Slottum, Lawrence IV Slezak, Kenneth I 23 Slezak, Carol II Slifko, Sandro II 172 Smorzyk, Theodore II Smith, Bruce IV 120, 153, 189 Smith, Gory II Smith, Gregory I 173 Smith, Jill IV 152 SMITH, KAREN 105 Smith, Leo I Smith, Margaret I 17 Smith, Mory I 13

Smith, Steven Charles


Spiral, Lonee 47 Spotts, Ru$scll 1 Sprongers, Scotl I

Stork, Richard I Storxecki , Richard II 117, I 22 Staublin, Cynthia II Stearns, Mory I 152, 161 S tearns , Terry I Steele, Johles I Steele, Gory I




Staple " Gregory Staple•, Philip I

Simon, Grace I SIMONS, LOIS 78 Simons, M1choel I 17 Simpson, Dennis I Sinke, Randolph IV 58,77, 139 Sister M. Virgano I Skollerup, Robert I 11 Skorp, Judi th IV I 89

Skaar, Terrance


Stanislawski, Robert Stanton, Mory I

Siegert, Thomas I 140,172 Siems, Dione I 10 Sillman, Frederick I Silver. William IV 23, 139.189 S;lv,., John II 29, 172 s;mon, Joan t 156,172 Simon, John IV 189 Simon, Gerold


SPRENGER, JOANNE 85 STADTLER. LEROY 79 STADLER.JUDY 143, 150 Stohr, Beverly II 156,157,172 Staloch, Michael I 24 Standke, Douglo• I 7 Stonek, Dole Ill Standing, Joseph Ill


Siegel, Eleonor IV

Stroud, Kenneth

Spence, Jacqueline II 6, 10, 1-43, 172, Spence, Margie 14, 152 Spencer, Gary I

Sherman, Frederick II Sherman, Janeen II Sherwood , Janet I t 4 Shimo, Sondra I 24

Shorter, Gerold II Shorter, Jomes IV Shorter, Joanne II

Strub, Ronald I 22 Stry, Vernon I Stuber 1 Sondra Ill Stucky, Borboro II 148, 156, 172



Sheimo, Dione IV Sheimo, John II

Sheldon, Allen Ill

I 0, 139


Stroebel, Yohlon II

Sorg, Goll Ill Sovereign. Merle IV 126, 129 Sponde, Albert I 115 Spande, Bonnie I 17 Spanton, Carole II Spanton, Joon IV 152, I 56, I 89 SPEAR, JAMES I 02 Speed, Charles I Speltt, Mory I 7


Shonhon, Linda

Sheffer, Marcia

Strom , Corl


Sorensen, Gordon II Sorom, Richard I 8

Shafer, Jo•eph Ill 59,166 Shafer, w;H;om I 23 Shonohon, Jomes

Stroed, R;chord Ill

Son•ollo, Dorrel II

S tone, Philip II Storondt, Joanne

STORK, JOHN S tort i, Fred Storti, Poul






141 I

Stork, Julie I I 0 Stork, Mory I 13

~::il~!~~;:;,ri.i' 11~





Joh nson at Second • Tel. 2396

Storslee, Sharon

Snow, Richard II Snustod, Charles I

Sto•kopf, Ronald II Stout, Jame• IV 116, I 90

Snyder, Gene IV 189 Soar, Goll 157 SNYDER, WILFRED Sodentrom, Corl 145,172 Sobro•ko, Sharon IV 37,53, 10I,I43,148, 177,181,189 Solberg, Donold 16

Stove<, Thoma• II 14,29, I 30, I 32, I 39, 166 Strond, Theodore IV 190 Strouu, Judy II 148,167 Strehlo, Dole II

Stout, Thomas



Slreuber, Jeo n



MUSIC CO. 64 East 2nd St.

207 --

. .·_ . ..,.

I 17 Styba, G e rold 190 Stybo, John 111 Stybo, Steven I 12 Suchanek, Robert Ill Suchla, Vernon Ill 167 SUID, LAWRENCE 86 Sveen, Lindo I 23

Tibesor, Leo I Tiegs , Lynne IV 156, 190 Ti e s, Kathleen 11 Timmer, Ernest II Timmons, Robert I

Sugoworo, Lyndel Ill Sulo, Jomes I

Tolmie, Pa tricio I 6 Tolmie, Virginia Ill Tomah, Jack II

Strum, Michael

Sula, Stepehn II Sulock, Dovi d IV 117,122,125,19 1 Sulock, John Ill 117 Sullivon, Edwin II S u mner, Tou 31 Sundry, Susan I 8

Super, Michael I 24, 117 Su th erland, Rober t t 11 S"e um, Darry l I S wan, Pernillo I 1S S wonlund, Peter I S wanson, A llon I 6 Swanson, Joanne I 172 Swonson 1 Richard I Swanson, Richord I Swottout, Pot ricio I 22 Swea zey, Dionne I 10

Swedin, Ge<ald I 143 Swenson, Gory Ill Swenson, Agnes IV Swenson, Rondoll II Swenson, Peter Ill Swigart, Judith Ill Swiggum, Gordon IV Switzer, Donovan I 14 Swygmon, Robert Ill

Sylling, John II Syverson, Oorryl II Syverson, Vernon I 12

T ~~~;,i~~~1,feheo~o71 TA ll E, MAGDA


Tenl1s, Michael II


Tepl yl Sharon Ill


Terwi l1ger, Warren II Tesch, David I 14 Teuum, S teven I

Trehus, Lowell I 16 Tri, Wonda I Tripp, Alon Ill Tripp, Charlotte I 24 Trochta , James IV 140, 190 Trocins ki, Gerold II 172 Trok, Michael II Trotmon , Jomes I 6 Traux, Gayle I

Tschido, Sharon II 172 Tuin, Kathleen Ill 148, 167 Tulare, lourn I 17 Tunell, Bruce II Turner, Gerold II Turner , lee I 60, 172 Turn e r, Potucio I 7 Tuschner , Jerome Ill Tushne r, Joan II 138 Tut e wohl , lorry II 21 Tweeten, Thomas Ill 140,1 46, 167 Tweito, Kathleen II 150, I 72

Tye, fforold Il l Tyler, Shoron


u Uhl, Peter II I 23 UNDERKOFFLER, MILTON 83 Uristo, Robin I 24 Urlick, William II 167 Urness, Gory IV 117, 190 Usgoord, Oavis IV 112 Usgoard, Jero me IV 112, 117 Utke , Patricio I 14 Unde rkoffler, low re nee

Thacher, Ann IV 16,37, 145, 151 Theis, Theresa II 172


Thesing, Michael II Theurer, Dionne Ill Thiede, Teresa I 11

THIELE N, RAYMOND 89 Thilmony, John IV Thom, Ma,;lyn Ill 7,138,156,167 Thom, Rober t Ill Thomas, Jomes I 11

Thompson, Albert II Thompson, Allyn I


Thorson, Mork I 16 Thorson, Susan IV 22, 143, 17 4 Thorson, lorry I 9 Thorson, Thomoi IV

Ihrke, Gory 167 Thrune, Stephen I 25 Thu row, Richard II 22, 140 Ill

IV 190 Von Bus kir k, Lynn II 149

Sammy's Pizza Palace

Vogts, Gerold

Thompson, George I Thompson, Jomes I Thompson, Judi th I 24 Thompson, Kathleen Leslie I 172 Thompson, Ka thleen Suzanne II Thorn ton, Craig I 12

Thurston, John


II 172

Troxle r, lyndo

126, 128

Temp, Donold II


Vock. Evelyn I 20

Tompte, Bernice IV Tons kc mper, Gloria 24 Topp ing, Jone I 12 Towo lo , Miriam Ill Toy e , Toma ro II Trocy,Worre n II 112 Tra ino r, Brion I 115 Tronde m, Susan I 13 Trautmann, Joel I

Ta ylor, Ardith I 15 Taylor. Gory I 11 Taylor , Geraldine IV Teegarden, Will iam 111 Teegarden, Ellen Ill Teeuwen, Michael Ill

Vetsch, Stanley

TOBIN, GERALD 93, 145 Tointon, Glenn II 126, 172 Tollelson, Dione II 67, 172

148 102

Tannie hill, Jomes II Ta y lor, Alice I

Veglohn, John II Vermilya, Thersa Ill

Vanderau, Elaine



116 Main Street

Vo ng , Borb oro II Vong, Donald II

Von Fled t, Tom


Von Gundy, Connie I 21, 152 Von Hoff, Thomas II Vanhoff, Mory Sue I Vannatter , Kathleen IV 190 Von Thommo, Carole Ill Von Thommo, Nancy I 14 Von Vleet, Florence I Varnum, Ronald II 167

Volland, Terry Ill

Served dail y f rom 4:00 p.111. until 2:00 a .m. " You have tried th e rest , now try the best" Ta ke out orders p repared

140,1 56,167



Let's Go to McDonald '·s (open year round) Located on Highway 61 2 Blocks W est of Jct. 14.


Vietor , Thoma s IV Vigneu, Jomes IV 114, 115, 140, 151 , 190 Vincen t , Lois I Vinje, Lindo I 9, 161 Virnig, lorry I 9 Vogt,Terry I 15,130 Vo;ght, Ann II 172 Voight, Eugene I 24 Volling, Sheryl II Volkman, Bruce I Volkman, John Ill Vollenwe, Ider I Von Arx, John I

Watson, Judd IV Watson, Undo II Wotts, Wi llie Il l


Wehrs, Koren

I 6

Vonderohe, Jim II 172 Von Feld t, !homos II Von Hclmll, Michael II Voo•hees, A•lys IV I 4B, 190 Vucinovich, Mory II

Wayne, Susan


Wad e, Pe ter II 115, 120, 140 Wagner, Jomes IV 190 Wogner, John II 140 Wagner, Richard I 25 Wagner, Sondra I 9, 148 Wogner. Tho mos II 15B, 172 Woshlberg, Gloroo II Wionwrighl, Michael Ill 139

Waite, Janet I Walburn, Lloyd I 172 Walch, Dov;d I 15, 117 Walch, Susan II 167 Waldo, Jo Ann II Wolkder, Dole I Walker. M;choel I 23 Wallace, Bruce 167. WALLACE, IRVING Ill

Walsh, Margaret


Walsh , Raymond IV Walsh, Pele• IV Wolle<, Potroc;o Ill 156, 167 Wolter, Karen I 8 Wolters, Catherine Ill

Walters, Richard 167 WALTERS. GA YlE 107 Woltz, Betty Ill Waltzer, Steven I 9 Word , Mory I Warren, Moria


Worthesen, Eileen

143, 191 II

Wildenborg, Thomos Wildman, Steven II



15 I

Weisbrod, Peter Ill 151 ,1 67 Weitzman, Stuart II 172 Welch, Glo•io IV I 46, 156, 167 Wellner, Gory Ill Welsch, Dennis I Welt;, Ph;l;p I 140, 172 Wendlandt, Arlyn I 22, 122, 125 Wendlandt, Dove 112 Wengerl, Margeret Ill 17,32,138 Wepler, Dennis II 167 Werner , William IV 190 Wert, Wayne Werlz 1 Kristin


1-4 Winke l, Joyce I 22,137 Winkle1, Jomes I 125 Win5low, Constance II 110, 152, 167 Winter, Jon II 138 Winter, Naro I 152,172 Winters, Wayne I Winlhei5er, Philip I 11 Wosdorf, Ruth II 10, 13B, 15B, 172 Wise, Jomes I 17

II 20,32,66,138,


117 WILK RICHARD WILKE, ARTHUR B9 Wolke, Mork I 9, 122, 125 Woll, Coralyn I 173 Wollett, Charles I 21 Williams, Ann 25,137 Wollioms, Brion II 140,172 Wil11oms, Delvin I Wdlmms, Gregor y I Williams, Jennifer I 7 Williams, Kcrthleen IV 191

Weinzierl, Kenneth I 22 We;r, D;one 111 156, 167 Wein 1 Jon 51 Weis, Gory

Wilson, Pau lo II Winkel, Borboro I

172 Wierzba, Joan Ill 9,154, 167 Wies t, Janice II 138, 172 Wild, Richard II 145 Wolde, Deon I 24

Weimersk1rch, John II

Weisch, Dennis


Wiemersloge, Patricio

Weaver, Coro I Ill 11, I 3B, I 4B, 156, 167 Webb, Kori Ill 167 Webke, Gordon 15B Wedemeoer, lorry Ill 117, 119, 126 WEDUl. M 0 102 Wedul, Patricio Ill Wegman, Gernld I 93 Wegman, Judith Ill 137,155,167,173 Wehrenbe1g, Nancy I IS II


Wie uorek, Jom es IV 191 Wlegrefe, Jomes II 172


Weisbrod, Garry


W1ech, Marilyn

150, 172

Wise , Richard Wise, Sharon

IV I 173 1


Williams, Richard II w;llooms. Su son I 7,24,110, 137 Williamson, Koren II 172 Willson, Patricia I 25 WILMA , MARY ANN Wilsey, Roy IV 2B, 14B, 15B, 159, 191 WILSON, JAMES 94 Wdson, Keith I 20

nB,117,173 Wist,;ci ll, Roger Ill 20,1 17,119,14 1 Witherow, Robert II WITT, JERRY BO Woll, Joli I 23, I 52 Witt, Richard II W;tt, Nancy Ill 161, 167 Witter, Lonny II Witzel, Dione I 12 Wobig, Terrence I 24 Wochn;ck, Shrrley 9, I 4B Wodele, Eugene II Wohlers , Kennelh I 17 Wolcoyt, Dorothy IV Wold, Ario II Wold, Karon II 150, 156, 172

Wil5on, Lonee

Wo lesky, Wayne




12 9

Wesco tt, Joy IV Westberg, Jomes II 11, 141, 167 Westberg, Thomas Ill Westby, Terrence


Westerman, John I Wetzel, Susan I l 2

Known for Better Foot Wear

Weyer, Doniel I 10 Whalen, Mory II

Who•ton, John Ill 29, 156 Wheeler, Ahno IV WHEELER DOROTHY Whetstone, Gerold I Whehtone, Donna I 22 Whingelby, AHce I B Whito&cer, Eileen


Steinbauer Shoes


Wh;te, Borboro I 22, I 3B White, Bruce II 47,139,151,15B, 159,16 1, 172 Whole, Chuck 115 White, Elizabeth I 14 White, Robert II 140, 172 While, Sharon IV Whitman, Nancy I Whorton, Joan IV 167 1 0 10W7,156,191 Wiebke , Go•don IV 191

~:~~t~~r1~ 71~

Boss Weejuns- Hush Puppies for all Joyce for Girls - Freeman for men 69 West Third Street Winona, Minn.


A Good Place



To Buy


Fine Furniture 1

Kelly s furniture Westgate





.. _.:.:

Woycheck, Dennis Wroth, Tim 32

Wolf, Fredet1ck II Wolf. Virginia



Wright, Morgon

Wolfe, Borbora I 16 WOLFE, DUANE 83 Wolfe, Edwina IV Wolfe, Joan I 17 Wolfer! , Roger

Wolfrom, Ron Wollin, Susan

Wunderlich, Michael Ill Wurst, Bobbie I 24



Wood, Calmer Ill Wood, John II Wood , Mory Ellen


Wood, Mory Jo II Wooden, David 111 148 Woodford, Roland IV 191 Woodworth, Betty Ill Wo1<0, Joel IV 34,156,158,191

Yogow, Arthur


Yohnke, James


Wos, Bonnie

Yale, William





149 II 161,172

Wondro,ch, Es te lla

Yamanaka, Charlene Ill Yomasak1, Pearl Ill Yorolimek, Fred II 167



Yoedke, David I Yokish, Steven






Zientelc, Hermione IV

Yentsch, Thomas I 13 Yeske, Richord Ill 167 Youmans, Joy II 156 Young, Diane I I 72 Young, William Bruce

Zimmer, Daryl I 20 Zimmerhokl, Stefan I

Young, William

Zommerhokl, Don

140, l 67


z II

112, l 72

Fine Foods Cocktail Lounge

Fountain City, Wisconsin

Sui1.. 107. Profc,sinnal Buildinµ: W inona. \linnPsuta

Phone: 5548

Jack L. Benson, Dis trict Ag<'nt




23 115

I 12,1 49

Zimmerman, Suion IV Zuch, Harold IV Zurek, fherese

Zochorios, Henry


Zimmerman, Donald

Wally's Supper Club



Z1egeweid, Jomes I

Voros, Teena I 9



Zohonk, Thomas Ill ZANE, CHARLES 96


8,20,36,37, 138


Zworl, Robert Ill 191 Zwolinsk;, John Ill 126, 128, 141

DORN1 S IGA "Ready to Serve All their College Friends" Huff and Sarnia

Winona, Minn.

Emil's Menswear Shopping Center for WSC phone 5338 122 E. 3rd St. Winona, \ linn.


Gate City Agency 68 W. 4th St.

Tel 4812

Nash's Men's Shop

Apts., Furnished rooms Insurance, Real Estate

S. M. 'Steve' Slaggie -Apt. Mgr.


Exclusive Gant Shirt Headquarters Corner of 4th and Center Winona, Minn.

Varsity Barber Shop Bill and Dick Hennessy

Exclusive Headquarters for Gant and Sweaters 4th and Center St. Winona, Minn. 104 W. 3rd St.

Shorty's Bar&Cafe

Tel. 8-3908

21 5



' Pizza Parlor and

Ye Public House- '

Squire Shop for College Men

Ope n 11 a.m. -1 :00 a.m.

3rd and Main - Winona

Happy Chef Open Daily 6a.m.-2a.m. Ju nction of Hwy's 14 & 6 1

2 16 -


- - - -- - -- -

BRX Quality Eyeware

63 W. 3rd St.

Tel. 8-2942




ALLAT HARDT'S MUSIC 116 E. 3rd Street 217


Te /. 4970



''THE DAIRY BAR'' Featuring fi ne lu ncheon spec ia ls at a reasonable p rice. 114 E. 3rd St. Te /. 6 646


Edwin's Jewelers




Dia m o nds and Costume Jewelry

66 East 3 rd St.


Wino na