Wenonah Yearbook - 1966

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Campus Hi - Lites


It took one's breath away, it was so sudden . Jim McCarthy was not just another WSC student; he was part of our lives. And with h is untimely departure, in a railroad crossing accident during homecoming weekend, a little of us went too. He had co me to Winona but one year ago, yet he was what we all admire: fun-loving, exciting, out-going, a little boy one minute and a dedicated young man the next. It is difficu lt now to think of the wePkend partiPs, late hour discussions about girls, school, God, and the little bit of tomorrow but mostly today. The things that were so important then were forgotten in that dark-colored hour. We only hope and pray that he felt and f eels none of the pain that absorbed us all. There are countless "what ifs" and "but supposes," but deep inside us there will always be the ever present gnaw of disbelief and confusion. W e questioned ourselves seriously, some of us for the first time in our lives.


Spring Flood Flash Backs

Spring qu arter brou ght fo rth th e fore warned flood , hitting Winona with ex treme fo rce . S tud e nts. both male and female, aided in th e uattle to save the c it y. Men we re released from classes by the c¡ollege and s pent from 12 to 18 hours a day piling sandbags a lo ng the Mississippi a nd other troubled a reas. \J a ny of the wo me n stude nts wo rked with the Salvati on Arm y and th e' Red C ross feedin g the exha usted d ike wo rk ers. The pic ture at the bottom of the page s hows some of th e s tud ents be ing fed by the Red C ross. They include J ay Greenberg, S teve Wildma n. Bob Croom. Bruce Wallace, Hal Rossite r, Ke nn y Bloomquis t a nd Greg Ri c hardso n.



wsc Chorus Goes on Tour • Ill


• • •

"WH E RE WILL WE SIT?" . . . S1udpnt- a••l'mhlt· lhl'ir lu!!µ: a!(t' beforP 11,., trip ... tart ....

ORGANIZED CO"I FlJSION ... '\Ir. \ll'Ckur 1akt'>< a quick invt·nlor> of" hat is happt'nin!! around him.

"•. .. . •

READY FOR A SOFT TRIP! . . . "Pll prqrnred fo r the

Ever} on(' •l'Ptm•

long lrip ahead of 1lw111.


F:J '

CA'\ WE \LI. (;ET l:'I '! . . . \ n,i11u- -1ud1·111- 1·arr' lhl'ir 1,..1,,nµi11µ' 1111111 1h1· l111 tha1 \\ill t a~1· 1l11·111 lo l lw ( .a p11 .. I and llw \\ .,,-1.t·- Fair.

Exciting Day Finally Arrives ...

Jl'ST A FEW WOHDS OF ADVI CE . . . \I r. \lt-C l1·u r giv('s la>I minute i11'lllll'l i11n- lo a s l ud<'lll hl'fore 1lw Ir ip lwµ: in,.

\ Fl'\F: JOB WE Li. DO'\'E ... \l i11111·-011,1 C1111µ. \ I Quit• ,.,,11. j!ra1ula11·- 1111 · \\ 111 .. 1w "'talt· <'hor u ... afl c·r

... i11~i11~


111 1• ( .apilol

... tt·p....


Sigma Tau Fraternity

1965 Carnival I 00'\'T E \ ..: '.\ LIKE PI E, FELLOWS ... Hwhit' \lar1('11-o j ... the et•nh•r of altt·ntion at !"'iµ· ma Tau C.amrna·, pie llml\\inµ: booth. Son1t•o11e \\il h a g:ood arm had 'ariou ... oppo rt unilit-- ...

I hrou1dr 1lw niµ:hl In """" hi' lait"nl>.

llO'llEST, I DIDN'T TAKE Ot:T YO UR GIRL ... Ron Tobia,,. Ron Luloff. and Chd1· llo<"prw1 t·arq a hrlple'°' st u dcnl off tu jai l. "hilt· Ro n S11·"""'"" and Chri• R yan'""" -iµ:n;, ol r!'li..!.



---- ----~ ---

- --


Sponsors Spring Night

\ Bl1T I PROMISED I WOULD F INI SH SCHOOL FIRST . .. .\ lph a Xi Delta .Sororit y·-. \l arriaµ.!' Booth "·" •lllP of the hit' of the .Sprinµ. Carni \ al. Participat ing: in lhl· 111n<·k marriag-p <'l~rt.. mony are. IPfl lo riµ.ht: Ji m '\oil. Peµ.µ.) \\ aJ,h. S hari <:i'l'"'l..i. Kirk ll ors\\ill. and

Car l' eter~on.

JL: T 0 ' EMORE TntE, Pl.EASE? ... .\not her main t'H'nt "a~" recl..inµ. an old <·ar. \rh n Sna hecl.. -•·1·111, to lw cleterrninf"d to le a ve hi,. marl.. "hil1· Dann\ Sc•raberk and StrH' \\ ildman "ait fur their ehanee.

I'll RATHER UO IT '1YSELF . . . Jad.. Benediet and otlwr,. turn ov<'r tlw <"a r aftt>r !"\c•no11c· ha' \Hed.ed it.


0 R I E N T

A T I 0 N 1965 FROSH ROYAL TY . .. Ll::FT: Cr<-trhen Klei~. Suzettt> '\'oreliu,. \n n<' Kelly. Susan Br.-m,eth. Qut't'll Ja<·quie Spt'11<'r. Kin11: \\'arrt'n LaCour~<'. l.arq Glc-a-.111. Hirhard \lrtz. \lurton Btl) um and Scott


H0:\1E SWEET H OME'! ...Tlmt may haH· ht><'n utt(•n•d undt·r tlw breath' of Cn·tdwn KJei, and Linda O'Brit'n a~ tht•\ mo\t'd on .

As we begin college. we begin \\ ith orientating nP\\ comNs to our campus. The aim of Orientation Week is to he lp people r«.> lieve pressures and enjoy themselves before classes start the next week. First there is rel!:islration and campus tours. Anoth<'r hi ghlightin g pvent ca me back to th e C'ampus this y<'ar: wearing of freshman beanies.


Orientation Week is many things. It's intended to n•lieve thf' inevitablP shock of the introduction to college life, a phenomenon OC('Urring in various degrees. The week is filled with such unsavory events as testing, but there's the thrill of solving strang<' geography and penetrating circular corridors; therp's the excitement of checking out the comforts of a new homf' and the labryinth of Maxwell Librar)'. of identifying the "big time operators" on campus and the favorite and flamboyant professors, but mos t of all there's the joy of making new friends who ·11 be sharing the college experiences.

HAPPY ADVICE ... Joanie Kangt>I. an Oripntation Weck leader, givt·~ some pointn' to '"" of lll'r lt·am mernht>rs. Barbara Abraharm-011 and \lar} Chad" ic k. T\\o frC',hmt•n obsnve.

SECURITY ... Tha1·s what a h1•a nie is. aft .. r the initial ,hock. Thal i~n't all: it', a dt"· vice for "inning friend,. 'a} \lela nie E\\ing' and Al Jerr'-en


WHAT'S NEW UP THERE ... '\nn Williams lauJ!hs as she \\atche' lwr <·ompanion cl i111h the tree not realizin)! 1lta1 ,he i~ llC'XI.

Autumn Leaves Must Fall.

IO FEET OFF THE GROl ' ND'~ ... Donna lin and .\ nn \\ illiam• n·-1 af11·r llwi r " li111l 1.



o,. .. \lrl.auJ!h-

• • A FALL WA LK . .. \ i,itin)! parenh ('lljoy a pt'al"rful fall afternoon on campus.


There's an old so ng abo ut tlw (:"\ l'it emenl of see in g your true lovC' aC'ro"s the room. That"s tlw WU) it is turn ''hen you're dancin g. There !-he is. a nd you 'r<' ''a) over here. You're' d oing tlw '"mo nk ey" and she·s doing what appears lo IH' the ''j<' rk ,'" or something yet unnamC'd. No danger no\\ of th at age-old So(" ial prohll'm: Stepping on yo ur p a rt nN's shoes. As a matter of fact. s he may not evC' n be wearing s hn<"s. Poor kid. Anyhow. it 's fun and relax ing. And look all the nice kids you meet - from ad ista rwe. that is.

A STREET DA "ICE l.\SIDE "~ . .. Para<loxieal but trut'. fl


ton t'nld 111 da 1H·1• uu 1..,idt· for Phi ~if!:llla

Ep>ilon·, '"'l<'dti!t·d thrSmog.



,11 \\('

a ll 11111v.-d into

What is College Without Dancing?

A .l\ILJBRAY FL U \'K-OLT? ... \liJ..1· William,. 11rit' ntatio11 1.-adn. ob•iou~h co1H·entrati11µ: at thi' darH"t' during FrP,hman Week. H c "s gelling hi' hi p' nriPntt>d.



ONE ENDLESS UNE . .. Waitinir in line t o e a t often is annoyini:. but s tud r nts have lra rrwd to use this time to find o ut wha t thr ir frier uh. did d urinµ, th!' d u).



• • •

SMILE PRETT'\ .. . Barb Bee ma n post's in tlw

WllERE' U :\1'\ SLEE\ E ( ; ff~ ... Hodnt-) l'h ip1"

!'afe teria aftn the dinner ho ur.

pu t' h i' ja<'kt·I ha('k nn before tak inir h i ~ Int\ h:u- 1.. a nd ret urn i11ir to tht' billt'r l'old.


DO I DARE'? ... S ue· Loeffl e r d e· I.ate' " lu• tl1 e1 '"" - lwuld takt· a ,..alad a• s hr \\all..s toward the varie ty tablt' .



A Daily Meeting Place ...

WSC llAS ALL THE COMFORTS OF HOME ... Thi- is 1lw ft' t·l in;! )"II hi' 'J>ina<'h " hill' Can 1.audi n "at..l1t•s.

µ;el .is

\like Kirsl'hl' fe<'ds \ likP \\ illia ms

\Oll Tlll~K IT'S FU'I TllHOWING IT AWAY. YO U !'lllOULO SEE TllEl\1 COO K IT ... Car) Bront>, lloh \li ll1·r. C11cl~ Ooepn!'r. John Hu<'. il.rnn1 Blomquisl. Harul y Sink!'. Paul Parvaznik bid ;!<1111lb)t' as -1udrnt' drop off 1lwir 1ra1 '·

I WILL i'l'OT GI\ E '\1Y PRIZE H ECIP E AWA'\' FOR JCST 75e ... l\.('11 F.llini.:><m is hard at "ork in the union kit..!ren.


Wll E H E THE ACT ION I S ... Pr.. 11ti ~~- l. 11 c·a~ luuni:<' i" a v('ry µP:-.t c·d ... 111p


1·011 -

l'alllpll ... Stwlt-nt:-. "'IWIHI timl' in tht· 1111111µ1· In rt·li<'\t'

tC'n'i'"" of , t 11d1 inµ and ju't to ta lk overt he cla~ 's aC't iviti<'"·

Leisure Hours in New Prentiss-Lucas Lounge

• • •

GAME PO INT ... Hoh('rt \ leirnhrt''' and Karrn Biel spend snrne of tl1Pir free tim,. in thl' l' rentiss· Luca' rec room playinµ ping.-po nµ. T h<' ha ... ement ul~o h a~ ,,,.o 'T\ room~. uru~ ha~ a eoJor tc)pvision . s t ud y roo m s. and H s na('k area.






-- --- - -



- -




READ It\ TH IS MESS '~ ... Kath) ll oin r" find• an t'mpt) spot 1111 th .. 1,1blt• to \\ork on a u n it. SmokPr• art• hand) for stnd) in:.:. pla) inµ eard~. <"iµart• tl e break>-. and intelle<"IUal d i•ntssinns.

HURRY, CUT T H E CAKE! ... J oni Kanµel. Carolt'e .lohmon and Jud ~ ~tenlll'<"i- wat<"h l'al Hu rl-t· lmiddt.. 1 <·ut

h.. r birthda) <"al-1·.

The Dorm .. • a New Way of Living .. •


+- GUITA H ME I.O D) . . . Rn•••mar ) Rob· erts l') frum s her :,r11 itar v. hilt\ Linda Ca1ncron s in ~s a

""" >nnµ they had jthl <·•rnq11i-ed.


Life • Ill

Men's Dorms.

• •

OH :vlY . .. Thul little piec·r of paper Richard Be<'k<'I' has just np1•111'd lwars 011e of those jokes arou nd double bubble :.tu n1. Dil'k's obviously a neat fellow.

IF HE ONLY Kl\EW ... That is. if he only 1..11''" lw wa, m} first ,.u,tonll·r. Bnu·1· Clo,\\a} hand~ Charles Smole\ tht' •cissor' for the final toul'ht•, on llanl.. Zal'har ia'<.

llATMAN, NO UOLIBT ... J\1cn "tudt>nts i11 \lurt' y llall takt- a hrcak a nd rrl'" i11 thl· T\ l11u1t:.t<» It's obviously infon11al.

22 ---~----~-~--




- ---


COM E IN . .. Bt-nnie and \\ all) \l adland finall) decide lhal a phutoµ.ra· plier can't be sul'h a bad µ.uy and invite hi m in.


WHAT'S GOING ON? ... Be nnie Clark seem!' startled a' ht• t'n lC'r' his room and i' µ.reeled Ii) a l'Ulllf'nt.

Dorms Provide Long-lasting Memories .. •


AFFORD A D ES K ... l'reparinµ. for 1hat impor1 an1 trsl at 8 a. Ill . \londa) nwrni nµ. doe,n' t !'-ivr Tom Atsatt a

chan<'f' lo <... ,en unpac·k hi:i-, ~uil('l.l"-P.


Our 1965 Homecoming Queen Cindy Packard rides in beauty on her float Sponsored by Kappa Pi, art fraternity.

LET US ENTERTAIN YOU ... This seems to be th e express ion of th e ushers who introduced the s how. They arc LEFT: S ue Ivans, Ruth Nesbit , Kath y Sc hmitz, Coreen S hcfvt'land and P enn y Mack.

Play Boy A-Go-Go Heads 1965 Homecoming Variety Show . • • WHAT'S THIS-A FOLK SINGING GROUP? . .. This seems to be th e lates t fad around college campuses. The Concord singers do a n excellent job, however.

ONE MORE TIME ... This is just one of th!" man y so ngs sung by the campus favorites, The Wild Ones, Tom Oswald, Bill Gray, Dennis Ris love and drummer Ted Robe rton.



M ISS Cl'J DY P ACKA R D ... 1965 Honm·ominl( Qut>t>n S IC TA


KNEE LS I N IHJMB tENESS . . . while her "ate he' on.



Rollie Wusgow

C ind y Pac ka rd wa lked in beauty as s h<' was c rown e d 1965 Ho meco min g Quec> n. S he was we ll acce ptc>d b y th e oth e r me mbe rs of h e r court a nd the aud iC'n«t» Also hi ghl ight ed was the annua l Ho meco ming Parade fea turin g fift y units fro m s urroundin g a reas. Firs t prize in the float division wa award e d to S igma T a u Gamma ·s .. Troja n Horse·· s ig ni fy ing ' ·Stomp the Indians." It was just o ne of the many fl oa ts whi c h a dd ed to th e bea utifu l color of th<' d ay.

It l<"1k the first pla<'t' in the float division. TO COM P LIMENT 0 R Q U EEN ... Iler allt•nda nt,. H.O\\ O'.\IE, L E ~-r : Dian e .\la rtenson. Barb Pete rson. J oan Kangel. JudN• Fu glestad . Kart>n \It>) •· r~. RO \\ TW O. LEFT : \Ja r) Jo Grulkow.,ki, Kat h) Bnw k, \ la q Kac aow,ki . Jone lle Millam, Cind) P ackard . \'athaliP l.itsehke. !\larvi• Pi nke. Liz Gunhus.




RY T HE LIG HT OF T H E F IR E .. .. It 111 iµh1 have b ..e n ~mall but the spirib "ere mi1d 11y.

October is such a Red Leaf Month RI D ING HI C H . ... J ohn Hul' \\a il s pati l'n tl ) fo r Wa lt S trodt' so he can ~wi n g a little fo r Sig Tau·, eandidate.


. . ..

This \\·as Ph i Sig·, q ue(•n C'am paign headq uarters.

30 ~--""""·.-









WARRIORS .... haul(' on for "irtor}.

The \\ <·ek of\ ii.roroul' eampaig:nin:r lwg:an. Ea("h organization went all out to itttrodue<' its candidate. Som(' of tlte various tt>ehniques in<·luded Phi Sig"s famoul' outhouse, Sig Tau's ,.winii;, a trenwndou:-- pastel sket<'h of Kappi Pi's candidate and man) other clever ideas. Another highlight on the schedule \\as the a11nual bonfire whi!'h was held at the drivin:r range this year.

Everyone got into the spirit of Saturday\. game h) cheering and singing. To bring to a elos<' tlw fun fill!'d \\ !'<'k<'ttd of event!:\\as the dance "'Autumn Leau·:--."" This was a Homecoming wltich will long be remembered by all.

\ l'TUl\1'\ LEA\ ES FALi .... hilr dream\ rH••I 1·011plr'


danrP intn tlw niid1t.


RONDOLIERS ... A program of art so ngs, operatic selections, show tunes, folk songs, and Negro spirituals were presented by the Rondoliers Male Trio to the summer session audience on June 27. The trio consists of Max Mende nhall , baritone, Paul Solem, tenor, Edmond Karls rud, bass-baritone, and accompanist Marshall Williamson.

ONE, TWO, THREE, POINT . . . Paul Drape r, an unus ual dancer, warms up during his appearance Lo the s ummer school audience.

There Were Cultural Times

and Entertaining Times WITH A SONG IN MY HEART . .. This seems to be the expre s ion of Glen Yarbrough, who appeared before a large audience on • ovember l.


LIK E T H E Plll LllAR M ON I C ... lla1 ult·l·s .. 1\ l,.ssiah'" was prPsPntPd tu thP Winona pulilie hy a <"11 mlii1u·d C"hoir frnm \\ 'i111111a·, thre<" rnllc-;.;c-s. tout Stale of \l eno 11111nit•. \\ i'·· a ..i1ildn·11·, t'hoir and oth..r loC"al

>i 11;.;ers. ThP ~ P ~ i n i.:t •r ,. '"'r<' joirwd by th <· nc-w ly form ed Winona C iviC' On·IH»lra.

Tri-College Christmas Concert

• • •

GUEST CO:\ DllCTO R ... for tlw 1·0111·..rt '"" Ha rold Cool.. ... for me r !"undut"lor 11f thl' Rm· l11·~t..r S, m phon} Ort'hes t ra.


PLEDGES ARE '\OW S'.\tlLl~G S ISTE RS \lrmlwr'- po>t• aftt·r in ... t.illation. Fir... t ro\\; \J, .... \lartin. Diane Kla--1·11. l\ath) ll t>ill1·r. Salh \\ int'k. Sanch \l au. Su ... i.- K11d('t>11. Jani· Soffa. Linda <.a 111eru11. Sharuu 13.., .. hulte. l\a1l11 s .. hm it z. and Ca yip Chri~toffl'r>'111l. St'('OIHI '""': \li-Oc Crool. Linda Sin·k. \lar) P aape. Jo)el' Evan,. Dori< Sha\\ , Katl11 l 11dc·n"1od. Sand) Bidro. P.-µ:µ:) \\ al~h. Jud) \lalmin. l.)nn John""'·

and L) 1111 John'""· Third r11\\: J••nc·c·I .. \lillan1. Suc· 1'1·1 .. r..011. Ci111n ()"\Pill. KarPu \111rt1·11'<111. .)1-.1111'111' ( .i " ' c·ni,h. \la111P S•·h" an kc·. ( "111d, C11n1rn11µ:ht). l\an·u \h<'r.... \la\'' l'inJ..1 ·. ~harun S11hra,J..i. Jud) Bail1·'. Fourth ro": \J r,. l'«t•·r... on. Ln•11·l1<·11 \11dt·1 ... 011. \Ian l\a) \l11dj1·,ki. Jud) ll aukrnu. Joa11 l\angc·I. lli·c· \k l.•wghli11. \1111 ll1111c·an,11n. llc·all11·1 Bi nw. l'al B11 rk1'. ·\1111 \\ ill iam .... lli.111<· ~: ric ·k• •lll. \I r .... fod,on.

W-l{eys Installed

• • •

E\ EIH O'\E E:\JOYS l'\STALLAT IO'\ IH'\:\ EH . . . 'I\"' 11alio11,il ,,ffin·r• ''"""''''' "ith l'n·•idc·nt <111d \Ir.... \li1111C' lwfore dinnt'r.

FACES l.OOK ON ... l\ athy Krllrr and 01a· of tl1<• achi't·r,, \ Ii' '

\nge lyn

l) p


• J\\ait lht• IH·~innirq! of the initiation ceremon}.


\ lll('lllorabk \\('<'k-<·nd for Alpha Xi [)pita hqwn 011 the l'\'1·11inµ. of Frida). \m1·mlwr .')"hen a BlaC'k Cn('nion~ wa-. ht>ld at Kryz::-ko Common::-. \\ ith :-;aturda) aftn110011 came thl' monwnt tlH') had bPt'll l\aitin:i; for: th1· i11::-tallation prol!ram at C1·ntral \lf'thodi ::- t Chur<'h. ·\ dinner da ncl' at the llolida) 11111 of LaCro;;;;c dim a'\ <'d tlw da). Su11da) morning. tlH• 11 <'<H'd::- and four a;;"o<'iate initiatt':- mad I' t hl'ir fir;;t p11hliC' appl'aranC'<' a s a fl('\\ I) establi;;IH'd national ::-ororit) b) atlPnding C'h1trC'h a;; a group. Tiu· l\'(•1•k(•11d ''a;; roundl'd out with a l<'a at Kr)lsko Commons in l hi' afl!'rnoo11. Alpha '<i 's \H'I'( ' lw11ored lo have ;;t'\'Pral national officers and -<ororit) ::-i;;tpr from .. tht'I' ('hapter;. as tlwir l\f'ek-end µ.ue;;t;;.


LOOK l'O\\ ' Bl'T T ll \T CAMERA . . . Dr..,,ecf for a '1'<'1·ial 1·,1·ni11:.: arc· Dori' Sha". Da " ' GillJC'rlson. \Ian l'aapc• a nd ht'r f·" ·ort \likl' Cla 111wr. OJI ! Wfl ,\ T LO \ EU (; I FT~ ... Enjnyin;! the µift µiH' ll tn tlll'lll h) 1>1·lta Zt'la Snnorit\ are ll'ft: \Ir•. L)m.111 Jud-.011. a1hi'"'· \1111 \\' illian1'. Katin lln ll'k.Jud) Bail"'· .111d " atll\ l 11d<·•"'"'d.

Alpha Xi Delta Sorority

• • •

COFFEE, TEAOR MI Li\ ... :ii•tt' r~ of \lpha \i D<·lta /.(rt'<'I vi,itor• of l'hi S il(ma fp,ilon Fraln11it) durin:.: "I'"" hoth<'. From left: Frank Do)ll'. Cr!'l<·lwn >\ntkr•on. Pat Burki._ Jud ) Hail1•1. John Ro''· Ru11 Sponµ. and \Ir,. Ja<'que ll1·11f,.fbrrJ!rr. •!'at<'d.


WH AT \ CO\ ER l 11' . . .

}96;) '"''a }<'Jr '" rr111e111IH'r f11r 1he plrdl!•' 1·la'' uf l'hi Sil!ma E1i,ilon. 011t• h1 i,I,. Frida~ af1t•111u11n in Dcn' m· ber. plPd)!t' Tim Da l11111. led h} pl1·di.tP l raincr Dick Sadll'I" and Frank Du\11·. " '" lakl'n f111 a •hurl \\alk 11 hid1lw11 ill hardh ft+r)!l'I.

Pledge Flies Into Phi Sigma Epsilon's Fraternity In 1965 . . .

SOMETlllN(;'S NOT RIGllT ... ~ceni- 111 be the he,i1an1 rt' · a1·1i11n nf Tim "' lw i' helped up llw -1epb lo a '\orth Crntral plant·.

\ Ol \ll ST BE h.I D Ul:\'G .. . '''''"" dttiun a~


lw Tim·-. re-

ht> \\aih l1> l w~in hi:-. j1111rru--\ tu Chi< ·aµ:o·~

()" li ar!' \irpnrl 11i1 h 7;) 1·enl• i11 hi' pock!'I. li t> \\a' homf' a)!ain qui,.1,.1). 1ia lhc 1l111111h.


OH! TO BE IN CO LLEGE AGAIN .. . Li11Ja Came ro11 a11tl \nn Du11 t'a11'on µ:re«t ,i,itor- a'- t h<") tour "-r~,._l,.o Common• . ,111cl Colic ·µ:" C1 ·111t•r. t lw """ -tu·



Open House at St11dent Union

UO\lLl1'G IS •' UN ... StudC'nb takP advant a111· ol tilt' Htriou' n·nt' ,1tional fat·ilitiP' i11 the


'-lt1dt·nt 1111ion. Killian! t<1hl1·-


,l\ ,1ilahlc·.

Jl'IT \ H:\\ CAS AL MO\lt.YfS ... Onr of the un~· • '' J pnft•rt pla<'t' for pentl111~ li·i•urr tinw playing

111 llr \\ atd1inµ t1·l1•vi,ion or


C RI SP Y BRA!'l<..: H ES ... Kappa l'i a r t fra tt·rnit ) adds seasonal heaut} to the ea mpus "ith it s windo" m ural;, in Som;,en Hall.

c h r •


s t

m a s


~H : H T

. . . Th,, S11111'"" ll a ll

li;!ht s an• a main

Formal Dance

CA"° WE UA~ CE JllST O~ CE'! . . . Di<"k Cl1ilder> and J a('ki1· Spend!' seem lo he enjo) inp: l he roman! i<" al nw-pht·n· nf tlw t'\ e n in;!.



attraetion durin}! th P holida\ ~( 'i.l ... on.

It Adds Something to the Yuletide Spirit ...

WllAT JS IN THAT ljll l\(: 11! . . . Ce1ti11g r<'fnesh111Pnts bet\\et'n dan<·e~

are. It.ft In right. HnnniP F1•11ling. Hog \\ i,1r.. ill. a guesl and Carl


!\OW, WHAT DA NCE IS TllAT~ . . . \I r. and \ I r~. Ralph Behling. ehapt>ron s. 1·11j11) "atehing 111 her dtlll('\'r' \\ hile t hey ~it thio one out.

'0 >\R(;l \I EYf ... T"" of tlw -tudrnts atf<•nding lhe annual Chri,1111a' d.111<T \\l're Jnd y J 011e" and John Rahm.in"""'''""' lo ht' ""ndering "lwthn to da111·t' ur ju ... 1 '" li-i.·11111 tht· ht·aH·nl} 111u~il' .


Everyone Hustles Into Winter Q11arter

• • •

DO HH HE-\LL\ Tiii'.'"' I SllOl lL[) BHl.'IG IT II' NOW'? ... ')\,,,""""' l.111·a- 11 all al 11•1 ('Irr i-1111.1-


their lug;!ag•' int "


Wll \T'S TlllS , \BO\ WITH TllREE l.E(;S'? ... Tl11· hu• .it th(' lup uf th .. -1.iir- h.i- .111 111111-11:11 third leµ.. lie and tlw utlwr - 111d1'11l ' , tr(· diliµ.t•nll) filli11µ.11ut 1t·µ:i . . 1ralio11 form .....

THIS IS HAHDEH TUAN GOl'I(; TO CLASS ... Stu<lents sit at a table in Sorrn.pn fillin!! uul 1.13. \1. ('ard,.


Oil! HEALi.) - DIC K ... Slt>ep)-q"d •tudent-. """ha• Did.< :hil<ler,andDenn) Bl a nchard. fiµ:ht tht'<·ro"d' t" p.n qu,1rll'r f,.,.,.

LOOK , I FOU :'I U IT! . .. E. L. Hal!ar helps a -1udrn1 find hi' •·la" t"<ml~ during regi,lration.


Days ...

I COM E 01"-NO ONE WILL CATCIJ US ... Si Ivia Bchrt>n ' a nd frit·nd brinl! in all lht>ir bPlong· in!!' 1h1·y t ook horn" for Chri"ma, va1·a1ion.


STllUIES - i\1' E1' DL ESS T ASK . . . \ t~pi<·al "'"'"' al \ la""'ll Libraq ind1ul"" .1 lahlt• pilt•d \\il h hool,,,_ 'tudenl~ n11u-C'nlralin;.! on tll('il '" 'rl,,. and a cued t''amininµ. ht•1 fini"'llu~d t.t!--!">i~n111t-"11l.

Our Place of Study

SHO ULD I (:UT C l.ASS '~ .. . Ja•·J,, ll<·1u·di..i '""111' lo lw cunl<"11111lal · inµ; ..;.u 1n t~thi11µ.

\{'I"} ~t·riou..,

and important.

INTE RLl' DE . .. .\ fre,. hour. u µ:oud

1ua:_,:.azine and a !-,Oft •·0111fo11alil1· .-hair - 1ha1·, all a pPr~on ncC"d, lo rt> lax al I he lihrar}.


Grows Capacity to Triple, Stacks to Expand .. (Carpeting, tooJ

HOW DO YOU R EVERSE THIS'! ... A '"C"al " cl1>ars th e way fo r the n ew library addition w hich is to be com ple1ed by J anua ry 1967.


1\11 inl t"reslini: virw of the library eonstruC't ion reveals s l eel 1lollll'S "hieh ar(' bC'ini: la id in preparalion fnr pour ing: of c·on<T('h'. 'Th i... vi{'\\ ~howi... lht> con!--truct ion oftlw sreoml floor. Pht>lps i' in ha<"ki:round.

DIRT MAKES WAY FOil EDUCATION . . . Evcq <lay s l u<lent ... \Hltd 1 tlw <·ont inuinl! 1u·u~rt·1oi ... in l h<' t·on ... lruction of the new a<l<lil ion t o \l ax1H•ll Library.


BEFORE THE BALL ... The eafett-ria in the S tudent Union "a' tlw site of Delta Zt'ta';, \ alen1 i111• Dance this )ear. \linules before' tlw da11c·1• ii \\a;, empty and dull.

Valentine's Dance T H E )1 0 MENT F INALLY ARRIV E D ... Jane Price reecive~ the 1%6 Campus Cover Girl title from Sue Rudeen , retiring Cover Girl. and the


• • •

field of five. From l1•ft. Bnnnir Fculinµ. l'als) Fisehba('h. Tanya Hilde· brand! a nd Kathy Kennt'y. \lot pit·lurrd: P at Bisel.

l 966 CAMPl'S COVER (; IRL CR OWNE D .. . \ti s~ Jane Prin·. Ri('hfield. ~!i nn .. le ft. a junior in busint'S'- ..du('al ion a l \\ inona S 1a1<· ('ollt>!(t'. rt><"C'ivC'd llw lillt- of Cam pu ~ Cm e r Cirl of 1966 al 1he annual \ alt-nl ine OJ111 ·1·. Siu• i... lwini: .-oni:ra1ula1ed b ) \Ii'' Su,an Hudt•en. I .a l..1• Elmo. \ Jinn .. a junior. who "a' la... 1 H'ar', C m C'r Cirl. .l ane i- " "" in l lw rnnnini: fu r a nalional Campus Cover G irl <·onl f'S I.

Dance Highlighted By The 1966 CAMPUS COVER GIRL

• • •

O llH CAM PUS COVEH GIRL ... J a nf' Pri.-., lovt·s lo dance aml -lu· lal..t·-


o pporlunil )


dn '"·


Wenonah Players Present. •

LEADI~G CHARACTERS . . . Diarw Thaldorf. Susan Lofquist and \lichael Sheimo rehear,<• onc of tlu·ir ,,.<•n•·~.

ALL JN COSTCME ... Drcss rt'hearsal is a Vt'r) important elt>nwnt in makin!( a proclu<'t ion complete. Here Richard \ rmstron!(. as Crom\\Pll. consults \ ic tnr Burgeson as \laster Hi<·ks.

"A Man

For All Seasons"

• • •

(;REAT ACTORS ..... \I an For \II St·a-1111-:· prt•,pntPd in \on-rnl ... r u nder tlw direction of \l j,, l>ornth) \ l ai.:1111,. n·<"eiH·d i.:rt"at prai-e. t'S l >t'· ciall~ the jail scene. From left. kannt• \lorri,1111 . \lichael Sheimo. Jud('t> Fuirl .., t ad a nd \llan I la) ne,.

IT'S I~ WlllTIN(; ... I ~: FT: \li<·hael Sheimo. \ I l'ai.:l•·an·llo. 1-<it ·hard Armstrong. Don Fri ~b). \ iC'tor Bori.:eson and Cary \lcDtl\\ ,.11 arc <lrt>>•t>d

in «nlorful «os tu me~ of the 16th <·entU I) " hid1 helped makP this a fab u 1111" production.


~~R~~h· · J , --

~akrs-: ...'

T H E FINA L TOUC H ... Vaville S he ly puts the final lotH'lws on Jud y Stenbt>c·k.


HEY l 'P Tlll<:ICE ... \li<"harl Slwimo

kt>rp~ orH'

dr!'n in th1· pla) 11C·1·11 pi1·d lwtw1•1·11 n·llt'ar-al'.

nftlw rhil-

BOY, JS THIS GOOU ... Ralph Follt>t. the bla"k s heep of the fam il ~ "as do1w h} Tom l.t>11l'hlt>11herg while Linda P e tersor

port rayed

WA T SOME CA~DY ... Carnlrt> John,on did a lrPnwntlmi- po1tia1 al nf \fo,,l'I'' \u nt I l a1111ah in .. \II TIH' \\ a' I lo me."

h i ~"

ifr. Sall\ Folle t. Jeanne \lorri;,011 ser ves.

IT'S STILL W ET . .. Denni$ Kod11a . Carolrr J oh n;,on. Jl'anne \lorrison. J ud} S tenbt>l'k and \ ic tor BPrg<•son admirt' thr paintinl,! of Cat herint-'s hus b a nd . Shr was played b } Judy StC'nbC'l'k.


\ L_

Jl'ST LIKE HOME ... Phil Silvt'r' doe,n't tha l it'..., hi..., 111111 to do fli...,htH.. aµain.

~t>Pm 11111 happ1

TEXTBOOK OR " PLAYBOY" ... Di>1•p in <·onci>nlral inn ovt'r hi' ho111P\\ ork. Riek Knapp t'njo}' ha,in:.: a c·up nf eoffce in his o\\ n l..i1dwn tho't' small b1·nrfih of aparl 1111·111 lift'.

one of

Apartment Living

• • •

" TllAT ) Oll ABEY'? " .. . l'hil Silvt'r' t a ke~ a f<-'" 1t1 iru1 te~ from ~tudy in µ 111 u'"'t' oru• of !he



aµ:t• - l ltc lt.'lt·p hurit·.


utilit i f"~

of our

A Stirnulating Psychology Professor Diesthe Faculty and Students Mourn

Associate Profc so r of P sychology E. L. Raga r. 67, died of a heart attack at 3 p.m . Saturday. F eb. 5. Although he had had periods of illness, he wa till active. I le had taught his Saturday morning class as us ual. However, Profe so r Ragar had planned to retire in June. Professor Ragar received his bac helor of arts degree at William Jewell Col lege, Liberty, Mo .. a master of arts

dewce at the niversity of \lissouri. and had done gradu ate work at the Universities of \lichigan a nd \lisso uri . Professor Regar was well krnmn to mos t of the s tudent body, especially those in Psychology. His death is a great loss to Winona State College . l le was provocative. stimulating.


HANBY SPARKS PR ESENTS ... Th<' Bad, l'or.-h \ l aj11ril>- In a11 boukir1µ:i-.. tlw BP' I fuund an audjt'IH'(' 1ha1 frll i11 lnH' "ith 1lw111. Tlw tradC'111arJ.. nf llw M'Vt'll )nll lll! u11d1·r,ludit·~ 1111dnticipatt•d app<•..1rall('<' hl'l\\t'('ll

Back Porch Majority


• • •

ltt The Nt·" Chrisly \1i11streb is an uproario11s senbC' of humor l'ombined \\ilh a nH"it·al st) h- all I heir""" ·

Folk Singers Given Standing Ovation • • •

BLOl\'DE, DR U~E'ITE. RED H E \0 ... ·\ddinµ: 11·-1. lwaut~ a11tl 1ariet1 to the group. llw three \\omf'n 1wrfurm ~ome oftlrPir """ arranµ:t "nH·nl:-, .

"MIGHTY :\11SSISS IPPI" .. . , (,m, "ill forµ:<'t thl' dat'" F ..L. 15. 1966. but not t he performane·p of the BP'I. "\!"itht'r "ill the•} forµ:e t the enthu-

... ia~m of tlri ... dedieall'd µ:rnup. nor the, thrt•t• ,t,rndini-: mation' tlrf'y (lit,. audiPrr<"t' l i-:aH' t hf'nl.


Winter Beauty Means

Snow & Cold ...

SNOW IS ALWAYS SO WET ... S t ud(' nt o mingle in the Shepard llall e ntry lo "arrn 11p a nd dry oul bt'fore tlwy review I heir snow figh1.


Wl~O"IA ... '°I lont'ly road \\ith lifr ;!lowing on]) in the st ret't li;!hl ov..rhea<l. Thi' i' a vit¡" from lower Garvin H c i l! hl ~ road.

BARREN BRIDGE ... The l ntl'rol ale 13ri<ll!e 1ha1 linl..o \I inrlt',ota and \\ i,eon-in i' one of tht' love!) 'il!hl- in \l;'inun.1 during the 11 inter. \\ inon.i i~ on the olher rnd.


That Changes To Those Lazy, Carefree Spring Days.

WHOSE BICYf:l.E IS TllAT'! ... De1· \J..l.auglili11 rid1·s a bindc· bet\\ C'l'll "'"''-CS to gel in 'ha pt· for tlw lwa.. 11.

TH E BLOOMING O F S PRI N<;? ... Dee \lclaughlin. \nn Williams and Donna Dt•Ci'e sh1rn "hat sprinµ: doe~ to \rinona State studt•nh a• \\arm days a nd sunshint> bring 011 tlrnt t'erlain fcH'r kncmn lo all.


\'rAITING ... lo Donna l)t"(;i,t'. a Warriort'llt'. ii mc- ,111' 'ill inµ: on 1111· l'Urb i11 the \\arrn su11liµ:h1. II ere. Do11na \\aih for llw <1rrival of the ollll'r' so tlwy t'an practin>.

This Is Not The End • • But A New Beg1nn1ng

• • •


~ -




Jos<-ph Alfonso

DaYid Andt•rson

Joanne Andt>rson

St.Puul Ph isi,.,,/ Ed11,.111io11

rr,..,,&1. 1r1.1.

llou.11011 Plnsical 1,·ducation


David An shus lfi111H'O/Wfi.1 \/11tllf'lllflt ir.1

D<-a n Ba il<'y 1.i11/~

Fall.1 \latl1t'll/11tin Ph~.<ical Eduration

Steve Andrus frinona


JoS<' l'h Barnette

Na n cy Barski

Chillicot/11', \10. l'hr.<irnl Education

Stillwater Elementary


NOW SAY Cll EESE . . . ·\ > tlw 1966 ... p11inr l'la-.. ... nffi<'('r!-- pn •pare 111 po~t· lor

tlwir pi1 ·tu1< ·. C!'rw llorlon dt·<'id('d on a profill' ,!rot. Tiu· officer' are ~arah Paul. ''"'rl'lar~. \l ikt' Kir<<' ht'. pn·•1 dt'nt. <:1·111· I lnrton. ln·a•urer. aml Doul!la' Fm-t . vi1·t··prt'•idPnt.



Sharon Beck


II ""'"" B 11si111•ss f:t!ucatio11

Diam• Blake 1/011.\tUll f,'il>me11tan



Frank Bilder

Lynn Berry

Pri ..,ton

I-I 111chin.rnn

1f' i11unt1



811si1wss Administration



\lal/1e11111ti<·., <:ent'ral Sn'1 11n•

Frank Braun

Brian Brinkmeier

II i11011a \lathr11111tin

Ora11ge1 i/le. Ill. /Jusi111·ss 4dmi11i,1ra1io11


Kathlc•t•n Brock

ducation Just Begun

Gary Bront-

Richard Byom

l<1who.,t1·r. \ '. ) . Socio/ Sci1·nc1•

Ca/p" illt'. Tf is. Elt'me111an

• • •



Plailll it>11 \/11/hf'lna/ics

ti ataloo, lo. E/1•m1•11twJ

Sharon Chamberlain l<etl IT"ing /,,"111{/1.1/i






Jean Cieminski

Ch c.·ryl Clow

Pl"ll"r Connor

Frank Conroy

Winona Eleuw11tary

II wmw f:/1•mrntari


Llln~home, Pa. Ph 1 .\iral Edurution


Sharon Crandall

Janis C utts

Marcia Daily

Clyd<' Doepner

Pine lsla11d Elementary

Hi11neapoli> 4rt

Ch11tfield f711gfoh

\ orth St. !'au/ Sor111/ Srit'11r1•

Elizabf'th Doln y




/,/ifl. \ .\'.

Ph y.1ir·al

/~'d11totio 11

Frank Doyle Reil IP111g Biolog1 Sprerh



Shirley Drazkows ki

Ann Duncanson

C ha rlt's Ea rp

Fount11in Cit1. lf'i.,. Elementar.\

Carden Cit1. ltich. Eleme11tar_1·

Spri11tz Cro11' E/1•111ei1ton



Diam• Eh<'rl II ""''"' I f,/,-111n1/111

Dal <' Eg;~c>nh<'rg;c>r I.uh'


B11.,11w<., l d1111u1.\ff(lfi1111

John Engc>r

Diane Erickson

Fa1111wnt llatlw11111t1r"

If i11011a Ele1111'nf1ir1

Todd Eri<·kson

Phylli!< Ernsl<'r

Chari<'!< Evans

l /111111•111111/is

S111i11/: I al/1•1

1/011.\/()ll f,'11/:/ i.>h

Ph 1 "nil .'>1



Ddores Ev<'ns H i11 11 PSOl(I



Lt•wt' ll y n f<' latt um 1/nlwl

lfo.\111<'.\,\ l·.'t/111 "''""

Jud<'<' Fu~lt>stad

Dt•nnis Flt•tdu•r

Mary FranC'd Gillu•rl

II i11u11a SpePrh

Douglas Furst

II i11111111 Hiol"/:I

f.'fl'llll'lll Ill I


Ph nical Edurotion



Anne Mari4' Galvin

Robert Giesler

John Grande

J<'anellc Gravenis h

IT'm er/ 1 Soria/ S1·i;·11r1·

Cllledonill l fothenwtirs

If irwna

Pinr l.~la11t! f:lementlln


William Gray

Donald Groth

Mary Jo Grulkows ki

West bur). \ .I'.

I/ oust on Social S<"i1•f11·1•

" //1011(1

B iolaf'J

Ker11on llusic Elrme11111r_1


D avid Haack f~l{!ill

Physical Science iillthematics

Janel H aack Elgi11 llathematic., General Scieflre


Charles Hage n

Diane H agen

S te lla Hap1wl


Ila be/ /:'/ementary

/Joust on f:le111rT1t1ir1

lntl11.1trial I rt,

Elizabeth Gunhus

Judy Haukom

Jam <'s llaukoos

Frank lfoatwol<'

John Hc>ss

llaJfield Element arr

II 11ft1•r.'

P11/1111ra. Pa. F.fr.1111·11/1111

T1111111h. 11 /.,.


Eugen<' Horton

Sharon Ivers on

Roberta Ive's

Roseulfr F.lemrntan Physical f:d11mtiu11

lla 111ard

l.al.e C111 f,'11µ/ish


lint on

Bonnis Johnson



Carolt'e John son


Pi111· /.,/1111rl sfll'l'rh

Dian<' Johnson

Marjorie' John~on

Mary Kat'zrow!'ki

David Ke!->ler


lf ·i11011l1 F.lementar.1

lluht111111•d1 f,'ft'menlllr.I

"i1101111 /11d11.,1rilll l rt.,



Mit'h~wl Ki r;;t:' ht• C11/li11µ.,11 ootl. \ ../. · " ' " ' ' " ' .'i('it>fl('f'

David KJa sst>n

Ruth Ann Klenke

lc/11111s f,'/1'1/ll'lltt1n


/,o/,,, Ci/\


P h_1.1il'f!I f.'d111·otiu11

Barbara Knutson

Jud:'' Knut son

Kt•nncth Knut son

Carol Koes ter

St. /'aal Ele1111'11t11n

Kathryn Koe th

l.11/.1• (.if\ /'h 1.1ini/ f:cl11n1111111

R..t! 1r'i11µ




Jt·ronw Kohn II 11/111»h11 lfot ht'lllrlt j I'S

Gary Koll l/i11111•111mli.,



Jat·ob Lamp .~tru

art l/11'i111•.,.1 l t!111i11i.1tratio11

Rose Le<>

Sharon L<>inin~<>r

P lui111 it-11 F:n((foh

Ontr·r f:/1•111r11tary




_ -_

Gloria Lc-Tournc-au

Thomas Lcuchtenberg

ll11h101111•tli E/i>mentar.1

f( IIS /rj(m/

SpPl't' h

Catherin" Lindsay Sprint! I al/Py F:11t:li.<h

THEY' RE STILL Cl.EA:'\ . .. hur r·Ji,.". lock..,-, in rh .. 1H'\1 Kry1.-l-o <:01111111111-- ... non \\ill IH' in lJ :--('. 11,•r P Ka rro \l ort('11 ... 1111 and ~Ill' P(' l (·r:-.1· n ... hu\\ 1lw lo<'kt·r... ln \1-..llnr .... durinl-! 1lu- n pt'll hou ... t'.

Mad4•lirw Litschk4:" llasli11{!s Phy.1,,·o/ /;'t/uca1io11

Xatalif• Litschkc J-f a.\lf II{!.\ Biolo;.n

Vir~dnia Lorenson /Jloumin;tton /·,'/1·me111an

Margaret L y ndahl

Mi<'hacJ Lyons

llarmo111 J.:1P1111'11f11n

lfochester . .\. }' . Stwial Scie11rr


Bonnie Madison

Patrick Maloy

Dian<' Marlc•nson

Phyllis Mats ch


I. al•' Ci11 B 11.1i11ess f.'i/111'11tio11

lfrd II i11µ /rt

II ast i llf(S /'Ir 1siral f:cl11cati1111


Gary Matson

Kar<'n Mcy••rs

Marilyn Mikult>wicz

Douglas Morgan


II i1101111


t ·:/1'/111'///{lt)

F a1111 inµton /:'11µ/i.1/r

Hof'i.fiird. Ill. l'h1su-,;1 f: d11c11ti1111

Karc•n l\1orlt>nsc·n


f,'ft' llll'lllCll I

Judith Ness Sprinµ <:11>1·•· Efrml'll tw



Harold Nystrom

Kathlet•n O'Connor

/J11.1i1w.1.11rl'"""" d111i11 i.1trntio11

l la.11i11µ.1 f,'11µ/i;h

G<'oq~e Olcott Colli11g 111 ood. \.}. /Ji11loµ_1

- - ·


John OmdahJ llalwl f,'fr11w11t1ir)

David O!iiwciJer

Lorraint> OvC'rhaug

Cindy Packard

LaCro>s<'. If "· /111.'1111·.1.1 Admin1.<l1otw11

Spnnf{ (,'""'''

l111rri.1tou n l'h y,1iral f,'tl11rntion

Sarah Paul II

1•.11 liruuk



Bruce Pederso n

Barbara P«•h'rson

HarJan Peterson

llPndri1·k.1 llathl'ma1i1·"


lloustun Bw,illt'>S Ad111i11i.~tratiun


Crn1·nil S<'ienn•

Rohert Pett•rson 11011.11011 At!111i11i.1t1utio11

/J 11.1i111•.1.1

Suzanne Pet«·rson

Charles P e tit

Mary Witt Pi«•trzak

IVi1101111 Ele11w11to1)

Mavis Pinke

llilwaukl'e. lf'i.1. B11si11es> •l tl111i11i.1tmtio11

H1•tl tr'inf{ Physical f,'d11r11tiu11

Ha .11i11f{.1 Eleme11111n


Nancy Ramlo

Gregory Richardson

James Richtman

S tanlt• y Riha


St. 1'011/ fft.me11tar_1

l-'ou11tui11 Cit\. lf'i,. Husiness ·ldmi11istratio11 lit

U11/e T11r/,1•1. lo. S1u•1•«h


Roger Roc1>kc Steuart H11.>ifll'-'·' A dmi11i.,tratio11 /Ju;i111·ss 1~·dw·u111111

HOPE IT'S NOT TOO M UCH . . . l.11rraint> (h<·t haug

"ate h t·:-.

~ee r ~lary

r t>ceipt tuition .







11 11 1

pa) ment

h f' r for

Carole Roger~ Cufrs1 illP.

rr 1.1.


Jamt's Rolbit•c ki

Leonard Rollins

1r i111111a /11t/11;t1ial l1t.1

II ewer Hio/of!_\


I David Rmwnau

David Ruzt-k

II all'rl illc /:'/1•1111•111 11r_1

//rn/ ir•/t! l·.'!1'111;.,, ,{/J'\



Carn1c•n c St'n~



f ,'/1'/lll'llfllr\

llu1h1'111a1in St·it~un•

~iriarn Shaw lf.ino1111 f.'lf'lllt'lllill \

Thomas Smith

Jan(' Soffa

Dolor<>s Starlin!'

Swin1rJi1·/t! .'ioriul SnnuT

P re.\/ on

(.'/1•1 •'ln11t!. Ohio f./ 1'1111'1// II fl

/>Jr 1 ,/l'lil /<.'t!un//ion

l /u,,1r

Richard S te t-le


l<ol'i11'.1/1•r l l111h1•111111ir.1

Donald Stt•ink<> S1. /'1111/ l lu.\1111',\.\



II in~ lla1he11111/1n J< ptf

Ted Thit•le

Gary Thomas


II i1101111


l :lt'fllfllllflr)


- --

Judith Thomps on

Ja<·k Tiblwtts

Joan Timm

Kathyrn Torvick

\/orri.\IOlt 11 Eleme11t1111

Horh1•s/N 1,11'1/11'/l/(/f\

\/innei.,f.11 llathrm1111n

Sprinl! Cron• r:le1111•11t11n

Pt>nt>lopc> Trubl

1\ancy Turner

Kath1·yn Underwood

II i1101111 l·:l1•111<•11tun

Chatf,../d 1-:t1·111e111an

\/011terideo 1-:ft.mentw ·'

Joan Vandt•rau II


lrt ·"/ll'l'f'"



Miehad Wagner Caledoniu Ph 1•inil r:du1·atio11 l·./pme11t11n







'.\ancy Waldo

Elizabeth Walters

Janet Wass in~

If 11101/l/ l:'ft.111e11t11n

Uloomi11f{to11 Social .'frience

1/111111'1/(lllll.\ Pin ,,,.,tf l:d11u1t11111


Barbara Sawyer Watkins



f :t1'1tll'llllll \

Donald Wendland

David Wt>ndlamh

1'ufm . \o. Dal..

Jay Wescott


If i1lllt'O/wfi.1 f;ngfish

/111/11.\/1111{ /rt>

Jonelle Millam

Miehat-1 WiJiiams

II i1w1w

Lore n Wondraseh

Ric hard Wong

f·."cfi1/(/ Su<"ial Sriell<"t'


IF1111AP/Wt1 . /ff. lloth<·matfrs R11si11es.\

If 111i1·

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Collt•Pn \ ndt'f•ctn. Winona Stt·phcn \mold. Fountain J udith Rail1·). St. Fran<'i'. \ri,. El,it' llallan!(l'r. l{oclu.>•tC'r Frl'dC'rick Baran,t..i. Joliet. Ill. Judith Bart1. \\ r•t St. Paul Daniel 13Pt'kt'r. Du nda• J ohn B<·n1·dit'l. " "no,ha. \V i,. Ja m<·~ ll <'n~on. I louston Thomao, Bouquet. Waba,ha Diane' Broad. Lakevill .. David Hrokn, Winona Kl'n tw th Hr ut».kt'. Pla inview Carl Burk. l' ipC'~ t one P atrieia Burkt'. St. Chari!'~ Raymond Bu•h. Ro<·h .. ,ter \Ian Carlson. Winona Candy Connau!(ht y. Winona Hit'hanl Dahl. Peter,on Frank Danic·k Hu,hford I !amid Oran. \\ inona Frank DC'tl'r'. Caldonia LeRoy Dt·tt•r,. EitL<'n Judith Dittrid1. Plain' i'"' Ro,('mary Dohrn. La ke C it } Sharon Drn all. St. Paul Jill Einhorn. St. Paul Barry En!(rav. l{u,hford J oyce l·:vpno,. \ll innl'"•la City .l oan Fa r r ington, S t. Pau l P a rl.. Ann Fcn1wy. Ru;,hfo rd Cht'ryl Fi ct... Lak1· City S tt•vc•n For,tn, Winona \ drian c;aar<l. Oakland P hilip GC'rn!'•. Winona Jerry Grade. Deno,ha. W' i-,. Joan Graha m . . \ lbt·rt Lt'a Jt>romC' Gro,,man. Arl'a<lia. Wi>David ll aim•,. \larion. l a. 1\lar!(aret Hank!'•. I la,t ing, Carol I lan•on. Bronk Pa rt.. Franci' I ht} r•. \\ illiam•port, Pa. Cra('(' Henry. \'\'inona

Pa u l llod!(C'. St. P aul Barbara I lorihan. I loJ..ah Kiri.. Hor"' ill, La Cm,~!'. \\ i,. Dennis I lousl'lnl-(, l'i pt', lt11H' llt'nry ll ul't ll , Lake City l\fary lt t>n, St. l'au l

~:unic·c I ver,on, Dakota Janirr JPn,en. Ke nyon Kathq n J ohm.c111. Plainvit>w

Kathleen " acl..man. La ke Cit} J an<' Kac·zro" ,l.,i, I vanhnf'

Riehard Kalbn•nt'r. \V inona

.loan " anp:f'I. \X inona William 1'ce na n, Winona l-IC'nry Klei,, ll a'- li ngs P hi l " oprow~ki. Wi nona Honalcl Kovac ik. Mtn neapoli!> "l/aney Krut(' h. W inona S hirlf.'y Kr<'"· Still water Donald Kropp. P ipt'stone Susan K1u·he11mei;,ter, Sout h St. Paul Cary La udrn. Chicap:o. Ill. Petrr La \ ell!'. St. Aug:u,tint>. Fl a.




SteH•n b. St. Paul Sht'r)I L1wding. Winona Susan l.oeffl('r. LeCenter Jt'annecn Loerch. Ru shford Ronald Luloff. Je;,up. la. Genl' Lund. Whitt' Bear Lal...e Penni" \lack. St. Paul Walton \ ladland. :'\orlh St. Paul Walter .\lae;,c•r. Barriniiton. ~.J . Judith '\l almin. Sava{!t' 1-.t'nneth \IC')f'r. Lai...t'villr Marilyn _\I ikult>wicz. Fannington La Vonnt• i\lolde. Ka,f.on Dt'nni,, i\111r{!an. Dodgpvillt>. Wis. \ndre" :'-levillt» _\Jill,,. W)o. La V.. rn i\ici...Plson. Elµ;in Gary Nis,all...e. Winona Joanne Ohuchi. Kauai. 1lawaii Dt'nni;, Orphan. Winona Thoma• Q,"ald. """thun. '.\. Dale Owen,. Roche-tn . \ eroniea Pt> ll ow~l...i. Winona Darien" Pein•. P lain' iew Dalt> P hilli1>-on. \rhit('hall. Wi>Gene Phillip,on. \'i hitehall. Wb. Bernard Pittman. Durand. \\' is. Rud y Po ~'f·hl. Elk adt'r. la. \ l ar) P ot tratL. "\e" <\lhin. Ia. Jame' P rice-. \\ inona Rac-hel Prit't', Richfield l.C'onard l'urringlon. Alma. \\'is. Sandra Quam. Kenyon John l{ahman. Elgin Dana Hep;,. Lt'wi;,ton J ame;, He) nolds . .\li nneapoli' llubert l{ipplt>. \lichacl Hirn an. \'i inona 1lt>ather Ro, burgh. I lonolulu. I-la" aii J ohn Rue. St. Paul Patrieia Runningt'n. I lou ston Karen Satlwr. Hou;,ton Barbara St·hmaus>. Lal...e Cit y 1-.athleen Schmitz. Calt'donia Linda Shanahan. Lanc,,boro Bruc·e :;milh. Coon Rapid' Sharon Sohra,k!.'. Ric·hfll'ld Honald Sponj!. Rurl1t••ler Jame, Stnll. Ri('c La!...e. \'I; i,_ .l anws Stoul. Pipt>>turw

VPrnon Sudrla. .\r!.'adia. Wis. Dian" Thaldorf. Winona Gary Thon.on. Blooming Prairi P

Susan Thorson. Robbinsdalt> Lynne Ti!.'f!'· Luck. \\ i, . .lame' Tro!'hta. Winona I ngn \evil.... T rondheim. l\orn a y

.lamt•s \ ij!rH~ ~'-. La nc~boro

\ irgil Walkt·r. \\ inona \largart't \\ al~h. \'l;"inona Gloria Welch. Stewartvillt> .l oan Whorton. Winona Sally Wic-zc·I.... Winona Gordon \\ il'bi...e. Caledonia James Wie!'LOrek. Winona Roy Wilse}. Hou~ton Joel Worra. Peterson li l'rmione Zit>nle!.... St. Paul



Ro1wr Ader. St. Paul J .. an Alwarn. Win.,11a .loan Alkn. Caledonia Row!' 1\11. Edina Randall \nder•on. l{t·d Winµ: Thoma' \nd1·r,on. \ l i111wap11li, Carol lla<"on. \ l innt·apnli' Diam· Barinµ:er. Ht•rl \\ inµ: Hicharrl llt"hlinµ:. \Yinnna Syh ia Bt·hn·1i-. \lar-hall

Sandra Bidrn. \ddi>on Karen Birl. llarnH•ll} Patri<'ia Bi-.•I. Hutti' I fi1·ld Claudia Bi•hnp. St. Panl \lary Bi•>rn. I lol..ah .lame• Flraj!'. \ linneapoli, llr}on Brrnwr. l.al..t· Cit} Terry Bn»h. Ct·dar Rapid,. la. Gloria Buhlit1.. \\ inona Diane Bunµ:t>. Calrdonia




Alvarn Burnap, Chatfield l3rll> 13urrows. St. P au l Sandra Burl. Winona Da vid Butlt'rfield. l.amiradia. Cali f. Carol Calvcv. Weavt•r (:aylP Chri•iofft'rsf'n. S1ilhrntl'r B1 Ul'l' Closway. \Vau~au. Wifo. Dt·nni• Cook. Hastings Donna Courtier. "inona Barbara Da,idson, St. Paul

Bud Davie,. \l«dford Lakes. N.J. Donna D.. Gis... Wyckoff. N.J. Hita Devine. 1ew Brighton KPnnPth Diel..son. PostviUc. la. Koht'rl Ea•tin. ~l t'dford Lakes. \'.J . John Elder. Bloomington Paul Engrav. Rushford Jame~ [,cnson. \Vinona l.o" <>II Faa. \1abt•I 1'.a l hlecn Feely. Still waler

WORKING TOGETHER ... lo represent the junior and s o11homore ('lasses arc: ROW ONE. LEFT: Patsy Fischba('h. sophomort> set·retary: Bonnie Fculing. sophomore treasurn; Sharon Drwall. junior treasurer; and Dana Reps, juni11r se('rC· lary. ROW TWO, LEFT: ~ik e S1wcht, sophomore vi"" prcsicl1·nt; Ho!J:l'I" W istrici ll , "'phomorc president; Curt Lindahl. junior vice president; and Louis Kanavati,junior president.


James Ft>hrman. St. P a ul Carolt> Ft>ld ma nn. Exc-el,ior Lyle Fdsc h. \Jin nt>sola C il } J ame~ Ft>rnhol1.. \rcadia, W is. Bonnila Fe uling, Aread ia. \V i,. Patricia F ischbar h. Payne'' ille

Thoma' Fi•hba ughn. P reslon Thoma' Fo rd. Winona Tho mas Frrde ri!'k. St. C harle, \ lie ha(' I Fruen, S t. Paul Lore n Gallaghe r. Minnesot a C il y Eilren GNbe r, .\l inneapolis

Wayne Gt>rgen . Ra ndolph Gregor y Gt>rlac·h, W inona Ja mt>s Gt>ls ko" . Wa•eea Richard Glaunnt. Winona Patric ia Glud l. Roche,lt'r Reg{!ie Gregoq, Ha ngor. \1ieh.

\Ja r y Gron vall. Red \X"ing • haron G rol h . \'\ inona .John 1-lae"iµ:. \X' inona Gerald ll ager. \Vaba,ha C ha ril'' I laµ:µ: bloorn. \li nnrapoli< Ed na ll all. Ha,l ings

Carol llalve n,on, S pri ng Grovp Jeanette Han n on. Util"a Roger Harl wic h, Winona Frede rick !la ud.. \V(•stbu ry. N. Y. KathlePn Hcillcr. Hrow nswillt• Nancy llt>lrn ut>lln, Ea u Galle. Wis.

Elizabe1h He ron. S t. Pa ul Gordon I less. Keno,ha. W is. Donald Hip:g,. St. Pa ul Tanya H ildebranch . '\ ew Brighlon Jane llilke. Winona Glen H ines. W ino na

R!' uht> n Hjc r ms la d. Wana rnin!(o \J a ra lw 1h ll olsapplc . Rt>d Wing T err y I lolston . Rohbi n,dale S lw ilu I l omolu. Srockton Colen<' llu seby. Caledo nia Gar y l hrk!'. Eyota

Robert Js hell. Ge noa. \\, i,. Barbara h en.on. \ iroq ua. \\ i;,. Susan h ins. F1•u,tervillt'. P a. Kenneth J acoh, on , Grand '\lt'adow Carol J e('he. Sprinii. \ alle} ) licheal J efferi'. Chalfield

Oavid Jo hn, on. S la le n Is la nd. \' .Y . .loyee .Johns on. C loqul'I Ja me;, Johnson. Winona Lyn n J ohn-on. \ l adi son . 'J.J . .la mes Kas len, \Vinn na I l iroko Ka wakal s u. Kamaku ra. J a pan

Kathy Ke ller. S t. P!'l!'r Larry Ke ndrick. Ha rlland Mic heal Kingsbury. I larmon) Diane K.Ja, ,en. Ada ms Richard Kna pp. \ 1inneapoli , Su ~an 1'.nit>hel. S 1ilhrnter




-- -



Juliann<• Knopid... Winona J ani<"P Knott. Low•' Par!... Ill. Linda f<..rriM•I. \lora Shirley !<..rt'""· Still\, atrr i\li"r Kronehusdi. \ltura Paula Kruir1·r. Ro,cnt". Il l. Jo)<"P f<..u st('r. l)p, \ 1oine,. la. Richard l,agN. Calt'donia Gary La" rynl... Lal\1oillP l::lai nt' Lra. Whalan Caroline Le<'. I lolualoa. Kona. Hawaii Duanf' LPP. Melro•e. Wis. Arlis l.Pgln. Woodstock Thomas LewC'rs, Ct>dar Rapids, l a. Daviu LichC'rl. Rodwstcr. \.Y. Duane Luin,tra. Winona \1ar!'ia Lut1. Winona Kathkl'n :\lacinch. St. Paul Hichard l\lan!'U'<>. Statt'n Is land. :-1.Y. Rohe rt '\Jann. Plairl\ it'" Dnnna \lar«u,on. Bayport Rohert \lart in. Prior Lal..P \l ichacl \Jatt ,on. Shafrr Wa >11{· \ledcraft. St. Paul Karen \l t'istad. Arcadia. \Vi,. Richard l\l1·rn in. \1inrwapoli, Robt'rl \ 1crn in. l\l inncapolis Judith M1•s('hl..e. \lorri ~ to\\n Larry Mikl..elson, llarmnn y Donna \ilillc-r. llurnsvillP f<..aren \ l ill1·r. Red Wing Dolores \lcLaugltlin. \Vpst rnont. N.J. Hoger \loe. ArC"adia. Wis. \rland \lo:,!Pr. Ru~ltford Gloria \1ogr1•n. Winona Louis \1olandPr. Knl'kford. lll . Cltt•r>I J\lundcll. Chatfit>ld Sall) \lysl..a. Winona Cary i\11•al. \rlin:,!ton Heights. Ill. Janl't \'pJ,on, Kenyon Huth \!',hitt. Bloomington Dale \'('\\('Omh. Dal..ota l\lar> Elll"n \'ichoh.en. l\linrwapnlis Paul \'nrrit'. Ho<"ht''ler Judith '\y11=aard. LaCros~e. Wis. f<.. all1} Ohrman. ClarPmnnt Carol Ollhoff. Ro<"lwstn Wanita Oln('ss. \\ halan Ph ylis Olson. De troit. Mich.

\i irginia ()" \eill. Soul h St. Paul Jacqu<:'lirw Opsahl. Winona Sandra Oti.,, J louston 1\lar) l'aape. South St. Paul Konalcl Paul. Faribault

Jud ith Paul~nn. \\ inona J1·rom<' Pe,d1. \linnt•apoli' \li«I' P et<'r'-1111. South S t. P aul

C harle,; PPter,1>11 , Onalaska. Wis. Harlan P('tnson. I louston Susan Pt'ttis. Farminl(to n

Sophomores 78



- -





--------- ---

John Poor('. IXahasha Paul Porvat.nik. lla,lin!(' Charles Pri!(gt'. Lcwislon Beverly Ra1hbonc. lla$1in!(' \larir Hau. S1. Paul Roger R<"ady. LaCrc!-<'Pll! Jeannr R!'d.. Waba•ha Richard Rit>~. Rollings lone T!'d Holwrlon. l{ushford R<hemar) Roher!'. £a,I Longmeado\\. \lass. JolPne Rollin-, W' inona John Ro,s. Rt>d Wing Dianr Ruprt'eht , White 13Par Lak!' Ct>rald Saab}. St. Paul Hichard Sadl<·r. Wilmini:lon. Del. La\ nn Sdiarmn. \Vinona Sandra SC'hl<'y. Foley La1>e11<·p S<·hmit. Waba,ha J.-ronw S<"hmitz. I la•linj!:' C) nthia S<·h<H'neckrr. SI. Paul Park Lynn Schumann. Eyola Sharon Scrabt'f'k. Preslon Hi<" hard Seib. Haub,tadt . Ind. Sharon Senn<''. I lokah \lar} Sh,.t·han. llokah Franci• Sieb<"nalC'r. LPwi,lon \ ' irginia Siq~el. Winona Linda Sin·k. S1. Paul Jean StruPlwr. Winona Hobert Suehanek. \IC'dford Judith Swij!:art. Redwood Falls Sharon Tt>pl>- Cedar Rapi<b. l a. \larilyn Thom. Farmington Joan Thnm1i-011. Still\\alrr Judith Thom1»on. \1orri ~lo\\ n Ronald Tobias. Pipe-101w \liriam T•"'ata. llolualoa. Ha\\aii Barbara \an!(. \label Ronald \ arnum. CollinJ:'""od. i\.J. T<•rry Vatland, \1 ahrl Cind\• \'ikl'n. Edina l'Pl!'~ Wade. \linncapoJi, Susan V:'akh. \ltura Palricia \\ altn. Hobart. Ind. Ca1hcrinf' \\ ahers. Bloominf(lon Carol V:'eaH.'r. Sprin!(field. \ a. Judi1h ~ Pf!man. S1. Charle, Paul V:riclwrt. Caledonia DianP \~ t•ir. dar Rapi<k la.


Pf'tc r \I; ri~hrod. Elgin \l aritart>t \\ t'll!!Prl. Granilr Fall~ Janw• \\ l''llwri:. Cedar Hapicl,. l a. Ha ymond \\, ir'k•. DrC"orah. la. Joan \rierzba. St. Paul Hil'hard \\ ild. Winona \r1hur ) airo\\. R .. d W'inf!

CharlC"ne Yamanaka. "-ealakt>kua. H a" aii PParl \ ama,aki. KPalakt·kua. Hm, aii Fred ) aroli1m·k. Prcsh.ich Riehard Ye,k•>. \'l' inona

Dodie Ynraway. \[inneapoJi, Jay Youman,. Winona l\rlenr Zabel. \ledford

WAITING l'ATIE~TLY . . . Th""' two rhoir mt·mlwr' rPlax lwforc s l arlini: !heir Irip to\\ a,Jiinµ:lon. D.C.





Drnnis \a,l', Faribault Harbara \braham""' · Hloornin!(lon Donald \hram,, Winona Joan \dam•on. Edina .\lice \kolt .Sle\\arl\illP \ Ja r} \llrn. R1w h<",ll'r \lfrf'd \hon. \lin nC'apoli" Sandra AmhuhL Winona Danrl} /\ ndt'r,on. '\1abPI David Andcr">n. W('slby. Wi•. David /\ndl'rson. \Vat<•rlown. So. Dak. Judy Anderson. \ l in1wapolis Kathlel'n AndNson. Stil l"atcr Lois Ander,on. Rrd Winp; \lary Auden.on . I lnu,,lon \ l a uri< <' l\n <kr~o n . Winona Rie hard •\nd<•rson. :'\orthfirld Rolwrl \nder""'· \l a b<·I Honald \Jl(h•r,on, \ l irul('apolis Sandra \nde r,on. Sprinl! \alley \lurit•I l\ndrt'"'· Sti]h,alt•r 0

Hoherl \nfin-.1n. "halan Leonard \n j!;I<'" i11.. \X inona Terren<"l' \nJ!'l . \~ inona Car) /\nhall. Sou th St. Paul Judilh •\rm,lronp;. Winona Janel Arn,,. I larnHlll} .l amps 1\1 kinso n. ~1inneapofo, Thoma ~

At,,all. Edina Eul!<'nl' Baplit'wski. Fountai n City, Wis. Gcorp;iana Haich. En1t•rson. N.J. Sandra Bailq. Savanna. Ill. Bonita Balkc nal. St. Paul h.an•n Harkt•r. \l <·dfonl Judith Barro'"· AllH'rl Lea

JanH'' Barhc h. St. C harles Roher! Baun''· Founl<1in Cit). Wis. Dani el BPekt'r. Dunda~ Thoma' Bl'ekPr. ~l inn capo lis CharlnllP 13t'hnkt•n . \ iola Jame" Bell. \\ inona John BPll. \\ inona

\ l aq HPll. Cal<·,villt'. \X' i, . Car) Ht•h1.. '\l orJ!an Linda Bt'njam in. Waba•ha

FHES ll MAN HU LING BO DY ... Aiming 10 l!ive the fre~hman "'""''

Linda B<'tbon. 11 1111 -.1011 \\' aym• llNl!t'r. W""ti)}. \Vis. Larr) Hrrj!!(rt'll, l{1wl1t·•ler

Jo•Pph fl <>rktolcl . Lak!' C it' Frane!'s Bnland. Lant',boro .lcannP Bernell. \\ inona

Kai hryn lkllt·hl'r'. Hichfielcl Sanford Ht•llclwr. Hi<"hfiPld S haron BPyC'r. l 1iea


H ' Ironµ; voi<"<' in the student senate are Sue Br('fllSt'lh. '<'<"rt'lary: Cheryl \lil lcr, vier presidrnl: JaequPlint' BPnson, trt>asure r a nd Ro be rt Grim . president.

--- - - -


Doris Bin1?er. W illma r \la rjorie Binnn. \"'abasha Annelle Birl-hol£. \~ ilton. Wis. Sidney Bi~ hop. Freeborn William Uixh\. \le llal..atla. Alaska Carol Bjorl-lu.nd. Wesl St. P aul J erq Blac·k. Welch Carol Blank. Wino na Linda Blexrud, pri ni: Grove Bradle) BJo,s. Wayzala l\lary Jo Blumt·nlrill. Winona Connie Board. SI. P a ul Pa rk William Borl-t'nhaun. Gale svil le, Wis. John Boesen, S 1. Paul Stephen Borsrr. \11. Carroll. Ill. \l arlon Buelll'hf'r. LaCrescent Dianne HoilC'au. Si. Paul Barbara Boone. Raeirw Ho!!rr Borc·herl. Farihault \\, aym• Borgen. C hai field Darald Bothun. Larw•horo Du.ayne Bolhun. Lanf'sboro John Bu1hun. Lan!'sboro Jant> Bo" c•n. Plain' iew Linda Boyden. I l opl-in~ J.,.arPn Boyer. Savage \lurt on Boyum. Util'a Patri!'ia Boyu m . Pelerson RiC'hard Boyum. /\dams Arlonial Hradford. Kini:slrt'e. So. Car. Ela ine Brahms, \lrdford Susan Brrmsel h. Prest on Suzannr BrP111,1•1 h . Rll!, hford Pa1ri<' ia BrPuer. Lake City .lanu·~ Brod i1-. l\fiami. Fla. Evonne Brown. S1. P aul Carla Bucldt' . Onlario. \'l: ' i~. J Pan ll1wrmann. \\'i nona Krnrwlh Bullard. Lincl~trom C:harl1•' Burfeind. 1.al-e C it \ ~u-a n Burns. \li nneapol i~ Leroy Burl. \" inona

Bonita Burl nn. \li nnPapolis P atrie !- Cahalan, CasllC' Roell.arr) Calver!. Fort Dodge. la.

Freshlllen Chris l) Camplwll. Savage Bl'llt' Caqupll e. 'vl innrapoli; Barbara Ca rl -on. Winona Ru>'t·ll Carn<"\. Winona J.,.a1hlN'll Carr: \V,.,t St. P aul Danil'I Carlirr. Wh ite Bt'ar Ell1·n Ca-1wr. Winona ~haron Ca,1nn. J.,.a•~on \htr) C had" iC"I-. Bloominglon J a rwl Cht•rrit'r. Cloqut't

Daniel Chico;.. West Concord Nor ma Chri<lia nson, Au;.tin Su~an Cif't11inski. Winona Susan Cihak. Whcalon. Ill . Hoh<'rl Cliff. LakC' C i1 y .Jane Coale•. St. l'aul Judi1h Cocker. Winona

.!a mt'~

Connolly. Newport Sl('ven CordP'. St. Paul Cynlhia Coui:hlos. Elg-in La1HPn<'t' Craii:. Weslbu ry. \/.Y.



Leonard Cn"'· Si. Pa ul Park S11,an Cro" It·). St ill" atl'r J am<·' Dakidt·n. (h,atonna Timoth) Dalton . lla 111burµ.. \ .Y. Carol Davit'>. ll a,tinµ.' Thoma' Da' i•. Canton Tri,i!' [lt-ld llt'\. T n·11q1t•alt·a11 lfoµ:n Dt·l.11w. Dod µ.1· Cc·n1t·r \ nnon Dt·lko•ki. SI. Pau l Ruth Dc·nman. Bai port

\l ark f),.Santi .... \l in1wapoli... Thoma• DPtrr•. Cal..donia \lic·hael Dr)"'" \1 inneapoli• \larJv, Dic·kc·1 man. Evola Da ni;·I DittriC'h. \I ma~ \\ i•. J ohn Domnnko•. SI. Paul \ irg-inia Donah11t'. \\ innna Jame• Donald. Canion Clc·nn Donha r l. \lc•dfonl Lak<''. \.J . Diann<· Donrw1. 0-aµ.<'. la.

.!Pan Dorsch. Winona Jrffrry Doyle. Hc d Winµ. Linda Doyle. Rt'd Wing Judith Dru11an. W inona Dia nn<' Drury. Winona Oavid Due ll. T rempealeau Barry Dur llman. Winona James Duffy. Winona Davie! Du 111on. Kevin. '\lonl. Louise Duncan. Faribault S usan Duncanson. Lewiston \lar> Dunne. Galesville. Wis. John Durfn. Winona Adeline Dvorak. H okah K.. n1wth Eaton. Ho us ton Linda l::chternach. cw Richland Julia Ei,entragn. Bloominl? Prairie '\Jorman Ellingson. Spring Grove Laural!'!' l::lnrs. Ho pkins Keith Eh1ood. St. P a ul

Alexina Endrizzi. Winona \Va yrw En µ:r l<'n, Shakopt·e \likt' Erickson. Prc ~ ton J a me" Erm,ter. Calt'don ia l-,.athle!'n Estc·s. I la•tinµ:'

Rie hard Euc. Bloomington Thoma~ Eva ncho. Turtlt' Creek. Pa. Eiken E1an~. Owatonna

K1·nn!'th !-:van~. Plainview William Evenson. Spring Grove

Kay Ev<.>r"on. Winona \lrlanie E" ings. Frid lt'} .Joice FenskP. W inona Ar;ita Fick. Lakt' City GwPn Fif' k. Lake City

Hoger Fischbach, Paynesville Willi~ Filling, Roc hester David Fix. St. Charles Gary Fiann. Albert Lea E'a Flott erud . Zumbrota


Oren Fogelsanger, Hamburg, Kathleen Foley, St. Paul Janice Fossum, Winona Sally Freer. Hopkins Linda French , Hastings Ba rbara Frisch, Minneapolis


Patricia Fritz, Blooming Prairie Faye Froehlich, Janesville Harold Fruec hte, Dorc hes ter, la. Sue Galvin, Red Wing Gerald Gaudette. Chisago City Gary Gavle, Dt'corah, Ta.

Maureen Gergen. Farmington Gordon Gerlach. Hastings Rosaleen Gibbons. Boone, Ia. Norman Gillund. Winona Lucia Giovanni, Wind Gap, Pa. Ronald Gipp, Decorah. la.

Gary Glauner. S t. Paul Larry Gleason. Fort Dodge. la. Dougla s Glynn, Grand Meadow James Goforth, Cedar Ra pids. la. Eilt:>en Goihl, Lake Cit) Thomas Goodrich, Bloomington

John Cougins, St. Paul Barbara Gordon, Roc hester Bruce Graff, La mberton Thomas Gravenish. Pine Island J erry Green , Winona Susan Greenwood, La \1oille

Freshmen Thomas Greer, Zumbro Falls Elinor Grier. orthfield Robert Grim, Beecher, Ill. Lynette Grimm, Winona Pat ricia Grochowski, Winona Linda Gronholz, LeCent e r

Carol Cross, S t. Paul John Cross, S t. Pau l Corrinr Grover. Preston Sharon Grupa. Winona Je rome Gudmundson. Whalan Wayne Gulbranson. Winona

Raymond Gunderson, Rockfo rd . Ill. Milton Gustavson , Mabt'I John Haas. Hastings Stanley Hac ke nmiller, Austin Ione Hagen, ew Richland Julene Haglund, Butterfield

Elaine Hagman . Long l.ake Gary Hall. Riceville, la. Mary Ann Hall. Plainview 11fancy Halvorson, Hopkins Donald Ha milt on. Hastinf!;S Willi am H amman, Hastings

Steve Hanks. Hastings Patricia Hanner, St. Paul Park Ellen Hansen, Wabasha Duane Ha nson, Decorah, la. Mark Ha nson, S t. Paul Park Glenn Hartley, Waukon. la.


\J ar) Ila rt), Blooming Prairit> Hob..rt llat' ll " ingt•r, Winona \li<'h<'I ll arvt'). Hopkins David Hak anson. St. Paul Park Rolw rt ll alton. Ualllt' Crrrk . \lie h. Di \nn lla uga n. l.aCn·"·ent S1t•vt•n ll auge. \rinona Lorraine Haugland. Spring Grmt' Theresa Ha) f'S. Wll('alon. Ill. Allan Ila) ne•,, Cresco. la . Sandra I l aylc r. Tre mpealeau. Wis. Elaine I lt'aSl'r. Winona Vaughn H<'t>ler, LaCr.. scenl Lorna Ann I lf·ft>I, llol y Cross. l a. J a rlt'I ll t>p;lvt•ch. Hoc· h1·s1n Carol llrlg1·mot·. \\ inona Hobert ll em py. So. St. Paul l.orrn llf'n ry. Rie hfir ld l.f'e llerold , Winona Lana Hrrrirk, S1ewarlvillr Panlt'la 1lcrve). \1innt>apol is Kay \l a rie llie k'. Roe he,ler Earlene Himlic. St. Paul Gan Hirs<'hier. Hot·ht>~ l c r. , .Y. J~an n ie Hiltnr r. '' inona Andrt>w ll olmaa.,, Falls Churr h. \a. Dcnn ib lloll cgaard. La nesboro \Ian<» I lolubar. Winona ~lil'hael I lcillcr. S1ewar1villt> \l elvin ll omulh, Sprin g Grove Wayne• ll onda, Makaweli. Ha waii Ann Hongnholl. Whalan Thomas llonM, S t. l'aul Larry H oppe. Winona Gayi<' Huda k , \1inneapolis

Rogn lluling. Winona S haron HumblC'. Hu,hford L) nn 1luntoon. Plainvir" Charlt•, l ngvabon. St. Pa ul Park Su.,an Ivprs. Whitehall. \\is. Ge nnell hn•on. Hayward Julie l vn.,on. Hushford

P au l Jal'obs. Winona Trude Jacobs. Hopkins Graha m J a ..obse n. Winona

Freshmen Rodi:er J e hlic ka, St. Pa ul Park Alan J"'"e n. C lrlll('nts Rarhara Jenson. Sprin !(field Palricia Jc•rza k , Iva nhoe Jud) .1 <'''"11. Roe heblt'r Bruet· John,on. Savap:P C11nnie John -.1n. Harlland

Da lt' J ohnson. llou.,lon Ga rr) Johnson. l.aCre•<·enl J amt>• J ohnson. \\ inona Kiri.. JohnMlll. Golden \ alley \lic harl Johnson. Fores t La ke Paul John,on, Bloominglon Rie ha rd J ohnson. Rockford. Ill. Sonnf'va J ohnson, I lopkins S 1even J ohnson. o. St. Paul Alber! Jonl'S. Slalt'n Is land . N.Y. Cynlhia Jone·•. Forl \Vorlh. T ex. Judy J ones. l.a ke Ci1y Jancl Joswick. S 1oek1on Slepht• n Joswick, Rodtt>s ler


Damon Junge, \\inona Carolyn Kalmes, Rollingstone John Kan111•l. Cochrane. Wis. Dennis KanthaC"k. Winona \lary Kapustik. Winona Marie Karas<'h. Winona J oanne Karsten. Winona Mary Kaul. Faribault Gary Kautz. Roc hester James Kcipt'r, Winona Kathleen Kelle). \linnt'apolis Anne Kell}. \'( estmont. .J. David Kenned) , Dodge Ccntt'r John K t·nnedy, Wabasha Scott Kcnnt'dy. Fort Dodgt'. la. \1ilo Kilen. Westb). Wis. Timoth) Kimle r. '\orth St. Paul Jt•an King. Red Wing John Kinne berg. Rus hford Ra) mond Kiral. Lewisford Richard Kirchner. Rosf'mount P ett'r Kirkham. Winona Gretchen Kleis. Hastings Tom KJont>eki. \\'inona Jnst>ph Koelfgen. \l inneapolis R<'hecC'a Kohnt'r, Garden Grov!'. Calif. Thoma ~ Kohrwr. \\'inona Dt'nnis Konk ..I. Winona Karen Kral(<'. Dakota \1a r y Kragnass. Caledonia S haron KranL. I l ast ings All)n Krat L. Sto!'kton FrederiC'k Krause, Faribault William Krause. Ne" York City l.arrr Kn·<'ko". Redwood Falls KPvin K reger. ll a-iinµ:s Kare n Krid,, Rollingstorw Jud) KrorlC'busch, Altura Paula Knrg<'r. Ros!'oc. 111. J udy Ku1der. Minncapolb Rohcrt Kuhlman. \'I; inona Ronald Kuhlmann. Winona

Roger Kulac k. Lewiston Kent Kulawski. Plainvil'w James Kul zer. Winona

J ohn Kunst. 0" a tonna S usan Kurth. L' tica Jud ith Kuzniar, Richfield

Mary Kvaas. Stillwater C llf' ryl Lac he<'ki. LaCresc-('nt \°I; arrcn LaCourse. Shakope<' William Laehn, Mondovi Thomas Langenfeld. llastings Kt>nneth Lanik. Winona Thomas Lanik. Winona Cla}ton Larson. Spring \ alle} Judith Larson. Hoc h('stcr Pa t rir ia Larson. LaCrosse. Wis. Carolyn Laufenburp;er, L<'" iston Douglas Law. White Bear Lak<• i{andall Lawin, C li nton. Wis. J ames Lawstue n. Laneshoro Joan Leagu<'. St. Paul Barbara Leav itt. Trempeal<'au , '\"\ i>. Tnry Lebens. S hakopee Judith Lee. H ou~ ll\Jl





:\lao.,oud Maghsoudi. Abadan. Iran Garry :\1ahlke. Winona Alfn·<l :\larchionda. WilliamsvillP, N.Y. Hobert \'lartin. Prior Lal,.<" Ho~e \1ariP :\lartinek, LawlC'r. la. Jani, \latsch. Ha•ting> John \l atson. I larmony Laird \Iatti, Pine Island Jame, '1atzke. Lt'" iston John \lallison. Sprinµ: Valle)

J\liehad l.1•e. Winona .loan Leihfril'd. lvanhm· Marl1•111· L!'ihrwr. Ll'wi"ton \ ' iq.(inia L"mhl,.t'. \1ilwaul,.\'e. \\ i,. Jaequt·lint• Lt•11t,l'h. SI. l'aul Delort•s Leroi. \\ hal,1n Tho11Hi- '""'"· Lind,t1on1 Jt'annc Lifto. Ht•d \\inµ: Samu!'! Liml-a). Spr inµ: \ allt>y Patrit·ia 1 .10~1!. I fa,ti11µ:Suzannt' Lofqui,1. V. i1111na Ruth Lme. SmitlHill<'. Tt'nn. Jon Lud" ig. Still" att'r Dalt' Lund. R"d V. inµ; David Lun<lal,.. Cn••!"o. Ia. Euµ:ene l.undaL C:rt·•cn. la. Bruc-c Lund!"cn. Still"al!'r Da,·e l.ntll,il'!,.. hanho£• Mary .\lack. Stillwater Diannt' \ladPr. La( :n·,1·t·11 t

LI FE IS FULL OF HOUNCES . .. Fres hmen enjo) tlwm,1•lvt•, duri11µ: Orientation Rt>e :\ight.



Jamt's l\1 eArthur. Cedar Rapids, la. Jam!'~ McConaghy. Collingswood, Katherine \1cCoy. Hastings \\ arwta McCracken . .\larquettc. la. Roht•rt \1c-Donough. St. Paul Gaq \kDow!'ll, Winona John \lcLeod. Le wiston Mary \1cMillan. Stillwater Williarn MeNary, S t. Paul Alan \1clin. Newport


Kenneth l\lenzel. Oaklyn. '\.J. Richard \ l e lz. Hopkins Su,anne Me1zler. Red Wini! Kathlet>n :\!eyer, WalJa-,ha Hila :\! eyer, Arco Judi1h ~ichel. Harmony

Diant> \lid.ow. Elgin Carole :\lillam. Winona Cheryl Mille r, Plain Pa1ri<'ia :\tiller. Wase(·a Linda \linnic. :\l abt'i l.inda :\li1chcll. Was!'ca

Wf'sley Moechnil!:. Lake Cil y Ronald '\loen. Cn·•('o. l a. Be neah l\lohnk. Cochrane, Wi-,. Constance Molenda, Downers Grovf', Ill. Linda Morken, Spring Grove Julie Morse. Dako1a

David :\lorlt'n sen. /\Iden J an i\losst'r, Winona La\.renet' \1011. \ladrid. l a. Diarw Mraclwk. Winona Kc11nc1h Mueller. Winona Let>Ann \lue ller. Holling,,lone

Delores Mullen. Deni.on. l a. Palricia l\lu llen. \linnt>a polis Darrell Muhhaup. Fountain Ci1y Hic hard \1urph) . Winona Charles :\ag:Je. Winona Gary Narducci. Sr. Paul

Freshmen :'11ary . ason, St. Paul Jimm y a rum. Mabel Carole elson. Circlc Pirws C harles :'\cl;on, Red Winµ; Diana Neb.on. Wabasha Nancy Nelson. Sr. Paul

Richan] "leJ-c.,1, Bloominµ;lon Willia m Nel son. \Veils Carol l'-iessler. St. Cha rl e~ Thoman :\ c umann. '\1innPapoJ i,, Jay Newman. Winona Eugene Newlon. Minncapoli ,;

Kenneth "lg. Honolulu. Hawaii Julee ;'l\ic•kt'ls. Bayport LaVern Nickelson, Elgin Cheryl ~ie n ow. S1ewart villc "lancy '\ipp. \lahtonwdi i\lary Noe, St. Paul

Thornas Noland. Sr. Paul :\lary Noll. \ValJasha Dianne ordlund. \linrwapolis Rober! Noree n. ' .Jor1li SI. Paul S uzelle Norelius. Linds trom Judi1h i\0111 .. man , La:\loille

l\ancy il<ovak. Shakopee Je rry O ' Brien. La ke C it y Linda O"Brien. ll astingh Bruce O'Dell. Winona Gary Oeltjen , Stewartville Bonnie Olness . Winona


Jerry Olson. Lanesboro Mar vin Olson . Clea rwate r Dale Olstad. Ru shford Betty Olszews ki, S t. Pa ul Lynn Orphan, Winona Jolean Orzechows ki , Winona Yvonne Overbee. S t. Paul Peter Palmer. Chisago City Leonard Palubic ki. LaCrescent Diane Paulson. \'\a•e<¡a La Verne Paulson. Utica Ric ha rd Payette. Chic ago, Ill. Ma rcia Pearson, Roc hester Barbara Pec k. Dove r C he ryl Pederson, Excelsior Carol Pedre tti . LaCrescent Lester Peoples, . ewport Thomas Perrizo, Delavan Trudy Pe rry . e w Richland Linda Pete rsen, Edina Glen Peterson, S t. Paul Lynn Pe terson, Houston Pame la Peterson. Rochelle, Ill. Da nny Pettit , Winona Tho mas Pfeilsticker. Wa basha John Phillipson. White hall . Wis. Cerald Pieper. Cakdunia Charlene Plan. S t. Paul Bruce Podewils, S t. Pa ul James Politis. Winona Ge rald Polson , .\1illville La wrence Pome roy. Winona Judith Po pe. Minnea polis S haron Poppe . llous ton Cozette Potter, S tillwater Carolyn Prenot. Winona Micha el Prescher. Ne w Ric hla nd Joan Pre tze l. Minneapolis William Putnam, Winona Barbara Quest, \1innea polis Kay Quinn , S t. P aul Park Linda Rackow. Savagt'

Judith Rader. Minneapolis Dona ld Rahman. Elgin Gerald Redwing. \1 abe l

Freshmen David Rehkamp. S t. Paul Park Barba ra Reis. Lime Springs. la. Da wn Reisinger. Lake ville Annette Ric hardson. Cedar Ra pids. l a. Patric ia Ries. S hakopt'e J eanne Rieste r . Wabasha Vicki Rineha rt. Minnetonka

Mic hael Riska. Winona Douglas Rislove, Rushford Carol Robe rts. Lake Crystal David Rode wald. Red Wing S usan Roff. Bloomington Oian<' Hoffle r. Winona David Rosaaen. pring Grove

Judith Rose, St. Charles Paul Rosenow, Cashton Willia m Ruth, Winona Beverly Roy. Ada ms John Rudeen, Lake Elmo David Rue . S t. Paul Gayle Ruh . Chicago. Ill.





Donald Rumpel, Arcadia. Wis. Ronald Rumpel. ArC'adia. Wis. Daniel Runkel. Trempealeau. Wis. Larry Rupprecht, Lewiston Bonnie Rusert, Caledonia Hallie Russell, Canton \l ary Ryan, t. Paul Thomas Sabotta, Cedar Rapids. la. Je laine SaC'kett , Dodge Center Sue Sadler, Wilmington, Del. Carolyn Satre n. Wanamingo l\1 ary Scarborough. Edina Robt'rt Schacherer, South St. Paul Kart>n S"hall. \1inncapolis Gary charmer, Buffalo Lake Rosalie Scheidler . .\1inneapolis Ruth Schellhammer. St. Charles ~lary chiebn, Caledonia Linda child. LaCresccn t Kathleen Schloegl. St. Paul Paul Sc-hmauss. Lake City ~lichacl

Schmith, Lanesboro Patricia c hmitt. St. Paul Cyril Schnell. :\lillville Frank C'hoffman. Redwood Falls \1arge Schroeder. Cashton Jane c hultz, St. Charles \1ary t'hultz. Houston Walter Sc hultz, St. Paul Joel Schulze, Caledonia Mattlww Sc huth, Wabasha Michael SC'huth. Wabasha Alan Schwantz, Elgin Sylvestn Schwartz, St. Paul Jerry Sc hwengels. Clinton. Wis. Mary Scott. Chatfield a ndra Seaquist. orth Bend, Wis. Robert St>elinj!. Winona orman Semling. Fountain City. Wis. Carol everson . Minneapolis largaret Sexton, ~lankat o J ames Shanahan, Preston

l::lizabeth Shanda, St. Paul Janis Siegel, Winona Thomas Siegert, \1inneapolis

John Silvis. St. Paul Vojko S imonic, Winona Douglas ires. ew Albin. Ia.

J udit h Skarp. Virginia \1artha , kibbe. Stewartville Charil's 'klader. Minnetonka Robert Skroch. Arcadia. Wis. J oan leizer. :\linneapolis Carol lezak. Hope andra Slifka, :\1abel

Gary mith, Winona Jill Smit h, Austin Richard Smith. Fitchburg, Mass. Roy Smith. N.. w Egypt, N.J. Richard Snow, Houston Carl Soderstrom, Dumont. N.J. Darrell Sonsalla, ArC'adia, Wis.

Carole Spanton, Ivanhoe Char!..s pt>ed. Winona Richard Speltz. Minneiska andra Spelt z. Rollingstone




- - - - - - -- - -- - -

Jacq ut'line Spenee. Minneapolis Bevt'rly Stahr, Winona Gregory taples. I. Paul Philip S taples. Spring Vallt'y Richard S tarzecki. Winona Cynthia tauhlin, Fountain C ity. Wis. Terry Stearns. Winona Barbara Stemme r. hako pee Wayne S tender. Winona Patri<"ia Stelzer, Melrose, Wis . Marcia tcvens, Minnea1>olis Judy S teyer, T rempealeau, Wis . Jude Stic nessen, Plain view Blake S tinson, Dakota David S toddard. Northfield Joanne S torand t. LaCrescent Paul S torti, I. Paul Harold trassener. St. Paul Dale Strehlo, Minnesota Lake Darlene S trelow. Winona Yohlan Strot'bel. Chatfield Larry S trom . Lanesboro Ke nneth Stroud. Owatonna J ames Sula. Winona Ste phe n Sula. Winona \1 ary Su tkow ~ ki . White Bear Lake Pe ter Swan lund. Newport Joanne Swanson. Ha5tings Karen S wan son. S tillwate r Patricia Swanson, White Bear La ke Gary Sween. Grand Meadow Robert Swy!(man. Racine Darryl Syverson, Decorah. la. Jamf's Ta nniehill , S t. Paul Michat'l Tentis. Lanesboro Theresa Theis, Rollingstone \1ic hael Thesin!(. Lewiston Leon Thieke. LaCrescent Susan Thomas. Ceda r Rapids. la. Kathleen Thompson, Winona J ane Thurley. Winona Glenn T ointon, Ro<¡heste r

Diane Tollefson, Ke nyon Tamara Toye. Winona Lynda Traxler, 't. Charles

Freshmen Gerald Trocinski. LaM oille \1ic hae l Trok , Winona Sharon T schida. St. Paul Bruee Tunell. S t. Pa ul Lee Turner. Winona Kathleen Tweito. Spring Grove Hossein Vahhaji. T ehra n. Iran

Barbara Vail. \linneapolis Lynn VanBuskirk. Brownsd ale Mary S ue Va nlloof. Winona John Vaughn , Fort Dodge. la. S tanley Vetsch. Caledonia Ann Voight . Mayer Judy Voight. P reston Allen VonBaq:!;en. Re d Wing James Vonderoht', Houston Thomas Vonfeldt, Austin \1i ke Von Hel mst, Lake City Mary Vuc inovich, Lakeville J ohn Wagn!'r, Caledonia :Mic helle Wanek , Zumbro


Lloyd Wa lburn \I . JoAnn Waldo \v· orn~town J t>an Wa l'h . mo.na Robert W a 1· hFountam R d w· 5 ha · e \I' mg . ron Wa nous 1 een Warthe~ · mne.a polis 1 E Ann Watkowsk~n. '.he1lman 1• Wmona Linda \Vats Gerald w . on. Lake City cgman St C l Thomas Weic h • · • larles Stuart Weit t'rt. Calt'rlonia Huth we:tbanRSt. Paul Robert w y. us hford Bruce Wh~:~er(: Mt. Morris, Ill t • .eda r Rapids, !~. Steven Wiec zfrek, Winona James Wie P atricia w~'.1' e. Calerlonia Ja n1< . ' e Wiest I< mcr,bwc F ~ . l.a C rcsce t \1ic hael w "1/rt Atkinson. la n Leo er: rpring 0 Bria n Williai~ s. Bloomington ogne



Gregory w ·11· K aren Willia i tams C · a~non Falls Jean Wilme m5on, Wmona Robt'rt w ·i s. t. Paul I son Red w· anic•f' W ' . ma JNora w· mter. Hopkin~ ., int er Bio . nuth Wisdorf S o~mngton · pnnefield Judy Wi skow s , Robert With ' - t. Charles RiC"hard Wit~ro~ . Winona Hobert Witte. rlmnesota City Karen Wold ,Sw1.ston Hog..r Wolf. pnng Grove Susan Woll~rt NJ m. ·w~oodbury, mona · · Douglas Wood

~lary Jo \Vooi


Robin Wri <ill · _\'\ mona Diane You~g \~_rand Meadow J ames You~" tHneapolis \Yilliam You~~ ~stmgs Garry Cl . g. "lound lrtSt oph('rson ' Pft"slon

Charles Eideen\ Hen.dricks Dean King '.Vlichael ·R. a cdonia Joan s· ivers. Winona . I - imon, Altura . ,y 'lrl~ I. 111t a St • rap k "· HPd \"

"THE BALL", MAR Mary McM'tll am a nd yfric·nd . enioy the facilities a t student union . the new



-- - - -

-- -




PROGRESS ... President Nels Minne reviews the plans for the two and three s tor y addition to Maxwell Library.

THE DEAN ... As dean and vict> president of the college, Dr. M. R. Raymond is respons ible for the e ntire instructional program of the college. His many duties include sched uling of c lasses and teac hing assignme nts, serving as c hairm an of tht> faculty senate, being an acade mi c and personal counselor for students, and aid ing in the planning of new buildings.


The Adininistrators

ASSISTANT ... Dr. F. L. Van Als tine is the assistan t dean of the college. Dr. Van Als tin e is al so direc tor of the gradua te sc hool and off-campu s classcs. COORDINATOR ... l\1. L. Marine r, dirPctor of student

DEAN OF WOMEN . .. Mrs . Yfargue rita S. Ritman,

pe rsonn e l, coordinates the programs of the foll owing services: hou sing, food se rvices, finan cial aids , di ciplinary functions, health service, s tud ent activi ti cs and ori e ntation. Mr. \1arine r Sf'l'vcs as c hairman of the pe rsonn e l and guidance co mmittee and thc s tude nt citizcnship co mmittee.

ass is tant direc tor of s tud e nt pe rsonne l and dea n of women, is an extremely busy person. Il e r num e rous res pon sibilities inc lude teaching a soc iology class, approving and s upe rvi s ing off-campus housing for women, and interviewing and counseling.


A CONFERENCE . . . Miss Mildred Bart sch, James Ulven. assistant registrar. and Lois A. Simons. registrar and admiss io ns officn. discuss plans for s pring regi !ration. A NEW OFFICE . . . John Kane. director of the new STUDENTS! THIS IS YOUR MAN .. . LeRoy J. tad le r student un ion. is lo<"ated in Lh<' Kryzsko Commons College is a new me mbe r of the student personnel service Center.


Increasing Enrollment Brings Increasing Responsibilities ...

QUICK REFERENCE ... Office Ma nager An gelyn de Groot a nd Bu s iness '\1anage r Harold Mu rc k rev iew th e co mput e r class cards.

GRADUATE ASSISTANTS . . . Gar y M. Olso n, Robert J. Scott, :'fa ncy M. Ric k, Dav id R. Harris, Judi th La ngows ki, C lare nce C rum, J ean Woodsend , J ohn E nger , J ean Waterm an. John Crandall , Don He mming, Virginia Harris, Michael Suchomel and Matthe w Mis tek.





The Expanding Realm of Business ...

EVERYONE PASSED ... Miss Gertrude Finch, head ol the department of business education. and Edmund Delehanty discuss th<' results of a recent test.

AND NEXT . .. \frs. Glynna .\1orse. seated. and l\lr;.. Ruth Hopf tr) out a ne" business machirw.

FINANCIAL PROSPERITY ... Janws Browninµ;. CPrald Corda, l\lichael Hood. and Dr. Joseph Foeµ;<'n discuss, in a jovial manner. the ups and downs of business.

ACCURACY ... That's what Dr. Warren Marley. chair· man of the division of busincs8, is looking for.


YOUR CUE ... Dorothy B. Magnus c ues her students at a rehearsal of "A \fan For All Seasons."

The Art

PONDERING ... Jacque Reidelberger looks over diagrams of possible s tage arrangements.

of Communication • • • FIRST PLACE ... Dr. Lyman Judson exhibits the troph y presented lo the winn er of a Roundtablc s peech contest.


English Encourages Thought ...

IN HIS OFFICE . .. English, humanities, library service , the fo reign languages, and s peech all come under the re alm of Dr. Harold Guthrie , chairman of the division of language and lite rature .

U PS AND DOWNS . . . Mrs . Muriel Pale che k descends the s teps of Gilde me is ter Hall. BETWEEN CLASSES . .. Mrs . J acque Reidelberger, Gerry Laffin and Richard Carrari pause for a moment be tween classes. MAY WE INTERRUPT ... Dr. Margaret Bodd y looks up a mome nt from her reading.



D EADLINES . . . Adolph Bremer smiles as the last Wenonah deadline is met. DISCUSSION . . . Ralph Behling, Janet Sherran, Dr. Augusta Nelson, Irving Wallace and Robert Gleissner talk ove r the progress of the freshman Englis h classes.

ANTICIPATION . . . Fro m right, Director of the Library Edward T. Jacobsen, Leon King, Ruth Mary P ayne and Mrs. Janet Judd anxio usly anticipate what facilities the new addition to the Library will provide.

A QUIET PLACE .. . Many s tude nts s pend free hours in Maxwell Library preparin g for the ir next class a nd doing ho mework.

Learning Through Words and Thoughts of Others ...

THE ART OF LANGUAGE ... Marion F. Davis, s tanding, and Joan Brown look o ver the language laboratory equipme nt.

LABORATORY PRACTICE .. . Me mbers of the language classes frequ entl y use the la boratory; they are instructed by Joan Brown and Marion Davis, background.

NEW TO THE FACULTY ... Sylvia Zas trow of the s peech de partme nt talks with Frank Lauritzen of the library staff.


VICTORY . .. Coaches Madeo "Moon" Molinari and John L. :Martin show varied expressions at the season's last Warrior football game . Winona trounced Elmhurst 48-12.

Producers of Physical Fitness

A MEETING ... Athletic Director Dr. Rob ert L. Campbell, Ronald Ekker and Dr. Luther McCown, chairman of the division of health and physic al education, meet in Dr. McCown's office.

COACHES . .. Robert Ke is ter and Robert Gunner stop in the hall between classes.


• • •




Physical Education and Health-Essential to Each Other . . .

WRA BIGGER THAN EVER ... Miss Yrarjori e Mor avec, Miss Sus an Day and Miss Joyce Locks disc uss with pleasun· tht' incre as ing po pularity of WRA .

THE NURSES . . . Mrs. Maq~are t M. Browni ng and :\lrs. Rub y C lark work on health rC:'cords.

WINTER WINDS BLOW . .. This girls ph ys ical edu ca tion c lass is doing warm-up exerc ist's before tlwy begin to play socc N . No, that isn' t s now.


Creativeness and Skill Developed in Fine and Applied Arts

• • •

TYPES OF LETTERING . . . Dr. James Wilson gives advice to a st udent in his lettering class.

HOW IT WORKS ... Dr. Harry R. Jackson, c hairman of the division of fine and applied arts, reviews the operati on of a new offset press with Wayne Zook and Donald Bilse.

STILL LIFE ... Mrs . Leslie Nelson, Donald Holmberg, Floretta Judson, head of the department of art, and Louise Moberly discuss a canvas done from a still life. A PAUSE BETWEEN CLASS .. . Dr. Hugh Capron and Dr. Glen Fuglsby discuss thei r teaching techniques.

I 04

TO THE WORLD'S FAIR .. . Richmond McCluer, head of the music department, prepares his choir to board the buses for the annual Tour.

Music for Every Interest

• • •

LESSONS ... Milton Dave nport gives a violin lesson to one of his string students.

IN CLASS ... Fred Heyer lectures to his music class. MUSIC . .. William Schmid, band, Walter R. Hinds, vocal, and Agnes Bard, piano and organ, pose in the piano room.


CHAIRMAN .. . At his desk is Dr. Danie l B. Hoyt c hairman of the divis ion of social sciences.

REVIEW . . . Arthur Wilke and Catherin e Ann Groll man examine a copy of " American Herit age."

Social Science Studies People and Places ...

CHALK TALK ... At the blackboard are Larry D. Con¡ nell and Ronald Klocke. 106

HISTORY . . . Raymond Thiele n pauses in front of book shelves.


AT WORK ... Marvin A. Palecek pre pares for his next class .

PROBLE M SO LVE RS ... He nry E. Hull, Robert Heyen and 1orman Baron disc uss the proble ms of the day.

AROUND THE WORLD . . . Ric hard Hopkins uses the globe in a geography lectu re .

And Prepares Students As Citizens of Our World ••• FREE TIME . . . Dr. Robe rt Ceci le, Rode ric k Henry, Dr. Zoe Swecke r and J ames Edd y pause between classes.

l 07

ROOTS AND PLANTS . . . Carl M. Christenson and Richard O ' Rourke examin e a root diagram in the biology lab .

Exploring Of Life That Govern

HELP ... The chairman of the department of scie nce and mathe matics, Jose ph P. Emanuel, assists a s tude nt.

ANATOMY ... Dr. Calvin Fremljng assists two s tud en ts dissect a cat.

--. ~'

....\ ;.


EQUATIONS .. . Dr. Ray Houtz balances a che mical equation at the blackboard. CHALK TALK . . . Dr. James Opsahl and Jerry Witt use the blackboard to iJJustrate their arguments.

The Mysteries And Science The Earth ...

CONCENTRATION ... David Hamers ki and Maurice McCauley work at an expe rime nt in physics lab.

l 09

Studying Ages Of The Past . ..

ROCKS . .. Be n Drake and Dr. T homas Bayer examine rock s pecimen in the earth science lab .

OUT OF A CA VE . .. An earth scie nce student ex plo res to the full<'s t the Mys te ry Caves .

TH E NURSES . . . Do rothy Hagerty, Rosalie Burton, nurs ing upervi or, and Dolores Schille r loo k ove r a nurs ing pamphle t fo r t he school of n ursing.

And The Health Of The Present • •


The Ancient But Yet Modern Science Of Mathematics

• • •

OUTSIDE .. . Duane Wolfe and William H . Emmons stand on the front s te ps of P aste ur Hall.

CONFERENCE ... Dr. F. W. F oss , Dr. R. L. Lokensgard , chairman of the department of mathe matic , Milton Underkoffler, and Donald Fick discuss the scheduling of 1inals.

EXTRA HELP .. . Mrs . Sandra Olson re views an assignment with a stude nt.

I N CLASS ... Fre de ri c k Olson lectures to his first hour math class.





A CONFERENCE . .. Dr. George Christensen, head of the department of psychology, a nd Dr. Harold Rogge . EDUCATION . .. Dr. Ri chard Smith pauses fro m hjs reading. AUDIO-VISUAL . .. J ames S pear lectures to his class.

11 2


ON THE STE PS . . . Wayne Kirk and Dr. Geor ge Grangaard of the educatio n de partme nt.

Education And Psychology

CHAIR MAN . . . Glenn F is hbaugher , director of teacher educ ation and place me nt , pauses o ut side Gilde meister Ha ll.

• • •

ED UCATOR S . . . Wayne Sanfo rd , Magda Talle, Dr. W. C. Gc meinhardt, A manda Aar<>· s tad, and ~r s. Edna Fuller.

1 13

NORWAY IN THE SUMMER . . . Dr. M. 0. Wedul, head of the department of ed ucation, and his family in Norway while on a sab batical.

Mold The Minds IN CLASS ... Mildred Bartsch lectures to her arithmet ic class.

EDUCATION ... Dr. John Fuller lectures to his students. He left Christmas 1965 for a year in the Phili ppines as a Fulbright lecturer.

Of Tomorrow . .. IN THE HALL ... Dr. E. L. Ragar. whose death Feb. 5. we mourn, and John Lewis pause between classes.



PHELPS TEACHERS ... F ROM BACK ROW: Rex C. Ingram, Raymond Brooks, Jud y Wilsey, Vernon Almlie, Mrs. Clarence Kre nz, and Cleo Reiter.

Our Model School on

· --

HALLOWEEN ... KindergartC'n s tud e nts, with the help of the ir s tudent teacher, pre pare to celebrate Halloween.

PRINCIPAL . .. Dr. Howard Mun o n, principal of Phelps School, looks over a demonstration device .

Campus. PHELPS TEACHERS ... FROM BACK ROW: Cary Grob, James E. Sabin, Es ler Schmidt, Mrs . Lilli an Spencer, Kathryn Dunlay, Carlis M. Anderson, and Doris P e nnell.

11 5





GET 01.JT'A THE WAY .. . Arc hie Ske mµ 182) has l sgaard·, pa~s whi lt> Ct>orl(t' Bened ict blo<·ks.

SOMF: R UN;'lil'.'\(; ROOM .. . :\fan ka to goes for a hom('coming game.

fi r~r


- ----


down in t h('


Season's Record wsc 19 26

22 12 24 14

12 48


Stout Plat le vii le Bemidji Michigan Tech Moorhead St. Cloud Mankato Elmherst

Opponents 6

12 20

13 20 3



THER E I T GOES ... Ar<' hit> Skt>mp (82) waits for pass from q uart Nba('k Davr Usgaard.

Warriors Finish With 6-2 Record WHOOPS .. . WRONG WAY ... Arc hie Skemp (82) r uts down fie ld for long yardage.

AROUND END ... Ro~er W istrieill trit>s for yardage around )pft end.


CONCE RNED ... ll ead Coach ·· ~loon .. l\lolinari (lpft) and ,\,si,tanl Coach John \larti n v.atch \\ inona tak,. the lead in the honwcominµ: l(amr.

WHO'S (;OT IT ... h opporwnt

sl rul({!'.i<'s



yardaµ:P. Winona

work~ lo ... lop a µ:ain. Th<' 'il'\\ j..., lo t he t"tHI £nllt'. henC"t' no ~pt->('tator~.

Final Statistics Scorin~

William Price ....................... . ............ . ..... 60 Raymond Walsh ......... . .................. . ........... 48 Archie Skemp ........................... . ....... . . .. ... 25 Davis Usgaard . .. •............ . ............ . ...... .. .... 20 Larry Holstad . .......... . ... . .......................... 8 Larry Anderson . . . • . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Jerry Usgaard . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Keith Comeford . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2

lnd hidual Lead ers Rushing William Price Carl Carbone Passing Davis Usgaard William Price Passing Receiving Raymond Walsh Archie Skemp

! /(J

Yds. Gained 379 155 Completed 102 2 No. Caught 38 28

Yds. Lost 67 8 Yds. Gained 1263 63 Yds. Gained 573 360


RAii , RAii , S IS BOO M BA ... Warrior d 1eerl .. ad1'r~ µiv1· 1he ir \\ar<'s durin;: a fo ol hall ti11wo11 l.

1965-66 Warrior Cheerleaders EI GllT A "\ O O:"iE ... HO\\ . 0 \ [: l'a111 JoJ111,1111. ~111· H11deP11 and Lin1l.i ir!'J.. . HO\\ T \\ 0: S1w l\ nit· lwl. J oan K,rnµ1· l and Dori, Sha\\. HOW T HHEE: C:illfl} Pa..l.;ard. D('u ni' Cool.. a11d Su£1•111· \un·liu,.

Wll AT NOW ... 'Pt'l11> lo hi' lh<' thoul!hl of l.i11<la Sir!'k l ril!hll an<l thl' oth(•r l' hC't'rlPa1 l er~. as \\Pll "' tlll' 1·ro\\d. ii> 1hr1 patir11th l\ait to M'C \\h e.ti 1wl iu n i~ <'om in~ up .


' (

w •



FLASHY HARRIERS . . . ROW O:\E: Mi ke .\ nder-1>11. Bob Puetz. Verdon Hasleiet. Stan Dan ukos, Rod PhipµH. John Ra hman and Bruce




- -==----=-

- - -- - - -

Smith. ROW TWO: Pau l Hod11:e. PC'tf' Wadt'. Wally S C' huhz. J im Vi!(ness. Ron Fields and Coach Gary (;rob.

1965 Cross-Country Wt>


26 15 20 35 27 21 16 17 29

29 42 35 21 28 34 58-60 42 26

State Colleii:e of Iowa River Falls Wartburg Carleton Mankato State Loras Bethel. St. John's La Cro''" Stale Luther

35: Winona State. 38: St. Cloud. 72; Bemidji, 94; '\foorhead, 128. Minnesota 10,000-meler: Winona Stale. 26; St. Cloud. 44. and B<-thel, 65. NAIA: 19th in field of 25 at Omaha. "lllC: \lanlato,

PACE SEITER . . . Joh n Rahma n shows determination as he sets a courHt' record of 22:08.1 fo r 4.4 milPs.


A NARROW WIN . .. John Rahman, outstanding

cros~-cou n try


i• out in front.

After taking first place at the NAIA distri ct race held in St. Paul , the Winona State cross-country team concluded an otherwise s uccess[ ul season by placing only 19th in a field of 25 at the NAlA national meet in Omaha, Nebraska. The harriers were runn er-up in the NIC conference meet this year and completed their dual-meet competitio n with a 9-2 record.

TICKET PLEASE ... Bruce Smith passes his number to obtain his ranking.

WAIT! I SAW HER FIRST ... Verdon Haslei.. t of WSC learb Wartburg around lake course.



SWIM\1EllS ... RO\\ ()"\I·:: l'..tn "-••1,..n·in•hi. Koht·rt ll .1 11 .. 11. T.. 111 L<·11er-. ( .11•11 l>onharl. Tate\\ ell ::>u11111er. Kohn! Ea-1011 . T nl'\ 11 .. 1,1011. HO\'\ T\\ 0: J1·rr~ Cradt'. I ""' 01-.. n. Cr,1h.1111 J.1.... h-t·1i.



LOOK1'1(; LIKE A FISll . . . lfonald \111d.ihl 11.. pl d1·111un-1r,11t·.• the hrPa•t •11,,ht'.

SPHE \I) TllOSE Wl'\( ;S ... 1'1·11 ·1 Kop1·1<·111•h111 ...1101111µl1d1·-1h1 ..11i.d1 lhP

11a1t·1 liht' a l•ullt·ofl, tl11.. 11µh till' ai1.

-- -


- -- - - - -


\lit'hiwl \nd .. r... 11. Thoma• StoH'r. Ronald \111dahl. HO\\ TllHEE: \Janaµn J,1111t·- \\ p•tlwrµ . Hi..t1a1d Childn-. l>t•nni• Blanchard. \'i illiam "-Pt'llJll. T"'" Saµt'. Larr~ (.,tl\t'tl. (.o,u·h John \larti n.

1965-66 Swimming Season's Record WE


Titan HPl;1y~. Oshkn•h . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . • . . . . . . pla<·t•d lth

\fat'alt·,ler Cnlle!!e .......................... 38 57 La Cro~•<' Tournam<·nl ............•.......... plat·ed 2nd \lankatu Stale ..... .......... ............... 62

Lutht•r Cnllpi:e .............................. 81

:-13 14

Ste,en' Po int ............................... 75


Platteville . ... . .... . ................ · · · · • · · · M La Cm;,"e Stale ...... •. ............... " ..... 66


St. Th111na• ... .. ..... ..... ......... · .... • · .. 66 Bemidji Stale .... . ... ....... . .... ... .. ... ... t3


(;u~tavu' \dol1lhus . .......... ........ ..... .. 66


Oshkosh ................... . ....... . ....... 52


:29 52

Sea•on '• Rt>curd 8-2

\IC T1Jurnament -3rd Place





LIKE A PAIR OF DOLPHINS ... Winona Stat .. s"irnnwr,; Buh Eastin and Pt>IP Kopen·inski !!lide 1hrouf!h 1he \\atrr durinµ. tilt' 200·\ard bullc>r· fl} evt'nl .tf!ainst Platteville Stat<'.

FORl\1 \:'110 PF:RFECTIO:'ll ... i, d('mnnstrall'd in a forn ard di"' U) Randy Sinke.

LIKE A TOP . . . \ perfect divt'.

mid-air spin prepares T urn ~luvrr fn r anotlwr




TIME SETTING T U RN ... Hie hard C h il<ler, tril's with a fas t tu rn and a :.troll!( push.

Pt;LLING FOR A RECORD . .. Tht> <'amera C'atch,.., D1·nn> Blan<'hard in the prol'es~ of -.ettin!! a new \l l.'nwrial pool record in the ;2()().,ard hack· stroke in the me!'I "ith Custa vu' \dolphus.

GOT IT! ... John llt• n111·~g) c-hecks hi, ~ lop \\ateh durinj! o n t• of tlw '"im l"\t." nl ".


to !!ain a few seC'onds

'1J C CHAl\IPS ... RO\\ 0\ ~:: Coa<"h Roh!' rt Cunm·1. <.it·1111 Tointon. Daruld l\ndri,t. l{odger .ll'hli .. ka. l't'rr~ Kinp;. L"" Si111on. Jam<'- Tannil'· hill. Hu ) \Vit'b, Dann) SC'raht'c'I... !'ll<•\t'll Dranp;<'. J olin Z\\11linski. Bo:,?;C'r Pilith. HO\\ T\\'0: G<"1w ll11rt1111. Hi1·hard \lyhrP. Fn·d l\rl1an t' lla. K.-11

Season's Record WE






Ste\ t~n'.-1 Pujnt *

:17 ;17


L a Cros•t>


\lichip;an T1·1·h•



\\ artburl!•



\\ P>l1•rn lllinoi ... •

28 2.i


Riv<·r Fall'•

St1lut Statc•


\Jank al<>•



JR 22


Luthn Coll<'!!!'•












L.a Cro ... ,t~• Riv..r Fall,• Whitt"' at!'r•

St. Cloud







Collt'!(<' of ltm a


6 12


Dal-.ota Statt•






•Confl'rt'n<.'(' NI<: \\ inuna


C.,t, Cloud






\lirh Tt·1·h.


s ..oring


"nui-011 . Ronald Sto-kopf. Ru•• C.,p11tt-. Stt·\t'll Bairtl. \\ illiam Roth. Lar I'\ l'omt•ro). Timm a' \\ t•,1 lwr g. JanH'" Pri<"t'. ( :ar' \ nhall. Pal 1i<"k \t'l•on. Jamt"< (;ol11rlh. l.arq \\ t•dl'n1<'in. H1111ald \(111"1L.loli11,..;ihi .... Cal'\ \\ 1·1i1lt"r. Thoma' Srnitl1.

Wrestling 1965-66 VICTOICY .. . '''''mt·d 111 lw 11"' \\ord l11r 1hi, \t'a1·, 11rt"•llin~ team. Coa«h Cunn«r and l.arn \lar<"liiunda. a"i•tanl <"Oat'h. do11·1 look 1110 \\onit'd ah11111 thi• mat<"h.



Fre ~ hman Jim Tannit·hill pn·•erved hi, 1111d1•1't·att'<I re<'ord In pinnin!! hi, St. Tho111a' opponent "ith an 11nortlwdo\ l!' v..ragt' hold.

T HIS IS A Pl "I'! ...

"EVER T RI ED LAVOlll !S'?" . .. Ka' \\ ick' u,,., hi• uppon1·nt'> arm a ... a ({'\C'r tu ke-Pp hi m dn\\U a ... lt·a mmatt• ... µ:i\t" en('oura~e111t.·n1.

HARD STRUC:G LE ... \J,.il1· Sm .. r<'i!!n t) pifi,,, \'\ inona Stat<··,,,,.,.,. tling: tram·, agl!;rt''-•iv<' •tdt• a- lw marH'U\!'r' hi, \\ t>~l<'rn lllinni• oppo· llPlll.


'1ALTY . . 111a,imt1m dt'lt·r111ination a~ lw pn·parcs lo pin hir.:, npporu•nt.

IT'S \ TOPS 't T U RVY WOHLD ... h111 Ha' \\ id., ju,1 h.t·"JI' hi ... 11ppun1·111 aln11µ..



i> liw po,ilion of

L t•o

S i mon·, opponent



\\urk ... for a pin .









s ..

V AHSITY ... HO\\ O'\IE: Dav<' \lei-ncr. Al Connor. Den ni' Mor:.:<111 and lhrn\IH' Da,i .... HO\\; TWO: Tim Ander-i111. J. D. llanu·th·, \l1·lvi11

ll omuth and Chip hwart z. ROW TllHEE: Bill Werner. Gary PPtnsen. Jim Kaston and l\1ikC' Jc-rC'srk.

S llll ! t•'1 Tll l ""K I N(; ... lluri11!! a tinll'••ul D1 . ( .ampl,..11 make·- ..!e·ar


1lw nv\I

IUH\t ·.

Thi ..

\\J ..

Iii .. la .. 1 .... a ..un

al \\

inona ~lat1 "

Basketball Season's Record WE Slt>vens l'(lint Stal!' ........... .. .......•... 91 0$hk•>~h State· . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . • . . . . • . . 70 River Falls St alt• ...................... • ... 57 La Cro""" Stat<• . . . . • . . . • . . . . . • . . . • . . . . . . . . 78 Plattt•vill" '°>late· ........................... 811 pra~ C(lllt·l!,e' . . . ................•........ 82 S11u1h Dakota State· . . . . ................... 80 HamlinC' lnher...it\ ........................ 91 <.:an·oll Ho lid a} Tou rn a m e nt : Beloit .................................. 66 Carroll ................................... 82 \lichig:an T .. <·h • ........................... 69 \ firhigan Tt>('h• ... ................. ...... . 85 \ loo)rht'ad Stale•• ......................... . 61 Brthrl Colic·µ;<' ......................•..... 83 .\1anl..ato St alt•• . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 58 \ loorlwarl Stat<·• . . . . • . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 70 Bemidji Stat<·• .... . ......•................ 79 ~ arthurg: Cnllcµ;r ......................... 8-l '.\'fankato Stale'• .. . . .•. ....•.........•..... 67 St. Cloud S t alt·• ................... . ....... 60 St. Cloud StatP• ...... .... .. •..... ...• • .... 70 Bemidji Statp• ............................ 74

•'\ IC Ganws Sea~on· ... He('(1rd i-15 '\IC Record 1-6


TH EY 75 109

80 91

98 79 10-l

76 90 102 62

71 66

93 67

68 77 100

68 72 81 i7

WHAT WENT WRO~G? .. . Dr. Ca mpbell eoneentrates on t hat la'I pla1 and " hat -hould IJP donr ahout the nexl.

HELP FROM A PAPOOSE ... Chip S <' hwartz makes a bask et even though the Indi ans have a man on hi• back. "IF IT WERE ONLY L EGAL"' . . . ,\ , Riek Starzeeki dri"'' for a ha•ket , • t. Cloud', :'> I 'eern' to hl' thinking of an ille14al wa> l o ' ' " " him.



"l'LL T \KF. IT" ... Can PPtn-en




- - - - - -- -- --


-.·1·111' to 1..- putt inµ in hi- hid

l11r 1h1• hall a- lu· trit·-. lo lit· it up.

" l ' M A ' l'I ONEEIC ', TOO' ' ... Daw \1,.;,,.,.,._ l..no"n a' ""\lou,,.·· to hi' IPUllllll<llf"'-. j.._ Oil(' of tilt" ft•\\ cager' al\\ ~('. lo h a\t" l!"Ut'IH'd llH" 1.00() 111arl.. in th n·t' \t"ar... of pla).

998 - 2 .. . I \1AOE I T! ... \ft pr aduinµ 25 point- to\\ard- hi, 1.000 marl... in th<" ga me aµain-1 :--.1. Cloud St alt'. DaH· \ lei-nn nN'Ot'd onl) 22 point - 111ort' lo rPa<' lr a ··µ:rand" " lor hi- fir-I thrPP \Par- a l \\ SC. In tht• ganw again,f Bemidji S tal<'. Da"· dumpt·d in 28 point < putting: hi111 oner hi, goal "ith 1.006.


EYE ON THE BALL ... J. D. Barn<'lll" 1ries to dribblt• himself fret' from Iii~ P ionet'r oppn-

nenl. bul hr losl hi• halanee and 1h1· hall.

"COACH, LIKE T lll S'!" ... Mik e J crPsek ke\'ps l he l.iall from Si. C loud a' lw lrit·s lo find a pa~' receiH·r.


34 WARRIORS ALL IN A ROW . .. 1965 track team membns are: ROW ONE: Paul Hodge, Cary Ihrke. J erry Grade, Pete Lavelle. Bruce Smith, John Rahman , Bob Safe, Pete Wade. Mel Stensrude and Terry Wooley. ROW TWO: John Jones, Bill Anderson. Dan Scharmer, Dave Dillie. Bruce Husbyn, Ron Stevenson. Bob Pitts. Don Kropp. Clnu·k \\ hite

and Dick Seib. ROW T llREE: Herbert Hellend. George Ollcott. Al Thompson. Chuck Alman. Bub Miras. Bob Sterne. Larry Olson . Larry Kend rick and Rod Phipps. ROW FOlJR: Stan Dankous. head coach Robert Keister. Dave Haines. Kirt Horswill. and George Waterman.

THE WIND UP ... Mel Stensrude gets ready to throw the javelin.

Season's Record wsc 72 56

481/2 88

lll/2 51 87 2nd pl. 4th pl. 4th pl. tie


Stevens Point St. Cloud Bemidji Plattville Stout Plattvillt> State College of Iowa Loras Parsons Carlton Bloomington Relays Luther Relays NIC

OPP. 58 100 36 87 1/2 48 20 97!/2 60 43 49

WHO'S NEXT . . . BiU Anderson and George Watt>rman look on a s Robert Kiester. head trac k coach. determines who will run the 100 yard dash.

1965 Track RECORD SEITER . . . Kirt llorsw ill set a new WSC shot-put record with a 47'5112'' effort.


E: Gary Ihrke. Kirt llorswill , Al Thompson, Don Kropp. George Waterman and :\1el te nsrudc. ROW

TWO: Bob Safe. Chuck White. Bruct' Smith. Pete Wade, Dan Scharmer. George OUcott a nd Paul Hodge.







CO-LEADE RS OF NIC RACE . ROW 01\JE: Jim Stout. Roµ:er Rorpk<» Dav« \Vendlaudt. Bill Allaire. Al Connor,. Diel- Peter'-. Denni' \1orp:an. Tom Sehmalfelt. Larry .\nderson and 't utlen t ma11ai:t·r Paul

Engen. HO\\ T" 0: a.,,i,tant 1·o;tc· h (;ary Groh. Larry Senrick. Ot>an Haill' y. J.D. Barrwtt. ()," i, L -µ.aard. Ernie Cha lahan. Ted l\:elly. JaelHencdict. Tom '\la,t. Ceoq.?;<" B1·1wdi1·t. head l"naeh Dr. Luther \kCown.



PRACTICE , GOOD THING ... In a practice s!'ssion (for. tunatt·I}) a thro" from third bas\' gets by George Benedict as Roger Roepke speeds to first base. The scene is Lough. rey field.

WHERE NEXT? . . . Assist¡ ant Coach Gary Grob has made the put -out at first base. li e hesitates an in st ant, deciding where the ball goes next.



,. The 1965 baseball team won its 14th IC conference championship since 1947. The Warriors then met and defeated St. Thomas 3 to 2 in 13 innings for the AlA District 13 ('.\linncsota) title. The Warriors \\ere eliminated in the Region IV AIA Tournament at Storm Lake, Iowa.



TRYING FOR LONG ONE .. . Tom Srhmalfelt j, rea<ly for the battinii prartiC"(' pitrh. At the left j, J. D. Barnett. li e and his companion ar(' ""lookin ¡ "em over.""






NIC CHAMPS .. . LEFT: John Winston. Je rry Van Hoof, Jim Huettl. J im Ulrich, Dick J oneb and Coach Molinari.

1965 Goll T he 1965 Winona State golf team wo n the Northern Intercollegiate confere nce championship, the second s uch win. The previous success was 1958. It was on the wind-swe pt 6,800-yard S t. Cloud Country Club layout that the Warriors, coached by Madeo " Moon" Molinari, fas hioned the ir trium ph. On that cool day in May the Warriors' Dick Jones had a hot putter. On the last green he needed a 24-footer to win the medalis t honors. He made it to give him his second s uccessive medalist honors. He carded a 112 for 27 holes. With him on the team were Jim Hue tt! , 120; Jim Ulrich, 120; John Winston, 121, a nd J erry Van Hoof, 122. The low four-man total was 473. Next was St. Cloud with 476. A week later they were in Rockford, Ill. , for the National Association of Intercollegiate Athle tics tournament for the top 32 teams in the nation. The Warriors placed 21st. 138

- -- - - - - - -- -

MEDALIST . . . T he 1965 golf medalist of the Warriors, Dick J ones. gets ready for one of those long tee balls.

THE WAR RI O RETTES . . . Frnm left. Carol °'"''1(· 1. Kart'n Bu<<"h. Kathlet·n Bt'tt('hn. Cor.. ('n Sh1•v.. land. J11}<·•· Ev1·n,. I .i11da F11·1wh. S haron Kran1. Su,an I vin<. D11nna 01 ·Ci•1·.



" Ill EVE RYBODY" ... ,pite tlw f'old wt·atll('r , tlu· Warriorettl's µavt• fo11tball fan, a \\arm !(rt't't inµ durinµ t lw ir a nn ual, homecoming halftinw ,1i.,,._

TH E WARRI OR ETTES ... Frn111 1.. r1. Kan·n M e}er,. S usan C iha k . Pt•nni<· ~1 ae k. Harhara P1·ter"1n. J ud''" Fuj!lestad. Kat hlt-1· 11 Schmitz, Ruth \ic•;.bitt. S haron Puppt'. J a1·qtwlin<· Op$ahl.


RICHARDS 13ASh.ETEERS . . . Wir11wr, of" the WRA ba,k(•thall co mpetition an•. krweling. Patricia La,ka. Ho-.· mar} Franette. aml Jill Sa(·kett. and. ~la ndin g. Judi th Kuzniar, Linda Do} ll'. Jean llaglund and l.yncttc Grimm. WllO'S GOT IT? ... (top. IC'ltl " omen from St. Cloud and \lankalo jump for the ball in one ol the j!:31ll('• held in \f.·rnorial Hall {!} m on ::-iport' Da'. Ft•h. 19. Tlw da} endl'd "itlr Lutllf'r Collegl' taking fir,! fo ll1mcd h) \1ankat o. Winona and St. C loud.

The Womt>n · >- Recreation Associa ti on sponsored a variety of rrcreatio nal a('tivi· ties for the \\onwn\; in tramu ra l program thi s year. Some of' the sports included vo ll<·yball with team ;; representing the dorm floors. clubs, sororities and ot her groups: s\\imming: speed -a-way; basket ball: howl ing and oth<'rs.

I WANT IT! ... "-a r<'n Bi('I an,iou~I) "ait' to ,1•e 11hn wins tlw ,trugglt• for tlw ball: Winona or Luther.


NINE, E IGHT, SERV l "IG . . . Durin:,! tlw fall quartc·r. 12 tc·ani- of coll!'~e


DI D YOU SEE T H .\T'! ... I .111da o.,, I<' and j.,lainc, :"a!'kt>tt kPl'p t')t' on tlw ball that a tt"ammat!' jtht hit ""'r.

parti!'ipatt'd in tlw mile,) hall proirram .


Woinen's lntrainural

• • •

TllAT "IET . .. , Jiould lw hi:,!lwr. \J; ,, Jo)e1· L•w"-• ht•l1i- •11peni•t• th!' \\Olll· Pl1°'-\ intramural proµ:ram.

14 1

INTRAM URAL BASKETBALL ... Thi;, y.-ar. <·onlra ry to 1he pasl. a large int ramural lt'agut' has been organizt>d 1·on;,i;,1ing of thrt>t' divi~ions: Red. While and Blut' "ilh five teams ea<"h. \ ) \I CA l<·ague 1·on~ibling of 10 lcam~ abo ha, lll't'll ,,., up for··)·· mt·mht•r,. \Ian) nwn pla) in holh league's.

Men's lntralllural

• • •

WHO'S GOT IT? ... Tom BeC'ker. Packen,. and Charley \'eal. ~lrng)!le


for a rt>bound in a Y \I CA adull lea1?,ue 1?,ame.

FOUL ... An aggre;,;,ive player com mils a foul by !ouching 1he nel in an altt·m pt lo hil 1he vollt"yball over as Tom Johnso111ries lo rplurn t he volley.


The Warriors Attract Crowds The last, but certain ly not th e least, element of all o ur sports eve nts is th e c rowd. The football fan tries to ignore the cold by putting on several extra sweaters and toting a blanket along to keep his feet wa rm. Winter finds wrest ling, basketb all and swimming fans s hoveling their driveways and braving the icy roads so th ey can see th at ga me . Baseball s upporters a re luc ky to enjoy th e spring s uns hine. The e are the people who support our te ams.


- ¡-





--=---==-----== - = - - - - - - - -

Student Senate Acts as Gove rning Body

..;Tl UE'\T SE'\ \T l~ . . . RO\\ ()'\£:

~u ... an Hudt•r11. Chrnl Fsd•. c 11uh Pad.an!. h. Jthlt't'll h.1"11111· \ . BarharJ l't·ln..,on. \nn l>u1u-an .. on. ~u .. an Fri.:.t·h. \Ian h. 1l!" Hrn~ .. ~1. HO\\ T\\ 0 \l1d1at'I h.ir.. <tw . Fr.rn"-lin ( 1111r11~. Ho/.!t-'f \\1 .. tn·ill. Franklin l\: 1111 .. d1ad~·. H11h ,ml C hildn...

,I\, 1lt1· •lud1·111 µovt·rni ng bud} on cam1n1'. llw S111d1'11I S1'11UI<" i' c·o111prist'd of l1q·lv1· l'lt•('it•d offi<'Prs plu, 1lw pn·sid1·111 s of l"al'lr cla". As ' <' nal or<. ilt!' rt'pn''enlalive' serve lhe " ludenl body in rPla1in11 lo all

('am11w' dub,. \ l1·C'linl-(' arl' hC'ld rvery Tut>"lai PVPninl! in !Irr Snwµ wlwrr thl' prohlern< di,!'LIS'f'd and acted upon included thi' pa'I )f'ar a pro<'t"dun· for l'iw<"ki111-( admi'>ion to coli Pl!<' mi,c·r,. an ID ('urd ,fto" · inJ,! the ... tud.-nt\.. photo. a n~:-.olulion nn cheatinµ:. the parkinµ ... itualion on rampu•. and tilt" C'lt•("linn nf fn••ltman cla'" offi<'f'r•.

MORE PRO BLE MS ... Clrarlt•,. B!'t·ker. -1utle111 -.·riat!' pn·,id1·111. tires from llw 111a11~ prohl1·11" 1lra1 lrf' face' ever~ \\CC'k.

W H E R E T H E GIRLS AR E . . . OriPnlatio11




Wusoow and Ka1hle('n Brod. pause o n llwir µu idPd lour lo poinl out Luca' H a ll. I he n('" 1-(i rl, dormitory. Bo llr frr,hmt>n and tran,fpr 'ludents beeanlP aequainled "itlt the <·arnpu' throul!h tour' <·ond111•tf'd durinl! Orientation\\ t"rk.


Rubnt Lrim. Lou1 .. t\ ,tnJ\,tlJ J.1n1u1· Hf'idt·llwq!•'r. a1l\1 .. 1·r




- -

• • •

\1 1f h.11 I \\ illi.1111 .... H111lt·rit l.. lt t·nr\. .111\1 .. 1·1 •

\\0\11. '"' OOll\llTORl

cot 't 11

... f.l11,tlw!l1 \\ alin.... Hu..1·m.1n Hoh,·11 ... \nn \\illiam ...

l\<1\ "'' lttT\1·1. P.1lnf ta :""o\\.Jll .. Hlt. Jud11h !{., .. ~ .. JJ11"1

\ru ...

Dormitory Councils Represent Residents

• • •

Tiu· \\ unwn ', ll11rn1it11r1 ( :11un1·il e·11n,i,t< of t•IC'l'tPcl n·prc·-<'ntati' ,., ;1nd e·11urhe·lor• from Hie·lrarcl•. ( on\\il) and l.1wa• 'n·,icl1·11c·e· halk In <'Ollj)('ratiun \\illi tilt-' \lt·n· ... l)orm <:ouncil. jt hold~ 11tt•t)tinµ;:-. to di!-.eu:-;s •pe·e·ial prohl1•111'. ~:,talili•hing rul1•, for the· w11me·n n·-idt•nt,. t ltC' c·11uneil pnf11re·e•, the·111 through the· n·,i cle·nt a"i,tant,, Tlw HA '' ar!' rc''l"""ihle fo1 nrclt•r 011 tlu·ir n· ... pp<·lh1· flour .... Taking ruum ('l1t•f·k .... initialin~ :->i~n­ out ('ard .... t-nfnn·inµ, quit•t hour .... ~i,inµ. df-'mPrib. and \\01ki11~ at th'· de..,~


l..1·e·p tlwrn h H \·,. tile' µ:irl• rc·c·c·iH' 1111P-half 11f tlwir mom an<l boar•I (t•t·.... and <'aC' l1 ha... a pri\alf' room for <"<Hl\.(·nit•1u·t• in C'oun ... eli n ~ "lll'r.. µirk \Ir,. LP H111 Stadle·r j, 1h1· il<h j,('r.

He·prc"·•·ntinµ: tlw 111<·11 fronr \ lort'). ShPparcf and l'rc·nti" rc·,idcnc·p halk t lrc• \ l1•n ·, Dor111itor) <:01111C'il gm rm' t IH''<' ,.,.,;.i .. 111·1·•. Tlw men

<·oun..,t·lor... ha\t' dutil'"- ... i111ila1 In 1111• \\111llt·11 H .\ ·~: hu\\t'\f•r. thl'} do not f11ll11" •ll< h a •t riC'I -•·t of rul1•<.. \ruf th" d111or• 11f llw 11tc·11·, n·,i<ll'rH't' hall- JIC' llt'\(•r fo('l..t·ef. IJ111h till' \\ 01111'1"'- aner \11·11·, Dur Ill ('llllll<"ill'ian 11111•11 hou•P date'- f11r t IH' fi"· n·-idPnce hall•. The· joint 1·ou1H"il af'.'-.o ma"c• ... uµ:µ;e ... tion:-- fur tlH' C'oun ...elnr... and B \ "i... to fullo'' on tlu·ir floor,.

ANOTHER SLEEP L ESS ~1<;11T . . . C lancini: nH..- h er scribblt'tl thf'lllC'. a rr,idc·rrl 11f l.u1·a, c·ontc111pla1e,,. what ,,.till nc•1•d, ('omplet ion

\1 E'\'S DORi\llTORY UH "\Cl I. ... ller,,.ht·I Fi,.Jek Hi('hard Pett . llaruld Da\it''-· St!'plwn Salt1.man. John En:r«>r. aehi•N. l .a\\rt'n(·e \Iott. Bc·rnard Overhy. D a,i d \ l<1jc•rn•. Orrin St""'"'· J11,t•ph Shafer.

lwfurP ,Jct•p can


Sir(' e·an type her theme• and 'et her hair \\ hilf'

l'njoyini: tire complete 'il1·rwe of"quiet" ho u r~ ~o earl) in tlw mornin:r.





---- - - -- - - - -- -

YD'S & YR'S Promote Political Positions

• • •

Tl ... ) ounp: D1·mocrati" Farnlf'r-1.alinr Cluh 1111 1·am p11, pro•idl"• a ba'i' for puliti!'al !'dllf'ation. r ..-1 .. rill!! th<· idral- of th" DPnrncralil' Part\. it' gt11·•t •p<'al.er, \\!'r<' l. S. ~ rnatnr \\ alt "r \londa ll' a 11d C!'orp:<• Farr. , tat(' C'hairrna11 of DFL \)(>,.1i11g" arP ht> ld " it h St. \l ar) 'sand St. T t•r«·,a·, Y D <'lub, to prornolf' unity. Th<' hii.:lilii.d11 of tht' Yt'ar """ t ht• Yl>FL S tal t' CnnH·n tiun whi.. h llll'llllwr' att1·11dPd in Frhruan.

YOUNG DEMOCRATS . . . lfo•t'mary l lam ilton . \ larilyn i\l ikulewi1·l. 11,.1,.,, Gorrrra11. Sa11fonl lkttf'h<'r. Ralph Cartt·r.

YD' S E 'l/OO RSE L BJ'S VIET~ A M POLICY Ha lph Carin. ) J) pr,.,id .. nt. ,.l:o"" (;t•nrµ:!' Farr. cha ir111a11 of tht' S tttlt' C:<·ntral D ~' I. Cn111mit· !(•(• . a ~taternPnl hac~ i n~ lht• J ohnH>ri ad mini..,tration·, po•i tinn 1111 \ il't '\ am. \ Ir. Farr "P"J.." at a) J) nH•f'ting: in FPh ruan.

T hn1uµ: h film,. ie<'tllr<'' and di,cu"ion•. t he ) counµ: l{<'pu blica n C:luh p romote• inten.,•t in politi l'al affairs. \ l l' rnh!'rs all!'lllpl to mal." tlwrn · splv<·• informt'd. <'<ll1'C'it•11tiou$ C'it ilcn>' h) s u pport ing tlw national Rl'pllh· Ii<' an Pa rt).

'\ Ol ' (; lt F.Pl' BLJC \ fl\~ . . . HO\\ O'E Pa1rkia \\ ~thn. \ rh .. \ orh•·t· ... CJwl BJ(lrl..lund. '."ro.trnlra Burl. ( .ar-11 K111t.. r1 ... \rlllJ hd•. I .l't \\ht•rl. Grnr I uncl. l>1·1111i .. \..t ..t'. 'hidt•\ l\..rt'"-"'· Ju;rn fhornp •w n. J;_t\ ) oumiin ... HO\\ I\\ 0 J1uli1li ~"' i~art, I \IHI "'' humann. Bu·h;.tnl \\on~. I \nn1•


Tir~·., \larJ.. :"'!hraJ..c-. l\c•111w1h B11ll' .. J..1·. Fr.anklin Hrinl..nwin

1\.011 .. ,

l11.1dr .


E\.-Jn-.. Rn'


il .. t•\, BnJn

- ·-

COLl.Ef;IATE C. J...l H . . . HO\\ O\E J111wll1· \1 11!;.1111. \ 1·r1111l4'•t l't·tlu¥. .. l...i. \tjn h....1uru""Li. '11 .. ;111 ~ 11 ... t·h. Clwnl l'i( k.. I ham• Eru L.. 1111, J,1111'1 \\ J .... jnµ:. P .tllH 1.1 lh•·t·l. J..tn11w H1·i1l1·lh1·f~(· 1. ,_uh j ..,.. BO\\ T\\ O· \1id1.u·I J....ir.., h1·, H1·1 ~it· I ,rn._:.. \ 1 wh..11·1 \\di.am .. , HulJrul \\ u....o", H11J!1'f \\ j .. 111-ill. 11.iruld l) .1\ u-... Juhn ~-ll~t · r. ( ;, • ., r~1· ()Ji oil, I liu111.a-. I \\tTlt'll

h an hono ran •t·n r<'I· " !uh. ( .ollt·l,(ialt· (:!uh pr1111111lt"• - !'110111 -pirit and pn·.. t~ne ... eollegt> tradiliun .... F•1-.t1•1ing. p11hli<' n·lalion.., on and off ('ampu .... lhe

('l ub

<'1Hu« li 11al1"' ...,tudl'lll i.Wli\ilif' .... I t ... nu· ml wr~ an~

t--t· lected

rt·pn·-!'nlati\l'" frorrr (·arr11 111' t·lul .-. lh \\0 1li11!( irr <'1>1ljurwtion \\ itlr tlrP >llldt>nl '"<·ial t'Pt11111it1t·<-. it all<'lll Jl l" IP ><· l1t·d11I(• -.wial e\t' lll> arrd 'Jl"ll· :-.t1r"1 for 1lw111. Throu µ:h tlw ir t'!Tort .... 11 urnt·rnu.., ' IH' hnp-.. an_. he ld in Llw .1'


" I Al,"T GOT '0 SATISFACTIOl'I ... "' Th rou!!h tlw plannin!! .,f 1l1t• C11ll<'l.(ia11· Cluh. \\t·t·J..I, darH'•'• pr11\id1· t·nlt'rtainnwnt fur tilt' \\ ~C 'irr t·ru1,.r. :-1udt·nh darr<·t· 111 11111,11 -u pplit·d Ii) Ii"· band-.

\\ sc·s Carrrrna Ta rr Clrapt<·r ,.f l\.appa lklta Pi ;, an lronor '""iet\ in t·du<'atinn. 11 ~ pu rpo~ e j..., lu t'nt·ouraµt' hiµ;h prufc:-.~io11al. intellectual and p.-r..,onal stanclanli-- among: t't l Ul'at or ... aud lo n·t·oµ:niz( • oul~tand ing <"011t rilirrti11rr- to edtwatiurr. Tiro'<' """ d i-pla\ <·11mn1t·11<lah lt> pen•orral qrralit ic·'· wmtl r) pd11n11i11rral idt•ak a nd >11111111 "·lrula r,lrip a r" in vitrd '" joirr. J\ Tll{'lllher 11111,t rank trc·ad1·111i('all \ in tl1t· 11ppt·r 0111 .. fift h of hi, (')a,,. and IH' a junior or ~('nior.

Collegiate Club, l{appa Delta Pi Honor and Service

• • •

k..\PI_. \ l>t. l. 1\1, 1 , . , HC)\\ (}'\I \1 111 .. '''II F1... 4-Jlt'r. E \1·h11 llurl+•n. \..tru\ \\ .thl11. \I J\I.. l'ml...1·. ()+11111.t ~t·nl1nJn1f ... t·n. Hr rp:w l .Jllj.!, l) Jl1 - l 'hr••lltl . (,l, 1 t1.1 lt·l 1n11111JU. l\t11rnu· Juhn ..m 1• I 1T. l-'l11rt·tfJ lu1f ...,111. ad,1 ...t·r .

('.arm1·111 ""''"" · H11lw11.1 l \1· ... H11.. 1·



- -




- - - - - - - - - - - -- - - -


Circle K and Academy of Science Serve Student Interests

C lllfl.E h. • . . l>.m,tld BiJ..,., .uh1"n Th11111.1..




l>• •nJltl

Llu\1· 1. B,i, \\ d .. q . Ecl,,,.,d Hn .. t. l.irr\ Ol ..1111. P.1ul llntl:,!1-.

Cirde !'I. i' an or!!anizal iun f'Olllpo~... cl of malt' nwmlwr- i111t•rt•,1t·d in doinl! a lilllt• mort• for 1hr ('Olit'µ:t' and eommunil) 1han lllt' aH·raµt· -1udrn1. ii i- affiliali·cl "ill1 lht' "inon a l'l.i""'"' ( l11h and Cirf'lt· !'I. I nll·rnal 1onal. \ i·li•ilw- 1hi- )Par \\C'H' lht' planninµ of .. tub niµ ht. a--i-1inµ: 111 Red Cru" blood dri"·'· Chri,1ma' decoralinir on l'ampu ... par1icipa1inµ. in 1he bicy!'lt• ,aff'I)' proµ:ram. and hol dinµ: a cribbaµ:e 1ournam1·nt. \ '-lll'f'ial projf'l'I """ a dri\I• lo i·oll•·•·I •\\t'alns a nd s\\ea1,hir1 " for Tan1.ania. [a,1 \ frica. "here a former club mt'mber i~ "'n inµ: in 1l1t· i't'a!'t' Corp... \l emlwr- allendf'd llw lnlf'malional Cir..Jp K t•omt•nlion in \\ alql('lon.

'\ .D. T hr Winona S 1a1 1· Colleµ:e chapt er of lhl' \l i11nt·,ota Academy ol S(' ien('e i;,. at prt•;,t•nt. lht• larµ:e-t collcµ:e c hapt e r in \l intw;,ola. \1 l>hH•e"-ly m<·<•l inµ, ..... info1111at ive pru~ra 1n ~ art' prP:-.t'ntt.. d hy an·a :oi('it•n1 i ... 1:-.

and tho;,t• from ot hn C'OllPf.!P> and uni \(·r;,il it''· Student;, a11· t·1u·ou1 aµ1·d to pn~ ... t•nt

rt•..,par<'h n · ... u h ~ at llH'C't in µs.

Thi' oq.:anization prm icf,., fut u re tt'al"her;, and -cit·nl i'h " ii h an Parl) oppor111nil) lu be acli\e in a proft·,;,ional '•·it•nlifit· .. of'it•I). ii exi't ' for tho-•• inlne;,tt'd in the field of 'c irnct• -biolol!)· dtf'111i .. 1n. ma1he111atit''·

· 'THEY'RE )11'\E - ALL 11 OF 'E)I " . . . \l a ..oud \laµ:h-o udi hoard, a plentiful ;,uppl) of popf'orn hall .. fur lall·r. whilP Ka1hy S<'hloeµ:el i, ;,ati,fied wilh jtbl 11nt>. Cirdt' K .. pun;,11n·d lhc Popcorn Ball prior to fa ll final" t'ek.

\ C \l> E 'n or ""4 11-. :\CE ... HO\\ O'\E: E lizaheth llrc·,•n. LJrmt·1w !-it'n" D1ar11w Du111lt'r. B1·q·rh "1ul11. Ja1ll'I I la.id•. t :111t·11t• 1'1111n. Judith '\urtlt>man. ~J1t1lrct ""'hit•\ . .f .1111u1·lu1t· B1·n ..011. Jt>a1111t· Hnl H.1rl1..ir,1 C..irl ..on, \anl'\ l\. r.11th. B arbara \\ atJ..in ... '\;.al..illt' l.11 .. d1l1 HO\\ I\\ O: ll~1.,:.li1 Bmum. '\i11man S,•111lin1?. J1wl ~1·huln-·. Hubrrl Ripplr'. \\ illio.rn1 ) uun~. Hnu t· Pt•1lt·r.. on. D1·nni .. Flt>11 l1n J 1·rn l ..tllf.!.. t'lh. r ..dd Eru Jr.. ...on. l .li"d ~rnrlr..1" .. ki. '\uhula.. \t..1,1·ru ... H11hnt


"-lhuh-.t arL 1.ann~ ShirJI. \lit h •.wl ..... 111~.. t1un

Bu h.trd OJ.hi. l'Jtrn·L. l·.mmon ... Lill ""'orj!. CJhm


achi.,n. l>r. Ba, ll oult 1u.h1 ..1·r \lauru·1· \Id .111ln. a1h1 .. rr HO\\ THREE: .\ltn••I \IJrduonda. Thoma." f1 .. hl1au~hn John \It I 1·rnl. J11h11 '."-ii""• Lan k .rnl7. RunJlcl ~1w111).:. J11f1n \\ hdrlon. L) nn Brrn . \\ B\llt' t •l'fj.!.t'fl. ll1111 al1I ..... r,11111. l'aul \\ a1l111 ... B11rl1in I .id,::.('nhnµ "\urn \ l 1,rn...11n.

o.. naltl Ht'lllllllO!o!. ll11uµJ.1. .. ()11. u.-\111 \11.. hu-.

\\ l "f..... !(()\\ ( )\ F \1111•·111· Hu li.ml..1111. Jo..Jtlwlrc·11 ....,, hl·~;.:J. t .lu·n I \l1ll1·r, JJn1· l\. .u-1n1\\.., Jr..1 , J11h11 .. 11n. U.trliJr.1 ()w· ..1. \l.uldin1· I 11 ... d1lr..1·. \lJ q lh ·u. \JtJlu· lit ... , hlrr.1·_ ....11hlnn Jo..• ·11111·\ Pll\lh ... \IJt ..1 h. U.11!1.11,1 Jo...11111 ...1111 J,uwl \\ .1 ......1111!,. ll1·.11lwr Hn,liurt:.h. 0011 .. ~hJ". Ui1Jli~·th Uulll\ ~Jthl1·1·n ll•11m·.... H( )\\ I\\ () ""'111· i-..u1 h1·nmt•1... 11·1 _ \1•ra \\ 111kr. Joa11111 \111l1·r... 1111 ..... ll .. Jll Tliu1"'""· BJrl1.u.1 h1·1 ...1111. B1·t11111· \ .w ~-f' I' ... l{,,... ,.m,1n h1·n1"111· 0 0011.1 \ l ,1rt u"'""· Jud11h I 1·t·


Par ru·ia I lnHL Judi1h "" nut..,on. ( 1nlh Pack.ml. I 11ul a B t'llJJlllll\, J mfe S11 t' n r .....,.n, f\: a\ ()uinn, \1J n \ uc·1no\1d1. B\1nnlf' Ru,.,·rt. D1an1· \ l or11·t1"'••ll • ...,ut· l \ 111.... Joan "vanton. "'lu .. an U;.t\, JJ\i ... rr. HO\~ T llRF:f.: Jud11h Coc.-lr..t·r. LJr11l1• h·IJmJnn.JrlaJIH' ~de l\1w111• l.rimm.Jult-nf" lldl!luml. (,.1,l1· Huh. \laraht"l h llol .. a1111lr, Ji ll 'mnh . ..,11-.,111 1>11111 ,111 ... 011, Oulnn• ... \t ull1·n. l.111d.1 'ird•. Ju\n Ft·n ... J...t>.J.uw ""'offJ. '-'111 ... Jn H111t1•1·n. \1.1n l'11·lrLJlr..


WPE and WRA Coordinate Physical Activities for Women

• • •

\\ 111·J..i11~ ,.)""'') \\il l1 lht· pli},i«al l'duc-a1i1111 dl'pa rl111<·11 1. llH· Wl'E (' lt1b i:-. a prof(•...... ional 11rJ..!a11ilalio11. I l o 11H'l'o niin:,! hut1on . . an • ~ old lo f'i . nance lh t• Jt·a11 T alh111Sd1ol ar- h ip1ha1 ;, a"ard l'd t'a<· h )<·ar 10 an i11<·., 111ing juni111 J,.!il I. \l-.n a loan fun d i~ a\'ailahl c.~ lo \\P E 11H·mh1·r~ and mont') j~ h offO\\ed \\ithnlJI inlt• n •""l <"harJ,.!Pd. H. t>Jll"t'""'('fllali\.t'"' atl t~ nd lht• J llllUal

nalion,il \ \111'~: 1{ """"'nli"n in Clii«a~u. Tiu-\\ l'E •·luh 'i'"" "'r' a hiµh 'd11111I ·· 1•1a, lla1 ·· <'•1t· li \t'ar.

(,.,, rn111;.: 1111' 11·•·n·a11011,1I a«1 i1 iii<•, of 110 111P11. lhl' \\ H \ hoard

rt>pn..... ,.. 11 1.... llw \\411llt'll pln . . i<'al t'(hwalion 1najur .. and minor..... \ \\idt• JffOJ..!ram al lo\\ 1nµ. i1wr t·a ... (•d par tif·ipatiun j .... no\\ in effc.·<·1. In atld itiun lo ..,\\ 11nminµ.. had minion and a n ·h('q: orc·lu·.._j ... _ a moder n dant·t· :,!rnup . i~ ... tren~tht • ninJ..! tlu· prnJ..!l'tllll . \\ K \ !'op1111..,or .... lt.. am-.. i11 trad. . d11 d t'ic·ld. '" im 111i11µ. \11ll1·1kdl. ba,k1·1l1all a11d l1·11ni' fur co1111w1i1io11 \\illi ol ll!'r eollt'~<''· II ;, 1l1t· ai Ill of I h1· \\ \~S C \\01111' 11 O il ('il lllpll •.

H \ lo lllP<'t a ll i11t' rP<T<'al io11al tH·<·d' of

RI Cll ARDS' VO LLEll'ES T RI UM PH . . . WRA volleyball c hampion-, won ilwir title' wilh an 8-0 n •cord . I leaded by Judi1h Ku zniar. «apt ain. I he fres hma n lt>am rnclccl llw vollt·yball ' l'a!.<>11 m pr tlw eleven other tram,. \ le mbl'r' art' RO\\' O'\E: Su-an Cnrn lt'y. P alricia '. l ullrn. J <•la i1tt' Sackett. Chr i-,t ) Camplwll. l{()\1,

T \\ 0 : Li11da Do) le. L ) nn

l'elC'f'·on. Julene Hafdand . Judi1h Ku tniar. Cayle Hu,h. \la d elin e Lit~t· hk e. ROW THREE: Judith Knut son , Kathll't'll lloine~s.

\\ RA ... l<O\\ 0\1:: .....111111·1·11 ll u11u·..... Jani" Prin·. B.uh.1r..i 1\f'r .. un. Jani· ~actro\\ .. Jr..t. Cuul' Pai lr..,ud. li Mh.trJ ~nut-.un. l'lnlli.. \l ,11 ..111. \I an llt·n

RO" ·1 \\() ( .Jrul ll Jn .. un ft,...,..OIM\ Fr,nt-llf' Po.unna I. J ..J... ,1. Ju,111 ...,p,m1011. :">11&ntlra


~U• ht-111m·1 .. h-r J u1li1ti. l\.nu1-.u11.

\IJr11u1·nlt' 't·1u1. ""'m• \la1kli111 I 11 ...1 hlr..1·


The largP't orv:ani£ation on <"<Ull(lll'-. :-.. \;E \ exist, for the berwfit of those intt"re,t<·d in <'ntt·rinv: the tt•a..!1i n~ prufe:-;hion. De~ i gnt•(I lo dt.•vt:lop an undt•r-.. 1a ndinµ; of t hl' fip(J of cdu"ation. it' n11·111h1·1- ha\t' <"110,en trac·h· inv: as a earP<:>r. \lonthl ) mt·et inw- 1·011 -. i-t of pane·! di-.. r· u"ion•, intPniP1" and spc•t•<"ht•, h > 1m1mi111·nt Pduea10 1 ~.

" alter Lar-.on . CXt'l'U li'<' '-l'<" 1t'la ry of thl' \ eadl'lll) of Sl'it'nce. a nd E1h,ard I .<·ipold. 'IE\ eons ult an l. prt', ent ed tlwir idt•a-. and <·x pl'ri<· nn•>- in tlw Pdu1·ation field. The club "i>"'" "l"l'd a FT •\ \\011..shop . lours of thl' campus. the S'\E ,\ slate c11nw111ion. an d a !'si> lt·d with tht" S \IEA work.hop. '1 t•m hl"r' s 11 h-.eri l1t· to both tht• \E •\ and \IE •\ journal-. : and so1n10· al t f'nd tl11· ,t att' and natio nal con\ ention ~.

Student National Educatio1

B.EPRESE"ITI'\(; EDllCATIO'\' STU DEl\TS .. . \Ja,i-. P ink(' ride-. in onr of th<' fo urtt•t•n c·ornC"rtihlPs u,ed for the homr1·oming randida 11·-.. \\. earing tl11• tradit ional mum. \l avi>. an elcnwnt ar) major. "a' -.ponson·d by SNE·\ .

~~E..\ . .. BO \\ ()'\~.: \l ,11 ' .111 <.iull..o" "'l-.1 • .l t·o.111 t:i1·111111 ... ki. J,1111 .. t :u11 ... \l..1 n l\ ,11 tru\'t .. ~1 <:in1h 1-'.Jd,,ml, l\..i1hlt-1-11 1'.1•111w,, B,1rl1.ird P 1•11•r..,1•11. "'iu ... ,111 Fri .. l·h. t :lwnl Fi, !... c:l11ri.1 \\1·kh Jill Einhorn. l' h,tli... \1..1h d1. \ on Du1u .111 .. nn. ( _;nnwn1• "'i1•n .... J111lith lf ..1u}..11m. Bnnn11· J11h11-un 1)1;.uw Chri .. 11a11 .. 011. ~alh h1•c r. HO\\ I\\ 0 "-lu ...rn H1ul1·1·n. 1>1.rnt· Elwrt. :-iu1...1u111· P•·tt·r ..1·11. Jna1111t• .\ndt•r.. 1111. J1uh \l ;1 lm in. J11di1h ~ 1111f..,j1fl. l\ i1lld1·1•11 ()'( nn1111r. -...h aron ~., 1,r,1 .. }..1·. '\a1al1t· I i l .. d l}..t'. 01a1w \IMt1·n ..on. Bunnw Hu ..1·rt. JuJn T1n1111 . El1.1alw1h \\ ,1l1n ... D11lor1• .. Pal1wr. ..,h..tro11 ht'r .. on . C.trul 11.tn ...••n. \t1r1.1 \\ .irtt·n. 'liar1111 I 1·i111n~1·r. '\J1H'\ B<-tr ... l.. i. HO" T lllH.L Brw 1· ..,mith. Hugn f j .., hh,u h, '\11rm..t11 'i·rnlin~. Bni.:ir I.•tnJ,:. f _t•ru\ Dt·ln.... P1•1t•r (- .. nnur. h .1111.. Jin llt·a1 .... 11l1>, UJ\ 111 Hai11t' ... ( htl1· D1wt1111•r. \ lwh<wl \\ 1lli.1111 ... ( harlt' ... E.irp. J11hn HalmJn



.._'\ F..\ , . , HO\\ O\E: Ho,1•man I t·t· H:111h I.mi· B,uliara l't>d•. Do1111J \lilln. \larihn Thum, \nna l"',,.. Jlo.1. Eli1ah1·th ll•·rnn. Ju.Jn '-tunun. C.r.111· ll1·nr~_ JJn11lt'lin1· Ov.. Jhl. f.,t·hn l lorlou,

Ku1h h.l1·nl1· lud11h 1>111nd1. Jani· 1'.u /ltth .. l.,i. J11il11h Pope .IJm.. \\ 111t1·r. 1'a1hh·1·n l\.;.11 kmann. BJthJIJ '1 l1111,1u ...... H< >\\ I \\ 0; C.lun,1 I t·l11urn1·au \l,in·ia ILlih. ",11i1n n T .. r \ 1d.• .I 1111i1h !'-11 .trjl. \ta"i'"' P111l..1" I .urr.mw OH·rl1auj.!. 1'.11rii 1t.t ) 1·t11·r. \ 1q::111i.1 I .t1n•rhu11, K•.irt·n ~.ulw r . Patrit·ia

Runninj!t•n, H1N•man l>11hrn. \1.u.,:Jrd 11,rnl..t""'· ""har1111 Dr"' all. ('.n11I Jt>(·h1· h. ,uhn·n Juhn ... 1111 • IJarlt-rH· Pf<lt•,...._ JoamH• Ol1111·hi. \ann Jt,.rdld1. RO\\ I llREE: t h-o1j!hl Bu)Ulll. J.:.lmf·.., Rnnuld ... 1>1·11111 .. \111q!,\11. JJd, ·1 il1lw1t-.. LHH1·n1·1· Ol .. on. Jo.,q1h Harnf'tl('. l>onal<l (.lo\t•r. Pt·fn \\ c•i .. lirllfl. JJmt•-. \ iJ,!iu· ..... Eu~.t1·n1· Pl1·rn. Oavid ll,1.11 \.... \ndrt'\.\ "\1•\ill1•. J....rruwth J.... nut .. un. lhH1rl \n.,hu ...

ssociation Furthers Teaching Incentive

• • •

~'\ EA

. . . RO\"\ ()"\~ \lit·r Prtn...1111, \ lan "hf•rh,111. Chn>I \lundr~ll. Earlt'nf' finn. Jt>aOt'llt• Harmon, '-tandra ()uam. \ 1rj?jrna Sw~t>I. La\ unrw \ l nlde. \nn h·nnn. '."'!u .. 311 Lm·fll('r, Jud11h Rar11. P.11rinJ Fi.. <·hhaf h. Diant' \\1·1r. BarlJ•.trJ Ej!"~1·. l>,m,1 R1·p ... RO\\ J'\\O: Patrhu H1.. f•I. \ lar' \1ul1•r.. un. \ larihn \l 1kult·~i<-1. ~h1 rlq· Krc""'· Kuth lf'('ll Ft•t•I). ~ aren \lilln. El ... it' Ball a 11 ~n. Su·rnn 1'1•t1i... ~ 1d la IL.1111wl. Jud11 h Thomp>:.on. ~u ... an Knidwl. \\anita 01111• .. ..,, Huth l\t'.,.IHll, \rli ... l.q:lt>r. RO\l: TlllH E: Karrn \ l orlt-11 ... t'n, Carol Hohert ... Uo.. Jlrc•n (;iLLon .... •\rland \1o!o?t'r, \li<·harl \~ a~nn. Ho" drtl ()\...land.JJrH"I l lJ;u·k. Jam .. J1•n .. t'n. Slu-q I I 11t"din~.







- -- - - - - - - - -

- -=-

PH OTO STAFF . . . Sharon T-..i11da. Sharon \\ anou~. ~h11l1·' Kr""· Joan Thornp-•Hl. John Domonl.o,. F \Cl \C PA(;E: Andn·" l\pvillt>. \\illiam Krau'''- Kan·n Bi1·I. Paul llodl-(C' and Bonni•· Bal·



E UITO R WORKS DILI GENTLY . . . \ larilin \lil.ul""i<·z. t>ditor. lwads tht> \\ i11ona11 that is now a ''e<·kl) t>dition-on Thur,Jay,.

Winonan Published Weekly

• • •

~EWS HOUNDS . . . SE \TED: Ja mes Evenson. <•ditorial t>ditor. and Dukie B('rkman. ST.\:\01:\C : f...art:'n \l ortenson. «op) editor: Kathlet>n Keller. "''" s t>ditor: Joan \\ ierzba. and \larjorie Johnson. <·op) rclitor. B_\ CK RO\\ : Rol!f'r Severson. Frank I la) Ps. husines> manaj!C'r. and Lynn Tiegs. 1·artoonbt. Ev1>nson becamt' hnsint"'' manager in Febru· ary. The Winonan j;, po11ular with local and national advertisers.


WRITE RS ... John Hos<,. col1111111 ist. Cendle Iverson. feature e ditor. and \l ary \ndersun. reporter Jl"''" for a photo in th<" PUB.








ke nol <·0 111po'-P the photo ... t aff fo r hoth the new,paper and )Carlwol... (,1•n1• Lund. Head of 11~1oto!!raph). i-. camera -.h i.!

A Bt;SY ADVISOR ... \ clolph Brrmer. advi,er for both


takrs a break durin!! hi, bth) . dwdulc.

"CHEER UP, KJOS ... "c"ll 111ake t hat UPadl inc )et."" Editor Sand) S<" hlt>) c heeks la)oU t ~ and 1·op) fo r thc la~ t fe" pa!!P' lo m ret t he final deadline.

Wenonah Grows to 200-Page 9 x 12 Book

• • •

"\ ot pi<"tur.. d an· \laria11111· Cahna\. \\ho i-. hoth tlu· a ... , i- t ant ..ditor and tlw ,tud!'nt lif<" •·ditor. a nJ Sand) lfrtt<"lwr. •port ... <"dit or.

SECTION EDITORS ... Claudia Bi> hop. facult~

.... e<~t i on. ~la n c·e ... di photo!'- of IE-~aehl-'r ....

Barbara Da,id-on. c la""'· anti<·ipal(·-. tht· Iin a l produ<'t aftc1 fin1• hi n!! I) ping nam('-.. Sarah Seufert. 11r;rnni1.a1ion•. pa::i;e... 1hrou1d1 anotlwr yearbook for n!'w idt'a ... of layout- and p hoto ... (or ma) llt' what lo avoid I.




- -



---- -----~ -- ~

\I EW FROM 01\ llJGll . . . Dn·--••d in 1lw 1rndi1 ion al c·hoir roht». \X SC studt•nls 'inf( ,i•},.c·lion s uf !11!' "" \lt•qsiah .. lll"<''<"lll1·cl puhli(' I) prior tu Chri!"tmu:-..

Tri-College Choir, Civic Orchestra Presen

PREMIERE PERFORMAN CE GIVEN . .. Tlu.. 1ri-<"olll"g<' c h nir. lncal c hurc h l" hoir' and !ht• Winona Civit· Oreht»•lra pn•"·nl a C: h ri ~ lm as con· ct•rl. Pnform inf( pnrlion~ frn111 I l and cl's ··(\j,.,,iah." ih l' m a"" choi r and


orC"ht>slra Wl'fl" dirt'c·1t·d h) Harold Cook e. gu(''I c1111du1·1or from Rol"hP,ler. In preparalion for ll1t· Christ ma" ~easo n , !he <·ont·<•rl wa'> presented in rlw Wino na High SC'hool i\udiloriurn o n De<". 12.

- " MESSIAH" PRACTICE ••. .\nd II<' ,hall rPig:n. and llr s hall reiµ:n fo reH•r and evrr." sing Elaine Lt'a and Kart'n Satlwr. sopranos. The riµ:ht~ -voi('t> c·onrC'rl rh11i1 ' IH'lll ",.,.1,,, n·hPar-inµ: dail' for tlw Chri;;tma' program.

CllOtrt CUTS Cl.ASSES . . . Du ring: t lw ir

;;iµ:ht~•·t·ing: t our. rhoir

memltcr...... 1np lu \j..,j1 nnt· of llw n11merou-.. placrs of inlP rf'~t. TliPir


<la\ trip to \\ a•hi11g:t1111. D.C .. """ hig:hliµ:hte<l Ly tlll'ir •·111u·er1 al tlH' \\ a-l1i11g:l1111 ( :at llt'clr.rl.

andel's "Messiah"

• • •

Till' •·on('ert orchestra and (·on<·ert <"hoi r offrr proµ:ramg for music lovero at \VSC. \ <·omhin('d c·hnir fro 111 \'\ in1111a·, thn•p !'ollq:w•. S10111 Stal e' ('\lcnunrnniP. \\ i•.I and ln<·al l'hun·h c·hoir' in 196.5 prt"·t•n11•cl a c·111w!'rl hefon· Chri•tma•. Singing:,,.,,.,.. tion'-1 from Hanclt•r ... f.Jmoth ··\Jc....... jali."" lht• ma..,~ ('hl)ir '"'"" a<·c·on1p<.1n icd by tbC' nt'\\h-f11rn1Pd \\ inona Ci,i!' Orrlw~tra. S"H'ral \X SC 1·h11ir arrd nrclw•lra nwml wr• tlwn 1raH it'cl 111 \ l 1• 11onwni(' lo JH<''-t'lll an P\1°hang:1• cnnC'rrl of tlw " \11·..- iah" a l S tout S ta i r. Hoth thl' <'hoir and on·lu·•lra 0

pn~ ... enl l.l



uf mu . . i<· in I h<' io-prinf!.


:\ EW BA 'ID DIRECTOR • . . \\ illiam Se h mid c·on· du C't' thl' c·onet'rl hand a• ii re ll<'ar"'s for tl1<· r\Jovl'm· h!'r lll'rforrna1H't'. •\ fort\ · pic·c·t• group. ils prc·,idc·nl i> \ rh n Knud,en.

DIRECTING WITH CAPABLE HANDS . .. Direc1 ing tll<' c·oncnt c·hoir is 01w of Richm ond \IC' Cluer·s m an) dutic•, "" head of th<' mu,ic· departmt•nt.

WSC has several hands fo r t ll<' i111 1•rp,I and Pnjovnwnl of '-llldt>nl,, T hP c·o1H'C'rl band. dirrC'l<'d hy \\ illiarn SC'hmid. marche' in the l lonH'C'oming paradt' and prt''<' nl'- c·onc·erls. T he Jazz band prpspnts spvrral Sunday evf'ning c·o1H·erb for tlw rnjo)· rnenl of st udc•nt s, facult) and 1hr puhliC'. l ndt·r the direetion nf Fred Heyer. rhe hand plays rnod l'rn jazz rnu,-i!'. The P<'P band ac·c·o mpanieg the c lwerleadrrs and furlht•r ; ,c hool ,..piril al football and haskc·thall games.

SCHOOL SPIRIT ENLIVE'llED . . . l , ing his horn C'asc· a :- a music stand . Leonard l'u r rington blows out the notes o n h i, lrurnpl'I. Vprrion SuC'hla and Gar> \ll'l)owell ac·c·ornpan~ tlw few fan > \\ho sing tht· eollege •ong. ··Hail Winona."


Musicians Perform


the Orchestra and Bands

• • •

T U:'lllNG l ' P . . . Tlw 1·01w1•r1 ordw-.l ra {!<'h n·ad) for rt>ht'arsal \\ilh HARMONY, RllYT ll'\I , ll ES PITE . . . Counting: out h<'r fift('t'n m!'a-un·-. n·-1. Su-an \'\ ollin. ,a,ophoni•I. n·la'"' "hilt· t'nj111 in{! tilt'

Hichmont.l \lcClut•r. •·onduC"lor. \l t•1n her' al-.o perform in the rwwl)form!'d '\\' inona Civi<" Ordlt''-lra ft1r puhli<' t·11n<·1·r1 ...

mu-.i<· pla) <'d h) hn ft·llo" hand nwn1her,.

BOOM, BOOM, BOOM ... f)pn ni' Aa~P wail• for his cue to beat hi~ ha,, tlrum "hile nlher pep band nwmlwr-. pmvid<' lh<' hackg:rou nd musie for lht' d1t>PrlPader« }elk S u pporting: 1lu• '\\ arrior<. tilt' l \\elll)-fivC' piC'Ct' pep band pla)' al home ba-kPlhall g:amt''-·






- - - - - - - - - --- - - - -

\\ S(. li•tt1·nut•11 lu•lon:,: to

.l n

- - --

t''\t·lu ... i\t•




'"u ft·tnal.-....

all11\\(•di-tl11· •\\. <:lul1. l!t·- id l'- ' l'""""illl! an athl1·t1• .. r till' 1lln111h. 1h1· 1nt·111ht•r. . t·nt1·r a homt·c·11111i11µ. fl11al and al . . 11 ... t·ll H·fn.· . . l111w11h al tlu· l111mt' ;.!\.1111('.... '\'\ • <:lul, n·1nt•-.,.111 ... 1he· T<> P rncn 111 loollJall. \\1t· ... 1linµ. .... \,i111111i11µ.. h •.-l.. .. 1ball. lll1,1·hall a11d lr.11·!...

" l WANNA H OLD YOU R HANO" ... \ l ik<' Jer"'"I.. I izi and' "" St. Cloud plaq·r- jump f111 tlw rt•h1111nd "'Tim \11d1·1-.111 (.)2) "ait1110111<·nlarih. TIH· I lu<kie, deft·at('d 1lw \\ an·i""' 12-60.


A COOD SPORT, PR F.TTY L A DY ... " I've got my lett('r. too. so "h' t·an"t I join. µ:u,,f .. q uip-='"''"' H11d 1't'll. l'h<•erll'ad .. r.

'W' Club Represents Varsity Lettermen

•\'\ - Cl.l n HO \\ O\.E Huhrrt Put>lt.. I .turt•n,·1· ()J ...1111, Pt·lt'r \\ .ufr. l>unald l\. ruflp. Hrun· 'm11h. John H.thmJn, T liooi,1.., <..tit·. Eu1.:1·1w Our.tn1I. llrnn tf twlll. HO\\ T\\ 0; 0.111i1·I ""' h.m11n. JJ11H· .. \ ic1w ...... Hnl.Prl ~.111'. l\.1•111wth t\ nuf ..1111, D.t\id \11·1 .. 111·1. D1·nni .. \l11r~d11. J11 ... q1h B.t111t•ll1•,


Ruµ,t·r \\ i.;;1n·1ll. Jern Cra.1lt·. HO\\ Tl UH L Luµent> ll11r11111. Brrµ,u · I Jnµ,. llt>nni .. B1.md1dnf. Th11111.1 .. ""al!t:'. H1thf"ll ""lunt'. U.1\i1I Bu\Ulll. \ ri Im• 'l..1·m11.

S KI C l. l H HO\\ 0'L \hm·ia "IC'Hn .... Jmh ·\ndC"r...on. \IJn , J ...on, C:arnlt• [)J\.tf•o;., l\Jlh· lf•f•n E ...11•... PJ1ru·i.1 llJtttwr. Hu Ii.ml \\ unµ. UouJltl Bil .. t'. Jthi .. n. RO\\ T\\O: H1111Jl1I '1mnµ:

Slt>\<•11 If"""•""· Ju,t·ph 1'1wlf~1 ·n, 0.11T.,I '-i\\t•r..un,'Ja1111· .. 'uunJ;t. H1rhard Eur. \l atthf'"" Satter.

HO\\ "I llHEI-.: .\rthur \ .aJ!''"· Th.unJ-. (

J ..... ,·rh

L1·n1• l.uml

Ski Club, Alpha Phi Omega Offer Jaunts

• • •

A """I) orp111i1.t•d club rhi, l""r. rh<' Ski Cl11l1 'l'"11"1r1·d '''"·nil 11eekl'nd •ki lrip> lo horh \l in1w"1ta and \\'i;.t ·on,in ,ki lodi:t» . l ~ 'IH'l'i · ('ll('<'d a' '"·II"' 1111\it'I' ,ki<·r' 1·njo)t·d tlw fun in tlw -no11 on tl1t"t' trip•.

•\ n 11111:.rn111th of tlw \ational Ho) S<·oul' of \nlt'ril'a. \lpha l' l1i

Omega :--port"nrt·d a h11uk ll'rttal ~ervic-P. ~tutlPnlo;; \\hct l'f•fll( 'd hnuk ... and tho~<' 11ho -. 1ld tt' ' thnok' IH•nrf'it1·d. Throui:h tlw initiali\I• of .l a<'k Tih· belt~. ,,,.,.,;d!'nl. .\ PO 1111rked for thC' ti:'"'"P lo IH't'l•nH' nalionali1.1·d fralt'rnil\. •\ tohoµ :.r•11tinµ party""' h"ld in F1·bru a r).



HO\\ ( )"\~.: h 1rn4· f'wµ: ... Rid1Jrd ...,ull1·1. l: .. n.iltl \ 1111l.1ltl. 1'.11111 I.. <..in I hur ..un. I .11111 .. h.Jn.t'-Jll, Lroq,:.1· P.irn .. h. l't·l4'r \\ ,1tl1·. Hu hJ1cl Hn\Ulll. l<idi.ml \\1111}!. IH>\\ I\\ (): J.tnlf'.. h·hr111J11. JJ1 I... f1hhl"l1 ... Tho111.1.. f J ....1·rh . l •.tr\ J1·11 .. t·n. J..1ri1t·., \ 1j!rw...... ( ur11 ... J11l111 ..11n. H1 .. lrri1 I... ll1·11n. J1l\i .. 1·r. ll11\'l.1nl \lu11 .. ••11 ..111,1.. 1·1. J11.. q1li lmJnud .•&d\i .. t-r. H111Ml411\111 ..1· ••uJ.,1 .. ~·r. R11~t>r ""ht'r"•'"ttl. n..tl1•111..tl ....r,u ·r r1·1u1·..1·11l.tl1\r, \LPll \ Pll I (l\1 £ ( ; \

CahillJu. \11hu1


" ISN'T THIS FU .' i?" . . . Cordon \\ it·hkt' dJ111·r· 11 ith Judy tlH'~ IHtlh .. ('l'lll -..nlt.•11111h ll ll ;.t\\an~ of \\ht'rt' th~ a ('tin n if"-.·

Wt>~man a~



'E" '11\.' (' t l n HO\\ ()' ~.. ( ,nuh II Rt'tlluiul. ( .uul \\ 1·JH·r. ( 'li.trk1u- '.imJn.il.1 .... li.trun Dr~.111. \IJq:..111"1 ll.rnl..1· ... J...rn ..,int..11. \IJr\ \k\lill.111. "'-.11hl1·1·n 1-,.d'- \.rnn lldrnu1·ll1·r. ( .hri.. I\ ( .1111plwll. H11...1l11 ""'1h1·11ll1·1. Pa1ri.i.1 \l1llf-'1 . ~ .trl1·111· ll1111li1._ f.\t1lh1.t '1h1w111·1l1·r . 1\,11111\11 1'•wlh. \.111n 1\1.111 h. HO\\ ('\\ 0: Ju1lith BJllL. hk1·11 L11il1I. h. ,11!.ln-11 \11·\1·1 Jl,11r11 1.1 \\ w1111·1 .. 1,1~1·. \l.11' F1.11111·1 \1.11' lh.111. h..11lw111w I .u1rr. ( ar"I 1'1·+lrdl1. flt-11·11 f,.11111.111 \.11.tli1· I 11

...1 hkr·. Barham frn ..un. 1..11l.I ll1·td. 1'.a1hl1·1•n l\t•mw\, 1>1a111w \l ,uln, Patrida Frill.. l\.at hlf'f'n l\1·lln. Ho... 1·rn.1n lt.11111hun. l•1.tn \\ 1..r1l1.1 I 1rnl.1 ""'li.111Jh.t11. ""1111· l\ud1rnm«-1 ..1n. 'arah ""t·uft'rt HO\\ rltln E: l<11n.1l1l \l.m l11u11d.1_ .l..iuw.. 'lul l. H11n.1l1l ll11t·\.\1· ... h.rnm·lli Hop:.Jl ..li. Thumd .. \li·rriint. J,1m1· .. \\In 111n·l. \\ dli.1111 I 1111lwrl. ~.ui.:1·1w Pl1·111. )\1·111wth Brut• ... l..1-. J1t ... t>ph \\ 1·imn.. l111·h. 1·11.,111.t .. ( J ..n, .J..a1111· ... l, ru i . ~ 1.111ll1n H1l1k1


IO ' WITH ( ;OD ... .la1H't J>rudowhl «111111·111pl-it1·, th1· \\ortl' from the Hihl1· in th1· prirnt1· <"hap..! i11 tl11· Ca11111iu l>1·lta I lotht'.

Cam ma DPha j ... \.)ll in1<·111atin1i..d oq!a11i1atinn affilialed "ith the Lutheran Ch11r1·h \li"11111i "11111d . \\ ith F11·1hi1· Haran>ki. prf''idt•nt. tlw t'luh 1111·1·1, Th11r-da1 t'\1'11111!!' ,1t th•· (,a111111a D1·lta hnu-e. Curq ~pPal.....r•. di ... t·11 ...... i1111 ..... rt·f'n·a1in11. Bihlt· n·.ulin~ ... and informal ~el·lo:,;etht>r ... cnmpri ...e it ... proµ.rarn.

Newman, Gamma Delt


Tiu• \'"'111:111 C1·11t1·1 off1· r• a "id1· 1a11µ.1· ol' " ""kl) a1·ti,itie• for ( :atl1nli(' ~ludt"nt ... in11·n· ... tl'd in ... lwr in µ_ l lu·ir idc-a ... nr lf"arninµ: llf:'\\ 11pin· i1>11'. 01w 111' the man1 '""·kh µ.atht•rinµ.' j, tilt' F in•,id1• Chat t' Vt'r) Frida' niµ;ht or S1111da\ ('\>f•n inµ:. Tl11011:..d11111t rhc \ Car. ""t11dit• . . on current to11i<' ... ,,f int<'l't''-t an• lu·ld "ith µ.111·- t •p1·ak1·1•. \lt-mlw r~ al•o 'P""'".,. haHidr•. ho111<·nanni1• .... tol1nµ.µ.a11inµ: p .11 lit ·... a11d hoal crui ... P~. Tiu· S:I.=) \la~s al 1111' Cath<·dral ;, offpn·d d.1ih '''l"'"i,dh f.,1 \,."man 1111·111h<'"·

---- - ----

VOCATIONS . . . !'ii,l<'r \l 1·lissa. "" rlw S<'rra Club pa1wl. tfi ... <'IJ-o.-.e,•;-. tlw -.i .. lt•rhnud a~ a \tH"atio11 a t a '\t•\\· man ( :luh nu·t·tinµ.

WllO' l.I. ( : L E A"\'! . . . Fn·dril" BJran-1..i. rleftl pn·-id<:nl ,.f (,.1mn1a D1·l1a. "'b {"lu h nw111lwr' l><1•id Hopp<· and Ja11o·I 1'1udowhl.

rovide Religious, Educational Meetings (~AM,1A DELTA .. f{()\\ ()\I'.: \Ln tha :--ol..111!11._ l.11w 'du11·\\1·, '\11r.1 \\11111·1. I h1·1\ I \ldt,·1 11.iat·I... \lar~<.trt'I ())..111 1. JJ111· t l 1ru1l•wlil. \d1·11 1· /,tl1c·l. J,t11d l l,1d1·I... l.\ 111h•l '."\11J!.i".1 r,1. H()\\


• • •

I \\() l .1\1 ·111 \111..1.J.•t'tl. l>,l\lil 11,wcl... l>i,111,· l .0111-.11,1. l.r1~1 ld 1'111.,011. J ,1111n '\1..-d... \\ ,1111'1 :-.dmltt. L1•1 ,tl1l 'c· h~1·11µ:t'J ... l>,1\.ltl ll11p11r. Fu•1lr11 B.1r,111 .. l..1. llru1·1· l. undn •n. l't•d1•1 Dn•-. ..1·1.






------- -


1.ul he ran Cullt•µ.:ian .. j ... a nat iunal a ......o«iation of I .utlu.. ran collc-g:~ and ... tudt•nt ...... pon ... un·d l)\ tht' \\ j ... <·on ... in E'an~«il i<"al Luth<·ran S\lu1tl. lh pufJ""" i' lo IH'lp -1ud1·111' mt'l'I lift··, duliP' anti n·-pon,ilulili«..... in the rhur"h and .....,.it•I\. It J ( ... o t•\i ... 1... lo ... 1irnula1r ~realf-'1 Chri ... 1ian !-!TU\\ th and to mai111ain anti irn·n·a'(' hwal and intt'r·•·ampu ... ft•lln\\ ... hip amon!( L u11H'ran -1ud1·111'. Tli1· <.ollt•!(ian' Ion!.. fon'ltn l '" 13ihl<' -1111h. ~ue ... 1 ... 1wak.t•r ... and rlw '\atiunal ( :nllt·µ.ia n (.11nfen~11<'l' in tlw .. prinJ,!. u ni,rr:--it~

LENT '1 EANS l'H EPAHATIO"I ... \ il'ar J olin \ l ill1·r. a t llit' l. utlil'rat1 <.nllq.da11 ... 111(·t-lill:,!. pn· ... e111 ... hi:-i lf·ctun· on llw ... piritual and p l 1~ ... ka l n·•1eli11(• .... tlt't't'"'"''n' for Chri ... 1'.., rt'dc ·mption. " ~1'

FAITll LOOh.S l ll' TO TllEE" ... sini:' \ lari'-1 \\ a1 n·n "liil1· llt-11ni' \ a-•· <HTom pa11ie, lwr

on 1lw nl"}!.i.Hl ll l

I ..~\.

Lutheran Collegians, Wesley Fot1ndatio 1.l T ll E K \ ' COl.l.t-J . I \ °"""' BO\\ O'F I 111.l.1 \\ Jl .. un. J...111 1'.1~1·1. ,.1111 \ J.. 1111 ..1111. Ll.11111· I •··•· Jud11h \l.iltlL1 ·. J1 ..11111n·11 I "'"" Ii. ~hJn1n t .1 .. 1h IH )\\ 'I\\ () ( .l .. nJ Hul1hl / \\ .n 111 ""lr1uk1 .

Hu11Jl,I ~..,.u iL.J.w11· .. H1· ll. Cu.1111 Pw.1w1 , ..... .,i1..11l lk11d11·1 . I .111\ ll"PI" Hf J\\ 11110-.~ IJJlr '\1·"11•1111.. I 1·1· 11..,..,1,1. J11l111 l l .11·111:,:

The \\ r~lc:' Foundation. a •tud .. 111 111µ;a11i1alHt11 parti.ilh •llPP••rted In all \\ h11 •t•t•k f1•llo\.-hip and -piritual µ:u1darn·t->. \ l et>tin~ ... arr hC'lcl ~u111la~ pq·11inµ . . \\ith d .... uppt~r ;.uul prnµram follo\H'd In a di-1·u--i11n p1·1i111l. \t'li\ it it·• 111 .. lud1· rt'l 1t•a1-. ha) rid1·•. h11at ridt•• and nwPtinµ;- \\ ith 11th1•1 \\ 1·-lt" 1·luh•. Tlw \\ 1·•h·) I lon•P al-.1 ... t•nt· ........... an infnnnal µ.alhl'rinµ: plaC"t'.

In llw \ IPthodi-t Chur('h. i• op1·n

nu '\IJ\Tlt)'\ HO\\ O\I· luilit!. lliump..1111. Clwnl t\r.111. \n1u I 11 l. llllh fl;rn.1. Ju.!11!. \1111 ...11 .. ni.:. Bu1h ~l1·nl...-. Jud\ Jt•"dl. !(()\\ 1\\0: \luh.11·l lt·llt·11 .. , H11\ \\d'"'t'\. Hwh.ud \1m .. lrnni.:. bi ~1·111· l'fl.111m. IL1lph (.;J1t1·r J ,11111· .. \\ iqu1·l1·. to....111·11 ~1.1~1· IH>\\ 1 l l H~.~ \rh .. \ 001lw1·"'· l,1·111 I .1111d. ( l.11 l.. llnhl1 .... Jo \11111· \\ .1ld1., 'li.11 .. 11 l 1•i11111J.!C'I

\\ E~ l . 1-. ,

l.111 lwran :"tudenh \.-u1·ia1 iun () .:-. \ l. affiliatt·d "it h t 111' \rrn·ri1·a11 Luth!'ran C:hur<·h . \\el<-01111·- -tudc·nt' h• a11t·1ul Thur-da\ niµ;hl "'~Jl<'r -c·n i('t'' held \\ith Pa.tor H. T. Ila\. Bc·1·au,1· •piritual '"·ll'are i' of pri111an imporlaru·~. mt•mhe1 .... condu('I p1a\t·1 ... t•ni<·P .... In ~ln·nµ.thcn tht·ir lwlit·f, ant.I c·oncrpt,.

"JS Tl-IEHE A (;()1)'1" ... l'<hlor K. T . l>a\. C('ntral l.u tllt'ran Cl1ur<'h. an-

... ,,l'r"-

Cfllt' ... tion ...... uhmil-

t!'d h\ lllPllllll'I • of 1.:-0 \ .

fnstill Christian Principles . . .

I'\ PREPARATIO'I FOR EASTER ... Denni• Cook. 1m·,id .. 11t of 1.:-0 \. l'OIHluc·t- a \C''l'l'r •t•nil'I' durillf,! l .t·nl fu1 ft•llo\\ l.uthrran• in th(' ..hap1·I al (.p11tral l.11tllt'ran ( hurt h. HO\\ ()'\E: l>i.1w ( hn .. t1Jn .. on, \1.11 1.1 \\ ,1111-n , I .111r.11111 · ( h1·rli.mJ! , llJrhJr.:i Ep:;.!1·. Jmlith l..:ir....11. \1,u' \nn Culli11 ... HO\\ I"\\ 0 : H115,tn Uordu-r1 , U1·11ni .. \,t .. t ' . U1·n11i .. ( .ook. H1·1 ~i1• l.an~. h..:ithnn ·r.. ni1·k.


Sigma Tau Gamma anc :-;it!ma Tau (,amma fralt•1nil\ j ... in i1 ....... i,1'1 \1·ar a ... 1h.- Bt·la \i Chap11·r 1111 \\sc· ... 1·amp11" Tl11· lralt·rnil \ l1<111~1· al 11 :\ E. ~arrria :--1. ''ii:-. 1h1· sn·rn· for ('11mplPlinj.! llw ''inninµ: t·ntq in 1lte float di\i..,iu11 f11r lht· homt><'ominµ; paratlt·. :-\i~ ·1au c.d . . 11 ~JJi1n ...01t·d J llallo\\{'<"ll «and) driH· lor lnC'al 1111d.-rpri,il1·µ.. d ..!1iltln·11 . ..,('\t'ral -1wi<il hanqu1•1 .... a hloud driH'. ilwalrt· 1rd... 1 -al.-.... "JinµI" Ball.'' thl' Chrr•lma' dan<'t'. and llw ~prin:,! Carni' al.

NO HORSEPLAY ALLO\\ ED .•. S il' Tau·.., '"nninµ lluat. a !!i!!anti<' t i-... uc paper hur-1·. hm 1•n·d hiµh m ·('r fan.., durinµ tlw I lumt•c·uminµ µa nw. Jt, ··:--10111p the Indian, ..... lol'a n '"" al 111u ... 1 fulfillPd: """'"c· r. tlu• Warrior' \\t'r<' dt'fea ted h> 1111· \lankato Ind ian.., 1:\.12.

NEW SWEETllEAHT SELECTED . . . Holarrd \\u,;;.ow . Si!! Tau pn·-idc·nl. prt'"'"" a huuqul'I ol '"'''' lu Su..,arr /.rnrnwrrnan. fratnnil\ '"eelhcarl. Sht' ""' naml'd al 1h1· ChriHrna' danc·c· that i.., ' l""""rPd ,rnuuall y h) 1111· lralnni1).

~ I CM\ T \l (. \1\1\1 \ . . . HO\\ O'\I·

\\ ;,1ltn ""lrutlt·. Fr.1111·1 .. ll.1\•'"· H.rndulph .... 111"-1" l>,n1tl llaint' ... l;.111·¥11·11 "umrwr. Hu·hanl ( hi11l1·1 ... J11h11 K1w. l>11.11w \lurra\ . 'fht·od11rc· U11lu·r14111. Ridurci U.m·. \ lwh.wl tr>.1r ..dw . Hu h.ud \1.1111 u ..o. HO\\ ·1 \\ () "illiJm (:.11un,1. \\ 1111.1111 ""1hn. R11n.l11I l.ulutl (,1·1.1ld ( .urr.m. (.Jn Brom· (~an I.au1lt·n. Ua' jtf ( ·1.u1· Hulan1I \\ 11'.... u\\ (.ri·j!un

166 - - ---



Hwh,11J ...un.

\n!l1nl\\ Ui•(,1,1·. \\ .tlt1·r \l.11· ...1·1. L1·11rj.!t' ()]1 ult. \111 h.1d \\ illi.tm ... ll1·11n h.l1·i.,

I{()\\ TlfREf.: IMI (.Lt \ h.1·n11i'lh Blun1qu1 ..1 Huli1·rl \ldlt>r. ll ..11uld Hu .... i1rr_ J.111w ... fhnw.C'h,ft· ();wprwr. JJnH"• ll.111~1H1• . Thum ..1.. ...._lm1·1 Kui.:1·r l>1•I\. Hulwrl }-.. 1.... 1111 11.i.ruld UJ\ln. lliulJIJ' ( ·,H•L.. P ..u1I P .. n.1,.rnlr... \l11·h.11·l \t.11 ... d1.

- - - - - - - - - - - --




Phi Sigma Epsilon Fraternities Foster Brotherhood

Piii ,U.'\1\ E f~Jl .O~ • . . HO\\ lf\I C.l,·1111 lrnn111n. c hJrk.. 'J..!Jtln. \,·al I 1111l1·m.m, I h11111.,1 ... I j .. l1hJt1J,!.l1t·1 I ltumJ .. I \.\tTl1·11. H11·h.ml '.1111,·r. \ l i1 ·li.wl ~ 111i.:.. l1u1\. rl111111J.. I " " ' ' ' I l1ulllJ ..

I 1111ntll\ D<.thon. '-lanlunl l\dlt lwr HO\\ l \\ 0: H11 li.1111 I hu11•...,, Br1111· 1'1·dn ..1111 Jolin Hu ...... I 1•n\ \ ,111.uul. Ho11a ld !'-1111111µ \11 holo1 .. \l aj1·ru... I ud1I '-111-:.:1 rl, 1>1·11111 ..

lt uhq:,,J,ml


• • •

~ ri• ~...1111, H.tmlJll \n.l1·r ..11n, lfolpl1 hfo·ld, Hwh,ml \\ •lllJ!. l t,1ul J11hn .. •11t. IU >\\ TflRf' f. I uu1 .. f\ ,111J\Jl1. J'huma .. :"'o11111h , Fr,111\... Do\l1·. On·11 ~ u~d ...111).:t·r. J1·n•nlt' ( t<trlln\o, .. J..i. Huht•rt \r111 .. 11111w.1, ru' lll't1·r...

s,., ...,..

Ill l\J \~ II OR SE PO\\ ER l'TILIZED ... 1 pla1·<· "inrr<'r. Plu Siir·, .. Bolllt> 1h1· l ruliarh·· ll11al i• pull<·d Ii ~ fral br111lu·r•. Or,.11 F11irel'"nl!l'r and ChtH'k Sklader IUl!l!<'d 1l11•i r 1· nt r}. "''" of 1h .. :).) unil ' in 1111· parade. uow n 3rd S1 n·PI over a I hn·•· 111 iii· roult'.

Phi \i Chapl er of llH' Phi Siir111a f:p,ilon ha, for i1, major c-oru·<·rn l11 ol lrnhood arrd -•· holar,hip. \ , a -...-ia l fra lernily l'hi Si!! ' l'on>ur" a fall ' 'r<'<' I darn·•• alonir with "'"k lu1p,. 01her al'l ivil il', i1wlud<' ushcrin!!. at c·ull<•µ(• P\P llh . u ... ,j ... tinµ: with 1lw annual homP<·orr1i nµ. alu mni ... lt•ak fr). "' JHHl ...orinµ: a ~pri n µ; hanquf"I a nd eompt:t inµ: in intramural ...ofthall irarrw• "rlh I he ri,al Siir Tau·,. Thoma' S111il h i~ prt>,itlt•nl.

llEAOYING FOR SURPRISE FLJGllT . . . Ti111ollr} Dallon. Phi S iir µled~,._ geto help "i th hi s coal from Hie- hard Sad l<'r. HI ind fol ded and wi1lr hi, ··big l>rol her.. paddle in lrand. Dallon prt>parc'" for an unnpC'<'lt>d jaunl via .wt to C hic-airo. I le rt'lurned 12 I/ i hou r, afll'r hi, depa r lurr.




IJEl.T\ .lt:T \

l<O\\ O'\t- P.111111.1 Hi...d. \.1tJl11· I 11 .. ,·M.1·. \IJ1l1·1i1w l.11 ...1 hl..1·. Ju1l11l1 h.11111 h.J11 1l1Tll l\ 11111t·\ J.u1d \\ J .... jni,:. \1.tl\ h.J1 Jru\\ .. l..i. ( 11uh l',u l..J11I. C .11111 \\ hl\t·r. J J111 .. I• 11 ...1·11. \1111 t t·t11W\ _ "'u...111 /111111wrm.m. J .t,·qurlim· ( )p ...Jhl HO\\ "I\\() \l.1q:..11l'I I '111l.1lil. H11Jl11·il1 \\.th•· ... B.11 li.ir.1 h.nu1 .... n. _Ju1l1·1· l- ui.dt"•l.111. t.111.thdh Duhl\ I '1111 1'..11 ..1 1. tl1·lt·11 (.111








rn.m. Prnnit" \l..n J... \IJr\ Put1ra11. ( lu·n I tu J... J.1ni ... ( :uu ... ....,ll ..J.11 Fn-.c·h. 'u .. Jn Loefnn. \ f"rnni1·a l't·lln\\ .. l..i. K.1tlln11 llunl.1, . .t1hi.. n UO\\ I lllH.F P•1t1ic·i.1 Fi..1 hl1.td1. BunnilJ Ft-ulin~. Katlilf"t"n \l.ic·i1K·li. (.r.in· ll t'llf\, '.1111lr.t ()11J111. ""h11l1•\ 1'1•1t·1 ... un.Juil1tlt \l c· .. d1kf'. h..trt"'n \11·i.-.1.id. IJJrlf'nf' \1 .. lut. T.tll\J llih11•l11d11d1. J.trwl 'c·l .. un

\l1t ·c· Pc·tn..1111.

The large,1 naliOJrnl '"('ial '"111rit1 in tht' l nit Pd States. De lt a Zeta ha, heen at \\'S C si1wt· 1962. \l ar~ J...at·ao\\'ki i, 1lw pre,idcnl of Zela lJpoilon. tlw local t·haplN. Two formal and on<' inforn1al ru she" are held each }Car for initiating Ill'" DZ sislt•r,. Spon>'oring llH· \ akntint· Oan1·1·. prt•st>nling a fall style ~ h1rn . adopl· ing a Knrean orphan. a"i,tinµ. "ith I lo11H'f'o111 i11g. the Greek Weekend. the :-pring Carnival. and a•-iHing hii;!-littlt' si• a1·1i1 itie,,.. are their annual a<·li1 iliC's.

Delta Zeta, Alph

... (;()SSll', (;IHLS'!" - - - \li1·p J'1·1t' r•o11. nz ,j,11·r. ''"''"'' ... 111pri ... t•d i.11 an i111rudi11µ. t'i.l\t• ...druppt•r (th(· photo~raplw1 I du1i11~ .1 ru ... h p .11 1\ l>l'hi.t l.t•t.J 'P""'"r" l\\u informal and o n t• formal 1u ... 1i p.ulit•' t'\('I\

. • ,..:\, (;()()I)

qu <.1itt·1



tht· 1nil1Jt1u11 of

IH '\\ ....-rorit\

... j~l('r ....



. Pa1ri<'ia Ri,eJ and J ani' Jen-rn. .... rorit) ·i~ t <'r'. ''ail for 1·otf1·t· from \Ji,, Du11la1. a1hi~er. DZ plrili:1·. P a1ri1·ia \\ ierner•la{!.t' anli<·ipalt''- n·frt'•hmenl a- \\t'll a;. friend!) chal· tlurinµ the aftrrnon n tt~a.

Tl11· DPlla O nwl!a C haplt·r ul 1h1· \ lpl1.i \i ll .. ha Sororil} i, \\ sc·, 11 \\a .... formJlh i11 .... 1;.tlJ1 •d into 1lu· nal ional oq.!aniL.al ion 011

flf'\\ t".. ( ... urnril).

\m. 6. 11)6:).

\\ il h Diani· Erir"-'"" '" l" "'"lt•111. 11,.. \lpha \i·, pnnw•IP tlw prin· 1·iplt'' of -i-11•rl1oud. Tht•\ 'I"'""'' 1111· a1111ual bridal '1\lt• ' lum OhP nnl\ ollt' in t la·

C"il \ L I\ IH' I lw ... 1ud•·nl di11·c-l111 '. o.t11d ... pu11 ... 01 a hom(·<·4 .inin:,r qut•f'IJ canc.lidatc:. Jn addition. tht•\ al ... 11 ""po11 ...u1 anti U('l d"- hu-..tc.· ... ..,t-'.., fur

uliwr <ul'ial t·H·11h. Fornwrl\ 1111' \\ i1111n.1 Kn, -•·ni<·!' l!roup. <\ lpha \i lkha hold, a lianq twl lo l11>11nr 11.11<•111-.

IT'S TEA TIME AGA I '\' ... \ 11d 1i1111· fo1 "''"DZ pl ..dgi•; . tuo. Bon11i1a Feu ling di,1ribul <" 11a11w tag llo\\l'r' "' fo!'qU<'line i.<·nl,<"h and Cwp n F ick oign lhl'ir na111t's in lht: n·gi;IPr.

F N I N T H E St\OW ... Judit h Baile).""" -\lpha \i D<·ha J>rP,idrnl. bu ild' lhP -ororil) •""" -c·ulplun· in lwlo" L!'ro \\Pal hrr.

Xi Delta Sponsor Social Activities

• • •

AFTE R SC LPTlJ H E ... l'h i Sil(·, a nd Alp ha Xi·, P'"'' for a pho111: Su;an Rudt·1·11. \ I aria1111<· C:ahnai. P alril'ia Hu rk<'. fro11t: Kai hl<'<'ll S<"hmit1.. l'au l J ol11r-011. Li 11 n John'""· nriddlr: Tom F i., ,. hha11ghl'I'. T .. rn \ al land. Sa11ford Ht•ll l'ht•r. hack "'"'N EW O UTF IT S ... K.i1hl<·r11 S<·h 111iu -e1" hn nt·" \lpha \i >uit: I\ heal her blue dre;~ \\ilh 111al t'hinl( ja<·kpl.









--- -




Society for the Advancement of Management Encourages Business • • • SoC' ie t y fo r the Adva nc-emC'nl of :\lanagc-nwnt. a n a tional orµ:anization a t \VSC. exis t s for the be nefit of bu s in es~ m a n aµ:em<·nt and C'cunorni<' m ajo rs. OncP a µ:a in S AM h ad a s uc-cessfu l yc-arbooJ.. ,alt·, <'a rnpai{!n : ov!'r 1000 c op ie s w en~ Ho ld to s tude nt s and facu lt y. Ci ndy P aC" kard , SA l\1's candida te. r e igned a' WSC;, Ho111Prn111inir Q uPt'n o f 196.'>. AC't i\· it iPs fo r the yea r include a t rip lo IBl\1 in Hocht·,trr. 'i'it' to va rinu• businesse• in dow ntown \\; inona. a nd b us inl'ssnwn "' iru<·•t 'Jlt'll k t'r~ .


CLl'1AXES CAMPAIGNS . . . \l r,. \ lar<'ia Enl!en.

~ AM

196 l Homl'<'olllinir Qut•t·n. C'ro\\11< Cind) l';H'!..ard to r<'il!n m·n the IH'<'l·

ROW THREE: Frrrlric- Raranq,k1, Hnlund \~ u;,!'ouW. Jame .. Ka-.lf•n. T'1umu.., Tw1·f"d). Cordon Wif'bkt". Thoma~ llou<JU(" l. Dondl<l Stt"mlt'. Frn nklm f... oH!<.dladt'.

festiv iti"'· Candidat<•, \ la•is Pi n k,. and Eli1.ilwth Gu nl111' di,pla1 t ltt·ir approval of t lw ,111clt'nl bod) 't>lt't'liou. \\ i1111 inf.!, ovC' r th irlt'Pll ot her,, Qu i'en C i111 I) wa' 'p11n>11r<·cl h) S A \I.

.. KOW O:'\E: .\rl.irHI \ l o~("I. Fr,ml..1111 Bildrr, Buhrrt l't•h•r ..1111. J..imt·" :-.i1ull. Jnhn Ro ..... Phil11J (~nm· .... Ronald Kuvatik. Pt1tri(l J\au1thu ... 111an. fon1b l ..1m1•. JJ\ )uumJn ... HO \\ T \\ O lhomu .. ~('liott, Harlan l'l'ln..:011. Bt•rnaul f'i 11 ma11. Eu~1·1w Pl t•in. J\t·nnt'lh finu•.. l..t~ . .lamt''" O"Brit'n, DuJ,... Ej!gC'nbngt"r, Brian llri nl...1111~1er. l\ h d1ad ll oml. Jdvi ..111 . Ju-.qJh ~ot·i:,t·n. athi.,11r.



l "'Dl ~THI \I . \HT' . . . UO\\ O'\F· H. unttltl ~rn11h. Hun.tl tl .\111d.1hl, .l..in1t· .. Frrnh11l1. ] 111111 B,all1•r. Eil"-111 Fn11h11I..\ J11l111 ~ul,u - 1... <.un lo11 ( "110!... IJ.ntd ~ul ..wl-.. <;11·11 Fuj!].. h~. a<hi .. er. HO\\

T\\ (); O.t,111 l\t·~tn. Joti11 Halmrn n. H.ubnt ~:11~1 ·111· l>ur.tnd. lfobt"rl \\t·.11hi·th

P1w1 t,

l>a\ld Boyum. Jarot'o; lhwtl l. Dani<·I Sd1armt'r.

Industrial Arts, Kappa Pi Reveal Creative Abilities Thi· l11d11,lrial •\ rb l' iuli help' lo1Hm l lhc d1· v.. lopr111·11l 11f ('on i-(' i('ll· tiou' 1·0111 ribu tor' 111 I hi-. fi1·ld. Cue't ' llt'al..N' dt'111on, tral c new nlt'l hod-. anti 1·q11ipmrn 1.

• • •

TRADITION TOLD AGAIN .. . llon1,.<·n111ing Queen Cindy Packard rid"' in a C' hariot "ith t\\o Homan g uanl' 'landing behind her. Drsigned b) lh l' k.a ppa Pi art fratrrni t }. the Onat i-. a major projt't'l that drmand' cn•ativit y and cooperat ion from the mem b t'r,.

k.a ppa Pi . thl' n a lional art fra lt'rnil ). '"' l..rn11t'' all art major' and rninors. Dt'('orat inµ. 1lw I lorneeorn i11µ. Q111·1·n ·, flo at a11d pla 11ni 11µ. the dl'corat ion' for the Sprir1µ. l'rnm an· th P llla jor projeet ,. New nu·rnher~ arl' ini 1ia1rd inlo .\lpha l P' ilon. th .. Iu.. al ehaplt·r. at a spring d innn.

f\ \l*I•\ l'I ... HO\\() ~ ~ l\,llhnn t\1~tl1. \I.in\\ 1•n1h. Uian r \l.ir1t·11 ...on. l't"ln Cd.rr. J 11.11 111r Ohudu. \ I Jn H1·d1j!. J .1111 " ( 11 11 .. IH)\\ T\\ ( ) 1'1'11·1 l>n· ..... r·r. l>o11;.1ltl Urnhl.1d. Jud11h Tho1t11' ..11111. Ku ..... l'il I 1•l1al-..l..t ·n. \11n Th .wh 1•r. \ ndrr~ ' •·qJI, .. \ Ir ... J) man .Jud ...1111 , .ith i .. n.

I 71




Aesculapians, MENC Interest Medicine, Music Majors


AF.S\:llLAPI \ '<S . . . KO\\ O\E: Jua11 Pr.t£el. Barbara Fn ..('h.


Pullt:r. J u1ti1h Bailt•\. Calht>rine WJht>r.... E41n.t

11.111. '.rnclr.t 011 ... HO\'( T \\ 0: J\an·n Bic·I. Loui"" J\an3\.Jli.

Hun.1M ~11ontt. frrn I anli!"'t'lh. Thoma.. f'i-.libaughf'r, Chdrlottr Ht>lmkrn

In il s ;,1•<·ond }C'ar on ca m pus. Aesculpia n;, promol t• inl t' r!'SI in 111edic inl' !'an•t•rs. S1 ud <·n1 s 111ajori ng in nurs ing. p rt'-lll Pd i<·inC' or rPla le d fil'ld" a rt' in vitt'd lo b<•c·o nu• lltf' mlwr<. C lost'd <" ir<"uil tf' ll'visio n p rograms en lil l<·d .. (;rand Hou 1u l<'. a rt' ;,ho wn al 111eel ing;, in Paste u r Audi1 or iun1. Thesl' llpjohn f'du<"ational film s a re na rrated by pro111i nP nt d u('tor;, from ever y phase of medicinl'.

RI NG AROUND A R OSY? ... \l a} he tha t's 1he la lest d a nl'e craze: h<m r ver. these WSC s lude nl s are square da nC'ing (in a C' irele'~). S pon sored hy lhc c hoir. ii \\as a \\elco111<' b rea" from llH' usual S<lC" ho p.

Tlw Mu s i(' Edu('alo rs "l alional Con fere nC'e (\IENCJ is a n orga n izalinn fo r m u;-ie majors a nd minors. J\1e m be rs s ponsor a nd public izl' up<·oming concrrl s presented h} 1he orcll('s lra, e oncerl c hoir, hand and jau hand . A s aelual mmii<·ian s in one or more of these groups. tht' n11·m hn;, of MENC wrlconlC' 1a le nl ed mus ie ians lo join.

ME'.'.C . . . HO \'( 0'F J,uu· Hilkt'. Nann '1nal.... \ larid \'\ drrrn. \I an Sh('f'hJn. Carol Ji·dw, l l.iinP I t•a. (~luri.J \\ t•kh. J 1•Jm•llt' Gra-..~ni .. h. Eli.tabeth Cunhu ... J mlith '\)~J;mt. Jnnt>ll1· \ 11ll.1rn


RO\\ T \1; 0: Tf'ci Thirl(·, T1•rr(·) lluopmJn, l.Jrr~ \ 1lam .... T t>rr) \ c1tland. Stl"\'t"O For~ll"r, \rl)ll h. nucl.-rn. Orrin Ha11:rr, l>ou~la .. Juh rN111. G.tn \td )o\o\c•ll, H1d1mon<l \l cCluer. adlM'r.

\'< E,0,All l'I. \)Ell~ ... BO\\ <l'F· "'·m·n l..id1all. Juan \ 11111lnau. Jutl1·1· Fu~l1• ..1ad • ...,,1r.1li ...,UJ;,t111H· l.i.111111 ..1. Ju,rn T11 .. l11wr. J11d11h ...;,11·11lt1·1·!... < .a1lwri 1w I 1111! .. ,t\, l>i.1111 B111111·1-h1, \1.tr\ l'rann·I. HO\\ 'I\\() J1'.llllH' \l1orn""ll. ( ,111111· 'wl ...nn, l>i.1111• Tlt.1ldrol. ('.iJrul1••· Juhn .. 011, ll1·l1·n P1• t1·r,.1·11. D1•1111i .. t\od11 ,1. l .1·1· l'urru-r. Bl'll\ ()J .. Lt'\\ ..i..1. I 111cla Pd1·r.. ,·11. Judith I liu111p .. 1111.


~U .. i.111 l\nwhl•I. Dnrul h\ ..,11·\1'11 l.1•\\-i ... J.111w .. \ C11111.

\ltun .. •1

\l.rn.,:11 ... ,uh j.,,., HO\\ I H IC H· I< 11 Ii.ml \\ ild. Jul111 Prrn. H.1lph ( .irln. 1·1·1 L Ku ....,.11 I d1.1l..l..1•11, l'lio1111 J .. ( wh.1110""!..1. \lwh.wl ~h1·1111u, l( .. l11·r1

Pq~li.u.-1111. t.1· .. rj.!1· C:.111c1 .... 1'11.. 111,1 .. T\'o1·1·1l'11 (,.u\


Wenonah Players, Rangers Perform, Serve Pn·,1·nti11l( thn•1· pl'"' a111111all~. tl11· nwmber' of th!' \\ 1·1111nah Pla\t•r, obtain 1•,p1·ri1·n1·1• hot h on and off 'ta::<' . .\!'tor• '" 111·11 a' had... ... faµ-C" ('rt"\\ .. \\Olk C.l .. a \\hol(' to c.t<'hif•\(' a ~11('('(·~ .... ful prnd11ction. Both < rt.•atht• and lt'<·hni('c.tl ... kill ... an· •·"11t"·...... l'd. pro,irfin:r a <·omplt•ft• prnµram 0


in pla\ pro1hll'ti1111. Tlw p1·rf11rnwd in the "I"'" Jr<'ll..t form. "ith a rninimurn 111' - t aµ:1· '''t'rt<·n. \\ 1·11onah P la\t·r- "'"' part ic·ipall· i11 tri·l'11ll1·i:1· drama me<•t, 11ith t lw 1·11llP::•· 111' St. Tl'n·-a anJ St. \Ian·,_

Rt"Vived la,t


aftt·r 1111111·dr'111" inal'tivit\. till' Han::n' Cluh i• a

... c·ni('t) oq!alli'4alit111 011 carnpu .... \\ itlt a .. mall nu-~rnh('r .. liip. the purpu ... t· of th<· µ;roup j.., lo altri.IC'l mun• .... tudt•n1.. from the Iron Han~t· a1t•a ... in

\nrtlu·rn \ l ir11u· ...ota to atl!'rtd \\SC. \lrmlll'r~ ene11ura::<' 'trul1•nt ... fr11m It a ...l'a. \ itJ..in. LaJ..1·. Cr1111 \\ ini: and L1J..1' ('ut1nti1•, t11 l'<llllJ1l1·1<• tlu·ir edu<'at ion at \\ innna Stall'.

RA'\G E RS ... Charl1•, Srnolr1. \\ illiam Lambert. PC'll'r Connor. Brnc·1· Smith. J aC'J.. ll111h11,11 . .fo,t·ph ErnmanuPI. aJ, j,er.

FE RIURIS FE \Tl' RED l!fot:µ. tlu· Ft"rrari:-- pl~n for

E.'\ TE HT\l~\JE'; T




... \ l111'al 11·1·1.a::"

daru·t· .. in clw Sutoµ..


- -


--- -

AMATE UR RADIO Cll IJ ... ~huron I t·ininf,::rr. Thurm.1.., <.1111tfrwh. ]iJnw .. Er..iµ. F:lil<tht>lh (;unhu .... H11hu1 \l.rnn. h.t>nrwlh ~.\Bii .... P.tt rid. Em11111n ... . ll oMrnl O ~l.11111. \1 ,1 ri.1 \\ Mffn. l> .1,id

i\ n!'olhu ... \ launt'f' \leC.wJ(',.

jlh · 1... n


Amateur Radio, WSSA Provide Speaking Experience

• • •

T he Ama teur Ratlio C lub maintain' an arnal• ·ur radio , 1atio11 \\ hid1 sends messages fre t' of !'hargf' lo anyone in lht' l .S . \ffiliated "ith tht• l\l innesota C ivil Drfrn• C' D1•1rnrt nwnt. tht' group assi•l s it in tilllt''- of na tu ral. s tate or national t'lll!'ri.:t• nc iC's.

T lw " inona S ta tt' SpP!'<"h \ " oc ialion 1·ont rihut 1•• ' aluabl .. t'' Jll'f· ic nt•e to s pec<' h major' and minors. Through j:!:lH''l '-Jlt'a k" r' a nd tlwir O\\n t'fforts . rne mbPrs µ:a in 11<•i,1·. t'asp a nd ,.,lf-co 11fi dr 111·p lwfore tlwir audit'nce s. The Round T a hlt' S prf'c h C ontc' I' pr o\' ide <"ornpe t ition in various t ypes of puhli(' >IH' aking: O ral inte rpre tat io n in poPlr} . dc balf'. f'Xtt'rn pora ncous SpPa king. t'tilogi1·s . afll'r-din rwr s pea king. radio re ading. pers ua,,, ive s peak ing. and rt•ad ing of origina l pot'lr) .

LOVI NG CU PS AWARDED CHAMPIONS . . . Judt•.. Fugbtad and ll arr) Sieben " "r" " inn\'r• of the t ra\t•linµ lrop hit•, in tbp inln-soron t\· inter-fr atcrnil) ' l" 't't' h t·on te'l hr ld la' t ~pri n g. \\ S.., \ .. , HO ~ O \ E; JrdlHH° \l urn.,nn. JuJf•t" Fu~Jt> ...lad. ~.1ra h Paul. "'111.1111w l.oft111i ... 1. J•1Jn Tu ..drnrr. Catht>rinr 1 mJ .. J\. l>1a1w Hq1rr<·h1. JuJith ~tt'nlwd•. HO\\ I\\ () \Jan Fr.mrrl. 8t•H\ ()l .. 1t'Y1 "'k1. I .inda Pt>h~r... t>n , ( ..irukt· Juhn ... un,


Thald11rf. Jam•• ... '\n·t: l. I .1•t · T urnn. ( .Jroh.·

\nne '\d ...on. :-Ou ....111 l\nidu·I, JuJn \ .oulrr<1ll, l>urolln \l .1~1111 ... J 1h1 ..C' r. I{()\\ ·1 HIU_E. Juhn l)t•rn, l>t·nni .. l\ot·htJ. (.1·11rµ.4• (,J11,1 ... Ja\ \\ t'.. col l . \ 111 hJ1•l ""lh1·11110. Thoma ... ( ' i1 ·h..tnn" .. L.1. HolJnd \\ u ...... \11, \ lfun ..u 1'J1.diaH•ll11. (~Jn \1t0o\\t>ll. HJlph ( .arln

\\' ti ()'~ \1; 110 ,. HI t\\ Cf\~

\lidi.u l \\ Ji..!IH"I J.uu ... C.utt-., IJJrhatil l\11u1 ...1111, Hul ,11111 \\ u-. ... o\\, \l.u\ l\.11111n, ... k, BO\\ I\\()· Judi"' ~11µ,l1·-. 1wl. \I.tr' \\i ll l'i1· tr111k.. \l.td1·li111 I 11 ...d1l...1 '. lt11l11•rt

S inn~"

Samii Paul. HOW Tll HEE: Charlt•"' Bi•c·k1•r , Twila I 11"chl...f', Judith Knut-.on. Elizab c:>th \\ a ltn .... Elizahf·lh Dol )'q L

'Who's Who' Chosen on Basis of Academic, Social Life

Thirt1-lhrt'f' \\SC ,1uclt-n1- . <·h' """ I" lhl' S1t11l .. n1 <1n· li,11·d in ··\'(ho-... \\ ho in .\rrwri('an Collq!<"• and l ni\f·r-il io·,·· for tlri' yt>ar. To qualif). a -lu<l1·111 mu'I •lf'li"·h parti('ipatt· in campu ... nrµ:.aniatliun ..... mainlairr a :1.0 LI'\ and IH· a -<·nior "ho "ill µ:rad11al1· h1 Jul) . '\;111u-,. arp -uhrnillnl lo 1lw rralional hoard for ac ·('f' plarH·c. ThP nint>lf'Pn wonH'll and fuur lc •(•n 111t·n ••l•·1·1c•d lo rcpr""'nl \VSC have prm1·11 llu·ir ahili1i<·'tl<'acl<·111i1·all) and "'wiall). Those nol pi<'lun·cl art· D<·t111 llailq. David Kia"""· JorwllP \ l illarn and Thom:1, S1allinµ:,. :--.. 11<11!·.

\\I HI'!' \\ 110 ... KO\\ O'F:: Cindi ParkarJ. \nn l>unnrn... on, Oian r Eric-k .. c1n. Sanilra \lau. Karh l<o·n """ l ROI\ T\\ 0 : \1teha~I II olham•. ( hdt• ll1w111u-r. BerjiOt' Lan'1:. DouJda...:. Fur-l. fl()\\ TH REF: (. ar) Rroot". \\ii· liJ.m Lra\. \lif·h;u·I J\1,....,:ht·. \lar,i:ard 1.,ndJhl.

Jt11w1 \\ 1 .. 'lnft..


• " In Our 111 th Year Serving Winona"


Gifts Hardwares Sporting Goods

" Noted for Quality"

Exclusive Lines of Men's Wear Manhatta n Shirts - Dobbs Hats A lfred of New Yo rk Game & Lake Wool Shi rts Beau Brum mel Ties Ma rtin of Ca liforn ia Sportswea r " Bu y b y brands for Be tte r Bu ys"

Eat At The /



CUSTOM TAILORINGImported and Domestic Woolens

121 West Third Telephone 5955

And Ride With


Compliments of



HOTEL WI NONA Mississippi Room - Coffee Shop Buffet Style Dinners Wed - Chicken Fri - Seafood

151 JOHNSON 176

i { .-.SI~


" I' Ill::!:'

+ ':;I




=. •





Open Daily 6 A.M.-2 A.M. 3 A.M. on weekends Phone 8-3096


J.we e~ rutd ]J~ 1~-

Junction of 14 & 61 Winona, Minn.



l 07 W. 3rd St. Winona, Minnesota Owner: Steve Gromek

Spells Cash on

Hand 40% Paid Quarterly your neighbor-


WINONA "TV Signal"


Gives You The Best TV Viewing in the World Division of American Cablevision Co.

120 E. 3rd St.



------- DURFEY STUDIOS Complete Photography Service Corner of Washington and Wabasha Two Doors North of Maxwell Lib rary Phone 5952

Index "A"

·\ndruh, Un\ 11 ·\ndr u ... "'ll'Ph1·n


\111111 .. ,,11.

11 \llH>rlll \\11'\ll\ \a .. •·. Brnru-.



\nho1h .

\hrarn ... Oun.tltl I KO \hrah ..1111... 1111, HJrl1,1r,1 11 IJ,Htl \hru m .. on. '1ihon I\ Bin· I ..tk•·. \\

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\dJm ..un. Ju,rn




\dd111;.:1u11. < .u .. I II \11..r. Huµ,1·1 II 7fi \lu·.irn. Jn.JI\



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\lli-11. \ I '-'''

I\ KO I\





11'> II \II . Hu",. I 7<1 \111111. \lt1nl I HO \r11huhl. Julin \mhuhl. . . _ ,rnd1...t I KO \ru1lJhl. H.. nJld 11 ll l,161 171 \m1· .... J.tt 1fu1·hn I \mo·... Juli1


\nw... Hul1.ud




U1"rn I\ 60. l HJ lb.It·' · U1•11111 .. II Haili•\, f.nn I\ ..... l\.lllll.I, I ll .. E11:..di .. l1 B..1il1·,'.Jut11ti1 Ill r;. 71. 7 LI 69 B.uln . ....,,111lirJ I 110 Baml 'h-"·n II 12i

\ndn..on. ll.t\ 1.I

I 60.KU I\ Hll \nd1•r ..,,n, 1>.nul H


.\ntl1·r... un. l>.n 111

BalJ..1· nJI. B11111t11


BJll1·1. Jolin


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t\ mlt•f' otl . J rmw.. I\ \\ 1 II... Uu... \d111 . \111ln..1111, J••J11111 J\ hO.l '11 1.) 2 \111l1·r ..1111. Juih I KO.Jhl

\n1fn ....11 1'. .111111..-n



l.u" Ill Ill! \11d1·r.. n11. I 111.. I HO \nd1•1"""· \111 li.wl II 122.128 \n.!1•1 ..1111. \l.11\ I HO. l:i1.1~1l \111l1·r .... 11. \l ,rn111 1 I KU \111l1·r .....11. l' ,111111J, 11 \11cl1 ·1 .. .,11.

II 7fl.lh:' \ru lt•r..1111. Hu liJ11I I Xu \nil1•1 .. u11. Huhn! I HO \111ln... n11. Hun,ild I KO \rulr•r.. un. -..,111drJ I KO \1uln.. u11. I 11nntln IJI l:JO.lhO \ml1·r.. 11n. 11111111.1... I 711 \niln...1111. H.rn1l.1ll

\n, lf"f·.. o n . Uilli am





\ndn·"" · \l111wl



\11drt'""''11, H11lw11 II \ ndri .. 1, U.11 .. lt! l:n



\l1nn1·,t1'oli ....

I\ I

~.l .. 11·

80,15l 7·t.I:>.~


111 l ii B.unlwm·J... J,1111t•.. 111 BJnu J..1. H.irh.1ra II Haren . Ut•nui.. I\ \\ 111nnJ. Haran.,J..1 I r1·1l1·ru Ill B.1rh.111 ... t.lwnl II

11\IW. 11.'\E"

l-.11~11 .. h



II i6 Barlo.n. 1'.ar1•11 I Kl} B•.m11111·.J....1•11li I\ 60.1.\11,l.1.l.110.lll 1.-,:1.11>0 11\HO'\ '\Oll\1 \'\ 1117 B.1r111µ1·r. ll111111·

B.1rnµ,Jr. \1u hjt·I

B<.m1'"""· Jutlnh B;,1r .. k1. \,111n


I I\

HO 60,1.):l

Hart .. d1. J ,111w.. I HO 11\HT'-< 11 . l ll LDRUl %.Ill Bdrlt. Ju1l11h Ill il J)~.102 Bd....... < h.ult-... 111 Ba111·r. f .1•111 Ill H..11111· ... Ruh1•rt I l\O BI) Ell. Tll0\1 ' ' I Ill B1..1111J.11. \11·1 ri11


Bohnrn, B)mn





11 8,l lO


k II

I AO.l:lO Bt."11 ..1111. J..1nw.. Ill 7l B1·11 ..11n, I ,intla I 80 B1·111l1·\ . .lurrnth•m 11 IJ,.r~. (;an Ill IJ1·r1e . "h. art"n I\ /.u111brota. art Ht•rf!:. \1uni n II H1·q:.•rn ... \ndr"" Bt'rµ..111 ... \1Jr1t" I H1·ri.:,n. Jamt• .. I B..r~n. \X <t}11t' I 80 Bl'rµµ.n•11, 1.arn 11 80 B1~rkmj11. lh1ki1· Ill I.S t Bt·rlo.tulfl. Ju.. <·11h I 80

\n1kr ..,·n. ~11•\1•11 II I '\IJEH'-0'\. I IHI I" I!:. \111lt-r ..1111, f ullnn Ill 7l \n1l1·r ...u11. h 11111\ I KO

\111l1·r ..1·11 . ""I• 1d11·11


Bnlantl. t- ran,.,... I RO B1·rn.ml. ( ~11·11 II H1~1 mll. J1·annr I 80 B1·1111n~. Arh.. I\ 61 Bt'rn. I \1lll J\I 61. l !'>O 131·"1."k, UJrl,·nt· Ill


()""' 'II

81 I 81

B1w11rher. \larlon Bohn. \lan·u... I

B1·n ...u11. Jan1ut<li1u·

"B" B.1:..:.11110. \11111.i.+"I lhµrnr"" .. J..1. Fu~1·111· HJ1d1. C,, urJ!.1.tnJ I

B,·11. \In"

Huf•srn. John I B,>e.. t'r. S1ephen


H1· n1ni.::. Hoht•rl I I H1·nJ<Jnlin. l.indJ I


ih I Ill

BJ.1 u11 . < ,11111 II BJ1•d1k1 l 1· ..11r


B1·nt•( li<"I. C1·nrµ:1·

111 \o .. + 1h. Hu l\ I


ll··ll, J.. hn

H1•ll m,·w , \' illidm

\u ..1·. B11111·

\lun;.:1. JJ1w

Brc lo.1·r. l<i1·hard 111 21 Bnkt·r. Ho .. t' II Bnlo.1·r, Thoma.. I R0.112 H1·1·nrnn. UarharJ II llElll l'I/( .. H \I I'll llXI u, hlinJt, Hidiard 11 76 B1·hnlo.1·n. Charlot11· I 72.80 B1·hn·11.... ~\hid II ll .76 Bd...,.1, Kohf·rt 111 Hdl. Fl11r('nt·t· I B,·11. Jn111e• I HO.IM

B1·hn. l>.H 111 I Bt'llt. (.Jn I RO H1·1wd1n. Julm Ill

II HO I :l:\.80

\ t .. IJl1. l'h+11n.1..


\111·11 . HuJ.'.1·1

•\11 1;.h11 .. , l).1 v1d I\ (>(1,l~O.l;'lJ.17i \d1a111·IL.1. Fwd 11 12i' \n•11 ... Ln.tld II \n 111. B1 ·11i.ud II \n·111 . B.1rn I .\11u.. 1run~. llJ111IJ \rm .. trunµ,. Jucli1h I HO.Ill,'; \1111 .. IP•Hj.!. ~1·.tl II \rm...111111J.!, Hu h<111I 111 W).ii.165

\11.. 111..,1111.

l\ II

·\111·11. Ja1111·.. \ll1•n. I Ju1.1



\nu· ... un. U.1\ld 111 \rn ... JJ1w1 I RO.I l7 \rnul1I. ""Tq1h1·11 11 ";" l \11111l1h. C h.trlt·.., I\ \n11w ... C;111 11111· II


\IJ,.n .....lo..1•pt. \kull. \lw1 I

HO I 80

\r111.. lr1111J!. Hulwrl

\ltn·n ... \\illi .1111 II \ hnl. It I II I rn \llJ-ru. H11



I HO. L!7 \nni.;;, Uurrt"' ll I\ \\ 111u1l.t. dwrn1 ... 1n. 111a1h

HO.I UU:l1U61.lhl

\li1 ... l..,,,..1t·11•1



.\n1,d1·\.\1f1. l.1•unanl \nµ.... 1, T1·1f1·nn I

\Jl..n·. Huln-rl

\'\e~lb\. \~1 .....

11 Hlo11u1ui~l. Kt-n11e1h Ill 8.19.166 Bio...... Brad!,., I RI 111 l \IE'\TR1rr llHlCE Blumen1rill. GJry 111 IUunwntrill. \laq· I RI Hoanl, Connw 1 81 l31ll'k1•nhauc.•r. Wilham I 81 BODDY, \1AR!:AflET 100 Blo('k. William

lJt•f'kt·r. Churlt"!'l I\ ( alN lon1a. En"'li .. h I lfl.li~ Brt kn l>uniPI I 11.AO

Student & Faculty \Jln•. \I.in

Blan~. C:arnl I RI Hlt•xrud. l..mtla I RI Bliho"de, John I\ l'h y. Ed. 175

Bt·dfcl.. 11•\. Robt"rl B1•« k. 1-n·drit·k Ill Ht't lo.. John 11 B1•t J... ~harnn I\ 61 B,·1·k. T1·rq 111


B1· ... 1. J ,11111·.. II B,•.... t•. I,,,. Ill B1• ... 1, Jul111 II Be111 l11·r. h.ath qn I RO.U9 llr•l1'·ht'r. Sanford I H0,1411,164,167,169 H1·tt... l.ui .. I\ H1•\t·1, "\h.,1.run I RO H11lr11. "ian1lra II 76 Bll'I. 1'.art·n II 72.76.1 io.1.:;s H1l1lt"r. Fr,mJ..hn I\ 16:l.)70 llll ~~.. IJO\ALD HH,l.';o,161 B111d. \lh1·rt II B1ni.:.t·r. Dori" I 8 1 B1n11 n, \larjori1 · I 81 BirLhub. \n1w111 I 81 H1 ...1·I. J>.11ri1·1..1 II .,_l.i6,119.153.168 81 ... hup. Cl.1111ft..a (J 76. I5a

IJ1 .. hup. "iulnt'' I Kl B1.., .. 1•n. Uol.. r1·.., Ill B, ...... ,.n, \Lu, 11 76 l31•dn. Willi am I Bl BJuddund. CJn1l I 81.l JR LJI., ~- frrr1 I RI Illa• k. Huih I I Hlahn1k, H1<·harJ II Blah111J.., H.uhal 111 Hink<'. l>1a1w II 61 llla1whJ.rrl. D1·nni.. 111 ·1-1. 124.126.160




Bohnf" n. La1·rv I\ \Vin11na. Huto>. Adm. Boileau, Dian111: I RI Bol11ncl. Patri('l.. I Boland. Thorn~- 111 Huland. Wa\ nr 11 Boland. (.t"ralc.I I Unndf' .. on. l.t'nnrrt 111 Hoont•. Harhara I BI Boon1•. \1el vin II Bordwr1. Rof!:('r I HI .16S B11r~en. \\ 8) nt• I 81 Borµt'-..on. Yi('lor II 46.47.49 Ho~1 hulh·. Sharon 111 34 Bothun, Darald I 81 B111hun. Dua)IH' I 81 H111hu11, John I 81 Bomtllt'I. TlwmJ."' Ill 74.170 Bo""'rn. Jam· I RI Ho"man, l..t·1•11 I Uo"" man. \\ il11am HuHlrn. l.1nda I RI H111rn. 1'.arrn I 81 Bo yum, Oavid I\ Adarn!O, Ind. Ar111 160.171 lluyum. Llwi~hl II 61.150.15'1 Bo\um. \1urton I 8,81 Hm um. Patrfria l 81 Boyum. Richard I 81,161 Boyum. S1an Brndror<l. Arlonia l 1 81 Brahms. Elaine I 81 BraJ~'. J ame.. II 76

llrdn<l, Franl..1111 111 Bramlhor-1. Karf'n 111 Brandl, Ct"cili,. 111 Braun. frank I\ (,) Bn·idt>l. llnh1·r1 Ill Bn·11(•nff'lch. Ch<'!lll'f llHEITl.O". JOii'\ llHEllF.R. \DOI Pll 100.155 Brt'mer. B)ron II 76 Br.. m .. f'th, Su-;an I 8.80.81 Hrc•rn .. e1li. Su7annt'



llrf'nna, John I\ \label. Ph,. "'it:1. Br«u1• r. Palnria I HI Uri ('Slf", C harl1·~ Rnch{'Slt>r. Sunal ~<'I. Hrinlo.man. \la r1.:arr1 [JI Unnkmf'1er. Urrnn Ill 61.170 Br1 ... c·1tt·. John I llruad. Doane 111 74 llrm k. Kalhlren II 27.35,61.146 Brn<k"'ay. Pam ... la 11 Brudit', J amt>s I 81 Bruwh. Leo nard llroker. David Ill 71 Broklo.f'n. Bini(ham II Hront', (~an I\ 19,61.166.li'S R \ \ 110'\ ll RROOK~ 115 Bro!'oh. Terq 11 76 llro'i trorn , Tf'1'rH•H't· I\' l.akt• Ci!). Ph\.. Ed.






iill•557lllllliillmliiiiiii. . .



Bro.,..· n, Or nni., I Bro~n . bonn1· I Rl BRO\'I \, J O~'i IOI BRO\'I \I\(,, JI \IES 98 BROil; \l\G , \ I ~R<. IRio:T l<Xl Brut>;:;lcf'. l\.t'nrwtl1 111 iU6:l,liO Brunbt-r¥.. J amt>.. II Brunn('r. \ lhnt I\ Bubhtz. En-m I\ Bubliiz.. Cloria II 76.16 l Bublitz. \larihn Ill

Bl-CHER. SllllO n Budd•. Carla I 81

But>p.t. Rulf.t>r


Bur<:um, Rob<"rl Burft>ind. Ch•.ul1°!1i I 81 Burk. Carl II 39.i l Ill


Burk hardt. ln i11 Burnap. AIYart'7 111 Bum.!. Da na 11


Burn"'. Sui.an I 81 Burros. Lee I\ \linunu , llu ... \ drn . Burrow'. Eliuht>lh 11 iO



I 81

Buri. Kai II llun. ~andra II

if>. I 18 Burton. Bonita I 81 BLRTO\, ROS 11 IE I Ill B°"'ch. l\. aren 11 I ~9 Bu"'ch. R<"ht't 1·a II BW!co,·id•. Paul II Bu~ h. Ra,moml Ill 7l Bw;.,..ell. \l ,nn<"r I But ('hart. Ina Bulenhuff. (;<raid 111 Bu1tt'rfifld. Da, id II 76 BRl"K~IElll< . llHI I \ I Ill BRLESKE. KE\ \ETll 118 Bynum. \ alt>ri 11

B)om. Ri('h ard I\ (•1 Byrnf', J ami:'.. Ill 166

Carbone. Carl I Carl... on . .\Ian 1 i l Carl•on. Barbara I 8 1.l !iO Carolan, '\f'i l I

Carne\-. Ru11; .,t·ll I 81 Carr. Jr...alh lrrn I 81 Carr. '\ adint> 111 Carr. Roh<-rt Ill



118.16.).17.l, 171

I 81

Ca.5-C" • .\rlo I Case. Oou l!(Ja.... J\ ~1- ( :harlt•... \ rl C&.8t>y. Thoma"" I\ ll a\lu·ld. Bu... \dm. 162.167


c:hn!'loph cr~on. " 3\


Churd1. Charle.. 11 C:hurc·hill. Dani1·I 111 C:id1ant•"'-l..i. \l i rhat·I I C:idtano~ .. l..i. Thuma.. Ill 17.U7 l C'it-111111 .. i..i. J1·a11 I\ 62.l.l2 Ctf'mrn .. l..i, .~·rn~an I 8 1 Cihak . .:--u..an I 81.t:l9 ( :i.. za J.... Ch;.1rJc.. I Clan·. DJvic.I I\ IN> Clarr. Richan! II 166 Clarl. Ht•ru\il' I\ 23 Clark. Robf'rl I U \HK. Hl IH HLJ C(a.. t·n. R ohrrt II Clt'lllt'llt ... Jo.to II Cle\t'land. Ltn(la II ( .litf. Hoht·rl I 81 Clo .. v. <n. Hrm.:t' II :.?:?. Clo~_


Cu;.tl t'~.

J ant'

C uk . Oou j!\ac;;

Cahala11. Pa1ric-·k I 81.161 Calvert . l.arq I Hl.124 Calv.y. Carol IJ 76 Camc>ron. Linda Ill 21.3..i.:n Campbell. Chri•I\ I 8 1.JS l.162 CA.\IPBELL. HOBI:;l\T l<Y1.130.131 CamphC"l l. P('11·r 11 Camµbr ll. Th11111a.i. I Canfirld. \lilliam Caouf:'ltt>. B<' ll f' I 81 CA l'H O'i. J Ml (; II IOI

Cartier. Oorniel


Colt•, Th oma.._


62 81


I 81.1 51 111 Ill

C11lrman. Jud 11h

Collin ... \ Ian



J>Ju l. Elt•m. Cnn nau~h1, , Caml) 111 :U ,i l <.O~lllEI I. LARR\ 106 f.iinnrllL \I an Il l

C11nn11ll\. Ja mt•.. I Bl Connor.' \I 1:{0 Con nor. Eth~anl Ill ( .unnor. Pt•l1·r I\ 62.1!;2.173 Cwrnor .... Chari("" II Crnuo) . Frnnk li n I \ 1 '6 Conti. Barhara II ( .on\\Ch, \nlhorn I\ Co n"" a'. William I\ ( :hatfwlfl. \I .1t h Cook. Denni ... II 76.1 21.16'.l Cook. L orcl1m III Iii Cool. JuJ11h II L ooi.... T homa.. II 166 Co11lidJ?,t. '\ann II (OHO\. GERALD 98 Curclt·-.. ~lt'\f"O I 8 1

Co,....11. JJme..


Cou~hlo ... C\·n1hia I Cu u l..,on. Ell~ n I\

l>rn•rr, l>u11,tld

( ra nt.lal l. Sharon Il l ~ ru ..... I .1•1111.ird I 82 < .ru~l1·'· ~11 ...rn I 82.1.:.1 ( ,ru m. ( lart•rwi• I\ 97 ( ulha1w, Tl mma.. II ( .urran. ( ..ir' I ( . urran . f; t•rulll I\ ..,1,11r11 ! .. land. '\ ) Ind \rt.. 166 l .urt1n. J uhn 11 Lu111n. H u~n Ill Cu11 ... J .1111 .. I\ f>Z.l.'l:l.168.171.17.~ ( , .. r.,.. .. l...1. L Jn I ( .rnplt• ~ ..L.i. Kath lt·t-n C:,-arnO\t!>"-i. Jt•romt> I \ \\ inunil. E lc·m. o!.167


Dnhrn. lin ..1·111.&r\ Il l 7 l.l f'>J Du lrn . E lt1Jlw1h I\ 62. J.')l.16H.17.) l>11m11nJ...11... J uhn I 15 l

Do1i.1hut'. \

lf}!J l llJ.

l>on.t ld . J.rnw..


( .11·1111

Uunnt·r. Diani· l>11nm Jn. Thum.a.. 111 l>11r.. 1 h. Jt •Jn I 8:! l>ot ~. lt o,t:1·r I \ ( _IJriun. IJ.


\~~ . Hf\ 110 Ora1!..11~ .. k1. I 1,11111.. I 01.ul..""'"l.1 ""'h11 ln I \ 62 D11· .....1·I. !'t·iln II H•J.l ii l>n·""1JnkJ. l .J1\ I\


kf'n. J o nJtlrnn II 0 Jhl. ll ulwll II ll.ilil. J~:u·11! 1 II DJ !il. Hi r hJnl I I I 7 t. I :;o llahlrn~. C1·ralcl II lla1h , \1urna I I 62.15.J Dalt· id1· 11. J ,11111•.. I 82

Drui.:.u1, .ludo h



0 JH•·. U\\ 3\IH' II 130 ll \\ b . \ I \1110\ IOI Da" " · \lu-hd1•! 111 l>J\ 1.. . 'and1a I n.. ,1 ... T1111111..t... I 82 ll\\ . ' l ' \ \ l(tl.l'i l D1·a11. ll arolcl 11 1 ; t n •.( ; i ... t·~ Anthon~· I\ '\\ Hl ..l f. '\J .. Bu... \dm. IM 1)1'(.1 .. Dunna II 16.;;.~.76.LW lk<.HOOT, ·\\ CF. I.\\ :J~.97 llf. I Ill\ Y I\ . Ell\\l \ll 9H Dr• lnm · ~ , 811rr~· I\ Tn·1111walt'all, \\ 1.... \l dl h. 0 1·la11n. Tri,it· I K2 ll1•lanu, Bu i.:n I R2 ll1·ll.. u.. l..i. \ 1·num I 82



Drun. L.111d.11 ,. 11 Orn ;,tll. ~h,1r1111 Il l J;):t.162 Duhlt .... l>11n11d 111 Duhlir1. ..., ,111 d1J II n.... 11. n." .. 1 11 H2 l>1wllmJ11. B,111 \ I Hl Dw•llmun, MPrlin I\ \\ 1n1111J. E nJ!. Dudl111,111 . Hu h.ird I Dulh . JJ1111·.. I Hl Dulh. 1'1'11•1 I llui.:Jn, John II Du mun, 0 ,Htd I H2 Du11<J11. I 11ui ..1 I H2 llu rH .an.. 1111. \ nn I\ .H.J7.62,l l6.li2.17)

lhwu•l .. 1111, D1· nni ... II l),rnuko ... <.1~urJ:_t' I Da nul..o ... ~1.m II 122.nH l>a111.t'1 .. 1·11. \IJri h n I I>\\ F\ l'OHT. 1111 10\ m; l>J \ltl. Brother l>J ... ul ..110 . H.trb.1rJ II 76. JS;) l>J ... ,r... ( :Jr11I I 8'.2.161 Da\U"•. 11 .nul«I II 76. 1 t7 .I t Y.IM

Ot' ll H'\t°r", Lt'nrt.tt' 0 1•111lMn, R111h l),. .. ,ull1 ...


0drr... Fr..tnldin


Il l

82 I


Il l

:" l

U1'11·r .... Tho ma.. I 82 D1·t1•r... l.t·ru\ Ill 7 l.1 52.l6i Ut•lflt'. llarhara I\ \"\ 111011a. Elt•m D1•\11tt·. K1 1.1 II 76 Di·\m". \luli.1.1 •1 I 8'l Dic-1..rrman. \l arh.. i 8"1 D1d.... un, J111111l \


l>u i.. ....n. Ke nri.·th II 16 [),.,..~ •. 1l.1lla· Ill ll11lic·. llJ• ul II nR l>111ri1·h, D.rni1·l

lh1111 .tn... 1111, ""'u ... Jn Ill ' I \\


I 82.l:ll

11 llH\ \

I lo.IOI!

l>unrn • \IJn I H! U111Jn. 1>1·111.. I l>urJrul. ~.11,:1·111· II 160.171 l>urlf•\ J uhn I H.!: lh uralr. . \d1·l11h• I R2 lh urJlr.. 1>111111.1 Ill

lh.. Hr. John II l>111lt11.1r. J .td: II I


"E" E.1rp. Ch..i rl1·... I\ E.1... 1i11. Bolw11 II L1ton . f....t·nn1·th I Ellt'rl . 1>1<1111· I\

62.152 i6.124. 125.160


6.1.152 Ei·hli'rtUI• h. I .111d ,1 I 82 Et kt•nrod, Oi;t01· I JI E.11..t"mud . Jnn Ill

l-.1!..n. P1•!n II 171 Ee l..t•! .....111tl r.1 I\ Ellll\ . JI \IE~ I07 Ed.-1 \l.ir1 II bJ"'.ml ... lft'l1•n I l.,:Jn. \1u -har•I I E:.:!!t>, U.1rb.1r.1 Ill l:l:J. 165 t~~t"11hni.:1·r. U,1!1~

EJ,:hntun. \ llf"n II E~ l i nton . \l illiam

F hl1• J..tnu•..


63.170 I\

Huh .. 1011. lml. \rl .._


Ei1lf'n. f h.1rl1•..

I 8:! 11


U11tm-h. J,1mt•..


D11tw h. l ucl1th Il l 7 l . l.~1:l U11trid 1. \ I an Ill IJ,,hh·. U•rk 111 16:; Uo1•111wr. ( hd1· I\ ll.1 9.62.J ,;:!.1 66.17.)

C1•urtit-r. D1mna II 16 ( .rru~. I .a" rl'IH'C' I 81 lrJndall. J ohn I\ Q7

Bu... \ 1l m.


l>u11t·nro1I. \11•rulith II Duui.:l.1... <.11, II l>u\lt•, Fr.111!.. I\ {'.l .. \6.62.167 l),"lt" Jt•llu·' I R:! l>u\k, I 111+1.i I 82.l l O.l l :".1:;1 Dr .tni.:t·. 'ln1·n II l:l7

0 .;u

llu lt•y, l.1•0 I\ l.f'\\i ... 11111. ( Dull1• .. k ,1. Jen\ I llallrnJnn. ().11111<1 11 1 Oahon. Timolh ) I .~6.82. l fi i ll;nwl, lldl ph Il l Dani1·!... Frank Ill 7-l


H2 I RZ.12 l I HZ.l~O



( '. omc·lnrn. Keith ll ( .ouwr. J1Jl111 I\



Uud•. l'aul I Chi1·u... 0 ;.mwl J 81 Child•><•. R u hard Ill .!8. ll.1 24.126.1 1(1.161> C hri .. ft" n . \l'illiam I\ \ iq,uniJ. "-l1w1·1·h C llRl!-TE\SE\ . <.EOHLF 112 <:hri-.t<'n .. t·n. I ui<. Ill l llRISTE\~O\. < 1111 108 Chrislf· n~o n , Doroll• ) I\ \\ in11n;_1, ~:n~. C hn ... rian ... un. Diam· Ill 152.J h,) Chn .. tiJn"''"· f'rann•l Ill Chri .. liJn .. on. '\1+rma 11 1 81 Chrir;;.101)hr r;;;on. (,3rr \ I lJ I C.hri .. 1ofll'r .. t>n. (;,nit• II :n

Cucl n. Judith


Carier. Ralph

( 'h,:ulhuurn. L1T 11 1 Chatl.,..1d.. \ l.tn I ti.HI t hamlwrlarn. "" hawn I\ Chapin, Oa, itl 11 ( .hi.Jrhun. Hl;,un1· 11 Ch1·rrirr. J an1•t

Buehler~ Donuhl I\ h..t .... un. ' on.11 ' t1. Buell, Marlrm• ) \ Kodu· .. t t'J, Flt·lll Suerm ann. J t•dn I 81 Buhler. \'( illanl It Bullard. l\.t>nnf'th I 81 Buni;t'. Uiaiu' 11 76

Burk•. Pa1ri•·iu

Ca.. pt·r. Fllen I 81 C.1~ .. (·rh. Thoma... II !(JI C.t"1111:;. !'-h.tn•n I 81 ( :aturia, '" il11am I\ l6b C.1va11aug,h . Otm1t'I I\ 61 t'J H111. \la r' II CECii ~.. ROl!Fl{T !07

I 91 Emhurn, Jill II 7 t1 52 bnhuin, "'ih·\t'll JI b ..t'n lrai.:.n. JultJ I H2 lK~f. R . RO\ I I ll 102 Ehleor, Juhn II 70 1'.llilll!"Oll. h. t·nni lh II JQ ..Jhnl!."'""· '\11rm.rn I 82

68 W. 3rd St.










Ste reos



• FROM $100


Stager Jewelrv 3rd and Center

116 E . 3rd St.


Winona's Largest

THE MERCHANTS NATIONAL BANI( OF WINONA "The Bank That Service Built" A M e mbPr of the F e d e ral De posit lnsuruncP Co rporatio11

Going to college is expensive, isn't it?

That's why you should come to Randall's .

We can make going to college cheaper for you .

That isn't all - Randall's is the COMPLETE SUPERMARKET.






Let's Go to McDonald's (open year round) located on Highway 61 2 Blocks West of Jct. 14 . Elmblad. Dunald II Iii Elne•. I durJl<e I Ht




Fr.mt 1·1. \Ian FrJ1w1 ...


E\1\'\l Fl .J.I'. I08.ll>I l mmun.... P.tlnd. II l:l0.17l Emmu11 ... ~ht•1IJ 11 E\1\10'-''· 11 11.1.1 ,\\1 111

I 82 J 82 ht•n I 11 lnl!l'L Juhn I\ 6:t97. I l; , I l9 En,:.h. Hun,dd I EnJidt•r, John I\ \\i11u11J. Ind. •\rh E:niLrJ". B..rq 111 7 l i:nf!J'J\. Paul 11 76 £p.,1t·m. J.n JI !:rit L. ..un. C hn.. 11rn~ !:rid;..un. l>J"id II ~rnL.o;;;un. l>i.tnt" I\ :H.6.l.1 l9.164J.li'5 !:ri< L, ..1111. LJn Ill ~rn L,..,un, \11L.1• I 8:l fod...1111. !'Jul I ~nd....11n. Pt·in I ~rif hun. Huth I\ ~nd...1111. l1Hl1I I\ 6J.J.'l0.16i' ;.rn... tt>r. J.1mt· .. I 82 ~rn... lrr. l.1· .. )1t' II ~rn.. l('r. l'li)lli.. I\ OJ

Endriu1, \lt'\llhl [n~l"lt'n.

\\ .t\llt'

[n~t'lirn. (

~r.:.i)t, J.1111~..

174 I 82.lt.I I 82.161 :urn i.... Th11111J-. I H:!


l>t>I" m



FrJ11~1'. ( drl

Ill Fn•ilt•rn J.... Th111na.. II , / Fu•dm k..011, T'1rrnl1111• 111 Fre1·r. SJll) I Kl. I:;2 Frt•1111.irl.... Kt>n11rth Ill FHE\111'\(.,( \l\I'- IU8.l!i0 Fr1·11d1. l.1011.i I R.J.139 F11·1u·1tt-. Ro~t>man II I W.151 Fn•llt-111. Jurlith I


Fn·t11·111. !'>tf'\f'n

Fru.. hl1d1. FJu·


!:~:::: ~:~:~::~~th

I\ 63 Ill Jl.71.J:J9 :..,.n ..1111. JJme"' II it>. I~. i un. \\ 1lli.11n I 82 :, ... r..un. t\.1\ I 82 ;"mJ:"· \lrlJ111r I 9.H:l



!\t'M.J11\1 t'



76 II ;-erlt'v. l1.ttri1 1J II -'Jrrin~lon. J11J11 II 71 :Jurul. l\11ri1 J.. II ~f"t'h. t\athlt·('11 II 76.IS'.U02 •'f'hrnlirn. J..am.-.. II ii.lb! ·a~lt'r. l>uJnt'


;t"ldtthlrrn. c arolt•

11 77 . I51



r•.1..1 h. I ,11· Ill 77 \1111

7rn111~r. JuHT


I 82. IS I

tc-nfrn. \l..1r1h..1 Ill ~rrd111,u1tlrt'n. l>on1i.1

r.. r-;u .. un. H..1rh,1r.1 11


I ~t)

tt'ruhult. Etl\111n

II 171 't>rnhult. J.unt"" II 77 171 't"rn. Thum.t-. 'r"uf'rlwl111. UJvid I 'f'ul111µ, Uon111IJ

11 .J9.l-L76.i'7.168.169

"id•. \1111,1 I 82.148.lh'. ~.~. <:hml Ill 74 I Ill.I 1'1.152.161! ~n. 1>0'\ 11.0 111 lie l. (;¥11·11 I 82.169 "eJltr. Jt>.in II 'idd .... ll1•r.. twl II 122.1 \j ifo,lcl. Hulph II 167 ~'\(

ll. <.l:HTHL llf' llH

indlJ). JJnf' II Inn. E•rl•n• Ill


i::-.hbJu1dwr. Thoma..'-> 8t

in mo. \\ 1lli· 1\ ix. l>.Hid I 82

l111tnut.I. E"'.J lo)d. \nrhnm

I\ I\



\lmJ. \\ ,.... lfo .. 9H.170


J0~£1' 11



1.tlt')'. ~Jlhlt't'll l S:J ulleL H•lph 19 ~rbt'"i, William Ill

f>rd. John I rd. Paiml 111 rd. ThomJ'- I I 77 r"'lt"r. :O,tt>\.t'll Ill 72.'; ~ USS. FRF.D 111 i.s ..um. Janw.. I >~sum. Jan11•e I 83 l!ler. Dmell 111 11oilf'r. Jerr)' Ill l.. OP\L jtum1er. Carol II '8J.ll'·lnU, I .~I I I


119 Center St. Phone 5222 Winona , Minnesota 55987

UJ\lll I ll (.t'raM I 8l (.J\11·. (,JI\ I 83 (;.1...,lil... H11d11l11h Ill t: l-.\11 '\ll,\IWT. Wl l.1.1 \ \ I 113 (,1·rhn. Eilt·-.-n II 77 t.1·nl1· ... <•..r... 111 c.rr~1·11. \1Jur•·t'n I tn (.ni,:.1·u. \\ ,t\flf" II 77.1:..t) C.1·r~1·Y.111. 1'enl I f .nl.ti h. (.n•;!uq I I 77 Lt·r l,wli. (.onion I BJ Crmt'"· Philip Il l 74.170 t .1•1114• ... T hu111J ... I t .....1k11..... J.11111·"" I I 77 f.1J1111111h1, R11bn1 11 1 t.1hl11 ..1i. t ..1n II (,il1h1111 ... J{u ... Jlt•c•n Ill 83.1.'.';3 CJll'\lllH•tl.


Lw .. lt·r. Hulwrt (.iltwrl~oll.


More People Ride On



Dan ;3;.

( ; illH• rl ~on , "uomi

I\ A.1


EJt.. m.

(,illurnl. '11r111d11 I (,111\.Jnni. l.ut·ia I fU Li1•1•. H+111Jltl I 8.1

<.1 .. l..1-.1111, Jun (~ iU t•nJi.


l..1Crt'M't•nt. \1.11h

11 I 83

Cl.1..;n11l. Cary


Than on any other kind


J o "'Pl-,h (.1-1n-


(.l.m1wr1. Ru·hJnl (,J,~J ..1111. l.Jrl)





I 8.8.3

I.I El~S'-EK. ROBEH1 100 (.le11dt'. Janin· II LloHr. Dnn..tlcl Ill 150.153 <,luLl«. \ldq II Clu1h . l'Jtri(-id II 11 l>ou~Ja...





L11t'ri ... h. Ruj.!f'I" Il l Lut'lllll.lll, Crf'i!Or\- I <:olu11lt, .lame-. I 83.127

C:u1hl. Eilt•(•n


ofk f' n!I, R ob~ rl


L,1rnw,u11, Jdm1· .. Ill (.,int•\, "'iliJnl Ill

L+wn .. h. ( h<.trlt.'"'

I 82

h):.t"l...rn~f'r. Ort'n

(,dnl<'I-.. Hoµ.t'r

Lh nn.

Janai.:,Jn, Su ..;ume II Jann. (;an I 82

Jattum. I t'~tllrn



l.ort'tl II 77 f;.1hm. \1111t' J\ (>i <..1h111. "" ut" 1 tu (;,1111J...11y,, Slt'H'll I L.ipp.1. PJuLt II

(~\JUllt'r. \lil'h ..11'1 LidUIH'rl. \Ian I

' innr'. '1i(" h ad I\ .tl...t' C.11\. Hiul 11 ..tut'n. C.Jr' II i<.1 hbJt·h. l'alrida II i~C'hb,l('h, Huj!;t'r I 81.152 ISllB ll I.ER. JOSEl'll 11:1

lrtc·hf'r. llt'11111..




it"indt. ~Jthlrt•n

Box 605



L..tdt' .... Bu1h II t ...11w). H1111,dJ 11 ( ~.111.1 ... Ct"orµt' II 17:t 17 i ( ..1j1TI..). Tltur I C..tlf'. 1"1111111J...

:,,11 .

·u, l.11\llrll

Co ntact Le nses

Fu~ l 1·<1<1d. Judce I\!. IH.175 Fl I I EH. EIJ'\ I 111 H I I FH. JOH '\ 111 Funl.... lt• ..1.-r II h11 ...1. Duu;.dJ.. I\ oo.o;tt7S

( ..1Jtcl. \1ln.1n Ill 7i L.tl111J\. \l.1ri.Hllll" 11 1


82 I 1

Dr . M . L. DeBolt

Third and Main

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Dr. C. R. Kollof ski

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Howie Says - ''Take your car to where the tire experts are!"

<:u ..'>man. Busalit.' II <.rdcle. Jem I LrJff. Brnn· I 83 (,rnhjm, Joan 11 7l (;mm .... Cht'rre lit (.ruruk. John I\, (>4 (,rundt. i\lan IJ <.R.\ '\(.~ I R D. <.EOUl.E 113 {,rJu~1m·k. :0-.u"\an I <.r;.1\t~1w.h. Jon II

Nelson Tire Service, Inc. 4th & Johnson Phone 2306








- -



Hot Fish Shop


14, 61 & 43 WINONA, MINN.


ThomJ"' I

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Pt'l1·r .. u11 , C.lwm

Compliments of




11 I\

368 Johnson St.

Phone 7104



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1,,,,pnnJ,t \ Jiit-,, Elt·m.

ll.111 ..1·11. Ellt·n 111 8:1 ll.111 ..1·11. \IJ11h11 11 ll ,111..1111. H1ulm·' I\ HJn .. 011. ( arol Ill 7l.l:ll.1:)2 llJn ..1111. Oua1w



ll.111.,un.Jmh II llJ11 ..1111. \IJrJ.. I !S:l llnn ... o n . Rona ld llJ11pd. ""'1t·llJ I\ llJ11 ·m. Brun II



t( J .... un.



PLETKE'S Fine Foods Spice Island Spices Usinger's Sausage Richelieu Canned Foods



ll rrn .. t·n. Uutrnld

"H" llJac~.

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llJ!!lun<l. Jul1·11t·

11..thn. E l;.un1 I llarnc·- . l>""d Ill

(.roMbm_· h . Ah in I\ \L11t'1•11.t. \l ,1t h r.ro..,.m..in. Jt>n111w 111 7 t (,roth. Dun;1lrl I\ 61 Lrolli. Sh.iron II 77.16-l Lrr,\c·r. C11rrint• I R..1 c;rovt•r. r.~1t·r I\ Sprini.!: \ al lt•\, Elt•m. ( .111\f"•. Sharnn I L1ull..11\, .. k1. \Lu\ I\ 27.ft.Ll52 ( .udmund .. on. Je11111w

J .1111· I

llJ1'"'"'ll·:· John II i7.164ll.11•u .... inj!•·1, Holu-11 I S.1

Lrt•t:>n.,,.oo<I. ~u..,J11 1 83 L1t•er. ThomJ... I 83 l ,rr~oq. Rei.:~it~ II 77

113 E. 3rd St. Jones Pork Sausages Birdseye Frozen Foods Bauer's Chocolates

66 E. 3rd St.


Special Wire Shapes

Steel Welded Rings

PEERLESS CHAIN CO. Chain Manufacture rs Complete Line of Tire Chains For Passenger Cars, Trucks, and Tractors Complete Line of Industrial and Hardware Cha in

Winona , Minnesota

Office and Factory


Menswear Shopping Center for WSC Phon e 5338

122 E. 3 rd St .



Airport Industrial Park



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II Ha1llt·y. Clt•nn I 83 ll ar1wid1, Koi.:n II 77 lla11 ). \t or) I R4 Harvt•y, \ 1 · 1dlt'I I 81 lla•ll'irl. \ rnlun Ill 12l.12:l llu .."'t.>11, D in·id Ill \\ 'inond. Cht'111. Ha... or.1n~t·r. I.m1la I 11.ulo·li. Jun II 11.tllnn, Huhrrl I S.i,l:l1

II.me L. Fn•tl1•nc k

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H,rn~Ju, ll1Jnn llauj..!.t'. Corllt•n

llJu\...om, Judith I\ llauLnu.... J;.1m1•.. I\ Hautala, \\ nh1·r Ill lluwkt·11 ... 1111, B1111nw




Huli(·n. Davit!

llo·•h. CliJrl•·· II tlt•aly. Th o m u"' I\

S1mn~ \






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1lumola. Slit·ila

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Hnmull1, \1 t·lvin

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I lontld. \\a\ nf·




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.dlt')• Elt•m.




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ll1'd"'t'f, El.auu·


HoJ.tan. John I l-tui;r;1lf'n. Lawrt'IH't' 111 Hohmann. IJanu·I II I loialmt·n. Dt-nni... JV ltotnt·!o:-, Ka1hh:t·11 Ill Holan. Brull' I lluld en. Joh n Ill Hulif'n. Barham

llOL\IBF.Rt:. D0'\.\1.0 It» ltnl..,applt-, \laral1t•lh II 77.151 Huloc1011. Tnn II i7 12·1 llul<:lad. Larry 111 Holte~aanl. Ot·nn1.. I &1,167 lluluhar. ~ant•\ I 84llolz. Sliirl1•1w Ill


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Hup1w. Da,itl II 16.l Hopi.w, ) .;.irrv I a4. I CH ll11rihan. BarL.irJ Ill l1 ll11r..,"'"ill. l\.ir\... II IJ,74,138,U 1J ll urlon. Eu~1·11t• I\ 60,6:1.127,160 t-lor·ion , F:H•ly n I\ l'l.t111v1t•w, Mu:-.i1· 149,153 Hou-.1·111~.

01·11111... 111 Ill ll<H"TZ. R.\) 1<~1.1:.0 Hu\Oot', Jami· .. I ll ll())T. 0\'\11::1 IOI\ Mutl.tlr.. (.,nlr I 84 lh11·11I. H1·nn Ill 7 l.ll><l.lil Huu .. kt•r.

ll1·l~1·1111w . ( Jrul I 8-l llt·lla1ul. llulwn Ill 138 ll1·lmul'll1·r , 'Jll1' II -;7 162 M1·11tm111~. Uun II 97 111·11111\ , K11hn1 I fU lt1·ndrn k .. 1111, \Jnn Ill 111·11111·"'"''· Jnhn II 126 f11·11q. LrJH · Ill H.153.168


1-tui:.lw-.. 0Jnlt'I llu~fi, .... <~ . tr' I Hulin:,!. Hu~n I !H Ill I.I . HE\11() 107

I lc•111"~ . I .11n·11 I K4 llf.'\ 10 . ltollf.lll< ."- IU7.14<>.llll lh•rman .. nn. l-:1111;J U 1·roff, Uo1utlt l I\ Chatlwld. l'h). E.I. ll1•rul1I. 11·1· I 84.IM ll1·1un, Eli1itllf'lli II 7;,150.15.1 ll1·rric L. l..111;.1 I tu llnn~. < harlt.. I lli-rwL 11..inwla I K-i 11, ....... Lnnlun II 77 ltt-..... Juhn J\ 6~ Ht) f '\. IWllF.lrl ln7 ll1·)1·r. l>J\'1tl I llF.H.1<. Hlf.ll 10:. llt< k·. K.- I Hi llii.t~... D1111ald II 77.150 llildt". <.11•µ:un I lliltl1·l11u111. T ..un;.1 II 44.77,lf>H l11 lk1-, J,1111· II 12,77

llulL ll1·nn


ll uml1l1-. Sharun llunluon , 1. )1111




Jlu .. h)n. IJnwt· II UR ll ust'b). Cult~nt· II 77 llu•Hnann. (.an II

"I" lhr~ ... (;Jr)

II l'\<.11 \\I. KE\ ln~\al;;,,11n. ln~\·al ..... n.

77,UH.IW II~

Lharlt•.. I l>1·;rn II


Inman. Jud ) I-hell. Kub'"' 11 71 ""'" \lary II N.l!\I ~u.;, a 11 I lH h1 ·1""11n. BMhara II hn ...1111. Euni11• Ill


77 .1 ~ 1


111111111'. E.1rlr1w I R4. 162 111'\ll~ . ~II H.K JO.> 111111·.... t.li-11 II 77 111111, C.arul Ill

IH·r.. on , l;1·n1wll I H4,l.'l-l hn...1111,Julll' I fU h1·r... on. !'-lharon I\ (l.5 ,151 lvt'"'· Rulwrla Ill 6.'5,149

ll1r.. d111•1. Ld.n H11tnt·r , J1..1111111

l v1n... ~u .. dn II i'7,IJ9.151 1.... <t ... Jli. \ 1·rnJ II 1~3


K4 I









11ittne r , l A.•!! li t" I\' Winonu. l'hy. S<:i. llJerm!llad. Reuben 111 77 lludge, P•ul Ill Hoff. J uan Ill lloffman, \Ian

ll ail, John



-- - - - -

"J" JACK~O'\. fl. R. 1().1 Ja< k~on, l\. art>n I J.u bun, Holwrl II JaC'ob .... D1·n11111, I JJc·oh11;, Paul I 84 Juc·obs. Trudf' I 8-1. JACOBSEN. EDW~ KO 101 JJl'ubs('n , Edw,1rd I j atobst•n. Graham I 84.. 124 J ar11b.,,on. All1·n 11 Jat•oJ1 .. on. Kt'nnelh I 77 Ja1a)1·ri, \a- ...1·r I Jt·dh· , C;.1rol Ill 72.1i'.l~J Jdlt·ri.... \1ichat'l 11 7i,J6.S J1•ltlit la, Rod~er I 84.127 Jf"n-.1.1·11 , -\Ian I 84Jr11..;t'n, (;11n Ill 161 J1•n .. en. Fretlrric·k II Jrn... 1·11. Jani,. Ill 74.IS3.168 Jt•n"lon, BJ.rhara 1 81.162 J1•rf' ... 1•k. l\1irhat>I I 130,133 J1•r1.uk . Pa1ril'ia I 84 Jt'""''ll, \\ 8) IW I n:·n. 1.t:o'\Alm J .......11. J ud1 I R4.165 Jewell. \lu hJ•• I Ill Ji C""k , Kr nn r th I\ (,.Jlt--.Hll1·. \\ i .... .-l1·m J o lu rn ... t• n , ltoYoartl I\ hanhm· Intl \ rh Julm .. un. Bonni.. I\ 65.J.19.152 J oh n~o n , Bf"rn i('t> I\ "' ( ·i.Jrlr ... 1·l1·m Juhn .. un. llruc·1· II H4 Juhn...un, C.troh•t• I\ 21, 19.65.Ji:~.17i John,.uo , Cunnit· I S.l Jol111 ... un, ( 'raii:, 11 Joh11 ....1111. ( .urti!i.. II 161 Juhn!<ion, IJalt- I 84 J uhn..;on, DJvi1I II 77 Juhn.. on, Diane I\ 65 J o hn., o n . Doroth y I\ H11dt1· ...11·r. 1·km. ] 111111... 1111, lluu~la-. 72 John ... on. 4;1l r } I l.t•Hm. 1•11·111 lH l uhll"'•lll. ( •. un I\ J ohn ... o n . Ct·ralJ I\ I J01 .. J..,ru, 1·l1·m

Juhn .. un. <.an II Julin.. un. JJmt' ... II i7JH Juhn ..un, Janw ... E. II John-.un. Jame ... F. I J ulin... un, Ja\ II Juhn..,1111, Jt·rrv II J uhn.. un, J11)t·r 11 7i.151 John... on. Judith 11 J oh n ~on , Jan t-1 I\ Ka-. ..1111. 1•11·111 l11hn... on. Kadtr)n Ill 74. l :l:\ Juhn ..1111, KirL I 8 l John !"on , L aurt-1 I\ Hnl \\ 111~.1'11·111. J11l111 ..1111. I 11111 ..1· 11 J11hn ... on. l\lrn II 3 t i7. 161J Juhn... un. \lar,ior11· I\ 6.S.15-i John ...1111. \1u·haf'I I 8-l J11hn .. on. \ann 164

Jol111.;;un. l'a1ri<·ia


Juhn .. 011, 1'1unt'la Juhn ... 1111, Paul I


J urw ... Juth I K-J J1•.. lad. llJ rv1·\ I\ Jo ....,., if L ~lrplwn II 8-i J117.,.,icL.llf'1lrv Ill Joz"'°u L J..1111·1 I 8-J JlOO.J\'\F'I IOI JuJ~,., Hnh1·r1 II JlllSO'\.FIOflEl"f\ .IU5.IO.l.ll9 J l D~O\I. I ) \I~'\ 99 Jut'l11 .... J1111 I J uni:,t'. L>u1111111 I 8.1) Ju11i:,1 ·1 ... ,John Ill

"K" KJd.;.11rnn . h...11lilt·1·11 I\ i tl53 h.a c ru"'o,;ki. J.111t· Ill l l.1 5 1.153 Kauru"' .... k1 , \l.1n I\ 27.l l-6.l l9.1.)2.lh8 Kah l. DJ\id II l\.ah l. Jamt'"' II


K \'\LJOll'\ Kan~t·l.Juan

'JO Il l

'>.21.27 ..'H.12 1

I R5

k.an1l1.t1·\... . l>1·1111i..

K..inrwl. John I H.l KJ1111.. 11l, \I.i n I RS KMa...1·h. \l.111•· I HS

Karnath. J t•d n 11 Karr.Ln·JLul\ I h. ar-.tt·n. Jn..11111r I 85 l\..L.. tt·n.Janw... II 77.UO. liO KJrhan. El11.uh1·1li

KJul. ' lun


K..1u11hu .. 111a11,JJm1·... II h. •1t11)hu ... 111,111. PJtri1 L I

170 Kuu1z. L.1n 111 8.>.ISO J\ a..,.,.aL.tl"u. ll1r11ku II 7i h t•t'l.tn. Rohn! I Krrnan . John I IJ 7 $ h.l'rnan. \\ H11.un 12 l l\.<-qH'r.Jamt·.. I ff..'l HISTl::R.ROllFRT 102 Kt·llrr. h.J1hlc·1·n II ii'.&"l.15-l.162 Kelln. 'ril Ill Kt'llt> r, 1'1•11•r I h. t'llt-'-. h...iildt·,·11


K1·l h. \nrw I H.8S K ..111. l'oul I\ K ..111. llwhurd 11 1 Kf·lh, "h,1ron I\ h 1·l1.• \\il h,1111 II K1·mlritlr.. Fn·tl II h <·n1lnt L. . l.;,1tn ti ii.138 Kenllt. ht·t ~ic-L


" '·mwlw1 k. Dou1tlJ..... I k. t.>mu.•<h. Ut'rnard I\ "l'IHW<l\ : l>J\141 I 8..5 h. f'mwth.Juhn I &l h~·nn1·1h. ~' 1111


&t.167.169 Juhnr,1111. H1d1ard I 84 Jol111or.un. HuiH'rl 111 Juhn..,un, Hun a!J I J11l111o1,1111, Holwrt I.. I\ J11lm ... on,Sunnt·v3 I fU Juhn..;1111. S1t-pl1t'n III Juhn ...un, :,1t>v1•11 I ft..i J11hn ...m1. Thoma!> II Jo rw.... -\lbt"rt I 8-J J11111·.... <:)n1h1J I 84-



k.ai~1·r... a11. 1"110111a... I\ Kalhrt'llf'r. Bu·liard Ill 7 J K<1lm1·-c.('.u r11h11 I 8!) Kamnu·1t'1, \111hw1\ II Kan<t\'dll , I .11111"' 111 72.76.146. 11\1.167

L.- .... i ..1on

I 8.8S

Kl'1Ult',, Ka1hlt•t"11


t\ <'nn \ , Ed"artl II l\. nri~Jll. Hidiurd


t.4.l.+6.1 5l.l 52,16:l,168

"'·.. In. Davit! I\ 65,171 Kl'.. IN. lfonaltl I\ l\. i1·h11haum. \\ illi,u11 II K11·~lw... 1·h. \ltn•il II k. ilc·n, \ldn I 8.l J\i mln. T1mutll\ I 8.'>

Kinµ, Brm c• I 1\1111.t. l>t•.Jn 1 " 111 Kinµ.






164 West Third St. W IN ONA, MINN. 184


Boy's! Exc lusive Gant Shirt Headqua rters Girl's ! Exclusive Garla nd Sweaters Corner of 4th and Center Winona

Kin~. J.,hn II Kl'\ C, I EO'\ JOI

X init. l'Nn



KinJ::, Ril·h.ird I Kin~.. bun. \l1d1.tt•I II 77.JS0.167 Kin~· In, \ll•n II Kinneher~. John I 8.5 Kiral. Ratmond I 8.5 KirC'ltner. Hid1anl I 85 KIRK. W \ Y\E 113 Kirkham, Pt'lt'r I 8.5 l\1r-<he. \lu·hael I\ 19,'1.166. li5 t\jvca. t\t-nnelh I\ Klasstn. l>innt' 11 31. 77 KlttS"it"ll, Da\ld I\ 66 Klt"i'I. H enry


7,l ,166

t\lei'-. (.rt'khf'n I 8.85 Klt1 .. t, Juannt' II Kl<nl ... Kuth I\ 66.15'1.16.> 11.LOCl\E. RO\ \ID !06 KLOE\ll'f.\\. LESIH. Klon("f k1. Tum I 85 Klot1. Kt•nnt:'lh Ill t..lu~. \lot'h•el 11 1-luzok. (,.·raid I t\napp. Rid1ard I .50.if Kmrbd. "'iu.. an II 77.1:ll.l~J.li3.17l t\nopid•• l)J., id I Knoµ1d•• J uliannt" I 78

Krrrnfr. L\nu I KIH:l\Z. 1.0IU<AIM: 115 "'"'" Slurln II 71,iR.118.153.155 J\ ri'lltrr. \nthrnn I h.rit k, Karrn I 8.) k nN. \1idrnd Ill J\ rnli .. t·, Ralph Kro1wbu~C'h. J111J\ R5 Kro1H·bu .. d1, Ali<'l' II 78 K1<•pp. Donald Ill 71.1:\ 1'.rtu'J,:_t•r, JJrc1uf'h1w II h.rut'j.!.t>r. \lar~;;m·1 I l\ rui,.:n. Paula II iH.K.'l kru ...., Barbara I k ud1t'nmri.,.1t·r. Stw Ill TU.56.16:1 h.utotln. Jud' I 8..) h.uhl ma11, Robc•rt I 8.i h. ulilmann, lfonald I R.l l\ ulad... H.oJ!<'r I R.5 k ula". Dt-.lure.. I k oltt"'"'kt-. K1?nl I 8.) k ul11·r. Jamt'" I 8.:i h.u n..,I. John I 8.i l\u11 h. S 11 ... a11 I 85 h. u ..11·1. JuyC'f' 11 78 l\. uwiar. Judi1h I 8.5.lt0.151 k'"aa .... \Ian I a.;


KMpirk. J am"'~ II Knott. Jani<'<' II 78 Knud~t"n. \rl}'n 111 72 Knut~("n. Jame... JI I k nul,un. Barbara I\ 60,l.=>1.168.175 l\nut•on.Juduh I\ 66, Knul,on. l\f'nne1h I\ 66.127.15J.160

Ko('h, Hobt'rt


Koc·lua. Dennie;. I 49.173.174 f'..n(·lfJ::t•n, Jo... t'ph I HS,161 "'"'l"dl. Judith II kOt'"U·r. (.Jrul Ill 66 l>.o<th. Kathnn I\ 66.162.171 KO<'tkr, I.a. I•· 111 l\ohn. Ji:ronw II 66 Kohnc>r, l«·h(•<'<'a I M Kohnt>r, Stt'H'n II Kvhnt'r. Thoma.._ I HS Kol)('rnn~lt. Pett'r 12 i Killo(..li. t.an II l>.oU. I.an I\ 66 Kunkf"I. Dt•1rni... I 85 Kon kt' I. (;t>rald I\ l\onup, Oo.,.irl II Koopman. OanJ I f'..opt-r<"in"l1, Pett•r Jr, koprmrri .. L.1. LorJn Ill .Kvpro""li. Philip 111 7l Xoo•idoM,k1. Jon I\ 1\ottHhadt-, Franklin Ill 146.1 is.J70 J<outsk). llidulrrl I 1'uvank. Ronaltl I H.l<>-l.170 Koval. Oa,1tl 11 ko'-lkt\l, \hrnn I\ !.rafka. Da"d Ill Krtt:f". k'. iirt'n I 85.16.1 Kragt'. \11rharl I Kraf(nf·!i~. Mar.. I 8.5 f'..ranlt'r. Joan II Kr&nl. \idml.., I\ Kr•1u. Sharon I 8.'l.).'\9.165 Kntrh. \an"' I\ 150.l'i:!.162 f'..ra1i. \lh n I 85 Krau ..f'. Fr<'derid.; I 8..5 Krau ..t·. \l'illtam I li.5,15'i Kralil. Jt·annf' I Krf"d.. o~. Larn I 85 k.rt"~er. kt'\ln I 8.5 Mti•rl. I iodJ II 78

1..:u·hnki. Chrn-1 Id• hn. \l1d1Jrl


I .dt our..... \\ arr('n l.Jdt"~iJ.t.

Lf' .. lw

8.8.S 11

I 8.5

Cla,lun I K> II l.ar... on. J udith I 8.=),16:) l..11 .. 011.

l.J.r.. on. J ohn

I .ar~on, f\. t<mu-lh l.an~on,


l.ur .. 011,





I Ill



l.J .. ka. Pa1rit·ia II I l0.151 I aucl4•n. t,an II 19.itl66

I aun, Ca..... ~ndra

l.a1..ll'r. Katherint' I 162 l .•rnft·nbur~n. Carol,n I I auft•nhurJ?,er. Donald II LJu~tutt. Stf'plwn I I aun1b, Dona ld I

I ll RJ'I SE'I. mm


l.<·IHtk kcn ll u•-1·11 I\ l.f•lwn... Tern I 8.~ I t'f'. t'arolint" II 78 11···. Donald Ill I t·1·. lluanf• II 78 Jud;1 h I ll5.151 l .1·1·, \lidiat·I I 86

l.)on... \l1 d1m·I


I N'. Hobt'fl


1,,,. Hu'" J\ 66.119.153 I 1·lt>"rt". l'h.,..,t' .. II I c•~lc•r. \ rli~ II f8.153 I .t•µn·id. \larita 11 l.d11rn·in. Jt'1n I c·iblnt·d. Joan I 86 I c·iluwr. \1nrlt.•11t• I 86 I t'ini11i(<·r, ~haron I\ 66.IS2.16S.l7i l.t'l"t'n. CerJld I l.1·1 ....-n. J uhn II Lt""mhke. \ ir,Oni.t 86 I t'Ollllt'f, lfo~t'f I I 1,.•11111u1. Thornn.. II l1•nt .. 1· h. Jact.llH-"lint· 86.169 l.1•011han.h. lfol!,1•r I\' l.t"'rol, Delorrlio I 86 l.t"tourneau. Gloria I\ 67,1 i9.li'\ l.1•uc·ht<•nherl'. Thuma., Ill J9.67 I t'lllhnt'r. '\ula Ill I .1'' .u.I. Stt>n•n I I I

''"'f'r"· Thunrn...

I. E l~




114 II 75.161.17:~ Lc·v.i ... T homJ"' I 86



l d\f'llt', Pt<ln Ill 7t138 I Uouj!la:!> I 8S


I d\I., ~h'Vt'll Ill I .a"'lt•r. H.an dall I 85 1.awr)nk, Car) II 7H l.trn.,tut•n, J amt'~ I 8S

LcJ. Elainr II 72.i8.157.164 I t'd(·h. R" ·hard I .t'il)tUt". Joan I 85

I ulµerdinµ, l:Jurton I\ l.ic·h1·rt. Oa ... ul 11 78


I wh .. t•h. BarlHm.l I l.1fµrt•n , Jamt•11, II Lillo, Jt"'annt' I 86 I q.~h1foot. I l1•l1•n I i1ith1fou1. Janw.., II I illa. h.athninc·


I .intlahl. Curl 76 l.uult"'man, \ c•alt• Ill 167 Lin(l"a). C at~wri 1w I\ 67.173.JH 1.irHl"iH. ~arnut•I I 86 I.11-d1k,·. \IJdehn. I\ 67.l'il.168.175 l.i1-d1ko. '\atal1e I\ 27.6i.150,l'il.15.5.162. 168 l.lt•Ht. Patr-iria I 86.151 I OCl-S. JQ) 103.141 L11t•1·!..e. John L.,,.,i;n~. Sher)I Ill 75.153 l.,,rfller. Susan Il l 75.15'3,168 l..ttt'E""<'h. Jeanrlt"t'll Ill 75.164 l.11ft1u1st. Suzan11e II I OKE\S<.; ~RD. ll I.. Ill I urf'n-.on, \ 1qo111u I\ 67.153 l.ooiin-.ki, l{if'luml I l.u"iin" ki , Roht'rl I\ l.ott1g. Waht>r 11 Louck... Ounald II lme. Kuth Ill 86.153 l..t1\l.r, Rf'tri~ I\ l.u d"i~. Jon I 86 1.ud\\itzkf' . Dc'nnt ... L0<·~i;i;t·, ~eil Ill I .uin... tia, Duani· 11 78.163 I ulufl. llonald Ill l.und. Dale I 86 l.und. (,en, II 75,'i l.uud. Su~an II l.undak. Da\1d I 86 I undak. Eugene I 86 Lundeen, Urun• I 86,163 I .uti.. \larC"ia 11 78 l.ut1wirk. Oavt< I 86 l.)nt·h. Hrlf"n I\ I indahl. \largarei Ill 67,168.175




"M" \Lwi11c h. l\Jllilt•t·n II 78.168 \1, .. k, \IJ11 I M \1a.·k. l'e111111· Ill!9.168


l.t·M j ... , Sl<'Hll

Laflin. \l illiam I a,, L\ffl\, Gl::KK ) llMI l.,lffin. '-'alh Ill l.a~wr. llic·hartl II 78 I amhf'r1. \\ illiJrn II 162.173 l...tmlm•d11. \lidrnt·I JI l.Jmc·'· Riinahl II Lamp. JJ(•ob Ill ()(U70 L11111lt·r--. Drnni.. II I 1111~. U1•r¢e I\ l.anj£. Jun II Lmj.!.t'. llJnif'I I I .anj.!.1·nlwr~. \\ ill1arn I\ I .•.u1~t>nft·ltl. Th1una.. I 8.i l.dllil.o~ ... i..i. Judith I\ 97 Lan~.. t>lh. frrn Ill 72,J.)0 I .a111k, K1·n1wlh I 8:i

I .anik. Thomas

I .-uvitt. Barhar .i I l.f'a\ill . l>ani t·I I

\1adrl'. Uia111w I 86.162 '1.uti ...1111. Bun1111,1 I\ 68 \la1llanJ. \\ .ahun Ill :l:l.7S \ldd .. un, Juhn II \1ar ..1•r. \\ .altn Ill 7:>.166 \1di,.:!. .. oud1. \1J .. uud II 86 \f\ (;\[IS, DO IWT HY 17.9'1,174 \ lahlkt-, t •d• n I 86 \lahll<'. Jtnluh II 164 \ldJt•ru .... UJ\"ul Ill J.li \laj1·ru"-. \u hold.. II 150.167 \lali,ia. J1·dn I\ \lalm1n, Judi Ill 34.i.5,152 \1alnnt·. Ed"" ,1nl II \ la lu,, Palrid.: I\ 68 \lalm, Th+11114.. I \lanl~U ..u. Ru li.,trcl II 12.78.160 \bnn, Rohnl II 78.171 \lani. Ounald I\ \1Jrduonda. \lfn·d I 86.t:.o \lardunntla. I u"r1·rwt· I\ 127.162 \ l arl·nli111. ~ll·pht·n Ill \lar1·u .. on. Dunna II iH.151 \I .. Ill \Ell. \I I 95 \lark.-µarcl. l.k "nh II \l\RIE).\\\KRE\ 98 \1arr. Etlian I\ \l ar.. hall. D,1v11I 11 \ larlt'n .. 011. Dtaut· I \ 27.6R.15 1. 152. 171 \larlrn. Ja• J.. rt \I .. llTI \. JOll" llrl.120.lll \larlln. K11l>t.•r1 I 78.86 \I art in. " illiam I\ \tart in. "1lliam \\ II \1artirwk, Ru.. t·marit• I B6 Marx, Clwrlt•., 11 \1a~yga, \I an I \1athi'>un. 1... lt' II \1at .. rh. Jani.. I 86 \lat•ch. \lid1a<'I II 166 \latodi. 1•11,m- I\ 68.ISl,1;2 \latson. Car, 1\ 68 \1 at..-;on. J ohn I 86 \latti, l.ainl I 86 \la11wn. \11drnt•I I 7R \lalzkt'. Jamt'"' I 86 \laui ..on. J uho II 86 \lau. SJn<lra I\ 34.17.5 \laus. Rolwrl II \kArthur. JanH.•" I R6 Mf'Carl. l'amela II l\kCarlh). Jo.mes Il l 6 \kC .. Ll.J::Y. \Hl KICE 109.150.174 \kCI O"-\. LLTllER 102 \lrCU I::K. RIUBIO\D 105 \I C"Clunj.!. \ ernon Il l \ JrConagh). Janw;i I 86 \ lcCourtnry. \l ar) II l\t<'Co\l.n. l\lildrt'd Ill

\It Co\., Ko1lwrint' I 86 \ft-Crdf'k('n, \l; anf'la I 86 \lf'Cunt'. \lar1ow Ill

\lcDonald. Paula


\1c0onaull.h. Rulwrt

11d)owrll. (;ary \kCann, Ot•nni..



I 47.72.86,158. 173.1 74 I

\lcCK \Tll. 111::1.E-; \ld...auJ.thhn. BnnarJ Ill \Irl.aughhn. Dolor.- II 16.31,55.78







I l





Phone 4970



I 186






SINCE 1868

FIRST IN HOME SERVICE Winona's Finest Barbers"

Siebrecht's Floral


103 W. 3rd St.

Proprietor: Brendan Lee



Fi be rite Corporation

OWL MOTORS Ford Products since 1924 201 Main St.







3 -HOUR CLEANING IN: 10 a .m . OUT: 5 p .m .

Art Supplies and Elliott Paints

164 Main St.

Phone 2301

167 Center St.


First and Finest


Store 188

Phone 4163

- - - -




Home of the Famous Countrv Bov

Off Campus Headquarters for



Down town 3rd & Huff






t?f } \' l Ji,


Key to Success, $2.00

Engagement Ring, $2.00

. ' V" .." f



Christmas Tre e, $2.00

Love Policy, $3.50 Cheerleader. $3.50

Drum Majorette, $3 50

French Poodle (Dutch Clip), $3 50

Lady Bug, $2.50





'Where Quality Furnitures and Carpeting is Not Expensive"

Furniture Co.


NAME __ __ _ - DATE _ -- - - - L L N o. _ __ _ __ .

Downtown Winona Driver's Licen<e, $2 .50

166 Main St.

Mad Money. $6 vO

Praying Hands. $2.00

St Christopher, $2.50

1450 $2.00

1451 $3.00

1507 $2 .50

1515 $3.50

1573 $5.00

Add 50c for Charms in Karate lad •

Compliments of

Western Discount Store and Station

"At the Sign of the Street Clock"


\ld,,.od, Jol111 I 86,150 \lr\hllon. I 86.91.162 \If \aq. "\\ illmn I 86 \IC'Q ut>t>n, tr\t•n1w1h I\ \1r()u<en. ~I m \ff'd<·raf1. ~a' nt' II '78 \lr1mbrt>ut>. Hubt>rl I \l.o•n<r. David Ill \lti"•d. Ka ren II 78.168


\ lt-lin • .\Ian


\1111h1•ll. \lar11m· II Rnherl I\ \tOBERl.Y. l.Ol l~E HH \1m·ljt• ... ki. ~1 aq Ill 34 \lot". (,(·or_ge I ~lo<', H11~er 11 ifl \111t•1 lm1~. \l t>"le' I R7 ~1,wn. LJqII \lo,•11. Ronald I 87,127 \lo~t·1, \rland Ill 78.15.l.liO \li•JUt>n. Gloria 11 78 \luhnk, B<'nt-ah I 87 .\lolarhlt'r, Lom... II 78 \l(1lt·nda. C1111"1-tant''' 1 R7 \IOI I'l:ARI. \I lllU) IO'l.120 \tolint>, Carol I\ \lolclt·. I .a\ionm· 111 i'S.15:J \loon, \f1 (" hal'I II llOKAI [ C. \lARJOBIE 10:1 \loqum. Denni.. Ill /j.130.l UU53.160 \lori:.an. Ru.... t"ll I\ 68 \1orkf'n. Be·wrh \lorkt·n, Can 11 \lork1·n. I inlia I 87 l\lorn ... on. Jranm· 11 H,\9.173.17 \ \lurn .. 011. '\ormJn II 150 \tOlbf.. <.I)\\ I 98 \101 ... t'. J ulir I 87 \1 or1t·n ... t·n. Davie! I RI \lnrlf'll'-t'fl. t\ar•·n I\ 3 \.f>i.68.153.1 :l l \fn.,t·"'· Oa\iid II \tu ... hu•r. \'inuria II \lo ..... t•r, Ja n I 87 \loll. 1.awrf'IH ,. II 87.1 n \lr.u lu-k, Diant• I Hi \lruht•k. ~leplu>n I\ \tu ..lln, ~!I an Ill .\ tui•llt>r. Chen I I ~111dwll.


\lf'n1.t'I. Kt>nnf'th I R'7 \ltr"'"· R1<·hard II 78 \1er"'"· Robrrt II 78 \l.,rhke. Jud11h II 78. 168 \l.iralf. Da m·ll I \l •lt·alf, Ka1h"n I \ltii. Rirhard I 8.8'7 \h•1iln. !'uzannt" I 87 \lt'~·f"r. Jamt""' II \lr)<r. Donald I\ \ftH"r. Ka1hlt'f'll I 87.162 \1qt'r, Kf'nnt•th II ";'.:; \lr)rr. llild I 87 \l•y<r•, Kan·n II 27.3 1.68.139 l\l1fhaellii. Robrrt I\ \hrhd. Jutl11h I 87 \l1C'ko". Diam• I 87 \11rrau. Larq 11 \hhm, John II \hklt>l~on. L1rn II 78 \l1kulr"1rz. \laril'1l I\ 68.7:i.l IR.1:;3.151 \11(r,. Rober! I\ \l11lam. Caro),. I 87 \lillam. Jonelle I\,149 \l11l.r..lri hur I\' \l1llrr. Chrfll I 80.87.l:;J 163 \liller. Donna II 78.153 \1iller. Eugf'nt• II \1tllrr. Eugent' It \1illn,Jamf'" I\ \lillrr. lloa<rn II 78.153 \l1lltr. Pa1ricia I 87.162 \lill.r. Rob1·r1 Ill 19.166 \lilne. David II \lihon, John I \11 "\IXE. "llEI." 9,31.9-1 \Imm('. Linda I Bi M1,1rk. Mat II 97 M11rhrll. Ham II \t11ch<ll. Llnda I

\luf'lln. Jo1m•I


\ludln. Ju<h I \1urlln. Ken111·1h I 8i \lu1•llt"r, I <'ann I 87 \luldn. Lorna 1'1ullt·n. Collr1·n I \lullt•n. D"lon_ "'- I 87.151 \lullf'n. l'alnna II 87.1~1 .\1uhl11tu1•. Dam•ll I 87 "\tu11d1·ll. Clwrvl II 78. IS3 \II l\SOr-i. 1101\ 11\D 115.161 \lun.. un. Janin· l

\lura .... Roht"rt I\ \II R< llo. lf~ROI ll \1urph ), Jo ... t·1,l1 11 l\lurpln. Ric-hard I i\lurra~. Curti.. I \lurra,. Duarw II \lurra\i, lif'lt'n \lur·ra". Thom.1.. 11 MHlra. \idiola.. I\ \l;t•r.... I., mdn I \him-. Uid1J.-d II \l \ron. Irwin I\




1\,~ ....1..r

< ..rul I ''·umann. D... ann




't·v.1·umli, Dalt' II 'iK.)6-l '\;>v.m.111 . .IJ' I H7 !\Jt>"tun. L11µ,•·01· I




I 87

'•d1ul ... 11n \lan"llt-n II 7R 'u·kt·I... Jult't' I 87 'H'kt•l.. 1111. l..Hnn Ill ;;lJt';,Jh.'\ "i,·nu"· Clwnl I 87






'•t'nov.. l.\lt· II 'i"u"' luwr. Dt>llwn '11111. '""n I K7 '\i ... lnL l>11rl1•111· 11 lf>R alkt·, Cun Ill /~l


,i. .

\ai::ah,1,.hi. (;f'raltl Ill 1\a~lt". Charlt--. I H7 '\ardun1. <.ar} I R7 'arum. J 1mnn I H7 '\u.,h, (.1·orµt· 111 124 Na-.011, \Ia n I Hi',161

,1,1111. ('h.u1,....

\a... 1. T huma.. I 110 \,·•I. Ch.rlt·· I 112 '\,•al. Lan II 78 "\C'al. lfoirt·r I ~f'dohu . J udil h I\ Win.11111 Bu ... Ejl \('<'1 k. Jamt"'"' I '\et" ...1·11. H.ohr-rl I '11[1.~0\. \"\~)) !l}l 'IJF:ISO\, \l(, l ~T I 100 \l,.. J,.1111. Caruh• II 87.li3. l j' ~

'°rJ.. un. <.harl1·... I H7 'rl~on Diana I 87 't>J,.,on. Janel II iH.168 ]\f·l~on.Jclfrn

K7 U'l

'\lt"umann, Thoroa.. 1 87 't•vill1'. \111ln·v. I\ 7!).J.):Ll:'>t.17 1 , •. ,,1... t.Jr\ I\


'\oa. I ou1 ...


'oP. \Ian

I K7

'\nt• .. k.t, {~,tn I '\uland. Th11111J... I 87 'oil.Jam•·... Ill U \ull. \I.in I 87 I\

\ii,rdlund. Dianrw

I Hi I

'on•i•n. Hulwrt

'orrliu-.. ""11£t•llr '11r-rw. Paul 111 l\luvak.




72.87 I ''J!JJ.nl. Ju1l11h II 'i2.'78 ''~lrum. ft,.uultl I\ 68 \ , ..1111111, \\il1111nJ 111 \,111t ' \


\ou11" 111ad11· r . Hoi.:.t•r


r\pl.:;un. Jdlrt."' P



'\(·l...1111. Hiehard 1 87 '\d1.on. ~u ... an II "\d.. Hn, \'( illiam I Ri'

CfBrit•n. J.11m· ... Ill 110 C»Bnt'n. Jt>rn I A'i I R.R7 Ol1ud11. J11,1111 w 111 7:l.1'.l.U71 ()'l '.unnur. l\.all!lt·1·11 I\ ' 18.1 1)2 01l1·ll. Hr u1 1· I Ri Ot·h1t·n. t •.1n 11 R7 O'Brif'11. I 1mla


'nt>m. Tnn I\ \J1· .. hi11. Huth II 27.78.LN.J'l.i 't'"'"· Janirt· Ill 'e~ Jutl1th I\ tlfl



I R.R7.1:!1 7H

'\0111.·m.m. Jud11h

'\t"f.. un. t\ Jrrn II '\>("l..on. '\am·\ I A7 '\id..011. Ji.11rit·k I l:li

'\ t>hon. Jirn1e...

H.ut ht· ... 1!·1, Bu-.

"iordt·ll . Wn lh •r



Ed Buck's Camera


126 E. 3rd St. Phone: 9955

Open 24 Hours a Day Except Monday "IT'S FUN TO EAT OUT"

519 Main St.

Williams Book and Stationery linona's Complete Photographic Store



NYSTROM MOTORS, INC. Vip, Fury Belvidere Valiant Barracuda 164 W. 2nd 83588

"We Specialize in College Haircuts" Pho ne 54 23

O"LrJ1.h. \ 1an m II Oµura. \'\ ilham I Ohr, Jo\«t' I\

1'1·1t•r... Uunnit· P1~1rr.... Hid1Jnl

Olt1. 011\f'T Ohrm.11111, K.t1hr"1 11 7H O'l\1·1·flr, D.n1d I\ Ok land. t.erald I

P1·1t·r... e11. <..in I ll l:l. l .10,Ltl P1· h·r.. 1·n. llt·h·u II 17:l P1•tf'r<\f>11. Lmcla I l9.88.174

O"-lmul. llo'ftJr<t I\ I:>.1.17·• Okon.(,,..,,~< I\ f>H.1:'1.166 t >II hut I. Ldl"ol 11 78

117,69.152 P1·1t'r..1·n. \ 11t had I 1'1·11•r...1·11. \ 1..rlin Ill

0101· ....... Bunni..,

l'Ht•r... on. \lic•c•

I 8i

Ol1w ....., l'~·arl


O lnt· ...... \'Crni1J I I ()1,,.,,. Del<>• I I


0 1 ~O"\. H IEDFHI! t.. ()l..,on, Li.ln 01 ...on, Jt•rT\


9i I AA

01..,un, h. a11·11 II Ol-.ni. I arn Ill

ll l.138.150

O l .. 011, \l id1<..11·I I I 0 1.. un. l.a\'>1t•nu· I I 15~.161 ()) .. nn. \laf\in I X8 Ol ..un. l'h\ Iii.. II 78

Ol ..11n. Hu lianl OL~O"\,


'- \"\ llH I 11 I 88


()t .. on. ~h an.111

()1,1.d, lhl1•



11 .H.i8 II ifU39J5.l.16R

()p.,Jhl. JJt·<1m·li1w 01'~1111. J ~\IE~



O" llOl l! KF. . lllC ll \HD 1118 Orphttn. l>1• 11 ni., I\ 7S 01 phan. I.\ nn I 813

Oq1h.rn. Bm al 1 Or"'"· frnnw 01Lnh11"" ... L.,i • .lnlt'JO

I AA 11 :l7.7.) I\ f)l) 011 .. , ""andra II 72.i'H 011. llouµ.la.. II l!'ltl (h1•rbt·1-. Yrn1Hw I 8H (hnl•L Bt'rnJrd I l l I l7 Cht·rhcrnµ, l.orra1111· I\ 69.70.J.;,J.16.1'

o . . ""al1I. Thuma..

" Home Owned"

o .. M·iln. Davitl

Dairy Products of Superior Flavor 529 Huff St.

OJ...11·¥1 .. ki. Ht"tt> I 88.173.174 Om1lahl. John I\ ()9

o-\1·111. \





I 52,168, 171.l 7.;



l >a~c·, R11lfer1 II l'aµ.d. Ju..tn HH

Pai.:1•1. \lar)


1'..tµ:liMt'llo . .\llnn'-11 II 17.171 I' I I H EK. \I \ II\ I"\ 107 l'll F<EK.\lll! IFI 100 l'alnwr. Pf•tc•r I tt8 P;.1lul1id.. i. l.1·11111.ud

Papi•. "hnr}




Pa1wnl Li""'· Clrn



Pa1M·nJu..... \ l..tnm PJrri .. h,




Par... on .... \ ern 111 P.1rl111µ.ton. 'ha run I \ l'..t .. " all.... Cliffoid Pa111·r..,un. Dt"<.111 I l l Pa11n..11n. l'a111l1·c• I l'..tlllH'f, D('lon•.. I\ l.~2 l'..tul. Ronalcl I iH Paul. ~Jrah I\ 60.69,l 7.l.17-1.175 P(tul .. 011, Diani·



Prtul!-'011. Ju dith II 7fl l'aul .. un. l.avN1w 1 AA Paul ..110. Pelt'r


Pa>d1t·. Rirha.nl

Cortland's direct import buying policy assures you of the utmost diamond for your dollar. We buy direct . . . we sell direct.

I'" "\F.

l'a\nt•. J :rnw..



l!lT ll

P t•a1i-;1111, Jt" anrw

Pt•uri- un , \1 arf' ia

Pt•c I... Barhara Pt•tlt'r..un. Brun•

I\ I 88 I 8H.J .S.1 I\


P EC: l 1 AR E i. LO. Al FONSO 11 17:1 Pt•lof~ke. t'drr II P1•lli11o1.<1k1. \ t•rouu·J Ill 75.11.9, lhll


Cortland Quality Jewelers 50 East 3rd St., Winona, Minn.

11:; 88

P1·uplt·... l.t• ... lt·r I P1•1M:r. ilLam Ill l'N•·uoc·o. \1id1,wl II l'1•rn111. T homa-i. I BB


Pt•rn. J ohn II P1•rn. Truth I P1· .. d1. Jt•rom(' Pf'tt"r. R11•harJ Pt•lf•r... Da rl t'n<'

168 I\ 69.170 P1·1n.. un. Ru1h I 1•1·11·r..•111. y,1111111· 1>1'111. Charlt•.. I\ 69 1'1·11. H:irhard 11 117 P1·t11··.. "iu .. an I I 78,15.1 1'1·1111. Hi('hdrd I l l 1•1'1111. Danm I K8 1•1t·il, Huth I\ t•ti-1l ...1i( Lf•r. Thoma.. I 8R l'll:rnm. Eu~1·1u· Ill 165 l'l1 ill1p..on, Dalt· 11 75 l'hill ip..,on. Crrll' JI 7;, l'hillip.,un. John I AA 1'1111>11... llotlm•\ II 122.138 l'lt'l'n. t.nal<l I 88.IM 1'1r1r1ak. \Ian I\ 69.151.175 Pil1th. Huµ.t"r 127 P1nl..1., \ 1a"i"' 1'-' 27.69.149.l:"i'i Pi"ltt·I, John 11 1>111 man. 13rrn.ml 111 75.170 l'lan. ( harlt•... I 88 Planl... l.arn II l'd1•r..011. Shirln

Pdt•r..un, H:olterl

F.:u~f>llt' I\ \ l ar~.1n•I


Putlt•\\ 11--. Hru< t· I 88 P1wl1l111~. I lc•nrv I\ l'uliti ... Jam<" .. I 88 Pul..,11n, (,t.'raltl I 88,16.3 P11ml"n1\. l.a""r1·nc 1· I 88.127

II l'ourr.John II 711 l'upt·. Ju<l11 h I RH.IS:\ P11pp1·, '-lharun I AA.139 Por\'a7niL... l'aul JI 19.79.166 Pu...... hi. Rud\ 11 1 7.l l'ulln, C:o11'1lt• I 7l.88.150 Polin.\\ J'°nt' Ill Pot1r.1IL.. \ Ian 111 l1n·1·wu.. , Thonrn .. l'n·nol, C3roh11 I P11•111i•-. John II Prt· .. c· h~·r. \ l u·lrn1·l l AA Prt·lul. Joan I 72.88 l'rin·. hmr"' Ill 75.12i.162 1'1111111, '\.int·)

II U,15,i5.151 \~ illiam I Pntt:J(t', C:harlt'" II 7'>

Jl11n'. Hadwl


Prurulon-.ki. l'a11lin~· II l, rtul0t•hl , Frt•d I\ \\; inona. Hu .. \d f'rud1whl. Jarwl ti 162.163 l'rnl)\l ... L..1. Hof,!rf JI PrL.)b\l..,J..l. \tan II P1/\la1 .. l...1. Janw.. 11 P1lt'IZ, l<olwrl I\ ~L (ht.1rlt•..,, l'hv. Eel..

122.lhO.I ii Purriu~tun. I f'nllJrt l Ill Pu1na111. \\ illiJm I 88




P1·nc·1~. \\ ilHam I l'E"\ "\Fl L. DOlllS

Cortland- Special discounts to all students.


P1·11·r ... on, B;.11h~1r.1 I\ t.<1.IS2 l't·h•r ...1111. Carro l 11 l'f•lt•r .. un. Ch;.1rl1·... Ill 7fl Pt•tt•r..on. llt'nru .. If Pt·lrr--on. (~ft.n I 88 Pt·tn...on. Harlan I\ 69,78.170 1'1·1t·r-.on, l lt·nr \ 11 P~ ·lt•r<wn. Junt• I 1'1·1n.. un, L \1111 I 88.15 1,17.'\ Pf"lrr .. on. P.111ll'l..t I AA


Prder..on. Charl1·.. Il l Prdn..on. Chrn I I K8 P1·1ln..,;1n. Shar, I 111 PNl1t•t1i, Carol I 88,162

Special- 30 day positive money back guarantee in writing.

"inun..t. Elt'rn. 34.

Puh lu1li. Rolirr1 II

"P" Paflrnth.




Phone: 3626 Pu1w. \ Ian


l't• h· r~ r n . S u7 ~tnlH'



0""1·11 .... Dalt· 111 O\\t•n... D.tvili I

11. I 1.0

P1•11•r..1·11. D1·11ni.-.

173.171 88 II i'A I\ I ll 7!i.l:l3

()1i.11n. Sandra

Il l 75.151.15.'\.168 I ll Rarb.1ra J H8.151 Quinn. 1'.a\ I SR.1;;1 QUJr\.f', l .t"llll


"R" R~u

ku"". l.inJ..t

J 88

H~ult·r. John J\ H..ttlrr. Judi1h I 8R l!ll:\R. E. L. 11.51.1 14 R..thi lh. Dorh1ltl I

H:1hman. Oo11;.1IJ

Rahm.in. J1•hn

I AA Il l i5.


Harnlu. Judil11 Ill Ramlo, ~am•\ I \ 70 H..tndall. Roµ:t>r 11 R..rnddll. Ho~e 11 1






lohnson at Second • Winona, Minn.

Every Bloomin' Thing

For Ever Bloomin'

Telephone 8551


Known for Better Foot Wear


Steinbauer Shoes

- ..... -

69 West Third St.

Winona, Minn.

17 1 Huff St. Winona Tel. 2396 Ralaj~·z)k. ~aru."~

R1vt'r .... \1i<'harl J. R<1hh. B1· th 111


Ra1hbone. Be verl y



Ho b{'rt c111. The~1d41f(·

Rau , llarie II 79 Ravnhuldt. Duu~I•• II Rayfield. \11cha.I II Ra)muru.I. \nthn11 Y II Raymund. Jant"l I R\ YllO'\D. 11. R. '>I Rt".,,·rmJd ... Jctmr-s I i5 Rrad)'. Roj!«"f


I I 27.79.166 Huhl'rh, C.irol I 88.11-8.1!)3 Kl •berl... H. u.. t'rn an II 21.79.J.ii' H11bin.,un. \Lin I

RuJ1.,11n. Dan1rl

Rerl. J.anne II 79. 150 \Ian II 171 Redlund. C.ruh n II 11>2 Red~m~ . (.<raid I 88 Reed. Da"d Il l R~in . llm Ill Rehl.amp. Da'1d I 88 REIDELBERc;EK, lit 1111 0 ITE J,;,lllll REIDELBERC.ER. J \CQl I:: '1'1 I lii.119 Rrt". Barbara I 88 Rei"jnl?,t-r. Da"n I 88 REITER. CLEO 115 Rf"k ..tad. Palri(·ia Ill Remmt". Harold I Remmert. '' illiJm 11 Reps. Dana Ill 75.71>. I 53 Reinuld•. Jame; Ill 153 I 88.151 I\ 8. 70.166

Richtr, L<"ro y I Richer, Sandra Il l Riches. Gene II I\

Ri~lo"e· Dou~a!<i

R11e11l t'. Ruf!er I\ i0.1-l O Huff. "'u"a n I 88 Hofnt'r. rnaue I 88 Kuµal .. l1. h.i'nllt>lh II 162 Ko;.:.n ... Carolt' I\ 70

KO<;<.!-.. II IHOI IJ 11 2 Hu l.. 11·1 l i. Jarm·.. I\ 70 Holli n... l.runanl


Hw•.... Joh n II .%.79.l5 UOi.liO H11 ..... i1n. H<trold 11 8.166 lfo_,1, Ed\\.ird II l:>O Uoth. ~ illiam I AA.127 Ruthf•r. Da\id I


Ill 7!;. l!'iO I 88

Hunkt'I. Oamel



..,,11n·11. C .11ul\11 "i;_ll lt·r . \l.11Ji,.,,,,

Ru pr(•t·h1. Uian<>

II i9.17J.17 t Hup1irrt ht. I.arr) I SQ Ru .. rrt. Bonnie I 89.151.1.)2

Miracle Mall

l.1.8. LW.160 l:H.160 11 I l7 I\ 71



' c h.. 1·n111~. (, JI\


°'' hJl'ht'rt'r , Holinl


71). 102

""• h111·11111;.:.. 11 ..11.1ld I 1..i. h11f1111.111. h.1nl I 89



""• li••lt. 1"1111111.1..


""l'i11·wdn. \l,11;.!1· I huh. H1•lw1T,1 II ~4 h111!1. t:.di ..1.1 I


89 89

'°'4 h.111. h.Jrrn I 8Y.J7.J "'d1a11.. lwrJ!. I uula I ""•· h,m1wr. U.111it·I Ill U8.U9.lfi0.lil Sdurrun. (.an I 89 II

11 II


...,,.1i,,....,,"'· "-ih.1r. 11


"'' <.1rl11+r1111f.d1. \L.tr~


...,c·h1wrw1 L.1·1. { ."11!11.1 JI ""1h•11'\\1· .1.uu· II ltd

89 161

Ill l..1111 <' Ill " • .1111011. c..11,. JI

1\\n·ni 1

"'c·h1wl1, ( 'Ill

="'ttut' r, l.ui..



""c·hnc·11l1·1. I


'°'<.1m1wf ... l>11l11n·... '°'Jnclr. l>olnrt'.., II "" <.1111!1·11. ( ,,,n II ""l,rndf'nu. l{olwrt Il l ,"'i ,,111forcl. Sh.iron II "\'\FOIOl. II \)'\f. ll:l ~.1!11n , ~ .ar1•n Ill l;). l.)~. 1 ~>7 !' ITllF.H. I EHi.iF. S,11lira. J.11n1·- 11 I ...,.,ti rum. O"t'll I\

""(hJrm1·r. I nm

I 89

Hu11ui11µt:'n . PJlric·ia

'."\1 ·l111t't•l"1_ l .1\;111111·


~d1Jrnwr. f. J,t·rn

Ru mprl. Donald I 89 Humpd . Ronaltl I 89 Rum ..tid... Roµn Ill

I 88


'."l,tft•_ K11ht'rt Ill ....,J~'" H1ornJ.. II ~.thll'n<.111 . ~to-11lwn


~(11\lllll 1\1111111 ltl"> ...I h1111th \Ii· 11.l!'I I 89 ""•h11111. I .um·111• II ;9 '• h111111. Jnu111c· I -;'I) ""•·11111111. P.11ri11.1 I K9 ..., h111i11 J11.. q1h 111 , , h111111. h. .11 h l1Tll Ill 27' :U.7).J.W.169

....ullrr. :-.111 89 "'·utln. ~ .1thnn I "'J1lln. H11 h.u1I II :!6.;9.lb l.lbi ""J1lu\\ .. L. i. \\ ill i.1nt

Hollin... Julc·rw Ill 79 Hom ..t a1I. Lan II H.1 ..a<wn. D.wi<l I 88 Bo .. e. Judith I 88. I l7 lfo"<"llJll. n a, id I\ il Bo-.('11" \.\ , 1>0111 .:Ja.. I\ t<u ..ennv. , Pau l I Bu.., ... l::tlv.ard I

"'..tahH. C.c:r.tld I I 79 ~\Il l'\ , J \\IE'• 11:, "'.1hut1.i . Th•tmJ.. I 89 ....tn.1.'.11ulr,t II .....uL.t•H. J,·J..1111• I 81>.l tO.I U.151

"'J1lu\\ .. L.i.


Hu('. l>.J"1rl I H1w. J•1hn II 19.2R.75.166 Rurn. l.rr I Ruh. ( ,a)lf" I 88.151

JU,;;lmt". Ot-nni-. 111 Ri,.Jov.. Ja<· L..ie I RITll \'\ , II \R(,l ERIT I Ritter. Rub.rt 111 Rh er-.. \Jid1af'l (JI 91


Budrt>n. John I 88 Ruclrrn. ~u!.'an Ill :H . W.45.I k>.l.SJ.nt.lfJotl.


R1ppl<. ll ub..n Riotla. \lit· had

Kuemn. CJrul

~~ lilu1·~I ~.11 lil1·1 ·11 I R9 l~l l "'' l1111.dl1·l1h I hurn.1.. II I JO. I JI '°'' hni.111 ....... H.1d1.11.1 111 7.';.I';;~ "'' 11111.111 ..... 1'.1111 I WJ "'d111wlt . t h.1rlol k I\ '' 11111111 fS llll H 11"> ...I h1111dl. l n,10 IJI ""1 l11111olt. l<un.tlil II



Ho\\ an. \nn e I Ho\\ ,\O. \lil'had Ill 7.J lfoxbuq.d1. ll t'<.ttllt'r Il l :U.75.151 R 11\, Benni) I 88


Rid.. '\ant \ 97 Ri<ler. Larr) II Rie~. Patricia I 88 Roes. Ri«h.rd II 79 Rie ..ter. fr::rnm• I 88 RiJ!l?le. lir~i l II Riha. S1.-nle' I\ 70 Ril,•-, Juh n I Rinehart. \ id.1 88 Rum. -\n n


R11d).!t>r ... John I Rueclt'r. Ri t·h,1rd I

"'' luld I 1ncl.1 I H'J ~< 11111.f.H . 1101 tJIH.~ I IO "'c hl1•\ :--.111111.1 11 79. 1.:10.1.'i.i



R1uJt'\oo aid. Ua' id


Riehl man. Jamf"~

l·htlman. HH Ii.ml

Robinson. Rt>J.!ln.I


Rian. Randee I Richardson. \nrwll (' Ril'hurd"<m . CrC'~or)

Ru,,,.11. 11.illu· I 89 H1111•l. l>..tHI I\ II H~Jn , C"hri ..1n11lter II 12 lhan. \ l..1n I 89.162



h.rnh. JJ 1111·.. I \ ...,, hl"i1lln. Hu .. alu· I 89. llt:l "''lit't'\1•1. ~.u h r.,.11 II I l7 :"'ldwi11111. \lu h.1f'I 16.-1-7.48 ~d1rllhJmm1·r. Hut h I 89 ~( liwlwr. \1 ,1n I 89

1;11 f-N

..., h11ll1. lh ·11 11 1.. I ..whull1. J,uw I 81J "'1 h11h1. \I.in I WJ ....,, hult1. \\ .d11·1 I HCJ, 122. Hl.\ "'• 11111"" J.wl I H9.l.l0 ... , liu111.i1111. l\1111 II 7'>.I i.R "'1 l111 .. 11•r. ll1·nr\ II ""• hud1. \l.111111·\\ I tN ""1hu1h. \1i1li.U'I I H<J ...,t hut/. ~.111.Jlwth I ""• h" .11111 \l.m I HIJ

..., ""'·•rt1 ' 'l"·... 1n I >N.L~u:u ,, h\oo1·11:!d ... C.1·1.1111 I Ktl.lf):i ""t"u11 \I.in I tN ""c·oll. H11l11·11 97 ""1·0\il. ' .tn1lr.1 I ' 1r.1l1nl. \1h11 11 U

...,c r,1hnl. 1>.111m '• 1.1h1·1 L..... li.irun ""1 ..111111..1. '."l.11utr.1 ""1'.t\t''.

..,d,... I

II U . 12:" II -;y tN


I .I.uni• I I



Shopping Center A place of enjoyment and fun too Gilmore Ave.

Winona, Minn. Phone 8-4301

123 Main St.

Winona, Minn.





ALBRECHT'S MIRACLE MALL Highway 61 & Gilmore Ave.

69 E. 4th St.

PHONE 2936


Featuring fine Luncheon Specials at a reasonable price 114 E. 3rd St_

~p unton. ( ·1.1rk 11 !'"-p.11111111• .111,Ln 11 1 1.1 1 ~l'E \H. J \\If.!' 11 2 ~111·,·d . <:harlt·., I 89 :"-pd11. Ui1·h,ml I 89 ""111·h1 . "".1ntlr.1 I R<J ""1u·iu r •.IJl'lJIH'linr I R..JH.t)() -.J'F:'\( EH. 111.11 \'\ 11 :;

~ud11•11H·I, \111 li.u·I 9i :--11µ..1" ·"·'· 1.,11d1·I II ..,ul.1. l .11111•.. I 90

"-lpnht•1 L. '\.rnn

"'l ulko" .. ki. \1.11 \ ""H•urn. O.unl I :"l1A ,111lu111I. f•1"11·r ""Jn...,n. Hu1111.1 '-I" Jn .....11. Ju,1111h ........ .111 .... tt. h. ,u1·11 !--i .....111.. 1111, 1'.111 11 1.1

""11li11 .. 1u("..... ~r. \ 1·rnun I '-llHlll:,?.. H1111.Jld Ill :fi.7:l.;;),J.)CJ.ltil.l<l7 "'poll ... Hu...... 1:!7 ...,purlwd•.. \\ illi.1111 111

I (Jo. 1;,o

..,,,,hr B1·... nh

Th11m,1.. D;1lr II

~t ..illinj! ...






:"'\l.1ni .. l.1""l i. Hubc·rt ~1.111kw"'u·1. \l ~n·d ith


~l.1pl1•... (.Tf"}!llr\ I 90 !'"-t.t11lr... Philip I 90 "1wt Iii. \lic·h.1f" I II 7fl ~T \J)J EH. I mm Qt, "'1.arlin;.:. IJ11lun•... I\ 71 -...1.1n1·c li. lfo·h,mt I 9fLUI

't.wl1li11. c,111hi.t S1t'.lrn ... Tern I ~h't•lt>.Ruhartl

""'c·(·li111.:.. H.11lwr1 I 89 ~t·rm.111. ("larJ... Ill ~t· ih. H.id1J1tl 11 79.138


R9.);"")0,l.52 l~l


~1·11ri( k. I ..rn ...,f'n .... t Jrnh.'111·

Ill I\ S1·nm•....... h.tron 11

L>.ni<l. \Ian

"'\J...Jrp. J utli1h lll IW.l'.l.\ Skem1). \n hw I\ 118.l ICJ.160 !"ilrmp. \ Jlnir


I ""..1r..1 h Ill IS.:'J.162 .trol I K9 ~t'\f•r .. un. \IJrl II 't'pm. P.11rin..1

:-ilihbC". \l.1r1h.1 I fN.16.l ~ll .ull'r. Cli.t1l1·-. I 8tU67 Skorlin.. J...1. '\.mn I\ :-ikni(·h. Huhl'ft I IN ~ku ..1.tcl. \l.1rl.. II ~ I Ml, H1111;1I.! I I ;-;l.1to~ki. l>olorf'" 11 !'-i!1·i1rr. Jh•tn I Ht> ~lna J... L .11111 I 89




~t·H·r .. un. \ 1q:.i11i;1 11 ~c·,1011, \L1rµ..irt·I I 89 :-.haft•r. J11 .. 1·ph II Hi '-iho.rn.t h;rn. J,un1·.. I 89 Shanah..111. l11ul,1 Ill 162 ~h.111JJ. Elit.th•·•h I 89 ...,hJ"" . D11ri.. II :u.1:;.121 :"ih,'""· \11r1J111 I\ il.l'.;l ""lwd1.1n. \IJr' II 72.79.1;.3 ~m.rn" J "l::T llXI ~lwffit•ltl. Ed~nrfl I\ Clanun. 111.....1.

~lifka . ~Jn1lrn I 89 ="m.:tr7\ l. 1 h1·111lon· 11 :-i11111h.


.... J11l111

S1mu11 . Jn,\11

Simon John

I 89.l:li.150 I 91.153.162 I\





ti:'.\ ~m11h.




!-omith. JJ1wt I "mtth. Jill Ill H'l.J.-,J :""1mith. l...1rn ~\JITll.

HIUI lllll I 112 ~mi1h. Rid1..1nl l K1J :-.mi1h. Hid1.wl I .. II Smith. llo11i1l1I 11 17 1

!'"-lwt .. f•l,11111. <.11rt·t·11 II 2i'.139 Slwirno. \l id1.wl I\ 17J.lil Sht·ltlon. \ llt•n II ~ lw rm,111. Fn·tlt·nd, Sh1r;1. 1'.1tliqn II Shorll'r, Lt•rald 11 Shurli•r, J.rnw... I \ ~hr.1l1· . \J.irl JI I 18 "hul-.1,ul. U11hrr1 II 150 '-11rl1t·n.1ln. ~ r.11w1.. II 79 ""1rJ.:.rl. Elf'.1nor Ill :"lu·;.:d. JJrHI t· I g<) ~1n:.t·I. \ irµmi.i Il l i9.l~'\ S1r~1·rt . rllHm.1.. I 89.16i ~1lfrr,1th. <.lnn,1 II '-ltkkink. I .Jllf I' 11 Silp.t•n, Shirlc·' Sillmu1-. Frt··fl rric- I \ \\ inon;_i, Sillnu.111. \\ illlll m I\ "iil\t'f, "1 lli;.1111 111 ,)4J.166


"J..t!ran. l>111111J

I JO 71. 149.l:l<US:l

...,t·H•r.. 1111, (


i ~i ..h•rl





.:"imith. Tlwma ... I\ 71.127. lf>i' :"imith. Th11111,1 ... K JI ~molf·\ . t 'h.trlt•... Ill 22.173 .... mrkm···li. l.ln\ll I\ J.")0 ""inu't'o. Hid1Jrtl I 81) :.nu~t ..u.I. ( J1Jrlt' .. .'.-imder. t.r11t' Ill ~ohra ... ka . .... h..1r1111 Ill 7.~. l~:l ~otlt'r .. lnnn .

'ooffo. J.rnt· Soll. Ja1lH:..





31.71 . 1.)l


=-'ummcr. \ rlt·ru• ~pt•t•1·h

So11 ... <1lla. Dant·ll I H<J Surµ. Cil l 11 1.11() :-;oulr. lfoµ.t>r I :-;u,1·rt-lj.!1t. \l nle Ill 128 Sp.int.It>. \ llit·rt I Si1Jnl1111. C.1rul1· I 89

i l.l iO


"'rh'mmn. R11 h~tra I 90 .i-ih·11lwd•. Ju d i1 h I\ l.l . ~8.itJ.17:\.J; I i....1t>11tln. \\a\ IU" I cx1.1n I ._,h'ut'hJt·m. Kt'111lr.1 I 'TF'\H!~O'\_ DOI <.I I '


"11-llln. B111'1

-..11·11n. l'Jlrit-ia 'h·\t·n·.. \lan ·i.1 "'lf·\f'th .







l.l7 II

"'ltc·\t'n'"'111. H1111Jlt l ~lt'H'f. Juch I 90 !°"it11·111· .....1·11 . J111lt· I

""1111 ..1111. Hl.1k1· I °'lirn. Hulwn I\ ~I.


t.> 1


Juhn. Hl'ul.1h

"'iln• l...1011. \\ illiam I\ "-ot111ld..ird. l};nul I 1)(1 "'i1ull. Jami'.. Ill i;•.162.170 "11111.1.(·un,ml Ill .... ,HIU'.



!"itonf', Holwrl


Hu hlll'l1I. Pin b l. 118.

100.17:; "1ur,1n.l1. J1•,trlllf' I 90 "h•r...lt·j-. Huh.ir'I I ""111r1I. P .wl I 91.l "1u ... ko11f. H1111alcl II 127 ""l"ul. J.11nt'... Ill 7:1. l HJ "h•\f'r. Thoma" II J2 i.12S.l()f1 S1r.1nd. Th1·11(lon• Ill S 1r.lpk11. l.i nd.1 I 9 1 ~1r"'"''11t'r. 11.irnltl I 90 'itn•.11t•r. "\e11t1 Ill ~lrt-hlo. D.1lf' I 90 'im•l11\\ . l>Jrl<·1w I t)O ""ln·uhN. Jean II 79 °'lrw1I. Bid1Jrd II "lro4lt'. \\ .1lter Ill :ZS.If)(, 1t.,,1riw'1d. 'ol1lan I 'XI "'lln11n. L.t.rn I 90 "'°ilrrnl:,:.. UJ, id I '-llruud. li\t·nrwth I lj() S1ru ..1. J-L1rn I\ 71 ~1ulwr.


~lllf'H'. ~U .. ;.lll

"'ul..i. '-lt1•plw11



!'-i111hr. -\ llan I\ ~l)ha. Jc•runw II "'it\hJ. John fl "-tu1 !1<.ant>k. Rohnl II i9 ...,UI \il.1 . \ t'rrtllfl Jll j.").158

1 6~


""ul.u k. l>.t\111 I\ 17 1 ""ul.11 ~. Jnh11 JI 171 ._,,ulli,Jn. Ld" 111


"" u111111·r. I .111·\H·ll

II 121.IM I 'JO

I 'JO I\

I t>O 1X)


I 90. l.J.7 1117

.'II E< J..FH. ZOf. ;-. .... , ,~·11. (.,u, I 90 """''''·1.D,111 I """''""''''.!. lknl!.111! II ' "1·11 ..1111. IL1111l.ill

s .....)!.trL J ud11h






'""\ ;.!.Ill.Ill.

Hulu ·1I

Ill I

'"t'f"-nll. l>.Hl\I

I 90 90 I\ 71

...,1t•lfrn. HolJ<'rt I S11·ffrn. \\ ilti.u11 11 Sh'i nlt•. U1111altl

:-iinl...t'. B.•111dolph Ill 19. l2?>. it>6 Sirt>L l i11tl.1 II :n.79. l:lJ.151 !'-iin··.. Oou:.d.1.. I 89


....,t . C.liJrl1• ... l'h,. bl. 127. I RC> %

S l \10'.\~ . 1.0 1~

.=·wrnlrn~ '\urm;rn ~rniuk. J11hn 11 ""'c·1111 . \ I Jr11uni1t·



129 S1111011 ic. \ ojlu

'\1•i l1·1. lfo h1·r1 I St·tdt·I. \l u h;wJ

:wll. l.>1rn


PHONE 6646



"T" T ll 11·: . \I 11.J)\

I L\

T.1111111·11111. J.1111t· ...


90.1 '27.12R

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A Good Place To Buy Fine Furniture

Kelly's Furniture Westgate Tol1mann. Lt""11t· I Tori.:rim ...1111. R11lw11 II Torvu·L. k..1thnn I\ Tu\llata. \l1ri.tm


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